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For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

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When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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i-18 (22)
Is it true that there is not a single mention of the Trinity in the Bible? Then why do Christians believe in it?
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>Whooped Southern hick ass during the war
>Signed the Naturalization Act of 1870 that allowed persons of African descent to become citizens of the United States
>Good friends with Fredrick Douglass
>Created the Department of Justice to prevent inbreds from lynching blacks.
>The fifteenth Amendment was ratified while he was in office - allowing blacks to vote. He added the Force Act of 1870 to reinforce it.
>Civil Rights Act of 1875 - which provided the framework for the Civil Rights acts of 1964 and 1968
>When they met in Berlin, Otto von Bismarck told Grant that he was very impressed with his military and political achievements.
>Still to this day manages to piss treasonous larpers off.
Why is this guy not celebrated more?
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This teaches geopolitics and the history of how nations got to today better than any college course could.

And women HATE grand strategy. Coincidence?
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>Zoomer TradCatholic
>Zoomer Orthodox
>Zoomer Calvinist
What's with these zoomers and picking hardcore faiths?
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what did he mean by this?
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Napoleon Bonaparte
>/his/ says He influenced democracy across Europe and their colonies
>But Napoleon is an anti-democratic dictator who larped as a monarch.

If he espoused democratic value, he would've held elections every 4 years and called himself President ike America did.
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Russian democracy
Russia was unironically fucked forever when Moscow ruined this
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How exactly did Elohim go from being a relatively minor god to becoming the sole god of the jews?
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So... why Françafrique such a disaster?
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Hollywood always portrays the Chinese annexation of Tibet as evil but when you actually learn about Tibet, you learn it was actually a feudalistic theocracy where almost everybody were serfs or slaves and monks would abuse and rape people
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Red Indian tribes
>The Norse Vikings discover America in the turn of the first millennium
>The Skrælings (Native Americans) are all pre-historic stone age savages with no wheel, metal or civilisations to speak of
>Half a millennia later Christopher Columbus discovers the New World
>The natives didn't change one bit and are still Neolithic-tier savages
Kek no wonder they roflstomped by whites
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Simón Bolívar
Hiow do you rate Simón Bolívar as a great person? Was he truly a Napoleon of Latinx America?
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No title
> "Thou shall not kill"
>God's chosen prophets, judges, & kings then Killed millions of innocent people.

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No title
>americans unironically thought dungeons and dragons was a communist plot/satanic witchcraft/was responsible for violent crime surges in the 80s

are americans just straight up retarded?
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What is Isma'ilism?
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Labor theory of value is the creationism of economics. Old, quaint, and utterly refuted, yet to this day still holds sorcerous power over certain ideologically-driven minds.
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How did Hitler think he was gonna win against USA?
Even if Japan had crippled USA's pacfist fleet, Japan had no resources or interest to invade east coast.
And even if Germans had somehow carried Sea Lion and occupied Western Russia, they would have still lost, because USA had enough manpower and resources than the combined Axis.
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Why does God write cryptic prophecies that have 20 different interpretations about what he's going to do thousands of years into the future? What is the point of doing it this way?
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>representing premodern states & polities with flags

why do plebs do this a lot?
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>After the death of his wife Helen, C.S. Lewis wrote reflections which were collected into A Grief Observed.
>"If [Helen]. 'is not,' then she never was. I mistook a cloud of atoms for a person. There aren't, and never were, any people. Death only reveals the vacuity that was always there. What we call the living are simply those who have not yet been unmasked. All equally bankrupt, but some not yet declared."
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What's their problem?
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What is the essence of soul
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>just saw Roman woman with a barbarian, Rome has fallen, millions must die
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The knowledge of God
>1. Universals only exist in a consciousness.
>2. Universals exist independent of the universe.
>Ergo universals independent of the universe exist in a consciousness.

What are the implications of this?
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OMG it's not just the Plaza Accord or the WW2 nuking. The US has been raping Japan for over 150 years
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No title
Is this historically accurate? Like did Hitler love/hate America so much that he planned on making it a direct part of Nazi Germany as lebensraum?
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>Al Qaeda killed a bunch of people
>America designates Al Qaeda as a terrorist organization.
>Communists killed a bunch of people
>America didn't make communism illegal since 1954 communist control act was never enforced.

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No title
Why did Seraphim Rose choose Orthodoxy over Catholicism?
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Why do all European paganism gravitates towards Odin?
Most other gods are usually just talked about passingly, if at all. No one ever talks about Zeus for example.

It seems the current zeitgeist of pagan revivalism still has a tendency towards monotheism and everyone somehow instinctively recognizes Odin as that one god to worship.
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Do you actually believe this?
Explain to me why you believe this over any other religious/cultural explanation, let alone le science.

HARD MODE: not everyone on Earth is some American liberal tranny who believes in big bang.
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No title
He was a retard who squandered the future of his own people.
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No title
Was Brian of Nazareth really the messiah?
Was the Holy Gourd actually a marrow?
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Did the anceint persian Empire not write much down?
We hear how great the Persian empire was, and it was no doubt so, but most of the sources it seems we have of it are greek. Despite it covering most of the civilized world at the time. Are there some notable Persian writers I am unaware of, is this simply a product of living i a western culture with western sources more readilly avaiable, or was their less of a literary culture across that empire?

It does seem like our first less mytho-historical writings come within the greek cultural sphere with things like heroditus and later Xenephone and such. And a similar thing happened with older roman history where a lot of it is by greeks as well. THough in that case, Rome was a much younger civilization then the mesopotamian-persian one when it came to prominence.
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Jesus mythicism is history's most pervasive conspiracy theory
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Can someone explain why Native Americans living on the Mississippi river never created a civilization as advanced as people living on the Nile river or the Tigris and Euphrates did? All the elements that led to the success of those places are present in the Mississippi river.

>They were too isolated
They interacted with and traded with all their neighbors, including their Mesoamerican neighbors to the south who also had contact with the Incas

>They didn't have beasts of burden
They could've domesticated bison. They're in the same genus as cattle and could be used for agricultural work
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I don't need fiction when reality is more interesting
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What is the closes thing to irl chaos gods worship that exists ?
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Why do people say that Africa and the Middle East are shitholes because europeans divided them up into independent states without taking into account their cultural differences? Same thing happened in Europe with practically every modern nation-state and we still saw progress and growth happen.
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Joseph Smith is what Jesus is to Judaism.
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black military police being inspected
>One of the great ironies of World War II is that the world's greatest democracy fought the world's greatest racist with a segregated Army. African-American troops remained set apart in "colored" units commanded by white officers, as had been the case since the Civil War. Most were not deployed in combat and more often limited to support and logistics roles. Black veterans were not granted any of the benefits of the GI Bill postwar and a disproportionate amount of black soldiers were executed for war crimes, most often rape, more than 400 such executions were carried out by the US Army during the war, one such victim being the father of lynching victim Emmett Till, accused of assaulting an Italian woman. A few black units performed well, many did not. George S. Patton initially distrusted black tank drivers as he fancied blacks did not have the reflexes to drive a tank. German POWs sent to the United States were surprised at the segregated public facilities in the South; even in German's pre-WWI African colonies such racial segregation did not exist.
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Chy Lung v. Freeman (1875) saw the Supreme Court overturn a California regulation fining oceangoing vessels that arrived at its ports $500 for importing alien prostitutes as an infringement on Congress's power to regulate overseas commerce and shipping. The state required an inspection of vessels to screen out any "lunatic, idiotic, deaf, blind, crippled, infirm, or likely to be so, or is a convicted criminal, or a lewd and debauched woman" and forbid that person from entering the state unless the ship master paid a $500 bond to guarantee the state would not be responsible for the person for at least two years. A Chinese woman named Chy Lung arrived at San Francisco with 20 other Asian females whom city officials determined to be said lewd and debauched women. The captain of the vessel refused to pay the $500 fine (equivalent to $12,700 in 2022 dollars) and the women were summarily detained. Most were later released but Chy Lung appealed to the Supreme Court.
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>muh WASPs
>in reality New York was an amalgamation of different cultures who had migrated from the Netherlands when NY was still New Netherland
>Pennsylvania was settled by Quakers with an even earlier settlement of Swedes that Peter Stuyvesant btfo’d in the early 1600’s
>New England was Puritan and Dutch emigrants, with Plymouth becoming a backwater of christcucks
>Rhode Island was a breakaway from the christcuck nuts in Mass. under Roger Williams
>Connecticut got btfo’d by Edmund Andros, preventing the Puritan plague from spreading further into the Hudson Valley
>New Jersey and Delaware were basically carved out of New York’s border regions by Andros and modeled on his own governmental system in NY
>meanwhile Virginia and Maryland were settled primarily by middle-English LARPers and then Scots-Irish wannabes desperate for land that wasn’t already claimed
What exactly do /his/tards mean when they say the US was originally full of WASPs before getting flooded with those albino niggers the i*ish
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>an unquestionably evil state did not exi-
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No title
How did the allied forces manage to lose the battle of Crete? Germans were scattered all over and taking heavy casualties.
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No title
Why is geographical determinism so popular with midwits?
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No title
>thou a great monad from a pure monad, thou an elect monad, the first shadow of the holy Father, **light from light.**
>Second Stele of Seth, gnostic text found at Nag Hammadi (Emphasis mine)
Erm Nicaeabros, did we plagiarize this?
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Prior to toothbrushes and toothpaste, how did the ancients do oral health?
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No title
Which religion is true?
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No title
explain this atheists
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No title
I don't understand any fuckin shit from this book. Am I a brainlet?
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No title
Did he do it?
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St. Gregory Of Nyssa taught the Filioque
Orthobros are in shambles.They have no choice but to convert, for the sake of their salvation, to traditional Catholicism (not the Vatican II sect).

>"that while we confess the indistinguishable character of the nature, we do not deny the difference in respect of cause and that which is caused, whereby alone we apprehend that one [Person is distinguished from another. [affirming this] by our belief that whereas one is the cause, the other is from the cause.And again in that which is from the cause we recognize another distinction: for whereas one is directly from the first [cause], the other is through that which is directly from the first [cause]; so that [the property of] Only Begottenness remains unambiguously with the Son and [yet] the Spirit's existence from the Father is not brought into doubt, for the mediation of the Son preserves his [property of] Only-Begottenness to himself while not debarring the Spirit from his natural relation with the Father."- St. Gregory Of Nyssa, On Not Three Gods
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historicalchrianit - Copy~6
How come Eastern Orthodoxy and Oriental Orthdoxy are so similar to eachother despite being separated 1500 years ago? Is it proof that the Latin West is full of innovations?
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Zero physical evidence for Operation Ichi-Go
Operation Ichi-Go Wikipedia
So it's meant to be Japan's largest land operation and yet there's:
>zero first hand accounts about the operation
>zero books written about the operation
>zero photos of the operation (except for about three that could've been taken anywhere else)
>zero evidence for american b-29 crews scrambling to get out of the way of the oncoming japanese forces
>all chinese records of the operation are hidden in vaults from everyone including chinese historians didn't really involve the communists so it doesn't matter apparently
>all taiwanese records are hidden because they're still butt hurt apparently or something
>all japanese records are hidden because...reasons
>all american records are hidden because once again..reasons...
>some have even claimed that no one else has done any great research into this event because learning chinese or japanese is le hard
>the only shred of ''''''''''evidence'''''''''' we have for this entire operation is joseph stilwell's hearsay of him claiming that it totally happened and about two books only making reference to the operation by giving random ridiculous casualty reports they've pulled out of their ass as proof
Never happened.
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No title
I’m writing a fictional essay meant to have been written by Karl Marx. How can I best emulate his snarky style? What are some signature motifs?
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How did american firepower not overwelm north koreans?
I understand millions of Chinese crossed the border. But how did all that firepower not blow them away on a peninsula where all that firepower could be concentrated over a 75 mile front? How did the air force and navy and army and marines not just roll right over them?
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No title
Her story makes me cry bros... I should have saved her...
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No title
Learn the difference, it could save your life.
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No title
1969 Miss America contestants. This contest, won by Miss Michigan, Judith Ford, is far more famous for the feminist protest staged outside in Atlantic City when the competition was held during the Labor Day 1968 weekend.
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No title
Satan and Jesus and another official of the celestial Court feeding goats circa 500 AD
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No title
Will American Christianity survive the serious credibility damages caused by Religious Schizos?

I too would've had a cringe atheist stage if my Church was as delusional as the average Americhurch.
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Question for Reformed Anglicans
Can you say, with all honesty, that the historical Anglican faith, that is to say the faith as defined by Richard Hooker, is consistent enough with Reformed theology and practice to be considered an actual reformed church? I have been reading the criticisms from the Presbyterians and congregationalist and I have to say that they didn't consider the Anglican church to be a truly reformed church.
Stuff that I have read recently:
A Dispute Against the English Popish Ceremonies (George Gillespie)
A View of Popish Abuses Yet Remaining in the English Church (John field)
Admonition to Parliament.
Also the fact that the Westminster Confession of Faith (which the Anglicans reject) was created because the Calvinist acknowledged that the English church was not reformed enough is telling. So why not become consistent in your theology and become Presbyterian or join a local congregationalist church?
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Laugh at Judaized Caucasoids (Genesis)
>Earth was created first
>the sun and other celestial bodies were created 3 days later(Firmament and Geocehtrism is sacred)
>God just straight up lies to Adam and Eve about the Secret divine power granting trees ,"don't touch the fruit of those trees bro, you'll die, trust"

>talking snake who is a normal animal but knows that God is full of shit and those trees won't kill but grant god-like powers
>the tree Eve picks from, gives the two the redpill, they finally realize their naked puppets of god and the nature of their being.
>God is pissed and and kicked the two out because he ruined his game and he's scared they might also eat from the other special tree which grants immortality (lmao)
>God especially punishes eve by making childbirth painful, women suffering from this "crime" to this day

>gods just a dickhead and refuses cain's humble sacrifice of his life's work, his harvest

>Abraham and his sons all live for 900 years
>God revisits earth and spergs out because people are living their best life without God
>"what a mistake have I made in creation this insolent foul species"
>except Noah and his family, they aight, here I'll give you the schematic for a special boat, even ots cubit dimensions (lmao)
>tower of babel was just a nation of man which was united and prosperous, building a grand city
>God was legit butthurt and fearful the humans were getting too strong, they might be able to resist another sperg out flood
>so he magics them into a bunch different languages to divide them, God's just an asshole apparently.

>Abram is Mesopotamian

>the mother's preferred son of Issac gets the covenant from legit jew trickery, " yeah, I'll give you some food brother, if you sign away your birthright hehe"

>Joseph is litteraly the progenitor court jew who says some wacky but cool shit to the Pharoah gaining his favor and becoming (((economic))) manager of Egypt

This shit is embarrassing. It's litteraly just Hebrew folklore
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No title
Has anyone read the original Mein Kampf in German or a very literal translation of it in English?

Did Hitler mention Jews and people of color separately or did he use them interchangably?
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No title
He did nothing wrong.
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No title
What if buddhism had reach the west and spread through the Roman Empire instead of christianity ?
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No title
What do modern day russians think about Lev Trotsky?
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Cultural Revolution
What if the Cultural Revolution didn't end with Mao's death and the Gang of Four continued to rule the country?
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No title
How do Christians even exist nowadays when it had been disproven by science? A talking snake can’t even rationally exist. That was disproven
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No title
The French Revolution was one of the great mistakes of humanity, as it triggered a series of events leading to the Napoleonic Wars, the Treaty of Versailles, and ultimately, the rise of Nazi Germany.

As a result, we can safely say that the French nation is the root of all evil.
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No title
did he even bother to proofread before publishing?
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No title
I just love him so damn much bros! Why did they have to do him dirty like that? Shouldn't have gone down like that, don't care what theology nerds say, if I was there I woulda stopped it. Wrong is wrong.
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No title
Why did Zionists proudly hoist the Swastika flag and throw away the other German flag in the 1930s when German vessels required both flags to be hoisted?
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No title
>the leaders of early christianity all personally knew Jesus during his life
>oh and also this guy who says Jesus came to him in a vision
Why the fuck did this schizo get to make so many calls that would shape the religion for thousands of years thereafter? Were they ABSOLUTELY sure they weren't letting some nutcase piss all over their messiah's legacy?
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No title
>"Thou shall not commit Adultery"
>Fucked Mary, mother of Jesus and Wife of Joseph.
>Tells Joseph to not divorce her.

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No title
Why did Japan celebrate McArthur, it's conqueror?
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No title
>nation of Islam
>ghost shirt movement
>jehova's witnesses
Who was the most successful US cult?
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Romans 13
Explain this shit:
>1. "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God".
>2. "Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation".
>6. "For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing".
>7. "Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour".
So, should we obey the likes of Herod when he murdered children over a hypothetical threat to his throne?
Should Moses have just obeyed the Pharoh?
Should we obey Stalin and Pol pot, and every other commie dictator that bans religion and martyrs believers? Are they appointed by God?

Is Romans 13 a forgery to appeal to the roman authorities, or is St. Paul genuinely another case of philo-roman hebrew with Stocholm syndrome like Iosephus?
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No title
What was the American peace proposal suggested by Adolf Hitler in this speech at 4:31?
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No title
i-18 (21)
why do this? if you love your enemies, they will continue to harm people.
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wait a second
So how are we supposed to know which books belong in the Bible? How are we supposed to know which books are inspired scripture and which books aren't inspired scripture? Did God give us a table of contents?
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No title
Why are Latvians and Lithuanians so different?
Why aren't they one country?
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Muh Fuhrer
Pic related has been the most basic bitch entry level normiecore historical reference for going on 100 years, with no sign of stopping. Literally can't talk about any political/historical subject for 5 minutes without some redditor bring up "muh Hitler", generally contrasted with "muh Harry Potter". Will he ever be dethroned? Will our grandchildren still have to listen to this low effort bullshit?
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No title
the archetype
Oh look another Abrahamic thread on /his/ how original
0 media | 1 replies
What could have been....
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No title
hitler rohm gay
Hitler probably had Rohm killed because they attended the same orgies to be quite desu.
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This fuckwit wasnt worth a single American's life
If we were gonna fight communists, we should have started WW3 over Cezchoslovakia in 1948 and killed the fucking lot of them. Id die to defend a dmeocratic country from a Soviet coup. But who in the fuck wants to die defending one retarded tinpot dictator from another?
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Autumn offensive
Welcome to the /his/ survey thread for the 2023 Autumn Babby Cup

For those new to the cup, the 4CC is a semiannual competition between all the boards on 4chan.
Since 2011 every season, a computer-simulated tournament has been held in Pro Evolution Soccer to see which board gains shitposting rights over the others.

Teams are composed of characters and memes representing different 4chan boards. Each team has a group of managers responsible for helping their board determine their team roster, designing aesthetic modifications to the game, and giving tactical instructions to their computer controlled team.

The point of the thread is discuss and see which changes does the board would like to see i.e. new players, music, aesthetics ideas (kits, balls, chants, ad boards, player models and etc.). Next week a poll will be made to carry out those changes.

There is always an on-going cup discussion thread /4ccg/ on /vg/

For more information, go here –

For the information on the tournament, go here –

For information about the team, go here –

Teams discord server –
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No title
What exactly was the point of threatening Japan at cannon point into opening up to global trade, westernizing and industrializing only to nuke them twice for being so superior at it, even with such limited resources and such a late start?
10 media | 28 replies
No title
Why is this shit so well preserved despite being 3000 years old
2 media | 11 replies
Book of Enoch?
Where does /his/ stand on this being scripture? Literally, Wikipedia flat out says it's not in the bible because the jews hate that it prophesies christ.
>"The Book of Enoch was considered as scripture in theEpistle of Barnabasand by many of the earlyChurch Fathers, such asAthenagoras,Clement of Alexandria,IrenaeusandTertullian,who wrote c.200 that the Book of Enoch had been rejected by the Jews because it purportedly contained prophecies pertaining toChrist"
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No title
What are the philosophical implications of modern humans sharing some DNA with extinct human species such as Neanderthals and Denisovans?
0 media | 1 replies
Boris Yeltsin
But seriously, what was wrong with him?

He even made Bush look like a genius.
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No title
Why did they do it bros :(
0 media | 8 replies
No title
Why is it that we know so little about pre-islamic persia
0 media | 2 replies
No title
What was the greatest diplomatic blunder in history?
4 media | 27 replies
Is America a Theocracy?
>Be America
>Soviet Union ended in 1991
>Force kids to recite "Under God" Pledge
>Make abortions and transgenderism illegal
>Force congress to swear.on the Bible
>Have a prayer session in the White House
>Prevent atheists from holding office.

1 media | 19 replies
No title
What was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century? I would say the end of the European empires
0 media | 3 replies
No title
why did he do it?
1 media | 1 replies
No title
what's some acceptable /his/ fashion?
4 media | 13 replies
No title
>gets the death penalty during trial for writing mean things about the Jews

American justice system at work.
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No title
images (59)
Evidence that Paul, the little one, was Flávio Josefus, the short one/Curtus:
-Both were born from the Jewish elite and became citizens of Rome.
-Both were Pharisees
-Both were stoics
-Both served in the Roman army
-Both advocated slavery for the Jews
-Both were in Nero’s presence to defend something
-Both admired King Agrippa 2
-Both suffered attempted death at the hands of the Jews and were stoned by them
-Both praised the divine army of angels and saints of the Romans
-Both criticized the Jews
-Both were imprisoned for two years
-Both wrote in Greek
-Both were shipwrecked traveling to Rome and arrived in the city of Puteoli
-Both were friends of Epaphroditus
-Both were friends of Gamaliel (Jesus ben Gamal)
-Both had their friend Jesus killed by the Jews (Jesus ben Gamaliel)
-Both were prisoners and apostles (sent) of Christ/Titus/Vespasian
-Both adopted Roman names after becoming servants of Christ (Titus Flávius and Paulo)
– Both were against circumcision
-Both advocated the submission of women
-Both said that good slaves would purify themselves
-Both spent three years in the desert
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No title
>I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.
>Gets killed
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No title
Flavius Josephus wrote the Bible.The roman-jew wrote your sacred book, christcucks!!
God = Vespasiano
"The son of the man" = Titus
Paulus (small) = Flavius Josephus the Curtus (small)
Shimon of Cyrene = Shimon ben Giora
Jesus = a lot of characters from the Jewish War
Apocalypse of John - the destruction of Jerusalem
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No title
>russia's greatest monarch
>Ivan the terrible
Yeah that says all you need to know about this hellhole
5 media | 45 replies
No title
>if the Bible is true, how come it doesn't tell me the winner of SuperbOwl VII?
>if Jesus was real, how come there's no record of Him except in the sources where there is?
>If religion is good, how come I feel smart when I smugly raise 1800 year old objections which have already been dealt with?
It's not like you have to be a retard to be an atheist/nontheist, but it's certainly not a barrier to entry. This has been an active philosophical topic for literal millenia, at the very least lrn2wikipedia.

Admittedly I would feel smugger about this post if I didn't know the reason atheists are morons is that the theists they argue with have never read anything and have no idea what their religion teaches besides Me = Always Good and Right (protip: it doesn't).
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No title
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Most of the people who debate Christianity here have never read any Gospel(Mathew, Mark, Luke, John) from beginning to end.
They've just seen snippets from it.
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No title
>The "soul" doesn't exist
So what thing goes through the re-incarnation process?
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No title
Ex post facto show trial.
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No title
Only healthy seeds must be sown, British Eugenics poster, 1930s
Is there an obscure for m of utilitarianism that is compatible with individual liberties?
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Shirdi Baba is a very important historical figure, yet nobody talks about him here for some reason.
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What was the most tragic genocide in human history?
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Sumerian cuniform
>thousands of years latter.
>no one gets the joke
4chans smart. Can someone explain the joke to me
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African Kingdoms Kush Axum
Were they the actual kangz?
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Does nationalism have its origins in late medieval England?
During the Hundred Years' War, Henry V of England favoured the use of English in administration over Norman-French. Could this be viewed as an expression of English nationalism, i.e. the assertion of an English national identity based on linguistics in contrast to French culture.

Towards the end of the Hundred Years' War, England began to be viewed as an island nation rather than a dominion of a French noble family.
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/his/ book thread
>shia imamate facing a crisis with its imams in house arrest in Samarra and watched by the abbasids
>many imami agents go rogue and ignore the central imamate
>shia heretics emerge and challenge the imam's followers
>11th imam dies
>no one knows what to do
>the shia split into dozens of heretical sects
>rumors about a child of the 11th imam abound
>the remnant followers of the 11th imam who believe in this 12 imam coalesce around 4 envoys to lead them and they become the twelver shia
>they slowly gain control over the wayward shia and wipe out heretics who declare themselves bab (meaning gate since these guys cant be imams)
>they have to reteach these regained followers about their religion
>at the end of this period the vast majority of imamis are twelver with only a few far flung shia communities not joining the majority
This book was cool. But it's a shame it was more about the institutions of the 4 envoys rather than the story which in incidental in this book.
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Should I pretend to be Christian for my aging grandmother?
My grandma has not been herself ever since grandpa died a couple years back. She's had depressive episodes and tried to fall back on her faith but I can tell she is still very anxious about death, about being alone.

I have tried encouraging her as her faith seems to have made her feel better even if it's just that but I am not religious and she knows it so it is rather half hearted.

I thought maybe if I pretended it would help her find peace? I don't know, it might come off as disingenuous or patronizing.

What is the ethically correct option here?
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Genesis = mythology
Are we really expected to believe that God completely changed the physics of light just to create rainbows, and not even consistently at that? And what about double rainbows? Is God extra sorry on those days? And why would he allow rainbow effects to exist elsewhere? Such as when light passes through a glass window, or a mist of water? It is much more reasonable that rainbows are just natural phenomena that humans ascribed to God, just like with lightning. But can we blame them? Rainbows and lightning are pretty weird and mysterious. It’s no wonder religion was created out of primitive concepts such as these.
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Was Weininger right about the absolute state of the west?
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What is the truth about Ali?
Based on my limited knowledge of early Islamic history, it seems like he was a usurper and the whole Shia narrative is just political propaganda designed to legitimise him.
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Universal Salvation
>God is omnipotent
>meaning what he does requires no effort
>however God dies unnecessarily
>for the purpose of showing the immensity of his love
>detractors of U.S believe that concept invalidates the meaning of salvation
>when it fact it increases the credulity, credibility, and capacity of love
>to do hard things like live for God out of necessity is easy relative to do hard things out of love that God could do himself
people who get angry at the potential outcome of everyone eventually being saved in my opinion are under the egis of the devil imo lol
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Why did colonizers “occupy” the foreign women? Why would men in superior strength “occupy” weaker women? (sorry for the euphemism im not sure if i can type the r word here)
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Heinrich von Treitschke
what's his problem?
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download (14)
I legitimately think the best evidence for Christianity is that schizos seem to never have delusions about other religions. Its never "I am mohammed". Its always antichrist this mark of the beast that. I'm not saying a guy who says he is Jesus is right, obviously, but its like these people are seeing past the veil and finding a biblical worldview on the other side. Very strange, though I'm not entirely convinced
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Is ethnic cleansing better than genocide? It’s cruel, but nobody actually gets hurt
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Has anyone read BAPs thesis?
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Is procreation morally problematic?

It seems like it could be. The child doesn't create his own existence but has it decided for him by his parents. At least in the case of deliberate procreation there is a sense that the parents create the child, essentially imposing the condition of being human "onto" someone else (its hard to talk this way without implying something exists prior to being born that is imposed upon, which is obviously nonsense, but hopefully you see the point).

I dont think this would really be an issue if being a human were solely good, but its not. Like, at all. We are all going to die, we all suffer in some way, we are all subject to the needs of our bodies (for food shelter warmth protection from disease sickness injury etc), in a sense remaining alive is a struggle against this constant breaking down. It all must be worked at, maintained. But we know it's a losing battle because in the end we're all going to die and some of us in horrific manners.

But parents are just like "I want a baby". My sister literally said this and then got pregnant. It's as if buying a car or a new dress or getting a pet. Not really realizing you are subjecting someone to what could be (or in my opinion IS) a great harm.

And the worst part is that , there's literally nothing wrong with not being born !!
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narcomeme arrests
Historically speaking, is there any real difference between a mexican drug lord\ cartel boss and a historical warlord or large-tribe chieftain?
>try to protect own population, but extort them a bit
>kill opposition , raid their lands, convince locals the others are worse
>greedy central government wants to annex your shit
>no major ideological stance or political ambition, you just want wealth and women and try to make your land a bit larger when you can
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The Japanese Army fighting to the last man is the biggest meme of WW2
Japanese soldiers in Hong Kong
I've heard this all my life, but it's just not true.
Now I'm only looking at the Army, not the other branches.
By August 1945 the Japanese Army had roughly about:
>5-6 million men (2.35 million of those were stationed in Japan itself) all ready for war.
While the Japanese Army lost:
>1.5 million men (that includes the war in China going as far back as 1931), mostly from disease, starvation and the elements.
Where did this bullshit come from?
>inb4: b-but wut about muh new guinea guadalcanal iwo jima etc
Yes I know there were a lot of cases of Japanese soldiers fighting to the end, but the vast majority of them didn't fight to the last man, but instead surrendered.
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is it mostly greco roman pagan shit or mostly jewish stuff?
asking because i keep hearing you guys say it's basically roman polytheism
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Rome was an imperial destroyer of nations. It was a homogenizing force and the progenitor of Judeochristianity ruled by xenophile degenerates of the highest order
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Why doesn't Islam recognize asceticism as a high form of spirituality? Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Confucians do it
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Deuteronomy 6:4 (Christian edition)
>Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is three.
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Recently published book on Germanic origins/prehistory
The Origin of the Germanics
The first ever English translation of the German Prehistorian Gustaf Kossinna just came out: The Origin of the Germanics: On the Method of Settlement Archaeology.
Has anyone read it yet?
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