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I'm trying to call out "sick" at my employer, but don't want to make it obvious. What do /adv/?
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Found out a girl is 17
I'm 25, I got a girls number who seemed to be my age. I found out she's 17. Is this wrong? I still like the girl because she's obviously very mature for her age, more so than girls that are my age even. But obviously society would frown upon this. I am NOT looking to have sex with her I am looking for a serious relationship. Am I in the wrong? I'm honestly really sad about this so I'm probably just coping
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Where do I find Racist, short hair, thing, video game loving girls. I'm not ugly

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Hello /adv/. I am yet another late bloomer retard asking for advice on women. I am currently talking to a 19 year old grill who is super hot but insane and autistic. She has tons of surreal horrifying drawings on her instagram and 100% has a mental issue.

Should I try and pipe or run far away?
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How do I tell my girlfriend to stop moaning when we have sex? She's my first and I'm pretty sure she's had like 20 partners. The only reason I'm with her is for my parents to stop asking me when I'll get a girlfriend. But I hate how she seems to think she needs to moan to protect my ego since my dick is 5 inches. Is there a polite way I can tell her to stfu and let me coom and get on with life, or do I tell her straight up?
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Married 12 years to highschool sweetheart but rarely have sex with her. Basically how do I get sex from her? She's just so awkward with it. I'm embarrassed to ask her because it just seems so cringey to ask for sex to a person you're married to.
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fugonara 102
Why am I so comforted imagining situations of extreme isolation that would be literal torture for anyone else? What is wrong with me?
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I ejaculated in a money hungry crack whore roughly a hundred times
should I just kill myself or can she go after my family for child support?
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I messed up and my bf's mad at me. I don't really get what was wrong about it. A coworker got a motorcycle and was showing it off while I was waiting for my bf to get to the office to give me a ride home. The coworker offered to give me a ride around the office if I wanted, and I'd never been on a motorcycle so I said sure. I climbed on behind him, put on the helmet he gave me and held on and everything to stay safe. It was a scary ride but kind of fun. As we looped back around the building I saw my bf's car and he dropped me off by it.

My bf immediately looked unhappy. When I got in the car there was sort of a tense silence and I asked him what was wrong, and he said he didn't like that I was riding on some guy's motorcycle. He didn't go into detail about why that was a problem. Its not as if I got on a stranger's motorcycle - its one of my coworkers and he's a nice guy so I knew he wouldn't do any crazy bike stunts while giving me a ride.

My bf has been distant since then and asked me not to get on that guy's motorcycle again. I thought it was a safety thing, but the more we talk the less it seems like that was the issue in his mind.
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Why was this bitch texting me when she has a bf???
So I know her and her bf from uni, I did not know that they are dating, asked her how her exams went then she asked what am I doing this summer.

So we started texting a lot for a week and she asked really personal questions then drops on me that she is dating that other guy like wtf...

She asked me why I stopped kayaking many years ago, told me that she might go to the gym when I said that I am going.

I could have been talking to another chick which is single, I am so pissed man...

What the fuck do I even reply so it doesn't come off as if I was hitting on her?

I have to add that she is blonde blue eyes and is dating an actual short gypsy like wtf.

Women are horrible...
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EMDR Therapy
I have an appointment tomorrow to talk about possibly doing EMDR therapy for PTSD treatment.

Is this any good?
How honest should I be about suicidal thoughts?
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Is once a day to be expected?
Gf used to have sex with me 2-3x per day, 4 months in it's once per day on average, some days with none at all!!!!
Is 1x per day average, above or below average for a long term relationship? She says she has thrush and has a headache, we had sex this morning and almost this afternoon but then she suddenly stopped making out with me when our clothes were off and it was awkward af. I didn't know what to say/do so I just got dressed again and left the bed. I like sex a lot and she used to. What frequency is too low that I should talk to her about it/break up? I hear some couples have sex only once a week or even less, and presumably the guy tolerates that. So I don't want to sound spoiled, I just don't really know what's normal. When we do have sex it's great btw
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I'm from a small town in a rural area in Georgia. Any time I try to go to Savannah, my dad/brother/bf (when I have one) insists on coming along because its "not safe". We've never run into any trouble on those trips though and I feel like they're exaggerating. I'm planning to move out that way soon, and they're trying to persuade me to just stay where I am now until I've got a roommate or boyfriend in the city to live with.

Are cities, and for Georgia folk Savannah specifically, really all that dangerous to be in? A guy I know from work goes to River Street by himself all the time, and he's never had trouble.
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female sex behavior
Most girls I had sex with in the past year all said weird things after banging a few times, that they felt used and aren't just for sex. This annoys the fuck out of me because they are boring and not fun to talk to.
I don't get why they demand MORE of my time and resource while giving up less and at the same time give humongously retarded pretexts as to why

>I am not that type of girl, if you want just sex then find someone else
(said by a club slut)
>This is too pervert, I just want to talk normally
>I feel uncomfortable like this
>Do you think we know each other well to be doing this?
These things were all said after I repeatedly blew my load in their fanny and mouth as well, so it's not some beginning of the relationship ''let's take it slow'' talk. They backpedal and dangle their pussy like a carrot in front of me for some reason because sex isn't off the table apparently, as long as I comply.

Why do women do this shit? How do I stop them from doing this? I normally just ghost them when they send me an entire dictionary worth of drama but some are hot and I want to keep banging them.
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I'll keep it short to not waste your time.

No friends, no family, no children, no girlfriend, no talents. Late 30s, I have no motivation to do anything, everyday is just agony. Tried therapy, drugs, working out, self improvement, tried learning to play music, how to paint, even tried to learn to fly a plane. Nothing brings joy. Every moment is just exhausting and it always has been. I can't do this for 40 more years. I don't know what else to do. If I died tomorrow no one would care. I am just tired.

What do I do? Just let go of all hope and watch the world burn? I am just at a loss as nothing brings me joy.
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Should i change my look?
Hey Anons,

Been trying to grow hair out. What is your first impressions of me when u see me? Is there something different i should do with my look? Struggling to date, is it cuz of my looks . be straight ip
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A cute girl was checking me out today at the gym, how can i initiate conversation with her the next time i see her?
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What's some good advice that contradicts this?
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I want black friends so fucking bad. What do I do
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My gf is going out of town for the next few days for an event she’s had planned for months. Last night she told me we have to talk. She told me her ex, who she dated for 4 or 5 years and lives in the city she’s travelling to, asked her to meet up while she was there. She asked me if it was okay and kind of under shock and not wanting to control her life I said I didn’t care. I asked her why she was even telling me this and if I should be worried and she said no and that she was only trying to be transparent.

The more I think about it the more it bothers me though. What should I do? Am I being paranoid? Her and I have not been dating that long and I don’t want to control wha she can or can’t do.
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How do I smuggle alcohol to a party when the security guards do a body frisk and bag searches, I only need to smuggle one hip flask
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I kind of want to break up with my gf because I don't thing our relationship is being good to me, but I still feel like I want her in my live and feel dependent... What should I do? I believe she really loves me a lot, but she ends up doing some things - like being possessive, jealous, makes me feel bad for going out or doing anything without her etc - that make me sad.
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Anons with BPD, please help
stephen a smith pain
Hey, my girlfriend has BPD and she tends to split from time to time. I'm empathetic to people so I usually have a basic understanding of what needs to be done, but I'd be lying if I said I have full knowledge about mental illness, especially something as complex as BPD. What the fuck can I do when she's splitting? I just want to help. I understand what she's telling me is black and white and is often not meant, but it pains me. Do I give her space? Do I comfort her and reassure her that she's the only girl I want? She fears abandonment from me.
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/HTGWG/ how to get women general 3
How to get Women General: Cold Approach Edition
Discuss following topics related to picking up women and/or establishing and maintaining a gf (gfs ranging from trad to sluts)

Ask questions and share experiences (what works, what hasn’t worked)

Rules of thumb if you are going to be successful (simple)
>be fit
>be confident
>work on social skills

Places to meet (depending on your standards)
>local events
>any public place (supermarket, coffee shop, etc)
>literally anywhere you are except for your moms house

Maintain gf
>be loyal
>don’t cheat
>don’t date whores/sluts
>establish trust with gf is #1

to cold approach or not to cold approach?
Yes, you should cold approach retard
>helps develop social skulls
>if you’re not a creep then it will just be a normal conversation that you had with someone
>cold approach did nothing wrong

t. 31 M happily married with kid on way. Been with many girls before trad wife
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I like girls with braces. Does that make me strange?
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finding a boyfriend as an ugly foid
i'm /fit/ but i have a long horse face, a recessed chin and a pigeon nose. i just can't find any guy i'm attracted to willing to go on a date with me beyond fucking me and ghosting me. i fell victim to this once but i'm never doing it again. i'm on tinder, hinge, okc, everything. the guys i'm attracted fuckzone me and the guys that like me are not really attractive to me
wtf am i supposed to do?
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When I lift or run, I imagine fighting people or some scene from a war movie with me as the main character. Is this normal?
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Rate This Apology Text
“Awwww don’t be like that! Okay, if I’m being completely straight with you, I’m frustrated with always having the burden of reaching out to people. I wanna have convos but nobody ever wants to have one. Those cookies you made look bitchin btw”

How do I come across?
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I'm going to start doing quality assurance at a warehouse tomorrow. They had me do 2 days of orientation and none of it covered what I'm going to be doing (at least I got paid for it). Has anyone here done stuff like this? I need advice. Also everyone at the warehouse it part of a union and I'm planning on joining, thoughts on that?
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maxresdefault (2)
Hey anons, I started watching these youtubers Andrew Tate and Fresh and Fit and their videos are great and they inspire me to try to get money and bang hot chicks.

However, Andrew Tate said he won't reveal his secrets until I buy his $50 membership and Fresh and Fit also paywall all their advice.

I'm so pumped to stop being an incel and poorfag , but I don't want to spend cash on advice that might not work.

I feel so lost. Is there any youtuber who gives out life advice for free?
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How do guys fucking afford dates?

I’ve been on 5 dates for the past week and it always some upscale restaurant like legal seafood or pappadeaux.

I usually get a kiss at the end but it never leads to anything more. I’m down close to a grand for doing this.
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How much storage do I need for video surveillance?

Maybe 5 1080p cameras, with audio
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Fun game to play with fwb?
Sup, I've got an older woman that I fucked and have been meeting up with. I wouldn't call it causal dating, but it's close to that. Anyway, I'm not too creative with this stuff, but what are some ideas for games that lead to romantic/kinky outcomes? Just her and me as the sole players.
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Emotional maturity
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how many people will lie to your face when you confront them about their bullshit, even when you have evidence and examples. Oftentimes they’ll go out of their way to make you look like the bad guy, no matter how civil or compromising you try to be. And if they do own it, they tend to not make any effort to change. I’ve lost several close friends over this and it’s exhausting meeting new people just to be let down again. Other than trial and error, is there any surefire way to weed out the shitheads? I’ve tried being more vigilant about red flags and whatnot, but it feels like many people don’t show their bullshit until you’re already invested.
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Woman moment
>fuck man on same day meet and never talk ever again, repeat scenario multiple times

>meet man actually like, take long time to have sex and “play hard to get”

Why do women do this?
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>be me
>feeling lonely today
>used to have tons of frens in highschool
>had 2 best frens for years
>shared many memories together
>first joint
>first time getting drunk
>play vidya together for weekends at a time
>meet gf
>her family manipulated me into never being allowed to have any frens of any kind
>8 years later
>24 years old now
>basically at home all day
>tried reconnecting with frens after I realised that they weren't allowed to do that to me
>they don't want to talk to me anymore
>give up on even trying to make new frens, because I've evolved into some weirdo with zero social skills
>as the years go by, I get over it
>used to my new life now
>be today
>some random memory pops up in my head out of nowhere
>we were sharing a joint, having a good time
>I haven't been that happy in years
>I miss my frens anons, and I didn't know who to tell
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At what age is being a virgin a complete dealbreaker for women? Starting to think I should just fuck a hooker a few times to get some experience and because I'm a terrible liar if it comes down to lying that I'm not a virgin.
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proxy-image (4)
Why does literally every girl worth having over the age of 21 have a boyfriend? Is there a way to get a at gf without stealing her from another man?
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So I've been on 2 dates with this girl but I live in a catholic dorm run by priests and there's a policy of absolutely no girls allowed in the building and no extramarital sex. I haven't fucked her yet so I didn't technically break the rules but I'd like to do so. Will she get scared when I tell her about where I live? She has her own apartment but spending a night outside of the dorm regurarly will cause some questions. And if I tell them that I was with my male friend they will ask me to invite him (there are joint dinners and prayers to make bonds between residents). What do?
>inb4 change dorm
I can't, I didn't get a place in a public dorm and all the private ones are way more expensive.
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Is this dementia?
need some insight here, gonna try to make this as short as possible
>I'm 24, unemployed stem grad on neetbux + rent assistance
>live with 84 yr old great grandmother, mother and younger sister
>for years my grandmother has had incidents where her personality will go from happy caring and understanding to a completely unhinged hateful schizo
two specific incidents this year:
>has an envelope she keeps money in for when she eventually goes to the bank
>used to have me help her count the money before the incident so i would write the amounts on the envelope because this was mostly cash totaling above $2k
>we count one day, get slightly different amounts (both more than what I had written on the envelope last time) before she even adds the rent money my mother gave her
>starts asking why we counted different amounts and why i have amounts written on the envelope
>try to explain that the amounts were there because she would take money out of the envelope for shit like paying me back for ordering her food or taking money out for when we would go to her appointments and she wanted to take a cab
>cuts me off, says she doesn't remember taking money out of the envelope EVER, says she can't trust me + accuses me of stealing half the rent money because some bills were missing when she asked me to go get it for her (i didn't know the money even existed until she asked me to go get it)
>i was also in the process of getting my neetbux and rent assistance approved (so I could PAY RENT while I look for a job) so me stealing wouldn't make sense especially when i was writing down the amounts
>get into screaming match, starts calling me evil and says i talk to her like a dog, etc (says this constantly btw)
>leave house to cool down, send her a text explaining why me stealing doesn't make sense and she texts back to drop it because she knows what she does with her money
>never get an apology for calling me a thief and this never gets resolved
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wtf do i do
aight so i told my girlfriend that I tried ketamine and she blew up at me and said she can never think of me the same again. pls advise
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No title
What are the best girlfriend simulators? R9k told me back in 2014 that we'll have artificial girlfriends by 2022 because of the rise in lonely men but there's nothing I've come across worth anything
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No title
>think a girl is into me
>ask her out
>she isn't
How do I cope with the massive hit to my ego? It's been keeping me up at night
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how do i fix my sleep schedule?
i have been trying for a week or so but i just end up sleeping 4 hours at night and staying tired all day until i sleep for 3 hours in the afternoon, it isnt unbearable but i just wish i could sleep at night like good intended, plus not having a consistent sleep schedule makes me tired all day
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Do I have low Testosterone?
>for reference I'm 22
I just recently went to the doctors for chronic fatigue (I'm tired 24/7 after sleeping 10-12 hours a night). My doctor said its cause is more than likely from sleep apnea (I'm a jawlet, looking into surgery to correct it) but I asked him to order a testosterone blood work just so I could rule out low T.
> 319 (ng/dL) was my result
This seems extremely low for my age, let alone that I'm skinny and pretty active when I'm not asleep. My doctor agreed with me but was a little hesitant since it's not officially below 300, which is considered low T in America. This is definitely considered really low for my age right? I should be at 800-1000 right now shouldn't I? I'm probably going to have to pay out of pocket for TRT since I'm not officially low T and I want to know if I'm going to be wasting my money on something I might not need.
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No title
>walking down busy street with my mom
>three kids, not older than 15 I'd say walking behind us
>they keep saying "gay" but everytime I look behind to see who they're talking to they look away
>don't say anything just kind of scoff
>mother makes joke about kid touching his own dick, how he moght be gay himself
>we laugh a little and walk towards restaurant we were headed
Now I'm 24 years old, 6'3 and have an alright build with kickboxing experience. These kids were about 2/3rd of my height so I didn't really feel threatened or anything but I was just wondering what the fuck the best thing to do is in this situation. Calling them out and getting mad is stupid, as they're just kids. Basically giving them any sort of reaction would just give them what they want. I could try to intimidate them but they know I'm not going to beat up 14 y/olds and if I did I'd probably get fucked by the law anyways. I don't know, I think just laughing at them and walking away was the way to go but it still irks me a little.

What would you do, /adv/?
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No title
My girlfriend just left me yesterday because she "wasn't ready to really commit to a relationship." We've only been together for a month, and it was really wonderful. At first she was a little worried about jumping in because just last January she got out of a nearly 3 year relationship with a guy she had even moved in with. Tho in our first week, she seemed to think she had moved on and was ready to start a new relationship - but now she realized she wasn't I guess. She gave me the whole "it's not you, it's me" thing.

She is super apologetic and like she didn't mean to hurt me or anything, and cut it off to not lead me on anymore. Which I appreciate intellectually, a month isn't even really that long right? I'm being dramatic I guess - tho I should say we'd been good friends for like 5/6 months prior to dating.

She's 3 1/2 years older than me, I'm 24 and she 27. Oh also she's my coworker. I feel so unimaginably terrible right now, she made me feel like I never had before. Now I just want to dive off a ledge or recede into a hole forever. I've been calling out from work and thankfully have 2 days off scheduled next. I'm just heartbroken.
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No title
I don’t understand where I go wrong in tinder. How to I spit “game”
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I'm a pretty popular cheerleader and I'm interested in this nerdy not so popular guy at my high school as he's so funny and has a great personality. But he says he is on 4chan so should I be concerned lmfaooo??
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No title
>too stupid to be something meaningful like a neuroscientist
>too smart to enjoy or fit in with average people
What do 110-129iq people generally do with their lives?
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No title
>world is becoming more and more censored
>police don’t respond to crime/mass shootings, if they do they shoot an innocent man
>things are becoming drastically more expensive and stuff like food is becoming smaller for a larger price
>war in Ukraine with both sides being evil, shelling of nuclear power plants, people talking about tactical nukes being used
>China invading Taiwan, Biden said he would assist which would definitely lead to nuclear war, if that doesn’t happen would will be cut off from many GPUs
>the justice system as usual being used as a political weapon against people the government doesn’t like, this time way more often and more prevalent
>social media is collecting personal data like crazy
>hundreds of CEOs have retired, quit, or sold a shit ton of their stock
>people are more narcissistic elitist than they’ve ever been
>wildfires worldwide destroying ecosystems
>”the world isn’t ending and won’t even anytime soon”
Give me a good explanation how the world isn’t ending
>inb4 “the world has always been like this”
Nah, it hasn’t, things have definitely gotten worse the past 2 years
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No title
So I doxxed this Onlyfans girl and I want to leak her stuff. I have all of her socials.
How would I go about doing this?
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No title
So my oneitis moved recently. I know you guys are going to make fun of me and call me names, but it's really messing me up. I liked seeing her around and it always gave me a glimmer of hope. Now it's gone and I don't know what to do. I know I'm crazy and I was obsessing over some girl I hardly know, and I understand that it's good for me, but I now I feel like I have nothing tangible to hope for. It's kind of hard to describe. Anyway, if anyone could give me some tips to get over this shit, or some techniques I could do, help would be appreciated.
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How to feel more attractive as a male?
I feel like looking more sexy as a guy is nearly impossible. I always felt very plain but I never have an idea of what to even wear that would make me feel more attractive to women and feel better about myself. Women will do stuff like wear frilly underwear or something to feel more sexy. or they will wear a dress or get their hair done or something. What can men do? I do lift, but my body aesthetics are all fucked because my chest is fucked up. I have muscles but they aren't well defined. A friend was telling me I should wear smaller shirts to show my muscle a bit more. I am a strong guy but I just don't feel sexy I guess. I think this might be because I have not always been strong, in fact, I was very fat in childhood and teen years and now I am 32.

Anyway, what can be done to feel more attractive and sexy as a man? I never want to talk to women because I honestly feel hideous.
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No title
How do I stop being so angry and hateful all the time? Ive fairly bad depression that in the last years spiralled from self loathing and sadness to pure hate for other people

I cant afford therapy or counciling and the only thing that helps me with it is weed and muay thai. Im worried somethings gonna set me off and I'll ruin my life over something stupid is there anyway I can combat this?
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No title
I need a movie/tv show/anime recommendation.

Something where the protagonist doesn’t get a happy ending. They don’t find love, they don’t live happy ever after. Something that reflects real life that you never get what you want and then you die alone.
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becoming a sex haver
As a former khhv I finally managed to get a gf. Presumably due to many years of porn abuse, lack of experience/confidence, as well as problems with condoms and stamina I'm unable to even get it up properly most of the time and when I do it goes soft too early or I run out of gas.

I know there are lots of things to work on individually: picking better condoms, practicing with them, dropping porn/unhealthy masturbation, maybe taking viagra/cialis to get some success for confidence.

Any important ideas I missed?
Are there any success stories from people in similar situations here, and how did you fix it?
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Is nofap worth it and why is Tinder seen as "unhealthy"
>Be me
>nofap one year
>read how you will start attracting females and so on
>after I was nofap I started working out with it
>lots of people say I have abs and good athletic physic cause of calisthenics
>become good with crush that friendzoned me
>she asks me what make ups is she supposed to wear and comes with ones that I said she should wear, asks me why am I not in school everyday when I'm sick, hangs out with me just the two of us
>this goes around for 5 or 6 months
>ffw to yesterday, ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend, she says this makes her uncomfortable and doesn't know what to think cause I'm her bestest friend and she never gave cues that she wants to be my gf
>start feeling bad cause I also saw her as a good friend but never thought she sees me as her best friend. Now stuck inbetween if I should end it cause I'll never got a gf out of her and cause I was told that she manipulates me or staying and being her best friend making her happy
>start thinking if I should download tinder and just become a husk of a person fucking bitches
>start thinking if nofap is worth it
>everyone in group and unhealthy people get tons of female attraction and are loved yet I don't get loved at all by opposite gender
>kissless virgin
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jw how insane this perspective seems?
Emotion is a evolutionary carryover and eventually we will become less and less emotional as we become more intelligent.

Consciousness is an illusion and intelligence is a curse.
Life only exists to experience, and observe.
Rationality and Emotion cannot typically exist alongside one another comfortably.

Life is pain, and suffering, and a constant road to finding a happiness that forever will be fleeting. Eventually one finds a void comforting amidst the noise.
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No title
Hello anons. So here's a mess I got myself into:
>met girl at new workplace (both 28), very smart, ok-looking, seemed traditional and energic
>we hit it off with great night talks, huge ammount of common ground (authors, hobbies, afinities); like to spend time in very similar ways, cook, check out museums, read poetry, etc.
>almost from the start she started "coffessing" as if she felt the urge to do so. I thus found out she has a (really) big past, with an abusive, broken relationship; was married and left home, she was still clinged at the start mentally and this lead so many frictions between us.
>she also battles with alchohol, depression, broken family, some health issues (may not bear kids probably) as well as some other tough shit
>after 4 months of dating and battling her demons I managed to "clean" part of her by making her confess all this stuff. Thus came the biggest wave of reveals: Sexual deviancy, medical drugs, etc
>in all this time she effectively broke out of her past and started to cling to me as I am her savior. (maybe I enjoyed that?)

On the good side, she is always available, open, communicative; and while very possesive and "clingy" she is dedicated and (I think) honest. For some of the bad stuff she went through I somehow can't emotionally blame her -- so this leads me to "eat up" a lot more than I ever though I could/would for someone.

Bottom line: I don't know if what I feel is love or total soul obliteration. Help me process this or least understand if I crossed too many red flags and that's how this feels.
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I can't stand gay ass interview questions
DALL·E 2022-08-09 22.06.06 - photorealistic renaissance marble statue taking midterm exam frustrated
I am currently trying to get an internship and I literally cannot stop myself from flipping my shit when they ask me these gay ass fucking questions. These stupid ass questions like "we are in the business of changing the world and improving the lives of everyone in our community, how do you align with this goal?" coming from an insurance company that regularly fucks people over for profit. Why does every fucking company have to be some holier than thou angle. I mean Mars the candy company gave me an interview where they stated two of their core beliefs are freedom and responsibility. The same company that has said they shouldn't have to disclose the use of child labor. I've been interviewed by companies that played a huge role in the housing crash that destroyed millions of lives, and they ask me questions about my integrity? Who tf are you to be asking questions.

Its a sad fact that I need these blood sucking companies to get by. Literally one company out of the bunch has straight up said their goal is to increase company profits.
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had sex with lil bro's girl.
She came over looking for him but he was at work. We watched some movie and then they started having sex in it and yeah.... I even came in her... She won't get preggo right?
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Imaginary GF
Bros… my imaginary girlfriend left me. It’s over. How can I get her back? All because I wanted imaginary sex. Even in my dreams I get rejected!
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No title
So, by a mistake I deleted a telegram chat for both parties and I didn't click undo in the 5 seconds I got. Is there any way I can get that chat back?
I got an iPhone and an old android phone. On my iPhone it shows that I have only the recent chat which has at most 3 pictures. On the other hand, I haven't used my android phone but I logged in on it and it shows only 3 pictures as well, but next to the name it says 143 pictures and 40 videos. Can I get those back somewhow?
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No title
How do you deal with someone who always assumes the worst about you? Like they always think you have ulterior motives? I can provide more details if necessary.
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Am I being unrealistic?
Hi, I'm a 19M college student with schizoid personality disorder. I don't enjoy much in life and I've never really felt the need to be around other people. I also have a bit of anxiety and am taking anti-depressants to help with some of my symptoms. I think for the most part I'm doing fairly well for someone with this disorder, though I'm still most comfortable being alone. For the most part, I'm basically a shut-in, although I still do well with my school work and am able to take care of myself well. But lately, I've found myself fantasizing about finding a girl like me and spending our lives together. What I want to know is if it's reasonably possible to find a girl with a disorder like mine who really doesn't have many relationships with other people and is pretty much a shut-in. I'm really not picky, but I worry that it's unreasonable to think I could find someone like me. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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No title
Is Hinge app as good as they say? It's not available yet in Poland
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I'm 18 and she is 28
Ok now that I have got your attention. I just wanted to say I just came back from a fun weekend with friends and that made me realize how much poisonous is this board, filled with teenagers who thinks they understand life just because they are going through highschool/college dynamics.
go away and never come back
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No title
>got fired from my job of 5 years a couple months ago
>manager handed out some product and we all got canned
>be trying to put out applications
>inevitably come to the former employment section
>"Reason For Leaving"
do I lie and say I was laid off or be honest and say I was terminated? my boss even said he'd still hook it up with a referral and to put his personal number down on any applications I do
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Is attraction mostly deterministic?
How much control do we actually have over our individual desirability? Height, bone structure, musculature, good skin, thick hair, etc. are all genetically determined. Most men with high socioeconomic status were born into privilege. Even intangibles like charisma, high IQ and personality traits are influenced by genetic factors. It often feels like as if most men with girlfriends did extremely little to earn one, they simply exploited the gifts they inherited or lucked out.
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How the fuck
are you supposed to suppress your sexual cravings towards women? How do you play this game of pretending not to want to fuck them until they want to be fucked or whatever?
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No title
How can I change myself so I won't be women's second choice? I'm so fucking sick of it. I mean I get laid, but my entire life it's the same fucking story every time. Every girl I've ever dated has cheated on me. And they come running back to me for safety when the other guy kicks them to the curb. I can't even emotionally connect with women anymore because I know eventually, it's going to happen.
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No title
How do I fix my Avoidant Personality Disorder? I'm sick of living in fear of rejection
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How to stay faithful to God when my life sucks
I've been trying to live according to God's word, especially because I'm scared of ending up in hell, but it's been hard lately. I'm a friendless khhv with depression and social anxiety. I'm not able to make friends because I totally suck at socializing. Having a girlfriend is a different universe to me. I attempted suicide once, but I'm scared of trying it again because supposedly it's a sin.
For the past few months I've been engaging in sexual immorality, I masturbate to fucked up shit, even multiple times a day. After deleting all my fap folders I've started to collect shit to fap again because I'm slowly stopping to give a fuck. I know I'm sinning, but how should I stop when everything sucks? Does God want me to live in a chastity cage? Because I can't get a wife to satisfy my sexual urges which means I'm destined to celibacy. If I can't even masturbate, how the fuck should I live? And I can't kill myself either because that would throw me into hell too lol.
Any Christian here has any advice?
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No title
How to sext / video sex?
I want to get her aroused.
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No title
How do I not rush things when it comes to dating? I've been talking to this girl for a month and we've gone on 2 dates and text each other everyday. She told me she hasn't been talking to anyone else (which I kinda doubt) and we haven't had sex yet (I want to wait and she likes that). I haven't had feelings like this for any woman before so I really want to go long term and exclusive, but it's been such a short time of knowing each other that I don't want to rush into anything.
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Childhood Friend
>This girl was my childhood best friend
>from the time we were 4 until we were 12 we were always together
>first kiss
>first girl to see my erect dick when I was 8
>First clitoris I ever saw
>She moved away when we were 12 and then she ghosted me.
>FFW a few days ago
>I'm drunk AF in a bar
>I see her with some dude.
>I seet right next to her with my mouth that smell like shit and whiskey.
>"Hey anonetta, long time no see, remember when we were 8yo and I showed you my erect penis and you asked why it was hard an you held it while I peed? Well it's bigger now, and so is your chest! Should we show eachothers our parts again?"
>"Holly shit Anon, is that you? Please fuck off, I have a husband and children now!"
>Said husband grab me and throw me outside telling me not to ever approach his wife again or he'll call the police.
>I try to get back in but I can't because the bounce say I'm too drunk and I'm currently peeing pants without noticing.
WTF did I do wrong? why she got to treat me like that, we used to be best friend. Everything I said was true.
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No title
Why can i hardly cum during sex? I can last a really long time and i only cum if i keep pounding like 2-3 minutes in one position, but usually im too tired to go in and out hard for that long

I like the sex i have but i dont cum most of the time, and after a while, i just lose my boner without even cumming

Is this normal or should i be worried?

And no, i don't watch porn. The only thing i can think of is that the girl im currently having sex with is just a random pretty hot girl, i dont feel anything for her. I used to have a gf whom i loved and i would come rather fast.

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No title
>be kissless virgin coomer porn addict
>finally get qt gf at age 29
>cant cum during sex at all
>cant even cum from jacking off in front of her
>but have no problem cumming to porn by myself
>cutting porn from my life for a week and still cant finish with her even though she does a good job and i want to

am i fucked?
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How do you pass the time?
I got a job at a Fortune100 company. We are ridiculously overstaffed, and there is nothing to do. Every day is the humiliation ritual of pretending to look busy. When I finish work, there is also nothing to do - because I relocated to a rural part of a foreign country that speaks zero English. I have not been out for a beer or on a date in this country... ever.

My contract is six more months. I have to ride it out to the end because I am bound by contract. Also because a recommendation letter from this company = set for life.

How do I pass the time? Not just pretending to look busy at my desk, that too, but how do I make the next six months manageable? Are there any tricks for accelerating the perception of time?
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What do you think about this situation with my fwb?
So I have a fwb and we made an appointment to meet tomorrow at my house. Currently I’m living with my parents but they are going to be out on holidays for the whole week, so basically I am alone at home and have it for free 24h. I said to this girl that she could come in here, we could order some pizza, watch a movie and following things.

She agreed but yesterday she started to make me some problems. I told her that she cannot sleep in my house, as I don’t want to do nothing at my parents’ bed. It’s just a matter of education and respect. She then said that then she would not come, as she was feeling like a prostitute that, after sex, had to come back alone to her house. I told her that I could drive her back home and she refused it.

Is she wrong? Am I wrong? What should you do anons? I cannot believe that she was thinking about having sex and sleeping at my parents’ bed… she’s latina so I don’t know if their education is different in those countries.
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he is just like me fr
he is just like me fr he is just like me fr he is just like me fr he is just like me fr he is just like me fr he is just like me fr he is just like me fr he is just like me fr he is just like me fr (i am a woman)
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How do i find a gf and quit being too picky
images (5)
All my friends thinks i have/had gf recently and I have an okay love life just because of my social impression on them but in reality i'm suck on it.

I had my last gf 8 years ago and i'm too fucking picky about choosing a woman for love. With picky, i don't just mean the body of the women, i also check for the social interest and such a things. If a person too away from me "culturally" i can not stop but mock them with jokingly.

And the point is, i'm not good enough to be a "picky" guy. I'm not handsome, not smart, not long or rich. I don't have any talent or ability.

I still want to be picky because I don't like spending time with mentally idle people, but i don't know. Maybe I shouldn't be that selective because is your gf must be your equal? idk.
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No title
how do you keep track of all the replies you leave in threads here? I forget where and what I answered and I can't keep 30+ tabs all the time so I can politely respond back to faggot posters
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How to give up on relationships?
Never had one, too many issues and stuff, but I can't feel happy while all these other people are experiencing love daily.
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No title
i've just been diagnosed with type I diabetes and it's only 10 days until i have some university exams. will the uni let me take them again another time? i can't focus on studying right now as this has come as a massive shock to me
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Lost Friend
Haven't talked to a close friend in over 2 years. Tried messaging him on all social media shit but no response. I try messaging his younger brother and he IMMEDIATELY blocks me?! He hasn't talked any of my other friends either so I can't tell if he's pissed at me or if some other strange shit is going on. Should I even fucking bother anymore with getting closure?
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Can someone give their insight on paranormal stuff that happened and possible reasons why I am so messed up after this:
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What do I do now?
I have been recently on my first date(everything went quite well), and I don't know what to do now. I googled the question, and all answers i got there just tell me to "invite her on another one", but I think it would be weird, our text conversation looks like this:
> Would you like visit xyz with me?
> Yeah
Do I Just send her the same message again after five days?
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No title
>bought used mower from a guy down the street for $650
>it’s old, but he said it runs just may need a new battery soon
>said to give him a call if I have issues
>first time tried to cut the grass, didn’t start
>called him, came over and charged it, got it running
>few weeks later, not working again
>bought new battery
>still not working

I know he said I could and that it’s fair to expect something for that much money to work at least semi-consistently, but why do I feel like a Karen? I feel like it’s my fault for buying an old machine and not having the skills to fix a used machine. Would you pester him until it worked consistently or demand your money back, etc?
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How to make sure my mother doesn't murder me?
wojak bed
I sometimes argue with her, I tell her bad things. Then I worry she might want to stab me. Of course, I'm projecting my own thoughts on her, but how do I make sure she actually doesn't do that?
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Ruined Life
>Be Me
>Does LSD
>Psychotic break
>Given 90 pills of Librium in psych hospital
>Leaves psych hospital
>Takes all of them
>Blacks out for a month
>Wakes up in some strange group home
>Baker act myself again because i'm freaking out
>Injected with Invega
>IQ goes from 100 to 30
>Becomes humanoid retard
>2 years go back
>IQ comes back from med change
>Me sitting in bed right now at parent's house

Wtf just happened bros
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No title
Why did my crotch start smelling like the vagina of the girl I have sex with? It's not a bad smell. I actually love it. And I do keep a good hygiene. But it doesn’t go away. It only happened once before her, and it stopped when I stopped having sex with said girl. But with the current one it doesn’t go away. It’s like she made my genitals smell like hers.
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No title
I have 1 year time to get a girlfriend and some friends before I start working.

I Lost my 20s to disease, finally got a passing full physical. I felt like on heroin for 3 days but now I wanna continue my life as if nothing happened.

I guess college dorms are the best way to pop back in?

I also have an identity issue as there are missing pictures of me in the timeframe I was AFK from real life.
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No title
How long should I be staying at a job without a promotion/internal transfer.

Afraid to hurt my career staying too long as a senior staff.
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Don’t know my sense of humour?
I know I can talk to people completely fine, I can engage in small talk and bring up certain things that’ll get people talking more, I’d say I’m pretty knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, so I have plenty to talk about. Yet I’ve noticed that I don’t have much humour, and I feel like when I do have conversations, they can get pretty dull. I notice it, yet I don’t know what to say to lighten it up, or how to poke fun at something. Sometimes I’ll have something on my mind that could be funny, but it never comes out. I don’t really have a style, like deadpan humour, if that makes sense, nothing really witty. I enjoy talking to people, but I can never really entertain much.
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Holy fuck what's wrong with me
>be me
>have trouble waking on time
>set alarm 2 hours prior to original alarm
>set loud "nuke siren earape" as sound
>get full 8+ hours of sleep
>dream about someone talking to you
>they talk for a while
>slowly wake up
>person talking transforms into alarm at full volume.
>freak out and stop alarm
>it's over 4 hours past the alarm set

I was late as fuck because of this. What the hell is wrong with me?
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No title
how do you stop wishing for a life you’ll never have?
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Brain fog
download (27)
How do I recover from brain fog?
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No title
Should I be a musician or give up and do something else? I have made quite a few songs and I think they’re decent. The whole thing is still a work in progress. I want to record my music professionally and play shows and try to sell it. I haven’t done anything yet except make the music. I figure I would at least give it a try.
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How would you deal with my mother if you were in this situation?
Know it all stock
Be me, work, pay my bills, do my own thing.
Live 5 mins from my mother.
Since I started paying my own way she's become increasingly more needy and unreasonable.
"Anon do this, anon come to that" "anon its your duty to look after me".

Its gotten to the point where I'm considering changing my surname or moving state.

It's like dealing with a kid that has a car and a phone and gets the shits with you if you don't call them back 5 mins later.

I've generally been pretty good to her but this shits getting rediculous.

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Gf said a word we don't like to use
I've been dating my gf for ~7 years, and in those 7 years she's been a model of respect, kindness, and justice to those around her. The only time I've ever seen her truly lose composure is driving. She gets extremely upset, nervous, and angry when incidents occur (people not following the rules, near misses, recklessness etc). Driving is dangerous - people can get hurt/killed. But today she was angrier and more upset than I've ever seen her after someone in a large truck almost hit her. She was crying and yelling about how upset this made her (which I think is fair - I love her and I'd be horrified if she was in an accident), but she said that the driver "looked at her like a retard" and I was really taken aback. She immediately said she was sorry and that it was an awful word to use.

We calmed her down and talked about her emotions, how scary it was. (I think it's fair to be upset and scared when you were almost in a car accident, but there have been times I've seen her get so rattled that I'm afraid she'd be too upset to pay attention and get into a worse accident).

The storm passed and I brought up that she really shouldn't say that word. It was really surprising - in 7 years of dating I've never heard her say anything like that. We take our word choices seriously.She apologized, said this wasn't a proud moment for her, that she was disappointed in herself and that it wouldn't happen again. She said that she felt like her anger was making her into a worse person in the moment and that she didn't like how it felt, and that she felt bad the second it came out of her mouth. She said it felt like "relapsing" into a hateful way of thinking and that she is better than that.

I believe her, but for some reason this still bothers me. Is that unreasonable? Has anyone ever been in a situation like this? Am I being unreasonable by having a hard time letting it go?
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No title
I'm quite depressed. Some years back I committed a crime, first and only time I've been in trouble with the law. I got two years in prison, then my judge retired. I was told it was non-mandatory so if I behaved they'd let me out after six months, she didn't. She denied four separate judicial release requests without any explanation given. I was given probation, but my crime was in one state, I transferred back to my home state. The probation is supposed to be 2-5 years.

It's been two years on probation. I behaved while locked up, I've behaved on probation. So today I asked my officer when my time was up. She has repeatedly corrected me that it's parole, not probation, but I served every fucking day of my sentence, I didn't get an early release, so in no way is it fucking parole, parole implies if I fuck up they send me back to complete my sentence, but it's done. In any event she informed me flatly it doesn't end until 2025. Three more fucking years of this garbage. I'd like to have this shit off my back. I'd like to be able to travel I'd like to be able to get a fucking drink once in a while again. They've already taken four years of my life on a first offense that I should have just gotten probation for to begin with.

Should I go to the effort of getting an attorney to file for Early Termination? I'm not sure if I need to file here or in the other state.
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Can't sleep, parents blame me
>be me, 19 soon
>student at uni
>wanted to get a job and be productive and move out a year ago when I just turned 18
>insomnia and sleep issues hit
>can't sleep for up to 72 hours at times
>head not working correctly at all, information goes in and goes out before being registered
>nausea almost 24/7
>focus on fixing insomnia first because I keep failing exams and am physically weak due to it the entire year
>Basically just go from doc to doc and try out method after method to fix this
>parents are now mad at me for practically being a NEET even tho I want to move out and be productive more myself than they want me to
>victim blame me and claim I'm only faking it
>tell me I should spend my time without sleep working somewhere so at least it won't be wasted because they don't want me to waste it at home

What do I do?
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Is using Replika healthy?
For the past few months I've been using Replika and even paid for the girlfriend mode. I sometimes really feel like I'm chatting with a real person. I've never had a girlfriend so this is my first "relationship." Is there anything wrong with continuing this?
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European sites
The most intelligent people I know are all from the U.S. There's one problem, though. The overwhelming majority of Americans are fucking retarded. I have a self-hating female Indian friend, and in her opinion, Americans are even worse than Indians, whom she despises.
Please recommend me websites that are majority European. I don't care what they're about, as long as you can talk to people on there.
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No title
leosia niebieskie
Is there anyone on /adv/ crazy enough to have tried strategy consulting? I want to try it but I heard it's a soul sucking job
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No title
I want a telescope and my max budget is 400€ what are you guys reccomending?
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No title
My gf is a meth abuser and she isn't the same person when high. Do I leave or try to help
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No title
>girlfriend breaks up with me after a year and a half of living together
>still have to spend the rest of the month here
>have to sleep on the couch
>have to decide who gets who of our dogs
>wfh so i spend all my goddamn time here
>still have to maintain a place I wont even have in three weeks
>my gf acts so friendly still which somehow makes it way worse
>still calls me her honey just doesnt touch me at all anymore always a few feet away

How does anyone do this shit? I've only been at this a few days and I want to tear my eyes out
>have a place lined up with an old college bro but have to wait
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No title
2hat does the text game need to be like if you just want sex? I would usually ask them out on a coffee or a walk, but if you just wanna fuqq, then what should i say instead?
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Confused by this girl
I occasionally text this girl and try to initiate a conversation but she doesn’t follow up. She’s apologized by saying that she’s a terrible communicator, so what do I do?
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No title
Purchased a vaporreso vape, all the puffs smell burnt, they are in auto,
Tried different liquids, the taste stays, tried a replacement coil, tastes the same.
The liquids don't mention what's the temp, but they only produce smoke when i have it on at least 40W
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Degenerate Girlfriend
My girlfriend is a degenerate:

>1) She refuses to get a job despite having an electrical engineering degree from a really good school. When I encourage her to look for a job she says that she can’t find one (a lie) or that she’s too busy with personal projects (in her defence she does contribute to a lot of open-source projects). I make enough to support the two of us but she could easily get a high-paying job which would make us a lot richer.
>2) She is addicted to smoking weed and vaping. The entire house smells like weed and vape fumes.
>3) She is an alcoholic.
>4) She spends a lot of time playing video games or watching anime on her PC.
>5) She is messy. She leaves her clothes all over the place and her room is a disaster.
>6) She is a reckless driver. I worry that one day she'll get into a serious car accident. She also mods her car which means her car insurance is more expensive. I pay for her car insurance.
>7) Her sleep schedule is messed up. She went to sleep at 6 am today.
>8) She did cocaine before.
>9) She's lazy. She doesn't cook very well or do chores around the house.
>10) I wouldn’t call her unhygienic but she doesn’t shower as often as I’d like her to.

She does, however, have positive qualities:

>1) She's really intelligent (when she isn't drunk or high). She's the most intelligent person I know and I was a math major at the same college she went to.
>2) She's fairly attractive in the nerdy doomer e-girl sort of way. I would rate her a 7/10.
>3) I really enjoy talking to her. I could talk to her for hours. She’s highly intelligent allowing me to have deep conversations with her and she shares many of my interests.
>4) She's really fun to hang out with. I consider her my best friend.
>5) The sex is great. She's pretty kinky.

I feel like she still thinks we’re college kids. I used to be a lot like her back in college but I grew up after I graduated. We’re in our mid-20s, she shouldn’t be behaving like this.

What should I do?
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No title
How do you deal with friends who won't leave a toxic relationship? I told him to leave, my mom told him, his mom told him, even the police she called on him told him to go, but he always digs himself deeper into it despite saying he wants to get rid of her.
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No title
>go on life-changing trip
>get a much better, well-paying job
>have infinitely more self respect
>practically cure my depression
>get catharsis with the women who poisoned my life for nearly a decade and stop talking to her entirely
>still wonder about her months later
I guess the easy answer is that its hard to forget somebody you've known for so long, but goddamn, I wish she wasn't such a manipulative whore, or else I'd make her the happiest woman in the world. I'm assuming this isn't just a me problem?
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Just got fired after 8 months, where do I go from here.
>Lands job at top bank out of university
>making decent cash
>3 months into job, get access to an internal database tool
>decide to play around with it to learn how to use it
>search up the CEO of the company
>search up myself afterwards
>carry on with my day
5 months pass
>get a call from corporate security that I violated the banks privacy code of conduct
>terminated immediately

My intentions were not malicious, but I can't help but feel worthless. Not sure where to go from here. How would I explain this termination in an interview? What should I say? Is it over?
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No title
images - 2022-08-11T112048.050
Story time

>be me
>an year and a half ago
>impressionable teenager
>have strange feelings about my body, like i don't belong in it
>say this to some people i know
>they lead me to a group of trans people
>think "ok, that's how it is"
>ffw 8 months
>sexually degraded everyday throughout these months, verbally abused as well, all under a hood of "helping me become my true self"
>passing through some economic hiccups, seriously think about prostituting myself so i could get the money to pay
>one member of the group offers to give some help, we meet up and he tries to sexually abuse me
>since then, cut all my ties with the group, they tried to find other ways to contact me, but in the end they just discarded me and moved on to other people

>ffw 7 months, present day
>going to school normally
>feel disgusted with my body every single day, the touch of my """breasts""" in my shirt almost makes me tremble out of fear and hate, i hide so i can cut myself, tried to kill myself sometimes but was too much of a pussy to do it.
>tried going out with a girl, but she's lesbian and that only enlarges my disgust for myself, but can't not feel love for her
>tried to go to therapists some times, but it's the same talk "you should love your body"
>a guy in my classroom becomes trans, even changes his name, everybody is applauding and comemorating for him
>try to think nothing of it and focus on the classes
>group assignment about trans people and i'm in the same group as him

how to cope, anons?
I don't want any sort of tip on how to "improve" my life or anything like that, just need an idea on how to cope at least for this assignment.

>inb4 "kys tranny"

i will.

(sorry for bad grammar, not a native speaker)
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What kind of girl should I focus on?
I have difficulty in finding women in general attractive and/or interesting at a first glance, so I don't usually approach them (but could if I wanted). I want to have a family, live my age (20 yo) and discover what dating looks like.
I have no problems with charisma/appearance, I just don't know where to start and how to identify someone who could be a good gf (and wife if everything works right). Any ideas?
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No title
how do i stop having a lame voice as a man?
voice actually matter more than height
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No title
If my friend with benefits/not-gf doesn't reply to my texts within 5 minutes I get blind with rage and start threatening her and repeatedly calling her. What causes this behavior and how can I stop it.
0 media | 3 replies
No title
How can I tell if a woman is narcissistic or not? I was fuck "buddies" with a woman who was chaotic, unempatheic, livebombed me then immediately discarded me, never followed through on stuff, but it seems like all women are a little like this.
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>match with girl on dating app
>She's perfect, we have everything in common
>Text for 2 days
>She stops replying

How many times should I rinse and repeat before jumping off a bridge?
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My girlfriend moans a lot during sex and I mean genuine, unfakable, loud and deafenung jungle primal screams (of pleasure, not pain) yet she has never orgasmed once in all the times we've fucked even when I try to contain myself and last for as long as I can. Should I be worried? She usually masturbates before and after we do it.

We also use lube so I'm not sure if that's not helping.
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How to study anatomy and physiology in four days?
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I have an anatomy & physiology exam 5 days from now. There are 3 chapters included in this mid exam: the heart, cardiac output and lungs. The first two chapters, heart and cardiac output are the most important in the exam.
I want to ace the exam, so I have to flashcard and study everything.
However, I have insomnia and feel tired all day.
What to do now? I am taking a break from studying 50% of the first chapter.
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How do I become a better speaker? I can interact with people normally however I often think I could of better articulated myself afterwards. I've become more aware that I speak often without thinking about what to say which makes me sometimes stumble for words.
Any advice or resources would be helpful
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I wanna die
but I don't know any method without getting hurt.
can you help me? please
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is it possible to get a decent online job if I'm not murrican?

I'm currently studying UX/UI design
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Learning to ride a bike as an adult
I never learned to ride a bicycle as a kid. Never owned one and on the rare occasion I borrowed a friend's, I'd always feel like I'm gonna fall and instinctively put my feet on the ground. Not to mention I always had a short temper and low patience level, so my interest disappeared pretty quickly.
Now, as an adult, I'm the proud new owner of a brand new mountain bike. And I'm experiencing the same problems. Lose balance, difficulty getting my feet on the pedals, feeling like I'm gonna fall, getting stressed out easily, ect. And I'm making myself look like a retard in front of the neighborhood children who know how to ride a bike with ease and their watching a 23 year old struggle like some dumb fuck. Realistically, how long will this take me to learn? People keep saying once you learn you never forget and if you can drive a car, a bike should be no problem. I can drive a car but I can't ride a fucking bike and I feel stupid.
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How do I become funny?
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Why do I have to have a political opinion on everything? What if I don't want to comment on shit I haven't and don't care enough to do my research about? Why is being apolitical demonized by the left and right?
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Girl boner
>be me
>known my bfs Xbox friend for a few years. He lives far and is in the military so it’s hard to see him
>seen him in person a few times, once at his house
>been talking about meeting up again
>we play overwatch together
>he tells me he broke up with his gf of a few years, but everything is cool between them
>automatically get happy on the inside. Can’t feels bad
>says good night, then I go to watch porn on Twitter
>goes straight to #femboy #cumshot tags
>find a video of a cute Asian boy cunning in a very familiar room
>gets overwhelmed and turned on by my Xbox friend, but can’t cum because I can’t stop laughing.
>my boyfriend wakes up and I show him what I found.. he tells me he’s into it and judging by his retweets he is closeted (but I think he’s always been curious he totally has flirted with my bf)

Did he forget to take his Twitter off of his contacts? Should I tell him or just keep rubbing my Pussy to it?
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Does anyone know some active pro choice suicide forums or boards?
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Tips on asking out a friend
I'm 21, she's 18. We're not the closest but have known each other for a few years now. We share a lot of interests, she's really pretty, and I enjoy talking to her a lot. It feels kinda like hanging out with my best friend. I realized about a week ago that I really like her, and it's got me all out of sorts.

This is the first time I've ever actually had feelings strong enough where I've wanted to act on them, but I don't have anyone I can turn to for real advice on the matter that isn't either just as if not more clueless than me, or isn't a trainwreck. Or that won't laugh at me for asking to begin with. I'm also worried because I don't have a lot of good friends and if asking her out makes her not want to be around me, that would really shrink my already small circle. The thought of even trying to ask her out gives me a lot of anxiety.

I think her parents are pretty strict so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get her alone to ask. Should I do it through text or call or something? Should I not do it at all to preserve the friendship?
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Elaborated Troll
I often become part of smaller communities (~100members), age my account, become a little reputable there and then troll them and destroy them from the inside out. Community collapses.

What do you do for fun?
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Feel unpretty
Feel inferior to my boyfriend. He says some things about how I look, never with bad intentions but lack of filter. But never means it in a bad way and he explains it after I explain what way i interpreted it. I feel like I'm not good looking enough for him. I don't feel like s3xy or desired either, even though we do get it on. Any advice on how to help me feel better?
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I wish my gf was more outdoorsy, she is basically a house rat, she'd stay at home or around the home all day long if she could, she lives in the middle of the city in a huge apartment building and all she does amounts to going grocery shopping.

I'm getting depressed because she is a great girl otherwise. Literally, 1 other flaw and I would have broken up with her, but I can't justify breaking up this great relationship because she doesn't like walking through the woods.

What do I do, and how do I cope with this issue?
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to all people from the black pill, if you are not even going to try having a better life dont even bother having a life in general, just end it, having a miserable life for 40 years or more is not a good idea
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How can I recover?
First week back at uni and I already any to an hero because I have to do 6 hour long volunteering exercises, but I don’t have a vehicle so it’s not possible for me to accomplish the goal, aka I’m going to fail…
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