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The girl who I loved all through high school but was friendzoned & mocked by is a single mom now and hitting me up on social media. I REALLY want to be petty and stand her up for a bullshit date but would that actually make me happier?
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Should i send my ex girlfriend, my first love, a letter apologising for my behaviour, behaviour that truly upsets me, with no expectation from her, merely to clear my conscience?

Is this selfish?
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Can't leave you alone for one minute.
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jerking off to reflection
i do this as i do not watch porn. i like looking at my dick and thinking how a girl would perceive it. am i narcissistic?
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Healthy sexual fantasies
I have this sexual fantasy of being molested by an older sister. It's kind of weird because I don't actually have an older sister but I basically am turned on by the thought of an older girl I'm related to raping / sexually assaulting me in my preteen / teen years. Is this healthy? whats wrong with me?
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How to achieve this lifestyle ?

I'm 20

I have everything to start because : I'm black
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4chan protected?
serious cat
If you post something on 4chan, can it be traced back to an individual IP address?
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Why am I so shallow? I cannot love someone who I don't find physically attractive. I will probably die alone or end up with some hot but retarded bitch
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Mental Health/Relationship General
Firstly, I'm not a doctor so I can't give you medical advice. Secondly, I've been working in the mental health field for 15 years as a crisis counselor, case manager for the county and program manager for a foster care agency providing supports for 40+ patients. If you have any questions concerning any aspect of mental health in life or relationships I'd be glad to give you my professional opinion.
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Tell me if you think I'm going to get fired
>Part time supervisor at UPS warehouse
>get locked out of the office
>I climb up onto the top of the office and use a hatch that leads to the roof to get in
>I break a ceiling tile doing this
>get spooked and put ceiling tile back into place but all fucked up because I'm an idiot.
>literally was doing this on impulse, just to clock out
>clock out at a computer not in the office
>Monday, boss asks me about the ceiling
>Tuseday, security calls me in at the end of the night and tells me they have me on camera. (Not actually on video climbing, but they knew I was the only one there)
>Admit it was me and I only was trying to clock out (which true)
>Wednesday, I work my shift and at the end of the night, I'm called into the manager's office along with my boss. The manager tells me it's about a 50/50 chance I get canned for this. However, he is only suspending me until he hears back from HR.
>Probably wouldn't be in this mess had I simply told my boss the truth when he first asked me.
>Now it's basically up to corporate HR people as to ruin my life or not
>Might log-off IRL if I get fired fr xddd
>Today, get a call from the boss
>HR wants me to come in at 6 pm to "talk" to me.

Am I getting fired or suspended, what do you guys think? I'm fucking freaking out.
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If I stp foot into Walmart, will I get corona?
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Girls and Validation
I'm used to perpetually date or at least chat with multiple women at the same time. I've been on a dry spell for four months now and for some reason I feel like a loser for not being actively dating or talking to girls. Why is that, and how can I change it? I want to feel "enough" without the need of having a girl to validate who I am.
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Basically I've been having thoughts of contacting my ex for about a year now. Logically, It's a terrible idea, emotionally I want to talk to her again.

Now for why this is such a terrible decision...
TLDR: She has borderline personality disorder which as a symptom, means that she is irrationally afraid of being abandoned and sometimes acts as if she has been. People with that disorder tend to be really impulsive as well. At some point she cheated on me and I suspect that is why. Tell me how I would be a cuck for reaching out to her again.

I have a long version if anyone is interested.
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what do about ex bf
So based on what has been happening between us past 4 months since he broke up with me. I don't have enough good info to tell if he will come back to me or not. Even so, I can't stop thinking about him. What do to stop.
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WhatsApp Image 2020-03-17 at 9.16.26 AM
I'm in a live-in relationship with my girlfriend of 2 years
I spat and verbally lashed out at my well paid software engineer gf yesterday, it was mix of jealousy and frustration. She's working from home these days due to the corona crisis. I'm frustrated and unemployed for many months now, I used to be a content writer. Now I only do housework.
Immediately, 2 mins later, I realized what an asshole I was. I was deeply ashamed of myself, and with my head bent down I approached her to apologize. Before I could open my mouth, she was already furious, and began hitting me like a punchbag. Mind you, she's a trained mixed martial artist too, she's holds black belts in karate and kickboxing, and even competes internationally in full-contact kickboxing championships. Within a matter of minutes, I lay writhing in pain on the floor, my face bloodied and bruised, and my body sore and aching all over from her painful kicks and punches. I ended up with a bleeding cut lip, a black swollen eye, broken nose and wobbly front teeth. She immediately ran to our bedroom, and I could hear her sobbing. She came out 10 mins later and tearfully apologized, then placed my head in her lap and nursed me with an ice pack. She took care of me the rest of the day.
She's taken a break from work today to spend the time with me. I'm getting pampered all day today, she's wearing nothing today all day since morning, she's cooked my favorite dishes, watched movies with me, and given me lots of intimacy.
My body still hurts from the beating she gave me yesterday though, particularly my left eye which is still black and swollen from her punch.

I understand that I started it all. I would like to make it up to her. I wouldn't want her to feel too guilty for too long, and I would like her to know how grateful I am to have her. But first I would like to know what's going on in her mind, preferably from a feminine perspective, then I'd like to know what should I do.
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How do I become a simp, but a based one?
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No title

How do I fix it how do you fix it.

Actual political threads are being deleted nearly instantly on /pol/. All 300 post threads are non political and weird with the same vibe. Like some freak with autism only wants one type of thread on /pol/ and their type of politics they like

It seems like janitors are all made of the most insufferable personalities on earth. Not surprising, who else would do it.
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Quarantine is killing me, i've been going to bed literally at 1pm and waking up at 11pm what do i do
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28+ Thread
Can't deal with it
28+ Thread - Surviving Corona Edition

Kind of in a bad place, wageslave job has me constantly interacting with customers but the bastards won't give us any protective equipment. I need this job but I'm deathly afraid of getting covid. I don't know what to do.
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I hate working.
I always hate working.
The only time I didn't hate working was when I wasn't making enough to live and even then I still hated working.
I hate my current job. Every time the phone beeps my anxiety spikes wondering what I'm going to get yelled at for now. I hate that I have an autistic wandering mind that demands information constantly to date it which I can't do at my job. I hate that the only two things there are boredom and stressful boredom.
However, my adoptive Dad, who I've lived with my whole life, is very much against me moving back home. When my lease at this apartment ends, he wants me to find a new roommate and lease a new place. I don't want to do this. I don't want a lease that potentially could trap me into my job even further.
The only escape I see is shacking up with my estranged birth dad in poor health in Apache Junction. Apache Junction is a shithole. His place is a disgusting mess. I can barely take care of myself but I would also need to be taking care of him. But that's starting to appear more favorable to what I'n doing now. I know I would be looked down upon by my whole family, especially because even though I'd be living off of my Dad's money, it's not really his mobey, it's my Grandma's, who gives him $6,000 a month. But I'm seriously starting to consider it. I don't know if I can take doing this wagecucking shit any longer. I've never had a job I held down for more than 6 months and I doubt I ever will find a job I can hold down for that long.
I have no idea what move I should make.
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I live in my sister's house, she's a lesbian and has been single for 4 years. Her last two girlfriends were disgusting people who practically moved in and tried to get me kicked out. I just grin and bear it because I'm too poor to move.
Anyway she's getting riled up because of quarantine and finally jumped on a dating site. I'm worried I have to deal with another bitch soon, I'm already planning on buying locks for my room and office to protect from theft. Is it normal to get frustrated over a roommate dating people? Especially lesbians, who practically move in after the first date?
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I am just an average dude but I drink one can of beer and I feel like I am Brad Pitt, and become extremely confident and charming.

Is this normal? Am I a fucking alcoholic?
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Why cant I just be normal
storm of steel
I think I am romantically screwed. Why cant I just be normal and be attracted to regular people? What the fuck?

I have noticed I am only attracted to two kinds of men: the ones who are pure and noble souls, and they have the goodness that I don't have. They are the exact kind of men who should be more common, and if everyone had a friend like them then the world would ultimately be beautiful and there would be no wars!

And then there are the ones whose masculinity were tested, and they are the kind of men I want to be like. They are prime examples of men, but at what price? Such tests come with high risk and cost - thus extremely rare, especially ones that aren't dead or permanent damaged let alone in one piece. Most men these days are too comfortable, and prefer comfort - nothing inherently bad about this, but it doesn't inspire me.

Recently, I've been pondering about my infatuation with this one war hero who was tested under fire. What is it about him (my idea of him) that appeals to me? He suffers from PTSD, and he paid a price to be the kind of man he is. But, I want that. I want to be scarred the same way. I too want to have my eyes opened. I rather die the death of a philosopher, warrior, or martyr than live a long life as a weak, soft, and comfortable coward reminiscent of Nietzsche's Last Man. If I can't, then at least I want such a man to be my mentor and fill me up with his manliness. There is something to revere about what such a man brings back from the high of war.
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Is it even possible to it someone up on tinder right now?
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Phimosis Stretching
Anyone here have any success recovering from phimosis without circumcision or any surgeries? What stretches did you do? I think the most discomfort comes from my frenulum area. I find it very difficult to retract the foreskin more than halfway through the glans. Any advice to speed up the stretching process?
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How to stop being a bitch who complains about everything and start enjoying life?
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I was fucking with this girl for 3 months, she caught feelings but I wasn't willing to commit so she got a boyfriend to fill the void. One month later, this lockdown shit happens and I hear she's considering dumping her new guy.
Would you text her or something so I can fuck her right when lockdown ends? I don't wanna become her texting emotional tampon, but I'm willing to be a little more lovey dovey this time to make her stick around.
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How can I be more black and get more girls?
I've been noticing all the hot white girls only wanna be with black dudes.

I just got done watching this vid
and basically all the girls wanted to be with the 2 tall black dudes and basically ignored the asian guy and short white guy. The tall white guy got some ugly chicks but basically all the hot girls went to the 2 black guys.

Now I'm not saying there aren't any white chads out there, but it's starting to feel like the aesthetic and personality most women are attracted to is tall black rappers with soundclouds.

How can I appeal to a higher amount of women and be chad if I'm not any of those things?
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Uni fucking kills me
A victim of my dumb decisions. I’m /his/ by heart but chose the /sci/ way.. Back in school, I used to have fun (PHILOSOPHY, history,..) then I finished school in 2018, since then I came no step forward. I started mechanical engineering at the best technical university in my country, 1 semester and I gave up. Then October 2019 started business engineering (a mix between business administration and engineering ), I like it better because of the business subjects but I still wrote no exams to this day. It kinda fucked me up and killed my thirst for academia. I don’t know, what do now? I’m 21 and have nothing in my hands ..
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No title
how do you just give your life meaning, when you know life to be meaningless? I don't understand the ">just make your own meaning bro" or the ">just suddenly start believing there is meaning in the universe" types of advice
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No title
I am retarded. About four or five years ago I matched with this Russian on tinder, and have been flirting with her throughout this entire time. As we have gotten to know one another, we have gone from talking on Tinder, to Whatsapp, to Facebook, to Instagram. Every six months or so, when I'm awake late at night or just bored, I'll send her a message, we'll video chat, and eventually masturbate together. Now, I have just realised how retarded I am because I have been dating my girlfriend about two years, and she has obviously known nothing about any of this. I was talking to the Russian this week, out of stupidity, and she messaged me today saying, "I saw that u have girlfriend, how u met her?" I am so retarded that I have pictures of my girlfriend and I on instagram and never thought this would be an issue.

What do i do? I do not want to get ratted out.
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What should I name this tarantula I caught and keeping as a pet?
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I’m fairy certain have OCD and I often get caught up in feedback loops of guilt and shame over stuff I’ve done over the years, especially in my teenage years. These thoughts plague me and i can’t stop thinking about them. I feel so awful about myself and the person I am and I can’t focus on anything. Thoughts of suicide are often.
How do I get rid of these thoughts?? Will meditation help? Possibly reading?
Pic unrelated
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No title
I've lost all sense of self-identity in the past three years. I don't know how to discover interests for myself anymore. How do you find things to enjoy?
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No title
My husband of 8 years left me last week, and I'm having a very difficult time coping.

I want a therapist, but I'm both too shy, and too poor to afford one.

7cups charges $150 for email/online therapy. Is that price worth it? Can email-based therapy really help or is it just low-tier therapists who copy and paste things to you?
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how do i kill feelings? I have a female friend I've been talking to every day since the quarantine started and I'm afraid that I'm starting to feel attraction.
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No title
How do I stop hating women?
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Need help saying with the love of my life
384 KB JPG

Boys real srs critical life advice please.

My gf recently broke up with me (for not just one reason reason but also) because my dick was slightly to small in length and girth, she didn't outright tell me everything but she was very upset that our sizes didn't fit together perfectly and wish we didnt break up.

Now the break up only lasted two days and we even saw eachother twice during these two days and she wants to get back together but something needs to be done about our sex life, so I'm asking you anons can anyone help me out? We have something really special together and up if will be so sad if this ruins it.

I'm working on properly stretching and clamping and I got a viagra prescription.

If anyone is wondering my dimensions at full erection are 6.5 inches length by 5.3 inches girth

And she didnt outright tell me this either, but her ideal length is defiantly 7.5 inches and ideal girth is 5.7 inches.

So I'm trying to add 2.5cm to my length and around 1cm to the girth and I think that's very possible, but difficult and time consuming.

Any normal dick anons out there with regular advice or more PE advice?
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Gf doesn't want to have sex more than once a day, she's always either "working", "tired", "not now" etc. During the day she says sex makes her sleepy, at night she says she's too sleepy for sex, and in between she stalls watching TV shows and drinking tea. We live together so we're holed up during COVID. She's older than me.

This has been a problem for a few months already. Should I start looking for a side piece on Tinder since she can't or won't satisfy my needs?
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i just was on a horny reddit and i think i found the out trans person in my classes horny reddit accont with a big following and a only fans and ive now seen there dick how do i fucking erase this from my mind
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Trying to shake porn off me
I am trying really hard to shake porn off of my brain you guys but its been a fucking battle. I get caught in this weird loops where I will open a porn tab, look, close it. Open it again, look, close it. I haven't orgasmed in 2 weeks now. Longest time I have gone. Went from masturbating 6 times a day to zero times a day. Should I have tried weening myself off rather than cold turkey?

I don't even watch porn because I am horny. I watch it because I get this weird intimacy craving and I don't know what else to do. Help me. I think this will wear me down. Not even sure if I can break free ever. I remember reading online that you have to want to quit FOREVER. but I am not sure if I want to quit forever. I just don't want to be masturbating to it 6 times a day.
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my gf dumped me 3 weeks and i begged and cried for her not to do it and i loved her so much. but she didnt care and told me she was over me and i need to find somebody else. i was angry and heart broken and lost but ended up making peace with its over
couple days ago she mass texted me she made a huge mistake blah blah and she called me saying the same shit. and i took her back. but lately when we talk i dont feel anything for her. she doesnt look cute like she used to. we facetime last night and i could barely wanna talk to her. she said good night and ily but i forced myself to say it back

am i over her ? or still hurt for what she did and i can't move on ?
idk what to do. i just dont trust her anymore. or anything she says.
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No title
How do I get my tax return without a bank account?
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Corona taketh but maybe also giveth?
The question is: would I be a dirty scumbag for taking advantage of this situation?

My (slightly older) sister has asked me to go look in on one of her best friends who is apparently stressing hard about the current state of the world. I've known this girl most of my life but about 6 or 7 years ago we had a bit of sexual tension that never went anywhere. In any case she got married and had a couple of kids.

The husband left her recently (about 6 months ago I gather from what I was told) and it seems to still be over.

Since I'm going to go there and be social and hopefully distract her from her stressors for a while, I was already thinking my best bet for that would be some flirting and banter which is what I'm best at when it comes to dealing with women because I lack the empathy to be the guy who sits there and lets them download their problems.

>don't date single mothers
I wasn't planning on it. I was more just thinking that I might be able to score some making out and light petting to alleviate my own loneliness and stress during these troubled times.

I know how to read the room and will have to figure out on my own if she's interested, I really just want to know if it's too creepy to be """that""" guy who takes a small advantage of the situation. She's a smart girl so I'm concerned that even if she goes for it now, in a month or whatever she might turn around and feel taken advantage of and I don't want that.
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No title
elfont hmm
How do I get a gf without actually having to talk to a women
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No title
I need help deciding where to go to college. I got accepted to Ohio State and UCI. Neither one of them was my ideal school. I don’t like extreme cold or extreme heat but I’m willing to deal with it. Some of my closer friends are going to be about an hour away from OSU. I really don’t know what to do. I’d like to go somewhere that would set me up well for the future and a place where I could find friends. I didn’t take school as seriously before and I’m hoping I can be better now.
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No title
>have irl friends
>have online friends
>scrolling through 4chan
>read a thread "Do you have friends?"
>Deep down say no
I made myself sad, why am I like this?
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No title
>mfw this pic perfectly encapsulates my life 100%, except its even worse because i don't think i'm even willing to improve because i don't have a reason to
how do you get out of this?
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No title
I decided to stop feeling bad emotions some years ago because I thought it was stupid. I dont want to feel down because it doesnt help it just makes the situation worse usually. This doesnt work always but I cut back the emotions a lot. But I recently had a talk with a good friend and she told me that this is bad behavior and will eventually make me sick. Is it wrong to do what I did? I mean I am still feeling happy and all that stuff but just a little less of the bad feelings. Another thing that I noticed and that I would like to change is that I get really emotional in fights and even cry quite often if I am extraordinarily angry. I know that this is embarassing so pls no bully but I do not know how to suppress it. How do you handle emotions and what am I doing wrong if anything?
>inb4 are you on the spectrum
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How the fuck do I meet a milf for a hookup? Preferably online. I feel like all older women cut off young guys from their search criteria
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No title
should your partner be willing and able to cut off one of their friends if you asked them to?
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Quick Legalese
"Failure to set up and/or keep electric services in your name during the entire period of
tenancy will result in a $100 monthly fee until the issue is resolved. Invoices received
by management during tenancy will also be charged back as reimbursement."

In particular to the 2nd sentence, does this mean the landlord will payback these penalty payments or no? If not, what DOES it mean?
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No title
It's my birthday today and I kind of want to kill myself.
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My brother is pretending to be a girl online
My brother (around 16) is pretending to be a girl in online video games. His animal crossing character is a female (he sometimes picked female characters in single players games but I never thought it was that weird). He plays animal crossing online and wont show me his game or any of his island and I have heard him playing Overwatch putting on a false feminine voice. What does this mean anons? How do I bring this subject up with my him or the rest of my family? What do I do?
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No title
How to make yourself stand out if a girl has a lot chads around her to choose from?
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Why are younger generations so stupid?
What do I do, /adv/? I have become an outcast.

I woke up yesterday and realized I have nothing in common with anyone anymore. Kids these days are very different and I really feel like there is a huge gap between me and the people I deal with (just 5-4 years younger).

>they are all homossexual, bissexual or something weird
>they all do drugs
>they will unironically give money to camgirls on the internet (at least the few ones who aren't gays)
>they use twitter
>they use instagram more than facebook
>hell, facebook was already too much for me because I'm an ugly fag and couldn't take a decent picture for the life of me
>they spend their whole days playing videogames
>they like shitty music for the sake of being shitty music
>they use apps to hook up
>they are either full-blown leftists or borderline Hitler, like they have no idea how a democratic state should run and just roll downhill to meme ideologies
>did I mention the fetish status that shitty music has among them?

I hate this generation so much. How can I learn to like it and stop being a creepy old hermit? I am becoming a boomer already.
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Cheatin on you partner
Have You ever cheated on Your gf?
how did it end?
was it worth?
How did u fell?
Why did u do that?
Did it change things for better?
Do You regret?
im lost.
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Casual sex
How the fuck do I get casual sex as an average guy with bad social skills? I have no preference on who I sleep with just as long as they aren't deformed
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No title
There has been the wonderful woman I've been seeing for a little over 3 years now. We have perfect chemistry, the sex is amazing, everything about us is mindblowing. The only problem is, she is married and I want her to leave her husband so I can marry her.

She won't leave her husband because she cares about him and it's in the best interest of her and her children's futures to stay with him. I told her I'm willing to do whatever it takes for her and her children if she leaves her husband but she just won't do it.

How do I get her to leave her husband at this point? I've considered going to his job and telling him everything showing him videos and pictures of us on dates and our sextapes so he will divorce her himself.
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Ex broke up with me 3 days into it and has been doing drugs since, even though he stated he just "wants some space" and he's "too stressed for a relationship". Been 2 weeks now and I usually start losing feelings, but I haven't. What should I do to get my mind off of him?
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Girl w/ BPD
I've been texting a woman I met on Tinder and she admitted she has BPD. I know I should run, but I really like her. What can I do to make this go right and what should I be cautious of avoiding?
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Gf is a mess because of isolation
I need help /adv/
I have a gf who has an ill temper. She can get angry or offended easily. Normally this is manageable, we have talked the issue and our relationship has been going on with this as a problem of minor occurrence.
This was until Coronavirus. Because of isolation and fear of getting sick, she lost it, and I mean it. Long story short, she always repeats the same pattern: picks something to fight, gets terribly emotional, insults me, and later apologizes. She has been terrible, called me cocksucker, faggot, and I am not exaggerating, I am quoting her words.
Yesterday it was the top of the cherry, I couldn't take it any longer and haven't seen her since. She came to my door but I told her to leave. The idea of seeing her scares me. Yesterday I had to take clonazepam to calm down.
What do? I love her, I don't want to finish it.
PD. We live in the same building, same floor, different apartments.
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No title
How should the first meeting with a girl look like so that she chases *you* afterwards instead of vice versa?
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I just found out my GF had casual sex with a guy
One month before we met. And then, a few days ago he was sending messages asking her nudes and saying that he 'miss sucking your boobs' and she just laughed it off. She said that at the time they had sex, she was feeling very lonely and pervert, so she unblocked that guy, who tried once, and started talking to him again, then sent him a nude of her boobs and on the next day they had sex. She said he means absolutely nothing to her, she says that she only used him to satisfy her sexual desires and that he was no more than an object to her at the time.

I got pissed because she fucked someone so easily and so pathetic (he kept begging for nudes with no dignity), and what made me even angrier was the fact that he said he missed her a few days ago. She then blocked and deleted him, but now I just can't see her in the same way.

Am I being paranoid? She didn't betray me, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I didn't like knowing that, do all women have casual sex with assholes nowadays when they're feeling lonely? Fuck, this shit pains me, now I keep imagining them both going at it.
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No title
I think the state of the world might have something to do with me. It all started when I discovered reality is controlled by an evil spirit and it started changing 4chan on me. But there is also a good spirit, basically God, which I really felt for the first time after competing to get a thread to page 7 (because 7 is a good number) with the evil. He left a poem for me:

Twas me you say?
An anon that's a homebody?
Nay, couldn't be me
I'm just a nobody...

This was the most beautiful thing I ever heard about me. The night before I prayed to God to sacrifice me for humanity because I saw what was happening and it made me sad I wanted all suffering to end but I also didn't want to suffer myself. It was the first time I really felt a prayer get answered it was so beautiful. And for the last week I have kind of been at war with Satan I guess...I went through all these trials but the final answer I discovered is it was all pointless all the suffering and evil there is no justification for it it shouldn't even happen. But basically the evil is everywhere it is part of reality even the fact that we can starve to death is evil. And now I can't even communicate with God really or at least not easily. So I don't know what to do I feel like I am powerless to do anything I just feel stuck.
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No title
my gf of 4 months is borderline and im not sure i can stay in this relationship anymore

she'll go from being affectionate and telling me how much she loves me to she is confused about me and is very cold to me and its super easy to piss her off that she'll get personal with me and make fun of me. will basically refuse to even hug me during this period.
granted she hasn't cheated on me and we talk daily. but the periods where's shes cold even after shes done it a couple times make me insecure af
due to her telling me back in hs she used to fuck around a lot when she got in a mood. but swears shes over that period
unfortantely she only shares this side of her with me and her sister. everybody else she'll act nice
idk what to do. has anyone dated a borderline and kept it long-lasting?
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No title
If a girl asks "what you gonna do when you get home" is that a sign she might be into you? I know its hard to tell without full context but generally speaking
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Got my girlfriend pregnant in Malaysia, seriously need help. I'm white but it's a fucking muslim country and this shit's illegal. How the fuck do I abort it. I'd really appreciate help that's actually got a little research or knowledge in it, as I've been researching it for hours already. Yes, she does agree to this if you're wondering.
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so I'm trying to decide between two colleges, but the problem is I don't know how to make my decision. It's too late to visit campuses I imagine because of corona, and they are about the same amount of money. I have literally no idea how to make this decision and it is stressing me out

I'll just say the schools. it's between Texas Tech and University of Texas in Arlington. It's for comp sci. I honestly don't have a preference. I'd like to take out as few loans as possible. But I live close to UTA so I can commute. I also have a garenteed UTA scholarship for a few thousand. TT I might get a scholarship but I don't know for sure. TT is more of a college town / college experience and stuff which is nice, but is also in the middle of nowhere.
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Will deleting facebook profile stop me from appearing in other users' "people you may know"? If yes will it take effect immediately?
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>haven't felt emotions in years
>disconnected from everything
>feel completely left out of life like I'm just an observer
>don't care about anything
>days fly by
>weeks, months, years fly by
>can spend months doing nothing because it's all the same shit when you're disconnected
>my life is flying by without me actually participating in it
>corona virus shit doesn't affect me at all
>World War III would barely affect me even if it was at my front door
>everything feels utterly insignificant and meaningless

Has anyone here recovered from this shit? It's like my soul is gone
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Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 10.00.47 PM
I have an issue with feeling guilty for nearly everything even if I understand that I did nothing wrong and that the only person who really cares was me. Ex. I'm with my parents and they ask if I want to watch a movie with them. I admit that I don't want to and they understand and go on to watch the movie. They really don't care yet I still feel this annoying sense of guilt. How to overcome?
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Bros Idk what to do. Last year I was doing well. I had a rough time in college but I graduated and did well academically. I graduated with some of the closest friends I had ever made, had a girlfriend, and had a plan. After I moved back home, I got injured, girlfriend broke up with me (unrelated reasons), and my retard doctor cleared me too soon and i got injured again several times and it fucked up my nervous system and gave me severe chronic pain. I'm doing a lot better than I was when I first got diagnosed but I'm still affected. I wasn't able to get a job because of this, and I feel like I can't go to grad school because of this. All my plans were ruined. My life is in shambles right now since I am physically limited even though I used to be a very active person. I've been in and out of doctor's offices and physical therapy for the last year. I hate my life and I'm considering suicide if my condition gets worse. I pray that I get the coronavirus so I'll die a statistic. I don't know what to do.
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Is it true that your physical appearance will affect how everyone views you, both men and women? Does that mean that if you look ugly or something like that you are doomed? How do I cope with this shit?
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I have 126 tinder matches but I have no idea how to start and maintain a conversation with them.

How do I learn how to talk to women?
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Is it bad that whenever I'm around the opposite sex, the only reason I laugh at their jokes is so they don't notice my erection?
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I am currently a 24/M police officer in the UK. I joined the police for idealistic reasons and I believe I'm a reasonably good officer. I get teased by my colleagues for being a bit quiet, self-effacing and 'soft' in a profession dominated by 'alpha' personalities.

I've always very much enjoyed the investigative side of my job. My supervisor has recommended I take detective exams in a few months and enter CID, which is really the reason I joined- I've always wanted to enter the child abuse investigation unit, specifically the team that deals with online paedophile rings.

I have been completing a degree in English Literature while I've been working, and have developed an unbelievable passion for Romantic poetry and medieval literature. It has given me a joy I have found nowhere else in my life. I am due to graduate with a first class degree, have experience teaching the subject in my spare time for extra cash, and have very luckily managed to get a short paper on Byron published while an undergraduate.

I am now considering leaving the police to study the subject at a graduate level, with the goal of becoming a lecturer and eventually professor of English Literature. However, I am daunted by the uncertainty. I hear academia is increasingly competitive and insecure, whereas my job in the police is effectively tenured. I also have the irrational yet nagging feeling that if I leave the police, I am guilty for the children I might otherwise have helped.

I don't know what I'm expecting, but I would appreciate any and all insights.
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My best relationships with women have been with women who were already married/committed to someone while I was fucking her. Why is this the case? It seems like if a girl already has a husband/boyfriend she will do alot more for me, act more feminine and sexually please me more often then if we were exclusively seeing each other and I'm the main boyfriend.
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Why does she keep texting me
Girl i met online, dated for 6-7months, she broke it off.
I told her i'm not ok just being friends with someone have feelings for and she said ok.
She keeps texting me asking me how i am etc or just random bullshit i haven't responded to. Now she send me a paragraph ranting about maturity and how If i dont walk to talk to her i should tell her blah blah blah.

I dont want to talk to her because i still like her and she doesnt feel the same, is it worth even telling her this or is she just going to keep trying to befriend me
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LMAO all yall really think if you spit on a dude and verbally harassed him he wouldn't beat your ass? this is a classic case of cause and effect. op if you're gonna stay in this relationship you need to talk out your feelings of inadequacy with your partner and have her talk to you about why she resorted to such violence. don't say it's okay either - because it's not. people in relationships shouldnt be beating ass, spitting on each other and verbal abusing each other. you need a monster ultimatum that if this ever happens again youre gone and you need to follow through. again all this is if you actually wanna stay in this.
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What do you have to do to be told that you lack self-awareness?
It seems to me that this way to shut someone down is way too easy
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How do I get a clingy gf who has no friends?
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I'm 20 yo, F, hair care freak and never had dandruff until recently. I also started using coconut oil few weeks ago, do you think it could be the reason? And also how to treat it?
Had pretty much normal skin all my life long.
>Pic unrelated
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I've had a few experiences of unrequited love throughout my life. In high school, one would even talk shit about me to other people. I'm over all of it, but I think I'm still holding something from these experiences. Beliefs like I'm unlovable, unattractive, etc. While I'm not a looker, and a little overweight, rationally I can observe I'm not repulsive. I think these beliefs are holding me back though more than anything from finding love, and even being happy. How to begin to deconstruct those beliefs, or replace them with better ones?
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Laid off yesterday
So it finally happened I got laid off (temporarily) but my employer is offering us to use our PTO towards getting paid while being laid off, should I just file for unemployment without using any PTO or should I wait and see what they tell us, we’re being told to hold off filing before they get more information. I’m afraid I’ll get denied and won’t be able to use my PTO as they want us to decide within day, got no clue on what to do
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I'm stuck in my parents home during quarantine and all I have is an old computer. Looking for freeware shooting games which I can run on this, better if online multiplayer:
Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5500 @ 2.80GHz

Video Card
ATI Radeon HD 5450 512Mb Ram
4.0 GB
Operating System
Windows 7
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Since I’m stuck inside with family for the next few months before uni I’m gonna try and sort myself out, exercising, taking up hobby, eating better etc

But cuz of add I fing it hard getting past a week of keeping it up

Any help or stories that can motivate to push past?
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download (2)
can it be generalized that aggressiveness helps you get laid quicker, or women like pic related are just anomalies?
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So I moved out of my parents house to a flat of 1 room and the chick who gave me the room who now moved out left her inet there I told her ok i would pay her for the inet but now Ive been thinking that I didnt sign anything no contract whatsoever so should I just scam her and have free inet lol? can she do anything legally? I dont feel like scamming desu but paying feels like im dumb for not scamming her so idk what to do
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I am so fucking anxious and I can't sleep
What to do?
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Americans, do we get paid for the previous pay period as opposed to the one we just worked? For example, if I get paid biweekly, would the check I received today be for the 3/1 - 3/15 pay period as opposed to 3/16 - 3/31?

pic unrelated
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Is there still hope for a 25+ male kissless virgin?
One year out of college and I have never even went on a date with a girl. Now with 26, it feels more and more impossible since the majority of women seems to view it as a redflag. I studied CS at college, therefore I was never in an environment with a lot of females in the first place. The lack of experience kills me now. Is there still hope and if yes, how?
PS: I already have my shit together, being /fit/, have an apartment, decent income as softdev and a somewhat personality.
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coronavirus = online webcam classes
I have an online college class via webcam in 30 minutes and the anxiety is killing me. How do you avoid freaking out during these? It's my first time like this and I'm scared it might be just the teacher and me and one or two other people and they are gonna make me participate. I'm extremely tired but also nervous.
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How does it feel to be real? I feel like I don't even exist.
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hi all
i need some advice on this quiz, for capital cities based off of emojis. Any help is appreciated !

i think I've worked out about half of the answers, I can upload them if anyone wants
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STD in time of Covid-19
>I fucked a girl I didn't know during a drunk night.
>First time in over a year
>She insisted multiple time that I didn't need a condom
>I eventually removed the condom after she assured me she hadn't had sex in over 3 months and got tested for stds 3 month ago and that she had an IUD
>Every private clinic get shut down the very next day, because the doctors are being mobalised due to covid-19
>I start having pain and itching in my penis 10 days later.
>Sexual health centers are closed as well.
>Most std can be cured if treated under 3 month.
>What if everything is shut down for longer than that?
>Am I fucked?
>The liquor stores are somehow still open.
> Am I supposed to ruin my wallet, my leaver and my sex life, with hard liquor to ease the pain ?

(I also posted this on R9K, because I wasn't aware of this board.)
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Should I collect unemployment or continue to work. My state has the second most deaths from the corona virus. Why should I risk it?
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Sex drive
I used to be super horny, fap at least once a day. After a week or 2 without fapping I went NUTS!

Finally I got my first GF, but now I seem to be less horny, why is that? Sex is great, but i don't get random throbbing boners anymore. I still get erect when I'm in bed with her, but it seems like my body has changed.

20yrs old.
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How do I stop sounding like an uguu anime girl? Am black and want to sound/be more assertive
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I dont feel like i can love anyone else aside my family members, i supose there was time when i was madly in love with my first girlfriend but when she dumped me something inside of me died, i couldnt feel that again with anyone else. I currently feel nothing for her, im not obessed with her, but i cant re create that love i once felt for her with anyone else. I feel nothing for my current girlfriend, sometimes i dont know why are we dating but she has never complained about how i treat her. Its only me? I can fuck a woman and still feel nothing romantically speaking. Only sexual gratification. Why i cant feel that love again?
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>midwest town
>work in a shitty office furniture factory
>decent pay but shit work environment
>no union
>Coronachan hits
>more and more guidelines as spread progresses
>attendance point system
>progression reaches new levels
>attendance system wavered
>literally just call in or leave, no consquences
>feel sick AT ALL? stay home
>Mostly older employees
>People starting to dip in high numbers, workers forced to pick up the slack
>no extra pay, just deal with it

Is there anything I can do? Would I have to organize some mass walk-out to get them to shutdown? They're so fucking greedy
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Should I apologize to my friend for snapping on him about this whole coronavirus thing? He's one of those types of people who just constantly harps on how he's living life the right way and goes out of his way to tell me what I should be doing.

Last night he was trying to tell me I need to be more optimistic, go exercise and work out in parks, really self-improve, and then was shitting on me for spending time in my room and I told him to fuck off basically. I was drunk and in a shit mood but meh.

I don't wanna lose a friend but I also don't want to be told what to do by someone who isn't 3 weeks deep without a paycheck right now.
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in need for an app
hello guys i'm need or a math app for high schoolers which can do advanced stuff.
algebra , graphs , equations etc
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Hey. I've been sick for about 3 weeks. Since March 10 and before community spread really (there were 100 cases in my provence of 14 million), so likely not covid, but I do have bronchitis or something. I'm in contact with my doctor but I'm just a bit over it. it's messing with my anxiety as well.

I'm not super sick, no stuff base or head cold or fever, but my lungs are sucky (feel rattley, easily tired/out of breath) and I'm coughing with a sore throat.

I'm staying home but my bf is still working, he works at a local grocery store. We share quarters. I wish I'd been able to take the test 2 weeks ago when I asked Telehealth but they said no. I haven't been completely separated from him and I feel bad about that. I feel nervous about sharing this even because I haven't been doing 100% isolation as I probably should have been (walks around the block etc).

I feel guilty. Am I overthinking? My boyfriend thinks I'm over reacting and that I don't have it.

I was taking nasal steroids when I got sick which lower the immune system and increase chance of illness, and there was something going around my office for a while.
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I feel overwhelmed by life. There are so many possible choices to make that I have difficulty deciding on the right one. I want to do and try so many things but I have such finite resources (free time and money). I feel like even my personality is neutral because having a solidified character means I won't get along with some people meaning I'll wall off experie ces from my life.

How do I build confidence in my decisions and/or know what the right choice is?
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Will I get anything from calling/texting the Samaritans or some other hotline? Or are they just the typical NPCs that give you generic fits-all encouragement that only lasts a few minutes until you want to kill yourself again?
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Depression is killing me.
I can't believe I've let it get as bad as it has. I do not know how up until this quarantine I've managed to power through every day with a fake smile on my face. Because now that I've finally accepted that something is seriously wrong with me, I realize I am in desperate need of help but I can't get any at the moment.
I can't think clearly or remember anything. Every time somebody asks me how I'm doing I tell them I'm just fine and proceed to ask them how their day is when in actuality I have never felt closer to suicide in my life.
My grades in university are tanking and every assignment feels like a monumental task when just last semester everything seemed easy and I made the dean's list. The quarantine pushing everything online and keeping me stuck at home really isn't helping.
I can only seem to become invested in things that allow me to forget that I have responsibilities that I'm neglecting, and I have never been so horribly unproductive. I have work to do but it's like I just can't bring myself to do it.
Even now, when people ask me up front if something is wrong, like they can tell, I brush it off and say everything is okay. I'm so scared of showing vulnerability to the people that I love and respect because I don't want to cause them trouble.
On top of all this for some reason I have an irrational fear of therapy or treatment in general.

I never imagined it could get this bad. How do I hold out for the time being? Find the drive to work when I need to? And how do I get over this stupid fucking fear of treatment so that eventually I can seek some out? I can't keep going on like this.
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Think this might be the year I end it all. Been putting it off on the idea that maybe things will get better, but after ten years of making active efforts in trying to better things, its just not happening, and this year, not factoring in the global events, it just hasn't been my year.

Hit by car while crossing the street, on the way home from a job interview.
Got type A and B influenza back to back.
Not enough damage form car accident to get a lawsuit.
Got job, only to have to immediately take time off for the flu.

Both flus ended, finally got to work, work got shut down for 10 days due to water tank explosion.
Fail several more job interviews.
Water tank fixed, resume work, only to find a massive list of OSHA violations, get fired for poor work performance after bringing the problems up.
Start other job, realize I was lied to during the interview.

No interviews at all.
Was told I was fired for poor work performance by supervisor, asked when this happened, supervisor realizes that I was never told I was let go and never given any warnings or heads up to do better, and pulls back the firing.
Week later bring it up with supervisors boss, who is extraordinarily uncaring and tells me to quit if I dont like it.
Major falling out with group of friends while upset and drunk.

Get woken up at 2am by a hospital telling me that my mom killed herself.
Unable to pay rent this month due to no income, landlord unwilling to come to an arrangement with me.

This combined with everything that happened last year has worn me down to the point where I haven't been eating much the past couple days from a lack of appetite. The future looks bleak. Can't get a doctors appointment to get anti-depressants either, a combination of no insurance and them being unwilling to take on new clients.
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Recent ED - cut down on exercise?
>started boxing a year ago
>hobby not sparring
>been intensely working out 4-5 days a week
>4 days minimum
>start drinking protein whey as well
>last month or two having difficulty keeping erection.
>even if I abstain from masturbation for a week, still not waking up with wood etc

There are a few things which I think may be causing it.
Should I cut my exercise down or stop the porn? Supposedly, exercise in excess can cause ED but I am not too sure.
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Is dating a girl who has attempted suicide a red flag? I mean obviously there's something wrong but how bad is it, really?
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Is it normal for my phone to have less percentage when I remove and re-insert the battery?
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Girls: how does your bf ask you for nudes? If he does ask
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I have a pattern in my behavior which is ruining all my life. I wake up and start to satisfy short-term desires. These desires are disgusting and make me more and more degenerate. And only at night, i do things that i really like and which help me get closer to long-term goals. You can protest that i don't like these things, but this isn't true. Is anyone was in this situation? How can i help yourself?
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Sex tips
I finally lost my virginity and I want to learn how to fuck my fwb till she's a primal quivering braindead orgasmic mess. I'm generally a fast learner with a good work ethic so I'm stoked to start mastering this new skill. Any pointers /adv/?
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How do I stop self hatred
This happens everytime I make the slightest mistake or do something cringie. It's been like that for years but it has gotten to the point where I start having a bad mood

>at university
>studying for difficult exam
>dude of my class passes by
>says in a sarcastic way
>"you're just looking at the page, that's not how you're supposed to study"
>told him to stfu
>everyone glances at me

I know I overreacted but that's the reason I want to get rid of it
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so my girlfriend and is japanese and we can't see each other for two to three months because of travel restrictions, I feel its hard being away from her, she is very special and supportive. she does cooking for me and also always help to pay for things and I love her as a person as she is kind and caring. however I worry these three months might affect the relationship negatively, whats the best ways for us to keep it going?, as soon as the crisis is over I hope to travel to japan and be with her for a while.
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No title
Can I date someone who is part of my in law extended family?

Basically she is the cousin of my first cousin, but she is not related to me. She is the niece of my uncle in law. So she is not biologically related to me, but we are sort of related.
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Cold approach
Hey guys, I'm a 22 year old that has never asked someone out before. I have bad social anxiety. However, I want to bite the bullet and start asking girls out. Any tips for a rookie?
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Should I ask my slurry left wing friend if she'll have sex with me
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Crazy family
How do you deal with a nut job who forces their religion and and pseudoscience ideas and thoughts on you. ( I can’t really leave as im broke just need away to deal with the bitch)
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How can I tell my mom is petting my new cat right instead of molesting it again?
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Should I call in
No sleep, is a 12 hour shift, and know through experience today would be hell. Should I call in? Trying to figure out if it’s worth it. I have only called in 3 times throughout a 7 month work history, 2 being within the last few months. Last job I’d call out constantly and ended up having everyone hate me. What to do
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No title
I was with a prostitute six months ago. I kissed her, touched her tits and fucked her. From today's perspective, I don't know how I did it. I can't even look a cashier in the eye. How do I get that much confidence again It feels like al that was an entirely different person. How do I get that way again? I look at the person I was like a stranger.
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No title
2020-03-07 (2)
i have autism and have been struggling recently. i used to be able to banter and joke around with people but ever since Christmas it's been impossible. i don't know what the fuck is wrong with. no one wants to talk to me because of how awkward i am at the moment. please help. any advice?
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No title
What tool can I use to easily and painlesly write or draw on human skin that can also be easily removed.

Pic related, is me and my bitch.
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No title
I work at a grocery store 40 hours a week. I still live with my parents. I'm scared to death for them and apparently we can't be fired if we choose not to come in over COVID concerns. My mom doesn't care if I decide to stop going in but my dad says I should be fine so long as I "take the proper precaution" but still said its up to me.

What should I do? I literally have nothing else in my life but them, I'd never forgive myself if I got them sick, or potentially even got them killed.
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No title
I got ghosted for the first time in my life, this wasn’t a stranger neither, we knew each other for a while, but we only got close in the last 2 months of the friendship, we texted, we were playful with each other and then nothing, like at least reply with one word answers and I’d get the hint, but not, just NOTHING. Now I’m just constantly wondering what I did wrong, there was a small fight before things changed but it wasn’t something huge and she wouldn’t tell me why she was mad at me, I had to persist and all I got was “I’m not mad just disappointed” and obviously she never explained further than that.
Anyways I don’t want her in my life anymore, this behavior of hers is very toxic, but she’s still in my mind, a lot of things remind me of her, and I’m just thinking all the time how I could have done things differently. It’s been a month now since no contact, how do I move on?
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GF Has Major Trust Issues
My girl's:

>Dad cheated on her mom
>Best friend cheated on her fiancee
>Host mother cheated on her host father (when she lived overseas for two years)

And as a result she has major trust issues. Always wants to know who it is I'm in a picture with, why I have my hand on their shoulder in a group pic, why I'm liking this person's picture, why I have pictures from seven years ago when I was 21, touching a statue's ass. Who my coworkers are, what I'm doing at all times. It's overwhelming but when I try to break up she begs me to come back to her. The virus has made it worse because she's in the house all day digging on Instagram to find something else to hem me up about. I'm not cheating on her. How do you deal with a partner with serious trust issues?
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No title
Is it weird to not want sex but just kisses. Like not wanting to take your clothes off but just make out.
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No title
This idiot next door got a four wheeler and just rides it up and down the road all the time. Any weather any time anything. It is loud as fuck and almost shakes my whole house and it sounds like a fucking Harley Davidson motorcycle going back and forth past my house up and down the road and they just fucking rev it up and on the whole time they ride it and make it as loud as possible.

Idk if its legal i doubt it is and ive seen them doing stupid shit like wheelies and riding around on 2 wheels in a circle right outside their house and shit like that.

The worst fucking part is there is a trail literally a few feet from their house on some rail road tracks that goes for miles and goes out into a bunch of fields and stuff they could easily ride it down and theres a dirt road like not even from their house that goes for miles and breaks off into other dirt roads. It literally goes for like 5 or so miles maybe more. Plus they have a truck to take it anywhere and theres tons of places to ride them around

Literally every single day going by my house revving the fuck out of it shaking my entire house just going back and forth every 3 seconds and revving it as loud as possible. I want to stand out there with a fucking baseball bat and cave their fucking head in
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Giving Advice
I've had a lot more free time lately due to the pandemic stuff.

Over the past few years, I've really focused on setting up my lifestyle to be the way I want it and am quite happy with everything, so figured I could give back a bit by offering advice and answering questions here.

I did a thread like this a while back and people seemed to like my advice.

Some topics I have experience with:
>online biz / entrepreneurship
>dating / relationships / girls
>travel / living abroad
>learning new skills

But doesn't just have to be about those things.

So, ask away.
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How Do I Stop Being A Bitch?
How can I stop being the punching bag in a group when I feel like I have no rebuttal? I am just such a fuck-up and bad at most things so I am a very easy target, and I feel like I just have no rebuttal and have to take the abuse since it's true. I'm just sick of being such a fucking pussy and sensitive, anyone have any advice? Just so sick of always being shit on and the butt of every joke.
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Tinder advice
What do you do if a girl doesn't make an effort in the conversation but she seems interested?
This girl I'm talking to on tinder kind of sucks at conversation, I have to ask questions and sometimes idk wtf to talk about with her as she doesn't have shit to talk about. I don't usually have this problem with girls, it's just her.
We talk off of tinder on social media, but the lockdown is making it hard to find things to talk about especially since we can't meet up or anything.
I have other matches but there's something I like about this girl in particular.
Neither of us are looking for a quick hookup but I don't know if I'm wasting my time with her or not.
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No title
one person has embarassing photo of me which was taken one year ago, I don't talk with this person so I don't know if he still has it, but I am afraid that it will go viral and I am anxious and paranoid about it so sometimes I think only about it and can't focus on anything
how to forget about it?
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me n mom dont get along
is it considered weird for a guy to not have a close, loving bond with his mom? I realise now thanks to this quaratine shit that we are two vastly different people. if we met eachother as strangers, id stay away form her.

shes manipulative, has double standards, controlling and has no real interest or care in my life. i dont hate her but i dont love her either.

would this put a girl off even if i explained the above and furthermore, does this make me weird? im 18 btw and still live with her.

>inb4 moveout
im an apprentice currently and im working for my wage to go up, im not lazy .
poc unrelated
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I need help. How do I become more outgoing to my crush. I’m a college student who works at a fast food restaurant. We haven’t closed cause of coronavirus and probably won’t so I decided to quit cause my whole family is sick and can’t take the risk. Saturday is my last day. But there’s this girl I really like. We haven’t talked much cause she keeps to her self a lot. When I try to talk to her it seems weird cause I’m the only one who says anything or pushes the conversation forward. She has told my coworkers I’m cute but being cute doesn’t mean she likes me. I really want to talk to her more but it’s really hard for me to be outgoing. What should I do? I only have a couple of days to talk with her. My coworkers told me to ask her for her phone number but I don’t want to move to fast. I’m going to have to on my last day but that’s if everything goes well. We have a lot of stuff in common from what what I’ve talked to her about. I’m just not the outgoing type and am really shy. I can never talk to her unless she comes to me. When I do go and talk to her. It’s really awkward and I have nothing to say or bring up. What should I do?
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What are some life changing experiences? I want to live a meaningful life but I don't know what can I do... is there something that helps me to find my life purpose?
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When people act sexual around me I start to feel horrible dsyphoria. Like seriously it makes me want to vomit and my heart and body begin to ache. It feels like food poisoning.

It's because Im undesirable to the opposite sex and my personality has eroded over the years. Im just notna candidate for fucking. People also snicker at me when they can tell it makes me feel bad. They have sex and I dont. I guess you could say Im an incel, but I used to have sex frequently in my early 20s, so thats not really accurate. Im a totally normal person until I start to feel like a cuck in a social situation and then it makes me feel genuinely capable of murder. Like I just wish the people doing it would end their own life and stop disturbing my peace by teasing me with what I cant have.
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Where can I find virgin girlfriend with traditional conservative values, but not religious?
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How do I man up and break up with my gf?
I've been dating my girlfriend for 9 months and I'm tired of it. I fell out of love. She was my first relationship but I can't bear it any more. She's too clingy and it drives me crazy. The worst thing is she's still madly in love with me and tells me every day. I just can't bring myself to say the words. It's so frustrating.

I just want to pursue my own hobbies and dreams without having to worry about a girl that's dependant on me and needs my constant attention.

I'm never dating a North American girl again, they're too much.

The picture is an accurate representation of me and my GF.
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I cheated on my girlfriend last night after drinking a few beers. How can i save face? Can i argue rape if the girl was sober?
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When people say "get help" what kind of help do they mean? Therapy is just paying someone to listen to you and ask "and how do you feel about that" after everything you say. It doesn't work. How do you REALLY get help?
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Trying to log into my bank account online
Access Denied
But keep getting errors with an Access Denied. This seems exclusive to my wifi and not my own phone plan since I can still log in and see my nonexistent funds in there. Wondering if a family member fucked up and got us doxxed or some shit. Also noticed McAffee Webadvisor installed and these last few windows updates have me on edge.
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This american girl on tinder, gave me her number after one week, now the problem is i can't write in english fast enough..and the texting with her seems boring.. i can't invite her out cause of the quarantine..
Since yesterday i don't text her. What should i do? should i ignore her and wait till the quarantine is over? or should i ask her if she speak my country language for last attempt?
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Redneck neighbors
I live out in the country on a comfy 22 acres and my closest neighbor died a year ago. His house went up for auction and some of the scummiest methhead rednecks i have ever seen moved in next door. They've been throwing trash everywhere, shooting guns at all hours of the day and night, their kids are trespassing constantly on my property on four wheelers which wouldn't be problem if they were a little more nice, friendly or neighborly. Methheads are always driving up, walking in and leaving shortly after. I've tried welcoming them into the neighborhood and was met with pissy attitudes. Recently i talked with the parents about not coming onto our property but they didn't care. I guess my question is, what can I do to keep these people from messing with me/looting my house when the Corona panic and economy crash reaches an apex?

I don't want to shoot one of these fucks in front of my 2 year old.

Pic related, methhead junior looks just like this
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