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the Crimson Crow
New DLC is out.
What do you think of the Crimson Crow so far?
Do you have expectations of the story and gameplay going forward?
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Age of Empires 2 thread
>Hate nu-Arabia
>Hate closed maps
>Hate water maps
Ranked map pool has been fucking unbearable since they put voting in-game. There's literally too many shit maps to ban them all. We have a bunch of custom game lobby players who have never and will never touch the ranked queue deciding what we're fucking playing and it's killing the stupid game for me, this game has been multiplayer perfection for years at this point and they're throwing that away on something they were already getting fucking right in the first place.

I swear to god if I ever see Black Forest in a ranked queue for singleplayer ever again I'm deleting this shit off my harddrive. Fuck.
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Get in here and discuss the mod!
6 media | 27 replies
Is this the peak RTS?
I just started playing WarCraft II for the first time a few days ago and in my opinion other than some technical lacking this surpasses the WC III which is objectively one of the finest RTS ever created.
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No title
Games where you collect women into your harem (literal)
57 media | 374 replies
No title
>just vote with your wallet bro

Consumers have voted, and this is the future they want for the grand strategy genre.
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Against The Storm
maxresdefault (9)
This game just came out on Steam early access, anyone else playing it?

>Roguelite City Builder
>Free demo
>Actually challenging
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No title
Dawn of War 40k
>Um sir, we got duh... thing!
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Crusader Kings III
Temujin is a meme
Why is CK3 late game such a fucking meme? If you know what you're doing your army is going to roll through anything without any problems and you can just do whatever and conquer whatever. Pic related is against the mongols who've managed to reach fucking Tunisia after conquering the Abbasids who had more fucking troops than me.
41 media | 327 replies
Dawn of War
Anyone still play DoW1? Been playing a few skirmishes with a friend vs AI and it's been pretty fun.
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No title
Bombs away in the Pacific! Only took the last Koei thread 5 months to hit bump limit this time. How many jobs will Anon have gone through before this one hits limit? Which Romance game is the best? Is Liu Bei all hype? Find out within.
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No title
Are Grand Strategy Games wargames?
25 media | 221 replies
Train thread
What's the state of the train/railroad management genre these days? I looked around a bit and found these games being recommended on some websites and popular on steam:
>railroad tycoon 2
>railroad tycoon 3
>transport fever 2
>railway empire

I'm sure I missed some too. How do the older games hold up and how well do they run on modern systems? What sort of mods etc do they have? What are (you) playing in 2022?
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No title
>game mode has 6 difficulties
>3rd easiest is already borderline impossible
Literally who was this designed for?
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No title
Why didn't the battle for middle earth series make it?
0 media | 17 replies
Every RTS campaign ever.
>2 survival missions
>tug of war mission
>one (1) mission that pulls a spin on the normal mechanics of the game, ie. control a hero unit
>ally betrays you at the end of a mission (mission ends, doesn't even let you beat them)
>ally betrays you, and you have to kill him to end the mission
>a dozen or so normal missions where you build up a base and economy then attack move across the map
>final showdown is against some boss unit or a base so heavily fortified, getting through is a chore
>"""stealth""" mission where you have to avoid patrols
>bonus mission objective that's in the way to your main objective anyway
>the hardest mission is some random mission in the second half of the game, but isn't the last one
>story is some of the dumbest shit you've ever heard
>enemies have "special" units that are just better
>AI continuously sends small groups 8 units into a turtled up base
>worst pre-built base known to man
>timed mission with some cheese (probably a difficult mission without the cheese)
>water mission, but AI doesn't know how to land army so you literally can't lose
>mission start and you're population capped
>race mission (reach X before Y does)
>the faction you choose is losing the war until you show up
>cutscene where they unlock a new unit and give a few of that unit for free
>AI clearly cheating, producing non stop with no economy
>AI clearly map hacking, sending forces to locations they can't see or access
>90% of your units locked at mission 1
>no build mission
>no build mission but you get army in other ways
>build mission but economy IA gotten through pillaging
>large scripted attack event followed by a pathetic trickle of units
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Stellaris Orion 3.6
Ascention and combat rework bla bla. Stellaris thread

Post your empires.
What mods are you recomending?
72 media | 402 replies
Shining Force
Let's talk about this forgotten 90's gem.
0 media | 10 replies
Battle brothers thread
How much do you hate hexen? Im mostly no longer bothered by them, they're a gimmick fight like a few others that exist to break up the more normal combat encounters every once in a while
4 media | 31 replies
Lands Of Lords
Now that Admin introduced total conquerable towns and cities, brigands with AI. What is next for this game, dragons and elves? midgets and dwarves?
2 media | 104 replies
Best Black Ice version?
Panzeroos last update 8.4?
Black Ice 11?
Blacker Ice?
Ultimate - Black Ice?
3 media | 25 replies
Anbennar Thread
Anything you'd like to see in a future update?
24 media | 225 replies
No title
This is the last game series that I really enjoyed playing beyond surface-level fun. Any anons out there who’ve played something similar? Grand storyline, good world-building, amazing cast of characters and far-reaching decisions with tactical (preferably turn based) combat?
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No title
Any recommendations for simple strategy games that would run on a potato?
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No title
>play ck3 on release
>"it's too barren, I'll go back to ck2 and retry in a few years like Bannerlord"
>try 2 years after release
>barely anything changed
Was CK3 DOA?
9 media | 60 replies
No title
are you going to play it, vst?
73 media | 347 replies
Where is the fun in Victoria 2?
People wait for Vic3 10 years and in this 10 years everyone I know praised Vic2, I tried it BUT strategobros, where is the fun?

I can't enjoy any other Grand Strategy because Paradox's burnout.
4 media | 87 replies
Should I pirate Starsector again?
It's always the same with this game.
>play for 5-10 hours
>get bored/turned off by the autism required
problem is is it's one of the few space RPG/simulation games out there of any worth. Cosmoteer comes to mind but it's barebones EA atm.
43 media | 335 replies
Jagged Alliance 2
Thinking about picking this up after watching the recent Warlocracy video, what does /vst/ think about this game? Would it be something for someone who likes classic fallout/ xcom?
19 media | 161 replies
Princes' Fortune
is a grand STRATEGY GAME that I have been developing, it's not "off-topic", even if it isn't complete.
Set in pseudo-Europe and inspired by Imperator, it seeks not to be another map painter but an empire manager, with a focus on:
>resource management (you need wood to build ships, grain to feed pops, wool to prevent them from freezing, etc)
>pop management (who all have their wealth)
>character management
>closed economy with prepaid-model
>anti-omniscience (limited information, e.g. you don't know many troops other countries have)
>faction management (all characters belong to a faction, and everything you do impact the faction's loyalty, if you go to war against the faction's beloved country, they might revolt against you)
>army management (army depletes as you advance because you have to leave troops behind to garrison)
>making the world evolve (you turn forests into farmlands, build bridges over rivers, convert villages to cities)
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No title
best world war one strategy games?
5 media | 24 replies
No title
Is Dwarf Fortress a strategy game?
18 media | 159 replies
No title
Will human level AI ever reach the average consumer in the strategy game genre?
3 media | 76 replies
No title
shit game
Fix the combat and manpower system.
1 media | 30 replies
AoEIIIDE got an update
2022-10-18 17_27_20-Steam
So time to complain about that weird game that isn't II or IV and somehow is still alive, now with some skins that you can buy instead of doing events. Also, I find it funny they choose Maria I as the Portuguese DLC explorer skin, she was crazy after all...
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No title
Shieeeet nigger
Recommend me some /vst/ games with dreadful atmosphere, hopelessness, psychological horror and depressing setting something like horror but for strategy games
I couldn't find any title, and best I could do was Rimworld with mods.
Also I want games not just missions in normal games.
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No title
*mogs every other RTS game*
35 media | 278 replies
No title
>Pronouncing Caesar like "seezer" instead of "Kaiser"
1 media | 29 replies
Why won't my stupid Greyjoy vassals shut up about Elective monarchy
44 media | 393 replies
No title
I am ready to commit federal overreach.
5 media | 63 replies
Crusader Kings 2
Anglo-saxons saw Odin as Noah, Alfred the Great said that Odin was the founder of the House of Wessex. Lombards saw Odin as Saint Michael.
14 media | 93 replies
No title
Remember when total war had a TV show and they called the game "advanced simulation" or something?
0 media | 6 replies
Dreamhack Atlanta next weekend
PM me to join our barcraft!!
77 media | 471 replies
Strategy games set in Japan
What are some strategy games that take place in Japan or have a Japanese theme? Only ones I can think of are Shogun TW which is pretty boring, and Nobunaga's Ambition.
4 media | 28 replies
Sorry dudes I love this game, no homo
0 media | 21 replies
No title
Naval games that have italy or a made up conflict ? I'm so sick of the pacific campaign
2 media | 12 replies
Tactics Ogre: Reborn
no threads in the catalogue, just came out today. are you playing it?
3 media | 51 replies
No title
>VST gets mogged by grandma after Thanksgiving dinner yet again.
>All those years of 'muh strategy vidja' and vst can't even keep up with a deck of cards.
>The same whiny ai threads up and vst can't even count cards.
Explain. Apologize. Submit to real strategy.
2 media | 16 replies
No title
What are the best CKII dlcs?
2 media | 11 replies
Amazing Cultivation Simulator
ACS Senior Chang
Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread.

Let's say that you've personally cultivated and you've become a god, few if any can challenge your might and the chaosverse is at your fingertips.
What do you do with your unlimited cosmic power?

Me? I'd look to get a couple of disciples who have no clue how strong I am and tour existence with them in a nomadic style while I pretty much act like a hermit, giving them ample opportunities to grow. Also fucking over any douchebags I happen to come across, can't forget about that.
87 media | 348 replies
No title
Are there any strategy games you anons are actually anticipated for in the future?
4 media | 23 replies
No title
Is it any good? I loved the original.

Anyway, it's on sale
12 media | 47 replies
No title
ji ben
now that the dust has settled, what the fuck was his problem?
1 media | 1 replies
Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children
>Bought the game for the waifus
>It's actually boring as fuck
What's the appeal of this game? I don't get it, does it get any better later on? The tutorial was so boring...
1 media | 17 replies
MEIO and taxes
is this worth playing? Challenging?
13 media | 129 replies
No title
>Invasion of Italy
>North African Theatre, Italian Libya
>No Italian faction to play, not even in multiplayer
I have every right to be mad.
35 media | 158 replies
No title
Anyone play this?
0 media | 13 replies
Anno 1800
>new NW tier
>NW electricity
>NW crown falls
>New monument
>Better fire stations, police stations, and hospitals
Annochads, how we feeling?
15 media | 137 replies
Magna Mundi
Now that the dust has settled, could this game succeed?
9 media | 110 replies
Sim City 4
my soulless city
>download sc4
>only mod is NAM
>start playing
>build up a city, people are happy
>stuck with dirty industry
>can't expand
>worst of all the city is just ugly
What modpacks do you recommend? The niggerfaggots at simtropolis apparently fight modpacks because they want their name next to their shitty building as if somebody cared.
19 media | 57 replies
Victoria 3
>Not even a month since release
>Already completely forgotten
Holy shit, how could it go so wrong given the tremendous amount of hype behind the game?
93 media | 554 replies
No title
Diplomacy update in 5 days lads

>A full-featured diplomacy system. The AI takes a "realpolitik" approach, and the system explains in detail why the AI likes or dislikes a diplomatic action. So no AI opponents that hate or love you for no clear reason. Your diplomatic actions also affect your reputation in the world as a whole.

>I'm especially pleased with the ultimatum system, where you can send an interaction saying "do this or else I'll do this other thing". This can be "pay me tribute or I declare war" but also more out there things like "upgrade our non-aggression pact pact to a defensive pact or I'll cancel our trade treaty".

>You can now upgrade your towns and cities with shipyards, factories, police stations, pleasure palaces, labs, and more. Balance your expenditures between building up your empire and conquering more of it.

>There are new systems for logistics and city unrest, as well as a fully rewritten espionage system, a revamped technology tree, and a much prettier new map.

>Finally, there are now special eras in conquest that change things up by having special rules. Like an Age of Piety that reduces unrest and gives the players a bunch of holy sites to fight over. Or an Age of Exploration that lets the players send out expeditions to find knowledge and valuables.
83 media | 333 replies
Shadow Empire
What do you think of this game?
1 media | 19 replies
Rome II = Kino
I know it had a rocky launch and myriad overpriced DLC packs, but in terms of actual gameplay, Rome II is still one of my favourite Total War titles. Anybody have any mod recommendations for this absolute kino? I've heard DEI is good but it sounds a bit slow for my liking.
4 media | 51 replies
Chokuropalis Prussia
Finally completed Prussia. Pretty good nation all around.
119 media | 516 replies
No title
One of the best linear warfare era games. I don't get why he didn't make a Napoleonic version. It would absolutely mog empire total war or napoleonic total war.
>can actually do delaying actions
>can actually do retreats in good order
>reserves are actually needed
>battles don't last 5 seconds
>harassing with cavalry is a huge factor while miseuse is deadly
>campaign is focused on trying to conserve your force (like real battles)
3 media | 44 replies
No title
Civ IV Catherine or Civ V Catherine?
22 media | 157 replies
Genesis Rising Thread
This game is super neat and I want to make a thread about it, problem is it is super unstable according to the reviews. I think it'd be cool to get it functioning, or at least use this as a general thread to discuss individual fixes. For example, if you start the game and the screen is cut off (in my case I could only see the upper left part), go to the .exe, select properties, and go to the compatibility tab, then to the DPI settings, and check 'Override High DPI'. Should fix it.

Currently, I can start the first mission fine, but all of my ships have a black void where the textures should go. Any fixes for that one?
0 media | 4 replies
Immortal Empires is a masterpiece of the STG genre
>80 playable factions
>23 different races.
> Each lord has their own play style and flavor
>Massive map that will never play the same way twice.
>engaging short and long victory conditions.
>Interesting end game crisis.
>Rock paper scissors dynamic is shaken up with magic and monsters.
>Has tons of mythology inspired factions and units, on a map that draws from the real world heavily.
>Faction armies are not pigeonholed by their strengths and weaknesses
>Diplomacy is meaningful and not just a chore
>Doesn't let you relax, but also isn't unmanageable. Always builds tension which makes victories satisfying.
>Army control and tactics are impactful beyond just cheesing the AI

Be honest, you only hate it because it's cool to be a contrarian. This is the game we all wanted when we were growing up, and you're missing out on it, because muh realism/history, as if TW was ever a simulation and not just a very deep arcade game.
2 media | 18 replies
Fanatical Sale
total war
Warhammer and Shogun are great, thinking of picking these as well
1 media | 4 replies
No title
You payed full price for eight (8) civs and an ugly game, you discuss aoe4 in this thread and you stay in this thread.
19 media | 194 replies
What USA should have done to those japs in 1941
2 media | 36 replies
No title
Why train rifle infantry if they can easily be run over by tanks?
10 media | 67 replies
No title
Would you consider Monster Rancher to be a stratagy game
0 media | 5 replies
Advance Wars - Get in here and play/talk some Advance Wars!
v's list of AW romhacks
Picrel is some recommended rom hacks curated by a few anons.
>Commander Wars: open-source AW engine
>Tiny Wars: Days of Ruin PVP
>AWBW: Standard PVP
50 media | 336 replies
Just started this game yesterday, kinda like FTL and Starsector
53 media | 195 replies
No title
Has Eugen added the single player campaign yet?
4 media | 43 replies
1 tile = 1 tile
Why are hexfags so fucking retarded they cannot see the forest for the trees?

See picrel for why why the "diagonal movement problem" hexfags try to ascribe to squares doesn't actually exist - because you are moving in tiles, not actual distance! It doesn't matter that you have moved 1.41 feet diagonally, when you would have moved only 1 foot orthgonaly, becasue YOU ARE NOT MOVING IN REAL DISTANCE, YOU ARE MOVING IN TILES.
See picrel, it takes the exact same amount of tiles to move from one corner to the next diagonally, that it takes to move from one corner to the next orthogonally.
Yes the real distance is larger, but that does not matter, since the game is structured in tiles, not real distance!

Hexxfagging is unirinically Reddit-style thinking - believing you are some sort of expert and can overturn years of time-tested methods because you have learned some arbitrary fun fact (in this case that distance from one center of a square to the center of diagonal square is larger than the distance to the center of a orthogonal square).

TL;DR: 1 tile = 1 tile, always
31 media | 218 replies
No title
>ask vassal to please follow their ancestral faith
>uhm sure i guess
>they flip corinite anyway
Any way to prevent this from happening? -_-
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Is this the king of TW modding, considering the state of its base game?
1 media | 12 replies
Need Games Suggestions like Girren's Greed
I've been playing this game and I'm looking for another similar single player focused game.

I like the Ace Pilot system having key characters I can follow the actions of in my army and the enemy army helps keep me invested.
I like the zone control system with having small sub maps to represent each territory.
I like how on every scale it is turn based, I can't stand RTS since I puts me in a bad headspace.
1 media | 8 replies
Obscure Strategy Games
Games that literally only you remember. Validate that notion by sharing here!

>when French people try to make an RTS
25 media | 109 replies
BattleTech Advanced: 3062
A thread for discussing the best mod for HBS BattleTech.

-Clans, clan tech and Elementals
-Vastly improved mechlab
-Huge library of new mechs
-Multiple lances and artillery

-Still coded in Garbage and prone to random crashes
-Probability fuckery including coded 'streak breakers' to stop you getting too lucky
-Maps aren't 'procedurally generated' like the kickstarter promised
-Stupid deployment system will often dump your lances into insanely shitty starting locations that no commander in their right mind would agree with
-No selection of deployment zones, despite having a dropship that could theoretically put you just about anywhere on the map
-Enemies deploy with 8 evasion so even on the rare occasions the dropship puts you somewhere good, you're probably not going to be able to capitalize on it
-Social justice abounds- all the above problems were never addressed but the troon lead programmer made sure that 'valid pronouns' were available and that icky straight white males go to the back of the queue
-One of the mod devs, 'Blue Wind', is also a troon who has written the cringiest mary sue fanfic of himself into the game

Overall not the game BattleTech deserves but BTA3062 makes it the best it can be. Anyone else here a player?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
mcdonalds game
ITT : flash games that fit /vst/
90 media | 466 replies
No title
The unseated king of 4X
No, I will not respond to 4cels and their bait
25 media | 192 replies
Warlords Battlecry
>felt the urge to play some WBC after a good long time
>no thread up
U wot m8? Anyone else playing? How goes your campaign?
46 media | 299 replies
No title
>they're still making DLC for Civ VI
where is Civ VII, leaders don't even get new music
55 media | 445 replies
Finally announced:
37 media | 306 replies
Sword of the Stars thread
I completely forgot I had this in my steam library. How is it compared to Stellaris, Endless Space, Galciv?
9 media | 47 replies
There are a handful of games that are clearly inspired by Anno, which are worth playing?
Sweet Transit is the one I'm most familiar with. It's basically Anno but with trains instead of ships and workers have to be transported.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
>Start a game
>Get blacks
>Resign instantly
2 media | 17 replies
No title
Hmmm yes, I too engage in grand strategy
0 media | 1 replies
Mods keep deleting all the Attila threads
total war kino
Ah, /Total War Attila Thread/.

The eternal bump hitter.

I have seen the end of days. And years from now jannies will say: this is where began the fall of /vst/.

The power of the posters was taken from the many and given to the few. Those who were the unpaid wreath grew wicked with every kind of malice. They were filled with envy and deceit. They pruned and banned.

They betrayed hundreds of posters and deleted the threads they loved.

They did all this and called it just.
49 media | 414 replies
Let's rant about W3 campaign
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Art
>Introduces NE 3/4 into the story
>You fight with them in only 2 missions (that Blood Elf mission doesn't count for obvious reasons)
>No spellcasters
>No heroes

>Has a really well made campaign with great level design, amazing terrain, good story
>Ruins it with unbalanced Naga

>After all this time a real human campaign, as opposed to an introductory easy campaign
>Replaces humans with Blood Eleves - a race with no unit synergies
>Enemies are a mostly custom race where every unit is exactly the same
>A hero with a pre-patched mana drain (can't share mana with your own units) has no valid targets to cast it on

>Adds a lot of great units with synergies and an amazing hero and an upgrade that changes the way you use a unit to the Orc race
>No Orc expansion campaign

>The only real campaign in the expansion is the last one
>Has the blandest level design
9 media | 100 replies
No title
Anyone trying this rimworld-like?
Worth getting?
3 media | 29 replies
Economy Strategy Games
Post strategy vidya that hold economic manipulation as one of its primary mechanics/focuses
0 media | 2 replies
No title
battle brothers
Just started this game. Any tips? Played for around an hour and immediately noticed that ranged has a pitiful hit chance, yet there's nothing online I can find to confirm that they're outright bad so I'm assuming there's a specific way you're meant to use them.
2 media | 17 replies
Fall of the Dragon Empire shill thread
this is a mod that exists and is basically shogun 3
the creator spent $4k on unit models
1 media | 14 replies
AI-focused factions
>Faction depends on AI to function
>AI is shit
Is there anything worse? What are you supposed to do here? Georgia's inherently a defensive civ.
3 media | 32 replies
No title
Kharak is being consumed by a firestorm. The Scaffold has been destroyed. All orbital facilities destroyed. Significant debris field in low orbit.

Receiving no communications from anywhere in the system... not even beacons.
0 media | 4 replies
No title
What is it that just doesn't *click* for me?
0 media | 11 replies
No title

1 media | 9 replies
AI drone swarm kinda game
any game where I can live out being an AI Swarm just curbstomping and consuming everything for resources?
recently reread plebbit's Chrysalis for like the third time

pic rel is literally the opposite where you are fighting the AI Swarm
0 media | 5 replies
No title
i rabu cao2
I love him so much
12 media | 31 replies
No title
In a game, where you face literal demons and devils, necromancers are, for some reason, considered to be the evilest faction in that universe. WHY? What are they doing that's actually worse than Eeofol's works to deserve such a reputation?
6 media | 56 replies
Official Total War Ranking
fall of the samurai
God Tier:
Total War Attila

Great Tier:
Medieval Total War
Shogun Total War
FotS: Total War Saga
Total War: Warhammer 2
Napoleon Total War
Medieval 2 Total War

Decent Tier:
Total War: Rome (og. and remastered)
Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War Troy
Shogun 2 Total War
Warhammer 1

Thrones of Britannia
Total War Rome 2
Warhammer 3
13 media | 98 replies
No title
How do I unpozz stellaris and make it fun?
2 media | 47 replies
Total War
Constantinople; "at times was home to as many as a million people"; Largest Medieval Cities Edition

Historical total wars only

return to your thread warhammerfags >>>/vg/twg
no attila fags either

Mod Spotlight:
RTR: Imperium Serrectum
>(Possibly) the largest campaign map ever created for a Total War mod, with a size of 1020x700 tiles (vs. Vanilla's 255x156), including more than 900 thoroughly researched regions, and settlements that will allow for an unprecedented representation of the ancient world!
35 media | 176 replies
HoMM 3
Discuss strats, tips, tricks for beginners and your fav builds
77 media | 437 replies
No title
Homeworld 3 gameplay!
129 media | 476 replies
HOI4 Modding
Get in here and discuss!
81 media | 506 replies
Victoria 3
Only 10% of players have even finished a campaign.

What went wrong?
1 media | 29 replies
No title
Is Imperator Rome worth buying in 2022/23? Is the game more similar to vic2 or eu4?
2 media | 14 replies
No title
Early access in 2 days.
1 media | 4 replies
No title
So I got the rest of the dlc I was missing for BF which was Mechanicus and Eldar. Which is more fun to do a playthrough of first?
0 media | 0 replies
biotech is out, so it's time for us to discuss what horrible atrocities we could commit using these new toys tynan gave us (and call him a faggot when he reminds us to buy his book)
51 media | 507 replies
No title
I still miss it bros
15 media | 123 replies
No title
I like Bronze Age stuff, and it's the kinda period that you don't see around a lot if at all, is this game actually any good, or is it nu-CIV but even more streamlined/dumbed down?
0 media | 6 replies
No title
Thoughts on this hidden gem?
0 media | 0 replies
Victoria 2
Is it worth the research points spent to raise administrative efficiency in colonies, despite already very easily being able to get 100 in your homeland by raising administrative funding or should that tech be focused elsewhere?
27 media | 404 replies
No title
Which Fire Emblem is the goodest?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
What are some strategy games for beginners who want to get into the genre?
5 media | 36 replies
No title
I don't care if you say, "It's an AI". If it cheats, I don't want to play with it.
2 media | 14 replies
No title
>Steam autumn sale starts tomorrow
What are you getting?
21 media | 204 replies
Sanctuary: Shattered Sun
Anyone following this? Looks too good to be true, seems to be an actual successor to supcom without cartoony graphics and shitty gimmicks like PA or technical compromises of AotS
1 media | 6 replies
No title
How do you get over the anxiety of 1v1 someone in a RTS game?
1 media | 45 replies
No title
Can you take without cheese on the hardest difficulty Poland, France and Britain before 1940 if you start the war historically on 1st Sep. 1939?
0 media | 2 replies
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The next fantasy Total War games will be about real life mythology.
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Turns out Victoria 3 is great and /vst/ was wrong
time to apologize to hard-working Swedes
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