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Welcome to /his/ - History & Humanities
This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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What did China think of Europeans having massive empires that even dwarfed their own? Why didn’t they seek to emulate this into some kind of expansion policy outside their immediate backyard?
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so why hasn't real capitalism been tried yet?
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Not real
Post artificial "nations" that have no real history as a country

pic related
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how do christians in western societies consider themselves to be morally superior and right when they participate in societies promoting the seven deadly sins as a way of their lifestyle?
do they not see the inherent contradictions?
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img (1)
Ex Muslim bros, how did you manage to put all your trust in Jesus Christ and fully abandon Islam?

I just look at all these people calling themselves Christian drinking and having casual sex while posting on Facebook about how God will forgive them for everything. This doesn't seem right.
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>Give me physical evidence for non-physical objects and I will believe that non-physical object
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After the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, everyone thought we would have world peace forever, and that benign liberal democracy would spread everywhere and make everyone happy.

30 years later, Russia and NATO are on the brink of nuclear war and Communist China is the #1 world economy.

What went so terribly wrong?
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images - 2022-05-16T130945.172
When did it all go wrong?
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Did Rome actually integrate all of its conquered people to be 'Roman,' or did its regions have great cultural autonomy?
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Post good cristian channels/videos
Steven Anderson, although I'm sticking with catholicism, he's very based:
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man it must be depressing being an atheist

>we're just a bag of meat controlled by electrical signals and nothing matters so if you went and shot up a preschool full of small children it would be no different from putting a Raid trap in your kitchen to get rid of roaches
>what does it matter, maan? those kids were just biomass and there's no god I have to answer to for blowing them away
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If God real then why bad thing happen? No, seriously.
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Is psychoanalysis a pseudoscience?
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Who is this insufferable cunt and why is he memed so hard on this shit board?
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What are some examples of good dictators?
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What was Japan’s role in the Vietnam War?
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Genetics determine moral character.
All you need to do to determine right or wrong is examine the physiognomy of who's promoting the ideas. This applies to every single historical figure and their adversaries. Stauffenberg vs Goebbels, Alexander vs Demosthenes, JFK vs Nixon, Stalin vs Trotsky, ad infinitum.
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why are indo europeans like this
>The urine of sheep, oxen, and those who marry next-of-kin are viewed as being particularly pure and devoid of corruption and therefore able to be used by corpse-bearers to wash and purify themselves.
>The marriage between a mother and her son is the most superior type of marriage, followed by that of father and daughter, which is followed by that of brother and sister. The marriage pact becomes even more superior if the mother/daughter is also the sister of her son/father.
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Do you still doubt the Indo-European superiority?
the race of chads and conquerors
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Why were native husbands in the Americas so rare?
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Why did the Japanese take so long to surrender?
Potsdam and the Final Decision to Bomb, July 1945
The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima, August 6, 1945
The Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki, August 9, 1945
Japan Surrenders, August 15, 1945
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Should I join Freemasonry or stay away? Why? What are the regular meetings of the Masons about?
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Reminder that Ottoman soldiers raped British Empire forces in WW1
Ottoman soldiers WW1
>After the surrender, the Ottomans forced the British POWs to embark upon a brutal "death march" to POW camps in Anatolia, during which the prisoners were forced to march under the scorching hot sun while being deprived of water, food and medical care while constantly being whipped by the Kurdish and Arab tribesmen the Ottoman state had hired to guard them; those who faltered on the "death march" were shot on the spot.[89][101] In the evening, the men on the death march were given biscuits to eat and water to drink. The only reason why the guards kept their charges alive was to rape them and during the course of the death march all of the POWs were repeatedly gang-raped

>After the British Army surrounded at Kut (in modern day Iraq), in April 1916, the survivors were sent on a death march of 500 miles with little food and even less medical care. Of the 2,592 British rank and file taken prisoner at Kut, more than 1,700 died (nearly 70%) died in captivity.

>According to the book 'Battle on the Tigris' by Ron Wilcox, Officers reported stories of 'young solders of the Hampshire and Norfolk [regiment] being repeatedly buggered by Turkish soldiers and sick men being buried by the road while still alive'.

>One Australian who after return from captivity in 1921 went on a mad spree in Launceston (Tasmania) which ended with his taking his own life with a pistol. When the inquest was held his former commanding officer came from Melbourne to give evidence ad stated that he had been "due to his youth and appearance, a particuar subject of foul abuses by certain Turkish guards."
Why are Turks/Arabs so fucking gay?
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What do you think of the argument from historians like Eric Foner that Reconstruction was the real founding of the republic?
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china generals
success breeds jealousy
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Oh no leftybros....
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was the reconquista justified?
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Why is their military so overrated?
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>its so strange how perfectly was Earth made for human life!

How do you call this argument fallacy? Confusing cause and consequence? Observational bias? I encountered this so many times when talking with religiousfolk and i can explain why its stupid easily, but it feels it never gets through, so how to simply and effectively explain the faulty logic there?
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Ugly gothic church
Gothic architecture is ugly as fuck and I'm tired of pretending it isn't
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What were they smoking?
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what is the point of the baptism of jesus? what exactly did john bestow upon him? did he call summon the spirit to descend? I am just confused by it. somewhere in “the orthodox corruption of scripture” by bart ehrman, which I take with a grain of salt, he claims some manuscripts have
>thou art my beloved son, this day I have begotten you
from psalm 2 instead of the typical matthew 3:17. this would make a lot more sense and support an adoptionist christology.

john the baptist thread I guess
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No title
Why does democracy always lead to populism and dictatorship?
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I want to settle this
so to the extent of my knowledge, there are 2 "schools of thought" per se, one claiming haplogroup J is native to the middle east, and associated with Semitic languages, and one claiming, that it is native to the Caucasus, and associated with the Vainakh languages; I come here to ask, what is your opinion, /his/? What stance do you take?
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Why were Conquistadors so brutal to peaceful natives?
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Why do people choose to divide haplogroups the way they do? It seems like people just arbitrarily choose which subclades most closely fit the narrative that they are separate or distinct from those around them (when that's often actually the opposite of what Y-DNA data shows).
I'm thinking of, for example, why Western and Eastern Europeans obsess over splitting R1b and R1a, when they're both just ultimately subclades of R1.
Or why people obsess over splitting R1b-U106 and R1b-P312, when again they're ultimately both just subclades of R1b-L151.
Or why we bother with subclades at all when literally every living human male ultimately carries Y-DNA which is just a subclade of A.
Do these people not get that there are further subclades of arbitrary subclades like R1b-L21 and R1b-U106 etc., and that you can literally keep going further and further down the subclade tree until you're effectively on a clan-based or family-based level?
The more I study genetics and gain a greater insight into it, the more it seems like there are largescale, calculated campaigns to try and basically manipulate genetic data to conform to and fit a particular historical narrative which it often doesn't.
I see so much cherrypicking and misconstruing of genetic data that it is baffling.
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when did the british monarchs actually lose political power in britain?
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Fidel Castro hated New Coke
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Would this be an accurate matrix to classify historical political leaders?
If we think about it, there's 3 separate ideologies: classic liberalism, conservatism/nationalism, and socialism. Everything else is a variant or a mix of these 3.
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images - 2022-05-17T081826.907
How does the "lion of judah" cope?
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>You send yourself to Hell

Is there a more brainlet response?
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If God is real and is benevolent, why is there so much suffering in the world? How do you explain things like bone cancer in children?
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Was the KKK really that important of a factor in US politics?
Or do normies know them just because of spooky ghost suits?
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Black Nazis
Historically, how common were black nazis?

I don't mean fascists, I mean nazis specifically.

What do they think about skull measuring?
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No title
Why were all world wars started in the Middle West?

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No title
Is true that the kpinga/ hunga munga was the most advanced bladed weapon ever conceived let only produced by any race?
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I see no God
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/arg/ - Ancestral Religions General
This thread is for the discussion of traditional religions based on ancestral worship from all over the world such as Hellenism, Cultus Deorum Romanorum and Norse polytheism. Hinduists, Shintoists, Daoists etc. are also welcome to join.
Links to FAQ and resources:
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Why were Levantines singled out for servility and despised by many ancient writers?
>“[Gabinius, Roman governor of Syria] handed [the revenue-farmers] over as slaves to Jews and Syrians, themselves peoples born to be slaves.”
— On the Consular Provinces, Cicero (56 BC)

>“That hostile army was both larger in number and composed of a somewhat better grade of soldiers; there, as you know, were Macedonians and Thracians and Illyrians, all most warlike nations, here Syrians and Asiatic Greeks, the most worthless peoples among mankind and born for slavery.”

>“He [Emperor Severus Alexander] preferred it to be thought that he derived his descent from the Roman people, for he was ashamed at being called a Syrian”
— Historia Augusta, Author Disputed (4th Century AD)

— Manlius Acilius (191 BC, Quoted by Livy)
>“Come, tell me why it is that the Celts and the Germans are fierce, while the Hellenes and Romans are, generally speaking, inclined to political life and humane, though at the same time unyielding and warlike? Why the Egyptians are more intelligent and more given to crafts, and the Syrians unwarlike and effeminate, but at the same time intelligent, hot-tempered, vain and quick to learn? […].”
— Against The Galileans, Julian (361 to 363 AD)

>"First, the Syrians (Isaac 2004: 335–50): They were born for slavery according to the familiar formula (Cicero, de provinciis consularibus 2.5.10; Livy 35.49.8; Livy 36.17.4–5). The presumed qualities of the Syrians and other Asiatic peoples which earn them the description of having been born for slavery are: servility, effeminacy, perversity. Homosexuality, self-castration, perverted cults are all associated with this presumed lack of masculinity. They were no fighters, it was thought.
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No title
He really wasn't that great of an orator, actually. Literally could not go even a single speech without descending into shouting, more like screeching really, at least once.
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Who actually liked her?
She's ranked highly among other British prime ministers in many polls etc across different social groups.
But whenever I see her mentioned by an actual person they almost always hate her.

I can't wrap my head around this dissonance.
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No title
Why is Christianity so fucking creepy?

>dead man nailed to a cross
>he raises from dead after three days
>he tells you to eat his flesh and drink his blood to live forever
That's some zombie-vampire shit going on.
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No title
>and then the winged hussars arrived
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No title
How did such a large area manage to be so historically irrelevant in every metric?
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No title
All praise to the Goddesses and the Gods
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Over 200,000 French people lived in Spain during the 17th century
>Historical research has only recently shown the extent (hitherto unknown)
of French emigration to the Iberian countries. It is proved by statistical surveys as well as by continued emphasis in travellers' accounts. Cardinal de Retz expressed extreme surprise in 1654 at hearing everyone in Saragossa (where there was a very great number of French artisans) speaking his language. Ten years later, Antoine de Brunel wondered at the amazing number of gavachos
>in Madrid; 40,000 he thought, who disguised themselves as Spaniards or claim that they are Walloons or from Lorraine or Franche-Comte to conceal the fact that they are French and to avoid being beaten up as such '
>The French supplied the Spanish capital with artisans, odd-job men and
retailers attracted by expectations of high salaries and profits. This was particularly true of masons and building workers. They also invaded the countryside: Spanish land would often have remained uncultivated without the peasant who came from France. These details indicate abundant, continuous and socially mixed emigration, an obvious sign of French overpopulation. Jean Herauld, lord of Gourville, states in his memoirs that there were 200,000 French in Spain (1669) - an enormous but by no means improbable figure.
(source: Fernand Braudel, Civilization and Capitalism Volume I)
But /pol/ and /his/ told me that only latinos emigrated to white countries to do menial jobs and not the opposite...
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No title
I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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No title
I've read people claim that Romania was more important to the Axis than Italy. Is this true, and how?
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No title
Did I get anything wrong?
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What's with the popular notion that American slavery was the worst in history? Sounds like bullshit
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Historical Gravesites
Slava Ukraini /his/!

I'll be taking you on a short trip to visit the gravesite of Father Agapius Honcharenko. A Ukrainian patriot and exile buried not far from where I grew up. As we go along, I'll be posting photographs of the trip and a brief summary of his life.
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No title
Wine and bread or grape juice and bread?
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No title
The bible should have never been translated from the original Greek and Hebrew
So many millions of souls lost because of this shit, I understans why arabs are so autistic about the quran not being translated now
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Can genetics help me find out what diet type of diet suits me best?
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Mexican gun stores
>By the 1960s, the government modified Article 10 of the Constitution and enacted the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives, limiting gun ownership to small-caliber handguns, heavily restricting the right to carry outside the homeplace and ending a cultural attachment to firearms by shutting down gun stores, outlawing the private sale of firearms, and closing down public shooting facilities.

Are there any old pictures of these mexican gun stores? i can't find them anywhere.
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No title
what happened during this decade to cause people to go completely insane?
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I think Communist Vietnam should apologize to America for their atrocities.
Seriously the Vietnamese communists tortured our soldiers, murdered prisoners and humiliated us. When we normalized ties with these sobs in the 1990s a prerequisite should have been them apologizing to us and to apologize for them causing a refugee crisis. Now the good thing is these Vietnamese refugees are based and support America and conservative values but they are here because a communist government toppled south Vietnam a liberal democracy that stood by America. Since the current commie regime in power is illegitimate they should be forced to apologize for their crimes.
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No title
I am the living embodiment of this meme.
R1as turned me into tranny. I fight everyday against my faggy tranny instincts but the tranny inside me always wins. The trannies will pay.
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No title
> mfw born too late for the 9th crusade and too early for the 10th
> born right in time for the crusade of your heart
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No title
>popular imagination of medieval China is dominated by the Qing dynasty, who were invaders and tyrants from Manchuria
>people think the pigtail is a traditional Chinese haircut
>people think the Manchu dress is a traditional Chinese dress
>people immediately think of the Qing dragon when thinking of Chinese mythology
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No title
Are you really a Christian if you don't know Pontius Pilate was?
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No title
How would America look like if the South, before Civil War started, decided to kill all the Black slaves and then agree to abolish slavery and return to the union?
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No title
Why does Durant make leftists seethe so much?
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Why does this country not give a shit that it will cease to exist in 100 years?
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No title
>”Philosopher Kings must be put in power and kept in power by force”
>”Why can’t they just get democratically elected like every other politician?”
>”Because voters don’t vote for goodness, they vote for politicians who are politically savvy”
>”But Plato, you yourself said the Philosopher Kings would be the most politically savvy individuals that there can be, that they would be better at leading the people than anyone else. If that were true, would it not be simple for them to get elected.”
>”Uhhh, no, because… JUST NO, NOW FUCK OFF”

A Philosopher King who must resort to authoritarianism was never a Philosopher King in the first place
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No title
How well would you say Spain managed it's colonial empire? Could they have done better with the resources they were given?
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What role(s) did knights play in society.
They're well known for their soldiering, but beyond this what were they? Did they have a peacetime role?

Sometimes they seem to be sworn men-at-arms in the retinue of nobles.
Other times they are themselves a rank of lesser nobles.
Other times they are a class unto themselves, an intermediary between commoners and nobles, who rule small holdings but specialize in warfare.
Other times they are have no apparent geographic or political obligations, and function as members of religious organizations without anyone to whom they owe fealty (besides the organization itself).

At the same time, many or all of the functions attributed to knights are also performed by nobles and even sometimes clergymen, whether as men-at-arms or rulers of land.

I'm aware that the term "knight" could be used as a catchall to describe different things in different societies. But I'm not asking about those misnomers. I'm wondering what, if anything, was the defining role and nature of knighthood as a profession, distinct from nobles/nobility.

As an aside, I'm also wondering: what was the difference between the nobility and clergy, in terms of rights and obligations attached to land ownership and governance?
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Where is the biblical census?
Where is the census of the bible? I can't find it anywhere.
I find it hard to belive that a census of the entire roman empire would just go missing like that.
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No title
"Isho was the last Jew and the first Christian!"
~My grandpa when asked if Jesus was Jewish.
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No title
How can Christians ever recover?
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Malorussia Before Russian Liberation
>No autonomy whatsoever
>papist poles grooming hohols into their foreign language and pedo cult
>constant raids and invasions by turks
>coastal ukraine depopulates by crimean tatar slave raid

Why do hohols claim Kievan rus and not their immidiate history before being annexed by Russia?
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No title
>Crimean War
>Russo-Japanese War
>Winter War
And these are just from the last 150 years
Russians have NEVER been good at war
They only won in WW2 because americans literally supplied them with so much equipment and supplies that it that the total amount of equipment tonnage was comparable to the western allied armies during all of the period of 1942-45. Any retard could win with such logistical support and the russian tactics only consisted of outnumbering germans 10:1 throwing human wave attacks in the meatgrinder until germans run out of bullets. Deep battle is a fucking meme and a cope invented by the soviets to justify the high casualties.
I'm glad the Ukrainian war exposed all of the tankie lies and destroyed the shitty revisionist history about how Red Army was this invincible unstoppable beast.
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No title
Why didn't Japan fall hard for communism like china did?
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No title
Why are atheists like this?
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No title
>Talks to a woman once
>Entire perspective on women shifts
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No title
sadfrog looking at you
Religion bores me. I like reading about math, programming, and science because it engages your mind a bit to manipulate variables to solve a problem, even history, but every time I have to read some religious text or prayer my brain just shuts off, like "not this garbage again". It just doesn't make any logical sense. Some rare moments like Jesus's sermons on how to act have some value to them, but reading everything else like "praise God for the sake of praising God" and other such tautologies/claims without any proof is just pointless.
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Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
I’m about to start his 3-volume “Coming of the New Deal” series. What am I in for, /his/bros that actually read?
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No title
How did African Americans go from this...
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No title
How it it feel to be Churchill during ww2
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No title
Why didn't people in the past eat pig cum? Pigs can cum up to 500 ml, that's a substantial meal.
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No title
/his/bros is this true or is /pol/ just being full of shit again?
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No title
>fascist right wing dictator
>slaughters communists
>kills or locks up some opposition
>conflict in spain ends
>has no reason to keep being a tyrant
>stops being one
>spain becomes a reasonably safe, comfortable, free, economically successful country under a boring conservative government for several uneventful decades
Why don't leftists dictators do this? Why are they totalitarian psychopathic control freak murdering assholes for their entire career?
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No title
Nothing compares to european Architecture
48 media | 112 replies
No title
Why are Americans obsessed with the IRA?
3 media | 29 replies
Congoid hominids form no part ov dhe Euroid Tribe, all jokes aside (religion included).
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No title
Why is this phenotype most common among Anglos?

What causes it?
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No title
Why did Lothair I., the oldest son of Emperor Louis the Pious of Francia, inherit the objectively shittiest part of Francia? It was so diverse it had no future, not to mention that it was mostly a thin strip of land sandwiched by two blobs of Francia Occidentalis and Francia Orientalis. It's even more ridiculous when you know that Lothair I. was fighting a rebellion with his brothers against his father and took part in the negotiations that ended up signing Treaty of Verdun. Sure he got Rome and Aachen, but strategically he was fucked (or his descendants were).
He wasn't a smart guy, was he?
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No title
When did you grow out of the idea that all of existence is purely material?
18 media | 219 replies
No title
Where did Jomon Japanese come from?
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No title
Christian lore is fucking boring
I love reading about Egyptian, Babylonian, Norse, Mesoamerican, Jewish, Celtic, Slavic, Greek gods and rituals. They are just so creative and fun.
And then there's Jesus "hurr, i can like ughhh... cure people from cancer and walk on water, but i also died because people were mean to me ;("
All the cool shit in the Bible happened in the Old Testament.
Prove me wrong
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No title
What is this meme and why do I keep seeing it? Legitimately, what is unironically his phenotype?
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No title
Why did Persian leave such a small impact on Turkish compared to Arabic when Turks interacted with Persians before Arabs?
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No title
atheist bible
What practical benefits do I get by becoming an atheist?
0 media | 28 replies
Islamic liturgy
What exactly do muslims do for communal prayer in mosques? Latins have the Mass and Orthodox have the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, in addition to other services (Matins, Vespers, Compline, Midnight, Hours, etc.), but what is do muslims have? Is there a text and what does it contain?
0 media | 16 replies
No title
Could that conspiracy-schizo /x/ philosophy be categorized as a genuine religion? If so, what would it be called?
>belief that the world is ruled by demonic reptiles who harvest our life energy to serve as their food source
>these reptilians operate under a number of fronts, including Judaism, Freemasonry, US Government, etc
>something involving Saturn, either as the deity of the reptilians, the gateway by which they enter our universe, or their home world.
>the ruling class performs human sacrifices to Moloch as a means to appease the Reptilians
>the belief that our reality as we know it is fake and trapped inside a black cube
>there might be good aliens who want to help us defeat the reptilians and ascend above this reality. They either look like feline-headed humanoids or Scandinavian elves.
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No title
What was his endgame?
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No title
Is this really the ideal female form?
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No title
download (1)
Why did he advocate for the extermination of all white cis males?
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No title
In a purely hypothetically almost completely isolated Spanish Civil War, who'd have won?
And by isolated, I mean no major international support. Both sides can still get civilian volunteers from other countries, but nobody is going to be getting tanks/aircraft essentially
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No title
>okay pedro im back from the coast how are things hanging back here in--
>"i killed the entire mexican nobility so now we're holed up in this palace with tens of thousands of furious locals outside desperate to tear us to pieces"
what was his fucking problem?
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No title
Is Japan’s “guilty until proven innocent” justice system superior to the opposite that is standard in the west?

Their society is much less dangerous and violent as a result
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No title
*remains loyal*
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No title
i see no god
propaganda thread
10 media | 13 replies
No title
I forgot the alamo
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No title
Were foederatis in other empires treated similarly as the Chechens in Russia? From what I have seen on Russian social media sites they are being praised by Russian men and fetishized by Russian women?
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No title
Why don’t the Jews just apologize for crucifying Christ so we can all just move on from it?
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No title
>Russian wagner group thread
holy fucking kino
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ITT: The most pointless conflicts
The sheer amount of destruction and loss of human life just to return to the status quo ante bellum makes me a little sick to be honest
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No title
Why didn’t Portugal unify with the other Iberian kingdoms?

Seems they all joined into Spain eventually. Why not Portugal?
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No title
Franz Joseph
This nigga was pretty alright.
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No title
I got baptized yesterday.
6 media | 32 replies
No title
El Camino Real
but which road
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No title
Ey! I'm Scythian over here!
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No title
Was the rise of the oligarchy in Russia inevitable after the fall of the USSR and its posterior privatization?
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No title
If you're an atheist you're a fucking degenerate, there's no way around that, no other reason to be a godless shitstain besides being an unprincipled, nihilistic, pathetic degenerate.
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No title
Glory was their name. Good deeds was their game. They basically invented Western European High Medieval feudalism in the dark ages, with the stone castles surrounded by moats, boar hunts, wine-feasts, a heavy cav elite made up of liegemen, and peripathetic warrior kings. Still, they vanished without a trace. Why?
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John Dunn - Setting the People Free
Hello everyone! My professor gave us this book by Dunn to study for our "history of political doctrines" exam.
Now, the Italian translation he gave us is poorly written, so that might be one of the reasonswhy I find this book very very confusing.

Can someone explain to me the key points of the book and the general idea/goal that Dunn wanted to express?

Resources with analysis, explanations, summaries would be great
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Atheism is a byproduct of Christianity
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Basque pepe
Is the Basque language a WHG language, an EEF language, or a Steppe language?
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>Read about Louis XIV, some more old-fashioned historians refer to him as a proto-Napoleonic tyrant.
>Read more. He just wanted defensible borders by securing Spanish Flanders and a border on the Rhine.
Was it really necessary for Leopold and the English parliament to sperg out so hard over this guy?
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>wake up
>not haplogroup D
why live?
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What are you favourite /his/ themed memes? Pic related
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Historic drip
Post historic drip that you are jealous of.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Ottomans but if there is something that I can't criticize them for is drip, fuckers had it down.
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which ethnic group has had the least gross practices in history?
>indo european
eating cow shit, having sex with animals, castration, incest etc.
cutting dickskin off, sex w boys, wife beating, plus some stuff mentioned above
eating animal fat and genitals, plus probably some stuff mentioned above too
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