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Welcome to /his/ - History & Humanities
This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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Was he a commie, was he a capitalist, was he a fascist? Or was he just being pragmatic?
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Why did americans hate italians?
The continent of america was settled because of columbus (italian) and is named after vespuci (italian). Also did they forget about people like da vinci?
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How were people so comfortable with killing children during early genocides ?

You literally had to stab them and watch them bleed and scream to death.
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they'll run out eventually, he said
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download (5)
What is the most effective way to handle the criminally minded? Is it true that Japan is low crime?
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Was E1b1b brought to Europe by black people? Is it the most unique haplogroup?
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edward the traitor
Why did this literal retard promise the English throne to a random Frenchman of illegitimate birth?
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No title
dont cry because its over smile because it happened.
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No title
Reminder to the cringy atheists of this board: on equal conditions, a fully religious army would annihilate one made of atheists. There is nothing more dangerous than people who don't care about loosing their life because they have been promised eternity
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why do mainland chinks have such bizarre food culture? they are not poor anymore and other kinds of foods have become abundant
don't they feel some kind of primal disgust upon looking at these?
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I'm seeing a lot of threads about whether or not the Normans are considered French. I am American and have no horse in the race, but I do have a question: If Prussia was considered a German state before the unification of Germany and thus Prussians = Germans, how come Normans =/ French if Normandy was a French state before the unification of France?
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Can guns and horses be considered part of native american Tradition?
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No title
What’s the explanation for the reported UFO sightings in 1561 in Nuremberg?
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Why do Mexicans speak Spanish?
This isn't a troll question, I'm legitimately curious as to why they speak a language that is not native to them? Also no one during any point when I attended school mentioned why Mexicans speak Spanish. I heard the reason why is because they were colonized by the Spaniards and then over time they just forgot their own language and then adapted to the ones their oppressors speak. I also heard that the Spaniards raped a lot of the Aztec women to the point were they created a new racial group and that was how Mexicans were created? Is that true?
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Why start to farm? Was it just pragmatism? I heard the peoples who made Gobekli Tepe were nomadic yet became sedentary and farmers to build such "temple".

What do we know about the "philosophy", myths and revolving thinking of nomadic peoples being it and when they became sedentary?

What are the main differences between these two conceptions of human life?

Are our brains still programmed to be nomads?

>Pic related
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Han Chinese - the largest ethnicity that never was
The Han Chinese never existed. It's a mainstream theory that all pre-dynastic Chinese rulers were fictional, and the dynasties preceding the Shang were also likely fictitious with there being almost no evidence to support the existence of the Xia dynasty. The Shang dynasty (where the Oracle bone script whcih would later become the modern Chinese script originated) was an irrelevant rump state that inherited a land hardly connected to the the rest of the world at all; consider that China was mostly desert outside of the Yellow river valley. Only through the conquest or assimilation of Caucasoid tribes in the region did China even gain any relevance to the rest of the world; the southward expansion only happened under the Qin and Han dynasties which originated in the 3rd century BC, as did the conquest of the Tocharians after the War of the Heavenly Horses against the Greeks, in 104 BC (which led to the establishment of the Silk
Let that sink in, by 104 BC, Carthage fell, the Greeks in the west were losing their dominance to the Romans, in the east to the Parthians, Germanic tribes started expanding into Roman territory. Pompey was already alive, Cleopatra's father was 15 years old, the Seleucid empire was about to fall, and the Achaemenids, Neo-Babylonians, Neo-Assyrians, and other groups fell before that, the Phoenician navy already circumnavigated Africa before later the balance of power switched in favor for a Mediterranean dominated by Greeks (all of whom were already trading with India), so on so on. Nearly the entire early Iron Age let alone the Bronze Age passed when real "Chinese" history actually started to get relevant, let alone the fact that most of Chinese history before that was not only irrelevant, but completely fictitious.
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No title
What's up with all the Anglo seething threads these past few days? And no I'm not a frog, I just hate seeing you both on my board. You both live rent free in each other's brains.
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No title
Are Europeans mutt race? They have haplogroups from Asia Middle East and Africa but still call others mutts
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Haha found this funny maymay
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No title
Why was Nixon so progressive on Native American issues?
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No title
When did the basis for modern life begin? How far back could you go and still identify that society mostly worked the same as it does now?

I would say the 1930s, speaking for America at least. Before that everything seems ancient, but in the 1930s you have flight, ships, television, radio, canned foods, grocery stores, theaters with flashy lights, well developed cities, coca-cola, mcdonalds, beginnings of space exploration, bombs, etc. It doesn't seem that different when you look at colorised photos. It feels like that was the start of modern America if that makes any sense.
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Caste System
Is there any legitimate defense fof the caste system in India?
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No title
What should we call the current contemporary art wave?
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No title
What's their history?
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Can someone make a meme out of this image
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No title
What is this art style from the late 90s / early 2000s called?
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No title
Have you ever talked to your grandparents about history, /his/? What did they encounter back in the days?

Woodstock? WW2? Vietnam?
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Seerah group
Getting a comfy, steady Seerah group for those interested. Will be slow paced and easy, first week is

Genesis 16 and 21:1-21
The Sealed Nectar, "The Location and Nature of Arab Tribes" (first chapter, very short)
The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Makkan Period), CD 1 and CD 2

Link to The Sealed Nectar

Note this is the second edition, which us a much less awkward translation.

Link to The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (listen online for free)


If you have never delved into the Seerah before, now is your chance. It's very important in understanding the Qur'an and worthwhile for everyone to know. These two accounts are much more scrupulous with their sources than say, Ling, as they don't go by earliest source alone, they look for corroboration and isnad over sensationalism. We begin with the story of Ismael, alayhe salam.
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Prussian militarism
Hi /his/, during this quarantine i want to learn more about the prussian military system, can you give me some advice on which books I should buy/read?
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Germanic people are slavic
Germanic people are NOT SCANDINAVIAN, since people called BY ROMANS GERMANI were DIFFERRENTIATED from Scandinavians and often EQUATED with SARMATIANS, who are not any iranic people, not a single ancient writer says anything like that, instead Jordanes says Sarmatians and Germans shared names (while scatinavian Goths with kvennic Huns), Bastarni were simultaneously included to Sarmatians and to Germans, Bolizlavus of Czech was Sarmatian ruler by Rechiar, and Sarmatia originally began from northernmost peak of Danube (which was wrongly corrected by Ptolemy to more eastern part of Danube to fit artificially prolonged Germania, which was caused by skewing Cimbrian peninsula and Italia east).
Germanic poeple originally meant western SLAVIC. Scatinavians were separtated from slavic Germania by thick wall of celtic people of Denmark, Cimbri, Teutones and Aesti/Haestingas.
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No title
>yfw you live in Ur but your oneitis lives in Uruk and she dies when your king sends raiders to pillage her city state
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historical music
ITT we post our favorite historical music
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No title
I can accept that this started as the Eastern Roman Empire, but by its end it was definitely not. At some point it ceased to be the Eastern Roman Empire in anything but claimed title. When do you think this transition occurred, /his/?
>inb4 Ottomemers and >H>R>E comments
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No title
What was the largest encirclement in human history before the World Wars? Did Hannibal hold the record for 2100 years?
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No title
Can Ireland sufficiently be considered Germanic now? The Irish speak a Germanic language, and have been under the dominion of Germanic peoples for over a thousand years. Or are they still different enough to not be included within the Germanic cultural sphere?
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Transatlantic sea cables
How the fuck did they physically lay cable in the atlantic sea bed in the 1800s?

What fucking sorcery is this why are there no explanations of they literally physically managed to do it?
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No title
Who were the most /fa/ people in history and why was it the Cavaliers?
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No title
Why did France surrender to the Germans so easily despite being supposedly much stronger on paper?
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No title
dudtrio dudtrio bait bait bait baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jk piccolo
how good is samurai compared to something like european knight armour? how does samurai armour even work? it doesnt have plate armour at all
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No title
Were his Eugenics plans actually feasible? Would he have created a race of supermen?

Did they even know how Eugenics worked?
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No title
Thomas Jefferson
>"Even the most successful war seldom pays for itself."

Was he right?
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No title
What are solid arguments for life holding value? Arguments that don't involve semantics would be appreciated.
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No title
City of stars...
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American-Spanish-Philipine war
This has been on my mind a long long time. Since Treaty of Paris 1898 was ratified and Spain have to pay 400 million dollars, giving up 4 countries to the USA. Spain sold Philippines for 20 million dollars, but Philippines already won the revolution against Spain on June 12, 1898 while the Treaty was signed in December 10 1898.

So my question is, did the Americans took back the 20 million dollars they gave to Spain just to buy Philippines?

I looked at The Jones Act or any texts but cannot seem to find what happened when the Americans realized they bought a country that is not Spain's property anymore
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Historical Antagonistic Deities
Hey /his/, can we talk about historical gods and pantheons? Particularly about gods and goddesses that were antagonistic towards the other deities of their pantheons? What cultures had deities more similar to Loki, tricksters and wild cards, and what about some deities closer to the Christian Devil, like Ahriman? Which was more common and why? What are the best resources to learn more about these deities, especially online ones?
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No title
>they called it the Cold War because it never got hot
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No title
Why has Chinese territory stayed virtually the same for the past 1500+ Years, one of the earliest Imperial dynasties - Qin, had a very similar territory to the last chinese Dynasty, Qing.

The only changes seem to be sporadic control over the Tarim Basin, the Eastern Steppe and Tibet
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No title
Am I the only one that doesn't understand Roman titles and their legal statuses? What made Sulla, Crasus, Pompei and Marc Antoni not Roman emperors compared to Octavian?
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No title
Chinese dog
>be steppe nomad Chad
>conquer farmoids
>move into cities and adopt new culture
>become useless sack of shit one generation later
>despite knowing this, you refuse to go back to your old ways

Why does this keep happening?
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No title
Why the fuck did he fly to England?

Was he literally retarded?
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No title
How true is this meme
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No title
*blocks your path*
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No title
Canaanites were the most evil culture on earth

These degenerates practiced sorcery, bestiality, sodomy, ritualistic prostituion and child sacrifice

Living in Canaan was like living in a snuff movie

The Hebrews were right in wiping them out
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No title
How did this tiny French swamp manage to conquer and ethnically replace the entirety of the British Isles?
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No title
Who was the best female politician of all time in all of history?

Inb4 Cleopatra, she's dead.
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No title
Ethiopia is interesting, but what has happened here historically?
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Can anyone read this shit?
Found this book in my grandpa's attic and honestly I dont know what the hell it is.
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Wait, China still thought the Earth was flat in the 1700s?
...and that China was at the center of the flat Earth ("Middle Kingdom")?
Meanwhile, ancient Greeks knew it was round, and Eratosthenes actually measured its circumference 2200 years ago.
And I'm supposed to believe the Chinese were not always a primitive, backwards nation?
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No title
Jesus is not Coming back until Satan comes back. Why?
because Satan is Jesus the Son of God and Adam fully
Paid for His sin of Claim (being God) at His crucifixion.

Satan God's Son
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No title
Why do black people get so asshurt over white people wearing dreads and braids and claim cultural appropriation when literally everyone borrows from other cultures everyday?
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No title
What happened here?
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No title
Was he right, minus the scientology?
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No title
Why does African folklore push the recurring theme of a precocious prodigy getting humbled by a competitor who utterly dwarfs his own abilities?
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No title
images (54)
Was there a distinction between LARP and non LARP in history? Would countries be mocked for claiming some kind of perceived false heritage?
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Irish Republican Army (1919-1922)
Hello, /his/! Today I’m talking about the IRA.
Just about everyone who takes even a mild interest in Ireland knows of them; the Irish Republican Army are probably one of the most famous guerrilla armies in modern history, and their war with the United Kingdom during the Irish Revolution is quite interesting.

While there’s sporadic information about them during this period, I thought I’d go into some detail. So kick back in your quarantine, and enjoy a read about the IRA (1919-1922).
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No title
Did the French fear the Anglo - Norman warrior?
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No title
Isn't it unfair that 99 % of the Japanese people are guaranteed to go to hell according to Christians?
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No title
He was supposed to save us, kaiserbros...
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No title
Was he right, /his?
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Nurhaci vs Nobunaga
Nurhaci Nobunaga
So between these two famous 16th/17th century East Asian warlords, who was greater?
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No title
I draw the history of each country

This is the history of India
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No title
How did Europeans who were raised during La Belle Époque cope with the gradual loss of beauty during the XX century?
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No title
Who has the best claim to the throne of France, and who would be most likely to take over when the republic falls?
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No title
Honestly, i think he would be quite content with the fact that he's like the second most known figure in history, even if it's mostly for bad reasons.

Even small children know who Hitler is.
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No title
Boo who
which one are you, /his/?
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No title
What percentage of the Roman Empire was jewish at the time of Jesus and Early Christianity?

How many of the converts were jews? How many were gentiles?

Were most Christians actually jews that were convinced Jesus was the messiah?

What were the most heavily jewish cities and regions in the Roman Empire?
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No title
>Be Anti-Deutsch
>Get beaten, shot and thrown into a river
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No title
The Viet Cong really don't get enough recognition for being the most based militant group in modern history.
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Assyrian People
Is there a real difference between Aramean Aramaic speakers and Assyrian Aramaic speakers?
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Romans werent nordic
True they slaved so many cartaginians and((( levantives ))) that roman in the year 0 clustered with the levant
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No title
James White
Why haven't you accepted the logical concequences of God's unlimeted sovergnty yet?
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No title
New to all this, but this Aurelian dude got me hooked. Can /his/ list and describe some of the other chads in Roman history?
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No title
Why are anarchists anti-hierarchy even though it's not only necessary but inevitable?
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>/his/ approved TV
Anyone else watched this? I'm halfway through the first season and it's pretty good so far, aside from the Templars being cartoonishly evil
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Art Books
Do you have any art books that teaches about drawing and stuff which are pre 1900 or older
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No title
What's the deal with these guys? Why do they circumcise, not eat pork, etc. Even weirder, Martin Luther himself met with one of their bishops and extended communion to them.
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No title
Was he based?
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Why were Qing armies so bad?
Like during the Opium War they literally just BANZAI charged with swords and spears. Was China really too poor to buy guns and artillery that were up to date? I find that hard to believe.
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No title
>tfw France is on it's fifth republic in only 200 years while the USA is still on its first
What is it about the USA that makes it so much more suitable for republicanism than all the other nations of the world?
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Roman Streets
images (51)
What can we learn from Roman urban planning for building walkable cities? What are the ideal street widths we see from the Romans that we could implement to combat automobile roads?
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No title
Why is fascism viewed as right wing when most fascists are economically socialist? Also what's the difference between socialist fascism and communism at that point? You can't always say the ethnonationalism because there have been ethnonationalist communist states like Cambodia, North Korea, and China. The Horseshoe Theory just gets truer and truer.
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Best Roman war movie/series
what is the best roman war movie, but is actually focused on the war. not about relationship, jesus, or any other stupid shit. I want to see Roman combat, conquest, hell, I'll even accept movies where the romans shit gets kicked in. I just don't want any of that stupid side plot made focus shit.
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No title
So what's the deal with this guy? Was he right about communists in the US government?
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No title
Soulless art
Has capitalism ever been tried?
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No title
why did north american indians, in comparison to their southern neighboors, fail so expectacularly at integrating into western society?
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No title
Why didn't they just stay home and print more money during the black death plague?
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Prehistory European human stature
>3000BC, Northern Europe experiences a marked increase in stature, which might reflect the immigration of genes determining taller stature from the Pontic Steppes via the Corded Ware culture
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No title
Goo goo gaa gaa?
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No title
Who's your favorite rapist in history?
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No title
Why do people still call it “Columbus Day”?
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No title
Was the Algerian War worse than Vietnam?
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No title
was she evil?
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No title
Can someone tell me why the maps always show this holy roman empire patchwork down to the smallest detail and yet they portray other kingdoms as single units even if most of them also had feudal divisions like France, Castille, the Aragon Crown or England?
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No title
Why are some people so hateful?
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No title
Where did China go wrong? The Chinese created many of the inventions we take for granted today and have countless other accomplishments other their belt. Where did they off track and how?
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No title
Why does everyone hate Sabaton so much? Yes it's corny but all power metal is corny, that's half the point.
I unironically like them.
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No title
Did he do anything wrong?
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British Genetics
arn old
My dad just got his DNA results in and he's literally a purebred bong but looks like a quintessential med. Black curly hair, big grecian schnozz and dark skin. Weren't both the Saxons and Brythonic people fair-skinned and mostly fair-haired?
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No title
Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 1.10.24 AM
Politically speaking, couldn't you say that western civilization is still in the dark ages? Wouldn't the Roman Empire still be considered the peak of our society with regards to this, as Europe was never more unified?
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No title
What the fuck was his problem?
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No title
>this was the preeminent swedish artist 200 years after the death of Michelangelo
Why can't nordcucks create art guys?
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No title
do it for Jeanne
reminder the Anglos were defeated and kicked out of France by a teenage girl...

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unnamed (1)
>Osama, do I have a sign on my garage that says dead kaffir storage?
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No title
>study history
>hate latins with a passion

Anyone else?
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No title
bow to the only OG of realpolitik
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No title
Is the Irish language a LARP at this point?
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No title
Why do so many ancient civilizations have dragons in their history and myth?

Don't tell me it's because of dinosaur bones because not all of them are in areas that had such.
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No title
varg pls
is there any truth to Varg's various ideas about history? Like that all great men had autism, etc.
4 images | 30 replies
No title
Was he a good or bad president? Oh and I didn’t ask for butthurt Dixie opinion
6 images | 21 replies
No title
Is there a way the Germans could have realistically won the War of Franco-Anglo Aggression?
2 images | 10 replies
No title
Why was he so autistic about his sparrow hate?
0 images | 10 replies
No title
Why was he naked? Did barbarians really go around sacking Rome with their dicks out while wearing nothing?
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download (6)
>what is heraldry
Heraldry is the design, display, and study of armory (casually know as coat of arms).
In the pic you can see many different details in the shields, the crowns, mantling. Heraldry is all about this symbols and what, who or place they represent.

>isn't coat of arms the same thing as shields?
Well no, technically. A Coat of arms is literally a coat with the arms, arms being the shield (more specifically the charges, aka the things inside the shields).
The proper name for it is "Heraldic Achievement"

>"what, who or place they represent"
>what do you mean?
A Heraldic achievement is given to someone for their merits (like USA Presidents, British Prime Ministers or military leaders), a place for identification (like Munich, Bavaria and Germany), or a company (like the East India Company). It’s given by a formal institution in countries with monarchies, in republics that is not the case usually (since is viewed as something monarchical).

With all of this out of the way; post Heraldic Achievements itt, say what's about, where it comes from, etc.
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No title
>He later disabled a German armoured car with his umbrella, incapacitating the driver by shoving the umbrella through the car's observational slit and poking the driver in the eye.[1]

Okay, this is epic.
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Why did the Scots and the English Roundheads fight each other? Weren't they allies against Royalists and the Irish?
0 images | 1 replies
Debunking misconceptions americans believe
download (4)
I will post some historical misconceptions that americans believe, none of which are true:

>north american natives were all hunter gatherers
>north american natives were not victims of genocide
>native americans have contributed nothing material to modern civilization
>north america was wilderness before europeans arrived
>native americans didn't utilize the land in any way before Europeans
>english/american colonizers were genuinely living in the wilderness self sufficiently and weren't directly connected to civilization
>cowboy culture was made by americans
>the american west was actually wild and not just an extension of american civilization

Let's discuss these ideas, why they're believed, and of course, why they're wrong
9 images | 35 replies
No title
Greek wojak
>-So astonished were the Germans by what they saw that their smoldering desire was kindled into a flame by the splendid attire of the Romans, and they longed the sooner to conquer the Greeks, whom they thought cowardly in warfare and devoted to servile luxuries. To the Romans who stood among them urging them to gaze upon the full bloom of the precious stones with which the emperor was adorned like a meadow, to pluck the delights of springtime in the middle of winter and enjoy a feast for the eyes, they responded, "The Germans have neither need of such spectacles, nor do they wish to become worshipers of ornaments and garments secured by brooches suited only for women whose painted faces, headdresses, and glittering earrings are especially pleasing to men." To frighten the Romans they said, "The time has now come to take off effeminate garments and brooches and to put on iron instead of gold." Should the embassy fail in its purpose and the Romans not agree to the terms of their lord and emperor, then they would have to stand in battle against men who are not adorned by precious stones like meadows in bloom, and who do not swell in pride like beads of pearls shimmering in the moonlight; neither are they like the intoxicating amethysts, nor are they colored in purple and gold like the proud Median bird [the peacock], but being the foster sons of Ares, their eyes are inflamed by the fire of wrath-
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No title
They say he's a war criminal.
1 images | 7 replies
No title
Was it socialism? Why did Americans allow this?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
2 images | 15 replies
No title
Protestantism = Germanics and Anglos seething at the fact their entire religion came from and is dominated by Meds.
1 images | 12 replies
No title
you can go back in time ... how can the Roman empire survive and protect all the ancient knowledge and the Alexandrian library of the Germanic peoples, the Huns and Christianity?
How do you make the Roman Empire achieve the industrial revolution?
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No title
I'm going to post this every night until you remember it.
1 images | 15 replies
A thread for discussing their origins and historical impact on Greece, and the world...
Mostly their origins...
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