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Hello my fellow cooks! I'm going to attempt my first cookies. Please advise. I want some crunchy cookies like you'd get in a packet in the shop. I'll post the recipe in the next post and see what you'd adjust to get pic related.
Also I'll be using butter. Won't be using margarine or shortening
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chicken wings :)
download (14)
what do you guys like on your chicken wings? i like buffalo sauce and lemon pepper.
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I bought a slab. What the fuck do I do with this.
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During a meal, do you eat rice as you eat other food at the same time, or do you eat the other food then swallow and proceed to eat rice by itself?
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What company makes the most bomb ass tea?
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Is it just me or is using an oven kinda feminine?

I can only think "faggot" when a grown man constantly uses the oven
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why do American insist on 'washing' and refrigerating eggs?
stop using pesticides on the eggs and you wouldn't need to wash them and then refrigerate the egg.
Literally nowhere else in the world are eggs sold washed or chilled. USA has absolutely been jewed by the egg merchants. It's the food equivalent of circumcision.

>keep your egg in a fridge, goyim, and throw it away after 5 days and buy news ones or you will get sick, goyim.

Here in europe eggs are sold as they come straight from the chicken, no washing, no pesticides, no refridgration. And you can keep them for weeks and they keep for weeks.

In america they 'wash' the egg which removes the protective layer from the shell and pushes salmonella into the inside of the egg. It really crazy
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Goulash thread
What makes a good goulash for you, /ck/?
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Last Meal
You are about to face the death penalty. What are you having for your last meal?
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Tick bite meat allergy
I was bitten by a tick carrying the alpha gal disease, now I'm severely allergic to red meat to the point of having vomitting spells and severe, full body flushing and rash including lip and tongue swelling. How do I cope with this without killing myself? It's been 3 weeks and I'm already getting sick of chicken all the goddamn time. Anybody else develop an allergy to their favorite foods? I feel so alone
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What kind of topping do you like on your glizzy?
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Can i still temper molten chocolate if I add some butter to it?
images (9)
or coconut oil?
I'm making chocolate from cocoa butter and cocoa paste, but i want a way to make it more creamy, can i add some butter or coconut oil and still get a solid non melty room temperature chocolate? I'm using the cocoa butter seed method to temper
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For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich.
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does anyone here like tuna sandwiches?
i love them a lot, especially with sweetcorn :)
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Gordon Ramsay
>the grilled cheese video that brought down a culinary icon
>overly thick bread
>stupid cheese placement
>cooked in an overly hot pan in a fireplace
>bread is burned, cheese not even melted
>he's obviously disappointed
>he smiles and says how delicious it is anyway
>what an absolute fucking hack
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ok would you rather this
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Does anybody else sometimes order simple meal in restaurants just to compare the meal to your’s? Mine almost always turnes out bettet.
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i miss food courts
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me when I cook 6 eggs for brekky

3 were scrambled and 3 were cooked normal
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You literally cannot name a better fast food item.
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holy fucking shit
i'm not a shill but i just tried a cookies and cream twix? it's fucking amazing
i don't normally make threads like this but i def come here for inspo for what to eat
anyhoo snack thread general i guess
>pic pretty unrelated
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here's your plant based sausages bro
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Buy a McFlurry today.
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>dude keto diet works just try it
My labia.
I've tried it for 2 months and I'm still acne ridden and I still suffer from allergies
My weight is the same too.
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If you simply leave UHT milk out at room temp and it starts to curd, is that good fermentation or bad?
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How much do you spend on food every day (on average)? I don't have a kitchen, so I'm going out to eat every day. I spend $20-25.
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why the hate for unitaskers?
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What are your favorite 90s nigger foods?
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For me, it's Gandalf®'s Gobble Melt™.
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Where we're going, we don't need fries.
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This has to be the biggest meme device I've bought in a while. Makes a small, shitty cup of coffee no better than the run of the mill US percolator. It is a relative pain to clean too. I hope I can return in and just get a good french press instead. Fuck $35 for this thing.
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I'm vegan. AMA.
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Found some peanut butter whisky at the grocery store. It's pretty good. Tastes like sweet peanut oil with a little burn on the back end. Anyone else like it? Similar recommendations?
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shovel grip
If you hold your utensils like this, then you are subhuman garbage.
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I’ll put some stuff in your food that makes your girlfriends clit grow into a penis and her ovaries into balls and that makes your balls invert into a womb while you turn into a cute version of yourself. Then your girlfriends testosterone will raise rapidly and she will rape and impregnate you.

What meal would you choose it to be out of any meal in the world?
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Alright, lets say you're currently in possession of roughly 800 kilos of honey.
What would you do with it?
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white cheddar is so fucking good
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>"Well done /ck/. That is a lovely piece of cake. Thank you."
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Last day to get Chick-fil-A until Monday. What are you going to order today, chi/ck/en bros?
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do you guys eat gas station food? why/why not?
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>get drunk with abbey beer
>feel great all the time - relaxed and happy at the same time
>get drunk with some sweet port red wine
>feel like absolute shit - like im too hot or have a fever, stressed out, anxious and full of regrets
>repeat both to make sure its gonna be the same again out of curiosity, and it is

what's going on here? total amount of alcohol was the same in both cases so thats not it
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90s Pizza Hut
What went so wrong with Pizza Hut?
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why do these exist?
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Water, Pea Protein*, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Refined Coconut Oil, Rice Protein, Nat. Flavors, Cocoa Butter, Mung Bean Protein, Methylcellulose, Potato Starch, Apple & Pomegranate Extract, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Sunflower Lecithin, Beet Juice Extract
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ITT: Candy/drinks/food nobody likes but you
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Culinary school in Australia
Is it worth it? If so which one? Currently undergoing a baker apprenticeship, and when I’m done I want to under go a pastry chef apprenticeship but I want to go to a really good and fancy one
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How did McDonald's manage to make the best fast food burrito?
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Craft Beer
What is it about the craft beer community that attracts people like this?
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When you fry do you go flour --> egg --> crumbs or just egg --> crumbs? I've seen both
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God I love water so much
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>*ruins everything it touches*
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images (24)
Why did they make an icecream named after him?
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so you know those spinning rotisserie roasters you put over a fire or heat source, they spin real slowly

what would happen if you spin them at like 3600 rpm?? would the meat cook differently?
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o (24)
Which of my two bugers would you favor?
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Which ocean has better sea food? Pacific or Atlantic?
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Why do I get diarrhea when I eat at Burger King but when I eat any other burgers I'm fine?
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I made chicken and rice for dinner

LOOK how cool I am
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what's the best brand of ice cream you can get at the grocery store /ck/?
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Chickens outside KFC
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he never gets out
Okay guys i have a question about cracking eggs. I'll admit im a tourist and i know fuck all about cooking but recently i've seen people like ramsay or even ja/ck/ crack eggs on a flat surface and saying this is how you should always do it like it's written in the bible, but in their older videos they just crack the egg on the side of the pan or some shit. Is this a recent thing or am i just retarded?
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>That's a spicy meatball!
What did """""they"""""" mean by this?
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wtf how long has Hungry Jacks had real onion rings? they're delicious
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What is the tastiest most epic food?
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How do i get my pancakes to be so voluptuous and thiccc?
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My mom taught me that you shouldn't freeze animal bones. It ruins the nutrition, I guess. So when I make homemade stocks I only ever use bones from today. But this means I throw out some usable bones from chicken wings and such.

Is my mom autistic? Is it ok to freeze bones for later use in a stock?
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Worst garbage ever
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How the FUCK do you make mac n cheese?
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gigachad gardener
What food are you growing this summer, /ck/?
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How did I do /ck/?
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Going to try Churches for the first time. What should I make sure to get? From what I hear it's the biscuits.
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I guess this is what passes for steak in Japan.
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Fuck I can't wait to get off this diet
Doc has me eating no refined flour and no sugar whatsoever (no fruit sugar, but vegetable sugar is in such trace amounts that I'm still eating those) and AS SOON AS I GET OFF THIS DIET OF CHEESE AND NUTS AND MEAT 3 MEALS A DAY I'm ordering pic related. Who else is waiting to get off their diet? Cheat day pics also welcome.
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I'm considering dropping around $2k on an espresso machine and another grand on a grinder. How bad of an idea is this bros? Should I just stick to buying espressos every day?
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what if you combined yeast with flour and water, has anyone ever discovered this before?
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Fuckin lush
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Do people actually eat dinner?
Back home, my mom would never cook at night, so we would usually have a meal at around 19:00 consisting of toast or some sandwich with cold cuts, maybe yogurt, or some lunch leftover reheated on the microwave. So I don't usually eat dinner at all.
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Free delivery on menu log lads
Time to fuck with some foreign worker cunts
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das Brot
I've finally fucking done it bros. I've made the perfect baguettes. It took many tries any my left hand is in searing pain from getting burned by steam but it was all worthwhile. Just look at that fucking crumb. You should hear the crunch of these babies getting squeezed. Like listening to a symphony.
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Do you like Korean food?
If so, what kind of Korean food do you like?
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What was your spaghettiest moment?
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Do you put ice in you’re beer?
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Baking Thread
I recently bought myself a cake tin and baked a cheesecake. It came out delicious, but now it's gone and I feel like making something different. I'm just not sure what the next one should be. What kind of a cakes do you like to make and why those exact kinds?
Also generic baking thread I guess.
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This guy says that basically all chronic modern disease is caused predominantly by plant oils, specifically seed oils with high omega 6. He recommends animal fats like butter or coconut oil to be used instead. He did mouse studies and the mice fed animal fat lived three times as long and were less obese than the ones fed refined vegetable oil, at the same amount of calories in each group. [Open]

Vegans on the other hand say that animal fats and animal products are unnatural in the diet and site multiple studies that show long life span and low levels of chronic disease being prevalent in communities with mostly plant based diets.

I don't know who to believe /ck/
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>used AP flour instead of bread flour for pizza dough
Can I even salvage this? What should I do with this fuck up dough?
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/tea/ general
/tea/ cozy edition

This thread is for discussing tea tisanes and other herbal infusions.

Pastebin brewing instructions, tea info and sources:
New update! loads of sources added for euro and american tea shops.

"Suggest tea for me"
>Your country
>What tea have you tried before
>Do you own a teapot, gaiwan etc
Tea bags are OK, but inferior.

previous thread:
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What’s your usual order at Burger King? I get two Impossible Whoppers.
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Energy Superiority
Food is the root of all evil.
Only food man can eat and still maintain immortality are self-grown raw fruits from trees that are never used for profit. Gifts of trees is all man can eat and still live forever.
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Are no bake cookies a southern US thing?
I was having a conversation with several online friends (two leafs, two Americans from Colorado and California, and a brit) and ended up bringing up no bake cookies.
None of them knew what they were. Is this a statistical anomaly or are no bake cookies something that is exclusive to the southern us?
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Should you breathe in or breathe out before you swallow your food /ck/?
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Loaded Italian from Arby's.
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No title
So how bad are they for you, really?
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What would you use in place of an onion for someone who has a serious sensitivity/allergy to it? My MIL can have garlic and chives, but I'm not sure why those are okay and she doesn't either. She avoids everything else in the allium family, and I don't want to make her sick or leave her out on special occasions when I'll be cooking food for everyone, some dishes containing onion. One thing I tried was a "salsa" using corn, radish, and jicama (she also can't have grocery store tomatoes due to the gas they spray on them) since the radish could give it a bit of bite that onion normally would. Is there anything else that I can use as onion substitute or do I just need to avoid dishes that truly require onions when she's around?
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TB 8 11 20 3
Are you eating or drinking anything special to cope with the dead Summer heat? I made a burger, and also picked up some Taco Bell - for good measure. Did you do anything nice for yourself on this last somewhat temperate evening before we go deep into triple digit midnights?
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What's your favorite apple? I'm a Granny Smith gal myself.
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No title
Is a corn dog a kebab or a popsicle
4 images | 22 replies
No title
Which one bro ?
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No title
What are some of your favorite authentic Mexican dishes?
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I present to you, the PMS pizza: pineapple, mushrooms, sardines

The finest pizza anyone can buy.
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ice maker thread

owners, do you guys enjoy having one of these? so far I've owned one for a week and I really like the convenience of having as much ice as I want, but I'm still wondering how much power these things use. wished I had an ice maker built into the fridge which would've kept the ice frozen perpetually but ah well.
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>spend an hour slaving away over a hot stove to make the perfect meal
>degenerate family members smother everything in hot sauce, destroying the flavor I worked so hard to achieve
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No title
Just failed the test for a chef apprenticeship position at Wendy's. How the fuck am I expected to know any of this
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Best soup, period.
That's any cream of tomato soup, so long as it is well made, it is tasty.
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No title
What does psilocybin taste like?
2 images | 25 replies
No title
here is my whiskey, r8
the 15 was pretty uneventful, btw
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No title
what's your "emergency alcohol" /ck/? That is, when you've gone through the good beer, bad beer, maker's mark, vino, and tequila... what is that thing that's always "last in your stash" that when you hit it, you know you hit the bottom of the barrel till payday?

For me, its ole' Jack. Always last, always waiting for me, like a good friend. Was my first, so long ago back in college. And still never let's me down.
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No title
>soothes an upset tummy
>yummy and crisp
>not to sweet
>taste that can't be beat
>no caffeine to disturb nappies.

why isn't CD more fairly represented in vending and bev dispenseries?
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>it's just acquired taste
>You'll get used to the numbness dude
I love mapo tofu I absolutely do not understand why Chinese people like this flavor. I literally can't stand it once I noticed it.
But why is it a common thing in Chinese dish? I can't muster a logical reason why would anymore prefer "numb" taste.
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No title
What's Your thoughts on Bojangles?
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No title
What is worst being a wagie at Tim Hortons or McDonald?
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No title
What went so horribly wrong?
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Coffee Time /ctg/
Comy cafe cause I need to find that one pic an anon posted edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries.

>what are you drinking
>do you like it
>getting anymore

Previous thread: >>14499789
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No title
Has anyone used this yeti something similar? Is it good/does it work? I was thinking about getting one but I have an electric stove and not the strongest vent. Does it work on electric?
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What booze is most intoxicating for least calories?
Ok, let's cut to the chase. I like to get shit-faced drunk at the weekend to take a holiday from my miserable wagie life. What booze enables this for the least amount of calories please?
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Let's settle this once and for all; is it bad or negligible to heat up your oil past its smoke point?
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No title
What is the best meat filling and why is it taco bell lunchables taco kit?
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No title
Rate my Mickey D's order
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>lettuce is buttery
>chardonnay is buttery
What are some other retarded food comparisons? Neither of those have a single flavor or texture similarity to separated milk fat.
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No title
If you could go back in time and tell the first person who fried potatos in fat that they would be the direct cause of more human misery and death than every war ever waged, what do you suppose they would say?
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>work a shitty call centre job from home
>order uber eats/doordash and get drunk on gas-station tier wine every single night for the past year
>every month i barely have enough to pay rent, have literally no savings in my bank account because i never cook
>purchased pasta and pasta sauce a few months ago. all completely untouched.
>don't even enjoy the food i order at this point, thinking about just doing meal replacement shakes for most meals at this point
where is the exit from this hell i have created for myself bros?
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Post weird ingredient finds
I just opened a can of tomatoes and found a random green tomato mixed in there.

What weird ingredient variations have you found?
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No title
Every try Taco Bell Breakfast? How was it? Also Taco Bell thread.
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No title
What's your favorite bedside whiskey? Pic related is mine.
7 images | 30 replies
No title
I think it's about time we finally settle what is the best flavour of zooper dooper?
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>Generally speaking, American cooks-meaning, born in the USA, possibly school-trained, culinary sophisticated types who know before you show them what monter au beurre means and how to make a bearnaise sauce-are a lazy, undisciplined and, worst of all, high-maintenance lot, annoyingly opinionated, possessed of egos requiring constant stroking and tune-ups, and, as members of a privileged and wealthy population, unused to the kind of 'disrespect' a busy chef is inclined to dish out. No one understands and appreciates the American Dream of hard work leading to material rewards better than a non-American. The Ecuadorian, Mexican, Dominican and Salvadorian cooks I've worked with over the years make most CIA-educated white boys look like clumsy, sniveling little punks.

So, basically, chefs want third-world workers around because they can insult them with no consequence, given that they have poor self-esteem and great need for the job.
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What in the world went wrong with my brownies?
4 images | 40 replies
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>*does nothing in your path*
7 images | 82 replies
Udon recipe
I was thinking about making some udon tomorrow. Can you recommend any recipes
3 images | 8 replies
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