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Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.

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Why are you a virgin?
IF you're 18+ and STILL a virgin, what's the reason? Apparently it's really easy to find someone to have sex with in 2022, it doesn't matter if you're straight, gay or whatever.

My reason? I don't go outside. I don't think i look bad or suck at socializing, it's just i don't really have an interest in people...
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No title
asian chang wmaf pov
>A self-proclaimed Chang (an "Asian Chad") complaining that Asian girls in Seattle go for "skinny white guys"
LOL, lmao even
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how can I approach cute boys in the bus?
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No title
>feminize myself for my fetish
>now look like a girl but Im used to it so its not hot
>life still sucks and theres still nothing to do
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No title
I am really gonna enjoy this
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Letter Thread
Write a letter to someone who may or may not see it in this thread: Letters to past r9k friends Edition
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Picrew Thread
You know the deal, make your gf/yourself and rate other anons and guess their personalities. Don't lazypost please and rate some other anons.
Here is a sweet gf I made, she has a small garden she takes care of.

You can search for your own maker by yourself (put the link for others):
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No title
Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 16-26-08 0gfn8yy5smt71 jpg (WEBP Image, 1080 × 846 pixels)
I love googling for something and finding bits of the old internet. Like this post about the philosophical meaning in Ergo Proxy
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No title
heh my shrooms came. this board sucks
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No title
What is your honest opinion about women?
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No title
>join a discord
>everyone seems pretty cool, conversation is interesting
>woman joins and kills the atmosphere
>all conversation must now focus on the woman
I hate women
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No title
Why is it that rape is so much more traumatizing to people than anything else, despite the fact that it probably hurts much less than being mugged and beaten up? Is the idea societally reinforced, and people are actually being traumatized more than they really should be?
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no nonces edition
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Top VS Bottom requirements in 2022
Daily reminder that femboy/transfoid/real femoid requirements for men/tops in 2022 are as follows...

>Have natural perfectly symmetrical supermodel-tier facial aesthetics
>Have a god-like sculpted body that even Hercules himself would envy
>Be tall, (6'5"/200cm or over)
>Be ripped, (be able to bench press atleast 500lbs without steroids)
>Be wealthy, (have a networth of atleast 1 million usd or make high 6-figures annually)
>Be neurotypical, being on the ASD or having any other learning disability is a death sentence, no exceptions
>Be white, no exceptions
>Have blue or green eyes, no exceptions
>Be instantly popular among everyone they come into contact with, in other words possessing a radiant halo effect
>Possess a 12" dick when erect and 6" when flaccid minimum
>Have immaculate health 24/7 thanks to good genetics no matter what you do

Men's requirements for femfag twinks/troons/foids in 2022...

>Be loyal & supportive
>Don't be fat or old
>Have silky smooth skin & bussy/pussy
>Don't be a bitch

Why is this so much to ask for incels such as myself? What the fuck went wrong in the last 2 generations?!?! Hypergamy and the Jews are to blame for the suffering of sub5 men in today's clown world, effectively turning most of them into more incels. The 80/20 rule affects all sexual dating markets in current year and it is only going to get worse, also thanks to you degenerates! Also to any Chads or foids reading this, GET THE FUCK OFF MY BOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1

>Transbians & Chads fuck off, no one cares what you think!
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No title
Guy scenario:
> sign the ticket
> Do I have to?
> Sign the ticket or go to jail
> Fine
Woman scenario:
> Thought she had pussy privilege
> Sign the ticket.
> Why?
> Broke rules.
> Didn't know.
> Now you do. Sign.
> No.
> Sign or go to jail.
> What your badge number?
> Badge: #### name: xxxx
> What your name?
> Repeats
> Okay enough, sign ticket
> No
> Okay, hands behind back
> Surprised Pikachu face
> Realizes pussy privilege isn't working
> Officer is black, race card won't work
> M-Mister Brooks what are you doing!?
> Guy starts white knighting
> You don't have to grab her like that
> Ignored
> Woman cries like a toddler
> I'll sign it, P-Please!
> Officer gives no fucks
Feels good. Feels like a win for us boys.

Enjoy picrel, the look of an arrogant hole bleeder realizing she fucked up.

> Inb4 nigg nigg nigg
Fuck off no one cares about your race baiting
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No title
This place has always been vile and disgusting in it's attempts to demoralize people. So if I may ask... Can I be shown some things in a positive light? Self Improvement Examples?
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No title
I'm not crying. (I'm crying)

Happy anniversary guys
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No title
vocaroo thread! let's hear your beautiful voices robots
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No title
I need to get to the absolute truth of the circumcision matter. I need to know how much pleasure I'm missing out on, if any. It's so hard to sift through what's real and what's bullshit.
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No title
Reading incel posts makes me think that incels are really just autistic. Perhaps you guys should get checked out as NHS considers it a genuine issue that needs professional attention.

Incels say they can't make eye contact well or start conversations or misunderstand social interactions and are happy to be on their own for prolonged periods of time. It all sounds like autism. Autism is also a scale, so you could just be mildly autistic or very autistic.

Get checked incels and virgins.
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No title
The Last White Man
>Calm eventually settles when the world's population turns brown and white people become a distant memory
>a "post-racial world" literally means "a world with zero White people."
Are they telling us openly that the goal of ending racism is no more white people?
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No title
I genuinely have no idea what I look like. I look different in every picture of myself. I look radically different when the lighting changes. Sometimes I look attractive, sometimes I look freakishly ugly. I'm afraid to even try online dating because i genuinely think I might be catfishing. There are photos of me where I look like an 8.5/10, and photos where I look like a 3/10. It's maddening.
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No title
She's doing her thang!
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No title
The only reason for self improvement is to make yourself feel better. There's no other reason to do it if you're a robot. If you self improve for women, by the time you become functional they'll have rode dozens of dicks and will try to take advantage of you through LTRs after having their fun. Just forget women altogether. Do it for yourself.
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No title
how would you feel if dr. house tortured you and insulted you
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No title
> be robot
> coom to porn all day of stacy
> spam gifs all day of stacy
> orbit digital discord e-girl stacy
> come to r9k

why can't incels just admit they have standards or that a small part of them is sad they don't get to date some perfect fantasy woman? and if they do have standards, why not just analyze what they are and where they originate from? you guys are such emotional low attention span pissbabies
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No title
30+ anons, what would you do different if you woke up tomorrow and were 25 again?
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No title
Canadians are such a silly people lmao

Why are they like this?
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No title
Gay bros how would you feel if you found out that that cute boy you were crushing on was actually an FtM tranny?
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No title
>somali women are ugl.........
APOLOGIZE robots!!!
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No title
I hate being a bi-fag in 2022

LGBT is so fucking cringe these days, when did this shit go from "2 guys loving each other" to "Stacy They/Xe/She Biromantic Panflexible" type people who encourage 6 year old children to be a troon and want to normalize pedophilia
I legit don't wanna tell anyone about my sexuality because I don't wanna be assosciated with this shit
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reviewing gf applications
this could be we-
please post your
>body type
>optionally anything else

requirements to apply: must be female, and live in oregon

I am hyper white, 6'4, 195lb, 6/10
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No title
I just want a few lads to go to a pub/tavern with and have a pint while singing pub/tavern songs
Is that too much to ask
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Fappable characters
Post characters that you find weirdly fappable.

One Punch Man offers the best designs
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No title
>apply for three jobs yesterday
>not a single one called me
It's over for me.
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No title
When a woman says she wants a man to show their emotions, it's essentially a filter to see who they think is weak or not. The only way to pass the filter is to be stoic most of the time but also to pretend to show some emotion if they keep nagging you about it.
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No title
>been laying in my bed for past 17 hours
>no energy to do anything
>don't even feel like playing vidya or cooming
this might be the end for me robros
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No title
>be me
>actually have have gf
>find out about penis sleeves (pic related)
>jokingly say to gf we should try it
>she agrees
>what have done.jpg
>order a relatively smaller one, adds half an inch of girth and an inch and a half of length
>have sex when it arrives
>she's more vocal than any time before and won't stop talking about it afterwards
>convinces me to get a bigger one
>she likes it even more
>she orders a huge dildo and starts having me use it on her
>now she's starting to talk about bringing in a guy with a big cock for a threesome

Did I cuck myself, bros?
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No title
>yeah women totally don't care about virginity bro
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No title
demo main here
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No title
This girl just sent me a drawing she did of me.
I think it's kinda cute.
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No title
>loving and supportive family
>no financial worries
>physically healthy
>no angst over getting a gf or whatever
>dream programming job, interesting work, chill environment
Objectively speaking I'm in a great situation. Yet somehow I'm still miserable.
>can barely make 20h/week
>probably gonna be let go if I don't hit 40h soon
>neglect and avoid everything, flake out on friends constantly
>just sit in my room and piss away my life online
Why do I sabotage myself like this? Am I just a weak person? What the fuck is wrong with me?

Also general feels thread.
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No title
Why do posts like this get so many updoots on reddit?
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No title
Undying and unreleting love for tomboy gf
36 media | 112 replies
No title
How do people outside of 85 percentile in tems of looks, dicksize, money, and status even enjoy things?
How are they not constantly feeling crushed by awareness of their ultimate replaceability in the lives of people close to them?
That literally everyone they know will drop them under the bus if the opportunity presents itself.
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No title
Posting n*jaks is as bad as posting w*jaks!
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Meta Fembot Thread
>"Women who post on 4chan/like weeb shit are sluttier than normal women"

I see this posted a lot on here. How true is it and why?
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No title
maxresdefault (2)
Hey anons, I started watching Andrew Tate and Fresh and Fit and their videos are great and they inspire me to try to get money and bang hot chicks.

However, Andrew Tate said he won't reveal his secrets until I buy his $50 membership and Fresh and Fit also paywall all their advice.

I'm so pumped to stop being an incel and poorfag , but I don't want to spend cash on advice that might not work.

I feel so lost. Is there any youtuber who gives out life advice for free?
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No title
Why do women always want men taller than them? Why are they so unrealistic about it?

I'm 6'7 and I always imagined the size difference would make sex, hugging, kissing etc with the average woman awkward.
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No title
I know I'm being scammed, I just haven't figured.. it out yet? This guy wants me to mobile deposit this check, but the routing number (077910) appears to be bunk.

I feel like this is the hook. If I tried to deposit this check, would he be able to get MY routing number and account # and then try to pull the money from me? I don't get it.
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dirfting cat by anonymous
touching the fabric of reality edition

previous thread >>69701351
85 media | 474 replies
No title
I unofficially dropped out of school this monday and my parents are trying to be nice about it, but i feel really guilty when my dad tries to nudge me to keep studying or whatever. I don't know how to tell them i'm never gonna be anything and that i don't like other people or life in general. How did your parents react when they found out you are incapable of living a normal life or having a relationship?
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No title
>tfw no brown gf for vigorously breeding
How do I cope?
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No title

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No title
Have you ever met a girl with a good personality or could hold a conversation?
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Math Fixation in School
Has anyone else noticed a trend of math fixation in school? Mind you I graduated highschool in 2010, and in the last year I didn't even take a math class, but it was only because I spent years just struggling with it. I went to 5 different highschools and two middleschools, and saw a very weird trend

>all classes are given equal time, despite how much more complex they are
>Each type of math problem / equation / lesson is given only ONE lesson to teach
>the learning examples are of course easy, but the homework is long, and the questions are all 'trick questions', as they don't JUST use the original formula but require you to cross reference earlier formulas and find a way to combine them
>instead of teaching you how to do this, you are expected to know how to do this on the first grading, otherwise you are taught like you are not applying yourself, even though it is not taught
>the test versions are that times 10
>the homework is given daily as its the only way to learn, and if you don't get the first problem of a lesson group, you can be struggling all week as each lesson builds on that formula in a new way
>students feel so overwelmed and exhausted by this that they ALWAYS have their math homework, because being behind just one day would be hell
>but history, literature, etc. homework is often not there, and teachers feel like the entire class is a failure, even though they all did their math homework it just took them hours and then they were too tired to memorize history facts

i see it killing so many students struggling to learn.
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No title
Is not getting along with your parents the biggest predictor of life unhappiness?
0 media | 9 replies
No title
Hello, I'm 159cm African guy from Congo, I heard that Koreans generally Asians are short, so therefore I want to go to South Korea, what are my chances at getting hot around 7/10+ korean girl?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
23 is the DEATH SENTENCE year. At that age there is NO more getting fresh young pussy. You will never get teen pussy again at the age. Even the 18-20 year old crowd will start to think you're old. Even mentally ill girls online that get groomed will preclude you because of your age (not that you should be interested in that). You are an adult. You will never be youthful and fun and carefree again. The good times are gone. Forever.
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No title
Is my video game walkthrough comfy? Do I have what it takes?
0 media | 21 replies
No title
It's not that serious.
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Is it common fot Virgins to be the biggest perverts? I'm three years away from Wizardhood and i think about porn and lewd /degenerate shit non stop.
1 media | 2 replies
No title
Ban makeup.
15 media | 141 replies
No title
The least women can do is cover themselves, so as to not taunt the sex-deprived men of society with their captivating features, it's like walking past a homeless man with a gucci watch and not giving him a penny.
What do guys think of hijabs?
1 media | 10 replies
No title
>have a comfy nap
>have a tasty breakfast with mom
>clean up the bathrooms
>hang up the laundry in this heat
time to smoke
cheers desu
46 media | 54 replies
No title
Did you do good in school growing up(before high school)? If not why and what would of motivated you to?
4 media | 5 replies
No title
why do genetically superior males exist? and why do they have it all while the rest has so little?

isn't it unfair?
1 media | 3 replies
No title
this is me and anon <3
6 media | 27 replies
No title
me right now
hey wait a second what the fuck are we how do we exist ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA LMAO WTF
2 media | 4 replies
Reading women's forums
Do you guys ever go to womens only websites and pore over all the fucked up shit they write?

>I genuinely feel no empathy for men anymore, I dont even see them as people. I wish most of them would just kill themselves.

Summary of the shit they say and think:
>they genuinely despise most men
>some of them hate their fathers and comment on how ugly their own fathers are
>they dont get the law of supply and demand regarding the top 5 percent of guys theyre all gunning for. They dont understand why attractive men have the largesse to treat them like dirt
>they make quite startling displays of a lack of empathy towards men, pic related
>they gnash their teeth over mens preferences in women because they range towards young girls
>they despise computer nerds
>they are disgusted when men make sex jokes

Shits fucked. Its probably better that Im single.

Anyway, griping about women thread
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No title
ITT: You are transported into isekai universe of the last game you played
38 media | 84 replies
The perfect cock
tfw you will never get to experience having the perfect cock
26 media | 52 replies
How to play doom
Just bought most of the Doom games. Bought a collection on steam, so the 1993 Doom up until Doom Eternal and basically everything between that. Should I enjoy the oldest game first and go from there or play the newer ones first and then start with the old ones in chronological order?
2 media | 3 replies
No title
To Women,

I resent you because it feels like all your problems are actually very easily solvable, and that the only reason they persist i that you like being miserable as an excuse for sympathetic attention.


>Last Thread:
>Song of The Day:
>Haiku(Senryu) of The Night:
I am sleeping now
but my mind races through dreams
Not one is peaceful
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Why hasnt the world crumbled already?
In the last 20 years the world has had so many close call disaster events (WW3, asteroids, earthquakes, volcanos, rouge AI etc.)
Why hasnt any of these come into fruition yet?
I mean the Yellowstone volcano is literally 50,000 years over-due for an explosion and it still hasnt erupted yet.
I swear to god there has to be some kind of demonic deity that is post-poning all this shit so that my shit life continues of marching forward into shit. Then only in my old age or when Im dead will he release the biblical cascades of destruction because Im too useless to garner misery from. Only then will the future young chads and staceys will experience the coolness of restarting earth from anew and living a simple, primitive life only for humanity to end up doing the same shit and Im somehow reincarnated at the end of every era right before doomsday.
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No title
>go to barber
Without fail, there is always one low IQ dude talking about pussy non-stop. gf stress, baby mama drama, dating app matches, plans to try and fuck on the weekend.

>join sports team
Half the dudes are low IQ, working jobs with no future progression and talking about their baby mama drama. I don't even find their banter funny because I just find their existence so disgusting.

I'm noticing this more and more. Everywhere I go, there's some socially accepted normie coomer that can't think about much past pussy and grug-tier thoughts, that has managed to father kids and almost always separated from the child's mother. These are the people reproducing. These low IQ retards that live a pitiful existence. Can barely string sentences together properly. Mouthy banter with the energy of a 5yo and doesn't stop cracking jokes. How do they do it?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
Does anyone else here respect Chad's and not resent them? Not worship them just regular respect. They can't help being 6'2+ and they just got delt a better hand in life, but I don't resent them
0 media | 16 replies
No title
Have you niggas ever seen Rihanna's dad? Wtf even is genetics? It's all just random af, isn't it?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
>having semi-deep eye contact with a person I somewhat like
>it's actually pretty nice
Does that mean I don't have autism?
1 media | 3 replies
No title
How do you attract or talk to women in this country?
If no girls like you on tinder or anything else on the internet .
Will there be girls that like you irl ?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
3 days of freedom my niggers let's goooooo
0 media | 0 replies
No title
Is moving out worth it anons? The benefits would be the ability to get girls, potentially getting a social life, and privacy from my family. The downside is having to work full time.
4 media | 30 replies
/r9k/ demographics
I'd say this board is 99% incels and 1% biological women.
Of the 99% of the incels,
- 1/3rd of them are true incels that correctly identify the blackpill
- Another 1/3rd of them are uncle tomcels who are familiar with the blackpill, but actively make an effort to cope around it (see picrel)
- and another 1/3 are underage and are just copying the behavior of either of the aforementioned.
5 media | 31 replies
No title
rip phoneposting :/
3 media | 12 replies
No title
Are u guys bots?
4 media | 10 replies
No title
Any anons went down both paths? What was it like?
21 media | 76 replies
No title
>ugly personality
>ugly face

If I ever plan on having friends and a girlfriend should I be more kind and happy? I'm just so angry all the time and rarely get along with people, I don't think I'll ever get a girlfriend this way, I've had some girls try to befriend me but I'm so rude to everyone they eventually just give up.
0 media | 1 replies
1 year anniversy - wife still hasnt fulfilled promise to have sex with me
I know many of you will think this is larp but we went to Liberty University (before dropping out) where it's normal to wait to have sex. She told me when we were boyfriend and girlfriend that she was waiting for marriage even though I know she had sex with "exes" who I found out from research were never really her boyfriends.. they wanted nothing to do with her and she still cries over one, yet larps she "regrets" losing her virginity whenever I bring up how unfair it is to me. I thought I was losing my virginity my wedding night but she has come up with excuses for close to a year now. It feels sooooo bad being married for a year and still a virgin.

I hope it will be worth the wait but I'm really worried it's never gonna happen based on how she acts. She will not let me see her naked and I'm not allowed to be naked in front of her. The first time I got out of the shower with no clothes on in front of her she made a really big deal about it and made me feel like a mangey dog
0 media | 0 replies
No title
i'm not edgy, i'm a realist, everyone is going to die eventually, that makes every moment precious
0 media | 3 replies
No title
How many of you are middle aged guys in your 30s and still dreaming of fixing your life?
5 media | 14 replies
No title
I'm just getting into tranny porn, I tried it before but never really committed to it. Any advice?
5 media | 33 replies
No title
My parents are selling their house and everytime someone comes over to view it were supposed to just leave but before we leave I have to clean my entire room with piss bottles and everything in like 10 minutes. Its literally hell becasue I wake up at 4pm hungover as fuck and my parents just barge in are like
>wake the fuck up people are coming to view the house, clean your entire room and bathroom in 10 minutes
I hate my life I want to kill myself.
0 media | 13 replies
should i go to uni?
im in the eu its free but really dont want to only want job prospects

i am a hikki neet so i really see myself jumping off the classrooms windows to my death
0 media | 22 replies
No title
Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 18-50-50 Cost of living The people using OnlyFans as a second job to help with bills
The degradation of society
11 media | 71 replies
Fucking hate heat. Every summer seems to be hotter and longer than the last, making me already fear for next year's summer.
Climate disaster pretty much confirmed.

Right now it's 2am and I can't fucking sleep because it's so humid and hot.
Summers are so tough on my mind and body that I often need months to recover from it.
I shiver from hatred every day the Sun shines.

Pic is what I want.
0 media | 5 replies
No title
2im1whj07ra81 R
What causes a girl to have a high-pitched, almost squeal-like voice? She lives above me and is extraordinarily shy, I mean like afraid of even speaking to people outside of her family, but she's short and cute as well, and so I'm wondering what this could be as I gauge whether I should look into this. Since this is 4chan, I should specify she is about the same age as me and an adult.
0 media | 10 replies
No title
>Um... Anon? During our encounter with the slimes yesterday, one of them crawled inside my bowels... and it's getting bigger. Please, do something. It hurts...

How do you respond?
1 media | 2 replies
No title
>6 inch dick
>constantly called "inadequate" or "not compatible sexually" by women who just won't say that I'm a dicklet
why even fucking live anymore I've gotten maybe 50 attempts at sex in the bedroom and only 10 of those even got to the blowjob phase after which 7 of them said they felt sick and "had too much to drink" so they had to go home and then of the remaining 3 I only "put it in" (if you can call it that) 2 of them while 1 of them puked on my bed and passed out in the puke.

Fucking just it's over.
15 media | 117 replies
No title
Post your stories of girls you thought werent whores but turns out, surprise, they were
0 media | 0 replies
No title
This whole world was designed to torture me. This entire world is my own personal torment chamber and the entire world revolves around making me miserable

Its all too perfect. Its all too calculated.
0 media | 10 replies
Why do normies love HUGE CROWDS?
crushed to death
It just occurred to me that pretty much all of the problems with normies--both for themselves and for others--come from crowd psychology.
>Sports normies start sports riot, get themselves killed.
>Political normies start political riot, burn down the neighborhod.
>Drunk normies cram 1000 of themselves into a tiny nightclub, club burns down, half of them die
>Angry normies start lynch mob, get innocent man thrown in jail then lynched
>Early modern period normies get into witch hunting, literally just randomly grab people they don't like the look of and demand the authorities put them to death.
It really seems like 90% of the problems in normies' lives comes from this crowd psychology phenomenon. If you don't know, crowd psychology establishes that people lose their sense of individuality in crowds and regress to a more animalistic level. The end result is piles of normies crowding together and in many cases getting themselves killed.
Apparently, the motive here is that the loss of conscience and intellect while part of a crowd makes the normie feel powerful. That may be the case, but how do you not understand that being in a stampeding crowd is likely to get you killed? Just the sheer physical aspect of it is pretty disturbing: if an enormous crowd starts stampeding, you can get crushed to death; if it starts rioting, you can get punched in the face; if it pisses off the authorities, you can get thrown in jail, etc. Why in God's name would you consider it a good thing to become part of an animal herd? Being human is all about having a higher standard than animals; wearing clothing, thinking critically, having manners, etc.
0 media | 3 replies
No title
What websites do you read on a daily basis?
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Has anyone tried the passive lengthening devices?
What is your experience?
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Why is there the societal expectation that by 18 you should already know what you want to do for the next 60 years of your life? Fuck man if it was up to me I would stay at home all day long.
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animals everywhere
i am the only one with a soul
it is so lonely
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When did you realize the true purpose of bullying?
>Picrel fat manlet goes to school in ww1 uniform
>instantly reported for being a nazi
>meanwhile tall chad goes to school with all his friends dressed as ww1 german officers
>people compliment his outfit
>hangs out with his clown gf, she comments on how tall he is

Personally when I was in school I noticed that even the quiet chads never got bullied, even the autistic chads that did weird shit. Meanwhile if a sub5 even looked at someone wrong, it was instant justification for fucking with them.
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Do you picture yourself the way you actually look or do you pretend you're handsome just for funsies?
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warmed up
>mfw im just gettin warmed up
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>got leg lengthening surgery
>still no matches on tinder
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i'm 24, 5'7" and have never had a gf
is it over for me, bros.
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Anyone else getting the "install android cleaner" pop up on the phone when opening r9k?

It's only popping upon r9k for me. Don't know if it's my phone or one of the ads is doing something it shouldn't be doing.
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Do you ever doubt your decision to give up on finding love? I mean, don't you feel it's hasty to close the door of possibility so early and conclude you'll just alone for the rest of your life? Most of you are still so young, you'll be here a long time. Are you REALLY sure it's hopeless?
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New Hampshire
why does this state suck so hard?
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Kirby Air Ride
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How do I get an Evangelical Christian gf?
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Why are Asian girls so thirsty for white and black men?
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>Soviets landed on Mars in 1971, 2 years after the US landed on the moon
Soviets were so fucking based.
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roodypoo candyass
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Hmmmm, I think I that I currently need some kind of physical affection but I am alone as usual. How are you anons doing today?
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where do i get a bf as a female who looks like august diehl in pic?
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>apply for job
>get said job and work for a month
>apply for school starting this fall
>start to deteriorate mentally and physically
>sick leave
>stop showing up to appointments for dental and opticians
>got into the school I applied for
>the start of the semester is coming up soon and I won't show up for the first day of school
>that means I will lose my spot and not show up
>all my families hard work is coming undone as I transition

I feel the NEET life coming bros, I just wanna smoke pipe while watching the sunrise and play vidya
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Video games are just work and suffering simulators
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I just applied to trade school and also I might have a job lined but its as a temp teacher assistant, but man I having some doubts if I will be able to pull it off, I'm a sperg and find it stressful to be around a lot of people, in this case children, but I think it can't be worse than Mcdonalds right?, also its related to what I will be studying, anyone with a similar experience?

I'm thinking on getting on SSRI again to help with the anxiety, I will feel like shit for a week but I feel I have no choice, this is the only job that replied back.
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This planet's divide and conquer.
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Sometimes I just feel God by my side.
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cock size gains
>edge with cock ring
>see gains in girth and length
>nothing crazy but anything is cool

cock rings are how you work out cock muscles
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i cannot stand porn with wrong and exaggerated dimensions, if i want rule34 of a character i want it to look and feel like that fucking character. anyway, newage porn sucks, retro vintage was better.
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How do we solve the Emma question?
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>want to make YouTube videos
>Have to listen to my own voice.
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What attracts flies?
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Were you a theatre kid?
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retard absorber
since I took LSD two weeks ago I have stopped self-harming, when something "bad" happens to me I get angry but I no longer feel that urge to scratch my skin until it bleeds or to punch myself.

I used to do it because it made me feel relaxed and forget about the emotional pain, but I just don't feel like doing it even though I get very angry sometimes
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>be me
>another lonely night after a gym sesh
>get increasingly depressed and stuck in my self hate thought loops
>turn on funny twitch streamer man
>get distracted
>not sad anymore

thanks streamer man
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>Be me
>Born human
>Born male
>Sole purpose is to reproduce
>Born in 2022 when requirements are 6 feet tall, 6inch dick, 6 figure salary
>Be 5'9, 5 inch dick, failure career wise (low IQ brain/retard)
>Cant fulfill sole purpose/reason for existing
>Become angry incel
>People gaslight you and wonder what the problem is despite being a female or chad
>Take away our online spaces
>Wonder why we kill ourselves
Society is a fucking joke. Someone hurry up and launch the nukes
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why does society treat better womanchilds than manchilds?
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le caring murderer dad
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I tried making a new friend few days ago

He was a white dude with blue eyes, above average, shorter than me tho .. he always makes funny post on this french website that is a bit like lowcost-/b/

I talked to him a bit, but then i realized that i was ugly and that i couldn't be his friend and he wanted to fuck anything near him (he has sexual intercourse 3-4 time a month)

As of now i scared him, he told me he would accept getting a drink with me but i'm very ugly and he stopped replying to me, i'm not very far away from him i would have to pay like 20$ train to meet up and get to meet him irl

But i think i'm being a bit delusional, because plump not giving me attention i'm tried to find other cool quirky white guys, basically using him as my "plump replacement" which is horrible

This is the story of my life failed another friendship, he keep posting his funny story, his humor remind me a lot of plumps one, wish i could have sucked his dick he said himself he was a "easy guy"
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>Kiss my toesies Anon!
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hungry champ?
Subway (1)
hungry champ? have a subway sandwich, on me. you need that big boy foot long!
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