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Welcome to /k/, 4chan's weapons board. Our board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. If you're new, we suggest reading the sticky at to get acquainted with the board's subject matter.

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Friendly Reminder
its that time again
/k/ is a board devoted to weapons and military equipment.

Discussions about politics or current events belong on /pol/.

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No title
I need your big brains /k/. I’d love to hear your opinions, guesses and fanfics about this potential event
How would it look like?
Who”d provide manpower?
And what are the possible outcomes?
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Qualified Immunity- Area of Operations Thread
It's the year 2028 and 3 years prior, Washington State banned the legal concept of qualified immunity for law enforcement. LEOs can now be sued in civil court for anything the Civilian Oversight Boards can slap them with. And slap they do; every little "micro-aggression" you can think of, followed by Alex Jones'-level legal damages.

Officers quit and flee the state; slowly at first, and then a deluge.

The major cities (Seattle, Olympia, Spokane, Tacoma) quickly descend into chaos as crime shoots to borderline cartoonish levels. Think CHOP/CHAZ but almost an entire state. Schrodinger's terrorists, Antifa, magically appear and act as the new "police" but are basically just a roving death/rape squad that goes after randos. Public struggle sessions, torture, humiliations, and executions are the new normal.

Wealthy areas hire private security and cloister themselves into green-zones, while poorer areas form militias or acquiesce to criminal gangs for protection. Districts, counties, and regions all divide along familiar lines (ethnic groups, political affiliates, religion, and class). Due to the divided makeup of urban areas, travel through cities becomes extremely dangerous, with bribes being ubiquitous.There is still law and order in the smaller towns but it is fragile as gangs frequently leave the city to raid these places for supplies.

Stay-Behind groups from all manner of counties are now in WA State as well; from China, Japan, and Korea, to India, Russia, and UN agents. All are running around getting mixed up in the shit-show of anarchy that has befallen the PNW.

While many are content to sip their Lipton and watch WA burn, some are seeking adventure, loot, and a chance to have some /k/-related fun.

What guns do you bring?
What's your game-plan upon arrival?
Do you already live in WA State? If so, would you bug-out or stay and fight?
Would you take a cushy sec gig protecting wealthy liberal NIMBY's?
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Why doesnt the NCR use mortars in fallout.
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No title
>Soviet vehicles were made for mud, unlike decadent western fat Abraham's
>drive column of vehicles on the road during attack like fucking morons
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No title
>he still hasnt taken the bullpup pill
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/akg/ AK General
Its Time to Stop Edition
Prev: >>61001243

AK Buyer's Guides
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No title
> don't mind me guys, just another russian Pantsir inside Russia
> my accent? I'm from the DPR buddy, don't you know who we're fighting for?
>no I have no idea what happened to that A-50 I swear
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Imagine getting killed by an A10 Warthog and knowing that a dude who drew hypercock futa furry porn was partly responsible for your demise because he designed the targeting system for it
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Polish special needs recon vehicle
Today Polish MOD signed a framework agreement for procurement of 286 of these beauties to replace brdms-2
>STANAG 2 armor
>Max speed of 90km/h and 600km range
>Armed with WKM-B kal. 12,7 mm i UKM kal. 7,62 mm machine guns
>5 people crew
>Swims without prep:
>Water speed 7 km/h
>Mass 15 600 kg
>Face only mother could love
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/msg/ Military Surplus General
Semi-autos edition.

Post your wooden guns and discuss your favorite obsolete caliber to shoot. You do shoot your surp, right?

Previous Thread: >>60976006
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No title
Which of these have you encountered in the wild and are there other variants?
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>Two large countries in a stalemate conflict
>Both have strong, yet somewhat obsolete AA systems/network
>Thus, airforce is almost absent from the conflict with exception of sporadical standoff weapon strike sorties and helis
>One side gets 60 of these badboys along with sufficient maintance crews and ample amounts of ammo
>Badboys are further supported by awacs and western intel

How much of an impact can 60 such planes make?
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No title
I saw my neighbor pointing his Glock at a cat on his dumpster and shouting "put your hands up"
So yeah, post stories about people that shouldn't own guns
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No title
It's because stupid germs have hard coded coordinates of secret Russian bases and assets, right guys?
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Slide Thread
Can we have a semi-decent slide thread for once? Every one I come across is almost always off topic
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Cangen cfg canada general
Who’s watching Scuffed Realtor tn?
Canadian firearms General
>New here? Read this

>Want to hunt? Hunting license info:

>Want to buy something? Recommended vendors list:

>Want to help firearm rights?

>Shitty Thread? /CFG/ Anti-Spammer filter list:

>Hobbyists corner:

>c21/gun ban FAQ
>I read on /pol/ that guns are banned in Canada now!
They aren’t, our government passed a bill that got neutered by gun owner groups and the opposition, who were pissed about it
>but I heard there was a list of banned guns!
There was one, three years ago. Not a single “banned” firearm has been taken. The list you’re seeing is the “neutering” referred to earlier.
>but won’t the government ban things arbitrarily?
They haven’t succeeded in their first attempt, 4 years ago. Nothing has happened, nothing was taken, no matter what you saw on /pol/. Please google your questions and read the actual legislation. It’s a sad nothingburger by a government that’s on its way out. /k/ is a weapons board.

>RULE 0: No coomer shit
>Rule 1: No Furries
>Rule 2: No trannies or thots
>Rule 3: No slav bumfight content
>Rule 4: No noguns PPC D&C
>Rule 5: Go shooting.
>Rule 6: No modern CAF/Cop OP pictures.Recruit elsewhere.
>Rule 7: No wexit arguments. No dumb C21 questions If you wanna talk about that shit Make a thread on >>>/pol/
>Rule 8: LURK MOAR

Previous: >>61033063
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No title
What's your favorite (not "the best", your favorite) gun for patrolling the border with the boys as part of an ad hoc militia? Layoffs are hitting my industry and if worst comes to it I'm thinking of heading down to Texas to do a little good for the U S of A.
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No title
You have 5 minutes to convince Hitler how to win WW2 with google translate. And you cannot show him your HOI4 playthrough.
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No title
Would this be sufficient in shtf
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No title
they took this from u
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Sweden Gripen Fighter Jets to Ukraine
>I expect that already on Tuesday we will receive an invitation from the Prime Minister regarding a broad collection for the Gripen to Ukraine, says Demirok
>The center has long pushed for the plan to be sent to Ukraine, even before Sweden is admitted to NATO. All opposition parties have taken a positive stance, but the Social Democrats with the proviso that Sweden must first join NATO.
>When that happens, it's time to send plans, party leader Magdalena Andersson also said in a speech at Sergel's Square in Stockholm this weekend at a demonstration in support of Ukraine.
>The message from the government and Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has been that they will take a position on the issue only after NATO entry.
>If there is anything we know about Ukraine, it is that air supremacy will mean everything to move the front. If we do not make a decision now, it is remarkable, says Muharrem Demirok.
>The Swedish Armed Forces have carried out a review of whether Sweden can send planes, but the conclusions are classified
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Netherlands gets Airboxer VTOL UAV
Dutch military is buying tiny helicopter. It looks like it can do smol ISR and ELINT payloads. It is v cute.
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No title
What's the point of arguing about weapons/jets when there's literal ufo's mothballed?
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No title
What would america do against a country with a fully automated military and defence systems controlled by a semi sentient ai made up a dozen brain in jars.
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No title
How many 152mm barrels does Russia manufacture per year?
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No title
What kind of shotgun would a shōgun use?
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No title
How would the avg f1 driver perform in a gun fight provided they are properly trained?
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No title
Has anyone ever produced a modern repeating firearm that uses flintlock or an electrical priming system?
>complete freedom from the supply chain
>can make ammo when everything is gone/banned
>will survive after the end
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No title
Lamellar? Plate? Nah, for me its scale armor.
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No title
what if there was a single gun that could shoot every single caliber in existence without swapping barrels or recievers?

basically you'd have a variable rifling channel that can be adjusted by receding a grid of blocks approximating the specific groove pattern into the barrel. it could even be set to a smooth bore configuration.

you then have the radius of the barrel increase or decrease by using a gear cam mechanism attached to interlocking segments of the barrel.
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F-15EX fails to reach mach 3
Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 14-43-48 Maybe Not That Fast. Boeing Says The F-15EX Can’t Do Almost Mach 3
It's over.
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No title
Why aren't police drones armed with tasers and tear gas grenades a thing?
In fact, why doesn't every cop car have a drone in it? Even just a thermal camera and a high resolution camera would be a big step up for police, like every cop car having a helicopter for surveillance.
I know police do have some drones, but they've gone about it in a very inefficient and bureaucratic way, like you need 6 months drone pilot training and a license and they'll only have like 4 guys.
Just give every patrolling officer with a car a drone ffs. Every single person born after 1980 can use one with literally a couple hours of practise.
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Ultimax 100 Mk 9 LMG
Hardly anyone noticed that Singapore debuted an upgrade to their most well-known firearm at the airshow last week. Dual-feed, quick-change barrel, extremely light, supposedly still accurate. Here is the least-bad article I found:
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Trap thread
Stolen image lulz
Post traps you'd use if your life was in danger. The ones in the pic are easy to make, but what do you guys have in mind?
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No title
Why exactly did .45 go out of fashion?

>muh mag size

Literally hire humans with higher IQ and physical prowess. If you have 3 magazines within an arms reach and are unable to hit a moving target you should not own a firearm

>muh lethality

The average law enforcement glowie mag dumps anything that moves anyway hence that 'argument' is invalid
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French justice seized based Delon's illegal gun collection
>Alain Delon's house searched: 72 firearms and 3,000 rounds of ammunition seized at his Douchy home

>The 88-year-old actor, who was gravely ill, had "no authorization to possess a firearm", according to the Montargis public prosecutor.

>Seventy-two firearms and over 3,000 rounds of ammunition were seized during a search last week at Alain Delon's home in Douchy-Montcorbon (Loiret), the Montargis public prosecutor's office announced on Tuesday.

>The 88-year-old actor, who was gravely ill, had "no authorization to possess a firearm", stressed Montargis public prosecutor Jean Cédric Gaux in a press release.

>The search took place last Thursday, following a report from the guardianship judge on February 8: during a visit, the representative in charge of Alain Delon's legal protection noted that the actor possessed a firearm, explains the magistrate.

A total of 72 weapons, including category A (certain firearms and war material) and B (weapons used for sport shooting and those used for professional risk purposes), and over 3,000 rounds of ammunition were seized, the prosecutor explained, confirming and clarifying information revealed by Le Parisien .

In addition, it was "established that there was a shooting range on the property" during the search, noted the magistrate. Jean Cédric Gaux added that an investigation had been opened into the illegal storage, acquisition and possession of category A, B and C weapons.

Since the end of January, the weakened actor has been placed under judicial protection. The courts have appointed a legal representative to assist Alain Delon with his medical care, at the heart of a dispute between the actor's three children.

Alain fucked the law his whole life kek
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No title
The Russian civil war is a conflict that is very rarely ever covered by anyone. Was there any cool stuff from that war? I know the Bolsheviks had armoured trains. How successful were they in combat? How did the Bolsheviks decide on these leather uniforms?
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How would you outfit an army?
cold war army loadout
One of these threads. Made this as if I were some late cold war third world Latin American dictator.
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No title
Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 10.48.25 AM
>why isn't he firing missiles at us?
>what do you mean?
>holy fucking shit
>what the fuck is this?
>why isn't it moving?
>I'm telling you, it's a UFO.
>zoom in more
>it's standing still, do you see?
>can we ram it? (lol)

Ukrainian surveillance drone operators recorded it. Seriously though, what kind of weapon is this in Ukraine? No bullshit.
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/k/aturday - TWO Years Edition
animal grenade kit
It's the 2 Year Anniversary of the 3-Day Special Military Operation lads

Come celebrate by posting gats and /k/ats
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Would Napalm Be Useful in Ukraine?
Napalm Strike
Now it seems all but certain that the Ukies will be getting F-16's this year along with possibly Gripens, I was wondering what the best munitions for CAS runs against trenches would be, as the only real option you have is a very risky boom and zoom one, so you won't have enough time on target to properly use smart munitions to get the bombs into the trenches instead of just scattering them around them.

Would Napalm make for a good trench clearer because of this, or are their better options out there?
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No title
It's a bit surreal to know we're living through the overture of world war 3.
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No title
>Admiral Fukyu Niggah was born in 1880 in a fishing village near Nagasaki. He was born into an ancient samurai clan called "Kuru Krux."
>From a young age he was determined to serve in the Imperial Navy and was accepted into the naval academy, where his excellent grasp of the tea ceremony and ability to bow much lower than anybody else ensured his fast graduation.
>At the age of 17 he served in the Navy during the Russo-Japanese War and distinguished himself during the Battle of Tsushima by sinking the Russian cruiser Vranya with a single torpedo that struck the vodka storage.
>His career was mostly uneventful afterwards until the '20s, when he fell in with the hyper-militaristic crowd.
>After coups and government restructuring, Adm. Fukyu Niggah was assigned command of the 7th Fleet in the war against China.
>He distinguished himself again by his numerous war crimes near Shanghai, including the infamous "Night of 1,000,000 Rapes" for which he was awarded the Order of the Heavenly Katana.
>In 1940 as diplomacy with America broke down, he was called to several meetings in Tokyo to discuss the feasibility of war with America. During one of these meetings, after Adm. Yamamoto remarked that Japan had no real chance of victory, Adm. Fukyu Niggah flew into a violent rage.
>He dropped his trousers and began furiously masturbating while screeching the Bushido Code, which he had memorized. He then declared: "IF WE DON'T GO TO WAR WITH GAIJIN I WILL KILL EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM AND RAPE THEIR CORPSES, INCLUDING THE EMPEROR!!!"
>This display of the Yamato Spirit impressed everyone deeply, and Hirohito applauded his dedication.
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No title
Was it as bad as they say? Or was it just bad coordination and terrible torpedoes?
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/meg/ - Military Enlistment General
Anti-hazing and its Consequences edition

Previous Thread: >>60999399

Lying about medical history: GOOD (Make them say no)
Lying about criminal history: GOOD (Sealed/Expunged = Good to go)
Self Immolation: BASED


>Free ASVAB Practice Tests [Do these]

>Fort Jackson Army Basic Training Guide (Nov. 2020, still accurate) (Short version) (40 page version)

>How can I get college credits while I'm in the service without signing up for classes?
CLEP/DSST information:

An networked healthcare system reporting your personal healthcare information to the government.
Walgreens is telling anyone who asks what meds you picked up and when. Just don't admit to anything and let them tell you what you need to fix before joining.

>Getting in Special Forces Shape (fitness guides),of%2040%20to%2050%20reps).

>Naval Aviator Forum with info on Navy OCS, as well study guides for ASTB-E

>Airforce Pilot guide (Do AFROTC, some easy major, 4.0 with some athletics and volunteering)

>I'm worried about getting a clearance!
Don't worry about it, anyone can get a top secret. It's not hard and no they're not checking your posts here. Put your facebook on private.

>How to get physically overqualified for BMT/BCT when starting from nothing
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Tactical influence of terrible packaging
Interesting little youtube vid on the maddening inefficiency of soviet-style ammunition packaging, with side effects on issues like MLRS reloading rate. Do you have this in your country? Any times when you felt imperiled on combat duty by something as simple as shitty boxes?
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Thumbs Forward or Thumbs Crossed?
thumbs forward thumbs down
For me, it's thumbs down:
>Works on any size handgun, pocket or full size
>Prevents hammer bite and slide bite
>No accidentally tripping slide stop or safety
>Seamless transition to revolvers so your thumb doesn't get BTFO by cylinder gap
>Gives more leverage when pulling a heavy DA trigger
>Strongest retention when shooting one-handed

Why aren't you shooting with the thumbs crossed grip?
You didn't fall for "muh recoil management in IPSC larp competitions" meme did you?
You know real life self-defensive shootings with real carry-sized pocket guns aren't the same as an IPSC regulated competition scene
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No title
traction trebuchet
war in the past was fucking wild.
19 media | 59 replies
No title
Please don't make a thread about the german frigate "Hessen" shooting at an allied drone because they panicked and thought it was a houthi attack. It's the first real mission for the german navy since ww2, and making fun of u..them could discourage them.

15 media | 81 replies
/nvg/ger - Night Vision General
NVG apr 2022
Thermal and NVD fusion is the meta edition
Previous thread >>60989799

Resource on what these spec terminology mean

You shouldn't be chasing for spec values but they do exist and if you wanted to know what "better spec" values are there's a way to know which unit is desirable over another.
Most retailers won't post this info as they build NVDs to order, first come first serve, and depending on their grading scale of high, mid, low tier it may differ from retailers. If a retailer offer a “ready to ship” fully built units they will list the spec values. Hand select is an option from retailers that will try to match to your spec requirements.

Some reputable retailers:

SNR: signal to noise ratio, the amount of signal the tube can make compared to the noise
EBI: equivalent background information, how much false image appears in the screen through which the actual image has to show, sort of a noise floor of sorts
Halo: How big the circle of bloom is around lights
Photocathode Sensitivity: How sensitive the photocathode is
LP Resolution: Line pair res of the center of the image as measure against a standardized chart

If one spec is shit it negates the rest, if you have a halo of 2.0 it kinda fucks on an EBI of 0.20 if you want to do any kind of shooting and it's all a balance game

The numbers to meet or beat are
EBI under 1, preferably under 0.6 being great, 0.1 is gucci
Halo under 1, anything under 0.7 is awesome
SNR, over 25 anything over 30 is gucci
Photocathode, 1900+ is pretty great, 2500+ is stellar
Resolution of 64+ is good, 72+ is gucci
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No title
Could the Qin Dynasty's Great General system work in modern times, maybe for NATO?
To summarize, you empower 6 great generals to raise armies and wage war without without any need for bureaucratic approvals.
7 media | 50 replies
You are somehow brought back to the year 1990 and will be in a major metropolitan city in the usa of your choice. You have to choose 3 main guns for you to have and defend your self and property, state laws are sctive, but who really cares about them?

The world you are in is based off the World of Darkness game, you have vampires, garaou, mages, demons, and much more strange creatures. You probably will die if you run into any of those but lets LARP. You could probably take down a thinblood or some cultist

Also 80s 90s weapons are allowed too
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Nightforce ATACR 1-8
Nightforce ATACR 1-8
Anyone here have a Nightforce ATACR 1-8? I was thinking about buying one, but all I'm seeming to find is mixed information. For those of you who have one, did you run into any issues with fisheye or the FOV being narrow? What does the reticle look like at 1x with no illumination?
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Military Stories
Vietnamese Barracks
Tell us the most interesting/weird thing you've seen/experienced while serving in your country's armed forces.
>can also be Law Enforcement too
5 media | 41 replies
No title
Tactical advantage of taping body armor to a car door?
0 media | 3 replies
Military Occupation policy
It seems since the War on Terror started that most nations do whatever they can to keep their soldiers away from the locals to the point there is barely interaction unless its carefully staged. Why did this change compared to the past where soldiers always mingled with the locals?
1 media | 18 replies
/kf/ - knife general
Are AKC OTFs halfway decent? I'm too poor to afford a memetech.
18 media | 35 replies
No title
How would YOU contest a nato dominated baltic sea as russia?
47 media | 267 replies
Hand to hand weapons
What melee based weapon is most effective in small skirmishes? Throwing weapons also count.
4 media | 19 replies
.25 acp versus ninja
beretta 25

ran across this crazy shit while researching more powerful .25 acp loads since i tote one

>gun store owner denies guy
>guy comes back with katana
>attacks (im assuming boomer) gun store owner with said katana
>gun store dude for some reason doesnt use any guns sitting around and retreats to office
>samauri follows him in
>gun store dude realizes he doesnt have gun in desk
>gets stabbed in intestines
>gun store guy remembers he has beretta ,25 in pocket
>grabs blade with left hand
>dumps 5 rounds into ninjas face
>ninja dies

this is evidently from 2000 i think; enjoy the read

btw i think im going to try the buffalo bore .25 60 grain stuff, anyone have any experience
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/brg/ - Battle Rifle General #415
Horse Soldier Edition

Post wood (furniture)
Bigger the bullet, the better the man
Retvrn to Calvary
315 Fun club will never die
Frens together strong

thread theme:

As Always; No Trips, No Traps.
Last Time | >>60947031
56 media | 166 replies
War never changes.
Well /k/, this is it. The great happening of our time. The preemptive EMP burst just knocked out power and if you're in a major population center you're probably fucked so you may as well jerk off one last time before you get vaporized. If you're far enough from those you have about 10 minutes to get into your bunker. Do you have one of those? If not, will you do your best to cover some windows with blankets and pillows before hiding in your bathtub? Is your bug-out bag ready to go if you have to leave your house? Are you apathetic and feeling like a late-night stroll so you can enjoy the fireworks?

I have some food and water, enough to last me a month or so. That should be long enough for the initial fallout to drop off. If I hold up in my 1/2 basement I should be alright assuming a blastwave doesn't obliterate my house. My only concern is a large chemical plant that's somewhat close to me. It's about 4 miles away so I'm not terribly close but I'd definitely see the fireball if I was looking for it. Assuming they don't target the chemical plant, there's not enough near me worth hitting for them to waste a nuke in my neck of the woods.

How'd you fare fellow /k/ommandos?
4 media | 38 replies
Home security
As a eurofag, what steps can I reasonably take to ensure my apartment is safe from robbers and other scum? I already own a few knives and keep an axe next to the door, but a recent break in at an apartment just next to me has me worried. What steps can I take to ensure peace of mind at night that don’t include joining a gun club?
1 media | 32 replies
No title
500 of the mountain with plate armor and long swords ij medieval europe before the crossbow,
How powerful an army like this would be assuming you give them proper training?
16 media | 113 replies
No title
Identify Vera
4 media | 15 replies
baffling combat footage
Have you ever seen an AK used as an indirect fire weapon? How about the last man firing blindly forward into impenetrable smoke/fog? Do you want to? Russia's MOD has you covered, in last week's edition of elite operators of the 155th, operating elitely:

itt: military tactics and media that make you say "huh?"
23 media | 96 replies
No title
What’s some /k/ approved /lit/ature? Pic related, /k/ recommended this and this was an insanely good read.
11 media | 30 replies
Fire-resistant uniforms
cat pondering life's great questions
>be me
>watch livestream of some retard airman barbecue himself in front of the Israeli embassy for Hamas
>he doused himself in gasoline before trying to take a lighter to his own uniform
>it didn't work
>spent a good 20 seconds trying to light his uniform, long enough to attract the attention of a security guard
>finally took the lighter to the gas-soaked pavement and went on his way to Allah's warm embrace

So, was this dude just incompetent or are ABUs just that good at resisting fires? I know he was wearing just a regular ABU instead of FROG gear (not that it would have saved him) but I figure it might the latter because USAF personnel regularly work with flammable material such as explosives and jet fuel.
9 media | 30 replies
Handgun mods
What retarded/genius modifications have you made to your handgun?

I'll start: Tungsten guide rod
6 media | 9 replies
No title
>supersonic strategic bomber
>mach 3.08
>4,900,000,000gr projectile
>capacity, only 1 round
22 media | 72 replies
Soviet equivalents to US Tanks?
I was just thinking about how the Abrams came out in 1979, and how it kind of ruined the pattern of equivalent MBTs with the USSR

>T-54 vs M46/47
>T-55 vs M48
>T-62/64 vs M60
>T-72 vs M1 Abrams

Wtf was the American counterpart for the T-80/84/90?
10 media | 75 replies
Canadian Military Aid to Ukraine
>“Our $4 billion in military assistance includes Leopard 2 battle tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery ammunition, over 800 drones made in Canada, air defence missiles and more.

Lacking exact numbers, but Leopard 2A's are confirmed, and 800 Aeryon SkyRanger R70 that were previously announced. Armored vehicles may mean ACSVs or Roshel Senators.
7 media | 51 replies
No title
Let's say that for the next 24h your house will be attacked by 10,000 toddlers, their only goal being killing you.
Would you be able to defend yourself with what you have available rn?
1 media | 20 replies
No title
Can you destroy the NORAD HQ at Mount Cheyenne with a 100 megaton bomb with a delayed fuse and tungsten uranium penetrator case.
4 media | 20 replies
No title
m1941 klewang cutlass
behold the penultimate evolution of the do whatever you want one handed sword, cut, thrust, chop vines and wildwood.
5 media | 28 replies
No title
why dont they give meth to field soldiers anymore(they give it to pillots though)?
The germans literaly rendered the maginot line useless by dossing their man high on Pervitin.
0 media | 13 replies
.22lr handgun thread
I'm looking to buy a .22 handgun. Between the Browning Buckbreak, the S&W Victory, and the Ruger Mk. IV, which is the best? There are also revolvers in this general price range, but I don't know much about them. What's /k/'s rimfire handgun of choice?
17 media | 41 replies
Poseidon torpedo
With the amount of plutonium and uranium it would take to arm 30 massive torpedoes like the one Russia is developing, wouldn't it be more efficient to use that same amount of fissile material to produce hundreds of smaller warheads that would kill far more people all together? It seems like they could deliver an order of magnitude more destruction that way.
2 media | 32 replies
My LGS fucking despises me
I see it on their faces every time I walk into the store. They snicker behind my back as I look at all of the AK's instead of a much more practical AY_Arr 15. They can tell I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. I asked if 7.62 was still cheap (I learned it was cheap through forums) the last time I went in and the bastard smirked and said "7.62 by what??" I just started stammering. He gave me this little smirk and said "You mean AK ammo???".

Sometimes I just go in there and walk around their cramped little store trying to soak up knowledge. The last time I was there 45 minutes just pacing because I couldn't find a rifle cleaning kit. I didn't want to look like a fucking idiot not buying anything but they only sold $3000 ARs or $1,200 AKs that should have been $800. 'Support your local gun store' they say. Next time I'll just save myself the embarrassment and shop at brownells.

I loved those cocksuckers like a brother, and they FUCK me in the ass!
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Cleaning guns on front porch/front yard?
Is there anyway I could get in trouble for this for "brandishing"? I would keep them pointed towards my house at all times.

I've got an ongoing dispute with my neighbor across the street. Basically, I have a job that has me work odd hours and they say my coming and going wakes them up. I drive a crown vic (4.6 V8) so it's not a loud car but not particularly quite either.

I think they might shut up after this. Plus it's beautiful weather outside. What do you guys think? Would you do it?
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How bad of a decision am I about to make? I am 28.
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what is this aircraft that was filmed on the ukrainian front line?
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B52 emergency landing
Very rare incident. Last major emergency for a B52 was 2017, apparently. Posting the engine fire pic here because journalists are being retards - either cropping and compressing it or not using it at all. Sauce is a fb page.
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images (1)
as a homeless person, what can I do to protect myself from someone attacking me tent with me sleeping in it, if they are swinging a machete or baseball bat can't they fell me while I sleep in one go? I have a decent budget to buy countermeasures or upgrades. Homeless cause of mental illness (PTSD childhood family violence) not cause of poverty so I yeah I have money but need to live in a tent. Already done decades of therapy and meds I just need a safety solution now. In Australia so no guns and can't shoot while I'm sleeping anyway... prefer tents to cars so even tho car protected no car sleeping but if there was a hard shell tent that worked for me let me know
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>Having a blast killing some home invaders
>Your retard buddy walks up behind you and lets a few rounds off right by your ear
What do?
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What does /k/ think of the FN P90?
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GCAP progress
GCAP seems to be coming along nicely. Post any GCAP news/updates/rumors.

> industry officials have said that the partners are close to completing the aircraft’s conceptual design phase as they prepare to set up the industrial entities from the year-end that will deliver the program.
> despite the multinational nature of the organization, engineers are mainly focused on developing a “single-configuration” core aircraft that will be the main enabler of a “system of systems”
> each partner country will be able to modify and adapt the jet, primarily in terms of software, in the way and at the time, place and pace they wish to.
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How do I get the job of chief finger pointer?
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What's the Better Lightweight Hiking Long Gun?
hiking gun vs
Going innawoods gets dangerous, a longer range and/or more powerful option to your handgun can be useful. Whether it's dealing with a rabid coyote that you don't want to get too close to, hunt small game without destroying it, scare away a samsquanch, or protecting yourself when you're told you have a pretty mouth. Outside of Grizzly country, only an AR with 50 Beowulf can help there, what's the most versatile option?

I'm trying to decide between taking my single shot shotgun or good 'ol semi-auto 22lr on multi-day backpacking excursions. It needs to be light, which both these cover. the versatility of shotgun different shotshells is useful, but so would the better precision and capacity of a 22 rifle.

what would you take?
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/prg/ Precision Rifle General
You lazy fucks are just letting the old thread die edition

Post precision/long range rifles. Discuss optics, rifles, cartridges, shooting tips, etc.
>some basic resources
>previous thread
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>Turkish Altay MBT
why does it look like a Leclerc
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I think even if actual battletech BattleMechs actually came out irl, they would be about as useful as the tank or IFV. Sure both would have upsides and downsides, but for the most part, whoever detects first, and consequently whoever fires first, hits first, penetrates first, kills first, is the winner. Which means mechs would get incapacitated from one shot... Just like tanks do irl.
I think this is way cooler than ablative armor which takes a million years to kill each other in introtech. I especially hate people who insist on banning through armor criticals.
Obviously if a mech gets penetrated its going to die.
Also, drone mechs are way better than manned mechs. Not in battletech of course, because the people who make the game are stupid doodooheads.
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Ukraine air war shifting?
It’s been widely reported now that Ukraine’s loss of Avdiivka has been at least partially attributed to the Russian’s liberal use of glide-bombs. I’m also reading reports of these glide-bombs being used in multiple areas of the front. Paired with this is the sudden burst of reported shoot-downs of Russian planes. This seems to indicate that the Russians have launched a major air campaign, not just a one-off bombing op to take Avdiivka. Picrel is supposedly footage of a big FAB-1500 striking a Ukranian position. I don’t think these things can fly very far even with a glide kit — is Ukraine running out of AD interceptors? Not just tactical shots for things like incoming glide-bombs but what about the fighters which are coming that close to the front? Some have been shot down but it sounds like the front is currently getting hammered by these things — making it seem like Ukraine is being forced to conserve their interceptors. Is this is what’s REALLY concerning them when they say things like how bad their ammo situation is?
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Modern gun """culture"""
I don't think any of the gentlemen of the 18th century, to whom so much is owed, would find pic related, and its like, agreeable. Behaving like a boorish lout with guns is damaging to the cause. It seems the poor, who are so intent on imitating their dusky counterparts, risk tarnishing the reputation of all gun owners with the same dark brush. If didn't have such a level head, I might think there was some sort of psyop underway to discredit gun owners by promulgating the most obnoxious form of gun culture for the public to consume. inb4 fudd.
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Supposed image of the Su-34 shootdown today.

>The Russians have fewer and fewer "planes".

> picture is of a thermal camera from some air defense system

Are these madmen driving around an Osa or something behind Russian lines? That's probably why they keep saying it's friendly fire. This looks more like a Rorschach test than anything, though.
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elite mule 122
>Lieutenant is a lower rank than major
>Lieutenant general is higher rank than major general
really makes you think
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Anybody else find this guy to be insufferable?
In every one of his videos I've seen he always dances around the main topic answering questions nobody is asking in what feels like an attempt to display his knowledge, while speaking in a condescending manner the whole time, and his comment section which is reddit personified are also on the same high horse as skallagrim acting like they are above any fictional media that is unrealistic in their depiction of historical weapons
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tiger tank
I have completed a /k/ masterpiece. It works 10x better with the sound, but it's still good.

I present to you, the ending of Saving Private Ryan that is redone to be completely historically accurate with regards to the weapons involved.
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/QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
WHO LET THE GOD DAMN THREAD DIE edition. Previous: >>60920741

There's a lot of them. Keltec is just known for holy shit all the screws. Clamshell designs = lots of screws.

I like the Volquartsen hammer kit but I almost wish I would've just picked up a BX after feeling some in person. $30-40 vs like 70-90 though. But really it didn't matter because hunting doesn't exactly need a featherlight trigger. It's a small improvement. I'm sure either complete trigger group from those two companies would be fine. I never tried either complete groups because $$$.
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In real life in a nuclear armageddon most major cities would be giant nuclear crater with barely any intact buildings with a shit ton of rads. Most people would be forced to stick to the countryside as these regions would be deadly to any life.
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The West German Luftwaffe and navy bought over 900 Lockheed F-104 Starfighters and operated eleven entire wings of them. Why did they love that piece of crap so much?
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When will militaries finally make the switch to less than lethal weaponry? Its becoming more advanced all the time and POWs / hostages are more useful for diplomacy than making more corpses.

Hopefully soon the decision to use lethal arms will be seen as just unnecessary spite, a war crime in and of itself.
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seeing as how the abrams lost in ukraine was relatively undamaged because the blowout panels functioned properly, do you think the chally 3 will incorporate blowout panels or does the challenger 2 hull that is being used not allow for it? the challenger lost in ukraine did suffer a turret toss
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PS90 SBR suppressor
Does anyone here have a suppressor for their ps90 SBR? I was looking to get a suppressor for mine but I’m not sure what to get. I’ve never owned a suppressor before. I saw that B&T makes a suppressor that is suppose to clamp on to standard FN flash hiders as well as the CMMG recreation (which I have on my rifle). Unfortunately there’s some posts on their form about alignment issues with this suppressor when used with the CMMG flash hider, they allegedly fixed this with their own flash hider. I really don’t want to get a suppressor and not be able to use it. The only other suppressor I was interested in was the gem tec abyss. It looks like it has a quick disconnect and comes with a flash hider which is awesome but I’m not sure if I need any adapters for the flash hider to work. If anyone has anything they can share or if you have a different suppressor for your ps90 I’d like to know.
Link for the abyss.
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How do you afford the time/money to go shooting?
When I was in college, I had all the time in the world but ammo was too expensive to shoot
Now that I am working, I can afford ammo but I have no time to shoot.

When does /k/ find the time/money to go shooting?
>is pic related why the most common demographic I see at my range is boomers?
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Why did they do it?
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Statistically speaking, the ball gunner and the tail gunner position were the safest positions on the airplane. The waist gunners were the most dangerous.
Warrior delenda est.
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First flight test of new AMRAAM-ER on NASAMS
ANDØYA – Raytheon and Kongsberg, with support from the Norwegian MOD and Armed Forces, successfully completed a flight test of an updated AMRAAM-ER missile variant from a NASAMS. The successful flight test showcases the increased capabilities of the upgraded AMRAAM-ER. This latest variant is a first-of-its-kind configuration incorporating the guidance section of the AIM-120 C-8. It also incorporates a more robust 10-inch rocket motor from Nammo and a 10-inch Control Actuator System, from Kongsberg, branded the Norwegian Propulsion Stack, for which the Norwegian MOD has been a collaborative partner.
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Vehicles in Ukraine: DITA SPG
The Netherlands has ordered 9 czech DITA self-propelled howitzers for Ukraine. This vehicle premiered at IDEX-2021. Its manufacturer is Excalibur Army. It is distinguished by its high degree of automation, enabling a crew of 2 to fully manage fire missions. Emergency workstation available for a 3rd operator. UAV directed and corrected fire is native to the base model, as well as manual and programmatic ammo switching on a case-by-case basis. 47 caliber gun. 39km base bleed. 6 rd MRSI, 5 rd sustained. 40 rd storage. Autoloaded. Idealized shoot and scoot time claimed to be as low as 45 seconds.
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/show/ - Arms Show General - EnforceTac
Let's get a thread going for the big euro tradeshows. EnforceTac is a more jackbooted Shot Show, with greater emphasis on small arms and gear than most defense shows. IWA follows EnforceTac.
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No title
Axis secret weapons: big, loud, wastes of resources and manpower that have no real effect on war.
>Maus, V1, V2, 262, 163, Yamatos, carrier subs

American secret weapon: the size of a radio tube and has a drastic effect on the war by increasing artillery killing power tenfold.
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Some badass Soviet military guy in WW2
Is a bulletproof vest made of military awards effective?
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How good is the Taurus? Did they actually make a ground launched version?
3 media | 26 replies
Does your rifle have what it needs?
Light and optic are the minimum, both should cost more than the rifle itself. Poorons are the only people who would argue otherwise.
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No title
what's the purpose of this?
7 media | 39 replies
My beautiful 45-70 i love this gun. Iron sights and all, shoots like a fucking charm. Devastating bullet.
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/k/lit - Reference Desk Edition
gm readerly /k/ings. Let's have a thread on /k/ reference texts. To start us off, I have just made Military Balance 2024 available on libgen. This is a world military equipment yearbook in its 65th edition. This year they have added unmanned systems and some other things.
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taking dates to the range stories
have you guys ever taken a date shooting? I don't mean your gf, I mean maybe 2nd/3rd date activity type shit. cause I have and boy do I have stories.

>tell chick I'm into guns
>woah anon that's so cool I've always wanted to go shooting!!
>tell her we can go next weekend
>bugs me nonstop about what she wants me to bring
>day comes
>hand her a 9mm pistol I have with a compensator and heavy guide rod for as little recoil as possible
>shoots it once
>horror washes across her face and puts the gun down immediately
>"it's too loud"
>i made her double up ear pro and everything ffs
>refuses to shoot anything for the rest of the trip
>bitch I paid for 2 hours and you made me bring like 6 guns wtf?
>shoot at stuff myself until she's starts up with the can we leave now??
she's the one that wanted to come ffs
i don't think I'll be doing this again.
maybe I'll invest in a 22 pistol or something so I can give that to chicks next time idk
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Any of You knows something about this gun?
It Is from Nuova Jager they make nice stuff. I was kinda looking for something glocky, but I don't want to give Money to austrians. I was thinking about something either American or local(Italian).

It seems nice, price Is ok...but I don't know if It Is a good gun
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From Wunderwaffe to problem

Can we finally agree, that the age of the tank is over?

>Most modern fighting vehicles capable of impossible feats, impenetrable armour, ability to detect, evade and destroy enemies on all planes of the modern battlefield
>Deleted by Amazon DIY drones with rpg 7 warhead strapped on them.

The Russians didn’t deploy their armata shitheap, because it would get BTFO just like their T90. If they are smart (they aren’t) they will cease its production entirely. No one can explain tanks anymore. The concept is so outdated, the superiority of drones, mines and ATGM so staggering, even the introduction of countermeasures leaves an almost useless vehicle unable to be a deciding factor in any major operation, let alone carry any skirmish.

Also the logistics included in keeping these useless tons of steel around, from gas to ammunition and several crew members who oftentimes would have greater impact in an infantry role, is just mindblowingly stupid.

It’s like no one procuring tanks has the slightest idea of economics. Producing a multimillion piece of useless equipment, just to train several people for months on how to use it, have large logistic lines established just for some drone operator to get another kill.

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air force
does the air force offer some decent /k/ related jobs? I heard there are some openings now.
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No title
Weaponised capercaillies.

>has a complete disregard for its own safety or health
>aggressively seeks out humans to attack them
>aggressively seeks out vehicles to attack them

Imagine sitting in a trench at night and hearing a dozen of these coming at you.

Think about it.
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Soviet treads made in UK. CZ Bren 2 made in UA.
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No title
Favorite service rifles? For me it’s Estonias LMT
20 media | 50 replies
Suppressing/threading FN 1910
I have the gun, and the 1922 barrel if needed. How do I go about this? I brought it in to some threading shop in las vegas, guy said the barrel is too thin for a 1/2-28 thread.
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No title
Why everyone say fixed blade bad for self defense? It's better than nothing. Just a backup in case some spook jumps you and tries to hump you.
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No title
The Columbine Question
On April 20th 1999, two perps started firing at their school. We all know the story, however within about 5 minutes there was already a police officer responding, it was Neil Gardner. By the time Neil arrived several were shot but only 2 with fatal wounds.
Neil had a shootout with one of the perpetrators at 11:24AM, the gunmen started the attack at 11:19AM.
During this shootout, he exchanged shots with gunman Eric Harris who was in the West Entrance using the doors as cover. Neil was in the parking lot behind a Blazer.
Picrel is the line of sight of the shootout, Neil is actually the one in yellow that you can see at the cars. (This photo is after the perps were dead, but it shows where it happened)
Eric Harris was 18, and was using a 9mm Hi-Point Carbine
Neil Gardner was 44 and a Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy using a .45 Sig
The distance between them in reports is stated between 60-70 yards and that is also what Google Earth measuring comes up with.
Both traded shots and no one hit each other, but Neil reported rounds hitting the car he was using as cover, and he also hit the glass surrounding Eric.
So I ask you /k/, should he have been able to hit the shooter as a trained police officer? Or, could you have hit the shooter in this same situation? The question is important because at this time, the Library massacre had not yet begun where 10 people would be killed. Neil could potentially have saved lives.
Here is an interview with him just days after:
Ignore them calling the Hi-Point an "Assault Rifle"
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No title
What do military chaplains even do, do they have the same loadout as every other soldier?
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No title
Here is some perspective about the Ukraine war:

The Abrams is 40 years old
The p51 mustang would have been 50 at the start of the first Gulf War
8 media | 28 replies
Octo cannon i.e Mesbah 1
Am i the only one who noticed that Iran made the best gun for shooting down their own ShaSneed drones?

This thing:

I find it very interesting that nations often develop weapons to counter their own weapons at the same time they are making the first one.
3 media | 12 replies
Canted AK front sight ?
Bought a Kalashnikov USA KR-103 a few months ago. The rifle looks amazing ans is really fun to shoot but something really bothers me : I noticed that I was shooting consistently to the right. I put it on me at first because it's my first AK, but after a few hundred rounds and no improvement I decided to check the sights. Turns out the factory adjustment was off and I adjusted the front sight to the right like pic attached. Now the rifle shoots straight but having a misaligned front sight really pisses me off on a "premium" AK like this. Is this normal ? Should I RMA the rifle considering I don't live in the US and it would probably take months to get it fixed or replaced.
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No title
I am very interested about defencive economics, especially production times. How many rifles could lets say mid-sized european nation procude? How about NVGs? Artillery barrels? IFVs? Fighter jets? AA missiles?
1 media | 7 replies