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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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Has India ever been invaded from the East?
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I’ve read that inbreeding creates greater tribalism. Should westerners then start to marry their cousins to save the white race?
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Buddhism & The Ghetto behavior
Lurking for some time here and I see that here are some anons who are much more into buddhism than me. I've been taking refuge in the three jewels for some months now. I found out that the teachings of buddhism are my path.
But I can't extinguish my bad feelings towards gypsies. I'm from SE EU and we have huge problem with them. They are the absolute opposite of everything that human development stands for. The problem is that I don't see any reason to try to change my view. Changing the view for me would mean to ignoring the problem. How does buddhists deal with people acting the ghetto way? Just turn away your gaze doesn't work. Are there any historical recordings of buddhist reacting to such groups?
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What would have happened if Jesus sided with Satan in the desert?
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Who was the better king?

Edward, or George?
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Grant was a hard war man and not merely because of the body counts in his battles--he was far from unique in his willingness to sustain huge casualties, something even the courtly Robert E. Lee had been guilty of. What made him unique was the totality of his approach to war. He directed Sheridan to reduce the Shenandoah Valley to the point where a crow could not find sustenance there so that the Rebel armies might be deprived of its food and forage, and now he was ordering Sherman to do same in Georgia. Grant wasn't capable of the grim proclamations Sherman did--his orders were flat and unemotional, but the message was clear. All livestock and wagons, all slaves, and while you're at it, why not arm the slaves so they might be of help to you? That last part Sherman would not do; grim as he was, he felt that armed slaves running around was a bad idea. It was the phlegmatic Grant who had proposed to make the South's worst nightmare come true.
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1638660585943 copy
Historically why was the Catholic Church so vehemently against ideas like free speech and freedom of religion?
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Ancient Egypt
Does the Ancient Egyptian mythology have an origin story in the same vein that the Greek pantheon is related to Proto-Indo-European?
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Why do modern humans prefer warm meals over cold ones?
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When will christ mythicism become mainstream?
More and more historians who publish peer-reviewed literature are coming out a Christ skeptics all the time. I mean, mainstream scholarship already rejects all the supernatural gibberish and as society gets less religious there will be less dogmatic motivation to hang onto a historical Jesus.
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images (21)
Why do Americans refuse to acknowledge kamikaze were very brave (instead of just "crazy") and probably the best strategy the Japanese could opt for at that point?
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Is the United States the only nation founded on Protestant principles? I can't think of any others in history. Europe was founded on Catholic principles, even the Nordic countries and the UK after converting to Protestantism still carried on their Catholic traditions, while Russia was founded on Orthodox principles.
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>read about the Far East's history
>find out most of their ethnicities were manufactured by foreigners
>the Mongols and Manchurians conquered China, destroyed all countries in China, and made sure that no one in China could represent themselves by labeling anyone who wasn't a Mongol or Manchurian as Chinese, and treated all of them equally harshly
>the term Japan is a Portuguese word and the terms Wa and Nihon are Sinic terms, a Sinic-speaking country in China labelled the middle island of the string of islands that are located to the east of China's east coast as Wa/Nihon and Portuguese sailors referred to the entire archipelago as Japan, both terms were exclusively only used as a regional term
>the Japanese archipelago was never linguistically or culturally homogeneous, there were tons of different countries, ethnic groups and languages across the archipelago
>Japan only became homogeneous when the Western-backed Meijis conquered the entire string of islands, manufactured the Japanese ethnicity and the Japanese language, and forced everyone in the archipelago to identify as Japanese, call their country as Japan and to only speak Japanese.
>Far Easterners have never had a sense of ethnicity or statehood, this fact is only reinforced when you look at their descendants today who graciously beg people to refer to them by one word only
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New rankings just dropped: Britain wins
>best physicist
Newton (England)
>best astronomer
Galileo (Italy)
>best biologist
Darwin (England)
>best chemist
Lavoisier (France)
>best geologist
Lyell (Scotland)
>best mathematician
Euler (Switzerland)
>best physician
Pasteur (France)
>best engineer
Watt (Scotland)
>best composer
Beethoven (Germany)
>best artist
Michelangelo (Italy)
>best Western writer
Shakespeare (England)
>best Western philosopher
Aristotle (Greece)
>final results
UK (5), France (2), Italy (2), Switzerland (1), Germany (1), Greece (1)
Britain won, Europe lost.
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No title
Is slavery moral?
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Leave figuring out everything to me
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Was the Resurrection an historical event?
There is no proof that Jesus didn't return from the dead. His remains have never been found, and no witness has ever discredited the resurrection.
Had the Jewish or Roman authorities relocated the body, they could've btfo of Christianity in a second.
The disciples would not have endured persecution and execution if they hadn't witnessed the risen Christ.
Some of them turned their back on Jesus when he was arrested, and they were all demoralized after his crucifixion.
Why would they suddenly preach the gospel and suffer for their beliefs based on a lie?
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No title
Why does yhwh fear him so much?
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Democracy is a myth
Literally every "democratic" government is just a post-whig oligarchy, where all the de-facto power is in hands of cosmopolitan clique of banks and corporations.
Why do these oligarchies call themselves "democracies" when their political system is direct opposite of that of Greek city states?
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No title
Why doesn't china want to open the tomb of the qin emperor?
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No title
Who was in the wrong here?
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are harold
What if Harold's army wasn't completely retarded, didn't abandon their positions by chasing an obvious faint and then won the battle of hastings like they do every time in Total War Medieval 2 ?
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The History of Alaska
What are the most interesting historical anecdotes relating to the territory and state of Alaska?
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No title
>gets invaded
>suddenly a coldest winter in 100 years decimates the invading army
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How Europe Stole the World
Is this an accurate summary of events?
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No title
Is there a better term in psychology for "Agent Smith Effect"? Cognitive Dissonance isn't the same thing.
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No title
Atheism is dying out, why?
They just refuse to procreate.
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No title
>one of the few top nazis who was actually good looking and handsome
>didn't subscribe to Hitler's bullshit and tried to assassinate him
>wacko who believed in "ancient aryans" occultic bullshit and was behind the holocaust
>ugly down syndrome looking chinlet

Is phrenology real?
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Ways to deal with a fully armored knight
1. Bonking him in the head with a mace/hammer/other blunt force weapon
2. Drenching him in oil/alcohol and then igniting him
3. Pouring scalding oil on him
4. Piercing his armor with a spear/lance (this is only reliable if it's a calvary charge)

Anything else?
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>be military society with relatively unique values and culture
>Start a war with a country you cannot possibly hope to beat out of pure arrogance
>Get so buck broken your country isn't even allowed to control its own military, or control its own currency, or decide its own foreign policy
Why do we pretend Japan is a sovereign state when it's effectively a US protectorate/vassal
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Eugenics: good or bad?
>In June 1984, Lee's government rolled out grants for low income and low education women to undergo sterilisation. If a woman and her husband had no O-level passes and fewer than 3 children, the woman could receive a $10,000 grant for undergoing sterilization. Sterilized lower-class parents were also given priority primary school admission for their existing first and second children. The uproar over the proposal led to a swing of 12.9 percent against the People's Action Party in the general election held later that year. In 1985, especially controversial portions of the policy that gave education and housing priorities to educated women were eventually abandoned or modified.
>A proponent of nature over nurture, Lee averred that "intelligence is 80% nature and 20% nurture" and attributed the successes of his children to genetics.[357]
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No title
Why were the British always against any nationalism or christian sentiments in Europe? they made sure to sissify the continent and even destroyed themselves over it
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No title
ugh 2
Why did Iran decline?
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No title
Why did the kidnapper kill the linbergh baby?

Seems like he killed him as soon as he got him out the house, why?
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Is it just me or are a lot of people returning to Catholicism? A ton of people are fed up with the nihilism and meaninglessness that atheisms offers and are returning to God. Only good can come of this.
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No title
Why was such a huge empire unable to conquer such a little territory and ended up being conquered by them instead?
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No title
Is a 140 IQ person more alive than a 70 IQ one?
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No title
"Arguing in good faith" is just a cope for people with no arguments and no knowledge of logic.
>I'm not going to make a counterargument because you're a shill/making a strawman/baiting/are arguing in bad faith. = I don't know how to analyze and refute your point so I'm going to use ad hominems to look like I won instead.
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Original Sin
Can we talk about this shit for a minute?

It's crazy how one of the central tenets of Christianity, original sin, holds that death (at least for human beings) is not a natural phenomenon but is an unnatural occurrence introduced into the world directly as a result of the original disobedience by the first humans (who originally were living in world free from suffering, pain, and physical bodily death).

Then the discovery of evolutionary history comes along and, as well as offering for the first time in human history an explanation of the origins of mankind that didn't rely on the supernatural, tells us that animals (including early humans and their proto-human ancestors) had been living, suffering, and dying since life first emerged on this planet. The theory of evolution also rugpulled the idea that there could have been an original human pair, or that it even makes sense to talk about "the first humans" (as speciation takes a painfully long time).

Where along the gradual timeline of homo sapien evolution would the definitive "first humans" have been? Would these first humans have been in complete union with god; free from death, suffering, and labor? Was there no such thing as physical death until the first humans disobeyed? What need is there for a savior, if god the father has no need to punish someone for a crime that never occurred?

The responses I get are usually along the lines of "it's a metaphor bro" but a cursory reading of Church councils and patristic writers indicates that the Fall has always been understood as an historic event committed by Adam and Eve that introduced actual human bodily death into the world.

The original sin is a hugely important doctrine in Christianity (the sacrament of baptism for instance makes no sense without it) but it's also one of the most ridiculous, not to mention cruel and unscientific.
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No title
>mfw the same leftist bongs that claim that climate change is the fault of capitalism hate Maggie because she closed the coal mines
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No title
My great aunt and uncle have this Roman stone from Algeria. What’s the best way to go about getting an understanding of what these symbols/characters mean?
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Is this true
“People had no real national or ethnic identity before the modern period”
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All flags from Spain
Separated kingdoms of Castile and Aragon, Trastamara & Jimena dynasties.
Catholic Kings' dynastic union, Trastamara dynasty.
Spanish Empire, Habsbourg dynasty
Spanish Empire, Bourbon dynasty.
Spanish nation under Franco' regime

Filler flags as Republicans not mentioned.
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Царская Экспансия
What do you think about the history of Russia?
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No title
images - 2022-08-03T094116.743
Orthodox theology is simply better than Latin theology. Latin theology is all legalistic. Orthodox theology is about the mysteries of God's love.
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No title
Which one managed their state the best and why?
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No title
I think if there is a scale from 1-5 and you consider the following important to very important to you then you are not a wise individual
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I just found this out but i feel like i should have known it. But did you guys know that Nazi Germany. Use to portray the USA as nation of ignorant racists and even went as far to basically use proto

>oh nooooo not the niggerinos in america
>they are so racist and fucking stupid

Idk why i did not know this.
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No title
Reminder, its called the Spanish Empire, not the ''Hispanic Empire''. Any spic trying to popularize the latter is coping with his ancestors being buckbroken slaves who worshiped white Spaniards as gods
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No title
>be Reagan
>somehow manage to convince everyone the economy will be better if rich people have more power
>lifts regulations so companies can monopolize and bust unions
>the working class is permanently fucked and goes into a steady decline ever since
>still have a cult following
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No title
Protestant sisters…I don’t feel so good.

> Calvin at last wrote a book, Concerning Scandals, denouncing the rising tide of godlessness. He had a simple explanation of when and why this surge had started. It was all because of the Protestant Reformation: ‘Whereas thirty years ago religion was flourishing everywhere, and we were all in agreement about the common and customary worship of God, without any controversy, now ungodliness and contempt for God are breaking out on all sides.’

> An awkward admission for a Protestant leader to make; but Calvin could explain it. Calvin was forced to concede, however, that these unbelievers were not simply Catholics revealed in their true colours. They were people who had sampled the gospel. Protestantism had taught them to ‘make witty mockery of the absurdities of the papists’, which in itself was a good thing, but they then proceeded to ‘pour out the poison of their ungodliness in all directions, so that they fill the world with atheism’. In particular, Calvin believed, they had drunk too deeply from one intoxicating Protestant doctrine: gospel freedom, the heady claim that Christians ought to be liberated from the laws and regulations of formal piety. ‘A great many people’, Calvin feared, were using that principle to ‘emancipate themselves from obeying God himself’.[6]

> You could hardly find a less neutral witness. Yet Calvin had one of the sharpest minds of his age, and we do not need to share his theology to accept his observation. The Reformation had done more than simply create a fog of religious confusion in which unbelief could move relatively freely. It was actively leading Christians away from faith.
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No title
Why do Chechens look white when they're genetically Middle Eastern?
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No title
download - 2022-08-11T190004.570
why were empires born in the Middle Ages and in ancient history? desire of individual countries to expand or to find wealth?
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Sigma Males
This dude was something else
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No title
What is your favored translation of baburnama to English?
I see
>thackston 1996
>thackston 2002
>beveredge translation
hoping for one with a similar attention to detail as babur was detail oriented man
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>mfw I realize Germany killed 6000000 (Six Million) precious Jews
Why were they so evil?
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No title
How long until the specter of WW2 finally dies out?
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Opposite-sex twin incest in Balinese society
>The ordinary incest taboos are as follows: a man may not have sexual connection with his mother, his sister, his half-sister, or the mother of his half-sister or half-brother (that is, his mother’s co-wife). The penalty for this first degree incest, according to records of ancient adat, includes immediate banishment from the formal limits of the village, a great purification ceremony with animal offering to the bad spirits, and sometimes a rite whereby the offending pair are dressed in the yokes worn by pigs, and made to approach on all fours and drink out of a pig’s drinking trough. Subsequently the two are to be banished from the village for life and their lands confiscated.

>In connection with the incest laws an exception may be mentioned, that of boy and girl twins, who may marry each other. Among the djaba the birth of such twins is considered a great wrong (manak salah), for the brother and sister are thought to have had a too intimate contact in the womb of their mother. The event will bring famine and disaster upon the entire village, unless averted by the temporary banishment of the children and their parents, followed by great offerings for purification and the propitiation of the evil spirits. When these rites are completed, and the twins have grown up, they may marry, for their incestuous connection is considered to be already atoned for, Since Balinese legendary history contains many examples of boy and girl twins who married and brought forth a tribe, or a line of kings, there is a certain feeling that boy and girl twins are intended to be man and wife, even though it is wrong for them to be so connected.
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No title
>Atheists take control of a major world power for the first time in history
>Immediately start genociding religious people
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No title
>God split himself into 3

What's the fucking point? Why does this concept even exist
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No title
Is this the board where we discuss art?

This munch be bussin' yo.
If you can read "Alpha og Omega", you will find out that women were whores even 120 years ago.
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No title
I'm Muslim, I just realized the Rome Islam talks about, when the Prophet Muhammad predicted that Muslims will beat Rome, isn't the Western Roman Empire but Byzantium. I know it's obvious but when I heard it as a child I never really thought about it. Yet another proof Byzantium is Rome and was considered as such by its contemporaries.
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Jehovah’s witnesses
Who are they?

What did they witness?

Why do they keep knocking on my door?

Should I join them for a pure wife?
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No title
Besides prestige, would Mittelafrika have provided anything useful to Germany?
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Was Christian?
Hitter’s Religion

He seemed to be brought up Roman Catholic than started appearing in Lutheran Churches but also was inspired by Paganism and Occult practices for his racial views.
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No title
Did Genghis Khan kill more Europeans or Asians?

Today, he is often viewed as a source of pride by many males in the Asian-American diaspora who aren't of Mongol descent
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No title
A few question about Baptists:

1. Have Baptists always denied baptismal regeneration? I know this doctrine first found itself in Zwingli (even though Zwingli continued to accept infant baptism), but the General Baptists, the first Baptists, were Arminian and not Reformed (besides I'm pretty sure Calvin accepted a form of baptism regeneration anyway?) If they did not, when did this idea begin among them?

2. Have Baptists always only accept the full immersion, or have there been times in history when they accepted other modes? If so, when did the insistence on full single immersion begin?

To my knowledge, the Baptists just began as people who followed in the Anglican priest John Smyth's rejection of adult baptism (which he seems to have been influenced from the Anabaptists). These latter parts to their theology seem secondary as plenty of credobaptizing sects (Campbellites, Adventists, Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals, etc.) accept forms of baptismal regeneration.
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No title
>No man can serve two masters:for either he.will hate the one, and love the other; or else.he will hold to the one, and despise the other,Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
Why cant people interpret this the way its meant to be interpreted?
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No title
How wild was the west?
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No title
What if Solano Lopez had actually won the Paraguyan war, where would South America be?
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Civilization's cycle of destruction and rebirth
> Humanity destroys itself.
> Milenias pass, continents rise and fall from the oceans.
> Oil that was deep underground rises to the surface and become easily accessible.
> Humanity once again begins its never ending march of progress.
> We reach a level of technology within 100 yrs of today.
> We blow ourselves up again(LMAO)
> Rinse and repeat
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Muh wall!
>Be Vespasian
>Cause 2000 years of kvetching
How did he do it bros?
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No title
What would you do if Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler knocked on your door and said in unison,
>We're taking over the world. Are you in or out?
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No title
>The phantom time hypothesis is a historical conspiracy theory asserted by Heribert Illig. First published in 1991, it hypothesizes a conspiracy by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, Pope Sylvester II, and the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII to fabricate the Anno Domini dating system retroactively, in order to place them at the special year of AD 1000, and to rewrite history[1] to legitimize Otto's claim to the Holy Roman Empire. Illig believed that this was achieved through the alteration, misrepresentation and forgery of documentary and physical evidence.[2] According to this scenario, the entire Carolingian period, including the figure of Charlemagne, is a fabrication, with a "phantom time" of 297 years (AD 614–911) added to the Early Middle Ages.
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No title
what are some lesser known operations about this organization or some of their intelligence data? please no OMG MK ULTRA LSD EXPERIMENTS WOW I BET YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT.
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No title
How were relations between Visigothic Spain and the Byzantine Empire? Did the Visigothic kings recognize the Byzantine emperor as emperor of the romans and submit to the emperor's authority?
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No title
I wish I could save her in some sort of time machine
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No title
>While commander of the French army, Joan of Arc didn't participate in active combat. Though remembered as a fearless warrior and considered a heroine of the Hundred Years' War between France and England, Joan never actually fought in battle or killed an opponent.
French literally worship a glorified cheerleader.
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No title
Gengeis khanitrovich was russian though
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Worst person in human history?
Zhang Xianzhong and his army killed 1 million people in Sichuan, China between 1645-46 during a peasant rebellion he led. Worst massacre in human history.

Pero Brzica, Mile Friganović and Ante Zrinušić-Sipka killed 3,060 people in a killing contest between guards to see which one could kill the most POWs during a contest at a concentration camp in August 1942. This was the worst act of mass murder in human history.

As for dictators and serial killers, those don't count. That's just in terms of general head count.
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No title
Is taxation theft?
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Eastern Slovakia
Where can I learn more about the history and culture this place? My family comes from Levoča, Spišska Nová Ves, and Snina in Eastern Slovakia. I want to learn more about this place and it’s interactions with its neighbors. From what I read, it seems eastern Slovakia tends to be a bit different from the rest of Slovakia and is more similar to Poles and Rusyns than to Czechs. Is this true, and if so why? Any help and info is appreciated.
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No title
How do I cope, philosophically, with the fact that something exists rather than nothing? This seems like by far the most important fact of all and opens up the possibility that there are other totally irrational, inexplicable, yet undeniable facts about our universe that we haven't even stumbled upon yet.
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Flowering knights were literally armed femboys?
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No title
>2 Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished. 2 And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. 3 Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.

Why is every single Christian doing their church and rest days on Sunday?
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Birth and Death Records and Laws
Hey /his/, I'm looking for some discussion or book recommendations on this topic. It seems to me that there is something more than Progressive era rationalization/data collection to the mass record keeping. Automatic enrollment in a state apparatus would seem to fundamentally change an individual's perception of their relationship to the state correct? I'm getting the sense that this and stuff like the hoops you have to jump through to bury a body on private land/a family plot represents a fundamental intrusion of the state into what was formerly the private or family sphere. Not sure if much of this is new or if similar attempts at census-taking and control were made in the ancient world
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Who was Jesus Barabbas?
>Some ancient manuscripts of Matthew 27:16–17 give the full name of Barabbas (Aramaic: ישוע בר Bar ʾAbbaʾ, literally "son of the father") as "Jesus Barabbas". Origen himself saw some manuscripts with the Barabbas's name as "Jesus Barabbas", and he declared that it was impossible this bandit could have had such a holy name, so that "Jesus" must have been added to Barabbas's name by a heretic

>But the reverse is also possible, i.e. that later scribes, when copying the passage, removed the name "Jesus" from "Jesus Barabbas" to avoid dishonor to the name of Jesus the Messiah

>Some scholars argue that the counter-intuitive similarity of the two men's names is evidence of its historicity. They doubt a Christian writer would invent a similar name for a criminal, practically equating Christ with a criminal, if he were fictionalizing the story for a polemical or theological purpose
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No title
I got the kepi yesterday but thread died. What does his think of this stuff?
Do you have any antiques?
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No title
Was it justified?
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Can we please please have a discussion about Shia Islam?
Discuss Shia Islam. In particular, discuss the super esoteric Ali worshipping crypto-Christian ones like the Alawites or the Druze
>inb4 someone cries that Druze is its own religion
Alawites literally have their own Eucharist where they think they drink the flesh and blood of Ali. Lmao some Shias even believe in a quasi-Trinity like the Alevis who profess the unity of Haqq-Muhammad-Ali, they also celebrate Christian holidays. Did you know Ismaili Shia Muslims accept the true crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on the cross? They don't accept the "orthodox" view that he was taken to heaven. Now, to be be fair, Druze are very very strict Tawhidists. And also they have adopted a lot of Greek philosophy, some of them even profess metempsychosis. Alright, take it from here anons. Discuss Shia Islam.
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No title
Why wasn't there ever a Northern Slavic language?
0 media | 9 replies
No title
Why weren't there ninjas in medieval Europe?
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No title
Christians of /his/ what are your thoughts on John Calvin?

I am thinking of becoming a Calvinist
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No title
Why did so few people in the world care about freedom prior to 1776? What exactly were they doing for thousands of years?
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No title
This is Russian contribution to World history, culture and science. Now show polish/ukrainian/lithuanian/latvian one.
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Ancient Greece/Rome had a cult of beautiful butts
>The origin of the cult of this Aphrodite would be the following. The ancient legends say that the two daughters of a relatively prosperous farmer in Siracusa (Italy), beautiful, cheerful and of sharp wit, bet one Sicilian summer evening on the beauty of their buttocks to see which of them was worthy of the first prize. For this they agreed to show it to a passerby and have him decide who was the winner

>The girls lived on the outskirts of the city, so they had to wait a long time to find the appropriate judge. At last a young man with broad shoulders and a neat tunic appeared on the slope of the road. At the precise moment when he reached where they were and saw them, Helena lifted her tunic and, smiling, looked down at her buttocks

>So when Aspasia told him about the bet and in turn showed him her own buttocks, he could no longer think of anything but Helena’s ass. Of course you voted for it. In fact, he fell in love with her, so much so that when he returned to the city he told his younger brother what had happened. The younger brother went to the outskirts of town as soon as he could to see the girls. It turns out that he fell in love with the younger sister, even long before he was lucky enough to see her bare buttocks

>The boys plead with their father to allow them to marry the girls, and the father could not deny them when he saw the girls. They married, and the girls became famous for their assets, and were called The Fair-Buttocks. Since they had become rich and famous, they founded a temple to Aphrodite in thanks, and it was dedicated to he aspect of the goddess relating to beautiful butts, and the temple was then manned only by women with beautiful rear-ends
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No title
Why doesn’t christophobia get more attention like islamophobia even though it’s a far more popular sentiment among both the far right and far left these days?

Even the Wikipedia pagan on it is extremely small
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Roman Exploration
How far did the Romans actually go? I have read they warred against the Nubians and had diplomatic relations with Aksumites but what is the farthest place that Roman boots touched the ground?
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unknown (9)
how hitler win?
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>can’t be peaceful co-exist with Rome
>chimpout times after times
>weakened both empires
>got raped by Arabs
>Rome outlived it for 800 years
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Scythians cucked by rural mountain dwellers
>In the Armenian Chronicles, the Durdzuki (Vainakhs) defeated the Scythians, becoming a significant axis power for the entirety of the first millenium B.C.
How did the Vainaikhs do it?
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God’s plan
What is it all leading up to if we’re just observers of our own agency?

Evolution of will => free will?
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Thomas Carlyle
What's your take on /his/torian Thomas Carlyle's works on Fredrick the Great and the French Revolution?
And why is he so forgotten and ignored in Scotland today?
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Henri Guillemin
Calling to french speaking anon, what are your thought on him
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Why are Jews (and by extension, most Christians and Muslims) so fanatically opposed to idolatry and sacrifice? Kosher wine is traditionally boiled so that it can't be used in pagan sacrifices. This carried over to even Gentiles Christianity, Acts warns Gentiles to abstain from sacrifices and consuming blood, even if Gentiles are not bound by Mosaic Law. And of course then you have the iconoclasm if early Orthodox groups, Islam and later Reformed Churches.
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Why do people grieve the loss of family?
Surely it can't be simply "sunk costs" of losing a relation you invested time into, right? I'm sorry it's neither witty nor funny, but I needed a picture.

Physiology explanations are welcome too.
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What would have happened had the New Union treaty went into effect?
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>During scourging, a person was stripped naked, tied to a post, and then flogged across the back, buttocks and legs by Roman soldiers.
Were the buttocks of Jesus whipped by Roman soldiers?
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Why did Bolshevism/Communism appeal to so many middle class Jews in Eastern Europe during the early 20th century?
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>The French campaign in Egypt and Syria
>French invasion of Russia
Why was Napoleon so bad at strategy?
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What the fuck did they do all day?
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what's their secret?
Great Britain_0
>no successful invasions since 1066
>no civil wars since since 1651
>no coups since 1688
>no revolutions
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Is the "Sworld of Allah" underrated regarding military matters?
images - 2022-08-10T211650.629
Is Khalid ibn Walid severely underrated and outshined by other commanders? Yarmuk and Al-Qadsia were pretty impressive. It must be hard to fight a numerically superior, better equiped and better supplied foe and winning every single time against them.
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who would win in a rap battle?
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>Tried to make Mexico into an industrial superpower like the US.
>Catholic peasants get butthurt about muh traditions, and like crabs in a bucket drag the country back into backwater irrelevance.

I hate peasants so much bros.
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Vespasian be like: Where do we put the new amphitheater?OH RIGHT THIS IS THE PERFECT SPOT!
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What is /his/' opinion on Theozoology?
The bible without a doubt teaches the existance of a divine race and a human race that ought not intermix but is it really the aryans?
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>Become sapient
>Scared and confused
>There is no context to anything, nothing makes sense
>Another creature attacks me and begins eating me alive
>pain beyond measure
>Incredibly scared and still completely confused why any of this is happening
>pass out from blood loss
What the fuck was the point?
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dudes chillin
Why did de Gaulle give up Algeria? It had thousands of Frenchmen in it who fought bitterly to keep it French. Why did he just hand it off?
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