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I'm so hyped I can't stand it anymore
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DnD based magic systems are retarded and have zero rhyme and reason in their progression. In Kingmaker and WOTR, your caster character can somehow learn the level 7 firestorm spell even if they don't know the level 3 fireball spell. How can a magician cast a higher level spell when they don't even know a much more basic spell? This can also be seen in different schools of magic. Once you reach the level requirement, you can choose advanced illusion spells like Weird even if the only spells you have are evocation spells. It doesn't make any sense. It gets even stupider when you characters can learn spells like Greater Dispel Magic despite not learning the much more basic Dispel Magic.

What is the best magic system in fantasy rpgs?
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No title
Persona 5 has the best turn-based combat system ever made
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The greatest antagonist.
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No title
>start game
>pick your farm
I'm not cut out to make these kind of choices, you decide.
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No title
Aeris, goddess of discordianism
Which way, western man?
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No title
The Edge
What would you say are the worst final dungeons of all time? I'd say this one is a contender
>incredibly simplistic
>literally just one tile long pathways that you have to follow to get to the final boss
>excluding random battles the entire dungeon is 3 minutes long
>but that's actually good because while you're here the background is constantly fucking strobing in an attempt to murder the player via
epileptic seizure
I know what they were going for with this, it's the prison of a primordial evil so it's going to be nightmarish but it's just not a good dungeon and it's headache inducing to even look at
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No title
What is the greatest jrpg ever made?
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No title
What's the best vidya for roleplaying as a genocidal cleric?
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No title
kiss zdena
>Reveals people who were at Obsidian didn’t think he should be a writer and should stay in systems
>Writes the best rpg of many years in Pentiment
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No title
Best RPG ever made
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No title
>DA day on December 4th
>The Game Awards on December 8th

DA Bros... it's time...
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Pentiment Post-Game Discussion (Major Spoilers)
I found the Thomas' motivation to be pretty far-fetched. I'm pretty sure every Catholic, even in the 1500s, understood that the Catholic Church had pagan origins. The idea that someone would be willing to murder to cover up such an obvious observation seems rather far-fetched to me.
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No title
>"Habitual alcohol use has made you into a scared little pussy, homes. But don't worry, everything's gonna be alright -- you've come to the right place. A Disco Elysium thread!"

Did you let the crab-man live peacefully in the church, /vrpg/?
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No title
What are some long-standing series with tons of games that are so consistently great, there's barely anything to talk about?
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No title
>no prosecutor gf
no single fucking reason to play this shit
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No title
I've been told this and it's sequel are the best rpgs of all time.
was the sentiment correct? Tell me more.
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Stranger of Paradise; translation
It's not the first JRPG that plays with the concept of darkness. I knew it would be there and I thought I could forgive them.

See, in Japanese the connotation of darkness is closer to words like "secret, hidden, and unknown". It's not completely senseless in English because we have phrases like "to be left in the dark". Although that usage is closer to ignorance; you know, someone who's not "bright" is a "dim wit".

The magical substance, darkness, corrupts nature both physical and mental. It makes sense that someone touched by darkness would lose their memory and sense of self. But it makes less sense that things transformed by darkness turn into something savage and aggressive. In theory you could apply the principle of darkness to zealots, racists, autistics, and erase what they think they know along with any reason to impose. This is where you have to do mental gymnastics to consider the principles of light: truth, understanding, and harmony.
So you can reason the forest wants to kill you because the corruption has removed "harmony". For the sake of the game, we overlook the fact that everything is united against you. It's an illusion of harmony. Realistically, the forest should be a battle royal with monsters fighting monsters.
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No title
Would you ever get an RPG related tattoo?
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No title
This whole series has ugliest waifu I've ever seen
even worse than most Western games
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No title
Name 1 game more overrated than Morrowind.
And before you say "Filtered" this game isnt even hard its just boring,ugly and slow.
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Would a CRPG/WRPG with anime/JRPG art style work at all?
Pretty much imagine something that plays like the Infinity Engine D&D games or Might & Magic 6/7/8 but looks like Chrono Trigger, Bravely Default or 90s Capcom art. Why was something like this never accomplished fully? Lack of interest from both sides? WRPG players finding anime art repulsive? JRPGs players not caring about it for gameplay reasons? Westerners still being pretty bad/mediocre when it comes to emulating japanese art styles? Most nip game developers not having any interest in trying a project like this out?
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Nihon Falcom
What's their best game?
Ys 7? Cold Steel 3? Gurumin?
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RPGMaker Jam Bread
rpg maker is love rpg maker is life
>Play games from the latest jam and give feedback.

>Join the 6-month jam if you're itching for bigger projects

>Or just play games from the previous jams.

Meanwhile, discuss the theme for the next jam!
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Why do people like ending epilogues? What is wrong with you? are you a tard?
If you want to write a good story, specially one that has the "show don't tell", then you CAN'T have an ending epilogue in which you just write "oh and that side quest you live? well they lived happy ever after, the end".

That is garbage. That is fucking SHIT. that ruins EVERYTHING.
Epilogues, more often than not, just ruin the story, they tell you things you don't want to hear or serve to push an agenda by some dev: See Dying Light 2 in which they made it so the cops were the good guys the whole game because they suck at writing, but since they HATE COPS due to their lib*ral views, in the epilogue the cops SUDDENLY turn evil and start murdering people, while if you side with the Survivors who were unlikeable, evil, prone to betrayal, their ending is the good one because, well, they are "the opressed black people" or something.

Or take other games in which hearing about the ending ruins the experience, if in Outer Worlds you don't do the dyke's personal quest, then SHE LITERALLY COMMITS suicide, yes, you don't help the dyke? boom boom to the head. Even if you do everything "nice" for everyone the team just disbands and nothing works out, it's way better to just have the ending and not hear about the writer's fanfics during the epilogue and just think "yay and the crew stayed together and kept going on adventures" rather than "Oh well Max just.. like.. left and... something".

Epilogues are garbage.
People who like it are garbage.
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No title
it makes zero sense for east coast to use bottle caps and even less sense for them to be used again in the west after fallout 2
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Plox help in Elden Ring
I need help in Elden Ring
I don't know what I am doing...
I will admit that I am a retard and I decided not to see any guides and just winging it the whole time.
I don't know what sort of build I should do really and I don't know how to improve and find better weapons and armor.
I have defeated Godrick
any help would be appreciated :)
>inb4 gtfo noob
Even though I might be terrible, I still had an absolute blast playing this game so far.
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No title
What's the hardest choice you ever had to make in an RPG?
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No title
>Create RPG with OC protagonist alongside Marvel characters
>No romance
How did they fuck up such an easy selling point? Even if the card gameplay was terrible, a Marvel dating sim would sell like hotcakes.
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Fallout 1 - tips/advice
I thought I should make a thread here and I couldn't see any up for the original Fallout. I know it's probably too early in the game for me to really be asking advice but I'm getting kind of stuck. I went to Shady Sands, discovered they had a radscorpion problem, and went to the caves to try and help since I figured there might be something useful to get out of it and I figured I could get more familiar with the combat.
Only I'm getting trounced by these damn radscorpions. I've figured that combat should be me engaging from a distance, firing a shot with my pistol then retreating (since I only have enough AP for a single shot right now); only it seems very much a gamble whether I hit the scorpion enough times before they can close on me, and once they've done so I seem to be stuck either in a cycle of healing and getting attacked, or getting stung to death while I keep trying to shoot and run.
I feel like there's something I'm missing about the combat system that asking you guys might help with. Is there anything obvious? Did I make a mistake coming to this cave so quickly? (I've not been in any other fights apart from the ants in the starting cave, and since this is my second character I just ran past most of them rather than stick around to fight)
Any advice please would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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No title
Why can't any other company produce games as good as Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077?
I've been chasing the same high but everything else is just sub-par.
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No title
TES2 Daggerfall - Restored Poster bonus 3
Daggerfall requires a lot of effort on the player to enjoy. A lot of suspension of disbelief. But if you allow yourself to be fooled, it is actually a very fun game. Even though every quest and city is procedurally generated, after you've been playing for a while you kind of allow the illusion that every location is unique to grow on you. You get a sense of scale and realism that no other RPG offers.

I remember Zaric saying that every region in Daggerfall felt unique to him. I thought this was nonsense. How could a region feel unique when it uses the exact same generation algorithm as every other generic region in the game? I didn't understand this until I properly played Daggerfall and gave it a chance rather than dismissing it as procedurally generated garbage like I had done before. For example, over time you remember certain town layouts, you find a city with all the right services that your character requires in the one place, or you grow fond of a city that you've done a lot of quests in. And after a while of helping people out you see your reputation in a region has grown, it feels good that your actions in this world actually mean something.

Daggerfall definitely has something that no other RPG I've played has. A sense of immersion that you really are just an itinerant adventurer living in a fantasy world. Even though it's from 1996 it feels surprisingly modern in the amount of freedom it gives you.

Of course, the Unity version and shit ton of mods help a lot too. There are a lot of quest and world overhaul mods so the game doesn't feel so samey all the time.
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No title
is this series any good, if i have the PSP version should i bother getting the PC version instead?
5 media | 51 replies
Star Ocean 6
For those who got it early, is it shit?
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No title
He made the cut
You HAVE worked on your RPG maker game today, right /vrpg/?
30 media | 158 replies
Elden Ring
34 media | 128 replies
What is the correct mindset to enjoy DRPGs?
I've tried playing some DRPGs and there's a lot of things I like about them:
>party management
>free character creation, allowing for a multitude of approaches
>first person exploration is usually immersive
>I like drawing maps and making my own notes

Even though I like all these things, there's one thing that always filters me in these games: the combat. No matter how much I try, it seems that all the DRPGs really on two types of battles: the ones where you mash attack until the enemy is dead without worrying about anything and the ones where you try to mash attack to win but the enemy completely destroys your whole party with just one attack. This second option usually becomes a RNG fest, because while the enemy always has this attack that wipes your party, it can use it on turn 1, turn 10 or never use it, so it all comes down to luck.
So, what you do to enjoy this? Do you just accept that combat is shit and decide to have a good time with the remaining characteristics of the game?
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No title
What's the last RPG you played?
Did you finish it?
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No title
Why are these characters so FLAT? The world is interesting, the concept is interesting, the character designs are pretty, the combat is fun.
But none of these characters ever drift away from being Saturday morning cartoons. Especially the party is just a bunch of cheerleaders who don't really have feelings beyond "I love you guys" "I love my family" "Let's stick together!"
It's not like writing characters to sound like humans is alien to Japan. The Crestfallen Warrior from Firelink Shrine has more character in his left finger than your whole party.
All of these characters are hot anime vampires, so you'd think they would be edgy -- even that would be an improvement. Why does everyone have to be so gooey?

The level visuals are fugly too but everyone knows that. How did they fuck up a game where they legitimately did things well? Did they accidentally hire an AI to write the script?

I haven't finished it yet but I don't give a flying one if any of these people die or what
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No title
Heard he’s dead, so, is it safe to gush about the greatest RPG ever made that is eventually get the 2.5 treatment next year, or at least announced for its 25th?
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Choose your own adventures
What are the best choose your own adventures?
I feel like the scratch the rpg itch without boring strategy game mechanics
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No title
>I am forgotten

and we've been shilling it so hard larianbros...
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It's Monday yet again, time for a thread about monster collecting and monster raising games.

What have you been playing?
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No title
Why don't more RPGs tackle Lovecraftian horror?
7 media | 47 replies
No title
Great Pumpkin King
Let's talk Artix stuff. Also don't forget to grab your pumpkin helm before Mogloween ends.
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No title
saga frontier 2
What's a game you'd recommend to anyone?
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No title
RPG parties are too large. Give 1-2 companions whose character arcs are built throughout the entire game and can be given a time to shine, rather than coterie of 6-9 people that all orbit the PC.
All the way back, Tolkien realized that having 9 characters hogging the spotlight was a bad idea and split them up into smaller groups, which gave the breathing space to develop.
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Does this RPG exist?
>consists of traveling with a group of recruited companions/subordinates, your character being their leader
>the group is larger scale than an RPG party and more on the level of a mercenary company
>you go from settlement to settlement looking for work/exploring/etc.
>your recruits have interesting things to contribute beyond a warm body
The closest I've found in Vagrus or maybe Sunless Sea. Neither go as large scale as I would like however and would prefer something like Mount & Blade but with unit commanders being more fleshed out.
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why haven't 90% of the innovations made in this game become standards of the JRPG genre?
the overworld encounters, autobattling, and rolling HP meter make it a way more engaging and streamlined experience. most jrpgs since then seem to be cut from the same cloth from the 80s or so. it's not like stealing the game mechanics is going to take away from earthbound itself, or that the series is going anywhere. game developers are willing to make the game worse just so they aren't copying something, like every game isn't in one way built off another game. i don't think the game is perfect, but i think other games could learn a lot from it.
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Negative quirks you have with RPGs
Things you hate about yourself/that you do when you play an RPG(negative quirks):

I love replaying my favorites with different builds, but I tend to lose interest before the ending. Usually because I'm steamrolling by then (Morrowind, New Vegas, DA:Origins) and the ending parts aren't all that fun after doing them a dozen times. The fun is in the struggle, for me. The anticipation of what feats/perks I'm going to select in a future level up. I try to force myself to finish a playthrough else I'll start getting discouraged on a new one because I didn't finish the last one. I wish the enjoyment was consistent all the way through
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Umm is Atom RPG just garbage or something?
> Game's first loading screen is a communist symbol
> Character creator is this gross boring garbage
> Menu HUD looks like it was done by a child

Whati s this shit? I get it's indie, i'm not asking the world, but, why? And what is this gross character creator are seriously all my options the gross incel face?
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Alisha and her hot sauce
I love Alisha's homemade hot sauce!
71 media | 395 replies
Arknights 300k
A friend reccomended me this game so im thinking about trying it.
Is it good?
0 media | 5 replies
Atelier Thread
With the Ryza series finally wrapping up, what would you like to see in a new Atelier game? What battle and alchemy mechanics would you prefer, what setting? And what direction do you think Gust is going to take, just based on your gut feeling?
108 media | 470 replies
No title
sawyer dolly parton
Given the rumors that Sawyer is forming a mid-sized team and has been granted full access to Microsoft's IP vault, what do you think his next game will be? I know that he recently expressed a desire to return to Fallout or Pillars of Eternity, but I think a Halo RPG by Sawyer would be ludokino.
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No title
download (1).jfif
Why are there so many DRPG threads on the catalog? Did some eceleb stremed one or something? What the fuck is going on?
0 media | 5 replies
Neverwinter Nights
Starting a Rogue/Sorcerer in Swordflight. I've read that it's the best of the best as far as modules go. Tell me it's true.
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No title
Why is every city in Elder scrolls so small?
17 media | 159 replies
No title
How the fuck do you play this game? Even the first dungeon is hard and there's no tutorial.
0 media | 8 replies
No title
DID YOU KNOW that flemeth from dragon age is the same actress that played Janeway on Voyager?
4 media | 14 replies
Hat World
Play the recently(?) translated freeware Saga-inspired JRPG with cute girls in various head accessories engaging in wanton violence.

Folder with the game and patches

You too can make the scripts guy despair over a stupid bug or oversight.
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No title
When was the last time you've seen an RPG let you play a druid?
Legit must've been like the 90s with might and magic
9 media | 29 replies
No title
hero (1)
Did /vrpg/ enjoy Divinity 2?
5 media | 42 replies
80s-Early 90s CRPGs
What old RPGs do you guys consider to still hold up? I'm having a lot of fun with Might and Magic 4 right now, the sprites give a lot of flavor to the world
2 media | 10 replies
No title
Dragon Quest XI is the best JRPG released in the last 5 years and I'm tired of pretending it's not.
3 media | 55 replies
No title
pillars of eternity 3
Sawyer once mentioned the idea of making a AAA blobber in the vein of Might & Magic with Fallout style roleplaying. Could such an idea work?
5 media | 28 replies
No title
When did Final Fantasy peak? What went wrong?
10 media | 86 replies
No title
Is ちんちん避けゲーム the most innovative RPG of the decade? Undertale did come out a year prior, but ちんちん避けゲーム basically does it all better, deviating completely from the standard RPG formula instead of shyly stepping around it and changing things here and there. The writing is impeccable, unlike childish, derivative "haha it's not like Final Fantasy you guys!" western indie games. It is not merely subversive for the sake of being subversive or to shock the player, it actually has something to tell. ちんちん避けゲーム will make you laugh and cry, sometimes both at once. In my opinion, it is a groundbreaking RPG, albeit one that is unknown outside of Japan. It even introduces a social element with it being hosted on NicoNico. It does drag on a little bit, but overall it is a joy to experience through and through. I truly believe that ちんちん避けゲーム is one of those unique games that you will think about for days after completing it, and never forget.
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No title
Which JRPG villain does this describe best?
1 media | 22 replies
No title
What exactly defines an RPG? Stats? Choices? Character creation? The ability to directly effect the story,characters and setting through the choices you make? A hero's journey? Not every game classified as an RPG folliws these rules.
4 media | 41 replies
No title
>make a barbarian
>spawn in the first dungeon with a dagger and bow
>can't hit anything
>get killed by a rat
so this is hardcore roleplaying huh...
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No title
Pokemon is the most popular and well selling RPG series of all time.
How come there is not one thread regarding it?
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No title
Why are you faggots not playing Astlibra Revision?
I'm in chapter 3. I switched to a magic build, it seems like the only way to parse all the bullshit animations and effects on screen is to have more range than the enemies.
Great game so far, anime bullshit is more retro than modern which is far more tolerable. Interesting mechanical variety on hard mode. Not too too much grinding.
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No title
Fear and Hunger Termina has a Steam page now and is coming out this year.

Who will you be playing, btw? I'll be the Yellow Priest on my first run.
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No title
I really dig Black Souls' combat system. Not having to rely on levels/grinding, but only on your gearing, strategy, and skills feels very refreshing in a JRPG
Any other JRPGs that allow this level of pure strategy? Would FFXII NG- or Crystal Project give me a similar feeling?
88 media | 327 replies
No title
I 5hink the best rpg of of all time has yet to be made
3 media | 35 replies
No title
>I play rpgs no read non-interactive walls of text interspersed with bad gameplay that I don't enjoy on its own
I don't get it, at that point why not just cut the boring bits out and read a book?
It's an interactive medium, they should always let you have choices to make and consequences should follow.
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No title
>open container
>it's a mimic
Games for this feel?
1 media | 18 replies
No title
Is chromo trigger the only good non-indie jrpg?
all the other ones have the same problems, too much dialogue repeating the same informatii 3 times, padding with random encounters, optional dialogue giving you the same information as mandatory cutscene dialogue but slightly sooner, turn-based combat where mashing attack and only using magic for healing is the optimal strategy...
These are all issues that plague All non-indie jrpgs i know of besides chrono trigger (and only some apply to legend of mana)
6 media | 25 replies
No title
I think that a lot of people here bother way too much with trying to get an "RPG" definition that encompasses everything marketed as such, when we should just accept that marketing often lies to us and some games just aren't rpgs even when the company behind it claims it is.
12 media | 68 replies
No title
>My blades are leading me through a secret tunnel
Uh... not very secret, am I right?
0 media | 6 replies
No title
Why do RPGs do this and what's the solution?
3 media | 21 replies
No title
How much time do you spend on dressup in rpgs?

For me, its picking bald hairstyle and then just picking whatever clothes have best stats, what I'd do IRL.
9 media | 65 replies
Little details in Skyrim (your favorites)
>Braith (in Whiterun) has a little backstory where if you follow her home, you discover that her parents ignore her, hence her attention seeking behavior
>Flame spells boil small bodies of water
>Shadow markings outside buildings created by Thieves Guild to mark opportunities/warnings (but you have to read the book in the cistern to understand what the markings mean)
>Birds have nests they return to periodically and a small NPC schedule
>Heimskr is either made homeless or jailed after the Battle of Whiterun
>Anise (the witch in the shack) is sisters with Moira, the same Hagraven you "marry" in "A Night to Remember"
>Fultheim is a former Blade (if you check his items, the books in his room and ask the innkeeper about him)
>You can use a calming spell on Boethia's Champion to engage in dialog with him rather than killing him, and it turns out he wanted to turn his back on violence/the daedra
>If you steal the soul gem in Arondil's lair without him noticing, his servant-ghost turns on him
>You can give the Jagged Crown to the rival faction to the one you've joined up with, which allows you to defect
>Lost Prospect, an otherwise abandoned, empty mine has a whole little story (not marked) with a journal detailing how the owner gradually loses hope as they only turn up small quantities of quicksilver and feels his partner has run off and abandoned him. His partner, if you check a hidden chamber behind the waterfall, didn't die and was instead crushed by a collapsing tunnel (that leads into a chamber full of gold)

What are your favorite little details from Skyrim, /vrpg/?
24 media | 214 replies
No title
What RPG has the best dwarves?
0 media | 8 replies
Mods on the first playtrough
You shall not install mods beyond bugfixes / patches on your first playtroughs. Most of us know this.

This is for a good reason. Most people are retarded, especially gamers, and they will recommend noobs shit game altering mods you should probably never have, let alone on the first playtrough. Most mods are poorly written garbage etc etc...

But there's an exception to every rule. Is there a mod for some RPG that you'd recommend by default even to noobs? For me its BG1 NPC project. Playing trough the game with it right now and the extra banter that it adds to some of my characters is just great. (Especially Edwin) It could be shit with some others, I dunno, havent tested the whole thing. Writing so far has been good.
9 media | 52 replies
No title
Welcome to /vrpg/!
56 media | 459 replies
Are you excited for the trailer at the TGA's bros
16 media | 199 replies
No title
Let's make a list of /vrpg/ approved games...
I'll start:

>Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Future good/looking forward to:
>Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2

>Fallout {insert rest of title}
>Anything Bethesda, Obsidian, etc desu
3 media | 29 replies
Is fire useless in fallout games?
IMO, fire doesn't seem to do anything in fallout games, like it just feels like a extra damage over time effect for enemies, and enemies don't seem to react to fire, they just shrug it off like it's some kind of minor inconvenience
1 media | 5 replies
No title
FFIV After Years
Now that the dust has settled, was this game any good?

Story wise?
Gfx and soundtrack?
Compared to the original FFIV?
1 media | 5 replies
No title
Do you ever eat in rpgs just for the sake of eating?
14 media | 75 replies
Installing Kingmaker as I type this.
Pretty sure a lot of you hate it, but I'm bored. Any advice for classes or fun types of characters to play? I like spellblades if that helps.
28 media | 311 replies
Battle Brothers
Rude Knaves 5 nebacanezzars
Trying to devise my optimal crew composition.

Any tips? Ideas you had, or tactics/strategies that worked well for you?
4 media | 29 replies
No title
Party based RPGs aren't real RPGs. If you are in control of a character for every single problem that can appear, you're not roleplaying. You're roleplaying a schizo with multiple personalities. I get that it's a holdover from tabletop but the player alone shouldn't fill all those roles that are meant to be filled by other real persons. Companions are only ok if you can't control them directly, like Fallout games.
7 media | 32 replies
No title
What do you think of cheating in RPG games?
1 media | 7 replies
From the get go Disgaea 7 seems more promising than 6, what do you guys think?
30 media | 109 replies
No title
Have you ever gotten the munchies while playing an RPG?
4 media | 28 replies
No title
Two and a half years in, how accurate are they to board culture?
22 media | 108 replies
Mod Suggestions for Skyrim?
I'm going to give Skyrim another attempt after nearly 11 years--partly because I really need some light recreation in my free evenings that isn't going to be too engrossing, but mostly for research/academic purposes. I want to keep it as vanilla as I can without subjecting myself to the completely insufferable banality of the whole thing that was the base game all those year ago, so I bought the Anniversary Edition on GOG instead of fishing out my original 2011 disc from storage and will be intially adding the CC Survival Mode mod along with Camping and Backpacks to spice things up a bit, as well as disabling quest markers in the .ini and trying to muddle through with the "Clairvoyance" spell if necessary. I have no idea if this is viable, but I want to make a fair attempt at enjoying what is there to be enjoyed.

Does anyone here have any modifications to suggest that would compliment a vanilla, "research"-style playthrough? Good skin mods, or maybe a few quest mods that showcase community talent without being too disruptive? Are any of the unofficial patches completely necessary (I want to avoid them if possible)?

>inb4 "play something else"
I've been meaning to give the game a proper playthrough for many years now despite being disgusted and disappointed when it first released, just as I did with Oblivion years and year ago--and I had much more fun the second time around with that game once I stopped comparing it to its predessor.
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Rogue Trader
What are the chances for a skaven-like race being added to one of the many worlds in the Kronus expanse?
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No title
rpgs for this feel?
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elf sword
I just want a good game where you can be an elf. What's the best game to elf in.
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>Enemies scale with you
>But not fucking guests
>Their AI is dumbshit retarded
>And they are gone for good the second time they die
>And being so weak the enemy always focuses them down

This game had more than 20 years and at least three ports to fix this shit and it's still retarded and annoying.
This has nothing to do with tactics, this is a fucking oversight.
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Do you think female characters should be as buff as male characters in rpgs?
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The Four Horsemen of overrated RPGs.
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Its crazy how short people's memories are in this game.
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So I got a hankering for blobbers and realized that I haven't played Wizardry series before. Got VI-VIII from Steam planning to go through the trilogy with the same party. Now I'm not a min-maxer, just want somewhat capable party with potential to multiclass on later levels. But now I've spent 5 hours on character creation in VI and are starting to get annoyed. Whose idea was it to necessitate two rolls (well 3, but I don't think karma matters much) on character creation? First you need to roll for stats and after that you need to roll for skill points. I've gotten some characters with descent enough rolls in stats (on a 15 - 18 range) but almost always the skill roll is like 6 at most. And when I get trash rolls on stats, the skill rolls are often near 20. Were developers just retarded in the 80's or did they hate the players when designing this system? Still lolling at the catgirl bard where I rolled something like 30 on stats, only time I've gotten bigger than 18, and then of course rolled 1 on skills.
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The Spellsword
Recommend me games, where you can play as a fun Spellsword and dunk on nerdy Wizards and stupid Warriors.

>The society that separates its wizards from its warriors will have its magic cast by cowards and its fighting done by fools
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Was New Vegas a fluke? I played their RPGs becuase they were the one who did NV but so far every single game was lackluster at best.
>pillar of borrdom
Boring main and side quests. Shit combat. Baldur's gate wannabe
>outhouse world
Shit story. Shit game play. Unfunny
Why can't they pull another NV off? Did the guys who made them great left?
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Post Your Dream RPG
>mecha srpg
>in space following the events of an intergalactic space kali yuga
>all sorts of aliens and alien tech in addition to standard faire stuff
>gotta go into "dead space" to reclaim the past glories of galaxy spanning roman empire from pirates, rabid scavs, rogue AI, competitors, special ops from all sorts of political factions, and untold eldritch abominations
>mount and blade style overworld/trading
>can scavenge parts from defeated enemies
>giga autismo parts customization ala mass builder
>mod system that adds functionalities like planetfall
>weight and power system from AC
>individual pilot performance aligns with different parts so no 2 pilots are the same in practice.
>space and ground combat
>stacked gameplay mechanics: overwatch, cover, intervention, weapon swapping, parts ejection, impromptu ieds using ammo, redlining, safety overrides, parts strain, holding zero on visual calibration, pilot damage, the works
maybe too autistic to be a billion dollar idea but it would be my ideal vidya
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New DLC is out. Warlock, Monk, and Bard. Also, new race Dragonborn.

What do we think?
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How come there has never been a Star Trek RPG?
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>boot up Oblivion
>pick orc
>exclusively use heavy armor and club in dungeon
>pick warrior sign and class
>is now free to unga bunga
this is the way the game is meant to be played
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Is realis a meaningful way to measure a game's quality?
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How come people play this game?
>badly designed samey mob after mob encounters (and that's the entire gameplay, there are no puzzles, traps, special encounters, etc.)
>extremly linear progression
>lack of personality among the characters (be it playable characters who always say generic "I will do it", "they're already dead" or npcs which I can't recall even a single one of)
>Generic, extremly boring story, with the atmosphere being the only good part of it
>no music?
>boring items which as far as I recall only raise stats
>Samey, bland dungeons and terrain (mostly in the first half of the game, but the rest isn't special either)
I'd rather replay BG1, definitely a much more open game
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What a dogshit dlc, do morrowind niggas really?
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>open door
>enemy notices you
>starts running at you
>close door
>enemy will continue to run in place in the doorframe
>fanbase pretends this is a feature
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Looting in warpigs:
>finish a battle
>individually search each and every enemy's corpse and click "take all" along with collecting random bits of cutlery and other garbage littering the room
>become overburdened with useless vendor trash that only exists to be sold
>spend the next few minutes figuring out how to most efficiently distribute the weight between your party, changing equipment to maximise strength bonuses as you do
>head to town to sell everything, making sure to give it all to the party member with the highest barter skill first
>go back to get the rest of the loot
>turns out the merchant doesn't have enough money to buy everything

Looting in jarpigs:
>finish battle
>results screen shows any items you automatically looted, which you can usually carry with effectively no limit
>that's it

Why is it still like this? I'm not even trying to go full weeb and say jarpigs are totally superior, there are definitely things warpigs do better but this isn't one of them. Seriously, why do encumbrance mechanics even still exist? They can't be for realism because they're usually generous enough to let you carry way more than you ever could in reality, and they aren't there as a strategic constraint on the amount of resources you can carry because consumables are typically light and make up maybe 20% of the total weight at most. I like inventory limits in survival horror and some other genres but in any RPG where looting is a major component of the gameplay they need to go, unless maybe the game is really trying hard to be at least somewhat realistic.
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No title
which game actually lets you be a real piece of shit?
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RPG tropes you hate
>Game has over 30+ wide selection of characters with their own niches,yet the first character you get is the strongest unit in the game,rendering the rest obsolete
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Elden ring: Holly fuck is this game depressing..
I never really played any from software games, tried DS few times but never got very far before switching to some other less "dying fetish" rpg.
When it comes to level design it's OK, nothing special but not bad either. It's wast and plenty of pointless things to do since it lacks a coherent story to bind it all together. I find myself wasting hours and hours in it without any feeling of progression. Fighting meaningless groups of enemies only to achieve.. nothing.

I'm lvl 60 something with ~50+ hours of gameplay so i doubt anything will change drastically once i get another lvl, but what no one talks about is just how depressing this game is, holly shit.. I would play the game and feel depressed for the next 2 days, then in a few days i would continue where i left of, play for couple of hours then go through the same shit next day or two. Afaict the other FS titles are not any different.

What the fuck are people talking about when they push goty shit around from software games? This is not a game this is a mental poison. Like i get it, Japanese are retarded when it comes to fetishes and this might be one of their turn-ons, but for the westerners and Europeans i don't get how you can you like this type of games..

Once again, i love rpg elements, loot is ok but nothing special, visuals are ok, exploration is also ok, dying often doesn't bother me but constant jump scare tactics are getting old pretty fast and they kill the exploration enjoyment part.. all in all game feels empty and in the end it's just a mediocre depressing rpg. this it? These are the famous from software games with cult like following?

I'm disappointed..
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>zanmatos your superboss
heh, nothing personnel, kid
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I got meme'd into playing this game, but what the fuck is so enjoyable about this shit?
>read books
okay did that, helped me out on a few quests
>read directions
half the fucking time the directions are told horrible, one time I got send to Vos and it was actually an Island on Sheogorath near another city
>enjoy the atmosphere
I'm more walking and getting the nice music paused thanks to those flying rats or some other retarded shit

also I'm fucked since I chose 0 magic skills and apparently that is where the fun is
this game is fucking dogshit
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Codename: Outbreak was developed by the same guys that did STALKER and has rpg elements in its level up system and character selection.
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rpg in a box will be free in two days
rpg in a box is free on epic store for an entire week lads.

The best rpg maker engine period.

>but Shill
I aint an unpaid fan of the developer, and I'm not related to the guy.
I just want others know the best RPG MAKER engine ever made.

Because FUCK RPG MAKER fucking piece of shit, I wasted so much time on it.
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No title
What's the most recent JRPG that came out with a genuinely good story? Not lore. Not worldbuilding. The actual fucking story.
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"What 12 Krogan, human? You mean 2 Krogan!"
cyber shepard 4

Cyber-Shepard laying down the based? But whats this? Around 1:50ish minutes into the video he sarcastically remarks:

>"If I flee I might trip over the dozen Krogan I killed to get here!"

Dozen Krogan!? You only kill like 2 Krogan leading up to that point. Bluffing or bad at math lol? It'd be pretty funny Clan Weyrlocs speaker corrects Cyber-Shepard by reminding him he only has 2 confirmed Krogan kills. Or is this supposed be like a Bethesda game (in which for scaling purposes we are forced to "pretend" a city with 42 npcs ingame actually has 42,069 citizens in lore) in which we, the player, are supposed to "pretend" we just gunned down/disintegrated 50+ Krogan leading up to that point on the mission? Really Bioware?

ThE mission wouldve been way cooler if you had to kill hundreds of Krogan before even entering their fortified Tuchanka hospital. And it wouldn't be that hard. Even on Insanity the Mass Effect games arent unreasonable, and the game forces you to bring Dr.Solus, a God Tier (with Tempast and Level 4 Incinerate) squadmate, who also coincidentally absolutely fucking eats Krogan and Vorcha for breakfast in combat... I wish I could have gunned down hundreds of those primitive Tuchanka niggers in that mission, Krogan are especially satisfying to kill since they have lifespans more than twice as long as Asari, and Tuchanka has a lore reputation for being the absolute most brutal planet in the known Milky Way Galaxy, no? So why are the 2 missions there like the easiest missions in ME2, shouldn't they be the like the 2 hardest missions given the planets lore reputation?

Tldr=Why the hell did Shepard say he killed 12 Krogan outside the hospital? Because I'm pretty sure Shepard only killed 2 or 3 Krogan outside the hospital. Lol is this legit Bethesda-styled "scale-down lore to suit gameplay" jank in mah bioware game haha??
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No title
Is it normal for this game to be so hard? I started with Urpina and the ailments that are supposed to be "helping" never land.
Also, am I supposed to be using one weapon type or just jump between them to unlock roles? I put Mondo on Bows after that Snake looking guy kept on performing like shit.
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Svana Far-Shield
>Do you know she's slept with three different men in the last month alone? What kind of woman would do such a thing? Just for once, I'd like to see her squirm... to rub her nose in it.

Yikes, can someone tell this chud that we are in Fourth Era 201 and slut shaming is NOT ok? Haelga can sleep with as many men as she wants, sweety.
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Do people seriously like to avoid fights and play a peaceful character?
I see so many games offering a "peaceful mode" in which you can just knock everyone out instead of killing them. Cyberpunk 2077 was the latest one in which the community basically begged every day to have a non lethal path.

And I wonder, why? Why in games in which you're in a fucked up society you would ever want to just let criminals, rapists, murderers, psychopaths, etc live? Do you seriously feel better about yourself by letting a bandit live? You don't care if two minutes later he will go murder some children or something?

So many games offer intimidation or charisma options to avoid fights but all you do in those cases is, not only miss gameplay, but let the bad guys go. The devs put it there as some sort of reward for investing points in that skill but it never has a good outcome.

I wish all hippie pacifists got shot in the head.
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Play Suikoden II
Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 4.32.20 AM
I'm only 20% through this game, but I think you should play it.
The writing is good with serious elements and good humor. The music and sound effects are cool and very nostalgic. The battle animations are great, and have a few surprises. The turn based battles require some thought, and there is a magic system similar to FF7 but more entertaining.

There's also 108 potential characters to recruit.

Play Suikoden II
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No title
Are there any good modern roguelikes that actually fit the definition of a roguelike and isn't an indie twin stick shooter with permadeath? Something like pic related (dungeons of dredmor) or tangledeep? Thanks
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No title
Yeschads REPORT IN
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No title
Why aren't there any 'high sci-fi' rpgs? It's always near modern garbage, cyberpunk or generic garbage.
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