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wagie smash
FOH and BOH wagies, whats the most unreasonable customer request you have witnessed?
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Big 'za energy
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Glass bottle milk
Someone redpill me on this. Is it any better than normal milk or is just a meme?
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this is my alcoholic beverage of choice. what does it say about me?
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Why doesn't Mexican food get the same respect that Chinese or Indian food gets? Like growing up in SoCal I can go to any hole in the wall Mexican place and it's good., but I try to do same with Chinese or Indian food and it's either painfully average or diarrhea. Also Greek food is slept on.
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What is your favorite cuisine?
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Do you like Turkish icecream? Does it even count as icecream?
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>Go to indian restaurant with hinge date
>fucking rice isn't included with the base menu items
>Waiter gives dogshit service and never refilled my drink
>waiter never brought the bill, had to bullshit for 20 or 30 minutes before we just went up to the counter

How fucking money hungry do you have to be to charge extra for fucking rice, I know those fuckers had pounds of cooked shit in the back. Also is the no refills and check thing typical for Indian places?
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I've run out of bottled water and I really want a filter but don't know what's good

Spoonfeed me please
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What are the most ridiculous rules you've ever seen posted in a restaurant?
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Hey fellas I'm going to TJs what do you want?
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What is everyone bringing to the /ck/ potluck?
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Can a family of a mother and 2 children actually survive on $29 a week in america any more? Like what could you buy for that little that would provide you enough vitamins and calories?
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Honey Mustard and BBQ are the best tendie sauces.

Ranch is the worst and anyone who dips their tendies or nuggies in ranch should off themselves immediately.
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Identify the ingredients to my world famous burger sauce
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>fixes your stomach problems
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smoking general
what are you smoking /ck/? can anyone help me track down any of these old flavored camels they used to have? do other countries still have flavored cigarettes
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Did I do good?
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Remember when mcdonald’s made its own currency?
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>*breaks apart and falls through the grates*
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How the fuck am I supposed to eat this thing?
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>"Can you peel these potatoes?"
>The potatoes are tiny.
>They want to make mash.
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What fast food items would you rather get from an establishment than make yourself and vice versa?
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Who here r/thepastaqueen?
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Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 7.16.59 PM
Science has gone too far
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eating Dominos and browsing /ck/ name a better combo
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There's nothing quite like a tree ripened fig.
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how do i use less oil but get my non nonstick pans to still not stick to stuff. I use like a tablespoon of oil to fry 1 egg. vid rel is mine
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Whats the best 2 topping pizza?
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Italian pizzas are utter shit. The "dough" is a hard, burnt and unpalatable tortilla with very little cheese, boring toppings and the only edible thing there is the sauce.

There is a reason why nowhere in the world pizzas are prepared 'a la italiana' and all countries make their own versions of the americanized pizza. Italians love them out of pure nationalism and childhood nostalgia, and they are too stubborn and immature to accept that their pizza has many things that can be improved.
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Why exactly should I not do this again? It's liquid?
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I really like Arby's beef and cheddars
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has Bang de-throned Monster as /our energy drink/?
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What the fuck america?
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sqtddtot qddtot STUPID QUESTIONS
what is process of blanching bell pepper before roast?

i want to make the skin easy to peel off. throw bell pepper in boiling water for 30 seconds, then throw in cold water.... then throw in oven and peel?

or do i blanch in hot water then cold water, then peel, then throw in oven? i am confused
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Had to get more puttanesca. It means whore. I love food that taste like dirty pussy. There's some kief there too.
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What the weirdest animal you want to eat fämälämäzoids?
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Is this normal when wipping carbon fiber wok with olive oil?
Health hazard?
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Food Scrambled Egg 1
Post delicious food you've made ^_^
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The vegetables one was fun let's try soups.

Are there any you know that are missing where would they go?

Potato and leek is S for me
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How do people eat dark chocolate?
I'm probably being filtered, but it's always tasted like eating dirt that's been trapped in a fat lady's buttcrack for a week
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>unhealthy food is cheap
>healthy food is expensive
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Fair Food
pronto pup and lemonade shakeup
What kind of fair food do you like?
Does your town have more than one kind of fair, and does the food change between them?

Going to the yearly rural town fair today, usually get a few eye-catching things to try for lunch/dinner, but I always get pic related from the same stand and people since I can remember. Not usually a fan of corndogs, but they make their own batter and fry them fresh which makes all the difference.
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What diets are you on, /ck/?
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Cilantro is always the first ingredient that everyone skips if they need to
What a shit herb
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Okay - this is getting out of hand.
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Thoughts on Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread?
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Has anyone tried this?
I heard they released a new chip a few days ago but I can't find it at my local stores.
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How to open an egg?
I prefer the side of the pan over the flat surface to crack it but the actual “opening” action of the egg fucks me over. Bits of the shell just falls with the yolk 50% of the time and other times it’s perfect. I hold the crack and spread it away downwards rather than upwards. My fingers holding/stabilizing the egg is firm but sometimes I find myself squeezing it unconsciously
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Gonna go grab a hoagie, you want me to pick you up something?
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Recommended cooking channel
Here's a few that is actually pretty good and not fucking cringe.

>Bruno Albouze

No fucking Guda beaner shit, that stupid glasses guy and other "ecelebs" just straight no frills cooking.
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>the taiwanese are challenging the italians with their testicle pizza
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I'm Italian and quite often I break spaghetti.
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cooking with blood
I love and crave the taste of blood, and have tried looking online for some recipes that involve blood but haven't found much other than it is similar to cooking with eggs. Has anyone tried cooking with blood or know of any recipes that involve it?
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>parents buy new appliances
>New oven requires magnetic pots and pans so it can do "induction heating"
>None of our pots and pans are magnetic
>Can't fucking heat anything
>New fridge makes a loud as fuck beep if it's held open long enough

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>two gyros with onion, romane, tomato, cucumber, tzaziki and hotsauce. Coke to drink.
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>Cream cheese, Manzanilla olives, tomato, summer sausage, mayo, sauerkraut, dill pickle, roast beef, pepper jack, more tomato, black forest ham, more mayo, extra pepper.
What are some other good non meme sandwich stuffers?
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Can't Digest Vegetables/Plants???
I just learned about this, and I'm learning now it doesn't apply so much to fruits and starches (i.e, bread, taters). But wtf? What plants are actually worth eating then? Can u even digest beans? I don't wanna waste my money on food I can't even digest.
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Hi /ck/ today is my birthday so I figured I would show you guys the cake my gf made me and you can rate her execution. Her lettering is obviously a bit wonky but besides that I think she did a professional level job and I’m very proud of her. It’s a blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting, blueberry frosting, and lemon frosting all made from scratch and it’s absolutely delicious, I just had my first piece.
Also cake general thread, let’s see your guys birthday cakes even if it has long since passed
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/tea/ - Malawi Edition
/tea/ - /tsg/ - Tea Snobbery General
This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.
info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea
Previous Thread: >>18161168
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what do we think of canned soup
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>You don't really like it you're just pretending
Why are there retards who unironically think that? there is nothing tastier than a bottle of good beer alongside some greasy food like a burger, wings or pizza
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ITT: The Best Peanut Butter & Jelly
How do you make yours bros?
>type of bread?
>toasted or not?
>do you cut the crust off?
>crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
>do you use any other nut spreads i.e. nutella?
>jelly, jam, or preserves?
>what flavor? traditional grape or something else?
>do you prefer more peanut butter or more jelly?
>any add-ins i.e. bananas or cinnamon?

For me, it's buttered and toasted white bread with an ass load of crunchy peanut butter and a touch of strawberry preserves. A little maple syrup if I'm feeling frisky.
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why drive 10 minutes for food when you can doordash for $97?
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Why does /ck/ always praise this so much? Is it anything special? How does it compare to other bourbons?
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>adds nothing to your dish in your path
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Candy Thread
I just finished off a bag of these. So fucking good
what are you snacking on /ck/?
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Why is French bread pizza always disappointing?
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My friend is dragging me to some beach bar. Anyway they only serve sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, is there anyway I could bring my own or ask prior if they could get me a regular roll?
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is there any reason to not eat potatoes raw?
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/knife/ - (kitchen) knife general.


~{__European stamped trash only. Let's pretend the Germans still make it the best—in Solingen, knife capital of the world!

~{__previous thread: >>18167577
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does anon like moon cake?
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I know we're not supposed to pour grease down the drain-- I get it. I have a question though.
Can I add dawn dish soap and hot water to it & pour it, or is that still gonna fuck up the pipes???
The dish soap cuts through it to clean it off of dishes. Why wouldn't it neutralize the grease itself?

inb4 not my problem
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Do you ever drink the hotel room coffee?
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bacon bap
For me, it's the bacon bap
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What is the best hotdog topping?
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diet meals
ITT we critique each others weight loss meals
I need to lose 15 pounds
This morning I had three eggs scrambles with onions , bell pepper, and squash

For lunch I had a quarter cup of gorp (pic related) and a banana with honey peanut butter and 12 oz of whole milk

For dinner I am going to have a big salad with romaine , cucumber , bell pepper, mushrooms and a dijon vinaigrette like pepin makes , served with a pork chop

Yesterday I had one double whataburger with cheese and nothing else the whole day

What do you guys think?
What did you eat and what do you need to lose?
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ham sniffers
do ham-sniffers really need hardhats
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What food do you get at 7-11?
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They're back
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How do I stop the tomato from getting too hot?
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Why is 'wit wiz' a thing at all? It fucking sucks. Just get fucking provolone or american ffs.

Whose fucking idea was it? Does anyone besides tourists eat this shit?
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No title
Where do you shop? I assume a lot of these answers are going to be fairly regional.
picrel, I live in STL and there's a bunch of these everywhere and I at least like them more than a Walmart or something.
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What do you call this in english?
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Bud Dry
"Why ask why? Try Bud Dry."

>Dry as in Anheuser-Busch's DryBrew process that converts more of the malt and rice to become fermentable sugars.

>Not Dry as in 'dry,' communities that ban alcoholic drinks, impling its a non-alcoholic beer

Why do I keep misremembering this product?
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I really like Fanta and drink 8 cans a day
How do I drink less fanta bros
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What ice cream are you eating in the summer heat? I like these simple pear flavored ones.
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/brew/ Beer Kit Edition
>no /brew/ thread
where do you buy beer ingredient kits? Local brew shops have shit selection and I don't like to buy stuff from Amazon, but there aren't many other places online with good selection.
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Taking into account its low cost, high nutrition, practicality, wide availability and good taste, how the fuck is Canned Tuna not the greatest food money can buy?
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how do i drink it black?
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sliced white bread, ketchup and a slice of american cheese toasted counts as pizza.
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Petite Sirloin Steak
So I guess this is more tender than normal sirloins?
These are on sale for $3.89 per pound and I am thinking of picking up a load of them.

Anyone ever cook em up?
What do you think?
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No title
Rate dinner
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No title
I'm on vacation in Mexico and these things are everywhere. Can I eat them?
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Really, what more do you need?
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Eating this with a fork and knife right now. Why don’t more people do this? It feels amazing
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What do you rank?
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I can get a 64oz hydro flask for 20bucks. Should I get it or is it too heavy/unwieldy? I already gave a 18oz one but it's a bit small
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Evil Food
images (11)
Food that makes you a bad person, or at least quite sus.
Picrel is totally edible (if heat inactivated) and reportedly tastes decent.
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long story short, i just ate a lot of expired cheese. am i gonna make it?
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Should we eat Mammoths?
>A Texas start-up is using genetic engineering to revive that most iconic of extinct animals, The wooly Mammoth.

Wonder what it would taste like?
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When you go to fast food places, you're not filling yourself with burgers and tacos and pizza. You're filling yourself with regret.
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Don't mind me, just gonna microwave this steak real quick
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Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 3.27.17 PM
Do you dip your tendies in coke (soda)?
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Not only are you flushing valuable nutrients down the drain, YOU ARE WASTING GALLONS OF DRINKABLE WATER. Some people wash their rice up to SEVEN TIMES. At 1/2 gallon per rinse, that's 3.5 gallons of water absolutely wasted every batch.
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What's anons favorite meat on a skewer?
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I wish I liked avocado :(
I try it again almost every year, and it still tastes weird to me. I've tried it as guac, on toast, in salads.. It's both the flavor and the texture that bothers me.
Do you guys have any suggestions on how to trick myself into enjoying it? I think if I can find one way I like it, I might acquire the taste for it altogether.
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Share your chili recipes.

>500g ground beef, sunflower oil, clarified butter, chili flakes, salt, freshly ground black pepper
Fry until brown
>1 sweet onion, 15g fresh oregano, olive oil to taste
Drain oil from ground beef, add onion, oregano, olive oil and simmer
>150g tomato puree, 150g tomato paste, 2 diced cloves of garlic, 1.5tbsp cumin powder, 1.5tbsp cilantro powder, 1tbsp chili powder, 0.5tbsp paprika power, 0.5tbsp cayenne pepper, 0.5tbsp powdered black pepper, beef broth
Add ingredients and add enough beef broth to just create a moist simmering surface, save the rest for later
>simmer 10 minutes with lid on pan
Stir and add more broth if needed
>simmer 10 minutes with lid on pan
Stir and add more broth if needed
>simmer 10 minutes and leave lid slightly open
Stir and add more broth if needed
>simmer 10 minutes and leave lid slightly open
Stir and add more broth if needed
>simmer 10 minutes without lid
Stir and add more broth if needed
>simmer 10 minutes without lid
>350g kidney beans, 150g pinto beans, 2 diced cloves of garlic, add masa harina and worcestershire sauce to broth (both to taste)
Add all or part of the broth to taste, add beans, and simmer 10 minutes without lid
>half a sweet onion, 1 diced clove of garlic
Add and simmer for 3 minutes

Serve and enjoy. I like eating it with shredded cheddar and nacho cheese chips. I always have my chili after fasting for a day and a half so I make a fucking shitload.
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No title
So I bought all the ingredients to make one of the best dishes an amateur cook can make: Boeuf Bourginon.
Anon got some secret ingredient, way of cooking it (I know time)?
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Regional food hate
What is the worst dish from your state?
Chicken fried steak (TX) is fucking awful. Why would you deepfry a steak.
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What's wrong with my strawberry? Is it still edible?
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anchovie pizza
Do people actually eat anchovies? They're 99% salt. Do you eat salt licks made for cows and horses too?
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how to cook rice
retard here

how do i cook rice? i've never cooked before and i dont wanna ask my mom how to because i want to surprise her. I've already searched how to cook white rice and everybody has a different way of cooking, this confuse me. Do you guys have a normal recipe for a retard like me?
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I love this little nigga like you wouldn’t believe
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No title
What the fuck is a calzone and why do people eat it? It doesn't even look like pizza.
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"Food sensory issues"
I'm convinced I've met this bitch. The restaurant I used to work at kept getting this one adult woman ordering shit off the kiddie menu constantly. She'd be with other people and I tried so fucking hard to not laugh at her being the only one ordering the tendies and fries. My coworker told me that she tried pleading to him about her "food sensory issues", when he raised his eyebrow while taking her order once. Total autist behavior. What boggled my mind was when she asked for wine, an adult beverage that you'd think would make her gag. Do any of you autists have any experience with picky eaters like this?
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No title
This is a real meal, britbongs.
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No title
Holy fuck, these are vile. How can people eat this "plant based" shit?
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No title
What out of the ordinary things do you like on your hot dog? I often go for cream cheese and caviar personally. A lot of people give me grief over this but it is delicious.
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I keep making cider but it tastes like yeast and always has yeast left over

What do
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What's your ideal home cooked Indian meal
I'm going to cook some Indian food for my Aussie boyfriend. So it will probably be more Anglicised Indian food. He likes Indian food but Indian takeout always make him ill, we don't know why. What's your favourite dishes? I only have butter chicken and basmati rice planned right now.
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Smoked kassler fämälämäzoids

It fell apart

So good, 10€ for a kg.
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No title
If you put sugar in your porridge, you didn't eat the porridge.
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No title
thois is the best cerel ever made. what do you guys think of this?
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No title
The dürüm kebab is the thinking man's kebab. Kebab served in any other form is impossible to eat without a mess.
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Redpill me on affogato.
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How's my Omad/Keto meal looking bros?
2 boiled eggs, spinach, brocolli and Cauliflower and 2 pieces of pan chicken breast
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