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OIP (1)
How much do you guys pay for a whole chicken in US?
Let me tell you, whatever you pay, it's subsidied.
A normal non-organic chicken in Euro is like +10 bucks.
Why is it so?
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Liquid/soft recipes
I had jaw surgery a week ago
I can only eat liquid foods for a week still, and then I'll be able to move on to blended foods for two weeks, and finally, soft foods (mashed potatoes etc) for two weeks afterwards

Please give me some easy, highly caloric and cheap recipes I can make. I'm going fucking insane already from only drinking the fruit juices and protein shots the hospital gave me
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vegan hate
Did the inflation make you cut down on the meat? Not that ground shit, but those delicious steaks, ribs, tenderloins?
I'd rather have a nice meal than twice a month cumming in some crackwhore.
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>blocks your path
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ck webm thread
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Ever eat at Ikea? Is it any good?
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>destroys your gut-biome
heh nothing personnel kid
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The lunch today.
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How do people drink regular tap water? Its the same water as toilet water etc... When I was a kid I thought it was separate water supply
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Is Altoona pizza the ultimate pleb filter?
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How do i cook this?
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The new king of YT fast food reviews

Move over reviewbrah, you are UNJUSTIFIED
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What’s your saddest story of food going to waste?
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Food Industry Knowledge
IMG_20190613_110541013~2 (1) (1)
share tips and information that you've acquired working in terrible conditions because you have a coke habit. I'll start:

Almost every wild caught fish will have some kind of parasitic infection. Avoid pieces close to the belly if you're scared of wormies. The larger the fish (halibut, larger cods) the higher the likelihood.
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/tea/ - crazy crazing edition
ice crack glaze
This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.

info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea

previous thread: >>20226717
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I dont get it. Theres no corn
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does anyone here have any tips for making good fried chicken without deep drying it? i have been trying to shallow fry it in a pan, but the coating keeps falling off when i start flipping the chicken.
my process is to brine the chicken pieces, cover it in egg, and then cover it in corn starch. i gently put them in when the oil is hot, and start flipping them when the coating starts hardening on top. i feel like the problem lies with my coating rather than my technique
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Which chain has the best tenders?
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It’s over.
Wendy’s has fallen. BILLIONS must dine.
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chocolate thread cuz why not
>Mr Breast re-releases his chocolate bars
>claims it's even better than European chocolate bars

Can any European currently in the US confirm this? Are Americans finally free from tasting vomit chocolate?
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>North europeans have the most testosterone
Should I be eating evil meat and Hulkmaxx instead of other lean meats
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Who ever thought eating this shit is good? Do I look like a fucking bird or something? This is bird food not human food. Fuck having this bullshit for breakfast.

Eat eggs, meat, butter. Real food.
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>take a food
>shove it hapharzadly in a burger bun
>this is a national dish
another big win for british food
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speed cutting
How do I train myself to cut ingredients fast? Are there any specific culinary school exercises I can do every day to speed up my cutting skills?

Sometimes, when I'm hungry, I end up just ordering takeout instead of cooking, even if I know how to cook the thing I want and have the ingredients for it in my fridge, all simply because it takes too long to prep all the ingredients, and ordering takeout is faster.

How the fuck do I get as good as webm related so that I only spend like 5 minutes at most preparing ingredients for any dish I want?
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>2 of these
>few cents shy of $9

Are they smoking crack now? They were $.99 when they introduced them..

How much longer will this price gouging on the cheapest and shittiest food go on?
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What's the best dinner cereal?
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/ctg/ Coffee Time General
Thread for discussing coffee and coffee-related topics

Obesity edition.

If you're new or confused, start here:
If you're old and confused, had any physical activity lately?

Previous thread: >>20227328
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What's your favorite filling for an omelette? What do you mix into the egg whisk? Any particular method for cooking it?

For me it's a simple ham/cheddar/spinach filling with a dash of salt, and black pepper mixed into the egg. I use a cast iron skillet.
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No title
What's your daily sipper?
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question for beer fags
what is the appeal of IPAs? every single time I've tried them I've hated them. both craft and larger brews, they all taste like you pissed on wheat soil fermented with rotten apple for 200 years
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Ramen Thread
my second time making tonkotsu ramen, not perfect but happy with the results. what are your thoughts, anon?
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How does this stuff compare to barkeeper's friend? I got a bottle for free and it works very well, but $15 is a lot to pay for a little bottle of cleaner once it runs out.
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When's the last time you actually dunked a doughnut?
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Chicken and Salad
Going to whip up some chicken and salad. First step the salad.
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>poisons you

nothing personnel
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tin can versus heat
How unsafe is it to cook a can of condensed milk in boiling water to turn it into dulce de leche?
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Fries? That will be $7

Our exclusive hoppy IPA? That will be $8 a glass

Ketchup? $1
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SShark meat is literally the Fins of the the sea. White, no taste, vulgar and cheap.
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Milk chocolate is the best. I always find darkfags to be tryhards. That or they're coping for being lactose intolerant.
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What are some good marinades for dehydrator jerky? I got 5 lbs of bottom round on sale that I can't to make a big batch of jerky out of.
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/ferment/ general
ITT: post your ferments and discuss anything related to the topic
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Pie for tea, happy days

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/tea/ - Nug brick edition
This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.

info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea

previous thread: >>20208338
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/fgc/ Fish
How come salmon is so versatile?
I'm scared of bones. Are there any fish without bones like salmon? Why don't they have bones anyway?
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why does /ck/ hate baking?
i want to make this delicious basque cheesecake loaf n post it on youtube but nobody hearts baking .. :(

why do u all hate baking fun time?
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mushroom alfredo!
first time making mushroom alfredo! i used this video as a guide, not my youtube account! its such a good vid tho!!!!
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>we want the weeb audience
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why aren't we punishing taco bell for raising prices?
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I just bought a mortar for 80 bucks just to make pesto because of this video

did I get scammed or is this really the best way to make pesto?
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Got some nibbles in for watching the footy tonight £7
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I love soup, all year, I also like fish but it's so damn expensive in these remote part of the planet. Therefor I haven't tried fishsoup. Am I missing out some?
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if wops didnt want me to break spaghetti noodles they would have dried them in a way that fits in a pot like nips did
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What are the exploits in the current meta?
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Which country makes the best sloppa?
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Do you, like me, hate eating at gatherings?

Everyone hates each other, but then we all sit down at a table and pretend that we don't. Barely-contained anger and resentment. Nobody making too much of an effort in the food they brought. The safest, blandest American dishes that everyone can "enjoy".

What's the point? We'd all be happier if we just stayed home and ordered pizza.
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Which fries holds the most sloppa?
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What are some lesser known stews? Pic related is Polish hunter's stew with sauerkraut.
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What emotion does this image make you peel?
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healthy snack
You like cheese right?
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Lone egg.
Cooking eggs AGAIN. Let's fucking goooooooooo
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why the fuck people need recipes for the most basic ass shit out there? like surely these cooking websites wouldn't upload this shit if people didn't actually look up how to make mash potatoes or some fucking basic ass caesar salad, like how in the fuck is anyone so retarded that they need to be told to dice tomatoes and shit man? what the FUCK
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/ck/ will look at irrefutable facts and then proceed to argue, with a straight face, that "science" proves that their cheap garbage is just as good as your good quality cookware (which oh btw according to them is completely unavailable and has never been seen by human eyes, due to reasons they will never explain)

why do you suppose this is?
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More drinks in nice spiffy bottles?
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why are all the good old buffet chains closing down?
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Have any of you ever been to a restaurant you were impressed with?
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Sandwich Thread
What are the best sandwiches?
I mostly thought of sandwiches as snacks/mellanmål but cu/ck/s seem to have them as proper meals
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Rice cooker thread
You ever cook things other than rice in a rice cooker?
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Name a better party snack
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Italian Bakes/Lasagna
I don't even boil pasta beforehand whenever I make Italian bakes. Everything comes out great and nothing is too liquidy. Why do some people still boil pasta in water?
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And people say food doesn't bring happiness. Im beyond happy right now. Big boy lunch
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Holy shit the new McDonald sauce tastes disgusting, wasn't sure what it was but upon researching it on the internet it's suppose to be...chili sauce? Tasted nasty to me, guess you have to like chili sauce. It tasted like a sweet and spicy type sauce, guess it just isn't for me. I'll just stick with Ranch, Honey Mustard, or BBQ.

Also don't a lot of anime use "Wcdonalds" as a parody to McDonalds? Is Mcdonalds aware of that and just using it as a joke? So it's suppose to be like an anime/asian sauce? Chili sauce is asian in nature, right? Eh, was kind of disappointed by it.
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This is what $300 of groceries looks like
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No title
I can genuinely drink Budweiser all day, every day.
(Also, I do.)
Never had a beer that allows you to consume 12 of them and wake up as if the songbirds are beautiful creatures made by god.
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No title
I buy in bulk (for a single male), break down, then freeze off. flank steak, pork loin, chicken thighs, and chicken wings. I eat mostly everything except chicken wings a variety of ways but mostly with rice and veggies. Made a huge portion of pasta with beef/onions tonight. What else can I do to be proficient or add new stuff to my diet?
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Sales Prices thread
We eatin' good this week.
I'm getting hella chicken meat
Gonna debone it and make some hella broth for the cats.
And then some pork chops.
Damn I love sales.
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No title
This might be my new favorite dinner.
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I don't eat meat all the time....
shish kebab2
but when I do I love me some shish kebabs.
have you taken the shish kebab pill?
I'd rather have this than a burger
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The breakfast of neet champions
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As fast food places conspire to introduce surge pricing, how do we normalize fasting and skipping meals?

Fast food places act like they have a captive audience but they in reality, Americans are almost invariably 30-50lbs overweight, they can afford to skip meals without any risk of malnutrition.

Imagine the permanent economic damage that would happen if americans came to their senses and started skipping meals and fasting in response to price gouging from fast food restaurants.
Not only would foodservice experience a 30% drop in revenue, the medical industrial complex would see massive losses because people won't fall ill to easily preventable chronic illnesses related to overheating, diabetes and heart disease.
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No title
download (1)
Never forget what Taco Bell took from you
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Ox Liver
Just bought some ox liver
How do I cook it ? I am also in a college dorm with a shared kitchen and am worried about the smell. How bad does it smell when cooked? Will I stink out the kitchen for days?
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No title
>"Sir, what flavor of potato chips did you say you were looking for?"
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Why don't you love the bugs?
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>more efficient
Why does this board hate induction?
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Imagine eating this good
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Kitchen work thread
images (1)
They have me working fryers today and it's busy as shit. I hate fry. Any other food workers here?
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I'm thinking of going keto/low carb but the problem is that I have no idea what meals to make. Pretty much every dinner I make it some kind of carbs (i.e. pasta, rice, bread, etc) + meat. I literally don't know any other type of dinner meals.

Give best keto friendly or super low carb meals, /ck/.
Hard mode: No substitution foods (i.e. cauliflower rice or whatever)
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I only eat organ meats
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No title
What are some extremely low calorie foods I can gorge myself on? Shirataki/konjac noodles are good, but I'd like to know of other similar foods.
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No title
For me it’s PepsiCo. With such a large variety of key brands such as lays potato chips, Doritos, Gatorade and more it’s kind of a no brainer
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>put fish in a can
>no one complains
>put pork in a can
>people have issues with it
Why is this?
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No title
What do I do with this stuff?
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No title
>First bun, then patty, followed by ketchup, mustard, pickles, EXTRA ONIONS, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and bun. In that order.
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No title
Skärmavbild 2024-02-26 kl. 20.31.26
>90% cocoa
>Tastes like nothing
Does chocolate have no fucking taste? This is weird. It is also very satiating.
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I'm broke
How do I stop eating? I work 3 days a week at burger king and I get free food there, but the other 4 days I tend to spend a bunch of money on delivery and expensive food. I would like to not eat for 4 days and refuel on whoppers on my work days, I just have two problems. When I fast for over 2 days my shit turns to pure liquid. And will I die if all I eat is burger king? And no I won't consider working more hours or changing my job I have found a perfect balance.
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No title
>white chocolate isn't real chocolate
No. This is a lie pushed by the candy industry. The fact is that cocoa butter is much more expensive than cocoa, and by pushing the lie that cocoa butter is an inferior, secondary ingredient, they can get away with steipping it from their products
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And again.
How many posts is this. One or 13? The uninitiated will say one. I say 20. CEO mindset. Read that again.
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No title
How do you prepare it?
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No title
Real 100% every time. Even if the fake stuff is nostalgic to some degree, the real stuff has a subtly complex flavor and actually has some nutrients.
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No title
>This was really "pasta" in Italy before Marco Polo brought back actual noodles
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No title
What are your go-to or most frequently used spices?
4 media | 35 replies
would you?
>flake salt
>diced onions
>chicken slice
>new plate grandma gave to me
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No title
What do I with it other than put it on crackers?
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No title
What are some food with health benefits from your neck of the wood?
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No title
Mushrooms need to be cooked in garlic and butter. If you're British you are wrong
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Daily reminder
Hung John
This is the only chef with /ck/ blessing
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Scratched my new non-stick
I got a new nonstick pan last week and accidentally scratched it in 3-4 places. The scratches are small like 1-2mm.
Is it dangerous?
>inb4 cast iron
yeah yeah i know i've got cast iron too this one's just too easy to work with and clean
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No title
ITT: Your go-to instant nood
7 media | 21 replies
No title
You need to make sure that you have plenty of ranch and honey mustard for your sandwich and fries.
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No title
dried cummies
Are food dehydrator a waste of money, or are meat curing/sausage youtubers a waste of time?
I doubt the EPIC FLAVOR can only be achieved in a weed growkit, I just want meat to have a longer shelfspan anyways, not achieve mold.
What is /ck/'s opinion on dehydrators? waste of space and merely a midlife crysis woman's gadet or is it worth getting one?
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No title
do you guys also eat messy when alone
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No title
What's the best microwave popcorn brand?
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No title
anyone have a good recipe that uses steak but isnt just cooking and serving a steak the normal way? i have a few decent steaks right now and want to try cooking them differently. the only thing i can think of is a sandwich but fuck those
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No title
is it acceptable to cut a pizza like this?
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No title
fucking cheese
The Internet lied to me. Gouda cheese doesn't melt for shit. Stupid cheese. My sauce is ruined.
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No title
Wagyu. Meme or legit god food?
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No title
Why are carrots so cheap?
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No title
How do you think foreign nations reacted to having American fast food open up in their countries?
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No title
Anyone else remember how good this was? Seems like its unfortunately forgotten about, what are some other delicious discontinued sodas?
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No title
what's your favorite sushi / nigiri / maki / sashimi variant?
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No title
Dried pork tenderloin anon, how are you doing ?
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No title
>the slit in popcorn bags is to shake it after cooking to get rid of excess uncooked kernels

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No title
Am I crazy?
I was eating sourdough bread and said I like how sour it is.
Then my friend said that I'm tasting it wrong because sourdough bread isn't actually sour, it's just the name of the bread.
Like I definitively taste a sour funk when I eat it.
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No title
You should try meat loaf it taste good
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No title
European fanta is much better than the American version. I found a place here that sells the European kind, but only single cans. Are there any other European soft drinks that you’d recommend?

Amerimutt drinks are half sugar. I suffer.
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Cooking meshrams in waterrrrrr!!1!!1 So I won't die of heart failur!
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No title
Post food items literally nobody asked for
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No title
would you try this? (anchovies and pineapple)
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You boys will NEVER have this!
I'm a single mom and I shop at Costco. I know what I'm doing. I am a professional!

You don't have a Michelline star kitchen in your studio apartment, so let me give you a taste of the good life:

1. Boil Banza Rotini Chickpea Pasta package for 9 minutes or until *al dente* ("to the teeth", en Italiano)
2. Drain cooked Banza Rotini Chickpea Pasta and rinse with cold bottled water
3. Add Rao's Traditional Home-Style Tomato Sauce (one bottle)
4. Bake 1lb of mince for 20 minutes at 450F and break it up every 5 minutes or so on your plate or dish
5. In a large bowl, mix Banza Rotini Chickpea Pasta, Rao's Traditional Home-Style Tomato Sauce, and cooked meat and stir well.

Serve immediately. Garnish with parsley and parmasan.
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yo scones fuckin suck
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No title
Imagine eating this food
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No title
3 am bagels
Are the best kind of bagels
You can get, because they’re made fresh
Wake up, it’s worth it
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