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Gf only wants to have sex like once a week. Actually never initiates (says that’s just her personality even when she wants to) but says she’s willing to do it like once a week. She says it’s really satisfying though when we do it. So satisfying that she just doesn’t want to do it that often. Is this an actual woman thing or is she just coming up with bullshit to avoid telling me I’m bad at it? How do women’s sex drives even work? She’s otherwise very cuddly and I like her a lot but the thought that she secretly hates having sex with me is really fucking me up

And just to get some point out of the way...
>Just ask her honestly, bro
I’ve done that like three times now
>She’s cheating bro
She’s not
>Try experimenting, bro
I do and whatever we do she says she prefers slow and gentle missionary every time

Also side note, she says she’s never masturbated before which sounds like bullshit but she also has zero knowledge of vaginas so I don’t even know what to make of that
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Attraction and aging
my wife and I are in our early 30s. We’ve been together for 8 years, and married for 5. Relationship has been great. But the past two years I’ve noticed her appearance is starting to show quick aging. Obviously I know it’s something she can’t control, but I’m starting to lose my sexual attraction toward her.

Anybody else, men or women been in this spot?
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So I had a "fling" with my cousin. How do I make him not brag about it to his friends? I really need him to shut the fuck up. If his mother finds out it's over. I'm 24 and he's 17 so she would think I "raped" him and try to put me in jail.
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Now that I don't have a job or school to distract me, I am alone with my problems

Fuck. What do you do about problems you can't solve, that you can only distract yourself from?
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Hooked up with a girl I didn't want to

Recently broke up with my gf of 15 months and felt really bad about it, she cheated on me, not all the way but she did. Because of that I'm in a bad place mentally and don't consider myself worth it, I've only had 1 gf before this ex and both of them were the ones making the first move. I thought that I lucked out and will never have a gf again.

Now there's this girl from college who is considered very pretty by others even though she's not my type at all, she's also very bitchy, basic, I'd even say dumb and just all around not a very good person. She took a liking to me because she tries desperately to be alt and I'm the only edgy/emo looking guy in our course. She sends me stupid normie memes daily, dms me sometimes just random stuff like making fun of a dude she turned down that day and I was kinda cold texting her, keeping distance, I don't want anything with her.

She calls me over to watch a movie and chill, because she's home alone, I had a strong idea where this was going. At some point she starts talking about a hard experience of hers with a friend and starts crying, I hug to comfort her, she hugs back and afterwards kisses me. I return it and we start making out, nothing more although I do grab her butt. She says she doesn't want a boyfriend (but that may be because a few days earlier I said I'm not looking for a gf) but wants to have this fwb(?) kind of relationship and I say yes under pressure and even ask if she wants to come over another day this week.

I had 0 confidence in myself because of the break up and just wanted some quick validation. I don't want to be with her, thankfully she asked me not to tell anyone at college but she'd want to be friends at college probably. How do I stop this without being rude? I don't want anyone to know I had anything with her ever.
Do I just play along a few times and then just break up? How? I will have to go to college with her for 2 more years I made a mistake.
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If I know for a fact that childhood abuse (about ages 0-10) severely fucked me up how realistic is it ACTUALLY that I can substantially improve?
Everybody says "Go to therapy" "Get help" "It gets better" but I think everybody also recognizes that if you reach your early twenties and are dealing with the exact same serious issues you have always dealt with, you are probably going to suffer with these things for life.
(I'm happy to elaborate more, just want to keep the post reasonably short.)
I am going to therapy and I have had one session so far, but I don't know how much seeing someone for an hour every two weeks will fix me. I have gotten to the point that I'm jealous of the criminals who plead insanity, because they get these long free psychoanalysis sessions where somebody really can tell them what's wrong with them, and I don't even know where to look and I'm sure I'd have to pay out the ass.
Anyway, all advice is welcome, just be honest. Thanks everybody.
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is there any point in attempting to find a girlfriend if I have nothing to offer? I am a 18 year old virgin and my relatives have asked a few times (idk if jokingly or not) when I'm going to get a girlfriend. I live with my grandmother, very average looking, no car, no job yet cuz studying, hobby is programming and other computer related shit. like what could I even have to offer to a gf :D? I don't see why anyone would want to date me yet my relatives keep implying (srsly I have no idea if they're just trolling me but they seem serious) that I should get a gf. anyways, advice?
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EX GF cheated on me right after telling me no girl would ever love me
Pic is me of me and her. We dated for 3 years from when I was 16 to 19 and from when she was 14 to 17. On my 18th birthday we were walking in a movie theater and I said to her "don't we look like a good couple," and she sighed underneath her breath and said "sure whatever." I got upset with what she said and she told me that she never said anything and that I was just imagining it and it was all in my head. A year later she cheated on me and this was right after we had a talk prior about our relationship and how to fix it. She told me that no girl would ever love me. (this was like 2 weeks before i found she was cheating on me) She would always make me feel insecure about my appearance, to the point where I would question if she thought I was ugly and she actually replied, "well, you're certainly no Johnny Depp." This was when I was 16 and was still very insecure. My question is, would this be considered emotional abuse or am i overthinking it? are all girls cold and heartless like this or was she just an outlier? What could cause a girl to treat their significant other like this? I'm certain she never loved me even though she blackmailed me into getting her pregnant when she was 15 and i was 17. (she told me she would leave her if i didn't get her pregnant. I know it was stupid but i was young and certain i was never going to get another girlfriend ), Does she have BPD or another illness I should know about and how do I stop her from slapping my daughter? (she has been slapping her since she was 1 and now she is almost 5). pls help anons. I have a child with this person and need to learn how to combat such negative energy.
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Some girl I've known since high school messaged me through Instagram recently and asked me whether or not she should make an onlyfans, what exactly does this mean? She also does this weird thing where if I say any girl is hot or attractive she'll ask "Are you even human :(?". Still trying to figure out what the fuck she means with that question, what does /adv/ think?
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Doctor is a psychopath
When I was 16 I had to go to the doctor to get circumcised and her 12 year old daughter saw me naked. How do I cope with this?
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I work in a shitty company, and I'm considering my options, but I'm near a mental breakdown.

>boss (CEO at the same time) doesn't communicate by written, everything is done verbally
>I write emails asking for information and he doesn't reply. Actually refuses to write stuff to me because if it's in written it could be used against him.
>He forgets stuff constantly and keeps changing what he said and claiming that I just misunderstood it.
>I'm constantly busy writting stupid emails asking for information to give our customers but nobody cares to provide me with it.
>customers are spoiled motherfuckers and in the current market situation where there's a lack of supply of most materials, they expect us to do the impossible
>I've had customers insult me on the phone, mind you that these aren't random joes, but purchasers from multinational companies.
>Can't fucking take it anymore. I feel like I'm between two walls that pressure me all the time, either the stupid co-workers and boss or the rude customers.
>any tiny mistake is immediately made into a big fucking deal and I get yelled at by the boss.

I'm exhausted. Furthermore, I get home and all I can do is mindlessly stare at my TV, since I have no energy whatsoever to do the stuff I used to like doing in my free time.
No joy in life anymore, I feel empty and nervous all the time. I even dream of the stuff at work and get intense nightmares.

What should I do?
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Guys, is this normal?
images (14)
Just broke up with gf couple months ago, she knew enough about internet and meme culture to understand each other and have a connection. But now that im trying to talk to other women (in dating apps) , I feel a struggle to feel interested or to make the conversation flow bcs I feel they are too normies, that they lack some kind of "comprehension" and I don't connect with them, don't know how to flirt them. Idk if this is a normal struggle or of there's a way for my unsupervised internet since kkd fucked-up brain to fix that. I have other friends that are way worse than me in almost every aspect and they're getting bj and laid in parties.
any advice?
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Legality of rape threats
It's probably not the best decision to ask for legal advice in /adv/, but would there be any legal consequences for me, if I were to jokingly threaten an anon with rape in 4chan dot org? Here is a hypothetical scenario:
I am in the Republic of Finland, and I get into an argument with an Anon from the United States of America. Angry, I include "i am going to find you and i am going to rape you" in my comment, with absolutely no intention of actually doing anything.
This may break the United States law and thus be against site laws, but I don't care about that.
What I care about is that is there any legal consequences for the threat when I am doing it to an anon from another country via the internet?
And what if I do it constantly every day, threatening to rape a hundred anons internationally? Of course, I have never raped anyone and I have no intention of doing so. I merely find the reactions funny.
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Can you sustainably date someone with different political views?
I’ve been dating my gf for 3 months right now and things are getting serious. I’m going to her brother’s wedding next week and meeting her entire family.

I like her a lot and she really likes me, but she’s really liberal whereas I’m more centrist/slightly right leaning on certain issues like gun control and abortion. I typically avoid bringing up politics with her (mostly because I don’t like talking about politics in general) but she just assumes that I agree with her on most things.

I’d like to think that we can come to a mutual respect about each other’s political beliefs because we like each other so much, but a part of me is worried she’s so far left that she may be unable to overlook even minor political disagreements.

Is it possible/sustainable to continue dating someone with different political beliefs or is it basically doomed from the start?
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maxresdefault (1)
>be 27
>spent my entire life focused on study and job
>now doing comfy work from home job in nice appartment
>on track to be millionaire by next year doing honest work
>eat well, dress well, keep everything in good working order
>something is missing though
>absolute zero social life
>no IRL friends, family is oceans away or dead, never go out except to jog and get groceries
>so removed from a romantic life at this point relationships feel like some otherworldly fiction
Alright so how do I get my turboautist self out of this and get a normal life now? I've made it, I beat the rat race, where do I redeem my coupon for a wife and kids? How do normal people even socialize? How do you make friends now that college is over?
I have hobbies but it's all autistic shit like shooting, chess and philosophy. Help.
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15 years ago I donated sperm to my lesbian friend and i regret, because despite mi constant attempts to keep a distance between me and my biological child I always end up drawn to her, it's something I can't explain but if i see a cute dress or a ring or a necklace I'm always crossing thought like "that would look good in my daughter" and i know she is not legally "my daughter" but i still love her, i have repressed paternal feelings towards her.

I have always been for her as a "cool uncle" but honestly seeing how is she being raised by two incompetent lesbians breaks my heart, im ready to recognize i fucked up, but it's too late for regretting, back then i only thought "cool i will reproduce without paying for it" And well I was only 21 years old, i wasn't really mature.
My kid "knows" my love and interest for her surpass the intention of a "family friend" but she doesn't know I'm her biological dad, we made an arrangement beforehand to never tell her I was the donor. How do i proceed from here? I know i can't tell her I'm her dad, and I can't raise her the way i would like. My friend is also tired of me being so "clingy" with "her" daughter. The child likes being around me but I'm in no position to tell her the truth or take her live with me.

I'm 36 years old, never married, haven't had other children, i have always been overly narcissistic and never loved anyone, never truly allowed any female in my heart, instead i got obsessed with money and hard work, but my daughter is an exception to the rule, she is my blood and my legacy, i just want the best for her, should i repress these paternal feelings? How could i even do it? I just can't control it. That child looks like my mom, and despite my resentment for my mother I still love my daughter because of their resemblance.

She is indeed my child. And i love her for it, but i know I can tell her so. How would she even react? What if she hates me for it? I just don't know what to do.
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Fearful avoidant
My gf broke up with me 3 weeks ago, because I wasn't able to comminucate properly. I am fearful avoidant, it was just impossible for me to tell, how I really feel. I started doing therapy, I feel better, but I'm still fucked up.

I really care for this girl, I would love to have another chance, I really wanna change. I really want to break no contact, but I think that is not a good idea. How can I maximize chance, of us getting together?
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Should I go through with completing an autism diagnosis or not?
I am 95% of the way through the process, I've been told outright by a psychologist that I am autistic but higher functioning and I'm not sure whether its worth completing the process and getting the formal diagnosis or not

>I'm 27m Bonger
>No problem holding down a job
>Some issues with routine and executive function outside of work
>Some sensory issues but nothing massive
>Get very fixated on some topics for a few weeks to months a time but this usually isn't a problem as such
>Cannot ever tell how I feel inside, like I have a hard time recognizing when I'm sad, angry etc.
>Main issues are in socialization and maintaining friendships, being awkward in conversations etc.
>Still don't really have a friend group though I've joined some clubs etc., no prospects of a relationship though I go on dates occasionally
>Two points above are the main reason I sought a diagnosis in the first place as I've been unable to solve them on my own.

I started this process to learn some stuff about myself and hopefully get help with some of the social problems I have, at the end of the process I have learned a lot about myself but apparently I function too well for any of the social support available to be relevant and the only real benefits to me would be if in the future I was discriminated against in work or something, which doesn't seem likely, also my employer offers to pay for therapy but seeing an ASD therapist requires an ASD diagnosis, which I might want to do at some point.

The only downside seems to be that if I applied for some jobs that require enhanced vetting in the future it would turn up and may potentially be a disqualifying factor.

I can't decide whether or not to go through with it.
TL:DR Retarded, but not that retarded, get official tard stamp or not?
I figure there's lots of autists on this board so I'd ask here, cringe pic related is my experience trying to search this topic
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how do you get rid of a findom fetish?
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How do I become enlightened as fast as possible?
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How do I convince people that I'm actually angry or serious about something? People tend to think I'm joking or that it's all just hot air. In my stupider youth I would threaten to or actually hurt myself so people would know that I was serious, which is obviously not the mature way to handle it but I just don't know how else to do it if telling people plainly doesn't work. I really thought this wouldn't be a problem as an adult but it still is, I'm 27 and apologize for not learning this sooner.
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dating advice
I’ve never dated anyone I’m 22 but don’t know where to start idk what is out of my league or not. I’m 5’7 which is already something to think about I assuming. So hit me with all the critiques you have about my looks/appearance I can take it. Questions are welcome
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So I’m 18 and regular college isn’t gonna work for a couple reasons first I missed deadline second I’m a broke dude, I’ve looked in and noticed WGU and it solves both problems and it has a CS degree just wondering if I finish in a year or 2 will I get a Job in programming ?
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>Finished school 2 weeks ago
>Got new job making 75k starting that started this week
>so far the job is cushy and I don't know what to do or feel
Is there something wrong with me? I thought college being over would be the beginning of my life but it just feels weird and slow now. I'm happy to not worry about papers, tests and finals but it feels weird to get a job where I realistically only work 5-10 hours per week and bill 40.
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Why am I like this
So here I am, browsing 4chan when I should be study for my exam.
I have no will to do anything productive.
I just stay here browsing the same 4 boards aimlessly waiting for tomorrow so that I fuck up the exam and get a bad grade.
Am I a lost cause?
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No title
Is it justifiable for me to commit suicide because I'm a virgin at 29?
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>oneitis is having the time of her life
>you slave 60 hours a week and can't even hold a conversation, despite "just going outside" for years
How do I cope with this without going insane?
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Rhythm during sex
I have had sex like about 15 times and I can never keep the rhythm, as if my hips are not able to do the same movement all the time and because of this I am not able to give a woman an orgasm, only with my tongue, and because of this I have stopped having sex because of fear. Has anyone had the same problem? How to solve it?
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my girlfriend wants to break up with me because i kinda miss my ex sometimes (like it hurts when i think about her). is this a good reason to break up with me? i cant really relate to how my gf feels so im asking here .. (i love my gf a lot but it still hurts when i think about my ex gf too)
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me and the boys
how do you make irl friends when you have none and you're out of school and aren't able to befriend any of your coworkers?
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Advice Clothes = personality
Hi I'm Brenda I look like her :@ linked picture but I'm still with the same question for years is this a hooker style?
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Last chance to have a normal college experience
confused pepe
>be me
>have 1 (one) friend in our entire class of 25 people, and he is the popular guy who doesn't need me, probably just feels pity for me and lets me stick with him
>last year of college have a fallout with the guy, now I am utterly alone
>Come back home after giving exam, haven't had any contact with from my class for the last month
>College decides to take us on a trip to a hill station since it is our last year

Should I make up with my 1 friend guys? This is the last opportunity of this kind I am going to get. Or should I just wing it and hope I will somehow get accepted by some of the 25 people? Last college trip was the most traumatic experience of my life, I was alone all the time while my friend had so much fun with a group in which there were 3 guys and 3 girls. I am feeling like I am going to regret it if I go and regret it if I don't go. This is the last chance. Should I just swallow my pride and go back to chad with my tail between my legs?
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No morning erections
I dont have morning erection for two years. I have done lots of tests but apparently I am healthy. I also noticed that my erections are much weaker and immediately after cumming I become soft. Also one time during sex my little one became soft in one second. I started taking multivitamins a month ago and noticed that my erections are getting a little harder, but nothing like before. What should I do? I also tried nofapp and not watching porn, but after 3 weeks I don't get erections at all anymore, and if I do, they're just very very weak.Please help.
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What kind of things can I do with 911 Dispatch experience on my resume?

Other than other dispatch centres & management, what other decent paying jobs have transferrable skills? It doesn’t even need to be front line work, could be 9-5 desk job drafting policy or some shit.

Pic rel is me, I’m also a full time discord mod on the side
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No title
>meet girl, hit it off texting
>qt, rich, and has a great relationship with her dad
>Have sex with girl four times on first date
>she literally begs to hang out again
>I return enthusiasm
>get ghosted in less than a week despite making plans

Why does this happen why was I just used in someone’s character development
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literally me
>bad at working with my hands
>bad at studying theoretical subjects (dropped out of university several times)
>bad with people
>bad with numbers and minute details that require rigor
I'm fucking worthless, it's like I'm meant to be a fucking neet
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No title
Should I go to college and pursue a career or maintain a simple life as a data entry clerk? All I'm really good at is typing fast and working on a computer. I don't wanna spend years of my life for a job that won't even accept me without experience after all.
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Is it actually a good idea to start an Amazon storefront? My friend is starting one and she's saying she invested like 2k and did a ton of work and she claims she's gonna clear like 6 figures from it ordering stuff from AliBaba and selling it through the Amazon storefront. She keeps telling me to do it because I live with my mom so I have like 50k saved. She does have a husband who supports her rn but it's basically the same thing. I'm on the verge of quitting this shit job so Ive wondered if this would be a good thing to get into. But since it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
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No title
>see cute girl in vicinity
>see her often
>start being attracted to her
>find out her name through some means and look up her socials
>stalk her
>never end up talking to her
Why am I like this
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Traumatic Experience Out at Night
Long time lurker, first time poster. Something sickening happened yesterday that I still haven't gotten over... I'll try to make it quick.

I live in Saint Augustine Florida and there's a fort near this college downtown. I have heard that students sometimes fuck there but never seen it myself until now.

Riding my bike at 9 pm at night but it's well lit. All of a sudden, I hear what sounds like a little girl yelling in the distance. I go in that direction and right when I turn the corner, I make instant eye contact with this big black guy fucking this skinny white girl in missionary position.

As he pounded her, he kept eye contact with me and angrily said "get the fuck outta here nigga." I don't even think she noticed me because she was in a trance, probably at the end of her orgasm or some shit idk.

Now I can't get the image out of my head. Any tips on what to do would be appreciated, thanks guys.
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My mom's white cooking sucks
How do I respectfully get my mom to stop making disgusting white people food? She doesn't season anything and undercooks chicken. Literally zero flavor.
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No title
>have no social life
>have no friends
>haven't dated
>stuck in a shitty town
>still living with parents(long story)
>no car, no job, no place of my own, no career, not a dime to my name
Why are people telling me that I'm fine and things will be ok? Am I really the bad guy for just admitting that a lot is, and has been over for me? Or is it just the normie bullshit optimism I've became tired of? I'm not happy where I'm at in life either, and I've had a lot of wasted time and set backs, I just can't admit it? I don't think that I have that great of a future ahead of me, or if at all.
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No title
Why does no one ever talk to me? Yes I shower and take care of myself.
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No title
>finally start receiving compliments
>don't know what to respond but "thanks"
how do you properly accept a compliment?
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dating sucks when you're trans
any advice to find true love?

i'm tired of feeling used and unwanted as anything other than a cumrag.

feeling very down rn.
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No title
Does picrel actually make your skin better or is it a meme
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No title
i french kissed a girl who have STD
am in danger ??
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No title
>"No more poor living! I'll work hard and break the cycle! I got a scholarship for an IT university and I'm gonna get a good paying job!"
>the market collapses, jobs rapidly disappear and the country is about to enter an economic crisis
My biggest mistake was to think that life isn't just a big joke. Anyway, how much alcohol would cause a liver failure?
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No title
I am shaving off my beard after a few years and wondering on getting a new hairstyle.

How do I know what hairstyle works the best for me?
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No title
Sleeping with hookers is so much easier. Yes it’s pricey but it’s so much better than enduring the humiliation and pain of making dating app accounts and messaging a million people only to get rejected by each and every one of them including complete uggos.

Yes if I tried hard on dating apps, I may find a below average looking girl looking for a relationship (of course after she’s slept with 5 or 10 guys before me) but I will never be able to get the easy which sex with hot girls that chad gets. Prostitution allows me to get this.

Am I doing anything wrong?
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Cancer. Please help.
Hey guys, I just received the news that a family member has malignant cancer, located in the liver, stomach and lungs. He's been told to go on chemo.
Can any of you guys help me out? Does any anon here know anything about suppressing cancer as much as possible? I remember reading some advice from anons talking about not consuming any carbohydrates (especially sugar), going on an alkaline diet, and something about chlorine dioxide. I don't know much else.
I'd really appreciate any advice you can give me.
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Meeting for sex with stranger
Any tips for sex with strangers you meet through internet? It'll be gay sex, i'll be toping, this is my first time doing this kind of thing so I don't know what to expect.
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Question for Actual Women
Why does it seem like Women don’t care as much about romance and love as Men? Is it because they can just find somebody else attractive more easily?

I’ve wanted this Woman for so long and she used to like me but I just don’t know what to do. She isn’t mean. She isn’t cruel or something, but she just will not talk to me and I can’t understand how she can not care. Yeah I met her online, so does that mean none of her friends online matter either? Why am I the expendable one? Is it my physical appearance just not being good enough to warrant putting up with my other issues?

I’m not angry, not trying to sound like an incel (I wanted her to like me again, I didn’t care as much about sex) I just genuinely don’t understand. It’s been really harming me and I couldn’t do this to her if it were her instead of me. I hold zero anger towards her, but I genuinely don’t understand why we can’t just repair the problems.

I think despite what she said, she views me as less because of my emotional problems. It’s just that I could be gone tomorrow, we’re both here now, we can both talk, it seems like such a waste not to repair things.
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How to not cheat
I love my girlfriend, but I don’t think I’m a naturally loyal person. I want to sleep with other girls two years into our relationship, and I know it would only get worse if we were married.
How do I overcome this? I know that just sleeping around and never settling down and having kids would make me unhappy, but I don’t really feel ready to marry someone when I’m so un-
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why do girls do this
>start to get intimate with gril from class
>we start dating
>she tells me she can deepthroat and has no gag reflexes
>im amazed but take things slowly with her
fast forward 1 or 2 weeks later
>she starts sucking me off
>i slowly go deeper but she stops me when my cock is half way in her mouth
>she starts to cough and gag
she never got further than half of my cock

why do girls do this?
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3th date with LDR gf
maxresdefault (63463461)
Hey guys, i'm dating an absolute keeper GF, i've met her online in early april/late march, and we clicked very quickly.
We've spent lots of time together online, everyone knew in our friend group we're going to date or already are.
We're officially a couple since may, and second date was my birthday, and i've gotten absolutely the best cake and b-day i could.
She's an absolute keeper with lots of green flags (no social media, never uses phone on our dates, very commited, always responsive and willing, very intelligent), and she lives only 40 km away.

She is extremely shy though, i'm going very slow, and she's opening very slowly, i was going to kiss her and say how much i care about her today, but i guess i should only go for a kiss.

I've only kissed her on the forehead for goodbye to make her feel safe and secure.
I'm reluctant to say i love her yet, not because i don't feel that way of her, but because i'm afraid if it's too soon, i've only confessed to one girl before in my life, and the following break up fucked me up for years.
I've only met 3 people in my life with whom i've really clicked my ex, my dead best friend, and her.
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Suicide resources?
Do you have any sites or forums that are pro-suicide and have stuff on how to properly kys?
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No title
Is it possible to get high off of something else? I lost contact with some dealer, it's like he vanished or something.
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A young guy contacted me on LinkedIn earlier today. He’s a recruiter I connected with years ago. “I need help”, he said, so I offered to jump on a call.

He had hopped between several agencies since we last spoke. “It’s a toxic environment”, he said. Indeed, recruiting agencies are notoriously bad, so I didn’t find that statement too alarming. I noticed after our phone call that he removed most of those previous positions from his professional profile, however.

“I want to move into your industry. Do you have any advice?”, he asked. I spent the next thirty minutes being interrupted every other sentence. It quickly became clear his problem was poor communication skills, especially as he opened up about not having any friends and being asked by his last manager if he was autistic. At one point, he brusquely stated “let’s wrap this up — I have a life to get back to and we’ve spent, like, thirty minutes on the phone”. I spent the next minute or so going along with everything else he said to end the call out of disbelief.

He wants to meet up tomorrow evening at a coffee shop far away from my neighborhood. He wants to bring his laptop so that I can show him how to code. To recap, I offered him my time over the phone, as well as my time tomorrow both as a tutor and friend.

The sad truth is that his problem exceeds hard technical skills. He doesn’t know how to communicate, and he doesn’t strike me as particularly bright. I want to overcome these harsh judgments and help him; however, the rational part of my brain is screaming “don’t waste your time — cut all contact”.

What is the moral thing to do?
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is there something wrong with me if i think i am perfect? (despite my racism)
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is it wrong to want a purely long distance relationship? I like being on my own, but I also like having a partner
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Does this image accurately capture the nature of reality and consciousness?
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find/Serch up for someone on tinder
i know that this is unlikely, but can you see tinder profiles, like on a different app maybe? i know tinder is designed that after you swap they're gone and you're not gonna run into them again
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I have feelings for the guy that tried to rape me
A year and a half ago, a guy tried to take advantage of me. I was drunk in a bar, and he got me a water. Thirty minutes later, I was unable to walk or move. When getting escorted back to my room, he tried to stay with me, but another guy prevented him from doing so. I’m pretty sure he roofied me. I’ve always known what his intentions were, but I’m not turned off by what he did.

If anything, I have feelings for him. No other guy has liked me that way before. Maybe there have been other guys who liked me, but none have ever been so overt about their interest in me. We’re still social media friends, and my hope is that we can get married and live happily ever after together. Another thing that didn’t help was that at the same time, a guy that I really liked had a girlfriend. He kept the fact that he had a girlfriend from me, and I was so disappointed. So I redirected my feelings for my crush onto this other guy

I know it’ll be rough. Given how confident he was with me, he likely has done what he did to me before. I admit, I’m a virgin, never had a boyfriend before either. I want to have sex so bad. I know he’ll likely hurt me really bad, but he said that I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. He told mutual friends this. I want to get married to him and be financially dependent on him. I want to be pregnant with his children, and have lots of babies with him. Knowing what I know about him, he has some abusive tendencies, but not to worry. I won’t let him hurt our babies. I’ll redirect his anger and frustrations on me. No one has ever loved me before, and he’s the best I can do. I don’t want anyone else, just him.
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working at Amazon
Anyone ever worked at an Amazon Delivery Station? How was the experience?

Completely burned out and decided to quit my job a couple months ago but nothing is going forward in my life. Thought that taking some time off would help me but I'm barely able to get out of bed recently. Depression is just going deeper day by day.

They basically hire anyone without interview. Think it's a good idea to work there or it'll just fuck me up even more?
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How do i systematically define what makes this sort of numbers around the internet? based on, every elements of the products, as in comics, cartoons... deriving "qualities" from numbers?
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When I was a kid I did super cringey shit. I was significantly more retarded than I am now.

Now I’m 30 years old and my parents still remind me of how retarded I was.

They don’t care about my awesome job or current life in general.

Nope. Every time I see them they just wanna talk about how retarded I was 10-20 years ago.

I see them maybe 1-2 times per year.

Why they do this?
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What would be the right time to shut down the global internet?
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Do I Out Myself to my Community?
I'm in therapy and have not broken any laws or abused anyone. However, I have a sexual desire for people who are under-age. I was told by a previous friend (someone who dropped me after they found out) that even though I haven't broken the law, that my neighbors should know and I should flier the neighborhood with my picture and address made public. For obvious reasons, this terrifies me.

Do I suck it up, make fliers with my personal info and bring them to people's mailboxes and local businesses? If so, how extensive do I have to be to have done the right thing?

Or do I just keep going to therapy, continue to not act on my sexuality, and keep it to myself.
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Breaking a girl's heart on purpose
Am I a bad person?

I'm slowly rejecting her and being a jerk and not explaining why, and she's getting really hurt.

I feel like I can't stop. Also she is incredibly annoying.
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4chan alternatives
Is there like, a 4chan but with accounts or something where you can discuss topics live? Not like Reddit. I love 4chan's format but holy shit I'm sick of the people constantly arguing and just being around these miserable rejects in general.
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Female Orgasm
anons, what advice would you give to a guy who can't make his woman orgasm?
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Mixed messages
I’m 23 and older women in their 30s and 40s at work are always blown away by the fact that I don’t have a girlfriend, call me “a real catch” and are really impressed by my strength carrying big boxes.

All this, yet zoomer women my own age don’t give two shits about me and never give me the time of day. I constantly hear from the office ladies shit like “oh wow you’d make a girl very lucky you know”, and yet I either get ghosted or flat out ignored by girls if I ask them out.

What gives? It honestly makes me just wanna fuck MILFs and let these young roastie whores rot and get fat.
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My life fell apart, need help.
Hi !

I'll keep things short.

Because of the inflation, war, and how the polish government handled things I wasn't able to pay for rent and loans, I got kicked out, because I already had been not paying my rent in full, because it jumped from 250USD to 600USD in just three months. I have a family to take care of. Already filed for bankruptcy and contacted social services.

I had to get 1500USD to pay the loans, I managed to get 800USD, and I need 700USD more, I do have a full time job, and a part time one, from which I took a paycheck in advance, I also managed to find a gig in night time inventarization, I'm currently staying at the office because my boss agreed to that.

I need 700USD as a loan, which I'll pay back in two weeks. We can exchange details over email, don't really want to post it here on the bard. I'm really in need of help and fast, some loans are already overdue and I have to pay as fast as possible, getting the 700USD would take my about two weeks, but I can't just wait.
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No title
>know what’s wrong with and know what steps I have to take to fix myself
>no motivation to actually do it

What’s wrong with me?
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I've got like 15 online friends, but only 3 or 4 of them ever message me first to talk, and even then that's super rare that they do and usually just when it's been a while.
I'm always the one initiating conversation; does that mean they find me kinda annoying and don't care to reach out to me, or are they just like a bit autistic and need me to take the lead?
And like, if they still reply to me three quarters of the time, that means they still like me and I shouldn't worry, right?
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Fucked up and quit job without telling parents
spooked Tomoko
I quit my old pharmacy job because it was stressful af and the customers are shit. I refuse to do retail anymore, sick of it. But now I need a new job, what can I do?

I have been crashing at my friends place pretending to go to work for the past week. I feel bad about this, what can I do for the 9-5 time instead.
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Most powerful person alive - Got Anxiety attack
I am the most powerful human alive and I got my first anxiety attack today.

I have achieved self actualization and I generally live a happy life.
The problem is, I am reaching my 30's now and so far I haven't achieved any glory.

It's not like I haven't been trying hard enough. I work a fulltime job. I work extra after coming home on my sidegigs to create wealth.

On side, I also run some social media channels to raise awareness about stuff.

All this hard work for last 3-4 years and I have nothing to show for.

I haven't generated any wealth, I haven't been a cause for someone else to have an improved life. I haven't made even the smallest dent to the bad stuff in society.

I worry that whatever I do, things remain the same. Nothing changes and this is starting to get me. This was my first anxiety attack and feels like more is to come.

What do?

Also, what do I need to eat to cure the anxiety?
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No title
Being alone with my thoughts is painful, because eventually my thoughts become bad. Which is why I spend so much time on games and 4chan.

I know I should just be alone with my bad thoughts more, but facing something so unpleasant is easier said than done
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How do I make restlessness go away?
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Why do women demand men make the first move then get annoyed when men hit on them?
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Should I freelance or job?
Finishing cs degree this year. Have a half day programming job but with low pay.
Problem is, there are almost no programming jobs in my city (I'm not in America or Europe). One solution is to move to another city, but that means higher rent cost and everything else.
I started learning python before university, and did a bunch of practical stuff.
Do you think I could make like, $10 an hour in freelance?
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>be me
>ask some girl out who i really like
>mentally prepare to make moves
>we meet up
>she asks me how am i, etc..
>then i ask her
>she said "i was outside yesterday, then i slept over at (some guy's name)
>i connect the dots and die inside
>some time passes
>we go to our homes
>i check her ig account
>she posted a shirtless story around 00:00 (you could only see the collar bone and up)
>giga psychological damage

How do I stop this dreaded feeling? I have other options, but I really wanted this one.
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No title
aight lads heres the deal
>year 11
>one more year to go
> no fucking clue what im going to do once i graduate

the only hobbies i have are weightlifting,drawing , watching films and anime and playing computer games, ive been fucking around in school since i realised i could just fuck around and get Bs by barely working except for math which id always either get c's in or flunk. now im hearing math will make up the majority of my ATAR. what am i gonna do bros im fucking lost i dicked around for the last 11 years and now i realise im fucked. what to do bros
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>be me
>larping nazi
>not in a cringe way but in the /fa/ way
>I just like the aesthetic
>literally my fucking fetish are cute artsy jewish girls
How can i get one and not betray my aesthetic and vibe?
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How do I approach my trad church neighbour girl?
The church is not an option since I'm not catholic. I think she may like me me but I'm not sure.
We have some years of difference but nothing dramatic (she is legal).
Would it be too 'weird' to add her on Instagram? Fact is that we have different routines, she studies I work so I rarely see her.
How do you do it /adv/? My aspieness takes the best from me..
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No title
Every once in awhile I fall for girls because they're nice to me and cute or whatever and despite the knowledge that all my relationships have been shit and there's basically no hope for me, I still fall for them and want to date them, which either ends with rejection, which ends in depression, or I date them, we break up due to my many personality flaws and it ends in depression.
I've come to the conclusion that liking women just ends in depression, at least for me, as a person I'm just not good with other people but I've been complimented on my looks a number of times and I'm convinced it's the reason any woman shows interest in me.

How the fuck do I stop liking women? Why do I desire to have someone special? Why can't I just be alone? What do.
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No title
Not really asking for advice just thought i'd share something funny at work, a short girl asked the tall guy at work if he wanted to go out on a date and he said "No, Thanks. I don't date short girls"
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No title
download (1)
I worked tirelessly from 22 to 28 in a warehouse. Then the lockdowns hit and isolated me further.
How the fuck can I make friends with, or even date a women?
What kind of hobby or skill can I pick up to socialize and join a friend group?
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my gpu just died
is it a good idea to just take a 1600€ loan and buy a new pc altogether? i could easily pay it of in like 4 months but im kinda scared never did that shit before
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Porn & Masturbation Dilemma
I seem to have hit a dilemma. After doing some digging, the current porn industry is rife with shit practices. Now I don't know if I want go traditional and fap to magazines, fap to imagination or simply stop the thing altogether. I masturbate once every night as part of my sleeping ritual. What do?
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No title
On a first or second date (off bumble) the girl asks if I'm seeing other people off the app
What is the correct response?
And why would a girl even ask this anyway?
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No title
my dearest brother passed away recently
I know he was here all the time
I don't know what he was doing here or what he was looking for
it is so hard for me to realise that I lost him without knowing why….
can someone help me trying to understand…… it is heartbreaking I miss him
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No title
I can only recall the time when i had online art account, without guides or goals or targets, my work tend to fluctuates however my mood or knowledge allows, and despite my works are "harder", longer time put, results are not always better and thus, generally dont improve my technique nor knowledge so...
I suppose given a specific numbers to achieve... how do you then derive the content you need to deliver to achieve that specific number? It seems without such basic knowledge, a work of art tend to simply, floatabout, not up to standard.
what do i do to constantly add more to my quality and not underdeliver?
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How do I cope with missing out on sex & love?

t. 24 yo virgin
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Advice on getting girl in my situation?
>wizard in my twenties
>notice that I have below average looks, average at best but definitely not good-looking
>average body build
>few times got close to having sex with a chick
>few times I fucked up and other times idk what went wrong but the girl became uninterested
>don't see that much different girls in general in my lifestyle routine
>just a bit before covid started I didn't try anything at all
>Reasons: was really busy w/ quite some things in 2020 and 2021 (finishing a difficult BSc, actively trading, researching about financial markets, dropshipping)
>other reason (biggest): being afraid that no girl will ever like me
>some few moments in that period I talked with a few girls, countable on a hand
>got conversations going but never saw subtle signs of interest
>recently turned 24
>actual wizard age gets closer
>me fully realizing that got me really interested again in trying
>was on vacation recently in a party clubs area
>again, no signs of interest of any of these girls (~5)
>in club one girl was interested in speaking with me at the beginning, her hot friend saw that she talked to me and when she said something to her friend (couldnt hear, hard club music) she physically repulsed looking at me and didn't even speak to me at all. The latter made me sad when I saw it happening and the former wasn't interested anymore shortly after
>back home
>made Tinder acc
>only 3 likes on first day and zero on the second: I missed one, one really ugly 40 something yr old and I matched with one girl
>sent her pickup line 'hey ... let's play 2 truths one lie
>reason: both our bios are about that game
>no reply and she unmatched shortly after
>same profile on bumble, 0 likes

Idk what else to do guys. I know that the way to give attention is an important factor (give it only at the right times and not too much, didn't know that in the past) and I can also say with confidence that I'm not a dumb fedora tipping nice guy. I'm okay in social settings. What else can I do?
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Coping with being completely at odds with mainstream society
Over the past few years, with the harsh swing towards left-wing progressive activism now being the mainstream thing, I have realised how completely at odds i am with this stuff, and how it's ascendancy has ruined my life and made me into a social outcast.

There are several things that I simply will never believe and will never entertain doing. But, unfortunately, these beliefs make me a social pariah in 2022:
>i don't believe transgenderism is real. i can tolerate trans people but i will never "celebrate" them and i cannot ever believe they really are the gender they say they are
>i don't believe BLM or other such movements are in the right. i don't believe rioting, burning down buildings and cars is acceptable no matter what cause its for
>i don't believe making edgy jokes is the worst thing ever
>i don't believe cancel culture is morally correct, no matter what the reasoning is
>i don't mind LGBT/"pride" culture but i find it annoying and don't really want it shoved in my face all the time
>i don't enjoy social activism of any kind, i don't want to protest, i don't want to "start a revolution", i think all that kind of shit is cringey and weird
>i think climate change is worrying but i don't want to think or talk about it 24/7. i hate people like greta thunberg because i find their arguments extremely depressing

So what am I supposed to do? Unfortunately, I was born into a generation (Gen Z) which 90% of holds the exact opposite opinions to me on all the above topics. And if I ever reveal what I really feel to my peers about these topics, they will cut me off and seek to ruin my life by any means necessary.

At one point I held out hope that this social justice ideology among my generation would just be a fad and they'd grow out of it, but it's been years now and it's only getting stronger. So how do I cope? Do I just have to accept being a social outcast forever?
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Actually learning and practising social skills
I've always been quiet, and while I get on with most people in my work place I regret that I haven't become very friendly with all of my coworkers. How do I actually improve my conduct? I know practise of course makes it better, but what should I remember when I'm trying to conversate/be social?
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No title
How do you make friends?
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Helping my gf feel hotter
I already think my gf is absolutely gorgeous and hot and I always tell her that so let me get that out of the way before im grilled about it.

But my gf says she is unhappy with her appearance and wants to change it to feel better about herself. The thing is though she is focusing on things about herself that are perfect in an unhealthy way, but neglecting healthy things she could do to look and feel better. She tells me she wants to get a boobjob, nosejob, and lip filler. But in all honestly I think all of those features of hers are perfect.

If I could totally be honest with her I'd say that all she needs to do is exercise a bit more, eat a bit better, and maybe buy some fresher better fitting clothes. I think all of those things would help her look and feel better and they are positive changes unlike surgery. But she is completely neglecting all of these easy and healthy changes to instead focus on dramatic ones, what can I do?
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Can't keep up with gf's libido
My gf wants to have sex like 3+ times a day. It's insane. When we wake up, before we go to bed, before and after every shower.

She's 20, I'm 24. We've been together for about a year and a half and it's been going great so far, but I just can't keep up with this. I feel almost ashamed to admit I just want to rest.

This sounds like a shitpost but I swear to god this is real. What the fuck do I do? I'm afraid of really talking about this because I know she has self-image problems and every time I signaled I'm not in the mood she took it really bad. She thinks it's because she's "ugly" or w/e.
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No title
How do you find passion for hobbies and work again? I turned my hobby into a job, made a lot of money, but it eventually became a drag. I didn't respect my gift and loathed doing it to please customers, so i literally just stopped.

Now its been 3 years since i made something that wasn't just to blow off steam. How can i rediscover my passion?
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No title
There's so many incels here that would do anything for a girlfriend, Then why do i spend so many nights alone, i just want someone to spend time with & have sex with, What is wrong with me am i the first Female incel?

Sometimes i feel that way even though people say how attractive i am but i have the lowest self confidence because every time i start talking to people i feel alone in this world. Are they lying to me? That i'm pretty because i don't get that vibe from men? I see women boosting other ugly women online all the tiime. I don't know anymore.. i have no one, i feel like a freak. I wont show what i look like here because no one will believe me i think i look average so according to you guys i shouldnt struggle and i have it easy, but i dont, i feel lonely all the time even around others. I have social anxiety disorder so that also makes everything difficult for me and men approach me but find me weird shorty after because of my S.A.D.
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Programming skills
I used to dabble in programming a few years ago, I remember the basics but now I want to learn it more in depth in order to be able to make it my job, maybe do freelance projects and whatnot.
What are the best programming languages and general CS skills for that, what should I be focusing on?
I already know I should be comfortable with git and SQL
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No title
Stuck in a small ass town. I want to find my dream girl but I doubt she exists here.

How the fuck do I get out?
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No title
whenever i stand up for myself in my house everyone go against me, like they don't want to me to say anything about their disrespectful words about me, 5 minutes ago, i was eating some noodles and my little sister, btw ( there is like 6 years gap between me and her ) she was calling me physcopath and weirdo and she was dropping f bombs for no reason, she was calling me bad names without any reason, and the whole house got against me when i started to call her back, what is the meaning of this?? why she can call me names but if i call her back i get destroyed, and my father didn't do anything, i told him that your daughter is calling me names he said to me you are just onions
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How to get ADHD drugs?
I need some corny story to tell the psych next week so they give me whatever drug they're prescribing.
I may have a certain degree of ADHD but I'll exaggerate since I'm only interested in the drug.

What do I have to say? No nonsense please
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Am I the asshole?
I volunteer at a fire department as an EMT. We had a training that lasted 4 hours and everyone had to miss dinner because of it. When we got back they had pizzas for everyone. The firefighters needed to do stuff on their trucks, but the EMT/EMS people were done and didnt have anything to do. It was already 10:30 at this point, so I went into the kitchen alone and grabbed a slice of pizza because I was hungry and wanted to leave, and no one told me I couldn't do that. Then this short and fat boomer comes in and yells "we're still cleaning the rig you shouldnt be eating" I told him I was in EMS, and he processes it for like 10 seconds, and says "It doesn't matter," then he leaves. At the moment, I didnt think I ever saw that guy before, so I just keep eating. Another firefighter walks in to grab pizza, and the same short/fat boomer rushes in, I guess he is keeping tabs on who walks into the kitchen, and yells at guy and prevents him from getting a slice because the rig still needs work. I stay in there to finish eating, and then I guess the fat guy tells my captain who comes up to me and tells me to get out of the kitchen because im making people angry. I just finished my pizza at that point, so I just leave the station. I don't give a fuck about the fire department bullshit, but did I do something morally bad?
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Hello, I have been addicted to opioids for about a year now. It makes my poops very hard and infrequent so they tend to be very big too.

My toilet sucks big time and cannot handle my massive poop. So I have to wrap my hand in toilet paper and reach in and break it into little pieces.

Is there a better, more sanitary method to doing this? Maybe latex gloves?
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Chud Roomie
My room-mate constantly drinks, has employment problems, then drinks to solve his employment problems, then tries to find employment after sufficiently drinking, rinse and repeat.

Earlier he confronted me over looking at his mail because I saw he had applied for unemployment, when we share a mailbox, I told him to fuck off fifty different ways, and he kept sniveling, so I told him to kill himself.

He is generally the definition of a chud, he's 45, girless, and constantly asking basic bitch questions.

Am I correct in telling him to kill himself? He got offended after I've tried to spell it many times that I really don't like him or care for him.

I've put up with his immaturity for a while now, and he keeps confronting me like I give a fuck about whatever stupid bullshit he's gotten himself into. His recent venture was buying a vehicle that had a blown transmission, transporting it around with AAA, registering it, and trying to sell it on craigslist, only to have someone break the steering column trying to steal it. He got rid of it after hitting every branch down. FUCK.
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How to detox myself from black pill and /pol/?
Social media, including Reddit and 4Chan ruined my mental health. My capacity to enjoy life is taken away by what I see on this site. This site ruined my self-image. I don't like the way I look, my height, my dick size, my socioeconomic status... I have no social skills and I live in a third world country.
Besides that, watching news also brings in more suffering in the form of worry. It always seems like that violence is going to increase exponentially, poverty is going to increase, a war might happen, climate disasters or other doomsday scenarios happen. It's all fucking tiresome.
I also got addicted to watching gore videos on /gif/ and ever since I got hooked up on that my mental health has been wrecked. I feel shallow and wrecked all the time.
I am taking Prozac, which improved my day-to-day function immensely, but besides that, I am still a wreck.
I want to be happy and content, like a normie. HOW?
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What do you think about this idea
I like this girl who has a boyfriend. Both are later "additions" to my HS group of friends. The guy came last to the group and got into a relationship with her.
I repressed any feelings I caught for her and saw her as a friend for a couple years until this guy started acting like an asshole to some people from the group and some suggested to fuck the girl in order to take him out of the group. NOW, I don't support this and find it ridiculous, the friend that proposed it doesn't even really think it would work. But still, I started wanting her again. I know I can't orbit her because it pains me to see her with another dude. I don't think the "be always with her as a friend" is a good road, even if some friends think it is. I'm thinking about cutting a bit my chatting time with the couple. Maybe just spend some time with her from time to time.
And when they break up I'm gonna ask her out, not immediately but a bit after it happens. I'm gonna be seeing other women meanwhile but I really wanna be with her.
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How Much/Long Space To Give An Avoidant When They Withdraw?
Looking for advice from other avoidants, or people in or have been in relationships with avoidants.
When an avoidant withdraws to the point of ignoring a text or two, how long should you give them? I'm not in a relationship with her, but she's my crush. We got extremely attached to one another for a bit over a month, and I don't think either of us processed it at the time but looking back it was a bit much. Neither of us had space, and we were ontop of each other. We weren't dating, but we clearly loved each other.
The past 2.5 weeks, she's withdrawn. I talked to her last, not last week but the previous week and she was texting fine and enthused. Only seconds to reply, very lengthy responses, etc.
I texted her a few days later after that, and she ignored it. I gave her a week to kinda relax, and I texted her on Friday just saying "Hey haven't heard from you in a little, how's things going?" and she's ignored it. It's Tuesday now.

I realize avoidants just need space sometimes, and I personally am similar. It didn't click with me until I got into a fight with my mother, where we argued, I withdrew, and ignored her and she kept texting asking why I was ignoring her and I just closed off more and more and more until I lashed out at her. It was unintentional, but I just needed space. It's been 2 weeks and I am still not over that withdrawl period.
So I'm not sure, I can see it from the other end. But if it's someone I love and I know may leave my life if too much time goes by, I get a bit nervous.

If it was me, I'd at least want her to text like a "Hey, I realize your need for space. And I want you to know I'm here when you're ready to talk."
But I am afraid of texting it in case it pushes her back further.
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>i’m 21
i’ve had this reoccurring problem whenever i have sex. I cannot cum when i’m clapping cheeks and it takes me really long to bust ( if i do ) {1 hour +} usually i end up jerking my self off to bust and im fucking tired of this. im in chronic need of help? should i quit masturbating completely? can anybody help me ?
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No title
They promised to schedule a job interview
It's been four days since our last exchange on email
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No title
Should I shave my butt crack?
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How can I cure my acne once and for all?
I’ve been struggling with acne for the past few months and it’s always been a cycle of it getting a little better and then worse again. I’m sorry for the picture being super disgusting but I’m seriously desperate to get rid of it. I’m ashamed to even leave my house or face my family. I’ve tried benzoyl peroxide wash for about three weeks but I’ve also worn makeup to cover up so that’s why I think the wash hasn’t made effect.
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>be me
>go about my day
>nothing on my mind
>nothing is happening
>next hour+ is spent completely on edge

How do I even cope?
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>close friends with girl
>strong emotional bond
>flirted and touched her and joked with her and stuff
>isn't attracted to me romantically/sexually
Wtf? How? She's bisexual and tends to favor girls, so maybe that's it?
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I'm trying to switch from a manual labor job into IT and go to uni this year but every time I see some asian 19yo with 4 job experiences and 100 personal projects I just get discouraged man cause they figured it out so early and I'm 26 and struggling with this shit. Be frank what are my chance am I being a pussy?
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Advice on Meme friend and I made
So me and my friend made this meme. 1-10 how funny is this. Also what can we do to improve its overall impact
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You all suffer from the Barnum effect
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Is it a red flag if a girl was in a long distance America-Europe relationship at 15 yrs old? (Now 24)
I feel like it is but i would like your opinion.
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I love gf with all of myself, but I can’t help being worried for her future.
She’s 25 years old, and behaves like a rebellious 15yo. Not the cute, childish way, but the cringe, edgelord who avoid any and all responsibilities and says it’s your fault for everything way. The way she is right now, I don’t think she’s going to be able to hold a job for longer than a week.
All of our friends who also care about her are also struggling with her because of this, and I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time before the cut her out of the group.
She doesn’t have a regular sleeping schedule and goes to sleep whenever, staying awake until 10 in the morning to play vidya, she often falls asleep during uni, she skips meals, she speaks rudely, worse than a truck driver, and if you try telling her anything like “I’m really worried about you, you should start fixing your life” she’ll reply “mind your own fucking business jfc”, and will brag about her answer online to the only two people who see her as a goddess who’s never wrong.
She’s seeing a psychologist, albeit for separate reasons, so hopefully she might get awakened, but sometimes I feel like the psychologist might be only fueling her delusions, especially when it comes to her “controlling parents”
As if that weren’t enough, she wants to become a teacher, and tell kids to stand up for their ideals no matter what, and to behave like she does. While it sounds great on paper, I know it’s going to end up in lots of kids being bullied as they grow up, but I don’t know how to make her realized that unless she actually experiences it herself in a few years, and even then I’m afraid she might keep going saying it’s the system fault, not hers
Anybody got any advice?
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I want to have my own children :D :D
pepe sits comfy
My goal is to have over 100, I'm now 20 and I just need to find some women. I wonder what advice can you offer, how do I find a person like that? :D Could Asia work? I don't care who that is, I just want to reproduce as much as possible.

Realistically I still won't have any, until I become a rich. Which is soon. But I could start planting the seeds elsewhere.
If I were rich, I'm definitely having white gf already for kids. I'd probably bribe her.
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I've been put on a new antidepressant, I barely have any intimate or non-platonic thoughts anymore, and can barely masturbate anymore. I can't get off of them or else I'll get really bad withdrawal symptoms. I dunno if it's the meds, if I'm aeromantic, or just retarded
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ok i tried to see if im into scat i got my gf to shit on a tower on the floor im not really into it but she seems upset by it, i mean i just wanted to see if i have this kink is this a big reason to be upset?
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Idk wtf i want to do
>20 years old
>live with parents under strict rules that lowkey piss me off
>make 400-700 a week at my warehouse job, depending if i want to work long hours or not
>only have 1k + 2 cars worth 5k to my name

Ever since high school let out, I've just been wagecucking and wasting time with vidya and media consumption since most of my friends have moved on with their lives with college and having a kid. Not that it bothers me in any way but considering that the housing situation in my area is fucked, i'm getting tired of working at my job but i have no where else to be, i don't even know what i want to do with my life apart from getting the fuck away from my parents.

Any young anons feel this way? Where you're doing okay with life but nothing interesting has happen lately? Just knowing that were already halfway through 2022, i just feel like i could be doing something better but i don't know what. What can i do to get rid of this misery-like feeling?
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Quitting my job due the gas prices
I work at a hospital as an aide in the next town over, About 100 km away. I got the job through a friend, it pays pretty well, and the job itself is super chill. It’s a small hospital thats specialized for one type of medical treatment so its super interesting, and there’s various periods of stress, but most of the time I’m just sitting on my phone. There have been times during overnights where I fallen asleep.

Here’s my problem, my car (Corolla) cost $70 to fill up and it only last me maybe two round trips. Which means it cost me $35 a day just to get to work.

So I’m spending $140 a week on gas, + my insurance $400/m + maintenance, means I’m spending about 1000 a month. Priced in CAD, thanks Trudeau.

I don’t want to quit my job, especially since I get paid to sleep, but I know that if I applied to the bigger hospitals in my city, I’d be working non stop.

Tl:DR: Currently paying $1,000 to get to work. The work is fantastic, the specialization is interesting, the work life balance is fantastic and the people are great. Do I hop to a less interesting “general treatment”, but higher workload hospital where I’m certainly just a number, but be able to get around using a bus pass (~$60/m)? I’d still keep the full coverage insurance on my car, and I’d probably still spend the same amount on gas except for vacations and road trips instead of work.
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i think i have ms

i don't have insurance (wtf is an enrollment period? XD) or money for good doctors and i'm not sure what i would even do with a diagnosis

about to go on a swank diet i guess and look into some other possible treatments i've researched before

anyone have experience with this?
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Friend's dad won't leave him alone
A good friend of mine has been telling me about how his dad constantly talks to him to an excessive degree. They live in the same house.
>during meals
>while playing video games
>while watching shows
>while talking to friends online (both texting and video calls)
>while trying to take a shit
It's not like my friend tries to give his dad the silent treatment either. He talks with him normally every day concerning news, politics, work, shows, etc, but he literally cannot get even 10 minutes of silence to himself as long as he is in that house. Moving out is not an option for him right now. Additionally, his dad is in rather poor health so he's wary of doing something that may worsen his dad's condition. My friend is constantly torn between guilt and exasperation. Wat do /adv/?
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>write massive serious post about a tough situation I need a neutral party opinion on
>misspell captcha and lose whole thing
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Tired of seeing “stuff” around my house
Im not a messy person, I clean my place regularly. But I’m still tired of just seeing “stuff” everywhere. It’s stuff I might not have touched in about 6+ months and very rarely touch. I’ve got a whole bunch of random cooking ingredients I used for one or two things, and never used again, art utensils I hardly use, hygiene and toiletry items I RARELY ever use, but is sort of necessary like alcohol and band aids etc.

It’s shit I get tired of seeing but I’m afraid of throwing away because I need it. And again I’m not messy or a hoarder, but there’s always that minimal level of “stuff” around your house that you probably aren’t interacting with.

Does anyone else deal with this problem? Do you ever just throw shit away? I would but then I feel like I’m being wasteful, and I also hate that.
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How the fuck do I text girls? Too retarded to be witty/clever and I'm a natural dry/boring texter. What fucking do, bros?
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Im a hoarder.
Im a hoarder. My home is disgusting and dirty. Theres stuff everywhere. I cant shake this habit, everytime I clean it up, every time my family or friends come over to clean it up, it just gets messy again in a week. Im beginning to think I can't change. If I cant stop being a hoarder Im legit going to kill myself. How do I stop?
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Is 10k euros enough to move out?
I don't own a car and not planning to get one any time soon. Insurance would cost me 4k euros.

Worst case scenario I will have to pay 1200-1400 for rent per month because housing crisis.
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what social media do i use??
it's been really hard to live like this and overthinking makes my head hurt a lot, basically what is happening is this, i make a twitter account, just to check some art or pics idk, but then i start feeling uncomfortable bcus i realize that twitter is an extremely toxic site, so ok, i delete my account and move to reddit, but then people start calling reddit "cringiest social media" or "redditors suck lol", so then i delete that account and move to twitter again because twitter is less toxic, but then people call twitter the worst cesspool site and so i delete the account and move to reddit and the cycle continues, what do i do?? right now i am trying instagram, i like the simple layout but i know that i won't last too long on that site, what is the best social media or at least the least toxic one?? thank you
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How can I become more comfortable with basic human interactions
Every day I leave for work or to water my plants my neighbor says something along the lines of
>Mornin Anon!
>How's it going?
I make small talk but does everyone else not think small talk is worthless? Am I an emotionless retard? I don't want to be rude but me and her have had the same conversation every day since I've lived here.
>Oh looks like (blank) weather today!
>Those plants are looking real pretty!
>Another day wageslaving!
These aren't real conversations, at this point it seems condescending. Does everyone just accept this? Am I just an overreacting retard?
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>currently employed
>send out resume
>get back results a week later
>over 500 people apply on average for the jobs
>try remote work jobs
>over 1000 people apply on average for the jobs
>even when employed I can't get a response
>the one person that wanted to set up an interview ghosted me before they set it up
What the fuck am I supposed to do now?
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Should I move on?
graduated high school almost three years ago... haven't spoken to anyone since because I still have no driving license and have been living as a neet and haven't met a new friend since. I'm planning on joining the military but I still miss some of my old classmates from highschool.I don't have any of them on social media but they wouldn't be too hard to find. Should I try and reconnect or move on and find friends in the military.
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