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I hate how this scientific way of thinking has ruined the imaginations of all adults. In the ancient days, a fully grown adult saw a man ride by on a horse and thought that it was a centaur. He saw a man with a baby elephant skull on his head and thought it was a cyclops. Strange sounds in the forest are spirits. His imagination constructs rich worlds that don't actually exist, but which greatly enrich his very simple life. This is the rich imagination of children, but they still had it into their adult years.

why do we all have this think in this "rational" and "scientific" way? why can't that only be for the scientists? why can't the rest of us be allowed to think creatively, imaginatively, and to enjoy the splendor of the world without everything being run through this FILTER OF SHIT that turns even the most beautiful and breathtaking things into a "realistic" and boring concept?


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Why does music sound good to our ears? Scientifically speaking, why do I perceive some sounds as music and other sounds as random noise?
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How do I get autism?
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Artificial Intelligence
Are you looking forward to, or are you afraid of the inevitable upcoming AI revolution, where human jobs will be replaced with autonomous AI?
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Scientifically Plausible Superpowers
Although some comic book super powers are impossible like telekinesis and teleportation ect, there actually are quite a few powers which are equally flashy but possible with genetic modification. In this thread we post powers and the scientific explanation behind them. i'll start with a few to get the noggin joggin.
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Is consciousness less than we think?
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>professor forces the class to pair up
>you get paired up with a brainlet
>pretend you don't immediately know the answer to the problem so you don't come across as a know-it-all asshole
>struggle to tactfully push them in the right direction when they're making a mistake
>still end up coming across as an asshole anyway because you're failing to hide your power level
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Is there evidence of life after death?
I've been bummed out latley because of my dad getting a tumor . It made realize that one day he and my mom wont be around one day and that day will be a very sad day.

The only hope I have left is that I might be able to see the. Again in death .

I dont death to be the end. But no matter how much I work , get drunk, get high, play video games . I cant stop thinking about my parents eventual demise.

I really hope that there is a life after death and that I will see them once they move on from
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/med/ general
/med/ - Medical Conditions Mimicking the Acute Surgical Abdomen edition.
Previous edition: >>11980021
Thread for the discussion of evidence-based medicine. We discuss research, we DO NOT offer advice (but the best one is to see your family physician), make fun of premeds and pajeet/chink gunners, discuss the Jewish infiltration of medicine and shitpost.
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is some level of racial bias innate because we fail to recognize facial expressions of other races as well as our own?
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What is the scientific explanation for homosexuals?
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mars elevation
Could Mars ever get warm enough with enough CFC or sulfur hexafluoride. Is it possible to get Mars to Earth temperatures and pressures with these chemicals starting a chain reaction to release the permafrost CO2? What kind of species could we use to help? Types of algae, moss, high alpine trees? Is genetic engineering a must? How feasible is it to get enough nitrogen on Mars. Can enough oxygen be released from the soil? Will there be enough water for oceans? Any climate scientists here? What would the climate/ weather of a terraformed or partially terraformed Mars look like? Based on all of the land in the south and the ocean in the North, it looks like it will be a monsoon climate. Can anyone predict what the winds and currents would look like? Would the south be very arid no matter what? How would seasons be different with such a longer year? Where would the cities end up being built? I would think near the equator for the warmest climate and feasibility of space elevator.
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Redpill me on water please.
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What happens when the force of expansion outweighs the force holding quark pairs together?
I have heard that a quark is always in a pair and when trying if pulled apart will create new quark pairs. How does this interact with the force of expansion? The force of expansion will separate galaxies, solar systems and all order. Eventaully leading to no possible interaction of particals. Will the fore of expansion seperate quark pairs and dismantal the lowest known level of matter? Or will it create an abundance of quark pairs? Or something else? or impossible to say? Let me know anything about this topic as I have thought about it but cant conclude an awsner.
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Where did the goat cycle schizo go?
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Is a network engineer really an 'engineer'? I feel like an imposter with this title. You don't have to do any math beyond subnetting...
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Is autism genetic?
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Someone with a high IQ explain this paper to me

Does this paper prove that a mixed race(black and white) child's IQ will regress to the mean? So that even a high IQ black parent mating with a high IQ white parent their offsprings IQ will regress to the 85 average IQ of the black parent?
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Electric universe? Is it legit?
I'm not a scientist in anyway. But I have a found the thunderbolts project and watched there videos ? Are they actual scientists or just weirdos?
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Fundamental misunderstanding of the universe?
Does anyone else feel like we have a fundamental misunderstanding of everything that we are seeing and observing about the universe? I can’t quite explain what I mean. I don’t mean there there are things that we don’t know or don’t understand- that is obvious. I mean that we are misinterpreting the things that we see and observe, even the things that are right in front of us. I really can’t explain what I mean but I’m wondering if anyone else feels this. Like everything we think about the universe is wrong.
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Women are just men with small dicks and no balls

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What is the American version of
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How come Americans are the only people on the planet that turn the issue of wearing masks to protect themselves and their fellow countrymen political? What the fuck is wrong them?
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>Tfw you realize that we'll be the last generation to die of aging/cancer

Too late to explore the world, too early to explore the universe
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When will it end scientifically speaking? Summer 2021?
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Why do people pretend that medical science is so advanced, when we can't even figure out basic things like what causes autoimmune diseases? I've had crohns disease for years and there isn't even one treatment for it yet that definitively works. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my life is going to progressively get worse and worse as I get older and the inflammation gets worse. The only "treatments" are things that weaken your entire immune system and increase your chances of dying from an infection or getting cancer, and even then they don't even work most of the time. Everything I read about it is bleak and nobody is any closer to figuring out what causes it or how to cure it then they were 100 years ago. I don't get how people think that we're going to cure cancer or even reverse aging anytime soon when we can't even figure out how to stop someone's own cells from destroying themselves for no reason.
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Scientifically speaking, where do these people come from? Why do we call them "midwits" when their intelligence is below that of the silent majority?
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is there science for music
like how to play trills and arpeggios correctly

i can rmb the sound over the 5 second span but fuck i cant emulate it and i have no other ideas about it
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Math general - SMBC edition
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Basic facts everyone should agree on.
> The Earth is round.
> The Moon landings happened and space travel is real.
> Newtonian Mechanics is an accurate and incomplete description of reality.
> Quantum Mechanics is an accurate and incomplete description of reality.
> Special and General Relativity are accurate and incomplete descriptions of reality.
> The Standard Model of particle physics is an accurate and incomplete description of reality.
> The Lambda-CDM model is an accurate and incomplete description of reality.
> Faster-than-light communication is impossible.
> Perpetuum mobiles, over-unity devices, energy-from-nothing generators, propulsionless drives and the like can not and will never work.
> Likewise, it is impossible to extract work from the zero-point energy of the vacuum.
> More generally, if you disagree with thermodynamics, you are wrong.
> Climate change is real, is happening right now, is a real threat and is mostly caused by humans.
> Approved vaccines are effective and much safer than the diseases they prevent.
> "I don't understand this" or "this doesn't make sense to me" are not legitimate criticisms of established scientific theories. The fact that the universe is not simple enough for you to understand is your failing, not the universe's.
> Anyone claiming to have an alternative theory to established science should be able to explain why established science seems to give accurate answers and be able to give a concrete prediction that can be checked by experiment, where it should outperform the current theory.

For those who will start arguing about "accurate and incomplete":
"Accurate": Models built from the theory accurately predict the outcomes of experiments and do not differ appreciably from reality within the theory's domain of validity, which is large enough to be useful.
"Incomplete": The theory's domain of validity does not encompass the entire universe.

If you want to argue this, first read >
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Semen retention
Is there any scientific evidence for Nofap?
Or is it mostly placebo?
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Is it worth learning about quantum computing or is it just a meme?

If it's not just a meme where do I start? Is there any standard textbook? Any standard simulation software to practice quantum algorithms?
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If space is expanding at an accelerating pace, wouldn't the expansion inevitably reach light speed? Even if it accelerated at 0.001G it would reach light speed quite fast indeed.
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Facts or Myths
Is it true that the more intelligent you are, the more depressed you will likely to be? and vise versa, the dumber you are, the more ignorant and easier for you to be happy,.
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This guy says that basically all chronic modern disease is caused predominantly by plant oils, specifically seed oils with high omega 6. He recommends animal fats like butter or coconut oil to be used instead. He did mouse studies and the mice fed animal fat lived three times as long and were less obese than the ones fed refined vegetable oil, at the same amount of calories in each group. [Open]

Vegans on the other hand say that animal fats and animal products are unnatural in the diet and site multiple studies that show long life span and low levels of chronic disease being prevalent in communities with mostly plant based diets.

I don't know who to believe /sci/
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No title
Is legit or bullshit?
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Why everything tastes better if I add mayo? What's the secret?
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Who are the most famous computer scientists?
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What's the scientific reason for masturbating to THAT again?
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Science in EU
The majority of posters are from the U.S and talk about PhD, academia, industry in the U.S.
But what about Europe? What's the situation in Europe pertaining science related jobs?
PhD position, research, labs, industry, salaries etc...
What's the situation? is it better than the U.S?
Are requirements higher or lower? Are scientific fields oversaturated?
What are some interesting opportunities?
Just let me know your experience if you work a science related job in the EU.
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What are some scientific fields that require math/technical expertise but aren't as brutal as theoretical fluid dynamics.

So I finished a Master's degree in Engineering. I was supposed to do a thesis with this prof who is well known for his work in theoretical fluid dynamics.
I ended up not doing the thesis. His theoretical fluid classes were brutal and not very intuitive and I struggled a lot.
Right now I'm thinking of shifting to experimental fluids work. I do like math and science and I want to stay in the field, but i don't think I'm cut out for the more theoretical work. What do you guys think? What are some other fields I can consider?
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IQ improving instruments.
It's already been proven that learning an instrument improves memory and cognition (similar to learning new languages but to a greater extent) so the question is:

Which instrument makes you the smartest?
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women are stupid
Does the theory of evolution explain achievement gaps in the sciences?
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Scientifically, is being nice to the rapist, giving him a condom and making him breakfast the ideal thing to do?
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circulation and hormones
how does the body send a hormone to one particular part of the body? Does it just release it into the blood stream and then it travels all around the body, reaching the same level of saturation in the whole blood supply, and then the particular body part is just the one that receives it? Or is the specific body part actually targeted somehow and the hormones flow directly to that area?
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No title
The only reality is the evidence-based reality, isn't it?
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/PhG/-/Physics General/
First thread edition.
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No title
Why do we live in a world with more dumb people than smart?
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RH thread
The Riemann hypothesis is false and yet the reality simulators persist in simulating the unreality in which no one knows if it's true or false. I say, "They ignore the truth," and I post a picture of the truth that I'm talking about. Then the my counterparties in the fake reality say, "Oh they ignore the truth like you ignore the 992398 errors in your paper," but they never post of a picture of an error and every time they try, thy get severely BTFOed. Even then the reality simulators simulate the false reality. For instance, this stupid problem that no one gives a shit about

turned into national news at the exact same time that I posted my solution to RH on this piece of shit website, but the reality simulators will only simulate conditions which are harmful to me, and so the unreviewed solution to RH I posted here got no public accolade even while the unreviewed solution to this other piece of shit, which is probably fake, did receive a rather large public blowjob. So, I wonder: why do they call it simulated reality when it is not realistic at all? It's like SimCity with Godzilla, tornadoes, an earthquakes, but no ability to build anything. Is that really accurately called "Sim"City? I think it is not.

Thread about simulating the Riemann hypothesis.
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>someone thought making a NATURAL-LANGUAGE Deeplearning AI was a good idea.
How long until Strong General Intelligence?
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What's the best way to zap a hard-to-get mosquito using normal household items?
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>Hear all this shit about Machine Learning and neural networks
>Finally decide to look into it
>It's just a bunch of brute-force cross correlations
>"B-but it learns"
>optimizing along the gradient
Millions of application
>Classifies images, all other real problems require entirely different model architecture
CS-tards are the absolute worst
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Is this a good book for applied linear algebra?
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No title
Keep seething physissies
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No title
Just waiting for a patient at the public hospital.

If you were an ER specialist and needed to choose between two patients, both of whom needed critical care, who would you choose, the younger person or the patient in their late stages of life around the 80s?
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Why can't you conceive of a fat person who eats well and exercises?
Out of genuine curiosity, why do have such a difficult time believing that a fat person could still be fat even if they eat minimally and exercise, but you have no problem endorsing the idea of a thin person eating like an elephant and playing vidya all day?

Posts like "lol I'm so lazy" or "my diet is shit but I'm still thin" run rampant on this board all the time, yet the minute an overweight person so much as looks at a sandwich, you fucks sperg out.
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No title
I’ll put some stuff in your food that makes your girlfriends clit grow into a penis and her ovaries into balls and that makes your balls invert into a womb while you turn into a cute version of yourself. Then your girlfriends testosterone will raise rapidly and she will rape and impregnate you.

This is all possible with science.
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No title
Why is it so easy to read the emotions of dogs through their facial expressions, and why is it especially easy for labradors ? Shouldn't emotion reading be human-only ?
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No title
This doesn't look like it "should" be possible, but it also looks like it's the case.
Why is it that it looks like it shouldn't be possible, and why is it possible?
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Scientifically speaking how do we create a schizo and /pol/-proof captcha?
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Ocean Colonization
our next frontier
Name at least 4 reasons why should we colonize Mars instead of Earth's oceans.
inb4o it's a false dichotomy. So lets pretend it's not for the length of this thread.
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elon_musk_royal_society (1)
>competent engineer with a good eye for systems
>uses his money and time to revolutionize the industrial/economic side of scientific endeavors

Why do people act like he's a scientist or inventor? Even his haters spend all their time shitting on the technical aspects of 'his' creations. He's just another Henry Ford. Personally I'm thankful for what he's done but it's all in application, not innovation.
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What is this?
Found this in kids laundry. Should I be worried? Google was no help in identifying the pill so I'm kind of worried.
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No title
What does this mean in math?
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
Formerly >>11963300

New chart (subject to further revision) edition.

>what is /sqt/ for
Questions regarding math and science, plus appropriate advice requests.
>where do I go for other SFW questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ , >>>/g/sqt , >>>/diy/sqt , >>>/adv/ , etc.
>books? (warn me if the link breaks)
sci-hub (you'll have to google for a link, unfortunately)
>book recs?
>how do I post math symbols?
>how do I succesfully post math symbols?
>a google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where do I look up if the question has already been asked on /sci/?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

Question asking tips and tricks:
>attach an image
>if a question has two or three replies, people usually assume it's already been answered
>ask anonymously
>check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it

Meme charts:
Serious charts: (Post any that I've missed.)
Calc solver:
Tables, properties, material selection:
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bomb-sniffing cyborg locusts
bomb-sniffing cyborg locusts
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No title
New Laki tier eruption when bros?
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No title
This is the only guy out there I can find who believes that mycelia are better for you than fruiting bodies, but he's also one of the very few people I would take on his word based on reputation alone.

What does /sci/ think, mycelia or fruiting bodies?
Also mycology discussion if anyone is in to that
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No title
Is acid based?
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Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 3.21.12 PM
Pic related.

How do I get better at chess? I've been playing since I was a kid but I can't seem to really get past 2100 classical by much. I can calculate quite a few positions in advance with some accuracy (I'd say maybe like 7-10 depending on the position) but I want to join FIDE and become titled. Please give me pointers.
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Am i making a big mistake?
Is it a huge mistake to do my graduate work in something related to quantum computing? I find it incredibly interesting and it seems like its going to be the way of the future, or is it all a big scam? I'm a senior physics major and am currently in the process of getting grad school applications together and I just want to make sure I'm not about to irreversibly fuck myself over by choosing this path. From what I've heard the work pays very well and there will be no shortage of jobs in the coming years. Well /sci/, what do?
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No title
I am working on a project and need a meme database with a good number of attributes that have been autistically assigned to each meme. It doesn't matter if they are normie memes, I just need a good sample size to test.

Does anyone know where I can find a database like this?
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No title
Can excessive heat give you ADHD? For a week now I've been unusually fidgety, distracted, and unable to actually work or read something and understand it. I don't know if it's the european heat wave or just being shut inside instead of an office with ac and other humans because of the chinese and I'm about to fuckiong snap.
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No title
scientifically speaking, what are the social and ethical issues in computing, and how are demonstrated?
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No title
images (5) (11)
Why do we assume logic and rationality to be objectively correct?
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No title
How come there aren't any electromagnetism simulators that can also simulate the interactions between electromagnetism and physics?
It'd be really great for researching electromagnetic propulsion.
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No title
Are hydrogen cars viable in the future, or are they "stupid", as Elon Musk puts it?
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Screenshot_2020-08-14 09STEMeducation-1377102567732 jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 711 pixels)
is engineering a meme?
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Mech E.
Are mechanical engineering jobs exciting? So far, they seem pretty bland and monotonous, and you're surrounded by white boomers.
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No title
How do I learn six weeks worth of material in a day and a half?
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No title
Ok, if someone asks you if you have one dollar and you have four, do you answer with "yes" since you do have one , but you also have three additional dollars? Then why do we pretend that saying "females are weaker than men" is not vague and that it could mean both "there are at least two females/some females that are weaker than men" and "all females are weaker than men"?
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No title
Why are American Indians more likely to be alcoholics than say the Irish. It seems unlikely that there was any serious selection pressure for alcohol tolerance. Do you think that some people, namely Europeans, evolved to better handle alcohol? Do you think this has more to do with the fetal environment?
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No title
frank 2
Space and time are finite
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No title
Laughter only means that a creature has changed their perspective?

So the funniest joke ever changes someone’s perspective about everything?
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No title
What are the essential social science books for midwits?
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No title
We’re never going to leave the solar system are we?
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No title
why do biologists like to grow a big beard?
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Sjw, Twitter
Bonjour, je me présente, je m'appelle corentin C. Je suis français et j'aime les mathématiques.

Cependant,un article m'a interpellé. Il ce nommé "Math Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy’" (en réalité j'ai juste vu la vidéo de psyhodelik sur le sujet.)

L'auteur de cette article pense que les mathématiques ne sont pas formel (aucune vanne) et sont raciste car les grande figure des théorème les plus connu sont blanc.

Avec un ami nous avons décidé de lancer un hashtag sur Twitter en réponse à cette co... Euh, sjw. Ce hashtag est le suivant : #balancetaformule. Qui serais intéressé pars un mouvement comme ça? J'expliquerai en dessous le principe de ce hashtag.
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No title
What happens if you're on the ISS, floating in the exact middle of a room, and there's nothing to push off against? Fart your way to the wall?
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No title
why are all the solar powered boats on the market catamarans or trimarans? why don't they make displacement hulls for these, hydrologically speaking?
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No title
How many decades or centuries are we behind some science device that allows one to change our bodies from male into female temporarily? But please, actual biological temporary change, no virtual reality bullshit.
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Coronavirus will literally be over by Christmas

>After carrying out a Phase 2 study they launched a Phase 3 trial on July 27. The final trial [the July 27 one] will enroll 30,000 healthy people at about 89 sites around the United States. On August 11, the government awarded the company an additional $1.5 billion in exchange for 100 million doses if the vaccine proves safe and effective.

On July 27, the companies announced the launch of a Phase 2/3 trial with 30,000 volunteers in the United States and other countries including Argentina, Brazil, and Germany.

Oxford University:
>A vaccine in development by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford is based on a chimpanzee adenovirus called ChAdOx1. A study on monkeys found that the vaccine provided them protection. In May, the United States awarded the project $1.2 billion in support. Their Phase 1/2 trial revealed that the vaccine was safe, causing no severe side effects. It raised antibodies against the coronavirus as well as other immune defenses. The vaccine is now in Phase 2/3 trials in England and India, as well as Phase 3 trials in Brazil and South Africa.
>If these large-scale trials yield positive results, AstraZeneca has indicated they could deliver emergency vaccines as soon as October. The company has said their total manufacturing capacity for the vaccine, if approved, stands at two billion doses.

Why is this the first that I've heard of this? Why isn't this front page news?
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No title
post a formula sheet or data set and I will memorise it
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No title
What’s the point of taking otc NSAIDs? Why do people pretend like they work? I’ve never felt any relief from them
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No title
why is this allowed ?
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No title

Thoughts on Terrence Mackennas scientific views about time, i ching and the layers of reality?
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Am i going to die?
images (19)
let me lay out the situation for you
>2 days ago drink a monster energy in the morning and then in the afternoon drink half of another
>stopped at half because my arm started feeling funny
>for a majoraty of the rest of the day have wired left arm pains and chest pains as well as a wired thought process and panic feeling
>crash hard
>wake up the next day with getting random pin pricks in my left arm and the left half of my chest
>decide to soldier through it
>today there still here but not as bad
>get annoyed at the pains and take 3 ibuprofen
>heart is now beating hard and my chest every once and a while feels a bit numb
>6'4 250lb 18
>am i gonna die?
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No title
What if there are no big bang?
Can life emerge from such universe?
1 images | 10 replies
Quantum Computers are approaching the inflection point

Reminder that decoherence has been the main limiting factor, and it has just been solved. Expect 10k qubit systems within the decade.
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No title
How do I really know I can trust that a vaccine is safe?
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Why does heat make me stupid, slow, and lazy?
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Possible discovery
Hello /sci/, I would like to share an independent result I believe we may have acquired. However, due to the unique nature of the hypothesis, a non-standard level of expertise is necessary to replicate her work. To do this, I request your permission to share with you the name and nature of my colleague.

Will you allow it?
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No title
Scientifically speaking, where does my fart fetish come from?
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No title
Lots of pharma companies are working on an mRNA COVID vaccine but besides being a COVID vaccine what does the mRNA part signify? I know that like DNA vaccines it's supposed to get your own cells to make antigens instead of introducing them but what is the production process for mRNA vaccines?
Is it made in tiny petri dishes inside a biohazard containment unit or can it be made in flasks in a minimal containment environment? Can it be made in large quantities by unpaid biology undergrads in labcoats hunched over desks like a textile sweatshop? Can it be made in a vat with yeast?
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No title
I can think of examples of animal communication through sight, smell, sound, and touch, but are there any animals that communicate through taste?
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Be honest /sci/... how many of you are signed up to be cryopreserved after your death? Being revived in 100-200 years or so.
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No title
A new activation function I invented. It's a quotient of polynomials
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engineers, explain this
barbed insert hexagon
Why do some barbed inserts have hexagonal flanges but others circular?
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No title
How does serotonin syndrome or serotonin toxicity kill someone? How can lack of the "happy chemical" shut down the body?
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No title
When are you allowed to call yourself a "scientist"?

working in a lab?

lab tech?

lab manager?




PHD in hard science?

Principle investigator?

published in peer review?

Teach at highschool?

Teach at university?

Use scientific method at a private company?

[pic unrelated]
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No title
Graphene is likely to be involved because, let's face it, graphene can do everything...
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No title
What IQ do you need to become a successful quant?
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Early Universal Civilization
Going with the idea that mankind cannot even hope to reach the next star with even the highest technology we developed because of our Civilization clock to run out before that discovery was made, the only way to obtain this level of tech is to steal it from some other space capable race.

The larger problem being that there has to be a race that did it first but again like humans, most races do not have the time or resources on a single planet to achieve this.

However based on the model of the "Big Bang" the idea is that at some point places of interest were at a closer range. If life somehow was able to develop during this time they could effectively had a easier hurdle of getting from one place to another as they didn't have to cross large gaps.

With this theory, it's possible that the early Civilization could have strived and lived on enough to discover the tech we need to advance. But the question is do they exist, do they know we exist, and why haven't they made contact?
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hypothetically speaking, if Venus could be partially obscured from the sun using panels or any other man-made structure, how fast would there be changes in its atmosphere and surface?
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generally speaking, what are the real meat and potatoes of chemistry?
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Which countries other than the US are good to work in as a scientist? I'm talking both quality of life and quality of research, funding, etc.

I guess Europe is a good option but not sure about living there. Is Japan still doing well? They seem stagnating like crazy. Singapore on the other hand seems rising very fast. Is it a retarded idea to move to China? They seem to have shitloads of money to spend on science but you'll probably have to take the CCP cock up the ass every once in a while. Also Australian universities seem to be doing quite well.
Has anyone tried living in any of these countries?
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what in tarnations
>china has shown considerable interest in using CRISPR/ cas9 to modify genes
>china has also shown interest in using viruses as vectors for it
>COVID 19 is extremely contagious yet show minimal symptoms in healthy people of breeding age
>strong evidence of it being a recombinant virus
>interacts with the ACE2 to infect cells
>ACE2 receptor is found on the testicles meaning covid 19 changes the production of gametes
am I just too schizophrenic or do you think these things are correlated?
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Help Me Build a Study Plan
Ok bros, here's the deal
I'm 18 about to be 19 and I spent last year perfectioning my english.
Now I have another year to study for the hardest test in my country, we have to 120 questions with 9 subjects, all of them almost AP level (idk im not american)these are the Textbooks I plan on using
>Physics=[Fundamentals of Physics] 12 questions
>Maths=[Calculus 1 with Pre-calculus] 24 questions
>Chemistry= [Accept recomendations] 13 questions
>Biology=[Campbell Biology Ap edition] 13 questions
>Geography= [Accept recomendations] 10 questions
>Literature=[some book] 10 questions
>Spanish= [some book] 18 questions
>Universal History =[Accept recomendations] 10 questions
>History of my country=[some Middle School textbook with pictures and all] 10 questions
<Score needed= 115
What would be the plan for taking down this in like 10 months? I also want to Use Videos and such but textbooks will be my main Source.
I bougth a comfy desk that I will use solely to do work/study
The problem here is that there all PDF files so Procrastination migth fuck me Up, do you think printing them will help? thanks in advance
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digit ratio
have you anon worked on any grant? what was it?
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Why the fuck do we still have a lockdown if the people that are dying are the same age as the age of mortality 80+ and we can't get rid of the virus even if we get a vaccine similarly to the flu?
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Graduate admissions for next year?
>grades during your most important semesters are devalued because of online classes during the pandemic and P/F bs
>research for many paused unless you can do it remotely, or researchers are unwilling to take on new undergraduates due to the pandemic
>GRE requirements are being waved everywhere because it's difficult to justify having these exams in the middle of a pandemic
>networking online is fucking aids

How the fuck are graduate admissions supposed to work for this next year, anon? Are they just not going to take new students at all since they can't tell any of them apart?
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What is the most Chad field and why is it Biotechnology?

>incorporates every single other science
>will be the gateway to the new era
>when people ask you what you do they think you're a genius
>our survival depends on you
>not a sausagefest
>genetically engineered catgirls
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Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 20.51.28
Why is popular science so cringy?
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Simulationists why are you here?
If you believe that the universe is just a simulation within another reality, why haven't you an hero'd yet to get to reality? Why stay in the fake world?
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1595765092389 (2)
How can I get into a good university like Stanford or MIT if I didn't do great in highschool and dropped out sophomore year of college and am 23
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who else taking coursera? Intro to Electonics starts today. Its free to audit. $50 to get a certification.
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What popsci books in your field would you recommend to a layman or autodidact?
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What is the earthly source of our bodies? (I'm not talking about our origins in the stars, etc.)
The vast majority of plant mass comes from the air, and almost none from the dirt. Given essentially everything we eat is either a plant or something that eats a plant (or eats something that eats something...) doesn't it follow that our bodies are mostly made of air?
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What's the scientific reason that japanese women are better than white women at conveying emotion using pitch and timbre of their voice?
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Space Warfare
How would weapons/vessels designed for combat in our solar system look? What kind of tactics would be employed? Would we even bother with spaceships when we can just shoot rockets at any hypothetical threats from the safety of our planet(s)?
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