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Friendly Reminder
its that time again
/k/ is a board devoted to weapons and military equipment.

Discussions about politics or current events belong on /pol/.

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/usmohtddtot/ Ukraine Special Military Operation Happenings that don't deserve their own thread
previous >>53607843

-----Recent happenings-----
>Finnish parliament votes in favor of NATO membership
>Russian Foreign Minister claims this will "not make much of a difference"
>According to a telegram post from UA aligned EspressoTV, Russians launched a missile strike on Lviv from Belarus. The missile was apparently intercepted by Ukrainian air defence.
>Telegram page zhest_belgorod reports Alekseevka village in Russia's Kursk region was shelled by artillery, according to the region's governor.

-----Tools and Resources----- (suggest more please)
>Oryx visually confirmed losses mapping (RU+UA), currently taking a well-deserved break so list will be out of date
>Institute for the Study of War campaign assessments
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Severodonetsk Crossing
Kharkiv Oblast
Remember the rumours that Ukrainians crossed the river around Staryi Saltiv?

Well now they've crossed in another place too, near the border with Russia.

pic related

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Just ny. Finland voted ye for joining.
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Mario Partybros...
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lmao get dabbed on
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>but Russia can’t make more ta-
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An armchair general in me wants to ask this, /k/. How do you shape forces for defending a remote front, that will probably be hard to supply for a while and will face overwhelming odds?

Example: Generic British land in Asia in 1940. It's peninsula, 70 miles in length, 10 miles at its narrowest point, 22 miles at the end. At the end of peninsula is deep water port with a city of 70.000 inhabitants. Let's say it's pic related. There is an airport there too.

As per predictions, it is indefensible. Best case scenario is, supplies will come in sporadically, but enemy has option of sending tens of thousand troops one after another. Yet, political leadership is adamant, that peninsula must be defended and is willing to invest large amount of men and resources in its defense.

What would be best approach? Bunch of bunkers? Making a ton of tunnels? Building new airfields? Turning the place into a forest of barb wire and mines?

UK forces were always sort of token in such positions in Far East. I always wondered, what would be optimal approach to such no-win scenario?

And it's not an option to say "deploy no troops". All empires are fickle about that.
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Putin involved in war ‘at level of colonel or brigadier’, say western sources
Vladimir Putin has become so personally involved in the Ukraine war that he is making operational and tactical decisions “at the level of a colonel or brigadier”, according to western military sources.

The Russian president is helping determine the movement of forces in the Donbas, they added, where last week the invaders suffered a bloody defeat as they tried on multiple occasions to cross a strategic river in the east of Ukraine.

The sources added that Putin is still working closely with Gen Valery Gerasimov, the commander of the Russian armed forces, in contrast to claims made by Ukraine last week that the military chief had been sidelined.

“We think Putin and Gerasimov are involved in tactical decision making at a level we would normally expect to be taken by a colonel or a brigadier,” the military source said, referring to the ongoing battle in the east of Ukraine.


What do we think of Putin's tactical genius?
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Were IJN AA guns really that bad?
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Since last week, ukrainian soldiers have been receiving training in Germany, Idar-Oberstein, to operate the Panzerhaubitze 2000s that are going to get sent to Ukraine. What makes the PzH 2000 so different from the other artillery the ukies already have?
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Who is Perun
What the fuck is this guys background? How did he go from gaming vids to accurate military analysis. Is he an ex-mil analyst or something?
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Is there a lower limit in bolt carrier length for a rotating bolt semi-auto action? As long as there's enough material for a cam motion, could the bolt and bolt carrier not be like 2 inches long total? Mass makes no difference in the function like recoil or blowback operation. All that matters is bolt lockup. What's stopping people from making a gun with a bolt shorter than the round it fires?
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Fuck glowies
Reminder to ignore all fedposts, bully all glowposters, and report all glowposts
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>Day 1 objective took Russia 80 days
Considering it was supposed to take Russia 2 weeks to take Ukraine I guess it will actually be 160 weeks.
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Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

I need a cheap preferably small .22lr scope that still holds a zero good enough to hunt with. Any recommendations? What kind of scope and magnification should I look for for a .22lr?
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Plate thread
Before they ban plates what are some good plates to get? From budget options to Gucci
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if you ever needed proof that US military procurement is a joke
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>The year 2022
>drones and smart phones and tablets are communicating with satellites and supercomputers that can land artillery shots on a dime
>they still use a cartoon boom string to make it fire
Why do it be the way that it do?

Now hear me out, what if you just like pushed a button and didn’t have to stand right next to a fucking explosion all day
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Looks like we're back to the meat grinder stage of this war.
>Ukrainian officials have confirmed that the process of peace talks with Russia has been de facto paused. This was reported by Mikhail Podolyak, advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.
>"As of today, the negotiation process has been suspended. After the Istanbul communiqué there is no change, and there is no progress," UNIAN quoted him as saying.
>Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko said that “the negotiations are not continuing.” He blamed Ukraine for not agreeing to Russian terms.
Why are they doing it?

(musak version -
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So, how can Russia turn this around? Fall back on defensible positions, dig in and reconstitute the BTGs in proper brigades? Fill those brigades out with equipment lend-leased from other CSTO members and China? Then renew the attack in 3 months with this newly built force?
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What would you recommend him to wear/carry to survive that encounter and defeat the attacker?
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Canada General - /cangen/
Sexual Tyrannosaurus

New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Tired of jannies not doing their jobs?

Want to hunt?

Want to help Firearm rights?

Previous thread: >>53600836
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How effective were war elephants really?
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>Russia still hasn't taken Mariupol
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Do heavy barrels do anything for .22LR?
Why were these barrels introduced in the first place? Generally they improve precision because the barrel doesn't tend to expand as much as standard ones. Heavy barrels also reduce the effect of recoil. However, .22LR doesn't have much recoil to begin with and it's typically not used beyond 100 yards, so precision can be neglected. Anyway, are heavy barrels useless on .22LR? What's the general consensus?

For some reason I'd feel guilty paying close to a thousand dollars (CAD) for a .22LR lol
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The firearm used in the Buffalo shootings was a Bushmaster XM-15 Variant. In January 2013, the "NY Safe act" banned the series from being sold in New York completely. Yet, according to the news, he bought it recently at a shop in New York.

What am I missing? Was it a "featureless" rifle? Mag locked? I'm sure someone can do better research than me and find out.
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Russo-Ukrainian War Current Situation
Ok so for the retards who are to lazy to do their research here's how the war is going:
>Battle of Kharkov
Russian Forces have mostly withdraw from the region. Unit's likely to be sent to help in Donbass or Izium Front.

>Izium Front
Russian Forces are making small gains, Ukraine position are starting to collapse, possible reinforcement from Kiev.

>Battle of the Donbass
Russian Forces are making significant gains and are at the Northern outskirts of Severodonetsk. Contrary to reports of a Russian failed river Crossing, it has been report the Forces were successful in their crossing but with moderate losses. Ukraine Counter-Attack have failed.

>Siege of Mariupol
Russian Forces have won. Azov have surrender. Russian Unit's freed up likely to be sent either Odessa or Donbass Front

>Odessa Front
No significant reports, Russia consider it non-important until Complete victory in Donbass and Mariupol.

>Russian 2nd Phase Objectives
1.>Control of the Donbass, along with complete control of Mariupol.
2. Creation of a Corridor from Donbass to Kherson.
3. Push towards to Odessa.

As you could see by the latest report Russia is winning but at a slow and steady pace. I will update every week so you "experts" could understand what really going on.

Source: Military Lab and Political Defenses Asia.
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How hard is it for POWs to escape and fight as guerrillas? Azov has already proved they're legendary fighters so this doesn't seem beyond their skills. Are there any historical examples of this?
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Imperial Japanese Armed Forces
Can someone please explain to me why, Japan, put way too much focus on their navy at the expense of their Army? I know they’re an island nation, but even The United Kingdom put some focus into their army, so why couldn’t Japan do the same? Not to mention a the weapons they produce for their army were mediocre at best and downright terrible at its worst.
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Why the fuck do us Poles help these guys as if they are our brothers? I'm all for crushing Vatniks but they oughta show more gratitude, this image becomes more real every day
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What is the best option for a pre-industrial and pre-gunpowder army?
Imagine, that you're the ruler of some conditional pre-industrial state. More similar to Antique empires with a normal funcional state istitutions and a normal full-fledged army, then to Medieval feudal "states" with a warmongering elite. How would you equip and organize your large military? (no firearms).
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Brimstone in action
I repeat, brimstone in action
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What do you carry /k/?
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Would the Intermarivm work to fuck over Moskaloids and faggot-loving EU?
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No title
The Ukrainian war is boosting sales of the FGM-148 javelin. It’s earned a mythical status amongst Ukrainian regulars for its ability to eliminate heavy armor from range. Pictured is a Ukrainian regular sporting a “st. Javelin patch
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You vs Predator.
You've been dropped in an empty forest in the middle of nowhere, with the two weapons you have used the most in your life. You know what's happening, and who you have to fight.

What guns/weapons do you have, what's your stragety, and what's your likelihood of survival?
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No title
The most retarded thing about the NGSW program is that in a couple years there will be far more affordable and better designed rifles, but the military will be stuck with the iteration of the rifle that they chose for government contract price. I fully expect PSA to engineer a basic modified AR10 firing the .277 and selling it for $2k or less in the next couple years. The Textron and Beretta are probably going to get rechambered for the sig round and sold on the civilian market for $4-5k. The Italian armed forces are probably going to adopt the Beretta rifle anyway as well.

Once upon a time AR15s were almost unobtainium and prohibitively expensive to manufacturer, and now you can buy them for less than the cost of a good handgun. This same level of engineering is going to go into .277 rifles and NOBODY will be buying the Sig except the faggiest of larpers.
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New official vehicle of /k/
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A Russian soldiers account from the Izyum front line...
Part 1.

My name is Victor. On the 12th day of the start of a special military operation in Ukraine (my opinion is that, in fact, there is a huge, bloody, full-scale war going on there; yes, officially this is not a declared war, but in fact, in the generally accepted sense of the word, this is a real war ...), when I saw the first videos on YouTube of how our (Russian) prisoners and wounded are being abused by non-humans from the Ukrainian armed forces, I decided to join the army on a contract basis to help our army in this war.
I myself grew up and registered in the Belgorod region. I applied to the regional selection point of the Belgorod region under the contract. Complete medical examination. On April 3, he arrived in the 3rd motorized rifle Vislenskaya Red Banner, orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov division - in the 752nd motorized rifle regiment (military unit 34670) as a shooter - assistant grenade thrower. I signed a contract for six months. Prior to this, I served in the military division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs named after Dzerzhinsky in a separate commandant's battalion.
For all the time I served there, I went to the firing range 4 times, where each time I fired 6 rounds. Ever since school, when I was in the 10th grade at paramilitary military training in the summer of 2 weeks, I was amazed, perplexed and surprised - why is that!? Why are they allowed to shoot only 6 rounds!? Indeed, in order to feel the machine gun, it is necessary at least that there are 15 rounds in the magazine, so that a person can shoot 2-4 single shots and then try to shoot in bursts of 4-5 rounds!? And according to normal, of course, you need to give a whole store to a person for shooting - 30 rounds !! My opinion is that 6-round target shooting, which is massively used in the Russian army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is simply a mockery of military training !!
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No title
>initial prototype is revealed
>ambi controls you can actually fucking use with one finger without letting go of the grip
>bolt catch
>reversible charging handle holy fucking shit you can work it with your left hand like in the civilized world
>new aesthetic I personally really liked, what with the new dust cover and cool proprietary stock
>get hyped, that'll show those burgers that we can do it too

>instead get literally just a 74 with a different trunnion and frankly pretty fugly gas block sight
>buffer tube(???) stock except it doesn't even fit 'murrican aftermarket so it's the worst of both worlds
>a miniature knife is added to the 70 year old selector switch design, ready to fuck up your hand
>some apparently pretty crappy plastic furniture despite zenitco existing
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Are ODST's the most /k/ fictional soldiers?
>delta force/seal hybrid equivalent in halo
>drops from orbit in metal death pods at near terminal velocity
>bad armor
>the mother fucking M7S
>"ya like jazz?"
>doesn't need superman meds and shields to win fights, uses ambush tactics like a hunter
>still used for missions that spartans should be sent for, completes them anyway

what trumps ODST's if anything?
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No title
what can i do to make this jam less?
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No title
Was it really that bad?
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It started. People now evaluate russkie logistics worse than pre-industrial ancient Roman.
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No title
You will never be a real rifle. You have no dwell time, you have no velocity, you have no penetration. You are a castrated firearm twisted by zoomers and redditors into a crude mockery Eugene Stoner's perfection.
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Drone Tanks
Bros...I just realized the power a fleet of drone tanks could bring to the table for whoever gets them working first.
>M1 Abrams Cost: $8.92 million
>T-34 cost: $30,000
That means that 297 drone T-34's could be fielded for the cost of one crewed M1 Abrams. An M1 Abrams only carries 55 rounds. They'd be overcome by a steel wave.
>But ATGMs
An NLAW missile is $40,000. Cost edge STILL goes to the droney boys.
I swear to God if Vatniks had figured this out their delusions may have come true, demographics would be irrelevant.
Maybe Taiwan (lowest birth rate country on earth) throws together a fleet of these to defend against China. They are the top chip manufacturer, they might have a chance of getting this working...
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No title
here's your NGSW bro
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No title
Has Zastava reached peak firearm by creating a modular firearm that can swap from 6.5mm Grendel to 7.62x39mm? Also barrel lengths can be swapped from some krinkov bullshit all the way to a DMR.
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No title
What if he was real ?
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Russia moving Iskanders to Finnish border
What are they hoping to achieve by this?
22 media | 115 replies
Tell me about the Free Russian Legion
Is it real, or just a Ukrainian propaganda stunt? Do they fight? And if they do, how do they fight? I can't imagine that many would be that overjoyed to fight against their countrymen...
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No title
There's a pre-27 .357 sitting at bass pros near me. 2 of them actually, looks like about a 5 inch and 6 or 7 inch barrel. Both for around $900. Are these guns worth the price? They're both much bigger than anything I'd carry.
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/nvg/ - Night Vision General
Previous >>53495752

Scan the QR code on the previous cover edition

Resource on what these spec terminology mean

You shouldn't be chasing for spec values but they do exist and if you wanted to know what "better spec" values are there's a way to know which unit is desirable over another.
Most retailers won't post this info as they build NVDs to order, first come first serve, and depending on their grading scale of high, mid, low tier it may differ from retailers. If a retailer offer a “ready to ship” fully built units they will list the spec values. Hand select is an option from retailers that will try to match to your spec requirements.

Some reputable retailers:

SNR: signal to noise ratio, the amount of signal the tube can make compared to the noise
EBI: equivalent background information, how much false image appears in the screen through which the actual image has to show, sort of a noise floor of sorts
Halo: How big the circle of bloom is around lights
Photocathode Sensitivity: How sensitive the photocathode is
LP Resolution: Line pair res of the center of the image as measure against a standardized chart

If one spec is shit it negates the rest, if you have a halo of 2.0 it kinda fucks on an EBI of 0.20 if you want to do any kind of shooting and it's all a balance game

The numbers to meet or beat are
EBI under 1, preferably under 0.6 being great, 0.1 is gucci
Halo under 1, anything under 0.7 is awesome
SNR, over 25 anything over 30 is gucci
Photocathode, 1900+ is pretty great, 2500+ is stellar
Resolution of 64+ is good, 72+ is gucci
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22LR Life Card
Tacked one of these onto a larger order when I saw it was only $250. Figured it’d be a fun meme, what should I expect? Any of you use one before?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 11.14.03 AM
I tried the AUG side by side with the SG551 and the trigger is pretty bad. \

Is it even worth trying to fix or just sell it?
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No title
an mre is like a gundam model kit for food

anyone buy them just for fun?
11 media | 118 replies
No title
Hypothetically, would the Ruger SR-762 pierce plates?
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No title
FS2000 Darth Maul edition
Can we have a serious discussion about no win scenarios and attitude toward them? I've been on /k/ for several years now and in the past year or two there has been a definite uptick in poster on /k/ discussing the possibility of getting into an impossible to win scenario with a gun, and it being okay so long as you do enough damage before dying. I've even rather regularly seen posters go as far to say that they don't care to avoid such a situation and criticize other posters for running from such a possibility.

Is this just an increasingly younger user base since 2020 who fails to come entirely back to reality during discussion and acknowledge that you don't respawn in real life, or a serious increase in actually mentally unstable people? Previously I wrote it off as the former, but in light of recent events I'm starting to wonder how much of it is the later.
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No title
How do soldiers deal with the fear of knowing that at any moment they could get domed by a sniper bullet or step on a mine or something? I would be shitting myself wondering if at any moment a shell could be sailing in my direction.
14 media | 107 replies
No title
Is this some type of Mandela effect? No way this guy died in 2013 I thought he was still alive some how
1 media | 35 replies
No title
Fuck gay tan suede nu-combat boots. That is all.
10 media | 62 replies
No title
russia 30 minutes
What kind of weapons can accomplish this?
56 media | 268 replies
No title
City states really thought this would stop the Persian military
>We didn't really need one of our kings
>it was really just a holding action at the most defensible point in Greece
>Hellenic league weapons are coming we just needed time
Holy cope Zeus
5 media | 20 replies
some shit i found on piratebay
6 media | 8 replies
Dumbest way to prove your point
> be me
> Civilian installing equipment in a military base
> Hear gunshots from a warehouse on the way
> That's not the range
> Oh right the range is in renovation
> Wtf they didn't put up any sign they were using that warehouse as a range
> I thought military was serious with gun safety, this is sloppy
> Anyone could walk in there
> I'm gonna walk in there and when they blow my head off that'll show them to secure a perimeter
> Realize how dumb that train of thought was

Guys am I subconsciously suicidal or just retarded?
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No title
cope and seethe
2 media | 4 replies
No title
How realistic is a submarine assault?
9 media | 45 replies
quick access gun safes
what do you use? what's good? what's bad? Need something that will keep my roommates out of my shit, not kiddos. Live in a state with required secure gun storage laws too.
My HD gun has a silencer on it so it needs to be sort of large.
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No title
interesting russian amateur propaganda poster featuring a "kalibr" missile. the text says:

"the engineering thought of russian genius is the crushing sword of the russian army

study, labor, make history"
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No title
Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 17-40-24 OSINTdefender (@sentdefender)
Will those madlads finally do it?
34 media | 197 replies
No title
She was sixty years ahead of her time. People were too narrow-minded & blinded by greed to see the future.
Vindicated after all this time, and the Mistake-16 has finally been ousted.
0 media | 5 replies
No title
What is the difference between paramilitary, guerillas and Militias ?
0 media | 0 replies
Patch thread
Post patch ideas and Facebook patches
75 media | 248 replies
No title
So did he actually shoot down all those Entente niggas, or was it an early case of wartime mass media bullshit?
6 media | 25 replies
bros. they are getting ready.

What could the combined might of the CSTO armed forces bring to the table?
19 media | 144 replies
No title
JLTV in the reconnaissance role? It’s fairly mobile, has a ton of infrastructure backing it with the US buying 3,000 a year, and it’s got teeth in the form of a 30mm cannon and javelin missiles. Why shouldn’t we ditch the LAV-25 for the recon role?
11 media | 32 replies
No title
What is it about American made man portable Missiles like the venerable stinger and the now legendary javelin that make them so effective against russian equipment?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
What would the Russo Ukrainian war look like if russia had capable, mass produced guided rocketry like the US? It’s sad really, I can remember a time when Russian artillery outclassed American artillery
0 media | 0 replies
No title
AT4 explode
>looted AT4 brought to Russia as a trophy explodes inside the car
Why are Swedish weapons so bad?
1 media | 52 replies
5.45 Draco
zas draco
Are there any 5.45 Draco's that I can use to make a krink copycat? If none are commercially available, how hard would it be to convert calibers on a normal Draco?
0 media | 0 replies
No title
What are some ways u can pop the tires of a let's say, army truck with sand filled trailers? Googling led me to caltrops made of wire but they seem too weak and the large truck filled with sand would just crush them?
Would nails work better?
3 media | 6 replies
/brg/ - Battle Rifle General #278 - Fren edition
apu fal V2
uncomfy times need comfy men

Welcome all new members, provisional BR frens are reminded to lurk and observe proper post and floor decorum before spouting off like a nonce.
Post your BR loadouts and get helpful tips. TACOs do work for our mags.
Discuss the history of the Garand and it's children. Even the illegitimate Italian bastard.
It doesn't count unless you used ballistic-x and post groups.
The SIG MCX SPEAR has been given a temporary posting pass while it's fate is reviewed by the council.
If you stand real still you might catch a glimpse of the rare stripped Galil receiver up in the trees.
Tips on reloading steel case berdan; the dark winter is not over for some anon ammo aficionados.
Remembering $45 green wide handguards and 25¢ G3 mags. A cautionary tale of procrastination.
PTR and DSA are fine products, fear not as they both have great warranties in the unlikely case there is a problem*. *warning warrenty NOT valid if you are too autistic to make a phone call to ask for your free replacement. Standard spaghetti rates apply.
Post your spring collection glamour shots.
German camo autism.
/brg/ flex board still hasn't been shaken up recently. Barrett AR10 still unclaimed on the owners wheel.

No trannies, no jannies, no furries, no Spokane, no SKSs, full power AKs OK
This is nice thread. Be nice. This is a threat.

Prev >>53448944
77 media | 287 replies
No title
Remember the time when we actually believed Russia was on par if not better than the US?
All those videos of M1 vs T-90, MiG-29 vs F-16, Su-27 vs F-15...
All that vidya depicting a russian mass invasion of Europe that could be only stopped by a miracle...
Now it's gone.
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/meg/ - Military Enlistment General
35mm edition (again)


>Free ASVAB Practice Tests

>Fort Jackson Army Basic Training Guide (Nov. 2020) (embed) (embed) (Short version) (embed) (embed) (40 page version)

>Special Forces Fitness Guide,of%2040%20to%2050%20reps).

For all Army SF info.

Naval Aviator forum with info on Navy OCS, as well study guides for ASTB-E

Airforce Pilot guide - just do AFROTC, political science major, 4.0 with athletics is auto-acceptance

>Should I go Navy Enlisted Nuke?
No, you'll get cancer and a prolapsed asshole.

tl;dr: Two year long school with suicidal furries, you never get to leave your boat, zero job prospects.

>Info on sf86

>How to get way overqualified physically for BMT/BCT when starting from nothing

>Before you ask a question, check the FAQ
22 media | 260 replies
No title
>Macro UZI
>Backward Assist
59 media | 139 replies
No title
Which navy has the sexiest flagship right now?
5 media | 8 replies
Russian armor stockpiles
How true are the Vatniks' boasts that Russia can safely bear and replenish losses in tanks and other heavy equipment until the Ukrainians run out of Javelins and other missiles?
5 media | 72 replies
No title
>muh rusty threads
>Russia can't build tanks anymore
>These are old tanks totally bare one
>Look at the threads!

10 media | 52 replies
No title
>tfw we will never get these as surp
Fucking japs
10 media | 50 replies
No title
BMPT Terminator spotted in Severodonetsk
7 media | 19 replies
No title
Why was Italy's military so underwhelming?
24 media | 165 replies
I fucking hate the UPS shipping monopoly
Or alternatively: Handgun Warranties Should Have A Huge Asterisk
A lot of stuff stinks about gun laws in America and everyone knows the usual subjects, most of the complaints are around what we can or cannot buy, or delays/taxes added thereon (like NFA items). But having just paid to have a defective pistol (literally manufactured incorrectly) shipped back this morning, I'm going to make one tiny rant about what a fucking ripoff that situation is. The Post Office is barred from mailing handguns if you aren't government or don't have an FFL. Fedex has quit the business. So UPS is it. And they demand 1-day only, they won't take it at all their normal locations so pickup only unless you live near a depot with a desk (around here they closed that because "there's a store now lol").

Result? Yeah, I can get a "FREE warranty repair"... for TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY TWO ($282) fucking dollars. And unlike some gun stuff where at least I can theoretically see why maybe city people would think it a good idea, this is just pure graft.

Anyway so it goes. Just keep in mind when you're thinking about getting a nice handgun that unless you are lucky enough to live near the manufacturer or have an FFL be wary about reliability issues in reviews. Lifetime warranty that doesn't cover shipping costs can still really sting. I should have more thoroughly tested the gun BEFORE buying it, brought a set of go/no-go gauges etc. Don't get lazy and be a retard like me that trusts the $1200 gun actually got basic QA.
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Weird Cartridges
350 Legend with 222 Remington
Enough of these cartridges everyone's heard of. Tell me about your favorite weird cartridges.

Only rules are that it has to be currently in production and it has to be something that you think at least a quarter of /k/ hasn't heard of.
5 media | 30 replies
No title
How does one obtain a weapon in this fine country? I’ve been looking to get one, but I haven’t properly checked what I need to get a permit, would someone be so kind as to tell me how to go through the process? Just a pistol is fine.
8 media | 61 replies
No title
Who is your favorite fictional general?
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Rifle for hunting
>In your opinion what is the most reliable scoped bolt action rifle for under $1000?

My first thought was to get a mosin, get a bent bolt put on it, and a scope. All together it would cost me about $600. And I'd like to use it for hunting.

>Also, are those $300 scope included rifles from cabellas and sportsmans warehouse as shitty as they seem or would it be a better alternative to a mosin?
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>During the recent debacle at the Siverskiy River pontoon bridge, Russia’s 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade sustained 485 casualties (out of a total of 550) and lost 80 vehicles to Ukrainian artillery
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Where Armata?
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Convince me not to buy a .45ACP carbine
>Lighter/more compact than a rifle
>Better accuracy than a pistol
>Better ballistics than a pistol
>Less recoil than a rifle
>Big enough caliber to be anti-personnel
>Big enough caliber for small game shooting
>Good enough accuracy for home defense
>Good enough accuracy for mid range shooting.
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"Surgical" "Militairy objectives" Bullshit.

Today an interesting site was brought to my attention. It's a form of ukie propaganda, sure, but it does show the abysmal state of Russian precision.

In all this anonymity I ask you for a moment of your humanity and look at what is happening. Millions of people's lives are being ruined over this, all to satisfy a small group of elites.

Russians should be ashamed over this sad and sorry state of affairs. To call this anything like a victory at any point in time, is deeply troublesome.

For everyone else, enjoy some post bombing gore.
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What we currently have or able to do to make most futuristic killer machine? I mean single soldier and don't count costs or that materials are rare. IE newest US prototype scope or nvg that is in development, maybe better version of devtac ronin or some exoskeleton but not that sci fi shit but more like helping carrying all the shit around. Gimme everything that might he useful in slightest
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Ukrainian Armed Forces - lengths of contracts
Some /k/ommandos tried to recruit themselves as volunteers in Ukraine? Are there any contracts shorter than 3 mos? 1mo, 2mos? I'm a vet who'd like to go there because of some shenanigans with an oil rig I work on and where I won't be able to come back for the next few months, but don't want to overcommit. Thx
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what do you think of a newbie getting this
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Vietnam Land Battleship Lawn Mowers
If we had scaled one of these up about a hundred times to make it the size of a destroyer or maybe even a bit bigger (LHD size) and sent it over to vietnam how effective would it have been?
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Chinamen still using Aérospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon, a frog heli first flew in the early 60s.
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Bubba’s guns
Thread for guns that have met Bubba, good or bad
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In order to accommodate the wounded, evacuated fighters from Azovstal. Donbabwe militias have been kicked out of their hospital beds in Russia.
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Not the exact rifle, but similar condition.

I found it while working on my property, it was buried underground.

The wood part is trashed, the action is rusty, but I have replacements and spare parts. What would you do in order to feel safe to shoot from a rusty old rifle? The bore looks pretty ok and the rust is bad but only on the outside.

I can get any suggestion as I don't really know how to check the inside of the barrel health beside looking at it with my eyes.
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ARRW test finally successful

After like half a dozen failures to launch the damn thing, USAF has finally successfully tested the ARRW hypersonic glide vehicle.

We hypersonic nao
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What's the best worst first gun?
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New T-90M for the Special Operation
>Uralvagonzavod sent a train of the latest T-90M "Proryv" tanks to the Russian troops

But But Russia cannot produce tanks anymore! They cant import any critical western parts for it anymore!

/k/ lied to me!
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Battle rifles vs assault rifles
every main military seems to use the assault rifle and intermediate ammo over full sized ammo

rifles like the m4 and the ak74 vs rifles like the fn fal and g3a3

I'm no expert on how troop vs troop conflicts happen and play out but surely a higher power round would be better right? higher Armor penetration and more stopping power with a flatter trajectory and greater range
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>doesn't own an AR15 they assembled themselves
What is wrong with you? How did this happen?
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Where the fuck do I find a real trident head, like a real one not a prop or a toy or something made of sheet metal? I wanna throw sharp metal at fish in autistic style
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>war moves to open fields
I am forgotten
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When ancient dudes fought with axes and hammers and shit, couldn't sword niggas just cut through the wooden handle?
How much slicing power does a strong sword strike have?
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Best jeans for CCW?
Any recommendations for jeans for CCW? Would honestly prefer non-cringe brands.
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Why is the Russian army so small if you count actual soldiers. The US was able to send 235k to Iraq and another 100k to Afghanistan as a side mission in the early 2000s while Russia barely has any more to spare.
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What will be you guys’ weapon of choice in the coming was with vatnigs?
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Raider Operational tactics
Things are getting bad /k/ and many of us spent all our money on funs instead of proper prep. Any good books or material on urban CQB or basic raiding tactics? Infographs will be appreciated.
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Is it possible to make 2in1 AR and SMG that could be easily changed to fit a scenario you found urself in? I mean same bullets and shit but slower fire ratio, longer barrel and whatever else would make that switch between modes meaningful. Pic from cod ghosts, look for ripper cod ghosts at yt to see what I kinda have in mind
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If revolvers like this exist, why aren't there revolver in rifle intermediate cartridges like 5.56/5.45/7.62/.300 AAC?
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Are these retards seriously trying to open up another front?
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/k/ business
Is it possible to start a small business related to MIC and make money?

I was thinking about the war in Ukraine and how everyone is going to spend much more on defense, especially in Europe.
The only thing that came to my mind was making simple body armor, either steel or fiberglass one.
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FN five seven
>shooters wearing body armor
>cars driving into parades
>riots across the country
>groups of attackers stalking people for robberies
>police giving up and politicians promoting lawlessness

What is the best do all ccw/edc set up in your opinion? Im afraid my little 9mm shield isnt going to cut it anymore with the way things are going and im genuinely thinking of picking up pic related as a jack of all trades sidearm.
>inb4 train harder
yeah, but I want the best tool for the job, no short cuts. Something that could reasonably deter all of the worst case scenarios, not
>the odds of the multiple attackers wearing body armor, being well armed, out for blood and having vehicles is so slim its not worth preparing for :)

is anyone else upgrading their gear?
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what the actual fuck
holochinks have some explaining to do, this is from the front, and it's totally visible under any lighting condition btw
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Glorious T-62 in Ukraine?
There are uncofirmed rumours that T-62M will reinforce russian forces in Ukraine.
What next? SU-85?
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Whats the difference between 9mm and 40 cal? The cartridges kinda look the same
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> A photo reportedly of Russian ammo depot & vehicle parking lot near Izyum that was hit with M777 howitzer fire by the Ukrainians.
> According to Roman Donik, the Russian losses are as following:
> - company-worth no. of personnel (100-250 soldiers, max. est.);
> - 7 BMPs;
> - 1 tank.
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>Outnumber the Turks
>Outgun the Turks
>Outlogistics the Turks
>Still lose the war
>Actually suffer more casualties than the Turks
>"Decisive Turkish victory"
How did Greeklings manage to achieve this feat?
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/sgg/ Shotgun general
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What the hell is this on Abraham Lincoln Carrier
I googled Abraham Lincoln carrier and this is the first one. Is this a troll pic or some new drone that managed to get pass me?
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