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How the FUCK is this thing supposed to land when it's so fucking tall? It's just going to fall over.
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How much more advanced would we be scientifically if there weren't moral restraints to experimentation?
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Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 9.20.42 PM
What does "correlates" mean in this context?
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Can vaping in my room kill my lobster? I really don't want my lobster to die
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With our current understanding of computer processing, can we imagine what would be required to run a near perfect virtual reality, or would we require some form of computer tech we haven't invented yet?
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Can a physical impact to the testicles cause sperm damage that would influence the health of a fertilized egg or baby?
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What high level cognitive processes differentiate the intelligent from the unintelligent?
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Genius or fraud? He's had disagreements with Chomsky, Taleb etc.
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Miliary TB
Last time were were discussing doctors, risks and benefits, medication efficacy, Duning Kruger.

Get your asses over here.
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Question: did pursuing a STEM career make you more right wing?
If yes, mainly for what reason?
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Interplanetary trade and industry
Orbiting Mars 1
How would trade and industry be done on an interplanetary level? What goods would even be worthwhile to transport? What are the motivations other than exploration do people have to work and settle on space colonies?
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RH thread
RH is false due to infinity hat.

Quick Disproof of the Riemann Hypothesis

Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function Within the Critical Strip and Off the Critical Line

Fractional Distance: The Topology of the Real Number Line with Applications to the Riemann Hypothesis

On The Riemann Zeta Function
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wuss poppin
If I had a block of ice 100 x 100 x 100 meters across which was cooled to -273 Celsius and then dropped it in the ocean, wtf would happen?
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What is the best curriculum to become a god-tier computer scientist? From highschool to graduate
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Alright heres the deal. Let's say we discovered a parallel universe next to our own, the difference is minuscule. We establish a communication with one another.

So here's the question, if you had a chat box with yourself from a parallel universe with almost no difference to our own, could you ever truly communicate and if so how would you break the chain of same messages?
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often when I get good grades for something at university I get a really guilty conscience because I feel like I didn't deserve it

what is this?
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I have exams in 3 days and I need to wake up at like 7AM (preferably not tired), but I am sleepy only around 3AM and every day I turn off my alarm and tell myself I'll get up soon, but fall asleep again and wake up at 1PM. How to scientifically switch my schedule this quick?
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Are medical doctors considered Scientists?
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If you close your eyes and meditate, is it possible to break your brain by using your imagination to an extreme degree? I developed something I call forced-dreaming that allows me to enter a dream like state in my imagination from meditation, and I sometimes worry if what I'm doing is dangerous, even though my physical state is otherwise calm? Is it possible to break my sense of reality through some amount of continued imaginative shapings of my mind?
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Why do women look like children? A whole lot of traits considered to be attractively feminine are also neotenous traits. Small jaws, soft hairless skins, limited bone protrusions, small muscles. It's the same in terms of behavior, women are more impulsive, more easily socially manipulated, and quick to be swayed by emotions. Was Aristotle right in theorizing that women are just stunted men? Is sexual attraction to women the same as pedophilia?
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What the fuck are even allergies?
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
Previously >>11726219

>what is /sqt/ for
Questions regarding math and science, plus appropriate advice requests.
>where do I go for other SFW questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ , >>>/g/sqt , >>>/diy/sqt , >>>/adv/ , etc.
>books? (warn me if the link breaks)
sci-hub (you'll have to google for a link, unfortunately)
>book recs?
>how do I post math symbols? (embed)
>a google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where do I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

Question asking tips and tricks:
>attach an image
>look up the Tex guide beforehand
>if you've made a mistake that doesn't actually affect the question, don't reply to yourself correcting it. Anons looking for people to help usually assume that questions with replies have already been answered, more so if it has two or three replies
>ask anonymously
>check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it

Good charts:
Shitty charts: (Post any that I've missed.)
Calc solver:
Tables, properties, material selection:
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The dumbing down of CS education
images (8)
>1st edition of the book is mathematically rigorous, and has hard and challenging problems, while presenting some nontrivial ideas.
>Subsequent editions significantly dumbed down the quality of the book, and removes a lot of interesting topics so that CSlets can easily understand it.

CSfaggots still struggle with the shitty rehashed version of this book, yet it is absolutely dumbed down to their level. Just check their table of fucking contents and see the difference.

Why has CS been significantly dumbed down this days?
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Is speed quantized?
Say, is there a speed so close to 60mph, that I could not physically go any faster without actually reaching 60mph?
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Told you the size of space is a scalar!
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do you believe that race exists, or not? can someone explain the arguments that liberal use to defend the position that race is not a biological reality? I want to win some arguments this summer.
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Oumamoua? More like imamaimyoass
Are we just gonna let this nigga ride through here with no repercussions?
Why aren't we pulling up on this fool?
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Can prolonged social isolation manifest itself in behaviors which are associated with autism?
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Whats the best language to learn so I can read more academic journals on mathematics?
Russian? German? French?
Pic unrelated
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Realistically there is nothing we can do about climate change. Is there any reason we shouldn't double down on hedonism.and enjoy while we can?
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bad boys.
Why do women love dangerous men?

Women getting wet for Chads seem pretty intuitive. Best genes possible. What's the biological reason for bad boys though? Why do women have this dark craving for evil men they just can't resist? What evolutionary pressures led women to lust after rapists and murderers?
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Why does stress linger for so long?

I feel stressed even after the stressful situation has resolved.
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>Struggle to understand subjects when first presented
>Get mocked and laugh at for trying
>Get told that this isn't for me
>Put effort yet fail
Am I a brainlet or what sci?
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Meditation: this is what I do
I close my eyes and then I try to create in the dark a light with the power of tought making it go up and down and stopping it at will
To be able to do this you gotta have a lot of control over your mind because a single tought will distract you and the immage you created will be lost
Am I doing right exercing in this way?
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Is the speed of light a logical or fundamental limit?
What I mean by logical limit is this. Consider temperature and the Kelvin scale. Zero Kelvin is the temperature at which matter is completely void of motion and therefore, energy (except for that of its mass?), so going lower than this makes no sense; you can't have less than zero energy.
Is it the same for the speed of light? As I understand it, the speed of light is a proportionality constant between space and time. Relativity tells us that with enough energy, you can technically shorten your travel time arbitrarily, no matter the distance, by approaching the speed of light. But the fact is, to a motionless observer, you can never go faster than the speed of light. Information can never travel between two points in space faster than the speed of light.
So which is it, is the speed of light a logical or fundamental limit? If it is a fundamental limit, doesn't that imply something serious about the universe? Why is the speed the speed of light precisely what it is? Why not 1.1c or 1.254c? Obviously the value changes based on the physical units, but the fact is that it has a definite value. Doesn't this imply that certain choices were made and that the universe was designed?
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Have there been any successful proven ways in making someone psychologically resilient and better able to regulate negative emotions?
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IQ is right triangle distribution
It is not a bell curve but a right triangle. We know this is true because there are more dumb people than smart people and the average of this right triangle is 100, thus I conclude with certainty that the IQ distribution is a right triangle.
Here is a formal proof:
Most people are right handed
Most people are straight
Most most right handed people must be straight
Since IQ is hereditary and right handedness is also hereditary, we therefore conclude that most people that are right handed and have an IQ are also straight
Create a chart that's axes are perpendicular finite and positive.
Connect the endpoints of the axes with straight line.
The result is a right triangle of IQ distribution

Any criticism of this proof is welcome. If I missed something let me know.
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Please help me understand this.
In the movie 2001 a Space Odyssey there is gravity in the spaceship because it is rotating around itself.
What I don't understand is how can something "rotate" in space?
Rotation requires a frame of reference, but what if space was completely empty?
How can you tell that the spaceship is rotating if there's nothing around it?
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i don't get what the big deal with quantum entanglement is.
imagine some game of snooker with perfectly elastic balls and no friction. one ball hits two, transfers all its energy and they go off in different directions. now measuring one of the moving balls tells you about the other, because they're linked by the initial impact and energy needs to be conserved.
i must be missing something because entanglement doesn't seem very spooky at all.
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What is the realistic date for a unmanned starship to mars? Crewed mission? etc..
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Makise Kurisu 3
Is there any research regarding the effects on technology on early childhood development, the dissemination of ideas/ideologies through technology, political propaganda, free thinking, the effects on the brain's reward system, etc.?
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What do you think of eon musks argument about our reality being a simulation?

tldr: He claims that while reality would be a single world, ultra-high-tech games indistuinguishable from reality would allow as many realistic worlds as you desire - you could say for instance that half of the whole "real world" population is playing, and that could be a few billion simulated worlds running at any time. Since such simulations seem to be possible in a near future, an insignificant time lapse from new from evolutionalary point of view (compare how we evolved since pong, then imagine it 10 thousand years from now), it seems plausible that they will exist. So in that scenario, thinking of all perceivable realities, the chances you're perceiving the real world would be 1 in a few billion.

I'd add that its unlikely that since the whole history of mankind, and of life in general, has been pure hell until recently (since living in the wilderness with no food and no shelter, hunted by predators, until not having anesthetics recently) how likely it is that you was born at the point of history where there is maximal material comfort while perfectly-realistic simulations are not ready, but seem right on the corner (that would be the ideal 'game set' to allow immersion - since its almost the lastest you can be so that "we are in a simulation" guess is not THAT good.

And how would you conciliate that with the fact that your life sucks.
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I got an awful grade for a college project i worked hard for now i feel like a stupid idiot
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Here's a fun little exercise I thought of. The Pythagorean triples are those triples [math](a,b,c)[/math] of positive integers such that [math]a^2 + b^2 = c^2[/math]) Some examples are (3,4,5), (6,8,10), and (5,12,13). In fact there is an infinite amount of these. For convenience we shall always list them such that [math]a < b < c[/math].

If we specifically we look at the ones where the first number is a prime we find an interesting pattern. Let's take a look at the first few!
It seems as though if the first number is a prime, then the last number is just one more than the middle one!

Prove this.
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I'n so mad the Sun is called the Sun. It's a star, a giant boiling nuclear plant, a space object, we can't call it Sun, or ''Ginger pussy'' or ''Heavenly fireplace'', it should be called smth like Betelgeize, or K7104, etc., more scientific and realistic. Instead we call it Sun and this ruins our lives and perception of reality, in the sense of we take sun as something domestic, habitual, something that we own, we look at it as a warm bright spot rising each day like it's on our service. We don't realize that we're living on a stone flying in the freezing dark abyss, and have this fire ball flying nearby, keeping us warm, and we don't care about it at all, we don't even think about the sun, it's just some boring thing waking us up each day, we look at the sky and say ''uhh fuck, it's gonna rain again'' while there's an endless universe behind that layer of clouds, and we crawl on this stone covered with rotting organics and do our primitive routine. I'm so tired of this false culture we're living in, thinking everything around us is our farmland from some fairy tale and we are hobbits on it. Is this what we came to after thousands of years of philosophy and science? Do you realize that we are still living with a primate's consciousness, in the era of ''sticks and stones'', messing in the mud and filth as a bunch of worms and bugs. Our present reality can be compared to the one that Sentinel savages are living in today, complete disgrace, while above us in space there is and absolute ''modern'', finite futuristic reality, that we are able to make our habitat by using our brain's potential to full extent.
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>H-hi, anon, s-so, I was think if we could study together s-some algebraic-geometry with me after class, I need to study hard for Putman, anon, so help me!

Y/N, lads?
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Scientific proof that porn addiction leads to more fucked up porn
Is there any proof that after a prolonged usage of porn like 10+ years that there is a change in what people look for. For example a person can watch just a bunch of straight porn and coom and then after 10 years they go into more degenerate stuff.
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James Webb Space Telescope
*explodes on the launch pad*
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Trans research and general discussion
Is there any good non "grievance studies" literature on gender disorders and transsexuals?

Google only shows up PC bullshit and ddg is a mess to search on.

Pretty much all smart people and psychologists I've talked too seem to agree that changing sex is mental but I'd like too see concrete data.

There's also the 40% suicide rate and the trans regret but I can't find the papers on that.

Also general discussion about the topic, please keep it more on /Sci and less on /pol
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Aerospike Engines?
What’s the consensus? How do they compare to bell-shaped nozzles?
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We observe red shift of light waves from space.

The go to explanation for the cause, seems to be that space is expanding.

Are there any other explanations for the observed cosmic red shift, aside from space expansion?
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Friendly reminder Kirchoff's law is invalid
And that's a very, very, very big deal.

To learn about Kirchoff's law and exactly why it's invalid, see these lectures:

> What is Kirchoff's Law? Blackbody and Cavity Radiation!

> Is Kirchhoff's Law True? The Experiment!

> Kirchhoff's Law - The Second Experiment!

> Kirchhoff's Law, Max Planck, and the Carbon Particle!

> Kirchhoff's Law vs the 2nd Law: The "Boxes Side-by-Side Experiment"!

> Kirchhoff's Law vs the 0th, 1st, and 2nd Laws: The "Box in a Box" Experiment!

> Linking Planck's Equation with the Physical World!

> The Big Bang, Photons, & The Microwave Background!

> History of Kirchhoff's Law - Presentation at German Physical Society (Munich)
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Help with survey for school psychology project
Need people to fill out a few minute long survey for project. Not really sure where to post but psych is technically a science so why not.

pic unrelated
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How do you cure insomnia?
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Theorotically speaking, how do i become a bad boy?
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Are these sentences equivalent?
1 "If it is after three, it is not much after three."
2 "If it is much after three, it is not after three."

If so, why is the first one something a normal person might say but the second one nonsensical?
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Considering all the medical advances at the moment and the ones we can expect over the next few decades and beyond, how far away are we from some form of immortality?
Will it remain a pipe dream or something a young man like me (22) can actually expect to witness within his life time?
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No title
itt: Elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful-sounding STEM words. Bonus points for mathematics.

Something you enjoy saying, and proud to be part of or have knowledge of, academically-speaking.

I'll start:
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What happens here when it is summer? Is it hot and can you bask in the warm sun or go swimming?
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No title
You should be able to solve this, right?
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Be sick
Go to doctor
Feel better immediately

Is my doctor a wizard shaman? I didn’t even take medication.
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Why the fuck is their no electrical engineering general?
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Could neuralink be used with psychedelics?
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Why did Boomers build a spacecraft like a plane? Did they not know there is no atmosphere in space?
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No title
has technology gotten as advanced as it will get? the last decade or so has been basically dead as far as new leaps and discoveries. the only we keep getting is “better” smartphones and faster internet.
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Is there evidence that blindess sharply heightens your other senses?
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Can anyone explain gravity to me? Especially Einsteinian & Newtonian gravitational theories
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serious did this man get so smart
john von neumann
like how the fuck did he get that smart

this isn't a case of him being a meme or something, because literally everyone around him treated him like some fucking demi god
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This is an organic synthesis I plan to do in my home chemistry lab. gonna try to make a NileRed kind of youtube video covering it all. do u guys have any advice/tips before i start?

I have experience with fischer esterification of secondary alcohols w/ carboxylic acids, and experience making low MW alkyl halides from alcohols, but this will be my first home grignard reaction.

I am aware of the carcinogenity of bromoethane, so I'm doing this outside with a respirator, heavy duty fan.
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urn id binary 20190124113349827-0612 9781107339217 04378tblA_2
>like 8 prefixes anyone gives a shit about
>one is a greek letter, another is distinguished by solely by case
was it autism?
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Hollo frends! i have to graph the relation between Max Voltage and Spiral area in matlab

does somebody have an idea of how to do it?
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Independent researchers
Has anyone on this board got any experience with doing scientific research without any publisher/qualifications?
I'm just entertaining a hypothetical, there's no real need to try dissuade me from it because I am just curious.
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Renewable Energy A Scam?
renewable energy
>decades of research
>trillions of dollars
>world-wide movements
>all to find a renewable alternative to fossil fuels

>some bumbling youtuber dumps a bottle of ever clear into his tank and it miraculously works

Is renewable energy a scam?
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After life and consciousness
do we really fall into none-existence when we die? is consciousness just a result of the brain?
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Is the earth getting heavier because of the rising population?

What will happen if the earth gets too heavy?
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Sad pepe
I'm somewhat concerned about my abilities in math lately. I'm a physics student and over the summer I've begun studying to maintain my knowledge from last semester. However, I keep running into difficulties of many kinds. Firstly, I make stupid math mistakes. Like kindergarten stuff. To begin my summer studying I started with khan academy, doing some simple average rate of change questions. I kept doing things like saying that 32-8 is equal to 16. It was so strange. I'm pretty sure it's just because I'm not focused. I haven't really dedicated myself to studying and I only just started today so it's natural that I'd be out of it. It put me off though.

Secondly, I'm still struggling with concepts from years ago. Geometry for example. Khan academy asked me to find the maximum area of an isosceles triangle. I had no idea where to start, largely because I don't know what an isosceles triangle is.

In essence I'm asking: Would it be best for me to go back and study my high school fundamentals first and then move on to calculus when I'm ready or should I keep going and hope to pick those old skills up along the way?
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2020-06-03 22_24_41-COVID-19 pandemic - Wikipedia
How the fuck did they do it?

What's russia's secret?
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No title
Who was actually behind the attack on the science of hydroxychloroquine?
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Why is paleontology the shittest discipline?
They consider a mildly different dinosaur hip from over 80mya an entirely separate genus despite knowing nothing about its reproductive capability.
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If all house/flesh flies were somehow* eradicated, would there be any noticeable impact on my life except implicit contentment? Google is rife with "flies are good," sentiments but that doesn't answer my question.

*how might one go about this, starting with a small city, without getting arrested?
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Why don't they invent a sandal that just covers the front balls of your feet?
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Coincidence or not ?
Screenshot_2020-06-05 Strange signals on ham radio
I found it in the next thread >>>/x/25145222
пoд этим видeo have a comment

If you look at the date of the video you can understand that a week after recording the video there was a powerful earthquake in Japan

Do you think a coincidence or not?
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War and crimes against humanity are justifiable to fuel scientific discovery the ends always justifies the means. Think of how far we could progress after WW3.

There is no logical argument against this
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No title
Why do we not like being wrong... yet want to prove other people wrong?
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is sagemath viable?
I wanna use opensource shit obviously over (((proprietary))) garbage but still sagemath doesnt really give me a good analytical solution like wolfram does. am I doing something wrong here?
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No title
Witten's daughter is trying to get an award named after the great statistician Ronald Fisher renamed/removed because he held some strong views on race. I don't think Witten should be /ourguy/ any longer.

Where does this sort of thing end? I wonder how much of SJW activism can be explained by its practitioners being failures in academia/arts/whatever, and on some level realizing they lack what it takes to make a meaningful contribution, so they resort to political advocacy in order to satisfy their need for status and attention.
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No title
How does the universe expand as if its a flat plane when its obviously 3 dimensional?
2 images | 16 replies
No title
download (2)
do people know these don't filter the air out ?

can you get expelled from a place for wearing one of these ?
5 images | 37 replies
No title
who was in the wrong here?
1 images | 31 replies
No title
Smart Pepe
Does Economics count as a Science? Serious question.
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No title
>Although we were impressed with your resume...
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Floating Islands
Why hasn't man conquered the seas yet? I mean like massive, floating continents. I know the oceans are one hell of a beast but is it possible to build a floating structure so large it would be inpervious to capsizing? Keep in mind the benefits of the sea:

Less disease/insects
Unlimited power due to currents
Unlimited source of purifiable water
Good source of food if you suppliment it with farming
Less pollution

Other than the obvious starting, engineering and maintenance costs (salt water corrodes like a bitch) am I missing something there? Seems like a huge untapped resource to me.
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Debunking Grandi's series

Supposedly Grandi's series proves that 0=1/2 and people use that as proof that the universe can come out of nothing. Here's why that is false: The problem is within the sequence itself, supposedly

S=1-1+1-1+1-1..... repeat forever

Grandi makes the assumption that this S sequence equals 0 but that's not the case when you realize that S can also be written as


Which can in turn be written as


0*∞ does not equal 0, It's undefined
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Free Shrkreli
Free BioTech CEO and Pharmaceutical CEO and investor turned software entrepreneur Martin Shkreli. He did nothing wrong
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The Limit of Technology
The solution to the "Fermi Paradox" is simple - there exists a hard upper limit of feasible technology that no species can ever get past regardless of effort. The laws of physics preclude a greater degree of control over matter/material to allow for the higher realms of technology that sci-fi fantasizes about. Something being "theoretically possible" DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS EVER ACTUALLY POSSIBLE - and that's assuming the technology actually is even theoretically possible in the first place.

The universe is teeming with intelligent lifeforms. They also max out at the "upper limit" of technology, which is slightly more advanced than where humans are now.
Human's are going to hit the wall within the next 5 to 15 years.

Pick related is a famous S-Curve. Singularity people and others like it believe that we're just now at the foot of the curve, and we're about to hit a great exponential increase up. But they are wrong. The past 150 years of the industrial revolution WAS the exponential increase when you look at human civilization as a whole and we are already curving off at the top of the graph. This is it.

Some anons will seethe and cope at this post. Just wait for 10 years and you will be forced to accept the reality of the Universe.
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No title
What's the scientific reason why city lights appear to "twinkle" like stars from afar?
2 images | 10 replies
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You have 10 seconds to come up with a scenario in which colonizing mars is preferable to building bunkers on earth or "terraforming" uninhabited land (the outback, the artic, the tundra, etc).
.... and 10. You didn't do it, right?
Even in the worst nuclear winter our planet is still 1 billion times preferable to mars colonization.

So can someone explain to me how this isn't all a massive PR stunt?
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I don't understand how chris langan is wrong
He is so often mocked but after actually reading his Cognitive-Theoretical Model of the Universe, it makes a lot of sense to me. Essentially the universe is meta-darwinian, constantly evolving and learning more about itself, self-determining its course.

>But there is another possibility after all: self-determinacy.

>The CTMU has a meta-Darwinian message: the universe evolves by hological self-replication and
self-selection. Furthermore, because the universe is natural, its self-selection amounts to a
cosmic form of natural selection. But by the nature of this selection process, it also bears
description as intelligent self-design (the universe is “intelligent” because this is precisely what it
must be in order to solve the problem of self-selection, the master-problem in terms of which lesser problems are necessarily formulated). This is unsurprising, for intelligence itself is a natural phenomenon that could never have emerged in humans and animals were it not already a latent property of the medium of emergence. An object does not displace its medium, but
embodies it and thus serves as an expression of its underlying syntactic properties. What is far more surprising, and far more disappointing, is the ideological conflict to which this has led. It seems that one group likes the term “intelligent” but is indifferent or hostile to the term “natural”, while the other likes “natural” but abhors “intelligent”. In some strange way, the whole controversy seems to hinge on terminology.
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Interpreting Equations
I've struggled with how to answer this question ever since I was an undergraduate so maybe I'll get /sci/'s opinion.

Consider a few simple equations, like F=ma or V=IR for a moment. What is the "right" way to interpret the casual relationship between the quantities in these equations?

Take V=IR for example. Does a voltage difference across a conductor cause a current to flow, or does current flowing through a conductor cause a voltage difference? In the case of F=ma, one could ask if a force causes an acceleration or vice versa.

Does it even make sense to talk about one quantity "causing" the other? Or is it that neither quantity "causes" the other, and instead voltage, current and resistance are perfectly correlated in a manner such that V always equals IR (for an ohmic conductor).

More generally, do the physical quantities in any given equation actually influence one another, or are they merely perfectly correlated (for an exact equation)?

Personally I prefer to think that they are just correlated, as a causal relationship implies one quantity "happened" first, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But I am open to alternate interpretations.
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No title
is memetic reproduction a thing?
3 images | 8 replies
Big bang origin
/sci/ do you have any ideas about how the big bang happened and why it happened?
3 images | 28 replies
No title
What is the total energy of the universe?
If zero, nothing can move because wave function of the universe doesn't change.
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No title
Why did he do it? What was his end game?
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Hello fellas. How come we don't make space rockets like this, if the hardest part to get thru with most drag is the lower atmosphere? I didn't feel like explaining in words so i have painted an image.

I assume someone has designed something like this cause it's a pretty obvious idea. Where is it? Why is it bad?
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Does varying levels of intelligence imply we can all be retarded, or is there a non-arbitrary IQ at which we "understand" how "things really are." Basically, if ayy lmaos visited us, what are the chances that we would be on the same plane of intelligence, instead of being akin to dribbling little babies with our "higher math" and "scientific method?" Can you imagine the ayys having functioning "technology" that people could not ever understand?
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post trolley problem
starting with OC
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/med/ - Medicine General

Last thread >>11686822

Thread for the discussion of allopathic evidence-based medicine. We discuss research, offer advice (the best one is to see your family physician), make fun of premeds and shitpost.

>What's the best spec for research?
Path, onc, anesthesia, etc.
>Best spec lifestyle wise?
Psych, ophtho, derm, rads
>Is x too old for med?
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Do you know about the science wars

So, when were you during the science wars time?
what is your opinion?
are you a scientific realist and postmodernist critic? and why?
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Does it actually exist?
Can we ever express something 100% accurate?
If not is it our inferior perception of reality to blame? Or is it that reality is not objective ?
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Is wine good for your health or not? Can drinking wine benefit your health while bringing bad side effects?
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How does science explain Dragonball? What's the scientific explanation for being able to manipulate your energy to shoot blasts and fly?
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Human colony on Mars for Buzz Aldrin&#039;s &#039;Welcome to Mars&#039; book
I can't wait to buy a yuppie penthouse condo in downtown Musk City, Martian Republic.
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this guy is fucking awesome and deserves his own thread
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attention = the allocation of our brains LIMITED resources
Are we nothing but what we pay attention to? Attention is the direct link to what grows our brains network (IE all we are). Our brains networks are in conflict with each other constantly to get our attention in order to grow.

We can only do 7 conscious processes IE attention at one time.
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How did he get so smart?
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UFO Abduction at Pascagoula
Is there a scientific explanation for this?
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What maths and physics do I need to know before I start studying General Relativity
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*coof coof*
Is Covid wave 2 inevitable now?
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>be me
>be machine learning PhD student London UK
>develop model that has lots of commercial interest
>uni decides to spin out idea as a company
>asks me what salary I would want to work on my model
>wat do???
>what salary would be normal for someone like me?
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Did you know that strawberries aren't berries actually?
I love science.
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Is he, dare I say it. /our politician/?
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Are dolphins smarter then people?
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>we are blue dot so we are insignificant
>we are the way the universe experiences itself
It's like 'pick one' amirite
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Movies about signal processing/ engineering etc.
I know this is not /tv/, but wanted to know if there are any cool movies (not documentarys) about singla processing or STEM in general where the progtagonist extensivley uses mathematic equations etc. to decypher whatever.
I am asking here because /tv/ only likes to talk about cunny
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Is his books good or is he a hack
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I just got a PhD in physics yesterday. Hated my life for the last 4 years because of it. Ask me anything you want.

>What school?
Pic related.
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Will society one day progress pass the need for human labor? If so, will this happen in the near future?
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Why are they black? They live in jungles where the trees protect them from the sun, yet the Arabs living in the much hotter desert sun are lighter skinned then them. What’s the logical explanation for this?
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So why can't dark matter just be cold neutrinos that got produced during big bang nucleosynthesis and got slowed down by the extreme density of the universe back then? What problems does that hypothesis have compared to other weakly interacting particles?

Schizos not welcome in this thread.
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Climate Blackpilled
This paper claims that we have started a green house cascade that will make all agriculutre impossible in the future
>With the future climate instability already locked into the system by recent human activity we will most likely return to the climate volatility of the Pleistocene. Climate change will adversely affect agriculture in a number of ways including sea level rise, higher average temperatures, heat extremes, changes in rainfall patterns, and the loss of pollinators. Less understood changes include the effects on agricultural pests, soil composition, and the growth response of crops to rising CO2 levels.

Is it over lads?
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This is a stupid question but I am slightly confused about the wording about this.

>Show that if a set S has cardinality m, where m is a positive integer, then there is a one-to-one correspondence between S and the set {1,2,3,...,m}.

By this do they mean that there exists a function [math] f [/math] such that [math] f: S \rightarrow {1,2,3,...,m} [/math] is a bijection?

Because surely not all functions from S to {1,2,3,...,m} will be bijections because all the domain elements can just map to a single element for example f(x) = 1 for all values of x in S...

Am I understanding this correctly?
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Is it possible for Asians or Whites from normal families to get into elite schools?
By elite schools I mostly mean Harvard, Princeton, MIT and Stanford.
I feel like the bar for white or Asian students is so high that it's almost impossible to get in. Unless you're the valedictorian of a highly prestigious high school or you are genuine prodigy, excellent academics still won't get you accepted. For students from very rich families it's a different story. You can hire people who know how to game the system. You can get SAT tutors and hire professionals to write your essay. Your family can donate large sums to the school. Your can do progressive sounding extracurriculars like "I'm a VP at a charity(that my dad owns)" or "I teach students in undeserved inner city schools how to [insert something esoteric and somewhat academic]". If someone in your family are a celebrity or politician you are way more likely to get in. If you are associated with a tragedy you are more likely to get in(see David Hogg). Legacy students have an unfair and absurd advantage for being accepted.
Ultimately, what this means is that after of seats are taken by affirmative action and the children from wealthy families, it is impossible for whites or Asians from normal families to get in unless they are a one in a million prodigy. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were basically prodigies, however their families', although not rich, were still upper class. What upsets me most is that admissions will be way more impressed by some BS progressive sounding extracurricular rather than, for example, you worked a part time job to help your family. Rant over.
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I really hope this story is going to pick up

>"...He told me of how he had tried to be killed, but his comrades had fallen around him and each time, by some miracle, he had lived. The ones with the photographs in their wallets, the frightened ones, and the ones with dreams of the future, they were the ones who got killed, he said. Only those who didn't care, got the Iron Crosses. Now he was going to the front, to his unit if he could reach it, otherwise anywhere, anywhere, did I hear, where he would be allowed to die."
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What is the right answer and why is it d?
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