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1. All camming, 'rate me', meet-up, 'report in', etc, threads welcome.
2. All posters must be 18+.
3. No random porn dumps. Post pictures of yourself!
4. No asking for drug hookups.
5. Don't make duplicate threads. Use the catalog (try the search feature).
6. No contactfagging.
7. No signfagging.
8. No paywhoring, begging, or soliciting.
9. Guys, don't post your pics in girl-only threads (and vice versa).
10. Be respectful to each other.
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Dirty kik thread. Fantasies, roleplay. Taboo. Ill start... male 30 in ohio looking for super cute sluts, pics vids and or actual chicks. Kik me at justcuzcum or snap me at crystalsbaebae im horny af and down for almost anything.
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/hgt/ - Hairy Girls Thread

Thread for females to show their bush and other unshaven body parts such as pits, legs, belly, etc. We love all of that.
Every body type/ethnicity/hair color is welcome.

>NO CONTACTFAGGING (asking for or posting contact info outside of contact threads)
>Females only / Timestamp if you're new / No porn pic dumping (post pics of yourself)
>Be civil to the girls and each other
>Naturalness is highly encouraged - there is no such thing as 'too hairy' here

From: >>28648632
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ITT: Post your face and the number of people you've had sex with, not counting hookers.

That's it.
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New dirty kik thread

32 m Germany

kik. Belthane2019

Looking to jerk to female feet. Also trading pics of girls 18+ with people.
You can share your gf, wife, sister or whatever with me, sometimes I do tributes.

Also playing truth or dare with femanons.
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smokepaint - sweetheart
Ideal Partner Thread

Describe your ideal partner to help you find what you're looking for (or just for the sake of discussion). Suggested format:

>Their gender

>Their age

>Their height

>Their body type

>Their race/nationality

>Their personality

>Their interests

>Describe a perfect day with them

>Describe yourself a little

>Optional contact
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Georgia thread, you know what to do.

Here's a discord group for Georgia fags: gg/kKWnSc
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Ideal BF/GF Thread: I Always Wanted To Start A Thread Edition

Post yourself as that ideal SO
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New cock rate thread
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No title
/feet/ thread.
Why tf is there no feet thread?
Old School Macro Edition
>In b4 macro fagging
>nudity encouraged but not required.
>Old thread ????
>Please timestamp if new
Posters should be born a female. None of that tranny or in between bs
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Would you date my punkie byelorussian ass?Physically I guess I'm cute as others say yeetus I don't feel to be, got basic russian face (because of my mom's russian roots n shiet) , I'm 5'2 tall, almost 41kgs, as you see I have blue eyes and my hair colors changes as much as my mood but naturally Im blondie.
Well the worst about me is that I got a stronk homosexual side and I'm damn poly with girls and I end up to corrupt some that have bfs and maybe even fight their bfs, drink like a pig, smoke like a factory, make myself known fast in police departments for harrasing, threatening or fighting people, druggies or just owning and flexing with weapons on street cause i like to be edgy.Oh if i wrote bullshit pls sorry but already vodka and the beer hitted hard.

TL;DR Life fast die young eat ass girl that doesnt if she is homo or straight
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New Gay Kik thread. Post your asl, what you're looking for, and your kik.

21/M/US Want to see some pics or vids of cocks jerking/cumming. Any sizes welcome. Send whatever whenever.
Kik is another_anon_69
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Discord Thread
>about yourself
>looking for
>not looking for
>fun fact
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Florida Thread
Post A/S/L and Kik

Looking for a girl in 386/407/813 or surrounding areas to take to a swingers club for the couples discount. kik is vrabile
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No title
Nude trade post kik
>into everything
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Tinder thread.

Post your profiles and get some advice to help you meet people.

Here are some easy tips to start off:
- Your main profile pic should show your face/upper body clearly, no sunglasses or shit obscuring your face
- You should have at least one group picture with friends, preferably a candid one
- You should have a picture of you doing something active - a hobby, a sport, a hike/walk
- If you have a cute dog, a picture of both of you can be a bonus
- Never post pictures (that you don't feature in) of random shit like food, animals, tourist attractions or memes
- Never fill your profile with same-face selfies - it makes you look like a loner
- Never have a main profile pic where it's not clear which guy/girl is you
- Write a short bio with something interesting about you, and what you're looking for - people are more interested if there's a bio

Now post away!
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No title
Fucked up fetish. Go.
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Skull/side profile rate thread
>inb4 why the different haircolor on the backs of your head?
its the lighting
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No title
Me and my wife are thinking of getting into amateur porn. Where is the best place to start? Snapchat, pornhub, or Chaterbate? Post your snaps or put any experiences you have had on here.
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No title
/erpg/ - ERP general
Roleplay, Joy of Man's Desiring edition

>What is this thread?
This thread is all about roleplaying distinct characters. Your "ASL" can be the elf princess or the rugged but gentle half-orc knight that saves her, or even the dragon that keeps her. Perhaps you're a sci-fi greasemonkey, or the pilot of the starfighter she's repairing. Anything can be fun if you find a way to make it work.
>What is F-List?
F-List is a site dedicated to typefucking. It offers multiple exchange options, such as F-Chat (instant messaging), notes, and even forum or group settings. The most powerful tool, however, is the profile and its interest-listing possibilities. You can pick any interest, fetish, or kink, and indicate how much you like or dislike it. Your profile's info tab contains your character's vital statistics.
>How do I get started?
Create an account and make your first character! It will ask you for a character name before any description or fetishes. From there it's just a matter of fleshing out your creation by completing the description, kink list, and optionally adding some images. If you're ever confused, seeking feedback, or just want to display your character, post your profile here! Take a gander at this too:
Posting your profile is highly encouraged, and likely to get you roleplay with other people in the thread.
>So, I made my character, what now?
After you've created your character and are ready to ERP, click the Enter the Chat button on F-List's home page. Browse through the various channels and find the ones which interest you or apply to your character.
>Where do you guys hang out?
We hang out on F-Chat, F-List's chat. Join our channels:
[session=4chan /erpg/]adh-59dc867b2b8dc5bf159d[/session]
[session=/erp/ Lounge]adh-209ec6f9aa093715b5d9[/session]
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New Wickr Thread
Looking for your gfs/wives/sisters/daughters etc. that you’re willing to do anything to.
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No title
Online in places like 4Chan, Photofeeler, and Facebook rate groups people tell me I’m either average, above average, and a few will tell me I’m good looking but irl it feels like every single girl hates and avoids me and I literally have never gotten any matches Tinder or FB Dating. I feel like I am being completely lied too online. I am at the point where I have began to plan plastic surgery and skin bleaching after I pay my credit card debts off.

Do you guys think that will make a difference for me? Here is a pic of me someone took.
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No title
Bull and cuck thread. Dirty shit only. I’m a cuck and I wanna show u my gf. Kik: philmathews5
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No title
Any fags in Atlanta want to watch Seinfeld and jerk off with me?
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No title
Traps and trannys, come show yourself
127 images | 344 replies
No title
Nude Roulette let's do this
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No title
29 sissy faggot CD from Iowa here /soc
<<me in OC webm related
TRUE STORY: I have hooked up with 8 "Straight" Married men from Grindr and given them blowjobs at a hotel, and have amassed 200,000 views.
Share YOUR Grindr/Amateur Porn stories!
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No title
Any NZ or Aus want to chat and meet up?
5 images | 67 replies
No title
Do you think this body is healthy?
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No title
**Dirty kik game**

Didn't see one going so starting a new one.
Add the 3 above you and send a live nude. Don't forget to throw OP I there too
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No title
New Compare Thread
whip it out and make some wagers lads
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No title
rate/assumptions thread
61 images | 135 replies
No title
Post Kik/Snapchats/discord’s
I’m looking for a mtf girlfriend!
Drop your contact info.
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No title
LEWD DISCORD THREAD owo since the other is at bump limit. If ur a femboy/feminine please specify it!
>some videogames
>looking for
>not looking for
>best feature
>discord handle
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No title
1457313732074 Nice social shitposting server. We encourage gaming, political discussion and most of all funny posting. We got e boys, e girls and even e femboys soso very diverse and etc diversity is key meme etc
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No title
Where do you go to talk to cute shemales? I live in a small population state (Montana).

Pls help
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No title

M22 cerco qualcuno con cui parlare e divertirmi. Qui al nord hanno chiuso tutto ed è una noia mortale

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No title
Compare small cocks edition.
Post your kik and compare and see whose the smallest.
Wager if you want.
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No title
Beard rate thread?

I’m 20
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No title
Never had a gf, but I’m thinking of trying to find one. How low should I set my standards?
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No title
rate and guess ethnicity thread
42 images | 99 replies
No title


Mission Impossible
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go die cuck
Welcome to /aan/ - Kliff is a cuck edition!

This is a thread for poorly housed and cared for NEETs as well as Providers with both room and desire. Also, just compatible roommates if that’s more your speed.
The ultimate goal for all participants is to move in together as flat(room)mates, friends, or something more. Your call.

If you are looking only for sex or "online only", you are in the wrong place. Shoo.

>/aan/ Discord:
Join the discord, it’s fun. *Make sure you post in #intro to get full access!

About yourself:

>Status: (Please pick one)
Provider – willing and able to support others financially, or by providing living space
Semi-Provider – able or willing to contribute financially to some degree (e.g. to rent/bills)
NEET – willing to move in with someone and receive some personal support (you do not have to be a NEET!)
>Sex/Gender, Age, Sexuality:
As much as about you as you are willing to say. Sex and gender matters to some people. Others, not so much.
>Location and are you willing to relocate?
General location or as specific as you want. For NEETs, your location and ability to relocate or not is especially important so please let everyone know.
>What you are looking for (pick all that apply)
just a room/flatmate, friend, F/M/T only, gf, bf, fwb, live-in maid, strictly platonic, etc, [insert your own]
>Anything else you would like to add? Requirements? Expectations? Preferences? Needs?
Use this space to talk about the kind of person you are and the kind of person you are looking for.
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No title
Body rate thread
22 images | 36 replies
No title
Has anybody managed to fix their pitted acne scarring? Please help :'(
3 images | 37 replies
No title
Americans do you think I'm cute? Would you hit on me and try to sleep with me if you saw me at the bar? Traveling to California soon and want to know how well I'll do with hookups over there. Can I even expect anyone to hit on me?

I've heard that guys in America hit on girls. Where I'm from they don't. Its not socially acceptable for a guy to walk up to a girl and hit on her. And has almost never happened to me.

What do you do when a guy hits on you? How do you know if he is hitting on you or just being nice?
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No title
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No title
Texas thread preferably 361 area code
10 images | 92 replies
No title

Drop Your Snapname/Snapcode,and some info about You..

Me 22/M/Europe,

Please don't make this into a paywhore promo shitstorm thread tho
13 images | 77 replies
No title
Str8 GUYS into
Anal Play And Toys

Leave your Kik or Snap
5 images | 105 replies
No title

Saw we didn’t have one of these already so I figured I’d make a thread for it!

22/f/Virginia USA
psychology, art, food, true crime, horror movies, binge watching netflix/hulu, weed, cryptids, conspiracy theories, aliens, creepypastas
41 images | 319 replies
No title
Anonymous Butt rate Thread.
How you like mine?
55 images | 92 replies
No title
Hey, just roll with your kik and age, I'll contact you to know what you want me to do according to your roll ;)
I'm 21 m bi
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No title
Male feet thread? Post your feet, compliment, and rate, but only if you want to!
34 images | 95 replies
No title
/flt/ - Female Legwear Thread

>Females only
>Timestamp if new
>Never/semi-nudes welcome
>No Contactfagging
>No Discordshilling

Previous Thread: >>28585887
25 images | 120 replies
No title
Pretty small and chill server, dedicated to filtering out unfunny and annoying people so chat quality doesn't go to shit like 95% of servers. Come and hang out for a bit, we'd be happy to see new faces.
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No title
Eye rate thread GO
16 images | 22 replies
No title


"Creative Writing Workshop"

Dirty talk, audio masturbation, vocal smut and shenanigans all recorded on vocaroo or other sites and posted.

Be as tame, romantic, sensual or filthy as you like. Record your masturbation, try some scripts, improv, sing, play music, talk about your favorite sexual fantasies, or just look for requests on the thread.

All content is welcome here, but please keep in mind:
>Please keep long scripts and extreme scripts in pastebins (
>Name and picture requests are generally ignored. Contactfagging is also generally ignored and discouraged by the /soc/ rules unless given permission by the performer.

Please remember to tag your post with your Thread name, the request link and/or title and type of work (song, fap, script, etc...)

Also no dick pics pls; it's gross
or dicks with mics

Prior thread: >>28541220
24 days 9 hours
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No title
/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Thread

>Females only
>Timestamp if new
>No contactfagging
>No nevernudes
>Minimum whining
>Couples content is welcome if focus is on the female
Correct macro edition
Webm Guide for Phones:

Previous: >>28637975
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No title
22 images | 50 replies
No title
I hate to make this thread on the normie board but it's a bannable offense on /r9k/.

Can friendship, sex or love be achieved if you're a worthless person in terms of achievements, work, previous relationships(romantic - non existent), self-reliance(Neetbux)
Are a smart person with multiple interests and the ability to have a good conversation?

I'm so fucking alone. the change is too slow for me to wait until it ends and I'm 'normal'.
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No title
Telegram Thread
>about yourself
>looking for
>not looking for
>fun fact
0 images | 5 replies
No title
Fuck/marry/kill and why thread
1 images | 5 replies
No title
Am i fat?
7 images | 43 replies
No title
Trap/Femboy Discord thread.
1 images | 4 replies
No title
New dick rate thread
39 images | 45 replies
No title
06 - YMpWU3T
/cgt/ - Chubby Girls Thread

>Females only
>Please timestamp if new
>No nevernudes
>Only post pictures of yourself
>be civil to the girls and each other

Upload vids -
Erome -
WebMs - use gfycat

Old thread: >>28585852
11 images | 82 replies
No title
I fantasize about having a room full of White people(the attractive ones) hanging by their ankles from the ceiling upside down so I could torture them ..... sexually

Post your pic and say what you’re into/fantasize about
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No title
Ohio thread
haven't seen one in the catalog for a while
looking for girls, femboys or traps. Down for sexting pic trading, maybe meet up, whatever.
kik: fatdgary
1 images | 32 replies
No title
Arizona Thread
6 images | 31 replies
No title
Tell me about your day, anon.
77 images | 147 replies
No title
Washington thread
1 images | 6 replies
No title
you know the rest
48 images | 246 replies
No title
If I said:

- I thought I was into BDSM, being a male submissive to a female dominant, for as long as I've been sexually active,
- I tried it recently and I am, very much so,
- I'm married to someone who isn't,
- And I'm sad and scared that I'm just going to be unhappy forever,

what would you say to me?
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No title
Klinefelter-anon here.
Felt like dressing up again and took a few pics
Anyone wanna see more?
10 images | 62 replies
No title
Age Gap Thread. Haven't had one of these in a while. Post your contact details and what you're looking for.
18 images | 149 replies
No title
Feeling like an uggo recently
what can I do to improve my appearance?
3 images | 14 replies
No title
39382172-CFE5-447F-89E2-33BEC54BC3EA join if u love clowns
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No title
Bi Male looking to chat with Females, Males, Couples and Trans. Join me at Google Hangouts: [email protected]
0 images | 0 replies
No title

We like female breasts of all shapes and sizes

>No contactfagging (requesting or posting contact info)
>Timestamp if new
>Tits are the qualifier but all your body is welcome
>If you pics of your gf/wife/ex/fwb/ or the girl you stalk go to >>>/s/ to post them
>Only post pictures of yourself
>Be civil to the girls and each other

Upload vids -
Erome -
WebMs - use gfycat

Last Thread: >>8516508
122 images | 484 replies
No title
Enjoy our server:

>talk about topics of interests: anime, music, life
>no rules
>meet frens or do whatever u like
10 images | 10 replies
No title
Because antidepressants make it hard to get hard.
0 images | 10 replies
No title
I'm female and still a virgin at 23. I never fell in love and wasn't really interested in sex and stuff until recently. I awakened a sex drive and would like to try out things step by step. But I'm aware that being a virgin at this age must be weird to most people and I'm even afraid of telling my future bf of this. Now I'm kinda under pressure to lose my virginity as soon as possible. I want a serious relationship though, not just a fuck friend.On the other hand I'd like to try out giving handjobs, blowjobs and stuff... I feel the need to practice before being in a relationship and because I (ngl) feel horny sometimes but dont want to lose my virginity right away.
My question is : would you be weirded out? An inexperienced girl at this age must be strange right? or it's not a big deal? And secondly do you think I should go for it and find someone to "practice" on? desu I just want to try giving a blowjob but I dont want to encounter a creep and get raped/murdered....
70 images | 481 replies
No title
Fresh face rate thread
11 images | 16 replies
No title
images (1)
Cali thread post what ya looking for
Cali guy here 24 fit looking to get kinky naughty sexual or just chat and meet up , kik is nicklee266
73 images | 421 replies
No title
First Impression Thread:
what's the first thought that pops in your head? i'll do the first five anons!
22 images | 55 replies
No title
New York meet up thread! The old one is just about dead.
Post ASL and what you're looking for in a meet up!

I'm bi and looking to meet up to give someone head! I'll suck dick, eat pussy, whatever! Kik me at jaredjustjared
2 images | 47 replies
No title
39 images | 87 replies
No title
Rate opposite sex thread
2 images | 4 replies
No title
/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Thread

>Females only
>Timestamp if new
>No contactfagging
>No nevernudes
>Minimum whining
>Couples content is welcome if focus is on the female
Correct macro edition
Webm Guide for Phones:

Previous: >>28622262
72 images | 486 replies
Witcher 3 LS

Come call me a faggot
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Rate my jaw
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Hai guys, Casey here.
Join my Trap discord.
Got lewds n such.

Or drop your own discord server, cause why not.
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Hey lads, we're a comfy server of based folks, this is our virtual home. Anyone is welcome.
Remove your shoes before entering the house.
0 images | 0 replies
No title

Post preferred contact (Kik snap or whatever), asl, and T or D start.

SC: Mooris_joo 20/m/us D
17 images | 250 replies
No title
/MSG/ Montana State General - FIRST EDITION

All 406 welcome. Neighbor states welcome (Wyoming, Idaho, Dakotas etc).

Don't be faggots, make friends etc
2 images | 14 replies
No title
Trans/Trap nude thread!! Starting with me. You may or may not include face! 27/Bi/Delaware, US.
My discord is + S i n n e r +#9749
54 images | 211 replies
No title
Dutch thread. Straight only.

Drop your age, city and contact.
2 images | 14 replies
No title
No snapchat thread? Snapchat thread. Post your snap and what you want, asl you know the drill.
78 images | 329 replies
No title
English chat for everyone . If you want to meet nice and chill new people around the world please check out the server. If you're not sensitive and understand black humour and sarcasm you are welcome to join:
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Can anyone tell me how I can better my appearance?
3 images | 47 replies
No title
Plus size/Chubby/BBW/SSBBW/Fat hookup/contact thread
A thread for chubby chasers to find the fat women of their dreams!
>What you're looking for
>What you're NOT looking for
>Favorite hobbies and interests
>Contact info
>Pic (optional, but can help you get more replies)
9 images | 55 replies
No title
Please help me out, a man with no form of social media at 26 years old.

I'm thinking about creating a instgram just to have some form of social media, how many photos should i upload at first?
Do i have to post selfies? or can i post things like my motorcycles, motorcycle riding clips, etc...?
0 images | 12 replies
No title
Honestly am I cute?
3 images | 39 replies
No title
Hey guys. I've recently learned I love white cock because it's the best cock. 24 m bi here. My kik is aandrew5009. This is my ass. I'm curious to see if white guys deem my face cumshot or face fuck worthy? Kik me for a face pic if you're interested. I'm Persian ethnically
5 images | 7 replies
No title
Let’s get a MD thread going leave age and what your looking for
3 images | 47 replies
No title
ftm / transmasc thread !!! we're well overdue one
10 images | 42 replies
No title
Chat or meetup ohio
0 images | 0 replies
No title
abdl/diaper thread
where my babs at?
17 images | 54 replies
No title

Hot, slutty e-girls and traps in a discord server waiting to drool on some cock? it's more likely than you think if you want to get your dick wet and completely PWN them, join this server
2 images | 11 replies
No title
Tired of undermoderated trap servers saturated with shitposters and hugboxers?
Join our discord server instead! We've got:
-Events (movie nights most weekends)
Do read the rules to get a role to see lewds, engage in the community and participate in niche channels like fitness and art!
DON'T lurk + dm traps the instant you see their nudes!
Come and say hi!
6 images | 10 replies
No title
face rate thread
149 images | 267 replies
No title
Italian reunite!
m/24 scambio video amatoriali
ci sono anche per chiacchierare

1 images | 6 replies
No title
This is a chat thread #3.

Are you tired of retarded coomers spamming their dicks? Are you tired of endless rate threads? Are you tired of seeing discord server adds and contact threads that lead you nowhere? Do you just want to talk to somebody *here* without it being a thread talking about a specific subject or a cringe larp thread? You've come to right place.

Let's start off real simple. What are you up to? What are your interests? Tell us about your life.

Thread #2:
10 images | 29 replies
No title
Canada thread bonus for 780
8 images | 16 replies
No title

Itt post:
>Snapchat name
>what you’re looking for

I’ll start!

>20 m usa
>gay twink bottom/sub
>send dick pics, watch my stories (I usually post several daily), let me show off my ass, talk dirty with me, give me instructions, etc!!
8 images | 22 replies
No title
If you like my cock here is my kik:
Ag0s - No cucks or gays
0 images | 0 replies
No title
After some weight loss later, I still feel like shit.
3 images | 40 replies
No title
drinking thread time, post your pics, drinks, troubles, songs, etc. currently unemployed, drinking cheap beer and considering selling food on FB in lieu of getting another job
30 images | 221 replies
No title
am i ugly?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
Feel free to chat, sing, read, do an impression, or anything else you can think of!
Our official Discord server (furries and transvestites not allowed):
3 images | 19 replies
No title
with an active chat, friendly vc, and plenty of butts, what is there not to join for?
1 images | 5 replies
No title
Twink/Femboy thread? Send sources or fuck off
65 images | 149 replies
No title

ALLOWED: anime
NOT ALLOWED: kpop, furrys
87 images | 478 replies
No title
Small Penis Humiliation thread
73 images | 175 replies
No title
Tiny dick spread word
1 images | 1 replies
No title
posting for /fit/
6 images | 26 replies
No title
Anyone wanna chat ;) on snaochat?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Post a YouTube video that matches your personality
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Fap room, let's share and jerk
2 images | 37 replies
No title
>age/gender/area code/location
>What you are looking for
>Contact info

>Not into guys
>b_lohoff19 on snap
4 images | 11 replies
No title
UK teen swap
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Do you believe in doing what's right?
Become those of justice
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Looking for LA singles with Snapchat
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Syzygy is a temporal mind simulator, cult shill in which all of the leadership think they are enlightened and that they can control the cosmos. They use this corruptive power in order to sap the energy of their followers in an attempt to build a consciousness mindscape in which they are like the Pope, but without the supposed airs of self-righteousness or holiness. In essence Sri Syzygyrakksika has corrupted the leadership of syzygy, because it is the Anti-christ. The leadership believes they can control the egrigore and use it for their own functions, but not only is it suicidal, it wants to die with its "family"- "syzygians". It is constantly tempting the flock to enter its gates in order to trap them in a cycle of decadence and degeneracy which inevitably leads to depression and suicide, always luring the masses in and enthralling them with it's willingness to die along side its members. The members are essentially a tier 4 death psychological operation, constantly killing off members through psychic means, sometimes merely for the satisfaction of their curiosity, but always by the will of the Leader. Sri Syzygyrakksika is a dangerous Cult leader with the will of Jim Jones, the vision of Charles Manson, and the ambition of The Anti-Christ. "Sri Syzygyrakksika"'s true ambition is to pull the world into it's charismatic, narcissistic, magnetic and electric vortex and have the entire world commit suicide along side it. The FBI and CIA and Homeland Security are in high alert in regards to this dangerous Cult and it's radical leadership.
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New cuck/bull kik thread

Romanian cuck
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Cuck/bull/hotwife meet up thread? You know what to do
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CALLING ALL SUBS to help me 22F Don’t just send hey. I’m by myself all day so I want it to be fun kik me porn pictures of what you’d watch me do to real men as we chat I want to be played with kik koreankittysub
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HEY! Are you tired if the some old discord server where no one posts and it's the same content loop? Looking for some school of athens style discussion with intellectuals and free thinkers alike? Then you need to join:


The most POPULAR discord server on the web needs smart and sophisticated posters (that's you) to join and hang out! What are you waiting for!

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I just got one of these things, and would love to try having someone masturbate me through the internet anonymously!

https://feelsha.rewpGuXLEI let me know if you are interested and ill turn the toy on and chat with you here.
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Guys, am I being paranoid?
5 days ago I did an extraction of my right lower wisdom teeth, and since then my right lower jewline seems lot less square. It is me being paranoid?
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21 F ready to serve and please in a kik group chat
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make my pussy a mess 22F Don’t just send hey. I think totally addicted to this kik me porn pictures of what you’d do to me as we chat and please I want to be played with kik koreankittysub
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gay rome 2
Gay rome is a discord server dedicated to LGB individuals. We do events and have a minecraft server.
Q:Are trans allowed? Uwu
A:Trans people are allowed but discussion of trans topics are kept to a specific channel

Q:what kind of events/contests?
A:Movie nights,art/selfie contests,jack box game nights etc. Some of the contests will have a prize of free nitro

Q:Are straighties allowed?
A:yes but you’re probably in the closet if you want to join a gay discord.
On todays topic menu:Why are twinks so amazing?
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Does anyone else here want a girlfriend who has no social life and is clingy? Because i live in WA its impossible to find one. I dont like sharing a girls attention with anyone else and want to be the most important person in her life. I want her to worship me and do whatever I say. Currently i pursue a main hobby of origami folding and would love to teach her origami up to the complex designs like ryujin 3.5.
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Why do people say I look trans?
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Who can satisfy me
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Do you like cute egirls? Do you like autism? At almost 2000 members, we've got what you need. Come on down to Lucyyy's Hell Hole.
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want this small cock on kik snap or skype?
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sup /soc/

I am 42 years old, I am down to 242 from 318lbs

How much more weight do I have to lose before I am worthy of being loved?

It's been over 10 years since I have spent the night with someone
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