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You like taste of bacon?
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Does /ck/ prefer sweet or savoury pies?
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>here's your bowl, bro
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*makes your food taste worse*
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Screenshot 2021-06-23 171650
just add lemon bro
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WebM Thread
Ich lege Fleisch in Glas
....( ͜͡ʖ ͡) ....
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What is your favorite pizza topping?
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Apples. What's the best one and why is it Honeycrisp? Discuss.
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>Got 2 previously frozen Ahi steaks on sale

Can I crust and sear these bitches, or will i get sick? Should I just cook them through?
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For me it's corn.
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the best soda
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How do I stop myself from eating an entire family size box of Cheez-Its in a single sitting?
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Anyone here take the frogleg-pill?
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This thread is for discussing tea, teaware, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.


Previous thread:
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ITT horrible food stories
dum gura
tell us awful stuff you used to eat as a kid, or ate/were offered recently

when i had nothing in the house i used to microwave a slice of cheese on a plate and just... eat it... with a spoon....
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was he really murdered by eric ripert??
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/tbg/-Tobacco General
Now that it’s summer, it’s time to bring out those gars to go along with the BBQ. Post and discuss pipes, cigars, cigarettes, hookah, snus, snuff, dip, etc.

Previous thread: >>16256731
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How the fuck do you cook Jasmine rice without it sticking like shit without a rice cooker? I've got a regular pot and an instant pot.

I know it's supposed to be somewhat sticky. Bag calls for 4:5 ratio of rice to water. I get that you're supposed to wash it first but fucking around with the water content seems to get me nowhere. I have no idea how people end up with stir fried jasmine rice that ends up looking like this instead of mashed to hell.
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>leave Kimchi in closet for 2.5 days
>raw/not fermented
>house is set at 55°F so it basically refrigerated it
>throw Kimchi outside for 24 hours
>delicious sour and spicy
I am the stupid. Leaving it outside for another day or two.
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why do people today literally suck the fun out of everything! I would have loved me some free fried chicken and watermelon
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ITT: Whisky and related beverages

I'm a tastelet and have had little experience with whisky. I do like Talisker 10. Any recommendations in that price range, or slightly above?
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Post top tier food from your country.
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Spicy food
>eat spicy food
>ass burns
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What's the last thing you cooked, baka?
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>47 new flavors

Why the fuck don't we get this in America?
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ITT /ck/ goes to B Dubs
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Healthy ways to make this quinoa bowl creamier?
I've been drafting a recipe where I combine quinoa with roasted veggies and chicken. The sauce right now is a spiced ranch, but is very caloric so I can't just drench the whole recipe in it. How can I add more liquid to the dish while keeping it flavorful?
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what is /ck/s favorite macrobrew beer?
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double down
I miss it so much bros
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what is your finest high meat recipe?

i want to try this
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Anyone else really particular about the plates, glasses, utensils they use? Not necessarily in a reddit we want plates extreme. More like dont pour my beer in a juice glass or put cereal in a soup bowl.
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Do you faggots ever pretend that you're on a journey, and cozy up next to a fire with a few pints of ale and a plate of bread, spiced meats, cheese, bit of grapes, and some pipe weed?
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>Look up “Carolina style whole hog bbq” on youtube
>It instantly gives me an ad for Shea butter with black actors
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Gluten Recovery
Those of you with gluten sensitivity - what are your remedies to recover from exposure?
Is there any way to cure gluten sensitivity?

Also share recipes, I'll post some ITT
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Oh cool it’s back
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What is the deal with potatoes ?
Can we settle this onced and for all ?
Half the time I hear they are a super food and the other half I hear they will give you the beatus and make you fat.
Both cant be true at the same time
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American "fish and chips"
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Gluten free pasta
Just found out I have Crons and can no longer eat gluten but I still love spaghetti. Has anyone tried any gluten free spaghetti, and how did it taste? I've heard that homemade gluten free pasta is the best but I don't know.
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I eat my bacon zapped in the microwave for n seconds
>no don't do it you'll die of a parasite that infects 25 people per year in america and almost all of them ate wild game to become infected
lmao, fuck off faggots. I think I'm going to start eating bacon raw because I can't be bothered to cook it all. And yes I buy bacon that's actually been smoked.
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apple pie
Let's have a nice and wholesome dessert thread.
What's your favorite one?
For me it's French style apple pie. There's a layer of pastry cream under the apple slices. Sometimes they add almonds on top.
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For me it's the movie theater butter machine.
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school lunch
What was your favorite food that your school served you for lunch?
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Tried making curry bread. Messed up the dough 3 times and each time it needed an hour to rest. On the bright side I was able to make pizza out of the shitty dough
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What's your favorite Chef Ragusea recipe?
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Rate dinner
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>easy as fuck to make
>with a big ass bowl you can make enough to last one week
>doesn't need to be heated up, just take some out the fridge and eat it
GOAT food
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why has Gordon Ramsey lost his touch recently? do you guys think he was always a shitty cook? If so, how did he get all of those Michelin stars?
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What should I get at his restaurant?
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>a better cook than Babish and Ragusea
>main inspiration behind their work, in fact, most of their recipes are straight-up taken from J. Kenji
>less popular than both of them
this is unfair
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old bitch blocking the milk
>go to grocery store
>trying to grab your things in a quick and orderly fashion
>a very elderly person is blocking one of your essential items and won't move
>if you physically park there and wait you're compounding the issue and making the grocery store a worse place for everyone
>have to keep moving
>end up walking back and forth past this old crone for over three minutes like a fucking maniac
This happens to me almost half the time I go grocery shopping, if they're blocking anything I don't strictly need like lemons I just don't fucking get lemons that week.
What is societally expected here? How am I fucking this up?
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my meal
i cooked one of my favorite meal :

roasted potatoes, bell peper, oignon, garlic, carrots
roasted chicken

i like to put a few drops of smoked tabasco on my rice, i like to squeeze a bit of lemon on my chicken

I dip my potatoes in my "moutarde au piment d'espelette" for u bugers it is "mustard with espelette pimento" not your sugary mustard :)

thats what big boys eat :)
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EU chef knife reccomendations?
Hi /ck/ - I was looking to buy my first real chef's knife and had my eye on Misen, however they don't deliver to Europe. Are there any knives that you guys would recommend that are in a similar bracket of quality & price? Not looking to go into triple digits on this lol
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unironically the best supermarket.
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My genius terrifies me sometimes
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Can we have a tequila thread? What's your favorite? I know everyone here say not to buy Patron but what's good? I've only tried Jose Cuervo and so.e other cheaper brands so far.
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I never had an sexual orgasm in my life. But foodgasms! Hell yeah, bros
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ITT: mustard

Let's talk mustard. Also, is it MUS-tard or MOO-stard?
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Do you add the bean water from the can to chili or not?
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I just bought a George Foreman Grill. What’s some cool/tasty/cheap/easy shit I can make on it? Any of you anons have one?

George Foreman Grill thread
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is there any more based gang than the wang gang?
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At a business meeting and they bring out some "genuine wagyu" meatballs

I can not imagine anyone ever doing this to wagyu, what is the fucking point? It's tasty but not much more than some 80/20 shit, who the fuck is this meant to be marketed towards, yuppies?
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640x640 (1)
How do I drink vodka throughout the day without people noticing and will the shop clerks start recognising me if I buy some all the time? I guess I could just say it's for my business.
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They better fucking redeem themselves here. Chicken fries still have that good taste I remember. Their nuggets since 2014 are shite and the revival better taste like the original crown nuggets. The breading on these new ones look like the current nuggets's breading though so I'm worried.
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ITT: poorfag food you like
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We’re taking a trip to Ohio! Where are we gonna stop to eat?
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TB 6 22 21 3
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
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Supermarket shelves stocked from the back?
Today in the new supermarket near me I spotted milk appearing in the shelf with no shop workers around. There was a hatch at the back of the milk shelf connected to the stockroom. They were filling it from the back so as not to bring the milk crate onto the shop floor.

Is this a common retail solution? I've never seen it before. I didn't take a pic so pic unrelated it doesn't show a hatch
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So here's my situation, I have a pack of udon that's about to expire and I have absolutely no ingredients to make them besides miso (also about to expire), and the regular everyday stuff such as ginger, leek, onions and so on.
I want to make the recipe at 5:24 but I can't seem to find anything, does anybody have a clue about what that is?
If you could redirect me to a source with authentic japanese recipes that use miso it would be even better.

Let's say I just want to use the miso and few other ingredients, do I simply dissolve the miso with some liquid and then simmer the noodles in it?
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The type you are
You are what you eat, the saying goes.
Are anon donut or bagel guy?
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Food pyramid
Did they get it right this time?
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what's the consensus here for honey on pizza?
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Why is Japan the only culture that yells "Itadakimasu" before a meal
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Any bongs ordered McDonalds online? Figured I should try it once, as it's a novelty ever since the lockdowns. Will the food (esp. the fries) be cold when it arrives? Will the delivery guy spill half the milkshake over his car and squash the Big Macs?
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Why are McDonalds burgers so THIN?
Since they were forced to go back to an all-beef formulation, McDonalds patties have been just SO thin. It's like potato chip thickness. The last Big Mac I had was so thin that there were several holes in the patty.

How is this acceptable? Who eats this horse shit anyhow?
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Food gore thread
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>lightly season the oil
Gordon has lost his mind
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What is the perfect bruschetta?
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When you fail on Soccer, thank god the food Fallback
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>You're rolling through the cookout drive thru on a hot north carolina night with your bros
What do you order?
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If it's not tuna than wtf is it supposed to be?
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Let's see if I don't fuck up the fold for once in my life.
Butter, in
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What are you cooking today
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I only use this for beef jerky
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Where are you on the filet-o-fish?
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MarcoPierreWhite (1)
>it's your choice, really. there's no real recipe
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Coffee Time General /ctg/
Coffee frogs edition.

>What ya drinking?
>Where's it from?
>You getting any more?

90 hour macerated natural process
Fuck yes. Great notes of cherry and chocolate fudge.
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Step aside, only the best grocery store in existence coming through
>bogo deals
>chicky tendie subs
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cum hot dog
Is this real?
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I would like to share my basic chili recipe so my /ck/ frens can make suggestions on how to improve it. Be kind, I am new to chili.

>1 pound ground beef
>1 chopped green pepper
>a few chopped jalapenos, depends on how many i have on hand really
>a handful of cremini mushrooms chopped
>cup or so of corn
>28oz can diced tomato
>18oz can kidney beans
>3 tbsp chili powder
>1 tbsp cumin
>handful of crushed hot chili flakes
>splash of worcestershire sauce
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My mom doesn't understand food. She must eat rice and beans every fucking day or else it's not a meal. She only found out that black pepper doesn't make things spicy a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure she still doesn't really believe it. All her meals are extremely uninspired and unhealthy. I moved out last year and lost 40kg in a year. She insists that meat juices are blood and that even well done meat is "raw" if its slightly off color. She doesn't understand how meat works and while making chicken or turkey she makes a point to come to the kitchen to tell me she wants her chicken well done, not rare, which always makes me wonder if she's doing it on purpose or she's really that stupid. I eat less than half of what she eats and she insists she can't eat less or she'll starve. She only eats bread from one bakery, anything else she'll refuse and claim that it wasn't properly baked since it's not like the one from her local bakery. She shakes every soda can before opening, I have no idea why she does that and honestly I'm too afraid to ask. She claims that it's impossible to tell the difference between coca cola and pepsi. She also seems to be unable to tell the difference between cheap and expensive food. She refuses to use anything that's not soybean oil for cooking, all her food taste horrible because of it, according to her, it tastes no different from butter and oliver oil and it's as healthy as those two.
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What is the point of baking a mornay sauce?
the horror
Every baked mac and cheese recipe I've seen involves making a mornay sauce, but if you've made that why bake it? If you made the roux correctly you shouldn't taste the flower, and the noodles absorbing the sauce doesn't make a big difference, it's cheese sauce, it has a strong taste, you don't need to blot out the pasta from your awareness like the Armenian genocide.
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Why haven't you taken the deenzpill yet?
Also /deenz/ thread.
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Hey you. Yeah you. Does this fucking trash look appetizing to you?
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what cocktail with blue aftershock you will recommend me bros?
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No title
Let's settle this once and for all -
What's the best way to cook steak
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>Work out hard at the gym for a few hours
>Come home sore and exhausted
>Eat a whole order of creamy chicken tikka masala

What are some delicious post-workout foods you guys enjoy?
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Preasure Cooker
I want a preasure cooker so I can make sloppas. What do I need to know before getting one? Also post recipes if you have any.
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No title
Name a more kino intro
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No title
Is fugu worth the risk?
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Found another worm in my McNuggets.
Is McDonalds putting them in on purpose? Or do they just source these little shits from the most unsanitary facilities they can find?
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I fucking love organ meat
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No title
Liver is underrated and tastes pretty good. I do it either in the classical way, i.e. with apple slices and onions or the Italian way.
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No title
What is the verdict on texmex?
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ITT: Post Dinners
I made meatballs in mushroom cream sauce. What'd you make, anons?
15 images | 42 replies
No title
For me, it's ranch dressing, the best dipping sauce for french fries.
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No title
Just baked bread, I'm so happy
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No title
Das rih whiey take that u raycis
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No title
Post your favorite sloppa recipe. Looking to make a big potta sloppa for the week. Picrel is my previous meal prep attempt, tried baked "teriyaki" chicken with rice and frozen veggies.
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No title
You may only post in this thread if you have not ordered fast food this week
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thinking of recreating old food challenges on cheat day
i work out 6 days a week and friday is my cheat day
what food challenges should i do?
i think id be fun to try to beat fatasses at their own game.
this might be my first but i dont know if i could get the mcrib
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Does anyone else remember the frosted key lime drink from Chick-fil-A?
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No title
can i eat a 1lb burger
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Bread thread
Would you care for some sourdough bread?
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I was prescribed a new drug which increase your chance of getting diabetes as one of its side effect so I should stop eating food with high sugar content.

How do I substitute it?

I started eating a couple piece of dark chocolate with a tea and getting an ice cream one or twice a week (god, I love ice cream) and that's all. Food with fructose or artificial sweeteners is kinda expensive.
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If you eat wings with ranch, go ahead and also eat a bullet. BLUECHEESE SUPREMACY!
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No title
Is there anything I can do with chocolate chips that doesn't require a lot of sugar?
I have a bag of chocolate chips just sitting in the cupboard.
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>there's only 5 servings of spinach in this whole field
why do you have to eat so much spinach per serving? is this a big spinach tactic to make you buy more?
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How do I make the absolutely best coffee possible at home without breaking the bank?

>Moka Pot
>Hario V60
>Flair Espresso Maker
>French Press
>Pod espresso machine
>Regular drip machine
>Budget espresso machine
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No title
I wish this was cheaper.
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Anyone 'work for' DoorDash or UberEats, or work in a restaurant that uses these services? Why is it so common for drivers to take like 15 minutes to get to my house when they're 5 minutes away? Why does my food often have issues that go beyond sitting in a box or container or whatever for 15 minutes? I never get fucked up food in person but it's pretty common with UberEats or DoorDash or whatever. Anyone know about this?
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would you?
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No title
Why is British cuisine so mediocre but their sweets and chocolate bars are world-class?
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pig blood
I'm making melas zomos for the first time tonight. I'm thinking of tossing in some sage & a bayleaf or two as well as some barley. Are there any 'dines anyone could recommend in place of fish sauces? Maybe even mackerel, but I'm not sure if I can find anything decent along those lines where I live. Only so many stores around here.
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No title
For me, it's bun bo hue
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No title
This is the best cooking channel on YouTube
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No title
Red, white, or fish?
3 images | 79 replies
No title
this is the right way to eat huevos rancheros
2 images | 5 replies
pooh shiesty
How do i cook pork neck chops?
I want them tasty and not to clog my arteries
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No title
>be fat
>do keto
>lose desired weight
>stop doing keto

What's the issue here?
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No title
does seekay love mexican seafood?
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No title
Anyone else put ketchup on tomatoes to make them extra tamatoey?
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>wife leaves bottle of this stuff in fridge with cap not screwed on
>knock it over
>entire house now smells like a bait shop

How do people eat this stuff? It smells like shad guts.
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Today I decided to put the seasoning on my cast iron pan to the test by cooking something in it that would surely fail if the seasoning was not up to snuff. So I decided to make a cheese omelette in it. Expecting failure, I poured the beaten eggs into the pan. But to my surprise, they did not stick. No, they slid off the pan with such ease that I had an easier time with the omelette than I do with my nonstick pans. Not even a single speck of egg stuck to the pan, it was perfect. I was amazed because I know many on /ck/ would have called this endeavor foolish or even impossible, yet here I was accomplishing it with perfection. That's when I realized that I'm better than all of you. I'm better in the kitchen, better as a person, and probably better in bed. That is all.
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No title
>Whatchu wan?
4 images | 39 replies
No title
*tastes like shit*
Is god a tastelet?
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No title
This is a 5 dollar chicken grilled burger(plus 150 gr of fries) from a local joint here. Post something from your local burger joint along price
1 images | 8 replies
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