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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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The British Empire brought education, technology, law and democracy to the four corners of the globe. It also brought prejudice, discrimination, cultural bigotry and racism.

Was it worth it?
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So what is the genetic component that makes Slavs so much different from Nordics/Germanics?
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Everything in Islam requires clear context and detail.
>Kaffir "Why do you guys allow slavery? come on then i'm all ears"
>Muslim "First of all define slavery, if you mean transatlantic slavery where everyone is kidnapped based on his race, taken from their homeland, stripped of their name and religion and culture, then no Islam doesn't sanction that, if you mean indentured servitude, captives of war, then sure we can discuss further"
>Kaffir "why do you guys allow child brides? I mean didn't your Prophet marry a young girl?"
>Muslim "What's your definition of child? Are we talking in a context of 7th century society or today's definition of a child?"
>Kaffir "Look at the Qu'ran, kill them wherever you find them? sounds pretty clear-cut to me mate"
>Muslim "and what's the context? is it on the battlefield? we need to know these things before opening our mouth and speaking out of ignorance"
>Kaffir "stoning for adultery, eh? that's barbaric if you ask me"
>Muslim "What's your definition of barbaric? If God says something it's good, right? you told me you're a Christian so if the Bible says stone for adultery and says God said it, is the Bible wrong?"
>Kaffir "What about you guys and your treatment of women? keeping her covered, yeah? oppressing her? this is a cult mate, a male chauvinist cult!"
>Muslim "Ok, so then define oppression, are you using the modern kind of liberal woke definition of oppressed? I can show you your Bible and there are many rulings pertaining to women in there that would be considered oppressive by secular liberal standards, no?"
>Kaffir "Praying separate from women, eh? no mixing of genders? that's right is it?
>Muslim "define right and wrong"

You cannot bring arbitrary examples and verses out of context when it relates to a religion as finely detailed as Islam. You cannot judge Islam as you would judge a political ideology or movement, where views and laws changed over time. Everything in Islam is fixed but knowing correct context and correct application is key.
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>just learned aboyt the holodomor
oh thats why ukrainians dont like russians
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christian wojak
Why the fuck whenever people point out the horrible shit some Christians did in the past do people resort to sectarian shitflinging like "oh those fucking Protestants/Catholics/Orthodox." This DOES NOT make Christianity look any more appealing!

>Man what these Muslims did in Iran really disgusts me
>Oh those were the FUCKING SHIITES dude you're not looking at the right sect
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any other sn*wr*aches regret what we did in 1204? it's karma what is happening to our women in all our western cities for we let them in by backstabbing our cousins.
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How do I cope the fact that I would make a garbage president?
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How did Romanian survive and not get replaced by some Slavic language?
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>The most moral man that has even walked the earth, a timeless example of perfect moral conduct to be followed by all the peoples of the earth in any age that they find themselves living
>Fucks a 9 year old.

What did Allah meant by this? Can a Muslims answer?
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ancient swords
Which ancient people were the first creators of the sword? and how did they do it? When people "dropped" rubbish stone and when they started using metals?
(not necessarily a specific one)
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Why is the shinto autistically documented in detail on every corner of the web, but you can't even find two 1000 view videos on youtube about it?
Is it really that much shittier than shinto?
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I have never heard a single good argument for not believing in God, if the evidence is tied either way.
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Thoughts on Crimean Greeks?
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Jesus didn't fulfill the prophecies
Wasn't a descendant of David.

Didn't rebuild the Temple.

Didn't create world peace.

Didn't gather the exiles.

Didn't spread universal knowledge of Yahweh across the earth.

Didn't bring about God's kingdom.

Instead we got more wars, more religions, endless suffering and no hope in sight. Nothing changed since before he showed up.

>he fulfilled them in an abstract metaphorical kind if way that does not apply to our physical reality

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Archaeologists, historians, ideologues, and contrarians can’t argue out of this.
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Liber ethicorum des Henricus de Alemannia
What's the best version of "Scholar Society" in history?

For example, the medieval scholastic monks or the ancient Chinese philosopher cliques
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How do Assyrians take pride in their heritage when the Assyrian empire was one of the most evil empires that existed
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/his/ memes?
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Ancient Sumer
Post good scientific books/articles/docs about Ancient Sumer and Sumerian Religion
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high priests
Historically speaking, this planet has always belonged to autistic virgin chuds.

Modernity is an aberration.
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Today is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. Let's pay our respects to the poor souls who died in history's first genocide.
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Why do Sunnis hate Shias so much
I never come across a video of Shias Shitting on Sunnis yet Sunnis make countless videos seething about Shias
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Modern jihadism was partially invented by a /r9k/-tier pervert
If you ever want to know how pathetic islamists are

>Sayyid Ibrahim Husayn Qutb was an Egyptian Islamic scholar, revolutionary, poet, and a leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and 1960s...a key originator of Islamist ideology, and an inspiration for violent Islamist groups such as al-Qaeda. Qutb is widely regarded as one of the most leading Islamist ideologues of the twentieth century.

>On his return to Egypt, Qutb in 1951 published "The America that I Have Seen", where he became explicitly critical of things he had observed in the United States, eventually encapsulating the West more generally: its materialism, individual freedoms, economic system, racism, brutal boxing matches, "poor" haircuts, superficiality in conversations and friendships, restrictions on divorce, enthusiasm for sports, lack of artistic feeling,"animal-like" mixing of the genders (which "went on even in churches")

>The American girl is well acquainted with her body's seductive capacity. She knows it lies in the face, and in expressive eyes, and thirsty lips. She knows seductiveness lies in the round breasts, the full buttocks, and in the shapely thighs, sleek legs—and she shows all this and does not hide it.

>Qutb never married, in part because of his steadfast religious convictions. While the urban Egyptian society he lived in was becoming more Westernized, Qutb believed the Quran taught women that 'Men are the managers of women's affairs ...'[40] Qutb lamented to his readers that he was never able to find a woman of sufficient "moral purity and discretion" and had to reconcile himself to bachelorhood.

So the reason we have a problem with ISIS faggotry, besides Islam being a retarded, barbaric religion in general, is due to some Egyptian literal incel with a Madonna-whore complex so big, he couldn't a pure enough wife in the entire Middle East, but lusted in lurid detail for white women, and went "millions must die" over it.
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>be chinese dude
>about to get married
>get killed by works from the failing american auto industry at a strip club
>because Japan's auto industry was destroying America and which was largely due to American subsidies
>japanese military subsidized
>insane amount of resources poured in
>japanese yen allowed to be low circumventing international custon so they could easily dominate foreign markets
>americans commonly went out and beat the shit out of any asians they saw during this time
history is wild
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Why exactly was the Song of Solomon considered important enough to the Biblical Canon to have been included in not only Catholic/Orthodox Bibles but Protestant as well? Of all the fucking books they could've included in the core biblican canon, why a random erotic poem? Why isn't this considered Deuterocanonical or Apocrypha?
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August 1, 2016 - fifty years since the Texas Tower shooting
The University of Texas shooting in 1966 was symbolic of an era of exploding violence across the United States. Charles Joseph Whitman was born in Lake Worth, Florida on June 24, 1941 to Charles Sr. and Margaret Hodges Whitman and he had two younger brothers. The elder Charles was a strict, controlling husband and father who ran his household like an army barracks and he regularly beat his wife and sons if they displeased him. Charlie was a polite, well-behaved, and highly intelligent child--in grade school he was estimated to have a 139 IQ. His parents encouraged him to excel academically and he was punished for getting less than excellent grades. Margaret raised her sons as Catholics and all attended regular services at the Sacred Heart Church in Lake Worth.

Charles Sr. was also a gun enthusiast who taught his sons how to use weapons and how to hunt. Charlie was a skilled marksman by the time he was in high school. He joined the Boy Scouts at age 11 and then the Eagle Scouts a year later, and he also played the piano. Charles admired actor James Dean like many '50s teens and bought himself a motorcycle in imitation of his hero. At 17 he joined the Marines without telling his father first; reportedly he did so because of an incident a month earlier where he obtained alcohol at a friend's house and came home drunk, so Charles Sr. became infuriated with him, beat him, and threw him into a swimming pool.
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>Lets investigate Moohammed mate
>Lets discount all islamic sources
>Man we really know nothing about him huh?
very insightful indeed
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Plato died as a slave
plato was a slave.jfif

Plato died as an spartan slave, according to herculareum texts.

How do we cope now, classical bros???
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Is human history and human civilization the eternal cope of the sons of rome and greece, the bastard sons of rome and greece and the cope of the ones that aren't related by blood to rome and greece?

Because I'm studying history and It seems that way.
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Are there any men in history who had as much of an impact on the intellectual and political development of the West as John Locke?
Francis Bacon still comes off as too post-medieval, too much of a Greek-style empiricist. Thomas Hobbes was a monarchist, and monarchy has no place in the modern world. Rene Descartes had some good ideas, but frankly, had no real idea about how to expand science except by the means of reason. Only John Locke comes off as distinctively modern, characteristic of the modern West, and in line with both modern scientific thinking and modern democratic republican principles.
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I just learned that the roman empire is modern era of history and that there are 2k years of chronology before christ.

I was simply getting used to the idea I only needed to study shit after the greeks.
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No title
What happened to the Nahua nobility after they were conquered by the Spanish?
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Is this true?
Has China's culture and people been unadulterated for the past 5000 years?
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>didn't like sex
>didn't like the coliseum
>despised luxury
>christian god performed miracles in his path yet didn't convert
>didn't give a single fuck about wife cheating him
>woke up everyday imagining how awful interactions with other people would be
>would rather be alone in the imperium borders writing his diary than in Rome
>yet the imperium liked him so much and is considered one of the greatests emperors
is this the power os stoicism?
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No title
why did frogs, bong and hebrews freakout over the nationalization of seuz canal? all of its revenue and assets rightfully belong to the egyptian people.
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No title
What Church Father should one read if he is enamored by the Bhagavad Gita?
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Ku Klux Klan
The first version was necessary.
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Nissen Dosoren: Japanese people believe this about Korea
> This claim was based on the fact that Susanoo first emerged from the lands of Silla, a Korean kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period of Korea in a place called "Soshimori (曽尸茂梨)" but soon left the Korean peninsula to the Japanese archipelago

> The theory gained further momentum among historians with much emphasis put on the natures of both the Japanese and the Koreans by comparing the two ethnic groups to Amaterasu and Susanoo as siblings with shared heritage but vastly different personalities

> While embodying the collective identity of the Japanese, Amaterasu was depicted as a god of serenity and patience while Susanoo was depicted as an unruly younger brother who depended on his benevolent elder sister's leadership

> In addition, as early as the medieval period, Susanoo was regarded as a "foreign" deity who had come to the Japanese archipelago from the Asian mainland
> Due to overwhelming support of the theory, the Japanese Empire brought large influx of Koreans into the Japanese diaspora where their descendents remained in the islands as ethnic Koreans in Japan or Zainichi Koreans
> The modern Japanese cluster is said to be the most similar with the Korean one; in a haplotype-based study, the Japanese cluster was found to share 87–94% of its genetic components with the Korean cluster, compared with a Han Chinese result of only 0–8%, a distinct contrast. Moreover, the genetic affinity to the Korean cluster was particularly strong among a cluster hailing from Shimane specifically and Honshu more broadly, but relatively less pronounced, albeit still overwhelming, in the Kyushu clusters

Amaterasu: Athena + Apollo (female)

Susanoo: Thor + Poseidonōsoron
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No title
>is under british rule. speaks irish.
>gets free of british rule. no longer speaks irish.

what did they mean by this?
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What is the most successful Slavic country? /His/torically
Considering discoveries, contributions, influence, culture, sports, etc etc.

Do not take into account the success of people from other countries in said countries, for example ethnic Germans in Russia, that is, only taking into account the contributions of Slavic people
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No title
>spend almost 100 years chimping out against the British
>finally decide to pussy out
>the vast majority of your people stop speaking the irish language in the meantime
What gives? Did losing North Ireland really buck broke them that much?
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If Tulip and Calvinism are true People are born Gay
Let me explain. With total depravity, people are basically born evil and into a sinful nature unable to reform themselves. Also if God predestines every event, God predestines people to have gay sex. God may not like it but God decides to refuse to give someone grace in order to leave someone in total depravity for life so they never have the choice not to have that strong depraved tendency.
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No title
is there anypoint in going through your own rite of passage and being chivalrous in the modern age? unironically doing cringe tiktok shorts will garen you more attention than the former and its kinda sad honestly
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No title
Statue of Cromwell in Westminster
The main reason Cromwell still makes modern Bongs seethe is because he got away with everything. He killed the king, abolished the monarchy and House of Lords, undermined Parliament, made himself military dictator, fucked the Royalists, fucked the Irish, fucked the Scots, fucked the Welsh, never lost a battle, started some foreign conflicts that he all won, and then died of natural causes just short of 60, never suffering any recompense for his actions.

At least people who hate Napoleon can take pleasure in the fact he died defeated and in exile on a far-off island. At least people who hate Hitler can take pleasure in the fact he shot himself in the end while everything he built was crumbling around him. At least people who hate Osama can take pleasure in the fact he and his buddy Zawahiri both got murked in the end, and al-Qaeda's extinct. What can people who hate Cromwell take pleasure in? That nigga won, and even though there's still a king in Britain, Cromwell's legacy and ambition ultimately live on.
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No title
Why would Satan make himself so obviously evil to the point where any negative traits about anything can be attributed to him? Isn't that missing the point? Shouldn't Satan be trying to make himself look good so that people are tricked into turning away from God, rather than making himself so unlikeable that following God just becomes a logical choice instead?
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No title
To what extent are the Orkney, Shetland isles and the Hebrides Scandinavian? Anybody have any data on the Scandinavian admixture of these islands?
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No title
Has TMD of this scale ever been repeated?
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No title
How exactly does killing a bunch of illiterate peasants in an eastern euro mud village supposed to harm banking families in NewYork?
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How come cops don't dress like this anymore?
You know, the 1940s detective in the suit and tie and the overcoat who would pull a notebook out of his blazer pocket and suck on a cigar. Now days cops look roided up or fat and their uniform is militarized. Cops back then didn't even have bulletproof vests?
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He was too good for this world
images (40)
The more I learn about him, the more I realize what a good man he was. Like a saint, actually. He was a loving husband and father, a good Christian, and a patriot who saved Spain from communism. His only flaw is that he was too kind and forgiving to his enemies. And too trusting to snakes like Juan Carlos.
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No title
Why do internationalists leftists like ethnonationalist guerrillas so much?
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No title
90% of this board is about religion
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What do you think of Andrea Dworkin
and her takes on sex? Her most famous book is Intercourse.

“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.' (Leviticus 18:22). That means simply that it is foul to do to other men what men habitually, proudly, manfully do to women: use them as inanimate, empty, concave things; fuck them into submission; subordinate them through sex.”
― Andrea Dworkin, Right-Wing Women

“The normal fuck by a normal man is taken to be an act of invasion and ownership undertaken in a mode of predation. Woman have been chattels to man as wives, as prostitutes, as sexual and reproductive servants. Being owned and being fucked are or have been virtually synonymous experiences in the lives of woman. He owns you - he fucks you. The fucking conveys the quality of ownership - he owns you inside out.”
― Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse
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No title
What exactly would happen if a crown prince was discovered to be gay but wanted to adopt. Would the adopted child be in line for the throne? Additionally what would happen with their partner, they be made a prince?
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I don't get it.
If God does only the minimum for goodness to keep increasing, and we "fellow workers" do the rest of the job, why thanking God for good things that happen? How do we know if something was done by God or by earthly creatures?
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No title
>Some may question my right to destroy a city with 300 thousand souls, but those who truly understand realize I have no right to let them live.
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Prophecies, Jesus and Christianity
jesus christ empty tomb
>There are many prophecies in the OT that describe the coming Messiah
>Jesus fulfills those prophecies
>Jesus is the Messiah
>Jesus is the truth
>Christianity is the truth


>The writers of what would become the NT knew about the prophecies
>They wrote the story of Jesus in such a way so that they would fulfill said prophecies to gain legitimacy
>Jesus was just a historical man written to be the son of God
>Christianity is just another religion with its own myths in equal validity to that of any other religion

Discuss and debate.
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No title
> Pir Sultan Abdal (born Haydar) is an important religious figure in Alevism of Turkmen origin, who is thought to have been born in the village of Banaz in present-day Sivas Province, Turkey. He is considered legendary among his followers. His life is reconstructed from folkloric sources, especially religious poems which are believed to have been composed by himself and transmitted by ashiks.
> During the Ottoman–Persian Wars, he supported religious heterodoxy and the political subversion of Anatolia which got him hanged
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No title
I've been reading up on history for a while now. I have a prerty good foundation in the whole world for all of their historic periods. Should I specialise in one place now? Like Rome, or even just a small period like the roman republic, or late empire? I feel like a perpetual midwit since I just have a fairly surface level knowledge of everything, and anyone who has actually specialised in any particular event or period or whatever will mog me.

I'm talking like reading all the primary sources on the matter and getting really to grips with every single person and detail of events. However the problem with this is it will take a really long time that I could spend growing my knowledge a little bit on everything.

What I'm basically asking is: should I just keep reading fairly broadly and slowly accrete knowledge on everything, or should I specialise on one subject for maybe a couple years, and then specialise in another subject for a couple years, and so on.

Does anyone have personal experience with any of this? Does 'specialising' more intensely actually bring much more benefit instead of perpetually sampling? How broad a period/thing can you realistically 'specialise' in at once? How long does it take to feel like you're an actual 'expert'? Would it take literal years and isn't really worth it, is it one of those things you could do indefinetely without feeling you've made it yet, or could you quite easily reach an exhaustive knowledge on a period within a couple years as a side hobby?

I'm not in academia for history or anything, its just a hobby of sorts.

Last time the thread got completely derailed becuase I used a picture from google images that was a redditors bookshelf, so everyone critisised 'my' book collection. So here we are again.
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post your favourites
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No title
Is eating onions with steak something only low class people did? I was watching Hyppolit the Butler and it was a plot point that the low class Schneider likes steak with onions but the Butler his wife hired refuses to let him eat it.
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God is Unstoppable, but you Barely Know Him.
In the beginning, God took the form of a Monster Truck named Yahweh One, and dispersed His Angels across the earth to do his bidding. Through the power of Yahweh One, these Angels created the natural world, and all the creatures that live within it. When this was done, the Angels produced a class of entities known as The Wizards, immortal beings hidden amongst all nations of the earth.

The Wizards work under the dominion of two Angels: The Undertaker, and Tonka Bigfoot. They have immense power, but are ultimately subordinate to Yahweh One. When Yahweh One saw that His Angels and Wizards were colluding and fornicating with lesser Monster Trucks, He sent a great flood to destroy the world's population, so it could be built anew.

Later on, Yahweh One concluded that He could not redeem His creation through violence, and He bore a single son named The Avenger, to absorb and obliterate all sin. The Avenger sits at Yahweh One's right-hand side for eternity, and you can only know the mercy of Yahweh One through accepting His only son, The Avenger.
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No title
What is horror? What links together that emotion and bodies, people going senile, innocents being put through suffering?
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No title
Screenshot 2024-04-24 004357
What history podcasts do y'all listen to?
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No title
Why does "hooters but with men" seem to always fail in the west but remains incredibly popular in Japan?
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Nikola Tesla
>AC power was already a broad movement before he made his motor
>some other guy beat him to the induction motor by two years
>some other guy beat him to radio control by a year
>made a bunch of lighting machines nobody has ever used
>had a bunch of fantastic ideas about physics that turned out to be false but were still really cool ideas you have to admit
Why is this guy so famous again?
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No title
>christianity splits up into dozens to hundreds of competing denominations, each are more or less exclusivist to each other
Why did the Christian God allow this to happen to his religion?

Imagine if you were a loincloth-wearing jungle man with limited contact with civilization, and your only version of the Gospel came from American cultists who treat the KJV Bible like Muslims do the Arabic Quran
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No title
'Most of the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution are known or often proposed to have been strongly influenced by Machiavelli's political works, including Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and John Adams'.
0 media | 1 replies
Many Christians deep down want to be pagans.
They have all these angels and saints which may even be old pagan god rebranded. They "venerate" them because they aren't allowed to pray to them.
This is because worshipping a single god that has no connection to your land or people is veey depressing.
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No title
Who was the “chuddiest” president in American history?
0 media | 2 replies
William Zestmoreland
>Spend entire life before WWII in boy scouts, military schools, and West Point
>Spend WWII as an artillery commander in North Africa/Europe
>Spend time between WWII/Korea at the Army War College, do some paratrooper training on the side
>Spend the aftermath of Kroea on a business degree, a biographer even referred to him as a "a corporation executive in uniform."
>Finally gets the opportunity to be put in charge of his own war in 1964
>Has a bunch of ridiculous and bizarre restrictions and allowances placed on him that virtually tie an arm around his back and fuck his brain, which was indoctrinated at West Point and affirmed by his WWII/Korea experience to fight big conventional wars like Korea or Western Europe
>Proceeds to laser-focus on fighting large pitched battles, having numerical and materiel superiority, and maintaining force quality as if he were fighting a conventional war anyway despite it making no strategic sense at all
>Manages to gain the upper hand despite coping about the strategic picture ridiculously, like near-Shoigu levels
>loses war after coming within a hair of victory after the Tet Offensive
>Never heard from again and is widely considered the worst general the U.S had post-Civil War
Was he autistic? I feel like if he were in a conventional war he'd be the best general ever; yet instead he was in charge of a complicated unconventional proxy conflict with nonsensical rules of engagement that required far more unconventional methods and strategy.
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No title
Strauss's final exam on Machiavelli (Political Science 303, University of Chicago, Spring quarter 1952)

could you pass using your History & Humanities knowledge?
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Vassal Kings of England.
Previous to 1204 the Kings of England were vassals to Byzantium
Afterwards they were vassals to Rome

In the "Calendar of entries in the Papal Registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland," published in 1893 by Mr. W.H. Bliss, appear numerous mandates from the Papal See to both the Norman and Plantagenet kings of England, the nature of which clearly proves them to have been vassals of Rome. Under the year 1201-2 appears a
>"Letter from Otho, emperor-elect of the Romans, to the pope, informing him that the king of England (John) is bound to give help to the Emperor against all enemies, and to make peace with France, as he himself is bound by order of the pope, whom he thanks, next to God, for his promotion."
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What was the main reason the Golden Age of Serial Killers ended?
DNA didn't become widely advanced and used for criminal profiling until the early 90s. The serial killers had all but disappeared by the early-mid 80s. Many had their heyday in the 50s, 60s and 70s, so how can advanced DNA profiling alone be the reason?
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No title
Culture is greater and stronger than religion, even Islam which is so coercitive, can't doblegate strong people like Caucasus peoples abandoning their habits. As I view it, they are basically "greek" descendants with a praying habit but totally distinct from their "muslim brothers" from Arabia, Mahgreb, Africa, etc
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Was Simon Magus a historical figure
I thought he was just a minor character from the boom of acts but apparently there are more stories and legends about him
Is there any evidence he actually existed?
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No title
>You don't know if there are any gods, so you don't claim there are? REE! YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!!!
t.Christians and Muslims. Could anyone explain how that's fair? If I assume the wrong God exists, I'll still get punished, so it's not like I have any hope other than having good luck via coincidence or being predestined to have good luck. Seems stupid.
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No title
Was the slow debasement of coinage (which is more of symptom than a disease, but for these purposes we will consider it a disease) the ultimate cause of most empires fall?

Given that premodern tax rates were impossibly low compared to those of todays welfare states, would it even be possible for a state to meaningfully restore the value of a metals based currency, which would have multiple generations worth in circulation?
They would have to drain their own treasury by exchanging less valuable coins for more valuable coins to accomplish it. And I don't think that at a 5-10% tax rate, they'd have enough to accomplish that and still run the state.
I'm not sure how you could possibly accomplish it without a fiat system.
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No title
>upends your epistemology
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No title
Were the Teutonic Knights basically Vikings?
>Raided Christians
>Enslaved Slavs
>Allied with other Vikings (Danes)
>Powerful Baltic navy
>Even wore horned helmets
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No title
>smack dab in the middle of everything at any period you care to look
>combined, bigger than ireland, cyrpus, crete, rhodes, gotland, malta, s*c*ly, etc etc
>produces one notable manlet and some coal thats it

I don't get it. If geography dictates history they should have been a BIG DEAL. What went so wrong?
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No title
>love french women
>hate french men
how has one dealt with this dilemma historically speaking? was this one of the reason that prompted caesaer to invade gaul?
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Samic substrate came from SHG?
Where did the Samic substrate come from? Was it SHGs in the north? If so this would be the only proof of SHG language.

A lot of words for seal which SHG were famous for hunting.

Saami English
kut’t’k heart
vuntas sand
poav’n hummock
k’ed’d’k geađgi stone
piŋŋk biegga wind
ket’t’k’ geatki wolverine

áidni bearded seal
ákču harbor seal
buovjja beluga
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Are the Catholics of the Middle East part of the West? Did they use Latin, did they have close contact with Rome during the Middle Ages? Were they affected by the Renaissance?
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Why are the Sami called indigenous again?
The ancestors of modern Swedes lived in Scandinavia way before the Sami.
And there were people already living in the North where the Smai setteled down.
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THIS was China in the 1960's?!
China 1960s
But it's so modern and clean. The people look so healthy and happy. It looks like a true civilization.
/his/... This... This is paradise.
It's beautiful...
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Heavenly signs
Before the spanish conquest. The aztecs saw signs like humans with animal heads walking in cities and rivers turning blood red. Why don't we see them anymore?
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are imperial eunuchs an often repeated feature of late decadent empires? we see them in chinese empires, ottoman, eastern roman empire, not so much in eastern roman empire but you had the cult of Cybele that went in that direction and things like Elagabalus. are there other examples? what's their function and why do they appear in decadent empires?
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