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Recommended Literature
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No title
I just remembered i have an audible subscription and its been charging me like $15 every month. I have 9 credits, so i can buy 9 audiobooks. But i have to do it now, if i cancel i cant use the credits, goy. What are the best books to listen to in audio format? I prefer nonfiction but just give me something anything and quick before they charge me again
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No title
Why doesn't /lit/ read romance? This shit is pretty good. A bitch gets raped at knife point in the very first chapter.
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No title
>Come out Wolff, I know you're hiding out there
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No title
>the first (and is still the only) graphic novel to win a Pulitzer Prize
Can comic books be lit?
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No title
What's a new concept in horror that you'd enjoy reading?

How about a man discovers immortality and is haunted by spirits from another dimension after he lives for 10,000 years and he has a pet dog named Max who he also makes immortal. Max is also haunted, and has trouble sleeping.
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Questions regarding One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
I'm an ESL and no reading curriculum at all. Just new to reading. What was the book even about? Is it about the consequences of going against society, just to show us the state of the outcasts of society/what its like in an asylum or it was made just for the sake of being misogynistic towards women(The Big Nurse). The book also mentioned WW2 and the Korean war, did I miss some reference or something? I also have other couple of questions, how did Chief Bromden got so buff just because McMurphy said so? How is that even possible? Was Chief Bromden just hallucinating when he was telling about those machineries(the things that were happening at the lower levels of the building at night or something like the Combine putting things in their body) because it wasn't even mentioned that much later on. Was the guy at the end really McMurphy? Did Chief kill him out of sympathy because he was now only a vegetable? I also sometimes thought that McMurphy was a black guy while reading the book because of the way he speaks, only to remember that he was white and red-haired. Last question, is the film worth watching?
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Need a philosopher to reinforce my statement
Hello, I have the claim that people no longer learn because of education itself, but to achieve a qualification for the later career. With which philosopher could i reinforce the thesis?
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No title
>>18488024 #
Mini-"to the lighthouse"
Thank you book binder anon for the inspiration
ITT your homemade books
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Gravity’s Rainbow Summer Book Club
What happened to the last thread? Idk but I’m 180 pages in and still not filtered and wanna talk about it. Get in here
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/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General
Necromancy Edition

Previous Thread:>>18490579

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent

Never going to be created.
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No title
don't think. just hop the fuck in here and write something
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No title
Who the fuck was the narrator?
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No title
I'm reading this and considering to read "All quiet on the Western front". Do you think it would be good or what would be a more proper book to continue with war stories?
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Hittite Lit is boring
Hittite literature is so boring. I just read a bit of it a few days ago in "Hittite Myths" and it was the most bare bones, fragmentary thing. Surprising non-Indo European Canaanite literature was more entertaining. But I gotta finish my list.
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No title
Nabokov box
In Nabokov's "Lectures on Literature" he insists that the proper way to read a novel is to pay attention to every minute detail. For him world building is the most essential part of literature; the reader must visualize with great detail every scene and character. In fact Nabokov would often draw complex maps of the books he read in order to have a full geographical account of the story from start to finish. Is this necessary? Can't you just read a book and enjoy the story and characters, or do you need to autistically account for every single detail that the author mentions?
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No title
Who is the greatest writer of all time?
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No title
Pfft you think knowing Latin makes you cool and smart?

Try Sanskrit.
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Well I pulled the trigger, /lil/
Hey /lit/,

I ordered a binder machine for nearly $700...

Selling 28 books and it will pay for itself!
>Le reddit ads, instagram ads, twitter ads, facebook ads
Making some ads now, wish me luck!
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Eternal Things
I'm starting university soon, and I want to devote my studies to the pursuit of eternal things. It has become a compulsion of mine. I am currently planning on studying math and physics, since the only definitive eternal objects seem to be mathematical truths, matter, energy (though I'm sure I'm missing other things as well- I've put a question mark on things like Mind).

Well, I am honestly mostly ignorant. Any books, subjects, or thinkers you would recommend to help me on my journe?

>Inb4 Denial of Death
>Inb4 The Bible
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No title
Has anyone tried to rewrite Heidegger work into plain simple English or at least is there a book that tries to go over his work in an extremely readable way? Most of the secondary sources I've read from him are still extremely difficult I would like to read an overview of his work that is so easy that you could give it to a teenager and he could still understand it. Does this exist?
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No title
What are the most important religious texts after the bible?
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No title
Recently found out about this trilogy of a chinese author, apparently its really popular there.
Anyone here that have read it and can give his opinion?
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No title
I'm writing a book about Christian mystics and heretics and the fine line between the two. I need a good title for the book but can't think of anything. Any suggestions?
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No title
John Martin1
What are some good apologetic books to read about the theology of the major Christian denominations? Coming from the perspective of a Christian who isn't yet convinced which denomination is right.
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No title
space cat
i am very sickly. basically bedridden. what books will give me a sense of meaning in all my suffering?
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What should I read before Wagner's ring cycle
I got interested in operas recently – especially Wagner and his ring cycle and wondered if there's anything I could read beforehand to improve my experience with it. Would the Nibelungenlied or the Volsunga Saga maybe help?
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/wg/ - Writing General
Not-anime Edition! PT2!

What did you name your characters??

Previous thread:>>18491674

For Prose:
>The Art of Fiction
>Story Genius: How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel (Before You Waste Three Years Writing 327 Pages That Go Nowhere)
>On Becoming A Novelist
>Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft
>How Fiction Works
>The Rhetoric of Fiction
>Steering the Craft
>On Writing, Borges

For Poetry:
>The Poetry Home Repair Manual
>Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry
>This Craft of Verse, Borges

Related Material:
>What Editors Do
>A Student's Introduction to English Grammar
>Garner's Modern English Usage

Suggested books on storytelling:
>The Weekend Novelist
>Aristotle's Poetics
>Hero With a Thousand Faces
>Romance the Beat

Suggested books on getting your fucking work done you lazy piece of shit:
>Deep Work
>Atomic Habits

Traditional publishing
> Formatting manuscript
> Write a query
> Track your query

Other Resources
>General grammar/syntax/editing help
> When/where/how should I write?
> What software should I write with?
> Amazon Publishing to make that KDP monie
> Be like Charles Dickens and write serially
> Basic overview of the Screenplay format
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No title
I understand the appeal of nietzscheanism, especially its dionysiac spirit, the Will, Force, reflected in us. I’m not unaware of the apollonian side, much less do I ignore its mixture with the dionysiac part, for leaving one of them aside, the one remaining is denatured. However, how is the Will to Power sustained insofar it is itself what limitis and diminishes our own? I cannot help but think there is a gnostic element in Nietzsche’s philosophy whereby we acknowledge our own state, our own weakness and impotence, in an active submission to this limiting power. The element of ignorance of its reality is the apollonian soporific atmosphere, or the very dionysiac cheerfulness as that illusory drunkenness, while the true terror of its reality, the nature of Dionysus, lies behind all these as that all-engulfing Will which destroys all things, creates solely to destroy and its eternal recurrence express the ouroboric nature of the Will its own emptiness.

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fictional books with power?
hey /lit/, i wanted to ask if anyone knew the names of fictional books that held a lot of power. something like the holy grail or the fountain of youth just instead of eternal youth and stuff it grants infinite wisdom or knowledge or something.
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Why can't someone just fix this meme language?
>there is no good word in French for "death", they use "mort" which also means "dead"
>there is no good word in French for "nobody", they use "personne" which also means "person"
>there is no good word in French for "money", they use "l'argent" which also means "the silver" (caveman tier)
>there is no good word in French for "ninety", they use "quatre-vingt-dix" which means "four [times] twenty [plus] ten"
>they add "pas" to every negative sentence for whatever reason, it's like a nervous tic that got out of hand
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Recommend great books for a slow anon
I like Heidegger and Deleuze.
>I liked Bukowski when I was 20 since he has a straight forward non-Kosher voice but I’m not 20 anymore.

Does /lot/ have any recommendations?
I don’t want to consume trash narratives from news or Hollywood. I know literature is higher quality but I don’t want to read something that is intellectual for the sake of being intellectual.
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No title
wtf did I just read?
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No title
ITT things that trigger /lit/
4 images | 33 replies
No title
How well do you look after your books?
I have noticed that some people obsess over keeping there books pristine and looking like new, where as some others treat them like trash and so they are basically falling apart by the time they are done with it.
6 images | 17 replies
Where do I start with Hindu Tantrism practices?

I want to learn how to direct my potency into something better and stop being a helpless coomer.

Which books/texts should I read?
0 images | 1 replies
Grammar books
Can I have some book recommendations for learning better grammar? Specifically books on punctuation. I often doubt my use of commas, semi colons, and dashes. I usually go with my intuition and try to remember patterns that I've seen in ambiguous situations without actually understanding the theory. I'd like to solve this once and for all.
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Medieval lit chart
Absis de Santa Maria de Taüll (Circa 1123) (6)
That's it /lit/, I'm doing a medieval chart, I'm tired of waiting for any of you lazy pieces of shit to do it.
I will spend the whole summer doing extensive reading on medieval literature so it will be ready at the end of august at most.
This is the way I plan on dividing it, I will put at least one book example for each category, which will have from 3 to 8 picks (maybe more), the rest I will either choose myself or get it from your recs:

Introduction and general reading:
The Autum of the Middle Ages by Huizinga
The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Literature
The History of the Medieval World: From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade by Susan Wise Bauer

Contemporary books on medieval philosophy:
The King's Two Bodies by Kantorowicz
The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy by Gilson
Copleston's History of Philosophy Volumes 2 and 3
The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Philosphy

Medieval philosophy (I would prefer it to be more entry level stuff, so no obscure scholastic theology):
The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius
The Guide for the Perplexed by Maimonides
Summa Theologica and Summa contra Gentiles by Aquinas
Ars Magna Generalis by Llull
The Incoherence of the Philosophers by Al Ghazal.
The Incoherence of the Incoherence by Averroes
Summa Logicae by William of Ockham

Poetry and epics:
Le Roman de la Rose
El Cantar del Mío Cid
Chanson de Roland
Rerum vulgarium fragmenta by Petrarch
The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
Grains of Gold: An Anthology of Occitan Literature
Masnavi/The Essential Rumi
Yvain, The Knight of the Lion and Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart by Chretien de Troyes
Orlando Furioso by Ariosto
Orlando Innamorato by Bolardo

Chivalric romances:
Le Morte d'Arthur by Thomas Mallory
Amadis de Gaula
Tirant lo Blanch
Parzival by von Eschenbach

Great travels:
The Travels of Marco Polo
The Travels of Ibn Battuta
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville
The Voyage of Saint Brendan: Journey to the Promised Land
The Itinerary of Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela

The one topic I would like to discuss is if I should add Islamic philosophy and literature like Maimonides, Averroes and Rumi or just do a Chrisitan/European list. Medieval Islamic poetry and philosophy could be their own category too.
Give me your best picks and a brief explanation on why they should be on the chart so we can discuss them.
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No title
What’s your favourite book?
Write a short diary about what you did today
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No title
What does lot think of Remains of the Day? I thought it was pretty comfy and much better than Klara and the Sun.
1 images | 30 replies
No title
How did he die?
2 images | 5 replies
No title
What is practically magnum opus of Marx(and Engels)?
0 images | 6 replies
Just finished reading 四畳半神話大系
Morimi Tomihiko is my favourite Japanese author. I originally started to read this book because I was a fan of the anime, but this actually varies quite a deal from it. Probably the most complicated Japanese I've read yet in a novel but it was all extremely witty and entertaining.
If you're still new to learning Japanese I recommend ペンギン・ハイウェイ by the same author. Much simpler language because its written from the perspective of an elementary school kid.

Any recommendations for other Japanese books?
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No title
We are the ones who double-dip the buttplug,
we who go warmly into the dungeon,
and we separate him who lives there coldly.

And Alas.
There lay the fuckdemon, shitting out niggerlads.

Again black baby burst out of coochie,
Come lick my asshole.
Umbilically cordial masturbation,
Sex-demon embryo interjects through my walls;

The transanally eviscerating prostaceans are coming.
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Just got a new shelving unit and tried to make it look a little classier
53 images | 140 replies
Post novel ideas
Post your novel ideas

Anons suggest possible characters, plot lines, books to read (as sources of information) and other works (films and books) that deal with similar themes.
8 images | 40 replies
"This is the case with many learned persons: they have read themselves stupid.”
Has todays abundance of easily accessible answers and information to almost everything reinforced Schopenhauer's views on reading too much? In other words, has having the ability to answer almost all of life's questions using your phone or computer created a generation which no longer thinks for themselves?
1 images | 19 replies
No title
Hughes - Midsummer Eve
Happy Midsummer, /lit/.

What are you reading on the longest day of the year?
6 images | 23 replies
No title
No rate = no feedback.
Hope all is well.
5 images | 116 replies
Schizo Fun
Has anybody read books from this chart?
It's obviously a schizo meme chart, but are any fun reads on it?
1 images | 11 replies
On The Road
Why do people say this is a book that celebrates hedonism? It’s clear that Dean is a sad and toxic figure by the end and it seems Kerouac saw it. I thought it was a book about growing up and looking back at your naive, optimistic young selves, before you became jaded, with a sad longing for those days. I can’t see how anyone would view Dean as anything but a scumbag at the end. He had some greatness too him, but his faults outweighed them
0 images | 4 replies
No title
Ive noticed that with the current two books im reading I can only read them for about 2-3 hours (total not in one chunk) for the day before my brain gets cloudy and I get a dull headache for the rest of the day. Is there a fix for this or do I just need to get better at reading? Ive only been seriously reading for the past 6 months and I want to read for the whole day but these books are too dense for my brain. Anyone else had this?
0 images | 13 replies
No title
How should I read it?
3 images | 24 replies
No title
Thoughts on this?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
Was Hamsun a Nazi or just an old fool?
3 images | 36 replies
German language
What a fucking language! The absolute precision and sonority are equalled by no other tongue in the world. German is simply the most masculine and cool European language. Once you know the rules, it starts to make a lot of sense, unlike English. The only downside about German is that some Germans pronounce their Rs like in that homosexual and disgusting ape screech known as French. I want my Rs to sound like Rs, not like fucking sickening phlegms from subhuman throats. And also they sometimes don't finish their words! Think British English (the non-rhotic dialects). But then German literature is literally GODLIKE and it's worth the price of admittance alone, so it's all forgiven! Sadly the modern German person is a burgerized pussyllanimous bugman! Their literature should be the main focus, not the unworthy social aspect. Either way, this tongue is unparalleled. The thinking man's language. Latin of the 21st century.
2 images | 14 replies
No title
12 rules
Is this worth reading at all?
2 images | 17 replies
No title
>O’Brien held up his left hand, its back towards Winston, with the thumb hidden and the three fingers extended.
>“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’
>“And if the Church says that it is not Three but One – then how many?”
>The word ended in a gasp of pain. The needle of the dial had shot up to fifty-five. The sweat had sprung out all over Winston’s body. The air tore into his lungs and issued again in deep groans which even by clenching his teeth he could not stop. O’Brien watched him, the three fingers still extended. He drew back the lever.
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Spiritual Authority & Temporal Power
This book by Rene Guenon talks about the relation between the Priestly caste and the Warrior caste, with some side notes about the Merchant caste and shudras.

He describes the relationship between the two as such:
>In exchange for the guarantee of their power by the spiritual authority, the Kshatriyas (warriors, kings, nobles) must use this power to ensure that the Brahmins (priests) will have the means to peacefully accomplish their proper function of knowledge and teaching, sheltered from trouble and agitation. This is what is represented in Hindu symbolism by the image of Skanda, lord of war, protecting the meditation of Ganesha, lord of knowledge. It should be noted that the same thing was taught, even outwardly, in the Western Middle Ages; indeed, Saint Thomas Aquinas expressly declares that all human functions are subordinate to contemplation as their superior end, 'so that, when considered properly, they all seem to be in service of those who contemplate truth,' the true raison d'être of the entire government of civil life fundamentally lying in the assurance of the peace necessary for this contemplation.

The role of the Merchant caste is to keep the sphere of economics and commerce in order.

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No title
>tfw have 11.9 GB of z-Library books in my /lit/ folder
can this be considered a mental illness? I feel extreme discomfort if I don't exhaust my 10 books limit every day
7 images | 42 replies
Any "serious" books on male/female attraction?
I've gotten into philosophy fairly recently so I may be totally wrong here, but why can't I find any "serious" writers (i.e. renowned philosophers, psychologists, etc.) talking about subjects like male/female attraction, what men and women want in a relationship, what creates attraction, love, etc. ? Why do we love and stop loving? What is most attractive to its core?
I've read pretty much all of Nietzsche and I was surprised that he wouldn't talk much about this, coming from someone who apparently was very lonely and celibate most of his life, I would've expected him of all writers to be obsessed with questions like this, but it doesn't come up that much

Maybe it's just too childish of a subject, I don't know, but it's always fascinated me. Sure I want to understand the meaning of life, God, and happiness, but more mundane stuff like this interests me too.
But all I can find is horrible PUA shit, which I hate, from sleazy dudes with open shirts, and granted some of this stuff is mildly entertaining to read I doubt they've really gotten to the bottom of this, and I'd rather read something written by an actual writer, not a salesman.
Or when it's not PUA it's boring sociology that just tells me that all attraction happens because of my social status and environment, which I get to an extent but I believe there's more to it and this doesn't give me that same sense of wonder that reading psychology and philosophy does.

So do you guys know any interesting books on these subjects? Did someone like Jung talk about this, for example? I haven't read much from him but loved what I have
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Rig Veda Translations
What are the best translations of the Vedas?
Whenever I do a search for "Rig Veda translations" I get a bunch of links telling me that you need to study at an ashram under the tutelage of a swammi for years to even begin to understand this.
Homer has decent English Language translations and you don't see a bunch of nerds online claiming that you need to learn Greek to understand the Illiad.
I'm getting more interested in Indo-European studies and would like to read the primary sources without having to invest a bunch of time learning Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit.
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Post rare pictures of writers. This is Oscar Wilde.
56 images | 92 replies
Gratuitous male fantasy books
Here me out!

*The Wise Man's Fear* is a good book in general, but I know a lot people have complained about the slightly unrealistic and mary-suedness of the MC when it comes to the parts of being in the fae and fucking a literally insatiable sex goddess for an indeterminate amount of time, then somehow overcoming her lusty sex spell (which eventually fucking kills you because you fuck so much, and nobody has ever overcome before) only for her to give him a priceless magical artifact; and the parts where he gets trained by a matriarchal society of martial arts masters (even though hes an outsider, and they never train outsiders) and which, yes, also is a free-use society and literally everyone is fucking everyone all the time, despite nobody knowing how pregnancy works, and the MC can fuck his dominating amazonian master literally any time he wants doggy style in public, and she even demands it so he can focus; and also when he fucks the hardbody paragon of youthful energy in said society after using arcane magic and mastering their <extremely fucking dangerous> trials

Ok, so you can see why people complain. Except, not really because its a FANTASY BOOK series and if you are a man then this is extremely fuckin n i c e to read and will definitely cause you to fantasize let me tell you what. Like, yes, I want to have an amazonian warrior 'the hammer' beat the fucking shit out of me with a cane then force me to raw dog her in the woods before she turns around and continues beating the shit out of me again. Yes I want that, and I want to read about it. I can't even tell you how much I want an ageless nudist fuckmachine to attempt to murder me by sucking my soul of out of my dick over the course of thousands of years in a timeless dreamland before escaping that land to continue on my quest to kill invincible demons and getting waylaid by young lusty barmaids who want to fuck all night and are impressed by my 100s - 1000s of years of sexual experience, with the only thought in my head being a longing for my literally perfect prostitute gf

It sucks though because you can be absolutely sure that *The Doors of Stone* won't have any of that kind of stuff in it. Shit sucks mane. But at least it'll probably be a good book when it comes out in 2199

Are there any other books with gratuitous male fantasies in them? Especially ones about fucking shit up, fucking, getting fucked, and getting beaten the fuck up?
2 images | 7 replies
Learn by Reading
What is your favorite nonfiction book (or books) that taught you a skill? Can be anything you like. Doesn't matter how useful or useless the skill is.

Pic related. Meditation changed my life.
8 images | 22 replies
No title
>Narrative is told through a collection of letters and journal entries
Are there any other books that have a similar style? It's quite comfy
1 images | 12 replies
No title
...maybe the real game change was the friends we made along the way
literally how it ends
0 images | 0 replies
No title
>filters you
nothing personal
1 images | 6 replies
No title
Who are some of the best novelists, poets and philosophers from this country? They seem to do less despite their opulence.
1 images | 21 replies
No title
What did the writer of EasyPeasy mean by this?
3 images | 15 replies
Health books
Show your books regarding health - nutrition or medicine
8 images | 75 replies
No title
What comes after postmodernism?
3 images | 60 replies
Schopenhauers aesthetics
Schopenhauer considered that the the virtue of art was that it allows the astute observer for a moment to transcend the will and focus on pure representation.

However I find it strange that he considered the female body to be unaesthetic. Is the female body not the ultimate object of desire for a man? Therefore the physical body is the purest representation of the will. According to his hierarchy it should place the female body as the singular important piece of art, perfectly crafted not by man but by nature.
1 images | 6 replies
my brother read (presumably) too much Machiavelli like 3 years ago and overtime he's become a huge narcissistic neet.
how can I fix this.
please. its really bad.
1 images | 5 replies
No title
The only way to be truly objective is to remove all self referential elements. This is why everyone got so mad at Spinoza because he observed the universe without human biases

>“I found in Spinoza's Ethics a sedative for my passions, and it seemed to unveiI a clear, broad view over the material and moral world. But what especially riveted me to him was the boundless disinterestedness which shone forth in every sentence. That wonderful sentiment, ‘He who truly loves God must not require God to love him in return’, together with all the preliminary propositions on which it rests, and the consequences deduced from it, filled my mind. To be disinterested in everything, but most of all in love and friendship, was my highest desire, my maxim, my practice, so that saucy speech of Philine’s, ‘If I love thee, what is that to thee?’ was spoken right out of my heart. Moreover it must not be forgotten here that the closest unions rest on contrasts. The all-equalizing calmness of Spinoza was in striking contrast with my all-disturbing activity; his mathematical method was the direct opposite of my poetic style of thought and feeling, and that very precision which was thought ill adapted to moral subjects made me his enthusiastic disciple, his most decided worshipper. Mind and heart, understanding and sense, sought each other with eager affinity, binding together the most different natures.”
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No title
What’s the best non-capitalist/non-liberal critique of Marx/Marxism?

I think Baudrillard’s The Mirror of Production obliterated Marx but I think there are still a few points that need to be addressed.
26 images | 328 replies
No title
war on normal people cover
Was Yang's mistake that self-driving cars becoming mainstream enough to wipe out truck driving jobs are more like 20-30 years away instead of 5-10 years away? Most people don't seem to think of it as an urgent issue.
>tfw no NEETbux
1 images | 44 replies
Cortazar edition.

Welcome to the official thread for Hispanic /lit/erature. Feel free to contribute with reviews on your favourite authors, books, fragments, own works (so we can criticize them :), new editions or publications, and the like...

>Websites with Spanish e-books:
>Torrent with +70000 ebooks in spanish:
>Useful youtube links:

So, what are you reading anon?
4 images | 27 replies
No title
>man this world is amazing, I can't wait to learn more about the lore and about the elves and Gandalf as Frodo and the hobbits adventu-
>ok that was a bit odd but necessary for the plot to advance, let's see what the next chapter has in store
>ok that's over with finally the story can resume as norm-
7 images | 18 replies
Citation in academic paper
I'm citing someone with the middle name "Jean-Baptiste" and will use the initials. Should it be:
> J.
> J.B.
1 images | 8 replies
No title
Where do you draw the line between a character who shares similar ideologies/personalities to the author and a full on self-insert?
0 images | 7 replies
Recent book purchases?
Rate and discuss...
The atlas is amazing so far btw, but i'm less than halfway through.
8 images | 32 replies
No title
Is this book actually worth reading? I am quite interested in hobbes' ideas, but will I miss out onmuch if I just listen/read about this instead of reading it?
0 images | 13 replies
No title
what the FUCK is affect theory in philosophy? is it just embodied cognition? what core questions is it trying to answer? why cant i just read deleuze?
1 images | 4 replies
No title
What was his wife's problem?
1 images | 26 replies
Hasn't made content in a year - till just now.
But has published 2 books.
How much have you?
4 images | 21 replies
No title
ariana grande
Literally the most important philosophical work ever written
0 images | 14 replies
No title
Hello, /lit/. I was talking with one of my friends recently, and they began telling me about a book they read when they were younger, whose title they did not recall.

I've included their descriptions below, please help me know if you can figure out what book he was reading:

>I read a book about a princess who attempts to become a coal burner for a literal chosen by God negro but instead becomes a permavirgin who rules her kingdom with a toymaker as her head advisor. Chosen by two gods negro, even
>I remember the evil God was just called The God and the main character who was way more interesting than chosen negro, toyman or princess combined in the book before that said "pish" a lot.
>The good one was an earlier book, [the main character of that book] was the mom of gods chosen negro.
>And she straight gangstered on her son's wife because she had piebald skin

>It was not a dream
>It was however the same author who wrote a story about a magic barrier maintained by weather magic.
>Also the weather magic fucking kills the user
>Also the king of the country is the weather mage which seems really fucking stupid to decide a governing body by.

Nobody in my friend group had any idea what the fuck he was talking about.
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Poetry and Drama
I start with the assumption that if poetry is merely a decoration, an added embellishment, if it merely gives people of literary tastes the pleasure of listening to poetry at the same time that they are witnessing a play, then it is superfluous. It must justify itself dramatically, and not merely be fine poetry shaped into a dramatic form. From this it follows that no play should be written in verse for which prose is <i>dramatically</i> adequate. And from this it follows, again, that the audience, its attention held by the dramatic action, its emotions stirred by the situation between the characters, should be too intent upon the play to be wholly conscious of the medium.

It is a function of all art to give us some perception of an order in life, by imposing an order upon it. The painter works by selection, combination, and emphasis among the elements of the visible world; the musician in the world of sound. It seems to me that beyond the nameable, classifiable emotions and motives of our conscious life when directed towards action – the part of life which prose drama is wholly adequate to express – there is a fringe of indefinite extent, of feeling which we can only detect, so to speak, out of the corner of the eye and can never completely focus; of feeling of which we are only aware in a kind of temporary detachment from action. There are great prose dramatists – such as Ibsen and Chekhov – who have at times done things of which I would not otherwise have supposed prose to be capable, but who seem to me, in spite of their success, to have been hampered in expression by writing in prose. This peculiar range of sensibility can be expressed by dramatic poetry, at its moments of greatest intensity. At such moments, we touch the border of those feelings which only music can express. We can never emulate music, because to arrive at the condition of music would be the annihilation of poetry, and especially of dramatic poetry.
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Truman Capote
We need a Capote thread.
(and if you laugh about his name, that means that you are french and immature)
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Book Recommendation Thread
>Recommend a book or ask for a Recommendation
Let's make a quality thread amongst the shitty "/lit/ is shit now boohoo and I won't do anything to fix it" cry babies
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Does anyone read this guy’s fiction?

I see a lot of threads about his essays and political philosophy and that’s fine and all but I’m more interested in his fiction. Is it good? What’s his must-read work of fiction?
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plato and aristotle
So let me get this straight; are these two fuckers the Plato and Aristotle of the Far East?
>Confucius (Plato) and Laozi (Aristotle)
Then who's the Socrates? (
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War and Peace or The Brothers Karamazov
Which is better? Also, who in general is a better writer? Me personally, I think Anna Karenina alone mugs both Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov. Thoughts?
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Mihai Eminescu and romanian /lit/ threa
If you are not popular with Mihai Eminescu and his work read his poem Luceafarul(Lucifer/The morning or evening star/basically referring to Venus).
Here is the poem:
What do you think about this poem?
in my opinion this poem represents this hellhole perfectly
also general discussion on romanian lit
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>Go to gf's home for the first time
>See this

Should I be worried?
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>Hey, mom!
>An anon told me my taste in literature is based!
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Why do men think whatever women write about in their book, it comes from their secret fantasy?

*woman writes a rape scene*

Are men who write pedophilic and murder scenes all pedophiles and serials killers?
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Epic Of Gilgamesh
Epic Of Gilgamesh
Why is the epic of Gilgamesh so important? I know its one of the oldest books but how did it really influence literature?
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Library Interview
I have an interview with my local library and was wondering if anybody had any tips or suggestions of specific things to bring up.

Help me get hired?
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Stop reading.
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Just bought these for 50€
What am I in for?
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More like METAphysics, huh?
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>library wizard turned all the books into Enochian language
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Hopeless Romantics
dante and beatrice
>Dante was hopelessly infatuated with the same woman for his entire life
>resorted to teenager with a crush tier shit like frequenting spots she visited just to catch a glimpse of her
>dreamt about her
>lost her at the age of 25 and never got over it
Any books or other authors with this feel? I had to read the Divine Comedy in High School and analyzed the entire damn thing line by line, so I'm pretty burnt out on Dante himself. Goethe is also overdone, I think everyone in Europe had to read that damn guy in school.
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What's the first book to read on Greek mythology? It comes up in different art forms all the time and I know nothing about it
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/alg/ - Ancient Literature General
Because /lang/ gets moved to /int/ and platonism general gets moved to /his/, we should have /alg/ to discuss ancient literature.

>latin questions

If it picks up, someone can make a better OP.
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Best books on mysticism / the occult?
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Bleak medieval fiction
Hi /lit/, please recc me fiction about bleak, miserable, muddy, medieval life. Preferably with devastation from war, and set in medieval Europe, but I'm down for African and East Asian settings in this aesthetic.

I will post this every day until the outliers among you gives me a damn good satisfactory recc.
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Carl Jung
Is he the absolute endgame? Where do you go from there?
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Can someone explain this passage to a braindead like me?

>Imagination is what providence uses to take
men captive in actuality, in existence, in order to get them far enough out, or within, or down into existence. And when imagination has helped them get as far out as they should be - then actuality genuinely begins
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Books on communication
ITT we post books that helped you in bettering your communication skills.

>just go outside

yes it’s undeniable that this is how you improve but books present useful tips/strategies for approaching this hurdle (fellow autismchads will understand)
Personally I really liked How to Win Friends & Influence People
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>70 days until L'Académie
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More Krauts
Does anybody have more Kraut charts? I only have picrel and the one in the wiki.
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>Why yes, I enjoy the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, how could you tell?
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How do you read him? I heard that Plato corrupted Socrates' true sayings, is that true?
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Sicily Thread
Any good lit or historic books from/about Sicily?
Examples include Books about the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and the Normans in Sicily.

Currently staying there and want to get the most out of the culture
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king lear
Who's your favorite character in Shakespeare?
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[email protected]
descarga (18)
I still remember the story as if it had happened a few days ago. A couple from a city in North Carolina USA, thought about buying a fan because summer was approaching, and they wanted to be prepared, so on a day in which none of them had responsibilities to attend to, they would go to buy a fan at a store near their house. When the day came, the couple went to the store, and between tireless searches for what they called "the perfect one." Fate decided that they would end up talking to an employee of the place named Mike, who recommended a new generation fan with multiple advanced functions for his time. The couple, seeing the good character of the employee, decided on that, the fan with those functions, when buying it, they thanked the subject and started their course back home. per night, the couple, ready to sleep, plugged in, turned on and located the fan, which was no more than the bedside table. Horrible was the surprise of the couple when they noticed a horrible stench, which walked around the room, and poisoned their noses, with a terribly strong and horrible smell, which penetrated forcefully and quickly, the larynx of the couple, plunging them into the most unpleasant situation ever experienced. when looking for the stench, and it was fortunate that they did not vomit since the smell was so disgusting that it seemed that there was a corpse in the house. and they noticed that the smell came in a more spoiled way by the fan. The man, with a feeling of absolute dread, looked for a tool to open the machine, and when he got it and carried out the search, why of that stench, both, the boy and the girl, noticed something black in 3 of the The corners of the fan, when they looked better, they noticed that they were 3 dead rats, cleverly glued to the corners of the fan, so that they could not be observed with the naked eye, but the horror of the couple increased, when they removed those little beings and Notice that the 3 had a sewn wound, when opening the wounds, they screamed with fear, in one of the rats there were nails inside it, in the other teeth, and in the last one, and the one that caused the couple to be in shock, had several severed fingers.

They called the police and when they left, the couple went to sleep, but from the images seen, as the horror of the situation caused that none of them could sleep that night. The next day, the couple went to speak directly with the store manager. And when he told him what happened that night and when he gave him the name of the employee who recommended the fan, he only said, totally horrified, that mike, the employee, had been found dismembered in his house. the culprit was never found. and then the couple with blood colder than ever, asked each other a question. If mike was killed days before the purchase of the product, then who sold them the fan?
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Boże jaki miły wieczór
tyle wódki tyle piwa
a potem plątanina
w kulisach tego raju
między pluszową kotarą
a kuchnią za kratą
czułem jak wyzwalam się
od zbędnego nadmiaru energii
w którą wyposażyła mnie młodość

że mógłbym użyć jej inaczej
np. napisać 4 reportaże
o perspektywach rozwoju małych miasteczek
mam w dupie małe miasteczka
mam w dupie małe miasteczka
mam w dupie małe miasteczka
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Has there ever been a book written by two or more authors that's worth reading? I don't mean anthologies or compendia, but rather a book where the writers collaborate to produce a single work.
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No title
What's your favorite wisdom text /lit/? For me it's the Havamal.
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Donation lit
Even a brief summary of my current situation regarding my writing would be far too long, so I'll keep it brief. I've gotten paid for my writing and well-regarded writing instructors in my university's internationally acclaimed writing program have given high praise to my writing. What I'm saying is that I am not some shitty furry writer or fan fic fag.

I pirate most everything I consume. How can I expect someone to pay for my work when I don't pay for anyone else's? Plus, the publishing industry is pretty feminine and far-left. Even though I've managed to navigate academia for years as an undergrad and the child of a prof without any great incident (I triggered a pharm dean a month ago, which was funny af), I want to be unconstrained in my writing.

I've been thinking of offering ebooks and articles for free and partnering with a small publisher for quality hardcover books, which customers would have to pay for. How does this sound? Is it possible to make good money this way? What else do I need to know/do? I want to find the right way and stick with it. I don't want to have to "sellout" to a publisher and go the straight route or vice versa. Publishing is so insufferable, left wing, right wing, big, small. Idgaf. I want a well-written book in a quality format, both as a reader and as a writer.
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Has anyone read A Suitable Boy?
Is it worth it?
It’s really fucking long
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How do I control the will?
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The Literary Origin of Siegfried
Siegfried vs Fafnir
A thread to discuss the true origin of Siegfried: Who was he really? Where did he come from? Was he based on a real historical figure? What other literary works make allusions to Siegfried by other names?
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Lots of people here seem interested in the occult, has anyone read this? Is it good?
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How do we break out of the closed circle of representationalism?
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I study philosophy at a school that mostly teaches analytic philosophy. I don't know much about continental philosophy so I've decided to read about some of the main ideas:

>critical theory

Some of this stuff is interesting, but a lot is confusing, and a lot is more politics and less philosophy.

Anyway I'm planning on reading a bit more of this stuff over the summer. Is there a book that covers most of the stuff above that I can use as a starting point?
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>Bataille emerged in Ginzburg’s story as a figure frighteningly close to Dostoyevsky’s Underground Man – a minor civil servant with fantasies that would be dangerous if they had any possibility of being enacted. Thankfully, they didn’t (‘Bataille was not a man of action,’ Ginzburg remarked, in a masterpiece of understatement). The story of Bataille’s ludicrous attempt to become a human sacrifice (he offered himself to three people, none of whom would kill him) is as comic as it is pathetic.
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What do you make of Demons?
Just read Dostoyevsky's Demons, and I started wondering. The revolutionary ideas themselves are the titular demons, taking hold of it's host. Let's say that an idea contains in it a disposition towards a type and form of action, for example, in socialism, supposed disposition towards equity. The action then becomes the "carrier" of the idea, it's influence informing another subject by it's type and form. In the soviet union, the surveillance and threat of gulag, born from the idea of a total government, informed the subects' disposition towards the societal idea, rendering them under it's will.
Would it be too far of a stretch to say, that the ideas themselves originate from action? That is to say, that and idea born of action may infect a "patient zero", and that action need not be of human origin. The growth pattern of certain plants and the behaviour of certain animals allowed each to be domesticated by us, changing mankind's disposition towards the world and actions toward it. In this way, metal and machinery as well have a type of will, though disembodied, until finding a host. And even further, the interactions between these demons create new demons. What I'm getting at, is that the ideas we have, have a genetic/memetic(?) line to the very beginning of the universe.
Am I off my rocker? I feel like I'm losing my goddamn mind.
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No title
Good fiction with the clash of Protestantism vs Catholicism as a central theme?

Non-fiction too I guess if it's particularly interesting.
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racism sweden

Was JRR TOLKIEN anti semitic
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No title
Which translation of the Gita?
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Semicolon question
Can one still use a semicolon to concatenate two independent clauses if one of the clauses contains a comma?

On an unrelated note, this pepe is very rare.
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