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Welcome to /out/!
We encourage you to have a look around the catalog first to see what we’re all about before posting your first thread. Topics typically posted here include:
>Outdoor recreational activities (Hiking, trail running, bushwhacking, camping, spelunking, geocaching, orienteering, expeditions, urban exploration, backpacking, etc.)
>Gardening, farming and related activities
>Hunting and fishing, and other activities involving the stalking or taking of game (including bird-watching)
>Outdoor survival, bushcraft, foraging, self-sustenance in nature, train-hopping, hoboism, etc.
>Outdoor destinations and exploration (specific trails, parks, regions, etc.)
>Water-related activities (boats, diving, etc.)
>Outdoor philosophy (conservation, Leave No Trace, protectionism, etc.)
>Outdoor building and living (cabins, huts, treehouses, etc.)
>Outdoor social activities and organizations (meet-ups, Scouts, NOLS, etc.)
>Gear related to any of the above topics

Most topics related to the outdoors are fine. Write properly, behave politely, encourage a respectful community, and most importantly, GO OUTSIDE!!
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No title
any else do urban hiking?
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How do you start a Goat Farm with nothing?
I'm 30 with no skills and no money. All I want is to own a Goat Farm with a shack. I live in California so I'll probably have to steal some land in the middle of nowhere and fake it til I make it and pretend my family has always lived there. Any goat enthusiasts out here? I believe this is my calling.
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Magic Mushrooms
Has anyone foraged Psilocybe Cubensis in New Jersey
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Fishing & Tackle Thread
#450-“Fishin’ Foolz” Edition

Previous Thread:

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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/HGM/ Homegrowenmen Thread 354 spider friend edition
download (1)
USDA Hardiness Zone Map:


Koppen Climate Map:

Search terms:
Agrarian, Agriculture, Agrology, Agronomy, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Berkeley Method Hot Composting, Cold Frames, Companion Planting, Composting, Container Gardening, Core Gardening Method, Cultivation, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Dry Farming, Espalier, Farmer's Market, Forest Gardening, Forestry, Fungiculture, Geoponics, Greenhouses, Homesteading, Horticulture, Hot Boxes, Hugelkultur, Humanure, Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System, Hydroponics, Keyhole Garden, Korean Natural Farming, Kratky Method, Landscaping, Lasagna Gardening, Ley Farming, Market Garden, Mulching, No-till Method, Ollas Irrigation, Orchard, Permaculture, Polyculture, Polytunnels, Propagation, Rain Gutter Garden, Raised Beds, Ranch, Rooftop Gardening, Ruth Stout Garden, Sharecropping, City Slicker Composting, Shifting Cultivation, Soil-bag Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Stale Seed Bed, Sugar Bush, Truck Farming, Vermiculture, Vertical Gardening, Window Frame Garden, Windrow Composting, Alpaca, Snail, Toad, Trumpeter, Turkey, Worm

Previous thread >>2429054
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Desert /out/ings
Why haven't you gone /out/ innadesert yet?
What, are you scared of a little heat anon?
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No title
Thinking of getting a few. Is lifestraw really that good? I can drink any water through it and it's safe? How the fuck does it filter all the shit by just using fiber?
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/out/ Patch thread
Patch thread
Post your patches, discuss your favorite patches, design patches.

Former thread here:
35 media | 91 replies
Random tips and tricks you have learned /out/ there
my favorite is that i started keeping some baby wipes with me for an impromptu shower. if there is no way for a proper shower, just pull out some wipes and wipe down as best you can. its not perfect, but it works well enough.

also, look at this pic of McCandless. made me kek
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No title
Why is Weed so shunned in the /out/ community compared to tobacco?

It's healthier and more natural than tobacco, so it seems to me a good weed pipe should be considered an essential part of the /out/sider's toolkit.

What say you? Yay or Nay to weed?
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We are the virus
Anthropocene extinction Just getting started
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Fat Hikers
>Beep Beep! Fat hiker coming through!

What's /out/'s opinion on overweight hikers?
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No title
>pooping in the woods

How do people do it? it's so scary.
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Do you ever take vidya with you on /out/ trips?
I have a new 2ds that I was thinking of taking on my next longish camp trip. Obviously I won't be playing it the whole time, but maybe a bit before bed or something. Thoughts?
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No title
>single handedly prevents you from enjoying the outdoors
Heh.. nothing personnel kiddo!
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No title
>The pair saw the bear about 30 metres away when one hiker fired a warning shot toward it. The animal reacted but did not run away, so the hiker shot again, according to Parks Canada. The bear then rolled down a short creek bank and the pair left the scene immediately. The extent of the bear's injuries are unknown, but blood was found at the scene.

Who was in the wrong here?

Also, bear/wildlife encounter stories general
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No title
Euthanizing my first cuban tree frog. Feels kinda shitty ending a creature's life but apparently these frogs are destroying the eco system and are highly invasive.

How do I feel less bad and what do you do to eliminate invasive species?
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No title
>finally get life together
>get decent paychecks now
>can finally afford a piece of land to plop down a cruddy little house on
>price per acre has went up 10x since six months ago
>can't afford a plot of land until next year
>assuming it doesn't go up another 10x
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No title
Are there any divers on /out/? Let’s have a thread about diving
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No title
>is the best place for hiking East of the Mississippi

inb4 yellow plate fags
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No title
this shit is addictive, it's like opening loot boxes, but in nature
who else is into panning for gold?
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No title
say i wanted to preserve meat for a couple months at a time without refrigeration could vacuum sealing my meat and sous-viding it at or above 165f produce the same result as pressure canning
since the whole goal is to kill off bacteria and not allow oxygen to get in
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Forestry & Arboriculture
Do any of you work in Forestry and Arboriculture? What kind of jobs do you do?

I'm currently getting my certifications in chainsaw use, climbing and so on. I looked into forestry operations and working on forestry harvesters looks great.
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I know you don't like it
But this is peak adventuremobile. Hybrid gets 36/36 EPA estimated MPG
Meanwhile Fuelly stats show 34-35 long term averages are realistic.

Imagine going wherever the fuck you want to go with something more comfortable and spacious than a Ford Expedition or Chevy Suburban but sips less gas than a base Corolla or Civic. Also better drive dynamics than a 5,000lb truck based SUV
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/out/ /fa/
when did you realize the wool sweater is the most elite piece of outdoor clothing available? i just closed the last leg of a 35 mile backpacking trip through 9 miles of thunderstorms and torrential downpours and this motherfucker kept me warm for all but the final mile
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Packframes - Metal vs Plastic?
I come from a military background and this is often a contentious topic. Some communities and individuals prefer the old Alice pack frames and others prefer the modern polymer pack frames. I've never used a metal pack frame, but I have had a plastic frame break in cold AF weather. I don't fuck with cold weather anymore, so that's no longer a consideration for me, but what do you guys think of this topic?
2 media | 33 replies
Winter clothing
For cold weather environments (0-5 C) can I just put on a jacket and gloves and keep my normal pants and combat shirt under or should I buy entirely new pants and shirt, pants especially since on the legs you only have that layer while the torso can have stuff added to it, I was thinking of crye type clothes for the summer, spring, and maybe autumn, and a gorka suit for winter.

Btw I mean tactical clothing not just hiking gear
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No title
What should go into an /out/ medkit? What's in yours?
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Backpacking cookware
Is a scraper necessary? How do you clean your cookware while backpacking? Without access to running water, what do you do? I'm assuming you could use a regular dish sponge, but that things would probably get real funky real fast, which I'm guessing is the idea behind this scraper? It doesn't hold onto water and become a bacterial breeding ground.

What are the backpacking kitchen essentials?
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Rainbow Gathering Thread
Ok final thread
I know there are a handful of us attending but I dont know if there will be cell service at the site so we may not be able to coordinate

I am going to wear a yellow rain slicker a few hours each day until I get too hot an remove it
If you see me, day hi
Wish I had some /out/ patches to hand out but alas i have none.

I also have a few trays of enchiladas to help feed the crowd , they came out pretty nice

Welcome home!
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No title
let me guess, you need more
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No title
This goat saw me and charged at me across a snowfield, chased me down to the meadows then left to stand on a rock and start running whenever i tried to pass it up or down slope. Say something nice about this fucking faggot who ruined my overnighter /out/
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No title
Just bought one of these little fellas, anyone use them? I just learned they have this routes option where you can create a route and it'll guide you through it. is it as good as it sounds? thinking about hiking around the white mountains in a couple weeks and I don't trust myself that well with a map and a compass, so I want to take it just in case I get lost.
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Rock Climbing General #25: Overhang Edition
A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Off-belay: >>2362992

Wear a helmet:
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No title
>ruins your entire fishing trip
How do you cope?
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No title
Who are your favourite /out/ youtubers? I've been watching adventure archives lately and their autism is palpable but their camera work is second to none.
8 media | 55 replies
Hunting /general/?
download (7)
No hunting thread? Let's fix that. Is there usually a general? Haven't been here in a dogs age

Spent my childhood and early teens hunting small game and waterfowl. After a long hiatus, I'm now approaching 30, have a wife and 3 children, and I feel myself getting the itch to hunt again, for myself and my oldest is getting to the age where she should be involved.

Jumping in head first and plan to bag my first ever white tail this autumn. I've got 50 acres of my own land and a rifle in .270. Been watching deer all spring and summer, lots of does and a couple bucks have made appearances.

Any tips and tricks for a newbie deer hunter?

Post anything hunting
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No title
>be me
>damn sick (literally and chronically)
>current neet
>sensitive pansy tist with sensorial issues
>can't handle a single slope or stairs
>illness eats my gains so 0 muscle
>allergic to the sun
>may die sooner than later
>revisiting places to live laugh love
>want to go back to rocky bay spot cuz childhood memories
>car rentals are clogged thanks to brits and nords sandlesockers
>ubers lyfts candy vans banned, taxis outrageously expensive (more than a flight)
>only option is a single bus route
>departure 7am arrival 10am
>last bus back is departure 14pm
>can barely enjoy 4 hours
>guess I'll book a bed somewhere and take the next bus
>erasmus stacies and chads and highschool zoomers take up every single overnight stay
>fuck this
>have never gone camping
>know jack shit
>look up tents
>on sale in store nearby
on a scale of 1 to suicide how unadvisable/deadly would it be to do a full blind playthrough of sleeping in a cheap tent (~30$) overnight in a rocky bay area
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Northern Europe
Good evening lads.
I'd like to spend up to 4 nights hiking and camping in Norway (arriving at Bergen or Oslo), with the condition that all movement is either on foot or transport--no car. I've done a lot of research already regarding starting points on the Bergensbana like Finse and Myrdal, as well as locations not on the Bergensbana like Odda and Kinsarvik. So far, my top choice is a Husedalen hike from Kinsarvik to the falls and the hut in the mountains and back, but getting there via transport seems like a hassle. Can any anons give some tips regarding these locations, or advise on an entirely different area that fits the criteria? I love forests, lakes, and solitude, fitting in a train ride on the Bergensbana would be grand but not necessary.
Also, please feel free to use this thread for general Northern European discussions :)
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Via di Francesco
I will be going on a 3 to 4 week trek through Central Italy following St. Francis path. I will be following the path going northwards starting in Rome.

Any tips?
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Fishing & Tackle Thread
#449-“Taiwan Exists” Edition

Previous Thread:

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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Out Kino for wet week
Middle of winter here and got rain forecast for the next 2 weeks solid. Whats some comfy out movies like picrel?
13 media | 34 replies
/mg/ Mycology General
Mushroom hunting. Post your finds, whether for eating or just cool-looking fungus.

Found a bunch of chanterelles out in the woods today, will share some pics from my haul.

Friendly reminder: for Christ’s sake don’t eat any mushroom you can’t identify with certainty.
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No title
Thoughts on osprey backpacks? Im looking for a fully featured middle ground that are not leaning too much on the minimalist/ultralight or military/foolproof type of gear?
1 media | 6 replies
No title
/out/ I got a farm job in rural France and I'm about to move there, it's seems to be mostly agriculture related but they also seem to have poultry farming, any advice?
4 media | 34 replies
Ka-bar knife. Any good?
Looking for a fixed blade knife that will last me a long time, for fishing, camping, ect. I got tired of all my cheap chinese knives breaking. I’m currently looking at getting a ka-bar knife, (possibly a vintage one off eBay). Anyone got outdoor experience with one of these, or a recommendation for something better?
8 media | 71 replies
No title
Did KOA ruin the outdoors by making people think that's what camping is?
0 media | 15 replies
No title
The Jew fears the indoor worm farmer
15 media | 58 replies
brit/out/: England's green and pleasant land edition
>No thread for UK /out/ists
Get in here lads

>Where have you been /out/ lately?
>Where do you plan to go?
>How's the weather all round? How bad are the midges?
>Post pics of outings

Pic related: Dartmoor
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/Out/ings With a Pipe Thread
Nobody Else Made One Edition

Feel free to post tobaccos (no weed allowed), pipes, collections, pics of favorite combos for going /out/, pics of what you're doing with your pipe and any questions you might have.

Want to get into smoking pipes without spending too much cash?
Get a corncob pipe and a pouch of either Captain Black or Half and Half tobacco, available at most drugstores.
What you'll need: pipe, tobacco, lighter or matches, pipe cleaners, and either a regular old nail or a pipe tool (combination tamper, scoop, and small pick).
All of these together should run you less than $25, still. God help you.

Having trouble keeping your pipe lit? Fill it with less tobacco and smoke it slower than you think you need to, lightly tamping as needed when the smoke starts thinning out.
If you're still having trouble, try filling your pipe this way:

Old thread >>2402380
Come on in and get comfy.
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Budget gear thread
I make this thread to compare the budget alternatives that are durable and as light as possible, post your budget loadouts to compare and improve.

I will start with mine:

>Backpack: Decathlon Forclaz 70L (2016 version) - 70 euros
>Tent: Ferrino Lightent 1 - 130 euros
>Mattress and Pillow: Thermarest Venture + Ryno Tuff Pillow - 100 euros
>Bag/Quilt: Terra Hiker 8°C - 15°C (live in warm country) - 25 euros
>Camping chair: "Chinkenox One" knock off chair from Aliexpress- 25 euros
>Rain Gear: Decathlon Arpenaz 500 Poncho + Pants - 35 euros
>Medkit: MediSpor 100 + windproof Clipper Jet lighter (medkit came with a whistle and other cool stuff) - 25 euros
>Cooking Gear: Lixada brand Alcohol stove + Titanium 550ml Cup + Titanium Spork - 60 euros
>Water Purification: LifeStraw with 500ml soft bottle and some Oasis tablets - 40 euros
>Headlamp/Lantern: PETZL Zipka + PETZL Noctilight + 2x PETZL Core Batteries - 70 euros
>Power Bank: Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000mah - 25 euros

All in all with some extras such as foldable 5L water bag and some other stuff like cloth pillow and gopro gear my pack weighs 9kg (20lbs) without water or food.
45 media | 208 replies
No title
Anyone has Sparks arc Large bindings on a board with a waist of 26 cm and if so do you have alot of overhang assuming you wear more than 11us. Can you actually boot out in the powder? Please scare me away from a wide board. im 6"1, 180lb and i wear 11 or 11.5 so i cant really go with medium bindings as they will simply break. pic rel is my shitty board

also post your splitboard or touring skis
0 media | 0 replies
Bears are annoying.
I'm tired of having to pretend like I should be happy about this conservation "success." Soon there won't be anywhere in the US you can camp without having to worry about these overgrown raccoons. We're the apex predators. We shouldn't have to scour our cars for every Oreo crumb to keep them from being totaled by a fatass animal that does literally nothing but get into trash and shit in the woods. We shouldn't have to buy expensive equipment or alter our habits simply to accommodate a single species that we've deigned, for some reason, to let live. Wolves are way fucking cooler than bears, and I don't see many normies crying about their extirpation. And wolves won't break into your car or your house.

Anyone else sick of these woodrats? I hate being told I have to tolerate them despite the crimes they commit, simply because white women think they look cuddly.
5 media | 50 replies
Creepiest moments in the woods?
Hey ya'll,
I remembered this one time walking a couple hours before sunrise in Galicia, scary shit happened, I'll post under to not make this long.

Post your creepiest moments in the woods/outdoors.
31 media | 178 replies
No title
Wait, do Stravassholes actually do this?
0 media | 2 replies
People with bluetooth speakers
>walk innawoods
>think about nothing, just how i like it
>hear faint music
>music gets louder
>see this gaylord jumping about with a fat bluetooth speaker in his packpack
wat do with bluetooth speaker "people"
4 media | 28 replies
No title
>Texas is fla-
25 media | 83 replies
Australian locations
images (1)
Anyone know any cool bush trails/camp grounds in Australia? It can honestly be amything outdoors-y, trying to build a bucket list and need to put some places on my map
2 media | 11 replies
Deer are getting smarter?
Is it me, or are deer becoming more intelligent?

>be me
>walking with dad in Banff, Alberta
>see a deer on a trail
>he notices us and comes closer to take a look
>there are some leaves hanging from a tree on his left and our right
>deer goes and leans out of the way of the leaves to get a better look at us, kinda like the way a petite young virgin human woman does
>I don't tell dad because maybe it's normal but I think "wow, that seemed pretty human"
>maybe it's a skinwalker but then I think well wait, a skin walker wouldn't just look at us and then walk away calmly, he'd try to attack us


>be me, just tonight, walking in a field near Calgary just enjoying the fresh air
>see three deer in the distance
>flash my 4500 lumen LedLenser at them
>one deer walks up to the other, they are facing each other and he looks at me and then back at the other deer
>as if they're conversing but out of earshot and can't see their mouths moving
>all three begin galloping through thick vegetation growing out of the ground like it's nothing

What's going on with deer?

Pic related is the vegetation I was talking about for reference.
2 media | 31 replies
What is the best place in Africa to view legitimately savage tribes? I’m talking neck-extenders, lip-plates, nose-bones, dancing around a pot, legitimate Dr Livingstone I Presume untouched savages. I would also like to see big mammals and pygmies.
3 media | 47 replies
Ho Chi Minh Trail?
Anyone here on /out/ hike the Ho Chi Minh Trail? Or Vietnam in general. t.swede here, only hiked in the mountains of Sweden. I'm dreaming of hiking in SE Asia, especially in 'Nam. Any1 here have any experience with Nam? Thanks in advance
3 media | 11 replies
Hike with my military gear or buy consumer gear?
I just got out of the Marine Corps and I want to hike all over the country. Thing is, I don't really want to be that guy wearing combat boots and carrying an FILBE pack, but I have them and backpacking packs are fucking expensive and I'm not rich. Should I just rock the shit I have or is shelling out for fancier, lighter, expensive gear worth it?
3 media | 32 replies
Lanshan, cloud peak, 3ful Taiji etc
Not sure which to pick, considering I’m 6’4” I will want 2 person version of each of those
Lanshan 2 pro
Cloud Peak 2
3fu Taiji 2

I know Lanshan uses walking sticks which, which if I end up wanting to carry them anyway will end up saving weight, and at the very least not end up that much heavier vs one or the others with no walking sticks.

I would like to do some hike throughs, nothing severe or super long. Plus also driving to camp site and camping out of car.

Now I’m wondering which one is the easier to setup, or if there’s anyone here that has experience with these?
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No title
How do I keep bugs away from me and not buzzing around my face and biting me? Especially flies

I heard about permethrin diluted in water and then sprayed on clothes, is it effective?
Are there better methods?
1 media | 6 replies
Taiga /out/ings
Why haven't you gone /out/ inna taiga yet?
What, are you scared of a few conifers, anon?
11 media | 23 replies
Fossils and Artifacts
The greatest hobby on the planet. Irl treasure hunting. One of the last standing frontiers of exploration and discovery. What fossils or artifacts have you found lately? Picrel is an Albertosaurus tooth I found this weekend.
8 media | 29 replies
Hey friends, Piano Room Anon here. What are you all getting into this weekend? I decided to go on a micro adventure today, and go hiking in a local state park. It's 100 degrees Fahrenheit, good thing I have this Columbia hiking shirt and I'm not wearing cotton again!

Make sure to share your pictures of the micro adventure you got into this weekend!
74 media | 229 replies
No title
>someone steals your bear canister with all your food in it
>cut trip short and go back home crying

Why is this allowed?
0 media | 4 replies
Sailing, boats, stuff on the water thread
Last one died and no one has remade it yet and I need to ask a question.
39 media | 243 replies
No title
>want to start hiking
>missing 411
>feral people
>underground people
>cave people
>alien abductions
>ghosts and evil spirits
>big foot

What the fuck? How am I supposed to go out when all of those things are out there waiting to murder me?
3 media | 15 replies
No title
It's gonna be fire season, but I'm still worried about bears. Do I pack a fire extinguisher or bear mace?
3 media | 20 replies
No title
images (5) (12)
Are you allowed to just go to Antarctica? Are there any special rules or anything?
6 media | 73 replies
Foot care
What do you all do to take care of your feet during long hikes?

Becca, trail name Little Skittle, is hiking the CDT and made some foot care related comments in her latest video. Pic related.
Scroll to 1:45 for foot related content:
4 media | 7 replies
No title
Any precautions for kayaking inna jungle? Going on the Sugandese next week.
14 media | 110 replies
Find abandoned places / urbex?
How do I find friends that go /out/ and are willing to share abandoned spots with me? Or is there some hidden urbex forums or groups anywhere on the internet? I have plenty of my own spots I've found just from being /out/ but I want to check out more places. Not looking for people to mooch off of, I just want to trade locations or find friends to explore with. Also general urbex and cool things found while /out/ thread

I'm in Oklahoma if any of you anons are interested

>pic related, cool bridge I found a few weeks ago
8 media | 54 replies
Screenshot_20220810-105213_Amazon Shopping
Is this a good deal?

Or is it so cheap bc it's low quality?
3 media | 12 replies
No title
So you're not supposed to make food near campsites to avoid attracting bears? so does that mean every morning I have to walk a mile or so away from campsite to eat, and then stash my bear canister pretty far? Is that how it works?
3 media | 21 replies
No title
Would you ever go camping with your cat(s)?
3 media | 20 replies
/out/ companions
He tuckers out after a few miles, but he's never short on enthusiasm.
18 media | 100 replies
Lighting systems
water jug head lamp
What do you use for lighting while /out? Obviously the head lamp is a must-have, but what about ambient lighting around your camp site? Do you hang lanterns or those christmas lights? Do you simply rely on the fire? I like to have my head lamp with two extra batteries taped to it, and a spare flashlight on my belt.

I also like to bring glow sticks if we're staying in a wide open camping spot. I've learned to tie them to branches because otherwise they can be very hard to find in the morning. They are great for dimly lighting up a small path to the places.

Ideally I would camp at a spot near a lake so the moon would help too. Someone showed me this water jug photo - does it work?
5 media | 20 replies
I wanna believe
Realistically, how long would a trip on foot from Gibraltar (where I live) to Moscow take? According to google maps, just under 914 hours. I can walk up to 12 hours a day with 6 30min stops, which means I can walk 9 hours a day. So it would take just over 100 days of walking for the better part of the day. Up to a year if I stop to do some tourism and rest in a bed in the towns and cities.

I'm a neet and I've money, so why not?
2 media | 29 replies
No title
Thoughts on vanlife?
19 media | 143 replies
tent stakes
I'm going to be camping in an arid, sandy (but not desertified) area. I have a set of thin metal tent stakes and a set of sturdy plastic stakes. Each works the same with my tent (a French F2). Which would you recommend for an overnight backpacking trip? Which would you say are the best tent stakes on the market right now? Which rocks are the best for hammering the stakes into the ground?
0 media | 9 replies
Rainforest /out/ings
Why haven't you gone /out/ inna rainforest yet?
What, are you scared of a little rain anon?
34 media | 84 replies
No title
I know this board gets this a lot but holy fuck, bros. How the fuck do I gather the courage to just go out and start walking on a trail my anxiety sending me walking back to my car half a mile in? I'm so scared of doings things by myself, and my friends rarely want to do things with me, I wish I had the courage to do things alone without having to be with another person by my side but it's so hard, I just want to go out and start walking trails, seriously considering taking a bunch of xanax until I get used to being by myself in the woods.
11 media | 82 replies
No title
>want to go camping
>literally gazillion rules and fees for everything
wtf happened to this country?
10 media | 45 replies
No title
>buy birdwatching binoculars
>there's a fucking fiber inside of the left tube
Why do I even try, anons?
1 media | 16 replies
No title
Has anyone been to the Harz in Lower Saxony/Saxony Anhalt? Is the 100 km long Hexenstieg the best trail, or is it full of German boomers that go nazi as soon as they see your tent?
2 media | 8 replies
No title
So I was recently diagnosed with an aggressive pleomorphic liposarcoma (literal fat cancer, kek) About 50/50 chance I'll die. I've spent my whole life outdoors and I hope to die there. But I don't wanna burn in some industrial crisper after I go or get pumped full of chemicals. How does /out/ feel about sky burials? And what's the best way to facilitate one?
4 media | 53 replies
No title
Do you like going on road trips?
28 media | 273 replies
/out/ media that isn't just prepper shits
books, movies, tv, etc.

can be more serious like Krakauer's "Into Thin Air" where half the people die irl, or lighter like pic related Yuru Camp
6 media | 19 replies
No title
What is the best state for an /out/ lifestyle? I know this thread is posted weekly but I wanted to share some maps to help decide. Light pollution is big for me, as I enjoy astronomy
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Are crossbows /out/?
Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 10-07-56 Jaguar Crossbow and Shot Blocker - sporting goods - by owner - sale
I was looking into getting a crossbow to have fun in my backyard and plink some stuff. Never used one before however. Is this a good purchase for 45 dollars? Any of you guys hunt or own crossbows?
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Just sippin' by the volcano all by myself, since the area is currently closed to the public.
How is your out morning going?
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Trying to /out/
I resent being so disconnected from nature. I've gotten soft, despite trying.

I've camped plenty, backpacked for a while. I suppose the trappings of the modern world have gotten the best of me
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Is it normal to find obelisks while /out/?
I keep finding obelisks. Is this a normal universal experience? Or do I just happen to wind up going to all the places where people think "man what this place needs is a good obelisk?"

What purpose do they serve? Who builds them? Why are there so many? Will I ever find love?
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Why do millenials and gen z believe going outdoors will magically cure them of their depression?
I've noticed a lot of younger millenials / gen z types telling themselves that "if i just start going outside i'll no longer be depressed and feel like a loser." And then they waste countless hours watching bushcraft youtube videos, reading survival infographics, and doing nothing with their life.

It's almost become trendy to belive going outdoors is a magical self-help pill that will cure their loser life, just like many millenials on /fit/ believed lifting weights would. You can see this with all these pseudo self-help threads posted here on /out/, that originally would have gone on places like >>>/r9k/ or >>>/adv/

Sorry zoomers, but no, going outdoors will not cure your depression.

A man who is unhappy with himself at home will still be unhappy with himself in the woods.
You are merely trying to run away from your unhappiness, instead of confronting it.

So fix whatever is making you unhappy, instead of using the outdoors as a means to an end to temporarily hide form your unhappiness.
You will never be able to enjoy the outdoors until you do.

>pic related
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>ywn survey the entire united state
>ywn establish a PLSS baseline for your state and pull chains for years on end with your bros
why even live
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nigga boots
My fuckin' timbs gave up the ghost after less than a year, what are some good boots that come in size 15?
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Self improvement and imagination
I read that miyamoto even as an adult would swing around a stick like a sword.
He wandered his forests and stuff.
How do I go into the woods with a stick sword and have zelda adventures as a 29 year old single virgin man
I've never even seen a real forest in my life. The only video games I like were those old zelda games. I grew up immensely jealous of miyamoto for having a forest with caves to explore. I want to do that in real life even if it sounds retarded. I have nothing to live for and I'm so unhappy. I really have no idea where to start though. What do you guys do? Do you ever act like kids alone in the woods?
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west virginia
What's it like living here? I'm thinking of places to live after I leave the military and W. Virginia seems pretty affordable while also having huge access to a lot of outdoors stuff. Anyone have any personal experiences?
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the glow pt 2
ITT: /out/ albums

pic VERY related
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Anyone knows how long does the gel on these things last for? Do you ever need to throw this into the bin? Its the first time im using this so I was wondering. Back then, I remember going out with my parents and they just used ice cubes, but this seems more convenient.

Also where do I store this when im not going to use them? I don't feel like storing it on the freezer.
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Buying a plot of land
Is it too good to be true? Say I have 50k saved up, could I buy some vacant land and throw an RV on it? Obviously need to contend with power hookups/septic tank installation, insulation/heating in the winter.

Is it a pipe dream?

anyone have experiences buying land and trying to camp long term?
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just found out im allergic to nature
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Beach camping advice
I'm mostly a person who has only really done /out/ in the mountains despite knowing the basics of operating most boats (row boats, canoes,small sail boats, board sail). I have only been on the coast of the ocean and to be honest I am a little careful around the ocean. My wife wants to camp on the beach though alone for obvious reasons and also for adventure. She has never ever been on a kayak and so a canoe would be the only thing I think about taking out.

so how hard is it to park a truck , paddle out to a coastal island in N or S carolina area and camp on a wilderness beach and head back without getting in trouble with the law. or am I a retard living dangerously.

pic is a string ray I found on the beach once
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How do you cope with the fact that so much of the world has been tamed by man and that we can never get the opportunity to witness the natural beauty it once held? I know that one day nature will reclaim what we will eventually abandon but it will surely take a great length of time for that to take place on a large scale.

Maybe it's just because I live in a particularly ugly and metropolitan part of the rust belt but the thought really eats away at me.
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Are Bags With Water Bladders Worth it?
Hi everyone, I was wondering what your opinions on water bladders are? I'm looking at doing an 11 mile hike soon and was thinking of getting one. I've done hikes that were 10 miles and just carried bottles water on my back but that kind of sucked. Pic related is the Rim Runner 22 by Camelbakthat I was thinking of getting, but it's 100 usd and I wanted some opinions on if it is really necessary.
I could just get a bladder and put it in my bag but I've read that they're worth it. I also think that it might just be a smart investment. It is small, carries water in a more comfortable way, and allows just enough room for a change of clothes and some emergency gear like a medkit and knife.
What do you guys think? Is it just a waste of money or a good investment?
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Should I get vaccinated for rabies?

I figured I would ask here, since you people seem more likely to be knowledgeable about this sort of thing. No I haven't been bitten by anything, but it's a scary disease with almost no chance of recovery from it. A small chance of recovery has been possible only within these last 20 years, and even then, it's not a guarantee. And if I don't get to the hospital in time to either get vaccinated before symptoms show up, or get any sort of treatment (which still only offers a slim chance of recovery, which they may not even do in the first place), then I'll be fucked. I don't expect to be coming into contact with an animal that has rabies, but still, I feel it would be better to be protected from it just in case. I might be spending a lot more time outdoors at some point, in more isolated regions of the country.

My main question is how safe is the rabies vaccine? I never heard of it not working correctly, so I figured it's probably pretty good. I'm just wondering if you've ever known anyone who needed to get it. I figured it would be more likely that there would be people here who had known someone who needed it. If you're the one who got it, then obviously you did live to tell the tale, but do tell anyway about how you felt after getting it please. And if you've seen the following, how did a pre-exposure vaccination hold up to an actual exposure to a rabies infected animal?
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First time going out
hey baby
First time going out tomorrow.
Been wanting to do it for so long it feels strange that i'm actually doing it.

You lot got any good tips for a first time free roam beater?
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images (100)
not my problem
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Leaving the hatchet behind?
Is it damaging nature?
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I remember a while back I heard a couple campers talking about how before they try to summit a peak, or walk up a mountain, they set up camp and leave their stuff there before summiting. Is that how it works? Can't people just steal all your gear while you're out in the mountains?
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I need rain gear recommendations.
I don't own any rain gear, I tough it out wearing wool, or a light jacket on my outings that only last a weekend.
Now I'm going out for a whole week, and lots of rain is expected. I am hammock camping with a fly. I washed it with tech wash.
I bought backpack fly, and my stuff is in dry bags.
Other than that, I own no other rain gear. Ponchos suck ass.
What gear should I look into to stay dry in a hike, or in a canoe?
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field days
Honest thoughts on him?
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Bug Out Bags thread
01_bug out bag
>Living in Poland, less than 100km from border with Ukraine
>Strict gun laws state, also you stick out wearing anything tactical/camo
>Me, my wife and two toddlers, living on ground floor of apartament building
>Have two weeks worth of bottled water & food in the apartament/basement, we have surplus of everything we use (blankets, hygiene products, meds)
>Water filter with extra filters, camping stove with few gas canisters to boil it
>We have cash and some gold ready to grab at home. We keep part of the savings in the bank, some exchanged to USD
>I have survival & martial arts background. Years of ropework, mountain climbing, camping and bushcraft experience. Served in the military. Visited dozen different countries, both for work & leisure. I took civilian courses in first aid and car wreck rescue, trained shooting small arms at private range. Handy with tools
>We have bug out plan, route and location. Memorized rally points along the way
>We walked out of the city carrying backpacks and kids in baby carriers few times as evacuation practice

During pandemic restrictions I've decided to put together Bug Out Bag, took me nearly a year (picrel). For those interested in details, there's online version with weight & prices:
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Vacuum sealing meals for the trail?
I’m wondering about vacuum sealing meals in sous vide bags, if I seal it, boil it in water after sealing, is it safe to last a week outside of a fridge look canned food or canning? Et, chicken curry with coconut cream?

Looking at milk, most store milk is pasteurised, but like not while inside the container, so it’ll still go off left out of the fridge unopened as far as I know, while UHT milk is taken to 135-145 Celsius, and put in sterilised containers.

For my purposes of just a week storage at room temp, 100C + sterilised container is okay? (Since it’s been taken to 100C after being sealed).

I’m wondering if I should get a dehydrator and try to dehydrate my own food, and add water on the trail.
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book thread
need some /out/ approved book recommendations
2 media | 11 replies
I just finished reading the white spider and it's the best book I've ever read I need more /out/ books what can you recommend to me.
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The Great Loop Boat Trip
Has anyone here actually completed this journey? Pretty soon I am going to retire, rather than buy a car or camper. I plan to trade in my old fishing boat, and buy a boat just big enough to make this trip comfortably.
I’ve had several boats over the years, both inboard and outboard. I grew up with Lake Saint Clair 10 minutes away. Some tell me I need a 40’ and others tell me I can get away with a 28’.
Let’s hear your experience with the loop.
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No title
Is catch and release the most retarded thing ever? You fuck up the fish's mouth and let it go, and it essentially starves to death because it can't use its mouth properly. Taking it home and eating it is more merciful.
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MYOG / DIY Gear Thread
Have any anons in the PNW or other high rainfall regions ever made a polycryo tarp? How did it hold up? I'm thinking about making one as a poorfag's version of a cuben fiber tarp so I can look at the stars during spring/summer, and to throw in my packs as an emergency/convenience shelter for day hikes because it likes to randomly shit-pour rain here.
General thread to discuss and share your DIY projects. Post your self-made or modded gear anons.
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Europe fishing
Why is Europe's fishing so ass compared to America? It's all just course fish like carp where you throw in your bait and wait a few hours for a fish to happen to bite it. The only fun fish to catch like catfish, zander, pike, perch, all have their counterparts in America as well so there's no point in going there.

I'm not shitting, I'm just wondering if it has some geological reason like the ice age killing everything or whatever.
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No title
>raises all of it's prices

I was going to buy a pair of joggers, they were $89 a few days ago now they're $99. Is this a common thing with outdoors brands?
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Hey there /out/ists
I'll been meaning to visit the US for a while now, and this September is looking like it'd be the perfect opportunity.
Got any suggestions for a cool hiking route? I'm thinking something that takes around a week to complete and is not totally beginner tier but not "bears eat your face if you take a wrong turn" tier either.
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Off trail backpacking gear recommendations
So I've been doing backpacking/hiking for a few years, but I want to move to doing a bit more serious off trail stuff over multiple days.

So more or less, I want recommendations on some new gear. Mostly backpack, boots, sleeping.

My current stuff kinda sucks when I've done previous long hikes. My last pair of boots started killing my feet after 2 days of hiking- so I need something that will be comfy over multiple days. And I need something when I sleep to keep the mosquitos off, while still being compact. Any anons out there who do off trail backpacking who can recommend the essential gear?
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Why do some campsites have these tables near the tent area when you're not supposed to be having any sort of eatables near your tent to prevent bears from coming in and fucking your shit up?
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Playing music in /out/?
Any musicians here that bring their instrument when /out/? I’m thinking about bringing my guitar and harmonica when I go backpacking but a guitar is a lot extra to carry. I think it would be cool to play some music by myself in the middle of nowhere though. Anyone got any advice/recommendations?
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Desire for being lost
I have woods near me that go for miles i believe. Does it count as being out if i go into the woods somewhere, getting lost, then not looking at maps until i want out? This doesnt strike me as a bad idea.
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