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- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools, things such as swords, guns or explosives are considered weapons.
- No drugs or drug paraphernalia (See Global Rule 1). If you want to discuss something that could involve such things (e.g., carving a tobacco pipe from wood) that's fine, but make sure it's /diy/ related and doesn't involve drugs or it will result in deletion/ban.

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No title
any contractors on here? what would u do in this situation?

the roofing contractor i am working with did this. the shingles are completely mismatched with the flat areas. he says they don't make the flat sheets in the same color as the shingles. that's fine, but when he asked me to pick out a shingle color, and i did, WHY didn't he tell me it will not match the flat sheets?

if i want it redone, am i liable to pay again for new shingles and labor? should i have confirmed they match colors before they began the work? was it not right of me to assume that once i picked a color it would be for the whole roof?

he also says they can't paint the flat areas to match the shingles, but looking at google, it says that roofs can be painted.

what should i do? any feedback is apprecited.
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Redpil me on Concrete Countertops
Based utilitarianism or cringe modernity?
There are some interesting stain options which make improve it so it doesn't look like a street.
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No title
Scenario: You are one of the lucky few Americans who, after trying for three fucking years, finally purchased the rarest and most sought-after Halloween decoration in the country, straight off of the goddamned truck: the Home Depot 12' Skeleton
Environment: Nice house in the suburbs, but they're 11% of the population
Task: Defend the skeleton
Safety Protocols: Nothing obviously illegal
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Mapai Aquadefence vs Waterstop
What the fuck is the difference between these two products?
They both claim to be "waterproofing and crack isolation membranes".

I just want to waterproof over cement board for my tile bathtub surround.

Also what is a crack isolation membrane?
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/3dpg/ - Just Give Up Edition
Last Thread: >>2675810

>Your print failed? Go to:

>Calibrate your printer.

If that doesn't help you solve your problems, post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [32/72/5 :detadpU tsaL]
Do your own research, these are just popular and available options, don't buy a $1000 bedslinger:
Up to 200 USD: Kingroon KP3S, Sovol SV01, Voxelab Aquila X2, Anycubic Kobra Neo, ELEGOO Neptune 2S, Malyan M300/Monoprice Mini Delta
Up to 300 USD: Kingroon KP3S Pro/Pro S1, Sovol SV06, Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo, Elegoo Neptune 3
Up to 400 USD: Creality Ender 3 S1, Sovol SV01 Pro, Artillery Sidewinder SW-X2
Up to 500 USD: Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro, FLSUN Super Racer
Up to 500 USD Large-Format: Anycubic Kobra Max, Elegoo Neptune 3 Max
Up to 800 USD: Bambu Lab P1P
Over 1000 USD: Bambu Lab X1 Carbon, Ultimaker, Lulzbot, Raise3D
DIY: Voron, Rat Rig, Ultimaker/2/3,
SLA: >>>/tg/3dpg

>Where can I get things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Free to anyone: Fusion360, Onshape, TinkerCAD, FreeCAD
Free to me: Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Rhino, Solid Edge
Autistic /g/oobers: OpenSCAD, OpenJSCAD
Mesh free-forming and modeling: Blender
Architects: Sketchup

>What slicer should I use?
For everyone: Cura, PrusaSlicer, BambuStudio for Bambu owners.
For enthusiasts: SuperSlicer, OrcaSlicer
For autists: Pleccer/SuperPleccer, Kiri:Moto, FullControl

Legacy Pastebin (Last updated 1013 days ago):
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No title
tradie painting
Who is at the bottom of the tradie totem pole? Is it framers or painters? Or arb*rists?
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/hbg/ Homebrew General: National Contest Edition
Preparations for the German Brewing Contest from the Störtebeker Brewery have begun, topic is 21B New England IPA

Also on a related note, my Kentucky Common was rated 4 out of 5 stars by a beer sommelier, claiming it was better than many commercial beers he had. Pic related.

Last thread: >>2615584

Here's the rest of the general:
General calculators: (the best one)


List of wine defects with description of symptoms:
Cider faults:

MLF primer (any fruit wine/mead) -

Sur-lie aging (wine/mead) -

Beginner FAQ with some questions from last thread:

Some helpful do’s and don’ts for mead making (from mead anon):
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Gasoline and oil issues
I put 2 cycle oil in my lawnmower while my lawnmower was fueled with Ethanol 85 gas. My mower won't start, when it does it sounds like it's coughing. Is my mower fucked or can I unfuck it?
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/mcg/ - Microcontroller General: Professional Dev-board Edition
legit pickit
Previous thread:>>2653338

Here we discuss microcontrollers (MCUs), single board computers (SBCs), and their accessories, such as Atmel mega and tiny AVRs (Arduinos), PICs, ARM boards such as blue/black pill STM32, ESP8266/32s, RP2040, Raspberry Pi, and others.

For general electronics questions (power supplies, level shifting, motor driving, etc.) please ask /ohm/.

>where can I find verified quality microcontrollers and other electronic sensors or parts

>but that's too expensive (many parts here are fake, particularly specific parts out of stock in the above sites)

>I need a part that does X and Y, with Z specifications. How can I find it?
use DigiKey's or Octopart's parametric part search. Then purchase from one of the sellers listed above.

>how do I get started with microcontrollers, where should I start?
There is no defined starting point, grab a book and start reading or buy an arduino off ebay/amazon and start messing around. There are a plethora of examples online to get started.

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/ohm/ - Electronics General: Pride Month Edition
IGBT autopsy (it's NPN)
Thread started to smell:>>2677019

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Incredibly comprehensive list of electronics resources:
Additional resources below:

>Project ideas:

>Don't ask, roll:

>Archive of Popular Electronics magazines (1954-2003):
>Microchip Tips and Tricks PDF:
>Li+/LiPo batteries required reading:


>Principles (by increasing skill level):
Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics
Geier, How to Diagnose & Fix Everything Electronic
Kybett & Boysen, All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Scherz & Monk, Practical Electronics for Inventors (arguably has minor issues with mains grounding)
Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics

>Recommended Design/verification tools:
KiCAD 6+
Logisim Evolution

>Recommended Components/equipment:
eBay/AliExpress sellers, for component assortments/sample kits (caveat emptor)
Local independent electronics distributors

>More related YouTube channels:

>microcontroller specific problems?
>I have junk, what do?
Shitcan it
>consumer product support or PC building?
>household/premises wiring?
More rules-driven than engineering, try /qtddtot/ or sparky general first
>antigravity and/or overunity?
Go away
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No title
Post products and companies that you'll never use or trust ever again.
Bought 2 containers of flex seal from Lowes, one was completely solid and the other was about 60% solid.
Terrible scam product.
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/sqtddtot/ - Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve There Own Thread
Posted in old thread before realizing it had hit bump limit. So here goes again.

I want to tidy up these used shift levers I bought. Can I get rid of the stains by polishing them or should I sand the spots down first? The dirty spots protrude out of the paint.
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Asbestos abatement
So i found out my how doesnt have any sheathing...
Also, im assuming the white siding has asbestos as its covered up.
Any tips for doing it doing it myself?
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No title
I travel recently and noticed Europe build most of their homes from rocks.
It’s seems like a difficult construction method, especially to run things like electricity and plumbing and insulation.
The inside must be very cold and damp. Homes in America are so much nicer.
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/ham/ Amateur, CB, Shortwave Listening, Pirate Radio, Repeater Kerchunking General
Here's A Message From Milwaukee edition

Old thread keyed down by K9RSY:
>Kawasaki edition

Eternal thread theme:

>New to /ham/? Read this shit!
>Your search engine of choice works well too!

>The FAQ is now back:
>OP, the cybsec domain is gone.
>NEW FAQ is updated to preview 15

>The wiki is down but is archived:
>Idiot's Guide to Coax Cable
>Looking for frequencies to monitor near you?
>Basic Rx loop fundamentals
>DIY SWL Mag. Loop
>Small Tx Loop
>In Depth Loop articles
>Homebrew RF Circuits
>NEW Library

>Online Practice Tests:
> Real-Time Propagation Data
>Space Weather
>WSJT-X 2.1 User Guide
>Homosexual (ft8) guide
>Weather Fax resources
>point to point predictions, its free and will give you an idea of how much power/ what frequencies to use to reliably talk to your friend
>how do I into Morse code in a good way?
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No title
>Leak in the house
>Call plumber who fitted the pipe 10 months ago
>1 year warranty
>No answer
>Google him
>He died 2 months ago
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No title
stole from reddit
i had to unload some shit out of a truck myself the other day and i really didn't have the proper shit to do it. i had a cabinet, maybe 30"x30", maybe 5 feet tall. probably 120 pounds.
i figured it would be fine, i can deadlift more than 120 pounds. i ended up putting a little folding table behind the bed of the truck, pushing it onto that, and then just lifting the fucker off the table onto the ground.
i had one of those feelings where in another universe i'd have broken my back or smashed the cabinet or something but it worked out "fine".
i don't understand how the fuck you're meant to move heavy shit if you don't have someone to help you.
turn it sideways and slide it out of the bed? it's going to fuck up the wood. what if it's something heavier? how do you get something out that you can't lift?

i was thinking maybe using ratchet straps or something to crank it out of the bed, but like a reverse ratchet strap, so i could gradually lower it out.
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No title
Where to start if I want to build a submarine?
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No title
I am trying to bleed the clutch on a 2010 tacoma 2.7. Every single how to video of this make model and engine shows the master cylinder beside the brake master. It is NOT there on this truck. Here are examples of how to videos showing the master cyl
Every how to video I find shows the resivious and master cyl right there in front of the firewall, regardless of engine size or year. I followed the line from the slave cyl up the engine bay into the firewall... no way you have to tear apart the dash to top off fluid so wtf? Plz help. Pic is where it isn't
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No title
if i have a fireplace, why do i need a chimney? can i make something like this that will let the smoke out to the side?
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Sewing General
Last Thread

So come to find out, this was going so smoothly that people liked it. Dope. I enjoy talking about sewing. Comfy.

Talk about sewing, show off your work, and ask questions, if you're new to sewing don't hesitate to ask questions. We all started someplace. We will try to answer them the best we can.

We need more tailors and seamstresses out there.
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No title
Why does every freshly done 2023 interior now have these grey meme walls? It's EVERYWHERE
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No title
Posting this here since /adv/ is useless. I'm 23 and I want to work in construction/repair. What skill should I learn? I have only ever worked in a factory and as a sales clerk in a supermarket. I live in Belgium to give you some context on the union laws and job market. So yeah, I have no idea no where to start or what to expect. I also have no technical background whatsoever other than that it seems interesting to me and I would like to learn about it.
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/diy/ side hustles
What are your side jobs?
I'm thinking about putting my soldering skills to work and hand assemble some kind of gadget that I can sell. I'm thinking guitar pedals or something like that. Any ideas?
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Eternal Machinist Thread - /EMT/
I don t know what I am doing edition.
I want to buy a tank sized lathe, what do you recommend?
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Heat Pump Mechanics
I want to make a dehumidifier for a small amount of chemical/plastic (1kg or less), likely using a (thermoelectric) heat pump in it somewhere, if only to be more efficient than a heater. The pictured style of liquid desiccant dehumidifier is a design I'm strongly considering, though I imagine it will be more complex. With peristaltic pumps hopefully I can avoid corrosion. Otherwise I may make a dry desiccant rotor, or just have a self-enclosed box where heated air flows over the substance and back over the cold side.

Thermoelectric isn't the only option, I could try a small compressor or try to make a stirling engine, but that's just making things bulky and complicated.

Anyhow, my main question is with regards to heat pump topology. I was originally just going to pipe the cool fluid past the hot side of the heat pump, and the warm fluid past the cold side of the heat pump, but a lot of these diagrams I see have a heat exchanger before this (circled in red).
Does this kind of heat exchanger make it more efficient? Does it depend on the kind of heat pump I use? Is the extra complexity worth it? I can't search for it because "heat pump" and "heat exchanger" are terms loaded with HVAC implications. This is not an HVAC thread.
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No title
>buy once cry once
>you get what you pay for
>good work aint cheap cheap work aint good

I've had enough of these insufferable goy platitudes that they use to justify being poor forever, god forbid someone ever accomplishes something in their life by themselves without spending a fucking penny

shut the fuck up
stop shilling overpriced brands
stop shilling overpriced labor
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No title
horror freight
how the fuck do they have the same shit as lowes/home depot but cheaper?
fuckin blows me away. was just in there the other day. 100 pack of zip ties, 2$.
100 pack at lowes, 10$.
i don't understand.
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Didn't see one in the4 catalog and I have a stupid question:

Is there a difference between AC and DC in terms of the actual energy? For instance if I series'd ten 12v batteries together and added a device to flip the polarity at 60 hz would this run regular 120ac stuff without a inverter?
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No title
Buddy is living in an uninsulated little space. It's a pretty high ceiling and we won't be able to do most of it without scaffolding.

I want to do the very bare minimum and insulate about 1/3 of the area, just the stuff we can reach.

Think it's worth putting up pink insulation for just a small portion of the area? Also, do we need to use vapor barrier for air quality or can that be skipped?

Like I say, bare minimum will be better than nothing.
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Boiling water as a local heater?
Okay so Autumn is upon us and soon enough houses will need to be heated.
I live in southern Europe and it definitely gets cold but it's not like temperatures drop to ungodly degrees. I don't have AC, or a fireplace, every year all I do is have a small electrical heater by my desk(plus some residual heat from having the PC running all day + cooking) and that works out just fine but still, the heater alone almost doubles my electrical bill in the winter months.
This year I'm working from home meaning I'm gonna use even more energy in general and will definitely require more heating for longer periods so I wanted to experiment with alternatives.

I was wondering if heating up water and basically using that has my local space heater could be viable. I find that when I have a electric heater it's all too easy to press the button to turn it on even if I don't necessarily need it because it's extra cozy so having to heat water would force me to be a lot more intentional and aware of when I'm using extra heat. Oh and my stove runs on butane which is relatively cheap(way way cheaper than electricity) so it's not like heating water would become too much of an expense. And of course during really bad days or when I'm getting out of the shower or something I could still rely on the electrical heater if I really had to, the idea is just to cut down hard on its use.

Thoughts? Is it too much of an impractical idea? My question to /diy/ then would be what would be the best container to store boiling water that I could have by my feet while I'm at the desk?
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No title
In live in an appartment block and the ceeling light in my hallway isn't metered. It seems to be connected to the building supply rather than my individual supply. So basically, free electrisity. I bought an adaptor plug like in the picture so now I can plug anything into it. Relaistically how much do you think I can pull from this without being detected or causing a fire?
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No title
The bathroom sink fell off in my overpriced shit build Toronto apartment.

The landlord and agent are both on vacation, so I might need to DIY.

I know how to use 2 part epoxy, but shouldn't there be braces for this?
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Timascus and horse leather dog collar
Join me over the next couple days as I make my dog a new dog collar. There will be machining, polishing, leather work, and a cute dog.
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House plan program
I need to draw the blueprints for my future house, and I want to do the plans on computer, and not on paper.
What are some user friendly and relatively easy to use blueprint program? I need to draw down a simple blueprint with accurate representation of the house dimensions (like how many meters are X amount of pixels and things alike), which will help me guess how many materials I will need and will need to purchase.
Paint helped at laying down what I vaguely want for a house, but now that I need to get to nitty gritty and the more technical stuff, it does not help anymore.
Any recommendations?
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No title
How to get the liquid out when the can has lost pressure? Yes I'm cheap enough to worry about a few drops of WD-40
3 media | 26 replies
Raised beds
I want to build some raised beds. I'm thinking 2 each of 10ft long x 4 ft wide x 24in tall. That way I can just buy some ground contact lumber and don't even have to cut it, just add some corner braces, put weed barrier on the bottom and get dirt delivered and amend it myself. The dirt around here is pretty decent so I might just add regular 10-10-10 fertilizer granules to it.

Am I oversimplifying that? I have zero experience building raised beds but I have grown a lot of stuff in planters and in the ground. I saw some people afraid of toxins from treated lumber in their soil, I don't really care, if it kills me then so be it.
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Hiring a GC wouild like advice
I have some land and I need to hire a GC to build an attachment suite on my house. I've hired an architect already.
I do not have permits yet, shit takes like 3 months to process, but based on the evaluation of the architect and one GC I spoke to, this is a pretty simple project that gets done all the time.
Any red flags I should look for when interviewing? Beyond things like "too good to be true" prices and timelines.
Never done this before, I'm sure there's some obvious thing I haven't thought of.
Located in BC Canada. Can give more details if it makes a huge difference.
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No title
does anyone here cut their own hair? i want to stop paying the barber jew. i need to know if i can get a nice chaddy cut with just an electric razor that has guard attachments. i don't want to use scissors since i just want to swipe my head a few times and be done
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"no hard feelings. it's just biz"
how do you animate correct motion and pose in animation based on physics, or realims
especially but not exclusively, wak/gait/runs cycles, how it loops, balancedly and repeats a pattern, and also naturally counterposes between mirrored pairs to create locomotion
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No title
Insulating the ceiling of a box truck. Roof is aluminum sheet supported by slightly curved steel ribs with straight aluminum i-beams dropped for a flat ceiling (I gutted it because there was mouse-infested fiberglass behind it).

Was planning to mount 2 in EPS below i-beams and call it a day, but my stepdad took a look at it and thought I should add thinner board to the gaps between the ribs. To me, that doesn't make a lot of sense because of thermal bridging on the ribs. On the other hand, stepdad owned a roofing company for 40 years and is almost always right when he gives me advice, so it gave me pause.

I do have some thinner XPS and lots of canned spray foam laying around, but there are some areas where I'd have to drill holes and spray inside the channel, which I don't really want to do. It would be nice to have another inch of insulation without sacrificing ceiling height, but is it actually worth doing anything in this situation?
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Attic and floor insulation in an old house.
I need to insulate an attic. I was thinking about insulating the roof, but everyone tells me to insulate the attic floor first - if I insulate the roof it will catch humidity even if I use proper materials, I'd need to make ventilation holes etc.

Also, what's the cheapest way to, at least to some extend, insulate the floor?
It's just old planks on wooden bars put on bricks, underneath it is just like, 80cm space and sand. Floor is very cold in the winter.
I don't know if I can put floor-designed styrofoam on it, It would raise the floor to high.

The home is old as dirt, but the roof is relatively new (16years), and the home has new plastic windows and some styrofoam isolation done in recent years.

Thanks for all the hints.
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No title
How do i minimize turbulence between two pc fans in series? I need more static pressure for my pc exhaust fans because the case does not have proper intake fan and have heavy dust filters. In theory stacking two fans together will double the static pressure when the airflow stays the same. As far as i know there should be some breathing room between the fans and you dont want to stack them directly on each other. But the question is shoud there be some kind of channels or fins between the fans to make airflow more laminar and efficient?
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No title
I want to spray locktite foam in the gap and then put the molding on top. What could go wrong? Am I a genius or what?
0 media | 9 replies
No title
Diogenese at Corinth by John William Waterhouse
What things are necessary to keep in your car?

I just had a big argument with my wife because her massive, expensive, doesn't-fold-up children's wagon thing she uses once a month had slight trouble fitting, and removed my entire box (6"x20"x36") of emergency items I like to keep in the car. The items are as follows

>10' Jumper Cables
>5' Jumper Cables
>50pc ratchet/wrench/screwdriver/pliers set
>6'x6' tarp
>box of nitrile gloves
>leather work gloves
>big roll of duct tape
>bag of assorted zip ties
>50' of 3/4" nylon rope
>folding shovel
>electric scissor jack
>four big 3" ratchet straps
>First Aid kit with wound dressings and basic meds
>Iodine tablets
>Beach towel
>set of basic junk clothes for each person in family

In her car she kept
>5' Jumper cables

Naturally each car has a factory spare tire kit (iron, spare, manual scissor jack)

I'm sure everyone here will agree with me that she should carry WAY more. Her excuse is "I'll just call Triple A :)" or "Some nice man will see me and help". Which, for someone who is usually extremely intelligent, is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard.

So I ask you /diy/: Am I being unreasonable? What things are the absolutely minimum you should carry in your trunk? If it were up to me, I'd have a much nicer med kit, a way better tool kit, a hydraulic trolley jack, jumpsuit, highviz vest, boots, freeze-dried food, fresh water, and maybe one or two other things.
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No title
What does /diy/ think of digital electricity?

>The technology leverages our patented packet energy transfer to deliver significant power over significant distances. The technology splits energy into packets and transfers hundreds of packets each second from a Transmitter unit to a Receiver unit. Safety is continuously monitored after every packet and if there is a fault such as improper wiring, a short circuit, or a person is touching the transmission lines, the transmitter recognizes the condition in milliseconds and halts the transmission of packets. The result is safe electrical transmission at high power levels and an inherent ability to digitally control a host of modern electronic devices connected to the distribution system.

Could be revolutionary
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Using 2x boards for sheathing exterior walls
Diagonal board sheathing - Lunenburg firehouse - cropped - lunenburgfirehouse dot blogspot dot com-main-700x480
Traditional houses used diagonal boards for sheathing walls, from my understanding it used to be 1x boards. I too want to sheath a small cabin in the same pattern - however it appears 1x boards are not a thing at most lumber stores (HD / Lowes) and most are softwood for appearance boards. 2x boards such as 2 x 8 are actually cheaper then 1x boards and plywood.

Any unforseen issues you may see if I sheathed a cabin with 2 x 8's? The wall studs will be 2 x 6 which I believe should be strong enough to hold the extra weight of 2 x 8 sheathing.
3 media | 33 replies
No title
if i want to save money on energy bills, what gives me the most bang for my buck:

1. buying the most expesnive, high SEER inverter mini splits for all my house (need about 4)

2. Buying the cheapest on/off minisplits and then spending the rest of the money on solar panels
3 media | 54 replies
No title
Where do you guys source free technical books?
0 media | 5 replies
Are there walking models like this that are more, human, organic. Also modular, with characters/emotion of sort.

Preferably analog/not electric
0 media | 7 replies
Hobby rocket
I am building a hobby rocket, and since i'm not very experienced with DIY, i thought i'd ask around here if anyone has any advice.

Previous thread was really helpfull, but i stopped posting cause i had work and it died.

Updates and progress so far:
-current plans for motor is a sorbitol-KNO3 (+ a tiny bit of Fe2O3) fueled motor, two grains each 28mm wide and 30mm long with a core of 12mm. Throat of nozzle is 6.5mm, according to that should give me an internal preassure of 8 atm (HPE pipe can take 10-15), and average thrust of 40N.
-current plan for body will depend on the actual motor preformance, but fins will be made of 5mm thick balsa wood, body made of PVC, tip made of plastic champaign glass or 3d printer resin, and depending on design should be between 200g and 350g.
4 media | 13 replies
No title
I took the axepill, as jointly recommended by /diy/ and /fit/. I have been chopping through a large and knotty pile of different types of wood all summer. No power saws; just my axe and my splitters and my bowsaw to get certain pieces under the 18"/46cm recommended for sale as firewood (I have sold off 4 cords for spare cash thus far while keeping the others for the wood stove that /diy/ also recommended that I install).

Some observations:

>I definitely got stronger. Smashing full-force into dense rounds of wood is violent exercise that jolts your whole skeleton. My fingers and wrists are measurably thicker after just 6 months.

>My lower legs took a beating. Sometimes, chunks of wood fly off and nail me in the shins. I could take protective measures against this, but any additional gear makes things even hotter, and during the summer, that's just no good. I chose to take the hits. I have scars, but no actual broken bones.

>You need more water than you'd think. I could suck down whole gallon of icewater during a 2+ hour battle with a large chunk of wood full of knots, and still need more.

>This is tough on the elbows in particular. After several months, I can tell that I need a multi-week fall/winter break to let my arm-joints heal up and stop hurting.

>Shit breaks, even good shit. If you are hitting hard every day, splitters and axes will eventually develop microfractures which grow into macrofractures and require repairs or replacements. No way around this; even oldschool loggers complained about this.

>You get better over time. You can glance at the top of a round of wood and immediately note the direction of the fractures and rings and start swinging/splitting to exploit those flaws. You know where knots and branch-stubs are located intuitively.

>My legs are beefier from carrying buckets of cut wood over to the piles.

Overall, 7.5/10. Some nice gains since March, but also more and more injuries accumulating over time.
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No title
images (15)
I have to clean up my toilets shitstains all the time. Who designed this effing toilet. Anyways is there some kind of solution so I don't have to scrub it all the time?
2 media | 11 replies
No title
Would you bother with lesser brands like Total / Ingco?
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No title
>be me, humble electrician
>arrive at customer’s house to move their pool circuit
>turn off pool so I can work on it
>customer comes flying out of house, breathless with panic
Every time.
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No title
any good deals here? never been
0 media | 9 replies
What's the deal with electrical conduit?
Why do americans have to put their electric wires in a pipe, so the electricity does not leak out?
>>land of the (((free)))
>>No, but actually curious, is there any benefit? We just bury the cable as is, it's already double shielded.
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No title
is it possible these days to live without access to water?
I have the opportunity to live full time in the middle of nowhere in a small cabin which i will heat with wood and have solar to charge my phone with, but I hate the idea of hauling water and cannot imagine paying to drill a well.
my idea is to just buy the large bottles of water to drink and cook with, and go to the gym 5-7 days a week to shower.

am i overlooking something? it seems like even the most basic mud huts in african villages have easy access to a stream or spring box.
there is a water connection less than a mile away, i could install a tank and just trailer water over once a week to fill it, but i really dont want to.
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No title
is this the most important tool for the modern /diy/er?
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No title
how to hang this ceiling light if my ceiling has a closed hook "ring", that i can't attach this design to.
2 media | 4 replies
Has anyone here ever owned an aquarium of any kind? Is it true they require constant maintenance and monitoring? Feeding and changing water obviously, but also cleaning, O2, CO2, N, fighting algae, temperature, pumps, etc etc)
Would one with just plants + shrimps be relatively self-sustainable?

Im considering setting up one but im worried the overall hassle might be too much.
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No title
>Just buy a battery adapter
1 media | 5 replies
AUTOMOTIVE ISSUE - Did I just fuck myself?
>A/C has a leak

>Diagnosed it to be suction line


>Manufacturer says you should replace A/C drier too pic rel

>Can't find the A/C drier install location, Youtube mechanicing it

>No one on planet fucking Earth has ever done the repair for my engine type I guess

>Open the sealed container with negative pressure in it to see wtf the part looks like

>Finally find a diagram for where it's at

>Take front end off and it's now too dark to work

>Realize that my A/C drier is going to sit unsealed exposed to the outside air all night in my house

Did I fuck myself and have to buy a brand new one of these things? Do these things really absorb a fuck ton of moisture that fast? I wrapped it up in plastic bags but I feel as if it's going to be futile.
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No title
construction pepe
I'm absolutely obsessed with construction bros. I work in construction all day, then I come home and watch more videos trying to learn how more stuff is done. It's all I think about. I'm in my late 20s. Anyone else like this?
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Budget hand tools
Budget tool thread
I recently moved away for college and can no longer get by just using all my dad's tools. looking for suggestions for good quality basic hand tools that are not necessarily brand name. I've got a fair bit, but specifically I'm looking for a set of box-end wrenches, 1/2 and 1/4" ratchets/sockets (probably going to get at least craftsman ratchets), line wrenches, impact sockets, socket adapters, and other related tools, mostly for automotive work.

Anyone know some good off-brands or companies that use the same manufacturers as brand-name tools?

I'll start the thread with one I've heard of, this harbor freight floor jack is from the same Chinese factory as its Snap-On equivalent - literally the same jack, only $500 less
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No title
OIP (1)
can you make an engine with picrel as fuel?
0 media | 8 replies
Bathtub drain won't seal to show because it's uneven. Grave manufacturing error or retarded anon?
when I tighten down the drain into the shoe I get as tight as I can by hand (with leverage). I then tested the seal and it's leaking horribly. so I look underneath and half of the o-ring is getting pinched and compressed like it should while there's like a 1/4" gap on the other side of the o ring that is literally not touching and completely uncompressed. NO wonder it's leaking. anyway, I checked the level of the tub outlet and it's way out of whack. the real problem is that the drain seats itself from the top perfectly level due to the dish shape in the tub.

I'm attaching a drawing of the problem, what are my options here? either call the company and tell them that the tub is fucked up (already had like 3 other QC issues with it, so I'm already pissed at the quality of a $1200 fucking fiberglass tub). I went with the expensive one so I wouldn't have to deal with this shit. goddamnit so much work out the windows if I have to get a whole new tub.

other option is to sand the tub outlet flat, and I don't know how to do this by hand. I don't have enough space for large tools unless I remove the tub, which sucks but is preferable to a total replacement.
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No title
[cross threads]
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No title
There was a sign saying work as a carpenter and text "work" to some phone number. So, some guy from some union called and left a message to be an apprentice. But I don't want to work more than six months, I just want some training and do my own thing. Do they have you signing some contract with the unions? Because if not for the unions I'd sign up, because I live in an at will state.
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No title
Does this board do auto repair? My Car won't start today, honda g3 wave. I think it's either the fuel pump or the battery but I'm too much of a noskillz fag to know how to check
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No title
I found this cast iron kiln for sale, it seems to be in good shape despite having been used for 39 months straight. The owner tells me it can burn 1000 times faster than any stove in human history, it is possible?
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No title
The German Huf Haus makes everyone else's projects look like neanderthal retards slapping mud and sticks together.
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No title
Hello frens. I was recently subject to one too many Jewish tricks and subsequently put a hole through my door in a brief lapse of judgement.

Looking for some insight on how I might be able to repair this. Should I just buy a new door?
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No title
Anyone have good recommendations for a slim, small, no storage, ratcheting screwdriver? Something like a Wera 813 RA if it existed?
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No title
Looking for a diy desecant based air cooler schematics
0 media | 0 replies
DIY homemade ball busting machine.
Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 16-49-25 nsfw - Google Search
I saw this thing in which a guy sits legs spread, and this rotating sheet of leather will keep hitting him on the balls.
how could i make something like this?i only have a drill, a hammer. and some bits.
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No title
Hey guys, need some advice. I live in a floor level apartment and I’m looking to cover it on top. Basically the rain water runs through these wooden decks down to mine which carries the water and dirt from their balconies down to me. Any suggestions where I could cover this to route the water to go out the front and away from my patio? I need to figure out a temporary solution that won’t damage anything since I’m renting. I’ve thought about stapling a tarp but I’m not sure how well that would work. Any suggestions?
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No title
images (5)
Why is my radio picking up angry voices in the 6khz range after I clean up the noise?
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No title
How can I make a "lead holder" pencil? I'm worried about society collapse and the need to make writing stationary in an emergency
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how to increase value of a house
I want to sell my house within 5 years, and I've been thinking of mods\improvements, perks and so on to add to it (now) so that in the future I can sell it for a heftier price.
For example, I have a large rooftops which can be walked in, even played on. its large, all plain and safe. Should I try to make a mini-room, a "cottage" on the rooftop?
I also have a mid-large garden with many beautiful plants and -in the same garden- a sort of shed. it's well-built ,painted bricks, it's a store-shed and the washer and water heater is on it. It's a bit of an eyesore: what do?
and, what about high-tech amenities like Scottish Shower, perhaps some I.A. system for lights on and off?
are there any books, youtube channels or so on that talk about these stuff?
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Removing glue from glass bottle
How to remove sticky label/glue from glass bottle?
I tried with a used shaving blade which worked better than if I used my bare hands. What now? I would want this bottle to be sticky-ness free.
Needless to say I want the glass bottle intact as I intend to use it for drinking water
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No title
Hello friends

It's my first time posting here and my first time doing anything related to wood working.
I'm going to hopefully be able to have my own property in a short amount of time and I wanted to decorate it with something of my own. While I was chopping wood for winter I chopped off this piece and it hit me that I should take a log and preserve it with the cut and everything. This one attracted me for some reason.

I downloaded that book about finishing you guys have on the woodworking general and I'm a little confused since he mostly talks about working with boards or making furniture. I'm still reading it though.

How do I preserve this so it won't start rotting and to give it a nice smooth surface while preserving the natural look of the wood.

From what I understand I should first let it dry completely and I guess I should remove some of the larger splinters and start sanding. Then I need to figure out how to fill this large hole made by the cut. Ideally something that is see through although if I can't figure that out something else will do. Any advice there?
I then need to apply a finish, right?
I don't like the smell of this oak so I was thinking of doing a wax finish since the book you guys have by Bob Flexner says that it can be used to cover up odors.

Am I getting this right?

Anyone here done something like this?

Am I even in the right ball park about what I should do here
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No title
Just realized I exposed myself to asbestos.
>tearing down old shed in yard (1950s)
>weird second layer of siding
>brittle almost fibrous
>look it up later
>100% asbestos siding
>only wore a mask some of the time
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Sharpening chisels
shopping (3)
How do you sharpen your chisels. How long does it take?
1 media | 26 replies
No title
English yards
Does anyone here have a small yard? What have you done with it? What are some creative or interesting things to do with small (but nonzero) outdoor plots of land?
0 media | 2 replies
Forging a kitchen knife
I got into forging and blacksmithing recently and wanted to try making a kitchen knife. My issue is where to get some stainless steel. Carbons steel apparantly isn't good for kitchen knives.

Does anybody have experience with making chef knives? If so what steel did you use?

I don't really care if it is a normal knife making process or some secret weeb japanesu overly-complex making process.
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No title
tool belt
What kind of tool belt do you use?

I'm in the market for a new one and I'm split between Occidental Leather and Akribis leather. Occidental tool belts look classic but for me they either have too many or not enough pockets, and I hate having the tape measure holder above your tools so it makes it awkward to pull the tools out. The Akribis belts look super functional and around the same price.
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NEC and other standards no longer protected by copyright
Last year, a US district court ruled that, if a copyrighted standard is "incorporated by reference" into a law, then posting DRM-free copies of that standard online is protected by fair use. An appeals panel unanimously affirmed the ruling last week, and it's unlikely that the Supreme Court will overturn it.
The NFPA was one of the parties to the lawsuit. Since the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) is incorporated by reference into the Code of Federal Regulations (pic related), it no longer is protected by copyright laws.
What standards are you looking forward to being able to download for free without breaking the law?

Press release:
Court documents:
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No title
>dont know how to diy anything
>dad never taught me anything or encouraged me at all as a kid, just sat on his ass all his life and collected unemployment
>when i got older i tried to get into woodworking but parents refused to let me get a part time job so i could pay for tools and cheap wood
>ended up a computer nerd, went to college and worked hard to find a job
>now i'm 29, sit in front of a cubicle all day, still don't know how to diy anything

can i still teach myself any valuable skills? or is it too late for me
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No title
estwing 22oz
let me guess, you need more?
3 media | 21 replies
No title
What's more complicated, masonry or carpentry?
1 media | 4 replies
No title
I would like to install an antenna so I could still have something to watch if our internet was to go out. Thinking of putting it in the attic possibly.

I’d appreciate it if you told me anything I need to know before I try this.
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No title
how do I get these little fucks to eat the borax ?? they seem interested in the chicken but they don't eat it they just walk over it
3 media | 17 replies
Condensation in old window
I have an old window in my bathroom that looks like this, but there is an outer sliding storm window on the outside. Its from original construction in my bathroom. I've been noticing a lot of condensation buildup behind the interior and storm windows lately. I just noticed some black mold in the window today which I promptly bleached. I can't leave the storm window open because rain comes from that direction
I don't have the funds to replace it right now.
I never use the thing. Is there anything I can do to prevent the condensation? Silicone ever single joint on the tracks and seal the whole thing shut?
0 media | 2 replies
4mm router bit
Is there a router bit for a dremel-like with these measurements?
1 media | 4 replies
No title
I just found this in my backyard. What should I do with it?
2 media | 19 replies
No title
What is a good diy alternative to these hose clamps?
4 media | 15 replies
No title
Does /diy/ mods new refrigerator when they brake to revive them and make them last forever?
1 media | 15 replies
No title
You mean I can own a business exactly as it was when it failed?

Awful tempting...
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No title
Is there any way I can get my old 2G phones to work on 4/5g? Like, if it was modular and I was able to purchase a 5G chip on Ali and replace the 2G one :hearteyes:
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Amateur mycology
I put some mushroom spores on agar and now I have mycelium colonizing some wheat. This just happens by itself when spores encounter nutrients. It feels like wizardry.
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No title
>be mechanic, drivetrain specialist
>test driving customer vehicle
>vibration at highway speeds
>to merge on highway jump on throttle to match speed
>merge in, leave off throttle to just maintain speed (about 60mph)
>peddle is stuck full throttle let's fucking go
>turn key off
>turn hazards on
>safely coast with light brake pressure to the side of the road
>find plastic engine cover stopped throttle linkage from returning closed
>remove it place on passanger floor
>remember that Toyota recall about floor mats holding pedal to the flpor
>why didn't they just shut the car off like I did
>oh... Panic, I panicked for a second
Can you shut off push button starts? Even if you can, is it as intuitive? Because panic happens. And is it as immediate? Are these push button joints death traps? Pic is just a recent alignment I did. I normally try to get perfect but he was a waiter
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No title
Is there such a thing as too much wood paneling?
7 media | 40 replies
Workshop Ideas
ITT we discuss our ideal workshops, and give ideas for useful things to have/consider for a workshop. Location, sizing, windows/doors, insulation, lofts, tool organization, table layout, plumbing, electrical, filtration, cleanup, storage, organization and so on. Any tips and tricks you've picked up are welcome to be shared. Small space garage workshop bros welcome too.

A few from me:
>Run 1/2 inch air hose around the roof of your shop from your compressor and mount 50ft airhose reels on the wall by the garage door and elsewhere so you have tidy air access. My uncle has his mounted in each corner of the shop in the ceiling. You can also do the same for electrical extension cords.
>Harbor Freight sells small parts bins cheap. Buy them on sale and slap them on the back wall of a deep worktable and you have tons of parts storage.
>Utilize vertical space. Ground and table space is limited. This means good shelving, ceiling shelving, lofts, etc. Be smart about it.
>Don't buy non-important stuff new. There are architectural salvage places that sell steel tables, tool cabinets, lighting setups, conduit, joists and such for cheap. Or crawl Marketplace.
>Optimize your workflow. Build around your central area and think about where you move from it for tools and parts. You will likely have several stations, one for carpentry, welding, etc., but you almost always have a "central" area. Take careful consideration of your precious worktime and plan your layout accordingly.
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Feng Shui
Do you guys practice feng shui? show your layouts
3 media | 12 replies
No title
Hey, does anyone know of any good DIY podcasts to listen to? I keep listening to video game ones at work, so that's all the really stays on my mind, and there's nothing productive there. I'm trying to stay on track to plan and build a small cabin on 12 acres I have, and I just worry if it's not on my mind more, I just won't get around to it.
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First Year With Wood Stoves
Wood Stoves
What am I in for? I have always had gas furnace HVAC. We have aboot 3 cords of wood on hand.

The kitchen oven and bedroom stove both have double wall chimney pipe. the living room has single wall. this was done because: bedroom stove is larger capacity than size of room. avoid extra heat xfer from flue pipe. kitchen oven stove pipe is inside of an interior wall, so we needed the heat shield.

bedroom stove is a Mørso 1410. living room stove is a US Stoves Defender. Kitchen oven is a Lacunza.

talk to me.
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Probing On Taig CNC mill
anyone here familiar with the original microproto controller of the Taig CNC mini mill? trying to hook up a probe to the I/O port and I'm having issues finding the right settings for ports and pins in Mach3. the probe gets powered up, it triggers but the controller just won't take the input.
1 media | 7 replies
No title
Anyone else's business just hit the wall this year? Profits are down by over half, I'm barley breaking even on the jobs I get, people are becoming increasingly more fickle and try to jew me down at every corner. This shit sucks, is anyone else in the same boat?
2 media | 39 replies
How to remove a stripped bolt from my bike seatpost
>be me tightening my bike seat clamp
>bolt snaps
>Giant won't send me a replacement but they tell me the bolt type (5x35mm)
>buy Chinesium bolt from Amazon
>nut doesn't fit
>put it in anyway... it works but the seat begins gradually slipping down in the tube
>keep tightening it
>Chinesium gradually eroded until my hex key doesn't turn the bolt any more
>seatpost still slips
>need to replace the bolt but I can't get it out
The guy at the bike store said he'd probably have to cut it. Is this something I can do myself? I don't own a power saw of any kind but would like to learn. Next pic I will show the clamp mechanism. It's pretty stupid IMO.
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No title
Is it a good idea to turn the stop cock off every time you leave the house?
0 media | 2 replies
I actually did it
I've always said I wanna make a pallet shack. Take free pallets at work and make a shack out of them. I did. For free. No power tools. All I bought was a box or two of nails. Used a hammer saw pry bar and a hand drill. It's functional. Mostly waterproof. Right now I put my garden tools in there on a bench.
6 media | 34 replies
fixing hot oil damage in stainless steel sink
people at my job had been disposing of hot oil from a popcorn machine by dumping it down the stainless steel sink. I do not know how many times this has happened, the sink looked this way when I started. More than a few times from what I understand. The damage is totally smooth to the touch.

I have tried:
stainless steel cleaner
club soda
CLR for stainless steel
barkeeper's friend
goo gone (idk just trying shit)

No difference at all.
Is there any way to get this out?
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No title
Lets say I have two bicycle forks. I want to join them together as in the picture (the red lines are new tubes). How can I do with WITHOUT welding? It needs to be strong enough to take a 250kg load
7 media | 20 replies
Ghetto Footing
How horrific would it be to use pic related in the bottom of a ~16"x"16 footing for a CMU block structure. I will be mixing the concrete onsite most likely by myself so I am trying to reduce the labor and come up with methods to do it in sections. These are 10.75"x10.75"x7.75" at 3kpsi. The slot would hold the rebar at about 5-6"...could be lower if needed and I would bury them a bit/fill around them. I would probably space them apart 3"-4" so there is space for the rest of the concrete to pour around them. I will also probably make the entire first course of blocks a bond beam where there are no entrances to further compensate for the shittyness.
0 media | 3 replies
My first ever furniture build
Still need to put the hardboard on the back but it came out better than I expected.

Also calling all anons to post their first furniture build.
7 media | 20 replies
Installing a stove and need opinions
On which chimney liner to get, either 316 or 904 stainless. Searching around the internet there does not seem to be much of a consensus if 904 is worth the added expense but talking to the lad down the building merchants he advised to get 904 since the 316 will only last a few years before rusting through. Is he just blowing smoke up my ass trying to upsell me or is there a marked difference between the two? 904 is nearly twice the price of 316 so there is a couple hundred quid in the difference.
1 media | 6 replies
Making a long image infograpic
comfy fren
So this the other day, some IQ obsessed Psychiatrist visited a thread I was in and derailed(404) it to such an extend I got pissed off.

this person had to much knowledge regarding IQ test, and I thought they where perhaps involved in creation of this test, that they posted.

Now I thought to myself what if I just posted all
the correct answers online. That would be fun
it would make the IQ test completely fucking useless.
and they would lose 1-5years of work and
huge amount of investment.

I am now ready to post this.

since this is DIY, how would I most efficiently share this,
on 4chan.
giant rectangular image file?
link to video?
link to document?

I haven't really done this before, so now I am here asking for
help in creating the most efficient delivery method.
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No title
DIY boomerlore

My dad cleans his shop magnet spotless every time he uses it because he thinks metal being left on it wears the power of the magnet down
9 media | 74 replies
No title
Is it worth hiring a landscape architect to design my backyard or is it easily DIY by just taking ideas from the internet and piecing together what I like. All the design CAD programs I’ve tried using are garbage
0 media | 6 replies
I made a reading stand prototype
hey, anons
this is probably something others have made before me but here's my prototype reading stand based on a gas spring monitor arm
because I read a lot and I'm tired of having to prop my book up on random things and I don't want to just plop a normal book holder in the middle of my desk
it helps immensely with keeping your neck straight
I used a random no-name cheap gas spring monitor arm as a basis. I had to remove some rivets and replace the gas spring which was way way too strong with an 80n furniture door spring (mini variety - 160mm) but that wasn't enough so I added mounting points to the outside for another 80n spring, though I'm using a 60n one for now since it's all I had. The good thing is that the outside spring is "hotswappable" because you just pop off the two plastic tabs keeping it from falling off the mount and replace it with a stronger/weaker one if need be.
The stand doesn't droop or raise itself over time and keeps the book exactly where you set it.
What you see in the pic is a piece of flooring as a substitute for a book holder that still hasn't arrived from amazon.
Anything you anons would like to see in v2 of the prototype? Changes, features?
3 media | 8 replies
No title
I run a small crop spraying business. I'm trying to automate the chemical mixing process. I have a 7' x 14' trailer and a 255-gallon water tank. The current system I have I use one pump to pump water from the IBC tote to a 60 gallon cone bottom inductor tank, pour chemical into graduates to make a 30 gallon batch, then pour into the tank. Then I have another pump to either recirculate the mixture or to send it out to my sprayer.

I have this idea for a system with hoppers that I can pour chemical into and then I input how much chem per gallon, like 8fl oz of chem per 2gallon of water, and then it pumps the solution & the water into the inductor. The goal is basically to always have exactly 10 gallons of mixed chemical ready to pump out at any time. Takes around 8 minutes for me to spray 10 gallons, so it can mix in the mean time

I have an idea for two approaches, both would likely require a programmable logic controller of some sort.
1. Have variable rate peristaltic pumps pumping solution out of the hoppers and out of the tote.
2. Have cheap pumps connected to the hoppers but use flowmeters and solenoid valves to shut off the flow once the transfer volume has been met. One issue here is wouldn't that deadhead the pump?
1 media | 8 replies
Soundproofing unfinished basement
I want to play drums in my basement. My house is only a 611 sq ft bungalow with a below-ground stone basement. it has 4 small windows around the top by the ceiling. No history of water leaking in. My main question is, would lining my upstairs floor with Mass Loaded Vinyl under the carpet be necessary for keeping the sound in the basement? Or is it enough to just focus on finishing the basement ceiling? pic is not mine
0 media | 22 replies
No title
I bought a portable AC and it's giving me voltage drops every time the compressor starts. I know nothing about electricity, what can I do to prevent those? Should I connect the AC to a UPS?
0 media | 2 replies
Crappy Roof
Screenshot_20230919_224816_Samsung Notes
Just bought this house but I didn't notice that the the half asked addition/sunroom has this crappy roof. And has a poor conection to the rest of the house.
How could I fix this without having to do a 20k construction project.
4 media | 14 replies
No title
What are the most 'bang for your buck' trades? Like, what are some trades that you can work once or twice a week for long hours that make the most money?
1 media | 46 replies
No title
How hard is it to install your own sprinkler system? Just renting a trencher for a weekend and putting in some PVC can’t be too hard. Surely there are sites that can calculate your max distance and runs? Or is this one of those things best left for the Mexicans standing outside of Home Depot?
0 media | 14 replies
No title
pretty close to mine
how the fuck are you meant to keep your shop from becoming a disaster?
today i was just looking around in my garage and it's a god damn hellscape. there's shit everywhere. shelves are full of shit. every flat surface has shit on it. i don't understand how you can have a tidy shop, but also know where everything is.
i tried to do bins. i had a rack of tubs with tools that i don't use very often, but i'd have to pull out like 4 different tubs and open them to see if the thing i'm looking for is inside, and then dig around to find the fucking thing and by that point i just find some other tool that will do the job good enough and use that instead.

there has to be a better way.
5 media | 45 replies
No title
hey people beaming voices on the air conditioner. I hope you had your fun.(not really) I have a little something that's going to be arriving on the mail soon.
0 media | 8 replies
DIY Home Server
/g/ is fucking useless so here I am
I've also realized that asking specific questions is absolutely pointless so I'll lay it out simple for everyone this time:

I need a NAS machine that has these characteristics
>ITX/SFF (not a rack mount)
>ECC (for ZFS)
>6-8 (or more) SATA
>parts are available (not "just find random trash on ebay")
>not 60,000 gorillion dollars
Give me a parts list.
6 media | 28 replies
/wwg/ - Woodworking general
—- previous OP info —-

>essential /wwg/ books
Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking, gives you everything you need and shows you how to do it multiple ways from hand tools to power tools and gives you the knowledge to determine which is best, and then he teaches you how to apply what you learned. The PDF of the second book can be found in the usual places, but the other two are MIA.

Christopher Schwarz tells you everything you need to know about planes and saws and their use
Handplane Essentials
Handsaw Essentials
Best to find this one in PDF from the usual sources, out of print and pricey!

Chris Pye wrote the book on carving and keeps on writing them.

The Eastern tradition, Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit and Use by Toshio Odate

Leonard Lee The Complete Guide to Sharpening, how to sharpen most everything.

Bob Flexner - Finishing 101, covers the common stuff, his other books cover the uncommon and go into more depth

Illustrated Cabinet Making by Bill Hylton, learn to design furniture that won't fall apart

>essential /wwg/ tv

Previous thread >>2616031

OP question: city cut down a tree here so I got myself a big stumpy boy. I should debark it right away and then let it dry naturally for a bit before cutting right? I will cut some end grain slices first and then quartersawn boards
73 media | 320 replies
Getting into Plumbing in Toronto
Anybody from Toronto here? I've been thinking of enrolling in George Brown's pre-apprenticeship program. I figured it'd help out because I lack the connections to get an apprenticeship right off the bat, so I figured this would help and give me a leg up. It's a 1-year long program.
1 media | 11 replies
No title
punji trap
Do you really remember the location of all the traps in your home or are there some you've forgotten where they were installed when you were drunk?
2 media | 15 replies
choosing a color
i decided i finally have to actually buy a cordless drill. which means that whichever one i pick, all the battery operated shit after is going to use the same battery brand.
i've been researching it and it seems like people choose a tool brand like they choose toothpaste. my dad always had dewalt shit, so i might just do the same.
are they all pretty much the same?
34 media | 313 replies
No title
I got a 36v ebike with no battery. Managed to score a 52v battery, obviously too much voltage. Can I just use 16 power diodes in series to reduce the voltage? Is there any better way to reduce the voltage? I don't want to spend money on a new battery for a bike I got for free
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I built a partition wall along a basement beam since it was the first time I’ve ever done framing and it kept the wall straight. Now it’s time to put the door in and originally I was going to buy a pre hung door but since I’ll have to notch out a large part of it, should I just hang my door manually?
The door will open inward so I shouldn’t need to cut it down
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Exercise equipment
So I wanna do loaded carries or farmer's walk exercises with these two, 30 liter jerricans. What's something heavy that I can use to fill them up to 100 lbs. each? Right now I'm thinking construction sand, but what else?
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Got this table for 100 bucks, the legs are broken will be shown in next pic. Unfortunately those scratches happened by me on transportation. Anyways, id like to fit that but how do I fix the legs just som wood glue on the pegs?
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/rcg/ - Drone & RC General
Personal Air Force Edition

In /rcg/ we discuss anything & everything remote controlled - multirotors, fixed wing, cars, rovers, helis, boats, submarines, battlebots, lawnmowers, etc.

>How do I get started with racing drones?

>What about planes?

>What about aerial photography, is DIY viable?

If you want a practical flying camera platform, DJI is the sensible option. If you want a fun DIY project instead & aren't too concerned about the practicalities, then by all means DIY something.

>I want a dirt cheap drone to fly around my yard/garden

Syma X5C

>I want a dirt cheap drone to fly inside my house

Eachine E010/Hubsan X4

>What radio/protocol should I start out with?

Radiomaster Boxer/ELRS

>What are some good YouTube channels for learning or fun?

Joshua Bardwell -
Paweł Spychalski -
Painless360 -
Flite Test -
Peter Sripol -
7demo7 -
ArxangelRC -
RagTheNutsOff -
bonafidepirate -

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mower mystery
i need to fix a second hand mower, problem is the deck belt keeps twisting and going off the pulley + catastrophically getting jammed between the brake and pulley.
Today i dismantled the deck, checked all bolts and belt retainers, adjusted the tensioner and brakes and after all that it mowed for 5 minutes before it jammed again.

It is this style deck, with the middle shoot, opposed blades and twisted v belt
Does anyone know what could be off here?
Is this just a pos design i should not waste my time on?
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DIY confessions
I got mildly electrocuted once and it felt scary but also incredible. I think it gave my body a little bit of a permanent energy jolt
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