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Kodoku no Gurume
what are some shows/documentaries/features or movies that you think are certified cooking kino?
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Is this the best fast food chicken available right now?
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You don't eat food made by niggers, right anon?
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I know as a chemist that these are edible but I haven't met or heard of anyone who eats them. The vine is budding in my local area and I am planning to fry one in gaur tallow. I will post results in 4 days when the buds are ripe but for today I want to test user interest in the idea. If it's something that a lot of people can appreciate I am going to sell the buds as "snap peas - gaur fry" on alibaba. Please enjoy my experience together and share your idea on a happy cooking experience.
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It's 3AM here in Hobart Australia and I was drunk and I saw some fucking honeybees eating my KFC chicken scraps so I called the bee association in Nova Scotia because they are open at this hour, I asked them why are my bees eating chicken scraps. So bees check rotten food to see if it rots slow or fast then collect pieces of the slow-rotting meats because they know the bacteria will preserve the honey.

So anyway my question to you guys is how the hell can you think honey is safe and healthy when these bees are using fried chicken as antibiotics for their honey? Humans have corrupted the natural system.
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The great debate
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statistics... who are they for?
thy sleepeth
>soda has so much calories aaaaaaa!
>if you just stop drinking soda youll lose a gorillion pounds! youd become so much healtier! women will suck your dick immediately!
>check soda can
>only approx 125-150 calories a can
>"surely it cant have that big of an affect, right?"
>learn that some people drink one of these like 5 times a day

>"just eat one less burger and itll change your life"

>"just use one less spoonful of salt and youll be cured"

i always wondered who these "just do this one thing less/more" statistics are based on, and how often they think we do it
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your fuck/marry/vax for pic rel ?
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Recipes General
What cheap but decent recipes or recipe sites, blogs or YouTube channels can /ck/ recommend for a student anon having to cope with basically pic related for a kitchen counter in his tiny apartment?
I’m trying to cook more for myself instead of relying on the cafeteria but it’s somewhat of a challenge with my limited space.
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For me, it's Walkers Crisps.
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Why don't they know how to cook?
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You get one (1) doughnut
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In Cincinnati, we like cheddar cheese on our hot dogs
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What ya having from the land of pies?
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Pea soup
pea soup
Should pea soup be blended, or left chunky?
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what should I put on my focaccia? and what hydration do you guys reckon is dankest?
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>black “people” “food”
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cigar ash sauce
webm thread
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And most disgusting of all, Coconut
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What do YOU eat for Breakfast?
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Two gotta go, y’all. Deadass what you dropping?
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Am I the only one who won't eat Mexican food because it's touched by dirty brown people? Same goes for:
- African food (zero hygiene)
- Chinese food (will do ANYTHING to save a buck)
- South East Asian (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, etc) food (they're shoeless dirty brown people too)
Surely I'm not the only one?
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Why the fuck do people still eat fast food?
>Low quality
>Fake meat, fake ingredients, plant fillers, and chemicals everywhere
>Food designed to be addictive while leaving you hungry afterwards
>Served by angry, retarded wagies who will either get your order wrong or do something gross to your food
>Almost no nutritional value compared to even the simplest of homemade meals
>Unhealthy and heavily processed garbage that makes you fat
If you still eat fast food, you're mentally ill.
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liquours/high % alcohol which doesn't make your toes curl when you put it in your mouth? I just want it to taste good.
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Coffee Time General /ctg/
Akirakoki coarse cold brew grind sifted
Let's check our grinders edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries.

Pastebin (WIP)

Previous thread

It would be cool if we used this thread to check how constant and quality our grinders are. Pick related is an early test for my cheap one for cold brew after being sifted for fines. Its better to have more particles though.
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>you don't put garlic in the bolognese you just don't I don't care if you like the flavours or not
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Essential scandinavian
Stroganoff: Chopped bologna in a sauce made of cream and tomato paste served with rice
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rain retardation
Do you think it is unethical to use food to profit off the stupid and affluent?
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"40% is 40%, you cant say its less"
last week i needed a third of an vodka bottle to START feeling a little bit buzzed
today i had les than half a glass of whiskey and im already feeling it
fuck you, explain this cunts
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If tomato is a fruit, is ketchup a jam?
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What's the best hangover cure /ck/?
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Special Needs Edition
This thread is for discussing teas, tissanes, and other herbal infusions.
info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea
Previous Thread: >>17812194
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can men drink baileys
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I'm gonna cook these shrimp
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I was cleaning out the cabinet and found a couple boxes of pic related, both expired. I'm sure they're completely safe to eat but I assume that the baking soda has lost its ability to rise after this time (about 9 months past expiration) and that it'll come out real flat. I was thinking of just adding some baking soda to the mix but I don't know how much is appropriate. Any advice?
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>Designed to have their tops screwed off
>Breaks every time
All that trouble's not even worth it anyway, I'd rather just dunk and eat them whole
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ITT: Crack
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images (1)
use marshmallow made from eggwhites instead of meringue in baking to level up your life or/and your next dacquoise niggas
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Craft beer tastes terrible, we need to go back to drinking crisp and refreshing beers.
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Rate our breakfast
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Canned Fish General - /cfg/ - Nuri Edition
This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of canned fish, such as sardines, tuna, and anchovies, as well as recipes that use them.

The discussion of other canned foods as well as techniques for canning at home is also welcome.
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not a moon pie
They were out of Banana Twins, I had to settle for ersatz Moon Pies (spoiler: they are not as good)
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How bad is gone off steak? About to cook two steaks with the use-by date being the 12th May; visually it looks fine but I'm not 100% on the smell.

I'd say it has a very slight smell of milk, but it's only very slight and only if I bring my nose right up to it. Not sure if that's me being paranoid or an actual sign it isn't safe to eat.
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Why do the elderly still drink choccy milk like they're kids?
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Throughout my life, I have met more than a few people who will happily drink warm soda. If you're one of those people, fuck you, what the fuck is wrong with you?
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for me it's the humble maple bar
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what's the point of sweetcorn if all corn is sweet
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This is a healthy breakfast from a Chinese vitamin commercial.
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No title
Why the FUCK did you lie to me?
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beer thread
what beer are you drinking?
what do you like about it?
what new beer did you try last?
what did you think of it?
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When is it dumb to accept other people's food?
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Bread Thread
Just made this italian bread. It was supposed to be two loaves, but apparently I can't put bread on the bottom rack of my oven or else it's too close to the heating element. So the other two loaves burned and my fire alarm went off from the smoke. No biggie though
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Does it really have zero calories?
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Redpill me on the best rice cooker anons
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Flat Pepsi
>unironically selling flat pepsi
What were they thinking?
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39028328-cuisinier-asiatique-hospitalière-jeune-chef-japonais-dans-un-geste-de-bienvenue-traditionnelle-avant copy
Asians be like
>Rice is our main staple, rice is our life

Can't cook it, so use a machine...
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Post what you made for dinner.
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Anyone here ever use one of those food subscription services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron? What are your thoughts on it? I'm curious about trying it out as a way of discovering new shit I never would have thought of looking into.
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Eat Burger King
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I don't like beans in my chili
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Post your favorite stoner food or get bent.
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A sandwich is defined by its filling, not its bread
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Lemon tart
tarte au cirtron
Guys I need advices, I'm making a lemon tart, my lemon filling was done 3hours ago but I forgot and burned my paste, I made an other one and it's cooking right know, but the cream solidified, is there a way to liquefy it a little bit so I can spread it out more perfeclty ? Or did I fail ?
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What do I put on a grilled cheese sandwich, besides cheese
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>They don't sell cartons of eggwhites where I live
What can I do with a fuckload of yolks that doesn't involve eating them all in one go?
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Post pantries
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Limburgse vlaai
Have you ever tried Belgian tarts? Apparently they've been making these since the 16th Century.
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No title
I love this shit like you wouldn't believe. Any amarochads here?
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No title
How do we preserve the traditional American cuisine?
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Nathan's is the GOAT
I've eaten a metric fuck tonne of pickles in my day and I can honestly say I've never had a pickle quite like Nathan's. The salty brine is like nectar, and the crunch is equivalent to a carrot. I don't how how they did it, but these half sours are fucked based.
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Baked desserts
What kind of baked dessert should I make? Let me know your favorite and what you bake.
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No title
>water ice
>tomato pie
>whoopie pie
>the Reading Terminal Market
What US city beats Philadelphia?
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For me it's Calpis
Don't buy the premixed water version it's weak as hell.
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The best rice recipe
>basmati rice
>coconut milk
>kidney beans (plus the water)
>diced onions
>chopped garlic
>chopped spring onions
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I like to put my seasoning of salt and pepper on steak only after it's cooked right when I'm about to eat it, is that weird? I tried rubbing it in before cooking and only using salt right before cooking but both of those methods weren't as good compared to if I seasoned the steak right before I dig in and eat, it just feels like the taste is pleasantly stronger that way to me.
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No title
Let's share a milkshake together :)
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No title
Do Norwegians really need special royal permission to purchase canned sardines?
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How do you like your eggs?
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I finally picked up one of those stupid "airfryer" things. Well, it was actually a gift given to me for this "Christmas in July" "holiday" we have in my extended family. My wife's only brother's nephew picked it out for me in one of those Fingerhut magazines were you basically finance it over a few years and pay a bit more but you get it today as we don't have a lot of money due to me working part time and my wife being pregnant with my first child. I had heard you could cook things like apetizers in these like mozarella sticks, jalepeno poppers, brocoli bites or anything really but those stuck out to me when I was doing research online. I've been trying to lose weight recently and the whole keto diet thing but it hasn't really been working out for me so I thought fuck it, why not buy some delicious poppers instead! But what I'd like to know about these things is what you guys like to use these things for and if they are worth keeping in the kitchen as it takes up a lot of real estate on the counter as they are quite large, I actually had to move my microwave to the cabinet just to fit this thing on there and then pull the microwave out again to heat soup because you cant put soup in an air fryer or can you?
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No title
A new restaurant opened up in my area.
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No title
Pickled Onions are the best pickles. FACT.
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No title
Is food in america really THIS cheap?
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What is so bad about breaking up pasta? It's very convenient. Can an italian explain why?
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Papa Johns
I ordered this fucking shit for over $5. I feel scammed.
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/WG/ Whisk(e)y General
>another triple holiday weekend
you know now what must be done...

>what are ya drinkin
>what are ya buyin
>what are ya tryin
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Post What Youre Having For Dinner Anons!! Pic related is mine.
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No title
My BMI is 19
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No title
So, what's /ck/s go-to japanese recipe youtube channel?
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best slurpee flavor
What is the best slurpee flavor that all the fancy chefs pick?

>chefs don't drink slurpees
yeah not poor ones who work at chili's
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No title
Can I use my George foreman grill outside in the rain ? (Light rain) or will I get shocked?
Anyways I'm trying it now. Wish me luck
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No title
I like cooking but don't like smoke *coff* *coff*
Guess I just gotta endure it for the food.
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Post burning hot takes
Lemon and lime dont go well with sea food. Its was originally used to hide the smell of rotten fish. If the seafood is fresh you dont need it
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images - 2022-02-17T114114.900
Do you know any fast food hacks?
Anton told me if I order fries from Mickey Dee's without salt, they have to make a hot fresh batch. You then add your own salt.
Guaranteed hot fresh fries, pretty rad.
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No title
Does /ck/ have any weird eating habits?

For me, I eat the foods I dislike the most (vegetables usually, being an adult means eating foods you dislike because you're good for you and getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it.)

In a meal like this, I'll start with the vegetables, followed by the rice, then the meats.

I have a friend that likes pretending that he's a hungry giant when he eat alone.
Whenever he cook a large amount of rice in his pressure cooker, he likes stomping his feet and going "FEE-FI-FO-FUM! WHAT'S FOR LUNCH/DINNER!" (But he know what's for lunch/dinner anyway since he cook his own meals). Upon approaching the kitchen, he takes a big sniff and go "WHAT'S THAT SMELL!" before looking towards the rice cooker. Using the rice scoop, he opens the hatch and takes a big scoop out and eats directly from the rice cooker. The freshly cooked rice is hot, so he'll go "YEOW! THAT'S TOO HOT! TOO HOT!" when it comes into his mouth. Afterwards, he puts it in a plate and eat with his hands while pretending that he hasn't eaten for days. he like crushing rice with his hands and eating with his hands because he can make rice patties and balls.

How about you?
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No title
How the hell do you season chili like an adult? I usually use two packets of this and my chili turns out amazing. Didn't have any packets tonight so I tried seasoning it myself with cumin, oregano, black and red pepper and it turned out super bland. But read the ingredients:

>Salt, Maltodextrin, Chili Pepper, Corn Starch, Paprika. Contains 2% Or Less Of: Sugar, Citric Acid, Vegetable Oil (Canola, Soybean And/Or Sunflower), Silicon Dioxide (Anticaking Agent), Onion Powder, Natural Flavor, Garlic Powder.

Sounds dreadful. What's the secret?
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No title
Okay Anon posted this in another thread about Carolina Reapers but I didn't get the chance to reply

>Anyone else get burning piss after eating something very spicy? That's normal right...

If you're seeing this don't worry, it's totally normal for some people to have burning piss after eating something superhot
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No title
How much fresh foods do people at your local grocery buy? Even though the produce section always has people, when I get in line, everybody around me has carts like pic related. It's crazy, I feel like I don't even eat that much vegetable, yet I'm the only one with visible greens (~20%) in my cart.
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No title
Are there really "people" who think chocolate and orange go well together?
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No title
Sometimes you eat the whatasausage, and sometimes the whatasausage eats you
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Peanut butter
Does anyone make it? Is it very difficult to get extra creamy? Is it cost effective?
2 media | 11 replies
No title
how in the world do people eat this stuff? it tastes so bitter, i dont think its meant for human consumption
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anybody tried yak meat?
tried it recently and thought it tastes just like beef. not sure if I could tell the difference
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No title
what sauce's are good with 'tots other than ketchup?
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No title
images - 2022-05-17T202743.858
Potato scallop
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No title
Delicious sloppa
3 media | 16 replies
Has anyone here eaten there?
Is their food any good?
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No title
If you could have one food that was taken away from you again what would it be?
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No title
Gin Thread.
14 media | 79 replies
Pickling solution become viscous
I made a container of beet brine for some eggs and after a couple of weeks it's gotten viscous, almost like a very thin jelly. Is that just because I've kept it in the fridge or did I fuck up the ratios somewhere and it's gone bad?
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How to get into pork more
I recently started eating pork (religion prevented me before lol), I started with bacon because that's what everyone was always raving about. I actually enjoyed it a lot. Where should I go next if I enjoyed the savory saltiness of the bacon.
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No title
What is the best way to cook an egg and why?
5 media | 97 replies
You're a father, /ck/!
What will you feed your child with for the next 17 years? What /ck/-related skills (baking, grilling, hunting, fishing, etc.) are you going to teach if any?
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No title
Sauce packet
Which one?
4 media | 18 replies
No title
is wendys the only drive thru place with fresh beef thats never frozen?
1 media | 11 replies
No title
I have 5 open jars of pickles in my refrigerator right now.
You may AMA.
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Food gore
Pics/webms/yt links all welcome
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No title
Do Americans actually eat canned ravioli?
7 media | 82 replies
No title
What to make with pita? Already have tried the following

>pita and artichoke dip
>pita bits with eggs and honey drizzle
>pita and cream cheese with guava jam
>pita (just pita)
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No title
>american pizza isn't real pizza, it is poop

is brazilian pizza real pizza though?
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No title
Why does this make me so uncomfortable?
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Its Mar/Apr 1993
Baseball practice just ended and your stepdad is on time for once. There's a 7-11 across the street that smells like candy and industrial floor cleaner. You buy this and some m&ms for caloric replenishment.
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No title
How does /ck/ make its bento box?
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The Truth about GMOs
“Natural” food activists say: Stop eating genetically-modified foods!

They're wrong.

GMO foods are safe. They don’t, as claimed, “cause cancer.” Over the last couple decades, cancer is down and lifespans are up.
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No title
>Pick out organic produce
>Go to self checkout
>Charge as regular produce
Not my problem.
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/efg/ Exotic Fruit General thread #1
exotic fruits i love you yes you not the fruit i mean you reading this
this thread is a safe space for discussion and posting of fruits which are unknown or exotic to western audiences. please use it to share your knowledge, experiences and pictures of exotic fruits and/or vegetables. cooked, fresh- whatever goes!

Alright- here goes nothing- no turning back now. I love you.
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No title
How much salami is too much?
8 media | 37 replies
No title
Let's build the perfect sandwich, one ingredient at a time. I'll start:

>rye bread
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Food porn
I'm pretty high right now anyone got really tasty food items I should seek out, plus why?
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No title
>When I used to store my hot sauce in the pantry, a bottle might get discolored or lose its heat and flavor, which is why I now have a whole shelf inside the door of my fridge dedicated to hot sauce.
>My Spidey senses are already tingling—I know some folks are against refrigerating hot sauce. But if you tend to keep bottled hot sauce around for more than a few months, experts say refrigerating it has benefits.

3 media | 23 replies
Cracker general
Greetings fellow crack heads! Welcome to another edition of the famous cracker general.

Tell us ck, how do you stack your crack?
12 media | 37 replies
historical food
if I went back in time hundreds of years would the food be complete and utter trash that makes me gag and shit myself?
1 media | 32 replies
No title
Is this somewhat healthy for you or am I kidding myself?
2 media | 13 replies
No title
>ahh that was a nice final meal for the day, time to flush my system with some nice distilled water, as our ancestors have always done with rain water
0 media | 12 replies
Summer Cooking
proxy-image (70)
The warm months are finally upon us. Dust off the grills, refill the propane tanks and get your charcoal primed, fetch forth the Green Egg.

Is there anything you're looking forward to? Burgers, chicken, vegetables, steaks, shrimp skewers and fish and whatever else you can throw on there?
1 media | 6 replies
No title
What can i do with prawns ?

I might post what i cooked if this thread stays up.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
it's over
Why is the food industry attempting global genocide via fructose, and how come nobody done anything to stop them?
1 media | 19 replies