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No title
>keeps blabbering during the entire trip to helgen
>never one tries mentions you're not one of the stormcloacks
i fucking despise this faggot
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1998 was the most stacked year in RPGs
This, Fallout, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Parasite Eve, Baroque, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Grandia... Does any other period really compare?
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I feel like I must be retarded since I havent seen anyone mention this issue but how do you fucking see enemies in this game in combat? Theres no outlines and everythings blending together (and im already playing on 1280x720, so its way more zoomed in than at 1440)

Half of the time i have no idea where my character is even standing exactly when theres 20 kobolds around, and whether or not he's gonna have to move to attack or not, since theres no visual indicator for that, and I end up having to mouse over everything to identify objects. Especially when people are prone or dying, since both look the same, and i need to inspect every single fucker to see which of them is going to stand up soon

Is there some mod that adds green/red outlines to characters or something like that?
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Rhinoceros beetles or stag beetles?
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No title
Codex GOTY 2023!
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No title
Is gatekeeping zoomers from RPG genre good policy? Either get small amount of quality stuff for dedicated players or tons of cheap rubbish thats got dumbed down for kids
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No title
People talk shit about this game, but I've been enjoying it. I feel like most of the gripes I've heard about I never encountered and you kind of have to go out of your way to find those things.
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Western games for a Jarpigger
Hello I am in the market for WRPG recs out of a passing interest. I mostly play JRPGs and don't tend to care about WRPGs aside from classic Fallout which I like the atmosphere of. With WRPGs though I mostly have only played Bethesda slop. I had a passing interest in Baldur's Gate when it was the hot topic but didn't play it, and Dark Souls seemed coolish (It's WRPG adjacent)

I am already aware of the proto RPGs like Wizardry or Ultima
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No title
The lore of this world is bananas. Why do so many Japanese rpgs have this weird gnostic esoteric occultism influence? I like it.
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No title
>There are literally no WRPGs before this worth playing
What made the difference?
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No title
I want to get into Japanese dungeon crawlers, but besides Etrian and SMT what else should I play?
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star ocean 2 remake is the best jrpg
i've played a lot of them. ff, ff2, ff3, ff4, ff5, ff6, ff7, ff8, ff9, ff10, ff12, ff15, dq, dq5, dq7, dq8, dq9, dq11, star ocean, star ocean 2 (psx), star ocean 3, grandia, grandia 2, lunar eternal blue, lunar silver star story, lufia, lufia 2, breath of fire, breath of fire 2, parasite eve, xenogears, xenosaga, suikoden, suikoden 2, suikoden 3, suikoden 5, legend of dragoon, legend of legaia, chrono trigger, tales of phantasia, tales of symphonia, tales of abyss, saga frontier, saga frontier 2, romancing saga, romancing saga 3, baiten kaitos, smt3, persona, persona 3, dark cloud 2, rogue galaxy, earthbound, paper mario, super mario rpg, bahamut lagoon, skies of arcadia, and more.

i dropped star ocean 2 on psx at least three times, and dropped it on emulator at least twice. it was tedious, ugly, and just didn't stick. i don't enjoy jrpgs anymore. they're boring to play, and when they try to not be boring they tend to introduce tedious mechanics to mask the fundamental dullness of jrpg gameplay. they also very typically have dull and uninteresting stories, and when they try to mask THAT, they tend to lean heavily on esoteric symbolism and references to add weight, but they end up spoiling the appeal of those things by dousing them liberally with naive and childish plots, which creates such a stark contrast that it's almost silly.

star ocean 2 remake gets what i like about jrpgs right, and dampens what i don't like about jrpgs.
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No title
Do you name your MC after yourself, give them another name, or use their default name?
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No title
What are the must play JRPG/ARPG's?
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No title
I usually like SaGa games, but this is one of the most unfun JRPGs I've played.
>completely linear
>areas are all really narrow and claustrophobic, even if the game has enemy symbols you still end up being forced to fight a ton of encounters
>towns are only accessible after particular chapters
>combat is pretty sluggish, and doesn't feel very rewarding because of party member turnover
>don't get your final party that's actually worth levelling until like 80% of the way through the game, until then the only things you keep are gear and sparked techs/magic. No Romancing SaGa 2 global levels system
>miserable enemy variety, often not even recolors but just reused enemies with the same name and sprite but higher stats
>the best place to spark at for most of the game is at the very start and then you have chapter after chapter of garbage enemies who aren't worth fighting unless you're farming rare drops (which are afaik the only way you can get death/petrification resistance gear)
>learning techs through duels is stupid easy for most of them (thanks to a bug?)
>magic now has to be sparked too instead of just being bought like in most SaGa games
Fucking hell this game is an unsatisfying slog. The soundtrack, visuals and story are all pretty top notch but the gameplay stinks.
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No title
>tfw I like solo rpgs
>99.9% of rpgs are party based
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No title
Woah... Caesar needs me to take the Hoover Dam from the NCR? Alright, I'll do it! I'm battin' for you Caesar!
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No title
>Reddit: The Character
Why are plebbitors always fawning about this basic bish?
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>Of FromSoftware's impressive lineup of recent games (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls III, Déraciné, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Elden Ring), Dark Souls II is the only title not directed by the sadistic master of Souls-Like gameplay, Hidetaka Miyazaki (but he did serve as supervisor). This fact separates the unfairly maligned game from its infernal brethren, whether warranted or not. Fans of the Souls series had better get on board with the idea of the auteur creator passing the torch for future games, however, as Miyazaki himself says there's a "high probability" he won't be director of "other Souls-ish games going forward".

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No title
DS version or SNES version? First time trying and I heard they are different enough to care about
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Breath of Fire
nina kiss
I just finished 3, and finished 1 and 4 way back in my high school days
Is 2 worth playing? How about 5?
Also I love love love BOF Faeries
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I beat underrail
I just finished Underrail for the first time, and figured I'll talk about it here. I would wait for a general, but the people there either ravenously suck it off, or irrationally hate on it.
For those who want my gamer cred: I finished the game with a typical quad-psi, Tranquility, 10 Agility build on DOM, with base game + expedition.
The RP part of the RPG is quite weak and limited. You can't develop any sort of reputation and you rarely have more than 3 options to tackle any problem (them being KILL, Stealth around, and "do you have X in Y skill"). Dealing with NPCs is especially boring because there's often a big glaring [CLICK TO ADVANCE] dialogue option, so the choices felt cosmetic at best.
The quests are very linear, and that itself isn't a bad thing, but the game presents plenty of abilities (namely psionics) that should give a player different options. Thought Control has incredible potential to be used in negotiation, intimidation, information gathering, and mindreading, but you mostly use it to kill people. However, Ezra demonstrates that he can use his Thought Control to read minds, knock you out(?), and pacify animals, so what's the deal? The games focus on combat left me annoyed that my character suddenly forget he's a prodigy Psionic.
The games combat is good once you understand it, but I found that even slight optimizing made difficulties under DOM too easy. I restarted the game multiple times cause my characters quickly became too strong. Mind you I wasn't following build guides (except for the character I beat it with), I made my own. The game is too easy on hard and below, but also too restrictive on DOM.
On DOM, I enjoyed Underrails combat as basically a puzzle with a very interesting and believable setting that served as the backdrop, but I didn't enjoy it as a roleplaying game. It was fun, but quite shallow. I am playing it again though, this time with a Psiless Tincan LMG.
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ITT: post gameover screens, 1-hit kills, and idk what else...end credits?
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No title
Shiren 4's translation patch finally got released

Shiren 6 also comes out soon, so Shiren/Mystery Dungeon thread.
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Warband Modding Postmortem
Warband Mods... the actual truth of the matter is that sadly none are good

mods for this game are built on the promise that they will eventually get to fixing core issues with the game but never do. there is NO mod for this game that makes the mid-lategame interesting, it's always broken quests that don't work fundamentally and whacking endlessly respawning AI armies. Browsing the game's moddb page is like strolling through a mausoleum, every single mod unfinished, with dev posts dropping off with usually no explanation.

the epitome of this is the "deal with looters" quest, that quest has been broken since launch and 20 years later it's still broken in every single mod, but no mod even bothers to remove it from the game because "we'll get there eventually"

and now that bannerlord is out we can definitely for sure say none of them ever will. being a warband fan must be like being a AGOT fan, you've been told there will be a satisfying conclusion at some point and that all these tiny teetering steps are actually leading up to something, and then nothing

Here's to a new generation experiencing the exact same phenomenon with bannerlord.
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Dragon’s Dogma 2
>and i need you now tonight
>and i need you more than ever
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No title
/vrpg/ rpgm jam thread for Jam 15: Dragon is a go. Post progress!
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No title
Never played any jrpg beside Pokemans when i was a kid. What brought me to this game is really interesting lore and specific feeling of diving deeper and deeper into madness. Any fans of Fear and Hunger here? Im yet to play Termina
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No title
UnReal World
Anybody playing the new UnReal World beta? Axes, spears, and shovels now have separate hafts that can break and tanning is now, thankfully, a task that can be paused.
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No title
What status effects do you find engaging or fun in RPGs?
8 media | 35 replies
No title
What rpg mechanics does Skyrim possess that cannot be found in GTA V?
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No title
Final Fantasy XVI was the best Final Fan-ACK!
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No title
>all good RPGs were 15 years ago
How long will it take ffs
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No title
If you dont own a physical copy of daggerfall you were never an Elder Scrolls fan, just another tourist
2 media | 18 replies
No title
You're a zoomer if you play anything other than these.
5 media | 34 replies
Rogue Trader
>RT sold half a million in a month
>For comparison it took WotR over a year to reach a million
What went so right?
10 media | 65 replies
No title
We were robbed.
3 media | 40 replies
How enjoyable is FF13 if I go in with an open mind?
When taken on it's own without comparing it to any other Final Fantasy game, is it at least worth playing?

I'm an unironic enjoyer and defender of other famously disliked games like Final Fantasy 2 and Fire Emblem Fates, so my standards are low enough to endure this game as well I guess.
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It's Monday yet again. What monster collecting and monster raising games have you been playing?
21 media | 95 replies
Locations locations
I miss when games had locations like that. Took a lot of effort to make it but damn it looked good. Nowe we either got sterile PoE slop, Disco Elysium artsy bullshit or randomny generated clusterfuck. Imagine if todays RPGs had Commandos locations.
Also please post great locations
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No title
who is your favorite RPG protagonist?
40 media | 105 replies
No title
>tfw prefer multiplayer RPGs
>99.9% of rpg players are antisocial zoomoids that play vidya like a job
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download - 2024-02-18T112922.103
Whats the best/funnest of the joinable factions to you?
>my take
1 imperial cult
2 morag tong
3 mages guild
4 thieves guild
5 house telvanni
6 house hualu
7 fighters guild
8 house redoran
9 imperial gaurd
10 temple
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No title
What 2D JRPGs do you think have the most varied and beautiful visuals, tiles and sprite work?
27 media | 85 replies
Which one do you prefer and why? Keep discussions civil.
11 media | 122 replies
Mount and Blade 2
Mount and Blade 2
>full character skill development
>single player campaign
>epic combat and battles
>NPC interaction and passive world building
>autistic levels of realism if required
how is this not in your top ten RPGs again?
it kicks the shit out of Kingdome Come Deliverance by a mile.
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No title
Weapon durability systems.

Yay or nay?
3 media | 54 replies
3DS Rpgs
i just beat smt iv and now i'm playing devil survivor overclocked. FE awakening and bravely default are in my immediately backlog. any other 3ds rpgs i should check out?
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No title
No other Mystery Dungeon captures the heart of this game.
2 media | 7 replies
Iron Tower Studio
Apparently Vince D. Weller says on the codex that Colony Ship will most likely be their last game ever. Why didn't you buy the game?
18 media | 176 replies
Chrono Trigger
>Still no translation patch that puts the DS translation on the SNES version.
They did it with FF6 so why not this game too?
0 media | 4 replies
RPGMaker Thread
Let's talk about RPGMaker games, both rpgs and non-rpgs.
Shill your games, your translations, other people games, other people translations, horror, fantasy, whatever, doesn't matter as long as it is made in rpgmaker.
Maintain schizo shit outside the thread unless rpgmaker related, thanks
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No title
What are some JRPGs with an overworld similar to the ones in Pokemon? Specifically how the sprites, mechanics and general sense of scale are shared between the overworld and dungeons, not necessarily the structure of routes connecting towns and such.
I'm honestly not a huge fan of the more typical zoomed out overworld found in most JRPGs so I'm curious which ones have an overworld like this.
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Fallout 4
>Give the players access to a machine that can delve into human memories, even after they are dead
>It is used once in the entire story
What were they thinking?
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No title
What are some good Strategy RPGs that aren't Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre or FF Tactics?
2 media | 9 replies
No title
Tell me what you think about The 7th Saga or as its known in nippon, Elnard
3 media | 12 replies
/jrpg general/ died 10 years ago.
The /vg/ general that would eventually be reborn as this board has died ten years ago.

Is there anyone in this board who remembers it, and what have you played lately?
Do you agree it was for the best it died so this board would be created?
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No title
Western wizards vs asian wizards (cultivators)
31 media | 429 replies
No title
When did you realize playing a different build in this game for a millionth time is basically learning speedrunning?

Except it's the same broken engine, the same boring animations, the same quest order, and getting bored of playing when the build comes online because the tool you've created to clear the game with doesn't make up for the insipid content.

Is this just sunk-cost fallacy? What's the point of getting mad at all the shit styg has never fixed in an almost decade of development before accepting I've been duped into playing this piece of shit, and moving to better vidya?
48 media | 416 replies
No title
I've begun a replay of the Grimrock games a few days ago and so far I feel this is still by far the best modern dungeon crawler. Nothing else even comes close to these 2 games. I genuinely look forward to playing them at the end of them day, to the point where I'm neglecting other playthroughs to just play Grimrock for a few more minutes.
20 media | 149 replies
the succ
Why did PoE not get popular? You can see all the effort into the world building. Such intricate lore that strives to be realistic & believable while also appealing to the preferences of the current era. They even did RTwP because the audience couldn't handle big mainstream AAA turn based RPGs.

If you like Icewind Dale or Baldur's Gate, you should like Pillars of Eternity. But many did not!
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No title
That's an extremely horrible thing to say about a friend. I get it, it's bantz, friends "bust each other's chops" or whatever, but this seems way too harsh even by the standards of bantz.
0 media | 30 replies
Ar Tonelico/EXA_PICO
>Main villain becomes the hero (and best girl) in the next game
Name a better example.
4 media | 33 replies
No title
unicorn over
So Unicorn Overlord is out in less than a month. this one really crept up on me. Looks like it might be kind of neat. Got an Ogre Battle thing going on.
14 media | 152 replies
No title
what's a more fun way to play morrowind

>plate mail, shield, longsword and bow, craft magic items to suit needs but remain a sword and shield knight the whole way
>unarmored, no melee, all schools of magic pure wizard
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No title
Reminder that skyrim is not only the first rpg, but first game altogether to purposefully institute legal gay marriage. Having a gay lizard buttsex husband is it's sole unique feature.
2 media | 18 replies
No title
It sucks that it is hard to talk people into playing rpgs and their adjacent games. How do you talk it up without hyping it up or ruining the story? And if you hype it up, it almost allways falls flat because gamers always expect to just jizz all over the place if a game gets hype, which never happens (I don't know why we're like this, but so many of us are).

Nier is a good example. I tried to get people to play Nier Gestalt before playing Automatia. But that is hard to do without either hyping it up or ruining the story. Nier is even worse in that regard because you have to do like 2 or 3 play throughs to really see what is unique about the game. And who the fuck is going to do that blindly?

Most didn't, and just watched summary videos.

God, I die inside just thinking about how many people glossed over Nier Gestalt with summary videos just to jump into automatia.

I hate to sound like a cork sniffing guy up his own ass but Nier 1 actually did some interesting things with the concept of gaming and so many people ruined it for themselves so they could rush into playing with a pretty combat doll. Ugh.
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Morrowind: Garbage ass game
>Horrendous combat
>Shitstain visuals
>Characters have zero personality, literal Wikipedia text boxes
Why do boomers praise this shit so much?
Are you that autistic about the lore of a half assed BETHESDA game?
Anyone without a mental illness couldn’t stand to play this shit in 2024
2 media | 22 replies
No title
Honest thoughts on Dark Souls 2... 10 years later?

Miyazaki loved it.

>Incidentally, Dark Souls 2 probably bears the Souls series' closest resemblance to Elden Ring. Design wise, both Dark Souls 2 and Elden Ring stressed open-ended gameplay and ditched linear progression. Miyazaki agrees and in fact goes a step further. "In regards to Dark Souls 2, I actually personally think this was a really great project for us, and I think without it, we wouldn't have had a lot of the connections and a lot of the ideas that went forward and carried the rest of the series."

>Miyazaki adds that having different directors also helped the series as a whole. "We were able to have that different impetus and have those different ideas and make those different connections that we otherwise might not have had." He goes so far as to say that "there's really no way of telling how or if the series would have continued the way it did without Dark Souls 2."
6 media | 58 replies
No title
Opinions on Undertale Yellow? It's an Undertale fangame that released in December, and has been in development for almost as long as Undertale has been out.
60 media | 178 replies
No title
Do you actually hate Final Fantasy VIII or did you get your opinion from a YouTuber?
43 media | 296 replies
No title
Today I am humbly asking for an RPG with:
Good gameplay/combat (preferably not turn based but it's fine if it's good), good exploration (rewarding, varied, somewhat interesting environment), if possible good character building where I can do lots of shit to make my character better with some thinking involved

thx :)
4 media | 30 replies
SMT for a dummy
Thinking of getting my first shin megami tensei game today. Which should i start with first?
4 media | 44 replies
Important Mass Effect Roleplaying Tip ITT
ChingChong DingDong Shepard
High IQ Mass Effect roleplayers immerse it up by coming up with creative in-universe reasons why nobody says his/her name. Such as naming your character:

>Commander Adolf Shepard
>Commander Nigger Shepard
>Commander God Shepard
>Commander Osama Bin Ladin Shepard
>Commander Devil Shepard
>Commander Satan Shepard
>Commander Hitler Shepard
>Commander Monkey Shepard
>Commander Big-Head Shepard
>Commander Queenie Shepard
>Commander Queefy Shepard
>Commander Stinky Shepard
>Commander Pussy Shepard
>Commander Smelly Shepard
>Commander Lucifer Shepard
>Commander 1488 Shepard
>Commander Vagina Shepard
>Commander Evil Shepard
>Commander Bubbles Shepard
>Commander Succubus Shepard
>Commander Incubus Shepard
>Commander Injustice Shepard
>Commander KANG Shepard
>Commander Jihad Shepard
>Commander Strawberry Shepard
>Commander Scooter Shepard
>Commander Tutsy Shepard
>Commander Poopsie Shepard
>Commander Gaylord Shepard
>Commander Herpes Shepard
>Commander Finkleberg Shepard
>Commander Karen Shepard
>Commander Dickie Shepard
>Commander Chlamydia Shepard
>Commander Uranus Shepard
>Commander Cunt Shepard
>Commander Bitch Shepard
>Commander Molester Shepard
>Commander Milhouse Shepard
>Commander Ching-Chong-Ding-Dong Shepard
>Commander Pixie Shepard
>Commander Eenis Shepard
>Commander Peeny Shepard
>Commander Sister Shepard
>Commander Fanny Shepard
>Commander Jeffrey Epstein Shepard
>Commander Boner Shepard
>Commander Sugartits Shepard
>Commander Cumwinner Shepard
>Commander Boobies Shepard
>Commander Butthead Shepard
>Commander Peewee Shepard
>Commander Gay Shepard

Yeah it's cool to name your guy Sebulba Shepard, Raj Shepard, Shrek Shepard, Lucky Shepard, Galaxy Shepard or whatever based sounding shit like that, but explain why no character in all 3 games mentions your 1st name? You can't. The trilogy makes more sense if nobody says your name with the good reason like they're afraid to do so in-universe... be it they're afraid to look racist, or afraid of offending the boss, etc.
117 media | 193 replies
Grind enjoyers
Screenshot 2024-02-21 233017
Why do rpg makers hate grind enjoyers. I feel like there are no rpgs anymore that really reward players who want to grind for drops, stats, etc etc.

>favorite grindy rpg?
>any good grindy rpgs out there?
>games coming out?

Ive always looked for something akin to runescape but singleplayer. Im certain it doesnt really exist but also i never see discussions about grindy rpgs in a positive light in the first place
5 media | 35 replies
No title
This is the face of your hero?
25 media | 48 replies
Dumb fucking idiot
Look at this stupid motherfucker, look at his dumb fucking face

>goes to a planet to hide from the sith
>"w-well i havent seen any sith here!!!"
OBVIOUSLY! What the fuck are you talking about? You're literally hiding from them, of course you haven't fucking seen any of them

Who the fuck let this dipshit onto the Jedi council? He's supposed to be a MENTOR, the fucking best of the Jedi, the wisest of the Consulars - He's a fucking moron!

No wonder the Jedi keep getting purged with stupid fucking morons like this running the show
101 media | 379 replies
No title
>Artificial Intelligence in RPGs.
this is going to enhance RPGs beyond my wildest dreams if used correctly. a few examples are:

>companions capable of in depth conversations for the entire length of a game, forming true friendships.
>towns and taverns with fully interacting patrons that will evolve into their own drunken shenanigans
>antagonists that can devise their own schemes to take over the world
>AI generated music, monsters, locations, puzzles, lore, stories.

this could be staggering, none of us would even play the same game. what say you /vrpg/? any ideas to add?
3 media | 71 replies
No title
do you enjoy using op builds in rpg's?
0 media | 6 replies
No title
Is there any hope for a Starfield redemption story?

I really like the initial concept of the game. Going into deep space in a kinda-ish grounded way. Resource management, exploration, smuggling shit, etc.
Then in comes the Starborn shit. Which is so retarded, I couldn't believe they just recycled Skyrim. AGAIN!
And yet they have the gall to claim realism when people complain the planets are literally devoid of any activity. In their bullshit drag- starborn whimsical storyline. What the fuck Todd?

The blandness is just unforgivable. There are hospitals less sterile than Starfield. No raider cruelties, no dismemberment, no unique kills depending on atmosphere, there's just nothing there. Could have done so much cool things. Imagine a random chance of a headshot in a no atmosphere fight not killing your enemy, but bursting his helmet. Put space things in your space game already. All the animations feel like they come from a multiplayer game, like Fo76. So much recycling.

Mods are promising. Especially the ones that add proper survival elements to the game.
>Food, water, sleep
>disease/condition system
>different buffs and debuffs depending on your status
>actual working hazard system
>Ship fuel management system
>Proper energy management (example, grav driving at full power might cause harm to your ship)

Tons of good stuff in ship building too, despite not even having a proper modkit. But none of that can fix the blandness and the outright boring world building and quests.
The DLC might. But it's a long shot. How can they fix this mess?
12 media | 122 replies
No title
6543792 (1)
This was the last good RPG.
1 media | 12 replies
Happy 9th Birthday to Zestiria !
Also 30th Tales Anniversary is Next year
Hopefully they announce something before then...
28 media | 186 replies
Labyrinth of Galleria
I am about 2 hours into this. It's my first dungeon crawler of this style (3d, first person view, four direction movement in a maze) though I have played the EO4 demo before.

Is there anything I should read up on or is it a game best enjoyed clueless? There seems to be a fair bit of stat complexity and I'm unsure of when my party gets to do anything but auto attack but it's probably soon. Still not sure how to properly control my offense. In the case of a tar monster clearly waiting a turn to counter attack me, and despite me telling the party to attack only the other enemy it still took several hits.
1 media | 6 replies
A remake of these games with a good combat system would be absolute kino. How do I manifest it into existence?
2 media | 13 replies
No title
images (12)
I've seen people talk about Obsidian for past 15 years but only games I've played were F:NV which was excellent, Tyranny that was mid, Kotor 2 which was just bad and Pillars 1 which probably was the worst RPG I've played (never made past first 8 hours)

Are the rest of obsidian games worth playing?
1 media | 13 replies
How can I improve my RPG make game? I decided to continue working on my game after a two years hiatus. Now I want to turn it into a proper rpg. How can I achieve that?
29 media | 133 replies
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
One of best RPGs last decade hands down. Filtered many because of realism - lamers stick to Balding Cucks 3, The Gamers appreciate quality medieval product
13 media | 85 replies
No title
What is, objectively, the best RPG ever made and why?
16 media | 96 replies
No title
Why is it so mid?
5 media | 77 replies
No title
why is this game classified as an RPG?
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No title
I wouldn't say "ever." I mean technically you could read a bunch of books that are even more thought provoking and then tie that to a basic narrative and plot structure and convey those themes without it being too heady or pretentious so the player is not getting bored but is getting those thought provocation spikes on a regular basis I don't know you're not Chris Avellone but that shouldn't prevent you or anyone from uh making a well written game that's not like a prerequisite I mean you could just people could just they could write shit and shit and then that shit would like be good and shit I don't know people used to do that before this whole Internet thing find a book my point is find a book and if it isn't that good find another one keep uh keep looking and then you get the idea
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Dungeon travelers series
2 and 2-2 over nyaa

TH2 upcoming
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ARPG thread
show me your favorites
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Any indie RPGs for this feel?
I don't like atom, and I'm not sure that is even indie. I just find myself replaying FO1 and FO2 periodically, because nothing scratches that itch like these 2 games.
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Why did only Lenne become a dressphere?
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RF 4 special
Picked up Rune Factory 4 during the last major steam sale but only now getting around to it. What am I in for? Should I play hard mode?
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What a wonderful game.
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Is it the comfiest Dragon Quest? I'm torn between the PS2 original and the DQ3 SNES remake. XI was comfy as well I suppose.
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Kuro no Ken - Blade of the Darkness
kino that escaped the pc-98
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Not many games that let player be a father and abaddon the child at infancy
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If you can play it with controller its not real RPG. Go play call of duty or something
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How can I roleplay as the most racist man in Tamriel?
Was Master Neloth racist
I feel like replaying Morrowind soon, I enjoy bizarre deeper TES Lore it has been over 4 years since I've done a TES 3 playthrough. So I need help me with my character's RP, basically as the title states I want to RP as the most racist man in Tamriel. Can you Morrowind nerds lend me some RP advice?

Iirc from a Lore standpoint, there are no laws against harassment in 3rd Era Morrowind, correct? So I can use the "taunt command" to lower 99% of ingame NPCs disposition points down to zero making them automatically attack me and I can kill them without the town guards counting it as a murder, right? Meaning stealth-kills are kinda pointless in Morrowind? This'd be irl equivalent of walking up to strangers screaming irl "trigger words" such as CHRIST KILLER KIKE or FILTHY NIGGER or STINKY COWFUCKER until they lose their patience and attack, yet legally constitutes as a self-defense murder since he "technically" attacked me first? This is a dangerously based way to RP a character in an RPG! What are some horrific in-universe "trigger word" slurs I can RP my character screams at Redguards, Orcs, Bosmer, Dunmer, Altmer, Argonians, Khajiit, Nords, Bretons and Imperials? What are some appropriately in-universe racist things I can RP yelling in NPCs faces to actively disrespect/mock their Gods, homelands and cultures until they feel the urge to kill me?

What race should I play? What guilds should I join? Which mods do I want? Should I be mages guild or Telvanni? If mages guild should I be a Redoran or a Hlallu? Imperial is my favorite race to play in TES, I like how they sorta get a similar advantage historical Brits had in India with their high personality and speech skills so Imperial Nerevarines ironically get the most respect in Morrowind despite being an invading Empire. In this case I'd have to kill every non-Imperial in Morrowind. Being the most racist Imperial in 3rd Era Tamriel sounds based or maybe I can be the most racist Orc or the most racist Argonian ever? Tips?
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Any rpgs with a class like The Silent
The Silent class from Slay The Spire stacks poison debuff on its enemies and then the enemies take damage equal to their poison stacks at the start of their turn and i think thats really cool.
Any rpgs with classes like that?
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Your Favorite RPGs That People Hated
I like Alpha Protocol THIS MUCH!

I consider it unironically the best RPG that you cannot purchase anywhere anymore. Because GOG is either selling all the old ones or giving them out for free.

Name one other RPG where being disliked also has potentially positive consequences. You can't.
>actual gameplay perk if your handler hates you, the more they hate you the better
>can defeat a boss character early (so he won't show up in the finale) if you piss him off but the right way
>can make someone so angry that he helps you in the finale just because he wants to kill you after personally
>you can kill every woman you can romance and more
>you can tell the ugliest girl that she's ugly and that you would never fall in love with her and that she's delusional after building up the relationship, or shoot her in the head when she thinks you came to rescue her

We will never again have a game like this. NEVER.
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Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 08-45-07 Castlevania sotn - Google Search
The greatest JRPG of all time
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I've been binging Atelier games and just got to Sophie 2 which is my third in a row after E&L and Shallie (I'd cleared all the other Mysterious games before)

Am I doing something wrong or are the battles in Sophie 2 just fucking bad? I feel like they drag on for way too long because of the stupid shielded enemy gimmick, and the dungeons being really long as well just make the game feel really boring.

I'm also still mad that none of the characters from the sequels are in it.
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Since BioWare is basically dead after Dreadwolf, let's talk about the BioWare refugee games. Why did nobody talk about Stray Gods? Was it good? Is Nightingale promising based on early access?
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What's a /tg/ property that you'd like to see adapted to vidya? If it's been adapted before, what would you like to see done differently, such as a change in genre or elements that capture the source bettter?
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More RPGs like this? MUA took out too many RPG elements for my taste

I especially like the team dynamics
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I think enemies peaked here. It's setup so nicely
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>still no new digimon rpg announced
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>get pissdrunk
>Play RPG
>do big progress, im proud of myself
>Next day wake up
>My char build is fucked up
>No healing potions at all
>Cant remember what the fuck should i do
Maybe i should get drunk again and try to fix this
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Why can’t japan do worldbuikding as good as the west
The world building in Japanese rpgs always has me think that everything is just random and things exist because they look “cool” rather than there being some sort of world building logic behind something.
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Gonna start playing Suikoden 3 soon. What am I in for? Loved the first two games, they had better pacing than most other jarpigs I've played and i love the setting's mish-mash of Chinese dynasty theming and medieval European architecture. Just wished there was more customization available for your party members.
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what the fuck is this shit I waited two years for a brazier with a face
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>muh bad writing
>muh bad dialogue
>muh voiced protagonist
>muh linear quests
>muh unreactive NPCs
Reminder that if you need to roleplay in a game, it’s YOUR responsibility to make your gay make-believe games work in your empty head. Don’t like the dialogue? Turn it off. Don’t like the voiced protagonist? Mute the game. Think the quests are “too linear”? Just be more creative.
If you can’t enjoy Fallout 4, you’re a dumb fuck.
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Dark Souls trilogy
Why haven't you done a playthrough of DS1, 2, and 3 with the same build?
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Daggerfall thread
Just started this after beating Morrowind, so far I just got out of the first dungeon and joined a knight order. Liking it so far.
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download (4)
>can't tell house about Yes Man
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What are the implications of SSRI's in the wonderous world of wonderland?
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Scarlet Grace
Scarlet grace battle
Place me in the fore! I'm in the beginning hours of urpina's story and I'm having fun so far. Any need to knows? my current party line up is a sword,rapier,axe,spear and greatsword user. When should I start leveling other weapons for my characters that aren't their base weapon type?
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>totally outclasses Skyrim in every way except 'sandboxiness'
Are they any other mods that outshine the game they're built on? Also is Nehrim worth playing?
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How did this game save Square? It doesn't seem like anything special to me.
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favourite nep game? I'm playing picrel currently
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svd and vaski 12
Am I good to play Kenshi vanilla, or should I install some mods for my first playthrough?
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Is this game as good as they say? I only played a bit of it but the gameplay felt rather slow, is the story good enough to compensate?
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Octopath traveler 2
Agnea > Primrose
Alfyn >>>>>>>>>>>> Castti
Olberic > Hikari
H’annit >>>>>>>>>>>> Dogshit >>>>>>>>> Ochette
Cyrus > Osvald
Partitio > Tressa
Ophilia > Temenos
Therion > Throne

So basically, outside of a few minor exceptions, we traded a good cast for a worse cast.
Granted I do think that outside of Ochette octopath 2’s cast is great I just cant get over liking octopath 1’s cast better. It feels like a straight up downgrade.
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Baldur's Gate 3
Why is it so fucking cringe? It's cringe ass shitload 'even for' Koreans like me, I just can't play it anymore
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Artix Entertainment

What are you guys grinding? I finally got all the prereq armors for RGOW so that's exciting. Trying to get back into AQC and DF as well.
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this swingset
So Linda Cube got a translation patch. It's a classic "English translation never ever!" game, so I thought there'd be more people posting about it. Nobody's playing? It's really good, and Linda is very goddamn cute.
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>another FuRyu game with staff from another company that will invariably have far more creative influence from the producer/director no one’s heard of, and go on to disappoint everyone who thinks it’s going to be like the big names’ older work only to be something wildly different.
Will they ever break this pattern? Should they just hide the names of their collaborators in the marketing? I’ve really liked most of the games they’ve published and think their staff have some interesting creative visions, but when people see names like Kazushige Nojima, Satomi Tadashi, Kazunari Suzuki, etc. then they draw conclusions and get excited for a game that doesn’t exist. I’m gonna tell you outright that this will NOT be Versus XIII. And you will be disappointed if that’s what you’re expecting. The director/producer is the guy behind Trinity Trigger, and articles on the game fail to mention this.
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Ultima VII
>goes and spoils it with real time combat
for the love of Britannia, will somebody mod this game so its turn based combat. I'll pay.
its SO close to being the best RPG of all time,
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>36 years old
this game has a rare magic that hasn't been captured since. how can turn based tile adventuring peak at the very beginning?
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No title
What would happen if someone in the Final Fantasy universe figured out that there are ways to use spears that don't involve jumping into the sky?
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No title
I want to play the classic FFs. Is this worth it or should I just emulate the originals?
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Towelket: One More Time
Laughing Warawau
Has anyone else heard about this RPGM series? It's severely underrated and obscure for how off the rails and unique these games are.
The games have been getting translated into English at a very fast pace recently, with pic related getting its English translation finished just today, so it's a great time to check out the series if you haven't heard of it before.
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Is this the most reactive RPG? Every dialogue choice you make and each of your decisions affect future outcomes in the game and your relationships with the characters in a meaningful way.

It's a shame no one has copied the formula but I imagine a game like this would be a bitch to develop. I saw the design docs for it and they were a spaghettified mess of branching outcomes.
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Can we have a might & magic thread?
Recently I finally managed to get homm3 to click because I sucked at it hard last time I tried, and that got me interested in the lore and setting.

What's the general story behind the games? I've heard it ranges from fantasy to aliens in space. Also I want to start 7, because it looks cooler than 6 to me. How do I go about this? There's the greyface patch afaik. I'm trying to also figure out the combat, and get used to keyboard shortcuts. I think I should use turn based until I grow OP.
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Suikoden Tsumugareshi
Is this game worth playing? It got a translation a few years ago. So far I completed S1-S2-S5 dropped S3 and never even touched S4
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Wild Arms
I've been looking to get into the series for years, but never really had the chance. That changes today.
Should I play the original or the remake?
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