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zeong legs
>Zeong's legs are right there just waiting to be attached

Ha, I never noticed that before
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Binge watching MSG movies, Zeta Gundam, and ZZ at the moment. What's up with characters getting slapped around a bunch?
>"I'm not part of the military."
>"I don't wanna do this."
>character crying over someone's death
>"I'm cutting class."
>"Is that [insert character name]?"
>"Hey! You there!"
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Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/
The end of month update will celebrate the third Anniversary of GBO2. The induction to 700 cost MS will begin on this update. The MS for the update is one of the most powerful Neo Zeon suits, Zaku III Custom as a 650 raid.

New rank Lieutenant Colonel and updates on custom parts will also come to begin the 3rd Anniversary

Previous thread:

Learn to play Gbo2 with Tenda and Heidegger!

Follow Tenda on twitter

/m/ Discord for all players (Crix's):

GBO2 Discord:

Competitive GBO2 Discord:

Gundam Discord:

Clan Name: /m/egafagot
Clan Tag: [MFG]
Leader: Mangojoyride
>Status: Full

Clan Name: /m/ Fenrir
Clan Tag: [-m-]
Leader: AV98_Alphonse1
>Status: 13 slots

Clan Name: /m/irage
Clan Tag: [M_R]
Leader: RFAokigahara
>Status: 3 slots

Clan Name: Red Raz Army
Clan Tag: [RRA]
Leader: Zero-Gundam
>Status: 1 slots

Clan Name: DOMination
Clan Tag: [Dna]
Leader: EvilRobotUsses
>Status: 2 slots

Current Clan Match Schedule:

>[PDT] 06/25/2021 (FRI) 05:00 – 06:59
>[CEST] 06/25/2021 (FRI) 14:00 – 15:59
>[EST] 06/25/2021 (FRI) 08:00 – 0:59
>Ace Match, 300, 5 vs 5, City Ruins

>[PDT] 07/03/2021 (SAT) 05:00 – 06:59
>[CEST] 07/03/2021 (SAT) 14:00 – 15:59
>[EST] 07/03/2021 (FRI) 08:00 – 0:59
>Basic, 550, 6 vs 6, The Impact Site

>Official Game Resources + Color Picker:

>Nipponese GBO players for reference


>Friendly reminder that you can test drive ms by forcibly closing the game without saving after purchasing them from the shop

>If you are having trouble with recon crate drops and completing missions, enter custom rooms called A/B where team A wins and team B lose to farm crate drops and complete daily missions outside of rival mission
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/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1974

SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 - Switch, PS4, Steam - Later in 2021 - IN ENGLISH

11TH JULY 2021

Previous Thread:

For discussion on SRC (SRW fangame program), please join the dedicated Discord

If you need help with any game try checking Akurasu for help (links for Wikia and other resources also here):
(add ?action=purge to the end of the url in case of a blank page)

/m/ Booru

/m/ Wikia

Current status of the games availability in the English language:

Detailed Version of Game Availability in English:

Music Pastebin:

Bring Stabity's Quick Guide to Katakana:

Game Modification Pastebin:

Translated Plot Pastebin:

Art Pastebin:

SRC Pastebin V2:

Make your own SRW character Pastebin:

If you wish to help with the SRW fan game they are always in need of more musicians and artists
Please contact the following e-mail: [email protected]

>Do not remove resource links
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Was he Casval since the begining?
Or was just a recton made by The Origin OVA?

Because if Char is not his real name. Why does everybody keep calling him Char Aznable, even if everybody knows he is not actually Char.
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What did people dislike about Tekkaman Blade 2, aside from it not really needing to exist?
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Why did Zeon field so many experimental amphibious units?
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/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #1046
Previous Thread: >>19797960

>Links for beginners:


>List of subbed series:

>Super Hero Time OSTs:!fddkkZiK!fau0lSCNv0MedCNpS_Ihew

>Super Sentai Monster Designs:
>Gorenger - Zyuohger!Mp8hVQ7K!tm2cp0d9_GZiZdGaXt1nXw

>TTFC Mega (Run by Ei. Bother him for requests)!6I0XBAZY!dplkOqeAe1dtLkMlO56ejQ

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What did he mean by "Gundam copy"? Weren't both mechs built by Anaheim? Is this a bad translation or is he just nuts?
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Cosmic Break Universal
New Angel coin sink edition

>New Player Guide (Stats and what they do)

>Old Forum Guide that details useful things (Description of each movement cart is useful)

>Updated Spreadsheet dealing with movement values in the current game

>English Wiki that has lots of information for bots/parts

>STR/TEC damage breakpoint charts (boost run chart outdated) more information

Previous >>19711306
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/gbg/ - Gundam Battle General #58
Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare/Breaker Mobile General

Share your ID code! Make friends with fellow /m/en and join a crew!

Current /m/ Crews:
- NA region:
>Name: Laz8
>ID Code: E4JDFFH4
- SEA region:
>Name: Merchants
>ID Code: AE6CLQJ5
>Name: Arkadiones

Official Website:

EN Twitter:
JP Twitter:

App store:

Play store:


Build Calculator

Spreadsheets on Parts, Tags & Pilots:

Previous Thread: >>19741284
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Why do Asian mecha in general and samurai-style in particular look so beautiful and harmonious in comparison with Western imitators?
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New to Gundam and mecha. Should I watch the movie trilogy or the original series?
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Final GaoGaiGar
This is Final GaoGaiGar, Genesic's enhancement. Say anything about it.
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Soon bros
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It's been two and half years and nothing came out, Are we even be able to see this anymore?
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The most awkward scene in all of gundam
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Draw thread
What are you guys working on?
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You guys got any favorite Gundam quotes?
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Astray Princess of the Sky Vol 4 Summary
Alright last volume of this series. Hope /m/en enjoy these summaries so far.

>previous volume summaries
Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3

>raw, scanalation?
I'm reading on BookWalker so DRM. Raw of Vol.1 and 2 exist so pray for scanalation.

>What do I need to know?
All previous ASTRAY series stories and characters as well as CE knowledges. This is set after SEED Destiny and all other ASTRAY. 2 New characters, Lath Winslet and Fairness Zweigle

I will be referencing attack names of Amataresu based on SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays, so go watch the attacks video to help you visualise.

>Lord Astray Z profile?
Nope only Amaterasu and Lord Astray. No new info nearly identical to Cross Rays profile.
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Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 14-22-59 AGX-11_Over on_with_armor_on webp (WEBP Image, 720 × 549 pixels)
Over.On is the next addition to the roster
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Quattro Bagina :DDDDDD
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Megaman Thread
From 25 all the way to 33 years and beyond for the series of the Blue Bomber.

All Mega Man related content is discussed here and even Megaman clones like ones from Inti Creates can be discussed.

What are you playing, watching or reading from Megaman and what you like to see in the future? E3 is coming so there maybe a chance for a Mega Man related announcement.
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inb4 "Code Geass isn't /m/!!!!
Does anyone else like the Gawain better than the Shinkiro? It's just a big-ass suit with massive cannons on its pauldrons that uses its Druid system to plan out strategies, making it good for someone like Lelouch, who's only an average pilot, but an invincible commander. This compared to the Shinkiro, which actually has bigger cannons and a huge, multi-segmented energy shield that Lelouch has to coordinate, yet is somehow still way more mobile. Plus, finger rockets are cool, just look at the Gunbuster.
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/sgg/ Symphogear General
The secret ingredient is love

Symphogear XV+AXZ music!mslXBKTT!cKifF2M0HFAdS3eXXoJQeA

>AXZ Zesshoushinais
Ep. 1:!nwRWSBjL!FHOQ9IoxhAY7GMcx9NEH12TIMRp6fo_kvIzn-nwxicg
Ep. 2:!L0o2RZZA!aLmACP9g5ULN_f_bZWQL9NpHBAZ0-l6khz0DrNEenCY
Ep. 3:!CpZByIgD!FUN-Us9FSyQ1usRZgNl2-sIWSJmtB3glxsNJ436mMmQ
Ep. 4:!egQECC5S!McL9xDPA9fOmrk0aEw59crkqgvZUgXR34JXZiDa3ww8

>XDU Events

>XDU Guide

>AXZ HiBiKi Radio Archive!KkBXSYyZ!GJCB0XB95wQA4uCi4S6hhw

>GX Pastebin and Mega folder!19FVyBzQ!eKkp4fzmcyybty7rY5r0mA!wptxxQzI


>XV website

>Symphogear XV Live 2020
S̶e̶p̶t̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶1̶3̶,̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶ Postponed, date TBA

>Shirabe's cooking adventure

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[アニメ DVD] 銀装騎攻オーディアン Mission 11 「君だけに」 (DVD 640x480 WMV9 QB97 24fps MP3 192kbps).avi_snapshot_13.50.247
I just finished Platinumhugen Ordian and want to talk about it.
It is somehow greatly under-appreciated? It's one of the better mecha shows that I watched, though it feels both slow and rushed at the same time somehow.
First half is similar to Front Mission games and Gasaraki first half, with very low-tech grounded mechs, protag earning vietnam PTSD and people dying left and right.
Then it switches gears radically into MOTW super robot show, darker than most, but not going into NGE/Rahxephon meta-narrative deconstruction bullshit.
Also no ayyliens or other extra-dimensional bullshit involved.

Still it leaves a whole lot of shit unexplained, and the whole japan vs non-china war just got shafted entirely with the introduction of super robots in the middle.

What do you think about it?
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I like that MS stands for both "Mobile suit" and "Mahou shoujo"
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Fembot thread
The cold war between with the North is over. All the M66 girls are now change into police units, becominga new waves of police woman robot
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No title
I'm pretty sure sure the grocery store I was just at was playing Misty Lonely Chaser. If the /m/an in charge of background music selection is browsing now, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Also Galvion thread, I guess.
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/m78/ Thread: Ded Dad Edition
Seven Crucified
Previous: >>19781797

Official Site:

>YouTube OFFICIAL Channel:

>Ultra Pastebin:

>Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeder (SRW-like Tactical RPG Mobage):

>Ultras Music Library (Ucok's Collection):

>The Birth of Ultraman

>Anon's GoogleDoc of Specials & Random Shit

>Trigger Press Conference
>Mega Monster Battle & Ultraman Zero collection in June from Mill Creek
>New Netflix CG Film
>Gridman BD announced for August
>Mirrorman Manga announced
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You should play this cool robot game
Patched to work on windows10 + preconfigured WASD-like control scheme, just unzip and play:
This particular version used to be on mega.zn and gdrive but has been taken down a while ago, good thing i had a backup.
You can find the unpatched game on myabandonware.
Also, you will likely get an error related to the "earmusf" 3rd party audio software when you try to start the game, i don't know why but simply renaming the .exe to "_earmusf" or whatever skips this and lets you play the game normally.
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Early Concept thread
So I just learned that in production for Gundam 00, the suits of Celestial Being originally had a Chess theming that influenced their abilities. Any other interesting early design concepts for other series?
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Mikarun X
>borderline hentai battle yuri with heavy toku and mecha elements and excessive violence
>by the author of Hagure Idol and Cynthia The Mission
This shit is bonkers. Has anyone else read it?
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Gundam waifus
Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 8.37.59 PM
Post your gundam waifu's less known to the masses
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>makes up fake rumours about Char in order to get laid
I actually really like Gyunei. For a side character who appears in one movie he has a lot of personality and soul. I really wish we had an actual CCA prequel would have been interesting to see Bright and Amuro forming Londo Bell and Char taking over Neo Zeon.
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>people hated this
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No title
Do people know that Char killed Garma and Kycilia? And would have killed all the other Zabis if given the chance? He directly contributed to Zeon losing the OYW. You'd think that fanatical Zeon remnants wouldn't look too kindly on him because of that. Either Char's campaign of revenge never became known outside some higher circles, or he admitted to everything but gave a really good speech explaining everything and the spacenoids went "awww" and forgave him.
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No title
Are there any modifications you would make to Gundams to make them fit their theme better? Like this for example is Gundam Heavyarms designed to match more closely with Trowa's circus theme.
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No title
Am I the only one who couldn't stand this character? Good eye candy but obnoxious bitch with an arrogant attitude
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SD Mecha
From Wataru, Granzort, to even modern series like Granbelm, what do you think about SD Mecha?
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The /m/echa Museum Project #5
Mazinger Z LP
Previous thread:

>Old links
>Alt Pastebin/Spreadsheet (WIP)!1A8xlJjK!SvBfoFKSxfRMm0gDloniWg

Recommended Anime torrent and ddl sites:


> (torrent mirror/scraper)
> (eng anime & OST)
> (eng anime, torrent mirror, subs)
> (XDCC index)
> (eng anime & OST)
> (raws)
> (XDCC index)

>volafile · org/r/anime (request obscure anime here)
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No title
Would you join mafty?
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No title
1384 (1)
Why does Infinite Justice have a FAITH emblem?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
Are there any giant robots with Roman aesthetics?
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2792: Frontier Edition
Previous Thread: >>19806960

>How to get into KR and where to start?

>List of subbed series

>Direct Download Links

>/krg/ archives
62 images | 324 replies
Brethren Moon vs Gundam.
If a Brethren Moon from Dead Space appears in any of the Gundam series. Can the Earth in Gundam survive?
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No title
Let's have an /m/ humor thread.
27 images | 42 replies
Back Arrow

>Official Website

>Episode 23 preview
22 images | 210 replies
Digimon Thread
>set everyone out on personal journeys
>make the first one involve an Ultimate form
>give people the impression we'll see a new Ultimate each episode
>just don't deliver on it
Why'd they have to do my boy Gomamon so dirty?
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No title
Say something nice about Haman in this manga panel.
93 images | 217 replies
No title
is it true that gundam used to have a large female fanbase?
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Amuro Deserts
>Amuro: Bright doesn't now shit about tactics sending the Gundam against everything won't work all the time
>Amuro: The Guntank is all you need to take out a fortress
>Amuro and Hayato take out most of the fortress
>Ramba Ral shows up wrecks the white base again and they barely manage to fend him off with Amuro being forced back into the Gundam
>Ramba Ral: if only the ground troops were still here then I would have won (guess who got rid of those)
>Bright: tells Amuro off for not listening to him and when told that the guntank is the best thing to use against a fortress just responds back with but the Gallop showed up.
>Bright plans to replace Amuro even though he's the only one who has shown good piloting skills and makes two mistakes
one saying this all in front of Amiri and the other being such a weak leader that he tried to get Mirai to be in agreement with him
>Amuro runs away and takes the Gundam
I was told Amuro threw hissy fits. But in these past 17 episodes I've been on Amuro's side. Bright is the dude I'm pissed at.
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No title
Whatever haplened to the Vandread Sequel that they announced a ehile back and even showed charavters and mecha in Newtype magazine
5 images | 28 replies
No title
Why has there never been a lead female protagonist in any gundam show?
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No title
I can't fucking live with this ending. How do we tell her!?
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Previous: >>19674763

New game has released. Discuss it and post lore related to all things R-Type here.
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No title
Is Metroid's power suit /m/?
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/prg/ - Power Rangers General #327
I originally had this as a COVID joke but instead I just like to say that this is pretty similar to what inspired Bionicle's plot
Chemo Edition
>Dino Fury
Gold revealed

>Beast Morphers Episodes!a3gX3SIL!703yqTtEy3PWGty2DHmVdA
>Official YouTube Channels

>BOOM! Studios Comics:
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Vol. 10 - Latest Volume)
- Go Go Power Rangers (Vol. 6 - Latest Volume)
- Power Rangers: Pink
- Power Rangers: Aftershock
- Power Rangers: Lost Chronicles
- Justice League / Power Rangers

>Battle for the Grid League
>Battle for the Grid Street Fighter crossover trailers

>Movie reboot details

>Coming Soon:
Dino Fury out on Netflix
Edge of Darkness out on June 30th

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No title
your favorite /m/angas?
44 images | 98 replies
If you ran Bandai, how would you have followed up Gundam W in the USA?
The "What did it do that made it do so well in the west?" thread about Wing got me thinking.

Everyone knows Bandai totally botched the rollout of Gundam to the mainstream after 2000 when they tried to pivot the massive casual audience they had built up with Wing to being interested in the dated animation of the original 0079 series, while the more modern UC series (apparently) could only been shown during adult swim/midnight run

Within a year Gundam in the USA went from being the second-biggest anime behind DBZ (the initial airing of Endless Waltz on November 10, 2000, was Cartoon Network's second highest-rated program ever at the time) to basically being an afterthought. By the time Gundam SEED rolled around to Toonami in 2004 the IP was already dead in the water, and that series never even finished it's run on Toonami despite being an even bigger success in Japan than Wing. After that Gundam went through over a decade-long period of not being on US television.

Over the years I've heard some people suggest Bandai should have went from Gundam W to Gundam X (both AU series with 90s animation) but given X's general.... shittiness I'm not entirely sure that would have worked.

SO, if you're in charge of bandai, and it's the beginning of 2001, what would/could you have done, if anything, to keep Gundam alive in the mainstream after Gundam W's massive success?

fwiw here's what bandai actually did in the early 2000s:
Gundam Wing - March 2000 (also ran unedited on adult swim)
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz - November 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam - July 2001 (abbreviated due to 9/11, never completed run)
08th MS Team - July 2001 (adult swim, ran that later year in october during afternoons)
Gundam 0080 - November 2001 (on adult swim)
Gundam 0083 - Feb 2002 (on adult swim)
G Gundam - August 2002
SD Gundam Force - Sep 2003
Gundam SEED - April 2004 (never completed run)
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which is better and why?
I tried getting my boomer dad into watching gundam but he still thinks star wars is better because its "realistic" and doesn’t have "silly cartoon robots"
10 images | 142 replies
No title
What's the most ridiculous name in the UC?
12 images | 65 replies
No title
Why doesn't /m/ like Grendizer?
3 images | 24 replies
No title
How does /m/ stand on Rean's games? Are you going to watch his anime?
42 images | 198 replies
No title
Hey kid make a sentinel contract with me
1 images | 9 replies
No title
Miss me yet?
22 images | 91 replies
No title
General Septem
You're saying, reduce the forces?
22 images | 295 replies
No title
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VIvy: Fluorite Eyes Song
Hey guys! I just finished this show but I didn't see a thread on it. Was anybody else watching it? I think it (and Megalo Box 2) are my favorite entries for this season, I really had a great time watching it. My only complaint was the AI's reason for rebellion could have been made a little clearer before the last couple of episodes, but other than that IMO it tied together all its thematic elements really well--the singing and idol stuff combined with the perennial question of "how can I be human" (or, in Vivy's case specifically, "what does it mean to put your heart into something?") worked astonishingly well. I really wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. Any other /m/en feel the same way?
25 images | 68 replies
No title
Mashin No Wataru has to have some of the weirdest designs for mecha. The monkey bot or whatever it’s called is powered by its user pumping iron and only has capacity for one missile that has to be reloaded manually from the outside. RyujinMaru is Wataru’s mecha and that also looks hard to pilot as you’re literally inside the Mashin and can only see what’s going on through a vision.
0 images | 7 replies
No title
Remember that time I watched this on a poorly coded N64 emulator?
2 images | 24 replies
No title
Zoids > Gundam
31 images | 98 replies
No title
amazing ending
Seed just has the most perfect finale of all the Gundam shows. I just rewatched the final two eps for the 7th time, and they are just as amazing as ever. Everything just works so well.
32 images | 203 replies
No title
Villkiss is just Jehuty cosplaying as the Freedom Gundam, prove me wrong.
0 images | 7 replies
Just finished Zeta
It was ok. The start was stupid but entertaining dragged a little in the middle and the pace picked way up when Haman was introduced. Still enjoyed 0079 more.
Also pic related what the FUCK was her problem?
20 images | 204 replies
An attempt to fix the soft focus of The End Of Evangelion
199X poster
Infamously the cel photography for The End Of Evangelion is really blurry compared to Evangelion: Rebirth, a problem at the source master level. Some dude was posting on /a/ months and months ago about trying to clean up the picture frame-by-frame, applying a slight sharpening effect, then adding digital grain to match the original grain removed by the digital sharpening/cleaning. This dude never posted again, so a different anon had a go, but working in Premiere Pro instead of going frame-by-frame. That anon sent me their test version today and just posted it on /a/ to be scrutinised so I thought it'd be a good idea to post it here and see what the more technically-minded among you think of this attempt.

There's some issues I can spot easily, but from memory I think they may all be other issues with the source master e.g. jerky panning shots, general jitter etc.; this is definitely not a finalised version but I think it's worth scrutinising in greater depth to see whether further improvements can bring it up to the quality of an S-tier release to put on Nyaa, and/or whether a different attempt of the same concept in greater depth should be made. I definitely think it's worth pursuing because overall, the effect of the digital sharpening itself is surprisingly decent and due to the blurriness of the linework in the source I don't spot any of the smudging etc. so infamously attributed to DNR processing. Please let me know if there's anywhere else I'm better off posting this for in-depth feedback.
10 images | 65 replies
No title
How differently would it have turned out if Kamille joined Char?
10 images | 101 replies
No title
Is Joshi Kouhei /m/?
0 images | 3 replies
Animated cutscenes in games
I'm literally dying to see more Anime cutscene rips from Gundam/Macross games. Give it to me.
35 images | 113 replies
/m/ draws STORM - 1 HOUR EDITION

At long last, /m/ draws Shin Getter Robo VS. Neo Getter Robo is complete, all thanks to the hard work and guts of the dozens of skilled /m/en involved in the project, and just in time for Arc, too.
15 images | 50 replies
No title
New Saga Chapter
5 images | 7 replies
Shinkalion Z
Episode 7 subs

New episodes 7:25 PM JST
91 images | 196 replies
In this thread we discuss
61 images | 269 replies
/m/ag vol. 2 thread (6/12/21)
(not the guy who is running this)

>What's the /m/ag?

/m/ag was a project last year to make a /m/ focused doujinshi/fanzine for giant robot and adjacent works be they stories, fanfics, art, 3D renders, models and comics. Collectively we produced a decent sized volume 1 which you can find here:

>What's going on with it?

Initially we planned to try and make this a bi-annual thing, but at the moment, things haven't been progressing too well. Some people have sent in finished works, others have dropped out and take up is slim. The original deadline was to be the end of May. At the moment, that seems a bit optimistic.Things seem to be much busier for people this year, which is to be expected.

>What's this thread for?

Discussion of the project, some longer term plans and to see if interest is spiking up again. Before hand we tried to keep a thread bumped up all the time but lack of attention left them to die off this time around. Discussion of whether to have a thread once a month, twice a month or so on will be part of this thread.

See below for the sign up document. Pop your name, what you want to work on and the current status of that work, if you want to join in!

Volume collection pastebin, right here:, feel free to check it out!
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No title
Why was it three times faster than the Zaku? No Origin explanations allowed.
5 images | 28 replies
No title
is crossrays fun? or better get super robot wars x/v
18 images | 141 replies
No title
I need more fantasy mecha like Escaflowne. Planning on watching Dunbine soon but I need a good spot to stream it or a torrent that doesn't take three days. Any good ones?
12 images | 23 replies
Spider Tanks
Меха-Паук 1
Well, "Ghost in the Shell" and "Apple Seed" have a lot of insect-like mecha, a similar concept is present in "86", as well as many-legged robots are presented in "Patlabor" - this is not counting concepts and amateur works from other sources.

But how good is this concept of robotic technology compared to humanoid mechas? What are the pros and cons of it? How difficult would it be to drive such machines compared to bipedal ones? Will it be convenient to use them at work and in battle? Etc...

I propose to discuss steel beetles and spiders in the mecha world.
136 images | 181 replies
/otg/ Other Toku General
Keeping the torch lit. Posting an underrated Toku villain: Jack Moon from Ryukendo.

Previous: >>19740710

-Check out nyaa/anidex, KRDL and the pastebin before posting requests.
-If only posting an image, pop the name/title/source/whatever in the filename or post.

>Metal Hero, Garo and Misc toku DDL
>Stuff archived from Hi no Tori Subs (More in the paste)
>Rare Tokusatsu Blog
>Other links of interest
16 images | 108 replies
synchtube circlejerk
So over on CyTube, Dorkly does his stuff on Tues. and Fri. with 24/7 stuff in between mog-rog. My stuff on Thurs. on PTSF-THRS. Cozy's m-tea-time and Deacon's m-adras-tea-and-film on certain occasional weekends. All of this is on this thread.
2 images | 40 replies
Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/
titus gunner



For those new to gunpla/plamo or even just new to this thread; please read the guide. Please read it before asking questions, as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model". If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here!
If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!

And to keep the thread clean and civil, please REPORT AND DO NOT REPLY to any shitposters and spammers that are trying to derail it. Your diligence helps to improve our general.

>Why won't anyone answer my question?
Try being specific, especially about your materials and process. Post images whenever possible; even if the kit/part looks bad, you are more likely to get help posting images.

>Why are my pictures sideways?
4chan strips EXIF data from images when they're uploaded to the website from your phone, including the orientation display tag. To fix this, save your images out separately, or use an app that will rotate and save the image for you.
One commonly used app that works well on Android:

>A guide to other types of plamo:
>Kawaguchi gunpla tips:
>Gundam lineart:
>Funaka's gunpla guides:
>Falldog's gunpla guide:

Monthly restock:

Past Groupbuilds:


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SP MechaGodzilla
You excited for season 2?
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I just finished season 1 of exodus, and I have to say this: Fafner is one of the more unique and interesting modern (and original) mecha shows. It just carries itself differently. It has it's own unique ideas, and it isn't predictable at all. Also, the cast is lovable and competent, the cgi doesn't bother me, and even fits the fafners, the OST is great, and the "anyone can die" rule, makes the show intense to watch. Overall it's a hidden gem, and it sucks that it never caught on around the world.
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Armored Core Thread
PS4 Dynamic Theme Edition

Previous Thread: >>19597257
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Acrobunch of bullshit
Why didn't they have the dad as the actual MC? All of his kids fucking suck compared to him. Jun most of all.
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>The Core Fighter is a special compact support fighter aircraft that transforms into the cockpit of the Gundam, Guncannon, and Guntank. As the plane can fold up its main wings and the like, turn into a box shape, and be seated in a mobile suit's abdomen, it has a form quite distant from conventional fighter aircraft.
>The White Base is an assault landing ship designed to be the mothership for the Gundam and company. As it's codenamed "Pegasus", it's been designed to have a form reminiscent of one.

>Okawara's Comment
>To be frank, the Core Fighter is mostly [the work of] Yasuhiko-san, including the transformation gimmick. I made a few tweaks to what he came up with, but the final draft was drawn by him.
>For the White Base, I took something I drew back when I was working on Daitarn 3 and tweaked it to fit the director's needs. In the show it's called the Trojan Horse, but actually it was designed using a sphinx as a motif.
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No title
One thing that I disliked about Zeta is that it's a much more black and white show compared to the original Gundam. The Titans are very explicitly evil and the AEUG is thoroughly good. And yes, there are some characters on both sides who are developed a bit more and made to question and think about their loyalties, but much, much less than we see in MSG.

On the Titans side you have Emma defect to the AEUG, and you have a couple of other characters, like Four and Sarah, who are developed into 3 dimensional people, but I expected to see more characters like Rosamia: people who joined the Titans because of a very justified fear of Zeon-like atrocities happening again. I fully expected, going into the show, that at least one person from the White Base would be with the Titans, traumatized with what they experienced and willing to go to certain extremes to prevent another OYW, but no, everyone is good. Meanwhile the AEUG doesn't have any dirt, like we constantly saw shitty Fed soldiers in MSG. Wong is rude to Kamille, that's it.

Has Tomino ever explained this? I can imagine this was an attempt to prevent Titans fanboys much like how Zeon has their fans despite all the bad things they did.
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No title
Was the Zeta Gundam wasted on Roux?
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No title
So someone's going to sub this as it's airing, right?
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Rumors and news about Code Geass
In August, they promise fresh data on the new series "Code Geass", which will be released under the title "Code Geass: Z of the Recapture".

Filmed at the Sunrise studio. Director Ohashi Yoshimitsu (Witchblade). The script is written by Noboru Kimura (Nyaruko). Character Design - Takahiro Kimura (Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch). Fur design - Astrays (Gundam: The Origin).

Okochi Ichiro and Goro Taniguchi lead the authorship of the original story.
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You call that a gun? This is a gun!

Post them Guns, Cannons, Sniper, Riffle etc.
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Super Robot Wars GC Translation 1.0
Righto folks, new thread since this is a bigger update than before: The GC English patch should be out for a proper download as of now!

You can find the patch over here, this time in a format that doesn't need you to download 800mb of files to manually insert into an ISO:

Since this is in an easier to patch format, please feel free to go ahead and play through and let us know if you have any questions or issues to report! I'll be keeping an eye on here for any immediate major issues that didn't turn up for anyone else, and can see about looking into any if they do pop up.

If you're emulating, please check the readme for the settings to use, else battle lines are gonna be broken!
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No title
Why is it so fucking big?
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No title
Strelizia Apus
Any news on the upcoming mecha videogame?
Sorry I forgot the name... (p.s.: nope it's not trails in whatever, nor srt, nor xeno; i think it might be a new franchise)
pic unrelated.
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No title
Vintage /m/ thread. Keep in the ballpark of nothing newer than around 25-30 years ago. Ignore butt-flustered zoomers.
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No title
>can communicate with the satellite canon and control the G-Bits without being a MS pilot
>somehow survived a satellite canon blast targeting a base she was kidnapped in and she could accurately calculate the impact time without any help
>can talk to dolphins
>could sense Enil Il hate towards Garrod while they were fighting even when she wasn't with them.
She's definitely up there with Amuro and Kamille with her newtype powers.
I wonder how well would she do if she piloted a gundam.
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Iczer thread
Iczer -2 teleport to your house, appear Infront of you .
>> So you're my new partner ....hum... not bad for a teenage little man. I would much prefer a cute and beautiful girl like
Nagisa , but iam ok with a boy too. Now striped naked and get into my lovely and powerful Iczer-Sigma or I will do it for you !
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from a design standpoint
the stache. i don't understand.
i love the design but i simply don't understand this choice. it's obviously a stache
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Sci-fi fantasy
Will the fade ever return?
Back in the 80s mixing sci-fi and magic for fantasy was pretty much a given.
Right now everythings falls more toward the pure fantasy thing but adding some game gimmicks like menus and skills
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No title
Does Hathaway actually have ideals or is he just another Char?
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No title
Hell, it's about time.
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No title
What did it do that made it do so well in the west? Is it just timing and toonami?
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EPIC SCHOOL FIGHT 中二病 GUNDAM Char's Counterattack
EPIC SCHOOL FIGHT 🔥 中二病 GUNDAM Char's Counterattack 機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア-4McPWvJJHxs.mp4_snapshot_00.24_[2021.06.23_01.28.19]
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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
If anyone gives shit, they've revealed a new Transformers movie. Apparently set in Peru, in the timeline of the Bumblebee movie, involves Cybertronians as ancient aliens helping the Incas.
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Fuck this OVA. I don't even care about it being a blatant NGE ripoff. It's just a shitty confusing waste of talent and effort.
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No title
Who's your favorite Sharon?
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No title
Is this game any good? I heard it got a mixed reception. The concept sounds cool
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No title
3x as chad
Why is Char so much more popular than Amuro?
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No title
You are on a date with a newtype female, what do you say to break the ice?
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No title
Left or right?
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/mlg/ - Muv-Luv General
The Great Filter
Lacrosse Arc Edition

>Anime Trailers
>New Anime Website
>Project Mikhail Trailers
>New Project Mikhail Website
>Project Immortal Trailer
>Two new CGs and one updated one from TDA 04
>Asset Archive

>TDA 00-03 now on Steam

>Muv-Luv Alternative Manga vol 1-4 now on Steam

Previous Thread: >>19733114
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No title
Amuro didn't care much for Lalah. He realized those feelings were just new type tricks. Meanwhile he kept a picture of Matilda up until Zeta
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No title
"It doesn't really matter if the pilots are good or not, for they are merely there as backups controllers.
The goal is to make an army of Gundams which can replicate what Amuro and Char could do back in the days by making use of the pre-installed AR and CA OS, their battle databanks, and the latest onboard learning computer database matrix. Everything else is replaceable."
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Should I watch Gundam ZZ?
Just finished Zeta Gundam. I'm wondering whether or not I should watch ZZ, or go straight to CCA. As I understand it, ZZ had very little involvement from Tomino, and hardly factors into the plot of CCA. But Haman Karn is still out there. I've also heard that the first 15 episodes are goofy, but apparently it gets more serious as it goes on (like Zeta gundam serious?). What am I in for with ZZ? Or should I just skip it?
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Help Me design a Guncannon Timeline
timeline guncannon Beta
So I wanted to make a timeline for the UC’s Guncannon since its my favorite MS. Any criticisms on what I've made so far?
I understand the Guntank was developed alongside the guncannon rather than the guncannon being developed off of it. Should I remove the guntank?
Likewise, The RX-77D mass production guncannon has pieces taken from the RGM-79G GM Command but is only a derivative of the other RX-77s, not the GM Command. Should I Include the command like the other GM’s just below the mass production type?
FInally, should I include different paintschemes?
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