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Welcome to /diy/
Welcome to /diy/, a place to:

Post and discuss /diy/ projects, ask questions regarding /diy/ topics and exchange ideas and techniques.

Please keep in mind:
- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools, things such as swords, guns or explosives are considered weapons.
- No drugs or drug paraphernalia (See Global Rule 1). If you want to discuss something that could involve such things (e.g., carving a tobacco pipe from wood) that's fine, but make sure it's /diy/ related and doesn't involve drugs or it will result in deletion/ban.

Helpful links: (archived)
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Home streamlining / frugality
In this thread we share general experiences and tips on how to make your living situation more efficient, be it in terms of saving money, reducing time waste(less maintenance/upkeep), organization or anything else that may simplify and improve your life

>on saving money
it's not really about the little things like unplugging your phone charger, focus on the main energy drains and commit to more "drastic" changes:
- unless you do some hardcore meal prepping chances are that your fridge is way too big. downsize for a smaller more efficient unit and fill it to the brim if you have to, a full fridge wastes less energy and having a smaller space forces you to be more intentional when shopping so you have to think twice about buying extraneous crap you don't actually need
- wash your clothes in cold water, most of the energy in a washing machine goes toward heating. if you have the room and weather, line dry them outside. both these things also help clothes last much longer
- avoid the range oven, use an air fryer or small convection oven for faster results and a fraction of the energy
- most of the world does just fine without AC. use weather appropriate clothing + an electric blanket in the winter and a fan in the summer

>other stuff
- you would be surprised how much clutter affects your mood. most things don't need to be on display at all times so use closed storage solutions, if you have open shelves they should be filled with storage boxes to keep all the crap out of sight. will also keep your stuff clean and dustfree
- NOTHING improves the a room like a rug. throwing a rug in your living room / kitchen / dinning room / bedroom / bathroom / office will completely change how you perceive and experience the space. just be smart with choosing the right size and style to make the most of it

Just some things of the top of my head. Are there any practices you've implemented at home that made your life better?
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No title
Rented a flat for a year.
This is how a shared balcony wall looks like.
I want to heat and sound proof it to some degree, since right now it is pretty much a "cosmetic" wall.
would welcome some advice.
right now my best idea is to just buy some of those car insuluation rubber sheets where you glue one side to your desired area.
Also since as you can see how it looks like ass right now, the solution doesn't have to be pretty
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/3dpg/ - 3D Printing General - #348
>Resin Printing: A clear and present danger to our children's health.

Last Thread: >>2807951

>Your print failed? Go to:

>Calibrate your printer.

If that doesn't help you solve your problems, post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [32/03/90 :detadpU tsaL]
Do your own research, these are just popular and available options.
All controversial printers and brands have been removed from the list for your safety.
SLA: >>>/tg/3dpg

>Where can I get things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Free to anyone: Fusion360, Onshape, TinkerCAD, FreeCAD
Free to me: Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Rhino, Solid Edge
Autistic /g/oobers: OpenSCAD, OpenJSCAD
Mesh free-forming and modeling: Blender
Architects: Sketchup

>What slicer should I use?
For everyone: Cura, PrusaSlicer, BambuStudio for Bambu owners.
For enthusiasts: SuperSlicer, OrcaSlicer
For autists: Pleccer/SuperPleccer, Kiri:Moto, FullControl

Legacy Pastebin (Last updated 1284 days ago):
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Beach Shelter
I’d been looking for an alternative to our falling apart umbrella for a while, and last weekend I saw a few of the Shibumi shelters on the Florida panhandle. The wind was always breezy out there, so that wouldn’t be an issue. And if it were the back could easily be propped up with poles and guy lines.

I looked it up online, and essentially:
>8 yards of fabric sewed into a rectangle with a single channel on one end
>a ~20ft collapsible tent pole
>a piece of rope
>a carry case that doubles as a dead man anchor
That’ll be $270. Seriously, it’s one of the most overpriced pieces of easily DIY’d outdoor gear I’ve ever seen.

I might try making one. Anyone have an alternative?
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Torque converter stuck
Why doesn't it just pull off the shaft? It slides back and forth a little but stops.
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No title
If you don't want to deal with an HOA, don't move into an HOA?

In my experience you get a powertripper here and there but 95% of the time they just don't want the neighborhood to look like tacky garbage
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Quickly Burn a Bunch of Papers - Emergency
Burning Documents
I have a stash of papers I keep in a metal bin that contain all sorts of important information. These papers are very small. Is there any thing I could cover them in that would be easily flammable in contact with a flame and just burn everything down within a couple minutes while simultaneously being safe to handle and keep in my room?
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No title
What's the best roofing material??
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Workman's Lunch: What Are We Having, On The Job?
Meager but BASED
Today is a breast of Hogget, slow cooked, at the jobsite. 4.5 hours at 93° seasoned only with garlic scape salt made from our hardneck garlic.

no dipping or basting sauce. we're MEN. not fucking basement dwelling basedjacks.

it was a random "waste" left over from a flank steak trim on a recent carcass butcher. it's not gourmet, but it'll keep me alive for another 5 hours.
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Eternal Machinist Thread
Revival edition
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No title
Due to carrying heavy weights such as doors and timber I bump and bruise my arms and shoulders a lot, is there any protective gear that I can wear to help with that?
Some kind of padded sleeve would go a long way but all I can find is sports related.
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No title
some freak keeps flying a drone over our backyard when my daughter is playing outside. we live in the countryside and don't have many neighbours so it can't be a coincidence. do i set up a drone jammer (outside of my skillset) or shoot it down?
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No title
>hurricane thread
Floridian here. When we bought our house in 2020 it didn't come with the aluminum shutters. Apparently the renters who lived there before we bought it sold them for crack money or some shit. Anyways, I have the mounting points on all the windows but I want to find the cheapest way to do this (it's going to be a heavy hurricane season).

Some options:
>Plexiglass ("storm busters") sold at home depot. Hundred bucks per sheet. Absolutely overpriced.
>plywood - ends up rotting because I don't have room in my garage and I don't have a shed (or room for a shed).
>buy plexiglass sheets from alibaba - this is a viable option, it's significantly cheaper even with shipping. Might take a month or two to get here.
>aluminum shutters - fucking outrageously priced literally over 100 per window to do the according aluminum
>fabric shutters - a viable option and approved for hurricanes, but they just seem kinda gay i dont know much about them or the prices. probably overpriced.

give your ideas
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No title
Cool free shit on Craigslist

Do want
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New home build questions
I'm buying a new build house and need a water softener and an underground sprinkler system for the front and back yards. Can any anons help me with the following?
>Size and type of water softener I should get
>Rough estimate on price to install lawn sprinklers
The house is 1300sqft on a 0.43 acre lot in a white(for obvious reasons) suburb. I'm assuming this would leave about 0.2 acres worth of lawn space. I'm still in the permitting stages so I don't have the surveyor blueprint yet but I'm working on getting it from the builder. This is in Florida, on a well, and the builder will be putting in sod for the lawn. See attached floorplan
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No title
How do I build a house like this?
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shelf thread
What makes ‘good’ shelving units, and what brand makes decent but affordable ones? I need about 6 units like pic rel, 100kg per shelf for storing tools and random stuff on. Of course I could diy some but I don’t think wood is the best material here and I don’t have metalworking skills.
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No title
I'm about to embark on the journey of life long brand loyalty of collecting accessories, batteries and various extensions for power tools. As this is like picking your starter pokémon there's no going back once you commit.

So I ask you, which church of power tools shall I forever commit to?
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So I have a cassette/cd combo radio stack in my garage, it has a thin copper wire antenna. No matter where I place it, some stations just don't come in right, or I'll get one and if I want another, I'll have to move it.
I want a big dick antenna so I can pick up stations from 60+ miles away, so I can get the random college radio station that plays weird coolwave at night, the indie rock station, classical station etc,
I could mount one on top of the roof, but not necessarily a big pole like the HAM autists, what should I look for?
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No title
I want to get 18650pilled. The lights with built in chargers or cells with micro usb I have are shitting the bed so I want to buy a bunch of 18650's to replace those and so I can buy half a dozen chinkshit lights or other random garbage.
Where is the best place to buy them, what are the best cells for the money that won't give me a first class ticket to the unudda lithium shoah?
And no, I can't salvage any.
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Master Lock Key Save
Master Lock Key Safe
What is this small, vinyl coated, removable wire for? There is no mention of it in the instructions and google is no help.
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Transformer to arc welder
I found my father's old arc welder, DIY I guess. It has one transformer with 9 primaries and 8 secondary wires (of which 2 outputs are thick copper wires) and two switches (220V – 0 – 380V and 0-8 switch).
Switches are faulty, transformer is tested as follows:
-All wires are separated from the switch and from each other
-There are 9 red wires, 6 gray and 2 thick uninsulated copper leads to which the main cables for the electrode holder and ground are connected.
-No wire has contact with ground.
-All red wires have mutual continuity (primary of transformer)
-All gray wires have mutual continuity
-Two thick uninsulated copper lines have mutual continuity
-There is no mutual continuity between wires of different colors, nor between any colored wires with thick uninsulated copper conductors.
- The red wires were numbered at the bottom with numbers 1 to 7, two were not numbered and I marked them with 8-9A and 8-9B.
- The gray wires were not numbered and I marked them with numbers 91 to 96.

How to identify the transformer wires to which the input voltage needs to be connected. The moment I enable the input voltage, I can measure the output and sort it by voltage and connect it to the appropriate place on the switch accordingly.
Is this three phase transformer?
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No title
Is it worth using a rust converter paint over a regular rustoleum or implement paint?
I'm replacing the bumper reinforcement and mounting a hitch, and there is some surface rust I am going to take off and obviously need to recoat while I have easy access.

How much does it cost to get color matched automotive paint? Everything I see online is nuts price wise, would getting it locally be any less, I only need like a pint.
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Best screws?
Topic says it all, I guess.

I’m an euro/german, so spax and Würth seem like the obvious choice and since I can’t get Würth, spax it is. But is it really?
Tried Lux (obi house brand) thinking
>how hard can it be to make a simple screw
And yeah, apparently very hard.
Explains a lot, but not all. Mostly, not really sure whether to get yellow or silver screws. Obi mostly sells yellows, whereas you get silver online, so I figure silver is the better option.
And of course I technically red to choose the type of screw, depending on the material, but it seems like “universal “ is good enough for most /diy/ uses.
Should I just say >fuck it and get pic related and have EVERYTHING?
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any advice?
i tried removing a popcorn ceiling with a drywall sander but it didnt put any of the dust in the bag and the dust went everywhere all over me and i breathed some in, i cleaned all of it up off the floor and got a shower, was it asbestos? am i going to die? is it still lingering in the air?
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No title
I recently got an air fryer (that also has settings for microwave and oven). Is it best to plug it in the wall outlet or should I plug it into a power strip surge protector?
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No title
/wwg/ Woodworking General
milsurp mallet edition
38 media | 152 replies
No title
Trying to build a pole barn type structure using picrel concrete pier blocks. I've got all the roof beams up, took down some of the horizontal bracing. The thing flops like a fucking fish and I really can't continue until I get this stabilized. What do?
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No title
My shower doors have a ton of hard water build up and nothing I'm doing is making a dent in it. Any tricks?
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No title
What is this part of a squirrel cage rotor called? Why are their thin ones and some thicker? My motor is overloading and everything is fine but i noticed the rotor has the thick ones of these melted down, i thought they were the rotor bars?
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No title
images (21)
There was a YouTubers girl that etched a silicone wafer with acid and made a microchip but I can't find it anymore. Maybe she's being erased by glowies.
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No title
diesel into both of my lawnmowers. So then I removed & cleaned out the fuel tanks, & put in fresh 87 octane. Also i removed & cleaned the carbs, opened them up & used carb cleaner.

still won't start. what do i do now?
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Defective pliers?
I just bought some 6in XLT Long Nose Plier with side cutter #326 from Channel Lock:

But the jaws don’t seem to line up and touch together well at all. Is that normal and part of the crosshatch design or are my pliers defective?
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No title
this seems like a scam to me
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Custom Aquarium Building
Looking into building a custom aquarium out of acrylic at a 30" long, 12" deep, 18" high tank. Based on the info I've found, the general rule is +0.125" thickness for every 6 inches of height on the tank. By that rule, I should be using 0.375", but the acrylic that I already have on-hand from scrap is 0.25". The plan is to frame the aquarium not only top and bottom, but also on every corner with wood, epoxying the outer corners to the wood, using solvent on the acrylic joints, and then sealing the inner corners with silicon.

With all that said, would it be possible to just double-up sheets of acrylic, staggering the joints, to end up with a sort of pseudo 0.5" thickness? That would place it over the 0.375" recommended thickness, and my assumption is that they don't expect the builder to be reinforcing corners as I am, since part of what I read said it's not just about the sheets bowing out from weight, but the joints being thick enough to properly adhere; staggering the joints would create more surface area in multiple directions for the solvent.

Pic somewhat related, but not really. The corners are probably going to be 2x2 or 3x3 with the tank set inward 1" so front and sides are visible.
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No title
>In college, buy a water glass at goodwill, looks kind of tacky, just need some glasses for the house.
>Its not remarkable in any way, clear glass, the thickness is a little less than a normal water glass, thicker than a wine glass.
>One night, friends and I throw our glasses across a field into a railroad tie.
>Mine doesn't break.
>Throw it repeatedly on to concrete pad until it has a slight dent in it, and some whitening.
>Nothing ever breaks off of the glass, it ends up slightly dented and out of round after four guys take turns trying to break it.
>Figure its some oddball plastic, heat it up with a propane torch.
>It doesn't melt after five minutes, just gets red hot and the whitening starts to go away.
>Forget about the whole thing for some reason and leave the glass behind somewhere.

Is this something like that superfest glass from east germany? My understanding is that superfest will shatter eventually, this seems different. I don't think superfest will bend like my glass did either.

Any suggestions on what this might have been, and how I can buy or make more of them?
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what is secret ingrediants for DIY?

Should I just drop a Deuce and a Half in some water and dish soap?

Apple Cider Vinegar etc not working, no flies after weeks.
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2024 Garden Thread
Garden Types
what are you going to be planting in your garden this year anon?
35 media | 144 replies
No title
Think I might have stripped it a bit…
3 media | 17 replies
/rcg/ - Drone & Radio Control General
In /rcg/ we discuss anything & everything remote controlled - multirotors, fixed wing, cars, rovers, helis, boats, submarines, battlebots, lawnmowers, etc.

>How do I get started with racing drones?

> How to build a racing drone (16 part video series from Joshua Bardwell)

>What about planes?

>What about aerial photography, is DIY viable?
Buy a DJI if what you actually want is to take good photos/videos, go DIY if what you actually want is a fun project.

>I want a cheap RC training plane that is turnkey.
XK Beaver
Eachine Wing Dragon
OMPHobby T720
Hobbyzone Champ (used only)

>I want a good FPV fixed wing platform.
ZOHD Drift
Sonicmodell AR Wing
Finwing Albabird

>I want a basher fixed wing model for doing crazy shit that is easily repairable.
RCFactory, Hacker and other similar profile models

>I want a dirt cheap drone to fly around my yard/garden
Syma X5C

>I want a dirt cheap drone to fly inside my house
Eachine E010/Hubsan X4

>What are some good YouTube channels for learning or fun?
Joshua Bardwell -
Painless360 -
Flite Test -
Peter Sripol -
RCModelReviews -
Andrew Newton -
RCGutt -
RC Test Flight -
Think Flight -
Tail Heavy Productions -

Previous: >>2792854
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No title
How the fuck can I keep these motherfucking wasps away from my backyard?

I literally can't Google this. Every single result on Google is half-assed blog listicle bullshit that blatantly makes shit up.
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DIY Side hustle
Hey faggints

I'm in QC and have an engineering degree, but I'm slowly starting to think that it would be nice to have my own production/inspection equipment to make money on the side. Obviously I don't have a crazy ass workshop, only a table, some hand/power tools, fasteners, and a pair of 3d printers, but I feel like there must be people out there who want doohickeys made or some shit formally inspected. I know the initial investment into some mechanical instruments can be quite absurd, but is it wrong to want to be able to produce/evaluate things as an additional source of income here and there? Not sure how far I'd want to go yet, but inspiration would be nice.
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Learning How To Tan Hides. Progress Over 3 Attempts
3rd Attempt @ Tanning

a mostly failed attempt at brain tanning. wool instantly slipped after "salt pickling" Hide. after fleshing, brain tan was applied. it was gross and ineffective. I will come back to brain technique after I establish some basic concept of process and skills. low grade sheepskin leather for cordage perhaps.


chemical tan agent, orange bottle. dry salt, folded, stored in fridge. 3 day process, scraped 2x. it went infinitely better, but the Hide was damaged by fleshing and my 4-legged supervisor attempted a durability inspection. my fault. I had been feeding him meat from the same animal that same day. decent result, but has a hole. there is about a 24" # 30" section that is totally fine. I did not stretch it enough during dry. it is flexible, but rigid. I think I can improve by "post stretching".

3 & 4

same Hide. this one is looking MUCH more promising. 2 days of dry salting, fleshing in-between. Used orange bottle of tanning chemical & hung to dry last night. final dry and stretching now. this evening, I plan to nail it out to a 4x8 plywood. this will help stretch and make a flat flesh side so I can sand it with 120 grit after fully cured. finally, I will "post stretch" it to achieve this magical, theoretical "supple hide" I keep reading aboot.

I brought #3 to work with me today, so I can stretch throughout the day as itfinishes drying. unsure what the ultimate use will be. wife wants some leg and arm warmers for this winter. she works our farm full time, so that is a great use of our animal. the undamaged skin may end up as a rug.
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Post up your recent sweet deals.
Snagged this big ol vise, and the table and other pipe vise on the corner plus the grating leaned up against the table for $200.

Also ended up with some old bridge beams (channel iron top and bottom flange with riveted plates along the sides, another metal bench with a Wilton 4" bullet vise and a bunch of metal junk stacked on it, a pile of 2" angle iron, a metal sawhorse/beating stand made out of heavy I beam, a metal cone thingy, some square tubing, a pto winch, snatch block, a good forged shovel, couple pairs of tongs, and a pallet full of sheet metal pieces for an additional $400.

Total spent $600 for a trailer load of goodness.
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No title
Palm Trees
How do I maintain these palm tree plants outside? They all say on the label that they only need 6 hours of sunlight, but they get several more than that. How do I maintain the soil, and how much do I water them?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
Why is pretty much every heavy duty handle made out of hickory when pecan is basically identical and seems to be much more prevalent?
0 media | 3 replies
/ham/ Amateur, CB, Shortwave Listening, Pirate Radio, Repeater Kerchunking General
RTTY Edition

Previous thread hacked: >>2795394

Eternal thread theme:

>New to /ham/? Read this shit!
>Your search engine of choice works well too!

>The FAQ is now back:
>OP, the cybsec domain is gone.
>NEW FAQ is updated to preview 15

>The wiki is down but is archived:
>Idiot's Guide to Coax Cable
>Looking for frequencies to monitor near you?
>Basic Rx loop fundamentals
>DIY SWL Mag. Loop
>Small Tx Loop
>In Depth Loop articles
>Homebrew RF Circuits
>NEW Library

>Online Practice Tests:
> Real-Time Propagation Data
>Space Weather
>WSJT-X 2.1 User Guide
>Homosexual (ft8) guide
>Weather Fax resources
>point to point predictions, its free and will give you an idea of how much power/ what frequencies to use to reliably talk to your friend
>how do I into Morse code in a good way?
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/mcg/ - Microcontroller General: SMD adapter edition
Previous thread:>>xxxxxxx

Here we discuss microcontrollers (MCUs), single board computers (SBCs), and their accessories, such as Atmel mega and tiny AVRs (Arduinos), PICs, ARM boards such as blue/black pill STM32, ESP8266/32s, RP2040, Raspberry Pi, and others.

For general electronics questions (power supplies, level shifting, motor driving, etc.) please ask /ohm/.

>where can I find verified quality microcontrollers and other electronic sensors or parts

>but that's too expensive (many parts here are fake, particularly specific parts out of stock in the above sites)

>I need a part that does X and Y, with Z specifications. How can I find it?
use DigiKey's or Octopart's parametric part search. Then purchase from one of the sellers listed above.

>how do I get started with microcontrollers, where should I start?
There is no defined starting point, grab a book and start reading or buy an arduino off ebay/amazon and start messing around. There are a plethora of examples online to get started.


>RISC-V microcontroller list:
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It's another computer chair thread
Okay, pic related. This shit is about 6 years old. Obviously it's shit, but not only because it's falling apart. It's shit generally, as "gayming chairs" universally are. So, I need another chair. Here are my criteria:
as in, I don't feel like I'm in a hypersleep pod when I try and sit back.
I'm 6' tall. So i need some height. I have also been thoroughly terrified by a thread that discussed the reality of putting a high pressure hydraulic cylinder in a perfect position to fatally sodomize me. I'm also about 170 lbs. So, not fat, which leaves more options open.
I'm either cheap, or poor. Pick whichever you prefer to believe, the outcome is the same. The piece of shit pic related was about 260 dollars on discount on Amazon. I'm not actually sure how much I'm willing to spend here, I guess just remember that money is an object.
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Servo Momentum
I have a robotic arm like pic related. Basically there is an arm sitting on a pivot, which is a 25kg servo.

The servo moves it fine when its balanced, and moves it fine when it's slow, but overshoots the desired position when moving fast. Not only does it overshoot, but it also bounces back and forward until it stabilizes.

Is there a solution?

> get a better servo
What are the options <$200 that still do 0.17sec/60° (60RPM) and do half a degree in accuracy?

> put a brake on it
Would it work? Are there light hobbyist electrically-actuated brakes that are fast? Would start by looking at electrical scooter disk brakes.

> Other?
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/sg/- Sewing General
noticed the sewing thread was gone and i wish to discuss it
58 media | 246 replies
/ohm/ - Electronics General: New Baker Edition
Prev thread at bump limit. I don't often hangout here, forgive me if this isn't perfect.
Prev thread: >>2799790

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.
Read the datasheet.

>OP source:

>Comprehensive list of electronics resources:

>Project ideas:


>Principles (by increasing skill level):
Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics
Geier, How to Diagnose & Fix Everything Electronic
Kybett & Boysen, All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Scherz & Monk, Practical Electronics for Inventors (arguably has minor issues with mains grounding)
Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics

>Recommended software tools:
KiCAD 6+
Logisim Evolution

>Recommended Components/equipment:
eBay/AliExpress sellers, for component assortments/sample kits (caveat emptor)
Local independent electronics distributors

>Most relevant YouTube channels:
Moritz Klein

>microcontroller specific problems?
>I have junk, what do?
Shitcan it
>consumer product support or PC building?
>household/premises wiring?
More rules-driven than engineering, try /qtddtot/ or sparky general first
>antigravity and/or overunity?
Go away
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Living without plumbing
Im considering renting my house and live in the backyard. Its a rural location and I got several abandoned brickbuilt structures that once housed cows. My idea is to convert those into a simple dwelling for myself. The building itself would be the easy part and for electricity I dont see it being hard to redirect it from the main house
Now plumbing though, thats the one area Im not comfortable DIYing so was hoping to circumvent it
I do have an easily accessible outdoor faucet/hose so my plan would be to meet my water needs that way

Main household functions where plumbing comes into play:

>washing machine
portable washers are common so no big deal, just fill it and drain the grey water
>kitchen sink
clean water jug, grey water jug. drinking water would be run separately through a gravity filter
composting toilet. taking care of the compost piles might be a bit laborious but I dont see a way around it
feels like the biggest challenge and where I could use suggestions. theres many different portable shower systems for camping and such so its hard deciding which route to go. cold showers are a big no; a sad little sprinkle from a couple gallons wont cut it; any sort of electric heating is likely too energy intensive...
I plan on using a propane stove for cooking so Im guessing the shower setup to somehow involve boiling water in the stove? Im really not sure what the most efficient/comfortable system is. While the other amenities only require periodic chores, seems like prepping a shower would turn into a big ordeal every single time. Any ideas?

Feels like just by having access to on-grid water instead of relying on off-grid systems like rain catchment I already won half the battle but maybe Im just oblivious to all the challenges these things still entail. Am I completely deluded or what?
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No title
What is house insurance (needed if you have a mortgage) skyrocketing in hurricane country? Surely we're not getting 10x as many hurricanes?
2 media | 15 replies
Getting rid of smoke smell
>woke up today to a fire alarm
>Turns out i have a new housemate and she burned some bread to charcoal
Smoke smell permeates the entire house. Suggestionsnhow to deal with it would be greatly appeeciated
2 media | 15 replies
Home Security System needed
Need anons to point me to what I need for a camera security system.

Have a house in another city 30 minutes drive away that I'm renovating and am tired of feeling helpless every time I go there and see the house has been vandalized or there's been attempts to break in (area is 85% + white BTW)

I have electricity at the house obviously, but no internet.
Cheapest internet I can find is $40 a month with contract, which seems like a waste just to run 2 cameras.
OTOH, if I have just a DVR 2 camera system, and someone does get in, they could just steal the DVR.

Any anons have any recommendations?
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No title
Fishing for ideas to help remove pic related. It's concrete under the toilet bowl, the contractor wasn't very smart and now I need to get rid of it before reinstalling.
I'm currently drilling small guiding holes and carefully chiseling it out, or using a hammer and a splitter.
The bowl isn't crazy expensive or anything, but I can't find it in that color anymore and I really wouldn't want to break it.
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How to Replace a Spot Welded Fuse
How do I replace a spot welded fuse in a dehydrator? It's next to the heating element so solder isn't going to work.
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Indoor Gardening Bullet Point Guide (a Pasta)
Ultimate bullet point guide to begin gardening in a small space with no yard or workable land (eg small house or apartment)

General Tips
>Start small (add as you go)
>Consider growing from leftovers (plant food scraps)
>Pick plants you frequently eat (to reduce your bill)
>Grow vertically to optimize space
>Patience and perseverance (don't give up, know when to cut loses and try again)
>Check with Home & Garden professional

>Ventilate/circulate air (fan, window)
>Water using a can (or hose attached to faucet) and humidify plants with a spray bottle
>Light (some need more/less, place appropriately, supplement w/ a grow light)
>Deadhead regularly
>Compost plant & food waste

>Containers (store bought or makeshift - recommend terracotta for guaranteed organic)
>Potting soil mix (consider total weight, if above 1st floor)
>Plant for continuous harvest (stagger seed sowing, avg. ~1-2 weeks)
>Consider a hydroponic setup as an alternative

Plant options
>Small citrus (eg meyer lemon, mandarin orange)
>Tomatoes (cherry)
>Herbs (mint, thyme, rosemary, basil, lavender, parsley)
>Salad/leafy Greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, arugula)
>Garlic greens
>Radishes and Turnips
>Beans (any lentils - red, black, etc.)
>Peas (green, sugar snap)

(Tips, Guides and Reviews - Self Sufficient Me)
(Hydroponics and Grow lights)
(Grow Lights, Top 10 - mostly from Amazon)
(Dual Tray Worm Composter)
(Bokashi One Pre-Composter - speeds up breakdown and breaks down more types of waste)
(GreenStalk Vertical Planter - easy to use and high yield)
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Renogy Charge Controller Issue
I have a Renogy 50w flexible solar panel, Renogy Voyager 20w Charge Controller and 40' of 10g cable.

The system will work fine for ten minutes then will display :
PV (Panel Output?) : 22.8 V
PV: .1 A (or 0.0)
BT (Battery Voltage) :15-16v

The items on my system do not like 16v and I have had problems with them and the battery does not seem to be charging. I have tried two of the same controller but they both have the same problem.

When the system is working well for the first 10 min it displays

PV: 14v
PV: 1.2a
Batt: 13.3 V
Give or take those numbers.

Am I doing something retarded here?!
Oh the battery is a Renogy Li too...
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About to attempt screen printing
I have the supplies in my apartment. Most guides I’ve reviewed seem to imply there is no way around trial and error. Please share useful tips and tricks.
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No title
images (25)
Haha no nope no
You can risk cutting your fingers but not me
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Painting general
Today marks my 11th anniversary as a professional house painter, in Scandinavia this is a 3.5 year long education.

I will be answering questions related to painting in random order. Preparation, finish, tips and tricks and techniques, correct materials and preferred tools, and everything else you can think of.

We had a thread a couple of months ago, which alot of people joined in, if you are here to bitch and moan over pricing theres already a thread for that.

And yes, im the guy sidestepping on a ladder in front of your OSHA handbook.

Ask your answers
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Tiffany lamp mold
I've looked into making tiffany lamps and everything looks pretty much straight forward, but the one thing in these videos that nobody explains how to make are molds onto which you assemble the pieces on. Even after googling this I find nothing other than to use wooden mold.

So how do you do these molds that look like they are half out of plastic and something?
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DIY rotary hammer attachments
I recently got an SDS max hammer as a gift and it kicks ass even with an adapter for SDS+ bits
Looking for ideas on which attachments to make for it, I'm good with the welding machine.
One idea I've had is to make a compactor plate out of scrap metal and an old chisel, what else could be useful?
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Anyone know how I can get to view the returned data of SQL injection.

Let's say I enter code to return a whole database containing usernames and passwords, how can I then display them or send them to my computer.

I know of "INTO OUTFILE" which creates a file containing the info on the server, I want the data on my computer or to at least view it on the screen.
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Anodizing Aluminum
I've been trying for a while to learn how to properly anodize aluminum parts, but my results have been very inconsistent. No matter how gently I apply current, or what concentration of electrolyte I use, it seems totally random whether each job comes out looking beautiful or ends up an absolute mess. The failed jobs usually end up covered in some kind of white or grey plaque that I can only assume is some ungodly mix of oxides, hydroxides, and electrolysis products.

I suspect the problem is due to tiny gas bubbles that form on the aluminum. These cover most of the surface, reducing the effective surface area and driving up the current density to damagingly-high levels. A simple solution seems to be to agitate the mixture to shake the bubbles off, but so far this hasn't quite worked. Every electric stirrer that I've tried just isn't forceful enough to keep the bubbles from sticking.

Does anyone here have experience with anodizing? What kind of setup do you use? How do you get around the issue of gas bubbles?
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Super Cargo Pants
Man With Suspenders
Are there any super cargo pants I can get myself with double the carrying capacity of normal cargo pants? Bonus if these don't make me look like a jackass in public and if I can wear them with proper suspenders. Also, what would be the best suspenders for such a pair of cargo pants, assuming I'd be loading them up with around 3 kg (7 pounds) on my heaviest days.

(I haven't even been even able to find a decent stock photo for what I'm looking for.)
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Backyard Foundry
>Do you even melt, bro?

I did my first casting today, I'm totally a foundryman now. My first two melts earlier in the week I made some ingots, just melting soda cans. >>2783890
Yesterday I made my first flask from a spare fencepost, and some greensand from sifted playsand and a mix of sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite. Yard marking calcium carbonate as parting powder, worked great. Designed a little ashtray in Fusion360 and turned it into a pattern. I did a pretty bad job but I was impatient and really wanted everything ready to do this casting today. Rammed up fine, might've been a little dry, but just barely. Worked out okay though, very happy with the result after a brief cleanup.

Do you scrap? Stack? Do you sell signs on Etsy? Do you sand cast? Investment casting? Do you like huffing zinc fumes and snorting silica powder? Show me your furnace, show me your castings.

Sand and jpeg compression don't get along.
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my formwork looks like ass but i made do with what i have. my insurance dropped me over broken step corners and out of code balcony railing so like what do you do?

I forgot a form lubricant for the first one on the bottom but half thats gonna be covered by the pavers.
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Help please! Actual DIY thread.
I am a retarded nigger faggot who took apart a 1960s fluorescent desk lamp without taking pictures first. It was new in roughly 1968. I attempted to replace the fluorescent tubes with LEDs, but the switches are both momentary switches. There’s no way I can figure to turn the damn thing off.

My problem is that I unwired it without taking pictures. I’ll post what I’m working with and the current state of things. Everything works. I just need to wire it back up for fluorescent t8 tubes again.
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No title
at what point do you DIY? a garbage enclosure shed like this costs $500 CAD

I would need to buy wood, tools, plans and spend time building one my self. Questioning whether or not it's worth it.
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How to diagnose and fix compressor?
I have this ice cream maker that has stopped being able to cool.

I have tried everything I can think of. The compressor draws 0.7 amps and runs when turned on. I can feel it has a slight vibration and it slowly gets hot after running for about an hour. It also seems to have the right internal resistance.

The relay had something that looks like burns. I changed it, but it did not help.

What more can I do?
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No title
heck yes. its time to teach people to do it their damn selves.
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No title
Is there an online resource that shows the inside of non-name brand multimeters? I need to see the backside of the terminals, type of fuses, and if it has metal threads for the screws. I want to buy picrel ( as my first multimeter for appliance repair and for self learning about electronics.
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Tim Allen Appeeciation Thread
Thinking about what spurred my love of DIY basically boils down to this guy's influence on my childhood. His antics on Home Improvement constantly trying to add more powarr to everything *incoherent grunting* was the catalyst to me taking interest into tinkering with some of my toys eventually maturing into a viable mechanical skill set. Regardless of his history this guy was a great influence growing up and I thank him for that.

What helped steer you towards the diy mindset, Anon? What role models like this do kids have these days?
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best way to evenly cut a plastic bulb
i'm trying to remove about 15% of the top plastic cover so it fits inside a fixture (doesn't have to be accurate, just even). I have a battery drill and some stone grinding bits in different shapes (cylindrical, cone shape, spherical).
would it work?
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No title
Would you listen to a construction podcast that's similar to kitchen confidential ?
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Central Air busted....
Daikin Magnitude Chiller Installation
I have a cac unit where the transformer works, but I can't get the fan to kick on, or condenser. It worked last summer.

Checked breakers, checked service disconnect was in the on position and the fuse wasn't blown. Swapped tstat with known good, nothing.

The unit is 20 years old and capacitor was replaced 6 years ago.

Should I just buy a capacitor and contactor and replace them? Any other things to have on hand anyway? I've never hvaced. Is the contactor just a relay?
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No title
Norwooding Gio
>looking to get a bunch of new plugs for 5 different pieces of equipment
>first plug
>no longer made from the manufacturer
>check the cross reference
>like 80 different options
Why is there so many spark plug models?
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Why do people get these giant pieces of shit?
>you can larp as someone who can afford a real in-ground pool

>is basically a giant plastic bag full of diluted bleach water
>high electric bills from running the pump
>makes it harder to sell your house
>in the off season, water collects on the winter cover and breeds mosquitos
>looks like shit
>entraps and drowns feral toddlers in your neighborhood
>takes up a bunch of space in your yard
>gotta scoop out leaves and shit with tiny net on a pole every day
>gotta vacuum shit off the bottom with pool vacuum
>gotta drain/add water to maintain water levels
>gotta balance pH/chlorine so it doesn't become more of a cesspool of shit than it already is
>gotta clean out filter clogs so the pump doesn't overheat and melt
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No title
Americans live in folding homes.
How embarrassing.
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building a custom mtb
I want to build myself a custom mtb. Is it possible to do so? I don't have enough money right now and I don't even earn to afford a good bike. I want to learn to build a bike from scratch by watching or reading tutorials. Thabks
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No title
i hate ace
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No title
Screenshot 2024-06-08 132317
how many /diy/ers can solve this question? the answer might surprise you!
5 media | 22 replies
food dehydrators
hair dryer
Do they literally just blow warm air over the food?
some of them cost over £500. I already have metal boxes and hot wind isn't exactly hard to attain.
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Australian Electrical Standards
In Australia, electrical standards are very expensive, outsourced to a multinational called SAI Global. Here are the latest editions of some of the most important ones, including some not currently available on Libgen or Anna's Archive (I am in the process of uploading them there).

Included here:
AS/NZS 3000 (incl A1-3)
AS/NZS 3008 (Cable selection)
AS/NZS 3012 (Construction)
AS/NZS 3017 (Verification)
AS/NZS 3760 (RCD testing)
AS/NZS 4836 (Safe working practices)
AS/NZS 4777.1 and .2 (Inverters)
AS/NZS 5033 (Solar)
AS/NZS 5139 (Batteries)
Victorian Service and Installation Rules
Victorian Electrical General Regulations
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Plywood for Weightlifting Room
Rubber Mat Gym Floor
What type of plywood should I use underneath the rubber matter I put on to create a decent platform for me to lift on? Bonus if this type of plywood would be different for a deadlift mat that would later be carefully sanded and then coated multiple times with polyurethane.
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Sanding down aluminum shavings
I drilled 600 holes in an aluminum pot because im gonna use it for brewing beer. I'll use it for straining the water (wort) from the grains.
Most holes came out fine, but 30% still have metal shavings stuck to them, as well as generally rough edges.
I've already been sanding down the pot for 40 minutes with sandpaper but i feel like there might be a better solution. Anyone got any ideas?

Also how hazardous is aluminum anyway? I think any loose particles will just sink to the bottom of the beer, but i might end up drinking some too :/
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Furniture Upholstery
How difficult is it to upholster something. I want to build this seating in my dining room but wasn’t sure if I needed to outsource the back cushions or if it’s easy to DIY.
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Wood vs plastic vs metal shed for temp living?
Looking for a temporary solution for a few years.

Somewhere I can crash for a night. I will not be adding insulation or anything.

I'm choosing between purchasing a wooden, plastic or metal garden shed.

Does anyone know how these materials would differ inside, temperature-wise, for both the summer and the winter?

The only reason I’m not using a tent is because I don’t feel like it’s at all safe against animals.. and we do occasionally have coyotes here
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Building a Plane
Have any anons here built a kit plane before?
Theres a company that sells quick build kits of a ww1 plane (pic rel) for about $20k.
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How do I beat this scam?
Fuck this shit... Its become a modern scam just like everything else... I have to pump every single day for this stupid shit so how do I set myself free from this fucking scam? yes, ofc I still want to ride around in the comfort and luxury of my 80 thousand dollar SUV.
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No title
So I'm building a racecar in my dad's garage and he wants to kick my car out since he wants to start a project car himself.
Now since renting a shop would costs thousands of euro's per month, I was thinking to put it in the backyard but since it's a half naked chassis it needs to be protected from the rain.

My idea so far was to buy a ''party tent'' and reinforce the shit out of it with para-cord (illustrated in red) and put some para-cord on the sides that go deep in the ground with tent stakes.
If anyone has a better idea let me know.

And no, brick building is not allowed, just like wood poles in the ground, I can only legally put up a ''movable structure'' so nothing in the ground accept for tent stakes.
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/hbg/ - Homebrew General
Skeeter Pee Season

Previous Thread: >>2774824

Calculators and Tools:

Other Useful Resources:
11 media | 40 replies
Kenmore 1.7 minifridge not working
Kenmore minifridge
Model: 92489

This minifridge that's ~10 years old randomly died out last night. Turning the dial inside from 0 to >6 usually got it starting again but now it doesn't cool at all. Is it a cost-effective fix or am I out of luck? I'm a neet and having a mini fridge is a great convenience in the room -- I have zero knowledge of maintenance of minifridges

ignore the disgusting dust its been sitting in a corner for ~7 years
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Neo crusader leather armor
Neo-crusaders are so based

We should all have leather armor based on Templars. Shoe your armor :]
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No title
I got new frying pans but my electric stove won't work with them. I opened it to see what's inside. I don't know how to force it to heat the pan.
2 media | 17 replies
No title
My micrometer came with a metal S shaped thing. What is this?
2 media | 15 replies
Robotic lawn mowers
Thoughts? Does anyone own one? Is it the future or a pricey gimmick? Can't imagine it could be as powerful as even the cheapest electric lawn mower let alone a gas powered one.
4 media | 22 replies
/welding/ Welding General #3
A place for anything to do with Welding.

Post your welds, ask questions and discuss sticking metals together.

IDK I just want a place to talk about welding.

Old thread: >>2763067
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No title
How much wobbel is to much for a new combi drill, it is not really bad but is noticeable to the naked eye I can see the bit spin a tad off line
0 media | 0 replies
No title
How would one go about creating a small and discreet underground bunker?
12 media | 50 replies
One or two stage car paint
I am planing on painting my car and can't decide if I should use one or two stage paint, any experiences?
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No title
I want to buy screens. Not a monitor, not a TV, a screen, around 80 cm in one dimension, something like an A1 paper in size, more or less.

I can only find small screens. I don't really care about image quality, unless it is utterly shit. Whatever is cheaper.
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No title
Just moved to Germany and need a new tool set for fixing/maintaining bikes and house repairs. Is picrel for €40 a good deal?
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No title
>Asbestos, PCB, lead
>all sorts of invisible and scentless dusts, compounds and chemicals that will give you cancer

i thought rennovating we supposed to be fun and challenging, not some sort of hunger games version of wierd ass chemicals from the 50s-70s that MIGHT be present and will kill you in 30 years if you breathe them

im never buying anything built before 1990 again holy shit
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No title
Hose stuck to the fixture. Am I hacking away at the faucet or the hose here?
1 media | 9 replies
Best way to smoke loose crumbley tobacco?
I like to smoke loose tobacco. When I get to the bottom of the container there's a bunch that isn't good to roll from (too crumbly).

I've been using a regular weed pipe but it gets so clogged so often. I clean it with isopropyl alcohol but that barely works and is costly to soak it several times a week.

I also have a wooden pipe but that works even worse.

What kind of smoking device do you recommend?
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Trying to grow taller, How do I make the seat go higher?
I am 5"11 but I'm trying to grow taller using this cycling machine by progressively extending the seat but I'm already tall enough for the highest setting. Now I could just use pillows but that's very inconvenient and I have to clean the pillows too often because my anal shit sweat seeps into it. Like are there any other ways or maybe cushions I can use to emulate a higher raised seat without having yo rely on pillows I have to clean?
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No title
How do I install my window unit with this big lip here?

See picrel
1 media | 6 replies
Yardwork/landscaping for the braindead and lazy
Fuck this fucking fuck right to fucking hell.

Recommend me a quick change whacker head and brand that does not involve the word spool. Preferably electric.

And other good ideas and equipment for the easily enraged.
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unidentified metal
Hello, I have a sample of metal that I can’t identify.
I’m thinking it’s some alloy or something, since it doesn’t match bismuth or other metals.

It is very brittle and non-ductile, files and sandpaper easily expose its shiny surface under the orangish yellow sheen on the surface so it isn’t tough.

It is not ferromagnetic or responsive to magnets.

On the fragments with the exposed interior, it makes sharp edges and has a dull lustre

Can anyone identify this metal?
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Loud speaker to bother neighbor through wall
I have an asshole neighbor who won't do anything about his dog barking non stop. This is Argentina, there are no laws. I tried talking to him, but he doesn't do anything. I need to kill fire with fire.

We have adjacent walls, brick and mortar. See picture for rough sketch of what I think his house looks like.

My idea was to diy a powerful speaker and screw it into the wall, but I'm kind of a retard knowing how sound works.

Also I'm poor so powerful bluetooth speaker are too expensive. I was thinking buying a driver, an amp, and play music through audio jack with a phone or something. I can solder. Put everything in a wooden plank, and screw it into the wall.

How much amp does the driver need to be to travel through his house? Do I need a wooden box to house everything? I don't care about sound quality whatsoever, I just want to bother him. Or even better, because his dogs sleeps inside, play music every few minutes at night to trigger his dog to bark inside. The more power, the more bass, the better.

I eat once or twice a day, so very little money to spend. As cheap as possible please.

I know this uk fag made this, could this work?
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No title
How would you design a simple mechanical system so you only have to push or pull on one door leaf and it automatically opens the second one
13 media | 27 replies
No title
Shed foundation on a short plateau?
Was planning on building a wooden shed for use as an office/gym, roughly 3.5x5m, and was wondering what the best way was to make sure it doesn't tumble the fuck down the hill.
4 media | 6 replies
mtf bricks onto MALE bricks
I have a bunch of these ugly bricks full of holes and I was wondering if I can make them into Real bricks.
As far as I my brain can think there is only 1 ingredient on them, Brick, So it has to be possible to remold them?
Or Im being retarded?
0 media | 9 replies
I am tired, I don't want to deal with hunting shit anymore. I just want to input money and receive stuff without it being a knife fight over some old junk worn out machine that'd been out of production for 70 years and I have to get raped to get replacement part on ebay by some other boomer.
Are chink mini lathes viable to get running well without needing another lathe or a mill to fix the brand new machine you just bought? I just want to make small steel items, maybe up to an inch in diameter but realistically 5/16 or smaller diameter machine screws.
27 media | 123 replies
No title
Is this a dumb idea for a shed?

I have a little under 40' of stainless pipe and I want to build a 8x12 shed. I figure if I do it this way, I don't have to use rebar. I'd pour around the pipe first, let that set, and then inside the pipe. Would I have to worry about these posts sinking? I live in a region with a high clay content, so I don't want to dig too wide of holes either.
4 media | 36 replies
Stained a butcher block
I wanted to make a standing desk and decided to finish my own butcher block, I have no friends so I am telling you all.

I fucked up and bought pre stained wood from Home Depot and I learned some stuff through the way but I like how it came out, would have preferred a slightly darker version of the same color but I already put three coats and I just wanted to be done, came out like 95% of the way I wanted it. I mixed varathane black cherry and cabernet
0 media | 4 replies
No title
>build furniture
>It's wobbly and poorly built
Why do I half ass everything all the time
5 media | 12 replies
>teacher gives an assignment to create an electronic device
>get hyped about this
>going to make a lab power supply
>suffer while making it, but wanna get high grade
>thinking about the circuitry for 20 hours
>spend 30$ on components
>10 hours of coding later
>create really cool 3d model for case in 10 hours
>3d printer messed up my print
>5 hours until deadline
>create simple boxy case so 3d printer will print it as fast as it can
>suffer while assembling electrics
>cool electronics, cool code, shitty case because of 3d printer
>tell teacher about that
>"u have shitty case, it's a shameful work"
>didn't even look inside case
>"pathetic case for a "designer and technologist of radio-electronic equipment" (my major in uni)
>get minimum grade for this

Bro, who the fuck am I? My future work is to create an electronic devices, not a fucking cases for them
16 media | 78 replies
No title
I want to set some large grommets (12.5mm inner) and bought this relatively cheap set with an anvil.
After multiple tries I can't manage to hammer it down without any warping.

Is the tool worthless or am I fucking up?
2 media | 9 replies
No title
Is there any device that offers protection from single leg disconnects on a split phase 240v main?
Basically if one wire disconnects or stops providing power, the other wire is mechanically disconnected as well.
I am combining two ordinary wall sockets to make 240v 16a to charge my ev, it works fine as is, but it poses a hazard as one end of the cord can just be live voltage if unplugged.

I understand the risk and handle it accordingly, but it's at my workplace and I'm afraid it may come under scrutiny at some point.
I installed locking plug covers to render it safe in most cases but that's not enough.

I've been told not to modify the building wiring.
5 media | 36 replies
No title
Decided I'm gonna go get MVAC certified so I can fix my car's damn AC (Nobody in town wants to touch it)

Long story short I was an idiot about two years ago and used R134a with sealant added, on top of not inspecting the system (Drier unit was blown out worse than my asshole after four cups of coffee). Big mistake. If I lie and bust a mechanic's machine I'm on the hook for at least $5k

So how do I do a DIY recovery?
0 media | 3 replies
Power Stations
It's like day 4 of me finding a good power source for my 1250W heat press, laptop and a printer that I would use in an outdoors adventure.

Stumbled upon this offer. It can be at my place in 20 days for just 300$. Power + solar + BATTERY???? Seems like ecoflow even.

The main question is: WHAT'S THE CATCH? What are the sus parts of this deal?

Shortened aliexpress link:
5 media | 29 replies
Painter quoted me 22k for exterior of 1700sqft house
What the fuck? Tradies are out of their mind.

Why would he even waste his time driving over to inspect the job if he was going to give me such a ludicrous highball offer that he must know I would never accept. Is it some sort of new humiliation ritual? I live in rural PA btw
11 media | 142 replies
No title
Anyone know why I would be getting 24v from the thermostat but nit 24v off of the condenser control board to my contactor coil? I'm thinking low pressure switch, myself.
1 media | 9 replies
No title
Is this damage or wear and tear? Please justify. Used eraser to get rid of the black mark from the bicycle falling
1 media | 5 replies
How the fuck do I seal this?
Wall ceiling
It's an old double brick house with internal brick. The gyprock ceiling isn't nicely attached to the wall and there is a massive air gap. I was thinking caulk but maybe also mortar, but was concerned in might not expand and contract. Is there a general term for things like this so I can look up other suggestions?
2 media | 7 replies
should I buy a Dremel?
Hi /diy/, I have no skills in diy but I'm looking to get started with a simple project.

I have some decorative glassware and I want to display it inside a display box for safety and to keep the dust off, as well as to highlight the glass. None of the off-the-shelf options are the right height/materials so I figured I could make my own.

I am thinking of getting a piece of wood with the right footprint and routing in two channels, one for an LED strip and one to slot in an acrylic box I will also make to fit the channels. Then I can simply drill a hole and pass a power cable through the hole to power the LEDs.

My main issue is this: I have no power tools or a real workbench or anything. I have some basic hand tools but the only way I'd be able to do this by hand with what I've got is to carve the channels with a file or rasp which I really don't want to do.

I've heard people talk a lot about Dremels and I know they have lots of different attachments. Is the brand/attachments still worth buying? Will I be able to buy routing/sanding/planing bits easily enough? I have a handful of other projects I could use it for so I can see myself getting use out of it, but I'm open to buying other stuff if it's not too expensive and the brand has gone to the dogs.

Apologies in advance for the crude diagram.
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Working men and weekend warriors of /diy/ alike, I must ask you: do you ever get into shenanigans at your shop?
I made this a couple of years ago on a box of n95s, still no one's seen it or said anything, it gives me a chuckle every time I see it though (we're all retards who don't mask up whenever we really probably should)
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No title
kraftech generator
Is this generator any good? I can get it for 150 euros. The crazy plan is to use it with laptop, printer and heat press(1250 watts) on a pedestrian street.

If not, any budget alternatives?
4 media | 35 replies
Power stations, how do they work?
Had a good thread a couple of days ago where I was planning on using heat press, laptop and a printer outdoors.

It started with looking for generator for this task, ended talking about benefits of solar power. This pic related should technically be a good substitution for generator with gasoline charging.

But the power station is quite cheap, like 100 euros, wtfff. What's the catch, sounds too good to be true?

I repeat, it would be used to power a 1250 watts heat press, laptop and a printer. But will it be able to do that in reality?
2 media | 31 replies
No title
god this sucks
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DIY radar proximity sensor
I'd like to make a DIY radar-based proximity sensor for my robots. PIR or sonar would be easier but radar is cool. The VT radio proximity fuse from WW2 seems like a good design to copy. It produces a binary output ("all clear"/"something is close"), but I bet I can turn that into a useful nearest-object range value with a microcontroller and ADC. They had to use vacuum tubes in 1942 but now it's 2024, so I bet I can drop in a 2N2222 transistor and get the same results. From my Googling and the VT fuze manual, it seems like they used a frequency in the 150 Mhz range, in the upper range of switching speed but achievable with typical ubiquitous BJT/2N2222 transistors.

Has anyone tried something similar before? I couldn't find many examples of breadboard-scale radar circuits online. Will post updates as I go. Thanks in advance.
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I just found out you can cast molten metal on a mold made frst by 3d printing and then filled with s ceramic slurry. Sounds very elaborate however.
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making house spider reservation
How can I get more spiders in my house? Especially in my basement. I want lots of them to be my friend. I've noticed they like my shower. They will go in my dirty clothes and shoes too. How to get more - their numbers are too low. Sometimes I meet my friend wolf spider but he is shy and hides a lot - I haven't seen him in a long time I fear him dead.
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I've got a 1950s detached garage I'd like to turn into a shop. Problem is it has zero insulation and it gets hot as fuck in there. The construction, from the inside out, is stick framing, tar paper (also called roofing felt), and wood siding.

I know using fiberglass or cellulose blown-in insulation could be a huge no-no if there's a leak. What about rockwool or ridged foam board insulation?

>Where's the sheathing?
It was constructed on the cheap and before plywood was common. It uses let in bracing for stiffness and has no sheathing.

California central valley. Hot summers, mild winters. It never snows here. We only get a few nights a year where it drops below freezing. It rains in the cooler months but not that much. It rarely gets humid.

>Your picture is shit.
Thanks. Its from google.
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This is my room, i share it with someone else, is there a way to improve the placing of furniture?
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DIY Telescope
NatGeo Make a telescope
Didn't find a DIY/Amateur Telescope/Astronomy thread here
Share some resources for Telescope making at home and celestial observations
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I wanted to get into making some cool 3d printed stuff for my friends

Short story:
>Be Me
>Want To Learn How To Marble plastics
>Look up how to marble plastics with Acrylics
>Find Guides
>Each and Every Guide Says to use different things
>use SOAP!
>use Detergent!
>use Starch!
>Make sure you water down the Acrylics!
The last part I'm sure about is actually a right step.

I have a large collection of acrylics but I am irrationally scared about wasting the paint for a failed project that I'm going to have to clean up.
I'd rather be set in stone and know what to do before I do it because I don't have a space where I can fail at the moment.
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