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"/vr/ - Retro Games" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing retro console video games and classic arcade games.

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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games, including consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games. Retro gaming means platforms launched in 2001 and earlier, and official game titles for those platforms released no later than December 2007 (homebrew console games made after this date will be permitted). The Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and Sony PlayStation 2 will now be considered "retro".

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Playstation 2 Homebrew and Hacking Thread
A thread to talk about everything involving modding your PS2.
Have you tried PS2SX or the Popstarter Patches to run PS1 Games or you use Mechapwn?
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No title
This game is hard as fuck.
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No title
>Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle
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No title
0000 (1)
better then no mercy cus it has good real wrestlers not shity wwe sport entertainers
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Retro Mech Games
I just finished Bulk Slash recently. Great game for the Saturn. Playing through Ghost in the Shell on PS1 right now.

What are some other great mech games?
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Just beat this mother fucker and had a blast doing so. Atmospheric, concise, deliciously dreadful, excellent. In celebration, let's have a thread about D, WARP, and the man who made it all possible, Kenji Eno.
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No title
Clone consoles thread. Bonus points if they are not famiclones.
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No title
what retro games can u play as a clown c:
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No title
>N64 is promised to be absolutely impossible on Mister for years
>Suddenly N64 core is progressing rapidly day by day and full games are working on Mister

What gives?
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What does /vr/ think of schizogears
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No title
Did you guys ever play heavily customized maps for RTS games, ones that made unique use of map triggers? Stuff like RPG maps and the like. I remember playing a grand theft auto map for brood war and it was a lot of fun but I can not find it for the life of me anymore.
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Pre NES Thread #3
This is for discussion of games/consoles/computers that came out before the US release of the NES.

So some Anons peaked my interest with picrel, how's emulation for it? IIRC isn't it stuck on MAME or does it have a standalone emulator now?
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Cookie's Bustle
>Private japanese collector Brandon White get the licence of the game
>Try to erase the game of the entire web
>Make fun of the internet users

Are you going to allow a private collector to win ?
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No title
Is there a flashlight in the game blood ?
It feels like there should be.
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No title
this is fun
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No title
Are Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal Black definitely the best?
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Weekend Retro Pickup Thread
Post anything you’ve added to your collection lately.

I bought a small collection that included REALLY nice CIB Super Nintendo games. Final Fantasy III is fucking pristine. Still has the plastic on it (opened). Pretty hyped to have this in my collection
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No title
posting hot /vr girls will also suffice in place of confessing sins.....
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Console Vs Computer Gaming
What year did computer gaming out pace consoles in depth and complexity? by 1992 there was VGA, CD-ROM, SoundBlaster.
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If you've never played mainframe games you're not a real retrogamer. It's embarrassing that all these kids think retro starts with the Apple II or worse the NES. Play some fucking Tetris on the ORIGINAL SYSTEM, a PDP-11 running RT-11.
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Is there some reason I should avoid the remaster? Any advice for a beginner?
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The Uncanny X-Men
The Uncanny X-Men (LJN, NES 1989)
A shovelware licensed game for your Nintendo brought to you by LJN and Atlus.
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/vr/ct - ZERO-G INVERTS WHEN? Edition
Previous: >>10227530

Awesome Downloads:
>OpenRCT2 - Currently the best way to play RollerCoaster Tycoon. We use the latest stable version for multiplayer unless otherwise noted:

>UCES - includes all objdata files already extracted from each scenario upon loading, and includes tracks:

>Amazing Earl stuff - adds some custom-made rides and scenery:

>Anon's devkit v0.2

>Knowledge Base

>RCT1 Manual

>Headless Server Guide

>Weekend Parks Archive

>4chan Kit v0.3
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Same-Engine Sequels
I love same-engine sequels! Almost every time they're better than the first game. (Almost.)
My favorites:
>Metroid Prime 2
>Majora's Mask
>Doom II (or better yet Doom 64 which is built off of PSX Doom)
>Mario Lost Levels

Post your favorites!
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I want to do the ultimate Gen 2 playthrough. Aside from tracking down an unopened box of Pokemon poptarts with the Pichu pencil-topper and giving myself an extreme case of food poisoning, what am I missing?
>Playing Crystal
>Trying to use Pokemon that I haven't really used in other playthroughs
>Playing in nip, so no localization changes
>Reading the Pokemon Special/Adventures manga while I play
>Watching the anime also
>Picked up a Pocket Pikachu Color for the IR features
>Picked up a Pokemon Mini and a few games for it. It's a gen 2 product.
>Pokemon Stadium Gold & Silver, but not until after I've cleared the main game.
>Will pick up a GB Printer and paper
>I have GS and the gen 1 games and will trade unobtainable Pokemon over the link cable as necessary
>Will go for a complete dex

What else is there if I want to do EVERYTHING? Obviously I can't do the online features in 2023, so unfortunately I will miss out on that part but it's ok.

I have a dumper and I'll be going back and forth between playing on read hardware, Mister, or my Retroid as necessary in order to use all of the features. For example I'll need the real GBC for the IR features, but that screen is shit so I'll probably just emulate it the rest of the time. If I need to use the link cable I can connect my GBC to the Mister for trades. Since I'm not bound to the original cartridge, this means I can hack in currently unobtainable stuff like the GS ball event (what's the best way to do that in 2023?)

Please help, anon.
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No title
Do you feel that there are DOS gems that are somewhat forgotten?
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Topsters thread

Post charts of your SOVL and rate, rec, roast other anons

I'm personally looking to play more SNES games and am considering checking out either Super Castlevania IV or Secret of Mana in my spare time, any recs would be appreciated
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No title
>Animals with no wings!
>Animals with antennae!
>Animals with wings!
>Animals with no antennae!

Please sort the pictures.
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Resident Evil Thread
Finished the first game, now getting into the sequel, which character makes more sense to pick first? Is it worth it to complete the game 4 times to see both scenarios?
If it changes anything, started the first game as Chris and liked his route more than Jill's.

Also, what's up with Arrange mode? Is it some kind of an easy mode now, rather than what it was in RE:DC? Should I play a different version from the picrel for a proper master quest? It was good to have in the first game, I could see the other character's story without replaying the exact same thing.
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No title
Why did shareware die? Imagine the money indie devs could pull today without having to go through a publisher or digital distribution.
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No title
Blues Brothers (Titus, SNES 1993)
>those cheesy Amiga color gradient skies
>the abuse of cheesy ProTracker disk samples
>cheap as shit publisher who would only pay for a 4 megabit ROM
Yes, it's Eurojank.
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No title
This is why the video game crash happened. There are ZX Spectrum games written in BASIC that are more fun than this and they didn't cost $40 either.
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The Legend of Dragoon
The map music has been playing in my head the past few days. This game was better than FF7, but was more difficult so was silently overlooked. I still have half of the original guide I got from my Chinese friend Michael which is where I got the game as well. This game pops into my head at least monthly, I wish I could thank Michael, but lost contact. Anyways, did you play this game? What are some of your favorite moments and could you provide a picture of your favorite place in the game with your post? Mine is pretty much everything before Prince Albert. The soundtrack is great too, besides the battle music that I was forced to hear every 30 seconds. I posted this on /v/, but anon said I'd have better luck here.
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No title
/vr/ JRPGs that are actually hard? As in what people think of when you say JRPG not an action game that has some stat boosting but you can ultimatly avoid any given hit by being good at action games, not a tactics game that has no overworld exploration.

Stuff where if you do not plan and prepare right the combat will destroy you. Where you have to pick what to run from and when to retreat back to town? And your naviation skills are actually tested in dungeons.
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No title
I could never get into gen 2 pokemons. Now, of course this is hugely bound to personal biases. I am biased myself, I never played gen 1 / 2 for long, started with gen 3 and got sick of it with gen 4. However, I had a poster of gen 2 hanging in my room when I was a kid—yet I don't even recall half of it.
Gen 1 was just iconic to me. But most of gen 2 was just too weird. There were some iconic 'mons there too, like Marill / Togepi, or just cool / cute ones like Phanny. But the rest ranged from just a bit meh to "what the hell is that".
Cyndaquil evolutions looked almost same. Many 'mons looked extremely generic, like Ledyba, Hoppip, Yanma, Remoraid, Stantler and more. Then there were some ones that were just too weird, e.g. Wobbuffet, Girafarig, Miltank. Finally, there were added evolutions like Pichu, Steelix, Igglypuff etc., that felt like lazy recycling of older popular 'mons.
I don't want to say it was that bad, there was a few pokemons I liked from that gen, or at least was ambivalent about. And mind you, I'd still take this over nu-Pokemon. But it just felt like a quiet disappointment after gen 1, like a rushed followup with a bunch of gen 1 rejects / unused designs—almost like a B-side of an album compared to the singles.
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No title
>both sluggish dogshit full of bullet sponges and unsatisfying weapons
yet we demonize one while celebrating the other as one of the greatest shooters of all time because MUH ENVIRONMENTAL STORYTELLING
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Mischief makers
whose dick do i have to suck?
who do i have to kill?
whose soul do i have to sell?
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No title
That time R34 was used to advertise and beg Tomb Raider vidya.
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Unintentionally good game design
In the original Zelda when Link stuns an enemy with one of his boomerangs, if he attacks as he's clipping into them and it's enough to finish them, Link will take damage. This is like the enemy in its deathroes getting one last lick in.
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CRT thread
Anons with multiple crts, do you use mostly the same one or do you switch it up every once in a while?
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No title
Vega v Cammy White Super Street Fighter II Sega Genesis 1P Mode
How should I have countered this?
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No title
Yes I believe it's time for Alfred Chicken.
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No title
Are there any good Tempestlikes out there? Bonus points if they have a high score table.
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No title
What games would be good with this? It was made for After Burner on the X68000 but there is a newer USB version available. I'm picking it up because support is being added for a few games on the Egret mini, but I'd like to find more games to play with it.
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No title
ar tonelico
Is this game any good? Considering playing it.
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No title
What games deliver the best rock/metal music?
3 media | 24 replies
handheld topic
handheld duuuuuuuuuhhhh... topic
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PC multiplayer
What are the best pc games of the 90s and early 2000s to play across LAN? What are some of the lesser known/popular ones you and your friends really enjoyed? Share your multiplayer gaming experiences here lan or just online what did you like to play?
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No title
Is Mario the villain?
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No title
Dungeon Master Nexus has just been translated.
Will you guys try it out?
I have fun so far (level 3), but the controls are pretty stiff and unintuitive. Not idea what I'm doing so I picked a team at random.
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No title
he was the best choice
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No title
Arcade related discussion

Also how practical is it to swap back and forth between a cps3 and taito type x2 in a cabinet
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No title
Talon and Vertigo are the coolest.
Diablo, Sauron, and Armadon are in the middle.
Chaos and Blizzard are least cool.
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No title
What is /vr/'s thoughts on the Syphon Filter series?
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No title
What is your opinion on this remake?
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No title
net yaroze
What is the coating on the Net Yaroze PlayStation made of that gives it a different feel?
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No title
Empire-Earth-2 Empires
>Original devs making a spiritual sucessor with a different license vs new devs with the original license.

What are some examples of this and which game do you think comes at the top in those cases.

I can also think of Rogue Trip vs TW 2 and 3 , also Call to Power vs Alpha Centauri.

I like the empire planner in EE2 and building roads like in civilization, but combat feels pretty shit, also i hate how units are not very nation/period specific (you can make Rafale jets as the french in WW1), Empires trades the civ customization for a more Starcraft-like design, this is achieved by spreading the original EE shared unit pool across the new civs, so only the Russians can make snipers, Germans machine guns etc, this reduces the amount of options but i think its fine, combat feels pretty nice, what i don't like is how they nerfed artillery and that the university powers feel very cheap.
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No title
How did you react to Sonic 2's DBZ reference back in '92?
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No title
Got a fat PS3 with the entire PS1 and PS2 library to get my wife to play some of the classics. She has very little gaming experience (ignoring sims). Previously got her to play classic god of war 1-3 games, she eventually got used to controls and actually beat them without my help.

Now for PS1, I wanted her to start with TR3. She literally can't get past the first area, I mean literally the first area where you slide down. Is that retardation or did we have it so damn difficult back then but our autism helped us progress? I just can't see anything wrong with controls whereas she is simply unable to jump and grab while sliding, or avoid those spikes. What is happening?

Also Tomb Raider thread I guess
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Emerson Arcadia 2001
Emerson Arcadia 2001
Anyone have one of these or had one? It was my first console. My Grandma bought one from a garage sale with maybe half a dozen games for me for $5 back in early 1993. The Tanks a Lot game was pretty fun, but the rest of it was dated compared to the NES and SNES I played at friend's houses. Kind of miss it now.
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No title
>be 12 or so
>be at older cousin's house
>he lets me and other cousin my age play MGS1
>codec call where Snake talks to one of the girls and says "guess I'll have to strip search you huh?" and she says "yeah I guess so" or something like that
>cousin my age asks our older cousin if that really happens later in the game
>older cousin says "yeah" or something
>many years later emulate MGS1
>no strip search ever happens
lol wtf why?
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BattleStations thread?
Last time I made a battlestations thread here, you people bullied me for having my tube and consoles on the floor. So I finally decided to spruce it up, and make it a little less poverty-esque. What do you bros think?

No, I can’t change the shitty carpet.
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No title
Sailor Moon Zenkin Sanka SNES
they must have cranked out about 50 of these shitty Sailor Moon fighting games on all different systems and none of them were any good
13 media | 86 replies
Dracula X > Rondo of blood
>Actually challenging
>Soulful world map instead of jarring cut to black between stages
>No gay anime cutscenes which would later taint the series and drag it down into weeb gayness
>Properly looping soundtrack without the weird restart midlevel from the CD starting the track over
>Not artifically inflated by secondaries and coomlectors who jerked themselves off back in the day because they played "That one obscure castlevania, you've probably never heard of it"

When did you realize Dracula X was the superior game
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No title
Post Abandonware kino.
I'll start.
3 media | 32 replies
No title
badd ass game
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/hbg/ - Homebrew & Romhack General
clsq99 by Anonymous
Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.

Active Communities:

Huge Community List:

IPS/BPS Patcher:

Huge Archive:

Other Archives:'s_ROM_>Hack_Recommendations

Quality of Life Improvements:

Desplash Patches:


















Want something here? Post it for the next thread.
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No title
/vr/ wallpapers

Starting off with some edits that I made recently.
172 media | 179 replies
No title
latest (5)
the running joke about the Genesis sound chip was that it sounded like farts or buzzsaws, the most infamous example being the Sonic Spinball options music. then what's most infamous joke example of SNES sound? to me, the thing I associate with it the most is muffled MIDI tubas.
1 media | 84 replies
No title
Did resident evil 4 truly ruin the franchise?
14 media | 145 replies
/vr/ Drawthread
Draw and Design /vr/

Peter Han Dynamic Sketching 1

Peter Han Dynamic Sketching 2

How to Draw (Perspective / Vehicle Design)

/ic/ Drawpile Thread: >>>/ic/6794115

Thread Theme:

Let's see what you boomers are made of!
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No title
I only play Rondo of Blood with the girl and her fun pets.
5 media | 22 replies
No title
Has anyone noticed how much shovelware there was for the GBC, plenty of licensed games trying to make the most out of an 8-bit device in the late 90's.
3 media | 12 replies
Mortal Kombat II - Super Nintendo
One of the best home versions of Mortal Kombat II if not the absolute best of them all. Other than the Sega 32X version, this has to be the best home version.

I haven’t played the Sega Saturn or PS1 versions, but I heard those versions were not the best, but they are still kind of better than the Genesis version.

This and the 32X obviously trump the Genesis version of that, but yeah, Mortal Kombat II is a classic. Hard as fuck, but a classic nonetheless.
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No title
What does /vr/ think about retro achievements?
I just found out about their existence and desu the more I know the more they look like a pile of garbage.
You need too use specific emulators and be always online for them to register. I also read that apparently you can msg discord mods to give you achievements that you "earned" online.
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No title
I like it. ed is a cute character.
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TES Morrowind with OpenMW
I'm in some mood for TES, I want to jump into it for the first time
>OpenMW is a free, open source, and modern engine which re-implements and extends the 2002 Gamebryo engine
The OpenMW FAQ states
>Improved physics and AI
>Physics: Bullet
But the wiki doesn't mention any details about the changes made to physics nor AI, it doesn't compare them to the original version of the game or explains any gameplay changes because of it. Did you play Morrowind with this engine anon? What do you think of it compared to the original Morrowind release?

Links for reference:
17 media | 120 replies
No title
Wjy NES games are so comfy?
Is the black background?
5 media | 19 replies
Sailor moon
The challenge has been translated:
7 media | 20 replies
What was the reaction like when Morrowind came out?
Obviously the Elder Scrolls series was huge by the time of the late 2000s, but what about 2002 when Morrowind released? Did TES have much of a following from the first two 2D games?

I notice on the internet that basically nobody talks about TES prior to Morrowind. It makes it seem like for most people they didn't even notice the series until this game came out.
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No title
contra nes
Where did it get the reputation as the hardest NES games? It's one of the easier games in the library, and even a deathless clear doesn't take a great deal of practice.

It's nowhere near the level of Battletoads or Ghosts n Goblins.
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PES 6 Thread
Not sure if this is the proper place but, anybody playing PES 6 nowadays?

What are some of the best patches out there to update the game with the current season leagues and teams?
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No title
What the fuck is this and why does it sell for 300€ where I live?
0 media | 7 replies
No title
Which starters are your pick? For me its always been
I'm thinking treecko for my next gen3 game though it always seemed kind of odd man out in the gen since the other two get weird dual type evolutions and it just remains a mono grass
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No title
mortal kombat deadly alliance champion screen
back when mortal kombat was actually scary, dark, mystical
and scary
24 media | 278 replies
No title
kot blini JUST
>get all music coins in Wario Land 3
>all that I get is a golf minigame
anyway, I finally 100%ed it. now what do I play, 2 or 4?
long ago, I dropped 2 when I got lost, and I dropped 4 because it got a bit hard to 100% and it was a tad style over substance.
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No title
What are the most challenging retro games?
1 media | 18 replies
No title
why does he start with 3 lives
5 media | 32 replies
Racing ps1 games with junky physics
I wanna go really fast, then crash and be launched into the sky, this shit is sk funny, something like pic related, anu recommendations anons?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
What is the greatest /vr/ computer that's NOT an IBM or IBM-Compatible?
12 media | 79 replies
Toddlercore games
Games you've played at the age 3-5. No big boys allowed.

Picrel is one I've played at mom's workplace. For some reason, they've called it "Donut".
16 media | 32 replies
No title
Well this was one of the most aggressively unpleasant things I've ever played. The first one was a fun collectathon platformer, I don't know what the fuck this was trying to be. A desperate trend chasing GTA wannabee? Except the driving doesn't work and 80% of the game is just driving. With limp shooting and missions that are all dull as dishwater. Is the third one better or am I done with this franchise?
1 media | 18 replies
WCW/nWo Thunder - Tag Match
Sting and Luger (WCW) vs Hogan and Savage (nWo) WCW nWo Thunder Exhibition Tag Team match at Road Wild (1997 Mode)
Sting and Lex Luger (Team WCW) vs. Hollywood Hogan and Randy Savage (nWo) at Road Wild (1997 mode)

Who took this combo of a Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Death Drop before eating a one-shot Scorpion Death Lock from Sting? Right in front of the bikers crowd.
0 media | 5 replies
Red dead revolver
A truly hidden gem from rockstar games
Good luck beating the game on very hard
3 media | 7 replies
No title
What are some weird/funny SMW hacks that you've could recommend? Without kaizo shit, just something to spend weekend at
3 media | 17 replies
No title
Did the N64 get any worthwhile RPGs? It feels like almost everything on it is pick up and play.
4 media | 42 replies
No title
master sword
I have beat the first four Zelda games. All four were great but this is how I would rank them

>Adventure of Link (most enjoyed)
>Link's Awakening
>A Link to the Past
>Legend of Zelda (great but least enjoyable of the four to me)

what about you bros
1 media | 17 replies
No title
>remake is so fucking good that it completely obsoletes the original game
I wish more remakes were like this.
2 media | 28 replies
No title
Any good Jurassic Park games?
1 media | 21 replies
No title
Just played this game and it was fantastic. Thanks to duckstation you could make it almost look like a remaster with good models. Sadly the ending sequence didn't work so needed to watch it online. But damn was this a great game.
>incredible ost
>artstyle is great
>was spooky
>refreshing set pieces
>good story
>really nice battle system
> upgrading weapons were interesting and annoying

I heard the sequel is bad? I really hope we can see a proper remaster / remake of this game.
13 media | 45 replies
Perfect Dark Sourceport

The sourceport works, save for some minor quirks, haven't had a single crash in the past two weeks, just a matter of time until actual multiplayer now.
24 media | 132 replies
dungeon crawler thread
eye of the beholder
what dungeon are you crawling in these days ?
im starting my playthrough of eye of the beholder with my christian party (3 blessed women and 1 man)
3 media | 21 replies
No title
C R U I S I N '
0 media | 4 replies
DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>10244348

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other 90s FPS welcome
~ Let's post like gentlemen ~


(or Quake, Duke, Marathon, Deus Ex)

Same thing, in video format:

Quickstart torrent (IWADS etc):
Quake 1-3 FAQ:
Downloads for various /vr/ shooters:!QXIk1bjB!NHRWGIfjcc77PyGgRlga4Q!GtEQTISJ!CCJGyPEEEsZasc1PMXicUA
Doom Shovelware:
Fileplanet archives:
4CHAN DOSPACK + Win98 games (pre-configured):









OUR SRB2K SERVER (Kart Game in Doom), more info here:

188 media | 530 replies
Post pirated psx/ps2 games
mcdonalds and colonizing people and a few other crapholes didnt have much of those and had to pay alot for each game
7 media | 15 replies
No title
Why is the PlayStation called the PSX today, when the N64 isn't called NUS or Ultra 64, and the Gamecube isn't called "the Dolphin"? The PlayStation had a code name of PS-X like a lot of other consoles did in development but this seems to be the only one people have a cult-like mentality for using after the console was given a real name. Oh and Sony released something actually called PSX later on so calling a PlayStation a PSX doesn't make any sense. pic related
59 media | 321 replies
No title
>do all available side missions
>get all available collectables
>alright, time to do the first mission
3 media | 32 replies
Saturn CPU usage
This was a time before devs were used to multicore programming, so I imagine a lot of games only ended up using one of the SH-2's. Aside from poor framerates, do we have definitive evidence of this for any games though?
4 media | 60 replies
No title
Start playing renowned game, not enjoying it.
>Maybe I just need to get used to the controls.
Get farther, still not enjoying it.
>It's supposed to get better in the second half.
Get farther, still not enjoying it.
>I'm almost done, might as well finish now.
Beat the game, never enjoyed it at any point.
>What a waste of time...

How do you decide when to drop a game, /vr/?
0 media | 33 replies
The other side of Japan-only
People tend to focus on the platformers, RPGs, and general action games which never made it out if Japan, but have you delved into the less fetishized depths of Japan-only SFC/SNES games?
Pachinko/pachislot, horse racing sims, mahjong, baseball sims, and just other genres of games which Western audiences don't seem to give a shit about.
Basically, post any interesting or at the very least amusing SFC games which never came out of Japan, but aren't a platformer, RPG/strategy, shmup, or beat-em-up game.
11 media | 42 replies
Star Fox Assault
Why do people pretend this is some sort of hidden gem? Only 3 slow rail levels and the rest is almost exclusively on foot shit. Yes, even with dual analog controls, they're just boring. It's obvious they were just added there to pad out the game, evident by them also being multiplayer levels.

The people that don't like it aren't just hating because it did something different. It's just not very good at what it tried to do. They should have just made more all range levels and tried to do something similar to Rogue Leader instead.

Sure, maybe there's some fun to be had with multiplayer, but it shouldn't have come at the expense of the rest of the game. And really, who's going to want to play this over like Halo or Battlefront, or any of the good multiplayer gamecube games.

It might not be the worst game in the series, but aside from Command or Zero, I'd honestly rather play any other game in the series.
10 media | 83 replies
Whatcha playing/modding? Currently i'm installing Metal Dungeon and Patched Drihoo in english
0 media | 4 replies
No title
Your country
Your favorite Koopa Kid

For me, it's Lemmy
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Breath of Fire
This game is kinda boring to be honest.
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>your first ever fighting game and the year you played it
>your top 3 retro fighting games currently
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ka blooey
The first-ever third party SNES game made, and it was a port of a Euro home computer game by fucking Kemco featuring a Mr. Wino lookalike MC. They got this out before Konami and Capcom released a SNES game. Just think about that.
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Pronounciation general
Despite that, over the years, I learned the correct way to pronounce certain names, I still use the following and probably always will:
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I hate it
This was a rip off.
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This was the worst game I ever owned. I thought Bubsy Claws Encounters was pretty shitty as a kid just for being an inferior platformer, but this showed me truly was a dogshit game was. What about you?
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Postal 2 is the best game ever
/vr/ webm thread
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i dont get it
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Sm64 Release Candidate Footage Found
Got my clueless JP friend to send this to me, has no idea how important it is apparently. "Too close to release build" too close my ass this is still really cool, apparently a bug in the game was happening where the wrong background was loading on every level and area (debug screen and sm64 logo are areas in the games code)
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>Fallout 1
>throws the player right into the action with decisions to be made based on what you can pick up on
>Fallout 2
>unskippable tutorial section
it's weird how the sequel is a better place for new players to start
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Is Bill Rizer the most high testosterone character in retro?
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What peripherals should I try? I have tried the guitar hero guitars and I liked them. Have used a racing wheel but it was bad I blame the brand. Other peripherals I have but not used are microphones for singstar and turn tables for modern systems and kinect. Also have some dance pads and guns. What should I get?
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Weird consoles
itt post weird consoles

The cybiko was a 2000 Russian PDA/gameboy type thing that had most of its software distributed online for free.
One of the main features was it’s wireless, which was used for multiplayer, messaging, and a teen focused dating service
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Sooo... why did they call it the PC Engine?
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One of the most shocking an unexpected moments in retro gaming was when Mario came to a Philips platform.

This game is not that bad.
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I like this game but the action is worse than basically any 80s action side scroller, the management stuff is extremely basic, but somehow it remains a good time from beginning to end.
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>that music
>that atmosphere
>that variety in levels and setpieces

They did a lot with not very much. What a good game.
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Y'know, from what I've seen of the remake, it's no perfect, and I'm done with remake after remake over new content.
That being said, I still hope this and SMRPG do well so that the Mario Mandate can fuck off for good.
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An Anon recommended Shadowrun for Sega CD, but I can't seem to find any definitive translations, everything I found seems to say it's still in progress. Does /vr/ know of any translations that will at least let me get through the game?
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There was an FPGA-based Sega Saturn mini shown off at Tokyo Game Show this week (not from Sega, and not for sale).

What do you think of game companies dabbling with FPGA? For example Sega could make a Saturn mini like this, or Nintendo could put an FPGA chip in their next console for running older games.
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Shit Eaters
Why are there so many shit eaters in the retro gaming hobby? It seems like there are a particular clique of people who defend consoles that failed during their life. I can understand appreciating them for their historical value, but that doesn't mean they are worth playing. If they had good games they wouldn't have failed after all.
Are this shit eaters just hipsters that get a smug sense of superiority from liking things that other people don't like?
Sometimes you even see this sort of behavior from retards who defend obviously doomed retro gaming revivals projects like the atari vcs and intellevision amico
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What was the game that represented the most mature development cycle in any given /vr/ era year, in your opinion?
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nWo Wallpaper
WrestleMania X8 for the GameCube was pretty fun but I didn't like that you could be knocked over by an opponent doing a move in your vicinity in multi-man matches. Made everything a clusterfuck when more than two wrestlers were nearby.
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You CAN finish at least 1 loop of Twin Bee, right, anon?
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SEGA's Sonic
I think it's been a while since we've had a thread dedicated to talking about one of the most iconic characters in video game history. I'll admit right now that I'm quite biased about it, grew up with a SEGA Mega Drive, or Genesis, if you prefer, and we had Sonic the Hedgehog, the original, I recall really wanting to play and own Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 back then, but it just didn't happen sadly... until years later I bought the Sonic Mega Collection on PS2, which had a stellar OST by the way, and got to play everything I missed out on as a kid, this is how I played through Sonic 3D Blast from start to finish for the 1st time aswell, which I wanted to do since playing a PC demo of it.

>How do you feel about Sonic the Hedgehog?
>What's your favorite title from the franchise?
>Are there any memories you treasure most?
>Do you prefer 2D Sonic or 3D Sonic gameplay?

I think I've already talked enough about how this franchise is special to me, I've probably gone and finished all of the Mega Drive, Master System or Game Gear, among other titles, often going for 100% aswell, and I've been loving it for years at this point. I'd say thay my favorite is still the 1st one, because it's the one I grew up with, so it is a biased choice for sure, and my most treasured memory is playing it with my whole family back then as a kid. I still prefer 2D Sonic overall, as his titles appeal to me more, but 3D Sonic to me has the most potential by far, it just hasn't ever been properly used, Sonic Adventure was probably the closest to doing so though.
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Battlantis, a pretty cool Space Invaders style game where you defend a wall in an 80s fantasy setting. Enemies can climb up the wall and fuck you up.

Any other cool fixed shooters out there?
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