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would it be possible to keep the brain of a frog or toad alive in a jar full of its blood? or does it need other stuff too?
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
Formerly >>13275312

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science, plus related advice requests.
>where do I go for other questions and (advice) requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt >>>/adv/ etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:
>book recs?

>carreer advice?
>help with calculus?
>tables, properties and material selection?

General advice for asking questions here:
>attach an image (animal images are best. Grab them from >>>/an/)
>avoid replying to yourself
>ask anonymously
>remember to check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it
>avoid arguing with Yukarifag
>do not tell us you came from whatever the fuck board, /pol/ in particular
>do not mention how [other place] didn't answer your question so you're reposting it here
>if you need to ask for clarification fifteen times in a row, try to make the sequence easy to read through
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/med/ - Medicine general
PA-sama -edition
old thread >>13303748
We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor) make fun of gunner premeds and shitpost. Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K etc. out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
>inb4 not science
>inb4 poor amerimutts wanting medical advice
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What will the scientists of the future discuss? Pic related.
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unnamed (3)
One of the major complaints Wildberger makes is that the contemporary maths student is tricked into believing the current infinitist dogma because the details and foundations are hidden from him. They say that worrying about foundations is the job of a logician. Here take these unjustified axioms and go work with them. Real numbers are usually not "constructed", and even when they are, their properties are never proved to the undergraduate. What's more, what constitutes a proof is never explained. Often universities allow students to assume "knowledge" from high school even though the way the student learned in high school doesn't meet the standards of rigor in the university, making the whole thing quite shaky and disconnected.
So my question is this: is there a book or a resource that explains modern mathematics from the beginning (meaning from the foundations) and without assuming any sneaky outside knowledge?
Is Bourbaki the only project similar to that?
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How was this picture taken from a chest mount?
the shadow on the left is pointing in the wrong direction
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I'm trans and 5'10", and I wanted someone to help check my math- how clockable does my height make me?
The thing I want to figure out is "the probability a woman is trans given she is 5'10" or taller". So A = the probability a given woman is trans, B = the probability a given woman is 5'10" or taller.
Assuming that trans women follow the same height distribution as other AMAB people (which might be changing with more people having the chance for early transition), as per this calculator: the probability that a woman will be 5'10" or higher given that she's trans is 0.4 given that 5'10" is 60th percentile for male height distribution in the US. So P(B | A) = 0.4
The most common estimate I've heard for how many people are trans is about 1 in 300. So P(A) = 0.00333...
For women in general (cis women being a sufficiently overwhelming majority thereof that trans women won't affect the average substantially), 5'10" is 99th percentile, so P(B) = 0.01
(0.4*0.00333...)/0.01 = 0.1333... or 13.33%. which is 40 times the base rate. Unless there's something wrong with my math it seems like I'm screwed, because a probability 40 times higher than base rate is enough to promote a hypothesis to prominence. What's your view? Should I have posted this on /lgbt/ instead?
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When I scratch my skin it smells like matchstick phosphorus. It's very strange. Wtf is the cause?
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Isoflurane, Xylazine, Ketamine
How do I get my hands on this stuff?
I'm trying to do some at home rat surgery stuff and need anesthetic. Tried it with CO2 but I killed the rat.
For 40$ I can apply with the DPH to be a "Controlled Substance Practioner" because on their site it says "Scientific Investigator", which I would definitely consider myself!
But I feel like they would just say no because I'm 18 and don't even have a degree. And I feel like they'd get mad at me. I want to reach out to local vets about it but I feel like they would also get mad at me.
What do I do? :(
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Which vaccine did /sci/ get?
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Young people Injected
2021-06-23 20_41_01-CDC Awardee COVID-19 Vaccination Planning Meeting
Why? Why are experimental vaccines released to young people. No long term studies of these vaccines exist. What happens when some new variant like the delta variant comes along that is a lot more deadly to the vaccinated. What happens when new vaccines more effective are developed and are incompatible with the current vaccine.
How is this mass child abuse going through?
Young healthy humans who still have their whole life in front of them are being abused as guinea pigs for big pharma.
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psssst hey you, come attend my backalley lecture

In when Fragmentation is the Excerpt

For what discretion would find as atonement what we can unify is as what would acclaim to say that declaration is so accelerative that would perceiving docturn a predicament that where standing the fluenced obligation emerges that there is a satire of re-claiming entice for what would be the saturation of the inclination in vocation, in this there is in theory a bread of sorts and how you turn what sorts into how what is the essence of what acclaims to be the set itself of what were entailed by that there is a dissertation for its excalibur that refutes it quite normally
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Moons of rogue planets
I saw this video,

And it got me thinking, could tidal heating provide enough heat for an earth like object to have liqued water? If there woupd be live woupd vision be usseles? Or would life adopt a seismic way of seeing (like toph from avatar) and when the rogue planet woupd be ejected is it possible that it could even maintain/snag multiple moons as well?

I am waiting for your input(pic partially unrelated, depends on answers)
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Please Explain
Anger and Disgust
Hi! I'm an absolute math beginner!
Can you kindly explain what are ring and set of numbers?
What is the usecase and why numbers are separated? Thank you! >-<
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I hate everyone that are smarter than me
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/sci/ what is the relationship between height and IQ?
There is a negative correlation between height and longevity which crosses race and gender barriers seamlessly and it benefits the manlets bigtime. people around 5' tall have the longest life expectancies, everyone else loses a substantial amount of time for every inch taller, about 10 months per inch. So there is a tradeoff between physical size and longevity and I'm wondering if there is a similar relationship between height and IQ because IQ and longevity also correlate.
So a negative height to IQ correlation would serve to confirm the speculated IQ-longevity correlation and the speculated height-longevity correlation, both observations seem to have decent data backing them up.

inb4 butthurt talltards saying no relationship
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What's it like working as an anesthesiologist?

Currently third year in med school hating all patient interactions and documentation, but love learning medicine, pharmacology, physiology, etc etc...

Is the science behind it stimulating? Or is it a brainlet specialty
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>if you are so smart, why are you poor?
how do i refute this
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who's right after all: frequentists or bayesians
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/scg/ STEM Career General
blessed is the NEET
Take a question leave a question

Welcome to STEM Career General!
This thread exists to posit questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
> Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
> (US)
> (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields (currently only physics is present)

No anons have answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here:

NOTE: Any useful resources relayed in this thread will be included in future /scg/ threads.

Previous: >>13217828
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Can I recover? How bad did I fuck up Sci? What does a complete ACL avulsion even mean for me. my doctor says I just need physical therapy but if my acl is completely avulsed or w/e that sounds a bit too optimistic.
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So /sci/, say I'm god & I take one of the radiuses on like THE cartesian and move it a tad, how much math does it take to fix it
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code review for gold balls problem
I know people have been trolling this a lot recently, but I wrote some python that proves the answer is 50% and nobody has been able to find a flaw in it. Can someone code review this?
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Whats more impressive, having the highest IQ in the world or winning a Fields medal?
Just look at his eyes. You can tell how much of a genius he is by looking at those eyes. Only someone of extreme intelligence has a look like that. Its as if they can feel the weight of the world on them knowing that they must be the ones to push humanity forward due to them being bless with great intelligence. So, Ive gotta go with having the highest IQ. Solving a problem to win a Fields medal doesnt come close to actually being the driving force behind mankinds progress.
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Miles Mathis proves that π = 4
What π actually is (not a ratio or a dimensionless quantity):

Why π = 4:
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Without quoting the "laws" of physics, what is the actual reason why you can't travel faster than light?
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Well, sci?
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Fuck Ansys
Is there a more buggier piece of shit than this?
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Does Quantum Immortality mean that in one universe you're a 1000 years old? I don't get this thought experiment at all its retarded
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WHO deletes recommendation that children under 18 should not be vaxxed, less than 24 hours after first publishing it.
pic is screenshot from their website this morning, right is same website, moments ago.
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How far are we from combining deep learning with augmented reality for the real time identification of homosexuals?
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Does drinking water decrease the pH of the stomach?
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How can a bacteria that's easily killed by antibiotics cause an incurable lifelong chronic condition that nobody can still even figure out the pathophysiology of?
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There's a probability of 4/9 that A happens.
If A happens, there's a 5/9 probability of B happening.

What is the probability of B happening?
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Springer Yellow Sale (50% off tons of math books)
reminder that the Springer sale will end in ~1 week. they have a bunch of shit on-sale right now, a lot of it half-price. it's still kind of expensive, since textbooks don't come cheap in Europe (particularly Springer ones), but i figured i'd inform the board anyway
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Why don't we just build small scale solar tower plants in places like nevada or arizona to essentially provide unlimited energy?

Can they be scaled small and still provide an impressive power output?
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reject modernity, embrace counting
this is actually a tutorial
i will make a point here: no one should be allowed inside a Mathematics program if he can't count all the leaves in a given tree and the number of birds in a flock (assuming he is not blind of course, if he is, he doesn't need this test)

We live in a period where counting and mental arithmetics are seem as unnecessary. Of course it is seem that way, people can't do it, how could they see its benefits? I am here to tell you about them

>The science of numbers and the art of calculation depend upon pure intelligence in the attainment of pure truth.
>Indeed, it most certainly does that.
>Have you noticed, too, how people with a talent for calculation are generally quick at every other kind of knowledge; and how training in it makes a slow mind quicker than it would otherwise have been?
>I have.
>Also, it would not be easy to find many branches of study that require more effort from the learner. For all these reasons we cannot do without this form of training.
Plato, The Republic, Book VII

Intelligence is the most essential human atribute, it consists on the capacity of aprehending the truth, that is, recognizing something is true

Counting and mental arithmetics not only train important mental abilities like speed of reasoning, attention, memory, but also, intelligence, as every time you count you are exercising your intelligence as you are aprehending a truth so simple it cannot be denied.

Everyone that completes the "training" described in the first few chapters of the book in the picture will be prepared for a great career in Mathematics or any other field that require intelligence.

Start slowly, count the least of things, count 1 bird, 2 birds flying. Observe people, count them, add one by one in your mind. You will have a lot of fun and you will surprise yourself with you capabilities.
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Riemann Hypothesis
So have you heard the great news? It isn't a proof, but the problem has been chipped away at so to speak
Here are the links:
>This fact is tested numerically by reproducing the first thirty one zeros of the Riemann zeta function from our spectral side, and estimate the probability of having obtained this agreement at random, as a very small number whose first fifty decimal places are all zero. The theoretical concept which emerges is that of zeta cycle and our main result establishes its relation with the critical zeros of the Riemann zeta function and with the spectral realization of these zeros obtained by the first author.
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Europa and Ganymede could be terraformed in 1 generation
breathable atmosphere included.
literally all thats required is 630 gigatons of nitrous oxide and the oxygen supersaturated ice crust (caused by billions of years of radiation bombardment) releases 0.3-3 bars of oxygen into the atmosphere.

dw we got a solution for the radiation too
VLF radio wave emitters could clear out Jupiters radiation belt to tolerable levels within 12 months.
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prove to me that the virus exists, im not kidding, im a total skeptic
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What is his greatest achievement?
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I can’t do math.
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How old were you when you realized you should have died in childbirth but are instead the dysgenic product of "modern medicine?"
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So does this mean telegony is pretty much confirmed in humans?
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I have gotten six mails about me being invited to take the vaccine, and because of 4chan memes I see it as shameful and beta to take it so I am refusing. Will I die?
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Hair Loss Medication
I am currently taking 0.5mg of dutasteride every day along with 2.5mg of minoxidil taken orally. I am a soft NW2 on the bald scale. Are there any serious long-term risks of taking these meds? so far only noticed muscle soreness in the biceps
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Mental illness
I'm very attracted (in a non sexual way) to the coordinate plane.
What is wrong with me? Why vectors, points, planes attract me so much?
I feel like an untermensch, instead of studying physics or calculus like a normal person I keep spending my time on the coordinate plane... What is wrong with me?
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Goodnight sweet prince…
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science fails again
can science explain this?
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Virginia tech won't even let students sign up for classes without a vaccine. Not even online
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>read about paracas skulls
>not a result of headbinding/artificial elongation
>skull weight affirms this
>can't talk about it to anyone because they'll call me a schizo
>completely forget about it for a few months
>not the first subject this has happened with
This is one of those things that are supposed to completely change your worldview but it keeps slipping out of my mind. What is this phenomenon called? Am I just retarded?
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Learning Calculus
When you learned calculus did you learn all of the proofs for the power rule, chain rule etc? Could you derive them yourself without help. I can memorize this stuff no problem but when I get too far away from the proof (i.e. when it's not present in my mind/ when I'm not convincing myself of it in the moment) it seems like what I'm doing is just black magic. I'm using Kline and it's well written and thorough, but once I get past the gritty method of increments stuff it feels almost like I've gone right from ASM to just programming in python (i.e. I'm in baby town). Is this a normal feeling?
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Is this the proper way to conduct scientific investigation?
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The following, is a conversation with /sci/. A collective of brainlets, college dropouts, twum-posters, muskbros, thuderchads and delusional schizophrenics. That pretty much speaks for itself.

A fascinating bunch of people with too much time on their hands and too little love and beauty in their lives.
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/sci/ once again btfo.
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No title - 2710441 - nier_(series) ~ group (shinya_komi)
Will we ever be able to attach a real vagina (or grow one) to a men?
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No title
explain to me why a perpetual motion machine cannot be made using gravity and magnetism, two effectively unlimited and free sources of energy
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No title
Scientifically, hat's the optimum amount of sex to be having? I'm not having any, in case you were wondering.
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No title
Scientifically speaking why are some people neurotic and what is the evolutionary benefit?
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At what point does an electron, that is in a superposition of spin up and spin down states, assume a single state?

In other words, when does [math]|\psi\rangle = {\mid}{\uparrow}\rangle + {\mid}{\downarrow}\rangle[/math] collapse into [math]|\psi\rangle = {\mid}{\uparrow}\rangle[/math] or [math]|\psi\rangle = {\mid}{\downarrow}\rangle[/math]?

Before you say, "when a measurement is made", what is a measurement exactly?
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No title - 2778146 - nier_(series) ~ yorha no. 2 type b (hoshizaki_reita) [PNG]
Why the majority of humans exhibit a fear and repulsion from math?
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500 Calories a day
I've had it sci, I've been working out for months and trying to watch what I eat. I've GAINED weight. I'm going to eat 500 calories a day until I'm 150 lbs, currently 240. How do I prevent myself from getting malnutrition or some electrolyte imbalance?
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Hey what’s up nerds
Is delta 8 THC bad for one’s health?
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Veritasium guy will never contribute anything to science other than news of others accomplishments
Veritasium guy will never contribute anything to science other than news of others accomplishments.

He isn't built for it.

Doing something truly remarkable - Darwin, Newton, Oppenheimer, etc... -

It takes something that Veritasium guy will never have.

Yes, it's true that Oppenheimer, who arguably is the reason why America has been the sole super power- was diagnosed with schizophrenia, buy that is precisely Veritasium guys problem. He cares way too much about being liked, and not enough about the kind of insane jump required for true breakthrough.
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No title
Is the MBTI test the epitome of broscience?
I just cant grasp it, just look at pic related... What a joke.
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No title
Can animals be autistic?
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No title
>Professor has thick, foreign accent
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ITT: to-read stacks and recent acquisitions
friend was in Moscow in autumn, got him to get the top 2 books and send them to me. Springer ones were on sale and cost ~70€ in total, but i figure they're worth it. gonna work through Jarvis over the holidays, maybe Marcus too if i manage it
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What if there's a 9.4+ earthquake in Europe? A country that has never had earthquakes before like Germany or France is the epicenter. What happens? Are they fucked?
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No title
Will China ever catch up in semiconductor tech?
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No title
China is now the only one working on railguns
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No title
Explain, scientifically, why healthy food generally tastes like shit and unhealthy food generally tastes really good.
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No title
People would be easier to transport if they were smaller.
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>2inf = inf
this literally ruins everything
take (0, 1) upper bound 1, lower bound 0.
consider n \in (0, 1)
given n != 0 or 1, for all n otherwise 50% of all real numbers in (0,1) are both greater than and less than n, since 1, 0 \notin (0,1) then this is true all the time for all n.
f(n) = n
g(n) = n + 1
f(n) < g(n)
lim(n->inf) : inf < inf
given x = lim r ->inf
lim(f(n), g(n)) = x
x < x
thus, lim f = lim g
given that there are infinite reals between (0,1)
for any n, as a point on (0,1) can signify a cut where:
M: (0, a) and N: (a, 1) are both infinite and therefore can map onto each other.
M->N has a one to one correspondence.
and it's 1/2 instead of 1/3 because of the earlier result (which should be obvious)
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images - 2021-06-23T134847.865
According to this chart you need 110 iq at the most to do any profession.
Stop worrying about it.
>unless youre a scientist
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No title
Scientifically speaking, the laws of physics govern reality. And, as we know, laws must be enacted by rulers. Who created laws that were put in place before humans could make them? Well, it could have only been God.
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No title
Please explain this to me like I'm 5
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No title
Is a 3.75 GPA okay for applying to a PhD? I had this one essential subject where I got a low grade and it messed everything. I'm worried that will become an issue when applying anywhere.
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Lab automation
I always regret not studying chemistry but now I'm too old and poor to go back to college. I'm thinking about doing some associate degree to become a lab technician in quality control, which would be enough for me.

My question to anyone here that may be familiar with work in a laboratory is: are this kind of job at risk of being automated? Rumours say that lab technicians are already less and less needed due to automated tests and programmed analysis.
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is it theoretically possible to move into another dimension?
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Are vegetable oils the cause of the obesity epidemic?
These oils, made by chemically treating and heating the seeds of vegetables, are high in omega-6 linoleic acid, and low in omega-3 and omega-9.
And they are in EVERYTHING.
Olive oil, by contrast, is a fruit oil made by just cold pressing ripe olives, and is high in omega-9, and low in omega-6. Humans have been consuming this fruit oil for millennia without becoming obese.
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No title
Were the Egyptians the most scientifically advanced bronze age culture?
>The Edwin Smith Papyrus is an ancient Egyptian medical text, named after the dealer who bought it in 1862, and the oldest known surgical treatise. It dates to Dynasties 16–17 of the Second Intermediate Period in ancient Egypt, c. 1600 BCE. While other papyri, such as the Ebers Papyrus and London Medical Papyrus, are medical texts based in magic, the Edwin Smith Papyrus presents a rational and scientific approach to medicine in ancient Egypt.
>It contains the first known descriptions of the cranial structures, the meninges, the external surface of the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, and the intracranial pulsations. Here, the word ‘brain’ appears for the first time in any language. The procedures of this papyrus demonstrate an Egyptian level of knowledge of medicines that surpassed that of Hippocrates, who lived 1000 years later. The influence of brain injuries on parts of the body is recognized, such as paralysis. The relationship between the location of a cranial injury and the side of the body affected is also recorded, while crushing injuries of vertebrae were noted to impair motor and sensory functions. Due to its practical nature and the types of trauma investigated, it is believed that the papyrus served as a textbook for the trauma that resulted from military battles.
>The papyrus includes a list of the instruments used during those surgeries, instructions for the suturing wounds, and descriptions of using swabs, bandages, adhesive plasters, and cauterizing. Written in black ink, with explanations written in red ink, the papyrus even contains a section on gynecology and one on cosmetics, along with five prescriptions. The Cairo Museum contains a collection of surgical instruments, including scalpels, scissors, copper needles, forceps, spoons, lancets, hooks, probes, and pincers.
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No title
Why do guys who like physics tend to smell so bad?
1 images | 6 replies
No title
What is the best argument for their being 0 genetic component to the (widely accepted) race and IQ gap between blacks and whites?
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No title
AGI is coming within ten years. The links between temporal knowledge graphs and linguistic analysis (BERT) and self-supervised solution search (DreamCoder) and reinforcement learning (Deepmind) have all started converging at an unbelievable rate over the past 2 years. GPT shows that it will likely be able to express itself so effectively that it will even be accepted by normies as true intelligence. Are you prepared?
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Self Learning Math as a Hobby
I took calculus as an elective the last year of my undergrad (biology major) and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I think all my high school math teachers were just garbage, because it made me remember how much I liked math as a kid. If I wanted to keep learning, mostly as a hobby, where should I go next? I suppose the obvious answer is to continue with calculus up to and including multivariable calculus, but I really don't know where to go from there. Linear algebra seems cool.
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No title
I need to learn electricity from the beginning

Where to start? D:
I need at least to know how to read circuits n' shiet
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No title
>text books
4 images | 8 replies
New discovery shows human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA
>Cells contain machinery that duplicates DNA into a new set that goes into a newly formed cell. That same class of machines, called polymerases, also build RNA messages, which are like notes copied from the central DNA repository of recipes, so they can be read more efficiently into proteins. But polymerases were thought to only work in one direction DNA into DNA or RNA. This prevents RNA messages from being rewritten back into the master recipe book of genomic DNA. Now, Thomas Jefferson University researchers provide the first evidence that RNA segments can be written back into DNA, which potentially challenges the central dogma in biology and could have wide implications affecting many fields of biology.
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No title
How is this supposed to test intelligence? Most of them are so easy
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Lubos concludes the delta variant is a common cold?
Lubos - D

>The only problem with the happy screaming that "the Armageddon is back" is that there are no people dying. Just check the daily deaths graph and verify my statement that "there is no sign of a detectable deviation from oscillations near zero".

>Why are the "cases" increasing but the daily deaths (and even hospital admissions) stay near zero? It's simple. You may trace the new revival of Covid to a new variant. They started to be labeled by Greek letters (because the more descriptive nation-based names are considered politically incorrect by the left-wing aßholes who control this whole propaganda) and the relevant one is the "delta variant" (yes, it used to be the Indian variant). A few weeks ago, the delta variant was responsible for 90% of new cases in the U.K.; that delta dude dominates the (right end of the) graph of cases. How does it differ from the previous variants? Well, the previous variants often killed people, didn't cause a runny nose, but could cause the loss of taste and smell. Instead, the delta variant doesn't cause the loss of smell and taste. But it does cause the runny nose, sore throat, and reactions similar to seasonal allergies.

>The delta variant looks like a cold, swims like a cold, and quacks like a cold. Why is it so? It is because the delta variant is a common cold.

Is our /sci/fu mistaken?
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Fusion was a meme until, one day, it wasn't

>Helion Energy’s Trenta prototype merged and compressed high-Beta Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) deuterium plasmas to fusion conditions, reaching 9 keV total bulk plasma temperatures with operation above 8 keV ion temperature and 1 keV electron temperature. Extensive calibrated chords of x-ray spectroscopy, 1055 nm interferometry, Bremsstrahlung optical emission detectors, and a wide array of magnetic separatrix and neutron diagnostics confirm extended and repeatable FRC operation at thermonuclear fusion conditions.
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No title
Why is IQ distribution in the US not homogeneous?
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Carbon sequestration idea
1. Plant trees whose wood is denser than water
2. Cut them down when they're grown and dump them in the sea
3. Plant new trees on the cleared area and repeat

Would this work?
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No title
>SolidWorks? Nah man, for me, it's FreeCAD.
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K and Mg
Two key electrolytes of which people barely get any. Magnesium because most soil is shit, potassium because you need an insane amount (4.7 grams) to make up for the diet our ancestors had, who chewed on wild veggies most of the time as they moved through the world to hunt, gather or finding new fishing spots.

Are you concerned at all with these electrolytes? If so, what are your prefered choices to get the recommended amounts?

Also most of the K and Mg is inside the cells, so avoid the "muh blood work", which tells nothing.
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Frustrating Hypothetical
All my friends disagree with me on this but I’m sure I’m right:

If you go back in time a million or so years and move a single grain of sand in the middle of the Sahara desert a millimeter to the left, leaving this the only thing changed, have you impacted the future (present) in a meaningful way (e.g. a measurable change, human history, state of the earth, etc.)

90% of my friends say “no” and claim I’m taking “the butterfly effect” way too far and nothing would change. Even some people who agree with me are more reserved such as “it may or may not change the future” when I know for a fact it would. Want to hear some other perspectives. Make me believe you if you disagree, if you agree help me better formulate my opinion.

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william luther pierce
ITT: Based scientists.
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Redpill me on modern experimental physics
How can an academic discipline exist when it pulls the same scam every time:

- be professional noise interpreters
- make some shit up about what you found in the noise
- pretend like its some new exotic particle or dark matter or something else you made up
- ask for billions of dollars so you can run a new scam

You have to appreciate the scale and the brazenness of the scam. But surely people will catch on eventually right? Are these (((scientists))) worried about being lynched by the taxpayers for fraud? Are they not worried about the mathematicians that call out the fraud daily? How do you get such a large recurring scam going and just run it out in the open? Are they really just that good at bullshitting people?
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I want to throw a barrel into the sea and to be able to track its movements with a gps.
What gps thing should i get?
I asked diy but they just mocked me.
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Science and UFOs
Why does the scientific community largely ignore or ridicule research into UFOs and ufology?

Given the large body of reported cases by credible witnesses (sometimes with compelling physical evidence such as the Lonnie Zamora case), scientists mostly brush the subject aside. To me this appears very close-minded, and reflects a fear of new information that could challenge a person's fragile worldview.
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What made you study STEM?
What were your ambitions? What do you want to achieve? How did you figure out the thing you wanted to learn?
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>had a shot at a free ride at a liberal arts, memeshit (but still good quality) college
>would've been making a surplus $1000 from the aid I was receiving
>instead went to university that I'll be paying $8000 annually
Jesus Christ I'm such an idiot. I barely read the financial aid offers since I was in the middle of a hectic school year and I skimmed over all sorts of information. I could've fucked around with philosophy/politics at the liberal arts college but I convinced myself that the other one was worth it because of its reputation. I'm losing my mind thinking about this shit. Do you think if I reapply to the liberal arts school next year that they will accept me back with the same offer?
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Cups don't work in space
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If dubs my autist friend will apply.
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Do binaural beats help with sleep deprivation symtonps?

Can I work while I listen to binaural beats and this will help me with lessening sleep deprivation while I work?

Will this harm my health?
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i know that you know BUT do they know that we know?
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Yo, what if gravity just, like, turned off, ya know?
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>denounces nuclear weapons
>writes to Roosevelt that the US should work on a nuclear weapon
>worked on a unification of relativity and quantum physics
>didn't believe in quantum pysics "because the universe doesn't play dice"
i seriously don't get it
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Why do I have to pee in dream and wake up with coome in pant when i sleep bad?
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download (24)
smoothbrain here, can someone help explain this
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classification is regression with an extra step. prove me wrong. protip: you can't.
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>still no proof of what causes mental illness
i believe truly that mental illness doesn't exist and what is happening is actually spiritual illness (demonic oppression/posession)
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Why are circular things everywhere in nature?
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Why has there not been a single mention of vitamin D from our public health experts (NIH, fauci, etc)? We've known how important it is in preventing COVID yet no one bothers to mention it. No mention of getting sunlight or taking a supplement. Same with zinc although D is most important. Really makes you think.
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Logicianbros, what would you consider seminal or core works on or in logic?
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Need a little help - Universe
I am searching for an answer to my wonderings.

If the most powerful telescope we have can see to about 10-15 billion light-years (start by knowing that the supposed age of our Universe is 13.8 billion years) and James Webb will be able to see almost 100 million years after the Big Bang, does that mean that the Obeservable Universe will be almost the full scale of the whole Universe?

Because as i think, we will be able to see almost the beginning of things, which will be nearly the whole Universe, am i right or the Observable will always be a micro-dot of the whole scale?
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Studying question
Kharma Medic
How do you guys balance out making your notes and learning them actively? Do you start reviewing them after you have completed all your notes or do you review them concurrently?
>Bonus points for medfag specific tips
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How does one go about studying axiomatic systems in deeper detail?
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Air pollution
So i recently started getting concerned about the air quality inside my house, since i just feel like the air outside its alot nicer than inside my house, does air pollution actually kill as much people as the media says? will i die if i dont move to a different house? what do about bad air quality, i vacuum every week, sweep floors, and keep the place i rent decently clean, when i moved in it was somewhat old and beaten up, the carpet flooring inside one of the rooms looks pretty old, should i get some professional to clean it or just move out completely?.
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Guys Heavy Metals in Soils?
are they really a problem if we already have mechanisms for selectively absorbing only the compounds we need?
If so how do we get rid of them?
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please /sci/ tell me how to win the lottery, I'm desperate
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How do you calculate the amount of light?
>if you have two pipes spewing water at 10 l/min each, and you open the second pipe you have doubled the flow
>if you have two shuttered windows, open one, and then open the second you have NOT doubled how lit up the room is
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images - 2021-06-23T071310.863
I want to make a machine that can turn stick like these into a cylinder.
I dont know how to go about it though.
But id figure maybe you guys would know.
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I hate IT and graduated with an infosystems degree with some IT experience. I really want to do web dev, any IT dudes switched to web dev front end?? I'm really enjoying learning html/css as opposed to learning about the boring networking Cisco stuff my university taught me.
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large haedron colider
images - 2021-06-23T102519.048
Did they get anything out of this or was it just a collosal waste of time and money?
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Why do normies get so butthurt when you tell them that math doesn't use the scientific method, thus not a science?
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mind = blown
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New Cactus Banking video by Wildberger!
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