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Do I *have* to keep up with the news, and show support/condemnation for whatever the fuck is going on right now?

Everything that's happening is legit making me suicidal, and I lost access to therapy a year ago. I slit my wrists for the first time in years, and I think I might actually off myself soon.
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I've been friends with this girl since middle school, I've tried hooking up with her but she just wants to stay friends. I just cant get over the rejection, I've tried kicking her out of my life, I've tried befriending her I've tried blocking her, but I keep wanting her more and more. My desire to be with her and want to make her happy drives me crazy and I dont know what to do. I know I cant be that for her and it crushes my soul. knowing shes not interested in me at all but still looks up to me as a friend even after highschool despite all the shit I've done to her and the way I treated her because im a jealous idot breaks my heart but I cant seem to get over it.

How do I let my feelings go, how do I forget her and move on with my life.
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I'm so fucked up.
I'm madly madly in love with my sister.
Her life was really tough, she was abused mentally and physically and sexually by our parents. I was there when she needed someone and we got close.
We talked about everything, a lot, and we connected, I helped her and actually managed to get her back on her feet. She smiled again, and genuinely said she was happy to me.

It's been many years since, and everything we did in that time, hanging out, going out, talking about our intimacy, seeing each other and being with the other...

It drove me mad. She's everything I can think about, I miss her, I want her. She knows, I just couldn't hide it from her...
And she said, it was fine. She said that, I could do everything I wanted to her, and she will forever love me.

She's so sweet, how the hell could she say something like that to me, I'm a complete monster.

I'm going insane.
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Should I stop chatting with people online so much and use messenger only for arranging meetings and sending important messages?
I feel like people are different in reality than online and I shouldn't be texting them so much, I think I will be able to establish healthier and stronger realtions, what do you think about it? Have you tried this?
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how to cope with the fact that there are a lot of people better than me?
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I'm having a hard time keeping up lighthearted banter with this girl given the state of the world. It's tough to be fun and cute when the rest of my life is comprised of joblessness and arguing with people about politics. She's stressed too with work just reopening.

How do I either let her know things are tense or manage to not be tense when talking to her?
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I never want to leave my room and just want to watch tv shows/play video games all day as well as browse 4chan. How am I able to afford this till I die? I have no other desire in life
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Does wanting to be held by a girl and putting my head on her shoulder while holding hands make me less of a man?
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gamergirl sends me nudes out of nowhere.
>playing tf2
>meet a girl on the server im playing
>we small talk in game chat and she adds me
>we +rep each other and she says shes going to get drunk
>she asks for my discord
>add her and we we start flirting
>she sends a pic, shes literally a my perfect type, looks like my old gf
>she says shes really drunk
>out of no where she sends me a topless pic and then says goodnight and logs off
>what the fuck

I think im being catfished, or its just the luckiest day of my life.

tl:dr meet a girl on a video game and she sends me nudes out of nowhere. Is this normal? How do I correctly respond? I am so fucking confused :)
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Wojak Frustrated
How do I stop being socially retarded?

Does anyone have any advice or guides on how to improve my social skills?
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Limb lengthening surgery
This is one of those things that I’ll never get out of my head. Should I do it? I have the money.
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popular links
how do i deal with the insecurity that my friends hate me and will leave me one day?
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I can't focus on reading book
what to do?
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>go to church
>start making frens for first time in person since high school
>month later
>girl with hoodie comes in, clearly autistic, shy, doesnt know how to talk
>she gives me her number
>hang out a few times
>tells me she used to be a hooker
>quarantine hits
>fuck it why not, I think shes changed and she seems to be really, well, christianly
>start dating
>get more into the bible together
>thought she was a christian, wouldn't do lewd stuff
>pushes me into doing lewd stuff just days into dating
>literally begging me, just teased her the first night and told her to wait
>give in 2nd night because dont want her to leave me
>lost my virginity to her
>everything going well for awhile
>fast forward few weeks
>"i shouldnt be in a relationship anon, i have a lot of trauma i need to deal with and i need to get closer to god"
>be friends for 2 weeks or so
>she texts me out of nowhere saying that the relationship wasn't good for her even though we were doing fine as friends
>im literally the only person whose ever given a shit about her in her entire life, family, "friends," and all her exes just used her
>been 3 weeks
>cried because i actually developed feelings for her despite having been a whore (yes i know im a simp)
>lost my v card to someone who couldn't care less about sex or intimacy
>cut me off like im nothing
>found out today i probably have herpes
>still havent heard from her, kinda want to hear from her but leaning towards not wanting to because she was abusive at times (bipolar, like really really bipolar), took me for granted
>have a flu or something because herpes
>cant meet people because quarantine and sick
>she was the closest person ive ever had in my entire life and helped me improve as a person in a way no one else could
>not sure how to feel now besides sick literally and metaphorically
>cant cry, nose gets stuffed up and hurts to breathe through throat
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download (16)
Hey, bros and fem anons. I’ve come here to ask for some genuine advice, or at least some words of wisdom. As a kid I had a father who was abusive up until my Mom divorced him years ago. My Mom enrolled me into a new high school in a new state. My Mom took my father back, after some time it was ok. For sometime. My father stole all of our money after my Mom and him got back together through a joint bank account. We became homeless for a little while. During that time I was just going to school to get free food. I just felt so unreal. I was so alone. There was this one girl I had a crush on, but I thought she never even knew I existed. It turns out after graduation, about six months afterwards, she had the biggest crush on me. That feel, bros. It’s the best feel in the world to know that she felt the same. She asks me where I live. I can’t really show her where I live because it’s a literal shack. She saw where I live and helped me back onto my feet. A couple years pass and we get closer. I’m going to college finally and things are starting to take off. At Least for now. After being together for four years things got to a plateau. She left me. It’s been close to two months since I last saw her. I’ve been getting therapy and learning about myself more and more. I just can’t stop feeling love for a person that doesn’t want me in their life anymore. Is there such a thing as unrequited love, or am I just incapable of letting go? Is there others that feel that way too? How do I move on from this? I just want to feel like pic related.
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Redpill me on the trades.
I'm currently looking at HVAC and Electrical. I'm also interested in programs that are 2 - 3 semesters long.
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Neighbors that Suck!!
My partner & I are staying with family (currently no choice + hopefully temporary). The neighbors fight a lot. Now I understand couples happens. These people are 50+? Further more have been asked (by the owner of our house) not to scream at eachother right outside our bedroom window at all hours of the day(my other half and I work nights). They are homeowners so no chance of chasing them away. I don't think he beats her, but is extremely verbally abusive. I grew up in a "bad neighborhood" & am used to gunshots and sirens at all hours BUT these two make me want to pull my hair out! I am not the type to call police and it hasn't caused harm to anything but my sanity. I'm so sick of fat loud ppl that blame everyone else for their issues!Honestly I need to vent without causing anymore drama to people I respect.

My Ideas to enact revenge so far are:
1) Blair offensive music (risk of pissing off other neighbors & senpai)
2) Record them and make them internet celebs (seems like an invasion of privacy)
3) Send glitter bomb (funny but won't realy get to enjoy)
Please Help! Any stories of ass hole neighbors? or (better yet) Ideas to legally & somewhat peacefully make them more miserable than they already are?
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how to get a gf if im a below average looking manlet
im kind of stupid too so i prob can't just get rich
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Long-distance relationship
I've been in a long-distance relationship with someone for nearly a year. We're planning on applying to the same colleges so we can live together, or at least live near each other in the same state.
One of us will have to move to the other's state. We both were planning on staying in-state and told our families we would stay, so it's a difficult decision for both of us. I don't know what to do. I would like to just move to his state, but I have no idea how I'm going to explain that to my parents.

Additionally, the relationship will have to stay long-distance for over a year from now. I really don't want either of us to get tired of it. How can we keep things fresh for such a long time?
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nice guy
I'm naturally caring and giving by nature, I'd rather make someone happy than be made happy, it makes me happy to help people instead of myself. I'd rather avoid conflict over petty shit/views than fight about it by giving the person their way.

Apparently, this is dating suicide? Girls generally hate this personality in their boyfriend?

I don't see myself as a beta... I won't be disrespected or insulted, I can stand up for myself, but I also would not be interested in putting myself in a situation where that can happen.

IDK, I feel weak.
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Cuckold & Hotwife. Porn usage, How to unfuck my brain?
>Had some girls in the past, one long relationship. moved to other side of the country
>One girl from a old relationship from high school start chatting me back
>We travel together, have a LDR, she moves in me
>She cooks, cleans and do whatever I want, she is vanilla
>Start getting deeper and deeper sexually with her
>After a year she changes from being a prude in bed to constant anal, roleplay, posting herself online (subreddit) and playing in public
>I truly believe that the state that she is right now is because of my actions
>My mind still have this desire to transform her into a whore
>Start buying more and subtly manipulating her to become even more of a slut
>I find a "Trainer" to open ourselves sexually, she starts talking with him.
>She gets even deeper, but stops texting the guy and kinda found a really bit weird by my part
>She starts getting upset with my feeling off nothing ever being enough and that it is damaging her self-esteem
>I decided to finally address my porn addiction
>I still talks to the guy for some dopamine rush feeling and struggling keeping up with the porn usage and novelty.

I am working out, meditating, eating healthy, working, we have sex regularly and I still have girls hitting on me
why does I have this desire to have my wife become a bimbo hotwife, why I have this feeling of inadequacy in sex, of being a
perfectionist and never being satisfied. Why I can't stop watching porn even so in my life I had tougher problems in which I
overcame easily. I know a lot of people here can't relate, but I want to outflow guys. What should I do.
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Obscure Martial Arts
I want to learn a new martial art to give me an advantage in my circle. Are there any obscure martial arts that match up to the more mainstream ones?
I'm at my best with throwing and redirection.
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How do I mentally cope with the fact that I'm going to die a virgin?
I have accepted this as my reality, but it is very hard for me to cope, to the point where I have been having a lot more suicidal thoughts lately.
What can I do so the reality I live in is not so painful anymore?
To clarify I don't need advice on losing my virginity; I need advice on dealing with never losing it.
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I am unable to drink alcohol
Is this the right board? I don't even know. Anyways, I've been to several parties, had several different drinks to light beers, dark ales, wisky, vodka, wine, brandy, jin, whiteclaw, tequila, rum, ciders, mixes and basically everything you can think of.
I've not liked a single one. Not once, not ever, not even slightly. When you get drunk it becomes easier, but even still. It's all so unbelievably, overwhelmingly BITTER. It's so bad that even beer makes my face literally cringe and shrivel. People think I'm acting.

How does anyone drink this shit?
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Has anyone behaved and thought this way?
>Turning 26 soon
>Single since last year
>Only having meaningless hookups
>I buy and smoke weed to deal with depression, self-harming and self-hate
>weed is hard to come by here
>I have BDD and loathe my face
>still look pretty young (even still getting ID when buying alcohol) but the fact I'm getting older is freaking me out
>All friends are too busy to hang out
>Currently studying and jobless
>Broke as fuck
>achieved nothing significant in life
>Getting therapy

I'm not suicidal but I have been thinking about death a lot and how I would go about doing it, I'm no way near the point of attempting or committing to it and I even have some nights where I am fearful of death which makes me have trouble falling asleep. But I have those unironic and literal "fuck just kill me right now" moments because I feel like I'm too much of a fuck up and I wasted my life.

I do a lot of things that aren't too great for my health or just plain reckless. I think my lungs are completely fucked from the amount of weed I've been smoking and when I drive (in areas where I don't put other people in danger) I do dangerous things which could end badly for me. Although I'm not as bad anymore I still have my moments.

Because there is no weed I've been having to replace it with alcohol and right now I'm considering just saying fuck it and buying a pack of smokes as a substitute. I obviously need to take better care of myself but it's hard when I have these feelings, I even believed for the longest time that I'd die before my 30s.

I know what's best for me is continue with therapy and stop being a massive fucking retard and gain some semblance of self control, but I just want to know if anyone behaved similarly and if so how did you change that?
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No title
if only you knew
>be me
>retard who finally got a good life going by dropping 100lbs
>actually look nice now
>no gf for 6 months
>lose control of my hand
>get brain surgery
>now damaged goods to which women probably won't feel atracted
is there realistically anything I can do, to atleast develop a bigger sense of self-worth? My life hasn't been easy but not hard aswell, and I've never valued myself that high which is probably why I've never had a gf. Help me bros
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Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.38.05 AM
Hi. I don't look like it, but my sense of humor has spiraled down as Ive been exposed to the deep meme community. I have a private finsta where i post all my memes and be myself because god forbid i show any personality on my main account. After all this outbreak of the tragic killing of George Floyd and America becoming GTA irl, some of my followers decided to purge my ifnsta to posts i made years ago so they could screenshot and cancel me on tiwtter and instagram for saying the n-word. Now they're trying to email my college and get me kicked out. Ive tried defending myself but no matter what I do, theres not a way out. People preach change but follow cancel culture which enforces the idea that one may not grow from their mistakes. In addition, it seems to me that the neoliberals are a bunch of namby pambies who cant take a joke-- which is why i kept my finsta private in the first place. Anyway, does anyone have an idea as to what I can do to get them back or fuck with these people? They think theyre doing the right thing; however, if ruining someones future over a joke/ mistake is their priority, then they should probably take this negativity and turn this into a positive energy by focusing on improving their own character.
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Why do I feel like some of my friends are avoiding me? It feels like a group of my friends do different things together but not invite me anywhere. A greater problem is that they are always waiting for invites from me, but they do not invite me anywhere. What should I do? Why do I feel so bad and lonely? Is there something wrong with me?
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Is there any culture in the world where women put in equal effort in dating? I'm tired of how entitled most girls are and having to do pretty much all the groundwork. I want to move to a place where at least girls don't act like spoiled princesses with a "entertain me" attitude.

Currently living in the US.
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No title
What are activities this summer where I can meet people in person? My dumb city (San Diego) is still worried about the Chinese cold for some reason. I'm at the lowest point in my life right now and would unironically rather die than social distance any longer.
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Should I really talk to my therapist about this? Because I am bothered by something but...
PLEASE don't respond to this thread with snark or attempts to change what I think.

Recently, I've entered a situation that I'm not going to explain to /adv/ where certain views have become relevant to my feelings. Thing is, I'm not sure my views jibe with my therapist.
This is all in Portland OR, mind you.
I don't know how to generalize this? So just speed read this boring list of my views, I guess:

>"cis" straight white male
>Left-leaning libertarian capitalism. Marxism is only for welfare, not economy and should co-exist with laissez-faire. Many SJWs are socialists...
>The city I live in is infested with SJWs. Doesn't mean they're bad at heart, but I'm wary of them.
>Bigotry breeds via bigotry. Guess where I'm going with this
>Feminism had some good results, but fueled by misandry etc
>Fem != egalitarianism. Modern fem = anti-egal. Some self-ID'd "feminists" are egal, but fem is a movement, not egal core. Fem has leaders who arbitrarily denounce un-"true" fems
>Men & women aren't the same. This is fine. Doesn't threaten egal at the extant science holds. But its not fine to SJW
>Me-too = court-subverting witchhunts
>Sensible border control helps immigrants
>If I say these views, I must be careful otherwise risk life-ruining labels
>If one wanted, they could easily accuse me of rape etc and ruin my uni life
>Wage gap = non-issue
>Against affirmative action
>Law should be color-blind
>Fine to do w/e with your body, but only 2 sexes

So these views are relevant to something bothering me.
But my therapist I found out later has one of her specialties listed as "Feminism". I also happen to know she has a trans client and a client that I heard rambling about "capitalism".

So, if I talk to her about my issues, how can I know that I can keep my therapist? She's done good so far, but I've avoided this stuff. I've hinted I might have a different perspective, but I've never really discussed it.

And, when I do talk to her, will she help, or be an opaque SJW at me?
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No title
Is it normal to have to lock yourself into a closet to do university entrance exams, because your family feels like loudly crashing through the house nonstop for 11 hours straight is their god-given right and the idea of doing quiet things for just one day just this once because I need to focus on something that's important for the quality of the rest of my life is simply too much to ask?

I can't get away from here to go somewhere I'd get a shred of respect if they don't let me do what it takes to get away from here.
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What’s the best way to find out someone is legit? I’m sexting with this girl I met on a kink site in Europe who’s always hesitant to send me pics of her, and I’m wondering if she’s a catfish. She’s given me her kik and Snapchat but had only sent one pic of herself via kik from the neck down that I can’t verify that its her. Currently I know;
>Two potential first names (different on kik and SC)
>Potential last name, could be generic
>City + Country
>Age and birth month

I’m not trying to doxx her or anything, I just want something to prove she’s who she says she is. If worse comes to worse I’ll just ask for a timestamp, but I figured I’d try and do my research first before being awkward.
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No title
Is Sam Hyde right that smart women are best avoided? It does seem like they’re invariably bitchier
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hope ?
I applied to the greencard lottery to live in America, tomorrow the results will be announced, I do not believe in religions or the existence of god, but if you pray for me, I will be glad, I am just too scared if it does not come out? What the hell am I gonna do? I live in the third world country so I don't expect you to have much empathy but this greencard lottery is like Russian roulette for my life, I hope I win my life
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getting out of the house
what can I do that will regularly get me out of the house this summer? All the social things I used to do are gone and I'm unemployed. I might go back to smoking because at least I do it outside and talk to the cashier when buying them.
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No title
My cousin's father has died. I'm supposed to call her but I don't know what to say. I haven't been in this situation before and I don't know her that well.
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Reconsider career choice?
Since a kid, I have always had a passion for computer science. I'm a self taught programmer from the age of 13. Good programmers are well paid so it was also a good idea to learn quickly.

However, everyone and their mamma is learning CS nowadays. It's crazy, but it seems that most people have decided that to be their career choice. Almost everyone I speak to who is going to college or planning to tells me that they study CS. I can't help but imagine the pay for programmers decrease SIGNIFICANTLY as a result, and think of investing in learning another skill just in case(though it doesn't mean I will stop CS as for me this is a hobby)

Pic unrelated.
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No title
What is your saddest childhood memories anons? Any piece of media you watched or played that had an emotional impact on you?
Something as simple as moving away to a new neighborhood?

I’ve been feeling down and remisicing lately and wanted to connect to others.
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No title
I don't understand kissing. To the degree to which it's like a handshake, I can understand, but otherwise I'll get more sensual pleasure from a hug. Lile what am I supposed to do? Just roll my tongue around in her mouth? Pic unrelated.
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No title
How do you stop thinking about the girl you like who's not replied to your last message and it's been 3 days and you're worried she's not going to reply at all
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No title
What does depression feel like?
>t. anon who is unsure if he is affected
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How can I be more loving?
I hate everyone for little things and am constantly annoyed by this world and my existence. I sometimes have very rare and short wholesome moments though where I genuinely admire someone and act kind just because it feels good. I have fun in these situations but as I said, they are very rare.
How can I make this my default mindset? I am so sick of being the grumpy person I am.
Quit browsing the chan as long as you still can
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Hacking tips
So, advice, yeah?
Im a newfag to all this cyberwear thing, but its quite interesting.
Ive had a fascination with cyber criminals and cyber terrorists, so I wish to learn where to start, which computers work better, etc.
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Rate me
Am I ugly? I haven’t been with any women and curious if it’s cause of my face and if I can attract women which women would I attract? If there any women on this board rate me and as honest as possible
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No title
anyone got back with a girl after giving the relationship "some time"?
I feel like its always an excuse to look for something better and still have a backup plan but I have no proof
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making friends
surprising getting a gf makes more sense to me than making friends... how do you make friends? I just want people who will invite me out to things, get me out of the house
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No title
Filipino anon here...
I'm 33 and never dated anyone before but having a family of my own is important to me. I know if I start now and even if I do get a girlfriend, what are the chances that she'd want to be my wife and have my children in the next 2-4 years? What are the chances that we'll be even be together that long? How many years of dating do I need to go through before I can have a family? I'm kind feeling the lonliness now. I'm older than my parents when they started their family. I'm older than my father when he had my eldest brother. Will reach 40 being childless and wifeless?
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No title
Any tips for practicing stoicism? I'm really bad at being one despite trying really hard.
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No title
I'm in an interracial relationship with a white man, and our conversations about race always seems to go left, with him being the victim and calling me racist. Take our recent conversation for example.

He went on a rant about the racial tension that came from the death of George Floyd. He was upset about the divison and racial tension that he was seeing and the effects it had on him.

I tried to comfort him and get a better understanding of his feelings. In the middle of doing so, I asked: "What kind of racial tension are you seeing? When you see the black vs white/racial tension- do you speak up?

He replied:
"I don't feel any reason to speak up about it, everyone that has any sense is unanimous in how fucked up it was for the 4 officers, of multiple ethnicities, to have conducted themselves like that, and being a keyboard warrior on Facebook isn't something I care to do"

I replied: "My dear, as a white man with a voice that is louder than blacks; as a white man with privilege; as a white man who may someday have biracial kids; as a white man who may someday become the husband of a black woman; as a white man with predominately white friends; as a white man with a platform; as a white man with great intellect.. you have every reason to speak up about it! Do you HAVE to speak up about it? No, but there are many reasons as to why you NEED to and SHOULD feel like you should speak up about it. This does not only pertain to what happened with George Floyd and the 4 cops; it pertains to every time you witness/experience racism and/or racial tension."

He got upset and said:
"I don't like being treated as if the labels you have assigned to me have any bearing on my duties/responsibilities as person. I don't like being treated as 'a privileged white male'. To me, that's racist and such a step backwards from making any progress on racial tension."

I feel like there's no getting through to him. I am not sure how to move forward with this, any advice?
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No title
Hey /adv/ what do I do? I'm craving female affection so I spend a lot of time watching twitch thots. I'm a NEET with no car and no money so I can't meet women IRL and my country is on COVID lockdown anyways. What can I do? Is online dating an option?
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No title
Two of my three backyard chicken friends died last night. Think a cat got em.

The coop is too small for an automatic door opener, and so it was always left open so they don't get locked out at night.

We've had cat visitors before and they were always friendly, so we didn't think much about em, but then last night happened... and well, we don't really know what happened.

The last chicken is really quiet. Don't know what to do with her. I've been told they get really lonely by themselves.

Any advice on the situation and how I should dispose my friends would be great. I can't eat them.
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No title
I have inflamed stomach lining. The pills im on only help with the pain but not the nausea. At night it is near unbearable and after meals i feel like i could explode. Until my next docters trip does anyone have any remedies to deal with this nausea?
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No title
Rain's really fucking bad today where I live and when I drove home from work I had to go through two flooded streets. First one I got through more or less fine but the second was so bad I basically had to floor it just to move at all. Car was making what I thought were death rattles once I finally got past it but after a minute or two it sounded fine again. That said the engine was clearly not having any of that since I had to push harder than usual just to stay going ~35 MPH the rest of the way home. Kinda worried I damaged my car doing that.

I tried just looking up online and half the things say to just give it an hour to dry out and everything will be totally fine, and the other half say shit's absolutely FUBAR and you may as well total the entire car so I'm just kinda paranoid right now.
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Advice on how to start a relationship with people who are similar to pic related?
download (9)
Honest to god question. Bros, I'm not really scoping people out, but low key that's a relationship that I would let happen if it did. So, what are some tips and advice on dating art hoes, and people that look like pic related? I just genuinely want to know, simply because I'd want be the best person in their life if they end to be pretty legit.
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No title
How do I get a cosplayer girlfriend? I'm guessing an anime convention or something would be the ideal place to find one, right?
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want ex back
I want my ex back but I hurt him too much and he says he doesn't want to get back with me.
It's been five months and within these months of no contact, each period spanning a longer time, he keeps coming back. But only to asks to be friends. Why does he keep doing this. I am still not over him and it hurts me every time he does this. He keeps asking me to be friends and forgives me as a friend but not as a lover. Does it sound like there is any chance he could forgive me as a lover and come back.
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im the product of incest as my mom got raped by her cousin and i feel like a walking taboo with birth defects how do i even move on from this knowing if i ever want kids ill have to let my future gf or wife know im an incest baby thats if i even get one as many women have looked down on me due to my issues and society hatred for men who are damaged and are seen as weirdos
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welcome-sign--panaca-summit--nevada--usa-649837024-5ab712246bf0690038c167db (1)
Hey, Kings.
Oregonian here. How comfy is Nevada, including mainly Northern NV? Just thinking of what it would be like to move there as a single 24m. I'm okay with small towns as long as I can get work. What are the ups/downs??
Thanks, kings.
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How do you deal with being a bisexual man who doesn't want to have sex with men? Nowadays people hate you more for choosing not to embrace your sexuality.
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Just got approved for a security guard job. Can any security working anons tell me what to expect?
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Okay so I found a discord server that a TF2 bot was advertising and it was full of white supremacists jerking to gore porn. I started asking them what they were doing, why they were there, etc, and the whole time I was being condescending and rude, so they started threatening me with black vans and stuff, saying people were coming to kill me in a few days. This all seemed so bizarre. Somebody came along and banned me, but now I'm sitting here wondering, am I in any trouble?

Bee-tee-dubs one of them had a pfp like this and said the mask was theirs, it's in the image
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bedbug bites?
unnamed (1)
since last night and the night before I have awoken with bites on my arms (elbows down), wrists, and hands. There are two lines of bites, one cluster, and several individual bites. They all itch like hell.

I've never had bedbugs in my life. I know they bite in patterns like this, but I haven't done anything lately that I would image would cause bedbugs. There are no signs of them anywhere on the mattresses or sheets or anywhere in my room.

The bed is secondhand from a friend, so if i got them it would probably have been from the bed. I got it two months ago but i inspected it then and didn't see anything off-putting. Plus, nobody in their household has signs of them.

what do i do? google advice is very situational. anyone have firsthand experience? Any exterminators?
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How do you politely tell someone to fuck off?
There's this dude that added me on FB. I had small talk with him and he seems unsocial as fuck and just wants someone to talk to.

Thing is he messages me pretty frequently and being at home mostly I got fuck all to talk about and I'm in no mood to chat so it gets really annoying. I could just remove him obviously but the reason why I didn't is because I empathize with him to some extent so I'll feel bad.

Any way I can tell him to stop frequently messaging me politely? I really don't like being mean
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Fluctuating feelings in relationships
Lemme try to clear up this huge chunk of junk I tried posting here yesterday:

Background: 23F, depression, anxiety, on meds, have a boyfriend.

I'm not sure how to word what I'm asking about, or what maybe the problem is even exactly. I guess, is it normal for feelings to fluctuate in a relationship? Like, I've felt before for a short period of time (maybe 1-3 days) months ago like I was, less interested, or didn't like him as much even maybe? (Maybe those were moreso valid doubts/fluctuation though?, IDK.) I had some weird, fluctuated[?] feelings the other day and yesterday a bit, even though he just did a ton for me and I loved seeing him. (Though I think I'm back to my, consistent[?] feelings now)
Anyone experience anything like this, is it normal, or is it moreso my mental illnesses, or both? Because had you asked me during this weird feeling the other day, I'd say I'd still liked him a ton and wanna be with him, and that I love him in some sort of way (I haven't been able to say the words for real, but anyway). These instances don't seem to line up with what I feel for him after and most of the time (except what I've mentioned here), what's developed after, and what remains or is/becomes true? Like I'm not sure, but I wanna say have ups and downs, but I still love him deep down? I've told him before I love him more every day and I feel kinda guilty about this if any of it's true, even if it's normal or doesn't last. (Also, being mentally ill, I appreciate it if, and nearly need someone to specifically address my concerns. Apologies for being an annoying anon in advanced.)
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If a girl is willing to satisfy your fetish how far can you take it on a first date? She asked if I wanted to go to the park.
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What's it like to give a blowjob?
I'm a guy, and I always kinda wanted to know what it's like to give a blowjob? What's it feel like? What's it like when he cums?

If I wanted can I find a guy?
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steam pfp
Is it possible for me, a 19 year old with a minimal amount of credit history (but a 700-800 credit score), to take out a $1,000,000 loan for investing purposes? I am making money off of stocks already, and I bet I could double that million, give them their money back and make money off of dividends alone. I believe now's a great time to invest money and though I'm going to be making decent money off of what I already have invested, it's chump change in the grand scheme of things and I dream bigger. Is it even in the realm of possibility to take out a loan this large at my age?
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How do you recover from a lifetime of psychological, physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse that makes you psychologically regress as a coping method? If it causes you to be completely psychologically weak to others as an adult in work or education i.e. a manchild
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Should I learn programming if I ultimately want to do it so I can make money and support myself and my family?

I enjoyed what I have done but, at the end of the day, I really just want a good job in it.
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Apologize or let it go?
Got my first job a little over three years ago after struggling with years of severe depression and anxiety. Stayed there for two years before moving onto something better. I'm afraid during that time I was kind of unpleasant as I was sort of relearning how to exist with other people (snapped at my boss a couple times after busy days, was generally a little pissy when people weren't doing their jobs fast enough and it affected my work, nothing major but definitely awkward and off-putting).

I've been away from that job for over a year now, am more well-adjusted, and am a little embarrassed by some of that behavior and kind of want to apologize, but I think that would be weird seeing as I haven't spoken to any of them save two since I left. I'm fairly good friends with one of them and was thinking of asking his opinion as well, at least on whether he thinks I was unpleasant to work with.

The only other thing is that I linger on negatives and assume people around me don't like me (working on it), to the extent that it took me years to realize that one of my closest friends wasn't just tolerating having me around as we met through a mutual circle and he actually liked me. I'm worried that these moments at that job are the kind of thing that I remember clearly because I'm embarrassed by them but that no one else really remembers or would care about if they did.

Should I even bother or just accept I was kind of a dick and try to move on? Especially when I haven't talked to these people in over a year and am not particularly interested in trying to salvage potential friendships, just genuinely want to apologize if I was an ass?
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I graduated. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed -- my GPA is B-, I am already working in my field of expertise without an advancement, I am sort of OK and non-conflicting, so that reduces my chances of being fired.

At some point I just sat on the floor and started weeping like a faggot, I am aimless and was never truly successful even if I worked hard -- apparently it's not enough. Now that I am free as in freedom and completely independent from my parents (I moved away very early, at 17), I am at lost. I want to go for masters because otherwise I'd die of boredom and why shouldn't I.
In general I could describe it that I am a grown up but cannot cope with it and do not possess the skills to handle everything that bursts like avalanche.

I don't know what to do. Thanks for reading my shit blogpost.
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I really need some advice, super torn
Hi adv, I broke up with my long term GF recently and I'm suuuuuper fucking torn up about it. I broke up because I felt like I couldn't give her enough of me/my time as she wants and feel like I'm just not ready to be tied down like that (not about other girls, just the overall commitment of a relationship). But I care for her a lot, the thought of her being crushed rn really gets me down. She's for sure what you would consider 'wife material' in every way but I'm the kind of guy who never wanted to get married to begin with. I suppose it comes down to I'm not the relationship kind of guy so much, but this girl is special. It's so hard and I don't know what the fuck to do.
God help me
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How do I beat my driving anxiety
ryan gosling
Okay so I drive like 2 times in a month and many say I'm a good driver. And I believe that. But everytime I think about driving, I am getting very anxious. I constantly think of not fucking up and it kills me inside.

I drive manual (cant afford automatic and I am scared that I might lose the control of the car and crash somewhere. This is my biggest fear and I dont know how to handle that.

It's so awkward seeing 16 year olds not giving a shit and drive or 80 year olds that still drive and I am getting 23 and shit my pants when I am about to drive

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Been a fag for about 5 years now.

How do I get over feelings of revenge or urges to cause punishment?

It's like these grudges are weighing me down and the thought of just letting go bothers me like the people who have aided me into said grudges might hunt me down and kill me first in a way.

What do?
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Applying to Medical School is making me want to expire
Hey 4chan. I haven't posted in 6 years but I'm at my witts end. Nothing seems to make me feel better and no one i reach out to seems to help.

I'm applying to medical school this cycle. My application is pretty solid, hits all the things they want. Thing is we need this standarized test called the MCAT. I'm scoring at around the 80th percentile but to go to school where I want i need the 90th. I've been busting my ass but I just see myself stagnating more and more.

The system for applying is broken in that if you reapply or retake this test your chances of being admitted are lowered by more than half.

I really feel like my life, all my hard work, is all for naught. I was canceled 4 times due to covid, what was supposed to be 2 months of studying became six disjointed months ending up in a homeless shelter, got dumped, had people die from the virus / riots. It's all just so much and I don't know what to do.

I have 15 days to make my choice. To apply as a gamble. Wait another year (which would do me no good other than reliving the hell that is studying for this exam)

Im so lost. I can't sleep. i don't want to eat. Please help.
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How bad is my balding?
I’m on minoxidil but I’m wanting to try fin and derma rolling. Any advice?
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Hey /adv. Y'all ever struggle with thinking youre uglier than you are? I have a date tomorrow and Im shitting myself cause i think im unattractive but my friends are basically telling me I'm retarded
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Bit of a unique conundrum. Maybe someone can shed some light on my situation that I haven’t examined yet.

So there’s this girl I know and she’s just...really amazing to me. Short, cute, bright eyes, we have so much in common, and jesus she’s smart (I was at a bonfire with her and we had an hour long conversation about our favorite philosophers and psychological theories). And I really REALLY like her. Like I’m 20 years old and haven’t ever had a crush and this is what I’d say it is honestly. But its been like more than half a year almost we’ve been acquainted and I cannot get her out of my head. I never dream about other people and I dreamed of kissing her last night.

The problems. She’s part of a large group of friends (guys and girls, some of whom are dating) and it’d make things a bit weird if I went for it and got shot down. She also isn’t single, although her boyfriend is a real piece of work. They’re long distance, he hardly ever talks to her, he refused her attempt to break up with him, and he forgets to give her the time of day even on her birthday and gaslights her into apologizing. She can do better. Wouldn’t be daunted if someone didn’t already make a pass. Another man (much more pathetic than me and also spanish lol) confessed his love to her and basically said she could do better, she told him that what he was saying wasn’t fair to her and they stopped being friends. I think I have a better chance (marginally) but its still a risk and I don’t want to confess my feelings and have her/people we’re close resent me for it.

Is there any solution to this that isn’t selfish or just dumb?
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When is it too late to find a girl who is as sexually inexperienced as me?

I know it sounds like I'm looking for an excuse to give up but I'm not. I just want to know the effect my age will play in meeting a girl who has never been in a long term relationship or had sex.

I'm a little afraid that by 30 it will be very difficult since only under 5% of girls are inexperienced at that age.

I really want us to both be at the same level and experience things together once we are both ready, that might take months, maybe years.

I do not mind dating someone significantly younger, I still live with my parents because it's normal in our culture so I've just been saving money. I don't think our lifestyles would be that mismatched but I guess it depends on her.

I guess I only need to meet one so I really need to start socializing but I'm nervous that time will hurt me a lot
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Ever since I turned 18, I'm afraid of becoming a hebephile.
I just turned 18 recently, and now I'm terrified that I'm becoming a hebephile. I was a major coomer throughout my teens, mostly to this one specific fetish that resulted in a lot of Deviantart browsing. However, since I'm now a legal adult, I've realized that I'm attracted to fictional characters who are younger than me. Sometimes I'll be browsing and accidentally see photos of said characters and I don't know if they've been aged up or not and it scares the living bejesus out of me to think that I'm becoming the scum of the earth. I should add that this only applies to fictional characters - I've never felt this way with any real life people. What is wrong with me and how do I change?
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How to text a girl
This may sound like the least difficult thing in dating, but for some reason I cannot text for shit. I don’t know how to have a fluid conversation on snapchat, I don’t know when to respond, is it weird if I respond too soon? What do I even talk about? I know I probably overthink it but I don’t know why. Sure I’m awkward in person, but nowhere near as much when I snap. I mean I could still use advice on how not to be an awkward nervous wreck in general too.
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how do you deal with managers that use scare tactics to get what they want?

I have started developing a repetitive strain injury in both wrists (desk job)
It started in my dominant hand and then I started using my left to avoid causing further damage. But now my left is catching up with my right and my right doesn’t last that long. earlier when I started seeing doctors, taking time to stretch, switching over to my non dominant hand my manager pulled me aside and literally told me to

>muscle through it

She was totally half joking half serious but mostly serious and it pissed me off. I’m doing my fucking best and that was just a slap to the face
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Why can't I do physical contact right?
I find it very difficult to use physical contact when I on dates. It always seems so weird to like put your hand on someone like that. Like to me, its almost never appropriate to hold a womans hand. Like it never makes sense for me to do so. I have been on some dates and tried it but it comes off as so weird to me that it feels robotic. I don't think the women liked it either. How do I get a more "natural" feeling when it comes to this stuff? I feel like I try doing it because I think I am supposed to rather than doing it because it feels natural.
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Using skincare products with stubble
I shave every other morning. I grow a slight stubble the day after I shave, but it's not long enough to shave daily, as I get cuts if I try.

I have skincare products like Vitamin C and suncreen that are supposed to be applied daily and affect skin tone.
If I apply these while I have stubble, would my skin not look as good in the areas where I have facial hair? Would it form small dots where my hair follicals are?
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Any parents/pregnant women know what this pain is? It's sharp and stings but its only in the area highlighted, its only happens if I squat, stand up, or I lay on my side and move.. I've read that ligament pain is in that area, but my pain is only on my right when I move not on both sides and under baby.. Plus I'm only 12 weeks in so barely 2nd trimester.. I've been feeling this throughout my time served but its increasing now as I move. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks
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I'm a virgin while my boyfriend is not. He's been pressuring me to have sex with him even though it's only been 5 months since we started dating. Do I just give in to his demands? I'm nervous.
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No title
she's uncomfortable with me improving myself
how much of a redflag is this? start setting up the exit plan?
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I don't know what to do
My friends just find out that his best friend of like 13 years and best man at his wedding has been diddling kids.
Both him and his wife just found out and he's been having break downs. I'm not a therapist and I don't know if he's looking into one but he's really fucked up about it.
No one expected it and it was completely out of the blue. The kiddie diddler seemed really normal and while I didn't know him very well it makes sense that it caught everyone by surprise.
I know there's support groups for people who are direct victims of assault but what about people who knew the perpetrator?
He wont stop apologizing to me like it's his fault Mr pedo touched a bunch of kids

What can I do to help him?
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What should I do?
So I just got a job bid at a different location with a company I’ve worked for quite some time and now I have what seems everyone against me just because they wanted someone else to get the position even one of the managers are in on it what should I do?
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No title
anons who have a gf, is it worth it?
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depressed no gf no friends abusive family and autistic i tried sport but im 5 ft 1 with eye problems so i failed most mandatory exams i have a criminal record becos i got racially profiled and like a retard confessed to the crime even though i didnt do shit i have no future and want to die
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No title
Why is it so hard?

A lot of things contributed to my isolation growing up - having to move every so often, bad neighborhoods my parents didn’t trust - but I find now that as an adult (19M) it’s hard to make friends or go on dates.

I tried the usual stuff. I joined clubs and tried to be social and go out often. I made acquaintances, sure, but none of them ever check up on me, I check up on them. I have coworkers but none of them every really converse with me on their own accord. I had a friend at my last job, but he never talked to me after I left. No one from high school really keeps in touch either. It’s always me starting conversations.

Half the time I feel like my own family doesn’t get me or really know me. One time they told me they thought I’d be a school shooter, because I never had Friday night plans and it worried them.

I tried the big name dating apps - Tinder and Bumble. They didn’t work. Sure, I had dates, but it was always just the first date. No one wanted to go out again. One girl loved me. Then she cheated on me. Every girl I’ve liked has been into multiple partners (which I don’t agree with) or just not interested in me.

I have internet friends, sure, but they can’t hug me through the computer. And who knows, they might disappear one day.

Is there something wrong with me that people don’t like that I’m oblivious to?
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No title
How do I stop being racist to blacks? I’m not racist towards any other race except them. I’m trying to eliminate hate from my brain, Ive almost stopped being misogynistic but I can’t bring myself to stop hating blacks. Not trolling
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No title
What's having a wife like?
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How long should I wait before quitting my job?
So I just did my first shift at this local convenience store/gas station that also makes cheesesteaks and pizzas and shit. And after 8 hours, things are not looking good. I applied to be a cashier, but apparently "everyone does everything" so I'm a cashier and a cook and a janitor and I have to do paperwork at night apparently?

It just had to be food, didn't it? Out of hundreds of applications, this is the only one I applied to for a food-related business, and they're the only ones who called back.

Shifts are 8 hours, and they want me coming in at 5 am tomorrow, and their busiest days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So how much of a chance should I give this job before quitting? Because I do want to work, but if I go home every single day feeling like this then it won't be long before there's a gun in my mouth and my brains are splattered on the fucking ceiling.
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No title
how do you cope with depression? any tips?

i can't drink anymore for my health's sake
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Long distance, online
So back when the pandemic first hit and everything was shutting down, I was on Tinder to try and talk to some girls. I matched with this one girl in another city, and we've been talking ever since, almost daily. I find her pretty good looking, we have similar sense of humour, we're able to have good conversations, all kinds of good stuff. We've even done a few video calls.
So things are starting to look half serious, despite the drawbacks of distant, online communication. Our latest talk was about how it'd be nice to date, but that it'd be impractical given the situation. So we either continue escalating as much as is practical, or we step back on our ~feeling~ and just try to be online friends. The problem with escalating is that it becomes unnatural at a point; we can't get physical at all, and each other's presence is on a screen. It's not "real". The problem with trying to be friends is that it denies what we both seem to want in one another, but it's easier to not miss the physical elements that are important in a romantic relationship.
I'm kinda confused about the whole thing now. Neither option is very appealing, and both are full of compromises. I want to hear what anons think of this sort of thing
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No title
I don't like to get too engaged in social games because people are boring and most times it's dull and tiresome having to listen to them but sometimes I feel lonely, like I'm missing out on something by refusing to have """meaningful""" human bonds. I'll only reach out if I want to drink or have sex with someone. How do I fix this?
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How to stop giving a shit
How do you learnt to stop giving a shit/ feeling hurt over an Ex?

My and my ex broke up in January after being together for 2 years, I wouldnt call it amicable but at the same time no one did anything to hurt the other, moreso she had some complaints about the relationship that I somewhat agreed with but after being on a break for a short while I feel I wasnt really given a chance to act on these things before she decided it was over.

I was pissed about not having a chance to even act on anything and felt like I had been dragged along for about 4 months with the hope we might fix it, but we decided its best to just try to be friends. During this time I am speaking to my friends about the situation and getting advice from them.

Heres the fun part, so about a month ago one of my friends tells me he has decided he has feelings for her and intends to ask her out, I tell him if he does its over between us. I talk to her and she says she has feelings for him too after he had started speaking to her after we broke up.

So the guys an opportunistic cunt, I hate her but still care in some way about her, and the friend group is now kinda fucked (luckily the rest of my friends support me)

I dont know what I feel and I dont know what I should? I'm following the advice of another friend in my group to just forget about them and move on, but its the invasive thoughts that fuck with me the most, and its made even worse by the fact I got my job because of my ex and still work with her (luckily working from home atm)

The last time we spoke I told her I couldnt talk to her anymore because of how hurt by the whole situation I am. They seem to have some regret about the whole situation as its kinda fucked everything up in our relatively small friend group. Shits fucked, I feel shit, sad and fucking angry. Thank you for reading my blog post.

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Please read and consider the following post
A girl I know is strange but I wanted to be with her up to a recent point. It gives me chills to imagine myself with her. We've been talking back and forth for a very long time. Any thoughts you might have or do you have suggestions? I'm trying to look for a girlfriend here and I don't want my judgment to affect my decisions.
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>Interesting Times Edition
Vent frustrations and issues that don't deserve their own thread here.
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No title
I have noone to care about, nowhere to be, nothing to possess or to do. If I suddenly dropped dead I'd leave nothing behind and nobody would notice.
You may be tired of people like this already, but I have nowhere else to go... How do I overcome this emptiness? I know one path is to acquire new hobbies because not only I'd build a new area of interest I would be able to meet people, but I feel there is nowhere to start. "Online communities for x activity" don't lead to anything meaningful in real life.
Also by being this empty of a human being I have absolutely nothing to talk about to other people, which makes general conversation and bonding hard.
Has anyone here ever left this bottomless pit?
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No title
I am 25 years old. and have done nothing with my life so far.

>no degree completed(im close though)
>no gf
>no money
>live at home with mom

my day usually consists of me being on this website. or youtube. searching pointless shit.

meanwhile all my peers have good jobs, ambitions, friends. why am i so content to be a lazy piece of shit?

please somebody give me some life tips beause my existence is pitiful at this point
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No title
built this city.jfif
Is the redpill true? I want to believe only bits and pieces of it are, but from what I've seen, it seems relatively correct, at least in some women. I could resign my dreams of getting a stable girlfriend in trade for a bunch of hoes that I could fuck, but that doesn't seem like an ideal scenario. My mentality seems to be more oriented towards wanting to start a family, but if women are the way they say they are, it's almost not worth it. I don't want to stress about who my girlfriend/wife would be checking out or fucking on the side, but it seems that's something I'll have to face if I choose this route, which makes it ultimately not worth it.

I also think the fact that cuckoldry and all that other shit is becoming more and more popular, and that's frightening to me. If my girlfriend were to even know what that is, that'd be an instant dealbreaker right off that bat I feel like.

Any insight on this?
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No title
whats the point of being alive if i will never have a cute gf?
1 images | 7 replies
What can I do to make me happy again?
Hey 4chan I am new here and I just wanted to ask you guys for some advice on life.

I am 22, I have no job, I barely graduated, I still live in my parents house, had a gf at age 14 I think, have nothing to do in my spare time, I tried to play my old videogames to feel some nostalgia and it worked for like 3 days, now they are just there taking space in my room, i feel so distant from the outside world, i only watch youtube all day and scroll through Instagram, i have like 3 online friends but i barely talk to them, nothing I do makes me happy, I've tried cooking, sports, and all sort of things and they are just momentary, I lose interest very quickly, I dont know what to do anymore,I want to try new things but I'm scared to try them and then not continue with that, what can I do?
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No title
I’ve been jerking off since I was ten years old, I would normally jerk off once a day, now I jerk off three to six times a day everyday, I’m starting to like weirder porn, shit that I thought was really bizarre before is what I’m starting to like now, like sissy, cum eating, futanari, I’m going as far to becoming a femboy, Im scared
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No title
>Wechsler (WISC) IQ >131 sd15
>got abused by elementary school teachers for years (e.g. wrists tied, dragged down all the way along the hallway with the entire students watching at me, and got kicked in the abdomen by male teachers in push-up pose at age of 8)
>got abused by own mother
>but at grade 5, a teacher found me being a gifted one, wrote me a letter of recommendation to Seoul university's special education program for gifted students
>everyone mocked "But he is merely a retard!"
>I got accepted in the program after evaluation with an interview
>getting attentions from others for the first time in my life
>tons of new friends in middle school
>dad fucked up his businness (hostess bar)
>dad at age of 60 when I was just fucking 14, can't get another job
>decided to immigrate to Canada because an uncle on mother's side is a Canadian citizen and promised to hire dad
>was a fraud (realized later ofc) and we're fucked up again losing all money we brought from Korea
>I spent 2 years in the fucking basement of that uncle's house without getting any education
>as mom finally got a working permit from a gook food restaurant in Calgary I finally went to school
>barely knows alphabet, can't focus or study English because by then I thought If I get prescribed for ADHD med Canadian government would kick the whole family out for me being a financial burden on the provicial government
>ofc treated as muted deafass chingchong by others
>my struggles meant nothing as I couldn't read at all due to ADHD, and got depression
>finally realized that there is no fucking way to get kicked out from Canada just for taking ADHD meds from a family doc after 6 years
>starts taking Methylphenidate from family doctor
>day 1 was a miracle and I fucking cried in joy, but by next day it was all gone I started to suffer from paranoia
>thought would be gone in a month
>never gone
>now my life is totally fucked up, been in psychiatric unit for weeks but nothing changed
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No title
If a woman walks into a room, sees you and immediately looks away, is it a bad sign, or is it neutral/not an issue? These are women at work, by the way.
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No title
Is it fucked up/desperate to try and get a girl you barely know (but text hi or whatever every blue moon) to try to hook you up with a girlfriend of hers you know even less?
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I got COPD and i am 24 years old non-smoker. How fucked am i?
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Why I don't like books and movies?
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Getting through the next few years
I have a medical problem that makes me depressed. Recently advances in the field surrounding my problem have given me recent hope but at best I wont be able to fix it for around 5 years. I'm currently 23. How do I try to push through these years?
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Friend who was raped as a boy having a mental breakdown
So my friend David was raped when he was around 5-8, he isn't completely sure how long it's been (he's 26) by his 20yo cousin who loves in the same house. After this he was constantly beaten by both his father and his step mother for hours almost daily until the age of 15,where he went to live with his grandmother where his other cousin basically gaslighted his grandmother into hating him. I thought he was blowing it out of proportion due to his past until my friends literally saw and heard her do it on stream when we were gaming.

So his cousin, let's call him Reggie for now, just had a newborn son with his wife. David told his grandmother again that he was raped, and they covered it up again. Reggie heard of it and told his wife that David was the one who tried to rape him (he's a black belt on karate and does several MMA styles) so now the wife doesn't want to talk to him. He wants to protect the kid, but he's a penniless NEET and we're still locked down by covid. They won't even let him see the kid. He's had multiple panic attacks this month and only just came to me to talk about it, but I have no idea what to do. What do I tell him to do? What can he do?
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Excluded middle
Is it possible for no-one to have anything on me and for me to have nothing on anyone at the same time? Aren't they are mutually exclusive? I'd like to believe that we live in a world where everything is fair and no-one is better than anyone else but if you don't have something over someone then they have something on you and if you do have something over someone they don't have something on you. Or is that reddit thinking and everyone really is equal and life is fair?
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Girl doesn't act interested but doesn't reject me neither
This girl, I really really like her. She never showed any interest in me, she never texted me first, whenever I texted her she'd send dull, boring replies.

I always thought she didn't like me at all. But I asked her out and she said yes. We went on a date and made out and everything was fine. But I still didn't see her very interested in me at any point. It was like a sex doll, I'd have to do everything myself. Although the kiss was started by me but she seemed to like it and kissed me back again.

But after that, we went back to the beginning. She doesn't text me, doesn't talk to me, acts completely uninterested. I asked her out on a date again, and she said yes.

I don't understand. Why does she act like she doesn't give a shit about me but doesn't reject my advances neither?
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I don't know how or if I should help my father
My father's mental state has been sharply declining for almost a decade now. Everyone in my family except me seems to have given up on him, and I don't know what I can do for him, or if I should do the same as my mom and siblings.

He has never been physically abusive, but he verbally abuses my mother constantly, despite all of his problems being his own fault. Just last night, it got so bad that my mom left to stay with her relatives in the mountains for a few days.

My dad has a lot going against him that makes me want to sympathize. He has bipolar disorder, he's an alcoholic, he suffered from head trauma a few years back, he has no friends, hobbies, or interests other than work, where he isn't really given actual work to do anymore, and from the very beginning, we've always found our mom to be much more reliable than him.

However, most of those are his own fault, or problems he refuses to resolve. Especially in terms of drinking, he continuously refuses to go to rehab, and nothing has been able to convince him to stop, not several heartfelt interventions, not us catching him red-handed hiding vodka countless times, not humiliating himself during a church service (he's the pastor), not driving his own elderly mom to tears on thanksgiving, not us calling the police to our house because he threatened to shoot himself, not him getting pulled over for drunk driving and spending the rest of the day in detainment. Nothing gets through to him.

At the same time, I still love him. When he was at his best, he was the kindest man you've ever meet. And even if he spends more and more of every day in his agitated state, I can't make myself ignore that it's born from his own misery, and I don't want his life to end in that sorry state.

I ended up getting sappier than I planned, but bottom line, I don't know what to do. You obviously can't help someone who won't help themselves, but my conscious just won't let me write him off as a lost cause.
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guys can you pleasee help me out pls!!

I need to find a source, which has this following text:
Pollution of the public resources is really not a different action, it just is a reverse tragedy of the commons, in that instead of taking something out, something is put into the commons. When the costs of polluting the commons are not calculated into the cost of the items consumed, then it becomes only natural to pollute, as the cost of pollution is external to the cost of the goods produced and the cost of cleaning the waste before it is discharged exceeds the cost of releasing the waste directly into the commons. So, the only way to solve this problem is by protecting the ecology of the commons by making it, through taxes or fines, more costly to release the waste directly into the commons than would be the cost of cleaning the waste before discharge.

guys pls help i dont know what to do
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cha ching
What are some ways to earn extra money?

I already sell plasma and make okay pocket change that way, but I have some payments coming up in the future that I want to prepare for. Money saving tips are also appreciated.
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So I started texting a girl that I used to work with earlier this week and it's gone well. I already asked if she was interested at some point to meet up and catch up and she replied back an enthusiastica yes. I was thinking of meeting up on Saturday if she's ok with that. Is that too soon to meet? I chose Saturday bc I have that day off from work but I also want to see her. Thoughts?
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My fiancé & I plan to have kids in the next couple years. I discussed this with my dad & step mom that I don't want my biological mother in my future kid's life because she's an financially & emotionally unstable schizophrenic & she has an awful habit of not telling anyone where she's going (this happened when I was a baby & lead to the divorce).

I'd rather not have my kid meet her & call her grandma. My step mom raised me better in 15 years than my own mom has in 1 year. I even call my step mom my real mom & she's ok with being grandma to my kids. My plan is to tell my kids the truth once they are old enough to understand.

I don't know if I'm making the right decision here. I don't want any kid to see what I went through with my own mom. Seeing a grown adult spaz out & swear at imaginary people is pretty scary
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How to learn faster

I'm 20 years old, and I'm still in high school. It's not that I'm bad, actually I'm an average student with As and Bs usually, but when my parents decided to put me in online schooling a few years ago, I started slacking and procrastinating, as I often do when I'm in front of a computer screen. As a result, I have wasted tremendous times on my studies. I want to get the wasted time back, so my parents decided to enroll me in certain courses and told me to finish them quickly(e.g I have to finish a semester course in a week). I however fail to do so, and I don't know what to do. I have completely stopped procrastinating, and closed youtube, 4chan, etc... and only focus on my studies, but I'm still not making it.

I feel like I have disappointed her enough and I want to finish this course, but at the pace I'm going right now, I won't make it at the end of this week, unless I find an hack to just learn faster. I literally didn't even do half of the shit and I have to finish in 2 days

So here I am, on this website I used to procrastinate a lot on, to find an answer :
How can I learn faster to finish my courses very, very, very fast?
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Flirting with Girls
How do I flirt with girls?
Even thinking about it gives me the creeps, I can talk to girls normally but the idea of revealing my emotions to someone makes me extremely nervous and upset
I'm not unattractive, but I don't want to be seen as creepy
Should I just be open with the fact that I have extreme difficulty telling people about my emotions?
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How do I get rid of an inferiority complex? 1, 5, 6, and 8 are ones that I see in myself.
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Approaching the grils
When I go out to social events where there’s nobody there I know, it can be hard to open somebody up.

If I walk up and introduce myself, I instantly get something like the annoyed exhale. After a few exchanges I get a dead-pan “yeh well I really just came here to” telling me to buzz off.

When things do work out, they approach me. They walk right up to me and drag me to their table of friends or get a little physical pretty quick.
When I approach in a way that works, it’s usually almost by accident. Last time, I was singing to myself in a Chick-Fil-A. I turned and there were two girls smiling, they started laughing when I turned. I said “oh, didn’t realize I had an audience, I’ll stop” to which they laughed and said “nooo, nooo it’s fine really” and we started chatting. I ended up at their table, exchanged instagrams and I left.

That sort of “shit-test” I.e. when I said “I’ll stop” is the only way I have of opening, and it’s sort of just by chance. The idea is to “invite yourself” to leave and see if they ask you to stay. That’s an instant way of reading whether you’re welcome.

What are some ways that work better as far as giving me MORE opportunities to use them?

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Will a girl keep saying "I love you" even after she's made up her mind to cheat you or break up with you?
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I want to have sex and feel a woman's touch again, but I want it from a woman who loves me and shows me affection.

On the other hand, I am scared of moving on from my ex, as I fear never finding someone like her while also fearing sudden abandonment.

What should I do? I lost my virginity 4 years ago to my ex, and we broke up in April, having sex daily even days up to our breakup. I want to have sex again, but I can't make myself do it with some stranger - it simply doesn't suit me. I want to bang someone I love and vice versa.
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How do I stop being weird, awkward around hot girls? I always get nervous around them
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Kanna shocked
How do you regain respect for someone after it's been lost?

>talking to my aunt
>ask her what she thought of the Betty Broderick situation, as a random curious question
>she was 16 at the time that happened
>"I'm fine with her killing her ex-husband. Son of a bitch needed killing."
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Help me understand my wife sex habits
So i date for 5 years, my GF is quite traditional and have a quite confusing sexual habits.

Regulary she is massive puritan, we do the deed, but she is very passive, she never EVER starts sex, and only advances when i advance, she has multiple orgasms, so she keeps passively organisming until i cum, she does good BJ tough.

She is completely passive, but she is not a shy person, she just don't become active, i never bring it, i try to be patient and encourage her to be more active but it doesnt work.

But here is the kicker, she doesn't often drink, but when she takes a alcohol she becomes a sexual predator, i am not kidding, she doesn't become more corageous, she literally try to rape me, she just starts sex as agressively as one can and keeps going until she or me faints or cant move from leg cramps, it can take hours and even if its hot it goes to a point that is unconfortable but i can't get her to do a "pause" for a second round.

I think it would be better for us both if she was more balanced, how do i do this ? and why she does this ?
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What would happen if I whipped my dick out in front of a female nurse at the mental hospital?
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How would I go about catching a potential child predator? Only evidence I had was deleted but I have his information.
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Need to completely flip sleep schedule in 1-2 days.
Lady Sexy DMC 3
I am currently nocturnal sleeping from around 10:00am to 4:00PM and being awake until 4:00AM.
I need to flip that on its head entirely so that I go to sleep no later than Midnight and wake up no later that 6:30am. This has to be done before monday next week.

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This is a long and embarrassing story but I would like some help
>meet girl on 4chan
>we talk for awhile seems to be going quite well
>we decide we like each other and be exclusive
>she says now she wants to move to my place to be with me after college and sees us being married in the future
>says if she had found out I had a dead end job she wouldn’t have kept things going with me
>she decides to show me her tits after we joke around a bit and my sister covertly hears me, didn’t know she was nearby
>later we trade some nudes and have video sex and she more or less pressured me into video sex by arousing me
>she says she had prepared a nude for me, wasn’t spur of the moment
>thing is though she wears baggy clothes and said she was modest and a prude before
>i get into an argument with my sister and she rats on my mom I was doing this shit and I admit to it because I’m a godawful liar
>break up with her otherwise I’ll get kicked out and I don’t have a job since I’m a student.
>she says she’s disappointed and we both move on
>this all happened in a span of about 3 weeks

Did I actually dodge a bullet there, looking back she seemed kinda pushy and the being modest and prudish part doesn’t add up. Also how do I get over love addiction easier?
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I'm 20 and I have no friends
I'm terrible at talking to people I think something is wrong with me
I only have two years of college left and I don't think I can turn things around by then
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GF Ghosting Me
My gf has been ghosting me for the past few weeks or so. I've sent countless texts and tried calling, but she hasn't responded and immediately denied the calls. We had a small argument prior to this, but I called her and we sorted it out. What should I do?
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I think my gf thinks I'm a closeted homosexual
what's the play?
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How do I know if my room is killing me? I always feel dead fucking tired and my house is a garbage dump.

I noticed I feel shittier on days that are windy and I just get this gross stale air smell while it blows through my shitty 800 year old window.

Should I try moving to a different room? My eyes literally always burn I feel tired and like shit. I always just wanna sleep and eat non stop and I always feel like I’m dying of sleep deprivation
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>Needed a new roommate.
>Decided to roomie with one of my best friends, everything seems fine.
>Plenty of fun comfy times playing vidya or watching Netflix ensues.
>My elderly cat likes him which is a bonus.
>But then he shits, for an hour.
>Whenever i wake up hungover, he's taking a watery shit.
>Whenever i need an evening wank, he's spending an hour with air cracking farts.
>After work when I need a shower (i work food), he's dropping another hour long log.
>mfw waking up to three months of this.

This fuckhead spends 3 hours a DAY on the toilet and an extra 3 hours is required to air it out. This obviously inhibits many of my routines. What do I do to fix his diet and avoid this?
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how do you become a 20 something year old woman's fantasy?
im a 28 year old boomer who was pretty sexually inexperienced but i met some nice ladies in their 40s and realized they appreciated most me being their fantasy (i.e., someone to pamper them after a long tired day at work and make them feel sexy). what would be the equivalent for a 20 something year old?
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Am I gay? Bi?
Hey guys. I need help. Right now I’m going through a very stressful part of my life, with covid cancelling a whole bunch of shit and I’ve been confused about my sexuality and just I wanna ask someone but I’m too much of a bitch to do so so I am on 4chan asking you. I don’t know man. I fantasize all the time about sucking dick and taking it but I don’t find guys attractive. I also think women are hot and like thinking about going down on a girl too. I don’t know. Am I gay, bi, or just really horny.

I’m a male btw

>pic unrelated
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Fear and Misery
Do you miss me anymore?

Well i dont even notice when it hurts




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