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Should I tell my friend about his girlfriend kissing another guy?
Hello /adv/. Last night I was out at a bar with some friends.
A guy who I'm pretty close to in this friend group recently started a relationship with one of the girls in the group. After hanging around this bar for a while, some of the group wanted to go to a club in another part of town. My boy had to be up early, so he said goodbye and went home while most of the rest of the group, including his gf and her girlfriends, went to the club.
As the night wore on and many drinks were had, she got pretty drunk. At one point she dragged another guy in our friend group onto the dance floor. I saw them dancing very close and kissing at one point.
Later on, however, they rejoined our group and didn't stand near each other.
I'm debating whether I should tell my friend what happened. Here are some additional factors to consider:
1. Me, my good friend, and the other guy are all part of the same organization and I don't want to embroil that organization in personal drama that could impact our performance.
2. My bro is moving across the country in like a month and is debating if he wants to still try dating this girl long distance. Last we spoke about it he seemed to be leaning towards breaking up with her anyway.
3. If I didn't make it clear at first, the girlfriend seemed to initiate everything and I'm not sure how comfortable the other guy was with the whole thing.
4. I'm personally the sort of person who would want to know if my gf was kissing dudes behind my back. I feel like most men would feel the same. I personally find it very hard to trust people, especially women. I also feel like keeping this from my friend would be violating our trust.
What should I do? I will describe some ideas I had in my next post.
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No title
How old were you when you realized you were too autistic and unattractive to ever make friends or get a girlfriend and your life is worthless? I think I was 23, I’m 30 now, how about you guys?
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ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (ATOSA f/k/a/ ATOGA a/k/a/ SQTDDTOT)
LAST: >>29823361
Picrews, toonmes, rate me shit, and hookups go to the /soc/ ATOGA: >>>/soc/atoga
Check FAQ; ask for detail on entries needed
Be concise; use linebreaks
This isn't GIOYC

>What do men/women think about <any trait/interest incl. looks/figure, virginity/bodycount, height, fitness, penis/breasts/butt size/shape, sex act>?
>Do any <men/women> like <a complex on the above>?
There's no one answer, but complexes are a turn-off

>Where do I go on a date?
Coffee is the ideal 1st date, but any of these work: food, drinks, ice cream, froyo, film, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park

>I'm shy/afraid of <people/rejection>
>Where/how do I meet people for <friends/love/socialization>?
It takes time & effort. Leave your comfort zone. Find an activity you're passionate about.

>I'm a virgin with no friends, what do?
Get friends first

>I like someone, what do?
>How do I tell if someone likes me?
Ask him/her out; "signs" of attraction don't exist

>Something insignificant happened! What does it mean?
Can't say w/o detail; odds are you're overthinking it

>Someone made it clear he/she isn't interested. Do I have a chance?

>Do cold approaches work?
Not unless you have used car salesman levels of charisma

>Can I get out of the friendzone?
Not directly. All strats require friendship to decay to casual acquaintance, potential sexual attraction, & focus on him/her to die. You may need to date others to do this. The goal: approximate a normal pre-dating relationship and date normally. Success is very low, but higher than staying friends, but may take years.

Don't do the following:
>Q/claim/insecurity about penises/breasts
>Deliberately hide people's sex in Qs
>Ask generic hypos with no details if you want specific advice
>Re-ask a Q ignoring prev. replies
>Whine about all men/women
>Whine about OP/FAQ
>Whine if someone rejects the premise of a Q
>Whine if responses differ from expectations

>Where's the new thread?
Make one! Try these macros:
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No title
How do you deal with daddy issues? I need a strong father figure to make me feel confident in myself
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No title
You're 30, white, a millionaire and want to start a new life.
Where do you go?
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No title
As someone working in b2b sales with a 9-5 Monday to Friday job, with about 2 and a half years experience, and currently on 45k euro. What options do I have in terms of getting a second job i.e. evenings and weekends to maximise my income while leveraging this skillset?
>only option i could think of is pizza delivery so any advice is appreciated
>goal is to maximise income for a year so i can execute some life goals this time next year or earlier, need to save about 50k euro by then
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No title
Should I learn German or Spanish?
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Is using negative emotions such as envy and spite good for motivation? I was depressed but now I feel like doing better just out of spite for those who wronged me or that are doing better than I am. Or is this a bad idea?
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Most of my family, cousins my age, and friends own homes and are starting families and are seemingly so happy right now and I'm just a loser living with my grandmother. How can I get over the existential dread I've been feeling knowing that I'm an incapable retard that can never have a normal life and loving family?
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panic attacks
I keep on getting panic attacks and the only help I get from my psychiatrist is "to practice breathing slower." What are my options I am tired of feeling useless and like I am dying
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Question to old single 4chin faggots: are you happy?
On another forum (not reddit) I saw a post from a 40+ single guy saying that he enjoys living alone, playing vidya, going to the gym, and just taking walks in the park as opposed to having a girlfriend and a child. The comments below were full of projections, like "you don't actually enjoy life, huh?", "so enjoyable that you need to post about that here for attention?". And these comments were highly rated. I wondered, what goes through a mind of someone who sees another person living his own life, on rules different than those set by default, and to insult him because of that. It's like reverse crab bucket mentality. They scream "join our happy lives, all of which our ancestors lived, don't try anything else, otherwise you won't be actually happy".
Do you really need a relationship to be happy, or is it all your own mindset?
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should I find a new therapist or ditch therapy altogether?
I got pretty heated with my therapist last week. I got mad because she was being untruthful, albeit because she thought I might be currently suicidal. Here are some of the lies I refuted as a 27 year old kv
>virginity doesn't matter
>I am not ugly/creepy
>women don't care about sex as much as men do
>sex is not that important
I told her (regrettably) of my plan to improov for the next three years and end it all if I didn't have sex by age 30. She tried to get me to go to the hospital or enroll in a mental health program, which I turned down because I didn't want to miss work. I get that she's trying to be helpful and trying not to get sued, but this is feeling like a waste of time. I've been to other therapists of both sexes and haven't made any noteworthy progress. Should I keep trying or just focus on my improvement plan?
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No title
I'm 28, single, no kids but a couple of pets. I make $130K per year before taxes. Houses in my area start at around $400K. Should I buy one? I'm sick of renting, although with everything else that goes into buying a house, I'll probably end up spending more per month than I do now on rent.
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No title
What jobs are good for meeting someone to date and marry
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Thinking of having consensual sex with my sister
Posted on another board but no good replies. We're both middle-aged and divorced, don't trust or feel like pursuing new relationships with people at this point. Still keep our friendly relationship but throw some casual sex in the mix. I mean, who gives a shit at this point? She's become very flirty with me in the past year bordering on sexual. I've dismissed it up to this point but was thinking about it today. Why the hell not? New experience, taboo, and someone I trust. We're both good-looking, too. We're both lonely and from her tone in the past year it seems like she'd go for it. So what say you, 4Chan? Should I float the idea out there? Maybe have a few drinks with her one night and see if anything happens? At this point I just don't care anymore and we could satisfy each other's sexual needs.
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No title
How do i get women as a graying 32 yo hhkv
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No title
Should I divorce this dude? Am I a beard?

Been with this man 4 years. Have a newborn together. But here's the thing, about 2 years ago our sex life tanked. Used to be several times a week, and now it's been literally six or seven months since we had lame suck sex. Caught him looking at tranny porn around that time, didn't like it. He had this whole ass fantasy, and I told him if he wanted that he could go bone a dude, but I was out. He has since, to my knowledge, quit watching it, but that doesn't change that we haven't had intimacy for a while.

We also don't really do anything together. We don't really spend time together or do activities. He watches youtube videos in the same room and thinks that's quality time, despite being informed otherwise.

I have already lost 20+ pound of the baby weight, with 15 to 20 more to go, but even before he wasn't biting. Not to be an asshole, but I'm decent enough looking. I have always paid my half of every bill, I do most the cleaning, and am living of savings to my half while I take care of the baby.

I thought this might be depression, so I've been encouraging him to seek help. It's been years, and I can't force the issues.

The baby is also a boy, and desu, I want him in a two parent house. However, I don't want him to have a dad who doesn't set a great example

Tl;dr: advice on maybe being a beard
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Sneaking into a Concert?
I missed out on the tickets being sold before resellers started to charge a ridiculous upcharge on a concert. I will but merch anyhow to support the artist if that matters. But essentially the concert is in a casino so I was curious about how to get access to the venue. I was just thinking of walking in and if I get stopped saying that I was working earlier and left my wallet or phone and needed to grab it. Any advice or better ideas?
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No title
Do you think it’s worth it getting rich? Came across an opportunity that could make me wealthy if I basically become a workaholic for a few years and do something very sales heavy
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How do I quit porn if I am a virgin with zero prospects in real life dating?
I feel like If I don't watch porn I just get very horny and frustrated to the point I am unable to focus.

There are days when I need to get that release and porn is the way to do that.

What should I do? Obviously I could jerk off without porn but it feels so inferior and takes too long.
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Therapy. Is it based or cringe?
I feel like I'm the kind of person who could unrionically use it, just having a platform to vent my life frustrations out at seems appealing, but in the same stroke, it feels like an utter admission of defeat, which I suppose I'm too proud to handle. I tend to self-therapy myself, have long drawn out conversations about my feelings, why I feel that way, and attempt to be unbiased in responding to myself, but I assume that either just makes me a normal thinking person or totally crazy.
That goes with ignoring the fact that I don't know how open I would allow myself to be with somebody who I know doesn't really care on a personal level, and is more likely than not just farming sessions out of me and internally debating what pills to push. Not to mention I figure half the time, I'd express my feelings and then subsequently get shot down as to why those are invalid or whatever, but at this point I know I am merely projecting negative predictions onto a therapist for no reason.
Have any of you gone to a therapist? How has it gone?
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No title
Do girls like pretty boys with long hair? I've never had a girlfriend or a girl interested in me, I'm not sure if this is because I need to be more proactive, because of my height, or because I'm not masculine enough. My face is not the problem, I know for sure. Should I become more masculine? Should I even care about female validation at all?
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>be me
>bi fag
>have best friend
>have crush on best friend
>told him once
>he ignored it (probably chalked it up to a truth or dare game on discord)
>nevertheless figured he was straight (he claimed he was bi though)
>has told me he really wants to bottom
>we've shared nudes in truth or dare (totally not gay tho)
>still have crush on him
What should I make of this?
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No title

>girls and gays somewhat frequently approach me and tell me i’m good looking
>also get told I look Asian

I’m confused. Aren’t Asian men supposed to be undesirable?
It makes me really confused about myself
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/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #154
HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to getting (and dealing with) women goes here. All anons are welcome to ask questions from more experienced anons, share experiences, get a second opinion, and give updates on advice received. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, we know how hard it can be, we got you brah.

HTGWG is NOT for whining, moping, incel-dom, hopelessness, or any of that crap. If you've given up, then go bitch about it somewhere else. Ignore the miserable posters who refuse to put in any effort. Let them rot. They have every other thread on /adv/ to writhe in and every other board, too.

New posters are encouraged to share their latest experience with women, be it an attempt to approach, a date, a cute girl from school, or just a girl you saw somewhere and thought was cute, but hesitated to go and talk to her. Also read the FAQ before asking questions.

Reminder that context is important. If you're asking for advice don't just ask 'This girl ghosted me, why?', we can't understand what your situation is like. Try to help other anons understand so they can help you, add as much (useful) context as possible ("I was at the bar, this chick was checking me out and .....", what your relationship is with the girl, how long have you known her, screenshots or outline of conversation if any, etc). Don't forget to ask an actual question.

>FAQ & Resources:
If anyone wants to add more links or info, create a new pastebin and reply to OP.

>Previous Thread:
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No title
What are the consequences of not doing college? No sugarcoating. No reddit bullshit. What sort of hell am I plunging myself into?
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No title
Do I, as a white socially conservative person, have any future in America? Should I try and bail out and go to Europe or something? Would any of them accept me, assuming ethnonationalism becomes more prominent? Or should I go down with the ship that is the USA?
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Behind in life
My best friend just got engaged and it got me thinking about how behind I am in life
I'm prone to depression but I try to be as positive and optimistic as I can. However I just can't see myself ever being in a happy relationship, it just seems so far out of reach for someone like me.
I feel like I'm being left behind and I'm afraid of ending up alone in life. What should I do?
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No title
How many non-whites have become selfhating due to all of the /pol/shit of this website and honestly the internet as a whole? I dont wanna turn this into some sort of pity party but being black and being terminally online is a amazing way to destroy your self confidence, whenever I go outside I just imagine people see me and the first thing they think is that I smell or that I'm loud. And last question has anybody managed to escape the cycle of self hate?
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getting hit on by a girl at work but i dont know what to do with her
Shes a bit tomboyish Id say
Im basically autistic and dont know how to approach women in a flirty way. I can tell that she hits on me since she seems to approach me out of nowhere and tease me. I don't think she's very attractive physically but I'm attracted to her either way for some reason. Any advice for my autistic 25 year old ass?
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I feel bad
Man in a relationship here, I was horny and jerked off to my imaginations display of my ex last night and I feel guilty. Should I tell my gf?
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No title
How do I balance “the grind TM” and having a healthy social life?

I’ve been wanting to meet more people lately but I don’t feel like I have time to sign up to some club or go to some event, I’m always busy during the week and burnt out during the weekend.
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How to stop being insecure
I want to get over my shyness/poor self-image because I think the loneliness I currently found myself in is rotting my brain and soul as much as my porn addiction. The closest thing I have to call friends are the people I interact with here.
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No title
How do you even meet women these days
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No title
So, /adv/, around February this year I took a commission for some dude's writing story. It was a repeat client, so not really a new dude.
Well, I gave the guy a draft of half the word count to gauge if things were good. He didn't find the draft to his liking so I did a few more taking his corrections in mind.
He didn't accept the two extra drafts either, so I kinda got frustrated and took a small break.
That said, at that point my life got a bit hectic and couldn't focus on writing. Combined with the earlier frustration, I kinda zoned out of the commission. Plus, the dude just disappeared.
Until now, seven-ish months later. The guy just messaged me asking how's the story going.
What should I do here, /adv/? Should I just come clean and tell him I got jackshit?
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No title
Went back to college later in life and every instructor no matter what study has the same standup routine about how they hate white people and male-named things should go away or men should be done away with over time. They're all competent instructors, all white, if they have children they are white, and it's very dissonant.

Most of the classes are brown girls and don't seem to react to any of these statements.

I feel physically uncomfortable in the classes. I feel like a complicit liar not saying anything, but I don't know what I would possibly say. They're white. I'm white. No one else is white.
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No title
How do I deal with it if someone thinks I'm some pedo creep for finding an 18 year old girl hot?
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No title
How do I build up the courage to finally kill myself? I've in some way wanted to die for as long as I can remember, even as a child. Not because I'm miserable and hate my life, my life is quite good and I am usually happy. I in someway just deeply wish to not have it. It's like a core fundamental of who I am. But despite all this I cannot bring myself to finally do it, no matter how much I want to. Partially because of all the tethers holding me down here, I feel a strong sense of obligation towards all the people in my life. But it's mostly because I am just terrified of death. I can only imagine it as a black void with my own thoughts to haunt me and I think that'd be my greatest nightmare.
It's been holding me back for so long, it's just horrible. How do I finally do it? I swear to God that this isn't some stupid larp, this is me as much as I can be.
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No title
34 yo kissless virgin loser here.
about a month ago I went to subway. The girl working there, som new hire, was eyeballing me. Looking more at me than the sammich she was making for me.
I went there again today, for the first time since that one. She was working. And again she looked at me once she saw me in the line, even when handling other customers and their subs.
She's probably fresh outta college, like 10 years younger than me. I've never had anyone looking at me like that, not that I've noticed anyway.
What should I do? I don't wanna wait another 34 years for someone to look at me with interest.
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No title
Mid tier state university or high tier liberal arts college for computer science?
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Scared to turn 20
I want to be a teenage for a while longer. It feels like my fuck ups will carry more weight once I’m an “adult”. Help.
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Theory for Muon Accelerator
My theory on muon accelerators is that if you attract negative pions after colliding protons and they decay into muons, and then (according to fermilab) you pass muons through liquid hydrogen, slowing them down and making them straighter i believe, and then passing them through an electromagnetic field i believe giving them energy, and repeating this process till the muons become in a line, then you collide the muons using a linear collider with muons that had the same process done to them ofc

>is this theory possible at all or does it have any flaws, inefficiencies, etc.?

>has this theory been theorized before? if not then has a better theory been theorized?
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Is time alone enough to rekindle attraction in this case?
>How well it started

First 9 dates went superb. Everything went out perfectly as I intended. We hooked up on every date. We had lots of fun, everything was lighthearted and exiting. I was aloof. We had plenty of deep conversations. She told me how mysterious I was and that she wondered how many girls I've had. She initiated contact 90% of the time and over time she became obsessed with me while we were away, sending me a long text to know where we stood, how I saw our future, what my intentions with her were and if I reciprocated her feelings. She said that she needed to know because it was stressing her out and making her overthink. Basically what every dating guru tells you is EXACTLY what you want to hear. All that time I was extremely careful not to send too much and let her wonder. I set up a date instead of answering her and it was amazing. A perfect balance of casual, romantic and risky. She told me she was in love, and so did I.

>How I fucked up

Things turned sour after that as I started to lose the plot the night after. She got horny while we were out and public and wanted to sneak in a quiet spot and I just dismissed it. I asked her some sensitive things about herself which only worsened the mood. Later, she asked me if our thing was going to last, and I answered "I don't know the future but I'm exited to find out". I put her on a pedestal with corny compliments that bordered worshipping. Every time I did so I noticed that she would only politely receive them but I always realized too late. That night I also had a case of erectile dysfunction that completely prevented intercourse. I became too available and she flaked on our last outing by coming, but not setting a precise time in advance.
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No title
Best way to slowly kill yourself, while still being relatively fast, making it look like an accident?
Beer and cigarettes would take too long to kill
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No title
Do you consider this fat
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No title
Hello. What is the most efficient method to successfully rape a girl?
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Asking a YouTuber Out On a Date
Hello everyone on /adv/,

I've been following the YouTuber Pan Piano for quite a while now, and I need some advice. I'm truly inspired by their musical talent, enthusiasm, and overall presence on their channel. I really admire them, and I feel the strange urge to ask them out on a date.

I'm well aware that social platforms can put distance between viewers and creators, and I don't want to cross any boundaries or make anyone uncomfortable. However, I also think it's worth expressing appreciation for someone I truly admire.

Has anyone here done something similar or have any advice on how to approach this? Should I even consider it? I'm looking for respectful and constructive responses.

Thanks in advance for your advice and thoughts!
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No title
Why are there so many trans women with massive cocks?
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How do I actually start self harm?
I've hated my life for as long as I remember. My life isn't awful, I have a decent living situation, I have a lot of close friends, see people often, and I don't hate myself too much either. I've just wanted to kill myself for a while though. I often fantasize about suicide, but I can't never actually do it, because whenever I try I just don't do it for whatever reason.

I feel like if I start harming myself it'll open the flood gates, and finally allow me to kill myself, but I'm scared of pain.

What would be the best way to start?
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Unsolicited advice thread
Unsolicited advice thread. Give unsolicited advice

I'll start:
never appear desperate

>talk to a girl in a social club in my sophomore year of college
>she gets upset I forget her name, make up a nickname for her because i'ts easier to remember than a generic name
>ffw 2 months. Haven't talked for that amount of time
>she sees me at some random point in the future, asks me to remember her name. I say the one I made up for her
>dont talk for like another few months
>see her at another school event, I was making crafts out of flowers. Not as a part of the event, but because I am fruity as hell
>give her one since I see her around sometimes and see her as a low tier friend
>she is impressed by the craft because I didn't use any kind of adhesives, it was entirely woven from fresh flowers
>she gives me her number, I text her like three times over the course of the next year (random shit out of the blue mostly)
>she doesn't reply to one of them for like a month. I don't double text because I'm not *that* stupid
>a little
>run into her in person in my own apartment because my roommate invites lots of people over every weekend
>I think he does this to try to meet girls but it never seems to work for him (in all the time i've lived here, every girl always leaves at the end of the night. I can hear noises from his room if I use my bathroom and its always those dumbass tiktok zoomer vids, not sex)
>she sees me hauling plants I stole from campus into the boiler room (for more fruity crafts, of course)
>gets impressed about my dedication (hindsight, she probably thought that I only did the fruity crafts stuff as some bot way of impressing girls)
>ends up leaving the group my roommate brought over to spend time with me doing other, much more autistic stuff, brings more girls with her leaving the other group as mostly guys and one of the guy's girlfriends. For some reason, no guys followed us

Girls can sense desperation. "easy go" attitude means girls are "easy come"
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No title
how do you deal with life passing you by? I just finished 2 years at a horrible job at a dealership. Tons of pain and misery but i kind of realized it had to happen to me or else i would be screwed later on in life when real shit happens to me then. I guess all the stress and anger and sadness just made me age because even though im 23 i kind of look like im 25/26. Its kind of hard to accept that i spent my early 20s in misery
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No title
Why can’t I stop thinking about “body count”. Been dating my Gf for two years now. She was shy and dorky when we first
met, but a couple months back she told me she used to go bar hopping and flirt with guys for fun and free drinks. But supposedly she’s never had a one night stand. We’ve talked about our sexual past before, and I just can’t shake the feeling that she’s lying. Although at the same time, shes borderline autistic and I really don’t think shes the type to lie about something as silly as that.
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Help with birthday present
Context: I wanted to gift a loved closed one tickets for her favorite artist. However she bought them the first day available, so I want to return her the money she spent on it so that she can go without spending a cent.

The problem is that I don't know how to make it meaningful, do I put it all in a briefcase along with a note, do I print the virtual transaction ticket and give it to her? What the fuck can I do? I want to accurately show how much I care about her.

(It's a lot, A LOT of money, but giving someone the money something is worth is not nearly as flashy as buying her the tickets)
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Is it normal for men to cheat?
I know men all have urges but it seems different for me. I've seemed to have a problem all my life with cheating.

I've never done one night stands or hookers or anything. It's more that I like the romantic process and the sexual tension as my relationship with the other girl progresses, and then finally turns into sex.

I know some people can stay single and just date different girls but for some reason that's not me either. I've just always had a long term gf and then the idea of having a girl on the side gets me excited.

Anyone have an idea what's wrong with me? I've been like this since I was a kid.
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No title
How to make decisions? Which haircut should I get? Which career should I pick? What movie should I watch? There's so many options and I get overwhelmed
1 media | 12 replies
I need to stop jacking off urgently
I jacked off to furry guro and I feel fucking disgusting, I don't even like it, I never wanted to get to this point and I never want to do it again, how do I escape this asap and not look back?
I've been addicted to porn since my teens and I haven't been able to escape for like 10 years, my brain has just gotten more and more fried as time goes on, I just want to be free forever.
I want to heal my brain from whatever made me end up like this.
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It's over if you aren't born incredibly rich isn't it
Looking at these ivy league kids in different countries every 3 months is real disheartening.

Because even if you worked hard to get that rich, you'd be too busy to do anything anyway. Only your kids would reap the benefits.
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Should I be worried?
I met this girl at a party recently. When she was introducing herself, she mentioned that she had a boyfriend.

Over the next little while, we continued talking. We grew closer and started flirting with each other, but I’d only known her for a few days when she abruptly asked me out.

I was a bit taken aback, so I asked her whether she was still in that relationship. She responded that she used to have a boyfriend, but was single now.

Upon pressing, she showed me a series of text messages she’d exchanged with her ex, proving that they had indeed broken up already. She confirmed later on that she did it just so she could be with me.
We’re officially a couple now. I like her very much, and I want to stay with her. However, I’m new to the dating scene and this is my first relationship, so I’d appreciate some reassurance or advice on how to proceed here.

I’m not sure if it’s normal for me to be constantly looking over my shoulder, afraid that she’ll dump me one day and replace me with someone else, just like she did to her last ex. Either way, it’s a predicament I’d rather not be stuck in right now.

I fear I might never get sufficient peace of mind to feel fully secure in this relationship, but at the same time, I’d prefer to stick it out and see whether that concern subsides over time.
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No title
kms or don't kms that is the question, let's vote
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No title
Girlfriend's too much of a "pick me" people pleaser and I've come to really despise that.

She never wants to be on anyone's bad side no matter who it is
She'd be friends with just about anyone and the result of that is that her closest friend group is full of just awful immature people, girls only gossip and partake in immature high school level drama (all 21-23 y/o) and guys are just gym fuckboys with the most annoying personality possible, they are all the type of people that'd bully someone like me back in school. They all gossip and hate each other it's the most npc high school friend group imaginable except they are grown adults.
When she sees someone we know on the street no matter how much we don't ever have contact with that person she goes to say hi, not even talk just to say hi, she'd wait 10 minutes for someone to finish a conversation just so she can say hi to them
Every time she sees it's someone's birthday on social media she wishes them a happy birthday
When someone hits on her she just excuses it as them being friendly and wanting to be friends with her, no matter how obvious it is she never ignores the person or turns them down because it's "rude", she's always friendly, likes attention

She has been like that her entire life and that's why she got shitty friends she can't let go of. It's not something that I think I can ever change at this point that is her personality. What do I do?
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Do it for yourself?
I’m confused at the phrase, “do it for yourself.” I sincerely, mean this, I thought about it. How do I know I’m working out for myself? Because if I were to do something for myself, I wouldn’t need to work out, and be happy with the the healthy skinny version of myself. However, if I want to gain more physical attraction, I would workout. The conundrum I run into is then, essentially, I’m not doing it for myself, as I would be doing it for other’s attractions. Which I would like, but then I can’t tell if I’m optimizing myself for others or myself.

Can someone simplify this?

The effort doesn’t bother it me, it’s the core purpose and meaning I want to get my head around.
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7.77 billion market cap prophesy of Point Emerging Probability Entering . Fulfilling the Frog Prophesy will rise KEK above all dogs on the list of thousands and when you add words together that total 7 in letters… there you will have the truth.
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No title
I've played 500 hours of Fallout New Vegas in the past 2 months alone. Do I have a problem?
0 media | 12 replies
No title
what's stopping me from passing? no hugboxxing
8 media | 36 replies
No title
Is he right?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Is life unfulfilling without children? (At 30+)
8 media | 144 replies
Everyone hates me.
I'm so lonely.
Not even my own family invites me anywhere or calls me.
My best friend(sister) just starts fights so I can react and then I get blamed for starting it. She hates me most. All I've done is be nice and buy them things and do them favors. I'm just used. That's all I. Good for ;(
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What to tell my psychologist? I have social phobia. I made an appointment with 6 psychologists because the first consultation is free so I can choose the best one
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Are there men who don’t want kids and aren’t fuckbois?
All i want is a loving relationship with a caring bf.. but I’ve noticed men who don’t want kids are huge jerks. Maybe it’s because they don’t actually need anything from women, and they don’t need to play the long game and convince a woman to stick around or get her pregnant, and convince her to care for his offspring.

Could that be why? Or did I just get unlucky with the few guys i met
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Courage to tell my friend I like her romantically?
I talk with this girl a lot, literally every day. She talks to me about how she's sad she doesn't have a boyfriend, and that she doesn't like that a lot of guys talk to her only because they want to fuck her. I don't want to fuck her, I do want to be more than friends, though. We bond over our common interests and I feel we have pretty similar personalities. She likes me a lot, but I think only as a friend. Sometimes she might say something or do something that makes me think maybe she is into me, but that's probably just my retarded mind being retarded. I have made multiple plans to hang out with her in the coming months. She wants me, and me alone, to go to Italy with her through our school's study abroad program. I was thinking of basically telling her I'll might go to Italy with her if she tries going on an actual date with me, but that's probably not the right way to go about it. Does anyone have any advice? I feel I'm sinking to a very low point by asking /adv/ what to do.
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No title
Self-help books that actually helped you when you're at your lowest.
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I need to rebuild
>be me, male, 41
>married for 17 years, three small children
>my spouse asked me for divorce 2 hours ago
After a panic attack, my body just feel cold atm. I am so lost that I just started doing a backup of our family pictures. Lol. I guess I don't even know where to start or what to do.
Please, share some ted talk, books, articles or even movies that give me some focus. I don't need legal advice, just something that help me and encourage me to take the first steps to rebuild my life.
Thanks in advance. I'm very alone at the moment.
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Psychopathic/ manipulative child
I know this is the worst place to get advice. But... what do you do with a psychopathic and manipulative child?

>Have 6 yo niece
>always been a bad apple in my eyes
>Always been spoilt and praised since day one
>She's my neurotic bipolar sisters kid
>Her dad is quite literally your stereotypical Reddit s()y beta male man-child consuumer who always asks his family for money cus he spends his wages on Legos and funko pops, despite the fact he has a very high paying stem job
I wish I was joking here
>My sister has whiped and manipulated him from day 1
>Now that behaviour seems to spread to my niece
>She knows she can put mum and dad against eachother
>She knows if she doesn't get what she wants she can hurt her parents or even her siblings till they cave in
>We've always said amongst our family that "my sister is making a rod for her own back" in terms of over spoiling her daughter and letting her child dictate her every actions

I could go on and on about how we saw this coming from a mile away and now it's actually here. The only time this really affects me how ever is family gatherings as I distanced myself from my train wreck of a sister a long time ago.

I'm pretty sure those psychopathic behaviours are truly ingrained in my niece now and there's no way of getting rid of them. And I'm not her farther so I'll be scolded by the whole family if I try to correct her behaviours myself.

Is there anything I can do or just watch this fire burn? I mean I can foresee her being a big problem to our family in the future
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No title
what is the best way to avoid normies? i live in a smaller area so its not too bad but.. they’re still there.

is the best time just 8-5 m-f? i went out on my bike today and i kept running into normies it was awful. what about 6-7 pm on weekdays? do normies go about during these hours?

i can’t do much at night as there’s literally nothing and you can’t see shit.
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No title
how easy is it to get your tubes tied?
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No title
My job provides me housing and up until recently I had a place a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom to myself. Unfortunately new people were hired and now the facilities are used by 6 people total, so obviously kitchen and bathroom became pretty crowded.
I like working here but I'm tired of the living arrangements and since moving to a place of my own isn't a possibility I'm considering quitting and moving elsewhere. Is it a mistake?
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Lost her after 9 years
>be me 6/10 loser
>fake confidence because I’m going to the gym a lot
>met 9/10 petite girl in college
>sweet, little insecure, everyone loves her
>she had a bf but we gradually fell in love and she left him to date me
>best 4 years of my life, she treats me like I’m her entire world
>great sex, deep connection, trust
>eventually she starts asking to make a baby, buy a house, hints proposal
>I’m retarded and ignore this, thinking it’s not the right time financially
>she goes away for school for few months (comes back on weekends)
>eventually grows distant, turns out she started seeing someone there
>I’m devastated
>she tells me that she felt like we won’t make another steps in the relationship and he gave her attention and appreciation that I didn’t
>decided to forgive her but couldn’t see her in the same way as before ever again
>relationship has been ok since then but we lost the passion and I didn’t trust her, became controlling
>all I wanted for her to love me like before
>eventually I grow emotionally distant and made zero efforts, despite still loving her deeply and being somewhat happy
>next 4 years goes by like that
>we start to look for a house together
>I decide to propose soon but hesitated again because she became very cold in last few months
>find out she’s having a full blown affair at work for the last 6 months
>she doesn’t want to continue the relationship even if I forgave her
>says she lost hope for our relationship year ago because I still haven’t proposed, still ignored all the baby talk and made her feel unloved and undesirable

I lost the best thing I had. I got all the answers how to fix it after the first incident but was blinded by my hurt ego. I took her for granted twice and feel like a retard now.

I have no idea how to or desire to move on. All the friends we hang out with were hers. I don’t meet new people ever. I can’t imagine her marrying someone else and having their babies. Wtf do I do?
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This depressed, autistic girl plans to kill herself in two days
She plans to drink 20-25g of sodium nitrite (SN) mixed with water. This is a lethal dose – people have died drinking 1g of SN.
Can she be stopped in time?
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No title
>girl I went out with twice and thought I was going to be exclusive with turned out to just want to be friends
>but I still want something more
This girl is something different. She’s really worth fighting for so I kinda have to put my best for fourth with trying to be more than friends.

We’ve already hung out twice the past week and she invited me to an event today but just broke that news to me last night. I originally said let’s reschedule to next week because I genuinely wanted to rest today, but is that a bad look and I should be trying to see her and go over this ASAP?
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No title
Screenshot 2023-09-22 7.25.28 PM
How to deal with autism with add?

I suffer if I can't stimulate/distract myself
I can't handle boredom. I just get anxious/depressed and even sucidal

Internet only works sometimes
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Worried about being accused of harassment
Worried about being accused of harassment

Snapchatted this girl “hey, how’s it going” and was left on delivered for a few hours. I got nervous that she was going to think this was me making a pass on her so I blocked her Snapchat account.

Is she gonna think that I blocked her because I sent a nude photo to her?
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No title
adachi seethe
Should i stop drinking everyday im off work? I don't really get hangovers and i wouldn't exactly be spending my time better doing others things i like but I would save spending the full night shitposting
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No title
I can't go out in public anymore. Everytime I see an attractive young girl, I immediately get depressed at my wasted youth. What do I do?
1 media | 21 replies
How to live with mental health issues?
I am 23 yo male in college. I have anxiety, depression and ADHD. I have well paid job, friends, hobbies, I exercise, take meds, go to therapy. I eat healthy and sleep enough. I dont do drugs and alcohol. Nothing helps me. I am suffering all the time. I dont enjoy anything. Everything is boring.I feel guilty and anxious all the time. I have low self esteem. Why live? Is it over?
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How do I get good at drawing?
I'm autistic, with ADHD. I can't focus on trying to get better at all or even come up with anything to draw without just giving up and going back to looking at my phone and doing something else.
I've legitimately never been able to commit myself to any serious hobby and have gotten lazy over the years with my only actual one which is writing and the only reason I'm good at writing is because I wanted people to be able to understand what the fuck I was saying and I wanted to write good stories because I thought I'd never be able to make them in a visual medium, but that's it. I've never been able to commit to a serious routine, schedule, or anything. I just sit in my room online doing basically nothing.
Everything I try doing looks so daunting and impossible. I tried learning Source Filmmaker as a teen and I gave up immediately because it looked too complicated. I tried learning how to make my own games in game maker, gave up immediately and never touched it. Even something like drawing just looks so complex and impossible. This is what it's like for everything I try doing.
I'm giving myself an ultimatum. I want to become a good visual artist like I've always wanted to, otherwise I'm offing myself. I'm giving myself a year. What are some guides I should follow?
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I feel bad about people having a higher IQ than me
Although I got tested around 130, I feel really bad when I see some people might be smarter than me or have a higher IQ
I don't know why, it triggers a deep sense of dread within me, ESPECIALLY when these people are arrogant about it, it makes me feel like I'm worth less than them somehow
Like there's this girl I know who is pretty uppity and has a 149 IQ and Idk why it makes me want to think she's lying or something, even though she's pretty much failing at life while I'm in a pretty good place

Anybody relate? I know it's kind of stupid and in the end what matters is how successful and happy you are, but somehow, it feels like I'm missing out on something compared to very high IQ people
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A thread you've all seen before
I have "erectile dysfunction" but I'm 29. Have trouble getting and keeping it up for my gf even though she's objectively a 9.5/10. I fear that this is the result of a slowburn porn addiction and I'm struggling to break the habit. Any tips?
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No title
What are my options to make a good living as a 28 year old with a GED that has had to work normie gigs to take care of his family and had his credit tanked as a teenager?

I am broke constantly, no car, but I am confident I can deep dive into something until I'm incredibly efficient and understanding of it. I have been eyeing the online certification courses as they promise about 50k starting from followups. I don't care what it is. I have sold my body to older women for money in the past.

I'm 100% serious. I'm free of burdens and have a desire to pursue a better lifestyle but I have no guidance other than 4chan, as it always has been.
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No title
>try to study for an exam
>spend 8 hours watching videos about how to study correctly
>don't study at all
Am I retarded?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
el sonidito
Lived in this city for 3 years now. Dropped out of college over a year ago, maintained a full-time job in an airport for a year, quit paid internship after just 6 days, current employment in airport is uncertain. Lost contact to most of my friends and my LDR to my gf working abroad most of the time is falling apart. City is boring af and offers no cultural or recreative value to its citizens, young adults in particular.

Is it time to pack up and leave for another city, or for that matter another country in the EU and just start over?
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How to stop thinking about my ex?
She was the only girl I ever loved. It's been over 2 years since we broke up and she's obviously long since moved on. I just don't understand why she left me. It was like one day I just wasn't good enough for her anymore. I know that's a long time ago, and I certainly don't think about her a lot, but when I do, it sucks.
And I've never been able to find a way to fill that hole that she left since. No girl I've been on dates with has ever been as hardworking, as driven, as dedicated, as her. Nor have they been as funny and willing to take risks just for fun. I'm sure there's plenty of other women out there who are great but I just don't see how they could compare.
I don't cry or get emotional about her any more, but I do think it's fucking stupid how on occasion, maybe once every several months, o do look her up on social media. And of course I just did this and she is more successful and happy than ever, at least from what I could tell. I guess maybe I'm just a little sad that she didn't want me to be part of that life with her.
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No title
Screenshot 2023-09-14 165808
I have this friend who tells everyone who is struggling to find a mate or get friends to "go to university" no matter how old they are or even if they are already in university. He seems to have serious problems looking at any issue in any other way. Do you think I should cut this guy off? I feel guilty because he's incapable of keeping himself alive without me occassionally dropping off food and turning off his stove.
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Girlfriend dilema
> be me 5/10 M

> have lingering but not life ruining stress about never having a girlfriend or having sex

> get interested in like the 874th girl, not holding out any hope of her liking me back

> she likes me back

> mfw

> she is wonderful

> eventually have sex

> no way

> end up not really feeling any different after getting a girlfriend or losing my virginity

> realize that maybe i would've been happier without a girlfriend or sex all along as i now stoop to an even deeper low whenever she isn't around

> dont want to leave because she's still great and i dont know if i could ever have someone like her again

do i leave like an asshole or do i stay and potentially damage the relationship with my thoughts like an asshole?
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Why do the girls I attract seem to hate my arrogance?
I thought girls like arrogant, douchy, asshole-type like dudes. At least most of them do, but the ones I attract are the ones who are into men who are submissive, soft, and easy going and I don't understand why.

When I act submissive, they just love it, but when I act arrogant, snotty, douchy, and show off, they start to get irritated, put me down, try to humble my ego, etc.
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No title
How do you gain confidence and enjoyment in sex after an ex belittled you and caused an anxious association?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Anybody try working with a life coach? I'm doing ok but I could play a little catch up and optimize my life. I've tried therapy and have had no success. I feel like I can't figure out what I want or need to do.
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Feeling like a social outcast
Does anyone else feel like this? I feel it almost everywhere I can’t explain it. I just feel like an outcast everywhere I go and im not accepted. I feel like im more of a burden, annoyance and such rather than like a person. People look visibly annoyed whenever im around. I feel this the most at my job and I don’t really do anything wrong, I rarely call in, I do whats asked and such. With women, they have an aura of uncomfort around me. I don’t dress obnoxious and I shower everyday. I don’t even act as autistic as I do online irl. I can’t just “meet new people” I live in the boonies and can’t move out due to wage slavery/college. With college, it feels phoned in somewhat and fake with the people there as they are forced to be nice to be out of obligation. This whole feeling of isolation makes me pursue rape fantasies where a woman rapes me in a whole “they don’t understand you” manipulation tactic. Has anyone felt this? Does the isolation get easier?
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No title
i dont know why i live anymore
>constantly faced by shitty happenings
>constantly waging while hating it
>nothing good ever happening
i see no reason to continueing this shit
0 media | 7 replies
Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 21-25-40 _adv_ - How do I know what field is right for me All I li - Advice - 4chan
Good thing: social skills can be learned and trained and appearance (fitness, fashion, looks) can always be improved to a certain point.
What do you think?
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No title
ick face
I went on a online speed dating show and got rejected a lot. Can you tell me what I did wrong and how I need to modify my approach?
1 media | 12 replies
why :(
>be me
>shy as hell and unable to socialize properly
>still have some friends and talk to them often
>friends constantly talking about relationships
>see how happy they are with their relationships
>one day, a friend comes up to me
>"Hey anon, my gf gave me head. It actually felt nice"
>immediately go offline and start crying
what is wrong with me? im not jealous, i just wish i had someone, yet im too shy to try
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Quit smoking
Is here anyone who succesfully quit smoking cigarettes for good after years of heavy smoking?
What did you do?
How your life improved in general?
Im not only talking about money, smell, heatlth, but also if you experience less known benefits like: improved mental health, relationship or whatever.

I'm 27 and i smoke since i was 17, like between 1 to 5/6 a day, but very hard on the weekend when i hang out with my group of friends which drink and smoke a lot.
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No title
>go through rough breakup with my girl because she decided she doesnt want a serious relationship all of a sudden within the last week
>get dragged to a wedding with my family (my girl was supposed to come and this is where she was supposed to meet my immediate family)
>her name was still on the guest list and i was sitting next to an empty seat
>get lost in the sauce and am visibly upset
>not causing a scene but its beyond evident it was a mistake to come to a fucking parade of everything that hurts right now, so I was sitting quiet with a puss on my face because thats what I could best manage to do there
>made a thread here last night even just to soft-vent my feelings (thanks to anyone who replied)
>my family, to their credit, tried a little to be supportive, but I really wasn’t able to talk or nothing
>end up having to apologize to everyone today even though I’m the one who took the loss and was suffering the entire time, and everyone else was unaffected or maybe tagently mildy-embarrassed in front of people they mostly don’t or hardly know
The suffering never stops, does it?
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Where do I meet women?
>be me
>25m recently single
>haven't been single since 18

Where do you meet women?
Clubs? Online-Dating?

Where have you found your girlfriend's?

And where would you turn if you had to start looking again?

Appreciate any and all input
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Is being a successful YouTube streamer as hard as everyone and the internet is making out to be?
0 media | 1 replies
Should I tell my dad ik he's gay?
I'm 99% sure my dad is gay, growing up I wasn't sure because we were a super christian household and I wasn't allowed to watch tv, use the internet without supervision or listen to secular music. But in retrospect it's very obvious to me,
>>he and my mom never seemed attracted to each other and were both very miserable
>>they were always fighting over the most mundane shit
>>he had a gay voice when drunk or annoyed
>>he listened to dance and pop music
>>he would leave at night and come back at 3 or 4am
>>I found secret pics he had of bodybuilder men
>>he was cold and never affectionate with me, I always had to sneak hugs and kisses

he didnt realize I was awake and noticed but I did. I haven't seen him in many years, he left us and married a cis hon who looks even more trans than marjorie taylor greene as a cope. Do you think I should tell him that ik he's gay and accept him? Or would that cause him too much shame? I especially want opinions from gay men.
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Why did I do this ?
>talking with girl at party, zero intentions
>explore house with her
>alone in the attic
>she looks at me: 'take your cock out'
>me: 'uhhhhhhh. Gotta go.' *climbs down attic ladder*

Lol why did I do this? I think I left her there flabbergasted. She's well fuckable too
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Getting over myself
Was in a depression for a couple years. That has changed now, I'm moving forward again. It has been slow and painful, but I've made progress.

Before my depression I was a promising hs graduate, now I'm a painfully mediocre adult. I fell off, hard. How do I make it sting less? I've been telling myself progress isn't linear and I just need to keep going at it.
0 media | 1 replies
How to Survive The Rest of Month With Less Than $1 in My Wallet?
As title says, I only have less than $1 to survive the rest of the month. For context, I live in a third world country. There's no construction job available as economy is struggling, there's drought so rice and food prices are increasing.

Right now the only means of making money I have is doing translation online, I'm capable of speaking Japanese and English (self-taught) and still looking for people who want to commission manga (or hentai manga) translation. I already tried to make a fiverr gig, and post in r/forhire, but haven't had any luck yet.

Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you so much.
0 media | 19 replies
No title
How do I know what field is right for me? All I like to do is jerk off and watch mindless youtube videos
0 media | 18 replies
No title
>Friend suggests doing freelance work for an easy job
>Most freelancing gigs are either tech based or focused on art
>Neither of which I can do
How do I find gigs that just need a person with physical capabilities?
0 media | 0 replies
>be me, before covid
>semi outgoing
>make tons friends in high school
>be genreally alright
>havent made a single friend in college
> have gone out once in the past 6 -ish months, dissociation and drunk suicidal thoughts the entire time
>decide if im not fat ill be normal
>eat once per day at most now
>about 20 pounds lost the last month

will getting in shape fix everything? I've been fat ever since I was a kid and its always been my biggest insecurity and least attractive feature. I'm not completely socially retarded and have managed to get into a relationship (thats a lie i never formalized it because im retarded and low self esteem and inaction bored her enough to leave). But now idk what's happened to me where I don't socialize at all. I did go to the gym for abt 6 months last year, managed to go from abt 95kg to 83 kg but stopped going and went back up to 90. but now in a single month ive gone down to 82 from barely eating (adhd meds make it easier to not eat). will this be worth it? will i finally be back to my old self socially speaking? If it doesn't then I might as well look presentable when I inevitably kill myself
0 media | 4 replies
breaking up
>just broke up with my long term gf because no sex
is it enough of a reason? Having second thoughts ngl
0 media | 25 replies
What is "value" and how do you provide it when interacting with others ?
I've always heard from people / read from multiple sources that to be friends and create relationships, you have to provide "value" to the other person / "bring something to the table", which is quite obvious, but the truth is, every person has a different opinion on what they find "valuable", but since a person with charisma / good social skills can build relationship with a broader "audience", that means that there are reoccuring traits that pop up, what would they be exactly ?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
>match with this girl on tinder
>immediately in love
>won’t respond or anything
>praying she responds, don’t care about any other girl besides her
>double text and she sends me her snap
>we start snapping and she shows no interest
>makes me want her more
>eventually she starts liking me and asks me to hangout a few times
>my interest for her starts declining
>barely hangout with her except occasionally
>she likes me a lot
>I become distant
>she ends up ghosting me
>I now immediately like her again
I can’t stop being like this and I don’t know what to do. For the last few years it’s like I only want people who don’t want me, and when they show interest it immediately kills my interest in them. How do I fix this? I recognize it’s a horrible mindset to have but I obviously can’t help feeling this way, what can I do to fix it? I have self sabotaged so many potential relationships in the past few years
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No title
Hi guys. I received codeine for years from a pain clinic for multiple types of chronic pain, but recently my specialist took too long to renew his DEA license. The pharmacy also led me to believe he no longer takes my insurance.

Both parties made it sound like this place would not treat my pain anymore - especially because the clinic itself would not call me back when I asked if any other doctor in their practice could help with my script in the mean time.

I started attending a methadone program instead because I didn't know what else to do since it seemed like my typical place of care didn't care about my pain. When I called back to cancel my appointment and explain I'd never be back due to their negligence, they said the pharmacy was wrong and he still takes my insurance.

I'd file a report for negligence but I don't see a point. I don't think I can prove my rights were violated and get any good lawsuit money from this either. I simply can't afford a good lawyer.

The methadone offers better relief than the codeine ever did for my pain. I am thinking after my hysterectomy, I will try to taper off methadone and see if I can manage without any drugs for it but if my pain is still bad after all that, I might find a pain psychologist to advocate for me and locate a pain clinic that doesn't absolutely suck.

Does this sound like a good plan? Does anyone know of anything else I can do or have any insight to offer that might encourage me? I kinda don't feel like my life is worth living unless my pain is fairly mitigated and I can at least somewhat function.

It has been hard to carry hope since this all happened even though the people at the methadone clinic treat me kindly.
0 media | 6 replies
can't do it anymore
1695291064964921 (1)
>be me
>20 years old
>been a neet since corona started (2 years)
>get into something that is a mix of work and school which I have to do to work as a chemist
>its been a month and I hate waking up everyday
>i get paid below average because we're students and good wages start once we finally work
>can't wake up at any time i want anymore
>have to sleep at certain times
>i don't get anything done right in school
>adhd is making it 50 times harder

before this i used to do anything i wanted to do like playing football (soccer), going out whenever i want to and being genuinly free
I know that being a neet for life is not an option and i want to provide for everyone around me but getting adjusted to this shit is hard and my adhd and depression just makes it harder
I even lost any slim chance of hope of going professional in football or becoming a content creator since I'm tired all the time
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Therapy thread
Maybe you're planning to go and have questions? Maybe it changed your life and you want to share your story? Maybe it didn't change a thing and you want to vent?
0 media | 6 replies
No title
Can a penis grow back?
2 media | 9 replies
Any one else say ‘Hello’ to their future self?
>Be 17 in 2018
>Father is in military and gets orders to mode
>Feel weird that this is probably the last time we move before old man retires
>Remember stopping and thinking ‘You will remember this VERY moment in time. Hello future me’ the morning before family hits the road across country
>5 years go by in a blink of an eye
>Now 22 in 2nd year of uni
>Time between 2018-2023 fell like it was 2 years
>Time between 2013-2018 felt like 5 years
>Time between 2008-2013 felt like 10 years
Anyone else constantly obsessing about the passage of time? My life has felt like it’s been waiting for something to happen to kick me back in the rigidity that Highschool provided. I’m no longer a kid with clearly defined duties and expectations to uphold; i’m an adult with no direction and iota of what career I want to follow
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Give me some OLD success stories
My last hope of getting a gf.

>le go out and meet women

Can’t. Studying an incel degree and only have incel hobbies.
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I think that I might be Polyamorous, or am I an asshole.

Im married but I also feel really strongly about a small group of friends an one in particular.

We are all pretty close and it's been hinted at before but no one really seems to be brave enough to take that first big step.

I briefly mentioned it to my wife and she is dead against it so am I an asshole for feeling like I'm i want to be in a relationship with our friends?
(Note she isn't entirely against me being involved with our friends, Just she wants only me)

How do I drop the right signs that I'm interested or do I just need to jump right in to it and how

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Study or Travel Next Year
The new year is rapidly approaching. I was originally intending to move to a new city to take a course, but for a few reasons I'm considering postponing that a year.
Rent would be half my income. I'm currently living rent free at home. Additionally, it looks like the course will be available in my current city come 2025.

I turned 30 in April. I discovered it's the last year I can apply for a Japanese working holiday visa. I fancy the idea of spending ~3 months over the ski season there. On top of that I have plans for another trip (about a month) I've had in mind for a while, and if I don't do it next year it probably won't be possible for at least another 2 years.

On the other hand I'm 30 approaching 31. I've been going nowhere for too long. I've been a neet for 4 years. I've been thinking of taking this course for 2 years already. I feel like it's about time I started getting somewhere in life.
Despite the cost, I was kind of looking forward to moving cities. I have enough money. The sooner I get a real job the better I'll be off, financially, anyway.

As for the working holiday, maybe I'm romanticising it a bit. I've fancied living in Japan for a period for a while. I just like the idea of the eating ramen and soaking in onsen every day and exploring on weekends kind of thing. But maybe the job might suck, and it pays peanuts (I'd make more money on bennies at home). I can take a trip any time I want without a WHV and without having to worry about a job. Still I reckon if you want to experience a place properly, being a tourist pales in comparison to working or going on exchange.

Do you think I'm better off getting on with life or waiting another year? Well, I almost feel like I convinced myself with that last paragraph. There will always be opportunities, and I feel it's best I started moving on with my life.
But input is appreciated.
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No title
This thing is coming in my room every night, at first i was scared but now im getting used to it.
What should i do to night ? Try to talk with it ? Suggestions anyone ?
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Socially conditioned to not be assertive
Sparing the details, observing how one of my friends operated showed me something interesting. I used to act like her, blindly confident “I am going to be friends with this person, they just don’t know it yet”. I used to operate like that when I was much younger. However, being burned through life experiences caused me to be more guarded and not forward and vulnerable with others, closing doors and opportunities. I don’t know how to recover, I feel like I’ve slipped so far and carry so much self hate. Please probe me with more questions I need advice
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No title
Is it even possible to get a girl friend when you have autism?
Plus I'm scared to talk to girls
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When do the fucking poo dreams stop!!
I am sick and tired of having disturbing toilet or poo related dreams, and I want them to stop. I know they're common but I just want them to stop. There has got to be a way. There has got to be some Freudian intellectual on this board who can help me.
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No title
> be me, 31 years old
> dad has Parkinson's since 5 years ago
> dad's mental health went completely shit this year
> already had 2 psychotic episodes.
> on top of that he's addicted to Xanax, started 2 years ago.
> antipsychotic meds prescribed two weeks ago, still no effect
> unsure if he's taking his meds

I am the only one in my family that can deal with the issue effectively. Essentially I'm opting to have him hospitalized in order to stabilize his mood, train of thought and hopefully get him off the xannax.

Any anon that has experienced that sort of thing? Any advice?
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No title
my gf is sleeping over tomorrow night
shes given me reasons to be suspicious of her fidelity though
how do i unlock her iphone while she's asleep?
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No title
>moved in with My long term gf last month
>lately I've felt like we just fucking fight every two days and I have to apologize for everything
>She's been sick for the better part of the month
i just don't know if it's working out. she fucking prefers sleeping on the couch most nights rather than sleeping with me on the bed. Ive been unusually tired this past week, She's had stomach sickness and we've been fighting almost every day.
I love her but i'm just fucking tired. if this is what it is like after just one month then I don't think we have a long term future.
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How do you create or find a true brotherhood?
I'm reaching my mid 30's and I'm quickly starting to realize I've grown stagnant with my friends and peers. All they want to do is play vidya and bitch about society and I'm pulling into that even though I know we can achieve more with actual effort. How do I find actual ambitious men? I'm tired of seeing other ppl I know by able to go on trips or events or even just have a strong friendship cause the group wasn't a bunch of self serving dipshits and were actually serious enough to give a fuck about each other and the mission. I not looking for some Andrew Tate autism group, but I want to start making friends who are moving similar to myself. As of now I'm trying my hardest to look for a 2nd job to elevate myself financially and then I get a text from these idiots talking about wasting money buying shrooms. Hell its even my birthday today and I'm not doing shit cause I'm friends with a bunch of broke selfish retards and unless I make the plans, money, time, etc then nothing will happen.
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No title
Got a kitten without my parents knowing what I do I do and have any anons been in this situation
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Going To Bars Alone To Meet People?
I'm sick of online dating, and prefer irl connections anyways.
I've been to a few bars here and there, but was curious..
I feel like I can't go alone. Like what do I do? I feel like I just stand there with a drink in my hand and look around. Everyone is usually in their own groups and stuff, it's hard to bud in.
Also I am going to look for a girl, so it just feels like a weird vibe idk.

Should I sit at the bar, and kinda just sip slowly and see if anyone approaches me? I feel like I will just get left alone if I do that.

It's not that I can't talk to girls, it's moreso that it just feels like a really weird vibe when alone. With others you can kinda talk to them while you're hanging around.
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Women Avoid Me
I've had this problem my entire life. It seems as though I am almost woman-repellant. Whenever I try to talk to a woman, I get all slurred in my speech. I'm always thinking that they're looking at me weird or almost looking down at me. I just know that they all think I'm gay too due to my clear, light, pink skin. I've tried working out, but none of it seems to do anything and I still remain at 127Lbs. My height is 5"5' and I'm very self-conscious about it. I'm always thinking that the women think I'm "weak" or something, but I'm actually quite strong just not physically. My friends are always picking on me and I've become so depressed.

What do I do?
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No title
I want a bag of chips os badly but it's gonna make me fat, is there anything more healthy that will satiate my appetite and make me feel a bit more full
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Question - How should I view the following offer from my ex-employer
(some details excluded to prevent doxing)
>worked for a company for a number of years
>no negative strikes, gets praises for work ethic and quality, gets raise
>project is kind of shaky due to redtape and business politics
>they began laying people off
>kind of felt it was inevitable but I'm the last to be cut
but here's the odd thing I don't understand and I'm hoping other's with employment advice can provide me some insight on.

Now, although this shit sucks to lose employment especially due to budget reasons (they couldn't get funding) but I'm old enough I'd like to think to understand that "business isn't personal". and with that I have legitimately accepted the reason for me loss of employment (officially it's a removal of my job position due to budgeting cuts) but then they offered me the following;
The ability to be contracted through them to another company which initially during the discussion I accepted it gracefully and respectfully but internally I was perplexed.
If you don't have enough money for me to work directly with you then why fire me and then offer to rehire me under contracting as opposed to direct employee?

So for those with business experience at any level who can provide some insight into this for me, please help elucidate this situation for me. the most logical and rational explanation I can come up with is this is being done to respectfully cut my salary and furthermore remove me from salary work rather than just flat out ask me how'd I'd feel about a pay reduction and explaining why. but I know I'm too close to this (in the sense I'm experiencing it) and the potential to jade my perception of events is highly probable so I'm seeking outside insight.

Also, just for shits and giggles as my Mother assumes this is a major thing (I personally don't) I'd done work for them off the clock, not charging for gas milage or anything, just off of the respect and admiration I'd had for how'd they treated me as an employ over the years.
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me when the crippling loneliness
>be me
>mildly autistic
>have different group of friends throughout hs and into adult life
>everytime i had met people i molded my personality around them and the interaction to fit in
>works, but i am never really popular in the groups
>eventually get tired of this
>decide to just be myself, “if people don’t like me for who i am, i don’t need them.”
>do this
>i am no one’s first choice, no one texts me, i think my friends avoid me.

i’m so fucking alone i just want a friend it was so easy when i was a kid wtf
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No title
I've been pretending to be a guy online with my discord friends (I avoid voice chat) and they're having a meetup not far from where I live soon. I want to go, but I want to keep my cover in tact. I'm 5'3", is there a chance I could pass for a shrimpy guy? I don't really want to cut my hair, but I can if just tying it back into a manbun style doesn't cut it.
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No title
how come im constantly searching for words when im talking, feels like i have brain damage
anyone ever experienced this?
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No title
how do i find other intelligent people to talk to?

i am a god i am smarter than 99% of humans. they are apes and i am a highly evolved super being;a deity.

a majority of humans could not even comprehend my intelligence in their lifetime. the problem is it’s so lonely, i am cursed with this god like intelligence forced to walk among the apes dragging their knuckles.

they don’t even realize how lucky they are to be in the presence of a god.
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No title
Posting this here since /adv/ is useless. I'm 23 and I want to work in construction/repair. What skill should I learn? I have only ever worked in a factory and as a sales clerk in a supermarket. I live in Belgium to give you some context on the union laws and job market. So yeah, I have no idea no where to start or what to expect. I also have no technical background whatsoever other than that it seems interesting to me and I would like to learn about it.
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No title
How do I stop randomly falling asleep? I'm 27, and unless I'm standing up doing something I start dozing off.
First time I realized this happening to me was when I was in Japan 5 years ago, working at the prefectural office, where I would often risk falling asleep during meetings if I was sitting. Other than that, I regularly fall asleep on car rides, bus rides, when I sit on chairs/benches, regardless of where I am, so both at home and outside.
Because of this, lots of shit has become harder to do or straight up impossible. I often doze off while playing vidya, reading books is impossible and even manga can have the same effect on me.
This also happens regardless of how long I sleep during the night, heck actually sleeping less sometimes helps me
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No title
I'm ugly but sadly my ugly traits also make me look creepy. How does one fix this
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