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>log in Facebook to accept the friend request of a new colleague at work after years of not using it
>look at the old pictures of me and my my first girlfriend in an old album
>realize she was the ONLY woman I truly loved (romantically) all of the other women were mere sexual distractions

I wish I could have married her, to be honest unless you are a broken person regularly your first love will be only real one in your life. I never wanted to break up but we were going to different colleges.
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Am I doomed
I have no social life outside of college. I don’t even talk to people at college. I just stay by the computer room doing assignments or whatever. I have acquaintances from my previous school but I don’t talk to them anymore because I don’t want to seem like I’m a desperate fag. I hate the lunch area so I avoid that place as much as I can because I get shaky when I reach my hand up to my mouth to eat. Not anorexic just hate being perceived. I know how to make conversations with people but eventually I stopped trying to be social. Because most likely I won’t talk to them when college finishes. I hate that I’m like this sometimes. But it stems from moving to 7 different schools due to being poor and parent not being able to afford the rent. I used to have friends before but I haven’t had people to talk to for a year now. I think about my future if I’ll become a NEET and don’t see any worth to living which is not fair on my parent. I don’t even know what career path I want to choose just seems pointless to me. How can I turn this around I don’t want to resort to meaningless tinder matches.
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I Suspect I Have Low Testosterone
I am a 26 year old male and I'm starting to think I have low testosterone or some other hormonal issue considering I've been experiencing the following for many years:
>brain fog
>erectile dysfunction, never achieved a full erection with any of my 3 sexual "partners"
>wide hips
>difficulty concentrating
>lack of motivation

I used to think it's just depression or anxiety, but after looking into it I'm thinking about getting my T levels checked. Tbh, the thing I fear the most is that my T levels are normal, because how else can you explain all of these symptoms?
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Why do people say I'm creepy when I talk about women?
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Filtering white collar woman/feminine men
I'm on the job hunt now, and my current job has me dealing with egotistical women and effeminate men that encourage such bullshit. It feels like everyone is trying to meet some bullshit cultural quota, so I'm concerned that if I continue working in tech, I will only be surrounded by that.
Is there a way I can filter out these kinds of organizations during the interview process without basically assuring my immediate rejection?
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What is creativity? Can you somehow work into it having or is it just something you develop as a child and are fucked for the rest of your life without it?
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GIOYC - get it off your chest (Taylor's edition)
He is not even remorseful! I picked, Just WOW! as a response. How can you be that psychopathic?

I'm so glad literally bullying me to death is okay with you...

um... what's wrong with this picture?
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xers room
my trans housemate is now starting to do this outside their bedroom, a nest of rubbish and dirty plates and personal items is beginning to grow around the lounge room couch
what do I do to make them stop fucking doing this
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Imma keep this short, since probably no one really cares besides me.

I was dating this girl for almost a month. First real human relationship really in my entire adult life (I'm 24 lol) since all I did ever since I got out of school was work in order to basically not become homeless.

Anyway, for the first time in many years, man, being with her made me feel good, feel happy. Meeting her after a shitty day at work and going someplace to eat or have some drinks or just walk around the city instead of wasting away at my shitty apartment, even though I was tired at the end of the day, I just went to sleep with a stupid smile on my face every time. It was good to finally have my phone lit up with a notification of a message of someone asking me how I was, what I was doing, etc.

Anyway, something came up basically and I reacted more emotionally than I'd like to (no I didn't start whimpering like a bitch) but turns out showing a hint of weakness/acting like a human instead of a emotionless robot like I do most of the time seems to have been enough for her to dump me.

So yeah it's been a month and I just roam the city at night passing all the places we would hang out at in hopes of maybe seeing her again. She probably doesn't give a fuck but this short month I spent with her was the happiest I've ever felt in years.
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Making work work.
I feel guilty for lying in an interview with McDicks today. I told them I can work longterm and make it work, but the truth is I can only work until my wife goes back to work. She’s the breadwinner working out of state most of the time and I just need an income to keep us afloat until the next contract, which is about a month. The shift they want me on is 10pm till 6am, we have two kids. I could work with them asleep sure, but nobody would be home to make sure the house doesn’t burn down and they’re actually asleep. I can’t work all night and be awake all day with the kids. We don’t have any family who can help, a babysitter/daycare would be about $12 an hour and I’ll be making $13.50. I don’t think I can do it, I feel bad I lied to their face. I’m just going to have to quit as soon as she’s gone won’t I? I really want to be able to get us extra income so things aren’t always so tight, but I don’t see any way to make it.
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Because art, in all forms, is not a form for creativity but rather a product meant to be consumed then forgotten. Not to be thought out with care but rather generated with a few vague words.

Is it truly worth it to still wanna write or draw? Will it be in vain as something I make will by buried by thousands of generated works? Or is AI a scary phase for technology. Or are we just gonna get nuked enough that this won’t matter in 10 years
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No title
i spent £240 on sex toys for my girlfriend (IRL, been together for a year, biologically female). based or cringe?
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I get so scared when I see a beautiful girl, I have to fight back tears and my body goes into fight or flight
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What should I do now to be ok in the future?
I live in a western country where we have brought up 2 successive failure generations in millennials and zoomers. These fucks are so empty headed they don't even understand what generations are.

But most importantly millennials and zoomers are so uncertain about the world around them and objective reality that they're allowing inmates and the severely mentally ill tell them how to think and feel. Autists and other spastics are treated like full people. The mentally ill and delusional determine reality, truth is somehow subjective and career criminals are allowed to determine law and order policy.

As the boomers die off and gen x retire, these problems will only get worse. Social collapse is inevitable.

So my question is, what things can I be doing today in the lead up to this collapse to prepare myself to survive the collapse in relative comfort and come out the other side in an advantageous position? What practical things should I be doing?
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Why do so many girls on Hinge have tattoos?
And noserings, and show off their ass like a slut?
Is it just because my ELO is low so I get matched with all the whores?
Even for asian girls like 80% of the ones I see have tattoos or piercings or ass shots or describe their drunken escapades and talk about vomiting after clubbing and shit as if that's anything to brag about.
Any good apps? I thought Hinge was supposed to be classy but it's just Tinder now
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Is a fat ethnic girlfriend ever worth it?
Screenshot from 2024-02-27 22-00-48
so tired of being an incel as a white guy and have one of these girls after me but man is she just not pretty, not as ugly as picrel but it gets reeeeaaall close some days - if she lost just a bit of weight - she would look more than passable but I doubt she will.
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No title
How long / how many dates before a committed relationship?
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No title
crying mari
How do I get my war vet boyfriend with PTSD to stop entering ballistic rages and screaming at me every day
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How do you break up with your gf you live with? She's going to cry and has no where else to go. Am I just fucked
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No title
Who here has Joker Syndrome? I just can’t stop laughing
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My girlfriend is great and I will marry her one day. But she's the only girl I've ever been with. Should I have a one off secret affair with someone else just to get the experience?
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How to become better at time management? I work a job that I work 60 - 75 hours per week in another city and I frequently end up staying up late and getting poor sleep. My health also suffers because I skip the gym to regain some time for sleep and I also delay chores (mowing the lawn, completing laundry).

Does this shit eventually click? I remember when I first started with a 45 hr per week job and It felt like I had no free time.

I put my work away anytime I can
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No title
Do I pass as a woman?
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Just got gatekept out of ADHD medication.
What now? I can't even imagine pulling myself out of this and making a career path without medication to assist.
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NEETs and Former NEETs
How are you holding up? The path to self-sufficiency looks pretty vague at times. If we share our progress, we might be able to learn from one-another.

What's the biggest thing holding you down, and what would it take for you to fix your situation?

What questions do you have for former NEETs?

Former NEETs:
Where are you at on your journey, and what has it taken?

What resources did you use?

What are your plans for the future?
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No title
I was raised Christain. I haven't been religious for a long time now (I think due to depression or something like that) but I want to be religious again. But whenever I try to read the Bible or go to church, I just feel disingenuous when I try to tell myself that I believe God is real. I feel like if I was religious again, I would be less depressed and have more of a sense of direction. I think because alot of shit has happened throughout my life, like trauma, it's hard for my head to grasp that there is a higher power. But I want to, though.
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How do you stay/get sober
I need advice for staying sober. I don’t know why I keep using drugs everyday. They feel good but I know they are bad. It’s not even the hard shit my main drug is weed. I just struggle to not use everyday, I just buy if I run out. My parents would be so distraught, I’ve been lying to them for over a year now. Being sober seems impossible and I don’t know how people who have done harder drugs have broke out of it. Would appreciate any advice I want to be a better person. My life is just shit already, people say when it’s shit to quit drugs first but I’m struggling to do even that. I’ve been using for 10 years and have been lying about being sober for 1.
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What can a girl do to make sure her man doesn't cum too early while giving him a sensual blowjob?
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Japanese porn addiction.
japanese porn kino
I'm a black man with a bbc (thank god) in a relationship with an Indian Guyanese woman. I'm a pretty buff guy, trying to slim down from bulking too hard. I love my girlfriend and we have a great sex life, but my secret guilty pleasure is Japanese porn of gorgeous asian sluts getting railroaded by bbc.

I've been heavy into Japanese games, anime and culture my whole life, spent some time studying the language but have always struggled with kanji, I'm more conversational than anywhere near fluent. I started watching videos of these black guys who move to Japan and have great sex lives, slamming tons of Jap sluts and eventually settling down and having kids there. Seems like a dream come true, I got tired of dealing with Western women and my girlfriend starts arguing over stupid shit all the time. I'm honestly thinking of just dropping everything and relocating to Japan, doing whatever job I can get and living on my savings while indiscriminately slamming these Eastern whores.

I hate how much I love Japanese porn, it's like drugs. Those high pitched squeals from those Jap sluts while they're getting stretched by bbc drive me up a wall. I've slammed a few asians here in Canada, but unless they're fresh off the boat they don't make that high pitched "AHH AHH" sound that the Japanese women in porn make. Those squeals are like music to my ear and make my dick diamonds. I can just imagine living in Japan like a king, hooking up with a new Tinder match every week. Pounding the shit out of that yellow pussy until I find one I like enough to settle down with, maybe a girl who can at least speak a little English so the language barrier isn't too bad. I'm tired of watching these vids of nerdy black guys going to Japan and having the time of their lives.

Should I finally dump my girlfriend and do it? She is a good person and all but sometimes I think she is insane like most Western women in their 30s. I just want to get my dick rode while hearing those Japanese squeals.
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Bipolar and medication
My psychiatrist confirmed that I have a bipolar type disorder. I’ve been in psychosis for years now without end in sight and I tried to change everything I could, tried quitting caffeine, getting sober, working out, antidepressants, moving out, working and nothing could stop my psychosis. Do antipsychotics really work and change your life? I have no other option at this point considering I’ve done everything under the sun to get better, my brain is just completely broken. Has anyone had any success with mental illness and being put on antipsychotics? So far it’s calmed me down a little bit but I’m oversleeping all the time and it killed my sex drive so I’m not sure what else to do. I’m honestly afraid that my life moving forward is going to consist of taking medications because there’s nothing else that works.
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No title
I'm the youngest person in my department, probably my whole company. One of the guys in my department has been buying me lunch/dinner on work days to coach me through parts of the job I haven't done great on. I feel like I'm doing a lot better at work with all his help, and he's nice so I kept having meals with him.
The other women in the office have started telling me it "makes me look bad" though, and keep acting like he has bad intentions even though he's never been anything but a gentleman.
I'm worried that I'm causing bad rumors by hanging out with him, should I stop?
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No title
on zillow wtf do these numbers mean? U37 B125 L9

It's in a street name/number on some listings.

"Commerce U37 B125 L9 St NW" or something like that.

Please help.
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>samurai champloo
>final fantasy
>having friends
>having family

now I have none of those. I’m 30 and I still long for that shit

Is it time to an hero
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How to cope with being average
The only girls who ever show interest in me are fat/chubby, kind of ugly, really really skinny, etc. I don't think I'm ugly, more like average, but it seems like only below average girls are into me. How do I cope with the reality that 5/10 women are looking for 7/10 men minimum?
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No title
I have nothing to show for the past 23 years or so. I have zero experiences, no friends, nor girlfriends. Right now I'm in college and I fumbled that avenue too, I never really talked to anyone and just focused on doing assignments. Is there a strong chance that I'll be alone for the rest of my life? How should I prepare myself with such an isolated life?
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No title
So am I supposed to just keep being thirsty as fuck until I find a girl who is into it?
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>fail driving test
>feel like worthless garbage on the inside
How do I stop feeling like worthless garbage for failing at things?
This is something that I know most people fail at the first time anyway
But for me it feels so horrible, even though I know its not a big deal.
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/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #197
>What is /htgwg/?
How to Get Women General is by men, for men, about women, so bring all of your questions about getting (and dealing with) women here. Some anons on this website actually get laid, and some of those even want to help others. All are welcome to ask questions, seek advice, share experiences, get second opinions, and give updates on advice received. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, we know how hard it can be, we got you bro.

>What is /htgwg/ not?
These threads are NOT for whining, moping, incel-dom, hopelessness, etc... Yes, meeting women and dating is hard these days, but /htgwg/ is about overcoming the challenges, not complaining about them. Ignore the miserable posters who refuse to put in any effort. They have other threads and boards that they can pollute. Be smart and spot the bait without engaging.

>How to ask for advice
Reminder that context is important. Please be more specific than: "This girl ghosted me, why?" We can't help if we don't understand your situation, so try to provide as much (useful) background as possible: "I was at the bar, this chick was checking me out and..." What's your relationship with the girl? How long have you known her? Screenshots or outline of conversation if any? Etc...
Don't forget to ask an actual question.

>Books and Resources
1. "Models", "No More Mr Niceguy", both at: (expired?)
2. "Mystery Method" at old pastebin:
3. "The Pussy" at:
4. Dr. NerdLove: (a bit cringe but decent advice)
5. Leykis 101: (something to listen to)
(not all of these are fully vetted, new suggestions are welcome)

Remember though: Reading and preparing is good, but don't overdo it. You will always be better learning and building up your social skills by getting off this website and meeting actual women in the real world.

Previous: >>30782905
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No title
Ok so I cut out reddit because they're bots and leftist tiktok kids, and it's internet crack and arguing with people is literally just throwing time away in a rage simulator, I'm tired of getting suspended and even IF they're real, no one will ever change their mind these days. I wasn't pursuing my I set some stayfocusd timer blocks, but now what? Where do I go to talk to people? I have no friends, just random acquaintances in discord, and they would cut me out if they knew me better, but i just like to talk music with them. I'm out of college, almost 30s. Am I just supposed to be lonely and dig into my solitary hobbies like music and programming, exercise, and pass the time with a part time job till I go crazy? I still need some social outlet, sure I can go to some meetups out in the real world every now and then but I'm broke and I doubt I'd find people to relate with there...everything's online. Is there another site more my speed for this?

Now, before you say its 4chan, lets be honest 4chan is mostly porn, specific niche questions, and specific advice like here, and everything goes so fast. It may just be the only thing closest to what I need, but is there a place just to hang out like the old days?

If you've never even been to reddit, where do you go instead?

I had to wait 5 mins to post this wtf?!
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bigger city or smaller city?
I'm considering moving to either a huge city in my state or a small city. I need to get out of my current situation.

I'm an entrepreneur so I think the bigger city would be cool for meeting new friends with like minded interests, as well as making connections which just don't exist in the smaller city. This is probably important as I don't have many friends and especially moving out from family and being more alone isn't healthy at all - but with that is forced growth, so good? Being in a huge city at my age could be nice for meeting women also.

Rent is cheaper in the smaller city though and less of a strain on my finances which I want to keep slim for a bit while I ramp things up. I can afford to live in the smaller city for 3+ years even if I never make a dollar again while the larger only ~2 years comfortably - again assuming I completely fail and never make a dollar again.

I do everything online so location doesn't matter. My plan right now is to go all in on my business and work like 95% of my waking hours and either win big or completely crash.

Rent is maybe ~25% more in bigger city. I'm early 20's/m/USA. I think I need to fight my apprehension and go try the bigger city and force myself to grow socially even though the financial pressure is a bit more, if I can fight through these things it might lead to more growth and a better experience. However the smaller city could offer my less risk but would that make me more comfortable and less developed overall?

Ask any clarifications if you want, any advice or comments are appreciated :) I just need to make a decision. I already sort of know what I should lean towards but both feel good in their own ways - if I'm going to take the risk why not go all the way? Maybe someone has a different wiser opinion though.

Finally - the cost of failing is 0. I have backups to fall into in terms of skills, so I'll probably never become homeless.
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Got fired for one sentence.
I posted this on /pol/ but before I knew I was fired.

> be me 22yr old wagie
> drinking a bang on break
> trans coworker comes in
> sighs sits down

“Hey anon, did you hear that trans women will be able to give birth soon? Theres a surgery for it and-“

> Isn’t that a little too far?

They replied “I’m going to say this as nicely as possible, FUCK OFF” which prompted people to come in to see what was wrong. He was in tears and they ushered him to the back.

It was 0-100 right away and surprised me a lot. Had been on good terms before this.

Boss came back 10 mins later and told me to go home for the day. I sent an email to hr yesterday about it and i check now and I have this email from the owner.

Is this wrongful termination? I was working there for two years.
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No title
>matches with girl on tinder
>she messages me “hey”
>I reply “hey Ariana hru”
>unmatches me

What the fuck am I supposed to say when a stupid fucking bitch just texts me “hey”? What is the correct response? I literally do not understand women they make no fucking sense and are borderline fucking retarded
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No title
How can you (realistically) get a Jewish girlfriend? Do you have to convert to Judaism?
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How hard did I get scammed?
Just bought a new phone at T-Mobile alone because my dad is a deadbeat and my mom is neurotic. Here's the story.

>Be me
>Walk into T-Mobile
>"Just looking for a good deal on a cheap android phone"
>Grew up with baby Iphone so I think Androids are budget.
>"Fortunately for you, we're giving out free Androids with contracts."
>$100 a month for two years for Unlimited
>Don't have frame of reference for normal rates so I point at wall and ask if there are cheaper options among phones.
>Employee says they are $115-$120 a month not including price of phone.
>Locked into $2400 phone for two years.

Is this a normal rate? What is a normal rate for Unlimited on a pre-paid phone? I'm 90 percent sure I bought a Galaxy S24.
How can I prevent falling into marketing traps in the future?
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No title
I'm a first time home buyer. My real estate agent (who I was matched with automatically) recommended Zillow Home Loans. Has anyone ever used them before? How do they compare to other companies? I've been going through with everything, and it seems like they're giving me a pretty good deal, but I thought I'd ask around first.
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No title
> (AITA) Am I The Asshole:

For getting drinks with my ex??

We dated like 10 years ago, but it ws the first real relationship I had ever been in so it has impacted me a lot to this day. Since then, we have hooked up on multiple occasions- but she always ends up in another relationship pretty quickly.

We haven't spoken often of late, but recently she invited me out for drinks. It has been a real moral dilemma for me. She is a known "homie hopper", and is currently dating an older man who essentially forced her last bf out of her life through emotional infidelity.

She insists that it is a totally casual 1 on 1, and that her intentions are not cheating related. Despite this, she failed to see how I could be uncomfortable with the situation when I mentioned my concerns. Likewise, she declined my invitation to try something more group oriented that could include her boyfriend, citing "agoraphobia".

I'm just worried that alcohol and exes don't mix, and I'm very confused by her intentions. She insists her bf is aware, and comfortable with all of this as well..

> Does it make me an asshole to spend time with a woman of her track record??
>Is her bf actually cool with all this, or am I starting problems??
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No title
Are Renaissance festivals worth going to? This one's a couple hours drive from where I'm at
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No title
Do ftms have a chance with women?
Am bisexual ftm, I have sex with men sometimes. And I was wondering can I have sex with women? I heard women usually have high standards, its killing my hope since am short, autistic, dickless manlet. I feel like no women will ever love me or at least have one night stand.
So is it even worth a try or should I just keep getting fucked by a men?
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Self destroying anons
I regularly see threads of anons with no motivation in life and a general apathy of life. Watch this video.
Also recommend some YouTubers that you find interesting.
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No title
is it normal to masturbate once a day in your 20s? am i fucking up my hormones by doing this? if it's not, what are some tips to lower the frequency down to like once a week?
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No title
Every time I interact with someone I'm reminded of how pathetic I am. I can see their opinion of me drop as they notice all my flaws and how much better than me they are.
How do I cope with this without becoming schizophrenic as I try to ignore everyone else's perspective?
>Just improoove
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No title
A girl I’m friends with started tearing up after telling me how much I mean to her and that I’m one of the few people she can talk to about a lot of things.
She has a boyfriend. I was surprised to not hear his name listed in the people she can talk to in the same ways she talks to me.
I have long suspected she has feelings for me, but I think this kinda seals the deal.
But now what do I do?
I don’t want to ruin her relationship, but I’d like to remain friends with her. But I don’t see any clear path forward from this.
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I'm so godamn lonely
I'm in college. This place is kind of known to have a bad social scene because of all the international students, but I mean there's stuff going on here and there. My problem is that I don't connect with people. I don't know if I'm just doing everything wrong, but I'll talk to people, we can have good conversations, but nothing happens after that. Maybe it's because I don't initiate or invite them to something afterwards but then again why isn't anyone else inviting me to shit
anyways It's close to the end of the first year here and I haven't really made any connections. I need help
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GF does only traditional sex
I'm dating a girl that is very attractive, and is a nice person. The problem is she does only traditional sex, like vaginal sex or handjob.

When I asked her about oral sex, she said it's a perversion and she finds it disgusting.

I really like her as a person, but the sex with her is boring. I can barely come. All the other girls I dated were OK with oral sex.

I really don't know what to do. Even if I really like her as a person, I'm not satisfied sexually.

Should I just tell her that we are sexually different and quit dating? I feel like an asshole, but I can't marry someone who can't give me sexual pleasure.
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No title
I want to impregnate a Japanese woman. Nothing else matters in life. I am 1000% serious too. You think this is a joke but I’m dead serious. I want to have a baby with a Japanese woman. I don’t care about anything else in life.

How can I make this happen? There’s a working holiday visa that lets me stay in Japan for a year but the problem is I don’t speak Japanese. What do I do? I’m also not that ugly since I’ve had a couple girlfriends in the west so I can pull it off, I have confidence
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No title
At what point do you become content or settle?

>want better paying job, but already have decent job where bosses appreciate me
Do you settle?

>want better looking gf, but already have average looking gf
Do you settle?

>have decent physique, but want to get freaky lean and strong
Do you settle?

Do you think when a millionaire finally reaches a billion net worth they're like "yep I have enough money now"

Idk bros
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No title
Will hookers think you're weird if you like to wear women's lingerie while you're fucking them?
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No title
How do I cope with being a virgin at age 21? I tried fashionmaxxing, gymcelling, being myself, touching grass, getting hobbies, working, and yet I’m still a virgin and I’ve never dated. To make things even worse my only friend group have cut me off for being a virgin. I am a manlet at 5’6 and a 5/10 face, why does nobody want me? I can understand I’ll never be a Chad but can’t I just have friends and have sex?
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No title
I look good but I only pull desperate/ crazy girls
Should I just go full betabux? Give up on dating until I have money?
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No title
is this accurate and should I trust this
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I love him and I hate it
The logical side of me knows I would never have a chance with him anyway, so there’s no reason for me to get jealous and wary of the women he interacts with. But the emotional and emotionally hurt side of me gets jealous and wary of the women he interacts with. I don’t say anything because I don’t want to be toxic, but it still hurts because the world is such an ugly, malicious place. I think I’m just scared, I really don’t want him to get hurt (again) because I care about him a lot. Is the best thing to do in my situation just continue to not say anything?
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No title
Older anons, what do you regret doing and not doing in your 20s?
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GF acts weird
I'm in a relationship for about 1 year, and my GF acts weird when we have sex; Her vagina is always dry, never wet. Also she doesn't need to come. When I come, she just stops and starts talking. Never asked me to make her come.

Is she asexual / sexually frigid, or is she just pretending to have sex with me to marry me?

Keep in mind that I do have money.
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No title
>tell doctor i have mental health problems
>tries to give me antidepressants
>telll him im not depressed
>tells me he will speak to me in a month

why does he want to give me antidepressants when im not depressed
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No title
Is getting bored of your significant other a legitimate reason to break up?
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How do I flex on the poor?
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Porn Addiction
Bros, I don't know what to do, I've tried to stop many times, and every time I relapse and end up hating myself, I want to be done with the putrid addiction but I just can't stop myself, man I'm pathetic. Any advice on how to stop being a coomer?
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Has anyone tried online therapy?
I'm just curious. I have watched a lot of horror story videos about it, but I know that's better for views.

So maybe some people have had good experiences? I really need help so I may just try it anyway out of pure desperation
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Am I Aryan if I have a Slavic last name but otherwise Western European ancestry? Would it be hypocritical or a betrayal of my ancestors if I were to embrace National Socialism?
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Tinder makes me depressed. I tried the app but its so fucking swallow i dont even want to write to cute girls. I also dont find anyone attractive enough.
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Am I weird because I never care about having a wife or gf and thought something you wanted once you found a girl you liked banging and hanging out with?
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How to change?
Hello, I have quite the dilemma.
So basically back in april 2023 I saw a tiktok trend where you write down your "stats" before summer and then you compare after summer.
Well long story short I completely forgot about this note until today.

Every single stat in that notepad is completely the same only difference is that
I'm one year older.

I'll give some examples:

weight = same (i'm normal bmi)
# of pull ups = same
max push ups = worse
Money = same (broke mf)
no gf = same

so, yeah. I'm literally the same person I was in april
nothing has changed which is weird since i'm trying to improve everyday (eat healthier, go to gym etc)
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How do I get a high IQ wife
I'm a midwit, I need the mother of my kids to be extremely high IQ to knock out the retard genes. The only thing I've come up with is hiring a smart guy to take a MENSA test under my name and try and cold approach at their meetings. Considered a book club but smart women probably aren't into romance flavor of the month schlock. Any advice? Anyone here whose wife/gf is smarter than them? How'd you get her to settle down with you?
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ADHD advice thread, I guess. I'm really trying to find out how to be productive, but it feels like the harder I try, the more I push back against myself. Right now I'm lucky to say that I'm my own biggest problem and I have a lot of support, but it leaves me with absolutely no excuse for why I am so listless and waste every day, when I'm stressed about my job and what I'm not doing. Clearly, obviously the right choice would to just do stuff, and yet I can just get sucked into wasting an entire day doing nothing all over again. I need to break out of this. My lack of action, various vices I indulge in too often, all of it is ruining my potential and causing me a lot of stress and unhappiness with myself.

I'm at a point where I'm trying arguably harder than I ever have to change myself and my bad habits and vices, I just need to figure out how to be productive and I'll be so much happier and less anxious and stressed for my future. I don't want to let anyone down, but the wrong decisions I make daily do all the same. It has to change, but progress has felt slow or hard to notice at all even starting on Adderall.

Anyone else feel this way? Advice? Strategies? A planner I'm going to end up burning out on like everything else novelty fuels for about a week before dopamine dries out and I can't stand doing it? All is welcome.
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does anyone have the picture of ledarius?
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How to start a conversation with a girl and keep it flowing? I am pretty autistic and socially retarded, she seems kinda autistic too. She is sorta into me. What do?
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I live with my very religious
family in the deep South. My dad lets my brothers do anything they want, stay out however late and go wherever they like.
He would not allow me to work any time in middle or highschool because he didn't trust me to have my own money. I'm in college now but I have no savings built up to move out with so I've been stuck continuing to stay at home.
He's said that he plans to make sure I spend my life under his roof living in a godly fashion until I marry some guy he's met and approved of, and I'm only leaving his house then.
I want to live a more normal life though. I want to go hang out with friends without his stupid curfew hanging over my head. I want to have the independence my brothers have. My mom is so brainwashed by all this crap that she just agrees with him and tells me how its all for the best.
My only transport is a car he allows me to use, which I am allowed to used to go to/from class and he actually checks my mileage daily to make sure the numbers match up.
He also says those car rights get revoked if I don't volunteer out my free time for the church (I'm who most of our church calls for babysitting, because my dad makes me babysit for free for the church).
I've tried getting a secret work from home job, but no one has been willing to hire me so far. Am I just stuck in this situation or is there a way around that I'm not seeing? Because I'm close to just running away from home and figuring stuff out as I go.
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I'm gonna cry
my ears are clogged I keep swallowing but the pressure hasnt leveed MAKE IT STOP!
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Should I start looking for relationships now?
I'm going to try and make this as straight-forward as I can: I'm a 20-year-old guy in college. I never dated prior because socially, I was a late bloomer (still getting the hang of a lot of shit, honestly), and I was always too nervous to approach people in real life. I've matched with one or two women on dating apps, yet despite having good chemistry with a few of them, they decide to cut things off after a video call or meetup because I acted too odd for them. (I was diagnosed with Asperger's at a young age.)

On the dating front, I've zero real experience apart from one or two short-sighted online flings, as embarrassing as it is to admit. What's even more embarrassing is my lack of sexual experience. I have had two...mediocre hookups in the past. My very first was with a man and the second was with a pre-op trans woman. So no, I've never even kissed or held a "real" woman before.

Little romantic experience, virtually no sexual experience, what should I do? Is there any merit to "dating for experience?" Or should I wait until after I graduate, get a car, a place of my own, etc. before seriously putting myself out there?

I'm torn, Anons. I've been living just fine without a real relationship for my entire teen and adult life thus far, but I don't want my entire youth to fly me by without any companionship. What should I do?
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going outside
Screenshot_20231121_015417_Video Player
IWNBAM such and such

i am ftm. i feel disgusting because im trans. i look like a deformed woman, and i dont pass. im moving to live on my own, which will force me to go out to buy groceries. however i feel inmense shame whenever people see me in real life because of me being so ugly and a pooner. neither good enough to rep as a tomboy or to pass as a man. how do i survive? what times are grocery stores emptier? i am also going to college but since its mostly just sitting in the back with most of my body hidden i do not mind as much.

(unable to rep)
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The only thing that really motivates me is that one day I will be rich enough to not work anymore. Is this bad?
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Medical Advice
How do I get medical advice without insurance, transportation, an ID, or money? Are there any free hotlines in the USA?
I've been having chronic chest pain and a bunch of other synptoms for 5 years immediately following a stay in the cardiac ICU. I just want to get a diagnosis and have the doctor sign a DNR. Treatment is NOT an option. I do not have money or transportation and won't be able to make any appointments.
I tried to get a DNR at a clinic already and they refused because I didn't have an underlying health condition. I had too much social anxiety to get any more appointments and that one sapped all of my social energy for an entire year.

If I call 911 for the emergency room, will the doctor even bother to check my heart function so I can get a DNR? Or will I just get prescribed some blood pressure meds and sent home?
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Can’t believe I used to jerk off to lolis.
Obviously I stopped that shit but I feel dirty every time i remember it
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Screenshot_20240227_083142_Adobe Acrobat
If I want to draw up a binding agreement (say, for tenancy-in-common of a house), but don't want to hire a lawyer, what legal textbook do I look at?
>Just use one of the half-dozen free templates that are available on Google.
I'm looking for something a little more trustworthy/authoritative than that.
>The textbook costs 500 dollars.
I'm just curious as to which textbook it is.
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if i do judo or dancing or whatever just as a vehicle to meet people, not because i like judo or dancing, will it be obvious and ruin my prospects of meeting people?
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breaking up
Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 10.52.17 PM
Guys I fucked up, i tried to end it with this girl I'm seeing for a made up reason, that was something beyond her control. A few hours later I called her saying, 'lets try and enjoy the moment, rather than think too far in the future" and met up with her. I still know i'm going to end it, I shouldn't have started it. i just felt bad for her. I don't know what to do now...what do?
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Life has no joy
I've accepted that at some undetermined point in the future, I'm going to kill myself. I don't find happiness in life. I don't get any kind of fulfillment out of it. I constantly feel like I'm struggling much harder than other people with basic tasks and life in general, and that I'm looked down on by normies. I have no energy for basic tasks or enjoyment of anything. I drink to try to ease the pain, but even that doesn't work half the time, and hangovers suck hard esp having to go to work the next day.
I have a job that's all things considered very easy, yet I get stressed out just being in the office half the time. I haven't had any friends for years because my tism is too strong. I do and don't want them at this point. There's really no way to get friends that would be as close as the ones I had in high school that I threw away. I don't relate to my family at all and kind of resent them because I feel like I was neglected ever since my sister was born, and none of them have really made an effort to connect with me, save for my brother who still doesn't really get me. But at least he tries sometimes. The only saving grace I have is my gf who I love and who loves me, but I'm afraid I'm going to become such a useless wreck of a person that at some point she's going to leave me.
So at that point is probably when I'm going to do it. This is my exit strategy, and I'm just waiting until the day comes that I can't take it anymore.
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Is it even possible to find a guy who actually loves you and won’t cheat if you’re a girl who is below average in appearance?

I’m including emotional cheating as well to the people who don’t think that’s a “thing”.

Is it actually possible to find a guy who will be loyal? Or should I just accept that they’ll always be seeking attention elsewhere and playing the field in their own way? And that I should just always make a conscious effort to do the same and expect the worst in people?

There are so many horror stories of people in long term relationships and marriages getting cheated on that they’re just no way any woman in her right might would logically risk having children. If you are left after having children you become a single mom and no one ever wants you again. Let’s not even mention the women that get left or cheated on after 20+ years of marriage when they’re old or get sick.

To me having children just seems like a sacrifice not worth making ever. Like literally no one deserves to have that much power over me. Even if they’re a literal saint they can always just change their mind or make a mistake etc.

And with the prevalence of porn and OF and hoes on Instagram men are brainwashed from a young age to expect a woman to look a certain way, and they have unrealistically high standards. Even regular girls use filters and editing on their photos all the time that men don’t even know what’s real anymore. They expect perfection when it doesn’t exist.

I don’t know does anyone have any advice?
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My girlfriend farted for the first time, now I feel nothing but disgust towards her.
My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost two years and moved in together about six months ago. About three weeks ago I walked into the kitchen while she was cooking, put my arms around her waist and told her that I loved her. I normally do this at least two or three times a day because I understand that it's important to validate the feeling of love. Anyway, on this occasion when I put my arms around her I felt her body tensing up and she began to laugh slightly (she was trying to hide her laughter). I asked her what she was laughing at and then it hit me...the most God awful silent but violent fart trickled up from her ass right into my nostrils and has etched itself into my brain. We argued like hell that night. Almost all night. At one point I almost left home to stay in a hotel but she convinced me to stay. So I stayed and we argued more. In fact we have argued constantly for the last three weeks. She doesn't fucking understand that farting isn't womanly and that farting on me like that was a violation of respect and decency. And she especially doesn't understand me when I tell her, that I can't look at her anymore without thinking of that disgusting fart. I no longer want to have sex with her. I no longer look at her and think she's beautiful , all I can think about is that disgusting fart. Fuck I don't even want to hold hands with her in public anymore. The fart smelled of absolute shit and I honestly can't stop remembering how it smelled. I spoke to my parents about it who think I'm being a bit petty. But I think it's important that women keep up appearances. If they start burping and farting openly, they lose their appeal and their mystique. I'm really not sure what to do. I feel as though this could be the beginning of the end of my relationship. As I'm not sure how you can recover from this. You can't shake the feeling of disgust once it establishes itself. And she has no intention of making amends for it. How do I even begin to resolve this?
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I'm the guy on the right, but I still feel like the guy on the left. I do everything the guy on the right does, I eat healthy, I work out, I go to church and am deeply involved in my faith, etc. yet I still feel like the guy on the left (and yes I have tried therapy). I think about suicide all the time, I have no motivation to pursue my goals, and I've been feeling like this for at least the past four years, maybe longer. How do I get out of this?
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How tenable is it to drink but never get drunk? I'm 19 and don't drink, but I'm interested in drinking for culinary sake around after I turn 25. Is it actually possible to only drink one portion at a time for an entire life? My moderation with sweets isn't that good, so should I abstain completely?
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Is it okay to only clean yourself when you leave the house or meet people?
I only shower when I leave the house or expect guests, and since I work from home I usually don't shower often, it's caused issues with me taking hours to bathe just so I can be CERTAIN I don't smell like shit to anyone when leaving, but my landlord surprised me yesterday and I didn't have enough time to bathe, and he made it apparent how gross I smelled.

I don't see the reason to do it unless you're interacting with other people, I don't have any friends (moved away), and I gave up on dating years ago. What's the point if nobody else will smell you? It's not like I keep my apartment dirty (entomophobia) it's just my body. I even have a set of clothes I wear everyday so I don't have to dirty my other clothes, I'm otherwise clean around others.
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how can i cry? i really need to i think
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Is it just a coincidence that everyone in my friend circle goes for slightly older women (2-3 yrs older)? Even my sister has a 3 yrs younger boyfriend. Are there more dudes out there than is commonly expected that go for older women? What would be the appeal for that? I heard women live longer than men by a few years, could it be they're trying to even that out lol?
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Will i ever have a romantic relationship as autist?
download (4)
My first relationship just ended, i did an online autism test and out of 148 points (the test said +32 should be checked) i did 72, when i told my friend they said it was pretty obvious.
Now im starting to think that im just supposed to be forever alone and focus on my projects, is there a way for someone like me to find another person like me or im just supposed to wait until mid 30 and catch a desperate woman that i'll end up hating after 10 years, a kid and a divorce?
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>Be me 20M
>In tech college for car body work
>learning how to paint
>teacher is showing me how to paint and being rude
>trying to focus on him to not piss him off
>forget I had to connect my airline on my fresh air hood to the wall
>quickly do but it does not seat so little to now air comes through
>Mask in down position and start painting
>finish painting after 30 seconds
>wtf is that smell
>quickly connect air after finishing
Bros what can I do to help my lungs
I am drinking plenty of water and am not short of breathing
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My friend's been acting annoying lately. He's into those redpill channels, always griping about women and how much he hates them. But then he blows money on dating apps, saying he can't make his YouTube videos because he's girlfriend-less. He thinks he's hopeless, yet he spams our group chat with rants about women and stuff that ticks him off on Twitter. Any advice on how to help him out?
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I've suppressed my ideas and opinions so much for so long that I can't even think alone in my mind anymore. How do I fix this? I am afraid of saying my thoughts and opinions to people, because they might start arguing back or otherwise strike me down. It happened in the past wit teachers, relatives and other people so much that I just went quiet and now after like 15 years I am completely locked up and can't even say in my mind if I like or dislike something.
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How to not feel demoralized in my relationship?
gorgeous sexy redhead beautiful - Copy
Long story short, both my GF and I have cheated on each other. The only thing I have against her at this point is that she cheated first and that I 'revenge cheated.' I just caught her smoking pot again after she had told me she was done for months and it makes sense that she's gained weight. I retaliated by telling her that I've been talking to my ex for 4 months and that she deserved it.
I love her, she (claims that she) loves me, and I told her that she has to prove that she actually loves me by losing weight and quitting drugs.
I'm just feeling shitty right now - there's been a lot of lies from both of us and I imagine that she feels how I feel. Yes, we deserve each other. My question is this; how do I stop being so demoralized? I know that her and I are in a "Mexican standoff" right now of who's going to drop their guard and fully give their love first. I'm willing to go first one last time, but I'm scared and it comes off as me being annoyed with/uninterested in her.
How to fix, bros?
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Someone close to me was nearly killed by someone they thought was a friend. They went over to their house and this person was insanely drunk (she had never seen him drunk before) and he went insane. He slahed her tires in a drunkn fit and broke her phone. He got in her face screaming and she pushed him to get away from him. He began to beat the ever living hell out of her. I think a neighboor heard her screaming and called the cops. For some reason the cops came and arrested both of them. She sat in jail over the weekend half dead. There is a bootmark on her face from him stomping her head. I'm having a hard time coping with this. I have a few friends that are down to go fuck this guy up, we are trying to find out where he lives. What should I do
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If I'm a black guy and I travel to the Philippines, what are my chances of finding a girlfriend over there?
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i'm aware this is /adv/ and i don't to waste anon's times, but i really have been believing if i'm truly a hopeless waste of human life
i'm depressed, i'm suicidal, i'm mentally ill, i'm schizo, i never had a job nor can't get any jobs nor make any money, no friends no gf, not even online friends

i'm aware i'm not supposed to kill myself, but How i'm not supposed to kill myself?, someone in order to be a normie need to have jobs and be able to sustain themselves and i can't do even something simple as that
i'm a excuse of a human being and a waste of human life and i'm barely trying to survive in a world i don't belong
is there any hope for a monstrosity like me or i'm deluding myself?
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Post-Action Sickness
After fighting, after running, after swimming, after any adrenaline-inducing event, my blood pressure drops, I faint, I start to see blurred, hear blurred. Then I vomit, and vomiting makes me feel a little bit better.

Because of this disease I can't do any sports, I can't do anything that involves action. When I go to the doctor, he says there's nothing wrong with me, he says it's purely psychological. I'm sure it's not psychological, when I searched on the internet I found out that a few people have the same symptoms, but there is no name for the disease.
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The big day is coming. Does any anons know any resource on hanging oneself to go into unconciousness quickly? If so, please link it- I could really use it.
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My birthday today but I don't know what to do
so, anons, today is my birthday but the day has been shit since the time I woke up and until now, I had also created some expectations about others remembering that today is my birthday, but in the end I had to tell them, already who didn't remember, normally I don't worry about these types of things but this year was different, I even hoped that my best friend would remember since she said it would be easy to remember. The other problem is that I have no idea what to do today other than stay at home as usual, I even thought about going to a restaurant to celebrate alone but I think that would be weird, right? I feel like an idiot for expecting this kind of attention from other people. I really wanted today to be a special day for me but it looks like it's just going to be another boring and repetitive day.
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So like, what's the deal here?

I'm walking on the sidewalk and I'm approaching these two slow walking people in front of me. Both walking side by side taking up the entire sidewalk. It's a skinny dude and his fat girlfriend.

So, I walk around them cause they're blocking the sidewalk and being slow like as if they own it. And then they suddenly start yelling at me. Calling me a fuck you this, and a fuck you that. Almost like as if they're pissed off I walked passed them.

I didn't even say a word to them. Just trying to walk.

What makes people be like this? Why would me passing them piss them off?
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No title
Where do I get help? I just know there is something wrong with me. I cant tell what it is, and there is no sign, no one ever told me there is something wrong with me.
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Giving casino advice!
I've worked in the gaming industry for about 15 years. In that time, I've dealt most of the main casino games as well as carnival games, been a pit boss, sat box (craps), trained incoming dealers, and been a floor manager. I've left the world of table games, and currently work for a company that makes slot machines, but table games are still my love. If you have any questions about the casino, I'd be happy to give advice to the best of my ability!
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No title
Do I dress sharp?
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No title
Should I kill myself at Death Valley or Big Sur
pic not related
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No title
What are the benefits of living in a "nice" neighborhood?
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No title
Is it a good thing if you're thinking about a girl 24/7?
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No title
Hello /adv/
had some shit happen recently that I'm kinda stuck on, but if it's nothing then life goes on.
>be me 26 working with cute Latina chick same age.
>get along good as fuck, like the same stuff etc.
>she's def a 7/10 at least, I'm 6'4" but over weight.
>one day she's asking if anyone wants to go out after work.
>go to Mexican restaurant eat burrito have a few modelos, good shit.
>with a few other work people, having a good time.
>meals over she asks if anyone wants to keep bar hopping, she's seeing friends at another joint.
>I say yea.
>go to other places with her, do shots and drink.
>starts holding my hand and hugging me, I play with her hair she lays on me etc.
>she's drunk and I've just been casually drinking beer.
>end of the night.
>she grabs me and looks me dead in my eyes and says.
Anon, I really like you and I really hope you get home tonight like your really funny and I like you a lot.
>I tell her I like her too and think she's cool.

We go to our own homes, she wakes up the next day and apologizes for being flirty with me and stuff over text, go to work on Monday and she says sorry again.
I guess I don't know if she's embarrassed and doesn't like me or she just doesn't want to be cringe because she does some low key autistic stuff sometimes, or ultimately what I feel is it's just her being drunk. All in all Ive chose she's just drunk, but I got a feeling in the back of my head that she's actually into me.
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How do I convince my bf that I don't want to fuck other people because of my fetishes
I’m a femanon who’s been in a LDR for several years now. We’ve gone through a lot of hard times together but this past year we’ve been working on both improving our incomes and making progress on living together and really moving forward with our lives. However, I have a lot of mental health issues and recently have employed some insane coping strategies to keep me from being open and honest about both my personal daily struggles and how to talk about things with him that I haven’t been able to before now.

I signed up and made a profile on a fetish website to read the stories and occasionally read the messages that are sent to me. I've been on that site for over a year and never told my BF about it because I'm embarrassed about my fetishes and wanted experience talking about them, so that I could discuss my fetishes with my BF. A few months ago I saw an ad for a niche dating site and joined up to make a profile and get raw reactions when I brought up my fetishes. I never messaged anyone first but I did reply to a few people and after a while I felt bad about it and deactivated but not deleted my account because it felt like I was stringing people along and leading them into something that I had no intentions of doing.

While I was on the dating app, I started occasionally lurking threads on soc related to my kinks, and soon started using a more personal match making service. I figured this would be a good way to be able to talk about my fetishes and get advice on how to go about bringing it up with my bf. So I filled out the forms and put everything I liked and was into and even explained that I didn't necessarily require the physical preferences in guys that I listed or sexual kinks I'm into for an intimate relationship, and was just curious about what kind of people I'd get matched with and for a chance to talk about my fetishes.
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Essential Oil Diffusers
Are these things safe? I just want to make my room smell nice, I don't want to give myself lung cancer or COPD
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Husband Mad I Accepted a Gift from an Ex
One of my exes reached out to me out of the blue to give me a very nice necklace. He said it was an apology for how he never treated me right when we were together, and that he just wanted to give me something. My husband saw the new necklace and was immediately alarmed, asking every detail about this guy and how I knew him. After hearing everything he said I shouldn't wear the necklace again, and that I should give it back to the guy. That feels rude though, how should I handle this?
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Today I finish my Accutane treatment. How long until my lips go back to normal?
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No title
I lost. I’m age 21, 5’6 and 5/10 face. I have failed to make the most basic human bonds, never really had friends, never dated, never had sex. I work a shit dead end job and have no other opportunities in life. I’m years behind everyone else by this point, and I doubt I will ever catch up and be a normal functional human being. Everyone else just exists and gets friends, dates, people want to be around them. I have to act a fool to get anyone to even speak to me and even then no one gives a shit about me. I could keel over right now and it would bring more happiness than anything. I’m a miserable, bitter, jaded loser. And the worst part? I deserve to feel this way and it will never change. My options are to rope or to bring misery to other people. I’m a diagnosed sperg but honestly I think I’ve turned out this way from years of rejection and isolation for my height. It’s over
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How do you raise your iq?
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No title
I get painfully hard erections at random throughout the day, for no reason. sometimes i'm hard for 20-30 minutes for no fucking reason. what could be causing this.
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No title
Is it worth creating a separate Instagram just like a dating profile?

I already have an old profile, but I was thinking of creating something separate with my most flattering pics, using a different name, buying followers, and adding a ton of local chicks while dm-ing them as if it were Tinder, while keeping my current profile just nature pics, memes, and occasional stuff with my close friends/family etc. Thoughts? I'm thinking by doing this I could find nicer quality girls that don't use dating apps
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>yesterday woke up at 8am
>drank a can of redbull
>cooked breakfast
>went to class
>went to the gym around 12PM
>studied until 4PM
>went to work
>stayed there until 11PM
>came home
>got goyslop
>studied until 2AM
>took a shot of nyquil (didn't have any zzquil)
>fell asleep
>woke up at 7am
>very shitty quality sleep
>tried really hard to stay up for the day but eventually fell asleep at 10AM
>woke up at 2PM
>now 3PM
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How do I tell my girlfriend that I am breaking up with her because I can't control my retroactive jealously?
I've been a virgin all my life and now at 25 I finally have someone who I can care for. We started off as friends and then she confessed to me. It's been a wonderful couple of months but lately I've caught myself asking probing questions about her past relationships. It's getting really hard to be fair to her, I am genuinely having problems, seeing myself as someone who was settled for rather than chosen for their good qualities. I've been nothing but polite throughout my relationship but I am afraid my jealously towards her exes is getting bad and I'd like to nip this in the bud before it gets even worse. I know women have an easier time moving on than men so I don't feel too bad but I am worried she won't get it.
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No title
>she looks at me
>I look at her
>I smile
>She doesn't, instead shakes her head a little and looks away
What the hell does that mean?pic unrelated
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Why do women like talking about their exes? It's like they want to implicitly remind you she has sucked and fucked other guys before.
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whys buying junk on the internet so fun, its probably my third favorite pastime
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Theres this asian girl i like, how do i start a conversation with her? We go to the same school (im 18) what can i talk about and how do i approach her?
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I can't cope with the fact that some people have trust funds or get lucky in stocks or crypto while I will have to work for the rest of my life. I'd rather die than work the rest of my life
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How do I cope with the feeling that the world is going to shit?
With global warming, the rise of AI, births dropping all around, economic stagnation, how do I remain hopeful for a better future?
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What are the cheapest forms of carbs I can buy from a grocery store?

I need the most carbs for the dollar. As much carbs as possible. The more the better.
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Dear MarketWatch,

Where should I retire? I am a Florida native that currently lives in Vermont. I do not wish to retire here. I need a location where the weather is similar to California or actually has all four seasons even if it is more on the colder side. I do not do well in humidity, health wise. I want a location that is quiet, low in crime, old fashioned, and has capitalism resources. I do not want to retire in any Liberal states. I would like the median home range in the $350,000 or lower as I would like some real estate to come with the cost of the home. I would love to be surrounded by nature or scenery as I enjoy being outdoors, walking my dogs, riding bikes and hiking. I would also like a place that welcomes Christians in the community. Where would you suggest?
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Applied for a job as a security guard.

Passed the preliminary interview and will be doing a proper interview this week. Any advice?
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Red pill
Red pill me on what makes a women attached to you is less attention key to what gets them to like really want t you d do they really not like attention i look fairly alright btw femanons what's your opinion share some stories too
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How to acquire more new things to do when you're a schizoid?
Hi, /adv/, I'm 25 years old male with not-self-diagnosed ScPD, who, by a huge luck, has got a job, has some friends(!) and a common hobby of D&D with them, and who does basically nothing with his huge schizoid brain in between. I'm still a kissless hugless hand-holding-less virgin, because my schizoid soul has never experienced love, has never loved someone, has little to none love for himself (but has no hate either) and cares little to none about myself, and while this is not a problem for me right now, as my big brain predicts, it could be a huge problem for my mental and overall health tomorrow. I also have no complains about my current job: it pays a little but gives much more free time that I could have with any other job with the same salary, and I don't have any ambitions, career plans or any huge plans for my life, so I'm fine with that.
The problem is, with all those "multiple" things that I do for free time, my brain is still signalling that I'm stagnating, that I alone should do something more than this or something different for myself and my myself, but it doesn't direct me towards what should I do. And while I have no problems with concentration and attention span, my interest span is falling off very quickly if I'm trying to do something different from my usual stuff, especially when I'm starting to read or watch something about it to know or see what is this new stuff. This low interest span poisons even the most basic consoomer-rate "hobbies" that I can do even now like watching new series or movies or playing new vidya; I blame my schizoid brain and ass for that.
Still, what should I do with my free time if I'm that of a low-ambitioned and non-caring dumbass? Is this normal for me as a schizoid and I should just cope with it, or there's something more at play?
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dating apps/hookups in japan
as a foreigner, how easy would it be to land a date in japan through apps? is hookup culture there a thing? i am a rather tall and european, i do have some success here in my country online.

would going to a bar be easier?
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I feel trapped in my head at all times, I spend every second deep in thought and can barely even concentrate enough to talk to people or to simply watch tv. What is wrong with me? What do I do?
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How do autistic anons handle aging? Like wrinkles, skin sagging, changes in teeth appearance, health declining?
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How do guys with tons of money talk to their girlfriends about their girlfriend's job. Would some tech bro millionaire give a shit about his girlfriend's waitress job? What difference would her income matter?
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>be man in the relationship
>feel like i'm the one providing sex to keep her happy and emotionally supportive
am i fucked or is this just how it's supposed to go
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5’1 in Ohio
As a 5’2 guy with glasses living in the west should I just give up on dating in general?
I make low 6figs at 24 but women just can’t overlook the height difference
>just seamaxx bro
I’ll still be short in SEA, even Filipina women height mog me
Should I just focus on a career and hobbies?
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I want to cut off all of my friends because I constantly feel they're better than me at one thing or the other and this makes me jealous (both of them being good at the thing per se and the attention and praise they get for being good at it) and very sad. Sure, I can have lots of fun hanging out with them sometimes but then I think about how good that friend (or the friend's friend) is at that thing and I feel completely hopeless. Should I do it and resign to a life of solitude until I start feeling more competent?
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I consider doing leg lenghtening surgery
Képernyőkép 2024-02-27 194456
Im 180 cm and I feel like recently I started to affect my confidence. I feel better about myself when I can see above people head. I was on the bus today and I felt good when I stood on the side where it gives me height and I was the tallest. This shit gives me so much confidence.
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How to react to people insulting me?
I was drunk with my friends and then one of them randomly said that i’m good looking.
Then another guy said “all he has is a jawline” and “I had one too when I was 80kg (he was 100+kg now). He brought out his phone and started showing up pics of his “jawline” despite him being a downward grown subhuman dog.
I wanted to tell him that but desu I don’t like insulting random people even though he insulted me. I don’t even think i’m good looking despite people often telling me I am but I don’t think being rude when someone compliments me is okay.

What is the appropriate way to react in such a situation?
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I'm so fucking confused on how to do it bros. The last girl I texted was an asian and all I did was ask her vague generic questions like "What music do you listen to?" and "What movies do you watch?" and she ghosted me. How the fuck do you guys do it?
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