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Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.
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Welcome to /biz/ - Business & Finance
This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cryptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden.
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LINK - Copy
We are literally only hours away from LINK flying past $20. It's going to be a beautiful weekend. This is your last chance, NOLINKERS!
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Any Australians on here that trade crypto? I'm considering dropping a few thousand ScomoBux™into some shitcoins, but am unsure. How the fuck do you not get RUINED by CGT?
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Right, I bought a couple K linkies because of constant shilling on this board ages ago. Still have them, tremendous buy. Not salty I didn't buy more, but looking for the next shitcoin shill.

Shill your shitcoin in this thread and those in favour vote aye so that I can determine my next $1000 in the dumpster moonshot. Pic related, can't even figure what I'm meant to do with this shit but have thousands of it in a metamask wallet lmao.
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In the court of the crimson king

Call her moonchild
Dancing in the shallows of a river
Lonely moonchild
Dreaming in the shadows of the willow

Talking to the trees of the cobweb strange
Sleeping on the steps of a fountain
Waving silver wands to the night-birds song
Waiting for the sun on the mountain

She's a moonchild
Gathering the flowers in a garden
Lovely moonchild
Drifting on the echoes of the hours

Sailing on the wind in a milk white gown
Dropping circle stones on a sun dial
Playing hide and seek with the ghosts of dawn
Waiting for a smile from a sun child
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Where in Europe is the best place to move to avoid the tax jew when you make it?
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ChicoCrypto is on board and many more to come.
Check at 9:09 to understand wtf i'm talking about.

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what's it like having sun and heat all the time? will you relocate once you make it?
britbong here, just curious
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No title

Man the fuck up and join the ride.

LINK partnership coming, big CEX rumored, Gem groups picking it up.... LAST CALL FOR $DEC!!!!
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XMR Solo mining
Does anyone here know what the exact chances of solo mining a block are? I'm running an Intel i7 with 8 threads.
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stinky linkies
stinky LINKIES
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I'm unironically going all in on this piece of garbage just because the logo looks cool. You're all laughing now, but I'll be seeing you fuckers at the top when this does a 20x for no apparent reason other than "mUh dEfi". Let's fucking do this.
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This is one of the most ridiculous and humiliating openings in Binance ever seen, they said it opened at $5 but it was $12 seconds after launch.
Someone bought at $55, holy shit.
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If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To buy all the LINK you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?
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It's not too late, I shilled this at $10. Hotbit and Polo incoming. What the fuck are you guys doing?
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I bought 45.9 yam for 21 eth

Did anyone else get yammed this hard?

Yes I want to die
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/smg/ Stock Market General
Maid girls


>Stock market Words

>Risk Management

>Live Bloomberg Stream

>Educational Sites

>Free Charts


>Pre-Market Data and Live Data

>Wife Market:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar

>Boomer Investing 101

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) Calculator

>List of hedge fund holdings

>Suggested books:


>Previous thread:
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pi network
What are the chances this shit actually becomes worth something down the line?
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No title
frens, is ankr pump over? I'm still holding but not sure if we are keep going up
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Why buy imaginary shitcoins instead of real stocks?
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Poorfolio Thread
It may take a another year or 2, but I think i can still make it.
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No title
Almost made it to post limit before things broke down again edition

>Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info



>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

>YouTube/Podcasts David Morgan

>Additional /pmg/ resources and info

Previous : >>21421987
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No title
>Too late for bitcoin
>Too late for eth
>Too late for stinkies
>Just in time for statera
Feels good to finally make it
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What is ICNQ Iconic Lab?
>Iconic Funds GmbH is the holding company of various subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are issuers and managers of crypto asset index investment vehicles.
>Investment vehicles launched by Iconic Funds’ subsidiaries pay 20% of their asset management fees to Iconic in ICNQ tokens purchased off the open market. All tokens paid by the vehicles to Iconic are burned.
>ICON Holders gain access to exclusive fund share classes for some investment vehicles which have a 50% reduction on management fees.

Today Iconic Funds parterned with a financial institution called Enigma Securities

Last month they parterned with, and will launch their products together with the hedgefund NapoleonX [Embed] [Embed] to run bots, market making strategies and general crypto trading effors

It also closed a 4M series A round 2 weeks ago, showing the confidence of institutional investors in the product and platform

>Iconic’s Multi-Manager platform enables up-and-coming crypto asset managers to leverage Iconic’s own infrastructure and network to launch an investment fund cheaply and quickly for their own active crypto investment strategy. Iconic announced Napoleon Asset Management as the first asset manager to join the platform last month and is actively sourcing new managers to join the platform.

as of last week, ICNQ-ETH and ICNQ-UBT pairs exists on uniswap , for buyers to easily purchase those tokens
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What about this ? Any good predictions ?
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No title
How do I mentally recover from selling 15,000 LINK at $0.5 cents?
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legit 1000 times incoming no sarcasm. hourly rebase starts in 90 minutes
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Bitcoin restoring
I bought my friend's old computer from 2011 or so.
Then I found a Bitcoin folder from the User/Appdata/Roaming area. It had a wallet.dat file in there and I thought I might be able to restore his Bitcoins - in case there are any.

I proceeded to install Bitcoin Core so I could open the wallet. I have downloaded about 5% of the blockchain. But then I realized the fresh install of Core probably overwrote the previous wallet. What do I do? Could it do that?
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Statera, Statera!
I'm pumped tonight
You know my APY (700%!)
And I'm starting to feel it's right
All the volume, the tension
Don't you see, baby, this is perfection?
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No title
Fucking Asian markets AND Eurocucks failed to pump anything yet again. Guess it's time for NA to get the job done.
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Sell a thousand right now to shut her up; that way, you'll have $17,500 right now, you'll still have the rest of your 10k+ LINK stack which you had three (3) years to accumulate (plenty of time; you could've gotten a part-time gig over the summer and earned enough in a week to pay for it), you'll still have the rest of your stack, *and* you eventually get to hold this over your mother's head forever:

>"Hey, ma! D'you remember that time you convinced me to sell a thousand LINK for $17 thousand? Do you know what those 1,000 LINK are worth right now, ma? A million dollars, ma! A million friggin' samolians! A gosh-darned million bucks, ma! Ya made me sell a million fucking dollars for seventeen grand, you dumb cunt! Fuck you, ma!"

Move out right after you sell. Use the $17k to rent a very cheap apartment and feed yourself for a year.

After that year away from your rotten mom, go ahead sell another thousand LINK... @$1k; you'll know what to do with your first million.

>bonus points if you send your mom a card that says "Here's a million dollars, ma; unfortunately, premature withdrawal of your moon ticket devalued the amount to $17,500, enclosed within as a cheque written to you. This is all you get. Goodbye forever."
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Raiden Network
You bought in months ago right? Dont you want to get on board early?
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No title
why is no one talking about this?!
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No title
What you need to understand is that there are two kinds of people here.
Traders and Holders.
Traders makes all kinds of moves and, if they are intelligent and successful can end up with a lot of money.
Holders just buy small cap coins with potential, read white papers, and readjust their portfolio from time to time.

These are two different strategies and they should both be respected. I notice a lot of retarded discussions on this board comes from people failing to see this distinction. Both are valid strategies. Choose whichever strategy fits your talents the most. If you understand distributed systems and computer science it can be very profitable to read white papers and be a holder. If you have a lot of free time and have a natural inclination for how markets move, then you should consider becoming a trader.
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$CUR - CurioInvest
>You didn't listen at $.5
>You didn't listen at $1
>You didn't listen at $1.5
We are here
>You didn't listen at $5
>You didn't listen at $10

Low cap (<2M), Low supply, Polkadot, Defi, Bonding curve, luxury car backed... DYOR
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Serious Question? Who is buying?
I own 1000 LINK & 29000 USDT. Seriously I don't feel like buying any shitcoin. Are you fags really buying or cashing out?
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PNK is shit. Doesn't need a blockchain
Just watched the first minute of the video on their homepage. This is garbage. You can write contracts and have juries arbitrarily decide things without a blockchain.

Beside, what customer would ever agree to send their money to this shit service? This token is complete shit.
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No title
Just came in my girlfriend's mouth. AMA
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Dump your YAMs and Yield Farm safely with Kira
please sirs buy yams
Kira is the future of Degen farming. It's an decentralized exchange that lets you trade and stake assets from any chain and earn staking rewards. Your staked assets earn interest "s derivatives" and you collect trading fees.
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No title
What does FUD stand for again?
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No title
I sold most my LINK yesterday at 17.00 will I get a better entry soon?
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No title
Can we have a serious convo on Reserve Rights. How high can it go. Predictions over the next couple of months?
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No title
So what actually went wrong with YAM?
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Make sure to keep an eye on this one.
They are building a gamified way to trade crypto like etoro.

A Dex, A P2P Lending Platform, Payments Protocol, Margin Trading, Crypto to Fiat Gateway & More.

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No title
>tfw doing 1/4 million bank transfers like it's just a regular daily occurrence

feels good to actually make it frens, getting treated on the phone better and in person and the bank branch, might transfer another 1/4 milly into a different investment fund tomorrow, i'll see... meanwhile might treat myself to some premium tendies.
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Next 100x / MYX Network
Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 12.44.46
- Deflationary token with active staking!
- High volume, low market cap ($2,634,671)
- Trending search on CoinGecko
- The team has any tokens
- Presalers already sold

We are ready for a moon trip.
You've been warned.


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Insider Info
Look I’m an insider and I’ve been given some extremely important information about the future of this project.

Apparently during the last phase of testing the booleans weren’t correctly syncing with the java-nodes. This causes a huge statistical inconsistency within the core celeron continuum database, ultimately meaning the .exe system can’t run in a fully decentralised manner..... The plan is to integrate the booleans with intel data packets within the mainframe so the main outputs of the system will be consistent with the transactions per second of the blockchain...

Do what you wish with this information ....
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No title
The real Chad Coins are the ones that are mooning without Biz.
Nr. 1 voted coin on coingecko yesterday!
Lets see if youtubers will keep on ignoring it.

// QUANT or Nothing
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No title
i was promised
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The next chainlink
Since its too late to get in on link, we need to find the next link. No uniswap scam coins like statera etc.
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I think I figured out the Ripple thing
images (3)
We know they have paid shills and just general bagholders. I have zero life so I have begun to actually read every post in these threads. Of course there is no quality content to speak of, but that does not disqualify a shitcoin here. People can still meme about trash and downright scams.
The problem as I see it is two fold.
They are not used to constantly being made fun of and having their opinions questioned due to other social media being a safe space of likes and group think.
They try to adapt shit they read here into their responses and it is utterly disingenuous. It rubs so against the grain and sticks out like a sore thumb. Basic shit like using cope incorrectly or putting faggot in random places.
I don't want you to think you should go and scour a Ripple thread, but if you are scrolling it is an interesting phenomenon.
This thread serves no purpose, I just needed to write this.
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No title
Shill me the next quick 10x, Anon
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No title
PNK will NEVER EVER hit $1
Kill yourselves you street shitting subhumans
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I own almost 10,000 (8162) PNK

Ask me anything

Also dump your best Kleros memes - I purely bought because of the high quality humor this coin gives me. If someone makes me chuckle ill dip into my chainlink stack and buy more
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No title
>STA is 0.01c
>STA is 0.05c
>STA is 0.1c
>STA is 0.15c
>STA is 0.2c
>STA is 0.5c
>STA is $1
>STA is $5

EOY a suicide stack of STA will cost you 10k. Right now it only costs ~2k.
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No title
Give me an oracle project that's under 20 million and that's American
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free wownero
first one to get wow in their id (w0w is also cool) gets 420 wownero!
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No title
reddit zoom
Why don't zoomers like crypto?
Is it strictly a millenial thing?
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No title
hope you're ready to go back below $1, swipecucks
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Statera Marketcap
Looking into Statera but nowhere is marketcap stated. Does anyone have an any clue?
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Do you jerk off? How many times a day? Why do you do this? If you make it, will you stop it?
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BART - an easy 10x
Did you miss BNB? Then check out BART. It's the coin of BarterTrade, a new exchange that'll be operational in a few weeks.

Current supply is 67mil, max supply is 170mil. All those extra tokens are locked until EOY at the very least though, except for 24mil which will be used for community incentives. So for the next few months, the max circulating supply is 91mil. At the current price of $0.07, the MC is just 6mil, which is still very low for an exchange coin. If BART delivers all of the features in pic related I can definitely see it go to around $1 for an easy 100mil MC. At the very least though we'll see a 2-3x in the coming week. I'm 100% certain of that.

Now, what was the pre-sale price? Depending on how early you got in, it ranged from $0.016 to $0.025. So the maximum pre-sale buyers could've made by now is a 4x. That is a decent return, but not so much that they'd start dumping immediately imo. Whether that is fine with you depends on your risk tolerance though.

Is BART a long-term hold? Probably not. I'd definitely start dumping my bags once the first advisor and team tokens get unlocked. But that's several months away. Until that happens, there's definitely an easy 10x in here.

>possible FUD
The team consists of indians. That's literally it. I'll admit it, that's not very great. But I do like the exchange features they've promised, so I'll stick with them until they fuck up at least.
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Will I be okay?
I started with $100 1.5 months ago guys. AMPL gains turned into to TRUST turned into LID and SBREE. Not sure what I should do now.
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Screenshot (55)
You heard that right

Privacy Oracle is the next big thing

Sitting at a comfy 1.5 million mcap ready for 50x

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$yamCRV - $40,000 MC DEFI GEM
long_main (1)

this coin seems to combine the advantage of $YAM and $CRV. i think the developer's ability is excellent.

there are only 120 tokens in the $yamCRV. it can be a fun meme or a good coin. bet on the possibility of this coin.
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No title
You can reach $1, Dogecoin. I believe in you :,)
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Let's talk about Aergo
/biz/ always complains that nobody is talking about solid projects before they moon or they say "nobody is talking about x" when litreally everyone is talking about "x". Well Aergo is actually not talked about much and has great potential. A project that actually works on crypto adoption in the real world. It even goes as far as making it work with boomer tech like SQL so that devs don't need to know any crypto-related stuff at all to make it work. Its chart went sideways for ages but lately it started becoming more volatile and showing signs of an upcoming boom. Also big partnerships and VC on board and a very active and focused, heads-down team. Buy or don't, idc but don't say that it was never mentioned 2 months from now.
Oh and I've seen multiple messages in non public groups begging everyone to not talk about Aergo just yet, but I don't care, I don't believe in faggot tactics like this at all. The rise is long overdue for this project imo
oh and the final redpill is blocko that makes it a no-brainer to invest into:
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No title
So I heard all the mining of BTC happens in China (or 90%). This makes a mockery of the decentralization meme. Does the same remain valid for Ethereum or Chainlink?
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No title
as i'm a poorfag from a pisspoor country. Is it even worth investing something if i have like 20 euros to invest?
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No title
link is shit
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No title
$5 Waves incoming boys, prepare for tsunami
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AGA Token
To the anon that shilled the dip yesterday - THANK YOU you sonofabitch.Fucking finally caught a 2x pump right before it happened.
Don't miss this shit anons, it's going to at least two fiddy dolarinos
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can i talk about or are we still accumulating?
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No title
Will it go up?
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No title
Are y’all ready for Kleros case 369?

The case of George Floyd

Should the police officer be found guilty of murder in the first or second degree, manslaughter, or innocent
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No title
LINK's Weekly RSI
1 images | 4 replies
Daily BUIDL thread
Pack your bags boys! Kiss your mama goodbye. Fuck your gf/slut or have a good wank. Smoke a fag and do your last line of coke. Bring clean underwear too!

We’re about to launch deep into space.
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Harmony (ONE)
Moon is irrelevant. We're going to Andromeda.
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No title
What do you guys think? Like Discord but you get rewarded with a token as patronage for use. No trannies, no furry homo mods, would be blockchain based so all users would have a wallet that they could transfer to other wallets/exchanges. I think it would be a pretty good idea and would draw a lot of attention away from Discord
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No title
Red pill me on caffeine, /biz/.
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No title

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No title
It‘s almost over
This has to be the top
6 images | 52 replies
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Moonshot with urgent solution for DEFI

Get in before it moons..

Staking through Ferrum network coming soon

Partnership being announced next week
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No title
i've lost 5 fucking thousand dollars trying to short LINK the last 2 days

fuck this market

i just went LONG 8k LINKIES 3x LEVERAGE
4 images | 15 replies
No title
how do you cope with the fact that you didn't spend the last decade saving up money into a thicc and juicy bankroll and being ready to invest into stonks that rose to meteorititical levels?
having enough money and being able to invest at the right time is the only hard thing. and seeing as you arent forced to invest except in a guaranteed scenario, in a field and business you know and have knowledge in
it's damn near impossible to lose

now since I'm financially aware I'm 10 years behind and in the grind phase. this is very upsetting. how do you cope again?
2 images | 26 replies
This could go big DEC
Plebs you’re missing this one too .. don’t be pussies .. we already told you it’s going fucking hard !!!
0 images | 9 replies
No title
so comfy
WAVES $5 in a week. I'll come back and tell you "I told you so"
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Redpill me onRSR
0 images | 1 replies
forsage is gone
goodbye forsage. it's already saturated!

take a look at

join while there's few members
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No title
1595603135864 (2)
Why is Chainlink absolutely uncapable of breaking $18?
0 images | 5 replies looking for gear?
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-15 at 11.54.38 AM
BitGear is now on CMC, price is set for a moon. AMA coming next week. More details on Changelly partnership coming soon. This weekend is your last chance to accumulate, I want you to make it anon.
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No title
at this point in time LINK could go either up or down

thank you for listening biz
2 images | 10 replies
cup and handle forming on the 15m chart
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Sell XRT or wait?
3 images | 14 replies
Swap CUR to CURV (Curio Staking Token)
Swap CUR to CURV before marketing kicks off next month, the process is simplified and newfags push the yield curve up to 10 CUR for 1 CURV.

CURV holders are assigned 5% of every asset that is tokenized, if they vote on which new offering should be put forward to investors. The same dev seemed to indicate that rewards will be much greater than that though.

Curio are tokenizing 500 cars with $200 million+ to start with, so that is a share of $10 million + of tokens that will appreciate in value and can also be sold on exchanges.

When Curio expands into other areas e.g. luxury watches, wine and so on you will continue to receive a share of every asset.

Follow the process in the image.

Great entry right now. Check out the yield curve:
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$SVB about to actually take off, not just pump and dump
If you were here two days ago, a shitcoin $SVB SENDVIBES pumped and dumped. Well it's basically back to starting price and the team has been working on some launches and partnerships which are set to take off. It's market cap is still micro so this is a fucking blessed opportunity

Also listed on Uniswap


SendVibe Channel
Unique Way Of Connecting People By Rewarding Every Daily Payment.

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FTM is going to replace ETH
Fantom Andre

Andre knows the benefits, problems and possible solutions with ETH very well. But at this moment in time in the development of Fantom, he cannot and will not come out to claim and yell that Fantom is the solution. He is terrified for what the toxic part of social media space will do with his opinion, because he knows that lots of people cannot properly judge the viability and risk-reward ratio of many crypto projects, including Fantom.

If you read (hear) between the lines in both
-his recent 7 twitter messages today
-hi answer during the interview on Youtube uploaded yesterday
what Andre is saying about Fantom is already a quite exceptional claim !

Basically Andre says:

Twitter (today):
Q: Andre, if you were going to build on a different chain, which one would it be?
A: This is a complete trap, but I'll play.
I think it is highly unlikely to see defi outside of ETH, and highly unlikely that another L1 will capture this market segment. Rollups and other L2 solutions have a much higher chance of expanding defi.
But, to answer the question directly, everyone that has followed me knows I have a soft spot for @FantomFDN, I have loved the research we have co-authored, and it was an absolute pleasure to help build out the mainnet and I continue to guide and watch it grow.

YouTube (yesterday):
Q: What's the problem that's still itching you, you weren't able to fix yet ?
A: Layer 1 stuff. That has a lot to do with the work I do with @FantomFDN, which I actually do think we solved it there. ... I'm terrified at this point of ETH too. ...

If you read between the lines, we might at least conclude this: if ever another Layer 1 solution will challenge / seriously compete / overtake ETH in the near future, there is a good chance it will be Fantom.
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No title
slow and steady boys, slow and steady
2 images | 17 replies
No title
help. I went all in on LINK and forgot to get any ETH. now i can't move my LINK. help.
1 images | 3 replies
Real Estate General
Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 3.56.02 AM
Yo /Biz/

Been making this thread for almost a week now - I love answering any of your real estate questions or clear up any misconceptions you might have

I own over 40 pieces of property - ask me anything.

2 images | 87 replies
Missed $XOR? MISSED XRT? Buy Xtake.

Mcp 160k.

This coin explode! X20 easy.


TG: xtakefinance


Circulating Supply: 200 Mill

Liquidity locked:
2 images | 44 replies
0 images | 1 replies
No title
What went wrong?
2 images | 14 replies
No title
Well played, nazis, well played. You made me miss out on Chainlink with your Nazi White Supremacist Coin FUD you spread yourselves on my home site, Reddit. Haha you thought! I see through it all now. I see through it all. You thought you could win against me? HAHAHA YOU ARE WRONG! Just converted all my NANO and XRP bags to LINK some ~20 minutes ago. I'm going to fund a league to end homophobia, xenophobia, racism and anti-semitism all at once. You miss with the bull, you get the horns!
2 images | 9 replies
No title
>not investing in the pineapple of gains
kys, see you
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Comfy Thread Mk6
Greetings, Marines, and welcome to the sixth installment of what I've dubbed to be the /comfy/ threads. This is a place to rest your weary feet after holding the line for so long, and enduring all the FUD. It's a place to share music, link related Art, and, most of all, the things that trouble you.

As always, I'll give use a thread theme- which is some Chillhop tonight. Good to relax to, I think.

....So, What's bothering you Marine?
18 images | 48 replies
I'm here to tell you you should by Lition.
I will be back to say I told you so.
12 images | 55 replies
xdai stake
What went wrong?
0 images | 1 replies
0 images | 0 replies
No title
What's your favourite /biz/game?
0 images | 18 replies
IceFish - PreSale - DeFi Stable Coin
1) ANONS IceFish

We want to announce that the pre-sale of the stable IceFish coin is approaching.
IceFish has an innovation system based on the law of supply and demand, temporarily blocked from source code so that it is not cloned.

We will pre-sell 50% of the stable coin, and the rest will be burned to the contract address.

After pre-sale, we will add 25% of the stable coin and pre-sale money to the blocked liquidity on uniswap.

More information:

Not Added Coin YET only community, we will take your advice :)

ICO: 16.08.2020!
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ALGO just past it's resistance point, last chance to obtain ALGO for less than $1
0 images | 8 replies
Token of Babel
Here are my finding on the next project from super c4ad - burn_the_state Bill developer of (XAMP)

Tokens of Babel, Price is God. A new trading game that tests the limits of DeFi (found in git)

Token Address

Appears as though 0xa44cc80840f205fb2bf001765c012476766fae13 allows you to stake and withdraw tokens
Still going through the contracts

I think Uniswap pool will be deployed from here 0xe41e5fa65d197afa059edce5225c1da2a01a361c
This looks like the dev tokens he is keeping for now 0x3474ea3e41372efecbdc1b41a3c92df293370aa8

Now seems like initial LP will be XAMP/TOB so load up. I have already, and plan on buying TOB with ETH or USDT then adding to the LP when its up. Also token holders of XAMP will be air dropped so remember that.

I am heading back to babylonia but using a trip code for my return adventure - if you guys are civil ill drop the url (logs show registered yesterday) for interacting with the smart contracts as we all now in this degen defi game if you are not first your last.
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Next 100x MYX Network
Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 12.38.48
- Deflationary token with active staking!
- High volume, low market cap ($2,634,671)
- Trending search on CoinGecko
- The team has any tokens
- Presalers already sold

We are ready for a moon trip.
You've been warned.

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help uniswap Add Liquidity
Hi all:
I am tvt the project launch at 2017.12.
It is first post at 4chan to promote project.
TVT need help uniswap Add Liquidity.

0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2 (twitter wtf)

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What's better than coinbase? this shit doesn't support anything
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