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"/vr/ - Retro Games" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing retro console video games and classic arcade games.

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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games, including consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games. Retro gaming means platforms launched in 2001 and earlier, and official game titles for those platforms released no later than December 2007 (homebrew console games made after this date will be permitted). The Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and Sony PlayStation 2 will now be considered "retro".

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/CRT/ General Thread

>>Non-Gaming Edition

Bonus points for discussion around CRT's that aren't specially involving retrogaming.

I will start: what stuff do you prefer to watch on a CRT?

Personally I think until we get some kind of Blu-Ray, the Sonic OVA has to be on a CRT.
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No title
which one is you?
I'm Bowser.
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So, should we get a community mod/conversion/patch going to fix it up as good as possible?

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No title
You're favourite 6th gen console and why?
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Is there any reason to still use Shmupmame or did they finally fix the input lag that made Mame unusuable?
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No title
Every time I play through Ocarina of Time, I am shocked at how bittersweet it is.
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hqdefault (1)
>he's never even played the handheld gex games
What's stopping you anon?
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The Retro Wrestling Game Thread
Didn’t see a thread up, so I thought why not?

There’s an absolute metric fuckload of retro wrestling games, spanning a large amount of time, covering a broad number of promotions like ECW or WCW, or not covering anything real at all and just doing their own thing, and how they play is insanely varied.

Often no two wrestling games interpret wrestling in the same way, some aim for arcadey feel, others are straight sims. There are a small number of staple series that keep a somewhat consistent loop of gameplay throughout their respective lineage like AKI’s series of games, or the SvR games.

We got a lot to discuss, let’s get it on.
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No title
Hey janny, even if you don't like cavalloposting, Congo is still a perfectly retro game.
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Acorn Archimedes
now this looks like a powerful beast for its day, does anyone emulate this or even own one?
and why did the Bongs keep this hidden? that 3D is blisteringly quick

whats the best emulator for this?
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No title
>blue banshee
>omni trio - first contact
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Has anyone else played this game and if so what did you think about it? It was my first game i ever played and i have always held it in high regard, but i never ever see it mentioned online.
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Games you have beaten in 2022
What retro games have you beaten so far this year? Mine are:

Diddy Kong Racing
Mega Man Legends
Guerrilla War
Duck Tales
Beyond Oasis
Super Mario World
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Are there any anime based retro games that are actually decent?
I often stumble across games based on anime I watched and I'm like "oh sweet this anime got a game" just to find out its a poor puzzle game or something like this.

pic kinda related but its an example for a shit game
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No title
Rondo of Blood thread. Why is it the best Castlevania, and why is young Maria best girl?
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No title
Post awesome retro game music.
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Final Fantasy VII
FF7 original vs remake
Should i play the original or the remake instead?
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Old School MMO’s
I remember there was a thread on here from months ago that covered this topic, but let’s revive it.

Anything from the Legends of The Future Past to Burning Crusade WoW. Time to reminisce and get wholesome. Cheers lads.
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No title
Games that are im-fucking-possible to beat on modern televisions
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No title
Screenshot_20220516-181252_Samsung Internet
Did you get everything you wanted? My only regret is not getting a N8 Pro for my Famicom.
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No title
Want to get into the world of the ZX Spectrum, I can use an ol' toaster I have and my Android Tablet for emulation (i have a BT Joypad), what emulators would you recommend for both devices?
I tried some emus but I got confused by the GUI and the controls wouldn't work after a while.
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No title
Akumajou Dracula on the Sharp X68000... home...
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GCCX - Game Center CX
Megaman 5 part 2 was released and there's a new twitch stream.
Things are looking up
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cpu vs gpu
I have an old windows 98 machine with 333mhz Pentium II (highest mobo can support) and 2MB onboard agp card (no agp slot though). If I wanted to be able to play 3D games from around ~2000, do I need to go for a completely new motherboard with a higher cpu speed and agp, or would getting a PCI graphics card help out?
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No title
FinalBurn Neo now finally supports Cave CV1000 games. It's over for MAME.
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Imagine how kino a full open-world map of Black Mesa would be. All the parts of Opposing Force, Blue Shift and Half-Life stitched together. Chuck in Sven Co-op, and you could have this badass multiplayer thing where each of the three players race to complete their game of the goldsrc trilogy first. You would be having casual banter and trying to hide your progress, and then they hear that someones disarmed the rocket over the intercom or something. Is such a mod even possible?
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No title
Vigilance is our shield, that protects us from our squalid past.
Knowledge is our weapon, with which we carve a path to an enlightened Thief thread.
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re3 versus books guide
Anyone else remember this strategy guide? There was some pretty funny shit in here. Versus Books was freakin awesome. Unlike Prima and Brady Games...
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images (3) (1)
What are the best Ridge Racer games?
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No title
>tfw you realized it was much easier to never leap and bind a separate bullet time key
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No title
The great debate. The final showdown. Which one and why?
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DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>8903405

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other 90s FPS welcome
~ Let's post like gentlemen ~


(or Quake, Duke, Marathon, Thief, Deus Ex)

Same thing, in video format:

IWADs and more (>6 GB):
Quake Trilogy (2020-11):
Downloads for various /vr/ shooters. (Includes Doom, Quake, Douk, Blood, and more):!QXIk1bjB!NHRWGIfjcc77PyGgRlga4Q!GtEQTISJ!CCJGyPEEEsZasc1PMXicUA
More /vr/ shooters:
Doom Shovelware:
Fileplanet archives:
Doom RPG series:!Y7AjEawA!Ta2RQuOC235v0wQoLtVR7HJoN7bsiawkujSlq8A1Da4
Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil:
4CHAN DOSPACK + Win98 games (pre-configured):









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now that there's no reason to use it anymore after fbneo implemented cv-1000 driver what's next for the fruit machines emulator?
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No title
what does /vr/ think of pokemon XD
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No title
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No title
Surely I wasn't the only one who got this in the mail

And fuck did it work. It's all I asked for all year until my birthday
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Open games
Can we put together a list of all Open_ retro games?
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What are some shmups that have a button for speed boosting ?

Is it rare for a shmup to have a ship with speed boosters?
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No title
>Mature games for mature gamers such as myself
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No title
images (11)
Are hardware mods ever acceptable?
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No title
Should I play this now or wait for 1.1?
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No title
TIL they made Halo 2 condoms, and they had "coming soon" printed on them
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No title
What are some more fun sunny tropical arcade racers? I used to love the whole gritty underground aesthetic but lately I've been really into the bright sunshine mood.
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No title
Whoa, this game is excellent! A kart racer with realistic toy car physics. Even has a chunky single player campaign for completionists.
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No title
How many more ways can SNK repackage the Neo?
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No title
this game is awesome, do you reckon it was overshadowed by other games during its time?
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>walk into local used game store
>every pokemon game is no less than $150
>any nintendo, sega, & early sony with a recognizable character is $40+ (even shot like sonic spinball & crash bash)
>only cheap games are wii shovelware & ps2 shovelware
>leave without buying anything because im not a dumbass

are people really paying these prices for kids game???
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No title
I don't know how to kudos...
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No title
So uh, this is a thing now.
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No title
Can you hear me, /vr/?
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Crappy games from back then that aren't that bad now
Basically, games that are/were considered terrible at release. Also possibly because they're not worth the full price they were asking for. But for cheap/free nowadays? There's probably way worse to play, some of them could even be pretty fun
For example, the first Home Alone on Snes. I bought it randomly years ago in a store for 5$ and I definitely got 5$ of fun out of that. Game is relatively easy and short, I would have been pissed getting that as a 10-12 years old. But for 5$? It's not terrible. I replay it every few years
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No title
Revision or GMDX?
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/MG/ MiSTer General
my coomlection
This thread is to discuss the Mister project itself and FPGA emulation of classic consoles and computers in general.

Latest updates:

HANDHELD MISTER - Misterbros, we just keep winning
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Jak and Daxter thread
Do you like the Jak games, anon? Jak II is my favorite, even though the difficulty can get pretty annoying sometimes.
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World Cup Italia '90 (UE) [!]000
I know sports video game adaptations usually aren't popular among most video game enthusiasts, and seem to be enjoyed mostly by people who aren't that into video games at all, but are into sports. I've always liked them though, to me sports are just like any other game people play, and many games have video game adaptations, mostly card games from what I can remember, and those are well accepted for the most part. One argument I hear a lot is that you can simply go outside and play sports, well, I could go to a local game store and play a card game or and RPG with other people, but sometimes that's not a viable option, or just isn't something I'm in the mood for, also, video games offer a lot that real life simply can't. A card game adaptation can offer a campaign, and RPG can offer and open world, etc. Sports are the same.

Well, now that I'm done with my blog post, it's time to actually get to the point of this thread, posting about retro sports video games. I've been trying out some 8bit titles as of late, mostly anything to do with football/soccer, and I have to admit most don't hold up all that well. When it comes to 8bit, I limit myself to the NES and Master System, though I know there were other consoles and even computers with worthwhile titles. On the NES, I haven't tried everything yet, both GOAL titles on NES look decent, Konami Hyper Soccer too, but so far I've only enjoyed Tecmo World Cup Soccer on the console. I've had more luck on the Master System, somewhat, I think I've played all of the football/soccer titles there, and once again I've disliked most, but World Cup Italia '90 and Tecmo World Cup '93 were genuinely decent to play.
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No title
I hear this all the time, and man, what a fucking shit take. how can you seriously think this? it's the most generic and mundane part of the game by far. all you do is kill a few of the easiest enemies and loot some houses. that's it. it's still fantastic on its own merits, but it isn't even close to the best part of the game. later areas like the regenerators, sewer fight against the "right hand", the two gigantes, the fucking worm thing in the shipping containers... the game just gets better and better until the end. I don't know how village could be your favorite part of the game unless you suck and got filtered hard later on.
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No title
images (2) (31)
Whatever happened to /vroom/
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No title
Man this is actually the hardest Zelda game after Adventure of Link in terms of combat. Enemies and especially bosses don't fuck around. I died 20 times. In a fucking Zelda game. Jesus fuck
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No title
cool spot
Perfect first levels don't exi...
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Emulation handheld
Im thinking of buying a handheld for emulation, from anything up to gamecube / ps1. Is there any well known sites i can buy them pre loaded with the games as i really dont want to do it myself.
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Remember when ROTR promised Deep Learning?
>fighters actually learn from their mistakes, and read your moves
>making decisions down to the last microsecond
Too bad it failed miserably to deliver. But then again, technical limitations of the time.
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No title
I have a gba sp 001 with a blue vertical line down the center. I don't want to replace the screen with a third party one, I tried reseating the ribbon cable to the main board but it didn't fix it. Any ideas?
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No title
How the fuck should I play this for the first time?
I've played through Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior and they were fine, but Doom pisses me off. There are like a million different mods for it (I'm not gonna call them wads, fuck off) and some of the most recommended ones like Brutal Doom seem to change too much from the original.

Years ago I downloaded some random one, but not being able to aim up and down was simply not acceptable for me so I deleted it in 2 minutes. I want some basic improvements to graphics and gameplay.
Please advise and please be kind.
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No title
The PC-Engine CD had game support onto the late 90's, I think that's interesting.
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Japanese Indie Game Thread
the other akuji
I find myself intrigued lately by Win9x/XP PC games by small teams or single devs, and I'd like to try more of them. Preferably translated or EOP playable enough. Titles like Akuji the Demon, Cave Story, Warning Forever, abd Engage to Jabberwock. Any other Nipponese hidden gems?
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Fight sticks
Looking to get a fight stick whats good, cheap and upgradable? wanted one for the saturn but they all look like ass so think I'll just put a saturn controller inside and wire the buttons up to the pcb. I was thinking of building one but cases are expensive
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No title
Why are dungeons so kino
2 media | 21 replies
No title
The 3D mortal kombat games ruled
4 media | 43 replies
No title
Should I buy an LS-40 and another fight stick to put it in when I already own a stick with an LS-32 in it? Does my autism for Neo Geo accuracy really go this far? I'm emulating btw.
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No title
This game is beary underrated
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Retro Visual Novel Thread
Last time was fun... let's do another one of these

This thread is dedicated to the discussion of older visual novels and date sim games

More exciting news! YU-NO for the PC-98 now has an English patch! (which I have no idea how to make it work)
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No title
why do rocks in old video games always look like big chunks of shit
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No title
Just got my Rg351m! I was curious what games you guys would recommend from the snes, nes, and so on. when I was a kid all I ever got was a gameboy so I missed out on a lot.

from what I can gather so far
>megaman series
>metroid series
>chrono trigger
>link in time
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cancelled games/betas/prototypes
what are some cancelled retro games you wish had came out, or would love for a prototype to see the light of day?
the Duke Nukem leak reignited the glimmer of hope. i'm still waiting on that 90% complete build of Resident Evil 1.5 to drop some day in an official capacity
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No title
Anyone play Butoden 2 or 3 online?
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No title
>Oh yes, this will help sell our system...
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No title
is wine on linux really you best bet to run late 90s games and other 16-bit apps (outside of dosbox) that modern windowses lost all support for? it seems to just werk for a lot of things
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/vr/ct - Isle Union Edition
Previous: >>8835768

Awesome Downloads:
>OpenRCT2 - Currently the best way to play Rollercoaster Tycoon. We use the stable version for multiplayer unless otherwise noted:

>RCT1 recreations - updated and meticulously crafted in 2013 by Crappage for near-perfect accuracy, right down to available rides and research order (contains "Real" parks and gaming magazine parks):

>/v/ pack - updated to include the latest scenarios and tracks made by 4chan users and some other communities (We're updating this file as more stuff is created, currently has 129 scenarios and 175 tracks, includes sandboxes):

>UCES - includes all objdata files already extracted from each scenario upon loading, and includes tracks:

>RCT2 Extras - includes the official remade RCT1 scenarios and Panda World created by Chris Sawyer/Atari, as well as different color waters and paths, the Windowed mode hack, RCT1 menu music, and some modified .exes if you need them:

>Amazing Earl stuff - adds some custom-made rides and scenery:

>RCTConvert a tool made by Rvnx to convert RCT2's sound files into mp3
>Knowledge Base

>RCT1 Manual
50 media | 192 replies
>Released right before Half-Life
>Fades into obscurity

How is this game?
I have never played it before but i know there is a remaster coming out this year.
Is it more like Quake/Doom or trying to be realistic like half-life?
Was it better than half-life?
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No title
This is a long shot I know, but can anyone here work out how to extract the sprites from Railroad Tycoon 2's .imb files, a format only it appears to use?
1 media | 4 replies
No title
In celebration of Shin Ultraman being kino (as expected), let's have a retro Ultraman vidya thread!
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Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Anyone still playing this game?

In my many years of attempting to make friends in college, I've finally met some people that can stand to be around me, and their main thing is that they've been playing Mario Kart Double Dash since around 2005/2006. I've played with them every chance I get, and while it has been really frustrating having to go up against borderline speedrunners of the game every Friday, the experience of doing stuff with other people is too important to deter my efforts.

They're hoping to start an actual club for the game in the fall, and they said I should try to practice over the summer if I have the time. I've played the game a lot as a kid, but I was never able to get even a trophy on anything over 50cc. I've gotten kind of good at the game playing with them, but I'm still fairly mediocre with mini-turbos/snaking. It took me only a few hours over the course of three days to unlock most of the stuff, but I'm still having a lot of trouble getting past the Star Cup in mirror mode. I've found the most comfortable loadout to be Toad/Toadette/Toad Kart, however I'm considering investing my time into the Barrel Train. Oddly enough, the kart I felt most comfortable with playing against those guys was the Boo Pipes with King Boo, so I'm trying to unlock those as quickly as possible.
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No title
Anybody here still playing?
Is it worth the cost of a DreamPi?
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No title
cloud sweat
>be westerner in 90s
>get final fantasy for nes
>get final fantasy 2 for snes
>get final fantasy 3 for snes
>all of a sudden get final fantasy 7 for psx
How did people react to this at the time?
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No title
Happy Birthday, Tifa!
144 media | 208 replies
This shits all over Crystal Dynamics trash
It's really fucking good. Can't believe Legendniggers memed me into skipping this.

Are the other Core games worth playing too or does it go downhill fast after this?
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Mother/Earthbound Thread
It's Mother's Day, so time for a Mother series thread motherfuckers.

Post your favorite:
>Mother game
>Party member
>boss fight
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No title
The PS1 Wipeout games have aged so poorly they're unplayable.
7 media | 55 replies
No title
Retro mammaries
137 media | 364 replies
No title
so i recently bought this shit right here for the ps1 because i saw walkthrough on youtube and something was telling me that i needed to play it.
controls are very very clunky, the camera is outrageous, but goddamn it i never had this much fun in a long time.
i don't think it's objectively a good game, in fact it's prettty bad, but there is something about it.
the setting, the atmosphere and the music, the many types of enemies, the simple, violent and clunky combat and the ps1 aesthetic.
i suggest you to give it a try, it's really good.
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No title
Anyway, it's time for Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers
3 media | 59 replies
No title
I love DuckTales, Darkwing Duck why can't I get into Chip and Dale? I have tried it several times but that game doesn't do anything for me and I can not get into it. I feel like I am missing out because Capcom + Disney was the perfect combo back then.

Your thoughts on this game? It even got a sequel unlike Darkwing for example.
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No title
Is it worth getting a dreamcast in 2022? I'm interested in the games with gimmick controllers like Sega Bass Fishing and Samba de Amigo, but I'm also having fun just emulating the games that only need a controller
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No title
Favorite point and click game?
7 media | 33 replies
Gen 6 is the peak of this medium/artform
Imagine a graph, with the X-axis representing years from 1980-Present, and the Y-axis representing a scale of 0-10. On the chart are two lines: the first, titled Production Value, starts at 0 and approaches 10 over time. The second line, titled Creativity/Artistic Expression, begins at 10 and decreases over time, approaching 0. If you properly visualized this, you should be able to tell that through this medium's history, creativity and artistic freedom fall while production values rise in each successive generation.

In my view, Gen 6 represents the best compromise between production and creativity. It was the era just before the focus testing epidemic; games didn't have massive budgets, but devs knew how to stretch them to their full potential. All previous gens lack the proper technology to fully realize their visions, and all future gens lack vision altogether.

Gen 6 is the best, and I'll fight anyone who disagrees.
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No title
best liminal scenes in gaming
19 media | 72 replies
No title
Why does this country hold so many good retro games hostage?
7 media | 66 replies
No title
what the hell did I just play?
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No title
>Mario goes back in time to a point where he can alter history so that he is worshipped as a deity. Altering certain era’s to see that their faith in him is unwavering.
>And/or he kills Baby Bowser, among other things…
6 media | 11 replies
No title
So f ing close
So this is something I've always wondered since 93, when I borrowed a game-boy to beat the original Metroid 2. Does the game actually loop the player back to the start point?

So I chopped up a map, and assuming it's gameplay accurate, and that I didn't screw up somewhere, then the final vertical shaft is only off by about one horizontal screen.

They were one screen short of keeping the starting point aligned with the end point, ONE SCREEN.
4 media | 12 replies
No title
How did this make you feel? Opinions from people who played it before the year 2000 only
6 media | 76 replies
How is the retro game market in ebay as of May 2022?
So what retro system is selling the most as of right now? Ive been thinking about getting a Dreamcast and focusing mostly on only buying and selling Dreamcast games but I haven’t kept up with the trends since 2020 and was wondering if anyone can fill me in on whats going on in the marketplace.

1 media | 2 replies
No title
Give me a rundown on the Gran Turismo series. I'm not a carfag but lately I've got a hankering for racing games
3 media | 34 replies
No title
How do retro game stores stay in business? I don't see how they can possibly turn a profit selling old Sega Genesis carts. Attaining product is expensive and people aren't going to buy if you sell it at above market prices which you'd have to in order to make a profit.
5 media | 76 replies
No title
Last month, we had a comfy thread of anons sharing (mostly) retro game music that would sound good on the old school weather channel.
That thread culiminated in this based playlist of 191 YouTube tracks.

During that thread I mentioned I wanted to make an album based on this, and after many hours of finding better quality versions and sorting out proper track names and sources, this is the end result.

This album is available in three formats distributed as a 7z archive split into 200MB parts:
>320kbps CBR MP3 at original sample rates
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
>128kbps VBR AAC at original sample rates
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
>65kbps VBR MP3 downmixed to 11050Hz Mono (Lo-Fi mix)
One File:

Please enjoy, and also just post more music I guess.

Also to watch a recreation of The Weather Channel with live US weather data
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No title
It's time to play Sudeki
1 media | 6 replies
No title
I fucking love crates! Give me games with a lot of interactable/destroyable/collectible crates. Already enjoyed Urban Strike, Crash, Sokoban, Army Men, and their sequels.
Barrels are alright too. Platform and genre don't matter.
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No title
download (2)
ITT: Discuss which video game enemy has taken more player character lives than any other.
Pic related is an absolute monster when you're not expecting him.
19 media | 65 replies
No title
this game is pretty fun

normalfags lied to me
15 media | 123 replies
1CC Thread
>tfw you're about to get a 1CC for the 1st time in one of your favorites, you've played well and are proud of your run so far, but lose a life on one of the last few levels and ruin it all...
0 media | 21 replies
Mario hacks that don't suck.
Post up legit hacks that are close to, or as good, as the original.

Nes,snes,64 Mario rom hacks. What did you actually play through and like.

I'm half way through this:
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No title
Hate is a simple manifestation
Of the deep seated self directed frustration
All it does is promote fear and constrenation
It's the inability
To justify the enemy
And it fills us all with trepidation

Bending the significance to match a whimsied fable
Tumult for the ignorant and purpose for the violence
A confused loose alliance forming
Them and us
1 media | 2 replies
No title
splatterhouse 3
What is the best Splatterhouse game?
3 media | 23 replies
No title
Damn, this game isn't as good as the first Lego Racers game.
0 media | 4 replies
No title
Anyone have a link to the complete nintendo power collection? Theres 285 in total and only has them going to issue 180
0 media | 2 replies
After the Dreamcast
Did Sega even have a chance in the console race?

What would you have done differently?
6 media | 32 replies
No title
Here are your retro PS1 games you can play on your PS5.
That will be $18 a month or $120 a year.
2 media | 21 replies
No title
I started playing this and it is very interesting how similar this game and Shenmue are (in my opinion)
-Both put you in a town you can more or less explore freely
-but have very similar ''moving controls'' with this hybrid of tank controls with a camera that follows you from the back
-both make you talk to people in order to gather information to continue with you quest/investigation
-both have scuffed virtua fighter segments

It really is amazing how similar, yet different, these games are, both came out in 1999, with Omikron releasing just a few months before Shenmue, i'm not saying the devs copied each other but it really is interesting (for me)
3 media | 37 replies
am retard need help, snes battery
Bottom center of pic is the old battery, however I cannot get the pins off it. I feel like they are about to snap off. are they just soldered on? are they built like this?
2 media | 17 replies
No title
OIP (10)
I need a rest, where's the comfiest, coziest inns in these here video games?
5 media | 8 replies
No title
I never finished Serious Sam First Encounter because I just could not beat the horde of Werebulls in the Great Pyramids stage no matter how hard I tried. I refuse to use cheat codes.
0 media | 3 replies
What do you think, /vr/?
pac ps1 w0rld

R we gettin' a remake soon after Museum+?!
1 media | 10 replies
Yellow rayman should be removed
I was enjoying myself on rayman raving rabbids when I got to the ice minigame. that piece of yellow shit kept on bumping me, I have never been so angered in whole life. May god be with me.
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Difference Between NES and GB
How much exactly does the NES differ from the GB in terms of things like processing power and the like? The resolutions and ability to output color is obviously different, but were these considerations made for technical concerns (As in, sourcing a larger, color screen for the GB would've pushed the unit's expense too high) or was it due to a lack of RAM/processing power?

And for those who've done some programming on either, what's the difference between the two's instruction sets? Could a NES game's logic (Not graphical data) run just fine on a GB unit?
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I'd like to hear /vr/ opinion on Oddworld Adventures on Game Boy
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volguard II dB Soft NES
Apparently so-called because there was an earlier Volguard game on the PC-8801. I have no clue what the point is other than to just shoot endless waves of junk and there's an occasional refueling ship that shows up ala Sqoon.
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What are the best fighting games on the PS1?
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There's an exchange in Metal Gear Solid that I never understood. After the Gray Fox fight, Snake calls Meryl to ask her to guard Emmerich, and then soldiers spot her and she signs off mid-conversation, after which Snake asks Emmerich what Meryl looked like and Emmerich tells Snake that she was wearing green like the other terrorists and had a nice butt. But isn't this information that Snake should be giving Emmerich? Snake is the one who most recently saw Meryl, and I don't think it's ever established that Meryl and Emmrich had met.
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Why were they so great at making NotSonic games? I'm not a Sonic guy at all I never was into those games, but their other games are just phenomenal and they are one of my favorite developers.
Why didn't they just get more chances to do that and drop Sonic after the genesis or Adventure 1
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>softmod a ton of consoles and hook up to old Sony TV and get emulators and ODEs working
>play 90% of games for those systems on PC emulator with broken ps4 controller
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Were Army Men games actually good? There were shitloads of them and I remember having fun in multiplayer versus matches as a kid. Recently I tried some single-player campaigns and found that the gameplay is dull as fuck.
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This game looks absolutely gorgeous.
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The best version of SA1.
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what is the best nes shmup
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Holy shit the controls fucking suck. What were they thinking?
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Do you usually play retro vidya with younger family members? do they enjoy the experience or do they lack interest?
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Rambo III (Ocean, ZX Spectrum 1988)
Anyway, it's time for Rambo.
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Is the Atari 2600 the American's Speccy? Can anyone from a country where this was popular really talk shit about the Speccy?
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Skate Attack
What does /vr/ think of Skate Attack?
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What is the proper horizontal overscan for NES? Some games like Castlevania literally use the entire horizontal space, and text will be cut off with any overscan whatsoever, while most other games will have sprites that noticeable pop into existence without 8-12 pixels of overscan on the left and right.
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