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Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.

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No title
Nothing else for dinner so im eating oatmeal without milk again. And crackers
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No title
Trans rights are human rights!
Drink up chuds!
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sunflower lanyard
Hidden disability edition
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No title
I just found out that my favorite ASMR girl is an online whore, and not only that, a BBC queen.
Fucking kill me.
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No title
My "ex" who groomed me is now adding other underaged girls from here with the clear intent of grooming them too, but they seem to be larps or at least not as mentally ill as me to be interested so I'm getting second hand embarrassment from the "conversations" he has with them. If you're a pedophile, kys <3
I already reported him to the police but they won't even do anything probably.
Whats even funnier is that he tells them about me but for some reason lies that I was 17 when we met when I was 16 kek.
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No title
Hello? Is anyone there? Discord kittens, hello?
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No title
the roaches in your pantry:
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Please Fix
Hello guys. I'm here today to voice my complaints for the latest expansion in this game.
When creating my character, I maxed out intelligence and willpower, with arcane and insight as my primary skills. I made my character this way to understand the secrets of the world and to be a sort of "Gandalf", to the party and world.
This worked out well and good for quite a long time and I was having fun with the evil goblin main campaign. However, as said, with the new "Goblins vs Gnolls" expansion that came out a few months ago, things have took a huge turn for the worst, and I'm appealing to the community and the developers for a fix.
I'll state my grievances below.
The evil goblins nerf: They used to communicate in ciphers, numerology, and other esoterisisms. My main skills made it a fun challenge to figure out their plans and share my findings with others in my party and in the wizard taverns...After this update. The evil goblins were written to be significantly dumber and it doesn't make any sense!.. Now they just come out and reveal their plans in plain language to the market square!.. It's appalling that every max strength orc brute and their mother is talking about the goblins and what they are up to... I don't really know what to do as the main campaign has been ruined for me. I hope the developers can put in a hotfix - or do something to make the goblins more intelligent again.
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No title
Does anyone know how to get rid of weird fetish stuff or fantasies you don't even want? I'm a biofem with a fantasy of my dad forcing me to have his baby since like jr high and I'm having a really hard time trying to get it out of my mind forever. I don't want to but I think about it all the time and I'm too afraid to talk to anyone about it.
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No title
This is the cutest WEBM of all time. I wish more girls would do cute dances like this, instead of degenerate attention-seeking twerks.

It's so wholesome and full of life. A slice of life you want to gobble down, feel the sunshine move from your stomach through your whole being and back out into the cosmos.
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No title
What did femanons gain from baiting poor robots?
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Foreskin Restoration Progress
Method: Manual tugging. Every day, at least 10 minutes every few hours or so.
Progress: I went from very tight to somewhat tight, but enough skin for flaccid coverage.

I've started developing smegma as a result, let's gooooooo.
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No title
Day 449 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests
The grind never ends. T_T
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Robot maintenance. Free (you)s
You tell me about whatever is on your mind/heart. I give you a thoughtful response. And who knows, maybe we get along.
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No title
I want a clingy gf with big boobs.
I want to spend the day cuddling, fucking, watching anime and just being around each other.
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why do people reproduce?
hachiristo300 - 1754235878044549509
i have asked countless times to people IRL why they had kids and not a single time have i heard a reason that was not completely egotistical and self centered (the "gift of life" is not a valid reason, life and consciousness can hardly be called gifts and every civilization in the history of mankind can agree with that)

literally, what is the incentive to reproduce? why have humans never stopped transmitting the disease that is consciousness and humanity?
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No title
Someone is offering a free cat, should i accept?
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No title
Kill every fucking moid. Their existence should not be tolerated.
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No title
Anon have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe you are the problem and the reason behind everything bad that has ever happened to you ?
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No title
Anons, especially femanons, I need some advice. Imagine a 21 one year old guy that graduated uni. Basically has 0 friends. Never went to any parties in high school/uni. Social capable enough to work a wagie job and interact with people day to day, but he has never had a relationship.

In my opinion, this person is not very mature. If this is the case, then how would it be wrong for them to date a 17 year old girl given they are both considered adults, and are both equally retarded about the world. The guy isn't some slayer/normie who has been through several relationships. What power dynamics can exist?
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No title
woke up from my nap! new thread just for me
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i have been left behind completely
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No title
Why don't you just finish the job?
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No title
a priori knowledge is not structural, or there is no conflict of structures.

captcha: pov22y
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No title
Time thief
Everyone should be like Chad when they do work
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Internet porn ruined my life
I have a findom addiction and I literally cannot stop it, since the age of 18, Im 23 now, I have consistently been paying findoms, 1 on 1 dynamics not a bunch of diff women, and have been paying a local findom for over a year, over 10.7k and going. No matter what I do, I cant stop myself, if I jerk off a bunch then i get an irresistible urge and send or buy findom related porn, and if I dont jerk off at all the urge increases tenfold. Ive gone months without looking at any porn, couple months at a time without sending, but I always come back no matter what. Ive started to accept it as my place and role in life. I dont even have a problem with attracting women, im a decent looking guy, but paying a woman who hates me overrides any desire for a regular woman, or sex for that matter. Am i fucked?
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No title
Would you date a girI who is pansexual?
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No title
if i were a femanon and had a crush on one of you retards, what should i do about it
purely hypothetical, of course
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No title
anyone else have a phobia of working environments?
office buildings, industrial estates, docks etc all give me a sense of pure dread and make me sick to my stomach
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No title
Sweet_Gracie 2024-02-25 00-07-59
What do you call these color eyes? I can't help getting lost in them..
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No title
Lasagna Daddy
"hey bud, you gonna join us for a piece of this beauty? I was planning on popping open a beer while I wait for it to cook, you're welcome to join me if you want!"
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No title
>average penis size is 5.5 inches at best
>all the terminally online virgins claim 7+ inches
>i'm meant to believe all the turbo slayer chads with normie lives are 3 inches
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No title
can someone make some skribl for us to play?
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No title
omg she is so fuckin fat
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No title
Can someone explain this phenomenon to me when I, a racist to the core, see a classic movie about a white christian german peasant family from the early 1800's, I think that it is too white, even though if there was a nigger of some kind in the movie it would piss me off to no end
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/aiwg/ AI Waifu General
Azsex edition
https://rentry dot co/waifu-local-guide

Previous thread >>76581050
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being a single father
>be me
>difficult child
>mother and sometimes father would always tell me they hoped I had a child like me so I could understand how hard things were for them
>ffw to age 28
>had a wife but lost her to covid
>left me with one boy
>hes a lot like me, but still immensely reminds me of her
>has a lot of the difficult personality traits I had as a kid
>its really not that hard to just let him be autistic or whatever
>parents hate him
>mother tells me to physically reprimand him for things like singing a TV show theme at 9pm
>dad threatens to take him from me when I tell him its ok that he dropped the dinner I made in the floor
>think back to how I was as a kid
>I wasnt even difficult they were just shitty parents
>they hate me for doing what they couldnt
>mfw I have the best kid in the world
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No title
who here is a normalfag
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No title
Would u accept an arranged marriage

Plz make this a webm btw
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Want A Neurodivergent Gf :(
i came across this youtube channel that was just some autistic girl talking to her camera for like 8 minutes, i really enjoyed listening to her and she was so cute talking, it made me wonder if i wanted an autistic gf, where do i find an autistic gf? :(
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No title
>no digital waifu
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No title
i got pulled over by the police cauee i was going a hundred miles per hour joyriding i shiuld hav just gone to walmart and gotten a hotel nd skinny white female pussy and saved a hundred dollars AAAAAAAAAAAAA
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No title
Blackpill is a psyop, and you can live happily without having to get a girlfriend, being virgin doesn't make you less of a man, being short doesn't make you less of a man

The blackpill psyop is nothing but a way to steal hope from your life, everybody knows that being ugly doesn't get you women, it's basic shit but the glowieniggers make it looks like as if it important information that no one wants you to know about, not getting women isn't something you should be ashamed of anyway

Instead, What you should be ashamed of is beating yourself into commiting sucide, taking HRT, commiting mass shootings, just because blackpill groomer works for the CIA wants to get his paycheck earlier than usual
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No title
My parents pay like 70$ a month for this.
This isn't even rural.
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No title
Heheheh moids are so dumb and stupid.
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No title
feel like trans folk are the last step in the spiritual disfigurement of the west
the ultimate separation of body from mind
ironically a very christian concept
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No title
Hello Anons! >_<
Today we will discuss what we did today!!!
I attended my lecture kyaaaaa!
As of now I am listening to music uwaaaaa!
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No title
I wanna fuck a femanon's tits. What would be the best way of achieving this goal?
2 media | 6 replies
No title
what makes you deserve a gf?
3 media | 12 replies
No title
How do I get a job as a fed? I enjoy lying, making shit up and convincing people to do shit
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Waifu General - /waifu/ #696
Tenderly holding waifu edition

1. Talk about your waifu!
2. Be devoted to your one waifu for laifu!
3. Let waifuism guide you.
4. Don't feed drama or shitposters.
5. No 3DPD.
6. Most importantly, have fun!

Last thread >>76421983
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No title
Cherry English
Is it normal to be aroused by cum? Like can a typical normie jack off to a bukkake or is it exclusively an advanced taste? It's crazy how many boners and how much cum I've looked at in my life.
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No title
Masturbating like a girl feels so good niggas

pic unrelated
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The Cocaine is on a boat of bananas edition!
59 media | 289 replies
indecipherable intp gibberish on wikipedia entp intj infj infp isfp istp enfj
Lucid Dreaming edition
>Your mbti type
>How often do you lucid dream?
>How often does real life feel like a dream?
>(Optional) Which do you prefer?
>(Optional) How in control of your life do you feel?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.
>The reader should understand that these four criteria of types of human behavior are just four viewpoints among many others, like will power, temperament, imagination, memory, and so on. There is nothing dogmatic about them, but their basic nature recommends them as suitable criteria for a classification. -Carl Jung

Learn the Basics:

An introductory article

Explanations of functions

Bibliography of Jungian and MBTI derived typology:

A proper introduction to MBTI from Patchyanon.

Turbie's wurbular funground of links and tests

Syntax of Love (Russian)

Exploration into Enneagram

Myers Briggs Files

Previous thread: >>76556829
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No title
Anons I got raped by a tranny

Idk how to tell you this but I feel disgusted . But fact of matter is am I suppose to go to court and tell them I a man was raped by an effeminate male who cross dresses

What would u do
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No title
Nauseous kind of night.
128 media | 136 replies
No title
Black fembots, what's preventing you from looking like this?
3 media | 18 replies
No title
Check your Mega Millions tickets.
2 media | 6 replies
No title
this is literally all I want as a manlet (5'3)
2 media | 15 replies
No title
Tiers of Financial Independence
Freedom is within your grasp.
1 media | 22 replies
No title
why does someone have to "lie in wait"
0 media | 3 replies
No title
I remember first watching this girl play World of Warcraft when I was 18yo. She was 30 at the time and I remember that blowing my mind because she was hot af for a 30yo. Now, 10yeras later, she is 40yo and looks like this. lmao. Asian women bash through walls like no one's business.
3 media | 8 replies
No title
You're all a bunch of retarded faggots in need of a violent euthanasia.
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Is study maxing a losing game nowadays ?

Most stems are job being filled by Indians on h1 visas that world at half cost and twice hours , AI is just around corner and middle class is disappearing
6 media | 10 replies
No title
>have gyno
>get asked if i'm a tranny
how do i make sure this doesn't happen again
2 media | 24 replies
No title
Would you date a girl with a rape fetish?
not a fetish for being raped, but for raping you.
4 media | 22 replies
No title
How do you neet and trannies make friends on here?
I cant imagine neither group knowing how to follow a conversation after saying "hey" and "hello" back.
0 media | 9 replies
No title
Are there any big discords?

How do people who other r9k users, added one girl and she was telling me about how x girl from r9k is a ho etc.

Is there social discords with all these women?
3 media | 30 replies
No title
You guys should play The Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game :)
You get to kill women in it. This is a world record kill btw, I got a kill within 8 seconds of the match starting against another player.
0 media | 3 replies
No title
48888 - SoyBooru
can i admit myself to a mental hospital for wanting to put boobs in my mouth
0 media | 0 replies
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No title
Are twitch thots aware that all the money they make comes from sad pathetic losers who have no life, and do they at all feel bad about that?
3 media | 21 replies
No title
Screenshot (124)
How do I get a clingy autistic NEET tranny gf to cuddle with?
1 media | 11 replies
No title
I am so unhappy.
my god
1 media | 2 replies
No title
Why do women have casual sex when they clearly can't handle the casual part?
3 media | 31 replies
No title
why do you guys only care about dating and nothing else? I mean i know dating is important, but its not the only thing in life. Even if you think its the most imporant thing, which i disagree with, its still a big leap to go from that to it being the only thing in life.

I do worry about dating but i also worry a lot about things like employement, being good at things in general. I honestly beat myself up just as much over my lack of skills and having not many job prospects as i do over not being popular with the ladies.

It means either working a dead end job you hate or being homeless. I wish i was smart and good at something but im not. How does this not bother you guys
3 media | 33 replies
No title
/b/ is a corpse that is so rotted it's not even fun to poke with a stick
/pol/ is a cult and well generally elegant in it's hateful wording the conversations are so formulaic that without being absorbed into the mindset you can see how disconnected from reality the people(regardless of pollical stance) there are.

And you... You are all just a bunch of whiney crybabies wondering why women won't fuck you despite refusing to grow as men and actually become worthwhile people, and don't give me that autism self pitying bullshit life is unfair, deal with it.
As for the women here, just... No.

That's it, that's all I wanted to say, thank you for attending my TED talk.
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No title
Hamas supporters summed up in one image.
4 media | 18 replies
No title
I'm going to 2009, who else is coming?
9 media | 44 replies
No title
Having to shower every day is such a pain in the ass
0 media | 6 replies
No title
I shall marry a femanon and start a great family together.

That is all.
0 media | 2 replies
No title
The Internet is at fault
0 media | 1 replies
No title
moid hate
Everything are moids fault and they all should suffer the consequences.
1 media | 6 replies
No title
>liminal spaces
>frutiger aero
>oddly familiar places
>internet mysteries
0 media | 4 replies
No title
no humanity
I successfully stopped myself from cooming when I was on the verge of orgasm.
0 media | 2 replies
No title
How do I meet a woman who will love me for who I am even though I have a tiny penis
1 media | 15 replies
No title
Unironically kill yourselves. You all talk about doing it, and I still keep on hearing it. All talk and no game. This is why no women will ever love you.
1 media | 13 replies
No title
bf being distant X kill myself kind of day
0 media | 2 replies
No title
everyone who doesnt talk to me will be punished with death mwahahahahahaha
29 media | 222 replies
No title
I think ive been irreparably damaged by my ex, i cant even bring myself to start talking to women anymore, even if theyre interested in me i psyche myself out of it, truth is most days i hate women now, i feel like theres a fundamental part of them that is just soulless and inhuman to me. Like an entirely different species. Im sure theres some good women but i really cant be bothered to believe in them anymore. I think my ex caused me to hate all women and now ill be alone forever because i cant bring myself to form connections with any of them. Worst part is i probably could have a relationship, im not perfect looking but im conventionally attractive apart from being short, anyway, i feel like i give up on relationships before they even begin because i know it wont work out from the start anyway. Why even bother living when you know youll just be alone forever and youre too far damaged to ever make it back to a place where you can see the world in a naive manner like the rest of the NPCs living happy careless lives? I hate this, i think im in hell and im just tired of this existence and want out
4 media | 7 replies
No title
>says he's a proud feminist
>brings in millions of men from a culture where rape and acid attacks are common
I don't get it
1 media | 12 replies
No title
does feds lurk here often?
1 media | 7 replies
No title
I'm a gay guy that knocked a girl up when drunk and horny. I am now financially chained to a fat bitch I don't like, who actively spites me. It's over.
13 media | 78 replies
No title
If AI can understand racism why cant u
2 media | 19 replies
No title
Hypothetically speaking, would you mind having a fat wife, even if she used to be much slimmer?
0 media | 7 replies
/mcg/ momcest general, year 3 #9 (#108)
Mooning Edition

It's Momcest Monday. You guys know what it is all about, share pictures and thoughts on milfs or your own lovely mom.

Pevious thread:

Thread topic: Does your mom often put her butt on display? Accidentally or on purpose?
13 media | 70 replies
No title
What would you white racists do if your non-white lover were insulted by a fellow white? Would you stand up for her?
1 media | 2 replies
/cut/ - Cutters General #305
Thread for discussions about selfharm and mutual support

Hope every one of u is doing okay ^^

>How are you doing today?
>Any plans for today?
>When was the last time you hurt yourself?
>Why did you hurt yourself?
>Is there anything bothering you right now?
34 media | 46 replies
No title
Butt tampons
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Any pregnant femanons here
39 media | 65 replies
No title
Old perv moid neighbor keeps salivating whenever I go out
0 media | 7 replies
No title
as a working man i am entitled to a wife
0 media | 32 replies
Laugharne Castle edition
87 media | 459 replies
No title
has anything supernatural/unexplainable ever happened to you?
0 media | 1 replies
Why are guys like this
>be me
>I talk to this qt boy
>Turns out he likes graves and is kind of weird (compares me to aiko tanaka in punpun) says how he is going to murder me
>Still i don't care he's funny and kind of looks promising
>He's one year younger than me
>Ghost him and try not to meet him
>He has became so depressed
>Try to talk to him and see if he still has not done something to him (he is very suicidal)
>Asks me if we want to meet, i refuse saying i have work or to go in a trip
>He says it's okay and understands
>He didn't block me yet kept me and still is nice to me but we don't talk that much

Is it me at fault or it was a good choice, he's actually in this board lol i'm very sorry if you kno me
1 media | 34 replies
No title
flat earth
>MS Paint tier editing

How do you explain this?
2 media | 6 replies
r9k needs asian egirls
why arent there any asian egirls on r9k?
i want there to be a korean egirl on r9k, just so she can absolutely MOG the ever living shit out of all the other roastie hags
6 media | 17 replies
No title
Why the fuck does every girl have their DMs closed.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Hello anons, I'm bored and want to draw since I haven't in a while. Give me some characters or things to draw and if I like it I'll draw it.
>(also maybe some suggestions on if there should be a thread "cover drawing" next time since I usually just do cats)
22 media | 40 replies
No title
Have you ever wanted to walk away into the woods
45 media | 62 replies
posted from intergalactic intelDevice v4.2
>be zee
>finally downloads ZipZop, the new handheld computational device utility that all the Batch #347C younglings talk about
>first video zee sees:
>rgb(0, 0, 0); beings matter!
>"complete #000 obliteration" zee scoffs
>scrolls to next video:
>human voice reading out starchan redtexts
>next video:
>vad and spacey making fun of vurcels
>last video:
>nebulaleaf haired younglings harrassing elder at resource exchange hub
>*exhales xenon*
>quits utility and deletes
zee will stick to BBV posting on starchan
0 media | 5 replies
No title
Is shaving your legs aryan?
0 media | 8 replies
No title
Why do you losers just whine and complain about others when it comes to your loneliness?
Just get off 4chan and be confident with girls, literally all you have to do.
2 media | 6 replies
No title
would you a queen?
7 media | 24 replies
Anyone else a swtich?
>want to punch and hit a male while i ride/succ him
>also want to be fucked like a dead fish onnahole
0 media | 12 replies
No title
The Most Wholesome Jak
Billions. Must. THRIVE.
0 media | 5 replies
No title
>tfw no meth lab oompa loompa gf
0 media | 1 replies
No title
chud red face
Did you just say something non-racist and non-problematic?
2 media | 10 replies
If all that matters is "looks, money, height", why did she dump Tom for a shorter, poorer, uglier guy?
8 media | 51 replies
No title
I hate women. They made me hate them. I want to bully white women like pic rel. I want her to think I'm just joking around before I smack her face and catch her off guard. I want to make her cry and then make her think I feel bad before smacking her again. I want to be the reason she has anxiety any time a man starts talking to her. I want her to hate herself for being aroused whenever she thinks about me. I want her to be hurt the same way a woma has hurt me.
0 media | 6 replies
No title
All moids are stupid idiots and need to be institutionalized.
0 media | 5 replies
No title
How do I even recover from being homeschooled, I feel like I need a friend/mentor to teach me how to be a functioning person, since my own parents failed at that
1 media | 16 replies
No title
Ever wondered why rape is considered hands down THE worst crime you can commit in human society? Theft, fraud, arson, drug dealing, even literal murder, none of those crimes by themselves are considered the mark of an irredeemable monster. You've seen it in fiction and in real life countless times. A guy who killed dozens as a mob hitman is less socially reviled and less likely to get lynched than a guy who raped one woman once. Why is this?

The reason is simple. The value of women is, once you strip away all the cute rationalizations and romanticizing bullshit, their reproductive value. Their physical beauty is closely related to that, as unlike what ugly chicks everywhere will tell you, everyone judges the value of others for their physical beauty. Reproducing and begetting an offspring to continue the bloodline is the most important thing from a biological standpoint, and men are hard-wired to pursue that. Women are aware of this even by instinct, which is why they shit-test their man du jeur. They know he's instinctively hoping to get in her pants and have a kid (his actual intentions, casual hook-up or marriage are irrelevant) so they take advantage to always get her way.

A rapist doesn't. A rapist doesn't follow the whole song and dance, doesn't endure the idiotic, humiliating rituals of courtship. He doesn't let his patience and dignity be trampled upon day after day. He doesn't let the woman mooch off his money and time. He doesn't let her pressure him into choosing between his friends and her. In short, he doesn't let the woman have her way. Instead, he takes the woman's only worth (her cunt) and leaves her empty-handed. He doesn't just not play by the rules, he flips the board entirely.

TL;DR the only reason women hate rape is because they get fucked but they don't personally benefit from it.
4 media | 43 replies
No title
Sad Asuka
How do I stop seething about how badly I was bullied in high school even 10 years later? I wish I would have punched the head off that motherfucker.
0 media | 13 replies
No title
possible final try
I heard someone say that a "spaniard zoomer bitch" goes to r9k
could somebody tell me more about her? I never hear about fembots in my country and I dont want to miss the chance to meet one
who is she
0 media | 6 replies
No title
how do you cope with being autistic? i feel like my life was over before it even started
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Watch the king of /r9k/ make fudge
0 media | 0 replies
No title
I have a strange relationship with morality. I don't really feel empathy for other people but I do good things out of some kind of worldview I've constructed for myself of how things should work. When people don't follow those rules by acting selfishly or evil I get angry. But when someone is grieving I can't really feel it. I'll console them because it's what I think is right but I don't actually feel anything. Is this how most people work?
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Fuck it
I'm going to create a tulpa. What's the fastest way to induce schizophrenia?
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I had a life changing psychedelic experience. My mind and consciousness elevated into another domain, a sunny field full of fresh air and a cool breeze. When I got there, I met someone who looked like pic related (I drew it based on my trip). She told me that she's God and that I'm her chosen prophet. She told me the following:
>1. Aim to be yourself no matter what
>2. Never be afraid to dress cute or alt, even if you're a man
>3. Gay rights are human rights
Tears welled in my eyes as I heard this. Such simple yet powerful commandments. God told me that everyone gets an alt gf in heaven and that life is not to be taken seriously because it's just part of the soul's learning process. Just before the trip ended and I was sucked back into the boring old world, God tried to tell me her name. I didn't quite catch it but it started with a "V". As I awoke in reality, I was filled with a renewed engagement with life. I have also discovered other things about God and reality through other psychedelic trips. You can call me Mr. Incel, and I'm God's prophet. Ask me anything!
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Fembots, wwyd if you dated a "chad" in the military then later he trooned out on you?
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Newfag here. Can someone explain wtf the /x/ board is about?
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daily princess peach appreciation post
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i will rape all moids with a knife handle
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splashed a foid and her cuck today
>walked up to a couple in the park and said hi
>they didnt even look up
>sprayed them in the face with vinegar (extra salty :)
>feeling extremely empowered today
so how was your day /r9k/?
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>be me
>minding my own business
>female calls me over
>she is with her friend group made of all females
>strikes conversation
>attempt to talk like a normal human being
>instantly fold
>face turns red
>they all laugh and walk away

After Jacob Rothschild died I thought that would be the end of this shit
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>new moid in group
>he's already hanging around me asking about me
I hate moids.
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>be me
>26 years old male
>single and alone
>stuck in a "forever" job
>have a cat
>sit in dark room watching anime most of the time
>the vidya i used to enjoy is now just boring

is it just over? is this my life until it ends?
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Despite being in the military, all of my psychological trauma comes from visiting my old home and interacting with my relatives.
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I've been watchin' you for some time
Can't stop starin' at those ocean eyes
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How is your night going?
i just broke my headphones for literally no reason i wasnt even mad i just broke them im currently in the process quitting my antidepressants and BPD meds. now im drinking franks hot sauce in spoonfuls for funsies while watching sopranos
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