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how to overcome depression and anxiety?
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Eurofag here i'm about to finish high school and i have absolutely no clue as to what i should do with my life since i've spent the past 4 years doing basically nothing
can anyone please tell me what kind of degrees i should follow to get financially independent or at least earn a decent amount
>inb4 computer science
i don't really want to be an officemonkey/condemonkey wasting away 9 hours a day for a boss that earns millions plus i don't really like physics
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I'm a 25 years old virgin girl. How weird is this? Non meme answers about wanting a pure virgin perfect wife. Reality is not that simple. I've only been in 2 relationships my whole life, none of them lasted, and the guy I talked to since last summer ghosted be hard. I don't think I'm ugly or anything, pretty damn average I'd say. Also, WHY would it even be weird, if it is? I'd guess it has something to do with "since it's easy to have sex and you haven't, there must be something wrong with you" but following that stupid logic, isn't it the other way around? Since it's so easy to have sex and you haven't, it means that you don't want to or don't see value in it.
>why am I virgin
It started with me wanting to save myself for marriage, and I'm being very serious and unironical when I say this. But as it is right now, I guess I'm ashamed and even somewhat afraid of sex. My main issue is being repressed and since I still live with my parents, I wouldn't even know where to have sex.
>go at the guy's place
Yeah, no.
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/cheaters/ general
Cheaters is for people who cheat on their significant others to give each other advice and strategies

No moralfagging
Don't come here if you don't like or agree with the content
No LARPing. Let's keep this a place for serious discussion. Not a shit posting general
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Could I lose a lot of weight fast by eating just instant ramen for an entire year? I would only eat 2 a day.
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How do I stop being horny? I don't really have a particular psychological problem with porn itself it's just taking up unproductive time.

And no, before you recommend me, I'm not pumping my body full of estrogen
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How do I stop thinking that suicide is for loser wimps?
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Delta-8 Cannabis
Anybody try this stuff? Thanks to some "Farm Act" it's legal to buy D8 THC, which is psychoactive but not as strong as D9, which is the illegal stuff. You can get it as a vaping oil. I'm curious but not sure if it's worth $25 for 1mL. They claim it does everything from allievating pain to making you focused and stimulated. Curious if anyone here has first hand experience?
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I want to be someone like Elon Musk.
The man does more in a single week than most do in a lifetime. At first, I thought my dream was to work somewhere like Tesla. Working on groundbreaking shit. But then I realized I don't want to be some engineer cog in a multibillion dollar corporation that no one will remember.

So how does one become the next Elon? how do you find the next big idea and convince investors to give you money?
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I have to dry cough, it gets better after I lay down in bed, why?
Ive been dry coughing for a few weeks now, its like a loud really dry cough, i had happen that food came out before but really rarely. Other thing I noticed is irritation in my throat, like the air irritates it. The cough often happen when I take air in. Otherwise I don't feel any pain. My dad told me it could be silent reflux.
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I'm pretty much only into very petite, college aged Asian girls like pic. White women dont really interest me at all. Is that weird?
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Horny mistake or huge success?
So I was in a random stranger chat when i started to really get well with this girl I met on this chat. I have never seen her, don't know her name and don't have photos of her face but she would like for me and my friends to fuck her because she is turned on by older guys. Problem is 1 I'm younger than her 2 I don't plan on bringing my friends 3 I'm worried it's gonna be some sort of ambush. I checked the address she gave me and it checks out, also she is expecting and asked for 3 strong guys so I don't see why rapists would do that. What should I do?
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Is their anything wrong with giving my brother the lead position at my job if I’m the manager? He’s doing better than the current lead.
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If I pass from sleep 6 to 8 hours per night can help me in some way?
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How many years do I have left to unfuck myself?
20 year old khhv autist with no friends, few accomplishments to my name. I want to get a healthy long term relationship with a qt 3.14 and become an accomplished and respected underground/experimental musician, as well as get a bunch of cool homies.
How many years do I have left to achieve these goals? 5 years? 10 years?
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Girl was raped
Talking to girl who was raped by her ex boyfriend supposedly. Multiple times?and now she’s telling me I need to marry her if I want to have sex with her. I told her that’s ridiculous because she already had sex, and she’s mad at me.

In my eyes her “virtue” doesn’t exist anymore because she’s had sex already so why does it matter?
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I did minor damage to a parked vehicle while backing up. I am in my late 20s and only recently decided to start driving out of necessity, as a result I only have my learners. It was my moms car and she was in the vehicle when it happened but I’m not covered under her insurance. I left a note on their vehicle expressing my apologies and how I would be willing to pay money out of pocket to pay for any possible repairs they may seek. This note included my personal information. How fucked am I?
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I want to fall in love
My life is pretty shit now depressed af, never been in a relationship. I have no real life interaction with girl and when I see girls on instagram I jerk off to them. I want to have a crush or someone I can fall in fall with. But I don't feel any attraction at all.
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3238 - crying depression rope sadness suicide textless wojak
My mother fucking depresses me. Pretty sure she's mentally ill or some kind of a sociopath. She lies about everything with zero guilt. She makes promises she never keeps.

She has asthma but refuses any meds because she thinks they will kill her for some irrational reason. She woke up today saying that it would be a terrible day because apparently it was the astrological number 4 and that brings her bad luck. She wanted me to call to this place for her and when they didn't pick up the phone she said it was my fault, said I was worthless and an idiot and that I had inherited my father's "evil gene". Then she started suffocating from asthma again and said this was all my fault because I told her she was being too harsh calling me sleazy and an idiot. I told her a mom shouldn't talk like that to her offspring.

This has been happening all my life. I live normally, nothing happens. Pretty much emotionally stable. Then my mom starts yelling at me, screaming and I want to kill myself. I legit want to end it sometimes when she does this. I can't differentiate between when she wants to manipulate me or scare me into doing something, and when she's genuinely upset about something. Sometimes she will freak out like this but then someone would call her on the phone and she'd be cheerful. Ever since I was a kid.

Once when she started yelling at me like this, I hit myself on the sides of my head. For 3 days then that spot hurt and it was pulsating

I don't know what to do. I'm stuck with her because of Covid. I don't think the way she has acted all her life is normal. She can be really sweet sometimes but sometimes like this morning, she turns my mind into a hell. I don't want to be alive anymore when she becomes like that.
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how do I get rid of razor burns? I use good shaving soap, sharp razor, after shave lotion, take hot shower before shaving
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How to be homeless?
27. Male. Australian. I give up trying to find a place to live and I'm homeless again

Any tips on how to be homeless? I have about 100 dollars and nowhere to go. It's also a public holiday, kek
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Tried last night, asking again. What's the best (or cheapest) place to buy used Apple products online? Should I just stick to eBay? Looking for either an iPhone SE or iPod Touch 6th Generation.
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One male in a close friend group of females.
My girlfriend has three close friends who always come out with us. Two of them are girls but one of them is a guy. The guy is not dating either of the other girls, but he isn't gay. Apparently he had some sort of brief thing with one of the girls a long time ago but I don't know the details. I have never seen a guy who is this close of friends with women like this. I know guys who are platonic friends with girls, but these four, my girlfriend and the other three, are like really close, bff style friends. It's kind of weirding me out. The guy seems normal and he's pretty chill, but I feel like there must be something else going on here.
Is this something to be worried about?
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It's natural that there's way less women who never had sex or relationships than men. It's a fact that women do not have to put in the same amount of effort into finding love than men. My looks could be considered chad-like as people said to me, but I still deal with a fair amount of rejection. I'm not sulking on it though and see more benefits from it than shortcomings. I'm good enough to get 9/10s and stuff and have been involved with very good looking girls my age, but I'm still a virgin. People probably wouldn't believe it. And I really want to get into a relationship with someone who's also a virgin, but that view seems to have a really bad rep. Doesn't it make sense? As an inexperienced dude I want someone who also has that purity. I can't imagine eating someone out that had like 8 dicks inside them before. Yet nearly every woman that I find attractive had their fair share of salty cocks before and it makes me kind of feel bad.
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At what age is it too lat to find a high quality woman?
I am 27 now. Let's say I am taking the next 3 years to get my life together, become financially stable, and /fit/
I'll be 30 by then. Is that too late to find a high quality woman and maybe date a 23 year old?
I fucked up hard the last years, so I am in a bad spot.
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i cant take the lack of focus anymore
crying apu 27
I think its ADHD but doctor says its dysthymia/depression/depression personality type. My problems seem too severe and are not shared by a lot of dysthymia patients, mostly by adhd patients, also I don't even have major depression, most tests hint to the fact that due to my weird personality built around depression, chances are I am immune to major depression. I've been struggling with attention and concentration and brain fog my whole life, I forget things, I lose things, I lose money (a lot), I cant focus at classes. I dropped out of college, I had depression in Highschool and only went to classes for the first 2 years, the last two I was allowed to take my exams and pass without actually coming to school...But now I am 24 about to turn 25, I cant keep acting like a child...I can t hold a job, I want to drop out again because I don't know anything about my subject after 4 years of schooling...but if I drop out what would I do? I got two jobs, I quit both after about 3 days. I found out about adhd recently so I went to a psychologist, after about 2 months of tests (autism test, DIVA test for adhd, and most recently a MCMI IV test), the psychologist came to the conclusion that I don't have adhd, long story short my brain might just be friend rom having a depressive personality type, combined with dysthymia and a genetic predisposition to depression (pretty much everything in the MCMI test that includes depression, she said she has never seen something like that)...anyways the fact that I cant focus is destroying me, I will never be able to be a functioning member of society like this, I cant even drive a car. I am also from eastern Europe and its close to impossible to get a adhd diagnosis as an adult....I don't know what to do anymore, I feel like my world is crushing around me...There s also no treatment available for my depressed fried brain
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Poster Font
Barbara Palvin
I need to create a poster for a uni assignment. I love using the fonts Typold Medium and Warsaw Gothic Regular to create blacked celebrity poster edits but I don't want to use these two fonts for the assignment. I don't want the professors to recognise the fonts and realise I have a blacked fetish. What are some good similar-looking alternative fonts for poster design?
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How do I accept my fate in the army ?
Greetings /Adv/
im ( 20/M)to the army next year (south korean army) but I have no fucking clue how to speak,write,or read the language and its been bothering me since the day I was born with constant talk of "you need to go in the army or else you are dishonor and go to jail" from mom and dad.

I already know I'm fucked going in the mandatory military service. should I just kill myself during basic training (take my chances and shoot myself in the head on the firing range
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Why is it so hard to love me?
I gave up dating NPCs a long time ago, I simply don't see myself in a relationship with someone who isn't at least a bit fucked up. Tried the internet, 4chan etc. and met great people, people I wanted to date even. At the end, they never fall in love with me. It's not my looks, I'm very attractive (+many men have low standards for women anyway), I have an authentic personality (the people I liked genuinely enjoyed talking to me) and I try my best to put effort in these relationships. I am tired of everyone telling me how good I look and how interesting I am, I just want to be loved. What am I doing wrong?
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Living at home at 21
Is it weird to live at home at 21? My parents maintain that I'm okay to live at home rent free until I leave college. Rent is awful where I live, so I'm not complaining.
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Would I be fucking myself doing a BA in Translation/Interpretation
My plan would be to couple it with a second major to specialize in a certain field. I can pick foreign languages up pretty fast. It's maybe the only thing I enjoy that I can make a career out of. It would also be flexible hours/locations vise. I'm just wondering if I'd be permanently unemployable or working for barely-living-tier salaries. Help.
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Where To Go From Here
So I'm in my mid-twenties with no skills and no savings. Not because I'm lazy, exclusively, but I dealt with really serious depression and very possibly a schizo-variety personality disorder up until 2020, throughout which I did a lot of personal growth. I attended college up until last Fall for a PsYc DeGrEe before dropping out 18 credits short of graduating because my scholarship ran out and I didn't have any motivation for paying for the rest myself.

I work food delivery to keep a roof over my head. All I've really got going for myself right now is lifting consistently and making gains. I need to buckle down into a training program or SOMETHING that will lead me further out of this rut and into being a competent, productive adult, but I'm a a loss as to which path to take.

Do anons recommend a trade, finishing college, etc.? I'm at a loss but, like I said, I'm ready to commit to something. I guess I'd like some help brainstorming, and could use any advice you may have.
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What are the pros to living?
>wagecuck all your life
>degenerate increasingly oppressive society
>pay taxes on money you slaved away to gey so politicians can add it to their 7 figure bank accounts
>be abused by wife/mother/dad or whoever that person in your life is

Pros to suicide :
>everything of the above, only that it no longer exists

Cons to suicide:
>your mom will cry or whatever

There is nothing you can say to convince me that life is worth living. Its complete and utter garbage
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why polistheway itis
32 virgin male never had GF. I have He a fulltime job, do active hobbies no woman has ever given me the time of day thanks to my height.

Feel like I'm the reaching no point of no return in which my options are dying alone, suicide or a third option.

Pic kinda related
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Chegg bypass?
Semester has been piling up, and looks like my old chegg bypass sites are gone. anyone have a working method for "unblur"-ing or bypassing chegg?
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I have a lot of issues when it comes to feeling weak and anxious. I was completely depressed and unable to do anything when I was 20 and I hated myself for the way I that I felt and who I was.

When I started to distance myself from my emotions and from "myself" I began to function again. That came at a cost though, as I started to feel more and more like a robot. Even when my mother committed suicide 2 years ago it didn't feel like it was real to me (like everything else).

Last year I started to wake up during the night with panic attacks unable to fall asleep again. I felt so exhausted at times that I thought my heart was about the stop.

The panic attacks aren't as powerful anymore but I still wake up every night but most of the time I am able to fall asleep again.

I think that my panic attacks are a result of not letting myself feel weak and vulnerable. I am just too afraid of feeling depressed and helpless. I also don't want to feel weak because it is unattractive to women.

I am seeing a therapist at the moment but can't open up.

My question is, how can I convince myself to feel vulnerable?
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I have found sexually provocative pictures of my sister as a child in my brother's house. Should I be worried?
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How to Not Be Boring?
How to stop being a boring conversationalist? Feel like I am a super boring person and don't have much to say that is engaging. The whole 'People like talking about themselves just ask questions' always leads to boring ass conversations and no connection. Everyone get's asked the same questions all the time and it doesn't go anywhere. How do I actually stop being boring and engage others.
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What are the comfiest jobs?
Happy Gecko
I am a young man with my whole life ahead of me. I want to know what job I should try and get so that I can work as little as possible but still provide for myself. Do any anons on here work in jobs they'd recommend for achieving those goals?
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I need about 3000$
I need to have about 3000$ by the end of the year. In my country min wage is about 2,5$/hour, and i spend most my money on rent and food, even though i buy the cheapest stuff possible to save up money. What are some things i could try to make the money? Mostly online, cuz even if i got a second job it would still not be anywhere near enough.
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am i being unreasonable?
i'm having a very hard time dealing with the fact that every man has sexual temptations that he has to resist. thought I was ace my whole life until I met my first bf so I've never been physically attracted to anyone but him.
i didn't know he had temptations until recently, when he recommended another person joins in on us having sex, and that broke my heart.

i don't know how to explain to him how fucked up that sounds to me and neither can i just accept that he's going to have a hard on for girls other than me
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From my school days I always had some sort of media (manga series, tv or film franchise). The only things I was looking for in the future and was happy to consume. (yes, yes I know deranged consoomer with no actual goal in life)

This way I lived for at least 20 years, but now I just feel empty. I don't want to invest into something that will disappoint and make me depressed in the end. Yet I realize that I have nothing in life that can be looking for if I'm not obsessed with some sort of media.

I have decided to leave my obsessions, but I faced a reality that there is nothing that brings me joy, passage of time just makes me depressed now when in my media obsessive days I was happy that some sort of update or a new release was coming closer.

Is there a way to bring any meaning to my life outside of consooming media, find happiness and joy outside of it?
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Would you fuck me? I'm 30 years old as of today.
How do I fix myself
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The secret is not giving a fuck.
I've come here to give you what's probably the greatest, but also the simplest bit of advice that I can. The single bit of advice that completely redifined my life.

Stop giving a fuck.

That's right. Stop giving a fuck.

Stop looking at other people. Stop analyzing yourself. Stop analyzing others. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop comparing yourself to standards. If people criticise you and you don't think they're right, stop seeing those people. Stop reading lifestyle guides on the internet. Stop thinking about sex, or about not having sex.

Just stop. The amount of information available right now is too much. We aren't evolved to deal with it. The amount of fake shit, lies, idolization and the amount of losers crying is WARPING YOUR VIEW OF REALITY even if you're smart enough to realize that it's not all like that. Simply seeing all of the SHIT is enough to turn anyone into a fucking husk. Be it social media, the internet, or just people in a community who lie out of their fucking ass.

Just live your life. Just do your best. You don't have to be successful, pretty, handsome, famous. You don't have to get the girl or the guy or fuck them either. You don't have to be social (or antisocial). You need to stop listening to all of this fucking waste bubbling around you.

Your entire life philosophy should just be "I live" and "what can I do to live nicer?". That's it. That's literally all you need. Stop thinking about changing yourself and improve yourself instead. Do things because you want them, not because people told you that you need them, or that you should want them.


STOP READING THIS SHIT. RIGHT NOW. Go to another board and read something actually interesting. Let this be the last bit of "advice" you ever recieve. Get the fuck out right now
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How do I get girls to let me colonize their mouth with my tongue?
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Am I just a bitter incel?
I have friends who talk about being in open relationships, having random hookups, who enter and exit relationships frequently, etc. I feel extreme nausea and disgust when they talk about this.

Now I've always been disgusted by this behaviour but am I wrong for feeling that? I'm the only one of my friends (male or female) who has chosen (on the rare occasion) and cannot engage in this behaviour. As in I've had on the very rare occasion the opportunity to hook up and I've only had my first (and only kiss) in the past few months.

I do feel a bit bitter about women not liking me but beyond that I feel like the odd one out, for being a virgin, for not wanting to hook up with rando’s, for feeling disgusted with my friends when they talk about being in open relationships. That sort of thing.

My parents had a dysfunctional relationship but my grandparents met when they were 14 and have been together ever since. Worked themselves out of poverty to become wealthy. Only ever wanted this.

Am I just a butter incel?
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i don't want anything anymore.
i dont enjoy anything anymore. i dont know how to get out.
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No title

im gonna be real with you adv/; i used to be okay with girls, then i got super depressed (even more so than i was) after someone i consider my first and only love (we werent even together for long so it was more just an infatuation) kinda broke my heart, which led me to not dating in years (properly anyway); now, i've gotten to the point where i think i should start or just kms but the problem is that i met this one girl who i only wanted friends with and she the same, but i got feelings annoyingly, and then after meeting a bunch of times and us having a moment where we could have kissed in a bar (a couple months ago) things kinda seemed to fizzle at the start of jan and she's been weird ever since, she acts like its my fault but in reality
>she used to call me
>she used to send me vids of her singing
>she used to actually want to hang out and stuff instead of just saying it
>she used to take an interest in me
now, i started dating someone else in the past 3 weeks or so and that may be the reason but i noticed that she became distant and then since telling her things were over, she became a little more there in my life
>called me yesterday but it was to basically "chat" and then say she has to cancel hanging out
>say she still has something to give me
honestly, she describes herself as
>attention seeker
>sad because she cant travel and she now has no freedom
i know feelings for this shit is dumb but im kinda losing my mind and wanna move on so what do i do? the girl i dated briefly was a fucking nut who literally stayed 24/7 at mine even when i was out and was generally a weirdo
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We EXP talking to women through speed dating
I’m a kissless virgin etc and I want to improve my conservation skills and charisma. To be honest I’m not too keen on getting a gf RIGHT now because I don’t think it will be healthy for both of us but I do want to improve my skills on talking to girls (or just talking to anyone really) and wanted to try speed dating to sort of “level up” as in it’s almost like grinding on weaker monsters before fighting the boss (the hypothetical girl I am romantically interested in). Sorry for the nerdy analogy but that’s sort of the logic I’m looking at it as, would this be morally right for the women I talk to though? I was thinking of having a few “practice” dates with these women if I get good enough but don’t intend to maintain the relationship it’s just to help me with my general abilities. Also not looking for sex or trying to get anything else out of it btw it’s strictly just to help me converse better. Not just for romance but also to get more friends.
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Friend keeps borrowing money
I am not rich and I am living on my parents allowance. This friend, who is having issues with money, keep borrowing money. I gave some at first, but it started to become a common thing now. Also, every time we hanged out, he asked me to pay for him all the freaking time. What do I do ?
(I am a shut in autist who has few friends)
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Sped assistant
Hey guys, not to give too much info but I work as a sped aide in texas. First job out of college, in a middle school, zero training or experience in similar positions I just thought it would train me to be a good math teacher later on which is my goa.
The main problem is, the kid they mostly have me working with bites himself until he bleeds profusely then paints all over his section of the classroom with it, puts it in his hands, runs it all over, then fucking runs it all over his toys, then tries to bite me with blood in his mouth, and tries to wipe his blood on me, and all we have is alcohol wipes and some gloves + there is dried blood on all of his toys which I am expected to handle not wearing gloves. Also a lot of these kids are african immigrants, and I dont care about that because of race, I care because countries like south africa have a population where 19% has HIV. So there could be a 1 in 5 ch ance this kid is smearing me with AIDS blood. Legally, can they fire me if I just say I cant deal with that anymore. I have 0 training, and I'm not going to get aids or hep c for 14 dollars an hour. If I quit will it blacklist me from working at a public school in texas ever again if I just dont put this on my resume?
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No title
gf has had an IUD (birthcontrol) for almost two years now and its making her pretty fat. she had really bad periods that would almost hospitalize her. and the IUD stops those.

Am i overreacting? Shes been to the doctor and she had no health issues, or pre-diabetes, or high blood pressure or anything. she just looks big. It could be water weight, or hormones. but she was pretty thin before she had it in.

ive talked to her about and it it makes he really emotional because she knows shes getting big and she feels like its either be thin with massive pain or look fat and not be in pain. she believes she will lose the weight once its off, because we both want to have kids someday so it will obviously come out.but its just making her look unattractive to me.
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No title
>I like you as a friend, I've known my neighbour for a long time but I'm not ready for a relationship

Why is she telling other people this instead of me?
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Laser Hair Removal
I'm 20 years old and i can grow body hair on practically every part of my body, should I look into laser hair removal , at least for the back/neck/shoulder area?

I have been insecure about it since i began growing chest hair when i was 14, i have tried waxing and trimming it, and right now i trim my my body every 2 weeks and shave my neck area every other day.

I have already done 3 laser sessions on my neck area because i had folliculitis, and the difference is obvious and i don't regret the procediment. Now I if want to completely remove the hair follicles i should do at least 8 laser sessions.

Honestly, do you guys think this is too much body hair?
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download - 2021-01-26T171743.507
What kind of books should I read to get better in Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning questions for exams like GMAT and LSAT? Book suggestions pls, any genre, medium-to-hard level text
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What would you have done in my situation?
I just want to confess something. I will not greentext it, because there is nothing funny about it to me. When I was 13 I transferred to a very ghetto school because my best friend at the time transferred as well. I didn't know what to expect but since it was a predominantly jogger school, it was full of kids from broken homes looking to take their frustrations out on other kids. Now that you have some context, I can get to the main point of the confession. One day as I was walking from the cafeteria with my friend, we kinda ran into a group of very ghetto jogger men and jogger females. One of the joggers, I assume the ringleader since he was in middle, started slapping my friends head for no reason. I became very angry when I saw this happening, but I was also very fearful because the group of joggers was very big. Eventually they went their seperate ways, but my anger and also my cowardice for not trying to stand up for my friend remained. That day changed my life because I realized I was a pussy and let fear hold me back from doing what was right. I realized I didn't deserve friends because I was too much of a pussy to stand up for them, or even myself.
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I want to have sex with my therapist.
Hey guys, I have a good working relationship with my therapist. She’s always professional and I’ve never made any sexual advances or comments to her apart from this

Once I put my foot next to hers to see what would happen, but she took hers away. So obviously the sex isn’t going to happen. And I wouldn’t want to destroy our therapeutic relationship.

Sometimes lil things happen which turn me on like once she leant forward and I got a nice view of her cleavage. She noticed me looking and sat back up. That was pretty hot and I still coom over it to this day.

Are there any ways I can change the dynamic of the relationship slightly so that we remain a good client/therapist but she also drop little bits of wank material to me?

Today in our video session she scratched her arm and to do that she had to move her shirt and I saw her bra string and a wee bit more flesh.

I never talk about sex in session because I don’t have any and it’s not really an issue for me. I’m not sure if she would handle that sort of discussion, if I initiated it it would be contrived because sex isn’t really one of my issues.

Anyway bit incoherent

TLDR: how can I make therapy more flirtatious?
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>have to work in an agile environment for a group project
>tell group to research in their own free time
>repeat myself 10 times
>they don't do it
>I do all the work myself, I don't mind, my education is far more important
>lecture complains to me that I do all the work

How do I shape my group?
I have a tendency of giving up on people that reject my help.
1 group member even tried making me feel sorry for him. He's 30+ years old.
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Fiancee told me she wanted to break up than took it back
My fiancee were having a dispute about something, seemed to be minor, both of us were just stressed it seemed. Than she tells me she wants to break up. After I talk to her, she says she only wanted to get my attention more than anything and that she doesn't want to leave me. This has me feeling strange, idk how she can just casually say something like that?
2 images | 47 replies
Leaving Islam
dinner wojak
How do I gain the courage to leave Islam for good, and to tell my family about it?

I come from a very devoutly Muslim, Pakistani-British family. They instilled in me the rules from day one. Prayers every day. No pork. No alcohol. No non-religious music. Absolutely no dating or mingling with girls at school. Even when I got to uni they still made my life unbearable constantly checking on me and making sure I was studying and not going to parties or dating girls. The irony is this upbringing made me too socially awkward to be able to accept party invites or pursue girls, even though I want to. So I didn't do it anyway.

After my first year of uni I was sure I was not Muslim anymore. Then covid happened. Now I study for my degree at home and it is hell. No escape. No time off. No more chill beers with my few friends at the weekend. Enforced studying by my parents at strict hours of the day. My friends try to invite me to some Zoom chats with beers but I can't even accept those, lest my parents find out about my double life.

It's so fucking hard to leave. I have two sisters. Both of them are younger than me and devout Muslims just like my parents, at least for now. I try to test the waters by revealing some of my doubts about Islam to the elder sister. She freaked out and told me I was crazy and that uni had "brainwashed" me. I don't know what to do.

I need your /adv/, anons.
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No title
america ben stiffler
What's stopping someone with $500 from finding and buying stocks that have high volatility like GME and selling them? Is their a limit? Could I find like 15 stocks and sell them in a day or is that illegal?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
What's the best way to make friends as an adult?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
I come from a very traditional latino household, and when I married my wife i did it because i was truly in love with her, and i never stoped loving her, i tried my best as husband, but at some point she decided to walk away and abandon me, i guess I got resented at first, i cried, I screamed and i did my best to get it out of my system and finally I reached the conclusion that life goes on, the problem is that since she was sterile we decided to adopt a child, her best friend a feminist white girl she met at college is an irresponable turbo whore and she was going to abort but we convinced her to give the baby to us in adoption, the baby turned put to be a beautiful baby girl, she is 5 years old right now, the problem is that now im 28 years old, in a dead end job and with a 5 years old child as my main responsability. At this point im deeply attached to my daughter, i cant just walk away like my wife did, she is my moral support and the reason i live, i truly hate my job, i hate to socialize with people, im deeply hurt for many reasons but the fact that I need to provide for my kid makes me get out of the bed and put my best smile every day, i have forgive my wife for leaving me, but ill never forgive her for leaving our child, i wonder if she ever loved in first place, ive been thinking about re marryng again, maybe isnt too late for it, i could still give my child some sort of maternal figure, but last week the family of the biological mother of my kid contacted me, her grand parents (parents of the feminist whore) want to meet my kid, they even proposed me to give her to them, but i dont want to, she is everything ive left, ive fucking nothing else, but im starting to feel like maybe im being selfish, maybe they can give her a better life and an authentic family, should i give her to them? I only want the best for her, i truly dont want to, she is my fucking reason to live, i want to be selfish but i cant, should I give her to her biological grand parents?
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No title
Is a environmentalist chick worth putting up with if she’s really hot?
2 images | 23 replies
Online Dating Troubles
So I've been talking to this girl for 5 months and we've been hitting it off really well, she's into pretty much everything I'm into and I've found it very easy to talk to her. We started doing voice chat last month and since then we've gotten even closer and it's started to feel like a real chance at a relationship for the first time. And just this week we started posting pictures to eachother (nothing lewd).
The problem? She lied to me about some things. When we first started talking, she said she was a nurse. Recently she confided that she's unemployed and has actually never worked. She also admitted that she was 2 years older than the age she claimed (23 instead of 21) and there were some inconsistencies with her pictures vs. what she described herself as (I still am attracted to her though).
Now I want to stress that I DON'T mind her real self, I'm attracted to her face and body, she's still good to talk to, but I'm upset that she lied about so many things. Just stupid things too. She cried when she told me she had lied about it and I told her it's not that bad.. But the more I think about it, I dunno it just makes me feel like something is off. She told me that she hid things and lied about things because she never dated before and was nervous so she wanted to present the "best version" of herself, which in her mind was the future person she wants to be. I can get that, but I guess I'm just worried this will happen again. I don't want to feel suspicious of someone I'm trying to build a romance with, and to have mistrust this early on is not good.

She swore to me that those were the only things she lied about and that she would be nothing but honest to me from now on. And I do know for a fact her pictures are her since we cammed a bit too. What do you guys think? I want to forgive her, but I also don't know if I can trust her.

And please, I don't wanna hear about how online dating sucks, I know what I got myself into. Just try to give me some help, please.
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No title
>tfw your BPD ex is the only girl that truly loved you and was the one that warned you that things weren't going to work with your recent ex

I've been spending a lot of time with her since my breakup and I forgot about how much she loved me and how much I loved her. how can I make it up to her for having left her in the first place? I really want to get back together with her again and do it right this time but everyone around me keeps saying I'm just rebounding.

How can I prove that I'm not and that this is real?
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Mutual friend is an alcoholic
You know me and my childhood friend have this absolutely Chris Chan pilled (that's my slang for anyone that lost it to a hooker) Romanian we're both mutual friends with I just don't fucking know what to do with anymore. They met when the Romanian was helping with C++ work for him (we had a Discord server with a funny name called The Pogpound KEK) but he kept getting reluctant & all the sudden we get this absolutely embarrassing video from his roommate of the Romanian all red hugging a bottle of fucking vodka on the couch while the roommate's talking about kicking him out. Then he gets arrested at the same time as the Seattle riots and we were so worried we thought he'd died. (turns out, guess what, HIS ALCOHOLIC ASS GOT ARRESTED FOR STEALING BOOZE)

5 months later we get an even worse story: He's given himself brain damage from drinking too much.
The last I've heard about him from the main friend this one chick left him because he still wouldn't stop fucking drinking

What am I honestly going to do. This is the internet. I can't just make someone quit doing something. And I can't just walk away & say "play stupid games win stupid prizes" because how that's going to sit on my conscious if he ends up dead. It's literal fucking purgatory with this man. I can't just tell him to stop drinking but I can't quit on him either.
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Am I the bad guy?
>date a girl for year and half
>get super close, borderline married
>seperated because of covid travel restrictions
>try to make it work long distance
>she gets sad & starts hanging out with a friend to cope
>im okay with this because trust
>communication starts to get sparce and weird because of distance & sadness
>decide to take a break
>just makes things worse
>decide to finally end it and stay friends (beginning this year)
>bring up one rule: do not date or fuck the friend she coped with last year or i will leave
>she does it anyways
>i cut communication completely
>now mutual friends acting weird with me / think that was a bad move

did i do something wrong here? why do i feel pressured to stay friends with someone who literally betrayed my trust & borderline cheated on me

Was it a bad move? i think it was pretty justified.
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How to get rid of social anxiety?
kafić de la toho
How do you get rid of social anxiety when you talk to people? Either online or irl.
Seriously, I'm extremely bad at conversations irl and given my work, I don't have to do them much, but I'm literally terrified anytime somebody rings me on discord, I just don't know how to respond...
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is this achievable?
i'm a chick who weighs about 100 pounds, and i'm 5'2. i'm not fat, but my stomach kinda pokes out. i've heard that it's supposed to because it's the womb, but i don't buy it.

could i achieve this? if so, how? do guys mind if i don't look like this? thinking of taking up jogging.
3 images | 46 replies
how to LDR?
face to face i would ask a girl out and this is very easy for me. however how do i initiate a long distance relationship? since it is impossible to ask the girl out.
0 images | 14 replies
Never the one that guys really want
I’ve had boyfriends but I think they just wanted companionship
I had a FWB who didn’t want more. He said he felt nothing and left me to pursue his ex.

Nobody has ever really seriously pursued me and made it known that they really want me

I feel like I’m always a backup or okay option
Nobody has ever really desired me

What do I do? Am I being too sensitive?
2 images | 6 replies
No title
Is cheating ok? why/why not?
I love my gf but man she doesn't fulfill my sexual needs at all and its beginning to bother me
0 images | 2 replies
No title
How do I get over low self esteem? I'm a 167cm khv, and even though I workout I still feel inferior being near taller and more attractive people.
1 images | 15 replies
No title
I developed Tinnitus a few weeks ago and it is driving me insane, I never listened the music loud and I can't even think of what could have caused it

But now I'm going insane, I can't sleep, I can't work, I can't read, every day is torture, do you have any way to cope, this is agony.
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Should i pursue my feelings for this girl?
This was back in 6th grade and i was a classmate of hers, i find her cute on the first day but nothing else until we have this sort of retreat; i got attracted to her because she seemed to be really kind and i could describe her to be approachable to a high degree. Anyway what i said about the so called retreat is that it was one of the only interactions i had with her, i can start typing down some interactions.
>I worked with a group containing her on a certain project
>She became my seatmate at one point and when the teacher returns our works it is meant to be passed through her and she would take a look at it while i was waiting on her to reach it to me and after that she would compliment the said work
>that was all
Anyway that aint the most relevant thing in this thread, so im gonna continue by saying she transferred the next year to another school and now is the time to mention that she had a friend that i too am close with. So the year she transferred her friend and i actually had a chat in the early parts of the year and that is the part where i get to hear some details from her about my crush
>Hey so R transferred right? Remember when i told you i liked her back then yeah?
>ah yes anon speaking of her she mentioned you in our pms
>mentioned me? Let me guess does she find me creepy?
>no she was asking how you was
This was a huge surprise, and so i did what any weirdo would do. Message her on chat,
>hey R how's school? ":D"
>oh hii anon it's pretty fine actually glad you asked
So the conversation continued casually and it ended nicely, so from then on i started to greet her goodmornings and shit while she would respond back, now we had some nice conversations on pm and now she finally got a bit closer to me even when we barely interacted on 6th grade. So im gonna have to continue this later if anyone is interested to know what happens next because this is literally my first 4chan post so update me if you want to know more i guess idk.
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I have sexsomnia AMA/what do?
I have a sleeping condition where I am likely to unknowingly try to have sex in my sleep if I'm sleeping next to someone. I've done this multiple times with my ex and almost done it with a friend. I am getting close with a girl I like whose been raped before and I'm afraid to sleep in the same bed with her because I don't want to unintentionally rape/molest her. Ask me anything or give me advice.

tldr i have sleep molest disorder, what do
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How am I supposed to talk about music with women?
I recently got out of a relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Sure we had some interests that we didn't have in common (music mostly, she's emotional about music and I don't really follow any bands or listen to a genre, I just listen to what I find nice). But our common interest was gaming, watching movies, and having sex.

I'm trying to get back into the dating scene and I realized most girls I find attractive are into music. How the fuck do I talk about music? Am I supposed to go "oh yeah I like this band blablabla" and send her links or some shit? The only music I like listening to is music without vocals (mainly League's OST).

I'm not a good singer either, but I am good at dancing so there's that.

Any tips anons?
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Third Job / Part Time Gig
I'm starting to slowly accept that working three jobs that are actually profitable (i.e. not a minimum wage slave) is extremely difficult when you don't have much time to spare (weekends only).

For the last two to three years, I've constantly tried to find a third income stream that can keep me productive and busy during my days off from my other two jobs. I make about $100K a year balancing each position (one more than the other) but I find myself bored and unproductive (outside of errands/life maintenance/small hobbies) on the weekends.

I already invest my money into a variety of things (i.e. RRSP, ETF's, Stocks, Real Estate) but that doesn't keep me busy at all. I've looked into different avenues others suggested such as dropshipping, part time landscaping and so forth but I can't find anything that's worthwhile.

Most of my friends either sit on the computer playing video games all day (some aren't working right now due to the pandemic) and it's such a waste of time doing that day in and out. I don't want to fall into that trap.

Thanks /adv/
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Family in denial and spreading COVID
So half of my family is in huge denial over COVID, even though apparently that half mostly now have it. Who knows whats gonna happen to them. None of them have died yet. What can I possibly do to wake them up? My dad is one of the ones that is in denial but may not have it yet. I know he watches fox. I don't talk to my family so this all kinda just happened out of the blue. Is there any way I can wake the fear of death in them? Because apparently catching it does nothing.
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No title
What is the easiest job you can do remotely? Bonus points if easy to get. Not looking for amazing pay, just something that at least meets minimum wage.
1 images | 2 replies
No title
I want to kill myself sometimes
3 images | 3 replies
The Horny Problem
How do I fix the never ending cycle where I do not want a relationship, but have sexual needs, although I want to be morally correct and not do ONS? I start dating someone, lose interest once my needs have been satiated, then leave them, then after sometime it repeats.
3 images | 75 replies
No title
Where do I raise my family?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
How do you get over phi si la attraction? I have a GF which I love (Is not a case of “maybe you don’t really love her”, I do) yet I feel attraction to the crush I had before her.
A relationship with that women wouldn’t even work, she became a feminist and an SJW. Yet every time I see her or her profile pops up I go crazy. What should I do to get over that physical attraction? Any advice?
Thanks in advance friends
0 images | 8 replies
No title
How do i make myself a nihilist and stop caring about everything in life? I care so much about everything and everyones opinion about me. Im ready to just be myself and not care how do i do it?
0 images | 11 replies
How do i fix this?
I had to rejected women in my life because i'm literally unable to imagine myself getting love or any kind of affection. The idea is just repulsive for me.
I have BPD and was bullied my whole life and always coped with self deprecating jokes and video games, but it went to far i guess.
0 images | 5 replies
No title

This video changed my life forever when it came out now I can't stop saying the N word.

How can I stop this habit ?
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No title
My decisions rarely involve others, so I'm kind of seeking just a few words to help guide a choice here...

I had a life changing experience on DMT. The only person who can get this insulted me in some manner. I would like to get this drug and spread it to anyone who is interested, free of charge, to hopefully experience something similar to what I did. Should I swallow my pride and try to amend things with this person to possibly benefit others?

Thanks in advance.
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becoming evil because fail do give a shit anymore
if you always tried to be a good person but life fucks you to the point where you dont feel like you got anything to take joy from is the last thing you can do turn into a piece of shit because it doesnt matter anymore would you do it.
1 images | 5 replies
No title
How do i genuinely stop being a toxic to my gf and my friends. How do you go about fixing this.
1 images | 3 replies
GF lost a lot of weight
My gf has lost a lot of weight over the past few months. When we first met, she was thick and sexy as hell, had a perfect ass and tits but over the past few months, she has been eating less and less. She got off her medications which I think is apart of it and has become very very skinny. I actually realized how big of a difference it was when I saw an old picture of her in lingerie from a year ago. My sex drive has gone down considerably and think this might have something to do with it.

Obviously the problem is that she's also really insecure about her weight loss. I love this girl to death and just want her to eat healthy again, I wanna be overcome with lust when we have sex because she was sexy as fuck back then. And she's been asking why I seem less in the mood and I don't know how to tell her that I just want you taking care of yourself again.

I don't know what I can do to help with this problem, how I can encourage her or even begin to talk to her about this. Any advice?
1 images | 7 replies
tips / advice for living in chicago
i’m gonna be moving to chicago this fall for college. have never been before and have never lived in a huge city. from florida, so it’s gonna be a huge adjustment temperature-wise and i’ll need to come prepared. any chicago anons have any advice on hidden gems, helpful stuff to know, etc?

inb4 gun violence memes, i plan on getting CC as soon as i can lol
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Is it possible to find a solid group of friends in your 30's?
I'm honestly tired of my college friends. Half of them dont have their shit together and the ones that do are total pussies who cant speak up when something is amiss but would rather do woman shit of just acting like you dont exist. I wish to have a super tight friend circle but I honestly feel like I'm back in high school/early college dealing with these clowns. Motherfuckers cant even plan a Vegas trip cause the act of staying in contact enough is too mind blowing. Any tips? Cause I'm tired of feeling like a fucking island around these people.
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I wish I never had this massage so I wouldn't have to make this decision
I just got offered a handjob by my massage therapist.
I'm a KHV 23 year old and this is the first time a girl talked like this to me. She's apparently 22.
I stuttered throughout the entire conversation, and she laughed when I said I've never done it with a girl before (she asked me if I have).
I said "n-no, I d-don't have money right now..." but she told me to come back and ask for her if I ever change my mind (she gave me her name).

What the fuck do I do? This may seem like nothing to you chads who can get laid anytime they want, but for me this is fucking life-changing.

I promised myself that I will never lose my virginity to a prostitute, but this doesn't count, right? She's not really a prostitute and I'm not really losing my virginity since it's just a handjob, even though she's asking me to pay her $20 (which I can obviously easily afford). She doesn't even look like a prostitute AT ALL. She's cute and she could literally be my classmate, and I went to a prestigious school where most girls are pretty.
I wanna lose my virginity to a qt gf who actually loves me, but I think a mere handjob doesn't really count..

I don't know what the fuck to do, this was so intense, I'm a fucking autistic socially-awkward basement-dweller who has never had a girlfriend, ever. Nothing close to this has ever happened to me.
No girl has ever wanted to get close to my dick before, and now this massage therapist of mine literally just asked me upfront if she could massage my 'private parts' until I come.
I'm a fucking coomer who masturbates to hentai almost everyday so obviously I wanna do it, but I wanna know the "normal, non-autistic" decision first. What would a normal person do? Say yes or no?

Also, what are the chances that I'm gonna get in trouble for doing this? If there's even the slighest chance of me getting arrested, I'm fucking out.
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No title
Can any short guys share some advice on getting over a height insecurity? Honestly it's starting to really weigh down on me but I just fucking hate how there's nothing I can do to work on it.
It's not even about women and attraction, it's simply knowing that the kind of man I'd like to be is completely out of my reach. I'll never be feel imposing or tower over people, I'll always be a fucking manlet.

Any advice, please? It really depresses me. I'd honestly give anything to be a bit taller. 5'8'' by the way.
3 images | 36 replies
Manual breathing
No, not the meme
Has anyone experienced this feeling, when you become very aware of your breathing and the feeling that you're not getting enough air starts creeping in?

I've been caught off guard twice by this, went to the hospital and a number of doctors(heart, glands, lungs, throat) and they found nothing. I have yet to see a psychiatrist, though.

Anyone else have any experience managing this?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Guise I'm in dire need of advice.
We had sex. She was and is on birth control pills, and I had a condom on. Problem is, I did not roll the condom all the way down. Just like 3/4ths of the way down. It was one of those extra thick kind of condoms if that makes a difference.
I don't think there was anything other on my dick outside the condom other than pussy grool and lube, yet I'm scared shitless now. I feel like I did not do my part well enough so I will face the worst consequences.
Should I be worried? Because for all intents and purposes I have OCD and can't reliably assess the risk. There either is no risk, or the risk is too high.
Fucking help
0 images | 13 replies
So basically i had to go to a female friend of mine because i had to do some work with her, so i went to her house, and SHE'S REALLY FUCKING TOUCHY.
Like she sat on my lap basically on my dick, and even other stuuf, there's just one.little.problem.
So it's fucking embarassing already, but i kinda needed someone to hug me or something like that, I've been feeling pretty sad lately, (we didn't fuck or anything) but I didn't feel anything. no emotion, I didn't feel anything that came with her touching me, we've been talking before, it wasn't my first time where she touched me, when she wasn't in a relationship,And so i felt nothing, apathetic as always.

0 images | 2 replies
How do you overcome burnout
I recently started a project and I've been working on it since last Thursday. I've had the good fortune of having more days off than I normally do, but the problem is that I'm just so fucking burned out now. This happens to me a lot; I put a ton of work into something all at once, and end up burning out on a project. The problem is that there are multiple people expecting the project to be finished. There is no concrete deadline, my only promise was "soon" which I made last Friday. I'm just so burned out, I have no motivation to continue the project at all, but I NEED to finish it.

How do I overcome this burnout? How can I finish a project that I have no motivation to finish? I want to have it done by this coming Thursday. It's actually fairly close to being finished; probably just another day, maybe 2 days of work, but I can't even bring myself to open the program.
1 images | 1 replies
I was homeschooled and when I was 11 and my sister was 8 we dryhumped each other with pants on. It's been 11 years later and she said she's fine but I'm not okay. I'm gay but even when I jerk off to girls the image haunts me. I want to see a therapist because I hate myself. I can't go to a therapist because they are required to report stuff so now I just want to die.
0 images | 1 replies
No title
A girl at work asked me for casual sex. She’s not pretty, she doesn’t have a good body, hell, I think she doesn’t have neither nice tits or ass. So, should I give it a try? Any recommendations to fuck a ugly girl?
0 images | 5 replies
life decision
I can get a engineering degree in Ukraine
Im a Tunisian neet student
what to do
0 images | 11 replies
No title
Is 5.75” length and 6” girth a good penis size?
0 images | 5 replies
Should I get back with my ex?
Ello comrades. So a string of events has gone down over the last year that has brought my ex girlfriend and I closer together. Is it in my best interest to get back with her?

- We broke up 2 years ago in high school because of outside circumstances
- A year later, she informs me of a plot by a classmate to falsely accuse me of rape leading to my ex-girlfriend and I growing close. I jokingly tell her that I “owe her a favor”
- Because of the favor, her and I go back ‘n forth half a dozen times. We go on secret dates for coffee, we go out for lunch, we go shopping, she does a photoshop for me. All of this is happening while I work for the Trump campaign
- When November rolls around, she shows up at my house to give me gifts and brag about winning the election
- About 2 weeks ago, she hits me up again to not-so-subtly hint that Trump officially being out of office means the barrier between us is gone
- I’m planning on copying her format from November with my own spin on it

Her family loves me. My family loves her. What initially drove us apart is gone— what should I do?
0 images | 5 replies
How to let go of resentment?
Years ago in college i got screwed over by a friend. The entire scenario was bad enough that it galvanized both our friend group and my family. All these years later I'm still hurtbutt about it because it changed my life trajectory for the worse

I moved away from our hometown after college as all i remember when I'm here is humiliation at failing at the social game and how i paid the price for it. It worked out well for me and I started growing into a normal human being and not a walking heap of shame, but when corona hit i moved back and now I'm reminded constantly five years later of the entirety of that meltdown.

Five years later not a day goes by where i don't regret not cutting out that friendship. To make matters worse, said person has done a complete 180 and is now going to use the skillset that helped them break my spirit when we were younger to help people (people reading and manipulation. They're becoming a therapist.)
1 images | 19 replies
To tease or not to tease
Trying to figure out girl’s intentions here: I’m used to just spontaneous hook ups but this is drifting into dating territory it feels like, which I’m not against but I need some feedback on first.

This girl my friend has been trying to score with for two years and my other friend has been gaming hard. It was kinda weird, since the “gaming hard” friend did kiss her a couple weeks ago while she was blacked out.

This same girl I hooked up with on Sunday, but I fell asleep by the time she was interested in sex cuz my housemate was throwing a party and I was super gone. She has been hitting me up daily, and invited me over to smoke weed with her at her place.

I was rubbing her a bit on his thighs and arms, as she lay on me watching a movie. We never got to kissing, and even went out for food. Lots of giggles. Anyhow, after like three hours of hanging out, she said she was getting tired and I offered to bounce since I couldn’t really read her at all (physically flirty, squeezing her body, but nothing outright sexual like kissing) but she said she wanted to see how the movie ended. So we finished it, she walked me out, and when I was hugging her she kissed me twice on the lips, pulling back before I could do anything more.

So... is she a tease or is this dating for prude people? I haven’t dealt with this situation in a while, since I’m more of a one-night stand person and the last time a girl did a lot of these tease hangouts, I caught feelings (we dated for a while) so I’m wary
0 images | 6 replies
Applying for Unemployment Need Advice
Long story short I've been working a shit job for a while. My boss wrote me up with a final warning a little over a month ago (when I completed the task perfectly) and he lied to HR about what he instructed me to do. Obv I didn't record this so I can tell HR my version but it's moot because lack of proof.

So at that moment I decided fuck it. I told them my parent had covid-19 and that I had to self isolate per company policy. Then a little less than a week later I told them I tested positive for Covid-19. Boss asked to see my test results but I never sent them and have been bullshitting since (I did get tested, I was negative). Per HIPPA privacy laws, my employer cannot demand test results or medical info from my healthcare provider.

Worse, they told us they were going to lay us off with severance a couple weeks ago (making the whole faking sick thing moot and pointless), but then they cancelled the layoff at the last minute.

I called my doctor, had a phone visit, and he said he's happy to fill out FMLA paperwork to send to my employer to let them know I do have Covid-19 and that my symptoms have lingered on, as sometimes happens, which prevents me from doing my work.

Here's my question. Can I still get unemployment benefits if I'm on FMLA leave? If I don't send my employer anything, I will be fired for "job abandonment" on Wednesday. I really just want to get unemployment especially since the gov't is giving out extra money. I don't plan on being a mooch forever, but I need this right now not to kms. Does anyone have any advice?

Should I send my doctor the paperwork and go on FMLA leave? Or should I just bullshit more and allow myself to be let go on Wednesday and then file for unemployment?
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How to make money online?
I have 50 bucks, how can I turn them into 100 by the end of the day? I managed to turn 30 into 60, but it took a whole month of waiting for someone to but my stuff on eBay. Is there a faster way of making money online?
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do girls that actually like you initiate texts? or must i be the one who starts every.fucking.convo.with.her
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possible anxiety + went too far with porn
recovering porn addict here, been porn free for a month, and a month before that (I relapsed for a few days last year trying to delete some rp accounts.) I think I went too far and completely fucked up my brain with porn. its been a month and nothings really changed. I also think I might have an issue w/ real life girls in general

>real life women dont arouse me. I like the way they look and feel some slight stirring in my pants but nothing close to an erection
>guys that seriously look like women, not like irl trannies, arouse me though. I have boners and thoughts of dominating them and all. but whenever something remotely masculine happens with them I lose interest
>I can get aroused to the thought of women if im thinking of them romantically, like with romantic situations instead of visual things
>I have flashes of semi-porn related thoughts that I have to forcefully drive away sometimes

I've also never been able to approach or talk to attractive women irl. I think I have some deep seated issues related to women and that's stopping me from getting anywhere, porn-addiction wise or dating wise
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How do I stop overthinking about everything wrong in my life? Even if I'm doing something productive obsessive thoughts come to my head out of nowhere. I'm tired of this
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My body is feeling strange, help!
A few months ago. My body was completely fine, but around May of last year, I felt my body trembling, especially my hands. Whenever I hold a object, my hands seem to shake continuously, I am having trouble with sleeping as well, I can never dream of anything. I am having trouble memorizing things as well, my brain seems kinda heavy now a days. I swear that I have never felt this before. It is trouble to write or type anything due to constatnt tremble, in fact I am shaking right now. The trembling occurs mostly at hands, specifically the right hand. I have never consumed drugs, alcohol or any other kind of sedatives. Can anyone give me a solution? I hate seeing the doctor.
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Break up collateral damage
>finally end with 4 year gf, mutual feel
>entire world comes from her - I was a shut in, so all my friends, 4 years of memories, work contacts etc are tied to her
>later becomes jealous when I start talking to new girls, in fit of rage aims to do as much damage my friendship group, starts telling them I am abuser and other lies, everyone from distant friends, colleagues to my closest circle. “Don’t tell him I was talking about this to you, I’m scared he’ll hurt me” (I live on other side of country)
>circle initially doubtful but after more rants from her end up believing her, egged on by her female friends they all stop talking to me
>feeling guilt, she tells me why after I ask why no one wants to hang
>disappointed, block her and resign the old friendships to the scrap heap
I’m hurt that they wouldn’t even talk to me about it after 4 years of being their friends, but glad they showed their colours. Don’t have any feelings about ex beyond disappointment over the slander and sadness all those good memories now have a taint. Just a sad feeling to have almost everyone you were close to in the last 4 years disappear, and return to square one of being isolated. What can I do to get my mind off of this and move forwards?
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I shit myself at work and snuck out the back exit after leaving my poopy underwear there during a midday rush. Should I bother going back in tomorrow? They’ve been blowing up my phone ever since I snuck out and I’ve been to afraid to answer. How fucked am I?
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Something about the modern social scene really depresses me. I want to exist in the creative world, but I know I'll never make it in this generation. College has demoralized me, everyone is doing amazing things with their life and truly living, with friends and bands and painting and traveling and everything else. I just feel like I'll never have any of that. I'm just a weird loser nobody really wants around. Does anybody have any realistic words of hope for somebody like me?
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4/pol/ has finally done my head in. The Qooming has gotten out of control. The board had never been a nexus of stellar intellects before 2016, but it had still been fun to visit.
What's a good board/forum that's like pre-Qoomer 4/pol/? I don't want to rock up there and see a bunch of spergy muh-secret-spy screenshots.
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My housemate is really unstable and confrontational, and I usually just avoid reacting to it and say "okay" and "sure".

I feel bad because I know that I'm harming her by not pointing out her hypocracies, but I pity her too much, am I doing the right thing or should I explain that she's being unfair

>Playing a Brian Eno tape at 8pm
>She gets super mad and says she was sleeping and that it's late and that I'm being inconsiderate
>The previous and next day she was watching TV at full blast at 3:30am and I just put earplugs in because why get upset.
>She complains about how our other housemates don't respect her because they wash her dishes/cookware for her since she leaves them there for days
>She complains about clutter and then leaves her bag and shoes etc. all over the house.

I know that I'm taking the easy way out by just de-escalating the situation, but I can't help but view her as a child throwing a tantrum. I empathise with the fact that she is bothered by things as everyone is during co-habitation, but I'm sad that she can't see that she must be doing things that are also irritating to the rest of the household.

She says that if we have an issue that we should bring it up, but whenever we do she flies off the handle and says that we're "overreacting". But it seems that ignoring her would doom her to never learning how to bring up her grievances in a calm and diplomatic way.

Maybe I'm overthinking things.
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No motivation or passion for anything
I've made music, I've read and written literature, studied philosophy and psychology, seen paintings and films, gone hiking and nothing makes me feel fulfilled. Everything gets boring after a while.
I don't think I'm too dumb for any of those. I see people who are passionate about writing poetry or making music or whatever but what they create is not good and their criteria for liking the literature or music they like is pleb af. Like, I'm a better reader than some people who are passionate about writing.
What's my problem? What do?
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How do I focus on things? For about 2 years I feel like I haven't been able to focus on anything properly, which is a bit of a problem as it means I'm just passing classes instead of doing well. Any advice would be appreciated, I just want to be able to sit down and work without interrupting myself.
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Writing Promt/Scene Help?
DRK challenge refer
Writing a short crime/detective short story for something. I've decided to split the themes up, and it seems that I've gotten 'Art' as the nature of the crime.
Problem is, I'm kind of stuck on what to refer to art crimes, especially forgeries and the like.

Any ideas on where to start?
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How do I stop feeling like a loser for never going to parties even if it's something that I know I don't enjoy? It's not even that I'm affected by FOMO. I have fulfilling hobbies that can be quite social and take me outside often. It's that I feel that other people judge me for not going to clubs and bars and getting drunk every weekend. Am I too sensitive or are my concerns legitimate?
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My gf told me recently that she feels like she has to force me to spend time with her and she's sort of right. She would always ask what time I wanted her to come over or whatever and I would always say I didn't care because I really didn't care. We're long distance because of school right now and the same thing is happening. It's made me realize that most times I would rather just play video games or even do schoolwork or something than call her. Is it normal to not really need to call your significant other?
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Got friendzoned by a girl this Summer who was clearly attracted to me, but not ready for a relationship, so I got over her, but still remained in touch with her and we have become close friends now.

We study at the same campus, and with this lockdown and both of us being new to the city, I'm the only one she hangs out with occasionally and she seeks a lot of advice and comfort in me. Though I'm over the potential dating phase, we have so much in common and in sync with so much, that I can't help considering her a potential and ideal partner.

Should I just accept it once and for all and not risk fucking up the friendship or should I actually invest more into her? I've learned from someone else that she actually wants a BF, so I guess there is a chance.
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Am I right in getting upset my girlfriend always puts her family first? I expected it at first, but we're almost a year into our relationship and she always puts me in second place to do something for her parents or brother. She doesn't even have a good relationship with any of them, her parents borderline hate her and her little brother barely notices she's gone.

I haven't said anything but I always get pissed off and cancel any plans entirely when she tries to reschedule. For example, this week my city is gonna be on lock down for two weeks. I asked her if she wanted to come over and live with me for those two weeks since I wouldn't be able to leave my city to see her. She said yes. Today, the day before the city goes on lock down, she said she's not gonna be able to come because school for her brother has been canceled and her dad wants her to come over and spend the next few days until Friday, basically baby sitting him. She then said I could leave the city anyway and come pick her up on Friday, but I told her to forget it because I'm not risking getting caught by the cops and getting a fine.

I don't blame her for putting her family first, but she has said she wants to marry me. If she sees me as her husband then she shouldn't put her family, who basically hate her, first every time.
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No one likes me
tenor (3)
In case if ur wondering (ur probably not), no I am not a virgin. It has almost been 2 years since I last had sex and I have not been able to get another gf since. Idk why. Like I'm told by other girls that I'm nice (haha r/niceguys lololol). Nah, but fr I don't understand. Is there something wrong with me? This is how I'm like:
- 5'7
- White
- Emo
- Nerd
- Moody
Sorry if I wrote this whole thing weirdly but do any of you have advice? I feel like I'm going insane.
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sneed cool
What does it mean when a girl says she was thinking about you?
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Has anyone ever had hemhroids? I either have that or rectal cancer. At first I didn't know what the issue was. There was just a lot of bleeding. After doing research I assumed it was a hemhroid and started treating it as such. I did feel a small pea size portrusion outside my butthole, so I've been treating it. The bleeding has stopped and I thought it was going away but just now I thought I had to take a shit but didn't. When I went to wipe and do a Prep H treatment that pea size bump was four times bigger...

Is that a normal thing to happen and will it still be able to heal on its own?

Cant go to doctor. USA and lost job/insurance from Covid.
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I made a new friend recently. A later my friend makes friends with a girl who falls for him. Friend is distant and girl sees that I am closer to friend than she is, so she decides to start befriending me as an avenue to get to my friend. (she doesn't text me unless it's to talk about my friend and trying to analyze his behavior)

In her befriending me, I developed a crush on her. Which has been absolutely tearing me apart since I know she doesn't like me at all.
Now I've been the type of guy to just keep to myself, and when I'm by myself I am content.
It's always when I try to start socializing again that I get thrown into unfavorable situations that devastate my mental health.
At this point I am considering just cutting them off entirely, but then that just makes me the bad guy.
Am I just supposed to grin and bear the pain I am experiencing, keep interacting with my friends who make me feel so bad?

I feel like no matter what action I take, I lose.
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Getting rid of a fetish
I've had a macrophilia fetish ever since I was a kid from some cartoon I watched, how does one go about getting rid of a fetish I've had for so long? I'm attempting to start nofap hard mode and block out all images in my browser. I wanna be interested in normal shit, not degenerate fetish shit. Any help appreciated, thanks.
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I'm not insecure about being short but it feels like a bunch of people dislike that, and see my height as a kind of detriment to my humanity or some gay shit. Do I just ignore these people? What if a really hot girl rejects me for being short? Like, isn't that kind of fucked up?
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Recently had a drug induced psychosis
Hello /adv/,
I am currently a college student and while in my dorm I experienced a drug induced psychosis and and currently dealing with the resulting effects while i'm home with my parents. To be honest its killing me and is making me question my life and other trivial parts of my identity. I am talking to 3 doctors a week with the help of my parents but I can't help but keep the truth from them regarding how I am really feeling. Can anyone help with some advice or coping strategies?
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job for shitty college dropout neet
bros how do I apply for jobs? I've never done this before. I've been applying to local businesses on indeed for like two weeks and so far only got 1 response which was a denial of my application.
What other sites should I try? Should I even be looking right now with the covid restrictions in place? Seems kinda fucked right now.
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My college's department publishes important information through facebook. Information that I need to keep track of (times and dates for meetings/events etc). I don't want to have a facebook because it's a shitty site and nobody should be compelled to use any platform to participate in work/school. Should I bite the bullet? If I email my department's head and ask to be informed through email of any information personally relevant, is that arrogant? Am I fucked?
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Help anons ;_;

My life is miserable and pathetic. The thing is I have very little talent for everything in general thus I avoid trying new things as I know I will suck and feel miserable. I don't get joy from shit just from doing it, I'm happy only when things go well.

I feel I'm missing out in life because of this. How do I get over my bad self esteem so I can start enjoying hobbies even if I'm shitty at them.
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>Go on a date with a girl mid October
>Things go well
>Talk for a few weeks after but plans keep falling through
>No communication all November
>Early December reach out, ask why no contact
>"I'm busy and stressed b/c of the Holidays, its my kids birthday but I can't even afford my car payment, let alone a party"
>white knight mode engage
>offer to send her money to help out
>she reluctantly accepts
>we talk for a few more weeks
>things seem to be going well again
>she's reaching out and initiating conversations
>says she really wants to see me
>week of Christmas literally texts "I'm gonna try for this week!"
>Text her on Christmas, wish her a happy holiday
>ghosted again, never replied, haven't heard from her in over a month
What's the play? I know I probably sound like a pathetic cuck but I really like this girl and I don't understand how I wound up back in the same situation. Do I bother reaching out again or just put it behind me? I've been trying to do the latter but I just keep thinking about her.
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What to expect?
My partner 1013’d themselves (Georgia 1013) minimum one week. What do I expect for their safety? What should I expect when they are released?
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Hello there,

I currently work two jobs and also try to make time for my creative pursuits. Both the jobs are kind of dead end, so I have decided to study for my teaching certificate as well. I will do the teaching certificate part time, it will be between 3 and 6 hours per week.

I am wondering if anyone had any resources or advice for maintaining time management. I go to sleep every night at about 10pm and wake up around 7 to do my own personal stuff, work from 9-4 about five days a week.

I don't use social media and I barely game. But I know that when I start this degree it will result in a big amount of mental real estate. I'm just wondering if anyone had any advice for approaching this -- apps that help with study, books or resources on constructively using time, I'm interested in pomodoros etc too.
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I'm head over heels stupidly in love with this romani girl. His brother is a great drinking buddy - that is how we met in the first place - but he's made it clear that if I try anything stupid, the stupid will happen to me.

If marrying her is what it takes, I'd gladly do it, but I'm more concerned that her family wouldn't approve of it.

What the fuck do I do?
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Did i mess up?
>talking with girlfriend about sexy stuff on a phone call, she was horny
>start jerking off, she's apparently never masterbated before because she's "ugly and gross" (she's not)
>convince her to try rubbing her clitoris
>she does, thinks it's gross
>I lose my boner because she says she's turned off too
>she asks me if I'm turned off because she won't masterbate
>I say yes
>"anon I'm pretty tired, I'm going to bed"
>obviously just uncomfortable
am I a dick?
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I can't handle the internet like I used to
People criticising me on forums and other stuff like that has become infuriating to me. People do nothing else but try to get under your skin all the time even if you've done nothing to them.
At least in real life the people around me are mostly nice to me. But because of covid I haven't been able to do much or see friends.

On 4chan I don't care if people insult me because they're completely anonymous. But on a forum it's like these people are so pathetic it actually makes me upset. I can't explain it. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
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32 matches on tinder and not one of these girls messages first

anyone actually got laid on this app?
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Found a babe.
Says shes gay.
I don't believe her.
Shes hot.
I want her to have my kids.

If I let her go its Italian and Japanese hookers for the rest of my life... The man in me says i should keep bothering her stupid ass.
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I'm kinda ashamed of doing manual labor, how do I get over it?
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