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Hey voyagers,
/trv/ is a slow board, so don't expect immediate responses. CHECK THE CATALOG – you might find threads already discussing topics you're interested in.

Before asking for suggestions, tell /trv/ about your:
>Level of understanding of the local language(s)
This makes it easier to give quality advice. Of course, keep your posts travel related.

For all other matters:
General culture questions >>>/int/
Politics discussion >>>/pol/
Transportation discussion >>>/n/
Outdoors-related discussion >>>/out/

For more information about safety, planning and other miscellaneous topics, check out the pastebin in the next post:
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Why is france such a shitty travel destination ?
> ugly cities
>ugly landscape/no scenery
>slums everywhere
>majority nonwhite
>people are rude
>no culture or interesting food (muh frogs and moldy cheese arent food)
>no history apart from surrendering to whoever invades them.
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Any suggestions for Mallorca, Spain? Planing to go there with my gf in July for one week. What's a good place to stay? We mainly wanna focus on nice beaches, less nightlife. And of course good restaurants.
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Anyone ever lived in Lithuania?
I've been in Lithuania for a few months. Originally from Los Angeles.
Vilnius (capital) was okay, Kaunas was much better.
Would like to talk to some people who have lived here as well.
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So, uh.
Is Charlottesville, Va any good?
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Post most normie travel destination and behaviours
>going to Piza to take pic rel picture
>visting France only to see Paris
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https _cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_200330113214-02-coronavirus-helmet
>The highly infectious Delta variant (B.1.617.2) of Covid-19 that first surfaced in India is feared to have mutated into a more virulent version called AY.1 or Delta Plus — one that is possibly capable of resisting even the monoclonal antibodies cocktail currently being prescribed as a cure.
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Japan General: Inevitable Olympic Disaster Edition
Previous Thread: >>2026848
Copypasta FAQ:
>When will Japan open to tourists again?
We don't fucking know. The Olympics are this July and no tourists are allowed in. Do the math.
>Ok, but seriously, when will Japan be open to tourists? Give me an estimate.
WE DON'T KNOW. Prime minister Suga doesn't know. The CDC doesn't know. It's the blind leading the blind.
>Is Hiroshima+Miyajima worth it as a day trip from Osaka/Kyoto?
Not really, it's too rushed and you should probably just stay the night there.
>How do I travel by public transportation?
Install the "Official Japan Travel App"
>"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Current status on travel restrictions*

*Current status on the Miyajima Floating Torii Gate*
>Absolutely fucked. Consequently, it's not worth visiting Miyajima.

*Info on prostitution*
Japanese girls are for Japanese men only. The only thing Japanese girls will find impressive about you is your すごい高い鼻: HONK HONK.

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.
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/China/ General

I'll be visiting china this time next year for the summer with my Chinese gf, and will be staying with her mother in Chengdu. While also maybe visiting her father in Guangzhou (I hope soo, Guangzhou looks amazing). As an American, what comforts and toiletries should I bring? Any summer events I should attend? I would also like to visit a few other destinations and cities as well (cultural or touristy). How realistic is jumping on the bullet train and traveling around china? Is it expensive?

And the biggest question of them all, how realistic is it that china will be reopening its boarders to foreigner by summer 2022?
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My wife is holding me hostage. She said that go where I want and now it is her time to choose.
She wants to see fucking Iceland. Is it worth to see it or is it just a meme? I was never the "wow what a nice nature" guy
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Do people backpack in Europe just to get laid?
I keep reading blogs of college students backpacking across Europe and they keep bring up their sex lives. How the banged someone at this hostel or hooked up with someone in this city.
Is sex that important to these people that the just bang random people?
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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
>also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Questions Thread)

For most of your quick one-off questions that pertain to travel.

If your question is specific to a popular destination (such as Japan, Thailand, Italy, France, etc.), check to see if there is a relevant thread before asking it here.

If your question is about an administrative or procedural matter (eg. visas, passports, customs/immigration, airport/airline policies, etc.), try to be as specific as possible. Such information may include, but is not limited to: your nationality, where you're going, any layover points, etc. These details do get missed quite often, and they sometimes can make a difference.

If you are planning a trip and would like some help, try to have some idea of what you want to do. Nobody here can read your mind; tell us your hobbies & interests, at least.

If your questions pertain to COVID-19 in some way, the answer to most of them is "We don't know."

All information in this thread and any external URLs are for reference only. Use at your own risk.

Previous thread: >>1963450
QTDDTOT Pastebin:
COVID-19 Travel Pastebin:
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Harvest Moon 64 (USA)
Where should I travel to to do easily bought prescription drugs?
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Where are all the interesting 20-40 year old cultured eccentrics moving?
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My favorite travel show clip ever is Huell Howser at the Bagdad Cafe, which despite its name is somewhere in the Mojave Desert.

Everyone in the video is a character. I especially like General Bob, who seems legitimately angry to be interviewed.
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What is the best travel bag and what makes it better than the mystery ranch coulee 40?

The ideal onebag size is 32-40 litres, and this pack fits nicely in that niche. Even though it's technically larger than most airlines allow for carry on, you can easily shrink it to fit in almost any volume guidelines. It has external functionality in the form of pockets and clipping loops that many respectable brands lack (Osprey) without being cringe mil-spec shit used by faggots who think they're in seal time six because they go into the woods sometimes (Maxpedition). It can be worn in the city or on the trail without looking retarded. It has a single compartment, which anyone who has travelled can tell you is ideal for maximising how much you can fit in a given volume. It has a fantastic build quality and a lifetime warranty to back it up.

Present your arguments for why your bag is better below
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If you were going to the Amazon anyway would you try ayahuasca?
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China closes borders for another year
china entry
Starting to lose hope guys, by the time I'm allowed to travel I'll be an old creepy man.

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No title
what is your opinion on cruises?
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Small Tourist Offices
Hey /trv/ I'm working for a tourist office in a small town with no real selling points to it's name. What tips can you give to make a place seem more appealing than it is? It is a small office so it's left to us what we do. Staycations are the thing now obviously. Any experiences you share will be helpful thanks.
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I.T.T we still laugh
Continue from

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No title
Which parts of China should I avoid as a brown-skinned Indian who can only speak broken Mandarin? I don't want to get lynched.
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No title
I want to move out of this soulless, cultureless, and not to mention dangerous sprawling suburban wasteland. Any cities in the southeast that anons reccomend?
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No title
What state out West is the best to live in?
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How many here are going to get vaxxed just so they can travel easier?
>How do border authorities verify if you have actually been vaxxed? If you come from some crumbumb country and you vaccine certificate is written in proto-Swahili or Thai, how will any border guard know if it is legit?

>I don't think there are any Vaccine Passports yet, so does this mean you still need a PCR test to travel to most places?

>It sounds like some countries won't accept the Chinese or Russian vaccine as acceptable, is this also the case with AZ?

It's such a mess, I'm wondering if it is not worth it, and PCR tests are the way to go until it gets sorted out. (As long as the countries you are going to don't require any quarantine)
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Oxford travel
What's there to see and do in Oxford? I have to travel there in September so I'm curious as to what is available.
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No title
What is there to do in the amazon?
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/rcg/ - Roller Coaster General
Everything will open except Iron Gwazi Edition

Previous Thread: >>1973204

>What is this?
/rcg/ was created as a way for the rollercoaster enthusiasts on here to discuss all things rollercoasters, as well as amusement parks in general.

Roller Coaster Database:

Amusement Park News Sites:
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Amber no quarantine countries
Bong here. I'm not fully vaccinated and am looking for Amber list countries that have no requirements to quarantine or be vaccinated to enter (negative test is fine).

Anyone know a good list / website to check, or suggestions? I heard some balkan countries will let you in.

I don't care if I have to quarantine back in bongland I can work from home.
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No title
What do you do?
7 images | 79 replies
No title
What are the best countries in Africa to visit?
12 images | 176 replies
No title
Has anyone travelled through time?

Please share your experiences.
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tulip browsing
What's living in Holland like? I've only known a few Dutch people. They were all stone cold freaks in terms of their sex lives, but surely that isn't an accurate picture of what living there would be like.
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Finding a girl in Venice
So I just spent 5 great days with two good friends in Venice, however I have to spend an extra 5 days here on my own before I rejoin them in Vienna (I’m a British citizen)

Anyway I did hookup with an American girl a night ago, but I’ll be far less confident in the city by myself. Does anyone here have any experiences or stories finding a brief Venetian fling? Or just general advice?
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I want to travel to Mongolia for its landscape, eagles, horses, food and women. What should I be aware of before going?
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Living in Malmo, Sweden
Hello, I'm thinking of changing my job and relocate to Malmo, Sweden from Bucharest, Romania. How's life in Malmo? To be more socially political, how's life in Malmo for a cisgender straight white male? :)
(pic unrelated)
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Best and cheapest travel destination to impregnate lots of women?
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Best kid-free resorts?
I really wanna go to some kind of beach resort next month and bascially just do some drunk sunbathing for a few days, but I don't want there to be children running around screaming and splashing.
Preferably i'd like it to be sexy too; I don't need to see a bunch of old people in swim suits.
>pic pretty much related
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Omaha Nebraska
Thinking about moving there within 2 years just wanted to see y'all's thoughts about Nebraska in general.

I'm not white btw but also not black.
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No title
Everywhere I've been
Highlight a map for everywhere you have been.

-flying over DOESN'T count
-layovers DON'T count (unless you left the airport)
-road trips DO count
-boat rides DO count
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Never Travelled Anywhere, Suggestions?
Hello. I'm a southern homestuck loser that has never really left the general region of my state's capital city.
I have however landed a very good job (for Brazil's standards) making about 1.200,00 burger bucks a month. I have been saving quite a bit too, since I mostly help with home bills (live with parents).
Being a 23 year old loser, what travel advice would more experienced fellows have to share? Any tips on starting out?
I think I would begin with exploring Brazil while still saving, since my country is huge and not too expensive, and then go abroad after some experience away from home.
I can work from home by the way.
I am also white, for reference.
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What should I do while at cancun?
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Moving to London?
download (73)
Where the hell would I even start? Anyone got any tips on the initial few months, and in regards to money, how much would I need to start off, I don't mind living somewhat bummy, as long as I can manage to get afloat eventually, any Londonbros got advice
>inb4 don't move to London
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What's the grossest thing you've eaten on your travels? For me, it was 童子蛋 (tongzidan), also known as Virgin Boy Egg. In China, they hard-boil eggs in boy's urine (preferably 10 years old or younger), similar to how they prepare century eggs or tea eggs. I was disgusted, but had to try it because 童子蛋 is considered a culinary treat to the Chinese, and it is part of the local culture. Pic related, would not recommend.
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No title
I’m going to be moving to Edinburgh for a year for school soon, was trying to gather information about where to live, general info, and if I’ve made a huge mistake or not so any help is appreciated

Pic unrelated
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No title
>big cities
Wow the exact same dirty overcrowded cramped hive copy-pasted hundreds of times across the globe! I'm sure that at the end of your life you'll be happy you spent your limited time and money going to sardine-can like complexes to see slightly differing configurations of tall buildings, poor people slums, druggies at clubs, and trash-laden public transportation.
>go on hikes
Pointless walking around for hours, getting nowhere and achieving nothing except staring at some stupid trees and rocks and the "rare three-striped red finch" that looks exactly like a regular fucking finch but it has a tiny red line somewhere on its plumage and thus you have seen an amazing endangered beast and this thousand-dollar excursion is the "experience of a lifetime".
>muh museums, muh ruins
Any historical, architectural, or artistic value can easily be analyzed through a picture, which is all you'll have left anyways in a couple months or years. There's nothing you gain from actually seeing them except pointless, self-masturbatory egoism gained from feeling "cultured" (read : going to stare at some rocks for a couple hours and blowing your hard-earned money to give it to the tour guide, someone much smarter than you)
>muh food
An utter meme, what kind of double-digit moron gets excited over what is ultimately just a rearrangement of grain, meats, vegetables, and spices that will be shit out by you in a couple days anyways. If you willingly spend your money "travelling" to eat "exotic" food you could just drive 40 minutes to get you deserve to lose it.
>muh weather
Is there a more pathetic "argument"? You could be doing literally anything else, yet you go "travelling" to get an effect easily accomplished by turning the thermostat up or down a few notches or getting a humidifier.
>woahhh bro its a few degrees higher ugghhh i looovvvee travelling its so exotiiccc!!!
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Airbnb, hotel, or hostel?

I'm saving up money to stay in Japan then Europe. My plan is to just hang out, hopefully bed some local women, sight see, then move on to the next country after 2-3 months. I'll be doing this for about 2 years.
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No title
I'm planing to travel to the US for 3 weeks in September. Actually wanted to go to Japan but seems they won't open borders until 2022.

Coming from Germany I don't know where to start. Never been to the states. Should I stay 3 weeks on one side like east side or west side? Or is it enough time to visit plenty of cities. Or should I rent a car and go from one side to the other?

How about this? Flight to NY and stay there some days, flight/car ride to Memphis (huge Elvis fan) and stay 2-3 days, flight to LA and stay the rest of time also visiting SF and Vegas, Grand Canion, etc. Maybe also include Miami in the beginning (i love 70s miami movies). Is it safe to drive a rented car? And of course the mandatoriy: Will I get shot or robbed and how to avoid? I'm always interested in rural and urban areas, not just touristic city places.
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I want to move to Morocco
I recently finished high school, I don't want to go to uni and I am just tired of this country(as a matter of fact, I don't like the West either), so I want to move to Morocco(I chose this country for different reasons but they are of no importance to you). I recently started to learn french, but there is one problem... I have no money and I don't know how to earn money in that country. What should I do? Get a badly paid job there? Am I going to become a hobo in some city from Morocco after a few days?
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travelling to japan
hi /trv/, I’m planning a trip to Japan in about 8 months to stay like a month or two and the problem is I don’t know a word of Japanese. What’s the best way to prepare for it? I want to learn as much of the language as I can in that short time, so like what should I do to learn basic phrases and stuff like that?
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Mexico vs Colombia
Title says it all, which is best rn w least COVID restrictions. Pic rel i fucjing love tacos but I’m also in Brazil so going to Colombia is prob cheaper
2 images | 26 replies
italy summer 2021
Heard from a friend that Italy will open up in the beginning of June with no quarantine requierments. Is this true? Any italianons willing to share some intel?
23 images | 257 replies
No title
Hey there /trv/,

I'm thinking of going to Lisbon for a week in July. Does anyone have any experience visiting Portugal? What should I plan for and expect?
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No title
What is your favorite travel shoe, and why?

>easy slip on/off for airport
>comfy all day
>simple enough to work with any clothing
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No title
The only question that matters. Krakow, Prague or Budapest. What is the place to go in central Europe? (For a month long stay, just living and seeing some cool things)
Bonus point if you include St. Petersburg
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No title
Do you guys just book an extra unused day in hotels or Airbnb’s or whatever?

The check out time is always like 11 am and I book an extra day because the next place is at 3 pm or the flight is 5 hours later or something and I don’t want to fuck around being stranded for 4 hours

It feels like a waste of money but idk what else to do
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Hookup ukraine
Hello. Me and a couple Friends traveling to Kiev mid july. Looking for a local to source.

Also, any tips for Kiev travel? We thought we'd budget 10.0000 Each /day
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No title
Brits on the board, I need some help

I've already booked a vacation to the UK this coming August but its only for less than 7 days.

UK restrictions says that since I'm coming from 'Murica its an Amber zone, so I would have to quarantine for 10 days and pay for 2 expensive tests.

I've read that there's talk from the PM about lifting more restrictions by then, but otherwise am I just fucked and out about $2k?
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No title
What the hell is there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling and shows? I'm going soon and can't think of anything fun to do while I'm there.
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No title
Redpill me on Alaska.
0 images | 9 replies
Anyone been to Singapore?
What's it like to temporally stay there or study there? Considering spending a year there or I might even study abroad. Is Singapore the Utopia they make it out to be?
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Your Past Travels are now Priceless
congratulations, you managed to see the world when it was more open than it had ever been or ever will be
>no amount of money will be able to pay for that ever again
>people will be talking about it for the next hundred years
>you will be one of the few in your country that can talk at length about travel in far off lands
>no more packed hostel dorms with communal showers
>no more street foods and open markets
>no more bar crawls
>no more flying into a country with an open schedule and flying out whenever you want, wherever you want
>no more lax border crossings
>no more home cooked meals by old ladies with generations old recipes

you did it, how does it feel? it's over now, time to relax.
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No title
How do you do it anon? How can you bring yourself to leave your friends and family behind and go work aboard?
2 images | 60 replies
People moving to the US, how do you do that?
I took part in the DV lottery with no results, which is not a surprise given a solid 1% chance of being selected. I am a highly skilled IT professional in a niche, high demand market, but companies don't want to sponsor anyway.

What is the secret sauce I am missing?
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Is Zurich a nice place to chill in for a week or two?
Italian guy here, I just wanna chill out for a week or two in an European country. Budget is unlimited, money isn’t a problem. Is Zurich worth it or am I better off in other countries, perhaps Scandinavian ones? Also that would be my first time traveling alone
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No title
>stay in Airbnb
>give the guy cash to stay an extra month off the books
>before I left I swept, cleaned off the table, took the trash out, etc
>I left a couple bottles there and some recycling but I washed them out and crushed up all the boxes and put them in a bag and I paid a $100+ cleaning fee anyways
>right after they sent a $150 request saying I trashed it, there’s roaches, and all this shit

That can’t be possible can it? I mean I’m a fat slob but all I left there was leftover supplies and some broken up boxes. Am I really that much of a fat slob or are they trying to rip me off?

I did smoke weed and eat pizza a lot like a fat ass but i don’t think it can be that bad. Also this guy knows dealing off the books is against the rules right? And we can be banned off the app for this right?
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No title
overland trip route
This is an overland trip I am planning on taking next year (minus a small flight over Myanmar.) It seems like the trickiest bit will be China, and I was wondering if anyone here had experience with entering China through either Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan, and which might be easier? I would like to end up in Lhasa and make my way to Kathmandu from there and I was looking at a bus from Almaty to Xining followed by a train to Lhasa. Thoughts?
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No title
download (4)
Is Norway the best country in the world?

Best standard of living, best culture, not uptight, not cramped, homogeneous.

Solid roots to feel welcomed in, wonderful empty stretches of nature and land, little tourism, laid back and welcoming
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PCR test entry
I'm going to turkey soon, and like most countries it requires a PCRtest from 72 hours prior to arrival, but if I take a self test then send it back to the lab, how will they know wben exactly I took the test? Is the timebased on the lab time of testing? Or do I need topay for one of the tests where a clinician does it themselves.

Sorry its a very narrow question but I'm spending ages looking for this info and trying not to get shafted. I can't find anywhere that turkey requires it performed by an actual lab person, or when the 72hours start. If anyone knows of any other technicality I might not realise please share. Thank you anons.
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No title
Is greyhound that bad?

I only have to go 4 hours north and it doesn’t seem worth it to go to the airport, stand in line, wait hours, and have some wagie open all my bags and go through all my shit and deal with all of it

A 4 hour greyhound can’t be that bad right? Itd be the same thing as a plane right?
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skalne miasto chyba
does it make sense to snorkel in Black Sea in Georgia? Can i see some nice underwater life there? Is water of good temperature and transparent?
picrel unrelated
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Amtrak Summer 2021
The old thread for this died probably since the $299 deal ends today, but I’m sure at least a few of you bought it and are still planning your trips.

I’m going to use it later in the summer for 4 trips I’m sure of, but I also wanna use up the rest if possible.
I’ll be coming out from NYC and will have two or three 3-day weekends to use it with in September. I’ve already been to Raleigh, DC, Philly, Boston, Providence and Montreal but I’m fine with going there again. I thought of Toronto, Niagara Falls, Atlanta, Burlington or Pittsburgh, and I’d probably either stay in the cheapest hotel/hostel available. Any suggestions?
1 images | 1 replies
No title
I got a greyhound ticket to go to another city and I have no idea where to go. There’s no address or info on the ticket

Do I just go to the port authority
0 images | 1 replies
Transatlantic travel bubble
Curious if anyone here has travelled from Western Australia to new Zealand for a holiday since this travel bubble opened?

I want to go over for a month of snowboarding but a little confused with the logistics of it all with leaving the country and returning etc.

Any kiwis about that would recommend the best month to go to Queenstown for snowboarding snowboarding
0 images | 14 replies
No title
Cant enjoy traveling because I have no friends. Like there’s a 1 am train that runs all night and if I was with a friend it would be an adventure all night seeing the entire state talking and laughing.

But alone it’s just sad scary depressing giving me anxiety. Fuck it I’m done if I can’t have friends I’ll kill myself

Fuck god for this shitty life. Fuck you god fuck you.
0 images | 1 replies
Moving to America from Japan
I've lived in Singapore/Japan for the last 7 years. I am utterly illequipped to deal with many aspects of living in the United States of America.

I can adapt and adjust, and I've lived in America (Texas) two decades ago, but it seems its a different America now.

What do I need to know?
1 images | 29 replies
No title
Have you ever dealt with worms after your travels?
0 images | 5 replies
neck pillow
what's the best solution for sleeping on planes? these things work ok but my neck always hurts after sleeping in that shitty position.

anyone use those inflatable neck pillows that you can deflate to store more efficiently? i don't wanna carry these things around everywhere
3 images | 39 replies
No title
Anyone been to Borneo?
2 images | 20 replies
No title
Why is this shithole so dead and lifeless?
0 images | 4 replies
digital nomad
tell me about your experiences with living this lifestyle

>what did you do for work
>what items did you travel with
>where did you live
>what was your day to day life like
>what did you learn
>general advice
1 images | 93 replies
give me flix bus discount coupons
0 images | 4 replies
No title
headed to Maui in a month, haven't been in three years; what has COVID changed, and how crowded is it right now?
0 images | 3 replies
Life in Lisbon?
What is living in Lisbon like? Already have a bunch of knowledge about attractions there/stuff to do, wanna know more about the day to day stuff
What are the people like? Are they open and welcoming and easy to befriend or more cold and reserved?
What's making friends/dating like for a random dude in his 20s? Is it easy to get a good long term girlfriend or are people more short-term minded with regards to dating
Lisbon is only 100km2 with 500k population, do you ever feel bored or like there's nothing to do? (in comparison to bigger cities)
I read here once that Southern Europe in general is devoid of prospects for young people, is this true? How much of an effect does this have on life in Lisbon?
Is Lisbon a safe place in general?
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Taiwan number one
Tell me bros,
I am going to Taiwan after the chink flu is over. When I am there, how do I get a supreme aegyo waifu like Tzuyu from TWICE?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
Which country can I find a big strong mommy gf to tuck me into bed every night?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
What to do in the Philippines?
0 images | 19 replies
Sorrento - best Italian destination
Fuck Rome and its heat and slummy shits, Sorrento is great. Beach, culture, nice little town, actually somewhat Italian, Vesuvius.
2 images | 15 replies
No title
basically not taking vaccine
What countries can I go if I'm not vaccinated? (I'm american btw) When will vax restrictions be lifted or are they going to be here forever?
0 images | 2 replies
Just how bad of an idea is Taiwan in august
Hello fellow degenerates.
I want to go to Taiwan in August (I'm thinking the 1st week), but I've read its one of the worst months to visit due to the heat and typhoons. I'm from California so the heat isn't too much of a problem for me, and I've visited humid places before. So I can live it that, but I am scared a typhoon will ruin my trip (I'm probably going for 8-10 days depending on how much I save up). I mainly want to relax and drive along the coast, eat some good food, and visit some natural/cultural sites along the way. Would this be doable on the western half of taiwan that isn't facing the pacific? Or am I better off postponing?
2 images | 10 replies
Exiting the U.S.
A picture taken from my country. How do i get out of this shithole?
[Lots of good info last time, running it again.]
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Life in macau
Hi /trv/ Im a NEET with rich parents, im seeing airbnbs for macau at 800-1300$ a month and Im planning on pulling the trigger since I want to learn cantonese and I also want to explore "China" without the cringe mainland crap, I do not want to gamble but I want to larp as tony soprano when he went to the casino with hot broads while getting hammered, basically, is macau great?
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Swiss business class dressing
Are they gonna complain if I wear normal shorts and a t-shirt? It’s hot as fuck in Europe and I can’t be arsed to wear formal clothing, and it’s my first business class flight. Ty in advance seasoned traveler frens
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I'm going to Ukraine to find a wife. I have no idea what I'm doing. Any anons know where I should go, what I should do?
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Turkey cycling
What would be a good week tour in Turkey? Approx 80km a day. It would be on a Brompton, so use of buses / trains is straightforward.

As a contrarian the Phrygian Valley appeals, but everything is pointing to the south coast as more tourist/bike friendly. I prefer some vegetation to the harsher landscapes of Eastern Turkey. The Black Sea coast doesn't seem suitable because the road is bad/busy after Samsun.

I know there aren't many campsites in Turkey but I would bring a tent anyway as an option.
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I hate /trv/ so much
People here "travel" only for retarded parties or whores and never for actual culture, wilderness, missions or adventure.
For every real traveller (i saw 2 decent threads in the last 6 months, one about Mauritania and another about Kyrgyzstan) there are thousans of virgin tourists dreaming to visit touristic shitholes where millions of normies already went
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No title
my job requires me to be in the balkans for 2 weeks, I plan on getting the general gist of the area by driving around the entire time im there

but theres a caveat, i am mexican, and i dont want to play victim i just know that eastern euros hate muslims and gypsies and mexicans look similar to both, I heard /int/ stories of people being jumped and such

will eastern euros care at all?
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What would you do if you had only 4 days to spend in Italy, with a budget of $1000USD ?
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I got 3 days in NYC. Staying in the flatiron district next to Madison Square park. Planning on hitting up the Met and Bronx Zoo during the day, maybe do some shopping as Park.

Is nightlife active again now that restrictions are lifted? If so, suggest places to go for nightlife during the weekend, please. Single heterosexual male and not trans
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Have you ever visited cave paintings?
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reisgids-liguria (1)
Planning on spending 10-12 days in the Italian Riviera with my gf. Looking to stay at 1, maybe 2 places and renting a car for day trips. Any recommendations on where to stay? Preferably a not too expensive coastal town with access to the beach. Obviously there's more than enough options, but any tips on where to stay and what to visit would be welcome!
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Moving to Darmstadt Germany
Anyone familiar with the area. I'm 24 looking to travel and have sex with as many students as possible. I'm an American and my contract is 87k for one year, housing provided.
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No title
where is a non thiride country where I can make boom boom with women?

China? Vegas in USA? Where in Europe?

anywhere but SEA, I do not want to see 50 yr old wagie boomers
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No title
How's Costa Rica right now? Anyone there/been there recently? Thinking about a surf trip the first couple weeks of July. Things open?
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No title
Many here have a favorite country to visit by now. But visiting a place does not necessarily mean you would want to build a life there and grow old.

In which country would you want to settle down and die?
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No title
Is it true air conditioning isn’t popular in places like sea and Europe? Wtf do they do
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What is the freest
images (36)
But also safest country in the world? I'm talking like park on the side of the road free

Walk around naked kind of free
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No title
Have you ever been to a nude beach? What was it like?
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Any San Diego people here? Since tickets are expensive, is either the Zoo or the Safari Park better than the other? I'll be there for a week next month on vacation
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Have any of you travelled international and been asked for proof of vaccine? Any of you use fake vax card? What was your experience?
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Empty flights
What's your low score? I just hit 8 pax on a Dreamliner, 12 hour flight.
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No title
Where are some places where I can get fresh air all year long?

I hate being in extreme climates all the time. I want to be able to open my windows most days and sit in my yard or go for a walk in a loose hoodie or t shirt most the time. Without extreme heat or cold every day sealing up the windows for 6 months straight being stuck inside.
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No title
When you travel, what are the items you bring with you? What do you always forget to take with you and wish you had brought when you do remember?
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No title
My buddy is going to see petra and the pyramyds, he asked me if I want to join. I would like to go aswell, but I am fucking afraid of covid.
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Does anyone use hotel concierge services when they are offered? If so, is it worth it at all? Any perks or anything? I've never bothered but I might if they are worth utilizing.
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On the run
Any of you guys traveled, not because you wanted to, but because you HAD to?
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No title
What kitchen items do you travel with, especially for long-term travel? I was thinking of taking a small skillet or maybe even an electric skillet but not sure if it's worth it.
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No title
cheesepill me on Wisconsin. Whats the job market and people like?
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No title
>that's Mexico
>talk to the tour guides and the social media assholes and they'll tell you it's amazing
>talk to the people who actually live there and they can't fucking stand the place
Is he right? Why is it like that?
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Electronic tolling hate thread
>looks ugly and soulless as shit
>makes many people lose their jobs as a result
>When it breaks down nobody pays the toll anyways so the state loses out on money
>is the main reason why tolls are so expensive nowadays
>gives you no human interaction whatsoever
Any other reasons why we should hate on these ugly pieces of shit?
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Live-In Help
Have any of you guys ever hired live-in help? How much did it cost in the country you were visiting?

I want to get out of my own country for a while and thought it might be nice to have a woman around to cook, just not sure of how expensive it would be.
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No title
How to not get robbed?
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No title
What road trips have you taken?
Any good stories to share?
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Have any of you joined the DoDEA to work abroad? What kind of experiences did you have? Was it hard to get in? I'm a teacher and I'm bored in the USA.
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No title
I just want to travel and get wasted holy shit
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No title

where the fuck is a third world country I can go where the weather is shit. IM SO FUCKING SICK OF THE EAST COAST AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


EVERY DAY IS SO FUCKING UNBEARABLE AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m so fucking sick of extreme heat and extreme cold every god damn day with no fucking breaks. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

FUCK NEW YORK FUCK FLORIDA. where the fuck do I go. WHERE THE FUCK DO I GO AHHHHHHH. no more fucking humidity. No more fucking snow. No more cold. No more 24/7 fucking beating sun straight on my window 12 hours a day IVE FUCKING HAD IT
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No title
Traveling to America soon, what are some must see national monuments?
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No title
When is Sleepy Joe going to open up the United States for Europeans? The travel ban makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. COVID rates in the EU are lower than in the US and next week the EU is going to have more vaccination per 100k.
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Tell me about the Bahamas
I've never been, but what I know/heard:
>Accessible by personal boat from the US
>Safe outside of big cities of Nassau & Freeport
>Amazing clear turquoise waters
>Hundreds of unpopulated islands to see and explore
>Friendly locals, especially on out islands

Has anyone here been there or live there? Is it too good to be true? I'm thinking about taking a trip down to see for myself and might consider moving. I've also heard that the further away from Nassau you go, the more expensive it is and the more limited certain creature comforts are, but I don't see that as a bad thing. What are the pros and cons, aside from hurricanes, which is obvious?
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Information Needed
What are covid tests like abroad? Do you literally have to get a thing shoved up your sinus every stop? Don't be ashamed, you can admit if you got routinely nose raped.
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Countries with good skydiving
Hey sorry if this is off topic but I really wanna skydive without the instructor attached to you. What countries got good cheap sky diving without the faggot regulations?
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What’s there to do in Tahiti? I’m a young non tranny guy. Is it a real traveller destination, or more of a retirement honeymoon type? Cheap?
I’ve got more than enough money and faith.
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Mexico vs Egypt and Jordan
Lads I have the last day to decide
Which one should I choose?
Mexico is like - Mexico City, Teotihuacan, Acapulco, Cholula - Oaxaca, Villahermosa, Palenque, Mérida, Chicen Itza, Cancun,

Egypt Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum, Jarash, Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Asuan, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Hurghada
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Travel through Spain on a moto and not interested in tourist beach towns but rather medieval cities, castles, more into the history and culture of Spain. Where would you go, which roads which small towns. Not a filthy buck toothed bong btw
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nomadic life/airbnb
im a merchant marine and i get long spans of time off

i want to spend for example a month in uruguay, and on airbnb it says host are renting it out at 300$ a month for a room and 800-1000$ a month for a whole house

is this a accurate price in the end all be all or are they kinda jew you for money at the end of the rent?
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No title
Is Luxembourg worth going to?
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No title
Is Portland really that bad? I went once and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I only was there for 2 days and spent the rest of the time on the Columbia River Gorge.

I've been living in the concrete jungle of Shitcago for 12 years and I really just need to get somewhere with more mild weather, but more importantly, some fucking nature.

Isn't the PNW a more slowed down lifestyle? Everyones obsessed with working here in Chicago and there is hardly any peace and quiet.
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