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No title
They've won bros. They've taken over everything and are destroying everything that we've built. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech on the internet is dying, there are but a few safe havens left. I wish you the best of luck brothers.
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vent thread
vent art pains here instead of elsewhere
74 images | 221 replies
Twitter artists
What are some good artists to follow on Twitter?
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Public-space art
How does one get into being able (allowed) to do art in public spaces? Ideally different installations but even murals.
It feels like an endless loop, that you already need to have done it to be allowed to do it, or you must just suck many dicks and have big enough network to eventually get lucky with some opportunity.

Any advice and personal experience would be most welcome!
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No title
IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4252090

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance.


RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - try ~1000px, <1.1mb
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No title
Is "just draw" the best way to actually learn how to draw? Can you actually learn how to draw well just by drawing your surroundings, people, or whatever's on the screen if you spend enough time doing it?
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Your 2019 in Art
The end of the year is coming up. What have you drawn, anons? Fill in the chart with your work.
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No title
How can Don Bluth draw stuff like this without being torn to giblets by a rabid purple-haired mob with pitchforks and torches?
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Composing Pictures by Don Graham
What do you think of this book? Chuck Jones gave it a stellar review, but I find it incomprehensible. Am I just a dumbass?
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No title
It's that time again
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Towergirls Drawthread
Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: >>4213224
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Alternative Art/Stylization General
Previous >>4235131

What is /ALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post your cartooning then you've found the right general. This is /ic/s 1st and only merged hub where both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully, hence the double title. However, by community demand and long history, this is favorably an Anime general.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others. (2) Please resize your images before posting. (3) Share your knowledge and (4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique. Most importantly I encourage you to keep discussion at a civil level, but you're more than welcome to share your opinions.
>I came for anime. Why does the image OP say cartoons general?
To distinguish from the anime study thread (janitor supported). Please post your studies there and personal work goes here.
>Community Resources
Hitokaku Index
List of active livestreams
>Use twitch #art
FellowBro's Book Collection
Tutorial & Reference Collection
Japanese Tutorials & Documentary
> (0033)
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art path advice to learn to draw animation/manga style illustration and characters
What're your Books, Lessons, Videos, advice to learn anatomy, gesture, proportion, style, color, and such other stuff for illustration for animation/manga style characters. I post some examples of what I aim to reach. I love how shapes work on those drawings, and I would like **to learn the way to see and to think when drawing this type of illustrations**.


I know the basics stuff because I can perfectly do a Portrait with a very good result, but when it comes to having a reference in front of me, I wanna do my illustration style.. based on that, I wanna do my "view" like those artists do theirs!
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No title
Whose style are you trying to emulate?
23 images | 76 replies
any idea what's actually happening to kiwihermit?

like what's the big fucking deal what'd he do
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No title
Study anatomy.
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No title
>grug was a better artist than 90% of /ic/

20 images | 106 replies
NSFW/PORN thread
on tap
there wasn't a threat to post your nsfw/porn art so i'm doing the service of starting one so we can keep it out of the other generals
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No title
Has anyone ever thought of using A perspective grid and transformation matricies to understand and perfect perspective, form, the landmarks of anatomical forms, accurate forshortening, consistent perspective distortion.

Even though I'm /beg/ I think I might be onto something when it comes to learning art in a logical way.

The end result could be, subconciously transform each landmark of a drawing.

pic actually shows a 3x3 transformstion matrix, being ueed to transform each point of the letter M, but this is only good for 2D imaged that lack form. For drawing you would actually need a 4x4 transformation matrix to represent 3D forms, but you would need to convert it back to a 2d screen space (paper), but the perspective grid already does this for you.
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No title
How to draw like Takehiko Inoue?
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No title
Post “improvements” that just show an artist losing their appeal
8 images | 49 replies
Stupid Question Thread/
Questions that don't deserve their own thread

The old one hit the bump limit, ask your questions here.
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No title
>Why yes, I do hate Disney. How could you tell?
1 images | 4 replies
Talk about good art supplies and diss bad ones here.

>TQ: Where are you from and what is the preferred online store for art supplies in your region? Let's compile a reference table or some shit.
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No title
I want to find a painting and write a story about it. Any ideas? I really enjoy doing it
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Let's finally figure this out
How good are these places for posting art and gaining a large following, with the first being the most important to last being the least? What other places should you post your art that isn't listed?
Here's my guess:

2 images | 23 replies
Where do I go
Discord servers are dead, no alive forums known, where do I go in order to get critique, share and meet others?
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No title
Do you commission other artists anon? If so how much do you spent on that
I spent 300 USD monthly.
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No title
So I’m thinking of abusing California’s special needs welfare laws so I can continue drawing with impunity for the rest of my life

Has anybody tried this? The downsides are of course pretty obvious
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Previous thread: >>4220347

Try to keep it fresh

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Martin Freeman
Re-learning charcoal and tried drawing Martin Freeman. I want to get away from cheesecake subjects--aka hyper-sexy fantasy females. After 20 years, you can only draw so many titties until they all look the same. Am I on the right track? Need some honest feedback.
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No title
Are self portraits egotistical? Does liking to draw/paint yourself make you a narcissist?
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No title
Can anyone link the torrent for Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching 1? all I could find was part 2!14RzyQ5B!TURyI11C337JDijjZ-DzqQ
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Traditional Art General
post traditional art you've done for critique. preferably something recent.
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/INT/ - Intermediate General V
2019-12-01 21_48_23-CLIP STUDIO PAINT
Not quite beg but far from Pro? please use this thread to post daily studies, pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Previous thread: >>4215268

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

READ THE STICKY to refresh your fundies.


Help others with constructive criticism.

Don't post obviously beg tier stuff and get mad when no one gives a crit. Developing your eyes to critique your own work is far more valuable than someone else's critique.
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No title
Why do westaboos always have the best art?
113 images | 217 replies
No title
>anon you really draw? Draw me!
What do?
11 images | 91 replies
No title
Is he based?
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Payment processors
What would be a safe option to use to recieve payment for nsfw commissions? I refuse to use pic related because a few of my favorite artists have gotten fucked over by it (locked out of their accounts for whatever reason) and in general there are lots of stories of people getting shafted by it.
I don't know of many alternatives, but here are a few that I've found so far, in my limited research:

Seems the most appealing to me so far, you can create invoices like in paypal and afaik set up a store with it? But I don't think it accepts payments from all around the world, and it's relatively obscure. The few people I've seen talk about it seem like shills
Don't know anything about this one but it seems to be somewhat well-known. I believe if you have a patreon you can also send your moneys through it as an alternative to paypal
Apparently pretty good. Though it seems more suited for traditional than anything digital.

Share your wisdom with me anon.
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Discord study server
Yes, yes, a billionth server, again.

I'll cut to the chase, I want to study with people

>who are invested and passionate about drawing and aren't beginners (i'll trust your own assessment).
>who want to do art for money (don't treat it as a hobby)
>who are willing to share resources & knowledge
>who prioritize draftsmanship (technical skills)
>work with digital
>close to GMT+1 timezone (it's not required)
>who spend at least 2 hours on drawing every day
>who are willing to participate in challenges discussed by all parties involved
>who are willing to share their work in the first place

I know there are a lot of prerequisites but this isn't meant to be a large group. I am looking for like-minded people on a similar level or even better who really want to get better. What you actually want to draw doesn't matter much. This is meant to be a server with no filler and no slacking. This is not meant to be another circlejerk with people spamming shitty memes more than posting their actual work. It's meant to be very simple, with everyone being equal in power. Everyone should post good references so the others can study from them and so on. If you feel like you want to be a part of this group and you qualify in every way, join me

If you want to be lazy or disappear after one interaction, don't bother. I am looking for dedicated folks who really want to get better, together.

Server is wip but I want to gather people first so we can talk and make it better. Honestly I prefer old school message boards but it is far easier this way, sadly.
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XP-Pen and the Artist 22R Pro
Okay someone help me figure this out.
The XP-Pen Artist 22r Pro was announced over a month ago, costs 699 USD and seems to be pretty great specs-wise.

But there are zero reviews out for it anywhere. The only video I can find is one from Ross draws and that was useless. The release date keeps getting pushed back (iirc it was late November at first, then early December, now it says 18th of December on one site and the 24th on another.
On top of that it's also discounted at 30% so it only costs 489 USD currently.

Is this product even real? Does it have some huge flaw and that's why they aren't seeding review units to anyone and discounting the product before it's even released? What the fuck is going on?
Reason I ask is because I'd like to get a screen tablet for my computer that's large, and even at 699 this seems to be pretty good when compared to Wacom. It's likely still inferior, but it's so much cheaper that I feel it's enough of an advantage.
Does anyone know anything about this tablet, or XP-Pen in general?
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No title
some bald guy
Draw something... anything..
21 images | 34 replies
No title
Anyone have any luck using the Method of loci (Memory Palace) memorization method? Curious if it might be a useful toll when it comes to memorizing different aspects of drawing.
0 images | 4 replies
No title
I want to commission a professional artist, but he has his commissions closed, do you guys think if I offer him a good ammount he can say yeah?
0 images | 2 replies
Job as an illustrator
How can i get my foot in the door working as an illustrator? I have a simple and easy style that looks clean, i can draw like childrens books or educational stuff or whatever but how can i get hired as an established illustrated.
4 images | 21 replies
/asg/ - Anime Study General
**Don’t aimlessly study the fundamentals or anime. Learn the fundamentals (form, value, color, composition, etc.) through properly copying anime.**

General anime style discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.
>Drawing methods, study habits, resources, tutorials, tools, software, etc
>Be specific and try to post a sample of your study attempts before asking for help.

**Keep most of your personal works for /alt/ or the other critique threads. Here we should be drawing copies from good anime styled references (illustrations, screenshots, anime figures, 3D models, etc.) to mindfully up our mileage, internalize appealing aesthetics, and learn from each other’s processes and knowledge.**

Effective Art Study Guide:

General Art Overview:

Japanese Book Collection:!UcNG2AiT!jeyWwP1gtQXXz6R29o5bgw!sddDyarD

Recommended Resources:


Previous Thread:
15 images | 38 replies
No title
How come people have such starkly different tastes in art? Works I find beautiful are often derided as shit by others, and works praised by others often look boring and soulless to me. What causes such a discrepancy in opinion?
5 images | 17 replies
Kim Jung Gi
I recently found out about this Kim Jung Gi fella and his amazing art style and it reinvigorated my drive to learn art. Would it be possible to achieve a similar style to Kim with digital?

Also where would one start learning how to draw like him?(i.e learning anatomy or whatever)
1 images | 14 replies
No title
Fuck this, I give up.
>tfw not born Korean
>trw you'll never make this kind of progress.
21 images | 130 replies
No title
How do you prevent commissioners from charging back and scamming you with paypal? Is there another alternative?
9 images | 52 replies
help to make my sis happy
my sister is turning 15yo this month.
making art is her thing, she loves it
but het set is sh itty, no good papers/pencil/lights/etc
And I know nothing bout this.
if u can, send me some ideas of good gifts to make it easier for her to express herself
this is her inst page so far - drawingstaraka -

pls help
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Drawing display vs Drawing tablet
Which do you prefer?

Pros of drawing display:
Bigger screen
Bigger pressure on your pen
The screen only detects the pen and not the wrist or finger accidentally
Programmes require a bigger learnin curve
Clunky and not portable
Might not multi-touch

Tablet pros:
Drawing apps have natural and easy to understand UI
Might be more limited
36 images | 243 replies
No title
How do you stay motivated and keep drawing everyday? Before preparing pen and paper, my wacom or watercolors I just rather turn on some video game.
0 images | 6 replies
No title
How do I learn to rough sketch?
0 images | 9 replies
No title
Mangaka resources on this level of quality, or higher?
I've done basic anatomy (down to proportion muscles, skin and gesture) and now I'm in the process of learning perspective and industrial design for vehicles and buildings.
But my final goal is drawing comics, so if you know of any great resources for comics, storyboarding, storytelling, it would be awesome if you could share your knowledge.
0 images | 5 replies
No title
What the fuck did I just see
5 images | 30 replies
No title
nothing suspicious
Which background is better? I cant decide.
1 images | 12 replies
No title
post your social media, blog, etc.
Be sure to use https:// to create a clickable link.

-=-= >> END OF THE YEAR EDITION << =-=-
Post your most popular piece from 2019 - the one that got the most likes / shares / reblogs, etc.
Feel free to share any other thoughts and reflections on how social media has (or has not) helped you in any way, shape or form during 2019.
62 images | 96 replies
No title
>Be me
>Draw no porn
>Never be popular
>Never establish following
What if the artist who wants a fanbase or a following doesn't want to draw porn? I feel like even the best artists barely get any attention at all.
6 images | 67 replies
No title
How likely is that 2020 will be the year all NSFW art is completely banned from social media?
3 images | 9 replies
No title
Does anyone know this Tolkien/Tolkien-esque drawing I’m looking for? It’s a picture of two elves in a forest. It is scaled so that the elves are very tiny in pic and the forest is the main element. Similar to linked but the perspective is little more higher above and the elves are more further away.
1 images | 8 replies
No title
I really did not make this thread because it's gonna be alive for like a fucking week, because threads on /ic/ die slow and painful death. But guys I am looking for people who are learning to draw. I am willing to learn anything I am bored to death and tired.

My Discord reezone#6482
1 images | 5 replies
How do I practice studying figure proportions
I have read the 8 figure loomis shit but how do I practice it to the point where all my figures come out proportional
I need a study plan on this
please explain in great detail I have autism
0 images | 9 replies
No title
Hey /ic/! Show me your pixel art, pixels you've saved and tutorials. Let's get a productive dot-art thread going.
79 images | 158 replies
No title
What is the difference between these two images? It looks like the camera doesn't move between the two photographs, but some setting that causes close objects to move forward and distance ones to shrink.
4 images | 13 replies
No title
Our queen did it again!
24 images | 155 replies
Animation Thread Again
>Animation Thread Discord

>51 exercises to try

>Books basic program tutorials, etc.!3p8CwQZD!DR2mC-kw0TyQQ8Uw3T6JYg!TdclgBqS!QWLS9f3ogerhJDfxCYPv_yFKRR11tP_IC0eaA4sEwug


>Anime .gif/.webm repository

>Play YT videos frame-by-frame
or just pause the video and use the , and . keys (This doesn't always work but worth a try)

Previous Thread: >>4197655
3 images | 5 replies
Art Related Goals for 2020?
I'm excited to start making a comic I've been thinking of, I also wanna make new art friends ;--;

What about you guys?
4 images | 21 replies
No title
You there. Nani the FUCK you doing? Post a screenshot of your current piece RIGHT NOW. It's 30 days before the new decade and I don't want to see you slacking. I want to see a sketch at minimum.

You hear me? AT LEAST A SKETCH. Anything less from you and you're NGMIFL
66 images | 146 replies
No title
Is somthing wrong with this painting? Im not sure, its nice i like it but, the perspective seems to be off?
6 images | 46 replies
What Should I Do With All This Art?
How do I sell it? I also have tons of sketchbooks and finished drawings in pencil and charcoal, as well as pastel drawings.
7 images | 32 replies
No title
Not sure if this is the right place to post xd. This is part of the piece i made you can find the rest at Google maps desu. Pls critique nicely it took me 6 days uwu
1 images | 3 replies
No title
What is the name of Gustave Dore's style? Does anyone else like these type of drawings?
1 images | 12 replies
No title
What makes a drawing comfy, how do I express the idea of comfyness inside my drawings, what is the essence of comfort
12 images | 27 replies
Critiques please give critism
going to post more but looking for advice, ive recently found it difficult to further my art and ive hit a bit of a wall.
5 images | 21 replies
Want to make a cgpeers account
Is cgpeers supposed to be open to registration today? It's 15th ( 6 am in Europe ) and I want to make an account. Perhaps I should wait a bit more?
0 images | 8 replies
No title
I really enjoy drawing but I'd hate to do it for a living, I feel like it's too stressful and debilitating to do 9 - 5.

As a hobby I'm filling most of my free time with it but sometimes I can go a few days or weeks without doing anything.

Do professional artists lose this anxiety when they excel in their job?
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No title
Fuck Patreon.
41 images | 306 replies Shutdown: The Aftermath
OP here again to continue the topic.

What happened?, shutdown on December 2nd after 11 years of service

And Then?
Anons on this board are providing results of how much data was rescued(pngs, gz playback files, etc)

Previous thread here:
26 images | 61 replies
No title
I made this a while and I'm looking for feedback. What do you guys think? I know it's a little rough around the edges but it turned it very nicely in my opinion and I could not stop smiling when it was finished. Anyway, please let me know your opinions.
0 images | 11 replies
Photoshop performance
I am buying a new pc in the upcoming month. I am editing a lot of photographs in hd with tons of layers so I usually work in 300dpi and circa 30000x30000resolution. It's very laggy at the time especially when I have internet browser and some other 3d program in the background. My budget is around 1500€. Is it enough, and what's the most important aspects of fast performance (clicking in between various programs and browsers with no waiting) for pc in 2020? also, how is the newest photoshop holding up so far for you? give me a quick the pros and cons rundown since I am still using CS6.
9 images | 29 replies
Career in art
To those of you who work as professional concept artists and illustrators? Do you like your work? How is the pay? Do you regret not taking another route in your life? How do you think art careers will change in the next 10 to 20 years?
12 images | 72 replies
No title
Im not great at drawing. In fact im actually pretty ungreat. Its just a hobby and my family thinks i draw mozart. Basically idk where to ask this, but Christmas is coming up and my sister asked for a portrait sketch of her old dog that may be passing away soon. If some talented friends could do a quick sketch of this ugly chub I'd appreciate it. She's so hard to shop for and I dont want to hand over one of my ugly drawings.
1 images | 9 replies
No title
>tfw you realize that you're actually a sculptor not a painter after years of painting.
0 images | 10 replies
Video Course Thread #5
Constructive figure drawing 1-3 -!xhohmbIR!Z9Sg85jVRTc6_Ea1YZdvCg
Vilppu stuff -!RIx3TJxJ!_Nna8t01kPxENJ8KSzXqwg!EUJHgKAZ
Russian Drawing Course -!v8cVRIpY!I7lqQezZrA99ZifIiRbgEw
Hampton's Analytical Figure Drawing Course!8qA2FLDQ!9ADn1WRz-YcH7H9M3i11dg
Proko portrait drawing -!0NkRBJoa!Il717YoIbJjIAk4rJba5SA
Proko figure drawing -!gpAyxSYK!wRqIgzf8Eh8S7hw0rU8UDw
Youtube channel that posts paid courses -
CGMA Art of color and light -!CHBUEahQ!YmW9EueacdNsKW3mZYGRRA
Digital Painting Marco Bucci -!KKA0UQiA!IQZo0gy_yH5OAwKsPEIdqg
Ty Carter Color -!DKRDBSgD!tNWAYvCAqVzxZBq4gO9yiA
Vitruvian Studio Portrait Drawing -!JU9F3B5Y!s4YlpJfOkOlkOSsCvX5F6g
Digital Drawing Correction?Figure Tutorial? -
Karl Gnass Spirit of the Pose (NMA I think) -!30o2QCya!TWMgOxPJlGXWydwoS1czdg
Karl Gnass Spirit of the Post missing part 4 -!7ngkTYiT!dFHIw9uFBbMih9KHApd2Yw
female anatomy vol 2 sakimi chan -
Steve Huston (?) Beginner Head Drawing -!glxFwLaa!cdBL0K-MOuZbtQYoRR4cBQ
Steve Huston Advanced Head Drawing -!WsVy1ChK!17B0OTg-UBnPB8mwXy1U8Q

Happy Drawing!
10 images | 116 replies
No title
It cometh!
600 euro Cintiq 16 pro, missing USB cable only.
What's the chance it's gonna be a dud? It's from Amazon warehouse deals. Do they even test these things? Won't be surprised if the screen is cracked..
Will post update tomorrow if I get it.
7 images | 40 replies
Artbook Thread

Be specific if you request something: post the cover, book's title, artist's name...
Please be patient, board is slow, someone may answer you a week later.
Please search in the thread and links below before asking for something, it may well already be there.
All MEGA links SHOULD be cloned, they die every time they're posted here.
If any of the links expires or breaks, please inform of it.
Can't find something? check vk, rutracker, ehentai, cgpeers, etc

> Beginner essentials!sSYAxKqb!f2gWy-eQZJNvRfiUTu1ASA
See for details

> Main Book Links


Miscellaneous (books, vids, brushes...) 38 gigs!BXJkjSKI!ef2mMsm1mkj2nf3amonPEA

https://vk com/topic-4918594_27696136?offset=0

> Various Links from older threads:

> Have you seen them?
Unanswered requests from previous threads. It would make the day of another Anon if you could be kind enough to check through the list and find even one of them.

> Thread finder :

>Previous Thread:
66 images | 210 replies
Trace on
Copying finesse of image's lines. Experience over many years in an instant. Delusions made into reality. This is the path to growth.
0 images | 5 replies
No title
*funds your entire medium*
1 images | 2 replies
No title
>I'll pay you with exposure
4 images | 18 replies
No title
Are there any anatomy books that help you draw twinks and girls? Bridgeman has scary muscles and loomis doesn’t feature any twinks
2 images | 11 replies
Is Procreate as good as everyone says it is?
Is procreate as good as every seems to say it is? I've been trying it out on the ipad along with various other programs

I can do well with sketchbook pro, medibang, clip studio and photoshop but procreate seems to be least conventient

There's something about the pencil brushes; the size tends to be inconsistent, I'm guessing it's due to tilt function of the apple pencil, but it's really strange
I'm sketching, and suddenly the strokes become a whole lot bigger because the angle at which I'm holding my pencil at changed by like half a degree, it really breaks my work flow

This doesn't happen in sketchbook pro or clip studio

And the pressure is weird too, even after adjusting pressure curves, weird things happen like; say I set opacity , I put in a tiny bit more pressure and suddenly it becomes a whole lot darker
6 images | 72 replies
cute non anime face styles?
most stylisations of faces ive seen which include features like noses/lips etc look a lil ugly
42 images | 78 replies
No title
You'll never get better at art focusing on bait.
So do you part, ignore and hide their post.
Pick up your pencil/pen/whatever and contribute.
And don't forget to have fun and draw whatever you like, don't let others hold you back. Also drink water.
55 images | 286 replies
how do I survive when im surrounded by people with learning disabilities
0 images | 5 replies
No title
IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4248170

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance.


RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - try ~1000px, <1.1mb
124 images | 308 replies
No title
This kills the chink.
2 images | 15 replies
No title
ITT: artworks that fuck up with your psyche

fuck, ouch!!!
10 images | 30 replies
No title
How do I avoid people like this as an artist
7 images | 57 replies
/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Draw Art Daily
VuSta - Crocos
Last thread:>>4250951
>Backup just in case:

>Submit your artwork everyday (or your preferred frequency)
>The deadline for submissions is 23:59:59 GMT each day
>You should spend at least 30 minutes on each update
>Miss a day and you'll be alright, just keep going
>Have fun

>New thread is made whenever it is needed
>Please link to past thread
>Enjoy yourself.
>Please refrain from drawing sexual encounters with underage humans ;^) (a.k.a no child porn you sick pervert)


Something's broken, what do I do?
>Eat a banana. Potassium helps.

What is the goal?
>Be better.

me is beginner and not know draw, can me join?
>Yes x100. Stop asking and start submitting art, chum. You can't be the worst, like literally.

What is Last Artist Standing?
>The legacy, the legend, the original, the predecessor. It has changed and ruined lives of many lassies.

Lava who? w what? banana whom?
>Lava was the deceased mother, potentially dead by surgery. Rest in peace mr half-empty toothpaste lemur.
>w is the heartless hypocritical pedo-enabled asshole father. Emerge occasionally to enjoy being the local scumbag that he is.
>Current dad: banana. Fuck up time to time but is trying his hardest, ganbatte kudasai!


LAS discord:

Dead DAD discord:

This is a library of resources some users have made for the community. Please give it a look:

This is the /las/ list of inspirational artists. Everyone can contribute to the list and discover new cool artists:

Please comment on each other artwork because DAD's children love attentions
80 images | 453 replies
Pirating Watts Online Program
So I have the course, how would I go about pirating the videos, is my only option screen cap?
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Does anyone have any screencaps or archives of /ic/ from before march 2013? I wanted to see if any old advice has been preserved, or if there was even any old advice to preserve in the first place. I tried checking 4chanarchive on the wayback machine but its a real bitch to navigate with how the redirects work and most of the images I checked were deleted
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self portrait 11 december 2019
My name is Asiahlucy Talitha, and I am 21 years old. I was born in Tennessee, U.S.A, but I now live in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England. I really love perfume.

This is my self portrait.
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Animation Thread
>Animation Thread Discord

>51 exercises to try

>Books basic program tutorials, etc.!3p8CwQZD!DR2mC-kw0TyQQ8Uw3T6JYg!TdclgBqS!QWLS9f3ogerhJDfxCYPv_yFKRR11tP_IC0eaA4sEwug


>Anime .gif/.webm repository

>Play YT videos frame-by-frame
or just pause the video and use the , and . keys (This doesn't always work but worth a try)

Previous Thread: >>4158110
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Steve E gordon
What do you guys think of his work?
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How much alcohol to lose my inhibitions and draw confidently?

Is it viable in the long-run or will I became and alcoholic?

Maybe a shot of vodka before each drawing sesh?
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Digital Painting Thread

I made this one by using layers of photo tracing blocks of paint and generation/erasing algorithms
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before and after
ITT post drawings before and after

Really interested to see these messy beginner drawings and the finished works they turn into
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Mona Lisa
hey anons i've been wondering is it true that mona lisa is actually a male, or rather said da vinci's lover or is it just leftist propaganda?
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So what's your excuse for not making money with your art?
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CSP General Tips/Questions/Sale Thread
>search CSP
>multiple random question threads
Only needs to be one

Old thread was archived on warosu

Clip has an asset site that has a lot of free materials to download like brushes, 3d models, patterns, gradient maps, and other things.
Official youtube
Basics of the program
Misc features/webinars/workflows
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>Commission an artist
>For half a character drawing. Colour.
>Artist asks for the full commission upfront. I pay him.
> A day later, I ask him if there's progress. He said he's still at work, but will update later.
> Two days later. Still nothing.
Have I messed up? I reverse image searched some art from his portfolio, and it's unique to him. He gets nothing but praise on his DA account. He seemed perfect.
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I can draw with the regular tripod grip but I just started with the Watts course and It's difficult to tell the position of the fingers towards the paper from the videos. I need someone to tell me if I'm holding it wrong before I get bad habits.
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How do we cope with the fact that God of Manga, Osamu Tezuka, was a dirty coomer, sfwbros?
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Coloring/Rendering in digital
I just don't get it. How the fuck to people color these beautiful images in digital? It makes no sense to me. My skills used in pen and paper just don't seem to transfer over to digital beyond like sketching. What pens are they using? The Paintbrushes/Pastels/etc. just seem so useless to me. I'm definitely using them wrong but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Youtube tutorials are useless they're always "just draw the rest of the owl" bullshit. Maybe I just haven't found a good one maybe I'm just retarded. I just don't fucking get it...
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Throw your integrity out the window
>trace artwork for horny fandom as your own
>take commissions using traced artwork
>get called out
>goes silent for a year since
>passively make $195 a month on patreon from unknowing suckers.
>raking in money a year later with no updates to this day

Just stop trying /ic/ just trace and shill it. Sit comfy with your income with minimal effort, no one will notice.
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>Banksy paints random wall with shitty stencil
>Someone adds red noses
>hurr durr vandalism

What defines Banksy's work as "art" and the work of the red nose painter as "vandalism"?
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Hey guys , designdoll from terrawell updated. I noticed the model no longer clips through the floor but
they still clip through the "box"
is there a way to make so the dolls make contact and don't clip through ?
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Opinions on using pixel art for a comic?
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anyone else occasionally cut out and rotate some parts of the drawing instead of erasing and redrawing to fix perspective and proportions?
i feel like such a hack
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Do you know any good artists that have their old, beginner tier work uploaded and available to see? Seeing their beginnings is quite useful
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i have a notebook of drawing ideas, art books and inspiration folders, but for a year I haven’t been able to will myself to sit and do anything.

Does anyone else have this issue? Sorry if it sounds fucking stupid, it’s genuinely destroying my self esteem because digital art is all I had for myself.
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Hi guys, I'm working on an art project which i want you to be part of. It's just posting a picture you truly love or makes yo feel special. I really appreciate your collaboration thanks.

Pic related it's mine
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Stop drawing anime
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Noah Bradley
Did a paintover - He doesn't deserve to get work at mtg for characters. This isn't even the worst offence.
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How do you draw a self portrait without idealizing yourself or making a cartoonishly ugly caricature of yourself?
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Connected Map III Part 2
finish the job

It wouldn't feel right to leave this unfinished
>post which tile you're going to draw
>starting tiles are each of of the 4 four corners
>make sure your tile aligns with adjacent tiles
>tile dimension: 200x200 pixels
>you can only pick tiles adjacent to already finished tiles
>if you're gonna pick a tile next to a tile in progress let them finish first
no plates no themes, just go wild
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Procreate brushes for drawing
I know a brush can’t make you a better artist, but the default brushes are fucking shit and not satisfying to use for me personally. Post some good brushes and maybe some demonstrations of it as well.
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Good art vibes thread
Another good vibes thread everyone, been loving the positivity in the past threads. Keep it up : )

Here's my good art thing this time round:
> Started a character mod for a game a while ago
> Lose motivation and can't replicate the games art style anymore, so I drop it sadly
> Recently find the game's style again and restart it
> Start talking in the community again
> People remembered my mod and are excited that it's back
> They say my art in that style has gotten better
Feels good to be remembered
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Anatomy Course
Has anybody pirated this cuck's anatomy course yet ?
I know everybody probably thinks he's a "nice guy" or whatever for making those gesture videos that everyone uses but FUCK is this course expensive
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Hey guys, I am working on a new logo for myself... What do you think?
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