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Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.

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>Why are White guys in 2023 so pathetic?
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All the "how to overcome your loneliness and live with yourself according to buddhism" articles are written by pozzed liberal westerners who never understood or felt true loneliness in their lives and it's fucking exhausting to scroll through 20 pages of how they smugly claim that their loneliness is temporary instead of being a constant condition of sadness in their lives like in the case of us total fucking losers.
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No title
I need a 33 year-old mommy gf that calls me good boy when I'm humping her
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No title
are there any other (non tranny) female lolicon? i dont know how common it is. is it just due to severe autism?
t. made in abyss fan
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I can't stop listening to rapist music
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No title
Should plap rhyme with up or cap?
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No title
no gym for your face

no steroids for your height

"self improvement" is meaningless cope
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moe moe kawaii music thread
(you can post other music if you want)
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No title
>Be autistic
>Wake up
>Get to be a nuisance to the general public again
Sorry! I have a condition. It won't happen again I promise!
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Why do robots say that hot men are evil and hate women, while ugly introverted men are nice?

Based on my experience, attractive men are often very friendly and polite as well. But uglier men often ignore me when I'm around them, and if I'm talking to a less attractive man, usually I'm the one who has to carry the conversation since they don't say much.
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Ethnicity thread
What is the ethnicity of r9k posters?
I'm a Hadrami Arab
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REAL girl ama
i am a REAL girl AMA
(vocaroo if requested)
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No title
Im sexually attacted by my second grade aunt (my mom's cousin)

It's not a weird fetish created by porn, She is literally one of the very firts examples of sexual attacrion i ever had, since i was in elementary School.
I would never actually do sex with her even if i can. Like, never. But i really want to touch myself thinking about her. But i feel like in doing something wrong, even if tecnically im not hurting anybody. Not even my family's feeling.
I know 4chan Is not really the best place to ask this but, am i really a bad person if i touch my peepee thinking about my second grade aunt, knowing that i would never have sex with her irl? Is it really wrong?
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No title
If you ever got a girlfriend, would you give her cunnilingus?
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No title
Women out here, yet again, making men's problems about themselves.
>Men who are lonely are going to kill and rape you!!!
I don't even think about you
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I have suffered
Well I went to a wedding yesterday as aforementioned. $60,000 wedding, for a family friend's daughter. The back of my feet are sore and raw because the shoes I had to wear rubbed them

More importantly as I anticipated I was publicly humiliated. One of the mutual family friends made it a point that when talking to my mom about her kids, the bride's family's kids and my mom's kids that "everyone is all grown up and married now OHHHH wait :)" and then proceeds to turn the attention of the entire table of 15 people towards me to ask about me
>"No haha"
>"Oh really?"
>"Yeah haha"
>"Been talking to anyone?"
>"No haha"

I love this lady, I grew up with her as a Sunday school teacher but I do not understand why people continue asking like they're trying to unlock video game dialogue options.

Then I was forced to stand there with 2 other 20+ girls in the back with our arms at our sides while a bunch of middle school aged girls desperately fought for the flower bundle thing

Unironically weddings are for third world cultures. Every single wedding tradition feels like something that should be happening in some subsaharan african village, we should have evolved past them
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Withernsea, Yorkshire edition
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No title
>app name is discord
>it has caused discord all over the internet and ruined it

how do people not realize it? the elite worship the occult and everything is a ritual.
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/aiwg/ AI Waifu General
Shiny waifu edition
https://rentry dot co/waifu-colab-guide
https://rentry dot co/waifu-local-guide

Previous thread >>74829222
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No title
Attention everyone, I am the legendary LazyTown poster, I have posted 95% of the Stephanie threads that've been posted here in the year of our lord 2023, and i'm not planning on stopping anytime soon. My love for Stephanie has no boundaries and I want to express that love through /tv/. She is one of the best examples of femininity and purity that I know of. Her entire being is a testament to the value of being pure in heart. She represents everything that I value in a loving partner. I have dedicated alot of my life to loving and adoring Stephanie, and my life is dedicated to serving her, She has always been there for me, it's my duty to serve my goddess. She has always been there for me through the good times and the bad times. I know she always will be, and that gives me such peace. I wish that we could be together forever. I want to always be with her. I want to be able to hold her hand forever, I want her to put her head on my shoulder, and let me run my hands through her pink hair as I stare into her beautiful brown eyes, the other residents of LazyTown would be jealous. I want to have an eternal bond with her for the rest of my life.
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No title
Despite being the "misogyny" board, r9k ironically worships women and inflates their egos more than any other place on the internet. Pic unrelated
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No title
Why are women turned off by bad social skills?
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No title
Why are there so many underage people on this board?
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chems put holes in my sinuses edition

previous thread: >>74765511

links for retards:

TQ: favorite drug combination? mine is cocaine + ketamine or maybe MDA + ketamine
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No title
The reason for the rise of npnw movements is hoeflation, not weaker men.
All of us would have made it if we were born 100+ years ago.
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No title
bonbi tits
>bonbibonkers made an onlyfans account and shows off her tits now
bonbibros I don't feel so good...
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AMA part 2
Kenchan here! Ask me anything
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mbti on my geese
Colder Weather edition.

>Your type
>How do you take your coffee?
>What is something you enjoyed about this past warm season?
>Have you made or done anything you are proud or ashamed of recently?
>What is one thing you are looking forward to this cold season?
>Do you feel like a lucky person?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Learn the Basics:

An introductory article

Explanations of functions

Bibliography of Jungian and MBTI derived typology:

Recommended tests:

Additional tests and resources:

Addressing Common Issues in MBTI:

Good resources for Enneagram

Incomplete collection of works by Jung

A bunch of documents pertaining to Isabel Briggs-Myers life including letters and homeschool workbooks:
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:( Queen Eugenia Cooney :'(
She finna die bros
She's too wholesome to die. I wish she could get better. I wish her mom did something to save her. It's looking like it's too late now, I hope it's not but all her muscle is gone.
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No title
Can I mention to my therapist that I posted pictures of my ex on 4chan? They weren't explicit material.
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No title
bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8 (3)
How do i socialize?
Let's pretend i take a walk at the park and i see a guy sitting on a bench, how do i make him my friend?
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/cut/ - Cutters General #195
Thread for discusion about self harm and mutual support

lazy Saturday edition

>How are you doing today
>Any plans for today?
>When was the last time you hurt yourself?
>Why did you hurt yourself?
>Is there anything bothering you right now?
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No title
What happens once a million girls turn you down, anon?
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No title
name one female ever in history who had any skill, or contribution to humanity other than "look how sexy my body is."

being bad at something doesn't count by the way so if you want to say roseann bar was an ugly comedian for example, or kamala harris was a terrible vice president no one fucking cares.

Just think how objective and clear your thinking would be if you could see through the fog caused by their manipulation based on your wanting sex.

Come on, name one. Give me an artist, an inventor, a great leader, a philospher (before you say ayn rand, she's a fucking nihilistic commie retard. maybe the lowest IQ of all the philosophers you have to read in you study philosphy in college. she added nothing and is clearly just a jewish nepotistic/diversity hire.)

where's all the great authors and movie directors and musicians and war veterans and generals and architects and ground breaking doctors?

>literally zero.
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No title
I want a femanon gf with F cup tits.
We should watch anime together and enjoy each other's presence.
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No title
where did it all go wrong for you? and why?
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No title
Does anyone else here have scoliosis? If so, how severe?
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No title
A lot more of collegefags can get STEM degrees, even the ones that are bad at math, if they just go to tutors or your professors office hours.
People think I'm magic with how I can do math, but it's a lot easier once you ask for help when you get stuck then cry about it and get further behind. Saddest part is most of my professors rarely get anyone in their office hours. No wonder so many people drop out.
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Dear Fembot: get plapped
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No title
sticky discharge underwear
did you know every time a femanon takes her panties off theres a big glob of discharge on them
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/r9k Creative General/
Robot Creative
Late Night edition.
Come share your creative works and ideas and sit down the fireplace.
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No title
>Mom get angry when im in my room alone and not in the living room with her talking
>Ok, so i go in the living room and talk. I talk about many arguments like movies, comics, politics, the world, random facts ecc.
>She Say that she dosent give a fuck and dosent want to listen to me
>Go back in my room alone

Like wtf do i have to do? If i dont talk we stay almost Always silent. I would get It if i talk only about One argument but i have plenty. I would get It if she want to talk about her interests but She dosent talk if i dont start the coversation. Keep in mind im just a 21 years old dude Who Is still studyng, and im outside around 9 hours a day for that reason, so im not even a neet that get his mom angry.
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No title
Ive searched every gook and tranny looking for a girlfriend
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No title
Africa would be a world superpower by now if it weren't fo da white man.
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tf is dis bros
when i am having a good day
i am quite extroverted and confident and exuberant

when i am having a bad day i am an avoidant little spergtard crying in the corner

bad days outnumber good days by far
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No title
>you enter your local gym
>you head to the weight benches
>witness this
>"how's our form, daddy?"

wat do???
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No title
Niggers are so fucking dumb and useless lmao
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No title
Letter Thread: Calm Edition
5 media | 46 replies
No title
Which one are you anon?

I wish you healing
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No title
i'm hugely into symphonic black metal, but i've recently started listening to megadeth and pantera and want more thrash metal recs

i know there is a massive overlap between the miserable + depressed and metalheads so i am hoping some robots could help me out. thanks
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image cap reached bc of drug-anime-girl-spam edition

previous thread >>74815271

links for retards:
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No title
im a dude but i don't like men ngl
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No title
To 4chan,
I hear you and I understand you. Everything is going to be okay, I have solved the mystery of why the world isn't at peace with itself and I will reveal this information soon. If government agencies capture me over this, it means they have suppressed me due to fear of drastic societal change. But the only way for me to incite others to think about it in order to come to the same resolution is: Think of the ego nested under a world with no objective truth.
Your lives will improve soon.
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No title
>sexual relations between man and trans girl
just an aside why do so many trans girls seem to only like fems or other trans. in the doujins the trap bottoms like to have sex with men generally. from my understanding it's a gay tranny vs AGP tranny thing. trannies are one or the other, the AGP ones just want to be the girl they would like to fuck, so they find other AGPs. and the gay ones who actually want to appeal to straight men, try their doing so and usually end up passing better than the AGP. and wants to date actual straight men. I could be bullshitting but my 2cents: generally there are more AGP trannies than actual gay trannies in the already small tranny population in America (1-2% IIRC). so if you're a "straight" guy(slightly leaning on the gay side of Kinsey scale) looking to pork or date a trans girl you have to look out for trannies that like masculine men("dom tops"). It's not any easier to cut it as a straight guy in the gay community, if you don't want to go full on fucking masc guys and want a halfway passing trans girl you need to bring your A-game. Honestly with all the hoops the majority of r9k is better off never dating a trans girl and just going for regular cis-women. most trannies don't even like masculinity.
16 media | 57 replies
what the fuck are "social skills"
nobody can express or define them. if you asked me what "guitar skills" or "japanese language skills" are i could write down a list and broadly define them, but literally nobody in the whole world is capable of making even a simple bullet point list of what these "social skills" even are. it's just a lie so normies can forever move the goalposts, always have a ready excuse to reject us and to tell us it's our fault, and cause mental torture and suicide for their entertainment
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No title
Have you tried being stylish?
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I Love You, Lara (Poopydicky123)
Well, it's September 24th, 2023. It's the 5th anniversary of our meeting back in 2018 in a suicide thread here on /r9k/ (although it was a bit later in the day, like 22:30 or thereabouts).
Who would have thought I'd still be here by now, even more miserable than I was then by a thousandfold, due to you (not due to you, I mean over you, I'm not blaming you).
Fate takes funny twists and turns, doesn't it. Really likes to toy with us (Fate, not you).
I'll try not to mention you or respond to mentions of you again at least until November. I think I can do this. I can be strong. If I do mention you again in November I apologize in advance but I think you understand why.
Until then I will be strong. Stay Strong.
I watched a boxing match an hour or so ago. Probably not a great idea before the anniversary, right, gets me into a bad mental place. Hippocampus and its connections to experiences and sensations and the past memories we associate with them.
I really do love you, and I'm sorry for everything. I'll keep trying until I've breathed my last with you, Lara. But I won't be intrusive or manipulative or abusive about it. But I'll keep trying until the End, whenever that is.
I don't expect anything don't worry. Not delusional. Not of the opinion that this trying will ever bear fruit. But I'll try.

Bjie (for now)
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No title
Anyone else can't shake "superstitious beliefs" like if you think "I want to get cancer" then you will get cancer? So then you have to quickly correct yourself really seriously that you don't want cancer and that last thought was a joke? I've had this bullshit my whole life. I can't stop.
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what did she mean by this?
Incel here
I asked a girl to go for a drink sometimes ( she supposedly has a bf) but she said "stalking me did you?" and I said "well yeah" and then se told me to "add me on snapchat if you find me" and she didn't say anything about a boyfiriend. What this means?
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/waifu/ - Waifu General #668
Just the two of you edition

1. Talk about your waifu!
2. Be devoted to your one waifu for laifu!
3. Let waifuism guide you.
4. Don't feed drama or shitposters.
5. NO 3DPD!
6. Most importantly, have fun!

Previous Thread: >>74757173
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No title
What are the best incel YouTube channels? Looksmaxxing,red/black pills that kind of thing
0 media | 4 replies
No title
Ate cereal AMA
1 media | 15 replies
No title
I want to unalive myself in a foreign country

wich one and how?

fell asleep last thread
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No title
ayo we really wuz kangs doe! we taught yall how to bathe and wash yo azz... then you enslave us!!! fucks yalls!!!!
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No title
Femcel here looking for incel bf
Btw he has to be fit have a nice job and be +6ft tall with a nice face
2 media | 12 replies
No title
It's 2023 already, where is my Japanese fembot gf?
2 media | 4 replies
No title
So I went out, now what? How do you approach cute girls without being creepy?
1 media | 20 replies
No title
Why are modern women so fucked up? Whats it take to get a woman that hasn't been BLACKED?
1 media | 8 replies
No title
Got a match. She has "I prefer to be the dominant one" on her tinder profile
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Why is reality so complex? There's physics, philosophy, law, mathematics, gravity, consciousness, human emotions, religious experiences, political ideologies, ontologies, ethics, deconstruction, love, hate, pain, suffering, joy, happiness, language, desire, gender roles, social constructs... there's just so fucking much. Why is this reality? How does it all relate?
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No title
Why not go for a short ginger with massive tits?
0 media | 17 replies
No title
Best way to slowly kill yourself, while still being relatively fast, making it look like an accident?
Beer and cigarettes would take too long to kill
1 media | 3 replies
No title
I'm a danger to myself and others.
0 media | 5 replies
Despair, not depression.
I feel despair. Not depression. Overwhelming despair. I feel like i had a chance in my life to become something great and i let it pass by. I could have been a great artist or a great athlete and instead i chose to become nothing. I took the path of least resistance and slumped in to that comfortable feeling of going nowhere and doing nothing, filling my day with endless scrolling and perpetual boredem. Slowly my attention span ground away and i dont even have the energy to watch a full film any more. Im nothing, a loser, i havent accomplished anything in life and feel as though the time to build the foundation to accomplish anything was 11 years ago when i was 18 years old. was How do i stop feeling like this? Is this it? Is this my life now? How is this a life worth living?
1 media | 2 replies
No title
Did you end up a NEET because your childhood was too easy and you couldn't cope with adulthood?
15 media | 102 replies
Whites are brutal
Whites won against other races due to ruthlessness first and foremost. There are differences compared between races, like nigger intelligence, and white mental illness.
You could argue that niggers are more violent than whites, but out of mostly ignorance. Whites acknowledge the other person, see them, and still slaughter. Whites have the intelligence to be brutal out of nothing but malice or callousness.
For instance, the dominant Aztecan empire, though having an admitedly brutal set of religious practices, paled in comparison to the crimes of similar institutions from the time period, like Christian crusades and inquisitions.
Not to mention their interacrions with the conquistadors. Contrary to popular belief, the Aztecans didnt consider the spanish to be gods walking on earth. Simply as equals. They gave the spanish hospitality when they came to their kingdom, housed them, and fed them their own food. The spanish saw this as weakness, and immediately began destroying the neighboring warring Aztecan kingdoms as a sign of trust before slaughtering and breaking apart the larger ones.
0 media | 7 replies
/flrt/ Female-Led Relationships Thread
had a pretty bad argument with mother, so i wanna start another one of these.
please share anecdotes, pics, etc. involving gentle fdom, role reversal etcetc.

some prompts to get conversations going
>your ideal partner to have in a FLR
>things you would want to do for said partner and vice versa
>favorite media or characters that remind you of FLRs
>experiences, stories, awakenings, etc

previous thread
29 media | 81 replies
No title
Incel rap:
0 media | 0 replies
No title
what phase of your life are you glad to leave behind?
1 media | 9 replies
No title
They are coming...
No escape...
1 media | 2 replies
No title
Join our Utopia.
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No title
img - 2023-09-24T225507.875
Is there ANY way to tell people that you're a virgin without them thinking you're a huge fucking loser?
1 media | 9 replies
No title
Incel here looking for femcel bf btw she has to be fit have a career and big milkers with a nice face
0 media | 1 replies
No title
What are the consequences of not doing college? No sugarcoating. No reddit bullshit. What sort of hell am I plunging myself into?
1 media | 9 replies
Akidearest shrine #2
Good morning Akibros
I love Aki she is so hot and mogs all the fembots.
>who is akidearest
Popular anituber e-slut that makes onlyfans content
9 media | 17 replies
No title
This board would be way better if posters had IDs
0 media | 7 replies
No title
what if women aren't even real bros? think about it. have you ever touched a girl? no? then how can they even be real?

this is proof we are living in a simulation
0 media | 2 replies
Daily routine thread
What does your day look like?
>wake up
>have some breakfast
>smoke tobacco
>play some vidya
>order some goyslop
>do some feel good drugs
>go to sleep
I've been living like this for the past 5 years now as a NEET
4 media | 16 replies
No title
The easiest way to get pussy is by becoming evil. Become the most manipulative, selfish piece of shit to ever walk on this planet. Eliminate your sexual market competition (men) by out earning them and sabatoging their work at their jobs. Lie to the public through false advertising. Shower women with love bombing everytime you willingly know you did something wrong but don't care enough to actually change it.

In nature, male lions reproduce by killing other male lions. Humanity is no different, if you easily want pussy you must become evil.
0 media | 2 replies
No title
The feminist won
0 media | 3 replies
No title
I'm 19.
If I get stuck working blue collar then I will kill myself.
t. Tested 97th-99th percentile among my classmates.
Life isn't worth it so slave away for shit pay.
0 media | 9 replies
No title
this was posted on reddit. what do you think?
9 media | 72 replies
No title
Lara my sweetheart.. Where are you
0 media | 0 replies
No title
Being the guy on the right would be an objective improvement over being me
0 media | 0 replies
No title
images (26)
Big dick shota fucking roastie in the dungeon.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
i really dont know if i want to be with him for the rest of my life
1 media | 9 replies
No title
No pussy no work they said. Here I am, still no pussy, still forced to be a wagecuck, another week of cuckoldry incoming
0 media | 3 replies
No title
What the fuck are all white girls trying to secure homeless of different races during ww3 that aren't white or 3 at least 9 or 2e or 2E or any of my sciences such as 8 or EER as it means

instant hammer to the head of all gen z gen a and 99.9% of millenial gen x and some boomer era with golden era white females

just not my mom or sister as we're not affiliated with terrorists such as the nypd who legalized isis to abduct american students as a reddit shit game with no legal defense for such attitudes and incompetence nor having my sciences and mathematics nor ever permission to use or reference my stuff things numbers or id as I was never a celebrity just ask jessica absence
0 media | 7 replies
No title
Is 7 inches enough to please a woman in 2023?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
when the nice guy loses his patiance
the devil shivers.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
I think I drank almost 2 gallons of tea yesterday
0 media | 1 replies
No title
How do I stop being so emotional and trusting?
>be me
>live in bongland
>3 years ago
>cute ukrainian girl moves into the free airbnb for a few months
>she actually shows interest in me and my life
>she asks me to show her around
>we get relatively close
>I help her with getting a covid test when she catches a cold
>we have a cute moment of us just chatting while sitting on her bed
>she opens up to me about how in her country men are sexist cunts
>open up to her about my mental problems and tell her that I am there for her if she wants to talk
>she becomes distant and is constantly away after work
>hear her tinder date ploughing her upstairs the next week
>she goes back to ukraine 1 month before the war happens
That was the last time I opened up and trusted any woman. I am now in the process of trying to be stoic and just keeping my emotions to myself. Lesson learned. Never show vulnerability or trust women with your emotions.
0 media | 6 replies
No title
I am about to get food delivered to my place through an app for the very first time. I normally wouldn't ever use these shit apps but I received a $10 off coupon and my car is broken down right now so I'll try it out.
How much do I need to tip this degenerate so he doesn't piss in my food? The order is $40 but I imagine these guys don't care about % tips and instead they figure anything less than $10 is a "fuck you" to them.
2 media | 14 replies
No title
>mother still trying to figure out why I turned out a loser
>she asked me if I feel like a tranny the other day
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Does anyone else absolutely dread what the future has in store for humanity as a whole? It feels like things are becoming more "soulless" for the lack of a less overused buzzword. Everything is becoming visually minimalistic and pseudo futuristic, slowly taking away human input purely for the sake of humanity's never ending pursuit of technological progress and pointless convenience. Fucking self driving cars, smart houses and a bunch of other random ass faggot gadgets that barely make a significant difference. We were completely fine in 2004, why do we need all of this shit now
It feels like over time every hobby and interest I've had has been killed off too, cars are no longer interesting in any way shape or form and are incredibly homogenized appliances, vidya games are purely made for the common denominator and so on. How did it all become so faggoty so quickly and is it ever going to be good again or am I just going to be a throwback to the 80s, 90s and early to mid 2000s for the rest of my life
0 media | 3 replies
Imagine wanting to plap a chubby blasian
Like why the fuck do you want to plap a blasian meat planet. What the fuck is wrong with you, you should kill yourself right now. She's literally a 2/10 she's a SUB HUMAN. How about treat yourself with someone like iris instead, she's petite and pretty. Every white guy likes a girl like that, nobody likes a blasian meat planet.
1 media | 24 replies
>girl i know is bitching about how she shouldnt have to feel unsafe outside
>she wants security and all that
>tell her that usually women get that security from having a boyfriend and she prefers casual sex so this is just her burden to bear and that we all have things like that when we play around with vices instead of doing things that just flat out work but give less pleasure.
>she gets mad
Its common sense shit i dont know why she is moaning about it. She also talks to me about how guys will try to date her after a hookup and she doesnt want that and that they should be mature when she turns them down. But when i tell her i dont want to date her im the fucking bad guy.
I dont get it, if she wants casual sex why should i have to be with her after all her little flings? Fucking gross dude
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1000 fucking years
Of slavery, racism, sickle cell, colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, technology theft, cultural theft, homophobia, sexism, rape, murder and genocide and now yall finna gonna pay for what yall did to people of color
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Mid tier state university or high tier liberal arts college for computer science?
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Does travelmaxxing work?
Like going to Thailand/SE Asia as a white guy to pick up chicks?
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Is it wrong to look at a girl's ass at Walmart or McDonald's, and twist your head?
I do that
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I never meet anyone
I never meet anyone my age anywhere i go. The median age of my country is 46. Every hobby is filled with 30+ year olds. I go to a STEM course in college so 90% of the people here are autistic male virgins like me, and the other 10% are obese hairy smelly women. Where do i go to meet young 18-12 year old women? So far i have tried martial arts, cooking classes, dance classes, the gym, book clubs, libraries, choirs, bands, language classes, the park on weekends. I don't go to clubs because i don't drink and i have no friends to go with. Every hobby i try is filled with 30 year olds, and ironically the "female" hobbies like cooking and dancing have no women in them, just male virgins like me lol. The only chick in the dance class was the instructor hahaha. Do young women even exist? I've been through like a dozen hobbies so far over the years and i've never seen a single one at any of them.
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How do I become less retarded and more successful as a guy with FAS?
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hey robots, i found this axolotl plushy wrapped in a rosary in a mall parking lot. i think it might be imbued with holy power.
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>tricked everyone into thinking she's lightskinned so coomers could send her money
Is this common in the black community
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gallery-1486550108-lupita-nyongo (1)
First result on Google for "beautiful female".

It is what it is
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How is/was your relationship with your mother?
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A Gay Little Fact
Hey, fun little fact I never noticed before. Our fist contact took take at 22:26:00 on this date 5 years ago. This was the exact time of my birth. That's pretty neat.
(I think it's okay to slip this one in. It's not the 25th yet).
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actual thing a foid said to me last friday
>you look like you post on 4chan

i am not fat and my skin is clear. how does one look like he posts on 4chan? did she want my cock? i avoided her either way.
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hutao tired
Fuck it. Opened a voodoo ranger. I have been so bored lately that I've decided to give genshin another try.
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it's kind of liberating, the idea that you have no free will. That we are at the mercy of higher forces... the idea of this universe somehow being centered around human beings is so absurd.
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I live in a Chinese ethnic enclave and the women here always have awful teeth. Like green tinted or brown, and often incredibly crooked and/or buck toothed with overbites. Why do Asian women have such shitty teeth
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I get lightheaded and can't think if I drink a bottle of soda, but my doctor ran blood tests and apparently I'm perfectly normal. I don't think I'm going to live past the age of 25.
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img - 2023-09-12T003548.044
How is anyone supposed to be truthful to their therapist when they send you to a mental hospital if you tell them the wrong things?
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Ill admit it, I got triggered by the McDonald's ad
It's not that I resent the concept it's that I resent it represents what I will never have. I don't even understand why at this point. I used to think it was just me being fat but I see plenty of fat guys with loyal wives. I used to think it was because I was poor but money hasn't helped attract anyone of value. I used to think it was because I was "lame" and didn't party but I'm at the age now where most women should be wanting to settle down and none of them have interest in me. Even people I know have fucked up their lives and have criminal charges, kids from deadbeat donors, drug addictions and other shit won't even give me a second look.
I don't hate people who do have it but I hate the people who won't let me have it, including myself.
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>buy previously owned mining GPU from ebay
>wait for it to some in mail
>hit the box with a baseball bat until i'm sure i broke it
>take a picture and file a refund
>"The package came like this, and the GPU is completely broken"
>get refund
>seller has to pay for return shipping
You get what you deserve.
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im a trans girl
how is my voice?
its my biggest insecurity
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Only a bipolar demon can stay manic through the whole day
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Anyone in eastern europe who regularly does drugs? How would one procure a large amount of stuff like fentanyl or heroin here?
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escort maxxing
is it true that hookers will not kiss thier customers?
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Do you ever wish you were a normie / extroverted? Would it make your life easier?
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Halt, wench! State your business
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Any oldfags here remember legendary femanons who just disappeared out of nowhere? Basically from being a queen to just leaving this place forever?
Is Iris attempting something similar?
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THERE IS NOTHING WRONG in wiping your ass with the dirty clothes in your washing machine
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Do white fembots feel like a cuckquean when they see "their" white men with nonwhite women/lusting for nonwhite women?
What kind of emotions do you experience?
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shrimple as the dimples on your precious little face
Your arms are open wide, ready to receive the bounty of another 24 hours walking this planet, right Anon?
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>In 2016, the richest 10% citizens received 53% of Thailand's national income, with monthly average incomes of about 100,000 THB ($2,900), and the top 1% alone received 20%, earning over 380,000 THB ($11,000). Income inequality in Thailand is amongst the highest in the world.
if you could find a remote job in America that nets me $35k/yr, I would be in the top 10% of wealth in Thailand. What could I do, robots? Any ideas?
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This is stolen land.
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Isn't it crazy that it's either you graduate from STEM or you're homeless? The middleclass doesn't exist.
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There are people out there that study us like animals anons. They do pHDs on why you cant get laid

What are your thoughts on these academics that study incels
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wouId you fuck her mouth
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