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They have again and again created adaptations that have elevated their respective series to unmatched fame and fortune.
Why aren't you kneeling?
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Berserk Volume 31 Part 2 Storytime
Berserk - c275 (v31) - p168 [Digital-HD] [danke-Empire]
Shit gets real.

Remember to use spoiler tags when discussing future story events, and to avoid posting images during the dump.
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Hey, guess whose been secretly a girl all along.

Iruma's harem grows
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My Hero Academia may suck ass, but you can't deny that the girls are top tier. I think I'm in love with Mina.
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How come no one knew how to draw back in the day?
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Evangelion 3.0+1.0
Will seeing the movie make it worse or better for you?
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ITT: Canon Winners
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One Piece
Chapter 1,017: "Order".

In the cover, Buggy turns his body into blocks puzzle and plays with a chimpanzee.

Chapter starts in the “Live Floor”, where Tama is about to give an order. However Queen shouts at her, and she becomes so scared that she faints and falls over.

Cut to the 4th Floor. One of the cat girls from Who's Who group shoots Jinbe while Who's Who laughs at him out loud. Due to constant interruptions from Who's Who's subordinates, Jinbe is unable to hold a 1 Vs. 1 fight against Who's Who. The same thing happens to Franky with Sasaki and to Inuarashi with Jack, they cannot fight in conditions because other Kaidou's subordinates attack them constantly.

Back to the “Live Floor”, Tama regains her sense while Nami and Usopp are cheering her. Tama musters enough courage to give an order.

Tama: "All Gifters who have eaten the kibidango...
I command you to help Luffy-aniki and Momonosuke-kun!!
Let's bring down Kaidou!!!"

While Tama talks, we see the Heart Pirates saved Luffy and now they are pumping water out of him. We can see too that Momonosuke is crying for Kinemon and Kiku in Shinobu's arms.

Following Tama's order, we see Gifters start to switch sides. Briscola, who was attacking the samurai, turns around and begins to attack Kaidou's subordinates who were accompany him. We see several more Gifters (like Hamlet) attacking his ex-teammates.

Tama's order has reached all Onigashima. We see the Gifters who were with Jack also began to attack other Kaidou's subordinates while Jack looks angry and Inuarashi is relief. The same happens on the 4th floor, we see that Poker (the user of Rattlesnake SMILE) is attacking Who's Who subordinates.

The CP0 are confused since they dont' know what is happening. The Gifters who flooded into the “Live Floor” to help Queen also switch side.
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Ready... GO!
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Boku no Hero Academia
He was set up to be a morally gray character, but now he's treated by the narrative as literally everything but - just like he didn't do that one bad thing that basically made him a morally gray character, and he has no doubts about his own actions, which basically made him go back to square one, before his mission as a spy. Why are we told that Hawks is a good and hopeful character? Because he had to kill Twice, whom he sympathized with (actually established and shown to have sympathized with him, unlike with Nagant), which also went against who he wanted to be as a child? Because his idol that was his light during his dark and abusive childhood, turned out to be a domestic abuser himself, but it's apparently all okay since his family talks to him? Because the hero society has fallen and is being heavily distrusted by civilians? It just really doesn't feel earned at all, especially when it comes to Nagant's words about him. And he does that one bad thing and basically gets no narrative consequences for it, even growing his wings back? I don't mind Hawks staying as a hero, since it's a possibility, but then we are told that he is a good character and he gets no consequences - when he could have doubts and struggles, which would be actually earned after his character journey.
Fuck Hawks and his stupid plushie
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she's sweet
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Chainsawman will save Shonen (even tho it's not even 70% shonen)
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Shimi Bra
How is this even possible
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Yoru to Umi
>series is published/advertised as yuri
>author had an interview with a yuri website
>ends with no yuri romance whatsoever
Thanks Japan.
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Made In Abyss fetishes
How did the mangaka get away with all this shit? They even animated them

Where the fuck are the censors?
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>takes literally just 10 episodes for Ranma to embrace his female form
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Dragon Ball Super
Why'd Toriyama make the decision to completely erase Future Trunk's timeline? Everything Trunks fought for is literally gone, never to come back. This ending appears in both the anime and manga so you know it was HACKiyama's decision to just completely shit on Trunks. One of the worst arcs for this ending alone.
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are we living in fast forward?
>Girls und Panzer was aired almost 9 years ago
>Coppelion was aired 8 years ago
>Aldnoha.Zero was aired 7 years ago
>GATE Thus the JSDF fought there was aired 6 years ago
>Heavy Object was aired 6 years ago too.
>Shuumatsu no Izetta was aired 5 years ago
>Princess Principal was aired 4 years ago
>Mahou Shoujo SpecOps Asuka was aired 2 years ago.
Strike Witches: Road to Berlin was aired almost one year ago.
>Urasekai Picnic finished airing 3 months ago, in march
>86 1st cour is about to end after almost 3 months of airing and when the 2nd cour finish its airing, the year is going about to end too.

Are we living in fast forward or something??
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Why don't you faggots have a robot waifu yet
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>we have reached the peak isekai
hopefully we'll see isekai depletion soon
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>about the horrors the Americans inflicted on the Japanes in WW2 (see Atomic bombs and the camps)
>subtle "All Quiet on the Western Front" drops - literally THE ANTI WAR BOOK

Is this pure KINO (about the errors of America and war), bros?
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Why are so many Kaiji fans obsessed with Kakegurui?
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One big happy family.
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Stop saying Kino. Only Kino is Kino.
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Make or request /a/rt!
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>Sao came out in 2025
>They created and mastered fulldive by then
What did they mean by this? Will we get Fulldive in 4 years?
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Do you miss the 90s?
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>if you kill him, you’ll be just like him
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Madoka is extremely sexy
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Super Cub
Super Pantsu
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At what point did you realize that you made a mistake getting into this?
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[Tsundere] Sakura Trick - 05 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][5E983138] - 00_01_22.749
Sakura Trick is good.
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Name a series with a worse ending

You can’t
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Holy fuck this fat piece of shit is fucking disgusting.
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Hunter X Hunter
There won't be another chapter for another 5 years.
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Shadows House
Did Kate want Emilico to piss herself?
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Anon…draw me
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One page thread
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Beastars: Is it good or is it just furry bait?
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I enjoy monster girls and monster girl related media.
Do you also like monster girls?
Season 2 any day now
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Index and Sphinx
Well, what are your theories about where Index is going. You're all very intelligent and love making theories after all.
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Ya like green haired girls?
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What is blame even about?
I finished “reading it” (it has almost no dialogue) and I don’t understand the story. Killy needs the terminal Genes to access the net to stop silicons from destroying humanity.
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Kanojo mo Kanojo
This is airing next season. What am I in for?
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BLEACH Q&A with Kubo
Some Q&A on Klub Kubo website that I found interesting, these have been translated with google so they may not be exact.
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Thanks for giving me the tip on this one, /a/. It completely flew under my radar, but it's probably my second favorite Shaft production after Monogatari.

Hotori is perfect.
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Please release me
let me go...
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Maid Dragon
delightful husband and proud wife
3 hours left for the 12th MiniDora!

9 hours left for the 12th S1 episode!
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is this PEAK gyaru?
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Hear me out
You get isekaied
into Kirby's Dream Land

Get this: YOU'RE Kirby.
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Re Zero
Grimm Fauzen is not a woman.
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No title
Is there even anything good to watch next season?? It seems boring are fuck.
What are u /a/nons looking forward?
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Dragon Ball Super
What happened to the all GTards that thought Baby was gonna be canon?
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Hetalia World Stars
The anime might be finished (for now) but the manga continues. Also, based Himaruya for bringing back the Aseans this chapter.
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WSJ 30 ToC
WSJ 30 ToC
ToC's here! We start the week with a new series, Red Hood, which will be followed next week by NERU! We will also have color pages for Red Hood's 2nd Chapter, Dr. STONE, and The Elusive Samurai! Also, Kowloon will be getting a 23-pages increase next week, too

Shounen Jump Issue 30:

Red Hood (Cover, Lead CP, New series by Kawaguchi Yuuki)
One Piece
Boku no Hero Academia
Dr. Stone
Ao no Hako
Black Clover (CP)
Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi
Koukousei Kazoku
Ayakashi Triangle
Yozakura-san Chi no Dai Sakusen (CP)
Witch Watch
Sakamoto Days
Hakai-shin Magu-chan (CP)
Undead Unluck
Kowloon's Ball Parade
Boku to Roboco
I Tell C (END)
Ame no Furu

Jujutsu Kaisen (hiatus)

Shounen Jump issue #31:
Cover, Lead CP: NERU - Battle Arts Road (New Series by Hiraga Minya)
CP: Red Hood, Dr. Stone, Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi
Kowloon's Ball Parade (extra pages, 23p)
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No title
How did he go from suave motherfucker to aspie within the span of two years?
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Odd Taxi
This was mystery anime done right. Fantastic job by the team for bringing this one to screen.
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Full Dive RPG
Full Dive - 02 - Large 18
So the trick was that he wasn't angry enough?
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Gays like this
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Kengan omega
What restored the hype?
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Why was megumin so much more popular than the other characters of Konosuba?? I mean she is my favorite but the other characters are also good.
Is it her design maybe?
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Kumo desu ga
Can we agree that Bursty Greedy Spider by Konomi Suzuki is the best OP of the season?
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Thunderbolt Fantasy
How much HEALING is there going to be on Saturday morning?
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No title
How do I learn to forgive her? I don't want to live like this anymore.
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No title
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No title
Excuse me just gonna be cringe every time I solo
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Movie when?
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No title
W-What happened? How did it end like it did?
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No title
Is this the modern perfection of 2d love?
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I like Vigne a lot. She's much better than the other girls.
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Does anyone else hate how isayama ruined jean in 139?
I used to be a jeanbro but 139 ruined his character for me
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
konoha power
Do you think the extended cast of Boruto will be of any help against Code, the androids, KK, and Kawaki?
What will be their fate when the village is being destroyed? Just dying left and right?
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Puru puru pururin pururin
Puru puru pururin purupururin
Puru puru pururin pururin

Onna no ko wa fushigi na koto ni
Keetai dake ja ikiteyukenai
Mune ippai no ai to yuuki ga taisetsu nano yo

Atashi pururin purupururin
Pururin purupururin
Rinrin purupurupururin pururu

Mashumaro mitai ni
Honwa ka de
Yume to kibou no yume to kibou no
Mahou shoujo
Sore ga atashi nano yo

Puru puru pururin pururin
Puru puru pururin purupururin
Puru puru pururin pururin

Onna no ko wa fushigi na koto ni
Meeru dake ja manzoku dekinai
Rusuroku ippai anata no koe de
Tokimeki ga hoshii no

Atashi pururin purupururin
Pururin purupururin
Rinrin purupurupururin pururu

Mahou no chikara wa
Hora soko ni
Ureshiku nacchau
Yume wa kibou ni kibou wa yume ni
Mahou shoujo
Honto ni anata kamo ne

Mashumaro mitai ni
Honwa ka de
Yume to kibou no yume to kibou no
Mahou shoujo
Sore ga atashi nana yo

Puru puru pururin pururin
Puru puru pururin purupururin
Puru puru pururin pururin

Puru puru pururin pururin
Puru puru pururin purupururin
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Episode 11 Live in a few minutes
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Love Live
why can't i marry zuramaru
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[SubsPlease] Dr. Stone S2 - 06 (720p) [55338990].mkv_snapshot_01.48_[2021.06.24_06.16.02]
why aren't there any babies running about in the "tsukasa empire", even though there are a bunch of hot chicks and high testo men and not much else to do in terms of entertainment other than fucking?
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MAI VOL 1 CH 01 PG 033
I hate when anime/manga use current pop culture references in them. It instantly dates the series, example in picture.
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Haki was a mistake
the one thing that made One Piece stand out was the lack of power levels.
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No title
Why does a good majority modern anime/manga never have a good ending or end up shitting the bed halfway through? Are writers just that incompetent nowadays?
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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Yes their plan was crazy and wrong, but they still should've won in the end.
Fuck Arba
Fuck Alibaba
Fuck Koen
Fuck Sinbad
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No title
Kaguya-sama - Love Is War - Battle 92 - 1
Every female major character in this manga will end up teen pregnant.
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No title
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Zombie Land Saga
Zombros less than 24 hours until Mezame returner Mongolian throat singing edition are you ready for our last episode?
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[SubsPlease] Full Dive - 12 (720p) [347B78E1].mkv_snapshot_22.53_[2021.06.23_19.52.28]
>tfw no big boob gamer gf
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No title
Did you like it?
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No title
Which team would win in your opinion?
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My favorite adaptation of this song is the 2007 version I like how they did these lantern cuts
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No title
How big is too big for you, /a/?
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No title
Just look how soft she is. It should be illegal.
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Hagure Idol chapter 69
hagure idol
new chapter is out. didn't see a thread
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No title
Vivy just shat the bed in the end.
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No title
obedient dog
have you trained your pets well, /a/?
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No title
This just showed up in the mail
Anyone here read this yet
Its a really good manga
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Orchestr/a/ S7 - Coming Soon™
S7 Teaser
Season 7 releases one week from today!

We've got three new tracks today and several more dropping soon:
Theater of Life (DECA-DENCE OP):
happy endings (Zetsuen no Tempest ED):

If you'd like to take part in future projects, visit
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No title
Pathetic deaths
146 images | 504 replies
This Man deserves a level
If this thing's top of the food chain on rock mountain 2.0 maybe he can finally bank some XP
0 images | 4 replies
5D's is the GARest shit ever bros!
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No title
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see her?
30 images | 74 replies
One Punch Man
How are the monsters ALWAYS cooler than the heroes?
46 images | 257 replies
No title
How flat is too flat?
13 images | 32 replies
This manga is pretty good.
0 images | 1 replies
Lupin III
What's your favorite version of Lupin, personality wise?
5 images | 30 replies
No title
What's her fucking problem?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
What's the best age for an anime character?
9 images | 26 replies
Mushoku Tensei
Why do people keep saying that you shouldn't like Rudeus? I liked him as a protagonist from the very beginning. I guess it cause i didn't find anything he did morally wrong?
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No title
Why are all pink hairs know..?
51 images | 129 replies
No title
>Final episode of Seven Deadly Sins aired today
>no thread
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Made In Abyss
>haha I love my daughter, she's so precious to me
>that's why I abandon her so I can continue my heckin' adventurinos!
>tell her, Ozen, my dear psycho lesbian friend, how she was a corpse when she was born!
>also tell her she can go and risk her life in the absurdly dangerous abyss so she can see her mother
>I just love her so much HAHA
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JoJo: Stone Ocean
>Entire backstory that says she's mentally fucked in the head because she grew up without a father
>Almost every single fight she's in requires her to get assisted heavily by a man
>One of her few solo fights has the entire drama be "this MAN is too burly and I can't beat him at wrestling, never-mind the fact that I have a ghost that is described as "punching like tiny meteors" and can punch at super speed while he doesn't, I'm near helpless and have to struggle away
>Is objectively much less useful against the final boss of her arc than glorified side characters like Lisa Lisa, Trish and Lucy
>Instead of instantly decapitating Pucci the second she gets a chance she just punches him a bunch and then ignores him, letting him crawl over to a window frame and doom the entire universe and everyone she knows to being temporally erased
>Ended up getting Weather Report ran the fuck over because she somehow thought it would be a good idea to get someone to drive when they're both tripping out on snail rainbows

The worst thing is that she's the second ""best"" thing about this shit part, that's how bad part 6 is.
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No title
Why is it that even after 15 years, Kyon is still the best MC in anime ever?
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No title
Don't mind me, just posting a character that could easily wipe the floor with Netero.
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No title
So did it really end like? Not a even spinoff doujin? Why does it have such a good ending too???
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