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Procyosaurus reversi
Were sauropods protostomes?
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Is /sci/'s IQ higher than the rest of 4chan?
Is /sci/ smart enough to beat the other boards 4chan?
We should be able to solve this.

We play against /k/ today at 2:40pm EST/ 7:40 UTC, /mu/ on Sunday at 3:20pm EST/ 8:20 UTC, and /gd/ next Saturday at 2:40pm EST/ 7:40 UTC
If we do well enough in the group stage we go onto the knockouts and secure our place in this summer's cup.

>what is this?
A virtual soccer (football) tournament involving the boards of 4chan, /sci/'s team is playing this winter

>we have a team?
Yes, its been around for over a decade

>Where can I watch the cup?

>where can I find out more about this?
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Materialists are /x/ tier shizos
Somehow someway, you think you will get subjective experience suddenly appearing out of non-conscious matter? That is magical thinking. That is /x/ tier.

There is no way to deduce subjective experience from something that is fundamentally not experiential.

It's not just a hard problem. This is an impossible problem with magical thinking to mask how stupid it sounds.
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losing passion
I used to have a passion for mathematics, but my PhD experience was traumatizing. My advisor gave me poor advice that led to the failure of my research project, and my research papers were criticized and rejected by nearly everyone except my advisor who claimed to have a very positive opinion of his topic. One professor even told me to my face that I should have known better than to work on this project. The aftermath of my PhD made it difficult for me to find employment in mathematics and resulted in financial loss for my family. My mental health was severely impacted.

Recently, my advisor hinted that he may have been incorrect in his assessment of my project, and that I had potential as a student. However, this only fuels my bitterness. Some people tell me to get over it and move on, but I find it hard to move past my trauma and rekindle my love for math.

Is it justified to have an aversion towards a subject due to a traumatic experience?
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>in class
>professor states required textbook
>pirate it within two minutes
>ask my classmates if they need a copy
>"wtf how did you do that?"
>other says "I paid $230 for mine this isn't fair" (the textbook is only $105 new on amazon, not sure why he paid more)

I thought being able to get knowledge for free, at least cheap, was widely known. College students really are a special bunch.
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Dome under the blades of a helicopter
I want to make a flying skull. so I thought about putting helicopter toy inside this skull, with its two large rotors outside the skull.

But I dont know if the dome shape of the skull will affect how it flies.

the pic has the wrong proportions but it will help you visualize
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Is 0 prime or composite?
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How do we stop these VILE engineering students from... TAKING CLASSES
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Is there a way to scientifically increase the chances of having a son or daughter?
(*hits pipe*)
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What do they know that we don't?
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Psychosis when learning math.
for the difficult
I always get literally outrageous after attempts to research mathematics because i either don't understand it or don't undestrand what the fuck it has to do with anything, as if i am listening to schizorambling or mind fuckery of sort. Is there any book or lecture that would teach math with examples and appliances in our real world?
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The Educated Class Deserves More
>Be bright, talented, hard-working women in STEM
>Earn Masters Degree in Physics (a prestigious achievement)
>Employers only offer you $60k/yr despite you being leagues above the rest
Something has to change. The educated class is not being treated with the respect they deserve.

Do you want to live in a society that doesn’t appreciate education?
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/med/icine general
Masseteric hypertrophy edition.

Previously: >>15122972

We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor), make fun of premeds and shitpost.

Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K/soliciting advice out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
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Brain Computer
How close are we to transferring digital knowledge to our brain via computer wires?
Im talking about instead of spending years learning a new language, you could download "10,000 Spanish Words" directly into your brain within minutes.

How would society react to such technology? What would happen to education?
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Why are so many people on this board angry and stupid?

I came here the first time yesterday and it was worse than /b/.
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you don't believe in personality, right...?
share tips
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/scg/ - STEM Career General
What the fuck did we get ourselves into edition.

Old Thread


This thread exists to ask questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
> Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
> (US)
> (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The Chad author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields. Said author regularly views these /scg/ threads.

No anons have answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here: >

An archive of all the previous editions of /scg/:
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Ai will replace high demand high salary jobs, especially those that change rapidly like medicine and law. It’s much easier to make a patch update to lawyerbot1.1734.02 whenever a new law is passed than it is to retrain hundreds of thousands of lawyers. Same with basic medicine. Overall this will lead to a faster change-to-perceived-change time, and also limit the ways lower class can move into the upper class. Absolutely will increase government centralization.
The noose tightens
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
Formerly >>15128726

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding maths and science. Also homework.
>where do I go for advice?
>>>/sci/scg or >>>/adv/
>where do I go for other questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I search for proofs?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?
>how do I find the source of an image?

>where can I get:
>book recs?
>online courses and lectures?
>tables, properties and material selection?

Tips for asking questions here:
>attach an image (animal images are ideal, you can grab them from >>>/an/. Alternatively use anime from
>avoid replying to yourself
>ask anonymously
>recheck the Latex before posting
>ignore shitpost replies
>avoid getting into arguments
>do not tell us where is it you came from
>do not mention how [other place] didn't answer your question so you're reposting it here
>if you need to ask for clarification fifteen times in a row, try to make the sequence easy to read through
>I'm not reading your handwriting
>I'm not flipping that sideways picture
>I'm not google translating your spanish
>don't ask to ask
>don't ask for a hint if you want a solution
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What is the ultimate goal of science or our use of the scientific method? What is the purpose in all of this? If science tells us that we will all die with no afterlife and that the Earth and Sun will be destroyed an ultimately the universe will become incapable of containing consciousness and thought and that there is no meaning or purpose in any of this, then why bother? Why seek knowledge and truth without purpose, and that will ultimately be forgotten?
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Can COVID tests mess with me?
I avoided vaccines but I might have to get a test so I can go to Japan. Do tests do any sneaky stuff like the vaccines do?
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>you can't see your eyes
>you can't taste your tongue
>you can't smell your nose
>but your consciousness can be aware of itself
How does this work? Is the loopback interface of consciousness a perception organ like a 6th sense?
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Anon, how can I remove vaxx from my body?
Vaxxed with a single dose of AstraZeneca here; practically forced to take it because I would be fired from my job and starve to death, so I had to take the risk.
How fucked am I really?
Is there any way I can remove it from me?
I read in certain places that intermittent fasting would help, although I'm not really sure.
I always knew that vaxx was harmful, although I had no choice, I was in a very compromising situation at the time; holy crap I feel so stupid and weak right know.
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Why is "dinosaurs were cooler before they had feathers" a controversial opinion?
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How do i improve my iq
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Why are there some animals which have six legs but are not classified as insects?
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Why can't we remember things we hear while sleeping the same way we remember things hearing while awake?
Would it theoretically be possible with more research and development to ever create a device that stimulates the brain to memorise audio asleep similarly to when awake or would this interfere too much with the natural functions of sleep?
Seems like a bajillion dollar opportunity to give everyone 8 additional hours per day for learning.
Also sleep learning general in case you have something to share or discuss about that that my tard brain doesn't know about.
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Starting to think after listening blackpill incel garbage, It suffers from basic statistical methodological issues to form valid conclusions.

As such incelism blackpill lookism theory should not be taken seriously until they fix basic methodological flaws they have on their research methods.
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So according to you, who or what was the Creator of the Universe?
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Will there be less demand for computer scientists since there is AI that can literally write code?
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is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon?
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Which 4chan board will be the 1st to reach a billion posts?
Will /b/ be the 1st board to get it's billionth post or will one of the new boards zoom past?
The contenders:
/b/ - current post count: 893456387, date of creation: 4/20/1969
/v/ - current post count: 625832098, date of creation: 2005, 5am
/vg/ - current post count: 416424464, date of creation: yesterday
/pol/ - current post count: 414050065, date of creation: 14/88
dark horse - /lgbt/ only 29377190 posts so far, but rapidly accelerating post rate

can /sci/ use the power of math to forecast who wins and the date the winner crosses the finish line?
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When I was a kid I often had this idea / thought experiment about color perception.

Consider two people looking at a red object. Their eyes perceive the light of a certain wave length and then this input is representet in their mind. Now what if the subjective internal representation of person A is the usual red but in person B it looks like the color blue subjectively looks to us? We could never know because both people are referring to it in language as "red", and person B wouldn't know that other people's red looks different from his blue red.

Does this make any sense? And has science solved this or done any research on this topic? Thanks in advance.
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How can i use quantum mechanics to find a gf?
By probability, there is a universe where she (or anyone) likes me back. There must be some way to tap into the drivers seat or know the correct sequence of patterns...
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Is post war particle physics really a scam?
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>i know exactly why what you asked happens but I won't tell you because knowing something you don't makes me feel superior

Why are teachers like this
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99375592_p0 Alina
>MY consciousness can only exist for a few decades in infinite time
Do you really believe this? There's no reason not to think I will effectively experience consciousness forever as different life forms
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>take LSD
>see that reality is an illusion, we're all one consciousness and magic exists
What did G.O.D. (generator, operator, destroyer) mean by this?
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From a psychology standpoint, does infantry success depend on how brainwashed they are? Are the most successful military powers the most brainwashed?
There’s so much trauma created by war on both sides, it seems that soldiers on either side would never choose to do battle unless they were thoroughly brainwashed.
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Prince of Mathematics
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Scientifically speaking /sci/, how long until hiveminds like GPT and Alexa take over Boston Dynamics and overthrow the human race? Terminators are real, and they're in the hands of the Jews.
>Real-life 'Terminator 2' robot can melt to escape jail, then solidify on command
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>A chicken is just an eggsway of making another egg
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Screenshot 2023-01-29 041552
How does PRI(perceptual reasoning index) score work?
I did the online test that you can find on reddit. the visual puzzle and the weight one.
Got a combined raw scare of 26. What would my PRI be?
Also im not sure if you add up the raw score or the scale scored then match it up with pic related
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New research on the effect of the vax on fertility?
is there any new data on the effect of the vacc on female and male fertility or the gonads?
There were some studies in early 2021. (e.g. the one that showed that mRNA accumulates in the ovaries after 48h)
But it has been 2 years and there barely has been new data on this (which seems to be next to the cardiovascular issues and the CJD, the most important thing )
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What’s a half times a half?
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hello i am new to complex analysis and its a bit confusing sometimes so before i make any mistake resolving this integral...

i hope i am not asking stupid questions but before i derive everything manually using rules i havent memorized i use websites for integration and wolfram says it cannot integrate it so i will ask sci for an opinion
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>get samples of young healthy cells
>get samples of old cells
>ask the ANN to figure out what has changed
>cure aging

how hard can it be?
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No title
does the math check out? what were they doing here? would you be able to solve it in 5 seconds like Good Will Smith?
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No title
How come there are no more great scientists?
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No title
What the fuck

>we have the genes to produce vitamin C, but they're deactivated
>we have the genes to grow fur and tails, but they're deactivated
>we have the genes to REPAIR DNA DAMAGED BY UV but they're deactivated

is there any way to revert this with gene editing?
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Moon Elevator

Travel to the moon and back with ease


Eliminates having to fly to the moon and back in a spaceship

Length: 250,000 miles
Speed: 200 MPH
Carrying capacity: 5000 lbs

(Could potentially also be used to go to Mars)

Patented by Elon
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Plastic eating pets
Why are people trying to make bacteria that eat plastic when we could be genetically engineering dogs that eat all your household plastic? They already love tearing apart plastic toys.
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No title
annoyed bear pepe
chatGPT is just automated Wikipedia. Why the hype?
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biology; mammals vs birds; evolution
ok, except for this extreme example that we humans are in the regard of intelligence - mammals vs. bird (or avemetatarsalia, if you want to include the dinosaurs): what is the most advanced or "best" biological class and why?
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Persuasive messaging to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake intentions
>“Viewing vaccination through the lens of a collective action problem suggests that in addition to increasing individuals’ intentions to receive a vaccine, effective public health messages would also increase people’s willingness to encourage those close to them to vaccinate and to hold negative judgments of those who do not vaccinate. By encouraging those close to them to vaccinate, people are both promoting compliance with social norms and increasing their own level of protection against the disease. Also, by judging those who do not vaccinate more negatively, they apply social pressure to others to promote cooperative behavior. This would be consistent with theories of cooperation, like indirect reciprocity or partner choice, that rely on free riders being punished or ostracized for their past actions to encourage prosocial outcomes. Thus, effective messaging could have outsized effects on promoting vaccination if it both causes people to vaccinate themselves and to encourage those around them to do so.”
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Will artificial intelligence be a philosophical zombie?
With the rise of ChatGPT the question becomes more and more relevant: if the sole goal of an AI is to predict how a human would act, if it succeeds to convince you, does it mean that it IS conscious? Or it's not deeply conscious, just a shallow front?
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Why aren't there international laws in place against satellites flying over areas where large telescopes are located?
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No title
Why be a doctor or scientist?
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No title
How accurate is this popsci Twitter spam with respect to real science?
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Volity Theory
Resolving Bell’s Inequality Paradox

Ψ^2/Ψ (Volity Theory)

Abstract: Quantum Nonlocality is currently viewed as the accepted orthodox description of how to explain the laboratory results of so-called “entangled particles” that violate the Bell inequality. This presentation provides a new theory and description of what is going on, and is able to arrive at the same calculations as traditional Quantum theory, but by using crude and basic mathematics that any person of average I.Q. can understand. The way that this is possible is by changing the paradigm of the description of the statistical results. The particles are seen to be Independent Events, and the more simple an explanation, the more likely it is to be closer to the truth of the description of reality. The new theory points in the direction of a possible Nonlocal Hidden Variable Theory. Finally, this theory proposes to serve as a possible bridge between the laboratory results and Einstein’s classically deterministic probability expectations.

After many various private calculations and versions of the same essential concepts, it is believed that the Probability differences in Bell’s Inequality can be accounted for in relation to the results in the laboratory.

We will take a look at one version of the Entanglement test. See attached photo.
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No title
why are pigs so smart?
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No title
>He got tricked into answering 72
I don't think anyone on this board is clever enough to figure it out, but its a fun one.
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No title
Does this really make mathematicians soiface?
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No title
Is monarchism/autocracy the only system of governance that would realistically work for space colonization, at least anywhere that isn't a non-hostile earth-like planet? I can't imagine egalitarian democracy working on a martian colony or space station for over a month before everyone dies of indecision, corruption, and incompetence.
>this thread doesn't really belong anywhere but /sci/ presumably knows the most about space
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Where the fuck is all the footage from Artemis / Orion 1
With ‘16 cameras on its exterior and interior’, is this piece of shit tease from November all we get? Did everyone forget this even happened? And whilst we’re at, what the fuck is JWST even doing these days. Absolutely no discoveries/output.
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No title
We literally breed incel versions of crops and made them one of our main soucers of calories
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No title
I have a hypothesis. I think bandaging small wounds makes you more prone to flu and viruses. I think when you explose the epidermis and capitalary bloodstreem to external particles, there is a better defense than in a deeper wound directly into the bloodstream. I hypothesise that more antibodies are created when exposed to very light cuts and wounds.

I say this because i never bandage or wash small wounds. I not only just lick them, but I am constantly peeling the scabs away and licking the bloody wound. In the past 6 years I havent been sick except once a few months ago when i entered the house of a person who had died and been stewing for 5 days, and it only lasted a week. My wound antibody methods didnt protect me because the products of human decay was a new pathogen.

So, my question to you is:
-How often do you let small but bleeding wounds go without bandages (whether accidental or intentional self harm)
-How often are yo sick and the last time you were. (Feel free to discuss past few times and what your ailments were)
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Record Cold Grips Asia
All time records for cold set in Siberia, Mongolia, China, both Koreas & Japan. -62.7ºC in Yakutsk
>post yfw global warming is fake
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No title
Should the administrators of educational institutions be publicly elected figures rather than being appointed by shady committees with no oversight, questionable motives and no formal interest in doing good by the public who pays their exorbitant salaries?
Would that increase the qualities and benefits of education?
Imagine you want you kid to be an engineer, but it has to waste 4 years in high school learning about the 9001 genders instead of learning trigonometry & drafting and you have no say in the matter and no way to resolve the problem.
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Post /sci/-related PDFs, recommend & discuss books, etc.
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Is Most Published Research Wrong?
Retard here, If this is true then what is the best way to acquire knowledge?
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No title
Article: Children especially vulnerable to re-infection of Covid-19

Morale of the story: Vaccinate children against the coronavirus. /pol/tards need not apply.
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No title
"Quantum" doesn't mean anything. It's all snake oil.

Strict definitions show it's abused to deceive retards.
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No title
does anyone have studies on the side effects of novavax verses the other covid vaccines. I particularly want to know the rate of myocarditis, and if there were any obtuse side effects the other don't have.
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No title
Are you ready for war in 2025?
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neurological disorders of all ages
brain fog, visual snow, tinnitus, memory problems

why it happens to healthy unvaxxed people all of a sudden?

there is something bigger to this fact and it's ignored
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No title
S-tier abstract board games
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Help me use science to win against anti-vaxxer
So I got in an argument with a girl who I have a crush on about the covid-19 vaccines. She made some dumb statements about the vaccine. She thinks there are roughly 1 in 800 excess serious events among the vaccinated cohort of the Pfizer trials. She is quoting this.

Then she is saying that this 'new data' shows that young people didn't even need a vaccine because we were never at risk, and that we 'ruined the world' for old people. See data here.

I need arguments guys. She is mocking me and implying I am impotent and braindamaged from the vaccine. Most of our friend group caught the virus and I'm the only one who caught it twice, while every vaccinated person caught it, apparently the unvaccinated retards didn't even have symptoms (she is unvaccinated and talking about finding an anti-vax bf).

Anyway how do I win this argument? These studies are trash, right?
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Bayesian Optimization
anon, what is the current actively studied areas of bayesian optimization? any recommendation for good books/papers to start?
by "start", I mean I want to submit something to the next NeurIPS conference due in May
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No title
post a random pic from your /sci/ folder, don't even look
17 media | 21 replies
No title
>10 trillion galaxies just in our light cone
>one place with life
yeah right, eat a dick
4 media | 35 replies
smallest meaningful number?
What is the smallest meaningful number, t, such that t > 0 and 0 < 1 - t < 1 but ((1 - t) + 1)/2 = 1-t
therefore t/2 = t
What is the smallest number directly next to 0 in R when R is an ordered set?
what is the minima of (0, inf)?
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Personal Knowledge Management
Is it a meme? Can it really help me with my research? Or am I just going to procrastinate making pretty constellation graphs?
1 media | 8 replies
No title
There was a source of radiation lost on a Western Australian highway.

Is there a feasible way to detect isolated radiation sources from multi-spectral sensors?
Obviously there is a few limiting factors.
>wavelength operating range
>exposure time required for likely capture
>sensor type
>physical location of the source being exposed to open sky

I haven't had to access satellite data for a decade, so I wouldn't even know where to begin to look.
But if it was theoretically possible for the sensors to actually detect it, then it should be a very trivial process to isolate it.

I'm ok with the data processing side of it all, but I'm not sure what sensors (if there are any) would be able to detect it.

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No title
So given a single rig (marked yellow) and a set of frames to fill in to achieve a certain motion... how do you scientifically consider/diagram the factors needed to move each appendages(yellow lines) here to realistically do a particular motion, without doing mocap first. Like achieving a certain weigh or speed...

But especially using vector lines or whatever to note and calculate and then mark the right position to be to do a certain motion?
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No title
what if instead of dark matter, gravity is a variable force? or something like it builds up, the more macro structure, the stronger the gravity between its parts, but in the micro, like a planet, its "felt" much more weakly

but what I mean is that the fundamental strength of the force itself, changes depending on what scale you see it
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No title
What are some (scientifically proven) signs of high intelligence in humans
1 media | 12 replies
Electronic structure code share
Calling all solid state physicists and chemists!

Despite much progress, the field of electronic structure is still plagued by proprietary licensed software. Access to the source code of these programs is the only way to understand both the theoretical background and advanced numerical techniques underlying these methods.

Some students are locked out of this due to the extortionate license fees demanded with profits usually not going to the contributes. Even those in well funded labs are disadvantaged by only having access to one or two of these proprietary codes and if they are focused on open source development and science it is likely they will not have any access at all.

If you are working with codes such as VASP, FHI-aims, Wien2k, Crystal, CASTEP or ONETEP or any other proprietary codes please post the source code or binaries here. Computational physics and chemistry codes from other fields are welcome too.

To start us off, here is an older copy of VASP from 2020 (password: sci_code_share)
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No title
Could any scientific expert on this subject explain how the hell they did it? It's unreal
14 media | 177 replies
No title
New Project
Explain why this wouldn't work
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piss drig test
I took this piss drug test in a pre employment medical visit, what does this stuff mean?

I take zoloft(sertraline)100mg, i told so to the doctor as i didn't want to be caught with a false positive and them thinking I do meth or something.

is it usually disqualifying to take sertraline? it's a multinational corporation
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No title
>1 dimension = a single point
>2 dimensions = a series of parallel points = a line
>3 dimensions = a series of perpendicular lines = a space
>4 dimensions = a series of parallel spaces = a world line
>5 dimensions = a series of perpendicular world lines = a multiverse

Look at a single point as if it was a house. What does it take to get from house to house? You need to walk, you need to spend energy.
It takes an increased and sustained amount of energy to keep these two houses connected. Like maintaining a road.
The act of moving from point to point is to create time.
The act of moving from line to line is to create time.
The act of moving from space to space is to create time.
Time can only be experienced.
>So what does that make us?

Wake up, we need you all.
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Gamma Ray Burst
The cosmological version of a brain aneurysm
2 media | 10 replies
No title
what did the martians mean by this?
4 media | 13 replies
Robert Millikan
>Measures charge to mass ratio of electron
>Wins Nobel Prize
>Builds CalTech
>Gets canceled by a smear campaign from a stunted indian dyke lesbian Math PhD incidentally at CalTech thanks to affirmative action
>Gets his name removed from the building at CalfTech named after him
>Gets shamed in the historical record as a horrible reprehensible person
3 media | 20 replies
Hegel explains where physics went wrong
>At present, students of nature who are anxious to avoid metaphysics turn a favourable ear to Atomism. But it is not possible to escape metaphysics and cease to trace nature back to terms of thought, by throwing ourselves into the arms of Atomism. The atom, in fact, is itself a thought; and hence the theory which holds matter to consist of atoms is a metaphysical theory.

>Newton gave physics an express warning to beware of metaphysics, it is true, but to his honour be it said, he did not by any means obey his own warning. The only mere physicists are the animals: they alone do not think: while man is a thinking being and a born metaphysician. The real question is not whether we shall apply metaphysics, but whether our metaphysics are of the right kind: in other words, whether we are not, instead of the concrete logical Idea, adopting one-sided forms of thought, rigidly fixed by understanding, and making these the basis of our theoretical as well as our practical work. It is on this ground that one objects to the Atomic philosophy.

>The old Atomists viewed the world as a many, as their successors often do to this day. On chance they laid the task of collecting the atoms which float about in the void. But, after all, the nexus binding the many with one another is by no means a mere accident: as we have already remarked, the nexus founded on their very nature.
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Seasteading General
1 lM7xOt8MWfKU_vE_o_4EbA
What does /sci/ think about seasteading?

Is it a viable concept for future urban expansion?
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No title
Name a single more based function.
You can't even if you tried.
8 media | 28 replies
No title
When do you think aging will be cured?
6 media | 72 replies
Computer """science"""
Is computer science really a science? I read somewhere here that it's just really applied logic and there isn't really any 'science' going on.
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No title
I'm self practicioning doctor but my math is terrible. So from 50g of material I extract 1g of smokable legal medicine. But I just need to smoke 0,1 g. How much is this 50g of medicine in 0.1g of smokable medicine?
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Is there anything you hope you dont live to see invented or figured out?
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Is science even scientific anymore?
> non-reproducible studies
> no application of scientific method
> methodologies always filled to the brim with exclusions of unfavourable variables to hypothesis
> mostly based of surveys

Why is this ok?
Wouldn't this bring scientists under scrutiny?
Why is questioning methods and conclusion treated like heresy?
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take a good look, this it the face of SOⲨENCE
face of SOⲨENCE
this guy and soỿentists like him are the inevitable consequence of a compound of lies that all of you morons believe, those being
>4.5 billion years old Earth
>spinning globe Earth

you dumbasses or your children (if you have any, good luck if you took those gene therapies), will be food for nephilim before you realize and before that you'll be eating feces for the sake of the pagan goddess of your enemies (or maybe your masters, after all, you refuse to obey your Creator, so what else would be your master if not the people who feed you?)

but yeah keep wasting your time learning useless abstract bullshit or even worse, the lies they fed humanity, that will help you a lot pal
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I feel we're still in pre-historic times regarding Weight Loss Science.
Somestimes people gain weight even fasting, sometimes they gain 5 pounds after eating 2000 calories.
Some people can't lose fat.
I know because I'm one of them.
I hope someday people look at the weigth loss methods we use now and think "wow these guys really didn't have a clue back then"
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Whats the /sci/ approved method of suicide.
Pic completely unrelated.
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if we lock just air in a cube 1m3 how long it would take for the gasses particles to separate into layers according to their weight? and if it even possigble here on earth or we would have to send the cube into space?
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Certainty and Probability
Certainty only exists in Logic and Mathematics. But in Life and Science, everything is based on Probability.
You can't live a happy life or be a good scientist if you strive for certainty like a Logician or Mathematician.
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If somebodies goal was to build a device to beacon Earth to any aliens out there on purpose to spite Zoo Hypothesis folks, what might such a device look like?

Doesn't RF fall off really quickly to background noise relative to cosmic distances?
An artificial GRBeacon is pretty intense. The Feds and the Russians and all them would probably get upset.
Anything feasible?

asking for a friend
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Can /sci/ find the angles alpha, beta, gamma and delta?

I came up with this problem myself for recreational math and when I tried to solve it I had no idea how. Basically, I put an equilateral triangle inside of a regular pentagon. The known angles are in picrel in degrees.
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What does "magnetic moment" mean?
More specifically, the word "moment" here. Is it the same kind of meaning as in "reddit moment" or "woman moment"? Serious question
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By the time he was 19 he was grappling with abstract concepts and inventing branches of maths. Newton invented calculus by the time he was 2022.
It takes us normal people years of watching 3 blue 1 brown videos to grasp the basics of linear algebra and what it means to take a derivative.

How can these farmers raised on candle light and wheat diets be this smart? How? are they just built different? are we studying wrong?
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Climate change is over, pack it home boys
Gates directed this year’s letter toward high school students, complete with personal details including his early affinity for Superman comic books, his bad grades in middle school and his love of Cocoa Puffs cereal. (Melinda Gates, who focused the second half of the letter on gender equality, prefers Wheat Chex). He punctuates his letter with a simple mathematical equation he concocted that underscores the need for what he calls an “energy miracle”.

P x S x E x C = CO2 (carbon dioxide output).

It’s a neat little formula because it drives home the point: that for all the Paris climate talks and more affordable Teslas, environmental incrementalism is somewhat pointless. In the equation, P = population; S = services used by people; E= the energy needed to power those services; and C equals the carbon dioxide created by that energy. Population is of course trending ever-higher, as are the services people demand, especially in the developing world which has barely scratched the surface in terms of cars and air conditioning and other modern basics. Those two factors swamp progress in energy efficiency. Gates points out that scientists are calling for an 80 percent drop in carbon emissions by 2050 (and a total end by 2100) to stave off the most dramatic effects of climate change, yet even with more efficiency, the growth in population and services means that emissions will instead jump by 50%.

Math 101: the only way to get to zero carbon dioxide output is to drop one of those inputs to zero. Since eliminating any carbon byproduct of energy is preferable to a complete human die-off or a stone age suite of services, that’s the only path. Shaving at the margins simply won’t get the job done; only a moonshot solution that provides unlimited clean energy will stave off environmental (and thus, economic) catastrophe.
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My memory is complete shit.
aids but not from anthony fauci
How do I fix this? At 26 I feel melted compared to 16-19 when I was playing games and generally doing more things and not disassociated.
My health is infinitely better, I am not anorexic, I look younger, but I'm more weathered. Wise but my processing speed feels neutered. Whether this was atrophy from a period of my life where I was literally locked in a room or from smoking weed from 16-23 (far less after 21) I don't know. I need some far transferring memory gains
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Will this be able to siphon or will it break suction?
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I hate college
>be cs college student
>dont give a shit about college
>have college final projects instead of final exams
>leave them till last week
>finish ms access project
>3 more to go
>go to sleep
>"its only wednesday"
>friend calls
>"hey man,what are you doing next sunday?"
>mfw i found its saturday
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Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 14.20.52
The result of this puzzle is a 64 hex character string.
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Quantum Torsion
download (1)
This concept represents a field that is generated by the spin of subatomic particles, such as electrons and protons. This field is thought to be able to cause a twisting or torsion effect on space-time, similar to how a spinning top causes a twisting effect on the surface it's spinning on. The torsion field is thought to be able to affect the behavior of other subatomic particles, and potentially even macroscopic objects.

A possible equation to describe the effects of this field on a particle with spin s, in the presence of a quantum torsion field with strength T could be:
F_t = s * T

F_t = force experienced by the particle due to the torsion field
s = spin of the particle
T = strength of the torsion field
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>make language that successfully condenses a lot of abstract concepts in a single character
>no on in math uses it for notation
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Yesterday? SOTA Text to Music
Today? SOTA Text to Speech with easy voice cloning
obviously not open sourced or anything but it's neat
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Human Chemistry
The entropy [transformation content] of the universe is always striving to a maximum. Human Social Relationships (reproduction) and societal progress follow this law as well.
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One of the most influential math figures of the past century just died. He was known for his work in Algebraic Theories, Algebraic Categories, Topos Theory, Philosophy, Logic, Physics, Didactic, Computer Science, History, and Anthropology.
>Talking with Bill, I often feel like a fly buzzing around a cow. (It seems to me I can liken Bill to a cow, if I’m just a fly myself.) On any easy question, I’ll probably see the answer first. But his thoughts seem to move on a level where I don’t function, I can barely see down there.
—John Isbell
>It is my belief that in the next decade and in the next century the technical advances forged by category theorists will be of value to dialectical philosophy, lending precise form with disputable mathematical models to ancient philosophical distinctions such as general vs. particular, objective vs. subjective, being vs. becoming, space vs. quantity, equality vs. difference, quantitative vs. qualitative etc. In turn the explicit attention by mathematicians to such philosophical questions is necessary to achieve the goal of making mathematics (and hence other sciences) more widely learnable and useable. Of course this will require that philosophers learn mathematics and that mathematicians learn philosophy
—William Lawvere
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Electromagnetic pulse weapon
what is the ultimate guide to buying and making an EMP to atleast do damage to electronic devices in close proximity
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The Box Paradox - does it prove earth has a physical container (firmament)
Can someone here please explain the answer to this paradox for me:

I have yet to hear ANY answer that can explain how this is possible according to our current understanding of “gravity” and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics...

i have posted this many times in many different threads on other boards and i never once have heard an answer that isnt easily shown to be fallacious. ill post the most common answers ive gotten to this paradox in the replies to this thread below, and the refutations i have to them.

>The currently accepted model of earth claims that earth’s atmosphere is adjacent to the vacuum of space without a physical container separating them.

>The 2nd law of thermodynamics states that high pressure will immediately seek equilibrium with low pressure.

>The heliocentric model claims that “gravity” is the “container” that keeps the earth’s pressurized atmosphere from immediately seeking equilibrium with the vacuum of space.

>The “pressurized box of air in a vacuum” experiment proves that gravity is not capable of preventing earth’s atmosphere from seeking equilibrium when exposed to a vacuum.

>There is no altitude within or outside of earth’s atmosphere where you can perform the experiment and not have the air in the box immediately seek equilibrium with the vacuum chamber once the lid of the box is removed. Gravity NEVER holds the air in the box. Gravity never prevents the air from going into the vacuum.

>Gravity only has one vector - DOWN. So, if gravity is holding the entire atmosphere DOWN on earth; then it stands to reason that, in the box experiment, the air inside of a box on earth’s surface should be held DOWN and prevented from going UP and out of the box when the lid of the box is removed. The fact that the air inside of a box without a lid will move UP and into the vacuum chamber proves that earth's gravity is not strong enough to prevent it from going UP into the vacuum.
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Scenario Challenge
Here's a scenario for /sci/. In 1950, astronomers discover earth will be destroyed in the year 2100. How do you keep our miserable species alive?

Common overlooked factors you idiots will take for granted
>Our computers will stop working
>Our solar panels will stop working
>Perfect recycling ecological system are impractical

What's the plan /sci/?
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Where are all the Aliens !?
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What the fuck was it? Our universe doesn't look like something that should have life in it.
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presented without comment
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What are the best papers/articles to read that explains the cycle of matter (how the matter was created : the accident after the big bang to the formation of stars and then supernovas)
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is the green comet visible yet? C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
i am an amateur astronomer and i want to see it
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Funniest Wikipedia disambiguation I've ever seen.
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