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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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I wrote the university Oskar went to and requested his thesis. It took a minute to get, but this is the first time it appears online. It’s in German, which the last thread said it would be able to help translate, and seems to be a criticism of a state-run economy.

Later today I can post a link to the final 2 chapters. The archivist for Frankfurt University said that the whole thing can’t be sent due to file size, soon I will request more scans or a physical copy, which I’d probably have to pay for.

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Daily reminder that Stalin had a scat fetish and would often collect the poo of world leaders when they had dinner.
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What was wrong with Rome adopting Christianity
just to say upfront I am deist, doe I see no reason for hate of Rome's adoption of Christianity , as monotheism is stronger then polytheism in their organisation, centralized moral values and ethics. Christianity encouraged birth rates, slowed down degeneracy and promiscuity of Rome (Italia and cities mainly), created more dynamics in the government as patriarch got influence and stopped Emperor from having all the power (fully utilized in Byzantium), the argument that it was a ''foreign religion'' is dubious as it was religion that started on Roman soil and spread under it without forcing (late Rome is exception) Christianity (at least the form at when it was adopted) went trough a lot of Hellenic filtering and then got syncretised with cult of sol.
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Time Travel Shenanigans
You have been transported to the year 1920, with the Great War over, and Prohibition in effect. How would you fit into society, make a living, and survive for what is to come next?
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>If TR had one particular vice, it was coffee which he drank in prodigious quantities--he was likely the biggest coffee addict to ever sit in the Oval Office and his son remarked that his coffee cup was more like a bathtub in its dimensions. He liked it sweet too, often putting up to 7 lumps of sugar in a cup. Roosevelt had little use for alcohol however and rarely drank it, it may be that it did not agree with him. He was not a huge fan of exotic foods or haute cuisine, aside from his fondness for exotic teas in particular Ku Kwa and Caravan tea. Roosevelt had very particular preferences on how his favorite foods should be cooked; eggs were always to be boiled hard, never soft or medium. He wanted his chicked cooked with the gravy so it would soak in instead of the gravy being spooned on afterwards.

>It has been claimed he sometimes drank a gallon of coffee a day. Eventually he switched to putting artificial saccharin in his coffee to try and keep his weight down. Roosevelt's coffee addiction had its roots in his childhood when he was plagued by asthma. Since he was born 110 years before the modern asthma inhaler was invented, treatment for his condition relied on 19th century medical wisdom of questionable value. Coffee consumption and smoking tobacco were both popular asthma treatments and the Roosevelts tried both on young Theodore. The smoking didn't stick with him but the caffeine certainly did.
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Confucian values are superior to Judeo-Christian values
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You turn into him in 1989. What do you do?
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When will the Atheist movement Die?
Atheists are desperate to convert everyone into their nihilism cult. Lots of people are joining the atheist ideology even though atheism offers nothing good.
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Whats the reason behind all the viking hype in media?
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Reynard Heydrich, the leader of the Gestapo. When presented with a chance to flee assassins there to kill him, he insisted his car stop so he could personally shoot at them. This enabled the assassins to throw a grenade and kill him. Hitler considered his death to be 100% his own fault.
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no homo
Why is Judas looked down upon in Christianity? Had he not betrayed Jesus, how could Jesus have died for our sins?
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polish corridor
Could WW2 have been avoided if the Polish Corridor never existed in the first place? Was it really Hitler's OCD towards that minuscule piece of land what triggered the deadliest conflict in human history?
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Were 20th century Marxist movements more of a reaction against imperialism? It seems like seizing and sharing the means of production was just a bunch of bullshit.
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What are the metaphysics of Christianity?
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The last chapter goes way off the rails singing about socialism, but how accurate is the rest?
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You may not like it but Anglicanism is peak Christianity.
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So why would GOD be a necessary existence?
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Iberian kangz
Why was ancient Iberia so historically underwhelming compared to their Greek and Italian counterparts? Did they even produce a civilization of their own, or were they just oooga booga tier until until they received the beneficence of Roman rule?
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What draws the line between official religion and a meme religion?
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Was he right?
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Finland under Swedish rule
Sweden Finland
How was Finland treated in the period under Swedish rule? Were Finns well represented in the administration? Were they at the mercy of oppressive Swedish and German nobles in Finland? Were Finns treated better under Swedish or Russian rule?
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What does God think of LGBT people?
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What is the architecture of these called? Pic from san diego
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Is democracy a bad thing?
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Ancient unexplained mysteries thread. What are some weird mysteries from the past, anons?
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How come Bulgaria got to keep the land it took from Romania after WW2 but Hungary didn't?
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>bro the Mayans were like, so spiritual and at one with the cosmos
*massacres 140 nfants in one ritual
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>I'll fight on two fronts with these two weak nations as my allies
What the fuck was Germany thinking?
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>not a single remaining communist country even has a hammer and sickle on its flag
Why is the world so fucking gay now?
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>God exists, we didn't just pop into existence
>God just popped into existence
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Why did Nazi Germany annex Belgium instead of the Netherlands? Or, why did they annex Belgium first? The Netherlands are a lot closer to Germany than the Belgiands, culturally speaking.
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Name a better rivalry
Seven centuries of conflict almost always ending in a stalemate
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A lot of people have criticized the new Civ VI game’s choice of female leaders for being terrible choices. A lot of people in /int/ hate them, a Swede saying Sweden’s leader was terrible and hurt the country.
This got me wondering if there are great women from history who weren’t terrible.
If you were in charge of Firaxis picking leaders, and you had to choose women, what are some great female leaders in history that would be great for a Civ game?
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>History is written by the Victors

Isn't this kind of a dumb quote considering how many revenge, or "we'll one day get our comeuppance" narratives there are in the world. I mean judaism, and many other religions, pretty much live off the historical underdog motif. Not to mention all the winners that ended up having their history tainted after fading out, or with things like today when old history that goes against who's in power is used against them, something i'm sure that's happened throughout time. I mean Churchill himself is already a divisive figure nowadays, and it's barely been a lifetime since he "won"

Just seems like a dumb quote
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When Iran was a Sunni country it was a powerhouse of the Islamic world producing intellectuals, inventors, medicine men, scholars. Indeed, all six of the authors/compilers of the major books of Sunni ḥadīth, works that are together known as the Siḥāḥ al-Sitta, were of Persian/Iranian origin. Sunni Iran had an average IQ of 133

You ignore it.

Since Iran has been a Shia country it has produced nothing but fitna, polytheism, corruption, brutality and murder against its own people, poverty (most Iranians live in abject economic misery) and an average IQ of 84.

You praise it, lick Khomeini's boots, and call it based.

We know

>It won't be the Persian Nationalists making the pro-Shi'ite, pro-Khomeini threads since they hate Islam and want nothing to do with it
>It won't be Sunni Iranians making those threads
>It won't be non-Iranian shi'ites making them since most non-Iranian shias don't like or care about Khomeini or the Twelver clergy
>It won't be non-religious/secular Iranians making them since they fled from Iran and dumped Islam precisely *because* of the Shi'ite clergy

So it begs the question, who are the ones making thread after thread calling Shi'ite Iran based and saying Khomeini is a hero? What's the agenda there from those posters?
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Paul is the antichrist
>Christ said that we should not judge, Paul said that the spiritual may judge and should not be judged.
>Christ said that his disciples should only drink water; Paul made communion a religious Ritual.
>Christ said that god is the lord of the living; Paul said that we should remain with Christ in .
>Christ said that we should want of nothing and trust in god, Paul said if we don’t work we don’t eat and even went back to work while preaching him self.
>Christ said he came to fulfill the law, Paul said he came to end it.
>Christ said we have forgiveness for forgiving others; Paul said we have forgiveness in Christ.
>Christ said we are justified by our words, Paul said we are justified by Christ.
>Christ said to be like children; Paul said not to be like children.
>Christ said to be the light of the world and to show the bad through love how to be good, Paul said to have nothing to do with bad people and push them out.
>Christ said that God is the judge, Paul said Christ is.
>Christ said that faith is powerful; Paul said that faith is ‘the faith’ and so turning its meaning in to church attendance.
>Christ said about not making the sacrifice, Paul praised the fact that Christ died for us.
>Christ said wisdom will make you shine in heaven, Paul said to be simple.
>Christ said if you help collect in the harvest you will receive your reward, Paul said there is nothing we can do other then faith in Christ.
>Christ said don’t make vain repetition in prayers; Paul established it as a way to pray.
>Christ said have one father, Paul said he had begotten people in Christ so making him a father to them.
>Christ said it will be hard for a rich man to enter heaven; Paul praised wealth and aspired to have it.
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>Yes, yes, well done Jews, well done...
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More Women need to be Single and Celibate to promote Christianity
They are having too much sexual debauchery and abortion which can lead to hell. Also since a much bigger proportion of atheists and nonbelievers are men than women it would cause those women to be unequally yoked. A Christian woman should either be married to a Christian man or be celibate. If 28 percent of men are nonreligious and 18 percent of women are, this means 10 percent of women need to be celibate.
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No title
He sacrificed everything.
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No title
Did the Holocaust really happen?
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No title
What constitutes race?
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No title
Can you name a sinlge better monarch?
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No title
Why did Minoans dissapear ?
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European history books recommendation
European book recommendations. I have a european history course. The summer reading list is liberal crap written by jews. And people who shit on european "dark ages" and crap on the crusades. Are there any european history books worth reading. Preferably older stuff when professors were on so biased. Is churchill worth reading. Please recommend.
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ITT Post sexy non-gunpowder weapons of history
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Israeli Empire
You guys never shut up about how based and awesome the Romans, British, French, Spanish, and Norse were for stomping down on other primitive cultures and carving great empires. However you all never stop whining about Israel and the jews and how they are somehow evil for doing the same thing but better and consistently. Why don't you follow through on your beliefs when it makes you look bad? Are you just hypocrites and bitches?
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No title
What are some weird-ass cults?
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No title
Can you defend suicide from any religious way?
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>Weighing in at over 300 pounds, Taft holds the record for America's heftiest president. Elizabeth Jaffey, who was chief White House housekeeper from 1909 to 26, wrote a memoir "Secrets of the Presidents" about the four chief executives she had served under. Taft's administration provides some of her most entertaining stories.

>On the other hand, Calvin Coolidge, the last president Jaffey worked under, was a notoriously Spartan New Englander. He complained they served him excessively large dinner hams and he could only eat one slice. Jaffey recalled that Coolidge's breakfast consisted of "four pecks of wheat." How a grown adult can survive and function under such a diet may not be known for sure.

>Taft however ate enough to feed an army. Jaffey recounted purchasing "butter by the tub, potatoes by the barrel, fruit and green vegetables by the crate." And meat, a lot of it as Taft ate a 12 oz steak for breakfast every morning. He was not a picky eater with the exception of eggs, which repelled him and he refused to eat. Along with his morning steak, he had several pieces of toast and a huge mug of coffee with cream and sugar. By 1911 he was 332 pounds at which point he was obliged to go on a diet and eat only 6 oz steaks.
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Most Advanced Non-Hellenic/Italic/Roman Europeans
Who were the most civilized or most advanced of the non-Greek and non-Roman European tribes and other kinds of polities throughout Europe during the Classical Age? Which ones most closely approached Greek and Roman aesthetics of civilization, or perhaps something more Middle Eastern-inspired? I am guessing maybe some Thracian, Illyrian, Hispanic, and Gallic tribes, not all of them, might have got to something relatively close, but which ones?
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peasant revolt
Has there ever been a popular uprising that wasn't astroturfed by another elite?
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No title
In ancient times it was generally the case that the closer a country was to the equator the richer they were but now it’s the opposite. What happened?
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Official /his/ ranking of the presidents #19
Rate the presidency of Rutherford Hayes from 1 to 5. Feel free to go into as much detail as you like as to why you rated him the way that you did. If you missed previous ratings, you can rate their presidencies from 1 to 5 ITT as well.

My brief synopsis of Hayes:
Chosen because he was from the key swing state of Ohio and appealed to veterans as a former Union army colonel, Hayes was said to "be a third-rate nonentity whose only positives were that he offended no one." The 1876 presidential election was marred by serious irregularities that led to an explosive standoff resolved a few days prior to Inauguration Day when Democrats agreed to accept Hayes as president if he pulled the last occupying troops from the South. Hayes, sometimes called "Rutherfraud Hayes", believed he was legitimately elected. He and his wife Lucy (known as Lemonade Lucy for the drink she served in lieu of alcohol) were prim Puritans whose clean lifestyle was an antidote to the corruption of the Grant White House.

Hayes's years in office were turbulent ones, marred by a depressed economy and violent labor strikes. He angered West Coasters by vetoing the Chinese Exclusion Act, which would have virtually outlawed immigration from China and he upset the Stalwart faction of the GOP by his removal of Chester Arthur from the post of Port Collector of NYC. Hayes left little significant record other than pulling the plug on Reconstruction. That he had decided in advance to only serve a single term was fortunate for his party almost certainly would not have nominated him for reelection.

My rating of Hayes: 2/5
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Historically, why have have men found mermaids so... desirable?

Shouldn't the fact they have fish tails instead of legs be a major turn off?
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Do you realize that russians won WWII simply because of zerg rush tactics and that germans lost simply because they had not enough ammo to kill all the russian waves?
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Medieval Futurism
iskander fights the indians
Did people in the past have an equivalent to sci-fi? A lot of contemporary art depicts historical events in the fashion of the artist's time rather than the subject's, biblical characters dressed as knights, this Mongol Ilkhanate depiction of Alexander's army fighting indians, etc. This makes me wonder if people in the past had a sense of technological progression, because if they viewed the past as being the same as their 'now' would they have viewed the future as being about the same?
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I look at history, and I see that things like "fort Sumter" were really really important to people at one time. The crisis of modernity seems to be figuring out what's important anymore. Our current wars are far-flung, and no one seems to care about them, despite their still going on. This borders on the metaphysical. Because if Earthly things are all trite, what is there left that can be called "important"?
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No title
Why did Jesus not spawn in China? Why didn't he wait until modern times so we could record everything and show on TV worldwide?
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No title
Are Georgians Asian?
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No title
>Hey comrades, I got this new doctrine we should try out: it's called Deep Batt-
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No title
How common were Negro nobility and knights in middle ages Europe?
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No title
Conquistadors could've wrecked a Roman Centurion or any other force up to that time in history.
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Brutalism thread
Post your favorite examples of Brutalist architecture
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No title
Why do So many individualist, both historically and today, seem to have such a hard time seeing other people as equally complex individuals, instead seeing vast swarth of people as some sort of followers. Kinda just seems lazy
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No title
I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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No title
>Hey!! You can't call yourself Aryan, those are brown shia arabs and dark-skinned pajeets!!!
In the real world:
>In Histories, the 5th-century BC Greek historian Herodotus describes the Budiniof Scythia as red-haired and grey-eyed. In the 5th century BC, Greek physician Hippocrates argued that the Scythians were light skinned
>In the 3rd century BC, the Greek poet Callimachus described the Arismapes (Arimaspi) of Scythia as fair-haired.
>The 2nd-century BC Han Chinese envoy Zhang Qian described the Sai (Saka), an eastern people closely related to the Scythians, as having yellow (probably meaning hazel or green) and blue eyes.
>In Natural History, the 1st-century AD Roman author Pliny the Elder characterises the Seres, sometimes identified as Saka or Tocharians, as red-haired, blue-eyed and unusually tall.
>The fourth-century Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus wrote that the Alans, a people closely related to the Scythians, were tall, blond and light-eyed
>The fourth-century bishop Gregory of Nyssa wrote that the Scythians were fair skinned and blond haired.
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No title
is it true that civilizations that give women equal rights collapse shortly after?
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No title
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No title
Poor Tatiana.
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Mareth Line is the stupidest thing about WWII
Mareth Line
>The Germans are mobilizing again and we're building the Maginot Line to defend against a likely future invasion of France, but we're having trouble with funding. Any ideas?
>Let's divert 20 million francs more to building a 40km defensive line in the middle of the fucking desert in case Italy invades one of our irrelevant colonies
I dare you to find a more objectively stupid decision in the lead up to, or during WWII than this.
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No title
You're awful, Wenzong.
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No title
If haplogroups would give bonuses based on their real life historical achievements, akin a class system in a video game, what bonuses would give them?
Here some of my ideas:

>"Light of Innovation", 10% tech research speed
>"Manifest Destiny" quickly late game cultural expansion (colonialism)

>"Genetic Wave", 10% bonus on natural growth
>"tongues of steel", more resiliant against cultural and linguistic assimilation

>"Makers of Civilization" Can immediately start a civilization, skipping the tribal phase
>"Religious Proselitism" Quikier and cheaper developement and spread of faiths
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Humanistically speaking
What makes a country a shithole or a nice place to live? It can’t just be economics.
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No title
We will never liberate the animal proletariat from the bourgeois, decadent, imperialist human race.
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No title
Is there ANY downside to stoicism realistically?

>Emotional shit doesn't hit you as hard anymore
>Rampant consumerism dies down drastically
>Generally happier and more content life since the bar is way lower
>Fucken "no shits given" philosophy. Chad philosophy.
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How the fuck could they possibly build them?
They didn't even have wheels back them.
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Roosevelt statue to be removed
Theodore Roosevelt statue outside the Natural History, which he was involved in creating, is to be relocated. Despite Roosevelt being a great warrior, outdoorsman, and adventurer, his memory must be bloated out cuz "muh Indians." My dad took me to all his historical sites as a kid and the museum was always cool to go to, he read a lot of books on him and had much respect for him and I do too. Due to his deeds is the closet thing to an American epic hero, but we can't have that.
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No title
Founding father or defeatist westaboo?
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No title
Shit Tier, Suicide Tier
Are we really Shit Tier, and Suicide Tier, anon?
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No title
>"Of the neighbors of the Bujja, Maqdisi had heard that "there is no marriage among them; the child does not know his father, and they eat people -- but God knows best. As for the Zanj, they are people of black color, flat noses, kinky hair, and little understanding or intelligence."[4]
Al-Muqaddasi (fl. 966), Kitab al-Bad' wah-tarikh, vol.4

>[The Zanj (Negro) differ from animals only in that] their two hands are lifted above the ground,... Many have observed that the ape is more teachable and more intelligent than the Zanj.[5]
Nasīr al-Dīn al-Tūsī (1201-1274)

>"Therefore, the Negro nation are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because [Negroes] have little [that is essentially] human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated."[4]
Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah, 14th century

>"Their [Zanj] nature is that of wild animals. They are extremely black." "Among themselves [the Sudan] there are people who steal each other's children and sell them to the merchants when the latter arrive."[4]
>"[inhabitants of sub-Saharan African countries] are people distant from the standards of humanity" "Their nature is that of wild animals..."[4]
Hudud al-`Alam, 982 AD

>"We know that the Zanj (blacks) are the least intelligent and the least discerning of mankind, and the least capable of understanding the consequences of actions."[4]
Jahiz, Kitab al-Bukhala (The Book of Misers)
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Official /his/ ranking of the presidents #18
Rate the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant from 1 to 5. Feel free to go into as much detail as you like as to why you rated him the way that you did. If you missed previous ratings, you can rate their presidencies from 1 to 5 ITT as well.

My brief synopsis of Grant:
Despite being considered one of, if not the worst president for over a century since the end of his tenure, Grant’s presidency has started to be accessed more favorably recently, in large part because of the fact that he was the only president for nearly 100 years to defend civil rights for African Americans. He also saw success with the Treaty of Washington and subsequent Alabama Claims, where the U.S was compensated by Britain for the actions of Confederate ships that were built there, in turn improving the relationship between the two countries and he established the first national park, Yellowstone.

However, that’s where my praise for him mostly ends. He had by far the most corrupt cabinet in presidential history. The first instance of such was only a few months in his term, known as Black Friday in which two robber barons paid off Grant’s half-brother to gain access to the president and the government and to corner the gold market. While Grant did catch on to their plan and ordered gold from the government’s reserve to be solved, this caused a Wall Street and gold crash. Others include the Crédit Mobilier scandal which directly implicated his first VP, the Sanborn contracts which implicated his treasury secretary, Pratt & Boyd which implicated his attorney general, the Star Route ring and most notoriously, Whiskey Ring - where cabinet members were not prosecuting tax dodging whiskey distillers who were bribing them, instead splitting the money amongst themselves. Despite initially calling for a fair investigation, Grant obstructed it, especially when close officials such as Orville Babcock were implicated, and ultimately fired the special prosecutor.
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No title
>Yemenis spend 20% of their income and 40% of their wafer resources on Khat
>Khat makes up for 30% of Yemeni GDP
Agriculture was a mistake
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No title
Can I be catholic if I'm fine with abortion, gays, trans people, and suicide?
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No title
What are the craziest alternative outcomes for WW2 out there?
2 images | 7 replies
No title
France fucked up. EVERY British colony is a success
5 images | 33 replies
No title
We pretend to be counts in the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (of German nationality)

2 images | 19 replies
No title
roman metamorphisis
where did things go so wrong for the Roman Empire?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
so they come to wash away the world's sins and the jews kill them.
they come again to unearth the tabernacle and christians kill them.

jesus christ! those two can't win.
3 images | 3 replies
No title
How do you resolve this conundrum?
0 images | 5 replies
Why did R1b disappear from the steppes?
What usual autistic thing did R1b do that pissed off R1a and made them genocide R1b from the steppe? Why did R1b/R1a live together in the past but now live separately and frequently kill each other?
1 images | 12 replies
No title
Why did god make bad stuff taste good and good stuff taste bad?
0 images | 9 replies
No title
/his/ What are your thoughts on the sexual revolution?
2 images | 66 replies
No title
Why did he do it?
3 images | 27 replies
No title
Why did the Aryan conquerors of Iran and India invent the caste system? What purpose did it serve?
1 images | 9 replies
No title
Can someone explain to me why I should believe that a specific religion is the complete and absolute truth whenever it is clear that portions of it's myths were borrowed or outright plagiarized from both earlier and contemporary religions?
0 images | 6 replies
please post history oriented songs!!!
I really like songs that use history as a theme, any good suggestions??

of course I know Sabaton...

the genre doesn't matter post any good ones.
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No title
How were non-whites perceived in Victoria era England?
0 images | 4 replies
The first Nazbol in history
>Socialist? Certainly not! What a need for classification you have! Besides, the great socialists are Jews and the socialist doctrine is a branch of universal Christianity. I laugh at money, and whether the land is divided up or not is all one to me. The barbarians, my ancestors, lived in common, but they had chiefs. No, I detest socialists, Jews, and Christians.
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No title
Who would be historically equivalent to death Vader?
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No title
Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 18.46.00
If French was the language of diplomacy up until the end of WW2, why was Italy screwed over at the WW1 Paris Peace conference due to the Prime ministers inability to speak English?

This goes against what french people told me on /his/.
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No title
Based Atilla sperging out
What the fuck was his problem?
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No title
I miss it so much bros
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No title
Did he really think things would get better while under arrest?
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No title
Were hippies basically just cult members? They always seemed to be following charismatic leaders.
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No title
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No title
So, we all know male on male rape was a thing in history, but what about girl on girl rape? Lesbianism, as a sexuality, was never really taken serious until recent times, but in all of human history, there just must be some documented instance of lesbian rape
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No title
What does the continuous stream of anti-communist threads on /his/ and anti-communist propaganda films/books/tv shows/media in general IRL say about this board? I think it says that despite the sneers, despite the claims that communism is dead, the bourgeoisie and their lackeys still hold a great deal of fear for communism. They fear nothing more than a repeat of what happened in the October Revolution of 1917. For all of history since Novemeber 7, 1917 has been a reaction to the October Revolution, either pro- or anti-. The fear of proletarian power is the single main thread linking every reactionary, imperialist and fascist government of the past 104 years. But there's nothing to fear for the working class. If you're afraid of communism, you're afraid of yourself and the phantoms the bourgeoisie creates to continue slavery.
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Russia is the Third Rome
Vladimir Putin is its Caesar, Constantine, and Justinian.
Constantinople's royal family married into Russia's royal family before Constantinople fell to the Ottomans. Just as Rome's primacy was transferred to Constantinople when Rome fell, Constantinople's primacy was transferred to Russia when Constantinople fell.
The Soviet era has ended. The Russian people has endured their period of struggle, they passed the test.
Now Holy Russia is the God-ordained ruler of the world. It is the Third Rome, and only a fool would deny it. Russia is ascendant and it will bring the true faith to the west. It will bring order to the west. The west cannot save itself, it is too corrupt, it is too far gone. It must look to the east for salvation.
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> As he drinks his first cup of coffee at the office, he goes over the things on his desk...He is never without a tape recorder within reach on which to record his thoughts and ideas on whatever subject pops into his mind or comes up in a conversation...' The ideas he dictates into the machines and the memos are fantastic,' says Rose Mary Woods, his long-time, loyal secretary.

Leaving a lengthy recorded history of your personal autism for all the world to hear. Genius idea.
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my ancestors
Why has Poland historically been fucked over so many times? What is it about the poles that make other Europeans go balls deep in them?
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Historical repetition
Let's keep an open mind and discuss Philosophy/Metaphysics of History focusing on the following fringe proposition:

Knowing History tends to move in a set of observable patterns (savagery, barbarism, civilization) more or less influenced by the same factors...

What if the observable cycle is more than representative and an actual, physical phenomenon, the same events repeating themselves over time, in a sort of quantum, Nietzschean "eternal return"?

And the topic of discussion:
What if a future civilization (or even ours) will actually become the fabled Atlantis that will build the Sphynx, the Great Pyramid, Gobekli Tepe, or any other megalithic sites that we currently have only weak explanations for, thus answering the question of who built those monuments as well as how they were so precise in their methods.

TLDR: History moves in cycles. What if the cycles are more than representative and a future civilization will become the lost civilization of the past to an almost mathematical degree of repetitive precision?
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>Today on Hardcore History, we will be looking at Japan in World War 2
>But first, we need some background information on Japan
>You see, 100,000 years before humans emerged in Japan...
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Is there any solid refutation of hard determinism? If you are a hard determinist, how do you reconcile moral agency?
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north-west *ropean red faced ********* have got nothing to do with indo-aryans
You are old-european neanderthal snow****
Stop imposting and stealing the achievements of peoples not related to you because of incitement from naz* ancient-civilisation-less troglodyte clown fairy tales.
Fenn* sc*ndians least of all. The most intense deceivers.

the celto-germanic parasite
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>coups the ethiopian monarchy
>states "they will never call us bariya again"
>buries the ethiopian king, haile selassie, under a toilet
>begin committing atrocities against any and all ethiopian ethnic groups
>half-ass the war against eritrea and dedicate no funds to battling the famine
>dedicate all soviet support to holding the desert in ethiopias east from somalia
>exacerbate the famine
>use all the money raised for ethiopia by aid groups to strengthen the army
>allow eritrea to secede with not just most of the coastline (the extent of their ability) but ALL of the coast by willingly giving up assab
why do all this? because they would call him bariya(slave)
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knights wumpa
What is it that makes historians so convinced Jesus was real but not King Arthur?
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>tfw you will never be born in a Mithraist household in a Mithraist country
How cope?
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Why is Slovenia the only Balkan country that wasnt genetically turkified, while all other Balkan countries were?
How did they achieve to maintain their humanity, historically speaking?
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100 million was based
If your cause can admit to slander, libel or other defamation against it, then it is truly a just cause.

Thus, regardless of physical truth, "The Black Book of Communism's" 100 million figure by Courtois is actually a glorious vindication of the profoundness and gravity of Marx's cause.
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ITT: evil people your history class portrayed as a good
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Post the most retarded shit you've ever heard from Academia or """Professionals"""
“Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

I'll start with a couple of my personal experiences at college and elsewhere.
>"So, we all know that Hitler believed some crazy conspiracies about the USSR wanting to annex them"
>proceeds to describe, in the next months, how the USSR was an industrial powerhouse in development that would have steamrolled Germany in 5 years max and how Stalin believed in preventive striking in all areas of policy

>"It was precisely the Work Ethic that separated the English Colonies from their Iberian counterparts in terms of success"
>At the same time that the English colonies were starving, the Iberian ones were one of the richest places on earth, and were of superior importance for over 200 years, all that Silver didn't mined, extracted, refined, marked, transported and protected itself or by Dutch Calvinist workers...

While discussing 1970s Latin American war on guerrillas
>"Well this official document says 'extermination of the enemy', ERGO it was a genocide"
>"well yeah...the rebels did swear war on the army and publicly stated that they wanted to replace the whole government and did commit executions, bombings and kidnappings of prominent figures. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY MEANT IT!"

Class about modern international relations
>"Sure bud, you keep buying commodities from literal dictatorships yet claim you don't support their policies, ya, ya!"
>"oh so you support an embargo on Cuban civilians?"
>"well how else could we access Coltan ¿? (implying child miners in Africa are the only way)"
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You turn into him in 1941, how do you win? Do you even try to win?
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How much truth and how much bullshit is real with Oskar Dirlewanger? He seems almost unreal like something like an anime villain with cartoonish levels of evil.
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Why is Hispanic American history undervalued so much in the United States?
Foundational Hispanic Americans literally built this country socially, economically, culturally, and politically:

The nation’s real first Thanksgiving took place half a century earlier by Hispanic Catholics, near the Matanzas River in St. Augustine, Florida, when explorer Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and 800 soldiers, sailors, and settlers joined local Native Americans in a feast that followed a Mass of Thanksgiving.

Pedro Casanave contributed the first cornerstone, designed, and directed the construction of the White House.

Pedro Paulet’s pioneering work helped man reach the moon, as Wernher von Braun recognized in his writings.

Luis de Unzaga y Amézaga gave the United States its name and allowed the transfer of money to the Revolutionary forces. He was also responsible for the U.S. dollar: the dollar sign is based on the Pillars of Hercules that were used in the Piece of Eight, the first international currency.

Jordi Farragut Mesquida was a naval officer and a vital hero to American Independence.

James Glasgow Farragut was the first rear admiral, vice admiral, and admiral in the U.S.

Bernardo Vicente de Gálvez y Madrid won the American Revolution by himself by taking back Pensacola and defeating the British in their turf (Atlantic Ocean)... during this time, George Washington, after 5+ humiliating defeats, was in the process of being removed from his position. It’s why George Washington was so thankful to Hispanics in his letters.

Two of our most revered founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, were direct descendants of Spanish royalty going all the way back to the Middle Ages: King Ferdinand III, called “el Santo” and the Medieval Spanish hero, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, called “El Cid.”

Cowboy culture, country music, rock 'n roll, and hip-hop were all created by Hispanics Americans.
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>War has already broken out in Croatia
>Bosnia has already announced a referendum
>New Federal YPA commander of Bosnia starts pulling out heavy equipment right under their noses from all weapon depots
>Everyone around him tells him to hit the depots and grab the weapons
>He doesn't do this and lets all the heavy equipment be given to YPA unit, that will in a couple of months become the VRS.
>Day one basically lose 60% of the entire country as a result
People say Yeltsin's war in Chechenia was the most incompetent 90s war but, I think Alija takes the cake.
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The speed of information is much more impactful on a society than technology in general. The limit of all societies is the amount of information that can be transferred in at a given time.
This is most easily applied to the difference between centralised and decentralised societies -- for example the difference between feudalism and communism; the former being developed because of the limit in information and the latter being possible because more information is able to be gathered for a centralised government to function.
It is informational potential and flow that is the be all and end all for civilisation.
btw I won't elaborate
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What are the best accounts of medieval Viking raids that I can read?
Firsthand would he amazing, but I will accept anything written from around the time period
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>Irish war of independence
>Technically a civil war
>"The demand for Home Rule was eventually granted by the British Government in 1912"

how was this a war of independence when the British were planning to give them what they wanted several years before the war even started, and if the british did fight against the Irish, what made them change their minds about giving the Irish their freedom?
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Now that the dust has settled down a bit, who was in the wrong here?
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I've been thinking about Paleolithic Venus Figures a lot lately bros.
This is the Venus of Willendorf. You might have seen a photo of it before. It is c.25,000 years old.
>25,000 years ago
Jesus is only 2,000 years ago, and that's barely making a dent.
However, (this(next pic)) is the Venus of Hohle Fells. It is 40,000 years old.
>40,000 years old.
That means that to the guy that made Willendorf, fucking ancient and practically alien to us in regards to life and culture, there was another guy, 15,000 years before him, just as ancient and alien to him as he is to us. And they were seperated by an incomprehensible amount of time, yet they both did the same thing: Making a statue of a fat woman.
Did they both make their statues for the same reason? How could we know? With 15,000 years between them, how can we assume any connection or similarities between them?
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Was secularisation a mistake?
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What does /his/ think of Impressionism? I find that in the few art related threads that do happen from time to time, Impressionism is pretty much skipped over. I personally enjoy some Impressionist artists like Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
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How significant was slavery in the United States prior to the civil war?
From what i understand slavery was very profitable for southerner slaveowners and cotton made up roughly 60% of US exports.

I'm hoping for a civil discussion please.
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what is the relationship between history and philosophy?
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