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>stomach hurts
>eat something
>stomach doesn't hurt that much anymore
What did they mean by this?
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33percent nutrient cube_vanilla
Why arn't there complete nutrition cubes yet?
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i forgot a beef shank in my fridge
it looks and smells a little funky but not horrible
if i cook the shit out of it all day in chili do you think it will be palatable?
the weather is ugly and i don't want to go out buy more food today
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Metallic aftertaste in roasted potatoes
Any explanation? I cut them up and toss with some oil, salt, pepper, and chili powder and place on an some tin foil and bake for ~20 minutes.

I tried twice using yellow potatoes, and both times they have this sharp metallic aftertaste to them. The first time I tried the potatoes were fresh from the store. The second time they were a bit older, some eyes had grown on them.

I had no problem with this when I used russet potatoes - is the fact that I'm using yellow potatoes the culprit?
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What's the best flavor layout for a meal? Meat, vegetable, pasta?
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U.K. fail thread
I live in London.

All my life I have wanted to eat an authentic taco. The only way you can do that here is by either a) going to some shit-tier ‘Tex Mex’ (i.e. not at all) tourist ‘restaurant’ off, like, Leicester Square, and taking your chances avoiding the salmonella, or b) buying some shitty little ‘Old El Paso’ kit from the supermarket, with their crappy, tiny shells and bland ‘authentic ingredients’ which is basically “no chilli, plox, we’re British”.

So, can someone American, and preferably of Mexican origin, or close to Mexico, please give me instructions for how to make these at home. As close as possible to me basically sitting in the gloom of late winter but like I was in Juarez itself being enticed by some dark and lusty maiden (yeah, obligatory Dylan reference!).

Bear in mind, I’m unlikely to be able to get Mexican ingredients here, and I will be doing all my cooking with one crappy frying pan and a couple of old pots.

I thank you in anticipation.
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These are gross. And I'm tired of pretending they aren't.
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how can american mayo even compete?
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I cant drink this stuff without putting in flavors and sweetener to distract from the natural wet cigar boiled asphalt flavor that occurs naturally
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What are you craving right now?
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smooth food
smooth food
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WHO THE FUCK drinks rum??
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So I found myself in possession of some Padron Peppers.

What should I do with them?
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Is there a food that you like mostly due to an emotive thing of yours (i.e nostalgia)?
I grew up to like the slimy structure of mangoes because of its flavour. The latter reminds me of the good times I spent when I was young, specifically on summer, camping in the woods near the sea. Just simpler, more hopeful times, really; although I never had the chance to actually taste this fruit back then, for some reason its tropical aroma instantly brought me back in that period even though in reality I was just standing in an empty room devoid of any destiny whatsoever, in the utopian situation that is the current year.

Did you have similar experiences?
also nice blogpost faggot
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So now that we know bat soup isn't the cause of the Coronavirus, how do you plan on cooking your future bat soup?
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>tfw ate the whole bag of pistachios in one sitting again
>a few hours later start licking the shells for any remainders of that blissful taste
Bros...i need to stop.
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would you ever go fully vegetarian/vegan?
what meat would you miss the most and why?
it's accepted universally almost that red meat is terrible for your health, but is it better than virtually starving your body of necessary nutrients by eating nothing but bean and nut juice as a vegan?
never mind the ethical or moral bullshit, joaquin phoenix can go fuck himself, assume every cow and pig is treated with the utmost care and killed humanely as possible, does the argument for being vegan still stand as a health concern?
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I am useless at cooking
Hello ck, I turned 18 a couple of weeks ago and got kicked out of the house. I cannot cook anything other than some shitty pasta and maybe rice with chicken. Are there any good cooking guides for complete beginners like me that you would recommend? Also any really budget meals that actually taste kinda decent? I have an OK income so it will not be all too poor but nothing too fancy either.

Thanks in advance
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For me, it's the garlic...
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german food and restaurant chains
I’m staying in Münster soon for some months as an exchange student.
What are some local foods, restaurant chains or local versions of international restaurant chains, I should try out while in krautland?
What stuff should I try to avoid?
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Idea sharing
Post the contents of your fridge or pantry, and others tell you what to do with it.
Obviously don't include little things like garlic or onions unless it's relevant, that stuff should always be in your kitchen anyway.

>red and green bell peppers
>a bunch of carrots
>ground beef in the freezer
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Is pic related actually better than Golden Curry?
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don't ask questions
just consume product
then get excited for next products
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Can we admit this is insanely fucked up
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>loud, obnoxious reddit persona
>garbage kitchen skills
>all recipes are just fat covered in lard
>absolute repulsive appearance to the point that i get literally disgusting when i see him touching food
Is there a worse celebrity "chef" out there?
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How do I eat healthy when i'm poor?
All I can afford is plain rice and pasta.
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Are there actually people on here who don't drink pop?
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why do Americans microwave their water and not use electric kettles?
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Well? Where did you get your Pączki today? And what flavors?
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Flour vs Corn Tortillas. Which one is better?
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Describe the best meal from here
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Why aren't you enjoying a nice crisp cold and fresh Budweiser now? Its the king of beers for a reason.
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While you weren't paying attention the Nabisco company has reached peak perfection.
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Why are people like this?
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>He doesn't fry his eggs in butter
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What is the best airplane food you've ever had?
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What's the shadiest drink you've been served?
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Why do fat people find it so difficult to diet? Pic related is my breakfast. Yeah, it sucks, but that’s the point. I’ll probably drink some coffee after this and then have another meal in 5 hours or so. What’s complicated about this?
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Why should I drink anything other than vanilla oatmilk?
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Food Curse: Hiccups
I get hiccups everytime I eat grains or starches. No idea why. There's no other side effect.

My dad has the same issue, but I don't know about other people from his side.

Did I just get the dumbest pull in the genetic lottery or something? Why happen!

[Pic is old doodle I figure matched my mood enough]
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Teflon pans are the Soy milk of cookware.
"Now that my girlfriend is the household bread winner as a high income dominatrix, it affords me lots of time to make her nice eco-feminist dinners, like tofu fried in a light weight teflon pan that is gentle on my limp wrists, which get very sore from writing buzzfeed articles while sitting with poor posture. I've heard people say that teflon is an endocrine disruptor, but thanks to my new anti-anxiety pharmaceutical, I don't worry about it much."
Eating food from a cast iron pan, legitimately increases your iron intake, and does not disrupt your hormones. Not only is cast iron masculine and strong as fuck, but it will make you stronger and more masculine to boot.
Cast iron is the Conan of cookware.
Cast iron is turbogoon.
You can take it from the stove and shove it straight in the oven.
Best part? You can obtain them at a thrift store for $10.
Go do this NOW and break one more link in the plush silk bondage chain of modernity.
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What’s do you get?
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Waffle House
Welcome to Waffle House. My name's Shalawnda and I'll be takin care of y'all today. Can I start ya off wit somethin to drink? Or y'all ready to order?
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Anon with stomach virus on his second bowl of watery rice today. I want somebody to reach through the computer and end my suffering.
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So I'm compiling a list of cheap eats in NYC. Anyone care to contribute?

1. Tasty dumpling (Chinatown) - $1.50 for a plate of 5 dumplings
2. 2bros (or any dollar pizza place) - $1 for a plain slice

Any suggestions?
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Is he our guy?

I mean. He fits in pretty well. Rejected by society, screwed by the system. But he also loves pizza and he loves people. He core values are “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Papa Johns”.
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Why are Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks banned? Does anyone have the FDA statement on why?
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got some king oscar jalapeno in olive oil, and some jacob's sweet cream crackers. spare crackers on the side with some butter!
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Sna/ck/ thread.
Currently got these in the couch with the gf. Watching shitty tv. Whats ck’s snack of choice?
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Cooked a frozen steak sous vide. When it was done it had a very mild sour off-note. I ate most of it anyway. Only the bites with fat had the sourness, and it was mild enough that I could have eaten it, but I spat those out.

Well. Is it dangerous?
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What is objectively the best soup?
>caloric value
>health benefits
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What does it taste like?
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>try to make a basic mustard
>it always comes out very sharp
Mustard making anons, how do I make some plain mild mustard? What's your recipe?

No gas please.
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Why do people despise hot sauce so much these days, especially people without beards?
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proud snacks
How would you all like to taste my revolutionary new snack that would put Proud Snacks on the map?!
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Cereal is better with water
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Are you making crepes this week, /ck/?
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>invents best salad

What a legacy gents we can only dream of being so based
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If you live in Michigan go to Big John’s. Damn good steak subs.
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Anyone know if Indian curry leaves are different than Thai curry leaves? Trying to make some sambar powder and all I've got are some Thai curry leaves for making tom yum. Thanks.
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I made dinner, /ck/.
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I tell you, there's nothing like a good bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.
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You mean i just eat it whole?
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For me it's Farfalle
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Reminder that al pastor is overrated and not a top 5 taco.
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*mogs soy sauce*
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/tea/ - Tea General
Welcome to /tea/. This is a thread for general discussion about tea, tisanes, and mate.

Thread Question: do you ever blend teas? what is your favorite blend of teas or tisanes?

Previous Thread: >>13650917

/tea/ FAQ:
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No title
I am King Parsley, supreme leader of garnishes. My flavor is supreme, I bring depth to anyone who seeks my favor.

Who challenges me this day for my crown?
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beer thread
damn this is some good brew
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For me, it's the quattro formaggi the BEST type of pizza
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Tinned tomatoes
How much of a snob are you when it comes to tinned tomatoes? Which do you buy?
>cheapest possible
>OK crushed tomatoes
>high quality crushed tomatoes
>top tier tomatoes, whole, draining the juice using only using the actual tomatoes
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Do different peppers have different profile of "hotness" or is it all the same just with varying intensity?
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What are some recipes to really make this bad boy shine?
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>Wow anon, this is great! What do you call it, again?
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I'm going out to lunch at work and need you guys to make my decisions for me. Here is the genres of food near my office:
>Fancy grocery store
>Bunch of fastfood
>American Diner

It's hard to decide.
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What's the best 100 proof drink for a newfag to alcohol?
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No title
What're you having?
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Why are waitstaff considered above patrons nowadays when before you could insult them and be fine?
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No title
Went here recently. It's marginally better than Taco Bell
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What's the best nip chewy candy? This shit is the BOMB, but I'm interested in others
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>Your country
>How is junk food perceived in your country
Its seen as childish, trashy and for low class families
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Oh my god. Thanks for the laugh.
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webm thread
sliced romas edition
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No title
you know what time it is /ck/.....
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Whats some food to get over crushing lonelyness?
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Why is their food so fucking good but healthy at once?
Post your travel food stories, what food did you try abroad, did you try authenthic food, etc
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No title
Well, I guess it's about that time.
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ron hazmat
What food do I buy to stock up for coronavirus? Hopefully it can last a few months.
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No title
what are the best flavors of indomie goreng?
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Coffee Time General /ctg/
Animu girl edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries.

>what are you drinking
>where is it from
>getting anymore

Previous thread >>13625406
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Which of these 4 is the best?
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wow, just wow
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Does the squid really taste so much better when you fillet it alive and squeeze lemon on it while its squiggling on your plate?
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How to eat a healthy 1500kcal/day and feel full?
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No title
Need help picking foods for a SHTF scenario. Is this a good buy at $5/bag? it's $0.07/oz. If not, what's a good choice for bulk rice that I can stash away?
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Preppers General
Bros is it too late to start prepping for the forthcoming economic and social collapse brought on by coronavirus?
What have you stocked up to ride out the storm?
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Which country has the best food:

America, Canada, Britain or Mexico?
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*is the best cheese for pizza in your way*
Outta my way, mozzarella fucking shits
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Food preparation in times of corona
hazmat pepe
Guys, the corona virus started spreading in my hometown today.

Gonna stock up tomorrow in case a quarantine is imminent.

I still wanna eat like a king, so what kinda ingredients should I get?

Looking for a well balanced list of stuff that won't expire for a while.
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I bought this last week and it's coming tomorrow
About $110, 3 meals a day, so $3.5 a day for food.
1,250 Calories. So ~400 a meal.
Is this sustainable? Did I just find a cheat code for never needing to go to the store again?
Only 110x12= $1320 a year on food? I'm gonna be rich.
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No title
Rate my pizza pizza order just now
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No title
Look at all these cookies they have at the conference!
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No title
Safe to eat chinese food with COVID-19 going around?
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What are you planning for Fat Tuesday?
>Shrove Tuesday is the day in February or March immediately preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which is celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes. In others, especially those where it is called Mardi Gras or some translation thereof, this is a carnival day, and also the last day of "fat eating" or "gorging" before the fasting period of Lent.

I will be making some poussin and will serve it with crepes on the side, plus salad.
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No title
Why did Davos smuggle onions during the siege of Storm's End? Are onions super easy to store on a boat? I'm legitimately adding onions to more of my cooking because of this man. What's a better vegetable to add to random dishes for nutrition?
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No title
I love this shit lol
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No title
Your latest sushi plate
2 images | 9 replies
Fried Frog Legs & Other Unavailable foods
Why the hell are they so hard to come by? Be hangry with me. What's a food you crave but have like almost no access to?

I mean, technically I could get frozen frog legs, but they're pre battered. I can't control thier flavor and that's lame. If I want them premade and good, I gotta head to another state ://///
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No title
I spent over $5k eating out this year... when did restaurants become so damn expensive.

Holy shit. That not even including tip (20-23%)
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No title
All riiiiight potluck day at the office
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No title
Post the specific alcohol that has given you the worst hangover of your life.

>This shit right here had me incapacitated for 48 hours. The vertigo of the morning after felt similar to blunt trauma to the head.

And you /ck/?
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No title
I recently found a half dozen loquat trees in my neighborhood that nobody knows about. Half of the trees are already ripe. What can I do with these things besides eating them off the tree?
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No title
More from the conference!
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No title
will I be okay if I eat only this guy with some butter, milk, and bread for lent?
I don't want anyone looking for revenge
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Do you pickle food?
I just pickled these asparagus today. Doing sausage and eggs tomorrow. Anyone else into this shit?
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Things you have cooked general.
As the title implies, a general thread for food that you have made. Recent, or things you've made that you are/were impressed with.

I made potatoes after boiling them in some baking soda and water as a side to my caramelized cabbage and bacon.
They're some of the best potatoes I've ever made, to be frank.
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No title
Regular tomato sauce or white sauce pizza?
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No title
alright eurofags, show me one kind of tea that i'll find worthy. i've had earl of grey, i've steeped it double long in near boiling water and all it did was darken the water. i couldn't taste anything. i wasn't sick, i don't smoke and my tongue is clean. what tea should i bother with and how?
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No title
Based or cringe?
2 images | 30 replies
No title
images (97)
Is Pocky based or a meme?
3 images | 17 replies
No title
Going to farmers market, what should I get?
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Return of 'The Mack'
the mack
For me, it's gotta be 'The Mack'...the undisputed king of canned fish.
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No title
I'm making breakfast sandwiches with that Cuban bread
Light toast on the inside first
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No title
You ever slice up cheese, then melt it on a plate and eat it with a fork? I do. It makes for a quick easy snack.
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No title
Post your best latka recipes
2 images | 6 replies
No title
*outcooks and outsmarts you*
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No title
Calzone is NOT a pizza
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No title
what do you do with your day old donuts?

don't be wasteful and say you throw them out, fag... think green
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cheese thread
what's your
>favorite cheese
>underrated cheese
>overrated cheese
>worst cheese
goddamn i love cheese so much
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No title
What's a good way to eat deenz? I got some classic oil-soaked kippers but I'm not sure how to eat them other than nachos and I don't really want nachos.
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No title
Rump Steak is an underrated cut. Do you like it?
1 images | 18 replies
No title
Tall drink of water
How much did you drink today?

(the water in soda doesn't count)
1 images | 23 replies
Panic at the Grocery Store
What are the most important items to grab when society is on the brink of collapse and panicking people begin looting grocery stores?
5 images | 95 replies
No title
/ck/, what's your go-to "I'm too lazy to cook anything proper today" meal that's not fast food?
For me, nothing beats frozen dumplings in their convenience.
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No title
Thoughts on Jif peanut butter?
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femanon here
hey girls, did u cook coconut milk in juicer?
1 images | 27 replies
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