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Makers gonna make!
Welcome to /diy/, a place to:

Post and discuss /diy/ projects, ask questions regarding /diy/ topics and exchange ideas and techniques.

Please keep in mind:
- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools, things such as swords, guns or explosives are considered weapons.
- No drugs or drug paraphernalia (See Global Rule 1). If you want to discuss something that could involve such things (e.g., carving a tobacco pipe from wood) that's fine, but make sure it's /diy/ related and doesn't involve drugs or it will result in deletion/ban.

Helpful links:
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Time for a new AC. All the big boys are quoting 3k and up. What am I in for if I attempt to install a residential AC myself?
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No title
So I'm thinking of making a cantenna but I can't get my hands on a can that is either larger than 80 mm or smaller than 96 mm in diameter, and according to online sources an 80 mm cantenna would have to be very long (3 cans stacked on each other) or and a 96 mm cantenna has a cutoff frequency bellow the WiFi range.

I'm not exactly sure how important are these dimensions though as this guy says the coin can works just fine even though it is larger than 92 mm (which would be ideal for WiFi) and also shorter than what online cantenna calulator would advise.

Do you think a 100 mm diameter coin can cantenna would work to shoot WiFi in the far end of my backyard (around 50 m)?
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Raccoon Problem
How do I deal with this fucker? He’s taken up residence in my garage and eats out of the dumpster being used for an addition on my house. It’s scaring my wife and kids and I have a chicken coop, which is mostly what I’m concerned about. Animal control doesn’t consider it an issue because the thing obviously isn’t sick, just tame.

>inb4 shoot it
I live 20 minutes from Boston, not an option. I looked into trapping it and even that might get me in hot water with the state.
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I got a magnetron. Any ideas for what I can do with it?
Hey /diy/. I was throwing out a broken microwave and decided to salvage the magnetron. I was wondering
A. Any neat things I can use it for?
B. How dangerous is this thing? I know it hassome funky ceramics I don't want to breathe in but I'm more curious about the microwaves themselves. If I slapped some leads on it and pointed it at my foot what would happen?. I'm split between it making my foot a bit warm, literally nothing, or it cooking my blood.
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No title
/hgt/ or /hbg/
Homebrew Thread, Homebrew General
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No title
Hey, looking for a way to design this master bedroom in an aesthetic way.

Yellow walls kinda bleh, repaint to white?

Bed placement ideas, i'm thinking on the back wall.

If i keep the yellowish walls, what type of decor should i go for?

Curtain colors? Bed frame ideas/color? Rug colors?

I'm totally lost as to what i want. Open to all opinions!
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Steamed Hams Edition
Old thread: >>1831097

All the info you need about 3D-printing: (embed)

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 4-7-2020]
Under 250 USD: Creality Ender 3 Pro
Under 500 USD: Creality CR-10, Anycubic Chiron, or Qidi X-One2/X-Smart/X-Maker
Under 1000 USD: Prusa i3
Over 1000 USD: lulzbot is (mostly) dead
SLA: Anycubic Photon, Prusa SL1, Formlabs Form 3, Elegoo Mars

Instead of buying a new printer, you could consider building your own:

>Where can I get free things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD etc. all work, but Blender and Fusion 360 are free for most users, that doesn't include (you).
Variants of Solidworks, Inventor and AutoCAD may be free depending on your profession, level of piracy and definition of ''free''.

Resins and their curing time.
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DIY Hobby/side hustles
Do any of you crafty fuckers monetize your hobbies? Are there any-low-barrier-to-entry crafting pursuits you'd reccomend to a begginner? What do you do
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No title
So I just found this big ass wasp fixing to make a nest, is there something I can make at home to get rid of it? Or should I just contact the landlord and let him handle it
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/EMT/ Eternal Machinist Thread
harvey tech tip
Broken post processor edition.

Thread hymn.

Last thread: >>1812267

>Haas automation videos.
>Titans of CNC
>Edge precision
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No title
s-l1600 (3)
Would getting this AB training board be a good way to learn PLCs? I already have a full version of RSLogix 5000.
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No title
Hello /diy/!

I have maybe an odd question, I was wondering how difficult would it be to set up a small solar array plus batteries, to power this during the sunlit hours of the day seperate from my grid connected electricity?

I have this air conditioner and the electricity to run this repeatedly day after day would eventually outcost a small solar set up to power this in the long run, I wanted to set something like this up for a while now. I want it to be a standalone system.

I live in hawaii, on the mountain on the island of maui and electricity is very expensive here.

Any ideas or anyone ever done something like this?
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Stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread: Thread

Is it possible to refill airduster cans with freon? In my shithole freon is like 3 times cheaper than air duster.
>inb4: get compressor and stop making planet hotter
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Free energy generators - Too many to be coincidence
There are hundreds of examples of a new type of self powered generator that instead of connecting the motor directly to the generator which doesn’t work, places a heavy flywheel between the motor and generator to get the torque from the motor that the generator’s resistance can’t. There are so many examples of these - that costs more money to create than would be feasible to fake but cheap enough to build if it is genuine.

They are all based on a design first discovered by an American named Chas Campbell and have hundreds of working examples have been built and can be seen on YouTube using off-the-shelf components and require little to no skill to build hence why it has proliferated so much, unlike other designs that require custom made components and thus prohibit people from making them in such abundance.

Before everyone jumps to the violation of thermodynamics ETC... instead explain why there are SO MANY examples of these on YouTube... Search for ‘Flywheel Generator’ to see what I am talking about. Thoughts?
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patio heating
>live in apartment on ground floor
>Have a nice garden, small, but huge to city standards
>Perfect patio-spot is right under upstairs neighbours balcony
>Want to make a porch and would ideally put a chimney trough to have nice campfire evenings even when the weather doesn't agree
>Smoke would literally be channeled into their loundry

So obviously there will be a firepit or something further in the back of the garden, but specifically for this patio I'd like something that is basically smokeless. So far the options I've been considering are:
>Rocketstove with a large horizontal part in the chimney
Don't know how far one can go horizontally before it becomes crappy, probably not far enough.
Would have to buy ethanol would have to find a solution to get yellow flames
Bottle would always be empty like exactly when needed.
I like the ability to run on low grade fuel, seems like an interesting project, still kinda smelly though.
Feels Kinda wastefull to have heat converted into electricity just to turn it into heat again (that's just something that feels kinda wrong to me) more importantly: no nice flames.

Does anyone have experience with alternative forms of patio-heating?
>Inb4 get good firewood
It's not that my fires are very smokey, it's just that it will be right under their nose. Even I would not appreciate that on a regular basis.
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No title
imperial vs metric
I am convinced imperial is better than metric for every day life and personal projects.
The weather: 0F is about as cold as it gets, 100F is about as hot as it gets, not some -15C to 40C bullshit or whatever the fuck.
Length measurements: You can divide a foot into 2, 3, 4, 6, which is way more useful than metric divisions of 2 or 5. For an inch, you get all the powers of 2 instead of just 2 and 5 again. Miles have all sorts of friendly fractions compared to km.
Volume measurements: Clear visualizations, you know how big a teaspoon is or a cup is or a gallon is. Nice powers of two involved again.

Unless you're a working in a lab (and maybe even then) imperial is the way to go.
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No title
how do I get rid of these fuckers so I can go to my backyard without needed to use an entire can of DEET?
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No title
Made a bunch of knives and tried heat treating in the oven and they came out like this
I'm actually satisfied with the hardness, they're not very hard but not too soft either, but the colors are off
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/ohm/ - electronics general
Previous: >>1825788

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Project ideas:
Don't ask, roll: (embed) (embed) (embed)

>Principles (by increasing skill level):
Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics
Geier, How to Diagnose & Fix Everything Electronic
Kybett & Boysen, All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Scherz & Monk, Practical Electronics for Inventors
Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics

>Design/verification tools:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs
KiCAD (PCB layout software, v5+ recommended)

Mouser, Digi-Key, Arrow, Newark, LCSC (global)
RS Components (Europe)
eBay/AliExpress sellers, for component assortments/sample kits (caveat emptor)
Local independent electronics distributors

>Related YouTube channels:

>Li+/LiPo batteries
Read this first:
>I have junk, what do?
If you have to ask, nothing. Get rid of it.
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No title
I used to think one day I would earn enough money for my trade school education to afford me the ability to make money with things I enjoy doing in my fifties.

only 36 so far. Luthier reporting in. /diy/ or die
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Window Fans
Okay /diy/ I am sick of cheap ass window fans turning to shit within one year.

Are there any fucking brands of window fans that do not fucking suck and wear out immediately? I've gone through 3 in the past 3 years. The shitty bushings have worn out on 2 and the other gave off an annoying hum due to the digital speed control.

I have a Vornado desk fan and the thing has preformed flawlessly for the past 5 years and I use it every night of the year. Are there any brands that make decent quality fans like Vornado for window fans?

I cannot use a box fan (not that I can find a decent quality one of those anymore either) as my sliding window doesn't open up wide enough to hold the box fan.

Second question is does anybody use one of those window mount whole house fans? If so how do you like it? Is there a brand of whole house fans that doesn't suck?

Should I just buy a fucking vornado and mount it to a piece of plywood and make my own window fan?
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Totally anonymous texts
I need to relay critical
Information that directly affects
Someone’s safety and well-being. Being found to be the one sharing this info will put me at a significant danger. Looking for best way or app to send text with no tracers
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No title
Thoughts please. Mainly be painting cupboards and doors that i make
0 images | 8 replies
No title
Ok so I have been trying to make my own leaf blower and flashlight combo so I can take care of my pesky yardwork in the dead of night without waking the neighbors

I have an HP laptop powersupply (90w 4a)
a PWM switch (Evercool Twister 3.5in)
2x pc fan (120mm [.3a] and 80mm [.6a])
and a nutso amount of cardboard and bamboo skewers

I assembled the main chassis first with two parallel pieces of cardboard roughly 6"x18"
These were braced along the bottom with three pieces roughly 5"x8" placed at each end and the middle.
The one in the center has a whole cut into it for our 80mm roughly 60mm dia and a filter inbetween the fan and the hole.

On top of the 80mm fan is the laptop charger block, held firmly in place with bamboo.
it is joined with a 3 pin input leading to the PWM switch to leaf blower speed and how bright my light is.
From the PWM the signal is split by a PSU cable set with the 80mm wired to the motherboard slot (4pin)
and 3 currently empty aux slots (one 4 pin 2 3 pin)

The 120mm fan is in front, connected via crimpers to the PSU cableset
the crimpers are just downstream of a 3 pin linking the crimpers to the PWM
(power supply) >>> (PWM) >>> (crimpers [120mm fan, PSUcable {80mm fan, empty x3}

There is an additional strip on the business end on the top.
All cardboard is secured with bamboo skewers penetrating either perpendicular to the side surfaces via carefully placed overlaps OR parallel to ribbing, going through the 'ruffles' and held in place with tension.

What I want:
I have 2 joycon batteries I would like to wire into it, they are .5a LION with verry small connectors
I dont have a lot of exp with these things and just decided to do this as a project,
so batteries and how to connect them is a little intensive. I know these batteries are good, do I just tie them in to the crimpers? I am putting the 120mm between the batteries and the 80mm/aux slots for less heat when running on batteries from not overworking the wiresets.

how to batteries?
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Poor thermal insulation
unnamed (5)
I have noticed that I have laughable layer of fiberglass insulation (just 8 cm (3 inch) I rekon). It gets hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.
Insulation in the wall is just as laughable.
Is it worth insulating ceiling with 1 inch styrofoam panels? Or I should go for thicker insulation.

Im not going to remove fiberglass insulation though, because fuck that, what can be worse than silicosis during coronavirus.
Also, fucking warmer climate retards, you need thick insulation, it doesn't matter that it doesnt get cold here.
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Any easy way to distill alcohol without any complicated and expensive contraptions?
3 images | 30 replies
No title
If you were to build a small cuck cabin, how would you go about it?
main house has toilet, cooking, etc
no seriously cold weather, no snow. insects are a concern. just to sleep in
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No title
I just moved and don't have a washer dryer for the first time in over a decade, and not sure when I will be able to get one. I'm trying to figure out what the most efficient and hassle free way to hand wash my clothes. I have a couldron which I can at least put a good amount of water to wash. The hardest part I can see is probably drying as it's been raining here the last couple of days
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AC Unit Air/Moisture Leakage
Hello DIY, I have a problem I would like advice on.

I live in an apartment, a brick building. I have a wall-mounted AC unit. It's kind of like a window mounted unit, except lodged in the wall, with wooden trim around the wall/unit(the trim is attached to the wall).

My problem is that the AC unit is not perfectly flush with the wall; that is, moisture and air is coming in from around the AC unit. It's not a huge amount but it's been causing damage(area below unit is getting soft and peeling) and is generally a pain in the ass. My solution thus far has just to put a tarp around the wall mount but this doesn't stop the moisture and air from getting into the wall, only the interior. I've notified my landlord several times but he refuses to do anything about it. I doubt he'd care if I took matters into my own hands, and I generally like the place, plus moving is a pain in the ass and costly, with not many options around my area(small town).

...look, I'm not that handy, but here's my idea now: get a ladder and caulk around the outside of the unit on the outside of the building. Any better ideas?
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No title
Is it easy to drive forklifts inside a warehouse? Like how easy is it to fuck up if you're an anxious person
What are the moments where you should concentrate the most?
0 images | 13 replies
Septic Field
So my septic field finally crapped out on me and has issue draining due to blockages etc. Since the field is over 25 years old I decided to install a new one. During my pricing of parts and such, I came across this septic field infiltrator chamber. Does anyone from /diy/ have experience with this system? It seems stupid simple/easy compared to the old textile/rock.
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No title
apu crying
My dad knows how to build and maintain anything and everything. He can fix cars, air condition units, and build entire houses. Meanwhile I don't know how to even hammer a nail.
6 images | 53 replies
No title
Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but I just made my first plans for a planter box in sketchup. I was wondering if there's any easy way I could export these as images with measurements so I could print them out and bring them with me when I go to build it? I have everything the way it is now, but I can't find an easy way to do this besides just screenshotting and writing things down after I print it out.
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/rcg/ drone & remote control general
You dun goofed edition
Previous thread >>1797664

In /rcg/ we discuss anything & everything remote controlled - multirotors, fixed wing, cars, rovers, helis, boats, submarines, battlebots, lawnmowers, etc.
>How do I get started with racing drones?
> How to build a racing drone (16 part video series from Joshua Bardwell)
>What about planes?
hat about aerial photography, is DIY viable?
Buy a DJI if what you actually want is to take good photos/videos, go DIY if what you actually want is a fun project.
>I want a dirt cheap drone to fly around my yard/garden
Syma X5C
>I want a dirt cheap drone to fly inside my house
Eachine E010/Hubsan X4
>What are some good YouTube channels for learning or fun?
Joshua Bardwell -
Painless360 -
Flite Test -
Peter Sripol -
ArxangelRC -
RagTheNutsOff -
Albert Kim -
9 images | 71 replies
What type of stone is this?
This is a boulder I found in the St. Lawrence valley in the province of Quebec. I assumed it was weathered/dirty limestone because of the location, but it's painfully difficult to chisel (pic on right shows progress after 30 minutes). It seems to have some silicious content given the shiny white powder that forms when cutting. Do any stonemasons or geologists know?
0 images | 12 replies
DIY Stink Bomb
Hey /diy/, I'm looking to make the most rank stink bomb possible. Ausfag and a bunch of retards want to protest because we apparently copy what America does now. Need it to spray on the faggots so that they fuck off. Thanks.
0 images | 11 replies
Scrap Pallets
Any useful things to do with these?
84 images | 299 replies
I have these small vine plants growing, and was wondering about some ideas for pots. I have an old mason jar, what are some suggestions for pots? I wouldn’t even know if the jar works cause of lack of drainage.
0 images | 5 replies
No title
I have decided to build a second floor of my wood house I plan on making it out steel, what are some structural engineering resources? I live in an earthquake area.
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/wwg/ - Woodworking General
New thread, same old OP post and another poorly lit picture of the bench.

old thread >>1804889

Welcome to woodworking general, here we discuss the working of wood and the tools and techniques of working wood. So far we tend to be mostly hand tool folk with a slant towards cabinetry and carving but all are welcome and we have some capable power tool folk amount our ranks. General carpentry question such as framing/decking/general construction seems to get a better response in the /qtddtot/ or /sqt/.

The Essential /wwg/ library.
Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking, gives you everything you need and shows you how to do it multiple ways from hand tools to power tools and gives you the knowledge to determine which is best, and then he teaches you how to apply what you learned.

Chris Pye wrote the book on carviing and keeps on writing them.

The eastern tradtion, Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit and Use by Toshio Odate

Leonard Lee The Complete Guide to Sharpeninig, how to sharpen most everything.

Bob Flexner - Finishing 101, covers the common stuff, his other books cover the uncommon and go into more depth

Illustrated Cabinet Making by Bill Hylton, learn to design furniture that won't fall apart

The shows that got many of us started
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No title
The pipe that feeds my underground sprinklers is leaking like a sieve at the location of the red arrow (gray plastic part). Is there an easy fix? The gray part seems bound to the black hose, so it can't be tightened.

If it needs to be replaced, what parts will I need?
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No title
In this year will begin the WW3

And in 2036 i will die
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Cordless Drill Recommendations
I need to get a cordless drill for a community project I'm doing. What do you recommend that's made in America?
5 images | 16 replies
No title
Has anyone ever used these "women" tools? The pink tax on them means they're either expensive as hell or cheap shit.
It seems like the greatest theft deterrent.
9 images | 37 replies
No title
Is it okay if a capacitor is not flush against the board? is a couple millimetres like pic related okay?
2 images | 14 replies
No title
Maties, how deep do I have to bury me treasure to hide it from metal detectors?
1 images | 26 replies
No title
What’s the easiest trade or handy skill to learn during lockdown? What’s something a retard could get a basic grasp of by just fucking about at home following YouTube videos?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
will the neighbours complain after this mod?
jokes aside, I put rubber between the motor and tank, it worked a little bit I want it even quieter
1 images | 23 replies
No title
HVAC fags: How do you assure the house has enough fresh air to survive?
0 images | 8 replies
No title
I'm making workout weights with duffel bags and milk containers and wanted to know cheap, high density (heavy) materials. So far, I've found Quikrete, which is $4.05 for 60 lbs where I'm at. Are there any cheaper materials?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
2020-06-03 (2)
im looking for tips on creating a portable biodiesel generator. in exchange, an ask an american residential/ commercial electrician anything thread
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Can I just turn off the water and replace the plastic part?
1 images | 6 replies
Tool Wars
there can be only one, /diy/. so who will win the ultimate battle?
15 images | 78 replies
Convince me not to build a log home
Own 25 acres full of tall, straight pines. Experience in construction (foundation work, framing, roofing). Will need to rent a telehander or some other machinery to place logs. Why is this not more popular? Seems like a great DIY and avoids the (((mortgage))) tribe. Please someone talk me out of this.
8 images | 103 replies
Tools turn to ash in my hands
past 4 months i have had both wheelbarrow handles snap, 2 chainsaws break, hardwood rated nails bend in softwood, pickaxes bend ect ect
cant complete any project purely due to the fact there is not even a durable "premium" option
what do i even do i feel like "a bad workman always blames his tools" is so ingrained that the Chinese manufacturers exploit it
every older guy i go to for advice on the matter says im the problem without ever having seen me work
2 images | 40 replies
Stick welding
maxresdefault (1)
What is your favorite electrode? Obviously different applications have different requirements, but 7018 generally sounds like the best. Do you really need to store it in an over though?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
Had a protester throw this at my dog so I grabbed it. Solid iron or steel. Can't figure out what it is.
2 images | 20 replies
Hello /diy/!
I made a spoon. Let me show you how I make spoon.
52 images | 79 replies
What happens with asbestos?
Since 2003, asbestos has been banned as a construction material, here in the European Union. Whenever you encounter old asbestos, you can bring it to a recycling center. This makes me curious. What happens next? What are the possibilities?
10 images | 96 replies
New tattoo
Check it, what y’all think?
4 images | 15 replies
What do I need to build a coilgun
Hi except a really powerful capacitor and magnetic wire a voltmeter what else do I need to build a coilgun do I need a mitrocontroller so i know when i have to turn off the coils or there's another way for powerful coilgun (i don't want it to be limited) ?
0 images | 10 replies
/mcg/ - microcontroller & arduino general
Previously /amg/ - arduino & microcontroller general.

Running low on asian electronics edition.

Microcontrollers (esp32, blue pill, arduino, ...) & single board computers (Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, ...) welcome.

>What to post
- Questions regarding microcontrollers & single board computers
- Discussion regarding microcontrollers & single board computers
- Projects you are working on

>What should I do with my [insert hardware]?
Look here: (everyone is making magic mirrors)
- This is not an idea thread. Check the catalog, or make a own thread for it.

>Usefull resources:

Your chipsets default IDE

>General electronics, also check their OP

>Questions regarding software/OS on single board computers, unless specifically about GPIO

>I have junk, what do?
Get rid of it.
Old thread: >>1784995
35 images | 320 replies
No title
>Doing some electrical /diy/ (UK)
>replacing face plates
>one of the sockets has 3 wires
>Assume it's a spur to the socket on the other side of the wall
>new socket terminals are in different locations
>back box is small with no room for manoeuvre
>only room for 2 connections

>initially leave out the assumed spur
>3 random sockets in the house stop working
>switch it around
>other sockets randomly fail
>try 3rd orientation
>other sockets back on, but the actual socket itself failing

>Strip wires and cut some more insulation back
>manage just just barely cram all 3 in
>All the sockets are working fine

Thought I was going to have to call the emergency electrician but I made it in the end. I dread to think of what bizarre wiring setup is embedded in the walls
1 images | 9 replies
Connecting several field phones in series circuit
Hy /diy/, question:

I ordered me two pieces of pic related, old german field telephones. So did my neighbor.
Now I watched several vids on how to connect TWO phones - where it doesnt matter which line goes into the connector La and Lb (see pic related).

However, I want a serial connection of all phones. Means no matter which phone it will ring all the other three ones. Here's the question: Will this still work no matter which cable goes into La/Lb or will I have to keep a steady path (i.e. red always into La)?
1 images | 18 replies
No title
algum br aqui?
0 images | 3 replies
/FPGA general
All processors on the market have CIA back doors. Time to take back control.
If you're making say a distributed solar power micro-grid you don't want glowies to have access.
The processor of the Dreamcast console is now open-source and you can flash a generic board with it.
1 images | 22 replies
can any experienced farmers help?
So i wanted to start gardening, but im not sure what i can grow given the soil. i want to grow things that will take in the ground without me having to go buy special soil/mulch and build a gardening box
the ground is pretty much clay, floods so much during rain its almost like a rice paddy and cracks in the dry months. My neighbors up the ways have corn fields but i dont know how they grow so much and without a circle irrigation setup
i live in central texas near austin btw.
0 images | 2 replies
No title
>he doesn't have a toilet in his kitchen
5 images | 39 replies
No title
I'm trying to make my own dip tobacco from tobacco I'm growing in my garden. Does anyone have any ideas for unusual new flavors I can try? I'm making mostly wintergreen, but I want to make some small batches of new stuff.
0 images | 6 replies
I just found these brand new unused avia's from the 90's for $15. Completely mint apart from the tongue which has expiered. I know it was common for sneakers to have the tongue made out of this pleather in the 90's that after about 15 years would become a flaky mess. I managed to vacuum off the material on the tongue. Only problem now is that the tongue is sticky, likely from the bonding process. How would I go about removing the glue on it or atleast making the tongue not sticky.
0 images | 13 replies
/HAM/ - Amateur Radio General
Mobile edition
Old >>1813941

>New to /ham/? Read this shit!
>Your search engine of choice works well too!

>Idiot's Guide to Coax Cable

>Looking for frequencies to monitor near you?

>Basic Rx loop fundamentals

>DIY SWL Mag. Loop

>Small Tx Loop

>In Depth Loop articles

>Online Practice Tests:

> Real-Time Propagation Data

>Space Weather

>WSJT-X 2.1 User Guide

>FT8 operating guide

67 images | 251 replies
No title
Thoughts on the name "The Dean of all trades" or "The Dean of All" for a sole trader business? I thought it was quite catchy. I wont however be offering all trades. I'm very good at tiling, laminate floor, kitchen fitting, carpentry, cabinet making, basic indoor plumbing and electrics. I can plaster but i hate it so will avoid it.

I've been a tiler for years but I'm growing to hate it and enjoy all the other stuff. Sorry for the blog. Thoughts on the name? My name is Dean obviously.
4 images | 45 replies
No title
How unreasonable would it be to construct a stone tower like pic related in my back yard (3 acres) by myself
I have no prior knowledge of stonemasonry
3 images | 30 replies
Fixture still powered while relay is off
I just bought my first home about a month ago, and I started rigging some temporary prototype smarthome things. The house is old as balls, has multiple pullchain light fixtures that they replaced with LED w/ IR remotes. I had a smart switch outlet plug, and wrapped the ceiling wires around the male prongs, then reclaimed a male plug from an old fixture and wired it to the LED control board.

Plug it in, it works just as intended (wifi doesn't reach well, have an extender coming Friday). Problem is, when the wifi relay is off, the fixture is still receiving a small amount of power so that it glows like a soft nightlight. What could be causing this? Is it possible the smart plug is still giving off power, or could a wire somewhere not be insulated probably and is touching the metal fixture?
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arduino stock photo
Does anyone know any good site to learn arduino code from and any cool projects?
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NEED help to find LED´s equipment
Hi Guys,

can someone please tell me what this is named for? I´m searching and i can´t find it.

Thank you

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No title
typical stick weld
>requires high skill to avoid shit welds
>almost useless for thinner metal

What's the point of stick welding when flux core exists?
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Resin cast a gear?
I need to cast this gear in resin. I have an undamaged one in service that I'll use as the master. Silicone mold. Question is what kind of resin would equal or exceed the strength of the original plastic?

3D printing and aluminum casting are too much overhead, not setting up a shop to make one gear if I can avoid it.
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Used 18650
Anyone know of any stores that sell used 18650s?

Particularly I'm looking for small sellers that say buy 3 pallets of old laptop batteries and then resell until they are gone. Or get 50 backup power supplies from a server rack and sell until they are gone.

I'm told this is the best way to find deals on lithium batteries of all kinds.

I'd rather not give ebay or Bezos any money but instead help out my fellow hobbyists. Possibly even become a reseller myself if i van find a few buddies to pitch in.

Any ideas?
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Help my build my fireplace
So what started as new hardwood floors has me replacing a ceramic tile fireplace surround with stone. This is where I'm at right now. Waiting for sealer to dry on wood floor before tackling more on the fireplace.

I am going with cultured stone because... Murica? I actually got a really good deal on stone and I have corner pieces That give the stone some "depth" to make it look more realistic.

This is where I'm overthinking things. How do I build out a 2x4 frame so I can attach cement board to install stone?

Should I pocket drill the 2x4's and screw them in side to side?

Where do I cut the drywall to expose enough studs to connect to without compromising the rest of the wall? When I put back up cement board, I'd like the existing drywall to not be flimsy and still firmly anchored to the studs.

Thanks. Posting some more pics...
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Question to smiths
Don't know where to ask this. Glass fibers have good tensile properties, would it be possible to incorporate it to steel to make it stronger?
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Sewage smell in bathroom
There’s sewage smells coming from the toilet. The toilet hasn’t been used in a few months and the water is turned off. Wat do? Should I turn the water on and flush?
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No title
How to I remove in the inner frame of a PC case so I can paint it? I can't find any recognizable screws.
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No title
I have a backyard that is half in full sun and half in full shade. What would be a good grass choice that is drought tolerant? I live in the desert, it gets very hot in the summer, and around 10-20 F in the winter.

I was leaning towards a Kentucky Bluegrass cool season mix, and just keep it watered in the summer. But I know nothing about grass.

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Fucking nuisance insects.
OK boys, here's the deal: I live in a shithole apartment, neighbour got bedbugs a couple weeks back then gave me one of, if not the best, presents I have ever recieved for my birthday. I threw out the bed and bedding, bagged and washed my clothes, swept and washed the floors with Borax and sprayed the room with an appropriate spray. Great, gone for a week and I can finally sleep without having to fucking scratch myself apart and get my ass off the floor, problem solved. WRONG! These shit cunts are back with a vengeance right after I grab something new to sleep on. Is there anything I missed? I gotta go back to work and after being off for 2 months this crap happens, just wanna go postal right now.
>tl:dr bedbugs, how do i make them kill and fuck off
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No title
Has anyone made their own macebells? How'd you go about it? Been looking around, and everyone seems to make shitty bamboo shafts in a pot.
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Where do I get a specific gear replacement?
I spent all weekend upgrading my kids' Kid Trax jeeps electrical and some teenager sat in it and stripped the fucking gear box. Kid Trax doesn't sell replacement parts and all the transmissions and gear upgrades are for powerwheels- totally different transmission.

So I need this gear and the only thing I can find so far is "hope to find a cheap Kid Trax to cannabalize" and then hope the transmission isn't fucked in that one.

So my question is: where can I get a replacement gear based on dimensions and tooth count? It's the primary drive so just 3d printing is not going to be strong enough. It's probably a standard part but I have no idea where to look or have one made. Luckily I have a second jeep (twins) so I can pull an intact gear but I'm not sure how that helps except with exact measurements.

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No title
How many acres, funds, and resources would it take for one person to make a decent living off of farming? Does anyone know?
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How Would I Make This Myself?
Magnetic Stirrer
I refuse to purchase any product manufactured in China, and I don't want to spend a ton of money on a magnetic stirrer that's made outside of China. My hate for communism is too strong.

This one look like a very DIY product that I could make a copy of by myself. All I would need is a 3D printer, soldering equipment, a magnet, an electrical motor, a potentiometer, a basic power supply, maybe a phone charger, and some rare-earth magnets. I'm even thinking about making these myself and selling them on eBay, so that people could have the option to buy a cheap made-in-the-USA magnetic stirrer.

I've never done any electronics work before. Am I missing anything? How would I attach the rare-earth magnets to the motor?
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No title
i think i want to be a melon farmer, how do I do it myself
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No title
I want to make something like this but with the whole bottle still intact. How do I reattach the bottom once it's cut? Or is there some ingenious way to put the bulb in without cutting the bottle?
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Liquid Sensor Technology
Hi /diy/

I'm building an open source aeroponic food computer of sorts. A major component of this garden is something that is sort of like a liquid fertilizer mixer.

Right now I'm using the following sensors.
>TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
>Liquid Level
>DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
>EC (Electrical Conductivity)
>pH (Acidity/Akalinity)

The way I modify my fertilizer is a more custom tailored variant of PID. I detect the pH and modify it with base/acid over time. Then detect the EC and modify it with distilled water/nutrient over time. They affect one another but managed slowly enough it works.

I'm interested in Nitrate and Phosphate Sensors to modify NPK in fertilizer, to my understanding they work like pH (Hydrogen ions) sensors. I'm curious if anyone knows how these sensors are engineered and what the difference between the more expensive ones and less expensive ones are material wise. I find the sensors to be a cost prohibitive technology for my project to really go commercial, and was wondering how hard they are to actually make. At the end of the day its just a fancy conductor that sends an attuned analog signal reading right?
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Caravan/shed living
I've been looking into getting a small plot of land to live on as a temporary measure and going semi off the grid. My best solution would be to get a caravan on the cheap and building a shed to protect it from the elements. This seems easier and cheaper than building a proper trailerbed-tinyhouse and you don't have to bother with insulating the building. Any disadvabteges to this except local government giving me crap about living in a shed?
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smithing a leuko
how would i go about to smith a knife like pic related? needs to have strong ridge on back for batoning obviously, so do i temper the ridge on the back as well??
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No title
Which aerosol can when held up to a lighter produces the biggest fire ball? The biggest I've seen so far is autozone plastidip.
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Night Vision
Not sure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone know about any cheap reliable night vision goggles that aren't like a thousand dollars.
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DIY Bookbinding
Anyone into bookbinding? How hard it actually is?
I'm kind of thinking on printing my own books since i have a shit ton of free time because covid but i don't want to be even more poor (books are expensive as hell where i live) and reading from my pc is burning my head.
So, do you already print your own books?

Also, looking at bookbinding is fucking beautiful
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No title
Friendly reminder to check your toilet supply lines and if they are 10+ years old you may want to consider replacing
Woke up to the sound of loud running water and a flooded bathroom last night, if I had been at work, or maybe on vacation the damage would have been immeasurable
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No title
So let's say I want to avoid the rent jew, and properties to buy in my country cost minimum 4x yearly wage anywhere close enough to work to get there on time.
I am looking at converting a bus into a swinging pad and hitching up a car trailer when I need to move.

What are the common pitfalls of doing this? I imagine frame rust is the main problem to fight looking for a bus or truck under 10Gs.

Should I bother with gas? I'm used to it but some people say elec is actually cheaper and more reliable now. Also curious about finding parts for these motors. I'd need a roughly 30ft living space at least 6' across ideally, and no idea of standard sizes, pros and cons etc.

Any info is welcomed and appreciated.
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No title
I got some Exposure 1 OSB plywood per recommendations on a sub floor for my home. Trying to match humidity and moisture to the hardwood flooring and I don't know if I'm supposed to calculate the OSB as hardwood or softwood. There is a 4%-6% difference in the numbers according to my meter, which tells me one way that I am ready to install everything, and another saying it is about 2-4% off.

Is my OSB a hardwood or a softwood?
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No title
Hey there I'm about to lay sod for the first time tomorrow. The back yard is easy, since its just a big rectangle, but the front has these curves in it, the pic is the general shape of the area I need to install sod on. Anyone have advice on how to fill in these curves or advice in sod installation in general?
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Hey /diy/

how can airflow be distributed equally
pic related
>two big plastic boxes have to be ventilated with mist
>one fan is blowing mist in, one fan is sucking air out
>setup has to be vertical like this with fans on top
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Whats a good easy way to filter waste vegetable oil so it can be used to fuel a diesel engine?

I don't want to spend too much money on filters and pumps and stuff like that.
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SamSUCK Galaxy S7 Removable Battery
Beyond triggered. Bought the shit to replace the battery, both front and back glass, and the piece of faggot trash broken micro usb charge port.

I'm fucking over this 20 layers of bullshit to get to a phone battery. Always have to have it plugged in 24/7 even when it "works fine."

I want to use 2 part epoxy, drill a hole in the faggot back glass, and throw velcro down so i can use my other 2 piece of shit galaxy S7's to charge batteries.

If this isn't possible then is there some sort of an adaptor or a way to solder the factory plug to a battery 5 times the normal size?

Please help before i climb the empire state building just to yeet this mutherfucker off of it. And then myself.
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2 DC supplies from one outlet
Can some electricity fig help me make sure i dont bust my shit?

I have two dc power supplies one at 100v dc the other a 24v supply. These two circuits talk through an optocoupler. But these should be totally fine to plug into a single outlet? Together theyll draw about 750W, im mostly concerned about ground loops, but the dc side shouldnt be affected by this right?
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linux diy install
how to install linux myself because windows yesterday gone bad
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Broke rod
broke dick rod
Movers broke the tip off my fishing pole my Grandpa custom made for me. Everything I've seen says to just chop it to the next ring but I'd like to try and save the piece.

Whats the best way to fix it?
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No title
Can we talk about the world of concrete and metal fasteners? If I get a hilti gun does it only work with hilti expensive fasteners, or can I use ramset stuff?
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Bike, fix vs buy
As an amateur, I have 2 mountain bike frames, the one part that won't rot.
How much cheaper to buy all the parts for a frame rather than buy a whole new bike?

Pic related, an ebike kit for an old frame?

Needs grips, chain, brakes, wheels, tires. Maybe a nice light.

Old schwinn 17" frame, was like 600 new as a working bike, 10 years ago
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No title
Joel salatin urban farm

Listening to JRE podcast at work and thought about the urban farming point of buying crackhouse lots in cities and turning them into urban farming

>boost property value
>improve society
>feed people for cheap

I'm an idealistic young guy looking to build something in my life. Realistically, how expensive in terms of land and effort would a farm setup like this run?
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No title
I’m trying to clean this piece of plates silver. I’ve already submerged it in baking soda and tinfoil and that worked really well with getting rid of the grey tarnish, but now there seems to be this residual layer of tarnish or something else on the medal that won’t come off.

Any suggestions?
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No title
So I want to paint my truck (work truck + daily driver) and according to the interwebs this is the best single stage paint evar made, the DIY examples I've seen are amazing...except that it has been discontinued for whatever reason, and the remaining stock I can find is horribly overpriced and not the color I want.

What would be a good equivalent (single stage, oil based enamel, and good quality) I'm located in Canada, worst case Ontario
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/hbt/ /hbg/ - Homebrew thread / Homebrew General
Homebrew thread / Homebrew General

Topic of the thread: What are some good resources to add to the sticky? Particularly wine related.

Previous thread: >>1799409

>Can I ferment X?
If it contains sugars and no preservatives, probably. It will taste like shit though. But please try it and report back.

>Easiest way to get started
1. Buy grape juice from any store.
2. Buy yeast from home brew store or order online. Bread yeast can be used, but it will probably taste bad. It will still produce alcohol.
3. Clean container. Keep everything as clean as possible, preferably with proper sanitation. See below.
4. Add juice and yeast. Follow the yeast packet directions.
5. Wait ~2 weeks.
6. Taste, if it tastes sweet wait more.
7. Drink or pour into sanitized bottles.

Bacteria loves sugars and they make your booze taste bad. Therefore killing all bacteria before fermentation is essential. Can be done with heat or cleaning solutions such as StarSan or bleach. Dish soap is generally not recommended since it can leave some live bacteria and odours.

>I want to make X




>Do I need all that equipment?
At the very least you need a fermentation vessel (Any container, as long as it's food grade will do. Even the bottles juice comes in can be used for fermentation)
You will have a high chance of contamination and bottling wont be fun. There is a good reason for buying a lot of the equipment people use. Just man up and going to your local homebrew store.

>Recommended essentials
Bucket or carboy
Bottle filler
Cleaning and sanitation supplies
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DIY gym
trap bar
I have access to dirt cheap 2x6 wood and some scrap tubes.
Pic related the best design I have found for a trap bar or hex bar.
In the video it is shown that it can hold a lot of weight and I'm only aiming for 120 kg (265 lbs).

Is there a better or cheaper design that you know of?
Also DIY gym/training general.
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I want to transform my barren garden
Garden plan
I have a southwest-facing concrete garden which has no soil apart from some rose beds along the boundary with the neighbour. there's a lot of cracks where weeds are growing through but it's otherwise flat. it is completely soulless and I'd like to turn it into a nice garden that's both nice to look at and relax in, but also beneficial to wildlife. my current thoughts are to make different areas of the garden such as a small wildflower meadow, a secluded bamboo/japanese garden behind the shed and a normal pretty arrangement in the middle. in the plan I've uploaded
>the wildflower meadow would go in the 2m x 7m section
>the bamboo/japanese garden would go in the 2m x 2m section behind the shed OR it could be made bigger with the whole 3m x 5.6m section on the left of the shed
>the big 2.4m x 12.6m middle area (between the beds and deck I am not sure what to turn into but I want it to have nice flowers and a path to the back
my ideas are quite rough but do you guys have any opinions of what I could do with my barren garden?
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Collapsible Cooktop
I want to build an electric range cooktop into a collapsible surface like this.

Is it feasible? Too stupid to attempt? Weird issues I might not be aware of? I'm a mechanic, not a home designer/constructor. All I know is I don't have the space for a full size oven/stove and would like to be able to cook full meals without switching out pots/pans.
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No title
Hello there /diy/,with the quarantine and shit I've started thinking of making my own plushies. Have you ever tried to make one? Post your plushies and share your experience
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Man builds life-sized Lamborghini out of cardboard
He enlarged papercraft pieces using a projector and traced them on cardboard, then built the whole thing in his livingroom.

Could this also be applied with metal to build an actual car shell? Like a kit car but made with something like sheet metal.
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Repairing a chair
Sup. Currently repairing this Eames Executive style chair that UPS went ahead and fucked up during shipping. Not so much an advice thread as a join me for the ride type deal.
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Extending a hose for a garden
Can I use pic related at the spigot to extend the distance/pressure of a hose for a garden, or do I need to do it correctly and install a yard hydrant?
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No title
What the fuck is this plant and how do I get rid of it? It won’t stop growing in my yard. I leave for two weeks and it’s become monstrous.
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Knitting machine
Hi. I want to build a knitting machine from scratch.
I don't have a 3D printer.
Please help.
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No title
Do people actually think this house design looks good?
I'm no architect, but it looks pretty ugly to me.
>Garage and main house have too differing styles of siding
>front support beams start off very thick and taper steeply.
>garage coming off at an angle
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No title
I'm trying to repaint my guitar. so far I've done primer and put the first layer of the base color down. pic related is the design I'm going for.
I don't know when and how to do the accents.
should I do a clear coat over the base color before applying the accents?
or should I get all the colors done before clear?
if I apply the accents and the wet sand, will the colors bleed and run?
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No title
ocillating tool vs cut-out tool
Which of these tools is better for cutting drywall and will net me more overall multipurpose use?
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No title
Which is better? Gorilla or Duck tape
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Two-component solar phone charger
General preparedness ping!

If you can afford it, now would be an excellent time to:

* Build or buy an electric scooter or bike if you don't yet have one.

* Build or buy a solar charger for it. (It won't need a battery; the vehicle itself contains the battery).

* Familiarize yourself with how solar panel voltage regulation works.

* Get some 5W 5.6V zener diodes. One of those + a 5V nominal solar cell = one USB charger for small devices.


Where to buy:
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Ms.Pac-Man Board Fix
Hey there 4chaners so I'm having a problem with this bootleg Ms.Pac-man board that plays sound and looks great,but has no characters on the startup screen or game maze.What do you guys think it can be?
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Custom Built Fan Boat
My buddy has recently got the equipment to allow his ~$2500 Hobart mig welder to weld aluminum.

We have 0 clue qhat we are doing but if the boat is too thin to even spot weld then i am open to suggestions. We are building a flat bottomed aluminum air boat that may wind up on pavement, grass, and gravel so it needs to be pretty light but also pretty sturdy.

Short of good silicone or rivets and silicone I'm not sure wtf else would tie the pieces together. Maybe solder all of the joints?

The helicopters in the pic are the same model and electric but that is all i know. There are no visible markings short of a number which lead me to a now defunct listing that looks similar to what i have here.

I've been toying with the idea of basically just gluing the guts from the other remote to the main remote and piggy backing off of the joystics and power button. So as far as the choppers know they are flying in tandem but in reality it's an autistic swamp buggy.

The small tail fin stabilizers or whatever will be the rudders behind the fans to steer. I'll probably dig out an old servo for this though.

No idea wtf brand or model or even voltage we got until i tear into them tomorrow. But, it should be fun either way and you folks can watch and help build a kickass fan boat or I'll cry on tv while my house is on fire claiming the hacker known as 4chan told me to for lols.

Any tips on how to find specifics on the electronics before i start cooking shit with inappropriate voltages?
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Pre-Fab Home Kits
anyone have opinions on purchasing, assembling, or living in home "kits?" common styles you might are A-frame cabins, barns, yurts, etc.

im thinking of buying a kit like pic related (yurt-style) so i have a long term, quasi-comfy place to rest while i work on building a cob-based home in the american midwest
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Outsourced machining services
Hey /diy/, anyone have experience with outsourcing small CNC jobs to Chinese machine shops? I have a couple knife designs drawn up in CAD that I’d like to get machined as a personal project and I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it[spoiler][/spoiler]. There’s a couple websites that offer instant quotes for very small runs from Chinese factories, but I’m also wondering if it would be simpler to put in a sample request through Alibaba or something.
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epoxy resin casting
Anyone know a good way to cast epoxy into a convex shape? I'm new to working with epoxy resin in general, and youtube hasn't been much help when it comes to dealing with anything that isn't flat or jewelry. Hoping to achieve the same rough shape and depth, just slightly wider, of one of those long narrow rectangular serving dishes. Like like 30"x14" or something like that.

Hard mode - how could color it similar to pic related
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No title
Hey guys I've been trying to ferment chillies for hot sauce in some jars I bought. Sadly the jar caps had a crappy plastic cover that broke when I tied to drill holes for the air locks. I'm just wondering if you have any suggestions on how to modify my lids to have them air sealed tight with the air locks on. I tried cling film and aluminum but they left little spaces around the rubber stopper.
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No title
You guys know those smart home devices, that act like wireless switches? If it's a motion sensor, or light switch, etc the wifi just sends a signal and the a switch activates, right?

What's the protocol they use, and is it the "fastest" protocol? I don't remember my OSI model too well, what protocol or packet or signal has THE, de facto, lowest latency? From point A to point B, what's the next step besides the speed of light or a wired switch? Not looking to send lots of data or overhead, something as basic as on/off works
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Damp issue
So I just moved into a new place and it has damp patches on the wall in the hallway, the wall shared with the neighbour, I believe it's roughly where their fireplace is. Unfortunately I won't be able to get anything professionally done until probably September at the earliest, is there any way I can rectify this a little myself or at least reduce it?

It's hard to see from the shitty picture but it's mostly in a secluded couple areas about 15 inches or so off the ground.
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No title
Is this a good composter design? It seems like the heaviest one would just sink to the bottom.. but then again, maybe that's fine, since the heaviest one needs to emptied the soonest anyway.

I'm thinking about building this today/tomorrow, where would I find those metal three sided spindle things used in pic related?
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Need woodworking/pipe making tips
I'm going to make a simple straight tobacco pipe. I have a small block of wood for the bowl and a dowel to cut the stem. Gonna use a bandsaw to make the block cylindrical because who the fuck smokes a cubic pipe, and a drill press for all the hole drilling shit. Anything else I should need?
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No title
halp /diy/kes, I don't know where else to post this (1/2)

I have a mixer (Alesis Multimix 12, has an external power supply. Anyway, every time I turn it on, there is a ~3 sec delay, then there is a very quick, loud clipping sound that lasts like half a second. It isn't "loud" but its red hot, so I avoid turning my speakers on until the sound has passed.

I moved the mixer to a different location and this time, there was no weird delay->chirp sound, so I went ahead and turned on my monitors, and then the board started making weird chirps at regular intervals. I turned it off, tried again and this time there was the delay-chirp sound. Yet, later, the same problem happened (lack of chirp at the beginning, a few min later, more weird, regular chirps coming out)

Electronics are beyond my area of expertise, and I'm broke as fuck atm so I'm trying to see if I can fix this before I send it to a technician. Any, and I mean, any help/pointers would be appreciated. I do have a friend with amateur level knowledge of electronics, problem is he isn't the best at diagnosing, but he knows how to solder, read diagrams and if pointed in the right direction, diagnose a problem.
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No title
Hi /diy/.

First time ever posting here but I'm interested in /diy/ stuff.

Anyway I have an idea for a business. You know those men's sheds or community workshops? My idea is basically to make one of those but charge money for it. Capitalism ho! No, but seriously, the idea is to provide a larger and more serious range of tools and equipment, as well as actual staff who know what they're doing and can train and help you, at a convenient suburban location instead of out on the fucking outskirts of the city, for a reasonable monthly fee. Instead of a community workshop, a community machine shop with access to lathes, milling machines, hydraulic presses, maybe a crane truck for members to use, car lifts etc.

The gensis of the idea is that I want to do /diy/ stuff and it's a LOT easier if you have the proper tools, but tools are expensive. If I had a milling machine instead of a hacksaw... but I don't have a thousand dollars to spend on one or the space to put it. It's the same business model as a gym - the cost of capital is shared across members.

I'm soliciting your feedback. Would you use such a space, if it was nearby? How much would you pay for access? What plant equipment would you expect? Do you foresee any problems? Have you any experience with similar things? Anything to be careful of when buying second hand plant equipment?
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Arduino (C++) coding
Arduino (C++) coding HALP (POKER Straight)

- Need to write bool function to determine straight hand in poker.
- return TRUE if all five cards are in numerical sequence (e.g. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), else return FALSE.
- An Ace can come before a 2 (A, 2, 3, 4, 5) or after a King (10, J, Q, K, A)
- Straight cannot “wrap around” (i.e. Q, K, A, 2, 3).

(The values (Ace to King) of the five cards are stored in a 5-element array called cardValue and are represented by the numbers 1 (Ace) to 13 (King).)

Will think of reward for solution, ty peeps.
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No title
Do these timers screw up? The 10 dollar Home Depot special. I set this thing to 18 hours on 6 off, it was working fine for 8 days. Today I plugged a fan into the second port it’s on low. The thing turned off at 11 when it’s set to shut off at 1. Plus it changed the time to 11 and pushed to of the clips up. Was there someone in my yard or did this thing fuck up?
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No title
These stupid cunts used some undissolvable glue for their gay ass labels.
I tried 70% IPA, Windex, degreaser, acetone, and oven cleaner short enough to avoid melting any plastic.

What solvent do I use to get rid of this shit?
>inb4 elbow grease
Nah. /fit/ pls go
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Broadcast tv
So I know there have probably been threads about this before..

I'm looking to broadcast analogue tv signal from my pc. However I have a digital tv.

Can anyone recommend a setup for this?
Also, what software would you recommend to set up programming playlist that will last a week?

I guess if I could broadcast DTV signal I wouldnt need to convert the analogue to DTV.. but I'd rather not spend a fortune doing this.

I'm not trying to build the electronics myself mind you, just buy some gear and set it up basically.

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Paint chip repair
Posted /o/but also posting in here because I'm hoping someone can give me some advice

I was moving a bunch of shit and my dumbass leaned my bike in my bed of the truck instead of laying it flat. What I didn't realize is that my bike had a sharp edge which etched a deep scratch in my truck.

I just bought this truck a few months ago and while I'm not too concerned about the aesthetics as I consider it a work truck, I'm more concerned about the depth of the scratch and whether this will cause premature rust. The scratch looks deep. I haven't even washed it due to fear of exposing the scratch to water.

Pic related. Is there anything I can personally do to fix this scratch, or do I need to hire someone professionally? Do I even need to worry about it? I see a bunch of repair kits on Amazon, but they look more for light surface scratches.

Thanks in advance.
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