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Are RTS games the greatest, most high IQ genre ever conceived?
>Incredibly dense gameplay whilst allowing lots of room for creativity.
>Has the highest learning curve and skill ceiling out of every genre ever made. Perfect to filter out ADHD-ridden zoomers and nu/v/.
>Heavily tests the full breadth of the mind, such as reflexes (APM), spatial perception (micro-management), logical reasoning, etc. You'll get quickly punished if at least one area of your mind isn't in tip top shape.

How can any other genre even come close? RTS has pretty much everything you need in a genre.
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No title
Realistically, how do we fix this franchise? It seems like no one in the strategy player base is fully happy with it.
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No title
Whenever i see new city builder released it gets called Banished clone, Is it really the king of city builders?
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Why do you think of this game ?
What the good point of this game ?
Did you play it ?
What clan ?
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No title
Is manor lords gonna save the rts genre single handedly? I can't believe it bros we're gonna be so back soon. Just one more month and rts is back.
19 media | 321 replies
Age of Empire 2
aoe 2 khan
Wake up boys! New expansion to AoE2 dropped!
26 media | 354 replies
Reverse Collapse
One of the harder SRPGs I've played in a hot minute
18 media | 109 replies
Project Ceasar/EUV
>filters shitters
Have you bowed to Johan (PBUH) today yet?
1 media | 8 replies
EBI/II thread
Where can you recruit elephant mercs in EBII?
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No title
and I made germany bigger
post your aesthetic germanias you formed in vic2
74 media | 286 replies
Mount and Blade
Mount and Blade is dead
Long live Mount and Blade
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No title
Is it me or did Blizzard destroy the balance of the Reign of Chaos campaign when they merged everything into one game?
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No title
Spanish at the Battle of Rocroi
What is it about the pike & shot era that scares strategy game devs so much? Literally more strategy games have been set in the Bronze Age than in the pike & shot era.
14 media | 134 replies
I'm very curious if Pink Panzer has learned anything since TNO. Has he finally learned to respect his players' time by not bothering them with unnecessary text in a strategy game, or has the new game given him new opportunities to spread his unbridled need for graphomania?
1 media | 39 replies
dominions 5
dominions bread
hopes/dreams/fears for dominions 6?
total list of known (so far) changes in 6:
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No title
>fucking communism and immigration confirmed for a game set in the late medieval ages
it’s all so tiresome anons.
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Help me pls
What is a good multiplayer strategy game?
Grand strategy, rts, turn based, 4x, hell, give me a city builder, I don't care as long as its strategy and multiplayer and preferably has combat.
Only exception is it can't be pbem, if turn based it should have simultaneous, not cause its better but because my friends cannot cope with pbem for some reason.
This is a list of games we have played but which they burnt out on or rejected and thusly there is no need to suggest them, thank you in advance.
All the Paradox slop
All the Eugen slop
All the Civ slop
Warhammer Gladius
Men of War Assault Squad 2 and GoH Ostfront
Northgard and Spicy Worms
Company of Heroes(All of them)
8 bit armies
The Age of Wonders games
All the Total War slop
Age of Conquest IV and Demise of Nations
Empire at War
YOMI hustle
Nebulous Fleet Command
Sattelite Reign
Dawn of War slop
Homeworld Deserts of Kharak
Halo Wars

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Yup, it's kino.
Best HoI4 mod there is, can't wait until the Russia update comes out.
2 media | 12 replies
What is the best space 4x in life?
I’ve been chasing the dragon since the original Master of Orion. Nothing has taken that crown. Perfect mix of macro strategy and scalable space battles. Races had flavor and character, and diplomacy seemed logical and coherent.

The only general 4x game that is at the same level is Alpha Centauri.

Please tell me what the best space 4x game is out there right now… I am looking at Aurora 4x but read that it becomes unplayable in mid to late game and there is no diplomacy.
2 media | 6 replies
Dynamic Standoff Theory

This is why Total War melee engagements last minutes at most, but melee engagements in history lasted hours.
Everyone stayed just outside of spear reach most of the time.
There needs to be games that model this, instead of having suicidal troops fighting in close quarters. That way, battle can truly last hours like they did in real life (fast forwardable obviously), which allows plenty of time for maneuvers, skirmishes or just sitting back and enjoying the scenery.
Add the realism of command, ie. incomplete information on enemy/own positions and numbers, incomplete info on the state of the battle, troops getting lost, troops not following orders, confusion, chaos, Murphy's law and we can have a real tactical wargame.
You also shouldn't get the overhead view until the replay.
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81 media | 493 replies
Whats the verdict?
dune sw
From streams gameplay looks like a mishmash of RTS and 4X, how competent is the AI?
4 media | 80 replies
No title
Battle Brothers
>want to start new game
>spend 30 minutes trying to generate a map that isn't either straight up broken or nonsensical
Definitely something that's going to have to be improved in the sequel.
38 media | 242 replies
Millenia roadmap
SOCIAL 1920x1080
How long do you think its going to take before its polished? IMO probably a year at least, perhaps longer if DLCs slow things down and then need to be fixed themselves
0 media | 13 replies
Ck2 thread
we never even left
Post your realms, The west has risen edition
4 media | 11 replies
No title
Redpill me on a-train.

Is it really the dark souls of economy sims?
11 media | 71 replies
Hold my Beer..
this is more fun than Starcraft and AoE combined. Is it doomed by the rts genre alone, or is it niche because of it's still early development? BAR succeeded where Supreme Commander failed, so I hope to see it grow further beyond it's current scope. It feels way more approachable than it's predecessors, especially with the more reasonable scale, QoL controls, visual readibility.. and it being FREE.
19 media | 252 replies
No title
>lose one single fight
>the game is now unwinnable because of how hard it snowballs
>the only way to avoid this is to have a tp in your inventory at all times so you can teleport out the second you suspect that a fight might not be in your favor
Heroes are such a shitty mechanic.
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No title
any1 else dress up as a knight while playing medieval 2?
0 media | 5 replies
XCOM EW/Long War Thread
I haven't played Enemy Within since like 2015 and I wanted to try out Long War for the first time. Can we have a thread about the nu-com games please?
19 media | 100 replies
Command & Conquer
Which "post-Westwood" game do you think was the best? (Or the least worst, if you're one of those people)
11 media | 46 replies
Chaos Theory
>I put the archers behind the spearmen, wait for the melee then charge their backs with cav
This is how the average strategy gamer thinks of strategy. A smoothbrained subhuman can come up with the above. *Executing* it is the hard part of battle.
The real challenge in battle stems from chaos, and dealing with that chaos is what separates good commanders from the bad.
The TW games and other strategy games you can micro each of your units from a bird's eye view and tell them exactly where to go, and they'll 100% follow your orders instantly.
It's like God has the command of one side of the battle. Of course you'd win every time.
Real battles are full of misinformations, misjudgement about enemy size/position and even own position and size. Units also do not respond to orders instantaneously or follow them correctly most fo the time. Even a good strategist like Napoleon, during Waterloo, had 1/3 of his army off-map chasing after some phantom enemy, had his elite cavalry charge into square without his consent, only for that phantom enemy to appear on his flank securing his defeat. This would never happen to the player in an average strategy game.
Real battles are chaotic and it takes actual high IQ and most importantly, LUCK to win.
Are there any games that do this?
pic rel is a board game that does this quite well
3 media | 30 replies
Total War: Rome 2
Rome vs Carthage
Is there any greater feeling than conquering Carthage?
29 media | 123 replies
I'm relatively new to Anbennar, but somewhere here I came across information that the mod has been sanitized over time (for example, Orcs have lost their bloodthirstiness). I'm particularly interested in the "elven supermacy" trees here.

Can anyone confirm this?
4 media | 51 replies
art (2)
21 media | 112 replies
Project Alice / OpenVic
>PA is now released version 1.0.13
>OpenVic hasn't had a dev diary in 5 months

Bros, come on now, you really gonna support chudgun over actual progress?
3 media | 18 replies
TNO memes n fandom tthread
>mfw when i realize that there's a group of people that uses burgundian as an adjective irl
6 media | 29 replies
No title
>2 mo after the demo drop
>basically 0 hype
they're gonna pull the plug aren't they
10 media | 101 replies
Project Moon
Are they gonna kill him off?
I’m hoping they don’t since they could do a lot with the character
102 media | 455 replies
Pausing every second to close 100 pop-ups simulator.
What's that, you want to watch your cool space battle unfold?
Too bad, we found an ameoba on an asteroid in buttfuck nowhere - what's the plan boss?!
17 media | 222 replies
Russia rework will be out before the end of the year.
9 media | 68 replies
No title
What's your go to set up?
I've recently become a fan of garlic/spikeweed/gloom shroom.
3 media | 17 replies
No title
Do you have any strategy game recommendations for casuals that can eventually prepare me for the heavier stuff? It feels like half of the strategy games I've seen out there are for masochists
1 media | 24 replies
No title
What's the risk that the recent popularity of Dune due to the movies will lead to someone trying to do a remake/remaster of the old Dune RTSes?
Are there any developers you'd trust to do it right rather than the more likely option that someone will screw it up?
6 media | 91 replies
Fire Emblem
Let's talk about a series that is slowly dying off.
2 media | 14 replies
No title
How will they incorporate the new lore from the Fallout TV show? Or will they ignore it? What do YOU want them to do?
6 media | 89 replies



"HE OPENED THE Total War: Attila Thread,



The day of reckoning has come.
46 media | 337 replies
City Builders
Why have there been no good city builders in years?
You'd think it would be easier than ever with how fast CPUs are today.
7 media | 42 replies
Anbennar EU4
Post your Birzartansens->Phoenix Empire runs in the hit mod Anbennar, released in 2018 for the hit game Evropa Vniversalis IV by Paradox Interactive, known for releasing similar Grand Strategy Games for PC.
80 media | 509 replies
Symphony Of War
Any bros played this?
Turn based strategy with squad compositions and perma death. Story is generic and rubbish, but gameplay is good.
I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. Game is a bit easy even on hard though, clearing most missions with S rank and no casualties.

A lot of cool units, although its weird how much dragons suck ass. Foot archers, Samurai, Light Infantry(Other than Swordsmasters) also all seem like traps.
10 media | 89 replies
SOVL: Fantasy Warfare
Asked about this in TG in the Warhammer fantasy thread and no one engaged. I get that everyone hates Total War Warhammer and shits on anyone who brings it up (though not sure why - it’s a solid game and revived square bases at Games Workshop).

Has anyone tried it? It’s free to play. I’ve been kicking around on it and am absolutely in love with what the dev did here. Not only is it by far the best adaptation of Warhammer fantasy to the PC, it’s a solid game with a beautiful UI and plays well.

Would love to hear opinions and thoughts on this one.
25 media | 107 replies
No title
Lands of Lords thread

How goes your fiefs m'lords? I'm trying to make the highest quality wax and soap around just for the sake of it but it's not coming together well.
How about >(You)?
11 media | 122 replies
No title
Who is your /vst/ waifu?
62 media | 131 replies
No title
Which Penultimo?
1 media | 4 replies
Low micro thread
ITT games with emphasis on macro, strategy and meaningful decisions over micro, tactics and babysitting everything in the game.
Because I like feeling important enough to delegate the small stuff, and picrel certainly wasn't personally managing every single of his regiments.

Vicky 2: I like this one despite how bad the army management is, because conquest itself isn't that strong compared to most games. Industry management has various settings, including a fully capitalist-driven option. Yet the game doesn't exactly play by itself, and if you suck at it, automation will definitely not save you.

CK2: It's far from perfect but I like how alive the realm feels. Vassals can handle weak neighbors and indirectly contribute to your expansion, but also challenge your power. Sadly it's not a very difficult game in the long run.

Civ IV: Warfare is everything and you have dozens of units, but army stacks make it tolerable. There's still quite a bit of army management but the game is interesting enough to make up for it. AdvCiv has competent AI too.

Ultimately microing everything will always give you an edge, but if I can't afford to overlook anything in your game then I'm not interested.
1 media | 6 replies
No title
Still waiting for a game set here...
4 media | 40 replies
Most realistic WW2 rts
What's the most realistic WW2 rts available?

I am looking for something so autistically detailed you could play it with a military handbook on the side.
3 media | 36 replies
CK3: Roads to Power/Landless
hopes? dream? if they pull it off it could be one of the defining features of 3
they're gonna mess it up aren't they?
9 media | 123 replies
Terra Invicta
terra invicta
been awhile
is the game any different than it was at launch?
I remember the early game being massive slogs with its fake ass turn base shits
39 media | 334 replies
Anno Thread
No thread dedicated to the Anno game series? Let’s rectify it...
2 media | 52 replies
Let's talk about a good fantasy simulator indirect control game.
9 media | 118 replies
No title
By the will of Kou Shibusawa, the latest Koei thread begins anew!
13 media | 123 replies
Heroes 3 (HoMM3) - Horn of the Abyss
Ziomale z Fortecy
So... how is your Factory campaign going?
Also, just for fun, come up with (your) theme for a town.
126 media | 487 replies
Sands of Salzaar
chink mount and blade with diablo combat. after getting burnt out on too many hours of bannerlord and starsector I've put a few dozen hours into this game and it manages to scratch the same itch.
travel around, collect units from villages, train them up, fight bandits, get into barfights, do errands for nobles, fight in tournaments, collect named heroes, start your own faction, get dogpiled by the entire fucking map because HOW DARE you start your own faction, impregnate sexy dancing girls in taverns and raise the child to be an overpowered death god wizard who conquers the world.
11 media | 99 replies
No title
What do we think of sidescroller Xcom?
3 media | 6 replies
Graviteam Thread: Fart Escaped Edition
Last thread was live for 6+ months, with anons posting quality content and good advice for those struggling with command, let's try that again shall we?
New DLC dropped, set in September 1941 and features windmills and oil rigs as well as a rather weird Sunday release date.
It's been over a month since the operational phase update release, so there should be plenty of opinions to share.
As usual, share your victories, defeats, rants and stuff you struggle with, so helpful anons can lend a hand.
5 media | 15 replies
No title
RTSes with good naval combat?
6 media | 39 replies
Hoi4 Modding Thread
Get in here and talk about hoi4 modding.
>OWB 5.0 update dropped
>TFR 2nd stream on March 29th
>Kaiserreich Ireland rework incoming
Also share your modding tips here as well.
45 media | 391 replies
April Humble Bundle
3 strategy games plus some extra crap, each going for more than the monthly subscription.
what's the catch? how are they making money?
0 media | 10 replies
X4: Timelines
Any plans for a new playthrough when the DLC drops, anon? Aside from the wet fart that is the endgame crisis, 7.0 beta is pretty good. For me, I've been wanting to do a custom Eleventh Hour start where I try to ally with the Split and form a separatist Argon faction. So I think I'll finally do that.
1 media | 27 replies
The Campaign Trail
park landslide
>"I will never ask you to vote for me again!" - Park Chung-hee

Previous Thread: >>1644652
27 media | 86 replies
No title
romeremaster (4)
I enjoy the remaster
0 media | 1 replies
No title
My wet dream is a Democracy, but instead of mana, there is an advanced character system to represent all 200 parliament members. In order to pass stuff you have to bribe or obtain favors from them.
And instead of everything being on a national level, there would a local level and countries you can invade.
Would anyone play such game?

I would make this game if I wouldn't be so busy.
2 media | 38 replies
Why do people like RTS games?
They're usualy just about spamming one type of OP troop at the enemy's OP troop he is spamming. Or they have anoying hero units that ruin the immersion.
1 media | 8 replies
No title
>Why yes, I am the best Dawn of War game, how could you tell?
2 media | 20 replies
Civilization IV
What made Civ 4 so special that people designate it as the cut-off point from when the series started declining?
17 media | 204 replies
EU4 Thread
giga france
Why is it that when I play a medium distance away from a major, so that I'm not able to hamstring them early, they always turbo blob to the point I know it's going to be torture later on.

Also general EU4 thread, post your maps!
45 media | 210 replies
ITT: Games you are no longer excited for.
Starcraft Rising
It's Starcraft in a command & conquer t-shirt with most units for one faction copied straight up from Terrans up to and including a deployable siege tank.
Completely overdesigned by a literal who from Shitter that works full time on part time Polish wages because 3D realms were in cost cutting mode.
Said designer likes all the worst RTS games.
Everyone circle jerking because a unit is a ball that rolls over stuff.
Half the team got sacked.
Missions in the campaign cut from 15 to 10.
Third faction no longer going to be in the base game, cut out to be paid DLC that costs the same as the base game.
Game previously announced at $34.99 but will now cost $70 + tax + tip.
5 media | 51 replies
No title
Just optimize it, fix the late-game, do a bit of balancing and add more flavor to railroad it towards historical borders and wars and it will be better than Vic2.
It's like 3 patches and an HPM mod away from being good. The base mechanics are all very solid and an improvement over 2.
11 media | 71 replies
No title
Warno? or Waryes?

Also general warno, wargame, broken arrow thread.
9 media | 146 replies
Advance Wars
We will get a new game one day, right?
4 media | 21 replies
No title
Someone please tell me what game this is.
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Why didn't any non-real time strategy game succed in being a competitive one?
3 media | 40 replies
SRPG Studio
Is it even worth buying as I know it is currently on sale. From what I have heard it is not that good if you are planning on doing something different than a Fire Emblem game. Would just getting the latest RPG Maker with some plugins be better?
0 media | 3 replies
Warcraft III
Does the singleplayer campaign still hold up after all these years? I just realized I have RoC+TFT discs from more than 15 years ago yet haven't played the game except for a few matches at an internet cafe.
7 media | 134 replies
Let's design a (simple) game
I'm a programmer, so i will be able to do something like a free browser game. Ideally I'd want collab, but if only have ideas, that is fine too.
We will solve everything polls.
Let's begin with the setting (12 options):
90 media | 349 replies
No title
Age of Empires 2
Why is black forest even on the 1v1 map pool, delete arena if that's going to be a thing
1 media | 14 replies
No title
What went wrong? I never see discusions about this game
9 media | 61 replies
Star Wars: Empire at War
A toast, gentlemen! To the Empire! In this thread we discuss the game Empire At War, which was recently updated to become 64-bit. Most of us these days are playing one of the several total overhaul mods that significantly change the game like EaWX and AoTR.

>destroying rebels
>crushing rebels in trash compactors
>shooting rebels out of airlocks
>bombing rebels with TIE bombers
>annihilating rebel fleets with Imperial Star Destroyers
>shooting down rebel X-Wings with TIE Defenders
>capturing rebel planets
>sending Super Star Destroyers to fight stacks of corvettes and frigates
117 media | 512 replies
No title
total war postbattle
Any mod that makes battles in any total war game less lethal?
Sometimes you play 20 minutes of campaign only to get to battle and either route the enemy or be routed within thirty seconds of frontline contact
I wish frontline units would get locked longer doing and receiving less damage so there could be more maneuvering
>you will never finish campaigns if battles last longer
I never finish campaigns
0 media | 1 replies
Anyone play(ed) it? Is it any good? I’ve never been much of an APM guy…
1 media | 5 replies
No title
what game can i play as a yakuza boss?
0 media | 10 replies
Emperor of the Fading Suns - Enhanced Edition
Devs have now made available a 20-turn limit demo you can try for free. Several bug fixes and AI improvements have been made over the original. Give it a shot.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
What strategy game is this?
5 media | 37 replies
Unicorn Overlord Unit Comp Thread
I'm fascinated with the possibilities between different unit types and gear/tactical instructions. I'm only about 10 hours into the game and trying to dip into the finer details before the difficulty curve becomes less comfy.

What builds are you guys running and what lessons have you learned?
2 media | 21 replies
Anti-blobbing mechanics
What makes them good or bad?

Every mechanic (any game) essentially falls under the category of external or internal.
External anti-blobbing mechanics allow foreign powers unity against a threat.
Internal anti-blobbing aims to cause internal issues like revolts or reducing the goods gained from conquered lands.

EU4 completely fails at these things. Coalitions fail because AE is fixed on local development instead of the relative value of its conqueror, and ultimately it just slows expansion. And its revolt system is a wacky-mole.
Imperator does better at these things, but the lack of coalitions makes expansion too easy.
CK3 fails miserably because factions are beyond idiotic.
1 media | 35 replies
No title
>I put the spearman INFRONT OF THE ARCHERS
Do you retards really enjoy this shit?
1 media | 25 replies
shogun 2
shogun 2
16 media | 76 replies
Red Alert 2 thread
>3 factions
>set during hypothetical WW3
>time travel is heavily implied
>western blues
>eastern reds
>3rd faction is splinter from reds using psychic clones, mutants, ufos, virus spreaders, chaos drones, mind control towers
>leader of the 3rd faction is romanian

What did Westwood mean by this, also any other soft disclosures in 90s games?
1 media | 17 replies
No title
are the mods good at least?
2 media | 10 replies
Into the Breach
¨10/10 but i cant ignore the feel that could have more content.¨

1 media | 28 replies
Alien Nations
I want to live in amazonian town. Gather berries and flex my body around while women do all the work.
0 media | 11 replies
No title
Anno series is dog shit

>play 1503
>tutorial sucks doesn’t explain anything well enough
>play 2070
>half the features are locked to online mode not even worth playing
>look at 1800
>comes with Ubisoft launcher and uplay

All I could tell in my time was the controls are shit, mechanics are shit, and the overall game is shit.

In short fuck Ubisoft. Shit game. 0/10.
4 media | 82 replies
Anyone playing this?
64 media | 258 replies
No title
shenzhen io
Do zachtronics games count as strategy game?
1 media | 29 replies
homeworld thread
I finally got this old faggot game working. Heres a complete guide for any fellow zoomers who want to play this classic after much trial and error here a complete guide to get both Classic Homeworld 1 and Homeworld Emergence aka Cataclysm running on a modern PC (in ultrawide w/no stretching)

>Homeworld 1:

find an old copy of ISO from internet archive (one bundled with remaster is on a different patch that other reddit posts say is untested and may have bugs)

install the 1.05 patch from here (just unzip and just run the patcher.exe anywhere)

download the 1.05 NO-CD patch from here, move to game directory and run, now can uneject mounted ISO

download the hardware acceleration fix from here, run

run game, set renderer to OpenGL and 1200x1600 32bit resolution, close

Open regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Sierra On-Line\Homeworld and change the screenHeight and screenWidth to your monitor res (in decimal)

create a shortcut of your homeworld.exe, tick run as admin in properties (if you don't do this the regedits wont apply)

in shortcut add these commandline arguments to target field: /triple /disableAVI /safeGL /heap 268435456 (these enable triple buffering, disable intro screens, make openGL not glitch out (VERY IMPORTANT), and let you use more ram, in order respectively)

>Emergence: same as above

install from GOG somewhere

run game, set renderer to OpenGL and 1200x1600 32bit resolution

Open regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Sierra On-Line\Cataclysm and do same as before

using the shortcut gog made, tick run as admin in properties

in shortcut add these commandline arguments to target field: /triple /disableAVI /safeGL /heap 268435456

Then in your gpu settings you can also try to add AA or anisotropic filtering, not sure if its working for me though. IMPORTANT: /safeGL may not be needed with your GPU and it may decrease graphics quality or effects (I cant tell), but if you are seeing glitches enable it.
1 media | 10 replies
No title
BTA3062 or Roguetech?
3 media | 62 replies
No title
ITT: The hardest RTS campaigns you've ever played
7 media | 38 replies
No title
Have there been any classic style RTS released recently? Meaning it has workers, resource collection, base building, etc. None of that zone control shit like Company of Heroes and the like.
2 media | 13 replies
No title
Song of Syx thread since last one is on page 8.

It's a low fantasy city builder in the vein of Caeser or Pharaoh series. Oh and for whatever reason, the creator decided to over reach and bolt on a total war component so you can micro like an RTS while taking over the world. City builder is pretty much done and the latter has the foundations in but still unbalanced.

Demo is free-forever and is only a few versions behind the latest stable, good to try so you know whether you will like to core gameplay.

Fantasy means many races with their strengths and weaknesses like Vegetarian pigmen, tall dwarves twice the size of humans, cannibal elves lizards and bugmen. Oh so you want to min-max with all these races don't you? Well, too bad they are all Racists as fuck and prone to murder each other without careful planning. Good thing there's a very robust slavery system for you to prosecute and exploit the undesirables yes?
127 media | 796 replies
ms paint unit design thread
Pull out your paint or other drawing tools and make your own rts unit. Doesn't matter if it's futuristic, fantasy, historical or whatever else.
We had this thread last year and it was pretty fun. let's do it again.
175 media | 505 replies
Iron Harvest
Anyone played this before? Opinion are mixed but price tag on steam is tempting (-90%) i need some new RTS to play
6 media | 47 replies
No title
I played ck2 more than 1000+ hours, I got tired of six months ago. I realized that I never played hip or ck2+, they can refresh the gameplay? I played vanilla and later big mods like ate and ek.
Also I noticed mod Winter King, it works on the latest version? Is it good?
4 media | 11 replies
Rimworld DLC Teased
>It will awaken...
What'll it be this time, anons?
Will it be as dogshit as Royalty?
34 media | 507 replies
OpenXcom/XPiratez/Files thread
Ogres are the true path.
Rush ogres in all circumstances.
Let the women stay home and clean the base.

Previous thread: >>1676179
83 media | 599 replies
Nexus 5x
Nexus 5x (not to be confused with the phone, and previously known as Stellaris Nexus) is out - has anyone played, how is it? I'm all for shorter games. having children is painful.
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Is playing monopolies and corporations mode for a culture victory cheating? Or does it just give you something you would have gotten already faster?

I ask because I just spent at least an hour spamming rock bands and barely making any progress because I didn't have monopolies and corporations mode on.
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Civ V
>start as Russia
>spawn on an island
>can't move outside of the island before Renaissance
5/5 game
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Why is the ability to blob bad? If you don't want to do it, just don't.
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Stellaris DLC
Should I buy the Astral Planes DLC for Stellaris? Is it worth it?
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What kind of strategy game would best fit the world of Ace Combat? Pitch it
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There is literally NOTHING wrong with 1UPT.
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Screenshot 2024-04-09 035929
Post management type, preferably historical games.

Here is one I got yesterday and been playing since
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How bad was it?
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actual cockroach iq
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AvP Extinction
Does it matter what order I play the campaigns in? Should I just do the order they're listed in or is there an order to maximize the kino experience?
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Are there any games where villages make sense to exist? Mechanically speaking.

Seems in every game every place is pre-destined to be a massive empire and the only limitations are the scope of the game and hard caps imposed on places like minor settlements or city states not being able to grow beyond a certain size. Otherwise any settlement will continue to accumulate wealth and population and will inevitably become a major city.

In real life villages become towns because of changing factors. Typically economic and industrial opportunities. Like, a lone village doesn't suddenly generate more wealth because they built a plantation if there's no market demand for it. But in games it's practically impossible not to grow without actively trying to stop it.

Makes you wonder why villages exist at all on the map upon game start. There's no reason for them to not be cities already unless they were razed to the ground recently.

Not looking for a stagnation simulator but would like a game where progress comes from player choice, taking opportunities and capitalizing on market factors. Not because progress is the norm and everything you do turns to gold.
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