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Hm. Salad cream is now half-price but several months expired. Would you?
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My new diet lol
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ngl, you can get some pretty sweet deals here on clearance hooch.

tell me your secrets /ck/...

I'm sipping on a $8 fifth of Evan Williams, before that I had a double fifth of cazadores for $20.
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Is it actually possible to make stove top flatbread with just almond flour? Has anyone tried? Every recipe I see online calls for more ingredients and steps.
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How the actual fuck do you clean one of these things?
>Brushes suck.
>Sponges/rags entirely worthless.
>Sprayers are ok if your pressure is closer to that of a car wash pressure washer than a household line.
Is there some trick I'm missing?
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BBQ & Smoking General
Sup, guys. Memorial Day is coming up and family wants me to smoke Pork Butt. It's been a minute since I've smoked via our huge Off-Set Smoker. I could use a reminder.

So iirc, a Pork Butt can take about 1.5-2hrs/lbs go smoke at 225°F. That means an 8lb one can take from 12-16hrs (assuming no issues/complications).

How exactly is the time affected if I smoke two separate 8lb Pork Butts at the same time in the same grill? Is the time just slightly increased? Is it doubled? Is it even affected at all?

I consider myself a noob at cooking; at best intermediate level. Thanks for your time.
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I'm so glad that they brought Carl's Jr. to Australia. If only we get Wendy's Hamburgers stores open by 2024 or 2025 at the earliest, that would be great.
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you have good manners right?? i find by myself everything goes out ukr window. it’s be great if every just said yeah eat how you want
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Would you eat this?
It’s unopened and isn’t moldy. Not sure how it taste yet because I working up the nerve to try it.
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Assuming I don't cook any veggies, can I eat a whole roast chicken on my own? I haven't eaten in two days. I've already stuck the bird in the oven, are there other ways to eat it aside from just off the bone? Like in a sandwich?

Need to get the meat off to make stock
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Anyone here ever tried this or any other extremely hot chili powder seasonings? I’m curious how powerful it is or how many shakes of it I might need for say a bowl of ramen or such
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Poorfag here craving hot dogs. I’ve never bought hot dogs in my life. What is the cheapest hot dog weenies I can buy that aren’t complete shit? I saw these are basically free but everyone online says they are horrible, is it true? Oscar Mayer is a dollar more per pack but is it worth it?
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One type of meat has to go - which are you picking and why?
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beef stew
What if I use chicken stock instead of beef? Will the world collapse into a newly created black hole?
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Thoughts on these sandwiches?
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What are some delicious ways to serve boiled chicken breasts?
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>be me
>open fridge door to get milk
>notice a half empty pepsi bottle from yesterday in there
>"hey wait I've seen this stupid fucking thing on the internet, let's try it"
>mix it up in a tiny cup and drink it praying that this unholy elixir doesn't end up poisoning me somehow
>It's actually really tasty

Seriously, not a bait thread. 2/1 milk/pepsi mixture tastes almost like honey milk, just more acidic which makes it go down better. I can honestly see myself just making this from time to time.

So here's the point of the thread: go drink some pilk, if you don't have a problem with milk, you'll love it.
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may be a hot take but german food isn't bad, the truth is it's our restaurants. we have 0 standards in germany in terms of restaurants because unlike other countries restaurants here are allowed to snap their fingers to remove reviews they don't like to combat review bombings, you have to prove you ate in a local or the owner can contact google to remove your review if he doesn't like it. i tend to order a lot but 9/10 reastaurants just reheat stuff or do some other dumb shit. not many people talk about it but it's a deep rabbit hole.
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Is it better when the meat is shaved?
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What is a suitable side dish for beef and noodles?
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$40 for one person at Five Guys
Shit is getting ridiculous out here. It costs $40 for ONE person to eat lunch at Five Guys. Other restaurants are no better. I think I’m gonna have to start packing my own lunch for work, I’m losing 2 hours of pay every day just to eat

Can this be fixed? Right now, fast food garbage costs more than most sit down places
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Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 19.41.14
you guys ARE eating spaghetti tacos, right?
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'Muricans will never know the joy of pic related, which is far superior to thr bic mac
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tastes like sawdust with chocolate chips
why are theses STILL being sold? they're terrible? I always pick dad's cookies over chips ahoy.
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Why were Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute thrown aside?
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I went to a restaurant in Tokyo last year that served drinks in stainless steel cups that had been chilled in the freezer. If you've ever been to Tokyo in the summer, you know it's unbearably hot and humid. The Coke I had at that restaurant was the most delicious Coke I've ever had in my entire life, and now I think I'm going to have to get myself some stainless steel cups.
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What's on the menu, lads?
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Lads, I need your help! I found this recipe for Carolina Gold BBQ sauce on Reddit:
1 cup yellow mustard
1/4 cup ketchup
1/4 cup cider or white vinegar
few grinds of black pepper
1 tblsp worcesteshire sauce
warm in saucepan to combine

It tastes way too mustardy and tangy for me. How do I cut that back? Do I add more ketchup? Or perhaps sugar?
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So, what do we think?
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Is it possible to make chili con carne or adobo with cubed chicken breast and have the chicken chunks be actually tender and not dry as fuck
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How to find a ripe one?
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Took my girlfriend to the seaside and had a little picnic it was nice

>corned beef sandwiches with HP fruity sauce
>cheese and pickle mini pork pies
>Scotch egg
>steak crisps
>Homemade flapjack with cranberries for dessert

It was nice and the weather was lovely
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i just found out that my local college doesn't allow dorm rooms to have any kitchen equipment besides a small fridge. you aren't even allowed to have a toaster or microwave. you have to take your food to the "communal kitchen" to warm it up. can't believe people are going into debt for this
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Could this be...das best fish sandwich!!!
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How many Big Macs could tou realistically eat?
How many Big Macs do you think you could realistically eat? I'm choosing the Big Mac because it is very popular, recognizable and virtually the same size worldwide.
Here's the challenge: You have a full 24 hours to eat as many Big Macs as you can. Once you finish a Big Mac, a freshly made Big Mac takes its place. The Big Mac must be eaten in its entirety before you receive a new one for it to count, small amounts of fallen morcels are permissable to move on(fallen lettuce, sauce ect ect.). No fries are involved, just the burger; you are, however, allowed whatever size drinks they have to offer, and the drinks can be refilled at any point. The challenge ends if the participant taps out, pukes, leaves the premises or the 24 hour period has ended. Using the washroom is permitted. You must be sober when attempting this challenge, you cannot be drunk or high. You can bring in entertainment, within reason, to pass the time. You can choose to see this challenge as an endurance challenge or a casual single sitting attempt, up to you. Or contemplate both, knock yourself out.
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What's the opinion on this place in Canuckistan?
They're a major chain up there and I was wondering what opinions are compared to the big American chains. I ate at one in Yukon Territory or some shit like 20 years ago and it was terrible.
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How do you feel about these?
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Do you cook because you prefer to, or because you're poor?

For me it's both
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>It takes 10 years to become a master sushi chef

10 years to master putting raw fish on a clump of rice. Is there a greater culinary scam?
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I am sick of paying for this little fuck's mistakes.
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What should I eat for brain fuel? I work out and eat whole foods and lean meat and carbs and some fiber. Carbs are good for thinking, right? I don't eat sugar, it's gonna fuck up my gains
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Not my problem
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Is this normal? Makes me want to quit cooking
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Chinese mystery oil
Screenshot 2024-05-19 182713
I love szechuan food and theres a place i frequent near me called szechuan gourmet, their food is great

im talking actual chinese food where they have tripe and chicken feet and shit on the menu

Anyways for some reason whenever i order thin sliced twice cooked pork (picrel) i get this strange tongue sensation from the red oil that its cooked with

its not spicy or too hot, it feels like i have peroxide on my tongue like its fizzing and not in a pleasant way

what the FUCK is causing it. Its always the red oil, im eating a spicy pepper beef soup thing now and in typical szechuan fashion its like 10% red oil.

Is it the msg? Why does the oil feel like peroxide on my tongue. Ive been tweaking out about this for like 2 years now
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Allez Cuisine!
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Trader Joes
Post the best trader Joe's items
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panna cotta
>and for dessert, sir?
>just dump some sugar in a cup of cream and give me that
>I'm... not sure we serv-
>oh and some gelatine
>ah, certainly sir. molto bene
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Are you able to find fresh bay leaves where you are? Do they really make a difference? Also where are you finding them, if you don't live in a warm climate? Whole Foods only had dried.
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delicious mid
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>that psychopath that twist, ties, AND tucks
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>chocolate chip cookies
>molasses cookies
What are some other good cookies to make?
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Have you ever known this simple joy?
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american vs european chicken sandwich
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Does meat in video games make you hungry
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Honestly, how can anyone find this appealing? Just sitting in a pool of its own blood, its disgusting.
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Finally tried this after moving to California recently. It's only a tiny bit better than a mcdonald's burger maybe - ain't worth the hype that's for sure! And the fries are utter dogshit. Major disappointment.
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/ctg/ Coffee Time General
Thread for discussing coffee and coffee adjacent topics

Classy roaster edition

If you're inexperienced start here

If you're experienced what's your go to?

Previous thread >>20464291
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What's the cheapest viable stand mixer for someone who only fucks around with baking like once every few months and has physical problems so mixing by hand isn't an option?
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/ck/ related webm thread
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/comfort food/
For me its bacon chicken broccoli alfredo.
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Too many cloves
Hi /ck/, just hit the market yesterday. I went into the bulk food section and bought myself 300g of cloves (they don't let me buy less) and I have little idea what to do with them. Let's have a thread with cloves being the quintessential spice shall we?
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No title
What are your favorite condiments?
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Chicken pasta salad for lunch at work
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>"International Grocery"
>Only East Asia, and sometimes the Middle East
Whats a nigga gotta do to get some Sprats?
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/tea/ - oribe ware edition
This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.

info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea

previous thread: >>20488325
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>buy cheap pistachio icecream in store
>it's great
>buy fancy pistachio icecream from vendor
>it tastes like trash
They're two completely different flavors, fucking bullshit.
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I was gifted a bottle (1L) of mulled wine and have no idea what to do with it. I dont drink and in good consciousness would rather not regift to anyone.

what should i do with it? can it be used in a fertilizer or this poison is irredeemably harmful to all forms of life
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/deenz/ - sardines and other canned fish
Olive oil cost increase are raising the prices of sardines cans. Thinking about jumping to the sunflower ones. Does it happen at your place too?
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/bdg/ - buldak and ramen general
buldak so good corn make me happy
what are your favorite flavors?
I like all I've tried so far - 1x spicy, corn and black bean. big thanks to the last buldak thread for convincing me to try corn and black bean.
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Traditional recipes from our childhood
Share a recipe that your family makes and what culture it comes from
Part of my family is Ashkenazi Jewish. For Passover my aunt would usually make a dessert casserole called Kugel, it’s a tangy and sweet dish with sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Usually raisins too. Honestly reminds me a lot of 1960s cooking but it tastes surprisingly good
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2019-11-02 (1)
Got myself some chicken and chips from Sensational Chicken on Mount Street.
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The dinner. Fries, onion rings, burgers, and a dipping sauce. Keep it or need it?
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What's /ck/'s liquor of choice?
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No title
Food is getting expensive. I just can’t.
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I live every day with a crisp, clear, refreshing Pepsi. How about you, /ck/?
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food of the gods
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Nobody actually enjoys the taste of beer, right? It's like a shared stoicism masculinity thing where everyone suffers through the bad taste together?
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For me, it’s the patty melt
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Supper is almost ready
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Looking for advice of kvass
I mostly buy it from the supermarket (in the UK)

My local supermarket has cans of Ulmanlaiku brand
I've also managed to buy it in bottles and once in large 1L but can't remember the brand

I like kvass and would like to try some more
I stopped drinking alcohol some years ago
kvass gives me a similar type of taste, a nice change from soda drinks, and without alcohol

Any recommendations for brands to look out for in the UK?
I will go to my local eastern european corner shop
I'm also willing to have a go a making some at home
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Cancer rate in young people has risen 40% and I highly suspect it's because of shit oil. Is Avocado oil the only oil fit for human consumption?
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The humitial ritual of being helpless to do anything except persistently pay MORE for LESS food (shrinkflation) makes me feel like such a cuck.

Why is the government scared of milk men and bread fags? The price of bread has always been regulated throughout history across most nations. Why are they charging $5.65 for a single baguette, and $5.95 for a gallon of milk?
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Foreign sodas
Randomly got these from a Japanese grocery store and I’m now obsessed with them. What are some foreign sodas that you like?
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No title
Sometimes I really miss my college town and its shitty pizza.

College grads sound off. What's some old food in your college town that you miss?
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No title
>Full of protein
You DO incorporate lentils into your diet, right?
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all the eggs
>walk in the streets at night
>see this

what do?
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No title
There's a book sale on Amazon right now, share your favorite /ck/ volumes with the class.
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Freschetta Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza Review
Hi pizza patriots! Today I'm gonna review my first Freschetta pizza, the pepperoni rising crust variant. This pizza is made by Schwan's, who also makes Red Baron & Tony's. I found out today this company is in turn owned by the South Korean firm CJ Cheiljedang.
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No title
Why does McDonald's have the best toys?
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No title
What did Asians use for cooking oil before the advent of seed oils?
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No title
I've heard kofta is good but I can't get over how much it looks like literal dog shit
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No title
this shit just doesn't taste good. it degrades every meal that it is put in.
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No title
French fries may be the king of fast food sides, but potatoes au gratin is the king of home cooked sides.
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No title
Are these blintzes or cheese-stuffed crepes?
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>have headache
>eat ice cream
>headache gone
thanks ice cream!
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>visiting coworker friend in Europe
>Him and I have the same job, for the same employer, and are paid the same
>while in his house, I notice that his washing machine is in his kitchen

is this normal in Europe? seems unsanitary.
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No title
What are your feelings on personal-sized pizzas?
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No title
this is so fucking good
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Thin & Crispy Crust Great Value Philly Cheese SteakPizza
Hey pizza phillies, today I'm reviewing the Thin & Crispy Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. This pizza has an *absymal* 1.9/5 stars on the Walmart app, and given that i wasnt a big fan of the pepperoni variety of this thin & crispy crust I mentally prepared myself for some pizza punishment
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No title
Post a better dinner than this
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No title
oh look at that, if it isn't the most boring, tasteless, generic, unremarkable food you can possibly eat
>you know what, i'd really like to eat something that tastes like literally nothing!
said no one, ever.
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No title
Everyone is just pretending to like this, there is no actual way people enjoy blue cheese, right?
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No title
Bros... they are laughing at us and making record profits.
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>be burger at restaurant (date payed for me btw. yes i actually go on dates and get treated by handsome men unlike all you femcels, don't be jelly)
>order lamb loin
>quite possibly most delicious thing ive ever eaten in my entire life
>think about trying to cook it for myself, look for lamb at store
>absolutely absurd prices
why the fuck is lamb so expensive in burgerland?
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DFW /ck/ park meet up
DFW ck meetup meme
Reminder, /ck/ is having a cookout on June 1st at a public park on lake Grapevine!

If you are in DFW come. What you could bring:

1. Prepackaged chips, cookies, and brownies
2. Charcoal
3. meat for grilling
4. a comfy camping chair
5. a sportsball to play catch with
6. Fishin pole and live or fake bait to go fishin in the lake
7. boombox so we can listen to Classical Music WRR 101.1 FM to keep the event desirable
8. a boat if you have one
9. prepackaged side dish
10. your own grill if you'd like
11. a bicycle so that everyone from /n/ can admire it
12. your car so that everyone from /o/ can criticize it
13. a deck of cards, a chess set, or checkers
14. a notebook to get everyone's number so that you can have new frens to call
15. a whistle incase you want to referee the basketball/football game that breaks out.
16. A nametag for yourself and the potluck dish that you brought so that people know who to sue if they eat your /k/um brownies
17. An Iron skillet or other pan to cook omelets on.
18 Paper plates, plastic forks, and other cutlery
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Hey /ck/, what's the most cursed cocktails you've made or had?
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Make a fresh pastry next morning
My god do store bought pastries suck compared to fresh, homemade stuff.
The only way it's a "good" morning is if it starts with a fresh pastry. Here I have a nice cream cheese and apple kolach, the dough is a buttermilk brioche that I let rise in the fridge overnight.
It's not only better tasting but cheaper and less of a hassle as I don't need to leave home for it.
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No title
I got a well done pizza at costco and it seems basically the same in firmness as a normal one except it looks more burnt

What a scam...
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No title
I started making homemade breakfast burritos every morning for breakfast and I no longer want to kill myself as much because I look forward to it so much
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No title
Bacon doesn't belong on cheeseburgers. The easiest way to tell if somebody is a dumbass low taste moron is if they get bacon on their burger.
8 media | 46 replies
No title
Very true.
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No title
i’m afraid to actually eat this cereal because i want to keep it as a reminder of why capitalism deserves to exist. this cereal box would only be made better if it contained a 10% coupon for a ford f-150 and an ad for the cheesecake factory
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No title
Is this the best BBQ sauce on the market right now? Also how are Daves restaurants?
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Ground Lamb With Sauerkraut Baked Inside Sourdough
Meat inside bread
what would this be called? We just processed a lamb today. not sure what type of cut to use, but am leaning towards ground. already have the Home made sauerkraut. wife makes sourdough weekly. I want to see if she can make them pretzel style bread.

is there anything else that should go in? what aboot seasoning type?

lamb is aging 48 hours. then we will break down, and process into cuts.
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French bread Pizza
Dear, Italian bros.
How do you feel about French bread pizza?
Sincerely, a white guy.
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No title
have to make a cocktail with this shit for work. Does anyone have any interesting ideas that aren't just like a pomegranate margarita or martini
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/SS/ - Supermarket Sunday
>walk in beer fridge edition
have you experienced the sweet life of hiding in the beer fridge in summer at the grocery store to stay cool? also discuss your drinks of choice.

also general grocery stories tips and tricks on the blessed day of the supermarket shop
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No title
chicken mcgriddle
I miss when I could get two of these for $3.
Haven't been to mcdonalds since they got rid of the deal. Also a basic hamburger is $2 now. What the fuck?
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These little suckers are pretty good. 25% alcohol and only like $1.50 at walmart.
3 media | 25 replies
Dishes you didn't know were regional
steak tips
I assumed sweet marinated steak tips were a common thing everywhere, just learned it's a New England specialty. What are your region's hidden gems?
7 media | 25 replies
No title
What are the top three essential kitchen tools?
0 media | 7 replies
No title
>smells incredible
>tastes so unbelievably bland you have to add sugar and lime juice just to make it tolerable
Are papayas the bay leaf of tropical fruit?
3 media | 17 replies
No title
what were they thinking?
1 media | 15 replies
No title
>bought picrel a week ago
>almost out already
small hot sauce containers are a sCam!!!!!!!!!
1 media | 11 replies
No title
Mm. Mm yeah can't wait. Mhmm. Mhm.
14 media | 56 replies
No title
as kino as this documentary was, I'm glad that it got discredited and most of morgan's health problems were attributed to his alcoholism.
3 media | 50 replies
No title
Post your dinner.
Rate the dinner above your post.
4 media | 12 replies
No title
>AL Dente
>Pepe Roni
>Reece Zotto
1 media | 5 replies
Heartburn Food
Anyone here have heartburn? I apparently let it run a bit too wild and now I need to take PPIs and eat a super-bland diet for the next month.

Anyone been through this before? What do you eat that is heartburn friendly?
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No title
Everytime i eat quince i eat 3 of them. Everytime i eat a quince i cut slices, every slice is covered full in salt before they reach my mouth. After every bite i promptly dip the slice in salt so no space is left uncovered, im obsessed with this taste.

Could my health and kidneys be compromised by this? Have in mind this only happens in a window of 2 months, where quinces are most delicious.
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HOT FOOD: overrated?
Is serving food “piping hot” or just hot in general, just a big meme? I’ve found that in my own personal life, whether it’s dining out, or even if I’m picking up food for someone, everyone is obsessed with getting their food hot as possible and eating it the second it cools just enough to be edible.

But for me, I’ve found that everything, from fast food to home cooked meals to fancy restaurants… everything tastes better when it’s cooled down to room temperature. The flavor comes through better.
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