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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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Is being hired as truck driver a good way to discover a country?
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Favourite Airline Food
What is your favourite snack/meal to have while travelling on a plane (or whats the best food you've ever had from a specific airline)?
For me nothing beats the classic crackers with cheese, incredibly comfy food while on a plane.
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I'd like to learn Mandarin as I will work with Chinese people from january onward, I will have to go to China and even might move there for a while at some point.
What tools can I use to learn the language efficiently ? Any good apps/sites/books I should use ?

Also, any China related travel tips are welcome.
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Sorry if wrong board.

Do you know of any channels of people similar to Bald and Bankrupt but in China or Japan?
I mostly enjoy the interactions with the locals he has, like hanging out with them, drinking, having dinner, hearing about their lives.
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Let's get an InterPals thread going.. How many people did you actually meet from here? any interesting stories? good or bad.
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>you know what. fuck it. i don't care

Is anyone here an expert with Google Maps/Earth? I am trying to find the exact location of where this picture was taken. I only have a few clues:

>In an area in/around Los Angeles
>Can apparently hear planes taking off
>If you must know why I'm looking for this place.. take a wild guess
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What should I know prior to moving to Italy from the United States? How much should I have saved and what languages are spoken there?
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Are any of these paths possible or are they all pretty much guaranteed death? Realistic with a year of physical and survivalistic preparation to adapt to endless walking all day? The country lines aren't actually existent physically speaking and crossing to a second one should be as simple as just walking in.
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>tfw arab american and want to visit east european countries
how bad of an experience will i have really?
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is it worth it?
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how is /trv/ coping with all the lockdowns & closed borders?
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Why are there so many Chinese and Indians coming in and invading Canada?
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real traveller tee em
Alright, we're all bored and stuck inside.
Lets play a little game (i.e. measure our dicks).
How many points do you have on the RealTraveller™ map? To get a point, you need to have spent at least 24 hours in a country - layovers count, any country you've lived in counts - as long as you meet that criteria.
Spent a few hours in the Vatican but less than 24? Shit doesn't count.
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rainy cities
What are some urban locations known to get lots of rain?
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I'm going to Italy in early August with my friends. Do y'all think that I'll be able to travel? I'm Spanish so I know how bad things really are, but I still hope that the pandemic will be controlled, if not over, by the time I take my first flight to Naples....
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On my flight to Cancún right now.
Barring cancellations, I will be returning on next Tuesday.
I already plan on going to Chichen Itza.
What else do I need to do while in the area?
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Is the age of cheap and easy travel over? Wll things ever go back to normal?
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So apparently Sweden isn't on lockdown. Is it viable to travel there?

Are there any other viable travel destinitations right now?
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It's sunday
Confess your travel related sins
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Name a single thing more cringe than this
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Future of air travel
Which aviation companies is /trv/ expecting to fold over the next few months as a result of coronachan? My money's on Virgin and Cathay at the least
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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
>also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Questions Thread)

For any and all of your one-off questions that pertain to travel.

If your question is specific to a popular destination (eg. Thailand, Japan, Germany, Italy, etc.), check to see if there's a relevant general before asking it here.

If your question is administrative in nature (eg. visas, passports, customs/immigration, airport/airline policies, etc.), be as specific as possible. Such information may include, but is not limited to your nationality, where you're going, any layover points, etc. These details do get missed quite often, and they sometimes can make a difference.

Previous thread: >>1723920
Sticky: >>609350
The rest of the Sticky (for those who are able to hover reply links): >>609352, >>609358, >>609359, >>609360
Experimental Pastebin with additional basic travel information:

If you follow the advice of any posts in this thread or the contents of any external links, you do so at your own risk. Only you are responsible for any resulting outcome.
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No title
I'm an expat in the Netherlands. Last year I was in Peru. And now southern America is my dream and I want to live there. Which country to choose in South America to live in and so that there's enough money. I don't know Spanish. But I am a developer.
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Moving to Nashville. Where are the good places to live, party, and see?
26WM 60k a year. No friends or gf. Coming from South Louisiana.
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No title
Wait, there's deserts in fuckin Oregon? How is that even possible?
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No title
What's the best shit to get up to in New Orleans?
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Hello, I'm setting up a trip at the end of summer and it's looking some where in Eastern Europe, the Balkans or the Middle East. I've been to the middle east a few times (Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey) and Serbia so far (as far as that part of the world). Does anyone have some insight into their choice of where they would go an why?. Thank you for your time!
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Do you think we will be able to travel this year? Or is international travel dead until they find a vaccine?
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Stuck in S. Korea for a month what to do?
I have a torn ACL and I couldn’t afford the surgery. Found a great and cheap doctor in S. Korea. Im having my surgery in 2 1/2 weeks as I’m on mandatory quarantine before I’m allowed to enter a medics facility.

What is there to in S. Korea while I wait? I’m in Seoul right now.
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No title
What’s the most memorable part of traveling for you guys?
Anything to share?
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Europe's best beach cities to live in for a few years?
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Studying Abroad & Relationships
My original thread on /adv/ didn't gain much traction, so I'm going to ask this here. Is it worthwhile to pursue a long-term relationship while studying abroad? I am an International Business major, and it will not be the only reason I'm studying abroad. I intend on going abroad for a year, and I'm already aware that an LDR would be necessary to keep the relationship going after returning to my home country. Language/cultural fluency and commitment to my host country (it's Japan, go figure) are other things I understand as well.

It's going to be more difficult than a long-term relationship domestically, but I know that the end result would be much more fulfilling and enjoyable to me personally. Any insights and experiences are greatly appreciated.
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No title
Has anyone here claimed Italian citizenship through Jure Sanguinis?
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No title
I really want to go to Copenhagen this year.
I was planning on going in May, but the Coronavirus fucked that up of course.
Is it likely that foreign travel will be possible again by late August (Burger here)?
And if I do go, what are some good restaurants, bars, and other things to check out?
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Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto
Planning on moving to one of the great leaf metropolis'. Where should I go? I want to take university there, but also have grown up in a small town all my life and want a radical departure.
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No title
Where's the best place to find a wife in South America and Europe as a black man?
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Unknown gems
What are some unknown gems of Europe?

I visited France last year, and didn't wanna just visit Paris, so I also visited some smaller unknown cities, like a city called Nice in the south. I really enjoyed this city way more than Paris.

This summer I wanna go on a longer european trip, so I'm wondering: what are some unknown gems of Europe?
I'm planning to visit Modena (actually the city where Ferrari was founded), but what else?
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No title
What American location has the best climate? The worst?
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Thailand Muay Thai
Has anyone gone to Thailand to train Muay Thai? Debating going for 1-3 months to train and live out in Thailand just for the experience of it. Hm is it to train and live? Shit to do in Thailand and pattaya?
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Most impressive architecture in imperial cities?
Which former imperial capitals have the most impressive grandiose architecture? I'm talking about cities that were historic capitals of empires, like London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, and so on.
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No title
what are some other based travel v/b logger channels like bkk112 on youtube? stickmans website is also pretty interesting to read. any other content creators for different countries besides thailand? post em here
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No title
What's it like here? Anything interesting to do/see? It's the one east asian country I know practically nothing about other than a good chunk of the population is still nomadic.
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Malta/Sicily question
I plan to visit Malta sometime after this covid crap settles down so I have a question regarding the Sicily daytrips from Malta. All I can find for ferry day trips from Malta to Sicily is the Mt Etna/Taormina combo. Two areas that I'm really not interested in seeing.

They just seem like tourist traps to me compared to the rest of Sicily idk. And I doubt you'd even have time to do or see anything considering how long the bus ride there, and back, is.

I'd much rather spend the day in Syracuse/Ortigia but I cant find anything about daytrips to Syracuse. Is the mt etna excursion also a tour? Cant I just dip out and find my own transportation to Syracuse after the ferry docks in Pozzallo? Or is that not allowed? Very specific question, I know, but any help at all would be appreciated. Maybe theres an excursion to Syracuse from Malta that I dont know about or something?
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No title
I love traveling as much as the next guy, but please remember what excess tourism does to the local ecosystem
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No title
Have you found love while traveling?
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50 reasons why you shouldn't visit Canada
1. Canada has it's own China town (many, in fact). A laughing Chinese man will cough on your face and give you free Corona virus.

2. If you're going to order a sandwhich from Subway in Toronto, an Indian with a thick Indian accent will make your subwich and you'll find his arm hair IN your tuna sandwhich.

3. If you visit Mcdonalds in Toronto, a fat black woman will serve you. She may or may not have a mustache.

4. The prime minister is a homosexual. You know that he does more than just "take pictures" during the gay parade.

5. It's shit weather for 6 months out of the year. Imagine walking outside with snow blowing into your face and dark skies.
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No title
I have been to over 40 countries and all of the world's continents except Antarctica and I can easily say that the 3 days I spent in North Korea have been the most interesting travel experience out of all of them. Nothing else even compares. It is such an intense experience, where every moment will be memorable. I wish I had recorded more or maybe written down more stuff because there was so much I wanted to remember. It is simply surreal and one of the most unique countries in the world. I have an urge to go back on a longer visit.

If you are on the fence of going once things calm down, just do it. You won't regret it. Do ask questions if you have any.
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No title
Has anyone visited places before or after they were ravaged by war? Did you notice a significant difference or did things continue as they were before?
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After the lockdowns
When the lockdowns end and borders reopen for travel, will there be a historic travel boom after billions of people have been cooped inside for months? Does economic recession cause people to travel less than ever before? Or do things just return to normal?
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No title
North Carolina

These are my top 10 states I'd like to live. Can anyone give me a rundown of what they are like?
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No COVID case
Is there any place around the world that haven’t or will never have the ongoing coronavirus case?
Any thoughts?
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No title
girlfriend of 5 years just cheated on me. is travel from the usa to thailand still an option? thanks for any help.
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Japan General - Corona-chan edition
FAQ (aka shit you should stop asking)*
>Where should I stay in Tokyo?
Anywhere on the JR Yamanote loop line.
>Is Hiroshima+Miyajima worth it as a day trip from Osaka/Kyoto?
Not really, it's too rushed and you should probably just stay the night there.
>Is Miyajima worth visiting when the floating torii gate is under construction?
Yes, it's still a great place to visit.
>"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution. If you're coming to Japan solely for prostitutes you should probably consider a different country like China or Singapore.
What is available can generally be found in the following links

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.

Old thread: >>1779456
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/SWG/ - Seasonal Work General
Where were you last season? Where you going next season? Shoulder Season vacation plans? Gap Gigs? Advice for n00bs?
I've spent this winter doing boat rentals and kayak tours in the Florida keys, headed back to Alaska to river raft in May. Thinking about Costa Rica for a few months in the fall.
How about you bums?
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Cross country roadin
images (1)
Anyone here have experience road tripping across the country?
Im going to wake up at 4 and drive from california all the way to virginia. How many hours do yall drive before you take a break for the night?
Has anyone made a similar trip? Any advice is appreciated
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Moving to Canada
images (6)
want to move to Canada /bant/ but i'm a total brainlet and I know nothing about how, I don't have the slightest idea on how I'm supposed to prepare other than save money and I want to ask:
Where should I start? What exactly do I need to do? Paperwork? Approximately how much money should I save? Should I stay at an hotel or something?
What should I do? Like what paperwork do I need to do?
Where should I go? Should I saw some programs about refugees, what does that mean exactly?
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No title
download (1)
I'm a hapa that used that lived in japan till I was 10. I'm honestly thinking of moving back there when the virus shit is all over, but I honestly have no clue what it's like to live there as an adult. Could anybody tell me what it's like?
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how dare you
What is the difference in quality of travel between Berlin and the rest of Germany? I'm looking for a comfy place to go this summer once the COOF dies down. Do I pick Berlin, or Germany to travel around.
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Irreconcilable Differences
FAR FROM HOME travel thread

You say tomayto, I say tomahto:
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Do I just drop it all and travel?
I'm thinking once the pandemic is over I'm gonna get a job that I can do remotely and just start traveling. I'm only 20 and felt like I haven't lived. I'll buy a nice camera and capture everything I see. I'm doing a retail job and I've been stuck in my hometown my entire life and I literally haven't seen anything. If I don't find some way to travel and see the world I don't think I'm gonna make it bros.
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Soviet Mass Gravy Train
>Rebecca Bathory

Everybody wants collectivization–nobody wants 3AM knock on dhe door from NKVD...

>Soviet Mass Gravy Train
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No title
ITT: I was going to spend one semester studying abroad in Argentina from this September to next Frebruary and I am so clueless about what I should do now in this situation.

I'm a 21 yo guy from Barcelona and as I said above, I was planning to spend 6 months in Buenos Aires the next academic year. Regardless of the current situation, my University is feeling positive that there will be no problem with our international stays so I will be delivering all the necessary documents required and continue with the procedures and let's see if I am finally able to go.

My worries are not about that, though. Being allowed to go or not is completely out of my control. But, in the hypothetical situation that I am allowed to go... would I be safe in a country like Argentina taking into account how poverty will rise in that country and how criminality was already a problem even before all this started?

Some members of my family pointed that out to me and I was wondering if any of you knows that country well to give me some advice on this or any information that could be helpful. For additional information: If I was going there, I'd make sure to live in a safe area in the center of the city but still after this situation we are living, I really don't know if it's sensible to go although I was so excited about it before all this.

Thanks in advance!
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Cross country travel USA during coronovirus
Currently working from home. All I need for working from home is an internet connection. what's the possibility of driving across the US during lockdown?
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American South
If I want to experience some real old school Southern Hospitality, where should I go?
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No title
>tfw no all-inclusive holiday in Mallorca or Tenerife with the lads this year

10am: Full English Breakfast from the buffet with as strong a cup of tea as the mucky foreign teabags can muster
11am: Free bar opens. Beer. Start sunbathing.
12pm: Beer
1pm: Beer
2pm: Beer, maybe a baguette sandwich from SPAR
3pm: Beer, water polo or killer pool or something
4pm: Beer
5pm: Beer
6pm: time to go get changed, grab a beer for the room, get a shower and rub some After Sun lotion in because you are lobster red
7pm: Tea time. Chips, random meat in sauce and chips.
8pm: Beer
9pm: Entertainment time. Bingo, karaoke, the 5th best Michael Jackson impersonator in Spain. Time to switch to the cocktails offered on your free drink package.
10pm: Rum and whatever, as many as you can physically hold before walking out of the hotel
11pm: Karaoke bar. Everyone is British. Wonderwall, Come on Eileen, Mr Brightside, football shirts hanging from the roof.
12am: The local nightclub. Could be British or even have some local patrons. The music is ten years out of date and there's a guy from Cameroon in the toilets.
1-3am: ????
4am: The Burger King is somehow still open, litter piled everywhere. One of your mates is in the custody of the old Guardia Civil after some Spaniard started on him, one is sat on the beach with his feet in the sea, another wants to go in the pool
5am: bedtime. One of the lads wants a "heart to heart" about something from school and bursts into tears. Another is sick in the bidet.

For 7 days.
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No title
give me the quick rundown on Bangkok

what could you do if you went there for holidays for, say, 2 weeks?
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working abroad
hi fellas, let me introduce myself - i'm eastern european anon who would like to get some peace, restart his life and try something new. my plan for holidays is to move to some european country and live there for 2-3 months (im studying right now) and im asking for your advices
where should i go to? how to find a foreign job online, do you know some portals or job seeking sites? i dont have any objections against hard working, but i need to be 100% that i will have some decent income (enabling me to live there without counting every penny and have some entertainment like museum tickets or fancy food)
i think my english isnt that bad but i need to be able to communicate with locals, so some deep mountain villages with average age 40+ are probably not my target xD
i dont mind going to some beach city in Southern Europe but the main assumption are sightseeing and historical/cultural monuments
pls help polish anon
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Moving to Singapore
The age of the west is over, I for one welcome our new asian overlords. What job can I get that allows me to stay in Singapore as long as possible. Willing to go back to school so long as it’s not a western university.

I figure English teacher is out since it’s an official language.
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No title
Easiest place for 6/10 white guy to get laid? I’m not some greasy 40 year old Perv I’m 22 and just want to go where my SMV is highest.

I have little trouble getting laid in America, I’m tall fit white with average face. But I can only get like 4s and I wanna get with some baddies.

In Montreal I was able to pull solid 6s but I’m thinking maybe Peru or Colombia? Or Mexico City? I had ZERO luck in Puerto Vallarta cause none of the locals spoke English.
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Now that China is closed for a bit, is there anywhere else not too effected by COVID-19 that an esl teacher could go make a little bit of money and experience a new country for a few months?

Have lots of experience and qualifications. Currently stuck in my shit-hole hometown in rural Canada and I'm not keen on staying much longer. Willing to go practically anywhere.
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Techno Tourism
Share your
>favorite places
>favorite acts
>favorite clubs
>future plans
>experiences, both good and bad

All electronic music is welcome
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living in taipei?
any anons here that have lived in taipei? interested in spending an extended period of time there, either as an exchange student during uni or after uni (i'm at male at my first year of uni now if that matters). taipei seems like a really interesting city based off of what i've found out, not too big like tokyo but not bland or stressful like seoul either. love how it feels like a combination tokyo, hong kong and more tropical summery places.

some questions for you:

- what's befriending/dating taiwanese people for a foreigner like? can you go to social events like gigs/etc and strike up conversations with people that eventually blossom into friendships? would it be possible for me to get into a healthy LTR with a woman i met here? proportion of women who prefer hookups vs women who want relationships?
- can foreigners get jobs doing part time jobs like working retail? or is teaching english the only way of making money without going down the 'works at an international company's taipei branch' route? my aim in life is to eventually make it as an independent artist/musician so i'm looking at how i can most effectively maximise my free time so that i can work on my craft
-is taipei as cheap as people say it is?
- what is taipei like concerning unique/quirky shops (independent bookstores/thrift shops/record stores), cultural attractions like museums/galleries and cool nightlife stuff?
-what's the underground arts/music/culture scene like? any interesting acts that i should keep an eye out for? are people pushing their craft or just reproducing established styles? i like hardcore punk/metal, hip hop and experimental electronic/noise music if that helps.
-a few years back a bunch of companies were caught using gutter oil and plastic in food production. does that shit still happen or has that been cut out?

thanks anons! feel free to share miscellaneous anecdotes that don't relate to my main questions, i always enjoy learning random shit.
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No title
Is it worth it? Are there any anons that visited this place and other Aztec/Mayan ruins? Anyone have any experiences?
7 images | 23 replies
No title
What's the best shit to get up to in New Orleans?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
What US location is it easiest to get laid in?
2 images | 39 replies
No title
caucasus region
Any suggestions on where to travel to in the Caucasus region? Preferably some place with lots of historical monuments
3 images | 4 replies
Trans-Syberian + Japan trip in September
I have planned a Trans-Syberian train journey for late August/early September + 1 month in Japan during October - how unlikely it is to happen now? Should I cancel now or wait some more time? For the time being I'm waiting to see what will be the decision regarding the Olympics, any other ideas?
0 images | 14 replies
12 Days in Australia, from Melbourne
White, Anglo family of six headed to Australia for 12 days, flying in/out of Melbourne. We'll road trip and will stay in AirBNBs, seeing/doing along the way.
Plan A is to drive up coast to Brisbane, then across interior to Melbourne.
Plan B is to drive up to Adelaide, cut over to Sydney, then down coast to Melbourne.
Which is better route?
What should we see and do?
INB4 Fuckoff we're full; we'll fuck off back to America anyway, plus we white as hell, i'll post DNA next
3 images | 43 replies
I'm a 22yo female honduran, love natural but cities as well. I want a peaceful life in another country. I was thinking on Europe. Sugestiones? I just obtain my finance bachelor by the way.
2 images | 31 replies
No title
Does anyone else travel by car and sleep in the tent? In may-july Ill travel to east Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia, maybe even to Finland depending on how it goes. I will post gear Im planning to buy.
0 images | 8 replies
No title
Irishfriend going travelling in Mexico this summer. Roughly north to south. I can fly in to anywhere (I'll be flying in from the states; or could even just cross in over the land border).

What's a good route for me?
Can I take a bus through the country?
What are the essential places? My favourite attractions are cities, rather than natural beauty spots etc.
20 images | 221 replies
Coronavirus aftermath
What will traveling by like right after the whole coronavirus events?
7 images | 74 replies
Travel as we know it is finished.
Even after corona virus destroys multiple airlines, airports etc and prices go up as competition goes down there is something more at sinister at play. A left wing agenda

"Until a few weeks ago, politicians in Europe were leaning toward making air travel more expensive to discourage planet-heating carbon emissions. "
6 images | 55 replies
No title
Has anyone been to Uganda? I hear that if you rape a Ugandan baby it will cure all illness I need someone to confirm please

also infected stay out
0 images | 7 replies
scared of flying
I'm in South Korea and I wanna fly back to the UK Monday, problem is I'm too scared to fly. I've flown shit loads of times in my life, mainly to New Zealand, and the last time I went to took 5 diazepam and 3 lorazepam (and alcohol) on the way out and 3+3 on the way back. Since then I've done a few flights n taken one or two Diaz the whole flight. I still fucking hate flying and I need something to knock my ass out so I can get back to the UK. Back story: went traveling through Sri Lanka and India, I didn't sort my head out before I went and had mental break downs when away and my gf dumped me. Now I'm with my expat mother in SK.

Tl;dr I'm scared of flying, what drug helps that I can get in South Korea.
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No title
Does anyone else travel by car and sleep in the tent? In may-july Ill travel to east Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia, maybe even to Finland depending on how it goes. I will post gear Im planning to buy.
1 images | 10 replies
No title
Does traveling help alleviate the stress and anxiety for you guys?
If so why?
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China General
China General

Old thread is at: >>1749504

General info:




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps
baidu translate
wechat (to join the CCP botnet and help people's intelligence agency to monitor foreign countries)


4chan: get a pass or use a vpn or both (4chan is blocked now, 4channel works for reading)
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Dad's dead
>lurk /trv/ for months
>get laid off, and lose gf
>25k to blow
>set out to travel for 6+ months
> ~1.5 months in, motorbiking across vietnam
>shits going so well
>get a call saying dad snapped his neck and died in a snowboarding accident
>sell the bike and come home immediately
>deal with this stuff, but ready to get back on the road
>traveling with help heal these wounds
>want to go back out to spread my dad's ashes
> c o r o n a v i r u s

Basically, is there anywhere I can go? I just need to leave, I don't care where it is, what the weather is like, I just need to move again, cause with this virus its back to fapping 24/7 and playing video games.

Are ANY countries accepting US citizens, and if so, whats a good place to look for this information.

Also, I see some government sites things like: banning "non-essential" or "recreational travel" travel. Could I just lie at customs and say I'm here to buy a house or I've got several interviews lined up or something?

>dad's dead
>need to travel again
>US citizen
>willing to go LITERALLY anywhere thats no stupid cold (ideally vietnam, mexico, philippines, brazil)
>is it physically possible?
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No title
Most fun things about going on a road trip?
Any suggestions?
2 images | 9 replies
No title
I was watching the Circle Brazil and there were a lot of cats talking about Northeasterners and Northeastern culture.

Can someone tell me more about this? I tried doing some research on the internet and found very little about this.
2 images | 6 replies
No title
Is Florida the ugliest of the 50 states? Holy shit it's flat.
14 images | 88 replies
Well... What do?
>be me
>work on ships for 28-56 or 70 days at a time with 2 week breaks (or longer depending)
>decide to get rid of car, apartment since I am at sea 2/3rds of the year
>HAVE to get off ship tomorrow
>mfw every fucking thing is SHUT DOWN
>was going to visit friend in Utah
>should I fly to somewhere else, I have to find a place to be for 2 fucking weeks
We got too cocky bros...
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/Europe General/
I'm curious to what /trv/ likes and dislikes from Europe.. Name one overrated city/country that you've been too and one underrated country/city that you really liked. Also list an recommendations you might have in a place to try or see.
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No title
Do you prefer to travel lonely or with friends or family?
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Italy thread
Is it safe to travel there now or best to reconsider?
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Switzerland travel advice(on budget)
I am thinking of going to Switzerland maybe by summer if the situation allows it, otherwise I'd go there this coming winter.
I have a few questions:
>what activities are there other than admiring the scenery, tasting some of the diverse cuisine there, hiking, skiing(in winter) and going to shooting range? Anything you would recommend in particular?
>what can I actually do in just 4-5 days there?
>where can I rent a car for a reasonable price?
>is AirBnb my only option for budget accommodation?

I haven't really planned any budget yet. It could range from as low as €500 up to €1300

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No title
I’ve been living at my parents house for the past 2 months and my father watches green acres every night, as he did when I was a child. I never cared for it as a kid but now it’s making me long for a submissive, blonde, Eastern European wife.

The problem is though I’m a Midwest hillbilly, and I’m broke. Theoretically I could start gearing my life towards this right now and have money and be settled down by age 35, I’m almost 28 rn.

Has anyone ever done this or have any advice on how to go about this? Pic related. American women and culture is trash.
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Chinese Universities
SUp /trv/, I am an international student who is studying language in a Chinese university, and currently all the universities haven't opened yet, we can't go back to china yet. can't even go and visit my Chinese gf, does anyone here have any idea/estimate when might all the Chinese universities open?? Let's discuss
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st peters
Is there a building better than St Peter's Basilica?
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1200px-Battle_flag_of_the_Confederate_States_of_America.svg (1)
I'm thinking of moving to Texas after I finish my masters here in the UK to find a job in Maths research, what is the culture like over there, I'm coloured btw, if you live/have been there is it actually racist or not?
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No title
How the fuck do people actually enjoy cruises?
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I just terminated my lease in the bay area cause I'm not going to pay $2500 a month to work from home. I have the rare opportunity to fly anywhere for the next 3-6 months, but the obvious cool places are clearly off the table (japan, europe etc.)

Where could one americunt travel in such dire times to get a cool vacation but also get some work done?
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Teaching spanish abroad
images (6)
If I want to teach Spanish as a foreign language, which country should I go?
Is this job a thing? Is it worth it?
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Hitchhiking across Washington
Wrote a little article about my first day hitchhiking in America. Read it if you like :
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Would you?
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No title
Anyone from here? Or been here before?

I'm fascinated by this shit.
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Spooky Drop Spot?
Weird roadside cave 1 of 2
Hey /trv/

I found this weird little cave entrance at the base of a rockwall off the interstate road near my home. I pass by it often after giving my brither a ride to work and was always curious. I noticed someone had stacked rocks in the entrance and then one day it looked like there were even figures as well. I finally went to look at it today and the stack was still there, along with a much larger rock sitting at the back, possibly blocking further access. The figures I saw were actually a nativity scene someone left by the stack of rocks. The figure of Joseph had fallen over so I set him back up where I assumed he was originally sitting, just to be nice. What do you make of this, /trv/?
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Countries still open for visa runs?
Many of us are living outside our home countries on tourist visas. As surrounding countries close their borders or impose mandatory quarantines, our options for doing visa runs are getting shorter.

What countries in your region are still accepting tourists? Preferably ones that don't impose quarantines.

I'll start: Cambodia is still open and doesn't impose mandatory quarantines. You can fly into Cambodia and fly back out. It's land borders with Thailand and Vietnam are periodically opening and closing (and Thailand and Vietnam are now restricting tourists and imposing quarantines).
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Best city in Norway?

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Minneapolis things to do
What are some things to do in Minneapolis, MN? Food, history, sites, etc?
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Its fucking rocks
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Im planning a van trip through iceland. Can you recommend me some must see places there that are not the obvious ones?
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Where to hide from Coronavirus?
Say I have 10k and want to hide on a remote island for the summer till coronavirus goes away, where would be best?

Ideally somewhere warm, sunny, safe, that doesn't get hardly any tourism, and is reasonably cheap
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>trump giving people who filed taxes and made under 75k free 1200 dollars

So now that most people have a free round trip ticket paid for, where you all deciding to go with that dosh? Thinking a week in korea would be the tits, I hear they have better food than japan and more friendly to whites
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No title
So with the flights being super cheap right now, and some airlines offering a change of flight date at no cost within a year. Do you think buying a plane ticket now, and changing the date within the year is worth it? Especially long expensive flights.
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No title
Any sailor or navy people here? I've got some questions about ships.
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Travel Bangs
How many different nationalities have you hooked up with? What's your rarest flag? How do you determine which flag you took for mixed nationalities? What's the "country that got away"?

25 here. Saudi or Mauritania is my rarest flag. Didn't pick up any Swedish chicks in Sweden, unfortunately. They're incredibly sexy but our personalities just clash because they don't pick up on sarcasm or humor at all. Also they get way too drunk to the point of making me feel uncomfortable just talking to them.
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No title
Got a job offer in Bozeman, MT. Anyone ever been? Seems pretty desolate.
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Anyone here Irish or familiar with the country? I'm trying to find this place, but so far no luck.
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No title
Europe's best beach cities to live in for a few years?
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No title
Hi there.

Short story.
I want to go to the Uk for about 2.5 months when this outbreak is over.A week or maybe two will be vacation time.

I will be working remotly of my laptop.

I plan on staying in London for maybe 3 weeks and cover the country in rest of the period.

I plan on two weeks in Scotland, two weeks in ireland.

I would also like to stay a week or two somwhere in central England.

And here is where the trouble starts.

How in the world do I choose?
Durham, Liverpool, Manchester, York...

Its just too much.

I'm not really that much of a history buff and not really super into arts or anything else.

I just want a cool city with an atmosphere to explore.

I am travelling from Russia and plan on staying in an airbnb room if that matters.

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No title
What do you do while driving by yourself on a long ass road trip? l work one of those "essential" jobs but my company isn't allowing air travel right now. So tomorrow l need to start a 1400 mile drive to start work on Sunday.
Prior to this l think the longest single drive l've been on was from Dallas to Amarillo (370 miles). l'm afraid l might actually lose my mind driving 11 hours a day for two days straight.
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No title
I don’t care if it’s a trash job making $12 an hour. I need SOMETHING I can do remotely. Data entry, selling dick pics, I don’t care.

Someone give me something. Making $12 per hour remotely can’t be this hard. I’m refuse to stay in my conservative boomer town. It’s retreat to SEA in the future or hang myself. Help an idiot out here. (Not actually an idiot. Can do a lot of jobs.)
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No title
So why the hell are there still so many people silly enough to fly economy on long flights?
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No title
Why yes I just returned from my trip to south east Asia. How could you tell.
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No title
Has anyone been to Uganda? I hear that if you rape a Ugandan baby it will cure all illness I need someone to confirm please

also infected stay out
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No title
What are your guys opinion on hitchhiking and travelling with little money? I'm from South America, I just turned 24 and I feel empty, I don't have any interesting stories and experiences at all, I'm feeling I have to do something with my life before I get too old or I will regret it forever.
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No title
I cant find any information on this. Are there any legal consequences for not following the quarantine? I'm in new jersey which has a 8pm curfew. Can the cops stop you and give you a ticket or fine?
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No title
So I'm in Sweden right now and everything is gradually being shut or going out of business because of the virus. What the fuck left is there for me to do here? The virus is fucking exploding back home so that option might also be out the window very soon...

Also, what are most travellers doing to keep themselves occupied in places that are going into lockdown?
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Paris /General/
Going to Paris in May.
>Will I still able to go?
>What should I see?
>Any places to avoid?
>Is the Notre Dame open?
>Is the Louvre worth visiting?
>Whats "actual french" food?
>What neighborhood should I get my Airbnb in?
>Any places outside Paris I should visit? I'm there for a week.
Thanks in advanced.
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No title
What are the best middle eastern countries to visit?
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No title
Anyone from a "shelter-at-home" state fly out of an airport recently? Are they making you show proof your travel is "essential"?
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No title
I have some money saved up. Where is a good place to invest in some property?
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No title
what are the most uodated travel debit/credit cards? i remembered one with a converter app which was a lesser known european startup.
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No title
Anyone ever visit NZ? I went thinking it'd be some paradise after having visited twice before. The third time was my working holiday visa. And, it severly disspointed.

I'm not trying to sour the replies so don't let this prime you negatively. It's just that the people seemed... off?? The culture was blander than white bread, and no one had a personality? Shit. That sounds depressing.

Anyways, the country is actually beautiful. What were your experiences there?
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No title
Can we agree the corona virus did something actually good? Olympics are postponed, hopefully canned completely, for Japan. I can actually fucking see Japan without being ruined by westerners who don't even have the courtesy to get an N1 before visiting.

Hopefully otaku(that's anime culture) will survive a bit longer so flights can open back up enough for me to go in the fall when it's not above 20c.
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No title
>Sir! You can't just bring that bag on my plane theres no more room in the overhead binorinos!!!!!! You have to check it!!!
Everytime they say this I walk past theme or exchange a few words and theres always room in the bin for my bag, I don't pack that much anyway. It's not my fault fucking retards bring giant ass suitcases on board I am entitled to carry on spacde.
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Corona Story
I have a trip scheduled to Salzburg. Is it in complete lockdown? Can I even make this trip? Orbitz hasn't canceled my flights and I haven't received notifications from the airlines that they've canceled flights. United won't confirm nor deny my flight on the 15th.

I hate this hoax.
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