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New Meta Quest code name and serial
Posting this here cause it got deleted on reddit (lol)

The new headset is code named Panther. The Meta Quest 3 was code named Eureka.

The serial number of the Quest 3 starts with 2Y0GC, Quest Pro also starts with the number 2, but for the new headset Panther the number starts with 3Y0GC.

Part of the developer applications - one was showing XR - passthrough testing in the library. This could be anything from a dev testing kit for passthrough or confirmation of passthrough coming to the new model.

Keeping this information as cut down as possible so I don't get sussed out. Thanks for coming.
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>Alain married this
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>he still has a 970
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Splatoon 3
>Winning the Splatfest: CHECK!
Congrats to team bucket list for pulling through with a narrow victory, and congrats to Frye finally winning another Splatfest!
Updates on Sizzle Season 2024 will resume tomorrow, so keep an eye out!
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I don't get it. You guys always say he dies in the ending but he literally comes back. There's no confirmation that he somehow dies later either. Is this a retcon? He literally justo falls asleep waiting for his friends.
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reddit divers isn't even in the top 25 anymore
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I love my sister
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The Ranger vets are on their way from Baja. I've never seen one before, but I heard they chew nails and spit napalm.
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Chibi Archive
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I played and enjoyed the original Nioh years ago
Decided to pick up Nioh 2 now and is this game much harder than the first one?
There also seems to be a lot of more systems and they just dump them on you really early.
Is it worth sticking with it and getting used to the difficulty curve or is this a worse game than the original?
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Why are Pokemon Players like this
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Team Fortress TF2
>How did you track me one second after bumping into me? Hacks!
>How did you know that disguised Scout was me!? Hacks!
>Why did that Pyro randomly spray the air around his Engineer and locate me?! Hacks!
I swear some spy players think being disguised or invisible makes them downright intangible and undetectable.
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It somehow looks worse?
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>stocks are in the shitter, biggest fall in 13 years
>Rebirth and XVI both flopped
>new CEO's strategy won't work (
Can anything be done to save Square Enix?
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>Character is extremely strong in the lore
>Weak as fuck in the game
Why do they do this?
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So this got abandoned huh?
>Friend begs me to try new season "they really fixed it this time!"
>Theres no cutscene
>Theres no voice acting
>Theres no story at all
>"Just farm Helltides i guess lmao"
>Dont see any other players even in Kyovashad
>Feels exactly the same to play including rubber banding
>But now returning bugs like a path not being passable because theres an invisible wall there like its not loaded in but you circumvent it and can enter from any other path
>Systems all not redesigned but stripped down or out entirely
>Everything is just Diablo 3 but worse
>But its still got a premium battlepass where all the cosmetics work was done

This felt like walking around a themepark thats closing down next month. I heard there was meant to be an expansion to try and revive this game but this feels like Microsoft told them its such a money pit compared to Diablo Immortal its time to drop it and move on.
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Why are night elves so curvy?
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Non-subversive fantasy action game when
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Thoughts on Pharah's video game?
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>did everything
>still lose
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carmellia pathfinder
worst pathfinder character
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Majora's Mask Recompile
mod waiting room
Anons have been playing it and it made me replay it, too.
It still might be my favorite and it still holds up.
When does this get texture mod support? Or will i have to wait for the SoH version?
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>it's okay when japan does it
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Happy Victoria day Leafs. What are you playing on this day free from the wage cage?
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Black Myth WUKONG will be Kino
Pre Orders Open June 7

Source is Weeibo leaker:
>The game will have NG+ at launch
>Multiple endings
>Around 160+ enemy types
>80+ Unique Bosses
>The game is slightly easier than soulsborne games
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30 minutes until the Multiversus launch trailer drops
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This is by far the scariest character I have ever seen in my life.
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>Autistic sister starts playing some boring ass SCP ripoff Newgrounds-looking management sim
>Autistic sister develops a hyperfixation, spends the next year and a half begging me to try it
>I finally give in
>It’s shit
>Autistic sister starts begging me to play the sequel instead
>Another year later she flat out buys the game for me and gives it to me without even asking if I want it
>I give up
>Turn the game on
>It’s actually pretty good
God fucking damnit
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when did you feel you were too old for video games?
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Stellar blade

best song
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You have 10 seconds to post your favorite game with mouse characters.
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What are your favourite eternal struggle no actual win state games??
For me it's dayz
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I thought /v/ was just being contrarian but FO1 is indeed much better
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>15 hours in and already getting bored of the cookie cutter ubisoft open world
Bros this wasn't supposed to happen
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Recently hit 1000 hours on stellaris, does anyone else turn off the marauder countries? I feel like they are OP
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Is there such a thing as ''too much content''?
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I played Undertale for the first time this weekend. Somehow, I went a decade without spoilers and beat it this afternoon. Pacifist run so far, I haven't done the other routes yet.

I'm probably not going to touch Deltarune until it's released though. Anyway, you guys want to talk about this game?
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it's over
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The Age of Abundance is over.
You lived through the age of opportunity, a type of golden age if you will.
In no previous time period could a man jump from the bottom to the top with such great ease.

In the east communism kept people in strict order. Growing up the hierarchy truly did require exception skills even if often times social ones. The communist block would see a brief glimpse of opportunity for 2 generations, yet it would also be plagued by western elites abusing the falling system for their gains.
In the south the african ways have never changed. Innovation is shunned and crushed by a violent R-selected collective. Reproduce fast, die young, even if external factors don't demand it their genes will drive them to idiocy.
In the islamic world a more orderly violence remains but growth up the heirarchy is still mostly hereditary or limited to truly exceptional individuals.
In the far east with rare exceptions the asian blood demands obedience and high creativity necessary for exceptional jump up the social hierarchy is rare. Perhaps Japan and South Korea being the exception.

All of these people have some sort of reason to claim the conditions brought them down.
But you who lived in the West, you can truly say "we experienced an unprecedented age of growth and abundance of opportunities"

That time is coming to an end. Years of recession are coming. Some say years of high inflation will come with them, others claim deflation will hit assets.
Either way there will be less opportunity, savings will be hit, taxes will rise, supplies of everything that was in abundance before will be limited if available at all. There will be less jobs and some fields, now deemed respecting will become obsolete.
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Baldur's Gate 3 GOTY 2024?
>i am still playing BG3
Is 2024 the worst year for gaming?
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The exact moment UI design in vidya died and never recovered
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No title
Who actually dropped the bombs?
Is there any other deep lore questions worth discussing?
Is this franchise worth talking about at all after the show?
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Thank him.
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not my problem
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Is xenoblade 3 more "stretegic" than other xenoblade games?
i want to know this because you can actually change characters mid battle in this game, but is it just for the sake of changing or will i need to use this mechanic at some point in the game? i've been playing for around 2 hours, and of course the battles won't be too complex right now, but will the battles require more strategy in the future instead of just repeating your arts until the enemy dies like xenoblade 1 and 2? also, normal or hard? i tried hard but the enemies take too long to die, it's just annoying, not hard.
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Remember when Kojima tried comparing Che Guevara with a soon-to-be war criminal? What the fuck did he mean this?
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>Among us if he real
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Game franchises that had the perfect ending, but decided not to end it
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>Senior Lead 3D weapons artist at CD Projekt RED get bullied into changing his stance on Assassin's Creed
The dev pressure out there to conform is immense, and if you don't play ball, you will get pushed out. Nobody in AAA gaming is free to speak.
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No title
remember when Ubisoft made great games
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monster hunter world and rise
The current MH Humble Bundle is an absolute STEAL if you are missing one or both of these games or if you want to buy a few copies for your friends.

Holy shit I nearly missed it. Why is nobody talking about it?
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Why did the majority of players betray him, when he was obviously the good guy?
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Canonically speaking, would it be possible to install sex features on her?
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>Lose access to Steam games
>Can't give them to a family member in a will
You will own nothing and be happy.
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Wuthering Waves
2 days until Genshin dies. Tick. Tock.
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How did this game fail so hard?
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soku_illusionary dominance FAILED miserably
How do you feel when this kind of moments happens?
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Wario Thread
He's just like me...
I... thank you...
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How nintendo become the face of good manage in video game industry?
>No big lay off
>No problem in switch sales
>All the news are on positive light
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She prefers Cloud over Zack.
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Vidya cringe
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/v/idya Drawthread
Previous Thread >>676752579

>If you drew it and it's vidya, you can post it
>When requesting, post references and names in one post
>Keep it vidya origin
>No shitposting, if a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it. Thread's about art, keep it that way
>Have fun!

>Booru Collection

>Drawing Books and drawing programs
>>>/ic/drawing sticky: >>>/ic/1579290

>NSFW Deliveries

>Offsite options:
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Should I play this? I remember fuck all about HR
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No title
You can immediatedly free only one. (And promise to the other she would be rescued later) Who would you rescue?
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No title
so now that leftists are on the barricades defending foreign representation in "ethnic" countries when can we expect the remake of her game?
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No title
Show off your arcade/leverless!
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No title
If what I'm hearing is right...
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Ubisofts XDefiant launches tomorrow, for free!
The fast arena shooter you've been waiting for is almost here! XDefiant - A Ubisoft Original, drops tomorrow on May 21 on Playstation 5, XBox Series X|S and Ubisoft Connect PC!
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The 3060 i buyed boughted just arrived. What games should i run on it?
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massive stop killing games update
The EU parliament with the help of parliament member will make an official response to the STOP KILLING GAMES campaign on May 27th
The UK government response has been invalidated and the UK will release a new response in the coming weeks after MPs determined the original response wasn't valid
CD project is in talk with the polish government to make destroying games banned in order to allow GOG to continue in the future.
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Fire Emblem
Breed and reproduce
64 media | 179 replies
No title
Post you're waifu
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No title
Women don't act like this
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No title
What are your favorite non-sexual Skyrim mods? Stuff like gameplay, immersion, animations, and quests. I want to make the game fun and interesting, if possible.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
Fire King June pack MD
I have no idea what she does and I don't care. It's a fire card so she's probably decent.
62 media | 358 replies
Finished this game last night. Let's talk about it
11 media | 35 replies
Explain the BG3 phenomena
How did a CRPG (niche genre) with DnD (niche hobby) rules manage to be so popular? Are people that starved for any sort of new release?
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No title
Assassin’s creed doubling down on the famous African samurai bullshit.
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terraria calamity exo-mechs
This is beyond bullshit. What the fuck was the developer thinking? "Tee-hee guess you'll have to turn 1/3rd of your world into an arena all the way from space to underworld XDD" Fuck you.
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Nintendo... hire this man!
He's using Unreal Engine... in any way he can!
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>toggle spiderphobia setting
>horror game adds more spiders
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No title
>Games? I'm here for the job nigga
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No title

>New Fatal Fury announcement
>New female character is safe horny tumblrina
>New male character is a token black character

Not even SNK Playmore is safe from this crap. I hope I'll get proved wrong but seeing how I got proved right with Tekken 8 ending up as a safe horny crap and Stellar Blade being censored at day 1 patch...
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>play for 5 hours
Damn that was fucking fun.
>can't get back into another session because of all the ongoing quests, construction plans, food management and pawn plans to keep track of
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No title
There's currently a small movement for Blizzard to create Fresh classic servers.

Would you play fresh Vanilla servers if there was enough players ? Reminder it's already been 5 years since Classic Wow released
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Hades 2
She's my favorite
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No title
I absolutely hate this fucking gremlin. How does she constantly manage to produce the absolutely worst nikkes? I bet she created six0 aswell.
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No title
Why can I only play an hour or 2 at a time of this game before feeling depressed?
1 media | 11 replies
10 media | 48 replies
No title
>update fundamentally changes the game
>It's a downgrade.
1 media | 3 replies
No title
Is this game good?
Do I have to play the previous games?
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No title
>play on a shitty potato pc/laptop all your life
>do everything you can to get every tiny bit of performance out of it
>get used to playing 480p 20~ fps
>finally upgrade
>can now play whatever you want however you want
name a better feeling
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No title
My wife Reina is so Strong
3 media | 3 replies
Numbered FF Tier List
I defy you to dispute this. This is the most objective ranking possible. Set aside your subjective biases, and try not to think in absolutes. We're FF fans, we like FF games, we can all agree that the worst FF game is still not a bad game per se. So I'm sure we can all come to an objective agreement that this tier list is sound and judges each game on their merits and weaknesses.
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No title
classic VA work, one of the best ever. 10/10
not as good as 1, but still a great VA performance that is distinctive without sounding cartoonish. 8/10
about on-par with 2, still a beloved VA. 8/10
Old Snake sounds really weird and awkward in the beginning but the voice becomes less cartoonish and stupid as the game goes on and Hayter loosens up. 6/10
sounds like Old Snake still for some reason, the voice has developed a "growl" that infests every line of dialogue and makes Snake seem like a cartoon character. 3/10

David Hayter gets way too much hate these days, I don't understand why. Yeah, 4 and PW were too cartoonish, but that doesn't magically make David Hayter's Snake ALWAYS bad...
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No title
Upgraded Pit
Show me a bigger upgrade
3 media | 4 replies
No title
bg3 shadowheart
Was this scene necessary?
4 media | 5 replies
No title
>yfw Yiik finale was officially canceled
5 media | 18 replies
No title
Would you rather learn how to play the piano and make music or learn how to draw and paint and make art? Would you rather make music or make art for your own videogame?
2 media | 13 replies
No title
have you ever traded in your games?
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Underrated reasons why PS5 destroyed xbox
Microsoft needed to get some significant hardware win but none of that materialized. Sure XSX is more powerful than PS5 in practice but then in the real world we really didn't see that.

Xbox became a big joke when many games ended up running better on the PS5.

I think the dualsense controller is a big reason for people choosing to go with PS5.

I did see a rumor stating that an updated controller would be on the way to xbox but it's getting a bit late for that now.

PS5 also has a significantly faster SSD and better storage upgrade options. Microsoft opted for a shitty propitiatory solution instead (more than double the cost for worse performance).

The main selling point mentioned for xbox has been gamepass but that has gradually gotten more expensive and i would personally never pay for that as a PC player.
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No title
Honestly I was disappointed with it on launch day. The only Wii games I can say I really enjoyed were Punch-Out and Xenoblade.
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No title
why does this happen so often now?
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No title
Have you ever playrd a game with an interesting cast of characters? Was one of them more interesting to you than the rest? A girl perhaps? One who you gained feelings for and you may even love that girl? Does she have a name? Who is it?
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No title
Aerie > Shadowheart
5 media | 33 replies
No title
>slowly realizing that your game interests are niche when this is what the average person thinks about games that arent Fortnite
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No title
Shut the fuck up. You don't even like assassins creed. It's a shit Ubisoft game. Only black people play assassins creed so who the fuck cares if creed man is black!
Stop being women, only women complain this much about shit no one cares about! Shutup! Shut the fuck up!
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No title
hanako lookin kinda....
this is what ">i can fix her" niggas want
7 media | 25 replies
No title
How good are you at grinding in video games? What was your biggest grind?
7 media | 33 replies
No title
Did anyone like this?
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No title
Larian expands, they have opened a new studio in Poland.
10 media | 122 replies
No title
How fucking based can one man BE!?
1 media | 11 replies
No title
what would dishonored 3 look like?
2 media | 21 replies
No title
ign gothic
that's problematic
1 media | 3 replies
No title
I can't believe this scene actually exists. What the fuck was Todd thinking?
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No title
Dark elf
Would you rather get teleported to Tamriel or The Wasteland in Fallout?
49 media | 228 replies
No title
Are you ready for the elden ring dlc?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
why dont you hear about dota2 anymore
2 media | 12 replies
No title
Is this board ready to admit Valve fell off as a game dev yet? Yea muh hardware muh steam muh linux, I am talking purely from a game perspective. This will be three games in a row that no one asked for, all look painfully generic, and will fail to break out like CSGO and DOTA2 did.

What is going on over there? Looking at this trio of games and a copy of the Orange Box is just depressing. There's a reason why Orange Box games are all still played about today, Valve used to be top shelf in PC gaming. Now they're just another Blizzard; washed up hacks with everything but their namesakes changed.
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No title
>replay Mass Effect
>this time I'm gonna pick a different path to see what happens
>end up picking 100% same choices as I always do

Why am I like this?
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No title
I don't know how to make a thread like this without getting triggered by the inevitable retard that will bring up how OoT and MM are the bestest things ever and cry like a bitch with their retarded circlejerk as soon as they receive any pushback. But...can't really ask anywhere else so whatever.

Recently finished Goron Mines of TP, and my motivation to play is just dead. None of the dungeons so far have been as bad as OoT ones, but they're also still REALLY simple and boring. Goron Mines was like REALLY bad, when id been made to have high expectations of TP dungeons. Like you guys can't tell me walking on ceilings with iron boots is interesting or engaging.

But what REALLY kills motivation for me is the in-between parts. EVERY Zelda game does this shit, and OoT's only good aspect is that it does this the least annoyingly (arguably) but I just hate the fucking twilight fetching shit and having to talk to an abundance of boring NPC's in a roundabout way before I can actually enter the dungeon. I know that Lakebed is one of the most praised dungeons but I really can't go through another "in-between dungeon quest".

Is it REALLY that worth it? If the overworld wasn't just as uninteresting as OoT, and I felt compelled to explore and not beeline to dungeons, I could just fuck around until I feel like doing dungeons, but that's not the case. And dungeon lead ups aren't puzzles in and of themself either. But I don't want to miss out of something GENUINELY good because of my intolerance, so I'm it worth?
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Stellar "Flop"
>Stellar Blade’s sales are expected to increase gradually and have exceeded expectations.
>Shift Up has confirmed plans to expand AAA development efforts next year.
>The team has also unveiled Project Witches.

/v/ once again don't know what a flop is.
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No title
Surely you cant be shitposting all day anon. Tell me what you're playing currently
16 media | 61 replies
No title
>audio: japanese
>text: english
17 media | 47 replies
No title
>his 10K gaming PC doesn't have an NPU
What are you... poor?
1 media | 8 replies
No title
>Dawntrail is still over a month away
I just want my kitty...
126 media | 563 replies
No title
Games with party members that are below that average height?
2 media | 2 replies
No title
canon vidya couples
47 media | 103 replies
>oh yeah, that was a thing
Is this how Paranormasight will be remembered? Honestly it feels like mystery games all fall under that umbrella. Even Rain Code was a wet fart
45 media | 171 replies
No title
Why do people pretend to like Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition?
2 media | 9 replies
Indie games without any violence
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Does anyone here know of good or promising indie games without any violence? Please list them here. Shilling your existing or upcoming game is allowed.
1 media | 1 replies
No title
>Used to be a clown that everyone was making fun of
>Now people suddenly agree with him
What happened?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
If you skip Megaman Battle Network 1, you're a fucking pussy
1 media | 7 replies
No title
>/v/ hates RE2 and RE4 Remake
>are the most played RE games on steam and highly rated
>/v/'s favorites RE4 and REmake least played games
Old glitchy games don't appeal to anyone but old people. Time to admit that old games have been surpassed and stop pretending the past was better.
1 media | 15 replies
No title
Dude, all of the companions are ugly. I'm going to play BG3 as a volcel.
27 media | 129 replies
No title
Live Aloy reaction
1 media | 2 replies
No title
What are some Christian videogames?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Any good games that allow you to commit war crimes?

Perhaps a strategy or shooter or rpg or something?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
this game makes me feel like a retard
0 media | 5 replies
No title
this is scary...
0 media | 2 replies
No title
>fr fr skibidi ass clapback rizz hits different blud
how do we get rid of zoomers once and for all?
1 media | 5 replies
No title
PoorFags BTFO!
/v/ BTFO!
Ubisoft Won!
9 media | 31 replies
[Alarming News]
Players are canceling pre-orders of Paper Mario following woke censorship and transinclusive changes
6 media | 23 replies
No title
How were they able to make better PC games 30 years ago than now??
3 media | 20 replies
No title
Dragons Dogma 2 Skill Maker
Are there any action or ARPG games besides modded DD2 where you can create your own spells/abilities in-game?

6 media | 27 replies
No title
Screenshot 2024-05-20 073307
Alright /v/, it's time for a pop quiz. This is 90% part of your grade. So put away your food and drinks, close your porn tabs, and I want those figures put away where I can't see them. You have 10 minutes to complete this test.

1. Who is the mascot for Fire Emblem? (1 point)
2. What is the best fire emblem game? (2 point)
3. Which FE game has the WORST fanbase? (5 points)
4. What is killing the franchise? (2 point)
5. Who is best girl? Why? (90 points)
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No title
This game is great besides the matchmaking. Its so fucking hard to add people and most of it doesn't work also there needs to be more policies on voting to kick cuz I keep getting kicked from FFA when I get in the lead
4 media | 12 replies
So what is GHost of Tsushima like?
Is it open world? Like The Witcher 3? Sekiro? What would you compare it to? I still am not sure if I should pirate it or not
0 media | 2 replies
No title
ITT: Scary things in non-scary games.
1 media | 5 replies
No title
Screenshot_20240520-165048_Kiwi Browser
Do you keep track of your trophies/achievements?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Is Eve Asian or White?
0 media | 0 replies
Rabbit & Steel
in this thread we talk about how much we hate mice and dragons
i'll be making a hard lobby in an hour or so after dinner, please look forward to it

35 media | 228 replies
No title
>"Hey bigots! If you don't like our games, don't buy them."
>"Bigots" listen to them and avoid buying these games
>Companies lose money
>They have to fire people
>"It's all your fault bigots for not supporting video games companies!"
4 media | 8 replies
No title
Ghost of Tsushima thread
118 media | 504 replies
Wuthering Bad
Even reddit is dying, it's so over wukeks bros...
0 media | 1 replies
No title
>decade and half later people still remember skyrim and moments from it
>no one talks about baldurs gate 3 less than year after release
What happened with gaming?
12 media | 98 replies
Warno releases in 3 days!
How hyped are you?
And for the skeptics, yes the QoL improvements make it better than Wargame Red Dragon
1 media | 13 replies
No title
"Wind Waker was my first Zelda" is quite possibly the most generically NPC videogame opinion I have ever heard...and the game sold like shit. But ironically guess we're I found the most recent example of this comment? Under a TotK video hmmm...
6 media | 28 replies
No title
Purification in progress.
34 media | 108 replies
Screw tradition.
The next 2d zelda should have botw game design.
3 media | 17 replies
No title
>I love a crowd
3 media | 9 replies
No title
38 media | 172 replies
No title
Had another dream abouvt it again last night, bros. VVhat covld have been...thank goodness for Vicky 2
2 media | 7 replies
No title
Do you still play overwatch?
1 media | 9 replies
Racial Supremacy
Now THIS is what peak performance looks like.
3 media | 7 replies
No title
Are mobile game players real gamers?
23 media | 83 replies
No title
>best girl is a throwaway NPC
0 media | 0 replies
No title
I am begging Nintendo fans once again to broaden their horizons
4 media | 31 replies
No title
Why was Irida so hot?
16 media | 38 replies
No title
Delicious vidya brown girls appreciation thread
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Remember when /v/ was crazy about Besiege? The game is getting a sea expansion with boats and water physics and shit this friday. You hype? I'm hype.
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What do you think of Veronica and Serena from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age?
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i miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe
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Prime 3 Samus best Samus
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