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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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So what's the main thing stopping the great schism from reverting?

Filioque is a nothingburger.
Palamism can get incorporated into the western framework (some ordained priest did make a PhD on it)
The ecumenical councils did affirm the Pope of Rome to be the first among equals.
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Was the Middle East's entire economy really based on being middle men for the silk road for 2000 years?
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You’re Christian? Give me your money.

This is what Jesus told you to do. Do not resist evil. Turn the other cheek. Give to him who asks. Love and do good to your enemies. Matthew 5:38-45

If anyone here is an actual Christian, you can pay me at my Venmo: @tempname4

I will be generous and only ask for $50. By doing this you will prove your Christian faith and virtue. Otherwise, you will just show that you don’t actually take your religion seriously, and that you serve money, not God.

I will post evidence of any transactions to show if there are any Christians here.
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Ending the christcuck
Summary of braindead arguments christcucks post:
>Your ancestors were christians, you should be christian
1)They were christians only for roughly 1700 years, pre-christian religions trace their roots in pre-history
2)If your only reason to be christian is because it was the current thing back then, why don't you start worshipping liberalism since it's going to be next biggest current thing?
>All your ancestors converted willingly to christianity!
Religion doesn't work like your favorite Paradox Games, pagan cults were still attested in folklore and rural regions of Europe and were never fully uprooted from their land
>Christianity is the backbone of Europe!
1)The Middle Ages, the apex of christianity were the least productive ages of Europe.
2)In the Renaissance Europe flourished after rediscovering the ancient values.
3)Gemistus Pletho was a Hellenist who is regarded as the father of Renaissance.
4)By the time England built the greatest empire in the world, Christianity became a shadow of its former self.
>All your ancestors converted because they thought christianity was true!
2/3 of the times conversion from the topdown happened due to economic interest, not religious faith. This is the case in England, Russia, Lithuania, and even the roman empire.
>Your ancestors sacrificed people!
The Romans and the Greeks loathed human sacrifice, The Germans and Celts executed their prisoners and criminals just like christians burned people at the stake
>Jews hate christianity!
Christianity made the jews rich bankers in Europe, what jews hate is christian "ethnonationalism", a contradictory quasi-pagan movement given the global nature of the christian religion
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Is this book worth reading?

Here's the book and a few viruses.
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Southern Racists "Where are they now?"
One thing that is always on my mind about The Civil Rights Movement is how did racist whites change? For example, you see blacks at the lunch counter and then you also see a racist white with a rope and noose in the background.

All the stories of violence where Southern whites attacked blacks for whatever reason they believed.....what happened to these people?

Did the federal laws turn into eventual acceptance? Did those who attacked African-Americans change or are they just as racist today? Probably driving around with the Confederate flag thinking it has no symbolic importance for blacks or not thinking that but just not caring.
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No title
>SPQR had food assistance for the poor
>poor plebs and slaves had better social security than most modern workers
Unironically makes you think
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How accurate is this show to the character of Americas founding fathers?

Alexander Hamilton especially since he comes off a a warmongering dickhead.

Thomas Jefferson is a bit fruity and seems like a full on Jacobin to the point where he defends the terror in France.

John Adams seems to be not overly brilliant but the most hardworking and the most honest/the man who sticks by his principles despite being a bit of a vain dickhead.

George Washington seems soft spoken and unsuited for politics though of admirable character and commanding presence.
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No title
No offense, but the more I study history, the more I realize Europe stunted human progress by what's probably going to be up to a decade, feel free to disagree, I'm open to discussion and good faith.
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Polish Corridor
What if Poland agreed to cede Danzig and the corridor to Germany?
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No title
I've been reading everything I can on this and I still can't wrap my head around how this happened.

Can someone please explain to me:
>1. What ethnic group Macedonians really are
>2. When they were convinced that they were the progeny of ancient Macedon
>3. How they were convinced

Pretty sure it predates Tito.
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No title
>logic PROVES God
>no, you can't use that logic
>no, empirical evidence does not use logic
>no, logic doesn't need evidence

Is this really the best debater christcucks have?
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why does this board romanticize living in medieval times so much?
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Tips on how to leave the rat race and become a buddhist monk?
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How did a black subsharan population ended up speaking a berber language ?
Why do they dont look nafri/berber ?
Why do they have matriarchal custorms/culture ?

They really are a mysterious/enigmatic people
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liberals destroy America
At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."
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No title
How and when did R1b become dominant in central african males?
Are there any genetic studies dealing with this? How far back have our ancestors been conquering africans?
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Is this Shirk?
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Why did we forgive the communists in Vietnam so easily? They killed our troops and tortured our people and subverted our country unleashing Jane Fonda on us. When the Vietnamese communists reached out for normalization we should have spat on them laughed in their face and told them to rot in hell and remain an isolated commie dirthole nation and only recognize South Vietnam. After everything those commies did hell no to forgiving them. Anyone who came over there to hug and preach forgiveness to the enemy aka appeasement was a disagrace to the uniform. I vomited when i saw Vietnam vets in the 1990s return and start hugging the enemy.
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No title
Is this book worth reading?

Here's the book and a few viruses.
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No title
Is this book worth reading?

Here's the book and a few viruses.
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UK Monarch Finance situation
Why did every UK monarch after King George III voluntarily surrender their Crown Estate revenues to the Parliament?

I can understand why, at the time, it may have been seen as a pragmatic solution, but what is preventing the later monarchs (George IV, Elizabeth, Charles III) from choosing to keep the revenue generated from the Crown Estates? (especially after the lands, rents and investments became more lucrative after time). I mean, it is their rightful property and they'd have a right to say "I'm keeping all this revenue to sustain the expenses of the royal family in their duties and will divest monies to the government at my discretion".

Is this all just a hold-over from the Glorious Revolution?
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No title
Slavic tribes
So we're supposed to believe that they didn't exist prior to Medieval Era? No one has ever heard about them or met them, but then suddendly they occupy the bigger part of Europe, in the same exact places where Cimmerians, Scythians and Sarmatians used to live few centuries prior?
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No title
Why was the Japan the only nonwhite country that successfully emulated western style imperialism?
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aliens dont exist.
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No title
He fixed her.
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Reminder that history is used in 'civilized' societies just as myth is used in 'uncivilized' ones: it is a tool to give the members of the group an idealized image of themselves that will enable them to perpetuate the group in its current state.

In others words, it is ideology and can only be so, no matter how 'superstitious' or 'scientific' its base is.
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No title
Why did that retard Hitler invade Czechoslovakia when he was given the Sutenland? None of his actions prior to the war makes sense, its like he was trying to piss off everyone.
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No title
Is the struggle between good and evil the most basic and primordial aspect/conflict of humanity?
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what are some signs of a historylet?
for me its
>the amount of people who think Christianity caused the dark ages
they must have all seen that one family guy scene.
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Reading history made me realized that the common men SHOULD be OPPRESSED
Citizens are scumbags that deserved to be crushed and stepped upon
Reading history made me realized the degeneracy and evilness of the common man. Fuck the common citizens. They are degenerate cockroaches.

I will support Communism or Fascism as long as it tyrannize, oppress, repress, stomp the faces of the common man.

Schwab and Soros were right. I am of opinion that people SHOULD be OPPRESSED. People don't deserved to be saved nor be delivered to salvation by the great men. They should be oppressed so that they may realize of how worthless, degenerate, cockroach they are.

The Great Men that served their nations, die for their own people, and lead them to greatness are disrespected by the PEOPLE THEMSELVES. The "citizens" that they've served will only become degenerate. Wives will betray their husbands, sons will backstab their brothers, brothers will mock those Great Men who fought for them and even deprive them.

The People are the greatest machinery of degeneracy and malevolence.


Imagine fighting for """The People""" who will gladly swallow jewish poison and become degenerate.
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Predynastic Granite Vase scanned to 1000th of an Inch
The debate around whether or not ancient technology existed and was responsible for creating the obvious precision found on many ancient artifacts has taken a strong step forward! Concrete, undeniable evidence for utterly astounding geometric precision has been discovered by professional metrologists Alex Dunn and Nick Sierra, based on the structured-light scan results from a predynastic rose-granite vase, an artifact from Ancient Egypt that is at least 5,000 years old. The implications from this evidence on the story of our own history of civilization are profound.
More work needs to be done on this, Are all the vases unique?
Or are there some that are identical implying a series of production?
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Will history look back on this man as we do Christ?
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No title
Is this book worth reading?

Here's the book and a few viruses.
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No title
Now that the dust has settled, what was his contribution to society?
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greed lust poverty
Why is the running theme of this power hungry side of the world a cry? They cry and wonder why they are poor, and powerless, and yet still live immorally, (stealing, beating, no human rights, giving everything to the wicked and wealthy- falling for evil dogmas like Communism and Islam) doing the same thing to their mindless cultures over and over again...never accepting the truth...
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Chinese masculinity
Why are the Chinese regarded as effeminate, weak, and unthreatening. Historically this has not been the case and generally speaking Chinese have very bad attitudes. Just yesterday at Wing Yip’s restaurant I had an argument with a waiter and was surrounded by knife-wielding chefs screaming at me in Cantonese. Maybe because I am Chinese there is some bias there, but idk. Even Chinese gangs are more brutal and careless than African or European ones. Chinese can snap instantly, enacting ultra-violence with no thought.
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No title
question face
If young Earth creationism is a "recent phenomenon" why does the Hebrew calendar say the Earth is 5783 years old and the Byzantine calendar says it's 7531 years old?
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The Amish
on what do the Amish base their traditions? I know that the idea of opposing technology and not being connected to the outside world is in the Bible (they just take it very literally) but whats up with the outfits or the beard? Rumspringa?

Some things just seem so random but if everything is at least loosely based on the bible then I gotta hand it to them
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No title
Why does every race and culture across the world wewuzz as mesoamericoids?
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No title
Did the holocaust actually happen? Seems pretty sus
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No title
>To return Japan to Japan’s true form, that is why we die. Is it enough to insist on the sanctity of life, even when the soul is dead? What sort of military holds nothing above the value of life? Gentlemen, we are now going to show you a value even greater than the sanctity of life. That is not freedom, nor democracy. It is Japan. The country of history and tradition that we love, Japan. Is there no one here who will throw their bodies against this degenerate constitution and die? If there is, stand with us and die with us now. We have undertaken this action in the fervent hope that you, gentlemen, who have the purest of souls, may be reborn as individual men and as warriors.
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No title
Stonehenge Arial-1984
The Stonehenge Free Festival was a British free festival from 1974 to 1984 held at the prehistoric monument Stonehenge in England during the month of June, and culminating with the summer solstice on or near 21 June. It emerged as the major free festival in the calendar after the violent suppression of the Windsor Free Festival in August 1974, with Wally Hope providing the impetus for its founding, and was itself violently suppressed in 1985 in the Battle of the Beanfield, with no free festival held at Stonehenge since although people have been allowed to gather at the stones again for the solstice since 1999.

By the 1980s, the festival had grown to be a major event, attracting up to 30,000 people in 1984. The festival attendees were branded as hippies by the British press. This, along with the open drug use and sale, contributed to the increase in restrictions on access to Stonehenge, and fences were erected around the stones in 1977. The same year, police resurrected a moribund law against driving over grassland in order to levy fines against festival goers in motorised transport. By 1984 police-festival relations were relaxed with only a nominal police presence required. Tabernacle of G-D being crushed since 1985.
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No title
Why did they do It?
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No title
Are there any examples of neocolonialism, debt trap diplomacy...etc prior to the 20th century, preferably in the ancient past?
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Is religion seriously the only thing that is holding christians on this board from killing and raping people? This is the most popular argument I see here.
If so, it's unironically fucking scary. I urge militant atheists to stop trying to persuade anyone. Some people are genuinely are better of believing in fairy tales if that keeps them in check. Do you really want to know what are they are capable of?
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No title
Der chude
Why is this board filled with stormfaggots dening the holocaust when it clearly has happened?
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A Christian Talmud
Why don't Christians have their own book like the Talmud that gives a commentary on the New Testament and explains and expands on it's meaning?
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No title
Imagine a world without Christianity holding back progress.
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No title
What was their problem?
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No title
How did india get conquered by pic related? Not a country, not an army, but a FUCKING COMPANY?

It would be like if the soviet union fell not because of the US or NATO but from McDonalds.
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No title
Why are homeschooled kids so socially awkward and weird? Hanging out with them feels like interacting with an alien pretending to be human
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Indians on /k/ were chest thumping about how India will be the world's largest economy (by 2060 I guess, I checked). The claim was:

>Historical India includes at least Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and arguably Myanmar.

>Some of these are simply abominations created by years of invasion and rape by foreign ideologies that will be purged or colonial imperialist redefinitions which are ahistorical and must be overturned.

Is this at all true?

And was Tibet and the Muslim part of China really independent of China mostly? Those are supposed to become "independent Indian protectorates."
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Do British Christians actually still believe in Christianity or do they just harass Muslims?
>"Roight, it's 10pm we are in Telford the sight of the grooming gangs scandal exposed by Tommy Robinson and we are 'ere to let these Moslems know that this is a Christian country, yeah? And they are not a sharia country and if they don't like it they are free to leave a Christian country, yeah? this ent on?"

This is about the only time you hear the word "Christian" professed by these groups who seem to view it as a political tool to wave in front of Muslims. They do not go to church, they do not believe in Biblical laws, they do not have any knowledge of the Bible or of scripture, they are completely unable to hold their own in any religious debate with even an ignorant Muslim. They use whataboutism often, for instance when a Muslim wants someone lynched for insulting Muhammad the Christians say "what about Jesus and the Bible you can freely insult him Islam gets special treatment" yet they are at the same time blasting Muslims for taking action when religion is attacked. Total confusion but as long as anything opposes Islam (in their view) it doesn't matter if it's contradictory.

Everything about British Christianity these days seems to be built on - not establishing it as truth and fully believing in it as pure truth the way Muslims believe in Islam - but rather using it as a political football to ping at Muslims and make a stand against Muslims.

Having a bald, obese and shirtless man with a can of Stella in his hand and a Union Jack tatted on his belly screaming "Christian country mate fuck off!" at a Muslim woman in the street is supposed to be respectable? How is this congruent with good Christian scholarship?
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No title
American Catholic nationalism is so stupid.
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No title
When did the human race come closest to extinction? In history
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No title
If islam isnt the true religion, why is Allah helping us replace christianity in europe so fast? In 30 years we will finally have our caliphate
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civilizations that make you VGH
alexandrian empire
islamic caliphate
turco-mongol khanate
soviet union

i also like the safavids due to the thought of shi'ite turkmen buckbreaking all these stubborn, annoying, neurotic persian donkeys
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No title
How WW2 would've ended had Steiner's counterattack been successful?
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No title
Okay so i'm kinda retarded, and, i'm trying to understand something about inequality.
What does it mean in practical terms if a country has:
-high income inequality & low wealth inequality (Italy, Bulgaria, Iran, Ethiopia)– where does the income of the high income people go if not into their wealth?
-low income inequality & high wealth inequality (Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Lebanon), – where do the wealthy people get their wealth from if not a high income?

How did these situations come about? What do these countries have in common that makes them so unique?
And why does high income inequality combined with high wealth inequality lead to social instability, but countries that have only one of these seem perfectly stable socially if not politically?
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No title
1538876105705 rosalilla
Pre-Columbian Americas
>Pacific Northwest Indians
>Eastern Woodlands
>Plains Indians
>California Indians
>Swamp Indians
>Tenoch, Texcoco, and Tlacopan
>Yucatec Maya
>Highland Maya
>Llano Moxo

They could've been a strong non-Western power like Japan or pre-commie China unironically if it wasn't for those pesky Old World livestock diseases. What a powerhouse of a continent. Currently reading Sahagun's Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl bros what about you?
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Battle of the Paracel Islands
It seems Vietnam has a history of fighting victorious battles on land, but it seems it has no such naval history.

In 1974 China took control of the Paracel Islands and defeated the South Vietnamese navy despite being massively outgunned. In 1988 China would take the Spratly Islands this time against the North Vietnamese navy. China's victories over Vietnam would cement its place as a naval power in southeast Asia over Vietnam.

Image taken from
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Holocaust or Holocuck?
Holocaust deniers claim that concentration camps had amenities like swimming pools, soccer games, plays, orchestras and brothels. The conclusion they wish to draw is that Jews can't have been killed en masse because why would you provide amenities for people you plan to kill.

But that opens up a rather absurd corollary. Hitler invaded Poland, rounded up Jews and sent them to holiday camps, meanwhile German men were sent to freeze and get slaughtered on the Eastern Front, on horses I might add. Which means Hitler put the interests of a foreign Jewish population above the interests of Germans.

Either the holocaust happened or Hitler was a cuck for foreign Jews. Pick one.
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No title
How did various societies handle suicide throughout history? Was it ever normalized?
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No title
I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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No title
Why are American christians so weird?
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No title
>"Bolshevism, which is in reality an attack on the world of the
spirit, pretends to be intellectual itself. Where circumstances demand, it comes as a wolf in sheep's clothing. But underneath the false mask which it here and there assumes there are always the satanic forces of world destruction. And where it has had the opportunity of practising its theories it has created "The Paradise of the Workers and Peasants", in the shape of a fearful desert of starving and hungering people. If we are to take the word of its doctrine then we find a terrible contradiction be-tween its theory and its practice. Its theory is glowing and grandiose but it carries poison in its attractive gloss. Over against this, what we have from it in reality is terrible and forbidding. T h i s is shown in the millions of sacrifices which have been made in honour of it, through executions with the sword, the axe or the hangman's rope or hunger. Its teaching promises
"the fatherland of the workers and peasants", w h i c h shall know
no frontiers, and a classless social order w h i c h w i l l be protected
against exploitation through the state, and it preaches an eco-
nomic principle in which "everything belongs to everybody " and that thereby a real and universal world peace will be ushered."
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No title
The last historical figure you read about suddenly appears in your room, confused but able to understand your language. What happens?
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No title
Today is the 78th anniversary of Auschwitz's liberation. I work closely with the Auschwitz museum, AMA
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No title
What was the strategic value of giving the luftwaffe a panzer division
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No title
>be you
>you die
>you see this jew
>"Yes, I am real, always was.. It was never a delusion that religious people had and yes I love you very, very much. I forgive you for doubting me, my son."
>"Now then.. do you forgive me for creating the Universe? Or the suffering you had to endure to get here?"

Your response, atheists?
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No title
Historically, did Jesus poop? What did he use to wipe afterwards?
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No title
>be jannies
>child balkan slaves ripped from the arms of their mothers and forced to fight for the Ottomans
>eventually come to dominate the ottoman empire
>have your own islamic religious sect (bektashi shia order) to separate yourselves from the rest
>Ottoman empire starts going hard on shias because of persia
>Sultan too scared to tell you to become normal sunnis
>continue to fuck around and have the time of your life
>by the time the Ottomans get rid of you it's too late for them to fix anything
Yeah I'm thinking based
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No title
Did the Queen have her whacked?
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No title
Is it worth reading the Talmud if I'm not a Jew? I still remember that anon who studies it who apparently proved most of the Talmud quotes circulating online are fake.
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No title
What conditions does /his/ think it would take for an American Mao to rise?
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No title
Why do Catholics and orthodox continue to practice heresy
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No title
why are women attracted towards sociopathic conquerors that pound their pussy instead of office drone wageslaves?
1 media | 10 replies
No title
what was it like to live under the Ottoman Empire?
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Need Church Recommendations
I have just realised that with my political positions, I can either become a devout Christian or a National Socialist. Christianity seems the more socially acceptable choice. Recommend me a good red pilled church.
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King Leopold II
>never visited africa
>sent 200 belgians to congo
>supposedly killed 200% of congolese
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No title
So in order to be saved, I have to sort all this out and hopefully choose the right path or I end up in Hell.

Any advice?
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No title
How influential was the Italian mafia in America at the height of its power?
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No title
Why do weebs constantly sperg out about this talking point of how China destroyed its cultural heritage in the Cultural Revolution when Japan did literally the exact same thing during the Meiji Restoration? Why do you think the vast majority of Japanese castles are cheap concrete replicas built for tourists?
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No title
Why does the “Hispanic” label exist as a race in the US? As a Mexican-American, it doesn’t make sense why different races are lumped together because of language. Also, Mexican history appreciation thread.
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No title
Was the USS Indianapolis shark attack the deadliest animal attack in history?
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No title
A fucking second wall
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No title
Is atheism, Satanism in disguise?
0 media | 7 replies
No title
Is buddhism a godless nihilistic cuck religion?
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No title
What is your favorite voodoo loa, /his/?

>Lwa (pronounced lwah), also called loa or loi, are spirits in the African diasporic religion of Haitian Vodou. They have also been incorporated into some revivalist forms of Louisiana Voodoo. Many of the lwa derive their identities in part from deities venerated in the traditional religions of West Africa, especially those of the Fon and Yoruba

>In Haitian Vodou, the lwa serve as intermediaries between humanity and Bondye, a transcendent creator divinity. Vodouists believe that over a thousand lwa exist, the names of at least 232 of which are recorded. Each lwa has its own personality and is associated with specific colors and objects. Many of them are equated with specific Roman Catholic saints on the basis of similar characteristics or shared symbols. The lwa are divided into different groups, known as nanchon (nations), the most notable of which are the Petwo and the Rada. According to Vodou belief, the lwa communicate with humans through dreams and divination, and in turn are given offerings, including sacrificed animals. Vodou teaches that during ceremonies, the lwa possess specific practitioners, who during the possession are considered the chwal (horse) of the lwa. Through possessing an individual, Vodouists believe, the lwa can communicate with other humans, offering advice, admonishment, or healing

>During the Atlantic slave trade of the 16th to 19th centuries, enslaved West Africans brought their traditional religions with them. In the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which became the republic of Haiti in the early 19th century, the diasporic religion of Vodou emerged amid the mixing of different West African traditional religions and the influence of the French colonists' Roman Catholicism
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No title
been reading a bunch about the early life of Mohammad atta (the guy who flew into the wtc):

>described as shy, caring
>pious, strict muslim father and upbringing
>looking depressed on all youth/ childhood photos
>described as getting angry when told what to do by female coworkers
>never been in a relationship
>socially reclusive but suddenly socializes well in an all-male environment

call me weird but i feel like this guy was a repressed faggot
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No title
Hadrian thread
1 media | 3 replies
No title
Why didn't you save her?
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Woodrow Wilson
>woodrow wilson was the worst president ever!
>why yes, i did watch a pop history youtuber, how could you tell?
Why is this such a big thing now?
Wilson was an objectively good president and I will never understand why it's such a meme to despise him and blame him for every bad thing in the 20th century and even the modern world. I've seen countless huge history YouTubers that unironically do that, even some whom I once thought were actually respectable historians but bought into the meme.
Wilson nationalized the railways, he implemented the income tax, he reduced tariffs, he passed anti-trust laws, he pushed for more women's suffrage, etc. There's so much to count from but that's the general meat of it.
>but he helped the revival of the klan
No he didn't. That was entirely divorced from him. It was a result of immigration and the constant nativism of the 1920s and would have still happened if Taft won reelection.
>but he screened birth of a nation in the white house!!!
Yes, and he's on record as having hated it, something a lot of people tend to leave out when mentioning this fact.
>but his foreign policy caused WWII and started american interventionism that's still around today!!
Blaming all that on Wilson is genuinely moronic yet it's still a popular viewpoint I see so often. It's also a surefire way to tell immediately that someone gets all their info on the man from YouTube. If any academic historian did this they'd be a laughing stock.

Please, tell me, what was so bad about Woodrow Wilson that justifies this stupid revisionist meme of him somehow being worse than say, Buchanan, or Pierce?
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No title
Four foot Below stone
where is it?
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Carl Schmitt and the reactionary thought
While searching about Schmitt's thought on the internet I found that he was influenced by Donoso Cortés, particularly his concept of sovereignty and argued that the modern concepts of the states are secularized theological concepts, apparently these points are part of his 'Political Theology' work. So would reading Schmitt's political analyses be useful for someone with a reactionary and feudalist Weltanschauung?
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Why do Catholics (and Christians in general really) make such a big deal out of homosexual sodomy when heterosexual sodomy, masturbation and adultery are mortal sins and equally bad according to their catechism? It seems like a great hypocrisy to me that Christians look down on people who practice homosexual sex sanctimoniously as if they suffer from some terrible mental illness while they at the same time commit these other mortal sins which are really just equally as bad and will also doom them to eternal hellfire.
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images - 2023-01-28T222942.939
Historically and nowadays, how do women cope with being legally cucked?
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Ancestry tests
Can be userfull to prove and/or confutate historical written sources and archeological evidences? Or are them just astrology for men?
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What was his fucking problem?
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serbs eternal cucks
Why can't s*rbs defend their capital?
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Arise, 'ye prisoners of starvation!
Arise, 'ye wretched of the earth!
For justice thunders condemnation.
A better world's in birth.
No more tradition's chains shall bind us.
Arise, you slaves, no more in thrall!
The earth shall rise on new foundations.
We have been naught, we shall be all!
'Tis the final conflict;
Let each stand in his place.
The international working class
Shall be the human race!
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Few empires since the days of the Assyrians managed to achieve such brutality against the conquered as the Ottoman Empire. Mass rape, impalement and kidnapping of children, entire castrations, annihilation of cities, acts of collective humiliation, demands for high tributes, raids, repression, population replacement by settlers, ethnic cleansing, etc.
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Geolibertarianism is objectively the best meme ideology. Discuss.
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>Creates man with high sex drive and the instinct to constantly want to breed women and reproduce

>Matthew 5:28
But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Lol. Fuck this asshole, glad he’s dead.
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I present the Axis of Evil.
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Was all situation about chartage actualy an inside job?
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This board is just populated by highschool kids amd first year history students and losers who base their entire sense of selfworth on who raped who hundreds of years ago
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>The great duchy of Lithuania was at one point the largest nation in late medieval Europe

What went wrong?
What could've saved it?
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What does it mean for a Pope to speak ex cathedra and actually use his infallability?

When has Francis done this?
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What's the point?
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Sell me on your faith (abrahamic)
I can not be the first person to make a thread like this so, if I somehow missed a rule against this I apoligize

I'm doing my own research about the history and truth of these religions but, I want to have other people speak to me about their own religions. if you follow any abrahamic faith at all, I want you to tell me why I should walk the same path as yourself. I am an ex atheist who has realized that atheism is pretty foolish and am only now beginning to research and practice religion I believe in the one true god outlined in the abrahamic faiths but, I am not educated enough to know all of the important parts of the story. My personal interest leans mostly and almost completely toward Christianity. I am willing to practice Islam if I find that it makes a convincing enough case for itself but I am very skeptical of it. I think that Judaism is pretty much out of the question, but still, if you're a jew, make your case here.

In terms of what I am already reading, I am starting with the Holy Bible. I plan to read the Quaran.

please do not spoonfeed me information. give me things to read, watch, and listen to. I want you to provide to me what you think is the best path, as opposed to just making you do the research for me. I want to truly learn
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Christcucks worship this dude. Your thoughts?
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>Genesis 3
14 The Lord God said to the serpent,
‘Because you have done this,
cursed are you among all animals
and among all wild creatures;
upon your belly you shall go,
and dust you shall eat
all the days of your life.
15 I will put enmity between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will strike your head,
and you will strike his heel.’

>This is just an ancient story about why people are afraid of snakes and why they bite people’s ankles.
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Are Catholics right that God intends the Church to be unanimous and uniform in its faith? That kind of makes sense to me…if so, how is it possible to achieve that without a spokesman?
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>raped by Persoids countless of times
>raped by Slavs and Bulgars so much that the average Greek is now 40% Slavic
>raped by Arabs
>raped by Franks and other Germanic mercenaries
>Greek women literally spread their legs to Scandinavians and Russians
>corrupt backwater shithole with literal satanic rulers(even a fucking prostitute that cucked her husband emperor)
>raped by Turks so much, that they paid tribute in masses of gold and whored Greek women to the Turks
>only known for collapsing, decay and whining
Why is that shithole praised again?
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So which part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was Dr. Jekyll and which one was Mr. Hyde? Was Poland the good guy, or was it Lithuania?
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Kneel, kuffar
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Why is JFK regarded as a great president?
Without a doubt, Kennedy is the most overrated president of all time, and actually should be towards the bottom of the list. Completely unqualified for the position and nearly dragged us into World War III. He failed in so many areas. First, Civil Rights was an afterthought with Kennedy. Second, The Bay of Pigs was a complete fiasco that indicated Kennedy's poor leadership. Kennedy's meeting with Khrushchev was a complete debacle that showed Kennedy's inexperience and gave Khrushchev confidence. The Berlin Wall was also constructed while Kennedy was president. The Cuban Missile Crisis was another blunder. Although WWIII did not start, the US had to remove their Jupiter missiles from Turkey. Therefore, the Cuban Missile Crisis was a net loss of the US and a win for USSR. He had chronic back pain which had him addicted to pills and almost daily had women over, and would go into the covered pool area with them for a two-hour or so midday assigantion. So out of control was JFK and his drugging and flagrant womanizing that had he not been killed he probably would have been impeached within a year of winning his 2nd term.

He also did a poor job of managing the growing conflict in Vietnam. Finally, Kennedy did not utilize the political genius of LBJ to help him move his agenda through congress. Within 60 days of assuming the presidency, LBJ passed the tax bill, budget and the civil rights acts that were stuck due to Kennedy.
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He's burning hell, right? Both because of the treason and the taking it up the ass thing. The blood spilt by the Austrian military disasters of 1914 is on his cum-stained hands.
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Hele Stone Tetramorph
God is a Rock on His ark.
-- Rev. 4
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As a kid I grew up assuming Heinrich Himmler was half-Japanese or something.
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Book of job
images - 2023-01-28T113802.790
>book about a man questioning why bad things happen to good people
>ends with YHWH showing job all the eldritch abominations he's created basically saying "I do whatever i feel like, cry about it faggot"
>Job bends over, accepts that his God is an uncontrollable lunatic, it and is rewarded for being a good kike

I couldn't have summed up the jewish mindset better
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Sahel armies
What did the armies of the medieval African Sahel look like?
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Screenshot 2023-01-29 003627
Was Charles V the closest humanity ever came to a universal monarchy (one king, one god, one realm)?
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conscription quotes
Post 100% authentic historical quotes.
ill start.
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How did Ireland go from socialist paramilitaries fighting a centuries-old occupation by the British to being a cross between Canada and the Cayman Islands?

I’m serious, I know nothing about the last 30 years of Irish history.
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Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 9.37.50 PM
Who was in the right here?
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Judaism - Christianity, the JCQ
Generally speaking
- Christianity promotes the wellbeing of all, (ref. New Testament)
- Judaism promotes their own wellbeing at the expense of others. (ref. talmud, or any rabbinical teachings)

Judaism practices "white supremacy" and practices very specific rules that apply for thee, but not for me, and schizoid practices that include killing animals(chickens) to absolve yourself from sin and sucking the blood of an infants penis.

How come Christians still hold a raging boner for Judaism when they absolutely despise you and every thing about you and your faith?
I'm not antisemitic, I just find it extremely puzzling.

Very drunk and autistic, but I'm genuinely curious.

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Screenshot 2023-01-29 033736
Hello based department
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Norman knight
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Why is Japan's stereotype of America so much cooler than how America actually is?
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Was it really true that the last years of the 20th century were a time of optimism or at least carelessness? We zoomers don't seem to have had that, especially in the 2010s.

I think you can see an aesthetic or at least a feeling in the pop culture of the time.
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How did Athenians even cope with being constantly owned by Spartan one-liners?
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>white Americans who couldn't find Vietnam on a map:this is for the gulf of Tonkin
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Reminder that Lara posted this image on accident once. It's supposedly about puberty.
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It's Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day
Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Today we remember and commemorate the more than 11 million victims, 6 million of Jewish victims and 5 million gentiles, who were slaughtered in the camps, who succumbed to disease and the elements in concentration camps and saw the worst of humanity before them.

May they rest in peace, may their memory be a blessing, may peace be upon them, may they Rest in Peace, and may we all say Never Again.
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