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How to roll dice: "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the email field rolls 2d6. "dice+5d42+23" rolls 5d42+23. "noko+dice+2d6" rolls 2d6 without showing the roll in the email field.

In the rules department, you can look at - all global and board specific rules are in full effect. Apart from that, only two rules are important.

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Quest threads
Thamdarul Gate
Please post all quest threads on /qst/


Quest threads that are posted on /tg/ will be removed.
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Roll to hug
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As per the barony's ancient tradition, all who reach the age of 72 must commit suicide, so that they are no longer a burden on society. Failure to commit suicide will result in the local lord's men-at-arms in full harness arriving to execute the offender.

A peasant has reached the age of 72 and asks your party to save him. Does your party save him?
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Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/
Space Skeletons Edition

>New Boyz and Moby Dick

>Klovis the Redeemer is back! Kinda.

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: [Embed]

>Tools to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Model Pastebin:

>3d printing discussions go in the /3dpg/ thread.

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find Stuff Here:

>Previous Thread:
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/osrg/ - Old School Renaissance General
Here be the Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content.

Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal and mechanical fidelity to Dungeons & Dragons as played in the game's first decade - less emphasis on linear adventures and overarching meta-plots and a greater emphasis on player agency.

>Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc:

>Need a starter dungeon? Here's a curated collection:

>Previous thread:

Page 11 emergency edition. Talk amongst yourselves.
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Lancer Mech RPG /lng/
A mecha RPG that strikes a balance between playability, mech customization, and tactical depth. Features a free character/encounter builder app with support for homebrew mechs and manufacturers.

Links to the books, builder, and other resources here: +

>Talk about your campaigns, mechs, pilots, and homebrew
>Ask questions about the game itself
>Pitch campaigns and recruit players
>Don't feed the trolls, even if someone else does

"Previously on Lancer RPG": >>79763420

Starter Topic:
>Which mech role is your favorite to play?
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/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General
Bushiroad Card Games General #277
Garga 2.0 edition

Beginner guide, decklists and other info:
Vanguard ZERO Important Links and Info:
Up to date fanmade PC online games, 3DS/Switch emulation and Mobile games:
Cardfight and Buddyfight matchmaking server:
Weiss/Schwarz Resources:

Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress: Episode 11 -

Release schedule (Vanguard):
【VGE-D-SS01】Festival Collection 2021: June 25, 2021
【VGE-D-BT02】A Brush with the Legends: July 23, 2021

Release Schedule (Weiss):
- Kaguya-sama TD/BP: 6/25
- Seven Deadly Sins TD/BP: 7/30
- FSN HF Vol. 2 BP: 8/20
- Slime Vol. 2 BP: 9/10

Release Schedule (Rebirth for You JP):
-Re:Zero: 7/23 (TD), 8/6 (BP)
-Higurashi Gou: 8/6 (TD), 8/27 (BP)
-SSSS.DYNAZENON: 9/17 (TD), 10/22 (BP)
-New Japan Pro-Wrestling: 9/17
-Godzilla Singular Point: 9/17 (TD), 10/8 (BP)
-D4DJ Vol. 2: TBA
-Azur Lane Vol. 2: TBA
-Remake Our Life: TBA
-Genshin Impact: TBA

Vanguard ZERO News:
>Liberator of Bonds, Gancelot Zenith ranked reward available until 6/30 at 23:59 PDT
>Divas Duet set available now

Last Thread: >>79776822
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3D Printing General [3DPG]
This is a general for everything 3D printed relating to /tg/ from sci-fi, fantasy, historicals, fantasy football, and more! Share your printed minis, terrain, print fails, 3d modeling, printing advice, works in progress, or anything else /tg/-related to 3D printing.

- Post pics of your prints be they fails or triumphs
- Keep your prints and files about tabletop games only
- Encrypt file links
- Use Passwords
- Help your fellow anons with advice

- Not encrypt links to websites
- Not encourage namefags, tripfags and avatarfags
- Not spoonfeed newfags
- Not discuss encryption/passwords
- Not LARP as the Riddler
- Post your resin/printer/settings for faster advice
- Remember some anons have financial interest in this thread dying
- Look after small artists/studios
- Buy something from or tip an artist/studio you like
- Read the last 3 threads before posting

>Resources (last updated 5 JUN 21)

>Guides + How-tos
Resin Safety:
Resin Settings:
Blender Tutorials:
Printer Guide:
Software: Meshmixer, Blender, ZBrush, Fusion360, or FreeCAD

>Latest Threads
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shitty draw thread
post terrible RPG-related drawings you've done. your characters, monsters you created, monsters in general, anything so long as it's meant to depict something in the "real" world (no maps).

pic related is my all-time favorite D&D monster
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Exotic Cavalry Mounts
Rhino (1)
My players run a small kingdom struggling against the petty kingdoms that surround it. Their people are suffering raids and border incursions from all sides. And they have decided that shit will not stand.

So they have decided to personally lead troops to crush the threats around their borders. These forces are primarily light infantry and mixed cavalry. They have decided they are going to act as a mobile strike force to hit high value targets while their house guards engage the main force.

As this will be a lot of combat, I would rather have it be more varied than dudes on horses or small squads of skirmishers. So I come to you /tg/, what kind of cavalry would exist in a fantasy setting? My game is Pf1e
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/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General
Guide To Killing Little Shits
Favored Enemy Edition

>UA: Mages of Strixhaven



>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>79951191

What does your character like to hunt or fight?
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/ygo/ - Yu-Gi-Oh! General
Yu-Gi-Oh! General #335: Nobody else did it.
Previous thread: >>79921939

All Yu-Gi-Oh! discussion encouraged. Talk lore, post CaC, get deck advice, duel each other, etc. Take care of your cardboard!

>Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Play
Automated Sims:
●EDOPro website:
●YGOProES for Android (Spanish):
●YGO Omega (Beta):
Manual Sims:

>TCG Event Streaming

>Useful Links
Current Official Rulebook:
Hypergeometric Probability Calculator:
Stock Market:
For boomers:


>News Sites

>Upcoming Releases
●Structure Deck: Overlay Universe (Jun 26)
●Duel Royale Deck Set EX (Jul 10)
●Burst of Destiny (Jul 17)
●Structure Deck R-Lost Sanctuary (Aug 7)
●Deck Build Pack: Grand Creators (Aug 28)
●World Premiere Pack 2021 (Sep 25)
●Battle of Chaos (Oct 16)


●King's Court (Jul 9) [was Jun 25 & Jul 2]
●Dawn of Majesty (Aug 13)
●2021 Tin of Ancient Battles (Sep 17)
●Battles of Legend 2021 (Oct 1)
●Structure Deck: Cyber Strike (Oct 8) [was Jul 30]
●Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 (Dec 3)
●Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm (Jan 21) [was Jul 16]
●Maximum Gold: El Dorado (Nov 19)
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A Derelict Ring Station Resort - Space Horror
Dead Vacation Ring 1
Your crew of spacers has been hired to decommission an old ring station, built to be a kind of interplanetary resort way back in the early days of solar system colonization and recreational space travel. Although the place may once have been a posh and stylish technological marvel, decades' worth of dereliction have left the station a dated, overgrown, and unstable wreck fit only for scrap, and maybe a little off-the-books treasure hunting if any particularly interesting salvage should turn up. What should be a relatively quick and profitable operation turns sideways, however, when the crew begins uncovering evidence that something terrible happened aboard that rusty old ring, and that the secrets it keeps may prove deadly.
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/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General
Planet of Unberable Penumbra
"A Cold Wind Blows..." Edition

>Previous Thread
>General Creation Kit!FWJgBTbb!f7d5rARWHYzuI8-8aI-Bxw
> White Wolf Wiki:
> OWOD/COFD Forums:

Where to buy what you need (Check both links for full selection):
> White Wolf Catalogue:
> Onyx Path Publishing Catalogue:
>Thread question(s):

What, in your most esteemed opinions, is the best Best End Times scenario from OWOD?

How you ever run a Chronicle or played in one that was set in a Post-Apocalyptic World? What was is like?

Also if Any New Players have any Questions, feel free to ask! (CHECK THE WIKI BEFORE POSTING A QUESTION)
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Favourite stereotypes and tropes in Fantasy
Oh wise /tg/

I come seeking the most stereotypical and cliched things.

Give me your human farmboy orphan fighter.
His childhood bestfriend/love interest.
Their edgy theif friend and the wizard to round them out.

Give me your dark lords, your demon kings, your femme fatales.

Give me your magical mcguffins that need to be collected to save the world from darkness, your swords that shine in the presence of evil

I need the most cliched fantasy hero's journey you can give me.
Pulp is fine, Classic is fine, Modern is fine.
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No title
A dnd scenario where Santa is the antagonist or central plot point
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No title
Why aren't dragons a major economic players by way of just having more money than most nations?
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Fantasy deicide
>Given enough power, a mortal can kill a god and assume his place in the pantheon
What do you think of this trope?
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No title
Warhammer Youtubers on suicide watch
7 images | 91 replies
No title
What makes Yugioh so much worse than a game like MTG? How do people fine solitaire turns and OTK nonsense fun? The game needs formats and a mana system to be salvagable.
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No title
For me, it's early 2e Forgotten Realms
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A Question of Citizenship
>The uplifted rodents, convinced by their dying creators that mankind has doomed itself as the station falls apart, are shocked to meet a human expedition a mere 50 years later. After a tense first meeting, where the rats initially believe they are being deceived, the question is asked. Should and if yes, How is this new intelligent species to be integrated into humanities remaining culture and society?
>As the Captain of the ship who made contact, on the authority given to you by the United Earth Government, you have considerable say in how this process will be attempted.

If you want more variables for your prompt, I will post them.
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/mmg/ - Modern Magic General (Other formats welcome, except EDH)
Cryptic Edition


>Current meta, complete with deck list
>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Play online for free

>Previous threads

What are the best Blue cards in Modern?
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/btg/ Battletech General
The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/!

Elemental edition

Last thread: >>79913808

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

> - BattleTech Wiki

>How do I find out which BattleMechs a faction has?
>Xotl's Random Access Tables for factions (June 2021 update)

Unit Designing Softwares
>SSW Mech Designer
>SSW GitHub Updates
>MegaMek Lab

>Megamek - computer version of BT. Play with AI or other players

> How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (updated 9-1-2020)
(Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package)

>Rookie guides

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders
rebrand ly / BattleTech
rebrand ly / BTmags
rebrand ly / BTdrop

>2018 to 2020 Battletech PDFs & E-Books

/btg/'s own image board:

More goodies! (Rare manuals, hex packs, TROs, discord servers, MekHQ portraits, where to get minis, etc.) Last updated 2020-05-17

>DropShip Thunder
>Most Wanted PDFs & Epubs
"Vola" for fresh stuff:vola/r/MazaNostra
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Map Sharing Thread
In this thread we post maps, blueprints, and cross-sections.
Feel free to talk about the maps you're making.
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Shadowrun Retarded?
Cyberpunk RED:
>3 pages of weapons
>1 page of armor
>3 pages of gear
>6 pages of augmentations

Shadowrun 5e:
>12 pages of guns
>2 pages of armor
>12 pages of gear
>8 pages of augmentations
>Has multiple books supplementing each of these numbers

Sooo, are Shadowrun fans just retarded, or are they autistic?
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/gwsg/ - Games Workshop Specialist Games General
Battle of Dagorlad Edition

Previous Thread: >>79826858

General thread for the games too niche to support their own general thread but too GW to be in >>>/tg/awg.

For mainline games go to:

Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Kill Team, Warcry, Epic, Warmaster, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, Titanicus, Battlefleet Gothic, Gorkamorka, Man-o-War, Warhammer Quest, and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:
>current MESBG rules:
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No title
You dont just have horses as mount options in your setting right anon?
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No title
In medieval Europe, if you were sworn to no lord, you'd be considered an outlaw and a menace to society. People killed outlaws on sight for the good of society and also for loot.

Why aren't adventurers considered outlaws?
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iTT: We argue about a card game that isn't real
Guys, how do we stop the soda meta from permanently shitting up the game?
>It's cheap in points and light on cutlery
>In low-hunger games, it's basically a "I Win" button
>In high-hunger games, it basically does most of the work

Even during the zighinì+injeira meta era you could at least find strategies around or disrupt it. This? This is fucking mindless spam of soda plus whatever low-effort food you can cram in your deck. Something's gotta be done.
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Religion Worldbuilding Help - A Return?
Hey /tg/, theologian/senior year MDiv student here. Half a year has passed since we had this thread, but this might be a good time to have a rerun.

>what is this?
In this thread you can ask any questions related to religions and faith related to your homebrew's world, and I try to give you insights based on my studies and experience. Other anons also share their opinions, they are also great.

>"fuck off with your snake oil shit"
No one will try to convert you here. Also, keep religious debates to /pol/.

Feel free to ask any questions, as there are no wrong questions.
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No title
"Low Fantasy" doesn't have to mean "humans only". If you can easily establish what's mundane to the setting vs what's fantastical and unusual for the people living in it. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay did it really well, and you could even have your typical PHB races be more common than that and still get a similar result.

>Owlbears, griffons, and other beast-like monstrosities are basically wild animals and are on noble house heraldry.
>Goblinoids and orcs aren't just tribal invaders, they're also part of human bandit gangs, bounty hunters, and mercenaries.
>Half-breeds like half-orc and half-elf vary based on the cultural history of the area. A land that was founded by a barbarian king allying human and orc tribes is gonna have more half-orcs in general.
>folk tale creatures like trolls aren't unheard of and can be common problems
>Spooky stuff like ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc are bedtime stories except to those that hunt them
>Lots of religions, nearly all with contradicting creation myths but all with clerics that can still cast spells.
>said clerics are rare, can't say for sure why they were the ones chosen, and are usually high in demand among the noble and wealthy that can actually afford the gold costs.
>no magic item shops, except for That One That Wasn't There Yesterday and will be an old empty space when you go back. Magic items must be sought out

Just to come up with a few ideas.

That's not to say everything is mud, blood, and shit, just that it's possible to have that same low fantasy gothic sword-n-sorcery flavor without having to run human-only with no magic classes.
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No title
Best Girl Edition
37 images | 106 replies
EDH - /edh/ - Commander General EDH - /edhg/ - Commander General

>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by the retarded rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap

>how to proxy using any printer

Favorite card and fetish.

>this dude
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/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General
They se me rollin Edition

>Previous Thread:

>List of Historical Tactical, Strategic, and Military Drill treatises:
>ZunTsu Gameboxes:
>/hwg/ Steam Group:
>Naval wargaming stuff:

>Games, Ospreys & References folders:!ZAoVjbQB!iGfDqfBDpgr0GC-NHg7KFQ!SyREURzI!lI3Rychibpx17XW4OEhCIg

>H&C Megatrove
rebrand<dot>ly /HexChit

>New Trove Link:

At war with ztan: r/1ewuyqhac
TTWarfare: r/125yk338w
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PDF Share Thread
Da FAQ 2021-04-02
It's Da PDF Share Thread!
Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay hooker at a con!

<----- That image is not an image, it's a PDF.
It will answer 99% of your questions about this thread. If you haven't read it, we will know.

Please exhibit good manners. Threads start sliding off the board after a certain number of posts. More posts wasted on being rude means fewer posts available for sharing.

Request, share, stay awesome!

Previous thread:

More threads:

* We're NOT affiliated with thetrove<dot>is, and CANNOT help with inquiries regarding that site.
* There is no crack for FOUNDRY VTT. Don't ask.
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No title
What does YOUR underworld look like, anon
14 images | 77 replies
/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General
Threadly Quote ~
"Stunties hide unnerground and pansy-elves hide in the trees. Thas why I prefers yer 'umans. They builds sorta 'ollow rocks wiht 'oles for comin' and goin' fru. They builds 'em on hills where you's have to climb a bit, but at least they's in the open, where a lad can get at 'em. So you can lob a few rocks at the walls, bash frew the holes, and get in there to nick all their gear, wivvout wunderin' if the roof is gonna fall on yer nut or if you's gonna fall off a branch. I like bashin' 'uman places. Only they don't call it bashin'; they calls it a seej."
- Spoken by a true Orc strategist

Threadly Question ~
Which Chinese dynasty will Cathay be based on?

>Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
WFB: (embed)
WFRP: (embed)
Novels: (embed)

>Warhammer Wikis

>Alternative Models (WiP) (embed)

previous battle: >>79934406
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No title
so how excited are you that TSR has reformed and is coming back to challenge D&D their original creation, do you think they have a shot of overtaking them considering they're The OGs?
7 images | 87 replies
No title
Meanwhile, on monster girl /tg/...
23 images | 107 replies
/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding
We talk about monster girls and build a setting for them. We can all post pics and images and art of Monster Girl Encyclopedia monster girls and talk about them, but bear in mind this is not KCs MGE canon to the letter. Seriously lads, a lot of people have their ideas and they aren't all the same, we can all agree to disagree. (Just remember to have fun!)

Warhammer Fantasy roleplay homebrew link:

Dungeon World Monster Classes.

Genesys Monstergirl races:

Monster Girl Adventures:

Ideas from previous threads:

Wikis for popular monster girl settings:

Monster Musume (Everyday Life with Monster Girls):

Monster Girl Encyclopedia:

previous: >>79718057
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No title
>Vampires have to suck blood to survive

Literally the worst way to do vampires. Vampires should be evil by choice, not because they are forced.
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Amateur Game Design and Homebrew Thread
Stop complaining about games and make your own!

>Why should I homebrew?
Do it if you want to, don't if you don't, it's your life, senpai, do what you want lololol

>What you should post
Ideas for games, games you're currently making, updates to your own games in broad strokes, and any homebrewing for existing products that don't get much attention. Discussion about the above is welcome. Does anyone actually read this part? Post fun, be bad, and look over other's stuff, we all grow more together. Maybe.

>Resources for the aspiring developer
> (A fantastic resource for checking probabilities)
> (A online whiteboard with tools to help organize yourself)
> (Similar to the above, but in a bit cleaner format for those who work in larger teams)
> (Impromptu playtesting at its finest)
> (Game Design Lectures)
> (in yo mouth)

Thread Question: Does anyone else hate using derived stats? I feel like it over complicates a character sheet, especially when they're permanent.
22 images | 68 replies
No title
I need your ideas for lovecraftian monsters. Small scale, local "dark secret in the woods" kind of thing is good, but I guess world shattering abominations are okay too.
12 images | 47 replies
/chess/ - Chess General
Anna Gvanceladze and Dina Belenkaya
Anna and Dina edition

>Free online playing:

>Tactics trainers:

>run out of free match analysis on
>download or ctrl+c the PGN for the match
>make a free account on
>tools - import game - paste/upload PGN - toggle analysis
>click on the "learn from your mistakes" button

>Explore openings:

>Starter books:
Soviet chess primer by Maizelis et al
Play Winning Chess by Yasser Seirawan
Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca
Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess by Patrick Wolff
Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev
Chess Structures: A Grandmaster Guide by Mauricio Flores Rios

>Archived threads:

>Where to find master games:

>Join the lichess team:

22 images | 80 replies
Chainsaw Man
what system would you run it in?
3 images | 10 replies
No title
Why are vampires so often gay?
33 images | 278 replies
/hsg/ - Horror Settings General
Stranger Danger Edition

Tell us about your horror settings, games, etc. Share inspirational art, prompts, etc.

>List of games:
Call of Cthulhu, Chill, Cold and Dark, Degenesis, Delta Green, Don't Rest Your Head, Dread, Esoterrorists/Fear Itself+Book of Unremitting Horror, Fall of Delta Green, GORE, Into The Shadows, KULT, Little Fears, Mothership RPG, Nemesis (free on Arc Dream's website), Nights Black Agents, Silent Legions (Mostly for the tables), Stalker: The SciFi RPG, Symbaroum, Ten Candles, Trail of Cthulhu, Unisystem (All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Witchcraft, Conspiracy X, etc.), Unknown Armies

>Inspirational stuff:
Caitlin R Kiernan, Castlevania, Doomwatch, Fear & Hunger, George Romero, Ghostwatch, House of Leaves, I Am In Eskew, John Carpenter, Kolchak the Nightstalker, Laird Barron, M.R. James, Nick Cutter, Old Gods of Appalachia, Quatermass, Ramsey Campbell, Remedy Series (Alan Wake, Control), SCP Foundation, Scarfolk Council, Shaun Hutson, Silent Hill, Stand Still Stay Silent, The Evil Dead, The Magnus Archives, The Secret World, The Stone Tapes, Thomas Ligotti, Twin Peaks, Vault of Evil forums, toomuchhorrorfiction

Other News:
Degenesis is currently free on the sixmorevodka website V4.

Questions for the thread:
>Have you ever used the 'uncanny valley' effect in your games?
>How did your players react, if so?
>How inhuman do you like to make an entity that's trying to pass off as human?

Questions for Horrorverse refugees:
>What is the most upsetting thing you have personally seen in horror?
>Is there any type of monster that genuinely sets you on edge?

Previous Thread: >>79755849

Please try to keep arguing to a minimum. Don't respond to bait/drama posts.
And as usual, try and keep it alive, or at least undead.
41 images | 214 replies
No title
Which kind of martial art would be the most suitable for a dwarf to use?
17 images | 150 replies
Belkinus Necro Hunt
Necro hunt
>What is this?
A D&D 5e game being streamed right now
Here's the intro:
The mission is to find the leader of a necromancy cult and bring them back to the capital.

>Who's the DM
Jocat - known for doing crap guide to D&D videos

>Who's the players?
Yaroshien - known for making abridged parodies
Cami-Cat - known for making D&D songs
Davvy Chappy - known for making D&D video guides
Wystle While You Work - known for making D&D story times

>Where is it streaming?

>Why make this thread?
Because I'm bored and wanna watch something with someone. Also to see if it'll be good or not.
0 images | 27 replies
Diplomacy Thread
TG diplomacy - Autumn, 1906
In which /tg/ engages in a bit of light backstabbery, and France pioneers Napoleonic psychological domination techniques.

"Germany will get revenge or die trying" edition.

There are three games going on.

>game 1: webdiplomacy
>game 2: playdiplomacy
>game 3: backstabbr

Feel free to start new games.

Previous thread: >>79719321
43 images | 304 replies
No title
>Can I do a roll to see if my character can convince this guy to see our side of things
>Okay, what are you going to say to convince him?
>uhh...can I just roll?
10 images | 164 replies
/WIP/ - Work In Progress Thread - Spanish Water Edition.
Angel Giraldez&#039; secret
/WIP/ where the reason why all the Spanish painters are better than you is in the water.

>WIP Condensed OP Pastebin

>Grimdark Compendium tutorials

>Making some awesome banners

>Recasting with Blue Stuff and LEGO bricks!OihwzSLR!yLIrbkeOm_zvEykMzj0HANGB1NFnT110J3GmzMW7LZQ

>4 EASY Chipping Tricks For Beginners [Embed]

>Saint Duncan's "Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting" [Embed]

>Saint Duncan also explains thinning your paints [Embed]

>How to paint freehand text on scrolls [Embed]

>Painting a Blood Angel Intercessor [Embed]

>Learn to paint with an unlicensed doctor

>Easy-to-Make Realistic Shell Impacts [Embed]

>Who's Johnny, she said, and smiled in her special way

>Easy banners

>Put down that chainsaw and listen to me! [Embed]

>Previous Threads:

Question: Which one of you SoB's are outbidding me on Brother Craig?
45 images | 107 replies
No title
>Wizard with a Gun
How unbalanced is this?
22 images | 95 replies
/dcg/ - Digimon Card Game General #26
>his name is Machinedramon edition

Previous: >>79853157

>LINKS: (Official Asian English website) (Official Global English website)


Keep checking your local LGSs, resupply is in progress. BT-04 is now officially released in the west!
If you can't wait and have no other options, your best bet to get cards right now is singles from places like TCGplayer (see links section).

Never buy structure decks for over $20AUD, boosters for over $7AUD, or boxes for over $130AUD. Don't feed scalper faggots.

QRD colour overview:

Unga bunga. Better DP gain and Security Attack than other colours.
Unique-ish mechanic is Advance
Removal: DP-based

Advantage. Gains memory, draws cards, multiple attacks, and Jamming.
Unique mechanics are evolution source removal and playing Digimon from the evolution stack.
Removal: bounce and tuck, and sometimes "can't attack or block"

Control and recovery. Lots of cards that debuff enemy Digimon.
Unique mechanic is Security Recovery/ Manipulation.
Removal: reducing DP

Fast and cheap evolution; control through battle. Also has the most Digi-Burst.
Unique mechanic is Digisorption.
Removal: suspending and attacking direct

Digimon sacrifice, Graveyard, and Option card synergy.
Unique mechanic is Retaliation. Unique-ish mechanic is revival.
Removal: level-based direct destruction

Defence, and weird gimmicks. Higher than average access to level 7s. Security "trap" Digimon. The devs are apparently aware and working to better define this colour.
Unique mechanics are Reboot and Decoy.
Removal: De-Digivolve and cost-based direct destruction

Not quite a real colour yet. Mostly level 7s and their support, and some gimmick Digimon.
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Infinity General - Imperial Service Edition
Infinity is a cyberpunk skirmish game by Corvus Belli, where plans don't always work out.

>Last Video:

>All the rules are for free. Buying books is only relevant for fluff:

>General FAQs (read this if you want to try this game):

>Rundown (game and factions):

>Semi-unofficial catalogue of fluff, dossiers, and unit models:

>Unit Dossiers Archive

>Plebian's video on how to play by intent:

>Rules Wiki

>Rules for Infinity N4 (main game) and Infinity CodeOne (for beginners)

>Official Army Builders:

>Terrain 101 (new and improved!):

>Hacking Helper

>released RPG books (+ a couple of rulebook scans)!8pRURayK!Kj16fd7nQhEcaId8hKD4oA

>Comlog, missions app

>New ITS Season 1

missions and rules:

Previous thread:
23 images | 155 replies
Post-Apocalypse Thread
The mutation-prosthetics thread went pretty well and we had a lot of creative contributions. Seems like a lot of people enjoyed it, so why not continue inspiring each other. What do you think is thematically important to a post-apocalypse setting? Sci-fi technology? Water as a resource? A lack of magic? High lethality?

What would your villain/bbeg be? What hardships do your characters face? What's your setting like and what makes it unique?
43 images | 154 replies
No title
In old artwork the entrance to hell was literally a monster's mouth (probably because that 'gnashing of teeth' description in the bible).

Let's assume, this is actually true in a game's universe. What monster would it be? I would assume the Tarrasque in D&D, but a unique beast might be called for.
1 images | 5 replies
Spell terrorism
Practically, how do you prevent Fireball terrorism in a major city? How do you prevent some nutjob magician from blowing a Fireball onto a crowd of civilians, or even just regular guards?

A Fireball is more powerful than a modern-day fragmentation grenade: longer range, more damage, spreads around corners.

Fireball can be accessed without much trouble by sorcerers, wizards, Lore bards, Light clerics, Zeal clerics, Fiend warlocks, and Genie warlocks. A challenge 3 generic humanoid Eternal Flame priest comes with Fireball pre-loaded, on top of immunity to fire. A challenge 4 generic humanoid hobgoblin devastator also comes with Fireball pre-loaded (up to 4th level, in fact), and can exempt themselves and allies from the spell. The material component is bat guano and sulfur, but why not use a small crystal arcane focus?

A generic commoner has 4 hit points. A generic acolyte, apprentice wizard, magewright, or noble has 9 hit points. A generic guard has 11 hit points. Fireball deals 8d6 damage, half that on a success. Even on a success, the halved damage will kill many unremarkable humanoids.

You might be thinking, "Oh, maybe this is less of a problem in Eberron?", but no. Keith Baker's Exploring Eberron gives us Concussive Burst, a 1st-level sorcerer and wizard spell that goes out to 60 feet and creates a 20-foot radius of 2d4 force damage, half on a success. Any commoners who fail the saving throw will likely die. With this spell, even an apprentice wizard or wandslinger (Magic Initiate feat) can snap from Last War PTSD and kill commoners. There is no material component.

Another benefit of using such spells is that it is much easier to make a quick getaway, thanks to their long range and the lack of bulky equipment required.

Spreading awareness of the exact verbal components of these spells could be one way to mitigate such tragedies, but even that can do so much.
10 images | 137 replies
Demon Child
So here I am, flipping through Book of Lairs II looking at various ideas of encounter design. I get to the encounter with a succubus.
The background to the encounter is the succubus' grandfather made a deal with a devil, and everyone non-evil in their family line instantly died, those who were evil turned into supernatural creatures. The Grandfather turned into a vampire, and was such a dick his granddaughter killed him and then buried him in silver coins to make sure he doesn't resurrect.
She of course, turned into the aforementioned succubus.
As the players go through her estate, they can find various things, including...

>10. Nursery
>In a small cradle is the newest member of the family, Josette, a baby alu-demon. Its stats are negligible. Its two small horns and two tiny wings cannot be changed by the baby, nor can its two small, fully functional fangs. If Josette were to be removed from Eleanor's presence and purified in a lawful good church, she might be saved from a life of Chaotic Evil.

This is a TSR D&D book though, which means even back then they were saying it's possible to have a good/purified demon.
Yet grogs on /tg/ say that's impossible and goes against what D&D always stood for.
3 images | 16 replies
/tg/ needs to learn what's were-X, anthro, and furry.
9 images | 52 replies
Outsider - Page 205
Looks like claims this was all a fake-out for a Barsam rescue have been disproved.
34 images | 214 replies
No title
needs a filename
Filename Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo
Because we're going to see if /tg/ has enough unoriginal dnd class filenames to fill a second thread
hard mode: post filenames that are a basic gameplay mechanic from a mainstream roleplaying games
100 images | 302 replies
/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General
Imperial Edition

Official Discord:
Worldbuilding links:

Previous Thread: >>79790675

Thread questions:
>Do any empires exist in your setting, and if so how did they rise to power? How much territory do they control?
>How do they treat their conquered peoples? Are they integrated into the empire, enslaved, or somewhere in-between? How does the empire maintain control of them?
>If your setting has any magic or advanced technology, how is this used to help the empire's infrastructure?
>Would the empire be considered "good" or "evil" by most modern-day standards, and why did you make it that way?
7 images | 9 replies
No title
Modern Elven Archer
How would you make a waifupunk setting /tg/? What system would you run it in?
52 images | 214 replies
No title
why does T G get mad at adventurer guild when real life alway had adventurer guild in history ?
15 images | 121 replies
In Need of Names
To not be worn around fey
I'm running a fantasy campaign for these four friends of mine and I'm in need of names for assorted NPCs of all walks of life. I know I could just look up names from around the world, but I'm more specifically looking fo pun names, as the campaign has a generally light hearted tone. Would /tg/ mind helping me out?

And while I'm at it, I might as well also check if any of you have a good way of coming up with non-human names, as I have always had difficulty with those. What kind of theme can be found in your dwarfs' names, what do you name your elfs? Do you have a source of some kind, or do you simply improvise? I'll take all the help I can get.
1 images | 29 replies
/hhg/ & /atg/ Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus General
Great Crusade 1k Sons
All is not yet dust edition

>Thread FAQ (very old, remembers Age of Terra)
>Thread FAQ (suggestion)
>Erratas and extra downloads
>Rules and stuff for HH and Titanicus
HH: mega<dot>nz<slash>folder/3wwGVTjZ#zwjoK0nSZ2Kzin6mJ0dV1w
Audiobooks: mega<dot>nz<slash>folder<slash>yM1yWIba#ETw9ELPJmEScSrM9WwjRCw

/Adeptus Titanicus Zone/
>Rules and supplements
AT: mega<dot>nz<slash>folder/Csgk2ZTR#3vRK4eXP5ovbyM_TSL0tWA
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?
>homemade missions:

Previous Heresy: >>79923704
10 images | 58 replies
What is the point of a dragon rider?
Even with a spear, it can't reach the enemy, unless you want the dragon to lower its neck - you know, the most vulnerable part of any animal.

Bows seems viable, but that's if the dragon stays still. If it moves, its shoulders, neck and head will obscure much of your vision. You can't even turn around and shoot horse rider style, as its wings will obscure everything. If it curves it's head around, you can catch the dragon in the back of its skull, which possibly makes it worse.

The best way to ride one seems to be weaponless, and sort of steer it towards an enemy.

So why do so many fantasy artists/minis/etc. have a rider with a fucking tiny sword of all things?
16 images | 96 replies
ITT: Monster origin stories
>Thousands of years ago there was a civilization that mastered the art of sailing and maritime trade.To this day legends about their vast wealth are still told.
>This empire's power and riches grew so great that they drew the attention of a mighty demon lord, who demanded that the people of the empire worshipped him and swore him their loyalty.
>In their hubris, the people of the empire not only refused, but mocked the demon lord relentlessly as well.
>In retribution for their mockery, he cursed all denizens of this empire and their descendents by transforming them into savage beasts.
>They were twisted into hulking monstrosities with the heads of bulls, their minds stunted to the point of being not quite animal yet not quite human.
>As quickly as it rose, their empire crumbled, and all that remains of it now are its ruins and the monstrosities that once called themselves its citizens.
>The beasts dwell in all sorts of abandoned locations. Crumbling castles, ghost cities, forgotten crypts, all such places attract their presence.
>The minotaurs, as they are known now, do not remember who their cursed ancestors were, but as part of the demon lord's curse they are haunted by fragments of their memories.
>All minotaurs remember small tidbits of how the people of their empire lived, yet they do know know why they carry these memories.
>Minotaurs are obsessed with chasing these phantom memories: they hoard gold and jewels not for their value, but for the memories they evoke. They desperately want to remember, but they do not know what it is that they are trying to remember.
>This drives them to bouts of violent madness: they will rampage through the wild and whatever settlements they run into, enraged by a curse they can never understand.
>They remember what trading is like, and remember it being important to them, but struggle with making sense of how it's supposed to work.

How about you guys, /tg/? How did some of your setting's monsters come into being?
7 images | 28 replies
No title
Give me names for retro future/atompunk/rayguns gothic hero dudes and ladies.

Also post art
49 images | 115 replies
No title
Wouldn't beguilers and other such mind melters of either psionic or witchery styles be more loathed than just some fag who animates corpses? I mean sure there are reasons to be afraid of necromancers, this is not a necromancers are good! Thread but I feel like the evils of illusionists and enchanters or other such types in other fiction would be much more consistently feared. Why isn't that so?
1 images | 4 replies
/bgg/ - Board Games General
Hype edition

Last thread >>79866103

Outdated Pastebin:

Thread Questions:
>what are your most anticipated games of 2021?
>what is the best game you've played this year?
35 images | 270 replies
Slime Species
Let's talk about slimes, gelatins and oozes! What are they like in your setting, how do you like using them, and , if they're sentient, what are slime characters and society like?
7 images | 21 replies
>the magic users in his setting don't rule over land and people
You might as well make it a no magic setting. What's the point of amassing reality power if not to lord over something?
6 images | 42 replies
No title
what's the least powerful personal weapon that should reliably (without extreme skill and/or luck) be able to kill a dragon?
For the purpose of this weapon consider a "personal" weapon to be a weapon that can be used and carried effectively by one person.
Your choice of dragon, several different types and power levels of dragons welcome.
18 images | 98 replies
/acg/ - Alternative Card Games General #153
Before It Was Cool Edition

Here is a thread to discuss trading card games other than the big three.
>Force of Will
>Final Fantasy TCG
>Legend of the 5 Rings (L5R)
>Flesh and Blood
>Gate Ruler
>Battle Spirits
>The other DBZ game

Post about card games you've played and help other anons get to know your games!

>Wixoss Pastebin

>Force of Will Pastebin

>Dragonball GT Shadow Dragon saga rulebook

Coordinate in thread to get some games in!

>Last Thread

>Thread Question:
What was your first card game and first acg?
35 images | 129 replies
Drawthread: Blightkings T-Posing Edition
Blightkings doing the ginyu force pose!

• A reminder that nobody is entitled to a delivery under any circumstances within these threads. Don't critique others' requests. If you don't like it, don't draw it.
• Ignore the bait and stay on topic, you're better than this.

• Pictures are better than verbal descriptions.
• Do not reply to other deliveries with a request that the artist fill your request next.
• Do not make multiple requests in the same thread and do not serially request multiple characters after a delivery. Suggesting several concepts for artists to choose from counts as making multiple requests.
• If you're unsatisfied with your completed request, please wait at least one week before you re-request. If someone follows this rule, don't waste posts by complaining.

>Artists and Artists-to-Be:
• Feel free to drop your blog/websites/commission/etc information, but if you're dropping your commission info, please consider filling a request beforehand instead of just advertising.
• Ignore the drama and draw what you want, it's nobody's place to tell you what you can or can't deliver.
• Some helpful materials from /ic/:

• Artists or requesters should anchor unfinished WIPs across threads to give the other party an established thread from which to follow the request.
• DO NOT anchor requests, only WIPs.

Artists open for commissions:
Old school rpg art resources:

Previous Thread: >>79841313
13 images | 19 replies
/twgg/ - TowerGirls CYOA General
Pistolero Princess Edition

Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting, or Video Games welcome here!

Everyone is welcome.

Main Gens:
Legacy Charts:
Side Quests:

Alternate Costumes:

Fan V4 Gen:

Gats's V4+Chibi Gen:



Booru (Fan Art Collection) -
Backup Booru -
Brushes, Fonts, and Templates
Gats Wiki -
Folder Containing Artwork-

Games & Tabletop Rulebooks:

Quests: (Eversor)

Where do I upload to share?

if you'd like access to the discord or have anything you wish to talk about privately involving towergirls, editing, etc, please contact Brumus here:

A) [email protected]
B) "Tired Knight" on Steam

Don't forget to visit the other Tower girl threads on other boards;


Previous Thread:
97 images | 224 replies
No title
“Well yes, your killed the BBEG... it was your destiny, you fulfilled the vision made by this magic mirror, now you’re free”

But the magic mirror is the trickster’s item, what do you see now?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
What would be the western version of the 5 wisdom kings?
1 images | 4 replies
Traveling Mercs
Got any buddy cops, travelling mercs or recurring duos that show up in your games? What are they like, and how do they get around?
0 images | 3 replies
Android: Netrunner General - /anrg/
Continental Championships coming soon!

>What is Android: Netrunner? (3rd party mirror) [Embed]

>How to play Android: Netrunner (TeamCovenant) [Embed]

>How to play Android: Netrunner (NISEI)

>The Unofficial fan group keeping things Running

>"Why I Run", a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace spaces with dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

>Want to play in Netspace? (replace spaces with dot):
www Jinteki net

>Looking for players in Meatspace?

>All the available artworks:

>More Resources, blogs, podcasts
8 images | 19 replies
No title
>mountain dwellers
>warlike culture
>known for military prowess undermined by demographic weakness
>very old civilization
>wildly divergent language from their allies
>short and squat
>large and influential diaspora
>used to have powerful empire(s), have since been reduced to statelets after several conquests and catastrophes
>held the frontier against "barbarians"
>reliant on larger ally with old connection
Does any setting model its Dwarves after Caucasians, especially Armenians and Georgians, instead of the usual "Norse-Scots with some Jews thrown in"? It seems too perfect a connection for no one to have made but I can't recall any at the moment.
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/dleg/ Shadow of the Demon Lord & Demon Lord Engine General
>What is Shadow of the Demon Lord?:
Shadow of the Demon Lord is a horror-fantasy tabletop adventure game that presents a world standing on the brink of annihilation. In this game, you and your friends play characters charged with fighting back against the spreading evil, whether that involves tracking down potent relics, exploring ancient faerie ruins, journeying into Hell to bargain with the Devil, or battling demons and the cultists who summon them. The system is setting agnostic and has a wide variety of possible details for your own world.

>What is PunkApocalyptic: the RPG?:
The world has gone to hell and nearly everyone who has lived through it has gone mad. In PunkApocalyptic: the RPG, you and your friends assume the roles of mercenaries who roam the Wasteland. In this bleak and radioactive land, you fight to survive, explore the ruins of what came before, and trade blood, sweat, and tears for the precious bullets that have become the land's currency. Explore the radioactive ruins, fight battle-crazed mutants, negotiate with bizarre cultists, bargain with junkers and scavengers, and unearth fantastic relics from the past.

>Trove Link:
https://drive <dot> google <dot> com <slash> file <slash> d <slash> 1O6OvFpAmTpDtJQQoBvrypXOWbC8kv7Gv <slash> view?usp=sharing

>Reference Table:

>Simulacra (5etools for SotDL) (embed)

>Roll20 statblocks
71nyurl <DOT> com /SotDLBestiary

>Latest Releases:

>Current Kickstarters:
>PunkApocalyptic: the RPG


>Previous Thread:

>Thread Question:
What official adventures have you played? Which would you recommend?
21 images | 141 replies
A thread for discussing the 'Star Trek' franchise and its various gaming adaptations.

Game Resources

Star Trek Adventures
-Official Modiphius Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)
-Homebrew Collection
-PDF Collection

/stg/ Other RPGs (Previous Licensed, Unlicensed, and Third Party)

Star Trek: Attack Wing
-Official WizKids Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)

Star Trek: Fleet Captain
-Official WizKids Page (Rules and Player Resources)

Star Trek: Ascendancy
-Official Gale Force Nine Page (Rules and Player Resources)

Lore Resources

Memory Alpha - Canon wiki

Memory Beta - Noncanon wiki for licensed Star Trek works

Fan Sites - Analysis of episodes, information on ships, technobabble and more

Star Trek Maps - Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, updated and corrected

/stg/ Homebrew Content

Thread Topic: Best Data centric episode?
55 images | 277 replies
/swg/ SITHRIDER edition
Previous thread: >>79906722

A thread for discussing the 'Star Wars' franchise and its various gaming adaptations.

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

Old links

Latest FFG news:

20 images | 81 replies
No title
Know any good rpg forum?
heavy-handed moderation garbage where you can get banned at the slightest hint of wrongthink.
Same as above, but "rpg developpers" are threated like sacred cows
Hit or misses, but mostly misses.

do you have any suggestions?
0 images | 0 replies
No title
master swordsman
Should all D&D 5e fighters just be given Battle Master subclass features as a standard?
14 images | 123 replies
No title
>here's my monk
13 images | 45 replies
/40kRPG/ - Warhammer 40k RPG General
>Some books from dustanon

>The Trove

>Bestiary, armoury, weapon quality and NPC database

>Offline Combined Armory (v6.48.161023)

>Curated youtube playlists

>Make your maps look just like FFGs

>Wrath and Glory errata (2021):

>FFG Forum Archive:

>Homebrew Collection (April 2021):

Previous: >>79777609

TQ: How much of a diversion from imperial duty is acceptable, when attempting to do good in 40k? (conversely, how far is too far?)
12 images | 100 replies
/exg/ - Exalted General
>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here:

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial:
It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/. good luck

>Resources for Older Editions

>Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Errata for Third Edition

>Other Ex3 Resources

Hundred Devils Night Parade
Adversaries of the Righteous
Eclipse Charms

>Current Quixalted Extended Version (Fanmade Supplement)

>Optional Quixalted Exalts

Previous Thread: >>79939274

36 Hours Remain

Last thread we did some combat playtests!
Did you know you can Knockout a battlegroup?
33 images | 238 replies
No title
has there ever been a physically strong and dexterous (Basically a quality build) character that is also an intellectual? I feel like they are both rare in tabletop and actual media
3 images | 41 replies
No title
Would your players be willing to accept a world where the main villain has been dead for centuries before their characters were born?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
Because most player characters have little to no family, especially children of their own, I have always wanted to play one, namely a dwarf cleric/paladin with a wife and twelve girls whom he loves very much. However, because of this, I have trouble finding a good reason why he would go on an adventure and especially keep doing that for awhile and not just retire immediately. I was thinking that maybe one of his daughters would have gone missing and he would try to find her, but Im afraid that might really limit the roleplaying actions he might make. I'm also a bit worried GM would fuck up with my family one way or another. How would you play this or are characters with children just undoable?
2 images | 40 replies
No title
Kitsune with Katana
What are good factions for a japanese based setting? How would you differentiate and characterize different samurai clans for instance?
6 images | 66 replies
/Tolkien/ General #4
New thread for discussion of Tolkien’s legendarium, lore, and RPing. Last two threads hit post limit so I made a new one.

>previous thread
68 images | 296 replies
Hunter Myth
Amelia's character introduction
>What is this
Bunch of VTubers from Hololive English playing Hunter the Vigil: Heavy Homebrew Edition
>Why should I watch it
All of them are professional entertainers of some capacity and Mori(she's the storyteller) is actually competent enough
>Previous sessions
Character creation involving everyone
Kiara's character intro
Ina's Character Intro
41 images | 346 replies
No title
anyone notice that all the "edgelords" that used to play rogues all play paladins of various sorts now?
23 images | 198 replies
No title
How did this happen?
18 images | 142 replies
Capes General
Secret Origin! Edition.

A general dedicated to Superhero Games, Supers, and inspirational material related to them. From game systems and games played, to heros and villains you've seen or made, talk about what you like!

This go round: What is the most common source of Superpowers in your setting?
56 images | 248 replies
/GURPSgen/ GURPS General
GURPS General New Archive
Not retro is the new retro edition.

>GURPS is a modular, adaptable system, capable of running a wide range of characters, settings, and play styles with level of detail varying from lightweight to completely autistic.
>Optional rules allow you to emulate different genres with a single system, even switching genres within a single game.

Previous GURPS >>79769330

A nearly complete archive of GURPS books can be found by those who pay attention to file extensions.
A genre guide can be found in the archive, under Unofficial > GURPSgen. It tells you what books and articles you need for many common genres.

Thread Question: who is the most based GURPS author (after Isachenko, obviously)?
33 images | 267 replies
Now Hiring: Gods (no experience needed)
cool dude chair
The gods have all forfeited their supreme reign and abandoned the world. Their great thrones sit empty and have fallen to the earth below. Now the first sapient being to find and claim each throne as their own will be imbued with the power of a god. From the highest angel to the lowliest bullywug, it's anyone's game.

Declare your champion by telling us their
Physical description (or relevant pic):
Previous occupation:
What their divine aspirations are:
Fun fact or two:

The first champion to get dubs will find and claim the first throne on the list. The next will get the next throne down and so on. Any get of triples or higher becomes the head of the new pantheon. After there is already a head of the pantheon, only a higher get will allow another god to usurp this position. If two gods get trips of opposing evens and odds, this will cause a split in the pantheon, pitting all even gods and odd gods against one another. This war can only be stopped by the head position being usurped by a single higher get, and can be reignited if another rival of equal power emerges.

The divine thrones are as follows:
>Throne of Knowledge
>Throne of Law
>Throne of the Grave
>Throne of Storms
>Throne of Pestilence
>Throne of Iron
>Throne of Peace
>Throne of the Sun
>Throne of the Moon
>Throne of Healing
>Throne of Magic
>Throne of Nature
>Throne of Falsehood
>Throne of Blood

The gods are dead. Praise be to the gods!
5 images | 38 replies
/tg/ red flags
Sup, fa/tg/uys,
What are the things that make you drop a person or gaming group immediately?

>allergic to showers
>stops the game to discuss random bullshit no one cares about
>coomerbrain around women
>makes threads like this
10 images | 85 replies
No title
>live older than humans
>wiser than humans
>More magically attuned then humans
I believe in elven supremacy
11 images | 40 replies
No title
>ancient humans created the first and greatest civilization and most humanoid fantasy races descend from specialized castes
>a group of human supremacists manage to reativate the equivalent of a cryogenics site in the hope that they will help humanity dominate the world
>they don't care about humanity as a whole at all and think that all other humans are just savages deserving less respect than their servant races
0 images | 7 replies
/gengen/ - Genesys General
High Society Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games and EDGE Studio, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results. The intention is for the system to be a highly flexible narrative system, adaptable to most any conceivable setting and premise.

>Twilight Imerpium: Embers of the Imperium, a new space opera splat based on Twilight Imperium, is set for launch this summer
>Sam Stewart goes into detail on EDGE Studio plans

>Where can I find the books?
Check the Online Extras pastebin below for something useless. The core book is the only mandatory book.

>Player-made Genesys settings

>A quick and dirty primer on how the dice in Genesys work

>Online Extras (fillable sheets, dice rollers, quick reference sheets, generators, PDFs, etc.)

>Official Discord Server (unaffiliated with /gengen/)
Link unavailable

Previous Thread:

>Thread Question
What social encounter(s) have you run recently?
23 images | 92 replies
No title
Can a necromancer be good?
24 images | 116 replies
No title
Ah, perfection.
19 images | 71 replies
Madaraki sisters Franken Fran
Nechronica is a system where body parts are HP and abilities (with skills being abilities that don't also contribute to HP).

It's a very flexibly system since every part and skill, as well as the setting can be refluffed as long as their mechanical effect is unaffected.

While originally meant for undead mutants and cyborgs characters it also works for mecha.

>Does anyone still play this game?

>Where can I find an english translation of this Japanese TTRPG?

The translation wiki has the most up to date fan translation.

Thread questions

1) What is a weird or alternate setting you want to do?
For me I like the idea of a group of dolls who are agents of a free undead city-state who go out to recruit more members and collect intel to send back home, but who specialize in journeying into the mind of maddened undead and helping bring the undead back to sanity. Kind of like Psychonauts but different.

2) what is your favorite position.

Court for it’s sheer utility but Holic is next on my list of positions to try the next time I am a player instead of a GM because I’ve seen a player make good use of it and now I want to give it a go.
17 images | 52 replies
Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/
Hobby Edition

>Previously in the Mortal Realms:

>Official AoS website
>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>AoS Battletomes
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks (dead link)

>Art Database

>/YourDudes/ Fluff!JPo1ATAZ!Dc8C0HngNOwI3jE7jMhxSA


>Thread question:
how easy do you find it to /yourdudes/ things in AoS?
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No title
>the party is getting food at the tavern
What are you ordering?
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/3.5g/ /3eg/ Dungeons and Dragons Third/3rd Edition General
For discussion of D&D 3.5e


>3e Trove[multi]/3rd%20Edition%20(3.x)/

>D&D Tools

Last thread: >>79669961

Pazuzu Pazuzu Pazuzu edition
Have you ever used the sarrukh in a campaign?
9 images | 166 replies
No title
Best primarch coming through.
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/srg/ Shadowrun General
...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Login: ***************
>>>Enter Passcode: *******
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to Shadowland...

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer
>Last Viewed Files: >>79792980

Personal Alerts
* Your Current Rep Score: 224(78% Positive)
* You have 7 new private messages, most recent message titled "Are you still selling the Chariot? Can we trade?"
* Your Chummer > Tools > Options books list has been unchecked:
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* Running Docwagon-Rescue-Orgy.btl

>Watch your back
>Shoot straight
>Conserve ammo
>And Never, ever cut a deal with a dragon
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No title
I'm gonna be running a 40k themed game because the table's resident douche won't stop nagging me about it.

However, I refuse to run the same shitty world with the same shitty plot, so I'm changing some garbage up. The biggest one? The emperor of Mankind is a minor chaos god.

Don't get me wrong, the original might have been some ultra powerful pinnacle of <insert fan wank here>, but his rotting corpse is now home to a minor chaos god that's shaping humanity into mega space Nazis. Nobody is aware of it, and the main plot is going to revolve around discovering this detail.

So how about it? Fun twist or am I gonna make a fan boy piss himself in anger? Both are acceptable, I just gotta know ahead of time.
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No title
humans should differentiate themselves from other sapient races by having the most dexterous hands - resulting in being the best in toolmaking, artistry, doctoring and giving pets/massages
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No title
Post /tg/ pics that anger you.

I'll start.
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No title
Help me come up with flaws for a character. He is a high elf arcane trickster, only about 30 years old. He is of noble birth but he left his family to be a treasure hunter because he didn't want to be tied into court life and salon society forever. I'm going to play him as very flamboyant and outgoing if that helps
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No title
Ops and Tactics Rulebook
I'm thinking about running a campaign in Ops and Tactics, does anyone have some experience with it? I'm a novice GM and reading through all the rules is kind of giving me a headache. I'm worried the eyes of my friends will roll back into their heads when I present them with the list of potential actions and try to explain how combat works, etc. I'm aware of the simplified version but it still comes across as much more complicated than the casual 5e we've been playing up until now.
Looking for opinions/experiences with the game, maybe tips for running it if it's worth it
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Paizo Games General /pgg/
Paizo Games General /pgg/


Looming apocalypse edition

>Has your world ever faced a devastating cataclysm, or been on the verge of facing such an event?

/pfg/ (pathfinder 1e) link repository:
/p2g/ (pathfinder 2e) link repository:
/sfg/ (starfinder) link repository:
/3eg/ (D&D 3.X) link repository:

Previous Thread: >>79838335
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/srpgg/ - Solo Role Playing Game General
Standard Deviation Chads Edition

A thread for people who play single player role playing games.

FAQ/Q&A, links, topics, and games:

Previous thread: >>79649340
Question of the day: What visual aids do you use?
Interpret this oracle in the context of your game: (Mythic GME) Focus: PC positive. Meaning: Imprison Balance.
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No title
8bee8b68766549.5b68ca4f279b4 (1)
How do you prevent a games meta from being "Solved"?

Seems like, in every card game, theres only a select few decks or even cards that are viable in any given set rotation. Everyone rushes to net deck, game becomes stall.

So far the only card game I know of that somewhat solves this problem is Keyforge, but they did so by completely eliminating deck build.

Is there no other way to prevent net decking and solved metas?
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D&D 5e for a historical game
Earlier, I saw someone recruiting for a D&D 5e historical game set in the year ~1300. They said that:
>My goal with it is to explore some unique conflicts and events of the time period in a simulation-type fashion.

Is it a good idea to use D&D 5e for a historical game?

They were offering three plot hooks:
>1) His Honorable Hajj
>Word has reached the known world of the King of Mali's declaration that he will soon begin a holy pilgrimage across the whole of Africa to Mecca. The King Mansa Musa, known as the 10th Mansa of Mali, has gained renown for his great material wealth and generosity and is planning to assemble a caravan of over 50,000 people to convey his passage to the holy lands so that he may pay tribute and prove his piety to the world. Timbuktu is buzzing with opportunity and excitement for the upcoming excursion, but with great wealth comes great danger. Who will ultimately benefit from this pilgrimage?

>2) The Last Roman Empire
>Over the past few centuries, the Turkic peoples have largely migrated south, through the Caucuses and into Anatolia, supplanting the power of what remains of the Constantinople's power. Ruling from the Queen of Cities which was recaptured in the fourth crusade, the young emperor struggles to keep Byzantium intact. With the legacy of Rome in jeopardy, will help come from Europe to protect the last Holy foothold in the east, or will the roman influence in Greece be stamped out by the advanced war-waging abilities of the budding Ottoman Empire?

>3) A Return to Order
>With the Golden Horde's influence expanding in the east, the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania are beginning to feel real existential pressure as the last vestiges of the northern Turkic people are brought to heel and they fear the Slavs might be next. On the Northern Baltic shores, the newly instates Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order, Werner von Orseln has called the holy banner for members of the order to return and prepare for war. Arriving... (Cont.)
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Best D&D setting rolling in, tell me about your adventures in the best D&D setting. How good is your Traladaran accent? Ever read Orcs of Thar?
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/tg/ - Drawthread
Nightmare of Dead Children


• Provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for.
• If you have a WIP quote the Anchor Post, and attach the WIP so your Drawfag can find you.
• Do not reply to other deliveries with a request that the artist fill your request next, this is called 'piggybacking'.
• Do not make multiple requests in the same thread and do not serially request multiple characters after a delivery. Suggesting several concepts for artists to choose from counts as making multiple requests.
• If you're unsatisfied with your completed request, please wait at least one week before you re-request. If someone follows this rule, don't waste posts by complaining about it.
• Don't critique others' requests. If you don't like it, don't draw it.
• Ignore the bait for they don't deserve (You)'s
• Stay on topic

>Drawfags and Drawfags-to-be:
• Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information, but if you're dropping your commission info, please consider filling a request beforehand instead of just advertising.

Drawfags open for commissions:

Figure Drawing:

Beginners Guide to Drawing:

The w/ic/i art Guide:

Previous Thread: >>79748081
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4505: Haunted Hot Springs Edition
Pokemon, Warehouse, _ Infamous JumpChain
>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread
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No title
If a wizard has the magical power to manipulate shadows into solid objects, but he's in a totally dark room with no light sources available, is he powerless, or can he use the shadow of the room itself?
6 images | 45 replies
Storythread: 'solstice'-edition (take 2)

This is a thread for creative writing of /tg/-related fiction (so epic campaign greentexts and other non-fiction go elsewhere). If you have /tg/ related stories to post, post them here, and hopefully some kind anon will give you feedback. Or at least acknowledge that someone did actually read it, which let's face it is what writefags really want.

What counts as /tg/-related? Anything someone could plausibly use in a campaign (which means basically anything if you have enough imagination).

If you don't have a story ready then I and other anons will be posting pictures throughout the thread for you to test your writing skills on. This is, more or less, a world-building and character-building exercise: two vital skills for playing roleplaying games. If you don't have any pics to post, you could try posting an idea for a setting or a character, and maybe someone will be willing to write a story using it.

Remember that writefags love to have feedback on their work. Writing takes a long time, especially stories that go over several posts, and it can be really depressing when no one even seems to read it (and the writer won't know you read it unless you leave a comment).

And since writing takes a long time remember to keep the thread bumped. Pics are good, feedback is better.

There is a discord for writers:

The previous thread can still be found in the archive here
if you have any comments about the stories posted there

Don't forget to check out past stories on our wiki page:
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Let's Stat Mr Blobby
Specifically let's create a stat-block for a horrifying eldritch abomination that takes the form of once-loathed 90's British Telly character Mr Blobby, stalks children and Celebrities and [REDACTED] them.

The sort of thing that Call of Cthulhu Investigators or an SCP MTF might find themselves up against. CoC, Free League Alien RPG and Dark Heresy would be awesome.

Let's see if /tg/ does indeed still Get Shit Done.
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No title
Wouldn't he be a pretty shitty GM?

I can't think of something that'd piss off a player more than being told the one wondrous item they found in their last adventure is actually like the most evil thing in the world and it needs to be destroyed and using it makes devil spawn go after you.
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No title
Are there any RPGs that resolve pets/companions/mini-followers in a satisfying and unintrusive manner? Preferably without introducing a subsystem for them, but I'm open to more ideas.
I'm not particularly happy with how they are treated in D&D and derivatives, and most other games I've played don't really feature them at all.
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/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/
Magic Primer v3.3 (+1)
Anti-Flying edition!

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here:
>Mobile users might have an easier time signing up here:

>Stitch cards together with

>Hi-Res MSE Templates

>Mechanics doc (For the making of color pie appropriate cards)

>Color Pie mechanics

>Read this before you post cards for the first time, or as a refresher for returning cardmakers

>Design articles by Wizards

>Primer: NWO and Redflagging

>Q: Can there be a sixth color?

>Q: What's the difference between multicolor and hybrid?

>Q: What is precedence?

>Art sources

>/ccg/ sets

Old thread:
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How to get into GURPS easily?
I know /tg/ will roast me alive for this (as will most other places on 4chan), but I have assburger syndrome and (to put it lightly) I suck ass at reading books. I can get 5 pages in at most, before I put it away for a week and repeat. I literally cannot focus.

Most of the time I learned how to play systems from experienced players who were happy to teach me. Problem is, nobody I know plays GURPS. I really want to see what it's all about, since /tg/ shills it so much and it seems really nice, but I have no idea how I'm gonna wrap my head around what seems to be an absolute clusterfuck of extra rules. Can anybody help me?
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Rider the transformation missing expansions?
I just wanna try running this neat fan system, but it mentions two expansions that seem kinda important for building enemy stats and I can't find them anywhere online. Anyone know where I can find em?
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How do you sell Alternative RP?
The mainstream model for TTRPGs today is a combat-focused game, with a light-hearted goofy tone, and a railroaded story that has little room for improv or player-choice. Usually some kind of preset adventure. The TTRPG medium has changed drastically, becoming casualized and politically correct. This is all nothing new.

Our group just dropped a player and are looking for new people again, yet we find it difficult to present to the masses a different style of play.

The theatre of the mind. Where your imagination is king. We use a custom system that the GM has worked on for a long, long time. Both the system and the setting are a mystery to the players, making every step of our journey throughout multiple characters an experience of discovery. It’s a completely free sandbox, where the players have the liberty to do anything they please, while still being forced to adhere to a harsh, unforgiving setting that doesn’t allow players many mistakes. Death is a serious consequence.

Serious roleplay, heavy focus on the narrative, there is no understating this. Combat is a part of the narrative, and rolls are more practical and less gamey. No battle-maps, no tokens, just your imagination and how well you share that imagination with others. When the roleplay is good and you trust the system there’s no need to min-max stats and rely on adhd roll combat to get your kicks. It’s a fulfilling way to play in a long-term sense, at least for our group, and that works for us. But we would like to recruit and grow our numbers.

How do you sell this to the casual “D&D5e” mindset player you would find on Roll20 or a TTRPG discord? Is there a better audience somewhere else to present this style of play to? Have things just changed to the point that this is a lost cause? These are questions we ponder. Any thoughts, /tg/?
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Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/
Da Dok iz in!! Edition

>New Boyz and Moby Dick

>Klovis the Redeemer is back! Kinda.

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:

>Tools to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Model Pastebin:

>3d printing discussions go in the /3dpg/ thread.

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find Stuff Here:

>Previous Thread:
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/AWG/ [Alternative Wargames General]
>What is /AWG/?
A thread to talk about minis and games which fall between the cracks, or peoples' homebrew wargames. The >>>/tg/hwg doesn't entertain fantasy (for good reason), >>>/tg/gwsg handles GW's abandoned stepchildren, and the other threads are locked to very specific games. This thread isn't tied to a game, a publisher, or a genre, let's just talk about fun wargames.
Any scale, any genre, any company, any minis. Skirmishers welcome. Rules designers welcome.

>Examples of games that qualify
OnePageRules, Mighty Armies, Warmachine & Hordes, Dragon Rampant, Oathamark, Mortal Gods, Kings of War, Deadzone, Warpath, Frost/Stargrave, Hordes of the Things, Conquest, Songs of Blades and Heroes, Dark Age, Beyond the Gates of Antares. Malifaux and anything else that doesn't necessarily have a dedicated thread.

>Places to get minis

>The Novice Troves!zSYW0I4a!vXh8-UPi_tWXpJES_-p4zg

>Thread Question:
Not really a question but how about a little bit of toying with this Anon idea >>79901805

>June Challenge:
Make a trash terrain/scenery piece for a game of your choice

>Previous thread:
44 images | 194 replies
No title
>the local stork mistakes the halfling runaway for a human baby
1 images | 3 replies
Wrath and glory enemy stat sheets
Hey /tg/ I’m running a wrath and glory game and for the next part my players are gonna be fighting some of the adeptus mechanicus and I was wondering if any of you had any idea where I could find a stat sheet for skittari or even just a techpriests engineseer. The beastiery section of the book is kinda barebones when it comes to This stuff.
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EDH - /edh/ - Commander General
chaos lord

>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by the retarded rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap

>how to proxy using any printer

What is the best experience you've had playing EDH?
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I can guess the MTG card
I am working on memorizing every Magic card ever printed. I can say with some confidence I can name anything from Alpha to Fallen Empires, so basically 93 and 94. Provide an art crop from Scryfall of the card you want me to guess from those years and I will provide
>mana cost
>type line
For some I might also be able to tell artist
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No title
Are "scion of a deposed, politically ostracized noble family" characters overdone? Underdone?
3 images | 16 replies
No title
Dual Wielding Knight
What are /tg/'s thoughts on dual wielding? Both melee and ranged weapons. Are there any games that make dual wielding interesting or viable?
3 images | 33 replies
No title
Would FF9 be considered steampunk? It really only has airships and trains as far as industrialization. What would be a good system to run a game in a similar setting?
1 images | 12 replies
Fantasy Airships
I need art of fantasy airships. Also what is your favourite kind of airship?
84 images | 163 replies
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