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Hey voyagers,
/trv/ is a slow board, so don't expect immediate responses. CHECK THE CATALOG – you might find threads already discussing topics you're interested in.

Before asking for suggestions, tell /trv/ about your:
>Level of understanding of the local language(s)
This makes it easier to give quality advice. Of course, keep your posts travel related.

For all other matters:
General culture questions >>>/int/
Politics discussion >>>/pol/
Transportation discussion >>>/n/
Outdoors-related discussion >>>/out/

For more information about safety, planning and other miscellaneous topics, check out the pastebin in the next post:
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Give me a rundown on everything I should do when here.
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videoplayback (2)
Live your myth in Greece
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I'm a 22 year old momma's boy with EU citizenship living in South America. I've never been to Europe but I have an Italian passport. I want to move there and learn how to be independent. I have $4000, an Italian passport, a business degree from a shitty institute and medium coding/tech skills. I'm fluent in english and spanish, and I'm learning italian. What country should I move to? What city? How can I meet people in a similar situation? How do I get a job? Where do I sleep? What do I eat? I don't wanna end up homeless bros
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Is it safe to stay in hostels or hotels. I read that monkeypox can spread from bed sheets. Wtf. Is traveling over again?
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Fellow Amerifag here. I've been looking at taking a week or two and going to Montanita. I would like to go to France or Spain again but there's too much diversity. I prefer spics over nogs.

Anywho, has anybody here been to Montanita? Am I gonna get chopped up within in the first five minutes of being here?
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tfw (2)
>18 hour flight middle seat basic economy
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Someone redpill me on Perth, Australia. It's kinda easy to see costal Australia as all the same as basically a hot version of Canada but Perth is wayyy out there. QRD?
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Philippines General: Sir Raffy edition
images (5)
The Philippines had long been a destination for degerante cooming, jungle trekking, and eating rice.....lots of rice

Can I live there for 400 dollars a month?

Should I build my online gf a house in the jungle province?

Will I be robbed by a gang of street kids with no shoes?

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Munich for a week
Work is sending me to Munich for 5-6 days in late November. A few. Questions:
>what should I do?
>how can I mooch (expense$) the most value
>where should I stay/ what should I eat and drink?
>are they any places nearby with visiting?
>what airlines are good to fly from North America (Canadian or American) I get to fly premium economy.
I’m not a coomer like most of /trv/ I have a wife, so I don’t need German brothels or anything. I know Christmas markets will be happening, any suggestions? Any Anons open for a meetup?
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Which do you like, why?
>Be American
Want to leave this shithole, which of these countries would be best to live the rest of your life in?
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Italy trip
Me and wife are honeymooning in Italy.
Any advice? Never been out of my country before
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Biggest losers archetypes?
In your experience, which travelers/expats are the biggest fucking losers you've witnessed so far.

Here's my list, starting from the worst

1/ White guy in the Philippines
2/ English teacher in East Asia
3/ English teacher in SEA
4/ White boomer in Thailand
5/ Solo males in Eastern Europe
6/ Indians in Thailand
7/ Wannabe influencers who make no money
8/ Australians anywhere outside of Australia
9/ Dutch women anywhere outside of the Netherlands (Why do they all have autism?)
10/ Israeli men

I've been to every continent minus Antarctica,

Seems the highest concentration of losers is in Asia, unsurprisingly.

Western Europe has the lowest concentration of loser, also unsurprising.

Slightly surprising, travelers in LATAM are relatively chill, beyond hippies in mexico. I have a theory that even the cumbrained travelers still need basic social skills to game latinas, so it filters out some of the mega virgins who go to SEA instead.

Share your list
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time for the ol meme map ladies and gents
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What's your budget when traveling?
Let's start a budget thread. I'm interested in hearing what other people budget for daily expenses in different locations, both long and short trips. Exclude flights to and from, and mention if your budget includes insurance or other variable costs.

I'll start with SEA. I've been here now for a year and overall I'm spending about what I did before covid. I'll average $30 US/day (in Thailand right now, about 1000 baht/day), but I budget $50/day. My expenses are similar to pic related but I pay twice as much for hotels.
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travel with a target
hi anon
i love travel but i hate be a tourist and just watch monuments and museum, i like when there is something to do, like someone to meet, something to found etc.

do you have any advice for me? i am out of ideas.
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Country Hate Thread
Post the country you hate the most and why. The only rule is that you have to have actually been there.

Canada. It's really quite a boring country with pretty much nothing to do unless its just hiking basically. And the people are kind of annoying.
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Okinawa (in winter?)
Who has been to Okinawa?
Is it worth visiting in Late Fall/Winter? Are the beaches still open?
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How do you deal with sadness after finishing holidays?
I was abroad traveling in my country for about a month where i had a pretty good time exploring places and meeting friends and family, but now im back home and im feeling like shit cause i gotta go back to my daily routine of working 9-5 and complete loneliness. How do i cope?
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Motorbiking in Malaysia
Can I as a foreigner with a US driver's license get away with driving a small 110-125cc motorbike in Malaysia? Apparently they want you to have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license but I'm not doing that shit. Are the police just sitting outside of cities looking for foreigners on small bikes to fine? I'll be fine if I never leave the city?
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Saved up Ten Thousand Dollars, how far can i go with it?
Im a 26 year old swede, ive been a wagie since i finished school and ive saved up 10k usd and im wondering how far i can go with this much money?

Before i settle down somewhere and try to start a family i want to live and "go wild".
I am tall and fit and have no problem being social and make friends easily but i did waste most of my youth in front of the computer so im basically dreaming of making up for it by travelling and partying a bit now, i have no time limit only the limit of 10k usd. I have no concrete plan and im thinking freestyling it will be more fun than meticulously planning it out. but my big goals would be visiting Mongolia and just sightsee and ride horses there. Then on to Japan because it seems interesting and i grew up liking manga so can probably have fun there too, then i was thinking of going to Thailand to party and relax at the beach, and then on to Australia and New Zealand and dive in the great barrier reef. Possibly working some low tier job to make some more cash along the way.
Obviously i would try to travel as cheap as possible, not flying but rather slowly pacing my way forward with whatever i can, cheap train bus bike walking lifting etc. I know this maybe comes off as naive and retarded but id just like some feedback on how viable this would be and if you have any tips or criticism?
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Travel to Antarctica?
Alright, so how can I travel there?

I think my best route in would be to find a job at McMurdo station. There are a number of skilled and unskilled jobs, but learning how to pilot a helicopter seems like the best way in.

What do you think?
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South Korea
What's going on right now in Korea, did they open for tourism? I have a few basic questions for people who know something about Korea.

What is the best city in SK?
What is the best district for foreigners to pickup Korean women in Seoul?
Is it true that in Gwangju (the most leftist city in Korea) girls are easier for foreigners than anywhere?
Is Korea cheap or expensive?
How easy it is to get a job as an english teacher? I've heard that race matters so if you aren't white then it might be kinda hard, it's true?
It's true that Koreans don't let sometimes foreigners in?

And the final question is that I'm native French speaker and my English is not perfect after all, so is there a French teacher job? Are Koreans interested in the French language?

And you can share your experience about how it was in Korea
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Travel to Russia
I live in Sweden and am planning on taking a solo trip to Russia for a week how do I go about doing this? I am natively from Serbia so I have a serbian passport and understand I should be able to enter without a visa but have no clue on how to get myself there since there are no planes.

Pic not related
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No title
What’s good to do here?
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No title
Public transportation is literally only useful in densely packed and small cities. Bigger cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc can't make it work. LA has shittons of busses, yet very few people ride the bus. It's because they're too spread out.

People who parrot this line about public transportation stopping traffic problems in the US are idiots.
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Vacation in Ukraine
I want to spend 30 days in Kyiv.

Seems like Russia is being pushed back and has no chance of getting close to Kyiv again.

Despite that are travellers (non military) even welcome? Wouldn't someone wanting to attend a language school and stay at a hostel just be another liability and get in the way?
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Is Paris worth it?
I'm going to Europe soon and I'm wondering if it'd be worth taking a train to Paris and checking it out. I've heard mixed feelings about the City of Light and wanted to know if it's worth going out of the way for. I'm sure it's popular for a reason and I admit stuff like the Sacre-Couer seems cool af
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South America General
What's your favorite country/city in SA?
Best/worst experiences you've had?
Underrated/Overrated spots?
Unmissable experiences?
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/jpeg/ Japan General
>When will Japan open to tourists again?
2022 Q3 & Q4 Japan will test a "north korean style" controlled tourist groups with no freedom of movement, interaction with people and limited visits and transportation.
>OK, but seriously, when will Japan be open to tourists?
Summer 2023? They just don't want foreigners, it has nothing to do with the virus anymore. It doesn't look good after Shinzō Abe assasination
>Japanese news
>News by gaijin for gaijin

>How do I travel by public transportation?
Use Google Maps within cities, install the Hyperdia or Jorudan app for intercity travel
>Dude, what should I see in ________?
>Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc

ーCurrent status on the Miyajima Floating Torii Gateー
Under construction. Consequently, it's not worth visiting Miyajima.

ーInfo on Prositutionー
Most brothels in Japan don't allow in foreigners, and the ones that do are notoriously expensive - at least $400USD per hour. If you're mainly interested in cooming go to another country.
Please stop asking questions about this topic without refering to the /trv/ archives under, or to one of the websites below before.

ーJR Passー
JR Rail Pass is worth it? It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥
Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.

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Travelers by income source tier list
Here's my expert ranking of travelers/expats by their source of income.

This is not a ranking of the AMOUNT of income, but how likable the people are based on their source of income.

High Tier - Generally great people you want to meet
>Free lancers - Usually people offering some kind of digital service, generally free-spirited but still grounded in economic reality, the best kind of people to hang out with generally IMO. Downside is many suffer from inconsistent income and have to megabudget travel.
>"I just took some time off" - People who saved money to travel, are on PTO, taking time off, etc. Generally all around great people, really cherish traveling and meeting people, great vibes, normal and sociable. Downside is they don't travel for very long before returning to wageslavery. Easiest girls to bang too.
>Entreprenuers - Usually people who make a few thousand a month on some online business and escaped their 9-5 job. General chill, sociable people who just wanna experience life, often very open to going anywhere and doing anything

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/int chat/
Thread dedicated to language exchange apps/websites.


QTCRAWLER (for interpals):

Did you ever meet anyone from here or have any good experiences or stories?

What's your general experience with those apps?
Previous Interpals Thread: >>2269722
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No title
kathmandu pug
Just secured a remote job with a $350 day rate. Heading back to western europe, what is the best method of booking studio apartments a week to two weeks at a time? Is airbnb a bad idea?
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No title
Is there ANY reason at all to visit Moldova?
Have any of you been there?
I'm curious because it's the least visited country in Europe.
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Hostels vs Hotel vs Airbnb
Let's end this debate right now. Which is best.

I think hostels are best since it puts you near other travelers and like minded people.
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South tyrol?
Hello, what are the people and culture like in South Tyrol?
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airlines general
use this thread to discuss airlines and flight prices.

I have a questions for you /trv/ sisters: how the FUCK can I save money on flights?
I wanted to go from EU to MNL and prices went from 800 to 1100+ eur for a november/december flight wtf
isn't november off-season in SEA?
also I wanted to fly with Singapore airlines because it seems premium and Singapore is an handy hub for flights in Asia but is so expensive (like more than 1500 euro), arab airlines are pretty cheap (like Emirates), it would cost 400/500 euro less.
another option would be Turkish airlines but it has long ass layovers.
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What is there to do here?
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No title
I fell for the memes and flew to an foreign speaking country for two weeks alone.
I just got off the plane and I am scared shitless and i want to go home
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DON'T Teach English Abroad; You Will Ruin Your Life
img 2
I'm a former English teacher in my 30s. I primarily taught in China and somewhat in Vietnam, and all I have to say is: DON'T DO IT!

You will ruin your career and professional life. I went back home a few years ago and I've been trying to pivot into IT, but can't because I'm considered "too old" now.

If you are from a first world Anglo country, there is no reason for you to teach English abroad; it'll only be detrimental to your career. Maybe if you're from some Eastern Euro shithole and it's all you have to make money, go ahead. But Brits, Australians/NZ, Canadians, and Americans should NOT do it. You will get caught up with the easy girls, the easy lifestyle, thinking you're making money and progressing, then you'll hit a roadblock. Then, before you know it, you're 30 years old with nothing to show. You're also essentially teaching Asian people to come to your countries and take all the high paying 6 figure jobs. JUST. DON'T. DO. IT.
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Leaving the west to burn...
I'm sick so sick of the west. Where can I move to live as a free man? I'm looking for places with good standards of living for people on white collar jobs.
3 media | 31 replies
Leaving the West general
Leaving the West general thread.

I live in the USA, how do i get out of this corrupt shit-hole for greener pastures?
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No title
images (2)
I'm thinking of traveling to europe in mid-late december, anyone have any recommendations for cities to go to?

Not looking to ski or anything like that, i want to go somewhere with a comfy winter vibe, preferably snowy but not so much that it would prevent me from doing anything.
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/vng/ - Vietnam General
Autistic schizos tell us how you should be a gay twink to get laid edition

All discussion related to traveling in Vietnam here

13 media | 172 replies
Moving to Taiwan
Continued from
Just accepted a teaching job in Taiwan. My pay is 750ntd an hour ($25.3) and my apartment is only $200 a month.

What's some general advice you guys can give about living in Taiwan?
20 media | 170 replies
How do you enjoy travelling alone?
I have fun sightseeing and exploring new places. But then I just want to have some food/drinks with friends, and it feels so fucking weird and lonely to do it by myself.

How can I chill by myself during a trip abroad?
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Thailand Concert Tickets
Where the hell can you find concert tickets for shows in Thailand online? None of the big websites have any god damn shows. Are there just not any shows in places like Bangkok?
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Best place for ski vacation?
backseatskiing 2
What would be the best place to stay for 3-4 months during the ski season?

Overall considering quality of the ski resort, cost of accommodation, cost of car rental (if necessary), lift ticket, etc.
I would think that the Rockies would be the most expensive, followed by the Alps, and maybe Scandi countries. I’ve heard that the skiing in Korea and Japan can be quite good, has anyone tried it?

Other travel related ski posts welcome
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/rcg/ - Roller Coaster General
Son of Beast edition

Previous Thread: >>2274324

>What is this thread?
/rcg/ was created as a way for the rollercoaster enthusiasts on here to discuss all things rollercoasters and theme parks. While rollercoasters are the main focus, there is also discussion on other theme park rides, as well as parks themselves and trip planning too.
>Can I talk about Disney/Universal in this thread?
Absolutely! Disney discussion of all sorts including resorts/dining/trip planning is OK.

Thread Protip: please for the love of god secure your loose articles when on a rollercoaster

Roller Coaster Database:

Amusement Park News Sites:

Disney Park News:
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No title
I'm a convicted felon. I really don't want to make this thread about what I did, so I'll just say it wasn't any pedo shit or anything violent and I only got two years.

But the point is, probation will be coming to an end. I've always said one day I'll take a trip to Japan, and I have a few friends throughout Europe and in Australia I'd like to visit and I've heard stories about each of those places being impossible to enter if you have anything at all on your record. I don't want to do anything illegal in any of these places, in the case of Japan I just want to go to all the typical geek tourist spots. Google claimed if I try to enter and they decide to check my record and there's so much as a misdemeanor listed they will deny me entry.

Also, not so much for Japan since I'd probably just be on foot and use public transport, moreso for Europe, is it as easy to rent a car there as it is in the US and how likely am I to kill myself in a car wreck trying to get used to driving on the other side of the road?
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I have an itchy rash.
Got it last week in Vietnam and part of it got better but it returned with a vengeance. Is this something the white man just has to deal with or is there something I'm doing wrong? I haven't gone hiking
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Chinatown Thread!
If you’re sad about not being able to go to China, why not go to a Chinatown! They’re plenty of them in the world, even in places you’d least expect.

I decided to use this thread to list out Chinatowns. If anyone has anymore more info on a particular Chinatown that I post, just reply to the listing of it.
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No title
Which state should I travel to?

>currently live in Tennessee and have seen most of what it has to offer throughout my life
>but I live in a depressing and soulless town and I want to see more larger scope nature
>like BIG nature, someplace comfy with more trees than people and cliffs and shit like that
>wanting to experience something like picrel which I think is in washington
>budget of ~$2.5k

Obviously I'm already considering somewhere in the PNW like Oregon or Washington but if I do that I want to go to a part that isn't very touristy. Maybe somebody has suggestions of some hidden gem state that I wouldn't have considered. I have never left my state so I'm excited to eventually. I'd appreciate any recommendations, travel tips, etc.
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Leaving China General
Been living in corrupt country (China) my entire life. Need to escape. Looking at Melbourne and Vancouver in particular. Which city is better for Chinese citizens such as myself?
7 media | 43 replies
No title
Is there anywhere in India worth visiting? I've looked at it on Google Street View and the whole place looks like a total shithole.
0 media | 2 replies
No title
what went wrong
0 media | 4 replies
No title
What is the best place to visit in black Africa? Where do they offer the best experience?
1 media | 14 replies
Best Saunas in Helsinki
I want to best mixed saunas where people will actually go.

Preferably want the Scandinavia care free nudist experience, preferably with attractive people.

Can anyone recommend some saunas?

Thank you
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No title
I'm thinking about moving to Maine in December. Is this a good idea?
3 media | 47 replies
Argentina time?
Why doesn't Argentina seem to get any attention here?

>Can live in a beautiful modern apartment in the best part of buenos aires for like >$500
>Can eat steak and 5 star meals every day
>Decent nightlife
>Decent nature
>Decent historical sites
>Decent women
>Good transit
>Developed first-world-looking city
>Collapsing currency making the USD/EUR go much further

Seems pretty ideal? What's the downsides?

Currently in Mexico City but it's not really my vibe here, had my eyes on Buenos Aires for a while.
4 media | 38 replies
Spanish citizenship
Why is spanish citizenship so hard to get for spanish descendants?
Im argentinian, and 3 out of 4 of my grand parents were literally born in Spain, Galicia and Asturias to be more accurate, the other one was italian.
I look Spanish as fuck, white skin, brown hair and full beard, I speak spanish as my mother tongue. I am a catholic.
Why do they make it literally impossible for me to get it, but any moroccan or somali that jumps the Ceuta fence can live there freely and get it in a couple of years?
It literally makes no sense.
I already have the italian citizenship if I wanted to go and live there, but I still dont know why they make it so hard.
Any Spanish anon know why or has an opinion on it?
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Scandinavian trip
Hi guys,
We are planning little car trip through Scandinavia which will occur on start of September.
Unfortunately, we don't have much time (around 7-10 days), so we don't have much option to visit the northern parts.

I would have few practical question such as:

How "bad" is weather is in September? (We mainly plan to admire the views and field trips)
What are best place to visit?
Eventually, place to avoid?
Better to go by ferry or do it fully by a car?
Best local food to try - food suggestions are really important for me because i like to try new things.

We dont know where exactly will stay (we are planning at least 2 days in Bergen for sure) but we will probably just use for accommodation.

We are fully aware of the costs and that Norway is second most expensive country in europe, but we are +/- prepared.

This is the first outline of the map that came to mind. A lot of things will probably change, especially if you could help me with it. Apart from the main route (A), we consider possible ferry routes (B) and an alternative route (C).
>pic of map

Thank for any advice and help.
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/gg/ - Germany General
For discussion related to travelling in Germany.

8 media | 75 replies
Thailand visas
download (44)
Hey guys can someone give me the low down on Thai visas?

I am a Buddhist practitioner, thinking to travel there for a long time in order to perhaps pursue monastic ordination, but this whole problem with visas makes me a little bit leery. What is the best way to stay long term in this country, given that I won't have an income or any formal employment? I do have a good chunk of money.

3 media | 79 replies
Thai language
What's the best way of learning Thai?

As a related question, how can I develop a serviceable level of Thai in 60 days?
0 media | 21 replies
What is worth seeing in Bulgaria
Going to spend a week or two here before I go to Turkey. No clue what goes on here, any recommendations? Might also go to Serbia and Romania while I'm close.
2 media | 26 replies
London Calling
London is calling my name. I must go. What should I do there? I'm a solo female travel veteran. I've been to Thailand, Japan, Mexico, and from the US. Help me /trv/. London is calling.
>no coomers please
0 media | 3 replies
20$ a day traveling in Thailand
How possible is this?
My budget is $20 each day.
I want to do the following:
>eat 3 meals
>stay in accommodation
>get massage (with HE)
>drink a few beers
1 media | 16 replies
A dancing Monkey Job
I want to teach ESL somewhere. Where's the best place balancing the following:
>best paid
>cleanest streets
>least amount of Africans
>ability to coom
0 media | 6 replies
Seki, Japan for a month
Work is sending me to Seki, Japan for a month to oversee and learn some knife making quality control and techniques. I'm from Germany, if that matters. What are some great things to see while I'm not at the factory? I'll get the weekends and Fridays free. i assume the evenings will be tired to do anything other that eat and watch movies.
0 media | 3 replies
Where can I travel to avoid confrontations?
I hate confronting beggars, scammers, poor people asking for money, people looking to fight, people asking me to sign petitions (which I suspect is a scam), people that place bracelets on your wrist then demand you to pay, etc.

Where's the best place to avoid these types of people.
1 media | 14 replies
South East Asia General
/SEA/ General
Discuss plans
Share stories/pictures
Ask questions
Ignore posts you don't like
Consider /std/ for dedicated discussion to sex tourism, but also ok here.
11 media | 210 replies
No title
Where is culture happening in the West? New York? San Francisco? Or is it true zoomers just aren't doing anything irl. Is the locus of culture in Shanghai now but we just can't see beyond the language barrier? I'm genuinely wondering because it seems like group culture is dead and the world is just boring now.
3 media | 9 replies
No title
Anywhere cool to go to for Halloween?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
share protips about traveling to and within serbia please
i will be in belgrade
3 media | 92 replies
Im planning a trip to Malaysia November- February now that it's open . Flying into Kuala Lumpur. What are some nice areas to visit or things to know?
0 media | 7 replies
Southern Balkan trip
Balkan trip
Greetings /trv/,

I intend to make a trip through Balkans and I managed to get in this route:

Sophia - 4 days (one for jet-lag recovery)
Plovdiv - 3 days
Burgas - 2 days
Istambul - 7 days
Tessaloniki - 3 days
Athens (with day-trips to Corinth and Thebes) - 7 days
Trikala (for Meteora) - 2 days
Tirana-Dürres - 4 days
Ohrid - 2 days
Skopje - 3 days
That's 37/40 days avaliable (actually 41, but the last one I intend to stay in Sofia for avoid unpredictable issues). I don't know if going to Montenegro would be logistically viable, so I accept suggestions.
Also do you think it would be safer going clockwise or counter-clockwise in terms of robbery issues?
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Reverse Paris-syndrome
Hvar 2022
What are some places that positively surprised you? Since the world opened up again I've done some extensive travelling. Some places that made a very good impression on me are:

- Visby: The main city on the Swedish island Gotland. Serene, clean, no MENA, very cozy.
- Vienna: Spent most of the time in the central parts. Imperial. Clean. Great food. Beautiful parks and architecture. Festivals. Markets. Great museums. People were nicer than I had expected.
- Antwerp: Cool city. Kind people. Interesting art. Nice and calm.
- Vilnius: Very cozy city. Old town is small but the city offers enough for a good long weekend. Beautiful parks. Good restaurants. Kind people.
- Split / Hvar / Brac: Very nice port city in Croatia. The islands of Hvar and Brac are very nice. Great fish. People are kind. Felt very chill. Beautiful scenery. Felt alot better than Dubrovnik.

I have a few more places i'll add in the thread later.

What are some places that positively surprised you?
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/rwg/ - Re-opened World General
Here we keep track of the ever reopening world and what restrictions still exist. We use the Kayak covid map as the basis:

as it's the most up to date, and lets you look at countries based on multiple criteria. The default setting is for US citizens who are fully vaccinated. At this point, 25 countries/territories are still closed:

Falkland Islands
Federated States of Micronesia
French Guiana
Marshall Islands
North Korea
Wallis and Futuna
Western Sahara

5 are open but require quarantine:
Hong Kong

Japan is "open" but only for tour groups.

Everything else is open, with at most a test required.

In this thread we can share personal experiences of the more practical side of things, such as what local restrictions still exist. Happy travels!
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No title
Everyone on 4chan and the internet told me that this was a shithole but I moved here and love it here. What's the matter?
3 media | 9 replies
No title
What's the best place in the midwest for a black man born in Texas?
1 media | 20 replies
/lang/ Episode One - The Series Has Landed
Las Lingua Francas d'Afrique
>What language(s) are you learning?
>Share language learning experiences!
>Ask questions about your target language!
>Help people who want to learn a new language!
>Participate in translation challenges or make your own!
>Make frens!

Read this shit some damn time:

Totally not a virus, but rather, lots of free books on languages:!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2ywojGLE0O8cu4A

Lots of books on linguistics of various kinds, as well as language courses:!Ad8DkLoI!jj_mdUDX_ay-8D9l3-DbnQ

Check this pastebin for plenty of language resources as well as some nice image guides: (embed)

Torrents with more resources than you'll ever need for 30 plus languages:

List of trackers for most language learning packs:

Ukrainianon's list of commercial courses from (embed)

Russianon's list of comprehensible input resources:

Pastebin that archives challenges:

>How do I learn a language? What is the best way to learn one? How should I improve on certain aspects?
Read the damn wiki
>Should I learn lang Y so I can learn lang X?
>What is the most useful language?
>What language should I learn?
Nafri Creole
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Tea Culture in Japan
I'd like to study tea culture, but as a program I get paid for. Do they do this like teaching English? Where they help with accommodations, maybe moving family over there, etc?
0 media | 11 replies
Most over rated or hated tourist area you've visited?
I went to Hawaii and I was really disspointed. The beaches were impossible to beat but everything else sucked. The locals. The prices. The traffic. The food. Pretty over rated. Much rather go to southern Mexico.
5 media | 29 replies
Anything about South Korea
Hi im kim. ask me everything.
i wanna know how big observational bias between native koreans and foreigners.
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No title
>drive back home to Texas from Minnesota
>stop by Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma tripoint
>pee in Misouri
Fuck Misouri
0 media | 1 replies
Hawaii is extremely mid
>expensive as fuck
>not much to do
>best people aren’t even the locals it’s the fucking Asians
>you can learn all the juicy shit about their culture by a single visit to the Polynesian cultural center
>jap culture is significantly more interesting than theirs
>locals are dicks
>you get bored of the island quickly
Why does anyone even pay an arm and a leg to visit there, much less Live there
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No title
Does anyone have experience with Saudia airlines?

I'm confused if you're allowed to bring a suitcase to the cabin with you. This link says just an ordinary bag.
2 media | 12 replies
No title
Anybody from Chicago willing to receive in theie couch a non documented immigrant for 5 months next year? Will only be there to save up for college in my country
0 media | 2 replies
No title
>can fly to over a dozen countries for a could bucks
>no TSA or other inconveniences
>staffed with cool british accent speaking people
Why can't we get this in the US? I want to go to Vegas and am looking at 75 dollars on spirit which doesn't seem trust worthy from the reviews. I hear nothing but good things from people in europe about ryanair taking them to all kinds of cool countries for like nothing.
0 media | 12 replies
No title
What’s a chill beach or tropical town where you can get around without a car?

Ive been looking at Gainesville, vero beach, and Santa Barbara
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No title
Worst European flag carrier.
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No title
>drive back home to Texas from Minnesota
>stop by Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma tripoint
>pee in Misouri
Fuck Misouri
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No title
Hey there fellow travelers, today I wanted to talk about where you are heading to next. As you can see, I'm currently here in Norway but I'm on my way to Spain. Just need to pass a few hours before heading back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and then go to the airport. So, if you want to share, just leave a comment below. Remember, keep the comments safe. And bye from here in sunny Norway.
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No title
Any Eastern European place with cheap whores and cheap nightlife? I planned to go to Kiev but the war won't allow it, any other good places?
1 media | 6 replies
Pilot shortage
I'm not feeling so good travel bros. How can we get to our destination if the pilots are not pilots anymore. Like where did they all go?
2 media | 31 replies
No title
Should I go to Lamu Kenya and look for old antiques? I'm born and raised in America but my family is from South Somalia(like 40miles away from Lamu) we share a lot of culture and I want to visit Lamu.

I want to find something old(100+ years) and bring it back home, should I go?
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No title
Looking for reviews of Santo Domingo and Santiago, please. Any and all information appreciated. How safe are these places?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
this place
anyone know a place like this?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
This is the Dead Sea, the most dangerous body of water on the planet and a famous travel location. No life can survive in it. If you drink the water, you will die. If you get the water in your eyes, you will go blind.
7 media | 189 replies
Spain bans Air conditioning
Canceled my trip to Barcelona, where can I go in Europe that still has air conditioning? Are there any countries not being fucked by Putin, im Canadian so I'm very sensitive to the hot
3 media | 28 replies
No title
wing seat
I used to love flying window seats when I was young, but now it scares the shit out of me.

Anyone else experience this?
0 media | 20 replies
No title
Does anyone know the best way to deal with hosts demanding payment for damage you didn't cause?

I can make some excuses for not taking photos at arrival or not telling the host about a cracked toilet seat but a lot of things were run down in the apartment and I simply didn't bother. Now he demands money through booking. com. I don't want to be a jerk and would pay for it since it was cheap and good otherwise + it is my mistake, but the amount he demands is a scam. Can anyone with any experience help me out here. Btw it's in Sicily.
webm unrelated
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34th birthday all alone
sup /trv/.

will be turning 34 in a couple months. thinking of going to europe just to get away and see something new for a few weeks. have a US passport and some money to spend.

interested in history and sex. i know that's vague, was hoping for some pointers to help inspire me.
0 media | 18 replies
LAS VEGAS, best place on Earth.
What should I do while I'm there? Planning to go alone, maybe stay there for a couple of days or a week.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Going to Copenhagen tomorrow until sunday. Is it still possible to buy weed/hash in Christiania or are the stalls completely gone?
0 media | 8 replies
Canary Islands
Have any of you been to the Canary Islands? What'd you think? Kind of curious about them since they're the European place thats kind of tropical.
3 media | 19 replies
No title
>paid for round trip plane tickets
>got full amount deposited back but still says I paid
>couldn't reach agency where I got the tickets
>went on the flight without issue
>now get an email with a new payment link
What do I do here? I could just buy a cheaper one way ticket home and not show up for my return flight but I feel like they could make a case out of this if they wanted to. Pic unrelated.
0 media | 11 replies
Hey, my family and I are going on a trip to newfoundland for about a week. What are some things to look out for there?
1 media | 15 replies
No title
Where the fuck can you stay around London that isn't insanely expensive or insanely unsafe

I don't care if i take the tube one way for an hour to get into town

I was thinking Wimbledon must be safe because tennis is posh.
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The Best Places for Cheap Shopping
Back in the old days if you wanted a buy something at bargain price you'd go to Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai. But one by one these places have become ultra expensive and it there doesnt seem to be anywhere thats replaced them. Where would you go globally these days for a similar shopping experience?
0 media | 1 replies
Europe for a month
I’m going to Paris for a conference at the end of September from the west coast of the US. Never been to euroland before. I work remote so I can stay there for as long as I’d like. If you had a month to spend in Europe, where would you go? I’m general into outdoors things but I’d like to experience euro culture. Definitely attracted to Spain, Norway, Switzerland, and italy, but I’m not sure how much I should pack into 1 month.
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No title
dominican repuplic
My GF wants to go to one of those all inclusive beach resorts, I finally agreed upon it but now I want to know where I can get the best value for money since I don't have any experience with such holidays.
4 media | 49 replies
Teaching English abroad
Hi all, apologies if this is not the right board but I wanted to teach English in Japan but do not have a bachelors degree. I did however pass a TEFL certification for teach English abroad but I don't have the 10 years experience they require yet. I have heard of people using fake degrees and was wondering if you guys thought it would work, I know they started cracking down on that sort of thing a few years back. Or I could possibly just say I have the 10 years experience? I'm 31 so the time frame would pan out I think. Thank you in advance!
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No title
Any anons been to Helsinki? What'd you think?
Thinking about going there for a few days since I'll be in Tallinn.
Are there any cool daytrips you can do from the city?
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No title
Is it worth it to leave the US to raise a family or should I just move to a different state?
1 media | 12 replies
No title
I’m going to immigrate to South Carolina from Florida in a few months. Where are the best places to live in South Carolina as a Florida expat? What should I expect of living in SC?

I love the beach and I hate diversity. Where in SC is it safe, cheap, and soulful? I was considering making an offer on a home around the Sea Islands area to Charleston area, if I can find a cheap one with a good school zone
0 media | 34 replies
No title
Is there anything to do in Ireland? Family is going there to "see our roots", but I'd rather see Italy and France and maybe slip out to fuck some hairy French whores.
2 media | 37 replies
European Winter Festivals
Hello /trv/. I'm going to Europe from November to Mid-February.
I was just wondering what entertaining festivals/parades/celebrations are on during that time?
So far i've got Amsterdam's Light Festival, Tamborrada in Spain, Krampuslauf, Perchtenlauf and St Nicholas Day in Austria and Armistice Day (not sure what ceremonies are on where for that one).
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No title
I live in Philadelphia. Where should I stop on my way to SE Asia one-way? Somewhere in Europe or something? Check it out for a few days? Without spending too too much.
0 media | 4 replies
What are some great places to go outside of York peninsula and the outback?

Also what are the differences between the different cities?

I'd consider moving there but I've heard all young people are pushed to the suburbs cause of the insane price of rent.
1 media | 7 replies
I will spend 3 weeks in Doha. What are the nice things to do/see/eat/buy there?
1 media | 10 replies
Trip to Mexico
1660060077182663 (2)
My mother in law and father wants to visit Mexico in november and they offered me to come with them.

Any precautions I should take?

They want to visit monterrey, mexico city and acapulco
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No title
bros... I was always a tick below Chad lite in the US because although I have a 9/10 face, my height is 5'9. Now that I'm in SEA, I realize that I can chat up any woman I want and it goes really well. I'm a virgin and haven't had any kind of romantic encounter since I was 12. Is going to sleep with as many women as possible going to make my life any better? Part of me just wants to keep improoving and maybe going back to the US for a white woman but it could all be in vain with how society is going. I know this is a really gay post but this is a crossroads for me.
2 media | 22 replies
No title
When the FUCK is China going to re-open? I'm lucky enough to have a 10 year L visa except that it's fucking USELESS right now. Anyone else banking on being able to go by Summer 2023? They can't keep laowai out forever; they need our money
2 media | 29 replies
No title
Any anons been to Colombia? What was it like? Was it worth the trip? I’m looking at maybe going in September and really only staying by the coast.
11 media | 33 replies
Any anons here traveled extensively around Poland?
I'm planning a trip, and it seems like 2 and a half or 3 weeks might be necessary, there is so much I want to see.
>countless small towns, castles, lakes
>other cool cities I probably don't know about
I don't even know where I'd start
5 media | 31 replies
fucking injured myself in a foreign country
fellas I fucked up, was chilling in my guesthouse while it was raining like fuck outside (in SEA rn), ordered food, it came, picked it up and ate it and of course it tasted fucking good as usual.

Like a fatass retard I decide to order dessert at 3am and as Im going to collect my dessert delivery I slip and fucking fall on this hard tile surface.

now im in my guesthouse like a retard with a fucked ankle on my left foot and a fucked shin on my right leg. refusing to go to the hospital since I dont want to be fucking gouged for money.
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No title
What’s a good place to stay a few nights between Luxembourg and Basel? I wanted to do colmar but it’s too expensive
0 media | 2 replies
India + Thailand itinerary
Hey Anons,
In October, I'm going to visit India for around 10 days and then Thailand for another 1-2 weeks.

1 week is dedicated to hiking/trekking with a bunch of friends from, but after that I'm more or less free to do anything. For Thailand I dont have any plans at tall (just to relax)

What should I do?
0 media | 6 replies
Disneyland vs. Disney World
For someone who has never been to either Disneyland in Anaheim or to Walt Disney World Resort, which would be a better experience and why?
1 media | 18 replies
No title
Hi /trv/. I spent some months travelling throughout the entire USA by car, mostly just winging it. I went to a few cities, but I generally preferred smaller-medium sized towns as they seemed to have real culture. At some point, I realized that winging it by just going to whatever town was off the interstate was a bad plan, especially when I started branching off into state roads. I would end up in seedy areas, or areas that I felt unsafe in. My solution to this was to eventually use zipatlas, and I could just search up towns and cities by demographic statistics. This did not fail me a single time the rest of my journey through the USA, and I highly recommend it if you're doing what I do, and just winging it through your travels.
0 media | 1 replies
3 week USA train trip

I'm currently settled in Malibu, but I have not seen anything else in USA. Im looking to take 3 weeks in autumn to explore this large country and prefer to do so by train. Im thinking 8-9 cities, and ending up in New York. Some places i'll only spend a day in and others i might stay for 2-3 days. I know I'll want to visit New Orleans.

What are you route suggestions?
5 media | 32 replies
Moving to America
Bong here. My entire life I've wanted to live in America, I recently won enough money on the lottery to make this happen. I've always wanted to live in New York and I'm wondering if there are any other states to consider before I start taking it seriously. I'd like a city/state with good public transport and that you can actually navigate by walking and so far only a handful such as New York and Boston tick the box. Other cities like Philly can be walked but are crime ridden hellholes, California is built for cars and comfy midwest states are car or die. Is New York really the only option for this kind of lifestyle?
0 media | 7 replies
No title
is this place good?
how are the people?
I'm thinking about applying to jobs in Pittsburgh
0 media | 10 replies
Trip to Mexico
My mother in law and father wants to visit Mexico in november and they offered me to come with them.

Any precautions I should take?

They want to visit monterrey, mexico city and acapulco
0 media | 0 replies
Lviv - Ukraine
I want to go there. I would enter from Slovakia, to Uzhgorod, take a train to Lviv, fuck around.

Is it good city?
1 media | 8 replies
Sri Lanka
Ever been to Sri Lanka? It's looks like a beautiful country, with great food
5 media | 30 replies
logistics of long term travelling?
Say you want to remain in your home country for 6 months a year, while travelling to other countries for 3-6 months at a time (each).
How would you manage this, mostly in terms of housing? Assume you have a remote job with a decent income, and do not own a house.

I'm not sure how you would avoid paying rent in 2 places at once, while still being able to... own stuff. I guess you could pay for a storage unit while you are out of the country?
5 media | 32 replies
how to get the best prices on hotels...
Going to be traveling awhile how can I get the best rates ?
0 media | 38 replies
No title
have you been impressed by the mcdonalds in your travels
4 media | 55 replies
Bookable Restaurants
In Vegas. Looking for a nice restaurant, pretty open but has to be this weekend, so all the top tier ones you see on all the lists are pretty much out as far as I can see. Under 300 a person ideal but if it’s worth it it’s worth it. French and Japanese seem to be the specialties so I’m leaning towards that but again pretty open. Also general tips on getting into popular restaurants I guess. Pic unfortunately not related.
0 media | 3 replies
No title
one day in zagreb. hit me with the best things to do.
0 media | 7 replies
I'm traveling to Canada. What should I know about said country?
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