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Fixing my Clit
Serious post. I think my clitoris might have atrophied. I have not masturbated since I was 7, I think my g spot still works because when I really have to pee I think I feels stimulated. However I do not know how to use my clitoris and haven't felt anything there for years. I don't know how to get aroused either. How do I fix this stuff? I don't want to have yet sex though because I am not in any meaningful relationship at the moment.
Pic not related.
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No title
[HorribleSubs] Musaigen no Phantom World - 08 poop
For the past week I've had really bad diarrhea. It's to the point that I cannot sleep more than few hours before being waken up due to stomach pain and needing to go again. And the diarrhea itself is basically pure liquid at this. On top of everything I am also feeling sore all over and slightly nauseous most of the time

What the hell is wrong with me and what can I do about it besides seeing a doctor?
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Gonna look like an idiot
/adv/, I did something pretty retarded. I accidentally deleted an email from a new employer that had details of what time to show up for my first day, who to report to, salary details etc.

I'm sure I remember most of the details, but not all of it. Do you think I should just 'wing it' and show up at the time I think the email said and report to the person who I think I'm supposed to see? Or should I email the guy and sheepishly ask him to resend the email, making myself look like an idiot and have them second guess employing a dumb cunt who deletes important emails?

Also I think I need the email as proof of income to show to real estate agents because I need to relocate for this job.
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No title
How does one overcome, heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak.
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No title
How do I stay calm, and stop getting annoyingly over-excitable?
And is it possible to keep my humor without being noisy and cringy? All I really do are puns, dadjokes, ironic comments, and laugh until I wheeze in tears.
I just wanna be calm and comfy.
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Chicks perfect except she's fat
>friend says we should date so i ask her out
>have 1st date
>friends right, a lot of natural chemistry and she's cool/ my type
>we have a pretty good time
>not feeling it too much but i like her so far
>she asks for a 2nd date on the spot and I agree
>gonna cook me some food then we see a show

Don't wanna lead her on but she's a bit fat for me. I prefer athletic gals and she's a bit heavy. I keep my self in good shape so I want someone who's also in good shape. But besides that she's a catch.

Do I break it off? Ride it out to see if attraction builds ?
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27+ Thread
Happy Meal
Is it worth going back to NEETdom, if only for a little while to find something that actually pays decently and lets you sleep decent times?

Has anyone else gone back into NEETdom to this?
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No title
I ended up in the friendzone, even though I was very sure that it's going well. Now I'm unsure what'll be more painful, staying friends or parting ways. I really enjoy her company which is also where my feelings come from so I want to stay friends, but I'm not sure if I can just reset my feelings. I don't know what to do.
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No title
Hey bros, Like some of you I come from a broken family.

My father is mentally ill and he texts me his demented thoughts. He’s paranoid, angry and he sends me unwanted porn sometimes. This is extremely uncomfortable for me, It just gets worse and worse.

I don’t live with him anymore we rarely see each other. Should I block his number? I understand mentally ill need help and cutting him off isn’t right for him either.
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ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything!
Keep questions concise. Use paragraphs.
If you can't handle upsetting replies (or the FAQ) don't ask. You will be bullied out of this thread if you act salty.

>What do girls/guys think about <any trait, such as looks, physical or personality traits, virginity, penis traits, or lack of dating experience>?
>Do <most/any> <girls/guys> like <an insecurity over the above>?
There is no one answer, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of <people/rejection>.
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it bit by bit. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are useless.

>Where do I meet people for <dating/friendship>?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Just leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did <something insignificant>. What does it mean?
Nothing. You're overthinking it.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, <activity in your city>.

>I'm a virgin and insecure! Am I too old?
>Should I lose my virginity to a prostitute?
You'll feel just as empty inside afterwards.
>Where do I find virgins of the opposite sex?
Fuck off.

>I'm insecure because of my <small/avg/big/cut/uncut/phimotic> penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I <use/compensate for> my <as above> penis?
><any question/claim about penises>
Fuck off

>Why can't <women/men> just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why do all <women/men> do <example of undesirable conduct>?!
Fuck off

><dating platform> is only for hookups, don't go there for real people!
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Make it yourself! Try these macros:
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people who've joined the military, do you think it's worth it?
college dropout but i have a passion for making games and do it at home after work. been seriously thinking of joining the AirForce so I can pay off debt and gain job and leadership skills i can use after, whilst also working on my passion on weekends or after work like i do now. plus i get to leave home and have a comfy place to stay. a job's a job to me as long as it's not unethical or unlawful (or over 12 hours long daily reeee).
i can obviously program in several languages, but my resume is a bunch of tiny games and the last gig i tried to make money off of by programming online paid shit and inconsistently.
is it that crazy an idea to pull through with this?
i want the experience and to make new friends with other weird people, but i'm scared i'll end up in some kind of hell where i abuse drugs to cope for 4 years.
i'm basically trying to gain self sufficiency and stability while i work on business ventures.
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No title
My fucking wife and me are locked in a game of one upping the other, the fucking bitch compiled a scrap book of every meme i sent her, over the past 4ish years. how the fuck do i one up this?? i cant lose, ill stop being the man in the relationship, i dont wanna be a beta bitch boi
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No title
How do I (femanon if that matters) get my hair to be more manageable. My hair is usually like left 98% of the time, no amount of brushing or conditioner will change that.

The only time it doesn't look like I rubbed a balloon on my hair is when it's really dirty, then it looks more like right for about 2 days before it looks gross, then I have to wash my hair and go back to left pic. So I thought about putting serum or coconut oil when I go out to flatten out my hair but it just looks oily and gross. Feels that way too. And if I try to use a straightener, it looks like witch hair.

Any advice on how to make my hair not look like a rat's nest all the time?
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How to find serious bf/partner
I'm what some would call a "femboy" or maybe even "trap", and I've never had a bf simply because no men are interested in a serious or long term relationship. I've looked somewhat irl and online and the men interested in me only see sexually and they only want to hookup so I've remained single because of this. How does somebody like myself find a man who would want to form an actual relationship with me :/, thank you.
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No title
I met a woman on a dating app. We were gonna go to a disco with her friend Saturday. Then today she didn't reply all day except one reply that was unintelligible, even though I could see she had read my messages. Then I called her a few times and she sent the busy signal. Then it looked like she blocked me on whatsapp. Then I sperged out and bombarded her with calls and sent abusive messages. Then she picked up the phone and said she wanted to sleep, we talk tomorrow. Makes me wonder if she hasn't read the abusive messages yet. What do? She might not reply tomorrow. But what a dumb bitch anyway. Also would be embarrassing to meet her and her friend after I sperged out. It's weird behavior on her part because initially she was needy: she added me on whatsapp, sent a message and when I didn't reply in many hours she blocked me. But I was sleeping during the day due to working night shift. Then she unblocked me after I asked on the dating app why she blocked me. So I must reply fast or she blocks me, i.e. needy, but she can be like this no problem...
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No title
I believe I have ADD, never officially diagnosed.

Every time I try learn something new by reading a book or something on the internet , my mind just wanders off into stupid fucking fantasy scenarios and its annoying trying to have force myself to snap out of it often

On rare occasions, I can get my mind into this "ultra-focus" mode, where I focus on a certain task to the extreme and forget about everything else in life for that single moment

How do I fix myself?
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No title
Given a first name, general location (in a foreign country), and general occupational information how do I get in contact with an internet friend who i lost touch with?
>pic unrelated
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No title
Why am I desperate for girls to look at me?
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No title
what are my options as a single 29 year old man in the dating scene?

>dating apps
>meetup groups

is there anything else I'm missing?
dating scene feels really depressing right now
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No title
Don't know where to post this but this appeared in my neighbor's yeard it looks at my yard. what should I do what is this?
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No title
Am I balding? What should I do if I am?
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i think my study buddy is into me
im into her, and im pretty sure shes giving hints but so far my autism has prevented me from talking about much more than class, and we just had our final so im not going to see her again unless i arrange it. i have her number but ive only texted to coordinate study sessions. how should i start texting her over winter break? right now i know she likes star wars and the mandalorian, which ive swtched the first five episodes of, but not much else about her except that shes pretty smart and a biology major.
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No title
After a 3 month break I got back together with my girlfriend. Things were going great, we loved each other more than ever however she just told me she was pregnant. I know it wasn't mine because we've only had sex twice since reuniting both times with a condom, that's when she told it was from her ex who she used for sex while we were apart.

Should I stay with her even though it's a good chance of her being pregnant by another man? She doesn't want to get rid of it because that would be fair to her ex or the child, but she loves me and still wants us to get married eventually.
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How can you get over a girls body count?
Seeing a girl at the moment who in her uni days was a serial nymphomaniac. I’m talking about where she would fuck random guys every week.

She told me this after a couple of months dating and I’m honestly a bit disgusted. I know people have a past but not like this many guys. It makes me feel a bit sick thinking I’ve been going down on her when so many guys have busted their loads there.

What should I do? I like her but yet at same time I’m repulsed.
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I have been masturbating 10 hour shifts
10 hour masturbation
Has been going on for few years but it got worse recently. So basically when I am stressed (Happens once a month) I fantasize about something and I masturbate for ten hours. I get close to coming but then I stop and so on. After 10 hrs when I finally do come I feel an intense pain and can't walk properly until I go to sleep and then wake up the next day. Now the worst part is that I do this masturbation fantasizing about a relative who abused me long ago. I am totally into her and usually I send her an e-mail or text asking her how she is. I look for women online in slutty clothing / poses who look like her and I live in this crazed fantasy for 10 hrs or so (today it was 12 hours). When I come I feel an intense form of grief, regret and self loathing. I immediately delete all the pictures and stuff I gathered. All the plans I had to have sex with her and I do a complete wash on my computer. Thing is that I am so exhausted afterwards I feel like I will die one day because you are not suppose to be erect this long. Also the blue balls hurt quite abit till I wake up the day after. Any idea what is going on with me? I was always alittle off, my parents abused, neglected and tortured me growing up. But then I went to a nice college and had money which I wasted doing stupid shit. Now I live an anxious scared life where three weeks of bottling up leads to these 10-12 hr masturbation shifts. I can't seem to stop it I have been trying for 6-7 years - the duration seems to be getting longer over time. I have a feeling of restlessness / a.d.d but then I get focused at an insane level when this happens.
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I Hate myself
I hate my life I'm a dumb faggot, I hate my existence in just a retard. I should just go suck some smart guy off and hope the cum gives me some intelligence from his nut. Going to end myself I should just become a incels slave. I hate myself 4chan I'm a fag retard
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No title
I'm currently unemployed & doing interviews. Yesterday I got a call saying that "company A" would like to hire me and it would be a few days before they would send over an offer letter.

Today I got a call from "company B" (kinda my dream company) saying they would like to schedule me for an interview tomorrow.

I would much prefer to work for "company B" and believe I will likely get an offer from them because I am overqualified.

How should I proceed?
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No title
Hey ya'll
So about two years ago I met a guy off tinder and we hung out regularly for a few weeks. We engaged in sex, and went out on dates to eat, go hiking, etc. As time went on, he did questionable things like not text me for a day or two, take long to respond to my messages (I mean 8-10 hours), and explicitly telling me that his phone is his business even though I never asked to look at his phone. After asking him what's going on, he basically told me that he was seeing someone else and that she was okay with him simultaneously seeing two women. I wasn't. So I cut him out.
Recently, this guy started texting me again and asking me to give him a second chance. Obviously, previously experience with me left me very tainted so I was skeptical as to what the fuck he wanted from me. Out of curiosity, I engaged him in conversation. He kept insisting that I come over and that if all goes well that he wants to make me his gf. I take anything he says with a grain of salt so to me, it sounds like all bark and no bite. We agreed to meet up at the mall (my request); however, he was extremely late. He kept talking about surface level things of no value like expensive fashion, his bike, etc. He also tried to make out with me, but I declined his advances.
What should I do next? I can cut him off, or fuck with him?
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"don't take shit from anybody" is this good advice
I guess I have a bad habit of being a pushover and letting people bully me, and the fact that I have a neurodegenerative illness makes it even worse.

when I was in college last year my best friend from high school gave me this advice when I told him I was doing all the group projects on my own and letting my lab partners do nothing, he got mad and told me I should report them to the professor because they were taking advantage of me and my brain disability basically.

another example is that I have some counselors my mom makes me see for my disability and they always belittle my pain and heat intolerance etc. for example the counselor comes into my house when I have chest pain and started telling me I act like a child and i'm emo because I have chest pain. I was just ignoring him because talking aggravates my pain, so after he left.

I woke up at 3am and sent a very offensive message to his phone number and now I feel better.
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No title
at what point life feel less like shit?
I exercise everyday, try to eat correctly, jerk off only once for the past 2 months.
but i still feel pathetic and empty...
When will it get better?
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No title
I really, really want to get married and have a lot of children as soon as I can (I'm 20, nearly 21) but I feel like where I am now it won't happen for a while. I've never had any romantic encounters in my entire life and nearly everyone including my parents treat and see me as a child. so I guess what I'm asking is:
>What can a girl do to be seen as more mature/of a potential romantic partner?
>Where does one find men who are looking for marriage?
>Would a guy want to have children as soon as possible, or would he think I'm weird?
>Should I wait til I'm older or get on it asap since I'm in my most fertile years?
>What's the youngest you think it's appropriate for someone to get married and have children? Am I too young?
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Tinder advice
I got a bunch of matches on tinder. I have a date set with one of them. Is it a good idea to message all of them? I didn't message anyone because I thought I wouldn't be able to talk to everyone at once and I would rather talk to my current date.
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No title
Am I supposed to enjoy the penetration part of sex? It's just so awkward and boring no matter what position I've tried. Female btw.
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No title
Why do people get so triggered over election results when it realistically doesn't affect their lives at all? My GF is legitimately having a breakdown over conservatives winning the UK election but I just don't get it.
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No title
>go out with group of friends from work for the 25th birthday of a girl, we all know each others for like 2 years now
>end up in a nightclub
>end up smoking with a female friend from the group for whom I have 0 feelings
>ask her about what she thinks about another girl from the group I have a crush on
>she answers me that she is 100% sure she only has friendly feelings for me
>apparently all the girls from the group discussed this and it's clear to them none of them like me more than a friend
>tells me I should look for other girls outside the group

just fuck my shit up man, I feel like shit
How do you deal with rejection?
I don't mind getting rejected by girls I barely know, but I don't understand how it's possible I'm in a group of female single friends, who seem to like me as a person and like doing stuff with me, and YET no fucking romantical feelings develop. It's kind of humiliating really, like I must be really fucking ugly or doing something really wrong.
At first I also didn't have any romantic feeling for these girls but after getting to know them I started liking them as more than friends?
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No title
How do I meet a woman that's actually wife material in the current year?
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No title
I'm in a group message with gamers I know IRL. We share things pretty close to each other - like a couple have expressed their lack of money. I'm grateful to not have that problem. That being said, sometimes I share pics of things that I do or buy, like a new gaming laptop, because I'm excited about it. I feel guilty after the fact when I remember my friends' money part. Is this a faux pas or am I thinking too much of it?
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No title
What does it actually mean to "be yourself"?
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Wash leather gloves?
Found this lost pair of real-leather gloves in good shape. Polyester lining. Going to keep them so I was thinking of washing them for germophobe reasons. Tag says dry-clean only. Research told me its best to avoid washing leather gloves at all. What would you recommend?
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Game over
Space Monkey
So the time as come to end it. A forest sounds like a good idea because it's peaceful and I won't ruin anyone's day. Well maybe however finds me but you know better let the train kill the 1 guy than the group of people. So question is, what's a good way to end it that doesn't involve a gun?
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I just turned 18 on monday and I'm graduating in may and life is coming at me too fast and I just want to pause time and figure out what I want to do but I can't and I have all these looming deadlines over my head like college or scholarships or grades or military or trade school or art and I'm so scared anxious worried please help
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No title
I'm a pretty short dude which means I'll never have an imposing physical presence, and it makes me sad because men should be big and strong.

I'm in good shape, but not super muscular (on purpose) because it would just look awful on a small frame like me, so I lean more towards ottermode.

How do I get over this? I just want to be a big jacked dude but I can't because I'm fucking short, and it fucks with my self-esteem.
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No title
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 1.30.39 PM
So much anger inside! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???
I always want to break things. I will start fights with my girlfriend over little things that I could easily just chill out about. I always want to bash peoples faces in. Why am I so fucking angry?. How do I stop this? its ruining my life.
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I live an uninteresting life.
Hello /adv/
I’m a Svenanon and I’m usually on /pol/ and /int/, but I need your guy’s help.

I have very few friends and I can’t be with them that often.

I still live at my parents house and I will until I’m done with school.

I live a really uninteresting life in a town filled with selfish bigots.

What can I do with my days? I have 2 dogs and two forests near me.

All I own is my room and the things in it (computer, computer stuff, and 30 dollars.)

What can I do? I’m really into Vargs channel (thuleanperspective) and that kind of lifestyle, but I can’t do that now, but can I get started in some way?

Basically what can I do to live a more exciting life?
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I will stay with a boy. but I do not like him. and he is in love with me! And this is killing me. because I don't know what to do! I'm the kind of person who hasn't kissed anyone in years, you know? like it's fucking dealing with it! I do not know what to do! I'm not the kind of person who arrives kisses and deceives someone! I'm the kind of person who can't throw the trash in the wrong bin! And now I will simply delude a boy in love with self-esteem issues?This is not me! I'm afraid! I don't know how I'll tell him I don't like him! Because I'll get him! Help me please!
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Fuck my life hard
>be me
>dated over 12 girls in the span of 3.5 years (16-19)
>had blow jobs ,hand jobs, oral from multiple girls
>shoved the tip in a few times (doesn't count as sex
>didn't had full blown sex cause
>1) anxiety from buying condoms
>2) rushed things with said girl so she bolted
>3) didn't shot my shoot when I had the chance

Almost 20 gon have like 5 plastic surgeries to be a Chad, fuck my mistakes
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No title
things youve done thats changed your life in some way?
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No title
>virgin porn addict with performance anxiety
>never been able to get hard for sex
>avoid relationships altogether to avoid disappointment/embarrassment
>even really high quality POV softcore porn gets me so nervous my heart starts thumping hard

Is there any way to fix this or am I just going to be a meek failure of a man for the rest of my life?
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No title
I'm pretty sure I've got varicocele but I'm too afraid too go to a doctor about it cause my pp small. It doesn't hurt whatsoever. Could It become a serious problem and could sexual partners find it revolting? What should I do?
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No title
I want to marry my first gf. I'm her first bf. Neither of us have many friends but some people say it's a bad idea to do marry your first love. I know she loves me for a fact, she is very submissive. I just want someone else's take because I do love her but I've never loved anyone else.
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Relationship Advice
Ok, so me and my girlfriend have been dating a little over two years now. We started dating in high school and shes stuck with me even through me being away for a period of time because of the military. I feel like she's been dropping hints that she wants me to propose but I don't know if her family and/or my family will approve since we are so young. I love her to death but just can't shake the feeling that there will be disapproval from both sides. It's not that I care too much about it but she is the type to try to please everyone and gets all "depressed" and shit when people disapprove of her actions, especially her father. I just don't know what to do, and I don't want to lose her.
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No title
How does cannabis affect sleep? Can I use it to help fall asleep long term? I have trouble sleeping at night.
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No title
Should I friendzone a girl who sent me nudes? I think she is in love with me. I feel really guilty. I don't want to hurt her self esteem.
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No title
How do you get rid of resting bitch face? Pic not related
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car insurance
Can someone recommend me a site for cheap car insurance please. I am desperate.
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No title
Do non religious women who do not lie constantly to cover their ass and then wonder why you do not trust them anymore even exist?
Or is pathological lieing deeply embedded in their DNA as a defense mechanism ?

Anedctotal experience welcome
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No title
What are these marks? They started appearing last week.
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No title
How do I find motivation to improve my life and career?

I graduated with a degree in CS, haven't touched it since. Been working in kitchens and serving tables for several years now. I sleep all day until it's time to go to work and even though I work a 40 hr week I don't have much to show for it.

>I act like a burnout even though I can't afford drugs
>I have reasonably good spending habits but not enough income
>please help
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I may need advise, some heartfelt words, please
I may need some heartfelt words from you guys. Almost a decade ago I met someone and we became very close friends. We liked each other as more, but neither pursued it. a couple years ago I reached out and admitted the feelings I only realized then. We got to talking, and eventually something more grew on both ends. This person loved me, but did not wish for anything to officially go any further bc they were still in school fifteen hundred miles away, and were planning on moving further across the country anyway for their child. This person is divorced and wants to be there for their child, then eventually return to our home state with them if possible. I was ok with this bc i really love this person and would wait forever. You can say i am foolish bc we were basically just fwb, honestly. He said no we are lovers bc we love each other as more than friends and are intimate together. Idk about that honestly. we are basically fwb but with feelings from both sides.

This continued on for years. Of course, this person fucked people on the side bc, again, we were Not in a relationship and they have needs. They also have psychological problems including ptsd from being in the army for a decade. We met when he was discharged. The thing is, i was always hopeful. That maybe after another 10 more or so years when they come back we could finally go out for real and things would fall into place. But i grew weary and tired bc this whole situation was frustrating and depressing, i just wanted to be with them. i have offered to move, to stop my education for them (i know), or to switch schools, anything. i wanted to follow them to the ends of the earth. He said no to all that bc he wants me to finish my education more than anything.

Recently he told me he just recently got into a relationship with someone 2 hrs away. I congratulated him bc i was very happy for him, but i also felt crushed and heartbroken. I knew this would eventually happen, but it still hurt.
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No title
My social skills are horrendous. I can't really talk without my throat becoming clogged up and without stumbling over words. And always too quickly because I'm nervous. And my enunciation is awful. And I know that I am not a normie so I know people dislike me. And people look at me with a mixture of disgust and pity. And I'm a charismaless nofriends meek ugly beta. I've never even had attention from a girl.

What do? I worry about being fired because of my bad social skills. My workplace is filled with basic bitch women who love to mention that social skills are the most important skill and how they love diversity, as long as diversity comes in a normie clones package.
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No title
People always tell us to be ourselves. What if we don't like who that is? How can one be themselves if they hate themself?
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No title
How do I quit 4chan forever? I'm kind of sick of the left leaning politics and the racism. I miss when 4chan was anarcho-leftist.

Not only that but people here are destroying myself esteem. The stuff I read here lingers in my mind during the day.
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No title
Femanon with high sex drive but no boyfriend. I want to find an exclusive sex buddy but am not sure how to start, I want to make it clear from the start to men I meet that I'm not looking for a boyfriend or provider. Anons who are in a relationship like that now, how did you start it?
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How should i deal with a broken heart?
My girlfriend broke up last week after a relationship of eighteen months. she still wants to be in touch and she still cares about me in a different way. we talked to each other this week, but it doesn't make me feel any better, so today I announced that I would like to break off contact for a while. Is this a good plan? what can I do to get over it quickly?
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No title
My life is a propper screw up

Id like to become a video game can i do this? How cam i become a true and honest content creator that can appeal without bad language or poor morals
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No title
I'm buying my partner flowers because why not. I want them to be delivered by 1-800-FLOWERS, have the delivery guy say "congratulations," then hand her the card that says nothing but "ligma."

We do this shit all the time. But she HATES surprises. How can I frame this delivery so that she'll see it coming but not the flowers+ligma part? She can't know about this plan
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I think I have an addiction
So I think I am addicted to fast food or am starting to get addicted and I want to nip this in the bud before I become a land whale. For my job I drive around the city delivery with parts and when lunch comes around more often then not I find myself stopping in a drive through and getting food when I know I really shouldn't. I tell myself don't stop in there and end up doing it anyway and end up feeling guilty after wards. I'm not over weight or anything but I've noticed I've gained ten pounds and would like to drop those ten. So I guess long story short does anyone have any advice on how to kick this bad habit or a good way to drop the ten pound? I have no issue with eating veggies or whatever I'm not picky on that just want to stop being such a fatty. Sorry for this being so long.
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No title
18 y/old here
got fired from the gas station where i work
went there high and took a nap in the middle of the floor
how do i get my job back
the old uptight cuck bossman needs to relax
lifes too short
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Life advice
I am in my 30's now, and still feel lost of where to go in life. I been working a steady job dishwashing for the past 2 years which is the longest I've held onto a job. Asides from art that I do, I have no strong skills to make money off of. I have poor math skills that have held me back from entering trade education courses, with me unable to pass the entrance tests.
I am not sure what I can find that makes good money that I can excel at. Job coaches were stumped at this too. I am stuck living at home still, apartments near me being average 900 to 1k a month to rent, and me not wanting to buy a home and be stuck paying it off for the next 25 years like my parents did.
Any advice on what I should do?
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Deciding to get help with mental health issues. Is it the right thing to do?
So after years of pretending nothing is wrong with me I've finally decided to get a doctor's appointment just so I have somebody to talk to. I've suffered with anxieties for years to the point it has severely impacted my ability to work and care for myself.
Now I'm left wondering if this is really the right thing. I'll doubtless be put on some kind of medication and be diagnosed with something that will be damning to any employer. Should I go through with it?
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No title
Why are people punished for not being sociable?
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No title
Im currently on 20mg/day fluoxetine. I'm trying to roll on the night of the 21st. Is that enough time to ween off???
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One last time with ex?
So I broke up with my ex a couple months ago, it was a reeeeally rocky relationship, and how it ended hurt both of us. Moreso me. Fucked me up pretty hard. I've only just started to make strides in moving on, but it's going pretty well. I've been seeing other girls to try and take my mind off her and remind myself that my ex is not the be-all, end-all, there's more out there, I won't be alone forever, yadda yadda. The usual rebound shit.

Last week she messaged me on an SMS app (one i didn't know she had, otherwise I would have blocked her on it) and we sort of caught up. She said she regrets what she did (long story) and hasn't been with anyone else that made her feel the way I did, sexually or otherwise. She wants to fuck at least one last time, maybe a few times.

Let me just say, if there was one thing right with our relationship, it was the sex. It was almost like how we communicated, it's so completely on-point. She's definitely the best I've ever had, might be for a long time, so the offer is insanely tempting. However, I'm afraid doing it will bring back old emotions.

So far, I've done well with separating sex with feelings - been doing it for the last couple months with a rotation of girls, so maybe I can do the same with my ex. Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you decide to do? How did it go? Am I a complete idiot and thinking with my dick?
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Everything is moving too slow.
I think my brain blew a fuse. Everything is moving slighly too slow. Music, videos, even my own body.

Has anybody experienced something like this before? Is there anything I can do about it?
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No title
How do I get my girlfriend to diet? I love her to death and she'd be absolutely perfect if only she lost some weight.

She insists on finishing every little bit of food on her plate. I tell her it's okay. Stop eating when you're full. But she'll say she's full and then she'll keep eating until her plate is clean. This is why she's overweight.

Last week we had dinner together, and she wanted a full plate of rice, but instead we split a serving of rice, so what did she do? She added more food to her plate to make up for it.

I don't want to be the bad guy and tell her "no, stop eating. You've had enough." But it seems like that's the only thing I haven't done yet. If this keeps up I can't marry her because what's going to happen after we tie the knot? She wont show any restraint at all in her diet.
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Dating apps
Are any of these even worth it in 2019 if you're ugly? I am ready to give up on online dating but I genuinely do not know any other way to find a partner. What else is there?
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No title
Well she ghosted me after 4 weeks of talking everyday and flirting. Took her to dinner and I suppose my boring personality killed it. I’m still obsessed with her and no amount of her ignoring me is going to change that. Anyway I can make her feel like shit passive aggressively?

I know it won’t make me feel better I just genuinely do not care at this point anymore I have never had anyone truly care for me I thought this would be different
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No title
Female for context, I have a really bad problem with sweating while I play any video games to the point where it's like distracting for people that are around me. It's like I just ran a mile or something.
I take regular showers and use plenty of deodorant and body spray but it still gets really bad.

Is this something that I can fix this or atleast try to deal with it for the better?

Also is there anyone out there with this same problem?
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No title
I've come to the realization that 80-90% of males are just losers.

I can't not longer see other males and see how they're low IQ, boring personalities, they're manlets, have balding shitty garbage lack of haircuts, make minimal wage, beerguts, 0 muscle, lack of any really interesting hobby or skill.

After trying to self improve for like half a year with just OMAD and basic push ups and pull ups, I think I look better.
I'm 5"7 but I live in a spic manlet shithole.
If everything goes with my plans, I could make 20k or more in the thirld world (a lot of money).

So, It seems to me, and I think this is why males call women entitled, but I feel the reason is why most males don't want to put the effort and they're losers.

Makes me feel good maybe next year or two years I'll be basically an alpha male.

Actually right now I feel ok with women cheating and cucking those inferior males.
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ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (Updated rules edition)
Keep questions concise. Use paragraphs.
If you can't handle upsetting replies (or the FAQ) don't ask. You will be bullied out of this thread if you act salty.

>What do girls/guys think about <any trait, such as looks, physical or personality traits, virginity, penis traits, or lack of dating experience>?
>Do <most/any> <girls/guys> like <an insecurity over the above>?
There is no one answer, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of <people/rejection>.
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it bit by bit. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are useless.

>Where do I meet people for <dating/friendship>?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Just leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did <something insignificant>. What does it mean?
Nothing. You're overthinking it.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, <activity in your city>.

>I'm a virgin and insecure! Am I too old?
>Should I lose my virginity to a prostitute?
You'll feel just as empty inside afterwards.
>Where do I find virgins of the opposite sex?
Fuck off.

>I'm insecure because of my <small/avg/big/cut/uncut/phimotic> penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I <use/compensate for> my <as above> penis?
><any question/claim about penises>
Fuck off

>Why can't <women/men> just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why do all <women/men> do <example of undesirable conduct>?!
Fuck off

><dating platform> is only for hookups, don't go there for real people!
Fuck off

><thread subject autism>
><anti-FAQ autism>
><Rules™ of texting autism>
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Make it yourself! Try these macros:
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No title
Who do I have to be to attract girls?
What do I have to do?
I go to gym and I still have no gf
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No title
I'm worried my gf might be pregnant.

Her period is 4 days late already, she feels sick and tired all the time. What are the chances of pregnancy from protected sex?
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No title
What's a good class to take at community college in hopes of finding the right woman for a relationship and that can actually benefit me too.
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No title
I just found a girls backpack in the street. It's 2am so I picked it up on my way home from the grocery store so someone wouldn't throw it away in the morning or run it over. I opened it up to try and see who the owner is and I ended up looking through a little book inside I thought might be a planner. It was actually a diary and the girl is pretty depressed and hates herself. I found an appointment card for a doc so I will leave it with the doc and ask them to call her to get it. I want to write some nice words of encouragement inside the book before I return it. Can you anons maybe give me some suggestions? Her writings are pretty sad. Pic not directly related
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No title
Where can you find a non vapid tolerable female that will raise you kids into good human beings folks?
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No title
where are all the secrets?
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No title
>Be me
>Born in shit developing country in a family of artfaggots (so not very rich)
>Family had high expectations for me, clearly expecting me to succeed and get us out of here
>Lots of pressure, suicidal depression ever since middle school
>A few bad years sabotage my diploma completely, literally no options to fix it or retake anything
>Likely won't ever go to a good university since the fuckers want good grades

Is it over? Do I finally neck myself? I don't want to, I'm scared and want to live but it seems like I'll be stuck for the rest of my life being berated and completely unable to get out. They keep blaming my depression on laziness and not the tremendous amounts of abuse and neglect they put me through and no matter how hard I try to fix it, just say fuck it and be productive and happy they always drag me back down. Depression is lame and pathetic, I know that much and I've really been trying my best but it's just not enough.

Is there an escape?
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I´m 11 years older than my gf
Recently I started dating a nice girl I know in college, she is 19 years old and I am 30. This is working pretty well for the two of us, we usually go to the movies and have dinner and, of course, I respect her times and restrictions.
I want to be clear on this: I really feel something strong for her, maybe love, I don't know, and
She has never asked me, neither material nor economic.
But today he told me that he wanted me to go to his house and meet his mother (his father abandoned them as a child)
And I don't know what to do, I really love her, but I don't know how to explain the situation to her family (she mentioned that I'm older but not exactly how much)
Any advice is appreciated.
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No title
My asshole really hurts and I don't know why
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No title
My date is not replying to my texts. I feel like I'm being stood up.

What am I supposed to do now?
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How does masturbating without porn work?
I am trying a 120 day no-porn challenge and the first time I beat my meat I could barely get it up. I recreated the scenes I usually watch on pornographic websites in my fantasy to get off properly. However, isn't this the same as watching porn? Masturbation without it seems impossible. Please help me. How does masturbation really work? What do you imagine? What is healthy, what should be on your mind while a wank without porn? Advice would be very appreciated.
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No title
Hi anons, i'm in love with a girl that's been playing me like a bitch and I don't know what to do anymore.

I met her a while ago through a mutual friend and got to know her over a few months. We talked about lots of things in life and I fell in love quickly doing things with her all the time. We're both virgins and it seemed like a perfect situation

I finally got the courage to ask her out and when I did it, she told me she liked my best friend that I have barely seen interact with her. Him and I are also very similar in appearance and build.

They dated for a few months, I was very sad, but then she broke up with him. Right after she broke up with him she started talking to me like we used to, asked me to buy her a souvenir when I was away and hung out with me more. One night she told me "you know, me and your friend never had sex or anything, i'm still a virgin". I thought I made it, but just the other week I was going to make my move again and all of a sudden she's back with him out of no where

We had planned trips to go away places together and now she still wants to go but bringing him too.

Basically she treats me like her boyfriend when she doesn't have one and then throws me aside. I still am in love with her so I don't know what to do, even though I should probably just cut her off, I feel like I can't and I just want things to go back to how they were. Do I just give up on her for now and hope she changes or is it hopeless?
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No title
What are some ways to troll homeless people?
I like to give them old, empty gift cards
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College majors?
Vocational Rehabilitation just approved my case so they're paying for a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

I'm considering a Bachelor's in Accounting with a minor in Marketing and then an MBA.

Does anyone know of any other solid in demand majors?

I enjoy science and business. I like computers but the field is oversaturated.

I need to decide on my Bachelor's, Masters and the university I want to attend by next month.

Any input would be great!
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No title
>Be only guy in class
>One girl is insanely nice to me for some reason
>We become friends, you could basically seperate us from the entire class because we don't care about anyone else
>She keeps dropping tons of hints that she likes me, most of them aren't even subtle
>Ask her if she wants to spend some time together outside of college
>Ignored me but nothing changed, we still spend time together
>Suddenly another guy joins the class
>We become total bros, start spending less time with the girl because I feel like I'm nothing more to her than some stupid beta orbiter
>Now she's mad
What does this mean? Do women care that much about beta orbiters or did she actually like me? It's not like I said anything mean to her, I just don't want to spend time with a girl who calls me her bro and doesn't spend time with me outside of college ever. It's like I'm not even in the friendzone but just some kind of side character she hangs out with when she got no one else.
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No title
Darknetpros pls help. I wanna do drugs but i dont have home internet, only 4g mobile tied to my id. It possible to use that as a mobile hotspot for internet and do the usual ordering on the laptop with tails. t.hanks
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No title
GF suffers of severe anxiety, which since she moved in a flat with other people exploded to the point she sometimes uses a bucket in her room rather than going to the bathroom during the day and empties it during the night when no one is around, as she fears her flatmates can hear her and judge her. When it happens, usually when she has stomachaches or goes too often, I try to talk her out of it, hoping to make her realize the bathroom is soundproof enough nobody will notice, or that nobody cares about it, but always end up failing.
Today, she kept this bucket full of diarrhea (the bucket is pretty big, so I think at least 2 liters worth?) for over 12 hours, as the night before she took laxatives for a very bad stomachache and it looks like the only flatmate in the house right now has no intention of leaving.
To make things worse, I've read that this is a common behavior for bulimic people, and I'm worried things could get worse with time. What can I say or do to make her realize how bad this is for her?
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What should i do ?
I am gonna try and make this story as short as possible, met this girl 2 years ago in a holiday, we are from different countries in europe so we had a night out ended up in kisses and a blowjob.
Until present we've stayed in touch i had somebody else for a short period of time but it never felt special all i wanted was this girl.., finally after all this time we met in a different country she's studying here so i came mostly to see her and look for a job, she invited me here but it felt wierd, we had only some kissing and spend 2 nights together, she's having social anxiety and depression so i am trying to leave her some space, now i have about 1 week i moved from there but i am going crazy i want to be with her and i dont know how to do it i dont want to scare her..we talk almost every day but mostly through messages...cannot think about something else is also difficult to find a job. it fucks my brains.
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No title
I work in a pretty toxic workplace, I go in there every day trying to get along with my colleagues but I still get shit and passive aggressiveness.

I watched the guy before me get bullied out of his job as they called him "Dim" (instead of Tim) even to his face. He spoke to me once saying "I feel like I'm being set up to fail" and the other week those words really hit me.

He called up to quit his job and broke down crying over the phone, from what he spoke about sometimes he was going through some shit. Later in the morning my manager and his son were laughing about it "A 40 year old man! Crying!"

I don't get trained for half the shit I should know, and am afraid to use initiative because my partner in my department never fucking shuts up about how his way of doing things is the best way, constantly talks down to me and is incredibly rude.

My manager also lies to me constantly and his son thinks punching boxes to take them apart is masculine behaviour? He told me to do it and "show some masculinity" but I just laughed and told him I'm okay and not insecure. He also got weird with me when I told him his dad doesn't intimidate me (he asked). His son is about my age (22), he's too dense to catch satirical humour and just calls me weird, he only speaks in sarcasm that just isn't funny but I laugh along with it anyway.

On the other hand this is the best paying job I've ever had and I desperately need work right now as I might be going homeless soon. What the fuck do I do? I've had some shitty months and it feels like it's all getting on top of me, my girlfriend recently broke up with me and when I spoke to a friend about it he told me I should just kill myself.
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No title
How do you cope with not being able to create your own gf from your rib? Say someone who you gave aspergers, predisposition for neuroticism, anxiety, some edit that would make her pair bond with you and fast forwarded her aging up to 18 so it only took 1 year
So she could suffer alongside you so you wouldn't be alone, is it normal to want to cry but not able to do so over this specific idea?
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No title
I got a new portable hard drive recently, and I was kinda wondering if there is any way to open it as a way to open it so it can be seen as a virtual desktop.
It's kinda hard to navigate it as a folder.
Any help is appreciated
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What to do about my diet
I have a bunch of skin imperfections and I eat like garbage. I want to fix both. What kinds of food should I avoid in order to help my skin sort itself out? I imagine nothing too fatty.

I already take very meticulous care of my body, btw.

Pic unrelated, it's my car.
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So I want to put something on my desk in my office that's unsettling but not illegal.
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No title
I have been trying to get over the thought of dying alone. But it has caused me insomnia for the last 3 years. I am fine without having sex or women in my life but my brain isn't. I don't know how to get my mind and brain on the same page. Again, it really doesn't matter, but I know most women don't want children(and that's ok), but I really wanted an opportunity to try being a father. Should I pay for surrogate mother when I have money?
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No title
18 years old
132lbs bmi literally shit(underweight(17.1)), can't gain weight no matter what I eat or how much I eat.
have surgery next week, so go get my blood tested.
results come in
fasting glucose 5.64mmol/l literally prediabetes
nobody in family has or had diabetes.

is my life fuckd?
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No title
Theres this girl i like
I met her over discord with mutal friends, past two days we talked in the mourning and have a great time.

We talked laughed, had fun, but i want to be more flirty with her.

Never really dated, and not sure if i want to go for her, could ruin friendship, and make it awkward for my friend group

I don't know what to do. I legit want to be with her, but first i don't know if the feeling is mutual. I saw pics of her and honestly most beautiful girl ever.
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No title
How do you grow up if you have aspergers?
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Should I get rid of Facebook? Have any of u guys done it? What helps you stop participating in it?

The only reason I keep it is because it gives me this weird sense of control over what aspects of my life people see/ what they think of me. In reality, though, I know I can’t control that and it just wastes my time:/
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My memory is getting worse
I'm having more trouble recalling faces and names and when I remember something that happened to me days ago it feels dreamy and ethereal, like I was drunk when it happened or it wasn't actually me acting or talking or I was doing it automatically. I'm 23. What can be the cause and the remedy?
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No title
>send gf a serious msg about my feelings for her
>doesn't reply but I see her reblogging memes on tumblr later
>send msg to gf that I am in pain and injured, won't be able to make it to where she is at
>no reply again but see her reblogging memes
She sent me some shit about how she doesn't know what to say and that she feels bad that she doesn't care about my pain. Is my girlfriend autistic and should I just break up with this bitch man?
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Cuddle buddy
How rare are these? Honestly I'm okay with losing the sexual part of a relationship, but not the cuddling and sleeping over part.

I don't want to pay for the service
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Should I have 2 girlfriends?
I am completely in love of 2 girls at the same time.
Currently I am dating one for about 1 year, and the other I just met her 1 month ago.
I want to have a relationship with both and they live in different continents. I travel frequently so I am considering to have a serious thing with both, but how I told them that?
Or just have my relationship in secret, I can delete my fb and instagram to avoid problems.
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No title
How do I take a girl on a date if I have no vehicle? How do I become "charming" in this situation?
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Career advice
Im at a beefy crossroads in my life /adv/, I've been pursuing an engineering degree for two years now, finally realizing I absolutely hate it. I'm looking to change my career path, and this is where your help comes in. My current options are political science, philosophy, a trade or law enforcement. Now, to break down my stance on each;
Political science: I love politics, I love to debate, i'm a proficient writer and I would really like to get involved with local gov one day.
Philosophy: Philosophy would probably be the most fun degree but its kind of a dead end as far as i understand it, and for that its not high up on my list. I'm leaning towards a degree because I already have 2 years worth of classes and I don't want to just waste it.
Trades: So this is a special circumstance, my father is involved in trades and looking to jump start his own business soon. I would like to be part of this as being an entrepreneur is something I would really like to achieve in my lifetime.
Law Enforcement: this one is a bit more auxiliary compared to the rest, cause if I was to do LE I would want to be part of FBI, CIA, ICE, NSA, ATF etc. Yes i'm aware of the strict standards associated with each. The caveat with this is for most of the 3 letter agencies you need a bachelors, this is where the idea for philosophy came from, an easy degree I would enjoy then transition to LE, but I figured Pol Sci would be better as there's actually some decent jobs associated with it if I go that route.
Some more insight into my goals: I would like to be able to support a large family (6 or more children), the highest paying of the jobs is the trade with my dad assuming everything goes as planned, which there's no reason to think it wouldn't. I am 22 years old and would like to have my career or careers established by the time i'm 30, as well as a start on the family situation.
Writing it all out has already helped me immensely, but i'm still curious what others would do in my situation. Thanks.
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No title
I have to spray paint a part of a motorbike that's rusted over today. The earliest I can spray it is 3-3:30pm. At 6pm it's going to start raining (weather forecasts). The wikihow says it needs 24 hours to dry - but I think they're just picking the highest estimate.
Will it be fine with 150-180 minutes dry? It has to be today, I can't wait until tomorrow, I've been waiting to do this for weeks. Thanks.
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Does anyone know what kind of apps I could use to get the same bunny stickers, blushes and the cute lines as on these pictures?
0 images | 4 replies
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No title
The girl I have been talking for a couple of weeks now asked me out on a date tomorrow. She has been initiating everything from the beginning too, I don’t even understand how I ended up here. I have been dressing better and taking care of my face more but aside from that I’m the usual sperg from before.

Anyway, obviously I didn’t experience something like this before, and I’m nervous as fuck. How do I not bomb the interview?
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Girl was in interested,but rejected ,my kiss?
this girl has been throwing mad signs my way,and wants to be around me,asks to hangout and such
She has sent me pics of her legs ffs

tried to kiss her today,all the signs were there,but she turned me away.She didn't say anything and we both pretended like it didn't happen.

Was it too soon? should I keep going?I have had this happen to me before,and I scored later on.
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Leaving Behind a Hobby?
About a year ago I stopped doing a particular hobby because of medical reasons. I'm fine now and I'm considering working on coming back, but I don't find I have the same passion. I built a small following around this hobby and I feel like I have an obligation or responsibility to come back and "finish what I started" but this also sucks out part of the fun given it feels like a duty rather than a hobby at times now. I've also found that the landscape around my hobby has changed a lot and I don't particularly like it. With that in mind I'm torn on if I should finish what I started out of obligation and see if I'll get back into it, or move on. I have other hobbies though honestly nothing as creative. I can elaborate on details as necessary.
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No title
How do I go about suing Tinder for false advertising?
Also, any chance I would win?
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No title
>be me, only male in family
>used to have a dad, but he's no longer around
>had a brother, but he shot himself years ago
>grandpa drank himself to death
>now it's just me, the only male left
>in a large family of nothing but women
>nothing. but. women.
>as far as the eye can see
>mom. sisters. cousins. nieces. aunts. grandma. other relatives I have no idea where they belong on the family tree. the whole shebang
>all, all women. nothing more.
>yet me, still a fucking incel that can't get along with the opposite sex
I don't understand...
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No title
How weird / creepy is it to be a chubby chaser / dude who secretly wants his gf to get fat? Like, on a scale between >boob fetish
>cannibalistic necrophelia
where would a fat fetish rank?
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No title
How much is it reasonable to be annoyed about my brother manipulating women to get what he wants?

He used to pretend to be sick - or sicker than he really was - for sympathy and attention as a kid, and I thought he grew out of it but apparently he’s just reserved that for the girls he dates these days.

Save for a few genetically hinky things that I’ve got too, I know for a fact that there’s nothing fucking wrong with him, but by god can he play them up.

This once I was out with him and his girlfriend, it was autumn and the air was really dry, so my brother got a nosebleed, and when he headed back in to get a tissue to tidy up, his girlfriend told me - like a big confession - that he gets nosebleeds a lot, especially if he’s overwhelmed or anxious. She was dead serious and looked legit frightened about this.

I didn’t tell her it’s just about having veins too close to the nostril surface - apparently he can trigger them on purpose like dad could. He could’ve gotten the problem fixed like I have, but he’s chosen not to because it’s an easy dramatic way to freak people out.

He’s switched girlfriends since then but they all seem to have this same ”he doesn’t want to tell anyone how fragile his health really is” story that he apparently feeds to them like it’s his great, dark secret.

His great dark secret is being a lying little bitch.

But I know women and I know my brother, and if I tried to tell that to girls, they’d just get mad at me for being so cold and callous to their poor fragile broken sweetheart.

So, is there anything I can do, and if there is, should I even bother?
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Dating between cultures?
I recently met a woman at a biking event I was attending. I thought she was a okay person even though her accent was a bit strong but I could understand her. I think she is polish? Anyway, I am a black guy from Nevada. I already feel really out of place living up here in Maine now. I did ask her on a small coffee date I guess and she said yes. I am just a bit uncomfortable because I know next to nothing about polish culture. I am very VERY self conscious about being black. So much so that I think it hinders me because I wouldn't want someones family stressing them over who they date. I know that probably doesn't happen much but its still on my mind.

To the people who have dated between cultures, what was it like? I actually haven't even had a girlfriend before so a lot of this is really hard for me. I am 26 now and I figured maybe its time I actually attempt at having a love life maybe. I don't know. Any input or wisdom you have would help greatly.
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Tinder bio
Someone red pill me on some goat tinder bios
All I have so far is my height
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Silver Round Glasses
I'm thinking of changing my glasses. Should I stick to rounded frames or should I go for more angular frames?
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>be depressed
>complain about depression
>"you need to get therapy!"
>contact uni for therapy
>"sorry we have no room!"
>contact doctors for therapy
>"sorry we have no room! you'll have to go on a waiting list."

so what do i do now? just die?
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About 4 months ago I got the big titty 9/10 Japanese girlfriend of my dreams. Two weeks after we started dating we began having sex. Since then we've been banging every other day and going out maybe 3 times a week (she is a college exchange student, and I just graduated). Over that time we have gotten to know each other really well, and I feel like I've caught serious feelings for her. I genuinely care about her.

About one week after we started having sex, I learned from her friends that she had been cucking her Japanese boyfriend with me. She admitted it when I confronted her. I immediately told her to chose between me and him, and so she claimed that she broke up with him. I thought that was the end of it, but I kept ignoring warning signs that she is still "dating" him remotely while she is with me. I kept ignoring them because I really liked her and trusted her.

This all culminated when I learned that her Japanese boyfriend was flying to the US to spend a week alone with her. I couldn't force myself to ignore things anymore, so I confronted her again. She admitted after some initial denial that she never actually broke up with him. Apparently, she "loves" both of us and she couldn't find it in her heart to break up with him.

For context, she is going back to Japan in 2 months, and we agreed from the getgo to end things when she returned. We both understood that our relationship wouldn't last. With that being said, she violated my trust and I feel miserable. She seems genuinely sorry that she hurt me, and she says that she loves me. I told her that I loved her too, and that's why I felt so miserable knowing that her heart wouldn't only be mine.

I couldn't bring myself to shout at her or break up with her. I feel trapped between my love for her, and the pain from her lies and betrayal. We've been through a lot together, including a pregnancy scare, and I feel like I'm too emotionally involved to let go.

What do
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Anons, I'm madly in love with a man who doesn't reciprocate my feelings- he just wanted to be friends. I cut off contact but I still think about him all the time and I want so so badly to talk to him again (he didn't really want to cut contact, so I know he'd talk to me if I started the conversation and that doesn't make it easier.) I am not 'get under someone else to get over him' kind of person so I won't do that. What do I do anons? I keep expecting it to get better but it doesn't.
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>Date enough and you realise everyone is interchangeable with few exceptions

Is this pretty much true? If I keep searching, will I be able to find a replacement for what was lost?
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I got cheated on, left her and started to move on with my life
She took it badly, sometimes texts me fully delusional as if we're fully together, other times things are worse and much darker, I don't reply even when she sends nudes or death threats but I'm genuinely worried she might kill herself
What can I do? I dont want to be with her anymore and I don't want her to be reliant on me to be happy, but she hasnt got anyone else and regardless of what she did I don't want her to die
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My dad always tells me about sex he had three decades ago. I think he does this to impress me but it just makes him look like a loser. He has no sophistication or self awareness whatsoever. He's a slob, an alcoholic and a sex addict who hasn't had sex in decades. He is totally unfit to be a father, unable to form functional relationships with absolutely anyone, has had numerous divorces and was absent for the first 18 years of my life. It's incredibly pathetic that he would think I'm impressed by sex he had three decades ago.
Anyway, should I move out and cut him off? He disgusts me, but living with him would save me a few thousand dollars while going through college.
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how do i restart my life?
after roughly almost 2 years of being a neet, with little job experience, how do I find a job? I want to be happy, I miss being a normalfag and working and getting lunch with my friends or girlfriend. I have a face tattoo, and my appearance is kinda, lets say "uncommon" with a face tattoo and some piercings.

also sorry if this thread is duplicated, I made a thread before but with no answers rip.
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How would I get a job with bad work history?
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I hate women BUT
I don't consider myself an incel. I hate a lot of people, and women just happen to be a large part of 'em.

When I see arrogant women/people, people who dont care about the world around them, are hedonistic, and basically are pretty and think the world revovle around them, those are the people i hate, and a lot of them happen to be women.

I'm a virgim, but I have had a couple girlfriends before. Does thinking this way make me a bad person? Two of my biggest role models are women because they are extremely intelligent and they value education over how many cocks they've have, how many parties they go to, who likes them and who doesn't etc.
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I'm obsessed with her

I'm really really obsessed with her

I think about her constantly

And everytime I see her in my mind I get this overwhelming sense of anxiety and sadness

I think I'm losing my mind

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About a month ago I met this girl I really like. It's going great and we're sexual partners now but, for some reason I'm having trouble.

This has never happened to me before this many times. The first time having sex with each of the people i've cared about and dated long term usually ends with me being nervous -- I'll cop to performance anxiety, it's fine -- but after the second time, I'm in true form. This girl and I have tried three times and I just can't stay hard.

Before her, it had been a legit year and a half dry spell, so maybe that has to do with it. Maybe I'm not used to the tightness of the condom or her vagina or whatever. But for some reason each of these times has failed to consistently stay erect. I've pleased her plenty of times but I just can't get out of my head.

It could be I'm not used to the condom. Should I like, jack off with a condom on or some shit? It could be I'm not used to her vagina. Should I get lube?

I'm just looking for general advice here. She's told me I have the foreplay and oral stuff down, so I'm confident there. But I just can't seem to finish the job.
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relationship advice
Screenshot (18)
so there is a girl in my class i have a crush for like the last one and a half year . She recently broke up with her 2 year long boyfriend . Its almost been 2 months after that . I get some FAINT hints like whenever something funny happens she looks at me and like in break time she offers me snacks , whenever we hang out with friends she keeps me company ..... WHAT SHOULD I DO? and also am i seeing this correctly or im just having wrong ideas ? (image unrelated)
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When a job application asks for your employment history, do they really want everything?
I've had my current job for the past six years and is somewhat professional, especially when compared against Hungry Jacks. Would they really want me to put down Hungry Jacks too? "Duties include cooking burgers, taking orders, washing dishes" seems a bit ill-fitting for a government job application.
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People don't pay me what I lent
I traveled to Argentina for sports.
So I travelled alone with 4 workers of the federation of my country.
I was the only one with credit card so I rented a car which payment was going to be divided in all of us. I payed $500 which turn into $530 because change of currency.
It was like $100 per person and 10 days later since We have landed in my country they dont pay me a shit.
Then I rent a hotel with them but I upgrade to another better hotel with another sportman and I left payd the other one for another member of the federation so he owes me $80 that I payed and he stayd in the room I left, but the asshole don't answer my calls or texts.
Then the goverment says they will give me back $700 that I paid for the plane ticket. And they now don't want to pay. For the fucking $700 I could get my ass in the first class and not travelling with those assholes in the last file.

Those idiots are old like 40s and dont want to pay me, I am 24. I dont know what to do, they are like you have money i give a shit.
Whats wrong with those people, who I can make them to pay me.
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>sad friend
>stopped drawing bc depression
>deleted messages about that topic

Should I ask what where those messages the next time we meet? I only read the first one and it was depression related.
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