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What is this trend with people showing themselves as expert at something when they're straight out of school and it's their first job?

It used to be that you would keep a low profile for at least the first 10 years of your career before giving lectures.

It's especially noticable with youtube's so called 'pro' cooks. A lot of them are in their 20s and can't possibly have acquired enough experience in the real world to be experts in their field.
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I'm retarded
How do I cook Jasmine rice without it becoming a gooey mess? I've tried 3 times now and it's always a disaster.
>wash thoroughly (5 times)
>add 1:2 ratio of rice:water
>simmer until water is gone
Rice bag says 10-14 minutes but this thing dries up in 5, the rice itself seems not to be too overcooked (hard to tell) but it's stuck together in goop which makes it feel like mush regardless, not pleasant at all. Do I try with less water? Wash it even more? You always hear "wash until it runs clear" but even after 5 washes (about 1:5 rice:water in the bowl by the way, I'm not washing it with tiny amounts of water each time) I was getting some cloudiness near the rice in the bowl if I stirred.

This shouldn't be this hard.
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I'm sorry but this isn't good. Southern fried fish or English fish and chips tastes so much better and is more worth my money.
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>mogs every other vegetable without even trying
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What is the largest drink you've ever drank?
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what is the fucking deal with muenster?
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>ITT webm
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wala thread
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What's the most drunk you've been? That is if you can remember it or being told.
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So, care to explain what's wrong with "cheese product" that isn't purely psychosomatic distress over the perceived evils of words like "pasteurized" and "processed" and "product"?

If I were wanting to have some cheese by itself, or perhaps on some crackers, I certainly would prefer actual cheese to cheese product, however, these "singles" work perfectly well for things like hamburgers, grilled cheese, patty melts, hot breakfast sandwiches, etc. They pretty much exist because they don't get oily or break down like most actual cheese and instead give you the perfect melty consistency.
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How do I make authentic hummus
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Any else cook with their/for their family?
My parents eat like garbage and I've been trying to change that

During my childhood my parents didn't cook much neither of enjoyed cooking then or now.
My dad tends to eat salads from random places, tuna from cans, crackers, popcorn, and alcohol.
He has blood clotting issues.

My mom will order 10 grilled cheese sandwiches from Sonic, eat that yogurt that helps you shit, white bread and butter, coco pebbles/rasin bran, and green lipton tea.
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How is Onigiri so good??? I tried some the other day and it was so delicious. Its frankly amazing how japanese cuisine is so unpretentious yet balanced at the same time. Theres nothing like this in america.
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pizza dough
Please for the love of god teach/show/tell me how to make good pizza dough. Mine always turns out flat and tasteless. I've tried ap flour, bread flour, a mix of both, honey, sugar, egg no egg, letting it set out in room temp, and cold fermenting I cant get good dough. Please /ck/ youre my only hope.
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download (1)
What can i use these little middle eastern mother fucker dick suckers for, other than motherfucking hoummous?
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It's just chocolate. How is it possible to screw things SO much up?
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Has anyone here in /ck/ actually tried Coca-Cola Apple? If so, what's the verdict? And when will we see a worldwide release of this flavor?

Also, general Coca-Cola thread, I guess.
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>be me
>post on /ck/
>get balls busted because American Goulash post with image
>get Internet
>find GOOGLE
>rustic Italian food
>"pasta faglahbahbahahla"
>American Goulash
>am I not right?
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Vegan Meals
Any vegan meal you made?
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Interesting Food Facts
Did you know in Canada, the Whopper burger is pronounced like Hooper?
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tiny bit
>"And now we finish with a tiny bit of olive oil
>Dumps a whole bottle in
Why does it happen everytime???
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>take a gander at italian food
>carbs on carbs on carbs on more carbs
>somehow italians apparently have the healthiest hearts in europe and are living crazy long

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pizza nigger
Post WebMs of employees tampering with food in hilarious ways
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The best McDonalds products are as follows

Sausage McMuffin
French Fries
Quarter Pounder
Apple Pie
Chicken McNuggets
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Your Recent Culinary Adventures
I recently started playing with sodium citrate in cheese.
Makes it nice and thick and nacho-y.
Mix in some nice dark beer with sharp cheddar.
Mix in oat milk for a nutty flavor.
Or milk to be extra creamy
So far I've just tried cheddar because I have a lot of it I need to go through, but some pungent expensive cheese could be done this way too. I want to.
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ITT awful deserts
This is the Bosschebol or whatever its called elsewhere. It's just bread with whipped cream in it.
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ITT: Fictional foods
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Have you ever eaten ass?

like a nice, sweaty, unwashed ass.....haha
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Post unique McDonald's burgers from your country.
>pic related
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Meme food
For me it’s pork tenderloin, the most bland and useless cut you can make.

>pic fresh and related
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Are cigars trashy?
The shop that sells them near me always has gross cigarette smokers and homeless people hanging around and Im kinda scared to go in.
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Mcdonalds vs. Hesburger, whats your pick?

for me, its Hesburger. The cheeseburger is full of fatty goodness to allow me to survive the harsh winters in the east.
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images (2)
Who here likes the kernel?
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I love cold cereal and eat some almost every day. Even though most people have it for breakfast it's the perfect evening snack. I don't eat sugary stuff however - usually rice chex, crispix, or Cheerios, though I will have some cinnamon life or honey bunches of oats on occasion. I usually eat it with a splash of 2% or whole milk and nothing else. I also watch my calories and try to never exceed my TDEE. I think when in retire I'd like to work in a cereal factory!

I sure do love cereal. Pic related - it's what I just ate.
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Food Urban Legends
>Two years ago, This American Life documented a farmer visiting a processing plant where boxes labeled “artificial calamari” turned out to be pig’s rectums, and in a side-by-side taste test, none of the show’s producers could tell the difference between pork bung, as it’s known, and true squid.
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TB 6 4 20 2
Had to go pick up some vodka tonight and almost missed last call at the grocery store (the drug store was already locked up and dark). Turns out everything is closing early now because of the protests, and I don't even live in an urban area. Also picked up some Taco Bell on the way home - for good measure. Anyone else being affected by this silliness?
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Guys, Gordon Ramsay is epic!
eh puts h is benis in the beef welly and doesnt afraid of anything!
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When I eat at a restaurant, I ask for filtered water and if they don't have it, I request bottled water.

It always seems the staff are really miffed by this request.
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>little seizures now selling large pizzas for $4
How in the FUCK do they do it bros?
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Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 11.27.55
What good channels are there for asian cooking on youtube?
Pic related

>Hi, Wang Gang here. *Holds up a live animal*.
>Quick cut to dead animal being butchered
>Chop up bits with cleaver
>Sauté in a massive wok with 26 gallons of oil and water, 3 pounds of garlic, ginger and chilli peppers and sichuan peppercorns
>Make uncle and aunt and qt assistant fall in love with you more

I need to work on making this a reality
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$230 well spent
>quick even heating
>never needs cleaning
>Artisan styling
>Forged in portland
>patented pour technology
>virtually non stick for life
>seasoned in organic flaxseed
>handle wound from 300 series stainless steel rod stock

Finally picked up one of these bad boys right here and gotta say its heckin amazing. no lie, everything tastes better, i love cooking even more now, its so versatile i can use it for anything, then just wipe clean it never need to scrub it out. why is it so good bros?
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I made some baked mushrooms yesterday. Is it safe to eat them today?
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What the fuck is the deal with 100% bars? I tried one recently, having tried 99% bar previously I expected it to be quite similar, but it was fucking tasteless. There was no hint of cacao it was simply some tasteless blob of fat melting in my mouth
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Picture provided without comment
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Holy shit. I just discovered that you can eat sausages without a bun and they are delicious.
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Based foods no longer being sold
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/tea/ General
Spring harvest edition

This thread is for the discussion of teas, tisanes and herbal infusions.

/tea/ FAQ:
Pastebin rewrite coming soon™

"Suggest tea for me"
>Your country
>What tea have you tried before
>Do you own a teapot, gaiwan etc
Yes teabags suck

previous thread
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What's the worst meal a family member brought to a gathering?
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Chef's/General Purpose Knife
I'm submitting an order on Amazon JP soon and figured I might buy a Chef's/general purpose knife since the price increase in shipping is negligible and I don't have any decent knives at home.

Are Tojiro knives good? The 210mm Tojiro Gyutou (FU-889) would come out to about $55.
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Where is he when we need him most?
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How come people are only ok with eating bugs if they spend heir whole lives being wet?
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what's some essential /ck/ cinema?
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You know you’re a normie if you hate this.
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My friend made this cake for a family that lost their child to heart disease.

I thought it was pretty high quality so I figured I'd post it here. Kind of weird to eat your kid though right?
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For me it's decaf instant coffee. Shhhh don't talk to me before I've had my coffee.
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No title
So whats the final verdict?
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Since apparently COVID-19 is no longer a problem, the question arises:

What foods do you have left? What meals hit it out of the park? What didn't? What would you do if you'd been able to plan a week ahead of time and avoid the hoarding (you may get this scenario in the Fall)?
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No title
Why does the big mac get all the love when the QPC is clearly the superior burgeh?
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How do you use bbq sauce?
Also, what else do you pair with grilled meats? I was thinking of making tzatiki to go with some chicken
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Waba Grill
I could eat this shit everyday. Fuck flame broiler
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For me, it's peanut butter crackers and cinnamon nuts
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My dinner
Burgers for dindin.

>top bun
>slice of ham
>swiss cheese
>fried egg
>bottom bun
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What is the best ice cream flavor and why is it Rockin’ Poppin’ Cotton Candy?
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For me, it's Jim Beam
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i miss him bros
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For me it’s the Big Tasty, the best European McDonald’s sandwich
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How many pizza toppings is too many?
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made some steak frites lazily

what's for dinner /ck/?
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Rate my burger
How do you pigs like my burg?
I made it on George Forman grill.
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In n out is extraordinarily overrated, it's literally the same tier as every other fast food restaurant. I'm pretty sure somebody sold their soul to get this place the reputation it has
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Give me all of your salsa recipes
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No title
Korean food is the ultimate pleb filter
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>chill anon
>it's just one bite and I'll give it back
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can we have a cooking alcohol thread?
>go to liquor store
yes i want to see your rums

>yes we have (expensive brand and slightly less expensive brand)
i mean i love rum but i wouldnt feel comfortabele using that for cooking
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Oatmeal Creampie Cookies
cum slut cookies
were these cookies created to condition us to today's era of hyper-promiscuous super sluts?
can these cookies be enjoyed in an era where hardcore pornography is considered part of a balanced lifestyle?
if you're gay, is it easier to enjoy these cookies because you don't think of drooling vulva wounds whenever you spy a row of these cookies in a case or on the packaging of the boxes always on the lowest shelf of the aisles so as to force you into a positional submission to the Grocer generously giving you the creampies, much the same as if you were kneeling at the bedside, or even fully pronate as they took things to the floor, Little Debbie or Sarah Lee having returned from their Kibbutzim-of-discovery, a long distance show where there were these guys who never spoke English whenever they appeared in their webcams and Sarah and Debbie had to quickly cut things short, it always seemed like those fuzzy friends of theirs were always in some kind of hurry, and so it always seemed a nice thing to do to be understanding and let them go about what they needed, that's the specific genre of cuckery engendered in the Oatmeal Creampie Cookie's marketing,
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man with ass
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So I just got home and a random bag of Indian food was sitting in front of my apartment door. What am I in for /ck/?
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No title
ITT: the greatest crossovers of /food and cooking/ history
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No title
Anybody else like noodles with meatballs? My favorite thing to order at an Italian restaurant is angel hair noodles with meatballs.
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No title
What do you do when you feel sick from eating too much sugar
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110 euros
Genuine cafe-roastery employee uniform for perfect barista cosplay edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries.

>what are you drinking
>do you like it
>getting anymore

Previous thread >>14161328
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Pictures of food that make you want to beat your co/ck/
4 images | 5 replies
No title
what do you guys know about this?
17 images | 134 replies
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I just made fries out of a potato and ate them but then remembered that the potato had a long singular sprout and was sort of soft to the touch. It didn't look discolored or crinkled or withered really, but I'm kind of afraid. Am I gonna die by potato?
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No title
I grew up drinking milk with dinner, frequent cereal with milk, and occasional eggs. Now as an adult I get really stinky gas and poops when I eat eggs or drink milk.
I have heard that it decreases as you increase your exposure, but it doesn't seem to have improved.
Can I eat some yoghurt or probiotics to help rebuild my gut biome? Sauerkraut?
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Snail Farm in France
They are beeing offered a happy snail life and they are offering us a tasty threat.

They can either chill on the bricks or eat in the weeds.
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Is coconut oil the only substitute for cocoa butter?
I'm gonna make budget dark chocolate tomorrow but I've realised that nobody nearby sells cocoa butter.

A few of recipes I've read insist the coconut oil is the *only* substitute for cocoa butter (despite the fact is melts so easily), is this true?. Unfortunately, coconut oil is also in short supply where I live so how sacrilegious is it to just use dairy butter?
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Rate my pasta
I put onions in and that was a great call, also 4 types of cheese
0 images | 6 replies
Rest In Piece
There's no way buffets are making a comeback.
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No title
What kind of stuff do you like to eat with steamed rice, vegetables/pickles wise? I'm out of kimchi.
1 images | 5 replies
No title
My butter-basing steak game is getting pretty good but it always looks like a big piece of poo. How do I garnish steak properly?
1 images | 2 replies
No title
What's this herb called again?
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No title
Im 21 and only 3 months ago I started cooking regularly. I really like it, and im even thinking of dedicating myself to this profesionally. But im worried: is it too late for me? Most professional cooks start cooking when theyre teens, so I feel like ill never catch up to their lvl of skill :(
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No title
What's the worst display of table manners you've EVER seen?
26 images | 200 replies
No title
*lies about the badness of your food in your path*
*destroys the interior of your restaurant in your path*
5 images | 24 replies
Behold the all mighty STROMBOLI
8 images | 36 replies
No title
Post what you're drinking.

Try keep the autism to a minimum.
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No title
What’s the best fast food restaurant and why is it Wendy’s?
9 images | 85 replies
No title
Rendering some leftover prime rib from where I work
14 images | 14 replies
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>suddenly "gold" chocolate

What does the hivemind of /ck/ think of this? Its just white chocolate that has been caramelized. Looks like it has been around for a while but I have never seen it in stores until recently.

I think its pretty good.
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No title
a slather on your hots dogs, just like at the ballpark
made it taste better?
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No title
are knorr stock cubes a necessity in the domestic kitchen?
2 images | 13 replies
No title
ITT: Foods hipsters haven't ruined yet
20 images | 122 replies
No title
>tomatoes get introduced to the rest of the world in the 1500s
>Indians, Italians, Thais, almost every single cuisine in the old world makes amazing use of them
>English people literally burn them and put it next to toast, beans, and some meat

Is this the most pathetic cuisine in the world?
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tough times calls for tough kitters, dickered food cookin time

this thread is for anyone to post a cook-along, bake-along, lime-along, drink-along, snack-along, sing-along, pickle-along or OC food/drink pics, post your meals or what ever if you don't want to make or use another thread

last thread >>14103793
63 images | 187 replies
Sourdough Pizza
It's delicious. I made pic related yesterday. My all time favourite pizza!
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No title
Cream or Jam first?
6 images | 72 replies
Baking math
If I take 2.CUPS ALL PURPOSE FLOUR, and mix it with both 3/4CUP OF WATER and 4 TBSP OOL, how many cups, or tbsps would I have?
Thats the mathnim talljng
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No title
cereal milk
What cereal produces the best cereal milk?
1 images | 13 replies
No title
This has to be satire.
Jokes aside, what are your favorite handheld Japanese/fusion rice foods? For me, it's Spam musubi.
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No title
Fried spam slice covered in pancake batter
0 images | 4 replies
I got a ton of these bitches for free a while back and now I can't rid of them, they're just big ass crackers
Remembered this board existed so here I am: What do with matzos /ck/?
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No title
why does my bread always come out juicy
0 images | 20 replies
No title
what's for dinner? mushroom swiss burger with fries tonight for me
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No title
Do asians use butter?

Do they eat fat?

If so, where does it come from?
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No title
Little Caesar's pizza is the best chain pizza place. Don't @ me you faggots.

>best value
>best ingredients
>most convenient
>best tasting
>biggest variety
>several seasonal/promotional items
>best side dishes
>some located inside Kmart K-Cafe's
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No title
>he doesn't let his leftovers get to room temp before heating them up.

Because everyone likes over heated cooked twice garbage. Good job anon.
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No title
>bacon chocolate donut with sprinkles and coffee plus extra semen flavored beer
>it tastes like barley water
17 images | 127 replies
No title
Everybody seems to copy this. Patrick gets close.
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No title
Why cant you get a proper turkish kebab anywhere in America?
3 images | 21 replies
How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Grape or strawberry jelly? Peanut butter on top or bottom? How do you spread the peanut butter over the jelly without making a mess?

More tips on making this classic American sandwich!
1 images | 41 replies
$150 a month?
Gonna be living off of $150 food budget for the next few months. What are the bare essentials I need to buy? I’m scared bros, I’ve never eaten off of so little before.
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No title
kenji lopez altt
Objectively the best food youtuber out there

Also has extremely cringe language and writing habits that try too hard to sound like a flowery lit major. But still not enough to nullify his impeccable content.
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No title
6 images | 21 replies
Why is this so good?
This chocolate is a life saver. Drinking coffee gives me heart burn. I need more of it I only have 4 cans left.
3 images | 12 replies
What's everyone sipping on today?

just finished my coffee and moved on to this
4 images | 14 replies
Drinks that are surprisingly good
Been an alcoholic for a decade now and just tried this on a whim, holy shit it’s good. What drinks have you been surprised by?
0 images | 13 replies
No title
What did you make for dinner, /ck/?
4 images | 24 replies
No title
For me it's mushroomless beef stroganoff!
3 images | 15 replies
Eastern beef
hanwoo beef
How did Asians BTFO westerners so fucking hard when it comes to beef?

>the entire west
>over 1 billion people today
>60% of all land on planet earth
>eat crap beef for 600 years straight, over half a millennium

>0.1 billion people
>crowded rice-eating island smaller than California, literally no land
>after widespread cultivation beef in the 20th century, create Wagyu just 5 decades later
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Fruit chutney is weird
Onions and fruit, what the fuck? For some reason this combination really throws me off. Especially when there are pieces of fucking onion in it instead of just onion powder. Did someone just throw random shit together to invent this?
2 images | 8 replies
Existent David
What do you guys’s think of my healthy pizza muffins?
0 images | 6 replies
No title


where i'm from there's two kinds of beer: small and large.

who's with me here?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
what's some good food to make for a picnic with a qt?
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No title
I often wonder
Is it time for the percolator?
2 images | 14 replies
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