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[Ohys-Raws] Gal to Kyouryuu - 01 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp400_02_09.671
>[HorribleSubs] Gal to Kyouryuu - 01 [1080p].mkv
Dinosaur appreciators, it is time.
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The greatest anime director of all time passed away two years ago today.
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Why is aleister so cute?
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Shingeki no Kyojin
>Female and Armored titan fighting next chapter
Are you ready for kino?
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ITT: villains that should have won
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>chainsaw man taking over /a/
w-we finally made it chainsaw chads
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One Piece
What are the chances of Moria coming back to help Luffy beat Kaido?
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Opinions on Osaka?
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Haruhi Suzumiya
Why isn't her show super popular anymore? If this goddess keeps losing relevance and devout followers that watch her show, she risks becoming another forgotten deity.
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What are the fujoshi oriented anime airing this season? Anything that caught your interest?

Also Number24 is coming back in a few days after productions problems.
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Dragon Ball Super
What are your favorite lines from Goku and Vegeta's Japanese VAs? Post videos if you can
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Just a reminder that no one will ever love you like Kaworu loves Shinji
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ITT: Post some special feeling interviews in snow.
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>kill off that one character
>entire anime is better
Who is it /a/?
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Have you ever seen a purer love in an LN, Anime or Manga? Two people who only have eyes for each other, who admire each other for their virtues, yet are willing to love each other despite the other's/their own acknowledged shortcomings. Also, throw in willingness to work through their problems and stick around through good times and bad.

My question is, is it possible to attain this in real life?

And when we look back at this generation of LN writers, does Watari top them all?
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First episode is airing in three hours, is there any interest for this?
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One punch man
one punch man
Now that the dust has settled, can we finally say that season two wasn't THAT bad?
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1200px-Toei_Animation_logo.svg (1)
People actually watch shows made by this garbage studio.
People think that this studio might improve or deliver.
People don't realize that Toei is a Nigerian sweatshop disguised as an animation studio.
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We just can't seem to stay alive
Buyfag thread
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did you like the first ep of the Remake
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I can't believe this is finally happening bros, 2020 is the year of Boruto
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Public Service Announcement
Anime when
Due to Gal Gohan ending it has been kicked out of the "Anime When? Propaganda Shill Ad Chart" and replaced with "The Maid I hired recently is Mysterious..." to keep the brown factor. That is all.
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>There are anons who think the first half is boring and overly drawn out filler.

Please tell me it isn't true /a/, how could possibly be pleb enough to not see it's perfection? We're all in agreement that it's slow paced and character driven first half is what made Okabes trails and tribulations so emotionally engaging and organic right? Without that ""boring"" first half the true ending wouldn't have been so insanely satisfying like it is now.
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FMA (2003) was MUCH BETTER than FMA:B
FMA (2003) was much better than Brotherhood. Holy fuck, Brotherhood was the Saturday morning shounen garbage version of FMA (2003). People only like it better because A) Better animation because it was made later. B) People enjoy consume shounen garbage because they are retarded. C) People are retarded. D) “Muh followed the manga”, which is a shit argument when the manga is retarded. FMA (2003) was clearly the adult version.

>FMA (2003)
>Relation and search of the brothers is much better.
>Strong theme related to the dangers and ethics of science.
>Villain is human and has a human motivation. Is suffering from a real ill and has real weaknesses. Needs the philosopher stone to live but understand the danger of creating one. Has to manipulate things from behind the scene in order for someone to get it from them.
>Villain is defeated because of her own pride and arrogance (eaten alive by gluttony).
>Homunculi are much better, work as story driven pillars that remind everyone of the dangers of alchemy and stepping into god’s realm.
>Ending has a moral: people don’t get what they deserve, they get what they sowed.

>Villain is an ALIEN FROM SPACEEEEEEEEE (or insert any what the fuck non human I WANT TO BE GOD cliché here).
>Villain is defeated because everyone SHOT BULLETS TOGHETER! YEAH!
>Homunculi are the villains sin, from an ALIEN FROM SPAAAAAACEEEEEEEE! (or man in the jar, whatever, same shit).
>IN the end happy ending for ALL! Remember all the people Scar murdered in the first half of the show? No? Well, they also don’t!
> Shounen anime faces jokes all the time XD LoL, so random.

Liking FMA:B more than FMA (2003) is the biggest indicator of mental retardation.
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New thread
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Admit it /a/. even he would be a better protagonist than DeCuck.
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Thinking of rewatching this incel show, does it hold up?
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Boku no Hero Academia
Now that the season has finally concluded what are your honest thoughts on it?
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Which country has more /a/ fanbase as Japan?
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I like big moms lil cloud nigga
I like how he floats around n’shit
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Why are mother in anime so rarely used as plot defined points?
Tsuujou Kougeki is trash, so don't even mention t.
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That feeling when no trashwaifu to suddenly bless my life.
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This is still the single hottest scene in the entire manga.
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WEG thread
Rate em hate em or appreciate em
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Higurashi remake
A new anime adaption of Higurashi will air this summer and it looks better than ever.



Thoughts on the new artstyle?
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Nadia OP
ESL here.
Is pic related good English?
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Okaa-san Online
How hard do you think Masato was here? Even though it's his own mom, there's no way, unless he was gay, he couldn't have gotten at least some chub.
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Muzan is cheering on his new son from the afterlife
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For someone who preached about the horrors of war and chakra he sure enjoyed himself. Obito and Pain preached the same and were legit miserable so why did Madara seem like he actually enjoyed himself?
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release the bees
It's bee over 40 years and no anime has been able to top the raw emotion in this scene.
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No title
Which studio would you like to see eventually animate Nagatoro?
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No title
Why was Satania so serious in this scene?
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What's your favorite anime ? And does it look this good ?
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5Toubun no Hanayome
Season 2 isn't worth of your time
Look into my eyes
Anime hype is temporary
But party is eternal
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Hoshiai no Sora / Stars Align
Anyone willing to remember this?
Any news of the promised continuation? Will we ever learn if Maki stabbed his dad or not?
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japanese nigger
Has Araragi ever actually resolved any problem by himself?
Let's see
>cat 1 and 2
Shinobu, and even then both were major fuckups
Kagenui decided it's not worth the effort
nothing had to be done
another fuckup
>owari 2
Beyond the anime, in Karen Ogre he only makes the situation worse, only in zenka mermaid he actually does something
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Kerberos manga
I just found out there’s an entire saga behind Jin-Rou

It has a manga, radio drama and several live action movies

Is it any good?
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Psycho Pass 3
maxresdefault (4)
I want to protect this smile. He did nothing wrong.
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No title
Girls who can beat you in a fight.
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Make or request /a/rt
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Jashin-chan S2
>two days before AOTS
How ready is your body, /a/?
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more spoilers soon
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Tower of God
The first Episode is great for only 13 episode
for animeonly dont worry in the next eps new informations about worldbuilding.
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Shingeki no kyojin
>it's just you and me now Eren, so what's its gonna be?
Eren: Armin don't make me kill you, I have to do this. It's the only way to secure a future for our people.
>Wait you actually think there is no other way than this? Heh, that's hilarious. You fucking retard
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How do you feel about SEVENS being the story of a kid living in a Chiene like regime trying to give everyone EGAO with card games?
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No title
There's nowhere to go but up
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No title
Which one do you want to prefer?
Dub or sub?
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No title
Is she supposed to be an Ara Ara Onee-san character?
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lil stalin
ITT: Come up with an original concept for a manga, but it has to involve historical figures somehow.
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What the next Villaness Otome Isekai to get an anime?
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Mina Tepes
What makes vamps so irresistible?
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[HorribleSubs] Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.47_[2017.10.08_19.40.56]
This quarantine makes me feel like a comfy potato
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The Eminence in Shadow
merciful death
How is it possible to have a story where literally every girl is best girl?
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His plan made no sense, wtf?
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Uruuru sabishī urufu desu
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What do you feel when thou see this goblin?
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No title
Pokemon is good again
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I've been watching Dragonball for the first time in my life (only ever seen Z growing up) and this show is significantly better than anything that happened in Z and onwards by far.
Why is it only powerlevels and saiyan shit gets remembered?
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Why is he so unfortunate?
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Fate/Sakura Night: Heaven's Feel
Sing with us, anon!
Send your participation at: [email protected]
Do it for HER!
8 images | 19 replies
Post your OTPs
Maya and Phoenix
The anime didn't do their relationship justice.
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No title
Does /a/ like Kaede?
6 images | 31 replies
No title
Have you forgotten her /a/?
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No title
What went wrong?
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No title
Have you made sure to set your monitor's colour temperature to 9300K when watching anime? That's how the nips intended it to look. It's very likely the colour rendition you have been watching was wrong all along.

>As a rule of thumb, most Japanese film titles assume a 9300 K environment, while non-Japanese films assume a 6500 K environment. This means one is highly likely to achieve colour reproduction close to that intended by filmmakers by setting the colour temperature of an LCD monitor to 9300 K when viewing a Japanese film and 6500 K when viewing a non-Japanese film.
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No title
Imagine how sexy are her feets!
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No title
Couples that should have been
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No title
This anime surpassed Howl's Moving Castle. Can you believe it?
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No title
I like trigger but hate furryshit. Is it worth the watch?
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Best Girls are Ex-Dudes
Admit it, magically genderbended dudes make the best girls
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OPT: One Page Thread
Post one page of a manga to interest someone into reading it. Or trick them into reading it if it actually sucks.
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No title
The poop is not coming
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Record of Lodoss War
Anyone else seen this? It seemed like cliche D&D style fantasy shit when I first heard the premise, but even though it is indeed sorta that, it's still really fun.
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Based images
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No title
An adult man in a loli's body is the pinnacle of human thought
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oi /a/
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No title
>series devolves into a shipping shit fest over time
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You will never have a nii-chan that is this cool
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No title
You wouldn't mind having a robot wife right /a/?
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No title
Behold, the best Dragon Ball moment
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No title
"There's nothing a witch can't do!"
except wear pants
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No title
What's the proper course of action upon discovering that one's grandmother is now a cute girl?
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No title
Why has anime been getting more and more QUALITY these days? Not so much because of COVID, but in recent years it's just been so much worse than before.
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minori Clione-no-Akari
seasonal shows you don't even remember and don't mention here anymore
I'll start with Clione no Akari
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Alliance thread
Self explanatory, though this could also serve as the de facto M+ dumping grounds for tomorrow.
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No title
What was the point of killing him 3/4 in? Was the point to say that unexpected stuff happens in reality and everybody has live with it?
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No title
I hate sophie and i think shes a bad person

prove me wrong also why the fuck do you call this thing vampire gabu ? its names sophie
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No title
is it worth watching? i dropped it before ZEXAL II began
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Triangle Heart
Are the VNs/OVAs any good? Like most people, I've only ever heard of this series because of Nanoha, and was wondering whether it'd be worth it to learn a bit more about her family. Also, are Triangle Hearts 1 and 2 connected in any way to 3, or is each one a separate continuity?
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No title
claes+triela_yoshikawa kazunori_cf765e1892ab728780484b02df1558d4
I'd just like to take a second to remind everyone that Triela, is in fact best girl.
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It's over, isn't it?
Sazae-san Voice Actress: Dialogue Recording Put on Hold Until Further Notice
>The Sponichi Annex news website reported on Saturday that voice actress Midori Kato stated on Radio Nikkei's "Chūō Keiba Jikkyō Chūkei" program on Saturday that the Sazae-san anime has halted voice recording sessions indefinitely due to concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus illness. Kato voices the titular Sazae Fuguta on the show.
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No title
My love for Yuno is like a truck
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No title
>"The worst sin that man can commit, is to deprive another man of his name!"

Really? REALLY?That's the most horrible thing a human being can do to another?
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80000 Yen Manga
From a innocent merchant into a literal Hitler who commits genocide in one chapter.
I like this manga
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No title
Naruto is the gold standard by which all other shounen adaptations should be measured.
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No title
The strongest hero OPM
For me it watchdog man
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3x3 Thread
Do people still make these?
24 images | 52 replies
No title
Does an anime girl's softness dictate how much you enjoy her presence?
1 images | 1 replies
No title
What's your favorite thing about Konosuba?

I really loved how they didn't bloat the main cast. Started with 4 characters, ended with 4 characters. Everyone got equal screen time and development, and we really got to know them. Don't get me wrong, I think they did a fantastic job with the side characters too. But I think any other series with this premise would have insisted on constantly adding more and more members to the dysfunctional party.

("Looks at archetype checklist" We don't have a yandere yet, about how a yuki-onna who only uses weak fire magic. We don't have a tomboy either, how about a barbarian who hates violence etc etc)
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No title
You know the drill /a/.
>Hard mode: give character an over powered ability but balance them
80 images | 448 replies
No title
ITT: girls getting what they fucking deserve
53 images | 93 replies
Characters that need to fuck already.
106 images | 216 replies
Love Live
Who is your favorite Love Live girl?
138 images | 288 replies
[HorribleSubs] Hamefura - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.17_[2020.04.05_12.21.49]
Is she the girl of the season? The year, perhaps?
5 images | 16 replies
No title
Meanwhile, at NERV he/a/dquarters...
10 images | 11 replies
No title
Do you think this scene will be uncensored in the BD?
0 images | 12 replies
No title
Lord Abbabababaddon approaches!
3 images | 4 replies
No title
what's her endgame?
1 images | 4 replies
No title
Can we all just agree that Shiki is the only good horror anime out there?
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Endless Eight math autism
Haruhi Suzumiya
Corred me if i miscalculated.
In Endless Eight the SOS brigade has stuck between 2008 aug 17 and aug 31. So each loop was 15 days. They exited on the 15532nd loop. That would be 232980 days. In real time 232980 days after 2008 aug 31 would be 2646 july 17. That's july 17 is 45 days before aug 31. It would have been a nice easter egg if it were to end on the 15535th loop.
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Jojo DiU
Okay, so in the first third there's a serial killer the protagonists need to find and also there's this bow and arrow being used to create stand users.

And then in the second half there's a serial killer the protagonists need to find and also there's this bow and arrow being used to create stand users.

Are you fucking kidding me? Did this guy really rehash a plot line from the same part?
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No title
How did her Milkers get so big?
1 images | 2 replies
No title
What is /a/ opinion about the fact that Yozakura Family is selling well and is going to become a Jump veteran soon?
0 images | 5 replies
are there any stories where the tsundere gets told to fuck off
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No title
Is Dead Dead Demon Dededededestruction worth reading? I loved Oyasumi Punpun, but heard this one isn't as good.
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No title
So that went downhill pretty quick.
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No title
Say it with me /a/.
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Digimon 2020
Jesus fuck why can't they leave things alone!
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