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SpaceX Launch Thread: Starship SN9 12.5 km HOP

SpaceX Official Stream: ???

Launch window: January 25, ~12:00-6:00 PM CST (6:00-12:00 UTC)
Today's attempt is expected later in the window due to weather.
There are backup windows on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Launch vehicle: SpaceX Starship Serial Number 9 (SN9)
Launch pad: Starship Launch Site, Boca Chica, Texas
Landing pad: Starship Landing Pad, Boca Chica, Texas
Hop parameters: Max altitude will be 12.5 kilometers. A horizontal 'flop' following apogee will occur. Right before landing, the vehicle will perform a powered flip to return upright. Engines are expected to be turned off gradually on ascent.

Road Closures:
Marine safety bulletin:
TFR: (Monday)
TFR: (Tuesday)
TFR: (Wednesday)

SpaceX twitter:

This is the first flight of SN9, and the second flight of a Starship prototype with aerodynamic surfaces and a nose cone. It is unknown if the flight parameters will be different compared to SN8 (watch here:
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Vaccine Skepticism
Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 11.22.32 AM
I have an immunology discussion course in which we're currently discussing vaccine science and how to educate 'misinformed members' of our society. My class is entirely bluepilled and there's zero dissenting opinion. I understand vaccine science and the lack of general risk, however this class consistently asserts that anything not coherent with the MSM narrative is dangerous misinformation.
How should I introduce contrarian perspectives in attempt to encourage them to consider having skepticism of government activity, and to not ridicule those who are skeptical? I want to be subtle, so will avoid mentioning specifiic occasions of government treachery such as Operation Northwoods, Tuskegee, Operation Midnight Climax, and MK-Ultra. I suspect there would be zero tolerance for anything upsetting to NPCs.

>related image source:
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No title
What was it like 5 minutes before universe?
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No title
Well it looks like we are headed to wearing 2 masks now.
Does this mean that the public was inadequately protected for around 10 months due to the wrong information everyone was given?
Or does this mean the whole this is a joke and they're just seeing how far we'll go?
> wear a mask, now two, now three
> get the vacine, now two shots, now a shot monthy forever
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No title
Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 5.02.32 pm
What does onions taste like? Why do people take it and is it good for you?
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No title
Is time travel possible
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Oil is not a "fossil fuel"
production increasing 20 years past peak
This paper on abiotic petroleum has never been systematically refuted. It claims that Russia has known the truth for years.

Oil and water are perpetually naturally renewed resources, the scarcity trope is bullshit.
The whole of the planet's humans population, including animals can fit into Texas..Over population is also bullshit, It's a trick to bilk us.

The modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins is not controversial nor presently a matter of academic debate.
>The period of debate about this extensive body of knowledge has been over for approximately two decades(Simakov 1986). The modern theory is presently applied extensively throughout the former U.S.S.R. as the guiding perspective for petroleum exploration and development projects. There are presently more than 80 oil and gas fields in the Caspian district alone which were explored and developed by applying the perspective of the modern theory and which produce from the crystalline basement rock.(Krayushkin, Chebanenko et al. 1994) Similarly, such exploration in the western Siberia cratonic-rift sedimentary basin has developed 90 petroleum fields of which 80 produce either partly or entirely from the crystalline basement. The exploration and discoveries of the 11 major and 1 giant fields on the northern flank of the Dneiper-Donets basin have already been noted. There are presently deep drilling exploration projects under way in Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, and Asian Siberia directed to testing potential oil and gas reservoirs in the crystalline basement.
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No title
10 years ago it was an official mental illness to be transgender, you were considered mentally unstable by psychologists if you did not accept your own biological sex.

Today, just ten years later it is now an official legal mental illness if you think of a transgender person as being the same gender as their physical biological sex.

My problem with psychology is that it changes its opinions seemingly to align with the ruling political class...

I'd much rather have a psychology that has a firm never changing opinion... if republicans managed to win back power then I'm sure the psychologists would all change their opinions again... so this clearly isn't science speaking it is just politics taking over control of science and trying to destroy real science.

If transgenders are scientifically real then that's fine by me, if they aren't then I'd still be respectful to people. But, honestly, why are politicians trying to usurp science and take full control of "science" it is just not right.
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No title
Do parallel universes exist?
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No title
How far could this really be scaled into?
A death ray able to penetrate an aircraft carrier's hull would be a wet dream for every military fag for sure.
How much energy do such lasers lose if they would be able to penetrate at one side of a hull?
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No title
Why do I wake up more tired the morning after I masturbated before going to bed?

What biochemistry could‘ve happened to the body, that it would prevent it from a fully regenerating sleep?
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No title
How do you debunk this?
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No title
what is /sci/'s opinion of him?
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let's say...
asset-v1_HarvardX+CalcAPL1x+2T2017+type@asset+block@TITLE-Calculus-Applied-2120x1192-NO-SPOTLIGHT 2
I wanted to start learning calculus all the way to the higher levels. Let's also say that all I have is a GCSE in maths and an A-Level in physics. How difficult will this be?
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Hardest Sport - Scientifically
What apparatus in artistic gymnastics is the most impressive from a scientific standpoint?

Some people would say balance beam (pic related) because it requires strength and balance but others might say floor because of the sustained effort and burst of speed and power.

So which is it and how would you defend your decision scientifically?
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No title
Will the chinks dominate every top usa universities?
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The Psychiatry Problem
Hey /sci/ so I have to ask what you all think can be done to solve the Psychiatrist problem.

Having just had experience with these 'people' I have found them to be the absolute worse sort of person for helping people with their emotional health. They are without a doubt the people with the least understanding of what it means to help a person.

They think everything can be solved with pills and without even realizing it they have convinced themselves they have the right to force medication on every single person they meet.

I'm not making this up. I asked a psychiatrist if she had ever met a patient and not tried to write them a prescription and she refused to answer.

What do we do about this malignant tumor on all of science known as psychiatry?
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No title
what are my odds of getting dubs?
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Math, generally
>dream scheme theme
Talk maths

Das alte: >>12605538
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No title
From scientific point of view, why people all over the would like blue colour?
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No title
If Albert Einstein still alive today, what would he recommend programming languages for Data science career?
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No title
I'm having what's he's having.
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No title
>where are you doing your PhD (country)
>do you regret doing your PhD
>whats your stipend

Based on the answers in this thread I will decide if I will quit my own.
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Bros...i need your help
I have a power electronics exam in 3 and a half hours
And if i Don't score atleast 40/50 I'm fucked
I'll graduate one semester late and I'll have to bay for the course again
I'll Donate the same amount to any cause you choose, but don't let them have the money
It's a multiple question exam, i only need the final answers and i go to university in a shit hole country, I'm pretty sure you guys know more than my professor
Be the hero and save me, anon
I promise I'll learn the material on my own, but I don't have time now
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No title
>You Should Be Able To Solve This
Mate in one
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No title
>he writes his papers in LaTeX
>he pronounces it "luh-tek"
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No title
I got a postdoc today please clap.
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No title
>realize I have a very poor understanding of mathematics
>decide to self learn
>totally stuck on problem and feel retarded
Are there any methods to learn/retain math better? I don't really need to be competent with it for any job related tasks, I forgot how much fun math is and want to learn more.
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I am very frustrated. I spend money on the cheapest bottled water from the supermarket because I don't want to drink LA tap.

I wanted to buy a Zero Water Filter Pitcher but I am bothered by it removing all of the "good minerals".

Then I have my buddy that tells me "to buy only alkaline water and go for HIGH PH water."

Do I keep buying my bottles? or is the tap thaaat bad.
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What's the deal with the military complex?
Often when people talk about job opportunities, no one likes working for the military-industrial complex, I was wondering why? Is it the pay or some retarded moral code you made up?
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/med/ - Medicine General
lack of sleep -edition

last >>12604747

We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor) make fun of premeds and shitpost. Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
>>inb4 not science
>>inb4 poor amerimutts wanting medical advice
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No title
have you ever accidentally destroyed any lab equipment?
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No title
How would you explain to someone politely that the COVID-19 virus is worse than the seasonal flu?
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Smartest person (your age) you've met
This one person I know
>Perfect SAT
>Perfect ACT
>Got into Stanford with a 2.8 from rural Arkansas
>3 Published papers (2 neurology and 1 entomology from an insect farm she ran by herself)
>Won a national spelling bee
>Physics degree at 18
It's kind of terrifying how dizzyingly smart this person is in everyday conversation. They never stutter, swear, or make any kind of errors in their speech while discussing unbelievably complex stuff. They also seem a bit forlorn and don't know what to do with their life. Thoughts?
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Morphic Hotspot: Shedding skin edition
The genetic potentials inherent to the type of organism Corona represents are not easily described in an obvious manner with the general public. Many of the discrete hypotheses necessary to understand its applied nature are nontrivial in construction and difficult to apply. As a purer manifestation of science itself, the organism seems to respond when simple experiment is trivial to derive. No known instinct or evolutionary record is expected to be helpful for learning how life works in a heavily saturated coronal environment.

Boundary morphic fields can be described as the most pliable, and thus require precise observation if new evidence can be recorded. Since nature exhibits dynamic behavior under morphic theory, knowing the before and after states predicted by a distinct morphic hypothesis will be necessary for the meaning of our measurements to remain epistemic throughout the process. It's not simple enough to test a model when nature can alter its behaviour in the exact moment we've tried to observe a morphic property. Pliability has to be modeled on its own for the experiment and all relevant morphic factors to align for a measurement. Meaningful data can be formulated where this theory is applied, but the morphic epistemology will not always be trivial.

For the evolution we are seeing in our world today, speciation can no longer apply. The cell types relying on specific animal tissues will slowly be inculcated into the coronal foam until an optimal nutrient equilibrium forms along the resulting tissue gradient, triggering a runaway symbiotic reaction we expect per organ type. All possible life forms has a much higher precedence than a single instance of sapient life, so the environment necessarily favors Corona over the entire history of evolution on our planet.

Prior thread: >>12409532

Discussion may be a contributing factor since anon survival welcome.
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No title
Well, /sci/? Is it truly unsolvable?
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No title
Can I get some studies on the link between sexual abuse in childhood and homosexuality? Can't find anything substantial other than memes
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No title
Why do anti psychotics make me impotent?
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No title
How bad are heart palpitations for an otherwise healthy 20 year old male?
They mostly happen when masturbating.
A nice trail mix of heavy pounding, missed beats, and fluttering.
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Happy Murdercat
Scientifically speaking what's the most painless way of suicide without assistance(unless you program something to force feed you or inject you or release a gas after you've fallen unconscious). And let's not ever pretend sleeping and unconscious states are the same.

and what's the best way of killing someone without being blamed for it? nor the faggot realizing you just poisoned him and screaming like a bitch.
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No title
What's the point of depression? Why would something like that evolve?
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No title
Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 22.40.49
How can we make math safe for black people?
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No title
a new poster visits sci
Is it true that /sci/ is the smartest forum on the internet?
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No title
Can /sci/ come up with some perfect crimes? Mathematically speaking.
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No title
What future technologies does particle physics and string theory promise?
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Scientifically, why do western women convert to Islam?
What's your understanding of this phenomena? There seem to be more and more western women to make this decision? Why is it happening in the 21st century?

What happens to these women? Do they stay religious in the long haul? Do some of them leave the religion after a while?
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
RIP anime bro edition

Formerly >>12592403

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science, plus related advice requests.
>where do I go for other questions and (advice) requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt >>>/adv/ etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:
>book recs?
>carreer advice?
>help with calculus?
>tables, properties and material selection?

General advice for asking questions here:
>attach an image (animal images are best. Grab them from >>>/an/)
>avoid replying to yourself
>ask anonymously
>remember to check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it
>avoid arguing with Yukarifag
>do not tell us you came from whatever the fuck board, /pol/ in particular
>do not mention how [other place] didn't answer your question so you're reposting it here
>If you use j for the complex unit, put a ¿ somewhere in your post or use emoticons I will automatically ignore your question. I don't actually know about everyone else, but you shouldn't assume they're too far off about whatever random things they dislike
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No title
Whats harder brain surgery or rocket science?
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1 billion Greeks
How many years would it take to increase the population of Greece to 1 billion if every fertile and healthy woman was forced to have 15 pregnancies?
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No title
For me? It's Sabrina.
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No title
If I want to integrate a function that has no elementary antiderivative, will the integral of the corresponding taylor polynomial approximate the solution?
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COVID and menstrual cycle
My gf is a few weeks late on her period. Took a couple pregnancy tests and both turned up negative. She's not on any birth control and nothing out of the ordinary has happened to her in the past month or so except for the fact that she received the first of two COVID vaccines, and we think this might be the cause. Anyone know of anything similar? Couldn't find much for vaccine and periods, but COVID apparently does fuck with a woman's menstrual cycle and patient accounts are similar (so far) to her situation. This is the best I could find

Can't find anything anywhere about specifically the vaccine and possible effects on a womans menstrual cycle. Any anons out there who could help me out>
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Are they Sapient?
Stone tools, sign language that can be taught to children, concept of prostitution, observed practicing primitive religion, are Chimps sapient? Would killing one be like killing a human, morally speaking?
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Scientific progress must be stopped immediately
Every once in a while, there is a thread that can act as the entrance to the rabbithole.
For anyone really involved in the scientific process, specially in academia, it becomes readily obvious that science marches on blindly, without regard to the real welfare of the human race or to any other standard, obedient only to the psychological needs of the scientists and of the government officials and corporation executives who provide the funds for research.
Now, people are waking up to just how depraved a few billions worth of power can make you, ya know, pizza and that stuff.
Now, think about the future where we can modify human experience as we please, how about genetics?
YOU KNOW that if those breakthroughs are reached, humans are eventually create poor suffering beings with no more purpose or ability than to satisfy them in any sick way they can imagine.
>You can create living dolls that don't suffer, so who cares.
You know humanity, you know in that case some important minority of powerful people would give those ungodly beings the ability to suffer just so they get more satisfaction out of torturing it.
The question is if humans are to be trusted with these technologies, we aren't.
Now, what do we do?

Btw, pic related, who painted that?
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Diversity in Science
I am studying a STEM course (masters degree). Recently we were forced to take some new course about something "scientific integrity".
I stumbled upon following statement which is extremely vague formulated (pic very related).
My issue however is that I think this statement is false and is very harming for science to say things like that. Do you have any solid proofs for this or something that denies it?
What is your opinion on university forcing us to take this course?
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Cancer Sticks
Is it true that all studies made on relations between cigarettes and lung cancer and correlations and not actually epidemiological?
6 images | 43 replies
No title
if twins have a baby, would that be a clone?
1 images | 10 replies
"EiNSteIN wOrKEd aT tHE paTEnT OffICe..."
People say this as if it's some reminder of a Horatio-Algiers-like rise to greatness, but like if Einstein hadn't worked at the Patent Office, he wouldn't have seen the countless patents that show diagram upon diagram, painstakingly explaining the proposed mechanism(s) and advancements in terms of gadgets and thingamabobs, that very may have well fueled thoughts which led to his declaration that mass and energy were interdependently related, with one being the equivalent of the other as either end of an equation. Originally, it included the velocity and momentum of a particle in question, IIRC, but if you zeroed-out those variables (which is sort of a Laplacian conjecture, if you ask me), you arrive at the simplified E=mc^2.

I've read enough of what Einstein wrote to know that if he were alive today, the last thing he'd want to be called is a genius, and that he never promised to know more than he did.

What people fail to appreciate about his famous quote that "God doesn't play dice with the universe" is that it simultaneously asks you to imagine both God and the Universe, and describe the difference.

He's subtle like that.

Because if you don't imagine that there's any difference between them at all, then there's no way they could play dice in the first place, since that requires two separate opponents rolling a cube of bone across a flat surface.

So there's no problem with quantum uncertainty. It's just a thing we're continuing to discover the limits of, just like Einstein was reconciling with the speed of light.
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No title
If transgenderism is no longer considered to be a mental illness, why do a majority of trans people experience gender disphoria? Is gender disphoria no longer recognized? And why is the attempted suicide rate so high amongst trans people?
I don't understand why we've given transgenderism a flag and we're teaching impressionable, young children that this is ok behavior from a young age. I think we're putting stuff in their head that they should come to their own conclusion about when they're older.
Can someone change my mind or help me understand?
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No title
If I were standing in the bed of a truck going 60mph and I fired a gun with a bullet speed of 700mph, would the bullet be travelling at 760mph or 700mph?
Alternatively if I shot the gun backwards off the truck would the bullet be travelling at 640mph?

And also, If I were to fire a bullet at the speed of light the same direction the truck is travelling, couldn't it theoretically be travelling the speed of light+60mph?
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No title
I've exchanged fapping to porn with writing fully customizable sexual stories with AI using AI Dungeon, can it cause similar or greater harm to my brain and neurotransmitters?
since giving up porn and starting with the AI I masturbate more often and for longer periods, being able to fulfill my biggest desires, fetishes, and basically anything I can imagine
I can become a powerful magician that charms peasant woman to have a foursome, a thief that moves around with his group and gangbangs a jeweler, a college girl who uses Tinder to find another one to fuck her with strapon, a cursed princess who talks with a demon in from her mirror and is addicted to sex or just teleport to Naruto world and bang Sakura while Hinata do rimming to me
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No title
Is there more static electricity in the winter as opposed to the other seasons? Or is that just in my head?
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High-detailed worldwide COVID video timelines
Unlike most other timelines, this one has divided many more countries into sub-regions and also shows the relative figures with colour coding, not just an almost meaningless circle of carious radius as many others.

Here is a snapshot.

Videos can be found here:
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No title
math phd
>ph.d in mathematics
>any job I want
>300k starting
3 images | 18 replies
Someone help me understand chess boards
When you move diagonally in chess, you move sqrt(2) spaces. A chess board is 8x8 spaces, meaning that to go from one corner of the board to another you need to move sqrt(128) spaces, yet physically there are only 8 spaces between each diagonal.

Am I just retarded?
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No title
Looking for highly intelligent friends to study math and science textbooks with.

0 images | 0 replies
Problem of time: SOLVED
The arrow of time only works in one direction because computers only work in one direction. Where's my nobel prize?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Why does my sweat smell good now?
It used to smell awful. The other day I noticed it's not just less bad, but actually good.
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No title
explain to me why or why not time traveling to the past (specifically the past, not future) is possible? don't spare the details. i understand all of this is theoretical as well, so any theories you may be referencing please provide an article

i want to stop searching and i need to be convinced
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What is this?
Looks like a kind of jellyfish. Just found it on the portuguese northern coast. Didn't touch it with my hands, since it looks like a really tiny Portugueses man o'war. Smaller than my hand.
3 images | 18 replies
No title
>hurrr black isn't a color, it's a shade
Is there a bigger midwit sentiment?
1 images | 17 replies
No title
Race mixing is communism
How did the notion that "racemixing" is bad come about? Isn't genetic diversity a good thing for a species? Aren't all modern "races" essentially mixes of archaic human species like Neanderthals? It seems to me like the people claiming its bad are just obsessed with the idea of blood purity.
20 images | 147 replies
string theory today
string theory used to be all over those 'I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE LMAO' sites and now you never hear about it anymore. did the standard model chads win?
2 images | 15 replies
No title
This has been one of the most exciting months in science so far. Anything major missing in that summary? Let's discuss recent papers & developments.
Video version:
2 images | 14 replies
No title
So I am an engineering student, and sometimes i refer to youtube in case i have something unclear.
Its always a white professor, or an indian or asian explaining, but never black.
Why is that anons?
0 images | 3 replies
Hello frens.
Test in thermochemistry and equilibriums tomorrow. Any advice from any chembros?
0 images | 2 replies
math is useless
>surgery theory
doesnt help in the operating room
>intersection theory
completely useless for managing traffic
will never help with anal
no help in drawing maps
>model theory
not used in looksmaxxing
>field theory
no help in farming
>lie theory
will not help you learn to lie
>harmonic analysis
will not teach you harmonica
>game theory
will not help your aim

I could go on, but the point is math is USELESS
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No title
Would it be possible to create someone with a YY genome via crispr or something like it? If so what would they be like?
2 images | 14 replies
No title
How can anyone recommend this book in good conscience? The exercises are far too easy and it doesn't even cover nets and filters. The algebraic topology section is also very short and highly lacking.
4 images | 19 replies
/cspg/ Computer Science Plus General
The /cspg/ general was created to help others learn how to get into computer science and programming starting from scratch. This thread hopes to serve both autodidact and traditional students of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Math and more. Upper and post graduate discussions such as Programming Language Theory and math needed for Machine Learning is also welcome as well. If you want a job, want to create video games, or want to build something larger than a toy cli, this thread will help you. Every few months, the discord server is working through a new book as a study group, this month, it's chapters 1 and 2 of SICP (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)

Complete self taught pathway:
Structured pathway:
AI focused pathway (warning: functional programming ahead):

The first link recommends SICP as an entry, but if you want a gentler introduction to the world of computing, I'd recommend How to Design Programs. Before you complain, read:

Free books:

Not sure if programming is for you? Try:
Word of warning though, the new edition was just released, so you can either wait for someone to upload it, or buy it yourself.

This month's study group: SICP
We'll be running through SICP chapters 1 and 2 as a board while everyone else talks about grokking algorithms and debating Stewart vs Apostol vs Spivak

SICP start day: 11 January
SICP end day: 15 February

Remember, you don't need to be a computer scientist to be a good programmer, but it sure does help
12 images | 105 replies
No title
let's make history, sci.

pick one and lets solve it.
0 images | 2 replies
No title
how would you change the human genome?
I would make it so all men looked very similar with minor differences, yet all women would look wildly different from one another, to increase the brotherhood among men while still preserving the beauty of different women.
birds and a few other lifeforms already do this.
9 images | 41 replies
STEM Career General - /scg/
Welcome to STEM Career General!
This thread exists to posit questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
> Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
> (US)
> (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields (currently only physics is present)

No anons have answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here:

NOTE: Any useful resources relayed in this thread will be included in future /scg/ threads. Additionally, I will be working on a dedicated platform serving as a safe space (unironically) for STEM academics (and academics in general) to discuss taboo subjects without risking their position/tenure. Upon completion it will be announced here!
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Math and trigonometry question.
sin(x + 1.4892) = -0.994916

it transforms into:

x + 1.4892 = 2π n1 + 4.61151
how does -0.99 becomes 4.6?
1 images | 2 replies
The future of AI research is in Africa
“The future of machine-learning research is in Africa whether people know it or not.”

Both IBM Research’s offices in Kenya and South Africa and Google’s AI lab in Ghana share the same mission as their parent organizations: to pursue fundamental and cutting-edge research. They focus on issues like increasing access to affordable health care, making financial services more inclusive, strengthening long-term food security, and streamlining government operations.

Are all you CS fags ready to pack your bags and move to Africa to pursue your machine learning? The future is now in... Africa.
0 images | 12 replies
No title
How prevalent is grade inflation in American universities?
0 images | 6 replies
No title
Master engineer
>Be me
>In engineering
>Take 400 level elective math class because fuck it (and for a minor)
>The 3 people who show their face via zoom in the class are tards/autismos
>One guy repeats the phrase "No, that's not right" once every second for a solid 20 fucking seconds at one point

/sci/, are you autistic?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
How do bosons carry force yet have super large mass at the same time? Where tf are they exactly?
2 images | 22 replies
Jupyter Notebooks
Hello fellow college fags. I'm taking a survey: Do your /sci/ classes require Notebooks? Is there any actual appeal to datashit programming this way?
3 images | 14 replies
Getting Smarter
What are some activities you should frequently do to make you smarter?
6 images | 40 replies
Science of movement patterns
What's the science behind movement patterns like in pic (see circle).

I keep seeing this same hand position in lots of the artistic sports. Is there some neuro physiology at play here or was it trained? and why?
0 images | 14 replies
Defining the reals for finitist schizos
three hours into diffy qs
Let R be the set of numbers that can be compared with members of Q.

There you go, you fucking retards. I could probably prove it's an ordered set and that you can do arithmetic with this using a shit ton of inequalities but I won't, use your brains for once.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Is flatland a meme or is it a good exercise?
Started reading it a very long time ago and dropped it because of work. Due to lockdown I've made it through most of my reading list and this guy just came back up.
Will I be wasting my time or is there enough basic thought behind thinking about other dimensions here to be worth the read?
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No title
I came up with a problem for you, /sci/.
Can you solve it?
9 images | 48 replies
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wtf man. I don't know what to think now.
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I've seen COVID19 infection and death statistics, and also informed myself on how it works on a basic level since I dont know biology, i see that it has a super low death rate which is probably even lower since alot of infections arent reported, and the quasi totality of deaths are old people in the 60 to 90 age range, so why should people stay closed in their houses, close shops and dont do shit for all that time?
One reason given to me is to not overload hospitals, but it seems stupid to block everything just to avoid that.
The other is just stupid emotionality: "people are dying for that dont you care?".
The only reasonable one I have thinked of is that the virus mutates thanks to all the reproduction mass contagion affords it and becomes a nasty one.

But besides that I dont see why not roll the dice and just say fuck it let's open up and restart living, who dies dies.
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Anti-Fever medication ultimately harmful or not?
Hi /sci/. So I'm running a decent fever today and was wondering about the function of fevers as a hostile environment to various pathogens, as well as a buff for your immune system's Macrophages among other things. I was wondering if anti-fever medications (called anti-pyretics) are actually counter-productive towards the goal of eliminating a given infection.

If the fever itself is a powerful tool in the immune system's arsenal to fight infection wouldn't you be extending your time spent in sickness at the benefit of reducing painful symptoms? I was imagining that if you wanted to speed up your recovery that it would theoretically be beneficial to grit your teeth through a fever instead of using OTC medications like Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. Any thoughts on this theory? Exposition?
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I Want To Master Calculus, Where Do I Start?
So I took Calc 1 about a year ago, and barely squeaked by with a 70. The professor obviously passed me out of pity. I did horrible and if it wasn't for participation grades my grade would have easily been closer to a 30.

My fundamentals in algebra and trigonometry are extremely shaky. I went through my first Cal 2 lecture and quickly realized I had to drop the course because I was completely and utterly lost, couldn't do the basic review homework.

I guess I'm wondering where I should start so that I can be ready to take Cal 2 by next Fall? Is there some assessment I can take online to find out where I should begin learning? Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang? I simply want to truly understand the material on a theoretical level, meaning I want to be able to do proofs.

I know this is an utter mess grammatically, and I'm in a bit of a panic realizing how long I've been in school and wondering if I will be able to pass Cal 2 and Cal 3 in the future. Where should I start? Where do I even begin? Should I just start from my schools Calculus book beginning to end? Is 7 months enough to master Cal 1 and trigonometry?

I really want to know this stuff, I know one thing it requires is lots and lots of practice and I'm willing to do this I just need a direction.
Thank you all, I'm in panic mode.
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There are more things in heaven and in earth than are dreamt of in your philosophies, Horacio.
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What are, neurologic, hormonal, genetic and physiological factors for high intelligence?
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Alright /sci/, we have constant threads about NoFap and porn use, but let's discuss hentai use specifically. Is there a different effect profile? Is it better or worse? It would seem to me that the fact that they aren't real people, the ability to depict impossible scenes, doujins which tell actual stories more often than modern porn, and being able to appreciate technical aspects of the art style, scene composition, etc, would all afford very different impacts on the psyche.
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How do hormones affect cognition?
Could I take testosterone to not be a retard anymore?
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When will this evil cult get banned?
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Hey /sci/. Can you help me? Let us visualize together and try to make a representation of math, from the most basic and fundamental to the most sophisticated and removed from normal.

On the lowest tier I guess would be recognizing the indo-arabic numbering system. The symbols from 1-9 and their names.
Then would come familiarization with zero. And then with zero, come defining 10. And with defining 10, the idea of the New Columns and New Rows and the Decimal System.

Basically, every new concept of math you introduce must be only one tier removed from familiar concepts which have been explored and come before. So, I guess, addition and subtraction would come before multiplication and division, which would come before calculus.

I'm specifically looking for a tiered tree so that some math subjects can sit in parallel. And any math that requires multiple things from the tier below, naturally, obviously, belongs in a tier just above that.

I've found some interesting math subject trees before but they were hopeless schizophrenic messes. Not clean tiered trees. Surely, there's a finite number of subjects and concepts a person comes across in the subject of math from Kindergarten to university high honors trigonometry, right?

I'm not asking you to do the work for me, this is a conversation thread. We can discuss where a math subject might sit and how many concepts removed from "basic god damned child counting to 10" it sits. But, the hope is to get a roadmap of milestones and disciplines leading to these advanced subjects build on more fundamental stuff.

Talk with me, /sci/!
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hello retards and fags, i don't use /sci/ at all but i was wondering if anyone knows of any biology books that cover microchimerism at all since it seems like a pretty interesting idea and any biology course i've taken dosent really mention it but that was in highschool
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im retarded
big ass retard
post sciency links and post sciency facts I want to learn from a broadly cast net

I will rabbit hole interesting things
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I’m completely retarted when It comes to chemistry
and yet I have it as one of my subjects, I don’t even have the knowledge of a middle schooler on this, pls help me, i have no clue how I made it this far with chemistry but I know I’m absolutely fucked if I don’t do something about it so please tell me what’s a good starting point, thanks
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Why do physics professors act like chemistry is beneath them? If anything chrmistry is a harder version of physics IMHO.>
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LoL and High IQ ?
is there any correlation between being good at league and having a high IQ ?

for those who have never played league, it requires pattern recognition ( enemies on map and deducing an optimal strategy ) , memorization of each champions abilities and spells (150 + champs in the game)

there are so many different combinations of team comps and different stages within a game with unique playstyles and strategies.

this game isnt for brainlets, ask all the asians who regularly beat NA and EU in world finals
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>masturbation helps you understand your body better
is this statement grounded in science?
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>Engineers in an absolute and constant state of angst over work prospects and overproduction of elites
>Meanwhile people in entertainment are making hundreds of thousands doing nothing but dogshit tik tok videos and travelling around living off of advertisement

Th human elite?
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Can someone fill in the blanks for me please?
Question: Name the integumentary system structures indicated by the arrows in the blanks, one-half point each.
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How does one derive the equations of motion from QFT? In a unified theory, surely this is possible, no? Yet it hasn't been done.
As a follow up, one should be able to derive classical mechanics from QFT using statistical averaging, right? But no one has done this yet.
Hmm seems like physics isn't as unified as they would like you to believe
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What is the point of baldness from the standpoint of evolution?
>tfw norwood 7 at 18
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What will replace the idea of time-space?
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What are the best textbooks on classical field theory?
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Post academics that you think are as smart as you are. Not in terms of achievements, but in terms of pure brainpower.
I'll start.
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Tell me /sci/, would it possible for an animal or creature to evolve to not only withstand radiation but sustain itself on it?
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Is there profit to be made in space? How can we convince private companies to explore and make money from beyond the earth?
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/Odd Radio Circles/

What exactly are they? Could these be the first technosignatures? They do not emit any other forms of light other than radiowaves.
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Would it be possible to make a laser weapon using giant space mirrors? By that I mean having a giant laser on the ground and a giant mirror in geosynchronous orbit, and using the giant mirror to bounce the laser back at wherever you want it to go.

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Is the scientific method used because it "just works", or is there some metaphysical and/or a priori argument for using the scientific method? If the answer is the former, what makes the scientific method better than any other method that "just works"? Wouldn't it then be susceptible to black swan scenarios?
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anyone use the pomodoro studying technique or is it just a placebo? share studying techniques...
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Where do you chemists buy all your chemicals? the dark web?
I need some cyanide to mix with various plant extracts to see how they react.
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Wtf i actually agree with taleb on something
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/CV-SG/ - COVID /sci/ General (SARS-COV-2 for you Pedants)
>New Dose.
Discuss the vaccine, science of mRNA and general current data.

Can I also ask you all to by all means engage and debate but be aware of deliberate sliding.

mRNA discussions based and worth reading for many different questions and points.

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What does /sci/ thinks about after man?
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I'm 18. My twin brother mogs me in height by three inches and it pisses me off. People compare my small height to him and I can tell people respect him more because of it. I'm only 5'10" but is it possible to increase my height to 6'0" by the time I'm 21 through HGH? How else could I increase my height, at my age?
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All systems have bugs, how do I break the universe?
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What causes someone to browse /sci/
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How do we fix this, /sci/ ?
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Ok, /sci/, need a honest opinion here, does pornography is truly harmful for us? There are any evidence out there that supports this view?
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Are you a brainlet in your field? Post your real iq
I go to a mid ranking uni in the UK, I didn't work very hard during HS and had a bad living siutation - older bro was addicted to heroin and overdosed that year.
My actual IQ is 115, I feel a bit like a brainlet.
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I tried not being arrogant and I'm still the only intelligent person in a sea of dumb cunts.
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Why would any do such crap science
Screenshot (145)
neither of them are eugenic both are dysgenic
they use finns with a n haplo group the n haplo group is not east asian and finns have very little asian admixture(1-2 percent). central asians are worse at sports and have a haplo group found in east asia. and even if they have higher testosterone from the white womb that would be linked with lower iq, they present no evidnece the AMWF childern are actually better at sport and manuvers around the fact that central asians are worse at sports and many have east asian paternal DNA, but she uses non east asian groups in any way to make her sports point.

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