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How to be happy?
Okay, so I'm relatively fit. I hit 1/2/3/4 fairly easily, and I like my physique. The problem is I hate literally every other aspect of my life. I hate my job, I hate the neoliberal corporatist shithole world we live in, one which has been stripped of all tradition in order for the rich to make even more money. I also find most people to be annoying and not particularly genuine, especially women. I know this sounds like an edgy teenager blog posting, but I really do want to find out how to get out of this rut. How do you survive in clown world and get up day after day while staying motivated? Should I just become a NEET and withdraw from society?
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Boyfriend let me blow his friend with a much bigger dick while he watched.
This was a week ago. Nothing happened since.
I've been obsessed with the guy ever since though
Boyfriend says he doesn't want to go farther than that and it was probably just a one off experiment
Is there a way I can ask hm to open up our relationship to his friend without being hurtful?
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>match with girl
>Get her number
>Asks me what type of podcasts I like
>I tell her I listen to Joe rogan
>She says "...seriously dude?"
>Me: "hell yeah I love joe rogan!"
>She gives me a peace sign emoji
>"Unable to deliver message"
>Check tinder
>She unmatched me

Why does this shit happen?
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No title
I was gonna ask on fit but I'd rather ask a homeless person so what's the best diet I can go that's quick and preferably cheap.
I want to lose like 20 pounds in like a month or just a pound a day maybe. I'm not huge but I'm 6'1 and 225+ and I need to lose weight and not just for myself but for my future.
I have good will power control so I can handle a few dings.
Please no keto or diets that make you feel like shit

I hate my titties
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When do you know if you need therapy / a psychiatrist?
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Met this girl online, we talked on the phone for 7 hours the next night, she told me she had never "clicked" with anyone like that, she told me she was a 26 year virgin (which isn't entirely implausible given the strict Mennonite background she apparently grew up in and escaped (and she described it in enough detail that I highly doubt she's lying about her background). She even suggested we meet up VERY soon even tho we live 2,000 miles apart.

But the last couple days she's been kind of aloof. Technically she had the last text in the convo but I thought she would text more later. It's been almost 36 hours and it feels like we're playing a game of chicken. I have been (relatively) happily single for years but I don't want to throw away something apparently good due to my own bullshit.
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Roach infestation
after moving into this apartment, a month later roaches started crawling out of everywhere
pest control comes after two months to spray some of the apartments(~25 out of 80), and now after 20 peaceful days they start crawling out again, walking on walls, all over the kitchen etc
keep in mind i have an extreme phobia regarding roaches, you won't find a crumb of bread anywhere, the kitchen sink is spotless, wiping water off of everything constantly, mostly eating outside(spending more money + eating junk)
i'm losing sleep for the past several months and this is starting to take a toll on my mental health, is it time to move out? i have finals in the next 3 weeks which i'll have to endure somehow but i have not felt comfortable in this place since they first started showing up.
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Fighting advice?
Gonna go fuck up my sisters boyfriend, I'm 6ft and 300lbs exact (strong, I can lift 210lbs at the very least), I've never fought anyone before, what should I know about fighting beforehand?

I'm fully expecting to atleast get this faggot bloody and bruised if can't knock him out.
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My ex abused me badly for 3 years. He has a lot of money so when I tried for a protective order he got a lawyer and made me look really bad. He’s convinced everyone that I’m crazy. I’ve moved twice to get away from him. Do these type of men ever have to pay for what they do to women?
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I only attract degenerates on Dating sites
>horny dude
>ok looking, kinda muscular
>barely get matches on bumble/tinder, either never text or never reply.
>those who reply are either hambeasts or mentally ill trannies/lgbt non binary fags
>match with one
>she starts ranting about how she just came from a mental institute after 1 month there and feels mentally fucke
>((they)) are on antidepressants and feel like shit
>kek, bio said “non-binary” not even surprised
>get match today
>some troon i accidentally swipped right on when jerking off
>doesn’t even pass, manly bony structure
how can i solve this? The mentally ill chick is kinda tomboy hot (i just hope it’s not a troon) and i really want to buttfuck a white sjw mentally ill girl (yes very specific i know). What do bros? Should i just embrace the degeneracy? All the fatties aren’t even the hot ones, the hot fat booba ones i mwtched with barely answered
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What do you honestly think is the problem with guys who can't get girls no matter how much they try. Whether they be incels or just virgins.
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>go on date with guy from bumble
>he's cute and handsome
>2nd meetup, at my place
>we're on my bed talking
>I tell him that before we have sex, I need to ask if he does any of the following: listen to joe rogan, own any amount of cryptocurrency, considers himself a 'gym rat'
>he says yes to all three
>I tell him he has no empathy and I don't know if I can fuck him
>he just stares at me then says 'you don't have a personality', and leaves
>get mad and call him a douchebag
>he already left my apartment
>text him and call him immature
>'message not delivered'
>this asshole fucking blocked me

why are men like this
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I asked this girl out but she hasn't called back yet
I know her from school. I left her a voicemail because she didn't answer (might be at work still).

Here is what I left her:

Hey Darlene, this is Cory. I'm going to the mall later and was wondering if you wanted to come along. I'm looking to buy a pinky ring type of deal. I'll buy you an ice cream. Call me back and let me know.

It's been like 6 hours and no call back yet. I didn't end up going and I never got a pinky ring or ice cream. Think she's just playing hard to get?
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Staying in a personal hell - Advice
I have to return to my childhood home is my personal hell; I am doing for my father's passing and cannot refuse living in the house I grew up in, the house he died in, without disrupting his send-off.

I do not mind the fact he died here, I can stomach it and remember him fondly. Though in this house, my grandparents survive on. I have repeatedly pointed out to them it suffers from chronic infestations of fleas and various pests. Everything is dusted, dirty, and yes I mean everything. Dishes, utensils, the floor, the walls, the property; and it is dirty to the point that get sick if don't clean things before using them.

They keep pets indoors, which normally would not be a problem. However, they do not treat them for pests and do the bare minimum of upkeep. I love the animals, but when they try to lie upon me; fleas jump off of them and unto me - and it becomes hard not to push them off in disgust.

Does anyone have any advice to maintaining a positive outward perception for my father's service? I have been back home for less than a day and I do not think I can check myself for three days of being bitten by fleas, by watching roaches slide out from the bath rug... I don't want to be rude but I also desperately do not want to be here. I fear I'll ruin the send-off by relying on alcohol or by being desperately ready to leave.
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No title
I was in McDonalds today when a guy walked past me, looked me straight in the eyes and called me "fat cunt". What has this world come to? What happened to respect?
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No title
Girl here, pretty tall but awkward af. For example: if a guy is nice and I trust him I will go on and on about life and turn philosophical which isn't a good thing for a first date.

Can fellow women tell me how to act properly on a date and charm guys?

Appearance wise, I don't feel comfortable showing my thighs or arms (A guy once told me I have long arms and I have been obsessed with that idea that it's disgusting ever since), so how can I dress sexy without revealing much?

Your advices are very welcome. Not only girls, please! I want to find love!
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No title
I set my Interpals to Grozny and some of those Chechen girls are pretty cute, how do I date and convert one without being brutally murdered in the process?
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No title
I'm 27 and I never had a gf. How do I get a gf
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Increase Intelligence
How can improve my brain and increase my fluid I.Q.

I've tried Nootropics, TCDS, eating only organic brain food, excersizing, meditation, & just about everything.

What can I do? I'm still half retarded and brain doesn't work the way I wish it would. I considered buying the nuerolink buy it hasn't been released yet?

Any suggestions? Please help
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No title
Oy I intend to kill myself in the future. I just need to know, what is there I can do now to start generating good passive income? I wanna set up some money for my kid so they're not left behind in the dust when I croak. I'll probably take out a life insurance policy on myself too but if possible I'd love there to be more cash for them to get than that.

On a non passive income area, I've also been interested in photography for a while. How would any Anon's in the know recommend getting into the wedding photographer industry? Or know any other similar business ventures like that?
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How do you find a good plastic surgeon vs. a bad one in this world of fake reviews and stuff?
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No title
how hard is it to get laid if you're autistic? I'm not bad looking just socially awkward. how do i fix myself ad get a gf?
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Does being a neet melt your brain?
I lost work right around lockdowns and took a break from college starting around the end of last year. I do things that take minimal amount of mental effort, no math or reading or anything that you would normally do in a school for fun. I feel like using my brain takes immense will power. Is this just a normal neet thing?
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I have a huge problem.
I'm 33 and I'm fucking my 16 year old niece. No rape, she initiated it and it feels so good. Yet I know it's so wrong.
What should I do? Just stop it right now?
I'm really confused and need some serious advice.
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Are you happy, anon?
What did you did to be happy? What happened?

How can I be happy?

(Pic not related)
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No title
Should I bother trying to make myself run a mile in under ten minutes, if I can't even run properly in the first place due to my fucked-up feet + hamstrings?
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No title
Anons, I have a bit more extra free time now that Im entering the last part of my college carreer (business). And Im really eager to start some project, moving and doing something to start making some money. So I ask for your advice. What would you consider the best area to start some project with (taking as much as 4 hours daily) for someone young as me, 20 years, and a few bucks in my hand? All suggestions or comments are appreciated anons (sorry for spelling mistakes english isnt my first language)
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Do u have shared hobbies with your friends/partners?
No one in my life shares my hobbies it kinda sucks, is this common?
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I got banned from /v/
Jannies banned me for a post that wasn't even off-topic, just the degenerates posting in it took it in an off-topic direction. I even tried to clarify this, but I still got banned. I don't know what to do, I spent almost all of my time on /v/ and these next 3 days are looking to be incredibly painful. What should I do?
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How to overcome depression and social anxiety?
Are antidepressants helpful? How strong are side effects? Are they significant?
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Girlfriend doesn’t offer me reassurance
I’ve been dating this girl for almost 9 months. When we met, she was going through a lot in her head and had been dealing with a lot of anxiety, depression and insecurity. Despite that I always tried loving and supporting her and built her up / tried to do things to make her feel better as much as I can.

She’s doing much better now. But a week ago something came up that triggered me and I’ve been in a really bad funk. Like I’m dealing with a lot of pressure and anxiety and I’ve been super down on myself.

I don’t really like to open up about my feelings like that much, but I decided it’d be cool if I talked to my girl about it. The thing is, she won’t offer me reassurance or real positivity. The most she’ll say is something like “that’s shitty babe and frustrating I’m sorry” or “that’s not good, I’m sorry you feel this way right now,”. Like she doesn’t really try to add anything helpful. So then I talked to her about how I felt in regards to when I open up, and she was basically like “no I want you to open up whenever I’m here for you seriously you can talk to me about anything and I want to reassure you”

SO I open up to her and I get the same treatment as I always have. She doesn’t even try to support me. It’s just like, “I’m sorry you know I’m here for you” but she doesn’t show that she’s here for me

I feel like she doesn’t care about me and she wishes I’d just suck it up or something. I know it’s not her job to fix my emotions but I think it’s important that your partner can help support and lift you up.

Am I just being needy or is she not offering me any real support?
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Should I be angry or sad or grief or self empathy or compassion?
Need some advice please! Something sick happened to me a few years ago, now I'm insane and in need of your help! I may require encouragement to get what I need to say, since it is sick. PS it's potential that therapy is not an option. No friends either.
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No title
is losing virginity to escort a good idea?
I am not ugly, but I am not attractive enough to have sex for free. I can't talk to women, I don't want to talk to women, I just want sex
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How to not be nervous for interview
I have an interview for a job related to my major for the first time since all day of my applications. I really want it and am super nervous about The video interview. Help
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No title
how do I make sure my daughter doesn't become a thot and that she uses her beauty for good?

she's 17 and my favorite most loved person in the world. she's so beautiful and is basically the a replica of me if I were a girl. I feel like I don't have a say about banning sex or being overly strict seeing that my wife and I had her when we were 15 so it's kind of hypocritical. and that it's extremely rare that guys would have stuck around if they were in our situatuon

I just know how guys are and I don't want her to feel like her looks and sex are her only value. I'm especially afraid now since Emy wife told me her bf cheated and broke up with her because she didn't put out. I don't want her to think that's all she has to offer and go into a how phase over it
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ghosting girlfriend talking shit on her snapchat
without really talking or communicating something that went wrong, last time i saw her it was all hugs and kisses, now ive been ghosted for about 2 weeks. she's been posting a bunch of trash to her story about not needing a man, that she "doesn't have time for games", that "things gotta be 50/50" despite thinking the same thing too, and all this other shit. i tried giving her a ring last week and she never called me back. she said we gotta talk about something but never called me back on it. i don't quite understand what's going on but this is killing me bro. i just want an answer. it's been a week since she's told me, "we gotta talk" and all of this shit has been posted for the last week or so. what gives? it never came off to me that i did anything wrong. nor did she communicate it. i wish things were just better and i at least had something to reflect upon, but i honestly got nothing.
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No title
If I become "Chad/Stacy" according to pic related, am I Chad? I know this is ridiculous and old, sorry.
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Every time I get to week 2 of nofap I start to have dreams of watching porn. Anything I can do to stop this?
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Male coworkers are driving my fiance a little nuts
So every place I've worked at, I always had lots of (unwanted) male attention. I just got a new management job, and its the first one I've had since being engaged. My fiancé lives in Norway temporarily and I live in the US. We both have been cheated on in previous relationships, so we have a lot of non-personal issues with trust. Earlier, I thought I was the only one who was dealing with intrusive thoughts regarding cheating. I had/have no reason to believe my fiancé would do something so horrible, yet I constantly struggle with paranoia/jealousy. Well, now it seems he is going through the same thing now that I have a new job and lots of new attention. I tell him about this stuff because I think it's his business to know about unwanted advances and how I dealt with it, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't tell him so much. He's been basically doing the same thing I did when I was going through paranoid episodes. For context, I dress as modestly as possible and I interact with my coworkers in a strictly professional manner. A lot of the male workers I manage have tried to take things to a more personal matter/get to know me personally. Idk what to do, I feel pretty uncomfortable in these situations. I don't *ever* give any kind of indication that I am in any sort of way interested back. I love my fiancé, and I wouldn't do anything that would disrespect him like that. Should I just stop telling him about my work troubles to save his sanity in the meantime or do you guys think this would just make his paranoia worse in the future?
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No title
valentines apu
I am a virgin guy, please give me sex advice so that I don't disappoint the girl when I finally do have sex.
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Should I Ask Her Out?
>Dropping off resume at a random office building
>Couldn't find the company so give resume to a random QT receptionist in the next office over telling her that if she hears anything about the company, to pass on my resume
>She emails me later on offering to give revisions to my resume to make it look more professional since she used to work as a career services assistant. She looked at my portfolio and was impressed
>I accept and she helps reorganize my resume
>Update my resume and send it over. Last email she sent me was her saying my resume looks much better and wishing me luck on finding a new job.
I wasn't expecting this at all, and I dunno if this is a good in to ask her out? She's absolutely cute as hell, and I'm assuming she's a nice person if she did something like this. Is this just her being a nice person offering professional advice, or is this a hint that I should ask her out? I could continue the conversation by asking if there's anything I can do in return, but I also don't wanna follow the wrong sign. What should I do?
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No title
Its gonna get worse
I want to do something drastic with my life. I want to go somewhere, learn new things and face hardship so I can mature as a man. Any tips? Joining a commune sounds interesting to me, does anyone here have any experience with that sort of thing?

> inb4 military

Fuck that no.
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No title
Whats the cons and pros of stopping hating women?
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Been dating a single mother
I have been dating a 40 yo single mother for a few years. Things have been pretty good and it's been working well for us so far.

My problem began a couple weeks ago. My gf was working late and her 18yo daughter was home. We were watching TV together, a stupid relaity show called the circle. She was sitting next to me and before I knew it she was curled right up to me. I got an erection. She must have noticed and began feeling it through my pants. I tried to stop but one thing led to another and she ended up sucking me off.

OK we had a bit of a no no but just a few minutes ago we ended up fucking. I was not wearing a condom and when I climaxed I had a really weird sensation where I couldn't pull out. I came deep inside her and I don't think she is on birth control, I believe this was her first time. I knew i shouldn't but it was like a biological force compelling me to cum inside her. I'm really worried she will get pregnant.

The sex is fucking amazing. Is there some way I can keep this going without it all crashing down on me? Could I perhaps convince my gf to let me be with both of them as "sister wives" type thing? Can I get away with dumping my gf and dating her daughter? Should I just keep hitting that on the side? Her pussy is so tight and fresh it makes me cum in like 2 minutes.
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No title
Any advice on how to get into a trade union? How hard is it to start working as an apprentice?
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No title
Whats wrong with kids these days?
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afraid I might be schizoid, spd, whatever you call it
glow apu
>spend most free time locked away in my bedroom
>zero actual friends, estranged from immediate and extended family
>zero interest in women (or men, faggot) or sex
>little if any emotional response to the problems and wellbeing of those around me
>never disclose personal thoughts or feelings to anyone
>I can get along with people just fine, I just don't have close relationships with anyone and I prefer to keep as much of myself to myself as is possible
I know at least a few of you are actually diagnosed with it, what the fuck should I do? pic unrelated
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No title
Is it still bad to be a narcissist and to not be humble? I notice that pretty much every happy looking young normie is like that.
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No title
How do I make the suicidal thoughts go away
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No title
How can I finally kick my porn addiction? I've tried multiple times to stop but I always come back and it gets even harder than before. I'm at the point where I'm masturbating 3-4 times every single day.
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No title
Are all women predisposed to be this way? If so, what is the best advice on dealing with them without using violence? I would like to have children someday and I know children need their mom.
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No title
I hate fat people and it's confusing the fuck out of me.

I consider myself a decent person. I don't give a shit about other people's race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, whatever the fuck. Good for them, you do you. But jesus fuck do I hate fat people. I see a fat slob out and about and instantly feel this blinding hate mixed with disgust, even if I know nothing about them. I don't understand why. What could be causing this and how to I learn to cope with it? It's affecting my behaviour towards people who have done nothing to deserve the hostility and I want to be able to give these kinda people a chance, because objectively I know it's the right thing to do.
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Unsure if im fit for bf
I love him and believe he loves me. We started dating some months after we met through friends. He's amazing, but lately i've been overthinking some things. Specifically, he keeps mentioning how he thinks blonde girls are pretty/hot. It only goes for celebs and fictional characters from animes and games. He also mentions how girls a certain style are incredible etc (country-style) and how he loves it, loves huge boobs, certain clothes, etc. I shake off but it keeps me thinking, because i'm the complete opposite (black hair, basically goth/metal looking, small breasts, dress another way, etc).

Should i just shake it off? I mean, it obviously feels concerning to feel i'm not the ideal, but i'd never want to talk about it and come off as idk, insecure or worse.
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No title
I need some serious advice on long distance relationship. In 4 months I'll move to uni and I have no idea how to even process the thought that I won't be able to see my gf.
This whole year I was studying online and we were able to see each other pretty much every day. I really don't want to lose her, but her moving there with me is not an option. Anyone here tried long distance and it worked? What do I do?
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No title
My girlfriend is still friends with her ex (they dated about 18 months)
This is cucked right? What do I do?
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No title
I'm socially retarded and missed out when it came to dating in my twenties. How difficult is it to get laid in your 30's? What do I do have to do to get my dick wet?
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No title
images - 2021-06-20T192717.982
I masturbate by rubbing my penis on my bed. I've been doing it for a really long time. Is this bad? I don't know how to masturbate any other it gonna affect my sex life?
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No title
I'm a 23 yo female. I'm in a happy relationship with my boyfriend and we're planning on getting married in the near future.

Yet, at the same time, I feel very attracted to my close female friend. Near her, I just want to hug her and kiss her.

I havn't told her about this and I probably won't, since this would mean the end of our friendship.

I have told my boyfriend and he believes I'd never cheat on him (which I'm not sure about since I have these conflicting feelings).

I wish I could tell my friend how I feel and that we could have a proper chat, but at the same time, I'm to scared to lose her as a friend.

I also don't want to end my relationship, I love my boyfriend more than anyone else.

What should I do?

Pic related to me.
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Acne marks/hyperpigmentation
I've been struggling with acne for a really long time. I think I've finally found a diet/supplement routine that fixed my problems since I haven't had any actual breakouts in months. The only issue now is I have a lot of reddish/pink spots along my cheeks that make my skin look pretty bad. Any good treatments, or is this just something I need to wait out? Pic related is closest looking thing I could find on google.
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Covid relationship ending now things are open
When a girl ends the relationship because she doesn't want to be tied down so young and to "find herself, be single and follow her dreams.And not have to consider another person in that. "

This means I'm not good enough for her right?
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Therapy or no?
Sometimes when I get certain stimulus that triggers childhood memories I forgot I end up sobbing.
Have had depression for most of life, cant remember a lot of childhood stuff.
Have severe social anxiety.
Been to therapy before but dont want to bother anyone.
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No title
Is leg lengthening surgery a cope? For people who actually go through with it? And why?
3 images | 22 replies
please tell me anything you want to get off your chest. Or vent about current situations or feelings.
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No title
How do I stay off this website for good? I keep coming back to it for some reason.
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No title
ive had about 10-15 relationships in the past year or so and i swear they always end where its like the chick has definitely done something wrong to me, doesnt bother me i just dont have patience for it considering i could easily go fuck their friends or new chicks.

how do you even respond to this type of stuff? i just leave it on read lmao but like whats even the point of entertaining such bs

pic backstory, we dated for a while and she was more or less like emotionally unfaithful, didnt go out and physically cheated on me but continually entertained little text flings and shit, we were close and shit but obv idgaf about that
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No title
What is this style called?
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Getting ghosted
Went out with a woman two weeks ago. Had a great time, she said she had a great time, really enjoyed her company, it was the first time I could potentially see turning into something. We talked about meeting up again. I reached out to her a few days later to get the convo going and set up another date and... nothing. I sent her another text a few days later and... nothing. Pretty sure I am being ghosted and I just cannot for the life of me figure out why. I've gotten ghosted before and it didn't really bother me, but this time, it did. Now, it's enough to shatter the already low confidence I have in myself because even when it seems like all is going well, it's not. This is really bothering me.

This ever happen to any of you? What did you do?
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No title
Since a few days, my cum is extremely thick and slimy. It used to be very liquid.
Nothing has changed, I drink the same amount of water as I did before, I eat the same amount of food, I do the same amount of sports and I do not ejaculate more or less often.
Should I see a doctor?
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No title
I can quit the internet and gaming but I just end up doing other non electronic time wasting things like bullshitting with my parents or just walking around the house. How can I actually start doing productive things? I think I'm afraid of failure or starting or something.
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Fuck cancer
Big bro (we both well over 20) got diagnosed with cancer, huge probability he doesnt get better.
Don't know what to do. I feel like shit.
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No title
I keep on procrastinating instead of working.
I have shit for tomorrow, and i already postponed it. I'll bite this bullet but i can't keep fucking up.
How do i stop procrastinating
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No title
Should I leave this job I started this week until I can find another, or should I just stick it out until then? Last year, I got laid off from a job I loved, and eventually started working as a beer merchandiser. I hated it but sucked it up for 10 months. I’ve just started another job at a healthcare warehouse and it isn’t any better. Should I just quit and take up to a month to find good work? I live alone, but I have the money to make it out of work for a little bit.
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No title
1624393953588 (1)
How do I stop hating women and being an incel. I feel so bad about being alone it feels like I've entered a never ending cycle of social failure
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I'm feeling stuck in my comfort zone.
Recently, I manage to go through college without having to study a lot or simply taking things without paying attention, but I'm reaching the end of the course and I see that I can't just take it easy,but, even though I know I'm in shit and the longer I procast the more stuff i have to do, i start to procast even more knowing i'm wrong which is making me REALLY bad. Any anon know any advice for me to kick things off or something?
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No title
Despite cleaning it daily, I still sometimes get acne on my back. Unlike the ones on my face, I can't easily pop them since I can't see them.
What is a method I can use to quickly pop these? Don't give me some other method that takes 2 weeks of applying expensive cream, just tell me how to reach these fuckers.
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Would this make a good album cover?
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No title
It literally takes me an hour just to take a simple shit. How can I use the restroom faster?
0 images | 11 replies
Why is my internet being so slow on only one PC? Every other device, laptop and mobile etc, is running the internet just fine, but on this one (1) PC it is being insufferable. Why are pages taking so long to load? Why are videos taking so long to buffer? Why can't I maintain a connection for more than a few minutes without disconnecting? Why is this happenning on only one PC? JUST WHY???
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No title
25yo living in uk, coming from a somewhat abusive household. My father is desperately trying to make me not get the covid vaccine and he just won't fuck off. Every single day since I received the letter he's been "Don't do it, you'll just regret it", "It's not safe, it wasn't tested and it only gives more issues", "It's useless, you will never need it and you can just lie to everyone by saying you had it". My autistic ass can't argue for shit other than saying "Look, I'm 25 and it's my choice", and whenever he asks me why I want to get it I just can't answer. This, combined with how he tries to brainwash me makes it impossible for me to properly argue. Any help? Moving out is not an option right now and won't be until I unironically get the vaccine
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Being hard on myself
Most of my friends in my life have told be to stop being hard on myself because I have always done it since I had gotten out of middle school. Should I stop?
1 images | 3 replies
No title
What do I do if I have controlling helicopter mother that makes me anxious? I am 21 years old, should I move out?
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Confessing to girl I'm seeing
So I've been sleeping with my best friend for about 2 months now. We both have strong feelings for eachother and are together basically 24/7. I was charged last year with some crimes and have court coming up. How do I tell that I've made mistakes and that I have to take responsibility. I don't want to lose her friendship. Will this secret destroy that between us?
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No title
All my friends have gfs and they didn't even try, I just "happened" (as stated by their gfs themselves). Most of them the girl actually made the first move. When you're attractive all you have to do is be around females and they'll look at you and then you just know, it's that simple.
Once I had a "girl" looking at me across a party, I approached her and we made out, but I was too drunk to realize it was a tranny. After I figured it out my stomach sunk and I found a way to bail, so I know what it feels like when someone is "into you", and never ever any girl even looked at me like that tranny did.

I had this realization about life a couple years ago but I keep getting these memories of every time when I'm in a group of people whenever there's a single girl there she's always doing her best to avoid me, like she doesn't want to deal with me hitting on her because I'm obviously the unfuckable single guy there. I don't even give any sings of interest I'm just behaving normally talking to everyone around me but women are just repulsed by my existence.

How the fuck am I supposed to approach women if they never show any interest? I'm not autistic I can read body language and what I always see is "stay away".
Or am I actually autistic and I'm reading them wrong? How the fuck do I know?
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Choices, Decisions
Alright /adv/. I have two things I want to do: I want to learn how to ride and wrench on a motorcycle, whihc requires some decent capital. I also want to build my own PC, which costs much less but I also need to hold off on because of how expensive GPU's are right now. Keep in mind, I'm a junior in college with a minimum wage part-time job, but I'm looking for something that pays more and is full-time. I devote time to my studies and excel at time management, so I'm not terribly worried about balancing things. Should I just save the money or go with one of the two choices?
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Motivation through discipline ?
Lurker here and very recently I've found I have so many things I want to create in the fields of modeling, painting, sculpting, and drawing yet I always find myself falling out of practice. I'll be fired up one day and fall off the next. I truly do believe and want to create amazing things and I know I can do it ( pic re is a bust I painted ) yet I feel like I just don't have the long-term discipline to study a craft and progress through the ups and downs to get better. Any adv on how to fix this or at least go in the right direction ?
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Girlfriend cheated on me
It hurts so bad. I can't believe she did this to me. I can't stand being at work or doing anything, I just want to go home and do nothing. She lied and manipulated and cheated for months and I did everything I could for her and she felt nothing when she told me it was true. I just want to know how to get over this the healthy way
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No title
Something really bad happened to me. I got an awful job and never believed that i should have pursue money, but know i need money. I feel lazy and numb these days and sometimes i feel this wont get better.I`ve hated people because of their success and now i want to be like them
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How do i fix my virgin posture
Been gaming on a 1 dollar chair since i was born, how i can i fix my curved back, can the gym help ?
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No title
If a girl starts acting hot and cold after you fuck her 1st date, is it because she's overcompensating and doesn't wanna seem easy, because she realized you're ugly or wha?
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How to deal with stupid GF?
Guys, it is really hard for me to take this BS. We are studying the same minor and live together and she knows nothing and doesn't bother at all. Whenever something complicated comes up, she says 'I will just get some help then.' Before even trying to understand it on her own. And I am like 'Nobody else can learn it for you. You have to do it.'. She asks me for help, I explain it, she doesn't get it, because she lacks basic school stuff. I told her 1 1/2 years ago to go study basic physics and math again, just like I did because I sucked, I mention ressources and even hand her some books - she doesn't care, but panics when exams are coming up. She asks me stuff even I do not know and doesn't google it on her own, so I google it and explain it to her.

I just feel like that she is incredibly stupid and lazy and I certainly do not feel like getting kids with her at all.

The problem is. I feel like I cannot leave her, since we are in the same minor and there are only a few students. She wouldn't make it and drop out. She comes from a different continent and is here since 2015. She is very dependent on me, which I also do not like. Besides that she has zero hobbies (besides sports). She just does nothing all day or, rarely, studies for the easier classes. We are also a bit older so the relationship is somewhat serious... I'd also have to kick her out if we broke up, since it is my flat and that would be extremely uncomfortable for her. We are also living in a rather small town.

How to handle this? I'd like to stay with her, but she is allergic to effort. How to break up?
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Parents Keep Barging into Room Suddenly
My parents sneak up my door by walking extra quiet and then open it really fast.

They've done this this whole summer so now i told them to knock and they're like "huh what are you hiding from your mom and dad".

It's just weird because i could be changing or something.
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No title
Give me an idea to do something "fun" on a date. Quick.
2 images | 30 replies
No title
I said some shit to my mom, now I'm feeling real bad over it. Should I apologize?

I want to but my ego won't let me.
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Tinder vs Real Life
Got 321 matches in a week, 174 after removing those I didn't find attractive. Male, 20 y/o. Why is it so hard to meet people irl yet I already fucked 2 galls from Tinder?
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No title
is it even possible to beat porn addiction? has there been documented cases of people who were addicted to porn then stopped using it?
shit seems impossible to kick, i hear former drug and alcohol addicts saying that the other habits were easier to get rid of but porn is still there.
seriously, i want to stop watching porn but i don't know how.
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No title
Should I save myself for marriage? I'm in a serious committed relationship with another virgin. We're not religious. Is it worth the wait?
2 images | 19 replies
Wtf is up with these leaves???
First grow this mf is giving some problems, shes an auto 61 days since sprouting need some help before this shit spreads even further
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New Job
I recently started a new job as a warehouse manager. The inventory is completely fucked despite being so small in actual items in the system and warehouse. I could have audited, adjusted and moved everything the first few weeks if it weren't for the fact my company uses Quickbooks. The inventory and accounting are linked to a stupidly rigid degree. I have been told explicitly NOT to make adjustments unless I run them by the CFO first, which completely hamstrings any agency I have to fix things. Now the CFO is resigning out of nowhere and she was the only one who really understood how to work Quickbooks and why things were fucked.

I don't even know what advice I am looking for, Im just getting really frustrated.
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No title
Employers are supposedly desperate to find workers right now yet job hunting remains the same nepotistic asinine process that it always was. Job hunting is like dating and the employer is the female with infinite options and YOU are the one she looks at says "eww". Job hunting is so fucking degrading because you come into an interview already knowing you are not getting the job.
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How to get Responses on Tinder?
Last time I made this thread they said offering to take them out shopping would help because every girl has stuff they want to buy but don’t have money for…. Well zero replies, and I’ve said this for 40 of my 51 matches.

And I’m fully ok with them just going out with me for money, i have a trust fund.
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No title
thumb_angry-face-memes-51753874 (1)
Should I tell my employer (major corporation) that I have a side job? I make like 12k off of it a year. Fuck em, it's my money and my free time. If I take PTO for work I'll do just that. Faggy ass HR.

Will I get fired?
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No title
How should a submissive guy go about meeting a dominant woman these days?

My ex (first and only) girlfriend was really vanilla and we were incompatible sexually because she was submissive too. How would I go about finding a kinkier dominant woman? Have websites like FetLife worked for anyone? I've tried Tinder and Bumble for 2 months now and made it clear that I'm a sub in my bio and I haven't really had luck meeting interesting women so far.
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No title
I am afraid of people. I do not know why, but it has made me unable to live my life. What should I do?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Why do I get aggressive urges when "people" try to talk to me? I fucking hate human beings, including myself. Fucking hell man I can't deal with this fucking world anymore. Tips for dealing with psychotic breaks?
1 images | 3 replies
nervous about meeting online bf
we've been dating for over a year and we'll finally get to meet in a couple of months.

the thing is, i'm really shy, and not the cute hehe shy, but one where i make a fool out of myself. i can't make eye contact with people i like for shit, if he holds my hand i'll go insane but anything more than that, i can't handle on a first date. or even first couple of dates.

the thing is he wants to kiss on the first date and i have no idea how to ask him if we can take it slow without hurting his feelings, especially since we've known eachother for so long
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No title
I've been dating this chick I met on Tinder. Very cute face, pleasing personality. Good fat allocation too. Problem is there's too much of it. Even the right places can only hold so much. Is there any chance of shaping her up? I'm a fairly active guy myself, so I want someone who has at least similar levels of vigor and endurance. We went for a swim and brief walk and started complaining. And of course I'd be lying if I said it's not a matter of physical attraction.
I don't mind getting more involved to help her, but I don't know how to even initiate this. I get the feel being straight with her is a bad idea, at least from the getgo. But the alternative is dumping her. Isn't it worth an effort?

tldr: how do I make this girl want to get fitter? I don't expect her to reach my level, but at be a bit more manageable
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I'm dying
I think I'm gonna die. My body is cold and pale blue. It's hot outside and I'm wearing two layers of sweater and it's not helping.

>tfw no friends and never had a gf
>tfw wasted 25 years

I'm too scared to call the ambulance or my mum. What should I do?
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No title
>looking for a high paying job
>need good pics of myself not only for that but in general also for dating
>go see photographer cutie she's a buzzcut punk masc girl
>my best bud recommended her. His photos are fire
>she arranges what we should do and tells me how to pose and stuff
>realize this is all meaningless and I will never be cute. This shit is only for girls.
>nobody will ever cherish me for just being myself
>everyone wants me to list accomplishments just so I'm valid
>nobody gives a shit about male photos generally
>start crying during the shoot
>"I'm sorry... You're not my therapist. Give me a moment"
>she comforts me asks to hang out next weekend as friends

I don't know how to stop feeling like this. Being male is a curse in every aspect. I hate it from the bottom of my heart. I would take a magic potion to become a bio girl with literally 0 hesitation.
Not a tranny... Or am I?
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what do grills do for fun
Am grill having trouble relating to other grills. What do they do for fun. I only meet girls that wanna smoke weed or drink or sit and talk. i’m adhd sperglord who can’t sit still and i need to be doing something that isn’t walking around the city / in nature. or do smth something at least borderline intelligent.

boys what do you do with ur gf ? all what do you do in your group of friends ?
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No title
I’m a beginner programmer who haven’t programmed or learned anything in about 5 months due to laziness. I’m anxious to start doing shit again because I think I forgot everything + don’t want to deal with the constant regret of me not reaching my goal. How do I cope with this?
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No title
What's the better option?

I'm 25 and I need to get my life together.

I'm currently pursuing an online comp sci degree which I can have done in about 10 months. It's a regionally accredited school with a brick and mortar base. I'm worried It won't be respected and I'll have a harder time finding a job, but it'll only be 10 more months

Option B is to enroll at a local public brick and mortar university. It might be better, but it would take me probably at least another 2 years which I don't know if I can wait that much longer and spend that much more money.

What should I do? I'm thinking I continue and finish in 10 months and try my absolute best to get an entry level role or an internship.

I'm in the midst of a quarter life crisis, and oof do I need to get it together.
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No title
What to do in Florida...

Hopping on a plane with a girl to spend a week on Clearwater beach in like 4 hours. Anything out in nature that is a "must-see" while we're there? Or a good place to trip on shrooms?
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No title
As a white christian male what kind of legal trouble could I find myself in if I approached AOC at a rally or somewhere to get her to autograph a cumshopped picture of her?
If none what are additional things to do
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No title
Should I treat my phimosis?

I've never been diagnosed as far as i'm aware but my foreskin can only really be pulled back when I'm soft. When I'm erect I can kinda pull it back but it's way harder to do (no pun intended) what happens is that my foreskin tends to just roll in on itself so the pink inside is exposed. I've been considering getting a stretching tool off of amazon. not being able to peel it back properly hasn't caused me any issues. I'm able to clean it properly but i'm worried if it might interfere if I ever have sex.
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No title
How do you ruin someone’s life?
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No title
asuka and rei
how much amphetamine (not adderall) is safe to consume? i was thinking something along the line of 10 doses of 10mg each semester to do some cramming, would it be bad to do this for a few years? can i safely take more?
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I miss working with kids
When I was a teenager and in college I worked with kids a lot. I was pretty good at it, and enjoyed it a lot but once I graduated I moved onto more 'adult' jobs. At the time it seemed like a natural progression, but now I miss the childcare jobs I used to have.

I hate the work I do. It pays better obviously but to me money just doesn't make up for the satisfaction I felt in those other roles. The thing that really prevents me from going back and doing it again is that im getting to the age where what I do now is going to determine my career path for the rest of my life, and I feel like so many people who work in childcare (im including school teachers) their entire lives are straight up losers who failed at everything else they ever attempted in life (NB: I am in the process of doing this now)

I don't really know what to do. I wouldn't feel right if I went back right now because I don't see how I could possibly prepare kids for the real world when I can't even hack it in the real world
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No title
Anyone else just kind of... hate life?

I mean bare minimum to survive you have to make like $25-30k a year, and that's just food, shelter and transportation. That doesn't even include anything fun. So when your parents had you they passed onto you a $30,000 a year debt. Imagine that. Every year you get $30,000 in debt. Except you don't get a cool car or anything, you just don't die. This doesn't even include all the other bullshit like being robbed, evicted, hit by a car, fired, divorce. I'm becoming borderline anti-natalist and I think it's genuinely cruel that we have no choice but to be subject to this.
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No title
How do I find out whats real anymore? I don't know if half of my memories are schizo delusions or actual memories. It fucking sucks obviously.
0 images | 8 replies
No title
How can I cultivate an appreciation for life's beauty?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Is a good idea to Join the military if you're 170-173cm tall?
Of course i will work out.
0 images | 6 replies
anons, in a bit of a tricky situation at the moment. I've been dating this girl for a bit now and I know we're gonna have sex soon but I've got a problem. I've been in two relationships before, for context, and in both of those my SO has been on birth control so no need for condoms but I've also had a few one night stands where I've had to use a condom. my problem is that I'm pretty sure the girl I've been dating isn't on any type of birth control which means I'm gonna have to use condoms which I hate. do you think I can convince her to get on some type of birth control later on or am I gonna have to try and pull out every time cos the last thing I wanna be doing is using condoms
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No title
How would you feel if your (hypothetical) girlfriend watched porn while dating you?
I watch a LOT of porn, and I feel like a lot of guys take it personally if their girlfriend masturbates to porn of a hot guy, especially if that guy looks a bit different than the boyfriend.
1 images | 5 replies
cursed autist
anyone else too retarded for normal people but too normal for retarded people? it's like the first group hates me and the second doesn't understand me. late diagnosis really fucked my shit up
0 images | 4 replies
I apply to multiple jobs and they never call me back. How can you get a job fast?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Just found out my ex had rebound sex with a fuck buddy of her's just 3 days after we broke up. What a dumb stupid whore. Do I do the same thing with a random whore to even the score?
1 images | 19 replies
Is it too late?
20 years old. Never exercised a day in my life. Skinny as fuck. My heart rate is 105bpm average. Is it too late to start lifting / cardio? I want a stronger heart and bigger body.
Maybe a dumb question, and maybe this should be for >>>/fit/ but I don't want to bother them
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No title
I'm struggling to cope with my expectations. It's been 7 months since I graduated from my master's, in that time I've failed to find any job, moved back in with my parents and I've lost money through stocks and I've ghosted my friends due to my shame at failing to get into the PhD program they expected me to get into.

I am at the end of my rope, I have no idea what to do. I don't want to work in a dead end retail job with a master's degree. I am seriously considering rope as none of my hobbies bring me joy anymore.
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How to convince bf to not have wedding
I really don’t want a wedding it’s a lot of stress and I think I’d be too embarrassed having a day of us being center of attention. I just want to get married on paper quietly.
0 images | 6 replies
Intense self harm
Everyday I find myself sinning a lot and I get really angry about this and hurt myself
I usually punch myself in the mouth 10 times until my mouth or eye starts to bleed but now I’m choking myself with a belt
I’m really just mixed up about if this is a proper way of punishing myself or if I’m becoming stronger or what or if I’m just slowly killing myself
Please help
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No title
Where can I go frequently in order to meet people and hopefully women. Sometimes I go to my local Lowes just to talk to a cute mixed girl who works the register. I make jokes about tools and she laughs
0 images | 13 replies
No title
does therapy help

i'll do anything to be happy
0 images | 4 replies
Is it worth Moving to Ukraine to get a Girlfriend?
I'm going to be inheriting 50 million dollars before tax, I don't know exactly what I'll have left after all the lawyers are paid, but it will still be in the tens of millions. In the Ukraine this is a LOT of money and I feel should be enough to get me a girlfriend if I flash my money around. Right now I'm a KHHV incel.

Even in the U.S its a lot but girls aren't impressed because there's tons of guys all over the place with Yachts and it seems like every second person has a dad with a wallstreet firm or something. But in the Ukraine I'll stand out.

I'm 21 years old, how long would it take starting now to learn Ukranian and get citizenship? Keep in mind my family is willing to help on this adventure and they have the 50 million right now, I'm sure that can't hurt.

I'm also 6'2, blond hair blue eyed, and not disabled, so I'd even be down to move to the Nazi regines where my whiteness will give me status rather than put a target on my back.
0 images | 67 replies
Kicked out of uni
I'm on the verge of being kicked out of uni for Chemical Engineering for doing poorly.

I do have a chance to appeal this, but I need a strong reason. Would the uni be able to tell that I'm if I say that a family member died? Would they know if I'm a single child? What if I say someone in my non-immediate family died? How much evidence do I need? Is a doctor's note good? How long does it take to get one?
0 images | 3 replies
FOMO and Friends?
I need to focus on my studies, but I'm afraid of losing touch with my friends. It's more difficult because a lot of them are in a completely different timezone that often interferes with my work. I end up checking my messaging apps way too often.

I know that I'm being dumb. The answer is that I should study now and play later. But could somebody reassure me that I won't lose them? I would also appreciate some tips on how to maintain long-distance friendships if you have any.
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No title
I hate myself so much that I unintentionally (subconsciously?) sabotage every aspect of my life.

>Abandon jobs
>Fail classes
>End relationships
>Distance myself from friends

Never let anyone know the real me the slightest bit, only get people to like me by lying. I have so thoroughly convinced myself that I don't deserve anything good in the world and even when I do work hard to get the things I want I always find some way to ruin them beyond repair.

How do I get out of this mindset?
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No title
My wife and I are having an extension added to our home. It triples the overall square footage of our house from 800 to 2300. February 2022 is the estimated completion date. I am super excited. The first day of construction started yesterday. The two workers were here working from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. At 2:00, they lay down to take a break. This is where things eventually went wrong.

My wife (who has bipolar) got progressively more frustrated about their break. At 2:40 she marched over to them and told them "alright, break's over, I'm not paying you two to sit around all day." One of the guys pointed out that taking an hour long break during the middle of the day is normal for construction workers. My wife went "Fine. Fine! Ignore me! Who cares what I have to say? Nobody else does!" and stormed off in a rage, muttering swears under her breath. I just smiled and apologized to them once she left.

Should I tell her not to do things like that, or should I just let it go? I tend to tiptoe around her because she gets set off so easily, and if you challenge her on anything she tends to go ballistic.
0 images | 4 replies
I cried for the first time today since about two years ago. I’m entering college in the upcoming semester. For the past four years, I was a pretty good (90s or higher) student in a great high school, had great standardized testing, and had decent extracurriculars.

I feel so absolutely alone.

I have some decent friends but since ~2 years ago I’ve stopped bugging them with the crap that is my personal life. I don’t like the present, its social norms, its sleeziness — the artificialness in so many relationships derived from “networking.”

When I meet new people, I reply to whatever they ask me with statements that I consider “appropriate” and usually just let them talk about themselves, what they most like to do. I figure there are some people that can “relate” to me, but they’re probably somewhere far far away. I’ll add that I mostly feel like I can’t relate to those around me, probably because I’ve had so few interesting experiences and mostly gained knowledge through academics and personal studying.

And this is absolutely cringe, but I started watching some shows — I despise shows, and only have a little less guilt that at least I watched illegal uploads on the internet — and felt extra pain from the cheesy romance plots. I’ve done the psyop there already, though, and don’t really want to go back. I keep myself in decent shape, can do 15 pull ups or so, and can run a ~7 min mile.

I’m so unmotivated. I have a summer job starting next month but I probably could and should do more.

I just want to 1. Find out how I can better deal with the emotional wreck that I feel like I am whenever I think about it (usually I just ignore it and deal with it through work or distractions) and 2. Be able to think clearly about how to deal with social problems.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I know this is rather unorganized, but I figure I should start quickly, since I’m not talking about this with family or friends.
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Time is getting faster
I've a big problem,
It seems that the older I get, the faster time seems to pass. It's very annoying and makes me feel like I'm wasting a lot of time and can't get anything done, and like I will be a failure in 5 years.

I feel like if that continues, one day time will start going so fast that 5 years will feel like a second to me

Please help me solve this problem. I don't want to wake up and be a 30 years old failure who missed out on his youth.

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No title
>Meet cute funny girl at work
>Become friends
>Decide to ask her out
>She says yes, get one date
>Doesn't want a second, decide to just be friends
>Months pass
>Get even more into her
>Decide to stop being an orbiter and move on with my life
>Slowly cut down time with her and interact less when we do spend time together
>Suddenly she's calling/texting me all the time and flirting a lot more

What should I do? Is she just trying to get me back in her orbit? Is she actually getting into me again? Should I just continue what I'm doing until I've cut her off completely?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
This guy i really liked asked me out a week ago, we would always talk in class, flirt abit and text eachother before. When he asked me out it was so direct and i was anxious and i said no, even though i liked him. He kind of put me in the spot in public and i was scared. Since then hes just been avoiding me and acting like i don't exist. But I still like him. I told him that I still like him a few days ago but he just responded back saying that hes over me... What can i do to get him back?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
How do I start doing anything with my life?
I don't have motivation to do anything
1 images | 15 replies
No title
I want to hug my friends, but I never have before. But I really want to start. I love them, and just don't hug them. How do you introduce hugs as a part of your friendships? That sounds super autistic to ask, but I see them maybe once a week and we always have a good time together, and I just want to express that physically. I'm tired of walking into the house of my favorite people (or them coming to mine) and just saying "hey, good to see you."
1 images | 10 replies
Pictures of men
I'm female and I don't really like porn, hentai or written erotica.
I just want to drool over pictures of men, but is there some way to find galleries of male models filtering by traits?
I have pretty specific preferences so just googling lists of "hot men" isn't very helpful. Most of them are just tall, muscular guys and I don't really care about either of those things.
Mainly, I like guys with long blond hair. Beard, glasses and blue eyes are pluses.
Inb4 why don't you get a real bf: I never will, I'm too afraid to interact with real people outside my family (never had friends or a "real", kissless virgin at 34).
Pic unrelated
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No title
I'm going to go out with a girl I really care for, I'm not even sure she wants to go out for a date or just to meet me, so how to understand this is a first question to ask you, but the most important one is:
If time comes when I ask her if me and her together is happening how do I make sure, if she is not into me, to keep talking and meeting her? I'm perfectly capable of making peace with myself, search for other potential girlfriends and keep her as a friend but I don't want the moment she knows I'm into her she starts behaving cold and distant

Pic unrel
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