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"/soc/ - Cams & Meetups" is 4chan's board for camwhores and meetups.

No title
1. All camming, 'rate me', meet-up, 'report in', etc, threads welcome.
2. All posters must be 18+.
3. No random porn dumps. Post pictures of yourself!
4. No asking for drug hookups.
5. Don't make duplicate threads. Use the catalog (try the search feature).
6. No contactfagging.
7. No signfagging.
8. No paywhoring, begging, or soliciting.
9. Guys, don't post your pics in girl-only threads (and vice versa).
10. Be respectful to each other.
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Femdom Thread
something like this
Gentle or brutal, beginners or pros, all things femdom are welcome here!
Remember to be nice, and don’t forget to join the tagmap:

Last thread >>30096791

>ASL +orientation
>About you
>What you're looking for
>What you're NOT looking for
>Any additional info

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No title
rate thread
21 images | 51 replies
No title
guess what state/province somebody is from
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No title
Are any of you in a open or polyamorous relationship? It not what do you think if it? Dose thing change if there in a open or polyamorous relationship but but hock up?
3 images | 11 replies
Has your conversation abruptly ended because of third party reasons?
Is there someone you want to connect with again?
You might find each other in this very thread.
So don't hesitate, and post.
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/ass/ - Female Booty Thread
New girls welcome and encouraged to post booty and moar.

Read the site rules:
Read the board rules:

No dumping pics that aren't of yourself they go on >>>/s/

>Cis-females only.
>Timestamp if new.
>No contactfagging, soliciting, or advertising.
>No bullying, stalking, spamming, or harassing.
>Report posts that break the above rules.

Last thread: >>30169083
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No title
New wife/gf kik game. Send a nude of your wife/gf to the 3 names above yours. Dont forget OP sarge210
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No title
Who needs to cum?

Dirty snap thread
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No title
New Dirty Snap Thread

Looking for someone to message my GF and demand that she show her body to you.

Post your username if interested. Don’t bother if you have nothing worth showing her.
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UK Kik Thread?
Post username and whatever

Kik: TexMex1066

21, bi from Sunderland. Preferably for local people

Wanna chat about anything at all. Can get messed up
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kik- sierramaurine
Active Female..Meet Up, Sexting, Roleplay, Cam fun, and more...

I am looking for a few guys, to help them cum. Send me a message about what you are into and what you are looking for! I love a good preview too.
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Gay ass rate
Gay ass rate thread

Other ass threads are just ads for fuckin discord servers
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Cock wager thread
New cock wager thread, post your contact (kik, sc, etc.) and see who has the bigger cock and who gets humiliated

To begin, kik rrrrr788 for an easy win and fun wagers
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List of Friendcollectors
List of /soc/‘s friendcollectors and simps
Also men who add every women on soc are in the list too.

I don’t have tags so I’ll just write their name. I had maybe 30 discord accounts and they added all of them, never even said hi, DID NOT EVEN READ MY FUCKING ASL. I’ll start. Femanons, feel free post their tags, this is all i have for now. I lost their contacts.

1- terribleplayer (I can’t even describe him)
2- 25 pounds of pants (he has low iq)
3- laserjesus (this guy is like 36 years old and creepy af. Definitely a friend collector.)
4- chan (has his pic as an avatar. Lives in the Uk, desperate for VCing)
5- I don’t remember this guy’s discord name but his profile pic is bugsbunny
6- there’s some Canadian guy but I don’t remember his tag. His profile pic is a fat blond man.
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No title
FSA #458

Female Sexy Audio

The "Still figuring out normalcy" edition.

Dirty talk, audio masturbation, vocal smut and shenanigans all recorded on vocaroo or other sites and posted.

Be as tame, as romantic, as sensual or as filthy as you like. Record your masturbation, try some scripts,

improv, sing, play music, talk about your favorite sexual fantasies, or just look for requests on the thread.

All content is welcome here, but please keep in mind:
>Please keep long scripts and extreme scripts in a text hosting site.
>Name and picture requests are generally ignored. Contactfagging is also generally ignored and discouraged by the /soc/ rules unless given permission by the performer.

Please remember to tag your post with your Thread name, the request link and/or title and type of work (song, fap, script, etc...)

PriorThread: >>30216601

FSA Accredited Discord (All others can fuck off)
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pure dating thread
thread for normal people. coomers, whores, and roasties need not apply
>but why isnt this a trad thread?
ill steal the template from the last thread but trad is essentially meaningless. its used to describe anything from normal people to political ideologies. also makes me cringe to use such a beat to death buzzword
also this thread isnt religion specific so godless faggots cant come in this thread and whine. checkmate, atheists

theres gotta be some non coomers/hookup cultists on this board. post here


>Political Stance
>Religion/Spiritual views
>Life goals
>Looking for
>Not looking for
>Discord/Telegram/etc tag
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No title
Age gap thread. Younger for older, older for younger. Stories, and swapping contact info.
27 images | 228 replies
No title
/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Girls

Females only! Timestamp if you're new.
No contactfagging. Do not be tempted to contactfag with anons.
Please do not advertise your Discord.

No bullying, stalking, or harassing.
No Swede-posting, no Pierre-posting. Please report their posts and do not reply.

old thread
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No title
Small cocks, sph, and lovers of small cocks.
13 images | 21 replies
Ideal Partner Thread
Dont have the template?
Let me help you out there.
Save this pic and crop out the gender that ISNT you.
Write some things about you that people may want to know.
Spruce up the pic and give it some pizzazz
>Welcome to the party.
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No title
Male 24 bi here, i want to create a post for people who want to long sexting or just sending nudes. I hate that chats die before a day. So this is for people who wants to keep sexting now and then.

Also if you want i can send you my nudes. I may take my time to answer
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No title
could I be chad one day

t. autistic nerd that is trying to break out of his shell and was invited to a cool party and captured candidly
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I love big cock
I love big cock send me pic so I can rate it and I will send you pussy pic send me alot.
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Fucked Up Fetish/Fantasy Match Thread
Leave your fucked up fantasy or fetish and some way of contacting you, and any other relevant details.

>about your kink(s)
>what you want from your partner
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-ˋ comfy femdom ˊ-
download (2)

・ . • . • · . ˚ +‧ .

• . . ・ . . ⊹

. . .
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No title
Discord ddlg server does require verification dont bee a creep and all types welcome
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06 - JpGcEMF



Dirty talk, audio masturbation, vocal smut and shenanigans.

Be as tame, funny, romantic, sensual or filthy as you like. Record your masturbation, try some scripts, improv, sing, play music, talk about your favorite
sexual fantasies, or just look for requests on the thread. Be creative.

Please remember to tag your post with the request link or title and type of work (song, fap, script, etc...)

>If you're new, please post a voice sample before asking for requests of things to do. It helps knowing what you sound like!

Previous MSA thread:>>30146857

Accredited Audio Discord:
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Working on the deep cut
>mom doesn’t want a daughter
>brother is a dad now
>sister in law hates my guts
>cannot bear children
>college educated but discriminated against heavily, can’t find work

I’ve been planning on this for some time now. She’s in labor. I have nothing going for me.

Be nice to me and I will provide a time stamp of myself in a filled bathtub with a wound deep enough to be fatal.

It’s the least I can do.
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/soc/ is now on add yourself and finally get ur dicc wett.
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No title
Here's what I look like IRL

Rate me
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regular discord thread w/o dumb trauma
other threads have retarded childhood trauma put into it, most of us rather not hear about it right off the bat

>tl;dr of you
>Looking For
>Not Looking For
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No title
Hey I'm back.

Come chat, I'm hot
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No title
Hey, reply to me on here plz
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Virginia meet up
Hook up meet up hangout
Post your kik asl and what you're looking for
4 images | 16 replies
mentally ill discord thread
fuck it

>mental illnesses/what's wrong with you
>looking for
>not looking for
97 images | 309 replies
North Carolina meet thread
post age, sex, location, interests, contact, etc.

NC /soc/ and general discussion:

NC /out/ and /k/ specific server:
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No title
Discord thread.
>looking for
>special talent
>what you absolutely hate
>favorite color
>pet peeve
>looking not looking ffor
>favorite pet
>favorite anime/movie/game
>why are you here
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Kik bulls and cucks thread
Last cap almost full, new one here

Cuck sharing 36DD cup Brit gf for cock tribs or wwyd

No nudes

Kik: IssuePerfect2842
29 images | 151 replies
Florida Thread
> A/S/L
> About you
> Contact info

inb4 sausage fest but that just means more cocks for those who like them
2 images | 10 replies
Illinois chat
Did we bang any of the same girls?

UIUC 2014
Kik chatabouther5
2 images | 11 replies
Post what you're into. Make new friends.


I like little Asian whores.
6 images | 149 replies
Tinder thread

got anything funny in your bio anon?
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Leave your old life behind
I run a club for people who are out of other options.

The proposition is simple. You give my wife and I complete, unrestricted, control of your life and in exchange we will give you a life worth living. The initiation process is intense and takes a long time, but once you become a member of this club the only worry you'll ever have is doing what you're told. We have 33 current members, plenty of land, and a community full of love, prosperity, and true happiness.

Are you ready to leave your old life behind?

Kik: Tylercodemonkey
2 images | 33 replies
No title
Look just go right ahead and join it's 3am im too tired to be funny or interesting
8 images | 33 replies
No title
Words cannot describe how happy I am the emo girl thread died.
2 images | 17 replies
Chubby/BBW/SSBBW? Contact Thread
I'm going to keep doing this until I nuke my hard drive and lose the picture I keep using. Thread for big girls and people who want to meet big girls.
(Anyone can post, whether they're a big girl or just looking)

>brief description (including weight/body type if you want)
>who/what you want
>who/what you don't want

Either drop your contact or don't, please don't do that "uwu, reply and I might give you my kik" thing, it clogs up the thread.
All weights and all feminine identities welcome, don't be a coward.
19 images | 99 replies
No title
Comfortable conversation based discord. Not e girl centered nor overly r9k, just looking for people to talk with. New people are very welcome.

This is the only invite:
1 images | 7 replies
femboy thread
dear femboys of 4chan post your pics

>non noods
55 images | 173 replies
Gay Dom Kik Thread
Hot doms post your kiks and your kiks so bitchboys like me can beg you for that dick
32 images | 124 replies
Canada thread
It's Tuesday and still no new thread lmao.

Post contacts and interests
44 images | 352 replies
Surgery Help
Hello. Im a manmoder from Los Angeles. I relly need help with soemthing. Could anyone pick me up from a transgender surgery in july (I have no friends and also am a manmoder so cant ask people)? I can pay you. Dm me here or leave comment or
My discord is:
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No title
Come chill with friendly people on discord
2 images | 3 replies
we want YOU for our /lgbt/ discord

we have an active voice training channel for trans women, a minecraft server, active VC (there have been over 10 people in it the other day and it usually starts filling up when the first person joins)
also, we have a relaxed moderation (as far as discord ToS allows)

don't delay, join TODAY:
12 images | 75 replies
Official Lewd Thread
This is the Official Lewd Thread
Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

>What you are looking for?
>What you are not looking for?
>A little about yourself

NO DISCORD SERVERS. Just report them for off topic.
134 images | 458 replies
Rate thread 2.0
also known as no "everyone is a 6/10" version
Rank previous posters (at least 5) by attractiveness from least attractive to most attractive to get a rate.
30 images | 61 replies
cock rate

old is full of dicks and not bumping anymore lol
145 images | 258 replies
Alright yall, 5’6 'chad' here to start a different type of rate thread. I’m tired of seeing the same ‘blackpilled incel virgin’ rate threads where the same 3 people post. We’re going to change this thread.

We are world building here. Rate other anons, and on top of that, say what they are in our little fantasy world, or what type of character they’d be in a story. The more creative / interesting / humorous, the better.

Is this a stupid thread idea? Yes. Are there other threads? Yes. But I want to get back into writing and this seems like a fun little thing to do. I’ll rate and worldbuild for as many people as I can.
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New Clean Discord Thread
>Childhood trauma rundown
>Why should people even add you
>Looking for
>Not looking for
111 images | 303 replies
Texas Thread
>About you
>Contact info

I love Texas why does it keep dying all the time?
36 images | 189 replies
Kik Bulls/Cucks Thread
20M Cuck on Kik sharing pics and social media accts. of my crush - Sadaesius
101 images | 486 replies
No title
Truth or Dare Kik Thread

Looking for F or couples, message me at RockOnRockHard
6 images | 86 replies
No title
Male feet thread? Looking for big manly feet in socks, please?
6 images | 13 replies
No title
First sexual experience thread
What age and how it went.
Tonight I drink so:
You can go into as much detail as you want. I'll enjoy a read.

A lot of people I know had fucked up experiences, a lot had relaxed ones, some I brought to hookers, and others are still virgins.
Try and keep your imagination still and post only what really happened its not like you can emberass yourself more than the people who post their assholes here.

I'd really like to post mine, of course, but I'll wait to see if this thread becomes anything interesting.
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abdl thread
last abdl / diaper thread went bye bye so here we go.

post pics, find friends, talk or whatever.
6 images | 21 replies
No title
Welcome to the shut in thread!!!

>Old thread

>Last thread

>Steam Group


This thread is mainly to promote the discord, but also a place where any shut-ins outside of the community can meet and talk with each other.

WE DO NOT HAVE A WEBSITE or are affiliated with any website. please don't use the thread for the site tech support or shill it. We don't care for it.

Join us to talk, find a fellow shut in friend and just try to be nice and have a good time! Feel free to put your contact info and make friends!

Please note that this is a thread for ALL forms of shut-ins. NEETs, introverts, agoraphobics, people with social anxiety, et cetera!
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No title
Server with ACTIVE happing right now as youre reading this
2 images | 5 replies
No title
Fat guy here
Anyway I can get a healthy fit girlfriend to help me stop being fat again?
3 images | 9 replies
No title
Sup /soc/! I want to get good at art and I need your help! Post 4 pics of your face with different facial expressions/angles, I'll post results back here! Thanks!
0 images | 2 replies
Race play kik thread
Into talking about race play? Like BBC? Just here for a good time? Drop your kiks below
29 images | 100 replies
Only the lewdest among us may post.

Post your ASL, what you’re looking for, and how you can be reached.

Let’s be the Georgia sluts we all know we are.
2 images | 26 replies
New invite! Join!
Good morning potheads. We're just a small/chill server looking for more actives to smoke with in vc or text with. We also like psychedelics so join if that's your thing.
12 images | 38 replies
No title
Wednesday Rate Thread
25 images | 48 replies
Cali Meetup Thread
No Cali Meetup Thread?
Let's fix that
26/M/6'1"/707 Rosa area
CMT looking for a night even a priest wouldn't forgive. Also down for night adventures, 420, netflix, hiking, etc. Really down for whatever. Not into guys, lover of all forms feminine and all personalities.
kik: Oshaughnessys
79 images | 454 replies
/erpg/ - Erotic Roleplaying General
/erpg/ - Erotic Roleplaying General
Old thread: >>30157454
domme edition

>New here?
This isn't just cybering as yourself or being flirty on kik, you can get that elsewhere on /soc/.

>What the fuck is ERP?
Erotic Role Playing. Your "ASL" can be the elf princess or the rugged but gentle half-orc knight that saves her, or even the dragon that keeps her. Perhaps you're a sci-fi greasemonkey, or the pilot of the starfighter she's repairing. Anything is valid.

>What is F-List? How do I get started?
F-List is a site dedicated to typefucking, featuring a chat, notes, kink lists, and character profiles.
Once you've come up with your character, register an account and create a profile for them. It will ask you for a character name.
From there it's just a matter of fleshing out your creation by filling out the description, kinks list, and adding images.
If you're having trouble, feel free to talk here with us in the thread or join our channel with a blank profile. We're happy to help you figure things out!
Take a gander at this too

>So, I made my Character, what now?
Open F-chat 3.0 from the chat tab on the top left of the Homepage. Browse through the channels, find the ones which interest you and/or apply to your character. Approach people. Post your new profile here for feedback and matchmaking.

>Community resources & example logs

>Login Stats
>Live Status Tracker
>Filtered Ads
34 images | 180 replies
No title
/hgt/ - Hairy Girls Thread

Thread for females to show their bush and other unshaven body parts such as pits, legs, belly, etc. We love all of that.
Every body type/ethnicity/hair color is welcome.

>NO CONTACTFAGGING (asking for or posting contact info outside of contact threads)
>Females only / Timestamp if you're new / No porn pic dumping (post pics of yourself)
>Be civil to the girls and each other
>Naturalness is highly encouraged - there is no such thing as 'too hairy' here

Last Thread: >>30196354
5 images | 94 replies
/lgbt/ Discord Friend Finder

Most 4chan posters like vidya, anime, manga, TV, film, music, comics, cartoons, weeb shit, etc. as interests and hobbies.

Why not specify what kind or your favorites in your post? It says more about you and will likely net you better adds than just posting "I like /v/, /a/, /tv/, /mu/, /co/, /jp/, etc." in the bio.

For example:

Video Games: Silent Hill, Bloodborne, Mother, Dark Souls, Metal Gear, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Deus Ex.

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Haruhi Suzumiya.

Music: Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Nirvana, My Bloody Valentine, Arcade Fire.

>ASL (biological sex, or gender)
>primary interest
>other interests and hobbies
>looking for
>not looking for
>(free space)
18 images | 32 replies
No title
download (3)
New Nude Kik Game. Send a nude of yourself to 3 names above yours. Don't forget OP sarge210
2 images | 265 replies
Pixiv Thread

Favorite albums
Favorite vidya
Favorite film
76 images | 132 replies
No title
Big cock thread, pic’s me

Kik: smit1128
6 images | 8 replies
/Boob/ - Female Boob Thread
We like female breasts of all shapes and sizes.
>Tits are the qualifier but all your body is welcome.

Please read the board and site rules:

>Cis-Females only.
>No bullying, stalking, or harassing.
>No contactfagging. (requesting or posting contact info), advertising or discordfagging.
>No pic dumping of others. Go to >>>/s/

>Timestamp if you're new! Write the date and/or your post ID on a bit of paper and include it in your pics.
>To use a secure tripcode type 'Username##password' in the name field (minus quotes), replacing 'Username' with whatever you want your name to be, and 'password' with a secure password (dictionary words/phrases are not secure).

To upload vids - (make sure to remove any possible EXIF data)
To make webms - use gfycat/redgifs.

Don't feed the trolls.

Previous thread: >>30175083
1 images | 5 replies
No title
does my face pass as female >~<
3 images | 27 replies
No title
19 M from South East England looking for a white or asian gf around 17-23 yo from England to love each other, fight with each other, have fun, annoy each other and if you're /fa/ help each other with outfit ideas and all of that sweet shit. What else I can say got qt face, switching personality between intj to entj and a decent looking body w broad shoulders.

Have to mention that I may respond slower because of work to the FRs so if you add me on a throwaway just check it from time to time

0 images | 8 replies
No title
>8 inch dick with good thickness
>sometimes post dick pics online
>always browse the comments because it makes me feel good
>70% of messages are gay men wanting me to gag them
>15% of messages are men asking me to bang their wife in front of them
>10% of them are gay/trans men pretending to be women online
>5% of them are men pretending to be their wives, trying to get me to talk about how I would abuse their wife
>0% of them are cute girls who saw my fat dick online and wanted to let me know how much they wish they could play with it
the internet is a cursed place
1 images | 13 replies
cock rate server
Pretty active server for gay/bi/straight dudes to rate each others' cocks, post pics of your cock, it doesn't look like a cock rate server but that's because it has to be kept disguised and the cock pics are deleted later but you can post them. About 40 members atm. Some women too if you want a female perspective.
0 images | 1 replies
Aussie kik thread
images (1)
New Aussie kik thread, do as you please.

Sharing/trading Gf who starts as a stripper this week.

Let me know what state you're from!

1 images | 18 replies
Vocaroo Thread
>record yourself talking about something (anything)
>post it
>rate others
50 images | 371 replies
Haven't seen a softie thread in a while, here's mine :3
56 images | 94 replies
Clean Kik Thread
This thread is for people on kik who don't want something dirty.

F24 kik:Jillylilly06
I like QnA type games and chats. I make tiktoks and I have a gamer bf.
0 images | 11 replies
Fetish description thread
I’ll start

I want to be reverse gang banged by a bunch of girls. Nonstop hardcore stuff. I want to become their fuckslave. I also want to get fucked by multiple black and asian women

ladies hmu kik mysteriousmrc.01
2 images | 5 replies
Clean kik thread
Didn’t see one among the mass of dirty kik threads, figured I’d start one.


Sushi, all sorts of music, exercising, art, gaming.

>Looking for
General conversation, I’m bored. Looking for a long term thing as well, since timezones sometimes can interfere.
3 images | 25 replies
Irish thread - meet new people and make friends
Didn't see any Ireland threads for /soc/ so I made one.

Post your province/county and any other info you want and some contact info and a pic of yourself (if you want).

I'll go first :

Discord - t0r #9232
2 images | 7 replies
No title
/fft/ - Female Feet Thread

>females only
>timestamp if new
>NO contactfagging
>Nudity encouraged but not required

Beginner's Tips:
Try Some Poses:
More Macros:

Old Thread: >>30144018
93 images | 473 replies
Post your beautiful foreskin tip close-up picture/webm and rate each other out of 10.
Contact is optional.
Last thread: >>30225698
44 images | 69 replies
No title
Thread for all the submissive femboys and daddy doms :) Femboy here waiting for a daddy. Kik me sweety9922
132 images | 274 replies
Comfy Hentai Server
Femboy friendy, we have lot's of girls.
0 images | 0 replies
Adopt a Neet - /aan/
Welcome to /aan/ - Adopt a Neet

This is a thread for poorly housed and cared for NEETs as well as Providers with both room and desire. Also, just compatible roommates if that’s more your speed.
The ultimate goal for all participants is to move in together as flat(room)mates, friends, or something more. Your call.

If you are looking only for sex or "online only", you are in the wrong place. Shoo.

>/aan/ Discord:
Join the discord, it’s fun. *Make sure you post in #intro to get full access!*

About yourself:

>Status: (Please pick one)
Provider – willing and able to support others financially, or by providing living space
Semi-Provider – able or willing to contribute financially to some degree (e.g. to rent/bills)
NEET – willing to move in with someone and receive some personal support (you do not have to be a NEET!)
>Sex/Gender, Age, Sexuality:
As much as about you as you are willing to say. Sex and gender matters to some people. Others, not so much.
>Location and are you willing to relocate?
General location or as specific as you want. For NEETs, your location and ability to relocate or not is especially important so please let everyone know.
>What you are looking for (pick all that apply)
just a room/flatmate, friend, F/M/T only, gf, bf, fwb, live-in maid, strictly platonic, etc, [insert your own]
>Anything else you would like to add? Requirements? Expectations? Preferences? Needs?
Use this space to talk about the kind of person you are and the kind of person you are looking for.

Last Thread: >>30243185
9 images | 88 replies
No title
>Le discord code

"18+" funni epic discord server
join to start drama or make frens
hehe lel
find ur funky bf or gf maybe...???

>Le discord code
0 images | 0 replies
M19 looking for either female,trans,or traps in Michigan to meetup and have sex with can travel or host message my kik if your interested
Kik- that1guyfrom4chan
0 images | 2 replies
No title

Alle deutschsprachigen und deutschinteressierten willkommen.

asl, was ihr wollt, wen ihr sucht, bla bla bla bla.
9 images | 93 replies
I want to be friends with lonely guys, no simps and no nasty people in pls
I am new here and I’m also want to find new friends I don’t know what to do but I like cottagecore and I like guns my fav gun is the HKmp5 I like plushies and cute stuff. I like playing minecraft I build cottagecore stuff in minecraft and also ships and towns. I’m really shy. I’m a guy I’m not a girl. Not interested in having female friends I just wish I had male friends. Im from Japan and Croatia but no longer live there anymore just want someone to talk too about zombies and whatever like boyish stuff
1 images | 14 replies
No title
i hate myself so im back on 4chan
im 21, female, and all you need to know about my location is that im in asia.
add me if youre a self hating incel who has good taste in music.
yes, im a biological woman.
1 images | 10 replies
No title
Roll Thread
19 images | 56 replies
No title
Well /soc/ I finally did it. After almost 3 decades in this lonely world I got a girlfriend.

I'm on my way to not be a wizard.

If a useless anti social asshole like me can do it, so can you!
1 images | 11 replies
New European Discord
We frequently vc. If you don't enjoy vc, there are other text channels for different topics. The moderation is lenient.

No federal agents, preferably also no americans.
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we will be engaging in racist and transphobic antics for midsummer's eve, join us brothers
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No title

Come join a comfy discord server

We have Mahjong!

No E-stacies allowed!
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Lets have another breeding thread perhaps!

Fill out the following

> Age/sex/general location
> Height
> Weight or body type (athletic/curvy/bbw/skinny)
> Eye color
> Hair color
> Sexual orientation
> Ethnic background
> Had kids before?
> If so how many?
> How many kids do you want?
> Favorable genetic traits? (Yes/No/ or list them out)
> Astrological sign
> Interested in co-parenting (yes/no)
> General fertility rating if you know it (Super/normal/have some issues)
> Education level
> Preferred baby making method (Natural/Artificial/ship)
> Contacts

Lets see if we can make some babies!
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/cgt/ - Chubby Girls Thread

Not a rate thread, not a tribute thread

>Females only
>Timestamp if you're new! Write the date and/or your post ID on a bit of paper and include it in your pics
>How to use a tripcode to avoid future timestamps;
>To use a secure tripcode type 'Username##password' in the name field (minus quotes), replacing 'Username' with whatever you want your name to be, and 'password' with a secure password (dictionary words/phrases are not secure).

>No contactfagging - no requesting or posting personal info, includes advertising/discordfagging/name/location [dox]
>Post new/recent content of yourself only. Pic dumps go to >>>/s/
>Don't bully, stalk, or harass posters and other anons
>No nevernudes - go to the rate threads for that

To upload vids - (make sure to remove any possible EXIF data)
To make webms - use gfycat/redgifs

Don't feed the trolls.

Previous thread: >>30147266
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over_collage (3)
fuck it programming party
bring shit and i fuckin dunno we're gonna write a cool project ion give a shit

tummy thread image bc sex sells

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/Boob/ - Female Boob Thread
We like female breasts of all shapes and sizes.
>Tits are the qualifier but all your body is welcome.

Please read the board rules:

>Cis-Females only.
>No bullying, stalking, or harassing.
>No contactfagging. (requesting or posting contact info), advertising or discordfagging.
>No pic dumping of others. Go to >>>/s/

>Timestamp if you're new! Write the date and/or your post ID on a bit of paper and include it in your pics.
>To use a secure tripcode type 'Username##password' in the name field (minus quotes), replacing 'Username' with whatever you want your name to be, and 'password' with a secure password (dictionary words/phrases are not secure).

To upload vids - (make sure to remove any possible EXIF data)
To make webms - use gfycat/redgifs.

Previous thread: >>30102911
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Are you a cute femboy or like them? Are you secretly or openly a homosexual? Do you like lewds and horny memes? Enjoy having other cute femboys tell you how good they think you look?

Then throw yourself into the Trash Can and join this comfy femboy lewd server! Come post lewds and shitpost memes with us. Friendliest femboy server on 4chan uwu.
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incels only we love incels!
NO FEMOIDS nasty dirty bitches fuck off stinky fish market hoes baka
join if ur based
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New Discord thread
>Looking for
>Not looking for
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Hello socks
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fat thread

kik: jaaayyy9156
discord: warlockjay#2760

I'm hairy and fat with a small cock.
Wanna fap to your mom's/daughters/gfs/sisters/aunt's etc.
Also into lots of hentai. Send me anything.
And every female/sissy/trap is welcome to send me anything
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Maryland Meet Up
Drop your Kik and what you're looking for. Post a pic for bonus points
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Comfiest Weeb Dating Discord

--comfy community
--active text and voice chat
--anime and vidya fans
--frequent movie nights
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New incel server for those that hate women robots welcome
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looking for local like minded individuals in tennessee East side 32M 31F looking for a couple to hard swap. Kik is cs1291934 NO SINGLE MALES
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CT and surrounding areas
Thread for Connecticut and anyone nearby, just post your
what exactly you're looking for
kik username/contact info
Any other details you wish to share

27/M/Windsor CT, looking for mainly for NSA relations, but sexy chat is also fine. Mainly into women, but passing femboys are also welcome. 7 in cut, 200 lbs. Kik username is Ctanon329.
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Body Rate thread
im fucking over 18 so dont ban me again jannies
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how do i get a japanese boyfriend
how do i get a japanese bf? im a pretty cute white girl and im attracted to japanese men. does anyone wanna be my bf?im 24 and from east coast. ill care for you and love you.
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New girl here
I have also discord!
I m a funny and kinky girl, roleplay,gfe, cam and more!
Hit me up u won't regret it!
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No title
>Discord code

join to get a schizo gf LOLE


>Discord code
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socal friend thread
i fucking hate being alone

internet friends are nice and all but irl friends would be really cool

i desperately want a some people to work on programming projects with that would be super cool irl

im out of funny images so, sorry about the thread image

add me on discord if u live in socal and r interested in hanging out

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please talk to me
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No title
ive been mentally unwell and i just need an equally miserable anon to talk with so i feel less alone in all this. dont need someone to cheer me up or be my therapist or anything like that, just tell me about the shit thats killing you on the inside.

discord is op#5103
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join idc
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New dirty kik thread
Sweetjuli23 on kik for more, need sissification encouragement!
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Rate, age guess, ethnicity guess
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Honest opinions
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