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Evolution isn't real

She raises some great points. No proof of evolution exists.
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Should you be worried about the coronavirus? It seems very serious, couldn't it just continue to keep infecting people?
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What do you think of transhumanism?
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Black Boy Scores Higher On IQ Test Than Bill Gates & Albert Einstein

>"At age 11, Ramarni Wilfred was one of the smartest kids in his class. Black Doctor reports that this young man years ago took an IQ test that consisted of analytical thinking, mathematics as well as spatial recognition and scored higher than Bill Gates and Albert Einstein."

>"Wilfred scored 162 and put him in the top 1% in the UK."
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If Albert Einstein met Jesus what would be the first question he would ask?
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Does testosterone increase intelligence?
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We should terraform the moon before we terraform the other planets
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Wouldn't my current consciousness disappear after having my atoms disassembled and the person being reassembled somewhere else be a separate consciousness? Sort of how a clone of me wouldn't be the me but it's own separate entity with It's own consciousness?

Why would I willingly step into a transporter knowing this? The me in the now would cease to exist.
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Artfag hate thread
thread for hating on art. remember: it is impossible for art to contribute anything positive to the world. only science can do that.
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They tell us that light is both a wave and particle. Logic and observations show that can't be true.

Particles fly straight. Waves don't.

Photons don't fly straight. Photons aren't a particle.

Light is a wave.

Our instruments to measure the information in waves are ill equipped. There is obviously some kind of random element messing up the experiment that makes it appear to be a particle.

I can't believe those documentaries had me believing a bunch of bullshit about simultaneous dimensions that do not exist.
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Is the concept of identity pseudoscience?
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Why does Schizophrenia exist? Shouldn't the genes that cause it have been lost long ago through natural selection?
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What's more likely:
a) a fairly successful mathematician published a crank theory that he refuses to admit is wrong;
b) a Fields medalist failed to grasp his theory by not understanding the difference between 'or' and 'and'?
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
Better than sucking Elon Musk's cock all day edition.
Formerly >>11403563

>what is /sqt/ for
Questions relating to math and science, plus appropriate advice requests.
>where do I go for other SFW questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ , >>>/g/sqt , >>>/diy/sqt , >>>/adv/ , etc.
>pdfs? (Warn me if the link breaks.)
>book recs?
>how do I post math symbols?
>a google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where do I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

Question asking tips and tricks:
>attach an image
>look up the Tex guide beforehand
>if you've made a mistake that doesn't actually affect the question, don't reply to yourself correcting it. Anons looking for people to help usually assume that questions with replies have already been answered, more so if it has two or three replies
>ask anonymously
>check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it

Good charts:!40U0zAja!cmRxsIoiLFZ_Mvu2QCWaZg
Shitty charts:!NoEHnIyT!rE8nWyhqGGO7cSOdad6fRQ (Post any that I've missed.)
Calc problems:
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Japanese scientists invent electronic device that is biodegradable.

>OSAKA--Scientists here have created a biodegradable paper-thin sensor device that connects to the internet of things (IoT) system to transmit data.

The nanopaper sensor device, which the researchers developed to collect data without damaging nature, is a potentially large leap toward production of environmentally friendly electronics.

The devices are expected to be adopted for data collection without harming the environment in places where instruments would be difficult to recover.

The substrate and some other components of the devices are made of nanopaper comprised of extremely thin fibers, allowing the device to be decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.
Commonly used substrates in electric appliances are non-degradable plastic, which are harmful to the environment if they are not recovered after use.

Takaaki Kasuga, a doctoral course researcher at the ISIR, and his colleagues created a hygrometer, which measures humidity in farm soil, by placing a coil, transistor and other parts on the nanopaper substrate.

The biodegradable nanopaper fibers is one-1,000th as thin as fibers in regular pulp paper. The sheet's surface is smooth, resembling plastic, making it a good substitute for the material.
In about 40 days, 95 percent of the total volume of the device had decomposed into the soil, the researchers said. Its metal parts also rusted.
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Is there anything I can do to dislodge and break up arterial plaque? I am prescribed Pravachol and I've been exercising 30 minutes each day and I've dropped my BMI from 39 to just over 31, but from what I understand arterial plaque is never removed and at best the amount of plaque will barely increase if I'm on drugs the rest of my life (at worst I am a ticking time bomb until a heart attack or stroke). My blockage isn't enough for them to operate, but it's enough that I can feel a constant pressure or stinging that flares up to full-blown angina whenever I exercise and it's nerve-wracking
I'm retarded and this is the worst part of heart disease. Always assumed it was reversible.
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Teeth have been successfully regenerated in mice.
No longer theoretical, it is demonstrably practical.
That being said, it is virtually guaranteed that this will not have any positive impact on medicine in our lifetimes.

Why is it that obviously promising if not guaranteed science rarely sees the light? What is the main contributor between a lack of funding, a lack of skilled professionals, or pesky legal restrictions?
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Scientifically speaking, can you separate mind from body?
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What is the difference between engineers and computer scientists? I thought they were both the same.
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If I gave you 1 BILLION dollars, today. Tax free. What would you do with it to further science /sci/?

Groundrules: you cannot use the money for anything personal, all expenses will be for lab/equipment. You will receive 100k salary for your personal expenses per year during the lifetime of the project to lead and manage the project. A gym and a full kitchen with staff will be allowed expenses for the project team members.

What is your proposal?
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I'm thinking of taking organic chemistry this semester at uni
I don't even need it for my career path but it seems like a more relaxed challenge and also I'm flirting with the idea of changing my career path towards something more chemistry-biology oriented (currently in pure maths but had some trouble with calculus 1 and physics 1 in the past year, I guess I must be a brainlet but gen chem and gen biology were comfy so I want to give it a try)
Already learning the basics of organic chem at it doesn't seem so difficult - of course I was warned that it's not that easy to get used to it but I'm getting familiar with some nomenclature laws and terminology before starting the course to win some time.
Was anyone else in this situation? (in the middle of uni but having dilemmas between changing your career path because you realized you're more interested in something else or stick with the thing you chose years ago in HS just to avoid potentially wasting time)
As I'm barely starting and I've discovered that my mathematical skills are absolute shit not much would be lost desu
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first animals to not require oxygen look like ayy lmaos. is this JUST a coincidence???
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So who got BTFO?
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Can someone explain what my anti wasp spray means when it claims to have a dielectric breakdown of 47,300 volts?
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What would go wrong here?
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will coronachan shutdown all foreseeable future gatherings in the west ?
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How am i supposed to pick if i'm equally interested in both?
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What does research in machine learning look like? Do you just take a random ML algorithm, apply to a random problem, and then publish?
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can I learn python without knowing any other programming language

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Is it possible for a 30 year old who is highly intelligent but has little chess experience to start playing seriously and attain a 2200+ rating? If so, how long would it take?
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Ask me anything!
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string theory
Daily reminder that String theory is maximally predictive, it predicts as much as can be predicted, and no more. This should be enough to make severe testable predictions, even for experiments strictly at low energies--- because the theory has no adjustable parameters. Unless we are extremely unfortunate, and a bazillion standard model vacua exist, with the right dark-matter and cosmological constant, we should be able to discriminate between all the possibilities by just going through them conceptually until we find the right one, or rule them all out.
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/sfg/ - Space fleet edition
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If quantum fields are real and everywhere within space, isn't the field an absolute frame of reference? All motion is within and relative to the field.
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cyborg first
What is /sci/`s thought on it? Should we support human augmentation, and if yes to which degree? How will its future look like?
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Transhumanism controversy
Most people nowadays are against the idea that a better organism should replace the human species as we know it (robots, aliens, etc).
However, wouldn't it be nice if people don't have to feel hunger, loneliness and pain, have enhanced short and long term memory, reduced aging effects, increased long term health and enhanced immune system, less prone to depression and other mental illnesses, etc? Why aren't there more funding for genetic manipulation research that is specifically targeted towards humans?
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Actual physics, not math.
Let's talk about inductors (coils) and capacitors.

Describe in your best words how they work, why they work like they do, what the process is both specifically and in relation to circuits and the environment and why they are the complete denial of the other.

Here are coils and caps connected in series and parallel, they produce different effects..
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Nuclear vs Solar
What makes Nuclear Energy a more reliable source of energy than Solar, Wind, or Hydro?

How do you argue against the nuclear waste and the perception it's gotten from the public at large from baby boomer fears and scary movies?
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sup /sci/
how are IQ and impulse control related?
is there a way to measure impulse control independent of IQ to show a correlation?
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Is blue fur possible in nature?
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Where is the field of artificial intelligence going after machine learning runs it's course?
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Is life on Earth self sustaining? Suppose the sun never burnt out, no extinction events occurred, and no animals with the intelligence and power to change the environment on a disproportionate scale evolve: Would the process of life and evolution on the planet continue indefinitely or would the material on the surface of the Earth eventually be rendered unusable by life through its own processes?
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What does /sci/ think of EE research? I'm supposed to choose my major and I want to do a masters in Japan to hopefully work in the industry as I speak Japanese and have family living there (no Japanese heritage though).
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Why do women age faster than men?
I (20s) recently looked up my former classmates from school, and good god the girls look disgusting. the men on the other hand looked good (for the most part). why is this?
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Growing Quartz
I know that it’s possible to grow some crystals artificially, is Quartz, along with the variations of it like Amethyst, one of those? If so, how does it work?
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If given enough time. Would the Homo Sapiens in Eurasia have turned into a Neanderthal type people. Short, hairy and robust? Also how would Africans evolve? Would they become taller, skinnier? Tropical animals tend to be lankier than the ones in higher latitudes. Also could they evolve digitigrade legs to help with hunting down fast prey?
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What are the best ways of lowering LDL cholesterol?
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How? I thought there is no medicine against it how are they healed again?
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This thread is for the greatest and brightest minds that the world of black science has to offer.

>Terrence Howard | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

>Terrence Howard PROVES he did NOT lose his mind & shares SECRETS of Universe!


>Dr Frances Welsing debate william shockley 1974

>Most powerful debate of our time
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power generation tube
ITT: invent power generation machines. I invented a self-cooling spoon a few days ago, then I realized I could make a giant version of it to generate power from the difference in temperature between street level and the top of buildings. A slightly modified version would even be able to generate power in outer space. It has less moving parts than a stirling engine. I was so distracted by this idea that I almost ate a spoon full of coffee grounds.
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>In the orthodox interpretation of quantum physics, known as the Copenhagen Interpretation, it is this interaction that determines the existence of the particle: before the measurement we can’t even say that the particle exists!
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Terraforming Mars
Fight for the Dream
How could we deal with the toxicity of Martian soil?

>Martian soil is toxic, due to relatively high concentrations of perchlorate compounds containing chlorine. Elemental chlorine was first discovered during localised investigations by Mars rover Sojourner, and has been confirmed by Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. The Mars Odyssey orbiter has also detected perchlorates across the surface of the planet.
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Can we talk about the 3 laws of robotics?

What are potential issues with the 3 laws?
How would you modify them to correct these issues? Would you propose a different set of laws altogether?

Im wondering if adding/modifying the 0th law to be "A robot may not interfere with the development of the human race, or through inaction, allow other non-human entities to do the same" would be a good idea?

The issue is that the 3 laws eventually lead us to a pointless existence. We do what the robots want us to do, even without realizing it. Its not a bad existence, because they will always have our best interests in mind, but it would be a stagnant one. We would lose what it means to be human. The idea with this is to prevent robots from deliberately trying to impact our long term development, even if that means that it leads to a less than optimal future. On the other hand, if something other than a human is going to severely alter our destiny like a cataclismic meteor or an alien invasion, they would still take action to prevent this. Then again, what if we WANT to contact aliens? I guess if we approve of the contact, then it would not qualify as allowing a non-human entity to influence us, since it would be a mutual agreement.

Thoughts? other ideas?
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Is /sci/ really the smartest board?
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Where would humanity be without vivisection?
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Hello I am a layman when it comes to mathematics and I have never really done anything besides basic calculus kinds of stuff but I am interested in learning cool mathematical concepts like the Fibonacci spiral for instance. What are some cool math videos?
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Can you train for IQ tests? As in, do IQ tests measure an innate immutable intelligence or can it be boosted by preparing?
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This is going to sound like it belongs on /x/ but hear me out.

There's this tv show I watch all the time that I love, and I think about it a lot. When I'm eating breakfast or lunch I'll randomly think about one of the episodes. The thing is, almost every time this happens, that episode will come on TV either that day or the next. It isn't just a once-in-awhile thing, it happens like 3 times a week and has been like this for probably close to a year. This used to happen to me about 10 or so years ago with other shows I watched. Every time I would think of an episode, it would soon be on.

I don't know how to word this thread without /sci/ giving me crap, but what do you think is going on? Has anything like this happened to you? Do you think the brain can have intuition/psychic abilities/etc.? I know there's a guy named Rupert Sheldrake who talks about morphic resonance.
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Covid19 help general
Looking for supplements that might help against the virus I heard q10 helps fight pneumonia any other suggestions?
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When did you realise and accept that IQ determines your existence and segregates people in categories of superior and interior?
As a low-midwit, with an IQ somewhere in the 115 - 120 range, it's over for me.
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I'm not buying the narrative that humans are normal animals that managed to dominate the world simply because of opposable thumbs and good walking posture. What is the REAL scientific reason why we reached the moon, have gone nearly 36,000 feet below the ocean, created smart phones, create 330 feet tall buildings, live on every continent, decide life or death for billions of creatures, made nukes and started global warming?
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Where do I donor my brain to develop a sentient leotard?
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Can I talk to you about my penis?
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coronavirus preparation thread
how worried do I need to be about coronavirus? should I start prepping I.e. buying face masks, water etc, or just continue as normal (washing my hands thoroughly throughout the day, not putting hands to face, avoiding sick people etc.)?
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Is an Alcubierre Drive or similar device possible?
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how can an ice particle/derbis in space change its trajectory like that?
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Question about the coronavirus
I'm HIV+. Even though I'm on a med regime that controls my HIV, I'm still infected. And because there's very little virus in my system, it's difficult for me to pass it on...but it's possible.

Is COVAD-19 the same? If a person is infected, do they carry that virus forever, or does it clear completely from the system?

Are they contagious forever, or only while sick with the illness?

And can the virus cause the illness to reoccur after it has once resolved?

Is it possible to be reinfected?
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/med/ - Medicine General

Thread for the discussion of allopathic evidence-based medicine. We discuss research, offer advice (the best one is to see your family physician), make fun of premeds and shitpost.

>What's the best spec for research?
Path, onc, anesthesia, etc.
>Best spec lifestyle wise?
Psych, ophtho, derm, rads

Last thread was an even worse dumpster fire than usual
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images (2)
This is probably a dumb question but it really bothers me so I have to ask.
Does Earth HAVE to spin around itself in order to orbit the sun? Can earth hypothetically orbit the Sun without any spin?
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Complex numbers presentation
awake pepe
I'll have to explain a group of people how addition and subtraction works with complex numbers. At first I thought that it'll be quite easy to talk about 10 minutes. The problem is, that it's to easy and I am not able to fill the time.
My plan to this point is, that I'll show them the complex plane and show them an example for an addition and subtraction. Then I'll tell them how it is possible to calculate it without the plane.

Is there anything I could add except from that all numbers are in fact complex but have an imaginary part of 0?
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What exactly causes musth in elephants? What causes them to suddenly get a huge spike in testosterone, and can it be reproduced in humans?
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So do any of you nerds think there may be some divine being or consciousness behind the universe that we observe?
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Things you know are true, but still have a hard time accepting.
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Alright /sci/. It has been fun but it's time for me to go innawoods. Italy is locking down the virus has been linked to the treatment centers and me and my mother are not getting stuck here during a lockdown. I know you guys think this is just a flu but Harvard says there are now 100+ different strains. I will be back in 6-12 months. Stay safe everyone.
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No title
social morality
what was that shift caused by?
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human body question
based black man
Hershel walker says he never lifted weights as part of his training.
is that realistic?
he also says he sleeps 4 hours and eats once a day since high school.
im asking here because the reponses are better than on /fit/
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Is rape justified in human culture? At the end of the day our only reason to live is to multiply by breeding so rape in case you cant multiply should not be punished and encouraged
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Anyone on here decide to work straight out of University and then later pursue a graduate degree?

I graduated from university last spring and decided not to pursue grad school even though I had spent the last two and a half years working in one of my professor's lab. I even got a co-author on a paper that received a distinguished award.

I got a job a few months after graduating and am still there. It's pretty comfy but I don't feel at all challenged. I'm strongly considering applying for some programs for next school year but am unsure if it's too late for me?

Anyone have a similar experience and ended up going for it anyway?
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Is it actually true that jews have highest IQ?
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Where can I get one of these suits? How much do they go for?
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Why do scientists hate admitting that science isn't finished and that they're simply some things about the universe that we do not understand?
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I have a question about pic related. How do the red and green squares relate to the camera CCD and the screen pixels?
I guess it must be some kind of Moiré pattern? Why aren't there any blue squares?
Is it possible to get doxed based on this pattern?
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Wtf is science correct??
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Is is worth getting your DNA sequenced? I have no practical use for it, I assume; but it would be interesting to have a list of identified genes and mutations with good and bad reputations. However, this data is very exploitable to the vast amount of creepy companies out there.
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Is there anything I can learn on my own to get a better job? I can't afford college. Nor can I even go to day classes because I have a job. So I would have to study on my own. I have heard of Clep exams but those are only for basic math and humanities. I learned a lot just by reading. I just finished a book called Measurement by Paul Lockhart which went from geometry to trigonometry to calculus and even analysis and it was great to see them all connected that way. Obviously I would need to study more rigorously as well. I just don't know if there is any way to show what I know. Or any professions that only require a test and don't require a fucki g degree. Be straight with me though, if I'm going to need the degree I might as well know so I can give the fuck up and jsut study for myself and not take it as seriously.
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Logical reasoning Q for sci brainlets
B is a new innovative approach to education, and very popular such that parents are entering their children into a LOTTERY to enter B schools.

Children in B schools have been shown to outperform children from regular schools.

Which of the following if true supports the above?:
1. B schools are more effective at educating children
2. Children who enter B schools are more able than regular children
3. Parents of B schools children help them with homework more than regular parents
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Does this pretty much show that psychiatry is pure quackery?

Someone with no qualifications can pass for 22 years
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No title
Does poor air quality lower cognitive ability in adults? Studies seem to show that it does, but wouldn't that show some kind of obvious decrease in intelligence for all urban populations, and rise in dementia?
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No title
bracewell probe
Is humans' true purpose to build an AI so smart it will supervise the entire universe?
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What do yall niggas think of dis nigga?
Sean Carroll
I saw him kinda sperg out at an audience member asking an end of the universe scenario question. Made me definitely wanna ride his dick
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I believe I can fully explain consciousness. To accuse myself of holding this belief does not accurately reflect the scale of my confidence. I believe that I can create formal proofs in relation to the nature, function, and structure of consciousness. The only limit I predict is the shared language necessary to communicate the full generality of the concepts involved. You will not like the terms I use because your proclivity as reasoning sapiences is to seek divergent philosophies even though ignorance must necessarily be continuous.

The first question you must present to yourself is whether or not your mind has the complexity necessary to temporarily forego the sense of agency that accompanies free and unrestricted thought such that you can overcome that experience at a later moment and restore natural autonomy without lasting damage to your psyche. It is not necessary to forego your own philosophy entirely, but merely to move it out of the way such that any parts of it that are currently wrong will not become terminal obstacles to further communication.

I have yet to verbalize the inner constructs that have led to my current beliefs. If you are interested in my thoughts then I ask that you exercise patience in understanding that they are not formalized in a linguistic capacity. Such a method of formalization would necessarily be incompatible with generalized hyperconceptuals.
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Can a testicle be replicated with stem cells?
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No title
>"What is the longest river in the world?"
>"What is the capital of vietnam?"
>"Who is Big Bird's friend on Sesame Street?"
The solutions to these questions can be computed with relative accuracy, and I think that's exciting. What is it about the structure of a question that affects speed and accuracy at which the solution can be reached by a computer? Where should I focus if I wish to study this kind of thing in depth? Linguistics? Theory of computation? Is there a Lang-tier text on this subject? I adore Lang's pedagogical style of his algebra text, and I really want to study this stuff in depth. I'm not a uni student but mathematics was my favorite hobby before it became my dedicated obsession.
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No title
Can this be classified as a genetic mutation? Surely no human is meant to grow as large or as muscular as this right?
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No title
she wasn't
dindu nuffin

she was
dindu sumtin
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No title
Can science save us?
11 images | 63 replies
No title
ITT: math that you know is bullshit, but for some reason is accepted. I'll start

Imaginary numbers. N*gga just use geometry and drop the pretence.
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No title
Crows, the thinking man's bird of choice.
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No title
Do atoms in food eventually replace atoms you had in your body at the moment of birth?
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>zero mummies found in any of the Pyramids
>no evidence of them having been used as storage for grain
>traces of zinc and hydrochloric acid found in the lower tunnels

What were they used for?
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No title
IQ TEST 2 first one was 80
Hey /sci/ is this test valid
feel free to take the test and post results
I took it yesterday and got an 80, 10th percentile but I did better today
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No title
I'm in a bachelor's course in psyhcology, preparing to write and coordinate a small project on art theraphy with poor children, however I know next to nothing on the subject, would anyone have any reccomendations of books or literature in general that would assist such work?

i'm reading gestalt art experience from jamie rhyne rn

I couldn't acess the archive so I dunno if a question like this was asked before
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>https://mensa. dk/iqtest
Can someone tell me the correct answer of the question number 31, 32, 33, 35, 37, 38 and 39. And why please? I have in almost half of them no clue what am I supposed to do.
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No title
How is high water pressure achieved? How was it achieved throughout history? Can it be created using only manual power?
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Why does solanine make aubergines bitter but not potatoes?
How does salting remove solanine? Is it osmosis?
Does this imply that solanine is mainly located in vacuoles
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No title
>Why yes, I am a [insert derogatory word regarding intelligence], how could you tell?
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Why when I think of the big bang do I imagine it to be a quick event

Realistically speaking how long would you guys say it took

Also, assuming aliens found this gold record, are nasa seriously suggesting it would be even the slightest bit understandable? It's just squiggles and random fucking shapes
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This thing isn't an animal? It's a group of animals that function together? Wtf?
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No title
Are underwater colonies feasible? The ocean bed is far closer within our reach than distant planets and moons.
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diversity programs
hypothetical question: you get some email from the diversity committee being like "join our program! all people welcome for our diversity program!" doesn't matter what it is.

as a white hetero cis-male, i have no idea what to do here. i'd be happy to sign up but does that even make sense? i get the impression that the idea is for the program to just be for women and minorities and to a lesser extent non hetero/cis people.

i unironically support more women in stem and so forth (honestly i feel like my field, physics, is stagnant because of nature right now, not because of the people working on it, so if i get to work with more girls instead of all dudes that's fine and no great loss to our stagnant field) and minorities and gays/lesbos/trannies/queerfags are fine too. and i'm OK with them starting their little clubs for them. but when they invite me to clubs they start and act like i'm totally welcome i'm like "wot?".... just does not compute. i figure it is just a token motion to say "everyone is welcome" when really they mean "all non-cis-hetero-white-males are welcome"
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No title
Was average digit ratio lower in the past?
Some studies say that people of both sexes had higher testosterone levels than modern ones.
Also when we look at laws of ancient people, we can guess that everyone seemed to be more dominant, aggressive and dogmatic.
Is there any study about this?
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No title
>natural selection isn't about the species getting better, it's about the weak ones dying
What the fuck bros
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Why has being a leader been so difficult for men for thousands/millions of years?
This is the pinnacle of evolution for our species as far as i can tell. Technology has been improving relentlessly, yet a man's ability to lead seems to not have progressed at fucking all for thousands of years. It seems in the modern day it ha actually gotten worse, liek it doesn't even fucking exist at all. Why the fuck are men slaves to the idea of being "good" thus opening them up to being run through the ringer by women? I've seen it fucking everywhere i've ever gone. All a woman has to do is disapprove of any attempt a man makes at pleasing her and the man becomes a whimpering little bitch unable to reach emotional equilibrium ever again. The fuck is this shit?
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jesus toast
Is science related to math?
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what does sci think about this?
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Is there any evidence that masturbation has negative effects on your health/psyche? What about pornography?
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2,4-Dinitrophenol - In relation to increased metabolic rate and weight loss, is there any safer alternative to this drug with comparable effects? If I'm not on the right board, please direct me to the right one.
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God I fucking love science!
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What's /sci/'s view on antidepressants?

I was thinking about this. Antidepressants definitely make people happier, sure. But do they increase the survival chances of one's genes, or do they maybe decrease them? I've had friends whose parents took antidepressants, and the kids ended up depressed, lost, questioning reality, probably because they didn't have strong moral guidance as children, because their parents were drugged up zombies (and yes these drugs do turn you into a zombie, I know from experience).

Remember that the only outcome that scientists will be checking for is "happiness", or your "functioning" in society. They don't give a fuck whether you spread your genes or not. But YOUR priority IS to spread your genes (that's the priority for every organism on the planet).

Think about a criminal, someone like El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord. He didn't "function" in society, because he went outside of the bounds of society's laws. He ended up having a lot of children, between 11 and 15 according to different websites. So he definitely did fulfil his priority of spreading his genes.

Maybe antidepressants aren't actually in the patient's interest. The health systems loves them because they turn you into a "functioning" member of society (you work a job, you pay taxes, you're generating money for the government, and you'll be generating profits for Walmart when you do your weekly shopping, etc.). Maybe antidepressants are pushed because they're in SOCIETY'S interest, not yours.

That is, perhaps antidepressants are a tool of exploitation. What do you think, /sci/?
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Shkreli Appreciation thread
images - 2020-02-25T053349.678
Martin Shkreli is my hero and idol. I try to emulate him. Say something nice about him I'll start.
>he is pioneering new drugs for the treatment of autism
Very important especially considering the increasing autism rates!
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So my mother just came back from vacation. After 3 days she started to cough. I feel terrible and i have started to cough also.
Also i have crohns disease and they give me some IV drips which controls flow of white cells into my guts so my immune system is weakened.

What are my chances of surviving chink virus?
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>other people can’t hear your thoughts
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how do i get rid of this shit? it's making me suicidal

recently i've been ruminating over whether or not i filled the answer sheet correctly in an exam.. i know i did but i kept ruminating on it to the point that it seems very likely to me now that i messed filling it
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God put bones in the earth so we could one day turn their bones into petroleum and overcome the malignancy that is running and walking.
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Vermins give you meaning of life
Vermins, or worms, are living creatures. However, these creatures take shelter inside the body of others, stealing their nutrients, making them sick. This creature, although alive, does not create, does not feel, does not scream, does not see, only remains in the darkness inside the body of another animal, not to kill it, but to suck its life from it slowly and progressively. There is no reason to believe that there is any purpose for these animals, so, by syllogism, there is no reason to see purpose inherent to life itself — it is merely something that happened, just like the oceans, like rocks, like reefs.
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Will we cure ageing within our lifetime?

With the help of advanced future plastic surgery, I want to look like picrel forever
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Hair Loss and Nicotine
tenor (1)
Does nicotine cause hair loss?
I found some studies that say that increases the blood flow and the Ray Peat theories about thyroid and stress and hair loss

What do you think, anons?
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endorphines+lucid dream
Can I induce oniric lucidity trough endorphin release?
>not posting on x,their methods are too magical
some guy told me yes but only indirectly because endorphins increase dream vividness and duration
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Hello /sci/, please help a brainlet out, I need this so bad. I'm trying to program an API that pulls financial data and need to know how to properly evaluate that data but am having major trouble.

Ok, here's how I am understanding my problem;

You have two tree's, an apple tree and an orange tree. The Apple tree has produced 60% of max fruit, the Orange tree has produced 40% of max fruit. Sunlight today makes the Orange tree produce 25% LESS fruit at some indeterminate time in the future, and sunlight today makes the Apple tree produce 25% MORE fruit at some indeterminate point in the future (IDPF) , but sunlight today decreases humidity by 10% at IDPF. Humidity today makes the orange tree produce 30% MORE fruit at some IDPF, where as humidity today makes the apple tree produce 75% MORE fruit at some IDPF, and humidity today causes 20% more sunlight at IDPF.

So, that's the problem as much as I can rationalize it. Now I'm not sure how to set this up into an equation to accurately evaluate this statement is the problem. For example, to highlight the variables let's say the Orange tree is producing 20% fruit now, Apple tree 50%, sunlight is at 40%, and humidity is at 70%. Is there a way to find what sunlight and humidity would have been at during an indeterminate period in the past to the tree's current yield? What is the expected yield of the trees at the indeterminate time in the future? How do I properly equate all of these variables, if I know everything except the humidity can I properly evaluate the equation to find humidity? What will the ratio of apples to oranges be in that scenario?

The actual problem is that I'm trying to equate three pieces of data to each other; the performance of GDP, which effects investment and The cycle. The business cycle itself, which effects GDP and investments. And Investments, which is just affected by GDP and Cycle but effects nothing.
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Why does Physics attract the greatest number of pseuds?
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What are your thoughts on Kumon method?
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>can I sit here, is this seat open?
What do? I don't want to sit on the ground in lecture again bros.
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