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Recommended Literature
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No title
thoughts on his works?
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No title
What the hell is your end goal, Q? How the hell are you a lit fag that has an extensive library and also just throw your life away? How the hell do you make money? You’re not gonna get any job with the shit you do? I’m just asking because I’m envious of you. I wish I could stop giving a shit and be a bullshit artist like you, but ya know....income.
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No title
What literature explains why pity feels so good from a girl?
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No title
>Average IQ of Ivy League students is 122

Any books that will help me understand this data?
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No title
what's on your mind, /lit/?
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Why do you read?
Chad is out there having sex and breeding meanwhile.
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No title

Now I know why /lit/ hates Jordan Peterson
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No title
Who's the strongest character in the Shakespeare Theatrical Universe?
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No title
Has /lit/ read this?
I find it fascinating how a man who was a slave all his life can arrive to very similar views on life as a Roman Emperor once did. And how he never was bitter about his position in life
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No title
Was Zizek right about the London riots?

"Repetition, according to Hegel, plays a crucial role in history: when something happens just once, it may be dismissed as an accident, something that might have been avoided if the situation had been handled differently; but when the same event repeats itself, it is a sign that a deeper historical process is unfolding.

Although the riots in the UK were triggered by the suspicious shooting of Mark Duggan, everyone agrees that they express a deeper unease – but of what kind? As with the car burnings in the Paris banlieues in 2005, the UK rioters had no message to deliver. (There is a clear contrast with the massive student demonstrations in November 2010, which also turned to violence. The students were making clear that they rejected the proposed reforms to higher education.) This is why it is difficult to conceive of the UK rioters in Marxist terms, as an instance of the emergence of the revolutionary subject; they fit much better the Hegelian notion of the ‘rabble’, those outside organised social space, who can express their discontent only through ‘irrational’ outbursts of destructive violence – what Hegel called ‘abstract negativity’."
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No title
What are some indicators you're talking to a brainlet? For me it's
>occam'z razor
>burden of proof
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No title
I want to get a good grasp on Marx and was wondering if this would do me well. I don't plan on reading through the three volumes of Capital because I am mostly a fiction reader and 3000 pages of theory is too daunting for me. I am fine with 1000 pages but anything beyond that is too much. I am just looking.for something that will give me a good survey of him so I can get back to reading fiction.
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No title
What does /lit/ listen to?
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No title
>lobotomize yourself
literally this is all the religion is
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/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General
Real Science Fiction Edition

PREVIOUS >>15449852

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No title
wtf I started with the Greeks and now all I can think about is having a Greco-Roman moment, was this /lit/s plan all along?
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No title
/lit/ chart thread, anyone?
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No title
You know how the Lion King is literally Hamlet with cartoon animals? How heavily Jaws borrows from Moby Dick? I could go on forever pointing out examples of films and tv shows that despite not being explicit direct adaptations, pull their essence straight from literature...

So my question is, which stories are the best to adapt/rip off? Those plots that are so great or universal that will still resonate under a new coat of paint?
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Arthur Schopenhaeuer
Is this book a good introduction for Arthur? How many of his essays contain?
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No title
got 50 pages into this today and not really enjoying it. seems heavy handed and over the top, do I stick with it or just start Don Quixote?
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No title
What do you think about Emma Watson's favorite books?

'The Vagina Monologues' by Eve Ensler
'Women Who Run With Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
'My Life on the Road' by Gloria Steinem
'The Color Purple' by Alice Walker
'How to Be a Woman' by Caitlin Moran
'All About Love: New Visions' by bell hooks
'The Argonauts' by Maggie Nelson
'Persepolis' by Marjane Satrapi
'Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl' by Carrie Brownstein
'Half the Sky' by Sheryl WuDunn, Nicholas Kristof
'Mom & Me & Mom' by Maya Angelou
'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman
'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini
'The Opposite of Loneliness' by Marina Keegan
'Wild,' 'Torch,' and 'Tiny Beautiful Things' by Cheryl Strayed
'Love Letters to the Dead' by Ava Dellaria
'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly'
'The Queen of the Tearling' by Erika Johansen
'Quiet' by Susan Cain
'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green
'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand
'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky
'Just Kids' by Patti Smith
'The Remains of the Day' by Kazuo Ishiguro
'The BFG' by Roald dahl
'The Shadow of the Wind' by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
The 'Harry Potter' Series, by J.K.Rowling
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Julius Bahnsen
Why is he so unpopular? He was another philosopher, like Nietzsche and von Hartmann, influenced by Schopenhauer. I only read an academic essay on Bahnsen's views because he's not translated into English. Also, my German friend lectured about him a bit to me.
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No title
What are some upcoming books that you're excited for?
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No title
What are you reading right now ?
what do you think about it ?
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No title
When my parents warned me about this board, they did NOT tell me it would be like this. Shameful!
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No title
Do you know any /lit/ women? I doubt they're doing booktube videos or browsing here but have you ever met one?
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Why are composers so much more productive than individuals working in other creative fields?

We have over 1100 surviving pieces by Bach.
Over 700 by Beethoven.
Over 600 by Mozart.
Over 1500 by Schubert
Richard Strauss wrote over 200 compositions before he even reached adulthood.

All of whom produced many works on a monumental scale time and time again.

Whereas most writers and painters would be lucky if they produced more than 20 works in the entire lifetime.
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No title
>tfw I realized the only reason I read so many books is that it's because it makes me feel intelligent which is the only way I can escape the fact that I'm a piece of shit without any backbone or personality
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No title
Any good literature discord servers out there that aren’t infested with trannies?
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No title
what you working on, post those stacks boys
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21st Century /lit/
Has any recent release been good enough to add to this list?
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No title
tell me one single female writer/philosopher that should be considered a classic, apart from sappho. victorian soap opera writera won't do of course.
i just need one
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Greatest classic love stories?
I'll be honest,
I've read very little in my life.
(Less than a half a dozen fiction books, cover to cover)

But Ive fallen in love with someone who reads a lot.
And i read something she recommended,
and it was amazing!
Now I feel like I must be missing out on so many incredible tales that captivate the heart & mind.
And also i kinda want to be on her level in terms of literature.

Obviously Romeo and Juliet would have to be the number 1 love story
(as even I've heard of it)
But what are the other most famous/best classic love stories?

I'd ask her if i could... but sadly i cant.
So here i am on /lit/
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No title
Literature on how to win internet debates?
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No title
What are some books on the Karen ideology?
I believe Faust is one.

Karen is an archaic survival of the Aryan social order based on the reciprocal guest-host relationship as enshrined in Homer, Eddas, etc. The centripetal force binding us all together, she expects you to keep your word and to observe custom. Anything less is an affront to the gods. But she traded her traditional social role for a chance to work in cubicles, not realizing that her vestigial mannerisms and reaction to declining standards of decency will cause her problems with the meat grinder.
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No title
Can he really be called a philosopher? It seems to me he was an economist/sociologist more than anything?
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No title
Favorite parts of Pynchon's writing? Excerpts, scenes etc
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Critique Thread
The distressed young man scanned the periphery of S_____ street. The sun had already set, overcast dusk was rising over Cambridge. Besides a few students caught out in the elements, he was comfortably alone. He made his way over to the nearest cash machine and, checking that he wasn’t being followed, withdrew his money and stashed the notes in his pocket. Carrying on his way past the empty market square, it took him a quarter hour’s walk to reach the church where the gathering was held. He didn’t think during that time; thoughts and images blurred as he carried on in a state of anxiety-induced delirium. The building was an ancient one, hidden amongst the far larger monumental colleges that lined the main road. Its Norman columns were thickly laced with moss slaked-wet from the rain, and within buzzed the agonising sounds of merriment; the jovial buzzing laughter which only emanated from the silver tongues of those with wealth and gravitas. Outside in the rain he was an impoverished husk, his miserable situation masked only by the natural attractiveness of his youth. Within, for once, he would be seen. The blue-eyed aristocracy would shift their focus beyond their cava and look up at their visitor. What happened beyond that was up to him- he need only open the door.
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No title
Stop being Nordic.
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No title
Should I read the critique of practical reason before critique of judgement? I've read CPR and I am already somewhat aquianted with Kant's moral philosophy
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No title
>that feel when you realize you've never read Homer, Kafka, Goethe, Dostoevsky, you've only read translations
Stick to reading books of your own language, bros. Don't pretend you've read a book from another language if you've only read the translation.
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No title
>talking to a girl, she says that philosophy is an objective waste of time in every regard.
>life is meaningless but who fucking cares you aren't the first to figure it out and not the last, worrying about death, afterlife, god or not god.
>it's pointless to worry about, just live your life, you won't be able to prove any philosophy
>in fact philosophy is just a pretentious way of defending/explaining your own personal biases and preferences

i-is she right?
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No title
>semi depressed
>very few friends
>lazy and undisciplined
>19 y/o NEET
>no gf
Any books that will help me get out of this rut? I just want to be happy
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No title
Is veganism /lit/?
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No title
Do you pair reading with a drink? I hope you're not reading with beer!
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No title
Jews have the Kabbalah
Muslims have Sufism
Hindus have the Vedanta
Christians have...
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No title
Were the self-help books of yore better than the ones of the present day?
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Society of the Spectacle
Am I the brainlet? I have only just started it, but everything so far has been metaphor in an attempt to be profound. Zero explanations, no elaboration. Is it worth continuing?
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No title
angry pewdiepie
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No title
we all know reading the dictionary is a 10 times multiplier on your intellect. but what if one was to read the dictionary in a different language ?
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No title
>He wasn't talking about that in the literal sense, it was a metaphor for something that actually fits into my narrow world view
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No title
This is fun to read but I don't really understand what I am reading desu anons
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No title
What are the most depressing verses in the Bible?
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No title
What does she read?
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"Reich and Wrong" by Mike Walsh

Any idea where I can find the book "Reich and Wrong" by Mike Walsh to download for free?

I don't want to get on another government watch list for ordering it online and I don't want to give any money to fucking bezos.

Thank you in advance.
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No title
Is his philosophy legitimate or just a meme? If Marx felt the need to dedicate writings to him he must have been of some importance.
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No title
Are there good black writers? Someone like Baldwin is recommended but he is terrible compared to Melville or Conrad or Tolstoy and so on.
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/Poet/ry Appreciation Thread
>the birth of a legend edition
Thread for posting oc or nice poems that other people made
Show us whatchu got
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No title
So what's the consensus on him?
8 images | 168 replies
No title
Can someone spare a second to explain to me what `neoliberalism' is?
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Book Club Books
I have been chosen to select the next book for a work book club. There are no rules and I've been told I can choose anything, but I'd like to pick something that the majority of people will actually read, so no Gravity's Rainbow or 1000 page monsters and no John Hawkes or similar.

I've got a small list, but I wan't /lit/'s opinion on what would be good. Any recommendations?

BTW - my coworkers are (mostly) all smart and make their livings off of careful use of language, so I'm not concerned about having to pick a retard book.

>Carpenter's Gothic (I'd really like to pick this one, but I don't know if everyone will be able to get a copy easily)
>The Melancholy of Resistance
>The Seven Madmen
>maybe something from DeLillo?
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No title
What value does the Nobel Prize of Literature have? Does it mean something?
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No title
images - 2020-05-30T004049.804
Post comfy books for rainy days
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No title
literature about Aurora Borealis occuring in my kitchen and people just not believing it?
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No title
When Christian mystics speak of Adam (man) "waking up" from eternity (man's true state), are they simply saying that death is the ideal and preferable to life in an elegant way?
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Value is objective
>The LTV is wrong because value is subjective
Wrong. Value is both objective and subjective. The value of a commodity is first and foremost objective, and any extra value added onto it by human opinion is THEN subjective. Every commodity has a “base” value which is objective. This “base” value is determined by both exchange value and use value. Then, the subjectivity of a persons opinion can only add value afterwards, equaling up to a commodities “total” value. Of course, the opinion is ultimately worthless, and it’s only the objective value that actually matters. Therefore, the value of a commodity is objective. It’s only after we’ve established that fact can you even begin to comprehend that the socially necessary labor time for production adds objective value also (it does).

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Pirate Lit
I'm in the mood for swashbuckling. What are some /lit/ approved pirate books? Fiction or non-fiction idc
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No title
Good literature for learning to be more modest as a Christian female? I've been in a secular environment for most of my life and am looking into more traditional Orthodox Christianity right now.

Thanks for all the book recommendations and this series of talks in the previous threads, I'll be looking into those.
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No title
You all wish you were as lit as him
15 images | 88 replies
No title
What works make you psychologically resilient?
1 images | 12 replies
No title
MN wendys
What comes after Burgerpunk?
9 images | 109 replies
No title
What am I in for?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
What are some comfy settings you like reading/writing about? I personally like anything to do with winter and college/early 20s young adults making their way through life in an urban setting.
2 images | 6 replies
Books for this feel
>I will never ever have sex with a woman without paying for it unless I ask one out and risk being laughed at and humiliated or make an online dating profile and receive no matches because only Chads get any attention
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No title
Who are the most important philosophers of each era? I'm buying ten books right now and I want to cover as much of the history as possible.

Ancient: Plato, Aristotle
Medieval: Descartes
Enlightenment: Spinoza, Leibniz, Hume, Locke, Kant
Modern: Schopenhauer, Nietzsche

Is this a good list to start with? Too biased? Anyone to add or remove?
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/lit/ Top 50 Poets
Previous Thread: >>15456697

Enter your five favorite poets in the poll. Order does not matter.

I realize this will be a clusterfuck because there are different kinds of poetry, e.g., it's hard to compare Homer and Yeats, not to mention the monumental impact that the language in which a poem is written has on it. However, I think it's best to treat this as a sort of experiment, the kinks of which we can work out by then doing a poll at the end of every year along with the top 100 books.

I'll make three more threads on this topic before closing the poll with each new one being posted once the previous expires.

A chart will be made so that it can be passed around on /lit/ and expose people to poets they might otherwise not have heard about.

Cheers, everyone!
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No title
I've just started writing a book. What am I in for ?
Any general discussion on the topic of becoming an author is welcome.

So, aspiring writers general, I guess.
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No title
Zoomer philosophers can be challenging to read but very rewarding
0 images | 4 replies
How do I know I'm real?
How do I know I'm real?
Or how do I know that I'm not one of only two people on this entire board... Me and (you) who created all this other content that I created.

How do I know that my coworkers are real and not just a simulation?
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No title
le happy cancer patient
What's the FUNNIEST book you've ever read that you would say is a quality read as well? So no meme answers like
>[non-fiction political essay], because the ideas were so diametrically opposed to mine that it was stupid funny
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No title
What kind of religion do they practice in King Lear anyway?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
what would happen if i joined a buddhist monestary assraped everyone in it and told them it was all an illusion?
2 images | 2 replies
No title
>480 pages
>120 chapters
2 images | 11 replies
No title
Never felt sadness in my life. Is there a book i can read that will for sure make me feel like shit for a coulle days?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
What is the most egregious, exploitative, over the top post-colonial novel? I want hook nosed belgians crucifying noble savages.
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Anyone read this? What did you think?

I wanted to get it but it's quite expensive to buy it. Couldn't find a torrent anywhere either.
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No title
I own 120 unread books what about you frens? I am going to try to stop buying books for 1-2 years.
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No title
You can choose to speak one sentence which will be remembered for as long as civilisation exists. It will be known that you said it, but people will be free to interpret it as they like. What would you say, anon?
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No title
This is actually incredible and, if not for Western centrism in literature discussing, would easily be placed up there with anything by Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy.

Is Chinese literature just untapped good shit? Went onto this after reading Romance of the Three Kingdoms last year, and both show that unshowy, subtle philosophical bent that's frankly hard to come by outside of Russian and Japanese literature.

Any recommendations? Here's my GR for reference:
1 images | 29 replies
/Lit/ approved tier list of philosophers
philosopher tierlist
This is for all the noobies.
Don't waste your time reading anything below D.

Also dont bother with Schopen either. He is just a cranky old incel... and I am not even memeing
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No title
RIP to the homie Tyndale
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No title
What specific parts of The Bible do I have to read so I'm not missing anything when reading the great works of literature? Is there a guide anywhere for this?
0 images | 9 replies
No title
What are the quitessential /lit/ blackpills?
I'm not talking about blackpills ones finds in literature, but blackpills about literature itself.
1 images | 20 replies
No title
Books on how an INTJ can cultivate the energy to implement things that ESTJ have? I don't want to be a passion babby
1 images | 3 replies
No title
Who are some anti-fascist writers?
4 images | 29 replies
scribd download
I need help downloading these books from scribd, I tried the uploading documents to get access trick but it didn't work for me.
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No title
What's the most underrated work of philosophy?
2 images | 10 replies
No title
I used to be a guy only into videogames and VNs. I liked reading VNs but over time I got tired of how many of them had these recurring themes, almost clichès. If you read a lot of them you know what I am talking about. I thought that was what people meant when they said games/VNs aren't real literature and have bad writing etc.

So I started reading "real books", in particular I happened to enjoy and read some '800 stuff, especially russians. It's really funny how in the end nothing is really different. The memes and clichès are just different, but overall it's the same thing. Instead of masturbation about schrodinger's cat and quantum mechanics allowing for multiple routes and school harems, you got superfluous men, nihilists, duels and sappy love stories with incredibly well timed random deaths. The power of friendship is substituted by the power of conversion to christianity.

Don't get me wrong, I like some of them, some I really liked, but I really revalued some of the stuff I saw people make fun of while praising "real literature".
1 images | 10 replies
This society sucks
>write an amazing literary paper that took 5 days to write. Filled with heavy self-reflection and personal opinions. A lot of personal analysis based on the material posted. Clearly a superior paper that is easy to read and digest while being profound.
>Get 84
>Write a paper in 4 hours filled with just copying and making the paper unnecessary verbose
>Get 96

Why does this keeping happening
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No title
Can anybody who is into debates explain me this?

/pol/ shit aside, are they following some type of point system or what?
3 images | 30 replies
No title
I challenge anyone to tell me how God could prove his greatness and perfect willpower other than giving someone life and making them suffer whilist being literally all loving and all good? We can't even imagine how God feels doing that, but it goes to show he really can do anything and that he can be called God. He could make infinite stars and planets and then destroy them but it is nothing compared to creating life and destroying it, again, while being all loving. Most of us don't have the will to go against our senses even to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and we are eager to judge God.
0 images | 6 replies
where the fuck
do i find an ebook of this? b-ok, pirate bay and flibusta gave no results
> inb4 just buy the book bro
shipping would cost 5x as much
1 images | 12 replies
No title
Reading this for the first time now and I can't stop laughing. This is everything Nabokov, Calvino, and others tried to do and failed. LMAOOOO

Borges is the GOAT of 20th century literature
0 images | 2 replies
No title
How do I start with the greeks?
1 images | 10 replies
Ancient greek philosophy
Noob here guys, please be patient.

I'd like to learn everything there is to know about ancient greek philosophy. I need all online resources I can get and recommendations.

First I want to get familiar with the greek philosophers themselves, their life, and how they relate to other philosopher. Basically, the history of philosophy.

Next, I'll need your recommendations what to get started with and the best order, starting from easier to comprehend, or in any other order you deem logical.

I read Meditation by Aurelius so far and this stoicism things seems to be coping too much, but I'd like to learn more about it regardless.

Help please.
3 images | 10 replies
Western History
What would be a good compilation of books to read to get well educated on western history, further than what’s taught in schools

History, politics, wars, philosophy, and anything pro-western culture
2 images | 17 replies
No title
Deleted 120,000 word book I had been working on since March. It was not a fiction/narrative, but historical research project with almost thousand references to other books. Gave up also an extremely ambitious music project I had been working on since last 1,5 years with hundreds, if not at least thousand, hours wasted on mixing, recording.

Still have few months left of my vacation. Next week when the library opens I will be borrowing escapist stuff like Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings. I will use them to draw inspiration to make a low budget and low-ambition Dungeon Synth project like this one:

I feel fucking pathetic
2 images | 13 replies
No title
Will starting with the Greeks tempt me to what to have a Greco-Roman moment?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Was he a simp?
4 images | 20 replies
No title
Is american literature taking its rightful place amongst the legends of old?
They even predicted the Minneapolis riots funded by the chinese
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Queen of /lit/
15 images | 83 replies
No title
What would you recommend as the best modern biography of Augustus?
1 images | 5 replies
Hey guys I think I accidentally read the wrong Metamorphosis, is it?
2 images | 2 replies
No title
maxresdefault (1)
Books that help me understand haploautism so I can btfo /pol/tards on /his/?
I'm completely illiterate when it comes to biology btw
1 images | 15 replies
No title
Best audiobooks to listen to while running?

indb4 audibooks are for illiterates.
Just trying to stay active.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Is the racism of authors of the past excusable?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
>Hey kid, wanna be depressed?
*hands you pic related*
11 images | 50 replies
No title
What a fucking chad
1 images | 8 replies
The Tempest
Anyone else really into The Tempest? It's my favorite Shakespeare play. Shortly before quarantine, I had the pleasure of seeing it performed for the first time. I think it's a rare example of a Shakespeare play actually having a relatively original and innovative plot.

I've seen it classified as a comedy but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

What do you think of The Tempest, /lit/?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
''পৃথিবীর যা কিছু মহান সৃষ্টি চির কল্যাণকর
অর্ধেক তার করিয়াছে নারী, অর্ধেক তার নর''
2 images | 10 replies
No title
Is this good ?
I have nothing against the author but I wouldn't really like to read something I already know all about, at least I think I know all about.
0 images | 2 replies
I had an idea, what if we pool money to buy some books with no available ebook version online, scan them and upload on b-ok for the world to read? Like Gutenberg, but straight-up piracy.
Some other boards have already made a sensibly contribution to the world, so why not be the next? It'd certainly better the image of /lit/ as well.
Some time ago several anons routinely dropped 40+$ on a train book out of camaraderie, so I figure there'd be quite some people who could share a buck or five.
2 images | 8 replies
No title
What's the funniest book you own?
1 images | 3 replies
No title
nordic-germanic vs mediterranean-romance literatures.
who wins?

nordic squad:
> british-american, austrian-german and russian literatures
med squad:
> greek, latin, italian, french and spanish literatures
0 images | 18 replies
No title
itt we wish herr spengler a happy birthday
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Why are abrahamic religions so strongly opposed to the use of magic? I mean, can't God's methods me described as magic as well? Like when he turns Lot's wife into a salt statue, or the whole Moses thing in Egypt, what about Jesus, in a certain way, weren't they right to accuse him of using magic?
What are some texts that can help elucidate that question?
15 images | 153 replies
No title
A chart for tourists
3 images | 12 replies
Novels for this feel?
me IRL
Please please please, somebody give me advice. I'm turning 30 soon and I'm already losing my hair. My mind is wrecked from smoking too much weed, drinking too many tasty craft beers, and taking Adderall since I was seven. I have never read a single book from cover to cover in my entire life. I spend my free time playing Fortnite and League of Legends and watching Netflix, Marvel, and gay porno. (I'm not even gay, but I'm so addicted that watching women does nothing for me now). I'm 80,000 dollars in debt for an intersectional sociology degree that I haven't even been able to use. I have to wear diapers and I'm starting to grow breasts and I don't even know why. I have to work as a part-time Garfield impersonator (pic related). I spend all my money on Funko Pops and paying male escorts and Chippendale dancers to spank me and fart on me, but I no longer enjoy these pastimes. Bernie will never become supreme dictator of the USSA and Cheeto-Man will doom us all with his fascist tyranny. The only thing I've accomplished in my life is the sneedposts I've written on this board. My Reddit gold, the pride of my life, was recently revoked. Sneedposting and the wonderful words 'peepee poopoo" are the only things that makes me laugh. I was banned from McDonald's and my bitch mother is only home to cook in the evening, so that means I'm only able to eat one meal a day. I can't enjoy food anymore unless it's slathered in onions. I'll never forgive my parents for not aborting my siblings and I'll never forgive my dog for requiring me to walk and feed him, which cuts into valuable me time. I'm desperate for your help. Please recommend TV or Netflix series for me to watch. Even if I've already seen them, I'll still rewatch them if you tell me to. I just need your guidance to give me reason to live. I beg of you, in the name of all that's holy: Bazinga, Peepeepoopoo, & Sneed, please save me, Reddit. You're my only hope.
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Good books similar to pic related?
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How do I blend the boundaries of my being into eveything else? How do we escape the web of desceit; when do we close our books and escape the traps of reason? Where is the book of truth
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To be happy is to be ignorant.

If you watch a horrific video of child rape or whatever personally upsets, are you happy during it?

If not then why? Because you have a visceral disgust to it or because you are upset due to the fact that you are now aware this event has happened?

Why are you happy after seeing this video? Because you again fade into ignorance as the content disappears from your mind and you focus on something else that can make you happy.

Your happiness is only present due to your contextual, blissful ignorance.
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Which cultural region to focus on?
I want to focus on one of these regions for the next calendar year. At the moment i drift between them shallowly without getting any depth of knowledge which is what i want to change.
Which is the overall most interesting based on literature, history and poetry. I'll probably be dabbling in the language too but everything will be in translation.
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I haven't finished more than 80% of books I've started
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tfw too dumb for books
tfw can't even read books

tfw so used to the consumption of turn off your brain forms of media mind numbingly dumb videogames easily accessible mass marketed mainstream cinema that follow toddler like logic and degrading brain-dead mumble rap/trap music.

tfw literally made yourself incapable of enjoying and comprehending the complex themes and concepts being discussed in books of philosophical nature

tfw you realise you're a self made brainlet
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How do I convince a moral relativist that he's wrong when "pointing out that everything is allowed if there is no standard of Good and Evil" doesn't work?
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>The mate was fixed by the Bosuns pike, the Bosun brained with a marlinspike and cookey's throat was marked belike it had been gripped by fingers ten and there they lay all good dead men like break of day in a boozing ken
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Book Club w/ GF
Hey /lit/, I have a fledgling book club consisting of the girlfriend and I, pic related. The time has again come for my selection, and I would be glad for suggestions!

>General framework being shorter works of essay or novella length.
Her first selection was a nutrition guide to support our exercise habit, my selection was Consider the Lobster, after which she chose a selection of Chinese poetry.

So /lit/, what’s next on the list? All recommendations will be considered, although poetry, plays, and essays are more practicable. Erotica recommendations, reasonably well written but more importantly smoldering, would take priority and would otherwise be appreciated greatly.
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>"How dearly, indeed, I loved my pit, my dusky room, the area of my desk with its piles of books! How I enjoyed introspection, shrouded myself in cogitation; with what rapture did I listen for the rustling of frail insects in the thickets of my nerves! A hostility towards the sun was my only rebellion against the spirit of the age. I hankered after Novalis’s night and Yeatsian Irish twilights. However, from the time the war ended, I gradually sensed that an era was approaching in which to treat the sun as an enemy would be tantamount to following the herd."
>tl;dr "I liked to stay inside and read books rather than going outside."
What a fucking hack.
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Is "starting with the Greeks" just a meme at this point, or are you all genuinely serious?
I think I'm too retarded for 500 page epic poems if I'm honest lads. What do?
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>god not giving humans the ability to understand the reason why he does what he does is proof he is not omnipotent at best and evil at worst
the above is essentially asking why God cannot create another God, which is the only being capable of experiencing and knowing what is “Good” in a manner that is not entirely subjective

why is being able to do the ontologically impossible fall under the definition of “not being omnipotent”? being able to do the ontologically impossible is essentially being able to place limits upon the unlimited, and an omnipotent being with unlimited power would logically be unable to place limits on itself
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Imagine un-ironically listening to a goofy Jew with bitch tits.

His book, recommended amongst incels, is "Models: Attract Women Through Honesty" which gives really fucking obvious advice. "Be honest, don't fake it" and fucking retards buy it and worse, recommend it to other people.

The faggot kike think he's edgy by saying "fuck" and "fuck face" on his blog. And his mostly whit*id readers think they're edgy for reading swear words on his blog.
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which podcasts does /lit/ listen to?
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What are some literary preferences that are rarely found among the fairer sex?
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Best translation?
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