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All hail the Holy Loli! (Damn these threads are reaching the bump limit quick...!)
Thread Theme:
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Any mods you like?
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No title
How come you paragoy incel losers never told me how kino this game is
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XCOM EW and XCOM 2 thread, how are your campaigns going anons?
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No title
dwarf fortress steam
Is dwarf fortress /vst/ enough for a thread?
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Dawn of War
>Ah... a challenge worthy of my skill!
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No title
What are these "aoe 2 ripoffs" I hear so much about?
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Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga
What does /vst/ think of this game? I just beat it and thought it kicked ass. I loved Ogre Battle, and I loved this game too. The dialogue could be a bit cringe-inducing at times, but I actually came to enjoy some aspects of the story. Most importantly, the mechanics and squad customization were great. Had a lot of fun with this one.
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No title
The Great Khan and his Mongol horde are on the way as the old thread ceases to be and a new one rises.

This is the Koei thread, a place where discussions of Koei's vast and historically varied strategy games are made. Fans of other Koei games, such as the Dynasty Warriors series, are also welcome.
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No title
>I'm forgotten
What went wrong?
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No title
is it goodo?
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No title
Easily the best homm like experience since homm 3. Definitely worth a buy
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No title
Is age of empires 4 any good? I played 2 and when I was younger, but I was shit at both and didn't know what I was doing. Which one should I go play???
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It's here. How shit will it be?
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Shadow Empire
>be me
>finally do the XTREME Tech 3 militia start you always wanted
>get challenging start in Rad Hazard 3 and endless raiders streaming over the mountain range your south
>get a handle on XTREME AI combat bonus and take control of the mountains
>pull off unification with largest neighboring raiders
>realize somehow you deselected Air Forces in planet gen
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Warriors of the Nile 2
Anyone try this game? It's a simple tactics/rouge light that's actually pretty fun. Got it in sale due to the art but gameplay is addicting.

One question is the star mages miracle seems bugged in switch.
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EU4 thread
You DO use this, right?
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No title
How accurate is this?
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No title
Strategy games where I can buy cargo at one port and sell it at another?
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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
I see this game has gained a lot of features since I last looked at it. show off your republics' waste management systems, comrades
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No title
When the FUCK do we get 3K2???
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No title
Is Stellaris good yet? Or is it still basically in beta?
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No title
>is still the king
How did they do it? What makes this game so good?
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No title
>start as Brabant
>conquer the entire low countries region
>dont form the netherlands
>start colonizing Africa and Asia
ahh... true eu4 bliss
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No title
What's the game that frustrates you but you keep playing anyways?
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No title
2023-07-25 11_27_09-Steam
Thoughts on Cities: Skylines 2?

What are the things that make you excited?
Are there things you're not happy about, maybe things C:S1 did better?
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Is it good yet?
I've had a hankering to play Wargame Red Dragon the past few days. I'm wondering if I should maybe give Warno another try, since it's been a year and a half since I last touched it. Or is it still a heaping pile of garbage, and I'm better off waiting for Broken Arrow to come out?
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Aoeo: Project celeste mod thread
You might be wondering...
>Wait didn't this game get canned nearly a decade ago?
>Then why are you making a thread about it fag?
Well sinve 2017 there's been a revival for it with new content to for everyone to play. And everything is for free. Since it's a non-commertial product.
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No title
why i can't understand this game, i can't win in normal diff, it reachs a point where every single faction declares war on you and you spend the rest of the game defending the territories that you still has

i never had this problem in twRome neither in TWWarhammer 1, where i play in hard easily, but shogun just stomps me?

there is a guide or something to understand this game? or i'm being just retarded
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Impression/Sierra games thread - burn everything down edition - Caesar III, Pharaoh, Zeus, Emperor
Literally me.

Caesar III
> vanilla-esque
> heavier gameplay changes and bug "fixes" (use the unstable)
> honestly required for things like roadblocks and all the shit in the latter games that you grow used to, vanilla is too broken to play

> Fork of Julius/Augustus

> Zeus and Poseidon Resolution Customiser

> Resolution customiser for Impressions' City Building series

Would like to know of any mod projects other than above for these games. Kinda want more UI changes for various things, but I don't even know where to begin with patching them.
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No title
Why are people writing it off before it's even been released? A TW game set in ancient Egypt/the Bronze Age has potential for maximum kino.
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No title
>literally the most kino starting date
>literally only ever chosen by a single mod
why are gsg/strategy game developers seemingly allergic to the late iron age?
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No title
random shit from google
there are many strategy games with an arabic theme and they are awesome and all
but how come there aren't any games about early arabic history? like the founding of the first caliphates civil wars etc? usually only the crusades are brought up which are cool but i am curious if there is any strategy game for other arabic history
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No title
Any modern games, that are similar to this?
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AOE3 is now Free-to-Play
why don't you give this kino a try?
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No title
Creative Assembly's 2022 Strategic Report was leaked, in it they mention how too much of their resources are "committed to Total War" and how they have to constantly fight to keep the Warhammer IP rights from Games Workshop
This lines up with a recent statement on the absurd cost of the newest Warhammer DLC, where CA threatened to cut development on Warhammer if their newest DLC failed to meet expectations
CA seems to want to switch from Total War to Hyenas as their main source of income, because they view Hyenas as somehow more stable

Financial report from 2022:

Recent statement where CA threatens the community with Warhammer's cancellation if the DLC fails:
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20xx bros
Looks like meat is back on the menu boys
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Victoria 3
theyre fixing warfare, its over chud lost
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No title
aurora 4x
Are there any other spreadsheet games like Aurora 4x?
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No title
The first person to make a strategy game set in this era will make so much money its not even funny
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GOOD games
>not paradoxslop
>later than 2010
>not a civ/paradox clone
>preferably based in a certain historic time period
>not tactical/fp like total war
is there anything like this around?
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No title
Why haven't you made your own strategy game yet, anon?
9 media | 79 replies
No title
will it ever be good?
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God uses his Arbiter to recall Mini's soul directly out of his body and to Heaven after Mini bungles his Shuttle play for the final time
thread for bitching about why [INSERT RACE HERE] is overpowered, underpowered, and/or why only retards play it
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Favorite Factions
Not specific, just in general. I like nomadic factions.
9 media | 54 replies
Humankind is better than Civilization VI. Change my mind. Image not related.
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No title
I must admit I got filtered... filtered by game breaking bugs, complete lack of feedback and absence of any kind of helpful in-game tutorial
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Espiocracy thread
New dev diary just dropped

Are you looking forward to glownigger simulator 2024?
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Tlatoani Huey
I'm going to talk about an freeware indie Aztec city builder, called Tlatoani, link there :
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No title
Civ killer here boys!
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New SMAC??
The Age of Ayylmao
So on a scale of 1-10 how likely are we to actually see some alien action on the map in Millennia? Can we expect Alpha Centauri levels of space shenanigans or will it be some shitty text box scenarios like EU4?
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Menace - from the makers of Battle Brothers
maxresdefault (3)
>Menace is a turn-based tactical RPG in a sci-fi setting that sees players answer distress calls as they travel from planet to planet, rolling in to save the day with infantry, mechs, and tanks. Out on the galactic frontier, far away from the core worlds, no other help will arrive – but there is also no oversight or accountability.


Overhype Studios, which is based in Hamburg, Germany, built Menace based on all the popular elements from Battle Brothers – things like the army management, evolving characters, the sandbox gameplay, and the high degree of challenge – and expanded the game from there. Battlefields and armies will be larger than before and shown in 3D graphics, while the mysterious foe invading these outer regions of space will pose a threat to the player on the strategical as well as the tactical layer.
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No title
has anyone else noticed in victoria 2 that if an evenly matched war or great war breaks out late game between the AI, there is a chance that the AI will wipe out each others armys without managing to beat the other? the war then devolves from million man armys smashing into each other on a frontline, to the last surviving 60k stacks roaming around occasionally clashing while trying to siege down the enemys country with the enemy doing the same, as if the two actors had been pushed back into pre 1880 warfare. Although this would be pretty kino to see after a 10 year long war after their countrys economy's have collapsed, the problem is this scenario can occur after just 1(ONE) year of fighting. Especially if a human player is involved
I think the cause for this is that the AI often refuses to retreat depleted units from some fights which can lead to massive amounts of armys stuck at 0 soldiers getting deleted for no real reason other than the AI simply not being able to retreat and rotate units from battles like players can.
i imagine this can probably be fixed by some code forcing the AI to retreat an army back to its capital city once the army has been reduced to less than 5% of it's strength, which would allow for wars to last longer and probably give players a tougher challenge, and arguably give the economy an even greater role in wars
But i guess we will have to wait for one of the open vic projects to succeed for this to happen
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No title
Why does vst completely ignore the best WW2 RTS?
2 media | 44 replies
No title
Is Aurora 4x a good game or does it just have a bunch of meaningless stats and numbers to give the illusion of complexity like stellaris?
3 media | 69 replies
No title
Homeworld 3 will feature roguelike inspired War Games mode.
16 media | 60 replies
No title
is there a way to save RTS as a genre?
6 media | 83 replies
THEY FUCKING DID IT, THEY TRANSLATED DEMON STORY MODE! Other vahren modules welcome as well!
2 media | 30 replies
No title
Are there any strategy games where the British AI isn't a completely useless ally?
3 media | 42 replies
No title
>absolutely loved Medieval total war 1
>cant stand every modern TW game
Is it my nostalgia googles or the genre peaked in MTW1?
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Vanilla HOI4
Discuss the news about the upcoming DLC: Arms Against Tyranny or any other stuff you want from the vanilla game.

I'll start by asking, which Italian East Africa is better? Fascist or Neutral? Both have Prince Amadeo as leader but with different traits.
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No title
RTS games that encourage turtling? Other than Stronghold, of course.
>inb4 lol turtling
It's the meta IRL, unless you're a steppenig.
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53 media | 517 replies
No title
What's the verdict?
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No title
Idc what coh2 nostalgia babies say. coh3 is better than coh2 in terms of gameplay.
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No title
How the fuck do you actually play this game to completion unless you're a retired boomer who has time to play strategy games all day?
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How to I stop endless rebel spam?
rebel spam
My provinces have 5-10% revolt risk chance each year but seem to revolt every year or two. Sometimes 2 rebel stacks appear at once. I have full mercantilism which should grant spy defence.

I got vetting spy defence national idea and it only helped a little bit.

I haven't been able to wage a prolonged war of expansion in like 70 years (which as you can see I need because my prestige and legitimacy is in the gutter) because every AI country sends spies to cause rebels. Also my primary culture is Kyrgyz because I started as Chagatai and I need to Wecternise still and kill China before 1650.

Wat do?
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YAGT (yet another Graviteam thread)
So it's been two weeks since the new DLC dropped. How do you rate it, anons?
I found it pretty fun, but I'm feeling the WWII EF fatigue. WF is probably never happening, but they could put some Africa ops in there, or more Cold War scenarios. I understand why Tunisia '43 content can't get ported over, but why they choose not do anything with all the cool campaigns SABOW had puzzles me.
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Imperator thread
Thread is also for discussing Imperator mods.
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Red alert 2
I last played it when I was a kid and now when I retried it feels kinda bare bones.
Any essential modifications to play it in 2022?
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No title
One of the biggest flaws of CK3 is something nobody ever touches on. The near omniscience you have on the state of the world and every individual within it. I know everything and every human being in the entire game past or present no matter who or where I am, or if I’ve even met them. Make this game more interesting by making the world a more mysterious place. How much do I really know about the Byzantine empire’s borders, or it’s leaders as an Anglo-Saxon earl? Should a sultan in Cairo really know every personality trait of a countess in northern Germany? Do I even know what the HRE looks like or controls? If this game had more logistical restrictions, limited knowledge, and impediments to the absolute control over your realm you can basically exercise from day 1 it would be much more fun as a medieval simulator. Let me have actual conflict with my vassals over their feudal obligations. Did they send me enough taxes? I’ll send a court magistrate to evaluate their estates and tell me what I should be getting, oh but was he bribed to lowball me? Why didn’t they send 126 men-at-arms? Their estates should have been able to support that obligation.
I need to find a wife for my son, but I don’t actually know much about the candidates. Perhaps I’ll go to court and learn more about the lords of the realm, what are they like, do they have children, what are the children like? Holy wars aren’t actually tons of small mobs from various countries they’re one singular army with leaders from various countries contributing men, and if you want to join you more or less abandon your estate. And make the economy make sense, and not just be centrally planned buildings and modifiers. Add resources, trade goods, populations, etc.
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X4 Foundations
>imfuckingplying I will let it die
X4 thread, what are you
23 media | 337 replies
No title
>Supposed "new golden age" of RTS games
>Unparalleled technology and features that allow one amateur to accomplish more than gaming studios 30 years ago couldn't even dreamt of
>No innovations that changed and shaped the genre like in Tiberian Dawn, no groundbreaking features like in Perimeter: Geometry of War or Star Wars: Empire at War, no good story like in Tiberian Sun or StarCraft, no fun gameplay like in Generals, no sandbox and creativity potential like in Warcraft 3, no competitive and PVP potential like in StarCraft 2 or Age of Empires 2
>Just the same shitty "spiritual successors" and "just like in C&C/StarCraft" over and over and over again
LMAO even
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Rimworld /vst/ succession game interest check thread
So recently I've been thinking that maybe it could be interesting to start a succession game of Rimworld hosted on this site, and see how it turns out.

>what's a succession game
It's the term for games hosted on forums where one save game is passed between multiple people to see what could be made with the collaboration of multiple players working on one colony- or to see how long the save game can last before it inevitably collapses in a hilarious downward spiral because someone screwed up and made a mistake that would become someone else's problem. I think it could be fun to see such a thing on 4chan.

>what mods will be used
I think for this proof of concept, the modpack should be limited to the bare essentials - just some basic QoL mods, and then the rest will be limited to whatever preferred mods the other players want that can be added and removed to existing savegames without problems.
If this actually takes off I might consider asking for mods for the second succession game and later, that add more content.
>what DLC will be used
For the sake of simplicity (and to open this up to more users while this concept is still young on /vst/), this will stick to just the base game - no need to buy/pirate any DLCs.

>when will it start
As soon as I get a few interested lurkers.

>what will the succession rules be (play time, who gets to play, etc)
I'll snip this out (as well as the rules I expect for 2000 post length limit reasons; just check the thread's first post for the full OP

I'll also be fine with lurkers using this as a Rimworld discussion thread when there's no active talk about the succession game(s), for those who want something slower than /vg/'s gacha hell catalog

With all that said, I'll start the first savefile as soon as there's enough interest in this thread for it to not fall to page 10.
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OpenVic/Project Alice discussion
>new demo
>basic ai


Previous >>1527788
26 media | 348 replies
No title
ultimately, what went wrong (and right)?
4 media | 110 replies
The most influential and forgotten strategy video game of all time
"Delta Force: Xtreme" may have lingered in the shadow of more well-known tactical shooter games, but its legacy still shines in the history of video games. Released in 2005 by NovaLogic, this game set a milestone in its time by offering a realistic and tactical combat experience that appealed to a specific audience.

Today, "Delta Force: Xtreme" is a title that can be considered a cult classic for fans of older tactical shooters. If you're looking for a more strategic and realistic combat experience, it may be worth giving it a shot. While it may not be as visually impressive as modern games, its gameplay remains solid and can offer hours of fun for those who appreciate a more methodical approach to shooting games.

If you want to see the full video you can search for the Samblegader channel on YouTube. You can also copy this link and open it in your preferred browser.
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No title
>4x game in 2023
>cities can't produce a unit and a building at the same time
5 media | 34 replies
No title
How is early access going for the game?
Anyone play it?
3 media | 17 replies
No title
>Your people are starving!
>Your people are starving!
>Your people are starving!
>Your people are starving!
Riveting gameplay, literally a no fun allowed pop-up
I'm playing on a second last difficulty and food (being a valueless, ethereal entity) is just not something you can have in abundance
what the fuck did they do with this?
Lore's cool though, as usual
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Star Trek Infinite
Star Trek Infinite
Stellaris+HOI4: Star Trek flavored is releasing in a month
Is your body ready?
15 media | 94 replies



"HE OPENED THE Total War: Attila Thread,



The day of reckoning has come.
16 media | 102 replies
No title
>let’s recreate red alert 2 on openra
>let’s make a game that requires the original disc from 20 years ago
>said disc not sold anymore
>only two people play it

Was it their endgame from the start? The ultimate gatekeeping?
2 media | 16 replies
Factorio Friday Facts Fun Fread
Factorio is getting a new DLC: Space Expl- I mean Space Age. There's also going to be weekly blog posts about new features and changes made in the DLC and the 2.0 update.
Discuss Quality (TM) and how it's going to ruin the game retroactively or how SSS Rank Legendary Iron Plates will fix the replayability issue once and for all.
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No title
What some good economic games that aren't Patrician 3 and Capitalism Lab
6 media | 41 replies
No title
1 media | 5 replies
No title
>ww2/modern strategy game
>regular infantry is a waste of time and resources because vehicles dominate the battle, infantry is only good if they have rockets
I'm tired of this. What are some games that are centered around infantry tactics?
7 media | 81 replies
No title
What does /vst/ think of Citystate?
Neat concept imo but the dev's biases are clearly noticeable in the gameplay - got a referendum on legalizing prostitution and apparently banning it damages my healthcare and security ratings and tanks my middle class?
0 media | 0 replies
Radio Commander Thread
Just picked up this game and it seems incredibly unique and fun. Just had my first battle. I lost 60 men and took 300 enemies, very good game
If you know a game like this but focused on different fronts or perhaps even focused on the soviets please drop your recommendation ere too
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Stealth RTT Thread
Can we have a Commandos and likes thread?
I feel like the genre is rarely discussed here, if at all. Currently playing Commandos 2 and kinda stuck on Savo Island. Can't remember how I used to approach that level back in the day. It also completely spoiled any enjoyment for Mimimi games that I eve had, maybe except the characters and story, which isn't much. They feel like puzzle games, especially late game and Desperados 3 DLC is fucking abysmal.
Also what do you guys think of Commandos 3? It's next on my list, since I never went past the train mission when it released.
2 media | 15 replies
ITT: unpopular /vst/ opinions
I think vic3's economy is far better than 2's. >No retarded global markets so African and Chinese dirt farmers aren't fully integrated into the world economy in 1836, and trade routes mean buying order isn't determined by who can prestige whore the most, but who has the highest trade competitiveness with larger merchant fleets, lower prices, trade agreements, treaty ports (actually useful now), etc.
>interest that goes back to your people instead of just vanishing from the economy giving you an incentive for deficit spending
>more than 1 resource gathering building per state and far higher building limits
>variable prices based on spatial differences between supply and demand meaning tariffs can actually protect your industry
>blockades actually having an effect due to the convoy mechanics
>the representation of the service sector in an economy
>pop needs able to be substituted instead of requiring everything in the list
>a (mostly) non retarded construction AI that only trips up with arts academies
And it just goes on and on. I can get why someone would dislike the war system or lack of flavor, but I just can't take them seriously and assume they're a /gsg/ shitposter if they claim to prefer Vic 2's economy. 3 has so many changes that I exactly wanted to see in a sequel, and I say this as somone with over a thousand hours in Vic 2.
17 media | 225 replies
ASL Broodwar
Just watched this

Good series, but really wanted JyJ to win, and god, if only he could've gotten some wraiths in that mech build as well, it's so brutal watching so many Queens get that much value from broodlings.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
What strategy games can I make a customizable character and take power through politics, scheme, assassination in a randomly generated country?
34 media | 161 replies
ms paint unit design thread
Pull out your paint or other drawing tools and make your own rts unit. Doesn't matter if it's futuristic, fantasy, historical or whatever else.
We had this thread last year and it was pretty fun. let's do it again.
96 media | 266 replies
Shadow Gambit
shadow gambit
What's the consensus? I like how magic gave players more interesting abilities but I don't like black women protagonists.
3 media | 13 replies
What does /vst/ think about this series?
Played 2, 3 and 4 and quite enjoyed them.
1 media | 5 replies
What are some good boney games?
I'm aware of Scourge of War: Waterloo and the John Tiller games... anything else lurking around out there? Really wish they would do a Field of GLory II: Napoleonics
1 media | 6 replies
No title
>Homeworld series game
>unskippable in-engine cutscene plays, but doesn't pause the game
If any game did this today they'd be crucified for it
0 media | 8 replies
No title
I actually quite liked Stronghold 2. Mixing city management with RTS worked really well, Legends was kinda weird and I disliked how they dumbed it down in several areas (skirmish specifically) but the campaign had a certain charm. What are your thoughts on Stronghold? Specifically these two.
1 media | 16 replies
No title
Warcraft orcs & humans old cover
In the Age of Chaos two factions battled for dominance. The kingdom of Azeroth was a prosperous one. The humans who dwelled there turned the land into a paradise. The Knights of Stormwind and the Clerics of Northshire Abbey roamed far and wide, serving the King's people with honor and justice. The well-trained armies of the King maintained a lasting peace for many generations. Then came the Orcish hordes...

No one knew where these creatures came from, and none were prepared for the terror that they spawned. Their warriors wielded axe and spear with deadly proficiency, while others rode dark wolves as black as the moonless night. Unimagined were the destructive powers of their evil magiks, derived from the fires of the underworld.

With an ingenious arsenal of weaponry and powerful magic, these two forces collide in a contest of cunning, intellect and brute strength with the victor claiming dominance over the whole of Azeroth. Welcome to the World of Warcraft.
1 media | 22 replies
Train games thread
Post your favorite games dealing with choo choos and your rail transport networks.
56 media | 254 replies
No title
Gothic. Atmosphere. Kino.
4 media | 24 replies
No title
Game is controversial overall, but I really enjoyed the sector projects in Anno 2205. Gave a nice sense of progression watching them build up as you completed missions, and gave you secondary goals beyond just "get more money/population". The quests (sustain x surplus resource production, population level at a specific tier, amount of a certain building, and so on) were fun little side-activities that took some planning. Also just satisfying on a primal level to see a neat unique building complete.
Any other games with something like this? 1800 has a couple multi-stage projects (i.e. world's fair) but they don't feel quite as "special" or impactful as sector projects, being just placeable buildings like anything else, and fairly quick to complete. I want something I'll be working on into the endgame.
0 media | 13 replies
No title
Why wasnt AoW Planetfall more successful, it perfected modern AoW games formula, its more polished than AoW4. Despite of that its considered a flop and rarely mentioned in 4X discussions.
2 media | 24 replies
Behold faggots, for I have fixed blobbing
I don't know why this has never been implemented in any of Pedodox or any gsg out there. The best way to weaken blobs is to implement a communication system for every order you give.
For example: You're the Roman Empire, and you want to conquer the Troongollii who live in your border in Britain. Well, you'll first have to send a message to your governor, Flavius Coomus. He will try to conquer the Troongollii, but any new orders or change in strategy or reinforcements takes weeks/months to reach there, while the barbarians can act almost immediately. A very basic trait system could also add flavor to the game by making your general more likely to either pick a specific strategy or whether he can even be trusted with his own army. The same system could be implemented regarding construction, laws, diplomacy or putting down revolts as in real life. Historically an empire could only get so big until communication made further expansion impossible. Why hasn't this system been implemented yet?
1 media | 15 replies
Dead mod Imao
Post your favorite dead mods for C&C and other strategy games, again
1 media | 10 replies
Songs of Syx
based dev
New update is pretty nice.
Post pics of your cities!
36 media | 204 replies
Submarine Sims
cold waters
Alternatively, any naval game with a lot of torpedo-action.
What do you think of them?
4 media | 59 replies
No title
here's your ck2 map
2 media | 6 replies
No title
can anyone reccomend me map games? a lot of the are on sale right now at steam and ive always been kinda interested in them, but i have no idea which ones are good and which ones arent. what are you guys favorites?
5 media | 36 replies
anno 1800 thread
anno 1800
fuck the rivers in the new world so much
also post cities and discuss the game i guess
16 media | 127 replies
Best RTS of the 2010s
This was the best RTS game released in decades and almost nobody knows about it. I'd also say it's the best economic game in existence and exceptionally balanced.
>complete free market simulation where prices are based on what players are buying, selling, and producing
>can monopolize rare resources to try to cut your competitors out of the market
>difficult decisions as you have to decide whether to build more construction materials to upgrade your base or claim more raw resource tiles that will be valuable late game before your opponents do
>great debt system where you can go into debt for certain resources while producing early game stuff, but if you neglect it for too long it can cause your stock to lower making you easier to buy out
>sneaky (but not excessively rage-inducing) black market system where you can anonymously sabotage other players
>they can defend themselves by placing invisible defenses on valuable tiles to try to catch you in the act and reveal your treachery
I miss this game in its prime. There's really nothing like it and I don't know how long it'll be before we see innovation of this degree in the games industry again.
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Dune spice wars
Dune…more like done
Seriously who looked at this and thought this is okey?
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I'm in the mood to play some war games like panzer general, war in the east and other turn based hex war games preferable set in ww2 any suggestions?
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How goes your cities?

I just saw some youtuber gushing about the electricity features for CS:2 they've "nationalised" from W&R. He thinks they're the hottest shit lmao. The only thing the CS:2 devs seem to have innovated on is battery buildings, which i don't think were a thing in the W&R time frame.
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No title
>play a shit ton of CK3
>go out drinking in a bar
>start to give everyone there character traits like slow, gregarious, eager reveler
anyone else do this?
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Hoi 4
>italy achievement run
>kill ethiopia asap
>kill france
>kill uk
>kill usa
>flip to monarchy
>wait some time to flip to pope
>germany attacks ussr in the meantime, japan declares on me
>join them
>also kill spain and greece
>attack turkey
>suddenly germany declares war on me depsite having NAP
>my whole army in russia gets encircled and killed
What a shit game. Despite everything I still have an urge to try again. How doea it do it?
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No title
>released over 3(THREE) years ago
>still no college of cardinals
>still no economy/trade update
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New Paradox Game
Paradox is potentially announcing another game. Discuss what it might be.
inb4 another civ clone that will fail.
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No title
What is next for them after the failures (?) that are Humankind and Endless Dungeons?

Endless Legend 2? Something else?
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Mud and Blood
mud and blood
What does /vst/ think about this? WW2 real time squad tactics strategy that does a VERY good job at capturing the unfairness and brutality of WW2 and the chaotic nature of armed infantry combat and really has a spirit of military tactics autism. Also way more immersive and engaging than most other war RTS because of the brutality, high difficulty curve and the insane ways in which shit can hit the fan. Not to mention all the possible little stories of your men's valor and bravery (or much more commonly - about how your men died in brutal ways). Yeah, it may be cheap 2d, but it will all be forgotten when your veteran machinegunner goes down and you have to cover your medic while he tries to revive him out in the open and you're desperately sending a couple men ahead to flank the german assholes, or when you end up hearing that accursed whistle and everything turns into hell
>anon that looks like a flash ga-
That's because the game that's on steam is a continuation of a long running series of flashgames with a dedicated hobby developer and a loyal community, and the version that's on steam is really good quality
>anon it's early access
There's plenty of content and you can easily burn hundreds of hours just sending squads into the meatgrinder and trying to figure out the best tactics. It's a hobby project and has SOVL too

Also check out Mud and Blood recon, if you have a tolerance for low res flash graphics its maybe one of the best Vietnam RTS games that actually tries to simulate the tactics and condition of Vietnam instead of making it just a "soldier RTS in a jungle"
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/vst/ about Persia?
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King of Dragon Pass
king of dragon pass2
To this day I still don't really understand the effect of leader stats. All information I can find on it is incredibly vague. Even in hero quests success seems to be a complete crapshoot regardless of the quester's stats.
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No title

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Rome 2
What are some good mods that don't destroy the essence of Rome 2, essentially turning it into some fake arm-chair historians autism project?
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No title
what do we think about aliens dark descent
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