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Sid Meier's Colonization Appreciation Thread
I must be one of the only people that prefers Colonization to Civilization but does anyone else have any fond memories of it?

Started a game on Christmas Eve and I'm just about ready to declare independence.
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why is it so unique?
why is it so unique?

whether u think the game is a litany of indecipherable mechanics, a reddit tier mappie painter, or a broken and incomplete hodgepodge of ideas, we can agree that vicky is certainly unique. at the very least, there are no direct competitors.
why is this?
a house divided was released in 2012, yet a small but active playerbase is maintained to this day. this month's peak players at 2276.
why has no other company attempted to seize this market?
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No title
Camel Rider New
>blocks ur FC into knights build
>if you don't go knights, I go knights and win
Have you taken the Berber pill yet, /v/?
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No title
pure fucking shit
This games is so fucking bad. DH and HOI3 are both so much better.
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TW: Warhammer 2
Tried Warhammer 2 after WH1, playing as Empire and holy shit why are other human fractions such fucking useless niggers? Vampire OP niggers having 5(!!!) full stack armies at turn 30, while you CANNOT trade, have defense alliances or anything at all, on top of that there are nigger orcs and other nigger humans attacking you for NO reason, or better yet you MUST declare war if you don't have enough shit (prestige or something)
FUcking nigger game for niggers, both TW1 and TW2, cocksucking bitches sucking cocks to buy DLC shit, so glad I pirated this piece of shit game and now can just delete it
Fucking kill yourself if you unironically want CA to continue shitting this franchise with manchildren fantasy setting without proper balance and retarded ALLY AI (to be fair enemy AI is so good it makes me fucking insane)
I doubt I will ever enjoy this retarded series, because why even bother with tactics? Just fucking doomstack monsters or something LMAO
Pieces of shit fucking NIGGERS suck my DICK
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No title
>What's that? You want a battle in the field? fuck you. How about another 10 sieges?
I don't want to play anymore
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No title
This is actually one of the best total war games in recent years. It's like three kingdoms but with a good and varied unit roster.
My only complaints is the lack of artillery compared to older titles and some unpatched exploits regarding diplomacy. Easily an 8.5/10

Why did /v/ tell me it was bad?
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No title
The pinnacle of strategy games

>no gookclick
>no microtransactions
>fair and balanced (take turns playing black and white)
>has been played for decades if not millions of years
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Cossacks/American Conquest thread
A thread for a solid, albeit janky at times, gunpowder RTS series. Here’s hoping for Cossacks 4 in the next couple years that becomes the game of the decade.
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No title
post em
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No title
>Have over 600 hours in total war warhammer
>have only beat a campaign twice because the game becomes extremely easy and boring once you hit critical mass
4 images | 31 replies
Mana Universalis IV
Is your nation trouble by war exhaustion or inflation? No biggie, just press the mana button few times and everything goes away.
Is your empire unstable after huge conquest? No, issue just spend mana to integrate it.
Is your capital shit? No worries, just with a few mana clicks you can turn Stockholm more developed than Paris.
Do you want a great general? Use mana buy new generals.

There is abstraction and then there is going too far.
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No title
>KR is taking out all the fun routes
>KRRX runs like absolute fucking shit
>TNO is fucking TNO
>TWR is a sleeping aid with RNG events to take out any player choice
>CBtS is also a sleeping aid and buggy as fuck
>CWIC has slowed to a crawl
>MD is a third sleeping aid with a brand new mechanic that does fucking nothing
>Iron Grip is 800 years away
>FuRR/RF/RW/CWW are barebones as fuck
>EoaNB is anyone's fucking guess
>only good mods are EaW & OWB
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Total war games
I don't get the combat behind total war games? like it's if you took autistic RTS combat and cranked it to the maximum, like I tried TWW2 once and the combat was absolutely repulsive to me.
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No title
>empire at war 2 never ever
>EAW 1 remake never ever
why live?
14 images | 94 replies
I'm enjoying the fuck out of this game. I never really cared about Battletech or mechs in general before but I can't put this one down. I'm really digging everything from the world to the presentation and the gameplay

Not perfect. Has a few issues like the combat taking and age, some missions not being balanced and some mission types like convoy ambush being a complete ballache but overall I'm really into it

I've put 250 hours into it and still never really finished the campaign. I keep restarting but this time I'm really hell bent on doing it. Once that's done I'm installing BEX

What does /vst/ think?
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>Mfw no Anno thread
49 images | 303 replies
No title
Another CK2 thread cause the other one is about to die. It says that I can't form Outremer because I don't control the Near East. Fuck am I missing?
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current logo. if u dont like it, make a better one
The last thread, >>>351824 reached the bump limit
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No title
Autistic things you did as a kid.

>early 2002 back in elementary
>we have to make full body human figurines made out of plaster
>I make a age of empires priest with a long staff
>I keep saying "wololo" to my classmates

>had a classmate named Rodrigo
>at recess I would tell him "Rodrigo, you know of my brother Alfonso..."
>would this everyday at recess

>few years later
>had another classmate from the phillipines
>he would quote wc3 characters "GOT A TARGET?"
>I would reply with another quote

>Have a girl classmate
>tell her "our blood shall mingle on the battlefield"
>she's in the same class with me next year
>she says she never forgot what I said
>she repeats the line but butchers it
>I get upset she misquoted a game she never played and correct her
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No title
Holy shit this mod is amazing, Kaiserreich go fuck yourself
10 images | 27 replies
No title
ITT: post units with good voice lines
>What are they, protestors?
18 images | 35 replies
Civ 5 thread
Fuck Civ 6 and fuck cartoony graphics!
what civ do usually play as?
what victory type do you go for?
what social policy trees do you choose?

I usually go Greece, diplo victory, Liberty>Patronage>Rationalism
9 images | 35 replies
Shadow Empire
It's a game about Autism, reconquering a planet after the fall of civilization and retarded cabinet members who will never be happy.
Logistics is hard, and 20m squidbeasts will rape you. I'm still not sure why anyone would colonize these shitholes in the first place.
25 images | 166 replies
Where the fuck do I find it?
>>Hear About Soul Inquiry
>>Search up where to find it
>>only stuff about getting it from manual savior choice at the start
>>im already knee deep in my current run I can't leave it
Bros where can I find this thing without having it in my menu? I only have the 6 starter laws still its unbearable
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No title
70 years later and not a single RTS game even comes close
1 images | 21 replies
No title
I recently picked up Lords of the Realms 2, but it has been so long since I last played it, that I completely forgot how to play it. How to get gud?
Might also talk about Lords of the Realms, not just the second title, but the whole series.
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No title
With the new update for the most based HoI IV droppin in 3 days, whatcha excited for? I'm probably gonna do a Kavkaz run myself
13 images | 44 replies
Dwarf Fortress
What's up with your current fort anons?
19 images | 141 replies
big mouth edition

what can i do with prisoners in 40k besides sell them? i know i need a few interrogations for tech but i cant get honour badges from capitves
3 images | 24 replies
No title
Is it good in it’s current state or should I wait till it’s more finished?
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No title
13 images | 59 replies
No title
Anyone played this? I have no idea what the fuck to do but it seems unique.
1 images | 3 replies
No title
So what do you guys think about EraTohoK?
Do you guys prefer to rape enemy officers and steal them or do you only do that to prisoners?
To you prefer using tentacles or your dick?
Have you realized how OP hypnosis is at later levels yet?
Do you get others drunk so you can get them to do shit faster?
Officer or ruler?
Favourite research order?
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No title
3 images | 10 replies
Post your grievances about the game here
11 images | 99 replies
HotA Appreciation thread
This is so well-made and high quality that at this point it is indistinguishable from an actual, official expansion pack. The attention to detail is staggering. How in the world did they manage this? Thank you russians for keeping my favorite game alive decades after release.
4 images | 10 replies
No title
>This kills CA
4 images | 51 replies
No title
EU4 love and hate thread
15 images | 115 replies
Six Ages/ King of Dragon Pass / Glorantha Thread
>When you actually manage drive off the Colymar Tribe's army despite being only a clan with only a 18/180 against 40/420.

Feels good.

How come you can't order your tribe to form an army and attack your enemies as well?
69 images | 266 replies
Dominions 5
Should I buy it? It's on sale and seems cool
39 images | 420 replies
Wargame Video Games
Are there any video games that okay like miniature wargames?
3 images | 8 replies
Looking for something like this
I would like to find a game like Supreme Ruler Ultimate but with more control over internal politics/diplomacy, or a simpler Power & Revolution, being able to make a coup d'etat, become a totalitarian state and conquer the world. With an editor able to create factions, countries or leaders. Excluding Hearts of iron or any paradox game. Realpolitik is too simple for me and doesnt itch the political itch for me.
0 images | 2 replies
No title
let's talk about the best written mod on the hearts of iron 4 workshop
pic related
57 images | 273 replies
No title
>there are some /vst/al vigins on here who haven't done a Rome Total War campaign as the best faction
Never gonna make it
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Unpopular Opinions Thread
In this thread post unpopular opinions about anything related to strategy games. I'll start:

Imperator is better than EU4 because it's easier and doesn't have artificial caps on expansion
28 images | 390 replies
No title
>best diplomacy in the series
>worst battles in the series
how did they do it?
17 images | 120 replies
No title
Are there any strategy games which actually try and have a somewhat complex diplomacy?
1 images | 27 replies
No title
I'm new to RTS games and I was disappointed with this games moral preaching in a apocalyptic world. Are there any RTS games that have deep lore and cool story that aren't morally black and white? Thanks frens.
5 images | 39 replies
Hoi5 wishlist
Even though it will be a decade before it happens. Post things you want to see in hoi5. For me its
>Competent ai
>Less meme history and only alt hist if it was close to happening
>More fleshed out economy
2 images | 30 replies
Into the Breach
itb hiscore
it's been a few years since release, what's your high score?
30 images | 189 replies
No title
How is it? It's up on Gamepass, I'm downloading it now
1 images | 6 replies
No title
In the end, was it a good strategy game?
1 images | 44 replies
Shogun 2
About to play my first game with Ultimate Immersive Mod. What am I in for?
34 images | 161 replies
Comfy AoE2 thread.

How are my fellow casuals doing? Anticipating the new campaigns / civs soon? I actually sat down and learned a build order this weekend and it's already improved my game tremendously.

Anybody bother to play online? I've only done a couple casual games vs comps in custom map lobby.
2 images | 22 replies
No title
HighFleet, what do you think?
9 images | 27 replies
Endless space thread
Let's have another one, because why not?

I am a newfag to the game, joined after sseth's video and I have a few questions.

Is it just me, or are the energy weapons plain worse than the physical ones? Flak cannons have higher damage and are good for shooting down missiles, while missiles have significantly higher damage than anything energy weapons can output. I often get slapped around by the ai in the early game if I try to go with them instead of the physical ones. How do I use them optimally?

How do I play tall as the Hissho? I am not sure what trick is there to it, how do I even make my systems super tall if when playing wide I can usually afford to get all the best buildings, wouldn't limiting your expansion just handicap your capabilities?
45 images | 311 replies
Pharaoh Thread
Screenshot (4)
Will the remaster be any good? Cutscene animations seem well done, but seem to fit the tone of the game worse than the shitty 90s CGI did.
One thing I'm glad of is that the soundtrack composers are planning to re-do the original soundtrack, rather than change it. Pretty sure if they had, nobody would fucking play it LOL. Part of me hopes they HAVEN'T fixed the shitty AI, who need to walk to a very specific point to deliver gold to the palace, rather than the one that's closest to the mine, or emergency services walking 8 hours up the kingdom road, letting your settlement burn, then telling you they'd do things differently if they were running the city.
Hopefully they put a toggle between old and new graphics/OST, Grim Fandango style. I'm really wary of isometric remasters, especially one as kino as Pharaoh. The art-style might be completely lost. Honestly, if it's a flop, I'll just find some way to get GOG's version to run consistently in borderless windowed mode, as that's the only problem I have with that release.
How much of the original will be left over, do you think? How much code would they have copy-pasted over to the remaster? And, importantly, how many Triskell-fags are lurking here right now?

You guys gonna buy it?
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No title
You still play me, right Anon?
3 images | 33 replies
No title
Monarchist britain are the strongest nation in the game.
>Can manually get wargoals on france easy getting a quick european puppet + their entire colonial empire
>Can ally with the axis fast via the focus
>integrated puppets on the dominions via the civil wars
>cores on all the dominions + usa (if you make dominion of north america) via imperial federation
>Free puppets of iran and afghanistan
Whilst fascist britain can do alot of this as well they end up with italy as an ally which is worse.
To this point i havent seen a country with a focus tree that lets them get this powerful.
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No title
Does Free Cities: Pregmod count as strategy game?
It has you managing multiple slaves, military units, societal policies and even bodies of your slaves so you can turn them into combat cyborg catgirls to fight in arena against other slaves
17 images | 249 replies
No title
When an RTS has better characters and storytelling than virtually every RPG
6 images | 67 replies
New HOI4 thread
Last one's at the post limit.

What 'ch'yall up to? I'm currently on a "historical order of battle" stint where I only build up my forces to the maximum size the country I'm playing as achieved in WW2. Currently playing the US, which means I make a ridiculously huge navy and air force but only raise 96 divisions. So far it's worked out by going for quality over quantity (for instance, making all infantry divisions motorized, each with a tank and a tank destroyer battalion) - or maybe Franco's troops are just that shit, I dunno yet.
65 images | 373 replies
No title
The resource management made no sense except being fucking complicated
3 images | 14 replies
No title
Don’t need a Spirit of the Law video to know the new civilizations are broken OP and were intentionally designed this way to elicit more sales
0 images | 0 replies
No title
70 images | 436 replies
OpenRCT/Other Park Builders
Forest Frontiers 2021-01-18 10-15-06
How are your parks doing /vst/?
I'm replaying the RCT1 scenarios for nostalgia's sake.
4 images | 22 replies
Civ 6 thread
previous thread >>311644
TQ: What essential mods do you guys have installed? I've only installed the Civ 5 enviromental skin pack so far.
42 images | 214 replies
No title
>Has the best menu theme song
2 images | 18 replies
Obscure Strategy games/games you forgotten the name of
Ok /vst/, wanted to talk about RTS, 4x, etc. strategy games you feel noone really talks about that much. Also to discuss games you only remember details of but cant remember the actual name, so other anons try and see if they know what the game is.

Gonna start, Paraworld is a really nice fantasy-ish AoE style game with dinosaurs and had a really innovative gameplay feature, where units took a spot in a leveling up scheme, and you had to choose what units are level 1,2,3,4, and 5, with hero units actually unlocking skills the higher level they are, but with level 5 having a single spot available.

As for games you dont remember, i have a really hard one ive been trying to find for about 10 years. My dad used to buy pc magazine here in Mexico, and it included a bunch of demos of different games, one in particular caught my eye because of how unique it was. The things i remember is it was kinda caveman style setting, you had male and female workers, you gather wood and stone, isometric perspective, workers died of old age and actually had to fuck to make new workers, there were a bunch of different teardrop shaped symbols representing different liquids like water, oil and poison, male workers could turn into heroes with blue skin, female workers could turn into shamans that danced inside a building to generate a magic lighting bolt resource, the demo had you confined in a island, you had to make a raft and then in a mainland there was a red colored faction and neutral dinosaurs with a t rex roaming around. Not much else i can remember but i've never been able to find this game and its honestly driving me crazy to not know wtf is this game is.
27 images | 109 replies
No title
KR new ACW map 1
>here's your new civil war bro
33 images | 187 replies
>this is not how it's meant to sound
>this is how it's meant to sound
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Why are large-scale battles still so fucking rare in strategy/tactics games?
Even in Current Year, it's considered perfectly fine to call four dozen men fighting for a small hamlet an epic battle. Meanwhile:
>Large scales allow for plenty of otherwise unachievable, great mechanics
>Look a million times better and more grandiose
>Are an easy selling point
>Are underutilised, with current examples mostly being poorly executed (looking at you, Total War)
>Are full of untapped potential
>Can be achieved with Unity running on a dishwasher
Considering that pulling them off halfway well fucking prints money, why are they so rare?
7 images | 70 replies
Victoria 3 wishlist
>1 mechanic you want to stay mostly the same
>1 mechanic that needs a rework
>1 new mechanic
3 images | 42 replies
No title
'ate rumberg
'ate bluds
'ate soll
'ate oligarchs
'ate superpowers
'ate wife

luv wehlen
luv agnolians
luv reformists
luv sordland
luv lucian

Simple as.
1 images | 24 replies
Where does my strategy man live?
It's 7pm in North America. The board is virtually dead, aside from HOI and some anime games threads.
That made me wonder - what's the national composition of the board? I am under impression most of you gentlemen come from E. Europe. (I do too)
So where do you live, my fellow autistic friend? To make jannies calm down, also share what is your favorite strategy, or even better, what is your favorite strategy made by your compatriots?
32 images | 186 replies
No title
Can you guys gave me some strategy game suggestions?
I used to WANT to love strategy games but never really enjoyed them like I wanted too.
Can you suggest some easy to get into strategy games that dont expect a lot of prior knowledge or chop up my balls too hard?
I played Halo wars before but it wasnt too enjoyable, I love tactics games but they are often too hardcore like X-COM.
1 images | 4 replies
No title
blocks ur path
*blocks ur path*
2 images | 3 replies
I have only played Tropico 4 and I want to know which game is the best. From what I read online, Tropico 3 and 4 did very well in sales but Tropico 6 is very highly rated.
0 images | 13 replies
No title
>isn’t eaglepilled
Why don’t you play Aztecs anon?
12 images | 66 replies
No title
EU4 do be some 2000s shit.

>press this button
Windows 95 MIDI-esque "BA BAAAAAA!!!!!"

I'm glad I didn't pay the full £180 for this shit.
1 images | 17 replies
>rts is dea-
4 images | 36 replies
No title
pikmin is an rts game
3 images | 15 replies
No title
What are some character and story driven strategy games/mods? Something similar to CK2, WC3 and Fire Emblem. Fantasy setting preferred.
3 images | 9 replies
Thoughts? I'm personally pretty hyped. I love Endless games and from the looks of it this seems to be more of the same style.
11 images | 119 replies
No title
I did not care for Age of Empires III. Simply did not care for it.
1 images | 8 replies
Why is CK3 designed around bordergore?
If the devs can't be bothered to implement multi-liege system, why do insists on allowing vassals to inherit foreign titles?

I don't want to form an empire because it gets boring, I just want to forge a small kingdom and make it prosper, but the game literally doesn't allow you to. All pic related exclaves are from random vassal inheritance, they inherited Stockholm, Moscow, Kalmar, and Fyn.

I realize the average map-painter doesn't give a fuck how awful the map looks, but I do...
25 images | 182 replies
How do I learn to play Victoria II?
>steam sale years ago
>buys Vic 2
>never plays it due to having lots of games on the library already
>finally has some free time
>watches some vic 2 timelapses on youtube
>wants to learn how to play vic 2

Where should I start, Anons? Which would be a good starting country? The only Paradox game I've played before was Darkest Hour, which I don't play anymore because the lack of >steam sale years ago
>buys Vic 2
>never plays it due to having lots of games on the library already
>finally has some free time
>watches some vic 2 timelapses on youtube
>wants to learn how to play vic 2

Where should I start, Anons? Which would be a good starting country? The only Paradox game I've played before was Darkest Hour, which I don't play anymore because the lack of UI scalling was killing my eyes.
12 images | 127 replies
No title
Did anyone played in the Indian region in CK2? How was it?
I'm a bit wondering what was the main target of this DLC. Maybe there's a big Paradox fanbase in India, because I don't think many westerners know enough (or at all) about the history of the subcontinent to be interested in playing there. I feel like even people interested in medieval period at best will just recall Mughal Empire. I won't lie, I also know nothing about India and its long and probably complex history.
While we are at it, what other strategy games focus partially or solely on India? Best that come my mind are AoE2, TW:Empires and Civilization if you want to count that.
4 images | 36 replies
No title
better than total war 3k?
16 images | 33 replies
No title
Whats the conseus on this game?
4 images | 26 replies
No title
Core or Arm?
21 images | 112 replies
No title
Love Shack
Nigga, I love these things in the Civilization series both for immersion purposes (of course there'd be tons of tribal or semi-nomadic peoples in the course of history) but also who doesn't love a bunch of primitives giving you free shit. What's your favorite bonus you get from them from any game of the series? What are goody hut equivalents in other relevant game series?

Example: I myself hated getting free cities from goody huts in earlier civ games, but the "advanced tribe" justification always amused me for in-universe purposes in terms of perhaps some nation/tribe/people related to yours in some ethnolinguistic way joining you due to conveniently using a city name your own empire'd use. Even if Civ 3 kinda killed that by using random tribal or minor nations' names willy-nilly when you popped a free city from a hut.
8 images | 31 replies
Rip Beastmen total war wh2
Over for Beastmencels. Not a proper update in years, how will they ever recover?!?
7 images | 50 replies
No title
It's going to be shit isn't it?
2 images | 10 replies
total war mods thread
I finally got this rickety ass autism simulator to stop fucking crashing at last and played a couple of campaigns, shits fun.

Is battle for the baltic a good "vanilla+" submod for SS6.4? I don't like what Titanium and SSHIP do to the game but am interested in the small fixes and additions BftB does with the Italian republics, Hanseatic league and filling out the somewhat barebones Slavic faction rosters. They add Sweden though, does that come at a price of removing a different faction from the game? IIRC Medieval 2 has a hard coded 29 + Papal + Rebels faction limit.
10 images | 106 replies
No title
What's your wishlist for XCOM 3?
I say we become the invaders and start wrecking shit on their planets.
5 images | 102 replies
No title
Why was this made?
0 images | 8 replies
PBEM Games
What are some good Play-By-Email (or similar systems where turns are sent in by players whenever) strategy games? Fucking love that style of play but it has mostly vanished in recent times.

I know Dominions of course, and Combat Mission, what else is there?
0 images | 19 replies
Age of Wonders: Planetfall
The Virgin Kir'ko and the Chad Oathbound edition.
Keep Preserving the Future fellow swarmheralds

Previous thread:
5 images | 28 replies
No title
How can I recover from this
3 images | 37 replies
is it inevitable?
Is that always going to happen when a game does well? The corporate types and accountants move in, the talent fucks off and the series enters a spiral of slow decline where the games get shinier but dumber, the DLC reproduces at rabbit rates and any soul the game once had is simply erased, choked to death by targets and politically correct hiring practices?

Not just Paradox, but CA probably went that way first and they're just the strategy focused studios, there are others we all know and hate.
13 images | 113 replies
No title
>nice push you got going there. would be a shame if someone were to make a... positive elixir trade.
cards for this feel?
3 images | 10 replies
So what are you looking forward to in 2021?
For me it's:
Age of Empire IV
Carrier Command 2
King's Bounty II
Gray Zone
HighFleet: Deus in Nobis
Endzone: A World Apart
Task Force Admiral
Dark Moon
Sea Power: Naval Combat in the Missile Age
2 images | 20 replies
galactic empires 3
it's free on epic right now. has anyone played it ? any fun?
0 images | 17 replies
No title
We all know that strategy freaks don't start on the hardcore shit.

So what was your entry drug?

Mine was Civ 5, I would constantly try and make games go more historical on a massive earth, and after some frustrations with how the AI actually colonized and interacted with the world in a very stagnant and predictable way, I then tried Vicky 2, it was all downhill from there.
5 images | 61 replies
No title
Has anyone here broken the Med2 or Rome EULA's, if so, what did you do, would you recommend .exe editing and the like, and should /vst/ try to find how far they can push the engine?
1 images | 33 replies
Turn-based Squad Milsim
John Tiller - Modern Squad Battles
Aside from this title by my main man John Tiller, are there any other super crunchy mil-sim squad based modern combat games?

It mostly seems to be WWII- or really arcadey sci-fi stuff like nuXcom clones. I figured vst might be the grognardest place on 4chan and they might know better than I.
0 images | 10 replies
No title
19 images | 76 replies
No title
is this game worth it?
29 images | 221 replies
Europa Universalis 4
How fares your Empire /vst/? Excited for the Naval Rework? Offered tribute to Johan so he may make the game good?
73 images | 481 replies
No title
What the fuck happened here?
2 images | 20 replies
No title
What is your opinion about the Slavs? Are they a good or a bad faction?
3 images | 23 replies
Imperator Rome
I reinstalled this after not having played it since its awful release and I have to say it's actually pretty fun now.
Most of the mana is gone and the pop system makes a lot more sense now.

It's just a shame they release a bad game and then need over a year to fix it. They scare away their players so nobody is around to play the game once they finally fix it. Even from an economic standpoint it makes no sense because we know Paradox don't just care about initial sales. They make most of their money from expensive DLCs but they wont be able to sell that if there are no players left after the first month.
14 images | 181 replies
No title
0 images | 1 replies
Comfy Graviteam operation
Graviteam just added another FreeLC, the second in as many months, this time a 1943 winter operation taking place at the Don river as part of an updated 'Strong Point' DLC.

Pic related, 3 small reinforced company's of Soviet cadets (yellow circles) initiate an offensive designed to drive the Germans back.

2nd and 3rd company crossed the river under cover of darkness last night, right nowthe 3rd are moving slowly through the trees in order to locate the German lines and establish a bridgehead.
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Hellenistic warfare
hellenistic soldiers
Is there any good rts based on hellenistic warfare (like the wars of the Diadochi or the campaigns of Pyrrhus). The only ones I know are Rome Total War and that Alexander tie-in movie game that used the Cossacks engine.
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Minimal RTS game design
I was chatting with my younger son this morning, and he said his favorite type of game is RTS. (Not that he has a lot of experience with these; pretty much just LEGO Battles and SimAnt.)

I've greatly enjoyed RTS games too. So it got me thinking: what is the minimal "core fun" of an RTS game?

I don't mean the core mechanic; I think that's pretty clear:
>select units and give them orders, including gather-resources and build-buildings
>select buildings and give them orders, including produce-units
This unit-building-unit cycle is the key mechanic, but not inherently fun, though the inherent joy of development is certainly part of it.

There's also an economic-tension factor: you want to invest in future production capability (i.e. more workers, more resource-processing buildings, etc.), but you have to also spend on current defense, since you may be attacked at any time. But if that's the key fun bit, you may as well make a TD game, since that genre does this much better.

What I don't see as a core fun of RTS games is actual real-time strategy (or tactics). You'd think you would be forming your troops into well-oiled formations and executing pincer movements in the midst of battle, but in my experience at least, that's rarely the case. Directing a battle usually amounts to little more than telling all units to gang up on whatever Big Bad is the greatest threat, and then pointing out the places where mop-up work is needed afterwards. But it's possible I've just been playing the wrong games (or playing them the wrong way).

So... stripping away fancy graphics, sounds, story, and all such frills, as well as any design elements that aren't truly essential... what would you see as the core of an RTS game, the minimal combination of elements that would still be fun to play?
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srebrenica-massacre (1)
any GOOD cold war era games/mods?
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for me, it's planetary annihilation: titans
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play stacraft please
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/vst/ tropes you hate
can we try a
>/vst/ tropes you hate
i'll start
>mission is meant to represent a major historical battle
>expect to fight a cool battle where you control lots of troops
>your first objective is to train 5 workers to chop down wood and mine iron and gold so you can train 20 infantrymen and 5 cannons and assault the french trenches which consist of 10 infantrymen and two defense towers
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What's the verdict?
I heard it's as good as FTL. Is it?
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Turd polishing thread
Mods that take shit strategy games and make them reasonable or better.
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>#1 Business Sim is made by someone who's terrible at business
Is the genre really that stagnant?
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Battle Realms
How's the remaster? Will we ever get Battle Realms 2?
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Things that trigger your PTSD in strategy games
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>finally making it to the Hub after escaping slavery and making your way through Holy Nation territory disguised as a soldier

Is there a more kino feel? Anyway, how the fuck do I get better at combat? I got my ass beat by one of those dogs.

Kenshi thread.
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capsule_616x353 (2)
what are the mandatory dlcs for picrel?
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Did you like SupCom 2?
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nuke truck
itt: deliberately overpowered units
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Post the worst strategies you ever played. Bonus points if it isn't made by Paradox or Creative Assembly.
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iv been wanting to downlead and play roma surrectum 3 but all the guides say i need a "clean" install of RTW and RTW alexander
what do they mean by a "clean" install?
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Anyone here played this?
i think it's kinda neat, just could use better aiming mechanic for some stuff, it's kinda hard to project trajectory remotely well and compete with AI in early game.
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Modpill me on this mod
Why is it hated by some?
Why is it loved by some?
Why is author acting so smug?
What are the pros of this mod?
What are the cons?
General overview if it's worth trying it at all would be nice.
Also Total War (Warhammer(2)) thread?
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ITT we share the strategy game concepts we daydream about.

>A Battle Brothers-like game in a kinda hard sci-fi setting (with a few aspects leaning on soft sci-fi such as very rare psionic, stuff like this), with a huge emphasis put on the relationship between your mercs and a few survival mechanics added to the whole, allowing your mercs to take contracts involving the exploration of uncharted planets on which they have to survive by their own, on infiltration mission deep behind enemies line.
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Redpill me on Warcraft 3. How do I play it now that Reforged is out?
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HOI4 Mod tooser thread
HOI4 Mod tooser thread. No more TNO since there are enough threads already.
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