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*ruins you kino cooking channel*
nothing personell kid
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Fuck it. Cookie time
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Niggas be loving some culvers
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What thee fuck. This is the second time I've gone to my local Little Caesars and the place is fucking full blown circus music chaos, motherfuckers scrambling and hollering like 9/11 just fucking happened in that motherfucker and all they need to do is fucking whip up some god damn pizzas?

What the fuck? Of course I don't need to say it's mostly a crew of adolescents/young adults but goddamn. When I first start hitting up Little Caesars like fifteen-twenty years ago the shit was on point. Even a couple years ago the shit is hot and ready, but nowadays you walk in that motherfucker and it's FUCKING GUARANTEED not a single pizza ready to go and they're like 10 orders behind. Literally waited like thirty seconds and wasn't even attended to because I know goddamn well at that point it would have been a ten minute wait for a fucking plain pep.

Are we officially at that point? Are millenial/zoomer trash seriously this incompetent? Please tell me all your teenagers aren't this fucking stupid?
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Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 11-33-30 chic fil a girl - Google Search
>get in drive through line at Chic-fil-a
>I'm like 10 cars behind the main menu sign that shows all the options
>lady comes up to me with an iPad
>starts trying to take my order before I've even seen the menu
>I ask her if I could see a menu
>she becomes very confused

What kind of obese ass country is this that 99% of fast food customers have the menu memorized by heart?
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Stew season
It's not even cold or snowing yet, but I just couldn't wait this year. Didn't take a picture but I made cassoulet last week and it fed my family almost all week long. Got a pot of beef stew working today, it's not done yet but it's getting there, going to reduce it a lot more.
What stews will you make? What stews should I make?
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Mum made Sunday Dinner x
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Cozy meals for cold weather
It's getting colder, and that means it's time for more meals like this! What hot slop do you like to make when it gets nippy?
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where in europe can i get something like this?
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Food you grew yourself
Lets discuss foods we've grown ourselves.

I haven't grown anything myself but am planning on starting a greenhouse on my balcony. Im thinking starting out with a small herb garden and if it goes well expand to something more substantial
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>trying to quit drinking soda
>end up not drinking anything at all
>constantly thirsty
>water fucking SUCKS
What do people drink that doesn't have sugar in it? Please, tell me, what do you fucks drink? I'm so parched.
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/tea/ Qing Dynasty Teapot Editon
This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.
info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea
previous thread: >>19709143
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post knives
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How do I improve my tacos? For the last two or three times, my tacos have been seriously lacking flavor. I season the meat with salt, pepper and paprika, yet it still tastes like nothing when the tacos are finished. What can I do?
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If you were offered a free daily pill that gave you all the nutrients/calories you need and made you feel satifyingly full all day, with the caveat that you could never eat anything else ever again, would you take it? The only drink you could have is water.
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Shiina Sora
Why does food get LESS sweet if you cook it? I don't understand this phenomenon.

Example: I have banana oatmeal with 25g of sugar total. Tastes great, sweet etc. I take that same compound, process it into a slurry and bake it, and it barely tastes sweet at all.
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Is it normal to spend $100 on groceries every week?
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Salting beef BEFORE aging?
water aged roast 325
Hey /ck/, I'm trying an aging technique, but I made a mistake-

I am trying water-aging a 2.5lb chuck roast. Previously I dry-brined and aged a similar roast 24h uncovered in my fridge, and it came out orgasmic. I wanted to try some more things, and saw Guga show a water-aging experiment, and wanted to replicated it.

Bad news, I absent-mindedly added a light salting to the roast before I put it in the bag, and realized after it was sealed shut. Its currently been chilling for 8 hours, and I want to keep aging it for a few days, but I'm willing to stop if wet/water aging does not mesh with pre-salting. No other seasonings or additives.

Plan is to age it, smoke it for 5-6 hours, then sous vide it with added smoked tallow, make a mini brisket.
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Pizza I made today.
Bulk fermented dough for 1.5 hours and divided. 235g dough ball fermented in fridge for roughly 19 hours. Made roughly 8.5 inch pizza.
>69.23% hydration
>450g water
>200g stone ground whole wheat flour, 13% protein
>30g wheat gluten flour, 100% protein
>420g all purpose flour, 11.5% protein
>17g salt
>25g olive oil
>3 teaspoons active dry yeast, 2 teaspoons unrefined cane sugar, didn't care enough to weigh these
>22% milk fat, 48% moisture 'pizza mozzarella' pre-shredded cheese

>stretched dough placed onto preheated cast iron skillet
>sauce, cheese
>placed into preheated 550°F oven
>set broiler to high
>removed when coloured, maybe 5 – 8 minutes I wasn't counting
Was pretty tasty. I forgot to add parmesan underneath the mozzarella so it was missing that little bit of salt and funk, but was still very nice.
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The most correct way to eat a hot dog is either with ketchup OR with chilli and nothing else on it. No exceptions, no other toppings. Chicago's version is wiener salad.
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Spice me up fuckers
This was about the extent of the fresh food in my house. I realized this is basically the start of some Cajun or creole shit.

How do I not fuck up my last real meal for the month? I have various spices standard to a white man's home.
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Why the fuck do they have such tiny handles? My flaccid dick is longer. It can't cost that much more to add more pot metal at the factory, but do I really have to weld scrap on to get a non-vestigial handle?
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I made maafe today. It was very, very good.
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What are the best vegetarian meals? I want to eat less meat, but meals with meat is all I know.

Not talking about things that aren't meals, like a grilled cheese or pancakes.
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are Britta filters a scam?
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What kind of foods are zoomers obsessed with?
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Meal Prep
what are some websites that aren't cancer to get some ideas for meal prepping? I need to stop eating out
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For me, it's a well done burger.
Who the hell was it that ever decided a pink in the middle dripping monstrosity was better?
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>this handsome woman strolls into your kitchen and demands a casserole
What do?
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the dinner
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What's the best freezer pizza? I'm at the grocery store so tell me quick. I laughed at this one but I'm not gonna buy it.
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>walk into any grocery store in america
>can buy world class cheese like humboldt fog
>pick up some fig spread or pepper jelly
>now just to grab a nice bague-ACK!
Why does it have to be like this? We have everything except good fresh bread. And when we do have good bread it's at a small bakery with limited hours on the other side of town, and is going to be expensive, if you're lucky enough to get there while they're pulling out a fresh batch.
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What restaurants are people going to in order to get these food porn looking sandwiches?
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>brother gets his groceries from aldi
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rate my lunch
carnita asada
chorizo asado
little caesars
salsa macha
black and white whisky
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where do you guys stand on the pizza vs wok debate?
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Lemon on your fish taco or degenerate lime?
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>villain whose motives are a mystery and seem almost insane at times
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What stupid menu items does your local takeout sell? Papa John's in the UK used to be a favorite but they've started releasing some really shitty specials.

At the moment they have a 4 cheese and pesto pizza and they charge over £20 for it. Utter shithouse madness.
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okay, so which one of you fuckos did this?
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I've never been to a bar before but I'm going tonight

What should I order to seem like a really cool dude?
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This shit is like crack
Have you ever had Banh Gai? It's perfect with some strong bitter tea.
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Left or right?
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>she throws away the watermelon rind instead of turning it into pickles for sandwiches
Oh no no no
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Anyone here brew their own booze? What you making?
Im making some mead and kvass for christmass season. Also, other ferments welcome
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now pizza
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What is the mystery flavor /ck/?
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When is the last time you had breakfast in bed?
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Car banana
Are grapes the only fruit worth carbonating?
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does anyone of you know something about the Tramontina 'Grano' 3-ply series?
How does it compare to All-Clad and other brands? is that the usual good Tramontina low-budget alternative?
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I work at subway, what’s the best sandwich I can make for myself with the shit here
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I miss these lil niggas like you wouldn't believe
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Why don't people consume mushroom ketchup anymore?
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Americans could just buy 2 normal chickens to feed their family but would rather genetically modify and pump 1 full of hormones for less work
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Saw this on the dining tables at Whole Foods. Wtf are you supposed to do with it? Are amino acids a fucking condiment now?
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What the fuck is his problem?
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McDonald's hamburger
What are your customisations?
For me extra onions and extra mustard is always the way.
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Hot Sauce General: I put that shit on everything edition.
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Ok guys. Today is Gameday, and I need all the recipes that someone would make for a football party. I am having about 25 people over tonight for the game and have no idea what im going to cook.
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American Food
Foods that have legitametly been forged in America.

E.g. the hot dog and hamburger are both from Germany, the Cup of Noodles is from Eastern Asia, the Fish and Chips is from Norway/NW Europe, ...

What are we looking at here? Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top? Blavkberry cobbler(blackberries are not really native to America, only the teenie tiny ones), I guess Thanksgiving turkey dinner maybe... with the stuffing... Not sure what the origin of that is, perhaps the the turducken is definitely American food. What else...
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How do you like your hot dogs?
For me, it's grilled on a roller, served on an untoasted bun with spicy mustard + ketchup
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Spotted Cow
I bought Pliny and Heady Topper from the same grocery store last week, both bottled/canned less than two weeks earlier. Everything may be terrible, but that's pretty cool. What little things have you found that make you say, "I guess things really aren't THAT bad"?
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>bring pot of water to a boil, stir in contents of pouch, reduce heat, and cover for 5 minutes.

>reduce heat
Reduce heat to what? Its already on high. Do I reduce it to medium-high, medium, medium-low, low, low-simmer or simmer.
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Man, Taco Bell sure was lame back in the day.
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Went for Afternoon Tea, like cups of tea and nice food

It was nice

Little sandwiches, stuffed croissants with mozzarella and pesto, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, cheeses and crackers and chutney. Then scones with clotted cream and jam, cheesecakes, biscoff cakes, wew lads
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Rate my rice
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*mogs your favourite soft drink*
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>store dedicated to selling frozen pizzas
>still have to cook pizza yourself
What dumbass decided this was a good business idea? I can just go to Publix.
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>same health benefits as cabbage
>twice as expensive
>tastes bad compared to cabbage

Why should I eat this again?
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why do people look down on margherita pizza? serious question
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Post your favorite milk
I started drinking milk again after a 5 year break. In those 5 years I felt weak and lifeless to an extent even tho I was properly eating a balanced diet. I finally caved in and bought a gallon and basically chugged half of it in one sitting. When I tell you all my strength returned shortly after. Milk truly is a miracle liquid.
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Those were the days, huh?
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What foods taste the most like cum?
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Where can I get some damn tea that's not grown in some filthy third world shit hole with nonexistent food safety standards and grown with loads of pesticides and human shit as fertilizer??
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buc broken
Just what the hell is this sign trying to say?
>We're either a very well-kept secret
they're not
>or our sign fell down again
it didn't
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What kind of shrimp is this? It's white AF
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Let's say I want a diet where I eat as many apples as possible. Is it healthy to get all my calories from apples and apple seeds? Or maybe just all my carbs, and fill the nutritional gaps with apple-glazed pork and fish? What do fruitarians usually die from?
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rare khrushchev
>he eats corn
please tell me you eat Wheat or Rice as your staple cereal like normal well adjusted people.
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Already ate 2 eggs and ham, with refired beans and some toast, and a banana milkshake

Im on a diet, and thought a hefty breakfast would be enough for the day, but Im very hungry despite drinking water. What do?
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I need broccoli ideas
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I have a $20 Starbucks gift card I got from work last Christmas and I think I want to use it today. What drink do I order as a 29-year-old white man with a sizable crypto portfolio? I haven't been to a Starbucks since I was a kid and don't wanna embarrass myself at the drive thru.
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who orders this?
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I'm going to a Le Creuset sale today. What pieces should I get? I already have a 10 inch skillet and a square griddle, both of which are great and get used a lot in my kitchen. Everything should be discounted 20-40% of retail and I've got a budget of maybe $800
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Poor fags, get in here. I have narrowed down my meals. I buy in bulk at sams club. chicken theighs, pork loin, ground beef. which i break down and freeze in individual portions in zip lock bags. Rice, and insta mashed pots. frozen veggies. Also, a big batch of pasta here and there. I also utilize the local food pantry once a month to get different stuff. Any other suggestions or meal ideas to stretch a dollar?
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Water Thread
For me it’s pic related with a dash of lemon juice
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No title
how does /ck/ eat their Pepe legs? I like mine buffalo style. extra hot.
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5% Kings Rise Up!
What is your favorite session beer to enjoy a 12pk of in the 5% to 5.9% abv range?

I find that 4% beers aren’t worth the time or money, it takes all 12 beers just to get a mild head buzz, and when I get into the 6% range with a 12pk I run the risk of ruining the next day.
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No title
I want to stop drinking cows milk because I feel bad for the cows, but all the "milk alternatives" are just highly processed chemical mixtures that are more similar to cans of coke than they are to milk. What do?
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No title
ITT we post about food facts
28 media | 276 replies
No title
In this thread, snacks and drinks that pair well together
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No title
does ground chicken taste much different than ground turkey?
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No title
what are the most important things to make a good homemade broth?
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Iron Chef
4 media | 21 replies
No title
Post your favorite soft drinks.
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No title
shallot buccatini for lunch
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No title
nuts 4
i just shot these bad boys anyone got any recipes for squirrel
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No title
Rate my fridge
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No title
images - 2023-09-24T154621.952
What is the greatest advancement in kitchen technology in the last hundred years? I contend that it is the microwave
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No title
This is what the Tabasco factory looks like
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No title
I saw a thread earlier where anon had just discovered microplanes, and multiple other anons were acting like it was some niche thing that people don't know about. Lol, how have you people been garnishing your Golden Cadillacs this entire time?
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it doesnt matter what i eat. eating anything makes me break out with horrible cystic acne. not the kind you can pop either. it sits there like a big welt for a week before it deflates or it erupts in a pus and gore shower.

literally the only thing to stop it is to fast. i just stopped eating. help. vegan makes it worse. meat doesnt change anything. grains make it worse. soda makes it 10x worse. dairy makes my whole body break out.
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No title
If you have curry but no rice or naan to eat it with, feel free to have it with a potato
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Q&A Thread
Hey all,

It's been a long time since we had a good Q&A thread. I'll kick it off. Ask someone who eats food now and then anything related to this practice. I will do my best to truthfully respond to the best of my ability.

I encourage others to join in so we are all asking questions and giving answers.
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rape my snack guys
mini thing with cheese, red onion and green pepper (there was no red left) with random bbq chip thingies.

i had pineapple juice too
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Suggest meals please
Wassup co/ck/s
I took a food intolerance test recently and got my results(pic related)
Suggest me meals that atleast dont use chickpea, cow diary, eggs.
Recipes I like I'll draw something you ask for as appreciation.
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Do you get enough fiber in your diet?
I recently wanted to get more healthy, and I realized I wasn't getting all the nutrients I need. Most people don't get enough fiber in their diet, and I really wasn't. I asked Chat GPT for 3 high fiber meals that I could eat in one day, and honestly what it came up with wasn't so bad. What are some of the higher fiber meals you like to make?
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No title
i start take Ozempic (semaglutide)
now im in hypoglycemia..
what sould i eat.. ?
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No title
are tenders fried chicken
Do you agree? Are chicken tenders fired chicken?
IMO this boils to do an argument of semantics: while tenders may be chicken that is fried, fried chicken itself is widely understood to mean fried, whole pieces of chicken, as opposed to filleted breast meat.
Saying chicken tenders are fried chicken is like your buddy inviting you out to eat lobster on his boat, and you get there and you're slurping bisque from a coffee mug on a rowboat. It's not at all what you expected, but it's still technically what was promised.
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No title
Why haven't you taken the K-tip pill yet, /ck/?
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No title
Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 17.57.08
i invited my friends over to watch a movie, so I'm pan searing some pork tenderloins, finishing them in the oven, followed by a green peppercorn sauce using some leftover red wine and brandy for deglazing :)
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No title
what do you non aussie cunts think of vegemite?
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No title
Let me guess, you need "more"?

(I'd like to have cheddar and swiss but we're out of swiss)
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No title
What's your favorite milkshake recipe?
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No title
Too impatient to wait for the salmon to thaw so I ate the 4 potatoes immediately, what to do with the salmon now?
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Opinions on biscuits
Anyone else find biscuits disgusting on a sensory level? I've tried to eat them a few times and can't help gagging. It's like eating butter flavored sand.
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No title
ITT: We post our top secret cheat ingredients.

Pic related; I always keep a jar of salsa around to use as pizza sauce for quick pizzas (e.g. pita bread or puff pastry pizzas) and it also adds quick flavor to some dishes. And unlike raw crushed tomatoes, I can just straight up use it for dipping or eating mixed with eggs or something.
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artificial ingredients
RED 40
what's your must-have artificial ingredients in your kitchen, /ck/?
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No title
image (12)
>woke up
>everyone calls hot dogs "glizzies"
what parallel dimension did I slip into
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No title
Would you be satisfied with having an unexpired version of this for breakfast?
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No title
Why haven’t you made minestrone this weekend?
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No title
Indian food webm thread
91 media | 337 replies
No title
do zoomers know about after eight?
6 media | 25 replies
No title
What is the most unhealthy non-lethal salad you can think of, /ck/?
1 media | 9 replies
No title
>don't feel like getting up
>remember I have Costco hotdogs
>jump out of bed
I've been eating 2 Costco hotdogs for breakfast every morning for the past month because it's what gets me going. What gets you up in the morning?
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No title
American cuisine is unironically god-tier and I'm tired of pretending it's not.
It's mostly seething Bongs who needs to shit on it because they're insecure about their own cuisine and needs to bring someone else down with them
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I'm a simple man
Meat is not seasoned, only pre-cooked until preferred doneness. Then the meat is grilled.
Dip in salt (and other seasonings) before eating. It's nice. I like my meat thick.
What's your go-to grilling process?
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No title
The debate
5 media | 41 replies
No title
What chocolate chip cookie recipe are we using these days? This one still the best?
12 media | 75 replies
No title
As a poorfag, how do I personalize my ramen to make it healthier so I can eat it on a daily basis?
1 media | 20 replies
No title
Cookin up some fish sandwiches with a home made sauce consisting of sour cream, Greek yoghurt, chopped gherkin, garlic and capers.
10 media | 17 replies
No title
What's the difference between paella and jambalaya? They're both rice cooked in a pan with meat and seafood. Apparently paella usually has short-grain rice and jambalaya has long grain. The former uses saffron, the latter I guess uses cajun spices, but I doubt these are really wild differences.
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No title
gril cheese
9 media | 43 replies
One of THOSE Fridays
Yep, it's looking to be. Sitting at the dinner table on my phone eating cheese and drinking scotch all night. Damnit..
5 media | 35 replies
No title
Ngl, just accidentally ate some undercooked chicken and it was pretty good, didn't know it could be so flavorful. Tummy feels bad though, might rip, see you anons on the other side.
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No title
dont do this
plastic is really bad. Who could've guessed. Despite what Big Plastic wants you to believe, plastic is bad and you shouldn't microwave it, even if it's "microwave safe" because it's not microwave safe, it fucking melts, and you eat the plastic.
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No title
Why does raw meat look tastier than cooked?
3 media | 27 replies
No title
The most based Fast Food Company in the World, and it isn't even close.
1 media | 11 replies
No title
I had Burger King the other day and it was actually good, ck. The fries were hot, crispy, and good. The burger patties were thick and didn’t taste like flat cardboard like they usually do. The shakes were still frozen and thick upon delivery, etc.

Is BK upping their game, ck?
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