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No title
Was anyone else extremely terrified of this place when they were a kid? It just has a very extremely uncomfortable aura that was extremely unsettling and claustrophobic. It takes something so beautiful that is rainforests and makes it so fucking nerve-racking
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No title
is SALT, ACID, FAT, HEAT a good book? Will it help me become a better cook?
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No title
>stop buying food and produce that comes from this unregulated fucking shit hole
>instantly feel better physically
God knows the toll that years of Chinese garlic have taken on my body. The amount of heavy metals those fuckers have slipped into my body will surely give me cancer, but goddammit it ends here.
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No title
Is this accurate, /ck/?
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No title
What are some good cooking books for an advanced beginner (i.e. someone who's made a few dishes but isn't very confident or experienced in the kitchen)? Downloaded pic related the other day, I like that he teaches you broadly applicable techniques rather than just throwing a bunch of recipes at you and leaving it at that. Is there anything similar?

I'm not interested in any cuisine in particular. I'm open to everything.
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No title
What are dishes that make Italians seethe?
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No title
What's the best beer and why is it Sapporo?
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webm thread
hail to the king baby
>0 results
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No title
Thai tea or Vietnamese coffee? You can only have one for the rest of your life.
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No title
What do /ck?
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No title
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
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No title
Pick three cubes, pilgrim.
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No title
Fast food is the superior cuisine. Who’s with me?
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No title
whats the riskiest food youve eaten? expired meat? moldy bread? gas station sushi?
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No title
fish and chips
>live in London
>fish from the chippies round here taste awful
>visit family in postindustrial poorfag Midlands city
>nearest coast is 100 miles away
>fish from every chippy tastes incredible and is cheaper
What explains this?
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No title
>let the flavors get to know each other
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No title
ITT: That one ingredient you're addicted to and/or put in everything
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No title
i tried a century egg once and i gotta say only in china could bullshit like this catch on and be considered food. it doesn't taste like food it literally just tastes like ammonia and nothing else, imagine if a cat pissed in your mouth. i actually got a mild chemical burn inside of my mouth because it was so gross that i just kept on chewing it because my body was rejecting it and didn't want to let me swallow it.
i wonder if in chinese households they keep ammonia not under the sink, but in the fridge so they can drink a refreshing glass of it with a meal.
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No title
Recently got my hands on a dehydrator. I want to make beef jerky, but before i start want your (EXPERT)) input on what cut of beef i should use. What would you guys recommend?
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No title
I’m doing a roadie this upcoming weekend from South Florida all the way up to DC to visit a friend and I see there’s tons of wawa’s on i95. I’m going to have a wawa feast for every meal. What do you recommend?
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This thread is for discussing tea, tea bags, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.


Previous thread:
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No title
Convenience store sandwiches
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No title
Which American state do you think has the best native cuisine and which has the worst? I think the best is Louisiana and the worst is probably Kansas, just look at this abomination.
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No title
How should I cash in my good boy point tonight? I have the option of home-made tendies or some bomb-ass bacon Mac n cheese. You have 3 hours to help me decide before my mom goes to the grocery store
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How can a simple tomato pizza without anything else be so delicious?
>just realized what makes the pizza delicious from the restaurant right near home is just the tomato
You can literally eat pizza without cheese and it is already fucking delicious.

They literally only put a simple tomato pizza in the oven, 0 mozzarella or anyhting else.
Then they just add like 8 slices of fresh mozarella, a basil leaf on top topped with a bit of red pesto. That's it, raging delicous, and it's all for the tomato sauce.
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Pizza (homemade)
Also why does it alwayes look so much thicker in photos?
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No title
>be me
>want to get drunk once again
>go to the chinese store a block away
>lots of people on the line
>grab my beers
>talk to the boss
>"yo yan, im taking two beers, pay you tomorrow"
>"no problem anon"
>dont even have to wait
>pay for it a week later
>feels good to be friends with the owner
>do this almost everyday
>angry normies look at me with disgust for skipping the line
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No title
How's my Pot Roast, /ck/?
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No title
has anyone got a good book to recommend on the essentials of french cooking?
been doing a bit lately, but would like if there was a book i could somewhat methodically work through to improve muh skills
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No title
Soy milk is fucking awesome. It's creamy like normal milk, it doesn't taste like shit like other milk alternatives and it doesn't have dairy or lactose so it's all-around much healthier than standard milk and much better for the skin especially. Why did I ever let brainlets from /pol/ convince me this shit was unhealthy and makes men more feminine? Some of you cunts are fucking retarded.
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No title
Ladies: if you meet a guy and he carries one of these, do not date him. Just trust me on this one.
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Coffee or Tea
Which is superior for long term benefits and overall health? What do you prefer? Additionally, what’s your favorite tea/coffee, I’ve been drinking rooibos recently.
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No title
does kebab or tacos taste better, burgers? I'm asking burgers since euros don't have mexican food and burgers are masters of fast food consumption.
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No title
Hey cu/ck/s sit down and have a snack!
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No title
return of the mack
Why do people eat boney shitty deens when deez exist?
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No title
>Would you like to make a one dollar donation to hungry kids?
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No title
Do they taste different? Which color is the best?
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No title
All I want right now is a chicken biscuit from a North Carolina gas station, but I'm 5 states away. Life is suffering. Also, gas station food thread.
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No title
do you add oil when you make fried eggs?
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Nausea while fasting
Not sure if this is the right place to put this but every time I’m fasting, or if I just don’t eat for a while, I get serious stomach cramps, and feel like I’m gonna throw up. Around 6-10 hours in. Is this normal?
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No title
Mill Street Bistro Kitchen Nightmares
Where is he now?

Also, what's your favorite episode of Kitchen Nightmares?
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No title
My doctor put me on a gluten free diet because I had a terminal case of the shits (IBS) and it has helped immensely. I also feel like I have more energy, and I've lost like 20 lbs in the past few months because no bread and no beer. I also consume a lot less dairy since it doesn't go well with rice. Anyone else gluten free?
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No title
>had some smoked salmon with aoli on a baguette sitting on my desk for like 20 minutes
>see some antennas poke up over it
>there's a cockroach crawling onto it
>turn around to get a light and a copy of the new yorker to squish it
>it's gone
>move the plate onto the floor to get it out of the way
>move everything on my desk, look everywhere with the light
>go back to the plate, it's hiding under the plate
>squish it
>take it outside and throw it over the fence

Is it still ok to eat the salmon baguette?
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No title
Just bought this dutch oven. What am I in for?

Also, share your dutch ovens.
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Iced tea
How do you make iced tea /ck/?
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No title
What is the best noodle?
Pot noodles are the worst for sure
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Miracle Whip Appreciation Thread

Lets talk about America's favorite sandwich dressing/bread spread: Miracle Whip.

For me, there's nothing quite like the tangy zip of Miracle Whip, and a sandwich just isn't a sandwich without it.

You guys got any Miracle Whip related stories, memories, or recipes to share?

What's your favorite Miracle Whip comercial? I like the ones with the detective.
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No title
god which fucking one is it
ok so is there a diet i should try that works
hundreds of years of scientific research and you'd think that there would be a definite answer. which one is it?? what do i do??
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No title
What are your simplest snacks? For me, it's spoonfuls of peanut butter.
1 images | 9 replies
Burger Tips
Hey all. Rate my burger. Tips appreciated.

Its a 80/20 burger and you cant see it, but the bread was put on the burger press as well to make it crispy.
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No title
You will have haggis tomorrow, right?
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No title
>Haven't slept yet
>Time to make breakfast
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No title
unnamed (35)
The only wat to taste it -
is to make it
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Lou albano food tips
Hey guys any recipe recommendations so I can achieve my dream physique of lou albano mario? I eat purely mushroom spaghetti every day but I need a good mushroom or tomato based wine to go with it. Any ideas?
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No title
Fig newtons
6 images | 15 replies
No title
/fit/itzen here.

Today I made Food™
>Does it nourish me?
>Does it have flavor?

Despite adding a lot of spices it has no flavor. I was just trying to come up with some kind of bulk cheap food with a lot of protein. If I drown it in hot sauce it's pretty good.
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No title
Hey fellas. I'm looking to get some weird food to buy my adult nephew for his birthday like pic related. Any suggestions, preferably from amazon?
2 images | 8 replies
I started eating only Kosher
I figure (((THEY))) wouldn't poison themselves.

But now I'm developing man boobs. I'm still exercising the same, only thing I changed was kosher meat/poultry, etc.

Anyone else notice this?
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No title
How do I eat 100g of protein and not wanna barf
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No title
I miss this shit like you wouldn't believe.
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No title
For me, it's Secret Aardvark.
The best hot sauce
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No title
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No title
It's time for our monthly "fuck that food" thread
3 images | 46 replies
No title
Whats your favorite meal or snack to compliment a special occasion in your life such as a movie or video game you were really looking forward to?
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Good Beetzurs
Post your favorite pidser.
62 images | 186 replies
Post yours. Mine?
3 cup flour
Feed and seed (sesame/flax)
3/4 cup yogurt
Yeetsts, water, salt
Wait to rise, cook stovetop
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No title
Is it fucking worth it my dudes? That’s all I need to know. It’ll cost me £250 queens heads to get. I cook mostly every day, so is it a solid investment or pure fucking memery?
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No title
>make a shitty, lazy carbonara with cheap "parmesan," American bacon, and dry herbs
>it's still pretty good
Thanks, carbonara.
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No title
What does duck taste like?
2 images | 18 replies
No title
Now that the dust has settled and we all agree that beans don't go in chili, what cut of beef do you use for yours? For me, it's chuck.
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No title
Why does every recipe ask for kosher salt? What makes it different from table salt? It's just fucking salt.
4 images | 36 replies
No title
Is this real?
0 images | 3 replies
vintage America food
Food related vintage America pics, pls post yours, posting mine
64 images | 196 replies
No title
deenz thread?
deenz thread.
8 images | 45 replies
No title
Yes, I want a cold brewed ice coffee.
Yes, it is 20 degrees below zero outside.
Who fucking cares?

We aren't huddled up in fucking igloos surviving for warmth. My car, home, and workplace are nice and toasty.

So why do normies feel the need to judge you over the temperature of your drink?
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No title
What alternative and nourishing staples are there that could be made easily. I like the texture of some whole grains but it's said they need to be properly soaked for 12–24 hours before cooking to not be detrimental in the long run.
0 images | 10 replies
Piri Piri Chicken
Anyone have a good recipe for piri piri? The sauce I’m making is good but it feels like I’m not doing it right. Pic is from the recipe I use, but it does not come out nicely charred like that
3 images | 19 replies
I don't care what you say, it tastes great and looks good. Post some comfy Japanese food pic thread and argue pls
21 images | 70 replies
No title
*solves your shitting problems*
4 images | 23 replies
No title
Looking for something new to do with ground pork for dinner.

5 images | 22 replies
No title
>this guy walks up to you in the kitchen and challenges you
>if he wins, your gf is forfeit
>if you win, the people's fame and adoration are yours forever
What are you cooking to defeat him?
5 images | 30 replies
No title
It's the best pasta dish
2 images | 7 replies
No title
images (23)
Has anyone on /ck/ drank Cristal champagne? What does it taste like? I've never drank champagne.
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No title
Has anyone tried this shit? I keep seeing it getting shilled like it's the raid: shadow legends of cereal
9 images | 45 replies
No title
Thoughts on pork belly?
1 images | 6 replies
No title
Which fan base has the worst members?
13 images | 175 replies
No title
For me it's the McChicken
10 images | 52 replies
No title
What's the best burger at Wendy's
6 images | 38 replies
No title
This is the Chicago style pizza (real everyday Chicago pizza not the deep dish we eat on special occasions). What do you think of it? Not a whole hell of a lot?
11 images | 75 replies
No title
Got some more hot dogs on the way!
3 images | 17 replies
No title
why is every whole foods location miserable to shop in?
6 images | 44 replies
No title
Do you eat chips with utensils?
3 images | 38 replies
No title
Here in Illinois, we put meat (usually a burger or friend pork/chicken or sliced ham/turkey) on top of texas toast and top it all with french fries and cheese sauce. It's called a horseshoe sandwich. Would you try one?
3 images | 29 replies
No title
No wonder why Quiznos is barely mentioned nowadays
5 images | 42 replies
No title
First and only meal of the day. NY, egg white rice, braised cabbage, marinated peanuts from the Korean market. Anyone else tried one meal a day?
0 images | 9 replies
No title
I'm making hotdogs tonight but I want to make them more interesting than usual. What can I add to my doggies to make them more exciting?
3 images | 19 replies
Rate Dinner
Dry aged ribeye, reverse seared in butter with rosemary and thyme.
Served with buttered mashed potatoes.
6 images | 98 replies
Water filters
What is the best water filter?
0 images | 3 replies
Homemade nachos
How do you do it? The wet ingredients make the chips soggy no matter how long you cook them, and it's impossible to eat all the nachos fast enough before they get cold and become unpleasant to touch.
0 images | 9 replies
No title
Rate my steak
4 images | 31 replies
No title
images (14)
What is in the patty, cheese and Big Mac sauce? I feel like my head is tingling when I eat this stuff.
0 images | 18 replies
No title
What is your favorite meat substitute?
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No title
images (7)
rank the mountain dews, you fat soda drinking faggot
1 images | 19 replies
Pans, Knives, and Buttsex
We need new threads at the moment, so if you guys wouldn't mind giving me a rundown copper pans it'd be much appreciated. Pan materials in general.
I have a $30 Amazon gift card and I'm torn between a blade sharpener and a copper pan.

I've taken pretty good care of my knife, and while it's not as sharp as it used to be, it's still pretty damn good for a 3.5 year old knife at less than $10 pic related.
On the flip side, my current pan's coating is chipping away, and it's been in commission for the past 2 years almost.

I stole both from my mom before a semester of college would start since I put it a;; to infinitely better use and much greater care is taken, but I'm really digging some copper.
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No title
we do things a little different here, chief..
4 images | 21 replies
food for those with forethought.
share, critique, and cook your favorite marinaded dishes
2 images | 19 replies
No title
Anyone here make their own alcohol? I got mango and banana wine here. Along with some cranberry wine
2 images | 12 replies
No title
Rate dinner
1 images | 17 replies
No title
Guys I need help using fish sauce. I tried to sauté swiss chard with olive oil, sliced garlic and fish sauce (red boat) I understand it smells like dirty socks and tastes like fish but is supposed to mellow out into a salty msg after cooking but that didn't happen. It added salt but still tasted fishy. I'm trying to use it to make a kind of parallel to the bok choy with oil, garlic & soy sauce you get at asian places.

Any help is appreciated
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What's your favorite subway combination?
I've started going to Subway for lunch again recently, and I used to exclusively get a pizza sub. I wanna change things up, so I'm gonna write down all the (serious) replies I get, so I can try some new stuff. So, /ck/, what's your go-to subway sandwich?
9 images | 77 replies
No title
These were 2.50 a pop so I had to sock up
13 images | 76 replies
is this good?
>Viili (Finnish) is a mesophilic fermented milk product found in Finland. This cultured milk snack resembles yoghurt and is the result of microbial action of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and a surface-growing yeast-like fungus Geotrichum candidum present in milk, which forms a velvet-like surface on viili. In addition, most traditional viili cultures also contain yeast strains such as Kluveromyces marxianus and Pichia fermentans.
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No title
fuck OFF with this shit
>buy frozen meals because I'm busy at work and my roommates hog the fridge
>find high protein power meals adobo chicken
>I'm pretty active at work so I'd like the protein and leanness
>look at the box while I'm putting it in the microwave
>It's not chicken
>It's fucking Chick'n, plant based fake stuff
This shit should be illegal, how can that not meet the standards of deceiving the consumer? It's like if I started a brand calling my food Veg'n, because it's something you'll want to veg on.
2 images | 25 replies
No title
How do you choose what you're going to eat on any particular day? Are you on a strict diet? Do you have a routine of x on monday and y on tuesday? Do you just pick at random?
3 images | 58 replies
How to roast (or bbq) a chicken?
Ok, I'm gonna buy a chicken tomorrow and gonna roast it.

Last time I did it, it became super dry.

I want a quick and simple recipe.

I'm in Portugal so, do with that info what you will
0 images | 5 replies
No title
Bolognese is just chili on pasta. Prove me wrong. And while you're at it, apologise to skyline chili.
12 images | 34 replies
No title
Is there anything better than roasted chicken as a quick meal?
8 images | 40 replies
Instapot thread
Redpill me on instapots. I just got pic related for the coming summer and to see how well it works.
3 images | 21 replies
/edg/ aka /sip/
Discontinued edition
What are my sipboys drinking? What energy drinks do you have stocked up? Thoughts on new drinks (Ultra Gold, Coke with Coffee, the Rockstar reformulations, etc. etc.)
5 images | 12 replies
No title
Anyone else having a drink for lunch ??
10 images | 38 replies
Pro tips for eating
Anyways, sometimes after a long day of laying around you don't feel like cooking. Wut do?

Boom! go in your cupboard and get ur mealpreps. In this case spicy refried beans, a wax coated generic paper plate and spicy jalapeno fritos. Toodles

Pro eating tip: nuke the beans for 30 seconds

2 images | 6 replies
No title
late night snack time, who wants a peanut butter and bacon sammie?
8 images | 38 replies
No title
>buy steak
>plan is to sear on pan, then broil in oven till done
>pans too hot and smoke goes everywhere
>fire alarm in dorm goes off
>i wave a thing infront of alarm so it stops beeping, worried RA's might come in
>they don't
>i put steak in oven anyways with instant read thermometer cause the only temperature on my oven is 'high' and 'low'
>reads 145
>take out
>not even 1 mm of cooked meat, rest is raw
>throw all away
>add $5 to the retirement fund, being a $300 shotgun

So /ck/, should i order wingstop or buffalo wild wings, and what flavor should i get?
1 images | 3 replies
No title
holy fucking shit
1 images | 14 replies
Meal Prep/Packed Lunch Thread
Do you prepare a daily lunch for yourself or someone else? What do you pack? I always pack my wife's lunch and she's usually on construction sites so she likes to keep it simple. I usually have something like one of pic related with 450ish calories and 15-20ish grams of protein. They basically have combinations of nuts, cheeses, eggs, fruit, almond butter, fruit, veg, and a carb like half pita or dense crackers. I also throw in a banana, a string cheese, and a granola bar type thing she loves and sometimes maybe a little baked good like a cookie if I have any made.
2 images | 13 replies
Gen Xers have no sense
0 images | 13 replies
Vegetarian foods for the sick?
Gf has fever. Any chefs recommendation is welcome. Chicken broth is God’s gift but she refuses to eat that. What do I give her?

Pic unrelated but I took it this weekend.
0 images | 5 replies
No title
how do you make this shit palatable?
8 images | 99 replies
No title
For me, it’s Hershey’s milk chocolate. Sure there’s better higher quality chocolate out there, but sometimes you just want a good ol chocolate bar.
2 images | 9 replies
No title
How's my chicken breast looking, /ck/? is it juicy enough?
1 images | 3 replies
If you’re using 1 can of whole peeled tomatoes to make sauce, how much tomato paste should be used?
0 images | 21 replies
No title
Imagine having to make your tomato paste and knowing it would only last 2 weeks before molding.
8 images | 51 replies
No title
Lets talk abou chili. How do *you* make it special?
15 images | 94 replies
No title
For me, it's pic related
1 images | 12 replies
whats the point of adding foil to a baking sheet?
is it simply so you dont have to wash a pan?
seems wasteful
i suppose residual bits of oil down the sink isnt good either.
1 images | 23 replies
No title
download (4)
Made an ollieburger today /ck/
feels good

pic not mine, i skipped the bun sauce (i fucking hate bun sauce)
2 images | 3 replies
No title
I am... Forgotten.
4 images | 35 replies
Why did we give up on science.
Why did we abandon progress? GMOs can help on so many levels. Medically, Environmentally, scientifically, maybe even industrially. You know how gay it is that we have like no gmo food? Well it is.

Because anti-GMO sentiment is pure luddism. All the arguments against GMOs rely on arguments that are luddism or that could be raisef for all sorts of progressive things we make.

GMOs could help feed the world and shit. Regulation is sensible, obviously. But we don't need more than the patent thing like you just treat it the way we treat plants and animals we breed in the normal way. Its just sped-,up breeding basically, sow hy did we just give up on progress?

There had been no correlation found between GMOs.and health issues.

>I'm not right-wing at all, yet I'm apparently religated to "the right" here for some fucking reason

The only real argument I heard was something about supporting local business, but that's an issue with a sorts of different forms of progress. Its almost as though people want us to do shit like agriculture the way NK does it; just load up your man-powered cart rhe good ol' fashioned way cuz if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Might as well stop researching medicine while you're at it. Idiots like Jill Stein are asking scientists to prove a negative, even though they've found NO issue and she's asking them to prove a negative.
16 images | 61 replies
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