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Kratom Safety?
What's the science say on this stuff? I've been using it every single day and am hopelessly addicted, but are there any particular health issues that it has been known to cause?
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Let's see if /sci/ is retarded
Does a charged ideal battery have more mass than a discharged battery?

Do X amount of particles in a TNT arrangement have more mass than X amount of particles in a hydrogen arrangement, ceteris paribus?

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Full Genome Sequence
Recently got my full genome sequenced by George Church's company (nebula).
It is currently private and probably securely stored. However, the analysis features are limited.
>Would it be worthwhile to upload my genome to search for cancer markers/probabilities on open source databases?
>Is there a way to do it without compromising my privacy?
>Which databases do you recommend?
>What are the ramifications of genomic data being public? I only know of the golden state killer case, but I don't know if that should concern me, since I don't intend on doing a murder spree. If I did, I suppose I could just take precautions to leave other peoples' DNA at the crime scene.
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No title
ITS UP! Actually, it was up a week ago, but can't find any threads in the archive about it.

The absolute gigachad John Carmack gives a 5hr stream of brilliant consciousness on all manner of topics, interspersed with Lex's inane interruptions and attempts to sound intelligent.
His takes on AGI are extremely compelling and make me feel like he might just be the guy. John predicts AGI before 2030 and he doesn't give a fuck what you think.

Absolutely worth a listen.
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>Additive Axiom: If a = b and c = d then a + c = b + d. If two quantities are equal and an equal amount is added to each, they are still equal

Explain to me why this is an axiom and not an objective truth. What kind of proof is there against these predicaments that mathematicians decided to call this an axiom instead of an objectively provable truth?
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Is there any valid medical reason why a 30 year old who previously had covid should receive a covid vaccine?
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Good for neuropathic pain?
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Zero is just a fucking idea is not really a number by definition
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doing math gives me a boner
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Is humanity doomed?
If facts are irrelevant, does humanity have a chance?
If narratives about the true nature of reality can be manufactured and consistently bought, what chance do we have as a species?
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why are the universal constants the way they are? why do they have their specific value? Why is c not a single mph faster or slower?
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
Previous thread: >>14714495

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science. Also homework.
>where do I go for advice?
>>>/sci/scg or >>>/adv/
>where do I go for other questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:
>book recs?
>tables, properties and material selection?

Tips for asking questions here:
>attach an image (animal images are ideal. Grab them from >>>/an/)
>avoid replying to yourself
>ask anonymously
>recheck the Latex before posting
>ignore shitpost replies
>avoid getting into arguments
>do not tell us where is it you came from
>do not mention how [other place] didn't answer your question so you're reposting it here
>if you need to ask for clarification fifteen times in a row, try to make the sequence easy to read through
>I'm not reading your handwriting
>I'm not flipping that sideways picture
>I'm not google translating your spanish
>don't ask to ask
>don't ask for a hint if you want a solution
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Explain dark matter to me like I'm not retarded but close
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What are some scientific arguments against evolution?
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if IQ truly mattered why can't I use my IQ test score as sufficent evidence to bypass educational requirements and go straight into a PhD program or any intellectually demanding job i want
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Why Being Anti-Science Is Now Part Of Many Rural Americans’ Identity _ FiveThirtyEight
Why does geography have such a big impact on the statistics, demographics, and popular opinion? Why do rural areas tend not to value science and truth?

Do people move to these areas because they don't value science in the first place and something about these areas is attractive to this population, or is it that people live in these areas, and then something about the social environment in rural america makes people grow more antiscience over time? I.e. are antiscience folks attracted to rural areas, or do rural areas just make people more antiscience?
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Fill salt lakes with seawater
I am writing to ask the feasibility of My crazy idea:Fill salt lakes with seawater
surch as Badwater Basin in Death Valley California, or Sevier Lake in Utah

becaus we are facing extrm high tempratuer, wild fire in California and Oregon,
lack of domestic water and farming water
I beleve in midwest America, the water cycle is short of millions cubic metre freash water

May be some people think desalination is enough to slove the problem
but human being a great desalination system --the mother nature!

we know desert contents great heat and wonderful evaporation rate
so all sea water factitiously fill into salt lakes
will become moisture into the atmosphere,then transfom to rainfall at other drainage basin system
and salt lakes surch as Badwater Basin didn't need to worry about salinization

In my rough estimate, get seawater from the coast,have to build more than 1000km elevated aqueduct
thats why I call this is a crazy idea,
BTW the final GOAL of this crazy idea is Fill The Great salt lakes with seawater
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tell me about woman's brain
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No title
Will modern machine learning techniques (neural networks, stochastic gradient descent, etc) be sufficient to recreate consciousness?
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Does race exist?
I read that race has no biological foundation and has nothing to do with genetics but that sounds like bullshit. How can you consider a chimpanzee and bonobo two subspecies of primates and not put a white person and asian person into subspecies?
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which ways of cheating death through science actually works?
i recently knew that death means lost of my consciousness and soul, with no ways to redeem it, and i am very afraid.
i searched through the internet for days, and there's indeed some methods to actually preserve my dna.But most of these methods can only keep my genes alive and my soul will just return back to the void i originates from, at that point i might just get a child or something.
But i know that if some of these preserving technologies actually advances and some laws changes, i might actually get a much longer life(cryonics can actually work if i am frozen alive and the technology is advanced enough to freeze my brain in a short period of time , actually)
So, what types of live preservation technologies actually work if provided enough technology advancements?
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is china just bad at physics? if so why?
thinking about the history of physics, it strikes me that Western Europe was originally on top, then after WWII the US quickly rose to the top (incorporating their half of Europe) and the USSR (incorporating the other half of europe) was very competitive and even better in some fields of physics. Russia was nearly on par with the West within a few years of the end of the war in terms of nuclear physics and by the 60s they had an amazing physics culture. that’s like 15 years since the end of WW2, they were already world-class

even Japan has world-class contributions in the post-war period

now let’s look at China. i know of only one good chinese physicist: Frank Yang who was actually basically american. and they’ve been “developed” for well over 15 years now. why are they so much slower than the USSR at actually accomplishing anything in physics?

hell they’ve been sending decades of PhD students to study in US departments (which Russia didn’t do) and yet still they have a really pathetic output in the field of physics.

why is that? is the chinese psyche just not the personality type for great physicists? or is their culture just toxic toward original thinkers of physics?
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No title
>if quantum immortality is true,you would experience quantum insomnia
>therefore if I start being unable to sleep,yet experience 0 negative symptons of sleep deprivation,this would mean I have become/tapped into "the immortal timeline"
find a flaw in this. I literally havent slept a wink in 30 hours, Im feeling of sound mind,healthy,energetic and dont require excess caffeine.
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No title
software engineers vs actual engineers. fuck software engineers! gay shit!!
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Far-right extremists’ use of humour

Two researchers in Europe have published this document which says that certain forms of humor should be criminalized because
>humour that is directed against ethnic and sexual minorities is deemed to inspire violent fantasies and eventually action
The paper is well referenced, however that conclusion has no reference to support it. Page 7 shows examples of the variety of humor which should be banned
>(1) The original iteration of the Wojak meme expressed emotions such as melancholy, regret or loneliness. It has gradually been adapted and advanced by far-right meme culture to portray liberals with blank expressions. The aim here is to show that “normies” do not question the information that comes from mainstream press and politics.
>(2) The Doge meme is one of the most famous internet memes, which has been adapted in various ways to tease a kind of outdated humour and style of individuals and politicians. In far-right circles, it has often been combined with Nazi memorabilia to trivialise violence by the SS and Wehrmacht.
>(3) The Pepe the Frog meme has been appropriated by far-right online activists. It symbolises “a kind of superior nonchalance toward others, helping to normalize hostile attitudes toward minorities and political opponents” as well as “a kind of anti-elite arrogance and condescension” (12). It has become the icon of the alt-right.
Which makes up the majority of the image content on /sci/. So scientifically speaking, is /sci/ doomed to be eventually banned from the internet for h8s peach? Is there anything we can do about our unfortunate fate?
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Has all the low-hanging fruit been plucked?
I feel like if you were a scientist 100 years ago, there was a good chance that your work would significantly improve humanity.
Now, everything seems so piecemeal. Like you can only chip away at some subject so obscure that it is irrelevant to people, or only contribute a tiny amount to some meaningful effort.

I would love if someone could tell me "no, you aren't considering x field".
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Do you read research papers in your spare time?
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No title
A family friend whom I love dearly took the vaccine and now has blood clots in her legs.

I'm slowly losing me sense of humor bros
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Is there any actual proof of a flat earth?
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In the year 9595, I'm kinda wondering if man is gonna be alive?
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Idk if this is sci, but is there a correlation between ancient civilization and cuisine?

It seems like the most ancient civilizations popped up in areas where cuisines are varied and are spicier, in the sense of using more spices, than others. This implies fertile lands, sure, but Western and Central Europe are all fertile, and no civilization popped up there until thousands of years of harsh selection, another route for forming larger groups but also intelligence, which ended up with a unique form of civilizations to come about.

Something similar in Africa. Subsaharan African societies didn't form civilizations at all.
Their cuisine is relatively simple, and it seems the pattern holds true there as well. Ethiopia had stronger kingdoms and larger organized societies than the rest of Subsaharan Africa, and they have a decently varied cuisine.

Now, there is a chicken and egg problem. Do smarter societies create more varied cuisines? Or does daily diet affect a society's organizational ability, and thus indirectly intelligence, by maximizing potential cognitive abilities?
Since ancient civilizations, like the Indus valley, had access to a more varied set of ingredients, this increases the number of nutrients they have access to.

Intricate cuisines are not the same as varied cuisines. Japan only had access to a limited set of ingredients compared to other regions, but their constant infighting for thousands of years potentially had a similar effect as was seen in Europe. Makes the Germans and the Japanese share something in common.

Ultimately, I think there is something in there. A factor of many for the appearance of larger forms of organized society.
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No title
Elon Musk confirmed the first person to become immortal
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No title
How do I become the best lab scientist employee my company has ever seen?
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Consciousness and the Brain
Since people are obsessed with consciousness this week. I'm making this separate one for this specific book. This book gives a full scientific explanation for consciousness and its function. Have you read this book? What do you think about it?
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No title
Give me your best facts about man-made climate change. It is irrefutable man has an influence, such as the ozone hole caused by FCKW. Give me only the hard science facts that could be used as an argument.
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How does it ACTUALLY work, and why is it so misunderstood?
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No title
Is psychopathy/sociopathy the peak of human development?
>society is full of dumb normies that have low intelligence and no empathy, but they virtue signal all day
>normies hate non-normies
>psychopaths use normies to maximize personal gain
>if you aren't a normie, normies will try to force you to conform
>normies will shame you, isolate you, even abuse you physically, emotionally, financially, etc.
>you have drives that turn you into an NPC (sex drive, etc.)
>psychopathy is a way to abuse the virtue signalling system and enslave normies to maximize personal gain
>psychopathy lets you turn normies into cattle
>psychopathy lets you destroy your sex drive and enslave normies, enacting revenge on the normie filth on the behalf of every tortured genius in the history of humanity
>psychopathy lets you make normies (normalfags, NPC, goyim) work for you, while you do whatever the fuck you want with your life and free time
The alternative is to accept the stupid "social contract" and work for 40 years, surrounded by goy normalfags, for psychopaths that use your hard work to finance their degenerate activities, e.g. prostitutes, cocaine, etc.

To highlight how stupid normalfags are, they all say stupid shit like:
>you can't do X! because if we all did X, then everything would be Le Bad
this is stupid. If I do X, then my decision will not affect the decision making of any other person. If I throw garbage on the street, I will not instantly pollute the entire planet.
>brooo you have to die in Le Goy War to be a hero!!! bro you have to work for 50 years at mcdonald's!11!1!! brooo you have to pay taxes
these arguments are fueled by stupidity. These stupid, subhuman goyim don't understand that wars are fought for the interests of the elites, corporations are a way to abuse normies by using them as cattle and taking their collective man hours and turning them into lucrative products and services.

See pic related. A normie.
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/med/ general
>No med found
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Engineering delusion
Engineers think that in the equation L = r x p, they can conserve in magnitude, both the angular momentum and the regular momentum simultaneously while r changes.
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No title
I watched a youtube video were this critic of psychology referenced this as an example of how weak of a science psych really is. At first I thought he was joking "a child not listening the principal" is somehow a disorder if it happens rnough according to
because what's disorderly is just what these people say.

If the very existence of specific diagnoses is in question (see CPTSD), or it's essentially impossible to find a single feature that consistently characterises a certain diagnosis (see ASD), you have more than a problem with "the finer theory". There are fundamental categorisation problems at work here.

The DSM acknowledges this in its very last section where there has been a proposal for a very long time to characterise conditions by scoring them along a set of fundamental axes or principal components. While we appear to be nowhere near a consensus on what those components should be, this will almost certainly be a better approach than the wordy, subjective criteria that currently form the basis of modern psychopathology/psychiatry.
which is that majority behaviour seems to prescriptively determine minority "dysfunction" by virtue of simple comparison. Psychological function is impossible to divorce from social context, and this is not a new observation. A large subset of "neurodivergent" people such as those with high functioning ASD or ADHD are vocal proponents of this. They posit that much of the dysfunction or social distress comes not from some inherent lack of capability but just a general impedance mismatch with neurotypicals. Those with ASD often report much fewer problems empathising and interacting with other ASD persons, for instance. It's reasonable to ask: If they were the majority, would ASD still be a disorder?
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Computer science books
Does /sci/ know of the tcp/ip guide by Kozierok? I haven't finished it, but it seems like a good book to learn about the internet. Do you guys have better recommendations of computer science books?
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No title
We got any creationists/ID proponents here?

Discord dot gg/EYahtkWf
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No title
James Webb Telescope discovered a much higher number of mature galaxies in the early universe than models would have predicted.

What is the official /sci/ explanation for this? Are our estimations for the age of the universe wrong? Perhaps just galactic formation occurs differently?
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No title
Bullshit. Utter nonsense
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No title
It's finally out. You did get it, didn't you?
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No title
Ritalin is a great tool of mine.
It makes my mind sharper and more productive than anyone else I know of.
It suppresses my impulsivity and my invasive internal monologue that did nothing more than bring chaos in my life.
It is the de facto thinking white man's drug, it just turns me into a superior person.
You faggots say this thing is a bad habit - ironic considering browsing this cesspool of a website is clearly one of the worst habits I have.
Why should I ditch it when it helps me in mogging the shit out of everyone else?
Please no "two more weeks" replies, it did more miracles than harm on me as of now.
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Global Warming
spin the science
So is this real, or is it because of nature?

Extreme heatwaves breaking temperature records, more floods than ever recorded, and more forests being burned down in history were all attributed to the Earth spinning faster.
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How can one use mathematics to become rich?
How could one in an introverted non-physical way use math to become rich? to predict things etc...

Also what scope of math is the most useful for this?

Always hear about those quants on wallstreet being wizards creating new models to beat the market(maybe why they are paid millions)?
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No big crunch.
the big flip
At least not in the way we'd expect, the universe instead begins to expand so fast and so infinitely that distance and direction becomes subjective, and compresses the universe into a new big bang by going outwards, not inwards.
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No title
Hey civil eng bro, we never hear from you. Are you doing okay?
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Is free energy possible?
Vaccum energy and zero point energy have been observed. Yet Wikipedia says free energy isnt possible. Why can't we utilize it? Are scientists brainless?
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group theory
what is the fucking point
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No title
What the fuck happened to the sun today? I rarely see these numbers above 5.
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No title
I'm a math undergrad, that knows a lot about programming and finance and I just heard about quants. How can I become a quant and make
>300k starting
a reality?
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No title
Is the creation of a genetic engineered race of catgirls just a matter of time?
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No title
Why do they call the worldwide press for every stupid shit they find only to then say "oh you dumb chuds it was obviously a piece of plastic/string/used condom all along! What tinfoil hat illiterate would get excited over this?". It's so pathetic and tiresome.
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solve mortality
I want immortality, where do I start?
Know math, know some physics, can code.
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No title
What even is particle anyway?
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No title
images - 2022-08-09T211142.423
This took like 300 years and like 10 pages of equations to solve
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QM vs. GR
what's the problem? why can't they just take the GR equations and make them all fuzzy with integration and stuff?
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No title
Is /sci/ excited about Artemis I, we're just weeks away from launch. What are your expectations of the program and what do you think of going back to the Moon?
I'm a bit worried that they're only doing two unmanned missions and then the third one will be both the first crewed flight and the first to land.
If you compare it to all of the preparations and missions NASA did before Apollo 11 it almost seems rushed.
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No title
images (4)
How does phonology work? Why do different accents exist? Is it due to the extent to which a person stresses certain vowel or consonant?
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Spectroscopy questions
Hi /sci/. I'm working on a device to help people classify garments by their fabric's composition so they can be properly recycled.
I thought about having the user put the cloth against a diffuse spectroscopy sensor, the device would then read the values and compare against signatures stored in its memory to make the classification.
I have two questions:
1. Would this work at all? Would there be enough differences in the spectrum (e.g: cotton vs synthetic) as to offer a reliable output?
2. Any idea where could I purchase such a sensor? It would be preferred if the output could be handled by a microcontroller or a PLC as raw data instead of a PC. Price is also a conditioning factor, the cheaper the better.

The other option would be analyze different samples and purchase LEDs and sensors with the most caracteristic wavelenghts reflected off each sample. That would certainly result in a cheaper system, at the cost of flexibility.
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No title
stewart calculus
How many hours does it take to complete every single problem in a calculus textbook?
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No title
>10000 years later
>average height of humans is unchanged
>some scientists with too much time on their hands set out to figure out exactly why this occurred
>came to the conclusion that the height of door openings(6'8") served as a sort of physical restriction
>with restrictive building codes and rising inflation the average person can't see upgrading their existing houses and apartments doors as a sound financial decision
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No title
Given how much money you would make, can someone explain to me why there exists no reliable medical method to increase penis size?

How has this not been done? Whoever solves it will become an instant billionaire. The financial incentive is there. It does not seem particularly difficult.
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No title
Is he the best pop-sci youtube channel?
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Hegel and Mathematics
What mathematics do I need to learn to understand what philosophers like Hegel, Peirce, etc., are trying to do with an architectonic, all-encompassing, and fractal system of knowledge? I suppose it has something to do with infinity, Zeno's paradox, category theory, etc. But I am a mathlet.
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No title
okay /sci/ you guys think you so smart like omg here try to solve this:

why coke taste better in the can?
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No title
Is mathematics discovered or invented?
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No title
Why don't you guys tell the anti Einstein retards to fuck off lol
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No title
Why does the index finger have its very own extensor muscle, what is the evolutionary reason? Did females select for men who could properly finger them?
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No title
Thoughts on Goethean science?
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come back, lumo
the internet is so lame ever since Lubos Motl left. please come back, dear lumidek! we miss you!

anecdote: one day i walked into the office of one professor at my US university and he was reading TRF. i had to contain myself because internally i was ROTFL

his blog was great, at least for physics posts. we need him to come back.

if anyone agrees with me we should start an open letter to ask him to come back. he seems to be active still on disqus and to a lesser extent on wikipedia. who is with me on asking him to come back?
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No title
Who was Eta Carinae?
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No title
Do social scientists even believe half the stuff that they write in their research? It seems like they just get lazy and randomly throw around a bunch of buzzwords such as "oppression", "institutional", "imperialism", etc.
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No title
What the fuck is this idiot talking about? Of course the formal system with only the identity axioms is consistent, and it's easy to prove this without ever using ANY metatheory. The notion that every proof has a well-defined metatheory is just retarded nonsense. Just look at the many proofs of the identity 1+2+3+..+n = n(n+1)/2. What metatheory do they have? Clearly that's a nonsensical question, since the proofs usually rely on common sense and rational thought, rather than PA, PRA, or any such formal system. This is evidenced that the proofs are given by pictures and equations rather than fricking statements and proof tries in first order logic.
How can someone be so retarded as to make statements in pic related? Have they never actually studied math?
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No title
math pants
Mathematically, a pair of pants has 3 holes. But that definition is based on a surface of zero thickness. In the real world, a pair of pants has a boundary of, presumably, nonzero thickness, and so this must be equivalent to a solid 2-torus, right?
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No title
>you can't add 3 numbers at the same time
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Maxwell's Demon
>the second law of thermodynamics states that the net entropy of a closed system never decreases
>But in statistical mechanics things become more complicated.
>The second law of thermodynamics, as it arises in statistical mechanics, merely states that it is overwhelmingly likely that net entropy will increase, but it is not an absolute law.

So, statistically speaking, there is a non-zero chance that, spontaneously, one side of a box will heat up and the other side will cool down? Kind of like how you can walk through walls with quantum tunneling.
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No title
I was thinking, Why are there no indigenous/aboriginal white people? Why are they always melanated people's?
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Morality and stimulants
pepe coffee
> "You're lazy!"
> "Go take some personal responsibility."
> "There's no such thing as a free lunch."
> "You're low IQ."
> "Time to pull yourself by the bootstraps."
> *takes Adderall/Ritalin and becomes a human machine*

If taking stimulants like candy makes people the better workers grifters crave so much, why isn't it approved of? They WANT more productive workers. They WANT hyper-focused people. They WANT you to work yourself to the bone. They WANT your work ethic. And yet to consume stimulants to implement their work ethic into reality offends them. Why?
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No title
>humans will never reach another star system
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No title
If the earth is mostly water, why would the most intelligent species be on land of all places? wouldn't the more dominate species be in the oceans? Land is very limiting and forces us to build and use all these needless technologies to survive, but the ocean is so vast it provides everything, not saying a water species wouldn't develop forms of tech but it wouldn't be near as much as we have to do on land. Was coming on land a psyop for ancient species?
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Cancer Causing Forever Chemicals in Rainwater
Rainwater everywhere in world 'unsafe to drink' due to cancer chemicals
Why do anti-science conservatives and even some new agers always assume that natural=better? This is a complete logical fallacy, since there are many "natural" things that are dangerous (e.g. mercury or arsenic).

Experts have recently discovered that rain water (much like garden soil) is highly toxic, and that it contains high levels of cancer causing forever chemicals. Nevertheless, anti-science types who are obsessed with doing things "naturally" often rely on rain water for things like gardening, or even drinking water and bathing. This is especially common amongst organic farmers, homesteaders, and people who are supposedly living "sustainably" or "off the grid". Unfortunately, we are now learning that collecting and consuming water in this manner can cause cancer, and can even be deadly, because of all of the forever chemicals in the rain water.

That being said, why do people always assume that natural=better? Also, scientifically speaking what is the safest and best water to drink? Obviously stuff like well water, spring water, or rain water is off the table, since water from any of those sources is likely to have extremely high levels of environmental pollutants. I guess the really question is, what's better municipal tap water, or bottled and filtered water?
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is anyone here a doctor?
i found a bird its one of these niggas picrel.
found it on the ground he let me pick him up.
hes panting alot and has his head tilted to the side about 30degrees left and down.
he flapped around with both his wings and kicked with both feet so it seems his not in pain and seems to have no broken bones?(ribs maybe?). i placed him in shallow cool water on my balcony. should i do something else?
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No title
purity of physics
Why do "pure" physicists look down on other scientists? Why are they so mean?
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No title
For folks who think we basically understand how consciousness works, what is the mechanism that creates subjective first person experience?

I have yet to find an explanation of this despite reading a lot on the topic and doing my undergrad degree in neuroscience. There are always appeals to the tremendous complexity of the brain, but how is it exactly that complexity is supposed to generate first person perspective?

To be sure, information theoretic approaches and neuroscience explain pretty well how vision can be processed, how behaviors that mimic self-awareness could arise, etc. These theories normally center on a global workspace for consciousness and a "theory of mind center," that evolved to increase our social aptitude, which simulates what it is like to have other experiences. However, none of this gets at home first person perspective actually arises.

Complexity itself is notoriously nebulously defined. In Tegmark's book, he posits that consciousness arises as a function of complexity and information content (he also slides in some panpsychism without much comment). But then information appears to be defined nebulously as semantic meaning, which is begging the question.

3,000 kilos of hydrogen gas in a vat exhibits complexity. Gas laws are emergent phenomena resulting from countless relationships between molecules, which are constantly sharing information with each other. Arguably, gasses are less complex because they are too networked. Information content wise, mapping the phase space of a large volume gas takes up more information than mapping the phase space of a human brain. So if complexity and information content alone cause consciousness, galaxies should be conscious.
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Math is invented
Not discovered. What’s stopping me from inventing a new algebraic object?
A bunch of soibois gatekeeping on peer review on arhiv?
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Skin colour and Intelligence
Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto1
According to Peter Frost, a Canadian scientist, those with higher social status have lighter skin, lighter eyes, and lighter hair because men with higher social status historically married women with lighter skin, lighter hair and lighter eyes because men find women with lighter features more attractive. On the other hand, men with lower status bred with women with darker features.

According Donald Templer (2006), IQ and skin brightness correlates at 0.92, a near perfect correlation.

Rushton found that in both human and non-human animals, darker pigmentation is associated with higher levels of aggression and sexuality, as well as lower intelligence. (

According to a Scottish baron named Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie, blonde hair is correlated with higher intelligence and higher social status.

Non-whites such as Finns and Koreans have lighter skin than whites. Also, Finns are the most blonde and blue eyes race on earth.

White people are dark and swarthy, so they have low intelligence and higher criminality than non-whites like Koreans and Finns. Koreans have an average IQ of 107, Finns 104 and Whites 99.
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Why don't our cosmological models add up? Is there a spooky explanation or just a boring one?
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Educate me on biogas and other renewable natural gasses. Is the juice worth the squeeze? To my uneducated brain converting wastewater from humans or cow manure into natural gas seems like a good idea. I’m also interested in fuel cells, hydrogen, renewable ways to generate electricity. Please contribute and make my first day on this board a good one
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im retarded but how does fusion energy not break energy conservation?
so we use helium to generate plasma under vacuum. how can the energy we put in, in terms of heat and electrical energy, be generated by a process that needs energy input to function. isnt that contradicting to energy conservation and the first law of thermodynamics?
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[math]X = \{ x \mid |x| \cong \mathbb{R} \ \wedge \ \forall A\subset x \ |A| \leq \omega \vee |A| = |\mathbb{R}| \}[/math]
Is X a set or not?
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Is it scientifically/medically valid to do Uberman polyphasic sleep? 8 15-minute naps, troughout a 24 hour period. total=2 hours.
Alleged benefits;obviously more time to do stuff, lucid dreams/more frequent chance at dreaming.Constant rest from stress and general wear-out of being alive doing stuff.
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could a hydrogen ejection satellite wipe out humanity

water electrolysis of the oceans

eject gas from the top of the Earth's orbital atmosphere and eject it out of Earth orbit
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I hate right-hand rule
Do any of you actually use this "trick" to help you understand a math/physics concept? I always found it useless and more confusing than helpful. Every professor, textbook, and online source always fails to reach me with this mnemonic, mainly because I don't get the relation between the direction of my fingers and the direction of my thumb. They never explain it and make it seem like obvious fact and it pisses me off.
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What would humans look like if they were bred for desirable traits like how we breed horses to be fast and strong?
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What did they mean by this?
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How do I find a single equation for the figure made by the solid lines, /sci/?

I have two straight lines, and I know their equations. Shouldn't there be a single equation for the two-lined figure that would give us the value of y when we put in the value of x?
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Why are american Universities such shit
Its not even the politics it's just garbage, Most of my classes aren't done by professors but PHD students that have never taught a class before. They can't speak english half the time, the only reason I can still pass is because I have to pay 120 for an access code that has all my homework and lessons. If a class actually has a professor it will have 100+ students in it. He will just go over powerpoints all day. If there is no student teacher interaction then how is it different then a youtube video. I've been in for two years and I seriously can't recall learning anything or what am I going to do with this after I finish.
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Let's finally put this to rest: is it "math" or "maths"?
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Is Edward Witten a villain?
>I fear it’s not really about the leadership of Witten, Gross, Vafa, Strominger, Seiberg etc. It’s really about Ed. Many years ago Joe Polchinski said to me ‘You keep mentioning String Theory Eric, but I am never sure whether String Theory really exists as a proper discipline or community…or whether we are merely runnning sub-routines for Ed.’
is he really a psychopath? someone who came from political science to take over physics? How can one man have so much power? Einstein was left alone, no one followed him in his search for the theory of everything. Witten is more than Einstein? How? Every day I have more certainty and less doubt
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>Quantum Mechanics
>Quantum memory
>hidden variable theory
>"Measurement Problem"
>Dark Matter
>Higgs Boson
>Standard Model
>wavefunction collapse
>Delayed Choice Eraser
>Double slit expirement
>uncertainty principle
>quantum entanglement
>Black Holes
>White Holes
>Quantum Foam
>'Spooky action at a distance'
>Fermis Paradox
>Maxwells Demon
>The Pauli exclusion
>Schrödinger’s cat
>Heisenberg uncertainty principle
>The Big Bang
>Speed of Light
>Occam's Razor
>Copernican principle
>Copenhagen principle
>Planck constant
>wave-particle duality
>Stephen Hawking
>Schrödinger equation

>Real Numbers
>Complex Numbers
>Irrational Numbers
>Rational Numbers

>Fundamental Theorem of Calculus / Algebra / Arithmetic
>Gödel's incompleteness theorems
>Empty Set
>Axiom of Choice
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Searching for Extensive Calc Vid
Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.11.55
Hi all. Earlier this year, I found an extensive and quite satisfactory video on here that explained certain concepts of calculus quite well. Unfortunately I can no longer find it nor where I bookmarked it. I am wondering if any of you would be able to help me in rediscovering it.

I remember the following information:

- It was quite long -> I believe at least 40 minutes or something up to an hour or multiple hours

- It was American -> The guy explaining everything referenced the SATs at the start I think and had an American accent

- It had relatively good production value with humour, I vaguely remember it featuring slides with jokes and good visualisations it wasn't quite so dry and made the experience more enjoyable

- The guy doing the talking sounded young

- I remember the video beginning with some extensive definitions, I especially remember it discussing monotonic functions, limits and continuity in functions

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also feel free to discuss other resources relating to calculus that may be helpful. Thank you in advance.
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Western science: want to affect policy change? Come generate fake data
Western scientists are openly recruiting tyranny men for the explicit purpose of generating fake/low performance data to affect politics. They don’t even hide it. This is how science in the west works now.

We need something like a Pol Pot brutally purging the entire field so that it can all be rebuilt from ground zero.
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How is demographics and target audience data then translated to visual material such promotional contents, cover, splash pictures, designs?

Almost specifically for games and entertainment but anything like graphics and architecture, quality control, design is alright too i guess.
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/big/ - brain improvement general
post and discuss research with regards to brain improvement, whether it'd be drugs, neurofeedback, activities s.a. language learning, etc. doesn't matter.

Pharmacologically illiterate people should not post about drugs nor recommend them!
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The age of the universe is literally guesswork and pseudoscience. There is no comprehensive theory for dark energy and cosmic inflation. Measuring current inflation parameters and just rewinding things is such a naive way to do it.
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convince me that it ain't ovah y'all
"Hypersonic Revolution! Chinese Firm Claims Breakthrough In Novel Engine Technology That Both US & China Are Trying To Master"
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Distressing science facts
>metal is a frozen liquid
>fire, whirlpools, vacuum, none of these are objects
>our most magical technology is literally powered by crystals (of silicon)
>reptiles are not a clade
>japanese cartoon porn is just as stimulating as a human female
>pineal gland is homologous to a third eye in some animals
>snakes are technically quadrupeds
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Human Nature
images - 2022-08-10T172955.098
If human beings evolved to become social and cooperative beings, what scientifically explains crime and selfishness? How could these features be suppressed?
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New set theory just dropped
And since Fermat's conjecture and Collatz conjecture have many things in common with this respect to this theory, I will not post it here since there is not enough space and the secrets will be therefore buried with me forever.
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Transporter tubes, when?
The Swiss already brought suicide booth to life, transporter tubes is the next step,
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Is it just me or is the diencephalon hella thicc?
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Machine Learning and A.I. Stuff
I'm 18, I found Machine Learning Specialization course on Coursera and I'm enrolled in it. I feel like it's not enough and I am missing out a lot of stuff. Could you please tell me more learning materials or where I could find dummy data to make my own shit? I found something on (Russian 4chan), but I can't type Russian and can't communicate to ask questions.
Coursera course:
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Is teleportation possible?
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How many rotations will it take the smaller circle to loop back to its starting location?
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Whats the best medical residency for advancing transhumanism
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Anons, I'm a relentlessly ambitious individual, and have autistic levels of focus and an ego to boot. I'm unsatisfied with my station in life, and want to become greater.

I want to figure out the secret to immortality, and give myself superpowers like spider webbing or stopping time. I also want to figure out gene editing so I can make myself look even more like a God than i am now.

I'll be starting my science journey with mathematics, but do you guys think it's possible for one viciously focused man to accomplish such a thing? If he is one of the smartest and most special people to ever live?
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Why does everything spin?
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Why are chromosomes a better way to determine gender than psychological identification?

"Biology" isn't an answer because I want to know WHY biology is better, not HOW to tell who's a boy or girl
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Can we afford having multiple hands?
We've already got the technology for the hands themselves, obviously. But would our brains recognize them as additonal hands? What can we do to make it seem like that? attach another set of a "nerve system" to the hand and pray the brain kinda understands its firmware and recognizes it as its own? Would it be as simple as just connecting it to the brain and then imagining moving your third arm?

More importantly, what are some good books to read about this? I'm an aspiring BME student and would like to someday make a set of picrel on my own. Something like a roadmap of books would be very nice
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Is college outside of STEM/Trades just daycare?
I just got my final grades back. Interpersonal communication was an A, diversity in computer science was an A (braindead required course for my major,) human geography was an A, data structures and algorithms was a B, and Calculus II was a B.
The only classes where I felt challenged were the compsci and math classes. I wrote my final paper for the diversity class 45 minutes before it was due and got 100%, and I'm a pretty bad writer. High school was harder, for god's sake. I'm not against the humanities, but Christ, these classes feel like they're dumbed down and meant solely to make pretentious rich kids feel like they're some sort of second T. S. Elliot because they know what phatic communication is, or because they can describe Kantian ethics. Maybe I'm just too stembrained.
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Where are they?
Seriously where are they? We cannot be the only intelligent life in the universe, and certainly the only life in the universe, and most likely we are not the most advanced civilisation, so where are they? Why is it so quiet out there? The fermi paradox haunts us, the universe should be teaming and yet we receive nothing, are they intentionally hiding from us? What is stopping them from coming here and saying hi? It's not like we are a major threat to them, we are probably but ants compared to what it out there, is it because of this that perhaps we are not even worth their time? But even then what is stopping some curious ones from coming by? Or are they observing us in secret?.
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i am being forced to do a sociology subject full of touchy feely retards. in order to pass, i have to go to class in person for a full week starting tomorrow. according to the schedule we're going to be making "art" and "reflecting". the female lecturer has incredible vocal fry and constantly talks about how she is exploring her indigenous identity because she found out shes 1/32 aboriginal.
how do i scientifically survive this week? we are to be given free lunches, so that's a plus.
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Deferoxamine thread
so now that the dust has settled, is pic rel fake or not? How safe is deferoxamine administration?
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Hyperloop bros...

Is it NOT happening...?
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Sir Michael Atiyah was a legend. He literally co-created the index theorem. In 2018, a year before his death, the 89-year-old Atiyah claimed a proof of the Riemann hypothesis. You can watch the video here:

What is wrong with this proof? Can someone explain whatever flaw it has?
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So, covid came from the market after all.
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what if gravity is the acceleration of space, not matter?
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riemann hypothesiss
1. Modern mathematics crucially relies on the concept of infinite sets, which is empirically and computationally meaningless.
2. Arithmetic statements are exactly those which have empirical meaning and can be described as statements of prediction about processes in the real world (with the caveat of idealizing an unlimited (but not necessarily infinite) amount of memory.
3. Other statements in mathematics are only meaningful in as far as they are equivalent or relate to arithmetic statements (e.g. the Riemann hypothesis may be restated as the conjecture that the algorithm in pic related does not halt)
4. The consistency of modern infinitistic mathematics (ZF) has not been proven. That means it's entirely possible that someone in a 100 years will show that this whole framework of infinite sets is nonsense. No good reason for its consistency has been given.
5. Set theorists have discovered many very simple and natural propositions, most notable CH (as opposed to Godel sentences in arithmetic, which would take centuries to write down) in set theory whose truth is independent of the current framework ZFC.
6. No programs have been successful to resolve cardinality of the continuum question by giving convincing reasons why one rather than other cardinality should be chosen. This demonstrates radical independence in even the simplest questions in set theory.
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>So… do you like FREUD or do you prefer JUNG??
Why is my nigga Pavlov so criminally underrated?
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Guys, I still don't get it. Why do I have to add "small" or "large" when talking about categories? Or why am I not allowed to talk about the "set of all groups" or the "set of all vector spaces"? I mean for all practical purposes these so called "proper classes" behave exactly like sets. I can do the same operations with them as I do with sets. I've never seen any instance where the math would break down or go wrong from using naive set theory. Is it really only a tranny thing, i.e. they rage about misgendering classes as sets even though it has no effect?
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'You' do not continue after your body dies.
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Hardest math problem in the world.
There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual's level of mathematical ability. Some people might find an algebraic equation or calculus problem to be the most difficult, while others might find a simple arithmetic problem to be the most difficult. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to determine which math problem is the most difficult for them.

One problem that could be considered the hardest math problem in the world is the Riemann hypothesis. This is a conjecture in mathematics that has yet to be proven. It states that every non-zero whole number is the sum of a certain sequence of prime numbers. Many mathematicians have tried to prove this hypothesis, but so far, no one has been successful.

Another problem that could be considered the hardest math problem in the world is the P versus NP problem. This is a problem in computer science that asks whether every problem that can be solved by using polynomial time algorithms can also be solved by using an algorithm that runs in polynomial time, but with a much smaller number of steps. This problem is still unresolved and continues to stump mathematicians and computer scientists alike.
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Science says that if a man's index finger is longer than his ring finger it means he's gay. Well my index finger is longer than my ring but I'm straight. Is science wrong?
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