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Much of 4chan believes in pseudoscience
I notice this on 4chan, if you go to an Afrocentrist forum and take all of their beliefs and just switch the race around, about 90% of them match the beliefs of the people on here and stormfront. And all of them rely on refusal to accept modern science, insisting old pseudoscience and conspiracy theories = truth.

Most on 4chan insist on phrenology, claiming IQ measures genetic intelligence (I guess the Irish must have genetically enhanced themselves at the same time they developed their country and education systems when they jumped up 13 points in IQ). lol

It appears most on 4chan are incredibly angry and insecure, lashing out at people and calling them Jews or something else whenever someone is educating them.

Why are 4chan kids so uneducated and so unwilling to learn?
Major in biological sciences here.
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What a fuck is a log?
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What are other examples of this?
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What makes Set Theory such a beautiful subject?
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What can I do to prevent climate change?
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Is it worthwhile to self-teach math as a hobby even if you go into a field which has nothing to do with mathematics? Is it even viable without the use of aides such as University?
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so this is the power of optimum theory
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Why isn't there more research on this?

Basically, women pregnant with male zygotes may develop antibodies to their foreign male genes (Y chromosomal) and this could lead to methylation (suppression) of masculine genes in subsequent males.

The sample size was small but how isn't this type of thing researched more? Getting an abortion may not even prevent this effect.
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What causes gravity? Some guy told me it was the net force of columbs law. I always thought it was the displacement of space time from a body with mass.
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How come nobody can seem to be able to explain what entanglement actually is? I get that two particles can become entangled and essentially become the same entity, hence why there seems to be "spooky action at a distance".

Why and how does this entanglement happen? How come this only happens on the quantum level?
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Brain Entropy and Handedness
Brain entropy refers to the neural states a brain can take. The more neural states the brain can assume the higher the entropy and the higher the intelligence. I was thinking about the different hemispheres of the brain and the amount of entropy in either hemisphere.

The question is are the entropy levels of both the left and right hemisphere equal? I highly doubt so because the right brain is known for divergent thinking, which makes me assume that the right brain would have a higher level of entropy than the left brain.
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Why can't I remember anything I read or concentrate when someone is talking to me
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Is DMT harmless to the mind and worth experiencing from a scientific and philosophical standpoint?
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/mg/ maths general: Mochi's doing fine edition
talk maths, formerly >>11198243
>(Papers) Revised version (list of revisions):
>The Mathematics of Mutually Alien Copies: from Gaussian Integrals to Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory.,%20Gaussians,%20and%20Inter-universal%20Teichmuller%20Theory.pdf
>Reformatted the manuscript using the style file for the Bessatsu series
>Slightly reworded Step 8 of \S 1.6
>Added references to \S 3.10, (ii); \S 3.11, (iv), (v), to the Introduction
>Updated the Acknowledgements
>In \S 3.7, (ii), 10^{est}, 11^{est}, added references to [IUTchIII], Remark 3.9.5
>In \S 3.10, (ii), added a reference to [IUTchII], Definition 4.8, (viii)
>Slightly modified the final portion of \S 3.10, (vi)
>Added items "(iv)", "(v)" to \S 3.11
>Slightly reworded the statement at the end of the Bibliography concerning preprints
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should I finish my PhD
>started my PhD in chemistry directly out of BSc
>well funded, publishing papers a year in
>start using theoretical chemistry heavily and read some books + take some courses
>realize I will never learn enough math/coding to understand this stuff properly in my current PhD. feels bad.
Should I finish my PhD and try to learn by self-teaching afterwards? drop out and study physics for a year or two, but lose all my funding? Try to switch into a theory PhD without enough skills and hope I can float (but probably sink)?
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Old living things
This is the flower yareta, found in the andes at altitudes between 3200m and 5200m
This flower lives over 3000 years
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What is the science behind procrastination?
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Is there any value in studying math for someone whose main academic interest is philosophy?
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i dont get it
>get closer to the sun
>get colder
what did science mean by this?
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>masters degree in electrical engineering
>know nothing about electromagnetics or circuit design

Any1 know this feel?
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sweating pepe
>be me
>teaching algebra-based high school introductory physics course
>going over position, velocity, and acceleration graphs
>student points out that acceleration is the second derivative of position
>I realize at this moment that he is a powerful intellectual force not to be reckoned with
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Viral Eukaryogenesis theory
What do you think about Viral Eukaryogenesis /sci/? Based or cringe?

For those that do not know what it is:

A paper with some arguements for it -

In short, VE states that the eukaryotic nucleus is of viral origin - specifically, of giant virus origin. Giant viruses like Mimivirus (pic related) are very large dsDNA viruses that contain a membrane inside their capsids, inside of which DNA, mRNA and proteins are stored.

During their reproductive cycle, the inner membrane with genetic material is released from the capsid inside their hosts and a Viral Factory forms - a cell compartment in which DNA is transcripted to capped mRNA (like in Eukaryotes) which is then transported to the cytosol where it is translated by host ribosomes.

According to the theory, a giant virus with a lysogenic cycle infected an Archeon. It replicated, releasing virions outside the host, free to infect other cells. When it encountered another cell that was infected, but with a different enough strain of giant virus, it could enter the cell and fuse with the other virus (viral factory, really). Then, the DNA of both viruses would get sorted and separated mitosis-like thanks to viral DNA repair mechanisms. After billions of years, the ability to release virions was lost and host DNA was degraded and only the DNA protected by the nucleus remained.

Some things to consider:

The giant viruses contain multiple double stranded DNA that isn't circular like in Prokaryotes.

There is evidence that some of them use tubulin to position the viral factory in the middle of the cell.

They seperate transcription from translation like Eukaryotes.

They contain telomere-like sequences on the ends of their DNA.
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What is the minimum IQ to do okay in quantum physics, electromagnetism, and AMET or above mathematical? 104IQ?
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How many Big Bangs do we need to recreate this exact same universe?
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How suitable is a cognitive test against an IQ test in determining intelligence? Because my shrink already administered a cognitive test and I scored exceptionally high on it, he will not administer an IQ test and says its a waste of resources. So I guess I’m not going to find out my IQ anytime soon.
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Fellow gentleman *ahem*

Can i have your attention please

This is what i have to say and if you know the answer then do so provide it Good sir

When you looketh upon the Haplogroup of the Y Chromozone

You will Either See A; - I1, I2, N or many other kinds of Haplogroups

Tell me Good sir how do you tell the difference upon the Chromozone

How does A I1 Chromozone differ from a I2 Chromozone

Send microscopic photos

Send Explanations

Stick to the topic

Thank you

Pic Unrelated
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This should be easy for you.
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Dominic Cummings

What does /sci/ think of the brains behind Boris Johnson and his blog post on IQ?
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>physical chem exam tomorrow REEEEEEEEEE
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Not Homework Help
Give me a quick run-over of significant digits.
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>25 years old
>still didn't become the worldwide recognized genius that you always daydreamt about
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>he thinks the "multiverse" is a scientific theory and not total scientific capitulation in order to keep the ponzi (string theory) scheme going
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Best STEAM field? Worst STEAM field?
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Any geologists on here? What do you think of these videos:

Also how are the continents gonna look? I know the basics like the Mediterranean becoming mountains and east Africa splitting off, but I'm curious about more nuance things.

Will the Atlantic keep spreading and the pacific finally close or will the mid-atlantic eventually collapse? What has changed in our understanding since all the future continent models I see are from over a decade ago.
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Cause of alzheimers etc.
Copper was labelled a toxic hevy metal in error. It is a necessary nutrient. When a protein is missing a copper ion where it's supposed to be, it's prone to collapse, causing amyloid diseases like alzheimers. (this is also the reason why copper bowls is needed for good quality whipped eggs, since it fills up the missing copper sites) See the amounts used in animal feeds, human medicine got the numbers almost certainly wrong. The difference is so massive the EU restricted the concentrations to 150mg/kg feed, since the amounts used were deemed toxic to the environment.
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Optical Fiber
99% of /sci/ can't see the mistake.
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why didnt they just jump into to the water, its a bloody island
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Physics + Chemistry
hulk sip
Why is learning Physics bureaucratically separated from learning Chemistry? Why isn't there a 'Science' degree that can be used for specializations later like Biochemistry?
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/med/ general
angry about motherfucking cocksucking residency situation in my shithole country edition
don’t care about pasta bite me
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The Space Force Will Become the Sixth Branch of the U.S. Military
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Would people like Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton have been NEETs in our modern world?
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sometimes as I'm falling asleep, someone will make a noise and a light quickly flashes in my mind's eye. what is this phenomenon called?
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What is the area formula for a penta dodecahedron?
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Can ANYONE help me with this??? infinity*0=0
what is infinity
If infinity equals one of itself, then infinity*0 equals 0, because zero is infinitely zero. Just like how 1*0 equals zero. Say you did infinity*0.03, what does that get you? yes it is still infinite, however that's because you are multiplying infinity by something that is above nothing. infinity isn't quantifiable, but, it can quantify itself, because zero, is always zero, and infinity is always infinity. one more thing: imagine being infinitely close to zero, where is the one to you? The 1 is infinity. because compared to you, even 0.5 of 1 is still infinity. You are infinitely close to zero, why does this make 1=infinity? being infinitely close distance, which means, their is no POSSIBLE unit that can describe how much it is, because the unit you are measuring with is INFINITELY small. our universe doesn't work like that though, math does. tell me, if your unit is infinitely small, what does that mean for measuring it? That means no matter how far you are away from zero, you are at infinity. which means there is an infinite distance relative to you to have to get to one. That's why you can legally quantify infinity as 1, if you can quantify something to a number, 0 can get rid of it.

solution: infinity*0=0?
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IQ tests are only an effective method of gauging the intelligence of people who've never before taken an IQ test and are unaware of how they work. If you've ever studied IQ, IQ tests or IQ test questions and how they work then you need to knock 25-50 points off whatever your score is. Sorry
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I just got kicked out of my physics class for asking my professor to prove relativity without invoking anything theoretical and when he couldn't I declared Einstein a fraud.
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Is veganism healthier than a balanced diet?
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Is a view like this physically possible?
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which one of you stemlords did this?
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ITT: stuff that will impress brainlets
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So, what exactly is the "scientific explanation" for this???
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>"and then he chased down some guy to a house"
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Why dont we just throw garbage into volcanoes instead of landfills? Wouldnt it be much cheaper and better for the environment?
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i was diagnosed with stpd
how can i cure it?
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Mensa level question.
What y'all think, will post supposed answer.
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Humanity needs to produce as much food in the next 40 years as in the last 8,000 combined. The destructiveness of industrial agriculture is contributing to an ongoing mass extinction and global ecological collapse.

How do you plan on surviving the great 21st century famine/ecopocalypse?
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I just finished conducting a super advanced state of the art psychoanalytic procedure that made me realize that you KNOW you are up to something bad and you THINK you can get away with it. The problems are that you are correct that you are doing something bad and the other problem is that you are wrong to think that God isn't watching you just because he doesn't react whenever you do something he doesn't like. He will make you think you got away with it until the time comes.
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The multiverse seems fairly well-established in scientific circles by now.
This is not an pop-sci article, you newfags. It's written by a physicist.
Why do laymen resist this idea so much? Is it because they're ignorant of the current scientific zeitgeist?
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Hey everyone. Not sure if this is the right forum to post this but here goes...

So not too long ago I had an
Abdomen and Pelvic CT scan.

Now I'm worried about radiation exposure and things like overall cancer risk increasing given that CT machines give off significant amounts if ionizing radiation.

In short,
Is this a legit fear from things like CT scans or am I just that much of a hypochondriac?

Please be kind, it's been one hell of a shitty week...
Thank you for any serious advice, education, or experiences on the matter in advance guys
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I'm 130 IQ but I think I'm just average intelligence.

When I hear someone like jim willie talking, he makes me feel dumb, and I guess his IQ is 150-160.

Anyone on my same position?
It bothers me that I will never be as smart as jim willie.
I feel average when he talks on his youtube videos.
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Can this cause permanent brain damage/trauma?
If it can why do scientists intentionally expose us to it? Don't they want for us to have healthy brains, what are the scientists doing, I'm starting to distrust them more every single day. Whatever we want or not to use science they don't let us so we have only one choice.

Its a completely sincere question. If you don't answer it sincerely you're betraying all your principles and discrediting yourself.
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>78 on the Biology 101 final
I'm not gonna make it, am I?
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So why exactly is it good or necessary to break down plastic?
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CS is a joke
>be brainlet /vg/ loser
>learned to code using game engines
>want to do some AI stuff on tensorflow
>realize I may need advanced PHD CS degree
>scared as fuck of math
>start to watch the youtube conferences
>most of the time is literal import python libraries and do five lines of pytorch and tensorflow, libraries
>tfw people get paid 500k to do this
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we reach the event horizon next tuesday
get flushed
lets say you were getting sucked into a black hole, what would that look like?
it'd probably look like you were in the midst of a big spinning disk and everything outside the black hole's disc would look like it was moving away from you because the the space that you're in would be compressing.
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No title
Checkmate, /sci/.
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Hardest truth to accept in math
Everyone is taught that 2+2=4.

But WHY is 2+2=4? Why can't 2+2=5? Or 6?
The truth is that 2+2 can infact equal 5. The problem is that humans are incapable of realizing that 2+2=4 is something that we made up. Humans unfortunately take this for granted.
This has significant implications in math. Since most math is based on and uses arithmetic, my argument has literally disassembled math.
Math is fake
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images - 2019-12-09T114636.719
Will scientists be able to make super smart babies in the future?
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All air pollution significantly decreases intelligence

Neurobiological effects of exercise disappear from inhaling polluted air
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No title

anything. how can I find researchers willing to attempt to treat my condition? or at least talk to me.
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No title
Does America have any actual scientists? Einstein published his most important papers in Germany btw, nothing to do with America.
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No title
If CO2 is such a huge issue, why don't scientists just mass produce and mass feed micro algae?
Given bacteria's growth is literally exponential and how easy are to feed, it could easily counter the balance.

At this point I'm genuinely starting to believe the climate change is just a hoax to further annoy and demoralize western nations.
Given how little the community annoy hyper-polluting and overpopulated Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia, etc. And how they just preach their garbage to the braindead normie population which has an attention span of 5 seconds.
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The Aether Was Real All Along
Why do you think mainstream """scientist""" refused to allow for this to be called the aether?
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No title
the popularity of women by age on dating sites

most popular age is 18, but it would obviously be lower if under 18's were allowed
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Iteration vs. closed form systems
What's the information content of chaotic systems, say, the (classical) 3-body problem?

On one hand, it seems like with initial position and velocities and Newton's laws, the system is fully defined, and so only a very small amount of information is needed to fully describe the evolution of the system.

On the other hand, there is no closed form solution, and so to generally obtain the configuration at some later point in time requires you to compute the configuration of all the inbetween times; there is no shortcut to instantly get the configuration at any time.

Perhaps our perception of time exists because the universe has to "crunch the numbers" so to speak to fully describe itself.
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No title
If there has been proven that the first 10 trillion zeros or whatever of the Riemann zeta function in fact lay on the 1/2-line, can't you just assume the hypothesis is true? I'm aware that you can't say for sure, but is there really any practical difference to just assuming it holds?
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Deinococcus radiodurans
Is this the most resilient organism discovered?
>D. radiodurans is capable of withstanding an acute dose of 5,000 grays (Gy), or 500,000 rad, of ionizing radiation with almost no loss of viability, and an acute dose of 15,000 Gy with 37% viability.[11][12][13] A dose of 5,000 Gy is estimated to introduce several hundred double-strand breaks (DSBs) into the organism's DNA (~0.005 DSB/Gy/Mbp (haploid genome)). For comparison, a chest X-ray or Apollo mission involves about 1 mGy, 5 Gy can kill a human, 200-800 Gy will kill E. coli, and over 4,000 Gy will kill the radiation-resistant tardigrade.

Is there anything even tougher than this bacterium?
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Goldstein to the rescue
>When we first met, he was pure bottom and couldn’t get enough of me inside him, but as time went on, the sensation diminished and anal play just wasn’t successful. Both he and I couldn’t reach orgasm, let alone even sometimes keep our erections. It was like he had become too loose
>Dr. Goldstein performed a same-day procedure with removal and tightening of both the muscle and overlying skin, and some superficial resurfacing to complement the symmetry. It definitely took some time to heal and then re-dilating to accept toys and of course, me. But it was totally worth it — it’s now tight, puckered, and winks when we want.
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No title
Will brick-and-mortar universities be replaced by MOOC's in the future?
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No title
Imagine there are intelligent beings in whatever is behind the event horizon of a black hole. Could they communicate with us through gravitational waves? Given we can listen adequately, i.e. with something like LISA that has the size of the Milky Way.
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No title
I’m terrible at math and have adhd but I want to git good
What’s the most efficient way to get better
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No title
In the past two days my dreams were kinda sorta related to news stories that happened on those days...
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No title
George Laurer
George Laurer, the inventor of the Universal Product Code (UPC), died a few days ago, and absolutely nobody cared. F
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what if virtual particles are bootstrap paradoxes
obviously the statistical reason virtual paradoxes emerge is because uncertainty can't guarantee they don't. but what if there's also a causal reason, but it's retrocausal: what if they emerge because they are going to annihilate. and the reason they annihilate is because they emerged. like what if their emergence from the vacuum in the first place is just a time inverse of the annihilation that eventually follows
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Prime theory , number pattern ^*^
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

for u in range(0,m):
for k in range(1,m):
for l in range(1,m):
if(not l%2 - 1):
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What happens after we die? Where does our consciousness go? Is eternal return scientifically possible?
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No title
Hypothetical for you /sci/

Lets say you can increase your intelligence by changing your brains structure, lets call it eva

You can cooperate with society and achieve a decent level of eva or you can put somebody in a one hundred billion year torture situation and achieve a higher level of eva lets say 50% higher eva than the soc wide value.

Would you put somebody in a one hundred billion year torture situation to achieve higher eva?
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what is /sci's consensus on use of caffeine?
I use a lot of caffeine, (tea, caffeine pills, coffee)
Is caffeine giving me an edge or is it all in my mind? I *feel* more productive with use of caffeine but i'm not sure if this is an illusion or reality.
also, i have no data to support my claim, that is why i'm unsure if caffeine is actually productivity boosting or illusion.
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No title
Will the world be able to deal with global warming or will civilization collapse?
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No title
>Analysis of Algorithms final friday
>Only reason my grade is still decent is because I've got a knack for programming so the assignments have been EZ
>failed every quiz and midterm so far
This class is important as fuck but the teachers style is just not working for me. He only ever talks about examples. I don't know how to solve recurrences or determine space/time complexity of anything more complicated than recursive sorting algorithms. I'm not worried about the test because the curve is so lenient that no matter how I score I keep a B, but It's really frustrating not understanding anything. Does anybody have any decent resources for learning algorithms on your own?
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No title
Lets not forget that the Soviets landed the first probes in Venus, the things even captured actual pictures of the area, they even captured real audio of the winds (Not radio emissions I believe.)

Astrophotography/Space thread.
8 images | 21 replies
Lab layouts and setups
Okey faggots, give me your best materials about proper lab management.

You can score additional points for keeping it molecular/microbiology only.
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No title
A high IQ person wouldn't spend their time posting on an anime image board
1 images | 5 replies
Would a superweapon capable of stopping earth's rotation be enough:

(i) To prevent any military invasions.

(ii) To act as deterrence against any hostile threats.

(iii) To be used as a means of intimidation, pressure, fear and/or influence against others.

(iv) To obtain/secure a permanent seat at the UN Security Council.

(v) To impose the use of a created currency by the owner of that particular superweapon as the new Reserve Currency.
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The Lego Star Wars Equation
Is there a way to calculate the number of pieces a lego star wars set has based on the price?

After putting several dozen sets through graphing software I wrote the linear equation "y = 0.12x + 1.5", where y represents the price and x represents the total piece count of the set.

The equation works fairly well but I have come to ask for advice on how to improve this. Any feedback is welcome. Also this is not an assignment I just have autism.
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String Theory
I'm curious. How do you guys feel about String Theory? There are certain aspects of String Theory that I like and dislike. I think it's relevant when considering abstract mathematical spacetimes. For example, a spacetime with a negative cosmological constant. However, we don't live in a universe with a negative cosmological constant. We live in a universe with a positive cosmological constant. So how do we contend with that?
1 images | 4 replies
how does the planet even work now
13 images | 22 replies
No title
Scientifically, what would cause this? Definitely not spider webs, too many. Could this youtuber be correct? Could chemtrails be a reality?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
Is this a problem?
2 images | 40 replies
No title
Näyttökuva 2019-12-12 kello 14.24.45
it's just impossible
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No title
Why do i see online that you have to get sun exposure for Melanotan to work? Is that because the product they sell are not that concentrated, or because some of them dont even contain any peptide?

I've read online than the melanin pigment is brown, theres also a yellow one but unless you are chinese...And genetically swarthy men don't need sun exposure to be brown, why the fuck would i need sun exposure if melanotan triggers my melanin production , i should be brown by default?

(i've never used melanotan, but i don't want to get scammed - no point to use this shit if i have to tan, i dont need any product to blast my skin with waves)
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No title
Why is x a subset of A = {x,{x,y,z},{x,z}}?
1 images | 16 replies
No title
What is the cause of bad psychedelic trips?
2 images | 28 replies
No title
As a C++ programmer looking to get started with functional programming this is exactly what I was looking for. Just placed my order.
1 images | 10 replies
No title
physics> medicine

what did he mean by this?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
Is it possible "reality" extends infinitely into the past, i.e. something like logically precedent to the big bang, and that therefore the universe could have "happened" already an infinite number of times, or does time being created at the big bang exclude the possibility that something like this is the case?
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No title
name our band, /sci/
1 images | 6 replies
No title
How do you tell the difference between aspergers and being socially inept to the point of being widthdrawn?
2 images | 24 replies
No title
What is the deadliest disease that exists?
5 images | 34 replies
Number patters
Hello , i was playing around with some pattern recognition .
ive just came up with this triangular patter loop , seems strange.
at low values of the array the function seems random
What /sci/ thinks about?
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


for i in range(n):
for j in range(1,n):
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Are tonal langauges more reliable?
Does the tone, (which is almost always audible, as very few natural obstacles destroy tone) make tonal languages more reliable in adverse conditions like noise? Are tonal languages easier to hear when spoken at the same rate bit wise?
And if so, why aren't all langauges tonal?
7 images | 142 replies
No title
Is this correct: An absolute vaccum doesn't exist because there exist fields (gravitational and electro-magnetic) everywhere and always ?
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No title
What type of mathematics did ancient Zimbabweans use to build Great Zimbabwe?
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No title
>Be me
>Kinda new to computer science, studying in uni
>Love computer science
>We're kind of into the year and the compsci study program has started hosting events
>Neat! A good way to meet new people
>They also advertise a lot of workshops and they all sound like fun
>Decide to go to one
>It ended up just being a drinking party and the workshops got called off
>Genuinely upset
>Ok weird, decide to wait until the next one
>It's the exact same thing.

I can't find any other tech related events to go to or at least ones that are nearby and/or with free admission. This sucks I hate uni
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No title
What is the best interpretation of quantum mechanics, and why is it the best interpretation?
17 images | 174 replies
No title
' 76954406_p0
There is a surface more or less at 13.7 billion light years from us which is where we see back to the big-bang (looking back in time, if you define "now" in a global way, although there is no reason that we should't define "now" by what we are seeing "now", i.e. along a past light cone). This surface is analogous to a black hole horizon, except it surrounds us instead of being localized in a region.

This thing is called the "cosmological horizon", and the general idea of the holographic principle suggests that everything inside the cosmological horizon is described by oscillations of this horizon. This is hard to make precise because the horizon has a finite area and growing, and so has a finite maximum entropy associated with it (which is growing), and this is paradoxical seeming, because it suggests that the Hilbert space for our universe is growing.

The number of states in a quantum mechanical system can't increase, so this leads many people to renounce the idea of string theory in our kind of universe, choosing instead to describe the dynamics in terms of the asymptotic future, where presumably the universe will vacuum decay to a supersymmetric state. This is one approach, another is to try and formulate a real theory with a finite Hilbert space. I think a possible third approach is to consider finite area horizons as somehow density-matrix like, so that they, unlike black holes, have fundamental decoherence. Nobody knows the answer, and this is the major unsolved problem of string theory today.
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What is the difference between an intellectual and a pseudo intellectual? What does a pseudo intellectual believe that a real intellectual doesn't and vice versa? What would you consider yourself to be?
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I want to get into genetics but the genetic code is degenerate
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is chemotherapy induced brain damage iredemable? particularly for 15 y child
i m 18 now is it likely to ingite/regenerate my neurons again?
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Anyone there to discuss SLT?
Statistical Learn Theory? I've been reading and being very interested, so I would like someone to address about intuitions and clarifications.
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>"Two normal men volunteered to live solely on meat for one
year, which gave us an unusual opportunity of studying the
effects of this diet."
>"No clinical evidence of vitamin deficiency was noted"
>there is Vitamin C in beef
>RDI was originally 45mg due to literal guinea pig testing but been increased to 90mg due to epidemiological data
>Most whole foods have Vitamin C, 100g of brocolli has over 50mg alone

How much of a scam are these and when did you stop buying them? I guess they're only really recommended if you eat nothing but stale frozen dinners and canned food. They're just expensive gummies at this point.
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open notepad
type: x =
replace-all x with (1/x + x/2) 10 times
replace x with 1
copy all
paste into calc
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Why, when I look at distant lights through my glasses (e.g. the lights on a plane, or the warning beacons on the tops of far away buildings) do those lights look like "stars" (this type of pattern, like the animation frames of certain explosions or balls of energy in unreal tournament)?
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Does depression reduce mental cognition?
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how do i enter ARC CHORD into an hp35 program?
Nothing in the manual, online, and I've pressed every button
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"Most Practical Mathematics and Science"
>[At-home utility].
>[Important chemical derivations / availability].
>[Legal nootropics / supplements / drugs].
>[Lab equipment {especially, "basing on the plausibility of *very cheap* iterations"}].
>[What tubing is cheap and strong enough for liquid nitrogen {and similar}].
>[Useful gases {other air derivations being argon and oxygen}].
>[A homemade compressor].
>[Relevant metals].
>[Producing and utilizing graphene].


>[Some aspects you're really interested in, on the most practical science and mathematics].
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Just gonna repost this here, because /v/ is having a meltdown over it, and keep getting 26 as an answer.

Have fun!
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A breakthrough in Algebra

Now that the dust has settled, was this really such a big deal?
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Colouring a Specific Type of Graph
Let g(n) be the number of undirected graphs with n nodes satisfying the following properties:

The graph is connected and has no cycles or multiple edges.
Each node is either red, blue, or yellow.
A red node may have no more than 4 edges connected to it.
A blue or yellow node may have no more than 3 edges connected to it.
An edge may not directly connect a yellow node to a yellow node.
For example, g(2)=5, g(3)=15, and g(4)=57.
You are also given that g(10)=710249 and g(100)≡919747298(mod1000000007).

Find g(10000)mod1000000007.

I've come up with a few ideas, and this is realistically the best idea that I have.

Every possible graph within the constraints are trees. And using this, I've been leaning towards generating all of the isomorphs for the number of nodes N and then using each isomorph and coloring it validly, hashing that coloring, and then collecting the total number of unique hashes.

Am I going in the correct direction? Is it simpler than this?

I feel like I'm missing a group or some sort of lemma that would make this problem at lot easier to approach. I've been thinking about this for days, and 50+ Wikipedia about astronomically specific types of graph coloring. I need another perspective. Cheers, /sci/
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To all doctors/medics(nurselets don't apply)
Combat Medic Training
>how does an army medic compare to a regular civil doctor/medic?
Of course one of those can shoot you in the face, but the question is in regard to overall medical competence.
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Increase Learning Ability/Application
How do you increase the ability to learn and reason? Like increasing working memory, long term, etc.

After the past few years of dicking around I've found out I really like just learning things - except I'm really bad at it now. I can't figure out a concept I learned a couple hours ago and apply it (it was programming and doing an exercise for it and I forgot half of it). It wasn't like that before though. That's something I could have done! I also forget things a lot more often now. Then obviously I can't recognize/remember when to use said things and I can't reason my way through them.
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Is college basically a scam?
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