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How do I get my boners back?
>I'm 29, in good health
>generally fit, 171cm 70kg
> never had problems fucking, actually have good stamina
> break up abou a month ago of a 3 year gf
>started smoking again, 3 cigs per day on bad days

I have been having trouble getting sexually aroused. Like the dick wont get hard as it used too.
Went on a date with a girl, and could get hard enough to put the condom on. The first time I thought was just stress of being with a new person first time.

But im legit scared it might happen again when i see her this friday. One time is fine, but if it happens again, legit an hero situation.

What can I do to get the mojo back?
Started on Maca suplements a week ago, and Zinc pills.
Have tried to hold back on coomers for just 1 time every 2 days. And im gonna start having cold showers.

Help me anons what the fuck is going on
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What's the psychology and the intentions behind being edgy to normies and talking about murder and death without context?
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when a shy woman goes out of her way to greet you and give you food is that her way of asking you to court her?
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women are never single. they're getting railed by plenty of mr wrongs while they find mr right. how do you deal with this?

basically red pill but without any hate and just understanding that sexuality is a different world for men than it is for women.

How do you deal with your fantasies and desires turning into frustrations while years pass and those who reject you enjoy this type of contact with others? Sometimes hobbies and tastes or interests just don't seem to help.
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cat on table painting
I was driving through this hilly little town with lots of curves in the road, and there had been a bad car accident. Cop cars, firetrucks, two mangled cars, all of that. Because of those factors, the roads were a little hectic. I was just driving through slowly (speed limit was 45mph but obviously was just crusing through until I got to the queue to get waved past), then waited until a cop waved me to drive into the other lane so I could get past. Then I got back into my lane and began accelerating so that I'd be at a good speed for the traffic, and I was going about 40 when this cat ran out. I braked, but it all just happened so fucking fast and my reaction time was already dulled because I was tired from the day. My car is a light hatchback car, but I 100% still hit it because I felt it and heard it well.
Once I got control of my car from the panic in those one or two seconds afterwards, I looked behind me and saw it had just oriented itself and was running away, and it disappeared out of my view into the trees. I know you're supposed to pull over when shit like that happens, but there was a steep hill to my right and I couldn't just stop in the road because of the massive line of cars behind me from the car accident, so I just accelerated off and blocked what had happened from my mind until I got home. I feel really fucking bad, fuck, I'm probably responsible for the owner crying their fucking eyes out right now.
How likely is it that it died / is going to die because I didn't try to chase after it? I know it was a slow speed and my car is light, but I felt my front right tire hit it, don't think the rear ones hit it though. Either way, it definitely got ran over. I've made a lot of excuses for it so far, but fuck I'm still guilty and responsible for it and I feel bad. How the fuck do I cope with that?
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Hi guys, I’m looking for some opinions on physical changes I can make in order to have some success with members of the opposite sex.
Don’t hold back, but try to keep it serious, thanks.
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Should I even bother dating if I'm a late bloomer. I spent most of my life locked away in my room and now I want to get out so I can have sex and get a gf but I'm so behind in life. The most logical thing I think I should do is kill myself because what's the point, but I want other people's opinions.
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My roommate said interesting women are usually whores because they’re basically behaving like the sum of the guys she let fuck her, and that boring girls are usually low mileage

Agree or disagree?
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How to find a missing person?
Hi 4chan. My drug addict e-boyfriend has been missing since November 21st. He had already disappeared for several days. In his last message he said he was released from 96 hours of police custody. It is related to drug trafficking. He lives 4:30 from me by train, I don't have his phone number, his last name and any of his family contacts. Here is the information I have: his first name, his age, his city. I look at his city's death register every day, luckily no one matches him. I emailed the hospital in his city to find out if such a person had been admitted for an overdose. Indeed he is suicidal, addicted to drugs and alcoholic, he has already mixed the three to try to commit suicide. They didn't answer. The last option, if he's not dead or hospitalized, he's in jail. But in message of November 21 he was free after police custody. Indeed, an excerpt from the message: “When I got home I saw a girl and a guy kissing … I thought of you directly”. He was therefore unable to make an immediate appearance if he was free after custody...
So I don't know what to think. In his last message he wrote me that he loves me on 15 lines so I don't think he ghosted me... How to find him with the information I have?
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Psychopathic dad
My dad is killing my mom slowly, he was abusive all 25 years of marriage. It is mentally tiring for us to cope with his behaviour. For example, we would go on a trip and he would be all excited but suddenly would go crazy over any small things for example going down a wrong street, not normal angry crazy angry where he would scream and shout profanities to us. He takes weed daily and I suspect that is the reason why he would be crazy because it wore off. This is one of the small things he do, he does even crazier stuff like cheating on my mom and he controls us financially. I don't see any other way to fix this other than killing him to fix our family, anons I can't take it anymore I'm scared.
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Is it normal to not click with a lot of people? Most people I’ve met IRL, including channers and people with similar hobbies as me, aren’t really my kind of people if that makes sense. I’ve only met one girl in college so far who understands me and we’ve had a few nice chats but I don’t really talk to her. I’ve had a close knit group of friends since childhood who I still talk to on a daily basis and they’re really the only people I socialize with. I feel comfortable with them but something tells me I should be branching out more.
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Is it worth paying 50% on rent not including any bills? That's 1200 euros per month. Its impossible to find something for less than that. The rent website itself only has 1 to 3 homes/apartments to chose from per month which are total shit.

25 haven't moved out from parents, we live in a rural location and I will never have any friends living here as nobody lives here.
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Found this little guy while I was rifling through the pantry the other day. Any gardeners around who can give me some advice?
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What the FUCK should I do?? 80% or 100%?
So I'm a 24 year-old mechanic looking for a new job.

I still live with my parents and really want to move out. I've been saying that for 6 years already. So I should be working 100% as a mechanic to maximize my income, right?

But at the same time, I'm working on my side-gig. Meaning, I should work 80% as a mechanic instead, so that I have more time and energy for my side-hustle! Logically speaking, right?

OR, I could work 100% until I move out WHILE working on my side-gig, and THEN reduce to 80%, once I live alone, right?


WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO??? Work 80%, 100%, or first 80% and then 100% as a mechanic?
Thank you :)
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How the fuck do people stay married?
When I research marriage and people who have stayed together, everyone says it’s hard work and you will grow apart and back together as well, and that there will be times you don’t like your spouse at all etc.

Meanwhile, every relationship I’ve had the dude leaves me over something extremely stupid or some fight we had.

How tf do women find men that don’t leave at the slightest inconvenience? To the point where they are together for 10-40 years and up? I genuinely don’t get it
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if a girl says she'll date u if u lose weight what does it really mean?
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I can’t cope with being an unpopular sexless man. I want a lovely female in my life to love. None of my crushes have ever loved me back, just friendzone forever while they fuck other guys. I can’t put it any more clearly than this. I had one girlfriend and she was fat and so I didn’t love her but I dated her for practice. That just lowered my confidence and I ended up becoming depressed and abusing her. I just want a pretty gf bros. But I eternally don’t know how. So I want to kill my self, it’s as simple as that.

What straightforward advice can you give me? Is this just the depression talking? This has followed me around since I first became interested in girls. I’m 30 now.
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Medicare Advantage Plans
Setting up Medicare for my now retired boomer father before the enrollment period ends. Can anyone suggest which of the thousand or so different Medicare Advantage plans out there are best or recommend one? Any idea how much the cost?
Thanks in advance.
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I can’t escape him Anons he’s everywhere. He’s everywhere I look I even have nightmares about him. How do I escape Pic Related?
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Analysis paralysis?
I hate my current job, but I have no other skills. How do I cope? Especially since ending up like this was 99.99% my fault.
I work for my parents and still love with them (because I dropped out of Uni twice), I didn't have any real interests until earlier this year (but they are better left as hobbies, unless I want to starve).
Also, I live in a shitty country (Mexico), but I guess most places are shit these days.
I guess the first step would be to get a job and move out, but I doubt I will get something that pays more than peanuts unless I go back to school, but, I am under the impression that going to Uni just for the sake of it is a bad idea.
Feels like I'm just rambling now.

TLDR: How do I stop overthinking stuff and Just Do It(TM)? All my options seem unappealing but I know inaction will turn out to be the worst one.
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(Not sure if this is the right place, but I'll see).

I can read Japanese. I have been translating doujins and fan comics when I feel like it but only recently considered if it's possible to make money from this freelance hobby.

How do I go about this? Where do I advertise myself, and how much do I charge?
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Cheaters General /CG/
Here in Cheaters General we discuss cheating in its entirety, the good, the bad, the ugly, and invite anons to share their stories whether you want to just vent about cheating or getting cheated on or if you need advice on a situation. Whether you hate cheaters and want to kill them or if you cheat on your SO all the time and have no moral compass. This is the place for you.
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Dming a girl
My friend gave me the Instagram of his hot coworker. We are dming each other. My friends keep telling me that I have to play the long game by getting to know a girl and flirt with her over text before finally asking her out. They think a girl is more likely to reject you the earlier you ask her out and the less you text her.
Idk if this matters, but I started the dm with a selfie of my friend so she has seen my face, and she takes less time than me to respond, which seems like a good sign. I never met her. How long should I wait before asking her out? I'd like to hook up with her and have some fun.
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I caught the flu from my retard cousins and have been sick since Sunday (didn't feel the affects until Monday). I've spat out almost all of my phlegm and I don't have fatigue anymore, but I still have class and work. The only thing is that I still can't taste or smell. Should I go to work and school despite having these symptoms
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Freak of nature
I made this thread a few months back, and this’ll be my last. Sorry about this.
F (believe it or not, I’ll post hand if not), turned 19 last week. No friends, no social skills, not on the spectrum by some miracle but have been socially isolated most of my life and act accordingly, though I’m very self-aware.

I’m an absolute freak of nature; there is not a single place anywhere I fit in. I’m not very feminine at all and the idea of getting made up is embarrassing (especially since I’m a scrawny flat ugly midget) plus I’m very boyish in personality and generally not very pleasant; I’m proud of being an outcast, I like feeling above everyone else, even if I never say it. I know there’s no chance of me ever getting friends or a boyfriend, but somehow I’m okay with this if it means I can keep on living my autistic little way, even if I know I’ll be lonely in the end.

Just what should I do? I’ve got no clue anymore on what to do with my life. I’ll end up alone if I continue to be proud of being such a (admittedly harmless) ass, but everything else makes me feel gross and I know it isn’t who I am.
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Should i see a doctor?
i can't remember song lyrics and when i watch tv show/movies i find it difficult to remember character's names
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Normie pepe
I feel left out of social and dating opportunities at University. It's like everybody seems to have a sacret passcode that allows them to have a circle of people around them. I've been in clubs, and made some "friends" to go to the club with, listen to good music, but we don't really talk much. The environnment is also not great for dating since girls there already are with guys or stick together, and these aren't normie clubs. But in Uni, I see all manners of people chatting in the corridors and at the cafeteria, but I don't have anybody to hang out with. I feel like a ghost since all my friends are from high school. How did they do it?
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broke up with my first ever gf 6 months ago, we dated two years

I still miss her to this day and have dreams about her. I'm assuming this is normal and simply not enough time has passed?
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>21 years old
>2nd year of college
>somewhat regularly get approached by girls who tell me i'm good looking, mostly in bars and clubs
>got asked out once by a girl I have never even spoken to before
>get catcalled sometimes
>people I meet randomly make positive comments about my appearance
>handholdless virgin

Am I cursed or something? Is getting bitches something your father is supposed to teach you?
I have never been more suicidal. Before I know it i'll be a 25 year old boomer. The last 2 - 3 years can be excused by covid. But now i'm in college and I go out somewhat often, i'm not a shut-in NEET like I used to be.
What do????
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how do I buy drugs online
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No title
Girl here. How do I find love despite having dramatically more bad points than good ones?

>Good points
Cute/hot face
Big boobs
>Bad points
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Chronic anxiety
Low self-esteem
Anger issues
Alternate between clingy and avoidant
Shy and quiet
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Cheated on wife(28f) and she committed suicide
I just don't know what to do. I am a 30m and I had been with my wife for 8 years, married for 6. We had children early because that's something we both wanted the most. I loved her so much, she was the perfect wife, helped me when I was down and out, struggling after losing my job, and always motivated me. I love my kids who are 4 and 5, but my in-laws told them that I was the reason she died. Idk what else they told my kids, but they're really depressed and never want to be home, so I let them stay witb their grandparents.
My wife shot herself in the head in the kitchen and the kids were in the living room and got to her first. I just don't know what to do, I only cheated with a girl who kept flirting with me in her early 20s, I do not love that girl. I thought that if I cheated now and get it over with, I'd never veb tempted and have a healthier relationship with my wife. My wife however loved to post about family and housewife things on social media, and the girls boyfriend sent her evidence of the cheating apparently, that from the last conversation I had with my wife. I begged and pleaded her and told her I only loved her but she didn't believe me.

What should I do now, my kids hate me, my wife is dead, and a lot of the family hate me I'm not even invited to the funeral.

How do I win my kids back at least?
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what hobbies should I have to find fat, nerdy, introverted, nice girls? what kind of guys do they like?
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No title
Can you love two women at once?
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>NHS recommends males eat 2500kcal/day
>I regularly eat between 1500-2000kcal/day
>Despite eating a lot of food
Is 2500kcal/day a meme? It seems a huge amount of food! I worry that by regularly eating <2000kcal I could be unhealthy. If 2500kcal is important then I have two options:
>Resort to junk food (it is very easy to get to 2500 with junk food)
>Eat a colossal amount of healthy food which costs a lot
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How to scare soccer moms?
I work on instacart and deal with soccer moms all day. They annoy me how smug and picky they are. They are all like not my problem etc... cunts. How do i fuck with them without getting jailtime?
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No title
How much blood in your stool is an acceptable level of blood? This shit came out of me today, and it might be more than a reasonable amount. I assume the first reply will be "go to doctor" so, what kind of doctor should I call? Sorry I'm kind of stupid about this sort of stuff. I have been shitting blood occasionally off and on like once every couple months but I assumed it was just a minor hemorrhoid thing or whatever. But this is 3 times the same week, two days in a row, a pretty significant amount of blood, more than usual, and I've had symptoms that line up with GERD and possible GI bleeding. Not sure. Anyway, I think this is more than just a little hemorrhoid. Any advice, medical anons?

I won't be terrified if it's colon cancer, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. Thanks a ton!
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/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #30
HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to getting (and dealing with) women goes here. All anons are welcome to ask questions from more experienced anons, share experiences, get a second opinion, and give updates on advice received. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, we know how hard it can be, we got you brah.

>Topics discussed:
●Dating apps and texting
●Having sex and getting to that point
●Reading signals
●Getting and maintaining gf

New posters are encouraged to share their latest experience with women, be it an attempt to approach, a date, a cute girl from school, or just a girl you saw somewhere and thought was cute, but hesitated to go and talk to her. Also read the FAQ before asking questions.

Reminder that context is important. If you're asking for advice don't just ask 'This girl ghosted me, why?', we can't understand what your situation is like. Try to help other anons understand so they can help you, add as much (useful) context as possible:
●Experience with women/social skills
●Context ("I was at the bar, this chick was checking me out and .....", what your relationship is with the girl, how long have you known her, screenshots or outline of conversation if any, etc)

>FAQ & Resources:

>Thread Template:

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Not sure if my gf is what I want
Idk how to word this correctly but here goes. I've been with my gf for 2 years now, we're both 25, and she's very loving, very loyal, and not unattractive. However, I met her when I was the same fat, incel loser that I've been my whole life and that I hated being, and in the last year or so I've been on a serious quest for self improvement that has changed me in fundamental ways. I have lost all the weight, have acquired significant muscle mass, compete in marathons, am finishing my degree and applying for my masters, and I am finally finding happiness that I did not have, gf or not, when I was a loser.

All these things are the opposite of her and what she likes doing; she likes sitting at home, isn't very ambitious, hates socializing, and just wants to get married and start a family; we live together but I rarely even see her much during the week anymore because of school and working out, and I know she resents my newfound interests and just wishes I spent more time with her. But I hated being that person who just sat on the couch and our only hobbies were cooking and watching Netflix.

Everyone in my life, friends, family, etc think she's perfect solely because she's sweet and loyal, and although I agree, my life has changed so much that I don't think we're going to be happy with each other. I want "better" ig, even though I'm not sure what means. I'm just sick of coming home to the same resentful lonely girl who's only question is "when are we getting married?"

Am an idiot for being unhappy with my situation? Am I lucky for having her simply because of her loyalty and being trad? Or am I right in assuming I can get better? I also feel like I resent her for committing to me when I was a slob, it makes me question her quality as a person and a mother
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No title
I rejected a girl a while ago. And I recently checked up on her social media and I found out she got fat since then. I feel so bad. It feels like it's my fault. Is it my fault?
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Trailer trash girls
I spent last Thanksgiving and Christmas fucking dirty French whores. I am bored and horny enough to deal with women again.
I have the urge to find some white trailer trash girls this time out. Tips and tricks for finding them? Stories you'd like to tell?
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No title
Should I take my ADHD medication everyday?
What are the pros and cons?
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sugar baby
I reached out to an ex, who I know is struggling financially. I'd like to have a sugar baby relationship with her, essentially I give her around $1k/month, and have unlimited access to her body. How do I propose this arrangement to make it appealing to her? We're meeting up for lunch tomorrow. Shes 33 and looks like a plainer, fatter version of the girl in the pic.
t. thirsty autist
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Advice for Wife
How can I get my wife to go to the gym? As you can see things, things are starting to go south.
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No title
Is adv an incel board? Is 4chan part of the manosphere?
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No title
Why is this board so age obsessed instead of experience-health obsessed?

I'd rather be 35 and fit and healthy and a freshman than a 21 year old on a wheelchair.
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No title
any edgelords feel like drawing? join my game
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How to cheat without getting cheaters guilt?
Big ass gorilla
I've been with my gf for 2 months but she's starting to lack on her sexual duties, sex is barely once a week now and this isn't viable, but I don't wanna break up with her for a new girl, I want to keep her and get a new girl.

I have created a new identity that the new girl will know me as to prevent either girl know I'm cheating, the only thing I think I'll suffer with is cheaters guilt.

Honestly, I don't think I'll suffer from it but I still want to know how to prevent it just in case.
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No title
How do I change my skin color from white to black? Is there a blackening cream I am tired of losing to black men baka
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How do you deal with kids that hates you?
Serious question. I have retarded nephew that hates my gut, and honestly I couldn't careless if he hate me or likes me , but he talks shit 24/7 and I pretend I don't care because I don't want to lower my mindset to the kid but I'm like this [-] close of losing my it and whipping that little shit until he knows his place.

Any other advice would be appreciated
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No title
How do you deal with friends who are in toxic relationships, say they will leave, but never do?
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No title
Bad habits often strike in moments where you’re feeling empty.

Can you grow up in those moments, and start to understand this: You don’t really want your bad habit. It’s uncertainty that’s the problem, you’ve lost sight of the reason you’re trying to do this. You’ve lost your belief in it. And therefore you no longer feel it.

And to get out of it, you’ve actually defined certain escape clauses.
- If you feel too exhausted, then you say “you can’t”
- If you feel too afraid then “you can’t”
- If too many unfortunate things happen, and it isn’t fair, then “you won’t”
- If you aren’t sure it’s worth it, then “it probably isn’t”

These are nothing, but defense mechanisms, because you don’t think you can win. It’s all getting too serious. Let’s eat, game, jack off, and sabotage ourselves one more time. Let’s distract ourselves from the crux of the matter. Which is that there are places you don’t want to have to go to, because things will matter there, and you don’t know if you can take it. It’s the only place you’ll find the passion you’re yearning for. So learn to let go and get in
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Institutional Jobs?
Think military, prison, or monasteries. What are other jobs that are highly structured, hierarchical, routine, and with strict codes of conduct?

Every time I search for jobs with the least freedoms all the results are about "being your own boss", "work from home!", or casual workplaces. I want the opposite.
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No title
A girl I know IRL rejected my dating proposition twice because she had legitimate reasons to (work and something already scheduled before, I double checked and it's true)
Will it be too needy if I ask her one more time to go to the same venue again? Should I do it?
We usually get along really well and she showed interest going to that place the first time but couldn't.
What would be your advice at this stage?
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No title
Is it moral to lie about age if you aged because of a disease but you don't want the past time to affect your ego and development (as it shouldn't unless you want trouble later on)
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Is there any form of entertainment that has any shred of quality in it? (current year)
11257 - SoyBooru
Most music, videogames, manga, anime, movies, series, hell even BOOKS. Have been ruined by normie culture. The sudden growth in popularity of all those mediums in the past 3 years. due to the pandemic all across the globe. has affected drastically the production of them. Now we have videogames that are movies. Music was already shit but it somehow got worse. And manga and anime has been on a decline ever since. All to please the normie dumbasses who aren't capable of critical thinking.

My question and advice I'm hoping to get is: is there any good forms of media that wasn't corrupted by the normies touch? [If the answer is no]: how do I cope with that?
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No title
I’ve lost 5 friends for supporting him. They call me antisemitic. What can I do besides change my views? I feel like they’re being intolerant
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Day 30 NNN
Chronic masturbator, never actually gone through 30 days of not nutting until now. All that fapping made my dick have the colorless corpse tier colors like pic related (pretend that's a penis).
BUT, the NNN has not cleared it up. In fact, it's exactly the same 30 days later.
How much longer am I meant to go before my balls and base of the penis get to their normal color?
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I have had trouble sleeping. Melatonin, valerian root, blue light blockers, good hygiene, etc, none of it works. I'm a side sleeper naturally, but I will wake up in the middle of the night with a sore shoulder. If I try sleeping on my left shoulder, I also get a tightness in my chest like my heart is being crushed.

I try sleeping on my back. I don't get back pain, but I can't fall asleep. Something about it feels weird and I have the urge to move to my side. That urge keeps me wide awake.

Any advice? I have the Novaform Grande 14 inch mattress from Costco, medium-firm. I used to have an expensive 3 layer latex mattress which just gave me straight insomnia - couldn't even fall asleep - until I threw it out.
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Age 30+ anons who’ve failed to launch?
How do you cope? Are you still trying to “make it” in life? I really can’t live like this much longer. I’m trying to better my life, but sometimes I feel like it’s already too late. Most people my age have careers, own homes, married and have kids. Literally nothing has changed for me since high school. Same house, same room. FUCK.
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No title
How do you feel energetic during the day? I have struggled with this for years, but I always feel I need more sleep and will often times fall asleep in the middle of the day if I have the chance to. What is the best sleep guide/nutrition guide/tips that any has for this? I am so tired of being tired and I feel like solving this is the first actual step for self-improvement.
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No title
Should I stop being racist? It seems like the world is against us, should I stop? How do I do this? Racism is so taboo today that I can't express my true beliefs in public
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I feel like I am going insane
I am schizotypal, never been on antipsychotics and really don't want to be. I'm 19 and in my 2nd year of uni for a cs degree (might graduate early though). I do absolutely nothing and the only places I go to are classes, work, the store, and the gym, and sometimes I go hiking on nearby trails. But I end up spending a lot of time in my apartment and not talking to anybody, barely even talk to my roommates, they are both autists (also stem students) and pretty much just do their own thing.
I feel incredibly energetic a lot of the time, even if I'm not going to the gym I move around my room a lot, and I've been shadow boxing for up to an hour a day in my room. I'd like to train more bjj but I won't really have an opportunity to go to a gym until next semester. I enjoy doing this stuff and I do have a few other hobbies but I still feel like I am insane, my thoughts are becoming so disorganized and my isolation is making it worse I think. While I am sometimes in a good mood I also feel extremely depressed other times, but I think my physical activity and good diet help me from spiraling down. Overall though I basically feel like a wild animal, I can't stop thinking about fighting, even at work or in class I get distracted because I just think about how I could take down my professor or the customers I'm talking to at work, and when I try to make small talk with coworkers I have to hold myself back because I know I can sound insane to them too. How do I become more grounded in reality, I know I maybe can't be a normal person but I'd like to be at least somewhat presentable in public.
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serious question anons
I've been thinking of asking my long-time crush if we could have sex, sex only. I confessed to him 1 year ago, it didn't go well but somehow we're still connected and on good terms (we don't bring up the past anymore). I just want to lose my virginity before I could go whoring and give up on love. I just want him to be my first. Would it be weird to ask him for it? I'm not really confident about it. For the looks, I'd say I'm 6/10, for the body it's 4/10 (I'm petite it's sad shit)
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My mom/parents are psycho
Every single time I think I am the problem or I overreact and I give it space etc. and give her another chance and it starts off well but it always ends the EXACT SAME FUCKING WAY.

i can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been in denial that she’s a fucking basket case.

For example, I have been discussing going to college with her for a certificate so I can get a better job. She talked shit about every single idea I proposed except for one. I told her I want to get it done asap and take the 8 month program.

She is telling me I should take only one course first to “see if I like it” which would bring me behind by 4 fucking months, and I’m already old and I’m not trying to wait a year before I can find a better job (and it won’t even pay better at first, I would have to get experience).

Also out of nowhere she said “YOU JUST WANT TO WASTE OUR MONEY” when I never even asked them for any money.

Then my parents proceeded to yell at me for over 15 minutes over the phone (I don’t live with them). If I ever tell them to speak normally they just continue yelling and slandering me. If I hang up on them while they’re yelling at me for hours I am told I “disrespected them” and “how could I do such a thing” and they get extremely offended and mad.

Wtf is wrong with them and what do I do
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No title
Kristina Chai2
Why do I open up to people so easily?

I feel like I annoy them

Google says I have some attachment issue and crave intimacy, lack self esteem, etc which I agree with

Where does it come from in childhood

What is wrong with me, how to fix?
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No title
I am short (5'7"), have a small dick (5-5.5"), emotional, and passive. Should I even bother with women? I have a gf, but she doesn't respect me and isnt attracted to me so I am thinking its over.
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One year clean
I stopped going for prostitutes one year now, at first it was good, but after the 50th time I started getting depressed, seeing how I had to pay for a girl to fake all that while real man get it for free, it became a sinking hole of money and got me more depressed, so I just stopped, managed to make to a year now.
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I need to quit porn.
I just got done cooming, I'm disgusting and I'm into perverse, evil, satanic filth, I don't want to look at it anymore, please, are there any tips you have for quitting this fucking cancer? By the way just to be clear no it's not pedophilia, necrophelia, bestiality or anything of that sort, or illegal, in case the extreme way I'm speaking of it makes you think it's something like that, but it's fucking disgusting and I want it purged from my life eternally.
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No title
please, i beg all anons who are reading this, give someone who is chronically depressed, has no ambitions or hobbies and spends all day in bed a reason to keep living. only one is good already, but please do
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I'll talk to uou guys later, sorry.
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No title
I have paranoid psychotic tendencies, I may have paranoid schizophrenia but i'm undiagnosed because I don't trust shrink and I prefer freedom over chemical prison and psych ward. I'm addicted to opioids and tobacco because it help keep my mind stable but it's a very exhausting life to be addicted to opioids especially when having to deal with a broken brain. I want to see a shrink and get diagnosed so I can get welfare and live alone and not work but I'm scared of being forced on meds and forced to be put in psych ward even if it's temporary (already had a psych ward vacation and it was awful). What do you guys think? Should I risk being honest with medical pro? Welfare aren't guaranteed but the risks are very real and most likely guaranteed I think.
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No title
About a year ago i made a thread asking about applying to the ESA astronaut applications program. Someone replied saying they applied to the last class for 2021/22.
I know it's a shot in the dark, but i want to know what it was like and how far you got through the application, what credentials you really need besides what's stated, stuff like that.
I was gonna join the air force this year, but ukraine happened and i'm not exactly willing to die in donetsk for some foreign war, so that'll have to wait. Still gonna go and study aeronautics, but outside of the military program, i'll join up once the war is over.
I can still have this dream, i'm not letting it go yet.
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No title
How did diogenes find food to survive? Im thinking of having a diogenes lifestyle but idk how i will survive it
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No title
I never had a gf but I feel like I would be more comfortable to date with a girl who's bisexual than a straight girl.

Does that make sense?
Can someone analyst me? I feel like this has to do with my masculinity as a man and I don't think I am a manly man at all. Idk if it related though.
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How to stop being needy/obsessive
I've got abandonment issues, and I've always struggled with being too needy, clingy and worried in all my relationships. As soon as I get close to someone I'm sure they will abandon me, and the worst part is that I'm usually the one leaving and breaking their hearts.
I've tried therapy for years, it didn't really work, but it made me hyper aware of this issue. I'm in a relationship with an amazing girl (almost 3 months), who totally gets my issues and never complained, but I still feel like I'll push her away. All my other relationship were 4+ years long and they all got slowly tired of my worrying.
I really want to get over my issues and talk about them, but at the same time I'm terrified of losing her when I open up.
Anyone dealing with something similar?
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No title
How can I stop breaking down whenever someone around me starts yelling?
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Quitting all social media
I am quitting every form of social media as a mental detox. I've lowered my usage of 4chan by 90% so far, deleted my Plebbit account, limited my YouTube usage and all I am thinking about deleting my FB account.
HOWEVER, I need Facebook for my university. The university page posts announcements, links, groups, when a lecture is cancelled, when a lecture is postponed, etc. and I'd struggle greatly if I don't have access to that.
However, Facebook still pushes ads, irrelevant posts and the algorithm knows what makes me anxious and triggers my insecurities and I can't escape having contact with this shit.
What to do?
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No title
>stay kissless virgin throughout school
>lose touch with women after working as a tradie for 5 years
>go to uni
>suddenly im surrounded by beautiful women all the time
>get approached and crushed on by them often
>feel disgusted and repulsed instead of embracing it and finally having sex and find myself a nice girl

what do?
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No title
Should I study graphic design? My idea is to learn enough of both theory and practice to make a portfolio and work with this.
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No title
how do I matter to someone
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No title
How do I get rid of my fear of dying so I can kms?
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No title
How do I cope

> bf tells me he treats me like shit because he treated his ex well and she still left
> always accusing me of cheating, despite having primarily female friends and telling me he’s attracted to them
> will discredit any praise I get, especially from his family who seem to like me a lot
> constantly calls me attention seeking, a whore, tells me I victimize myself, and that I lead guys on
> I have no social media prescience, speak to no guys unless he is there with me, and I have no password on my phone
> tells me that if I want to text guys or post slutty pics on social media I can because it’s clearly what I want
> will constantly say that his ex is his dream girl and that she was perfect for him, then proceeds to tell me if I spoke about my ex the way he does he would’ve dumped me

I have spoken with him about all of these things, nothing changes and he gives the excuse of ‘you will just leave me anyways so why should I change’ or ‘well yes I treat you unfairly, but if you don’t like it you can leave’
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Nothing is meaningful
You know. there's a difference between the usual "nothing is meaningful" of someone who hasn't realized that nothing is indeed meaningful. and the "nothing is meaningful" of someone who has. I have and am not just another retard blabbering those heavy words because I want to be cool. Realizing that has made me extremely depressed and angry. I always thought from a young age I would become something. That I would on the grand scheme of things be something. All because I was brainwashed to think so. The truth is however that I was doomed to mediocrity since the beginning. There's no cure for that. My question is if there is any feasible way to cope with such realization. I have often wondered about the beyond. If there is any beyond of what is presented. Any advice?
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No title
I'm a virgin for 29 years and now I have lost all interest in women, is it good to stay this way or is it better to try to gain interest again?
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No title
I'm sick of living by these mistakes that I have made
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Netherland unis help
Which one of these four universities should i choose:
also i will probably be studying international biz
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weakness and fragility
why do i have such a weak personality? I'm completely unable to reply to insults or defend myself, and even if i take physical action i still loose, since childhood and till now (currently 20 years old) i have been physically inferior to all of my peers, why is this and what is the most convenient way to fix this?
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should i get used to daily texting if i want a relationship?
I am 31, and I have never been in a relationship. In the past few years I decided to work through my issues at work, life, and everything in general. Basically I got my shit together both physically and psychologically. I finally managed to attract a girl a month ago, and she was choking me with texts so I ghosted her. Now I attracted another girl, she texts me daily as well but not as bad as the first one .this one has interesting stories and things to say other than "what r u doing now, lol?" so i can tolerate her better. Is daily texting a normal part of being in a relationship? Or is it considered "clingy"? I know this sounds like a retarded question but I am new to this relationship stuff so I need to know.
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No title
Is it a bad thing to have empathy for the worst people? Is there a reason to? Can the worst people actually change for the better? Is there people that are just naturally born evil?
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How to suicied
Screenshot 2022-11-30 165752
Hi. What is the quickest way to die. I am afraid of jump out of the window and I've tried inject insulin but it's always failed.

I am really sure I want to die. Don't help me.
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ana discord groupchats
does anyone knows any pro ana/mia discord or telegram groupchats?? i'm in need of something really really toxic that will make my ed even worse. i know y'all are terrible enough to give me some advice <3
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When do you know if a someone you are dating is your gf??
I met this girl on Tinder. I have been going out with her for a few weeks now and it seems like we are getting along well.

The only problem is I am not sure if she wants a relationship or more of a 'friend with benefits' situation - not that we have had sex yet. She has only jerked me off a couple of times. The other times we just kissed and slept together.

One moment she is inviting me to visit her when she goes home to her family in Spain, the next she is taking hours to reply to my Snapchat messages and I see she still has dating apps on her phone (so do I, to be fair).

How do I know if she is going out with other guys and I am just one of many? I feel like it would be weird or rude to ask her but how am I supposed to know if she wants to me my gf or not?
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If the situation ever comes up how do I prevent my child from betrayaling me
I read stories about people telling teenagers and young adults to tell their parents that if they don't accept the teen's/young adult's sexuality/"true gender"/politics that they will abandon them and not let the parent see their grandchildren. If this happens to me what should I do about it?
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How to have a good marriage?
I read up a lot on relationships and how to make them work. Most buzzwords that I come across are "respect" "communication" "love" "care" "invalidation" and "responsibility"
I am responsible for my own feelings and problems, so I can't vent to my wife about what makes me sad. Or she'll lose attraction in me and label me mentally in her head as undesirable. On the other hand, I have to not invalidate her feelings by not caring about her complaints. No matter how inane her complaint is, I have to say, "Oh no, that's horrible!" and I have to babysit her and act like this is the worst thing that has happened to me. In addition to that, I have to constantly message her, tell her I love her, bump into her as I walk, respect her privacy, listen to her bullshit. Even if I find out she has had exes (I want a virgin-virgin marriage) I am somehow supposed to sweep that under the rug and not care. I also have to apologize to her when I fight with her, and to not escalate arguments with her by not replying aggressively to passive aggressive remarks. Wtf?
I also have to stop doing things that irritate her, drop the friends that she doesn't like, and only does the things she approves of.
All of these compromises just so I can cum in her pussy at most 2 times a week.
At this point, is being a good husband is just being a doormat?
I want to be a good husband but I don't want to be a slave at the same time.
What to do?
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How to hide stuff from a snooping partner
I’m not cheating or anything like that. I’m just trying to figure out if I had items that I wanted to keep private ( like a journal, some spare cash etc) where would be a good place to stash it? I know my partner snoops my shit looking for stuff when she “cleans our room” while I’m gone. I just want to keep some things just for me only especially cause it seems like we share pretty much everything else.
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No title
How do I get back at my friend for using 4chan?

I fucking despise you cunts, and don't want to deal with your bullshittery in real life
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Do I stand a chance?
>plain face as rated by /soc/
>wagekek, no degree
>gymcel with a good body
>live with parents
>have 5-digit savings which is ok for my country
>virgin, handholdless, kissless
>no vices, addictions or bad habits, only drink socially and watch mostly vanilla porn on the downlow

Realistically do I stand any chance with a morally decent girl that's also my looksmatch at least? Or do I still need to careermaxx first to improve my chances? I don't how much longer I can go without female affection.

Please be honest.
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hey guys real quick please
if I'm setting up plans with a girl I'm getting to know should I confirm that I'm free and then change topics to continue the conversation or just confirm it and see if she continues the conversation naturally?
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Advice needed
>meet girl in Christian college.
>shes had a rough life but is amazing.
>we talk every day for about 3 months.
>take her on a few dates.
>the attraction is there and we have fun.
>on the last one she started crying and said shes not good enough for me.
>end up fingering her pussy and hymen and rubbing my cock on it.
>next day we decide to be girlfriend and boyfriend.
>text her all day because I'm excited and shes on a long car ride.
> later that night she says she doesn't know if Im ready for a relationship and doesnt know if she can see me that way because Im not a virgin.
>says she still wants to be with me.
I think we went too fast. Shes told me she doesn't think she can ever have a relationship but Im changing her opinion. I really like this girl but every time we get sexual she acts weird later. Am I hurting her by acting on my feelings? I'm afraid if I don't she might get it somewhere else. Should I just take it slow. She said she cant do stuff like that when we hang out but over the phone is okay. My thought is that if we can have a relationship that's not based on sex then we are probably good for each other. But at the same time that sounds kinda gay to ignore my desires. I really like her.
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Evaluating a friendship
I'm friends with this guy I met on discord a few years ago. We've met up irl a lot of times too.

Recently I've been contemplating whether he is actually a net negative in my life and if so, how I should deal with it. I should add that I don't have a ton of friends, so I don't like randomly cutting people out.

So there are a few things that irk me about him. First of all I spend some money on him over the years. It's not a ton, but I once bought a headset for his birthday and another time I rented a minecraft server for us to play on. To my memory he never spend a dime on me. It's not a huge deal to me, but it's something I noticed.

He also likes insulting people, including me, but he doesn't take insults very well. He won't get super upset, but it definitely gets under his skin.

Often when we talk on discord he plays CoD and basically just ignores me or talks over me when something happens in the game. He insists that he can pay attention to both me and the game at the same time, even though he clearly cant. It also hasn't occurred to him that it's rude.

On the other hand, I went through a pretty severe breakup last year and he was one of the few people to actually make time to hang out with me.

I'm not really sure how I should deal with this or whether I'm just being a bitch or whatever. What are your thoughts?
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I'll get to the point: how do I make friends when I'm over 30?

>36, single, male, EU
>live in a nice apartment that is pretty much unfurnished since I'm single anyway
>have my own car, very financially stable
>work as a cop in a state/city that I moved to about a year ago, money is pretty okay and I don't spend much
>spend my free time playing games, cleaning my apartment, cooking, reading, sometimes going for a swim and... getting ready for work
>no-nonsense type until I know people really well
>don't care about instagram, tiktok and social media. I appreciate most movies

I feel like once you're in your 30s, you either have the friends you made so far - or you don't have any.
I've also never been the dating type and the amount of girls I've had can be counted on one hand and a few extra fingers. Never truly felt the impulse to actively hunt for companionship (platonic or romantic) before and have been content with myself most of the time.
Right now, my goal is finding people that I can TRULY call friends. Not in the "American" sense of "loose acquaintance" (not meant as an insult), but rather in the sense of a kindred spirit I can rely on and vice versa.

Here's what I DON'T plan on doing:
>turning colleagues into friends
Seen this go wrong too often and while I love most of my colleagues to the point where we've risked life and limb for each other, I don't want them as "friends". The possible conflict of interest is just too big and risky.
>just go out more
Going out alone isn't too great either. If I saw a lone guy sitting in a movie theater, I don't think I'd approach him either.

I've always been one of the more reserved and introspective types. That's neither good nor bad, but I keep my cards closer to the chest than most until I find that I can trust somebody.
Maybe somebody, maybe even (you)'ve got any advice on how to make new friends when you're not super young anymore?

Would love some input, thanks in advance!
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how do i text better?
how do i text better?
> be me 22
> get matched a qt.314 5’3 tomboy girl
> start talkin, hit it off
we been texting for a couple weeks now and fuck is it dry. like it’s the same mumbo jumbo bs questionnaire came back n forth, “how was work?” / “how was your day” “ goodmorning!” etc, i just need help figuring out how to text better do i just keep doing the question game until we hangout on thursday?
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feeling weak
>my only problem is: working

i don’t want to go to college or do the tradeschool meme
my goal is to go to a job website and get a job and they are 13/hr to 17/hr

when i go there i feel high stressed about my future and financial decision, like i shouldn’t do this and do college or trades instead

i can’t think for myself, school never prepared me for this sort of thing, all they prepared me for was to go to college
i feel overwhelm trying to click apply and just couldn’t do it

i have no money that’s why im stressing to get a job because i want to buy things and food and want to save money for a car
>what do i do? i feel emasculated not being able to do this easy thing but i just can’t think for myself and make choices
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Finding a will to live
How does one even find a will to live anymore? Im so detached from reality it just feels almost impossible. No friends, close family besides parents and I can't meet new people due to living in bum fuck nowhere and not being able to move out. I just feel so detached from reality. Trying to be happier is either getting hopped up on pills and going to faggot therapy which cost 10 gorillian jew bucks or doing meditation while lifting listening to the most bullshit psychobabble bullshit ever. I primarily want to kill myself because it doesn't feel like you're working towards something good in this reality, just work and no reward. Thats why I feel like I won't lose anything if I an hero'd myself, im so emotionally detached from the people around me I lost all emotional connection to them. I just want to feel some sort of freedom, hapiness, connection anything. Death is so appealing because this reality is an unrewarding game. What can I do?
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No title
What does it mean if a girl is very friendly and outgoing towards me the first time I talk to her, but is cold and standoffish afterwards?

Clearly her perception of me changed in someway. For reference this just happened to me with the girl at the front desk of my gym. She was nice and easy to chat with when I approached, but every subsequent time she is getting more icy. Even her close coworker friend is weird towards me now.

I didn't ask her out or anything, maybe they think they need to act this way to stop me from doing so. But anyway, I've had this happen before. If a girl is friendly towards me like that she either acts like this or ends up dating me. I like to joke that they are pissed that I didn't fuck them but I really don't know.
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I finally have a girlfriend
But it didn't fixed all of my problems as I thought. Because i still find ways to make myself misserable.

My girlfriend is 28 years old, and her physical appearance is declining, she is not as attractive as she was 10years ago and i can't stop thinking that she won't be with me if she was younger and in her peak years. I feel like she is only with me because she has no choice, because I'm the "best" she can get. But she doesn't love me and if she could become younger she would be with someone else.

I feel like she settled for me, like if i were a backup plan, as if she was leftovers and i had to be with her because no one else but me want her. I'm feeling misserable because i don't want her now that i finally have her. I'm resentful because she gave her best years to other men.
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I'm unfortunately overly sensitive and emotional, with a touch of narcissism

How do I stop thinking EVERYONE is out to get me?
Every insult, piece of criticism, or dissatisfied expression I perceive I reas as a threat against me l, even if I'm not the direct subject of their ire.

I've become more aware of this behavior, buy how do I completely be rid of it? Having worrying thoughts such as my acting professor possibly hating me is fuvking up my self esteem and well being
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People dying at work ?
So quick rundown I'm a thirld worlder working remote, most coworkers and bosses are old, some of them may even be war vets, like the real ones who actually killed people with their own hands and not with drones, how do I address the fact that some of them could die while I work for them? I am not sure how could I relate in such situation as I practically live in another continent and the only way for me to express condolences is remotely which feels so fake, on the other hand I would like to say that they like me but, realistically speaking the reason I'm there is because the company felt like saving some bucks hiring people from overseas as any other modern company, and they probably just had to accept that change even if they didn't like it, anyways that's not the point, thing is I wouldn't what to do in such situation even if it's not them but one of their loved ones it would be weird to say "so sorry your wife died" when I did not even knew this person, what's the best move here? Not do anything at all ? It feels assholish but from their point view i think they would prefer to not receive condolences from someone they only see on a screen from time to time
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No title
>ywn be loved for who you are, only what you can provide
How can you ever be happy knowing that relationships are shrewd transactions? What is the incentive to date if they only want your money or status? Why do we program children to think that love is real?
8 media | 76 replies
Dating tips for incest?
>Some good excuses for spending so much time together?
>Good places for dates?
>What to say/do if someone finds out?
>Will moving in together as "roommates" possibly bring some new problems?
>Can hotel staff for example tell we're related?
>Let's say we have a week and a half of vacation together to do stuff: what should we do?

btw sorry about posting here again about this, I know incest bothers a lot of people, but this site is basically the only place where people give decent answers and you have been super helpful before.
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What the fuck do I do?
The lack of romantic relationships and friends is slowly eroding my sanity. No romantic experience in high school or university, dropped out this year, basically isolated. I had some friends between 19 and 24, but most have ghosted me. Now at 25 (26 in march), I try to self-improve every day, I read, exercise, and abstain from masturbation and pornography. But lately, I have felt like giving up on everything, I feel on the edge of sanity. The last straw was when my mom (63) found a boyfriend. I felt a deep sense of despondency and rage. I just want to drink myself into an early grave. What kind of world do we live in where an old woman has an easier time finding a boyfriend, than a young guy a girlfriend?
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how do i avoid going to my roommate's party? they hate me (in a very passive aggressive way) but invited the whole household to be polite
1 media | 8 replies
i am a complete retard.
objectively and entirely, i fucking suck at everything i do becuase im so stupid. I cant do my programming assignments, I cant fight in my mma gym becuase i cant execute moves right and i need my hand held like a retard. I keep fucking up in precalculus, what the fuck is wrong with me?? how do i stop being a retard and just take in informatin and be a normal person?
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No title
>35 (yes, thirty-five) years old
>living with parents
>depression with suicidal thoughts
>and the means and plan ready to do it
>not good looking but not absolutely repulsive, although I am a manlet
>not good at sex
>not good at social life
>no gf anymore and unlikely to ever get another one

I cannot kms until January, so I have a bit of time to consider the alternatives. I was thinking of trying to live alone. I have never lived alone, but the challenge might make me abandon the idea of suicide, at least for a while. How is life at my age, completely alone, with no friends? I am not good at anything that requires social or sexual skills so it could probably work.
But I can already see myself becoming even more depressed as the loneliness, job routine, and repetitiveness of the robot life I will have to endure consume whatever will to live I may have left. This of course would result in me killing myself either way.

What do you think? Any other oldfag here managing to live on his own without wanting to suicide every single day? I really don't know what do to, because I usually think of suicide all day long. Today I feel a bit better than usual so I am considering an alternative.
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No title
How much money have you wasted on your vices?


How does one claw their way up from financial rock bottom?
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Asking girls out today in public
Hey /adv/
So today I'm going out in public asking women if they'd go out with me. I'm asking as a hypothetical because I don't intend to date or even think I'm ready for that sort of thing just yet. Anyway, I want to create a survey because right now I don't have the confidence to go up to them with bad pickup lines or jokes. I have two questions lined up:
>What would you say is the one emotion that has influenced your life's decisions the most?
>Would you go on a date with me?
I need one more question that would genuinely make the other think about their response. Any suggestions?
As for the exercise itself, I think that it's a good way to get experience talking to people in public even if it is under a slightly dishonest pretense. Once I get confident enough with this, I'd like to try pickup lines/jokes and compare the success rates
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Older anons. How do you go forward dating as an older male when the person you're seeing is never as open or honest with you as you would like them to be? I can tell when speaking to a woman when I'm being mislead. It's an immediate turnoff and I have a hard time letting such things go

Pic unrelated
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No title
If you feel like you're being gatekept out of a hobby what changes should you make personally?
0 media | 0 replies
No title
tfw watched hxh tricky tower arc without me
Was watching a show with my boyfriend, went to bed, then he went and watched 4 hours of it without me and he finished the one (1) arc I really really wanted to watch with him.
He's apologetic, but this is the second time he's done this so I need to punish him. We're LDR and he games a lot. I love him dearly so I don't want to do anything extreme, but I'm open to ideas... A part of me wonders if I should commit the same sin with another show we're watching together but at the same time I don't know if I have the time to really do that one...
Looking for punishments that aren't going to ruin our relationship thank you
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No title
images (87)
>nut up and talk to girl who steals glances at me
>just ask her about the assignment
>she looks at me and immediately frowns and gets uncomfortable
>heart is pounding, voice is trembling, hands are literally shaking
>make tepid conversation about the assignment until she says "I think I'm leaving" and gets up and leaves
>go home and cry for an hour straight
Can I become more confident?
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Lack of empathy for people due to desensitization
I'm a 24 year old male and I guess you could say the last 2 years have been a stark reality for showing people's true colors and personalities due to the governmental psyops via the FDA's endorsement of the covid vaccines and my family's complacency by being fucking moronic shitheads that not only complied, but are sitting around like pigs stuck in the mud waiting for the next happening to happen.

The way I saw it I've always been weighing the idea myself if I ever really loved my family or if I really have any sympathy for them and the truth is: I don't. I don't see them as anything more than deadweight that happened to collaborate and make a family with. Only by name do I happen to share or hold any meaning to them, but other than that, I've seen them as what they truly are: nothing. Or more specifically, 20 lbs of shit in a 10 lb bag.

How do you deal with having low empathy or EQ when your family are nothing but a fucking sponge toward it? Or the fact that they're as good as dead? Are unvaxxed wombs and sperm really worth their weight in gold and silver as they're turned out to be. Are women here really this important to have a thread dedicated to how to get them or do I have to remind them constantly on eating their fucking yams so that they could learn how to grow bigger breasts?

You tell me.
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Sensitive man
How do I stop being a sensitive man?
I've always been very sensitive, even as a child and a teen, and it made me take experiences differently.
On one hand, I apparently have a great sense of empathy (been explicitly told so by women I've dated and by friends), but on the other hand I always take things personally and it makes me overthink and sometimes hold grudge.
I am pretty sure my sensitivity is not due to me being a bitch because I do well socially (was bullied a bit in early school but it stopped completely by high school and now I can make friends extremely easily), have a good well paying career. So I really don't know but I wish I could turn off my emotions and perceptions and focus on the physical. Does it even make sense?
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Decided to learn to live independently but I couldn't do anything
I am 25 year old male and still lives with my parents because I'm still a college student. I'm totally not living for myself right now because I am always living at home and rarely goes outside because of not having friends or anyone that I can join with to develop my skills with, because of that I always being forced work to our store for most of the days and waste my 8 hours doing nothing because of thinking about working on the store. Any anons care to share experiences of your independent lifestyle? I feel like not living my best life right now because I feel stuck until I get my degree.
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Should I just sell Life insurance?

I feel like thats a good career for retards who were never able to pick a field..

Anyone have experience with insurance sales and "wealth management"?
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Reposting: Chad Dad vs Virgin Son
(I am reposting this one more time as I received no useful advice)
How do I process the fact that if my dad were to re-enter the dating market, he would absolutely mog me and would be fucking females my age or younger no problem?
Quick rundown
>dad is 18 when I’m born
>mom and dad get married and divorced before I turn 12
>dad has at least two institutionalizations for mental breakdowns (with at least one following an instance of him physically harming himself), several threats of suicide
>remarries a jew when I’m in middle school
>they shit out a few kids between when I’m 16-19
Now I’m 26 and he’s 44. I highly doubt he’ll divorce his current wife, or, if they did divorce, I doubt that he wouldn’t finally kill himself.
Even so, there is the hypothetical possibility of him re-entering the dating game and absolutely destroying me in it. He isn’t the stereotypical chad, but he obviously has more sex than me. If he cared to get on tinder, bumble, whichever, he’d get matches and hookups. There is no doubt in my mind that females younger than me would be gunning for him. I’ve been with him in public recently and females of all ages eye him up.
I obviously don’t care about dating enough to actually try, so I’m not asking necessarily how to “cope”. It’s more me trying to contextualize and compartmentalize this phenomenon, maybe understand how the good genes skipped a generation.
Yes, I’m socially retarded and likely autistic. My dad was hardly present during my upbringing and I was left with my increasingly psychotic stacy mother.
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Am I mentally ill
For some quick background about myself. Was domestically abused by my parents and sexually abused when I was 6 years old by a teenager by him kissing and groping me. Witnessed by mother get beaten by my dad. Since I was young have I adopted the way of lying about literally and anything and manipulate people into believing my lies. Started with my parents as I would lie about things I did that would result in me getting beaten. Became a survival mechanism almost as I’ve done this for over 11 years now. I lie about my grades, even though they aren’t bad do I edit them to make them look better just so my parents don’t get disappointed. Even though they don’t hit me anymore do I still do this as I think I’m going to get beaten LMAO. Weirdly enough am I also extremely good at reading people and know when my lies aren’t convincing enough and make them better on the stop. Or the one time when I came home affected by LSD and some weed and when I was busted did I immediately think of a lie, started fake crying and hugging my dad and say that I was drugged by a girl that I never spoke with. Everytime when I noticed that my dad didn’t believe me did I spice it up by acting emotional even though I felt nothing but fear. In my mind during this dis I understand what I was doing and chalked it up to needing to survive as the consequences would be dire. Is this a normal thing or do I may have something?
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On my hinge dating profile I have the following prompt
>let me teach you how to...
Shoot pool,drive a manual transmission car, and parallel park :)
>sent this to a cute girl and got this response
Help me salvage this and not look retarded please
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Is it over?
Coworker I like said we should workout sometime. I texted her but worried she’s just being friendly
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If you’re dating a girl for a long time, and she said she didnt want to have kids, but then she changes her mind and says that she would have kids with you, should you trust her? I want to have kids and I need someone who will be all in with me, can I trust someone like that to really change their mind and be all in on kids?
I am at a crossroad here
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34563456 (2)
kid gift ideas?

interactive human body
stomp rocket
hot wheels tracks
parachute man
magnet pen

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How can I get doxxed on discord by other users? server mods and such? Downloading files? Getting banned? Id like to avoid this, thanks.
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My girlfriend wants a breast reduction because "her back hurts". I don't want to. And look her breast size is not the only reason Im dating her, it's not like I'm that shallow. But i feel like she is not asking about my opinion. We have been together 2 years already. 2 years may sound an insignificant amount of time but go and try to keep the interest of a woman that long and see how dificult that is..

Should i simply tell her that if she destroy her body i will break up with her? I don't want to be with an incomplete woman. I already have to to deal with her "past". She should at least let me have this.
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No title
I'm almost 20 and I hate my life. What can I do to improve it? I'm sick of my parents babying me and want to move out as soon as I can to live my own life. I have a GED and a part time minimum wage job, with absolutely no clue on a career to support myself. I am also a lazy cunt with depression and doing simple things seems hard sometimes.
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Receptionist Tips - 9583 hiiragi_kagami lucky_star phone purple_eyes purple_hair stars twintails
What are things receptionists do that annoy you? What do you wish they could do better?
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How do you get 18-21 year girls as a 30+ year old man?
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Just bought a Philips Bodygroom 7000 and used it on my entire body last night.
It worked well for getting the hair off, but it's nowhere near smooth. I've never done this before, I know waxing will be really smooth but I want to do things myself. Also don't want to use toxic hair removal creams.

How do most people who don't wax do it? Do I use the electric razor, and then I'm supposed to follow up with a razor all over my body? If so, how often do you use that razor? Seems like it'd take forever to do daily. Do most guys just deal with the stubble if they don't wax?
Right now my entire body looks like picrel. From afar not an issue, but up close eh.

Maybe waxing at home is easy idk. It seems like you just lay light layer of oil, then strips and pull.
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my brother may have caught herpes, he got a cold sore and fever last friday and is feeling better today, doc says its not mono. can herpes be cured if caught early before it camps out in the nerves? how likely is it that i would catch it from him since we live together?
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OF Market Research
Starting a femboy onlyfans soon because I'll do anything for money.
What's more important to you, the content or the interactivity? You prefer 100% porn or mixed in with casual posts etc? Lmk what you like the most so I can milk tf out of you later
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Roulette winning strategies
I know have an online betting problem, I just don't care, and to be fair I don't even need the money I get from it since I'm pretty sure I'll be dead in not too much time. Anyway, I usually dump my money on football bets and live poker (latter only if I have a fat amount of money on my betting account) but the main way I win is through the roulette.
My usual strategy is playing 0,50€ on the first groups of sixts, so it goes like
0.50€ 1-6
0.50€ 7-12
0.50€ 13-18
0.50€ 19-24
0.50€ 24-30
I make 0.50€ a round if I win, put on automatic game mode so I don't have to look at it. If I catch a loss I simply bet 5€ on the opposite color of the last number, if lose again double and so on until I regain all losses and go back to my autistic grind.
This system isn't perfect unless you are a true ludopath that dumps a great capital into his betting account (in which case it is truly perfect since there is no loss you can't regain), which I'm not, yet. I'm looking for new strategies that can give my bigger wins and are equally secure.
I play on 888 for everyone interested.
Can anyone give me some advice?
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BBC porn rotting my brain
I always had self-esteem issues when it comes to attracting women - I have a vivid memory of when I was 9 saying "no girl would ever want me" to an old lady when she told me her daughter liked me.
But at least back then I didn't have a specific reason why I thought that, just a vague "I not as good as other guys" mentality completely unrelated to race, money, height or any other crap. But then I started watching BBC porn about 3 years ago and it is as if my brain has subconsciously found a reason why I felt that way, even tho I consciously know that as a white guy women would prefer me to a black guy. Now whenever I see a white woman (which is the only type of woman I'm attracted to btw) I get this feeling that she already rejected me before I even ask her out because I'm not a 6 foot tall muscular Tyrone.
What makes it even worse is that I'm white living in a black-majority country, meaning that not only are white women rare here but I'm also surrounded by black men.
I've tried multiple times to stop watching BBC porn but I always end up coming back to it like a fat guy coming back to mcdonalds after 3 days of dieting.
I'm so fucking tired of this shit, anon. Help pls.
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Dear PUA knowers and sex havers,

When texting with women, is it preferable to reply relatively quickly (so as to open the possibility of a fast-paced convo) or slowly (making her think you’re more unavailable, but guaranteeing that the moves at a snails place)?

Please post your body count with your post so I know you are experienced and not just bullshitting
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No title
Mostly lurk but finally gonna post: In a long distance relationship and have no money for Christmas. Anything cheap or free i can do with/for them for Christmas?

Pic unrelated
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I Am Boring
I have lost my ability to be funny, how do I not be boring and awkward to be around without being funny. Feels like I’m just a blank boring dude with no personality now and I’m not really sure what to do, or how to make new friends/relationships like this.
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