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No title
Will we ever get an official Elder Scrolls strategy game?
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No title
transport games
How do you solve the issue of paying per unit of distance inherently biasing you towards illogical routes in transportation simulators?
I think that modeling actual binding contracts where the facilities you're servicing have some say could solve it.
Say there is a steel mill that needs coal and iron ore and is willing to pay a third party (you) to facilitate the trade. Instead of taking any coal dumped into a nearby station for likely exorbitant prices it will give you a list of facilities it will import from. The list will be populated by the facility calculating the price it offers and the profitability of using the materials at that price, and anything unprofitable to it won't be an option. If there are two coal mines that could theoretically be profitably used but one is barely profitable and the other is quite profitable, the latter might offer a better price per km as an incentive as well.
Obviously facilities caring about profitability and being able to go bankrupt even when supplied with goods if they're exorbitantly priced and no one will pay the markup required to stay in the black are prerequisites.
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No title
>No political compass announced yet, despite being the most warranted and demanded addition
>Three buttons
>Typical Marxist revisionism of history, depicting glorious conflicts as producing masses of disabled and wounded men and wasting resources
Any other lads here awaiting Victoria 3 with naught but a hearty kek?
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No title
New Crusader Kings mod dropped
This time set in California
32 media | 335 replies
Is this the best traffic game available? Is it better than Skylines? How do I have fun in it? Are there any necessary mods?
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No title
Any other fellow whites here excited to KEK at the travesty Vicky 3 will be? I am already prekekking with anticipation!
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No title
I have 900 hours in ck2 and 400 hours in eu4. Am I going to like playing hoi4 and stellaris?
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ITT: We KEK at Parakeks
> mfw when only 2 modern Paradox titles (HOI4 and Stellaris) have elements of a political compass system
I shiggy kek...

>MFW when Victoria 3, a game set in the age of ideologies has no confirmed political compass AT ALL
I shiggery diggery kekeroo!

>MFW WHEN instead there's gay Marxoid shit based on "interest groups" which seem to mainly skew towards Libleft and Orangeleft arbitrary groupings such as "Intelligentsia" and Trade Unions

What's it with Paradox and refusing to implement Political compass and more ideologies anyway?Even in HOI4 we had stupid shit like Based Spain being fascist when they were historically more of the integralist corporatist oligarchist lot.
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No title
>brood war has the SOVL, charm and refined gameplay along with history but bugs, glitches and years of experienced players
>starcraft 2 is smoother to play but pretty soulless, deathbally and with an uncertain future
Which one should I play competitively? I like them both casually, but both of them annoy me in different ways
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No title
Game were respect glory of polont? Winged hussar fight cossak gypsie moslem… glory of polend…
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No title
>no political compass yet announced for Victoria 3 kek.
feels bad bros kek. any word on a political compass mod for HOI4 or EU4 yet kek? feel like this was the only reason a lot of people were excited for vicky 3 and now the jews and leftys have fucked it up with their woke class warfare BS and historical materialism kek.
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No title
why are there no threads about factorio?
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No title
Anyone notice how the most loud, incoherent, obsessive dislikers of Victoria 3 here all seem to be fake Europeans (Slavs and such) or fake white people (Spicamericans and Sudacas)? What’s up with that?
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No title
playing ra2 on a tablet laptop
What are some PC strategy games that actually play well on a tablet?
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No title
Economic/logistic games like Transport fever 2, gear city or patrician.
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No title
Screenshot 2022-08-10 142611
>Army of Tennessee defending against Department of Indiana
>Entire Army Exhausted due to nonstop battles
>Army flees in panic, except Sidney Johnston's Brigade
>Refuses orders to retreat to town, instead stands firm in the forest
>Union Army surrounds the lone brigade
>3/4ths of the Brigade killed in 60 seconds, right as Ashokan Farewell hits its high-note
Pic related, casualties of the battle plus surrounding strategic situation in Kentucky now
I know this game has a bad reputation on this board... but Christ if you give it some room it can really roar.
Please don't mention the elephant in the room, I want to talk about this game
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No title
OK Im trying to get into this and Im doing something wrong, so far Im playing as Blufor vs bots only.
>charge with tanks supported by AArockets
>enemy bombs my tanks, destroys them, rushes with his own tanks, I get steamrolled
>wait for enemy to come
>have my AA behind my tanks
>get bombed, tanks destoroyed
Im used to Anti-air destroying air units before they can get to me. Do they work more like "avenging" my units after they get bombed? I mean for them to defend my tanks I have to get them as in front and then they get picked off by enemy tanks. I dont have cluster bombs in my decks, I have BRRTs, but they need the sky to be clear beforehand I cant use them when the game starts.
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No title
How is it compared to XCOM2? I've been watching gameplay videos on poo tube and Phoenix Point does look entertaining to me. But watching gameplay videos of a few missions and actually playing a campaign is not the same thing, so how is it compared to XCOM?
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No title
Anyone ever play Amazing Cultivation Simulator? It looks like it might be a fun way to waste a couple months. Is it as insane as Sseth makes it seem?
47 media | 315 replies
Shut the fuck up please
Talk about the game like a normal person
Keep your faggotry where it belongs
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No title
bronze sc2

>But only in single player. I don't want MP of any kind cuz it's stressing.
>Also I want a good story like the epic Red Alert
>Also I play in easy mode
>Also I don't want to really learn the game, I just want to build my dudes for an hour and then stomp the easy AI
>And turtle
>And I want to build bases, houses and decorate them
>And I don't actually want the tactics, build strats or think in the game cuz that's for tryhards. I want a relaxing game that is ACTUALLY strategy like turn based games.
>I actually want a turn based game
>I don't want to deal with other players
>And le epic Warcraft story too!
>Is Cities Skylines an RTS?
>If you tell me to git gud I will call you a tryhard and a blowout

>What you mean RTS are dead then?

Every RTS thread. Why are so many guys like this? Why not play a tower defense then?
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Original war
I don't get it, did the Germans believe what the Arabs told them wholesale? Did not one guy question how they were going to get back to the future?
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No title
images - 2022-08-11T175235.241
Is there any alternative to Total War?
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Non-Europe Focused Strategy Games
Hello /vst/, what are some cool strategy/grand strategy games that focuses on non-European continents?

Me and a group of friends recently started a grand PDX campaign, starting with CK2's 863 because
lol, no.

We finished Europe and we decided to play each region seperate before moving to EU4 since CK2's map does not range beyond Tibet or West Africa.

Highly appreciate all suggestions

>pic related, Duke of Normandy getting independence by couping the father of the King of Lotharingia, a four year old, illustrated by artfag OP
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No title
What are your expectations from EU5, was eu4 last pdx good game?
5 media | 81 replies
kneel to the savior the protoss race
81 media | 480 replies
Post your epic grand strategy campaigns
>Play HOI3 as USSR
>Focus on defensive strategy and modernizing the Red Army
>Decide from the beginning to max out land and air defenses in Moscow
>Try to spread communism through "peaceful" means, very little success
>Feeling ballsy, decline Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and proclaim guarantee on Poland
>Germans invade Poland anyway
>Alors, c'est la guerre
>Confidently add "make puppet" as a wargoal
>Completely get my ass kicked and lose practically the entire Red Army due to a series of fuckups
>Germans surround Moscow in May 1941
>Not ready to give up just yet, still have 4 infantry divisions with arty and AT in Moscow plus 2 militia and a garrison
>Germans keep advancing and slowly mop up what's left of the Red Army outside Moscow
>Months go by, Moscow garrison continues to resist despite constant assaults
>Germans swallow up more and more land
>Leningrad and Stalingrad fall
>Yet the resistance in Moscow continues
>Field a new armored division in Moscow, use it to drive the Germans back several times but never manage a complete breakout
>Germans using most of their army to slowly advance through central Russia
>As a result they make little progress against France and never manage to conquer Belgium
>I however am running dangerously low on national unity
>Just a point away from automatic surrender when I remember the officer purge gives you a bonus to national unity
>Gulag the officers
>Field another armored division in Moscow, making it practically unassailable
>Germans end up thinly stretching most of their army across Russia and Central Asia
>Meanwhile the French gain the upper hand and push through Germany
>Frogs capture Berlin in February 1942
>Germany surrenders
>Apparently the Allies added no wargoals as Germany becomes my puppet
>Get all their occupied territory too, release Poland and Czechoslovakia as puppets
>Hungary bravely resists for another month before becoming another Soviet puppet
>War is over in March 1942
Pic related
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No title
This game is fucking impossible
0 media | 13 replies
Supreme Commander thread #?
I wanted to post this obligatory image but nobody talks wants to talk about this game anymore I guess.
2 media | 26 replies
Hyrule Conquest
New canvas
Off to post some opinions about the few factions I tried so far in that new update.
81 media | 459 replies
Battle brothers thread
Its been 2 years since BD release and people are still confounded by this perk
20 media | 118 replies
Age of Empires 4 (AOEIV)
Bros, it's time... the 3rd worlders are finally converting to *our game* because of regional pricing adjustments
We are now at 17k players and when factoring game pass it's at least as much as Age of Empires 2
With DLC we will surpass the boomers completely
2 media | 36 replies
Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone
1.11.12 Patch is on OPEN BETA right now, by the way
>who gets it?
Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland... for now....
>what gets reworked for 1.12?
Peace Conference, Air Warfare, and Warscore Mechanics in general
>what would be DLC-only?
Air Designer, Italian alt-history paths, Swiss and Ethiopian contents
This week's Devdiary:
38 media | 396 replies
Farthest Frontier
The best Banished clone since Foresr Village is out in two days. Why none of yoy fags disscussing this comfy medieval city builder
27 media | 171 replies
Warlords Battlecry
>felt the urge to play some WBC after a good long time
>no thread up
U wot m8? Anyone else playing? How goes your campaign?
3 media | 17 replies
No title
*mogs every other RTS game*
1 media | 2 replies
Lands of Lords
>Ever wanted to play Crusader Kings 2 but you are persistently harassed and raped by a pedophile warlord? This is the perfect game for you
Lands of Lords thread.
24 media | 143 replies
No title
Mount&Blade Warband is...a game.
44 media | 215 replies
Albus explaining to you that its completly ok to send workers unto the rain to fight killer crabs because only cry babies refuse
Discuss this turn-based tactics game
45 media | 283 replies
No title
my lord! there is no shogun 2 thread! A shamefur dispray
2 media | 13 replies
City Builders
almost done
Watcha buildan anons? Show off your city buildan creations here.
85 media | 436 replies
ck2 agot merge edition
Discuss ck2 agot here

The other thread got taken down, anyone have any idea why?
Here's the link for the merge mod:
0 media | 2 replies
No title
how the fuck do i learn the combat in HOI4? i understand everything else in the game but ive no clue how to fight wars at all
4 media | 33 replies
Two Point Campus
How is it?
Did they fully ditch the pretence of being English and just make it American this time?
1 media | 8 replies
TNO Thread
Get in here and talk about the mod, are you ready for the next update?
28 media | 237 replies
Meiou & Taxes 2.62
Any other anons been playing this version? It's actually a lot more fun than 3.0 now that the 2.XX version's AI are back to being capable of playing the game.
>Pic related, AI formed Russia in my Lotharingia game with 0 help from me and started beating back the Ottomans once the 1700's rolled around
20 media | 96 replies
Weekly Victoria 3 Thread
Vic 3 is definitely not a war game, how can they get away with this dogshit ai that will only be multiplied by the current war system. Absolute monkeys.
7 media | 44 replies
No title
I dare you to name and show me a worse map than this
9 media | 40 replies
No title
What is the key to a good industry?
16 media | 101 replies
No title
Idk why everyone says its easiest pdx game, its more confusing and harder to get into than eu4 for me...
2 media | 30 replies
No title
Diplomacy update in 5 days lads

>A full-featured diplomacy system. The AI takes a "realpolitik" approach, and the system explains in detail why the AI likes or dislikes a diplomatic action. So no AI opponents that hate or love you for no clear reason. Your diplomatic actions also affect your reputation in the world as a whole.

>I'm especially pleased with the ultimatum system, where you can send an interaction saying "do this or else I'll do this other thing". This can be "pay me tribute or I declare war" but also more out there things like "upgrade our non-aggression pact pact to a defensive pact or I'll cancel our trade treaty".

>You can now upgrade your towns and cities with shipyards, factories, police stations, pleasure palaces, labs, and more. Balance your expenditures between building up your empire and conquering more of it.

>There are new systems for logistics and city unrest, as well as a fully rewritten espionage system, a revamped technology tree, and a much prettier new map.

>Finally, there are now special eras in conquest that change things up by having special rules. Like an Age of Piety that reduces unrest and gives the players a bunch of holy sites to fight over. Or an Age of Exploration that lets the players send out expeditions to find knowledge and valuables.
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No title
The simplification this game does, for me, is more like a cut of the bullshit and a run to the point of a fun 4x game. Revolution is one of my favorites in the series, i still have a lot of fun playing it on my Xbox.
1 media | 20 replies
No title
Is it worthless until IE comes out?
2 media | 48 replies
>create a new world
>doesn't get into any big wars
>build colonies and expand more
>fucking loose due to low stability in planets
can you actually win this game wtf ?
58 media | 430 replies
No title
I like this game, the battles and all but what the FUCK ia wrong with the campaign AI? Is it rigged to gang up on the player or what? I end up with 8/9 wars in every single game no matter how I play, my relations and my religion. If a faction declares war on me, in the next few turns everyone immediately allies with them. Really refuse to believe this happens by chance everytime.
0 media | 3 replies
Victoria 2
top hat
What is the tradeoff, in terms of gameplay, to making a region colonizable compared to populating it with uncivilized nations?
11 media | 162 replies
Anbennar thread
Discuss the mod, should Bulwar be reworked?
85 media | 472 replies
No title
Which country is the mist beloved around paradox fans especially eu iv?
2 media | 23 replies
No title
What’s the farthest you’ve ever gotten in this mod?
2 media | 38 replies
No title
>centaurs fighting the jaddari
1 media | 2 replies
Songs of Syx
images - 2022-08-10T145252.888
>cretonians are the best slaves to keep around
>cantors are jews
>bug people are cannon fodder
>humans exhibit basketball american behavior
>it is the dondorian burden to carry civilization on their shoulders
2 media | 16 replies
What PDX game has the worst debt system?
In Imperator when you go into debt, next month's event fires which nullifies your debt, but some negative modifier comes with it.

In CK3 you get negative modifiers while you have debt, but when your ruler dies all debt resets.

Both are pretty horrible.
0 media | 23 replies
Stronghold Crusader
Just bought this game after re watching the mandaloregaming catalog. What do people think of this game? Is the multiplayer active? Is it a gook-clicker? Thoughts on the sequel?
2 media | 14 replies
No title
>I could watch X for hours
Proof that without the shitty rts combat, V2 is just an idle clicker game
0 media | 9 replies
No title
>No perma death
>No custom characters I think
>Cards system
What the actual fuck were they thinking?
Xcom 2 with marvel reskin and perma death and custom heroes might be an interesting game. Half of xcom 2 fun was playing dress up with soldiers and making little stories in your head
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No title
with LOTR releasing for the remastered, what other mods do you want ported?

rome/rome remastered thread.
3 media | 29 replies
No title
>tired of shitty ai
>too socially anxious to play online
i suffer
0 media | 4 replies
hoi4 devdiary
Get in HOi4 SISTAS

Enjoy mods adding more art for unit commanders! hihi
Le epic Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords and Diamonds !!
8 media | 25 replies
No title
maxresdefault (1)
Endless Space 2 thread!
7 media | 47 replies
Total War
Making a catch-all thread for historical TWs because /twg/ is full of WHfags

Attila not included because it already has a thread
9 media | 53 replies
No title
pepe tired
>AI garrisons every single structure on the map
9 media | 27 replies
New Campaign Trail
JFK 64 1
It's been sometime since we had thread like this, so I'll fix that.
7 media | 43 replies
No title
I think eu4 is a fun game
1 media | 9 replies
No title
Now that the soundtrack is out, what do you think about it?
Personally I don't think it's bad but I like Victoria 2 soundtrack more.
4 media | 59 replies
No title
The gang's all here! Koei general for all your questions, opinions and information on Koei's vast strategy catalogue. Everything from the MSX to the current consoles and PC! The sons of Liu Bei are here to help!
60 media | 365 replies
Advance Wars - Get in here and play/talk some Advance Wars!
v's list of AW romhacks
Picrel is some recommended rom hacks curated by a few anons.
>Commander Wars: open-source AW engine
>Tiny Wars: Days of Ruin PVP
>AWBW: Standard PVP
10 media | 61 replies
Football Manager
Did /vst/ ever have a favourite Football Manager game?

What was your favourite run?

I got Dumbarton FC to Europa League in 2020, pic not related.
21 media | 162 replies
StarCraft BW - Extra Campaign Thread
What are /vst/s thoughts on the extra campaigns produced by Blizzard and Aztech Media?

Talking about the Enslavers campaign and its sequel, the Precursor campaign, Stukov's little micro-series, and the Aztech Add-ons. Discussion of any are rare, and I always found them fun, welcome additions to the lore. I wish 2'd have attempted to build on the threads they left dangling.

Have you beaten them? Have you played them at all? Which is your favorite? Character you wish'd get expanded upon more?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
>another survival colony building game
>"b-but this one's different anon!"
19 media | 126 replies
No title
>Laaacrimosa dies
>Dies irea
>Qua resurget ex favilla
>Judicandus homo reus
1 media | 5 replies
Is Empire Earth Good?
i just found about the game and it looks interesting. You can go from a fucking caveman to advance tech mechas.
2 media | 40 replies
Zoo Tycoon
Management does require Strategy no?
Will we ever get a new game?
4 media | 35 replies
No title
There are no good gsgs
Never was, never will be
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Wtf bros, I'm playing this and it's absolutely fucking kino
>cool progression with your heroes. You can turn them from wimps who can get one-shot by low tier range units into absolute demi-gods that can btfo entire armies with awesome spells
>can pretty much play it like a party based RPG if you want to since heroes can complement different roles (tank, healer, etc.)
>comfy campaigns with nice in-game stories that pop up from time to time that actually read like a nice fantasy novel
>caravan system is a godsend that pretty much lets you muster armies to reinforce your heroes with a few clicks
>magic system is god tier with lots of spells to use that actually aren't useless
>god tier music
>good art design
>unit building system that makes you make realistic strategic choices since you can only pick between two options in each tier
>pure game just screams soul
I'm playing the first Haven campaign and 10 hours literally flew by
Do people hate it because it's not HoMM III and tried to do it's own thing?
1 media | 21 replies
King of Dragon Pass
kodp 2
So am I just superstitious or does having lots of unspent magic in the bank seem to lead to better events and outcomes? And having low and negative magic seems to do the exact opposite.
18 media | 180 replies
No title
CivCol WTP is amazing, what a great concept for a strategy game. It's really fucking hard too, any fans got some tips on how to manage the early game economy? Not sure when to build my soldiers or how much I should rely on Europe.
3 media | 27 replies
No title
>be me
>wanna play a Portugal in EU4 for a nice colonial game
>everysingle area i try to colonize gets cucked by Spain

how tf can they colonize 30 places at the same time while fighting a death war in Europe, being GP 1# and being highest in dept all at once
4 media | 17 replies
Terra Invicta
Get in here and talk about the game lads
13 media | 114 replies
any good?
Is "Homeworld Deserts of Kharak" worth my HDD space?
I ignored it when it cam out cause I didn't like the pictures I saw and the concept but now I'm really bored and I remembered this and thought of maybe giving it a try just cause I'm bored. But it disappeared since release so it's shit (as I expected) right?
0 media | 24 replies
Serpent Riders RTS
Imagine an rts set in the Heretic/Hexen universe. Set on Cronos after the Hexen events. Grim dark fantasy with 4 more or less evil factions battling for absolute dominance.

The factions: Legion, Church, Arcanum, Serpent Riders.
Combat system similar to Warhammer: Dark Omen but with larger scale.
Big emphasis on morale.

Has risk-style maps with cities, forests, mountains, underground, legendary locations, underwater domes and so on.

Plot is essentially all 4 factions trying to fuck up each other and enslaving humanity.
A mysterious Medivh-like figure tries to manipulate them all during the campaign, he looks like a human but on close inspection has strange alien features betraying his off-world origin. He's the last living member of his species and has goals that go beyond those of the four factions (but it's implied that he deeply hates the Serpent Riders).

Main factions overview:
-The Legion:
Brutish might oriented faction.
Has the best line infantry, heavily armored cavalry and chariots, huge attack beasts and the deadliest siege engines.
Lacking in ranged power and magic, it employs downtrodden slaves-helots as archers/skirmishers and heroes can wield magic melee weapons.
0 media | 5 replies
Graviteam tactics campaign win conditions
Why does the game say i'm losing if i held almost all the terrain and depleted german forces alot while incurring in little casualties, and now, after i held the line they bypassed me in the north (that part was held by the AI that retreated to the town) and have them pinched between me and the allied AI and have them outnumbered (i doesnt show all german units on the map but i know how many they have) and i'll most likely encircle them and kill them all (if it wasnt for the turn limit)
28 media | 67 replies
No title
Does /vst/ like Highfleet? Not many threads.

It because Seth covered it? Fuk that shithead. I was playing this game long before that nigger covered it. Will the ruskie update the game?
6 media | 38 replies
No title
Tomahawk systems online
2 media | 7 replies
Shadow Empire
se game 02 techno union war full color no sound
Hasn't been a thread in a while. Here's some OC from an ongoing PBEM. How fares your regime?
5 media | 36 replies
Age of Wonders bread
Hopes for AoW4? Do you prefer Planetfall over 3? Thicc halflings best race?
28 media | 330 replies
Earth 2150
I would pay a lingot of solid 24K gold to have a proper remake of this in a modern engine but that keeps the core gameplay mechanics intact
Also UCS best faction
3 media | 37 replies
Into the Breach: Advance Edition Update

>We are excited to announce the free Advanced Edition update for Into the Breach, coming out on July 19th! Nearly every aspect of the game will be expanded with new content.

>New Mechs and Weapons: Five new mech squads and nearly forty new weapons.

>New Challenges: More enemies, more bosses, and more mission objectives that add additional challenge and variety to any run.

>New Pilot Abilities: The expanded roster includes four new pilots and triple the amount of skills any pilot can earn through promotions.

>Alongside the Advanced Edition, we will also be bringing Into the Breach to Android and iOS devices! We have partnered with Netflix for this mobile version, so it will be free to play on both phone and tablet devices for everyone with a Netflix subscription.

109 media | 486 replies
Mods keep deleting all the Attila threads
total war kino
Ah, /Total War Attila Thread/.

The eternal bump hitter.

I have seen the end of days. And years from now jannies will say: this is where began the fall of /vst/.

The power of the posters was taken from the many and given to the few. Those who were the unpaid wreath grew wicked with every kind of malice. They were filled with envy and deceit. They pruned and banned.

They betrayed hundreds of posters and deleted the threads they loved.

They did all this and called it just.
18 media | 228 replies
No title
>ctrl F
>Rule the Waves
>none found
Let's dominate the Pacific as Japan. 1900 start, here's the settings.
113 media | 374 replies
No title
funneh guy
I did not care for Divide et Impera. It feels bloated and for some reason Rome 2 looks uglier with the mod on. Does everyone plays R2 with it? I like all the effort put into it, but I just can't get to like it.

Inb4 >playing Rome 2
0 media | 6 replies
No title
frog raider
Pull out your paint or other drawing tools and make your own rts unit. Doesn't matter if it's futuristic, fantasy, historical or whatever else.
161 media | 480 replies
No title
>people have more free time
>demand after luxury goods goes down
who the fuck came up with this shit?
1 media | 9 replies
No title
No hard west thread? Sequel is looking pretty good so far
1 media | 11 replies
No title
What's the best and the most interesting starting date in CK2 and what's the worst? What's your favorite?
Usually I go for the earliest possible date, but Europe and Christianity seem to fall apart way too quickly there.
20 media | 142 replies
Why do you avoid multiplayer?
1 media | 39 replies
Nebulous: Fleet Command
How is this? Anything like Nexus: The Jupiter Incident? I'm on the fence since this game is early access but spacebros we don't get games like this very often
1 media | 10 replies
No title
mcdonalds game
ITT : flash games that fit /vst/
63 media | 321 replies
X-Piratez and other OldCom
Also getting bitten through the window of an airbus by a dog and dying in one hit.
63 media | 563 replies
Fall from Heave 2 (and submods)
Master of Mana 02
>booting up Master of Mana up again for the first time in many years
>take Svartalfar, apparently starting on an island big enough for a couple of cities, surrounded by water
>but there are also various dimensional portals
>they lead to some other islands
>amass an expedition forces consisting of hunters, nyx's,fawns and priests of leaves
>explore various that lead to other islands via even more portals
>actually manage to find a ton of gold by exploring villages
>continue until dead ends or the dragon infestation becomes too much
>meanwhile, haven't even met any other faction
This was the most fun I had in a while with a 4x game, this mod is glorious. Let's talk about Fall from Heaven 2 (and its various submods) for CiV4. What are your favorite factions? I love creating massive woodland realms with one of the elf factions.
13 media | 57 replies
No title
Explain to me why everyone here seems to hate it, i thought about trying it but constant shitting on it by /vst/ and fact it looks complicated (never played pdx game) puts me off.
5 media | 61 replies
Grey Eminence hype
>be russia
>own siberia
>become republic
>create a dozen siberian states and confederate for the economic benefit of all members
>fully developed and prosperous siberia because the tiles arent the size of texas like in eu4

Surely this will work
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No title
Post units everyone remembers the game they're in by
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No title
Are there any news on HOMM3 Factory faction ?
It was supposed to be done in 2021
what's taking so long ?
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Kingdom Under Fire
Has anyone else played KUF Crusaders and Heroes? I remember them quite fondly as a kid. They are really fun, but the controls do not translate well to keyboard and mouse, sadly. Are there any other action/strategy hybrid games similar to them?
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No title
Why isn't there a Stargate game with base management and tactical battle with squads like XCOM?
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Utawarerumono 2002 vs Remake
I remember playing the original many years ago, now the remake for pc is on sale but seems a lot different, is it worth playing?
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HOI4 Modding
Why haven't you played Eight Years War of Resistance yet, anon? It's THE BEST mod for the war in Asia.

Also Zebrica is fucking out
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No title
civ6 vs eu4
Which one is a better strategy game?
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Are there any strategy games that have a mindfuck plot/lore/setting? Other genres arent scared to get weird, but i cant think of any /vst/ that fits that beyond Perimeter (which i didnt play)
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No title
40k uni new public version released
well anons?
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Cyrus the Great
What are the most realistic Bronze/Iron Age strategy games? Preferably games with a big emphasis on logistics, since that is how wars were won irl.
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Victoria 3 will be a sandbox game
And not a historical game. They confirmed the game will be an open sandbox experience where players can turn their country into whatever they want. Basically a full meme generator. Is this the last nail in the coffin of this game?
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No title
Almost a millennium has passed since the last great plague of
humankind had been wiped from the Solar System and its precious blue
pearl, Planet Earth.
It was a plague so dangerous a threat so grave that is spread through the eternity of
space and the infinity of time, almost effortlessly to infest the stars.
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multiplayer turn-based games
I've always thought turn-based strategy games are a little bothersome to play against other people online because of the waiting involved. Do you think this is a real issue and how would you alleviate it?

One idea I had was that both players would alternate between handling 2 different phases at the same time, like for example while one player is handling his combat phase, the other is handling the economy phase. But the problem with that would be that tryhards would inevitably wait until the end of the opponent's turn to make their plays, unless there was some way to guarantee that these two phases are unrelated enough that it would give them no tactical advantage (which does not seem easy)

I'm asking because I'm making a small 1v1 turn-based strategy game that inevitably will have some waiting involved, and I'm worried it'll hurt the game. Maybe it's not as much of an issue as I think it might be though, since watching your opponent play and planning your turn according it is reasonably engaging. In 4x games the waiting really gets me because I don't even see what my friends are doing.
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>playing /vst/ set in the current year (or future)
>build a nuke
>endgame superweapon that costs a fortune and takes five minutes to charge
>launch it
>lightly damages everything on screen
>things a five second drive away are completely unscathed
>most buildings left standing
>should have just spent my money on normal units instead

Real talk: are there any /vst/ where nukes DON'T completely suck?

>hard mode: no games like DEFCON where the entire focus is global thermonuclear war
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No title
What's the consensus on this game? Is it any good?
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No title
Could there be such a thing as a horror strategy game? I've practically been jumpscared when a beefy enemy unit appears during a mission when I don't expect it, what if it was actually scary too? Or maybe a less visceral kind of fear, more overwhelming despair as you struggle to survive against seemingly impossible odds while the world burns around you. DEFCON comes close I think, just needs a proper campaign to hammer home how fucked it all is.
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images - 2022-08-06T155004.352
>2022, I am forgotten..
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how do i get good at this game
im having a lot of fun with this game and obviously just gotta play more to get better, but i gotta ask how the fuck do i get good. or just some high-level tips and tricks.

the thing i dont get with this game in multiplayer is 'what good looks like'. like what is a good example of attacking a town? is the best way to do it to smoke the outside of the town, throw in some squads of good infantry, and have tanks on overwatch in a nearby forest? is that the general picture of what to do? what is a good example of a match opening? is it sending squads of good infantry to the middle of the map and getting them in buildings and then supporting them with tanks and AA?

I guess what im trying to say is that I have the basic mechanics down but i am struggling with the 'at match start here are 3-5 things you generally want to make sure you do as a safe opening' part.

ive even won some games too, but they have felt like total slugfests where i scraped through with a victory but it didn't feel like I clearly understood why I won lol
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No title
What is your favorite Total Warhammer Legendary Lord? I like Volkmar, even though he's the worst of the Imperial Lords.
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Age of Empires 3
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