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Welcome to /k/, 4chan's weapons board. Our board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. If you're new, we suggest reading the sticky at to get acquainted with the board's subject matter.

Before posting a thread, please check our catalog to ensure that a thread about the same topic does not already exist.

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Friendly Reminder
its that time again
/k/ is a board devoted to weapons and military equipment.

Discussions about politics or current events belong on /pol/.

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Recent Acquisition Thread
Post em
Also taking recommendations for iwb holsters for muh rami.
>inb4 s o y
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How will /k/ live without Chinese gear?
No more poofeng radios and radio accessories. No more cheap plate carriers, holsters, mag pouches, water bladders, camping gear and on and on and on...I bet acutal airsofters are on suicide watch. Anyone buying gear now while there's still stock?
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F-22 lewd
Lewd thread.
Post your lewds.
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/meg/ - Military Enlistment General
maxresdefault (5)
navy is gay #2, why does everyone want to be an officer and what's the discord edition

Previous >>44115022


>IRC Channel
>implying anyone uses IRC
#MEG on Freenode
If you're on mobile look up AndroIRC for the app. Any questions, ask in the thread to get you set up.


All around SOF website. Great info and run by former/active members of saigamarine's SOF unit. Mentor program. Also has forums for international SOF.

For all Army SF info.

For Navy Corpsman info.

This is an all-inclusive thread for MARSOC/Force Recon stuff. Good site for Marines info too.

Naval Aviator forum with info on Navy OCS as well

Before you ask a question, check the FAQ (embed) (embed) (embed)

>Should I go Navy Enlisted Nuke???
No. (embed) (embed) (embed)
tl;dr: Long hard school, to do shitty work, and the job prospects are a lie.

Info on sf86

Free ASVAB Study Books
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post attainable dream raifus/gunz
pic related
I'd have a PSL as well, but an actual dragunov is preferred
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Which was objectively better on the battlefield Bren or Spandau ?
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Dreadnought thread. Post the biggest & baddest dreadnoughts you got.
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How many GIs died because of Stoner's FA?
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/k/olorado General: Low Oxygen Edition
Dab on lunglets in this thread. Post Colorado content, discuss Colorado content. Does anybody have a map of 2A sanctuary counties in this state?
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>Hey guys, just heading out. Wish me luck!
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What's the verdict on the "Heavy Fighters" of WWII?
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SP01 Tacticool
Anyone have any issues out of these onions boy pistols? I had a P07 that I wasn't impressed with. Rounds in the mag would cause the slide catch to engage, causing the slide to lock back with ammo still in the mag.
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What's the best shape for a machete to chop both shrubs and people?I have 200$.
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DC-15 blaster rifle
Is the DC-15 series the right arm of the free galaxy?
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EDC Thread
>oh hell no
Not getting off that easy. Rev those REEE engines, boys, it's time to get 'tistic.
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JAS Gripen
Thoughts on this plane?
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Post the Best Real Coronavirus Loadouts
What are some legitimate loadouts for the oncoming potential shtf scenario. What guns/equipment would be good and why? Is penetration as important when people need suits and masks? What do you expect potential threats will be equipped with? Looters or whatever else shows up
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Green or Red laser /k/?
Is the green laser worth the extra cost? I see the elite operators using green lasers.
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Best All Around Weapon ($500) for Societal Breakdown
Alright /k/unts I've got a practical question for you. Engage your highest level of autism. The one right before you start screeching at least. Anyway what is the best all around weapon I can buy with $500 to make it in the coming social breakdown as a result of Corona-chan? Yes, I'm poor. But I understand bullets will be the currency in our near future. Recommendations?
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No title
>walking around town in Bongland
>at zebra crossing
>see a guy in an ACU multicam coat and an operator chan shoulder patch
Which one of you was this
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No title
154cm steel, g10 handle 3 inch blade, i reckon this is a good cheapo knife for 50 shekels
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Canada General
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Previous thread: >>44119981
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Karate is for weapons?
Being a bored old judoka I started to watch Karate katas and their applications.
In Judo we always do kata in pairs, because Judo is based on old jujutsu styles, so their applications need no explanations or theories. Maybe for that reason I have always assumed that Karate was meant as unarmed self-defense like Judo. Now I’m seeing that Karate katas have lots of technique which seem to make more sense as imaginary weapon strikes in the neck and the heart.

Some of the blocks are most likely meant to be used with a body armor
(pic related)
for example age-uke would be a block against the typical katana strike
(also pic related)
and the other hand is ready at waist because tanto, sai or knife was carried on waist.
Katas also have kicks which seem to be meant to prevent the opponent attacking while you close the distance, into safe distance from the effective sword range, but lethal distance for knives.
Many modern martial arts including Gracie Jiu Jitsu teach to close the distance using very similar front kicks as we can see in Karate katas.

Karate katas start to make a lot of sense if we think that their applications are meant for weapons like knives or sai and wearing at least some body armor. Karate postures are very typical in Japanese sword fighting but also European sword fighting. I’m reluctant to believe that the Chinese and Okinawans would have practiced these techniques for hundreds of years, which are not very effective or logical even against average wrestlers. But what if Karate is in fact meant for armed combat? Imagine some body armor and knives in the hand of karateka performing katas, it instantly looks lethal and logical against the typical samurai warrior.

Am I making any sense here?
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No title
Why does a military alliance even need to do this?
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The CornerShot guns
This weapon is supposedly used by many special forces in the Middle East and Asia.

Saw this tech used in the movie Wanted are these actually practical in a firefight?
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Backpack Radio/ Other K projects
R8/H8, improvements?

Yaesu 857d
MFJ 945E tuner
Dakota 12V 10Ah lithium battery
25MM ammo can
20/40m ham stick
Max power 40 watts any more results in RF distortion
Current rig contact record
20m 1200 miles
40m 600 miles
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No title
Anime tiddies on guns/magazines. I don't care if its yours or not, post em. This is not mine
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No title
Was there even any hope for the Confederate to win the Civil War?
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Cactus Warfare
I only found out that Brazil has a whole battalion specialized in fighting among pointy plants.

Gonna dump some pictures.
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No title
We all know that multicam is the best... But what is the best multicam?
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>Koalitsion-CV Russian 152mm Treaded Howitzer
>3mm smaller than Chinese 155mm super artillery guns
>up to 15/minute normal ROF. 7 shots in first 15 seconds. 20/minute for first 3 minutes maximum. 3/minute for an hour
>3/minute for an hour
Only 3 per minute

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA How shitty is this new system of theirs? HAHAHAHAHA

That's got to be embarrassing
Why can't they just buy Chinese?
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HMB - sport
maxresdefault (1)
What does /k think of HMB?
Might have heard of it as Battle of the Nations (an event)
Or seen it as 'game of thrones meets MMA' on facebook/Ladbible.
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Best weapon for home defense

I know this is probably an overasked question, so I'm sorry about that.

I'm in dire need of a firearm for home and backyard defense. My house is two stories, with ample vision to my backyard, which is about 30 by 40 yards.

What would be the best choice? Is a handgun enough to cover those 40 yards from the top of my house? Would a shotgun work best?

I have little experience with firearms, and would take a firearms safety course before acquiring an actual gun.

What would you guys suggest?

Thank you.
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special forces MK ultra
do special forces recruit go trough mk ultra programming or the like?
someone once told me delta force guys are locked up in a room with only a chin-up bar.
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No title
How would /k/ make the Waco compound more defensible?
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Debating over caliber.
Hey guys,wanting to buy a new handgun. Should I get a 9mm or a .40 S&W? I already own a .45.
3 images | 6 replies
anybody here do it? how is it?

I’m interested in competing this summer with a plain old 1911 to become a proficient handgun shooter as well as have fun doing the kind of things you can’t at a normal range
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No title
If you could go back in time and teach one side in a conflict how to build a certain kind of weapon in order to turn the tide and make them the victors, which side and what weapon?
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No title
how often does /k/ clean their guns?
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China quantum radar

132km ranging far beyond photoelectric equipment

According to a report by Science and Technology Daily in August this year, as early as 2015, after the development team of China Electric Science and Technology Research Institute completed the prototype of the quantum radar, it carried out a long-range detection test on the Northwest Plateau and broke the detection limit of similar radars in one fell swoop. Remote detection was implemented for the first time.

Recently, Wang Jianming, deputy director of the 14 China Electric Power Research Institute, a subject-matter expert panel expert of the Military Commission's Science and Technology Commission, and chief expert of the National Defense 973 Program, disclosed in a paper entitled "Radar Systems and Technologies for the Next Generation of War" published by Modern Radar Magazine. A quantum radar system based on a superconducting single photon detector has carried out a detection test in the real atmospheric environment in Qinghai Lake, and the detection range of the target has reached 132km.
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starting a new one because old one is reaching limit.
got a stag arms AR lower with an aero upper and the takedown pins just do not budge without significant force to push them out. ive sanded the finish off of the takedown pins and inside the holes of the upper and theyre still way too tight in the upper. should i try different pins or is it an issue with the upper?
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No title
>here’s your optic bro
15 images | 75 replies
No title
Are frequency jammers /k/?

What are some good frequency jammers and or frequency monitors.
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No title
How come the US doesn't cover their Abrams in ERA like Russia does? The T-90MS with Relikt is 1,300mm of protection versus like 950mm on a M1A2 while weighing and costing less. Seems like it'd be very simple for the US to reverse engineer it.
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Nuclear Submarines: Obsolete?
Okay guys, nuclear subs. With the proliferation of SOSUS / fixed bottom array microphones all over the ocean floor, can long-range blue water (ie, nuclear) go anywhere without being detected? If they're always going to be located, wouldn't that eliminate their usefulness?
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/gq/ - gear queer
JustAsGood edition

>General guide

Previous: >>44076328
67 images | 255 replies
No title
benelli m2 tactical
ITT your next planned gun purchase. Maybe save a /k/omrade from wasting their money.

Pic related.
80 images | 299 replies
Sand people suck at war thread - stories dump.
op the turbofaggot
Hello, OP here.
You might know me from threads like "I just cant stop sucking dicks" "Rifle grenades should make a comeback" or "Sand people suck at war", where I collect war stories from Middle East regarding behavior of "Doctors and Engineers", how the progressive left calls them.

Feel free to contribute so that our collection expands, those are stories collected from /k/ over the course of several past threads.

I shall now begin the dump.
6 images | 62 replies
No title
what is your favorite gun to just shoot? all other factors aside.
11 images | 29 replies
No title
For those of you idiots considering using an AR15 in SHTF senarios

>During military operations in somolia, the 556 was deemed highly ineffective against the somolis.

>these "skinnies" were so thin and lacking of body mass that the 556 did not have enough body tissue to effectively tumble or cavitate, IE an ice pick.

>this same phenomenon has been observed in a handful of other engagements around the world in 3rd world countries where people are on average skinnier, even m193 wont help you with flat stanlies.

Why would you be so retarded to use a weapon that is known to be ineffective on skinny people in a time of mass starvation and skinny people?


Please, give me a fucking break you moron
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You can travel back in time to 1776, you can have literally all the land you want in the Dakota territories, the only catch, you have to defend it from the Lakota,
You can bring back 100lbs of anything from our time to do so.
Tell me what tactics, gear, and how much land you are claiming.
Inb4 “nukes bro” that’s fucking dumb
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No title
What suggestions would /k/ have for taking a girl for a "range" date?
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/k/ New England General - Frozen Mosin Meetup Recap
fm2 cen
The boys of New England all convoyed to the far reach of Maine for the annual Frozen Mosin shooting event. 15+ /k/ommandos arrived to the event, and a few lurkers who we stumbled into during the event, and participated in the events while shitposting IRL and fingerfucking a multitude of garbage rods and other funs.

Overall it was a fun time for everyone involved and the event organizers weren't fudds and were based and redpilled.

If you're from NE then feel free Join up for more future meets:
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/brg/ - Battle Rifle General #51 - Battle Buddies Edition
Been a bit since I baked bread, hopefully didn't fuck this up
Post your BRs here. DMRs in full power rounds are OK too while you get back on your feet and find a new general.
>Help I'm a poorfag and don't want to hang out in /gayrg/ or buy a Century
Get a PTR w paddle mag.
>OK but I also reload
>OK but I want a chassis for some reason and just got a new credit card
>Oh they upped my limit
>I said upped it!
G A L I L C H A N (Not ACE)
>What if I want slower reloads
Newer Gen RFB
>You didn't mention ARs?
I thought you were done with those people?
Pastie Gen 3
This is a nice thread. Be nice.
Prev >>44067121
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No title
"Bullpup" more like BULL POOP!!
6 images | 31 replies
gp5 with fp5 filter for chink plague
A gp5 masks costs 2 euro where I live. I could get fp5 filters also. I heard they are uncomfortable but it's only 2 euros and in theory it should fully protect me from wuflu.
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No title
Alrighty /k/, I’m back from the real world with an actual question - what is the best backpack (preferably from Grey Shop) to survive and vibe in the woods with for upwards of a month? I like the aesthetic of the Attack 2 backpack but that doesn’t mean jack shit if it gets in the way of functionality, which is what I need. Thanks.
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No title
Does the Army let you have your uniform made by a proper tailor, so that it doesn't look like a potato sack?
2 images | 8 replies
No title
Pistol Caliber Carbine thread? I just ordered one of these as my first PCC. What am I in for?
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/msg/ - Milsurp general
32 Master race edition. Post your surp, discuss your surp, encourage others to disregard currency and acquire history.
63 images | 139 replies
No title
did rebs get mad when they had to crew sherman tanks? and vice versa, with yankees manning lee tanks?
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/k/ fantasy thread
Forces of the unknown have caused our world to merge/combine with a typical (or not-so-typical) fantasy world. Old world governments have managed to hold on to major urban and suburban areas, but rural areas range from fragile peace to complete chaos. People and towns from either side suddenly find themselves in a new realm, and portals going between both worlds are scattered through out the lands.

How do these new creatures and civilizations change combat and war as we know them?

Send a message to [email protected] if you want to have your story archived in the pastebin

Discord links posted upon request

The fucking sticky:
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No title
it's boring as fuck but is this unironically the closest thing to a perfect weapon?

>high degree of reliability
>small enough for carry but big enough for full grip and to hold 15 rounds
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/CAG/ California General
NCR Standard Bearer
Lead Ammo Ban Edition


Heads up guys, they're trying to push a lead ammo ban at shooting ranges through now. Guess they don't understand the fire risk of alloy ammo.
More than likely, they don't care
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No title
I'm looking for a nice 22lr to play around with
Any decently priced 22s that aren't impossible to find?
I'd prefer a wood stock aswell, I would like some aesthetic on my rifle
What does /k/ use for 22s?
3 images | 14 replies
"Would this work in real life" thread.
>Kuruk's helmet was designed with sides blocking most of his peripheral vision. The helmet instead made him focus on his target and he would sharpen his aim by concentrating with the Force.

Would this work in real life? Would it be practical? Was this attempted in real life?
8 images | 42 replies
No title
In terms of lethality, which is the best caliber?

>x39 vs 545 vs 556
0 images | 7 replies
No title
Is there a place in the 2020s for a cheaper medium tank, other than tarted up M113s and T-55s? An Abrams is not a cheap vehicle, and you don't always need that much tank.
4 images | 11 replies
/TMG/ Tactical Medicine General
Calling all whiskeys, peejays, corpsman, medics, emts, docs, nurses, PA's, the whole show

this is the general for emergency medicine in war or with police.
Discuss staging for shooting, RTF's, tactical rescues, techniques, or just shitpost

>inb4 not weapons
did you see the thumbnail?
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Akm or Ak-74
So apparently 2020 is the year of the 74, every major company was unveiling AK74's, PSA, KalashnakovUSA, Century, etc. Is it worth it to buy one if I just bought an akm?
5 images | 38 replies
No title
Has S&W ever shit the bed as hard as Glock has been recently?
0 images | 3 replies
Gun Sense
Gun Sense in America
Can someone explain this to me?
2 images | 13 replies
No title
Naval flex thread
12 images | 20 replies
Handgun General - /hg/ #369
Fluff in charge of making threads edition.


Git gud guide:!86AmzYaA!Z88rBjdIcBeTitTrOLX08LFjqKVzLmUpAWRaUEnyO0Y

Previous Thread:
82 images | 286 replies
/k/angaroos Australia General
aus general
It's all so tiresome edition
previous hit bump limit [again!!11!11] >>44086997

How to get your bangs
Scope guide
Bang recommendations

Queensland police SERT teams kicked in doors due to WLB paperwork error

Some template answers for the gel blaster survey if you haven't already signed it

Brisbane stabbings, cops search for explosives after suspect shot, terrorism not ruled out.
22 images | 90 replies
No title
Newfag to prepare for the fucking apocalypse here. Now that the coronavirus is hitting Europe tell me what I need before every store is empty like water, masks, long lasting food and such
21 images | 198 replies
No title
Potato Masher
Why did German grenades have such long handles?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
Not sure where else this would receive the most informed answers, anyway, a few years ago I randomly encountered a man in a seedy dive bar in Bangkok, we got to talking and I surmised he was from Sacramento from his accent (I'm not American, this impressed him) and he divulged a bunch of personal info (he was very drunk) among this was him taking his shirt off, allowing me to see his military tattoos, I noticed his build and his haircut and his attitude so I asked him if he was in the military and he said "Yeah, I work at the base here"

This perplexed me, and still does to this day. According to what I can find out, there's no US-THA base active since the vietnam war, does anybody have any idea what base he was talking about?
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What went wrong?
>one of the most respected firearm manufactures in the USA
>make very, very nice bullpup bolt action rifles with innovative barrel change system that rivals the DSR-1
>announce a semi auto rifle
>everyone is excited and stoked
>years go by
>finally comes out

>not reliable, not accurate
8 images | 50 replies
No title
why is white phosphorus not used more? seems pretty useful to me
15 images | 94 replies
No title
fe247a0778834a0e87a31e867f692c55 - Copy2
Why is there a hole under the vertical stabilizer? Is it compensation for not having an S-Duct?

Also it looks clunky and unnatural unlike the sleek and aesthetic lines of the J-20.

Also found out that American Boeng company has developed an F-15S Stealth Eagle that has the stealth equivalent of an F-35 but does not have an S-Duct. Why can Americans and Chinese develop stealth planes that does not need an S-Duct but Russia still can't make one?
1 images | 23 replies
No title
>puts on silencer
>noone can hear you
4 images | 63 replies
No title
Anybody have a non potato quality version of this?
6 images | 15 replies
No title
>the gun that mogged the am*rican m*6a4
0 images | 2 replies
No title
How would you survive a demonic invasion? All laws are out the window. I'd probably cut down my Marlin
5 images | 20 replies
No title
There are no video games that could replicate real life bullet physics
8 images | 139 replies
No title
Give me reasons why you're still using usgi aluminium magazines when pmags are superior? Pmags are:

>much more durable, crush resistant, drop durable
>pioneered the polymer body with anti tilt follower
>multiple tests resulting in almost no stoppages related to the magazine
>magazine texture makes pulling mags from pouches and gripping them easier
>in use with multiple military and police
>can easily be disassembled without bending the floorplate
>only a few dollars more than usgi mags
>not as noisy compared to aluminium body magazines
9 images | 109 replies
No title
>Stops by and shoots some stupid yapping shitbull
What the fuck /k/ you told me these guys were bad
14 images | 26 replies
Post infographics /k/ looking to add to my collection
5 images | 11 replies
the 20" AR is the Past... Present, and Future.
Superior ballistics, superior recoil impulse, superior sight radius, superior accuracy at range. your 12.5", 10.3" and 14.5" creatures doesn't come close to what this can do. this is the key to armor penetration, to sustained long term reliability, to utmost operational stability.
"B-but muh m855a1! muh 77grain!" yes, and? put any of those zoomer tier catridges in this, and you'll get even more effectiveness than you would out of your short barreled "gun".
"but its too long and heavy!!!" Go to the gym. Marines doorkicked with these rifles for years without issue. if you cannot support the wight of a rifle like this, you are too weak to defend your liberty. be ashamed.
27 images | 151 replies
No title
Murderkube is like babby. Tan/k/ Tower is the real Chad holy site.
9 images | 37 replies
SHTF Rifles
Should I buy a PSA ar15 or splurge on an Arsenal SLR? I like the durability and chrome lined barrel of the SLR, but if I spent less money on the PSA, I could spend more on training, ammo, and other equipment. Are PSA rifles a suitable choice for SHTF?
0 images | 2 replies
Patch Thread
MAC 10
Trade, create, and sell your patches here.

>Previous thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches? **UPDATED, KINDA**

>Thread theme
33 images | 86 replies
No title
>"Here's your gun, Anon."
7 images | 14 replies
/k/ plans the Siege of Ram Ranch
Alright /k/, I want to invoke your autism
I need you to devise a strategy on how to be execute the Siege of Ram Ranch, using only the materiel described by Grant MacDonald

Your resources are:
>28 US Marines
>Black, Ford raptor Trucks
>helicopters; as they land they are most likely UH-1Ys or SH-60s, perhaps a single CH-46

Mission objectives include
>Fucking ram ranch cowboy butts
>Locate Prince Harry
>Fuck Prince Harry's butt

How do you get in? How do you use your resources? What is the best way to achieve your objectives?
How can you avoid getting ambushed by Ram Ranch reinforcements?

We're counting on you, /k/
4 images | 29 replies
No title
>that smell
20 images | 50 replies
No title
Syrian T-72 gets circled strafed by an ACV-15 (a m113 w/ 25mm cannon) and gets destroyed.

Why are the Syrians so mind numbingly incompetent?
15 images | 168 replies
How much do /k/ users spend a month on bullets
Lets be real /k/, how much do you guys spend a month on ammo? I make around 2 grand in canadian dollars a month and my rent is 650. Sport shooting is definitely an expensive hobby, how much do you guys spend a month on ammo, and how do you guys afford to do this all the time?
0 images | 37 replies
God's Gun
Is there ANY way I can get my hands on one in the US?
Note that I didn't say legally.
6 images | 50 replies
Barrett MRAD .338
MRAD 338
About to buy n MRAD 33 long barrel and I wanted to check with you guys to make sure I am buying the best very long range capable assault rifle in the world.

(rhetorical question btw)
0 images | 2 replies
Revolver General
Revolver Love General

Rock Island > Colt Edition
82 images | 260 replies
Are FN ARs any good?
Pic related is their “Tactical II” MSRP $1499. They also have a throwback M16 and a DMR. I’ve heard bad things about DD and fuck Colt, so I’m looking to FN. Anyone got any experience to share?
2 images | 46 replies
.40 Handguns
What are some contenders for the absolute best .40 pistol money can buy generally? For concealed carry specifically?
2 images | 13 replies
Scope Recommendations
Well I have an AR-15 I would like to get a scope for. I am not trying to go balls to the wall with this thing, just something that will get the job done around the $300-350 range with something along the lines of 1-8 magnification. I was told about the Vortex Strike Eagle, but I am not a fan of the reticle. Also if it could be one not made in China that would be a nice bonus. Any suggestions?
9 images | 54 replies
No title
Best fudd stories? Post 'em boys
1 images | 16 replies
No title
Is EFT the best boogaloo simulator?
6 images | 61 replies
No title
hey guys, when you buy an 80% lower irl in the USA do they check your ID? also, can you just walk into a gun shop and buy ammo?
is there any place where you can just waltz in and buy a gun without anyone checking anything, or are the stereotypes wrong?
pic unrelated
9 images | 37 replies
No title
Female IRA fighter, 1970s
What's your favorite IRA tune? My vote is "One Shot Paddy"
4 images | 42 replies
No title
Buying my first rifle soon. Thinking about this one. Thoughts?
4 images | 14 replies
No title
>Looking to buy a new pistol
>Theres a specific grip I want to buy for it
>Waiting for pistol to go on sale for a good price
>Grip is available but dont want to buy it before I buy pistol. Want to buy them both at the same time
>Grip goes out of stock. Theres a date for backorder
>Check the grip on date of backorder
>Its been completely removed from the inventory
>Grip isn't available anywhere else on the internet

Does /k/ know this feel?
0 images | 1 replies
Winter /k/lass of 2020
Greetings niggerfaggots,
We haven't had a /k/lass thread in a while now and not yet for this year.
As per usual to continue our /k/ultural tradition.
>your photo graph must have a firearm/weapon of any sort,
>try and keep your face covered, if you want to remain anonymous
>you can be as goofy as you want
>you picture must be ratio'd to 4:3
You can send me your photos at [email protected]

Posting one from a couple years ago as an example.
60 images | 141 replies
No title
Here's your tiger tank bro
6 images | 34 replies
Sig Sauer
why do you losers hate Sig so much?
28 images | 186 replies
No title
That feel when you want to be mp5k pilled but you live in California and this is the closest thing you can get to an mp5
>10 round mag
>disgusting grip
>untactical ridiculous barrel length

7 images | 24 replies
How small could you make a nuclear warhead? I want one inside a rifle round.
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>First of all, the feeding ramp is polished to a mirror sheen. It's not going to have any feeding problems. The slide's been replaced with a reinforced version. And it meshes perfectly with the frame. The frame itself has been iron-welded and scraped down multiple times for maximum precision. The front strap part of the frame has been checkered to make it dig into the hand. That prevents any slipping. The sight system's original, too. It's a 3-dot type. It's got an enlarged front sight, giving it superior target sighting capability. The regular hammer's been replaced with a ring hammer. That enhances the cocking control and increases the hammer-down speed. They also reworked the grip safety to accommodate the ring hammer. Looks like they eliminated it altogether. This is a tool for pros. The thumb safety and the slide stop are extended to allow for more precise handling. The base of the trigger guard is whittled down, so you can use a high grip. And the trigger itself is a long type for easy finger access. The trigger pull is about 3.5 pounds. That's about a pound and a half lighter than normal. The magazine well has been widened to make it easier to put in a new magazine. The magazine catch button has been cut down low to make it harder to hit by accident. The mainspring housing has been changed to a flat type to increase grip. And it's even been fitted with stepping so that it doesn't slip from the recoil when firing. On top of that, they added cocking serrations to the front part of the slide. That lets you load and eject cartridges faster in an emergency. Whoever did this is a professional. No question - this thing could shoot a one-hole at 25 yards in a machine rest.
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Since there is a lot of police here too, I'd ask about police approach in described situation.

>Informed of shooting in a kinder garden
>When first patrols show up, place is a bullet-ridden bloodbath, suspect is on the loose
>Soon after, suspect is located. It seems he drove to another nearby kindergarden and took a bunch of toddler hostages
>place is encircled
>it becomes known, hostage taker is in posession of some amount of explosives, plus fitearms
>Suspect establishes communication channel to the police
>Gives info that a parked car in front of high school will go off
>School is evacuated just before vehicle explodes
>Police is informed, there is an X amount of explosive devices around the city and they will go off at yet unspecified times
>Then, kidnapper gives his demands

I think this is a no-win scenario for the police. How can they such in such a scenario?
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Been a while since we had a Vietnam thread. Post some aesthetic shit.
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Are you ready?
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/meg/ - Military Enlistment General
download (1)
navy is gay, stop arguing about classified shit and actually help people (not the officers though) edition

Previous >>44102657


>IRC Channel
>implying anyone uses IRC
#MEG on Freenode
If you're on mobile look up AndroIRC for the app. Any questions, ask in the thread to get you set up.


All around SOF website. Great info and run by former/active members of saigamarine's SOF unit. Mentor program. Also has forums for international SOF.

For all Army SF info.

For Navy Corpsman info.

This is an all-inclusive thread for MARSOC/Force Recon stuff. Good site for Marines info too.

Naval Aviator forum with info on Navy OCS as well

Before you ask a question, check the FAQ (embed) (embed) (embed)

>Should I go Navy Enlisted Nuke???
No. (embed) (embed) (embed)
tl;dr: Long hard school, to do shitty work, and the job prospects are a lie.

Info on sf86

Free ASVAB Study Books
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Donbass Airport
Are they still fighting of it? I realized I lost track of this about 5 years ago.
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Pop map
I'm planning to bug out for corona, and live off the land farming/hunting, what state would you guys suggest? I don't really wanna go lower than growing zone 6, and want enough rain that I can use it for a water source. Also don't wanna get gored by wild bores, was thinking Oregon but would like advice from someone with more experience than me
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Are jungle mags functional or just a meme?
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Why are nuggets so fucking expensive now?

They never really had much appeal outside of being cheap and reliable. Take away the cheap and theres just no reason to get one, why are people buying them for 350+ now?
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Why are Post WW2 french tanks so good?
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sniper spr
Could a properly skilled rifleman kill a man a mile away with a 30.06?
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What do you use to store your firearms?
I am going to be moving out soon and have a few pistols and am planning on getting a rifle and a shotgun eventually. Going to be moving in with a few roommates, one I trust greatly and have known most of my life. May be two others moving in with us and I barely know them. As a 21 year old wagecuck what are my options? I don't want to break the bank but I'm willing to spend around 2 or 300 bucks on a safe or some other type of decent storage cabinet. I don't care about electronic keypads and all that shit just something that will keep others out. I know it most likely wouldn't come down to it but id rather be safe than have some faggot blow his head open with one of my guns.
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Why is there no Kevlar level IV armor?
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Helms Deep
What weapon would you use to stop the advancement of 10,000 Uruk-hai?
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What gun is this kid carrying in the China coronavirus shenanigans? I am thinking it's a sniper rifle of some kind, yet I was told I was a moron for thinking it was a sniper rifle even though I can see it has a long barrel and a scope and a small mag, my gun knowledge is not very vast.
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HK numbering system
g41 in 556
Does anyone have a chart for the HK rifle numbering system?
I had initially thought it was
>first number = variant/style
>second number = caliber
ex: HK33 = compact, .556; HK53 = full length, .556
BUT then I came across the HK41, which to my surprise is in 556?

Surely the numbers denote something, no?
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Is conscription good or bad?
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