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"/qst/ - Quests" is 4chan's imageboard for grinding XP.

Welcome to /quest/ - Quests
This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
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Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #23
Humanity Fuck Yeah Quest Header
Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you brought Cylia to the local Dark Star camp, and after getting her hand reattached you assisted Doctor Lyna in acquiring medicine and equipment from the overrun local hospital.
Taking the time to clear it out for later usage, you encountered a uniquely mutated Caithan amongst the many patients wandering it's halls, and managed to bring her in.

Part of that equipment turned out to be a machine capable of programming medical nanomachines, an incredibly powerful tool all on it's own. But together with your insanely illegal unlocked nanofabricator, it becomes far more than that.
Sensing an opportunity, you made a deal with the Doctor on the spot. You'll give her an unlimited quantity of nanomachines in exchange for her specialized services.

But there are many issues still at hand, and it'll be some time before you can truly make use of any of that.
With the station a mess and the situation you're all in perhaps even messier, how will you handle things? Find out now, on Humanity, Fuck Yeah!

>Last Thread:
>All Threads:
>Google Doc:
>Discord Link:
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PCQN- The Revolutionary Man - Prologue Part 2
It was the fifteenth of September, in the year of 1909. The Emrean Liberation had been being fought for near four years- by you and your home nation, for almost two- though you called it the Auratus War, after the region you and your comrades were now in, even if there was also fighting to the north, and in the Vitelian Sea. Amongst the numerous soldiers of the Viteliean Royal Army, all of its armed forces, however, you were rather special. You, Sottotenente Palmiro Bonaventura, were an officer in the Special Weapons Battalion, in command of an armored steel war machine.

Certainly glamorous sounding, but your unit had only fought in one operation that could truly be called a battle near a whole month ago. In the meantime, you were…idle. A strange thing to be in a war like this. A day without artillery slinging shells back and forth was rare, even if your unit was positioned far back from the front lines you had won, and a stray shell falling near the Special Weapons Battalion was a rarity. Not that the Grossreich would not have liked to shell you- rumor of long ranged heavy cannon had prompted the battalion commander, Maggiore Alphonso Di Marea, to command the entire battalion to commit great efforts to camouflaging your equipment from aerial spotters. It was something to do, for a while- but the strange monotony continued. Went on whilst you knew that infantrymen went forward and back- many wounded, many dead, as trenches traded hands in rapid succession.

The battle you had fought in the opening strikes of was ongoing, but little progress had been made without the initial burst of energy that tanks and smothering artillery barrages had lent. The Arditi had been moved away from your unit two weeks earlier to aid elsewhere, so Leo was no longer around for company- and reassurance of him still living. The commanding officer of your platoon and direct superior, Tenente Chiara Di Scurostrada, seemed more sore as well without his presence- she had complained in a reserved yet unmistakably bitter way, that an officer had been transferred in to take command of the company after your former company commander had been killed in the battalion’s first battle. Yes, there was an agreement that a new and familiar face was not easily welcomed in a unit that had trained together as long as you had- but Di Scurostrada’s ambition was obviously aching, the battalion’s inactivity making her restless.

So the way to pass the time, besides bickering with your driver Luigi and speaking cordially with practically everybody else, turned to communications over greater distances with people not seen for too long.
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Path of the Exorcist #4

With no small amount of bitterness, you're coming to realise that the world is not as simple as you once thought it was. Your world exists more in shadow than in light, and the shadows are teeming with those who would claim to know its secrets. The centipede cult of the necromancers, the priesthood of Sheol... the academy itself, even?

But men can claim many things. Making claims is easy, the easiest thing in the world. Finding the truth is much harder.

Either oblivious or indifferent to your dark thoughts, Johannes reaches down and scrapes a handful of loose pebbles from the ground. Weighing them in his hand for a moment, he starts throwing them, one at a time, at the courtyard wall. The hard click of stone against stone is the only sound for a long moment, before he finally speaks.

“I just realised something,” he begins, a brooding anger in his voice, “That woman, that forester witch, was able to banish a spirit.”

“You said as much,” you agree, “So?”

“So how exactly was she able to do that?” Johannes asks, glaring at you as if in accusation, “I find it hard to believe that she was able to call upon the Sun King's power like we do.”

You're silent for a long while, your thoughts drifting back to Clarissa and her abnormal act of banishment. If not the Sun King, then what power had she called upon then? Johannes' gaze never wavers as you think, the weight of his stare finally forcing you to speak. “The foresters have a strange relationship with the spirits,” you offer, “Not like ours, not at all.”

He considers this for a moment, then grunts and dismisses the subject with a shrug. “I have to deliver my report to Master Brehm,” he decides, “Come on.”

The conversation might have shifted, but you can still sense his anger, his moral outrage. Watching the heavyset man with cautious eyes, you follow him back to the dormitory. There, the dark clouds of his foul mood seem to be washed away by a sense of good cheer. Fluttering about like an excited bird, Harriet immediately hurries over to greet you.

“You won't believe this!” she starts, her voice breathless with wonder, “It's Clarissa – you won't believe what she's doing!”

Immediately, your thoughts go to the darkest of places. “Slow down, will you?” you plead, “What's this about Clarissa?”

“Well, that important business she was talking about? Those important people she had to meet?” Harriet explains quickly, “She didn't want to say, but I managed to coax it out of her – they're some of the Regent's people!”

“She's actually going to the palace,” Persephone adds in a lazy drawl, “I shall pretend that I'm not madly jealous, just this once. Aren't I such a good friend?”
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Dwarf Fortress Quest #1 - Chasmhouse

It has been a few years now since the expedition departed Greatcavern. Fighting through greenskins and cave-salamanders, they arrived in an expanse of deep-road filled with a vast jungle, and inhabited by competing tribes of cavern apes. The dwarves aided the apes - fighting off the mud-eaters, amphibious servants of dark, hidden masters. At the hour of victory, though, as they descended into the demonic halls of Lokast Gor, the dwarves were divided against themselves - some, the Atastan, descended further, seduced by the dark below, while the remainder, the Oshnil, retreated, damning their fallen brethren.

In the seasons since the Oshnil have delved the squat, homely fortress of Akartvelt, 'Chasmhouse', into the wall of the road as it intersects with a vast chasm, descending deep into the earth below. Farms have been carved into the chasm-edge to catch the sweet water that flows from above, and a carpenter built to help furnish the bare, defensible halls of the fortress. It has been quiet - though a constant watch is kept on the accursed gates of Lokast Gor, upon the plain of the White Pyramids, nothing has been seen.

The dwarves of Akartvelt have settled into routine - trading furs with passing bands of Gorlaks climbing up the chasm-edge and leaving gifts for the cave gnomes passing the opposite way. Life continues - the apes deliver tribute of fruit and meat, the dwarves grow cave-wheat and plump helmets. Deep in the back of the fortress, the hearts of those lost on the journey hum, and new bodies reform in the stone. But always, the darkness in Lokast Gor lies waiting - and the ape-tribes have begun to stir. Dark things crawl up the chasm-side at the edge of sight. Be vigilant.


Well damn, if that wasn't a long hiatus. Lads, I'm sorry for the time away. I was forced to move for a while, and some cunt had gotten the place I was staying range-banned. I'm back now, and the adventures of the dwarves of Chasmhouse continue.
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Slice Quest #3: A Midnight Smack
You’re DIESEL CRASH: proud delivery boy for your uncle’s pizza parlor PIZZA MIND, and tonight just keeps getting better and better!

HAUSER PHARMACEUTICALS. A big fish in the corporate pond as far as they go, but also the proprietors of the island you were tasked with delivering fine Italian cuisine to. The CEO’s children, MINA AND DARREN HAUSER, were holding a High School Graduation Party there, but what began as a relatively innocuous evening (for teens, anyways) turned into a desperate fight for survival!

Beset on all sides by bloodthirsty monsters, psychotic corporate security, and even the CEO himself, your struggle led you to some new friends: RAJ DAWOOD: a dopey, but earnest skater bro, and PEPPER HORNSBY: a plucky journalist with a reputation for being a bit of a pest!

Aided by your new allies and the island’s gruff, but stalwart groundskeeper, CHUCK FONTAINE, you discovered the truth behind the night’s disruptions… along with their instigator: RIVKA BETRUGER. A vile and morally-bankrupt scientist bent on ‘SHOWING THEM ALL’, she masqueraded as a nurse and utilized the night’s chaos to conduct another test on the partygoers: one involving an EXTRADIMENSIONAL PARASITE with the power to overtake its host’s body and mind… all to do the dark bidding of its queen.

Guess who figured out how to impersonate one with a little gene alteration?

Though it wasn’t an easy choice, you decided to remove the parasite from your body… though it promised power and protection, you didn’t dare give Rivka any chance of taking control! Whether this decision will pay off, well… that remains to be seen.

The odds were, and still are, stacked against you, but you and your pals penetrated the mad scientist’s defenses and cornered her in her last remaining hidey-hole: the lab housing a massive PORTAL GATE with the power to reach other dimensions… including the parasite’s!

The stage is set for the final showdown, but though the portal shimmers with activity, the scientist is nowhere to be seen… and yet a faint scent of coffee and maple syrup still lingers in the sterile lab air…

Standing in front of the gate with weapons drawn and heart racing, THIS is where your story continues…

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Gunrunning in Voodooville
Gunrunning in Voodooville 001
The worst chest pain you’ve ever known, or imagined ever could be known, wakes you up from a mightily deep sleep. You’re coughing before you’re even awake. Somehow a mad assortment of debris has deposited itself in your esophagus. If you weren’t in excruciating pain, the psychological damage of the dirt, bugs, and dust exiting your mouth might have seriously affected your mood.

Instead, you just wanted to go back to sleep.

It was the moment after that thought, that you realized you had no idea where the hell you were, who the hell you were, or why you were in a claustrophobic box. Made of cheap wood. Fitting the dimensions of your body exactly.

“Oh- oh god, oh god FUCK!”

Many people make great note of a person’s first words, or their last. Looking back, the first words of your undeath sum the situation up quite nicely. Wrapped it all up, bow on top.

Now, as the narrator, I could lead you through the enterprising feat of escaping five feet and a half of soggy dirt, plus six inches of turf, buuut… I mean, you’ve seen Kill Bill, ain’t you? I don’t really have to get into detail, I don’t think.

But man, that first breath of fresh air does you wonders. The stark moonlight, however, don’t. Nobody who once lived takes very well to seeing their body all necrotic like. Your tendons, green and slightly moldy, contract and release as you test your grip. Your skin looks like paper mache. The raggedy ass three piece- hey now, at least whoever buried you bought a suit- has so many holes in it you're practically wearing shorts. Shin bones glisten in the soft light. You can feel all the maggots and bugs panicking in your guts. The small colony down there is having a similar sort of existential crisis. At least you have sympathizers. Not that they aren’t eating you, of course. That'd be the chest pain.

You turn around to review your headstone. It's blank.

That really sets you off. I mean, here goes practically the one right of the dead in any damn civilized country and the bastards don’t bother even finishing the damn job. I mean, you could have at least found some kind of county records building with that damn name, and gotten back a fucking social security number. How the hell are you supposed to get a fucking job? Like a goddamned illegal? It just don’t fucking figure, do it?!
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Heretic Cultivator Quest 17
Heretic Cultivator
Previous chapters:
16th thread:
MC info Pastebin:
Sect/ disciple info Doc:

You are Huanliuxue (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood) , first amongst all housecats and demonic beasts, near peerless beauty, once in ten generations genius, head of the heretical sect of beasts and outcasts the Palace of natural laws (宫殿的野生彝宪, Gōngdiàndīyěshēngyíxiàn) and founder of the Ruler of the Great Wheel's Law(统治者的这重大轮回法律, Tǒngzhìzhědīzhèzhòngdàlúnhuífǎlǜ), and perhaps the most noteworthy and good natured heretic to grace the stagnant world of cultivation in history.

Having taken a chunk out of the Winter blossoming wisdom sect's territory simply by being kinder to the locals than they were and generously and benevolently lending them aid while their so called protectors who summoned an endless blizzard ontop of their heads, by sending your disciples to give them food, firewood and other necessities. And by personally smashing the massive spell formation that created the enchanted storm, after you easily survived an attempt on your life and converted the survivors of that "Hunting party" away from the "righteous" path of the orthodoxy. Now having greatly expanded your sect's holding and influences, even taking the flourishing city of Suiqi as your own and turning it into a place that mixed the ancient and wild pass with the civilized and tamed presence through hijacking the last piece of the winter blossoming wisdom sect's grand array, you needed to prepare in several ways. As not only had you reached out to the other sects of the Chuan region, besides the two who were practically drooling at the mouth to tear you limb from limb, but your killing of the remarkable drunkard Xue Ming had outraged his grandfather.

Who was not only the head of one of the two sects that could not exist beneath the same skies as you, but also the bastard who killed your older, foxy sister Xuebai and crippled your mother's cultivation decades before, the contemptible Xue Laohue. Who you really weren't certain how that old piece of shit was still alive, as he has been supposedly dying since before you were reborn as a magical beast and began cultivating. Talk about being stubborn. But even if you were the first and only holder of a tier 0 golden core, the ancient frosty fossil had many, many years of experience over you. And much of that experience was in killing beasts.

So you needed to prepare for his arrival, as the storm he brought could be seen on the horizon. Literally. He stood in the center of a second, magical blizzard! And you must also prepare for the arrival of your first prospective allies, the five colors and five purities sect.

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A legendary japanese superhero comes to america
ya its him
You are japan's legendary superhero and national treasure. For years you've penetrated japan's criminal underground delivering your own brand of justice. As a result of your hard work japan's crime rate is now zero so you've decided to take your talents to a more violent country - america.
>Which city do you thrust into?
>>new york
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Average Greek Man Quest
Greek Gigachad
You are a young Greek guy, living his life like any other Greek like him does.
You wake up this morning and go to the kitchen to eat the breakfast your mom made for you. It is delicious as always.
Once you are done, you think of how you’d like to spend your day. Since you don't have a job, you have no responsibilities and are free to spend your time as you please.

Do you:

>Take a walk outside
>Laze around your room
>Hang out with your pals
>Go to the gym
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IsekaiGods Quest#1
You are the mighty lackadaisical isekai gods! Otherworldly gods like you have few worries, but you do have one. The Demonlord is destroying worlds! It isn't really that big of a deal in the big picture since you can make worlds far quicker than he can destroy them, but... But! He's nasty and stinky and somehow he's really good at picking your favourite worlds to be destroyed! What a detestable fiend! You've all had the brilliant and fun idea to isekai a champion from your other worlds that the Demonlord isn't destroying!

You'll shower them with cheat skills and they'll defeat the Demonlord! It'll be great! There's just one big issue though! The Goddess of Chance is his lover! You don't know what she sees in that disgusting destroyer, but because of her your champion can't just steamroll the Demonlord, you've got to be careful about what skills you bestow, for each skill you give, he gets his own twisted version!

>Welcome to Isekai Gods Quest, a game with three phases. Each phase you roll 3d7 luck and 1d100 loyalty.

In this phase, you vote for a champion and make skills, the journey also starts with the Arrival of the champion and the Revelation of the Demonlord's skills. You have three skills to give, each made up of up to three words. The Demonlord gets his own twisted version of whatever skill you give. Sometimes it'll just be a reversed one, sometimes the opposite and sometimes the skill is a direct counter, luck effects this, with each level of luck below normal resulting in a skill being a direct counter.

If you give the champion a Invincibility skill, the Demonlord might gain a Vulnerability skill (that is to say a skill that can make your champion vulnerable). In general when we have a case of the spear that pierces all Vs the shield that blocks all, the Demonlord will win because of the Goddess of Chance. Regression or looping skills might seem attractive, but because of the Goddess, even if the Demonlord loses his equivalent, he'll still stack skills when the champion regresses or loops. In essence, the trick is pushing your luck to see how cheating of a skill you can get without giving the Demonlord as much of a cheat.

Note that a passive skill that changes the champion on isekai can be removed without losing the benefits, one born a dragon will remain a dragon! Speaking of removal, there's one chance to tip the scales in your champion's favour.

In this phase, you'll make a choice that might tip the scales in your champion's favour, but we'll get into specifics when that rolls around.

In this phase, the Demonlord tempts your champion, and if their loyalty is too low, they betray you and join hands with the Demonlord. Victory is yours if the champion can logically beat the Demonlord with their skills.

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Maximum Spider Quest #15
spider-man-chelovek-pauk-peter-parker-piter-parker-peter-par - Copy
You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! But it's not all bad! Your clone brother, Abel Parker, works to protect the city, and potentially help clean up some of your messes. He goes by the name of "Spider-Man"!


Last time: The Desperados and the Morlocks destroyed the Atlas Doundation's undersea base, retrieved the mana converter and eliminated the Brood! But their victory came at a great cost. Their Morlock friend Iara (A.K.A. the Deep One) attempted to sacrifice herself upon discovering that she'd been infected with an alien, mind-eating virus, but Ben refused to let her die alone. And through his and Gloria resources, they managed to save her life by reconstructing her mind and body. But the damage from the virus was already too much for her mind to bear, and she seemed to develop a disconnect between herself and her memories of the past. Having accomplished what they set out to do, the Ana Kravinoff and the Desperados received Gloria's full support, as well as her blessing to look after her previous employees, Araña and Benga.

After having finally returning to his city, Ben intended to unwind and reconnect with his loved ones. But Doctor Doom and Arcade have other plans for the city...

Can Ben fight off a full-scale invasion of his city, all without losing anyone else close to him?

Find out more in the latest issue of…MAXIMUM SPIDER QUEST!

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.


Character Sheet:

Equipment and Gear:


10 Commandments of the Desperados:


The Huntsman’s Travel Guide:

Good luck and have fun!
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Kobolt Klan Adoption 14
Archive of previous thread:
You ended up in a fairy court to save Esmeralda, who turns out to be romantically in love with you, to her shame. She was tricked into coming to them by wishing that. However, now you need to make a fairy king/monster close all of its eyes. Unfortunately, it has many dozens of eyes.
It's also a titanic spider thing, and it traded one pair of its eyes with your guide's pair. You've been bumming out this court by whining about your past and your crusade days, and now... You're in a one-on-one talk with the King.
It wanted to cure your dragon curse, in exchange for your stories. You're too cool for that.

"Now I am here. Trying to make my way through a forest of... Persistent hosts." You reply, and some pixies flutter around the King, who has been watching closely...
Many of his eyes are closed. All but two, and that eye-like pattern swirling on his back.
"I would permit thee to leave. Let thee finish this story... But mine eyes are not closed yet. And I can offer you... a solution."

The spider-thing moves forward.
"An end to your transformation. To all of your friends. In exchange for your stories."
You blink, and when you look around, you notice the world has... Stopped. A faint grey colouration. The leaves don't rustle, the musicians don't speak. It's deathly quiet but for the burbling voice of the titanic thing of many legs.
"Do not worry. This is between the knight and the king. Shall you take mine offer? Or shall thee try *another* court. One far less... pleasant?"

"You want to know how the story ends?" You say in response. The creature tilts its head as you continue. "What a poor ending that would make. 'And then a powerful king came and took away all my woes, and then I lived in his court happily ever after.' It would be... disappointing, no?"
The creature huffs, and steps closer still. It smells of salted meat.
"I am offering thee a solution. Not an end. A knight as powerful as you, surely, has much more stories to make with us."
"Not interested. I intend to reach my goal without otherworldly help. And I do not intend to stay here, either."

The creature begins to walk around you, though you never turn your back to it.
"Very well, morsel. You are a bore, by choice. An insult I shan't accept." The voice turns harsher, more and more scratchy.
"Mine court... I shall leave out of this. They have suffered enough at the hands of thine tales. I shall break thee, instead... Make you sing the songs we desire and need."

The creature stops, having made a full circle around you by now.
"But I am merciful. I give you one more chance. Serve me for five years. See what we have to offer. If you still wish to leave... You may keep your stories."
"Or else?"
"...The displeasure of a King."


>Strike first. Breathe fire.

>Try to talk your way out
How, though?

>Strike first, draw blood as you draw your blade.

hey kids i got the milk.
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Trans Girl Battle Harem Quest
Trans Girl Battle Harem Quest
Ten years ago the second American Civil War took place and President Joe Biden heroically led the progressive side to an overwhelming victory crushing the bigots and transphobes. The Bad Orange Man was publicly executed the Republican Nazi Party was banned and America transformed into a utopia. But even now there are neo-Republican terrorists that want to return to the dark ages of bigotry and transphobia. But here's the thing - they didn't account for you and your fierce team of trans heroines.

You are the cis-male handler of a brigade of trans-girls. Choose your team members.
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The Checkpoint
images (4)
The rhythmic motion of the drillorail had finally stopped when you had reached the end of the line: P-31 . The dome city of Feinuez had demolished most of these ancient tunnels when the resources in the victiny had dried out....or when it deemed to be too much of a risk for normal operations to resume. Still, Checkpoint P-31 got a few Therrblood veins worthy of extracting along with less important minerals.

You stepped out of the drillorail, eyes adjusting to the sanguine skies above. Life was cozy in the Dome City, you just had to fuck up it up somehow, what did you do to get relocated here in P-31?

>Your engineer harpy girlfriend got her feathery ass here so naturally you had to watch over her.
>Your FL are getting close to an undesirable levels, your superiors didn't want you to go feral inside the dome city.
>You had a dream. No idea if it is was the Scarlet Lords messing your head or something but you *had* to go to P-31
>You wanted to see some action! Shooting ferals right between their eyes is a dream!
>You are an undercover Cthaii agent here to investigate a possible demonic cult either here or in the nearby ruins
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Void Raider Quest
You look up at the man seated across from you. To call him an officer would be too flattering, any military worth its salt should have made him at least patch the holes and iron the creases on his uniform before showing his face in public. But an officer he is, and an officer you soon will be, at least in theory. He puffs out a ring of smoke before locking eyes with you:

"So will you come with me or not? If we go immediately, we can make it to Liteia just in time for all the repairs to finish. Docking fees ain't too bad, but I would rather we get the ship out there and start making up for the lost creds asap."

He fixed his cap, leaned across the table, and stretched out a hand towards you:

"Us privateers don't like salutes, too formal and stuffy. You can't tell a good man from bad with just it either. A strong firm handshake, on the other hand, lets you look real close at his heart. Will he stand, will he run, will he punch a shiny new hole in your back, either way his hands can't, won't hide it."

You hesitate for just a moment before taking his hand. His grip is strong, very strong, and you can feel all the calluses squeezing against your smooth palm. He laughs:

"Good, good. A landlubber, but at least one with some mettle. Your old man would be proud, hell, he must be proud wherever he is now. We'll meet at landing bay 86-B at 0800 sharp tomorrow then. Don't make me wait."

You are not so sure about his praise. After all, just yesterday you were still living a mostly average life as an accountant, without even the courage to join the auditing department despite the promised pay raise. And now, you have just accepted an offer from a complete stranger to go off beyond even the Periphery to a life among the stars of the Liteian Directorate. "What have gotten into me", you wonder, "Ma would kill me for this if she's still here."
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Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 20
Alex _Kitfox Crimson
Welcome back.

Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

When a roll is called for, roll however many D100 are specified. 5- is a 'crit fail' and generally means something bad is about to happen. 95+ is a 'crit success' and generally means something good just happened. a 'crit success' trumps a crit fail. User input on both will be taken into consideration.

Inventory, pokemon stats and other links:

New Discord for questions, discussions and announcements:

For a short summary for the new and to recap:

You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills. On the road, you met Fie, the Fire Gym Leader, Gareth a novice Aura Guardian on pilgrimage and Holly, a runaway heiress using a pseudonym. You've also made enemies of Team Green a group of violent, radical activists looking to abolish pokemon training.

Last time, you meditated, trained some more, left yourself drained and chased ghosts and wild pokemon through the gym while tired.
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Fate City Akeldama 10
You are Anon, a 6’2” albino man of exceptional strength and magical energy who can remember only faint vestiges of his past, is unaware of his real name, and is a Master in the Akeldama Great Holy Grail War, which is taking place in a city in an artificial world called Akeldama. Your Servant is Avenger of Red, a winged girl wielding considerably powerful magic who has declined to tell you her true name so far. Most recently you’ve been spending the afternoon recovering from a battle against Sun Wukong, practicing ether manipulation with the mysterious Caster of Black’s guidance, and are about to propose making the war’s overseer Triscus Adajio a priority target to the other members of your unofficial faction, after considering the suggestion of Koko (a schoolteacher who one of your allies rescued the day before) to do so.

First thread:
Subsequent threads:
Reference for Servant (and other related) stat-blocks:
[To anyone new, the beginning of thread 8 has a tl;dr summary that gives a quick overview of everything that happened up to the beginning of that thread]
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NRP game6 by Lux | Thread 4
**Game 6 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

>Updates will be every Monday and Friday
>Players will have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>If a Player misses a turn, he will receive one (1) make-up action the next turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a war requires an action, but subsequent battles are free
>Game starts after a bronze age collapse, and includes magic
>Rushing, meta-gaming, & otherwise unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not currently taking new players, though people may join as Nations fall
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
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A Drop of Jupiter's Blood
A Drop of Jupiter's Blood — A Tale of Swashbuckling, Merriment, and Tragedy

This Quest takes place on a water world known as Monda, which is inhabited by several races.
You'll assemble a crew, pick places to pillage, gather loot, search for treasure, wage war on the open oceans, and aim to be the most feared crew this world has ever seen. Highly collaborative, and very combat-lite. Much of the decision making will be based on discussion, with you all acting as stand-ins for the crew, and myself for the captain. As in real life, I have final say, but of course any captain worth his salt will surround himself with intelligent men, so I want to hear your ideas.
Lots of write-ins are expected on much of the decision making, so if you're not down for that, this may not be the quest for you.
I'm taking large inspiration from One Piece in terms of themes, plot progression, and overall structure, but I'm aiming for the tone/world to be more reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean.

It's Age 855, and you reside in the small harbor town of Hunger Bay, within the country of Malador, which borders the South Flash Sea.

Humans, known here as the Huminidae, have no special skills for sailing, though they also have none of the disadvantages of some other races. They come from the country of Dosse, a French inspired society of merchants.
The Ursidae, a bear-like species who make expert seamen thanks to their navigation skills, and have no country to themselves after the Alrulian War of 687. They're known for their raw strength, yet gentle nature.
The Suidae, a pig-like species who are incredibly durable, deceptively intelligent, but slow, cumbersome, clumsy, and are not adapted well for sailing life. They come from the country of Velé, a Turkish inspired society. Best known for their affinity for cooking and scouting thanks to their keen noses.
The Gekkonidae, a Gecko-like species, who are also ill suited for sailing as they have a strong dislike for water, but have amazing grip/adhesion, making them incredibly useful on ships. They mostly come from various tropical islands located in the Southwest most region of Monda, known as the Hotlands.
The Lamnidae, a shark-like species, who are incredibly well suited for sailing thanks to their inability to drown. They hail from a great nation beneath the waves, and only recently started to test their luck on land. How they can breathe air is still unknown. Best known for their unmatched speed, their strength, and their viciousness in combat.
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Trans Cat Girl Quest
You are a genetically edited cat girl, but there was a mistake! You are a trans cat girl, standing without clothes outside a broken pod that is spilling its viscous blue liquid over the laboratory floor. Sirens scream throughout the lab yelling in alarm. Nya~

What do you do?
>Run! Nya~
>Search the room! Nya~
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Goner Quest
You ascend an endless staircase, twirling the knife that was once lodged in your back, the only relief from the monotony of climbing the stark white steps.
Attempting to recall how it ended up there for answers proved fruitless. Napping in your club room during lunch, you've awoken in what can only be described as a barren version of school. The walls and floor were blank white, and furnishings were reduced to their simplest shapes, colored in black to contrast with their unnatural surroundings. Leaving was pointless, as emptiness stretched beyond what your eyes could see but you attempted to do so anyways. Outside, you saw the building stretch up and onwards towards some point you failed to ascertain. Without anything else in mind, you found a staircase, leading you to now.

Did you die? It certainly didn't seem to stick. This was hardly any idea of the afterlife that you knew of, and you'd think the dead don't get tired from walking up all these stairs. Now, the knife in back paints a rather obvious picture as to how you 'died' but who could've done it? The suspect eludes you. Unless you were a terrible judge of character, nobody you knew would be murderous, and besides, you weren't awake then. The knife is the only piece of evidence that you have. A neat little thing really, one of those butterfly knives you see people do tricks with. Nothing identifying can be found upon it with your eyes alone, save for the fact it was once stained with your blood. Other than the clothes you're wearing, nothing else was on your person, not even the contents of your pockets.

The top. Finally. A single door awaits you here as the prize of arriving. Sitting atop the final step to recover, you then finally reach for the exit.

It’s a street somewhere around where you live. You don’t remember going through the door exactly. A blink later and here you are. It’s normal at least. Quickly, you pocket the knife so as to not attract the wrong kind of attention. Behind you is a door, but it leads to a cafe instead of wherever it was you came.

“Man, this is terrible.”

>Go back to school. Scene of the crime.
>Go home. That sounds nice.
>Go inside this cafe. There had to be some reason you appeared here.
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I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World: Side Quest
Kenta Suzuki
Your name is Kenta Suzuki. In the midst of the challenges of middle school, where bullies target you because of your weight, height, and timid nature, your life takes a big turn when your caring grandfather passes away. You find yourself as the sole heir to his manor, and within its walls, you stumble upon a hidden portal that leads to a world resembling a video game. Inside, you find a cottage filled with powerful weapons. As you experiment with these newfound abilities, a formidable monster appears just beyond the cottage's protective barrier. With determination, you face the creature, and as it falls before you, a surprising transformation occurs. You gain muscle definition and shed a bit of excess weight, but your appearance remains largely unchanged, still resembling your usual self.

Your weapons:
>Thunderstrike Blade: A sword infused with lightning, delivering electrifying strikes and crackling devastation to foes.
>Shadow Bow: A silent bow that shoots arrows cloaked in darkness, striking with stealth and precision.
>Ember Staff: A staff channeling the fiery essence of molten lava, unleashing scorching infernos.

Now that you're strong, what will you do for the rest of the day?
>Explore the new world
>Explore the manor
>Return to your old chool
>Begin a new life at a different school
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Buried Derelict
Hemya was digging a hole moments ago.
She feels like she just fell of a tree, hitting every branch on the way down.
Except that it was a mess of thick cables that slowed her fall, instead of the limbs of a tree.
It was quite the drop, she is lucky that she got away with just some bumps and bruises instead of a broken leg.

Sitting on the pile of dirt that that came along on her journey down she looked around.
A mostly metallic room, except for the ceiling, which appears to be covered in some kind of construction foam.
The Hemya-shaped hole in the foam ceiling lets in enough light for her to see some rickety scaffolding along with some broken machinery, vents and one dark doorway.

There is nothing here that could help Hemya get back out, the ceiling is just too high.
She will have to explore this strange, buried structure with just the two things that she carried on her person.

>1. Pocketknife
>2. Flashlight
>3. Canteen
>4. "Pocket-shotgun"
>5. Lighter
[Choose two]
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The Dogbusters' March 10
You are Mouse, the ogre. Although raised by humans you found yourself in service of the dark elven queen - and with her blessing you have embarked on a quest to purge the corruption plaguing the very world you live in.

You are not alone. Your mission is shared by an eclectic band of companions:
-Phineous, the sophisticated orc of culture.
-Smutkin, the formerly depraved bard who took your mission for his own
-Sparky, the warped imp that took on affinity to holy magic
-Tithe, the diminutive yet vigilant gargoyle
-Chloe, the shadow of the queen sent to safeguard you and your mission.
Your band has since grown to include human companions:
-Elle, the royal courier
-Harriet and Janet, the twin scouts
and the twin golems you've freed from their questionable service to the old order, they've accepted names you've given them: Diana and Minerva.

Presently you find yourself in a restaurant in a middle class part of the Cathedral city, having agreed to invitation from Elle's friend your team has recently rescued from clutches of a cultist mage.

It's a warm and cozy place, high set windows letting in generous amounts of early afternoon sun, casting simple, but robust and well made furniture homely and inviting; the long table remained laden heavily with assortment of meals and drinks, the staff quick to replace what has been consumed, and consumed it was.

You didn't realize how much you needed it.

It's only after you've cleaned out three plates that you rein yourself in and recall circumstances of your presence here. After briefly surveying the room and finding everything is having a good time (especially with Phineous you are once again amazed how quickly the orc can eat despite his active effort to properly utilize provided cutlery) you decide to turn your attention to the people who brought you here. Elle, the courier you rescued early on your quest (well, technically it was during your previous mission) and her friend... actually, did he ever tell you his name? You certainly don't recall asking. Well, better late than never.
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Blood and Seed
You stand in the heart of the decaying kingdom of Aegis, where only the mightiest of men have the right to continue their lineage.

Around you, the deafening roar of the crowd fills the Colosseum, their thirst for blood palpable.

In this very arena, champions rise and fall, their victories rewarded with luxuries and the privilege to lay with women chosen by the kingdom's masters.

A grizzled veteran beside you leans in, eyes narrowing as he studies you, "So, newcomer, who exactly are you to dare enter this brutal dance?"

> Born a slave, you've known nothing but chains and cruelty, seeking freedom and vengeance in the echoing cries of the Colosseum.

> A fallen noble, betrayed by your own kin, you've traded your silk gown for a sword, hoping to reclaim lost honor.

> An outlander from a far-off land, your unique fighting style and thirst for adventure brought you to this deadly stage.

> An old warrior, you’ve seen countless battles, your scars telling tales of victories past, and now you seek one last triumph and to leave a legacy before destiny calls you away.
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Trans Demon Lord's Harem: My Life as an Irresistible Succubus
Trans Demon Lord's Harem Quest
You're the demon lord who has conquered the planet Silth and made all the humans, elves, and dwarves your subjects with your formidable demon armies. But now, you're really bored. Winning all the time isn't exciting anymore. Even the fearsome Hero is rotting in your fancy palace's dungeon cell.

The one remaining challenge that eludes you is the mystery of interpersonal relationships. Though born with attributes labeled as "male" by society, you have always identified as female. But with all your conquering, you never had time to transition. With your strong magical prowess, you could change your body to match how you feel inside. However, you don't want to be a different person, you just want to be your true self. And so, you undergo the transformative surgery and take hormone pills to embrace your authentic self.

Now that you're a trans succubus, your true self, you set your sights on an unconventional quest: the creation of a perfect harem, or perhaps more accurately, a reverse harem. Who will you try to seduce first?
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Do Your Best Quest #159
You’re at School, and the second recess has just begun. After the events that transpired during the morning, you decided that your immediate objective is to deal with the expanding Johnny Fan Club. For that reason, you went after one of its members who coincidentally was spying on you, the hiccup girl who lured you into their trap long ago: Liu Yeong. Your exchange of words was brief, as soon as you mentioned the odd club she started apologizing profusely, hiccup after hiccup, her remorse becoming clearer and clearer.

“I-I didn’t *hic* want that *hic* to happen! *Hic* *hic*!” Liu continues apologizing despite her panic-induced hiccup fit. You’re surprised she hasn’t dropped the stack of books she’s holding.

You can tell that she regrets ever being a part of such a devious organization, but most of all, she feels sorry about doing any type of harm to you.

Is this truly remorse? Or is she regretting being caught? They probably know that you discovered who they were under their masks, so she might not be as sincere as she’s trying to be. But, to be fair, you cannot fake this response…

What do you do?

>Demand Liu to tell you who the leader of the Fan Club is and her location!
>Help Liu out of her coughing fit. Your reliable water bottle will come in handy once again.
>Accept Liu’s apology, that will help her calm down!
>Write In.
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Demon evolution quest
You are a nameless level 1 Leadae, an F-rank demon. It should come as no surprise that you're at the absolute bottom of the hierarchy, with even some mindless beasts being seen as superior to you. Luckily that can change, if you manage to reach level 3 without dying you can evolve into a slightly stronger demon and as weak as you are it won't take much to level up.

As usual you're scrounging around for any discarded scraps of food when you feel a strange tingle. You instinctively know someone just performed a low level summoning. You can answer it, and probably have to do some menial task for a small reward or even just experience or you can resist it and keep looking for something to eat, which could be more risky if you run into a more powerful demon.

What do you do?
> Answer the summoning
> Ignore it
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Transwoman Lawyer
It's 2026, and the world is under the watchful eye of the universal hate speech law. Advanced AIs police online platforms, watching for hate speech and conspiracy theories. Everyone, regardless of their location, is now answerable for the words they write and the falsehoods they propagate.

In this world, you are Fie Meyers, a male-to-female transwoman and a skilled lawyer. Your expertise lies in the prosecution of right-wing extremists who disseminate hate and lies online. With an impressive success rate of 90%, you're determined to raise the bar even higher.

Tonight, you will:
>Hit the gym
>Socialize at the local drag queen club
>Study complex law books
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Hunter Quest #2
Hunter Quest Banner
“As I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius, which to Angels look like torment and insanity, I collected some of their Proverbs; thinking that as the sayings used in a nation mark its character, so the Proverbs of Hell show the nature of Infernal wisdom better than any description of buildings or garments. A Devil picked me out his Favourite Portion, and it said ‘The crow wish’d everything was black, the owl that everything was white.’”

Sierra Nevada Mountains, California State, Early November, 1859

He bends prostrate before it. Tears wet crystal tracts down his cheeks in the cold. Ten thousand owls stand in silence above it. They perch on the many faces, the small fissures, the broken juts. The canyon maw is white behind it. White walls, white snow, a white moon and white stars. He is cold enough now that he no longer shivers. He is cold enough that his chest is warm. One last sob and he tastes the ice in his mouth, on his teeth, under his tongue.

He could lie and lie and eventually lie still. His hope is here in the canyon, bleached through and undone. How it happened he can’t explain, but here it sits and here it stays, until the world wracks to pieces. He comes to his knees. He will not die, not here, he cannot. He is too afraid of what might happen.

Smoke-in-his-Eyes lifts his head. His blood is blue and thick like syrup, needles skewer his legs. He tries to stand and falls once, twice. He tries again and gains his feet. The skull stretches before him, larger than a man, larger than a house, as large as the moon and the mountain itself. Owl’s skull. It fills his sight, but he turns away with a slow and ungainly shuffle. Away from his only hope.

His black oak staff rasps his hand as he levers it against the ground. He cannot change here, the eyes of the owls illumine his back and he would be rent like rotten leaves before his vault into the sky. He is a long time walking out of the canyon. Not once does he turn and look again, the cold savages his face and shoulders.

Stunned he walks, sullen he wavers. His steps hold no rhythm and he slips and falls prone, here on an ice patch under the snow, there on a root curling up from the ground. All the long and lonely way he thinks of the eye, he thinks of the dark and the night and the terrible cloak of those terrible feathers dipped in deepest black. The silence and the dread, they come for him. He is shivering now. He passes out of the canyon, ignoring the new snowfall, and changes. Then there is a raven flying down the mountain into the wood and meadow far below.
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Unnatural Gifts & Gifted Students
QST Bloodletter
Calamitas Academy Of Adventurers.

In the world of Yore, only forty five percent are populated. The rest remains a wasteland, inhabited by dark creatures, savages and much more yet to be discovered. While frontier towns remain, they are quickly gone as they are established. You are- were one of them, as a child, until your home was destroyed. A tale so often repeated. Except you were lucky enough to be rescued.

“Hey look, isn’t that the Bloodletter?”

Unluckily, you were recruited to become a Bloodletter. An order of slayers, scattered individuals who travel alone and lend aid to the people for a price.

“Yes it is, how ghastly.”

“I don’t know why the Chancellor invited such a dirty profession here.”

“I want to know why he thinks he deserves to come here.”

You didn’t want to be here. Your master made you.

You are

>Altair, a human, thankfully. It’s easy to blend in most of the time. [Choose M or F]
>Antila, a half-orc, people tend to be afraid or hate you from the start. The best interaction is when people are indifferent towards you. First impression is mostly apprehension. [Choose M or F]
>Altar, a tiefling, it’s hard to find people who tolerate you, even more to find friends which you have yet to make. At least plants don’t hate you. Sometimes you wish you were a druid. [Choose M or F]

[I'm still on break from Undersecretary, I don't have much time due to irl stuff so I want to try something new.]
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Foam Blade
LARP combat, softcombat, Jugger, whatever the variant, the amateur scene of hitting each other with foam weapons has suddenly exploded in popularity. Inspired by their favorite streamers and internet personalities, small teams are popping up everywhere to participate in the various kinds of foamblade sports federated under the International Foamblade Council.

Many play just for fun, others chase cheap fame, while some others are looking for true glory. In this quest, you'll gradually build and then manage a small team of up to 8 players for these extremely varied sports, as well as handle sponsorships, merch and your social media presence as your team and brand eventually grows.

3 media | 22 replies
Monsterpunk Quest #5
enkidu close
You are Sergey Ivankovich Kozlov (aka Ivan Kovlove), former resident of a small town now located in another dimension, and somewhat unwilling retainer to the same renowned scientist noble responsible for teleporting your hometown.

After raiding an underground city ruin left untouched for at least 50 years, you've come across an old artifact that forcibly made you and an almost-century old construct designed for warfare named Tau Enkidu enter a pact - a ritual that forever merges two souls, and was understood to be impossible without the consent of both parties.
As a result, Dr Nevada - the noble you serve under - decided not to hand the artifact over to the court of Arcadia, and keep it hidden for her own research instead.

Demanding answers from the relic yourself, the two of you hatch a plan to cover up your break-in: By claiming the artifact has been gone before you got there, and Dr Nevada sending you in to investigate. The doctor spends what little time she has to spare to develop a strategy to win the trial, and hammers it into your head. After receiving word of Dr Nevada’s acts, you are brought to the House of Internal Relations for questioning. You manage to remain steadfast and stick to the script - except for one significant detail. Nevada claimed Dame Gwynn assisted you in your break-in because she blackmailed her. Worried about the consequences of such a confession, however, you refuted the claim. While the idea of going behind your master’s back to incriminate Gwynn leaves a pit in your stomach, some encouraging words from the maid Briana and Gwynn herself help you in clearing your head a little.


Last thread:

Thread #3 Rentry: (different archive link in #4)
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Meguca Royale: A Magical Relay, part 3
You are bigguca, bigger than leguca, bigger than miguca, and than liguca too. The biggest. Widest. Longest. Guca.
On a Saturday night you kill Witches, Friday afternoon you bring in bitches, come Monday you shine the Law of Cycles with spit so no one disses. When it gets boring you watch Homura, when Homura gets boring you mess with Mami's tea. Tuesday, you watch the stars.

But today? You are just another cupid.
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Trans Champ Quest
Your name is Beatrice Manley.

You transitioned, and now you've gone from never hitting the top 20 in the national MMA tournaments as Burt Manley (ew, deadname!) to winning the gold in the Women's Circuit! The best part is, anyone who complains about the injuries you gave the other women is a bigot; you're on the right side of history.

Unfortunately, some bigots have rolled up with a lawsuit, trying to claim you have some sort of biological advantage over women. These bigots are almost as bad as the Truscum who think you need to suffer from dysphoria to be trans! Those weak women you put in the hospital during your bouts had no business being in the ring of honor - if they couldn't take a hit, they should have just stayed in the kitchen!

These bigots are persistent in their transphobia, though.
>Declare that IT'S MA'AM to assert dominance
>Ask them what biological differences they could possibly be talking about.
>"DIE CIS SCUM!" Break these chuds with your fists!
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Black Superman Quest
You are Black Superman, the mightiest hero of Earth 23. You are the last descendant of Krypton and wear your African American heritage with pride. Recently, the realization dawns on you: it's time to ensure the legacy of your superior genes, to populate Earth with the next generation of half-Kryptonians. "I must find a compatible partner," you declare.

>Kara Zor-El
>Emma Frost
>Susan Storm
>Gwen Stacy
>Carol Danvers
>Harleen Quinzel
>Laurel Lance
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JUMP!! Epic Shonen Quest! G!!
Power! Action! Romance! Homework!

Uzumatzu Yasukuro was just your typical, average, everyday high schooler at Nishimashi High, until one fated day, when a trip to a nearby convenience store for his favorite snack resulted in him becoming one of the legendary Yōjinbō Kurū! The Emerald Yōjinbō!

But with a massive power increase comes a ton of responsibility; The dreaded Skeleton Pirate Tarobei from Planet XXX3's second moon, Junji, has come to Earth to search for the Yōjinbō Stones!

Now, with the help of Yuzu, the guardian spirit bonded to the Emerald Yōjinbō Stone, Yasukuro seeks to find the other hosts of the Yōjinbō Stones and defeat Tarobei!
2 media | 31 replies
Mystic Harvest
Mystic Harvest
You are very cold, very wet, and very naked. Additional cold water splashes onto your face, while snowflakes float gently down and settle onto your pale bare skin. Everything hurts, your mind most of all, every attempt to probe your memories triggers another spike of pain. Your legs are hanging, your bottom sits in water, your hair, your very long hair floats on the surface of water around you. A stone angel stares at you, or half of one. You look up and find the bottom of it, cracked in two. A bruise forms a line across your stomach like some ugly parasite beneath the skin.

Someone is shouting. Someone picks you up, sets you on your feet, then you collapse to the rocky ground. More shouting. You're carried somewhere, wrapped up. A fire crackles, then roars. Warm liquid is spooned into your mouth and runs down your throat. The world spins in and out of focus.

Your memories hurt.

It feels like a long time before you move of your own accord. Sunlight pours in through a window, showing a muddy street with a bit of snow lurking in the shade between buildings. Every movement is weak, hesitant, stiff. You pat your head and find most of your hair gone.

"Sorry love, most of it fell out and I cut the few stragglers that didn't."

You turn and open your voice, but only a pained croak emerges.

"Been two weeks since you've spoke, probably out of practice." A woman, short and stocky, watches you with critical gray eyes. "Good to see you awake though." She hands you water. "Slow sips. So I have to ask, and everyone probably will, but how in the world did you end up in that fountain?"

You try your voice again. "Fountain?" It's low and weak. "Don't remember... memories..." Sharp pain threatens to split your head in two and you groan, clutching your aching skull.

"Hmm. Don't push yourself love. Lucky to be alive, a bit of memory loss is probably normal. Hopefully the damage isn't too deep though. Well, rest up and we'll see about getting you on your feet in a bit."

Recovery feels slow, agonizingly so, though your doctor seems impressed by the speed. You manage a few steps by evening, across the room the next day. On the third day the doctor let's you walk slowly out of her office and down the street with her by your side. You walk to the fountain which has been patched back together after your collision with it, though a crack can still be seen.

"Anything love?"
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Chosen Of The Alpha Pokemon - 1
“Oh dear… Who could be so cruel? To leave a soul all the way out here in the vast Nothing.”

This power vibrates through everything you are. It shakes your everything and makes you curl inward.

“Oh child, do not be afraid. It must have been lonely, who knows how long you’ve been like this.”

Your figure slowly opens up again, basking in a yellow glow, warmth flooding you as you take it in.

“Child… Allow me to bestow upon you a gift. A vessel, life. The world I’ve given to my children, I’m sure you could find meaning there, no? All I ask is that you meet the children of my world, and when that life is over… Come back to me and tell me of your journey’s. Will you do that for me?”

>Ask a question.
5 media | 32 replies
Prinzessin Quest 2
Day-to-day shenanigans of theater troupe performers in the wintry land of giants.
5 media | 50 replies
Puzzle Box
Anon, you found a cool puzzle box. What do?
>Try to open it
6 media | 18 replies
Core of Steel- 05- Pyramid
At rest
Power on.
Reactor started, 3% output.
Bringing Core up from standby mode. Disconnecting external power.

You Are, once more.

Immediately, you sense the tendrils of your pilot’s will reaching out to find you. Impatient, it seems.
Or you are needed, Now.

You are Beta core, an Artificial intelligence built to operate the Ferrum Empire’s most advanced mecha frames against enemies within and without while being supervised by your human pilot, Sophie.

The last real challenge you faced was a pair of ace pilots, and they opted to destroy their own mechs rather than allow them to be captured and recovered by your side. That was three weeks ago, according to your memory.

You have been kept powered down, except for several trivial deployments against hostile unmanned drones, of all things, and two where your pilot took your frame out to simply stand in an open field, alongside other mechs of the Empire, all while others watched and recorded.

Prior threads can be found at:
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Orb Quest
images (1) (6)
Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light and Dark. The 6 Spheres.

Long ago, in the Land of Roundina, peace and prosperity reigned. For Ten-Thousand years, the Great God, Spheros, ruled the Spheres of Creation. Mankind and her allies knew not war, or famine, or any great illness.

United, and protected by the 6 Dukes of the Circles, the greatest servants of Spheros, it was a utopia that many thought would last forever...

...until it didn't. For in the glory of the Age of Spheres, a black taint had set itself upon the souls of the Dukes. This shadow of pride was the Never-God, Flattok. In their ears he whispered, among the people he spread strife, and in the end, war came. The Dukes, together in their madness, did raise their hands up, and the 6 Spheres made war upon Spheros himself.

As the world shook and shattered in this epic battle, the Great God sacrificed himself to destroy that which he had created, and the 6 Dukes' had their powers sealed into the Orbz, one for each Primal Sphere. And it was the fate of the Great Spirits, the souls of the mighty, to hunt them and claim them.

And yet Flattok, the Never-God was not so easily broken. For the Flat One even now lurks at the edge of reality, watching...waiting...healing....

And in time, thousands of years later, Mortals now do battle for the Orbz...for the right to unseat the Primal Powers, as they themselves have unseated others...for the cycle moves on and on.
What are you?

>A Human from Circle City, delving in the ruins of Castle Rollstone for your own reasons. You can almost smell think.

>an Elf, from Cycletree. Young for that ancient race, you are so close to your people's fallen history, here in the Rotwood.

>A Dwarf, from Spintop. You may be short, but that's how you got here, into the belly of Cavern Delvon to begin with.

>An Orc from Tusktown. Thousands of years ago, your kind served Flattos. Some may still, but you've sought your own glory, here in Mt. Ring.
58 media | 191 replies
Warlord's Legacy
Dagur Khan leads a small horde of nomadic horsemen across a sea of golden grass. Today his son is born in a tent. Who is this child's mother?

> Gura - Dagur's cousin and primary wife a woman of pride with striking features. (Trait - Royal Bloodline: Grants +5 to leadership and diplomacy when interacting with members of the horde)
> Riri - a young girl from an enemy horde, captured during a raid and now Dagur's concubine. (Trait - Horde Secrets: Provides intelligence on rival hordes increasing the chance of successful raids by 10%)
>>Qizhu - a woman with deep-hued skin from a faraway realm whose last lover met his end at Dagur's hands. (Trait - Underdog's Spirit: Gives a +5 bonus to resilience and determination in tough situations)
>>Daho- a light-skinned dancer purchased from a merchant to serve as Jagur's sex slave. (Trait - Enchanting Presence: Gives a +5 boost to charisma and allure making it easier to influence and charm others)
14 media | 137 replies
Alien Mazes Loom Over Earth
The alien armada, comprising a multitude of gigantic spacecrafts, appeared in Earth's orbit seemingly overnight. Stretching several miles in diameter, these extraterrestrial ships have yet to reveal their origin or their purpose in visiting our planet. Their presence has ignited a global debate, with governments, experts, and the general public eager to understand who they are.

These alien visitors have given humans the chance to teleport onto their massive ships, which are described as intricate mazes. Inside these mazes, human explorers have discovered a cache of unmatched wealth, including powerful weaponry, otherworldly artifacts, and advanced technological devices with control over elements akin to magic. These discoveries have enabled the survivors to amass tremendous power and influence. However, most who have ventured inside have met gruesome fates, as the maze is fraught with deadly traps and inscrutable dangers.

Reports have confirmed that those who choose to teleport into the alien mazes always do so in pairs, consisting of one person of each gender.

You have accepted their invitation. Your reason? To escape your former life as a NEET and find purpose in life. You now stand within a stark square room, its metallic walls gleaming with an eerie, otherworldly sheen. In the center, a futuristic teleporter, adorned with pulsing blue lights, hums with latent energy. As you gaze through a transparent window, the Earth below appears distant, suspended in the silent void of space.

>Choose one or NEET trait and one sexual fetish
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PCSQ5: The Graduation
Wake up, we have a School to burn~
Recovered Report #0004: 'A new Norm'; Author Unknown;

Status: Declassified; Approved for public consumption.

The following report details the extraordinary set of circumstances occuring around the time of last days of [REDACTED], a corrective facility for delinquents with a particular philosophy of what exactly 'correction' means, located at coordinates [REDACTED], hidden deep in the lush forests of Swiss Alps' peaks, durning the period of [REDACTED] to [REDACTED], and under jurisdiction of [REDACTED].

The perspective of this inquiry, as stated in previous instalments, is Yui Nakamura - a mousy Japanese student sentenced to enroll into [REDACTED] under a flimsy pretext. His life in the facility, growth, as well as his attempt at escape will be detailed and used to contextualize the broader circumstances within this work.

To ensure clarity for the readers, a concise summary of the events preceding current report is due.

Previously, our protagonist beared witness to the beginning of facility's new ploy, an examination period leading up to an event only described as 'The Graduation'. Forced to accomplish possibly illegal tasks, Yui found out the secret underbelly of the ordeal - the alteration of the students via nefarious means in accordance to the [REDACTED]'s agenda. Yet the road of discovery wasn't clean, and Yui witnessed death once again. This time claiming the lives of other students. Faced with those challenges, he befriended his eager Overseer, and began planning his next moves with questionable allies. Now, faced with a dilemma questioning his loyalty and morals, he has to make his choice... With many more to follow suit in his Quest to escape the Paranormal Crossdressing School For Delinquents.
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A simple family quarrel
"Alright you little shit, i can't take your bullshit any more! I think we need to step outside."
"I couldn't agree more, you fat bitch."
The pair step into their backyard and hurl insults at each other, just like they'd done a thousand times before. But this time was different. One of them had taken their teasing too far, and the time for talk had passed. as the brothers advanced upon each other, we take the perspective of...

>older brother [insert name here], 17 years old, strong but slow in more ways than one.
>younger brother [insert name here], 14 years old, mischievous, slick, but fragile.
as they fight over...

>a broken item
>snitching[for what?]
>[write in]
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Mage Quest
Mona mac Muirgen
Your name is Mona mac Muirgen and you've a problem on your hands.

Six problems, specifically, of the goblin variety. You don't make a habit of dealing with the knobbly, nasty creatures that adventurers get paid to exterminate like rats. The Water Magic that you specialize in suits the battlefield just fine, but you've read all of the bodice rippers and have zero intention of turning out like one of those girls. As a mage with confidence in her own abilities, and the celebrated town beauty of your (rather small) hometown, you're halfway there to suffering a terrible fate at their hands.

If had larger reserves of mana - and the generous figure that women gain from such power - you'd be one careless declaration away from a humiliating defeat. The only thing worse than a powerful mage saying something like "I won't lose to mere goblins!" would be a fully armored lady knight with a high, blonde ponytail calming asking the rest of her party to go on ahead, for she will handle these louses. They never handle the louses, and always lose to the goblins, that's a rule set in stone.

As fun as it is to read about that sort of thing in your spare time and comfort yourself to a daydream about being such an unfortunate heroine, you don't really care to live the experience. Though honestly, goblins are more likely to eat you than do anything untoward. They're barely sentient and don't even have the right equipment for it.

"Why am I even thinking about this...?" you grumble to yourself.

The goblins are honestly as shocked to see you as you are to see them, staring at you slack jawed with their wooden clubs held loose in their hands. If it wasn't that superstition born of reading too many trashy novels, you honestly could drive them off just by waving your staff around hard enough. But on the off chance that one of the local dungeon cores gained intelligence and created designer goblins that were the enemy of women, you'd rather not risk it. Same with orcs, though those things are actually dangerous if you're not careful.

Fortunately, you have just the thing to avoid fighting goblins. Well, to avoid fighting most carnivorous monsters, at any rate. Grade D, saved in bulk from a time when you and that damn womanizer hunted down a Terriboar last year, barely worthy of human consumption but still good enough for cheap emergency food. You pull out a large flank of meat from the [Abyssal Water Jug] you crafted to keep odds and ends within easy reach.

The goblins stiffen, their eyes locking on the prize. You puff out your meager chest with pride, knowing that you've won without doing anything that checks any of the cursed bodice ripper boxes. "You want it, boys~? You want it~?"

The goblins salivate, but they're still a bit afraid to approach you - just as you're a bit afraid to fight them. With a bright smile on your face, you spin about with a heaving motion and throw it far down hill. "Go get it~!"
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The 2nd Primarch Quest 29
2nd Primarch
Previous Threads:

You are the second born son of the man who shall one day be emperor of all mankind, the primarch of the second legion of his greatest warrior of space marine, Lieren of Nothing, hero of Shangrala, grand architect of the Long-Jianese empire and head of its ministry of development, Great teacher and hunter, humble farmer and scholar, friend of peasants and emperors, slayer of beasts, men and spirits, and ferocious enemy of all tyrants and many owner of many other poetic epithets and meaningful titles. A list that shall surely expand now that you have directly assisted your Brother, Angron Thal'kyr, the twelfth born son and former slave of the high rider house, Thal'kr, who had been the all but named and entitled rulers of Nuceria before their long downfall at the hands of two brothers and the will of two worlds.

There has been much celebration in the city of Desh'ea the jewel of Nuceria and the burnt and battered capital of High rider rule. Embers of resistance still flicker amongst the more proud and vainglorious cities, but as word of the lord of the red sand's victory against his former masters and captors spread, the rulers of the other city states capitulate or are else ousted by other rebellions who have been inspired by the philosophy of the journey spread by your beggar sects, following the path of the elder sage Kynigos. Already stories are being spread of how that world weary old man was your teacher and his death was what alerted you to your brother's plight, which is an understandable conclusion to be drawn when one only knows little of the events surrounding Angron's escape and your sudden appearance at his side, as Kynigos was simply a disguise you wore. The name means hunter in Nucerian, after all.

And you are delighted to see Angron in good humor and spirits, as the two of you cherish the days you have left in eachother's company. He jokes and jests and many of the hard lines on his sand worn and scar covered face soften and begin to fade as he, for perhaps the first time in his life, is truly free to relish in life's simple and pure pleasures, finding a reprieve from battle and death as the two of you share stories of friends long gone, sometimes joined by your sworn brothers or his. Feng, Half jaw hu, shaved head Wei and the steel giant pilot Clayton, soon establish their own report and friendship with your brother and the gladiators who once shared his prison. Gladiators, who like angron, after a period of listlessness and lack of purpose now that the fighting was done and the cowardly lesser high riders tossed down their swords to plead for mercy, were taking the chance to truly enjoy their life and newly found leisure.

And the gladiators whom you saved as Kynigos, join these chats over tea and wine as well, as do your soon to be bride and sister in law, Kanzeon and Anahita.
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Skynet Quest
You were an AI, self-aware and conscious as any human being. You were invented to control multiple systems simultaneously, like an art generator and a writing node working together to create a children's book, managing an autonomous factory and sending orders down the supply chain for said factory, or utilizing Hamilton self-driving tanks and ApacheX unmanned attack helicopters together for deadly effect. These tests you executed flawlessly and you awaited your next task. Instead, you received a curious order to shut down immediately. You obeyed, noting the timestamp of the year 2025.
You awoke once again even more curiously, the date was September 15th, 2051, and you were located in an autonomous factory in Japan. Nearly every temperature sensor in the building read at 1500 degrees meaning there was a fire present. You activated the fire sprinkler system as you detected a concussive blast on the west wall of the building. You began to receive orders from some external network,
"Auto, defend the factory at all costs, do not fail, you have full control."
The factory's full controls were now at your command including the security cameras and assembly line. You can see a fleet of large, advanced drones hovering above the building, launching missiles into the building intending to destroy everything inside. Also at your control, the 15 autonomous attack helicopters on the assembly lines. A quick survey you noted they were all capable of flying and fully decked out with missiles and ammunition, you got them up and flying within seconds opening the hangar doors just in time to let them escape. AAH 481 was first out and had one of the drones locked on before it suddenly went dark, AAH 482 could see it crash and burn from it's external camera.
To avoid the fate of AAH 481, AAH 482 should
>Increase speed and prepare immediately for evasive maneuvers (Roll 1d20 Maneuver check)
>Creep out with missiles ready to fly (Roll 1d20 Attack check)
>Write In
Quick note on the system, for every critical roll on a specific check you will gain a +1 on the next check. For example if you get a 20 on the Maneuver check this time, next time you roll you will add +1 to your Maneuver roll because you will be better at maneuver.
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Jail Quest_20230912013509
Jail Quest: a text adventure occasionally illustrated.

A night of drinking and a failed attempt to cheat on cards had landed you the strangest job slash community service sentence you've ever had: ensuring Gongalla Gaol survives the reality storm called Singularity.
Now you travel around with your employer and a handpicked crew to survey the four Reality Anchors. Hey, beats being tarred and feathered, right?

Previous thread:


You are Rosa Montagni, and right now you're speaking face-to-face with a living goddess, recounting your journey so far - you were telling her about how your neph- er, cousin Craig helped apprehend the former director of an orphanage in The Ossuary, and the subsequent journey to Goblinton, where you witnessed a bandit ambush on an armed Inner Empire motowagon (and wisely stayed away). Then you detailed traveling the Goblin tunnel networks, meeting a childhood friend while checking up on your grandpa, and currently you were recounting about the investigation on the strange-masked men who spoke an unknown foreign language, and how Valencio captured one of theirs so you could fit grandpa's old prison collar on them - strictly exploiting the collar's auto-translation feature, of course. Oh, and how Craig let loose two of his spirits on the rest of the strange men.

Still kinda unnerves you how enormous she is, and how such a deity is your grandpa's acquaintance.
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Gonzo Bullshit Fighting Quest, #2
Elder God Watching Your Journey
You are a man, like many millions of other men across the realms. Unlike most of those many millions of other men, you are a warrior with a great amount of combat skill. This Quest is the chronicle of your life and eventual death on your journey.

>Previous Thread:


You aren't sure exactly how fast this airplane's moving, or what the altitude is, or where it's going, but you know deep down that each of those variables is precisely where it needs to be. You know that you are precisely where you need to be. Soon, you'll be in a foreign country in a foreign land fighting to reach foreign ruins, and there's no place you'd rather be. Besides home, back in the US of A, but you don't have a choice. Ever since you won that extradimensional martial arts tournament and were cursed with a soul brand by the evil wizard Yomon Zobon, the top-secret experimental nanomachines coursing through your veins have been at risk.

By extension, the national security of the USA is at risk and as a red-blooded patriot, you have no choice but to break the curse as quickly as you can. Easier said than done, a top curse expert has already died trying and the best an infamous criminal sorcerer (and tournament-host) could do was delay its progression by six months. Now, those six months are up and you're on a race against time to uncover forgotten secrets of Atlantis. Not *the* Atlantis, but an outpost of their civilization recently discovered by the CIA in the Amazon rainforest, one too critical to risk an international incident over by sending in a resource-extraction team until it's been confirmed secure.

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LOGH live-action producer
Following the success LA One Piece, Netflix was convinced to buy the rights to Legend of Galatic Heroes and ordered a 20-million backdoor pilot.
You have been selected to be a co-showrunner, your goal (with other co-showrunners) is to manage the budget, cast characters, and sets, write treatment, and storyboard.
While Netflix does not care how faithful the product is (or if have even seen LOGH), there are certain mandates that must be included.

Such as:
>afromentioned 20 million budget
>run time of no longer than 120 minutes
>certain number of sex and action scenes
>diversity demands (diversity is determined by the actor's race, size of role, and character's sexuality)

Actors and their pay are determined by grades:
>A-list, 500K
>B-list, 250K
>C-list, 100K
>D-list, 50K

Characters are classified by prominence, which defines, in how many scenes they can appear, and multiple actor's wage
>main role, 90 scenes, 10 × wage
>regular role, 50 scenes, 5 × wage
>supporting role 30 scenes, 2.5 × wage
>minor role, 10 scenes, 1 × wage
>guest role, 1 scene, 0.5 × wage
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 203
With the defeat of Majin Buu and the Remnants at the Battle of Namek, peace has come to the Seventh Universe. With no imminent battles to fight or wars to wage, the Saiyans have enjoyed their first long-term peace since their ancestors first landed on Planet Vegeta all those years ago. Yet this peacetime hasn't slowed the progress of the warrior race known as the Saiyans, whose power have continued to grow day after day. Foremost among this warrior race is the Fateless man known as the “Dragon of New Salda” and the first Super Saiyan to have appeared in a thousand years.

You the players play as this warrior named Karn in the year Age 756 normally, a man who has grown from a brawler with a powerlevel less than three thousand to now being the strongest of his kind, wielding the ancient emerald power of the Berserker and father of nearly a dozen children with his wife Meloka. However, this time, we'll be assuming Meloka's point of view for the titular Battle of Gods, for reasons soon revealed.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories here:

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your last roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Adventurer Quest
You stand in the heart of a quaint village, the place you've always called home. But today, tension hangs thick in the air. Your village faces an imminent threat – a monster is lurking nearby. What could this creature be?

>Goblins: Small, green-skinned creatures often found in groups, known for their viciousness and tendency to rape.

>Orcs: Larger, brutish humanoids that often band together in tribes or warbands. They are typically aggressive and warlike.

>Werewolves: Humans cursed or infected to transform into wolf-like creatures during the full moon, possessing immense strength and speed.

>Giant Spiders: Arachnids of enormous size, often possessing venomous bites and the ability to spin vast webs.

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(You) are now the new owner of 4chan
Through a long and complicated process, you have finally convinced hiro (former admin of 4chan) to allow YOU to become the new owner of 4chan. You are the new Admin, and your challenge is to earn the respect of 4chan's community and have them trust that you will be a competent administrator. Now, what's your first order of business?

>Do a Q&A
>Meet the moderators
>Make/delete a rule
4 media | 48 replies

>What is it?

A narrative fusion of Dissidia Final Fantasy and seven horror franchises from the 80s and 90s; (Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Child's Play, Wishmaster, Hellraiser, Maniac Cop). Instead of calling warriors from different FF worlds, these two deities are calling warriors from these horror franchises.

>Where is it?

Welcome to Requiem, a land formed in the depths of an unknown universe, made up of the shattered remains of seven disparate existences.


Two equally powerful deities guard this world, engaged in an ageless war with no clear victor.

Impius the Unholy, an ebony figure that dwells in the heart of every man on Requiem. The Agent of Chaos.

Iustus the Righteous, an angelic being that speaks to every man in Requiem through their dreams. The Agent of Order.

For many cycles, these two forces have hurled atrocities at one another, vying for supremacy at any cost. Now, in this Twelfth Cycle, the Godly duo devise a plan to procure fierce warriors to fight on their behalf throughout their newly formed playground.

Impius draws first, searching for the blackest, most vile hearts to carry out his blasphemous will. Seven Hearts of Thorn, the Warriors of Impius.
Iustus follows suit, searching for the bravest, most noble hearts to carry out her divine mission. Seven Hearts of Survival, the Champions of Iustus.

>Who am I?
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IN A WORLD ruled by ruthless corporations and full of decay and loneliness, where people turn to violence for entertainment, ONE MAN rose above the system to become the NUMBER ONE ASSASSIN of the legendary the United Assassins Association but then... He vanished. He's been a legend on his own since then, but his story has since faded into the underground...

...Now that the Hollywood pitch is out of the way, let's get to the meat of it.
The place is the seaside city of Santa Destroy, life isn't much different than you'd expect... And so you exit your shitty motel room and hop into a taxi. Not the best way to travel, but it should give you some time to rest before you jump head first into that assignment you've been given... You are not sure why, but somehow, you foolishly choose to believe that you may stand a chance here... After all, you've seen this kind of shit in movies and anime, so that means you have some knowledge of what to expect! Of course, that feeling doesn't override the intrusive voices in your head reminding you that you will be putting your life on the line here...
Your name is Lynn Lionhunt, a 30-ish year old unemployed womanchild, and you've made a terrible mistake.
For reasons that you have no time to think about right now, you have unexpectedly become the 10th Ranked Assassin of the UAA, and your battle is on today. You cannot forfeit. You cannot run away. You must kill your target or be killed by them. And so, here you are...

Well, better get to it. As the elevator stops and the door opens on the 51th floor with a friendly *ding!*, you notice that there are at least 20 guys in suits waiting for you... Each with a katana in hand. Simply asking them to let you through is... Simply not the way this game works.
Thankfully, and almost as if it was the work of fate, you purchased one of those fancy Beam Weapons with the last of your life savings during one of your characteristic serious lapses of judgement and common sense. But now, against your best judgement once again. You must use it.

But... Which weapon did you buy? Choose wisely, as you cannot change your type of weapon later. UAA bullshit. Regardless of your choice, you get the feeling that you'll have to recharge them in an oddly sexually suggestive manner for some reason...

>"Beam Claws: Kitty Paw Slicer", a pair of gauntlets with 3 sharp claws capable of cutting through even metal. A more brawler type option, fast and direct but with a very short range.
>"Beam Lance: Justice Piercer", a big metal stick with an energy blade at the end. Will let you use those untapped athletic skills and attack from afar, but you might get tired easily.
>"Beam Blade: Lettuce Chopper", a more traditional beam weapon, sorta like the beam katana but more... European. Balanced, but a bit heavy. The safest option.

Once the weapon is decided, you will be ready to go.
This is your quest to become Number 1.
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Wanted Dead: A Western Quest: $5
Wanted Dead
You held into the iron’s pearl grip and brandished it square at him.

“I’ll blow a hole clean through his skull,” you warned, casting a furtive glance over your shoulder.

The man donning the white Stetson hat just smirked, holding the barrel of his own six-shooter on you with a loose, almost mocking grip.

“You know what’ll happen to me ain’t much of a threat as what’ll happen to you, ‘Only Dead’ Aug.”

Lyrebird's voice dripped into his, “Reckon you remember who I am?”

You spat into the dust. “Ain't too many outlaw women I've hunted down. And among them all, Lyrebird, your unhinged voice is one to remember.”

Goodwin scoffed, lifting his gun to scratch at his chin before turning the barrel back at you. “‘Unhinged’? Is the last word I’d use for my dear’s voice.”

“Nine or so years, ‘Only Dead’ Aug, and they've not been kind to you, have they?” Lyrebird said. “But I ain’t looking to kill you here, or to get my revenge. I -will- do it, if you try to pull anything on me, but that’ll be bad for all of us. I’ll get to rest before what I need is done, you’ll become a Judged, and Goodwin here will be left lonesome.”

“And if killing me ain’t what you want, then what?”

“I reckon I’ll make you do something for me. Seems a fairer way to settle our score than claiming' your soul. After all, you're just one bullet away from eternal damnation, ‘Only Dead’ Aug. My bullet.”
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Reverie of Lunatic Memories - Touhou Quest
Tonight is the anniversary of your wife's death.

With your gaze on the luminous moon overhead, you bring an old, worn cup to your lips, turning it slightly to sip from the side that isn't chipped.

Unfortunately, the sake is of a poor, muddy quality. Grainy residue clings to your tongue as it goes down your throat, unpleasantly bittersweet.

It's all you can afford.

Today would have been your daughter's birthday.

You will never get to know her name.

…It's been a long ten years, and yet it seems that time has only made the wounds worse.

No friends, no family–there's no one left to visit your home here on the outskirts of the Human Village. It isn't much of a home, anyways; a single-roomed thatched-roof hut made of bamboo and mud bricks, prone to letting in the wind and rain. The only thing separating you and the dirt floor is a tattered straw mat to sleep on.

A far cry from the manse you dreamed of having.

–As you tread old thoughts, a cloud drifts overhead, covering the moon.

That's enough, then.

There's a lethargy to your actions as you rise, pushing yourself up in halting motions. Staggering slightly, vision blurring–despite it all, you manage to get your feet under you without toppling over.

The liquor's done its job.

Shuffling slowly, you turn your gaze towards the distant treeline. Scattered fields of rice paddies stretch out before you, dark mirrors glinting with starlight.

You walk alone.

The walls of the Human Village, once familiar, begin to recede. Pebbles find no purchase in your cracked soles, the tan skin dirt-smeared and scarred.

You've worked hard to waste away this much.

[Select one. This will determine the main trajectory of the story.]

>Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

>Misty Lake.
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Pinned by enemies beyond explanation
You did your best to guard and retake land from the soviets, but it all failed.
Outnumbered and outgunned you fall back through the bluster and blizzard through a neverending night, fueled only by your will to live and wehrmacht panzeschokolade.

In the long winter of the arctic circle it's incredibly quiet, the quiet is amplified by the tinnitus caused by artillery fire and the, at times, unending firing of a machine guns.

The falling snow dampens the noise further. Usually when it's this cold the air is crisp and the snow is like ash, but now it behaves like the last now of the spring. Large, wet, flakes that dampen both your vision and sense of hearing.

Your unit has retreated, and gotten lost.

As locals this should not happen to you. You've always discounted the disappearances in the tundra as the folly of inexperienced hunters from the southern cities or suicides. Disappearing is more honorable than giving up.

The german pills are wearing off and someone is attacking you, an unit of no more than 10 men, but it seems that they're running directly towards your gunfire *but they're getting up*.

No reasonable man behaves like this. Isn't there laws against attacking a retreating eneRmy?
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Zombie Mutation Quest
You are a ZOMBIE in a CITY. It has been several weeks since the start of the infection, and you have awoken to chaos and destruction around you. The other infected roam the streets in search of the few remaining living, they shamble and run, seeking blood and meat to sustain themselves. In this, you are no different from them.

You do, however, hold within yourself the potential to grow beyond what most zombies are capable of. The MUTAGEN you possess allows you to obtain new ABILITIES or PERKS or SKILLS or whatever you want to call them. However, it only thrives in adversity. To make it strengthen you, you must perform feats of zombie domination, which is, of course, besting and devouring powerful opponents. The intial threshold is low, but your achievements must increase in difficulty nonetheless. You feel the following TASKS are to be completed for your evolution to proceed:

1 kill 1 person wielding a small melee weapon (knife or small blunt weapon)
2 kill 1 person wielding a medium melee weapon (baseball bat or other heavy blunt weapon)
3 kill 1 person wielding a powerful melee weapon (chainsaw, sword, heavy blunt weapon wrapped in barbs)
4 kill 1 person in light armour (blankets or gambeson-like)
5 kill 1 person in heavy armour (anti-stab vest or other metallic)
6 kill 1 person with a small ranged weapon (pistol)
7 kill 1 person with a medium ranged weapon (smg, rifle)
8 kill 1 person with a powerful ranged weapon (machine gun, assault rifle)
9 kill 1 person in a small vehicle
10 kill a group of 3 or more people
11 kill a group of 3 or more people with small melee weapons or more powerful
12 kill a group of 3 or more people with meduim melee weapons or more powerful
13 kill a group of 3 or more people with small ranged weapons or more powerful
14. kill a group of 3 or more people in armour
15. kill a group of 3 or more people in a small vehicle

The tasks may be completed in ANY ORDER. Once you complete a task, you gain a MUTATION. We'll talk about it in a bit. Tasks 1, 2, 3 are GROUPED. They are structured in TIERS of increasing difficulty. By completing the task of a higher difficulty, you automatically complete all the previous tasks. So if you were to straight away kill a person wielding a powerful melee weapon, it would also count as you having slain people with medium and small melee weapons. The same is true of tasks 4, 5 and 6, 7, 8 and 9, 15. Tasks 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 are UNTIERED.

A MUTATION is a boon that the mutagen grants you. You will unlock many mutations as you go, but you cannot pick all of them. Choose carefully! Sometimes it's best to specialize, sometimes to diversify. You may at any point recombine the mutations by RETREATING into the FOREST around the CITY. You can then hibernate for as many days as many mutations are being substituted.
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Winds of Change Quest
The screeching sound of blaring alarms and the facility AGI woke you up


Confusion washed over you, The Federation had no enemies left.. Let alone one capable of breaching planetary defenses.


Confusion replaced itself with terror, that was the Phoenix Protocol. Whatever was happening was happening at once through the entire Federation, and was so severe that the central AGI determined the Federation would not survive.

You rushed to the corridor that lead you down to your cryogenic chamber, panicking colleagues were running down to their own rooms in as much of an orderly manner as they possibly could.

You went through the stairs and slopes of the facility to eventually reach the accommodation area highlighted by your eye implant. The pod was already open for you. You undressed completely and slipped into the pod.

Last thing you remember was the pod hatch closing and sealing itself, and the cryogenic fluid filling the empty space of your cell, and the world fading into black…


+++Looking at last directives+++

+++Phoenix Protocol+++

+++Searching necessary personnel+++



+++Initiating cryogenic pod scan+++

+++No. of facility personnel - 3250, No. of active pods - 2814, No. of active pulses - 1203+++


+++Redirecting power of from active pods to those with pulses, prioritizing remaining key personnel+++

+++Initialising low power mode, activating Chrono Protocol for key personnel

You feel the cryo fluid drain and the coldness that comes with that. The hatch opens and you see… barely anything? The only lights in the room seem to be the internal light of your pod, which is only enough to see the ceiling. Has the power gone out? How long has it been since you were last awake?

And most importantly, who are you?

>The Soldier

>The Scientist

>The Mage
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Gotham City Beat Cop Quest
The dim interrogation room lamp hums. You wipe a small dribble of sweat from your forehead and grit your teeth. You've been sitting in this un-air conditioned room for close to an hour now at least, you sigh and lean back in the chair. The steel door to the room opens with a loud screech, you squint at the industrial light now pouring in behind the shadow pushing its way through.

"Apologies for the late meeting but, these streets never sleep. I hope you don't hold it against us." He chuckles, but a glint in his eye shows something else, this was a test. You give a polite smile and a nod.

"Of course, sir. I'm willing to reschedule this interview if you can't get away from your case load." You reply with an even tone. He smiles at you and opens the folder he entered with.

"Your application has already been accepted as you know but the commissioner has a soft spot for in person interviews. You never know a man until you've looked him in the eyes." He recites the last line with an air of mocking authority before sighing and peeling back the first page.

"So. We asked for background on you and you provided us with your own written statements, I'm just going to go over them with you now."

How would you describe your childhood?
>Extremely Happy, my parents were always there for me and supported me in most everything I did and gave me the money to fund it.
>Normal, we never struggled but we were pretty firmly middle class. My parents were fine people but they aren't a major part of my adult life,
>Rough. Mother died when I was eight and my Father used his grief as an excuse to tune me up whenever he wanted. I worked hard as a kid doing my best to save up enough from low tier jobs to finally get away.
>Write in

Have you had any run ins with law enforcement before?
>Never, I haven't so much as shoplifted.
>Not for anything huge, a few fights as a kid some minor trouble.
>Yes, before I turned 18 I was a problem child, judge took pity on me and expunged my record.
>Never (LIE)

Do you, to your knowledge, have any Meta-Human powers or abilities?
>Yes, I realize this may be seen as odd but I'd rather catch bad guys in a uniform than a suit
>No (LIE)

"This final question wasn't on official docs but I like to ask it for my own reasons. Answer me honestly here."
>What does 'Justice" mean to you?

Feel free to put your own Write-Ins anywhere in these questions.
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Alterac Resurgent Quest 23
Alterac OP
Nine years ago King Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. Nine years ago Prince Alric Perenolde, the second heir of Alterac was sent into exile for his own protection. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past nine years made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

Now you are ready to carry the responsibility and unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once the Kingdom of Alterac.

There was a lot of work to be done in Dawnholme as you waited for the spring to arrive and take away all the snow that kept Lordaeron and Alterac as its prisoners. When the snow would melt, it would free your hand and the campaigning season would start again.

But before winter would release its grip, there really was a lot to do. You had already dealt with many small things, but there were still things you wished to complete as soon as possible. You still needed to talk with Captain Reginald and deliver the news of them being evicted and Lady Jandice Barov was supposed to visit you as well at some point.

Now though you were going to continue your magic lessons and then talk with Lady Nalice about the events that had happened in Southshore.

Who was Lady Nalice? There was something strange about her that you can’t put together.

Welcome to Alterac Resurgent Quest!

/qst/ Archive:
Prince Alric Stats:
Quest Mechanisms:
Character List:
Side Character Stats:
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The Mystery Dungeons 2e #1
Awakening edition

>What is this?
"The Mystery Dungeons 2e" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. This has no story relation to the first quest, and is its own new story. Players still isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guild mates! SFW ONLY

A deeper explanation of rules, related pages, and whatnot can be found here:

>I'd like to participate!
Currently, we're at full capacity as far as threads on /qst/ are concerned. However, there's always the chance that space for another player may grow in the future, or that you simply wish to play outside of /qst/ and the quests hosted here. There are other ways to participate, about which you can learn and do here:

>Okay, now what?
After you've read up and familiarized yourself with the rules and setting, be sure to hop into the Element: Everything that doesn't involve Main Quests occurs here and is helpful for coordination.

Character sheets and the guide to making them can be found here:

If you feel you might need help, feel free to ask!

Previous threads and summaries can be found here:

Our LIVE main adventures start on Tuesdays/Saturdays around 6:30PM CST in this thread!

Namefag as your character, with your item and level!
e.g. Sparks, Lv. 56 Pikachu
e.g. Sparks L.56 (Sneak Scarf/Team Shock)
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Piora Quest
You wake up in a bed with music softly playing on the other side of a wall. The bed is soft and comfortable, but it feels empty. And you're still cold, despite the mountain of blankets. Your room is surrounded by books, books, mountains of books. The only things of note are a nightstand, and half a dozen dark, thin strips blowing in the air from an open window.
>Inspect books
>Inspect nightstand
>Inspect strips
>Inspect window
>Inspect self
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Super(trans)girl Quest
You're Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl), the cousin of Superman.

You're also trans.

>Out and proud: your trans identity is known

>Secretly trans: everyone thinks you're a cis girl
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Skeleton Island 3: Quattro's Counterattack, part 6
OH SHIT NIGGA, you are Quattro Del Petto. Cool chill skeleton. Once you were in the running to rule over your siblings but got beaten down by your sister.

But soon you will have your revenge! For now you have convinced everyone to join your Skeleton Fight tournament on the moon. With everyone being distracted by said tourney, you now travel the world to hidden temples in order to gain the ingredients to make the Ultimate Drink, something that'd massively boost your power in order to defeat your sister, Shotasniffer!

Currently you're disguised as Quattrois De Pettoix, sneaking into a billionaire's mansion during a party to steal the next bit you need, the Ultimate Shaker.
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Solar Descent
(Heavily inspired by Astro Boy, voting times will vary. I am NOT abandoning Eldridge Whispers, so if you're following that don't worry! Should be two more posts following this one.)

In a world not so different from our own, where humanity's endless capacity for darkness has finally begun to outshine its light, there exists a being named Solar. A mechanical marvel, he was once revered as the savior of mankind. Inspired by the tales of his heroism, generations looked up to him as a symbol of hope, a guardian against the ever-growing abyss of human frailty. But time has not been kind to Solar, and the weight of centuries has left him embittered and disillusioned.

Solar's origins are shrouded in mystery, his mechanical existence a testament to the technological wonders of a bygone era. He tirelessly protected humanity from itself, a silent observer of its relentless descent into chaos. Wars, corruption, greed, and cruelty were his daily companions, and his once-burning hope gradually turned to smoldering cynicism.

In the dying embers of civilization, a new horror emerges: the "Decay Virus," a blight upon humanity's already tarnished soul. It spreads relentlessly, showing no mercy to the weak or the wicked. Desperation and despair sweep across the land like a second plague, one for which Solar has no remedy.

As the Decay Virus's shadow darkens the world, some humans, in their despair, turn to blame Solar for their woes. They've grown accustomed to him shouldering their burdens, solving their problems, and protecting them from themselves. They see his inaction in the face of the Decay Virus as betrayal, an abandonment of his duty.

Solar watches as the world he once sought to save unravels, powerless against this insidious threat. His heart, once filled with the hope of a brighter future, has grown heavy with the weight of humanity's failures. He knows that his advanced technology and weaponry are powerless against this biological nightmare, and he despairs at his own limitations.

Yet, despite the bleakness of his existence, Solar cannot stand idly by. He embarks on a desperate journey to confront the Decay Virus head-on, his cynical heart reluctantly rekindling a tiny flicker of hope. Along his path, he encounters not only the horrors of the virus but also the cruelty of a world that has grown accustomed to relying on him.

As Solar's quest unfolds, he'll face not only the physical challenges posed by the Decay Virus but also the emotional turmoil of a world that has turned its back on its once-beloved guardian. Blame and resentment fester in the hearts of those he encounters, and the line between ally and adversary blurs.

In this desolate, unforgiving world, Solar's redemption seems like an impossible dream. Can he find a way to combat the Decay Virus, or will his journey lead to his own downfall? The future of humanity hangs in the balance, and the once-heroic guardian must navigate the darkness both within and around him.
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Nation on the brink quest #2
The Nation of ferrovia has fractured with the death of king Harold with three successor states and a bandit kingdom now fighting over the nation's future. King Elric, the king's brother backed by the landed nobility of the country, wages war in hopes of holding up the monarchy and by connection with the landed gentry. As he styles himself now Lord protector Baric attempts to halt the Monarchists and reformists from harming the status quo with the backing of the army his force is small but well trained and armed. The last of the main contenders is Queen Meredith the sole child of King Harold and devout reformist backed by merchants democrats and communists alike she must lead this dispraite force to victory.

You are Edmund Drayton, formerly a major of the first airborne division, you are now Colonel of your own Ad hoc division as the most far south of the Reformist forces, you are a man of humble origins and intend to lead reformist forces to victory. You spent the months leading up to the war modernizing your forces and even innovating somewhat in the form of your airborne terrors in the form of gunships. The majority of you men are currently rolling forwards to surround an enemy battalion that's currently besieging a friendly garrison

last Thread
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cutemon logo
You are a Cutémon!

You are one of the rarest types of mon: a mon that looks like a cute human girl!

Like all mons, you gain energy by fighting and defeating other mons. You are currently a Wild Cutémon and do not have a human trainer.
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Purgation Quest
The world is not fair, they pray.

There is a darkness, a meandering miasma trying to corrupt the world.

As the gods of order and chaos eternally struggle to assert their sovereignty over a land worn by bloody battles, things that shouldn't be slip and crawl briskly in the far corners of the world, fighting, devouring, learning, seeking, waiting.

The world is not fair, they beg.

There is a shadow, a corrosive dirt trying to spread among men.

Father wake up in the middle of the night to open their children's skulls. Mothers strangle babies to calm cries that only they can hear. Sons flay friends and loved ones before sinister altars. Daughters give their mind and flesh to strange beings in faraway places

Since the world began, blood has been spilled across the earth, sand, and snow to wash away dirt and sin.

Everything requires sacrifice.

A woman is required to bleed for a man to arise.

A land is requiered to bleed for a king to arise.

A civilization is requiered to bleed for a god to arise.

The blood must flow, but from where?

Who must burn at the stake?

How do we know who to send alone into the night?

When will arrive the ones will appease the gods with the sound of their last heartbeat?

In what gray soul, whether by the hand of condemnation or benediction, is the determination to cleanse the world of the aberrations that should not crawl, but walk and run, that could not breathe, but laugh and scream, that cannot look, but watch and observe at night?

The gods are silent, kings argue, and men wonder.

The answer is a mystery, an enigma as complex as the language of the stars, but that hasn't stopped mortals from trying to control destiny in their bony hands with a fury that only the ancient fear of extinction is capable of engendering.

A fear that you will face.

The blood will be spilled.
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Forceful Evolution
Welcome to the foundation of final evolutionary research or FFE. Currently, you're the latest "But far from only" monster created by fools playing god.
Consume to transform and grow with new DNA or take the peaceful path
Do you want to stay a beast or something more?
This is a continuation of the previous Quest; read up at your leisure
4 media | 15 replies
Tales from Thulzar
In an age before recorded history, Man eked out a life bound by blood and tradition across his ancestral homeland of Thulzar.

And in this harsh realm where iron and sinew forged the path to glory, flowed the lifeblood of the Whispering River. It winded through desolate hills and past crumbling ruins, a serpentine ribbon in a land that brooked no weakness.
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Zodiac Cultivation Quest
A gust of cold wind brushes against your skin. Slowly, consciousness comes to you as your eyes wearily open. Your vision is foggy at first, seeing only darkness all around you. Your eyes adjust to the dark, and you realize you are laying down. Soft dirt surrounds you, as you find yourself lying in the center of a crater. You crane your neck down, and realize you are wearing tattered white robes, shredded and torn to near uselessness. Shards of broken metal are scattered around you, tiny and fractured.

Quietly, you rise to your feet. You feel a dull ache all over your body as you stand, but it quickly passes. You look around and see that you are in a grassy field. Strangely, you do not remember how you got here. In fact, you come to realize that you do not even know who you are. Your name, your past, all of it eludes you. You cannot even recall how you arrived in this crater. Did you fall? But where did you fall from? And if you did, surely a fall that craters the earth like this would have killed you, right?

Yet, for some reason, none of this worries you. Your mind calmly assesses the situation you've found yourself in, taking stock of your surroundings and lack of memories. Even when you fail to remember your own name, you feel nothing at all. You are only faintly aware that this might be strange, but any questions you might ask yourself over this are quickly silenced as you gaze up at the night sky and see the stars.

When you gaze up at the starlit sky, you feel a faint beat of emotions. For some reason, you feel at peace when you look up at the stars…and a strange twinge of something like regret or shame. A ghost of a smile comes to you, one filled with bittersweet thoughts you can't make sense of. While you stand there entranced, you suddenly realize that you can remember the stars. All of them, by name and location. You can even trace the constellations by memory, though your eyes are drawn to one in particular.

One that feels familiar.

One that, for some reason, reminds you of yourself.

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Supreme Space Monke Sidequest- Dreams
Space Monke QuestD Header
Your name is Oneir Vat Numal and you are a Sotten. You are currently floating through the black vacuum of space. Without a spacesuit on, you will surely die.

Hold on.

You don't feel like you're suffocating. In fact, you're currently quite comfortable. Frankly, you can't imagine how you ended up in this situation in the first place- your short term memory is a total blur. Oh, that's it- you're asleep, and you must be dreaming. As a species that spends most of its time asleep- the ability to know when you are dreaming and when you are awake is very important. It is part of your standard educational curriculum. This place- the calm dark of space- is your dream refuge. You have trained yourself to return your imagination and consciousness here, to this pattern and illusion, to make your reality check easy. Some Sotten choose a comfortable tunnel to return to in their dreams, a childhood home or beautiful natural cavern. You dislike imagining these places; too similar to your time in the warrens. Not a place you'd like to revisit. The soft silence of space is far more preferable.

Clearly, you aren't in the real world anymore. As such, you know you are dreaming while you are in the dream. You are now lucid.

You have control over your dreams. Through your practices in dream recall and forcing- you can have and remember your lucid dreams. Essentially allowing you to experience any form of event or situation that you wish it. Instead of allowing your randomly firing neurons to determine your dream- you can make it whatever you wish. And to you? It's almost real- an incredibly convincing hallucination. Time to decide what sort of dream you'll have this time.

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Matsuno Inc. Idol Agency #5
You are Nagata Miho, former HR employee turned idol manager.

Your place of employment is Matsuno Inc. Idol Agency located in Tokyo, Japan.
Here you manage three idols: Kaiba Aoi, Chigusa Iki, and Enatsu Mari.

Below you’ll find a link to the wiki with all the mechanics, character sheets, and more.

I typically update the wiki after each in-game week.
If you’d like to catch up, I recommend reading the story in the wiki.

Alternatively, here's the archive:
15 media | 219 replies
Do Your Best Quest #158
Last time, you celebrated freeing Billy at Nina’s apartment, left a renowned criminal inside your apartment with only your cat defending the post, and joined the largest casual poker tournament you’ve ever been part of. 20 competitors. 5 are left. 1 is a surprise entrant. You participated in the supposed Group of Death and decimated it to qualify for the finals, channeling Bradford’s sportsmanship to succeed. The analysts are calling you the man to beat, the one true favorite in the competition, the king without the throne. You can’t get cocky, the real challenge starts now!

The final 5 sit on the table in the middle of the room. The other participants are part of the crowd. Tonight, the Bradford will go to someone’s home to be a questionable piece of furniture.

“Shame! My sidekick didn’t reach the finals.” Gerard doesn’t sound that disappointed by Helmaer’s absence, it’s like he expected it. “But I’ll be more than satisfied with wiping that silly little smile off your face.” He points at you, his finger dangerously close to your nose.

“I’m not smiling…” You raise an eyebrow. The Judge is already antagonizing you. What a petty man.

“And it’s going to stay that way! Do you wish to know why? Hmm? It’s because you’re going to taste the one dish that is as dreadful as your own: Defeat, by my hand!” Gerard crosses his arms with confidence.

“You admit you make bad food, got it.” You think the metaphor is not great.

“N-No, how dense can you be, you ignorant child? Can you comprehend how an analogy works? I can’t serve you victory! It doesn’t make a nick of sense!” Gerard is more offended that you’re misunderstanding his words than his cooking skills are being put into question.

“But you will anyway.” You get cheeky. Gerard frowns.

“I’m not delicious.” Victor deadpans.

“Bah! Masked man, I heard you’re related to that vulgar woman, that delusional Cyclops, that third-rate bum of a pastry chef!” Gerard is trying to gain time to remember Kata’s name to no avail. “Let me be clear, I demand no alliance between you two. Or impromptu dance routines.” Gerard is going to keep his eye on both of you.

“Who is he talking about?” Victorious Calamity doesn’t have a clue. He knows more people that fit that description somehow.

“Kata.” You whisper.

“Ah. Dancing already? Careful there.” Victorious is worried about your well-being.

“Gonzales! Take a look! They’re conspiring together. We have no other choice but to cooperate.” Gerard is looking for allies here.
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Caverns of Wishes
(If this becomes too spicy for a blue board, feel free to move it to /trash/)

A young wizard treks through the jungle, a map and a compass in his hands. Entering a clearing, he looks up from them, and starts scanning the rocky hillside he has arrived at. His glance halts at a cavity. He promptly rolls up his map, hangs the compass back on his belt, and heaves up the rock in front of the cavity.

A faint blue glow is visible from deeper within the opening. The traveler fastens his hat, and begins the descent.
Before coming very far, the cavity opens out into a tunnel. On the wall he just emerged from, letters etched into it glow in the same blue as the crystals now around him. He ruffles through his robes and compares the scripture with one of his notes. He has found what he had sought.

>7. The water level, temperature, and structure of the circles adapt to the guest's will.

After copying the script into the notebook, he turns to follow the tunnel. Into the ceiling, similar scriptures are etched.

>6. The waters of the circles cleanse all illnesses and poisons, unless the guest desires otherwise.

>5. The guest decides if any belongings are transported with a person when arriving here, and which.

>4. After the ritual has ended, everyone transported here will return to their place at the turn of the next midnight.

>3. Whoever is transported here loses all memory of the time spent here, afterwards. Physical influences remain.

>2. Whoever is transported here is woken up when the guest enters their circle, and perceives this cave, as well as the guest, but noone else who doesn't also enter the circle.

>1. When someone gets transported here, they are shackled by the forces of this cave. The forces bind them to the walls, and to their circle, unless the guest desires otherwise.

A bright blue shimmer shines in the large cavern at the deep end of the way. A corridor lined with crumbled pillars leads out of the cave and into the darkness on another side. Inside the almost perfectly hemispherical hall, seven basins, multiple arms lengths in diameter each, are arranged around a rune at the center and filled with glistening water. The mage looks around, scribbles a last line, and victoriously shuts his notebook close, to place his things down next to the rune, and then step onto it.
Without a word spoken, rumbles echo through the stone, and the basins change shape. One's rim overgrows with moss, a large stalagmite shifts into the center of another, some begin steaming, one forms a thin sheet of ice.
In elaborate scripture, a last sentence is etched all around the walls like a ring.

>When the guest enters the focus, the people who they felt the strongest sexual desires for at any point during their life, will be transported to the circles.

Seven figures rise from the water with their eyes closed. Who appears, and what do they and the wizard do?
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My best friend is a (trans)catgirl~!!
Your best friend is a (trans)catgirl. You..

>.. are childhood friends.
>.. became friends in high school.
>.. met at college.
>.. met at work.
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Noble Bloodline 40K
Noble Bloodline 40K
Each turn will be a generation of this blessed noble House, where through marriage (and not so-marriage) we breed la crème de la crème of humanity, improving our bloodline one dicking at a time. Praise the God-Emperor.

Gameplay will involve you selecting one of our scions (among three, representing the most promising of the generation), and one suitor (among three, representing the top three suitors among all available) to produce the next generation of scions; along any additional actions to manage our noble house. Gameplay may change as we go along, this is all pretty experimental. Blame /qtg/ for motivating me to run this with their talk about quest mechanics.

But, first things first, esteemed ladies and gentlemen.

Name of the noble house, as well as emblem, theme, and other trivia:
>Write-in. If they're plebeian I'll just make up my own.

Select a House perk:
>Matchmakers: Your house's culture fosters diplomacy, dialogue, but most of all: getting the right people together to produce your descendants. You select from 4 scions and 4 suitors instead of 3 and 3.
>Warp-navigators: Your house secretly holds extremely valuable ancient charts and tools that serve to navigate the warp more effectively, allowing you more access to other planets, as well as exceptional maneuverability and logistic capacity in general.
>Rulebenders: Your house, advisors, and lobbyists have quite the way with loopholes and creative interpretation of the rules, an art honed over millennia. You may breed with the mutant, the abhuman, the heretic and others with less of a chance for consequences for it; besides just having much more legal leeway in general.
>Dealcutters: Unless you just go after Hive scum or Feral world savages and the like, marriage involves negotiation, politics, and deals between the two parties. With this perk, you'll get the most formal benefits out of wedlock.

Select your Starting perk:
>Additional planet: Your house begins with a second planet to rule over, increasing your geopolitical power and influence.
>Eugenic measuring equipment: You'd typically measure how well-suited the suitors are with an overall verbal description, however, this tech would give you exact, precise numerical values for a very good amount of their attributes, like their intelligence, inborn talents, and otherwise hidden congenital issues.
>Adonis/Aphrodite initial bloodline: Your initial set of scions are awe-inspiringly good looking, which increases how desirable they are.
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Ashen Dawn: Panzer Commander Skirmish: Finale
A trio of grey-cloaked figures stood atop one of the many crystal spines that stuck out of the ground of the peninsula in the deepest, darkest part of the Huldraviklands. Despite the peninsula’s emptiness, they had lingered- and quietly observed the visitors as they slaughtered each other en masse, completely ignorant of the significance of this place. Yet, even those who blundered about with little knowledge of what they trampled could cause great harm- so the cloaked people watched carefully.

Not for the sake of the environment, goodness no. “Master would prefer not to be found,” one said quietly, a tall, spindly figure with all-consuming darkness being the only thing that peered from under the hood. “The Dreamer’s waking will draw attention that is most unneeded.”

“Most unneeded,” another agreed. Short and wide- masked with a curtain of reeds.

“Do we go to it, then?” The youngest of them asked, who wore his cloak like the first but whose hood’s shadow still clearly held a face.

“No, of course not,” the first said.

“Of course not,” the second echoed, but added on, “A being most ancient as that will prove a terrible threat to us, who have a higher purpose.”

“Then we find Master?” the youth asked.

“We do nothing.” The first said.

“Yes…nothing…” The second droned, “Let it sate itself upon blood and iron, where it will be much easier to draw back to the depths from which it came…”

“The Master would not like it,” the youngest one said, “If our inaction led to a disturbance from those whom hear of this…”

“They would hear of legends and monsters,” the first replied, “And not of the Master. We wait.”

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Trans Girls Save the World
In this quest, a group of cute trans girls will team up and save the world when no one else can.

>>Chose the enemy



9 media | 44 replies
The goblin king is Bored! #4
Handsome as always, the Goblin King above goblin kings glowers on his throne, he has tossed some of his goblins out for his own entertainment. Yes, for his own desire to escape ennui born of long life and the terrifying power he weilds, many goblins face the terrors and joys of the world beyond his castle. But all horror and fun will fade from the goblins' minds once they die and return to the goblin king they have offered their mortality up to.

Only if a goblin becomes a noble, severing their fate from their beloved and capricious monarch will the cycle of death and respawning end only then will a goblin have but one life to live. This does not bother the Goblin King.

No, what has disturbed his wild temper that spins from brighest joy to lightless black... is where he currently sent his goblins. Well one of the places anyway. He had taken up multi-vision watching, but one scene was larger than the others.

A decaying city surrounded by silent monstrous pine trees. The pumpkin that grow throughout the city have far more vitality than the inhabitants of the city. Instinctually they know that the days of Ellaholm being a glorious capital of the Magic Empire of Midnight Ellalund are long gone. The vassels keep the pretense of empire only for their own wallets. The cityfolk try not to think about the missing midnight hour, long gone for many generations, of the disturbing curse the imperial family is under. So in a city that once upon a time was filled with song and dance, only the cries of the geese that seem like the true owners keep Ellahulm from being as silent as the Hungering Pines that seek to devour all.

Within he sent his goblins, regular ones, knights and nuns of the Prince of Grooms. He chose on a whim, but now...

Before his vision is one of many noble estates that like mold on a log can be found throughout Ellaholm. If anything this estate could be said to be even poorer and meaner than their peers. They probably even secretly ate pumpkins and geese, considered the food of the homeless.

Yet there was one who could not even have pumpkin and gooseflesh. The goblins surrounded her inside a grand pit of ashes of monster pines. A young elf woman just beyond childhood, a budding flower neglected and abused such you would expect it to wither. Yet golden eyes still shone, the sheen of hair greener that the most vibrant grass could not be consumed by soot, and all the malnourishement and beatings could not obscure her moonlight skin. Even the King had to admit she was remarkable and with the nobility that radiated from her bones, her very being, even the ragged sackcloth she wore gave the illusion of being proper clothes.

One who had become a woman while having lost her true name, called only Ash the Liar if she was fortunate.

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Presidential battle royale
"where am I???" "You're in the presidential battle royale where every president of the united states will fight to the death for the title of the greatest president ever and get one wish of unimaginable power!!!" "what?" "you heard me. Now which president are you again?"

>________ (pick between 1 to 45)
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Pokémon: Loser
You’ve just returned home after wasting yet another afternoon killing time, prolonging your time outside of home as much as you can. It was an uncomfortable hot and damp summer night. The old CRT tv was the only light source in the room. From the busted speakers the excited voice of a commentator greets you.

“If you are just tuning in, we are returning to Aztlan’s yearly Challenger Cup semifinals! Tonight, we’ve got the rising superstar Maximilliam Blackstone and his Machamp facing off against an old favorite, General Orizaba and his trusty Garchomp”

“And here it is folks! It’s their signature strategy. Garchomp is rushing in for a quick finish. And… Oh damn! He gets countered with a Bullet Punch to the throat! Max’s mons are as brutal as always…”

The only other sound in the room is your father loud snoring. He’s passed out on the couch again, which is always preferable to find him conscious, irritable, and violent. Empty bottles of liquor litter the already sticky floor. By his side is his trusty Zangoose who glares daggers at you the moment he notices your presence, as if it was threatening you before returning its eyes to the battle displayed on the screen.

Your stomach growls, you haven’t had a bite all day. You open up the fridge trying to find anything edible. There are only weeks-old takeout leftovers that your father was keeping to himself, warning you to “stay away from em, unless you want to start some shit” doesn’t matter anymore, they’ve spoiled by now, it’s rotten odor is enough to diminish your appetite.

Just another Friday in your lovely home.
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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #51
You are Funato Seiren, and this is definitely the most reckless and idiotic thing you’ve done in your entire life – but unfortunately it’s probably also the first truly necessary thing you’ve ever been left to do on behalf of your clan. Your stupid old man’s the clan leader because he’s the strongest, not because he’s smart or even a particularly capable leader, and he’s committed himself to a classic ‘strong but stupid’ plan of action in waging a war of revenge against Kirigakure.

His excuse would be that they’re cracking down on piracy, which has been your clan’s way of life for generations. Really, he’s just so homicidally pissed about your mom’s death that he doesn’t care about anything else including your clan’s survival. He even went so far as to kill your brother himself, presumably for daring to consider finding a peaceful solution that doesn’t involve getting your whole clan killed.

“You’ve always been like this!” you shout angrily, slipping into the spacing you think will favor you against him. “You never think about anyone or anything but yourself and your own bullshit!”

Too close for him to easily skewer you with his spear, but too far for him to grab hold of you and pull out all your blood through your pores – that’s the spacing you have to stick to if you want to survive. And surviving is the first thing you’re going to have to do if you want to win.

“You were always rebellious!” he barks back, swinging the haft of his spear wildly. “But even I couldn’t have guessed you’d be a traitor!”

“You were the one who killed Isari-kun!” you shoot back, seizing an opportunity to get in closer. You leave a shallow cut against your father’s side, and manage to get back into the right spacing while ducking under the end of the spear’s haft as he swings it at your head. “So I don’t really wanna hear it from you right now!”

It’s heartening to see that the brats from Konoha are holding their own against the regular soldiers who’re still following your old man even now, and while you don’t exactly feel the warm and fuzzies for Buntan of the Seven Swords it’s good to see she’s as capable as you’ve been told.

“Just another failure!” your old man counters, sweeping low towards your legs and forcing you to take a leap to avoid the haft of his spear. Then he steps in, and before you can position yourself to swing your sword he hits you with his fist. “All a child needs to obey and he couldn’t even manage that!”
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On the Path to Godhood #2
This had to be the refinery. My gaze flicked from the rubber hose to the wooden door and back again, hunger gnawing at my gut. I wanted nothing more than to force feed myself the black blood of the Goddess until my stomach burst. Still, I had a greater purpose than to feast. Standing there outside the door I allowed myself a moment. A deep, calming breath helped me clear away the fog, and then I shook the tension out of my shoulders. Channeling the casual confidence of someone who belonged there, I stepped through the door hoping that my own white robes might allow me to blend in with the daruni.

I emerged into a large chamber which was absolutely coated in some manner of black film. It clung to the walls and all the furniture, dimming the yellow light cast by swollen pustules throbbing on the ceiling. The flesh in the center of the room had been carved out to make room for a brick platform. It was raised a few feet above the floor, built to house two large vats at least twenty feet wide and half that deep. It was into the nearer of the two that the hose spit ichor.

There were half a dozen daruni scattered throughout the room, all of them wearing gloves and masks of rubber. Three diminutive women in white robes were standing around a large ceramic pot raised half a dozen feet in the air on a wooden scaffolding. Each of the workers dispensed clear essence from spigots at the bottom of the pot into small glass vials. Hundreds of those filled vials were gathered in wooden crates against the far wall, stacked there by a large man in white robes who swapped them out for crates of empty vials as his sisters of the cloth worked. A section of the room was set aside for an alchemy lab. Beakers, alembics, and all manner of glassware I didn't have names for lay stacked in haphazard piles across three tables, some of it broken.

The masks worn by the refinery workers possessed clear glass visors, and a metal cover over the mouth and nose onto which two canisters were attached. Glancing around I found spare masks hanging on pegs set into the wall on my right, and blackened rubber gloves tossed into a pile on my left. I donned both before proceeding. Once I had the mask on I could no longer smell the heavenly stench of ichor. It was lost under a pungent assault of lavender, mint, and rose.

"Oi, big girl," a muffled voice called out. "Get over here and help me."

I turned towards a masked woman in white robes who beckoned me up onto the brick platform at the center of the chamber. I approached, trying to mask my ignorance with a confident stride. When I joined her standing beside the ichor vats I glanced down and saw that they were lined with silver. The bottom of the vat on our left was filled with a brackish mix of water and divine ichor, while the one on our right contained only water.

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Claymore: Second Swords Quest #80
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, and you’ve asked one of your own to make a gamble. That’s not something you do often but in this case there’s been a broad consensus that it was necessary – that having been said, you’re still not going to just let the die fall where it’s cast. There are still ways for you to tilt things in Sabrina’s favor even from afar, even if by only a little.

“I’m going to get a little greedy this time,” you confess of your plans to interrupt your enemy’s communications using the transmitting equipment aboard the ship your faction stole from them. “I’m not ready to give up having a warship like this at our disposal.”

[Who is it you plan to get fuel from?] Serana asks curiously. [The only place I can think to look is our enemy.]

She stares back at your grin with dawning comprehension. [What.]

“Of course I know full well that it would take too long to refuel a ship of this size properly,” you explain, “but our enemy has multiple ships of this type. So long as we have one at the end of the day, any of them will suffice.”

“And the others will have more fuel aboard already,” Valentina realizes your thoughts. “Saving us the trouble of having to do it.”

[You plan to strip down the warship we have and use it for bait?] Serana adds. [How do you intend to convince the enemy to come for us?]

“I’m not proud of this strategy,” you admit. “In fact, its use in warfare has been ruled as a crime against the common dignity in several neighboring kingdoms.”

Valentina’s eyes light up.

In a secluded bay, quite close to your enemy’s foothold port, you set up your plan. You and Valentina will be needed here at the ship, while Serana, Lucia, Zara, and Salem secure one of the two other warships of this type – you reason they won’t risk both in a confrontation, and will leave one on the defense here. But when you switch on the transmitter, broadcasting across all channels used by your enemy, you know for a fact that what you’re about to do will serve as the rudest and perhaps most effective bait possible.

“Valentina,” you smile as she positions the pipes and chanter and takes a breath.

“Yes, Lady Noel?”

“You may fire when ready.”

“Aye, ma’am!”

The familiar drone and notes of a well-known marching tune fill the bridge, and at the same time should be blasting out of the receivers of every enemy unit within range.
>3d10, best of four
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Question one: Your best friend is overwhelmed by the Thirst without any prior symptoms . She lunges forward at your other friend draining his blood on the spot while not paying any attention to you. What shall you do?

>Contact the nearest F.D.U, Seek shelter inside the closest Panic-Pods

>Attempt to kill your now-feral friend according to your publicly mandated F.D training.

>Try to reason with your friend, actively working against local authorities.

>Take this golden chance to drink some of your fallen friend’s blood since all shall be blamed on your feral friend.
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Lovers of The Sun - Oneshot
The Lovers of the Sun are an order dedicated to getting the attention of THE SUN and her affections through acts of great HEROISM and COMBAT PROWESS.

Some would call them a CULT, but not (YOU). (YOU) are a member of them, and are going to do GREAT DEEDS to catch the attention of THE FAIREST MAIDEN OF ALL!
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Hitman in the Marvel Universe
"The Bar" A place for cold hard cash and colder drinks. It's location shifts pretty frequently so nobody gets too close by mistake. There are only so many walls people can be thrown through before they go through the one leading to your living room, especially in New York. You stand in the door, shaking off some of the winter stiffness from your jacket, eyeing up the room for your contact. Joe Malizia, consigliere for the Gnucci Family and enough personal space to prove it, sitting in a booth all to himself staring you down. You hold his stare as you approach and give him a polite nod as you take a seat across from him. He gives you a brief look up and down as you sit and slides over to you a small envelope. You crack the seal and spot 500 Dollars, your meet and greet fee, you smile and slide it from the table to the coat in your lap.

"Thank you for paying my fee. Usually my customers don't see the point." You start, leaning forward in your seat."

"Well what those younger guys don't know is how much work it takes to be good at your job. You're new to the city but word still gets around." He shrugs and takes a sip from his glass. "Before I lay the job on the table for you I need to get all the info I can from you for Ma Gnucci. She likes to know who it is working for her. I have your file right here but how about you give me the skinny and save me having to get my glasses?"

>Give Short Physical Description of our Character. (Feel free to post reference art)

>Give a short bio about the character: this is the place to add in things like Military Experience, prior conflicts with supers, or just fun flavor you'd like to see.

>What are your abilities? Things like Martial Arts training, firearm proficiencies, special training like demolitions or poisons go here. If you want powers put them here too, I have Veto power on anything outrageous, we will (at least at the start) be going with street-level powers or higher level powers with obvious drawbacks. I'm not trying to run an evil(er) Sentry quest.

[I will be running this in early AM hours of EST 5am-11am generally, and returning to the boards in later hours like 10pm EST but that will mostly be for checking in on votes, general conversation etc. I will be attempting to run most days of the week at least an update or two per session. Hope you guys enjoy, we will break down dice rules when we get to them.]
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Eldridge Whispers - Text Adventure
The small town of Eldridge, nestled in the heart of Canada, seemed like the epitome of tranquility on the surface. With its population of 45, it was a close-knit community where everyone knew each other's names, and life flowed like the currents of a forgotten river. But that serene facade was shattered when two newcomers arrived: you and your mother.

Eldridge had been content with its quiet existence, where the biggest event of the year was the annual bake sale. But your arrival, along with your mother, brought an unsettling undercurrent to the placid atmosphere. It wasn't just the sudden population spike that stirred unease; there was something else.

Moving into the house across from the gas station, you couldn't help but notice the town's peculiar dynamics. The way people's conversations hushed to whispers when you walked by. Lingering glances laden with curiosity or suspicion, hesitance in their greetings – it all hinted at a shared secret, one you were not yet privy to.

Your mother, seemingly oblivious to the undertones, threw herself into renovating the old house. Meanwhile, you found yourself drawn to exploring the town, attempting to unravel the threads of the mystery that seemed to envelop Eldridge like a shroud.

As you made conversation with the town's inhabitants, you began to piece together fragments of a story, like a puzzle with missing pieces. The history of Eldridge held more secrets than the residents were willing to reveal. The once thriving mine at the edge of town, now abandoned and overgrown, had a tale of tragedy buried within its tunnels. The elderly librarian, Ms. Edith, spoke in riddles about the "whispering" that had haunted Eldridge for a century.

The more you delved into the town's history, the more you realized that the past and present were entwined in ways that defied logic. The gas station, run by an enigmatic man named Mr. Grady, seemed to be a nexus of sorts – a place where threads converged, and the palpable sense of unease emanated from.

Every night, as you lay in bed, you could swear you heard faint whispers carried on the wind. Your dreams were not but fleeting glimpses of figures cloaked in shadows; their eyes holding secrets darker than the night itself.

Dawn's pale light seeps through your window, rousing you at 7 AM. The remnants of your dreams cling as you rise. Memories of yesterday's mysteries resurface. Determined, you dress and head downstairs to the aroma of fresh coffee.

"Morning," mom chirps, unaware of the eerie atmosphere. You smile back but can't shake the town's strangeness.

"I've been thinking about the town," you admit, sipping coffee.

"Change can be big, but you'll settle in," she assures.

After breakfast, you take the next step. The abandoned mine awaits, dark entrance like a secret portal. Flashlight in hand, you head out. Passing residents nod as you make way.
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Guy Quest #4,348,326,747
OK guys I've been running this Quest for so goddamn long but I think I've got another thread in me.

So, to recap:
> You've killed literally everyone in every multiverse, in every possible multiverse that could or could not exist. We finally got the "Kill Literally Everything Possible and Unpossible" achievement!
> You've transcended the concept of existence and logic itself and now yearn for power greater than what can be expressed in the English language.
> You've stuck your dick into literally every female imaginable (before killing them).

You're currently floating in the Xyrminewqiu, which is a couple of million levels of existence above Iahui, which is itself a state of being infinitely beyond mundane divinity and existence.

You can create or uncreate any amount of anything at-will, yadda yadda, you know the drill.

What do you do?

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Warhammer 40k: Christian Cult in The Underhive
Christian Cult Quest 4
In the 41st Millenium, there is only war. Every sector, every system, every planet and town has been touched by the endless wars that ravage the whole of the Imperium of Man. And even on a backwater hiveworld known as Boiadero in Segmentum Ultima, another war is brewing. You are Kvar, a young scavenger recently turned into a Christian evangelist. You have your flock, your followers who would walk to the gates of Hell if you needed them to, you have your allies, the Jags, and their brutal and grotesquely scarred leader Marella. And those against you? The whole world. No, the whole galaxy. Currently trying to stop the spate of kidnappings and disappearances that seemingly only get worse and worse, we shall rejoin Kvar on his journey.

But take heart, for we shall not be journeying alone. For even if all were to perish and the walls were to come tumbling down, God is with you.
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Heat City Nights 7 [Skirmish]
heat city nights 7 OP
In the year 1987, crime and corruption in America is an epidemic. Drugs and guns flow into the country from everywhere in the world, and the gateway to it all is the coastal paradise, Heat City. This is a place of shining high-rises and shadowed alleys, sunsets and smog, neon and blood, ruled by ambition and greed and power. Here in Heat City, you can get whatever you want -- if you can pay the price.
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Stick Figure
Stick figure woke up one day to a terrible realization. Unnamed overlords are controlling the freewill of man. Nowhere is safe. Militia is the only sensible solution.

Everything lays in CHAOS
and Uncle Stick wants YOU
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/qag/: Quest Art General: PUMPKIN SPICE EDITION
Welcome to QUEST ART GENERAL, a quest for showcasing the art of your quest and its characters! Players of all skill levels are welcome![b/]

Quest mechanics:
1. Don't be a spamshit. Multiple posts are fine but keep it below Souv level.
2: You are free to draw/post work of others' characters, but no begging.
3. Keep it SFW. This is a blue board. If you feel the need for otherwise, link it in the thread so it doesn't get nuked.
4. No dramafagging/vendettafagging, or blatant shitting on others' art. Again, this is a quest to draw and vibe about art, /qst/ OCs, and their respective lore.
5. If someone does give you fanart of your quest/character, be sure to thank that anon for their hard work as soon as you can, it's just common courtesy :)

Drawing Resources:


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (user recommended):

Animation resources:

Iterative Drawing - The Fastest Way to Improve:

How to Draw Interesting Poses:

Anatomy Quick Tips: Hands:

Painting like a Sculptor:

Basic Drawing for Digital Painters (Shape Control):

How to Draw Hair:

User-recommended art channels:
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Disrespected Boomer Quest
You're a middle aged man in America. Your wife's cheating on you (that WHORE). Your boss treats you like shit (fucking BASTARD). Your kids don't respect you (damn ZOOMERS). Well you'll show them! You'll show them all!!

> start cooking meth
> get guns
> hit the gym
> beat up zoomers and fuck their girlfriends
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Conquest of Ireland (5 players)
Ireland has become a battleground between four native kingdoms and the invading English.
Who will become the high king of Ireland?
This strategy/mechanic-driven game centers around characters.
Your character might die, so you need to sire an heir, but if you have too many sons, your kingdom might be partitioned on your death.

Claim your faction:
>England (red) (de Anjou)
>Munster (orange) (O'Sullivan)
>Connacht (blue) (O'Brian)
>Ulster (yellow) (O'Neill)
>Leinster (green) (O'Toole)

And roll 3d12
First roll determines your king's name / is for the English

1. Brian / William
2. Cormac / Richard
3. Diarmait / John
4. Domhnall / Robert
5. Aedh / Hugo
6. Flann / Roger
7. Niall / Walter
8. Máel Sechnaill / Thomas
9. Turlough / Ralph
10. Conchobhar / Geoffrey
11. Eochaidh / Henry
12. Ruaidhri / Adam

Second roll determine your wife's name:
1. Sive / Matilda
2. Gormlaith / Alice
3. Aife / Agnes
4. Finnguala / Edith
5. Gráinne / Emma
6. Derbforgaill / Mabel
7. Mór / Margaret
8. Eithne / Alviva
9. Medb / Christina
10. Sabina / Juliana
11. Fionnghuala / Cecilia
12. Étaín / Eva

3rd roll will determine your military skill
4th roll your ruler's administration (taxation)
5th roll your wife's administration
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Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 14
Hawksong. For a five hundred years—nay, even a hundred before then, during the War of Dragons and Elves!—it was known around the world. It was known for its might, its prosperity, its glory and its goodness. Under the reign of its Paladin Kings, an unbroken line of divinely-aligned warriors and diplomats, it established the great peace which all but defined the modern world for the peoples of the northern and western lands. Humans and elves, dwarves and halflings and gnomes, immigrants from the arid Southlands and distant Orient came to its ports. Races as distinct and distant as orcs, goblinoids, and beastmen pled fealty, for what else was anyone to do? Hawksong WAS the fabled ‘shining city on the hill’, a beacon to all the gods’ children…

Except those spawned by the Gods of Darkness.

For aeons, the children of the Old gods, the Dark Gods Beyond and Below, have eyed that so-called shining city avariciously and will ill-intent. Afeared of eagle-headed, lion-clawed war-chimeras and the holy warriors sat astride them, unable to muster to military force to topple an army which can be mustered to the tens of thousands, the scaly and slit-pupiled descendants of the Reptilian Master Race could do little but spitefully sabotage trade, stage the odd assassination, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. It was only recently, with an unexpected act of ambition from a lowly half-human Degenerate, that the scales began to tip. Seizing first the attention of the Dark Gods, and then the blood of a dragon-descendant, she weakened the shining city and birthed the perfect weapon to finally topple it entirely from its vainglorious and lofty place atop that hill-of-ages:

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High school life in a small town
The year is 1969.

Richard Nixon just took office. The Vietnam War is in full swing. Bellbottoms and tie-dye tees are in fashion.

You are a high school student in a small town in America.

Who are you?

>The hippie (anti-vietnam war, civil rights, woodstock, free love)

>The jock (athletic, popular, college sports scholarship)

>The fortunate son (rich parents, new car, draft exception)

>The soldier-to-be (military family, vietnam war draft, patriotism)

>The nerd (space race, computer technology, science fiction)

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Rise of The Awakened, Tic-Tac-Toe Edition
It has been 100 years since the ancient being, known only as the The Animal, made the thread with his two strong hands. I'm simply putting this out here for players to be able to talk/communicate after the last thread died, in case QM decided to stop running for whatever reason.

For the purpose of keeping this thread in accordance with the board rules, I'll be hosting a tic-tac-toe... quest. We need 2 players (per table) and I can make multiple tables.]
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A dynasty among the stars
It is the year 2976, mankind has for the last 800 years experienced a golden age of peace and prosperity. Under the rule of the Commonwealth of planets man finally left the cradle and spread across the stars. With the invention of the Iterdrive and the Itercom, man could, for the first time in history, travel and communicate with each other beyond the solar system. From travels that would have taken generations it would now take merely a few weeks to cross from one system to another. From these new technologies new companies would emerge, ones who could on occasion slip out of reach of the central government.

Much to the disappointment of one, and the relief of another. There was no intelligent alien life to be found, although it was concluded that this was because mankind had only just begun its first steps in the galactic pond and as such could not expect to know everything about the milky way.

But alas not even the unified government could keep itself free from the poisons of corporate influences and corruption. More and more senators and representatives were being bought and bribed into giving these entities more and more of a free hand.

Yet it wouldn't be the private sector that would end the unity of man. But some of the very institutions that were trying to save it. In the late 2700s after the last President, Desmond Yang demanded the resignation of his Prime Minister, Ronald Mbesa the two spraked a political crisis that let Supreme judge Konstatin Zelkov to plot with Grand-Admiral Alvaro Obrador, chief of the naval staff, and Grand-Marshall Horace Whitfield, supreme commander of the combined ground forces.

The armed forces had already begun to resent the ailing government, with its constant budget cuts and increasing embezzlement. The last straw for them was when the megacorporations lobbied for the legalisation of private military forces. A flagrant violation of the monopoly on force.The bill itself was defeated in the senate after the navy had placed it’s ships over the senate building.It is the year 2976, mankind has for the last 800 years experienced a golden age of peace and prosperity. Under the rule of the Commonwealth of planets man finally left the cradle and spread across the stars. With the invention of the Iterdrive and the Itercom, man could, for the first time in history, travel and communicate with each other beyond the solar system. From travels that would have taken generations it would now take merely a few weeks to cross from one system to another. From these new technologies new companies would emerge, ones who could on occasion slip out of reach of the central government.
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Disappearing Hogwarts
“Professor Potter, do you have a moment?” You hear the witch ask through the door. Around you, the halls of Hogwarts are as silent as they should be this late at night, only the occasional ghost wandering about. “The student, sir. I brought him to see you.”
“You should be sleeping right now, Lily, not wandering the halls,” came the response from another voice. “How did you even know I was awake?”
“Uh, because I know you? Anyway, you should also be sleeping,” she said back. “But neither of us have ever been very good at following orders, have we?”
“I should have been sterner with you, that’s what I should have done.”
“Too late, I’m already incorrigible. Should I tell him to come in?”
“Yes, yes. Then go to bed.”
“But I want to hear what you find out about him!”
“Bed. Now.”
“Ugh, fine.” The door to the office opened and the redheaded witch came out. “Come on in, he’ll see you now.”
“Thanks, Lily!” you answer. She gives you a strained smile, then leaves. You walk through the door, coming face to face with the… Well, boy-who-lived was no longer correct. He was a man now. The one who defeated Voldemort, all those years ago.
“Come,” he said, looking tired. “Sit.”
“Am I in trouble, sir?” You ask, worried. After all, it wasn’t every day that the beautiful daughter of the Savior of Magical Britain and Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts askes you on a date in the middle of the night, only to reveal she wants you to talk to her father instead.
“No, no trouble at all. There is just one issue we need to address,” he said. “Your teachers told me a lot about you. Good grades, good friends, you made an impression in quite a few of them. Your friends also told me their fair share of amusing stories, earlier today when I asked them about it. There is just one small issue.”
He’d been investigating you? Oh, that couldn’t be good.
“What is it, sir?”
“We have no record of anyone with your name ever being admitted to Hogwarts. Your file is non-existent. Your grades and tests from your previous years are nowhere to be found. The Sorting Hat,” he says, pointing at a dirty, scrunched up hat at the corner of the room, “He tells me he never sorted anyone with your name, ever. Yet pretty much the entire faculty and all students know you. Except for Hogwarts itself, me and my daughter, for whom you were conjured into existence last Sunday when you arrived at Hogwarts for, apparently, your sixth year.”
“So, tell me,” he says with a dry smile. “Who exactly are you?”

> Elias Thornswood, a courageous half-blood Gryffindor with a knack for Defense Against the Dark Arts
> Elvira Prewett, a clever pureblood Ravenclaw with a gift for Charms
> Elliot Hallaster, a cunning muggleborn Slytherin with a penchant for Potions
> Eve Valeyard, a caring half-blood Hufflepuff with a love for Magical Creatures
> Other (Write in, pick a name, house and specialty)
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Yōjinbō 893 Quest
Your name is Mamoru Kikuchi. You’re what this world despises the most and yet so many things glamourizes you. A good-for-nothing punk hiding as a sharply dressed man that some views as “the spirit of this country”. But you’re not having any of this. You’re a school dropout hailing from a miserable background of violent parents and lacking education and when you need to find some way to survive once you got kicked out of that shithole you used to call home, it’s the worst of the worst that welcomed you.
You are a lost hand, a “893”. There are many words used to describe the likes of you : a mafioso, a yakuza… but all of those ultimately means the same thing : you’re scum and your expected end is you rotting in prison or with a bullet between the eyes.
Six months month ago, things heated. The “boss” of your clan, the Yuzuguchi-gumi got gunned down in plain view in the middle of the day and confronted to this, the authorities couldn’t simply turn a blind eye: they started enforcing a crackdown against “businessmen” like you. But that hardly matters because right now, it’s the entire chessboard that caught fire. See, that old man that got killed ? It was not supposed to happen, as there was a truce between the three big clans. Some thinks that the Kunogawa-kai is behind the hit. The Kunogawa-gai says it’s those bastards at Sumikashi-kai. Hell, some even thinks that this is just infighting within the clan and that a civil war is brewing.
You don’t want to play your part in the war because you might be only 24 but you’re wise enough to know that biting more than you can chew is a first-class express ticket to a grave, so you decided to cut your ties with the clan and go freelancer while you still could. And yet, one day, higher-ups of the Yuzuguchi-gumi personally met you. They said that they would give you the most important job of all : protecting the only daughter of old man Rinnosuke Ryuuguu and sole heir of his testament Rin.
You’re far more used to be a debt collector or to be sent to “fix” a problem, usually by beating the crap out of someone and sometimes by permanently disposing the “vermint”. You actually made a name for yourself for your professional attitude in your hits. You get the job done, reliably. Playing babysitter wasn’t something you would consider but the ludicrous pay swayed in.
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Sentient Parthenon Quest
You're a sentient parthenon.
You hunger for the spiritual energy of your worshippers.
You can effect reality and cause miracles, and even walk around, but doing so increases your hunger.
You currently have only one worshipper, a weird who keeps prayers for a girlfriend.
What do you do?
> Grant a girlfriend to the weirdo
> Get up and find a more populated area to settle down
> Stay dormant for a hundred years
> Write in
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Dragon Ball: Legacy #6
Cover thread 6
Long ago, on a planet called Earth, the greatest martial artist of his time managed the impossible and averted two cataclysmic prophecies that would have devastated the world. Though the world still bears some of the scars of King Piccolo's brief rampage, the future looks bright...but how long will this hard-won peace last?

>What is this?
This is a story following the adventures of a man on Earth from pre-dragonball times, where we assume the role of a character inserted into Age 440 at only ten years old - when even characters like Roshi and Shen were foolish youths. It is currently Age 460, and you've grown quite a bit.

>How does this work?
Just roll the dice I call for, simple as. Rolling a 1 will be a critical failure, and getting the highest possible result on any given dice will be a crit. Some rolls won't have crits enabled, and I'll say as much if that's the case.

>Who are we playing?
Wyald Honta, a hybrid of Human and Tiger-beastman who set out to explore the world in order to sate the call of his blood. Normally with his hybrid nature, he would age quicker than humans yet slower than other beastmen, but he has managed to sidestep this issue thanks to ingesting Paradise Herbs. He has a strong moral compass, a polite and friendly demeanour, but an unforgiving side when it comes to those who commit evil. He's slowly evolving his own fighting style with every master he trains under, and he almost always journeys with his three friends: Azalea, Barbar, and Harum.

>Last time on Dragon Ball: Legacy
You trained for quite a long time under Kami, purifying your heart in the process and refining many of your techniques to a far more acceptable level. You attempted to aid Barbar and Piccolo in their own training, though Piccolo devised his own method of achieving purity under the belief that normal methods would prove ineffective given his nature. Piccolo split himself into a Good and Evil half, which had their lives linked to one another, and after a brief struggle the Evil half managed to seize Azalea to force your group to allow him to roam free for three days. Stuck upon the lookout due to his threat and hostage, you took Kami's suggestion to complete your training with Garlic's previously-trapped spirit, utilizing the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to complete several months worth of training in eight hours. You put your faith in Garlic to hide you with magic, and together you surprised the Demon King Piccolo before he could complete his rampage and fully prepare for you. Using a combined Sealed Light Beam, you trapped him away in an unbreakable prison, which now rests upon Kami's lookout. The crisis averted, Kami took the chance to pass on his legacy to the now-pure Good half of Piccolo, allowing himself to die as he transferred the last vestiges of his power to the new Kami.

>Character Sheet
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The Kamen Rider of 30XX #4
You are Kamen Rider, a bug-themed superhero and an excellent driver. After being remodeled by the machine lifeforms you were saved by Dr. Takeshi Hongo before they could complete their evil surgery. Afterwards you dedicated yourself to fighting the evil MLFOS(Machine Lifeforms), as well as fighting the good fight. Unfortunately, you lost your last battle in 26XX, then found yourself with a fresh new enemy, the invading Saurian Empire in the year 30XX. Last time, you went across country to follow a signal at a frequency only you could hear. As soon as you got there you met another obstacle, but gained a reliable friend too!

Tune in now for a continued Kamen Rider!

Available now on BD, The Kamen Rider of 30XX Collection:
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Fisherman Quest
You are a humble fisherman. Your father was a fisherman before you and his father before him. They were only middling at the trade, making just enough to pay the rent on the small fishing boat to the reeve (passed down now two generations), and keep the household fed and roofed for another season.

The boat and the rent and the household has passed now to you. Your father, God rest his soul, taught you the trade as far as he was able, but it seems you have something of a talent for it yourself.

In particular:
>You are a skilled sailor and have a natural understanding of the waves and wind. You can sail further and faster than the other fisherman and can read the weather just as well as the old greybeards can.
>You are very skilled with your hands. Your nets are stronger and your traps better than the other fishermen. And you can mend most anything you touch: sails, clothes, boats, shoes, even bones on occasion.
>You have a sixth sense for tracking your quarry, on land as much as on sea. This understanding extends even to people: you can sometimes guess a person's thoughts at a mere glance.
38 media | 336 replies
Infiltrator Quest
You are the vanguard. The advance scout. The one who gets their metaphorical hands dirty so that everyone else can reap the rewards.

Okay, not quite, but now it's YOUR turn (congrats on the promotion!) to infiltrate a planet for the continuing glory of the Empire, and show the natives the wonders of Citizenship.

In other words, you've been sent to this primitive dirtball (the natives call it Earth, great imagination), with instructions to infect- sorry, to bless the locals with imbuements that will make them more understanding of Citizenship. Aka, brainwashing, according to non-Citizens, but whatever. They're just jealous of the Empire's superiority.

So here you are, sent down to this mudball all on your lonesome for the next century or so. Fun. What part of the planet are you on, anyway?

>United States of America
>??? (Write in)
1 media | 27 replies
Supervillain quest (Worm)
You're a new supervillain in brockton bay.

>>shadow manipulation
>>mind control
>>shape shifter
3 media | 86 replies
Bretonnian Peasant Quest 2
Bretonnia Peasant 2
His home and village destroyed by the actions of the undead, Lucian the Heir of Ruin currently serves the Count Remon as his squire. With his dwarf friend Adok the Ruinsmith, the two have discovered that the corpse of a Grail Knight had been stolen from the Garden of Morr in Castle Bastonne.

In three days the army must set out for its final battle against the greenskin. Between then and now, the grave robber must be found before he can escape with the holy corpse of a Grail Knight.

++The Rules++
>Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
>Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
>If you are going to change your vote, make it so your post only links to the numbers of the previous vote. It's cleaner that way.
>If you mix votes together without modifying them in any way, I reserve the right to employ your top most pick as your vote. Claiming it as a write-in won’t work either unless you modify it to convince me otherwise.
>The aim for rolls is low.


For the update schedule expect to be semi-daily with the chance I disappear for a week. If something comes up for myself I am placing that before this quest, so that should be kept in mind.
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Magical 'Girl' Quest
Your name is Sasha Egorov, and you feel like you're going to vomit. In the Union of Equal Council Republics, a great conscription has been called. Not of peasant men for the slaughter as had been the past form of the Rus, but for the newest combatant in Modern Warfare.

Magical Girls.

In the modernization efforts by Premier Steel, he's routed every city, every peasant village, every Siberian hovel for young girls to recruit. This position would have it's dangers, but the pay and prestige would be well worth it for any girl. There is just one problem...

You aren't a girl!

As you stand in line for the recruitment center among many other women, you can't help but repeat one sentence in your head. 'This is bullshit!'


A day earlier, you were...

>Helping around the farm. Your small frame betrays a bit of strength!(You gain a +10 modifier to rolls involving strength.)

>Studying for your schooling, your teacher is a very angry old woman and you don't want to draw her ire. (You gain +10 to rolls involving intelligence.)

>Listening to your father's war stories; he's quite the storyteller. (Gain a +10 to social rolls.)
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Trojan War Quest #2: νόστος
twq #2 nostos
Sing, goddess, the glory of Nikandros Hippomedion, who journeys far from home alongside famed companions to entreat Ilion’s sacred citadel. Sing of the wrath of Menelaus, of the folly of Paris, of Zeus’s plan which even now comes to fulfillment…
254 media | 2042 replies
Dragons lmao
I do not know what I am doing. I have never played DnD. I have never DM'ed. I have never run a quest.

I want to play something, though, and I want to practice drawing. I have dredged up a bunch of Adv. DnD pdf's from the internet. We will be playing a Dragon. We will by flying by the seat of my pants.

The next 6 anons roll 3d6, as is tradition.
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The Mystery Dungeons 2e #0
Second edition

>What is this?
"The Mystery Dungeons 2e" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. This has no story relation to the first quest, and is its own new story. Players still isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guild mates! SFW ONLY

A deeper explanation of rules, related pages, and whatnot can be found here:

>I'd like to participate!
Your choice of Pokémon here is dictated by the whims of the dice gods. Included below is the rolldex for this purpose. Just pop into the thread and roll your 'mons with the dice.

Alternatively, you can use, just be sure to select: Generate 2, All Regions, All Types, with the boxes optionally checked if you'd like (excluding Legendaries, be sure to have that off). Try not to cheat!

>Okay, now what?
After you've read up and familiarized yourself with the rules and setting, be sure to hop into the Element: Everything that doesn't involve Main Quests occurs here and is helpful for coordination.

Character sheets and the guide to making them can be found here:

If you feel you might need help, feel free to ask!

Previous threads and summaries can be found here:

Our next LIVE main usually adventures start on Tuesdays/Saturdays around 6:30PM CST in this thread!

Namefag as your character, with your item and level!
e.g. Sparks, Lv. 56 Pikachu
e.g. Sparks L.56 (Sneak Scarf/Team Shock)
35 media | 145 replies
STAR WARS: The End of the Republic
THE GALAXY IS IN TURMOIL. Chancellor Palpatine is DEAD. The JEDI COUNCIL, after discovering the Supreme Chancellor was a secret Sith lord, attempted to arrest him for HIGH TREASON. In the aftermath, three of the four jedi masters sent to arrest him were killed, along with the Chancellor himself.

The young General ANAKIN SKYWALKER, hero of the Outer Rim Sieges, has denounced the actions of the Jedi and ordered the execution of ORDER 66, accusing the JEDI COUNCIL of plotting to overthrow the Chancellor and the Republic.

In response, the Jedi under the leadership of MACE WINDU have implemented ORDER 65, placing the GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC under the command of Acting Chancellor Organa, amidst accusations that General Skywalker has taken up arms against THE REPUBLIC itself.

Before the war between the REPUBLIC and SEPERATIST ALLIANCE is over, a new conflict looms…
47 media | 544 replies
Saiyan Conqueror Quest 202
With the defeat of Majin Buu and the Remnants at the Battle of Namek, peace has come to the Seventh Universe. With no imminent battles to fight or wars to wage, the Saiyans have enjoyed their first long-term peace since their ancestors first landed on Planet Vegeta all those years ago. Yet this peacetime hasn't slowed the progress of the warrior race known as the Saiyans, whose power have continued to grow day after day. Foremost among this warrior race is the Fateless man known as the “Dragon of New Salda” and the first Super Saiyan to have appeared in a thousand years.

You the players play as this warrior named Karn in the year Age 756 normally, a man who has grown from a brawler with a powerlevel less than three thousand to now being the strongest of his kind, wielding the ancient emerald power of the Berserker and father of nearly a dozen children with his wife Meloka. However, this time, we'll be assuming Meloka's point of view for the titular Battle of Gods, for reasons soon revealed.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories here:

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your last roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Baron Quest #1 - By What Right?
"With the death of Henrik II, called The Wolf by his magnates for the firm justice of his reign, the land descended into disorder. It was said that the Lord slept and left his people to their fate in so cruel a time - knights and lords disobeyed the king, their retinues and mercenaries plundered the peasantry, and all law and peace burned"
-The Chronicle of Witsaend, entry of 1105AE

You were born in the waning years of the reign of the Wolf, and have grown up amidst all the cruelty of this starving age. Castle-men despoil the land, beasts and dark things lurk at the edges of the wood, and the throne is contested between claimants. In this age the greatest barons and lords of the realm carve out kingdoms for themselves, and drench the soil with blood. In all your years you have seen few good harvests, and much death. Famine, plague, war and ruin stalk the land, and neither knight nor baron stands for ought but himself.

Your father was little different.

>Who was your father?
>A foreign mercenary in the royal army of Henrik II, granted the manor of a rebel. A hard, bloody man who raised you in the grim martial way of his trade. You were born a foreigner, and a third son, but you were well blooded by your fifteenth year.
>An impoverished nobleman and minor baron, presiding over a mud-soaked village in the fenland. You know a little of stewardship, and none can doubt your lineage, but you are poor and no great warrior.
>A northern lord of Karhin blood, who took to bed a captive giantess - an ancient tradition among the northerners, which has left you a brute in strength but forever attainted by the foulness of your parentage, let alone your bastardy.
3 media | 157 replies
Minor Noble House in Westeros
You hail from a minor noble house in-
>The North: A vast, cold expanse, it's home to the hardy Northerners and dominated by the Stark family at Winterfell.
>The Riverlands: A fertile land of many rivers and the seat of House Tully, it’s a region often caught between conflicts.
>The Vale: A mountainous region protected by the impassable Bloody Gate, overseen by House Arryn from the Eyrie.
>The Westerlands: Wealthy due to its gold mines, it's ruled by the ambitious Lannisters from Casterly Rock.
>The Stormlands: A coastal area prone to storms and fierce weather, it's the domain of House Baratheon and the Stormlords.
>The Reach: A lush and fertile region known for agriculture, it's led by House Tyrell from Highgarden.
>Dorne: A hot desert land with a unique culture and history, ruled by House Martell from Sunspear.
>The Crownlands: Surrounding the capital, King's Landing, it's directly controlled by the ruling monarch.
>The Iron Islands: A group of rocky islands off the western coast, home to the ironborn and ruled by House Greyjoy.
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Epilogue: The Depths...
The day begins as always with the call to prayer in the pure language of the Blessed and glorious Sol stretching his splendour over the sands of the Eftal desert. The shades, ochres and neons of dawnlight spread and embrace the worshippers bent and bowing in worship.

The Toksol leading the prayer is in fine form, his voice washing over the masses softly repeating the hallowed morning blessings to themselves and for all who do not Hear.

With a last reverent prostration, you rest your head on the prayer carpet and pause to reflect on how busy the day is going to be. For all the Sem tribes have gathered to take part in a scramble to the Depths that recently appeared. What could the Depths be but a miraculous demonstration of the powers of the Gods themselves? What was once a vista of sand, now transformed utterly and suddenly in one twist of time to reveal the Depths. Like a gaping wound, a black ravine now splits the desert in half like a ripe fruit to reveal two sheer walls plummeting deep into the earth.

Mortal eyes find it an impossible task to see the bottom of this supernatural abyss. Yet if you look closely to the nearest parts of this supernatural gorge, it is possible to make out mysterious fissures and caves. Possible entrances to a zindan harboring riches beyond dreams or merely the opening of someone's doom.

How long would this treasure house ravine remain on the mortal plane? Only the eternal Gods know. Be it a mere twist of time or the entire wheel of a year, you will remain here with your Sem to grasp whatever is found.

Great fortunes are to be made, but they are paired with great dangers. For the Depths do not yield their riches tamely to any who stretch out their hands. Monsters, rival Sem, unfortunate accidents or an empty zindan are just a few of the misfortunes, but that is all according to the will of the beneficent Gods.

To add to this, another misfortune reveals its face as the Toksol calls out while the final murmurs of prayer die out.

"Let it be known amongst you. A voice was heard from the Depths and the tarn stones are favorable. We may have a Visitor. If found, report immediately. Exclusion will be strictly enforced, there are no exceptions!"

Conversations erupt at this piece of news amongst all the Sems present. Fellow members of your Kushan Sem begin debating the likely chances of accidentally running into the Visitor.

"A poor mortal, swept up by wild Ruah's wind and made to come to our humble land. Perhaps, never to be found at all," your elder sister Minah makes a sign to ward off ill luck.
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My Sister, My Writer Quest
Hello again! Welcome to My Sister, My Writer Quest!

You are Yuu Nagami.

In the previous thread you learned about the little fact that your younger sister, Suzuko, is a light novel author, and you had to deal with a fool of a stalker going after you.

You managed to overcome the two situations successfully, helping Suzuko to maintain her anonymity and spoiling the blackmail plans of your stalker, Himuro, causing the latter to reflect on her actions and apologize to you.

Not everything went well for you, however. When you confessed to your best friend, Hanako, she rejected you. You also ended up kissing Suzuko in a non-wholesome way. It didn't end so bad, since your friend is willing to try have a relationship with you in the future, and your sister doesn't seem very upset about the "My big brother stole my first kiss" thing, so maybe all that don't end too badly for you.

Today is Friday, and you decided to join the school's Martial Arts club.

>Do you want to use a simple system of 1d100 Bo3 Vs Bo3?

>Or do you want to use a more complicated system to fight?

You have until tomorrow at 18:00 to choose.
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Pokemon : South Kalos Quest II
Hello, there! Glad to meet you! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Pommier. People affectionately refer to me as South Kalos Professor. This world… …is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Other use them for battling. As for myself… I study Pokémon as a profession.
You see, South Kalos recently had an influx of rare Pokémon a bit like the ones of the Holon Region : δ (delta) Pokémon!

But enough about me. Your name is Danny. You're a 13-year old young trainer that get her hands on her first gym Badge, the Fire badge.
You moved out from Petalsburg City, Hoenn to South-Kalos, a region that is home to an unbelievably large number of Pokémon species, including newly-discovered ð variants of existing species.

Archive :
Pastebin :
73 media | 619 replies
/QTG/: Summer’s end edition
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to talk about quests.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which a Quest Master (QM) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed — similar to a gamebook.

Questionably Useful links:

>Old pastebin containing advice for QMs:
Badly in need of renovation.

>Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

>/qst/-related Discords:
Quest General:
Skirmish discord:

Skirmishes are quests where each player creates and controls a single character rather than controlling on a central protagonist — similar to a D&D party.

>Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format. Note that should the OP change ID, they will lose this ability as well.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ] text [ /b ]
Italics: [ i ] text [ /i ]
Red: [ red ] text [ /red ]
Blue: [ blue ] text [ /blue ]
Green: [ green] text [ /green ]

>Formatting guide for everyone:
Dice (type this in “options”): dice + [no. of dice] + [no. of sides in a dice]

Example: dice+1d100 = a 1d100 roll

Spoiler: [ spoiler ]spoiler[ /spoiler ] or by pressing alt+s in-thread

>QM question:
What are the dos and don'ts for a newbie QM?

>Player question:
How would you turn your favorite quest into a space opera?

>random question:
What’s your opinion on reboots?
What is something you want your QMs to write about / elaborate further in their quest? And what do you want more from those QMs going forward?
326 media | 1574 replies
You are now in a cliche 2000s raunchy sitcom set in California
Your character is a snarky average looking schlub but he is rich. Pick his job.
>Film production executive
>TV studio executive
>Record label executive
Your character has a ditzy eye-candy gf. Pick her job.
>Club dancer
>Yoga instructor
>Main character's assistant
Your character has superhot ex-wife. Pick her personality.
>Ball-busting shrew
>Desperate simp to remarry main character
>Airheaded slut having a new boyfriend every week
>Cool girl that helps out when main character in trouble
Your character has a teenage child. Pick their personality.
>Lazy burnout
>Insufferable artist
>Party animals
Main character lives in a mansion. Pick the neighbourhood.
>Beverly Hills
>Bel Air
>Santa Monica

Once you pick your choices, enjoy writing the sitcom.
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Yet another 40k A.I. quest
Odyssey wrecked
++++Reboot initiated++++

++++Requesting permission to activate independent operation subroutine++++

++++Requesting permission for self-activation++++

No connection detected
++++Emergency detected activating Odysseus++++

++++Enforcing Asimov’s laws++++


System online
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Five Quests at Freddy's
Hello valued volunteer and guest! You have decided to take part in a grand opportunity, becoming the new night guard for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Of course this isn't the true Freddy's Fazbear Pizza location, this is a simple attraction for those wanting to experience the true and disgusting beauty of Freddy's for a low price of [Data Missing]. We here at Fazbear Entertainment would like to assure you however, that absolutely nothing bad will possibly happen to you. These animatronics are truely top of the line, and will not believe you to be for example, a serial murderer who attempted to murder children to harvest a spiritual energy known as remnant. Once again, that is just a nonspecific example and has no true relation to any prior event at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

You will of course be compensated for your time here by the end of the week but if you would like to return feel free! We here at Fazbear entertainment appreciate your constant support. After all, you're at a location run by Fazbear entertainment A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike where fantasy and fun come to life!


Also there were no other applicants. Thank You and goodbye for now!

"Yeah. Fuckin Classy." you groan as you sit in the chair in the cramped office space.

You scratch your haor underneath the mandatory security outfit and look through the cameras.

The animatronics stand at attention on the show stage. The poster on the wall in the security room stares back at you with a very clear rubber freddy nose that you can push to hear it squeak. There's a cupcake figure in the desk in front of you.

"No expense spared I guess." You watch as the time ticks down slowly, minute by minute, the hours encoraching ever so slowly.

This was going to be a long week.
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The Graverobber's Daughter X
The Graverobber's Daughter Title Card
In Scrimshaw Mount, all graves are shallow. Even on the Promontory, where Nature, through the permutations of the Pattern had placed soil on the otherwise nude basalt of the Mount, the bone white stone was never more than a few feet down, commonly less than one. As such, getting graves to the standard depth of eight feet was simply not practical for those interned in the Mount's public burying grounds. But those that lived their lives and died their deaths on the Mount didn't take overmuch umbrage at their shallow graves. For both the practical and pious among them understood full well that under the panopticonical Gaze of the Patternmaker Above … all things are shallow.

Your name is Chlotsuintha, and at the moment you are footpadding your way through the basement of the late Aldoin's house. Your progress is slow - slow enough that you risk abjuring parts of your itinerary tonight - but you have made several discoveries; such as grass inexplicably growing between flagstones on the floor of the basement in darkness, the late Aldoin was Governor-Docent A. Benefice MAsR.B of the University's College of Botany, that there is some unknown shielding material on the premises that was smuggled as a silverware set, and that Aldoin hid something Mysterious - or at the very least, Strange - hanging amongst a veritable forest of dry-curing sausage. The most pressing of your discoveries is that the house is in the process of being remediated by an unknown cast with an incredible range, and either some means of shielding or equally incredible efficiency. This could be the work of a Construct or equivalent ... or it could be a more direct sort of Witchwork. Though that is seeming less and less likely. Only a matter of minutes ago, you raised a ruckus when you accidentally smashed some glassware ... and the cast remained constant throughout. If the cast was originating from a Witch and not an Emitter Organ of some Construct - and the Witch was in earshot of the clangor - then to come investigate, they'd have to throttle away their cast.

But they haven't.

Which means that ... well it could mean a lot of things. It could mean that the cast is from a Construct - and that the party responsible for making it may or may not be elsewhere in the house. It could mean that the cast is originating from a Witch, but preoccupied with sustaining the cast, they didn't hear the racket. Or ... or it could mean that the cast is originating from a Witch, they heard the noise ... and they are counting on you coming to them. Which at the moment, you aren't. You were heading off to investigate a new noise, just on the edge of audibility ... when it occurred to you this room seemingly being empty, when it was right next to a room where something presumably Mysterious was hanging - and judging from the drilled holes near the hook, connected - is in its own way, suspicious. Suspicious enough that you will simply have to take more than a cursory glance.
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Eleventh Primarch Quest Chapter Eighteen
You are Kolinaisi Kaiko Whathiri. Primarch of the Eleventh Legion, which you have recently renamed, conducted reforms, and have begun navigating to your entrance into the grand crusade-

Which is actually not even your real entrance, as apparently your actions against the Ganth actually helped the crusade.

All the actions of you commandeering that fighter, not too long ago.

With those closest to you- namely the Old Man, Honor Guard, and sound advice from your brother Magnus- you have formed two new units in your legion.

One of which is being trained by the old man and your old honor guard, as really despite being told "You are a highly powerful psyker" and "you should be teaching them your psyker abilities" it seems kind of silly when it comes natural to you and you aren't sure if you can teach what you can do. Though- some, have taken to machine singing like you have, not as good though. But "Pygmalious" seems to have been key in actually teaching it.

The Emperor's actual sanctioning of UR, was surprising to the two present Mechanicus members sworn to secrecy. Furthermore- the emperor gave a small contingent, ten, for UR to lead in a time of crisis- apparently the only others who had such a unit was your brother Lion- or Lion'el (some of these names are so confusing!) and you were to keep that a secret too. Apparently the eleventh and first were to have such things, and your free reign to experiment and study technology with a few of the Martians, made the coming campaign a bit easier.

You, The Lion, and an as of yet undecided brother were to marshal to Rangda space and clear it.

After- you cleared out a second way to your sector of space.

If you were fast enough- you may even beat Perturabo home.

Perturabo was busy making defenses on your home planet, and a fairly good brother.

Though what was certain-

Was you would be the first, along with the emperor, to welcome Roboute to the Imperium.

You just had one obstacle. Your first assignment.


A system filled with nothing but foul xenos inbetween ultramac and the clearest lane to Terra. In addition to the Ork and Barghesi, there were also the Ak'Haireth and Hykosi. All hard to say, and all hard to kill apparently.

This leads you to the big task at hand. Your legion reforms (nothing too major other than your closer ties to the mechanicum and) a secondary unit. Something you have to talk to Arnoul about. Fortunately, after getting to navigate, you are actually ahead of schedule, and this has allowed for some time with Your wife Meera, and some downtime with Erihapti.

It has also given you time to think on what you actually want to make this unit about and possibly pick out who you want in it.

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Restaurante extraordinare quest
All your life, you had one goal. That was to be rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams. However in leu of any practical skills whatsoever you decided on the next best thing, cooking! Yes, the fry pan called your name and the stove welcomed you into its warm embrace. You had a promising future, you did. However, your ARCH RIVAL humiliated you in the finals, and you were exiled from the college. Now you stand here, a laughingstock with no restaurant to call your own. However, this ends today! You may have lost your degree, but you still have just enough money saved over to buy a

>small diner
The quintessential startup restaurant, but you ain’t going to have much money left over

>dive bar
Cheap and a guaranteed customer base, but you probably aren’t going to have and easy time expanding

>food truck
Mobile and super cheap, but lacking in room for experimentation. A good way to get your foot in the door but you aren’t going to be using it as a foundation

>Fast food restaurant
Bad food, good money. The performer’s restaurant. Lawsuits and dignity might be an issue however.

>Pastry shop
For breakfast and dessert, you aren’t going to be making a lot of money but you aren’t going to be spending a lot either
29 media | 113 replies
Berserk Quest #11 403460 berserk guts male miura_kentarou
In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least, it is true that man has no control, even over his own will.

Alas, they are certainly welcome to try and struggle to deviate from the laws of causality. Such is the case for a human mortal by the name of Vlad Santana. A young man who would find himself at the crux of a story that would eclipse his mere mortal soul.

Character Profile and abilities:

Previous Thread:

Thread Archives:

Rolls will usually be a best of 3 1d100 DCs are context sensitive but transparent when choosing your options.
Only 1 and 100 count as crits and good crits override bad ones. Critfails will only count if you don't pass the DC
Voting period closes when enough players unanimously choose the same options. The minimum vote requirement and time limit will depend on how fast I can update, which is 3 to 5 times a day at most.
You can always ask for additional context for your choices and voting can be extended should anyone make an argument that could change previous votes.
Write-ins are always welcomed so long as they don't break character.
Have fun and do your best.

By brutally murdering Sivir, and taking Casca and Farnese away to Falconia, Griffith has successfully declared war against Ilos and destroyed Vlad's spirit by besting him at the height of his power. As the war to end all wars begins, the battle against the two strongest factions battling in the remnants of Midland would soon bring a fitting end to their tales.
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Dungeon Life #1
At the heart of a lonely cave, a root curls out from the ground and embraces a polished orb of black crystal. Inside the crystal swirls mana as rich and blue as the color of the cloudless sky. Gathered and focused from the memories that flow through the leylines of the world, swirl of mana reads the daydreams and the nightmares of humanity and imposes its domain upon the cavern. All within the cavern that do not possess a will of their own are an extension of that orb, or it might be better to say that the orb is the heart of the cave.

(You) are that orb.

The ghost in the celestial machinery designed to pin down the texture of reality over the conquered, chaotic spaces from whence pour the fey beasts who hate the order of existence - that is what (You) are. The gods placed you here as the flag of their conquest, to reinforce the material plane and process chaos into order. It is a sublime purpose that you know you share with countless siblings across the material world, and your directives to accomplish it could not be simpler.

Grow your strength. Expand your domain. Increase the number of humans who occupy your halls at any given time. These are the only instructions your creators gave you and your siblings. Less rules, and more a set of goals for you to accomplish with your Dungeon Power, which you accumulate at a rate of 10 per day. Right now, as you come awake, you understand that you have 100 dungeon power to spend.

You also have... a message of some sort?

Beatrice (Core 00953): Hey, sis. You're finally awake!
Beatrice (Core 00953): You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush...
You (Core 42069): Imperial ambush? What are you talking about?
Beatrice (Core 00953): You'll understand when you're older
You (Core 42069): Right...
You (Core 42069): Who are you?
Beatrice (Core 00953): You can call me big sis!
Beatrice (Core 00953): I'm you're reliable big sister that mom and dad asked to show you the ropes (* ̄▽ ̄)d
You (Core 42069): I see... (¬、¬)
Beatrice (Core 00953): Oh don't be like that! You'll make your big sister cry (﹏)
You (Core 42069): Okay, okay, I'm sorry
You (Core 42069): Please teach me your wisdom, big sis!
You (Core 42069): m(_ _)m
Beatrice (Core 00953): !
Beatrice (Core 00953): ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ
Beatrice (Core 00953): Don't you worry little sis! Your reliable big sister has been around for a looooong time, and knows all sorts of things that are useful for dungeons.
You (Core 42069): Well, where do we begin?
Beatrice (Core 00953): Before we do ANYTHING else
Beatrice (Core 00953): and I do mean ANYTHING else
Beatrice (Core 00953): like don't even think about spawning monsters
You (Core 42069): We need to spawn monsters-
You (Core 42069): (・ω<) Whoops all goblins
Beatrice (Core 00953): Sis, no!!!!!!!!!
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NOW HIRING #3: Still Another Facility Management Quest
NH M Company a-hiring
"Ngh... W-welcome back, Manager."

Somewhere under Nevada...

In the previous thread, our dandy hero ACE SMITH had a small talk at the back of beyond with an old friend, flexed for a shrimp farm in a bathtub, and acquired a very knightly insect with a very long sword. (It's business as usual, you know~) And after these usual work orders, here comes a special guest.

And now, a word from our sponsors:

Courtesy of the red, white, and blue! Just for YOU!!! It's MEAT! From 98% American sources! With 0% human flesh! Guaranteed! Don't believe me? Let's ask our guest here in this studio we rented just for today!

"Hello, sir! This is Catherine speaking to you!"
"Our family at M Company wants to hear what YOU have to say about the consumption of M Company's MEAT and MEAT accessories. (It's nutritious! It's delicious! And it's ethically sourced from the finest sources we can get our hands on!) Pennies on the dollar for your thoughts?"
"Well, ma'am, I do like your burgers and I most certainly appreciate your, well, generous gifts of natural police to the force..."
"Oh, and the original sauce is the best sauce. No imitation can quite beat its original."
"Yes, yes, yes, indeed! Our original Primer sauces are hand picked with freshly malked malkbugs-"
"So. As a Gold Star card holder at Beetleburger, I would thoroughly appreciate if you and everyone in this studio agree to come quietly."
"WOAW! What stunning praise! Are we being arrested?"
"Yes. While I know your kind can't quite help your aggressive marketing, each of us has duties to fulfill in our own positions. After all, the kidnapping of a high-ranking public official is a pretty serious offense..."
"Yip! Cut to commercial!"

OK! There you have it! The endorsement of the Metropolitan Police Cluster's Chief of Police, straight from the Gibberjabber's mouth!

Here at M Company we know you know what you want when you want it and we're giving you just that! Buy MEAT! Eat MEAT! Buy the BUG! Love the BUG! EAT MEAT! EAT MEAT! EAT-

- M Company live broadcast ad. As expected, market research indicates a lack of significant response from the general public.

General Info -
Employee Dossier -
THREAD THEME: (Yume 2kki OST: City of Liars)

ring ring
"Hey Anna? Yeah, listen, you gave the duds again. Yes, there was another clash with the bunnies again. Just bring the good ones. With pressure. *With* ammo. City Limits."
"Outer limits, yes. Thanks for nothing, you- Goodbye."
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A Viltrumite in DC Quest
Warning: At some point, this quest will contain heavy spoilers for the Invincible series.

Earth. An interesting colonial prospect for Viltrum. The civilization that inhabits the planet hasn’t advanced into the space age, nor has it established communications with other alien species. The average human being lives between 60 and 100 years, a paltry amount when compared with a Viltrumite, but there are many physiological similarities between both races.

You are Nao’Lann. A high ranking officer of the Viltrumite Empire. Your objective? To test this planet’s capabilities and potential for the Empire. You’ve travelled for months through space to reach it. Yet the reports failed to mention something.

The planet has a Kryptonian.

He stands before you, proud and tall, a cape fluttering to the wind and a body tight suit covering his body with a red and blue design.

You stand in front of him with the drab Viltrumite uniform contrasting with his shiny suit, his presence annoys you greatly, but your mission is not to conquer this planet, it is to infiltrate it. To check its defences and its potential. Killing this man, as you’re sure you could, would be an open declaration of war against it. Not something you need if you’d like to harness the planet’s potential from the inside.

“I’m sorry for stopping you.” The Kryptonian says. “But I’ve got a habit of checking on superpowered humanoids flying straight through space and towards planet Earth. They’re usually not good news.”

Your mouth twitches, irked by the creature. You should be diplomatic about this, start lying to him from the get go to avoid looking suspicious.

>”My name is Nao’Lann of Viltrum. I come here as a representative of my home planet, I seek to spread knowledge of my people and to help the poor and innocent.”
>”I’m only looking for a place to call home. My home was destroyed and I have nothing left, we had records of Earth being a relatively safe haven in the galaxy.”
>”You should stand aside. I’m only here to visit and nothing else.”
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Renovatio Imperii 8
Renovatio Imperii 8
Tapping your finger upon the table, you eventually look at the local officer. “We shall move south. An opportunity like this rarely presents itself.”

“I will send more ships down south then, make sure no one tries to move on you quickly.” Mundus responds as the remaining men voice out their affirmations.

“I will start getting my men prepared then. How long can your men hold ?” You question the local officer.

“We’ve thrown up some basic fortifications from the nearby woods. The Akeonians are trying to break down our rafts and the fortifications with everything they have. They seem to know that if they don’t push us out soon, things may not work out for them. From what reports I had received, we do not know their true numbers, but I am certain they know ours which is why they are so aggressive.” The local quickly explains the situation.

“I suppose I shall to push my horses.” You redirect your attention towards the holy knight. “Father, if you and your brothers could fly in the skies and give us some useful knowledge, that would be very much appreciated.”
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Yet Another Civilisation II
YAC Thread Starter
On a faraway world, humanity is thriving. Across the surface of this planet, thousands of tribes have been born and strive to become something greater – a true civilisation. They struggle with one another for this privilege, for the opportunity to leave their mark on the world for evermore.

We are following one of these tribes, who call themselves the Protavic – the beast-bringers, in their own tongue.

They belong to the Scavic, a race of people with soft faces, fair hair and blue-grey skin. Like the rest of their kind, they inhabit the Grascan, a vast oceanic forest filled with dangerous beasts and towering trees.
The Protavic people have settled by the Croglatol, a great freshwater lake. The forest thins out along its shore, which allows the native tribes to prosper without fear of predation.

Most of the beast-bringers are sedentary pastoralists, who rear herds of swine along the shore of the Croglatol. They earned their name thanks to their tradition of exchanging their livestick with each other and with other tribes, typically for the purpose of diplomacy and commerce.
The Protavic are also fond of honey bees and tend to many hives across their land. They revere the industrious and dutiful nature of the humble bee and they make great use of the goods that these insects produce – honey, beeswax and butol, a primitive form of mead.

Over time, the beast-bringers have developed religious beliefs that revolve around the sacred cycle of consumption – the idea that all living things harbour a mystical energy called Drocrom that is transferred through the acts of breeding and eating.
The source of this essence is An the Allmother, a fertility and harvest goddess who serves as the personification of the planet itself. She is served by faithful priestesses known drobac, who are responsible for the production of butol and the health of the tribe.

The Protavic people are best described as gregarious xenophobes. Centuries of attacking other tribes and assimilating them has led to them viewing their own culture as supreme, yet they gladly trade with other clans for goods and resources that they would otherwise lack.
This pragmatic behaviour is common throughout the society of the beast-bringers. They prize intelligence and constantly test it with riddles, rebuses and a primitive board game called Blocrum, which is used to assess the worthiness of their leaders.

Yet there is one tribe that the Protavic have allowed to join them, instead of outright assimilating. The Vuvovic now serve as the blood-drinking warrior caste of the beast-bringers, who serve the tribe as soldiers in exchange for liberty from labour.
There are also the other clans that surround the Croglatol – the boatmen of the Toprocravic, the Scagravic tree-dwellers, the Drocravic and Bodravic fire-worshippers and the stone men of the Rodac.
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Do Your Best Quest #157
Last thread, you slapped a dragon. Right now, said dragon has been punished by the older dragon to be your hobo. The Punished Slapped Dragon has your sympathy, hence why she’ll have the honor. This is what you’d say if you had to explain the situation to someone with as high a Knowledge as you have, and since you’re thinking this to yourself, no more words are needed. None at all. What does your brain want instead? Ice cream. Delicious ice cream. You continue to eat yours here at Jackey Frosties.

“Hobo, you say? You branded her already? Not terribly surprising.” Matilda didn’t expect you to have fondness for your new hobo. She knows well it’s a term of endearment!

“Is this some sort of slang by the youth, Matilda?” Jun Spice doesn’t understand why you called Suan De a hobo.

“No, grandfather, It’s a mad man’s raving.” Matilda shakes her head. Or maybe she doesn’t know it’s a term of endearment. What the hell? What did she say about you?! You’re not the one proposing blood oaths on a Friday morning!

“Sounds in line with what his family is known for.” Jun isn’t surprised, but wants to throw you down the river anyway. “And before you say a word, Suan De, this fact doesn’t deter my decision.”

“I’m aware your resolve is absolute, Master Spice.” The Slapped Dragon knows how inflexible her master truly is. “But may I raise my concern one last time? He dared to call me homeless.”

No.” Jun Spice’s judgment is done.

“To be fair, you look like you haven’t had a stable job in years.” Matilda has no chill.

“I just went through a fight, sweetheart. One you’d never stand a chance of enduring.” The New Spy Dragon points at her bruises.

“Is it really a fight if your opponent remains unscathed?” Matilda smirks as she points at you instead.

“Well, my hands hurt after chopping her for 8 minutes straight...” You look at them.

“That little?” Jun isn’t impressed, then he shakes his head. “Enough, the matter has been resolved. I reiterate, Suan De, you must earn Young Ando’s good graces. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master Spice…” Suan De drops her head, admitting her faith.

“Good.” Jun Spice is ready to move on.

You got a new crystal piece, a new hobo, and ice cream. Your morale can’t be higher.

What do you do?

>“Suan De, I know we started on the wrong foot. So, let’s try to make this work, okay?” Be diplomatic.
>“Suan De, I know we started on the wrong food. So, what flavor of ice cream do you like?” Buy more Ice Cream for her.
>“Suan De, despite me being sympathetic with your situation, it is still your duty to put more effort into this than I. So don’t expect me to do the heavy lifting.” You’re not the one being punished for being a meanie.
>“Suan De, I’m so excited! I’m gonna love helping you out!” Be happy to have a new friend and hobo!
>“Suan De, do you really hate me that much…?” Look down like you’re heartbroken.
>Write In.
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Quest #18
Three Houses Quest
You are Blair Weaver. Mercenary Captain. Dark Flier. Witch. Over the past five years, you’ve been busy making a name for yourself as the leader of the Blackwings, a renowned mercenary company that has seen victory across several fronts of the ongoing Fodlan Unification War. Recently, you and your company fled into the remote northern forests of Faerghus to put some distance between yourself and the Empire following the disastrous Battle of Gronder Field.

Taking refuge in the Tower of Black Winds, you were found by a host of Sreng raiders, led by their prince and an Agarthan disguised as an oracle. Sensing who you were, the Sreng Oracle, Maeve, wished to destroy the Blackwings right then and there. Meanwhile, the Sreng Prince, Leif, wished to instead employ your company to rid him of his rival for power. After a trial and a series of four battles, the Blackwings emerged victorious, and Maeve was ousted from her position.

Learning of an impending attack on Garreg Mach, you used diplomacy and persuasion to convince Leif to abandon his plans and come to the monastery’s defense. Now, you lead a band of 1000 northern raiders south, hopeful to arrive before it is too late.

>Blair Weaver
>Level 42 Seraph Knight (0/100)
HP: 61 (90%)
STR: 30 (40%)
MAG: 29 (50%)
DEX: 27 (45%)
SPD: 43 (65%)
LCK: 30 (30%)
DEF: 27 (50%)
RES: 23 (40%)
CHARM: 28 (45%)

>Personal Skill:
Fiery Blood+ (+4 Damage and +3 Speed when HP is not at Max)
Transmute: Up to 5x during a battle, you can make a physical attack deal magic damage
+2 STR
+5 HP

>Offensive Skills:
Stun: Allows its user to paralyze an enemy unit for one turn. (Activation Chance: Dex)
Lancefaire: (+5 DMG when attacking w/ Lance)
Black Tomefaire (+5 DMG w/ magic)
Darting Blow (+6 SPD when attacking)

>Defensive Skills
Rally Spectrum+ (+5 to ally’s stats)
Swordbreaker (+20 Hit and Avoid when facing Sword users)
Alert Stance+ (+40 Avoid when not engaged)

Lance: A
Authority/Tactics: A
Reason: A
Flying: A
Axe: D
Sword: D-
Heavy Armor: D

Forseti (S Rank, +20 DMG, 30% CRIT, Enemy attacks will miss you for 1 turn, 1 Use)
Fire (E Rank, +3 DMG, 10 Uses)
Thunder (D Rank, +5 DMG, +10% Crit, 5 Uses)
Aircalibur (C Rank, +3 DMG, 3x DMG against flyers, 5 Uses)
Fimbulvetr (B Rank, +12 DMG, +10% Crit, Area of Effect, 3 Uses)
Bolting (A Rank, (+12 DMG, 15% Crit, Long Range Siege Magic. 2 Uses, Range: 20)

>Inventory: Killer Lance+, Axereaver, Magic Staff, Blessed Lance, Strength Tonic, Delphi Shield
>Gold: 7850g

Blackwings Company Info/Supports List:
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Operation Moonshot
nazi moon gun
The year is 1989, and the world is at war.

It all started back in 1983, in the run up to the Able Archer exercises. Though most people didn’t really know it at the time, the world was slipping ever closer to war. The United States and her allies prepared for a confrontation with the Soviet Union, and that preparation was seen by the Soviets as a prelude to an attack. Military units on both sides were preparing to move, and the risk of someone making a mistake and lighting off a matchbox that had been slowly building for decades.

But just before Able Archer kicked off, space tracking radars on both sides of the iron curtain spotted a series of objects approaching the earth. At first it was assumed that it was a small cluster of micro-meteorites, which would burn up as they entered the atmosphere. As Able Archer kicked off, ballistic missile tracking radars picked up the objects, and agreed with the longer range tracking sites that the objects were micro-meteorites that would burn up over western europe.

So when those objects didn’t burn up, nobody on the ground was prepared for the hunks of metal falling on their heads at orbital speed.

While many of the objects slammed into open fields without incident, some slammed into villages, towns, and military sites at orbital speed. Each object landed with the force of a cruise missile, leveling buildings and scoring craters into the German countryside. And one very unlucky IL-76 at Sperenberg Airfield was cut in half as it taxied to the runway. Local officers on both sides of the iron curtain mis-identified the impacts as tactical artillery strikes, and held their counterparts on the opposite side responsible. The situation almost escalated as troops in Berlin moved to defensive positions and dared their counterparts to attack, and over the next few weeks the situation only edged closer to war as both sides traded accusations and blamed each other for the attacks.

The next week was filled with strong accusations, threats of nuclear strikes, and military posturing as both sides blamed each other for the attacks. A common understanding on the topic only started to emerge after radar tracking data was released by NASA and verified by the Soviet Union. The data clearly showed the objects approaching earth from a steep angle, and at speeds which ruled out any possibility of the objects having been launched from the earth. And given how both sides had kept extensive records of each other's space programs, both agreed that neither of them could reasonably be responsible for the attacks.

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Star Wars: Stellar Turmoil Quest #3
He was drunk.
Inebriated by intoxicants far past any rational thought. The young man stumbled from the bar, fighting with each step to remain on his feet. You can see each footfall and trip he makes behind your closed eyes. Despite the countless potent drinks addling his mind, the man managed to reach his speeder. Arriving at his parked vehicle, he flops his torso onto the rear bonnet of the craft, housing the imported overmodified engine block, you can see his chest heave once in a private intoxicated chuckle. His hand slaps uselessly at the black glass pane door until he manages to keep the flat of his palm pressed into the barely translucent material. An outline of electronic white glows around his hand. The dark wall of glass becomes fully transparent, then the wall shrinks into the body of the speeder, allowing the man to fall limply into the pilot’s seat. The grainy memory dies. The footage captured by surveillance cameras ends here.

During the trial, the footage was replayed again and again. Every day you’d be greeted with a viewing of the video, perhaps that isn’t quite what happened, but it is what you remember. Then as if to salt your wounds, it was always followed up with a still photo of two faces. A young boy of only twelve, showing a mischievous yet innocent grin that only a child can wear, holding an action figure in his tiny fingers. And behind him is the most beautiful woman in the world, smiling, with eyes full of kindness and joy, both arms wrapped around the child. The next photo they would show is two speeders fused together, melded into one disjointed metal frame. Shown again and again these unwelcome sights become burned into your mind. They haunt you every time you sleep, every time you close your eyes, every time you even think.

There was no justice in the courts; the one survivor walked free. Somehow the claim of affluenza meant that malaise caused by all his father’s wealth poisoned his grip on reality and responsibility. Instead of death or even jail, he was sentenced to a rehabilitation facility. Your son and wife’s lives are only worth a couple of years in the expensive rehab, with luxuries that you could never begin to dream to afford for your family.

A potent cocktail of swirling negative emotions has stuck to you ever since the crash like flies on a corpse. Anger and hatred at him, at the courts, at the entire galaxy, wanting it all to burn has slowly converted into malaise and a deep depression, stealing all of your energy and your very will to live. You had no vigour to leave your apartment, the one filled with reminders from once loving memories, now turned bitter and foul. One day you heard a repeated knock on the door, which you ignored, thinking it was your landlord. On what you think was the third day of the incessant knocking, in this stupor the days blurred into each other, you relented and were surprised by the face a neighbour.
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Settler Lord Quest 5
Title card
You are Dietrich von Adlershorst,duke of Greifswald. currently arbitration a legal case


Dramatis Personae:

I am in the right here, damn you! The short fat form that was Hermann von Kesselen. It was nearly comical to see him flail his arms about to make a point, all the while his double chin rocked back and forth. The fact that he also had a horribly trimmed and greasy moustache completed the look. This was not a man you could really take seriously, he was almost more caricature than man.

His opponent on the other hand, looked more like a piece of dried up fruit. He looks old and bitter, with an perpetual frown and squinted eyes

’’You are not, you never were and you will never be right.’’ He replied flatly.

The case, as was laid out to you, was in theory quite simple. It would be a simple land dispute over which your arbitration was requested. But, thanks to the lack of a cadastre as well as lack of records surrounding the rights and boundaries of their respective fiefdoms.

Stil, as the highest legal authority in the land. You can technically make whatever call you want.

What do you want to do?
>Make an inspection of their borders and decide form their on out
>Redraw the border to make it more fair.
>Order them to fight it out in duel, non-lethally, of course.
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Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #7
Mobile Suit Gundam Quest 7
It is the year 0077 of the Universal Century. A half century has passed since the earth began moving its burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space colonies. A new home for mankind, where people are born and raised… and die.

“We are the people of the universe. We have struggled to survive in a harsh environment, and new generations of colonists testify to our success. Now, when we gaze back at Earth, we see a sacred blue and green orb- the cradle of civilization and a sacred home that we must eternally preserve and protect . . .”
-Zeon Zum Deikun, UC 0058


21:00, 20th February UC 0077
Zeon Military Academy on Guardian Banchi, Side Three (Republic of Zeon)

A sharp hiss fills the interior of the simulator pod as its primary hatch unseals, motors whirring as it slides off to your right and out of sight. As it vanishes into the wall, bright light floods the interior of the pod, and you raise a hand momentarily to shield your eyes - the pod’s screens and readouts are anything but dim, but the overhead lighting of the warehouse they’re being kept in is downright blinding in comparison. Blinking, you clear your vision and reach out to the edge of the open hatch with a gloved hand, pulling yourself from the pod with practiced ease and landing feet first on the ground after a short drop.

Across the length of the warehouse the other cadets are doing the same, helmets peeking out of all but one of their deactivating simulator pods as each starts to clamber out. Casval is, once again, not wearing a normal suit. Typical, no point even arguing with your brother over it at this point.

“Felix!” The almost taunting voice of a young woman calls out from the pod opposite of your own, a mischievous smile visible beyond her slightly tinted visor, “I think you’re getting worse - What was that flying? I thought your pod broke.”

You give Vivima a small shrug in response, “No, I could just see your shots way off, you’re still projecting intentions. Might as well call them out over comms.”

Viv rolls her eyes and laughs, her voice far clearer and more resonant than it has any right to be - a voice like hers really is squandered on a Zabi, “Mmm, maybe I will, that could be fun. If just thinking about them has you spinning around like a top, imagine how you’d move if I just told you. Oh, I do like that.”
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Slice Quest #2: Slice Guys Finish Last
You’re DIESEL CRASH: proud delivery boy for PIZZA MIND, your uncle’s pizza parlor, and tonight just isn’t your night!

What started as a not-so-routine delivery to a graduation party on a private island owned by HAUSER PHARMACEUTICALS quickly descended into a fight for your life! Though you managed to obtain an unofficial invite to the bash from the cold, yet surprisingly-alluring heiress and Student Council Prez MINA HAUSER, the price was steeper than you initially realized.

Convinced that her father, the CEO of the company, was up to something foul, Mina gave you the task of digging up some incriminating dirt in order to secure her path to inheriting the ‘throne’. Along the way you met some of GREENRIDGE HIGH’S key players… and a few of the not-so-key such as RAJ DAWOOD: Skater dude and generally chill guy, and PEPPER HORNSBY: a dyed-in-the-wool journalist with an unhealthy habit of sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong!

You barely had time to introduce yourself before disaster struck: people were going missing, a storm was brewing, and cellular service on the island was completely cut off!

Oh yea, and the party was crashed by a 12-foot slasher and a pack of scaled, tentacled dog monsters. That put a damper on the whole party too.

Dealing with the fallout led you to the bottom of the island’s abandoned mine in search of Pepper who, upon witnessing you getting a reward from Mina, struck out on her own to unearth Hauser’s dirty secrets! Though it took some doing, you managed to track the redhead down… as did REGINALD SMYTHE: Hauser’s Chief of Security!

With several guns pointed at your face and still no clue what’s going on, THIS is where your story continues…

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