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Could you eat these bad boys in one sitting?
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What would you say it takes for someone to be good at cooking?

Does one just magically have it so his/her dishes always come out good?

Would you say, as someone who's good at cooking, that you sometimes fuck up a dish for no good reason? Sometimes I screw up a meal I've done countless times perfectly, and I'm never sure why.
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I think it's time for me to get a rice cooker. I simply don't want to wait for rice anymore and I'm working out so I need my food fast. What is a good one to get that won't break the bank?
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Going to the chippy for tea. What you wanting?
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I'm an extreme poorfag who got laid off recently so can't afford proper alcohol, what's the easiest way to make sugar wine?
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What is the coolest thing you can eat? Something that other people would think "I'm not cool enough to eat that" and then they get jealous of how cool and confident you are because here you are, eating it
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We need a webm thread.
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Arizona Flavor Builder
arizona is running this thing where you build an arizona flavor and submit it for voting that takes place on december 7th, winner becomes a real flavor. make something fucked up and post it here
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Grocery List
What does your grocery list look like? I go once a week on Sunday morning.
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I will be making some orange chicken lo mein
I made some caneton bigarade a few days ago, the duck itself wasn't that good but the orange sauce was so I will use it again. My plan is to season and fry the chicken thighs then stir fry some spaghetei noodles with seaseme oil, soy sauce, onions, and ginger then I will put in the cjicken and stir fry for a bit longer and then I will put in the orange sauce and cook for just a bit.

I'll need you anons to keep this thread alive until I do
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>all-purpose seasoning
What kind of fucking wizard knows every single culinary application of his seasoning mix and was bold enough to market it as all-purpose?
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Is it safe to eat food that has set out for an entire day?
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Mmm, sausage roll. Do you have yours with or without ketchup?
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/tea/ tea drawer edition
tea/ - /tsg/
This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.
info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea
Previous thread: >>18617350
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peanut brittle
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Thanksgiving night, no booze thread, lets fix that.
Cracked my Midwinter Nights Dram I've been saving today. Did not disappoint. Finished my last beer now Im chilling
What did you drink for Turkey Day?
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lead plates
Just wanted to thank whoever this anon >>18592665 was for alerting me to the possibility my plates contain lead. Just found out they do.

Check your plates!
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Most misunderstood national cuisine?
Pretty sure no cuisine is more misunderstood on here than Indian food, which is a shame as it’s one of the greatest cuisines in the world. Most people I talk to have just been to some crappy curry house in their home country that serves dishes that would be unrecognisable back in India. It would be like trying to judge Italian cuisine by visiting Domino’s, or all American cuisine by visiting McDonalds. Very few on here seem to know about any Indian food outside of currys and samosas, such as:
>Aloo Tikki
>Dahi Vada
>Tandoor Paneer
>Gulab Jamun
Do yourself a favour /ck/ and make some effort to track down some authentic Indian food sometime, you won’t be disappointed.
Inb4 inevitable racehate: I’m not even Indian (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I’m just a Bong who has travelled round India a bunch and is lucky enough to live close to actually good Indian restaurants in London and thinks the rest of the world deserves to know how good their food is.
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>The grate debate
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How do I order this?
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images - 2022-05-24T190326.696
How do they get the cheese sauce into these bad boys?
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Competitive Eaters
Today we say good bye to a great gastrolympian. In his honor, let us discuss competitive eating and our favorite gurgitators.
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Russian Cuisine
I know most people seem to hate Russians at the moment but that is not the fault of their cuisine.
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So you regard yourself as a pasta connoisseur, even bought one of these..
Q: how often do you actually use it?
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Thinking of either buying a shitton of chocolate, or groceries for the week.
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Lent has turned me on to cheeseless pizza, which helps me appreciate the flavor of the sauce and dough much more. Why do people even add it?
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Little Caesar's? which Caesar was this? Goyus Slopius Caesar? This shit is awful.
Fuck, I get that it's supposed to be cheap but thankfully I'm not a poorfag so I'll avoid this chain in future.
Funny that it's mascot is a caesar and yet the food is only fit for literal plebeians. It's sort of a modern mutt's grain dole (paid for with food-stamps).
Don't eat here if you can afford not too.
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What'll ya have
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new flavor reveal

this is exciting both because of the flavor but also because a 'tuber reviewer got to pick the flavor. has a crossover like this happened before? imagine joeysworldtour fast food item or something like that...
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just bought 4 dozen of these energy drinks
turns out they have 300mg of caffeine per can and i going to be okay bros?
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You gonna grab some crabs?
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download - 2022-11-29T132522.513
Imma make a bold statement.

Lamb is perhaps the finest meat you will ever enjoy.

Steak is literally nigger-tier by comparison.
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No food has a bigger disparity between a good one and a bad one than pecan pie.
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/ctg/ Coffee Time General
Thread for discussing coffee and coffee-related topics.

If you're new or confused, start here:
If you're old or confused, drinking anything cozy lately?

Previous Thread:>>18624763
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expired salmon paste
I got this salmon paste that expired 3 weeks ago. Packaging has no damage and isnt swollen. Ingredients are salmon, oil, starch, spices and salt. No preservatives they say. If it looks, smells and tastes fine is it safe to eat? I heard not all food spoilage is perceivable.
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The BEST cheese
Why does EVERYONE call this the best cheese? Is it because it's true?
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what should you eat and not eat to get good bodyodor?
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What's the point of tea?
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itt cringe things people do when they eat food

ill start with : eating macaroni and cheese with a spoon
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we want the return of BK chicken tenders
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What soups are easy to make and tasty?
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Friendly Reminder: you have dishes to wash
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What are your favorite Mexican dishes?
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cooking fish is hard
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See I like sweet with sweet. Peanut butter balls and Dr. Pepper to wash it down.
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Redpill me on Norwegian cuisine
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>put heat on 4
>not enough heat
>put it on 5.5-6
>starts burning
I can never figure out the proper heat on my stove top. Are electric burners just retarded or am I?
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Orange and chocolate doesnt mix
It doesn’t. It fucking doesn’t.
Who in their right mind ever thought this was a good idea? It has a definitive taste, and it can be best described as “Wrong”. It doesn’t fit, whatever form (hot chocolate, cake, brownies whatever) Fuck you if you like it, fuck you if you buy shit like this, and a special Go-Fuck-Yourself to those limp dicked whackjaws who push these bullshit flavors. Get your tastebuds checked, bunch of fucking dumbasses and merry christmas
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ITT nostalgic food and drink. Apparently this cereal ran from 1989 to 1995.
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Lets try to find out what the tastiest food is, give ur input
4 me ot was meatballs in a mushroom thick soup ive eat in 1 restaurant in a village 5 years ago
As soon as i tried it i said this is the best food ive ever tried i couldnt believe how good it was

Also even if its something basic like tortillas or mcdonalds dont be afraid to say so.
So whats the single tastiest food uve ever tried?
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Should I pull the trigger on some panettone this year?
Redpill me on these bad boys
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Was Epic Meal Time based or cringe?
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Canned / Bottles Coffee General
Anyone here drink canned coffee?

I usually get the Monster Java mochas but I got picrelated for something different.

What am I in for?
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How does /ck/ feel about Indonesian food?
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Post your best budget meals and why you like them. The Budget Burrito:
>Refried beans and/or scrambled eggs
>Mexican shredded cheese
>Mexican, brown or jasmine rice
>Green bell peppers for crunch
>Nuke in microwave for 1 min and change
>Salsa if you want to dip it
Why it's great
>Nutritious and customizable
>Keeps well
>Meal prep it or make on the fly, either way is easy and quick
>Easily portable
>Tasty and filling
What are your budget meals?
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Why does BBQ sauce btfo every other sauce?
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baby cuttlefish
had these in my freezer, should I try making jerky out of them with my dehydrator or sous-vide them and then sear them off in a cast iron pan?
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Going to madrid/toledo, then north to santiago area. What do I need to eat besides ham and octopus?
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"culinary cultures" BTFO
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chinese egg plant
just bought some on a whim and now idk what to make with it
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Why do people spazz out over this stuff?
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how are these so damn addictive
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Have you ever used colostrum instead of milk?
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Rather poor choice of words for an advertising campaign, huh Mr. Peanut?
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Post your favorite chili recipe
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Why tf do people cook with these gloves on? They smell weird and smells get into foods. It always turns me off
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Lucille Bluth
Red pill me on Trader Joe
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candy thread
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Hat size compensation
What size of hat should I get since I am the head chef in my own kitchen at home?
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> 2.5 tsp equals .25 oz packet
>3 packets equals 2 ounces yeast cake

Why is this shit so complicated
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Not crêpes
How does anon like his pancakes? Folded or rolled?
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Whisky recommendations
Any recommendations for a good single highland malt whisky that isn't smokey, for around €60
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anyone else super autistic about spread coverage?
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Thoughts on pasta with pesto?
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>Europeans used to flavor their food with whale shit
Fucking lmao, i guess its good that white people don't season their food anymore. Better than sprinkling ground up whate shit on your food.
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you there americans, care to explain this
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this is the best slushie brand.
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Arnold Palmers
I always enjoy these but it never occurs to me to order one
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Fuck is up with Whole Foods?

I got hired here in meat department after being fired from Sam’s Club for attendance points. I’ve been here 2 days. Never shopped here before only used this place to drop off Amazon returns.

Everything is so fucking expensive. The only think I can afford are these 75 cent 12oz cans of 365 brand cola and $1.50 single vegan chocolate chip cookies. I have to go to Ralph’s across the street to buy bagels and donuts for lunch.

Tonight this old gay couple comes in and orders 2 New York strips and my boss cuts them 1 and a 1/2 inch thick. It’s $34 these douchbags pay for these tiny ass steaks. At Sam’s Club I could buy a pack of 6 steaks that were bigger for $40.

What the hell is up with this place?
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/mg/ - Milk General
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-30 at 20.58.30
Where do you get your milk? Do you also have milk dispensing machines where you live?
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Do you think this is a good bedtime snack?
How could it be improved?
>fresh ciabatta, tomato, mayo
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This is indian gourmet cuisine, say something nice about it!
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Every time I drink this, I feel more mentally clear, my brain fog goes away and I feel more energetic and happier. Is this placebo?
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What country has the best cusine?
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Oi! it's another fish & chips thread, ya cunts
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How do I fix my carbon steel pan?
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>make pic related
>add crystal hot sauce to the water
>add garlic to the water
>cook like normal
>add a bit more crystal when it's done
you just made hot n sour soup that tastes better than take out.
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No title
whats the deal with cinnamon rolls
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No title
Haribo is the best candy company, they play different flavors, textures, shapes, themes. What's your favorite Haribo bag?
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Microplane 46020 vs 45004
QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I'll start. I'm looking to buy a grater for stuff like zesting, garlic and parmigiano reggiano and heard good things about Microplane, but I dont know the difference between the small one and the big one. Anyone have any experience with either or anyone knows the difference? Do they do the same general stuff?
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>a fucking leaf
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the corn syrup alliance
which way fat-man?
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Why does this say both Microwave and cooking? Is it one or the other, or would I have to cook after microwaving?
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No title
How do you guys cope with knowing Teflon is everywhere in life, likely already in you because of non-cooking reasons, and largely does nothing to you unlike what all the FUD claims when trying to get you to buy expensive meme pans?
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No title
A steak, egg, and cheese bagel with a hash brown.

There is no better McDonald's breakfast sandwich.
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No title
Is this good to put in a soft shell taco along with rice and cheese? I've been putting black beans and they're only okay.
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First time
What should I do with these?
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Cigars - shill me what ones you like
Had a Cohiba Siglo III for my birthday, I want a couple of nice ones for Xmas and New year.

>What ones do you like
>What ones have been flavour
What ones don't you like
>What ones budget well without breaking the bank
>New world or Cuban?
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No title
Is eisbein and kimchi a good mix?
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/pg/ Pan General
Hey guys, I want to buy a new pan similar to picrel for my gf for Christmas. Is there a /ck/ approved brand that makes good non stick without the bad chemicals high quality etc?
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No title
what are your thoughts on this humble condiment?
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No title
Has science gone too far?
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Tea or Coffee
After finally finishing your breakfast, lunch or dinner what do you prefer to drink afterwards Tea or Coffee?
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Food you cant make yourself for cheaper than you can buy
As the title says, food you cant make yourself for cheaper than you can buy. just started getting into /trad/ cooking and noticed theres things that will cost more to make than to just buy. dont bother saying its free if you dont have to pay for any of the ingredients

starting with
>>peanut butter
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No title
My first child was born today. What should I eat to celebrate?
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No title
What are some really easy cheesecake recipes I can make in about hour give-or-take?
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No title
is it okay to drink coca cola in the morning?
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No title
What do you think of soy sauce chicken?
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No title
Me din dins
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Pregnancy cravings
My wife is pregnant and has been asking for so many foodstuffs I can’t keep up.
>anon, I want a cheeseburger
>anon, could you make me lasagna
>anon, salt and vinegar chips please
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No title
Suddenly my day is looking up.
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No title
spaghetti meat chicken
is there anything you can do with spaghetti meat chicken to make it edible?
ended up with a cut of it in the last pack of breasts I bought, and eating it was absolutely dreadful; the taste itself wasn't bad per se but the texture was like eating rubber. I'd just as soon throw it out next time.
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Discuss your favorite heartwarming soups and stews. I need some ideas for tomorrow.

Pic related is the best one I've ever had, some local dish from Cape Verde.
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No title
maxresdefault (6) (1)
Have a recipe for a large cake but I want to make two smaller cakes instead
How do I adjust temperature and cooking time?
Do I use half the baking powder or should I still use the same amount?
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No title
sweaty, it's time to choose your pie
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No title
>Hold on brah, I got this.
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Deep freezer?
You guys have one? My wife rams the freezer full of shit. Im sick of the clutter
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No title
could you, would you?
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No title
This is actually worth getting /ck/.
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No title
which food channel on youtube has the best recipes and techniques?
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No title
Is it true you can only eat raw eggs and meat if they come from a farmer you trust? If not, how should I prepare the food? Preferably without freezing.
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No title
Pizza dough bread pizza sandwich
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No title
insekten burger
Has anyone tried these? Are they any good?
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No title
That's some good scran.
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No title
Well, whats the best?
I for one tried both a lot. Maybe french won on taste by a margin, but takes to long time, that espresso is my go to machine.
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No title
>he doesn't put apple on his pizzas
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No title
Would you try a chili cheese danish?
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Cheese enthusiasts general
Which state here in the states makes the best cheese? Wisconsin? Vermont? New York? Some other state? Those 3 are the ones I hear about the most. From my experience Vermont has the best cheddar, other cheese vary.

How about what country in the entire world makes the best cheeses? Italy? France? Amsterdam?

Here's some beautiful cheese while you think on it:

And finally did you have any tasty cheese dishes for Thanksgiving?
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No title
just found out pickles are cucumbers. my entire 46 year life has been a lie
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No title
How often do you clean out your fridge?
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No title
grown up pbj
You DO make PB&J's right? (For grown ups)
3 media | 22 replies
Post your favorite..

Did I miss any?

Pic related was my favorite zogslop in middle school aka the Mexican pizza
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2070_thumb 1-3-product-tile-desktop
>no crispy buns
>meat slap slathered in sauce
>no lettuce to keep the untoasted floppy buns from soaking in the onslaught of sauce the meat has been suspected too
And before fast food fags start coping, we get to eat McRibs all year long over here in Germanistan and the taste is good but the way this shit gets served makes it impossible to eat without 1.) getting yourself dirty because the "meat" just slips around while trying to eat it and/or 2.) having to ask staff for some wooden fork and knife like my dad does to avoid problem 1#.

Is McDonalds too stupid to figure out that a crispy bun makes for better burgers or are wagies, whom get payed more over here then they do in the US, are too retarded. It's a mystery to me
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No title
this thread is for COMFY food channels only, no ragusea, no adam cheblewski, NONE OF THAT SHIT
here are some good comfy channels ive found
>glen and friends, particularly the old cookbook show
>celebrating appalachia
>chef john
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No title
Sour cream is good with steak, medium rare, good sear, sometimes with some garlic. Stay triggered.
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Best seasonal soft drink
Sweet and tart citrus and cherry soda with a nice Spicy Cinnamon ginger clove aftertaste.
No other seasonal soda is better.
There is a reason cinnamon coke hasn't made an appearance in the last few years. Why even try when they know they will get btfo by the mighty MT-Dew fruitquake™?
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No title
Does this kind of food even exist?
1 media | 10 replies
No title
I'm currently having a money problem, /ck/. What are some of the cheapest tasty recipes out there?
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how the fuck do you fry chicken
everytime i attempt deepfried chicken, it comes out undercooked in the middle
if i fry it longer, the crust burns
lowering the temp does nothing
raising the temp does nothing
how do you do this? not a single recipe ever elaborates on this issue, just tell you to "fry it"
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