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What the actual fuck is wrong with you scientists? Why does it take 2 years after a virus is discovered before you can make a god damned vaccine? Some people are saying you might not even be able to make a vaccine. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you retarded? Are you lazy just sitting there masturbating and creating your "scientific theories" that then become obselete within 2 weeks anyway? Just make the vaccine already. Just DO IT.
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8 billion people and only one of us must be the objectively smartest.
let that sink in.
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>he actually believed them when they said masks don't help
Nice "experts" /sci/, I'm laughing with my P100 respirator and goggles.
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protect yourself
Are Simple Green™ and Fabuloso® really the best way to protect yourself from viruses?
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No-Fap - legit or broscience? #4
Previous thread: >>11528486
Many people say that No-Fap is a broscience. But I managed to find many studies showing otherwise. What do you think?
1. Watching pornography can cause addiction just like gambling or playing video games
2. Masturbation can cause hair loss
3. Watching porn causes sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction.
4.Fapping downregulate androgenic receptors
5. No-fap raises levels of testosterone
6.Porn cause lowering of acetylcholine levels, which causes brain fog
7. Masturbation harms functionality of brain regions connected with dopaminergic system. It can cause decrease of one’s motivation
8.Porn addiction have its withdrawal symptons
9. People abstaining from porn are better at postponing gratification. No fap also makes you less neurotic and more extroverted
Share your thoughts
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"The Sun" is a shit name
Can we get a better name for our star than "the sun". It's kinda shitty. It's just hard to think of something that will stay cool for longer than a month and wont have strippers naming their kids after it.
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First they said mask don't work. Now they're recommending masks. Where else has the institutions responsible failed us?
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>have never struggled to understand anything conceptually
>physics, calculus, economics, languages, psychology
>was at the reading age of a 12 year old at age 4
>was top 5 in pretty much all my classes of 120+ students in high school
>this was while being very, very depressed, barely sleeping, addicted to degenerate porn, too socially anxious to leave the house, sitting on my own every day in school and hiding in bathrooms at break, abusive father, bipolar mother, no friends
>get into college for computer engineering at a good university in my country
>still the same as usual, no longer coasting but able to put in enough effort to get average marks and be at the same level as my peers
>no real interest in what I'm studying, literally feel dead inside and clinically depressed, in my own head all the time, too weird for authentic relationships where I "be myself", put on different personas around different people from years of reading self help books and social psychology, learned how to be likeable and ingratiate myself with different groups of people through sales jobs and "fake it till you make it!", people have actually called me charming and charismatic, say I have a beautiful smile. I feel like such a fraud
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Why is the pH scale backwards
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>this is your super great grandpa
is this an IQ check to see if you actually fall for it?
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Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 09.03.15
What will unemployed Dentists now do?
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If drinking colloidal silver turns you blue, would drinking colloidal titanium dioxide turn you white and protect you against sunburns?
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/coronavirus/ general
Main thread for everything coronavirus.
Have you been diagnosed with coronavirus?

Have you survived or are you currently fighting coronavirus?

Are you a healthcare worker who has to take care of coronavirus patients?

Latest info on treatments and anything else coronavirus?

Latest numbers and data on Coronavirus:
1,097,508 confirmed infections
58,536 confirm deaths
221,303 confirmed recoveries
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what is your favourite element on the periodic table
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>publishes paper about COVID-19
>*collapses global economy*
Do academics and experts wield too much power /sci/? What can be done about it?
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Is it true that "scientists" hove no idea how or why viruses actually work and that all of virology is based on questionable theories that can't be validated with today's technology?
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Could someone explain to me the PM2.5 value of 999 for NY right now?
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IQ of 130 here
I'm smarter than you and I don't go to Harvard ;)
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So it's been two weeks. Where are the overwhelmed hospitals? Where are the shortages of ventilators? I thought the US was supposed to be a shit show right now? Please reply with something constructive instead of just saying wait two more weeks.
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This thing either...

A) Alright has a vaccine and/or cure and no news media is reporting on it because a population in fear is great for their profit margins.
B) Not as bad as the CDC claims and is merely used as an excuse for the governments of the world to invoke a more authoritarian social structure.
C) Our ultimate destruction.

We're dead, /sci/.
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I need an answer
Will making a homemade mask out of a bandanna or some other cloth protect me? It is impossible to get a mask anymore.
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Galois Theory Reading Group
elliot galois
Galois Theory Reading Group

Book: "Field and Galois Theory" by Patrick Morandi

Download link:


This thread is dedicated to the study of Galois theory as a group. The idea is to discuss the subject with other anons as you work through the book, whether it be doing the exercises, helping each other through tough theorems and proofs, or asking interesting questions about the material itself.

I've opted for this book since it assumes very little, and has an appendix with most of the results one needs that are perhaps more complicated. It is also crystal clear in its explanations, and the exercises are fair.

>What you will get out of this
Good knowledge of the basics of field and Galois theory that are pretty much a prerequisite for any sort of algebraic number theory, arithmetic or algebraic geometry, and perhaps some use for other fields, such as algebraic topology.

>Minimal prerequisites
1. Basic ring theory: first isomorphism theorem, ideal correspondence, prime and maximal ideals, basics of UFDs, PIDs and polynomial rings.
2. Basic group theory: cosets, normal subgroups and quotients, Lagrange's theorem, actions.
3. Basic linear algebra / vector spaces over a field: bases, dimension, rank-nullity, determinants.

Most of the above prerequisites are briefly looked at in the appendix, so might be worth to read over it first.

>Minimal objectives
Chapter 1, sections 1-5 cover all the basics of field theory and the fundamental theorem of Galois theory ~ 60 pages. Can skip the sections on purely inseparable extensions and the fundamental theorem of algebra. You should at least try to complete section 5 to get the most out of the preceding 4 chapters.
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Daily reminder that NO ONE has proven that no mathematical contradiction/paradox exists.
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If you can always/eternally/infinitely argue against OR with 3 unique elements: How much effort would it take before it become a feedback loop?

For example:
1. I always translate my problem set/space to a unique one every time I reach the third angle/vector so I can avoid trapping myself into a square/bounded region.

2. It is my own way of providing people access to 1/4 of my thoughts with as much compression of language as I can possible manage as 3/4 of my processing time is always spent simply generating and exploring problem/solution sets.

3. Basically that 1/4 is my input/interrupt space I allow from outside my own memory palace.
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Anesthesia and IQ
> be me
> at 13 study special relativity, talk about it with physics teacher
> at 16 programming games in C with graphics
> at 19 they call me autodidact after passing all high school exams despite not attending classes 80% of the time
> at 20, car crash
> general anesthesia they put me down
> slit up my stomach just to check for damage

> at 28 now.
realized, have not learned a single new thing or aquired a single new skill since that anesthesia was performed on me without my consent.
reading a book is like, yeah I get it I can write down a summary
yet this new knowledge is compartmentalized knowledge.
before anestheisa I could integrate various fields
now everything I do is just... not the same level of intelligence.

does anyone have any studies on IQ and anesthesia?
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is the happening cancelled?
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I sincerily hope there is life on Europa
This would be our answer to the fermi paradox and It would debunk the rare earth hypothesis for good. If life exists within the same Solar system as us, then imagine how populated the rest of the galaxy must be. I guess we'll have to wait until 2024 to find out
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What’s the explanation for the reported UFO sightings in 1561 in Nuremberg?
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If sapiens are split into races, was erectus and neanderthals, etc also split into races?
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/eeg/ Electrical Engineering general
All hail the Fourier Transform edition.

[eqn]\mathcal{F}\{ x(t) \} (\omega) = \int \limits_{-\infty}^{\infty} x(t) e^{-j \omega t}dt[/eqn]

What are you working on now that you have free quarantine time, anon?
Im doing DFT implementations on matlab
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>Newton, Galois, Planck, von Neumann, Mochizuki
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What are some possibilities for future food sources? Would meal in a pill ever become a reality? What about solar or nuclear powered humans?
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Will getting jacked allow me to pass on better genetics to my children?
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Name me any discoveries/advancements in research that were worth the $150 billion.
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Where's that faggot who said that, for a bioweapon, it was a pretty shit one???
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Scientifically speaking, how would one go about destroying the universe?
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maxresdefault (2)
Isn't the future of AI kinda depressing? How will we find a sense of purpose in life if machines will predict everything in the future and take our roles in society? What will be the purpose of being human?
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how long can a human live?
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/med/ - Medicine General:

SPHIDER edition

Thread for the discussion of allopathic evidence-based medicine. We discuss research, offer advice (the best one is to see your family physician), make fun of premeds and shitpost.
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How does quantum darwinism works and how does it explain the macroscale reality?
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who logo
>This disease is not transmittable person to person.
>O-ok it actually is we take it back.
>Wearing masks does no good.
>O-ok it actually does please wear them.
>This is not a pandemic despite 10 thousand cases in Italy and Iran.
>O-ok it is a pandemic.
>But don't close your borders that doesn't help!
>O-ok close your borders.
>But this only dangerous for old people!
>O-ok it can actually be dangerous for younger people too.
>But the Chinese numbers are reliable
>O-ok some experts are starting to question them.
------You are here----------
>But this is not a Chinese virus and there is zero evidence that it is laboratory made.

How long until you, WHO, CDC, and the entire media finally backtrack on this and pretend like it didn't happen, like you're doing with absolutely every fucking thing you were wrong about?
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I made this from isopropyl alcohol and hydrobromic acid at home x)
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AOPS books
Can someone tell me where can I find free pdf's of AOPS books ? Libgen has a few but not all .
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eric weinstein and Jake Paul

What are your opinions on the weinsteins, /sci/?
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neat math

this angle is beautiful

is it known why here?
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How can I1 and I3 be flowing in opposite directions within the same loop? How the fuck would I use Kirchoff's loop rule on that?
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im bored join my genetics hw zoom
ID 802 663 872
PW 853860
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Anybody else feel cognitive changes after experiencing Corona-chan?

To be specific, the illness made my mind slower. But it also made it more efficient and persistent.

I could focus on tasks for long periods of time. My attention wasn't being drawn away to distractions.

When I played video games, I never really made sudden movements or clicks. Even if an enemy popped out of nowhere I didn't react automatically, and instead made a conscious decision first and then made a play.

It almost felt like I had no adrenaline. But it actually made me play and think better. I couldn't do really fast mechanically intensive stuff, but the tradeoff was that I was automatically thinking things through in the background.
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How much lower will the global temperature of 2020 be considering consumption, travel and production of goods has plummeted in wake of corona?
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When we reevaluate the COVID-19 response, esp. the western response do you think most of the "experts" are actually what Talib terms Intellectual Yet Idiots? We have epidemiologists, economists, pundits, think tanks, etc all giving contradictory, misleading, or simply not-predicative info.
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space nigger
spaceniggers on the moon in irl
is this shit real?
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how to make isopropyl alcohol from scratch so i can have a steady supply in case of a total lockdown
chem degree here btw so I know lab stuff
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China spent the month of December and Janaury arresting doctors for disturbing the peace

China strong armed the WHO into saying that banning travel from China is not needed and also racists

China is sending western nations defective medical goods

China had foreign nationalists send masks and PPE from the country they are living in to China

China needs to be nuked for allowing this virus to become a pandemic

The WHO is also complacent
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Math problems for anons
A triangle has interior angles [math]°20[/math] and [math]°35[/math]. If the shortest side has length 1, what is the area of the triangle?
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What job did this man have
What was his job before the second impact and how difficult is it to join that Field
This is more /sci/ then /a/
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listen to the scientists they said
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>walk into graduate level course
>professor starts to review Euler's formula
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Competitive balance is something nerds and losers tell themselves to feel better about themselves
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How does Bill Gates know so much about medicine?
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No title
Do you guys think that research centers, universities and scientific journal are loosing the credibility they once had?
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Scientific anti Alzheimer routine
Please help me to improve it.

>only water
>onions, olive oil
>eggs, fish, nuts
>potatoes, brown rice
>sauerkraut, cheese
>carrot/ apple after meals
>banana/ orange before workouts
>vit D in winter

>ab wheel
>farmer walk
>handstand/ overhead press
>pull up/ straight hands pushdown
>pistol squat/stair climb
>hammer curl
>rotator cuff
>spreading toes
>calve raises, skipping rope
>running, sprinting
>swimming, wall climbing on weekends

>long warm shower before bed
>honey aloes body cream, nettle shampoo
>deep pore cleanser/ exfoliating face scrub
>coconut conditioner, herb mint facial mask
>brush teeth and floss
>not oily moisturizer
>melatonine, facemask for bedtime
>30 min meditation with whim hoff breathing
>growing mother-in-law's tongue next to bed
>no sleeping on belly, chest or face
>7.5 hour SLEEP
>30 min meditation with yoga
>hot to cold shower
>single blade shave
>aftershave lotion

>social interaction
>having a pet dog/ 2 parrots
>reading new things, philosphy
>writing a page for the daily journal
>guitar, singing
>flute, creating new music
>drawing emotional faces, shading 3d
>using pictures/recalling images from memory
>scetching common items in different positions
>using non dominant hand
>strategy and action-rpg vidya
>duo lingo german
>the kazachok he danced really wunderbar

>no porn
>no inhaling with mouth
>no headphones
>no shoes
>no sugar, no white flour
>no smoke, no alcohol
>schrooms and weed once a year
>no other recreational drugs
>hat and sunglasses
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No title
IQ is such a meme.. it's all a patterns game, i cringe when i see fags on here try to flex their numbers.
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
Previously >>11504025

I'm getting banned soon for infection edition.

>what is /sqt/ for
Questions relating to math and science, plus appropriate advice requests.
>where do I go for other SFW questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ , >>>/g/sqt , >>>/diy/sqt , >>>/diy/ohm , >>>/adv/ , etc.
>pdfs? (Warn me if the link breaks.)
>book recs?
>how do I post math symbols?
>a google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where do I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

Question asking tips and tricks:
>attach an image
>look up the Tex guide beforehand
>if you've made a mistake that doesn't actually affect the question, don't reply to yourself correcting it. Anons looking for people to help usually assume that questions with replies have already been answered, more so if it has two or three replies
>ask anonymously
>check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it

Good charts:!40U0zAja!cmRxsIoiLFZ_Mvu2QCWaZg
Shitty charts:!NoEHnIyT!rE8nWyhqGGO7cSOdad6fRQ (Post any that I've missed.)
Answer engine:
Tables, properties, material selection:
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Webb Spacecraft Science & Operations Center Contract Awarded
June 6, 2003

NASA awarded the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) the contract to manage the James Webb Space Telescope Science and Operations Control Center. AURA was the only applicant for the contract.

The contract is for products and services required to prepare the science program; develop ground systems; provide science and engineering support; provide integration and test support; perform educational and public outreach; perform flight and science operations during the launch and commissioning of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

AURA will manage the Science & Operations Control Center at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. The total estimated contract value is $162.2 million. This procurement will result in a cost-plus-fixed-fee type contract. The period of the contract is from now through launch, plus one year.

The JWST is scheduled for launch in 2011 aboard an expendable launch vehicle. It will take about three months for the spacecraft to reach its destination. The JWST will reach an orbit approximately 1.5 million kilometers (940,000 miles) in space, called the second Lagrange Point (L2), where the spacecraft is balanced between the gravity of the sun and the Earth.

To see deep into space, the JWST will carry instruments sensitive to the infrared wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. The new telescope will carry a near-infrared camera, a multi-object spectrometer and a mid-infrared camera/spectrometer. Infrared capabilities are required to help astronomers understand how galaxies first emerged after the rapid expansion and cooling of the universe, a few hundred million years after the big bang.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., manages the JWST for the Office of Space Science, NASA Headquarters, Washington. The program has industry, academic and governmental partners, including the European and Canadian Space Agencies.

>scheduled for launch in 2011
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No title
Moon UFOs
Is this a fake or not? [Embed]

Looks pretty convincing to me.

Some regular daytime telescope shots of the moon for reference:
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Viral DNA
I made a thread previously about COVID and a (supposed) scientist mentioned a large portion of human DNA is viral. I am intrigued by this claim and would love to know more, though google results are limited. Can I get some articles/info regarding this, as it sounds like a fascinating aspect of human biology,
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No title
Why did the WHO take so long to declare the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic?
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ABC conjecture
Mochizuki won, White pig lose.
The Japanese are the strongest desusi osusi~.
8 images | 104 replies
Italy, Spain, Germany and the USA all now have more coronavirus cases than China. How did China stop the virus in it's tracks while we in the west cannot?
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No title
The way mathematicians feel reading when him, is the same way non-mathematicians feel when reading mathematicians.

Why do you purposefully write your papers to be as cryptic as possible for people outside your area? You know you don't have to do this, right?
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No title
Does /sci/ have any information on how to kick an amphetamine addiction, or how to function properly during the withdrawal period? I've read that it can take up to 3 months for the dopamnine receptors to start functioning normally again after extended periods of adderall use.

I'm currently taking 15mg IR BID, but this dose fluctuates wildly depending on daily activity. I have learned that I can't hold onto the drug myself either because I abuse the shit out of it when I do, so as of recently I've been having my mom administer them to me instead (not without a lot of screaming and fighting if I tell her I need more than the daily prescribed 30mg).

Anyway, this shit is driving me nuts-- is rehab the only option for me at this point?
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Png (2)
is coffee good for you?
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No title
Wtf? So we know precisely how to classify finite abelian gropus, which means that for any fucking natural number I can pecisely saywhat are all the groups with that order up to isomorphism. And I undestood the theorem, I feel so powerfull. Post theorems or results that make you feel this way
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The Flesh is failing, for it is weakness and hate. Only by GRAIN will we survive the plague. Only a posthuman state will save us.
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Cryptographers Needed
download (1)
We are currently working on a complex arg and need more cryptographers to help. If interested post discord and we will add you to our group.
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No title
Can you find the next few numbers? Or the ones that come before?

7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 36, ...
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No title
Is biophysics a meme?
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To whoever created the COVID-19 virus, I fucking love you so much. You're a god damn genius.

- Only kills extremely unhealthy people during a time period where chronic disease and poor health are dangerously degrading the human population, causing societal chaos due to the majority of the population being poorly developed and poorly functioning.

- Only kills the generation that was so short-sighted and self-interested that they left us massive problems such as climate change, pollution, and overpopulation.

- Only kills the elderly during a time where lower population growth is making people concerned about who's going to pay for/take care of the elderly. To the point where people are advocating continuing the economic ponzi scheme of "have more kids so their wages can pay for the elderly", despite all the severe damage overpopulation is doing to the environment, and the unethical practice of extremely poor health people (easily over 90% of the US population) using their bodies to create more poorly developed, poorly functioning people.

- Gets people to start behaving in ways that is reducing their contributions to climate change and pollution.

- Undetectable that it's a synthetic virus.
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COVID attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin
>COVID attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism


SARS-Cov2 displaces the porphyrin from hemoglobin, incapacitates red blood cell O2 carrying capacity and causes direct toxicity in lungs from deoxygenation. Explains the hyperferritinemia and perhaps the infarctions as consequence of this.

Porphyrin Is not just In Hb , it s also in myoglobin , mitochondrial cytochrome , P54 enzymes ,, may explain body ache , high lactic acid , high liver enzyme and hypoxia as its caused by tissue hypoxia rather than respiratory hypoxia.

Chloroquine could prevent orf1ab, ORF3a, and ORF10 to attack the heme to form the porphyrin, and inhibit the binding of ORF8 and surface glycoproteins to porphyrins to a certain extent, effectively relieve the symptoms.
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Solar System appreciation
>5 am
>another night of googling images of planets and spending hours in utter fascination
>feel pure amazement that the Solar system has been a constant of civilization for thousands of years
>thinking about how crazy it is that we borrow things from past civilizations, the names of our planets are remnants of an ancient society long gone
There's so much stuff I think about. I hope I'm not alone. I might come off as a dumb Reddit sciencebro saying this stuff and maybe it is kind of a normie take but there is really nothing I can say that describes the pure feeling of wonder every single time I look up to the stars. Every time I look through a telescope I have to wonder if God is real
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Math for Machine Learning & Statistics
Basically, I work currently as a programmer, but want to do something more exciting in future than what I'm doing more, plus I have a curious nature and like to do mental gymnastics, otherwise I feel like my brains are dying and personally feel like failure.

I've looked into bunch of material, found what I think are good resources, but I'd still like to ask here what are the best books for it and to get extremely good at it from fundamental perspective and then practical perspective.

I have years and years to spend on learning this, so fill me with years of work. If there are books on C++ and practical machine learning, please throw it in here also. I can program and look things up and build stuff, but I know some people here have exceptional, almost unrealistic demands and that's why I came here.
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failed my parents
>be science kid
>read about general relativity at age 8
>build atom nucleus models out of marbles
>ultimately inconsequential
>grow up interested in science
>end up in science focused school
>several times a year go to special lecture programs at colleges about advanced math
>read math books all the time, number theory my favorite
>start thinking about college
>self-sabotage my life over stupid shit
>drop out of high school
>parents disappointed
>mother still sends me emails of science articles
>got me into an expensive seminar about infographic design last year
>I was probably the only non-college student there and was a NEET at that point
>it cost probably 250 dollars for her to do this
>I enjoyed it but felt liek a huge burden
>she also bought me a graphing calculator for my last birthday, a really nice one
>i haven't used it
>feel nothing but guilt while at my wagefuck factory job
>want to apologize to them for being a failure and want to hug them and cry and say i am sorry
>feeling goes away by the time I go home
How do I deal with this? They gave me so many things and I ended up a failure of a wagecuck. I did calc and stats in community college and aced them but I left because I had no path to a degree and knew I would fail. Now I want to find a career path involving infographics but I'm not a graphic designer nor am I ever going to have any future in STEM most likely. I hate myself for failing my parents. I barely have the motivation and energy to work on my hobbies anymore or do things I enjoy, let alone study on my own. I did read Measurement by Paul Lockhart, another book my mom bought me for Christmas this year. I guess I could study things on my own but I don't know if there is even any point.

blogpost over

Was anyone else here "destined" for STEM but failed their expectations? I'm not Indian or Chinese, my parents didn't force anything, I just feel bad they give me so much, like they still believe in me.
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No title
The CDC just said everyone has to wear a mask, even if not medical grade.

Why is this board always so wrong? Why weren't we doing this from day 1? It is so fucking obvious that doing this helps, and yet you people screeched on about it not being effective.

Why is this board against science?
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No title
Explain quantum mechanics
1 images | 25 replies
Yes, you will get coronavirus and will die.

It is not an overreaction and it is far more deadly than the flu. If you get coronavirus you will die. Period. Wash your hands and stay away from everyone.

Fuck Donald Trump.
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No title
>the virus gains entry and replicates via your ACE2 cells
1. Could we use ACE2 inhibitor as a prophylaxis?
2. What about an ACE2 inhibitor in the form of an inhaler could that be used for people infected with the virus but who don’t yet have pneumonia?
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hello from /biz/
how are the actual kids doing? yall bored at home kiddos?
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No title
Superposition does not exist. Probability density functions are useful only for determining probabilities of expected outcomes by non-omniscient observers; they do not represent the actual nature of reality.
>how likely am I to get a cute japanese gf this year?
>50/50, it either happens or it doesn't :^)
pic unrelated
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Block Universe vs Quantum Theory
Has there been a proposed resolution to this dilemma?

>The present moment seems to exist due to our limited human point-of-view.
>This is further backed up by relativity which proposes a block universe in which past present and future are all one.
>However, quantum theory shows that all subatomic interactions are actually probabilistic.

If there is no real "right now" then how are subatomic interactions not deterministic?
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No title
Those of you who have made a legit IQ test, wha's your score?

126 here
3 images | 96 replies
No title
My iq isn’t high enough to understand any of this. What did you smart niggas think of Weinstein’s theory of Geometric Unity?
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No title
i miss him bros
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No title
Realistically speaking, how long is this chinese flu thing going to continue? I'm hoping my classes are online in the fall. Going to school sucks!
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No title
How many per second calculations do you think your brain can do?

Multitasking is a skill that seems to take great memory and logical reasoning.
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/pg/: Physics General
It's crazy that we don't have a physics general.

I'm noticing by looking at the catalogue that there's quite a few meaningful threads, I remember things being much worse, so I suggest we keep this momentum going.
Let's keep this thread alive, it's gonna pay off.
Cause when educated people have no threads here to post in, they just leave and then we all lose.

I'll start with a question. It says in a QM textbook (as an illustration of how much information you need to know about classical systems vs quantum ones) that for a classical system you'll need 6*K digits (3 momentum and 3 position coordinates and K digits for each), while for a quantum you'll need L^3*2K (K digits for real and imaginary part of the wave function), where L^3 is the quantity of knots (this may be an incorrect term since I'm translating from Russian but hopefully you know what I mean) in the lattice LxLxL. So the question is: what is this lattice they are talking about?
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meta coffee
How do you scientifically maximize absorption of essential minerals from veggies/fruits?
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People that actually take sci seriously are all undergrads and construction workers and irl larpers
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Explaining Human Skin Color

the level of sun radiation / fire / warm weather / changes a population skin color over time. the 'Lucy' likes, antrophormophic apes, were something like light-brown skinned. the black people of africa are black because they stood too much time in Africa with a lot of sun all the time, with no place to hide under shadow. The arabian got more or less warm and cold, and became light-brown skinned. While the european people in the winter and cold, took less sun radiation, fire, warm in their skin, and became more and more white and blonde. simple as that.
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>tfw failed algebra 2 three times

who here /actuallyretarded/?
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Nobody invented the fucking wheel
Wheel like shapes occur all the time in nature.

The AXLE was an invention, the wheel is just something you find on the ground.
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Mental Arithmetic
How do I get good at:
- adding and subtracting big numbers quickly
- multiplying and dividing big numbers quickly
- roots, logs, antilogs
- sin, cos, tan and their inverses
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>about 50% of /sci/ is mathematically illiterate
How can we fix this?
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Life is just a prolonged battle against entropy
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What is the utility of the fact that everything gets pushed into a square?

Is it like saying all logarithms converge to a chain moment or some sort of hand-over/exchange event?
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philosophically why should I value human life?
Let's say I saw someone drowning in lake. There is no way it'll implicate me legally as a bystander.

Why should I even inconvenience myself by lifting a finger to call help? How can you convince me using logic and reason. Religious arguments are not convincing.
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Montano went missing over a week ago. Nobody knows where he is. I hope he's okay.
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>square root still isn't on the average keypad
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download (1)_1584823447883
I am going to graduate in business school as a bachelor's degree, but I still can't understand calculus and linear algebra.

Redpill me with Math of programming and Linear algebra.
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Are there any earplugs or ear muffs that completely block out all sound? I can't find any earplugs/muffs that block sound that comes in through bone conduction rather than air in the ear canal. I want a plug/muff that COMPLETELY blocks out ALL noise, from both the ear canal and the bones in the ear, so that I am completely deaf in all ways when it's on.
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Euclidean vector database
I've trained a neural network that takes in images, and spits vectors out the other end which describe the image, such that similar images will have a very small euclidean distance between their vectors.

Now that I have that, I need a data structure to store these vectors in for fast near-duplicate retrieval. Any suggestions other than LSH? It doesn't appear that there are any existing database implementations.

Picture related, but not my project.
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In the future, will antidepressants be remembered with the same disdain as lobotimes and electroshock therapy?
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evolutionary benefits
i wonder if a species attribute in regards of another species perception might be considered as evolutionary benefitial. when animals like pigs, cows and chicken are being cultivated because they taste good or flowers are being cultivated because we find them beautiful, the species is kind of kept alive artificially where it might be not suitable for surviving the wildlife where the species would be hunted down instead of artificially cultivating it. so might a 'feature' like being delicious or beautiful for another species be considered as a evolutionary benefit in your opinion?
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dear 4chan,
I have a challenge for you...

- Dl hyl dhajopun -
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I've been coughing these shits lately. Wtf are they and why they smell so horrible?
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I am new to /sci/, and I was wondering if you could give me a quick overview of this board.

Can you characterize this board in one image?
What is the original content that you as a board are most proud of?
Are there any tripfriends worth talking to?
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Someone explain why Celsius is superior to Farhenheit without resorting to the bandwagon fallacy. No, I don't care that water freezes at 0°. I'm not a fucking autist, so fuck off with that "neat and orderly" bullshit too.

Note: this is not a discussion on metrication in general. This is specifically about one arbitrary set of measurements replacing another.
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i want to be the most autistic person. tell me things that i need to know or resources to learn them in order to achieve this
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Is there a math word for an arbitrary expression positioned inside a pair of brackets?
You have divisors and dividends and exponents and subtrahends.
For an example take [math]3x^{\left\frac{2x}{5}\right\left\frac{2x+1}{2x-2}\right}.[/math] It's fair to say that in that expression, 3x is exponentiated to the product of the two expressions contained in each pair of parentheses. Is there an easier way to say "expression contained within a pair of parentheses"?
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Calculate this, nerd
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Michael Faraday is literally me
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Hi all,

I made a short video that some of you might find helpful, especially these times.

At least it was helpful for me while I was making it.

Just some cinema shots with some music; I just put them together.

Here it is:

Stay safe!
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Can I sterilize / disinfect an ffp3 face mask by placing it in a sealed bag in the freezer for 24 hours? If not can I use isopropylic alchool (pure) diluted with water as disinfectant, what %? Thanks.
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What is K-on! characters' IQ?
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Who is the Grothendieck of physics, besides Einstein?
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So what are the materials of the future /sci/?
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maxresdefault (1)
This mathologer video is wrong, try substituting any numbers, say p=2 and q=5. This guy is saying that 1=-1 which is obviously wrong
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Gravity as warping of space-time
So everyone knows the rubber sheet analogy for gravity is terrible but from what I understand gravity arises due to the warping of time as opposed to space. I did study a bit of special relativity but that said I can't get my head round this concept.
I've gotten this far with it and am aware that I'm probably wrong:
Two objects at rest relative to each other with different masses would notice a discrepancy in the tick of each other's clocks. This means they must move relative to one another for C to be kept constant.
But isn't that a circular argument? Gravity warps time which causes gravity?

Can someone explain or link to a detailed resource that covers why it's the time component specifically that leads to gravitational attraction.
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Despite being 26 I have asthma and am prone to pneumonia. So I will infact die if I get infected from corona.

My parents and my landlord are both telling me after the lockdown is over I need to go back to work.

How do I make them understand that I will die if I get the virus?
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>consciousness is not a computation
why? he just kinda says it like its obvious
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So, what can we really conclude from this study?
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Mathematics at St Andrews
How is quality of the mathematics department and the undergraduate course at St Andrews like?
[spoiler] Is it better than somewhere like Warwick or Durham? [/spoiler]
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Hello, this is a thread for the /sci/ 4cc team, the team representing the board will participate in the 2020 Spring Babby Cup against another 31 teams. We would like to listen to your input on the roster that will represent the team (aka which memes are /sci/ approved)
>what the fuck is this brainlet shit?
It�s some tournament that pairs boards from all corners from this site and throughout simulation in an association football video game (Pro Evolution Soccer), will determine bragging rights for the board for 3-6 months.
>how do they play this?
As mentioned before, it�s done throughout simulation via Pro Evolution Soccer�s coach mode, usually teams have a �manager� to try to give the team a good shot at winning it all by deciding the tactical layout of the team
>Why should I care?
Well, first off it�s for fun and to take the piss, no need to take this seriously, and second, with this time of quarantine, the means of entertainment have been greatly reduced, so why not amuse yourself with a team of 23 /sci/ memes playing against other boards, so why not decide which memes are best representing of the board?
>Is this spam?
Not at all, this is done without the intent of profiting, everything done is voluntary. We are aware of some boardgoers opinion of this so we try to not pester the board with so many threads compared to boards like /sp/ and /mlp/.
>where can I find out more about this? and click on the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup link to see more about the schedule and games
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