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/exvs/ - Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs.
Extreme Vs. 2 Xboost Setup (embed)

MBON Wiki for learning the game

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No title
>It bad because... IT JUST IS OKAY??!!
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No title
This is a nearly religious anime for MENA mfs.
I can foresee literal terrorist acts being perpetrated if this flops.
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Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/
non-bipedal scratchbuilding



For those new to gunpla/plamo or even just new to this thread; please read the guide. Please read it before asking questions, as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model". If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here!
If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!

And remember to report any shitposting and spam to keep the thread clean and civil.

>Why won't anyone answer my question?
Try being specific, especially about your materials and process. Post images whenever possible; even if the kit/part looks bad, you are more likely to get help posting images.

>Why are my pictures sideways?
4chan strips EXIF data from images when they're uploaded to the site from your phone, including the orientation display tag. To fix this, save your images separately, or use an app that will rotate and save the images for you.
One commonly used app that works well on Android:

>A guide to other types of plamo:
>Kawaguchi gunpla tips:
>Gundam lineart:
>Funaka's gunpla guides:
Building Gunpla:
>Falldog's gunpla guide:
>Saintism's gunpla photography guide:

Monthly restock:
(Still discontinued)

Past Groupbuilds:


Previous thread: >>22138852
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/m78/ Ginga 10th Anniversary Edition
Official Sites:

>YouTube OFFICIAL Channel:

>Official Ultraman Connection Discord

>Ultra Pastebin:

>Ultraman Blazar currently airing
>Ultraman Regulos available on Ultraman Connection & Ultraman Official Youtube Channel
>Shin Ultraman has won the Seiun Award for Best Media
>ULTRAMAN: FINAL now available on Netflix
>ULTRAMAN manga volume 19 will be released on 1/16/2024
>Ultraseven re-airing on YouTube
>Ultraman Taro re-airing on Youtube
>Ultraman Regulos: First Mission available on Ultraman Connection & Ultraman Official Youtube Channel
>Ultra Replica Orb Calibur announced
>>S.H.Figuarts News: Earth Garon, Ultraman Decker Dynamic Type, Alien Metron - Marked Town, Jugglus Juggler (Shouta Hebikura Ver.). Tregear 15th Anniversary Ver, Ultraman Suit Ace and Jack, Absolute Diavolo, Leo's Ultra Mantle, Glitter Tiga
>TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2023 to be held at Tokyo Dome City on November 25-26, 2023
>Figure-Rise Standard Blazar and Zero Suit SC Spec announced
>Ultraman Blazar Comicalize manga by Shigekatsu Ihara announced for Televi-Kun, preview available currently. Ultraman Nexus manga free to read on the Televi-Kun website.
>Fandom + Ultraman Blazar partnership revealed for; to be held from the start of July till the end of August.
>Ultraman/Kaiju Netflix film to be released in the near future
>Ultraman Gaia Super Supreme Version + Ultraman Z Deathcium Rise Claw suit reveal
>Darkness Heels live collab with Chara-Dan announced
>Ultraman Blazar coming to Fan Expo Canada 2023
>FigZero Ultraman Suit Zero LM Mode revealed by threezero
>Ultraman Z, Trigger, Decker, Regulos and Blazar OSTs to be released after 5 years since the prior OST release

Previous: >>22121886
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No title
This movie had some really well animated scenes but it just feels like a waste because of how rushed everything is. Also the Gundam pilot is a cheap copy of Amuro Kamille and Judau.
>gets in the gundam to defend his colony from a random attack
>has a girlfriend who is with the baddies
>even has a little sister to protect
>ending scene is him guiding everyone in space like Amuro did
But hey the mech scenes were cool.
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/sgg/ - Symphogear General
"Needs correction" edition
Symphogear XV+AXZ music!mslXBKTT!cKifF2M0HFAdS3eXXoJQeA

>XDU Events

>XDU Guide

>AXZ HiBiKi Radio Archive!KkBXSYyZ!GJCB0XB95wQA4uCi4S6hhw

>GX Pastebin and Mega folder!19FVyBzQ!eKkp4fzmcyybty7rY5r0mA!wptxxQzI

>XV website

>Shirabe's cooking adventure

>Symphogear XDU English Translation Sheet

>20XX: A new Symphogear project has been announced at the Symphogear Live concert.

>Compilation of pictures from the Symphogear Expo in Nagoya. Thanks anon for sharing them with us.

>Symphogear XDU Character Song Album 3 Release Date Wednesday, 6/14/23

>Symphogear 2020->2022 Blu-Ray and DVD Release Date Wednesday, 6/14/23

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No title
So, why is Thunderbolt considered an AU? I watched both movies before moving onto the 0079 films and didn’t notice anything contradictory.

Is there something that happens in the manga?

I just need some kind of justification for why the mobile suits get seperate pages on the wiki. It’s really annoying to have to switch between them.
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No title 717696 sample gundam gundam_00 mecha sword
Why does no one ever talk about the best gundams designs from 00 Season 1?
2 media | 4 replies
/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #1344
Previous Thread: >>22136745


>King-Ohger DDL (H.265 converts MEGA by Sheena-chan, Drive run by ReiwAnon):
>MEGA pastebin (Run by KRSentai)

>List of subbed series:

>Super Hero Time OSTs:!fddkkZiK!fau0lSCNv0MedCNpS_Ihew

>Super Sentai Monster Designs:
>Gorenger - Zyuohger!Mp8hVQ7K!tm2cp0d9_GZiZdGaXt1nXw

>TTFC Mega (Run by Ei. Bother him for requests)!6I0XBAZY!dplkOqeAe1dtLkMlO56ejQ

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No title
The official subs are better than CA, right?
20 media | 86 replies
Transformers and Western Mecha Design
Why was this considered an acceptable mecha design? Why did they insist on making them look so awful? Moreover, why do Michael Bay Transformers fans hate the fact that the Bumblebee movie introduced characters that actually looked like their source material?
15 media | 46 replies
Gundam Build
Is this the most straight forward pairing in all mecha shows?
3 media | 11 replies
No title
this is the ugliest suit in the series
9 media | 17 replies
No title
Did this game save mecha video games or did it just scare an entire generation of casuals from even picking up another mech-related game ever again?
39 media | 289 replies
AoZ Re-Zeon Thread
Instead of weekly CCA sucks threads, lets have a weekly Re-Zeon thread.

Post designs, lore, and frustration that there is still no way to read this in the west.

I'm tempted to fund some Japanese language uni student to translate whatever we can find in terms of Re-Zeon chapters because I'm sick of waiting to read about how an army of Ple clones engage in naval warfare on Mars using Titans test suits in service of the Ple queen.
37 media | 111 replies
No title
Isn't colony drop a really inefficient weapon? You drop one of 7 colonies just to destroy one city. I think earth easily wins this exchange.
20 media | 71 replies
No title
Ple! Ple! Ple!
5 media | 15 replies
/prg/- Power Rangers General #437
Waspicable Sick of Being Evil, Sick of Being Predacon
Waspicable Edition
>Dino Fury
On Netflix now:
or here:

>Official YouTube Channels

>Coming Soon on Netflix:
Cosmic Fury releases September 29th

>Current comics being released/coming
Ranger Academy

>MMPR: The Return by: Amy Jo Johnson and Matt Hotson

>Ranger Academy launches in October 4th

>24/7 Streams


Previous Thread:
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No title
1693755266515 secelia
What mobile suit would she pilot?
6 media | 13 replies
No title
can we please have a funny /m/ thread?
106 media | 144 replies
No title
What age did you grow out of Gundam and into Five Star Stories?
11 media | 43 replies
No title
Is she, dareisayit, /ourgirl/?
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No title
Childhood is idolizing Zeon. Adulthood is realizing the Titans were ultimately right and the better faction.
8 media | 31 replies
No title
How do you go from this…
1 media | 8 replies
[Nexis] Soukyuu no Fafner BEHIND THE LINE.mkv_snapshot_25.17.666
Fafnerbros, what happened? It's been months and Behind the Line still isn't translated.
4 media | 20 replies
No title
I hate this meme of G-Bitch is the first show with female protag
9 media | 40 replies
Felsi Friday
felsi rollo thumbnail
This pineapple pilots a Dilanza!
105 media | 164 replies
Code Geass
Are legs important or they are for show after all?
81 media | 249 replies
Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/



For those new to gunpla/plamo or even just new to this thread; please read the guide. Please read it before asking questions, as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model". If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here!
If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!

And remember to report any shitposting and spam to keep the thread clean and civil.

>Why won't anyone answer my question?
Try being specific, especially about your materials and process. Post images whenever possible; even if the kit/part looks bad, you are more likely to get help posting images.

>Why are my pictures sideways?
4chan strips EXIF data from images when they're uploaded to the site from your phone, including the orientation display tag. To fix this, save your images separately, or use an app that will rotate and save the images for you.
One commonly used app that works well on Android:

>A guide to other types of plamo:
>Kawaguchi gunpla tips:
>Gundam lineart:
>Funaka's gunpla guides:
Building Gunpla:
>Falldog's gunpla guide:
>Saintism's gunpla photography guide:

Monthly restock:
(Still discontinued)

Past Groupbuilds:


Previous thread: >>22050705
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/gunevo/ - Gundam Evolution #23
EOS soon, 78 days to go.
Sept 21, 2022 - Nov 29, 2023.
Custom Lobbies (sometimes, probably, maybe) Saturday 7PM CST or something (12 sessions to go).

Previous thread:

Now you can earn 200 cap by clearing your dailies
>Aug 23 - S6 (Zeta + 2 maps)

>Sep 20 - Oct 4 - Login Bonus 2 (2k CAP)

>Sep 6 - 20 - Event Challenge 2 (2k CAP, 2 Tickets each)
>Sep 27 - Oct 11 - Event 3
>Oct 11 - 25 - Event 4

>Sep 20 - Oct 11 - Limit Over (Former Limit Over skins will be available)

>Oct 25 - S7 (Kampfer + 1 map)
>Nov 29 - The End


>Movement Guide

>Game rip, stamps GIFs included (S1, S2, S4H1), courtesy of the deceased, >>>/vg/geg/ (please, somebody update it)
>AES key
Software: FModel or umodel

>"Not available in my region"
1. Get a free VPN, any will do but TunnelBear is what has worked for several anons.
2. Set yourself in NA, download GunEvo from SteamDB. (
3. Once the download started, turn off the VPN. You don't need it anymore.
>"Muh illegal"
There's no purchase involved so it's not tax evasion, no one will care.
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No title
Now I see why old mecha shows are forgotten. It's the same isekai fanservice trash with waifubait we get today, but worse-looking. Pic very related.
18 media | 54 replies
No title
SU-Cordism would be beneficial for humanity.
8 media | 30 replies
No title
for me its Convoy
4 media | 17 replies
No title
Where they goin'?
0 media | 15 replies
dab3bc3cb14dbe4d1971c032f104b631c3b4cb64_2_414x500 (1)
So now that the dust has settled, what do we think of VOTOMS?
44 media | 248 replies
No title
Would anyone be interested in organizing a /m/ sings of the first Patlabor TV opening " Sono mama no Kimi de Ite "?
Amazing song and I think it'd be perfect for anons to sing
1 media | 18 replies
Buichi Terasawa
Rest in peace, Space Adventure Cobra's creator
17 media | 82 replies
Kaiju General #13
King Ghidorah Edition:
Previous >> 22123137
Full advertisement with GMK Ghidorah, zombies and samurai:
Monarch:Legacy of Monsters teaser
Upcoming: Godzilla Minus One (see trailer)
Gamera: Rebirth out now on Netflix
Upcoming: Kaiju No. 8 (see second trailer)
Upcoming: Hoshi35 (see trailer)
Upcoming: Bullbuster (see trailer)
And fan projects...
1954. Mankind’s first major encounter with the superfauna species “Gojira”
Upcoming: Godzilla 54 Colorization Project
5 media | 31 replies
Muv-Luv General - /mlg/
>KimiNozo Kickstarter Server

>Magazines on Steam
>JP version gallery
>english (can whoever hosts the mega archive upload these?)

>Total Eclipse on Steam

>Archive backup

>Muv-Luv Alternative Manga

>Strike Frontiers assets

Last Thread:
83 media | 241 replies
No title
>watch a movie with "Patlabor" in the title
>there are only 5 minutes of patlabors
14 media | 87 replies
No title
maxresdefault (70)
>they're referred to as Cybertronians
3 media | 17 replies
No title
This is by far the worst Gundam series of all time.
31 media | 272 replies
No title
Why didn't people like it? Only good news besides story reasons was every MS design was top notch.
2 media | 14 replies
Movie Blu-Ray releases on October 25th

Uni-Verse MV :
Trailer :

>Taiwanese release on July 14
> Hong Kong 2D & MX4D release on August 24
> Thailand release on September 14
>Singapore and Malaysian screenings confirmed
>Nendoroid Akane Shinjo (New Order) 2023/10
>DX Gridman (Universe Fighter) & Big Goldburn 2024/01
>DX Dynazenon rerelease 2023/12
>DX Full Power Gridknight 2024/02
>Soundlas prototype
>Big Goldburn moderoid prototype
>Primal Accepter (movie version)
>POP UP PARADE Akane Shinjo (New Order) 2023/09
>THE GATTAI King Gridman
>threezero FigZero Denkou Choujin Gridman
>Evolution Toy HAF Gridman (Universe Fighter)
>SMP Dynazenon & Gridknight & Goldburn 2023/08
>Ultimate Luminous Tsuburaya Pro Hero Gridman & Mirrorman
>Gridman Universe Memorial artbook
>Gridman Universe Heroine archive release on August 10
>Gridman Universe Uchusen Book announced for August 28
> Gridman Universe Bluray Release on October 25th along with a new voice drama titled "Gridman Universe 2" starring Yuta, Rikka, Utsumi, Yomogi and Yume
> Gridman Universe Show announced for April 7, 2024
>Gridman 30th Anniversary Stage announced for Tsubucon in November

Link to all Voice Drama:
67 media | 188 replies
/m/echa Drawthread
Draw and Design /m/

Peter Han Dynamic Sketching 1

Peter Han Dynamic Sketching 2

How to Draw (Perspective / Vehicle Design)

/ic/ Drawpile Thread: >>>/ic/6794115

Thread Theme:
44 media | 66 replies
No title
Do you think Marida yelled "Puru Puru Puru" at one point?
10 media | 23 replies
No title
>Believing leaks.
Okawara can't be this bad.
41 media | 169 replies
No title
Is Majinga or Mazinger the canon name?
48 media | 210 replies
No title
This is the most powerful character dialogue in all of Gundam
20 media | 147 replies
No title
What's your favorite OYW-era GM design?
5 media | 10 replies
Tekkaman thread
It's time for a new one. Post as much artwork as you can.
48 media | 52 replies
No title
First new information for Requiem for Vengeance
some things were said before while other are new
>Is made with a "diverse international team" in mind
>Is said to be the team own interpretation of the Gundam world
>Will have many differences with the original OYW both thematically and designwise (even said "more differences than similarities")
>Said to be more "modern" while still keeping a retro-futuristic look
>Will be very different in style compared to MS IGLOO
6 media | 52 replies
No title
image (52)
What gundam has the worst OP and why is it ZZ?
1 media | 11 replies
/otg/ Other tokusatsu general: Karate fighting robots edition
previous thread >>21951000
-Check out nyaa/anidex, KRDL and the pastebin before posting requests.
-If only posting an image, pop the name/title/source/whatever in the filename or post.
-If you find yourself asking "Is it /otg/?", it probably is.

>Metal Hero, Garo and Misc toku DDL
>Rare Tokusatsu Blog
>Stuff archived from Hi no Tori Subs (See the paste for Mitsurugi and Andro Melos, KRDL for Wecker and Bereke Scrubs for remastered Tekkouki Mikazuki)
And new due to a suggestion
>Other links of interest
65 media | 282 replies
No title
new getter team
Pilot suit thread?
94 media | 122 replies
Sakura Wars
I hope we can all agree that Kirishima Kanna is best girl.
40 media | 85 replies
No title
Why do all the aquatic Zeon suits have the coolest designs from Zeon? Lots are outlandish looking and they don't make more of it for some reason.
82 media | 176 replies
No title
If I want to get into Go Nagai's 70s Super Robot works (Mazinger, Getter Robo, Steel Jeeg, Groizer X, etc.) is it better to read the manga or watch the Toei anime? The manga versions appeal the most to me because they're shorter and I imagine they stick more to whatever his creative vision was, but I'm sure the anime have their own merits too.
3 media | 42 replies
Thoughts on this franchise?
1 media | 3 replies
Neo Ranga
Is this a parody? Maybe it just feels that way watching it now after watching so many other shows.
10 media | 14 replies
No title
linear gun tank
What Gundam series has the best tanks?
79 media | 121 replies
No title
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 - 19.mkv_20230919_225120.198
Watching 0079 for the first time, on episode 21. Main feelings:
>Incredibly compelling war story
>Great ensemble cast (realized personalities)
>Dense and interesting dialogue
Having a lot of fun with it, it's easy to see why 0079 has such an enduring legacy.
More specific thoughts, thus far really the only major moral differentiating factors between Zeon and the Earth Federation are that the Zabi family wants dominion over the entirety of the Earth instead of just independence. I really like how basically all of the foot soldiers and even commanders like Ramba Ral are humanized and not treated like evil big bads at all.
It really feels like scales are tipped in favor of the Earth Federation, as of episode 21, Zeon's basically mostly lost or at best stalemated in the battles. Gundam and White Base are genuinely overpowered.
12 media | 63 replies
No title
>called WINdam
>just can't stop losing
Why are naturals like this?
21 media | 86 replies
No title
What do Decepticons usually do to human POWs?
0 media | 5 replies
images (1)
The last truly great traditional mecha show.
41 media | 101 replies
/acg/ - Armored Core General
How meta is too meta?

>New Player Guide (embed)
>Artbooks, music and emulation resources (embed)
>the link for the ACV xenia tutorial
>ACVD-friendly xenia link
>models for all the gen 1 parts
>Steam Page:
>Emblem editor decals: (embed)
>AC6 Part Spreadsheet

Other News:
>New interview with Masaru Yamamura

●Set matching to global for lobbies and use keyword acg to play with each other!

Previous : >>22138808
95 media | 605 replies
No title
Is it true that V-Max is what made Trans-Am and the like happen?
18 media | 177 replies
No title
What are your top 3 mobile suits?
17 media | 54 replies
No title
When does a power armor become a mini mecha?
25 media | 95 replies
amakuni brave line
Previous thread: >>21726140

The Tenth Brave!

Previous and current news:
>New graphic novel series, Brave Universe Swordgrader revealed, more today! (JST)
>Might Gaine HD Blu-ray/DVD out now
>GaoGaiGar and FINAL Discotek localization out now (includes Blockade Numbers and Pachislot clips)
>Hakaiou manga ongoing (Conqueror's Thralls arc), King J-Der side story by Tsunashima Shirou also ongoing
>SMP Might Kaiser out now (Carrier is P-Bandai, for some stupid reason, comes with extra Dourinken), P-Bandai Might Gunner and Goryu slated for October
>Upcoming Koto kits: Dino Geist (12/23), Great Exkizer Gold Ver. (2/24), Great Fighbird, Da-Garn & GX Parts, Pegasus Saber, Land Bison, Seven Changer, Super Build Tiger (10/23), GREAT Baan Gaan
>THE GATTAI Might Gaine slated for September 2023, Might Kaiser for April 2024, and Good Smile Shop exclusive Might Gunner for May 2024
>THE GATTAI Brave Fighter of Legend Display Base out now (includes alternate Great Da-Garn GX torso with unmasked head), Seven Changer currently in development
>Pose+ Star GaoGaiGar Set out now (Stealth Gao II and GoldyMarg are one set, compatible with separate LED Tool Set including Gatling Driver and Key to Victory, also purchaseable as one set), ChoRyuJin in prototype stage
>Soul of Chogokin GaoFighGar out now, ChoRyuJin, Dimension Pliers, Repli-GaoGaiGar, King Exkaiser, Chogokin Evoluder Guy prototypes unveiled, currently in development
>Amakuni developing all Great Braves, Hakaiou Genesic up for pre-order
>P-Bandai Gao Brace Complete Edition out now, all possible functions replicatable (including Will Knife)
>Evolution Toy Fighbird and Granbird slated for September (Fighbird delayed from July), can form Great Fighbird
>Metamor-Force Fire Dagwon slated for December 2023 and Power Dagwon for April 2024, can form Super Fire Dagwon + Triangle Christmas Beam
Welcome our new Brave, the strongest of all!
63 media | 272 replies
A new spinoff of the 30 MINUTES brand focusing on fantasy-style mecha this time
As always for 30 MINUTES stuff, Ebikawa handles the mecha design
5 media | 27 replies
Getter Robo Arc
Why couldn't the people at dynamic pro give Getter Arc a decent anime only ending? A new cliffhanger after where the manga cuts off is retarded and I'm tired of pretending it's not, there are other series out there that had anime original endings and fans are generally fine with them, why not Getter Arc? Is it really about respecting a dead man's series? When this shitty anime adaptation was basically a giant turd on Ishikawa's grave?
>hilariously low budget
>horrible, QUALITY scenes every episode
>Shitty CGI
>Shitty choreography of fight scenes
>adding anime original scenes and characters (why this and not an anime original ending?)
And at the end of all this, it was supposedly a cheap excuse to get Arc into SRW? is this not a ton of disrespect to Ken Ishikawa? I tried looking at it through cope glasses and I just cannot accept it, claims of honoring Ishikawa's work just ends up looking hypocritical, Arc sucked and I enjoyed anons fanfic of various proper endings instead
24 media | 134 replies
Digimon Thread
It's September. Here's some fun Xros Wars themed art.

The latest trailer for Digimon Adventure 02: THE BEGINNING was premiered at Digifes 2023:

Digimon Adventure 02: THE BEGINNING releases in Japanese cinemas on October 27th.
88 media | 219 replies
How much of MSG was influenced by WW2?
One of the things that makes gundam unique is how it portrays the bad guys as human with complex motives rather than just comically evil space aliens (even though they say gihren zabi is literally Hitler). And it kind of makes me wonder if this was influenced by the creators experiences being the bad guys in the last giga war. When you think about it, there’s a lot of similarities
>space colonies: pacific islands
>earth federation: America (basically just a vehicle for exploiting earth and its people by a corrupt oligarchy)
>zeon (Japan): noble ideals of freeing the colonies (Asia) from the federation (circumcising exploitative Americans who pollute the earth) but end up being even worse than the Americans by becoming fascist
>most of the conflict is astroturfed by war profiteering Jews at Anaheim (military industrial complex Jews)
>feddies (America) win but it’s not really a happy ending because now the earth is going to keep being polluted and the space colonies (Asia) exploited and circumcised by the earth federation (American) elite
1 media | 2 replies
No title
When someone says Rayearth, is he talking about the anime or the manga?
44 media | 126 replies
Yu-Gi-Oh! /m/
New mecha archetype in the game
53 media | 161 replies
No title
Watching a couple of eps of Shin Jeeg (after recently watching the o.g. Jeeg), there's just something odd about this show. For one, how the fuck is Professor Shiba still alive, let alone as an actual human this time? Didn't he died in the old Jeeg, which transitioned him into a talking computer, and died again when saving Hiroshi's ass on the last episode? Did they just straight up revived him again, now this time as an actual human being for whatever reason? I don't get where this is heading.
0 media | 3 replies
Do these make mecha possible?
10 times stronger than human muscle, and that is the lowest number I've ever seen given for nanotube muscles.

Twice as powerful/efficient per liter as a conventional ICE for less than half the weight and size.

Lighter, simpler, more power efficient means of actuation compared to hydraulics, and a much more power dense engine. Aside from coding and software, would these advancements be enough for biped robots? Almost certainly not gundam/battlemech sized, but more like wanzer/patlabor/knightmare sized, which hardly need exotic building materials.
4 media | 17 replies
No title
yamero meme
T-Minus six hours and forty five minutes until the next episode of AMAIM: Ultra Steel Ogre Gear.
4 media | 15 replies
/mmp/ - /m/echa Museum Project #14
Previous thread:

>Old links (some may not work) (embed)
>Alt Pastebin/Spreadsheet (WIP)!1A8xlJjK!SvBfoFKSxfRMm0gDloniWg

Recommended Anime torrent and ddl sites:


> (torrent mirror/scraper)
> (eng anime, torrent mirror, subs)
> (XDCC index)
> (eng anime & OST)
> (raws)
> (XDCC index)
14 media | 145 replies
No title
Why is this so popular?
23 media | 160 replies
Armored Core Cosplays
Post AC6 recreations of non-AC6 mechs in here.

Doing NG+ with pic related right now, going all in on Liberation Front missions.
48 media | 93 replies
Daemon X Machine
Let's appreciate this gem of a mecha game.
13 media | 65 replies
No title
On GBO2 for steam we are closing the Locus of the Federation's White Devil campaign and will enter the Anniversary Festival in two weeks. The next MS to arrive is from CCA-MSV, Jegan Heavy Equipment Type with the first of the two main MS for the 5th Anniversary, Hi-Nu Gundam.

On consoles currently is the heavy armored MS from Gundam Thunderbolt, the Bull-G [TB]. The newest MS will arrive on the next update tonight after midnight.

Previous thread:

Follow Tenda on twitter

/m/ Discord for Console/PC players, GBO and other games (RFA):

/m/ Steam group
/m/ Steam group chat

Console Clans:
Clan Name: /m/egafagot
Clan Tag: [MFG]
Leader: Mangojoyride
>Status: Full

Clan Name: /m/irage
Clan Tag: [M_R]
Leader: Bungo_Kai_E
>Status: 1 slots

Clan Name: PureAndBlue
Clan Tag: [1PB]
Leader: Junhai_UC
>Status: 18 slots

PC Clans:

Current Clan Match Schedule:

>[PDT] 09/25/2023 (MON) 05:00 – 06:59
>[CEST] 09/25/2023 (MON) 14:00 – 15:59
>[EST] 09/25/2023 (MON) 08:00 – 09:59
>Ace Match, 350, 5 vs 5, Impact Site

>[PDT] 10/07/2023 (SAT) 05:00 – 06:59
>[CEST] 10/07/2023 (SAT) 14:00 – 15:59
>[EST] 09/16/2023 (SAT) 08:00 – 09:59
>Basic, 500, 6 vs 6, Tropical Desert

>Official Game Resources + Color Picker:

>Nipponese GBO players for reference


>If you are having trouble with recon crate drops and completing missions, enter custom rooms called A/B where team A wins and team B lose to farm crate drops and complete daily missions outside of rival mission
43 media | 354 replies
sd ggeneration
is anyone still playing any of the games?
the other day I played the overworld tl for a bit, made me wish they did world as well
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No title
>been out for half a year
>nobody ripped it still

Tetsujin fans must really hate FX that much. Is it REALLY that bad?
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No title
What is the appeal of mecha musume?
57 media | 90 replies
Super Dimensional Century Orguss
Lieutenant overlooking Kei and Mhoom
Recently finished the Orguss series and had a pretty good time.
The first series works on the same core concepts as SDF Macross (romance, transformable mechs, comradery/clashes between radically different civilizations), the difference being that it trades space travel for interdimensional space-time shenanigans and doesn’t do the idol plotline.

The aforementioned sci-fi horseshit leads to its share of fun adventures, like a run-in with a horde of barbarians and a couple trips through time, but like any good sci-fi story the real core of the story is the characters.
I appreciate that Kei is a bit more confident and capable than Hikaru was, along with his arc of taking responsibility for his reckless actions. He’s probably one of my favorite mecha protagonists, right next to Noa Izumi from Patlabor.

I also enjoyed the sequel, which leans hard into spy thriller territory and has some pretty gorgeous animation, considering that it came out during a recession and was based on a non-tentpole IP.

What kinds of designs and storylines would you like to have seen from the Super Dimension anthology if it kept going, instead of getting canned due to Southern Cross’s massive commercial failure?
Do you think it’d still be going to this day, just like Macross and Gundam, or would it have run it’s course (maybe even petered out on a real shitshow) by the mid/late-90s?
5 media | 10 replies
No title
Tactical Espionage Action
A Jenius move.
1 media | 1 replies
No title
Robots are cool, but I have an absolute hard on for camaraderie. The dynamics of a team working together; the peons in the warehouse, the main characters in the mechs, and the engineers and officers yelling at them for stupid stunts, it's my favorite thing ever. What are your favorite shows where the team captured your heart?
3 media | 9 replies
custom mech wars
new gameplay trailer
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synchtube circlejerk! - (September 2023 edition
To prevent announcements of synchtube streams from seeping into other threads (and maybe boards). This thread is created to do just that.
Dorkly got his streams on Tuesdays and Fridays on mog-rog at 8PM eastern and the replays of said streams on mog-2 (He also has other misc. stuff on other streams)
My streams on Thursdays on PTSF-THRS also on 8PM eastern
There are also other stream on the weekends done by either Deacon or Agguguy.
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Starship Troopers
What are /m/'s thoughts on the Starship Troopers anime from 1988? I first watched it back in 2019 and really enjoyed it for what it was and ever since I first watched it I have always thought about how weird of an oddity it actually is I just find it strange that Sunrise even adapted a western novel in the first place even if it was really influential on Gundam and other mecha work. I am surprised that for adapting such an influential work they would give it so little episodes and give it such a obviously low budget, the final episode ends at the exact half way point of the book I sort of expected it would at least be 12 episodes or ideally they could have made a 50 episode TV series set in the universe. Does anyone have any info on the production of this series all I can gather is that Heinlein gave the greenlight as long as it was never shown outside of Japan then he died before the first volume was released, this makes me wonder if maybe they had the 6 episodes finished then his death caused some sort of issue with the copyright maybe. I also only really believe the show was meant to be longer because the first 5 episodes are literally all just the boot camp then the last episode is the squads first battle then it ends really abruptly.
2 media | 16 replies
Here's your nu Gundam bro
>Mamoru Nagano: *pastes L-Gaim head onto Gundam* This is my greatest design. Heh... Maybe one day I'll allow you lowly heathens to lay eyes on it...
8 media | 30 replies
No title
How has there yet to be a Gundam series where it's a pure comedy?
60 media | 103 replies
No title
So this is the new unit huh
I hope it's as fearsome as it looks
45 media | 79 replies
No title
Why /m/...why?
6 media | 20 replies
No title
One of the most badass toys a kid in the 80s could have.
Yes it looks wonky but it was practical as fuck and had real Rocket Punch function.
15 media | 28 replies
No title
>Is the only iconic AU antagonist MS that isn't a Gundam
>Slowly turn this design into a Gundam
15 media | 59 replies
Dinosaur based mechas
Is there any good mecha media based around dinosaurs? Pic sorta related but its toku. Ive only ever heard of zords. I guess also post dino mechas.
85 media | 133 replies
Concept art thread
Any anon knows which Turn A artbook is the best?
68 media | 87 replies
No title
somebody on here once said it's the best looking gundam and it was all downhill after this, and i agree.
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #3416: Ant vs. Gorilla Edition
Previous Thread: >>22138270

>How to get into KR and where to start?

>List of subbed series

>Direct Download Links

>/krg/ archives

>RideChemy Card Database
114 media | 509 replies
Leiji Matsumoto Thread
Over the past year and a bit I’ve watched a lot of Leiji Matsumoto-related anime, so I figured this would be a good a time as any to share some of my thoughts on them.

- Space Battleship Yamato and Captain Harlock 1978 are both top-tier space opera, no doubt about it. Between Kodai’s desperate rescue attempt on Titan, the Bee World episode, the entire crew calling home before leaving broadcasting range, and the whole final stretch I was fully prepared to look into the rest of Leiji’s body of work.
Harlock has a stronger sense of style and atmosphere, along with some more interesting themes, but I personally prefer Yamato for being more concise.
I also really liked Arcadia of my Youth and the Galaxy Express 999 movie.

- The New Voyage and Yamato III are my favorite of the Yamato sequels, they do a solid job of channeling and expanding upon what I liked about the original in terms of expeditions and setpieces.
The main problem is that the animation gets pretty sloppy compared to the previous entries and that they both have elements that don’t really go anywhere.
The New Voyage sets up a bunch of new crew members that are mostly there to have a fun training sequence and and don’t appear in anything else, while III ended up condensing the plot quite a bit and phasing out every new character (except for the important ones) due to poor ratings.
III also gets some shit for rehashing concepts and scenarios from previous entries, but I think it has enough going on in terms of new ideas and fresh spins on old ones to make up for it.
Unlike the other Yamato installments I’ve only watched this one through the Star Blazers dub, as I didn’t want to be saddled with sloppy HK bootleg subs.
5 media | 18 replies
Is FLCL /m/?
>Fondling her yum-yums? FONDLING HER CUPCAKES?
22 media | 47 replies
Unpopular opinion
I think GMs and Zakus are equally ugly and boring, and I hate how most Gundam games force me to use these shitters for hours before unlocking the first Gundam/DOM
7 media | 22 replies
No title
Do you have a mecha waifu?
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/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2463
--------------***READ THE OP***--------------


Previous Thread:

Cherudim Gundam - TRANS-AM Onslaught
Jushin Liger - Vega Lancer
Didarion Za’am - Balám Kalá
Zegapain Altair - Maihama Shining Ocean Punch

For discussion on SRC (SRW fangame program), please join the dedicated Discord

If you need help with any game try checking Akurasu for help (links for other resources also here):
(add ?action=purge to the end of the url in case of a blank page)

SRW Japanese Wiki


Game Availability in English:

Music Pastebin:

Bring Stabity's Quick Guide to Katakana:

Game Modification Pastebin:

Translated Plot Pastebin:

Art Pastebin:

SRC Pastebin V2:

Make your own SRW character Pastebin:

If you wish to help with the SRW fan game they are always in need of more musicians and artists
Please contact the following e-mail: [email protected]
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No title
Now that the dust has settled; was it misunderstood kino, or were (((they))) right about this one?
5 media | 73 replies
No title
post MOTWs that almost destroyed the hero mech
15 media | 36 replies
roll char
>All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.
Was he right?
5 media | 17 replies
No title
p19950075_p_v13_aa (1)
I turned it off after 28 minutes, I'm so confused on what's even happening. Do I need to watch the previous Gundam shows to understand this movie?
1 media | 17 replies
No title
>battery-powered because nuclear bad
2 media | 16 replies
No title
Did Sunrise get permission from Daltanius for using the Lion-chest idea while doing the braves?
1 media | 15 replies
No title
How was Lalc able to arrive on earth months before the fluctuating gravity well AKA: true space monster?
0 media | 7 replies
No title
5 media | 29 replies
Char's Counterattack
Why am I obsessed with this film? The vidya mecha revival (MW5, AC6, etc.) of the past few years has led me back to mecha anime and despite ingesting a lot of different things I keep focusing on CCA. That stupid jap song at the end is constantly stuck in my head.

Is there some kind of subconscious messaging in this film I'm too normie to understand?
4 media | 14 replies
No title
Could you imagine the legal trouble at the end
0 media | 5 replies
No title
>Garfish more powerful than Nautilus
>Red Noah more powerful than Exelion
Why did he lose?
24 media | 77 replies
3 media | 7 replies
No title
0 media | 0 replies
No title
you do scary things
I don't get this scene. What's Gigi's deal?
1 media | 16 replies
No title
Thoughts on Sadamoto's Eva manga?
1 media | 18 replies
No title
White Glint is the coolest mecha design ever
4 media | 23 replies
Synduality: Noir
[DKB] Synduality Noir - S01E06 [1080p][HEVC x265 10bit][Multi-Subs].mkv_snapshot_20.51_[2023.08.15_00.42.19]
Manga spinoff Synduality: Ellie launched on 27/06 on Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Alive magazine, concurrent with the anime.
Tentatively titled "Synduality: Kaleido" photo story spinoff will launch in Hobby Japan's Monthly Hobby Japan magazine later this year.
Synduality: Echo of Ada for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC out in 2023.

New episodes on Mondays.

Previous Discussion
68 media | 313 replies
No title
sorry evafags, the 80s gundam OVAs were the pinnacle of the mecha genre. cool designs, well choreographed fights, neat stories without tomino autism and filler episodes, and absolutely gorgeous animations. it's pure 80s hypeness.
22 media | 83 replies
No title
>makes one bad show
>a hack
>Tomino makes only mediocre to bad shows
>best director ever
5 media | 33 replies
No title
Is it true that it was based on the White Base?
2 media | 8 replies
No title
>Aphrodite ACE
>isn't an ace at anything
1 media | 7 replies
No title
When... When do Quatre and Lady Une interact? And would that not be truly the most pointless interaction in the entire show?
0 media | 1 replies
/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #1343
Previous Thread: >>22128158


>King-Ohger DDL (H.265 converts MEGA by Sheena-chan, Drive run by ReiwAnon):
>MEGA pastebin (Run by KRSentai)

>List of subbed series:

>Super Hero Time OSTs:!fddkkZiK!fau0lSCNv0MedCNpS_Ihew

>Super Sentai Monster Designs:
>Gorenger - Zyuohger!Mp8hVQ7K!tm2cp0d9_GZiZdGaXt1nXw

>TTFC Mega (Run by Ei. Bother him for requests)!6I0XBAZY!dplkOqeAe1dtLkMlO56ejQ

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No title
>tfw no one lets your favorite Tomino protege cook
4 media | 27 replies
No title
20 years later and still nothing tops this fight or any other build fights. Even the music is perfect.
How did they do it?
1 media | 13 replies
No title
Zoids 40th event details

Apparently the Ingram featured in the Patlabor collab is a new Ingram MK3 also designed by Izubuchi
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No title
[hchcsen] Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway (2021) (BD Remux 2160P Dual Audio HEVC TrueHD FLAC E-AC3).mkv_snapshot_01.20.47.569
The grim reaper won't come when you're ready for him, Hathaway.
1 media | 3 replies