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"/biz/ - Business & Finance" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.
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Welcome to /biz/ - Business & Finance
This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cryptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden.
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No title
when do you guys think the next pump will be?
im guessing prob 2024
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wtf was that my dudes
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a little due diligence will get you a long way
it's so fucking free you dumbfucks, no one is gonna use crypto shit for anything real, do you know why XMR kept relatively high resistance against the dump? because of massive utility DIST is pushing the exact same thing, just with way faster privacy (while using a ringsig of size 64 vs 16 on monero), smaller block sizes so more decentralization, and basic EUTXO programming allowing for convience features like on chain assets and DEXs. its literally the project everyone has been asking for, and the TESTNET is finally live, they delivered.

'oh so why not just use monero' because it can never be adopted at a store, you will never pay with monero, its slow as shit and its dying and losing developers.

i'm so tired of seeing "jeet", "scam project" and ofc the infamous one liners like "siphoned money" (thru a testnet lmfao) its the one shot at an ICO you get unless you were there in 2019 for the AZERO ICO or in 2014 to buy ETH at 0.34$ at their ICO. you can make your own decisions on this, but its one of my married bags during this bear market because the CEX listing will presumably happen mid 2023 along with mainnet launch, so...

few things:
>why not SCRT? they literally got hacked yesterday along with bluray DRM hardware because they use the same encryption
>not a copy paste chain, everything from scratch
>has monero core devs
>fully live testnet
>ico is live at 0.5 usd for a bdis (discreet on binance chain) redeemable for 1 DIST (mainnet) when it goes live

so please for the love of god, READ:


>inb4 fud from xmr bagholders
>testnet is live
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Based Black Man
This is one based black man
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No title
>he done bawt?
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Definitely not going to jail
He bought both parties and now they’re going after the celebs who promoted FTX instead
This world is fucked
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Do wagies really…
WOW-WEE! A WHOLE 94p raise after JUST 4 years!
Imagine what I could DO with that extra £38 a WEEK! That’s TWO WHOLE DOMINO PIZZAS A WEEK I could CONSOOM!

Oh boy I just CAN’T WAIT to get my well deserved RAISE!
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/GME/ - Pro-Rice Edition
Pro-Rice GME
>Basic Information (up to 2021)

>Daily reminder

>Mandatory study time
>The Everything Short
>Naked Short Selling and Systemic Risk
>Failure to deliver

>SEC 10-K Annual report
>GameStop Investor, NFT, & Wallet Sites

>What will happen if Citadel becomes insolvent?
DTCC with 60T USD, will pay as the final boss with FDIC as the insurance

>Real-Time Trades
>Current Trade Halts + Short Restrictions

>All other news/DDs/etc
>Temporary alliance with reddit and jews to take down other jews, we can go back to hating each other later
>reddit DDs don't take them for fact use your brain
>Check your broker and clearing house to ensure you're not rugpulled

Last time on /GME/: >>52676967

As always:
>sneed hedgies
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No title
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>MUH PoW fags are dumb
Its about decentralized algorithmic creation (from, the beginning) of the currency. END OF
Its not just about securities laws.

Centralized teams of blockchain/tokens can't create an immutable blockchain.
>They can make more tokens (look up coinmetro, think rubix recently also)
>change to a new token (Don't you even Cashies & SVfags)
>edit the blockchain of transactions, ETH HAS DONE THIS (with the DIA token hack)

If people actually understood money as a form of debt (double entry booking). They'd understand an algorithm, that's based on a utility (electricity) with a firm supply cap is Superior to ZERO...with interest goy
Please read this 14 page doc even if you think you understand money creation.

It get so much worse.
What tax is all for
The reason for USD rise in power
Its successor is already created from the above, FYI China lied to get on
this in ‘08ish
The boomer market is a scam
Lets end this with, the ETH chain is not immutable

I avoid /biz/ during the bull as I hate all the shills, this a time to learn something new to evolve for the next halving.

Anything thats not PoW is a scam
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No title
greg money arrows
>money supply up
>money velocity down
what is this a recipe for?
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/pmg/ - Precious Metals General
The Maple Edition

>Why Gold?

>Bullion Dealers (US) (BE/EU) (UK)
more at:

>Russian/European Coins (EU/UK/US)

>Constitutional/"Junk" Silver Info

>Compare Spot Price Websites (US) (EU) (DE/EU)


>COMEX vault live graphs

>Numismatic News (featuring international gold & silver coins)

>Bullion Tax Info By State:


Nitric Acid, Magnets and Ping Test

>Relevant Information Regarding Mining Companies

Previous Thread:>>52658992
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He didn't know
rlc stinky
It is happening faster than you think
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No title
late 2016 fag here,

I'll give you guys a few hints since there seems to be a lot of confusion on the whole sentiment thing.
For example: There are people who say "people think we will go lower! Surely we've hit the bottom!!!"
You can see the problem here, people from every price point think we'll go lower.
The right method: see which direction people are mocking. See pic below.

Second tip, and this is important, is exchanges are watching you and bogging you. They have bots that watch for medium sized holders to sell their funds and won't moon until you do. So take your money off exchanges, plus it will help you stay iron handed. Not to mention all the exchanges and coin companies coming here to manipulate you and fleece money into their project at the top, most specifically ada.
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No title
the 2 best looking charts in crypto that will continue to outperform. blue coins gud once again.
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/smg/ - Stock Market General

>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Streams:

>Educational sites:

>Free charts:


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

>Boomer Investing 101:

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

>List of hedge fund holdings:



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Face It.
tf2 items
TF2 items are the only stable cryptocurrency.
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No title
I've got $7.500 to throw at something.
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No title
can prospective employers see that you were terminated and why? worked three years for my company only for it to go to shit and them fire a ton of people and cherry pick reasons to do so.
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No title
Do you envision most young people today will be able to afford a house in the next 5-10 years? Where will they live if housing remains unaffordable? How will a city function without a workforce that can live there?
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/YFG/ - Yield Farming General
BiSwap Edition

> Top stablecoin APY
66.51% - [email protected] (Cronos)
25.36% - [email protected] (Ethereum)
21.18% - [email protected] (Cronos)

35.22% - [email protected] (Fantom)
20.04% - [email protected] (Ethereum)
14.49% - [email protected] (Polygon)

> WTF is yield farming?
Earn interest on your coins with decentralized finance

> Screeners

> Tools

>Portfolio trackers

> YouTube

> More Info

telegram: bizyield
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No title
Let's laugh at the biggest losers on /biz/.
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No title
You will never be able to buy Bitcoin under $17,000 ever again. That's it, you missed the bottom. You lost.
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Gold isnt backed
Screenshot from 2022-12-01 01-47-06
by anything, other than a story that gold has some kind of value
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/tlcg/ Terra Luna Classic General - Fuck Jannies
interlinked >>>>>>52636890
news and updates:
>Rabbis proposal is up for voting, Vote YES
>gcr closed his short
>zaradar's proposal
>binance will burn offchain transactions fees of 0.1%

official tr discord:
>discord (dot) gg (slash) 9cyVTVcM
if you have the time, help other anons by calling out the kikery in there

>please try to stake with validators with lower voting power for decentralization

/tlcg/ official waifu validator, based and redpilled:

other validators that seem fine:
>interstellar lounge
>LUNC Development Fund
>Apeiron Nodes

questionable valdidators:

/tlcg/ blacklisted validators: (REDELEGATE IF YOU STAKE WITH THEM!)
>luna station 88
>lunc dao
>autism staking

exchanges supporting offchain burns:
>binance, coininn

helpful links:
>Terra Rebels Website
>Terra Finder for Classic
>How to stake on Terra Station
>HCC LUNCPenguins
>Bridge Wormhole LUNA back to Terra

>alex forshaw
>ed kim (probably)

>LUNChads anthem (Listen 3 Times Daily to Sustain Pumps)
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No title
ORN below $1 is _____.
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No title
I’m accumulating Fantom, thoughts?
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My Pee stays Icy
How are we hodling, piss marines? $100 EOY is back on the menu with the Christmas miracle pump incoming. Hang in there bros.
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Post size of bag, buy in range and estimate average price.
I still don't care about the price action.
I still feel confident and I could even see it going down to like $1.5 if we get a severe recession and/or harsh regulation or something other catastrophic like Tether crash.

These are mine:
>20 000
>$3.8 - 7.2
>About $6

I'm down about 33 %.
Still considering to DCA down to $2.
I'll admit defeat if it goes below $1 - 1.5, there's still 18 000 000 ICP for early investors to unlock until April 2024 so who knows.
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ChainLink about to explode
Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 4.54.12 PM
I study TA for a living and thought I'd share something with you from the Link chart.
>We are about to see an explosive green candle straight up to the $12-$14 range.
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No title
>my entire net worth is stored in a browser extension
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BSV short squeeze 12/12/2022
What you need to know:

- BSV is extremely shorted coin on Bitfinex, with a short interest of around 90%

- Bitfinex is forcing all bsv margin positions to be closed by 12/12/2022.

- BSV already temporarily flared up on Bitfinex yesterday (+70%)

Do as you wish with this information
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/XMR/ Monero General
Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading decentralized P2P privacy cryptocurrency!

Monero is secure, low-fee, and fungible, meaning users can send XMR around the globe despite corrupt governments or broken financial systems. Innovative privacy features such as Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Ring CT ensure that Monero's blockchain is obfuscated -- In other words, the financial history of all Monero users is encrypted from the prying eyes of adversaries on a public blockchain, with transactions being visible only by a user willingly providing a view key.

Monero has also improved upon the scaling downsides of current popular cryptocurrencies. To avoid high fees, dynamic block size ensures that the size of the blocks will increase as the amount of transactions increases. Further, the mining network algorithm RandomX establishes that anybody with a CPU can participate in mining, preventing the ASIC miner domination that creates a high barrier to entry. Lastly, the mining network will be preserved by Tail Emission -- instead of the block reward falling to zero like with Bitcoin, the block reward gradually approached 0.6 XMR in June 2022, where it will forever stay. This constant linear inflation means the inflation rate will asymptotically go to zero while continuing to provide an incentive to miners to maintain the network.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask and a MoneroChad will be with you shortly.

XMR Redpill:

XMR Stats:

USE Monero:




>Non KYC:
Crypto ATMs



Official Gui/Cli

IOS: Cakewallet
Android: Monerujo
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/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #1995
5 more threads edition
Prev: >>52635302

Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bitrue/Kucoin[NY]
[for Bitrue send USDT or XLM and use XLM/XRP]
or on the XRP ledger
or on XUMM app (with USD IOUs from Bitstamp)

>Newfag Tutorial:
>XRP $2,000+ EOY:
>SEC Lawsuit Latest:

>Flare Networks (FLR) Overview:
>Bitrue vs Poloniex FLR:
>Flare vs Ethereum:
>Flare Finance (YFLR) Intro:
>Flare Finance FAQ:
>Flare Finance Wiki:

>XRP Ledger:
>XRP Charts:
>XSG Frenlist:




>The Myth of Market Cap:


>Past /XSG/ Threads:

>What wallet do I use?
Hot storage - XUMM, Exodus or TrustWallet
Cold storage - Paper/Metal or Ledger/D’CENT
Paper Wallet -
DO NOT use Droplet wallet, it's a scam! and will steal your XRP
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No title
>date fat American women
>date skinny foreign women but become “that guy”
>don’t date at all and die alone

I’m at a very important crossroad in life
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Why is it so hard to make a company
Why is it so hard to do something where you're not just copying some established company?
When most people discuss companies they're saying self employed or franchising or something shit like that.
Self employment is still wageslaving but it's just at a slightly higher salary. Franchising is just wageslaving but with management and razor thin margins, all the risk but none of the reward.

How do you make a new improved product that pushes the civilisation forward?
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No title
Housing market. I have a rental that would net me about 100k if I sold today. Is that a good idea or a bad idea. Thanks. Pic unrelated
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No title
images (9)
>only 10mill networth

middle class rich, it's over, what should I gamble all my money on to escape this hell hole
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No title
Oldfags, is this the bottom? What's your reasoning?
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>this is a sucker's rally.
>this rally will fail like the others.

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SNS-1 is the first DAO on the Internet Computer Protocol (ticker: ICP), which makes in essence the first true web3 DAO in history.

It is fully supported by the DFINITY Foundation who see it as a tool to showcase the power of web3 DAOs to the world.

There are only 7000 ICP SNS-1 tokens in circulation, 3000 are locked in the DAO treasury (10 000 tokens total supply).

Now, let's compare it to a literal who web2 DAO on AVAX such as this

It reached 100k+$ during the peak bull run.

SNS-1 is the first DAO 100% stored on a world computer. The first in history.

Use this information as you will.
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Did you lose our foreskin and it wasn't your fault? You could be entitled to compensation
stronger nologo
Happy Merchant Inu is the FIRST memecoin EVER to raise money for foreskin regeneration research. This revolutionary practice involves taking tissue from a deceased organ donor and regrowing a fully functioning set of nerve endings, and then sewing it on to the human penis. Never done before, after 12 years of research it is nearing the end of animal trials. Human trials beginning soon, your life could be about to change.

JEWGOLD is not a joke. 2% of each transaction goes towards foreskin regeneration research. You could soon be whole again.

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Ardano lost
> hydra heads scale to 1,000,000 tps
> that’s code for centralized l2 state channel piece of digitized dogshit might as well just use a db

All counter arguments are cope-and-seethe-based. Anyone with a midwit level of understanding in blockchain understands this
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What happens to BAT when Brave finally rolls out ads on their search engine?
It's been about a year and a half and still no ads on the search engine, while it has had massive growth. What impact will this have on BAT? What will it look like when they finally use their cash cow?
Now I know we aren't late since its never really had a huge pump. But will search finally be the thing that effects BAT?

Also are rewards ever going completely on chain or will we always be stuck with vBAT.

To increase my odds of summoning the master I would like to say a few words. Javascript, Brandon Eich, mask mandate, Corona virus.
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No title
image (3)
You got Andrew Miller tweeting how he's very bullish on the future of TEE based smart contracts, citing how Ekiden mitigates sidechannel leaks, and them hacking SECRET for their master key, and you're still not buying?

The Oasis Network will be the ones that will cater to regulatory bodies, while still preserving your privacy.
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Algorand (ticker: ALGO)
It just works. It's fast, it's cheap, and it has some of the brightest minds on the engineering team. They've been silently building during the bear market and lots of developers are launching dApps. I have a feeling it's going to explode when the markets start healing. Your thoughts?
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No title
Yeah I’m thinking we’re back
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No title
>proof of violence
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Pivot announced
But also all Russian oil exports stopping on Dec 5th.

Is this bullish or bearish?
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No title
Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 6.25.50 am
December 1 2022: Can sell LINK, but won't

December 7 2022: Literally can't sell Chainlink no matter how many ESL fud threads there are

Last week of work in the Discords, tensions are pretty high.
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/LYRG/ - Lying on Your Resume General
ITT we will discuss techniques, tips and tricks on how to:
>fake internship history
>fake work history
>fake degree history
>explain gaps
>and generally get better at lying and falsifying
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Is the west planning to switch to crypto if hyper-inflation hits?
Screenshot from 2022-11-30 16-52-00
They are pretending to be against it but haven't banned it. They successfully tricked our enemies into thinking its evil.

If/When the dollar tanks, are they going to flip to crypto across the west and let the free market sort out what coins are the most highly valued?

>it's mathematically proven to work (blockchain)
>it's simple
>you can't take down the network unless you find a way to erase all data on every computer in the world pretty much (is there a theoretical way to do this?)
>they could be holding bags right now and everyone holding bags right now would get rich if this happened
>Canada starts pumping oil and we only trade in crypto to the green countries
>We are all rich as the saudis

This should unironically be the game plan
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No title
Does this chart look bullish to you?
1 media | 13 replies
John McAfee’s legacy token, giving power to the holders. Created in 2019, it was designed as the ultimate social experiment.

With every transaction, 10 percent is BURNED. With every 1,000 transactions, one receiver will lose the entire transaction. 345 million tokens allready burned.You are early.

Post your eth wallet adress.First 50 wallets are getting an airdrop.
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What are unemployable people supposed to do?
Just freeze to death? I don't interview well because sperg, I haven't waged in a couple years, I don't want to sell my soul to some kike's variable schedule, and I'm running out of savings. Oh and I can't afford to move
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No title
How THE FUCK do I change MetaMask from using infura for free?
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No title
What ICP ecosystem tokens have you bought in, /biz/?
How much ICP have you bought today?
2 media | 13 replies
ROSE staking
Best validators to stake my fat stack?
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/CMMG/ Commodities, Mining, and Macro General
Recession is coming edition

Commodities include
>Precious metals
Gold, Silver, Platinum group metals
Oil, Natural Gas, Uranium, Coal
>Base Metals
Copper, Iron ore, Nickel, Lithium, Cobalt, Zinc, Lead
Water, Agricultural, Salt

More information for each commodity
Calculators for DD
Steer Clear List
News Sources

>Youtube channels to follow
Palisade Gold Radio, Mining Stocks Education, Sprott Money, Goldsilver pros (Rob Kientz), Finding Value Finance, Gregory Mannarino, Peter Schiff, Macro Voices, Crux Investor
>Canadian junior press releases

>What is Austrian economics?
>Austrian economics books
What has government done to our money (Rothbard), The mystery of banking (Rothbard), and Profit & Loss (Mises)

Previous: >>52582107
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No title
Did the fed just pivot? Is it safe to buy now?
4 media | 17 replies
Patrician ETF portfolios
I read someone here the other day mention SCHD/JEPI/VOO as a patrician portfolio. What about VTI/JEPI or SPY/QQQ/JEPI?
6 media | 23 replies
Kleros devs have been caught minting 100M tokens and dumping them on bagholders!
A huge scandal!
3 media | 12 replies
No title
Why the FUCK aren't we continuing to drop we're supposed to be in a RECESSION and crypto of all things has had its foundations SHAKEN from the liquidity issues FTX caused which directly affects other exchanges through CONTAGION someone tell me why the FUCK this shit isn't well under 12k yet?
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No title
3 media | 6 replies
I sold the bottom
I sold my ethereum bag at 1090$.

It's going to go lower right?
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No title
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 12.17.46
Lads, the bottom is in.
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No title
So let me get this straight

Apple can literally side with a communist dictatorship and censor protestors, but it doesnt fucking matter, because Mr FED Chairman says the recession is going to be soft, and he will be careful, probably? And Santa Claus?

what the hell is fucking happening? did we walk all the way to the peek of clownworld just to launch a fucking rocket from there?
7 media | 38 replies
Cardano won
SundaeSwap (DEX) on Cardano is currently doing near feeless instant transactions, with 1,000 TPS on one Hydra Head (one stake pool), meaning Cardano can scale on multiple Hydra Heads, meaning effectively 1,000,000 TPS if you use all Hydra heads available (over 3,000 stake pools available).

Cardano will overtake Ethereum next bull-run and /biz/ will shit it's pants because they were too busy calling Cardano a scam (even though /biz/ shills scams on a daily basis).

Ethereum cannot compete with Cardano. Autistic Vitalik even said himself that rollups would take 6-10 years. Yeah, you heard that right, 6-10 years. I'm not even joking. Ethereum is a mess. It's a joke.

Cardano is the future and there's nothing you little freaks can do about it except whine when you miss out on the Cardano generational bottom.

Cardano just won.
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No title
>it longs
>it shorts
>repeat 10 times
>think it will short, so pick long
>it shorts
>think it will long, pick short
guess what happened next. i swear to god it's all rigged.
6 media | 15 replies
No title
So I just got my new Ledger but it's wrapped in fucking shrink-wrap.. this reminds me of back in the day when 2nd hand games were wrapped like this while new games had the official xbox foil which was nice and clean and even had a little pull tab.

Is my shit rigged? I don't want to get rugged by some smartass wagie.
3 media | 30 replies
sns-1 impending supply shock
SNS-1 tokens are in danger of violently appreciating in price. The trading supply consists of less than 6 (six) SNS-1 tokens, it would only take 150 ICP to remove EVERYTHING from circulation. People are NOT selling.
15 media | 77 replies
No title
3 media | 7 replies
No title
How many link are you staking? Do you expect a gas war on Dec. 6?
3 media | 29 replies
No title
>Your little 4% pump can't satisfy her like my -75% can
4 media | 9 replies
No title
new sbf kino is live
use bypass paywall extension or w/e
26 media | 112 replies
No title
How much blood can I give before I die?
4 media | 13 replies
No title
Why is XMR doing so well vs BTC this year?
10 media | 56 replies
No title
>I'm bored...
>can't we just try 200bps and get some action going?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 23-13-49 Cryptoland Original video - YouTube
to the moooooooon
1 media | 7 replies
No title
OMFG Look how fucking bullish DOGE is. this shit will pop straight to $0.20, not even kidding.
2 media | 9 replies
cancel culture
consider this your buy signal. you've been warned
0 media | 3 replies
I actually believe all XRP fud
Is either paid for or intentionally done so people can accumulate. How fucked am I?

t. 150k xrp bagholder
7 media | 39 replies
Why actually are you against this man?
I mean, he's peak autismo, he's our sword and spear. He dedicated his entire life to make normie life as miserable and as spiteful as possible. He's our vengeance over them, 1% of innocent sacrificed for a greater cause is worth it.

In few generations with humanity united (after harsh years transformation ) those who survive may be actually first of first who would reach the stars - thankfully to putting nonsense aside and connecting the capital.

Why are you not supporting such noble cause, because your funny internet money is at risk? Didn't you swear to NEVER sell? If so, the price is meaningless anyway, same if you don't get children.
11 media | 19 replies
No title
Enjoying the bulltrap, Bobros?
1 media | 2 replies
No title
Where can i invest this 4k to make a quick profit shortterm?
27 media | 101 replies - liquid staking
reminder that BOTH your tokens and rewards are locked for v0.1. the team is saying 1-2 years and knowing them, they will use every second of those two years
>>Due to the security parameters of the Staking system, both Node Operators and Community Stakers will initially have their staked LINK and accumulated rewards locked up in a smart contract until a future release of Staking.
linkpool has developed liquid staking. to understand this, just replace ethereum/ether with chainlink/link in lido's faq:
>What is stETH?
>stETH is a token that represents staked ether in Lido, combining the value of initial deposit + staking rewards. stETH tokens are minted upon deposit and burned when redeemed. stETH token balances are issued 1:1 to the ethers that are staked by Lido. stETH token’s balances are updated when the oracle reports change in total stake every day.

>stETH tokens can be used as one would use ether, allowing you to earn Beacon chain staking rewards whilst benefiting from e.g. rewards across decentralized finance products.

where will the link deposited being going?
initially all nodes get a 50k allotment to fill.
however, in time as it goes from 25m to 75m the nodes are going to get more allocated to them
>When v0.1 launches, 22.25M LINK will be allotted for Community Stakers on a first-come-first-serve entry, while 2.75M LINK will be allotted and reserved for Node Operator Stakers. Over time, as the space-limited pool expands, the proportional difference between different staking allotments may be adjusted to further enhance the security of the pool.
how much? who knows? but even if it's 200k per node then that's 200k*12= 2.4m LINK of capacity
6 media | 29 replies
No title
i thought this was real...I just bought a 100 LTC. Wwwhat am i in for?
2 media | 3 replies
1 media | 6 replies
No title
>How much sauce do you want nigger I mean sir
1 media | 5 replies
No title
What black swans are honestly left?
We've already had:

Billion $ bankruptcies + hax
Miner capitulation
Normie capitulation

Literally running out of black swans
1 media | 13 replies
No title
>bought the generational bottom

I'm thinking we're back
1 media | 7 replies
No title
I want to ask my bizraeli friends about this coin, I was looking to buy this but nobody discuss it here, which is a red flag, so please true pill me on the project is another l1 not needed?

1 media | 10 replies
No title
Hello fellow anons, I am an anon from a poor country that I will not name so I am not made fun of and have purchased 500 matic over the past year. Will I make it in my country?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
>office Christmas party tomorrow
>never talk to anyone at work and sit and have lunch alone every day
>plan to say I'm feeling too ill to go in and I'll work from home
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/smg/ - Stock Market General

>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Streams:

>Educational sites:

>Free charts:


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

>Boomer Investing 101:

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

>List of hedge fund holdings:


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Thinking about selling my GME and AMC finally. It’s over
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What's going on with Cosmos network these days, anything?
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i just ate 2 pounds of baked potato casserole. i am ready for evening forex trading.
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What will be the next crypto craze?
Cryptos have had many crazes all over the years. First, it was Bitcoin appearance.
right after that, there were the altcoins and soon after the ICOs, IPOs and all the O's thingy craze. Afterwards the PoS and stacking craze came to play and then smart contracts came around then the DAO Blow. Then the Cexes, the Dexes and right after that, we saw NFTs rise along with the metaverse. (I'm probably missing something). Now we just had the Merge.
Many of these phases have helped the crypto market achieve new highs and led the blockchain technology to go mainstream.
A lot of developments have been a part of the industry growth, so my question here is, what do you guys think will be the next craze in the industry?
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What’s a good broker that’s accessible and has crypto options? Not looking for a broker with a lot of shitcoins, just one that offers futures for BTC and isn’t a CEX. I want to keep an emergency fund there in the off chance Binance collapses and crypto dies I can make sweet gains shorting BTC
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strange feeling
guys i have a strange feeling that this piece of shit will moon so hard again… also the japanese will soon ape into this
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>knock knock
>"Hey mumu! What's up big guy?"

>knock knock
>"How's that 100k bitcoin coming along champ? haha"

>knock knock
>"You haven't left your room for months, we're getting worried about you!"
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85% of retail investors have lost money on crypto

Investing for profits clearly isn't working

What are the best reasons for investing in crypto that don't involve making money?
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Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 12.35.17 PM
this shits been trending on twitter for a couple days now anons. do we yolo into this or will we get rugged. dont want to miss the train like I did with shib. so tired of being a poor piece of shit. and dont shill me Link I already have some fuckers
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How do I profit off of India becoming the biggest economy in the world? Should I start putting some money into an index fund that tracks the Indian economy?
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The great thing about posting about Avalanche, the only blockchain that actually scales due to its innovative consensus protocol, is that there is a team of poos employed by Polygon (the 5-of-8 multisig centralised shitcoin) and ICP (the useless -99.8% enterprise servercoin) who will kindly bump my thread for me with their third rate TelegramSir FUD.

Won't you, you little slaves? ;) Now bump my thread, wagies, we need to stay on Page 1 to make sure everybody knows about the best platform in crypto - Avalanche and we keep them from getting scammed by Polygon and ICP.
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I made 124k from GME and 118k from ETH; cashed out and trying to figure out whats next?
I invested in ETH way back in 2018 post-great bull run and ended up selling 118k worth of it back in Jan 2021. I also put 30k into GME in Jan 2021 and ended up with 124k profit from the GME short-squeeze. I cashed out and paid all my taxes on this amount and bought a 700k house in a major city near the waterfront that has a lot of development going on with a 20% downpayment and turned my prior house into a rental property.

I owe 550k on the waterfront house @ 3.375% (which is my primary residence) and 163k @4.25% on the rental property. 19k left on a car loan a .09%

I make 153k base salary and usually get around 10k bonus, so I'm able to save around $1,500-$2,000 a month.

What do I do next? I have a few lucky hits, but haven't ever made a "real portfolio". Trying to pay off my house early so I can live worry free without large expenses looming over my head (which would help me be resilient against layoffs)
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So, Bobo. Is this 14k in the room with us right now?
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>My shitcoin is dumping because of da jooz or something.
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Sergey on CNBC
uhh linkies??
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I know you guys don't want to hear this but I think 2una is going to moon hard
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I’m putting together a business…
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Hey bobo your hole is really fucking loose are you sure you are doing this for the first time?
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Buy gold and take out all cash from the banks
316523483_1314438932650511_6453142615826971582_n (1)
They are artificially dumping stocks and preparing for the last blow off top of the decade.

Inflation is way over 10%. If they told you the real numbers, gold ant btc would skyrocket. They need to accumulate more before destroying the middle class and the fiat system.

War, inflation, covid, balenciaga and twitter nonsense is used to distract you from what's going on behind the curtains.

You should have started buying by now. Get ready for a 10-20 year bear market after the blow off top. Food, water and hard assets will save you from starvation.
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My gf is a bitch bruv, she thinks cause I don't have VR glasses for Metaverse and not milking profits like her ex in crypto, I'm a loser with big balls.

What's the best niche now bizfag?
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Sam Bankman Fraud
Why does Sam Bankman Fried remind me of Michael Milken?
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Sapphire will give all existing dapps access to confidential smart contracts with no change to UX, just a simple deployment of the contract on Sapphire by devs. Rose has just backdoored their way onto every EVM chain.

My rosies stay cosy.
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is coinmetro the only CEX that's not running on fractional reserve and has real honest liquidity (no wash trading)?
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I literally just sold
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28-Own-Nothing-Be-Happy-f (1)
What coins am I suppose to buy before the bull market resumes?
They all look like the same shit.
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SMG bros help me out
So I’m new to stocks and I bought a good stock large market cap high dividend yield and this is basically one I’m gonna HODL and buy more of like crazy. Been piling portions of paycheck in it. Recently been jumping in price by 20%. I’d like to buy more, but couldn’t resist just selling a smidgin to lock in a profit and wait it out if price drops again. I don’t think it’s gonna drop anytime soon for me to slurp again.
Have any of you been in such a situation? Enjoying just slurping a really decent stock once in awhile no major price fluctiations then get in that situation where you just HAVE to sell a bit and take profit? What if it rises about 20-30% more? Then I get another stage where I need to sell more and profit? If I sell it all I’m gonna miss the dividend! I’m I getting emotional about this in ways I shouldn’t?
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>The buttom is only when I can buy buttfuck with my shitty tradcuck wage you fucking kike nigger libtard tranny
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lets be honest bizfags
this 10/10 girls deserve the best
>cares about not just people but future generations
>is genuine AF
>has a basis in reality for the arguments

legit wish her (and her team) all the best

Not all WOOmen want to be in kitchen/be a housewife. We all have a place in this world. Sadly even though most women belong in the kitchen, this one woman pushes that to the side.
>inb4 this is /biz/, wtf are you talking about Anon its about money
it is

Sadly this will be a top /thread as its about the 'message' & not about actual biz/finance.
why do I keep coming back here after years of leaving....
I hate SO many of you
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2:54pm PST
upcoming larp time in 54 minutes bros get in here could be massive or could be a massive nothingburger
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Nobody knew what the fed was
federal reserve
Even 10 years ago, nobody knew what the fed even was or what inflation was.

They only just learnt what a fed is and what a fed pivot is.
And what a balance sheet is and how the bonds market works.

Ask any 40+ year old, and they wouldn't know what the fed even is
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>Want to buy more crypto
>Know it will go down as soon as I do
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We made it.
Inflation has peaked, tech valuations have come back to reality, and the job market is softening. The consumer is strong, unemployment is low, and nothing broke during rate hikes.

Jerome Powell, you crazy son of a bitch, you did it.
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> grypto goin
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I can't be the only person who thinks this guy's speaking pattern during scripted speeches sounds like Christian Bale when he played Patrick Bateman.
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How can I short women?
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I have
20000 XRP
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Hello, I own native tokens of the Avalanche decentralized blockchain system (ticker: AVAX)!
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To the remaining four niggers
And thousands of bots here:
Buy 100k kaspa or dont cry to me niggers when you didnt make it in a few months!
Thanks, bye niggers!
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how is this kike not dead or in jail yet?
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not a single thread about the sbf interview.
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cregbros is there still a vishnu on the blockchain?
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Does the future of crypto depend on regulation?
With AAX being the most recent to go under, we have seen the demise of a few centralized exchanges lately.
Isn't it about time the industry gets regulated to help prevent similar black swan events in the future?
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Jerome... what are you doing. I believe you are forgetting where your bread is buttered.
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I'm going to do some DoorDash now. Gonna slurp some SHIBA and save for a small business.
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so say i make a life changing amount of money
how do i actually cash out?
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so now that it's proven that real estate is the superior investment over stocks and crypto why is this board still 100% crypto?

why not talk about house hacking or being a neet realtor
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maxresdefault (3)
>I aint sayin he a broke nigga
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1630174498339-Mysterious Coin
How has this been so resilient during the bear market? Is it the safest SoV in crypto?
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Why did no one shill this last month?

I would be rich right now.
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This is a sucker's rally
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I just fomo bought
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Giving flowers to shills
Alright /boys/ it's almost Christmas. Reply with your eth address and I'll send yout a common flower.

trips will get a rare flower & quads = $25 worth of LINK

i will NOT alow rerolls for the LINK prize

best of luck fellas!


PS: come by our discord, we keep it chill
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Elon and anti-WFM faggots BTFO
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Dog bat
Dog bat


Whats your rank?
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Solidly on Ethereum
Are you gonna miss out /biz/lets? launching next week on Ethereum
partnered with:
Yearn, Abracadabra, Frax, Liquity, Ren, Qidao, Tarot, 1inch, Paraswap

Beta dropped yesterday and everything works flawlessly.
Hundreds of millions in TVL right from the start. Basic functionality: SOLID vesters receive 100% of swap fees generated instead of LP providers who instead receive all protocol emissions according to weekly votes. Protocols will increase liquidity on the platform through bribing.
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brazilian here moving to ireland soon
will euro drop back to 5.00 BRL or should I buy it now before it gets even more expensive?
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>wake up
>do nothing
>go to sleep
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Battle of the CEXs
"Why do I need to move my crypto out?" people ask, with a false sense of security and that’s why people will keep falling victim.

Now that BlockFi is down, which one is next? What's going on with KuCoin?
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What's the point of pre/after hours market? It's just makes everything inconsistent. If you buy during the day you have to hold your anus and pray you don't get wrecked in the morning.
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No title
I missed the bottom waiting for $10k
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poorfag thread
Gm fellow poorfags, I hope you are enjoying a nice cup of coffee this fine morning.

Post your poorfag portfolios and tell us what you are accumulating and why.

I am mostly accumulating ROSE because I am bullish on the project; good partnerships, good tech, very promising to be primed for next run which I think will have a focus on privacy.

DOGE because we all know damn well daddy Elon is going to keep pumping it, and imo, it's good for another 10x at least.

I'm hoping for this folio to be worth 6 figures mid next bull
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this is what you wanted right anon?
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Screenshot_20221130-220010_Kiwi Browser
Please describe this pattern
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