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"/qst/ - Quests" is 4chan's imageboard for grinding XP.

Welcome to /quest/ - Quests
This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
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/QTG/ Quest Thread General: Late for Valentines, Early for Springtime
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to talk about quests.
Previous thread

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which a Quest Master (QM) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed — similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book or an old text adventure

Questionably Useful links:

>Old pastebin containing advice for QMs:
Badly in need of renovation.

>Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

Skirmishes are quests where each player creates and controls a single character rather than controlling on a central protagonist — similar to a D&D party.

>Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format. Note that should the OP change ID, they will lose this ability as well.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ] text [ /b ]
Italics: [ i ] text [ /i ]
Red: [ red ] text [ /red ]
Blue: [ blue ] text [ /blue ]
Green: [ green] text [ /green ]

>Formatting guide for everyone:
Dice (type this in “options”): dice + [no. of dice] + [no. of sides in a dice]

Example: dice+1d100 = a 1d100 roll

Spoiler: [ spoiler ]spoiler[ /spoiler ] or by pressing alt+s in-thread

>QM question:
How do you handle romance in your quest, if at all? If you avoid it, how do you avoid players' tendency to seek it out?

>Player question:
What sort of details do you look for in a waifu or husbando? Do you actually care about the main character's romance?

>Lurker question:
Who would you nominate if /qst/ did a waifu or husbando tournament again? Would you vote in it?
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Quest: FINAL
Fire Emblem Three Houses Quest
You are Blair Weaver, and you are at the end of your journey. You returned to Rusalka to confront your adoptive father, Count Charles d’Rusalka, only to find that he’d already fled for Zanado. In his place, you fought against ancient Agarthan weapons of war, as well as familiar faces from your past. You emerged victorious, rising to become the new Countess, but you had little time to savor your triumph. Learning of the Count’s plan to resurrect the old Agarthan gods, the Blackwings made haste for the Red Canyon.

Once there, you were forced to confront the reanimated corpses of your Crest-bearing friends from Garreg Mach, along with their Heroes’ Relics. The Patriarch of the Fodlan Orthodox Church, Bennett, also fought against you, bringing forth all his fearsome power. Despite these setbacks though, you pressed forward, defeating all who barred your path. Now, you stand before the Tower of Zanado. Inside, the final Sage awaited.

It was time to decide how your story would end.

>Blair Weaver
>Level 50 Seraph Knight (MAX)
HP: 73(100%)
STR: 35 (50%)
MAG: 34 (60%)
DEX: 32 (55%)
SPD: 47 (75%)
LCK: 35 (40%)
DEF: 31 (60%)
RES: 27 (50%)
CHARM: 40 (55%)

>Personal Skill:
Fiery Blood+ (+4 Damage and +3 Speed when HP is not at Max)
Transmute: Up to 5x during a battle, you can make a physical attack deal magic damage
+2 STR
+5 HP

>Offensive Skills:
Stun: Allows its user to paralyze an enemy unit for one turn. (Activation Chance: Dex)
Lancefaire: (+5 DMG when attacking w/ Lance)
Black Tomefaire (+5 DMG w/ magic)
Darting Blow (+6 SPD when attacking)
Betrothed (Blair/Ashe do +3 DMG each when deployed together)

>Defensive Skills
Rally Spectrum+ (+5 to ally’s stats)
Swordbreaker (+20 Hit and Avoid when facing Sword users)
Alert Stance+ (+40 Avoid when not engaged)

Lance: A
Authority/Tactics: A
Reason: A
Flying: A
Axe: D
Sword: D-
Heavy Armor: D

Forseti (S Rank, +20 DMG, 30% CRIT, Enemy attacks will miss you for 1 turn, 1 Use)
Fire (E Rank, +3 DMG, 10 Uses)
Thunder (D Rank, +5 DMG, +10% Crit, 5 Uses)
Aircalibur (C Rank, +3 DMG, 3x DMG against flyers, 5 Uses)
Fimbulvetr (B Rank, +12 DMG, +10% Crit, Area of Effect, 3 Uses)
Bolting (A Rank, (+12 DMG, 15% Crit, Long Range Siege Magic. 2 Uses, Range: 20)

>Inventory: Gungnir (+20 DMG, 10% Crit, +2 STR, SPD, DEF), Axereaver, (+8 DMG, +40 Avoid against Axe Users) Magic Staff (+5 to magic attacks), Blessed Lance (+7 DMG, Heals 5 HP every turn), Delphi Shield (Negates Flier Weakness)
>Gold: 0g

Blackwings Company Info/Supports List:
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Classic Fantasy Adventure
This will be a classic fantasy adventure with all the familiar tropes.
Who are you?
> The orphaned farm boy
> The disguised princess
> The thief with the heart of gold
> ???
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Jail Quest: Thread 6
Jail Quest_20240219014209
Jail Quest: a text adventure occasionally illustrated.

A night of drinking and a failed attempt to cheat on cards had landed you the strangest job slash community service sentence you've ever had: ensuring Gongalla Gaol survives the reality storm called Singularity.

Now you travel around with your employer and a handpicked crew to survey the four Reality Anchors. Hey, beats being tarred and feathered, right?

Previous thread:


You are Rosa Montagni, goblin con artist - and you are slightly panicked right now. Craig's gone missing! Wait, take a deep breath, calm down - retrace your steps so far. So, on the way North to check on the reality anchor there, you stopped by the mausoleum, Crypt, to rendezvous with Millie and Clyde - allies against the Singularity Cult, which could be making your job more difficult that it should. You've found a machine man thief that might have been manipulated by them in Crypt, lower torso blown out and left to die - but Valencio managed to save him, and the thief's off to get revenge. Then you met Millie and reached the 'gateway to the North', the town of Pinewatch. You were sure you left Craig with Nemo as they transported the excess Autowagon supplies to the general store - ugh, why did you have to leave him to gather intel?! Granted, you've found yourself a job that could reward you with a lead, but... Craig's gone missing!
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Final Girl Quest - Chapter V

It's a horrible night, with no end in sight. I would call it fright night, but I'm pretty sure that's copyright-- ...ed. Damn, that almost rhymed. Ahem. The storm rages on. Tiffany and Priscilla are dead. Miles is heavily injured. Amber and Derek are oblivious to the mayhem, and hopefully not having premarital sex. Mikey is safely locked up in the attic, but for how long...? Sherriff Campbell is miles away at the cabin; halfway through his third Schlitz, lost in a cheesy Stacey Kirk horror novel. Megan and Sarge are minutes away from Hughes Mansion, and slowly realizing things are much worse than they thought. The aromatic axe-wielding brute is always one step ahead. Now, Stephanie must find a way out of the library, and a wrench to throw in his slashy plans. Buckle up, boils and ghouls, and welcome back to... Final Girl Quest.

>[Slinky], [Flashlight], [Flask], [ ___ ], [ ___ ]
>Passive Items:
>[Zippo], [Slingshot], [Marbles], [Dagger]

>Notable items and/or weapons not yet acquired:
>Painkillers and Antibiotics* for Miles [Location: ???]
>DynaTAC [Location: ???]
>Chainsaw [Location: Shed]
>Shotgun [Location: Maddox's Study]
*or a Medi kit

>NFSD duffel bag:
>Shotgun x 1 [loaded]
>Flare gun x 1 [loaded]
>Pack of shotgun shells x 1 [buckshot]
>Pack of flares x 1
>Pack of .357 Magnum ammo x 1
>Medi kit x 1
>Pack of D batteries x 1
>Length of rope [conveniently unspecified]

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Zigzagoon Isekai Quest
You died and woke up in the body of a wild zigzagoon!

What do you do?
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Seven Against Thebes Quest #1
SAT opener
Sing, goddess, of thirsty Argos, and of the glory of Hippomedon Aristomachides - sing of the folly of Adrastus, of the savagery of Tydeus and of Oedipal transgression!

Sing, O Muse, of Zeus’ designs, which even now come to fulfillment…
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Primitive Fantasy Survival
It is an age before history (or perhaps beyond it). An age in which men struggle against Nature, red in tooth and claw.

You find yourself in the wilderness, naked except for the bit of pelt covering your loins, and the stone knife in your hand. It is midsummer. The weather is fine, not a cloud in sight, and the morning air is invigorating.

You muse on the circumstances which led to your solitude:

>Abandoned: Your people were migrating toward warmer climes and you were injured during the journey. They carried you as far as they could, but once fever set in they left you for dead. You managed to make a miraculous recovery, but your people are now long gone.
>Lost: You got separated from your people during an attack by the hideous scalemen. Most were slaughtered and the others taken captive to a far away place. You managed to escape in one piece.
>Exiled: For your heinous crimes, you were banished and told never to return. You may write-in a crime, if you wish.
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Warlord of the Hills Quest #1
"The country of Adrasteia is barren, wild and without the dignities of civilisation. It is a country full of hills and populated by wild hillfolk who live by raiding, shepherding and brigandry in the surrounding countries. Almost every hillside and valley has its own aghar, a petty king, who rules by right of giantish blood and his success in winning plunder for his warriors."
- Onataor of Beck, The Chronicon of All Lands, AE 521

Your father, Torh Menehadh, called heavy-hand for the weight of his blows in life, is dead. His great body is impaled upon three great spikes, waelstangs, and hangs before you dripping with the red ochre of the funeral rite. He was Aghar of Brenmawr, a rough patch of hill-land deep in the Adrasteian highlands, and spent his short life surrounded by blood, wine and fire.

His royal blood shows clearly in you. You stand twice the height of the Gohren, the low-men, your head adorned by tresses of red-gold hair, never to be shorn. You were born to royalty, though in these latter days only your strength, crown of golden hair and the title of aghar remain to prove it. The cunning men beyond the mountains have swindled your people of their riches for generations, and the constant battles between royal cousins have broken your finery underfoot for far longer.

Yet aghar, King, you remain as your father's blood drips onto your forehead. The hall of Brenh Bear-Father, your ancestor, remains to you - a cyclopean monument of stone carved into the windswept hillside. You wander it almost alone - a handful of highblooded cousins and kinsfolk dwell in collapsing towers and cellars, living on the meagre tribute offered by your Gohren subjects of the local villages.

The throne of your grandfather does not even remain to you, at the head of your empty, smoke-filled hall. As a hungry child you recall the glittering stones that adorned it - pawned in ransom for your father in his own youth, now lost forever to the foul pig-men, those-who-eat-filth, the foreigners. You sit on a high seat of wood, shoulder draped in a woolen cloak dyed a poor red, all that marks you from the bare-chested men and cloaked women of your once-regal hall, eating gruel and roast mutton like peasants.

All except

>>You bear one great heirloom, one last marker of your ancient nobility. What is it?
>The Maul of Brenh Bear-Father, a heavy iron warhammer, hafted with beautiful strips of red leather and gleaming with bronze adornment.
>The Star of the Red Moon, a heavy gold chain, adorned with a pair of beautifully carved rubies hanging as amulets from its front. The only gold left in your kingdom. A fortune beyond imagining, much coveted.
>The Horn of Anaraut Black-Eye, supposedly a hollowed drake's horn, bound in silver and brass, won in battle by your ancestor. An object of glory and honour to your lineage, fit to summon armies and shatter the will of your foes.
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Vanguard: Suits and Sigils [Skirmish]
Greetings, Agent!

Glad you have you with us. Say, out of curiosity: How would you feel about flying economy class to Eastern Europe for a most expenses paid stay at a darling little bed and breakfast in the deep old country? Good? I thought so; not to worry, flights already booked.

Hurry up or you’ll miss it and you know how airline refund policies are…

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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 213
With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your previous roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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I'm a demon? #8
You are the last human, summoned to a fantasy world and trying to hold together the Remnants of the humanity with duck tape.
So far, you had success, revitalizing the wasteland created from humanity nuking a god and the creations of said god , the tyr,
that have been trying to starve the abominations that remained.

You were contacted by Milagros, one of the last gods, because the Tyr Empire had accidentally created a new god while messing with bits of the dead one.
She asked you to pick up the infant with a military convoy after it destroys the tyr city it is in.
Mainly as a bluff so the Empire thinks the Remnants still have nukes and don’t go to war with them.
Which could shaken the foundations of reality enough for the All Mother to break free, you don’t know what will happen in that scenario,
but evidence points to it being bad.
Milagros also thinks its a bad idea telling anything the Empire, since they will then try to weaponize her niece to try killing the Remnants of humanity.

You decided you didn’t want to let an entire city get wiped out for some power play,
and decided to pick up the kid before it explodes due to not understanding how to be a god.
Seems like a suicide mission, feels like a suicide mission, tastes like a heist film.
You are at the gates of the said city.

>MC sheet

>Previous thread:

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Empire of Slaves
Slaver Quest
Most people on this Earth are worthless meat. They have no drive, they have no ambition, they do what they have to and nothing more and then have the audacity to complain when the people who make something of themselves have a better lot in life. Slovenly, corpulent, ill-mannered, slothful, envious wretches all of them.

You hate them. But you don't hate them so much that you'll discard them.

You are in the business of turning these worthless rotten piles of meat into the most choice cuts possible. Oh, they will never be the filet mignon of the world, those people are your clients. But if you trim away the fat and detritus, use the right seasoning, and don't skimp on the tenderization, you might just manage to take that trash cut and turn it into something worthwhile. Something worth being loved.

Sure, it costs them their free will, but they were wasting it anyways. What comes out the other end is better, an obedient tool for people who will make proper use of them. That's something beautiful. Now...

Are you a man, or a woman?

What is the setting?
>In the post apocalyptic wasteland, you sell your well trained slaves to highest bidder... and keep the cutest for your personal harem.
>You pick up the down on their luck from across the galaxy, train them up, and find them the highest buyer to cover their debts or pay for their family member's taxes.
>You operate in the shadows of modern society, trafficking people in a world that hates your trade. Fortunately, you've got some powerful backers... but you need to keep them happy.
>Across the Greater Dyson Swarm, you pick up the pieces that fall through the cracks and shape them into your personal workforce (and harem).
>In a world of sword and sorcery, you are a great and terrible young wizard who yearns to populate his tower with beautiful girls in pet collars and maid outfits with the help of your magics
>In the not so distance future, you've perfected a special means to enslave people, tested it on your coworkers, and now seek to leverage its abilities to achieve total global saturation.

What is your means of control?
>Nanomachines, son (or magical equivalent).
>Hypnosis (Subtle Control)
>Mind Control (Straight Mindfuck)
>Curse Mark (Forces Obedience through pain)
>Lewd Crest (Encourages Obedience through pleasure)
>Failsafe (Something like an explosive collar)
>Magic Contract (Punishes Disobedience)
>Mind Blank (Overwriting their consciousness with an obedient personality)
>Write In
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Disappearing Hogwarts #5
Character Sheets:


In the last thread you:

> Got threatened by Scorpius Malfoy, who seeks the Resurrection Stone

> Discovered the identity of the ghost in your head

> Told Arty and Apollo the truth about everything that happened this last semester

> Had a lovely Christmas with your girlfriend and got a very special gift

> Discovered the Fifth Founder’s grave is in Avalon, of all places

> Began learning Battle Magic from an insane Death Eater, and gave up the command of your Army to Linda

> Got threatened by voices in the dark demanding the Stone, unleashed Potter upon them and discovered they were part of the Minister for Magic’s personal guard

> Learned Avalon is located in St Mungus, where the Malfoy’s have been paying for “renovations” for several weeks

> Got into a fight with your girlfriend

> And heard a prophecy about how you’re, possibly, going to end the world

And now…
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Million Souls Quest
Rolled 85 (1d100)

You're Gurglodor the Pit Demon.
You can turn into a little girl to trick people.
Your boss the Demon Lord of the Abyss tasked you with acquiring 1,000,000 souls.
He gave you a meager 150 souls to perform this task. You have only 100 years.

With 1 soul you can summon one imp. Imps require 1 soul per year.

With 10 souls you can summon one succubus. Succubus require 13 souls per year.

With 100 souls you can summon yourself into the mortal world. You require 53 souls per year.

Any summonings require human cultists to perform the task, as human blood activates the link between the demon world and the mortal world. Each summon requires 10 times as much silver as it requires souls.

You currently have 5 cultists. They know how to summon imps and succubus. You can teach them how to summon you if you want. You can order them to do anything you want, and although they know a little magic they are frail and will be easily killed. They can train to become better spellcasters, but it can take many years, and if they get too strong they might start getting ideas.

Every turn I will roll 1d100 on your suspicion level to see if your activities are discovered and busted by local authorities.

Every turn lasts one year.

Year 1

5 cultists (Level 1)

Suspicion level 1%
Souls 150
Silver 2000

Nearby Settlements: Trax (300 people), Nitor (400 people), Zara (500 people), Bogar (600 people), Minok (700 people), Rayk (800 people), Tula (1000 people), Ganora (2000 people), Blitya (8000 people), Ruk (45000 people)

What do you wanna do? You may do more than one thing. You may detail your actions. Roll 1d100 with each action.

> Summon
> Steal
> Kidnap
> Recruit
> Train
> Write in
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ASOIAF: House Duntreow Quest
coat new
You are Lady Gwynfryd Duntreow, first daughter of Lord Domeric Duntreow and heir to Hallowgrove. If you could shut your eyes off from the worn bare wood of this fisherman’s hovel… if you could ignore the itching of your skin, irritated by the elements and what you would like to believe are not fleas… if you could shut out the dull, coarse cackles of the men outside who brought you to this point… if you could stop yourself from smelling the filth of your body… if you could wash the bitter taste of despair from your mouth. If, if, if… only then could you retreat again to the fantasies you’ve constructed to pass the time, the time that has been endlessly drawn out and yet so fleeting.

By your best reckoning, you have been a captive here for three moons. You were sailing from Stenmoor to Fawnton with your niece, Eileen, your eldest brother Corwyn’s only living daughter. He brought shame to your house and died a craven’s death, but his children were innocent. Devyn perished not long after him. Gwayne, your true brother, fell in battle. As did Malcolm, your husband. So many lost only for your father’s house to sink lower into the depths of the Rainwood. But it was Eileen you loved the most. If that makes you a poor widow, then so be it. At your lady mother’s urging, you left your husband’s home of Wensington to take service with your niece. You saw her flourish, a bright flower amongst the weeds of your dying house, only to be stamped out by monsters wearing the skins of men.
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Sinners Sands - Ballad Of The Buried.
Sinner Sands - Ballad Of The Buried.

>Welcome, to a supernatural western based around horror, gangs, and a cast of horrors. Be a good Samaritan, The devil they tell of in stories, A leader for others to follow. In this sandblasted hell, opportunity is abundant for those willing to wet the sands with the blood of their nightmarish kin. Question is, what will you make of this opportunity? Well, you’ll figure it out. Welcome, to your deserved afterlife.

Cries, screams, yells, that’s all your mind remembers as you feel wind whip and tear apart your body, as you feel yourself fall, fall downward. Your eyes looking at a bleak, bile colored sky. You can hear the screams and bodies of hundreds of others free falling the same as you. Poor bastards, and you’re among them. As quickly as you come to you feel a moment of blistering pain, and then, blackness.
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U.C. 0091: Operation Befrielsen
Befrielsen Start
May 12, 0091
The Axis Liberation of Earth ended in resounding failure 2 years ago, when a civil war amongst the leadership in orbit resulted in the shattering of all supply lines and support for the ground forces. The initial invasion was successful, landing and capturing large swathes of Eurasia and several landings in Africa and the Pacific, shattering war weary and disloyal Federation forces without question, while recruiting Titan and Federation defectors to the cause, providing the manpower to continue the offensive.

The campaign’s momentum shifted as Federation forces regained their cohesion, deploying newer mobile suits and motivated forces, which chipped away at zeon forces, halting our advances across the Earth Sphere. Axis moved production and materiel down to the surface, as the fortunes of war turned against us in space. It was not soon after, where we heard a civil war had utterly destroyed our Spacebound forces, leaving us stranded in the gravity front, like the Principality’s forces before us.

The cool seas bordering Esbjerg leave a misty fog this morning, as you exit your quarters. The town itself has spent the last 3 Years under Neo-Zeon Control, taken with Scandinavia during the opening salvoes of the First Neo Zeon War, and rapidly reinforced with Zeon Remnants and Collaborator forces. This town, situated behind the Island of Faro, and close to the Southern Front, has turned into a major supply hub and Port for Zeon's remaining aquatic forces and Land Battleships, as well as a favoured rest town for the units on the line. Your unit was brought in for rotation off the line, and resupply.

You, however, are being called into headquarters to receive new orders. You are Erich Garza, a…

>Sergeant of the 264. Grenadiers Regiment, composed of veteran troops of the One Year War.

>Lieutenant of the 25. Panzer, A division trained and equipped on Axis before the invasion.

>Captain of the 412. Fortress Battalion, Formed of Locally trained troops and Federation Defectors.

>Major of the 709. Heavy Artillery Battalion, a mixed force formed from other Shattered Units.of all kinds.
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Nation on the Brink #6
The Nation of ferrovia has fractured with the death of king Harold with three successor states and a bandit kingdom now fighting over the nation's future. King Elric, the king's brother backed by the landed nobility of the country, wages war in hopes of holding up the monarchy and by connection with the landed gentry. As he styles himself now Lord protector Baric attempts to halt the Monarchists and reformists from harming the status quo with the backing of the army his force is small but well trained and armed. The last of the main contenders is Queen Meredith the sole child of King Harold and devout reformist backed by merchants democrats and communists alike she must lead this dispraite force to victory.

You are Sir Edmund ”The Crow” Drayton, a recently Knighted Yeoman, the leader of the small monarchist sub faction of the reformists. The last few months have seen you fight the monarchists pushing deep within their territory and fighting several large combined arms battles. Now while your men rest your are in the wartime capital of Nevefar speaking to one of the nobles you captured Duke Mason

You make your way down to the court which is still quite busy. It takes you a few moments of looking before you can find Duke Mason along with his fellow imprisoned nobles. They have sequestered themselves in a corner of the room, one of them noticing your approach and pointing you out to the other. “Mr Drayton glad to see my king has not killed the Queen's crow yet” Duke mason says to you, raising a glass to you. “Not for a lack of effort Duke mason I'm surprised your here and not being kept in a prison camp somewhere” He swirls his drink “The queen has decided the higher ranking noble prisoners are better off kept here in her court although Im the only duke thats been taken prisoner so far”

>ask duke mason some questions
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Normal Cultivator Quest 2
A world where might makes right. A world of Jade and Gold, of Phoenix and Dragons, of Pills and Talismans, of Martial and Spiritual arts.
A world where diligent training yield strength, meaning freedom. A world where loneliness means death, meaning social chains.
A world still unfair, as the ones reaching the heavens are most likely born rich - be it political riches of the aristocrats, power of secret knowledges and hidden realms of clans, or lucky enough to be born one-in-a-thousand genius.
This is not your case. This is the case of your friends Dhundan Kepa, the brooding dark intimidating and secretive young boy and Ai, which is stuck too deep in her inner world.
However, you might be one-in-a-hundred genius. The fear of falling behind made you push your boundaries times and times again, leading you to keep up with the two geniuses by a combination of luck, hard work, and burn out.
You also motivated the other "gifted but not great" kids to follow along.
In the end, you know a fair amount of technic for such a young cultivator, but your strength lies in the impressive amount of Bonded Spiritual Beasts - A Hawk spirit, a Horse spirit, a Snake spirit and a Wolf spirit.
Speaking of that last one, you didn't told a world about him to anybody. As a scion of the Primordial Wolf spirit, its father warned you of its worth and how people could want to rip it away from you...

Character sheet :
Last thread :
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Do Your Best Quest #169
Last thread, you started your date with Emily, you ate together, went to a beautiful park to tease the heck out of each other, and now you’re in front of the Space Park, the massive stadium that is going to host YUNG-P’s charity concert! It’s for helping the people who lost their homes during Judgment Day. You just read the banner.

Anyway, outside the main gate, you see rabid fans, familiar faces, and lots and lots of Carol Merchandise. With the charity tint all over these, you’re glad that people can be passionate about their spending, even if you don’t share the sentiment.

Emily points at the special entrance for the VIP guests. That’s you two! You don’t know how to feel about the fact that Carol gave you these special tickets for a charity concert…

“Should we go there, or follow the queue with everyone?” You naively ask since you have little to no experience going to events like this.

“Let’s walk over there and ask.” Emily doesn’t mind waiting in case you fail. What a patient girl!

“Alright, let’s figure out the most efficient way to get there…” You need to analyze the situation to find a way to not interact with anyone you find annoying!

This is no simple matter. Okay, it is a simple matter. But in spirit, it’s complicated. You’re on a date, and your date is your priority! So, you don’t necessarily want to interact with anyone, but who knows what Emily wants? You could ask her, but where is the excitement in that?

What do you do?

>Turn invisible and take Emily to the VIP gate. You know, it’s not much of an issue to sneak anywhere with your powers…
>Move through the Merchandise Tables. Gerard is there…
>Move through the Massive Group of Carol stans. The cult guy you knocked out and a former girl from Pleasureville are there…
>Get in the queue, right behind Jesse and Yukika.
>Oh my god, it’s Leonie! Talk to her even though she doesn’t remember you!
>Oh god, it’s Utami! She’s going through the VIP gate, and you’re going there too…
>It’s Ladder Man Tonu! Is he trying to sneak through the gate with his powers? You must follow him!
>Those mustache gentlemen, you must talk to them. One of them looks Markgical…
>Call Carol. Tell her to get you inside.
>Call Clutz. Tell her to get you inside.
>Write In.
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The 2nd Primarch Quest 33
2nd Primarch
Previous Threads:

Kanzeon is awaiting you atop the silvery moon where you last departed from each other's company, both her true self and her avatar. As is Al-uzza, her studious and scholarly minded sister, who she had called to the planet-toid after you had informed her that you would be bringing refugees from the darkened dungeons of the wicked hearted Aeldari, including hitherto unknown xenos peoples whom required safe harbor and sanctuary.

"Why didn't you mention that included Aeldari themselves" Al-Uzza complains through gritted teeth as she hides her vessel behind Kanzeon's own, adjusting her purely cosmetic glasses as she stares directly at Eldrad who is dressed in the full regalia befitting a farseer of his station and prowess hailing from the fair craftworld of Ulthwe, standing tall besides Guozhi who is presently coughing into the sleeve of his robes.

"And I mean both of you, you knew to, Kazzy" She hisses angrily, rudely jabbing a finger towards the very same sister she is hiding behind like a castle's wall, eyes warry and clearly distressed, while your beloved emerald eyed song bird stands resolute, uncowed and unafraid of the alien faces standing before her. Though her expression softens as her gaze passes over the crowd of confused and baffled aliens and men, it sharpens and fills with barely conceal disdain as she looks upon the Aeldari that haven't covered the runes signifying the craftworld to which they are aligned with the lotus of the journey, growing more intense until it settles upon Eldrad himself.

"Trickster" She states simply "Etiquette dictates that I welcome you to the occasion of my wedding, and thank you for all the good you've done for my groom's family instead of standing on the side lines idle, wringing your hands over futures only you can see"

"A being similar to your progenitor" Eldrad mutters, helmeted head turning briefly to your direction before facing Kanzeon and her still intense disdain for the majority of the Aeldari race head on "I cannot deny you your wroth, you were alive when our ancestors writ the devastation of the cosmos I am told, but I can be grateful it manifests merely as a cold dislike for us of the craftworlds instead of murderous hate, as could be expected from one wounded by the folly of our predecessors"

"The calamity allowed me to stand where I am right now, to meet a kindred spirit who truly shares my devotion to humanity and shares with me love of the same level of intensity and purity" She answers with a shrug "But your kind's greatest fuck up wrought ruin far beyond my own past, you helped Lieren and Angron, so you're welcome here, but that doesn't mean I am going to bow down to lick your heel, like you eldar expect me to"

"You..." The banshee who yet refuses to give you her name starts, before she is held back by her seniors and calmed with a raised hand from Eldrad

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Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #53

>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes, Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:




>Let’s all try to have some fun, ok?

Last time, on Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai! Izzy led her gang, Basilea’s team, and Piccolo on an expedition to a sunken Nemurian palace complex, and found a surprise in the nearby sunken airship: a being trapped in a formless body claiming to be Nemurian royalty, the former King of all things! In the process of attempting to cure the person from the cursed state he was in, they also came across a skilled Nemurian mage trapped in the body of a puppet-like contraption, alongside artifacts and tomes of great importance. After curing both the cursed mage and the supposed “King” of Nemuria, they faced the evolving remnant of a dead god, one that had taken in a multitude of former people into itself, Aspinthion, that Piccolo thankfully managed to seal away with the Mafuba. Upon earning favor with the merfolk living near the area, Izzy and co. next head to Z’S to seek the aid of Nazar in handling the sealed monstrosity, though the arrival of Majin Ozotto complicated matters, with the demon managing to steal one of the massive Hakkero structures! In spite of that, Izzy and co. have managed to do well, getting the Dreamstone needed to try finding where your lost allies have gone.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Buu have met up with allies of their own for a more personal mission for all of them. What awaits them there? We’ll find that out soon! Good luck, Gohan! Good luck, Peppa! Good luck, Izzy!
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Claymore: Second Swords Quest #84
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, warrior-queen of the nation whose name you share, and right now you’re facing down a small group of sailors aboard an enemy warship that you’ve boarded as part of your assault on their homeport.

These are engineers, not combat-trained soldiers, who no doubt left their quarters this morning with no idea that they might be put into a situation today where they might be expected to fight in close quarters against a woman with the blood of monsters flowing thick through her veins. None of them even came here with a sidearm, and so the closest thing any of them have to a weapon is the large wrench one is carrying.

“Hello there,” you greet them, just so slightly awkwardly. “How are you all doing?”

Two of the three stand silently, while one manages to find some courage. “We were doing well, until just now.”

“Sorry to hear that,” you reply. “But I’m in a bit of a hurry, so would you mind leaving peacefully?”

“That’s not…” the man frowns, before his voice falters.

“If you leave now you won’t be harmed,” you assure him. “And I won’t even tell anyone about it. But I need to secure the ammunition aboard this ship so nobody gets the bright idea to blow it up.”

The man with the wrench drops it and rushes to get around you and out into the corridor, while the other two aren’t far behind him. Rather than simply close the hatch and lock it, you take things one step further and bring your awakened fist down on the edges of the closed hatch to crimp them badly in six different places, essentially locking the hatch down onto the opening in a way that can’t be undone by any means short of cutting through the metal bulkhead around the door opening.

Your next objective is a similar magazine aft, serving all the guns aboard this ship located astern of the exhaust funnels. The thing you’re concerned about at the moment is that resistance will be higher – and in the corridor outside, as you progress further aft, that turns out to be well-founded. The sailors who confront you next short of the magazine are armed with pistols, and are taking cover behind open hatches.

>Simple solution – close the hatches. By force if need be.
>With your sword in hand you can cut THROUGH bulkheads.
>Warn the sailors exactly once. Intimidate them into cooperation.
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Olympus Incarnation Quest #3
A couple months ago, the world changed forever.

Individuals worldwide began manifesting the qualities of various figures- gods, spirits, heroes, beasts, and monsters- from Greek mythos. The system that caused and continues to facilitate this phenomenon is shrouded in mystery, both in how it functions and why it began its activities when it did.

The protagonist of this tale is the incarnation of Atë, a minor goddess in the grand scheme of Greek mythology, who causes and presides over folly and ruin. She, formerly a miserable but ultimately normal office worker, has since accepted her role as the embodiment of her <Myth>. She, along with her partner in crime, the incarnation of Pheme, titan of rumors and gossip, have been working to expand their influence and stack the deck in their favor against not only mortals, but also rival incarnations. In her own eyes, she is no longer human. Her ultimate goal- the elimination of all rival incarnations and, eventually, complete and total world domination.

In service of these goals, Atë has infiltrated a group of incarnations with similar but irreconcilable goals. Their plan- mass killing and explicit, direct control of the affairs of mortals, lacks both sophistication and intelligent forethought. While she puts on a friendly front, Atë has every intention of subjugating or exterminating her new pantheon down to the last member.

Currently, Atë, alongside two other incarnations in her pantheon, Dorota (the incarnation of suffering) and Isabella (an incarnation of conflict), find themselves abroad in Austria on the hunt for someone outside the immediate group, the law-enforcement aligned incarnation of <Lethe>, goddess of forgetting and her eponymous river in the underworld.
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Untamed Civilization Project #6
.0 Untamed
Welcome back to the world of Untamed, a collaborative Civilization-style world-building project. I use Project instead of Quest because you, the players, are going controlling a civilization in a multiplayer game from nomadic hunter-gatherers to a massive empire instead of a traditional story-driven quest. The only story here will be an emergent one that concerns the history of an ever-growing population of people and the struggles they face throughout the ages. Eventually, at the end of the project, a fully fleshed-out world will have emerged.

You, the anons of /qst/, control a civilization in a randomly-generated world, experiencing random events each age and fleshing out the history, technology and lore of this civilization one age at a time. There are also players who control their own civilizations individually; they play by the same rules as this thread does. The game is played out in a series of ages, in which players experience random events, are given the choice to perform a number of actions of their desire, and progress along technological and magical trees. Much like in a Civilization-style game, once each player has finished their actions for an age, all players advance to the next era and the cycle continues. You will be playing the game alongside my players, eventually interacting with them through the lens of these threads. You will vote on everything that happens to your civilization, which will be the only one in this game with more than one person controlling it and the only anonymously-controlled society.
This is going to be a long-form game, and may not be akin to traditional civ-style quest threads on this board.

Previous Threads:
Discord Server:

This begins the 15th age of our people, the Roman-inspired Half-Elves.
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Star Wars: Against the Republic II

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


War has engulfed the GALACTIC REPUBLIC
With the pyrrhic victory of the GRAND ARMY at GEONOSIS, the CLONE WARS have truly begun. Republic forces find themselves vastly outnumbered in space and on the ground, as despite the massive influx of CLONE TROOPERS, the industrial capacity of the CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS remains unassailable.

After the battle, hundreds of thousands of solar systems declared independence from the Republic, swayed by the impossibly persuasive COUNT DOOKU.

Even the JEDI ORDER has found itself fractured, a hundred JEDI KNIGHTS have invoked their Right of Denial, opting to stay out of the conflict entirely, while a handful have found themselves seduced by Dooku, though not all by the allure of the DARK SIDE…


Welcome to Star Wars: Against the Republic. This quest will, as the name implies, take place during the Clone Wars. This quest will be basically entirely Legends (i.e. from the old EU) with very little if anything taken from the canon outside the movies. Yes, this includes the 2008 The Clone Wars cartoon, which is impossible to fit into the Legends continuity. Darth Maul is dead, barring anything unforeseen, Anakin Skywalker will remain a Padawan until the middle of the war, Mandalore is CIS-aligned and is not a pacifist monarchy, Nightsisters are a minority on Dathomir which as minimal contact with the Galaxy at large, Asajj Ventress is a Rattataki, and General Grievous is both a master strategist and a serious personal threat, etc.

Nothing has changed from the previous thread, but there will be less crunchy tactical action.

Previous thread:

Feel free to ask questions and clarifications below. With that out of the way, let's get started.
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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #55
You are Uzumaki Makoto, daughter to Uzumaki Naori and Ryūzetsu of the shinobi village Amegakure. It’s a comparatively small village in what has until recent years been a war-torn and under-developed nation, which lies along the shortest overland route between three much more powerful nations that have long used your homeland as a middle ground in which to settle their own petty grievances.

Shinobi raised in such an environment tend to have two options before them – to grow strong or die young. That’s why Amegakure has historically produced a long list of some of the strongest shinobi of their respective eras. These names which have shaken the world include your mother Naori-ue along with her (and more recently your own) mentor Konan-sensei, and somewhat predictably the environment you and your brother grew up in severely skewed your perception of what a shinobi can and should be.

Shiki has shown an aptitude for Ryūzetsu-ue’s kekkei genkai, which lets them separate parts of their own souls for various purposes – Shiki likes to use his as an invisible, mobile, intelligent hiraishin target, for example. But your proficiency is actually quite different. Like Konan-sensei, you have a true, inborn talent for paper ninjutsu. This has let you use a technique for that style that not even Naori-ue has ever attempted: the dance of the shikigami.

But in an era of peace, techniques like these actually have a hidden flaw.

As if to illustrate the point your parents have been making for years, you just solved a problem by transforming your entire body into paper, flying out a window, and using the paper to smother an intruder affiliated with the criminal organization Kara. With even most jōnin who came up through the ranks since the last world war having had far less battlefield experience, the average level of skill and ability to be found among the great nations is lower than it used to be. This means that a shinobi with one especially absurd ability could easily leverage it to their advantage in almost any situation they face.

But if you spent too long solving all your problems by smothering them, that would create its own problem. If you’re not careful, the fact that you’ve grown so strong and developed your techniques to such a degree will actually dull the sense of urgency and the drive that led you to do those things in the first place. In essence, your own strength would end up making you weak.

Of course, despite these thoughts having come to mind during and after your (laughable) fight with the Kara member Garō, you don’t share them at the moment. Now is hardly the time. Instead you silently interrogate something that the guy Shiki brought with him, Kawaki-kun, said to you: that Garō was once his “handler”.

“Please clarify something for me, Kawaki-kun,” you quietly insist. “Who exactly are you, that you would require a ‘handler’ within Kara?”
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The Pilgrims
You are part of a group of pilgrims, weary and determined, who have parted ways with the larger settlement.
>Why did you leave?
>>Accusations of witchcraft within your ranks cast you out, leaving no choice but to flee the settlement's growing mistrust.
>>A devastating illness swept through your settlement, and you left in search of a new start, hoping to escape the shadow of death that lingered.
>>The land of the settlement turned barren, and tales of fertile grounds beyond the forests whispered promises of prosperity and renewal.
>>Your departure was a choice, fueled by the belief that the community's commitment to your shared faith had grown lukewarm and complacent.
>>You chose exile over conformity, finding the settlement's rigid adherence to doctrine stifling, yearning for a faith expressed in broader strokes.
>>Write in
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The Kingdom of Aridole
The Kingdom of Aridole is a realm marked by diverse landscapes and races.
The dominant race in Aridole, humans reside in Valta, a bustling capital province. They are skilled in governance and trade, making Valta a central hub for diplomacy and commerce.
Inhabiting the rugged, mountainous terrain of Tauron, minotaurs are bull-human hybrids known for their strength and combativeness. Their society is dominated by male prowess in combat, where power struggles and dueling are common practices, often over wealth, status, or slaves. Their social structure is patriarchal, with polygamy and competition for harems being prevalent.
Masters of the vast grasslands of Equis, centaurs are nomadic, valuing freedom and the bond with nature. They are exceptional archers and horsemen, living in harmony with the land and moving with the seasons.
Guardians of the enchanted forest realm of Sylvana, satyrs are well known for being curious and incredibly hedonistic. They protect their mystical woods fiercely, even as their drunken revelries and sexual debaucheries are legendary.
Dominating the dense jungles and swamps of Nagga, serpentfolk are both mysterious and cunning. Ranging from nearly human to almost entirely serpentine in appearance, they are carnivorous, preying on warm-blooded creatures, with a particular taste for harpies.
Ruling the beaches and underwater caverns of Aquaria, merfolk inhabit secluded communities within coral reefs or constructed cities beneath the waves. They cultivate fish within penned areas, living in harmony with the aquatic world.
Harpies rule the skies from their perches in Skyreach's cliffs and peaks. Agile and fierce, their societies value aerial prowess and hunting, but they are also known for their sadistic delight in the suffering of others, constantly seeking new victims for their cruelty.
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Cursed Sword Quest
While exploring the Faefern Forest outside your village of Thistlewood one day, you find a hidden chest under an ancient willow tree. You can't resist the temptation and decide to open the chest, finding a beautiful sword shining with mystical lights. You try gripping the sword and feel a sudden jolt of energy when you do it. Worse, touching it seems to release three ghostly beings! They fly around you a little, cackling madly, then fly away, disappearing in the horizon. You try to let go of the sword but it is as if it is glued in your hand! You run away in panic, but then finally stop when you're out of breath. This damn sword doesn't come off! You're cursed! You got a cursed sword!

What will you do about your situation?

> You're too ashamed to return to the village now, you will live in the woods
> Return to the village, maybe the sages know how to get rid of the cursed sword
> Neither living in the woods nor returning to the village, you will now be a swordhand for hire
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Simple Space Empire Quest #3
The Emperor&#039;s Judgement
The Eternal Empire has stood for 14 millennia and has endured hundreds of wars, calamities, and rulers of every type. Over the course of two fierce interstellar wars within and without the territories of the Empire, the rule of House Heinrich has been tested, and has emerged even stronger than before.

Does the new sovereign Emperor Otto have it in him to rule over the same stars his sword conquered? So far, none can say…

>Previous Threads
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Star Wars: Strings in The Shadow Quest
A cruel face-splitting smile extends across your terrible visage as you gaze through eyes that aren’t your own.
It is finally beginning.
The flutters in the Force were once nothing but the timidest ripples upon a crystal calm pond. Only a being with millennia of experience could recognise the slow, quiet hum that has been building for ever so long. Only you. And now those imperceptible ripples are now wild ravenous waves, clawing and crashing, building into an almighty crescendo. You’ve felt this before, seen it before, but only twice. The first time was when the galaxy ripped itself apart with the death of its monarch, and the second was when those from distant stars raped the galaxy. Both caused the same response, the Force wailed and screeched, echoing its pain throughout time at the death of trillions.

But there is something different. Something you have never tasted in the scent of the Force. Not just the red-hot agony at the incredible scale of death, something cold, something utterly black. It is ice to your ephemeral flesh and non-existent blood. You have not feared your second death; so much time has passed you thought yourself unable to even feel fear; a part of you even yearns for the freedom of final nothingness. This sick onyx void perturbs you; its unnatural emptiness has infected you, leaving an illness deep in your core. You, of course, would deny it to anyone who would ask; if you had anyone to speak to, you have even managed to deny it to yourself. The heat of your rage and burning desire for revenge masks it, burying it, as you smile with glee at the devastation about to unfold.
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Operation Bludonia
Operation Bludonia
You are Commander Anon of bludonia, you have been tasked with the recapturing of Goldberg from the occupying Redonians. you have been assigned the:

>9th Infantry Regiment
>>22nd Infantry Battalion <<6 infantry units>>
>>35th Infantry Battalion <<6 infantry units>>
>>2nd Artillery Company <<4 artillery units>>
>>5th Recon company <<4 Recon Cavalry Units>>
>>2nd AT Company <<4 AT gun unit>>

>3rd Combined Regiment
>>3rd Tank Company <<4 Tank units>>
>>10th Mechanized battalion <<4 Mechanized infantry units>>
>>23rd Infantry battalion <<6 infantry units>>
>>1st Mobile Battery <<2 SPG units>>
>>Reconnaissance plattoon <<2 Recon Cavalry>>

>6th Mechanized Regiment
>>9th Mechanized Battalion <<4 Mechanized infantry units>>
>>8th Mechanized Battalion <<4 Mechanized infantry units>>
>>13th Tank Company <<4 Tank units>>
>>Armored Recon Platoon <<2 armored recon units>>
>>2nd Motorized battery <<2 Motorized artillery>>

to perform this task. Our aerial reconnaissance have noted that there are very few enemy elements in the area however we suspect the enemy will mount a major counter attack along the river line so it would be prudent to set up along the bridges or if you're feeling rather audacious attack them before they can mount a counter attack.

a bit scuffed since I don't really have much of a choice on photo editing software
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Naruto Quest: Feeling Blue #3
Naruto Blue
Welcome to Naruto Quest: Feeling Blue #3


Some broad points to get every single newcomer up to speed as fast as possible:
>General setting details include a broadly lowered power level to keep things a bit saner, and the fact that the spiritual undercurrent of how the world functions is a lot more relevant to the cosmology and the function of ninjutsu. Other than that, everything is mostly canon to the mainline setting. I’m telling my own story in the world and deliberately avoiding prolonged involvement with canon cplot points for the most part unless they’re totally necessary. The timeline is roughly 5 years prior to the start of the series, and not too long after the massacre of clan Uchiha, an event that impacted you indirectly but personally.
>You are Otomo Mizutani, a budding ninjutsu specialist with a background in being a foreign-born citizen of the village, and a child sacrifice survivor. Your mom is the sociopath who evidently tried to kill you in an elaborate ploy to resurrect your long dead sister. Mother dearest is currently a missing-nin.
>Your teammates are Naoki Fuma, and Masami Igarashi.
>Naoki is a taijutsu specialist with a prosthetic arm he controls through puppetry jutsu. His calm and rational demeanor belies a significant amount of viciousness.
>Masami is a more balanced ninja who focuses on summoning crabs. She is crabby.
>Your jonin team leader is Hotaru Nakagawa, a kind woman who alternates between being cryptic and impish. She’s also a ninjutsu and sealing jutsu specialist, her main claim to fame is that she knows some secret techniques that allow her to manipulate heat. You and Masami live with her in her defunct inn because your home lives would otherwise be non-existent or depressing.
>So far you’ve graduated from the academy, learned that you have a supernatural affinity for fighting demons, realized that your soul has a hole in it from your botched murder/sacrifice, and got drunk at a bonfire party and watched your boy Naoki beat a 10-year-old into submission because she’s a grown woman and deserved it.
>Your team is above-average in competence as far as you can tell, but you’re still largely untested.
>Luckily, you’ve been assigned your first C-rank mission to escort a merchant caravan to the northern end of the Land of Fire. You are to protect them from the Lords of Fire, an apparent bandit group. You are to end this bandit group, if possible.
>Not having much more information to go on than that, you’re currently investigating for additional details.
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American Warlord Quest
Shit hit the fan.
The goose is cooked.
The boogie has been woogie'd.

Things are, in other word, fucked.

It was always going to be that way but in the end it went down faster than anyone thought possible — Congress & Cabinet fled to New Zealand and while the radio is crackling with slogans of unceasing resistance people know just how little your lives still mean to the them far, far away from where you are.

Your state's governor is thankfully holding onto what little of the national guard still remains loyal and the sheriff department seems willing to provide a modicum of safety but none of this will last and you know it.

There's already news of widespread copper theft taking over the power grid and it's only a matter of time before things just start to die.

You are
>Veteran. You got Perfectly Trustworthy Shooting Disorder and a bum leg and more ammo you than you can shake a stick at.
>Dad. Useful youngins. Alright wife. Encyclopedic knowledge of fixing this and that and everything in between.
>EMT. You got an ambulance, medical skills and lots and lots of drugs. The neighbourhood likes you.
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City Management Quest
Trenfel Map
This city is Trenfel, a tradehub located at the very edge of a larger empire. The city has recently developed a wine business, which has become its largest local export. The city recieves many priviliges under the empire, to better facilitate trade and keep imperial economy going.

The vast majority of the populace are Ejudic, a subculture of the larger culture of Ejentelic. They like singing and dancing, and love a glass of wine with their food. Families live together, and usually only move out after marriage. Many families have their own small garden, where they grow produce either for themselves or for trade with others.

There is currently turmoil brewing within the empire. The Redwood Commons, who have long had the task of protecting the redwood forrest and those who travel there, are no longer providing this protection. Since the redwoods cover a large area, most landed trade passes through it. Rumor is that the Redwood Commons are actively working to cause instability in the empire. As such, Trenfel has started construction of a wall along its south eastern border.

Trenfel is a council elective with very minor nobility oversight. In theory any man can be elected First Citizen, but it is much more likely the council either elects someone from the council, or a prominent member from a local trade family. Executive power is limited if decisions would directly benefit oneself and loved ones.

The current First Citizen of Trenfel is Marjun. He is immensively driven, always occupied with work or work related activities. He has recently taken an interest in training with the current military advisor, Dejid, making Marjun more physically fit. In addition to this, Marjun is also busy coordinating the construction of the city wall.

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Alterac Resurgent Quest 27
Alterac OP
Nine years ago King Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. Nine years ago Prince Alric Perenolde, the second heir of Alterac was sent into exile for his own protection. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past nine years made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

Now you are ready to carry the responsibility and unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once the Kingdom of Alterac.

The Army of Alterac had marched into Strahnbrad Hills with two goals in mind. First to clear any remaining members of the Syndicate or any bandits away from the region. Second, claim the valley where the oil is to under your control. While they were there, you were forced to stay in Tarren Mill due to your condition. You would just slow them down if you had joined them.

But to call the stay in Tarren Mill uneventful would be a serious mistake for quickly soon after an attack by the Syndicate was launched. Assassins tried to kill you and cause as much chaos as possible, but your quick actions and even swifter sword arm managed to put an end to it.

Though such a sudden attack did catch the guards unaware and a number of them did end up wounded and some were killed. Sudden attacks like these could bring Tarren Mill to her knees and so you did discuss strengthening her defences.

Oh and Jandice Barov said that she loves you.

Welcome to Alterac Resurgent Quest!

/qst/ Archive:
Prince Alric Stats:
Quest Mechanisms:
Character List:
Side Character Stats:
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Wizard Quest
You're Angus the wizard. You're researching a revolutionary spell that you like to call Angus Expansion. The other wizards at the wizard academy don't recognize your genius, but in time they will.

You have a companion! Fangs, the gay vampire! Together, the two of you go in wild nocturnal adventures (vampires get burned by sunlight so Fangs can't go out during the day).

To perfect your Angus Expansion spell, you need to gather three rare components!

You need a bunch of Castoreum!
You need a bunch of Civet Coffee!
You need a bunch of Dragon Intestines!

Which rare component will you go look for first?
> Castoreum
> Civet Coffee
> Dragon Intestines
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The Wandering Headband
The Wandering Headband

There is only one truth to both love and war. Make the first move.

Whether you’re trying to get into a pretty lady’s panties or about to shove your blade into a man’s throat, always make the first move.

Never act second.

Your Father’s words chime inside your mind, and you don’t know why, but you feel like you should follow Hinato. If only to bring her back to the campfire safe and sound. You make your excuses to the family and get up to go after her. They wait until you’re out of earshot to burst into good natured giggles as the old man puffs on his pipe and says “Oh, to be young again…”

Following her tracks into the forest next to the campfire leads you into a winding path through low branches and high wind, your afro catching a few twigs along the way. Deeper and deeper you go into the woods, and after ten minutes of searching, the wind carries rough voices to your ears.

“Look what we got here, boys. A pretty girl. Are ya lost, girlie? Wanna play a… Game?”

Then you hear screams. Hinato’s voice ripping through the air. You rush off towards the sound, and finally you reach a clearing in the woods. Hinato, her kimono torn in places with a large man on top of her, trying to snatch a kiss from the young girl. Surrounding them are four grinning men, some with their cocks already out. Your blood curdles at the sight, and unconsciously, your hand falls to the hilt of your Father’s blade, it’s lucky coin jangling and clinking in the wind.

>With your new fangled revolving pistol, you’re able to shoot all five of the bastards without reloading. Time to see if all that hunting in the mountains paid off.

>Draw your sword and rush over to them. You can probably cut off the head of one of them and disembowel another before they even realize what’s happening. They’re too distracted with their “game”.

>Toss a rock at the skull of the one on top of Hinato, yell some slurs at them and then hide and wait for them to come. It’ll be easiest just to pick them off one by one while they search the woods for you.

>Write in.
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Exalt on the beach!
Summer's come a'knockin so the clothes go a'flockin! A non-canon, peaceful gathering of exalts and other beings from across Creation is being held on an An Teng beach. There's Ledaal babes in skimpy bikinis, big booty mortal waitresses, coconuts everywhere, cold drinks, hot sun, crashing waves, solars, lunars, dragon blooded, artifact swimsuits and of course... BEACH VOLLEYBALL!

Build two Exalted characters, pick their outfits, challenge a rival team, and get playing!

Basic Rules

Only dice used are d10s.

Both players roll the combined Wits + Awareness scores of their characters to see who wins initiative.

Step One - Service: Winner goes first, and rolls Dexterity + Athletics. The number of successes is the difficulty of the other team's roll to save.
Step Two - Defense: The the player on the defending team chooses which character will defend the serve or return or spike and how. A roll of Dexterity + Athletics is needed to get to and set up the ball in time. She must equal or beat the number of successes scored on the serve/offense roll.
Step Three - Offense: The other teammate then rolls Dexterity + Athletics to return. The number of successes scored is the difficulty of the other team's save.
Step Four - Repeat The other team now does step two and so on until someone scores a point.
If at any time one team fails a roll, the other team receives a point. The first team to get three points wins; servers alternate amongst the two players on the team that is serving. If the other team gets a point they get to serve next.

Remember that stunting is perfectly allowed and encouraged. One dice added each for at least:

1: Two sentences of description
2: Fanservice
3: Dialogue

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The Room
You suddendly wake up on the floor in the middle of an empty concrete room. In the corner of the room sits a motionless, small, brown old paper bag.

>What is your next action?
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Crosscontamination Quest
channel 4 img
Hello? Is this the "channel 4" website or something?

EVERYTHING I've looked up online keeps talking about the British TV channel for "channel 4", but I don't live there. I know it's on public broadcast, emergency services said they'd be using that to keep everyone up to date, but I don't have a TV in my dorm so I went online instead until I eventually found this website through a sketchy link.

Is anyone there? Food delivery apps stopped working last night and I can't hear anyone outside. Every other website is like "frozen". Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, I don't see any new posts, just stuff from like 12 hours ago. I can still post but nobody replies or retweets or anything. I feel so alone and am starting to get scared. Is anyone there?
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Orc Kingdom
Hold of the Salasi Orcs
>The orcs lived harmoniously on the Serpant's Island, a small continent where orcs practices shamanism, worshiped their dragon gods, and herded sheep. Orcs live short but often fulfilling lives, when an orc is ten they find their calling, they only have fifty years to live and they always make it count.
>The leader of the Grucha clan, O'drak Grekmok, had to evacuate his clan when the rain dragon refused to bless his lands. They sailed into the ocean, on the other side they found the Salasi Empire, being invaded from the north by the Gennan and the south by the Mengis. All while suffering from a heretical uprising.
>Seeing this opportunity, O'drak besieged a small coastal castle and declared it the capitol of his new lands. Sadly, he'd succumb to his wounds.
>Until a new clan leader (the clan leader is signified by the "O' " in his name) is chosen, it's up to the men of the clan to form a council to choose the clan's immediate actions and choose their leader based on who shows the most resolve.

The players ITT are orcs making up this council. You must choose how you develop your keep, how you expand, and who you work with. I will post a short glossary explaining some jargon as my first post. Long roam the Grucha clan!
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Transformers Quest #2
Transformers quest 2
“Robots in disguise.”


The trees sway in the dim of the night as the air rushes from the spin of your rotors. The mountain holding the Ark and the Autobots growing smaller and smaller as you fly above the forest.

After traveling a fair distance out, you hover above the flora as you survey the land, the silhouettes of the city stand wreathed in light. To the side of these shadowed spires you can see a series of squat buildings organized within the confines of a chain fence. Looking beyond the megalopolis, you see the curved reflection of the moon upon the ocean that carried you to this continent.

You have a map of this entire planet held within your databanks, and a burning in your spark to do something, anything to try and figure out who you are.

>Keep to the forests
>Fly above the city
>Hover towards the base
>Head to the sea

Previously on Transformers Quest…
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Rift Quest
"It finally begins, Gazula. The work I've spent a lifetime perfecting! The rift in the etheric realm is now open, and all the magic in the world is now flowing into a smaller dimension. Yes, yes, some Demons are attracted to it, but that's not the point. Once the etheric vacuum reaches critical mass, the rift will break through to higher dimensions, and magic more powerful than we could have imagined will flow into the world! Finally, spells are available to everyone , Gazula! Not only for the one in 10,000 special genius weavers like today, but for everyone!”

As the resonating echoes of your mentor's wisdom reverberate within your consciousness, you fervently plunge your axe into yet another vile infernal creature. Comprising a meager faction of survivors, engaged in an unrelenting battle for survival, you find yourself compelled to ponder upon the potential misjudgments that may have beset your mentor in his elaborate conjecture concerning the enigmatic realms of aether and the vacuous fissures within.

In this boundless realm, demons roam with impunity whilst the very essence of magic has been rendered impotent. The esteemed Archmage Nyxor, your revered guide and custodian, met a harrowing demise at the merciless hands of demonic forces, left bereft of the mystical prowess that had hitherto safeguarded him against their relentless onslaught during the siege of his towering sanctuary.

By some miraculous twist of fate, you narrowly evaded a similar fate, but the aftermath of this cataclysmic event has plunged your existence into an unrelenting whirlwind of chaos and upheaval. Despite everything, you clung onto his seminal work, the "Aether Vacuum Rift Magnum Opus," fervently grappling with the possibility of completing his masterpiece or, at the very least, restoring the world to its former state.

In a world teeming with malevolent entities, the prospect of triumph appears exceedingly bleak...

In this dangerous journey, you find yourself accompanied by:

> A group of Fellow Weavers, whose expertise in research is unparalleled
> Local Villagers, with deep knowledge of the land and ability to gather resources
> Royal Soldiers, attempting to ensure the protection of the group amidst the perils of combat
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Yet another 40k A.I. quest 5
Omicron Teledesh
You must give your men at least a few days of rest, while the zeal burning in their hearts is admirable, they are still required the utmost minimum amount of rest to repair the bent steel, to replace the expended ammunition, and to rest what weak flesh remains.

With the machine spirits of the forge now reawakened from their slumber and with the motive force flowing freely through them, you once again feel the blessings of the Omnissiah, the simple fact that the remaining servitor weapon emplacements being position in the outermost defences as well as being placed alongside the primary highway had come as a surprise, though upon further consideration, those areas housed the most amount of the defences to begin with, so some surviving long after the local defenders were forced back makes some sense. As for the remaining defences around the landing zones, that had not come as any surprise for you, with the air being so dominated by the xenos, the value of the area was small to begin with, the foe, even with their numbers, would have been slaughter pointlessly should they had tried to strike there at the early days of the invasion, while at the same time, your peers had no need for the landing zones due to the aforementioned advantage of your enemy.

Still, the defences soon to be reactivated around the landing zones had proven a blessing, once more a divine guidance of the Machine God no doubt, as soon the numerous servitor turrets shall awaken and slaughter the boxed in xenos whilst your forces storm their positions. And you are moving a great force indeed, with the outer defences once more in place, you can gamble abandoning them and instead pushing your entire force towards the complete and utter purge of the upper section of the forge temple, a part of the Omnissiah’s creation will once again be reclaimed.

As for the ground level, the Manufactorums being in the hands of Tyranids for so long has become an eye-sore, if reports are correct, and your foes position unchanged, one final, big push, shall reclaim these most sacred of places where machine spirits come to inhabit the creations of the forge.
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Protégé System
You were born at the dawn of the century. 1900. Well, you don’t know the exact date. You were put into the hatch at an orphanage, posted like unwanted mail. Doesn’t matter much. Your story begins before you have had the time to form a proper personality to know how you even feel about having been an unwanted child.
Some of your earliest memories include coughing your lungs out and losing a quarter of your fellow orphans and playmates. You remember the nuns getting mad at you for asking about nonsense words like internet or television. You’ve always been inquisitive and were able to read and write almost without it being taught to you, even though you tend to spell some words quite wrong.
And there’s also this voice. You sometimes hear odd noises, which you somehow interpret as a language, even though it consists of odd whistles and grunts, not something a human can produce. Sometimes it repeats the same phrases over and over again until you have to think really hard for it to be silent, where you basically have to shout “shut the fuck up” in your head over and over again.
That was, of course, until today when…
System diagnostic:
Temporal Paradox detected. Illegal use. Unable to connect to server.
No identification detected. Illegal use. Unable to connect to server.
Unrecognized Species detected. Illegal use. Unable to connect to server.
Species calibration dangerously low. Unable to connect to server. Automatic repair attempt 2757 partially successful. Establish linguistic calibration.
Language calibrated.
Will you be using this language?

Someone just started talking, from what you feel like was right behind you. However, you were not able to see anyone anywhere in the alleyway around you. You’re supposed to be lookout while the older kids were inside, doing their thing. What good of a lookout are you if you can’t even see someone talking right next to you?
Will you be using this language?
Is it the voice in your head?
“What, can you speak my language now?”, you ask aloud. “You can speak…
>… english?” [quest is set in Edinburgh, British Empire]
>… german?” [quest is set in Stuttgart, German Empire]
>… german?” [quest is set in Salzburg, Austro-Hungarian Empire]
>… french?” [quest is set in Nice, French Third Republic]
>… italian?” [quest is set in Genoa, Kingdom of Italy]
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Blood and Seed - The Tale of Lorcan
You stand as Lorcan, born and raised in the lush green lands of Caledonia.

Your name, meaning 'fierce little one,' complements the fiery red hair and brute strength inherited from your father, known as Redhair, a powerful man of few words but deep resolve.

Your mother, Nefertari, a beautiful woman of Aegyptian descent, has gifted you with her sun-kissed bronze skin and a wit sharper than any sword.

Your parents met as slaves in the sun-drenched kingdom of Aegis, a painful chapter of their lives they seldom talk about.

Yet, from these shadows, they carved out a prosperous life on a fertile farm in Caledonia, surrounded by fields that yield generously and livestock that thrive.

Your home is filled with the laughter and energy of your six younger siblings, born of strong seed, each inheriting the robust health and brute strength of your father and the keen intelligence of your mother.

Life as a farmer in Caledonia is fulfilling, yet within you burns a desire for something beyond the horizon—adventures that forge legends, a legacy that transcends the ordinary, a yearning that cannot be quelled by the simplicity of rural life.

One evening, as the sun paints the horizon in hues of amber and gold, you, on the brink of manhood, approach your father. "Father," you begin, your voice tinged with a mix of excitement and trepidation, "I yearn for my own adventures, my own tales to tell."

Your father studies you for a moment, memories of his own youth flooding back. "Your journey, son, will be yours alone to dictate," he muses, placing a firm hand on your shoulder.

The two of you stand in silent understanding. The world beyond awaits you, teeming with its own challenges and victories. Your saga is just beginning, a blank canvas awaiting your bold strokes.

Now, the question lingers in the air: where does your feet take you?

> You consider embarking on a journey to Aegis, aiming to conquer its grand coliseum not as a slave like your father, but as a freeman seeking glory.

> You think about venturing into Germania, offering your blade for hire, to amass wealth and renown as a sellsword amidst its warring tribes.

> You contemplate heading to Persia, where your skills as a sellsword could earn you a fortune in a land rich with ancient wonders and fierce conflicts.

> You ponder the idea of traveling to Numidia, seeking to make your mark and fortune as a sellsword in the vast, unforgiving deserts teeming with challenges.

> You aspire to sail to Iberia, joining a crew of merchants or pirates, seeking adventure and treasure on the high seas.

> You dream of exploring the mysterious lands of the Far East, trading and learning from the ancient civilizations that flourish there.
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Third World Leader Quest (Ethiopia)
Welcome to Ethiopia: A Nation in Crisis. In this game, you will take on the role of the newly elected/imposed leader (or a high ranking minister) of Ethiopia, a country facing multiple challenges and threats. You will have to choose what kind of leader you want to be, and what skills and talents you have that got you into office. Will you be a charismatic visionary, a pragmatic negotiator, a ruthless dictator, or something else?

Your decisions will shape the fate of your nation and its people. You will have to deal with domestic issues such as famine, conflict, disease, and economic shocks. You will also have to navigate the complex and volatile regional and international politics, balancing the interests and demands of various actors such as Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Russia, The EU, The US, China, and The UN.

The game will present you with different scenarios and dilemmas, and you will have to choose how to respond. Your choices will have consequences, both short-term and long-term, affecting your popularity, stability, security, and development.

Can you lead Ethiopia to peace and prosperity, or will you plunge it into chaos and disaster? The choice is yours. Good luck!
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Gotham City Beat Cop Quest 5
GothamBeatCopFive (1)
'This is fucked.'

That's all you can think as you slink back into the alley, careful to keep from making any unnecessary noise during your retreat, your best bet is to hide and hope that Hawthorne gets back with a car before someone rats you out or you get found by complete accident. You take a few moments as you crouch behind a dumpster to lick your fingertips and get to work rubbing the drying viscous blood from under your eye. Maybe you pushed yourself too far in the process of shifting your conscience through the city, before it's all come to you like trickles from a stream, the difference this time is that you stuck your head in the proverbial river. A few wet blinks clear away the feeling of a gunked up eye but you're positive it's still bright red and the people getting contacted probably have 'guy with a fucked up eye' as the main identifier.

The voice from earlier brings your attention right back to the goons standing in the road.

"Alright, Donnie. We got a few of our guys on it now."

"And the boss isn't gonna find out?"

"No, Donnie. Unless you go and tell him something he don't need to know."

A few moments of pregnant silence hang in the air.

"Donnie? I don't like it when you don't answer me. You ain't gonna say nothing to the boss right?"

"Of course not!" The voice replies with an echo of fear.

"Good. Because we both fucked up in that café earlier and you know what that means."

"It means we both get punished.."

"Exactly, and the last guy who pissed off Cobblepot ended up getting fed to uh.. to sea lions! You don't want that do you, Donnie?"


"I won't let that happen, let's just find these two clowns and rough em up. Break their legs maybe, nothing crazy. Just to send a message."

"Okay, yeah good..."

"Donnie, what is it? I see you squirmin."

"Can I?"

"Oh for fuck sake. Yes, Donnie."

You close your eyes and fight back another wave of migraine pain. Cobblepot, The Penguin. His goons are watching the streets around the club, but why?

You have no time to mull it over as foot steps begin to click approaching your alley. You hold your breath and remain still as a photograph until another sound echoes off the old brick. A zipper, splashing liquid, and a contented sigh of relief. This has to be a joke.

>Hold your position, there is no reason to blow your hiding spot now. Not until you get word from Hawthorne.
>This is probably the only chance you're going to get if you want to squeeze answers out of one of these guys. Step out with your gun and catch him with his pants down.
>Getting some answers from this mook would be nice but you don't wanna pull the gun if you aren't going to use it. Make some light noises and see if you can draw him in and wrestle him down.
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Anon you're on trial
Judge: anon you're on trial for selling kids into slavery. How do you plead?
>Innocent your honour
>I was framed
>I didn't know it was a crime
>Those kids had it coming
>If I didn't sell them someone else would
>Mr Epstein paid good money for them
>I thought virgin island was a summer camp
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Sentient Murderdrone Quest
you're a sentient murderdrone
you have 3g of explosives
you are part of a swarm of a thousand other murderdrones
they aren't sentient
they have been programmed to kill college students who posted white supremacist frogs on the internet
what do you do?
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Local Lord Quest XI
Charles de Villeroi
Welcome back good sirs and fair ladies, I am unfortunately awfully late for the update, because of the loss of my grandfather, he was a good man and I didn't felt like writing during these times. But we must move on and I am back so let us see where we were... You were just feasting with your closest councillors and your lovely Lady Rose after freeing her from the clutches of the baron's men. You were ready to burn the baron's witch directly tommorrow and you had just complimented Rose's singing.

For those who are new I shall link our glorious quest of bringing Christendom and a right and proper feudal society to India right here :
>> thread 1
>> thread 2
>> thread 3
>> thread 4
>> thread 5
>> thread 6
>> thread 7
>> thread 8
>> thread 9
>> thread 10

And, as per custom nobles seigneurs et gentes dames, we shall begin with a small prologue, with those saracens that you accidentaly released in India because of the Leman Brother's tomb's sorcery...
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Kill The Damned King! (Oneshot)

Once the crown jewel of the southern empire of Notensia, the grand gateway to the sea has over the past decade fallen into a husk of its former self. While most royal cities of the Lumine League begin with a vision of grand splendor and holy light, this one begins with a vision. What King Lucius saw is a mystery, but all you do know is that for ten long years after, his order became dedicated to erecting massive walls around Illyria. Naval trade halted, common folk fled, the only remaining purpose for the city was its royal obligations and acting as an endpoint for long pilgrimage.

Foreshadowed by the Lumine Church conscripting far more military might than usual, the decree came in the early spring. Notensia was exiting the Lumine League. The intent of King Lucius of Illyria was not conquest, rather, he wished to be conquered. His promise was impossible to believe, that anyone strong enough to defeat him would receive unfathomable power and the right to rule. Reports from holy soldiers turned trembling survivors and deserters shook the whole realm, yet it enticed its warriors. Illyria had become a city of chaos, and the world would be lucky for its walls.

As the months dragged on, The Church claimed power over Notensia, but Illyria remained a warzone. Orders of conflicting Templars, foreign nations, mercenaries, and all manner of other fools flocked to Illyria to wage war or profit from those who wished to wage it…
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Medieval Mercenary Quest
You are a mercenary, a soldier-of-fortune. You are still green to the trade, with nothing yet but the clothes on your back and a wooden spear you carved yourself from a tent pole, but you dream of one day leading your own company, perhaps even ruling over a fortress or a fief as the Barons do.

The realm, however, is presently quiet. The last real war was between the Empire and the men of the Highlands--which the Emperor managed to bring to an uneasy truce by a royal marriage. The last crusade against the Sultan of the South was many years ago. Here in Myr, the work is often of a smaller scale: baronial disputes, where the peasants bear the burnt of the punishment, their cattle and pigs and chickens stolen by the enemy or slaughtered for the Baron's men, their precious wheat trampled upon, and their daughters left with bastards in their bellies. But thus has it always been.

Even so, most peasants would not dare to take up arms. Peasants are docile folk, resigned to their destinies as much as the lowing cattle they tend. They can be led to slaughter easily enough, but to lead it themselves is another matter. Thus, too, it has always been.

At any rate, you managed to get yourself into a small mercenary company called The Red Ravens. Though they boast no more than two dozen men, each has seen the battlefield at least once, and you were nearly rejected for your inexperience. It was the sergeant who finally vouched for you, on account of your...

>Unerring memory, you never forget a face, or a place, or a speech, or anything really.
>Sheer endurance, cold, heat, fatigue, hunger, pain, nothing can move you once your purpose is set
>Hulking strength, you've always been bigger and stronger than most folk, able to do alone what two men would find difficult.
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40k Minor Xenos Quest: Under Hunter Tribes
Last time, in 40k Minor Xenos Quest: A Struggle To Survive Redux :
A Dominant Matriarch had evolved a mutation on an homeotic gene leading to bipedism - this gene happens to be ported on sexual chromosomes, making all female descending from this first bipedal female bipedal themself.
It's been two generations, and a handful females are porting the new mutation.

By the mechanics of egg-sharing, those females are found all around the crack as well as adjacent frozen peaks. (You) are one such matriarch.
Right now, you are lonely : far from the aesthetical favored criterion of the rest of the race, you were rejected as a malformed youngling.
This is only a setback, as (You) are the dominant. Your bipedal position let your Ichor reach your brain more easily. Ear farther. Exact more strength with your now-free, dexterous limbs.
(You) are the inevitable future of the Under Hunter. But, for now, your tribe is a mere dream in the head of a lonely Under Hunter.
Under Hunter current sheet :
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The 4 Billion Year Quest
You are an ordinary person, but for some unknown reason, God has chosen you for a great task. You hear His voice, immediately convinced that it is no hallucination by its unearthly quality.

He tells you that He is unlike anything His children of Earth preach. The universe, His grand creation, is decorated with innumerable planets that have given birth to life. You attempt to ask a question, but before you could even finish your first word, He interrupts you with a thundering, miserable voice, instructing you to listen. You are not chosen to be a prophet of man. You are chosen to be His general and protector of the galaxy against the approaching calamity.

His children of Andromeda are fierce and sadistic. They hold mastery in all aspects of war and conflict. In 4 billion years, the distance between the two galaxies will no longer protect innocent Milky Way. To prevent such a future, He gifts a savior to this galaxy.

Of all civilizations, great or primitive, He has chosen yours and of all men, He has chosen you.

You are given immortality and the ability to understand any language used by His children. Finally, He offers you three powers to choose from, saying that your encounter with the Creator will end afterwards. You must then conquer and strengthen your galaxy before their arrival.

>Any wish of your own. However, not granted if judged to be undeserving.
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Anime Girl Quest #1
You go to Japan and meet a cute anime girl.

What do?

>Simp for her
>Ignore her and appreciate that beautiful Japanese landscape
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Kobolt Klan Adoption 17
kobolt klan adoption 17
As you lean back in this dressing room, you need to think. How did you get in this situation that you're worrying about how you look in front of people?
Then again, you went with a bucket help for years on end so people wouldn't recognize your face... and, also, after a while, because it just made you feel safe.
...You wish you could say hat feeling the wind on your face was a relief, but considering the situation behind it, it's mostly just made you more uncomfortable. It's great to know that you can face down a dragon in open combat with nothing but a sword, a gun, a plan, fireproof armor, a trap...
Okay, bad example, but you considered yourself mostly fearless. Not *brave*, just fearless. Right now, you're undeniably afraid.
And it's paralyzing.

Then, you take in a deep breath... and exhale, right after. The heat of the pool seeps into the simple brickwork here, and you realize that... Well.
Out here, nobody really knows you. In a sense, that's freedom. No family history, no pity from people that remember you were a human once. So, instead, it's just... *you*. What are you right now. What you can do with all that. You look down at your body, your glittering scales... Is there not something beautiful about it, as well? You are careful not to let pride infect your thinking, but there is a certain level of self-love that you should permit yourself. If nothing else, Sarah considers you something worthy of loving.
She's the single smartest person you know. So... odds are she knows what she's talking about. Yes.
You begin to laugh.

How much longer are you going to sit here, trembling, at the thought of going into a bath? It's ridiculous. You stand up, and before you lose what nerve you managed to scrounge up, you push the door open, and close it behind you, a towel around your hips at least, as you walk past the crowds. This place may be included into the hotel, but you suppose it makes sense that the price tag is much more reasonable. You suspect this is how they keep their entire operation running. Exorbitant prices for their rooms, and a constant income from their bathhouse.
Thinking about the money side of things is just enough to stop you from thinking about all the stares you're getting, the children being pulled close to their mothers, and the silence that seemed to follow you as you entered. You don't let it slow you down, as you slink around the place. It's a sad fact of life that moving with anything resembling grace means slinking, now. You're just too long and... oddly flexible at the moment. Your torso is just made for it, and the tail only adds to it.
You look around for your people... and after a moment, you revel in the looks. At first it was scary, childish as it is, but...
Your scales glitter, your movements are graceful, your body is strong... Strong! STRONG!
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Civilization Quest
Select starter race(s), environment and one cantrip
1 media | 28 replies
Tame Insanity
Intro Screen
(you) are a guy (or girl, you haven't checked in awhile) who just woke up in your room. Not much is different about it, everything is the way it was last night. (you) have the whole day ahead of (you), but (you)'re not sure what to do exactly.

OOC: This /qst/ is a mix of Gmod and drawings, with many characters and background elements drawn onto the scene.
28 media | 79 replies
The Lady Knight's Quest III
Welcome to the Lady Knight's Quest, where you play as Dame Louise le Blanc as she serves her liege with loyalty and grace. Purging heretics, smiting demons, and sending imperial dogs back to the Roslands with their tails between their legs; it's all part of the job description.

This quest operates on a "Best of One" dice system, where the first roll with an accompanying vote will get used. If an option requires multiple rolls, the rolls will be selected in order. In cases where multiple rolls are required, calls for a roll that appear in Bold Red will always use the first dice rolled, followed by any vote specific calls for a roll. This quest will primarily use rolls of a D20 and rolls of a D100, though other dice may be used when activating a special ability.

On a d20 roll, a roll of 1 before any modifiers is a critical failure, and a roll of 20 is a critical success. Rolls of 20 that are not used for a vote can be banked for later, and will be tallied up after each post.

On a d100 roll, rolls of 1, 13, and 66 is a "cursed" roll. As d100s are generally used to determine the severity of an event, these rolls will result in a far worse outcome than expected (such as needing to fend off a Dragon on what should have been a largely safe mountain pass). On the other hand, rolls of 100, 77, and 69 are "blessed" rolls, which will result in great fortune. Blessed rolls can be banked for later, and will be tallied up after each post.

Banked rolls can be spent in one of two ways. Whenever a natural 1 is rolled on a d20, or a cursed roll is rolled on a d100, if the players have any banked rolls remaining it will automatically be spent to negate the roll, using the next valid roll for that action. Banked rolls will only be spent if they can skip to a better outcome; if three natural 1s are rolled in a row, but there is only 1 banked roll, no rolls will be spent.

For a roll to be banked, it must 1) not be the roll used for a given action, and 2) must accompany a vote. Players are encouraged to roll whenever a roll is called for in order to increase the number of banked rolls.

Based on the number of banked rolls from the previous thread, you begin the thread with a number of boons. These boons must be used during the course of this thread, or else they are lost forever.

1x Blessing of Tychae: The first Natural 1 of the thread is automatically negated.
2x Tokens of the Shield: You may choose to use a token to automatically succeed on a saving throw, as if you had met the DC.
2x Tokens of the Quill: You may choose to use a token to automatically succeed on a Diplomacy, Intimidate, Bluff, or Sense Motive check, as if you had exceeded the DC by 5.
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Future Fades 3
voidcraft stylized
For fifteen standard years, you've been Elne Blavis, a power grid field technician on Barter, a nomadic trade station where anything and everything can be bought for the right price. But that life came to an end when a Dragonblood Noble, one Marchioness Shanaia of House Maevian arrived on Barter, seeking one of your previous lives - Maia Taris - hoping she held the key to saving her doomed House. Through a combination of Noble influence, emotional blackmail and her trump card in the form of an Annamurian Artifact, she connived a situation in which you couldn't refuse her offer: work for her or watch Barter be destroyed.

You proceeded to refuse Shanaia's offer, escape the chamber of technowizardry that was her hotel room, and hijack one of the many trade ships docked on Barter to put yourself beyond her immediate rage. Meaning that, just in a span of a couple of hours you have committed multiple crimes, burned your old life to the ground, and have effectively quit your job without notice. And it's that last one that likely hurts the most. Elne may have been an irreverent asshole, showing only the bare minimum of respect to her boss, but that was a privilege bought with supreme competence and an exemplary work ethic. Her sudden disappearance will doubtlessly leave all of Power Management in a lurch.

"Percheron, you are now clearing Barter Station's parking sphere," Barter Traffic Control comes over the headset. "EnhV Guidance disengaged. I am handing you over to Leros Orbital Traffic Control. Safe travels."

"Thank you Traffic Control, Percheron out."

The half hour crawl among the voidcraft awaiting their turn to dock with Barter has been an anxious one - at any moment you expected a hail to stop, or to be approached by ExtSec shuttles. And yet, it seems no one has discovered the ship's former owner you left tied up in the bay. Nor that the Dragonblood was able to track you and get Barter's leadership to cooperate in seizing what she no doubt considers her rightful property.

The traffic controller for Leros - the planet Barter is currently orbiting - is a lot less pleasant, demanding your flight plan in heavily accented Galactic and impatiently hurrying you along. Which you chalk up to the trade station's presence and the massive increase in system traffic this has provoked. Your suspicion is confirmed when you give him your inoffensive departure vector - he immediately mellows out, approves it without hassle, and breaks connection immediately, moving on to something higher on his priority list.

Don't make unnecessary problems for people just doing their job - a simple maxim for living a simpler life.

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Persona 4: After the Fog
Old QM coming back around for something that's been in the back of my brain. Tried writing a fanfic for it but I felt the format would work better for a quest, so taking my plot beats, outline and such here.

Will update when able (approximately 1-2 times a day, Sunday-Thursday)


The oily black mass bubbles beneath the streets. Inaba seems blissfully unaware of what trembles beneath, but you can sense that there's a deep danger here. It strikes through to your core, like a cold knife piercing your heart.

This wintry grasp is familiar to you, although only in fractured, shattered memories from ten years ago. The man who brought you into the van. Who brought you inside the television and the white endless expanse of fog that lay beyond. It only came in small memories, or glimpses, or nightmares.

Like this one.

The surging darkness wells up, coming for you. You weren't sure how you knew, but there was no mistaking that this was seeking to draw you into its fold.

Desperate, your footsteps race across Inaba, trying anywhere you can to get away from it. You know it's a dream- this is one you've had before- but that doesn't quell the terror in your heart.

You spy a door that seems...oddly familiar. It seems to be of a deep blue color- but not painted. As if the wood itself is blue. You try to turn the handle- it's locked. Your hand lifts to hammer on the door as you call for help. The loud knocks echo through the landscape as the darkness surges closer, and-


"Nanako, it's time to get up. Aren't you meeting your friends today?"

The voice of your father, Ryotaro Dojima, pierces through the dreamscape. It was him knocking on the door. You breathe a small sigh of relief, and shift up to a sitting position on your bed.

"I'm up," you respond groggily, lifting a hand to your face to try and wipe away the nightmare.

An affirmative grunt comes from the other side. "I've got to get to work soon. Just wanted to make sure you were up before I left."

You take in another deep breath before exhaling it out, steadying your breathing and coming back to a calm state.

It had been ten years since that near-death experience, when you'd been hospitalized. The nightmare hasn't changed, but it feels like it's more common than it used to be...

You could talk to your Dad about it, but he's a bit of a realist, even with everything that had happened ten years ago. Or you could try to call Yu, but he was often busy with Kirijo and the Shadow Operatives. Or, just do what you've done before and swallow it down, put on a smile and go see your friends.

A) Talk to Dad about the dream
B) Call Big Bro Yu and talk to him about the dream
C) You'll decompress later- you need to go meet your friends for lunch
D) Other/Write-in
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Grand Text Auto – Ol' Memories edition
GTA: Grand Text Auto
>Level 0: location: Shady Old Tavern | storyteller: IF System | story: Game | protagonist: You

You find yourself in a dimly lit tavern, the smell of old wood and spilled liquor heavy in the air. The worn leather of the booth creaks below you as a grizzled man slides in across from you. He's got scars that tell more stories than a library, and eyes that have seen too much.

>Level 1: location: A shootout in the '90s | storyteller: Grizzled Man | story: The Big Heist | protagonist: Young Grizzled Man

"This one time," he begins, his voice gravelly with age, "we were pinned down by cops, the loot just out of reach. Bullets flying everywhere, and there I was, just a kid with a gun too big for his hands."

The tavern fades into the background as the man's story takes center stage. He flicks his lighter, the flame briefly illuminating his haunting smirk.

"I remember thinking..."
Level 1: "... fuck it, I'll get my life straight, go to school, and give up on being a gangster" <-- target a specific narration level. This will get interpreted as if that command was issued by the protagonist of that level.
>Level 0: location: Shady Old Tavern | storyteller: IF System | story: Game | protagonist: You

The grizzled man gives a low chuckle, shaking his head at the memory. "I was full of shit, right? Nah, I didn't go to school. I thought it, yeah, but when you're staring down the barrel of a dirty cop's gun, your life doesn't just flash before your eyes—it kicks you in the balls and asks what you’re gonna do about it."

>Level 1: location: A shootout in the '90s | storyteller: Grizzled Man | story: The Big Heist | protagonist: Young Grizzled Man

He grips the table, knuckles white, as if he's back there, trapped in that moment. "So, I did something stupid," he continues, the glint in his eye telling you this is where the story turns. "I grabbed a smoke grenade from Joey's belt, tossed it and—"

He pauses here, perhaps for effect or maybe to watch your reaction, leaving the smoke to linger in the air of his tale.
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Do Your Best Quest #168
Last time, you helped your band record their first single ‘Together’, then you got two new idols for your agency by winning a card game. This is how serious businesses are dealt. Yeah, you have to work out the details for the agency, but the most important bit is the talent, right?

Regardless, one of your newest acquisitions has shown some little pesky concerns about your acquisitions, but she wants this to work out! Not because she doesn’t have any other option that wouldn’t leave her career stuck for a while, but because she’s a worry rat. A silly worry rat. You already know one very intimately so you can deal with another pumpkin-shaped one.

“And to show you how committed I am to making this work, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Joy Joyce, please, take care of me.” Punk-P really wants to teach you the ways of being a good manager for the sake of her life’s work.

How do you respond?

>“I have to do something after this, I’ll call you when I’m free, okay?” You already spent a lot of time on Idol stuff for the day.
>“Why don’t you grab a Cup of Coffee, go back home, sleep on this for the night, relax, and tell me how you feel tomorrow, okay? Here, my treat.” Hand Punk-P a couple of GorDollars.
>“Training? I don’t need training. I need an office first.” You need to work on the Agency proper.
>“Sorry, sweetheart, today is Bluesberries day. We’ll talk about this another day, okay?” Pat Pumpkin Pie’s head to soothe her down, that usually works, right?
>“Sorry, you can’t be Joy Joyce, I already know a Double J and this will make things confusing.” You have to be abundantly clear that she’s either Joy or Joyce, not both.
>Write In.
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Void Raider Quest 4
Previous thread here:

All threads:

In the last thread we made contact with the renegade clan Hys, started proper repairs on our ship, and planned our assault on Molosses. Now, your first officer Lieutenant Commander Silas O'Keefe has just forwarded you a copy of the latest Status Report:

Ship: Heavy cruiser LDS Vanilla Skyline, Courageous-class
Captain: Commander Sylvia Thorton (yourself)
Crew: mostly undisciplined, enthusiastic
Engine: 85% efficiency (damaged nacelles, undergoing repairs, ETA 15 days)
Railgun Turret A-1: 78% efficiency (broken shell elevator, undergoing repairs, ETA 10 days)
All other systems operating at 100% efficiency. (undergoing maintenance, ETA 20 days)
Current Position: Hys base ‘Granite-Vigil’, Citar Quadrant outskirts

Ship: Patrol destroyer LDS Chocolate Rain, Jaguar-class
Captain: Lieutenant Commander Maxine Hopkins (Directorate Navy)
All systems operating at 100% efficiency
Current position: Patrolling Kaskandir Quadrant (on lease to Directorate Navy, 11 months left)

Genetically pure: +5 bonus to charisma
Former freelance journalist: +2 bonus to charisma, bonus to Political Economy

Personal abilities
Format: current status, growth rate (bonus to rolls)
Logistics: Basic, capable (+0)
Human Resources: Greenhorn, capable (+2)
Political Economy: Basic, gifted (+0)
Combat Tactics: Greenhorn, average (+2)

War Report
Current Liteian Navy readiness status: orange
Latest news:
>Plot to sabotage new Navy flagship foiled, over 60 detained for questioning.
>Qyngur force build-up along Saret territory revealed, spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds with official warning.
>Novgorod Patriarch and Alexandrian Imam issue joint declaration condemning recent wave of sectarian violence along Bolivarian-Saudite border.
>First private colonisation expedition to launch later this year, currently recruiting candidates.

I really should start hunkering down whenever one of these threads hit page 9. Last time it was just a bomb threat, this time I slipped off a ladder and almost broke my neck. Next time I will pay someone else to put up our Lunar New Year decorations.
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Halo Wolfpack REDUX
halo space battle


It is the 26th century, and humanity is dying.

Twenty years ago, the backwater colony world of harvest went silent. At first, a single scout ship was dispatched to check up on the colony. Attacks from terrorist groups were not uncommon, and an FTL communications system was a juicy target for such groups. The scout ship arrived, sent a single message to confirm that it was in the system, and then promptly disappeared. Following that, a nearby battlegroup of three warships was dispatched to the planet. A single destroyer and a pair of escorting frigates, a force that was more than enough to find out just what had happened to the planet. Almost two months passed before the fleet returned, when the sole surviving destroyer limped back to the stronghold world of Reach and reported what it had found.

The fleet had dropped out of FTL travel right above the planet. Or what remained of it. The world had been turned from a paradise of green grasslands and blue oceans, to an inhospitable ball of glass and ice. A single ship of alien origin sat in orbit and send only a single message to the human vessels.

"Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we are their instrument."

The resulting battle lasted all of 30 seconds and resulted in the unprepared fleet being decimated. The sole surviving vessel, the destroyer Hercules, only survived the engagement as it's slipspace drive was still spooled up and ready to go. And even then, the battle had crippled it, forcing it to use its backup reactor in order to return to Reach.

This first engagement would set the general trend for naval battles throughout the war. Trial and error would lead to tactics that would give humanity better odds in battle, and the genius of officers like the great Admiral Cole could even achieve a positive kill/loss ratio in certain battles. Massive shipyards mass-produced warships around the clock, and all of humanity's military might was consolidated under the command of the UNSC.
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 212
After gaining all seven Dark Dragon Balls, thanks in no small part to Karn and his family's efforts, Mechikabura prepares for his revival: the Dark King's return is nigh! And with their powers gained in the effort to combat the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, Karn and Meloka seek to master the strength of gods in preparation for the coming final battle between the Time Breakers and the Time Patrol. However, despite the PTO now comfortably ruling the majority of the known universe, threats still lurk there in the shadows. Beings who, for their own reasons, seek revenge against the Saiyan race. Will the Saiyans prevail? Or will their efforts all be in vain, overcome by their enemies past, present, and future?

You the players control Karn, the Berserker God with the power to fight against gods and other divine beings. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. Wielding the Berserker Soul, a power born of rage and hatred now combined with That Which Should Not Be, Karn has gained powers suited to facing the divine, and even those who wield the powers of Order, Law, and even Time itself. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed your way? Only time will tell, and your choices could be the difference between victory and defeat, winning and losing, even existence and not.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, Bo4 when specified
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your first roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Infernal Exalted Quest
Night sets. Thick, inauspicious clouds obscure the watchful moon. And no animal makes a sound. Neither the hounds, nor the horses, not even the cicadas who've been singing their song ever dutifully through the whole season. The air carries the stench of death, even though not one drop of blood has been shed yet. All bad omens.

It's been five days since the Deathknight came to the range town with his dark entourage and his most unreasonable demands. He claimed the land rightfully belongs to his master, The Mask of Winters, under some fabricated claims and gave an ultimatum to the elders of the clans. Submit to the Deathlord or perish. The elders wished to tell the Deathknight to go fuck himself, but they knew they needed to stall for time at least until they could call for aid from the rest of the Marukani Nation. Unfortunately one of their younger sons, who was still too young and brash to be called a man, failed to read the room and said the thing everyone was thinking but none said out loud. The Deathknight was told that the piece of land his master gets is the holey they are about to build a latrine over, and he can only move there in funeral wrappings. He did not appreciate that much.

The grim knight swiftly retracted his offer and proclaimed he'd return on the fifth night from now and that the Marukani will serve his purposes, alive or dead. Now he's back with a small army of fifty walking corpses behind him, rather than the finely dressed if pallid looking people he originally came with. The forty or so men and women armed themselves with whatever they could, from heirlooms left behind by their forefathers to farming tools. The rest stayed behind with the children and the horses. Not out of cowardice, mind you. All Marukani are born on horseback and know how to fight on one. But someone needs to burn everything to the ground in case the warriors fail, both to deny it to the enemy and so they could preserve the sanctity of their deaths. A few cursed the foolish boy. If they had a little more time they could've asked for help from their neighbors, the larger Marukani Nation, Lookshy, or anyone. Now the best thing they could do is warn others so they may prepare or run away from the forces of the Underworld.
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Multiplayer civ quest #1
OP image
The howling wind whipped at the exposed cheeks and knuckles of the marching column, the blinding white snow and ice reflecting the bleak heatless sun from above. It had been days since there was last a break from the endless, freezing march, interrupted only by sleep on the freezing snow between the dunes dotted on the unending glacier. The snow crumbles as you step on it. It, and the ever present creek of the ice grinding against itself and the snow beneath is the only companion to your misery. The column had went quiet days ago. Water and food have run out. Sometimes, someone walks out of the column and drops dead. They are only disturbed when someone rips their cloak off, wanting to give themselves a few days of life more.
A shout erupts from the front. Confused glances are shared between you and your neighbors until you crest the low hill. A smile creeps over your face as the endless snow is spotted with patches of frozen ground covered with tufts of hardy grass. You will live.

Welcome to my first attempt at running a multiplayer civilization quest! In this quest, I will do my best to put you in shoes of the heads of various states, tribes, kingdoms, republics and dictatorships that will inevitably spring up from the people you bring into the fantasy world.
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cutemon logo 5
You are a Cutémon!

You are one of the rarest types of mon: a mon that looks like a cute human girl!

Like all mons, you gain energy by fighting and defeating other mons. You are currently a Wild Cutémon and do not have a human trainer.
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Eclipsed Moon Quest 10th Anniversary Wrap Up Thread
EMQ Finale
Eclipsed Moon Quest Wrap Up Thread
Sheets and Info:
Twitter Account:

[bold]Quest Wrap Up Intro[/bold]

Ten years ago I started a fanfiction quest based on fanart that had recently been mistaken for pre-production art of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary by artist Makacon, which presented a cast of grown Senshi as mothers and their daughters becoming new Sailor Senshi. Based on what little translations existed at the time I formed a very basic outline including elements lifted from the mid 2000’s live action Sailor Moon, the Manga, assorted side manga’s, and a few original idea to run the quest from the perspective of this art’s elder daughter of Mamoru and Usagi, a version of Chibi Usa born without the existence of Crystal Tokyo, named in the art as Mikage who had for some reason quite being Sailor Moon under unknown circumstances. With the help of many of you on both /tg/ and /qst/ I ran that quest for 162 or so threads. Coordinated some crossover elements/borrowed characters from other QMs, attempted to organize an actual Crisis on Infinite Quests crossover that kinda fell through, and generally had a fun time in a difficult part of my life between a failing relationship, divorce, depression, and an upswing in my life.

My most active output of this quest was when I was near or at my lowest, and though it’s been about 3 years since the last thread I’d mostly put myself back together, gotten remarried, gotten my life on track, and otherwise. Leaving this unfinished has always been a frustration of mine and while I was on leave to deal with some medical issues I thought to prepare to do this for the tenth anniversary.

Then I lost my job and have been spiraling for a over a week. Finally started playing BotW and burning my way across that map. So today, I’m writing things all at once, posting, and then checking in for your questions, comments, critiques, clarifications, and memories together on this quest.

I want to thank everyone who has stuck around. The memories. Good times and bad, as we close off the story.
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(Hello Charlotte - Room)

You awake to find yourself laying in a pure white bed in the middle of a pure white apartment room. There is a dresser beside your bed. On the dresser is a small black book.

There is a window on the wall in front of you. Outside, you see the seemingly endless skyline of the CITY.

For some reason you cannot answer yourself, you had slept in your regular work uniform: a black suit, black pants, and black shoes. However, you are wearing a white tie because you are unemployed.

Please recommend an action.
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Curse Carrier 2
You are known as Weaver, although it’s anyone’s guess what your real name is. One day, you woke up and learned that you were cursed by a ‘spirit’ that calls herself Mona. The curse was quite simple, have sex before the end of the day, or die. You decided to try your chance with Etsy, your neighbor. With her help, you were able to break the curse and awaken your magic potential, allowing you to see and weave ‘patterns’. You also learned of a magical world hidden in plain sight, one you are now forced to participate in after your magical awakening.

Thankfully, you are not alone, and Etsy’s prowess with machinery and electronics proved invaluable in your survival, even securing you an exclusive deal with a megacorp, giving you access to a massive amount of money (even if her spending habits make your funds feel much smaller than they actually are).

Recently, you lost your arm in a fight with government agents, who don’t seem too pleased about magic beings like yourself running wild, and you are still licking your wounds from that battle, figuring out what to do next.

Important things and people:

The game:
A competition nearly all magical being seem to participate in. The ultimate goal being to replace a missing god by reaching the peak of one’s magical potential. A lot of the people participating in the game follows etiquette, rules that are mostly meant to protect the weak and avoid foul play.

Etsy: Paranoid tech genius, and your loving girlfriend. While her mental health can be erratic, you believe her to be more than worth the trouble.
A cashier at a convenience store you are well acquainted with. Can see the future and alter the past to some extent.

Pet of the Deep Arbiter:
A ‘cat’ that enforces the etiquette of the game. Apparently granted you a wish, even if you aren’t aware what that wish is.

Mammona (Mona): The woman that cursed you at the start of it all. She is self-serving and has made an enemy of the pet of the deep arbiter. Doesn’t seem to have any strong feelings towards you, one way or the other. Has a secret cult dedicated to her in some hotel.

D.I.Y: The megacorp you’ve made an exclusivity deal with. Specialize in making custom parts and alloys, which Etsy often use for her own projects.

K.I.S.A: Stands for ‘Knight In Shining Armor’, a death machine made by Etsy to absolutely decimate anything that opposes you. Outfitted in a special alloy that absorbs magic from whatever it touches.

Sword of Dusk: A mysterious being participating in the game, very little is known about him or his motives, but he seems to have a connection with the apartment complex.
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Gotham Goon Quest
It's another awful night in Gotham. Cold, cloudy, dark. The perfect time for a job. Freshly out of Blackgate you found yourself in need of work. Sadly a young man with no work history and a criminal record finds little opportunity for legal gainful employment. You, like many others in this city have turned to a life of crime to make ends meet. You've tried begging to no avail in this heartless place. You've tried to go through the shelters. You're not a bad person. Tonight, however, you are just a goon.

You've fallen in with...
>Bane's gang.
>Penguin's thugs.
>Black Mask's mafia.
>Riddler's... guys.
>No one. Fully Freelance, but on the Lucky Hand's payroll tonight.

You're waiting for a certain truck to pull by. Follow it, jump it, steal it. Though you imagine whatever's in the back is what's important. Thankfully you've got a bit of leg up on the common goon. The same thing that got you locked up.

>Built different. You're stronger, faster, tougher. You couldn't be beaten by any of the kids in the wrestling club. Some of the adults, too. You're not superhuman or anything. Just a little extra.
>Techie. You were building zip-guns in elementary school, bombs in kindergarten, even made a tiny tank with a little cannon and everything!
>Medically inclined. You've a fair hand at making stimulants, toxins, and various other questionable substances.
>An alchemist. Surprise, magic is real. You learned how to make small crystals that, if charged with mana, explode when broken.

Naturally as a certified outlier, you've got a quirk or eccentricity about you..
>Friend of crows. You snuck food for the birds while you were in prison. You got a pet crow from it, and most of the crows in and around the city are pals. Sometimes they even bring you junk.
>Blue eyes. Very blue eyes. Things are so bright they just about glow. You've also been told you don't blink so much.
>Compulsive disorder. You're very particular. Everything has a place and you'll find it. Thankfully it isn't so bad as to impede your work.
>Garish fashion sense. For some reason everyone always seems to hate your outfits. You don't get it, they look fine when you put them on in the morning.
>No you don't. You're just a regular guy. Who says you're a weirdo?

And lastly
>what is your name? You can include a pseudonym as well as your real name, if you'd like. You can introduce yourself however you fancy in the future of course.
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Eviler Omni-Man Quest Issue#2
You are Nowl-Ahn, a supreme Viltrumite warrior, sent to subjugate a primitive planet they call Earth. It's beneath you, but duty is duty. You cloaked yourself in the identity of Nolan Grayson, a facade, an Omni-Man, a so-called hero to these pitiful earthlings. The very thought makes your lip curl in disdain. Heroes? They're nothing but insects waiting to be crushed under your might. And yet, you play their game, biding your time, waiting for the right moment to strike.
In the first issue, you murdered The Immortal, the mightiest among the Guardians of the Globe. Following that, you eliminated Cecil Stedman, the leader of the Global Defense Agency, staging his death as an accident.
When Donald Ferguson came to you with suspicions, you cunningly shifted the blame towards Red Rush and his supposed Russian handlers. Subsequently, you lured Red Rush into a trap and ended his life as well.
Dissatisfied with the weaknesses of your half-human son, Mark, you have initiated a secret affair with Dupli-Kate of the Teen Team. Your grand design is to sire an army of stronger offspring superior to Mark and topple the Viltrumite Empire using them as your instruments of conquest.
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Skeleton Island 3: Quattro's Counterattack, part 11
OH SHIT NIGGA, you are Quattro Del Petto. Cool chill skeleton. Once you were in the running to rule over your siblings but got beaten down by your sister. The detestable Shotasniffer!

But now! Now the time is at hand! Your long awaited rematch! You have gathered your space fleet. Amassed your armies. Hosted a sick moon tournament to make sure the world will have eyes on the proceeding battle! Picked out a particularly nice meteor to act as the arena for your fated battle!....Unfortunately just when you were about to call her to issue your challenge, your wifi fucks up and you got disconnected.

How embarrassing!
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Survive Camden: ONESHOT
What a shithold
The year is in the not too distant future, no flying cars, no aliens, no menthol cigs that don't taste like crap. The world has changed however, and changed profoundly. Two months ago there was a WHO announcement of a plague in India, within a month it covered the globe, killing in untold numbers. Back when they were still keeping track, the mortality rate hit 95% in affected areas. In the face of overwhelming death, communities fractured and broke and swathes of the country were abandoned.

The situation has not improved since then. According to the emergency radio, the dead have come back to life. There are tens of tens of millions of corpses and few humans left. Franklin Rosaletti -- known to his now-deceased friends and family as 'Little Frankie' -- is one of those few unlucky survivors. He is without aid and without assistance. Organized humanity still exists, but not in Camden. The Government has abandoned Camden. God has abandoned Camden.

After days holed up in the frozen meat section of the local Walmart, the meats have thawed and soured. Frankie's asylum, his Eden, is destroyed and he must venture forth into the world. He has one goal: survive to see tomorrow
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MSG: Another Century Quest
Another Century, Another Life...this path was always your to choose, no matter the outcome, no matter what fate has in store, only you decide how this will end.

Sent as an attache to assist in the research and excavation of old history Mobile Weapons, you think upon your role in life, in this new age of reconstruction, discovery...and war.

[Choose Protagonist]
>Lilia Cry: An Earthnoid test pilot hired on for the testing and operating experimental and temperamental machinery. Her kindness belies an hidden strength.

>Agrippa Bakhtiar: An spacenoid with newtype potential already evident, marking him as an viable candidate for trying out the strange psychically controlled weapons some mobile suits employ. Carries with him an thirst for revenge and justice.
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Space NRP
You are a single planet civilization. Your people are united and the secrets of faster than light travel have finally become yours. Unfortunately you’ve tapped the majority of the resources of your homeworld and there’s nowhere to go but outward. Will the stars be your salvation or ruin? Only you can answer.
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"Super" """Villain""" Quest
>In the name of all that is evil and unjust!

You are Carrie Cross and you've spent your whole life giving to the world without anything to show for it. Well it's about time you think... to take some back! You're done playing nice and by the rules, so why not start breaking them and playing nasty? Growing up with Saturday morning shows and your enduring obsession with them, will surely pay off now!

Ah, but before you can begin your reign of terror, what do you have to work with?

>Superpower! Not a very good "super" power, but a rare enough thing in the world regardless.
>Genius! Well you were top of your class anyway, but you always seem to figure something out.
>Resources! You won the lottery recently, so you at least can afford to do whatever it takes.
>Nothing! You are a completely mundane and average, boring person... all the better to take over the world!
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Versequest 4
In the last thread, the being known in some circles as Existence, and in most as God, decided to try out empathy for a change, by literally putting himself into the shoes of those around him. Fixing his son Chaos, attempting to understand his son Life, and also just generally fucking around inside of other people's minds. This "God" being is you, as you most likely already know.
The 500-year-long war is still on the horizon, and the champions are hard at work.
A choice must be made before we begin. Would you like to start directly where we left off, or time skip? If you'd like to time skip, for how long?
>Where we left off
>Time skip
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Air Wing Commander Quest. #10
flight of two seaters

This is a continuation of the last Air Wing Commander Quest Thread. I plan on continuing this until real life kills me literally or metaphorically, you get yourself killed, or the war ends.

Past Threads

Doc with squadrons, pilots, information and the like.

Pastebin with rules.
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[[ False World Online - Chapter 2 ]]
FWO Title
You crack your eyes blearily to get a grasp on your surroundings.

A pained grunt comes out, as a painful deluge of light infiltrates your retinas through the gap you’ve created in their armor. You persist, and see a white ceiling with a fan hanging from it a few feet above you.

Your body tenses up. That’s wrong. The ceiling should be miles or at least dozens of meters above your head.

You push against the floor but it compresses, robbing you of motion. Something dark covers your body, then your face, and constricts the movement of your limbs. You struggle against the entanglement for a few seconds, eventually managing to flop out of your bed and onto the floor of your apartment.

“Oh, right. I logged out after we manifested the Observatory.” you murmur, grimacing at the remains of a headache and at the impact from your fall.

The Observatory flits through your mind. An elegant tower of alabaster and lapis jutting up from the fetid waters and roots of the swamp, its tip exceeding even the skyscraper-sized megatrees. Admittedly, not by much. The view from the top and the surprises you and your friends discovered from your first proper view of the surrounding landscape

“It wasn’t even the tallest building we could see, let alone the tallest tower.”

But unlike the rest of what you saw, your name is stamped on the Observatory.

You untangle yourself from your sheets and go about the business of becoming a proper human being. You’d call it your morning routine, but apparently time flows differently in the False World. That’s probably where the headache came from, you doubt they’d’ve let the full dive tech release if you got a migraine after each use. It had already been morning when you logged off, now it’s late afternoon.

Working your way through brain fog, still slightly cringing at the afternoon sun pouring through the windows, you scrounge through your kitchen for breakfast.

>Choose [1]
>Eggs, bacon, and black coffee [Habitual]
>Cold pizza and an energy drink [Avant Garde]
>Reheated pizza and soda [Adaptable]
>Leftover dinner and tea [Resourceful]
>No need for food, play [False World Online]
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Seekers of the Esoteric (Volume 5)

It has been a while since you've set foot on her cosmic shore. You have been away for a year now, amidst the High Elves of Holy Luna, which men call 'the moon'. You arrived as a guest of honor, studied there as a student, were nearly made a prisoner, and departed as a fugitive.

It has, in short, been one hell of a vacation.

When you left the city of Hawksong for the Sylvan Realms, the place of your birth, you expected it to be a relatively short trip—a matter of a month, perhaps a little longer. You didn't expect to find yourself battling back the dark fairies of the Unseelie Court to protect a holy artifact of the ancient fairy-gods of the moon, let alone be invited to stay among their celestial cities and beatific woodlands of that distant satellite as a reward. You had hoped to master your condition: a semi-corporeal state of being brought on by the reckless experimentation of a friend and lover. You did so, learning to control the <Rite of Attunement> which brought it about, and to adopt at will an <Improved Aetherial Form>. But that was not ALL you learned... Oh no.

You discovered the secret origins of the True Fey and the Chaotic Good Gods: alien not just to the material plane, but to all the cosmos, envoys from another universe.

You were taught of their sacred purpose: to bring about a new nature, free of pain and predation, strife and suffering. It is an objective stymied only by their conflicts and peace-pacts with the Gods of Darkness... Though in truth, you have your own misgivings about the matter.

You became privy to secrets beyond mortal, 'earthling' ken: that the denizens of the moon have been monitoring the spread of magic and the evolution of biological and spiritual life on Earth, and that these readings and analyses have predicted an imminent Era of High Magic, when the people of Earth shall once more control forces with the potential to reshape the world... Or rip it asunder.

You learned that the gods themselves can feel fear... And that they fear what comes next.

A... let's say a 'heated disagreement' with Divine Princess Yllarquin of the Three-Quarter Moon led you to leave in rather a rush, an escape enabled and expedited by an enchanted envelope and the letter within: a letter from Izirna Henzler, your childhood rival, dear friend, first love, and the daughter of your Archmage master. It brought you back to our second home, where you have dwelled for the past fifteen years: Hawksong, the crown-jewel city of the Race of Man and symbol of the peaceful reign of the centuries-old dynasty of Paladin Kings.

...And a city on the front lines of the coming chaos, if the lunar eladrin are to be believed; a vortex of arcane energies coming to a singular point of no return, with unpredictable results, possibly by the devious machinations of the wicked and cruel Gods of Darkness.
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Avatar The Founding Of Republic City #2
Quest Banner Image
After the conclusion of The battle for Yu Dao in 101 AG, Aang and Zuko instated a coalition government, where the colonies would be governed by both Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom citizens. The system first came into place in Yu Dao and the rest of the colonies adopted this soon after. People from all over the world flock to this place in hopes of setting up a brighter future for themselves, and to have a say in this era. The Year is 105 and you are being brought up in the newly formed coalition government.

You are Okoron Lee Embers , you’ve previously faced your father Daiki Embers in a mock Agni Kai and while you may have lost, you gave it your all and won your father’s pride. Afterwards, during your recovery you have been haunted by strange dreams and seen stranger things concerning your sister, Erdene Ambers.

You are now at a corner herbalist your father frequents to get medicine for your sister’s condition and come across a group of suspicious individuals.
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Sworn to Valour Quest #34
Sworn to Valour - Cover - Pilgrim&#039;s Progress
“A Knight is Sworn to Valour. His Heart Knows Only Virtue. His Blade Defends the Helpless. His Might Upholds the Weak. His Word Speaks Only Truth. His Wrath Undoes the Wicked.”

Every child in Cantôn knows of the Knight’s Code. From peasant-born waifs playing with sticks in the mud to keen-eyed noble sons practicing with cold steel in the training yard, all have at the very least dreamed of one day becoming a knight themselves. To ride out on errantry into the Five Duchies Kingdom and beyond for God and Glory, bringing the Law of Adam to the wicked and the Blade of Cain to the beast.

The Knights of Cantôn are sworn to follow the Code, to obey the King, to refuse no call for aid honestly asked for, to seek out and destroy the Foe wherever it may lurk and rid the world of evil.

Were it so easy…


/qst/ Archive:
Our Knight, Deeds and Equipment Pastebin:
Faith, Politics & Intrigue Pastebin:
Foes, Foreigners & Monsters Pastebin:
Dramatis Personnae:
OC Art & Memes:
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Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. XVI
forgotten realms adventures
The year is 1374 DR. Sixteen years have passed since the Time of Troubles, when the gods were made humble, and forced to wander the Realms as mortals. With the ascension of the mad god Cyric, Prince of Lies, and the recent return of the tyrant god Bane, Lord of Darkness, the future of Faerûn seems increasingly uncertain. It falls to bold individuals who possess an abundance of cunning, might, and determination to shape the future... should they be up to the challenge.

Though you are not fit to present yourself to an audience in your current state, it will have to suffice for the time being. Returning to Everlund, you confirm that the malevolent sun has tired of oppressing the Realms for the moment and allowed the moon to assume its place up above. The streets are eerily calm tonight, accounting for the events of the one prior. However, it is the High Captain's soldiers, not the Keeper's, who are out on patrol. It is an unusual development, although not an unwelcome one, given what you have learned of Greycastle in recent days.

Approaching the Dreaming Dragon, you note that its interior is both silent and unlit. Much to your surprise, it appears that the establishment is not open at this hour. Confirming your assessment is a wooden sign hanging unevenly on the door which reads 'Closed.' Still, Ilanis has previously allowed you entry when the tavern was not operating, and she is typically awake at this hour. Forming a fist, you vigorously bash the door in an attempt to gain entry.
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Black magic quest
You stand in the dimly lit attic of your old family home, a thick layer of dust coating the wooden floorboards beneath your feet. In your hands, you hold a worn, leather-bound book that you found hidden beneath a loose floorboard. It's a book of black magic. Your heart races with a mix of fear and excitement as you flip through the yellowed pages filled with strange symbols and cryptic spells. The attic air feels heavy, charged with a sense of forbidden knowledge. You pause at a page titled

> hypnosis
> conjuration
> curse
> write in
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The Monster Girl Facility #3
Monster Girl Facility 3 (art by @ _Sujia)
A small light faintly glowed from a small machine, followed by several quiet beeps coming from the device. The group of injured guardsmen quickly looked at the device, realising what this meant. Something had stumbled over the tripwire they had set up in the sugar cane farm. They quickly readied up, grabbing their weaponry and some small tools. They were expecting quite the battle, given how their previous encounter had gone. The last time they had encountered a monster girl trespassing the green section, she had proven how much of a monster she truly was. She had killed several men, taken quite some food and then swiftly disappeared back to the depths of this place. This time though, they were prepared to fight her. They had a plan, they knew not to let the subject's sweet appearance fool them this time around. And they were going to figure out what the hell she was doing down here, where she came from and what her mission was.

Things didn't go the way they wanted though however, as the guardsmen did not encounter the monster girl they had expected to find. Instead, the guards would find themselves confronting a death squad: Your death squad. Having set off the trap and hidden yourselves behind piles of dead plant matter, mud and rubble, you were in the prime position to jump them and kill them. Of course, you had no such intentions. They had their reasons for setting up all these traps, and you wanted to know all about those reasons. Specifically, the murderous subject who had made them set up all these traps and caused them so much trouble. And given your litle explosive set-up, you were ready to ask them about everything they knew...


This quest is mostly story focused, with no really deep mechanics aside from basic dice-rolling. The story is rather freeform in terms of what choices you can make and what direction you want to follow. What your goal is in this place and who you choose to trust is mostly up to you. Do you want to explore the place and figure out its mysteries? Or do you just want to shoot shit and cleanse this place of monster girls? No matter what you opt to do down here, I will always try to give options for what you can do. You can also always send in your own choices and suggestions on what to do. Either way, I hope to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. My writing ain't perfect, so I always do appreciate it when feedback is provided.

Shared documents:
You, your men and your allies:
List of scientists and subjects, along with some minor details:
The monster girls sheets as provided by the government tablet:
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ASOIAF House Creation Thread
Hello everyone. As some of you might already know, I used to QM House Shryke quest and plan on revisiting that story soon. However, I’m still getting organized after a very long absence, so I’m hosting this house creation thread to shake off the rust. These houses will either feature in my quest in some way or could be used by another QM as a basis for a full quest. I plan on rolling up at least 3 houses in this thread, 1 lordly house in the Stormlands, another 1 Dragonstone knightly house, and a lordly house in the Iron Islands. The regions are chosen for ease of integrating them into my regular quest. I’m open to doing more after that if there is some interest in something different.
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Enclave Remnant Quest VII
Good Morning America, welcome back to Enclave Remnant Quest

Here's the Archive:

The Character sheets and general information can be found here:

The base calculations for Squad and larger scale combat can be found here:
Those calculations do not account for situational modifiers like commander competence, tactics, terrain etc.

A thorough explanation of the System can be found here:
Please take your time to familiarize yourself with the rules there if you're new or returning or if you need clarification. You may also ask me if something is unclear.

If there is a tie at the end of the designated voting period then a designated tie breaker period will be established if by the end of the period the tie isn't broken I will roll a d100 and it will be split accordingly to decide.

Last time Ford and his team successfully infiltrated San Francisco, escaping with knowledge of Enclave Turn Coats in the Shi Government and the formula for hardened power armor. Unfortunately they return home to find the cell to be in dire straights about to break apart. Can Ford and the others hold the West coast Enclave together or will it collapse into bloody civil war?


Before going into the Unaligned factions actions and rolls I have rolled for the other three factions actions and here are the results

Final Unity this turn before Player actions:
Enclave Unity: 42% [Internal strife has intensified, coalition has dissolved]

Balance of Power:
Purists Perceived Power: 27.19%
Purists Actual Power: 14.14%

Establishment's Power: 16.77%

Reformists Power: 36.57%

Perceived Power: 19.41%
Actual Power: 32.56%

The Purists got 1 success on all actions they could get, leading to a rather ineffectual turn.
However the Establishmentarians got two natural 100s on a test to attempt to counteract purist influence in the coalition, this lead to the coalition dissolving due to factional infighting, and neutered the Establishments entire turn.
The Reformists were the big winner of this round as the coalition was dissolved, and they counteracted the purists efforts to weaken them, while in turn discrediting them.

Here are the actions the unaligned will take this turn

Establish an insider in the Reformists
Attempt to rally the Enclave against an external threat [NCR]
Elizabeth's Suggestion: Attempt to cool everyone off by reminding them that it's soon to be Christmas
Grant's Suggestion: Speak with Nelsons strike teams
Rosaline's Suggestion: Figure out if there are any moderates within the factions and get them to drop out

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Lodestar: Dawn of a New Age (Disk 1, Part 2)
Character Sheets:

Last time, we got our first look at our adventurers, having taken control of Ramza Valentine in the midst of an assault on a Black Pirate's ship. He defeated the Slave Captain Jahwal to much acclaim, found some curiosities on the way back, and discovered a most concerning plot by one of Lume's merchant kings. Having been tasked to investigate the matter by Captain Keats, Ramza was sent on his way to Threespice with the aid of the mysterious gunslinger Val Lasombra and the jovial giant of a man, Gigas. On the way, he liberated another ship from quite the terrifying monster, and right before reaching the acclaimed city, he came across the massive Eldingarian flagship dubbed The Leviathan, where he was able to meet with the dangerous two-faced Admiral Sato.

As we pick up our adventure again, your ships have just pulled into Threespice's docks, where you were told to pay a ridiculous amount of money to dock there. The only question is...who will we be looking through the eyes of this time around?

>Ramza Valentine. You're cocky, charming, and killer with a Mageblade. The Captain of your little group, for now.
>Val Lasombra. You're great with magic, but even better with a pistol. Not one for words, you think actions speak much louder. The pilot of the group whenever Ramza is busy, and the mechanic.
>Gigas. You've yet to meet anyone that can best you physically, or resist your infectious cheer. The Barrelman that keeps constant vigilance over the area to spot hazards, and the rigger to boot.
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Mahou Shoujo Villainess Quest 2
It was supposed to be a simple school trip to camp in Hokkaido for the next few days. This was supposed to be a simple, wholesome and educational trip with your classmates. But things went weird and bad when the train got attacked by strange bugs. These things managed to kill the conductor of the train!

You are Kuroda Haruka, 1st year student of Kusatsu High school and class president of 1-C, and also apparently 'King Lot of Lothian and Orkney'. You have been thrown into a strange world accidentally when the heroic Magical Girls group Knights of the Round Table failed to rescue you. The last few days have been spent trying to reach a ruined city that you've learned is called Camelot. You've gained the city, a bevy of strange cute servants and some magical powers.

Kuroda Haruka, 16 year old student of Kusatsu high school. Class President of 1-C. A genuine member of the Kuroda samurai clan.

Identity: King Lot of Lothian and Orkney

+1 Charisma dice

A True Heart "Magokokoro", bonus in one on one interaction with a hostile opponent.
Crafty attacker: When making artful gambits and trickery in a fight, gain +2 dice to attack! It's not cheating, it's stratagem damn it!
Let No Insult Pass! - When attacking, 4s also count as successes in addition to 5s and 6s. Use 1 per day

Frostbind - Your weapon... if you can figure out how to summon it again. A spear with ice powers.

Past threads:

You're asleep! What are you dreaming of?!

>write in
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Turmoil Quest
In the heart of your secluded forest dwelling, you decided to make the trek to the nearby village of Dazia to trade some of your meticulously chopped firewood for much-needed supplies. To your dismay, a disconcerting sight greeted you upon arrival—a thick column of smoke billowing into the sky from the village. Leaving your cart behind, you approached cautiously, senses heightened.

Hiding behind a bush, you surveyed the devastation: houses engulfed in flames, an eerie silence punctuated only by the crackling of the inferno. Amidst the chaos, a goblin atop a menacing wolf prowled the streets, a sizable sack slung over its shoulder. Bloodstains marked the cobblestone paths, but the villagers' bodies were conspicuously absent.

"What is it, Krag?" the goblin queried its wolf companion, an unsettling curiosity in its voice. "A human, nearby?"

A chill ran down your spine as the wolf, seemingly catching wind of your presence, fixed its gaze in your direction.

Clutching your prized hatchet, you found yourself at a crossroads, pondering the best course of action in the face of this unexpected threat.

> Attack the goblin with your hatchet (roll 1d20, DC 10)
> Attack the wolf with your hatchet (roll 1d20, DC 11)
> Run away for your life
> Write in
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Maximum Spider Quest #18
You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! But it's not all bad! Your clone brother, Abel Parker, works to protect the city, and potentially help clean up some of your messes. He goes by the name of "Spider-Man"!


Last time: After spending the day with his family, the Huntsman finally expressed his devotion to Silvermane's Maggia. There, he was introduced to his new team of super-criminals, as well as Silvermane's very own son! And with the aid of the Kingpin of Las Vegas, the Huntsman and the Manfredi's decide to create a biotech company and use it as their base of operations.

But now, the time has come for the Desperados to give their best wishes to their good friend Hobie (AKA "The Prowler") as he takes his leave from the team. And with his departure, comes the Desperado's newest member!

Can she fill the void that the Prowler's absence will leave? And with the team's most reliable ally departing for deep space, how will the senior Desperados manage to hold it all together in the face of a brutal Gang War?

But most importantly, will Callisto remember to feed Barkley? What does he even eat?

Find out more in the latest issue of…MAXIMUM SPIDER QUEST!

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.


Character Sheet:

Equipment and Gear:


10 Commandments of the Desperados:


The Huntsman’s Travel Guide:

Good luck and have fun!
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Fiefdom Quest
You are the new ruler of a small fiefdom. It is currently little more than a patch of empty dirt but with careful management and astute leadership, you may be able make it into something more.

First, how did you come to acquire this fief?

>Inheritance: As the second son of a less-than illustrious house, you inherited this unremarkable estate only because your older brother had no interest in it and because it was unsuitable as a dowry for your sister. Nevertheless, your blood is blue and the land rightfully yours.
>Purchase: You were able to purchase this land from the king for an uncommon sum which you acquired over a lifetime of merchant dealings (and a pinch of luck). It does not raise you into the ranks of the peerage, but is almost as good.
>Settlement: This is virgin land and though you are a mere peasant it is yours by virtue of being the first to settle upon it. Eventually, you may have to defend your claim, but for now, only the elements can dispute your stake.
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Game of bros
Hey its been a while since I've been here.. do people still play this game?
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One Goddess Pantheon: Tournament Arc
Old Computer
Inside the darkness, nothing existed. Then, a spark, formed by forces of emotion. Anger, sadness, and happiness; they melded together into a sleeping consciousness. The amalgamation took its shape that reflected those who carried these emotions. For decades, the shape and the mind drifted. Not until emotions grew more twisted, lust. greed, hate, jealousy, pride, rage. Despair. They jammed themselves inside the shape. Finally then, did your eyes open.

Streams of data bits, websites, videos, networks, the building blocks of the internet that is today were not what formed your body. What formed you was happiness, sadness, and anger. Then, more twisted emotions fully made you whole, lust greed, hate, jealousy, pride, rage, and despair. They took your vague shape and refined it out into a human shape.

This was decades ago. You became a living sentient being and finally woke up. You knew you weren’t a human, with the ability to enter the streaming data of the internet itself, you slipped through as you pleased. You could go anywhere, provided you found the right picture on the website.

This time, you wanted to visit.

>The Sphinx
>The Parthenon
>Fushimi Inari-taisha
>Hofstaðir Viking ruins

So I forgot my old name’s password but since I’m starting this fresh, I decided to make a new name since I am also writing a story version of this on Royal Road. Which is this link I'm starting this again because I have a genuine plan on what to do instead of the unrefined mess that was the old one. I hope you can enjoy the new one like the old one.


1. Unless I place a "write-in" you cannot vote with a write-in and I will ignore it
2. If you do a write-in and it's just a combination of the choices I will ignore it. It must be unique enough. If the write-in is not suitable the next most votes will be taken.
3. If you vote two choices, I will just go with whichever vote is made first
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Worldshaper Quest
You are the WORLDSHAPER. With each swing of your celestial hammer—with each roar it makes as it strikes the cosmic forge—worlds take their destined shape, and life blooms in all its finite beauty. Such has been so from the infinite past to this time; such will be so from this time to the infinite future. You exist now, yet you have never existed, and never will exist. You have touched all of creation, yet all of creation remains untouched. Thus, you are the empty source that is never exhausted: in you is the imperishable void that nourishes. That is your nature!

The will of the cosmos beckons. This new realm—what shall be its ground?

>Write in.
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Bretonnian Peasant Knight Quest 6
From the trials in the depths of the Grey Mountains Lucian and his company have made their way out to sea towards Albion. Now vowed as a Questing Knight, Lucian aims to arrive at the ancient temples that dot the mysterious realms of the island. There he shall learn the location of the dreadful Vampires who threaten Mankind, as well as fulfilling all the Oaths their company have made.

For one, Adok, to find a Mystic Rune hidden amongst the fog. For Lucian, to slay three monsters upon the Isles to win the support of Albion’s People. For Tee-Nee-Tyny, fulfill his purpose as guide to the Albion Temples.

++The Rules++
>Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
>Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
>If you are going to change your vote, make it so your post only links to the numbers of the previous vote. It's cleaner that way.
>If you mix votes together without modifying them in any way, I reserve the right to employ your top most pick as your vote. Claiming it as a write-in won’t work either unless you modify it to convince me otherwise.
>The aim for rolls is low.


For the update schedule expect to be semi-daily with the chance I disappear for a week. If something comes up for myself I am placing that before this quest, so that should be kept in mind.

Dramatis Personae

Morr’s Company
Lucian the Durand Knight Errant
Adok Fireskin Runesmith
Tee-Ny-Tyny Mage-Priest of the Heavens

Duchy of Bordeleaux
Duke Moriset; Knight of the Realm Duke of Bordeleaux and Regent of Aquitaine
Ducal Prince Gillot; Knight Errant Heir to Bordeleaux
Luquin; Knight of the Realm Court Herald
Robinet; Knight of the Realm Warden
Emelina of Carlton Niece to Duke Moriset
Count Remon Mentor to Lucian

Duchy of Aquitaine
Albera the Golden; Damsel of the Lady; Priestess of the First Chapel
Sir Galandril Grail Knight Warden of the First Chapel and Twin Slayer

Duke Guine of Bastonne, Knight of the Realm, Duke of Bastonne
Wendel Wolfmar, Priest of Morr, Wandering Priest

Adolf Wigmar, Noble of the Empire, Traitor, Deceased
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Dark Lord Quest 2
"It was all going so well." is the single thought in your head as you sit, face buried in your hands, in the meeting hall.

You sent the army of Orsorans and part of the bandit forces to besiege Halner a month ago. The plan was to join up with them when the golems and equipment for the remaining army was ready. You should've known when they departed. The strange glint in the eyes of the Orsoran commanders should've told you. But you dismissed it.

A month later, that is now, shortly after the New Year's celebrations, you received a message that your champions have returned. Without an army.

"Initially, the siege was going well." Truvor reported bitterly, gaze downcast. "We encircled the city, set up camp. But it seems the Orsorans had a way of communicating with the besieged." He pauses. "One night, they turned on us at the same time as the city militia sallied out. They had the numbers advantage on us - two militias of over a thousand each against our group of less than one thousand men and some golems and elementals. We did inflict a lot of losses upon them - can't say how many precisely, but... the golems and elementals were merciless. But spells and blades ended them. They're coming here now. Should be a week at most." He goes silent.

And so you sit, head in hands, as your champions and Shooshe observe you.

Finally, you raise your head. Not all is lost. If the army is indeed weakened, your golems, now numbering over 1400, should be a suitable match for them, not to mention they will be supported by bandits and elementals - or what remains of them. Even with the mage advantage on their side, the sheer power of your regular forces should be enough to defeat them.

You oversaw the construction of the siege golems in the past month. Hulking beings of earth and stone, they tower above the common men, capable of crushing them both with their hands and the rocks they lob at their enemies.

Even if Lorn refused to cooperate, you've still got time to make the final preparations for the battle. (choose 2)
>Create low-power enchanted items and give them out to the common soldiers. This should boost their combat ability a bit.
>Construct another siege golem.
>Emergency conscript a couple hundred townsmen, even if it is under the threat of death.
>Summon elementals from another plane.
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Saved by your Bully!
Sycamore Hellscream is her name. Your name is Damien Daylight. And you were a worthless magicless student getting bullied by Sycamore and many others at Astra University. Sycamore was however more intimately involved, and her teasing was more personal, and often involved a lot of humiliation. At the bottom of your barrel and homeless after losing your scholarship due to sabotage by other students you found yourself homeless. But Sycamore found you homeless on the street and took you in. She lives in a mansion so she gave you a warm place to stay, while also giving you an ultra rare Mana Stone to unlock your true powers.

After receiving the Mana Stone, your feelings toward Sycamore changed forever. Depending on how you react different things will happen.

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Space Kaiserin Quest
Moon Base
January 1st, 1919

On the far side of the moon a vast bulb of glass juts out from the walls of Gernsback Crater. This was not the frail and fragile glass of Edison's lightbulbs, nor the shatterprone glass of the window-pane, no! This glass was the product of the fatherland's greatest scientists, a lattice of diamond that could even resist sustained fire from a machine gun. What's more, strands of iron wire had been woven into the glass bulb in a tight honeycomb pattern. This not only made its structure even stronger, but it brilliantly deflected the deadly radiation of outer space around the interior and the delicate lifeforms that lived there.

A garden on the moon. An oasis of life in a sea of death. A last refuge for the blood of Kaiser Wilhelm and a starting point for the great German people to grow without the yoke of perfidious Albion and the accursed Frank weighing heavily upon them. A refuge tended by great machines whose automative processes would turn the factories of Ford green with envy. In the bulb of glass, fields of grass and grain grow to feed livestock cloned from Germany's fines hens, hogs, and heifers, lit up in the two week dark by electric diodes configured to imitate the rays of the sun.

A garden powered by your discovery, gravitic inversion by hyperdensity, a sort of perpetual motion machine that is in truth nothing of the sort.

Unfortunately, you did not live to see it. Your difference engine calculated the moment of your death, battling time traveling Yankees who leapt into the past to kill... a military courier, of all people. You've not the foggiest why they didn't target someone important, like the Kaiser. As best as you and the difference engine could tell, he was a struggling artist who would not amount to much. His messages were important, but none of them would have changed the outcome of the war. That said, as a patriot and a man of justice, you would not allow these blood thirsty Americans to invade your homeland and hometime to murder one of your countrymen.

Yes, the difference engine confirmed your end, but not before you sent it and the blood of Germany's finest men and women - yourself included - to the moon. Through biochemical processes that you uncovered on expedition to Antarctica, you developed a process to rejuvenate blood and swiftly grow it to near maturity. The pubescent years would needs be lived through naturally, lest hormone imbalances drive you and your fellow clones to madness, but that is a small price to pay for skipping the vulnerability of infancy!

Especially when you discovered a means of giving them a full education through subliminal motion pictures and audio recordings. Imperfect, perhaps, when compared to a traditional education, but workable.
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The False-Woman #3: A Warhammer 40k Quest
False Woman Quest
"To rediscover anything, you must know what you have lost."
-Archmagos Califax-57

Emerging from the darkness of the foundations into the light of the hive itself, you find passage with an enginseer devoted to duty. With one of your own, and a goal slowly forming, you find yourself bound to the edge of the hive. To the cliffs.


Read the previous threads at:

You possess an amount of Strain equal to your Conditioning score. When attempting actions beyond your current capacity, you gain a point of Strain. Attempting to Strain while at maximum Strain will result in a Strain Check. During a Strain Check, roll 1d10 for every point of the relevant Parameter. Results that are 6 or above count as one success. Results of 10 count as two successes. Three successes must be rolled to avert a critical failure. Fail or pass, after a Strain Check, you cannot Strain again until you restore your Strain by seeking shelter.

This quest allows you to designate a second-choice vote on decisions with three or more options before Write-Ins. When votes are totaled, the option with the least votes for it will be removed, with votes for that option instead being changed to the second-choice of those voters. Second-choice votes are also used to break ties. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but is not mandatory. Please specifically mark your second-choice as such if you do so.

Vote stay open for a minimum of six hours, but will usually take longer.

A note: My writing style is rather direct, but trust me, this is still going to get a little goofy. I swear. It's happening.
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Another BS Isekai 3
You are Duke Nero Falkner, a salary man who reincarnated into a low fantasy world on the whim of some kind of trickster god you’ve decided to call the Stranger. To make up for your shitty past life, you now get to rule over your very own fantasy fiefdom. Unfortunately it’s not all heroics and harems; the Stranger has a cruel streak and explicitly told you that just because you’re the MC doesn’t mean everything will go your way. The one and only cheat power you were given allows you to periodically transform into the raging avatar of a dead god known as the Dragon. You have absolutely no control over it and the first time it manifested it severely damaged your ancestral keep, decimated the army invading it and annihilated half of your own already battered garrison. Your bros and waifus will not give you unconditional loyalty. They look to you for leadership, inspiration and (perhaps) love. Fail to attend to their needs and bad things could happen.

55 media | 306 replies
Despot of Lanu #2
Alin rubbed her eyes. She hadn’t slept well. Or at all in the past three days. And now she rose from her half slumber to the voice of her commanding AI screeching into her helmet.
“You have orders to advance!” The AI voice spoke authoratively. “Rejoin your squad at the truck!”
“Again?” She muttered to herself as she reached for her pocket and grabbed a vial with a bright pink cardboard wrapping around it. Reaching to the inside of her suit, she inserted it into a slot, then pushed it down, waiting for the addicting high that would soon hit her. She grabbed her rifle and exited the shack she was laying in. A few minutes of walking on the damp and muddy soil around a observation and measurement station later, she found herself in the back of the truck, waiting for her section to show up.
“Sleep serve you well?”A man behind her spoke up as he mounted the truck.
“I barely set in.” Alin replied as she wiped the tears of exhaustion from her bloodshot eyes. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get another energy shot.”
A pair more men mounted the turck, while one entered the drivers seat, before yawning.
“You guys need help?” A man who just mounted the truck asked a pair lugging a heavy machinegun, before leaning over the help them lift it.
“Where’s Johnas?” Someone asked.
“Overdosed. Like we will if we push again.” A different voice replied.
The driver ignited the engine of the heavily modified truck and, after re-reading the instructions, started driving eastwards. The drive was a bumpy and an unpleasant one as the truck, with its wheels replaced by improvised and domestically made gears connected by tank treads struggled through the jungle terrain.
“At least we’re out of the fucking swamp.” Someone remarked as the truck strained with a slight uphill slope.
“Fu-“ The driver tried as an explosion engulfed him. Within moments, the section in the back of the truck leapt out and surged for cover the jungle could provide. The truck behind them turned to the side and the soldiers and the driver lept outside. Someone close to Alin shouldered his rifle and fired a burst towards a thick fallen tree. A moment later, small arms fire shot off half of his jaw.
Alin blinked once, dropped her rifle and rushed towards the soldier, pulling out a small satchel from her hip. As she sprinted up to him, she dropped next to him, she set to work.
Thirty meters away from her, a Dardi soldier shouted an inarticulate warcry, then threw a smoke grenade. As the grenade impacted the ground, two holes at the top and the bottom of the grenade opened and highly pressurized smoke escaped from the container, the pressure causing the grenade to spin. The Dardi soldier jumped up from behind the roots, sprinting towards the fallen tree, tossing a grenade with an underhand throw. As the grenade landed, a pair of soldiers lept up from cover and tried running away, only to be gunned down by the Dardi soldier.
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Setting Sun I
The Heavenly Empire endured as the beacon of civilization for over a millennium. Now, it was on the brink of collapse, having struggled to overcome the past century's Freezing Winters and Scorching Summers. Bandits roamed the countryside, stealing Imperial granaries meant for its honest citizenry, rebels revolted to challenge the Emperor's legitimacy and authority over His subjects. Worse, a massive flood of ice and water came crashing down from the mountains, flooding the south and sinking the old Capital. Thus, the Imperial Court called out for Heroes to rise and defend the scared and weak from these outlaws.

Alas, when Heroes were vanquishing evil, the Imperial Court fell into degeneracy. Opportunistic and dishonest courtiers seized the Emperor, a boy one year shy from adulthood, to deprive Him of His righteous grandmother, the Imperial Regent. Imprisoned in His own city, His grandmother summoned the greatest Heroes to march onto the capital and rescue the Emperor, Heir of the Sun, from the clutches of corrupt officials.

Welcome to Setting Sun, a character-driven worldbuilding game. It is primarily story-driven and generally meant to showcase how settings can be focused on pulling as much drama out of a given circumstance and an array of character relationships rather than listing an assortment of factions.

>How This Works
Anons will be writing up characters, not factions, to participate in the rescue of the Emperor. Where your character comes from isn't necessary, and you don't need much understanding of the setting's previously established lore from /tg/, but I will provide some of the more critical lore and then some, if you care enough or whatever.

Every week I will update the setting after considering the characters' goals and relationships. This is determined through submissions and you are more than welcome to discuss what sort of plans or operations you have in mind, but characters will still act towards their primary goal if no submission is made. Submissions will be closed every Friday, and the setting will be updated the following Monday.

This is highly experimental and I'm pretty much winging it because I like to draw. Don't think too hard about it, just pretend you're a Dynasty Warrior and go with the flow. And don't get too obsessed with this, nobody is allowed to be more obsessed about this than me.
13 media | 107 replies
Civilization Quest
You're a small tribe seeking to thrive in a fantasy world. Will you rise to greatness or be destroyed and forgotten?
1 media | 220 replies
Do Your Best Quest #167
The Long-standing Prancijanian tradition known as the Smug-Off was carried out. Your OG Hobo faced a Clutz in three intense challenges. It was full of twists, turns, Snips, and Snaps; but only one could be the winner! The one who kept the honor of recording in this old place! And it was your favorite haughty lady, Nariko Edamura! Now, you’re experiencing the fallout of it, it appears the Receptionist has rescinded her offer to Vortexia, and is only interested in having the Bluesberries on board.

“Now Amber and crew, let’s get that paperwork done. Shall we?” The Receptionist smiles at the crew. Ajna fidgets.

“I’m not done talking to you!” The big Clumsy Vortexia is beyond herself!

“Clutz, even if I gave you another opportunity, you couldn’t even put the poster up.” The Receptionist can’t stop throwing jabs.

“I-I’m calling my manager. You can’t leave me dry after our agreement!” Vortexia knows she’s legally in the right.

“Huh? He shows up more than once a day? Lucky you!” The receptionist smiles. “Anyway, papers, papers…” She moves to her desk to look for what she needs for your band’s registration.

Debbie wants to say something, but she can’t find a good moment to raise her voice. The others don’t seem interested in the Clutz’s problems, you can tell by how Ajna vibrates, it’s a form of communication on its own. Nariko is just happy to have won.

What do you do?

>Stand up for the Clutz. There’s no reason to kick her out of here.
>Sell the idea to the receptionist that after this Smug-Off, having this Clutz around as Nariko’s rival is good business.
>Not only stand up for the Clutz, but try to recruit her for your agency (name pending).
>Get these papers done. Like, you need to get past this hassle as fast as you can, regardless of what happens here, this won’t be the last you’ll see of Vortexia.
>Write In.
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Rise of The Awakened Quests
Mog wip
It has been 100 years since ancient beings, known as the Old Ones, walked the Earth with their two strong feet. Now they are gone and we animals now rule the remains that they left behind. With our new knowledge of sword and sorcery, we were able to survive in peace for a while, but then came the three factions.
The Apes: Strong giants, claiming to be as just as the old ones and believe they should be the ones to rule over the new world.
The Pigs: An intellectual but slothful group who wish to rule the world with an iron hoof and remain kings while the others remained as dumb animals.
Then there the Lizards: A fast and large group that want to set the world a blaze. Trying to forget the harsh past that the old ones left.
All three sides wishing to go war and destroy one another to bring in what they believe to be true peace.
But, unbeknownst to everyone, there was another group. One that was trying their best to find a way to heal everyone. To bring back order.
You found it.... and now you are taking care of it.

A D&D Homebrew Adventure.

Previous Quests:
25 media | 357 replies
Saiyan Conqueror Quest 211
After gaining all seven Dark Dragon Balls, thanks in no small part to Karn and his family's efforts, Mechikabura prepares for his revival: the Dark King's return is nigh! And with their powers gained in the effort to combat the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, Karn and Meloka seek to master the strength of gods in preparation for the coming final battle between the Time Breakers and the Time Patrol. However, despite the PTO now comfortably ruling the majority of the known universe, threats still lurk there in the shadows. Beings who, for their own reasons, seek revenge against the Saiyan race. Will the Saiyans prevail? Or will their efforts all be in vain, overcome by their enemies past, present, and future?

You the players control Karn, the Berserker God with the power to fight against gods and other divine beings. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. Wielding the Berserker Soul, a power born of rage and hatred now combined with That Which Should Not Be, Karn has gained powers suited to facing the divine, and even those who wield the powers of Order, Law, and even Time itself. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed your way? Only time will tell, and your choices could be the difference between victory and defeat, winning and losing, even existence and not.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, Bo4 when specified
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your first roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Tai Lung Quest 34

Bitter tea was your father’s preferred drink of choice but you were so engrossed in your surroundings that the taste of your drink was a mere afterthought. How long has it been since you were truly home? On the surface you could say that it was nearly 3 years since you had escaped prison, defeated the 5, the Dragon Warrior and…and nearly murdered your father once more. Nearly 3 years of traveling, fighting, and discovery. But you could not really call that returning home. In its own morbid way, it was merely a visit. The last time you sat down and merely…lived was decades ago. Long before you were sent to prison. You take another sip of your drink. Were the walls always so dull? You felt like you remembered the paint being brighter and did the sun always come in so brightly from the northern part of the room?

So engrossed in your own thoughts that you almost didn’t hear Ming speak up. “And that’s why we’ve traveled all the way here Master Shifu. We- I feel like the Valley of Peace is the safest place for the people of the Library to relocate. Not only is it the home of the Five but the area is similar to that of the Sacred Library’s location. It’ll help with the refugee’s peace of mind knowing they’ll be living in familiar surroundings. Not to mention, being so secluded means they can take their time to adjust and integrate with the rest of the country. None of the citizens have ever left their homes before and the rest of China is as much a mystery to them as their home was to the average citizen.” Your father does not reply immediately and you cast your gaze upon the rest of the table.

Ming sat between the rest of the Brotherhood, a group of highly ranked members of the Sacred Library’s old order that served as an in-between for the rest of the city and the library’s previous enigmatic leader. She was already much taller than an average cat but her emaciated physique seemed to make her stand taller than her companions and only added the mystique surrounding her as she hid her face under the gilded hood of her robes. You and Xin Lan had done your best in the past 4 months to find enough food to feed the city and try to undo the damage she had done to herself but the constant moving had made it difficult. Ming assured you that she would regain the weight with enough time but the delicate balance of nutrition and calories she maintained had to be undone slowly lest she go into shock.
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Hexaldry: Flickering Embers [Skirmish]
Traditional Greeting
In some worlds, quiet cunning heroes strive against the malign intents of madmen. You can fight shadows with slick style, suave words and the coordination of your peers.

But sometimes
in some places

You want to just walk right up to the gates and punch the first man you see and then keep punching
32 media | 126 replies
Bretwalda Quest Intro and Chargen
In the year of our Lord 800, the islands of Britain are, as ever, in flux and change. Kings vie for power, their gesithas fight, and the ceorls toil.
In the lands north of the Humber, the founding line of Ida has not sat on the throne for a generation. A series of murdered kings and coups has given Eardwulf, King of Northumbria, his crown, though he holds it with a tenuous grip.
His disregard for his pious wife has estranged him from the leading churchmen of his kingdom. Numerous challenges to his throne have arisen from among his ealdormen; most recently, Wada of Dunholm has been put to flight after a rebellion. Paranoia has driven Eardwulf to order the death of all living heirs of competing royal lines. And, of course, the heathen Danes across the sea have been raiding the shores of the kingdom, searching for slaves and plunder.
Word has reached York that Ealhmund Ætheling, son of the deceased Alhred, former King of Northumbria, descendant of Ida, is marching south from Pictland with an army to reclaim his birthright. Eardwulf has called his ealdormen to raise their retinues and fyrds, but only time will tell which way the winds will blow
In the Kingdom of Mercia, Coenwulf of the Iclingas rules, his reign following that of the mighty Offa and Offa's less impressive son, Ecgfrith, who ruled for less than a year before passing.
Long has Mercia been the hegemon of all the kingdoms south of the river Humber, but much of the past few years have been filled with resistance to Mercian hegemony.
>>East Anglia
In East Anglia, the noble Eadwald has been acclaimed king in the absence of any Wuffingas. Gathering his men, he has pushed back the Mercians from East Anglia and begun to mint coins in his name. However, the duration of his reign remains uncertain, for it is spoken that Mercia will not lie back and let the Angles enjoy independence.
Further south, in the land of the Saxons, the King of the East Saxons, Sigered, pays homage to Mercian overlordship. Some in Coenwulf’s court urge the king to confiscate his crown. Trusting Sigered, whose father was loyal and subservient to Offa, Coenwulf has not heeded this advice and allows the autonomy of Essex. How long this shall remain is unknown, for the thegns of Mercia, ever hungry for land, continue to agitate, and the people of Essex grow weary of Mercian involvement and privileges.
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/QTG/ Quest Thread General
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to talk about quests.
Previous thread
>>5861271 (and also >>5861296 for some reason)

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which a Quest Master (QM) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed — similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book or an old text adventure

Questionably Useful links:

>Old pastebin containing advice for QMs:
Badly in need of renovation.

>Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

Skirmishes are quests where each player creates and controls a single character rather than controlling on a central protagonist — similar to a D&D party.

>Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format. Note that should the OP change ID, they will lose this ability as well.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ] text [ /b ]
Italics: [ i ] text [ /i ]
Red: [ red ] text [ /red ]
Blue: [ blue ] text [ /blue ]
Green: [ green] text [ /green ]

>Formatting guide for everyone:
Dice (type this in “options”): dice + [no. of dice] + [no. of sides in a dice]

Example: dice+1d100 = a 1d100 roll

Spoiler: [ spoiler ]spoiler[ /spoiler ] or by pressing alt+s in-thread

>QM question:
Have you inserted any IRL things that have happened throughout your life into your quest?

>Player question:
What genre of genre or subgenre of quest do you feel is missing from the catalogue?

>Lurker question:
Are you enjoying yourselves? Any thing you'd like to see done?

Art in honor of the Star Wars quests that have started up recently.
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Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #26
OP Image 3
Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you tracked down your sister and started looking for some of your old buddies who might be interested in coming to space with you.
But first, you had to get your earthly affairs in order. Things like cash, a phone, and transportation all proved easy enough, but it seems you'd already managed to attract some attention.

Could have been you coming back from the dead to rent an SUV, or the redirecting of satellites and crashing to earth while pretending to be a meteor, who can say?
But either way, you caught not only someone tailing you, but also some very out of place mexicans in a van full of radio equipment. Fortunately, SHODAN doesn't run on radio waves.

After that, you unfortunately discovered that your mother had suffered multiple strokes due to a lifetime of stress and smoking, and now she's become disabled.
Having given her some of the best medical treatment she could hope for, you yourself are hoping for a miraculous recovery, even if it's only partial.

But another issue is your sister's financial situation. It seems that between living on one income, having to move and your mother's medical bills, they aren't doing so hot.
However, you came up with a brilliant plan to deal with that in one fell swoop. Cryptocurrency. Not your own of course, but whatever SHODAN can nab without anyone noticing.

And now the quest continues, this time on Humanity Fuck Yeah!

>Last Thread:
>All Threads:
>Google Doc:
>Discord Link:
23 media | 526 replies
Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 23
Welcome back.

Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

When a roll is called for, roll however many D100 are specified. 5- is a 'crit fail' and generally means something bad is about to happen. 95+ is a 'crit success' and generally means something good just happened. a 'crit success' trumps a crit fail. User input on both will be taken into consideration.

Inventory, pokemon stats and other links:

New Discord for questions, discussions and announcements:

For a short summary for the new and to recap:

You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills. On the road, you met Fie, the Fire Gym Leader, Gareth a novice Aura Guardian on pilgrimage and Holly, a runaway heiress using a pseudonym. You've also made enemies of Team Green a group of violent, radical activists looking to abolish pokemon training.

Last time, you camped, trained, dreamed and started a battle.
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Heat City Nights 8-2 [Skirmish]
heat city nights 8-2 OP
In the year 1987, crime and corruption in America is an epidemic. Drugs and guns flow into the country from everywhere in the world, and the gateway to it all is the coastal paradise, Heat City. This is a place of shining high-rises and shadowed alleys, sunsets and smog, neon and blood, ruled by ambition and greed and power. Here in Heat City, you can get whatever you want -- if you can pay the price.
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The Graverobber's Daughter XIII
The Graverobber&#039;s Daughter Title Card
… though it might be that these substances are capable of competing and even outperforming Plumbum – broadly, or in specific applications – it has to be remembered that this text is concerned with substances that are common; common in incidence and common in employment in protective operations, in addition to being non-Controlled. So it is that the field winnows, leaving only one substance to surmount Plumbum; Hydrargyrum.

To be sure, Hydrargyrum does not beat out Plumbum on every count. It is one-fifth denser, and considerably more expensive to source. As it is a liquid protector in the same vein as Saline preparations, there is an ever present risk of spillage and waste – a risk that is absent with protective operations that employ Plumbum as a solid static protector, though spillage and waste is conceivably possible if Plumbum was employed as a solid grain protector instead. Moreover, the cost of replacing split and wasted Hydrargyrum is considerably higher than 'crowning' a comparable tank of Saline preparation, whereas split solid grain Plumbum could be returned to its tank, and deformed or shredded grains could potentially be recast.

But pound for pound, Hydrargyrum's efficacy as a protector is comparable to Plumbum's, and it does not produce confounding fields, a trait that cannot be found in any other non-Controlled substance as effective at tendering protection as Hydrargyrum is. Its liquid state allows for flexible submersion, as does Saline preparations, but Hydrargyrum is noncorrosive – additionally, the boiling point of Hydrargyrum is higher than the boiling point of Saline preparations, as well as the melting point of Plumbum, so it is suitable for hot applications without the complications of quenching or cooling.

Of course, there are risks to those working with the substance as well. The effects from overexposure to Hydrargyrum are typically similar but milder than overexposure to Plumbum [refer to Chapter III, The Inquisitor's and the Industrialist's Illness], though as Hydrargyrum is in a liquid state, there are more ways for the careless worker to get himself overexposed in the first place.

- A passage from Dangerous Protection; Designing Around Insalubrious Attributes Held by Certain Substances Commonly Employed Against the Strangeness, a sometimes Controlled, sometimes Suppressed text for millwrights and factory masters who work in what are commonly called the 'Estranging industries'. The copy that Chlotsuintha has come into possession of has curiously been printed under a slightly different title.
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Heretic Cultivator Quest 20
Heretic Cultivator - Copy
Previous chapters:
MC info Pastebin:
Sect/ disciple info Doc:

You are the greatest Demonic Beast of at least ten generations, the stellar phenomena of an ever rising star, heiress the legacy of primordial beasts and rightful empress of too many things to list, The wild princess, The Blood Moon Cosmic Beast, (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood) Huanliuxue! The founder of the heretical Palace of natural laws sect (宫殿的野生彝宪, Gōngdiàndīyěshēngyíxiàn) and inventor of the Ruler of the Great Wheel's Law(统治者的这重大轮回法律, Tǒngzhìzhědīzhèzhòngdàlúnhuífǎlǜ) and many other accolades and epithets, some of which are complimentary and some of which are anything but, which is to be expected considering you're the heretic that's overturned rivers and seas and the heavens and earth themselves!

Currently, you're deep in the sacred groves of the Thousand Lotus Hall Sect (千莲花殿堂, Qiānliánhuādiàntáng), having generously offered to do a little pest control for the other sect, even though you had been planning to squash the vermin that had wormed its way into their gardens before you even met with the heads of the healing hall. That worm in the flowerbed would be none other than your ghostly elder sister Xuebai's (雪白, Snow white) rabid dog, Jingyu (静雨,Quiet Rain) the corpse thief.

Who is currently groveling at your feet, dressed like he was taking customers in the seedier district of Suiqi, fox ears flat against his skull and tail trembling as he presses his human hands and face to the ground, fangs revealed as he grimaces and dares not look at you directly. You already suspect him of having perverted intents with the young girl he's gotten trapped in a cage of roots, but there's another suspicion that overwhelms the one that is shouting and making your ears ring with demands to cut his worthless life short and be done with that.

And that suspicion is voiced by your sense of caution, that those who would not survive all the trials you've been through would call paranoia. This is too easy. Jingyu is like an eel, he can slip from most nets and is hard to keep hold of, as slippery as he is slimy. Sure, when coming face to face with someone who is to him a winged tiger to his shit-eating worm and vastly outmatches him in every conceivable way, the wisest move for him to make would beg to grovel, kneel and beg for his life that's as valuable as gnats. But while he's doing the first of those two things, he isn't begging for his life.

That's suspicious. He birthed himself a new body when Ping detonated his original mess of limbs and grossly stappled and stitched together flesh.
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Drowned Quest Redux 37
2.0 37
You are Charlotte Fawkins, dashing heroine, detective, adventuress, heiress, sorceress, etcetera. Three years ago, you drowned yourself in a quest to find a long-lost family heirloom; nowadays, you're just nobly c̶a̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g solving problems with the help of trusty retainer Gil and MIA snake/maybe-father Richard. Inexplicably, many people tend to "dislike" you, though you've never done anything wrong in your life.

Right now, you are deep inside a wintry dreamworld created by the friendly-ish local hivemind Us. Having just completed a negotiation with Us, you have set forth to, in some order: locate Gil, identify a mysterious third party, protect your sworn rival Pat from the clutches of the sinister Management, extract all of the above from the dreamworld without causing too much damage, and find and eat a roasted leg of some type of bird. Ever the overachiever, you have already made great progress towards the last of these. Hurrah!

Your method was simple. Being that Claudia had a bird leg in hand already, and it was not much eaten, it must've come from a nearby source. Being that roasting meat smells strongly, particularly when one hasn't eaten meat in months (if not years), it should pose no difficulty to track this source down. And thus it did, and thus it did not, and thus you found yourself in a short line. You justified the wait in this line with the reasons that it was short, and it was warm near the turnspit, and smelled good, and— and also the known and indisputable fact that heroic vigor requires hearty fuel! Yes! You were merely preparing yourself for the trials ahead. Also, you were waiting to see if Gil would come find you. He didn't, yet, but it was a worthy endeavor all the same.

It is true that you did not entirely anticipate the actual process of the purchasing of the bird leg. When you at last came to the head of the line, it took you several moments to notice, enough time for the leg-seller to recognize you. "Hey! Back so soon?"

Huh? What? You never— but Claudia was just here. Damnit. "Uhhh. Indeed."

"Just couldn't stay away, eh? What can I do you for?"

The leg-seller, harshly backlit by the open fire behind him, had a rather sinister aspect— enhanced by the roasted bird-corpses trussed up all around. You wavered. "Um..."

"Goose leg? Same as last time?"

Oh! It was goose? You know about geese. And it was true also that the string of lights around the tent, like tiny yellow glorbs, could be considered charming. "Y- yes. Please. One goose leg. Um, and do you have sauces...?"

Maybe they didn't have sauces 200 years ago. Maybe they were invented recently. Maybe you've just committed a huge dream-shaking error, and it's going to wake up Us again, and you're going to have to explain to it what sauces— "Sure do," said the goose-seller. "You want that with plum, peppercorn, or— lessee— persil?"

Good: Us knew what sauces were. Bad: you didn't know what sauces were, apparently. "Uh... what's the last one?"

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[False World Online]
“Immerse yourself in a mythic world, and become a hero in the world’s first full dive MMORPG!

The inhabitants of the Spheres found refuge in the False World after the gods brought the War in Heaven to an end. Play alone or with others and lets your actions shape the fate of the gods, the world, and those within it!

Whether you choose the oath of a warrior, the art of a craftsman, or the riches from merchantry, you’ll take part in ever-changing quests and make your mark on the sphere. And with the False World engine and interface chip you’ll feel every minute of the action like you were really there!

So what are you waiting for?”

-False World Online promo insert

It’s the first day of your vacation, the first one you’ve taken since you started working as an intern for Quadopt back in your college days. Not that those are too far behind you at this point, but it’s still been about five years since you got to witness the first attempt at singularity AI fizzle. You still have no idea how you landed the only spot they were offering back then. It’s been maybe two years since the revised design also fizzled, and you just submitted your portion of the work for attempt three yesterday.
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Shadowfallen Quest
With great surprise, you receive the notice that you inherit the Shadowfallen Barony. Despite its eerie moniker, given by a long-defeated necromancer who once held sway over this now serene realm, today the land has transformed into a picturesque haven. Towering, graceful trees with delicate branches sway in the mild breeze, casting dappled shadows that create a sense of tranquility. The air is imbued with a soothing stillness, occasionally broken by the harmonious sounds of nature. Quaint settlements dot the region, showcasing well-maintained structures surrounded by lush greenery.

The last heir of the Shadowfallen Barony was Sir Reginald Thorne. Sir Reginald, an elderly and childless man, was known for his unwavering piety and dedication to spiritual pursuits. His life was devoted to prayer, service to the community, and maintaining a sense of moral rectitude. As the last in the line of the Thorne family, Sir Reginald's passing marked the end of an era for the barony, and the title has returned to the king's discretion.

Recognizing your valorous services, the monarch decides to entrust the barony to you. Your reputation for dedication and courage has not gone unnoticed, and the king believes that you possess the qualities needed to bring prosperity and stability to this once-cursed land.

The valorous services that brought you notoriety with the king were as a:

> A) Knight of the Realm
> B) Strategist and Tactician
> C) Diplomatic Envoy
> D) Master Mage
> E) Adventurer
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Reclamation of the Abyss Quest
The great gods of old walked the land with your ancestors, confering them great boons and teaching them the use of tools and weapons, the mastery of fire and livestock and the mysteries to improve life and avoid death. But one day, the gods we're called back because a great war was raging on heaven and they were needed to defend their eternal home from the demons. As soon as the gods left, the worlds was plagued by vast swarms of demons who appeared out of nowhere, destroying everything with their unquenchable fire. Our people were driven away from their sacred homeland and into secluded valleys and caves, always hiding, always in fear.

Many generations passed and the demons seem to have vanished. Your population grew again and so the need to settle new lands posed itself. You and some brave settlers decided to go back to the lands of your ancestors and settle it once again, now that the threat of the dragons is gone. Many bestial creatures abound in this region, however, and your tribe isn't the only one who decided to settle in here - other clans also came this way. There is also the looming threat of demon cultists which have been living in this land since the time of the demons, feral humans who survived by submitting to the will of the demonic beings. But with your devotion to your gods and your wit, you will thrive in this new land!
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The Evil Eye
You stand in the bustling heart of your small American town a typical high school student. As you navigate the familiar paths your attention is suddenly caught by a scene unfolding before you. A group of younger kids no more than middle schoolers are harassing an elderly homeless man slumped against the cold, graffiti-covered wall. His eyes filled with the weight of years and stories untold hint at his Eastern European heritage. You pause watching the scene with a mix of concern and curiosity. What do you do?

>help the hobo
>join the kids
>ignore the hobo
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STAR WARS: A Monarch's Quest

A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away....


A Monarch’s Quest

The Galactic civil war has begun. The REBEL ALLIANCE under the leadership from the former senator MON MOTHMA has released the DECLARATION OF REBELLION officially challenging the GALACTIC EMPIRE for dominion of the Galaxy.

From a variety of hidden bases, fleets and fortresses the rebels now lurk from the public view, awaiting the opportunity to strike a decisive blow to the empire

However, the dark times are not over yet. the construction of the Empire's secret superweapon continues.

It is in these times then, that a young prince ascends to his ancestral throne. Unknowing of the shape of galactic history in the coming years.
Hello, and welcome to STAR WARS: A Monarch’s Quest. In this quest we shall take control over the life of a local monarch during the time of the empire, two to one years before the battle of Yavin as he attempts to navigate both the unwanted attention from the rebels and the Empire breathing down on his neck. This quest will be based in and on the legends continuity, or in other words the pre-Disney canon that was established before the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.

But before we get to the main story we have to create a planet for our young monarch to inherit.
26 media | 853 replies
40k - Errant Admech
Adeptus Mechanicus
>In the grim darkness of the far future...

The campaign for the Chalnath Expanse persists.

The astropathic choir of the Tyrhenia system has fallen silent.

The scout vessel Swift Hawk has been sent to investigate.

>Praise the Omnissiah
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Dragon of Middle-Earth Quest #2
A great many races call Middle-Earth their home. Elves of all manners dwell in hidden refuges the world over, bringing music and splendour wheresoever they reside. Dwarves delve deep beneath the ground in their endless search for metals and gems, carving entire cities into the guts of the mountains themselves, connected by spiralling, snaking tunnel systems. The many domains of men sprawl across the surface of Arda, from great and powerful nations crowned by fortress-cities that have stood for thousands of years to remote tribes living off of the land in the harshest reaches of the world. Ents roam the woodlands and Great Eagles soar in the endless sky.

Yet there is discord, and those that would sow it. At the Dawn, the Dark Lord Melkor declared war upon all things. Seeking domination, he stole away the inhabitants of Arda and wrought them into many new and terrible shapes, that they would become his servants and fight in his name. From the blackest pits were spawned numberless legions of marauding orcs, clouds of giant bats and vampires that blotted out the stars, slavering black-furred werewolves and their lesser warg kin in vast packs that turned entire landscapes black with their bodies, lumbering trolls with limbs as thick and sturdy as oak stumps, and plenty more besides. But greatest and most terrible of all the Dark Lord’s creations were the iron-scaled, fire-breathing wyrms, the dragons.

You are one of these dragons.

Your name is Thrakaburzum, a young dragon hailing from the icy wastes of the far north, and the only one of your brood of four to have the sublime fortune of being born with wings. Your mother, a venerable old fire-wyrm of great power, decided that it was high time you and your siblings flew the nest. On the eve of the twentieth year since your hatching, you and your three siblings were turned out from the cave that had for so long been your home and sent to carve out domains of your own. Being winged, you immediately pulled ahead of your siblings and chose to head south toward the Grey Mountains.

There you claimed your first lair, and discovered a great many things in a very short time. Men and dwarves call these mountains home even in the aftermath of the Great War your kind waged upon them centuries ago, of which your mother is a veteran. Happening across a small group of men shortly after your arrival, you stalked them through scent back to a watchtower guarding the next valley over, in which they dwell. Also present is a band of orcs, two of which you discovered and slew after learning that more of their number are hiding somewhere in the valley. It is these orcs you now seek, to use them for your own purposes.
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A Simple Cave Adventure
I just found that board.
I have never done questing or table top gaming before, but I'm curious and will give it a try.

Its about the most generic scenario possible, you want to explore a cave and see whats inside, nothing more.

You can 'create' a stock character and we have dice rolling if I figure out how that works here, but there are pretty much no DnD rules or leveling up or any kind of fair play here. I just wanted to give you that warning, again its not supposed to be fair, its to be fun (for me, we will see if you enjoy it)

The qest ends when you find the treasure or are all dead, lol
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The Dogbusters' March 13
You are Mouse, the ogre. Although raised by humans you found yourself in service of the dark elven queen - and with her blessing you have embarked on a quest to purge the corruption plaguing the very world you live in.

You are not alone. Your mission is shared by an eclectic band of companions:
-Phineous, the sophisticated orc of culture.
-Smutkin, the formerly depraved bard who took your mission for his own
-Sparky, the formerly warped imp that was, by touch of holy power, transformed into something else
-Tithe, the diminutive yet vigilant gargoyle
-Chloe, the shadow of the queen sent to safeguard you and your mission.
Your band has since grown to include human companions:
-Elle, the royal courier
-Harriet and Janet, the twin scouts
and the twin golems you've freed from their questionable service to the old order, they've accepted names you've given them: Diana and Minerva.

Having embarked on a journey towards the mythical site of Atlassia, presumed heart of the cult of the Beast, you are accompanied also by your dark queen Olga and the mercenary princess Maia, who hopes to reach for the heart of the man who took upon himself leadership of the forces of darkness, the mercenary general Vult.

On your journey you've come across an ongoing assault of a marauder band on an outlying village. Despite gravity of your mission you couldn't pass by without intervening. As it turned out, the marauders were actually deserters from Vult's forces, disturbed by the no longer concealed use of dark arts. It is from them that you had learned of a mercenary outpost not far from your route. Between the threat this presence had posed, and knowledge that Vult's dark mage was seen conducting some of his unholy craft, you decided to investigate.

And so you find yourself in a cold, silent camp, concealed short distance away from the mercenary outpost, recovering your wits before a confrontation... in the now familiar shadowy dreamscape, in company of the goddess.

Briefly you consider pushing yourself, as your curiosity draws your attention across the darkness surrounding you towards the sparks reflecting your companions' presence, or the ominous shade you can feel loom short distance across the physical space... but in the end, you decided to trust judgment of the goddess on topic of the very force she is supposed to be embodying, and take it easy at least for this night.

Even so, you opt not to surrender your consciousness to sleep entirely. Just spending time like this is liable to be restful enough.
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Cleaner Quest #3
Sadly, you are still Nicole Smith, a woman with various anomalous abilities and a warped mind that constantly screams at you with four distinct voices. Though, this doesn't hamper your ability to be a Cleaner too much. As long as you do the job your Handler assigns you, you'll find some way to cope with your life inside the City.

The last few days for you have been hectic. You managed to completely wipe out a gang through the power of stolen chemical weapons and helped your Handler deal with an old family grudge. However, you might've attracted attention from K-Corp for illegally using their chemical weapons. You might have to keep an eye out for any corporate agents looking out for you.

After that, you helped an old director by the name of Gregory Krakatoa gather footage around the abandoned town of Avalon in District 1. You managed to piece together his true reason for being there and assisted him in facing his failures when it came to his past. You acquired a PARADIGM afterwards, a unique piece of anomalous equipment with untold power, and favor from his powerful family.

Now? You're trying your best to avoid getting murderer by another Cleaner named Ashton who, for whatever reason, wants you dead. You still have a job to do despite this. You are heading to deal with a Casino that your Handler has associated with to deal with some money problems. A lot on your plate to handle at once.

Ultimately, what is all of this stress for? It used to be about the money and to a part of you, it still is. Yet a deep and foolish part of you simply wants to be safe enough to retire and start a family. Whether it be a found family or something else.

That is, if you can survive long enough to reach there. Cleaners aren't exactly well known for having long lifespans in their field. The only thing you can do is push forward for now. Good luck.

MAIN CHARACTER SHEET (has your stats and inventory):
ALLIES (contains their stats, recruitment costs, and RAPPORT):
MECHANICS (contains the explanation of stats, how stat checks works, and other various mechanics.):
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Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #3
A Pleasant Facade[]
You are Fiona Jarnafeldt, Level 2 Stormwatch Agent, and you can't stop grinning.

You knew a promotion would feel good, but unloading everything from your cart and standing in your new proper sized apartment is such a relief. There's an actual personal refrigerator in here, capable of fitting more than just shelf-stable liquid meals and flavor packets. You have your own private restroom and showers. There's separate rooms. You had gotten so worried that you'd get used to living in a pod. You had worried that city life was all just sleeping in a broom closet and staying outside of it in public all the time, never leaving the gaze of others and those cameras that are everywhere, never afforded an inch of comfortable privacy. But, it took a few months, but you can stretch your arms and be glad in peace.

And all you had to do was kill someone.

Well, more than just that. You hope the process of getting promoted is more technical than willingness to kill for the good of the world.

It's been a couple months since you've joined the Helsinki Stormwatch, keeping order over the unruly humans and monsters that lurk in the stormdrains, seeking the elevated citizenship that comes with a high position. You've learned a slapdash of Finnish, have become trained in melee combat and the art of hunting, defeated aberrations with your coworkers, helped an ongoing investigation into the theft of advanced pneumatic weapon systems, found a small workshop where illegal weapons were made, and signed up for an advanced tech testing program at the behest of the Stormwatch's chief director Katriina Jousten. Those are more interesting achievements than just the killing.

But whatever moves you up, you guess.
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IN A WORLD ruled by fucking stupid out-of-touch assholes and full of decay and loneliness, where desperate people turn to VIOLENCE for entertainment, ONE MAN rose above the grind to become the NUMBER ONE ASSASSIN of the United Assassins Association but then... He vanished... But screw that guy, it is now your turn!

>Last thread:

>There are many fights in this quest, this is how they work.
Some options say [ATTACK] or [DODGE]
When selecting [ATTACK], you must roll 1d100 and call HIGH or LOW on your post (Unless the option says specifies one). Over or under 50. A perfect 50 or two players rolling the same number will have a Bonus. (Dark Side Mode)
When selecting [DODGE], you must simply call HIGH or LOW and the QM will roll before the next post to see if the attack is high or low.

>A short tl;dr recap of the plot so far...
You are Lynn Lionhunt, a 30-ish year old unemployed womanchild, and you've made a terrible mistake.
After getting blackout drunk you accidentally killed the 10th ranked hitman of the UAA.
Now you must rise through the pro assassin ranks. With the help of your handler Arthur "Scott" Bianchi.
And a bunch of other NPCs and weirdos in Santa Destroy.
Ranks #9, #8 and #7 are out of the game, along with a mysterious challenger who came in your path.
Along the way you played Electro Triple Star, and got drugged by some weirdos... And then went into the game?
That was weird, you were surely just hallucinating. Right.
After the total destruction of the local Tit-E Ripper's bar you pursued #7 only for them to get killed by that same mysterious sniper from last time.
And also ended up at the bottom of the sea. You are now #7. But something doesn't feel right...
They mentioned a thing called a Death Drive...
And now what...? No time to think!
The journey to NUMBER 1 continues!!!

You stand still, staring at the beach as the wreck of the machine sinks. You tried to look at the buildings and the rooftops, to find no signs of the shooter.
For a moment, it's all so quiet... Just the night, and the waves... It's 3 AM and you are here. Really makes you think. About stuff, and things, and thoughts! Deep thoughts!
...But it's late, and you just wanna get your next assignment and go home. Let's get this over with...
(Continued on next post...)
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The Mystery Dungeons 2e #4
2nd Anniversary edition

>What is this?
"The Mystery Dungeons 2e" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. This has no story relation to the first quest, and is its own new story. Players still isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guild mates! SFW ONLY

A deeper explanation of rules, related pages, and whatnot can be found here:

>I'd like to participate!
Currently, we're at full capacity as far as threads on /qst/ are concerned. However, there's always the chance that space for another player may grow in the future, or that you simply wish to play outside of /qst/ and the quests hosted here. There are other ways to participate, about which you can learn and do here:

>Okay, now what?
After you've read up and familiarized yourself with the rules and setting, be sure to hop into the Element: Everything that doesn't involve Main Quests occurs here and is helpful for coordination.

Character sheets and the guide to making them can be found here:

If you feel you might need help, feel free to ask!

Previous threads and summaries can be found here:

Our LIVE main adventures start on Tuesdays/Saturdays around 6:30PM CST in this thread!

Namefag as your character, with your item and level!
e.g. Sparks, Lv. 56 Pikachu
e.g. Sparks L.56 (Sneak Scarf/Team Shock)
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Chef's Quest 1
It's a beautiful Monday morning in Crona City, or CC as it is most often referred to. This is Crona, or as most people like to call him "Chef", or "Chef Crona". Chef Crona awakens, happy, and ready for the day. This is until Chef realizes he has to go to work, which he hates due to the violent and dangerous nature of his job. Chef rises from his bed and groggily and miserably stumbles into his bathroom, looking towards the mirror, where he sees his knife collection mounted on each side of the mirror. He has six knives to choose from, what should he do?
>Ol' reliable
>Mountain top
>Write in
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Sternportal - a Stargate quest
Somewhere out there is a universe just slightly different from ours, where the same things happened at different times, with different people, and different out comes, like a mockery of our reality.
The thought alone has you seeing your highschool education flash before your eyes...

1952 - the Korean War ends in a Communist victory
1956 - Hungary exits the warsaw pact
1960 - a failed assassination attempt on Inejiro Asanuma leads to widespread support of the japanese socialist party
1962 - The USSR end their support for Cuba, Turkey is forced to leave NATO
1968 - John F. Kennedy is re-elected
1975 - Grigory Nelyubov becomes the first man on Mars
1979 - the Islamic Revolution in Persia fails
1983 - The Soviet Union collapses
1987 - Germany is reunited
1993 - Princess Diana dies in an IRA attack
1996 - Josip Broz Tito dies of old age
2014 - Yugoslavia joins the European Union
2029 - Russia annexes Belarus
2037 - China surrenders unconditionally, de-marxification of Korea and Japan begins
2052 - the Joint European Forces are established
2056 - Demarxification ends
2064 - Libya exits the Arabic Union
2071 - Russia joins the European Union
2089 - The first Nuclear Fusion Reactor comes online
2101 - A ring structure is uncovered in Siberia
2104 - The "Sternportal / Portail des étoiles" is announced to the public
2105 (today) - Founding of the Sternportalkommando (STK) / Commande de le portail des étoiles (CPE)

...But none of that is important now, is it? You don't live in that fake hypothetical reality, you live in this one, you think...maybe, possibly, you've been wrong on occasion.

First things first however, you are about to embark on mankind's first expedition to an alien planet. It is quite exciting to say the least.
A soldier waves you, and a couple of others, through a security checkpoint, the last one before the Portal, where your face gets scanned and matched with your ID.

You are...
>Oberst (colonel) Heiko Drechsler, leader of the expedition
>Leutnant (2nd lieutenant) Ernst Brecher, a simple career soldier
>Jan Wozniak, linguist and mythology enthusiast
>Alexandros Papadopoulos, accountant turned war-journalist
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Curse Carrier
You wake up to the loud, insufferable beeping of your brick shaped phone. You thought of changing the sound of the alarm to something that is nicer to listen to, but you know it wouldn't make your morning any better. No, it's nice that the alarm is horrible to listen to, because it's a horrible morning, as are all mornings of your pitiful existence.

With great effort, you manage to leave the warm blankets of your bed and prepare yourself mentally for another day of mind-numbing 'service'. Maybe if you hadn't dropped out of high-school, your life would've turned out better. Maybe if you had some kind of talent, maybe if you had the determination and work ethic necessary to turn your life around, things could change, but you've accepted that you're not that type of person, you're a cog in the machine that isn't even particularly good at being a cog.

However, something is different about this morning.

Someone else is here.
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Librarian Quest
You worked at the mage's guild library, and loved the job. Every book had its proper place, it was nice and quiet, and the best part was, there were no surprises... well, except for the one time a strange bird had found its way into the library and started frantically flying around, looking for the exit - that was not a good day.

Not too long after that, the guild was invaded by all sorts of nasty creatures and the mages fought them but it was a bloodbath. You hid under the counter and waited for two or three days and when you were parched you decided that getting out was better than dying of dehydration.

The place was completely wrecked and ransacked and there were zombies everywhere. All the spellbooks were gone, most of the regular books were also gone. You did find some water, which you drank greedily, but you are still thirsty and hungry, and there are dozens of zombies in the library.

You escape into the secret tunnels before the zombies can grab you and hope that they at least aren't as crowded with monsters.

You wander around through the secret tunnels, looking for something useful, and you find a staff with a green orb hanging from a wall. There is an inscription "In case of emergency grab the staff"

It doesn't explain what the staff does though.

> Grab the staff, this is an actual emergency
> Continue exploring the secret tunnels, you can come back later
> Wrap the staff in clothing making sure you don't touch it
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Batquest Issue #4, Part II: Batquest/Superquest
>Pencils: Jim Lee Inks: Scott Williams Colors: Alex Sinclair
>Alt-text: Batman and Superman facing each other. Superman stands on an eagle statue, Batman stands on a gargoyle head. Behind Superman is Metropolis in the day, the Daily Planet globe is visible in the skyline. Behind Batman is the Gotham skyline at night.
>Vote Title: Duane Swierczynski , Paul Dini

You stare at the elixir of power, lick your lips at its green ichor, pull it to your lips... And stop.
No matter how much you want this power, the city needs your team more. Taking this would break it, possibly forever.

IVY: No, thank you.
BLACK MASK: Sweet! Now I get to do a New Jack City!

He pulls out a gun.

BLACK MASK: By the Red Rock of Rage, I bless you with dea-


A cachaba knocks Sionis mask-first into the podium.

NIGHTWING: I object!
IVY: Seriously?
NIGHTWING: How often am I going to have that set up?

1200 Kilograms of muscle smashes through the podium. Nightwing’s quick flip the only thing keeping him from being a stain.

NIGHTWING: Take the mutagen, go!

You rush toward the exit but the crowd swarms you.

ICY: Stop or I’ll drink it! Do you want to see why I’ll do you like that?!

You gesture to Orca. Currently, dual welding pews like swords in a vain attempt to kill your partner.

The acolytes part like the Red Sea, giving you a clear escape.

NIGHTWING: Redbird! Escape Protocol DUY!
SFX: SHSHSHSHxhsshsxhxsshsKSHDWHSststcrrsshhsss

The whole room covers their ears as a sound like a thousand seagulls eating nails on a chalkboard echoes through the building's acoustics.
And through the door, Nightwing’s high-tech motorcycle, Redbird. Without its tires.


The distracted skydancer takes a church chair to the ribcage, knocking him on the floor.

ORCA: You can’t destroy what we built here. A movement!

You have a clear shot to the exit, mutagen in your hand. But Nightwing is vulnerable. Do you help him?
Or run to take the mutagen back to base?

>Heartbreak and Vine
No one person is worth more than the mission. Nightwing made a sacrifice the same way you would, and still will.
The team needs this mutagen to save the city, and if you try to save Nightwing there is a good chance you’ll both be captured.

Never leave anyone behind. Mission or not, Nightwing is a comrade. And no amount of mutagen is worth his life.
You have to try to save him no matter the risk.
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Exalted vs World of Darkness
A long, long time ago. Before the Great Flood. Before the Impergium. Before the Mythic Ages. Before the Sundering. Before the Gardens of Eden. There was... something else.

"Oy! Wake up gaki!" a metallic fist bumps the man on the shoulder. He feels dizzy, confused and unsure as to where he is. As soon as his vision clears it becomes evident that he's in some sort of a vehicle running on a road suspended several miles in the air. Looking out the window all he sees are endless ivory towers of metal and ceramic with flying cars darting across the sky in front of them. He shakes his head a bit, as if he can't believe what he's seeing but a moment later reality dawns on him. This is just the City. There is nothing but the city. All his life he lived here. There's nothing strange about it. "Suman. Must've dozed off." he responds to the big fellow and looks at him. He's a big fucker, built like a fucking tank. His long, sleeveless coat is made up of neon lights and high-tech gizmos, half of which probably have no purpose other than to look cool, the other half could wipe out an entire office floor in one blow. His "flesh", if you could call it that, is even more extreme. Nothing but interlocking plates of supple techno-organic metal. The helmet covering his whole head has no features on it, aside the two glowing ruby colored eyes and the two horns sprouting from his forehead. "Shit! That last bump must've given you a concussion. Don't worry brat, just a few more miles and we'll disappear in the underbelly of the city. Once we're in the clear we'll find you a doctor! SHI-" The big, ogre looking guy steps on the brakes but it's too late. The figure that jumped in front of them was too close. He stretched out an arm and the whole vehicle stopped immediately, ejecting the two passengers through the front window. They bounce off the pavement several times as they roll and break several bones in their bodies as they do. The man groans as he tries to look around. Even these simple motions bring him more agony than he can bear. He spots his partner lying several yards away motionless. This does not stop the enforcer that caused them to crash to finish him off by crushing his head underfoot. "Target neutralized." The enforcer speaks into his comms before turning to him. He walks up to the man and points the barrel of his gun at him. "You screwed up, punk."
2 media | 26 replies
we love the company.
deep feild james webb
welcome to the planetary auditing company. sometimes planets lie on their paperwork about what they are, you are the guy that makes sure sure these planets aren't bullshitting. you are the space IRS, for that one single area of niche paperwork

you got newly hired as a new employee, with full bunk and station rights upon the company satellite, but they'll notice if you don't work a week. you have three job case files to choose from.

case one. your mission is to inspect and oversee an expedition to see if a deadworld some guy says is there, is there. it might not be, but if it is, they will scan it and drop a probe on there, your job is to make sure this very simple job does not fuck up in any way. given how dense some exploration crew ships are, they might still fuck this up somehow or some way. your job is to make sure they don't do that. you'll have more control and more responsibility on this job in particular

case two. you would be insane to take this job on your first day. you're going to be accompany a combat team to land on and inspect a cursed, deadly, anomalous world around a black hole. some say it's artificial entirely, some say it got locked off after weird shit left the black hole. you'd probably die on this job, and this should not honestly be on your desk. you could go for it anyways.

case three. a high-end housing planet has been reporting higher then usual animal attacks. this has annoyed the company with their medical bills. go see what they're hiding despite the planetary leaders saying everything is fine.

this means you can spend some time at the least preparing for the job, but they'll probably notice if you're a slacker. you will have to pick a contract and get on the company ship eventually, but yes there is prep time and a chance to hang out
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Classic NRP thread 2: Nation Roleplay game light on mechanics
Who can play? Anyone, newggers welcome be at least somewhat autistic though
What is the setting? Vaguely renessaince, some fuckwit made magic mecha though

Discord it takes place in: F2Patcf
Updates are saturday every week!

Diplo is free, 2 actions per turn, don't make building buildings actions. Have fun and RP.

> TURN 5
Welcome to thread 2,

> Looking for players for:
Mao - ghosted game for 4 turns free for grabs - funny cats, infiltrate nations
Newts - potentially ghosted it didn’t post 1 turn no contact method - tribal newt/lizard people, good with tech
Academy - mecha harry potter guys, he posted pretty regularly, but ghosted this turn dunno why
Khimor - generic human god-emperor worship nation, ghosted long ago. new player volounteered but did not post either. neighbouring halfling civilisation tried to initiate some cool RP with them, so super sad they ghosted

The very excel file:

Old bread: >>5883594
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Are You Smarter Than A Goblin?
You are Algernon the goblin. Last week, while trawling through the upper levels looking for a giant rat to eat, you found a dead body. It was one of the menfolk, skewered by one of the spear traps you set for your hoblin overlords. Usually, you would have dragged the corpse back to the lair and started the pot, for manflesh is a rare delicacy in the dungeon and is almost as good as the roasted pigs the hoblins sometimes feast on (when they can snatch them from the menfolk who live above) and certainly better than rat. This one, however, was little more than skin on bones, hardly worth the effort of butchering. Something about it also compelled you to keep its existence hidden. Maybe it was the way the spear had perfectly penetrated its throat--like a thread through a needle's eye--or how its eyes were still wide in mortal surprise. An aesthetic charm which you could not bring yourself to spoil. You were a romantic, you realize now, even before the transformation.

You dragged the body to a secret room you had discovered years ago, which even the hoblins do not know about. You had discovered it quite by accident, looking for a discreet place where you could relieve yourself (you've never been able to do the business among company). The urgency of nature's call had forced you into the nearest blind alley. There the merry stream of your emiction, trickling into ancient grooves, revealed a secret switch, which, urged on by goblin curiosity (the cause of death of many a goblin), you gladly toed. The stone wall before you groaned and rumbled, rotating on a hidden hinge, revealing a room curiously bereft of all smell and taste (no doubt some old Gnommish enchantment). From that moment on, it became a refuge, a place to retreat from the demands of the dungeon, as well as a store for your most valued possessions.

There you brought the body, and spent a good hour in its careful arrangement, in the course of which you discovered a phial of pitch-black substance, of the pleasant consistency of snot. Without the least ceremony, you downed the entirety of it in a single pull. Your first thought, as you clutched your throat and thrashed on the ground, was that, for poison, it had a rather sweet taste, not unlike the darkberries that grow near Lizard Lake, two levels down, from which your cousin can make a strong drink that the hoblins enjoy (for which your cousin holds a high place among the goblins).
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Mystery and magic: A new life in as a farmer iat the edges of the known world.
In the uncharted realms recently conquered, the formidable Baron has granted parcels of these frontier lands to those who venture there. As a wretched soul, be it a stranger, gambler, or deserter, you find yourself at the fringes of civilization in a place scarcely deserving the title of a town. A clean slate awaits, and fortunately, the administration, sheriff, and mayor are not interested in prying questions but only in your adherence to the rules.

Your path to redemption or a new life begins with a simple directive: cultivate the land for five uninterrupted years, and the reward shall be 50 acres of your own. The settlement is modest, boasting an alehouse, a general store, and the administrative office and from time to time a market and events. Choose your destiny:

>Deserter Seeking Redemption: Abandoning duty and glory, you aim to carve a new existence at the edge of the world.

>Otherworldly Outcast: Despite locals dismissing your tales as madness, you, a man from another world, strive to navigate this alien frontier.

>Debt-Evading Gambler: Fleeing from debts, you seek fortune in the untamed wilderness, starting with the supposedly free land bestowed by the baron.

Escaped Convict: On the fringes of this untamed frontier, you are not just a fugitive but a skilled artisan of magic. Your escape from captivity was not only a flight from the law but a pursuit of arcane mastery. Concealed within the shadows, you deal in magical weapons, enchantments, and scrolls, navigating the delicate dance between lawlessness and the allure of mystical craftsmanship.

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