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Welcome to /his/ - History & Humanities
This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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No title
Cringy matriarchal basedboy farmoids:
>writting systems
>pioneering in metalurgy
>food suprlus

Indo european patriarchal based masterrace:

>dude horses
>dude chariots
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No title
Redpill me on one or all of these historical periods:

>The Dark Ages
>The Renaissance
>The Islamic Golden Age/Al-Andalus
>The Crusades
>The Reconquista

I want the record to be set straight. I've heard plenty of times now that contemporary scholarship is highly critical of the popular understanding of these historical periods, sometimes even denying them out right. What's the truth?
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No title
Name one thing he is wrong about
Pro tip: you can't
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What's wrong with the philosophy of Nazis?
Are it's opponents causing the biggest seething in our history? People just want to live in a peaceful world and instead you have people who rather have their people raped, drugger, mutilated and killed. Also you most likely have no idea about the philosophy itself and think subhumans like you will be killed or something else, NORDIC people are the most empathic and actually took and still do care about people more than any other race. The only people who hate it are semites who hate the fact that they can't freely molest people and have to live in a peaceful and good hearted world.
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I need (you)
Hello all, I am a college student currently taking a course about Asian Visual Culture, and its History.

This board seems very active, and informative about the culture of Asia(especially Japan), as well as the rest of the world.
>I heard from a friend that 4chan and this board was full of culturally educated people.

It'd be wonderful if you can kindly contribute to this simple scholarly research I am performing, and it's a great opportunity to let your vast knowledge to a helpful use. You have my sincere thanks, and I hope you have some fun with my Survey, I worked hard to make it!

>TLDR; Here is a survey on Asian Art and culture.
>I'm not going to beg, but for the love of all thats good PLEASE HELP ME
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No title
The Bible says two things:
>forgive those who sin/transgress against you
>love your enemies
It never says either of these two things:
>that those who sin/transgress against you or against God are your enemies
>that we should forgive our enemies
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No title
Is chinese market socialism the only marxist ideology that works? It does seem superior and more efficient than soviet communism and whatever north korea is doing
What is /his/ position/opinion about this? I'm specially interested in what marxist/communists/socialists/ whatever you wanna call yourself think
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How has this affected SSA history?
>Four West African groups — Yoruba in southwestern Nigeria, Esan in southern Nigeria, Gambians in western Gambia, and Mende in Sierra Leone — may derive 2% to 19% of their DNA from a ghost lineage, the researchers said.
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No title
It triggers me that for 1,500 years people lived among the ruins of Rome and pilfered them for stones, never maintained them, were content to physically be surrounded by decline for hundreds of years. It's not like these structures were obsolete, they could have been repurposed for other uses (religious buildings used for entertainment and vice versa).
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No title
why does the west hate muslims so much when islam is the second largest religion and islam isnt exclusively saudi or syria, iraq etc... Countries like Algeria, Morocco, Indonesia seem like fine places. Also the main tenants of Islam seem inline with Christianity??
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Living as a serf is objectively better than living as a wage slave today
>get a qt wife early, have ten children
>work less than the modern wagekek
>venerate your god at church every sunday
>own your own ancestral home, protected by your Lord
>go on epic battles with your Lord
>eat healthy
>battle brigands, thieves
>can become promoted to a knight
>spend most time outside, in nature, growing strong and wise
>buried in ancestral plot of your ancestors
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No title
What was the worst piece of military equipment of WW2 in strategic/value for money terms?

Pic related
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No title
How do you feel about The Rape of Africa?
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/Architecture general/
Question for this thread: does Architecture have to be complicated to be beautiful? If yes, why?
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Genetics of White Americans.
I keep seeing people claim white Americans aren't anglo and that they are more German and Irish now. This is bs right? I can't find any studies but surely the genetic evidence points to most white American genes coming from Britain. Anyone got the numbers?
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No title
What if Poland became the dominant power of eastern Europe instead of Russia?
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No title
>ancient near Eastern men fucked this to create horn Africans
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The 1800s Lifestyle
You have to go back in time to the 19th century, but you get to pick a year, although your location is the same as where you are, now, with historically accurate clothing and some very modest monetary means adjusted for inflation (Think of current value of $1000 dollars). Which year would you pick, and why? What would you do in your new time period, living the rest of your life then? How do you think your life will be heading?
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No title
can anyone do a summary of the Dutch Golden Age? how it happened, what was good about it and how it ended?
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No title
Emperor-Napoleon-in-His-Study-canvas-Tuileries-1812 (1)
Question: How is Napoleon perceived in France? Is he seen as a heroic conqueror?
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No title
How comfy was life in post-Stalin USSR?
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Christian Suicide?
If the all the wrong in the world is caused by Satan and human corruption, is committing suicide really a rejection of God or is it a rejection of the corruption of this world? Why live in a fallen world when you can return to God and his perfection?
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Pagan customs and traditions
Unironically how do Christians justify this?
>29 When the Lord thy God shall cut off the nations from before thee, whither thou goest to possess them, and thou succeedest them, and dwellest in their land;
>30 Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou enquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise.
>31 Thou shalt not do so unto the Lord thy God: for every abomination to the Lord, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods.
Of course, I understand it's in the context of the Old Convent, but if God calls something abominable it should probably be avoided, right?
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Women in Sparta
Spartan Woman
>Spartan women's clothing was simple and notoriously short. Spartan women continued to wear the peplos much later in history than other Greek cultures. It was also shorter and with slits on the side causing other Greeks to call them phainomērídes (φαινομηρίδες) the "thigh-showers".
>Unlike elsewhere in Greece, in Sparta, girls regularly participated in sports. The Spartan exercise regimen for girls was designed to make them "every bit as fit as their brothers", though unlike their brothers they did not actually train for combat. In his Constitution of the Spartans, Xenophon reports that Lycurgus required that women should exercise just as much as men, and to this end instituted athletic competitions for women.
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No title
Paul, a man who never met Jesus nor his first apostles, a man who both killed christians and sent them to Rome to be eaten by lions, suddenly has a heavenly vision of Christ descending and speaking to him, causing him to convert to Christianity.

He realizes though that the Romans will persecute him for his conversion and opts to change the fundamental belief system of Christianity from monotheistic to polytheistic with the sole purpose of appeasing the Romans, inventing the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (a copy of the hindu trinity).

Fast forward to the year 325, a bunch of old, degenerate christians hold a meeting discussing various christian things like easter etc. They also argue about the relationship between God and Christ, and come to the conclusion of accepting Paul´s (who was an early advent enemy of Christendom, turned schizophrenic) trinity doctrine and threaten to execute any fellow christians who don´t accept this doctrine.

This? This is literally your belief? You´ve believed in this for 2k years? You´ve fought major wars for this? Look at this guy lmao, he looks like a cuckold.
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No title
Why Ethiopia/Eritrea(Aksum) became Christian so early? At the 4th century just around 20 or so years after Armenia.
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No title
>I can't fight
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Why do Americans pretend their economy isn't rigged?
> up by your bootstraps
> muh hard work
> the world doesn't owe you shit

This might have worked in a productive industrial economy. But that's not America anymore. The more financialized an economy is, the more fictitious it is. But an economy based on interest, premium, and rent payments isn't an economy. It's a scam. What it means is that absolutely no one gets rich off productive or valuable work. People get rich off capital gains--siphoning money off peasants, not contributing any value to society. This parasitic financial caste even receives massive government bailouts and subsidies. And yet these same people dare to tell normal people not to expect a free ride.

Essentially America is a rentier feudal society. And as a peasant you are not going anywhere regardless of how hard you work. Why do Americans play a rigged game as if it were fair?
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No title
>Be black
>Be given free Salurai title without any merit
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No title
Why didn’t the Europeans occupy and move into Africa en masse and systemically breed out blacks? It would’ve more humane and improved blacks lives

They wouldn’t even need to marry black African women, they could’ve just castrated the men and breeded the women. I’m sure less than 20,000 coomers would’ve been able to achieve this over 3-4 generations.
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Why do people blame all Jews when they really mean ashkenazi Jews
Assuming the Jewish Concpicary is correct, why do other jewish groups get blamed when people mean European Jews specifically? I don't think a jew in Ethiopia or morocco has ever gotten close to some European center of power. I just want to know why no one ever specifically call out Ashkenazi Jews, just the entire group.
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No title
Were his methods in treating the urbanite tumor effective?
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No title
why is this allowed ?
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No title
download (36)
>ok bro i know you didnt ask but i just made you as third worlder shitskin just for keks
>oh and also there's thousands of other gods pretending to be me, good luck choosing the right one
Are theists finally BTFOed?
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No title
Seriously has this part of the world ever in history produced anything of great cultural, philosophical or scientific value?
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No title
What was the actual argument against forcibly assimilating other ethnic groups into your culture? The early nationalists and even societies before the nationalists understood that forcing your culture on other people generally had positive effects on domestic relations in the long run
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Sola scripture is the claim that there are no infallible post-apostolic church councils
Likewise, that God didn't institute the papacy. It's become a Catholic trope to say that sola scriptura is self-contradictory. Suppose a Catholic apologist asks us where do we find that in the Bible? But that's the point–we don't find the papacy in the Bible. And we don't find divine promises to inspire post-apostolic church councils in the Bible. We find promises to the apostles. But we don't find comparable promises to bishops or post-apostolic church councils.

t's not that we don't find sola scriptura in the Bible, in the sense of a direct statement about sola scripture. That's a confused way to frame the issue. Sola scriptura is defined by the point of contrast. The historical alternative.

We don't find what sola scriptura opposes in the Bible. We don't find a divine mandate or promise regarding the infallible authority of post-apostolic church councils. We don't find a divine promise to protect post-apostolic church councils from error. And we don't find a divine mandate or promise regarding a Petrine succession, where bishops of Rome are oracles of God.

For Catholic apologists to ask or exclaim, "Where do you find that in the Bible?" proves our point. We don't, and that's the problem–for Catholicism. Catholics appeal to Acts 15, but apostles along with a sibling of Jesus were participants. So that's no precedent for post-apostolic church councils. Moreover, Catholics distinguish between local councils and ecumenical councils. But we don't find that distinction in Scripture. There's no divine promise regarding ecumenical councils in contrast to local councils.
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No title
Do you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior?
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No title
images - 2021-01-26T152607.414
The army and marines should be disbanded and replace with a citizens militia.
The navy, airforce and space force can stay.
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No title
"Empty your mind of all thoughts
Let your heart be at peace.
Watch the turmoil of beings,
But contemplate their return.

Each separate being in the universe
returns to the common source.

Returning to the source is serenity.

If you don't realize the source,
you stumble in confusion and sorrow.
When you realize where you come from,
you naturally become tolerant,
disinterested, amused,
kindhearted as a grandmother,
dignified as a king.

Immersed in the wonder of the Tao,
you can deal with whatever
life brings you,
and when death comes,
you are ready."
~ Lao Tzu
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1776 Commission
Can someone explain to me why this caused such a shitstorm?
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Women and Love
& humanities
Do women love men in the same way that men love women? I think most men develop a love for women beyond physical attraction--as their most trusted companion in life. But I can't divorce myself from this lingering thought that women love men only insofar that they provide for themselves and their children. Once that's removed there is no love.
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No title
For me, it's Afro-Asian
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Why are gayreeks so corrupt and incompetent?
>be Pericles, a populist politician
>promote socialist and nationalist policies to favor farmer working class instead the Aristos
>be corrupt, strategos of Athens 14 times in a row
>illegally waste the money given by the delian league (technically for defense against persians) to built temples n shiet

>unable to unify your shithole because your corrupt leaders gladly accept persian money
>need of a proto-slavoalbanian prince to unify your country

>be inmigrants in Rome
>start a political lobby in Rome
>roman plebs and nationalists get tired of you and your degenerated culture
>btfo you out of Rome back to the South and Greece


>Be Justinian, a populist emperor
>Aristocrats hate you
>Surround of plebs
>Go to war against barbarians because of populist reasons despite they were loyal to you instead of focusing on persians, the real danger
>ruin empire's economy

>be gayreeks
>2 failed wars against Turkey in just the same century
>enters in the EU via deceptions
>be corrupt and on economic crisis
>illegally waste money given by the EU on Olympic games n weapons m shiet
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No title
Philosophically speaking, who was in the wrong here?
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No title
katolicki ołtażyk
what do you think about catholicism?
what was the best period of that religion?
what is the future of that religion?
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No title
They must have had great tools or else they couldn't have built this monster.
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No title
Could Teddy still be considered a Republican?
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pictures of hell
Hell, illustration from St. Augustine’s manuscript De civitate Dei libri XXII (The city of God), 412-426
ITT we post and discuss historical pictures of hell. Pictures of Naraka, Tartarus, etc. also welcome. In fact, I'm even okay with depictions of hellish scenarios that happened on earth, such as the Black Death plague.

I'll get things started.
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No title
Did prehistoric humans masturbate?
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No title
>ancient people worship this thing, it has no practical value btw.

Why did they do it?
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No title
>Whipping Tom" was the nickname given to two sexual attackers in London and the nearby village of Hackney. Both would attack women walking alone and beat them on their buttocks.
> Although no record exists of any similar attacks prior to 1681 or of the nickname "Whipping Tom" existing prior to this date, a publication of 1681 mentions "the Generation of that Whipping Tom, that about Nine years since proved such an Enemy to the Milk-wenches Bums", implying that a similar attacker with the same nickname had operated in or around 1672.
> The Whipping Tom of 1681 was active in the warren of small courtyards between Fleet Street, Strand and Holborn.[3] He would wait in the narrow and dimly lit alleys and courtyards.[4] After approaching an unaccompanied woman, he would grab her strongly, lift her dress, and slap her buttocks repeatedly with his hand before fleeing.[5] He would sometimes accompany his attacks by shouting "Spanko!"[3]
>He attacked a large number of women,[6] and while he would often use his bare hand, he would occasionally use a rod.[7] Some of his victims were left badly injured by the attacks.[6] He would appear, carry out his attacks and vanish with such speed that some people attributed him with supernatural powers.[7][8]
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No title
>Ends can't justify the mea-
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There were clearly two types of Ainu.
Ones who resembled Austronesian, Abo's and ones who resembled caucasians. Then you have the other ones who are mix of the three and are heavily diluted by modern Japs.

Left Abo Ainu's
Right Caucasian looking Ainu's.
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No title
why do anglos seethe about celts
doesnt make sense - celts never did anything bad to anglos. in fact the british empire which anglos boast about so much was only made possible by scots
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No title
Who is the greatest anglo between the 19th and 20th century?
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No title
>Muslims in MENA
>*murders you for the slightest heresy*
>Muslims in SSA, SEA, and Inner Asia
>Worship literal heathen gods at night, do magic rituals, hold fertility festivals, and become possessed by spirits

Why does this happen? Islam is legalistic as fuck
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No title
Where did Cain get the people from to build his city which he named after his son?
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No title
at what age did you stop viewing hisory as a struggle between good and bad instead of different actors with different interests
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No title
from an anthropological pov this is interesting
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No title
Why is it that the greatest scumbags in history are the most charismatic?
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No title
How similar was the US from 1950-1990 to Rome at it's peak?
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No title
>Follow the science bro
>You don't want those backwards Abrahamic beliefs do you? Follow the science
>science science
>Science is the only truth
>Wear your mask
>Godless East Asian countries good
>Evolution is fact!!!
>Scientism good
>technocracy good
>This is progress. Why would you want Islam?
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No title
Is the mainstream sentiment of Martin Luther King a fabrication?. What was he actually like in comparison to how he is portrayed?. Would he support rioting and reparations for example?
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No title
why has french and german philosophy traditionally been of the feels over reals variety?
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No title
How was it possible for Europe to "forget" the power of the shield wall?

Why did it take so long for Europe to remember the power of the shield wall?
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Negro inventions
Why have there seemingly been zero inventions by Negroes in the history of the world?

And why are Negroes credited with so many inventions that they didn’t actually invent?

Including peanut butter, which was actually invented by the Aztecs?
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No title
>be white man
>colonize americas, africa, asia, middle east, resulting in tens of millions of deaths
>bully japan into opening up their borders, leading them to a civil war
>take over swathes of territory in india and china
>this is fine

>be jew
>start up a few banks in europe and america
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No title
If there was a Russo-Austrian war without any other country involvement , how long would it take for the Austro-Hungarians to capture St Petersburg or Moscow?
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No title
>muh 2nd largest empire ever
>muh "civilization"
Fails to realise most of the Mongol "empire" looked like this.
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No title
>read books from before WW2.
>It's racist as FUCK
>Constant references to non-Whties being "savages" "uncivilized" "inferior" "dark and disgusting" etc
It's honestly really shocking. What happens that changed all of this racism in the West?
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No title
Who was the last good president of the United States?
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No title
728 hitler vs stalin-min (1)
Were they really all that different?
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No title
ITT: saturday morning cartoon villains in history
1 images | 3 replies
No title
Why did ancient people think white =good and black = evil?
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No title
How primitive was Britain in the year 50 BC? I am aware it was in the Iron Age so must have had some level of civility, but they seem not advanced enough to have any urban centres, kingdoms (just squabbling chiefdoms) or actual written records from this time?

Were they Africa tier?
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No title
Which country/region of Europe has the least rich history?
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No title
Schools never teach that Japan was originally ARYAN
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No title
Atheist lunacy
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No title
Wait was the Trojan War real or no?
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No title
Where is the contemporary equivalent of this painting in Central America, South America, North America, North Africa, SubSaharan Africa, the Near East, The Middle East, India, South East Asia, Central Asia, East Asia?
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No title
Hello, /his/.

I'm starting on stoicism. What books should I read and in what order?
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No title
Why the fuck do commies keep repeating this nonsense as if it’s some desirable inevitability?

How the fuck would a global stateless society even work? How would you get Bedouin tribesmen and New York liberals to live side by side if people could just freely move wherever they wanted?

Moneyless and classless I understand to some extent, but this stateless bullshit is what makes me think communism really is just religion for atheists since they love to repeat it without any actual understanding of the implications of it
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No title
Made for BGC (Germanic)
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No title
Would India be doing better today had it not been partitioned in 1947 or would it be an even greater clusterfuck?
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No title
Why do most people (like 90%) seem to be unaware that Asians (mainly Chinese) were also slaves in America and other over 150+ years ago? They also had less rights than any other race, it was actually legal to kill Chinese because there was no laws against it but there was for Blacks, Mexicans, whites etc. The worst lynching in American history was the Chinatown massacre of 1871. There was a Chinese Exclusion Act. It seems Yellow Peril never stopped to this day - is it because U.S. white elites fear a non-white group might actually challenge their superiority? I just can't seem to understand why Yellow Peril still exists.
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No title
Why eastern slavs have such depressing history?
1 images | 4 replies
No title
Why did Anglo raise Jew???
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Today I will remind them
0 images | 9 replies
No title
>Learn History
>Become Anti-Communist KMTboo

Anyone else?
42 images | 191 replies
No title
How did he survive Iran-Contra, and why didn't it tarnish his legacy?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
Why were the Arabs never able to recover from this?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Why isn't Joseph, the father of Jesus, as widely revered as Mary, mother of Jesus?
5 images | 45 replies
No title
What are the best books to learn history? I'm interested in everything that according to you is a must, but especially in The Cold War, what brought to the founding of the USA and its first years, and the Italian Renaissance.
0 images | 1 replies
No title
0 images | 0 replies
No title
images - 2021-01-04T234125.137
Daily reminder that Roman Catholicism is a medieval Western European god-king cult/corporation that spread it's tentacles and wealth worldwide though European colonialism. The "pope" is just a rogue patriarch that was elevated to a cult like status by the Carolingian kings so they could claim legitimately and LARP as Roman emperors.
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No title
images - 2021-01-25T143747.564
>we won the revolution woooo!
>what do we do now?
>sensible market reforms
Has that ever happened?
9 images | 55 replies
Were there some lynchings that were justified in America?
Seems that we just get told "it was wrong" by default just because the victim was black and the lyncher was white. I have heard that some of these guys who were lynched raped women and murdered people. It's presented to us in the modern day that all these men were chased down like dogs by ruthless gangs of whites who lynched on them spot for no other reason than they are black and walked away yet i've seen several specific cases where the guy that was lynched did a serious misdemeanour. If you want to make an argument against summary justice fine but are we supposed to just say so what just because the guys black and let him off?
1 images | 8 replies
No title
I can't believe I majored in history
2 images | 19 replies
No title
Is Jesus the Platonic Form of man? The literal and real but also ideal and perfect form of what man is supposed to be.
12 images | 37 replies
No title
Is it true the Nicomedes of Bithynia penetrated Julius Caesar's tight teenage asshole with his massive Eastern cock?
0 images | 1 replies
Little known facts about historical figures
During his exile on St. Helena Napoleon befriended a 13yr old English girl who became his closest friend and the only person who could call him by a nick-name. The emperor spent many afternoons playing with her and other children on the island.

>and the emperor, taking a cambric handkerchief out of his pocket, tied it tightly over my eyes, asking me, if I could see. " I cannot see you," I replied ; but a faint gleam of light did certainly escape through one corner, making my darkness a little less visible. Napoleon then taking his hat, waved it suddenly before my eyes, and the shadow and the wind it made, start- ling me, I drew back my head : " Ah, leetle monkee," he exclaimed in English, " you can see pretty well." He then proceeded to tie another handkerchief over the first, which completely excluded every ray of light.
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No title
>get dabbed on by white warriors
>"""""largest empire inh history"""""
0 images | 6 replies
No title
Stop lying to yourself.
The truth will humble you afterwards.
If you struggle to hold on to the curtain, then you should let go and watch the play with humility.
The dominoes of dishonesty have been catastrophic and still the pieces fall.
Every person facing their humility and fear with open arms and clear eyes is a soldier against entropy.
I love you and I hope you love yourself too. Sincerely.
Fucking retards.
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No title
OH NO NO NO... is this true, /his/? Did the ancient Chinese pimp out their women to steppe warlords?

>Two strategies for coping with the Xiongnu emerged in the Han court. The first, preferred by the first Western Han emperors and their advisors, was appeasement by sending Han princesses as Xiongnu brides as well as expensive gifts as payoffs...

>The costs of payoffs to the Xiongnu were high, perhaps as high as 7% of the total imperial budget for one year.
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Benjamin Franklin
Was he a British spy? Was he working on behalf of the Crown?
1 images | 2 replies
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Strategic Bombing
Curtis LeMay
>not another "muh nukes" thread
Bombing civilian populations is just as immoral as sending soldiers into cities and ordering them to stab everyone there to death.
2 images | 15 replies
What How you answer the question "Who was the best Roman Emperor?" says about your personality:
Julius Caesar: You haven't studied Roman history/are being contrarian
Augustus: You're rational, but dull. It's not an incorrect answer, just...yawn
Tiberius: Cynic
Caligula: Troll
Claudius: Pseud
Nero: *tips fedora*
Galba: Wrong
Otho: Interesting. Wrong, but interesting
Vitellius: Foodie
Vespasian: You're alright
Titus: You're that dude who watches Marvel movies and comments on how Thor and Loki are just like Vespasians sons XD
Domitian: You're cool
Nerva: You're Edward Gibbons
Trajan: You're cool
Hadrian: You're a closeted homosexual, neo-nazi, dude obsessed with strategy games or (most likely) a combination of the former
Antoninus Pius: Right winger
Marcus Aurelius: reddit
Lucius Varys: You don't exist as no one who knows enough about Roman history to remember him has him as their fav
Commodus: troll/contrarian
Pertinax: 19th Century pseud (they really loved him back then for some reason)
Didius Julianus: You just like making joke about Sean Combs changing stagenames
Septimius Severus: You were beaten by your father but you still respect him
Clodius Albinus: Alt-his fan
Pescennius Niger: You're racist and I know how you're pronoucing his name in your head
Caracalla: You were beaten by your older brother but you still respect him
Geta: You're a whiny little bitch and daddy and big bro gave you what you deserve
Macrinus: pseud
Elagabalus: /lgbt/
Severus Alexander: Intelligent but cowardly
Maximinus Thrax: You're tall and that's the only aspect of your physical appearance you've ever been complimented for
Gordians: You're dutiful but shit
Poopyanus and Balbanus Calbanus: People mock you're name
Anyone from here to Claudius Gothicus: You're wrong
Claudius Gothicus: Moderately based
Aurelian: Based
Probus: Moderately based
Carus: I like the way you die boy
Diocletian: Based but nerdy
Diocletian's underlings: lmao, imagine thinking they count
Constantine: Christcuck
Julian the Apostate: Halfway between based and Varg
The rest: at character limit + im bored of this
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>"read my lips: no new taxes"
>makes new taxes

What the fuck was this guy's problem?
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A proper state must oppose certain aspects of capitalism for their negative effects: consumerism, hedonism, cultural and global homogenization, greed, market manipulation, sloth, envy, insecurity and material yearning.
On the other hand, this state must oppose communism for the following reasons: its foundations of violent revolution, its subversion of stable and legitimate hierarchies, its suppression of religion and spirituality, and its nature (similar to but not quite as extreme as capitalism) to put maximization of consumption and production at the center of its focus.
A true proper state can only justify itself with a spiritual and, if desired, a national basis. That is to say, a state should only derive its power and be granted legitimacy by spiritual forces and by the native people of the state’s territory if that native people so desires this arrangement. Every law written and every moral code instilled in the people by the state must be guided by spiritual forces and transcendental philosophy and symbolism. If the native people under this state wish, the actions of the state must also revolve around the preservation and flourishing of that people’s culture and population (in both quantitative and qualitative terms) within the borders the state has decided will surround its territory.
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I'm considering going to "uni" and doing a online BA in classical studies. Do any of you have experience in going to uni or doing uni courses at a later stage in life?

I'm currently in the royal navy but won't be for too much longer (1.5 - 2 years left). I got a trade when I left school as an electrician, so I didn't ever do any form of higher education and I now wish I had. Is this a pointless endeavour? Excuse me if this board isn't appropriate, I'll delete if that's the case.
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Who had the most aesthetic medieval warriors?

I'm saying Iberian knights.
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What makes the bible infallible?
The bible is just what a bunch of random priests decided to accept as canon in like 371 AD. What gave them the power to glean what was and was not canon?
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Name the 16th century ecumenical body that marked a major turning point for Christianity in Europe
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Explain this whole monism or not-monism thing to me.
Is it all just sophistic speculation?
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Who sent the most troops to Europe from 1944 onwards? Can you tell me how many troops each Allied country had in Europe during the last months of the war?
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Why am I supposed to care about groups that were colonized if I don't belong to a group that was colonized?
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In the Greco-Roman world Northern Europeans were stereotyped as dumb, savage, and hyper masculine while Middle easterners were stereotyped as being intelligent, highly civilized, and effeminate. Why did these stereotypes completely switch places in the modern world?
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Where did Turks actually come from? They seem prone to "we wuz" when we talk about their origins, sometimes they're related to Mongols, other they actually are the descendants of the Hittites...
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What are some interesting facts about the Hittite empire?
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Just saw this vid:

Is it true that there's a bias against eastern Europeans by western ones? Why did this division occur and what stereotypes of the east do westerners have?
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How does shi'ism survive when nobody converts to it?
When's the last time you saw someone who said they are a revert to Islam but with the caveat "i'm shia tho"? Literally never. Nobody converts to shi'ism, it's always Sunni. Christians don't convert to shi'ism. If they become Muslim it's always Sunni "Qu'ran AND Sunnah" every time.

Shia's who live in the West (especially Iranians, Lebanese, and Iraqis) are usually completely secular and don't give a fuck about religion or they are wealthy atheists/secularist businessmen who never had any interest in practicing shi'ism. They don't promote shi'ism or try to give dawah like Sunni's do. Many marry Christians and atheists and don't bring their kids up as Muslims. The only Shias i have seen who have been zealous in Europe are Pakistanis and even these are few.

The birth rate of the main Shia country (Iran) is not THAT high and even within Iran the amount of people leaving Islam altogether is high and the birth rate is dropping.

Sunni Islam grows based on birth rates and conversions. Shi'ism has none of these. How are they still relevant in 2021?
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Why and how did the slavery question became THE issue in American politics? Why did the average American care so much about it?
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Why, when Odysseus was gearing up to fight the suitors, did he choose a shield and spear instead of a close quarters weapon? He wasn't fighting in a hoplite formation, he just had his son with him, they couldn't form a wall.
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Career in early human migrations
I am looking for advice on how to get a career studying early human migration. What degree should I work on? How do I get envolved in the field after acquiring said degree? Is there any $ in it?
Thank you in advance for any advice.
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Is it true that the American Revolution was more so against parliament than the king or that parliament was more responsible for the colonists being pissed off? Seems to me like it was a healthy mix of king and parliament but of course I thought I'd ask of the role of parliament and king in the revolution to all the intellectual, well-read historical experts on this board.
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What would people think of him today if he wasn’t so closely associated with Hitler?
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The Afterlife in the Bible
>Ecclesiastes 9.5, 10 5 For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten...10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going to
>Psalm 6.4-5 4 Turn, O LORD, deliver my life; save me for the sake of your steadfast love. 5 For in death there is no remembrance of you; in Sheol who will give you praise?
>Psalm 115.17 The dead do not praise the LORD, nor do any who go down into silence.
>Psalm 146.3-4 3 Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation. 4 When his breath departs, he returns to the earth; on that very day his plans perish.
>John 11.11-14 11 After saying these things, he said to them, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I go to awaken him.” 12 The disciples said to him, “Lord, if he has fallen asleep, he will recover.” 13 Now Jesus had spoken of his death, but they thought that he meant taking rest in sleep. 14 Then Jesus told them plainly, “Lazarus has died”
>Acts 2.29, 34 29 “Brothers, I may say to you with confidence about the patriarch David that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is with us to this day... 34 For David did not ascend into the heavens, but he himself says, “‘The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at my right hand”

What did they mean by this? Is it possible that the Afterlife doesn't exist biblically, or didn't always exist?
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>Leave Yemen to me
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Comparison of the Crucifixion and the Holocaust
jews in pyjamas
Between the Crucifixion of Jesus for Christianity and the Holocaust of Jews for 20th-21st century liberalism, does the Crucifixion or the Holocaust make the more compelling case for its associated, corresponding belief system?
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>i'm putting together a team
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Has there ever been a more cowardly leader than Augustus? Reading his wikipedia its cringeworthy AF he literally "falls ill" and dissappears without explanation before every major battle and at every critical point in his life. Wtf was wrong with him? Was he low-test? Why did he play dead during a battle and only woke up when Agrippa had won the battle for him?

And to top it all off, he was poisoned by his one-itis even though he had literally named her son (his bitter enemy) his heir after she murdered all his chosen heirs. Has there ever been a bigger cuck than Augustus?
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Noble titles and chivalric orders
Dame 2
Tell me more about European noble titles and chivalric orders, /his/. Especially when it came to women earning them or inheriting them. I've been hearing a lot about how damehood was the female equivalent to Knighthood but not much else is known about it. I do know that Joan of Arc is the most famous Dames but that's about it.
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The Timurid Empire is the most underrated empire
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