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boop dog
webm fren
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At the end we are nothing but worms...
This is a huge redpill for me, everything was meant to be a worm, but some worms managed to evolve beyond that form, pic related is the first billateria, the first animal, ancestor of insects, mammals, fishes etc...
he was just a bigger worm that managed to have its segments solidify a bit more..
soon his segments will grow a bit out of its body and become proto legs, that's how it all started for insects arachnids and all of invertebrates, while another branch continued to stay a worm, this branch would divide itself in 3, Cephalochordata :
Tunicates :
And us, Vertebrata :

Our worm ancestor, the chordate was just one in hundred of species of weird worms, but it evolved to have sort of hairs under him that allowed him not only to have more surface = more oxygen absorbed and more nutriant absorbed, but also he evolved to have its nervous system, a simple tube going from the front to the rear, being protected by stronger tissues, bones..
soon this tube of bone protecting the nervous system would be growing all around his organs creating the first ribcage, and soon some of these bones would grow larger and separate from the rest, being attached by muscles and be the fins of the first fishes, soon those fins would themselves grow a bit more and segmentate themselves to be parts of an arm, a hand, and fingers...
at the end, we are still just a bigger worm...
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How to reintroduce coyotes
My neighborhood has far too many rabbits and squirrels. Devoid of natural predators they are almost completely unfazed by human advances. How can I reintroduce coyote's to my neighborhood to cull the local population of squirrels, rabbits, stray cats, small dogs and more.
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A few hundred more and we have us a good ol' crawfish boil!
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/plant/ - Aquatic edition
Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board, where growers, gardeners and horticulturists share their love for things that grow.
Newbies and amateurs are very welcome, and we’ll always try to answer your questions.

>Flora of the World

>Hardiness zones

>Plant ID Sites

>Pests and Diseases

>Thousands of Botanical Illustrations


>Carnivorous plants

>Alpine plants


>Previous thread
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/isg/ - Invasive Species General
Can we have an invasive species thread?

The topic fascinates me although we really should be getting our shit together on this issue.

Pic related. Burmese pythons became an invasive species in Florida after Hurricane Andrew destroyed a reptile breeding facility allowing them to escape and reproduce. They are tremendously destructive and have even been spotted at the Kennedy Space Center.

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Is there really not a single video that showcases the actual strength and force of a silverback? Numbers say they are capable of bending steel but all you will ever find online is them pulling a log for a second or something.
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Bird thread
Post birds, appreciate birds
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There are two hedgehogs in my garden. They are grunting very fast and loud /an/, have been for a hour or so. are they... you know...
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>be american
>walk outside
>swarmed by black widows, hobo spiders, and brown recluses
>get tag teamed by a puma and a grizzly bear
>before they can finish you off, an elk charges you and impales you on its horns
>as you are being carried into the sunset, bleeding out, missing a few limbs and part of your face, with spots of your remaining flesh rotting, you say
>"australia is so dangerous lol"
>and then a massive pack of introduced canadian wolves takes down the elk and uses you as a chew toy
>you would get a proper funeral if someone found you at this point, but coyotes move in to take the scraps, and finally your national symbol, the bald eagle, steals the bones

Why is the US so deadly? I can't think of a country that has to deal with deadlier animals except africa maybe
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Dog General: Mini-Eevee first steps edition.
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/an/ makes a spec evo project: part 2
World2 Map
>1: read the wiki: it will be necessary to understand what's happening in this thread and what do the animals do. the wiki will not be updated with new pages from this thread, but i will complete existing pages overtime.
>2: i'm not a biologist and i'm not an artist. don't expect the best of the best from this project. also i may modify something from your submission if needed.

Welcome to the 2nd part of the /an/ speculative evolution project!
>what is this?
this is a project that i started a couple months ago, in which anyone can contribute. you take something (an animal) listed on this wiki:
and you make a submission in which you tell how it could evolve, and i will make a drawing and some text to explain what does it do and what happens. you can also suggest names for locations and eras (i really need those, current ones suck ass)
>why do they all look like penises?
any animal looks like a penis if you squint enough :)
>are there rules to submissions?
every creature must be evolved from LIVING animals (i'm posting what's survived this map next post), and have to be plausible and coherent to the project (this is not an actual requirement, but i'd be glad if you followed it)
>can i edit the wiki?
ask me before, but don't expect to be granted the wish, i'm still a dummy with fandom
>can i make a drawing of my creature myself?
sure, but i will make one too anyways :))
did i forget to tell something, i'll tell next post with the era's introduction
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/herp/ - Reptile and Amphibian General - Pige Edition
This thread is dedicated to all animals of the reptilia and amphibia classes. Topics include, but are not limited to: geckos, snakes of all kinds, frogs, salamanders, newts, turtles, tortoises, and much more. Before asking a question, do a search on the internet to see if it has been answered
Classifieds for finding breeders and products:
> (Canadian breeders)
Most forums will have a "for sale" section on them, so look for that, especially if you have a specific herp you want. Craigslist can also be a good source for cheap aquariums, and make sure to check for any reptile expos that occur in your area.

When asking a question, make sure to include these details:
>Type and size of animal
>Enclosure dimensions
>Humidity and temperature
>Type of substrate
>The decor you use
>How often you feed
>The type of food you use
>If your animal is wild caught or captive bred
>How often you handle
>Who you bought the animal from

Other Helpful Resources

Old thread: >>3824131
34 images | 128 replies
Post everything related to 'em here
33 images | 42 replies
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What is this animal called again?
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When did shelters start to neuter dogs instead of keeping them whole? Why did this happen? And why it still happens today?
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I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe :(
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I fucking hate moths
They're ugly, disgusting, and incredibly obnoxious as pests. Their autistic defense mechanism of flying into your face is also really retarded.
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/invert/ - Invertebrate General - RIP Edition
This is the invertebrate general. If you have any questions about invertebrates, want to look into owning one or more, or want to simply discuss them, this is the thread to do so, whether it's
>Tarantulas and other spiders
>Or anything without a backbone

Feel free to post it.

Resources/help and information
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>humans spend 10000 years selectively breeding dogs

>women and low test men: I LOVE MY MUTT

How severe will the damages be?
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How come bird ass is super clean after taking a shit, but human ass always has shit on it, even if you wipe? Or cat/dog other mammal has to lick it clean.
Why nature is so unfair?
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/aq/ Aquarium General
Freshwater Goby Edition
Previous: >>3832031

Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor, and issues. Before asking questions in this thread, make sure you give us at least some details when asking a question, such as:

>Tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
>Parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
>Any inhabitants + how long you've had them
>Pictures are always helpful

Tank Cycling:

Stocking and Water Change Calculator:

Articles and Care Guides:

Aquatic Plant Database:

Saltwater shit:
>brs 5 minute guides
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images (4)
hunt in the water
hunt in the ground
hunt in the trees

Jaguar is the most chad predator?
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Robo Hamster Advice
Hammy 2
I have had my hamster for about a fortnite or so and have managed to finally find a bedding which is perfect, the Kaytee Natural. Within minutes the little guy began to dig and dig and dig.

I am just wondering however, does this mean the hamster is going to stay mostly underground even during the night or will he pop up now and then? While I am really happy that I finally got the correct bedding for him to dig (I made it 8" deep) it was nice to see him hop around during the night on the old bedding.

Also I have yet to begin the taming process but was also aware some Robos just aren't really the tame type. My only concern here is if the hamster has any danger of becoming "feral" and biting and aggro. I know Winter Whites can potentially do this but I know Robos are the least aggro.

Any advice?
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any falconers here?
how much time per day is spent caring for your raptors?
what should I consider before trying to enter the sport
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what type of mushroom is it? Is it poisonous? Im wonder if I can cook with it
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are mass migrations of toadlets/froglets a thing in your part of the world?
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is this correct?
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Yeah ok, you can suck my blood, i have a lot of it
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download (31)
Why do these fucking Cunts keep bringing dead bugs into my cabin??? Every time i go away for 3 hours i come back and the cabin is full of fucking dismembered ants

I will seal them out, i am not looking for pest control tips. I'm just curious why they do this
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do you like big cats?
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post funny or retarded animal pictures
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I officially have 8 Varanus acanthurus eggs :)
Ackie eggs
I came home today and noticed one of my females filling in a tunnel she had made and noticed that she was SUPER deflated so I knew she had laid eggs. Had to dig for quite a while to find them but its totally worth it.
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I fucking hate seals. Anyone else?
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Why there is so few documentaries about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals?
If you are interested in the subject you have probably seen all the good ones because they aren't many of them.

I don't understand why there isn't a WWD-style documentary for Netflix with up to date prehistoric creatures designs, many people would enjoy it.
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smiling lovecraft
>butter some toast
>let my cat lick a little butter from my fingertips
>he likes it
8 images | 10 replies
Tell us your animal and nature related sins.
17 images | 97 replies
No title
Post badass animals.
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Micro Lobster Thread: go!
2 images | 10 replies
Platypus thread
every day until you want a platypus 2
I'm going to post a platypus in this thread every day until all of /an/ wants to snuggle a puggle.

Old one hit image limit archived. 3652185
71 images | 114 replies
No title
Just learned about polydactyl cats. What the fuck? Why do we tolerate their existence?
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Bear Thread
maxresdefault (1)
Everything about bears go here.
5 images | 8 replies
Otter thread
72 images | 104 replies
No title
monkey thread
2 images | 4 replies
No title
what animal has the best booty?
55 images | 262 replies
No title
Is liking nature gay?
5 images | 28 replies
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When are we getting a big budget hollywood movie about feathered dinosaurs?
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>mum comes home
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Cat/Animal reaction image thread
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Bulldogs pics & stories
I will get a half year old English Bulldog pup by the end of the week. After more than a dozen years with a Newfoundland, I'm pretty exited for a puppy and a totally different breed.
Can we have a thread with cool pics and stories of bulldoggos please?
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Climate change
What will be the short term and long term effects of human caused climate change?
28 images | 184 replies
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long leg wasp
kind of spooky but also a nice animal
1 images | 4 replies
Dog ears
Floppy vs pointed?
44 images | 105 replies
No title
Well, the TRUE best bird is actually the great tit. Self explanatory.
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17 years old
>Long lived for its size
>Fits well into active (aka healthy and correct) lifestyles
>Protects your garden from cats and rabbits
>Only dog that will just leave if it thinks you suck
Name a more based companion dog. You can't. inb4 single men with full time jobs and video game addicts mad because they can't give a dog 7-8 hours of active companionship.
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No title
>dogs are beloved pets worldwide, and many show great levels of affections towards them
>calling someone a dog is considered a vile insult
why is that?
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Obscure extinct animal thread
since I'm finally trying to make a return to /an/ I thought this would be a good way of getting back into the swing of things.

Pic related is the Desmostylia, the only known extinct order of marine mammals.

I don't know if they're super obscure but I don't see them mentioned often.
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No title
raccoon thread
10 images | 11 replies
No title
Do snakes really drink water like that?
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/se/ - Speculative Evolution General
>One-stop shop for relevant background information for starting a project
>Fantastic blog covering all sorts of spec evo topics in-depth
>The Speculative Evolution forums, full of resources and ongoing projects [Embed] [Open] [Embed]
>Part exobiology project, part spec evo tutorial, Biblaridion’s alien planet video series is informative and well-researched

>Link to a PDF of Wayne Barlowe’s “Expedition”, a seminal work of speculative evolution full of incredible paintings and illustrations
>Ilion, an illustrated tour of a tidally locked planet, really fantastic science in this project
>Snaiad, life on an alien world [Embed] [Open] [Embed]
>”The Future is Wild”, a CGI documentary following the evolution of life on Earth in the far future
>Dougal Dixon, arguably the father of speculative evolution. These are links to PDF’s of his books “After Man”, “The New Dinosaurs”, and “Man After Man”
>Anu, a beautifully illustrated xenobiology project
>Furaha, another alien world with very scientifically detailed creations
>Serina: A Natural History of the World of Birds
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Bug Collection
Any bugmen in?
I want to collect bugs, but I'm not sure if I can store them properly. I have a cellar that's semi damp, is there any way of storing the specimens in those conditions? My wife absolutely hates bugs so I would have to prepare and store them in the cellar
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Cotton mouth??
> sitting in a lawn chair smoking on my property
> noticed something out of the corner of my eye look like a leaf come up and then go down
>Ignore brb getting high
>One second passes
>That shit don't fuckin happen
>Go investigate
>Think to self "maybe snake rising head" Donno tho
>Think "Knowing my luck this bitch is camouflaged"
>Only notice it because of its fucking tail, the bitches coiled up and ready to fucking strike
>Mouth wide the fuck open within striking distance

>Fuck That

>Grab Fuckin Gun
>.... Oh fuck I missed
> Fire again
>Oh fuck, missed again (new sights)
>Fucker starts to serpentine away then circle back
>Not Today Zurg
>Empty whole mag into bitch in 2 seconds
>Only moves top half of body
>Shot in back, fucking paralyzed
>Fully dies in like 30 min
>Couldn't mercy "blow his brains out" because I couldn't really identify.
> Searched internet, no fucking help
>Now I'm here

I couldn't find a picture under the 4 megabyte limit but here it is. I tried to find the least goriest picture because I know how y'all are about that on this board, please forgive me for that. I have other animals at my house dogs cats guinea pigs and rabbits that I care about way more than a fucking rando snake. Also my personal health too.

Tl;Dr btfo'd a snake. Shot first asking questions now.
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I hate litterally every animal with exoskeleton except for crabs
They have something that makes me go :) when i see them
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No title
If fish are so smart, why don't they breath air?
3 images | 8 replies
No title
What animal would you like to be reborn into when you die? I would be an octopus.
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Is this a bulldog or pit mix?
Hey fagots, I got this little boo boo head 5 and 3/4 months ago. I was busy with work so I couldn't bring my wolf hybrid to the vet so my brother and mom brought them. When that got there one of the vet techs told them that someone was giving away. Great Pyrenees Puppies. This meant a lot to my little brother because the previous dog we had was a lab Pyrenees poodle mix and it was tragically hit by piece of shit rednecks with big fucking trucks who want to show off their goddamn truck all the fucking time EXCEPT when they had to be held responsible for the dumbass actions. Anyway, they get there and the owner of the puppies tell my family that it's a Pyrenees mix. He was so ashamed that his purebred female Pyrenees got BBC'd (Bully Boi Cocked) by an American bulldog that he was giving away the puppies for free. The owner claimed it was American bulldog that got to his Pyrenees, and the mom was 100%. Pyrenees because when my brother was going towards the shed the puppies were in she kept running in between him and the owner like the breed usually does. At first we were worried but he's been such a sweet good boy and plays well with his other adopted Brothers that we think it actually was a bulldog instead of a pit. He has most of the attributes, he also slobbers a lot. Oh and he's fucking gigantic he turns 6 months next week and he's already like 80-87 pounds. His sister, which I'll post a picture soon is only 47 lb. Nuts ain't dropped yet so I'll know if he's going to be a holy terror after but he's a sweetie poo head now.
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No title
>22 years
>Still has not been topped
How expensive would it be to produce a youtube/netflix show with the same soulful blend of old cgi+practical animatronics?
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Should i use cbd
My cat is maybe 10 years or so. He has a very cloudy eye now and it has me worried. Its only his one. I use a light and look into it and his one eye ball has visible veins and cloudiness as you can see in picutre.

He is overweight but I wouldnt say he's overly obese.. Should i use cbd for his eye? I have 5 cats, we keep the food bowls filled. Is that an issue, could it be diabetes?

I love this fuckin guy, hes a tank. Killed foxes and other cats in baltimore. All 5 cats and 1 dog are inside animals btw.

>pic related, his eye
>first post ever on this board please help
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No title
Just got one of those "Mushrooms Garden" on Walmart, but while watering it I took the wrong atomizer and put hand sanitizer instead of water on it, only one big mushroom has grown and I wanna save it, how can I put it in other place, or reproduce it?
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No title
Why does everyone love dinosaurs?
3 images | 28 replies
No title
How do they work, /an/? Tell me about them.
1 images | 3 replies
No title
Post front-facing birds
69 images | 97 replies
Borzoi Thread
Judged ye shall be, for thy sins are many, and mine eyes see all.
31 images | 67 replies
No title
My dog is shitting dark red diarrhea and vomiting pink foam. The vet appointment is already planned.

Keep me positive in the mean time, /an/.
1 images | 13 replies
△ ☆ ❤ 159914456_2786501848229388_771799534959070002_o
Can we get a thread going of Birds or Spiders with Insects
7 images | 7 replies
No title
>just found out about how Anglerfish breed
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Post your #1 animal you're scared of.
45 images | 131 replies
Jealous cat
I forbid my cat into my bed because he leaves hair everywhere and he bathes by licking himself, i also got a new small dog that doesnt shed, that i bathe regularly that i allow in my bed.
My cat jumps into the bed if he sees the dog is in it, i feel like it feels like im being unfair to it but it doesnt understand i just dont want to constantly clean up hair.
Should i not allow my dog in my bed for the sake of the cat?
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No title
So I've been seeing these fuckers lately but only at night
No droppings, no shells, only adults, smell is normal, dishes are washed, trash is thrown out, etc
Is it still serious?
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No title
Nobody knows if this cat is a bengal or a brown tabby.
9 images | 81 replies
Weird ant
This thing came in through my veranda. At first I thought it was a wasp but on further inspection it seems like it's some kind of yellow-striped ant. Never seen this before, does anyone know what species it is?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Can I train dogs to dislike someone they have loved for years? The person in question barely attends to them and has never trained them or played with them in the 7 years she's had them. I feel like I have a relatively low bar to surpass, but I need to know if dogs are just retarded and imprint on anyone. I was planning to give them basic pet attention and reward good behavior with treats (such as making their whore owner unhappy). I'm hoping that through this they'll eventually switch to my side, but I want to know what the professionals think.
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No title
>gets perfectly fed and cared for at home
>still gets out and wrecks tons of birds, mostly for fun even
>often owners get a cat and instantly let it outside and don't even meet it that often apart from some feeding and care if needed

Why does everyone pretend to care SO MUCH about nature but no one seems to talk about this shit? If it were just a couple per village or something, there wouldn't be a problem but there are just so incredibly many cats outside now, it's unreal. Why can't there be an initiative to make people more aware of how this effects birdlife and making them keep those cats inside?
10 images | 93 replies
No title
Why do some animals (and humans) look so damn soft? I took one look at pic related, and instantly wanted to grab and hug this soft, squishy animal
0 images | 0 replies
No title
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Does the cat even CONSIDER the consequences, of its own actions? Does the little shitbird ever sit down and reflect on what it has done? Or is it just on autopilot, gliding through space and time unknowingly?
1 images | 7 replies
No title
give this beautiful creature a name
8 images | 60 replies
No title
do you "kss kss kss" when you see a cat?
14 images | 100 replies
No title
does anyone know what shroom this is?

I don't know shit about shrooms and cant find anything on google.It started growing on a plant in my mates room yesterday, i don't know if this helps but i live in the uk.

and no i'm not gonna eat it i'm not that much of a retard.
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No title
Why did my dog puke slugs thread get deleted?
1 images | 9 replies
No title
>Well actually what Americans call penguins are manchots, real penguins are what Americans call auk.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
My cat is dying and I don't think I can handle this happening.
I probably won't respond back to this thread but Iam legit breaking down right now I feel like throwing up
I am going to take a lot of melatonin and going to bed
He's been with me 4/5 of my life (26) and he wouldn't hurt a fly
1 images | 6 replies
No title
Do you stroke your cock out in public?
0 images | 1 replies
Every time someone is pregnant, it's a woman...
I just realised that every time I see a pregnant person, it just so happens to be a female. This concerns me. Are they up to something? There mus be some sort of a conspiracy here. There's something fishy about this whole thing. Can you please help me uncover the truth?

-concerned anon
2 images | 5 replies
No title
Can anyone help me identify this bug? Is it a type of beetle or a cockroach?
1 images | 5 replies
No title
What species of lizard is this? Can it actually fly?
1 images | 10 replies
No title
I'm thinking of getting a GBB and I was wondering what were some good plants for it. I plan on repurposing a 18x18x24 inch, Exo Terra. Do you guys think that's a bad idea? I know they don't need that much space but the tank is just empty right now and I don't want to throw it away.
1 images | 1 replies
Attention beetle fags
So my kabutomushi (who you guys named niggerman -thanks for that) has climbed to the top of the dirt and just lies there on his side. He's been like that for at least a 4 days. He's still alive (kind of moves when you poke him) but just lays there. Is he going to be OK? Is he molting? He looks like the last grub instar but I'm not sure.
5 images | 16 replies
chad seagull thread
9 images | 14 replies
No title
What is pic rel? It looks like a manatee with human girl tits
1 images | 7 replies
No title
Can anyone explain this behaviour?

It's almost allegorical.
3 images | 39 replies
No title
What does /an/ think about zoos?
Good, bad?
Can any animal be kept ethically in captivity? Just some? All?
3 images | 18 replies
No title
xena says hi
1 images | 5 replies
No title
My friend has a 3 week old kitten that I'm helping him with this week, since he has work, I'm going over there to bottle feed it. I was there yesterday and when I showed up there was another cat too, he's watching his parent's cat, which apparently they won't take to the vet and it's eyes are sealed shut with gunk. It looks really fucked up. My friend thinks it isn't contagious since his parents other cat doesn't have it but I am concerned about the kitten catching it too. Also, my friend hasn't taken his kitten to the vet either. I'll be back there tomorrow and the next day is there anything I can do? Should I try and wipe the cat's eyes or just focus on the kitten?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
I'm sitting on the floor with my laptop on the coffee table in front of me and my cat is right behind my head laying on the sofa swatting me with her tail and making sounds like she is laughing
What do?
0 images | 1 replies
KItty pic
Oh wow I haven't been on 4chan in years
how are you 4chan?
have a cat picture
not caturday but hey
it's kitty
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No title
i wish this was real life
2 images | 9 replies
ITT: Cute genetic abominations
Had to start out obvious, post creatures that are highly cursed yet somehow adorable at the same time.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
3 images | 4 replies
No title
My parent in laws got a new puppy several months ago, pic related.

This was a really stupid idea since they are not capable of caring for a dog and I said this several times, warning them and my wife what they would need to do.
I told my wife on the first day that we would NOT adopt the dog if they decided to get rid of it, she said its fine and they would care for it.

Now three months later they suddenly decide to get rid of the dog because it bit one of them while they were bathing it.
My wife is crying because her dad apparently just gave it to someone on the street and its gone now. She wants us to adopt it.
I feel bad for the dog, this is Asia so there is a real possibility of it being eaten, but I don’t want to take on the mess other people create.
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animals humans could kill bare handed/with melee weapons.
whats the biggest/baddest animal, a sufficiently chad human male could kill in a life or death fight? For example:
>pit bull(breaking its neck? eye gouging?)
>bear. I saw one piece of news once of a grandpa shoving a can down a bear's throat ,thus killing it
>apes;what kind,and of what age?
3 images | 14 replies
No title
If you mix a Pug and a Beagle, it's called a puggle and they look like this. They all have the canine equivelant of Asperger's syndrome.
Thanks for listening.
2 images | 12 replies
be me. nasty ass mosquito, crawling thru your greasy ass hair.
im gonna get to that scalp
im gonna suck that blood, nigga
virgin blood tastes the best.
0 images | 2 replies
No title
sad joose
Is pet ownership slavery?
11 images | 61 replies
No title
4 images | 32 replies
No title
Is domesticating Cheetah's the only way to save them from extinction?
18 images | 90 replies
What's this bug and why's it eating plastic
So /an/ I found these caterpillars on a plastic foam fun noodle in my pool. Now normally that wouldn't be that important, but one was EATING THE FUN NOODLE! If you don't know a fun noodle is an american pool toy consisting of colored polyethylene foam. In this case orange. In pic related you can see some plastic craps it took. Do caterpillars regularly eat poly-foam or something?
1 images | 8 replies
No title
Look at this gorgeous sonofagun! Wish it had opened it's wings up for me, the patterning is impeccable! What species, though, /an/?
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I'm picking up my first ever puppy on the weekend (10 week old). What am I in for?
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ITT: post dogs sitting
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mr bubz
So this dog is definitely getting abused off-camera, huh?
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