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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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I don't get it. Is this supposed to be funny? Because it's not. Is it supposed to be accurate? Because it's not.
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How do we deal with the RadTrad menace?
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> throws Arminius' wife into a brothel to be raped over and over by the legionnaires , after defeating her husband so many times that the barbarians offered his head to him as a token of loyalty , which he refused
eheh nothin personnel kid
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Were medieval times really like Game of Thrones?
How close is it to the real middle ages? Could you really just go absolute bollocks like Ramsey Bolton terrorize your whole population with no consequences and what medieval dukes and kings came the closest to ruling their domains like cartoon villains and what happened to them?

I'm asking this question because people see GOT like some pseudo documentary how medieval times really were and I want to know the truth.
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What was the soviets opinion about american liberal communists?
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>Respect the Sabbath and keep it holy.
Why do Christians use Sunday as their Sabbath and not Saturday, as God commanded? I know the rearsoning behind it (Jesus rose on Sunday) but shouldn't God's own word trump what the Church decides? AFAIK Christ Himself doesn't say to shift the Sabbath.
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Happy birthday Oskar.
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No title
Has there ever been a war where the side with the most victories in battles lost the war?
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Dollar store Francisco Franco
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Obscure/not known wars thread
Inscidents, conflicts and operations than even people from the countries that took part in them, hardly know anything about
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No title
based hedgwick
Why can the right meme?
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No title
>be stationed on some crappy island at the end of the war
>pamphlets signed by the general announcing the war's end, as well as letters from family, dropped into the jungle
>dismiss it all as a trick
>spend 30 years hiding in jungle, shooting farmers and burning crops despite no obvious signs of war because muh orders and muh emperor
>a fellow Japanese comes along eventually and confirms the war indeed ended 30 years ago
>still refuse to surrender
>only surrender after forcing the Japanese government to locate former commanding officer and have him travel to the island and deliver surrender orders from the manlet emperor in person
Was it autism?
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No title
How come most of deadly pandemics in history originated in this place?
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not sure if on topic but whatever
I really don’t understand what this guy was bitching about. The focal point of the photo isn’t the wife, but the daughter.
>Hurrr I can’t look at my kids without thinking about my cunt wife who lives rent free in my head
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Wtf was he thinking with the Casablanca conference.
Hitler knew he’d have to seek peace at possibly great personal cost if he didn’t secure the oilfields of maikop and grozny, not to mention the blunder at stalingrad. Roosevelt prolonged the war by years, there’s no way that Hitler would capitulate to an unconditional surrender if Germany wasn’t wiped off the face of the earth, owing to the whole stab in the back thing and the fact that the man himself just didn’t ever capitulate.
Furthermore if Roosevelt knew that Hitler would fight to the destruction of Germany, why risk handing over Europe to Stalin, who would also be the only power able to project power on the continent.
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No title
nick land
what do you think about philosophy of nick land?
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No title
Who was the most beautiful man in human history?
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No title
Do I really have to go to church?
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Controversial opinion thread
Henry Kissinger was neither evil nor a genius, he was just a mediocre Secretary of State larping as a a super strategic chess grandmaster
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No title
"Soviet army beheaded! We must attack them right now!"

What was this retard thinking at this moment?
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No title
What's the point of supporting monarchism if you are not a part of a noble family yourself? Why would an ordinary pleb, who stands to gain absolutely nothing from there being a royal family, support getting cucked by a monarch with a born right to rule? Please explain it to me.
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No title
>Stop worshiping false gods from the desert.
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are there any serious political ideologies based around eliminating the poor in order to create a classless society?

not enslaving or exploiting them, not just eliminating poor minorities, but the total elimination of all poor people like a reverse mao?

surely zoomers with all their anarcho-posad-dengist memes would have created or dug up one
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No title
Why were the Soviets so good at propaganda?
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No title
Why did Irish Protestantism decline so much?
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No title
Communism until 1939: Kino
Communism after 1939: Cringe
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No title
>higher iq
>are more numerous
>gets completely btfo by western civilization militarily, economicaly, culturally and technologically
What went wrong? Where did they fucked up so badly?
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No title
What was your journey of interests in history? Post different time periods by age. I'll start
>age 0-10
Ancient Greece
Ancient Egypt
>age 11-15
Early middle ages western europe.
Charlemagne era.
>age 16-18
Late medieval western Europe like France and the UK
Medieval Italy
Islamic central Asia
16th century Japan
Early modern europe
Ming empire
Fatmid caliphate
Late antiquity Rome
Industrial revolution
Post colonial Africa
Bronze age
French Revolution

For subjects I went from
>military history
>poltical history
>urban/architectural/art history
>social history
>economic history
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No title
What was life like for young people in the USSR? What was the best time in its history to be young?
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Kino History Images
Joint German and Italian troops in a trench in anticipation of an attack in Russia. Photograph, Autumn 1941.
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No title
Should Christians in their generosity be like Andrew Carnegie who built over 1700 libraries instead of individuals who throw cash at problems in hopes that they go away or feel good about donating?

If I were Bill gates I would use my wealth to build replacement animal shelters, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters that use a standardized design to build as many possible.

The way I see it is that with proper maintenance these buildings would last generations. I like that idea over throwing food stamps at single mothers as they'll require another batch of stamps in a month.

I wouldn't mind the 4 trillion dollars that would be used on entitlements on the federal level in 2022 if the money went to long lasting structures that act as a resource to communities instead.

Military fort bases should house tiny home communities for vets who're homeless & have missing limbs such as both legs blown off.
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Is this the most pathetic "empire" in history
>Of that Byzantine empire the universal verdict of history is that it constitutes, without a single exception, the most thoroughly base and despicable form that civilization has yet assumed. Though very cruel and very sensual, there have been times when cruelty assumed more ruthless, and sensuality more extravagant aspects, but there has been no other enduring civilization so absolutely destitute of all the forms and elements of greatness, and none to which the epithet mean may be so emphatically applied. They possessed knowledge; they had continually before them the noble literature of ancient Greece, instinct with the loftiest heroism; but that literature, which afterward did so much to revivify Europe, could fire the degenerate Greeks with no spark or semblance of nobility.
>There is another history even more ridiculous: that is Byzantine history. This unworthy collection contains only declamations and miracles: it is the disgrace of the human mind, just as the Greek empire was the reproach of the earth.
>The history of the Greek empire [...] is nothing but a tissue of revolts, seditions, and perfidies.
>Let us not follow the example of the Byzantine Empire, which, being pressed from all sides by the barbarians, became the laughing-stock of posterity because it was preoccupied with petty quarrels while the battering-ram was breaking through the city gates.
Byzashits could not have underperformed that supposedly great graeco-roman heritage any harder. Even iranian sissies nearly got them 1 vs 1. In comparison 1000 years before a few city states not only held them off but a bit later counter conqured them. Looks like the only reason that happened is because they were still fairly close to their indo european nordic aryan origins, an heritage that apparently would be lost through med and slav mutting.
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No title
file-20200708-3995-5ulgxa (1)
Jesus is the Son of God.

Jesus is not God.

Are these two statements contradictory?
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images - 2021-09-26T215116.532
All crusades after the first were just differing degrees of failure, the only consequencial crusades were the ones in europe. How come, under our political environment, the levantine crusades are the ones that are criticized is beyond me, when the only genocides to come out of the crusades as a whole were carried against sects that western commonfolk would more easily identify and even defend, whereas
leftist media is often in direct opposition to core tenets of islam
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>this made Med bvlls jizz their pants in 44 BC
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Why do Christians think this is okay? When God demanded sacrifices, he demanded the very best of the Hebrew's cattle. When God demanded an Ark be built, he demanded it was built of solid gold and was ornately detailed. When God demanded a temple be built, he demanded it be built with the finest gold and incense to fill it with. When Jesus had his feet washed, it was with the finest of perfumes available. Yet Christians have the gall to build this pathetic thing and think God will be okay with it?
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No title
who killed JFK?
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No title
>young man inherits the throne
>His country actually flourishes and his imperium is successful
What are some examples of this?Except pic related of course.
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No title
Untitled (93)
What is it about Anglo's that makes them love common law so much?
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No title
Medieval Hungary was more interesting than France or England, yet this board seems to know little or nothing about it.
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Homo Erectus
>Survives for two million years, more than any other human species
>Co-existed with multiple human variants, including some of their ancestors and successors
>Dies with barely any cause of why

What the FUCK happened?
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No title
Modern Catholics and Protestants are basically the same. Why all the fighting?
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No title
Historically speaking, why is religion practiced in every civilization and is hardly ever the minority even in the modern times? It's almost like societies need beliefs and traditions to prosper, isn't it?
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No title
It's hilarious how 60 million natives died cause some whitoids wanted to eat these spicy black things and landed on Americas by accident.
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No title
If you had a castle built near the sea what would prevent you from fishing to make the siege last longer. The only issues I would see is not having people who know how to fish which could be fix with training your soldiers or not being able to fish enough so that you can maintain the castle which is probably true but it would at least make the siege last longer no? I couldn't see a practical way of preventing a castle from fishing.
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No title
What was the first mother-son sexual relationship/marriage in recorded history?
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Bronze Age
Here we post cool bronze age armor, events, and peoples. You may only make bronze age related posts. No stone Age and no Iron Age allowed. And don't give me that "hurr different societies developed bronze smelting at different times" you know damn well what I mean by bronze age.
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List of things prohibited in Islam.
Besides the obvious like usury, alcohol, pork, adultery, etc

>Associating with Shi'as
>Taking Shi'as as friends
>Praising Iran
>Praising Turkey
>Praising Hezbollah
>Criticizing Saudi rulership
>Praising Soleimani
>Praising Assad
>Eating meat of Shi'a
>Sitting with Sufis
>Praying with Sufis
>Praising Asharis
>Pictures/Ornaments on wall of your home
>Black hair dye
>Shorts above the knee
>Rebellion and Revolution against elected governments
>Praising Christians in any way
>Taking of Christians as friends
>Freemixing with women
>Talking to non-mahram women even online
>Video Games
>Watching of movies or theatre
>Studying any History or Philosophy that contradicts any tenet of Islam (If you find it goes against Islam free yourself from it even if you disagree with it and are seeking to refute it from an Islamic standpoint)
>Taking any knowledge from Philosophers
>Relying too much on reason
>Taking anything from the People of Reason even if they happen to be Muslims as it opens door to bid'ah
>Shaving off the beard or trimming the beard
>Wearing of western clothing brands (Nike, Adidas, Converse, etc) (Not a ruling but strongly recommended to dress in thobe and turban at all times)
>Praying at home (Prayers must be conducted in congregation)
>Participating in Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays, any kuffar holiday
>Visiting old churches, synagogues, temples of other faiths
>Visiting museums because they have idols in there
>Speaking positively of the Ottoman Empire
>Speaking negatively of Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahab

The proof is any video of UK scholars AbdulRahman Hassan, Dawahman or Abu Taymiyyah. They are all born and raised in the west and well educated Islamically so know what they are talking about
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No title
The amount of idiots this poor man had to deal with
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Why do you like history?
I was goot at it in school and got praised for it
So I just started reading because why not
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No title
Indulgences are bullshit. Fuck the Pope.
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No title
Some people call this guy "Neo-Stalinist". But was Stalin publicly rehabilitated under him?
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No title
Oh fucking hell, let me get this shit straight. There is one God, but he is three things at the same time. And we killed one of those things, so we killed God. But that's not all, this God ressurected but then went to heaven and then is going to come back again one day and make dead people ressurect somehow.
What the fuck? Do christians even realize how dumb their whole religion is?
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No title
Why is post Aztec Mexican history so kino? And why doesn’t /his/ talk about it?
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Cows in Hinduism
How come Hindus are the only Indo-Europeans who have a taboo about eating cows? Almost to the level of how eating dogs and horses is viewed in Europe.
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No title
>he gives you sound advice on maintaining government… so he can fuck your women

>he helps you quell rebellions… so he can fuck your women

>he helps raise armies and fight your wars ending in glorious victories… while he fucks your women

>he watches over your empire while you go on a long excursion then peacefully transfers powers back to you on your return… but he was fucking your women the whole time

>He remains ever loyal and faithful to you over your entire relationship with him… but he was also balls deep inside your girl and your son is most likely his but he’s not going to say anything… cuck

Was Marcus Aurelius the single most greatest Chad in all of history ?
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No title
What caused the great European food division?
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No title
Why do people jerk off Cicero so hard? Literally every single one of his political manoeuvres backfired and he was barely relevant in any of the notable moments of the Late Roman Republic aside from him crying in letters
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No title
The wrong side won the Revolutionary War.
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Why were so many of the American Founders and later on Northerners so butthurt about The Norman Conquest? They keep referring to William as some "Tyrant" when he won England fair and square.

They (Saxons like Jefferson and Locke) then endlessly cry about conquest being an illegitimate form of authority but then Saxons turn around on this with both the victories of the American Revolution and North's victory over the South in the American Civil War.

It seems like they want all the glory of being a conqueror without actually being acknowledged as one, and the responsibility this brings.

This pattern is also seen in how WASPs want all the superiority status of the Norman/Cavalier South which implies a kind of racism, but then they label the latter as being "racist" and being beneath them. So which is it? You cant have your egalitarian idealism and think yourself "superior" to any group.

Its this kind of twofaced feminine behavior that reminds me of the chosen people and their hypocritical double standards.

The Civil War was always about Anglo Saxon Puritan culture getting revenge on Norman/Cavalier culture for hastings, which is fine, but dont pretend that doing so doesn't also destroy all the "liberal bullshit" men like Thomas Jefferson and John Locke wrote used to complain about the initial conquest.
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No title
Please shill me your best of the best history podcasts. It's fine if it's a little on the "slow" and "boring" side if the content is rigorous and not spoiled by modern moralizing/revisionism
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No title
>Japan and Russia has turned a feudal system into being global engineering pioneers in a few decades

what was their secret?
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No title
Is Russia ever going to give Japan's land back?
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No title
Why do people hate the EPA?
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Khrushchev cancelled Stalin?
Was Khrushchev's character assassination of Stalin in 1956 an early example of cancel culture? He essentially made Stalin persona non grata, in very similar fashion to how a woketard today would cancel some old historical figure or writer for being "problematic" and banish him from public memory. Was Khrushchev the first true woketard communist?
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No title
After 1400 years of allowing communion of both kinds the Roman Catholic church began denying the cup to the laity out of fear they would spill it.
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No title
I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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No title
How does a poor Georgian gangster with barely any education become the unrivalled leader of the world's largest nation?
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No title
>the body of christ should only be consumed once a year at Easter mass

>you can receive communion every week, in fact you can come everyday we don't care it's not sacred

Who is right?
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No title
>If it's not in the Bible it's not Christianity
So do sectarians reject Trinitarianism and the Nicene Creed too? Because the Nicene Creed is not in the Bible.
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No title
Why would anyone be Protestant? Catholicism is literally so much more kino, you have all the saints praying for you, you have mother Mary, you have Jesus, you have the beautiful churches and hymns, same with Orthodoxy. And your church is literally the original apostolic church. Protestantism is literally dead and soulless and most Protestants don't actually believe in God or even the Trinity, they just do it as a cultural practice.
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No title
The Byzantines were performing surgeries to separate conjoined twins in a time when Europeans were still using their hands to wipe their asses. When you'll see another thread asking "but how could they survive for so long?", that's why. They were so much more advanced than their contemporaries that it was practically cheating.
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No title
Anti Japanese
Propaganda thread
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Evidence for God
I see too many retarded atheists talking about the fact that there is no evidence for a God existing, so let me post some of them.

1. As far as we know it, something can't come out of nothing, and since most scientists agree that space and time had a beginning with the Big Bang, this leave the possibility of an abstract being like a God creating the universe out of nothing.
2. Godel's ontological proof makes it so that a God will necessarily exist.
3. Some of the best works of art of the human race were made inspired by God.
4. Despite the fact that life can start out of non life, we never seen this happening yet, which leaves the possibility that only a God can make life happen out of nothing.
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No title
Crusader bros...
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Is this a good study Bible?
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Catholicism is the only christian denomination that makes sense
>largest christian sect
>oldest christian sect
>apostolic succession
>eastern orthodox christians were humiliated all of their history, by catholics, muslims and mongols, and now they have a schism over the russians and the constantinople patriarch over political issues in ukraine, how can god love them
>protestants believe that somehow god left the human race for 1500 years, and then helped and inspired a shitty failed priest in some nowhere place in germany to find true christianism, and that led to millions of people dying and hundreds of different cults and false denominations of christianism arrising
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No title
Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 10.45.50 pm
Aztec showing Cortez corn
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No title
Why are bears so ingrained in our subconscious?
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No title
These days, why do most Christian denominations attempt to get along and bond through common ground, but American Evangelicals/Pentecostals and Baptists still have a significant chip on their shoulder about the more international-oriented denominations?
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No title
When did you give up on Love?

What made you realize it doesn't exist?
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No title
Could the Japanese have realistically won the 2nd Sino-Japanese war?

Did they have to invade French Indochina to cut off supplies to the ROC and force themselves on a war path with the western powers?
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No title
Religion is the best thing to happen to humanity
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No title
How were new businesses funded before banks were allowed to charge interest on loans?
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An eternal hell for a finite crime
I like to hear your honest answer to this. Assume you are the God and you created the universe and beings in the universe. If so, do you think you would have also created an eternal hell for a finite crime?
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Redpill me on Leopold II
To what extent are leftist claims about him correct?
Who's right about him, AltHype or Reddit?
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No title
One of the key differences between Traditional Christianity (Catholicism, Orthodoxy, heck even Confessional Lutheranism and the like) and Evangelicalism is that Traditional Christianity has never been afraid of the true horror and tragedy that is living while Evangelical Christianity is basically just reactionary in nature, it has no true sense of the world or human nature, no understanding of what it even means to be a part of God's creation, no real knowledge of the divine or the sacred, and this is why it has produced the worst and most embarrassing and most intolerable strains of "religion" that is the Charismatic movement and its even worse subgroups like the Prosperity Gospel! The Charismatic movement is truly the worst offspring of the Evangelical movement, this may be uncharitable to say but face it, it's full of dimwits who have no real understanding of what actual religion is, who have never really contemplated the sacred, all they want is a feel good dopamine shot in their "worship". It makes sense that it's mostly an American religion, because it literally is America if it was a religion, especially the Prosperity Gospel bull crap which is Capitalism as a religion. Traditional Christianity is actually quite gothic in nature, it's contemplative, it allows for real spiritual fulfilment, it actually evokes the feeling of the divine and the feeling of sacredness and the ancient, it teaches us how to face the suffering and horrors that is life and gives those who believe in it true hope for the world to come, it is truly the religion of the God-Man who suffered on the cross, who was humiliated on the cross, who was completely beaten and broken in every way by the world, it is the religion of the God-Man feeling abandoned by God himself... and yet with it comes the hope and joy that is the resurrection. Evangelicalism is just modern sophistry, a complete facade, an absolute joke!
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No title
Before nations developed entitlement programs that essentially allowed people to live without working, what did those types of people do to exist? Or did the lack of such a system mean that type of person could not exist?
2 images | 10 replies
The best cavalry
Which european country had the best cavalry during the middle ages? France? Hungary? Poland?
2 images | 11 replies
Redpill me on the Philippines
Do they have a distinct culture? Do they have any notable achievements, be it artistic, architectural etc.? Do they have any noteworthy figures/national heroes? Most pinoys I know lament the state of their people and latch onto “cooler” Asians like the Japanese or Koreans, so I’m curious where this whole identity crisis stemmed from to begin with
0 images | 2 replies
No title
What is the history of the Social Democratic Party of Germany?
0 images | 4 replies
Robert Sepehr
Schizo, grifter or legit anthropologist?
3 images | 23 replies
No title
Traditional Latin Mass
Can I convert to Traditional Catholicism without going through RCIA? RCIA is infected by Vatican II. I've been watching a lot of SSPX videos on Youtube and the Latin mass is pure kino, way more aesthetic than my parents' boring Protestant church.
0 images | 7 replies
No title
>make big prison country
>people there tend to become funny weirdos retards
why does this happen so often
2 images | 11 replies
Praised be the Gods
Twice I offered and prayed to Jupiter and twice the thunderstorms and the heavy rain ceased to strike my town. The Gods are real, don't listen to what christians say, they are real beings and they will listen to you if you devote yourself to them.
1 images | 4 replies
No title
Ancient Greece was peak and kino. Greece declined because of Christianity.
1 images | 3 replies
No title
Charlton Heston - El Cid
ITT: /his/ approved historical films
4 images | 9 replies
No title
Why Cyril, Methodius, and the other greek orthodox missionaries bothered to make up entirely new scripts in the places they proselitezed, instead of simply promote greek? western/latin missionaries just spread the latin script everywhere they went

It's not like they couldnt just made up one or two new letters to adapt greek to the slavic tounges, like latins did for the Polish and the Croats
0 images | 5 replies
Native Americans deserved it
>hunts down the hecking mammoth, ground sloths, american lion, short-faced bears, and smilodons to extinction
>get hunted down to near extinction by europeans in turn
they deserved it
3 images | 20 replies
Why is The Fed seen as evil?
Can someone go into the history of the creation of the federal reserve system and explain why it is evil? I have heard conspiracy theorist saying it over and over but since i don't live in America i don't know much about it. Why was the making federal reserve an affront against freedom?
2 images | 5 replies
No title
i wish i could save my pefect wife Jeanne from the *nglo mennace...
7 images | 19 replies
No title
So what did mammoth taste like?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
romano-british companions
Why do the academics refuse to accept the historical existence of King Arthur?
0 images | 10 replies
No title
>Korea was divided instead of Japan
One last "fuck you" from the Japanese to the Korean people IT'S NOT FAIR
0 images | 4 replies
No title
>I will tutor your heir
This man offers to tutor your heir. What do you do?
0 images | 0 replies
No title
The Haitian Revolution was 100% justified and I'm tired of pretending it was not
11 images | 121 replies
No title
Ask an expert on islam anything. (I am not a certified scholar, so the answers will be simply my personal, humble opinions)
5 images | 124 replies
No title
how to we know than the pyramids werent built by slaves?
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No title
We know moustache man didn't trust the nazis and only made Molotov-Ribbentrop a thing in order to gain more territory to hold on the eventual invasion after UK and France didn't agree with a preventive attack. However, why did he go on with his plan to industrialize for the inevitable conflict, also through business with Germany itself, instead of joining the west's blockade to Nazi Germany? He basically gave them prime resources that they would employ to attack him eventually (even though he didn't know when exactly)
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Did ancient Chinese Jews invent Shinto?
This is the hata clan, who introduced Shinto to Japan. Their banner looks surprisingly Jewish and some historians think they were either normal Jews or Nestorian Christian Jews.
2 images | 8 replies
No title
Was Soviet Union a Western power?
3 images | 18 replies
No title
Did the creation of the federal reserve bank lead to the stock market crash/the great depression?

Is there a correlation?
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No title
What came first, consciousness or unconsciousness? Or are they the same?
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Western Rites
Will there ever be a revival of the use of Mozarabic, Sarum and other lesser known rites in the Latin Church? Or are they completely gone?
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No title
Was he the biggest bitch of the war? Everything he did put Athens at a disadvantage and he probably was responsible for smearing Alkibiades (who Thukydides called the most capable man in Athens!) into death sentence. Also imagine getting completely BTFO by a half-helot lmao
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No title
who was stalin's best friend?
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No title
>A volunteer for the Second Italo-Ethiopian War and an admirer of Benito Mussolini's dictatorship, Montanelli had a change of heart in 1943.

How come Italians don't get more shit for their shameless flip-flopping in WW2? As pragmatic as it was, it's way more disgraceful in my eyes than getting straight up defeated like Germany or Japan did.
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I will never forgive the british
I will never forgive the british for leaving India. India would have been better off under british rule. All they could have had to do was make it easy for educated people to move from india to britain that would have been good enough. No need to end colonialism.
Why did they end colonialism? What kind of bastards are the british?
I'm from India but I also have a feeling India would have done slightly better under the british.
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Kabbalah is the truest form of Judaism.
Traditional Catholicism or Orthodox Hesychasm is the truest form of Christianity.
Sufism or Shiite Esotericism is the truest form of Islam.
I'm sorry but you're practicing a watered down version of these religions if you don't integrate yourself into their fullest expressions of their spirituality. Just sayin'.
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I just leave this here.
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If the Roman Catholic church was the one true church and it's theology was true how did one single shitpost manage to destroy their hold over Western Christianity?
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As the Cold War set in after World War II, the most devastating impact of U.S. interference in Haiti was the government's ongoing support of the Duvalier regime, which ruled Haiti from 1957 to 1986. Fearful that Haiti would fall to communism, the U.S. government concluded that it would offer full support to the Duvalier government.

During that 30-year period, Haitians were forced to live under dictators "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc" Duvalier, a father and son team, who openly murdered their opponents and stole millions of dollars from the Haitian people. Some members of the Haitian leadership have since claimed that the Duvaliers stole close to $1 billion. Even so, both Duvaliers enjoyed the backing of the United States because of their staunch "anti-communism" and the economic opportunities that Haiti offered American business.

The kleptocratic Duvalier regime began in 1956, when François "Papa Doc" Duvalier seized power in a military coup d'état. Within a decade, Papa Doc declared himself "president for life" and imposed a brutal dictatorship.
Why was the us government so pants on head retarded? They did this same shit with Cuba and baptiste
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Are there any religions/denominations, (extinct, reformed, or not) where the most powerful entity and creator diety is
>Not omnipotent or omniscient
>Is (omni-?)benevolent
And ideally is either the only God or part of a duality with an evil diety or something such that games like Actraiser, whwre you go down and fight evil make sense and their aren't all these weird word games?
Inb4 free will. Doesn't count. Still a bizarre word game.
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Why was this retard so afraid of degenerate commie jews when stalin got rid of them free of charge?
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What was life like in Malta when it was ruled by the Knights Hospitaller for nearly 300 years?

It just sounds kind of cool. Living in a county ruled by knights.
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What made Japan so easily forgive the US? As an American I really don't understand this. I'm well aware that since we occupied their country we would've had the power to control their narrative, yet even so, all post-war surveys show that most japanese people hold a favorable view of the United States, despite us dropping 2 nuclear bombs on them.

Other countries bombed by mine don't usually hold near as favorable opinions. What made Japan become so subservient to the west so quickly?

Was life under the Japanese Empire genuinely terrible compared to post-1945, or it was it clever propaganda?
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Who was the most benevolent dictator in history?
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USA between the end of WW2 and 9/11 was mankind's peak
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hitler islam
What if Adolf Hitler had converted to Islam in the 1920s?
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john calvin
I hate this mother fucker like you wouldn't believe.
>Misinterpret the Bible
>Midwits think you're correct just because your ideas seem biblically sound at face value
>Send the west into a spiritual dark age
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>be Japanese
>go to Italy
>participate in ww1 in the Italian Army as an Arditi, Italy's shock troops, first of their kind in the world.
>teach Karate to your Arditi frens
>participate in d'Annunzio's invasion in Fiume
>would bring d'Annunzio's letters to Mussolini
>d'Annunzio called him "comrade Samurai" and the "samurai of Fiume".
>participated in the march of Rome
>helped strengthen diplomacy between Japan and Fascist Italy.
>was an interpreter for Jigorō Kanō in Italy, the founder of Judo
>translated d'Annunzio and Dante in Japanese. He even tried to build a temple in Japan dedicated to Dante wtf
Why was i not taught about this man, /his/? I'm curious if Hitler had not allied with Italy would he still manage to ally with Japan?
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If Master Kaganovich had just lived a year longer, he wouls have seen both the rise and collapse of the Soviet Union…
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How would history change had Pilsudski not done the May Coup of 1926?
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Why are micks so bootyblasted about the Cromwellian genocide? Most of his victims were Irish Protestants or English emigres. If anything they should be thankful
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God Emperor
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Charles ii
This is Charles II of Spain. Say something nice about him.
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>Kept a harem of the most beautiful young men and women throughout her kingdom.
>Used her servants as furniture at diplomatic meetings.
>BTFO'd the Portuguese.
Name a more based Kween than Nzinga.
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