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so we all agree this was the best game ever created, right? only MEN allowed to post in this thread
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Why is this body type so common in vidya now days?
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>yfw Elden Ring finally releases
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You can only pick ONE
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Not many people know this but Jill Valentine is actually a black woman. Her real name is Jillayne Valombontine.
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Yet you retards shit on New Vegas for looking like the left
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poison street fighter
Who is your favorite fighting game character?
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>that one game only you give a shit about
What's her name, /v/?
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Post games with genuinely good hard modes
>buy new vidya
>play on normal
>bump up difficulty
>literally just makes the enemies sponges
>no gameplay changes whatsoever

wtf is the point of this shit, why even bother making a hard mode?
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[walks towards you slowly]
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Sea of /v/ieves
How's your new favourite game, anon? Are you having fun on the seas?
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Celery bimbo
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I don't get old 4chan "humor".
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Arthur's high horse
>dutch gives last bit of gold to old woman for a guide
>she demands more and pulls a knife on him (he has no gold left)
>he has to kill her to proceed
>somehow this makes him the bad guy

Fucking faggot nu-Rockstar. What should he have done, just let her stab him or rat him out to the soldiers? Like Arthur hasn't killed hundreds of people by this point in the story.
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Daily reminder that the original Final Fantasy II is an underrated masterpiece :)
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Well looks like I'm going Microsoft this gen
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>tfw the 1% chance item drops
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Xenoblade Chronicles
Are you enjoying the game as much now as you did 10 years ago?
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Anyone up for a tomboy thread
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>use ultimate attack
>say a catchy quote
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TLOU2 appreciation thread? TLOU2 appreciation thread.
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Toxic DBD survivors
Why are so many survivors so toxic? They teabag you and troll you, if you kill them they get salty in the chat, calling you camper and tunneling asshole and then they report you. This shit happens to me all the time.
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open world
>big open world with nothing in it
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Everyone deals with grief differently right? Some people fuck at funerals. I No More Heroes Thread.
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grom the paunch
What's the best units for Grom?
TW: Warhammer thread.
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3x3 5 year old edition
Make a 3x3 of your favorite games released in the last 5 (FIVE) years. You DO play new games don't you anonywon~? :3
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New Vegas
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Monster Hunter
Classic MH thread. Favorite weapon/monster?
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>Demon's Souls
>Dark Souls
>Dark Souls III
>Elden Ring
How the fuck is it possible to make this many masterpieces in just a decade?
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ITT subtle indicators that a game is shit
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What flopped harder? This or Battleborn?
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Shouldn't they spend that money on hiring more translators so they don't take half a fucking year to release games in the West as if they were some 5-man indie dev?
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What is honestly one of the worst games you've ever played?
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Realistically, how many stars could /v/ get if they were in Mario's place? Continued.
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Damn they were ahead of their time.
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Reimu is not an anime "girl". She is a beautiful video game girl!
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What have you done today to honor our fallen Hero?
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>ok cool are you going to add russia?
>they were known for having women on the eastern fro-
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You are 75, aren't you /v/?
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>all dialogue options lead to the same thing
Then why even let us choose?
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C&C remastered

>people think this is better than open ra
ngl this is gonna be some funny shit.
>4 harvesters
>build 4 war factories
>queue up 100 heavy tanks
>rekt dumb ass nostalgia glassed faggots who wanted their "original" experience
>cant even mod balance in because for one it would need a new compilation and mods wont even be supported for multiplayer
so much for westwood boomers "listening" to the community
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Does Spain really have small farming villages without electricity?
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If you do a baton pass, you’ll be able to hit their weakness!
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>What was the last game you bought?
>Was it worth it?
>What game are you looking forward to next?
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The best Sonic
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The absolute state of PC gaming
>Dragon Age 2 is being review bombed on Steam because it does not have controller support, despite controllers being the worst possible way you could play a party-based RPG
So...these are the standards of the PC gaming master race.
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Honestly, if you still buy games after this entire shit show, you should just admit to yourself that gaming isn't a hobby to you. It's just an addiction that you're desperate to satiate, even as the people you give money to spit in your face.
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*forces you to switch weapons*
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>game has a Vore level.
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So you're the new ideas guy?
Let's hear that new game idea you have then
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What's the best part of a game to you? Beginning, middle, or endgame?
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Why is there a Beastman in Troy?
Did they just forgot to remove an asset from Warhammer or something?
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ITT: The good shit.

>the protagonist has already defeated the antagonist and foiled his plans permanently
>but they have a score to settle and it's personal so they fight one on one in the aftermath anyway
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>What the fuck where they thinking?
pic very related
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>chromatic aberration
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>I play games with my Discord group, do you?
>I play games with my real life friends.
>Oh. Yeah.
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Do you think Bloodborne was inspired by the Demon Castle chapter of Berserk?
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Post videogame characters who are freaking based.
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Rate the last game you played anon.
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What were they thinking?
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Death Stranding would be 10x better if the camera was like this at all times.
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How come there are sound and graphics cards but no smell cards?
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Would you play a WB Kingdom Hearts instead of a Disney Kingdom Hearts?
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Let’s settle this for once:

You pick one, the other dies.

What MH gameplay style should be enjoyed by future generations, /v/?
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What went wrong?
>ME1 sets up sequal:
>humanity proved itself in the galaxy, but isn't anything special compared to other species
>Shepard is the only one who understands Prothean and the Reapers are still coming, leaving plenty of playing room for the Normandy to venture all over the galaxy and trying to piece together means for defeating the Reapers when they do eventually come with everything the Protheans left behind
>ME2 starts by shitting all over that, killing Shepard for two years and then turning humanity into the strongest faction in the galaxy(or at least, setting that up for ME3); Reapers are pretty much only interested in humanity in ME2, even going so far as to build a human Reaper larva (absolutely retarded, yes)
>joining Cerberus was retarded, as was Joker and Chakwas joining up before Shepard
>game, while super fun and engaging, is a complete side-quest and wasted effort when looking at the whole series
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Chrono Trigger, Batman Returns and the 5 Super Bomberman games on my ZSNES emulator
Samurai Jack, Vinesauce Streams and Nichijou
Gonna watch Castle in the Sky tonight as par my Ghibli weekend
Vidya osts and Loop Zoop
Bleach, currently at the Fierce Arrancar Fight arc
Pasta and pesto for lunch
Margarita pizza and fish-and-chip chips for dinner with my movie
Cloudy apple juice right now
Coca-Cola tonight
Hoping to get comfy tonight
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Let's imagine the ip is given to a very competent developer. Could Duke Nukem work in this day and age without changing his core character and without changing the things that made his games fun and unique? How would you do it, anons?
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>DmC artstyle
>DmC gameplay
>DmC dialog
>DmC music
>universally beloved

The critics were right.
People only hated DmC because Dante didn't have white hair
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Why are there no good yuri games /v/? I thought Japan liked this genre?
no VNs don't count
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Total War Troy
Why is it so shiiiiiiiit?
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was chloe really that bad?
31 images | 180 replies
With the uncertainty of what will be MS8.
Would the game work with platform sections/elements extend the game time?
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>H-Hey Tony, you're going to put me in the Pro Skater remake, r-right
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pick your next remake anons
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>R8 parts list

So I'm thinking that I'm going to get the front glass modded to improve airflow so it won't be such a hotbox, thoughts?
>Also inb4: motherboard/usb compatability, wait till b550, wait to buy when zen 3 comes out
I am, those parts are place fillers on my list and i'll be updating it all the way up till november when i'm comfortable enough to buy them
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The City must survive.
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There are the absolute, objective and indisputable best games ever made

Demon's Souls/Dark Souls/Bloodborne
Fallout 1/NV
SIlent Hill 1/2
MGS 1/2/3
Splinter Cell CT
Hitman SA/BM
Shadow of the Colossus
System Shock 2
Max Payne 1/2

That's it
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download (16)
>He plays open world games
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ITT: post once great games that aged like milk
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pobrane (3)
What can you say about this character ?
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china stronk
Why is "indie" gaming only synonymous with low-effort nostalgia bait in the west?
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Oi Coco!
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Should I waste my $20 for this?
Never played any RTS games before except the first Starcraft.
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>Enemy boss becomes an ally
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weird vidya faps.
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Autistic things you do in vidya
>yell YOOOOOOOOO every time I kill an enemy in Nioh
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do you ever think you are playing things wrong?
I think 90% of the newer games are meant to be roleplayed and you are all just wrong because you are trying to win perfectly too much.
also you are all faggots
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>literally a boss pattern learning simulator
>you only get maybe like 15 min downtime between the constant boss fights
>find a boss, die instantly, repeat until you can predict and counter each of its attacks
>retards go "final boss took me a whole week to beat wow le hard game so epic git gud casuls xDDD"
Is this From Software's worst game?
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05-06-2020 13-53-10
you DID skip all of the collectibles like a chad, right /v/?
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Total War: Three Kingdoms
Let my affection for the setting get the better of me and even though I got a decent discount on it its honestly one of the worst purchases I've ever made. There's games that are broken, that control like shit, have a horrible story, terrible mechanics, etc and somehow this stands out to me as one of the most offensive games I've ever played. It runs stable, bugs are generally fairly minor, every facet of its mechanics I can see appears to be functioning more or less properly, but there's no substance to any of it to make it worth my time.
The portrayal of the setting is skin deep with unique art and models for only some of the characters considered important to the story, the story only really exists as the first few stages of a tutorial sequence and completely disappears afterwards, the battles work but are designed so horribly they have to keep throwing around drastic changes every patch in an attempt to make them not awful to play a year after release. Bits and pieces of the game that ought to have been in from the beginning are sold in dlc packs to squeeze more money out of this chinese cash grab. For all its shiny new mechanics it advertises few do more than add a few percentages here and there that barely add up to anything and only leaves me wondering where the real effort went in that was supposed to kept me drawn in because I never found it.

To get everything working in probably what is one of the most bug free Total War releases to date and completely fall flat with just about every mechanic imaginable being a complete bore is one of the the most disappointing games I've had the displeasure of spending money on. The only thing worse is watching someone tell bold faced lies while recommending this game to an unsuspecting schmuck that's going to go in expecting the world and not realize how awful it is until its too late
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Persona 5: Royal(ly go fuck yourself)
Should I bother playing this on hard mode?
I heard the normal difficulty is a joke.
But it turns out hard mode seems to just reduce damage and amount of XP and money earned.
This is so artificial that it seems more like a waste of time.
Also how the fuck do you Simps think $60 for a dlc bundle is alright for a 5 year old game. Let alone the he full priced base game
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How do you find groups of people to hang out with and play vidya with? It feels like everywhere is a 10,000+ member discord server going at the speed of light.
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>Error: This image cannot be uploaded because it is the subject of a copyright infringement claim. Please refrain from posting it.
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>I am forgotten
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What makes a game an 'Action RPG' and why does TLOZ (specifically OoT) not fit the description?
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No title
what is the best RPG ever made? and I mean RPG in terms of freedom of roleplaying whatever you want to be in that world, not story or quests
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This hurts my soul.
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>Motion Blur: ON
>Depth of Field: ON
>Chromatic Aberration: ON
>Vertical Sync: ON
>Film Grain: ON
>Vignetting: ON
>Bloom: ON
>Godrays: ON
>Sharpening: ON
>Tonemapping: ON
>Anamorphic Lens Flare: ON
>Cinematic Black Bars: ON
>Screen Shake: ON
>Frame Rate Limit: ON
>Gaussian Blur: ON
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Games where you can build a career as a whore?
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/v/idya Draw Thread
Previous Thread >>510952686

>Post references and names in one post
>Keep it vidya origin, no OCs
>No shitposting, bumping requests or misusing Loomis and other artist names
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>When posting a delivery PLEASE don't forget to link to the anchor post.
>Have fun

Post your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW: (current) (backup)
Also, to those uploading, if you know who the subjects of the picture are, please tag them!

NSFW Deliveries (excluding loli/furry content) should also be posted in

For NSFW Deliveries that go against the rules like loli/furry try these sites: or

Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky

Drawing Books and drawing programs:!vp5hQCbQ!oCNGOUgaVeK1pHs3qasJDQ

182 images | 357 replies
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what's your inner voice saying? do you agree with it?

>"cut the bullshit, you have a PS4 Pro, a Switch with a Pro Controller, games you don't even play, that stupidly powerful computer you mostly use to shitpost, why would you even want to upgrade your computer even more? you are bored, sad, lonely and with no direction in life, go through that damn backlog, stop procrastinating"
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No title
Does anyone else feel the sense of competition between the Big 3 is dwindling?
They don't feel at each other's throats
Maybe its because they already try and cater to a specific niche now
Nintendo's the only one with a hybrid system
Sony's digging in deeper and harder into cinematic stuff than never before
Microsoft isn't even trying to look like a competitor like what the fuck
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No title
How do you make a Godzilla game that's not awful?

Unfortunately, there have been no good Godzilla games yet. Still, you are free to be a contrarion and tell me there are.
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No title
Not gonna lie, iPads are getting pretty crazy at vidya. Games like fortnite and cod run at 120fps.
Is this the future of gaymen?
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No title
Just beat this.
It was alright 7/10.
Are the sequels any good?
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No title
ITT: muscled women in vidya
9 images | 31 replies
No title
nepgear boobs
who's the hottest vidya girl?
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No title
So what's a Lucario? I know what a Squirtle is. It's a turtle that squirts.
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No title
Enforcers are awake, post dem goopers.
8 images | 45 replies
No title
The eternal debate.
74 images | 332 replies
No title
Why are western games so terrible? I can't remember the last time I truly enjoyed anything made in the West.
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Games to endure nofap
Gentlemen, I need some vidya recs for
that will occupy so much of my time and life that I won't have time to think about fapping.
Obviously, no hentai games. Also, no MMOs.
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Tactical shooters
download (2)
Jesus Christ are there any good Tactical Shooters coming out with promising single player campaigns or is it all just multiplayer now? What about some kind of action-rts hybrid? Is there any old shit comparable to Swat 4's level of polish and accessibility?

Also tactical shooter thread I guess.
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>no skeleton party RPG
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No title
Is pic related good?
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images - 2020-06-05T044826.014
Just started the game yesterday, digging it so far and Jesse seems to be a good character, I really like her voice and calm personality it's kinda a breath of fresh air after loud female characters like Aloy or nuJill
6 images | 35 replies
No title
Green Mario
Taller thinner green Mario
Withdrawn, timid, insecure, and sensitive brother. While he loves Mario dearly, he has developed an inferiority complex and has subconscious resentments towards him for constantly being stuck in his shadow. He possesses more raw talent and ability than Mario but lacks the charisma and confidence to truly shine, and for his faults he's not nearly as respected as his brother. However when he needs to, he swallows his fears, his doubts, and his bitterness and proves himself a worthy hero, even if he fumbles along the way.
Taller thinner green Mario but afraid of ghosts

What the fuck happened?
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No title
The price of freedom is a ffvii remake thread
2 images | 13 replies
No title
Who do you choose?
22 images | 95 replies
No title
This game had so much potential, hnnnnnghhh. Why couldn’t it have been good bros? Whyyyyyyy?! Decent tmnt game when? When?
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Sonic Thread
What are your thoughts on the new Sonic fangame? the 3D Blast "remake"
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No title
>Silent protagonist in the first game speaks in the second
>Speaking character in the first game becomes silent protagonist in the second
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No title
Did you play her game /v/?
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EWYYRDeX0AQOYGt.jpg large
play onirism
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No title
Is the mermaid in Inside the uncomfortable enemy encounter ever? You’re just a kid and there’s an underwater naked long haired man trying to get you
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holy fuck what do
I was gonna finish the game with NCR, I did like every quest for them and now they want me to destroy the BoS. I have also done the questline for BoS and Hardin is elder. Now I find out that with Hardin, I can't make the truce?

I don't know what to do, I wanna get NCR ending but don't wanna kill BoS
I can still finish with Yes Man but all that NCR roleplaying will go to waste
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No title
What do you think of episodic games?
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No title
Is this the best game of all time?
50 images | 241 replies
No title
Is there any good reason not to be a vampire in Oblivion? Sun damage can be negated with restoration and if you get to stage 4 people won’t even attack you on sight.
1 images | 4 replies
No title
>enjoy game targeted to coomers because it's fun
>devs realize coomers don't even care about the game itself and remove everything that was fun
4 images | 18 replies
No title
did you play far cry 5? how did you find it? the music is just so fucking awesome.
8 images | 53 replies
No title
images (13)
Do you like Hotline miami thread?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Remember when we used to play SCP Secret Lab with anons? Good times.
7 images | 14 replies
Channel: #anythinggoes
Room: /v/
Pass: rage

>For a working Windowed Fullscreen / Alt + Tabbing

>Bigger Menus

>Collected Custom maps, sounds, fanfares, flags and graves from past threads

Check what lobbies are currently open with

If you're a poorfag you can grab the game here:!SzpAmSCK!zjdLRMVfP3oW72s9hHlJfdttUpZzW-KhEiU05SkSMdQ
22 images | 150 replies
No title
How do we fix it?
1 images | 9 replies
No title
video games
>welcome to video games, what are you playing today?
9 images | 28 replies
No title
The ability of this series to continually call shit before it happens is becoming extremely concerning. I want off this timeline.
4 images | 26 replies
No title
I apologize for my discretion in advance:

>launch title
>PS5 exclusive (no PC version currently planned)
>developed by Insomniac Games
>game runs at a native 3840x2160p (no checkerboard upscaling)
>60fps (currently minor frame pacing hiccups; will likely be patched out by launch)
>game has a very similar artstyle to the film (yes there is chromatic aberration, and no it cannot be turned off, but it can be "reduced")
>begin the game as Miles Morales (after the events of the first film)
>as the story progresses you eventually gain the ability to unlock all 6 characters each of which have their own unique movesets, mobility differences, and so on which allows various sections of the open world to be traversed depending on which character you are currently controlling (characters can be switched out on the fly, unless one of them is incapacitated or "killed"; no permadeath, there's a central base where you can heal your party members)
>in order to unlock each character you must first rescue them from the clutches of various villains and other adversaries by fighting through intricate, "dungeon-like" strongholds until you reach the corresponding boss room
>upon the defeat of this aforementioned boss, the character in question becomes fully playable for the remainder of the game
>the order in which you unlock the playable characters is first Gwen then Peter, after which you gain the ability to diverge from the predetermined path and choose which of the remaining cast to save in whatever order you please. Cutscenes are adaptable to accommodate which characters you have unlocked at any given time (certain cutscene interactions will only be possible by unlocking in a specific order; this can be experimented with in the NG+ mode)
3 images | 10 replies
No title
>MGS1: "Turns out Liquid is the superior, more accurate clone of Big Boss"
>MSG2: "Here's Solidus, an even more superior, absolutely perfect clone of Big Boss"
>MGS3: "Here is Naked Snake/young Big Boss, looking and sounding exactly like the inferior, least accurate clone of him"
This shit never made any sense.
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No title
Claim your vidya husbando!
27 images | 42 replies
No title
2020... I am forgotten...
0 images | 8 replies
No title
Без названия
GO, ONION! I NEED TO COLLECT THE pathologic thread
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No title
*walks past you*
19 images | 75 replies
No title
>start losing in a game
>immediately close the game completely and restart
am I the only one
0 images | 11 replies
Jensen sucks
>"My new partner, JC Denton. Don't tell me you're going to wear those sunglasses during a night operation."
>"I do not expect you to perform as well as Agent Hermann, but the mission will require us to do more than frighten the NSF with our baggy coats that make us look bigger than we really are."

>In Deus Ex JC Denton wears a trenchcoat and sunglasses
>Characters actually make fun of him for that (even though there is an in-universe explanation; JC wears sunglasses to hide the creepy pupils caused by nano-augmentation so as not to make other people nervous)

>In Deus Ex: Human Revolution Adam Jensen wears a trenchcoat and doesn't simply wear sunglasses, the game goes so far as to graft mechanical sunglasses into his skull, because spending millions on cutting-edge technology to insert sunglasses in your skull makes so much more sense than just wearing sunglasses like a normal person. On top of that, he is voiced by an actor with a voice so gravelly you wonder if he has throat cancer.
>We are expected to take Jensen seriously as a character

Jensen feels like a parody character. It's like the developers were so terrified of making another Invisible War that they mindlessly copied JC's gravely voice, trenchcoat and sunglasses. (which is dumb, because Invisible War did a far better job of humanizing its cast than Human Revolution) But while JC had a deadpan sense of humor and other characters actually made fun of his trenchcoat and sunglasses, we are supposed to take Adam Jensen utterly seriously. He just comes of as juvenile, edgy and way too try-hard.
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No title
Is Visage good?
been in the mood for a good horror game
0 images | 1 replies
No title
I want to play this, is switch a good option or nah?
0 images | 4 replies
No title

0 images | 2 replies
No title
>vampire NPC
>uses blood puns
>ice power NPC
>uses ice/freezing puns
>fire power NPC
>uses fire/burning puns
2 images | 4 replies
essential gamecube games
just tried wind waker on dolphin and it works flawlessly any other essential gc games
20 images | 88 replies
/x/ tier vidya conspiraces
>Red dead redemption is in the assassin's creed universe
>Kojima posts on /v/
>That hidden video game disc stuck in between that cardboard box in your closet thats a hidden gem
>The actual final level of super mario 64
>Shadow runners in games
>Bigfoot in Metal gear
2 images | 8 replies
No title
TNC 18
Why does Japan like to endorse the use of child soldiers in their games?
3 images | 19 replies
No title
why are most video fandoms toxic? eg. smash bros
0 images | 17 replies
No title
4 images | 47 replies
No title
Will you buy her game?
13 images | 60 replies
No title
Playing pic related, got any mod recommendations?
1 images | 24 replies
No title
I unironically like playing as Metal Sonic.
3 images | 20 replies
No title
What are the best Sonic Mania mods in your opinion?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
/v/plays Connect 4 when?
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Are there any games where you start off as a villain but end up redeemed in the end?
0 images | 4 replies
>I am forgotten

What went so wrong?
1 images | 13 replies
No title
Who started this shitty trend of reboots that aren't reboots but sequels that restart the timeline?
1 images | 11 replies
No title
Krystal eating a sandwich.
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Is this game unironically overrated? Does it deserve to be the 2nd most acclaimed game of all time?
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Overrated shit
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Any way to find email by rs3 username?
Hi /v/. I got pk'ed in runescape3, lost 100m and now I'm butthurt af . Is there any way to find someone's email by their username? I can handle the rest. Would appreciate some help.
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I got banned from WoW. What mmo should I play now?
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