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>Gardening, farming and related activities
>Hunting and fishing, and other activities involving the stalking or taking of game (including bird-watching)
>Outdoor survival, bushcraft, foraging, self-sustenance in nature, train-hopping, hoboism, etc.
>Outdoor destinations and exploration (specific trails, parks, regions, etc.)
>Water-related activities (boats, diving, etc.)
>Outdoor philosophy (conservation, Leave No Trace, protectionism, etc.)
>Outdoor building and living (cabins, huts, treehouses, etc.)
>Outdoor social activities and organizations (meet-ups, Scouts, NOLS, etc.)
>Gear related to any of the above topics

Most topics related to the outdoors are fine. Write properly, behave politely, encourage a respectful community, and most importantly, GO OUTSIDE!!
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Fall Foraging Thread
pawpaw tree
Fall Foraging Thread: pawpaw edition

Surely everyone is too busy foraging, and that's why there's no thread already.
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No title
100% mogged
>keeping a shotgun in company truck #42 because it's grouse season
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never going /out/ with normies again
>be in a big outdoorsy group in college
>on a camping trip in a national park with several other foids and normies in the group
>the squirrels are clearly affected by the year round human presence in the campground
>they all rely on scavenging food and are very bold/stupid
>on the first day one particular squirrel with a stump for a tail keeps annoying us
>call him retard lol
>won't run away unless you throw something at him
>night falls and the fucking thing is running around between the tent floor and the ground and scratching the canvas
>next day everyones blood is boiling
>everyone starts talking about killing him and eating him
>create a crude trap out of some netting and string, put some bread in the net
>sure enough retard takes the bait and gets stuck
>i grab the net with him in it and bring it to the table
>pull out my buck 110 auto and stab him on the top of the neck
>immediately everyone stops laughing and one of the foids bursts into tears
>hold on, this whole operation was your idea
>incredibly awkward after that
>one of the guys pulls me aside
>"hey anon, that was actually kind of fucked up, we were just joking. i think the girls would feel more comfortable if you left"
>basically forced to take the designated bus 4 hrs home
>hippie jabbers in my ear for the whole time about climbing and mushrooms

Ever since covid-19 camping and shit has been infested with these kinds of people. I think I'll just stay home and play video games.
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Going homeless to save on rent
I've been playing around with the thought of going homeless to save on rent for a couple of months now at this point.
If I continue to pay rent I will not build any significant wealth, currently im living hand to mouth without any significant savings.
I already figured the following things out AND did field trials to test them out:
> minimum equipment/clothes required on me
> places to wash clothes/shower
> ways to eat cheaply without cooking
> self storage solutions
> stealth sleeping locations
> what to do during daytime
It all basically boils down on where and how to spend your nights, and that's where I need advice:
> I am not allowed a tent in my cucked country, I am allowed to sleep outside without a tent tho
> I need to sleep away from people since this decreases the chance of getting mugged at night
I already slept a few nights this way and it worked decently, the only issues were:
> you cool down a lot at night without a tent even during summer
> staying undercover with tons of sleeping equipment
> what to do during shitty rain/weather conditions (I am allowed to put a plane over my head, just no tent)
> how do I keep my equipment from rotting away under permanent use and lack of possibilities to dry it
> winter
Any advice appreciated.

TLDR: I can't justify paying 30 € every day just for a shitty place to sleep anymore since I spend practically all of my time at the gym, work and my uni. How do I start perma camping to cover the night time?

> get a van
Having a van standing around here is about half the price of rent per month, the cost cut is not significant enough
> you are retarded
Probably, but rent is way too high for the sole purpose of a place to sleep
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Moving vanlifers along.
Andy Baker is suffering emotional damages.

Now we return to our regularly scheduled program. I live in a beautiful city, but ever since we moved here and especially the last few years, it's just been a steady influx of the so-called van lifers who just think nothing of clogging up our residential streets.

One girl last year was camping right across her from us and because it was cold she was running your engine and her little station wagon every few hours disturbing us and waking us up and so the next morning she confronts her and we get all this lip from this twat. Stuff like I said I bet you I I said I don't think your mother would be very proud of you right now and she said I don't have a mother so there. Who are these mentally damaged people that do this shit.

And now this year one guy at the corner who's knows the schedule of the bylaws officers too well so I tried to help him get the idea to move along by using my slingshot and some rotting fruit on the side of his vehicle. But I don't think he noticed.

I don't want to cause so much damage, that the RCMP notice. So I'm thinking of a squeeze bottle with a lot of ketchup in it and just painting the sides of his vehicle with it and letting it dry overnight in the heat.
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Astronomy & /out/
Anybody have experience with using telescopes while /out/?
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What kind of pants do you use while /out/? What materials? What kind of belt? I've never worn anything other than light cargo pants (nylon/polyester) because I've never given a shit about pants while out, but decided I should try to invest in something decent for once.
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No title
post your /out/ water bottle
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This isn't you, is it anon?
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No title
HoH Rainforest WA
Do you guys carrys guns when you are seriously /out/?
I was thinking of going deep into the forest and packing my pistol along just in case.
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Questions that dont deserve their own thread

Why do we rarely see char cloth mentioned in firekits now? Its proven, traditional, practically free, can be made in field easily, and will smolder longer than something like cotton balls
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patch thread

>rip crimson caravan

also patch thread post em
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No title
Just wear trail runners bro
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No title
how do I cope with being surrounded by several miles of shitty barren agricultural land? I have nowhere to /out/
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Mushroom ID Thread
Previous thread >>2607048

Anyone know which Bolete this is? Tennessee
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Fishing & Tackle Thread
#491- “Skid: as straight as a circle” Edition

Previous Thread:

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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No title
>Go /out/ and touch grass, they said
Yeah, thanks a lot. Now I am going to lose IQ and have brain fog
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Creeps set this shit up and I just pissed in front of it
On public land a mother fucker can’t even piss In peacez do they record audio because I literally have autism and I talk to myself. The woods is one of the only few places in life I feel safe and now I feel embarrassed that a video of me peeing is going to end up on the internet. I have enough shit going on with me in life thanks god
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No title
I saw some fat fucking kid and his dad at Kroger last Saturday selling popcorn for the scouts. It was super nice outside and I was on my way to go on a camping trip, but they were stuck inside selling popcorn. I thought more about it on my drive and it really started to bother me. Should I have told his dad to pack up their shit and take that fat fuck on an actual camping trip instead of selling popcorn for corporations?
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HGM - HomeGrownMen 380

USDA Hardiness Zone Map:

Koppen Climate Map:

Search terms:
Agrarian, Agriculture, Agrology, Agronomy, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Berkeley Method Hot Composting, Cold Frames, Companion Planting, Composting, Container Gardening, Core Gardening Method, Cultivation, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Dry Farming, Espalier, Farmer's Market, Forest Gardening, Forestry, Fungiculture, Geoponics, Greenhouses, Homesteading, Horticulture, Hot Boxes, Hugelkultur, Humanure, Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System, Hydroponics, Keyhole Garden, Korean Natural Farming, Kratky Method, Landscaping, Lasagna Gardening, Ley Farming, Market Garden, Mulching, No-till Method, Ollas Irrigation, Orchard, Permaculture, Polyculture, Polytunnels, Propagation, Rain Gutter Garden, Raised Beds, Ranch, Rooftop Gardening, Ruth Stout Garden, Sharecropping, City Slicker Composting, Shifting Cultivation, Soil-bag Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Stale Seed Bed, Sugar Bush, Truck Farming, Vermiculture, Vertical Gardening, Window Frame Garden, Windrow Composting, Alpaca, Snail, Toad, Trumpeter, Turkey, Worm

Previous: >>2630253
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Recent backpacking trip in Sipsey Wilderness, Alabama
Finally did a backpacking trip in the Sipsey Wilderness which is in Bankhead National Forest, Alabama. It was me and my buddy. Talked to my grandpa about the trip beforehand, he said in the 50s he used to go Turkey hunting and Deer hunting all over those hills and canyons that are now the Sipsey. Back then there were several roads that went all through the wilderness area, some of which are now horse trails like the 208 and 224. Picrel is the route we took and I wanted to share some about our experience.
The hike in was pleasant, started at the Gum Pond trailhead and quickly got off on the 207 heading south down into the Braziel Canyon. That was a remarkable place with very striking bluffs and a peculiar feeling inside. While hiking down the 207 somehow we got on the other side of the river (trail is on the east side of river but we were hiking on west side, must have been old trail that isn't in use). Eventually we realized and crossed the river and there was the maintained defined trail. We had been wading through brush and thought no one must hike this place.
Started at 1:30pm and by 5:30pm we made it to the yellow X and pitched our camp. I was tarp camping for the first time after using a hammock for years. Best night of sleep I've gotten innawoods yet. We rose early and scarfed down some oatmeal and coffee and started on our 'deathmarch'. We hiked through the canyon and then westward onto the 209 following the Sipsey Fork, which was a beautiful route with many scenic bluffs and waterfalls which were barely dripping because it is so dry.
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No title
What watch do you wear while /out/? I have a good collection of nice watches but I'm looking for something rugged. Was considering picrel or maybe g-shock/garmin tactix.
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No title
In all seriousness he's real right? I'd love to hear someone try to disprove it
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Rate my hike
Mediterranean area, hiked a bit, was very nice
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No title
>ruins your life
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Yellowstone Bison
Ok, seriously - what the absolute fuck is wrong with people? Is this some idiotic TikTok challenge?

I get 3 or 4 news articles a week about these people messing with the bison.
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No title
How do you guys find good primitive camping spots. I'm trying to get off grid for a few days away from people. I'm near jefferson national forest if that helps.
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/dirtbag climber aesthetic/
/fa/ here. How do I get a dirtbag climber aesthetic? See picrel for my inspo. I was thinking a taped windbreaker. What's best for footwear and pants though?
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No title
The OutJews Did This
Wood schizo here. You don't know me because you get your lessons from e celebs.
I bought a pair of merrells because of this board. They aren't that great. They work fine on trail but the moment I went off trail I realized they have terrible traction and seem to absorb water from every bush I walked through. My feet felt hot after walking only 5 miles. What the hell /out/. My Belleville milsurp boots that were 3 years old are so much better

Why did you guys scam me? You sold your soul for money

Also REI treated me like I was going to steal from them during my 10 minute shopping trip. 3/10 will never buy these boots again
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thoughts on just going fuck all in the woods?
posted on /adv/ and some1 said i should ask here

>be me
>live in suburban southern us
>have become more and more detached from reality, politics, media
>my friends aren’t even real friends they all just bant about random bullshit
>begin to spend more time outdoors to combat depression
>realize living in this modern world dependent on technology is making me feel like i’m not even human
>look outside, the woods look very inviting, i sometimes i think about living in the forest. maybe go for a long walk for a few weeks until i find something cool.

if this is somehow illegal or something i’m not saying i’m gonna do it i’m just placing my thoughts on the internet please don’t take anything i say seriously
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No title
has anyone ever tried picrel?

it looks really fun and apparently they can go super fast, but they seem hard to come by

I live near two pretty big lakes, and its pretty cold but not that snowy here, so for a lot of the winter, the lakes have thick, but relatively relatively uncovered ice

do these still work if there are thin patches of snow, or do they need completely smooth ice?
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No title
I have never gone camping
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No title
gabby petito outdoor girl murder boyfriend out
Closest you were to dying while /out/?
33 media | 258 replies
How far do you go off the trail? And what method do you use to get back where you started?
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Encounter with wolves
>be me this morning
>be alone
>be grouse hunting in northern minnesota, dark cloudy and misting rain
>be roughly 3 miles into woods
>hear some noise in the distance
>start hearing a very low, gutteral howl followed by yelping and higher pitched howls
>face goes numb, hair on back of my neck stands up, hearts beating like crazy, piss shit and cum in my pants all at the same time
>'holy fuck what do I do'
>tfw howling feels like it's getting louder, won't stop
>just sitting there standing in the middle of this shitty atv trail thinking about being eaten alive by a bunch of rabid wolves
>slowly start walking back
>howling stopped
>hour later and I return to my car alive
I know wolves rarely ever attack humans but holy fuck was this scary. Such an eerie feeling being stuck on a trail in the middle of nowhere with wolves nearby. Any of you ever had a similar experience? My only regret was not filming or recording it. I was in such a state of shock that I didn't even think to.
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No title
Fall is here. Visit The Hudson Valley
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/stealth/ gen?
images (26)
Should we start a stealth camping general or am I just a normie fag?
9 media | 60 replies
No title
What is the best bear defense weapon.
Excluding the sound advice of making lots of noise and storing food in a tree
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The Kansbol
Anyone use a kansbol for camping/backpacking? Why havent they made a carbon steel version ? Carbon steel kansbol would be a nice option
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No title
What are the essential survivalist tattoos that can actually be used in the field?
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/kg/ - Knoif General, Modifications Edition
Topics include:
>personal rules
>knife etiquette
>knife customs
>camp craft and projects
>steel types
>broken tips and repairs
>closure redundancy
>newbie mistakes
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Boot Insulation Explained
Hello. I live in Alaska and am looking for some info on the temperature rating of boots based on their grams insulation per square meter.

Typically I only hike in uninsulated Keens in summer, which feel fine down to ~+20F with a thick sock. I wear Steger Mukluks in the winter from -50F to 0F.

I'm getting more into hiking in the colder weather and want something I can backpack in from ~-10F to ~+20F.
Could someone please suggest how much insulation I'd need? Is 400g/m^2 enough for this?
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Is this the most /out/let region on Earth?
The prairie of the US has nothing
Not a single forest, not a single hill, mountain, cave or canyon.
Greedy farmers took all the land and left nothing for the people.
Making them the most grim NPCs on Earth.
I am confined here for 5 years since I got a grant for my house
But it is across the street from the gas station. Until I get my skills up enough to make money effortlessly, I plan to travel selling plasma and tent/car camping.
So far I've found nothing but shite campsites for campers only.
Is it Over?
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No title
>spend 4k on high end hiking gear 2 years ago
>never went hiking

I have everything to hike yet I'm so scared
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No title
let me guess, you need more...
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No title
Has anyone used one of these Maven spotting scopes for hiking or hunting?

This is the model they recommend for use if you're mobile.

Can anyone give me a recommendation one way or the other? I have a pair of Steiner 8x30 Mil-Marines which I've really enjoyed using for picking up interesting things. Now I need something to really get a good look.

I am in the US Northeast in mostly woods and coastlines. The woods are obviously dense but along the ocean I want to use the magnification to really ogle seals and birds out on the banks.

Thanks for your help frens
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I wanted to put a couple indoors plants in my room, but due to a lack of space I decided on having a small terrarium on my desk. I have some experience gardening and plantkeeping, but this'd be the first terrarium I make and I'm not sure where to start or what to do
>Largest glass container I found in my house is an olive jar, some 15cm (6 in) tall and 10 (4 in) in diameter. Is this large enough?
>From what little research I've done, the basic structure should be something like: drainage substratum made of light and porous pebbles - filter so the soil doesn't fall down - fertile soil stratum - moss/small plants/insects/other decorations. Is this right? How large should each layer be?
>Any bugs or plants I should take care not to add?
>Anything else to take into account?
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Redpill me on /trapping/
Hi all,

Been thinking about getting into predator trapping (fox, bobcat, coyote, etc) but don't know much about it. Is it an /out/ approved hobby? What animals do you trap? Any recommendations for a total beginner?
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No title
Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 11.16.27 AM
>Texas is fla-
48 media | 168 replies
Sailing General
Anyone here a sailor? Do you crave the salt air in your face as the limitless expanse of the ocean draws out before you? What about the exhileration of feeling your yacht start to heel in a stiff breeze, all that power harnessed by your own sails?

If you're interested in sailing dinghys, yachts, or anything else, pull into the slip and have a chat.
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No title
Some friends invited me to go camping next month, but I'm a complete zombie until the sun sets. I wake up with a bloated stomach, physically feeling like I'm going to pass out, like I've just ran a marathon. Walking up a set of stairs is physically exhausting. Now the physical exhaustion sucks, but I can deal with it. Usually going for a 6mi run gets me half-way to feeling normal.
The real problem is the mental exhaustion. As I mentioned, until the sun sets, or about ~12 hours after I wake up, objects around me are all blurry. It feels like extreme disassociation coupled with literally zero short-term memory, like not being able to remember what you did three seconds ago. This has gotten worse over the past three years, despite me getting in better and better shape (in 2019, I would wake up feeling energized despite weighing 170lbs and having a shit diet).
I'm 23, 5'11, 150lbs. I have a healthy diet (get protein from meats, sometimes tofu, avoid gluten, carbs from rice/potatos; and I avoid processed food), my sleep quality is good (get 8-9h a night), take proper vitamins, etc.
In terms of supplements, I have tried each for at least a month: CBD oil, anti-inflammatory supplements, GABA, nootropics, stimulants (modafinil, ritalin, adderall). Nothing really helped.
Diet-wise, I have tried keto and carnivore, each for two weeks. On them, bloating and physical exhaustion weren't as bad, but my mental exhaustion was considerably worse (it felt like half of my brain completely shut down, even at night)
The only thing that made me feel remotely normal was fasting, but obviously this is not sustainable long-term. It's like my body is allergic to sleep. Fucking hell.
The closest doctor is a four day hike away (I live on a farm without a working car, and in the past mayoclinic has been more helpful in diagnosing problems than my GP has)
Right now, I need to go for a 8 mile run every single morning to not fall asleep an hour after waking up. Any suggestions?
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No title
How do i smoke these? Im used to Black and Mild. These cigarillos are nothing but air not smoke and taste like shit. Will a cigar poker help?
1 media | 11 replies
Above the Tree line
My dream is to live above the tree line full year, hiking there is one thing but living there?
How does one prepare? How do you survive the winter? What do you even do apart from cooking and reading?
0 media | 14 replies
No title
why is it that every time midnight comes around this whole board goes completely silent
90% of anons should still be at home and it is not like they are sleeping
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Hammock camping, do I really need a ridgeline.
Over the past month, I've mostly ditched my bivy in favor of a dirt cheap hammock and an even cheaper tarp. I live and go /out/ in the south Florida swamp. Mostly out of laziness, instead of setting up a proper ridge line, I've just been hooking the ends of my tarp onto my carabiner and creating a weird looking cocoon. So far, it seems to keep the bugs mostly at bay and has kept me dry through 2 short thunderstorms. Is there any real downside to this? Should I be worried about heavier storms?
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No title
According to you, what makes life in the United States/Canada better than the rest of the world? They have lots of outdoors, said outdoors is very big and you can spend several years trying to explore it, what else?
15 media | 145 replies
I'm becoming an apprentice to a beekeeper in the next few weeks. Anyone here have experience? Any tips?
35 media | 259 replies
No title
11 media | 62 replies
No title
why is this guy so retarded?
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/hsg/ Homestead General
>Thread 05
This season's newly matured livestock edition

Talk gardening, farming, livestock, beekeeping, building, electricity and plumbing, earthworks, waterworks, permaculture, raising children, market gardening, selling produce, barter, home economics, composting, mulching, pest control, diet, health.
Anything relevant to living on site, making a home out of the land.

Old Thread >>2613025
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No title
September is the hottest month in the entire Earth, because the sun releases more fire from this spot that happens to be turned at Earth at this time of the year during the Translation.
1 media | 6 replies
No title
post your beach pics
27 media | 33 replies
Dumb question
Whats 20 acres look like? Grandparents passed last year and I just found out last week they left 40 acres in eastern Tennessee to me and my brother to split. No information on whats on the land and just curious if its big enough to do anything with.
1 media | 11 replies
No title
How did he kill his own mom?
7 media | 54 replies
Folding hatchet
This is actually less retarded than other folding axes I've seen.
5 media | 23 replies
No title
How did your duck opener go hunters of /out/
0 media | 7 replies
Bivy sleeping bags?
shopping (1)
trying to find a minimalistic sleeping bag that covers the face so insects don't get on you, but Amazon has shit reviews for them. Anyone got a suggestion?
16 media | 64 replies
No title
Can anybody rec me some good camping spots in the mark twain nat'f forest?

I left land between the lakes after staying there for a few days and Im an hour away now and gonna crash out in my car in a walmart parking lot tonight then head in and try to set up camp for a few days

Ideally somewhere shady or near water that I can dip my feet in/swim

I have a mazda hatchback so I cant do any serious offroading/mudding to get to way out spots

(Also land between the lakes wanted me to self serve pay 10$/Night for "dispersed camping" that wasnt even dispersed I could literally see/hear my neighbors wtf?! luckily I didnt actually pay I just filled out the ticket left it on my spot and left the envelope with cash in my car and planned to say "oh my bad I forgot :)" if I was caught, has anybody dont this before? How often do they check that type of shit?)

Pic related my treck so far, Kentucky was seriously underrated, the state parks were all free and pretty neat!
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No title
/out/ings with a Pipe
Old thread: >>2593322

This is a thread for enjoying a pipe while doing outdoor activities. If you ask why this belongs on /out/, you've never spent an evening by the campfire with a pipe silently enjoying the nature around you, and you're missing out.

>how to get started
Purchase a Missouri Meerschaum Legend and a pouch of Half and Half or Captain Black tobacco, available at most smoke shops. You will need a lighter or match, and something to tamp it with--a large nail works well if you don't have a pipe tool. Fill the pipe with tobacco, pack it down halfway, top it off, pack it down to 3/4, top it off again, pack gently and enjoy. Smoke slower than you think you need to, the tobacco tastes best when it is burning cool. Tamp and re-light as needed. If you still have trouble, try different methods on YouTube until you find one that works for you.

>smoking a pipe will give you cancer
While any tobacco consumption comes with some risk, the cancer risks from occasional pipe use are pretty minimal. Educate yourself and make your own informed health decisions. Some info here

>muh weed
Not the time or place. Start your own thread

>Historical pipe enjoyer of the day: John Muir. Outdoorsman, naturalist, writer and activist. He co-founded the Sierra Club and campaigned extensively to raise awareness about conservation issues, and was instrumental in the creation of the National Parks in the US, most famously Yosemite.
6 media | 35 replies
Woolen gear
Any company in present year making military/outdoor woolen jackets? I'm sick and tired of plastic gear but it seems like all you can get nowadays is just high fashion, sweaters, and accessories. For whatever reason seems like noone is making gabardine or similar outerwear woolen fabrics anymore.
32 media | 119 replies
No title
What National parks have you been to? What was your favorite? What was the worst?Where do you want to go next?
Yellowstone for best, Gateway Arch for worse (durr), Big Bend for Next
7 media | 47 replies
Best Köppen Climate Maps?
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 20.42.39
I didn't realise how insanely monotonous the UK climate was until I started looking at these for other countries, is this something you guys are interested in? Any other countries with insane climate diversity or unusual patterns? I don't come to this board often. God Bless
1 media | 5 replies
No title
i’m a new /out/ chad and i’m looking for some advice. i live in rural USA (pa) and this is what i’m dealing with

>nothing but long winding roads around them
>everything is surrounded by super dense forest you can’t really walk in and out of it
>there’s a small park and railroad tracks nearby but not much else than that
>the rest is just long country backroads
>any field or similar is owned by someone and private property

it feels like there’s no places to actually go outdoors even though i’m surrounded by it.

i don’t have a car all i have is an ebike.
2 media | 8 replies
Eclipsed campings
Is there any good camping spots in the path of the totality in Texas?
I am about one long days drive from Austin
Will it already be too hot by april 8th?
Are any of the anons that met up in Casper for the last one still around?

Eclipse thread
11 media | 61 replies
No title
Going here in a few days

Which one is better?
20 media | 77 replies
Anyone else out deer hunting right now? I'm sitting in a tent blind in the middle of a dark thunderstorm trying to ride it out.
3 media | 7 replies
Searched the catalog, none present. Making one, faggots.

This is indeed a stupid question and outside my pay grade. Calling on pelt autism bros to give guidance.

This thing right here is a full African Zebra pelt recently given to me. The leather is a bit stiff, the head and nose are smashed from being rolled up and shoved into a closet for 50 years or so. This ol’ Zebra is indeed old.

WTF can I do to save this guy from being so stiff and turning it into a rug or hanging it on a wall? Primary concerned about getting the head squared away (stuffed or prosthetic underside?) as well as softening the leather properly. Should I take this to a prof. pelt tradesman? Please advise.
5 media | 19 replies
Can't sleep
I like going /out/ but I can't fucking sleep when I'm out there by myself. I get all anxious and I end up only sleeping a few hours a night. I understand rationally that in most/all of the places I go I'm the most dangerous thing for miles in any direction; I'm not in Alaska or bear country; but it just doesn't translate to being able to fucking relax when I tuck in. I'll get halfway to sleep and then one of pic related will happen and I'm up for another hour.

Is there any trick to dealing with this or do I just need to get used to it?
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No title
Every time I try to explain my situation to someone in real-life, they don't understand. This is not normal, this is not some "runaway edgy emo kid phase". I'm at my last straw. I'm severely intellectually disabled, autistic, have ADHD, and am possibly developing into a schizophrenic. My clinically assessed IQ is 70. I can only keep a single thought in my head at once (conjunctions such as "and" and "or" do not make instinctive sense to me).
I have major sensory overload problems that stem from my autism. Through my vision I can only ever focus on a single object at once and because of my extremely poor working memory, I am not able to make the distinction that my hands belong to my body. Therefore every time I move any part of my body, I feel a shock of anxiety because of unexpected movement.
In part due to my autism, and in part due to my low IQ, I'm unable to separate things I see reality from things I see on a screen or in a book. If you showed me a photo of a tree, I would not be able to make the connection to a real-life tree. I have very little sense of time, and no short-term planning abilities.

Almost everything I know was learned by rote through the use of amphetamines; I have no intuition, and my internal monologue consists of words and phrases that do not have any intrinsic meaning.
By mimicking other people's language, mannerisms, hobbies, etc., I've become "functional". That is to say most people wouldn't think of me as retarded at first impression. Yet because I'm doing things because I was told to do them, and not because I understand what it is I'm doing, I feel discontent and overall clueless about myself. How I feel at any moment is based on my emotions and my emotions alone.
I don't want to kill myself, however I want to escape society and live more like an animal. I have about $5000 saved up right now. I'm thinking of booking a flight to New Zealand or some nowhere country where I can sustain myself by my own standards (become homeless)
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What's the best /out/ lighter?
And why is it a clipper lighter?
>can be refilled and the flint can be changed

Is it even a thing outside of Europe?
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Dyneema (or similar) zippered bag for a 13" laptop
Been looking around for a bit now, and the best I've found is this.
Anyone have any other suggestions?
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There's a common idea in art and fiction of a "deep dark forest" that's so densely packed with trees that it's dark even during the day

That makes little sense given that all the flora in a forest needs the sun in order to live so the idea is not very realistic, but what's the most dense and darkest you've seen a forest get? Any you've been to or know about
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Hiking with a wheelie bin, anyone ever done it?

I'm thinking it has several advantages

●more space than a backpack for storage
●can be tied to a Rope around your waste and dragged behind you
●works as a tent as you can sleep inside
●high levels of sturdiness. Built for years of handling by bin men
●can be left behind safely nobody will steal it
●reminder of civilisation
●noise from wheels frightens dangerous animals

I see several advantages and no real problems, I'll just be hiking small mountains
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Have you ever taken a girl /out/?
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Post the best image you have of a forest
and I will rate if what you have is truly a pleasant forest and not just a cope of your imagination.
>human influence
>rivers, lakes, streams
this pic i chose is somewhat random and not from me, i need to photograph more i guess.
id rate it a 7/10
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Anyone go foraging in Arizona? Is it just me or does it seem that most plants always ants and stuff on them? Also how do you clean the stuff you find?
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Crystal River manatees
Any floridanons know if they would be around this time of year? According to google they should be visible year round, even though I know manatee season there doesn't peak until the winter drives them inland. Would I be able to see some at this time of year?
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What's the best US state to move and start a new life there and why? What are the states with the best /out/ scene?
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Does anyone else walk literal miles outside alone in the middle of the night, drinking and smoking the whole way?
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They closed sugarloaf mountain!
They claim someone tried to rob the mansion, but really it's just a way to try to fight against a new zoning plan that would restrict commercialization of the mountain and surrounding area.
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hey /out/, /n/ here, looking for experiences with e-bikes. i commute 15 miles daily, but i also go hiking and camping - what would you recommend? i hear REI has some good stuff
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I want to live in a hole in the ground
I want to live in either a hut or a hole in the ground or both. This will be on a large parcel of land near my home where I’ll go to shower, keep food, and stay when I want. Does anyone have any suggestions for huts or underground bunker type things? Also I wish this sub was more active.
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/hunt/ Elk Camp Edition

A thread for all things putting wild food on the table. Post racks, kills, weapons, questions, anything hunting related.

Posting from elk camp.
We need a general this time of year, and here it is. Good hunting gentlemen
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Snake hate thread
>first day of warm weather in Australia
>walking my dog on walking path
>be on the lookout for snakes
>spotted one less than a meter from my dog
>call him back hoping he doesn't see the snake and try to bite it or some shit
i fucking hate these niggers
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>State Park wants me to pay for using a primitive backpacking site with no utilities at it
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>moggs every other form of rainwear
>doubles as a UL shelter
>not $835 DCF crap
Let me guess, you NEED more?
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I just bought this hunting sword to go hiking. It cuts like a dream. Cold steel is usually mid but this is a good one. What do you guys think?
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Need Ideas for active Vacation in November
I'll have to leave my home for 2 weeks in November so I thought I'll get a nice vacation in.
I'd like to spend it somewhere relatively warm but since search results seem to be catered to the all inclusive beach resort tourists I thought I'll ask you guys for some pointers.

Where can I go to go hiking, swimming and maybe fishing with moderate to warm temperatures in November? I'm starting from Germany if that helps - would prefer to not break the bank by flying over to South America or Australia.
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/out/ New Covid Lockdowns
Lads they are already masking up and setting restrictions again.
What's the best way to /out/ during this shit?
Also can someone dump the reading list (tinfoil hat stuff is fun as well)
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>Go for a hike
>Go past someone
>Say hi
>They most likely say hi and might even give a smile

>Go for a bike ride
>Ride past someone
>Say hi
>Get nothing but silence and a weird condescending look because, god forbid, my entire fucking body is not covered in lycra, or because I dont wanna spend all my savings on a fucking bike

I fucking hate cyclists.
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powder preseason thread, who is ready for the el nino winter?

any new gear youre using for the first time this season?

any new gear youre planning on getting before the season starts?

new resorts/backcountry youre exploring this year?

how many days this season are you trying to get in?

is this too early for a snowsports thread?
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how to walk
Zoomer here, how do I walk? im not sure I ever really learned how to do it. I am 19 years old
I can barely really walk for any extended amount of time without stumbling all the time or my knees and ankles wobbling around in their sockets. I'm prone to falling over.
its never been a big issue in my life but i've been trying to go /out/ more and im really struggling. I trip and fall over everything. Its hard to even look where I am going, the sun blinds me and its disorienting. I have disassociate disorder too which makes it hard to focus on the world
has anyone had similar issues? any advice?
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Stop doing this shit.
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Supernatural /out/ Thread
Can we get a discussion going of traditional forest spirits/gods/entities? Have any of you had a supernatural experience while /out/? I have been deeply spiritually affected by the woods recently and want to know why although I know it is a personal thing.
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how do you cope with crippling tinnitus from cutting wood with no earpro?
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Love Country Life... Not As Fond Of The Recluse.
Moved out of the city. Starting a farm, from scratch. clawing the land away from rodents, poisonous sneks, mangy 4-legged predators, and wild weeds.

prior to us, the last inhabitants of this land, were the mammoths.

however have found several black widows, living in rodent tunnel openings. have killed 5 poisonous sneks this year. grasshoppers have been biblical.

aboot a week ago, I noticed a bite on my leg. itches like a mo-fo. I sarcastically said it was a recluse bite.... turns out, my sarcasam was a little too close to home.

not much that can be done aboot it now.

keeping it clean. alcohol, silver, antibiotic ointment. being observant. if it takes a turn, we have a stockpile of several types of antibiotics, and medical literature.
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How to Minecraft IRL?
I've decided that I love minecraft so much because there is no autonomy in the modern world. I am sick of this bullshit. I want to have minecraft IRL.
But in real life you can't just punch down trees without going to federal prison, so in a way we are forced to remain playing minecraft.
If you go fishing? federal prison
If you build a home? federal prison
Hunting? federal prison
and even if you manage to get it all following the rules they will become upset that you are different and more free and they will monitor you and raid you and gun you in your sleep
I like going hiking with my family, but I am depressed when I get back home because it was never mine, I have nothing. When I grew garlic in our apartment window I felt eudaemonia. Like life finally had meaning.
But I am trapped her in this shitty apartment with this shitty retail job, and I am effectively a slave.
I'm 22 and I feel like my life is over, like I have not learned to be a man. I think that minecraft IRL will help me become a man.
Maybe I should leave the US entirely
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Mora Eldris
Are they still worth buying? I only just recently got into /out/ Got myself a Garberg stainless with ferro rod and diamond sharpener. All the reviews I watched are from around 6 years ago and the price has gone up for the Eldris. So, my question is is the Eldris still worth buying in 2023?
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How do I know when they're ripe? I picked some that grow in a forest nearby, but they turned out to be kind of dry and bitter. I just don't want to miss the season.
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SERE Training
Have you done your mandatory SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) training?
You did do it right /out/? You wouldn't want to not know how to /out/ when your being hunted or if you escape a prison camp.
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/out/ approved books thread.

Survival, environmentalist/conservationist/philosophy/adventuring books.
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what is your choice of hiking pants and belt? for winter and for summer? i usually wear just minimal cheap "sportsy" stuff, which is pretty great for mobility and heat, but i am searching for something more resistant that won't get wrecked if i drag my ass through raspberry bushes, or through a cliff with stones, and that has a belt ring to be able to hang stuff from my belt

should i just go to a hunting shop instead of sportsy stuff? just afraid most hunters i know weight 300 lbs so i'm not sure if those clothes are really designed to get any mobility
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44233602_281676824642248_7953533028759208204_n (3)
While this in Brazil...

That's how people have fun in Brazil...
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Library of Outexandria
Let's help each other build up a personal library. A necessary backbone of knowledge to rely upon when the lights go out.

Choose three books, desert island style

>2 books that will increase your rate of survival
>1 book that can be anything

If your book has been mentioned already, (you) the original post to reaffirm it's quality.

My library got accidentally deleted, so this is all I offer you for now. Much love
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Why is fertile soil so sought after?
paper cups soil
I've looked at land prices and they tend to be a lot higher in fertile areas like the midwest with the chernozem soil

But how special is this soil really? Can't you achieve the same effect by just spreading a bunch of manure/compost on the "average" soil you see in New England and other places?

Is it really so hard to amend soil that it justifies paying 2-4x more for prime fertile soil?
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Climb Thread
The mods on this board stink and /xs/ is all just people following competition climbing. Post some /out/ climbs you've done and tips/tricks for quick pitch transitions
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LA Underground Tunnels
Just read this article on LA tunnels had anyone been? And are there more entrances and paths maybe restricted or hard to get into??
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Post somewhere only you know
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Have you ever had a membraine rain gear that was legitimately leaking through without any visible damage on the fabric? I was doing some research and there was alarmingly many reviews of people saying shit like "not waterproof, started leaking after 2 weeks of use, etc". Multible different brands and membraines too.

Is this really the case or do these people even know how this shit works and that wetting out of the face fabric does not mean its leaking or that your own sweat and condensation is not rain water? Im not spending hunderds of dollars if quality control is this bad.
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Black hikers
Do any of the anons here encounter black people in the woods? Of my hundreds of hours in the forest I've never come across black people, only other whites and Asians
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No title
Let me guess, you need more?

Lets discuss the viability of the poorfag setup. I personally think this is a perfectly fine setup (within reason) for a good time out.
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Kayaks, fishing
Are portable kayaks good enough for fishing?
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No title
How can I make fertilizer and compost with 0$? I am currently unemployed but my mom has a ton of tools. I have acess to chicken poop, duck poop plastic bins, drills etc. I just don't have any cash. What are my options? I have food stamps in case I need to buy food scraps.
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No title
>Reddit is full of newb-
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Backpack Thread
Bridger 65 112631_wood-20
Didn't see one up and wanted to get some advice. I'm currently looking for a backpacking bag. I have a smaller 35l bag I can use for overnights, but it's too small for weekend and 3 plus day trips. I'm looking around a 65L capacity give or take. I'm not an ultra light homo with twink legs, and the trips I have planned for next month are nothing wild: 3 days two nights out in the Big horns to hit some alpine lakes for fishing (35 miles round trip, about a total 1000 foot elevation gain), and then possibly one further in the Tetons of about 50 miles but over 4 days and 3 nights (again to fish). I'll be bringing my fishing gear, net, and I pack moderately heavy as my sleeping bag, pad, and tent aren't very light because I got them cheap and don't wanna upgrade. I also bring my dog with me when I can, so have to factor in extra food, water, and such for him.
I was looking at this mystery ranch bridger 65, anyone ever use it? Also liked the looks of the Gregory Zulu 65. Money isn't a huge issue as I got a $750 bonus from work I'm sinking into a new bag, camp stove, and j frame revolver.
Open to any and all suggestions.
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How hard is container gardening? I can just throw seeds into pots of soil and make sure they're in the sun right?
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images (93)
55l is the perfect hiking pack size. If you need larger you may add a 2-8l pouch. Everything that cannot fit can be strapped to the outside.
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Overlanding / Vanlife
I'm so sick of the city bros. The one time I went camping a year ago I had the time of my life. Once my lease ends I've decided to live the /out/ life and go full on Ted Kaczynski mode. How do I get started? Anons who took the pill, do you regret it? Ant tips?
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No title
Was it autism?
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Abstinence through /out/
I'm a current alcoholic and former drug addict. I've recently decided that it's time to quit drinking. I don't have money for rehab, so my plan is to take 2 weeks off work, go into the woods, and sweat it out. I'm pretty competent outdoors, I regularly fish, hunt, kayak, hike, and camp. My plan is to stay as busy as possible doing physical activities to release endorphins and drink lots of water. My problem is creativity. What are some ideas for things I could do while out there? Chopping wood is obvious, but it would be cool to have a primitive project idea that I could work towards, rather than mundane tasks. Also has anyone else done something similar?
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Fishing & Tackle Thread
#490- “JDM BFS Cane Rod” Edition

Previous Thread:
>>2636345 (straight)
>>2639946 (bi-curious)

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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Land thread
Surveying some land my uncle bought, 8 hectares of (near) untouched Patagonian forest. What do you think?

I'm gonna buy an hectare from him next year, and I'll be helping him to build up the place, as I live around 30min away by car. We're planing on building first a shed to safely store tools, then a campsite, then a proper cabin.

Do YOU own your own slice of heaven right? Or at least are working towards it?
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Theodore J. Kaczynski
What's the Unabomber's character archetype? Fallen hero? Well-intentioned extremist? Anti-villain?

Also, how would /out/ have reacted if Ted had repented of his actions and doctrine on his deathbed?
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No title
download (6)
i dont want to go to college and i cant imagine myself working a 9-5 or doing the "Grind" is vegabonding a viable strategy in america 2023? how much could neetbucks provide and how much should intial investment be, no car
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No title
im thinking about getting a silpoly rain poncho/tarp
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Hey im taking a roadtrip from Rhode Island to Wichita KS next week

I have 7 days allotted for travel and would like to do some car camping and/or single night hikes along the route....I guess I could make the drive in 2 days and hang out in Wichita for 5 but I dont really wanna spend more time in Wichita than needed lol

I dont know the area at all, usually I always hug the northern boarder then dip south after getting west of Michigan to skip all those states

Can anybody rec me any good scenic routes to drive / areas to explore and linger in?

I dont mind paying for camping if required as seems to be the case on some of the east coast, but so far ive been pretty disappointed by "national parks" being overcrowded and usually enjoy "national forests" or just random "historic/scenic routes" more
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