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Magical Ice Dragon Totonga
post what your working on :>
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No title
>default brush that also the best brush at all
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/asg/ - Anime Study General
Why You Should Copy Anime:

**Strive for quantity AND quality.**

Anime Studying:
>Copy anime references exactly and draw them from memory. Use illustrations, screenshots, anime figures, 3D models, etc.
>Don’t copy recklessly. Use construction, color theory, and other fundamental concepts to rehearse a drawing process that you can later easily manipulate for original artwork.
>Post all of your anime studies. Post even when you’re told not to. Create an art community that actually draws and improves together instead of just talking about it.
>Number your attempts and link to your previous posts.
>Critiquers should lead by example by posting their studies.

General Anime Style Discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.
>Drawing methods, study habits, resources, tutorials, tools, software, etc
>Be specific and try to post a sample of your study attempts before asking for help.

**Draw copies from good anime styled references to mindfully up our mileage, internalize appealing aesthetics, and learn from each other’s processes and knowledge.**

Recommended Resources:

/mmg/ - Manga Making General:

Previous Thread:
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No title
>ask for help
>replies are just "why would you want that?"

Happens for any subject. Bunch of faggots dont know how to solve the problem, so their only option is shit on the request instead of keeping their mouth shut. Fragil egos.
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No title
>try to get into art circles to have peers to talk to, for discussion and critique, banter, art swaps, connections, etc
>literally everyone is an insufferable asshole

You really need to be a certain type of person to spend your life on art. I guess I'm also an asshole.
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What can you tell about other posters from their art?
ITT: Post your art and reply to other people's art with what you can glean about their personality, appearance, life story, age, sex, whatever, from their drawings. (Self-portraits are discouraged.. kind of defeats the point.)
Pic unrelated; it would be selfish and attention-faggy of me to post my art as the OP. I'm just interested in seeing people analyze each other through their art.
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No title
Probably a retarded question, but how do I avoid this look where you can see brush strokes overlapping each other? When I look at the wok of my favourite artists, they don't exhibit this phenomenon.
I'm using Clip Studio
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/beg/ & /int/ - Beginner and Intermediate Thread
He is amazed by the beauty of the world
If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in art, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.
Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the drawthread with fundamental exercises.

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS wide using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in MSPaint

New collaborative sticky (anyone can edit):

Read the sticky

When giving feedback, avoid vague "advice" - point what's wrong and try to give the anon you're quoting a clear direction to improve their art (study heads < watch THIS VIDEO about head structure, read THIS SECTION of THIS ARTIST'S BOOK, etc).
You, feedback seeking anon, should also try to be clear and concise when asking for critique/help. When posting your artwork, say what you want help with, and what's your goal with the study/artwork.

Previous Thread: >>6388981
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Why do some artists lower their powerlevel?
What reason would an otherwise good artist have to purposely draw worse than they are able to? I’ve seen many artists who outright nerf their abilities and draw badly on purpose. I don’t get it
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/sqtddtot/ - Stupid Question Thread:
For stupid questions and questions that don't deserve their own thread.

OP first to ask.
How is this effect is called?
How do i make it?
Is exporting this 2 images is tricky?
Painting background black doesn't work for getting second image
33 media | 182 replies
Criticize my drawing
Hi guys
What do you think about the new drawing of my OC
I hope you criticize it so I can improve my drawings
7 media | 29 replies
What is soul?
Seriously, how would you define "soul" in a drawing?
What is soul? What isn't soul? Why is x thing soulful, why is y thing not soulful?

What makes soul, well, soul?
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No title
How do I draw like this
23 media | 120 replies
No title
>you need good composition skills to work in the industr-
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clip studio brush thread
images (3) (13)
bros the clippy we got half a year ago is set to expire soon, you guys have anything to share?
45 media | 244 replies
No title
Why is this good? I don't get it
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/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General
Why you should not trust youtube shills:

If you have any additional questions, ask them.
Remember to ignore all chinese shills.

>I'm thinking of getting the Wacom One, should I buy it?
Fuck off retard. Ask a better question.

Recommended tablets:

>Intuos 3
Best screenless tablet. Look for one on Craigslist or Ebay.
>Intuos 4, 5 & Pro
Also good options. Will burn through your nibs.
>Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Budget portable display tablet. Very solid drawing experience with Wacom EMR tech, but a small 10.4" display area.
>Used iPad Pro 2nd Gen 12.9"
Best option for a display tablet.
>Galaxy Tab S7+/S8+
Good premium alternative to an iPad Pro
>One by Wacom (not Wacom One)
Solid cheap option


>XP-Pen, Huion, Gaomon and every other Chinese brand
Poor build quality, lackluster pens, broken tilt, struggles to register light pressure, horrible customer support and the displays are not calibrated. All Chinese brands have the same problems. Check out the webm to understand how bad they are. Also watch out, Chinese companies shill HARD on /ic/; they do a lot of samefagging and frequently hurl personal insults.

>Microsoft Surface Pro
The N-Trig digitizer means you will always get wobbly lines.

Bad drawing performance because they're not designed with art in mind.

>iPads (brand new) - Bad value
>iMacs and Macbooks - Never buy this garbage under any circumstance. It's a locked ecosystem with rubbish hardware you can't upgrade.

Previous: >>6349216
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/lsg/ - Loli & Shota General
Previous Thread:>>6353674

1. [THE MOST IMPORTANT] Don't post too revealing works (especially porn). If you think it's too lewd, post a censored copy here and link to Catbox, Imgur, or any off-site that hosts images for your works. Note: If you're having issues viewing catbox links, use a VPN.

2. Do not post child photo references, legal or otherwise.

3. Due to this general's PPH (posts per hour/thread activity), please wait until the thread falls to around page 5 or 6 before making a thread. Use archived(moe) or warosu to retrieve the old threads.

4. Do not start or bring any drama in here

>General Resources

>Specific Resources

>Drapery to clothe your lolis

>Abandoned(?) FAQ/Q&A
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No title
iam deleting part of my tutorial archive and damn the average level has risen so high during the last 10 years.
guys who did expensive massive black dvds are mogged by most contemporary youtubers.
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Critique thread
I know its simple and repetitive up close. Unfortunately, I want to actually be good and maybe draw something someone might actually want someday.

Please critique and suggest subjects, styles and artists to study.
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No title
>trying to finish nofap november
>spending all my free time in drawing to get rid of horny thoughts
>watching Glee Vilppu classes on gesture this morning
How am I suposed to do nofap with this shit? The other models until now where fat and unatractive, but this one...
4 media | 19 replies
No title
Drawing without reference must be outlawed
3 media | 5 replies
No title
What causes art to either have soul or be soulless?
2 media | 37 replies
/artbook/ - Artbook Thread

Be specific if you request something: post the cover, book's title, artist's name...
Please be patient, board is slow, someone may answer you a week later.
Please search in the thread and links below before asking for something, it may well already be there.

All MEGA links SHOULD be cloned, they die every time they're posted here.
If any of the links expires or breaks, please inform of it.
Can't find something? check vk, rutracker, ehentai, cgpeers, etc

>Pastebin Archive


>Have you seen them?

... and before some dumbass asks, here's the link to the book in the OP:

>Don Bluth's My Animated Life (PDF, 17.18 MB)
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No title
How do they do it?
7 media | 27 replies
/DAD/ Do Art Daily
Previous thread:

Do Art Daily:
>Discord: You must have a DAD streak of at least 14 to join. Ask Vastian#0988 for an invite.
>Found an issue with the site? Lost your streak and want to appeal? Please message the contact link at the bottom of the site instead of posting in the thread.

>Draw every day (or your preferred frequency)
>Submit your work by 23:59:59 GMT
>Spend at least 30 minutes on each submission
>No loli or shota porn
>Miss a day and you'll be alright, just keep going!
>Maintain your streak and you too can become the LAST ARTIST STANDING!!
>Have fun!

Go and comment on each other's artwork; dads love attention!


What is the goal?
>To form a habit of drawing. The gains you make are dependent on you.

I am /beg/gar and not know draw, can I join?
>Yes x99. Stop asking and start submitting art, chum. Make something!

How long does it take until my account is approved?
>Between two to three weeks, usually when you reach level 3. Even unapproved submissions count toward your streak!

A brief history:
>Last Artist Standing (LAS): The original site, created by Lava (presumed dead, rest in peace). It has changed and ruined the lives of many lassies.
>Draw Every Day (DED): A short-lived site between LAS and DAD, run and abruptly cancelled by w.
>Do Art Daily (DAD): The current site, by the dadmin and developer banana.

Community links:
>LAS discord (alternative to DAD discord):
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No title
Where is the pixel art thread? No love for 2d pixels?... Also, does this look like a cavewoman to you?
26 media | 51 replies
/fag/ - Furry Art General
>What is /fag/?
This is the Furry Art General thread, here we post everything related to kemono, furry and animals alike.

>Rules & Guidelines
Please refrain from flaming, causing drama or replying/feeding those who cause such.
This is a SFW thread only, please take caution so you don't get BANNED for posting NSFW art.
This general is NOT and NEVER will be affiliated with any discord servers, DO NOT click any of the discord links that are spammed here!
As always, don't be afraid to ask for critique!

>Resources (JP) (EN)

Previous thread: >>6374233
58 media | 203 replies
The OC Redraw Thread
Draw someone's OC or post your own. All skill levels are welcome.


1: Post a brief backstory if your OC has one.

2: Keep it fairly SFW. Lewds are fine but no explicit porn.

3: This is NOT a request thread. Artist Only. No spamming OC/infodumps for multiple threads without delivering.

4: Be sure to thank Drawfrens for their hard work as soon as you can, it's just common courtesy :^)

Previous Thread:>>6348062
107 media | 223 replies
/atg/ Animation Thread General
>Animation Thread Discord

>51 exercises to try

>Books basic program tutorials, etc.!3p8CwQZD!DR2mC-kw0TyQQ8Uw3T6JYg


>Anime .gif/.webm repository

>Sakuga Extended: Add ons to play video on sakugabooru frame-by-frame
Mozilla Firefox:
Chromium based browsers:

>Reference (artbook, settei of actual anime production, color designs):

(Last Thread: >>6274427 )
94 media | 239 replies
No title
Impressionism. Overrated or underrated?
6 media | 24 replies
/Redline/ General
ITT post your work and better artists will redline it. I'll do as much as I can myself, but I won't redline you if I think there is nothing to correct. When you post your work, it would help if you stated what you specifically wanted help with.

No promises.
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No title
I busted my ass for 5 years , was living as a neet obsessing over becoming a pro artist and destroyed my health and sanity. Last year i got an entry level job at the local branch of a big studio as a junior concept artist. My coworkers are great , working conditions are pretty good and pay is also good. However i fucking hate it . We are barely artists , just some recyclers of already x100 recycled generic "art". At this point i feel that the majority of concept "artists" and illustrators simply could be replaced by ai and leave the art director to do the tweaks. I believe the end of art is near, everything that we could imagine is already done and oversaturated to the t. I deeply regret getting into this field and not leaving it as a simple hobby. I'm leaving my resignation letter after news year and going to uni. (thank god i'm 24)
23 media | 120 replies
Retro Anime Thread
I really like the 80s/90s anime style. Does anyone have any resources/advice for learning this style?
51 media | 124 replies
Would you look at it for longer than one second?
No matter how much skill you got, how many years, decades of experience, how long you spend drawing it, how many hours, days, weeks, how unique your designs are, how personal it is for you or even how generic and trendy you made it, people won't fucking look at it for longer than one second.
Neat. Swipe. Like. Click away. Bookmark. NEXT!
You would do the same.
Everyone is an artist and art is everywhere. Infinite supply makes the value of a single piece nearly worthless. People spend more time reading the text in the balloons than looking at the art in the comic. More time reading the tweet than looking at the image embedded in the tweet. Even the most successful professionals only get a tiny bit more attention per person per drawing than a teenager who picked up the pencil yesterday and posted a stick figure.
Anyone else feels the same way?
I used to draw lots for fun, but when I think if I posted something on the internet it wouldn't captivate a single person, drawing feels meaningless. What is the point? Upload this and it's just a waste of space in someone's servers. A waste of data and of time.
In thousands of illustrations I have seen only a handful made me stop and look for longer than one second. This is my goal now. I'll study them to figure out what they did different and maybe I'll realize something and be able to do the same. If I can make people stop clicking and pause just to stare what I drew, I'll know I've made it.
I guess this makes me an attention whore. Maybe sovl comes from drawing what you want and not from caring about what other people think. But then what if "what I want" is to make others feel the same way I was made feel those handful of times?
12 media | 50 replies
No title
What does your drawing setup look like?
20 media | 72 replies
No title
Is there a site that has a bunch of high def images of classical sculptures for me to "study"
19 media | 31 replies
No title
Now when AI is finna dead. Whats the new, next hype thing for artcels is or gonna be?
16 media | 115 replies
Futanari General
Gura because no OP image available edition

Welcome to the re-installment of /FG/ a general thread you may use to post Futanari, share references or discuss how to approach the anatomy behind a Futanari.
>Why a Futa General?
For those who do not wish to view pornographic content you may hide these threads.
>Is Western art allowed?
The term Futanari implies an effeminate anime style and is the highlight of these generals, you may post a more westernized style but your odds of receiving better quality feedback would be better in the /salt/ general.

These generals are still in their development stages, there was an attempt to include Traps but the general sentiment was that because Traps are technically Males Traps/Femboys belong in the CuteBoyStudyGeneral /CBSG/. If you wish to provide feedback or suggestions about these generals or share any resources please do so.

Let's give these threads another go.
23 media | 65 replies
What’s the point of drawing if you let a machine do it for you?

The entire point of drawing is the micro-engagement and joy of each step along the way. I don’t understand the mindset of a person who wants a machine to fulfill that process for them. If you’re just going to bypass all of the fun, what the fuck are you doing art for? It pays nothing, and nobody respects you. The process is the only reason do actually do it.
7 media | 74 replies
No title
Recently started digital drawing, first time painting/rendering. Going for a boney kinda horn texture but it feels off and I can't discern what it is.
0 media | 2 replies
No title
IQ & art. Is there a correlation?
Would a higher IQ affect the quality of work, or just the rate at which one understands basic fundamentals, e.g. perspective, anatomy, lighting.
9 media | 53 replies
I am trying to do lineless style but it just doesn't wanna work. I tried to separate sections with values and everything but it still looks like crap. Are there any decent tutorials or tips for this?
0 media | 1 replies
Line Work
How should I fix my lines and shading?
Want to add color but feel I need to nail shadows first.
Any critique helps
8 media | 26 replies
/mg/ - Mechanization General
A general dedicated to posting, discussing and criticising art related to either:
1. Any piece of man made object, machinery, equipment, vehicle or environment
2. Anything that falls under the idea of mech/robot/vehicle
>How to Draw Manga Vol. 12: Giant Robots (PDF, 38.9MB)

>How to Draw Manga Vol. 32: Mechanical Drawing (PDF, 66.8MB)

>Scott Robertson's How to Draw

>Scott Robertson's How to Render: the fundamentals of light, shadow and reflectivity

>Scott Robertson's BLAST: spaceship sketches and renderings

>Cache of /m/ artbooks (Patlabor, Gunbuster, Muv-Luv, etc.)

>mech design tutorial by John Park, one of Scott Robertson's students
12 media | 18 replies
chris chan's art
how do you draw for over 20 years and see zero improvement whatsoever. You would think with that amount of time you could discern what was early and recent work but they both still look exactly the same
1 media | 20 replies
/salt/ - sexual art stylization thread
>Welcome to /salt/ - /alt/ (gone sexual)
If you're looking for a place to post all sexual works, from pinups with exaggerated proportions to pornography, then this is the right general for you. Both Eastern and Western styles can coexist here.

>Rules & Guidelines
1) Any form of cartooning styles is welcome; submit and receive feedback from others.
2) Please resize your images below 1000x1000 before posting.
3) Share your knowledge, any tips are certainly welcome for all beginners.
4) Do to not be afraid of asking for critique, please be specific on what help you need!
5) Remember all GB3 related content such as lolicon, shotacon, furry pornography, furry and bestiality are banned on ALL boards, including red boards, except /b/ and /trash/.

>Community Resources

>NSFW image resources

>Timed drawing gallery

Previous thread: >>6340191
109 media | 312 replies
No title
POV: You're a child again and your parents are alive and all is well. Your family is well off, everyone is in good health, and it's Christmas!

What do you ask your parents for Christmas? What singular item will make the most significant difference in your drawing skill? The budget is $200.
4 media | 27 replies
No title
Is this hard to draw? I tried and its hard to measure everything.
1 media | 10 replies
Towergirls Drawthread
Be sure to bother patch about registration to put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool that you'll ignore:

Previous Thread: >>6234620
15 media | 143 replies
No title
crit server
Why does /ic/ always shit on discord servers?

There are servers out there where literal pros provide quality critique on any drawing you show them. While also keeping the server highly moderated and on-topic.

I don't get how this is somehow worse than the 1,000s of crabs here yelling at you to read loomis or to kys.
And obviously not to mention the totally toxic hugboxes that is reddit, twitter, facebook, etc.
13 media | 119 replies
New Masters Academy
Anyone signed up?
I am tired of trying to get better by myself. I feel like I am just running around fucking up without noticing and would like someone to handhold me.
Is it worth it?
0 media | 11 replies
No title
Has any artist painted shemales in a more ''naturalistic'' way instead of just hentai or pornography? Like classical paintings but with shemales.
3 media | 10 replies
No title
I'll take a break from my 2 hours a week drawing sessions in December and from new year's day I'll draw 6 hours a day.
0 media | 4 replies
Drawpile Thread #6: Someone Forgot edition
get the fuck in
Let's Draw Together!
>Join any time
>Open 24/7
>Meetups Sundays at 2pm CST

Drawpile >> Session >> Join >> ""

Hope to see you there!

Previous thread: >>6126436
63 media | 88 replies
No title
The art style of Ludwig Hohlwein
0 media | 2 replies
/cbsg/ - cute boy study general
Thread to study the male body. Post your art, discuss artists, and post resources related to the subject of cute boys and handsome men.

Some resources:
>English Youtube channel with tutorials about ikemen/anime boys:

>figure drawing for all its worth

>Do not take the bait or derail. Don't be a sperg.
>Only post SFW shota, link NSFW and suggestive from catbox. Don't post real life references.
>Don't fight about different male body types, shota/ikemen/bara. Nobody cares.
>No femboy/trans/traps/futa. Go to /salt/ for that.
>No tits, no coochies, no female body ratio.
>Don't sperg if a feminine male (not femboy) is posted, ignore if it's not your cup of tea, keep in mind the nature of stylization and simplification in anime and cartoon art styles before you choose to derail the thread, though crit is welcome like always.
Previous thread >>6357160
84 media | 197 replies
No title
Is it possible to be too autistic to improve at art?
I think i might be, it's been ~5 years for me and I'm still absolutely godawful
2 media | 11 replies
The Emotions of Horror
Horror art is different than most other forms of horror - it's difficult to scare with an image, compared to other media - but that opens new avenues for inspiration.
37 media | 80 replies
No title
>post drawings on twitter
>people follow me
why are they following me? my art is very low quality, am I going to upset them if I dont improve? will they be upset if I dont upload regularly? why would they do this to me?
12 media | 58 replies
No title
Is Calligraphy /ic/?
6 media | 36 replies
No title
If i could have sex with an art style, it would definetly be Ishida's.
1 media | 2 replies
3 Moth progression Banner Saga style
I typed out a whole assed post just to get an error.
I'll probably forget half so mayve I'll post stuff later too but whatever.

So basically took up this guys advice
and did a 3 month bootcamp to learn a style you really like.
For me I really like the style of The Banner Saga games.
I'll be animating in this style and I think it's quite suited for that purpose.

I didn't do finish one piece I did 3 and then went to compare what I did differently. In the beginning I didn't take a day to really pratice what's lacking but I would recommend it or you'll half ass it. He does say to not get lost in practice but I think 3 pieces one day of practice got me a pretty good balance.

I'll be posting my progression alongside my thoughts about the process.
29 media | 46 replies
Art Income Thread
How much money do you make from your Patreon, fanbox, pixiv subs, commissions, etc?

Pretty much every lewd or semi lewd art account I see on Twitter or any site uses at least one of those services. Usually somewhere between 15,000 and 100,000 subscribers. Does that translate to at least a decent side gig?
41 media | 224 replies
No title
Why is it that art work created by normies/non-artists tends to have the most sovl?
24 media | 75 replies
wct/ - Water Cooler Talk
If you're on a break after drawing and feel like sharing what's on your mind about what you're working on, the industry, things that excite you about art, or anything that frustrates you about drawing or the process of art then grab a cup of water and chill out here. Remember to keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible.
42 media | 214 replies
No title
There doesn't seem to be a consensus as to which book is the most helpful or generally better to introduce you into figure drawing. The ones I see the most are:

>Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count Steve Huston

>Figure Drawing: Design and Invention - Michael Hampton

>Figure drawing for all it's worth - Andrew Loomis

Which book do you think is best to study figure drawing from as a beginner? Do you recommend a different book or course?
6 media | 31 replies
No title
I have literally no artistic skills at all. I can't do point-perspective, angles, objects, shading-nothing. Literally all I can do is scribble some dogshit on a piece of paper and call it 'abstract'. Feels bad man.
1 media | 8 replies
No title
Is it wrong to use the 3D models from Clip Studio Paint?
0 media | 9 replies
/msg/ - Master Studies General
This thread is dedicated to master studies, where you copy artwork you admire as a form of study. They are the quickest way to improve and learn about any fundamental you are having problems with. If you need to work on your hands, copy hands from other artists, and if you're having trouble with rendering, make careful studies of paintings with lighting you admire. Studies can be quick or long. You can even copy anatomy books like Bridgman, Morpho, and Hogarth. The type of studies you want to do depend on your personal goals and the types of problems you are grappling with.

Artists of all levels are welcome. Critiques and redlines are encouraged.

Recommended watching:

artbook thread: >>>/ic/artbook

Previous thread: >>6294147
75 media | 116 replies
Wise Posting
Detect your biggest weakness and study it until it becomes your greatest strength
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Screenshot 2022-11-21 095417
How do you organize your folders, /ic/? Do you keep refs and artwork on different folders? Do you make a new folder for each artwork and make like project sub-folders or do you keep things inside more general folders? Do you keep .psd files and exports on separate folders? Doesn't it take you a lot of time?

I have a hard time keeping things tidy. I mostly just wanna export and be done with it, but after a while disorder piles up and I can't find anything, so I just dump everything on an external drive and start from scratch.
17 media | 75 replies
No title
stable diffusion
The future is now, old man.
Clip Studio Paint will have an integrated AI module. Why are you still sticking to the decrepit tools, instead of embracing new tools that'll speed up your workflow and make your art look better?
46 media | 328 replies
No title
Levels of mastery
What level of mastery are you on?
43 media | 169 replies
/alt/ - Alternative Stylization Thread
Previous thread: >>6252602

What is /ALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post your cartooning then you've found the right general. This is /ic/s 1st and only merged hub where both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully, hence the double title.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others. (2) Please resize your images before posting. (3) Share your knowledge and (4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique. Most importantly, keep discussion at a civil level
>I came for anime. Why does the image OP say cartoons general?
To distinguish from the anime study thread (janitor supported). Please post your studies there and personal work goes here.
>Community Resources
>Tag the OP if you want a resource included here.
102 media | 224 replies
No title
>start drawing passionately for once
>life is so intense its almost unbearable.

Was Nietzsche right?
0 media | 2 replies
im literally about to cry
how am i meant to render? every time i try it everything looks so flat and the brush i use looks wrong every time am i meant to use a hard or soft brush should the opacity be low what colors do i pick i just cant figure it out
11 media | 43 replies
No title
why do i suck at colouring but i’m good at sketching? any tips how to get better at colour?
6 media | 34 replies
No title
What kind of Pixel Art is the most popular/common one?
51 media | 94 replies
No title
What the fuck is academic art?
5 media | 34 replies
No title
How the FUCK did Miura draw all this?
40 media | 157 replies
No title
Post a soulful artwork and get a song recommendation inspired by it
15 media | 21 replies
No title
How do I study/Copy a reference 1:1? No tracing memes please, genuine advice only.
3 media | 16 replies
Video Course General v.8
Official video course general.

Do not let it die!
And draw! Paint! Sculpt! Ejaculate!
Every single day! E v e r y!

>Matrix channel


The rutracker search plugin has some nma stuff

/ic/ official torrent

# WEBSITES: (you will find some, plus books)
Uncharted waters, lots of contents

Last thread: >>6319929
27 media | 224 replies
No title
Has drawing ever found you love?
15 media | 62 replies
No title
Critique me plz
6 media | 14 replies
No title
c36 (1)
I find it incredible that not a single figure drawing book thats popular ever talks about hair in any depth.


Not one. And its therefore I literally can draw the human figure but cannot draw hair.
4 media | 10 replies
No title
It’s a pretty kino painting
13 media | 38 replies
No title
>got bullied in biology class for my ugly and slow drawings again
>people think I'm a tard
1 media | 11 replies
No title
Who are some up-and-coming abstract artists?
18 media | 36 replies
No title
background music thread
what do you listen to when drawing? I only listen to video game OSTs because I don't know anything else
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Hardware for Artists
Let's talk about hardware: anyone thinking to upgrade their rig over the holidays? I've been playing with the idea, and i realized i don't really know what an ideal artists computer looks like. >What is more important, CPU or GPU?
>How much RAM do you really need?
>Do you have a special storage setup? Do you use NVME SSDs?

Then i realized that upgrading my monitor is probably one of the more impactful upgrades i can make.
>What resolution monitor do you use?
>Does your monitor have a low delta-E? (i eventually found that this is apparently what matters, not srgb coverage)
>have you ever used unusual formats (ultrawide, portrait etc) how does it feel to use them?

Right now i'm mainly looking for a 27" monitor that is accurate and at least 1440p. But feel free to discuss anything hardware-art related. Also interested if anyone here draws/paints on an ultrawide. I like the idea of it, if not the price.

Also post your specs if you want to.

(of course there is also tablet talk, but let's leave that to >>>/dtg/)
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No title
What’s the consensus of signing your work posted here cause I want to bu5 I never see anyone else doing it
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No title
How much money can a CGI gallery pack of the EVA pilots having a harem gangbang make on the japanese internet?
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Power-level Thread
Saitama vs Cosmic Fear Garou
Powerlevel thread. Post your art, rate others art, get rated.
108 media | 252 replies
Catalog is full of techjeet spam and social media discussion. Post useful tips, tutorials, etc.
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Are you an Uppercase Creative?
Picture Limitless Creativity at Your Fingertips
Scholars of creativity refer to something called Uppercase Creativity. Uppercase Creativity is the stunning, field-changing, world-altering rearrangement that a major breakthrough brings. Think special relativity, the discovery of DNA, or Picasso’s Guernica. Uppercase Creativity goes beyond the merely new. It is special, and it is rare. It touches us humans in a profound way, far beyond what an alien AI can fathom.

>>you're a lowercase creative, aren't you!?

This high creativity, however, should not be confused with the creativity that most human artists, designers, and inventors produce day to day. Mundane, ordinary, lowercase creativity is what we get with a great new logo design or a cool book cover, a nifty digital wearable or the latest must-have fashion, or the set design for our favorite sci-fi serial. Most human art, past and present, is lowercase. And lowercase creativity is exactly what the AI generators deliver.

AI won, the fuck you're gonna do now, lowercase artiste?
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No title
I hate drawing, that is a nightmare for me.
I have studied drawing for more than a year.
I have longed for creation since I was a child, and I also want to do something during the painful time.(Nothing to do just pain for me)

But after trying it out, I can't get rid of ocd and perfectionism.
I only have a longing for creation, but I don’t know what I want to draw.
I'm also afraid of making any mistakes, and I'll spend hours drawing a line repeatedly just to not make a mistake. I know this is inefficient, but I don't know how to overcome it.
I always wonder if my practice is wrong, which makes me unable to stick to any kind of practice.
I'm so jealous of people who can draw whatever they want
I really really want to love to draw,but I guess I'm not suitable for painting.
What should I do.i really want to draw.
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How to Export Video in Photoshop at 4K
Not sure if this is the right board for this. But I make animations in photoshop and I see an option to export in 4K but I can’t select it. Is there a way to make it selectable?
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No title
Who is the Japanese equivalent of Loomis?
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/mmg/ - Manga Making General
The general thread for Manga / manga-styled comic-making, manga-style illustration and related comic work.

Support each other and talk about your work or the work of others that excites you. Inking, character design, paneling / layout, writing, planning, and other discussions are all welcome.
Post resources, questions, in-progress pages, breakdowns of other works, etc. If a work is not yours, credit the maker (unless it's fucking obvious like a full page of One Piece or something).
Thanks to everyone for making /mmg/ a level-headed and helpful place. Remember, drawing and making comics and manga are difficult endeavors, and we're all in this struggle together.

Previous thread: >>6352776

Some resources:
/asg/, our stylistic sister-thread series for those focused more on illustration >>>/ic/asg

Understanding Comics
Making Comics
Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga
Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting
Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga
The Shonen Jump Guide to Making Manga

Habanero Scans:
Full MANBEN Series link:
Urasawa Channel:
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How do I sell commissions now that paypal doesn't allow nsfw art in transactions?
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Art Supplies Thread: AI fags drowned us again edition.
Previous: >>>6302747
No art supplies thread so I made one.
Is artist grade Gouache worth it? I watched some Lightfastness test of famous artist grade gouaches and think they aren't that much different than my current cheap Chinese gouache. Are there any other quality to considered?
I also want to start painting with acrylic. Do it need any special medium like oil paint or just apply directly on canvas?
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Sculpting clay general
So what is the best clay for sculpting.

I think Chavant is. I tried to use monster clay however it is so trash.
1) it is hard.
2) Even after you warm it up there are like 4 states that are to hot and 2 who are OK 1 that is to hard and then you get into hard and super hard that you can not work with.
3) needing extra tools like heat guns and flames to heat up your metal tools is not fun

I think YT and everyone on it is engaged in some psychological operation to shill monster clay.

I do not know why people are so hyped about monster clay ? It is extremely hard to work with, I did have the medium monster clay fora long time and I give up. The thing is super hard to work with and simply stupid the elastic nature hinders you working with it.
Like you can not even get details in because the damn thing is pulling the rest of the clay with itself. and after it cools it is only OK-ish for a short time then it gets to hard and the ultimate hardness is basically unworkable crap.

There is only 1 channel who tells you that monster clay is crap and to use Chavant and that one is trying to sell you real sculpting lessons.

Chavant is great fun to work with no need to warm up. .

I'm not fucken buying more tools like heat guns and heating lamps to try to see if monster clay is great. I simply give up and I hate the red color of monster clay.

Chavant gray is the best color and the best clay.

Also I do not give a shit about making permanent statues I simply scrap my work and make a different sculpture, I save money and have no need for more crap in my house.
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No title
can you be an artist and a programmer at the same time
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No title
What's the first step in learning how to render like HongBsWs?

BTW, arm is too long.
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/asg/ - Anime Study General
Why You Should Copy Anime:

**Strive for quantity AND quality.**

Anime Studying:
>Copy anime references exactly and draw them from memory. Use illustrations, screenshots, anime figures, 3D models, etc.
>Don’t copy recklessly. Use construction, color theory, and other fundamental concepts to rehearse a drawing process that you can later easily manipulate for original artwork.
>Post all of your anime studies. Post even when you’re told not to. Create an art community that actually draws and improves together instead of just talking about it.
>Number your attempts and link to your previous posts.
>Critiquers should lead by example by posting their studies.

General Anime Style Discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.
>Drawing methods, study habits, resources, tutorials, tools, software, etc
>Be specific and try to post a sample of your study attempts before asking for help.

**Draw copies from good anime styled references to mindfully up our mileage, internalize appealing aesthetics, and learn from each other’s processes and knowledge.**

Recommended Resources:

/mmg/ - Manga Making General:

Previous Thread:
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>tfw had Cintiq for years
>never got used to the slippery surface
>eventually just use it like an Intuos with a piece of paper on top
It really do be like that.
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Guides on low-level cartography?
I am currently in the process in designing a fantasy world. I started yesterday on laying out the map. While I found a lot of good guides online, they mainly focus on the very abstract, high-level stuff like mountain ranges, great rivers, barrier forrests and capital cities. This is all good, and helped me create my continent map, but I want to go down to the local, regional level.

Currently, the regions are all basically plain white spaces, with occasional great river cutting across. I KNOW that in reality, this would be full of local streams, small rivers, hundreds of lakes, hamlets, roads, hills etc. But I don't really know how to start placing them all. I guess I start with an enchanced view of a region, taking a new A4 page and drawing its borders in it, but then what? I have zero clue how streams or rivers occur naturally. How swamps occur. Where would villages form (and no, I know from real life they don't all form next to a river).
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No title
well, /ic/?
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Hyper Specific Reference Thread
Those things you see and immediately download because you draw niche things and know you'll be using them. This can be anything from a bizarre looking real world environment, strange historical dress, or even art that's done in a very particular way.
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No title
why america hates soul?
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No title
What inspires you?
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Advice on graphic tee designs.
Need cash. So, Trying to develop side grind for passive income. So I started designing tee shirts and other stuff. I chose this because it’s something I can essentially manage from my cell phone even out doing labor. But my designs aren’t selling. I know I shouldn’t expect much so fast. But I think critique helps at any level. What am I doing wrong? Where can I look for designs people actually want?
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No title
It's the end of the year, before you go on some vacation next month do post your progress for this year
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No title
Can you draw Vegeta like Akira Toriyama?
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No title
Is this art shit supposed to be """"""""""fun""""""""""???
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(The most boring thread ever) Textures Dump
not full res paper texture
Post high resolution paper textures that aren't too busy.

I occasionally use them as the background to draw on, makes digital feel more traditional.

>Full-res (7.7mb):
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No title
ITT: Post revolutionary character designs
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No title
Can I be a(n) (good) artist if I don't like drawing humans?
I'm not that interested in humans besides few close people, don't look at faces that often, and overall drawing animals is way more interesting.
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No title
When picking an alias for your social media, do you avoid using letters that don't translate to japanese? Like, L, or combinations that aren't Hiragana. I know it might sound autistic, but I think it matters
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No title
What's the middle ground between these two character design extremes

Something that's both visually appealing yet human and relatable without being cringe or pathetic
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Art Appreciation Thread
Post stuff you like.
Talk about why you like it.

Starting with William Wallace Denslow. I love the stark, thick lines on his characters, the muted color choices, the way her doodles backgrounds while keeping focus on the character in front. I find his work humorous and delightful.
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No title
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My Project Pitch
So I likely screwed up the first time I pitched this, so here’s more concise pitch.

So I have an idea for either a pilot animatic or (more realistically) a comic. It’s called Toontown PD (still a working title), an R-rated Roger Rabbit-esque crime comedy drama involving Daisy, an ill tempered, washed up, self loathing, but no-nonsense cartoon cop, and Ed, her young, socially inept but talented and hard working human rookie.
It takes place in modern day Los Angeles, in a world co-populated by humans and cartoon characters.
Daisy is ruthless and will not hesitate to use blackmail and violence to get the case solved. Ed, on the other hand, almost always tries to be reasonable and to play the good cop, but will sometimes use Daisy’s methods if necessary.

I’m hoping to get some feedback for how to make the project more interesting. I’d be very happy and interested to read what ideas you have to offer.
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No title
Where does /ic/ go for high-res reference images? I don't have the opportunity to paint from life.

I look on Pinterest but although there's a lot of images they're not very detailed.
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No title
>often get artworks comissioned by alt right pages
>most of them involve greek statues
>mfw i base all my classical stuff off lebanese and qatari ayrabs
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Developing a new style
Developing a new style. Calling it Industrial Noveaux. Also hoping you can tell me your opinion on some of the pieces ive made. Been doing this a couple months and id like some input from outside my rural area
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No title
how do i make good art if all i really care about is abolishing intellectual property and deleting capitalism and i reeally don't have anything intelligible to say about that, should i kms?

tell me about the things you want to say with your art anon?

pic related, it's one i did recently
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No title
Would you consider this a bad redesign in comparison to the original?
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No title
How do I express myself through my art?
I'm making a series of oc drawings accompanied by short paragraphs of lore about them. I want them to express some complex feelings that I have but I don't feel like my drawings really convey what's in the text.
How do I communicate emotions beyond just changing characters' facial expressions?
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No title
So how is this not plagiarism?
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No title
Why is this artstyle so satisfying to look at?
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Mobile first comic creation
Traditional pages are quickly losing relevance in an increasingly digital world.

The benefits of the Webtoon/Scrolling format:
>Mobile friendly (Bigger reach), 93/100 people access the internet on their phone
>Ecofriendly (No cut down trees and no gas emissions from shipping and handling)
>It is easier to read.
>The action flows better.
>Higher quality art (Color finally!)
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