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"/tg/ - Traditional Games" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing traditional gaming, such as board games and tabletop RPGs.

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How to roll dice: "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the email field rolls 2d6. "dice+5d42+23" rolls 5d42+23. "noko+dice+2d6" rolls 2d6 without showing the roll in the email field.

In the rules department, you can look at - all global and board specific rules are in full effect. Apart from that, only two rules are important.

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Quest threads
Thamdarul Gate
Please post all quest threads on /qst/


Quest threads that are posted on /tg/ will be removed.
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Ultimate Battle
For discussion of D&D 3.0 and 3.5e

> Tools

> Indices
> 3.5
> 3.0
> Dragon Magazine Index
> Web Articles Orbital Flower Index PDF
> Errata

>3e Resource Index Version 2024-04-17

Previous thread: >>92491374

Have any o you ever used any of the mass combat warfare systems for 3.x?
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/mtg/ - Magic the Gathering General

>Official News:
Magic: The Gathering publisher hires Pinkerton to seize leaked cards from YouTuber’s house


>Current meta, complete with deck lists
>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share Cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Play online for free

>What is E D H?


Fave legendary creature?
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Warhammer Cheesecake
With all that's happened recently and everyone ready to kill each other more so than usual, let's cool off with some cheesecake.
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Warhammer 40k General /40kg/
skittle gf 2
Proposition Infinity edition

>Tau Empire Preorders (Buy Kroot):

>Emperor's Children Index is coming:

>Community Links:

>3rd Party Models Pastebin:

Info hash: 7214f3185b4249d3C1889f696ee39218cf092375

>10th Edition Rules:

>Previous Thread:

>Thread Question:
Can love bloom between man and toaster? And if so, would it be heresy?
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Lewd RPG General
Previous Thread: >>92453895
For: Creation and discussion of Lewd RPGs; including Solo Rpgs, Homebrews, and examples of play (Greentexts)

NOT For: ERP "Looking For Group" posts or rambling about Hentai Artists

For Help with Solo RPGs:
1: YouTube (Season 1 of Me, Myself & Die!), 2: Solo RPG General: >>92492535

Official /tg/Lewd RPG General Discord

>Lewd Solo Games
Powered by the Lewd:
Lewd Attack:
Lewd Attack, Frameworks for Maptool:
Rapture World:
>5e Material
Erotic Arcana:
Lewd Handbook:
>D&D (Old Editions) and PF1
Main Wiki:
Machine Translations:
>Monstergirls collection
>Random Games Folder
>Old Games
VTM Succubus:
Crisis Heroine:
Tentacle Labyrinth:
Zettai Reido (ENG Translation):
>No Longer Developed
Realms of Lewdia:
>Greentexts Folder. All greentexts posted in the thread might end up archived here
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/slop/ - AI Art
B-Verse_00032-Heart symbol, chibi, happy, female plague doctor, plague doctor mask hood faceless green skirt, telegram sticker
Sticker Edition

Previously on /slop/: >>92585745

▶ Thread Task: prompt stickers based on your Setting (backstory/lore is allowed)

▶ News: It's been confirmed images are not saved on Microsoft's servers forever, only for 50 days. Make sure to save your images.

▶ Generators

▶ /slop/-approved styles, prompts and perspectives

▶ Videogame art styles

▶ Useful links
Color identifiers --
List of art movements --
List of hair styles --
World folk clothing --
World body armors --
Names for general clothing styles (PDF) --
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/bgg/ Board Games General
The man with a smile worth protecting - the pilgrim who shall one day rule
The only general banning lousy Canadian writers since 2014!

Previous Thread: >>92537533



How far have you traveled for gaming?

Which time zone are you in?
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/WoDg/&/CofDg/ - World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness General
W**ndigo Edition

>Previous Thread
>Mega I
>Mega II (also containing fanmade games)
>WoD5 Mega
>STV content folders
>WoD/CofD Quests currently active
>General Creation Kit!FWJgBTbb!f7d5rARWHYzuI8-8aI-Bxw
>Ideas: BJ Zanzibar's WoD
>Anders Mage Page
>White Wolf Wiki:

>Thread Question
What's your favourite WoD/CofD controversy?
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How do you write them?
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/eadsttcoteg/ EXPEDITION: AGARTHA DESCENT: Scramble to the Center of the Earth General
Olm-men Edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION is a ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood soaked adventurescape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and currently in the works. (you) are encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested. The main one is 2e, to be found :
as with maps, tokens and lore ressources.

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.
Familiarize yourself with rules and plan some playtests.
Contribute if you have ideas. Give feedback on contributions if you don't.

> TQ : New format, yeah or nay?
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Sonic Tag-Team Heroes

Tell me... have any of you played it?
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/wg/ - Writing General (and Storythread)
Writing General: 'H.P. Lovecraft' edition.

Welcome to /wg/, the thread for all /tg/ related writing. Whether you're plotting your campaign, trying to come up with a character backstory, or just trying to write some setting fluff, this is the place to post it. You don't even have a campaign, just an idea you want to develop? You're welcome here. While the rest of /tg/ is arguing over monstergirl mating and which way rivers are supposed to flow, we're here to help you turn your thoughts into an actual finished product.

As the successor to the Storythreads, we're also open to /tg/ related fanfiction (D&D, Warhammer, Battletech, whatever). In fact, if you've written any vaguely /tg/-related short stories, you can try them out here. We also have flash-fiction challenges from time to time.

There's a discord for writers here

The previous thread can still be found in the archive here

And finally an archive of /tg/ fiction can be found here: (dead link, but may be resurrected one day)
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No title
Are the lovecraftian abominations in your setting unintentionally adorable /tg/?
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No title
Are Games Workshop annoyed about this or are they printing too much money to care? Do you think GW will buy him out and offer his paints as a premium line, or something?
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WIP - Work In Progress General
Work in Progress, "Taco Tuesday" Edition

>Full-on /WIP/ OP Links Pastebin:

>Saint Duncan's "Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting"

>Saint Duncan also explains thinning your paints

>Paint thinning 102

>Darren Latham's 20 top tips for miniature painting success

>4 EASY Chipping Tricks For Beginners

>Decal Like a Pro

>How to Edge Highlight

>How to use contrast style paints

>Who's Johnny, she'd say, and smile in her special way

>Previous threads:
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/hsg/ - Horror Settings General
The Most Fucked Up Setting Edition

Tell us about your horror settings, games, etc. Share inspirational art, prompts, etc.

>List of games:
Call of Cthulhu, Chill, Cold and Dark, Degenesis, Delta Green, Don't Rest Your Head, Dread, Esoterrorists/Fear Itself+Book of Unremitting Horror, Fall of Delta Green, GORE, Into The Shadows, KULT, Little Fears, Mothership RPG, Nemesis (free on Arc Dream's website), Nights Black Agents, Silent Legions (Mostly for the tables), Stalker: The SciFi RPG, Symbaroum, Ten Candles, Trail of Cthulhu, Unisystem (All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Witchcraft, Conspiracy X, etc.), Unknown Armies, The Whispering Vault, Vaesen

>Inspirational stuff:
Caitlin R Kiernan, Castlevania, Doom Watch, Fear & Hunger, George Romero, Ghostwatch, House of Leaves, I Am In Eskew, John Carpenter, Kolchak the Nightstalker, Laird Barron, John Langan, M.R. James, Nick Cutter, Old Gods of Appalachia, Quatermass, Ramsey Campbell, Remedy Series (Alan Wake, Control), SCP Foundation, Scarfolk Council, Shaun Hutson, Silent Hill, Stand Still Stay Silent, The Evil Dead, The Magnus Archives, The Secret World, The Stone Tapes, Anatomy, Thomas Ligotti, Twin Peaks, Vault of Evil forums, toomuchhorrorfiction

Other News:
"The Fall of Delta Green" has been reprinted.

Current Book Club Topic:
The Great God Pan

Questions for the thread:
>What is the most fucked up setting you've ever used for a horror game?
>How did your players react to it?
>What is the best way to construct an existentially terrifying setting?

Questions for Horrorverse refugees:
>What is the most fucked up horror setting to live in?
>Do you think you could survive there?

Previous Thread: >>92460247

Please try to keep arguing to a minimum. Don't respond to bait/drama posts.
And as usual, try and keep it alive, or at least undead
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No title
Do you think he cries himself to sleep every night or is he over it?
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/edhg/ - edh / commander general
Previously: >>92577224

>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Sites: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap

>how to proxy using any printer

What's the most difficult to build Commander you've tried to make work? How did you do it?
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/cpg/ - Cyberpunk General
Shockwave edition

>Cyberpunk 2020 vs. Cyberpunk RED?
Cyberpunk 2020 is the second edition of the Cyberpunk TTRPG that focuses on simulation gameplay and has a black trenchcoat aesthetic.

Cyberpunk RED is the fourth edition of the Cyberpunk TTRPG that is set after Cyberpunk 2020 following the Fourth Corporate War, focuses on more balanced gameplay and is more streamlined but has less content.

>Cyberpunk Rulesets (The Vault) (May not have all updated rulebooks, check official sources for updates)

>Resources for RED:

>RED free-DLC and extra content

>RED Easy Mode is available for FREE.

>Errata Pages

>Character Sheets

>Last thread

>Thread question:
Have you played any of the pregen adventures in 2020/RED?
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/btg/ BattleTech General
Clan Nova Cat
The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/!

Cat clan edition

Last Thread: >>92589177

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions

> - BattleTech Wiki

>Who uses what 'Mechs?
>Xotl's Faction Random Access Tables (June 2021 update)

Unit Design Software Options
>SSW Mech Designer
>SSW GitHub Updates
>MegaMek Lab

>Megamek - computer version of BT. Play with AI or other players

>How to do Against the Bot? (updated 2-20-2022)
(Current 3.21 rule set included in mekhq package)

>Rookie guides

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders
rebrand ly / BTmags
rebrand ly / BTdrop
rebr@nd(Dot)ly CranstonSnordDropBox
rebr@nd(Dot)ly CranstonSnord

>2018 to 2020 Battletech PDFs & E-Books
https://tinyurl com/2p8p7cew

>/btg/’s own image board:
>More goodies! Updated 2020-05-17

>Most Wanted PDFs & Epubs
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No title
Bolt Action
Why do WW2 historical wargames focus so much on the Nazis?

Bolt Action has over 200 German units in it, way more than any other faction, and like 4 or 5 different sourcebooks just for Germany. There's also a weird imbalance of special rules: like the US and the Brits have pretty good special rules, way better than France or Romania or whatever, but the Nazis have the most and the best special rules too.

Are historical games just doomed to overfocus on the bad guys?
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No title
If an Abberation like a Mind Flayer / Beholder / Aboleth was adopted and raised in a good environment from birth, would it grow up to be good alignment /tg/?
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So, what's the deal? I played MERP and Rolemaster 2e back in the day. Recently, I dipped into Rolemaster Unified, and I liked some things about it, while hating the art and having some criticisms of a few subsystems here and there. So, quite a while ago, I thumbed through a copy of HARP and... well, it didn't grab me. But I see there's a second edition now.

So, the new HARP. What's good, what's bad. How does it compare to HARP 1e? Specifically, what's different, and how much of a difference does it make?
1 media | 12 replies
Yuan-ti. I'm thinking of pitting my players against some. What are some neat plot hooks involving them? How have you used them in your campaign?
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/hhg/ & /atg/ Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus General
If you guys don't make the threads you're gonna keep getting titan editions edition

Previous Heresy:>>92575888

『Horus Heresy』
>Official Website
>New to The Horus Heresy? Here’s Everything You’ll Need to Get Started
>Official FAQ/Errata/Downloads:
>Thread FAQ (very old, remembers Age of Terra)
>Fluff(visions and BL)
>HH1 Black Books
>HH2 Rules and Supplements

『Adeptus Titanicus』
>Rules and supplements
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?
>homemade missions:

>Thread question:
What are some goofy army-list ideas you've had?
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Character Art Thread
Post art!
Art of characters!
Characters for cool fantasy and sci-fi games!
You have great art - show it off! Do it now!
Last thread: >>92553896
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/5eg/ - Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition General
Dark Fantasy
Low effort Edition

>Previous: >>92570112


>New Errata


The Trove Vault (seed, please!):


Why are you incapable of making a new thread?
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/osrg/ — Old School Renaissance General
Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content.

Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal and mechanical fidelity to Dungeons & Dragons as played in the game's first decade—less emphasis on linear adventures and overarching meta-plots and a greater emphasis on player agency.

If you are new to the OSR, welcome! Ask us whatever you're curious about: we'll be happy to help you get started.

>Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc:

>Need a starter dungeon? Here's a curated collection:

>Previous thread:

Have you ever designed your own dungeon? Pic related was some college kid's starter dungeon in 1976. It may be a talent but it's also a skill you can learn.
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Infinity General: All TAGs, All The Time
Infinity is a 28mm tabletop skirmish game about worms produced by Corvus Belli, and includes the related games Aristeia, Defiance, TAG Raid, REM Racers, and Acheron's Fall. Corvus Belli also produces the fantasy games Warcrow and Warcrow Adventures.

>Latest official updates: [Embed]

>Rules and missions:

>Beginner FAQs and guides:

>Model identifiers (what each faction can take):

>Semi-unofficial catalogue of fluff, dossiers, and unit models:

>Unit Dossiers archive:

>Infinity Army (official list-builder app) and hacking helper:


Previous thread:
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/gurpsgen/ - GURPS General
Previous thread: >>92510611

GURPS is a modular, adaptable system, capable of running a wide range of characters, settings, and play styles, with a level of detail varying from lightweight to completely autistic.
Optional rules allow you to emulate different genres with a single system, or even switch genres within a single game.

A nearly complete archive of GURPS books can be found by those who pay attention to file extensions.
Never post direct links to the archive anywhere.

If you're wondering where to start:
The Basic Set covers everything, including a lot of optional rules you probably won't use.
A genre guide can be found in the archive, under Unofficial/GURPSgen. It tells you what extra books and articles you may find useful for many common genres.
How To Be a GURPS GM is a good read even for players.
GCS ( is an excellent character-builder software, with page references to all the books and the option to export to both Foundry and Fantasy Grounds.

Thread Question: What is your favourite advantage and why?
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/acg/ - Alternative Card Games General #496
Common Threats Edition

Here is a thread to discuss trading card games other than the big three.
>Build Divide
>Force of Will
>Final Fantasy TCG
>Legend of the 5 Rings (L5R)
>Flesh and Blood
>Gate Ruler
>Battle Spirits
>One Piece
>The other DBZ game
>Magi Nation

Post about card games you've played and help other anons get to know your games!

>Wixoss Pastebin

>Force of Will Pastebin

>Dragonball GT Shadow Dragon saga rulebook

>Gate Ruler Pastebin

>Build Divide Pastebin

>Flesh and Blood Pastebin

>Ashes Reborn Pastebin

>Netrunner Pastebin

>Fusion World Rules

Play with /acg/ through voice chat! No text chat so coordinate in thread to get some games in.

>Last Thread

>Thread Question:
How do you practice? Goldfishing, playing yourself, calling up a friend, finding randos online?
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/fourk/ - A 40K Fork
Gorgon Tank Edition

Previous Thread >>92567156

>What is Project Fourk-Hammer?
Project Fourk-Hammer (provisional name) is an experiment to see if the 40k community on /tg/ is interested enough to come together to homebrew a fan fork edition of Warhammer 40,0000's 3-7e Era, primarily inspired by 4th Edition. Think Warhammer Armies Project but for Warhammer 40k's Fourth Edition.

>Why are you doing this?
/tg/ complains about modern 40K constantly. At least one /tg/ anon has already succeeded in producing a viable alternative to 40K in the form of OnePageRules, however this is not satisfying to many since it is too shrimplified and lacks the flavour and identity they love, or once loved.

>How can I contribute?
Post in the thread things you want to see in your idealized version and respond to other posts making proposals, or present material you have prepared such as rules text or art. The project is looking for someone who will commit to acting as a maintainer, which means compiling and editing discussions, effectively a secretary position.

>What has been done so far?
A summary has been prepared here:
Until someone decides to become a tripfag and take the responsibility of being the full-time maintainer it is a collective effort to record the outcome of discussions in the threads.

>Thread Template
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No title
/tg/'s own Suggers, Peachy, and the Honest Wargamer linked up

Need it or keep it?
15 media | 168 replies
No title
let's do this /tg/, let's fill the form
21 media | 60 replies
"Incorrect" Game Ideas you enjoy
Tell me your "incorrect" game ideas, for settings or mechanics.

I start: strength limitations based on sex.
11 media | 112 replies
/TG/ Drawthread "Blue Dragon" edition


• Provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for.
• If you have a WIP quote the Anchor Post, and attach the WIP so your Drawfag can find you.
• Do not reply to other deliveries with a request that the artist fill your request next. This is called 'piggybacking'.
• Do not make multiple requests in the same thread and do not serially request multiple characters after a delivery. Suggesting several concepts for artists to choose from counts as making multiple requests.
• If you're unsatisfied with your completed request, please wait at least one week before you re-request. If someone follows this rule, don't waste posts by complaining about it.
• Don't critique others' requests. If you don't like it, ignore it.
• Don't waste replies harassing artists or attention whores
• Stay on topic
• Please keep the chatting to a minimum.

>Drawfags and Drawfags-to-be:
• Drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information, but if you're dropping your commission info, please consider filling a request beforehand instead of just advertising.
• Please keep ai deliveries to one of the several /slop/ threads

Drawfags open for commissions:

Figure Drawing:

Beginner's Guide to Drawing:

The w/ic/i art Guide:

Previous thread:
36 media | 79 replies
No title
Why is this not enough anymore?

Why does everything have to roll 12 dice and do d6 Damage, Mortal Wounds and whatever the fuck else?

What changed in 40k players brains that made the power level explode?
9 media | 68 replies
/usgen/ Universal System General
I making a test run for new general.
/usgen/ is meant to discus universal TTRPG system that are to small to have its own general.

/usgen/ rules:
1. We discuss only universal system and related setting, which didn't have its own general. (So no D&D and no GURPS)
2. If you talk about specific system wright it's name down to avoid confusion.
3. Player made settings for existing systems are encouraged.
4. We only discuss universal system that was published. So ask about your "WIP system".
5. Try to limit off topic discussion to minimum.

I'm leaving the rest to you anons.
Have fun!
10 media | 58 replies
No title
Why do people on here get upset if you decide certain things just work because it's cool or fun?

>despite guns existing a lot of people still use swords
>because it's cool

1 media | 13 replies
/swg/ Star Wars General
Jedi War Vets edition

A thread for discussing the Star Wars franchise and its various media and tabletop games.

Previous thread: >>92559864

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

Old links

Latest AMG news:
>New Battle Force documents.

Latest Edge news:

Unlimited links:


TQ: What is your favourite war in Star Wars?
66 media | 226 replies
『Kill Team General』 - /ktg/
Nightmare ends Edition

>Previous Thread:

>Key Downloads, FAQs and Errata
>Critical Ops
>Rules and Teams


>Brief team summaries if you are wondering who to try out next
>Homebrew teams by a kind Anon:
>Tournament stats the game is balanced around:

Played with the Nightmare teams already? Do you think they're power creeping the game?
35 media | 114 replies
/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General
Thread 413: "Bore Me" Edition

Bushi-Navi EN:
Deck Log: (JP) (EN)
Beginner guide, decklists and other info:
Up to date fanmade PC online games, 3DS/Switch emulation and Mobile games:
Cardfight and Buddyfight matchmaking server:
Weiss/Schwarz Resources:

Bushiroad Spring Fest 2024 Info:

DivineZ S1 Episode 13:

Release Schedule (Vanguard):
- DZ-BT01 Fated Clash: 5/3
- D-TB04 Touken Ranbu ONLINE 2023: 5/24 (L E L)
- DZ-BT02 Illusionless Strife: 6/28
- DZ-SS01 Festival Booster 2024: 7/12
- DZ-PS01~03 Premium Deckset Jewel Knight / Revenger / Musketeer: 7/12
- DZ-BT03 Dimensional Transcendence: 8/30

Release Schedule (Weiss):
- Bang Dream! MyGO!!!!! TD+ and Girls Band Party! Countdown Collection: 5/17
- Bocchi the Rock!: 6/14
- RWBY Premium Booster: 6/28
- Shakugan no Shana Premium Booster: 7/19
- Love Live! School idol festival Series 10th Anniversary Premium Booster: 8/2
- Hololive Weiss Schwarz Ambassadors Premium Set: 8/2
- Ayakashi Triangle: 8/16
- Hololive Summer Collection: 8/30
- Oshi no Ko: 9/20
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders and Stone Ocean Premium Booster: 10/4
- Dengeki Bunko 30th Anniversary, and Love Live! School idol festival 2 Miracle Live!: TBD

Release Schedule (Shadowverse EVOLVE)
- Omens Eternal: 6/21
- Gloryfinder Bundle #1 “Guide to Glory” (4 Player Multiplayer Decks): 7/19
- Paragons of the Colosseum: 8/16

Release Schedule (Rebirth for You JP):
- Pon no Michi: 6/21
- Gridman Universe: 7/12
- Hasu no Sora HS Idol Club: 8/2
- Bang Bravern: 8/30
- IM@S Shiny Colors and Blue Archive The Animation: TBD

Last Thread: >>92464882
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/chess/ - Chess General
Candidates ending edition

- FIDE Candidates Tournament | April 3rd - 25th
- European Women’s Chess Championship | April 18th - 30th
- TePe Sigeman & Co | April 27th - May 3rd
- Sardinia World Chess Festival | April 27th - May 4th
- Grand Chess Tour: Superbet Poland Rapid & Blitz | May 6th - 13th
- Champions Chess Tour: BetterHelp Masters | May 8th - 15th
- Sharjah Masters | May 13th - 23rd
- Norway Chess | May 26th - June 7th
- Grand Chess Tour: Superbet Chess Classic Romania | June 24th - July 6th
- European Individual Chess Championship | June 30th - July 13th
- Grand Chess Tour: SuperUnited Rapid & Blitz Croatia | July 8th - 15th
- Biel International Chess Festival | July 13th - 26t

>Chess websites, tools, videos and books:

>Previous thread:
14 media | 125 replies
/3dpg/ - 3d Printing General
This is a general for everything 3D printed relating to /tg/ from sci-fi, fantasy, historicals, fantasy football, and more! Share your printed minis, terrain, print fails, 3d modeling, printing advice, works in progress, or anything else /tg/-related to 3D printing.

- Post pics of your prints be they fails or triumphs
- Keep your prints about tabletop games only
- Post your resin/printer/settings for faster advice

- Not make a new thread until old one dies
- Not encourage namefags, tripfags, fumefags and coomers
- Not spoonfeed newfags
- Keep your model pics naked (no paint/undercoat only)
- Look after small artists/studios
- Buy something from or tip an artist/studio you like
- Read the last 3 threads before posting

>FAQ (If you only read one thing in the OP make it this)

>Resources (last updated 05 NOV 21)

FDM Troubleshooter:
Resin Troubleshooter:
Resin Safety:
Printer Buying:

>Last Thread: >>92485400
16 media | 73 replies
No title
The three stages of game design.

1. The D&D Clone.
Mindlessly copying D&D and creating a heartbreaker. Don't feel bad about doing this, as most RPG designers started out with making a D&D heartbreaker, including Steve Jackson, Mike Pondsmith, Graeme Davis, and many, many more. For some, it's the only game they know (or even the only game that existed at the time), so they don't even know how far they can deviate from the model before it stops being a TTRPG.

2. The Rebellion.
Creating new mechanics just to make the game as un-D&D as possible. A few people skip step one and just go straight into this, and the mantra is simply "Everything D&D Does is Wrong." d20? Nope, 3d6, or d%, or flipping coins, or jenga towers, or everyone starts masturbating and the last person to cum has to eat the biscuit. HP? No, Health. Or Wounds. Or Saving Graces. Or Tubs of Farmer Cheese. It doesn't matter if it actually improves the game, the key is to just not do what D&D does, even if you're just doing what D&D does but with extra steps.

3. The Understanding.
The most important stage. An epiphany that does not come to all, with both sycophants and contrarians trapped in the first two stages. But, with enough experience, you learn to recognize that there are many D&D mechanics that really were just the first answer you'd write on the test, ie. the answer most likely to simply be right. While far from perfect, it's a series of games that have attracted some of the best designers in the industry, and through the years has extensively copied from other games, taking many of the best ideas from designers in their rebellious phases while skipping over many of their worst. At this stage, a D&D mechanic is not just "Yes, copy that" or "No, it's the Devil's milk," but is evaluated and understood, and its strengths and weaknesses can be fairly assessed.
2 media | 20 replies
No title
What’s the most autistic ttrpg system? And no, don’t mention Phoenix Command. It’s not a fully featured system on it’s own but rather a combat system meant to be slotted into another game that you like to play.
3 media | 22 replies
PDF Share Thread
Da FAQ 2024-03-10
It's Da PDF Share Thread!
Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay hooker at a con!

<----- That image is not an image, it's a PDF.
It will answer 99% of your questions about this thread. If you haven't read it, we will know.

Please exhibit good manners. Threads start sliding off the board after a certain number of posts. More posts wasted on being rude means fewer posts available for sharing.

Request, share, stay awesome!

Previous thread:

More threads:
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No title
How come cultural and technological stasis is more acceptable for medevil high fantasy settings (thousands of years pass but everything is still kings and serfs) but not for other eras like Victorian Era/Steampunk etc etc? the only other I can think that seems to be acceptable is spacefantasy shit like Star Wars (Goon sesh?). if you tell someone that 5000 years ago King Obama rose his sword against the Edgemaxxers no one bats an eye but if I say something like, 1000 years ago Governor Blimpy shot his musket taking down 3 Man O Wars people raise thier eye brows that muskets still exist
3 media | 52 replies
/gwsg/ Games Workshop Specialist Games
riders of rohan
Rohirrim ride to war edition

>Previous thread

>Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl, Epic, Kill Team, Man-o-War, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Mordheim, Necromunda, Shadow War: Armageddon, Titanicus, Underworlds, Warcry, Warhammer Quest, Warmaster, and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

>Helpful resources: (very much still a WORK IN PROGRESS, feel free to suggest more links to be added!)

>The previous archive links are all dead and any time someone tries to make a new one it gets taken down. If there is content you're looking for ask in the thread and someone might help you out!

[REMINDER: By new /tg/ rules threads are getting auto-saged after 7 days]

What's your current /gwsg/-related project? How's it coming along?
17 media | 75 replies
No title
Why is it always dwarves, elves, and orcs?
2 media | 19 replies
No title
If you were somehow transported into your own setting, but you have no powers or gifts, just plain ol you as you are in real life. Could you survivor there? If so, what would you do for a living?
7 media | 42 replies
No title
Did anyone actually play this?
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/pgg/ - Paizo Games General

previous thread: >>92541181

/pfg/ (pathfinder 1e) link repository:
/p2g/ (pathfinder 2e) link repository:
/sfg/ (starfinder) link repository:
/3eg/ (D&D 3.X) link repository:

The T̶r̶o̶v̶e̶ Vault (seed, please!):

TQ: What's your favourite homebrew and/or houserule?
3 media | 28 replies
/wcg/ - Warcraft General - Burning Legion Edition
For discussing the Warcraft setting as it relates to /tg/

Please try to keep discussions productive, we all what nuBlizz did wrong with the lore, the focus should be on what YOU would do better in your campaign.

Warcraft d20 / 3.5e adaptation files can be found here:

Highlights include the geopolitics of the human kingdoms, anon's idea for warlock/demon reworks, and anon's idea for a human druidess/shamaness order

Thread Question: What do you think is the best way to portray the Eredar?
(Few in number but all powerful in magic vs a more diverse range of powers and numbers? Fuckhueg vs normal sized? Originally good vs always evil?)

oh, and please keep hornyposting about the draenei to a minimum
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Wyvern thread
My party slew a wing of wyverns in the megadungeon. Have decided a few things:

>pseudodragons are wyvern infants, they lose their psychic abilities as they age and their venom becomes more dangerous
>with a steady food source a wyvern can grow to almost adult size in a month
>no natural predators except adult wyverns
>with the wyvern adults slain, the eggs will hatch and wreck havoc on the local ecosystem , within a few game sessions caverns once populated with weasels & owl bears become home to fledging wyverns

All I gotta do now is come up with some small & medium wyverns
21 media | 74 replies
No title
>be me
>farmer in cormyr
>working the fields all day long
>it's hard work, but get to blow off steam in the festhall later so it's ok
>life's good
>come home one evening
>sit down to have dinner with the family
>wife drops her fork, bend down to pick it up for her since I'm a NG chad
>wait what's this
>there's an old orange someone dropped by the table leg
>grab it too
>fuck, it's got mould on it
>gotta throw it out with the trash
>it's got mould on it
>my wife screams but it's too late
>some elf chucklefuck is already in our home
>power word kills my entire family
>'nothing personnel, maybe you shouldn't have recklessly advanced technology'
>go to wall of the faithless since I worshipped all good gods equally and hadn't really picked a favorite
>suffer for eternity
13 media | 75 replies
No title
Fucking card gamering
Want to give my players a Deck of Many Things since it's their first campaign and they are eager to get the "Full dungeons and dragons experience"

Problem is I know they'll die the moment they draw a card. Anyone got a less damning homebrew?
0 media | 7 replies
GW retcons
Which did 40k dirtiest?

>Primarchs coming back
>Children's books
>Female Custodes

Choose only the worst one.
26 media | 276 replies
need help on a homebrew
would a dice combination "scale" like this, feel correct/balanced? im trying to make a game where, depending on the weapon, its what dice you roll to damage an opponent, and im trying to see wether a +1 or going up a "level" on this scale, would be the way to go on upgrades

Weak: 1d4 - The mean result is 2.5 (average of 1 to 4).
Slightly Better: 1d6 - The mean result is 3.5 (average of 1 to 6).
Good: 1d8 - The mean result is 4.5 (average of 1 to 8).
Better: 2d4 - The mean result is 5 (average of 2 to 8).
Strong: 1d10 - The mean result is 5.5 (average of 1 to 10).
Very Strong: 1d12 - The mean result is 6.5 (average of 1 to 12).
Mighty: 2d6 - The mean result is 7 (average of 2 to 12).
Potent: 3d4 - The mean result is 7.5 (average of 3 to 12).
Formidable: 2d8 - The mean result is 9 (average of 2 to 16).
Overwhelming: 1d20 - The mean result is 10.5 (average of 1 to 20).
Epic: 2d10 - The mean result is 11 (average of 2 to 20).
thanks btw, pic related
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No title
32 - XPkpEuZ
ITT: Game ideas you've always wanted to try, but will never get the chance to play.
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/dcg/ - Digimon Card Game General #312
Cinderella edition

Previous >>92467613

>Basics Pastebin

>Anon's Locals Survival Guide

>BT15 Exceed Apocalypse questionnaire

>ST17 Double Typhoon questionnaire

Banlist, Errata:

New and Upcoming Releases:

Illustration Competition 2023 is over! Kariki Hajime is the grand prize winner with LadyDevimon

Digimon Liberator web comic has been announced! Scheduled to begin April 25th

ST17 Advanced Deck Double Typhoon (Lopmon/Terriermon) is out now everywhere!

BT16 Beginning Observer is out now in JP, EN release scheduled for May 24th

EX06 Infernal Ascension is out now in JP, EN release scheduled for June 28th

LM03 Limited Card Set 2024 is out now in JP. Contains 6 new ACEs and 6 new Delay options

BT17 Secret Crisis is out now in JP, EN release scheduled for August 9th

ST18 Guardian Vortex & ST19 Fable Waltz are scheduled to release April 26th in JP, September 13th in EN

EX07 Digimon Liberator is scheduled to release May 31st in JP, September 13th in EN

BT18 Element Successor is scheduled to be released June 28th in JP. Part of SRB 2.0 in EN

Special Release Booster 2.0 is scheduled to be released in November in EN, compiles BT18 and BT19

Special Release Booster 2.5 is scheduled to be released February 2025 in EN, compiles BT19 and BT20

What do you think of the new starter decks?
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No title
Romance is a common theme and plot element in fantasy. Why is it so rare in TTRPGs?
9 media | 107 replies
Realistic Gun Combat System
I had this idea for a gun combat system that doesn’t have hit points instead it has injuries (broken bones, blood loss). What do you think of this idea? Is it dumb? How would you go about executing it?
3 media | 61 replies
/srpgg/ - Solo RPG General
This thread is dedicated to all kinds of solo games.

Shark riders edition.

Previous thread: >>92492535

>Thread Question: Have your solo adventures taken you to strange and/or uncommon adventure locales?
3 media | 38 replies
No title
What are some ideas for ghost encounters in a haunted mausoleum?
Not necessarily looking for just combat encounters, but also puzzle rooms where you need to find out how the ghost functions, or generally cool ideas for ghosts in an RPG. Setting is traditional fantasy, but really anything goes.
>in a room full of mirrors, the ghost (who was in life obsessed with beauty) can attack from different mirror images or create doppelgängers from them.
>the ghost, mad with grief, is lingering in the world because he wants to see his beloved friend one last time. He confuses a party member for said friend (“Is it really you? After all those years!"), and will cooperate, like opening a magic door, as long as the party member is capable of keeping up the act. Once the ghost finds out the truth, he attacks in rage.
>the ghost was the student of a great wizard, and is capable of reproducing every spell the party throws at him after only just seeing it once
>the ghosts power is linked to the illumination in the room. The brighter the room, the stronger the ghost. The trick is to fight him at candle light.
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No title
Embracer, a failed Swedish megacorp that went into an ultimately disastrous (mostly vidya studio) acquisition spree, has split. One third of it was reorganized under Asmodee which Embracer owns, and they dumped $900 million of their debt on Asmodee.
Interesting times ahead for Asmodee and all of it's subsidiaries.
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No title
Are dwarves better than elves?
20 media | 121 replies
/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General
Empire City by TylerEdlinArt
Empire Edition

Welcome to /wbg/, the official thread for the discussion of in-progress settings for traditional games.

Here is where you go to present and develop the details of your worlds such as lore, factions, magic and ecosystems. You can also post maps for your settings, as well as any relevant art (either created by you or used as inspiration for your work). Please remember that dialogue is what keeps the thread alive, so don't be afraid of giving someone feedback!

Last Thread: >>92465527

Resources for Newfags:
Worldbuilding links: (embed) (embed)
Fantasy map generator:

/wbg/ Discord: (broken)

Thread Questions:
>What empire(s) or other major powers exist in your setting, and how much of it do they control?
>Who controls said empire, and how did they or their family come into power?
>Assuming that the individuals in question founded the empire, how did the empire get started, and how have they continued to grow and consolidate their power over other regions?
>Also, other than the Roman Empire, what real-world empires did you use as a basis for your own (or would like to see used that way more often), and why choose those particular ones? What process did you use?
22 media | 113 replies
No title
dark lord by Choi tae hyundarkdark
Have anyone of you played a campaign in which you were the dark lord (or were otherwise unapologetically on the side of evil)?
1 media | 10 replies
/twgg/ - TowerGirls CYOA General
Birthday Cake Edition

Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting, or Video Games welcome here!

Everyone is welcome.


Main Gens:
Imgchest backups(not sorted):
Legacy Charts:
Side Quests:
Exiled Lands:

Alternate Costumes:
Nyx's Fusions:

Fan V4 Gen:

Gats's V4+Chibi Gen:
V4 World Map:
Diety Writeups:

Booru (Fan Art Collection) -
Backup Booru -
Brushes, Fonts, and Templates -
Gats Wiki -
Folder Containing Artwork -

Games & Tabletop Rulebooks:

Quests: (Eversor)

Where do I upload to share?

If you'd like access to the discord or have anything you wish to talk about privately involving towergirls, editing, etc, please contact Brumus here:

A) [email protected]
B) "Tired Knight" on Steam

Don't forget to check the other Tower girl threads on other boards;


Previous Thread: >>92485582
17 media | 35 replies
Alternatives to Hitpoints
I hate hitpoints. If I get stabbed in a fight, I should be injured in some lasting way, or be otherwise hindered. What are some systems with good injuries like broken bones, flesh wounds, etc but no hit points?
>inb4 wfrp/dark heresy
still has hit points
0 media | 9 replies
No title
images (4)
What was his deal?
23 media | 116 replies
No title
Post GOOD fantasy maps
66 media | 156 replies
Palladium games and Rifts
Palladium Games and Rifts General: Best RPA Edition.

The world is a broken, post-apocalyptic wasteland destroyed by the eruption of inter-dimensional portals, rifts in the fabric of space-time and ley lines which crisscross the world. Demon & alien invaders have poured out of the rifts to destroy human civilization and claim the Earth. Now the wasteland has had 300 years to partially recover, and civilization has returned to the world; but not just human civilization: alien empires, monster kingdoms, lost time travellers, lands of mutants, demonic overlords and wizards have arisen from the ashes, all trying to rebuild the world in their own image!

Talk about:
>Heroes Unlimited
>Palladium Fantasy
>Beyond the Supernatural
>Dead Reign
>Robotech (lol)
>TMNT & Other Strangeness + After the Bomb
>Savage Rifts

>Resources, PDFs, links, podcasts, etc.:

>official (highly-moderated) discord:

>Scholarly Adventures reviews and guides

>Thread Question:
What's your favorite big robot or power armor?
32 media | 91 replies
/aosg/ - Age of Sigmar General
Obnoxiously Pink edition.

>Previously, in the Mortal Realms

>Official AoS website:

>Downloads, Rules Errata and FAQs:


>Anvil of Apotheosis hero creator:


What community paintscheme do you think is better than the original?
57 media | 342 replies
Beeg Monsters
Are there any board games or ttrpgs that involve kaiju or kaiju containment?
6 media | 15 replies
No title
>guns are OP in my world and magic is weak
>guns are weak (Expect swords lol) in my world as magic is strong

which side are you?
37 media | 168 replies
A player tries to kill another players character.
Do you take it to combat, do you talk about it to solve whatever is causing the player to try and kill another players character, or do you completely shut it down and perhaps kick the source of tension from the game?
1 media | 10 replies
No title
How could you improve on The Witcher's setting and story?

Feels like a world where fantasy species live as second class citizens to or are outright oppressed by humans (and it's implied that this is a cycle with every new major species arriving from the Conjunction of Spheres) has a lot of potential for unique worldbuilding and a wealthy variety of stories but what we actually got was kind of bland and unoriginal.
4 media | 32 replies
Does the Party assassinate the Guy...?
The Party meets the Guy in the Tavern...

He literally fighted in the War in Terror...he has the WR for most the Vampire and the Werewolve kill with the silver Xbow! He's literally the world's Fighter... but he never met anyone who beat him...

Now he wants you to literally assassinate him... right here now in the Tavern! But he won't hold back because he wants to meet the worthy Warrior... even everyone!

But is it right to give the Guy the wish? What does your Party think...
0 media | 5 replies
Totally a normal cab driver
>an ancient evil lives as a mundane worker since they got tired of being active
11 media | 56 replies
DA Anders (smug)
>the party's healer has been collecting strange and suspicious ingredients
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No title
Frutiger Aero
What sort of RPG setting would justify Frutiger Aero being the predominant aesthetic?
1 media | 2 replies
/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/
Magic Primer v4
Ping edition

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here:
>Mobile users might have an easier time signing up here:

>Stitch cards together with

>Hi-Res MSE Templates

>Mechanics doc (For the making of color pie appropriate cards)

>Color Pie mechanics

>Read this before you post cards for the first time, or as a refresher for returning cardmakers

>Design articles by Wizards

>Primer: NWO and Redflagging

>Q: Can there be a sixth color?

>Q: What's the difference between multicolor and hybrid?

>Q: What is precedence?

>Q: How can I proxy my cards for testing?
A: < //>

>Art sources

>/ccg/ sets
(/ccg/ collab set in development)

OT: >>92428646

Thread Challenge: Design a card utilizing a mechanic you dislike, but see potential in.
54 media | 121 replies
Jumpchain CYOA Thread #6121: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Edition
Jumpchain OP
>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread
55 media | 487 replies
Mork Borg
Why does this game have such a negative reputation on here? I had a good time running a oneshot with it. The rules are fun and the trappings are really cool.
25 media | 299 replies
No title
why doesnt /tg/ ever come up with stuff like pic related? it's almost always just "use weapons from books and source books any attempt to make unique weapons is woke or reddit"
9 media | 101 replies
No title
Would it work as a setting for a fantasy tabletop rpg?
1 media | 12 replies
No title
>in a group playing a 5e game
>hey it's a game and the DM does pretty well
>couple guys are having trouble making it to sessions, DM thinking of doing a side campaign
>says he has a few options, puts forth a sci fi campaign
>about a colony transport that gets attacked by ayy lmaos
>What system are you gonna run it in?
>Oh 5E because that's what I know
Regardless on how you feel about 5e I have to save homie from this course of action. What's a good spaceship system I can learn and teach fairly fast to dnd guys? Is there an easy edition of Traveller?
4 media | 21 replies
No title
The New Era
What do you think of Traveller: the New Era?
12 media | 73 replies
/mcyoag/ Multiplayer Choose Your Own Adventure General
Archives & Other Resources:
Multiplayer Compilations: (was I supposed to do this?)
In Case of Emergency, Break Glass:
Threadslave Rentry:
'Living Threadslave' Edition
Previous Thread: >>92579870
39 media | 383 replies
Fish and Shark people thread
fish lady
Post-Human setting where humans have been genetically engineered to survive deep underwater. Replacing tobacco/chew is a synthetic jerky like substance to curb and satisfy cannibalistic tendencies in some.

>Is your boss getting on your nerves? Does the ex-wife deserve a fate worse than death? Maybe you just have that itch that other meat can't scratch? Try Handover's Sweetbreads! A delectable chew with long-lasting flavor! And for you carnivores out there, try our new party platters shaped in Ribcage, Facemeat, and limbs! Handover's Sweetbreads! Now comes in bone and bone-free varieties!
37 media | 69 replies
No title
Unnamed screenshot(5)
>tfw heroforge made the rats more realistic because they were too hot
>as if that would stop me
on the other hand they added more face controls
13 media | 57 replies
/lor/ - Lorcana General
Enchanted Edition

>Lorcana Official Website Website:

>Card Database:


>Pixelborn (online play):

Which color are you most excited to see the support for next set?
13 media | 71 replies
No title
I want to take a (non-sexual) high fantasy setting but not do it with typical knights and chicken wings framework usually present but instead within a 16th to 17th century framework with Muskets and Flintlocks. Set in a new land being colonized by various kingdoms ala Colonial America but also within a high age of piracy as well
What are some ways to flesh out this concept and pitfalls to avoid so that I'm just doing a "Elves and Dwarves and Dragons but with Powdered Wigs and guns" or is that even a bad thing to do in the first place?

The idea is to have players be new immigrants to the new world and eventually settle on a nice plot of land. Eventually people they help will settle and they'll have built a nice town and community that gives them benefits via crafting,goods and services. It's heavily inspired by the Homestead missions from Assassins Creed 3 but also don't want it to turn into a town simulation game as the town building aspects would be hands off
2 media | 8 replies
No title
how does Campaign Cartographer 3 (and all other ProFantasy software) hold up in 2024? I always wanted it as a kid but didn't have money, now I could acquire it but I'm not sure if it's still worth it with so many tools and alternatives available.
1 media | 7 replies
/exg/ - Exalted general
>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here:

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial:
It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/. good luck

>Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Errata for Third Edition

>Other Ex3 Resources

>Resources for Older Editions

Eclipse Charms

>Current Quixalted Extended QE Version (Fanmade Supplement)

>Optional Quixalted Exalts

>4thchan Edition (4.2E)

>Exalted Demake/Black Vault (Now with updates):

>collection of Exalted Hacks

>stuff that might be interesting

Last thread: >>92497874

TQ: does your character try to copy another's powers?
34 media | 321 replies
No title
Does this work on someone's pee? So you could have someone pee into a flask, cast it on the pee, and then drink it with no consequences? Did I just discover an infinite drink trick?
8 media | 86 replies
No title
After ages we finally have our warhammer fantasy role play sessions every week. I have games :)
0 media | 5 replies
No title
I need recommendations for games focused on being God tier mages

Is Burning Wheel good? What else is there? Preferably less crunchy side of character creation
3 media | 32 replies
Sword World RPG
It hath come.

The world of Forcelia beckons.
From Alecrast to Lodoss, Your legends begin.

This is not an advertisement, just pointing out of the release.
6 media | 45 replies
/40krpg/ - Warhammer 40k RPG General
Previous thread: >>92488058

>RPG Rulebooks

>Homebrew Collection (December 2023)

>WANG/Imperium Maledictum News

>Bestiary, armoury, weapon quality and NPC database

>Dark Heresy 2e Character Creator:

>General 40kRPG Encyclopedia

>Offline Combined Armory (v6.48.161023)

>Make your maps look just like FFGs

>40k Music

>40k Art

>Rogue Trader Shipbuilder

TQ: Should players from diverse backgrounds need to negotiate the labyrinth of Imperial dialects and languages while playing?
3 media | 27 replies
/ygo/ - Yu-Gi-Oh! General
Illusion mirror force
Yu-Gi-Oh! General #538

Illusion Mirror force Edition

Previous Thread: >>92464413

Most Yu-Gi-Oh! discussion encouraged. Post OC, write dumb fanfics with bad CAC in them, duel each other, have fun, etc.

>Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Play
Automated Sims:
●EDOPro website:
●YGO Omega:
●Dueling Nexus:
●Master Duel:
Manual Sims:

>TCG Event Streaming

>Alternative Formats
Time Wizard Formats Reference:

>Useful Links
Current Official Rulebook:
Hypergeometric Probability Calculator:
Stock Market:
For boomers:


>News Sites

>Upcoming Releases
●The Infinite Forbidden (Apr 27)
●Duelist Pack: Duelists of Brilliance (May 25)
●TACTICAL-TRY DECK Adelantado: Eldlich (Jun 8)
●TACTICAL-TRY DECK Doomsday Assault Cyber Dragon (Jun 8)
●TACTICAL-TRY DECK The Phantom Thief Duo: EvilTwin (Jun 8)
●Animation Chronicle 2024 (Jun 22)
●Rage of the Abyss (Jul 27)

●Legacy of Destruction (Apr 26)
●25th Anniversary Rarity Collection II (May 24)
●Battles of Legend: Terminal Revenge (June 21)
●The Infinite Forbidden (Jul 19)
●25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Mirrors (Sep 20)

TQ: Do you expect for the game to ever get rotation?
34 media | 174 replies
No title
What's the most implausible or silliest cheesecake you've ever seen in a published book?
0 media | 1 replies
Strong Females
Tell me about your powerful female characters and female-dominated societies in your setting, /tg/.
43 media | 168 replies
/mechm/ - Mecha Monday
Welcome to Mecha Monday! Here we dedicate ourselves to mecha RPGs, war games, and board games alike. Here we start games, tell campaign stories, share resources & assets, and seek advice for our games and homebrew.

Assorted Mecha Goodness:

Previous Thread: >>92502665

Thread Question: What’s your favorite chicken walker?

Thread Theme:
14 media | 34 replies
No title
What's your honest opinion on
Japanese depiction of elves in their settings?
88 media | 326 replies
No title
Look I'm just saying we should kill all nerds.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
What's your experiences with this game system, /tg/?
13 media | 38 replies
No title
Are potatoes in generic fantasy setting really that much of an issue?
13 media | 104 replies
No title
Why new GW miniatures look so bad?

I just can’t collect something past 6th edition of WHFB, I hate the nuGW style.
47 media | 242 replies
/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General
Epic Battle Edition

>Darktide the (board)Game:

>Tau Empire Preorders (Buy Kroot):

>Emperor's Children Index is coming:

>Community Links:

>3rd Party Models Pastebin:

Info hash: 7214f3185b4249d3C1889f696ee39218cf092375

>10th Edition Rules:

>Previous Thread:
150 media | 791 replies
No title
Paaaaaaiiiint moooooreeeeee miniiiiiiiis!!!!!
10 media | 88 replies
No title
menacing unsettling ruined ancient pagan mausoleum, catacombs, detailed lithography, dark fantasy horror, simple sketch, wide, white background, black and white, stark lines
What are some good ideas and mechanics for punishing players for fucking up without killing their characters?
I will be running a oneshot scenario and I don't want players to be out of the game for half of the evening if they screw up, but still want opponents and obstacles to feel real and meaningful. The final encounter will be life-or-death with no mercy, before that I want to find some other way to keep them on their toes.

Obvious solutions are critical, permanent injuries reducing their stats or losing important gear, but I want to know if you have other ideas, possibly without introducing lameness feedback loop (they suck so they lose and then they suck even more).
1 media | 24 replies
No title
Ooooh I have too much stuff. This is just the post-Christmas pile that was on the floor with some older stuff that needs sorting.

Not a huge fan of bookcases as vertically stored hardback always suffer, so I have loads of plastic boxes, sorted by game or genre, then rulebooks and fiction separate
5 media | 16 replies
Pitch for a homebrew I'm working on, need feedback
>WHFRP 2e clone/homebrew-ish
>no race to pick from
>Year is 1000 AD. A year that was predicted to bring about the end of the world.
>Something happens, but instead of ending the world, suddenly the fantasies, beliefs and ideas of humans become real.
>But so does some of the gods.
>The world's very way of functionning is put on its head, as it turns out archaic alchemy becomes real (and is a mechanic in game)
>most monsters are shit you'd find doodle'd on a medieval manuscript
>the current Church no longer works as an institution to properly attend to the matters of faith, but to record, contain and tame the magical and the unexplainable
>magic becomes a very potent thing, but cannot be used by players. It's actually up to them to stop corrupted noblemen or knights from using it to achieve the worst.
>most imaginary places come to exist; Avalon, Ys, Hyperboria, Atlantis, Cellwig, Saguenay, etc.
Is it too much like WoD or such a game already exist? I had this idea popping up in mind while reading the Black Dossiers of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Alan Moore is fucked up in his head.
1 media | 22 replies
No title
How exactly am I supposed to approach PBtA games? I'm supposed to run a game of Avatar Legends tomorrow night. I know the basic rules, but what's the flow of a game like this supposed to be? As DM, should I plan major plot advancements, or should I just let the party do whatever the hell the want from a basic starting point and roll with the punches? Any help you guys have is really appreciated. I've DM'd for DND 5e a few times, but that's pretty much it.
0 media | 13 replies
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I've always wanted to play D&D. I'm not just talking about any D&D, though, I'm talking about THE D&D.
The D&D that old /tg/ greentexted about, with so many cool characters, with epic/touching moments. The one where you can play as a bear and suplex a dragon.
The D&D that doesn't take itself too seriously, where you can have crazy fantasy escapades without worrying about realism or offending anyone.
The D&D that everyone talks about when they want to bring people in. The one streamers and podcasts play to entertain people.
The D&D that people say is good, because the good DM made good changes to it for his good group.
I want to play THAT D&D, but it will never happen.
Because the greentexts never happened.
Because you can't play a bear, since it either doesn't fit the story or isn't a playable character race.
Because you can't suplex a dragon, since it doesn't fit the story or isn't realistic or isn't supported by the rules.
Because the DM is there to write a story or follow a script or lord himself over his group with some sense of elitism.
Because people are so easily offended and are incapable of separating fiction from reality.
Because all the good things are in service to bringing more people in, in service to making the company more money, in service to giving the streamers more views and the podcasts more Patreon bucks.
Because all of that isn't D&D
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/srg/ - Sine Requie General
Sine Requie
>What is Sine Requie?
Sine Requie is a tabletop role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic Europe (optionally US, Japan and Egypt) during the 1950s. It combines elements of horror, mystery, and survival, with players navigating a world filled with undead and supernatural threats while also dealing with the scars of World War II.

>How does it work?
The Tarot Reader (GM) uses a complete deck of tarot cards, both minor and major arcana, to see how various game situations unfold. There are no dice.

>What can you play?
A Templar with sword and shield at the Pope's command, an undercover Gestapo agent in the 4th Reich, a worker in a Soviet metal city controlled by a computer, or the simple survivor in abandoned cities overrun by the undead.

TQ: Why aren't you already playing the most kino game there is?
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Utter Disbelief
ITT: Times your tabletop group got split apart by table romance.
I'll start
>Be me
>Former D&D 5e group splits because DM was making us the side characters in her story.
>One of the players in this group offers us a "Consolation campaign" without the bullshit we just experience.
>Fast forward a few months and some new players join the group.
>New players are awkwardly romancing each other in-character at table
>Few weeks later get text that they are in a relationship and he turned verbally abusive
>Can't physically abuse since long-distance, but the man in the relationship had violent outbursts towards her because his last girlfriend hung herself.
>No suicide jokes allowed.
>DM hears all this and hits us with "Two sides to every story"
>Group splits and no one talks to each other anymore.
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Gollum was a homebrew Gunslinger class that just didn't fucking work
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Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/
Tzeentch Wife Edition

>The Latest Warhammer The Old World News

>TOW Official Website and Resources:

Warhammer Chronicles: https://files (dot) catbox (dot) moe/0xt777 (dot) zip
Time of Legends: https://files (dot) catbox (dot) moe/q46ut6 (dot) zip
ET: https://files (dot) catbox (dot) moe/j7d0t5 (dot) zip

>Warhammer Wikis:

>Alternative Models:

>Previous Thread:

>Thread Question:
Could you love a girl as such as you love Lord Tzeentch?
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Space King!
Just finished the test model for the Space King army I'm printing. I need stls for an opposing force to fight them. Preferably something amusing. Any suggestions?
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Army Point Levels
As a general concept for wargames disregarding model scale or number of models what point levels do you tend to prefer to play at? Low point levels where you have little ability to specialize and can maybe add a few non-mandatory units? Being able to take a lot of non-mandatory or more expensive units but being restricted from too much specialization? Being able to take to pretty much anything until you start hitting the limits in number of units or start filling up the FoC?
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Recommended Modern Fantasy TTRPGs?
the stars above us
Hey ya'll,

Looking for recommendations for TTRPGS that are set/good for in a modern/modern-like setting, but with magic, fantasy creatures and the like. Ideally something that doesn't have its setting so baked in that I can't manipulate it to a setting closer to what i'd want.

I've heard and fiddled with WoDg, though it's a bit more on the dark and edgy side of things (at least from what i've done, i could be missing something), and i'm looking something a bit closer to scooby doo than call of cthulhu. (not as cartoony as scooby doo, just more bright, bit less dark and deadly).

I've also played with WWN and Fabula ultima, and have enjoyed it, but those are more solidly in the medieval type fantasy sorta stuff, and less "solving esoteric mysteries" and more "going on adventures."

The ideal setting is something of "group of people deal with magical creatures/magical problems", on a bit more of a monster/mystery of the week sorta scale.

Any recommendations? either new ones, to take a look at a splatbook for an older one, to manipulate one a little bit, or just "you're not using X right, look at it again"
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/slop/ - AI Art
Serpent Cult Edition

Previously on /slop/: >>92563648

▶ Thread Task: Post bald villains.

▶ News: It's been confirmed images are not saved on Microsoft's servers forever, only for 50 days. Make sure to save your images.

▶ Generators

▶ /slop/-approved styles, prompts and perspectives

▶ Videogame art styles

▶ Useful links
Color identifiers --
List of art movements --
List of hair styles --
World folk clothing --
World body armors --
Names for general clothing styles (PDF) --
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dice problems
if you can't solve these, you shouldn't run dice-based games
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>was into tabletops in high school
>got a little older and got into partying/got a social life, put tabletops away and thought “this will be a good hobby in my 30s
>be 31
>it’s time to game
>drop some money on some games. Twilight imperium, axis and allies, war of the ring, a few others
>start hitting up old friends to game, one other guy is really into this idea. Start Trying to recruit people
>one guy I used to game with has become morbidly obese, does not shower. Does not want to play anything harder then risk. Owns a copy of blood rage but refuses to learn the rules.
>gets offended at some of our other candidate suggestions for twilight imperium because they all fucked a girl he dated for 9 months, over 15 years ago. Doesn’t want to game anymore because we brought up inviting those people (it’s guys we grew up with that also game)
>try recruiting another guy, mutual friend of the dude that’s really into this idea
>”he’s socially awkward, he doesn’t want to get a game bigger then 3 people going, just us and him”

…what in the fuck? We are all men In our 30s. Is that what this hobby is? People insecure about high school relationships, and others that are such autistic shut ins they won’t even get a decent size game going because it’s too many people? Is this normal in this hobby? I figured we’d all be well adjusted enough by now.

Pic related, my copy of war of the ring I probably won’t even play because all of my normie friends have families and everybody else is an insufferable autist.
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What is the Lawful Good action here?
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Campaign OSTs
download (4) (1)
For those of you who use BGM when GMing, I'm looking for some more good ambient bgm recommendations for a hex crawl wilderness exploration and town building campaign.

I currently have some playlists made up of tracks from the Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, NWN, Eye of the Beholder, and Dungeon Hack games.

What other osts or games
or movies have a good wordless / orchestral bgm for such things, but wouldn't be highly recognisable? Any suggested tracks / osts?
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/hwg/ ~【Historical Wargames General】
Pike and/or Shot Edition

>Last Thread:

>Thread question
What do you think is the biggest pull/pulls of the time periods you enjoy and game in?

>Community Summary of Wargames:
>List of Historical Tactical, Strategic, and Military Drill treatises:
>ZunTsu Gameboxes:

>/hwg/ Steam Group:

>Naval wargaming stuff:

>Games, Ospreys & References folders:
>H&C Megatrove
rebrandly /HexChit
>New Trove Link
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/mtg/ - Magic: the Gathering General
2 mana walker edition


>Official News:
Magic: The Gathering publisher hires Pinkerton to seize leaked cards from YouTuber’s house


>Current meta, complete with deck lists
>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share Cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Play online for free

>What is E D H?


favorite planeswalker card?
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/btg/ BattleTech General
Clan Wolf
The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/!

Conquerors of Terra edition

Last Thread: >>92578654

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions

> - BattleTech Wiki

>Who uses what 'Mechs?
>Xotl's Faction Random Access Tables (June 2021 update)

Unit Design Software Options
>SSW Mech Designer
>SSW GitHub Updates
>MegaMek Lab

>Megamek - computer version of BT. Play with AI or other players

>How to do Against the Bot? (updated 2-20-2022)
(Current 3.21 rule set included in mekhq package)

>Rookie guides

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders
rebrand ly / BTmags
rebrand ly / BTdrop
rebr@nd(Dot)ly CranstonSnordDropBox
rebr@nd(Dot)ly CranstonSnord

>2018 to 2020 Battletech PDFs & E-Books
https://tinyurl com/2p8p7cew

>/btg/’s own image board:
>More goodies! Updated 2020-05-17

>Most Wanted PDFs & Epubs
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/awg/ ~【Alternative Wargames General】
Me and the boys Edition

>Previous thread:

>What is /awg/?
A thread to talk about minis and games which fall between the cracks, or peoples' homebrew wargames.
The >>>/tg/hwg thread doesn't entertain fantasy (for good reason) and the other threads are locked to more specific games.
This thread isn't tied to a game, a publisher, or a genre, let's just talk about fun wargames. Any scale, any company, any miniatures.

>Examples of games that qualify.
A Song of Ice and Fire, Argatoria, Batman Miniature Game, Carnevale, Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, Deadzone, Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander,
Freebooter's Fate,Frostgrave, Gaslands, Hordes of the Things, Kings of War, Malifaux, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Moonstone, Oathmark, RelicBlade, Rumbleslam,
Stargrave, Sludge, Warcaster, Warmachine, Xenotactics and anything else that doesn't necessarily have a dedicated thread.

>Examples of companies providing rules for alternative wargames.
Atomic Mass Games, Black Site Studios, CMON, Mantic, OnePageRules, Osprey, Para Bellum, TTCombat, Warlord Games and, many other publishers.

>Places to get minis; Updates to the minis list are welcome.

>The Novice Troves; These troves are meant to serve as a sampler of available systems. Check out the Share Thread for more up-to-date troves.!zSYW0I4a!vXh8-UPi_tWXpJES_-p4zg

How do you store your minis? Do you have any nice display cabinet or cases?
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>Jerry, she filled all of her spell slots with magic missile, Melf's acid arrow, and fireball!
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What are some ways the GM can help a group of PCs (not players) get closer with each other, like using certain kinds of events or GM techniques? In the new campaign I'm running, the PCs are rather distant from each other. A couple of factors that contribute to this:
- They're mercenaries who came together for personal, disparate reasons rather than a unified cause.
- Their personalities are various shades of introverted.
I'm rather optimistic, so I see this as more of an opportunity for growth rather than a bad dynamic. I'm aware that a lot of the work in developing a good party dynamic will lie with the players as well as time, but as the GM, I'd like to make things as easy and painless for them as possible. They're good kids.
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Probability and stats questions
The dice-rolling board knows how to think about odds, right?

(ignore twitter idiots, couldn't be bothered to crop the image)
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Online Player Selection
download (4) (2)
I'm planning to start my first online campaign as a GM (I've GMed in person, and played a bit online). Its been a long time since I recruited new players. I want a no-table-drama table, as much as possible.

I plan to go through the "consent in gaming" checklist and make a list of shit I intend to include / exclude. Romance no, Xenophobic response to the marauding hordes
of beastmen slaughtering your villages yes, etc; and try to clearly communicate GMing style - dice in the open; the world is the world, unleveled encounters, don't pick fights you can't win. Common sense > RAW, when theres a conflict. You know, clear communication so people know what they're signing up for.

What sorts of things do you guys check for when recruiting, to avoid table-drama, and what do you do to do it?

"No real world religion or politics" is probably a good table rule.

I'd like players who actually understand how their character works, so maybe I have them pitch a character concept at me, mechanically, and tell me what they see themselves doing mechanically to contribute to a party, to see if they understand their character abilities? (Or is there a better way).

I should ask them what they want both for ideas and to gauge if they're a good fit for the group, I'm sure, but beyond giving them a checklist and asking if there's anything they want me to keep out of the game, I'm not sure what specifically I should ask.

Any tips?
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>repeated skill checks
>one skill check vs one skill check
>one skill check vs many skill checks
>many skillchecks vs many skill checks
>skill check mexican standoffs

Is there any game that doesn't make skill checks confusing as fuck?
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