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What difficulty does /vrpg/ play their RPGs on?
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Why is Shadowkey so often ignored?
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>teach you it
Is this for real? I was told this had professional writing, but it's pure ESL dribble.
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So is this the best example on how to create a remake?
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Why are JRPG stories so unimaginative and dull?
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This trinity of archetypes is a menace!
How do we get rid of it???
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download (3)
If I'm going back to play a game I don't really remember any of the story of, and my save from years ago is like halfway through, should I continue that one, or start an entirely new campaign?

I'm asking specifically about wasteland but it could apply to any rpg
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Anyone else feel like this game would be better as a sequel rather than a prequel? Especially since it takes place only about 3 years prior to the first game. The time frame is way too close to make any meaningful or significant decisions.
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Why none of you told me this game was great? fuck you guys
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Why do people like this bitch? Her whole character is being a alcoholic that has sex with strangers, a lot of her lines are just her being confrontational towards you or bitching about something, even if you do her quests she still acts like a cunt with a chip on her shoulder, and yet the ending slides treat her as if she was this great friend to you, when all she does is nag and complain. It honestly feels like the devs are saying "This character is quirky and cool, and you WILL like her! And yes, we did give her two slides because she's just that special!"
Also some of her ending slides are just pure cringe.
>That night, Cass kicked in the door of his room to celebrate, only to find the man on the bed was an NCR soldier whose barracks had been destroyed. He was cute, though, so after having her way with him, she got the hell out, leaving an empty whiskey bottle as a note. As she walked along the Dam in the night, she felt drunk, content, and happy to be alive. Which to her, was the whole point of it all
Who the fuck wrote this shit? What were they thinking?
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No title
They don’t write JRPGs like this anymore
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>be me
>just taking things easy abd going out for a walk with my kid sister friend
>things have been tough lately, but I am taking some time off to get my mind right
>alot of things on my mind, especially with my challenging relationship with my dad who has recently come back to life
>all of a sudden a random police officer and his girlfriend/prostitute (tough to tell with how she is dressed haha...) approach us
>policeman or whatever proceeds to beat me within an inch of my life with these weird batons

Are there any JRPGS that can help me get over this feeling? I feel like I need something to be able to take my mind off this beating.
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Bravely Default
Start playing this yesterday seems, that book thing that kinda spoils things in advance is kinda interesting. Finished the prologue and chapter 1 one know, what im in for?

Also, i feel like the need to ask this playing Jrpgs in the past:
Is this one of the JRPGs that you miss alot of sidequest/optional content/dialogue if you dont follow a guide or can i just play chill?
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No title
Just finished POE1 and now I'm moving on to Deadfire. I was a Priest of Eothas in the first game, but after the revelation of the gods being fake news and also my character not being Eothas' biggest fan rn I think a class change is in order. I think I'm gonna go with a Goldpact/Streetfighter (Holy Slayer) riposte build. I really appreciate all the options for build crafting without getting too autistic like Pathfinder. I think I'm gonna end up playing through this game at least 5 times just to try out different builds. I hope there's enough variation in the quests to keep multiple playthroughs interesting. What are your favorite builds in Deadfire?
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La Pucelle: Ragnarok
It comes out August 30th on Steam. How good is it compared to Nippon Ichi's other PS2 games like Soul Nomad, Phantom Brave, and the two Disgaea games?
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No title
Tsubaki-chan is sooo kawaii!!!
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No title
who writes this shit
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>Dispelling /vrpg/tard and Youtube Essay writer mindless talking points
"Fall from grace" is the theme of the whole game, for those too stupid to see it.
Skyrim is torn into two, the Empire is a Thalmor proxy state, prestigious institutions whose name used to hold weight are now rendered obsolete in a world. Magic is fading, realism is setting in. The reason that the Companions, the College of Winterhold, the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild don't have "glorious questlines" is because they are way past their prime. The world is changing; this isn't a "high fantasy" setting like Oblivion and Morrowshit were.
The Companions have been getting crushed by the Silver Hand. Additionally, there's barely any glory in being a medieval mercenary realistically. Kill the rats, fetch the object, protect the person. That's your life.
The College of Winterhold went from a prestigious institution to a rock with ten people on it.
The DB has been reduced to a couple uneducated backwards cutthroats in a basement.
The Thieves guild has you committing petty theft in the province's most disgusting city.
The civil war is reduced into guerilla fighting between Nordsmen and the remnants of the Empire.

In all the above questlines you take the first sad step into bringing some magic back into the world and slowing down the fall of said institutions. Having said that, the future looks bleak.

>The obvious
This game is clearly superior in ambience, leveling up design, graphics, voice acting, sound design, and quality of life mechanics.

TL;DR: It's not "bad", it's thematically different from its "boom boom spell magic demon" predecessors. If you find this game bad like FO4 is bad, you're objectively stupid.
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Games like LonaRPG is unironically the most immersive RPG
If your game doesn't have the potential for rape and ryona against female characters; it is unironically unimmersive and unrealistic. I skip all the hentai scene of picrel game and actually steer away for the most part from the more explicit content. However knowing the threat of defeat rape is makes me immerse and enjoy the game more. Playng female characters in games like pathfinder have these off feeling due to the lack of defeat rape or something similar. Any actual RPGs (not hentais clicker labelled as RPG) that implemented similar systems?
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How unavoidable is crowd control in Underrail? I feel like throwing is a must even if you go stealth, or at least traps. I just don't see how you can funnel / destroy all those mobs rushing at you unless you have some crowd control / disables. Even the cover art shows crowd control.
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Once you get past the jank and placeholder look...
It's actually a fun and hardcore PnP system adaptation.
I enjoyed it more than WotR.
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No title
This is the most comfy FF of them all, maybe it's because it's basically an MMO-lite.

Also, what are the best weapon types for each character in the OG version (Not Zodiac age)?
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No title
>play Kenshi
>venture into fog islands hoping to reach Mongrel
>have 6 guys with me, decent equipment and stats
>can easily handle fogmen bands that harass us at first
>eventually one of my guys unfortunately gets knocked out
>he's the best thief in my squad
>now I realize how fucked I am if I stay because hundreds of those cunts now surround us out of nowhere
>try to carry his KO'd ass out to safety
>escort gets overwhelmed and btfo
>only one guy out of the group makes it to safety
>rest of them get eaten alive in some fucked up green inferno tier ritual
>i'm scared shitless to venture out again from the town
I got more immersed in this 30 minute adventure and faced serious c&c here than I've ever had in any shit bioware and bethesda RPG.
Looking back I should have cut my losses and left the injured guy as a distraction since he slowed us down.which seems like a realistic option to do if you're hunted by bloodthirsty cannibals. These are some real c&c.
I love this game so much
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Rogue Trader
I will never use a filthy space wolf.
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No title
How do you make 1 v 1 turn based combat fun?
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No title
Oh? You're an RPG enjoyer? Show me a screenshot of the RPG you're currently playing, then.
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RPGMaker Jam Thread
The Monster Jam starts in a few days! What do you have planned?

Previous jams and resources:
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Fallout 1
How do I kill this motherfucker who holding the hammer?

I've decided to exterminate the Blades and put a bullet on Razor's skull but this fucker is giving me a hard time. It seems like he has 20 action points because he always reaches me every time and can even do a single attack before ending his turn. If he is already close, he can make 4 attacks in a row in a single turn and each deal 20~45 of damage. What the fuck is this guy. Was he designed to be a sub boss or something?

I did a Small Guns build but I do at least 6~12 of damage on him.
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No title
How can a game be such pretentious sleep-inducing garbage? I've already tried playing through this like 3 times and always end up giving up in the city. I guess it's there are just too many story dumps that I don't care about, plus the companions are either bland or annoying like that annoying fire priest.
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No title
SaGa but it’s called Legend of Legacy
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No title
Is this still the definitive version of FF4 if you want all the content? Such a weird decision to keep Interludes exclusive to it.
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No title
>medieval fantasy setting
>everyone speaks like they're from 21st century California
Why is this so common in modern crpgs? Do people love this shit?
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Remember to dip Monk.
Everyone should have a bit of Monk with them.
Especially Sorcerers.
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No title
I’m sorry, but Shadow Madness during its time was far from what I’d call a “bad game”. Sure the models in fights looked blocky and half the time you didn’t know what you were fighting, but for fuck’s sake. With graphics similar to FF7 is it a fair argument to make?

Yes the game’s pretty short and some of the design choices would make you go “really? They did that shit?”

What I see is a stateside gem that was heavily inspired by jrpgs. It’s downfall is obviously being too ambitious and because their development team was small compared to larger studios like Square, they were forced into the dreaded “crunch”. The writing is hilarious and anyone who’s played through the whole game will agree the writing is pretty impeccable, if not hilarious. Thanks to Ted Woolsey heading the team, I definitely got the feels from playing FF3 (Ff6 if you’re a purist). It was also one of the few ps1 games of its time to make full use of FMV technology.

TLDR; it honestly was a good game that would’ve been a masterpiece if they weren’t forced on time crunch. Review sites were too cruel with Shadow Madness. To this day, there’s not a single game that is like it in terms of style and writing.
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No title
*puts you to sleep*
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No title

What is your mbti and what rpg class do you usually play as?
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No title
ITT: RPG villains who underwhelmed you. For whatever reason, they didn't live up to the hype.
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No title
The Mammoth: A Cave Painting is a game where you walk to the right for five minutes. But notice how the narrator adjusts the story according to the consequences of in game actions. If you do well or poorly in combat, the story changes to reflect that outcome. Few role playing games bother doing this, even when they are primarily focused on combat.
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No title
Have you worked on your RPG Maker game today, anon?
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Anyone playing the Gold Box games on Steam?
Just learned about them coming to Steam and the unique launcher for all the games is pretty slick. Plus it includes all the cluebooks and manuals. I never played these games except Dark Sun and I'm gonna start with a replay of that then maybe the Krynn series.
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No title
This game sucks. The way to level up characters is so obtuse you basically have to do it outside of combat.
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Soul Hackers 2
New trailer from Ringo's game. Surely you preordered, right?
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No title
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Atelier Thread
Which protagonist had the best character arc? And why is it Totori?
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No title
What kind of names do you create for your characters in RPGs?
Do you just name them whatever or do you actually give them autistic lore friendly names?
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No title
What's your favorite RPG where you can build a cozy base? Every single one I can think of has done a horrible job.
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No title
I could only ever get to day 3 on this game. I never have enough macca for demons and these rescue missions are hard as fuck. Is this game hard or do I just suck?
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No title
Tell me what is the best Fire Emblem and why right fucking now!
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Vidya Crushes
aerie tradwife
Have you ever fallen in love with a vidya character /v/?

Aerie has been the only one I've ever fallen in love with. She's perfect on the inside and outside. But ever since losing her wings she struggles to see beauty in herself and the world below.

On one hand it has motivated me to become the man I want to be. I began lifting for her, eating healthy, quitting porn, being productive, etc.

But ultimately this has caused me some emotional pain. I've only had one (short-lived) relationship with a girl when I was 15. At 22 I'm still kissless. I feel so miserable that I'll never find a woman like her and am afraid I'll be alone forever.

Sometimes I fall asleep listening to her romance dialogue while cry a little bit, wishing I could hold her myself.
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No title
So SNES era RPGs were REALLY boring
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No title
I loved New Vegas so I'm trying this for the first time, what are the essential mods??
I remember hearing theres one that changes the enemy leveling/difficulty/etc to make it more like NV
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No title
>final boss doesn't have multiple phases
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What is a RPG?
what is a woman
What is, in fact, a RPG?

I've had numerous posts deleted by jannies who still can't explain what a RPG exactly is.
>that's not an RPG, it's an action game
That's the complaint I receive the most.
Can you even give me an objective question?

To me, an RPG, as the very name implies, is a game where you take a ROLE (hence, role playing game). That role can be anything, from dragon slayer to truck driver. Therefore, skyrim is an rpg.
Truck simulator is an rpg.
Minesweeper is an rpg (you take the role of a bomb defusal professional).

Can you prove me wrong? Yeah, I thought so.
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Making Rom Hacks then making repros to sell online
What's to stop anyone from hacking a dead ip jrpg like LUFIA 2, and then selling a reproduction cart online? No one would come after you because no one owns the ip anymore, collectors are running around spending big money would probably buy a $30 massive rom hack overhaul like the flames of eternity rom hack for chrono trigger.
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random battles never had any place in video games
they're an obvious holdout from 70s era tabletop RPGs and board games that are an abuse to the medium of video games.

even in the 80s computers and video game consoles were powerful enough to have dynamic on screen enemies. I hate to get all "stop liking what I don't like" on you but I legitimately cannot understand how anyone could possibly enjoy game design where you can't even see the enemy that's attacking you until it's already drawn you into a battle.
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No title
What went wrong
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Is Telos Surface the worst RPG level?

>the outdoor areas look nice enough but the old military base is the blandest, drabbest environment in the game
>introduces cannoks as an ecological experiment that's run amok, but for some reason the cannoks will never attack the mercenaries around the area and will only ever attack you
>many encounter designs are just "guys behind a minefield" which exists exclusively to fuck you over by having your party AI charge forward and get blown up
>the floors in the military base will vent poison, causing you to tediously micromanage your party to avoid walking over them
>forced to use bao dur (who absolutely sucks in a fight) for the most challenging combat stretch of the game
>have 4 party members available but can only use 3, with no explanation of where the other one went
>constantly being interrupted by cutscenes which add nothing to the game (and also fuck over your ability to use stealth as entering a cutscene decloaks your character)
>all of the mercs are stationary ranged enemies and are placed exactly far enough apart for grenades to be useless, and stationary enemies cannot trigger mines so your only way to fight them is head on
>you're stuck here once you arrive and you don't have access to a workbench or a lab station until you're 80% of the way through this area
>the area outside the military base has enemies spaced out in a way that's designed to fuck with your party ai and cause them to charge forward into a group of enemies and die
>turrets can detect you when using stealth even when they fail the awareness check for some reason

I don't mind a challenge, but this area is just a absolute slog to play through. Compared to Peragus, the encounter design and enemy layouts feels amatuerish and there's almost no opportunities to use skills aside from retrieving mines, so it tends to play the same on every playthrough.
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No title
Does excessive coomershit detract from your enjoyment of an RPG and its story? If so, how much is too much?
17 media | 98 replies
Mechanics you'd like to see in RPGs
Here are a few off the top of my head:

-Level drain monsters - every time one of these monsters hits one of your characters, that character permanently loses a level and can only get it back by grinding it over again

-Stackable poison - if a monster can poison your character on attack, it stacks with each successful attack so that your character can be poisoned many times with cumulative damage; to fully remove the poison you have to heal every poison in the stack

-Persistent poison - if a poisoned character dies, and you resurrect them (by returning to town and paying hefty fee of course), the poison does not disappear and continues damaging them as soon as they revive, meaning they can die easily die again almost immediately after

-Resurrection consequences - if a character dies and is resurrected they lose all the experience they've accumulated toward moving to their next level

-Improved thief monsters - enemies can steal any items in your inventory, including mandatory quest items, and then run away; if you can't catch them you might be able to find the items on a black market somewhere for an exorbitant price

-Critical miss on attack - if you roll a 1 on attack your character will have to make a saving throw or suffer a critical miss, in which they will accidentally kill themselves, e.g. by tripping and falling on their own sword; also applies to enemies but if an enemy dies from a critical miss you get no experience from it

-Poisoned consumables - consumables you acquire can be randomly poisoned and require a detect poison spell to be identified (must be cast on each individual item)
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What's your favorite race/class combo? What dungeon level are you on? Best early game finds? Stupidest death?
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share your favorite rpg weapons
What is your favorite rpg weapon? Do you prefer magic? Do you like firearms in your rpg? I, myself, like a nice flinlock (think fable 2) that isnt too realistic. I dont want to sit there for 3 minutes waiting to fire again. I also wish more games with have a quarterstaff. Sword wise I like something short and wide
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Gothic bread
Which one of the only three Gothic games ever released is you favorite? I actually can't decide to this day

Gothic 1
>Favorite main plot & setting out of the three
>Best "early game" design out of any RPG I've ever played
>The most immersive game I've ever played (very closely tied with G2:NOTR)
>The jankiest out of the three

Gothic 2: NOTR
>More content without any drop in quality. (Mostly)
>More replayability value
>Arguably better combat. Arguably.

Chronicles of Myrtana, or as I like to call it... Gothic 3
I'm still on my first playtrough of this game so I don't have enough knowledge about it to be certain.
>Down to earth simple plot, no godslaying, at least not yet, please avoid spoiling if possible
>The worst early game so far. Too easy.
>I don't like the existence of our brother and uncle at all. I don't like any allies actually. We were so alone in previous two titles, I wish they stuck with that idea
>Our character has a name. Ew.
>On the good side the game has deepened certain mechanics a little further, but I wouldn't go too far in depth now.

If I had to vote... I'd say Gothic 1 takes the crown for me.
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No title
Stor liking drow women
17 media | 39 replies
No title
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No title
making a skyrim mod. need (((STUPID))) opinons for Racist Slurs of Bosmer/Wood Elves

so basically its gonna be painted on their body slave auction style. across the chest of females i put Tree Humper but i need more material, fellow racists
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No title
Tactics Ogre Reborn finally announced
thoughts? I'm hoping the filter is an option, but I kind of doubt it will be. also this means the FFT remake is happening as well, so I'm curious when they'll announce that
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No title
Are you gonna name your kids after /vrpg/ characters?
3 media | 20 replies
Vtm Thread
last round vtmb
tell me
>your build
>your clan
48 media | 214 replies
No title
Why did this war criminal get a happy ending?
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No title
Casual gamers complaining about min maxing needs of games such as Pathfinder: Kingmaker need to be SHOT ON SIGHT

Before some of you start seething, let me elaborate.
When a casual 4ching & reddit gamer beats The Witcher 3 on the hardest difficulty, he gets a sense of accomplishment, he feels like he's good at video games and that provides him with a sense of validation that he likely can't experience elsewhere. He becomes delusional thinking that he's actually good at video games. Lmao. Kek even.
So once he gets into a game like afore mentioned Pathfinder: Kingmaker, he
>sets the difficulty to challenging or unfair
>gets absolutely mouled
>complains about it being challenging and unfair on reddit, 4cheng even
>contaminates otherwise good threads etc...
>calls knowledgeable gamers munchkins and what not...

In PF:K example, the game was developed for both casual gaymers and purists alike.
>You do NOT need to be good at the game to beat it
>You CAN choose story mode / easy / normal difficulties for chill runs that will beat the game on any build
>You NEED to be good at the game to beat it on higher difficulties. Read that two or three times.
>You do NOT get to set the difficulty to turbohard inferno nightmare mode and beat it like you beat The Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty and whatever people play these days

10 media | 77 replies
What MMOs are you playing /vrpg/?
Is Guild Wars 2 worth getting into?
17 media | 69 replies
No title
Who is your favorite follower/party member from any game and why
5 media | 13 replies
No title
Why aren't there more rpg's with a raypunk aesthetic?
2 media | 12 replies
We barely know anything about this game but I can already tell you: setting it in the Pillars universe is such a huge mistake, holy fuck.
1 media | 31 replies
Triple Triad standalone
Fuck yo FF remakes.
I just want to play standalone Triple Triad in 2022.
Tell me where to find it. All I come across is defunct 2006 flash websites.
3 media | 14 replies
No title
How many RPGs have protagonists who have children who become characters in their own right, besides Fire Emblem?
9 media | 40 replies
No title
You have 10 fucking seconds to post your top 5 RPGs ever

>Final Fantasy IX
>Dragon Quest XI
>Daggerfall Unity
>The Third Age
>Arx Fatalis
8 media | 34 replies
Persona 5 is zoomer/millennial trash. It’s like SMT but with participation trophies instead of challenging and fulfilling gameplay.
3 media | 6 replies
No title
About to dive into this trilogy with the Wizardry 6 remaster that converts it to the Wizardry 7 engine. It was just released a couple weeks ago and you can get it here if you're interested:
Anyway, what am I in for? I've done a bit of research into the games, but not too much. I've never played a blobber before, not for more than a few minutes anyway. The state of modern gaming has driven me to seek out old gems and after playing the Dark Sun games (absolutely brilliant, btw) Wizardry is my next stop.
1 media | 56 replies
No title
Is this game good? I’ve heard it’s blatantly unfinished and very low-content especially in the third act
11 media | 122 replies
No title
>Black Souls
>Taima Miko Yuugi
Is that the definitive holy quatuor of H-rpgm game series? I've tried a bunch of other games but nothing truly hits all the right spots quite as well as these, be it gameplay, art and writing quality. DoaLV and Pronant Symphony are alright hgames but they really aren't in the same league.
Are there any more hidden gems out there that I may have missed that are as good as the ones quoted above? Also only rpgm please so no Rance or the vn MGC for example, please.
oh and fumika too ofc, how could I forget what a dumbass xD haha
73 media | 389 replies
Age of Decedance
How do people find this game? I'm about to try it for the first time, all I know is people reccomend with not straying from your characters initial stats.
Also how is their next game, Colony Ship shaping up to be?
73 media | 457 replies
No title
What's the best dungeon in an Elder Scrolls game and why?
15 media | 82 replies
Developer thread
Striking while the iron is hot edition.
Post games you are working on, ask feedback about ideas, art, music. Or just post your daydreams about RPGs that never will be made anyways.
26 media | 150 replies
No title
What is the absolute worst take you've ever seen on this board?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Ultima IV
>RPG requires you to take notes of what people say and to draw maps or you'll never get anywhere
I really like this old school mechanic, what other RPGs do it the hardcore way?
0 media | 13 replies
No title
Any other Torn City players here?

It's crazy to think so many people have racked up 20,000+ hours on this game.

It's an online crime game that's been running since 2004, I've been around since 2007. I don't even play much games but I've been addicted to this over half my life.

Not seen a TC thread on here in ages.
1 media | 20 replies
No title
What are some underappreciated RPGs that deserved more attention?
11 media | 117 replies
No title
What would Fallout: New Vegas be like if Josh Sawyer had allowed Avellone to be lead writer on it.
1 media | 21 replies
Dragon Age Thread
Thoughts on the new game?

It's going to be fucking terrible, isn't it?
69 media | 503 replies
No title
So was Sephiroth in control or was Jenova?
56 media | 385 replies
No title
What's the most immersive RPG you've played?
7 media | 42 replies
Mana Series - Seiken Densetsu
Thoughts on the mana series?

I just played through Seiken Densetsu 1(Final Fantasy Adventure), and the remake Sword of Mana.
And I've been thinking about what games to start with for new people in the series.

I'd say that FF Adventure is a bad game, but it was good for it's time. For an og gameboy game it's got a nice story with some good scenes, somewhat satisfying leveling.
It's interesting to see where the elements of the mana games come from, and how it was closer in some ways to final fantasy.
For most people getting into the mana series, I think I'd say skip it and move on to Secret of Mana, and then later at some point play Sword of Mana, but if you're a grognard and you're gonna play it all you can start with ff adventure.
I can't condone starting with Sword of Mana though, it's a cute game, but the mechanics are more fitting to later entries, and it's kind of messy with some characters and plot points. I kept thinking that I just wanted to cut away stuff when going through the story, like removing characters, killing them off or disposing of them, I think FF adventure did that better at some points. Sumo+Fuji were overall handled much better in sword of man imho.

The dungeons in ff adventure were all mazes, which can be interesting in a way to walk through, it becomes a memorization skill to handle them, but kind of tedious which is why I can't recommend the game for most.
Though the impact of the final dungeon was much better in FF adventure for me, since it felt more lonely, the mana palace felt really ethereal, I didn't mind entering it with the other main hero of the game, but with the rest of the gang showing up as well it kinda ruined the moments for the Hero and the Heroine.
It felt like Sword of Mana tried to make all the characters a bit too sympathetic, making it feel a bit melodramatic.
4 media | 21 replies
No title
I'm gonna be deliberately hyperbolic here when I say that watching Bethesda fall has been the gaming equivalent of witnessing the collapse of the Roman Empire. No seriously, all that reputation, goodwill, wasted over a quick buck, game development is a craft these guys clearly don't give the slightest of fucks about anymore, it's all about cashing out to them now.
It's sad, but we must look forward, all these BETHESDA IS DEAD threads while true did get a bit stale, so my question to you is, have you ever caressed the idea of making a TES or Fallout fangame? Maybe a spiritual successor. Not alone of course, such an effort would be impossible without a team
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images - 2022-08-06T133021.664
Is there anything i can do at level 1 besides just hoping for the enemy arrows to not hit my characters?
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Sidescroller Action RPGs
Recommend me some! Preferably ones with build variety rather than ones like Castlevania SotN where all you do is level up and equip things.

>Valdis Story
>Fortune Summoners
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>party is made up entirely of Monks and Warriors that use clubs
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How is it /vrpg/ bros?
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Alright, I got it. What am I in for?
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>"Shepard-Commander, does this unit have the capabilities to make a Mass Effect thread without inciting bloodshed amongst organics?"
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Still the best JRPG protagonist.
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Is there anybody who played this game here? I've seen that its very obscure, hard to find a review of it online.
The setting does look kino as fuck
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Elden Ring
Do you serve Ranni?
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>Play cute looking JRPG (fairy fencer f) from compile heart, a company that gets memed on for making weeb fanservice shovelware.
>It's surprisingly deep, enjoy the characters a lot, get "the feels" multiple times during 2 playthroughs and feel bad for playing like a meme faggot not taking it seriously and freeing the evil god first.
>Play their other recent JRPG (varnir).
>Get a game tryharding the suffering too much but still enjoyable.
>Play Trillion god of destruction.
>Get the right mix of gut punch suffering but also comfy story and characters.
>Currently playing the mary skelter dungeon crawler trilogy.
>More or less the same as trillion with a bit less suffering so far.
So this "weeb shovelware" is all a westoid stereotype then from people that only play the first 20 minutes and refund? If it doesn't look and feel like a realistic "mature" movie game then it's not taken seriously?.
At some point I stopped playing for the fanservice (even if I can also appreciate it) and kept playing for the story, even if I have to play on higher difficulties and avoid DLC items to make the game difficult enough to be entertaining.
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Who is your favorite playable character out of all of the Final Fantasy games?
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MVP Party Members
Post good party members, no protagonists allowed
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What are some of your least favourite Final Fantasy enemies? Not bosses, just regular enemies
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When will the DRPG genre evolve?
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are there other RPG/JRPG where i can build a town/city?
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Bethesda and Bioware were never good and are what cause the decline of RPGs during the 2000's. Anyone saying otherwise actively contributed to said decline.
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no 3x3 /vrpg edition?
Why that can't be
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Which final boss and divine being is stronger? Could Sephiroth kill a god? Could Dagoth overcome the power of the Planet?
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>tfw another steampunk ff is announced
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Rune Factory Thread
Where my PCbros at? It seems like the modding community has gone too far...
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Unironically what makes a game an rpg?
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This is the best RPG of all time. It has more depth than the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series combined.
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the perfect game
Is there any jrpg that's 100% open-world, 100% action, and also has great story and characters?
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Hamtaro, Petz Vet, and Saccharine JRPGs.
I've found a lot of saccharine JRPGs, mostly on GBA, that I want to play, but they haven't been translated into English. I had a long list of them such as Ohanayasan Monogatati, Puku Puku series, and Akachan Doubutsuen. Are there any localized games like Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Petz Vet (called Himawari Doubutsu Byouin in Japanese, part of Doubutsuen series), Harvest Moon series (favorite is AP and FoMT), or so on? I like tea parties, helping animals, gardening, and all of that stuff. Reading picture books and playing games like these are the only thing that can help keep away my demons. I wish there were a bigger market for them.

Is Rhapsody better on GBA or Ps1? Thanks. Any other similar games? These are technically JRPGs, but they tend to have simpler mechanics for younger audiences.
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>mfw I realized he was named after the Nintendo Gamecube
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Bravely... mid
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kino menu
What's your favourite type of menu system bros?
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Mother 2 v 3
Me and a friend debated all weekend weather mother 2 or 3 was the better game, and ut had me curious what /vrpg/ thinks. personally i think 2 is better.
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How old were you when you realized FF10 is just a (bad) retelling of FF9?
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Favorite RPG couple
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I miss finishing a rpg in a week or less.
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Has enough time passed? Is the world ready for another waifu FF game?
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Are mmos dead
>wow is shit. maybe it'll get better in dragonflight but it is yet to see. No one is playing classic and they just boost
>ffXIV is a weeb coomer bait
>eso is single player. You never have to interact with other players
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What is your favorite Final Fantasy job?
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RPGs with Romance Arcs
Best RPGs for Romance Arcs (picture somewhat unrelated). Done NWN 2, DOS2 and that's all I can think of. There's others but not worth mentioning.
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Just learned today the Superman 64 fucks killed Interplay this only makes everything more tragic.
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