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"/diy/ - Do It Yourself" is 4chan's imageboard for DIY/do it yourself projects, home improvement, and makers.

Makers gonna make!
Welcome to /diy/, a place to:

Post and discuss /diy/ projects, ask questions regarding /diy/ topics and exchange ideas and techniques.

Please keep in mind:
- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools, things such as swords, guns or explosives are considered weapons.
- No drugs or drug paraphernalia (See Global Rule 1). If you want to discuss something that could involve such things (e.g., carving a tobacco pipe from wood) that's fine, but make sure it's /diy/ related and doesn't involve drugs or it will result in deletion/ban.

Helpful links:
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Career Advice
Are there any trades/career paths that are underrated or relatively unknown?

If you could move anywhere to get a job, what would you choose to do and where?
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Philips Dubai lamp
maxresdefault (4)
Is there any way to order these in the US?
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/EMT/Eternal Machinist Thread
Thread hymn. [Embed]

Last thread:1981191

>Haas automation videos.
>Titans of CNC
>Edge precision [Embed]

>Setting up a grindall spindex on a surface grinder [Embed]
>Precision ground toolroom stones [Embed]
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VHF antenna on CB
I got this antenna for free. It's a Larsen Kulrod AL / JM 150. A bit of google tells me it's for VHF in the range of 150mhz. It's about a metre long and has one of those latching connectors on the side.
How do I determine if it will work on CB? Can I cut some of the tip off to make it the correct length?
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No title
Upgraded my mech's shoulder mechanism today, needs some adjustment & a better control mechanism, but for its bargain basement budget it ain't half bad:
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/ohm/ - Electrons'n'shiet
leaky thread: >>2006446

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Project ideas:
Don't ask, roll:
>Archive of Popular Electronics magazines (1954-2003)

>Principles (by increasing skill level):
Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics
Geier, How to Diagnose & Fix Everything Electronic
Kybett & Boysen, All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Scherz & Monk, Practical Electronics for Inventors
Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics

>Design/verification tools:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs
KiCAD (PCB layout software, v5+ recommended)
Logisim (Evolution)

Mouser, Digi-Key, Arrow, Newark, LCSC (global)
RS Components (Europe)
eBay/AliExpress sellers, for component assortments/sample kits (caveat emptor)
Local independent electronics distributors

>Related YouTube channels:
Ben Eater

>Li+/LiPo batteries
Read this first:

>I have junk, what do?
Shitcan it
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No title
Hey there /diy/,
I'm not experienced with this kind of stuff and thus slightly nervous with the installation of an old metal lamp without grounding. I have two cables in the wall and two in the lamp. the depicted system works fine. However, from what I could gather, metal lamps should be equipped with some sort of grounding and there seems to be a connection for it (see second pic) with a cable missing. Is this kind of installation safe? Is there even a point in grounding this thing when there are only two cables in the wall?

Sorry for potentially fucking up terminology, obviously I'm not a native speaker.
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adding serrations to knoif using grinder
Im cutting a fuckload of lines fibers, cables and zip-lines at work, so I want to add some serrations to my pocket knoif, but I don't feel like using file because I tried and it slips to the sides, so I want use grinder.

Any life hacks on how to precisely add serrations with grinder without destroying knife?
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Home addition prices
Shitty little 300sq ft addition. $105,000 usd. Fucking WHAT. This house was bought for exactly that much, 10 years ago, and is 1200sq ft. Why so expensive?
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Any reason why I shouldn't use flex seal on two cinder blocks? gf needs two sealed and clean cinder blocks for some pinterest shit but I don't want to have to buy a whole gallon of primer and masonry paint when I can buy a can of flex seal that i might actually use again
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No title
Why do companies ship their power cables like this and how do I get them to be manageable? I’ve tried the over-under thing with them but they just won’t twist into place when I go under.
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Google Home - Tuya
Last week I've installed a simple smart thermostat found on Amazon for few bucks.
I cabled the junction box with line and neutral since it originally only had the 2 boiler cables and I installed the thermostat with my phone.
Everything went quite smoothly, I had to install this app called Tuya that I later on connected with my Google Home account.
I also created some routines and I was able to control the thermostat with my Google Home mini, everything has been working fine for 5 days or so.

Yesterday I was about to coming back home after the weekend and when I tried to enter Google Home app to raise the temperature in the house I found the situation in the image, so temperature set to 32 and being unable to control the actual thermostat, I mean I can change the value but for example a 30 degree set the thermostat to 3.0 Celsius.

I read online that this "32" is the default value of the temperature received by Google from the device shown up generally when it has some problems retrieving the correct data.

Any of you are facing the same issue atm, working with GH or Tuya?
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The Ever-Moving Goalpost Edition
Old thread: >>2009312
All the info you need about 3D-printing:

>Your print failed? Go to:

If that doesn't help you solve your print problems, please post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 12-8-2020]
Under 250 USD: Creality Ender 3 (Pro), Anycubic Mega S
Under 500 USD: Qidi X-series, Creality CR-10, Anycubic Chiron
Under 1000 USD: Prusa i3
Over 1000 USD: Lulzbot, Ultimaker, Markforged
SLA: Anycubic Photon, Elegoo Mars, Prusa SL1, Formlabs Form 3
Instead of buying a new printer, you could consider building your own:

>Where can I get free things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Variants of professional programs such as Solidworks (lol paying for software), Fusion360, Inventor and AutoCAD may be free depending on your profession, level of piracy and definition of ''free''.
Most anons use Fusion360, some /g/oobers prefer OpenSCAD or FreeCAD. If you want to do free-forming and modeling, Blender is your best bet.
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Brick Master here
unnamed (1)
Brick pill sage

>looks GREAT
>last hundreds of years
>AWESOME curb appeal
>simps think they are nicer than they actually are
>wind, fire, and pest proof
>greeeeeeat insulator
>can stop gunfire

Why haven't you taken the brick pill?

Pic related is a CIVIL WAR era building. Look how timeless it is, and witness how nice it looks. YOU WILL TAKE THE BRICK PILL.
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/mcg/ - microcontroller general
Here we discuss microcontrollers and microcontroller accessories, such as Arduinos (ATmegas), attinys, ESP32, RPI, the blue pill STM32 and others

previous >>1970169
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No title
a friend broke his acoustic guitar and asked me if i could fix it

i used a lot of titebond glue and kept it clamped for 24 hours before putting the strings back on. i filled the cracks with superglue and sanded down so its smooth, but its still ugly

heres a video i made of the procedure:
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/HBG/-Homebrew General
the thread was dead
heres my shitty welch's wine racked in a rum bottle
32 images | 234 replies
Since people are constantly making drill threads, I wondered if we should have a drill/drilling general. Let's see if it works or not.

Welcome to /holes/, 1st edition.
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No title
maxresdefault (47)
I've got a massive metal freezer of rotting food I need to clean out sitting in my basement. Even when I stuff up my nose so I can't smell anything I puke being within 3 feet of it when opened the aura is so powerful. Any advice on how to clean this fucker out so we can toss it ?

TL:DR - Can't approach rotten freezer without hurling even with vaporub cotton stuffed up my nose. How to clean it out ?
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No title
lock picks
do any of you guys know anything about lock-picking/smithing. I'm new to it having just bought a set of picks. I can open some simple padlocks but i can't get most padlocks and have tried the lock on my door as well as a door knob i removed from an old door that i can't get open. do any of you have any information or advice about this kind of thing.
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No title
Don’t mind the shit pic quality. I have this light set up in my kitchen and I was looking to take advantage of it and make it modern, maybe something that goes around under every cabinet.

For someone who has no DIY experience, is this something that I could tackle? Taking it off and wiring a new, more modern piece on?
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Let's talk drill bits
CAM02200 (1)
I'm pretty happy with Drill Hog, but I want the best money can buy. What should I look for?
No chinkshit.
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Cutting countertop stone
Doing a little retrofit of a quartzite countertop and I need to cut a 1"x1/2" edge off. My the main run is about 24" long of this edging material. My plan is to cut the edge where I need to and use a heat gun to delaminate the length's epoxy binder.
I just got a Dremel UltraSaw in the mail but realized it won't actually fit my Dremel so I come to you, /diy/.
How would you remove a 24"X1"X1/2" strip of quartizite countertop?
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No title
Anyone here work with epoxy resin before? Any safety tips? I'm trying to preserve insects.
1 images | 8 replies
No title
Where can I learn more about the cost of constructing a home on land that I personally own? I want to learn about the variables that go into it and general trends for different amenities, sizes, etc that's need for a complete beginner
2 images | 20 replies
Pulling a tooth.
Im goin for it, cant wait till monday.
Any /diy/ dentists last word of advice? From what i gather, i want to make firm but cautious circles while pulling straight out.
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No title
2 flat panel with X
I recently required a door
How the fuck do I build this?
I don't have a idea how to shape the boards to all be perfect when lye together so I was thinking this design, then 3 sheet plywood, then this design on the other side, so that even if there tiny gap in the wood it won't let wind in.
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tailgate table
so I want to add a tailgate table to my CR-V.
there's alot of videos on how to do it on a jeep and I will follow that approach.
however most jeeps seem to have a completely flat tailgate while the CR-V's is slightly curved.

is there a clever way to compensate the curve ?
I've been thinking about filing down a piece of wood or plastic to fit between the piano hinge and the actual backdoor.
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I'm not completely sure if this is relevant to this board but I'll ask anyways. I make $16 a hour yet I am years away from the savings and credit to buy the land I'd want. I live in a shitty rental, that sucks much of my earnings from me. I have roommates I really don't want to live with anymore. I live in a couch the 2 rooms we have are for the other roommate's (one is flooded the other had a couple in it. Basically I have to get out of this situation. My question is would it be better for me to live in a van or a small sized camper?
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No title
i broke a pulley on my slasher, its cast iron but the only matching sizes i can find nearby are aluminum

would they be an issue replacing it with an aluminum pulley?
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No title
download (7)
Stupid question. Would I know if I had a small amount of fiberglass insulation in my eye? A few days ago I was drilling in the wall and I forgot to put on my protective goggles because everything I was drilling was below eye level. I hit insulation maybe twice and a bit of dust sprayed out, mostly on my hand.

I think I got some of the dust on my hands because they itched a lot the next day, but I was also paranoid that I got some in my eyes as soon as I noticed that I forgot my goggles. I didn't really feel any itching (beyond maybe what paranoia was causing me) and there's no itching at all now a day or two later.

You would know if it was in there, right?
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No title
Window condensation
Condensation between windows turns to ice.
What is causing this? and how do I fix this?

This are apartment double windows, that can be opened by sliding them to the side.

I keep the apartment at temperature between 62F and 68F (17C to 20C)
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No title
I'm planning to use a DC motor as a generator for a project I'm doing where I'll be able to put in a couple hundred RPM into the shaft, but I have a few things I want to clarify that I'm not sure of regarding the usage of motors as generators.

1. If a motor is rated 12V, 30W at 3000 RPM then to use it as a generator would I need to rotate the shaft mechanically at 3000 RPM to even consider getting close to the rated power or does it work differently going in reverse?
2. This question is kind of linked to the previous one. If I wanted to get 30 watts of power out of the generator, then I would need to follow the formula of torque * angular velocity = Power when turning the shaft and also making sure the rated current and voltage of the motor, V * I = Power, multiplies to 30 watts? For this( motor, how is it able to get 30W if the specs say it is 12V and 0.5A?
3. If a motor has a rated torque of 1 Nm and I twist the shaft with a torque of 5 Nm then I would damage the motor, correct?

The electrical power I'm aiming for as my peak power is 30 watts. Would it be more beneficial to boost the power out of my generator using some kind of electrical wiring? I'm not much of an electrical person. For additional background, I'll be spinning a large disk that will be using sprockets and a chain to in
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/rcg/ - drone & remote control general
Happy New Year edition.

Previous thread >>1976076


In /rcg/ we discuss anything & everything remote controlled - multirotors, fixed wing, cars, rovers, helis, boats, submarines, battlebots, lawnmowers, etc.

>How do I get started with racing drones?

> How to build a racing drone (16 part video series from Joshua Bardwell)

>What about planes?

>What about aerial photography, is DIY viable?

If you want a practical flying camera platform, DJI is the sensible option. If you want a fun DIY project instead & aren't too concerned about the practicalities, then by all means DIY something.

>I want a dirt cheap drone to fly around my yard/garden

Syma X5C

>I want a dirt cheap drone to fly inside my house

Eachine E010/Hubsan X4

>What are some good YouTube channels for learning or fun?

Joshua Bardwell -
Painless360 -
Flite Test -
Peter Sripol -
bonafidepirate -
ArxangelRC -
RagTheNutsOff -
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My rural fears
1. Someone could burn down my house when I'm away

2. People walking through my land at night looking for "seng"

3. Someone breaking in when I'm gone

4. 1 and 3 plus they take my puppy

5. Puppy emergency and I'm too far from the vet.

How do I protect myself, anons? I am eager to build and to learn. Castle defences only lure more seng hunters. Halp.
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/metal/ - Metallurgy General
A thread for more general metallurgy questions that do not fall under:
/emt/ - Eternal Machinist Thread: >>1950977
/wg/ - Welding General: 1961558

My Very Autistic Questions:
1. What is the strongest ductile non-magnetic metal out there?
2. How would DIY recycle glass, aluminum, or tin cans?
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No title
gas mask
What if there was a corona mask that was made out of materials that got broken down in nature? Cuz right now i see lots of masks being thrown away into nature and it makes me sad
Thoughts? Has it already been made and patented?
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No title
Found out cat has been peeing in a potted plant for a week maybe.

How to save plant and deter badkittycat behavior in the future?
2 images | 11 replies
No title
What is the purpose of a home having more than one full bathroom? I think every home should have multiple toilets but why multiple baths and showers?
0 images | 13 replies
led strips
Help /diy/ I'm installing led strips and I don't know if the ceiling or walls look better to mount them (check second post for wall)
3 images | 16 replies
No title
The walls of my low rise condo (apartment) all have whatever the fuck this stain is. There’s also cracks all over the walls in various places.

Should I be concerned?
4 images | 29 replies
No title
Can I install a drop celing with less than 3" of clearance. I'm finishing a basement in an older house that currenly has 7'1 from joist to floor. id like to lose as little head space as possible.
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No title
GOD DAMN IT, not again. This is number three.

How the fuck do I dispose of this thing without creating a huge stink? I killed the first one, and it sprayed when it died. The second one I tried very carefully to move it like they say online, but as soon as I covered it, the fucking thing sprayed. So here I fucking am with skunk number three.

When i caught the first one, i called animal control who told me to fuck off. Then I called Parks and Wildlife who also told me to fuck off!

I can't fucking wait to get a closing date for the house I'm buying and move.

>tfw you've build a skunk catching tunnel because it's a recurring problem
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No title
I was thinking about starting a small business. I am currently just thinking about what I would like doing and laser engraving for firearms sounded like fun.
Do any of you have any experience with these? Any ideas of what brands of laser I should look at?
I understand they are expensive and I imagine I wouldn't need the largest of machines since firearms are relatively cheap.
Thank you in advance.
1 images | 9 replies
Are these worth the money?

I never used one, but I can see it'd be useful in a range of things I'm doing: buffing areas of metal and bone, plunge cutting, lazy sanding and maybe some basic bitch carving, although this isn't essential.

People who own a Dremel, how frequently do you use it? What attachments do you use?

As a slightly retarded novice, does it make sense to get the 4000 instead of the 3000? The main things selling me are that it's apparently much more durable- how does this compare to your own experience?
2 images | 31 replies
Testing if electrical parts are ok
I got an old oil heater for free off the side of the road. The sign on it says "working condition". How do I test it to make sure it's safe? Do I need to borrow a multimeter?
0 images | 14 replies
No title
What should I know before I start a electrical apprenticeship doing commercial work?
7 images | 71 replies
Large freezer not freezing
>Fair warning, I'm a total newb in the DIY world.

I bought an old ice cream freezer, like the kind you see in a gas station with a sliding glass lid across the top. I live in an apartment with four other people and right now we share a fridge, and there just was not enough space for everyone.

I got the freezer for cheap off a guy who told me it gets cold but not all the way frozen. I've since plugged it in and confirmed--it's basically a refrigerator. I want it to fully freeze though. The guy said someone told him if he added freon it would get colder. But when I look "under the hood" I don't see where I would add freon anyway. Online I read that most likely if a freezer isn't freezing the coil is dusty. I assume that means the coil (pic related) that has formed an icy sheath on it since turning the freezer on.

Any ideas on getting this thing fixed up to full freezing capacity?

As a side note it's quite noisy. I'm thinking when it's working it won't be running the motor constantly and that will help some. I don't remember the ice cream freezers in gas stations being noisy like this. It's not my main concern but if I could make it quieter that would be nice.
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Differences between programming languages
What's the best? Which one will get me a job if I am competent enough in the language?
Which one do you prefer?
I'm curious and throw in any other information you want to put out there, thanks.
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No title
Hey, so I'm working on a project using an arduino to control am LED strip. Can I just solder my rgb points straight on the strip to use the adapter that came with the strip. I'm retarded and don't wanna fry my 'duino
0 images | 9 replies
Repairing book spine
I recently found this beautiful but damaged antique book for pretty cheap, but I have no idea how to go about fixing pic related. Seems like something that'd be relatively simple to fix. Anyone know how to go about mending it?
0 images | 10 replies
Houseplant general
Lads can we have a houseplant general? Pic related is my vanilla plant, it just had a baby! Is /diy/ the board for a/hpg/?
1 images | 8 replies
No title
So this is the power of women...
1 images | 12 replies
/HAM/ - Amateur Radio General
/M /P on 630m edition
Old thread: >>1985623

>New to /ham/? Read this shit!
>Your search engine of choice works well too!

The FAQ is now back:
>The wiki is down but is archived:

>Idiot's Guide to Coax Cable

>Looking for frequencies to monitor near you?

>Basic Rx loop fundamentals

>DIY SWL Mag. Loop

>Small Tx Loop

>In Depth Loop articles

>Homebrew RF Circuits

>Online Practice Tests:

> Real-Time Propagation Data

>Space Weather

>WSJT-X 2.1 User Guide

>FT8 operating guide


>how do I into Morse code in a good way?
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No title
wort boil
Is brewing your own beer worth it or just a meme? In other words, how difficult is it to make beer that is better than store bought?
10 images | 112 replies
Trying to be self-sufficient? Come help one another.

To get us started, here are a few easy things you can make at home:
>Sugar & molasses, bread, alcohol, soft cheeses, crackers, butter, cream, mead

And here are some easy animals to look into raising:
>Goats are delicious, resilient and give lots of great milk. They're easy to feed, and typically friendly.
>Pekin Ducks give eggs and meat like chickens, but aren't as dirty or loud
>Chickens are also fairly easy. A black snake in the chicken coop will keep it free of mice and leave your chickens alone.
>A honeybee colony produces a fair amount of honey without much effort
>Rabbits are tasty, can be sold as pets, can be culled in two months flat, and even provide furs
>Pigs are filthy, stinky, and need a truckload of food. Instead of many pigs, try raising one at a time: it will eat any and all food that goes bad or isn't wanted, effectively turning your spoils into delicious pork. You'll have no waste to speak of. They even eat the leftover liquid whey from cheese making, if you don't use it yourself
>Tilapia are tough, delicious and easy to farm. Their waste water is great for your garden

Speaking of gardening, many things are quite easy to grow, especially given modern, resilient seeds. Some of the easiest include:
>Tomatoes, peppers, spinach, onions, green beans
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Exhaust expander thread?
WTF happened to the thread on here that had a picture of an exhaust expander and was asking what it was? Checked the archive, not there. Fucking jannies...
0 images | 6 replies
No title
what is the easiest way to flood a building?
2 images | 26 replies
Tapestry Help
So I'm trying to make a custom tapestry hanger that is essentially a longer magnetic poster hanger. It needs to be a smidge over 4ft long. I was going to have home depo take a couple 4"× 14' 1inch thick furring plumper, rib cut it down the middle, and have it cross cut to 4.25ft. So one whole board will make up one tapestry board clamp. The thing is I've read people say Home Depo only does rough cuts and to cut it to size yourself. They also mention that more for application such as wall molding.

Is it really going to be a problem for me? I don't care if it's off by like 6cm or something. Just not glaring noticeable.

Is there a better way to hang a tapestry? Its not a quilt or rug, but a cloth printed one from vapor95.
1 images | 1 replies
Diy raised bed
I already didn't want to support China and they're trying to charge $99 for a bed gtfo
3 images | 21 replies
Chinese forklift
Are these any good? My 1973 Clark is on its last legs.
3 images | 40 replies
No title
Is there any good software for planning out a home that I plan on having built?
0 images | 9 replies
Woodbros, crumbs of wisdom please!
To preface, I am a warehouse worker spending most of time assembling/modifying furniture that comes in.
Even if the quality is shit I've developed an appreciation for stuff like wood choice, grain/fiber composition and finish and would like to get into woodworking myself.

Specifically, making chests and boxes for travel (i.e. briefcases and treasure chests).

A few questions:
- Is the Janka index at all reliable for choosing hard and durable woods? I've seen several furniture websites include it will varying rankings
- Why do some people absolutely hate working with oak?
- If I plan on on covering the planks with fabric (i.e. canvas, leather and brocade), what method is the "high-quality" way? Just glue? Staples/nails? Nailing something like metal corner guard plates?
- Am I smart for deciding between Hickory and Teak for this?
0 images | 8 replies
No title
Any of you guys ever seen a tap holder thingy with the shape of a screwdriver? Kind of like a bit driver but for taps?

I ask because at work I am often cleaning up threads on objects that have been powder coated. No real force is required and there often is very little room for tap handles.
4 images | 41 replies
No title
I’m building a small cabin, just a small A-frame. I’m starting construction come February, but I had a question I couldn’t figure out.
I don’t want to connect to mains electricity. Due to location I honestly couldn’t either.
What are my options for cooking? I understand I can use gas ranges and fire places for cooking meats and boiling stews, but do I have any good options for baking breads?
I feel like a retard but I can’t figure this out.
1 images | 12 replies
Where can I find this?
And what would you even call it?

It's to seal off the gaps between the side panels that sit either side of my ebikes frame, to keep rain etc out of the electrics. If any anons know where I might find something like this I would be forever grateful, spent several hours searching for 50mm plastic/rubber edging/casing/cover etc to no avail.
2 images | 12 replies
No title
so I was thinking of buying some L-shaped desk, but I don't quite like the quality of the products, so I'm thinking of making my own desk, but before starting I would like some advice on techniques and materials to use.

an apology for the spelling but i am using google translate as my english is not good enough to compose this.
7 images | 22 replies
No title
33 images | 113 replies
Pallet uses
What can you do with a lot of pallets? I live in a place where about all the businesses throw these away.
15 images | 92 replies
Size of post and header?
I have to frame a small roof covering like pic related. It has to be 20’ long by 6’ wide. The roof will be bare metal roof, so its really lightweight stuff. What size posts, beams and header would I use? Someone told me to use 6x6 posts, but that seems like overkill for such a small structure. Please advise.
0 images | 1 replies
Hey /diy/ what do you use as a workbench?
I need a good one and was thinking about building one myself
i plan to buy a top plate made of beech wood 2000*750*50mm
but now i need a strong and stable base and am considering two options, wood or steel
I am more comfortable working with steel and it would be easier to get to a good weight without being too bulky
On the other hand wood might be better at dampening vibrations and hammer blows
the plan is to build something like pic related but stronger (either 80x80x4 square tubing or 100x100 wood)
Oh and since it's going to sit in a corner do you think it would be a good idea to bolt it to the (concrete) wall?
6 images | 36 replies
Washer timer bad?
1997 whirlpool washer. Console looks identical to picrel except mine has a manual knob in middle for water temp options. After wash cycle, it goes into a combo spin\drain mode and empties the water. Then spinning stops when all water is gone and tub sits and i can hear what sounds like the pump (?) trying to drain water still. It seems stuck in that mode. I can hear a sound coming from timer at the same time but it doesnt seem to move and dont want to leave it there too long for fear of burning out pump maybe. probaby sat in that limbo mode for about a minute or so before i noticed it the first time from the unusual sounds it was making.
Took timer out and opened it up. Shitload of breaker points in there that look like they are activated by the timer wheel that has an equal shitload of things on the wheel that trigger the breaker points. Sprayed electronic parts cleaner spray and compressed air in all that timer points stuff but nothing changed. Havent tried a any other cycle other than "normal" yet.
Is the timer bad?? Or is there some other part i should be checking... Is it worth getting new one in this old of a machine? $80 was cheapest price i could find for new replacement part . Washer probably has much lower than average use for age.
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No title
I need to find an outdoor floodlight that has its own power switch. Not a motion sensor, not an app, an actual on/off switch. Does anyone know of such a thing? I am on my 3rd motion sensor light in 4 years because the sensor part keeps breaking. I set it, don't touch it, and 18 months later it is either always on day or night or it won't turn on at all.
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images (23)
Invent a toilet that doesn't give the user a heart attack
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Rechargeable battery
Do rechargeable batteries like these IKEA branded ones hold memory when you don’t let them totally discharge and then put back in the charger?
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relationship goals
Could I built a similar cage out of plastic or would it have to be metal, for the beams to be similarly thin and still be strong enough to pick up and move around?
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Hello /diy/ers
How the fuck can I reframe this?
I know this is done wrong. But how do I do this without damaging the structure? Exterior sheathing is in OK shape still
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How do I remove this Stone or whatever heavy its made of Windows sill?
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What tool is this?
Bought this at a yard sale earlier this year. It has Mi-Spreader cast into the handle, but other than that there is no information on it. I tried googling it, but haven't come up with anything even remotely close just using "Mi-spreader" as the search term. Looks like the arms would fit over 2x boards or something similar and when you fully depress the arm it over centers into the locked position. It did have a label on it where a lock pin would go that warns you to not work around it when spreading (whatever the hell it is supposed to spread) without having the lock pin in place.
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Why don't manufacturers sell corded impact drivers like they sell corded drills? Would lower the price point a lot. maybe 20 years ago it wouldn't sell but DIY is pretty mainstream now, I could definitely see harbor freight selling $30 ones like hotcakes

small ones for driving wood screws, not the mechanic impact drivers for tire nuts
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Cheap tools. What’re your favorites?
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Over the last week I've started collecting plastic bottles I find on the street. I'm a bit of a hoarder and this has become my new obsession.

Is there anything useful I can do with them? Seems a shame to just throw them away
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Buy oscilloscope on Ebay
I am considering buying this oscilloscope here:
Uni-T UTD2052CEX Oscilloskop 50 MHz. Is it a nice oscilloscope for a newbie?

Am I stupid if I buy it on ebay from a chink in China? Should I buy from a trusted shop?
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Why do people built cabins horizontally rather than vertically?
Is there anything wrong with going vertical with your logs? One obvious pro of going vertical seems to be that you can do the roof before the walls are complete
What are the cons?
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Buy buy buy
Lowes has these box cutter blades on clearance. They're 40 cents instead of $2 each.
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Long story short I'm searching for property, and the only lots i find with real land that isn't 300% overpriced are the shit heaps with really old houses or factories.
What are some resources to learn to renovate and repair buildings. I don't know how to replace floors or re-tile an area or patch a roof (lol it needs a roof period) and various other major/minor repairs. I want to learn how. I have a few books on Timber Framing I plan to use, but I would need to rehab a current house before I can start on one of those projects.
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Could someone please tell me where to buy these things? I need some more for light steel drilling to install bolts VS welding. Any help is appreciated.
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cordless vacuum cleaners
what is the best cordless vacuum cleaner? a long one similar to pic related
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So, here is a thing:

>My father has orchard
>plums are cheap here
>dried plums ain't that cheap and they don't spoil that easy

Maybe I should build a fruit dehumidifier.

I was thinking to make some kind of chamber with stone wool insulation. Air input should get as dry air as possible.

1. How?

Other problem is how to make it easy to control. As I seen, it is cheap to just buy some thermostat electrical outlet and use that (same with time). Problem is, electricity is expensive.

2. What types of (electric) heaters are efficient? Is there any alternative that would do the same?

3. Any other advice.

Thank you!
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I'm tired of having to twist around my headphone jack so i wanted to resolder the tip from some random stereo extension cable.
I'm new to this stuff and i'm feeling like a total brainlet now.
From what i know, stereo cable needs 3 wires: ground, left channel, right channel. So how come the green cable that only has 2 wires is transmitting stereo sound? How the heck am i supposed to solder this together bros?
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is this normal?
just noticed that the left rear coil of my range gets noticeably hot when the oven is on. the other coils remain luke warm to the touch. is this something i should worry about?
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So i'm planing to build a "bookshelf" that also works as a "staircase" to my extra bed that's 130cm/51" froom the floor.

I do not know how to do this in the best way.
Maybe interlocking plywood?
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Greenhouse Thread
Anyone have any experience building one of these? Any tips?

Can be either prefabricated ones or ones built from scratch.
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First time homeowner here. Cold as shit in here, seems like my furnace won't keep up with what the thermostat is demanding? The furnace comes on and blows nice and hot, then shuts off 2 minutes later. Shouldn't it stay on longer if it's trying to hit the thermostat target temp?
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Any good DIY wax recipes?
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i noticed this boards pretty invaded by redditors and trannies lately, but thats all of 4chan.

anyway i know theres some real ones of yous hangin around here so im posting this picture of a knife i found in my dead grandpa's stuff.

its got a poorly carved wood handle i think and a big blade, I think i'll sand and sharpen everything and try to clean it up.

what kind of knife is this classified as and what's with the penis hanging off the end of it?
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Chicken coop & garden
Looking for cheap easy ways to build a chicken coop to protect from raccoons. I really am not excited about this stuff, also building up a garden for the first time. I know what's coming due to cheating Communists taking over my nation.
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Need some PPE particularly ear protection.

Was at a client's site and somehow misplaced my earbuds (Klipsch R6).

Ive been through a few pairs of Klipsch brand but am looking for something with wireless. Most of the wireless headphones I see are either apple brand or some gaudy looking ear tumor.

From profile, I appreciate the apple design in that there is an antenna packaged which contours in the ear but With something like this I am worried that the headphones would fall out.

Can anybody compare the JBL Tune 215 pair to klispch for fit? Any other recommendations?
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I live in an apartment in eastern europe. What are some permanent solutions?
The walls are pretty wet. My hunch is that the windows (new) that were put in weren't put there properly. Please help this noob.
Looks just like pic.
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What does your silverware drawer look like, diy?

I'm stuck with this knock off knife set my dad got me as a gift (unknowing that they were a scam) It's hard to treat them with dignity.
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I'm a big dumb. I have this sort of harness that I use to hold up various heavy tools and other things (not off the air, but enough that it holds the weight.)

My issue here is I was going to stitch an extra pair of straps to this due to needing the extra straps attached, however I actually have no idea what this is made of. Is this material in the pic Nylon? that's not my image btw, but it's the same sort of thing. I looked up on amazon to buy a roll of the stuff but it seems most of the stuff they have is polypropylene...which apparently sucks? am I looking for Nylon instead? I have no idea what I'm even buying here
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It genuinely hurts bros
All I want is a plot of land somewhere rural where I can build a house and other cool things. But I'm broke and always have been broke. I'll never be able to afford to build and live rural. I can't take this shit much longer. Help me cope bros.
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Building a Murphy Bed/Sofa on a Budget
I live in a smallish apartment space and am looking for ways to maximize it. I'm interested in a murphy bed/sofa hybrid, and want to know if there are any good protips on how to get started.

I am new to woodworking, but can find outdoor space to work on creating the bedframe or other parts of the project as needed. It doesn't necessarily need to be spring-powered but it would be nice if it could be done on a "budget".

Has anyone here attempted such a project, and are there any protips, or things to avoid in the process?
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Fridge Not Cooling, Compressor Running?
I have a french door fridge that stopped cooling this morning. Normally I can work though this easily enough but this one isn't making much sense, most of the things seem to be working.

Compressor runs
Condenser coils are clean
Condenser fan working normally
Evap coils are cool to touch but not cold
No ice on evap
Evap fan works fine
System not in defrost
Board diagnostic says normal

Because the compressor and fans run, I hit a troubleshooting dead end for everything. It's an awkward size that just happens to fit in my older house and replacing it is in the 2k+ range. Hate to replace it if a cheap repair is possible.
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Hey diy, I am not really cut out for working a 9-5 and paying rent. I have enough money to buy a cheap plot of land but I want an RV to park on it. RV's are extremely expensive to buy from what I can tell, and a van is a little too spartan. How can I make my own? I have a framing nailer and a bunch of tools, and I've done research into the electrical side of things, and the main difficulty in that seems to be the cost of batteries and a generator, but the plumbing and building the frame/structure is the part I'm wary of. Does anyone know a good way to build the overall frame or have any good guides for rv plumbing?

SO far my thoughts are:
>maybe find an old box truck and build something inside that
>get a used hitch trailer and build a 5th wheel camper on top of it

How would I build the frame and affix it safely to a trailer? I don't need popouts, but I do have a lot of good drawings done up for the interior to maximize space and luxuries. I'd prefer a 5th wheel camper because then I could have more space, but the box truck is nice for stealth if it takes me a while to get a suitable plot of land.

I want to officially make it the cybervan, I'll add a list of the things I plan to put in there after I get the main body of the trailer.
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Anyone else bust and burn their own wood?
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Tiny holes in ceiling drywall
Hi /diy/ I live in an apartment building and I have noticed very tiny holes in the ceiling of a room and tiny bits of drywall on the floor. What is causing this? Pic related
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Isolation Cube / Sound Booth
I'm building a sound booth, ask me anything.
>dimensions: 6ft 3in by 5ft 3in
>PVC pipe cut to size
>blackout curtains (thick ones) will be used for shielding
>5ft x 7ft carpet used for flooring

This will be for voice work. Basically I'm going to put my whole desk in there with my laptop and mic. I will also be practicing sounding in there as well.
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How would one go about drafting a stitch and glue boat? I've got a few ideas for small stitch and glue vessels floating around my mind that I'd like to put to paper. I have already have a good understanding of the actual construction method, but I'm unsure of how to determine shapes for the various plywood panels. Without complicated software is it possible to determine the shape of the plywood based on a special set of measurements from the hull? I'm going to start by just performing trial and error building models, but surely that isn't how it used to be done–there must be some faster method?
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No title

So I noticed my water heater make a sound like it was filling all night and when I took a closer look I noticed it's not really filling but rather draining directly from a hose that is attached to the supply valve.

Ive looked online for similar situations but I can't find another pic of a supply line with drain hose attached.

WTF is going on here?
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How do I fix this shit? I've tried seeds (bermuda) and top soil and barely anything grew. Even tried clover seeds just to get anything green to grow. Didn't work either. How do I get anything to grow in this sandy soil? I'd even take weeds at this point. Anything green.
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Got hired as a landscaper, what am I in for?
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Calculating length of x brace
How would I calculate the length of the circled x braces? I need them to be at a 45degree angle. I have to cut multiple braces just like picture related, so I need them to be all the same length.
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>have been watching tons of /diy/ channels

Noticed a lot of them are new to whatever they're doing or just started but pretending to be experts

Why is this so common?
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I think it would be fun to build a hut/shed/workspace kind of building from these type of concrete lego blocks. Should be possible to leave gaps for the windows. Biggest question right now is how to make a roof? Preferrably with some kind of prefab components since I have no building experience at all.
Also, the blocks I found for sale locally are 80x80x160 cm and cost 80 eurodollars. That means I can stack 3 to get to a reasonable height of 2.4m. It would imply you can build, say, a (almost) 5m long and 2.4m high wall for 720 euros. Would you say that is a good price for a load-bearing wall of that size, or is this retardedly expensive?
Lastly, anyone ever seen these used for something other than open-air storage units for sand and shit?
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Just finished building/painting my 1/48 AT-ST from Bandai. Looking for some new inspiration/builds. Feel free to share.
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Neighbours flooded upstairs and now my apartment smells like rotten wood. What’s the health risks and what’s a cheap and easy solution for this? I’ve been running a dehumidifier and one of those air filter.
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No title
How come most people don't care about asbestos when they renovate their houses?
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dual laptop monitors?
so hear me out. I recently got a new laptop after my girlfriend upgraded hers and had no further use for it. This means my old laptop, which has an overheating problem, is no longer needed. I want to cannibalize it, since I could use the extra hard drive, but it also has a pretty nice, pretty functional touch screen which I would be remiss to throw away. Is it possible to do some afro-engineering and perhaps use it as a second screen for my new laptop? I have a 3d printer so I could probably make a mount for it to stand upright properly. I'm thinking I can maybe splice the connection to an HDMI plug or something, but I'm not sure how it would work. Has anyone done something similar?
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/wwg/ woodworking general
PXL_20210116_025824204 - Copy
Haven't had one in awhile.

This is the first non-workbench piece of furniture I have made. There is random chip out in places and the mortises are gappy and ugly thanks to my dull chisel crushing fibers like the hulk. But I am still happy about it overall. Made from douglas fir, though that skinny beam might be pine.
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How Dangerous it is?
I'm not joking, it doesn't seem right at all but pretty handy... Please tell it's really stupid if it really is. Thanks! Stay safe!
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SquarBroke thing
Hey Diy Anons, my brother just gave me these cool HyperX headphones. Problem is that it has his gamer sweat all over it and he got real rough with it. He somehow broke the base of the audio input and tried fixing it himself.

He then gave it to me after that, what do I do to fix it, I have a soldering kit and spare wires hanging around.

I looked up and found that this Headhpone fetches about $100 online, so I guess this could be worth the time.
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found a crack
found a vertical crack next do a downstairs window. crack width is less than a penny. runs from the window sill almost to the top of the window on one side only.

no cracks anywhere else, or upstairs above this room.

any idea what the crack is, should I be concerned, or who should I call if I need it to be inspected?
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DIY barbell, diy gym thread
Interested in making a cheap bamboo bar/earthquake bar. This guy uses a fiberglass pipe but they’re kinda expensive to ship. Is there something like that that’s stiffer than PVC I can pick up at Home Depot? I could get steel bar, this guy on Reddit did the calculations so 1in looks OK for up to 250lb requirements.
I have standard weights and Olympic weights but just wanna try this too. Wouldn’t mind leaving cheap cement weights outside though.
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No title
I am replacing my phone screen (just the glass not the LCD) I am buying a kit that don't come with an adhesive. When I look up phone repair glue on amazon it give me two option from the same company MMOBIEL the T-7000 (picrel) or E-8000. Does anyone know the difference? Also what adhesive would you recommend/have used for phone screen repair? Could I just use gorilla glue?
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Bug farm
What's the best way to make a natural "bug farm" in my yard so that my chickens have first class food to eat so that they can give me first class eggs? Anyone ever done or thought about this?

What do they like? Water? Special plants? Gravel? Trees? Pooperino?
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double action handsaw
>studying electricity at trade school
>tool workshop class, second day, first time in actual workshop.
>teacher talk about hand saws like pic related
> he says
'' all handsaw either cut on the push stroke or on the pull stroke. None cut on both''
>raise my hand and tell him its not true in a respectful manner.
>another student agree
>boomer teacher call us dumb and to ''google it'' if we are that smart and we'll see we are wrong.

im just home, should i write an essay showing him how many handsaws if not most commonly used saws are double action ? or is that too autistic and boomer might hate me for teaching him ?
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Old thread: >>2006570
All the info you need about 3D-printing:

>Your print failed? Go to:

If that doesn't help you solve your print problems, please post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 12-8-2020]
Under 250 USD: Creality Ender 3 (Pro), Anycubic Mega S
Under 500 USD: Qidi X-series, Creality CR-10, Anycubic Chiron
Under 1000 USD: Prusa i3
Over 1000 USD: Lulzbot, Ultimaker, Markforged
SLA: Anycubic Photon, Elegoo Mars, Prusa SL1, Formlabs Form 3
Instead of buying a new printer, you could consider building your own:

>Where can I get free things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Variants of professional programs such as Solidworks (lol paying for software), Fusion360, Inventor and AutoCAD may be free depending on your profession, level of piracy and definition of ''free''.
Most anons use Fusion360, some /g/oobers prefer OpenSCAD or FreeCAD. If you want to do free-forming and modeling, Blender is your best bet.
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No title
I have a Sainsmart Router but I'm looking to get into bigger projects. Does anyone know any good websites that have blueprints for a cnc machine. YouTube is useless because the brainlets don't know how to make quality how to videos
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Mopping floors
Why should I mop the floor with anything other than hot water and bleach? It doesn't leave any scent.
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>is supposed to be a wall
>even a child can literally kick a hole in it
>gets destroyed by water easily
>gypsum and organic additives are literal food for mold
>edible for termites
>paper outer part is made from recycled newspaper

How do americans live like this???
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No title
Anyone know what these parts are for? Are they strictly necessary? I don't want to waste wood
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Quick O-Scope Question
If I don't have a probe can I connect up my scope like pic related to test the channels? I don't need to worry about any grounds right? sorry about the square
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Printing Your Own Books
Book Binding
There are a lot of books I'd like to own, but buying all of them would cost quite a bit of money. I've looked into book binding, and watched some of DAS Bookbinding's videos. There are a lot of tools I'd need to buy in order to do book binding, but it looks like it would be worth it. However, it would be nice to do something that would be cost effective. Any advice?
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Oh! You're home early.
That's some real nice woodwork you got there. Would be a real shame if someone were to
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Table Top Mill
An anon posted a tabletop mill earlier this month similar to pic related. Small tabletop mill for work in a small home/apartment. Does anyone remember the brand of the small mill? I believe it was either teal blue or orange.
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No title
I don't really know anything about stucco. I've got a house built in 55 and stucco when I bought it, but originally I think it had asbestos cement shingle tiles.
This picture is below my exterior walls, you can see it looks like the lathe was put on top of the old shingles and wood sheathing, and now there is this gap along the whole exterior of the house between the walls and the cement blocks of the crawlspace below.

Is this correct can you just put lathe right on top of siding like that? Again I really have never worked with stucco or know the process at all. Is there anything I need to be aware of maintenance wise? Should I be treating the exposed wood sheathing for termites? Would asbestos be a problem?
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