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>Outdoor recreational activities (Hiking, trail running, bushwhacking, camping, spelunking, geocaching, orienteering, expeditions, urban exploration, backpacking, etc.)
>Gardening, farming and related activities
>Hunting and fishing, and other activities involving the stalking or taking of game (including bird-watching)
>Outdoor survival, bushcraft, foraging, self-sustenance in nature, train-hopping, hoboism, etc.
>Outdoor destinations and exploration (specific trails, parks, regions, etc.)
>Water-related activities (boats, diving, etc.)
>Outdoor philosophy (conservation, Leave No Trace, protectionism, etc.)
>Outdoor building and living (cabins, huts, treehouses, etc.)
>Outdoor social activities and organizations (meet-ups, Scouts, NOLS, etc.)
>Gear related to any of the above topics

Most topics related to the outdoors are fine. Write properly, behave politely, encourage a respectful community, and most importantly, GO OUTSIDE!!
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Fishing & Tackle Thread
#502- “Hands Off My Soft Plastics!” Edition

Previous Thread:

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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No title
Do you guys bring any instruments with you when you go /out/? Im considering picking up a naf, harmonica, or small travel guitar to maybe jam a bit when im camping overnight.
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recent out
post your photos
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/HGM/ - Homegrowmen 387

New USDA zone map has been released:

Koppen Climate Map:

Search terms:
Agrarian, Agriculture, Agrology, Agronomy, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Berkeley Method Hot Composting, Cold Frames, Companion Planting, Composting, Container Gardening, Core Gardening Method, Cultivation, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Dry Farming, Espalier, Farmer's Market, Forest Gardening, Forestry, Fungiculture, Geoponics, Greenhouses, Homesteading, Horticulture, Hot Boxes, Hügelkultur, Humanure, Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System, Hydroponics, Keyhole Garden, Korean Natural Farming, Kratky Method, Landscaping, Lasagna Gardening, Ley Farming, Market Garden, Mulching, No-till Method, Ollas Irrigation, Orchard, Permaculture, Polyculture, Polytunnels, Propagation, Rain Gutter Garden, Raised Beds, Ranch, Rooftop Gardening, Ruth Stout Garden, Sharecropping, City Slicker Composting, Shifting Cultivation, Soil-bag Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Stale Seed Bed, Sugar Bush, Truck Farming, Vermiculture, Vertical Gardening, Window Frame Garden, Windrow Composting, Alpaca, Snail, Toad, Trumpeter, Turkey, Worm

previous: >>2710237

Spring is here.
Hope you got to enjoy the eclipse.
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No title
McCandlessbros.. our response?
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No title
kebnekaise berg
What is required to do activities like: rucking, climbing and swimming? I want to do physical activites /out/ but I usually dont do more than jogging
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No title
>get up at 6am
>get ready, pack water, snack, and gear
>cook up and eat a hearty breakfast
>drive 1 hour to trail head
>parking lot (there's 6 spots) is full
>go back home and play video games all day
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No title
pls do not delete this thread it is to help the homeless gobless
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In America is it legal to start a makeshift mine in the woods? My city owns the land but they don’t do anything with it.
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Welcome to beekeeping general. Discuss apiary and bees.

Old thread: >>2577491
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No title
Is this a good water filter?
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/sq/ - Stupid Questions
Monocular or binoculars, /out/?

Also, dedicated general questions thread.
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No title
What job should I work to have the time, money, and energy to go /out/?
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No title
Are you going to watch?
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/bg/ - Boot General - Spring Edition
Topics include:
>soakers and how to avoid them, dude
>non-slip grips, kid
>clearance sales, chief
>cleaning and treatments, boss
>wellies, chauncy
>vintage gear, toots
>stay-aways and ripoffs, jack
>liners or wool socks, professor
>hunting boots and camo options, rambo
>handmade leather and bespoke examples, fabio
>ropers, riders, and cowboys, huck
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No title
Every girl has hiking in their tinder bio. How do you know if she's really into it or not?
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salut, romanon here
the fuck is this?

can any other romanon explain what is happening? is the media exaggerating this? is this real??
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No title
What are the best long distance walks in Europe?
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No title
How do I get an /out/ gf?
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i gotta water well
i understand everyone on this board is TOTALLY EQUAL ORGANIC PERMACULTURE HOMESTEADERS, but i gotta water well nigga just to water my garden your water catchment aint shit your plants will be dieing when the soil harden. fuck now water fags
anyway no well having larpsteaders btfo, eternally
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It's over

I'm someone who annually (or semi-annually, depending on a bunch of factors) hunts wild cervids, particularly caribou and moose, and I've been keeping a beady eye on the CWD epidemic in North America waiting for the day that zoonosis inevitably occurred. It seems that it may have happened.
It's over. It's never been more over. In fact, it's so over that I've been sitting here with my head in my hands uttering "It's over" in a very over-exaggerated French accent so that it sounds like "It is Auvergne."
But my question is: In /out/'s opinion, just how Auvergne is it? What do you all reckon is going to happen here? And will you change your hunting behaviour as a result?
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BLM gazing allotment
>buy a couple pet goats
>buy an RV
>apply for a 10-year BLM grazing permit
>live rent-free on the land to shepherd your goats
... is this feasible?
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starting this because i don't want to clutter the catalog with my dumb ass question. i am trying to plan an /out/ing, 4-day weekend type deal. i would ask my best friend who i usually camp with for advice but he's deployed. i'm planning on getting a tent, foam pad, sleeping bag, and solar phone charger. i already own clothes, lighter, water bottle, plenty of packed food, and a mora companion (it was on sale for like $14 and i like to get plant and mushroom cuttings) and flashlight. do i need anything else, or is it all just consumerist memes? forgive me if i forgot anything super crucial, i'm retarded (89 IQ). i don't plan on making fire. i just want to hike and sleep. it's a normie campground so i don't need water purifiers, i think. it'll be in southeast oklahoma, sunny and hitting 60F at night. good weather to not go missing? thanks in advance! :)
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No title
What's the longest you've been /out/ ?

I was away solo 3 weeks last summer wild camping, planning a 6 week trip this summer.

How do you cope with the fatigue and loneliness, I enjoy it but at the same time I find myself going a bit crazy, talking to myself etc.
Thinking of food and showers usually keeps me going.
What do you do to keep yourself sane?
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No title
I don't know how to use a compass. I cannot read a paper map. I only use my phone.
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/afg/ Artifacts and Fossils General #5 OP isn't dead edition
Placenticeras sp. 1
The purpose of this general is to encourage people to go /out/ and find cool fossils and artifacts. This thread is also a place to share our own collections and things we find when we are /out/ hunting.

Rules are as follows,
>To just post and discuss fossils and other related geological subjects.
>When you post about a fossil in your collection, please label it with what formation it is from, what it is, and where in the world it is from.
>If you don't know where it originated or the species that is ok, just label it as so
Helpful Links
Geologic maps of US states (
A Beginner's Guide To Fossil Hunting - Fossil Hunting Trips - The Fossil Forum

classes have finished for the year and work has slowed down so hopefully I can keep this one alive. I've made some amazing fids in the past few months that I have been gone and I hope to see what all you have found since the last thread as well. First fossil of this thread is a Placcticeras sp. about 9.5 to 10 inches in diameter was super stoked when I found it. Upper Britton Formation of the Eagle Ford Group, Denton Co. Texas
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No title
yuru camp official out loadout
Why is /out/ such an expensive hobby?
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Inherited a weird bit of land
So I inherited a weird bit of land.
8000sqft(~740m2), a bit of the way outside the city (or any other community), pure sand and rock, non-commercial area.

For legal reasons I won't get into... I can't ever sell it, only my kids can once they inherit it but I also don't have to pay property tax on it.
Also, can't expand it. The land all around is in a similar legal limbo so until it's inherited I can't buy anything around it.

What can I even with 0.18 acres of unarable land I can't sell in an unrentable area?
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organic fakes
I'm sick of rich faggots pretending to be farmers and attacking actual farmers.

The term organic is meaningless marketing shpiel, is arsenic organic? What about synthetic pyrethrum? None of these fackwits stand up to even ten minutes of questioning, they're technically illiterate.

And I'll swing this hammer at permaculture fags too, who broadly fall into the triangle of
>doesn't produce a surplus/ commercial quantity
>technically illiterate, unqualified, doesn't know shit about organic/ elemental chemistry
>ideologically motivated.
Fuck off back to the city
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No title
What’s it going to take to stop this man?
8 media | 50 replies
Why don't young men want to go /out/?
To keep it brief, I'm in my late 20s and my circle of friends have typically been indoor types that prefer to do things indoors, like watch movies, go out to eat, or play video games. Perhaps it's just my friend group, but I have this impression that people around my age can't be bothered to go /out/ beyond a mile or two long hike--and even then it's a struggle or just an excuse to smoke weed in a different setting. I can't imagine getting any of my friends to seriously gear up and go out on a camping trip where they have to carry their back to the campsite. Girls seem more into the idea, but in reality they'll just slow down my pace (well, a lot of guys would too).

Why do you guys think this is? We're in the best shape of our lives, somewhat, and it feels wasteful to spend it all indoors.
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SHTF Survival Guide: Tip #420 (Purifying water the natural way)
Purifying water the natural way

"You still have that ass hair? Douche that river bank water into a bottle. Purifies the water from 99.95% of bacteria." -Survivalist

To filter water the natural way you must (1) find a water body or a stream, your grandmother's sink should work as well. (2) Remove your underwear and pants. (3) Proceed by gaping the rectum. Then dip your bottom into the water. (4) Allow the water to collect inside the colon. The colon acts as a natural water pouch. (5) Once the water has been collected, contract the rectum. (6) Find a water container for long-period water storage. Then proceed by removing the pants and gaping the rectum, allowing the water to "pee" out into the container.

This method will filter the water through the ass hair filter, purifying it 99.95% from bacteria!

And there you go, a natural method for filtering water!
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/hsg/ Homestead General
Homestead General /hsg/
> Woods Cabin Edition
> Thread #05

Talk gardening, farming, livestock, beekeeping, building, electricity and plumbing, earthworks, waterworks, permaculture, raising children, market gardening, selling produce, barter, home economics, composting, mulching, pest control, diet, health.
Anything relevant to living on site, making a home out of the land.

Old Thread: >>2640881
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/out dog activities
/k fag here. I just got this female German shepherd. She's a year old. I can tell her last owners didn't do much to stimulate her energy. She's already bonded to me as well. Having her makes me want to go do shit Innawoods. Took her on a 4 hour hike at a local lake the other day. Pic rel. Really wore her and myself /out. It was really fun. What other activities can I do with her innawoods? Also tell me about your trailbuddy if you'd like.
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No title
How does one improve his odds of being abducted by the alien visitors while /out/ anons? I'm bored with life and want cool stories to sell, I mean tell, when I'm back, if I come back.

Should I sit in a meadow waiving a flashlight at night? Broadcast my willingness to be probed on cell or handheld radios? Where I am headed innawoods, UFOs are common.

Share your own experiences and wisdom in this thread. What can I expect?
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No title
/out/ings with a Pipe
Old thread: >>2684982

This is a thread for enjoying a pipe while doing outdoor activities. If you ask why this belongs on /out/, you've never spent an evening by the campfire with a pipe silently enjoying the nature around you, and you're missing out.

>how to get started
Purchase a Missouri Meerschaum Legend and a pouch of Half and Half or Captain Black tobacco, available at most smoke shops. You will need a lighter or match, and something to tamp it with--a large nail works well if you don't have a pipe tool. Fill the pipe with tobacco, pack it down halfway, top it off, pack it down to 3/4, top it off again, pack gently and enjoy. Smoke slower than you think you need to, the tobacco tastes best when it is burning cool. Tamp and re-light as needed. If you still have trouble, try different methods on YouTube until you find one that works for you.

>smoking a pipe will give you cancer
While any tobacco consumption comes with some risk, the cancer risks from occasional pipe use are pretty minimal. Educate yourself and make your own informed health decisions. Some info here

>muh weed
Not the time or place. Start your own thread
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Hello, I am looking to buy a bivy that I could sleep in and not worry about rain also one that I could get past airport security. I found pic related but that will likely not keep me dry, what worked for you?
9 media | 112 replies
No title
are there any places in europe where i can legally dig for fossils?
2 media | 12 replies
No title
what is the point of these things? literally the worst of both worlds. I'd much rather be in the actual woods in my tent or be in actual suburbia in my comfy home. not an awful mishmash of the two.

t. begrudging camper owner due to wife
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No title
What's up with Krauts, specially boomers, and their kitted out rigs?
I'm in southern Europe and every time I go to the beach, no matter the time of the year, there's always many, many hundred thousand €€€ traveling/camping rigs there and 90% of the time they have German plates.
As I post this there are a couple 100K vans, mercs sprinters I think, fully prepared for world travel and parked on a gravel road right up to the beach.
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Im going to die in nature, wish me luck anons
Im preparing to leave society and live in the temperate forests of Patagonia. I know my chance of survival is slim but on the odd chance I make it, I will finally be fulfilled. That said I consent to dying, doing what I love.

>Trained botanist
>8/10 in foraging skill points
>Chemist by career, capable of producing rudimentary medicine (simple extraction and standardization) using plant and animal remains.
>Master gardener of both native and creole plants
>Able to track wild animals based on knowledge of plant communities

What are somethings I need to learn and train before going? Learn how to build a waterproof encampment under an hour? Learn how to trap? Learn how to spear fish? Etc.

What should be my overall goal other than surviving?
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Help a noob /out/ how to find nice place to camp?
I don't know about my city and I want to find good wild places to camp in, how do I find them?

I don't want to go in places where many people go, I would love to have spaces for myself and my frens
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No title
*blocks you path*
4 media | 33 replies
No title
Does /out/ ever have those mancamp threads anymore?
It always seemed so comfy the idea of a bunch of us living in tiny houses in the woods .
Seems like now with starlink we could all have internet as well
Or would that ruin the whole idea?
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carrying water
how do you bring water with you? i normally just toss a couple plastic water bottles in my bag, and fill them up when i fill them up.
useful because i don't have to clean them they just get thrown away, and you can pour them out on your hands or whatever if you need to wash shit off.
borrowed a friend's camelbak the other weekend, and i don't know if i get the appeal. it's more convenient i guess, but it takes like, a minute to pull a bottle of water out of your bag.
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No title
now that the dust has settled, what EXACTLY did he do that was so wrong?
4 media | 51 replies
Bear/ Mountain Lion/ etc. recommendations
Image 3-20-24 at 4.11 PM
Can anyone suggest protection for someone is unable to have a firearm for protection for the subjects listed?

I am considering a Byrna pepperball pistol. Would that be an improper choice? I already have bear spray and a horn. Would a Byrne be the icing on the cake more effective of both?


And if not, are there any better alternatives?
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No title
Any of you guys like kites? Started with a $20 dragon kite from costco, had a lot of fun and then went to REI and bought a Prism Zenith 5 for like $50 and I've really been enjoying it. I bought the Synapse 140 from the same brand, a dual-line parafoil, but that has been giving me a bit of trouble and I've only gotten it in the air a couple times; I'll likely need to wait for a better wind day to get a hang of that one.
Also any kite recommendations or tips? What brands should I look at?
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Opinions on rugged phones
I don't know why I never thought about it but "rugged smartphones" are objectively better than a conventional smartphone, it's more or less what you expect from a smartphone at the end of the day. An intelligent machine that helps you overcome most situations, instead of simply having the glass broken due to falling out of the pants of a 6' tall person. I'm just preparing myself for what's coming, and I don't feel safe having a Samsung or Apple phone. A 400 euro/dollar "rugged" smartphone can hold battery for up to 1 week or more with little use in cases of emergency. Times are a bit complicated and difficult, so I appeal to you to start thinking about what you do in cases of emergency. The smartphone is the most important "item" that the average person brings and with some type of distraction is only capable of getting damaged, falling into mud, water, getting broken, etc.
What do you think of "rugged" smartphones and if you happen to have any. do you recommend them?
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No title
how hardcore are you?
5 media | 43 replies
No title
I got bit by a fucking tick in april.
5 media | 39 replies
No title
Do you obey signs?
15 media | 88 replies
first backpacking trip
Planning on a backpacking trip with friends next month for a total of 5 days. We will be on an island with no amenities and we are only allowed a backpack on the ferry ride (aka no coolers, rollers etc). I have never done backpacking before only car camping. Food is the most concerning thing to me, I have a limited diet so I cannot eat fruits, nuts/seeds, most vegetables, and anything with high fiber. Which leaves me very little options.
should I just be packing a dozen freeze-dried meals? I will be with a group of 8 people but they are not likely to share food, only supplies
2 media | 20 replies
No title
How to avoid spiders and bugs while camping?
6 media | 21 replies
Eclipsed Campings part 2
Old one is about to 404 >>2639545

Last minute discussions and hopefully some sweet pics after the fact will go here. Fair warning to DFW area bros, there's some weather foretasted for the 8th so plan accordingly.
46 media | 125 replies
What do you guys hunt with? Whether its small or big game
What kinds of guns/bows/knife equipment do you use/recommend
27 media | 130 replies
No title
garmin inreach
You do use one of these, right anon?
6 media | 57 replies
No title
trekking poles
I've never used one of these
Are they really that useful? Are they a real game changer?

I see everyone using these but dunno... never felt the need
4 media | 81 replies
/out/ cooking
Doing a camping trip in the next month or so and have been roped in as the camp cook. It's a three day trip, what would be good foods to bring given we're going to be camping out on public land in the western US? Was thinking eggs and corn beef hash for breakfast, something light for lunch, but drawing a blank on dinners. It'll be a three day trip, so will need foods that will stay well in a cooler. Have a double propane burner, and a single butane one.
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No title
I'm looking up maps of public national forests, to find nice land suitable for me to head out in and do recreation activities. Something that has been irking me, is that often the best access points and most convenient to public land for me are privately owned. I found a whole section of national forest essentially surrounded by private land, and for me to access it easily I'd have to cross through private land. Like why is this shit allowed for people to buy access points to public land, and then use it for their own purposes in addition to using the public land for their own purposes. Many of these people will have an effective monopoly of the public land, because they own the easiest access points and it's not easily available for anyone else. So they "control", or at the very least have a near monopoly use of the public land for their own purposes, a much greater amount of land than they actually own.

Is it a case of, they owned the land before the national forest existed, or these land are being traded privately to gain effective monopoly usage of a great amount of public land?
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No title
Hey /out/,
I'm planning to go on a bike trip with this girl I like. It'll be about 70km, so we'll be out for a while.
I bought >pic rel last year for my trips so I don't have to carry all the water I need with me from the start.
Would it be too autistic to bring the water filter on this bike trip date? I'm worried she'll think I'm weird.
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No title
download (3)
Just got an REI membership and all I want to do now is consooooom
17 media | 119 replies
No title
Why haven't you /out/ed in the windows XP background yet?
3 media | 15 replies
No title
>be dumb girl (pic related)
>get lost in the woods for 28 days
>somehow live
>lose 40 pounds and get more attractive
Is /out/ ketomaxing a valid weight loss strategy? I want to lose 20-30 lbs.
3 media | 36 replies
Where do young people get all this $$$$$$
rhoc-season-11-camping-03 (1)
Dudes I went to high school with now have house, wife kids truck dirt bikes side x sides and fuckhuge camper trailers

I'm fucking disgruntled
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"Leave no trace" is a radical ideology and mental disorder
ted in snow
It literally means "you aren't allowed to directly interact with nature as a living, breathing human being as your ancestors did, you have to treat planet Earth like it's a museum and you're just an unwelcome guest". It's the most extreme and bizarre shit I've ever heard, and the people espousing this philosophy are always the most un-buschrafty neon red and blue polyester clad yuppie urbanites who are the most dependent upon industrial society and agriculture which together constitute 99.9% of the total human threat to the global ecosystem. These people literally think some guy in the woods cutting down a tree with a hatchet and taking a shit is some kind of existential threat. Presumably they also believe men can have babies.
12 media | 198 replies
Poncho Thread
Ideas for use/designs, tips for using them as protection and shelter, experiences while you were out...
Tell us what you know, this is the thread for all things poncho.
10 media | 42 replies
What is the shittiest /out/ place in the USA?
My vote is the Catskills in NY. Hybrid cars parked all up and down every road. Thousands of fat guys in khaki shorts photographing trees. Loud black women chasing their screaming kids everywhere. Trail closure and no trespassing signs every 50 yards. Literal fucking security cameras at trailhead parking areas. I hope a fucking forest fire claims the whole region.
10 media | 84 replies
No title
Hazard 4
I really really like the way Slingbags look, but I hear they are bad for hiking since they distribute the load unevenly. How retarded would I be to get one as a daypack for 6-8h hikes with around 2500 feet elevation, hiking in the alps?
8 media | 67 replies
No title
How the hell am I supposed to fit a sleeping bag in here? I got a 50L bag which seems too small now
5 media | 22 replies
Trail cam images
Post your trailcam photos. This is the only thing I’ve captured in 4 months.
25 media | 62 replies
/mush/ mushroom general
Morel edition
Found about a half pound over Easter weekend, upstate SC.
25 media | 75 replies
flower/plant photo general
What is your favorite color of Azalea?
Have you seen any wildflowers of note this Spring so far?
I personally love a deep dark purple Azalea but I haven't found one in bloom so far. This is Cinnabar and it caught my eye from 20 feet away.
3 media | 3 replies
Backwoods camping: how to beat the spooks
Hey all, new fag here. Been a group camper for years but recently been going solo midweek or even on the weekend when no one is capable of going. My nights go as follows:
>drink 3-6 beers
>play music
>set up tent
>cook food
>go to sleep and watch videos
>panic at 3 am when a raccoon runs through the campsite.
>wake up slightly tired because I was waking up every 3/4 hours due to hearing random noises.

How do you beat the spooks? Inb4 anyone says “carry a gun” or “get a better sleep system” I do/have both that I bring solo camping.
Gear list:
>pillow, sleeping bag, wool blanket (cozy)
>kelty 85L pack
>woodsaw, axe, knife
>first aid kit
>good layers - rain jacket, fleece, quick wicking shirt, water resistant woods pants.
>cookset, small pan, canteen cup, fork and spoon.
>water filters
>power bank
>tent: Marmot Aspen 2, old as fuck and has very slight mold spots on rainfly but tent is a tank and has been mine since I was boyscout.
>deet, permethrin
> consumables: 4 joints, a flask, 5 cigs, usually a 6 pack and a good steak or sausages.
>depending on terrain camp chair or hammock
>entertainment: IPhone, book, JBL speaker

I feel like I’ve got it all the vital shit, but it still feels “off” when I’m in the woods alone backwoods camping.
2 media | 17 replies
Hiking outdoors
Any places you can go like picrel where there arent any bugs like tics or mosquitos?
1 media | 10 replies
if it works it aint stupid
What are some dumb things you've bought for /out/ or tried while /out/ that ended up working or at least preforming better than expected?
>example 1
I bought a whole bunch of medium duty shower stall liners at Costco for 50 cents each because I have a problem buying seemingly useless things on sale. Turns out they're a great substitute for when you don't quite need a tarp. I've used them to sleep on. I've used them for shelter. I've used them to cover wood. I've wrap myself in one as a ghetto poncho. They hardly take up any space and at least one edge already has rings to run string through.
>example 2
Might not exactly be dumb, but it sure preformed better than expected. I bought some mosquito mesh fabric that goes over your head for when the blood suckers are bad. However I noticed these things work great all the time. They help keep the sun out. They keep any cob webs out. Any gusts of dust get mostly blocked. Somehow it blocks a lot of the smoke from a fire I don't know how probably some witch craft. Small branches or brush wont slap you in the face. If you've ever been /out/ and felt like you have to keep wiping or swatting at your face these cure that.

What were your dumb ideas that worked out?
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Lawn mower help
Sorry if this isn't the right board, I'm not sure, but I don't use many others and I feel like you guys can answer this best. I'm looking to buy a brand new mower for the first time tomorrow, can you guys help me out? I was looking at the Toro recycler line, but I'm hearing mixed reviews about it. I'm looking to keep it around 500 bucks but can go a little over that. My yard isnt that big, couple hundred square feet. I'm just looking for something reliable preferably with self drive for when my wife wants to mow. What mower do you use? Also, any tips for getting rid of milkweed? My yard is a little overgrown and at some point it creeped in. I get a lot of biodiversity in my yard though so that's cool, sometimes I get morels too. Sorry for rambling, just killing time until I can click post.
4 media | 23 replies
What other knots should you know?
9 media | 25 replies
No title
>every survival bushcraft channel
>set up shelter
>eat some more
>go home
>thanx gaiz fur wotchin'
bonus round
>walk 10 feet away from the trail
>set up your camera
>go back and nonchalantly walk as if you just arrived
>run back to fetch your camera
>repeat for another hundred "cinematic" shots
4 media | 32 replies
No title
I don't go outdoors much but i have been lurking this board for a while,i went outdoors on my own for the first time today i even brought my cat along, i didn't even have the proper gear or shoes but i still had a lot of fun
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National Park Camping/Road trip - how does /out/ do it?
> No car camping or overnight vehicle parking is allowed in pullouts, parking areas, picnic grounds, or any place other than a designated campground.
> All camp sites were booked as soon as they were put on sale
> All backcountry permits are only available to "lottery" winners

Is this the /out/ you guys speak of? Or is this Disney world?

In all seriousness, I know these are tourist destinations and they're just trying to keep scum like me out, but I have a truck camper and like a month off work (May, early June). I want to experience Yellowstone and the Cascades on a roadtrip from the Midwest. Do you all just give up on national park camping and camp in the surrounding areas then go in the park for the day? Can I count on doing a walk-up and asking for a backcountry permit and not being turned away? My original idea was to go without any reservations and split the time on my trip between car camping (no amenities needed) or tent camping in wherever I ended up, but now I see it could possibly lead to a shitty time without planning. What do you guys do if you're making a trip, plan ahead with the permits and pre-selected destinations or just wing it and do things that don't require permits? I just really wanna get out there this summer, it's my opportunity.
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My mom never let me go to Scout/summer camp because she was afraid that I might get raped.

What did I miss out on?
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Id like to learn taxidermy to atleast have some use of the small game that i cant eat. Where should i start? What tools i need and are there any good textbooks on the subject?
Pic related i paid 150€ for this and wanted to share it with you guys.
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Camping on a lake in a national forest
Howdy. The lake i've been camping at all my life has recently been permanently closed for overnight camping by the state(faggots didnt pick up after themselves)
However, the northern quarter of the lake is in the national forest boundary line and the state manages everything else.
Could i get away with camping in the national forest area legally?
I'm in Colorado if that matters
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Are there ever rockhound threads on /out/? Found these in high desert colorado, curious if anyone knows what they are. They're part of a petrified wood collection I found in a washout (next pic) and I'm curious what the type is that gives this unique orange yellow hue.
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Survivor story thread
>be bong
>go on convoluted trip for meaningless glory
>get stuck on an ice pack for almost 2 years
>kill scores of animals
>ditch your men to try and rescue yourself
>by some miracle you survive and are forced to save the crew you deserted.
Are anglos stupid? All the stories of men dying for non existent glory seem to come from England.
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Why do backpackers wear hideous colors?
Why would you want other people to see you before you see them? That would make me very uncomfortable, like sitting at the very first table in the break room with your back to entrance. I don't own a single piece of clothing or gear that is any color except Earth brown, olive drab green, and stone grey. The whole point of going out in the woods is escaping humanity and becoming invisible and being left the fuck alone.
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No title
>permanently reduces your lifespan by a few months, because of extreme fear & strees
>haha, it‘s just a prank, relax dude
Pranking urban explorers in abandoned locations like that should result in the death penalty.
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No title
Man I liked his stuff but he really comes off as a prick
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I remember once when our class went on a field trip to the local metropark and some guide or whoever was telling us about a plant that came out around Halloween and smelled like boloney meat

Any anons know about this plant or was he just some crazy asshole trolling some kids?

around Lake Michigan area if location helps
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The official objectively correct survival knife criteria
maxresdefault (5)
If you disagree you are wrong.

First it should have a blade between 6"-8" long. You need a long blade for a myriad of tasks, but primarily you need it for splitting, for rapid carving with the spine braced against your knee (critical for making things like wedges), and for combat effectiveness. This puts the overall length at 10"-14", which is the maximum length for concealment/EDC, which is the whole purpose of a survival knife.

The knife shouldn't weigh more than 16 ounces. More than that and it's probably just going to be clumsy for most tasks and too redundant with a hatchet. The knife should only have enough heft to easily cut down poles 1"-3" in diameter or cut someone's fingers off. If you don't have a saw for some unfortunate reason, the way you crosscut bigger trees with the knife is to baton it across the grain like a chisel, you shouldn't be relying on chopping heft for this. The point of balance should be around the index finger in a high grip.

It must be made of carbon steel or low alloy tool steel like 01, 52100, 5160, etc. Stainless steels, especially "super steels", are useless garbage that trade every single desirable quality of steel like impact resistance and sharpenability and fine grained edge just for slightly better edge retention, which is something only inexperienced people care about. The heat treatment should be rather soft. The knife should be indestructible and easy to sharpen with anything, with edge retention being a distant priority.
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Modernity is so goddamn gay, decades ago you could hitchhike easily and truckers would pick you up really fast, nowadays they aren't even legally allowed to pick you because laws, company policies and insurance garbage.
And this is just an example of many, as we move forward and as the population grows things get worse /out/ wise.
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No title
Looking for a good pair of lightweight 'noculars.

I bought a pair of carson 8x21 but the FOV is horrible and there's awful fringing and fisheyeing through the eyepieces.
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/kg/ - Knoife General
Alox Soldat Edition.

Topics include:
>pocket tools and semantics
>sharpening systems and techniques
>knife etiquette
>knife customs and legends
>famous knives
>obvious beginner mistakes
>sheathing and carry systems
>acid etching versus stamping
>news and industry rumblings
>home forging
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Dugout build that doesn't suck
How would you go about making a dugout shelter that isn't a complete clickbait "youtube-tier" meme?

Something that will last, not turn into a flooded hole in the ground, or rot quickly?

I've considered lots of materials and techniques, from using bricks and cement, to welding a metal arched frame, to just going primitive with burnt logs.

How would you do it? Want to make my outdoor retreat and cabin a reality, but don't want to impact the landscape by making a big building above ground. Looking to build small and cozy.

Want to bury it into the hillside like a nice Hobbit hole, and am willing to construct with quality materials and take my time.
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No title
Why does the North East have so much SOVL bros? Vermont and New Hampshire are the best states I've ever been to in this country.
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The chad vs the tryhard
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hammock thread
I am thinking of ditching my tent and matress and sleeping bag for a tarp and a hammock.
Any experiences on this?
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Looking to get some nice fancy outdoor apparel. What's the /out/ recommendations? Any charts?
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I really like camping / hiking gadgets.
I really like things that can easily break down or fold up and can be easily carried with a standard backpack setup.
Thinks like compasses, tools, tents, bedrolls, fire starters, stoves, etc.

Post your favorite or your most recommended gadgets or doodads.

Not electronics.
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Lots of people can run (Americans u can ignore this) but a few people know that when you run, or walk you get tired. And that by the time you realize it you're too tired to go back where you came from.
In an emergency situation spanning weeks, many people would simply die due to exhaustion. Underestimating distances, overestimating capabilities.
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Are these a meme? What's wrong with just tucking your pants into your socks?
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AliExpress and Other Chinesium
Anyone have experience buying and using gear from China? I'm thinking about picking up some tent pegs and reflective paracord from there, but I was wondering if there are good Chinese brands for bigger pieces of gear like sleep pads or tents.
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No title
Stop obsessing over gear and go outside
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sleeping out
i plan to go spend a week in the paris catacombs, 30 meters deep underground with no electricity, light or cell phone network. now, i suppose i need:
>food for a week
>water for a week (or a water purifier, theres plenty of flooded tunnels)
>something to charge my phone and flashlight
>some kind of potty
>some sleeping bag or matress
and a way to prevent passerbys from stealing all of the above. what do you recommend, /out/?
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No title
Bought one of these recently. Used it hiking on flats and in mountains. Found the accuracy and route following to be excellent, however the learning curve is steep. The interface is like something out of the late 80's and it's complicated to program. If anyone's got any tips/shortcuts on general use they'd be much appreciated.
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Are CRISPI boots any good?
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Solo camping
What do you guys think of camping solo?
I went to camp for the first time with my gf and enjoyed it a lot. This may become a lifelong hobby but I'm also a loner sperg with few to none friends so I may want to go by myself sometime.
Do you guys think its worth it? I can see myself high on drugs going for some gooning session before lighting up a campfire and cooking something tasty to ease the munchies before some kindle reading by some river or maybe going for a hike.
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No title
Dads back with the milk. On topic with the video.
What are some dumb mistakes you've made while /out/, I'll start.

>be me
>live in desert state
>wash my hydration bladder with soap and water before hike
>drive out an hour and a half to trail with friend
>dude only brought a kirkland water bottle
>start hiking down and notice my water tastes like chemicals
>ask friend for some water
>he forgot it in the car
>tfw we have to hike all the way back from the end of the hike
>tfw its almost 100F and the only water you have is soapy cancer water
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No title
>america has no cultur-
America has a culture. And it's beautiful.
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I have a dream to see the Wollemi pines in the wild. But the actual location of the valley containing the trees within the national park is a closely guarded secret. Wollemi NP is massive and almost entirely wilderness; I'm pretty sure I could search for years without ever finding them.

Does anyone have any leads or know anything about this?
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No title
what's your gaymen/entertainment setup when backpacking, /out/?
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What's the most based swing/hammock/pod? My tree is about 100 years old, the branch is 12" around so plenty strong. It snapped this winter however from a wet snow, so I cut it about 4' from the trunk. It would have to be a single mounting point.

I ask because there's so many options and the prices are all over the place, kinda overwhelmed with it.

Would spend up to a few hundred bucks.
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/out/ music
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/out/ is the best video game ever
Okay, not literally, but I'm relatively new to going /out/ and I wanted to share my thoughts. I've just started going on my first overnights and I've loved it each time. I had this thought during my last camping trip while running around in the snow in the pitch darkness with my headlamp collecting firewood and I can honestly say, despite how simple it was, no video game had ever brought me so much fun and excitement, and I was just picking up sticks.

Now, as I prepare for my first solo backpacking trip, I downloaded a GPS app and its offline maps. Due to the limitation of the one I went with, I have to manually map my trail. It was then I realized the potential fun I could have using this app. I loved Breath of the Wild, especially the exploration aspect, and my plan during my next backpacking trip is to look out for edible mushrooms (of all kinds) and mark them on my map. I also plan to take photos of landmarks and points of interest to mark on my map as well. Since I'm a bit of a completionist, my end goal is to hike every single trail and visit every peak of my nearest statepark, and then move onto the next.

I guess the only thing that's really missing is combat, but I'm not jumping at the opportunity to enter a knife fight with some trail hobo or take down a bear lol. One of these days I'll look into picking up fishing for that extra camp activity. Thanks for reading.
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(RIP) Steve Wallis’s “crazy neighbor”
anyone know if Crazy Neighbor died by MAID?
the circumstances surrounding his death are strange, or opaque..Steve Wallis stopped uploading content a while ago and made an announcement on twitter about crazy neighbor suffering from terminal illness (presumably, as a result of the motorcycle accident he was in a couple months ago). And then a month after the announcement and the cryptic memorial video, crazy neighbor is gone.. right on schedule? What the hell? Wallis uploaded a video announcing his death, but skirted the cause of death.. no mention of “natural causes” or any specificity anywhere. Next to zero details about what terminal illness Glenn was suffering from… something about this stinks.. please tell me they didn’t MAID crazy neighbor.
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No title
How many wild animals have you pet?
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No title
do you bring your guitar when backpacking, /out/?
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No title
There are literally hundreds of attractive young women trying and quitting the AT right now, they need your help and motivation anon. Will you be there to save them in their time of need and to spur them onwards down the trail? Or will you let them suffer and quit shortly after the trailhead?
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No title
>west virginia
Holy shit I share a board with plebs
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No title
The property I own, has the edge of a natural pond on it. The pond used to not be on my property at all except during flooding. But the pond has gotten bigger and there's now a shallow cove that's formed on the edge of my property. I've been fishing it, just the issue is my boomer neighbour is claiming ownership over the entire pond and says I can't fish it and said he's given me a trespassing warning. What are my options?
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No title
images (7)
>dude I love SUNNY DAYS
>I love GLARE in my EYES
>I love SWEATING when it's not even that HOT OUT
>I love getting TIRED simply from BEING OUTSIDE
why are normoids like this?
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Chair Thread
I need a lightweight chair and the internet is telling me either the REI chair, the Helinox Zero or the Nemo Moonlight Elite
Does anyone have any experiences with these? Which should I get, I want to grab something soon
I'm not very big so I considered the REI chair, but I see people complaining about stability
Are they just fat? I'm a regular manlet, would the REI chair be alright?
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Trail runners or boots
>400 mile mountainous trail(lots of miles at 4000-6000ft and 10000ft peaks)
>Late spring
>In pretty decent shape
>Aiming for 30-35lb Backpack
I'm in the preparation fase and trying to decide what shoes do I buy, as of now I either wear working boots of sneakers to go/out/.
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No title
I really like doing vie ferrate and I'm lucky to live in a place full of them. The problem is: I'm extremely scared of heights. As soon as I go above 5 meters of height my legs start shaking, my palms get sweaty, I start hyperventilating etc. It's always very tough to get it under control.
Any climbing anons out there scared of heights, how do you conquer it?
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No title
how do you deal with disabilities, thing wrong with you out of your control. bad eyes, joints, anything else that can hinder you?
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night hikes :)
surprised I haven't seen a thread based on this, but seeing as it's probably retarded in 95% of cases I concede that I may be stupid myself

I've taken quite a liking to night hikes. More specifically, nights with full/near full moons with minimal cloud cover. poorfag so no NVGs, but goddamn are the night skies bright when you catch them with good illumination. bright enough that you don't even need a headlamp depending on how thick the veg is.

reasons I enjoy them
>colder, less effort into layering/heat management when hoofing it hard
>nobody to spook when I walk by in kit (I like the weight)
>that midnight-to-3AM atmosphere
>that beautiful stillness, the sky full of stars, and the grayscale palette

some hikes I frequent are near enough to town that even if the skies are cloudy, the light from the town is enough to hike without a headlamp. granted, I like these less as I feel less 'lost,' but when I'm needing to blow off some steam it's nice to be able to drive 15min to a trail any night of the week to fuck around a bit.

the one downside I genuinely consider is mountain lion, seeing as they are fairly common in my area. I've had a couple run ins, from being stalked by a mother and what I assume were her cubs, to spooking one on the trail (and damn near shitting my pants :) ). this, and the fact that if you don't plan correctly/plan too much, you'll end up with no sleep, as opposed to maybe 5h on a weeknight.
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No title
I'm going to California for the first time this summer, going to visit some historic mining towns and climb some mountains and hug some redwood trees.

Other than the popular tourist traps, what are some lesser known places I should hit along the way for camping and hiking? And I mean real camping, not a gated bus stop full of fat people who bring their whole house with them.
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No title
I am planting a few san pedro cactus in my garden, it's a beautiful plant. Will it attract law enforcement attention?
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Can any of you autists name this boot? It has no identifying markings on it. The label on the tongue has worn off.

I found them at a thrift store. The soles are nearly worn through. But they’re extremely light and flexible. It feels like wearing a sneaker. I’d love to buy a new pair.

Also general boot discussion. Any suggestions for a lightweight combat style boot?
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No title
I'm scared of being killed by a grizzly bear while hiking.

How do I make sure that never ever happens to me?
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This is my broody hen, who has been sitting on 7 eggs since monday, please say something nice about her :)
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No title
Be retardedly humongous. Not a single camp worthy spot.
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No title
The Ohio River overflowed its banks.
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should i try hydroponics
im bored as hell and i like vegetables, so im thinking of growing some onions or something. i also heard about hydroponics which are apparently pretty neat and allow for easier indoor farming. i have some questions about this stuff however and if you guys could answer them that would be great.

1. what plants can i grow with hydroponics
2. what equipment do i need for hydroponics
3. is it true you can use pool noodles for this
4. do i need to know anything about ph and nutrients to do this
5. where can i learn more about hydroponics technique and also about ph and nutrients if i have to
6. is this expensive
7. can i sell my vegetables here in southern cali
8. can i do this with two square feet of space (i currently have around that amount of space or more on a dresser right now)
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