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Hey voyagers,
/trv/ is a slow board, so don't expect immediate responses. CHECK THE CATALOG – you might find threads already discussing topics you're interested in.

Before asking for suggestions, tell /trv/ about your:
>Level of understanding of the local language(s)
This makes it easier to give quality advice. Of course, keep your posts travel related.

For all other matters:
General culture questions >>>/int/
Politics discussion >>>/pol/
Transportation discussion >>>/n/
Outdoors-related discussion >>>/out/

For more information about safety, planning and other miscellaneous topics, check out the pastebin in the next post:
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>Be me 23 yrs old guy bored and depressed.
>decide to visit Estonia because I had some free time while in Europe.
>mfw it was one of the best places I've been too .
>all people are welcoming and they speak English
>a lot of beautiful girls I am talking elf like
> you feel like your are in lotr because how old and cool the old town in Tallinn looks.
>cheap alcohol compared to where I came from.
a very underrated country imo also there's a very few fags compared to other eu countries.
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No title
Americans, do you enjoy tipping?

Tipping is a peculiar cultural norm where you subsidize the bottom 20% of society.

Imagine a middle-aged man carrying around water and food. They throw a tantrum if you don't give them a few dollars. They might even spit in your food.

It breeds entitlement among the lower class, where they expect a tip for every action. A bartender (fucking middle aged mongrol), for instance, might expect a $1 tip for simply opening a beer.

Starbucks now expect you to tip when you pay with credit card / debt card.
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What are some cool things to do in India?

Let's see how long this thread stays up before the pajeet janny deletes it.
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No title
>ruins your travel
Don't get too cocky, travelsisters
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No title
What are the cons of living in Australia
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Roller Coaster General - Theme Park General /RCG/ /TPG/
They're quicker than you realize, Claire!
/RCG/ /TPG/ - Florida Edition

Previous Thread: >>2538292

>What is this thread?
/rcg/ was created as a way for the roller coaster enthusiasts on here to discuss all things roller coasters and theme parks. While roller coasters are the main focus of these threads (and the title of the general) there is also discussion on other theme park rides, as well as the parks themselves and trip planning too.
>Can I talk about Disney/Universal parks in this thread?
Absolutely! Disney discussion of all sorts including resorts/dining/trip planning is OK.

Roller Coaster Database:

Amusement Park News Sites:

Disney Park News:
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No title
Latin America vs. SEA vs. Eastern Europe
Which kind of expats are best for each of these regions of the globe?
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Rewards Maxxing
Whats your best travel rewards tips? Just took a travelling job for a year. How do I minmax my position? I'm thinking
>Get an AMEX Platinum card
>Get in a frequent flyer program
>hotel rewards
>TSA pre-check
Anything I'm missing? Will a year of traveling between like 6 cities net any rewards worthwhile?
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Where in the middle east would you go?
I have an opportunity this summer to work with an international organization of my choice, and as I'm interested in the Middle East, I've decided to choose from either Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, or Lebanon. I've already been to Lebanon and I know I would love staying there again, but I also want to see new things. For people who have been to any of these countries, what would you recommend?
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No title
>see youtubers going to hostels and just getting friends instantly
>/trv/ tells me to go to hostels and I will just get friends instantly
>go actually to a hostel
>nobody cares about me
>try to approach people
>they all keep their distance and dont want me around
travelling was a mistake
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No title
hqdefault (2)
>Guys don't worry, I only paid $8000 for the ticket because I booked early
>See you next week for my trip report of the 14 days I spent on the most luxurious cruise on the planet
>You can also click on this link to see my video about the $50000 luxury train itinerary throughout Europe
Is youtube paying that well?
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No title
Is it possible to travel to Vermont in the winter, if I can't drive in snow?
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No title
What are some small to medium sized north american cities with a vibrant arts and culture scene and great /out/ that is not over run by consumeristic and culturally behind foreigners (or locals) and who add absolutely nothing to the city. Never been to picrel but seems like it could be an interesting place with the mountains deterring the more "urban" crowds
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No title
London has some beautiful regency architecture
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Central America
Is it worth traveling?

Which country has the best for my interests in terms of:
>beaches; specifically snorkeling or scuba diving with coral reefs
>hiking trails; to atop a hill or mountain with a nice view
>nightlife; rooftop bars with a view of the city skyline
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moving to taiwan
Ok so Canada is over. This country is seriously memes aside falling apart. Winter is coming metaphorically and literally. My stats:

>have masters degree and bsc in stem
>dont want to teach engrish to kids, could consider teaching science to teens maybe
>would prefer comfy tech job

Is there any way to accomplish this there? I'm thinking of just getting a visitor visa and packing up and going permanently. Everything is fucked here.
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No title
Is Phoenix worth living in? Which part is best for a college graduate guy in his mid-late 20s?
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Travel Consoooomerism
What's are some uncommon items you like to bring with you when traveling?

I only travel with a 25L backpack so I bring one of those Heroclip Carabineers. You can get knockoffs on AliExpress for about $5. They let you hang your backpack anywhere, on a bathroom stall door, on a table, on a chair, etc.

I also like to bring a spork, a pair of chopsticks, a silk pillowcase (comfy) which doubles as a laundry bag, a travel belt with a plastic buckle for going through metal detectors and to hide money if you have to bribe a cop or get robbed (an actual
belt, bit one of those gay slings/fannypacks), a USB flash drive (dual type A and type C to transfer files from my phone) with important documents so you can easily get things printed, a stain remover pen, and I keep a laundry dryer sheet in my bag to keep things fresh (last a few weeks).
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China Travel Content
I'm currently planning a trip to China and would be interested to browse some travel content.

Unfortunately, the YT search results are filled with cringeworthy self-obsessed vloggers and CCP shills.

Is there any actually an interesting China content out there?

I'm thinking of something like SerpentZA before he went off the rails. More classy would be good too.
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San Francisco advice?
I’ll be going to SF with family for a wedding this coming weekend. We’ll be staying in between Knob Hill and the Financial District. We will have our own car (in secure parking; unlimited entry/exit).
I would prefer attractions that provide free or cheap secure parking but I’ll take consider all recommendations.
>inb4 “SF is a crime a poop-ridden dystopia”
I know.
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I'm doing my first JLPT this December
japan flag anime girl
I'm going straight for N1, no point bothering with the lower levels.

Once I'm certified I'll go on Gaijinpot and look for the best paying job in Japan I can get and move there.

Wish me luck. I wish you all luck and a happy life!
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No title
Thoughts on this country? Have you ever been here?
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work says they'll send me to a conference here if I want. should I? doesn't look like there's much to do.
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Paolo from Tokyo
Who the FUCK does this Filipino think he is documenting Japan like hes local?
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European train tour
Is this feasible for 2 weeks?
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No title
I'm going to Norway for a week starting today, then quickly dashing through Tyrol (Innsbruck), Liechtenstein, and leaving via Zurich in another week. What am I in for?
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Foreign Currency Exchange
>always got YEN/HKD from wellsfargo foreign currency exchange for ~1% fee
>first time traveling since covid
>rate is now 6% to exchange
Why would they do this, do I just get yen and hkd out of the ATM machines instead?
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No title
Ranking travel youtubers

1. Bald and Bankrupt
2. Kurt Caz
3. Gabriel the traveler
4. Harald Baldr
5. Vagabrothers
6. Best Ever Food Reviews
7. SerpentZA
8. Psychotraveller
9. PPPeter
10. Shiey
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Recommend cities in Philippines?
Can any anons recommend cities in the Philippines that are cheaper than Manila? I've mostly stayed in Makati and BGC. They are too expensive, but the rest of Manila is dangerous and has bad food and entertainment options. How is Cebu? Or other recommendations for a city to stay in for a month?
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Visiting North Korea
Have any anons here ever been to the DPRK? It's something that's been on my bucket list, and I might do it this winter if the border is re-opened by then.
Tell me everything there is to know about this corner of the world, in terms of travel and tourism.
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Argentina for anglos
I have been thinking about going through the southern cone as a first time properly travelling.

However my worry is, as a britbong, will argentinians be hostile to me because of the whole islands conflict thing? I know it was 40+ years ago now but I think there's still a lot of bad feeling over their loss.
My main concern is getting beat up by some peronist boomers while travelling alone. Am I just being paranoid? Is this a valid concern?
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Overrated / Underrated
This time again, what's the most overrated or underrated place you've been to?

Barcelona. It's so chock-full with trash people it renders many attractions downright unenjoyable.

Copenhagen. Liked it more than Stockholm or Oslo, almost as much as Amsterdam, but it flies under many radars.

Reminder: overrated doesn't mean worst, underrated doesn't mean best.
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Las Vegas Has Fallen (even further)
Once in awhile someone posts how great and safe Vegas is. News flash for intelligent people: blacks and marijuana have permanently destroyed Las Vegas. Don't travel there. Don't spend money there. It is currently one of the shittiest places in America, and yes it is a blue democrat run state with genderbender bathrooms.
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No title
How many clothes (minimum) do you bring with you when traveling?
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No title
Heading to Peru at the end of October and first few days of September. Only have 7 days to play with, including flight time (so 5 days of being on the ground).

I'd like to spend 3 days in Lima, half a day in Macchu Picchi, full day in Huacacchina and Paracas, and whatever is left I'd simply like to explore the coast.

I'm going during day of the dead and have no idea if anything will be closed down. I'd really like to meet people while I'm here and make lasting memories and friendships.

Is this realistic given the distance between Lima, Machu Picchu, and Huacacchina? Should I save Machu Picchu for another time?

Are there tours or places you'd recommend? What should I know before going? What kind of nightlife can I find that doesn't revolve around getting drunk and going to clubs?
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No title
How niggerified is Rome? I assume these subhumans stick to Colosseum and Vatican areas or are they everywhere fucking with people?
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planning a 4-5 week SEA trip with my gf. im wondering any anons can give me input on whether it is worth trying to work in 7-10 days in burma? this would come at the expense of something in vietnam, laos and/or thailand.

i'm not much of a SEAfag but she's never been to this part of the world. figure I might as well try and at least get a box ticked, but if its a waste of time I wont bother. byzantine and weird visa processes don't intimidate me really, I land crossed into bolivia as an american I dont think it gets worse than that.

was thinking a quick trip through the shan state then a couple of nights in mandalay and rangoon each. nothing too crazy or radical.
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outside of Rome
I am going to Italy and I will be in Rome for 9 days. What are the best day trips from Rome? I am thinking of Tivoli, Bracciano, and/or possibly Ostia Antica. can anyone comment on these places?
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No title
Non-"Touristy" Greece: What can I expect from the non-tourist focused areas of Greece? I plan to spend a month or more traveling though the rest of Attica, Peloponnese, Ionian Islands, Epirus, Thessaly, and Macedonia. More specifically, I am planning on visiting Thermopylae, Delphi, Aegina, Methena Volcano, Corinth, Argos, Sparta, Patras, Kephalonia, Ithica, Paros, Corfu, Ioannina, Pindos National Park, the monasteries of Meteora, Pella, Thessaloniki, and Mount Athos. Do any of you anons have any experience traveling through these areas?
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No title
africa road trip
would this be a cool/easy road trip as a white American man?
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No title
I'm looking to retire early abroad and I'm looking for countries that will actually give me a visa under 50 or one that only gives out pensioner visa

Dominican Republic
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No title
I'm going to an event in Essen soon and decided to stay in Germany for 3 extra days to go sightseeing a bit around this area (flying from-to Düsseldorf). I'd like to go hiking in nature and/or see old schlosses and similar architecture. Not terribly interested in city centers and crowded places. What are some neat, hidden things to see around this area?
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Ok I really want to go to Egypt for the usual stuff, the historical sites. I'd be planning on going for around a week. Not sure exactly where but based in Cairo most likely.

I've never been outside of Europe before and I'd be a little nervous about all the scammers and what not there, I've heard and seen a lot of dodgy stories that seem to be unique to Egypt and much worse than similar countries like Morocco/Tunisia.

So what's it like? Safe? Cheap? Public transport and taxis ok? Speaka the Eeenglish?
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No title
descarga (3)
Japan judicial system/prison general

As lot of gaijin end up in the japanese draconian judicial system, this theard it to tell your story with it.

Japanese law allows for the detention of suspects for up to 23 days before indictment. Detainees are not allowed to request bail for the period and are subjected to interrogation throughout without lawer
In Japan, criminal suspects face severe abuses in pretrial detention. Authorities routinely strip them of their right to remain silent, interrogate them without a lawyer, coerce them to confess to crimes through repeated arrests, and deny them bail – resulting in detention for prolonged periods under constant surveillance in police stations. More than 99 percent of trials result in convictions.

Fuchu prison where most gaijin face their jail time:
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Vietnam General
Bác Hồ edition
Last one 404'd and you retards didn't make a new one.
Discuss all things Việt Nam ITT
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No title
Redpill me on Bundazil. I’m thinking of going to Rio and SP and maybe further down south in January/February. It’ll be my first solo trip outside of Europe. What should I do to prepare? What’s the best/ safest way to travel across the country? I’ll be there for about a month and I have a budget of €2k, flights not included.
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When is too old to stay at hostels?
I'm 29, soon 30 about to backpack in South East Asia for 6 months. Will I be too old to stay at hostels and join backpacking communites, party life, full moon parties and so on?
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grenoble / annecy / french alps
Does Grenoble deserve their reputation? Is this region worth a check out if you already went to the Swiss alps?
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No title
What is it like to live in Australia?
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No title
Best way to travel is a cruise.

Prove me wrong.
0 media | 17 replies
Do you travel when sick?
I'm supposed to be going to France later today but I just feel horrendous. What do you guys think about it? Should I just cancel and stay home?
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Week in Europe. Where to?
Going with friends to Spain and Morocco in October, but then I have a free week (5 days) after they leave. Which country should I go to bros?
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Canada = Over
This country is finished. I live in Northern Ontario, and I saw TWO brown people at the local supermarket this month. How can I immigrate to a non-globohomo country like Syria or El Salvador?
>pic related, view from my shithole I have to walk past every day
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TEFL general
We used to have a TEFL general on here. Do we have enough English teachers to revive it? I'm about to begin my CELTA certification. What do I need to know?
9 media | 228 replies
Tijuana expat tips?
Anyone have any recommendations on where to live/rent in Tijuana mexico? Or have any good information/tips on this?

I live in the USA currently and have a remote work from home job making around 80k a year. I was considering Medellin Colombia but Mexico is closer and constantly hearing about Colombian women drugging and robbing men makes me somewhat cautious on that.
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No title
Do you ever bring your own roll of TP to the hotel, just in case?
0 media | 10 replies
solo female traveling
hello, I am planning on traveling to Korea solo. As a girl, what can I do expect, and what are some ways I can make it a smooth trip? And where are the best places to meet a cute korean oppa?
4 media | 38 replies
South Korea General
5 media | 146 replies
Hostel stories
Whether good or bad dump your hostel adventures. Never been in one before but plan to. Are party hostels worth it as an early 20s man looking to get his dick wet
1 media | 50 replies
No title
i'm thinking of travelling to somewhere in mainland europe for christmas. saturday, sunday, christmas, leave on boxing day
give me some good ideas
i have no friends or family
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One/two days in Shenzhen
I'll be going on a business trip to Shenzhen in a few days, and will probably have a day or two there on my own. I don't really expect the partners on Chinese side to be all that welcoming outside of working hours, but that's fine by me. I realize that it's essentially a city-sized factory, but there seems to be a few options to spend a Sunday walking around.
Anyone can recommend something on a tight budget, but still worthwhile? For now I'm thinking about hiking up Wutong Mountain. I do speak decent Mandarin and have been on prolonged trips to China before (although mostly in the North), so language barrier is not that big of an issue.
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/trv/ trolling
>travel to new place
>at least a couple boomer retards with their smart tv's and speakers hooked up to the network with no security
>play moonman songs and chinese gore videos on their devices till they disconnect

Get the fuck off my free wifi, you old faggots.
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No title
Redpill me on Lisbon
1 media | 21 replies
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
>also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Questions Thread)

For most of your quick one-off questions that pertain to travel.

If your question is very long or convoluted, it might deserve its own thread.

If your question is specific to a popular destination, check to see if there is a relevant thread before asking it here.

Previous thread: >>2518945
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Is it depressing to live in a college town
I was thinking about moving back to my old college town, but I dunno if it's depressing to live in one past your 20s. For perspective it has a total population of 200k and a student population of almost 35k.
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Nobody cares about Poland here
But Poland has truly become the best country for tourism!

Or is everyone on this board just a sex tourist?
Well Poland is good for sex tourism too, PRIME Ukrainian hookers go for 300 zł.
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Hello guys i want to do a quick mini-vacation of 2-3 days to Nethrlands capital, mainly because i need to have a change of pace in my life( tired of my house that sits right into in an industrial area), but also because i already went there in 2013 with my parents and i liked it, and why not, try somethin other than the pussy weed i am accustomed to. My budget is something in between 500 and 1000 euros. Any interesting places i shoud see? I like museums and culture too
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/jpg/ Japan General - Actually discussing travel edition
ー How do I travel by public transportation? ー
Use Google Maps within cities, install the Jorudan or Navitime app for intercity travel

ー Dude, what should I see in ________? ー
>Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
*You should probably check on google if a place is still in business before you plan a whole trip around it*

ーJR Passー
JR Rail Pass is it worth it? Since JR is going to adjust the prices for the pass soon, not really anymore, unless you want to travel by train very extensively. You can plug in your itinerary in the links below and compare prices to the JR Pass.
With the increased price of the JR Pass, local train passes might be good deals now.

New prices starting October 2023
>7 day Pass: ¥50,000
>14 day Pass: ¥80,000
>21 day Pass: ¥100,000

ーInfo on Prostitution ー
Check out the links below and try not to derail the thread with repetitive questions about this. You can also check out old threads under Any question you might have, like "Do I need to speak japanese to see a prostitute?" or "Can I really have penetrative sex in a soapland?" have been answered hundreds of times, learn to use the fucking archive OR READ THE GUIDES LISTED HERE
>[YouTube] Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Updated on September 17, 2023. (embed) (look at okubo tachinbo)

>>2549271 strong zero exists, be warned? idk what you want anon

LAST: >>2548779
47 media | 464 replies
Which one is more satisfying?

More "recreational activities and freedom", beautiful Euro girls, everyone speaks English, is surprisingly clean that even the tap water is healthy

Biggest city in the world so more exploring, soapland experiences like mat play and rimming are exclusive to Japan, has fun arcades and Akihabara which is like heaven for weebs
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Top xmas locations
Been looking here in Colorado, I want somewhere snowy and with a homely feel, somewhere different than staying in the UK for Xmas. I don't ski or snowboard so might be a waste going exactly there, but I want somewhere kino to go for xmas

Where would you go for xmas?
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No title
Once again I find myself in a hotel room starving with no food at 02:30
3 media | 8 replies
Solo Nature Travel - 35yr old male
Getting a little burnt out at work and seeking to get away for 4-5 days in the USA in early to mid October. Have a family that isn't going to come with as this is for me to just decompress.

Been researching Acadia NP, Mt. Rainer NP and Yosemite NP. Looking for any suggestions that wont break the bank but not a poorfag and will spend up if the value is there.

Any suggestions anons? Before the cooming delegation speaks up that is not a priority in any way.

Located in Midwest so I realize a plane ride is required to see some cool shit.
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No title
Can you still move to Japan even if you don't like karaoke?
2 media | 13 replies
No title
Thinking of traveling to Ecuador for a week leaving quite possibly tonight or sometime tomorrow. Plan is to fly into Quito then take a bus or rented motorbike to Tena and hang around the Amazon for a couple of days, maybe a day or two expedition. Has anyone been? Suggestions? Would be a pre birthday trip to myself and flights are reasonably cheap.
5 media | 17 replies
banff without a car
I'm thinking about buying a last min ticket to Alberta and heading to Banff. Probably stay 3-4 days in Banff but wondering if its worth it without a car. Will I be able to travel to different sites/hikes without a car
0 media | 7 replies
No title
Goin to didneyworl this november and wanted to go to Galaxy's Edge. What am I in for, /trv/?

And yeah I know it's a waste of money, overpriced and r*ddit ONIONS but whatever, my work is paying for it.
0 media | 17 replies
seasonal work in Australia for American?
Could I get a working visa and go work on a fishing boat, or some other unskilled job, or do you need to be a highly skilled person? Im a respectable, polite, considerate guy. I’d want to live in Brisbane and chill with the eshay lads and go on trips to Thailand. We could smoke cones outside the servo and game Sheilas
2 media | 36 replies
No title
My suitcase.
1 media | 12 replies
Mountain Beach Town
Lots of info on on mountain towns. Lots of info on beach towns. But can we get a thread dedicated solely to mountain beach towns? Will also accept mountain lake or mountain body of water towns. Would prefer to hear about hidden gems not just obvious things like rio.
11 media | 24 replies
Bachelor party in prague
I am going to prague in two weeks, because a friend is having a bachelor party. Just simple questions
- anything I need to know before going to clubs ?
- how to dance or makeout with girls in a club?
- anything I need to be aware of in restaurants?
- anything I need to know about wandering at night time?

and the adult questions:
- do I need to order strippers drinks for a private dance? Or does only the bachelor get a private dance
- can I touch and squeeze their tits and ass?
- if I go to a brothel and I cum before time is over, do I need to leave or can I fool around and let her suck my balls until the time is over?

Why I don't believe we will go to a strip club or a brothel I would still ask for myself if I one day go there alone
1 media | 13 replies
No title
What is the best yuropoorean city for looking at cobblestone? I like the feeling of cobblestone against my foot.
5 media | 11 replies
No title
What’s the best city for hiking, music, art and being around a younger crowd?
2 media | 20 replies
London vs New York
Can any anons who have visited both cities elucidate their strengths and weaknesses? Which is the better city?
0 media | 27 replies
No title
Why are all the hotels in Paris such horrible looking dogshit?
0 media | 9 replies
Tourist’s can’t dress for shit
I know this is a gay subject, but why the fuck can’t tourists (mostly men, mostly fellow whites, 30s) actually dress normally with some sense of style? You look like a faggot wearing those tight graphic t-shirts and beige cargo shorts and old ass baseball caps and Levi jeans. Those Hawaiian shirts and polos and olive satchel bags and zip-up hoodies. Put a couple of decent modern looking outfits together for Christ’s sake. If you’re overweight don’t wear a close-fitting shirt. Get a haircut. Groom yourself a little. People in these countries you go to will view you as a fucking disgusting faggot foreigner if you can’t even present yourself with some flair. It doesn’t even cost much to look good. Go to H&M or Uniqlo who sell cheap, good looking versions of designer clothes and model your fits after what the current styles are. Take those gay looking glasses off. Girls will feel you more if you look cooler. Every time I see a group of black tourists they’re always dressed cool with good style, why can’t you all do the same?
7 media | 65 replies
No title
Is it true that Quebec City is boring and full of flavorless food?
1 media | 9 replies
No title
Will they ever stop wearing them? What the fuck is wrong with them? Do they enjoy it? Is this all simply about 'saving face' or are they still stupidly terrified of the virus? I want to travel in Thailand, Japan etc again without seeing this dystopian shit everwhere. Its depressing to think this never ends
7 media | 57 replies
No title
Old fag here. Travel while you're young. Trying to travel once you get a mortgage and have climbed the corporate ladder a bit sucks big time. I don't know how I'm supposed to be able to take a couple of months off to travel properly when I manage a dept, get just a few weeks a year and have a $2000 mortgage to service. Where can you go for just ~10 days that's reasonably priced, worth the time spent getting there and being able to only explore at a certain surface level
4 media | 32 replies
What do you think of my Japan travel plan?
I'm looking to spend about 15 days in Japan during the months of either October or November. My budget is around 2000-2400$, 1200$ of which will go to the plane tickets. To save on food and stuff I'll get coins from fountains and stuff like that.

Tokyo (3-7 days)

Akihabara - District for electronic and otaku goods. Find Ibaraki-Douji figurine.
Nihonbashi - Commercial district, boring. Take pictures.
Marunouchi - In front of train station, take pictures of both, leave.
Imperial Palace - Boring inside, take photos outside, leave.
Tokyo State Guest House - Cool mansion with massive samurai statue(?). 3 dollars to visit garden.

Asakusa: Visit Temple and explore the traditional streets of Nakamise.
Tokyo Skytree - Huge tower with observation deck, 21 dollars.
Sensoji Temple - Another cool temple
Edo Tokyo museum - Closed, but take photos.
Yanaka Cemetery - Buddha statue and a temple, supposedly.

Meiji Shrine - A peaceful Shinto shrine.
Harajuku - Cosplay culture but unlikely during Winter.
Metropolitan Government Building - Twin tower with two free observation decks.
Nakano Broadway - Shopping mall with lots of anime related stores
Yebisu Garden Place - Boring, but good picture potential.

Institute for Nature Study - Quiet nature reserve in the middle of Tokyo. 3 dollars.
Tokyo Tower - Tourist trap, avoid getting too close, look for vantage spots to take picture of.
Zojoji temple - cool temple right next to tokyo tower, perfect picture spot.

Rest (both far from city, will pay about 40 dollars in bus so unlikely to go):
Mount Mitake - Wooded mountain with shrine
Todoroki Valley - Short wooded valley with temple
Visit Mt. Fuji on way to Kyoto, but do not climb it (obviously)

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No title
When you are in a city, how far are you willing to walk when doing daily things or going out or whatever?
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What would be the best language to learn for travelling the caribbean?
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Siem reap next week. How to avoid stepping on land mine?
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Visiting Louisville Kentucky end of September:

Looking for:

Food recommendations.(I'm down for anything unique to the location. Fancy or mom and pop.)

photography areas.

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Where is the best place to go if I want pic related for a week in late October?

Is the Caribbean worth it? I hear there is a lot of rain that time of year. I live in Canada btw
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how to travel light?
I'm going out to SEA soon and the last time I travelled was cancer since it was my first time DNing and i overpacked. Want to take only a backpack this time, what setups/bags do you guys usually go with? I'll be travelling for like 8 months...
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Asia Trip
I'm planning around a 2 month trip to Asia next year, likely around March 20th to May 20th, but I'm flexible. It'll be my second time going to Japan and first anywhere else in Asia. I have a folding bicycle that I plan to bring with me. It's allowed on mass transit if it's covered. All my stuff will be in a backpack. How would you spend around 2 months?

I plan to fly first to Tokyo from the US and take the Shinkansen to Nagoya, spend a day at Nagashima Spa Land because I like rollercoasters, then continue to Fukuoka. Then I want to work my way north to follow the cherry blossom blooms back to Tokyo. Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Himeji, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Lake Biwa, Nagoya, Nagashima Spa Land again, maybe Yokohama, then back to Tokyo. I'd probably spend 3 weeks in Japan, with only 2 days of it in Tokyo (the day I land and fly to my next stop).

Then fly to Taiwan and spend a week or so there. I haven't done any research into Taiwan. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Then fly to Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam and spend about 2 weeks working my way to the north of the country.

After that fly back to Tokyo and spend a week there. Then fly back to the United States.

What do you think about my crude plan? I'd like to extend it another 2-3 weeks or so and visit Malaysia, The Phillipines, or Indonesia after Vietnam, but I might be biting off too much.

I'm planning for an average budget of $100 a day not including flights which I think should be plenty.
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what is the best place in the US to hear birds singing
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Working fish processing in Alaska
First time posting in /trv/ so I'm not completely sure if this is the right place to ask this, but has anyone here gone to Alaska to work during the summer work season? What was it like? I'm hoping to get a job at one of the fish processing factories there. I hear that the pay is ridiculously good and some companies even give you free housing on site and free three meals a day, so it seems like a great way to save up a lot of cash. Anyone able to offer their experiences and advice, even if its just about life in Alaska in general?
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Tashkent/Uzbekistan/Central Asia General
I've got a long layover in Tashkent, so I'm going to try to see some stuff after I've gotten a couple of hours of quality sleep. Is there anything that's a must-see there? Anything I should avoid? I'm generally in for any type of sightseeing, food, or museums.

This is my first time in a former Soviet state outside of Russia, and first time in Central Asia generally, so I'm actually kind of excited.
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Russia General /rg/
Why does nobody here talk about Russia? I've just decided I kind of want to do a short visit there and was wondering what to expect, where to stay, what to do, see, etc. Just the basics, really.

I was also considering going during the colder months for whatever reason. Any thoughts?

I heard that Russia is still under sanctions. Will my credit card work there? Is Russia at war, and is it safe from NATO missiles? If I go backpacking, will the KGB arrest me as a hostage, so that NATO must pay a certain amount of money, like a prisoner exchange
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I'm a male, 25 years old and recently I have been having the urge to see more of the world, im based in Europe and would like to start by visiting other European countries.

>What will I need?
>Any tips for a new traveler?
>Is there any program in the EU that I should be aware about?
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Interrail trip
I would love to do an Interrail with this specific configuration. What really matters to me is passing through these specific cities like Montpelier in the south of France (or any other city in the Cote d' Azur), Geneve , Zurich , Munich , Prague , Berlin and the cherry on top, Copenhague

It is possible ? I'll be travelling (if the trip is viable) with a friend for a Techno club-to-club experience.
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Favourite travel channel ?
Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 20.34.49
Pic rel, I like his videos and their style makes me want to learn video editing and travel too.
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What are some cool things to do in Salem during Halloween?
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They make the news of the plane travel for this!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm going on a road trip from Vancouver all the way down to Utah/Arizona. Is it worth going to California as well or is it as unsafe as it seems in the media?
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Travelled to France and Italy. Here are my thoughts on the places I visited.
>Excellent public transport system.
Loved the architecture of some of the buildings and statues. There is so much to do and visit. People speak French REALLY fast. Locals were either very helpful or standoffish. Gypsies were annoying as fuck with their fake petitions and panhandling.
People speak French much slower and are usually nice, no pun intended. I guess if I lived in the French Riviera, I would be more pleasant. Beaches were gorgeous. Food is delicious, maybe because its near Italy. Has vibe of a third world Latino country run by an efficient dictator.
Lots of nouveau rich douchebags partying here. But its located in the French Riviera, so I understand why this is such a popular party destination. Place looks like a James Bond movie location.
Didn't like it. Other than the Duomo cathedral, nothing else really to see. Why were there so many LGBT flags, even more than my liberal college campus? I thought Italy was land of traditional Catholicism and Mussolini fascism. Milan does have a great public transport system.
Vatican, Coliseum, and Pantheon were amazing places to visit, probably because I love history. I wish I could stayed longer to explore the city.
Water buses, canals, and the bridges were cool. Some parts looked dirty and run down. Kind of reminds me of a backwater village in India.

Overall, the closer to Italy, the more helpful the locals were. So much graffiti in both countries. Was it a govt artistic decision or crime issue?
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can one fly to Europe & travel around with NO CELL PHONE?
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I think travel with Chris is the best travel channel. It is heartwarming to see how friendly and humble he interacts with locals
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Bonn, Germany
What happens here? Any recommendations of things to do when you're there for a day or two
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Outside of TEFL, what is the easiest way to gain employment in Europe somewhere? My wife and I want to live for a few years with our kid, so she can experience a different way of life for a lil bit.
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I'm on vacation from today (11/9) to 26/9 and have planned absolutely nothing. I'm based in Europe, I would really love advice on last minute options. I really don't care, let it be unique but affordable.
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What should I do during a 16-hour layover in Istanbul?
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Anyone done a tour with these guys? Ive been thinking of joining one of their middle eastern tours, Syria or Iraq maybe. They seem pretty legit but I'm keen to see if anyone has some insights or can recommend alternate companies.
I'm not usually one for tours but I'm also not confident going to some of these riskier places alone.
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Bologna Italy
I wanna do culinary school and take italian language lessons and fully immerse myself into italian culture. Is bologna a good starting off point? ive never been to the north, only rome and amalfi coast. whats best there any and all insider knowledge please? i know nothing of the city? lots of migrants? is it busy? how easy to get around the country? is it a major city? expensive? is it safe? is it hard to bang women? any and all info appreciated
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How Springs National Park
I'm moving from Texas back up North & my route is leading me through Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas so I figured I'd stop by. Anyone here visited there before? Any recommendations on hotels/hikes/hot springs in the area to visit?
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I'm thinking of taking an action packed trip to Detriot this weekend. What should I do there?
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Share your fun travel stories
Only positivity here

I went to Prague this past May and the museum has a huge room featuring rocks which were very cool, and there was a dark room to display fluorescent rocks. You go behind a curtain to enter the room which was quite small. But because it had to be dark people kept bumping into each other and it was funny af so you just hear laughing and get bumped in a small room with glowing rocks.

>No coomer posts allowed!!
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In what place could I move to where they would give me

-a place to live
-a job
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What's the cheapest way to reset my Schengen Visa (from Germany) once 89 days pass? I was thinking about getting in and out of Serbia but I'm not sure. What would you do?
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Things to do between Chicago and Seattle
My family and I are moving soon and wanna do some cool stuff on the way. Any anons that live in, or have travelled, the area, would love some suggestions for stuff to do. We've seen some of Yellowstone, but will likely detour to see more of it. We've seen Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated. National parks, landmarks, monuments, museums, etc.

Picrel is the general route, though like I said, detours are certainly on the table.
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What's the best hour to visit the historic center of, let's say Warsaw, without it being loaded with tourists?
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Cuban Cigar Run
I was at Colombia and started to get a taste for cigars , so I was thinking , I have 2 passports a American and Mexican , from what I know if you travel with US papers to Cuba the US Gov. might put you on a list , but could I go under the radar if traveling with Mex papers ?
I plan to do 3 days , 1.Arrive and rest , 2.Buy my cigars and rest, 3.leave

Is is possible or am I doomed to buy from the middle man?
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/PRG/ Puerto Rico General
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 11.45.47 AM

Im looking for a month rental in PR
I want to stay for 2 or 3 weeks so I might as well rent something out for the month for a better price than 200+ dollar a night hotels right?

How the fuck do you find a rental for the month?
I would book any month from now till march
So the earliest would be October and the latest would be the month of February
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Baby's first non-Western solo trip
Looking to get away from the West for a week or two around November, but I've only ever travelled around Europe and the US before. Where's a good place to start? For context I'm an average white British guy in my early 30s, social skills can range from good to shit depending on how relaxed I am.

Things I'm looking for:
>Not to get murdered or caught in a monsoon
>No insane visa process
>Somewhere I can walk around a bit during the day and see stuff (so not 40c or a resort in the middle of nowhere)
>No covid bullshit
>Decent cooming opportunities whether free or paid

Thanks frens
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Is Tiananmen Square worth visiting in 2023?
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Redpill me on Dale Philip. I have been watching his videos and I find them entertaining but these travel v-loggers usually have massive skeletons in their closet.
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What's the general consensus on this guy? Are his shows helpful? Does he know what he's talking about?
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Best State in the Union?
I currently live in one of the most dangerous cities Georgia and want to move after graduating from college. Where should I go? So far I’ve been considering somewhere in New Hampshire or Oklahoma City
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Has anyone ever been arrested for anything, like drunk driving in another country?
What happened? Did it follow you home?
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Has anyone been here? What is their expat community like
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