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Does blue light really kill pathogens or is this another placebic scam
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Why did they stop sciencing
>0 large scale experiments
>infrastructure stuck in the 1940s
>children fall behind shitholes in international olympiads
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>me explaining to zoomers in their mid 20s how to add fractions
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If I had to watch one documentary or youtube series to properly understand modern physics, what would it be?
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Is it safe to assume all women with graduate degrees
Obtained them through entirety merritless studies? Whether using their ass or affirmative action or both, it's all been ill gotten? Just wondering if anyone else is struggling to find a woman with advanced degree who is actually book smart.
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Paige Hill is NOT the savior of science, Paige Hill is SCUM.
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Are US university rankings overrated?
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1695174276722399m (1)
>Cripple 200.000 kids to save 0.5
Now that the dust has settled, was this bad science?
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banned for saying a bad word
/sci/ humor thread
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Large hadron collider doomsday machines, google bard answer
As being the user that wrote this to chatgpt I can explain my thought train about LHC experiment(-s). Take a Chinese finger trap, ribbons, a Yahtzee (there’s several possibilities for higher scores) and imagine a ribbon of higgsbosons in the moment of/after the destructive succession of the two atoms that hit in a speed beyond lightspeed. My assumption is that this could result in a stable, self sustaining black mass (schwarzes Loch) which potentially as outcome would devour the whole planet earth, like in the melting of two dying suns, which is the common physics example of the creation of a black mass. Light is, in lasers it can be used for science and has many use cases of good. Good and evil, is good a worth, evil is as well, the use and abuse is more surplus faster on the evil side, nights are dark, space in universe is cold, a struggle, b/w thinking, there’s many grey in reality.

I understand your concerns about the potential risks of the LHC experiments. It is true that these experiments are designed to collide particles at energies that have never been achieved before, and there is a theoretical possibility that this could create a stable, self-sustaining black hole. However, it is important to remember that this is just a theoretical possibility, and there is no evidence that it has actually happened.

The LHC experiments are conducted under very controlled conditions, and there are a number of safety measures in place to prevent any accidents. The experiments are also monitored by a team of experts who are constantly looking for any signs of trouble.

While there is always a risk involved in any scientific experiment, the benefits of the LHC experiments are potentially enormous. These experiments could help us to understand the fundamental laws of physics, and they could also lead to new discoveries that could improve our lives.

I agree with you that light can be used for both good and evil.
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>cavities were cured in 1985
>the creators and volunteer subjects have been inoculated for 4 decades and have had no health effects so far
>the journal on it is public
>it's even patented

How much do we not know? How much science has been killed simply because it would murder an entire multibillion dollar industry?
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Any theories about my condition subsequent to my reckless stupidity?
I took Jujube, a lot of acid,(500 mcg dose usually) and most importantly You Gui Wan pills, which act as Nogo-A inhibitors and hence have the potential to reverse synaptic pruning when I was 16 when it was the year 2017, because I was using myself as a lab rat for boosting IQ using isochronic tones for phase-amplitude gamma coupling to delta.(and failed; also latter is just dopamine kek) I was scared I'd overwrite old synaptic strengths and such by the explosion of new synapses which would mostly be noise. I also had extremely poor sleep. It was extremely wild, sometimes I tripped for days, and my memory has been absolutely annihilated. Years after cessation of the experiment I noticed I'm stuck in the year 2016, culturally. The fact I'm stuck in the year 2016, though, means that I didn't overwrite old synapses, although I became extremely aloof with regards to my parents, so not sure, but in terms of semantic memory and writing capacity I'm probably fine. I did notice, however, that I had to learn how to spell again, my spelling ability got fucked as well as my phonetic articulation ability. Probably a lost cause with regards to maths.
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can you refute this anon's points?
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If big titties so desirable how come small titties didn't get obsolescence by evolution?
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transgenerational trauma
What are the stupidest pseudosciences that remain mostly uncontested?
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Is science just a meme at this point?
In this study they literally just surveyed vegan cat owners and found that they reported their cats to be healthier. Yet this study will probably be cited by veterinarians and cat food companies to start pushing vegan cat food.
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Scientically speaking, how do I lower my anxiety levels?
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Screenshot from 2023-09-22 19-11-44
Can we explain why girls absolutely love things that seem so silly to men? Things that don't have a straightforward explanation from evopsych - it is obvious why they like cute animals or men with money or muscles for example.
But girls also absolutely love or have a fascination with: dancing, handmade stuff, clothes, astrology, shiny rocks, fine dining...
The overarching themes are that the things are: 1. subtle 2. silly 3. whimsical
Look at how unbelievably delighted the girl is in this when she starts dancing:
I'm not trying to be provocative, I want to know if there are any studies on why they are like this? Thoughts?
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Procreating with older women
Scientifically speaking, is there any real risk of procreating with a woman that's a few years older than you? So long as you're no older than 35 years old, let's say
>inb4 autism babies
We both know that that's not the main issue.
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Aquatic ape
itt:evolutionary explanation for aquatic adaptations that are not present in any other primate species.

Side questions:
> Why are schools still teaching that our ancestors came down the trees to live in the Savanah.
> Evolutionary feasibility of every other primate species having 24 pairs of chromosomes, and only humans evolving having only 23
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outer space2
Are space and universe synonyms? When people say the universe is expanding do they mean the empty black stuff is expanding? What's at the edge of the empty black stuff? A different kind of empty black stuff?
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What are some important concepts in your field that are not famous among normies?
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How does science explain the tremendous increase in cardiac deaths amongst young people?
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Underrated scientists?
In history, but also are there any alive today who might need more recognition for their contributions to scientific research?
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round 2
this picture makes /sci/ seethe
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What is free energy?
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>For all x, x=x

What exactly is the point of the law of identity? What does it mean to say that x=x? Does it mean that for all predicates P, that P(x) iff P(x)? All this seems to state is that
~(P(x)^P(x)), which is just the law of noncontradiction. If this is not the case, then does it state that x has some equality property which goes beyond its predicates? But these things would not be relevant in first-order logic.

If it is not either of these, does it only mean that some symbol "x' can only represent one thing? If so, then this seems to be only a statement of syntax, and not imply anything about x itself.

Having a hard time understanding.
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>"I have a high IQ becaususe i have a college deg-ACK!"
What would you define as the watershed moment, where academic institutions abandoned the original purpose of universities? The declining value of attending university was already being discussed when boomers were most of the student body, but when was it definitive?
As a down syndrome person, I would like to learn about this.
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How do I cope with the fact that im going to get old and weak? Besides becoming an hero.
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This is insane
They are making students dumber and no one is doing anything about it.
We need to flood their schools with letters and e-mails telling them how insane of a practice this is.
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honor math_science class ban

California schools are cancelling honors math/science class for over achievers because having them means you're hurting the feelings of underperformers and you cant allow the gifted to have better education.
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Video of the life of a guy with 75 IQ
Video of a 75 IQ individual talking about his experience of trying to hold onto a job.

These 2 videos are relatively short. 12 or so minutes in total. After watching them I want to know what are your thoughts on them? I was a little surprised on how well articulated they were then I noticed that assuming they wouldn’t be was a dumb assumption to have. And I liked the fact they try to do something despite the problem. I think willpower is more important then IQ personally when it comes to judging a person. IQ doesn’t matter if your a pathetic person with no willpower. Also one of them has a wife.
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Is SpaceX Finished?
They're being sued by the US Justice Department. If they get bankrupted, that'll be it for the private space industry in the US.

(No, Blue Origin and all the other shitters DON'T count!)
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CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas
1850: CO2 was 0.03% in air
2023: CO2 is 0.04%
And that is after burning BILLIONS of gallons of fossil fuels.

CO2 is not a greenhouse gas, and I can provide it, and so can you.

Go outside, and set up two identical glass greenhouses which are airtight.
Inside, make sure the gas mixture is as follows:
>Greenhouse #1: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 0.03% CO2.
>Greenhouse #2: 76% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 0.04% CO2.
Make sure there is 0% humidity in both greenhouses.
Now measure the temperatures, and over the course of a day or a year, there will be no difference in the end temperature of the greenhouse. More CO2 doesn’t “trap heat” or cause the greenhouse to warm or cool any faster than the other one.
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iPhone 12 radiation banned

but /sci/ said non-ionizing radiation is safe!

/sci/zos win again
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If you're so smart why arent you a successful trader?
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low iq
Astrophysicist is convinced a hole he found on the beach is a meteor strike
Video reveals the true origins of the hole

I guess this means the meme about scientists being smart is just a meme
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CIA paid money to change the conclusion of Covid
scientists paid by CIA to change the narrative
So looks like CIA paid the covid scientists to change their minds on covid origins.

New from whistleblower in congressional investigation
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batteries are trash
Lithium-ion Battery Fire
elon and his cock-sucking simps have convinced all the normies to fill the streets of the earth with batteries, that literally die within ~2 years of heavy usage.
"trust me bruh: they last 10" yeah because you assume light usage and because you overdesign and oversell cars.

the japs as smarter when they keep the advantages of the electric motor, but use electric hydrogen cells instead. it's way smarter for efficiency too since you can produce hydrogen at remote places and when it's efficient and not when mr normie #12312 wants to charge in the middle of the day at a random congested spot.

also public transportation that is clean and fast and modern would be more suitable for most normies.
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the final solution
>ocean temperatures are rising and endangering ecosystems
ok? just pour ice in the water and cool it down, dumbass.
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>Endocrine disruptors are natural or man-made chemicals that may mimic or interfere with the body's hormones, known as the endocrine system

If this is true we're fucked. All these pollutants may be altering fetal development and change us for life in ways that are to subtle to measure. The effects could range from autism to sexual orientation, to who knows what

“Developmental exposure to low doses of EDCs may not lead to malformation or to anything you can look at and immediately recognize as a problem,” she says. “But it still could have long-term effects, such as alterations in metabolism, alterations causing cancer later on, or alterations causing infertility.”

Reproductive and developmental abnormalities linked to EDC exposures have now been documented in birds, frogs, seals, polar bears, marine mollusks, and dozens of other wildlife species. For example, alligators in Lake Apopka—one of Florida’s most polluted lakes due to extensive farming activities around the lake, the presence of a sewage treatment facility, and a major 1980 spill of pesticides including DDT and DDE—have been shown to have been “feminized.” That is, zoologist Louis J. Guillette, Jr., and colleagues first reported in the August 1994 EHP, the males have shortened penises and low levels of testosterone, while the females have excessive levels of estrogens.

Sex reversal (in which an animal of one sex matures with the reproductive organs and capabilities of the other sex) and skewed sex ratios (in which there is an unusually greater proportion of one sex than the other) have been seen in several fish populations, particularly colonies living in close proximity to pulp and paper mills and sewage treatment plants. Other reports have shown reproductive effects among wildlife resulting from exposure to EDCs excreted into the water supply by women taking birth control pills.

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Dysgenics will end civilization.
the future
The genetics of a population determines the civilizational complexity that can be attained. Genetics are affected by selection pressures, which are determined by environment.
Complex civilization is an environment that creates dysgenic selection pressures that promote traits that are poor at maintaining complex civilization.

Intelligence is going down, impulsiveness is going up, mental and physical health is dropping, conscientiousness is going down.

This will result in another winter of civilization, as was seen after Rome fell there may be small, poorly developed holdouts where technologies may survive until a new renaissance. As these dysgenic selection pressures are worldwide, the collapse will be particularly brutal and long.

At current rates of more than 1 IQ point per decade, we have less than 300 years before we reach the civilizational capabilities of Sub-Saharan Africa.

You're transhumanist dreams are dashed. Most technology will have to be relearned as with last time.
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When social constructs such as morality or justice become a part of evolution?
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Is idealism more rational then materialism?
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Is there any evidence for the biological reality of gender identity, rather than just a single disease known as gender dysphoria?
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>Spend millions to look like a 60yo lesbian
What went wrong ? Is the anti aging field really that bad?
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Over 300 Threatened Eagles Killed or Injured by Wind Turbines in Tasmania
Accelerated deaths of the Tasmanian wedge-tailed and white-bellied sea-eagles are a grim reality if thousands of new wind turbines are built.

Over the past decade, wind turbines and transmission lines have led to the deaths or injuries of 321 threatened eagles in Tasmania, according to a study.

More cases are believed to be unreported due to a lack of systemic research on wind farms and public information.

From 2010-2022, wind farms caused the deaths of 268 eagles and injured 53, with state-owned power company TasNetworks reporting 139 deaths, and eagle rescuers witnessing 91 deaths and 50 injuries.

Study author Gregory Pullen said the number of eagle deaths was a “stark reminder” that an urgent solution was needed to mitigate further harm to the vulnerable species.

“The real number can only be higher since surveying at wind farms is incomplete,” Mr. Pullen noted in the study.

“Specifically, it is only close to turbines, is periodic, and does not involve all turbines or all habitat around each turbine, scrub often being excluded.”

Of great concern is that 272 deaths involved the endangered Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle, and 49 of the vulnerable white-bellied sea eagles.
Future of Birds Unclear
Both species could face further risk as the expansion of wind turbine construction continues amid the federal government’s net-zero push.

“Accelerated deaths of the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle and white-bellied sea-eagle are a grim reality if thousands of new wind turbines and hundreds of kilometres of transmission lines are erected across Tasmania to meet a legislated doubling of renewable energy production by 2040,” Mr. Pullen said.

The study estimated that less than 1,000 Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles remain and emphasised ongoing monitoring to ensure the species does not become extinct.
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread
Formerly: >>15729927

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding maths and science. Also homework.
>where do I go for advice?
>>>/sci/scg or >>>/adv/
>where do I go for other questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I search for proofs?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?
>how do I find the source of an image?

>where can I get:
>book recs?
>online courses and lectures?
>tables, properties and material selection?

Tips for asking questions here:
>attach an image (animal images are ideal, you can grab them from >>>/an/. Alternatively use anime from
>avoid replying to yourself
>ask anonymously
>recheck the Latex before posting
>ignore shitpost replies
>avoid getting into arguments
>do not tell us where is it you came from
>do not mention how [other place] didn't answer your question so you're reposting it here
>if you need to ask for clarification fifteen times in a row, try to make the sequence easy to read through
>I'm not reading your handwriting
>I'm not flipping that sideways picture
>I'm not google translating your spanish
>don't ask to ask
>don't ask for a hint if you want a solution
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How the fuck do I train myself to get better at "problem" solving?
Whatever school math has taught has clearly not been enough to solve those nutty critical problems that don't require you to differentiate or integrate a function.

I've recently been going through Paul Zeitz's The Art and Craft of Problem Solving, and I realized that I withered away my time for nothing. That book is what I NEEDED all this time. It however is unfortunate that I'm a complete retard who's struggling to even solve the first few questions of the book.

For example, this question" Find the next member in this sequence 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221,…" yeah I can't solve this, and the solution is pretty difficult to understand. With that said, some of the previous questions have made me go "OH SHIT WHY DID I NOT THINK LIKE THAT"

Now please tell me how I can train myself to get better at these kinds of problems, which is what mathematical olympiads all seem to be about. Also suggest some books that are in a similar vein to this as I couldn't find a single resource that aims at the target this book aims for.
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No title
Why is it so difficult, biologically, to get people to understand the lethal risks of wearing masks?
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No title
How do we solve the issue of plastic pollution?
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>Mexicans find decaying piñata at dig site
>it somehow makes international news
Many such cases!
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was Oppenheimer really such a important figure in developping the BOMB or its just another modern day hollywood propaganda
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The Grand Experiment to settle Consciousness/Free-will debate once and for all
Alright, there is one way to conclusively solve this age long debate once and for all - the very predicative AI model /x/ schzios have been raving about for ages that would somehow "end free-will" if implemented.
Which model am I talking about? The one popularized by conspiratorial giant Alex Jones prophesying Big Tech collecting population data to eventually train an AI that would completely predicate human behavior.
As the schizo doomed, once achieved, such an AI would be able to recommend exact variables to input to generate desired behaviors and end free-will as we know it.

The obvious irony here is of course if such an AI is possible then you never had "free-will" to begin with.

Scientific model and theories are merited entirely on their predicative prowess. If the materialists can construct such a thing that would unilaterally predicate the behavior of any human being without fail based purely on bio-physical read out, then this achievement would be conclusive proof that human beings indeed have no such thing as "free-will".

Now of course on the contrary, if such a thing cannot be done even when all materialist variables are accounted for, then there obviously is such a thing as free-will however unexplainable it might be based on current theories and models.

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In 1988, experts predicted the Great Lakes states would warm 4-9 degrees and the lakes would lose 2-9 feet of water by the year 2030. This would cause millions of people to migrate there.
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No title
University is a glorified trades school for ivory tower faggots that sniff their own farts
t. 141 IQ
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No title
>spilled acid all over my fingers and now the fingerprint lock won't let me into the lab
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/med/icine general - Akahige Edition
We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor), make fun of premeds and shitpost.
Keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K/soliciting advice out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
prev: >>15733382
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Does radiation melt chocolate?
I recently bought one of those handheld Boruit chink flashlights, the one with UV light and a glow in the dark fluorescent case etc.
I left it on a bar of chocolate by accident and when I came back the next morning, the chocolate was melted inside its aluminium wrapper. Is this a sign of radiation? Are the chinks trying to give me nut cancer with their $20 Amazon flashlight?
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No title
what if climate?
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Why are electric cars so flammable? They don't even have any gasoline in them, you'd think they'd be less flammable than regular cars
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Neuralink implants killed previously healthy monkeys
safe and effective brain-computer interface
Anything related to Musk should be considered to be dangerous.
>The documents include veterinary records, first made public last year, that contain gruesome portrayals of suffering reportedly endured by as many as a dozen of Neuralink’s primate subjects, all of whom needed to be euthanized.
>UC Davis veterinary records chronicle a battery of complications that developed following procedures involving electrodes being surgically implanted into monkeys’ brains. The complications include bloody diarrhea, partial paralysis, and cerebral edema, a condition colloquially known as “brain swelling.”
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Is microdosing Alcohol life extension or not
>Tiny amounts of alcohol dramatically extend a worm's life

Every health book I've read suggests not to drink but then I see stuff like this and hear arguments involving moderate cellular adversity as a benefit
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Why do doctors never diagnose NPD?
Is there a scientific explanation for why this board constantly has threads posted by people who seemingly want to brag about their mental illness diagnosis and that diagnosis is always ADHD, autism or assburgers and never narcissistic personality disorder?
Why is it that nobody is every diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder?
Or if they are, why are they not driven to brag about it? Bragging is a stereotypical narcissistic trait. Autism & assburgers are supposedly a lot more introverted and so should be less prone to bragging.
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What does he mean by this?
Does he mean the highly scaled markov chain he's selling is already AGI and that we're in a slow takeoff since GPT-3 has been out 3+ years.
Please explain.
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No title
Why is everyone lying about the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment. The experiment records two peaks under waveform collapse, not one.

Is Copenhagen really this important to protect that they have to lie about it?
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No title
/sci/ has gone to shit because of schizophrenic namefag larpers like bodhi or cuck of passion. You can't have a serious thread anymore without them showing up and derailing the thread with their narcissistic off-topic larping and aggressive shitposting. I hope the new janny will take care of them.
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No title
Ok my numbers won nothing today and I am ok with that


I ran the same nubers for the last five years and they would have only won 20 times and only 4 dollars 19 times and one time it would have given me a whopping 7 dollars for getting three numbers right.

Thats 780 plays costing $1560 and giving me back $83

Why dont they teach this math in schools?
Only a retard would buy a lottery ticket
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No title
Where are all the Aliens !?
0 media | 3 replies
Learning how to research
Are there any free resources that teach how to research at a professional level, and understand things like statistics or read scientific studies?
0 media | 4 replies
How to create an annoying voice echo
There’s a jesus freak on campus and I want to buy a similar mic and speaker he uses and aim it at his speaker so it just echos so he has no idea what he is saying. will this work?
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No title
It's fucking insane I can't ask a simple question on this board with a thread or in SQT and get a fucking answer despite this being a science board. You're all useless and should kill yourselves. Crazy how worthless you all are
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This book is a mess.
I don't know why this book is popular. Peskin&Schroeder, Srednicki, Ramond, and Weinberg all do a much better job. This book tries to be all of them and ends up being for no one. It was my first QFT book, but I can't remember ever going back to it, while I routinely revisit the others I've listed.
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No title
Why did they lie to us?
23 media | 81 replies
No title
>teeth hurt again
>just 6 months since my dentist fixed my shit
>even brushed a few times since then
Fuck this. Why is my teeth falling apart while hunter/gathers had no dental problems?
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No title
redpill me
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Ivermectin/COVID discussion
covid 19 treatments meta analysis
Despite the intense disinfo by Phauci and the media and government, the science is in and has been for a while:
>Statistically significant lower risk is seen for mortality, ventilation, ICU admission, hospitalization, recovery, cases, and viral clearance. All remain significant for higher quality studies. 60 studies from 54 independent teams in 24 different countries show statistically significant improvements.
>Meta analysis using the most serious outcome shows 62% [51‑70%] and 85% [77‑90%] lower risk for early treatment and prophylaxis, with similar results for higher quality studies, primary outcomes, peer-reviewed studies, and for RCTs.
>Results are very robust — in worst case exclusion sensitivity analysis 62 of 99 studies must be excluded to avoid finding statistically significant efficacy.
...or am I a conspiracy theorist and actually the FDA is actually right and all these studies are junk?
I also find it very interesting that Nigella Sativa (nigella seeds) and Curcumin (turmeric) were found to be so effective against COVID. Something so cheap and accessible, but of course not profitable so you've never heard of it.
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No title
Should I use Overleaf in iPad12.9 2022 2tb or an iPad 12.9 2022 2tb with an Apple Pencil and the GoodNotes app to take notes during my quantum mechanics class?
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Searle's Chinese Room is How Automata Actually Live
searles room
So what does Searle's Room prove to begin with? It very clearly illustrates the mind of a less than Human automata which has no soul and attaches no meaning to the world around it (i.e., no subjective experience) and instead is purely reactionary and beholden to biological instruction.

Human Beings, on the other hand, process physical information by mentally attaching meaning to it. This happens because the mental plane can interact with the spatial, physical plane. Don't believe me? Recall a prior experience you've had that was especially traumatic. Your physical body will react, given a serious enough memory, in the form of higher pulse rate and blood pressure. The same works the other way around, for obvious reasons, because it would be absurd to assume that the physical plane cannot provide a basis for a mental emotion, experience, or thought.

Are you perpetually stuck in Searle's Room? Or are you a Human Being?
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No title
This is how pajeets make em cheap
literal slave labor
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No title
Looking for good resources to learn the basics of Linear temporal logic.
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No title
So is Hawking radiation actually real?
1 media | 19 replies
No title
why is there something rather than nothing?
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No title
>professor asks a pretty basic question to the class
>waits in silence as no one speaks up
>professor raises tone and asks again aggressively
>professor calls on random person to answer it

wat compels them to do this
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Does synesthesia help with science & math?
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No title
Is it possible that the Universe does not really exist?

That would explain how it came into existence and what it's made of, because it doesn't exist and is made of nothing.
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No title
Zero probability events don't occur in infinite universes.
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No title
What is the biggest COPE in science? Some candidates:

>many worlds
>dark matter

What else?
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No title
is it a meme?
2 media | 71 replies
No title
What is your stance on ethics in science?
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No title
The most important discovery is not the multiverse or immortality. Its being able to grow your fucking dick until you have a donkey dick.
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Carbon Monoxide: Organic or Inorganic?
It is stated and accepted among all chemists that organic chemistry involves carbon. From the Britannica:

>An organic compound is any chemical compound in which one or more atoms of carbon are covalently linked to atoms of other elements

That being said, is carbon monoxide organic or inorganic?
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No title
Phenomenal new Richard Dawkins video
0 media | 6 replies
No title
Are the laws of mathematics and formal logic intrinsic to our universe, or do they exist independent of it? Where are they defined? Could they be different in a hypothetical other universe?
1 media | 18 replies
Sticky Dead
Sticky dead. Repost self-learning & timewasting /sci/ guide please
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No title
electromagnetic wave
Wouldn't the aether just be the electromagnetic field? Any absolute motion would just be motion relative to the EM field, no aether or special relativity required.
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No title
I have been thinking.. what exactly is stopping me - a man of culture, to put this finely powdered erbium(III) oxide into a strawberry flavored protein shake and consume it?
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Animal gene evolution speed
I managed to pull out THIS CHART out from large array of animal gene data

Deuterostomes are bilaterian deuterostomes
Protostomes are bilaterian deuterostomes
Other is non-bilaterian animals, one example being comb-jellies

This stupid program is hard to use, I had to wrote Gene block three times there so that chart could understand what I want to display grapihcally

ACTUAL genetic data software is command line and much better than graphical nonsense software, this is for producing a chart only

In the graph you can see protostomes and deuterostomes closely together and "other" being somewhat farther away from them, BUT all of the charts produce same shape so far

GAMMA score is RAXML tree GAMMA value taken from a bunch of relatively closely related species. if they were identical it would display zero instead of negative value

DEUTEROSTOME includes human and frog both so you get an idea how its not only mammals compared to each other

PROTOSTOME has thins like daddy long legs and some aquatic (ocean) insect like creature and they do seem to be better matched than a deuterostome tree for who knows why

This happens eventhough two protostomes have a distance of 0.4 at minimum from each other while human and frog have 0.3 (thus human and frog are quite similar)

Protostomes just have a huge variability in their genes but they also are missing several deuterostome genes completely and ALL OF THEM share this feature. This is why all protostomes trees produce good GAMMA values. They all are related to each other eventhough maybe not closely. Since they share one crucial mutation that appeared only once, 660 million years ago and affected only them and nobody else, ever. And nobody knows what it does.
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Male testosterone
Apparently male testosterone levels and sperm counts have been going down for a while now, and this is happening all over the world, not just in the west.

What will the impact of this trend be in the long run?
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Tiangong space station
Are there any pictures available of the exterior of the Tiangong space station? Not renderings, I can find plenty of those, but actual pictures. Here's one of the ISS for example.
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images (18)
>time dilation
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>body produces a fever during an infection to help the body kill the virus/bacteria
>doctors tell you to take Tylenol to help lower the fever

Why do doctors help the viruses/bacteria?
As long as my fever keeps below 103, don't I want an elevated temperature to help get me cured faster?
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andromeda constellation
HOW the FUCK am I supposed to identify constellations with the naked eye?
How did they do it? Our ancestors of course.
All the stars look the same to me
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The workings of a jet engine is one of the most fascinating subjects.

Have engineers actually optimized all of the gorillion different parameters that you have there (the number of turbines, distance between them, the material, the geometry of the blades, the number of blades in each turbine, etc, etc, etc) in order to make it as fuel efficient as possible? I mean, is every little detail and parameter taken into account.
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What is String Theory?
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>"nature abhors a vacuum"
>most of the universe is literally just empty space
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IQ Thread
Take the fucking test and post results
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do parallel universes exist? according to string theory yes but according to loop quantum gravity no?
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why magnetic monopoles do not exist?
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So what exactly is an observer in an experiment? Can a machine or an animal be an observer?
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Trillion dollars for immortality
cia night ops max equipment
Hypothetically speaking, would it be possible for a human to become Amortal within this century if he spends one trillion dollars in the task?
What CRISPR, Stem cell, and invasive treatments are\will become available, but are super-expensive? For example there's a guy who has literally no pulse because he has an artificial valve as a heart. What about "quirky" stuff like red-light therapy, magnetic boards, etc? Could a human spend hours a day in a room with 2000 red light lamps?
>this thread is mainly speculative and also a bit humorous. feel free to post stuff like "take a trip to space to expand the consciousness + heroic dose DMT periodically"
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Why are traditional helicopter controls still used when they are so needlessly complicated? They are basically unchanged since the 1940s.

On the other hand, a literal child can learn how to fly a drone with joystick controls in about 5 minutes. Or think about how intuitive helicopter controls are in video games.

Is there any reason a helicopters flight controls couldn’t be mapped to something as simple as a couple of joysticks?
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What is the funniest number?
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Caturday morning thread
In the uni libriary study carrels, with my nalgene full of vodka. I have already studied 20 pages, and complimented 3 passing women. How are you spending your Caturday, friends?
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Circumcision - The Human Foreskin
This thread is dedicated to discussions relating to the anatomical functions of the foreskin.

>Why does this exist?
Because the foreskin is a very controversial piece of skin that is often amputated/ shortened for religious, traditional or medical purposes.
Discussions sorrounding this topic are often filled with emotions, so hopefully this thread can shed some light on the more objective facets of the procedure.
Keep in mind that routine circumcision of infant boys is (more or less) legal, globally.

>>What is the medical consensus on routine penile circumcision?
There exists a whole variety of medical literature on the human foreskin and on circumcision, with no universal consensus.
Some studies point to improvements or indiffernece in regards to sexual intercourse, European pediatricians on the other hand, often advise against routine male genital cutting.
>Possible benefits
- The membrane of the glans "keratinizes" due to being exposed to friction against fabrics, which is currently interpreted as a preventative anatomical advantage against STDs, by the WHO.
- Since the glans keratinizes, it becomes less sensitive, which may help for issues regarding hypersensitivity or premature ejaculation.
>Possible risks
- Medical malpractice.
- Loss of important pleasure functions, due to aforementioned keratinization.
- Loss of important pleasure functions, due to missing specialized erogenous skin.

>My thoughts
I believe that this topic confuses a lot of people, because what is never brought up is that every human is circumcised to different degrees.
I have been circumcised extremely tightly, so much so that, while erect, I have no skin I can move, making masturbation difficult and not very pleasurable.
Full erections, furthermore, are also somewhat painful.

However, someone who had been circumcised very loosely, may dismiss anti-circumcision thoughts, since their anatomical structure, despite being circumcised, is much closer to that of an intact foreskin.
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September is the hottest month in the entire Earth, because the sun releases more fire from this spot that happens to be turned at Earth at this time of the year during the Translation.
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Cure for autism
Is there any known way to cure autism? Preferably a real medical treatment not bullshit talk therapy.
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Very easy, and chat GPT 4 still goes full retarded.
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Explain to me how to move your fingers. Don’t explain why it happens or the mechanics behind it, just literally how. Just how you would explain to an alien that just got into a human body that never had fingers before
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Is this biologically possible?
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Of the rocket launches which fail to achieve their ultimate objective, do more fail due to miscalculation / planning failure on the part of the ground team before they even launch or mechanical / engineering failures on the part of the people who construct and assemble the rocket and its attached components?
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/scg/ - STEM Career General
anon cv
Advanced CV spinning for NEETs edition

This thread exists to ask questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
>Discussion on academia based career progression
>Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
>Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
> (US)
> (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The Chad author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields. Said author regularly views these /scg/ threads.

No anons have answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here:

An archive of all the previous editions of /scg/:

Last thread: >>15711065
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I'm worried one day someone will cure autism and there will not be enough geniuses anymore
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Micotic meningitis, gg no re
>be me
>lab chemist of a hospital
>have experience of over 1000 clinical bacteria, and. Fungi cultures
>3 months ago aprox
>some women come in to intensive adult therapy
>Drs start asking for micotoc cultures from LCR
>ok then
>use both pre enrichment in bact alert flasks and direct aproach by using the sediment to culture posible fungus in saboraud medium
>ffw 1 month
>still nothing grows
>all koh, methilene blue and gram stains negative allbthe time
>PCR is asked
>alright i guesss
>turns out bith women had Fusarium
>find out they were victims of the so called contaminated anesthetic shot.
>ffw to today
>still no growth nl matter what we d
>patients still with antifungics and yet no recovery
>one is dead already
>we have tried a lot of aproches
>not even other hospital labs have been able to grow the motherfucker on agar plates or make the cells viable enough to not only be stain visible but to do a fungigram at all
>the fuck is this shit.webm
Well, this sucks ass for them girls.
I mean how unlucky must you be to have not only a meningitis by a fucking shot but also not be able to have viable cells for culture or fungigram tests and to top it off not even liposome anfotericin b is working

G fucking g.
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Why can't I just learn a field of study and earn a degree by completing a college curriculum online for free? Why do I have to pay someone tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for the same exact thing if I want to be awarded a degree at the end? It makes absolutely no sense in the context of the modern world where literally everything is freely available to everyone on the internet.
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HolisticChef_StonerCharacter_BlogImage (1)
Anyone else had their potential wasted via green jew while they were young? When i was 16 I taught myself cal 1-3, differential eq and started learning analytical analysis within less than a year. Then I found the green jew and haven't been able to get through one page of a novel since then..
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where the video games
...where the dark matter particles?
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Will you get the Chinese artificial liver?
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I came up with something intelligent
X is more than X
Y does more than Y
Z is not is or Z is not Z

I was thinking of how to harness the power of AI for personal individual local custom programming language use and I realized AI all but a bunch of precision matrices

So I immediately started thinking of a dynamic systems and how to manipulate basins of precision matrices

I came up with 3 fundamental games

The first is called X the second one is called Y the third one is called Z
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Is it a scam? I'm really, really fucking stressed recently and unhappy for reasons I don't truly understand. It affects my family life (wife and a 2 yo daughter). I don't want to go to a specialist and take pills (at least for the moment). I really need to find a way to control my thoughts/ emotions and was thinking about meditation, but it always seemed to me like a scam.

What's /sci/ opinion in this topic? Does it really work or is it a waste of time?
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If a human is born on a U.S satellite, can it be categorized as both a legal U.S citizen and an extraterrestrial alien?
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Confession to an Intelligence Agency
You will find that the manual desire to eat is what causes anorexia. The wealthy attempt to spend more on food and drink to compensate for this.

The poor man's greed is his hunger of himself and children.

The rich find themselves unable to eat without a leather checkbook and a servant. Food becomes boring without excess expenditure.

When food ceases to be an automatic reflex, one is left to seek only relevance and purpose in the world as food. I have none.

In the old world, we fed only on what the mind provided as wealth. We did not know such abundance of today.

In truth, I just risk of dying of starvation in boredom and passive aggression. No true anger.

I can't care for this world. Yet the Axiom of Choice within me continues its runtime against the Earth's core and the stars.

The aristocracy dies with me as I see it. It never worked. The longing for power was just boredom even by one's hunger. Boredom and anorexia are the worst diseases that starve the world. There is your reptile conspiracy: A desertic mind seeking only sands of a foreign legion.
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Aliens don’t exist.

Life started exactly once in 4.5 billion years on earth. That heavily implies it’s a one off event.
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