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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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Please try to convince me, a christian, that men evolved from monkeys.
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Is it fair to say he is the most influential incompetent leader in history? I.e. his constant failures have changed the world more than any other fuck up in history?
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Is this the most subjugated people on Earth?
>buttfucked by Alexander
>buttfucked by Greek states that ruled it after Alexander
>buttfucked by Arabs
>buttfucked by Arabs so hard they almost forgot their language for 2 centuries
>buttfucked by Mongols
>buttfucked by Seljuk Turks
>eventually buttfucked by Anglos post-1953
>finally chimpout in 1979 and get a Iranian state, except now they LARP as descendent of Arab Islam

Which other country has had its original culture completely destroyed and replaced?
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Historically, when did white fragility first arise?
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How did Disraeli, a Jew become PM of Britain despite the rampant anti semitism?
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retarded goyim
why are americans like this?
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download (11)
Why is Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence so high on average?
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Could Alexander the Great, with a rudimentary understanding of interwar military theory, tactics etc, be able to defeat the Soviet Union at the head of the German military?
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Angels are depicted as terrifying looking beings in the bible, to the point where pretty much every time they show up they have to tell people not to be afraid of them,, but almost all artistic depictions of them are just dudes with wings

What’s up with that?
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Military Aesthetic
What was the most impressive example in history, and why was it the Prussians mogging on everyone else?
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Would we have prevented the nazis from getting power if we never tolerated their ideology in the first place?
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Muslims are not allowed to ever oppose or rebel against a leader?
I was talking to a pro-Saudi Muslim called Shamsi in London the other day and he explained to me that the whole reason the Muslim world is in such a state is because the people went against the Sunnah of Muhammad and rebelled and caused civil wars etc. He said even in the case of Syria where the leader (Assad) is a non-Muslim it's still better for the Muslims there to obey and put up with him because the consequences of rebelling (civil war, terrorism, carnage, etc) far outweigh abiding by the leader. He said that even if a Muslim ruler has your whole family beaten, raped, thrown in jail, tortured, anything it's completely haram to ever speak against him. He said those bringing the rebellions are following a non-Islamic ideology which is rooted in Sayyid Quitub and communism. And that if you are a real Muslim following the sunnah you never rebel and always obey the ruler.

Can any Muslim confirm this? If this is true it seems unbelievably placid and cucked. I always had Islam down as an alpha religion that doesn't bootlick men in suits and elite leaders like so many in the west do and that Muslims only submit to God not technocrats and aristocrats. This conversation turned around my whole perception of Islam and not in a good way. I was considering becoming a Muslim but feel like Islam is too submissive towards politicians and leaders now. How the hell can you expected to obey an abuser just because the abuser is a Muslim? Even in the case of Assad a non-Muslim??
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>New World Order is a conspiracy
>Jews lock up 1/3 of humanity and demand more tax to buy vaccines
pick one
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Which one had a greater civilisation?
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Marcus Aurelius was a worldy and knowledgeable man, so how'd he end up ruining the Empire by being the first to choose his own son as successor?
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Who is the first waifu in history?
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Were they French?
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Chad Goebbels
>Why yes, I do want Totalen Krieg. How did you know?
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No title
If one wanted to ask a question about jews, and comes across the dilemma of "Should i post this on /pol/ or on /his/", then how should they solve this dilemma?
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Almost 100 years ago, Poland stopped bolsheviks' offensive at the outskirts of Warsaw and saved itself and Europe from the red plague. Cucked Lenin, Trotsky and even Stalin FIRST. And most importantly, they made tankies all over the world cry to this day.
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France and Germany WW1
Storm Verdun
So I've been seeing alot of France posters saying that Germany would've lost to France and this is inaccurate. This is shown by the initial German success in the war, and the Imperial Army's advance was only stopped by the all volunteer cracked British army. The French navy was out classed by the German navy which is why a majority of the major naval battles were fought between Germany and the U.K. The German army was not only greater in size but in quality and by the end of the war the French army was in no fighting shape and almost shattered. Without the Eastern Front Germany would be able to bring down all it's troops on France through Belgium
and without British troops to stop the German Advance they wood indeed be home by Christmas. Not to mention the blockade wouldn't have happened and the United States was what cause military victory for the Germans to become unobtainable.
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Book Thread
Haven't seen a book thread in a while. What history books have you guys been reading lately? Please post your favorite history books or any recommended reading lists.

Just read pic related, "Empires of the Sea," the other day. It's an account of Mediterranean warfare between the Ottomans and the Christian powers in the 1500's. His description of the 1565 siege of Malta is the best description of an early modern siege I've ever read. Also really enjoyed his book "Conquerors," about Portuguese conquest in India in the early 1500's.

Going to dump a few reading lists I've gathered off 4chan over the years.
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When did White People get so TINY?!
Small head, small brain, small physique, about 120lbs less room for muscle.

When did this happen? Was it dysgenics following our mass genocide against ourselves in several massive intercontinental wars?

Or, alt theory, the giant type is the Warrior Ant Caste and the little gnomes are the Serf Ant Caste.

Needless to say, we need another Great Pete.
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No title
Is it true that the perfect leader is a servant who tells people to do things they like being told to do?
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Cultural Disparity and the Italo-German Alliance in the Second World War
Kesselring notoriously characterized the Italians in racial terms, suggesting that they had “inherent” qualities as “southerners” of Europe. After the war, he stated that “the Italian soldier was not a soldier from within. It is possible that I, as a northerner of a different species, am applying the wrong standards—but the results seem to prove my point.” He wrote that Italians were “hot-blooded,” “conceited to an extent which a northerner cannot conceive,” and had “only three fashionable passions: coffee, cigarettes, and women.” He showed particular disdain for Italians from the South of Italy, stating that rural Italians were “a mass of people who, like children, could be led anywhere.” Kesselring also wrote that the Italian “species” was inferior…
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No title
Napoleon leading french army
any /his/ approved youtube channels?
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Serfie serfie till the terfie
Monk gets beef and gets real girthy
Serfie Serfie pay your tax
So monk can stay inside and 'lax

Serfie toils in the fields.
Monk is given half his yields.
His baron takes all of the rest.
"B-but I worked so hard and tried my best!"
He goes home to his haggard wife,
every day regrets his life.
The plague comes, his family die
Goes out next day to harvest rye
He works all day and through the night,
but still succumbs to the hated blight.
He lays there dying, pale and scabby,
While monk is safe inside the abbey.
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Sacro Imperio Romano
Daily reminder that the HRE is more Roman than the Byzantines were.
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No title
How do you recognise a jewish name? Whenever a straight "white" male online is shilling for antifa and obsessed nazi/fascist boogyman, they are often times of jewish descent.
If you know their full name, how do you determine if they are a jew without looking it up? What differentiates a jewish last name from a last name of european christian origin? What suffixes or prefixes should i be looking for and other clues?
This discusses the historical origin of names and is appropriate for this board.
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No title
>Napoleon was so evil he killed trillions of innocent arabs! He left his men at Egypt! He was a warmonger! He wasn't actually that good of a commander! He was literally Hitler!
What's his problem
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How can people claim the great man theory to be false when these people have been the underlying cause behind most events that have taken place for the last 2000 years?
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No title
Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 7.28.06 PM
Well thank god Yao, Kong and Zhang cleared that up.

For real though (I'm not a geneticist) wtf is the real story?

Was we the QIN AND SHIT?
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No title
Imagine getting an entire continent to yourself, and not innovating, discovering or building anything. Imagine being one of the first people to go somewhere new outside of africa and still people who left africa after you achieve more than you did in 50 THOUSAND years. And then when those people who outdid you, discover your place, and try to improve it because you are lazy and wasting the resources of continent, you cry about racism and genocide. Why do people do this bros?
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How did they manage adhd 50 years ago?
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No title
Quick rundown on this guy?
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No title
Where did opera come from? Why does it exist? Are there any books that answer these questions?
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No title
Because reasons, I need recreations/imaginings of what medieval period cities would have looked like. Eastern/western or 2D/3D, doesn't matter.
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No title
Italy thread

Why have they been spared from the horrors of the world? Why haven’t the Arabs or the Turkroaches managed to conquer and rape them, as they’re worthless subhuman niggers?
>Inb4 Germans
Germans sacked Rome and proceeded to gently suck their cock for the next 2000 years. No one real has managed to burn Italy to the ground yet.
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No title
Did nothing wrong.
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No title
Why are lions such a popular animal in Europe when they’re an African animal but bears aren’t when they’re indigenous to Europe?
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No title
I'd say abortion became fashionable in western society after Paris 1968 student movement
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No title
>human sacrifice doesn't work!!!
Then explain how the sun rises each day, how the seasons pass, and why our crops flourish.
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No title
Did Medieval Europeans really believed that their blinged out artifacts were used/come in contact with Jesus? If so was it that difficult to take into consideration at the people who were around Jesus before His death and resurrection probably wouldn't have fancy items to give/use on Jesus due to their socio-economic backgrounds and their views on Him?
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this bloodthirsty murderer who was taking the pretense of the revolution to try and establish his own imperial dynasty over all of europe and was only later stopped by a brave coalition of brits, germans and russians has birthday today

say something nice to him /his/
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Eamon De Valera
Éamonn de Valera:

-Sole surviving commandment of the 1916 rising
-President of the first Dáil
-Leader of the Republican movement in the civil war (the BASED side in case you're wondering)
-Founder and leader of the most successful party ever in Irish history, Fianna Fáil
-European statesman at the league of nations in the 1930s and afterwards respected statesman on the world stage
-Oversaw the writing of the constitution of Ireland in 1937 i.e. the one we use today. One point here is that there was a lot of pressure on him to make Catholicism the state religion but he said no because he believed in religious liberty
-He kept us neutral in WW2 and saved us from getting raped by Germany.
-Taoiseach (Prime minister) of the state for 20 of the state's first 37 years of existence
-And afterwards president for a further 14 years

A very important and consequential man in Irish history who was so popular he was elected all those times. He was a maths lecturer before becoming a rebel and he was full back on the Munster rugby team; he could very well have played for Ireland. I think he was very based.
He was half Irish and half Cuban of Spanish descent and was actually born in America.
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No title
Who's the whore of babylon?
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No title[1]
Diversity kills countries. The wole point of the modern nation-state is to create culturally, religiously and racially HOMOGENOUS countries. Not the other way round. Diversity is against the basic principles under which modern nations were created.

Prove me wrong.
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No title
Why did so many germs surrender in WW2?
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No title
ww2 whats your favorite hitler ww2?ww germnay vs russia or britain vs germany
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No title
>Absurd amounts of fertile land
>Temperate climate
>North Italian immigrants mostly
>Has Coal in the south
>Has Iron in the center and north
>No ethnic conflicts
>Has two of the best navigable rivers of South America
>Had actually pretty competent and good generals during the first years of their independence
>BTFO'd the French, Brits and Brazilians in the 19th century

what the fuck went so wrong?
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No title
is the Austrian school a red pill - or just a red herring?
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No title
Which one would you bring back?
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No title
When will you retards finally admit that both Capitalism AND Communism are awful systems that should be abolished together
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Criticism of the 1619 Project
For those who are unfamiliar with the 1619 project, some journalist at the NYT made the claim that the American Revolution was purely a war over Colonists wishing to keep their slaves. In other words, the war was not fought because Americans were sick of being taxed to death, sick of the Quartering Act which allowed for British Empire soldiers to just barge in and take shelter in any Colonists home that they see fit, nope, it was all about Slavery. I'm not here to formally debunk the 1619 theory, if you're interested in reading a formal debunking of the 1619 project please read the following:

What I'm here to do is just gripe about how fucking stupid it is. For example
>If the war were really about Slavery, why the fuck did George Washington free his slaves after the war ended?
>If the war were really about Slavery, how the fuck would you convince the Northern colonies to revolt against the British when plantations were strictly a Southern concern (where the majority of slaves were help)? Oh wait, Antebellum Slavery didn't even exist at that time because it mainly focused on Cotton production which began around 1793 at the earliest because that's the year the Cotton Gin was invented.
>If the war were really about Slavery, what the fuck was the point of the Boston Tea Party and the formation of the Sons of Liberty as a whole?
>If the war were really about Slavery, wouldn't there exist a massive effort by the British to help Americann slaves and make them honorary citizens of the empire? Wait that never happened, because the war was never about Slavery.

This NYT journalist is able to write such garbage because it's very easy to sway an ideological group of uneducated people.
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No title
why they do it?
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ITT: Civilisations Interacting and Describing Each Other
Ibn Fadlan
>I saw the Rusiyyah when they had arrived on their trading expedition and had disembarked at the River Atil. I have never seen more perfect physiques than theirs—they are like palm trees, are fair and reddish, and do not wear the qurctaq or the caftan. The man wears a cloak with which he covers one half of his body, leaving one of his arms uncovered. Every one of them carries an axe, a sword and a dagger and is never without all of that which we have mentioned.

>Their swords are of the Frankish variety, with broad, ridged blades. Each man, from the tip of his toes to his neck, is covered in dark-green lines, pictures and such like. Each woman has, on her breast, a small disc, tied around her neck, made of either iron, silver, copper or gold, in relation to her husband's financial and social worth. Each disc has a ring to which a dagger is attached, also lying on her breast. Around their necks they wear bands of gold and silver. Whenever a man's wealth reaches ten thousand dirhams, he has a band made for his wife; if it reaches twenty thousand dirhams, he has two bands made for her—for every ten thousand more, he gives another band to his wife. Sometimes one woman may wear many bands around her neck.

Ibn Fadlan, on the Rus Volga Viking merchants at Itil, 922.
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At which decade exactly it became cool to make fun of superior people?
Since there are a many outright anti-white shitpost threads that can stay to a bump limit let's have a real one about the superiority of white people. When did it became cool to lie about white people not being the superior race to the point where the gap between it and other races is impossible to overcome? Was it around the 70s because even John Lennon, in his words had to ask his black friends to make the song "Woman Is the Nigger of the World". Are they trying to overcome the gap the only way it's possible, by removing the just government of white people and then massacring them? Also when did the intelligence meme became the norm and why do non-white people lie about defeating us in our own game? Non-white people don't have the values of the western world and lie about anything just to save their tribesmen but you don't even have to believe that, you have to see their actual works, Asians and Jews are the most caught races in academic frauds. Asians and Jews are never going to even begin to compete with the intelligence of white people because they are predetermined to be impulsive and primitive. Just take a look at their countries and the controversies around their scientists, or don't even do that, just look at their schools and the cheating problems they have. They are closer to animals than to human beings and thus feel no remorse lying or destroying superior people because they feel insecure. Also how can you claim to be intelligent when you get holocausted every time because you have no self-awareness of how wicked and primitive you're?
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No title
Did any “rapes” by soviet soldiers against Germans actually take place?
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No title
Thinking Robespierre "became a villain" is the most common brainlet take on any historical figure ever. Robespierre always a heroic figure, all the way to his death.
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How long back have different types of optics been used?
Ancient optics
Do you really think that the use of optics is so recent as modern historians wants us to believe? Is it for example possible that the ancients used forms of telescopes when observing the stars?
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No title
Mark Witton
*blocks your path*
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No title
Is it possible to determine whether you share the same ancestors as those described in written records?

The ancient Romans describes the Britons and Celts as having long moustaches which drooped down

I’m a brit bong who’s half Irish half Scottish and my facial hair is described exactly like the ancient Celts were, does this mean my ancestors haven’t left the British Isles for thousands of years? Or isn’t this enough to base my thoughts off
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No title
Who are the dwarves of history?
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No title
>Japan was the first country in the world to voluntarily Westernize
>Yet somehow they are the East Asian country that preserves the most East Asian culture today
What is this phenomenon?
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No title
Hanbali here. Name your madhab.
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No title
How would James VIII do as King had Prince Bonnie manage to restore him in 1745?
Britain would be dissolved and Fredrick of Wales would rule as George III of England&Ireland.
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No title
ITT we post incredible historical coincidences
>name is gerbils
>looks like a rodent
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the real Holy Roman Empire
Let's be honest - Byzantium is the greatest empire the world has ever seen.

>Orthodox Faith
Pure true uncorrupted Christianity.
Not schismatic barbaric Catholics.
Not heretical apostate Protestants.

>Greco-Roman Culture
Infusion of the two greatest European cultures of antiquity.
Even had some Persian influence from the time of Alexander's conquests.

From the style, fashion, military uniforms, artworks, iconoclasms..
How can anything else compare?

One of the longest lasting empires in history.
The fall of Constantinople sent shockwaves through Europe and is considered one of the greatest tragedies.
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Is the Romanian identity a meme?
When you consider the sheer number of tribes making up the Romanian identity it really seems so. Gepids, Avars, Goths, Tatars, Pechengs, Cumans, Boii, Roxolani, Mongols, Turks, Italics, Gypsies, Slavs, Bulgars, all contributed to the makeup of modern Romanians. It's just an utter melting pot of tribes. Other European nations on the other hand are much more homogeneous in their tribal makeup. The French are primarily Gauls. The Balts are, well, Balts. The English are Anglo-Saxons. The Swedes are Geats and Swedes. The Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians are mostly Slavs (vyatichi, krivichi). For most European nations you can be sure of their ethnic composition. But a Romanian could be Slavic, Germanic, Gypsid, Mediterranean, or Turkic.
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No title
Keep it real with me, /his/. Has true selflessness been rewarded with anything other than getting backstabbed?
Because the more i read about history, the more i learn there's no reason to be a good person.
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No title
they misspelled "by" why did they?
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No title
Karl_Marx_001 (1)
Marx's entire system falls apart once you take in IQ into consideration. IQ shows that Capitalism is our nature. IQ is the most important thing so of course the people with low IQs won't be as successful as those with the higher ones. As Madara Uchiha once said, as long as there are winners, there will always be losers. It's just an immutable fact of life. Of course the Subsaharan states plus South Asia are going to be poor with the abysmal average IQs they have. You can also mention slavery and whatnot. IQ denialists are funny too lmao "correlation doesn't equal causation" is just something used to show that just because two things are correlated doesn't mean that they show causation. It's hilarious. "I swear we're all equal XD"
That never fails to make me laugh. fucking Marxists kek
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No title
>Be Henry D'Artois a.k.a. Henry V
>You're the last surviving legitimate bourbon
>You're very well liked and have a huge group of supporters
>Just a reminder that you're the remaining hope for a second bourbon restoration
>Your opportunity has arrived
>Napoleon III has been exiled and the provisional government is very willing to make you their new king
>All you have to do is accept the tricolor flag
>You refuse
>They ask again
>You still refuse
>Keeps going back and forth
>They finally have enough and keep going with the third republic
>Your throne was being handed to you on a silver platter
>All you had to do as accept the tricolor flag
>To add to this shitshow, you also have no heir
>Forcing you to make a deal with the Orleanists to have their claimant be your heir
>This will be your legacy
>Not as a king to lead a new era of greatness but as a claimant who lost the throne because he refused to fly a damn flag
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No title
>Southern men the thunders mutter
>Northern flags in south winds flutter
>To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie!
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Indigenous art
post what you have

Maya painting found in Calakmul of a lady and her servant
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Post yfw you realized WW2 actually unironically happened
1 images | 3 replies
No title
Why does this guys keep thinking that using the overarm grip in a shield formation wasn't used when there's hundreds of pieces of art showing overarm spear use and other guys with more historical and sparring knowledge have pointed out to him that an overarm grip can be advantageous.
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Why were the Confederates so beautiful?
Stonewall Jackson
Seriously just listen to their yells of friendship:

So much more energised, so much more earnest and truthful in life, I listen to it when relaxing and doing my work.
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No title
So how did this guy build the largest and best equipped army in the world and lose 30 million people while relying on Britain and France to beat a country the size of an oilless Texas while having his countries face skidded on the payment for four years straight by them?
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No title
Was hyperborea real?
30 images | 163 replies
No title





1 images | 11 replies
No title
How degenerate was Nazi germany compared to Weimar?
6 images | 24 replies
No title
Compared to the rest of the world, (Native Americans, Bantus, Europeans, Chinese, Aborigines, etc) were they advanced, primitive, or average?
29 images | 137 replies
No title
Here's what Chief Nazi Ideologue and mentor to Hitler Alfred Rosenberg wanted to do with Christianity:

>the National Reich Church of Germany would claim exclusive control over all churches
>publication of the Bible would cease
>crucifixes, Bibles and saints were to be removed from altars
>Mein Kampf would be placed on altars as "to the German nation and therefore to God the most sacred book"
>the Christian Cross would be removed from all churches and replaced with the swastika

And here's a list of just some of the christian clergy martyred by the germansózef_Kowalski_(priest)ára_Salkaháziüller_(martyr)ägerstätterózef_Achilles_Puchała
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No title
What were the wackiest moments of antiquity? I'm talking straight up meme history, your deepest finds of wackiness
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Civilizational potential poster was right
Study on IQ predicting SNP's across races
Average for East Asians: 0.72
Average for Hispanics: 0.65
Average for Whites: 0.63
Average for Indians: 0.59
Average for Blacks: 0.48

What I find the most interesting is that the most native american country, Peru, scores almost as high as East Asians with 0.69, while Mexico and Colombia which are more mestizo score around .64/.65, US whites score .62, and Spaniards score .60 (lowest european score)
This would imply that the spanish genetics are dragging the native american potential on hispanics, asuming that peruvians are 30% spanish 70% native that would mean that a true native american score would be around the .73, among the highest scoring asian countries

Civilizational potential poster was right all along
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No title
>European man is so stupid he thinks the world is half as large as it really is and sets sail thinking he can make it to India
>accidentally stumbles upon a new continent
>Europeans are so filthy 90% of the native population literally dies of disease
>Europeans suddenly left sitting on top a bunch of mostly depopulated land filled with gold, silver and natural resources

Are Western Europeans the luckiest group in world history?
20 images | 121 replies
Is the Jomon/Yayoi dichotomy real or cope by Japs?
To me, it just seems like a cope theory that Japanese are different from other East Asians and have "Western"-like admixture from the Jomon people or some shit. For most Japanese are 90% "Yayoi" and only carry 10% Jomon. And even then IIRC, Jomon is still Eastern Asian and is not related to any W. Eurasian population.
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No title
Is it really fair to say the British Empire was the greatest in history? It may have had the most territory (and even that's disputable) but all they did was massacre spearchuckers and pajeets. Napoleon or Chinggis Khan's accomplishments were far more difficult and in my opinion more impressive
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Jewish Persecution
Ok, let me begin with a disclaimer, I'm by no means a /pol/tard, I don't believe in the Jewish conspiracy or blood libel or muh Jewish subversion of white countries, I don't believe in any of that shit. But as I study history I am indeed intrigued about the recurrent pattern of Jewish persecution and expulsion, and it baffles me that this tiny group of people could cause such butthurt to so many nations throughout so many ages.

At first, I thought that Jewish prejudice and persecution of Jews had for the most part a Christian origin during the late antiquity and the Medieval age. But I'm surprised by the fact that there was Jewish persecution even before Christianity emerged, so I genuinely don't understand, why? Why have so many different groups of people hated them for so long? What's the origin of the near universal sentiment of disdain that has manifested throughout the centuries?

Like I said, I'm not a poltard that believes that there's something inherently wrong or negative about Jewish people. So I can't for the life of me explain this phenomenon, because it is consistent and recurrent. So /his/, why?
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No title
Why have the Germans been expelled from so many countries?
11 images | 57 replies
No title
Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 10.47.18 pm
How accurate is GedMatch for finding genetic links to ancient populations?

Post your ANE K7 Results
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No title
Ukuroh wishes to know of the dark ones from the south that threaten his family and tribe
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No title
Why there's no conspiracy theories were he is a commie??? It's due to his decision that we have modern china.
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No title
one good quality of protestant theology
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Why did Patton favor such a deathtrap?
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Haplogroup A
>A is the oldest of all Y-DNA haplogroups. It originated in sub-Saharan Africa over 140,000 years ago, and possibly as much as 340,000 years ago if we include haplogroup A00. Modern populations with the highest percentages of haplogroup A are the Khoisan (such as the Bushmen) and the southern Sudanese.

Why do Southern Sudanese have Haplogroup A?
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Why did they reject christ?
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>More recently, J. Nigro Sansonese,[20] building on the work of Georges Dumézil, speculates that the origin of the name "Sisyphus" is onomatopoetic of the continual back-and-forth, susurrant sound ("siss phuss") made by the breath in the nasal passages, situating the mythology of Sisyphus in a far larger context of archaic (see Proto-Indo-European religion) trance-inducing techniques related to breath control.

Is this as dumb as it sounds?
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Degrasse Columbus
Do you agree?
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Do you believe mental illness is a product of modern industrial lifestyle? Is it the body's natural evolved response to conceived dangerous conditions or genetic?

I think I have BPD. My whole life I've been fucked up and I wanna know why. Thanks in advance I'll try to attend to replies. Would take this to /r9k/ but I'd like best board's knowledge.
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Why didn't Spain colonise and develop the Pacific Northwest? They explored it before other Europeans. It seems like a huge oversight. Why didn't they develop the strategically-important harbours at Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, etc.? Why did they leave the region fallow?
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What if the Knight of the Long Knives never happened
What would happen if instead of Hitler purging his party comrades he instead purged the capitalist and military aristocracy classes, replacing the Wehrmacht with the SA and ushering in a true form of National Socialism not hindered by the restraints of the corrupt upper classes of German society?
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Fuck Eisenhower for stopping the Suez intervention
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Are yupik people and Inuits the closest humans to the concept of the "Noble Savage"?
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>The taming and domestication of religion is one of the unceasing chores of civilization. Those who pretend that we can skip this stage in the present case are deluding themselves and asking for trouble not just in the future but in the immediate present.

Is he right? He says Islam veils women and glorifies conquest over rational debate
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A History Lesson for /his/
Everyone in the early parts of Genesis is a Gentile. Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth, and all their sons and daughters. Including extremely holy men like Enoch and Melchizedek. The distinct races you see today did not come into being until the sons of Noah spread across the world post flood.

Noah had 3 sons. From Japheth came the white race, from Shem came the jews (and later the arabs from Ishmael the son of Abraham), and from the son of Ham named Canaan came the africans. It is unknown where asians came from, though it's either Japheth or the sons of Ham.

How do we know this? Because it fits in perfectly with the following prophecy:

>And the sons of Noah, that went forth of the ark, were Shem, and Ham, and Japheth: and Ham is the father of Canaan. These are the three sons of Noah: and of them was the whole earth overspread.

>And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

As you can see here africans, who have never accomplished anything in their thousands of years on this earth, are clearly the sons of Canaan. They were small in number, isolated, and never had any impact on world history until the other races began enslaving them.

Japheth is clearly the white race, as we were once great in number and controlled large portions of the world. The tent of Shem is the church we inherited from the ancient Israelites when we adopted the Christian religion and spread it to the ends of the earth.

And finally Shem is clearly the jews because Abraham comes from Shem, and from Abraham comes David and Solomon, and finally Jesus who were all jewish. Arabs who are closely related to jews come from Ishmael, son of Abraham by his mistress.

This is the true history of the world.
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What is it with Arabs and cooming?
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Historically, are internal conflicts in America more due to racism or class conflict?
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Why do people jerk off the romans so much when they stole all their culture from the greeks?
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"The Gnostics were a diverse group who saw salvation coming from a knowledge of God. Rather than Christ dying as a human sacrifice, and simple belief, faith, in Him being there route to salvation, it is in fact knowledge of God and enlightenment through this knowledge that is the road to salvation."

How different would church be if it was a course of study, not a recitation of dogmas? Man is created in the image of God. So why isn't there nature of man and explored. Lectures on psychology, neuroscience, and information science tied into our understanding of who and what we are, and how that relates to God? Philosophy seems essential too. But in 8 years going almost every week to church and Sunday school, these inquiries hardly come up.

I'm not talking just about the concept of the Gnostic Demiurge, but their main concept that enlightenment is an end goal.

All I've gotten is disconnected from other forms of inquiry into reality.

What would a church seeking knowledge look like?
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>"Khruschev, vulgar acrobat of the pig market, chickpea on his nose, sweating, dressed like a vendor of scraps, travelled triumphantly through the United States of America, with his old lady on his arm, escorted by ministers, billionaires, can-can dancers and the fine flower of the Kennedy clan, rewarding them, finally, with his boot damp socks on the table during a full session of the U.N."
>"Kosygin’s badly baked potato head was offered the flowery homages of Frenchmen always disturbed by the evocation of Auschwitz but who have forgotten the thousands of Polish officers, their allies of1940, that the USSR murdered methodically at Katyn."
>"Stalin himself, the worst killer of the century, the implacable total tyrant, having caused in his demented furore, his people, his collaborators, his military chiefs, his family, to be massacred, received a fabulous golden sceptre from the most conservative king in the world, the king of England, who did not even understand the macabre and comical aspect of the choice of such a gift to such a criminal
>But if we, the ‘fascist’ survivors of the Second World War, had the impertinence to unclench our teeth for a single moment, at once a thousand ‘democrats’ begin to yelp frenetically, frightening our friends themselves who, supplicating, cry out to us, ‘Be careful! Be careful!’
>Be careful of what?"
-Leon Degrelle, Hitler for 1,000 Years, 1969

Pic related, the vendor of scraps.
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What do you think of the historical accuracy in this commercial?
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>capitalist countries become degenerate egalitarian hellholes
>communist countries become patriotic militaristic ethnostates
Why is this? isn't this the wrong way round?
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Why are there so many history figures died childless? noticable popular among scientists, artists and philosophers.
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How right was Gustave Le Bon
specifically when he said that religious beliefs

“A person is not religious solely when he worships a divinity, but when he puts all the resources of his mind, the complete submission of his will, and the whole-souled ardour of fanaticism at the service of a cause or an individual who becomes the goal and guide of his thoughts and actions.”

Does this not indicate that a majority of ideologues and people are religious?
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>Implements anarcho-press censorship
>Implements anarcho-dissent suppression
>Implements anarcho-conscription
>Creates anarcho-secret police
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This month marks the 25th anniversary of operation storm? Croatians celebrate it as it’s Independence Day, Serbs morn it. 650,000 left Croatia in a very short about of time. Was it ethnic cleansing?
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Why didn't China ever adopt an alphabet or at least a writing simpler than a logograph?
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what happened and why?

>El Salvador, 1932
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>Stalinist bureaucracy
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How is this not considered idolatry?
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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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Is there any interesting hidden or unofficial reason as to why was Nixon was *truly* removed from the presidency after the Watergate?

Something that could compromise the deep state like JFK.
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What's your opinion of Indira Gandhi?
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Was developing the ability to digest cow milk the biggest force in dominance of the European continent by the Indoeuropeans?
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& Humanities
what caused France to drop in average IQ?
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Countries you wish existed.
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Let's settle this, because I'd a discussion about they didn't really paid the soldiers with salt.
Do romans received his salary (or part of it) in salt?
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Basil II has to be the most overrated ruler in all history, perhaps even more overrated than Justinian. His only accomplishment was to re-conquer Bulgaria, which literally took him 40 years and several humiliating defeats despite the Bulgarians being inferior enemies in every way. Not only that but all of his military expeditions against the Fatimids were failures that changed nothing.
He also completely failed to come up with any succession plan for when he was gone, leading to a series of ineffectual emperors, civil wars and the one of the biggest Byzantine military defeats, all in just 50 years after he died.
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Would Biafra have worked if the UK wasn't against it?
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