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What are your go to recipes during the coronavirus lockdown?

For me its pic related for breakfast lunch and dinner.
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download (21)
what am i supposed to do when they come XXXTRA salty by RNG
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>for me, it's Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

because i'm sophisticated, not a random alcoholic
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ITT: /ck/ heresy
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/deenz/thread is now open.
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Alright my dudes. Red pill me on stainless steel skillets vs cast iron. I bought a cast iron last year and and its seriously too much maintenance. Tell me what you prefer/
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The Steering Wheel Tray.
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For my money, potatoes are the best food.
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>Ah! Thanks for the wings, anon!
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Post what you ate today.

>Bowl of chips
>Mashed Potatoes with gravy
>Chicken with gravy
>5 doubledecker chocolate cookies with milk
>1 slice of bread with peanut butter
>Mixed salad

Stats: 120 pounds, 5'11
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Sloppy Joe
What's your favorite way to dress one of these bad boys?
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What are we eating tonight /ck/? For me, it's chili.
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Rate my dish
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Why do girls pretend to like grocery shopping?
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Egg fried rice
How can I make egg fried rice more fun besides adding soy sauce? It's pretty much all I've been eating for the last few weeks.
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German sausage
Why is German sausage the best food?
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A is the only acceptable way to cut a sandwich.
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Redpill me on vegetables. I rarely eat them. What are some that are easy to cook (pls post how to cook them the best) and taste the best.
Also what nutrients are in those.
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The great debate
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>Went to cook for my gf and her parents
>cooking in kitchen, her dad blurts out what is he fucking Chef Boyardee?

Was that an insult or compliment?
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Gonna go shopping sometimes next week to stock up for 3 extra months. List some essential big brain food items normalfags typically miss.
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Is it just me or has the quality of posts on /ck/ really improved since the whole quarantine things started.
Feels like there's more actual cooking going on than it has in years.
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okay so normal mozarella is shit in pizzas because when it melts it gets all greasy and soupy but i don't have acces to low moisture low fat mozarel so can do this:

>melt normal mozarella
>skim the grease and moisture
>freeze it
>put that on the pizza
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Why is everyone so scared of MSG when it's in tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, and lots of food in general? It's just pure umami just like how sugar is pure sweet.

Just use it in moderation like salt or sugar and you'll be fine.
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Rice Eaters
What do you guys like to eat with rice? i just ate this. it was sweet, smoky, and salty. totally delicious.
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Has anyone ever baked two pizzas together
Into like a "pizza sandwich?"

I can't find anything online but I want to try it. Like stick a pizza upside down on top of another one, then oven it.
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the big question
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Coffee Time /ctg/
Dalgona edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries.

>what are you drinking
>do you like it
>getting anymore

Previous thread >>13809981
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Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 11.55.23 PM
Are PB&J's meant to be toasted or untoasted?
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"this week on diners, drive-ins, and dives"
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Noodella actually tastes ok
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What does "Bizarre" even mean???
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Cuisine World Map
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What kind of beer are you drinking /ck/?
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this is the best pop tart
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In the UK people call cake "pudding", but my question to UK anons is, have you ever had true pudding? It's one of the finest desserts.
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thoughts on this cheese situation?
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best foods for boosting the immune system?
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Why do they only give you a single pizza stand?
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I just won a free block of cream cheese. Give me your best or favorite recipe with cream cheese.
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>"Dude, you can just live on rice and beans!"
On a serious note what are some cheap and healthy essentials? For me I have these on the list so far:
1. Canned Sardines
2. Broccoli
3. Potato
4. Rice
5. Chicken Breast
6. Hot sauce for the chicken breast and broccoli
7. Spinach
8. Water
9. Tilapia
10. Beef
11. Eggs

These pretty much give me all the nutrients I need. No need for shit like juices, butter, oils, etc. Spinach and Broccoli are two of the most potent healthy veggies to get my daily recommendations fulfilled. Eggs, chicken for protein. Carbs for days, and if anything doesn't taste good, I just put sauce on it. What else would you put on the list?
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Whats the reasoning behind puting cracked egg shells back into the package?
> discuss
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Imagine having freedom
Reminder that the UK still excessively taxes sugared drinks, to the point where most have disappeared from the market. Those who still want them resort to importing boxes of them from USA.

Also, God help you if you drink more than 150ml juice per day as apparently that’s not recommended either.
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Bread help
I wouldn't be coming here if I weren't desperate, lads. I just can't seem to get this shit right after nearly a dozen attempts at making basic white bread.
no matte which recipe I use there is always a nasty, sour smell when I uncover the bread from proofing and when I bake it it comes out shitty and dense. The bread does indeed double in size but it just comes out nasty.
I feel it's also worth mentioning that I've never had dough windowpane before, which I believe is a result of a lack of gluten development.
The ingredients are all okay so it's something I'm doing wrong. I'd link the recipe but I tend to hop between "basic white bread" recipes that appear high on google.

I really don't want to give up on this. I feel like this could become a hobby and I really want to make Hokkaido milk bread and ciabatta someday.
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Why is Claire Saffitz suddenly happy when there was a baby when she cooked?
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What are the keys to a classic and great chili
I'm talking the definitive chili
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Does anyone else just not like carrots? They're too sweet for me and ruin any savory dish,
I'd rather eat them raw
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wakie wakie essential wagies
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Grill or fry
Make your choice
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mcdonalds breakfast wrap
i miss this mf like you wouldnt believe
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hey /ck/ what are we getting?
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> friend just told me he prefers Ranch over Blue Cheese with hot wings.

Should I never talk to him again? I just can't look at him the same way.
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Pick your poison
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Controversial “Class of Life” Has Primary School Children Eating Fish They Helped Raise

Japan’s “Class of Life” is a controversial school project that aims to teach students about valuing their food and the environment by having them raise and then eat animals like fish and chicken.

We first featured the Class of Life a couple of years ago, when a video showcasing its implementation at an agricultural high-school in Japan’s Shimano Prefecture went viral on Chinese social media, leaving most viewers in a state of shock. The footage showed students preparing chicken eggs for hatching, raising the chicks for several months, and finally killing, cooking and eating the chickens. The Class of Life has been a part of Japanese curriculum at certain schools for over six decades, so most Japanese people are familiar with it, but even they were stunned recently when they saw elementary school children taking part in the class.

A controversial video currently doing the rounds on Japanese social media this week shows children as young as seven-years-old at Kakezuka Elementary School in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, crying as they struggle to eat bits of fish. It’s not that they don’t like fish, but that they themselves helped raise those fish from babies, only to them have them being killed and sliced in front of their eyes, as part of the Class of Life.

Part of a news report by Japanese television TBS, the shocking footage shows the young children wearing headscarves and medical masks as they look at a teacher slicing the fish into pieces with chef knife. A few are even asked to slice the fish themselves. Some can barely stand to look at their pets being turned into foods in front of their eyes, so they close their eyes shut and cover their ears with their hands.
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What is your relationship status? Do you cook for your SO?
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Ramen is a thing of beauty, taut noodles in a steaming rich broth, ready for instant consumption.

Yet devouring a bowl of ramen can be ... daunting. Few foods inspire such a cultlike following, and yet it is kind of unwieldy to eat. Do you slurp up the long noodles, or attempt to "cut" them up with your chopsticks? Do you copy the guy that picked up his bowl and drank from it, or has he just never been to a restaurant before?
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>set out all the ingredients to make mango habanero sauce wings tonight
>realize I forgot to buy mango at the store
>can't go out
Can I use oranges instead? I am well aware it won't be mango-habanero at that point. I think it would have a better color, and it would still add a pleasant sweetness.
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which oil is the best for penis growth [[penile enhancement]] ive been 3 cups of vegetable oil and two tablespoons of canola oil a day for 3 weeks and ive grown .34 inches!
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Nothing quite like a crisp stick of celery.
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it smells really bad
Please help, please

I was really stupid and washed a bunch of vital wheat gluten down the sink. Of course this was the dumbest thing to ever do and now the sink smells like a rotting dead animal. I've tried bleach, running hot water for like an hour, baking soda and vinegar, I can't get rid of the smell

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Bad recipes
I noticed Allrecipes made a quarantine cooking category and I've found some questionable recipes while browsing through.One that stood out was "White Sloppy Joes," the filling of which consists of ground beef, can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, milk, sour cream, and liquid smoke. What are some weird or gross recipes you've stumbled upon?
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Is buying Sichuan peppercorn worth it?
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soy disgusted
>BRO WTF! You said you were going vegetarian for a month! Why are you eating fish roe?!

So let me get this straight: lacto-ovo-vegetarians can eat eggs from chickens, ducks, turkeys, ostriches, turtles, snakes, lizards, platypuses, etc. but not eggs from fish? Am I missing something here, other than my weekly ribeye?
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/ck/ guilty pleasures
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Imagine cooking there?
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r8 my food
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maxresdefault (1)
Post your favorite packaged ramen so I can order some.

This is mine. I like to drain the water before adding the seasonings and oil.
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Corn oil
The best oil?

The best oil.
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How do I achieve umami without fish or meat?
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This is not a soda, retards. I don't care what you believe.
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Hey, Anon, give me your favorite Tuna sandwich recipe. I know you have one.
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Food you've made recently
Show me some recent meals you've made, /ck/.
Here's potato and leek soup from tonight, first go at this dish.
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Supermarket horror stories
>Was inocently shopping for substance respecting the law trying to mind my own business and return to home as quickly as possible
>When out of nowhere I hear excuse me, excuse me
>Turn around and there is this octogenary supercarrier with her arm extended about to touch me
>I jump back almost shitting myself
>She demands the sides bottles at the top of the shelf
>I try to mumble I don't work there but words don't come out of my mouth
>I do as she says
>I leave the soda at her feet
>I pay her tribute
>She is pleased
>She allows me to live another day
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Making burgers from scratch with some ground beef I got thawing out. What do you guys add into yours? I want to try something new than the usual. Also does egg help it hold together?
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Central Asia
Have you ever tried Central Asian food?
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Cajun Jambalaya
How do you guys cook Jambalaya?

Whenever I want to try cooking something new I look at videos and guides online to get a basic idea of what to do and then deviate a little based on what I want to do with it. The only problem is with jambalaya, every guide I read/watch is so bizarrely different from each other.

>One guy sticks the pot in the oven
>Another guy makes gravy to go with it
>Someone else shoves a can of fucking tomato paste in it
>"I know this is a Cajun dish, but we're only going to use a pinch of seasoning."

If I wanted to, could I just shove a bunch of meat, some onions, chicken broth & water together, then add seasoning and finally rice and then cook it on the stove top and call it a day? I'm not trying to make something for a office potluck, I just want to make something that's easy, heavy and I can make bulk of to have the day after.
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Alcohol in Pennsylvania
What the fuck bros? Any /PA/ bros on this board been able to order online yet? The site has been down and never got back up
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Smoked Oysters
I bought some of these on sale and have never had them before. Any thoughts on this brand or any typical way you eat smoke oysters?
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Why does binging with babish stand like this while cooking?
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I can't believe there's people out there that unironically hate onions.
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Are expensive rice cookers worth it?
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what's the best melting cheese?

plastic cheese-loving amerifats are not allowed in this thread
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Baked Potato, soy sauce... and what?
Hey, /ck/, I just put two potatoes in the oven. I was planning to add sour cream and chives but I find I am bored with that.

I got some soy sauce and a full spice rack... any thoughts on what I can whip up to jazz up my potatoes?
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Do you ever feel so big boned in frame that you can't enjoy eating more than once a day so you don't feel super huge?

I'm talking bone structure not fat.
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images (6)
How do I properly cook chicken thighs? I bought some today instead of chicken breasts which I cook all the time. How should I cook then? On a pan, instant pot or air fryer? What seasonings should I add?
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Pasta Hoarding Thread
orange slices
What pasta do you like to hoard?

Me? I'd hoard orange slices, the best pasta for hoarding when you're hoarding pasta.
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Raw garlic...
The one and, only...
Master of the 22 flavours...
Queen of the foods...
King of the spices....
Tastes like candy...
Better than sex...............
...there is no better food.........the over...
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Unpopular opinions
Enriched bread literally has vitamins sprayed on it that humans need to be healthy. "Homemade" bread or whatever is just empty calories.
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No title
One of the best investments I've made. Who else is an airfryer-chad?
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Just bought pic related, what would it go well with on a sandwich?
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No title
>still illegal to have these two drinks in the same restaurant
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No title
Is any of their food good?
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No title
yep, this is clearly a case for the based department
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No title
How do i make beef and broccoli?
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St. George Absinthe
so i have a friend who bought me this for my birthday, i've never had absinthe before, what am in for?
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No title
What's his endgame?
6 images | 28 replies
No title
>"Gonna let this hot meat slide down my throat"

What did he mean by this?
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/bake/ general
is it true that butter and sugar kill the yeast?
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Mystery breakfast
mystery breakfast
Last two digits of your post decide what combination i eat
Dubs add the ingredient to the next dish for a triple combo
Trips add the ingredient to all following dishes

1 green eggs
2 ham
3 toast
4 caramel spread
5 cream cheese
6 joghurt
7 chow mein noodles
8 hard cheese
9 cornflakes
0 frozen veggies
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download (5)

Why do white people do this?
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No title
I could really go for a Peek Frean Fruit Creme right about now.
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Broken/biz/ here How to make rice tasty using spices?

I have spices and butter or olive oil
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hqdefault (1)
What are some of the best Youtube cooking channels?
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TB 3 31 20 2
>tuesday is the new friday
But would anyone really know what day it was if it weren’t for fast food restaurants sending you promotional deals via text message? Did you do anything nice /ck/ related two weeks into this apparently indefinite lock-down? I nuked a couple sliders, whipped up an egg cream, and picked up some Taco Bell – for good measure.
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Should I get a soda stream?
I have the self control to not buy one but I know that if I had one I wouldn't be able to stop myself from putting milk in it, should I get one?
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Grills, Propane, Charcoal, Beginner Tips?
Never grilled in my life but always wanted to move to something different. I've pretty much been around the block inside the kitchen and now I want to try outdoor cooking.

Shit looks good:

Where should I even start with buying/owning a grill? I got a deck that's about 12x7 foot so plenty of space.
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download (3)
Who came up with the idea, upon looking at the meager pitted olive, thought, huh, bet I could stuff a pimento in there? It was a fortuitous thought no doubt.
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No title
Why is Mexican mass produced food superior to its American counterparts?
Pic related
I had to shop at the local Mexican market because corona and this is way better from the usual Knorr bullion I get at a regular market
Their soda is better
Everything I've bought from meximart is better
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Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 7.14.28 PM
Have you ever began or stopped eating a particular meal because of a mukbanger?
3 images | 6 replies
Are you ready
I am going to make something crazy
3 images | 10 replies
No title
How well did I do?
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No title
boning knife
0 images | 2 replies
No title
What's your favorite fast food joint? Local or International
>for me it's
8 images | 42 replies
No title
Is there any possible way to buy a bottle of Subway's Habanero hot sauce?
If not what are some equivalents, I haven't tried one quite like it. Sweet and hot but no vinegar at all, It's great
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No title
Best condiments thread.
39 images | 77 replies
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>pizza now cost $30+ for a pie due to corona virus
>no pickup choices
>only delivery
>have to pay a tip or wagies might corona spit into food now because you cannot tip during delivery due to contact less delivery.
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No title
Why is he so obsessed with steak?
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No title
>always been a coke man, core pillar of my personally
>starting to prefer Pepsi
How can this be happening? Pepsi is the girl cola!
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No title
Every time I make tacos I eat the whole pound of beef.
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No title
oh my god bros. I think im in love with her.
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Who is your favorite classic Iron Chef? The judges are always so bias to the home team. Kobe is currently getting his ass kicked against a Thai chef. Steaming it here:
4 images | 4 replies
No title
Just got this little snack delivered.
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Is this the correct board to talk about growing tomatoes?
I want to amend my soil so that I can plant some tomatoe plants tomorrow that are about 10” tall.

How far should I space them apart and how should I amend my soil? I have normal dirt nothing crazy, but I figure I should get a bag of this and a bag of that and then mix that in with the regular soil. Any pro tips? I wanna do 4 big heirloom and 4 cherry.

Thanks reddit.
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R8 my dinner tonight /ck/
0 images | 24 replies
No title
I'm so jealous of Americans I wish I could have shit like this
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No title
Kratom thread? I just ordered some vietnamese green and maeng da white. I've never tried white. Maeng da red had seemingly no effect on me.
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No title
What is your favourite Chef John Recipe?

I could eat this every day:
7 images | 47 replies
No title
Why don’t white people wash their meat?
1 images | 29 replies
No title
>There's never enough vodka
1 images | 4 replies
No title
name a better cookie
>cheap and easy to make
>one of the most chewy things in the world
>made out of coconut instead of flour
>flour is for plebs
1 images | 13 replies
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