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How would I flee an authoritarian meme city state of a country and then find a job elsewhere? Like how would one prepare for the entire process? I'm looking for guides etc.
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All i want is to be a stay-at-home husband for a hard working working intelligent woman that can provide for our family.
Need tips to become that man

My motivation is pretty simple: i don't have any goals except: physically improve my body and health; have a family (loving wife+2 or 3 kids); and be a (most likely failed) writer.
In what ways should i improve to have a somewhat "successful" female (a doctor/public officer/enterpreneur) accept the arrangement in wich i take care of the house and kids while she provides for us?

My current pros: I like children a lot and outside of being awkward at carrying the really small ones i don't have any problems taking care of them; i can easily keep a house clean and organized as long as it doesn't have a "female touch" (unnecessary furniture, objects and decoration)
My current cons: i'm terrible at cooking and still pretty far from having a body like pic related.

Also, if there's someone from /fit/: what lifts would make one a better father?
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I just realised how big my sister's boobs and ass are, and now I feel sexually attracted to her. How do I stop this? Incest is disgusting
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is head and shoulders really that good? if not what would you recommend instead. no hair problems or nothing, just want to give my hair the best and decently priced shampoo i can get.
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A not so innocent past
When me and my gf started dating I asked her how many men she's been with and she told me that she's been with 5 guys. Almost two years afterwards and after forming a deep attachment she comes forward with a confession. She told me that she "kinda" lied about the men she's been with 36 guys as of now(she's 25) and that she didn't come forward with it because she was afraid of judgement. I almost threw up when she told me and she noticed that I was uneasy, asked me if everything was okay and I told her that I need space to think. What the fuck do I do now?
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People with girlfriends/boyfriends
How did you meet? Where did you meet? What made you attracted to them? How do you know this might go somewhere?

And the most important question of all: How the hell do you have a conversation with a stranger that ends in you staying in touch? Do you honestly just ask for their number? Do you ask them on a date, just like that, just having met them?
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How do i stand up for myself?
>be me
>Trying to do my work
>Teacher mentions Lazy eyes an example of how eyes can be impaired
>Trained my eyes from a young age to focus together at an optometrist
>Non dominant eye only drifts when im tired
>class stares at me
>Annoying as fuck Faggot keeps on staring at me and laughing
>Imagine beating him to death Once Upon a Time In Hollywood style
>Next block
>teacher forces me to group with him
>swallow my pride
>"Look, lets just get through this."
>Anon i thought you hated me, gonna be Mature Boomer?
>Just ignore him as hes shit talking me with his friends and im doing all the work
>some fat hog who had the luck of being popular says "Hey Cutie."
>Resist asking if she tried killing herself with an Shotgun or an Elephant Rife to penetrate the fat
>Start fantasizing about beating the shit out of him again
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Not sure what to do with my life
im 19 just graduated high school last year barely because i've never actually studied for anything. So my gpa is shit like 1.20 or something currently have a shitty job at a lumber yard stacking lumber 11/hr which is ok for PA the minimum wage is 7.25 but will likely blow my brains out if i have to to this for the rest of my life.

Any tips bros literally have no fucking clue what i want to do
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Penance for killing the last.
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What does she see in me?
For the first time in a long time, I actually got a womans phone number. I feel really strange because I just don't know what the fuck she could even see in me. I actually like her also. I am 27 and she is 27 also which is nice. I don't think I have gotten a womans number in like more than 10 years. I feel strange because my head is going "This bitch is going to fucking RUIN you. She will be your first break up and it will mangle you so bad. Why even bother with her?"

I don't know how to quell thoughts like this though. I have never even had a relationship. I have no idea what I am doing. I was honestly floored when she actually gave me her number.
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Sexual girl = bad?
Hi, I am a girl and I for some reason like talking about sex and im concerned that people don't like it and might judge me for it. I find it normal to talk about it and even make sexual jokes and puns. Is it bad or good? Help?
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Building a PC
Hi, so, I was thinking about building my own PC for gaming and coding but I don’t know where to start and where to get which parts. My maximum spending is $800, please help.
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Tfw when no bf
How do you find an e-bf here that isn’t an orbiter, incel or coomer? I want a normie
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big yikes
Hey guys, oddball question here that I'm only going to give a little bit of context on.

I have a cousin. My cousin is //probably// an incest baby. My grandpa was known for being abusive and there are some hints from my own mother's past that hinted at him sleeping with my aunt (but no confirmation on whether it happened - but making out on the living room couch is a pretty good sign).

Unfortunately, my grandpa and my aunt have since passed so it's... hard to figure out what happened exactly or what the truth actually is. (FTR, my aunt was kind of a drug using prostitute, so we never knew who his dad was or my other cousin's dad was but they were DEFINITELY different dads).

Now, my cousin's like in his 30s and living a pretty decent life. He looks almost exactly like my grandpa and he's a little slow at times, but nothing that stops him from holding down a job and pursuing his hobbies. He doesn't know the rumors that go around in the family because, well - none of us aren't really sure if we should tell him in the first place.

So, advice: if you suspected someone in your family was a product of incest, would you tell them so that they could get tested and figure it out? or is it best to let the secret die with the rest of the family and let him live his life as normal? I'm really unsure which would be the best option because if I was in his shoes, I know I'd like to know? But you know, I'm NOT in his shoes and his life has already been hard with his mom being who she was.
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Help me write my "movie" script
Tldr: I'm going to kill myself soon and need input as to how I'm going to achieve greatness.

Your life is the plot of a movie that ends when you die. Therefore, it's best to structure your life like a good movie; with an interesting setup, rising action, and a satisfying ending.

I have strong reason to believe that I'm going kill myself before I grow old, maybe within the next year. I'm content with this as long as I make an awesome "movie" before I go. My goal is to get rich quick in a fun way.

Here's what I'm uncertain of. I'm working on two "big" projects right now that each have the ability to structure the rising action of my movie's plot.

>A 4chan inspired social network designed to be a safe-havan for racists/bullies/extremists. My goal is to stir up as much controversy as possible as a form of free advertising (it's a little edgy but whatever). 20% complete.

If it takes off, I'll have the power to manipulate posts and/or sell it to a different company for $.

>A website that sells a specific type of illegal goods in exchange for Bitcoin. 70% complete.

If it takes off, I'll have a massive wallet of Bitcoin. It's not interesting enough though - I would need to find something to fund with the money.

Do I opt for the greater social impact, or do I go for the easy money. Am I just a crazy person with autism? Where do I go from here /adv/?
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Falling asleep on class
How do i stop feeling sleepy in class?, its hard to pay attention, i sleep 8 hours every day
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Asking someone out over email: Cringe or based?


1. I'm pretty sure she's been flirting with me

2. dating at work is fine

3. don't have any other contact info

4. we work together

5. we're pretty much never alone together

6. (And this is kind of the most important one) I only see her like once a week.
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What do I have to do for women to give blowjobs and anal? How do they decide who gets to use them like that?
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Is it possible to become truly happy in your life if you never have sex and never have a romantic relationship with a significant other?
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I don't like most people but I feel lonely
I dislike or feel bored by most people but these days I only leave the house on the weekends* to get drunk with the lads and this kind of human relationship is too low in frequency and depth.
I had a FWB I used to see about twice a week and it felt good, but she wanted commitment and someone else was willin to give her that.
What do?
*finished my degree little ago, I'm tryna learn to code and study for a masters next year
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Tinder Adv
I superliked and matched with this mega-qt. Pls don't bully me for being autistic, but before anything else I'll run you through our convo. Her profile said she just wanted to play Mario kart for context.
>me: hey you have good taste, I'm here to play mario kart too
>her: doesnt read it
>me after a couple days: yo I dont usually text twice but ur qt af and I'm really feeling the mk
>her: bold of you to double text (eyes emoji)
>her: I only play double dash
>me: whaddya know, that's my speciality
>her: do you have it?
>me: yeah I got it around somewhere
>her: cool let's play it sometime
>me: sure you gotta gamecube at your place?
She hasn't responded in about a day. I sorta wanna be bold and text again but maybe not. I thought this was sorta playful at first but I realized it comes off as incredibly autistic.
What do?
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Okay /adv/ice I decided I'm going to buy a journal but I still live with my family and since I'm going to write down extremely important thoughts and most likely use this the rest of my life. How can I keep it a secret? I want to buy and hide it well how can I do this?
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feel bad af
simply, how 2 get over with depression
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Is this life?
I'm bored by everything in my life, nothing brings me happiness anymore despite my life being the best it's been in years.

>I'm working out everyday
>I have a great group of friends
>I'm doing well in college (almost 4.0)
>I'm down almost 40 pounds since November

But still I feel nothing. No joy no sadness, just nothing. I feel like a husk just going through the motions. I have so much free time but no matter what I do with it I'm bored. I find myself just staring at the wall for hours because I can't find anything I want to do.

What do I do? I hate this existence, I want more than this, I want to be happy again.
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What the fuck is wrong with my sexuality?
I'm a pretty masc guy. I thought I was relatively straight but then I realized I was bi, now I don't know what the fuck I am. To be honest, I don't really think I like girls anymore in a sexual way.

Like, I can admire beautiful women, and I like to cuddle, nurture, kiss, and generally daddy girls, but in terms of like fucking and real romantic connection?... Nope. I feel like I can only have really intimate relationships with guys, and with men I crave to be fucked and dominated, pretty much the complete opposite.

The idea of being feminized and like reversing the roles that I typically have with women turns me on. I entertain the idea of being super femme, but I don't think I'd want to be that way all the time. I feel fucking weird about all of it though.

What is this? Is this normal?
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I've been dealing with this for almost 6 moths now. I had a panic attack while looking into a light bulb, and something must have snapped in my brain. I've felt intense brain fog. It feels like nothing's real. I'm sitting in my room right now and I literally have no sense of what's going on with anything around me or inside of me. I have visual snow/static. I'll walk around outside and everything looks fucked up and its like I can't look at specific objects as easily. Whenever I look at something it doesn't really register in my brain. If I look at a picture or something it invokes very little emotional response. When I'm walking around outside and looking around I might as well be staring at a wall. I always feel like I'm in a dream. My mind is getting more and more blank every day. Every morning when I wake up I get flashbacks to 2018 and 2019, freaking out about how I've practically missed 6 months of my life and there's no sign of it stopping any time soon. February 2019 feels like just a couple months ago and I desperately wish I could go back to then before this all happened and when I had a better shot of improving my life. I'm so scared of the months and years slipping by. I'm only 21 and I feel like my life is over. I should be going out, making money, meeting people, talking to girls, seeing new places and doing new things but I feel like I can't do any of that now. My parents don't even know what's wrong with me and they're wondering why the fuck I'm laying around all day acting depressed as shit, especially my dad. I'm just wondering what his reaction will be when it's 2022 and I'm still sitting around, having no idea what the fuck is going on around me and being in a permanent daze.
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My Friend has a court date tomorrow.
He missed his last one and if he doesn't go tomorrow he's gonna have a warrant

He has something important to do tomorrow
and cant show up

I live in NY if i take his place tomorrow is it a Bad Idea?
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Is there any point in using dating apps or dating in general if you're a 5/10 almost 24 year old virgin 5'4" manlet who works a shitty retail job and still lives with his parents?

I ask because I've actually managed to get over a good bit of my social anxiety in recent months and have been considering giving apps like bumble a try but I feel like I might just be asking to be humiliated when you're this much of a low value male. Would it just be waste of time at this point in my life or is it worth it to at least try?
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I'm scared my ex boyfriend is going to kill me
I decided to post something because my interactions with the police haven't been as helpful as I hoped and I've been waiting for 8 hours for them to call me back.
Me and my ex split a few weeks ago after his behaviour had become extremely frightening and unhinged. I was anxious about how to get out of the relationship in the least damaging way possible but last week he forced himself into my house, broke my finger and punched my flatmate. The police were called and they came over but after then communication with the police went dead. Today he followed me around screaming at me because I won't talk to him. I know how unpredictable and unstable his behaviour is and I'm scared for my life.
What can I do?
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>1 year out of college with a CS degree
>have codemonkey office job
>hate the work
>hate my boomer coworkers
>never in my life had any real friends
>never had a girlfriend
>not close with family
>don't know what it is like to have someone genuinely care about me
>was in love once but she just used me for affection and sex and never wanted to really commit to me
>live alone
>no passions or hobbies
>coping with marijuana and alcohol every night
>want to kms every weekend
>only thing therapist can recommend is give up these and start taking depression medication

Am I fucked? Life has passed me by. What do I do? Where do I go? I hardly have a relationship with anyone in my life right now.

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Transfriend pushes me to sex
>My best friend came out as trans and started transtioning around a year ago (Male->Female)
>I have always been there for her, supported her though transition, purchased dresses for her, make up, went to legally change her name and everything
>When she needed a hug or a shoulder to cry i was there
>I personally i don't mind doing all these things, i see them in a platonic way, she knows that, i don't see them sexually
>She asked me to kiss her for her birthday, i figured it was just a way for her to give back
>Since this she says she loves me, tells me she dreams about us being married, even if we cannot bear a child she wants "our kid"
>She constanly pushes me into having sex (By guilt-tripping) gave me a blowjob when asleep after i told her i didn't want to get one
"Don't you see me as a woman" "I knew you just were lookin down at me" "Was it all a lie?"
I understand she might have mistaken my attirude for something else, but she believes we cannot really connect unless we have sex
Or should i just embrace her and accept her for someone that loves me?
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Should I get ADHD treatment?
Honestly I'm a loser. I wake up and have 0 motivation. I know what I should do I KNOW what I WANT to do but I'm unable to do it. The only thing I'm able to do for prolonged time is playing the same fucking videogame called dota2. I'm constantly anxious about the past and future I feel mentally weird like this fucking fog over my head. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee because I rely on it to even wake up and be somewhat "productive". My life is a mess... I'm 25 and have no driver license, have no job, gonna apply to learn computer science as i failed out of commerce & marketing.

I doN't even do drugs even... I just fap to porn and play vidya. Why am I such a loser?
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So I'm 27 now and I've been a NEET for most of my 20's, living off inheritance from my father and it's starting to get pretty low now. I've never had a career and never finished my CS degree. Most of my working experience is from when I was working part time in shitty cashier/waiter jobs while studying in highschool and university.

What do I do now? How do I get a job? I fear if I try doing any interviews now and people see my resume they'll just kick me out on the spot.

I know more or less how to HTML/CSS and do shitty webdesigns and I have marginal experience with javascript. Should I try finding some job related to this? Will I just be laughed at when they see my shitty resume?

Honestly I don't know what to do from now on and I don't want to become a hobo. Should I just kill myself?
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No title

Do you think that this article is a bit too extreme? It says " behaviors you should never tolerate" but should one really be that strict about that?
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Girls in friend group don't like me?
I have friends and they seem to like me well enough. But within the same circles all the girls I know seem to really dislike me. I'm not really sure why, I can be pretty loud and obnoxious sometimes but not all the time and not as much as some people that the girls don't seem to have an issue with. I've never come on to any of them or anything. But every time I show up to something where the girls are they instantly seem annoyed with me. They don't engage with me in conversation, they don't laugh at my jokes, they laugh at me when I mess up or someone makes fun of me. Anytime any of my other friends make a joke at my expense the girls fucking love it. They treat me pretty shitty honestly.
It's starting to fuck up my relationships with my male friends too. They usually won't invite me to anything because they know the girls don't want me there, and if I get to go to something they ignore me and talk to the girls.
How the fuck to I get the girls to like me? They honestly barely know me.
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How do you find a girlfriend if you're physically deformed? I've more or less given up at this point. Not sure what I hope to get out of this. Anyway, I've never had a girlfriend or any interest from women because I'm deformed obvs.
I've known girls whose condition was more severe than mine but they still attracted boyfriends. Different rules for women, I guess *shrug*
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No title
how do you all feel about fucking your ex? we're on amicable terms.
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so I matched with a girl on Bumble, we went out to lunch and it seemed decent. She said she was interested in meeting a second time, etc. We walked back to her work, she gave me her number (up till then we were only chatting on the app) and she said she was probably going to delete her app because it was becoming a distraction, or it was like window shopping, idk i wasn't really listening. So I say cool, I'll text you when I get back home. So on the way back, I see that she updated her profile with a pic she took right after our date. I text her phone number saying I had a good time & I'll set something up in a few weeks. She replies immediately. That night she updates her profile with more pics. The next day I text her about a song I heard, she replied right away saying she loves that band, check out this band. I say OK will do. The day after that she deletes her profile, but then I see a new profile that she made in my feed of potential matches.

All of this is weird. I don't care what she does with her profile, but the fact that she said she was 'probably deleting it' weirds me out. I barely texted her on the thing to begin with, and only to set up / confirm the first date. Do I just not text her anymore because she's being crazy? Or is this normal girl behavior?
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should I actually do this
I'll try to make this quick. I am a 25 years old guy with a rather unusual sexuality. I am into chubby guys around my age who have very thick lower body (the huge guy in the middle of the pic). I know I'm a freak and you can ask about it, but this is about something else.

So I found this guy who lives in my city on instagram around 5 years ago who I fell for almost instantly. I've never interacted with him or seen him in person, but I really want to know if there's a chance for me to have something with him. Though we have never interacted online, there is a possibility he is already aware of my existence because of my occasional checking of his instagram stories, which isn't usual for a man to do to another man especially if you don't know each other. So last week this guy posted a screencap with his league of legends account and I immediately saw this as a chance to contact him.

Simple, I create a throwaway account on league, talk to him and see what happens. Problem is, I don't know how to talk to him, what to possibly say and if I should actually do it. I just don't want to go ahead in life thinking I didn't try, but this is also a very morbid circumstance in which to meet someone so I have my reasons to really doubt this

I don't know about his sexuality, which is what complicates me the most. As far as I'm concerned, he's never had a girlfriend (now 24), he has many female friends with whom he jokes in rather inappropriate ways, or would seem inappropriate if he were straight and has a bit of a tendency to overshare on the internet about what he's doing. and he has sort of a childish manner to present himself.

That's all I have for now, thanks if you come in to help
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No title
I've been with my gf for 4 years and they've been the worst of my life. I've been meaning to break up with her for a while, now.
For some reason, I've been unable to do it. Not even sure why.
I am starting my first full-time job soon, straight out of college, and I would really like to get this over with.
How can I stop being a little bitch and get the guts I need to break up with her?
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No title
How (un)attractive or possibly intimidating are dark eye rings on guys? I'm a bit of an insomniac and quite passionate about my work, so often pull all-nighters or barely sleep when I'm too excited or get immersed in working on something and subsequently lose track of the time. I don't want it to give the impression I'm some junkie or psycho however...
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Did I fuck my life?
Gonna be a fuck ton to post so give me a minute until I finish. Pic is us and will upload some more.

This is about my relationship of 2 years that I seemingly ruined for the rest of my life.
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No title
>break up with girlfriend
>start having casual sex with single mom co-worker
>download Tinder and Happn
>start talking with 12 girls who I got a match with
>start dating with 5 of them
>meet this 9/10 (she has bad posture) family oriented cutie today
>we practically fall in love
>now I have to break up with 5 girls and a co-worker
>I even have 3 dates scheduled with 2 of them already

How do I do it? What the fuck did I do? I got too cocky, bros, but I don't want to hurt them. Two of them keep saying they love me and all of them are asking for dates in the next day. How do I break up with 6 girls without being an asshole or ghosting them?
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No title
Is it immoral for a 35 year old guy to marry an 18 year old girl?
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No title
How do I learn complex analysis without the prerequisities?
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No title
ok, so I was cited for a super speeder ticket that was total BS.

Sheriff stated that I was doing 76 when I know I was doing 55 and sped up to 65 to keep a car from tailgating me and to pass the two cars in the right lane.
When I asked him to check his radar equipment- he held a thin piece of paper in front of his radar like it was the factory equipment tuning fork... I then asked him if he had an FCC compliant piece of equipment- he quips back "I dont know the science behind it..." I then ask him if he has any sort of documentation affiming his training that he can visualy affirm my speed, to which he responds: "I have 20 years on the force"

Im obviously dealing with a backwoods hick who has a badge. anyone have pointers how I can affirm his operation/equipment licences? Im gonna lawyer up because its a $746 ticket.... and ill be damned if im gonna stand and take this.
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No title
How do I as an asperger train my poor motor skills and get rid of that strong insecurity when doing anything with new people?
Been thinking about picking up some sport for quite a while to do exactly that, but always fear that too quickly my deficiencies will become obvious, I will only hold everyone back and everyone starts noticing how severely lacking my motor and coordination skills are.
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How to turn a coworker down?
This girl at work likes me. I'm not attracted to her but we've been friends, we've gone to a concert or 2 over the past year, like I have with several other co-workers, so I don't feel like I've led her on at all.

She just texted me finally admitting that she likes me. Anybody have any advice on how I should respond? I want to let her down easy and make things as least awkward as possible since we may run into each other in the office.
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Thanks /adv/
This game was there for me, before, and after I lost my job, girlfriend cheated on me and when I got so depressed that I count even start the game, still, it was waiting for me until I could.

haha some days, I couldn't keep roach straight because my hand was shaking from being so nervous

It was there for me when I was at my lowest, and I know it will be there for me when I'll be at my peak

I rarely get emotional but right now, I am crying while writing this. This post has no purpose except to throw my thoughts into the void and to apologize to /adv/

Because when I came here to ask for what I should do with the cheating situation, I didn't listen.
I took her back and it ruined me.
It's been some time now and I've been drastically changing things my life that I wanted to change for years.

Thank you, thank you for everything.
Next time, I will listen.
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No title
So after 25years of denial, today I confronted the fact that I grew up in a abusive home and my mother is a absolute psycho.
I was "parentified/covert incested", and was my mother's little emotional lapdog through all the my childhood.
My sister rebelled against the abuse, and I was brainwashed that everything was her fault.
My sister had a extremely troublesome teenage and adult years, with drug addiction and constant rotation of abusive boyfriends. I myself was a "stoner" during high-school and many years later.
Today, I find myself I'm my early 30ths, and have no idea who or what I am. I have been sober from alcohol now for a few days fairly heavy alcohol abuse for the last 10years.
Im married and have a kid, but my marriage is in the shitter because of the suppressed abuse, and honestly I don't think I even love her.
I don't have a single friend anymore as I cut contact with everyone. Even since high-school I was pushing away friends and eventually everyone.

What, the, fuck, do I do now?
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Girl I like in germany
The girl I like is in Germany we met on omegle a while ago (Over 6 months) and talk alot. Shes really cute and is into me I'm maybe a 5/10 I dont think I'm ugly just plain looking nothing to interesting. Kiss less virgin, was hugged once but I was basically raped I never consented to the whore. I obviously live in the U.S what do I do? This is the only time since 1st grade a girl has liked me but of fucking course shes across the globe. I think I was a nazi in a past life because I get fucked over all the time by god.
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Can't Father Children
When I was younger I was afraid of dying alone and unloved. I dragged myself out of the pit of self-loathing and depression over being a virgin. I worked to make myself into a person that someone would love; and I was successful. I've been married for two years now, but things are slipping away again. We both want children, but unfortunately I'm infertile. I always referred to myself as a genetic dead end because I didn't seem viable as a partner to women. Turns out I was right. I'm a literal genetic dead end. I will never father any children of my own. The stress of all of this, the treatments, the thousands of dollars we've spent, is threatening to crush my marriage. I don't see why she shouldn't leave me for a better man; a real man. I can see now that despite my best efforts, I was always destined to die alone and unloved. I'm tempted to quit my job, sell everything I can, liquidate my retirement, and just travel the world and do drugs until I run out of money. Then I'll just kill myself because I have no desire to grow old without kids or grandkids to live for. Why shouldn't I? Why should I remain a cog in society when I'm not going to get anything for it? I tried and life slapped me in the face and said "How dare you? The good life isn't for people like you." Fuck everything.
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Relationship : Very hard choice, what do
Hello /adv/ I come in need for guidance

I don't know where to start but I'll try to put as much detail as needed
I have been dating a girl for 8 months now (I'm 27 and she's 25) it started as a casual but exclusive relationship, I have never been much emotionally involved but I do care about her, on her side she's developped feelings for me
We have many things in common, shared interests, but also very different views on some things (politically, mainly)
It appears she doesn't want to have children, but I do, someday

side note : we're doing good sexually she's beautiful but I don't really like her body

Now here's the thing

She's going to Ireland for 6 months to practice english and have a job there, she insists that she'll be faithful to me
I thought it would be a good timing to break up, but it's not so easy now, it's true that I still feel good when I'm with her

Should I do it ? It is painful to let her go (I hate breaking bonds) but maybe it's the right thing to do, I still feel like I might regret it later... you know what you're losing but you don't know what you'll get
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Weird shit my computer does
I've recently bought a new computer and got a copy of windows 10.
I've noticed in the last week that it randomly wouldn't boot up.
I turn the computer on, I see a light on the case indicating that it's on but it's completely unresponsive and doesn't display anything.
Typing on the keyboard does nothing, pressing caps lock or num lock doesn't light up the little lights.
What is causing this and how do I prevent it from happening in the future.
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broken hearts thread
would be nice to give and receive advice from others going through the same thing. I miss her so much
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What does she want?
Long story short, I met this girl at a fundraising event back in june, we hit it off, had a date and wanted to escalate but kinda turned me down (or not yet ready). She continued to talk to me and when I asked her to to something, she flaked at the last second.

I stopped talking to her and one night in september I wanted to know how she was doing. She immidietly asked me out to do something. We do rock climbing and starts to make out with me by the end of the night. After this event, she doesn't answer until she finally message me saying she thought she answered me blablabla. She said that she's attracted to me and all the possible compliments but there was "something missing out". We basically end the conversation saying we'll see how it goes.

She again contacts me at the end of october saying she wants to do something and we go train at her gym. At the end, I lean towards her to hug her but she thought I was leaning in for a kiss so she pushes me back and says "wait I don't think you understand..." I just wish her a nice day and leave. She apologises a few days later but I don't respond.

By the end of december, she wishes me happy holidays and all and get progressively more chatty with me. She even wanted to do boxing with me but doesn't work out with her schedule and after I propose to do some at her gym, she "reads" but never replies.

A month passes and contacts me again because she noticed on my story I was closeby and wanted to see me. In the end it doesn't work out, I ask her out and says she's at a friends party and will let me know if they go out. In the end, she writes me later saying she is bored at the party and should have went along with me. No messages since last week.

What do?

>pic semi related
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No title
my neighbor is smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while his 37 year old son is playin' vidya and quackin' off in my tool i call CPS or..?
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Corona Anxiety
Anybody have any advice to deal with coronavirus panic? I used to suffer bad health anxiety as a kid and it’s returned big time. I’ve been mentally unstable this year, but the all-prevailing nature of corona is keeping me on edge 24/7.

I’m in the UK, but I’ve already stocked up on food, medicine and a few masks, mostly to assert some sense of control over an uncontrollable situation. I know it’s silly.
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Being friends with men as a girl
Is it pretty much impossible? Im a lesbian and not ugly, and ive basically given up on trying to have male friends at this point. They always want to be romantic or sexual down the line.

It sucks because id love to have bros to play videogames with and not give a fuck about looking like shit in front of.
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what's wrong with girls on Tinder (and online dating in general)?
it feels like they all have ADD or something

most of the girls in my matches never actually talk to me or they talk to me only once and never seem to have the time for an actual conversation and i've had to wait an hour just a response to a simple question because they are "busy" and when i ask them if they want to meet the tell me they "need to get to know me better first" when they barely interested to begin with or they tell me they will "let me know" when they are available which never comes

and i feel like i have to interrogate them just to learn anything about them as they always give short answers

and sometimes i have to wait days or weeks or a month for them to message back when i just want a simple conversation

i just wish these women never bothered swiping right on me and wasting my time, money, and my emotional stamina

and another thing

sometimes they will suddenly unmatched me really quickly out of the blue during a conversation without even saying why

i talked to one girl who quickly asked if i lived in her area which i did and then asked for my number

i thought a girl my age asking for a cell phone number was odd since most girls use social media

i asked if she was sure if she wanted just my phone number and or if also she wanted my social media

i put my phone away and wait for a response

i check back and find her gone and probably unmatched me

like fuck what's her problem?
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No title
A girl that was literally my Dream girl showed interest in me, we dated, had fun, but she left town and it all ended after a few weeks

Now I am trying to get over it. But it's very hard. How do I cope with knowing that there is a big chance that I will never have a girl like that in my life again? It's really heartbreaking. It makes me not want to live anymore
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Is there a chance I infected a woman?
The other day I had unprotected sex with this girl. Since then she said she has had vaginal irritation. Before her the last time I had sex was in September. I've never shown any std signs at all and I've only had unprotected sex once before her, about a year ago. Is there a likely chance I have an std and infected her?
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Depression over Heart
Hey guys, so for a whole while I’ve assumed I’ve got heart problems. Since I’ve had anxiety all my life, I’ve also had heart palpitations & trouble breathing, exclusively only during periods of anxiety. I recently got an electrocardiograph and they said I’m perfectly fine, healthy heart, above average healthy blood pressure, etc.

I’m mostly depressed because I keep running away from things that’ll make me happy. Like lifting, boxing & Jiu jitsu. I want to toughen up, and shake off the anxiety. The anxiety of a poor heart, leading to a sudden death whilst I’m far away from home. I keep thinking to myself how can I be a man if I’m scared of action.
>pic related is my heart electrocardiograph chart. It was 87 BPM but I was anxious during it being taken
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catfishing advice
For the last 3-4 months I have been catfishing a girl. We both developed feelings for each other and yesterday everything came to a head and instead of admitting that I was a liar, I told her I just stopped liking her.

This has made her very upset and I wish there was something i could do. I have cried countless tears about this and I just want to admit it all to her but I know it wont matter because she might even be more hurt by me being a fake. I also dont want to risk any legal problems for myself if she goes to the police

Should I come clean and tell her? or just let her be sad and get over my own sadness?

I wish I was dead.
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There's an australian girl I met on reddit last week that she said she's open to have an e relationship with me. I just think theyre accents are super cute and australians are nice people. but I need to know what they're really like, if there is a dark underbelly with them and any culture shock with the USA
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No sex
This is my girlfriend, she is 22 and am 32. We have not had sex for 2 years and I have told her I’m going to start looking for other women. I don’t want to because I think she is pretty attractive and we generally get along when she isn’t being an entitled chink princess.

She doesn’t fucking get it though, I need to FUCK!

I have done a lot of research and apparently like 60% lose their sexdrive in long term relationships. What the fuck is that!? Why?
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No title
There's this girl at a hairdresser that I talk to that has long, black hair, ripped jeans, and black boots that usually comes by the grocery store that I work at.

But I don't know what to say without sounding like a creep.

What do?
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27+ Thread
27+ General Thread

Fellow wizards, figured out how to cope with chronic loneliness and dealing with the fact that you may be wageslaving for the rest of your life? I thought it was supposed to get easier as you got older (and became a wizard) to deal with disappointment.
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My confidence just got destroyed - please help
Been speaking to this girl on OKcupid for a few weeks.

We finally exchange numbers. She ask for a video selfie and I send it to her.

Next thing she says is that she is sorry but she is not feeling it now.

Suffcie to say my confidence is just dying at moment. I'm not some ugly monster but very plain slightly below average dude.

Why are people so cruel and judmental on looks alone? We were chatting for days about topics we shared. I'm in tears bro's i just can't handle it anymore.
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No title
I would like some advice so im 19,
And my gf isnt in school rn due to a few reasons shes trying to get into another one but you know European governments are gae and make everything hard so it takes a bit and my mom keeps complaining to me I should push her to go to school get a job sport etc but like how do I tell my mom and its driving me insane bc she keeps doing this and I'm just done
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No title
How do you judge what league you are in dating wise?
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Sad,broke man.
Hey, guys.

So I've seen these posts lately - these girls selling their nudes on 4chan for money. I know it works because I convinced one of my friends to buy some of their pictures, and they followed through.

This is my call to you, Anon. What can I do, as a MaleAnon, to make money, too? I've been looking for odd jobs on craigslist, trying to stream, make videos, and I'm going to college but I still can't make ends meet.

I'll make personal videos for you, take meme pictures in real life (I live in NYC) - your wish is my command. These E-Whores are selling pictures that you can find on the internet easily. I'll do your fucking homework.

Add my discord. Kosmaul#9196
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No title
Should I double major in Computer Science and History or just minor History
I really like History but I'm gonna do CS because I also want a job
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Cheating on Exam
I'm going to be taking a very important exam in a few days.

What are some techniques I can use to cheat to help my score?
Phones, food and drinks are not allowed in this test. There is no math involved. It's a matter of remembering the answer to the 100 questions. There are 2000+ possible questions that may be on the test.
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No title
Should I just shave my head?
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No title
How fucked are we from corona virus? I can't stop thinking about it all day every day. I can't shake the feeling that this is going to be an apocalypse event for humanity. I don't see the point in living or planning for the future anymore because of this virus. Things are so irrepairably fucked.
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No title
Just got back from japan and I’m starting to feel really hot and getting a sore throat, how worried should I be?.
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No title
I've met this "masseuse", she really is a hooker. And when we fuck, she is so tender and lovely. I find her very attractive and her personality is very cool. We talk a lot in between fucking rounds, and she really makes me think that she feels something more. One day we even talked about love, and as i have been a regular client of the 'massage parlor" she asked me if i ever had fell in love with one of the girls. I said that no, and since then i have tried to book her less and go with other girls there. I think there's 3 options:
>She is like that to every one of her clients
>She knows i'm wealthier than her and wants me as an escape to her financial situation, She's just behind the money.
>She actually likes me.
I don't know what to think. I have been trying to not think of her but after today's fucking, it's becoming unbearable. Is a hooker just an unredeemable damaged good?
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Man made hole
What kind of piercing would you suggest for this kind of ear.
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No title
>Am kissless virgin
>Had one gf in 4th grade
>Started working a few months ago
>Figured out my coworker likes me
>Both work part time so don't work together often
>Was gonna ask for her snapchat the last time we worked together but she went home early
>Found out she's leaving the job soon
>Her last day was yesterday
>It's a retail store, so yesterday I went in to pretend to shop
>Was planning on talking to her then and at some point ask for her snapchat
>She wasn't in the front, she was somewhere in the back
>Never got to talk to her
We're both seniors in high school, but I take all my classes at the local community college so we don't see each other outside of work. Now I have no way of seeing her. Was planning on going to the high school today to talk to my counseler abouf something and maybe I'd see her there, but that's not a great chance.
I already looked up her name on snapchat to see if I could find her but that fell flat.
Would it be weird to ask some of my coworkers if they know it?
Otherwise is there anything else I can do or did I miss my shot?
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No title
my roommate is looking to move out come may, the bad news is that they're co-leasers so I have to break my lease to remove them from it. even worse, my rent will go up $1100 if I decide to sign a new lease. I could move to a better location but it'll still be $1000 more than I currently pay and its half the size. anything cheaper are shoebox studios that are too expensive for what they are.

I could afford to pay this increase but it'll put me at the edge of my living expenses. enough to pay for everything comfortably but not much left over for saving. is this an okay way to live for a year or two while I'm working my way up from my entry level job or am I being foolish for considering it?
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No title
I've been trying to find a boyfriend for months at this point, and nothing seems to work out. Mainly because the only men who are interested in dating me long-term are old (25+) and thus completely unattractive to me. I'm 19, and it seems like every boy my age is only interested in hookups or casual dating.
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No title
I’m dating (early stages not exclusive though we banged and it was great) someone who I met while drinking and she started recovery. I have no problems not drinking around her, but I’m worried the 12 step shit will make her drop me because “much sobriety” anyone have any advice? I don’t drink around her, even though the dinner checks are painfully cheap now
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No title
>been on adderall everyday for 4 months
>dr takes extended leave and pushes our appointment to next week
>out of pills for a week, no other dr will sign off on prescribing me more
>get hit hard with the flu overnight
>practically paralyzed mind and body at this point
I feel like I’m going to die, what can I do to feel better
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"x invited you to start the chat"
Downloaded Hinge yesterday. I liked a few girl's profiles, always adding a comment or asking a question. Now some of them have decided to match with me, but without sending a message themselves. I feel like this kind of puts me on the back foot as I would be double messaging from the start. In some cases, I can easily take the conversation in a new direction. In others (like when I sent them a question), it's kind of awkward. For the time being, I'm letting things be for a while to see if they message me. Is this a sign that they just want to "collect" me as a match, or should I not read that deeply into it? In the future, would you recommend simply liking the profile without leaving a comment? I feel like making a comment increases the chances of matching, but also makes things challenging after that since I've already played my best opening card.
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No title
pixxy fizzleclank
Can internet roleplay fuck with your mind? I'm such a hopeless romantic, I've turned to writing smut to quell my inhibitions, and I rarely have drive to pursue IRL relationships, since I have so many RP partners willing to talk to me all night, be it a scene, or just casual talk.
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Am I losing empathy?
I noticed nowadays that when watching anime, when horrible things happen to the protagonist, I start laughing. Like I was watching an anime and when the mother of some dude died, I started laughing. I feel like I'm laughing because of how I appreciate all the plot twists and changes in the story, and how it makes me enjoy the story, but I also feel like I shouldn't be laughing. I mean horrible things are happening even if it's fiction.

I also noticed that when listening to drill music (dark nihilistic gangster rap music), I also started to laugh when the Rapper says horrible things about killing other people in his bars. In the past I would never, on the contrary, it would shock me. But now I regularly listen to this violent music, and I even started to research on gangs and their histories. I recently read a thread on 4chan about a girl thug from Chicago and I laughed multiple times, even though that's fucking horrible that people grow up to become like that. But it's like, all those events kinda amuse me in a way, and how things turned out. I feel bad about myself for feeling that way though, we are talking about murders and all that

The thread in question :

Am I losing my sense of empathy and sympathy? Am I becoming a psychopath, or at least a very desensitized person?
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Townhouse strata VENGEANCE
>27 years old, live in a townhouse with strata for 4 years now
>live 3 doors down from miserable old man who had taken a disliking to me from the moment I moved in.
>My dad, a big real estate guy and contractor, says it’s because I’m young, says he’s seen it before
>this old fucker is like a bully, I hate to say this but I feel like I’m being picked on, hes a genuine pos, he has this extremely smug aurora to him, he will stand outside and just hard ball mean stare at me if I’m doing something in the front yard, can’t tell you how many times I decided to stare him down until he looks away, a few times I’ve even shouted “hey, whatcha looking at? Can I help you?” And then he usually replies with something to make him sound like he’s just an innocent bystander doing nothing wrong.
>my first week here about an inch of my car was sticking out onto the lane and he took a picture of it, sent it to the strata council and I got an email threatening that they will fine me if I park like that again, as if it was on purpose
>have a small fenced backyard with a little patch of grass, I have a medium sized dog that lives with me
>let her out. She shits on the grass, he walked passed, took a picture of the shit and sent it to the strata saying I need to clean up the dog shit immediately or they’ll fine me
>i eventually purchased a truck and had to park it on the road outside the complex because my driveway wasn’t big enough, and one time I got home early, my complex
Is RIGHT beside an elementary school, and all the moms and dads were parked taking up all the spots, so I decided to park in a guest for an hour, there were no other vehicles in any guest spot
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What do you guys do to cope with loneliness?
So I've been always the quiet kid but I always had at least one close friend. I grow distant of my parents and I feel completely disconnected with them. My school/collague friends had moved on with their lives even with best efforts to keep contact. My girlfriend left me and also I'm finding difficult to find a job. For the first time in years I fell completely alone, it's hard for me to engage in conversations with people even online. I thought I could cope with loneliness but I think that's because I didn't feel it's completely weight over me. I think that me and my opinions are not appreciated by those I considered close to me, it's like speaking to the wind.
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how do get a gf at a bar?
seoul shakers toronto web
i haven't had any luck with online dating so i want to try looking for girls in person

i don't have a social life and i have no wing man

i want to actually find love/romance or at least lose my virginity
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End it all
I'm a suicidal rape victim. I am conventionally ugly and get ghosted by a ton of guys. I repulse people with my appearance. I'm sick of being harassed and vilified. Where do I go from here? I have no friends, my family doesn't like me, I am genuinely ugly. I have no job, no highschool diploma. I don't *want* to get better but I am sick of being like this with no access a suicide method that would work.
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No title
Excluding incels and "only did it once but not a virgin" people on this board, how normal is it to not have sex for 3 years?

In my early 20s and late teens I was having steady sex with different people, but mid 20s hit. In the last 5 years I've only hooked up with one girl and we fucked twice. The last 3 years have been nothing but dry. I'm sexually frustrated and feel like a loser because normies make it seem like sex is this thing that you're entitled to have at least every two weeks.
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Meeting people
What are the best ways to meet people if you're mid-late 20s and trying to take a break from a marriage?
0 images | 3 replies
Signs you’re an ugly guy?
What are the signs you’re an ugly guy?
Please give serious answers only, google is useless at these questions
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No title
My girlfriend left me for another guy after 2 years being together. She told me she had been cheating on me and she's fallen in love with another man, and she left me. She found out she was pregnant shortly after and married said guy within a few months.

Well I thought I had heard the last of her but apparently there was trouble in paradise and she gave me a call recently. Apparently, her husband left after he had suspicions that the child was not his. So they had a paternity test and the child is not his, prompting him to leave her.

She told me that I'm the only other guy that she had slept with in that time period, so that means I am the father. However, she threw me another bombshell in that her husband had already signed the birth certificate. Apparently, he only really suspected the child not his several months after the fact when his family had suspicions and they both fully believed it has his child.

So basically, he is the dad as far as the great United States is concerned. What should I do here? I know I should get a paternity test to make sure she's not lying to me but should I even get involved at all? Assuming that child is mine, I feel like I have responsibility to it. On the other hand...that other guy is technically the dad so maybe I should just pretend I don't exist? I feel like none of this is my fault so I should just bow out quietly.
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No title
How the hell do you shut your brain off, forget about all the shit you need to and want to do, and discipline yourself to go to bed early? Life seems too short to waste 7+ hours a night sleeping...
0 images | 2 replies
No title
I lied about how long I worked a job to cover up time I wasted at a shitty job. Instead of saying I worked 3 months like I had I said I worked 8 at my current employer and I have 3 interviews next week now. Am I fucked?
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No title
Whats up everyone. I was hoping to get a little help here
>Best buddy in the entire world has a gorgeous little sister
>I'm only about 8 months older than her, little bit less
>We've been doing the nasty together for years now, our first time together was right before her 15th birthday, both each other's first time
>She's 19 now going on 20, I'm approaching 21
>We're trying to find a way to tell her older brother, my friend, that the 2 of us are an item
>We want the whole "confirmed relation on Facebook, she can publicly show me off to her jealous friends, etc"
>Struggling to think of a way to tell my friend without getting my teeth kicked in
>Also want to avoid lying to him about how long we've been together

I'm at the point already that I'm just gonna drop it on him, and damn the consequences. But I'd like to be able to cushion the blow if at all possible. He's been my best friend since we were 5 years old.
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hooking up with grills you like
what have you done to hook up? how does setting up a hook up over snap/text work? I grinded with and made out with a girl Friday night at a club. we both go to the same college and she asked me if I had a dorm we could go back to. I live with my ex gf who I’m patching things up with slowly, and another ex gf. So I said nah my roomates suck lol, so she asked me for my snap. Problem is, i don’t know what to text her, when to text her, or how to fuck her now. I know I probably fucked up, but I still wanna hear thoughts on it and ideas for what to message her. And hopefully we can all help eachother
0 images | 7 replies
What is wrong with me
I’m 18 and I’ve never had a gf, never had a kiss, never even held a girl’s hand. Every girl I’ve ever liked has rejected me and I’ve never had a girl want to be more then friends with me. Imma be honest I can be socially awkward at times but I’ve gotten better as the years go on. I just want a relationship. I feel hopeless at this point.
0 images | 13 replies
No title
does any of you fill like there should be a ring or something for single people to wear so thats its easyer tp tell whos single and wants to mingle idk i cant be the only one who thinks about this sometimes
0 images | 7 replies
Share advice in the form of song.
I see suicidal anons navigating butthurt waters because of the one that got away. Makes me think of "2 out of 3" by Meatloaf.

As a youngster, I thought the song was about a date raping chad who intentionally shielded his feelings to achieve his objective. Now, I realize that he cannot love the best thing that ever happened to him because his heart was removed by the worst thing that ever happened to him. An irony is that, the one who destroyed him was a perpetuating chain of others' hurt upstream and, it trickles down.

An individual is the one who feels the pain but it is hard for them to believe that most of us have and still do feel the same. I don't know why nature sees fit to inoculate against first love but, first loves are sorta irrational in the strategy for life. You need to find one to want and need as a team member. Not sacrifice everything over nothing.

Do you have any examples of things you've learned from songs? Say a few words or we are just posting songs and there are better places for that.
1 images | 5 replies
If you're a 30+ male and still want that ''love'' and ''intimacy'' you're a testosterone lacking faggot or manchild stuck in an early adolescent phase.
Grow out of this and grow the fuck up, man!
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No title
I find Korean girls incredibly attractive. How would I go about meeting an dating one?
0 images | 9 replies
Ghost or no
I slept with a girl off tinder twice and she stayed over. Shes okay, sweet and stuff but... her vagina smelled and she snored. I actually consider these huge dealbreakers. Problem is I have no idea what to say to her shes hitting me up asking me whats wrong, do i just ghost her or give a polite goodbye?
0 images | 2 replies
best friend fell in love with me
night smoke
I (f) have been really close with my best friend (m) for months, we hang out several times a week and emotionally are really close. The other day he confessed his feelings and im not sure what to do. I love the guy a lot, he's great, but im just not into him at all sexually.
I can't say I havent thought about it or anything, but those are mostly intrusive thoughts and not at all fantasies. I realize we're basically platonically dating already and im not sure what to do.

like, should I give him space to get over me? just fuck him already just to see what happens? keep doing what we doing and fuck the haters?

he means a lot to me and i dont want to break his heart :(
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No title
images (1)
What's the safest way to straighten bent penis?
2 images | 30 replies
Career advice
so lets give this a try....

im in the mood for some personal transformation but im not shure what path i should take...
Im 35 and have a degree in
B.Sc Process engineering
M.Sc Engineering management

at the working for a car manufacturer that pays pretty well, but all these "project managment" is kind of boring and seems to lead to nowhere..
So Im thinking about doing something new ...

well, is there any adive you can give?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
What can you do if you've wasted a decade of your life? just kill yourself?

Because there's no catching up and you've missed too much already. this feeling is hellish, every day is just dread and regret and I don't know what to do
2 images | 12 replies
Help me win her over
So I've started seeing a woman in an open relationship. We met online and it was just supposed to be a smash and pass kinda deal. But she is perfect to me, literally my dream girl. Usually I know better than to fall for sluts I hookup with, but I'm already infatuated with her.
We hit it off crazy well and she still wants to continue to see me. Problem is that she's in an open relationship. I'd be cool with that if we were just smashing, but I want more than that. She's shared with me that she's in a really tight spot with her primary partner. They're having issues and she's sexually frustrated.
Is there any way I can take advantage of this and swoop in for the kill? Does anyone have any tips or ideas for how to handle this? Should I just get out before I get hurt?
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i need to run away because coronavirus
quebecer here. i need to run away in the countryside or near it.
my parents are fucking retarded boomers who don't understand anything
they' don't get it that most towns can be quarantined and we be royally fucked in a few weeks.

my dad is beyond stupid and inept, he's watching his shit soccer again instead of prepping and moving out to get to the countryside and get away from people.

i'm on welfare, i get my check soon but i fer it's gonna be too late.

i can't drive either & i need at least a trash contained turned into a shelther and i don't have any means to get one.

i'm such in deep shit

i thought about living in the water sewers but i don't know the layout and temperature.
and i have a retarded dog who can't hunt and is stuck in baby mentality/want to play with everything

i don't have a weapon to hunt with in the forest i could live in!
i can definitely get myself a shovel (i have one) to dig a big hole in the ground for shelther
i live in a extremely dense population area (suburbs) and the big hub town is just a shore over.
it's the worst recipe for disaster.
what do i do?
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No title
being a virgin feels like a handicap and makes me feel unwanted, how to fix this mentality?
0 images | 28 replies
No title
>ex tried to monkey branch me
>ghosted her when she tried to come back and I found out what happened
>has tried multiple times to get in touch with me
>even went so far as checking my whatsapp stories that I post for family bsck Home

Is she checking up on me to see if she still has me or do you think she wants me in a genuine way
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specific signture
Zuko small
Is there anyone who recognizes the following signature?


Local law enforcement is trying to get some leads, and i have a feeling it could be someone on 4chan, some forum, or other digital community.

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I'm very insecure about if my breath stinks or not.
When I was a younger I'd literally go days, weeks maybe even a month without brushing my teeth. My breath was killing but instead of fixing it I just got so insecure about it to the point where I couldn't talk to someone while looking at them unless I put hands in front of me or like elbow or something to cover up.

Now more than 6 years later it's still haunting me. I'm brushing both my teeth and tongue at least twice a day and chewing mint gum after every meal. Yet it still haunts and worries me.

For example, my girlfriend doesn't like making out so we never actually do it and most of the time just choose to kiss me fast like a bird pecking multiple times. When I confronted her about this she said it's because she has problems with breathing and can't breath when we're kissing, since then we started doing it a bit again but tells me to wait for her to catch/hold breath before we do it.

Other examples would be me still trying to cover myself as much as possible unintentionally, I often catch myself speaking to someone with my elbow in front of me like I'm resting. Some people have even commented on me doing the elbow thing and not looking directly at them.
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Since I am not very attractive I have decided that my purpose in life should be to improve my genetic stock so that the future generations of my descendants are more attractive and healthier

So I will try to find a woman with good genes and breed with her. Then I will dedicate my life to make my offspring the best human beings possible

Do you think this is a noble purpose? Should I begin now? I am 24 years old
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>buy this to play with friends
>they fight with me and another friend because we are not responding their messages
>group disbands
>starting feeling guilty because i never respond messages

how the fuck do i get rid of this feeling

guess i got fucked, once again
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>mentally ill
>no friends
>shit job but at least it pays well
Why shouldn't I just end it now? I've even been working out and eating less, and I've seen some results, but I just don't really care. My family and highschool friends live in a different state and I don't want to go back there.
Nothing makes me feel good and I don't really want anything out of life except for a romantic partner. I've had many GFs so I'm not worrying about not finding another. I just don't know what I live for anymore. I'm kinda over this whole "being alive" thing.
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People piss me off so much.
When I am with my friends, they tend to say mad shit about my car. Fine, but whenever I say something back, they go into a raging fit and become insanely enraged to the point where they get mad, insecure and distant. Why do they think they can say shit, and not expect shit in return? What?
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I don't know how to be myself and connect with people
fuck this shit
Im 20 years old and only started making friends and slightly opening up around age 16/17. I've dealt with social anxiety for as long as I can remember, so when I do make friends and feel connected to people it is something I tend to cling onto. I notice that i tend to ''filter out'' parts of my personality often when hanging out with friends, which leaves me feeling some sort of regret once i'm alone again. Either that or I zone out when i'm hanging out with a large group of people and barely speak.

On top of that I just don't know how to maintain a friendship when I see people less than daily or once a week like in school. I don't know what is considered needy, how I can ask people to hang out casually etc. This is why i'm afraid that I might react pretty distant/cold once somebody does check up on me or tries to contact me. I'm afraid of being that needy, desperate person.

And after a while I feel like people tend to pick up that something is off with me. They ask me out less and less and don't really check up on me anymore (which is fair of course, considering they don't hear from me all that often. They can't be blamed but it does hurt.)

I'll probably never be fully free of anxiety, but what steps can I take to improve and actually function like a normal human being when it comes to friendships? Because if I keep going on like this i'll probably end up being all alone once I hit 30.
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Public Speaking Alternatives to Toastmasters
I've been trying to improve my public speaking skills lately after letting them fall off for a while. I joined Toastmasters a while back, but resolved not to go back after doing it for about 2 years when it started to get mildly cultish for me. Has anyone tried any other programs/clubs?
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How do I run a successful campaign for public office?
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Where do I look for local influencers?
Help is needed!
Do you know any good source for SM/Media/Influencers from all around the globe especially UK, DE, IT, FR? I looked on google and only good tool I found is hypeauditor. I work for Social Agency and we are looking for instagram influencers. I cant find any correct facebook group also, which would be cool too..
May the force be with you
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No Discernable Hobbies
I keep hearing all this advice that's like "ohh get out of the house, get a hobby where you can meet people"
But I can't keep a hobby. I move on. My interests never settle. I never get past the intermediate stage in any hobby. I get basic competenncey and drop the hobby.
What the fuck is wrong with me. Why can't I just stick with something. I have no consistency.
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UberEats Tax
I just want muh form
To keep it short, I'm trying to get my taxes done and am running into bullshit with uber. Basically for the year 2019 my earnings are split between two accounts cause my car isnt valid anymore for ride share. So I had to make a new account in the summer that is only for uber eats. I have never done ride share on the old account, only food. I have the "tax summary" for both accounts from 2019. Apparently according to the help line they dont send me a 1099 misc unless I earn $600+ in "total additional earnings". I did not hit the $600 mark in that department. They always redirect me to turbo tax for assistance.

Here's what I don't get. I also did Doordash in 2019, but I received a regular old 1099 misc form. I got roughly $4000(box 7) from DD and $6000 from Ubereats. Why the fuck did I get a nice old 1099 from DD, but have to deal with this summary autism with UberEats? Yes I'm asking for tax clarification on a nordic fishing image board.

>inb4 these jobs suck
I know.
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This place is a hell hole!
Hanging out here would make anyone go crazy! Holy shit the useless information seeping through my subconscious; suicide, depression, worthlessness, anger, hatred, sadness, despair, loneliness, death, degeneracy, infidelity, guilt etc etc etc... I have to leave but I can’t, I can’t kick the crutches out from beneath me. I’ve sunken to the lowest lows and my only anchor is this website and video games. The internet is truly evil.
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What Career Suits Me?
>24 y/o M
>borderline NEET
>associate's degree gen-ed
>dropped out of university
>strong background in psych and business admin
>general interest in justice and computers
>social chameleon
>hate interacting with others
>bullshitting my way through life
>can't do manual labor anyone (more in reply)
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Can a guy own I diary? I want to decorate it and write down my thoughts I'm a 18 year old male anon just for reference. I feel I'm going to get ripped on for owning it though.
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Should I confess to my crush?
I'm in second year of uni and I met her in the first semester of last school year. We've talked a lot in and out of class and hung out a couple times. However because of class and work schedules I've barely seen her this year. Even though we have eachother's numbers she never reaches out and asks to see me, and is usually busy on weekends. Because of this I'm worried she doesn't like me or is avoiding me. I'm considering confessing or at least being more direct when I see her just so I know for sure how she feels. Is this a good plan, or should I hold off longer?
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help with my weird ass feelings
This is pretty embarrassing to talk about so forgive me for omitting details

I have these depressive, borderline crippling feelings regarding a certain thing.
I don't want to say what the thing is (although ahead of time I'll let you know it's not homo shit so this isn't about being confused gay or something. I'll get that out the way since I suspect it would be you anons first theory)

whenever i stumble upon that thing I can get depressed for long, and I sometimes get manic.
it's really not something I can just ignore as people on chans sometimes post it in a reply, or I just stumble upon it, and when an anime I watch incorporates that thing I just drop it completely on the spot.
when it gets extreme I get nothing but suicidal thoughts.
I tend to rationalize my feelings all the time, when I feel anything I try to deduce why I feel that way and usually I get over it. with this thing I'm drawing a complete blank, I have no idea why I feel that way and it's sort of an isolating feeling knowing that other people don't mind that thing and they might even enjoy it, there isn't really any resource online to help with it so had to turn to the advice board of a vietnamese kite surfing forum.

if it helps your analysis, I match the description of schizoid / SPD and I suspect I'm on the autistic spectrum (I never got diagnosed since it's pointless where I live)
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What can I do to stop buzzing and being excited full of adrenaline all day?

Basically ive started earning good money doing something and everyday im excited and over the moon about it to the point that my adrenaline is buzzing all day, I should actually be calm and indifferent to it, and that's where I want to be.

Does mediation help?

suggestions please
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Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 3.16.36 PM
Is it possible to revert a cropped downloaded image to its original?
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Well, /adv, my phone has finally died after 3 years of use, I had a Oukitel K10, it had a 11000mah battery, would last 4 days on a single charge.

And now I'm kinda clueless, I can't seem to find a phone that can compare to it. Even its successor, the k12, seems weak and looks ugly as hell.

/adv/ can you please give me a hand here? I need a phone with a big ass battery like my old k10, the other specs aren't as important to me, but 64gb of internal memory should be good.
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Temporary co-worker now consider me friend and therapist.
>be 20
Working for a recruitment agency and I have got assigned to work in a warehouse this week. Got to work with this 24 yo dude. He is very kind but smells like cheese. My problem is that he is a giant fuck up who became a father at age 19, did coke and amphetamine weekly, punched the mother of his child whom dated a pedophile (somewhat justified, but fucked), about to lose his driver's license for the 2nd time and has never done any other education than mandatory grade 9. Generally has issues with self-image, relationships and is $46.500 in debt.

We talk well together, but he apparently consider me his friend now, takes selfies of me and him to send to his friends on Snapchat, mentions me to the girl he dates over the phone. He has said he is specifically looking for new friends to help him improve his self-image and mental state for a better life and new relationship, which I think is kind of sweet, but it puts me in a position where I feel responsible to help him.

I am not working these jobs to make new friends, and I feel uncomfortable of how overly approachable he is towards me. I'm gonna work alongside him untill Friday and I am unsure on how to keep things cool and avoid him considering me his new drinking buddy, without making things awkward the next following days. He is not the worst, but I don't want to be in touch with him.
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Motivating myself
hi /adv/, first post here! I'm having a really hard time motivating myself to do anything that i don't want to do, whether it be at home assignments, reports, etc. Any attempt to hammer in any bit of productivity outside of a workplace has failed, from positive reinforcement, to threats about my position, even to isolation with my work. I really have run out of ideas at this point and would appreciate any recommendations or things that have worked for any of you/other people. Thanks!
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Too insecure to even accept a bf
Help I'm a 21f and this will probably sound dumb but a guy asked me out, totally cute, but I can't bring myself to say yes. I'm a khv girl, and this actually made me realize that I feel too insecure to the point of not even wanting to accept a guy even when cute. I thought some of my depression was due to me not being able to get a bf, but I realize some guys showed interest to me in the past and I just fled when I felt it. I'm fine being their friends until I feel they're interested. Even if I'm interested myself that's fucking dumb.

Why? What is in my brain that makes me want to stay alone and unhappy? I don't want to stay alone but I rationalize saying that I'm actually better alone and he will see all my flaws and leave anyway. Somehow how my mother/brother will feel if I ever get a bf scares me too a little.

I don't even know what the problem is so thanks for reading, <3 on you anons.
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Ive applied to 2 stores for credit and been rejected. Thinking of going to banks and apply around.
Please help how I can get credit.
I cant get someone to put me under them.
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Calculus help
asset-v1_HarvardX+CalcAPL1x+2T2017+type@asset+block@TITLE-Calculus-Applied-2120x1192-NO-SPOTLIGHT 2
What board can I post on here to get help with calculus? I'm a unifag who is going into business, but have a hard time doing calculus (I can do stats and accounting alright). I've been going to a tutor and getting help from my smarter brother, but I'd like to ask people on here as well.
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I'm losing it. I'm a Virgin. The other day I sniffed a woman in my elevator and got a boner imagining cuddling with her. I think I'll end up doing something really bad soon. I want Intimacy more than I want sex. So, A hooker won't help. What do?
>Inb4 Hookers can pretend
No, that won't work. I know it's real and honestly I would get really embarrassed with the whole "pretend" thing.
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olivas diet
Is it possible for an adult male to eat 100K calories a day and not become obese?
what extreme training would be needed to require so much food?
I want to train to eat,not eat to train
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How to overcome sensetivity
I'm 25 years old male, everything seems to be fine. However, it occurred more than once that when i get to know a female and go along within our relationship, it comes to specific point where she notices/concludes that I'm over-sensetive and tells me so.
I feel like it's a fucking weakness and a terrible flaw that has been there within me for my entire life. Yes, i overthink and overanalyze things, that's how my mindset and character were created.

How can i overcome this and improve my emotional state and skills?
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Pick up lines rn- anything Walmart related. She had a pic of her in front of walmart in a graduation gown I need them asap
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help a monkey
I'm high schooler, from a fucked country
I just can't get good grades in math tests, does not matter how much I study. I have very good grades in all subjects, less math
in the other years, I had "good grades" in math because I was good in sports so the school used to pass because of this.
but now I just can't see a future for me in school
I don't have expectations anymore and tried suicide last year but I'm too stupid so I failed
what I do?
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I’m 26, about to be 27, years old and I graduated with a bachelor’s in economics a little over 2 years ago. I didn’t really like my major when I studied it and I’m now discovering that I don’t actually have any professional working world aspirations. As a matter of fact, I really hate the career paths that this degree lends itself to. I’ve come to realize that I should’ve studied something else and went right to graduate school, which is a personal goal of mine, and basically just tried for academia while I continued pursuing an artistic bend that I have for art and poetry mostly. The good news is that my employer pays for almost all of the tuition for any courses I decide to take whether grad or undergrad with the exception of professional schools like law or medicine, as long as I go part-time after hours at a specific university, which is fairly well-respected in the US. Obviously, this is a big perk and I want to use it to go to graduate school and escape economics related career fields, and ideally private industry altogether for academia. The problem is I obviously don’t want to continue economics and that degree doesn’t exactly lend itself well to anything else. My primary interest is actually classics but the school doesn’t have a grad department and they only offer certain undergrad courses on weekday mornings which conflicts with my work schedule so I think that’s out unfortunately. I guess I’m looking for workarounds or alternative paths I can pursue that might be at least tangentially related to my undergrad so it wouldn’t be a total waste. My last resort is going to law school on my own dime.
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Really awkward situation
Basically, I've been living with my sister and her partner for the past couple of years. They've been great together and were planning on getting married in a few weeks. I'm basically best friends with her GF. However, they just broke up on Valentines Day after my sisters GF told her that she had gotten drunk and kissed a coworker twice in the past few months. Now my sister has left the apartment we were sharing, so its just me and the ex GF until she finds somewhere else to live. The ex-GF is being really nice and trying to hang out with me, but I dont know what the fuck to do, since on the one hand she really hurt my sister, on the other hand I cant bring myself to really hate/dislike her since we were so close. Am I a bad person, should I stop being around her, or what else can I do?
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