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I want to cook this girl I used to like and eat her, make use of every part of her like s buffalo. I don't fear capture, prison or the death penalty
I'm thinking about releasing her in the woods somewhere cold and secluded maybe even a swamp area I want her to have fear in her flesh
I'm wondering what's the best way to cut her stem to stern and not ruin the meat by busting the organs?
I can't wait to cut into her organs with my blades I ordered
Should I keep her alive as long as possible to keep the flesh fresh?
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chad hatred
i hate chads and the fantastic life they have with zero effort. i make sure to enact revenge against them whenever i can, such as holding them down in the workplace or trying to prevent them from entering social circles that i have some pull in. usually this works but sometimes they break through anyway, fucking chads, worst part is they always laugh it off and someone and then fuck me over when they take control of the group

how exactly can i better manage my interactions with chads? specifically on things how to socially mog them despite their various advantageous attributes
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>be me, 19, in relationship with love of my life
>bf, 23 and I are open about our interests, eg having a threesome
>both suggest his best friend as we are both attracted and he seems down
>2x threesomes with friends after a lot of nervous drinking, seperate times
>bf couldn’t finish and got frustrated, told me he’s happy for us to keep going, so best friend and I have fun and finish
>bf is angry and fight ensues accusing me of cheating and only wanting him to get to his friend when we’ve been together for 2 years and I’d met his friend once, 1 month before all of this
>things settle down; we make up, time passes, haven’t seen best friend tho as things are tense
>he cheats on me w another guy but we still love each other so things are put in the past
>relationship is great now and both better mentally than we were when the first occasions occurred
>my sex drive has always been higher than his, but I found a notebook where he fantasised about watching same best friend fuck me bc he really liked it
>he tells me this month, years after all this happened that best friend asked to hang out again, unclear on whether he meant me too
>bf immediately invites me and says it’s a good idea
I’m still super attracted to his best friend bc of everything and always wanted to go there again, honestly it was the best sex of my life and he’s just that attractive to me I’m not sure I could resist desu but I truly do love my bf and want to spend the rest of my life with him but I don’t want a repeat of last time and I also don’t want him to lose a good friend again and I don’t know if the friend is comfortable? Would he ask to see him again if he really felt some type of way about me?
Being better mentally, should I play it safe.. or roll the dice and go get railed again (hopefully) and suffer the consequences?
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>Kissless virgin
>Most of my friends are women
>I don't have feelings for them
>Go on dates with girls from tinder/hinge
>Never goes anywhere

What's wrong with me? Why am I so good at making friends with women but so bad at getting in women's pants.
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What hobbies allow me to better communicate with others?
awkward silence
What are some hobbies that i can talk to normalfags about?
I feel I'm competent enough at talking to people in work but the after the initial conversation it goes a bit quiet because I'm so bloody boring.
All i do is browse this shithole and play video games and go to work. That's about it.

I was thinking about picking up an instrument (Saxaphone more specifically) as I've always been interested in music. But then I'd have to enter a band would i not? I don't know if i could cope with that pressure.
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When I tell my parents or siblings or cousins about someone that has wronged me, they come up with a million excuses for why that person may have done that. Is this a normal thing? Feels shitty. When I talk about someone that has hurt me I would expect my family to attack them (at least in the conversation) but instead it feels like they defend them and I feel even worse. Is this like a subconscious thing where they actually hate me and are glad I am getting hurt by someone? I don't know why they have done this all my life. I know that they default to defending the perpetrator because they actually will take my side only if I say the person did something that can't be defended and is extremely black and white, ie the person saying fuck you or hitting or something similar. Anything gray they will assume the best of this person.
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Get it off your chest
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How do I get over someone that was objectively terrible for me?

I keep thinking about him, and I don't want to do something stupid
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There is a video of me being beat up on Snapchat and all of my friends know about it. I have frequent PTSD attacks remembering my humiliation being broadcasted online for people to see and laugh. Me being beat up happened 5 months ago and the video resurfaced 2 months ago. How do I cope with my trauma and move on with my life.
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Does the average prostitute think its weird and unwanted if a guy wants to be hugged after he fucks her? Be completely honest
I think it would be unwanted and she would barely tolerate it and she would prefer it if she just fucked/sucked and then I left
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Contacted my boyfriend
Finally made an account to talk to my ex who blocked me everywhere. He went live and he ended it before I can even say anything.
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I'm 18, just finished high school and right now I'm stuck at my parents' because of Covid. I was pretty good at studies until about 4 years ago when I started developing ADHD and destroyed any chance of a good future.
I don't have a single skill worth mentioning and I have no idea what I want to study. I try to see the future and I can only see myself as a hobo. I'm getting more and more depressed every day and all I've been doing is laying in bed and watching YouTube. I've completely lost all motivation to do anything. I just feel tired and passively suicidal. I have to daydream for hours to cope.
Is there a way for me to come back from this?
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I made the mistake of looking through my boyfriend's porn history and in it was full of JAV pornstars. He also follows lots of local asian girls on Twitter and sometimes comments on their picture. I'm starting to believe he has an asian fetish but I'm also wondering why he is choosing to be with me (I'm white) when I'm clearly not his preferred type of woman.
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My cousin is accusing me of touching her when we were kids, thats bullshit i never touched, i dont even wanted or currently want to, the worse part is that i dont even know why the fuck she is pulling out this shit now. My family is in a full blown civil war right now, anons i never did anything to her, she is saying that she remembers that i did it but thats bullshit, help anons, what should i do? I feel like my life is ruined, my grandmom the person i most love disowed me because she belives my cousin, im beyond heart broken, i want to fucking rekt my whore cousin.
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If its been 19 hours and she has not even opened my snapchat is it over? Is this what you femanons do to politely reject someone? Asking because I see her snap score go up but she has not responded to my snap yet.
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Guys I need help
I have forced thoughts and images of homosexuality attacking me often during the day. I'm afraid of becoming a faggot, as I don't want to be one. I have tried to act on this by fapping to it but it was meh. Guys I'm afraid, am I retarded or something??
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My kinky gf is willing to try anything and do anything but butt stuff. Aaand I got a bad fixation for it...

She doesn't want to try anal because she had read somewhere that she might hurt and have her sphincter damaged or something, resulting in shitting in a bag for the rest of her life.

She was up for the idea before, but now that she read that article or whatever the fuck she was reading thus she noped out.

Do you guys have any ideas how to deal with this? Or at least help me get rid of that fixation?
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Cellphone radiation fuckery
I can feel how my internet connected devices fuck with my brain in fucked up ways and i need advice on how to stop this shit.
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What is a good business to start in our current society? I am 20 and I saved up 10k in Trumpbucks over the summer, a few hundred of which I spent investing in crypto currencies but I am interested in starting a small business with this money. For a little more background I am in the northeast US
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kissanime is gone?
kissanime seems to have...died? maybe? where do you guys go to watch anime. I generally don't want to use crunchyroll.(they keep not streaming stuff to my country.
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>Mid-functioning Aspy (in the sense that you might not immediately notice it, not the super genius kind)
>High School Custodian

I currently live in parents basement. I pay my bills, car insurance, gas, phone, food, etc. Also I pay $300/month for rent, not required, because it feels weird living in someone else's house for free.

I have aprox $11,000 saved up. I want to move out, but rent around here, even for a crappy 1 bedroom, starts at around $800/month, no utilities included.

I know I would be fine for a while, but $1000+/month (after utilities) would eventually catch up and isn't sustainable on my income. Houses start around $200,000 here, so a house is not an option. I do not have any friends so roommate is not an option either.

How do I get out of mom's basement?
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Did finally having sex change your life?
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How do I become more eloquent? More articulated? More knowledgeable of the world?
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I've spent the last 7 years of my life desperately trying to improve myself and amount to something. I've accomplished a lot. I'm in my final year of university with excellent grades in a program that guarantees me a high paying job, I'm in shape, I quit porn, I've dealt with most (but not all) of my fears, and I've gotten over most of the trauma of childhood abuse .

I'm still alienated from the people around me. I don't trust them due to all the shit I had to put up with for years and I don't respect them because they're lazy, weak, and the vast majority of them aren't particularly useful. My ideology and worldview has changed immensely over the past decade. Ten years ago I was undoubtedly a subhuman in the eyes of my peers and father; I'm high status now, but I can't enjoy it. The difference in how people treat me at this point in my life and how they used to disgusts me because it reveals to me how insincere people really are. I'm only viewed as human if I contribute a lot to whatever social system I'm in or if people recognize my undeniable skill and talents.

More and more I find myself questioning my morals and values. I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of exploiting others for personal gain, justified both by my past experiences and because I find it increasingly difficult to view others as being human beings. I see so many people around me doing fuck all and I can't help my think that these people should be fulfilling my agenda instead of pissing their lives away.

I'm quite pleased with this change in my mentality and I would like to accelerate it. My ideal state of existence would be one in which I am highly engaged with the world around me, for better or for worse. I don't care about making the world a better place and I don't care if I do any harm to it either. What I really want is to impact my surroundings in a meaningful way. I'd like to be more active in my approach to the world. Less thinking and more doing
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How do you get a woman to have a loving long term relationship with you if you don't have a personality as an adult male and aren't rich?
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Help me make sense of this /adv/

Been recently chatting and gaming with a friend from college I haven't seen in years. It's been going well, and eventually a bit too well, and we got pretty close. At some point he confessed he has feelings for me, but also that he likes his life as it is and doesn't want anyone to have expectations of him, and is not interested in relationships in general. I figured ok, no big deal, I'll just respect those boundaries and we can keep on as normal. We're under a lockdown anyway and in different cities.
Despite that he would still keep flirting heavily with me, and sometimes outright talking about potentially being together and having a future. I felt this was strange because he essentially shut down anything ever happening by his own words, and it felt like he's was leading me on.
Yesterday he asked me to "not make him horny to manipulate him". This was completely out of the blue - I've never done anything like that, I've always maintained the boundaries he set and tried to respect his position. I am a direct person and don't manipulate others on principle, so saying that to me was insulting and hurtful.
The worst I have done was respond to his flirting in a positive way with some banter, but I don't see how I'm in the wrong for doing so when he's the one who is initiating it. I've never said anything sexual to him.
Why would he flip out like that and assume I'm manipulating him? For what purpose even? I told him I am not asking anything from him or expecting anything and therefore have no reason to manipulate him in the first place, and he got pissed and logged off.
What am I missing here? We're both late 20s btw, if that's relevant.
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have you guys ever just, packed your things, and start a new life somwhere else?, with little to no money, without a real plan, just decided it was time for a clean slate, if so, how did that turn out?
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download (6)
whats the best way to drink, to maximise the enjoyment time when drunk? i feel like whenever i try to drink, i either dont get drunk enough or drink too fast and get sleepy. how do i enjoy the nice buzz of being drunk for as long as possible
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This is a physically disgusting sight. Tell me now why I shouldn’t end it right here.

Pro tip: I should.
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I don't care about anything, I don't enjoy anything, I feel apathetic
I really can't get interested in anything, I don't enjoy going out with people
how to fix myself?
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Who does she say “again”? We haven’t gone “exploring” before. The only things we’ve done is:
1. She invited me round hers to catch up after we both broke up with respective s/o; we watched Cinderella, and then I left
2. Went for brunch a handful of times
1. Went for dinner once. Had a couple drinks. She invited me round hers. Spoke about books. Watched something (can’t remember), I got bored and left.

Among this, we have made out once but her friends dragged her away (night out, I was super drunk).
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MGTOW and nofap
It's time I've finally committed to MGTOW. The problem is I have a very high sex drive to the point where I can jack off 3 times a day without porn with no issue.
So how do I balance nofap with this abstinence and not want to just kill myself?
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Question 4 men and women
I’ve noticed in multiple occasions women staring at my groin are. Do they do this because they want some D and are horny? I’ll be talking to them and they just stare down there like nothing.
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New Dom need advice
Recently reconnected with an ex-colleague who is interested in a sex only dom/sub relationship.
She (21F) has been experimenting as a sub for the last 6 months.
I have 0 experience in dom/sub play. Any tips or advice appreciated.
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Why are people here so obsessed with getting girlfriends? What's the appeal? Everyone I've ever met with a girlfriend has been cheated on, lied to, and manipulated.
Even I have, why are there so many people here just lining themselves up for such a hurtful experience? There are so many better aspects in life that won't disappoint you as much as a woman inevitably will.
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Feed and seed
How do I sleep after a heavy sesh of drink in the heat?
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how do I stop having stinky feet? as soon as I take off my shows you can smell it even if you're not too close to my feet. im about to meet my boyfriend soon and i am very embarrassed and scared that he'll think I'm really gross
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Cried at work because my boss said "good job"
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I got banned for trying to bring attention to a network of pedophiles on twitter. I subsequently got banned for CP. I made sure to crop out anything explicit in nature, but am worried mods will report me to the police. Give it to me straight, how screwed am I??
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Should I try psilocybin? It is decriminalized in my city
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Hello fellow artists, trying to get actually good at drawing but I'm overwhelmed. What are the steps I should take? Don't know where to start. Also recommend me good books about learning how to draw.
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I feel directionless and empty. I have a job in the field of my choice, I exercise, I have hobbies, I keep my living space orderly, I don’t overindulge in drugs or alcohol, etc. My social life is pretty sterile at the moment, though there’s not much I can do about that while everything is under lockdown. Whah should I do?
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My friends are trying to cancel someone
Everything is in the title, my friends are trying to cancel someone because of his weird flirting behaviors.
Thing is, that person has never really asked for more than just love and affection, and fell in love easily with any woman as long as they'd be nice to him, Im confident that this guy is somehow retarded or autistic and just doesnt realize what he is doing.

The people trying to cancel him will try to call him out for pedophilia and grooming, which didnt happen at all, he just happened to try and flirt with a 18 yo girl, failed, and never really talked to her after that, he never asked for anything sexual but they will make it seem like he did, they're trying to collect every mistake he did, and exagerate everything to make him look like a predator which he isnt.

They just want blood really, they just want to see someone feel like shit and humiliated, and I dont know how to stop them, I just want to sabotage their plan so they look stupid and never try that again, pls help.
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i put a knife in my gf's vagina as a kink thing and now she won't stop bleeding. i told her it's her period but she thinks it's a cut. it's a lot of blood and i'm not sure what to do, the er is out of the question because it's 3:35 am and er visits aren't covered by insurance. what do i do????
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Brainwashed babes
How the fuck do I find a woman that isn’t insanely liberal but also isn’t a land whale either?

I live in a city and am ducking tired of that shit, but I can’t leave because of work.
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How to stop constantly feeling guilty?

I’m probably looking too much into things, but I can’t help but feel guilt about certain situations in the past. This most likely is because of my upbringing. My Mom is a constant guilt-tripper, and now I’ve become hyper self aware, self-conscious, worry about every little thing I say or do.

One of the things I feel guilty about is not planning a 30th birthday party for my fiancé back in February. I had asked him for months if he would like to have a party, and he didn’t give me a straight answer. My mom and sister kept telling me I should’ve planned a surprise party for him or just planned a party on my own for him. I feel guilt about this because he had tried to ask his friends to come out a couple of days in advance (this was Presidents Day weekend) but no one said there were coming. My fiancé was pretty disappointed. I mentioned if he wanted me to throw him a party and he said if I really wanted to throw him a party, I didn’t have to ask him. I didn’t know if he expected me to plan something for him or not. I took him out to a nice restaurant on the day of his actual birthday, (which was the tues after President’s Day) but he didn’t seem impressed. Instead he thought the restaurant was something I wanted to go to more than he did.

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No title
You do not need human contact
Emotions besides anger are fucking gay.
Immediately cut off contact with everyone you had a relationship with. It may be hard, but just put all doubts to the back of your mind
Stop caring so much about things. Whatever it is, it is NOT that important.
Just become a slippery snake and cheat, lie, kill and use people till you are at the top. Seek power like the worthless clump of matter you are.
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How the hell does one work at an office? what the hell can I do at this point?
Gossip has been killing me. Coworkers are making stupid talk around me about the mundane things. Any information they get out of me would be criticised. Heck, just being there is juice to be squeezed.
> Did you hear anon had a haircut omg
> Did you hear anon like spaghetti? you know I like spaghetti too! Italy is so cool.
> look at what he wears!

I stopped talking entirely except on short surface topic and work matters, but people kept trying to dig anything about me. Any conversation is done to try to get something out of me.

Lately I was having paranoia at terrible proportions, that I couldnt help anymore, and had to tell a coworker I trusted about my traumatic experience during childhood that haunted me; I had no one to talk to. He was the first aid man who said himself that 'all things said will be confidential'. Yet that coworker spreaded this information out to everyone and acts as if nothing happened. Now coworkers subtlety adds 'traumatic' and sexual assault topics on conversations. Im a fucking idiot.

and this coworker next to me was pressing buttons at that fact at any opportunity. He would always ask how I was doing then go forth arousing the topic that makes eyes go wide. At one point I was having paranoia which is a terrible experience no one deserves.
> coworker: ''You know whats cool? If I know where the person lives, then buy property all around him and surveillance'
> 'blah blah blah traumatize blah blah blah.'

Currently, the workplace has been gossiping that I am sad because Im sad because I dont have a gf, and that coworker goes full on talking about how he has a wife. Women in the workplace would talk about their boyfriends casually as if Im a predator hitting on them, and now Im here, sad and depressed asf. I am lucky to reduce my hours to minimise interactions in the workplace, and finding a new job is hard considering covid.
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When to Marry
I've met a girl on the internet, she is a couple of years older than me (I am 21, she is 25) and we are in a relationship right now. We have both the same interests, same culture and same kind of autism. To be honest, she is a doctor and I am still in an apprenticeship, which makes it kinds weird - for me, not even for her. She never had a boyfriend before and I am even her first male kiss. (No Sex before marriage, but I am okay with this). Which can be explained since she has a strong religious background and studying medicine is pretty time consuming (and also filled with 70% women). She doesn't drink alcohol, so no parties, but is pretty outgoing personality wise.

So now I am sitting here, too, thinking about marrying this girl. Even tho I am young in comparison and even younger than her, I don't think that I will ever meet a girl like her again (I've met many before). Tell me Anons, how stupid of an idea would this be so early? I won't bother you with the well known statements: "it is different with us!", "I love her to the moon and back", "there is absolutely no chance that we will ever seperate" and so on. I believe in these things yes, but so did many others before me, who divorced some times later. For me, I definetly want to marry this Girl. I've been in relationships before, for various years, but I never felt this strong urge inside me. My only problem is the right moment? How long should I generally wait? Now? At least a year or two? or seven?

There is this chance for it to work out for eternity, just as much as there is a chance for us to be in a relationship for 7 years, then marry and to divorce shortly after. I want to believe yes, we both do. In fact we both said that we would say "yes" if either one asked right now. We are both sure that we want to marry each other and spend the rest of our lifes together. Everyone I know would probably tell me that I am retarded for considering this 2 months into the relationship. What is your opinion?
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Hello /adv/ i need legitimate help to bring my sisters back to their senses, story is my sisters are slowly becoming whores, like rotten fuckplug level whores, lots of drugs, sex and alcohol. Its getting worse and worse, i don't know how to stop their degeneracy and to get them to truly look inwards to lead a life worth living. They dont really listen to me and get very defensive when i bring this up. What do?
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No title
I don't know why I'm alive.
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No title
Is it true that you have no "friend time" (don't know a better way to put it, sorry) after you're done with school? I'm nearly half way through college without any local friends and I'm scared that I'll never have a chance for real friendships after this is done.
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No title
some people don't deserve a next time i feel like taking her out with the palm of my hand. a woman, who thinks she runs our family. a woman, who thinks she's in charge of me. a woman, who thinks she's in charge of my finances. a woman, who is angry and aggressive on a regular basis, unprovoked. a woman, who takes her shit out on me. a woman, who goes to church. a woman, who acted like she cared while my mother was dying, but hasn't cared a damn since. a woman, who scared the shit out of me so bad i had to leave town for a while. a woman, who was warned not to do it. a woman, who was forgiven. a woman, who is doing it all over again.

the catch? her daughters are my friends since birth and i know this woman since then too. long-term for-life friends. a woman who repeats everything she can about me. a woman, who condescends and judges. a woman, who thinks she is better than me. a woman who is going mental and is not being restrained by anyone.
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How do you give up?
I've seen a lot of dudes who seem to have given up ever finding a woman.
I'm too much of a social reject for any self-respecting woman to find me attractive but it's the hope that kills ya.
I also have a lot of pressure from my relatives to settle down and start a family.
I don't think they realize how much of a dud I really am.
How do you accept that you'll always be a lonely bastard?
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They are and always will be vile, selfish, untrustworthy, manipulative, hostile, passive-aggressive. Whether they act differently or not, they are nasty to the core. I have a lot of experience with different women from different ages, i know.

So why live? To get married and divorce raped? To make money and elevate social status so i can temporarily poke a woman with my penis until it gets old? It's already old.
To buy a house and eat and smoke homegrown plants? To grow cattle and write books until it gets so boring and lonely i'll want to shoot myself in the face?
To work with people that don't mean anyrhing while doing a job thats meaningless?
To buy more things, play more games, waste more money, try more activities that grow old really fast as the meanlessness of life increases?
To believe in a magical jew, that walks on water and feeds an army with a fish?
To become famous and successful, so i can become a degenerate and a junkie?

What is the point? I really want to believe that a man is an island, but i can't since no man is a constant social beacon.

What do?
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No title
>Wake up at 10:30 AM
>Go to wagecuck job from 11:30-8
>Come home and shower
>Play video game I enjoy in principle, but actually hate because I'm dogshit at it
>Only ever have fun with friends but play alone because I don't have anything else to do
>Sometimes wank to blow off steam
>Go to bed frustrated at 2:30 AM
>Rinse repeat

I'm legitimately the happiest I've been in two years because I'm starting class in less than two weeks, as well as a paid assistantship - I just feel like my days are kind of wasted because I don't do anything particularly enjoyable, except maybe mix a cool drink and get a little drunk. Is there anything else I can do that's as engaging as video games instead?
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For those who had a cheating parent...

Earlier today, my dad caught my mom with another guy. He found out when she went on a "run" and was gone for a while, and my dad tracked her and found her at the beach holding hands with a guy. He told me right after.

This is not the first time suspicions of my mom having an affair have happened. I remember when I was 7, I heard my parents arguing in the backyard about a guy my mom was friends with. In highschool, I remember hearing my dad confront my mom about texts and call receipts she had with this guy. They stayed together through all that and now I'm a senior in undergrad school. (Even though I am a full time student studying 10 driving-hours away, it has not changed any family dynamic)

I love my parents. They provided me and my siblings with an amazing childhood, supported us through everything, and raised us amazingly. I can say without a doubt that my parents truly do love each other. There isn't something my dad wouldn't do for my mom. He loves her unconditionally and it shows. And I know my mom loves my dad. Unfortunately, I think she's been fighting the "demons" of adultery for years now and it finally caught up to her.

All in all, I am completely heartbroken. Right now, I am trying to stay strong for my dad and siblings... I'm upset with my mom. But I could never in my life hate her. It is unfortunate because she is someone I looked up to all my life, and seeing this unfold in my eyes feels like a nightmare. I don't think the whole situation has even hit me yet, but I am going to have to come to terms with the fact that my family will never be the same.

So my questions are: If you went through something like this, how did you cope? Do you still have a good relationship with both parents? Is there resentment? Any advice or input would be amazing.
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ex won't give up
Way back at the beginning of corona my flatmate and I started dating. We only lasted about a week until we realized it wasn't going to work. Since then we've stayed very close as friends since then. We both work from home, so we're basically together all day every day. It's great because we don't annoy each other and we have tons in common. That's why we got together in the first place.
One night we both got drunk and had sex and have been kind of fwb. We have occasional sex and cuddle a lot since we can't go anywhere on our own. It was great, no complaints. We started spending all our time together because we could hear each other in a speaking tone from across the flat anyway. Neither of us really felt the need for "personal space", it's just not part of how either of us think.
We recently hit a snag. Ex gf told me that she's in love with me, that it's stupid we're not dating, and that in fact I'm in love with her too. I explained that I didn't want to get back together because the first breakup was rough on both of us (that why we were both drunk) and I don't want a repeat, she told me to stop denying my true feelings. "Stop resisting and just accept it." Really creepy tone.
What's more, she's started acting like I'm some kind of god. I asked her how she'd feel if I shot someone and she said it'd be "both cool and hot". She talks about how great everything about me is endlessly. And I don't want her to stop. The adoration is amazing even though it can't be good for either of us.
I tried to make her stop, but she doesn't want to. She'll stop by my room anyway. When there's nowhere to go and nothing to do, it's really hard to turn away a cute girl begging for attention.

Where do I go from here?
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No title
I'm a male in my mid 20s. How do I know whether I actually want to transition to being a girl (I have a lot of reasons for feeling like I want to, and I feel that the urge is genuine) or whether I'm actually just a failed beta male who can't get girls and is giving up on life and putting on a dress like a bitch? I worry I've gotten stuck in social echo chambers and maybe convinced myself I'm one of them, but at the same time I genuinely feel this is something I want and something I've felt urges towards my entire life, from a very young age

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Breonna Taylor vs Cannon Hinnant
I really don’t get libs reactions to things. My social media is now filled with libs saying so this white kids killer is arrested but not the cops who killed Breonna Taylor? Like do these people still not know that the cops were returning fire after her boyfriend shot at them? Like how are you going to compare a massive misunderstanding leading to accidental death to a coldblooded execution? I really want to fucking say something but I know I shouldn’t.
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I've been having a reacuring.. well not reacuring it's slightly different every time let me start from the beginning. I've been having dreams of a woman in Roman armor telling me trying to convince me to quit my job and Join the military ever since I briefly considered enlisting a while back...every time she offers to "guide me to greatness" and trust to convince me that I'm wasting my life in retail it's different arguments and offers every night and when I refuse she starts ripping into me like she's a drill sergeant or something how do I stop these dreams?
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No title
is dating a girl who is into CNC bad? i’m not really that into it but making her happy makes me really horny so.. i think as long as there are safe words it’s okay? i’m not really sure it wasn’t how i was raised. i just want her to be happy.
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GF cum fetish
My gf has a cum fetish. How can I increase the amount and thickness of my cum from 3/4 ropes to porn like?
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No title
So what are some good reasons not to commit suicide? I kind of feel like I’m slowly dying anyways
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No title
Ive been doing pretty much nothing but play vidya this whole quarantine.

How can I make some money from this?
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Don't wanna be a wagecuck
I am so pessimistic about my future. I'm about to start sophomore year of college. Im a business major at a decently high ranked b-school. I enrolled in business for job potential but I'm realizing I despise business jobs. Consulting, banking, accounting, it's all so vapid and insipid and inspires within me deep feelings of loathing and disdain.
It's hard to just change my major because I get ~$8000 from business scholarships per year.
I watch day-in-the-life videos about various careers in finance and stuff and it's just mortifying every time. These people fly around the country at the beck and call of rich people. Or else they're investment bankers working 14 hour days answering calls and emails on the weekend.
The scariest part is how many of my fellow students aspire to this stuff. I feel so isolated in the business school. All the rhetoric feels hollow. I haven't made a single friend because the 'spirit' of the student body is so alien to me, it's as though people just look through me. The whole school feels artificial.
My plan was to use business school as a launchpad to law school but I don't think I want to go to law school anymore because I lost confidence in law as an institution. But then why am I in business school. I don't know what I want anymore. I looked into economics; I liked the fundamental concepts, but when you go higher it becomes all this statistics bullshit that makes me want to bash my skull in. Math is something I'm decent at but again applied math just leads to fucking statistics which is the one math that annihilates me.
I'm getting a dual degree in English but that's not exactly a ticket to a job and again half my scholarship money is thanks to B-school.
I feel like I'm drowning. I dont know what to do with my life, I'm scared, I feel like my best years are slipping from my fingers and I'm powerless to stop it.
This all boils down to: I don't want to be a wagecuck. I don't know what I want.
What jobs do you guys have
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Is mourning selfish?
I know she'd want me to be productive and move on, but I can't help but break down.
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No title
My company (software engineering) has just started a policy of allowing parents with newborn children to opt out of weekly on-call support for our products for 6 months.

I am genuinely upset by this. I've talked with a few people and they claim that I lack empathy, but to me, it seems as if putting extra burden (other coworkers would be required to fill in their "rotation", thus performing this undesired work more frequently) on other coworkers is less empathic. It seems as if this parent-centric world of making everyone else shoulder the life decisions of others harms more people than it helps.

I guess I'm trying to figure out if I really lack empathy or if there is any shred of agreement on this kind of thing. I kind of want to pursue this with my company's HR department, but I don't know if it's worth it.
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No title
>online clothes shopping is slightly stressful
>you gotta buy multiple sizes then send back the ones that dont work and hope they dont fuck up your refund

should i just buy clothes in person?
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No title
My best friend sent me this randomly through Facebook

>”I’ll put some stuff in your food that makes your girlfriends clit grow into a penis and her ovaries into balls and that makes your balls invert into a womb while you turn into a cute version of yourself. Then your girlfriends testosterone will raise rapidly and she will rape and impregnate you.”

What? Why?
I could best describe her as normal and this is out of nowhere. She doesn’t like my girlfriend much but that doesn’t explain anything to me.
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No title
Going on first date ever with girl I’ve been talking to online for two years. I feel like I’m going to puke. How do I calm the nerves?
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No title
im so lonely, help
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Can't cum during sex
Was fucking for like 2-3 hours and didn't cum. She came like 11 times. What the fuck is wrong with me and what do I do.
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>pic unrelated, just like cyrano
>TL;DR, I'm super lonely and I don't know what to do about it. People don't seem to like me.

I can't seem to shake this feeling of loneliness. I don't feel happy around my friends as I feel rejected and like weirdo to them. I can't seem to be happy with a girlfriend because the last girlfriend I had thought I was weird and wanted to change me. Any girls I feel like I'll get along with I feel like I can't talk to because they're online which sucks. My family dislikes me and thinks I do nothing even though I literally work a job at a grocery store. I'm 19 so my options are limited, so that's why it confuses me. It feels like everyone I know rejects me, thinks weirdly of me, or just doesn't like me. I got ghosted recently by a girl I thought I could at least hook up with to fill that void, but even I seemed to scare off a hook up. I genuinely have no clue if it's a problem with me or just the fact that people are assholes. I try my hardest to be nice and honest and true to myself but overall it seems like it changes nothing. I just want to feel accepted and respected and happy and I don't know why I can't seem to get that.
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Should I get involved with a coworker
The facts:
- Our work requires us to live in a remote area. My best opportunity to meet a woman is to drive 30+ miles over a windy mountain pass to chance myself with a Tinder match. I have not had sex or even really been able to interact with women other than coworkers for many months as a result.
- I'm literally her supervisor if the designated supervisor is gone. I'm also sort of in an abstract role where I direct all the supervisors what to do to begin with, but I'm not really anyone's boss by title. In practice, I'm everybody's supervisor.
- Our company has a policy where people in a relationship can't have conflicts of interest and would require one person to either leave or move somewhere else (if even possible).
- The woman might be crazy. She seems innocent and sweet, but the tire on her company vehicle literally disappeared overnight and was replaced with the spare and she claimed someone must have stolen it. But no tire thief steals a tire and replaces it with a spare that is locked.
- She's been fired by our competitors for both getting involved with someone before and salting the earth, she's literally banned from working in an entire region
- I have great potential with this company and would hate if things went sideways
- She kinda looks like a less model-esque version of pic related (she is a qt)
- I'm pretty good at reading women and she's interested

I mean it's not unreasonable for me to do this when I can't meet women out here, right? Fuck the corporation? I feel like it's a terrible idea that's going to end poorly, but so does crippling loneliness, so ehhh.
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No title
I made an onkyo-inspired EAI album. I shilled it on the /mu/ soundcloud threads but it's ignored. What do the people down at /a/ think about it?
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No title
Every time i ejaculate be it inside my girlfriend or via masturbation, i feel like shit mentally for at least a week

i always feel like i have wasted my semen with such a pointless temporary act of uncontrollable and animalistic pleasure,
i ejaculate, savour it for abit and then just look down to this onahole with a brain and i just think theres no point, get horny coom repeat repeat whats the point of it i cant even have kids, that would make it feel useful

and by feel 'shit' i mean i feel like a waste of a spirit a waste of a soul, every colour becomes dull my girlfriend no longer seems attractive and i lose motivation for any goals i had before

it is only after a week of abstinence am i back to normal
from what i understand it could be to the rise of prolactin but any advice bros.....
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No title
living alone cant travel to the city to see my son, have a few acquaintances here but one isn't very nice and the others i can't overstay my welcome because of covid. have friends in the city i can call but this solo thing is wearing thin real fast.

i wanna sue scomo for not shutting our borders fast enough, but i won't. i'd like to do a lot of things to our government, but that's be to good for them.

sleeping, eating, shopping, cleaning, washing, driving, walking, phoning, working. kinda over it so what do?
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No title
What to do when you come to the realization that everything you work for is pointless?

What answer did you come to?

I'm at a point now where I am really considering just killing myself. I work so hard at my job, to the point where I injured my arm. I skip my breaks every day to get my shit done. I'm also trying the print on demand side hustl. I have a good amount of money saved up. More than most people will ever have and yet I want to kill myself, and it's over the stupidest thing. i can hardly bring myself to admit it to you guys. It's so stupid.

I've never been able to build connections with poeple. I just shut down in conversations. But see, at work, there is this girl that I became infatuated with. I can't talk to her. I just can't. Seeing other guys talk to her drives me absolutely crazy. I hate it. I don't show it but I think people know. I think people can see the depression in my face though I'm trying to not show it. Seeing other people talk to her drives up my aggression into hyper drive. I direct the aggression to my work only. I never direct it to people but people can see the increased aggression in how I work. Somehow I'm sure poeple know that this is making me nuts. That's just from seeing people talk to her. The other day I saw a dude hug her. Boy, you have no idea how mad that made me. But I just wore a smile on my face, and even was friendly with the guy cause I had to work with him. I mean, obviously, he didn't do anything wrong. I'm just fucked in the head and can't control these emotions.

I'm actually considering quitting this job over this whereas I thought I'd be here for a cpl decades (been here 4 yrs so far)...

I want the bitch fucking gone.

Elliot Rodger, black/mexican ver.? I think i am.
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No title
>tell girl I know I'll be in town for the weekend
>She seems excited, says she's available Sunday
>Wow so am I
>Don't say anything to her about it, just keep chatting like normal
>Assume Sunday works for both of us
>Text her tonight asking if we're still on for sunday
>Wtf, anon, you never said you could hang out Sunday, so I assumed nyou couldn't, I'm hanging with my sisters that day."
Why am I like this? Why4
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No title
Everytime I'm talking to someone online in voice, they always, without fail, say I come off as some kind of stoner/surfer dude.

I'm not saying they're wrong, but I'm just wondering. What does that say about my personality? What personality traits do those labels involve?
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Depression: how do you cope?
I listen to mellow music. It's sad in tone but for some reason makes me feel a little less shitty. It stops me from losing it.
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No title
Basically, after college I moved across the world because a good opportunity arose. Kept in contact with a few pals. One of which is this girl who I’m thinking of ghosting. Her messages often take a long time (takes at least a day to respond usually), and they’re very vague/plain. I tried putting in effort but distance etc and I just lost interest. Anyway, I may be meeting her during Christmas time however, from our messages (primarily her responses), I don’t want to. So, the logical conclusion would be ghosting or flat out saying it. The reason I would “ghost”, and the reason I think it’s ok, is because of the bad communication already here and a text message not to responded to a couple times in the span of 3 months should be evident of my interest. AITA for coming to this conclusion?
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Newfag at Uni
I recently moved out of country to go to Uni, and none of my friends or anyone I know is at the country. My goals are to get a girlfriend and make some close friends and some decent friends. I went to orientation and found a couple of other outcasts to hang out with, but not any women. Does anyone have tips on what I should do? I would say I am a 6/10 dude that's semi-fit and am 6'2. However Pic related are my social skills.
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I feel bad man
So I’m a beaner who can’t speak Spanish and there was this Beautiful girl sitting next to me in algebra and I started to talk to her with the very little Spanish I had and we just started talking the a while we stoped.And life went on as normal but I can’t stop thinking about her I asked one of her friends if she remembers me and she said no I was devastated. I don’t know why this came back into thought now but it just did. And now I feel bad it might be my hormones but damm it stings. She is also still in my online classes but we don’t talk. I’m trying to get advice here because if I talk to my parents it just feels weird asking them for advice on dating. I would try and text the Spanish girl but she would always leave me on deliver.
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No title
If I haven't messaged someone in a month and they haven't messaged me during that time should I cut off contact?
I feel like I'm always the one who messages first and it annoys me.
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No title
I'm thinking of changing my course from ComSci to Mathematical Science as another option, since I'm going to withdraw from my college
I chose that as I do have strong understanding of maths and I believe I could take it one
However, I don't really know what are the career options there is on taking maths could lead me to, other than being a lecturer/professor or working for the industry
Any ideas?
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No title
If my boss hates me so much why doesn't he just fire me? Every time I talk to him he's clenching his teeth.
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Do I have bitch tits?
I've gained alot of weight over the last several years do obvious poor choices .declare overweight by my doctor from last check up. Would like to know if I have bitch tits or im just really fucking fat. And if I do. How can I get red of them.
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No title
>stick knife in toaster
>get electrocuted
>stick hand in toaster
>just get burnt
Why is it this way, /adv/?
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No title
How do you deal with betrayal or people you know well talking bad about you behind your back? I'm so down right now I don't know how to handle this.
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Confused w girl
Went on a good first date and she misses the second date and writes an entire paragraph about how she wants to be friends so I respond bluntly with “K”. Now she hits me up with “hey”. What the fuck does she want with me?
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No title
I'm trying to have an interesting conversation with my friends but all they can talk about are their anime husbandos or whatever. I try to change subjects and they just pivot back to this one character I don't fucking know. They seem like they're having a good time talking about him but I'm getting really tired of it.

am I just being a sperg and stomping on their fun or are they just really dry in conversation?
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No title
hey anon
30 year old with no career here
anyone know about qa testing?
any experince? tips?
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No title
It's often said that time heals losing her.
4 weeks later and It's getting worse, not better.
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No title
>speak to "alternative " pale white chick
>swears up and down she wants nothing to do with nost black people, hip hop culture etc
>some dark skinned dude with a nerd/hipster style approaches her
>she starts laughing ,yelling, hugging and taking pics with him like he's Mickey mouse
meanwhile I get friendzoned by these girls. Why do they do this, guys?
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A really weird memory
So, a childhood memory that may have affected my future life recently came back to me involving my sister, and I don't know how to confront her about it, if at all.

>be me at 10/11
>sitting on couch playing vidya by myself
>older sister runs in through the door after soccer practice cheering about her win, clearly in a good mood
>she's a little bit of a tomboy who enjoys sports, but a normal girl other than that
>sits next to me on the couch, asks me what I'm playing, bragging about her win, ect. while taking her shoes and socks off
>she rubs her bare left foot for a second, then turns towards me and puts it in my lap
>"Hey, I'd say I'm owed a foot rub after that one, bro. They're real tired right now."
>I tell her no, but something about her foot is weirdly enjoyable to me. It's sweaty but not very stinky, soft and silky sole, arched, no painted toenails, pretty much flawless. Looking over at her, she's grinning at me and has her arms stretched on the arm of the couch, her left one dangling off
>"Just put the dumb game down and rub em for a few minutes. I'm not asking for long."
>then she takes her right foot and puts it on my shoulder, tries rubbing it on my face, wiggling her toes, and rubbing her left foot on my leg
>"I'll stop if you rub them dummy"
>I try focusing on my game and ignoring her teasing, but eventually give in and massage them for a few minutes
>she stops teasing me after a few minutes and I go back to gaming, but I don't think she realized how much I enjoyed it
>still think she was just teasing me in a playful non-erotic sort of way
>think this situation might be what game me a feet fetish, or at least discovered it

Was she doing this in a weird way, or was it just harmless sibling teasing? Should I even bother asking her or would it just be awkward and unnecessary?

Pic unrelated
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Seriously, are you prepared for death?
As a man of faith, I do have to admit that when I think of death, the thought of entering the void feels as though I am jumping off a bridge with a bungee cord. Even though I am certain of the hereafter, the moments (in respect to whatever understanding of "time" in the void) before judgement is like when you're in midair. You know there's a cord, but damn is it still terrifying.

I try to prep myself mentally that perhaps one day I will literally see myself age to death or just suddenly die without expecting it. Still, I am afraid.

How do you guys reconcile your feelings of death and its acceptance?
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No title
I've just got announcement about university entrance and I didnt get accepted. It made me really down n sad bc I really want to goto that univ. Now I cant even face my parents. Most of my friends got accepted it made me feel lonely. I've never really imagined that i wont get accepted, I didn't prepare anything for this worst case. Idk how to cope with this :[ I might go depressed no life or be a neet
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No title
Unironically what is autism? Is it genetic or is it possible that the conditions in which you are raised can cause it?
1 images | 21 replies
How to survive with ADHD?
I'm currently in the process of getting an evaluation for ADHD. But I'm pretty confident that I do have it. Any advice on how to make it with this condition?
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Does foreskin restoration work
So I was kinda mutilated as a kid by having my foreskin yeeted off because some magic sky fairy told my parents to do so.

My BF's uncut and his dick looks fucking amazing and he's known that it's made me upset because of this. As a result he told me to try using one of those tugging devices to get it back.

Do they work, anons? Will my dick go back to normal or should I just learn to accept my dick being mutilated?
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First apartment and I feel like I am losing ctrl
So lazy and or depressed I can't finish furnishing it-took me months to get a couch (that I hate) a coffee table, dinette, bed/bedframe and some dresser drawers-shit is still everywhere, and I can't cook-i mean, its ridiculous, if I want a burger, I have to buy a bag of buns that like 12 buns and patties in a bundle that is like four or six patties plus lettuce, tomatoes, mayonaise, ketchup, butter (to cook) and then what about the other six days? Salmon? Trout? they come in packs of like three or four, which i cook one or two then it just seems dumb to cook for one. . .How do I stop being so picky and make my apartment a place I don't feel miserable in all the time?
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No title
I got a new job during COVID so it's been remote the whole time I've had it. Every now an again we have Zoom meetings with our boss who I think is very attractive. As time goes by and we're still not out of partial lockdown he's just getting more and more attractive. I think it's because he was already good looking combined with me being stir crazy and lonely, but it's becoming hard to keep myself calm and focused when I have to talk to him. With my state's COVID numbers on the rise again, I'm not gonna be going out with people again for a while, so my "just wait it out" plan isn't much or an option. How do I get myself to chill the fuck out?
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My boyfriend has been raped?
My boyfriend of several months just told me that once last year while meeting a tinder girl for a hookup, she tied his hands to the bedposts, took out a dildo, and started pegging him without his consent. He said he told her to stop a lot, she didn't, and so then he "just took it."

How the fuck am I supposed to react to this? Isn't that rape? It doesn't seem to affect him very much except for the fact that he brings it up fairly frequently, but casually, like in jokes. How do I know if he's suffering because of this? How do I help?
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Wtf am I supposed to do with all this shit
Planned trip tmo with my friend plus his girlfriend.

Also going is this girl ive been crushing on a bit but like a week ago she tells me her new black boyfriend was coming too ( it seemed so out of left field i thought it was a joke) found out it was serious. so i was like i am not 5th wheeling (my Profesional response)

Then she texts me and gets angry that im not coming

For some reason i agreed to go ( probably just gonna orbit around my friend)

Anybody know wtf is going on here cuz i fuckin dont
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Is the only way to get laid to get a gf
>be coomer
>like fat women
>like black women
>like Indian women
>like Asian women
>like latinas
>be Aryan Ubermensch
>go on dating apps because my semen retention causes me to get hard when talking to girls irl and I just wanna fuck
>end up matching with qt 3.14 blondes who want a serious relationship that will require time, effort and delayed cooming
>easily got laid before with fat girls when I wasn’t /fit/
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No title
If I'm a retard, can I achieve independence and stability by being a tryhard in life?
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No title
What do you do if all three times you have visited doctors and a specialist you were told your condition is only mild to moderate but it completely feels severe to you both physically and mentally?

In no uncertain terms it seems like every time I have been evaluated I was told my problem is much smaller than I think, but I stopped going outside and can’t wear almost any clothes because of it and am in constant muscle and postural pain.

Basically I have kyphosis between 65 degrees 70, and the x rays and doctors aren’t even considering spinal fusion or corrective surgery, and I can’t fix my back on my own because parts of it are wedged or degenerated.

Tl;dr : Do you persist seeking medical help if you keep getting evaluations contrary to how you’re actually feeling, and your whole life is on pause or is it simply hopeless if there’s a wall you can’t penetrate, in my case getting an option for surgery.

Pic is an example of someone only 10 degrees higher and the after pic.
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No title
i cant get a good job and im hungry and fucking sick of living. im out fuck this gay ass fucking earth and all 400mil of you faggots in it. whats the cheapest way i can off myself
0 images | 1 replies
No title
So I recently broke up with my long distance GF.

Our relationship was great when we were together but we had all the typical problems of a LDR; The constant train rides back and forth was both expensive and exhausting, we were either stuck in the same room together with no space or hundreds of miles apart, being unable to physically comfort each other was difficult. And then of course with COVID we haven't been able to see each other for months. It was a difficult decision to make. I told her that I still loved her, and still cared about her, but I don't know how many years it would be before we would be able to be together "permanently" and I could tell the distance was making all the smaller issues bigger and bothering both of us so I ended it.

Anyway, about a week ago we happened to be alone on our Discord server and I find out that 2 weeks after we split she went to visit a mutual friend of ours to fuck after making excuses to not visit me for months because of covid and her family being vulnerable. When I told her I can't believe she moved on so quickly she told me "how dare you say that because you broke up with me" that she felt suicidal and needed someone to comfort her and that she received more support from him in the last week than she ever did from me.

So I've been a miserable wreck ever since. I can't sleep and I'm constantly holding back tears. She's right, I was the one who broke up with her, we are not together anymore so I don't really have any say in what she does. I fully expected her to move on, and I'm trying to do the same, but hearing how quickly she did feels like the biggest gut punch ever. I don't know how to feel.
0 images | 10 replies
No title
Guys i need serious advice, can't live prpperly due to my hatred of Niggers, this rancid disgusting slave race of semi-humans, i will never in my life respect a disgusting black, however my family is starting to shun me about this, my friends have stopped speakijg to me after i mentioned this and im not sure what i can do. I work full time at the moment but my family relies on me for money almost completely - so leaving isn't really an option since i dont want them to starve. I was thinking of completely isolating myself from human society except to work. I need advice man
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No title
>gf's grandparents come for the weekend
>spend the whole day hanging out with them
>am crashing because introvert, leave the room and just lay in bed and hang out on phone/4chan
>the grandparents later get all weird about it, wondering what was wrong, whether they had done something
Ffs why are people like this. Have they never met someone who needs to recharge? An uncle in their family literally has aspergers ffs.
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Relationships & mental illness
I'm mentally I'll but in a relationship. Lately shit's been heavy on me. I'm afraid I've felt disinterest and at least a reduction in feelings for my partner? It even had me feel like I wanted to leave at some points, I think. But I haven't. And I'm wondering why not. Maybe I didn't actually stop liking them and knew deep down my depression could be affecting stuff? I at least knew these feelings seemed out of nowhere and I wanted to think on it more.
Fucked in the head or not, anyone experience anything similar? I'd like to say I didn't stop liking them if I'm still here, but these are confusing thoughts.
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No title
Anyone get eczema under the eye? When will it go away? I've been using eczema cream for 3 days and it just looks like it's spreading more...
1 images | 3 replies
No title
god i'm so fucking lonely. i have legit like 2 friends that i never see irl due to covid. i work in an extremely toxic environment that makes me wanna kms. i was looking forward to moving away for college but i just found out all of my college courses are gonna be online for the next year, so i think i'm stuck at my current job. i have no idea how to meet new people and my mental health is going down hill so fucking fast. when i'm not working i sit in my room playing vidja and watching anime all day. i'm not looking forward to another year of being a hermit i can't fucking take it anymore.
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How to act in this situation?
So basically what i wanna know is how to act like a dominant person, but not a cunt when this happens:
I was walking alone down a relatively narrow street going to the grocery store, and in front of me was a young dude walking towards me holding hands with his gf, the street was just wide enough for one party to sidestep and let each other pass, but fuck that, they're occupying a lot of space. So i stared the dude down and just at the last moment he moved away and i moved the opposite direction just so slighly as to not shoulder bump the girl and start a possible confrontation.
Whats the best course of action?
Of course it depends on the dude challenging you, as a 18 year old twink is not the same thing as a 30 year old tattooed convict.
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>Posting from your IP range has been banned

Some cunt in my city made it so I can’t post on 4chans when I’m out and about. Is there a way to bypass this? How?
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How do I turn my life around as a shut-in NEET? I took some steps and decided to go back to school but it's all online so it doesn't feel like anything has changed for me. My social skills has tanked to zero and I haven't been outside in years.
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Should I join?
Is the military a legitimate option if you've fucked up your life and want to start over?
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Should I break up with my gf?
Should I break up with my gf? I’m just bored of the relationship physically, she’s put on some weight and the sex is boring, she doesn’t have the same turn ons I do and is kind of innocent. And to make matters worse, we’re long distance now. She’s a really nice girl, I just am bored with the sex and I feel like it would be hard to fix. She’s 25 and I’m 26 btw.
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I was in DC at a 7-11 and this lady was walking all over like Ms Pacman, coughing. She asked the clerk for rubbing alcohol and im concerned she had corona, but no one else seemed to care. It was a pretty ghetto 7-11
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Ok I deleted my social media
Should I leave this website too?
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How to buy a house for dummies
I'm trying to buy a house. There's one listed for 215k CAD in Ottawa, Ontario. It's in a rural, safe area, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, old roof, old appliances. I have 23k CAD to my name. Can this work, should I go for it, and what do I need to do?
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(1/2) Be me in new relationship for the past 3 months, best of my life, great plans for the future, etc

Here's the thing:
>current boyfriend is demanding that I cut all contact with a male friend
>been friends for 5 years now
>bonded over a lot of the same struggles in highschool and after (competitive athletes for same sport, both suffer from insane knee injuries and surgeries, mental illness things, etc)
>me and this friend talk on snapchat once every few days, talk about games or something trivial, conversation always very short
>we meet up in person for lunch twice per year, don't see each other whatsoever in between
>this friend has always been in love with me
>bought me a laptop without my asking several years ago, also a few games
>would make romantic advances nearly monthly for the first few years of our friendship
>always turned him down, cannot imagine feeling anything romantic for him. truly see him as a brother
>thought he had finally gotten over it until i got together with my current bf, he sent me messages, upset, about how he somehow thought that i would be with him eventually and not someone else
>talked him down, said i'm sorry, i cant feel anything like that for him, etc, seemed to take it well enough and hasn't said anything romantic since
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>Been out of work for the last 5 months thanks to pandemic
>Didn't even accept government handout because I didn't need it and knew others did
>Finally running out of money and decide to find a job
>Find one
>Cant fucking stand working and quit after 2 weeks

Holy shit fucking kill me. I hated working before but now that I've had MONTHS of free time I literally cant go back.

I'm gonna try again with another job fuck fuck I'm ready to kill myself instead of going back to work. I'm a millennial so I have no plans/hope of retiring outside of winning the lottery.

How am I supposed to do this?
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Giving Advice On What Little Practical Knowledge I Have
monster energy
Alright fuckers, I'm here to give advice. On what? On the only subjects I'm qualified for. Literally just how to grill a good steak and get a driving license in the US.

I can also teach you obvious things about how to comfort someone when they're upset to a very limited degree if you have any questions about that.
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How the hell do I pick a career and stick with it?
I have no idea what I want to do long term, because of three reasons. I’ve always worked in childcare, and almost have my bachelors in early childhood education. I’m amazing with kids and I used to believe I wanted to work with them for a career but now I’m not so sure. I could never work in the joke that is public education and I hate parents. Parents are always worse than the kids and most the time they are idiots. It breaks my heart to see these kids get stuck with the people they do. After having my own kid i question if I will have the same passion and energy for it.

Also, there’s no money in this shit.

So what the hell do I do instead? How can I find out the right job for me?
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Not sure what the hell is wrong with me, my heart rate seems fast for me I'm an 18 year old thats like a 6/10 on fitness, I get chest pains when reading about suicide and I have an insatiable hunger. Is it stress, depression?
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Hey /ADV/ be me *Pic unrelated, Me*
>19 year old ex drug dealing straight male.
>struggled with school and life as child
>graduated this year during 2020april covid lockdown
>no grad celebration
>family disowned me long before graduation, get kicked out after grad
>moves in with buisness partner paying 400 a month working 4 hours a week
>making aprox 2$ per gram of BHO sold. Selling anywhere from 1-2oz a week, surviving.
>mets girl who has child, 4 month old female child.
>never had any issue with children or women.
>love at first sight blah blah blah.
>self reflecting makes me take a step down from buisness for this women.
>financial situation worsens, buisness slows down
>end of the month i say "im done" delete snap chat groups for sales, and tell people im done selling.
>me and girl progress are very serious life is smooth, still broke.

>three weeks ago, browsing internet, find old bulk site i used for flipping.
>makes an order, 10 grams of BHO 14 grams of Golden Teachers (Shrooms)
>^convinces self its for personal
>brags about order coming in to friends/excustomers
>they buy half my order after it shows in, make another order the next day.
>present day, message old cocaine hookup of mine from vancouver.
>tells me "house was raided a few months ago, trying to get back into it, i need help getting some capital for a kilo"
>thinks about girlfriend, and her child. The promises ive made to myself.
>but selfishness temptation controls my decisions.

Please i have the passion, time and effort to put into the drug hustle. Ive been in this buisness for my whole life, ive never experienced love until now but im so piss broke i cant even take care of myself. I love this girl, but i cant decide if i love her enough to stick to my own word and not go back into selling.
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10 years married today I know the truth
I want to be worth more than the value of my mere existence
After 10 years together, my wife never finished a BJ. Today, after ANOTHER coitus interruptus and an argue, she told me that she did it like 5 or 6 times with a short term boyfriend and didn't like the experience.
What the fuck is wrong, anon?
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I can't seem to learn anything anymore. I can't pay attention to anything, even to things I used to enjoy. I've despised my job for the past 4 years yet every time I go looking for another one I find a way to justify not applying for it. I'll work out for a few months and just feel even worse about myself and give up, yet sitting around just makes me hate myself even more. Everytime I feel like I finally found something to look forward to I lose motivation/enjoyment of it pretty quickly. I'm not necessarily suicidal, obviously I'm still here, I just feel indifferent to everything at this point is the best way I can describe it. Like my brains running at sleep mode or something, I'm not sure how to describe it. I was seeing a behavioral health person at the local hospital about a year or two ago about it but she basically just put me on a different medication every month which not only didn't help but a lot of the time made it worse so I stopped going. Is therapy something that could even help with this or am I basically just stuck here? I just can't imagine someone talking to me is gonna make any of this go away, I mean the answers seem simple but so far knowing the answers hasn't done anything for me. Has anyone else ever been like this and had therapy help?
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I’m curious as to how do people have friends and people they like? I think somewhere around my early adolescence people around me stopping being friends, then they stopping being around me.
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How can I learn to trust people again? Ever since my ex of 7 years dropped me, I've had extreme trust issues. I feel like all the people I could've trust to like me have actually just been putting up with me because we have history or some other pretense. It's gotten to the point that I ghosted all my friends because one of them made a joke that I'd never amount to anything. This same friend I had multiple chats about how I felt like none of our bros really liked me, even himself. I don't know if I'm garbage or not. I'm in college and getting decent grades, but I don't have a job, and when breaks happen, I feel like no one's going to want to hire me so I don't even put in applications. I've told myself I'll be fine alone, but when I'm not busying myself with a personal project or some kind of mind numbing entertainment, I just spend that time staring off into space thinking about how pathetic I am. I want to make new friends, but I feel like I'm not good enough to be friends with or I won't be able to trust them anyway and ghost them at the first thought of them disliking me too. I don't know what to fucking do.
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My brother is severely mentally ill and claims no one loves him but he is thoroughly selfish cunt who locks himself in his bedroom for weeks on end because he legitimately believes we all have Corona and will infect him (which will kill him). He has violent tantrums and is extremely verbally abusive to my undeserving mom with no regard for her cancer or other health problems and harbors a seething hatred for my dad and me especially. I'm scared one day soon he'll buy a gun or something and kill us all.

What do?
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What do I need to do to become tough?
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When I was a depressed and extremely insecure 17 year old I met a guy online. He was my age and we hit it off so well, it went directly to flirting. We ended up dating and the first few months were amazing. We’d watch movies together, talk for hours and even fell asleep on the phone. Eventually it progressed to us having phone sex (lmao.) I didn’t mind it, I wanted to make him happy. I’m not good with change, so when I moved to a new house I was having anxiety attacks. I’d call him and he’d sound so annoyed and would hang up when I wasn’t speaking loud enough. Anyways, the relationship carried on though just a bit rocky like most online relationships. He planned to move to my town and we’d get an apartment after graduation, I was hopeful for our future. Eventually we became so close that we started opening up about personal things. I told him I was molested and that he’d film me without my knowledge. So I suffer with social anxiety/PTSD. I don’t function well and certain things trigger me.

Anyways, he ended up asking for nudes and so I did. Even if I was extremely uncomfortable, again, just wanted to make him happy. He ended up pulling my strings repeatedly by breaking up with me then wanting me back. I was insecure and wanted someone to love me and protect me. He knew that. He ended up asking for videos of me sticking fingers up my ass, which I didn’t do because by then I was mentally exhausted. All he would do was video call me and film himself jerking off, no conversation. I didn’t really like it. What hurt the most was when he was stroking in during a call and he kept telling me to say “cum daddy” which I ended up doing. I didn’t mind, because I was into ddlg, though he didn’t know that. Only problem was he responded with “you’re the best daughter in the world.” Which triggered me. He just hung up after, no bye, nothing. I just sat on the ground and went blank. It went on for years. Now, 20. I feel dead.
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>apply for a job
>get hired
>start working
>company needs me to submit requirements
>birth certificate, other details, etc
>they say they're gonna pull out my application if I don't submit them by a certain time
>ignore them completely
>1 week past deadline
>still have my job
Were these guys just bullshitting?
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How does one deal with aggressive people? I am scared of confrontation
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Will hiring escorts help me get sex / fear of sex out of my system?
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Does chad ever try to get women to like him?

I would believe in theory they just throw themselves at him. But what happens when chad tries?

is it just instinctive or is there sentient thought going on?
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I was in lab and had a cute girl as a partner. She approached me after class and asked to walk with me. We had a good convo about aspirations and school. Next lab I tell her I will walk with her again after lab and we start talking again. I ask for her number and she says she will give me her snapchat instead. I sent pics and she has only sent short text responses. What did I do wrong? She must have found me attractive to have talked to me and I also hinted that Im rich by talking about my dad and his job. I was pretty socially awkward but is that the reason why she lost interest??? She could have a good looking guy who has a guaranteed well paying stable job in the future but because I struggle at talking she lost interest??? Why is that such a big fucking deal. I have everything that a woman could want but just get nervous talking to girls. What am I supposed to do from here?
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Husband's Penis is too big
Is there such thing as penis shrinking? My husband's penis is too big and hurts me. I will be sore for quite awhile after. I feel like I'm being painfully stretched out. Getting really wet and using lube sometimes helps. I don't know. I also can't help but get really tensed up when he enters me. I try to relax but it's hard to. Any advice?
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