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No title
Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.

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comfy friday morning wank edition
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No title
>join group chat full of robots
>attract a handful of simps to make conversation with
>one robot shows 0 interest
>fantasize about him daily
>his indifference turns to bitterness when i'm around
>i've never wanted someone more
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free (you)
helloooo everyone~

Its my birthday in 2 days >< Did anon prepare a gift for me? What sort of present would you get for your ideal bf/gf? What do you think you would like to receive on their birthday?

answer question for a cold summer eis (you)
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No title
What is your opinion on interracial relationships?
11 images | 73 replies
No title
Daily reminder that any white incel here can get a brown or asian gf if he wants.
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Nice Guys
Dear /r9k/

Did you know that bitches on reddit who get blacked every Saturday evening make fun of you types? Apparently nice guys are not so nice at all and laughing at you incels is what they do.

What are you going to do about this? Are you continuing on being actual incels or are you going to change your strategy?

Choose wisely /r9k/, the femanoids are winning
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No title
listening to Lil Peep is making me feel like shit again.. fuck I really need to stop listening to depressing music
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No title
Anybody else here bisexual but decided not to have sex with men? How do you deal with being hated by everyone for not embracing the gay?
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No title
Could you treat your girlfriend like this even tough you love her?
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No title
hey r9k who are we orbiting now? I'm new and I wanna orbit an ugly girl too
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No title
>bro just get swole and make friends
>get a good job it's not even that hard you're just not trying enough
>bro it's not that bad
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No title
I can't stop thinking whether my low social skills/autism is genetic or a product of miseducation/some environmental factor. How can you find that out? How did you do it?
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No title
>go outside to check my garden
>See a small bird on the ground
>He doesn't immediately fly away like most birds would
>I get closer to him and he hops away, I can tell he's trying to fly but he doesn't make it far off the ground, I thought he may be hurt
>Eventually I am able to corner him I guess, and I start to pet him and I pick him up
>He was a chill little bird bro and even perched on my finger.
>I went inside with him and he just chilled, even with dogs and cats inside, a found a cardboard box, put a handtowl in it and some bird seed and took him back outside.
>I chilled with bird bro for a bit longer and kept petting him, another bird ended up flying over to me and chilled by me as well (there seemed to be a lot of birds like him in my yard today)
>I eventually put him in the box and left it tucked in a tree, hoping someone would come back for him
>As soon as I set the box down bird bro just flys off like nothing was wrong
>Go outside a few hours later to feed my pond fish
>Notice a bird just like bird bro floating in the water
>I pull him out, try pressing on his chest and stay with him for a little bit, but it soon became obvious to me that he had drowned.

I'm really torn up over this, I honestly cried a little, I don't know if I just saw bird bro die or just one of his countless siblings but the idea that it could be bird bro is haunting me
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No title
Have you ever asked a girl out? Share your stories
7 images | 24 replies
No title
Does anyone have a fetish for ugly girls? I'm really lonely..
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No title
>tfw 25 year old vidya dropout and its too late
Friends, parties, social experiences, sexual experiences with women my age, all the things a normal, developing brain needs. I wasted all 4 years of high school and college hiding from everyone, now my chances are gone. People my age are getting married, I have no outlets to even meet women or make friends. My life is over, I wasted it. Every day is the same, I work, come home and rot. I wasted my whole life.
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Malay Slave
Asian Chained Girl
Obviously Asians make the best CNC thus legal slave girls. Are Malays the best kind of Asian for servitude or is it another nationality?
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No title
>be attractive
>have lots of friends
>have lots of sexual partners
>constantly told you're "funny" and "interesting"
>suffer an acid attack
>suddenly you're not funny or interesting anymore

Wow looks like your life was a lie. Off you go to die alone I guess LOL.
Based muslims show the degeneracy of western culture once again.
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No title
i pretty much look exactly like this.
is there any hope left?
how bad is this?
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Waifu General /waifu/ #361
2d only, why the fuck did i make this
Sunny days with waifu edition

1. Talk about your waifu
2. Be devoted to your one and only waifu
3. Let waifuism improve your life
4. Be nice!
5. Hide Drama/Shitposting
6. Have a great time!
7: Promote health

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No title
It should be more obvious but it isn't, sometimes you'll feel a bit of pity for them, falsely believing they are misunderstood lonely men that are just upset about being rejected. But years of bitter feelings DO NOT just vanish because you suck his penis or cook him a meal. He will CONTINUE TO SECRETLY RESENT YOU. Make no mistake if he ever harbored strong feelings of hate towards women, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL, that hate will turn on you no matter how much love you show him. His insecurities will never go away no matter how hard you try to show him, he's always thinking in the back of his head that you will cuck him due to BILLION DOLLAR SUBVERSIVE PROPAGANDA that has POISONED HIS MIND.
If you are a male reading this, realize that your worldview is wrong, reprogram yourself, do the work to understand that WOMEN ARE NOT SATAN. After you've scrubbed your brain and no longer have ANY feelings of misogyny left,
You don't get your prize BEFORE you fix your SICK BRAIN.
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No title
Tahia in the garage
Do we think she can manage
To stop all the bate
And join the ethnostate
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No title
i just want someone to tell me i've worked hard enough
0 images | 0 replies

What are you peeps currently up to?

Sometimes I wonder if I have unhealthy Fi, because I don't know how to really deal with that function in general in a healthy manner.
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No title
Post words or phrases that you hate
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No title
If i make a deep vertical cut on my left arm, would that be a guaranteed death? how much would it hurt?
2 images | 8 replies
No title
what's stopping you from getting in really good fucking shape?
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Masturbation no longer works as a coping mechanism for me being lonely almost 22 years old kv. Fapping was a relieve for me and was coping fine with loneliness .Until a week ago when i met a girl.I asked her on a date and she accepted .She was very fun and interesting person and i developed a crush on her .I asked her on a second date and got ghosted.Since then i just can't handle it. I haven't felt so lonely and shitty before. Fapping ,anime , hanging with friends ,nothing helps.I just want to experience romance once in my lifetime and have a nice time, but i guess that's asking for too much.
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No title
I have been doing HRT for a while and I'm literally transitioning into a Smug Anime Girl.
Feels good anon.
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No title
>another empty day devoid of enjoyment
>gotta work 8 hours
>never had a gf
>no purpose, no meaning
>no purpose, no meaning
>no purpose, no meaning
>no purpose, no meaning
>no purpose, no meaning
I feel demented.
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No title
I want in on investing crypto and stocks
but I don't wanna end up like these guys
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No title
gsg gf
>haven't made this thread in a while
>still no map game gf
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No title
>tfw the universe was specifically designed to torture me.
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No title
>told tulpa to tell me something only she would say
>she says "can i suck your dick?"
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No title
Is there anything more pig disgusting than consensual sex between a heterosexual couple?
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No title
how to cure transgenderism
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No title
Destroy this ZOOM meeting
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 819 7763 9379
Password: 7kY4PF
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No title
Let's see how many girls and how many boys are on this board.
3 images | 28 replies
No title
Is anyone else feel as if they are not of this world? If not, would you wish to be?
4 images | 13 replies
No title
Just ordered this from aliexpress and am planning to lock my penis in it permanently. Wish me luck bois
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No title
this is it bros, the end of the world

dude got banned for 100 years because he interupted a VIRTUAL IN GAME BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTEST
8 images | 48 replies
Voyeurism and Being a Creep
Does anyone else love being a creep? Been taking a couple of creep shots lately and want to see if we all could benefit from each others tactics.
Share your stories of voyeurism and just being a creep in general.
5 images | 36 replies
No title
i settled for a bite of love but i craved for a buffet.
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Computer generated gf
Post the first female, this is your computer generated gf.
You may need to use snipping tool and convert to jpg.
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No title
>27 years old
>completely bald on top
>not even thinning hair just straight up Larry David head
>Dad still has hair, Mom still has hair

What did I do to deserve this?
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No title
It's very anoying to jerk off while on antidepressants.

Fuck, i almost ripped my dick. Fapped for 20 minutes non stop and there was a point i was just jerking off without feel shit.

Anyone with similar experiences?
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No title
Rush B my friends, no stop!
3 images | 8 replies
No title
Where does a foot fetish come from?

Why do I have this fetish? I'm turned on by feet - maybe even more than boobs/ass - and it's strange to me.
2 images | 13 replies
No title
Where do I find more pictures like pic related?
2 images | 2 replies
No title
step it up
>tfw too interesting a person for 4chan
>not npc enough for reddit
>Something awful is too slow and ingroup

where the fuck do I go on the internet that has smart posters but is also fast-paced. There's plenty of decrepit forums but im after that rapid internet communication dopamine hit image boards give.
29 images | 47 replies
No title
What's been the highlight of your life so far?
19 images | 100 replies
No title
Anyone wanna be my friend in oldschool runescape? I just started playing and someone to talk with and maybe do some quests seems like fun
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No title
natalie dick
I'm a virgin, but I think I'd prefer a blowjob to actual sex. I get to see the girl's pretty face while she's on her knees, taking pleasure in making me feel good. I'd love to have that level of intimacy where having my penis in her mouth would make a girl that happy.
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No title
>4 months til I'm 20
>Showing signs of balding
>Am still a manlet
It's never gonna get better is it? I'm actually terrified of the day I turn 20. I don't know if I'll be able to take it.
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No title
I hate god. Why did he make my life so difficult
0 images | 3 replies
No title
I've been lying to my parents about attending med school (which I hate) for a while now. My mom just found out I'm on the verge of being kicked out. What the fuck do I do?
0 images | 9 replies
No title
I really want friends.

How do you make friends?
2 images | 7 replies
Phobias and specific fears
What's your biggest, most specific fear in life? And how has it effected you so far?
0 images | 39 replies
No title
unironic question here, not trying to be edgy and cool, but are there any actual rapists on here?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
What's on your mind today anon and what is worrying you?
5 images | 28 replies
No title
Whites are just as dangerous and violent as black people theyre just afraid unless someone Is defenseless
0 images | 2 replies
trap aesthetics
tranny guide/ pink pill thread
this is for anons who wish to become a girl and transition pls post tips and tricks to help become more feminine.
4 images | 9 replies
epic weed thread
i want to try weed out but im scared as fuck
share first experience stories
1 images | 27 replies
No title
*blocks your path*
"Damn bro, you got a nice homo"
4 images | 14 replies
No title
Does anyone else here cry listening to anime intros and outros? I just wanna live in japan and in anime

Japan is correct. The west is incorrect. 2d is correct. 3D is incorrect.
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No title
My boyfriend jacks off to pictures of women who aren't me. Is this considered cheating and am I overreacting if I think that's the case?
4 images | 34 replies
No title
this site is better than real life conversation
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No title
What is your favorite trap doujin of all time?
8 images | 10 replies
No title
Im black but this shit going on is all some conspiracy theory and I know it for a fact.

Literally MILLIONS of black people have had this happened. Killed by cops. Why pick this specific one? Why the fuck is it international? Why is every single company and city contributing? Fucking Japanese game makers are donating to it.

Its a marketing scheme. All the companies dating get to show up in the news. They look like they care and are good people.

Its all a marketing scheme and trump is using it to leverage an election. This is literally the millionth person to die from police brutality and they never gave a single shit before.
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Fucked up friday edition

What are you on / planning on doing tonight?
What's your favorite album to listen to on psychedelics?
How many DXM trips in a row is too much?
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No title
Where were you in life on November 19, 2004?
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No title
Do the Jews realy control the world and intend eliminate all white people?
2 images | 11 replies
No title
I want to stop being so fucking miserable all the time but nothing ever goes my way
7 images | 21 replies
No title
salute your flag you fat useless retards
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Romanian youtuber Alexandru Balan thinks that all teenage girls that dress inappropriately deserve to get raped.What's your take on this brobots?
2 images | 9 replies
No title
So besides Kegals as a solution. after childbirth will the vagina always be loose for life?
4 images | 19 replies
No title
1591334246323 (1)
should kanna be executed for her crimes
1 images | 2 replies
No title
0718 tay k01
Are black people immune to caring about going to prison?
0 images | 9 replies
No title
>one chance at life
>born black
>every single country I'm interested in living in hates my race
Considering plastic surgery at this point desu
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ladybits AMA
i am of the female gender.

>female gender.
>female gender.
>female gender.

i am a NEET. i do not use social media.
i am a lurker online, who fears people.
i am weak, people do not accept the weak into their herds. i am not alone. i am not a predator AMA
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No title
Every time I think about the inevitable collapse of our modern day Keynesian socialist world, I feel a gentle sensation of rapid blood flow in my private parts. I feel a primal urge to take out my genitals and use them just as God intended. The sheer thought of the unavoidable annihilation of the failure that democracy is fills my cock with blood and semen, it makes me so hard and horny, my penis tears my pants apart and my dick becomes alive, it becomes its own self. The act of contemplating the destruction of the boom and bust cycle emancipates my malehood, it makes my ego flow into my penis. Yesterday, while I was in the shower, I was daydreaming about the total obliteration of the Keynesian abyss of central planning, stealing and money printing and I got so horny that so much blood from all over my body flowed into my cock that it grew as big as my leg, I almost fainted. I fell on the floor and my dick was all over me, huge and hard as a rock. My mind was only capable of coming up with vivid imagery of the last bust cycle when everything finally goes down, when the democratic state finally crumbles. As the shower was pouring water on my dick, so was my cock drowning me in cum. My tongue was going all over my cock, I could almost taste statelessness, I could feel the comeback of the gold standard. I was rubbing it so goddamn hard and mountains of jizz were flowing all over my face, I was drowning in my penis juice as I was thinking of the abolition of the federal reserve. The complete obliteration of central banking in my daydream had me suffocate in my own cum in real life. I finally ejaculated, there was an eruption of so much cum almost as if democracy itself had really finally collapsed. I fainted. The lack of blood flow to my brain had me lose consciousness. And the spirit of Herr Hans Hermann Hoppe himself came to me, he smiled, like only an older lover could, and he said to me "Yes kid, Democracy has failed!"
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Writing down the days intent edition. What are you going to achieve today? Write down 3 things when you wake up or early in the day and go tackle them.

For me I am living very unoptimally right now so its as simple as

>Have a healthy breakfast
>go for a 30 min walk
>Clean up apartment a bit

... and no alcohol
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No title
>respond To Thread
>thread Die
0 images | 6 replies
No title
does it matter to most women if your body is just thin and not exactly fit?
1 images | 7 replies
No title
who's /insomniac/ here?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
Whats your excuse, white boi?
5 images | 15 replies
what are your dreams like
>in front of some mountain
>really afraid of heights
>we are supposed to take elevator up it
>say i'll just stay down
>they tell me to not be silly
>girl there comes and hugs me during the elevator ride upwards
>feels like an eternity
>also feels like heaven
>still afraid of heights though
>at some grassy plain at some wooden house
>hear bombs in distance
>scramble for the cellar
>uncle is there too
>we were discussing how he'd decorate the grassy plain
>would have paid me to remove some gravel
>sit under cellar
>not blown up yet
>nothing's blown up
>where are the bombs?
>at some boat
>shop's about to close
>go inside sports shop
>find a tennis racket
>it has a thick fletching of rubber bands from some retarded reason
>do a 360 and walk away
>wake up
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No title
Its 3am and I cant stop thinking about how I got cucked in VRChat. She hasnt spoken to me since, so friendship over. The feeling keeps getting worse too. Why did I let this happen? I could have stopped it.
0 images | 1 replies
No title
<- My liberal gf is getting redpilled. There is still hope to form a family with her.
4 images | 17 replies
Wise Old Man
I've had it all. And before some faggot comes in and says, "all conditions are life-long" check out your records and read the fine print
Anyways I'm a wise old man of 23 years of age. I've had MDD, Anxiety Disorder, Psychosis and now Schizo-effective disorder.
I was possessed by a demon a few years back that left me with a void and now I'm tired of it all
AMA or don't I don't give a shit I'm ready for death
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esoteric edition
69 images | 518 replies
No title
I want a fembot gf to cuddle and banter lovingly with! part 3
0 images | 2 replies
No title
I summon your strenght to get back into this game.
0 images | 9 replies
Rural areas suck, dont fall for the memes
I recently moved away from Sioux Falls, and I think my parting gesture should be to identify problems that I think exist in the city, so that way someone may be able to change them in the future

No Culture: Sioux Falls has no unique culture or vibe to it. A very unwelcoming atmosphere of outsiders and minorities.

Terrible Airport: FSD's renovations are beautiful, not going to lie. However, for a community as large and as central as Sioux Falls, there is absolutely pitiful air service. Not to mention how obscenely expensive it is. This is a huge reason why many young people like myself are leaving Sioux Falls.

Very little nightlife: This has improved leading up to my departure, however there is seriously little nightlife offerings in Sioux Falls as a whole, besides PAve. I would expect more from a city the size of SF.

Poor retail environment: Sioux Falls lacks many brands and stores that are easily found elsewhere in cities its size. Although the city is getting a Home Goods and Marshalls, there are still many brands and stores to be desired for a city like SF- not to mention how pitiful the Empire Mall is.

Plain food scene: Sioux Falls' only cullinary achievement I would say is very good Mexican food. Beyond that, the only real dining options are off rate declining brands such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

R A C I S T!: This one shocked me- Sioux Falls is extremely unwelcoming of minority and ethnic populations. Completely shunned. The Ethiopian population in Sioux Falls is the subject of continuous harassment by police and locals. In fact, the city condemned and demolished a minority owned strip mall to build a gas station. The city refused to listen to community opposition. There is a reason why minorities who are relocated to Sioux Falls flee to Omaha and Minneapolis after only months in the city.
Very Conservative: yeah-a problem.

Overall, these are my 9 gripes with Sioux Falls.
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Get me out!
>Be me
>Intershiping in the finance sector
>Older female coworker and comes up to my desk
>"Haha anon your such a good kid, it's surprising you don't have a girlfriend by now"
>In work mode right now so I just give what instantly came into my mind
>"Why would I buy assets with a negative rate of return?"
>She becomes shocked and just leaves me be for the rest of the day
>Took me another 5 min before I realized I wasn't talking to one of my tard friends on discord

What the fuck do I do? I don't want to be fired or have to take some diversity training course. I'm scared to even check my work e-mail right now. How do I convince her to not report me? How am I this retarded?
0 images | 6 replies
No title
Kind of blasted on drugs right now anyone want to talk
1 images | 1 replies
No title
When did you realize we're living in one of the worst possible timelines?
0 images | 12 replies
No title
Why haven't you quit porn and started practicing nofap yet?
0 images | 8 replies
No title
>tfw when you were constantly told you are handsome but you are a autistic shutin antisocial loser
they thought i was gay or molested because i didint "get" what they meant
2 images | 4 replies
No title
tfw no gf with legs like this
1 images | 1 replies
No title
ITT we post about discord users we've talked to and mention one thing about them.

I'll start: Buddy is a great friend and one of the best anons I've had the pleasure of meeting. I appreciate him a lot!
39 images | 138 replies
No title
boy do I hate women
1 images | 4 replies
No title
Fuck this pigheaded cunt. Her show was trash and so was she. Bolin should've slapped the fuck out of her after she did him like that.
3 images | 14 replies
No title
Would this be a 7 inch dick and above?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
summer is seriously the worst fucking season. fuck this heat. fuck the sun. It's actually making me even more suicidal.
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Every day I wake up and thank God I don't have a gf.
0 images | 0 replies
My uncle died
My uncle died a few days ago due to heroin destroying his body. Hes only 5 years older than me. My mom had to watch them take him off life support. Even though we werent close I feel so sad over this. My uncle was the only person in my family who would at least let you know hes thinking about you. He was the only person who would tag me in his mass family Facebook post
>ayo family I love you no matter what ride or die
All my cousins, and other aunts and uncles and grandparents all interact with each other on there except with me. They do not contact me anywhere else or even attempt to. So I always appreciated being tagged in his I love my family kinda post. Another thing he did was always lose access to his Facebook account but he always remembered to add me back when he made a new one even though we never messaged each other. I just really appreciated that he always remembered that I exist. I will always remember him in return. He actually added me on Facebook again a week before he died..Im the biggest asshole in the world, I wish I let him know I was worried about him or something
0 images | 2 replies
Get rid of your loser mentality.
Hey you, yes you.

Youre here, im here, we know why, cause were losers! And well always be losers,right? Nothing changes,the first 20 years of your life is crucial and everything else is just an autopilot route that we follow till we die, right? WRONG!!! This mentality is whats keeping you behind people in the big ol' life race, yes youve been kicked down, many, MANY times. I know you probably had fantasies how youve hurt the people whove wronged you for absolute no reason, been there done that. But after 19 years of being a failure, a fat fuck, a friendless cuck (literally, watched the girl i loved get taken by a friend of mine with easy and little effort) ive realized, its the mentality, it starts shit. Your first 18 years of life are not really yours, depending on your parents, i know my first 18 years werent under my control. (1/2)
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Reddit black man? Upvoted!
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No title
Kratom and weed make me so fucking hungry and tired but its only thing that stops the suicidal thoughts. I hate life.

Whenever I take kratom and smoke and I have unmovable appetite for days. I already am so tired. I literally wake up all day it takes me hours to do one chore. I just say oh ill play xbox nvm too tired. Ill eat thatll help. Just makes me more tired. Literally every single day I just want to sleep 24 hours and my eyes are totally black
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No title
I wonder how it felt to be the woman who George Floyd pointed that gun at.

She and her unborn child have died if Georgie decided to pull that trigger...

And now she can watch him die for 8 whole minutes, whenever she wants...

I wonder how she feels?

I would feel pic related...
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No title
>getting drunk while watching clips from movies and tv shows from my childhood
how are you anons spending your night
2 images | 14 replies
Creative general
I made a 3d-printable torture instrument similar to "the rack" for torturing mice.
3 images | 12 replies
No title
Been cucked by every girlfriend ever had, should I just trap so men can humiliate me directly?
6 images | 47 replies
Fried brain
>love cars more then I love my own family
>Always think, read, listen and watch things about cars, been obsessed since I was a kid
>know everything someone my age could know about cars without first hand experience
>Also like animals
>Every morning wake up and think about wildlife and animals because they're cool
>Brain automatically thinks about the number of cylinders they have and where to route the exhaust
>Immediately realize what the fuck I'm thinking about
Why? Is it too late?
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No title
I imagine my life with you, i hope it makes you as happy as it makes me, i really love you, goodnight.
1 images | 2 replies
No title
Do robots like girls with unnaturally colored hair? (pink, blue, green etc)
4 images | 30 replies
No title
I wish I wasn't depressed and had a valuable skill to help get through with life.
0 images | 7 replies
No title
guys WHERE THE FUCK do you work?

>is the amount you get payd good?

>do you live alone or with your family still?

>eastern, western european or american?

>what advice can you give to someone whos about to work at the age of 25 for the first time?
0 images | 3 replies
/r9k/ survey racewar edition
Post height, dick size, fetishes and race
>over 7
>Japanese, white, black, sri lankan
12 images | 34 replies
/Rei general/
Oh, no! Rei is running late for school: Day 303

The best runner on this side of Tokyo-3
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Anyone else here never tried? I'm 20 and I never talk to girls let alone ask one out. I'm trying to change my ways though and work on myself. I had some opportunities in the past but I fucked them all up so hard. I don't think I was in the right frame of mind to act on them either. I'm getting anxious realizing that the best and easiest time to socialize in my life by being in uni, was wasted. I only have a year left in uni to put myself out there and try again. Fuck :'(
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How the jannies doing tonight?
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Sweet Lord. Tell me it's true. Oh please tell me
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>Congress states they are filing 8 official criminal referrals, with possibly 10+ MORE in the next week

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How do you like them Black Lives Matters Riots, whyte boi? We're coming to your town.
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Tfw spent my childhood and teens studying to be rich

Avoided making friends and developing social skills for this

Tfw now cant make friends or bond with new people

How do you even make friends as an adult
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>spent all night reorganizing terabytes of fap folders again
>tfw depressed now on how much time I waste doing this
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>be sad
>play 4 hours of lego starwars the complete saga
>feel better
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Sometimes I don't know what to talk about so I don't message you but it's not because you're not important to me. I think of you more than you can imagine and am constantly trying to find a way to win your heart the way you've won mine. Honestly, I just really enjoy your company, even if it's only through words on a screen. It feels nice to finally have someone to connect with that I can be open with and isn't repulsed by me. Part of me feels I'm the only one that feels this way considering I know how many different options you have and are in contact with. Are you just talking to me because you're kind? I've made my intentions quite clear. I know you're a bit shy, but I wish you would do something as simple as sending me a "hi" so I could shove all these thoughts to the back of my mind knowing that it's not just me trying to make something happen. For now, I'll cling on to the dim hope that one day, we'll go back through all the cringy posts I've made on this board together and have a good laugh.
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>tfw you have to wait until 3 am to browse /r9k/ otherwise you just get annoyed at the posters here
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This loneliness is fucking killing me
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what do normies mean by this
people always tell me that "I am secretly a robot" and it becomes a running gag between multiple people who have never even met each other! they then make comparisons between me and a guy called CGP Grey

I counter by telling them that humans made robots first, so I cannot actually be a robot -- but what exactly is a "robot" according to them!? i hate drawing attention so much
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Talking to people is too hard. I think I'll just be mute from now on
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you can't make this shit up, imagine 4chan supporting lgbt
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How do I do this without feeling like a retard jumping around?
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do u like ur manager?
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Why do Hispanics worship blacks and hate whites so much?
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Why is my body all achy with joints cracking out of a sudden?
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I want to date an MF couple. I want to hang out with them all the time like a third-wheel type friend or something. I want to hang out with him when she's not around, and deepthroat his cock while we watch porn. I want her to booty call me on the weekends. I want to make out with her passionately in the livingroom while he plays video games or something. I want to be filled with his cock while she reads a book. I want her to call me and say he's been asking about me because he wants a blowjob. I want them to think about me when they fuck.
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>live in japan
>the entire country is a shitty collectivist society
>work culture is atrocious, stressful, and nothing gets done despite working your balls off 24/7
>people live with their parents until their married, which never happens because of technology
>if you do choose to move out you get to live in a small shitty apartment the rest of your life
>many people I know have become complete hermits, living in their rooms, eating shitty food and gaming all day
>go online
>weeaboos blabbering on about how life in japan is so much better than in america
>get all their information from anime

Why is Japan so romanticized, for the shithole it is.
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Anyone else autistically keep track of all the normies who made your life miserable in highschool/college? Share your finds.

>First crush who publically went around making fun of me when I asked her out is a single mom living in a women's shelter
>HS bully got beat up by his dad so bad he has to permanently walk with a cane
>nigger who stole my 3DS and got away with it because he was on the basketball team got shot trying to steal someone's car
>Stacey from college who forced me to move seats because she told the professor I was "making her uncomfortable" has been in and out of rehab and abusive relationships
>guy who humiliated me in Psych class for living with my mom became homeless and currently missing
>Another Stacey that asked if I'd date her and screamed in disgust when I said yes lost both her parents in a car accident
>old boss that made my work life miserable has been diagnosed with throat cancer

Don't let the normies ruin your life. Karma is real.
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When did you realize other men are your enemy too?
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What are some movies where the bad guys evil plot backfires and the good guys win in the end?
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