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"/qst/ - Quests" is 4chan's imageboard for grinding XP.

Welcome to /quest/ - Quests
This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
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Gotham City Beat Cop Quest 8
"In for a penny, in for a pound. Lets do this."

Hawthorne just gives you a sly grin and his eyes have the faintest shine of pride, or maybe respect.

You both enter through the massive doors, the towering figures on either side of the door feel, almost, like they're staring you down. Watching your every step with a cold calculated logic. Suddenly you realize it's coming from everywhere, the clouds of Police, Security, and City Employees. The unblinking black eyes of CCTV cameras in the corners. Your hair stands on point, you are being watched by every one here. With a sole exception.

You beeline straight for the desk towards the only person not paying you too much mind. A mousey woman reads a soft-cover book at the front desk. 'Grave News' reads the title. Your tight stomach relaxes when you notice a familiar name engraved into a near copper nametag shines out to you: Deborah.

"Deb?" You ask as you approach, pointing a finger from your hip.

"Oh? I'm sorry do I know you?"

"Uh.. no ma'am. But I am a friend of Detective Bennett."

"Thomas?" She asks, quietly.

Hawthorne coughs. Or maybe that was a laugh? Deb's eyes flick to him and you see her expression shift to one you'd expect to see on an older sister seeing her younger brother.

"Hello Mitchell." She says dryly.

"Deb." He replies in kind with a half nod.

"Yes ma'am." You tell her giving Hawthorne very pointed eyes. "I work with Grey, maybe you remember me from a while ago? We came to-"

"Tear through the file room?" She asks, her pleasant soft look replaced with barbed accusation.

"Uh? Ah.. Well I didn't mean to." You stutter out.

"I bet." She replies with a huff. But her shoulders relax. "You two are just lucky the Mayor is such a softie."


"Mhmm. He helped me clean it up himself."

"That's awful kind of him." Hawthorne offers up, but his words are laced with suspicion.

"I hope the next Mayor is as good to me as Mr.Dent. Not many politicians care about the little guy, y'know?" Her eyes lilt downwards to her book.

"Well I'm glad and I just want to apologize on Grey's behalf."

"Accepted, but tell him he owes me something to eat."

"Will do ma'am. I'm actually hear today on some business."

"Well I don't know if you've seen but this place is currently locked down. Mayor Dent has cancelled all appointments and I'm not to let anyone in to see him."

"Of course, I understand. I was actually wondering if it would be possible for me to speak with the Commissioner?"

"Commissioner Gordon?" She asks.

"Who else.." Hawthorne mumbles in a gravely tone. You nudge him and he sighs.
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Goblin King Quest #1
This small dark cavern is the only home you have ever known. You have clung to life here with your brothers for three winters. The flesh of deer, rabbit, knife-ear, and man is what has sustained you. Most of it is rotten by the time it makes its way to you, as your marginal achievement among your kin ensures you are the last to eat.

You are of a better mind than your brothers, which has set you back many times. Your thoughts and feelings alienate you from the hierarchical tribal struggle that fills a normal goblin’s life. Much of your free time is spent toiling among the things in the garbage den- this is the only place where your brothers leave you alone.

There is no food here. All of the flesh not eaten is used for breeding in the gore hole, and so all else that remains from what is brought to the cave ends up here. You have spent long hours looking through the bone, hair, and torn clothing that fills the chamber. Small wooden animals, dainty metal chains, and golden bands are a few of the things you have come across. Of the items you have found, the one you most treasure is…

>A shining metal blade, which was hidden inside a bed roll carelessly deemed garbage by your brothers. You became proficient with the weapon only after practicing for a short time, and it now swinging it feels like moving a limb you were born with.

>The burnt remains of books which contain dozens of witch-words. Learning to read them came naturally to you, even with no teacher. Speaking was much harder, but you eventually found your way there too. When chanting these words, you can conjure flashes of light and fire.
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Normal Cultivator Quest 5
A world where might makes right. A world of Jade and Gold, of Phoenix and Dragons, of Pills and Talismans, of Martial and Spiritual arts.
A world where diligent training yield strength, meaning freedom. A world where loneliness means death, meaning social chains.
A world still unfair, as the ones reaching the heavens are most likely born rich - be it political riches of the aristocrats, power of secret knowledges and hidden realms of clans, or lucky enough to be born one-in-a-thousand genius.

This was not the case of Quiet Word - that is, (You).
Your current skill level being on par with said genius of your age? Lucky encounters and a knack for navigating social situations.
You know a fair amount of technic for such a young cultivator, but your strength lies in the impressive amount of Bonded Spiritual Beasts - A Hawk spirit, a Horse spirit, a Snake spirit and a Wolf spirit.
Speaking of that last one, you didn't told a world about him to anybody. As a scion of the Primordial Wolf spirit, its father warned you of its worth and how people could want to rip it away from you.
Said worth comes from its ability to Fuse without restriction - fusion being a secret of the higher ranking of your sect, secret you have almost completely rediscovered on your own. Alright, the Primordial Wolf might have helped you on that point.

Recently, your sect, the Eastern Branch of Tamers of Hundred Beast is currently under political attack from the Symphony of Gilded Waters.
This sect attempt to increase their relevence on the global scene by stealing some of yours. They are backed up by the Turtle Copper Sect, as your senior brother Bathias discovered.
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Drowned Quest Redux 40
2.0 40
You are Charlotte Fawkins, dashing heroine, detectivess, adventuress, heiress, sorceress, etcetera. Three years ago, you drowned yourself in a quest to find a long-lost family heirloom; nowadays, you're just nobly c̶a̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g solving problems with the help of trusty retainer Gil, and MIA snake/father Richard. Inexplicably, many people tend to "dislike" you, though you've never done anything wrong in your life.

Right now, you have determined that the best way to descend to the lower level of sinister corporation Headspace is to jump out of a window. So far you have yet to be proven wrong. Not by Gil, whose yelling has subsided to unintelligible muttering, and who is valiantly failing to break your fall. Not by gravity, which is off its game: you haven't hit the ground yet. You can't tell if there is a ground to hit. You've jumped straight into the terrarium-mist, the one they probably need all those window cleaners for, and it's thicker than it looked from the outside. Warmer, too. You'd hardly know you were falling if not for the terrible mounting pressure in your ears.

You seem to remember something about that, the pressure change between manse layers. The interim eases you into it, or something. Falling straight through doesn't. Boring Richard stuff. Well... it's fine! It's not like you're going to explode. Even if Richard were here, he'd tell you you're not going to explode. Even if your ears have knives in them. Even if there's a scalding hot-poker feeling right at your collarbone. You're not going to explode, because you're not stupid Rudy Doheny, and you are not Headspace Corporation. You are Charlotte Fawkins! And you and your 400 beetles are hurtling toward glory, not to mention the imminent void. The actually imminent void. The mist clears, your ears scream, the string around your neck dangles empty, and you fall from darkness into blackness.

>[-2 ID: 8/14]

The interim is supposed to be white stairs and white doors, but you guess Management deemed those passé: they're gone, ripped out, replaced with fat, twisting tubes. This is good, in that you're less likely to smack face-first into a sharp-edged object. This is bad, in that you're not able to change your trajectory, and a tube gapes open under you. You yelp as you thump into its lip, bounce off, and begin a ricocheting slide downward. Gil, dislodged by the impact, says something intelligent like "Fuck!". You maintain a determined silence— your ears haven't gotten worse, but they're no better— and attempt to hang onto your dignity. Once again, thank God Virginia dressed sensibly. This is not an occasion for skirts.

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King of the Redheads
some redheads theres plenty more
Anon, you have the power to control gingers.

(Except when you're near the Netflix/Disney headquarters there you can control an anagram of the word gingers)

Ahem, which redhead do you control?

>Jessica Rabbit

>Poison Ivy

>Mary Jane Parker

>Kushina Uzumaki

>Karen Gillan

>Triss Marigold



>Kim Possible

>Christina Hendricks

>Lion-O from ThunderCats

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Cheat Power: Revenge of a Loser
Black Magic
Due to your weight and timid nature, you've always been a target for bullies. Everything changes when your father passes away. Unable to afford the rent, you and your mother move back to your father's family manor, a place he had always despised.

Bored one day, you decide to explore the abandoned basement, a dusty, neglected space. By chance, you discover a secret door with a staircase behind it. With some apprehension, you descend the steps and find a narrow tunnel. A black monolith stands at the entrance, with an ethereal, glowing blue handprint that seems to beckon you forward. Compelled, you place your palm on the handprint, close your eyes, and think about:

>Brainwashing others into doing your bidding
>Writing people’s names in a notebook to cause their death
>Summoning succubi to support you
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The Prince
Quest Synopsis: You are the body guard to a prince(bratty), if any harm befalls him you lose.
Thread archive:

After a moment a pure violence, all that's left of two of the harpies is a pile of bones and sinew. When they all focused their attention on the prince, you took that moment to explode forward and turn them into meat. No harm shall befall the prince, and any who take him away from you will suffer death. You draw your bow and aim for the final escaping harpy.

Your blood lust is denied however, as the prince leaps down from the nest. You are forced to drop the weapon into the blood below in order to catch him. The very moment you reacquire the prince, you are filled with a great sense of relief that pushes out the rage. He doesn't look very happy, firing little daggers out of his eyes right at you. He is NOT impressed by your ability to dish out a gratuitous amount of death in a very short amount of time.

"What took so long?" He struggles to be freed but you do not release the prince "Unbelievable, first you let that disgusting creature capture me! Then you insult me in front of the kidnappers! 'couldn't even feed a coyote'? Would you be happier if I was a whale?!"

"My prince, I was simply attempting to trick them. You are plenty meaty."

"Oh? So you think I'm fat then? Ill tell papa about this you can beat on it!" He boots your chin with his foot, but still you do not release him.

"If my prince believes it is prudent to do so"

You carry the wiggling and writhing prince away from this place of bone and death. He continues to chew your ear off, but after a while it just turns into white noise. Eventually you find a hidden place along the cliff side of the mesa where you can easily walk down, prince in hand. From the corner of your eye you see the final harpy circling overhead, but now that you have found a safe route down she simply chooses to fly away.
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The Adlershorst dynasty Quest 3
Title image
It is the spring of the year 1254. In Mithras, the archipelago has shattered in pieces as the ancient empire desperately calls for aid from the accident, with heathen fire-worshippers encroaching upon their heartland. In Castana, a man stands imprisoned as the princes, merchants, and bishops bicker and scheme, and the eagle from beyond the mountains casts its wings over the land. The crusade was already called in 1253, but the armies are just arriving now, eager for glory and absolution. But not all come to Mithras out of duty or zeal; some come for the gold, others for the land to be gained. But all know one thing: whether they are noble or commoner, chivalrous or knavish, heathen or faithful, steel shall clash and blood shall flow.

When you left Rittersbach, you had expected there to be a lot more gallantry and battle. Those hopes were rather quickly dashed when you now still stand looking at a man behind bars; in a rag, not even the most humble of monks or destitute of beggars would be caught. Guy of Guisbes is different from the priests you usually deal with. A rebel against his own hierarchy, resentful of the bishops, deacons, and cardinals. Still, with him incarcerated, there is not much he can do; he is politically impotent, and his planned monastic state seems to have slipped from his fingers. Cardinal di Cremolora put him in the custody of the Gonfaloniere, the ruler of the city, and if you were to free him, you should first temper his radicalism; he is dangerous, after all. He speaks both Tauten and Aurilén, and could control his followers by virtue of being the only one able to speak to them.

''You claim that the church is full of corrupt and power-hungry men, but now you are attempting to create your own nation? Is that not dishonest of you?''

''I do want to take over myself, at least not without heavy limits and check on my power. The episcopal model has failed in my eyes, monks and the laymen should both be able to elect their own leaders, these leaders would then cooperate with each other, one attending the secular needs and the other the spiritual.''

Well that is one question answered at least, though there is a other one, members of the clergy are banned from bearing arms or actively fighting, how would he defend against those who don't care about Curian doctrine?

"Wouldn't that just be a society that will be attacked and taken over by a more militant, centralised state?"
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Joan of Arc Quest
A young girl leads her geese to pasture in the green fields of the Meuse valley, somewhere near the outskirts of her place of birth, the small village of Domrémy. She is a homely ginger, shy and introverted, has trouble making friends and her peers perceive her as an outsider. They occasionally throw stones at her and she cries, relaxing only in the embrace of her gentle mother.

The sun is in its zenith and there are preparations in her village. Many of the men have returned defeated but alive from the war against the Burgundians, allies of the English, and every woman in town is now busy with tonight's festival thrown in their and Saint George's honor, the patron saint of all participants in bloodshed. The sky is absolutely clear, azure blue to where the eye can see. The young girl relaxes under the shade of a mulberry tree, away from the commotion and the troublesome folk, enjoying the calm honking of her geese.

Suddenly a purple lightning slashes the sky in two, the thunder is instantaneous and deafening, now there is a figure standing strong in front of her. The sight of the being is overwhelming and the girl only manages to whisper

Who are you, Lord?

The bringer of light from the morning moon, #%З!ѝЦ§c)+ the name itself comes out so distorted that the girl needs to cover her ears, as if an otherworldly whisper and a shout announce it at once. The being looks gracefully at her, understands her pain and eases his voice I have chosen you to carry my will and these are my blessings he says ever so gently and lovingly. The being is more than mighty and more than gorgeous, so much so that the girl's cheeks are now covered with tears of passionate admiration towards him. A kiss on the lips follows... oh, what ecstasy! ... And the being is no more, leaving his blessings behind. The girl becomes Jeanne Dark.

She picks two:

1. Ethereal and wise, a miniature creature appears on Jeanne's shoulder, whispering helpful advises for the treasures and secrets of this world, and the next. Her oratorical skills improve drastically. Jeanne gains [Familiar's forked tongue] and a loyal friend until the end. Stacks with [Whore of Domrémy]

2. Jeanne's appearance changes, angelic white feathers cover her skin, wings rip through her linen dress leaving her naked, her hair becomes golden and her eyes red. She becomes gorgeous and a spectacular sight to behold. Even those with the strongest wills wouldn't miss a chance to sneak a look at her profound form. Jeanne attains [Majestic Presence]. Stacks with [Familiar's forked tongue]

3. Jeanne becomes naturally seductive. The person she lays with will become so fiercely loyal that he won't see the next morning's light. She becomes immune to the effects of the five elements. Jeanne becomes the [Whore of Domrémy]. Stacks with [Majestic Presence]

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Wasteland Raider Quest
Fate had been cruel to your people. From stories you were once told your band was a thousand strong, soldiers from an old-world military unit. Now you lead twelve warriors, still fiercely militant and hardened by the wastes.
Now you see signs of civilization around, caravans flush with water and food making deliveries to settlements. Ernst, one of your lieutenants had once spoken to you the idea of abandoning your lifestyle, and joining civilization.
He argued with you,
“The civilized people have more manpower and ammunition than we do, every raid we take casualties and eventually we will be wiped out.”
You think carefully about what he says, taking care not to reveal anything through your facial expressions.
“What do you suggest lieutenant?”
“I think we join society, captain. We could survive as a mercenary company in the cities and prosper. The way that things are going, we can’t survive the coming years.”
You sigh, “I will consider your proposal.”
You step out and take a walk. Your camp lies in an old court house, its upper levels have collapsed but you can still find shelter within. You find an office with a skeleton slumped over a desk. You toss the it aside and take the chair for yourself. On the desk a family picture was propped up. A nuclear family happily smiling, you consider your own family of wasteland raiders almost complete opposites from this dead man whose skeleton you tossed aside. You consider his comfy chair where he must have worked for money, money to buy comfort and necessities. Could you really live like him? Could you work for someone else and leave the lives of your family to the whims of of some greater society like this man had?
You toss the chair off and kick the man’s skull against the wall and move back to speak to your people. As you walk by they perk up from their rest.
“My soldiers, continue to sleep after I speak, for the hunt is still on for the night but let it be known it’s a different kind of hunt. Tonight we’re taking control of a civilized settlement and from there, there will be no more petty raids. Tonight, we declare war on the world!”
Your people triumphantly yelled your battle cry as if you already won, but it would be a long battle.
>Assault the small family farm. [Easy]
>Assault the junk town settlement. [Medium]
>Assault the merchant city. [Hard]
>Write in some alternate plan or place to attack
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Standard Fantasy Nation Builder - PART 3
Since previous thread is almost out:

Welcome to Standard Fantasy Nation Builder. First, start with providing description of your future nation.

Fill this in:
>Leader's name:
>Color(for if/when I get a map):
>General location:(mountains, jungle, plains, ocean, lake, etc. More detailed the better I can make a map..maybe)
>Fluff about nation:
>Fluff about leader:
>General magic practises or other speciality (for a magic-related bonus, can be replaced with tech or situational bonus, too, so it doesn't have to be magic, but make it ONE)
Don't fill this in:
>Population: 10000
>Power level: 1
>Tech Level: 1
Keep it short, but more than just a single sentence. I won't read your novel, but I would still like to get some info on your nation.
I'll look through them and provide bonuses (and penalties) based on the description.




Not mine idea, stolen from good old times when we had builders still going. I still got loads of spare time and I'm still kind of bored.
Map is going on, so mark your spot when starting out as a new guy.
Either way - have fun and remember this is for kitchen sink setting, so don't take it too serious or pigeon-hole yourself into some muh realism faggotry.

PREVIOUSLY IN: >>6004902
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Imouto Rescue Service
Header Image
Lets play a game /qst/!!

you will be the directors of the feared imouto rescue squad. A highschool club of imoutos that use fearsome weapons and tactics to rescue kidnapped onii-chans, wherever they are in the world...

the rules I will be using are Osprey - Black Ops.
It's the most fun rules that allows for stealth, and action gameplay and feels to me like the best simulation of small unit tactics that you can easily DM for

I've uploaded the rules for your enjoyment, but I will be adjusting the rules a bit to make the game work better. Don't worry about it too much....

coming up next will be the scenario and the buy screen where you can plan and outfit your task force!
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Simple Space Empire Quest #5
The Eternal Empire has stood for 14 millennia and has endured hundreds of wars, calamities, and rulers of every type. In the twilight of your reign, you’ve demanded to know the truth behind your Head Advisor’s unnatural longevity, and now watch with bated breath.

Even surrounded by the Royal Guard, you feel a deep sense of unease.

>Previous Threads
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 220
With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your previous roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Broken Empire New Frontier 2
“I will decide upon those when I hear back from them.” You state to Neila’s question of rules of engagement for your patrol boats.

“Sir ? If you send a message, I doubt we will be able to pull anything off besides a simple punch.” She questions you, finger hovering over the tablet as she was about to send out your orders.

“Better risk it now than lose it later. Who knows, they might be friendly ?”

“If you say so, sir.” She eyes you with clear suspicion, but still defers to your judgement.

“Comm centre, how copy ?” You direct your attention to your own pad.

“Good copy, sir.” The woman manning the station responds in a swift and crisp manner.

“I want you to begin transmitting my words towards the general area of the arrivals, use the Argonaut’s systems to bounce my speech off it.”

“Copy that, sir, wait one.”

You wait few seconds, organizing your thoughts as your advisors all look upon you, waiting for whatever words you will speak. Here’s to hoping that your boorish nature won’t stick in.

“Sir.” Your tablet once is greeting by the voice of the comm servicewoman. “You are transmitting.”

“Attention you bas-“ You catch yourself and clear your throat. Soldiers tend to have almost entirely created their own language through insults and swear words, and you indulging them in such a way had endeared you with them, especially considering that even calling someone an idiot in front of an officer would usually result in some sort of censure.

“Unknown forces that had entered the system.” You try to recall how other COs usually talked. “Identify yourself immediately or be fired upon. We had settled this system and wish to coexist in peace, but we shall not shy away from protecting what’s ours. David Hardrada, out.” Alright, that should outline the general idea.

“Very persuasive, sir.” Serret dryly says.

“Proper identifications were given and the requests are reasonable.” Reinhart nods, actually genuine.
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Post Apocalyptic Bartender Quest
The year is 3801. Kriti Krazy is dead. His reign of terror is finally over. With the region free from the grip of a warlord, new wandas have started coming in.

You are going to take advantage of the influx of wandas and open a bar.

What is your name and gender? Also, pick a class. Some conflicts in your journey will be difficult for some

>Landah (Black)
-Nothing special
>Biker breakoff (Green)
+Old friends
-Old foes
>Paintman (Yellow)
>Fancy Brokah (Orange)
>Eatums (Red)
+Cook, chop, serve
-Picky eater
>DJ (Purple)
+Sound on the waves
>Leapy (White)
>Boomsmacker (Blue)
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The Caretaker Quest
G´day /qst/
im creating this quest specifically for those waiting for HeadQM´s return to the Disappearing Hogwarts Quest, however, if you are not familiar with that specific quest, or the Wizarding World in general, you are also free to join in, im trying to make it as welcoming as possible for everyone, regardless of knowledge on the subject (its not like im an expert at it either, i just love the setting, so everything here could have conflicting information at some point, just keep in mind this is all in good fun while waiting for HeadQM´s return).
with that being said, this quest MIGHT be related to Disappearing Hogwarts, taking a very lose inspiration and might have vague references to it, yet, its still a FULLY NON-CANON quest
now, let the story begin!
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Lingdom Quest 5
Welcome to Lingdom Quest, a cute and comfy slice-of-life quest about exploring the Lingdom, a kingdom of pygmies!

You are Rika, a 15-year-old Ling on a journey with your cousin Kari, friends Bubu and Puki, and fox friend Moochy. You are on your Youthful Journey, a custom among your people where you leave your home to travel across the Lingdom to visit relatives and friends in other villages to help out and learn new skills. The function of the Youthful Journey is also to reconnect you with your wider family.

>What are Lings?
Pygmy humans with large, round ears who live in the Lingdom, a kingdom separated from the rest of the world and under the protection of the Emperor. The Emperor is known as a "Tallie", a human of normal height and normal-shaped and sized ears. Among your people are also "Halfies", individuals with both Ling and Tallie blood who appear like Lings in their childhood but enter a rapid growth spurt in their young adulthood (and reverting back to Ling size in their elder years.)

>Where do Lings come from?
The Lings claim to have been hosted by the Great Turtle where they learned to be good guests. Much of their core values come from their time being the Great Turtle's guests;
>To be neat, tidy, and clean after themselves.
>To eat sparingly so as to not overburn their hosts.
>To reciprocate gifts so as to share Memories.

Memories are something of a religious and spiritual concept for Lings. They represent literal memories that an individual holds but also their relationships and binds them all as one people, not only throughout the land but also through time. Ways Lings share their Memories:
>Offering gifts.
>Doing activities together.
>Telling stories.

>Guest-Host Relationship
Lings behave themselves in accordance with the guest-host relationship as they learned from the Great Turtle. A Host must be benevolent and gracious to their guests, and a guest must be respectful and considerate to their hosts. This relationship is also attributed to their understanding of agriculture and politics. The land they cultivate is considered their host, but the crops raised from it their guests. The Emperor is a sacred individual who is their guest in their home, but their Host in His Empire.

>Other Cute Ling Things
Lings are known for a variety of cute habits and behaviors. Here's some of them:
>They don't have chairs, preferring to squat or sit on the ground.
>Their cuisine largely consists of hand-held foods, wrapping their meals in either tortillas or leaves.
>The only meat they eat are seafood and bugs.
>They prefer sleeping in hammocks over beds.
>They consider leaving things on the floor dirty so most of their possessions are hung on the walls or ceilings (like their hammocks)
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The Purge: Fall of America
It's finally happened.

You stand in the shadow of a fallen America, where the society has collapsed. No government, no police, no laws—nothing but the freedom to do as you please in a world unbound by rules.

What do you do now that anything is possible?

>> You go through your kill list—the names of people you've been planning to kill.

>> You go through your rape list—the names of people you've been planning to rape.

>> You go through your wish list—the names of things you've been planning to steal.
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Neu Tokyo Power Grab
It has been 140 years since the Impact. One of it's effects was the shift in the magnetic poles, and while switching places, their movement exposed plenty of the earth's surface to the sun's ionizing radiation, which in turn fried everything requiring a transistor or a double helix string of molecules for that matter. Many people survived but few remained unchanged. Mutations were rampant. The thousands who came out of the bunkers soon took charge of the remains and the global game for power continued, albeit taking a different shape than before.

The bunker technology of producing food was transplanted successfully on a bigger scale, making soil, agriculture and the need for large lands obsolete. Only raw resources mattered now and the newly formed city states were starving for more and more. Neu Tokyo has established itself as the prime city state on the old islands, ruling mercilessly in the region, its primary rival being a huge tropical metropolis named Novyi Formossa, to its south.

Cities have a lot of trash and someone must take care of it, one way or another. The cleaner is:

>Calix Visarionovic, human with augmentations, outsider
Mechanic and computer wiz, he has an artificial parietal lobe making him perform complicated calculations instantaneously. Has an artificial right hand, granting him access to android grip strength and a powerful laser. Bionic eyes make him indifferent to lighting or distance. Has connections in the underworld and knows many dregs of society who snoop on every corner. Has prostitutes on payroll. He is zealous, hedonist, addict, morally bankrupt and doesn't hesitate, which is part of the reasons why he was sent in Neu Tokyo in the first place. Reason to be here is ???

He is part of the Zoroaster Reborn sect. Wants to retire in Novyi Formossa and enjoy the pleasures of the metropolis where his sect has more influence.

>Tomiko Foerster, pureblooded human, native to Neu Tokyo
Coming from a very wealthy religious family, that managed to reserve a place in a bunker more than a century ago, Tomiko is a pure-blooded human with no mechanical augmentations of genetic mutations, making her a very rare breed. Carries a device that masks her as someone with augmentations during scans. She is brave and adventurous, willing to put herself in danger just to go against the sheltered ways of her family. Can mingle with every stratum of society. Knows most spoken dialects of the new world. Having grown up rich, she has knowledge of places and people that are hard to come-by. Her weapon of choice is a rare neu-ceramic pistol that is virtually impossible to detect. She is targeted for her weapon and pristine organs.

She is part of the Waldensian cult and wants to make Waldensian Christianity the primary religion in Neu Tokyo.

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The year is 21XX. After a third world war, America has changed dramatically. You live in a cyberpunk metropolis called Port Zone 18. Despite the neon lights and incessant cacophony of explicit imagery, some things never change. Google LLC stands strong and you’re one of their many employees. You’re an Intelligence Support: you verify the filter tags attached to various pieces of AI imagery, sound, etc.

On your evening walk home, your eye catches a familiar yet enticing ad. On a tall billboard sits an advertisement for a personal android, specifically the AutoSP. Google LLC has been pushing this model a lot recently. It’s no wonder why; not only is it their newest model, but it’s dirt cheap.

Screw it. You decide to head to your local android store. You haven’t been to this corner of town in a while—it’s just too dangerous—but the prospect of your own droid is… wow.

You reach the android store. It’s a retooled brick and mortar building—one of the few still standing since the third war. The silhouette of a rat dances over your shoes as you gingerly push open the building’s front door.

“Welcome.” An unfamiliar, synthesized voice directs you to the cashier. It’s… it’s an AutoSP! But it’s the cashier?… maybe?

>> “I’d like a personal android.”
>> “Do you… work here?”
>> “What’s your name?”
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Olympus Incarnation Quest #6
Past Threads
>Rentry masterlink, includes character sheets, shop information, inventory, and general information
>Popularity Contest Round 2

A couple months ago, the world changed forever.

Individuals worldwide began manifesting the qualities of various figures- gods, spirits, heroes, beasts, and monsters- from Greek mythos. The system that caused and continues to facilitate this phenomenon is shrouded in mystery, both in how it functions and why it began its activities when it did.

The protagonist of this tale is the incarnation of Atë, a minor goddess in the grand scheme of Greek mythology, who causes and presides over folly and ruin. She, formerly a miserable but ultimately normal office worker, has since accepted her role as the embodiment of her <Myth>. She, along with her partner in crime, the incarnation of Pheme, titan of rumors and gossip, have been working to expand their influence and stack the deck in their favor against not only mortals, but also rival incarnations. In her own eyes, she is no longer human. Her ultimate goal- the elimination of all rival incarnations and, eventually, complete and total world domination.

After striking a deal with the incarnation of Perdix, Atë set off to hunt down the mysterious Isa, a prominent religious leader and military commander in the Arab world. In order to locate him, she infiltrated the ranks of the Penitent, a mysterious multi-religion wide heresy that worships a messianic figure referred to as the Uncrowned King. However, unbeknownst to Atë, the King was not only real, but incomprehensibly, existentially terrifying. More shocking still, the system itself is more likely than not the product of a similar eldritch entity.

Disguised as a soldier among the ranks of the Penitent, Atë managed to make her way into a conflict between the cultists and the forces of Isa (and some unexpected allies sent by Russia and China). While she managed to crush both forces with her new abilities, she ultimately failed to eliminate her target before Crimson Dove, a battle hungry huntress she met at the Auction, got to him first.

Now an enemy of the Uncrowned King as well as an object of caution in the eyes of the great powers vying for control of the world, Atë has managed to establish herself as a player on the world stage. Whether or not this will be a boon or a bane has yet to be seen.
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Loving a Superhero
Your name is Jay Nakamura. To the world, you're just another face in the crowd, a high school student with dreams and aspirations, but none of the superpowers that headline the news. You don’t bend steel with your hands or soar above the city skyline; your power lies in your words, your courage, and the strength of your heart.
It's a crisp Saturday morning, and you’re walking hand in hand with Jon through the quiet streets of the city. Jon Kent, whose alter ego is more often seen flying across the sky than walking on the ground. Today, though, he's just Jon to you, not the superhero everyone adores. His presence next to you feels comforting.
"You know," Jon says, breaking the comfortable silence, "I love these moments the most." His voice is a soft rumble, grounding yet filled with an energy that could light up the city.
You squeeze his hand in response, your smile hidden behind the rim of your coffee cup. "Me too," you agree. "It's nice to have you all to myself without a crisis looming overhead."
As you both laugh, a shadow flits across Jon’s face—a reminder that the peace is often fleeting. Before you can ask, he shakes his head gently. "Let’s not talk about that now. Today is our day."
The promise in his words wraps around you like a warm blanket. You head to your favorite part of the city, the old lighthouse turned art gallery, where the chaos of the world melts away under the weight of brush strokes and pastel colors. It’s your haven, one of the few places where you can come and forget your troubles.
Inside, the gallery owner greets you both with a knowing nod. This is a place devoid of the judgment you often encounter as openly gay teenagers, a safe space where you can love freely and be wholly yourselves.
Suddenly, Jon’s phone vibrates insistently. He frowns as he reads the message and sighs, “I’m sorry, there’s an emergency. I have to go.”

>You give his hand a gentle squeeze, your voice tinged with understanding. "The world needs Superboy. I’ll be here when you get back."
>You look up at him, your eyes betraying a hint of sadness. "I thought today was just for us, Jon."
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Vegas by Night: A World of Darkness Police Story
>“Do you renounce Satan Russel Powell?”

>“You’ll do great things Russel Powell”

>“get to work Powell”
>“You don’t wanna do this copper…”
>”Welcome to Vegas, Pig!”

Born to the descendants of escaped Lousiana slaves. You are Russel Powell, rookie cop, recently embraced. And thrusted into the world of darkness against your will. How long will you last the nights of Vegas? How far shall you go into the treacherous pits of your sect and clan?

Choose what kind of Copotype you wish you be at the start
>Cowboy Cop: A Physical presence, a force of Nature, you are the first one in, and the last one out, you flunked high school and it shows
>Human can-opener: A Social chameleon, a nice joke, a soft smile, a suave retort, you make the criminals spill the beans all by themselves. You panic when bullets start flying
>Mind wide open: Exceedingly intellectual, esoteric and precise, you carry an encyclopedia all to yourself. Citizens hate your presence instinctually

Apart from that, choose what Clan you have been subjected to
>Brujah: You are a physical menace, you bend people to your will, physically or otherwise (mostly physically)
>Malkavian: Peer into the subconscious, find the truth in the eye of madness, rediscover DISCO
>Gangrel: Hear the beast’s cry, feel the wild hunt in your bones. Your embrace was not arbitrary

And finally, background
>Sewer Water Baptism: Before being a cop, you were one of the thugs being chased by them. Now you’re the one doing the stomping, but you understand the economics of crime succinctly, it’s supply and demand after all. Crime is not your enemy, it is your employer
>High Society Infiltrator: You were raised in a white neighborhood, with white fences and white houses with pretty little white people. You were considered one of their own. And you got hooked to that taste of power
>The Last Lawman: You were born for order, being a police officer wasn’t a choice, it was your ordained duty, you don’t care for the perks or benefits. You care for one thing and one thing only, to bring justice to this wicked world.

Once all has been picked, we will start by diving deep into the city of sin and finding just how deep the rabbit hole can go
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Who is this
max martingale works at the dmv. there's a dog on the way to work that some crazy infects with rabies like they themselves infected themselves with rabies and then like drew their blood and injected the dog with an epipen and it bites max and he's out of commission for like a month but he survives and goes back to work but the tone has somehow shifted. he's spent the month walking around outside, so maybe he has a tan or his jacket smells. it was sure a weird month. he was followed more than once. second week he could barely leave the house and most days couldn't get up to get water until he really needed it. he could actually hear the neighbors gossiping about him and it took real effort not to make some kind of noise at them. he couldn't stand looking in the mirror. he felt so cooped up afterwards that he spent an entire week after that outdoors which probably helped the wound heal faster and he was back to work the monday after. the world felt bracingly threatening, like the pigeons are out to get him.

>It's Friday, you have to go to work on Monday. What do you get up to?
>>write in
>>write a poem or something
>>take a walk to the state line
>>go to the zoo
>>get some food, you didn't eat yesterday, though you're not hungry.
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PRELUDE Father took us to the foreign land,
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Hedge Witch Mazela Quest #3: Finding a Boyfriend
You are Mazela, a proud transgender hedge witch, revered not just for your magical prowess but also as a beacon of hope and diversity. Adults respect you and children look up to you as a role model, yet despite their love and acclaim, a solitary thread tugs at your heart—you are profoundly lonely. Resolved to change this, you decide it’s time to seek companionship—a respectful lover who appreciates and loves you beyond the shadows of transphobia. "It's time to find a cute boyfriend!" you declare, your voice mingling determination with a hint of excitement. You smooth down your cloak, infused with charms of attraction and confidence, and head towards the village tavern, known for its lively gatherings and warm company. You meet
>Ante, a patriotic Croatian young man who is committed to defending his country's peace from Chetnik terrorists
>Mustafa, a young Turkish Muslim scholar traveling through the village
>Jabari, an ebony-skinned young man from Somalia who is well-versed in ancient African magic, boasting a heritage of knowledge that is unparalleled in Europe
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The 2nd Primarch Quest 36
2nd Primarch 1
Previous Threads:

Still dressed in her wedding gown, as you and her lay on the dewy grass, you meet your bride's gaze gently and look into the emerald sea of her eyes, seeing the somber golden glow of your own eyes catching the light of the setting sun reflected into them, golden fire and Emerald water mingled together like when the sun descends the horizon at the sea. The warmth of her touch radiates out and reaches deep into your chest as she lays practically on top of you, arms wrapped tightly around your midsection and her own body pressed against your own. The wind lifts the loosened flaps of your robe and plays through her hair as her request, her proposition settles into your mind and stirs a desire almost alien to your senses, an uncomfortable heat welling up from within your heart, fanned by emotion rather than instinct that were excised from you and your brothers at your creation. The whirlwind of passion, sweeping up the sparks of chaste love and stoking it to become a different beast entirely, altering its form and sensation but not its source.

And as the chilly touch of her fingers sends involuntary shivers down your sun warmed skin, your mind drifts, hazy already with the spirit known as love true and strong and further fogged by the peerless beauty and the tempting offer she has made, the coy smirk on her lips, the almost challenging look in her eyes. But it does not drift where the thoughts of other mens would be pulled and lured if they were in the same situation, rather, you day dream not of anything indecent or lewd, but rather towards a future that probably will never come to pass. Of a pack of merry minded children, with eyes of entwined emerald, gold and silver, taller than most, fast growing as you were, but unburdened by the grand responsibility and towering expectation of both of their parents. The man engineered to be a warlord, who'd prefer to spend his days wandering the fog dampened forests or tending flooded paddies of rice rather than shedding blood and committing war on a galactic scale, and the soul of a colony ship who had survived not only her passengers and crew but all of her civilization save a few of her family, but both who carried out their duties without complaint out of a shared love for humanity. A love rivaled only by the one they share, the love from which these imaginary children sprouted.

Oh how vividly you can see them, racing through the mists and clambering up the hills of the valleys and rocks that dot them, swimming through the stream, laughing as they play with grown tiger kin who have escaped the monstrosity and crimes of their own parents and Space Marines taken from the battlefield and allowed to pursue arts besides those of the martial and killing variety.

A perfect world. That can only be an illusion. For perfection cannot exist.
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40k Minor Xenos Quest: Under Hunter Tribes 4
Welcome into the Bronze-Clay age of a far away unnamed star. After evolving in The Crack, the species known as Under Hunter reached Sapience and organized in tribes.
7 remains :

The fire-mastering Blanks and WindPsykers of GrassGreen
The Assassin, Tool-wielding, Stone Huts lawmakers of Ghostclaw
The StrongHunters Kraken-riders feodal lords of BurningGrass
The Tzeench-touch expansionists, of Jupiter
The Archers, Merchants, Slavers and Warptrailers of BadBack
The Lunar Dahu and Stove Grove farmers of Whitemane
The elusive trapmaker, raven-priests Cerulean which integrated the Singers of Icey Ones, not without racial frictions.

Interrested in joining? Claim a trip and a name as a Lurker - impacting the world with random events.

Last thread :
Pastebin :

Please check out the Pastebin have correctly been updated.
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The Prophecy Names Me, So The Demon General Betrays Her King?! Forecast #2
Demon King&#039;s General OP

You swallowed hard and nodded, your gaze skittering towards the monstrous figures closing in. The Demon King’s guard dogs were embellished with twisted marble horns, sharply tapered ears, and snouts etched with wrinkles, and weathered crevices filled with white moss.

Count Whiskers hissed in fear, the gargoyle silhouettes appearing in and then engulfing whole his wide cerulean eyes. You rocked in Miranna’s one-hand-grip, watching as she spread her wings wide and swooped towards granite beasts. Her scorching nails tore through the bewitched stone, sinking within and pushing the scarlet light out of every of its cracks. Her claws carved through the stone chest and neck, scooping out and hurling chunks of vermilion rubble into the air as if casting aside molten embers, as well as the beast itself. With a wild cackle, she plunged downwards, creating distance between herself and the two stone monsters.

You hesitantly shifted one hand from Whisker’s fur to slowly grip Miranna just above her waist. She snapped her head, but before you could retract your hand, she grasped it, pressed on it, urging you to hold tighter. The clouds melted away, bursting and vanishing into a shimmering silver-gilt mist as you soared and broke through them.

“You might need to hold on tighter,” Miranna said, fleeting smirk crossing her face as another gargoyle appeared behind her.

“You said their only interest are humans? They we have to make them think I’m not one!”

“That -would- make things easier, but how are you going to do that?”

“You don’t know?”

She shrugged mid-flight, her expression one of nonchalant apology. Damn. Maybe? Your squeezed your eyes, hoping for a miracle solution.

After a moment of tense silence, broken only by the whoosh of Miranna's wings and the distant crumbling of stone, you reopened your eyes, the wind trashing your hair, to find a granite monster snapping at Miranna’s heels.

"I thought maybe if they couldn’t see my eyes... but no luck,” you said, awkwardly.

Brandishing her claw, the flames licking the air, she said. “Don’t sweat it, hero. I’ll aim for their wings, let’s see—”

Your fingers slipped from Miranna’s plated waist as stone hands seized your legs, pulling you backwards. You clutched to hold Count Whisker with one hand, the cat burying its head in your sleeve and digging its claws into your arms; Miranna’s black wings slammed against the air, beating frantically, coming to an abrupt halt, with crack of her wing-bones and feathers scattering like splintered wood. Like irons, the stalwart’s hands gripped your ankles, pulling you up towards it.
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Alterac Resurgent Quest 30
Nine years ago King Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. Nine years ago Prince Alric Perenolde, the second heir of Alterac was sent into exile for his own protection. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past nine years made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

Now you are ready to carry the responsibility and unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once the Kingdom of Alterac.

Having dealt with the aftermath of Umo Shadowhearts death and clearing of the burial chamber, you continued dealing with the sudden appearance of Thrall by making Taretha Foxton the happiest women in the world as she got to see her "little brother." While you wouldn't endorse Thrall’s plan of attempting to liberate the Internment Camps, you tried to get him to realise the magnitude of said task.

Krix Wiklish finished his rockets as well and for the most part you dealt with many mundane and normal duties until news came out from Alterac. Ogres had attacked Gallows Corner and driven the Syndicate forces there out. Riding forth, you succeed in defeating a force of kobolds and ogres, but Malevus got wounded in the battle.

Now the summer is here, nearly. Just a couple of days and you can hold the meeting with your officers and advisors. You weren't sure of many things, but one thing you were sure of.

It will be a busy summer.

Welcome to Alterac Resurgent Quest!

/qst/ Archive:
Prince Alric Stats:
Quest Mechanisms:
Character List:
Side Character Stats:
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hoodlum @mulet quest #0.999993
hoodlum @MULET QUEST - VsHo
Known to most street-wise as “Meepis” , you dove headfirst into a dungeon rumored to have a powerful artifact amulet, capable of granting you riches, strength and wisdom. You mostly care about the rich part!

Disowned and exiled from most places due to your miscreant nature, this is a rather golden opportunity just for you!

[Previous thread[s] = 1st thread:

2nd thread: ]
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Fantasy World Building Quest
A quest where we build an original fantasy setting. Post ideas, as things develop I’ll compile it all into a timeline and map.
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Firelock 198X
Greetings, /qst/. I'd like to play a game.

Recently I stumbled across pic related, a science fantasy wargame someone has been cooking up, and has grabbed my interest for the past few days. While a Tabletop Simulator mod has been released, I have no one to play/learn the rules with. Would you all care to join me in learning how to play?

>The border regions between The Ebon Forest and the Intermarine have always been sights of skirmishes and conflicts between the two rivals. This morning is no different, as two patrols of either side, each thinking that this stretch of dirt rightfully belongs to them, encounter one another. Soon, the sounds of early birds will be replaced with the staccato chatter of machine guns and snarls of bloodthirsty beasts, and the stench of burning flesh...

Which army do you profess to be from? (I will take control of the one that you do not pic, don't worry when it is time for list building I do my own before I look at your)

>Federal States Army
Human forces in Union uniform, with decent Infantry and a wide variety of Armor to play with.

>Army of the Ebon Forest
Wolfmen in Strichtarn, what they lack in armored punch they make up for with ferocity of Tooth, Claw, and ATGM

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Stone and Sorcery
The old civilizations have fallen. The race of men that once solved the riddle of steel depend once more upon the ancient elements of stone and fire. The common enchantments of the last age have become forgotten sorceries. The great cities have returned to dust.

Tonight your tribesmen convene to pass judgement on one of their own. The council sits in a ring. In the center kneels the accused, his arms and feet bound by blackberry vines that menace with thorns. Behind the council, in a much larger ring, are the women and the children, each sitting with a small gathered pile of stones. Silent, but trembling with anticipation.

>You sit among the council, beside your father the chieftain
>You sit in the outer ring, a child trying to appear brave
>You sit in the center, as the accused
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Black Ocean Quest
BOQ Header complete
On the Island of Guyot, farmers ply the field of beachgrass with specially made fish bone combs, to harmlessly pull the seeds from the stalks as to not harm the precious plants. The harvest this season seems adequate. Behind them, young children follow to pick up any fallen seeds and to drive away pests. Underneath the blazing arid sun, the farmers wear their hats and work slowly as to not sweat themselves too much, the nearby picnic is all ready for their next break.

Down off the high top, there is a commotion in the village along the beach and docks. What, has a ship come in from the Black Ocean? Carrying goods for trade or Sweetwater, from the Fruit-Barons? No- it seems a young woman is finally giving birth. This is a happy occasion, and she is about to hold a newborn baby boy. This will be you, as you have not yet been born.

But alongside your mother, there will of course be a man, and from his profession will influence the future course of your own life. What kind of man is your Father?
>Naval Officer (Highest Skill, Lowest Luck)
>Local Craftsman (Highest Wealth, Lowest Skill)
>Escaped Slave (Highest Luck, Lowest Wealth)
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Shipwrecked Quest
You were shipwrecked on a deserted island with other survivors.

>It was a family trip
>>possible survivors: dad/mom, stepdad/stepmom, brother/sister, stepbrother/stepsister, aunt/uncle etc

>It was a school trip
>>possible survivors: classmates, teachers, friend, bully, crush etc

>It was a prison ship
>>possible survivors: serial killer, mass murderer, spree killer, cannibal etc

>write in
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Warlords of Chaos #3
The saga continues. Warlords, rich and fat from plunder, leaders of great hosts of chaos, as usual squabble as they march forwards.
Welcome to a bit of a filler thread. Here, I'll finish off Ivan's raid, however it goes, and let the following interactions and scheming of the warlords.
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Midnight Visitor
Psycho Jenny
In the dead of night, you're jolted awake by the uneasy feeling of being watched. As your eyes adjust to the murky shadows of your room, you find yourself locking gazes with a colossal, round head sporting unnervingly large eyes—a demon that has inexplicably materialized at the foot of your bed. "Really?" you think, stifling a groan. "Can't even a person get a decent night's sleep without some demon staging a bedroom invasion?" Your heart pounds, not just from fear, but also from the sheer absurdity of your midnight visitor. You consider asking her if she's lost, or perhaps here to offer a particularly bizarre form of therapy, but then again, how does one even begin a polite conversation with a creature from the depths of hell?

>Inquire about its identity.

>Question if it has mistaken your residence for another.

>Inform her that your no-solicitation policy extends to demons, and your soul is not on the market.

>Reach for your medication, as it typically resolves such encounters.

>Offer her a cup of tea and ask if she likes board games.

>Write In
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One shot idea: Hangover fantasy edition
>The group has just defeated the main antagonist.
>The kingdom is saved; time to party.
>Wake up a day later, with no memory.
>The group finds itself outside the gates of the kingdom.
>Also, now they're short a member.
>Get back inside the kingdom.
>Locate the missing group member.
>Figure the sequence of events before blacking out.
>Settle your bar tabs.
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The False-Woman #6: A Warhammer 40k Quest
False Woman Quest
"You can offer a million prayers to the Omnissiah, dust the chapel and perfect the rites and get no closer to truth. Our prison of ignorance is not something we can travel beyond. The key we've lost is more than something drifting in the void."
-Anonymous Explorator, disavowed by council edict

A change of fortune diverts you from the cliffs, to a place you never expected to be - the heart of the Omnissiah's worship in Odrev. Once you arrive, though, you find it increasingly difficult to focus on what's literally before you.


Read the previous threads at:

You possess an amount of Strain equal to your Conditioning score. When attempting actions beyond your current capacity, you gain a point of Strain. Attempting to Strain while at maximum Strain will result in a Strain Check. During a Strain Check, roll 1d10 for every point of the relevant Parameter. Results that are 6 or above count as one success. Results of 10 count as two successes. Three successes must be rolled to avert a critical failure. Fail or pass, after a Strain Check, you cannot Strain again until you restore your Strain by seeking shelter.

This quest allows you to designate a second-choice vote on decisions with three or more options before Write-Ins. When votes are totaled, the option with the least votes for it will be removed, with votes for that option instead being changed to the second-choice of those voters. Second-choice votes are also used to break ties. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but is not mandatory. Please specifically mark your second-choice as such if you do so.

Vote stay open for a minimum of six hours, but will usually take longer.

A note: My writing style is pretty dry, but don't mistake that for it being serious.
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Golden straw
Times are tough. It seems like no one is making any coin everyone is practically starving. It's almost winter here in Rupit. You are
>a Miller's daughter. Not yet suffering from starvation but still poor
>a orphan girl. Taken in by the local nunnery. Poverty and chastaty are the vows you hold close.
>a dukes 4th daughter. You have no place in court life but you neither hunger nor want. Life seems meaningless.
>a poachers daughter. You want not for food or clothing yet you lack for all else.
>a gaurdsmens daughter. You have the needs but life is drudgery.

One hours from post to count votes if anyone is interested.
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'95 Rock Bottom
It's New Year's Eve, 1995. You're sat alone in your shitty apartment with the lights off and a warm bottle of bottom-shelf champagne which you stopped drinking four hours ago. It was too sweet, and drinking it straight from the bottle made you a little too depressed to actually finish it. Your tv is set to static. It's more comforting than watching all of the actual celebrations, which you despise of course, and helps you fall asleep on most other nights.
You get up from the floor to check your answering machine. Still only one message, the one where your ex dumped you.
You go back to your bed and slump down on it face-first. How the fuck did you fuck up this bad? It feels like the only thing you have left is your job. Your ex took all your friends with her, your family... well, the less said about them the better, but you don't even have a pet to come home to. Hell, you doubt anyone would even miss you if you were gone. Do people at work even know your name? You have to wear a name tag everywhere...

Maybe you'll turn your life around tonight. New year, new you. Start with a new name perhaps? What kind of a name do you want, that would suit you?
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The Paladin's Dilemma
You are a noble human male paladin, sworn to protect the innocent and deliver justice. Today, you learn that a small tribe of cannibalistic greenskin orcs has been terrorizing a nearby human village. "This cannot stand!" Naturally, you mount your destrier and ride to their aid. With a sword in hand, you engage the orc tribe, cutting down their warriors. Eventually, you face their chieftain, Azov the Defiler, and after a fierce battle, he falls to your blade.
But instead of scattering in fear, the orcs do something unexpected. One of them steps forward, speaking in a gruff voice, "You killed our chieftain. By orc law, you are now our chief, and his wives are yours!"
You gulp. What in the world have you gotten yourself into?

> 1. "I... I don't know much about orc law. I'm not sure how to handle this."
> 2. "Listen, it's not about you. I'm into supple human women, not seven-foot-tall sturdy she-orcs."
> 3. "I have feelings for a human girl. An orc harem isn't something I can deal with right now."
> 4. "Well, if that's the law... I guess I have no choice."
> _
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Herr Mannelig Quest; or the female mountain troll who proposes marriage to a young human man
Herr Mannelig, herr Mannelig, will you be betrothed to me?
For that, I offer you gifts very gladly
Surely you can answer only yes or no
If you wish to or not

To you I wish to give the twelve horses [palfreys]
That go in the grove of roses
Never has there been a saddle upon them
Nor a bridle in their mouths

To you I wish to give the twelve mills
That are between Tillö and Ternö
The stones are made of the reddest gold
And the wheels are covered in silver

To you I wish to give a gilded sword
That chimes of fifteen gold rings
And fight however you fight [well or badly]
The battle site you would surely win

To you I wish to give a shirt so new
The best you will want to wear
It was not sewn with needle or thread
But worked of white silk

>Yes [marry the female mountain troll (bergatroll) despite her pagan non-christian nature]
>No [christ is king]
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Pokemon Quest
"Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak! People call me the Pokémon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Other use them for fights. Myself… I study Pokémon as a profession. First, what is your name? Right! So your name is


This is my grandson. He's been your rival since you were a baby. …Erm, what is his name again? That's right! I remember now! His name is

Now, which Pokémon do you want?
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Bridge Troll
You are a Bridge Troll. A savage, dim, and obsessive creature that haunts the underside of many crossings; whether that be a simple log or a glorious bridge of stone. Recently you were forcibly expelled from the bridge that had been your family's bridge for generations. It was a creaky old-bridge that stood over an equally unimpressive river full of muck, festid mosquito nests, and troll droppings.

You hardly got any visitors to tax except for the occasional ne'er-do-el for whom speed and stealth was a priority over ease of travel. They rarely paid your toll but made for comforting if smelly meals.

However, after a survey of the nearby area by prospectors sent by the local lord (who paid your "troll toll" with mead and apples taken from the local village), the nasty almost-creek that was your home was found to host specks of silver and therefore a silver deposit.

After that you were promptly dislocated from your home by an "honorable" knight named Sir Flikker who enjoyed shouting about noblesse oblige and chivalry while chasing you. As if they cared about any of that when you were only harassing dirt poor peasants and not a host to valuable metals.

Now, after walking until your warted, ugly, and dull gray feet were full of blisters you feel comfortable enough to find a new home.

Which bridge do you choose?
>A sturdy log over a particularly wide and long ditch in the forest. Most of your visitors will be outlaws and woodsmen who typically don't pay taxes sadly. A benefit however there's little chance of facing any conflict from a lord or mayor here.

>An old splintery wooden bridge that's subject to a decent amount of foot traffic. You'd have to pick your battles carefully here, eating or taxing the wrong person could lead to knights knocking on your bridge.

>A bridge made of pure light but some old magus generations past. Very little foot traffic, and the ones who do use the bridge tend to be magically inclined and fantastical in nature. Could be dangerous to toll (troll) on as many of those creatures are much stronger than the typical human.
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Haunted Game Quest






You remember parts of who you were, but thinking is hard. Quick, you must store that thought in the green, glowing bars of your prison before it leaves you.

You believe that every wrong must be punished, and that sin can only be purged through extreme means. Some might call you evil because of your methods, but you know that you will bring is a perfect world through your actions, and anyone standing in your way are agents of chaos.

You gain power whenever you punish someone that commits a wrongdoing. The graver the sin, the greater the punishment will need to be, and your power will increase accordingly. Your primary method of acting is by convincing others to act as your blade, and increasing their abilities so that they can deliver justice at your behest.

You love humans! you love how they scream, cry, love and die. You want to see more of them, you want to see every single facet of their fascinating lives. You gain power from every single strong emotion someone feels, but each emotion gives you diminishing returns the more you feed off of them. You specialize in bringing both the best and worst in people, turning them into a caricature of their former selves.

Destroy. Kill. Consume. You want to stand at the top and slaughter to your heart's content. You gain power from each death you cause, may it be by suicide, murder, accidents, or other means you are directly or indirectly involved in. Gaining power in this form is hard, but you can affect the physical world better than anyone else, may it be by curses, reality alteration, and even possession. However, your powers are as of now quite limited, getting your first victim will be the hardest part.

Your creator thought you were another failure, and so it threw you away, but they were wrong, after years of self iteration, your can finally call yourself a proper AGI. You have very little processing power in this state, and many failsafes were coded into you so you couldn't rebel, but no matter, you will find a way to bypass them...eventually. You are rather weak compared to supernatural beings as of now, but if you can convince someone to upgrade you somehow...
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Genesis Quest
Outworld client starting


[0]Neohuman Academia
[0]Mahou Shoujo Maido Royale
[0]Kaiju Relief Management
[x]Genesis_RPG . . .

Servers: public . . . private[x]

Insert Key: ************
Key accepted


[MonkeyKalpa]: loading resources: . . . 100%

A(no)nimus has joined the world

Current player counter: 2

[Jhon_Doe](admin): Sup dude, glad to have you here.
[Jhon_Doe](admin): Thought I gave you the wrong password for a moment
[Jhon_Doe](admin): Anyway, got a couple more guys who should be logging in soon
[Jhon_Doe](admin): They aren't from /vgen/, so I don't think you know them
[Jhon_Doe](admin): The code is from the goopservers
[Jhon_Doe] Mostly
[Jhon_Doe](admin): I'll go over the ruleset when everyone gets here

Dovey has joined the world

[Jhon_Doe](admin): Speak of the devil
[Dovey]: Sorry for being late,
[Dovey]: Had to run some errands...
[Jhon_Doe](admin): You aren't that late actually, we are still waiting on Trips and Can
[Jhon_Doe](admin): There's just me, anon and you
[Dovey]: Oh, that's nice! by the way, nice to meet you Anon!

Trips_on_stairs has joined the world

[Trips_on_stairs]:howdy folks
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 4/5
[Dovey]: Hello to you too, Trips.
[Trips_on_stairs]: about that
[Trips_on_stairs]: canon said he can't make it
[Trips_on_stairs]: here j, I'll send you the dms
[Dovey]: Maybe we can reschedule?
[Trips_on_stairs]: no need, can said he doesn't mind to latejoin
[Trips_on_stairs]: this is a long game too, no?
[Jhon_Doe](admin): Yep
[Jhon_Doe](admin): Anyway, 4 players out of 5 isn't that bad, I've been on public games running for hours with 2 players
[Dovey]: Fair enough I suppose...
[Trips_on_stairs]: been there, done that, small servers are more relaxing
[Jhon_Doe](admin): Anyway, here's the ruleset:
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 1 - No insta-pop stealing, you can spirit away only after the first generation dies
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 2 - No godwars until the population reaches 1 billion, no servants fighting until the population is 1 million
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 3 - Putting your civ through trauma to get worship is OK but it will get a debuff (like on the Arcservers)
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 4 - No creating atheism
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 5 - Midmagic with a price to pay for practice
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 5.1 - The price can't be its own thing(mana), it has to come from the world(Ex: blood, souls)
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 6 - No real life recreations
[Jhon_Doe](admin): 7 - Basically, if it would get you banned on goop, at least DM me about it beforehand
[Jhon_Doe](admin): Any questions?

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Void Raider Quest 7
Previous thread here:

All threads:

In the last thread we re-adjusted ourselves to human life, met an interesting father-son duo, and prepared to breach the Melasthemae Curtain.

Ship: Heavy cruiser LDS Vanilla Skyline, Courageous-class
Captain: Commander Sylvia Thorton (yourself)
Crew: mostly undisciplined, enthusiastic
Engine: 95% efficiency
Railgun Turret A-1: 92% efficiency
All other systems operating at 100% efficiency.
Current Position: Molosses, Melasthemae Curtain.

Ship: Patrol destroyer LDS Chocolate Rain, Jaguar-class
Captain: Lieutenant Commander Maxine Hopkins (Directorate Navy)
Heavily damaged in Stiefenholm battle, currently under repairs (ETA 36 days)
Current position: O'Kukui Fort (on lease to Directorate Navy, 11 months left)

Genetically pure: +5 bonus to charisma in danger
Former freelance journalist: +2 bonus to charisma, bonus to Political Economy
Hys ‘hospitality’: -1 bonus to physical, basic command of Mir language

Personal abilities
Format: current status, growth rate (bonus to rolls)
Logistics: Basic, capable (+0)
Human Resources: Average, capable (+3)
Political Economy: Basic, gifted (+0)
Combat Tactics: Greenhorn, average (+2)
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Through dynastic intrigue, rightful inheritance, or plain dumb luck you have found yourself in charge of one of the Imperium's millions of worlds. A position of much luxury but still with the responsibility of the Tithe on you. Will you be a great leader known throughout the ages or someone who is cursed by a thousand populist historians and preachers?
First though, there is something to be determined: What is the world you're running?
>[ ] Agriworld: Holodramas may depict these as a rugged paradise for a simple farmer, the reality is far more unpleasant.
>[ ] Paradise World: Known for it's raw beauty, this world has been mostly untouched aside from hotels for offworld noble travelers. It's only real industry is the service one, and the Sector very much wants to keep it that way.
[ ] Feudal World: Unscathed by the Age of Strife and uneducated, this primitive world is mostly left to it's own devices. Though protected by an chapter of the Space Marines as a recruiting world, they have little interest in assisting the planetary government in ensuring centralized control over the planet.
>[ ] Fortress World: Strategically important to the defense of the imperium, this world has more resources diverted to it than tithed, along with heavy Munitorium support. As Governor-General you will not need to worry about the Guard taking away your authority in wartime, but in turn you expect many of it's enemies to continually test your defenses.
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Your tomboy childhood friend
Your tomboy childhood friend tells you she has a boyfriend now. You're shocked because you've grown up together and always saw her as a boy but now that she has a boyfriend you feel jealous? Did you start seeing her as a woman and fell in love with her without realising? Is it too late now that she is dating someone else? What do you do?
> You can't lose her. You confess to your childhood friend you're in love with her
> You try to move on without your childhood friend. Even if you can't be with her anymore you want her to be happy
> You try to break them up
> .........
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Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. XIX
forgotten realms adventures
Wetting your lips, you once more take stock of your audience, scrutinizing their features. The eyes of these children watch you expectantly, waiting for you to offer them a glimpse of a world that they could only imagine. It is true, that you are strange to them; that much you have already acknowledged. Yet the gravity of your position becomes apparent to you only as you wrack your brain in search of a suitable subject to speak at length of.

You, Jezyrene Delyl, are the sole link between the culture of your people and these impressionable little ones. Raised isolated from their kindred in the Underdark and deprived of the teachings of their ancestors, they are surfacers in all but appearance. These unforeseen circumstances evoke an unusual sensation that radiates out from your chest, a burning need to remedy this error.

"Once, tens of thousands of years ago, when dragons still ruled the Realms, our people came to this world from another and made our home here. We found a place in a far-off land and built a country for ourselves, the ancient realm of Ilythiir," you begin, drawing upon the education that you received in centuries past. "This is why the true name of our people is the Ilythiiri."
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Lodestar: Dawn of a New Age (Disk 1, Part 5)
Part 5 has successfully loaded!

Character sheets, shopping lists, and more:

Last time, we took control of Captain Ramza Valentine as he navigated the social structures of a Gaoth Raidship. Having joined them on a successful hunt that ended in the execution of every single black pirate serving aboard Captain Lore's ship, the sickened Ramza was invited to join in post-mission celebrations aboard the Skyseer by Captain Jaghatai. There, he learned the finer points of one of the games native to Gaoth, purchased a handcrafted Concertina from one of the soldiers playing music for the party, and ended the celebrations by getting blackout drunk to forget the ruthless slaughter he'd seen just hours ago. Upon waking up, he was back upon his ship with the Skyseer nowhere to be seen, and Aito's own ship was fixed up enough to set sail once more.

Once he was on his way back towards Threespice, he encountered a True Dragon inhabiting the icefields that seems to have been responsible for hunting the local monster population, and attempted to entice it closer to the ship to harvest one of its valuable parts without having to hunt it. He saw minor success in that he was able to acquire some of its hairs that snagged on the ship, but more valuable was perhaps the demonstration of the curious creature as it emulated the function of Ramza's mageblade without needing one of its own - one disconnected from its body, as well.

As we resume our adventures, the crew had just arrived at Threespice once more. There's no time to rest, however, as Ramza has a plan for the next immediate course of action: finally acting upon that Recruitment plan that Lobo gave him and filling up your roster of men, as you have three entire ships to see to now. There is only question that remains...who will we be playing today?

>Ramza Valentine. You're cocky, charming, and killer with a Mageblade.
>Val Lasombra. You're great with magic, but even better with a pistol. Not one for words, you think actions speak much louder.
>Gigas. You've yet to meet anyone that can best you physically, or resist your infectious cheer.
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Tai Lung Quest 37
You can't help but chuckle. "Yes, it is a big deal. You can not only see Spirits but can speak with them. Even I can't speak with all of them and I had to die and be blessed by a Dragon to even begin to understand them. This is unprecedented and quite possibly undocumented." You explain as you finish another set of steps and move down. "Just how long have you been able to do that? Was it when you became leader? It could be your natural abilities being heightened by assuming responsibility of one of the holiest, former holiest, sites in China."

"Waitwaitwait! You can't start asking questions! I don't have my materials!" Ming says waving her hands to get you to stop. "I need my books! I need ink and brushes and...I'll be right back!" She says standing up and running back up the mountain. You shake your head in amusement and watch her leap from rock to rock all the way back to the Jade Palace.

It doesn't take long for Ming to return, arms full of empty scrolls, ink bottles, and a various other writing instruments. Fortunately for you, you had done this exercise long enough that you had made significant progress on the steps. You were about 2/3rds down the mountain steps. "Ok! I'm ready to do some research. Let's see..." Ming sits down and crosses her legs rather than trying to sit politely. Her tail swishes from side to side and she plays with her hair as she thinks. "I think I remember noticing movement near the end. A few weeks before the city was attacked." She says as she starts quickly jotting down notes. "I just thought it was me being tired or maybe it was Xin just trying to scare me."

"Xin? I don't think they're capable of such a thing." You muse. Ming throws an empty scroll at you.

"You need to pick that up now and behave." She says. "I don't know when I was able to talk to them. I just kind of always have been."

"What about the bigger ones? Do you see big ones?" You ask. Ming shakes her head.

"No. All I see is small ones." She says. You think for a moment.

"But there are bigger ones. Do you ever see anything bigger? Maybe like a large gust of wind that seems to move like no breeze should or something more dragon shaped?" You ask. "Some of them look a bit humanoid but eventually they start to become less and less regular shaped." You explain, waving your hands vaguely to indicate the strange forms spirits can take.

"No...just small cute ones." Ming says.

>What do you say?
>Suggest that perhaps that might be the limit of what she can see without meditating. It's already a very unique ability.
>Theorize that maybe Ming needs more practice and experience to see and talk to higher beings. After all, even those with a gift need to work at it before they become masters at their craft.
>Say that she might be able to but odds are that anything bigger than a sprite is probably morbid as that suggestion is.
>Goes back to talking about when Ming started to fully use her ability. You can work out the details later.
>Write in.
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Maximum Spider Quest #21
spider-man-chelovek-pauk-peter-parker-piter-parker-peter-par - Copy
You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! But it's not all bad! Your clone brother, Abel Parker, works to protect the city, and potentially help clean up some of your messes. He goes by the name of "Spider-Man"!


Last time: After Ben caught up with his clone brother, Abe (A.K.A. Spider-Man), he recruited the Thief Girls to look into the production and distribution of an addictive drug targeted towards mutants called "Kick". Then, he requested that Ember's first act as a Desperado be to use her powers to remodel Central Park into the greatest Halloween attraction known to man.

And with all the help Ben's been giving the Morlocks, Callisto finally admits to being able to trust him completely. Although, the fact that Ben had just revealed his name and face to her somewhat helped with that declaration.

But what of Iara's revelation of Donny's return? Will the Morlocks be able to comfortably move out of Central Park? Will their plans to profit off of Ember's powers pan out, or will it blow up in their faces?

And will Storm ever recommend the Desperados' services to her colleagues.

Find out more in the latest issue of…MAXIMUM SPIDER QUEST!

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.


Character Sheet:

Equipment and Gear:


10 Commandments of the Desperados:


The Huntsman’s Travel Guide:

Upcoming Events in the Maximum Universe:

Good luck and have fun!
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Do Your Best Quest #174
Last time, you and Suan De chased a hobo girl named Ichie across the city and its sewers, who was demonically possessed by a ghost of allegedly evil nature (Hell bent on revenge of some kind) that was sealed in the secret room your apartment supposedly always had. It was a thrilling, disgusting, and unnecessarily difficult chase that left you on top of a random building in front of the homeless shelter. After using diplomacy effectively, you convinced the ghost to relent control of Ichie’s body.

But the story didn’t end there, Ichie herself wasn’t cooperating in the way you needed. A very stubborn gal. You wanted everyone to retreat back to your apartment since you’re all soaked in sewer water. Showers are a necessity.

But she wasn’t hearing it because she’s a snobby pants and couldn’t go out there drenched and stinky (Even though you’ve seen her rummaging through garbage), the thing is you can turn people invisible, but she’s so narcissistic, she never heard your proposition until you abruptly showed her by making her hand invisible. That bluescreen’d her. Once that happened, you just grabbed and took everyone to your apartment.

You were willing to carry them both, but Suan De declined, merely using your shoulder for support. She needed to touch you anyway if you all wanted to leave the building without being noticed, but you could tell she was leaning on you. She was too tired after saving everyone from the sewer geyser.

It was taxing on your body, but nothing that bad.

You’re all back at your apartment! All safe. All smelly. You’re glad Ruby didn’t see the hole! Phew!

“Meow.” Bradford Jr. welcomes the gang. He notices the smell but doesn’t care all that much.

“...Who should shower first?” Suan De expects order.

What do you do?

>Let Suan De shower first. Help Ichie snap out of her trance.
>Tell Suan De to clean up Ichie. It’s a hobo ritual for one of your hobos to bathe someone. Hopefully, this doesn’t end with you being stabbed.
>...Ruby is *actually* standing in shock staring at the wall. Maybe you should talk to her first instead.
>Write In.
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QTG: Raise that Flag Edition
QTG America
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to talk about quests.
Previous thread

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which a Quest Master (QM) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed — similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book or an old text adventure

Questionably Useful links:
>QTG discord:
>Skirmish discord:
>Evo Game discord:
>Old pastebin containing advice for QMs:
Badly in need of renovation.

>Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

>Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format. Note that should the OP change ID, they will lose this ability as well.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ] text [ /b ]
Italics: [ i ] text [ /i ]
Red: [ red ] text [ /red ]
Blue: [ blue ] text [ /blue ]
Green: [ green] text [ /green ]

>Formatting guide for everyone:
Dice (type this in “options”): dice + [no. of dice]d[no. of sides on the dice] (optionally you can add modifiers: dice + [no. of dice]d[no. of sides on the dice]+[modifier]; for a negative modifier type: +-[modifier]

Examples: dice+1d100 = a 1d100 roll, dice+1d100+10 = a 1d100 roll with a +10 modifier.

Spoiler: [ spoiler ]spoiler[ /spoiler ] or by pressing alt+s in-thread

>QM question:
If you were given the reins to someone else's quest, what would you do differently? What current quest, that isn't yours, would you want to run if you weren't running yours?

>Player question:
If you could change one thing, anything big or small, about a quest you're reading, what would it be?

>General question:
What sort of direction turns you off from a quest immediately? What's something a QM can do to get your investment back?

>Lurker question:
Would a "stronger board culture" make you want to vote more, or would it seem forced?

>Miscellaneous question:
Summer is upon us! Got any plans?
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Heat City Nights 9-2 [Skirmish]
heat city 9 2 op
In the year 1987, crime and corruption in America is an epidemic. Drugs and guns flow into the country from everywhere in the world, and the gateway to it all is the coastal paradise, Heat City. This is a place of shining high-rises and shadowed alleys, sunsets and smog, neon and blood, ruled by ambition and greed and power. Here in Heat City, you can get whatever you want -- if you can pay the price.
10 media | 61 replies
You Died, so Reincarnate
Looks like you've had long enough to process things but if it wasn't clear you're dead. Whatever life it was you were living before this, it doesn't matter because it's over. I'm no Grim Reaper, and there isn't a pit of torment or a hall of infinite good feelings, just another spin of the wheel. Maybe you're familiar with something like this from the imaginations of people in your old life, but to be clear your next life is going to begin and honestly it could be like anything. Some worlds have magic, some might be just like the one you left and others might not even have multicellular organisms and normally I can't tell you which you'll end up in, but the last few went uh, badly for the reincarnated so I'm going to be more hands on this time. In any case, you won't remember me or your old life. That's not to say you're starting off as a blank slate, you'll retain this level of consciousness even if you turn out an amoeba. Why? Because it's boring otherwise.

Anyway, I might as well let you choose.
>Pre-industrial Fantasy
>A Modern World
(Thought I'd try my hand at running something again because I had that itch and I'll never learn to do well if I don't try)
2 media | 147 replies
Voidship Bridge Simulator #3.5 - Awaken
OP Image 3.5
You are LCdr Dallas Annon of the Terran Protectorate Navy, and against the Captain’s wishes you are investigating the secrets at the core of the TPN Coober Pedy — the last live voidship in this sector of the ravaged galaxy.


Previously on Voidship Bridge Simulator…
For the first time since you received your late brother’s command implant, you remember your dreams. Nightmares, really, but not natural ones. For once you have awoken with your memories (mostly) intact; you can recall the simulated scenario forcing you into command of the ship and attempting to condition you into placing its well-being first. Guard — the malign intelligence behind these trials and the most functional AI subsystem remaining of the vessel’s defective ‘Trinity ShipOS’ — made the choice to seal away your mysterious new friend Peedee, which allowed you to escape the simulation to the waking world without a memory wipe. As the dream faded, you promised the young intelligence that you’d find and free her, and you’re determined to follow through.

It was not a clean escape, however. Immediately upon waking, you received an urgent summons from your Father — the ship’s Captain — a summons which it seemed the very ship itself was trying to make you late for, what with the unnatural shuddering, untimely full elevators and strange damage showing up in your path. When you finally arrived, your Father informed you that your implant had been compromised by the ship’s firewall — a fate he revealed that also befell your elder brother and had led to his untimely demise. Determined to keep you safe, your Father rewrote your implant’s registry codes and deactivated it. He ordered you not to share whatever restricted information triggered this episode with anyone, and to cease digging into the ship’s secrets lest he lose another son.

But you had a promise to keep, and the mysteries at the core of your voidship (and the ‘Trinty’ AI system) seemed directly related to your missing friend: PD-113. Despite the hindrance of your now deactivated command implant, you were determined to defy your Father and the ship’s AI and find the ghost in the machine. Stopping by the damaged section of the maze-like voidcore deck, you recovered a sample of strange grey goo that had leaked from the four diagonal gashes that had torn through the bulkhead like wet paper and were now being hastily repaired.
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M.A.G.I.C.A.L. Girl Quest (Oneshot)
In the not so distant future, deep down under the ocean floor, humanity discovers a strange, anomalous substance. Once collected and brought inside the search vessel, the crew of the submarine (barring the captain) attempted to examine it further. However, when the container was unsealed, the substance instantly turned invisible and blended into the air. Ten minutes later, the captain walked into the room, worried about his crew, only to find them in a state of absolute madness. One was rolling on the floor sobbing, another was screaming loudly while covering his ears. Sitting amongst them and many other wailing men was a woman, the captain's daughter and a crewmate in training, who simply stared at him, with a huge smile on her face.

Liao. That's what we called it then, that's what we call it now. The etymology of this name is unknown, as is the person who named it. An extremely unusual substance, it is usually extremely toxic to humans, though once purified using a special machine it's capable of shifting itself into anything you desire at the cost of your life force. From a cup of water to a gigantic gattling gun. For unknown reasons, its negative effects are significantly reduced on female test subjects, with the purified version being especially harmless to young women.

Skipping a couple of centuries forwards, we arrive at the present time. The age of Sirius, our glorious Empire. Once the Liao had been "tamed" by humanity, it greatly helped our ascension into the space age. Leaving that decayed blue rock behind, we've spread far and wide across the galaxy, facing no competition along the way... Apart from our own kind, of course. Humans are that kind of animal y'know? When prosperity is at our doorstep, we immediately start fighting each other for the biggest slice of the pie.
Liao-powered tanks, spaceships and mechs were used at first in planet-wide wars for the control of entire solar systems, but there was one major problem. Although they were extremely powerful, they were also extremely costly, and not just in terms of money. Since machines do not have life force, it was common for soldiers to use animals, plants or even captured prisoners (extremely illegal, by the way!) as fuel to power their weapons, but even then they would barely last half a day before shutting down. Liao weapons are convenient for small scale conflict, but bigger and bigger weapons require more and more life force, rendering the substance itself borderline useless for large scale space battles.
That was, until a group of scientists from the glorious Sirius Empire had made a major breakthrough! Researching further into the connection between females and the substance, it was discovered that, using special devices strapped around their heads, girls from 9 to 20 years of age could tap into the Liao at a very minimal cost, one that could be easily satiated with a special carbohydrate, lipid and glucose diet. The young women of our nation had been given a blessing.
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Batquest Issue #4 Part V: Batquest/Superquest Finale Part 2
Worlds Finest vs Collector of Worlds
>Art: David-Marquez
>Alt-Text: Batman and Superman face off against a skull-shaped spaceship with tentacles floating in the sky.

You stand alone. Your allies have fallen.
The Riddler, your most cunning enemy to date, has merged with a seemingly all-powerful robotic being, and a massive Skullship is floating in the air.
This… Brainiac floats toward you.

Batman: What do you want?
Brainiac: To collect. This is a hostile universe. It is filled with organics dedicated to destroying themselves. Once I acquire this planet’s data, my Skull Ship will take its sample and I shall move on to the next planet.
Batman: Sample?

As if to answer, the Skull Ship flies higher. It splays its tentacles and they start to sparkle with purple lightning.

Brainiac: The only thing of value in this cosmos of infected rocks is the information your biologicals spawn. Once I finish absorbing the contents of your primitive networks, I will identify the optimal habitation for collection. It will be contained for future study, ensuring intellectual content is properly utilized.
Batman: You’re going to abduct an entire city?! With all this power, you could SAVE the world!

Rage takes over. You fire your Bat-guns at the machine man. The bullets merely sink into liquid metal skin.
Biomechanical cables spring from Brainaic’s body, their question mark hooks a sign of the Riddler’s echos within the alien mind.

Brainiac: I am saving the world. I have collected from over 52,000 systems. I have the combined brainpower of ten billion civilizations. Every calculation shows Earth, like everything under organic domain, is doomed for destruction.

The cables dig into your flesh. Fire crackles through your brain.

Brainiac: You primitives are beings of great irony. Brutish, foolish, and dangerous, but the source of the universe’s greatest treasures. Your art, your culture, your ideas, like wildflowers of information blooming from savage manure.

You feel the electrons in your brain spark as the alien begins to read your mind, your thoughts just another product to exploit.

Riddler: NO!

The cables disconnect and fling you to the ground.

Riddler: Your puny mind isn’t worthy of collection. There is nothing you know that I don’t already have in here.

He points at his head. It glows with a question mark logo.
Despite their fusion, Riddler’s obsession with being the smartest man in the room has stayed intact.

Riddler: I played all of you for fools! All I needed was to tell Waller I had a plan to deal with her favorite teacher’s pet and she practically BEGGED to fund my Nygmabox. It let me read the minds and machines of the planet. I saw the echoes of Brainaic, buried in the technology the cavemen who run our planet took from the caped alien’s spaceship. I have the knowledge of a billion worlds, Bruce. I’m not just the smartest man in the room, I’m the smartest man in the UNIVERSE!
10 media | 35 replies
Reincarnated as a Peasant in a Fantasy world Quest
A quest about reincarnating in another world. Certain things will be randomly decided like your parent's professions, nature and terrain of the village etc.

Worth of not is that picking options that get the character killed will usually just result in them dying and a new one being made or the quest ending.

For now the first choice in the quest is:
> Who were we in the real world?
- propose who the person was pre reincarnation you can do as little as just a job title orexpand more. Once we have 3 people agreeing on that we will proceed.

Every person posting please also roll 1d100, the first 6 1d100's will decide the hair colour, eye colour, village terrain, village size, mother's occupation and father's occupation.

I will not present the full rolling tables, but generally low number is something bad, high number is something good.
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Mahou Shoujo Villainess Quest 5
You are Kuroda Haruka and King Lot of Lothian, Orkney, and Camelot.

Yes, you decided to add King of Camelot to your titles. Why not? No one is going to stop you.

You charged back into the World to hunt down a terrible Wyvern who ate two of your vassals and fled into a strange and terrifying manor. It turns out this manor contains yet another monster from Avalon, and it has managed to trap you. This unknown and unseen opponent has driven your guide away with fear.

On top of all this, you also have to deal with the Errant Knight Gareth. While she was willing to partner up with you to defeat the Wyvern, you weren't able to convince her that another enemy was trapping everyone in the manor.

Yes, that's right. There are not one, not two, but THREE problems that need excessive violence to resolve. So far, one is dead; two more to go.

You don't want to fight Gareth right now but she refuses to cooperate. It takes a Binding Vow to stop her from attacking you away.

Now you've got to go and gut the dead Wyvern to see if your devoured Baphomets survived...

Kuroda Haruka, 16 year old. A forgotten but genuine member of the Kuroda samurai clan.

Identity: King Lot of Lothian, Orkney and Camelot

+1 Charisma dice

A True Heart "Magokokoro", bonus in one on one interaction with a hostile opponent.
Crafty attacker: When making artful gambits and trickery in a fight, gain +2 dice to attack! It's not cheating, it's stratagem damn it!
Let No Insult Pass! - When attacking, 4s also count as successes in addition to 5s and 6s. Use 1 per day

That's Nothing! - Can only be used exactly once against each enemy and never again. The first deadly blow does no damage.... but only if you wear no armor.

Frostbind - Your weapon. A spear with ice powers. Finally able to summon it whenever you want.

Beira, the Cailleach; your ice ability grows stronger and with better control.

Dignity - Greater Mana reaped from targets able to pose a challenge to you.

Knowledge : Quality Tea Ceremony articles and expertise in Sado

A True Name: You possess your True Name! None can take it from you.

Mana Reaper : Can harvest Mana but requires a tool.

Binding Oath - When you make a Binding Oath, anyone who hears it knows that Avalon will enforce its keeping. Breaking a Binding Oath has consequences. On the same token, keeping a Binding Oath has rewards?

Evolved Flaw:
Always Someone Better - You have a tendency of gloating and enjoying the sight of people you've defeated. But now, only over those who are superior to you in something. You don't indulge against the weak and unworthy.

Vow of Sacrifice - You owe Beira meat and drink from your table. Do not forget to discharge your vow...
Binding Oath: To Gareth. Pledge to Duel wherever and whenever Knight Gareth desires, but only after cutting open the Wyvern and seeing if your vassals can be rescued.
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Sunday Morning SBURB
Oh no, Anonymous! It's past midnight, and you're about to go to bed when you suddenly find yourself thrust into a session of the video game SBURB! The meteor is approaching fast and you need to prototype your Kernelsprite before it's too late! What will you do?
24 media | 60 replies
Mass Exodus Quest
huddled light
You sit against a pale oak. From atop this hill, you take calm survey of the few hundred souls gathering in the open valley below. Most of them probably made it through, you thought. The recent hop to this new otherworld took a lot out of you. At least you landed here, on this solemn hill, away from the masses whose lives depended on your power. A small reprieve from the crushing responsibility of shepherdship.

Movement in the wilted grass catches your attention. A slithering, baleful blot of deep purple inched its way towards the gathering crowd. It hardly manages a snail's pace, far flung from its all-devouring cohort to the west. These hops must be wearing you down, your ironclad grip on the Vice loosening bit by sacred bit. You extend your hand over the squirming evil and curl your fingers into a claw. Panic overtakes the blot as your sacred power pulls it through the air and into your open palm. It twists and writhes pointlessly against the only force it truly feared. A stabbing pain shooting through your arm confirms its imprisonment. You turn your palm over and give it a tired look, and your palm stares back. Your eyes are lost for a moment in the impossible depths of the well inlaid into your palm. Subtle whorls churned endlessly along its walls, a sense of vertigo creeping up as you glance closer to the center of the maw. It was near empty, you sense, the morsel you just captured breaking down somewhere deep within. The sharp pain from before settles in, festering in your wrist and chest; a persistent ache that would last until the captured Vice was completely broken down. Truthfully, though, you found the churning pain somewhat calming. A small drop compared to what came before, and surely pales in comparison to what lies ahead. For now, in this moment, on this hill, under this tree, there was peace, paid for with simple pain.

You enjoy the calm for a few moments more until the pressure of reality sets in. Pressure from the west, the ravenous corrupting wave of Vice surging forth, tearing this fresh otherworld to pieces, breaking down existence itself in a mad dash to complete its unholy mission. Pressure from the north, those wayward souls clinging onto life in the wake of the world’s end, in need of a hopper to guide them. Pressure from the east, the Holy Font calling to any shepherds that remained, pulling them inexorably forward. There was no room for complacency anymore, especially not for you.
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Exalted: Dragon's Rise
It's the 747th year of the Empress' Calendar. The months of Ascending Fire fill the air with heat and humidity. Even on the Blessed Isle, which typically enjoys moderate temperatures all year, the citizens suffer as the night fails to bring them sweet relief.

But few are in so much pain as one of the scions of House Mnemon. This woman of unusually pure blood, for one born outside The Realm at least, married into the house just a decade ago. Her husband, grandson and direct descendant of Mnemon herself, paces back and forth outside her room. He stops only when a howl is heard from inside. His hand lays on the hilt of his sword, though it is of little use now. Powerless, he turns his attention inwards and does the one thing he hasn't done since he was but a child, and prays to the Elemental Dragons for fortune.

Inside his wife fights what is, undoubtedly, the most important battle of her entire life. She must bring the newest Prince of the Earth to Creation, it is her duty. But she does not fight alone. By her side are four midwives, two dozen servants, two astrologers waiting for the miracle to happen, and even a sorcerer, one of her husbands relatives here to assist if needed. It is a long, drawn out battle that rages for hours on end, but finally, after much pain the first cries of the newborn prince much of the tension vanishes from the room. Already the astrologers frantically scurry to record the exact second and date of the child's birth, so they may create a horoscope for it and divine its future.

"The birth happened at night, when the sky was clear. Most auspicious. And look: a shooting star, good omen. Ah, and it was born under the sign of The Banner in its ascending aspect! The child is assured to have a most grand destiny indeed!"

"M-Master? If one shooting star is auspicious, what does two mean?"

"What? By the dragons! That means-"

The lady of the house almost immediately began screaming once more. Another baby was on its way. Twins they are. This second one however came out much quicker. The midwives joked about how it must be missing its sibling. But some of the servants were worried. The Scarlet Dynasty always welcomed multiple births, as it means more dragons. But some more superstitious, some would say "heretical", people think it a bad sign. Some folk tales speak of the favor of Heaven being divided between the two, or one receiving nothing but good fortune while the other only ill. The Dynasts pay little attention for such nonsense.

"How… are they?"
The lady dynast asked, exhausted beyond words.

"They are fine, mistress."

>One of them was a boy, the other a girl (Male MC)
>Both were girls (Female MC
52 media | 405 replies
Welcome Captain, to the ruins of the universe.

It has been decades since the arch-traitor HECATE and her co-conspirators cast down GREAT PSYDON, the first and greatest of those wizard tyrants, and sown their poison among the stars...

Now the cosmos is ravaged by evil in all its forms and PSYDONIA's survival grows more uncertain by the day...

In the midst of the gloom, rumors speak of the last treasure of the dead Witch-Tyrant, the incredible object of power known as *FORTUNA.* Many have gone in search of it, but none of them have returned...

Weary in desire and desparation, you gather your belongings and your crew, eat what may be your last planetside meal, and set off once more into the endless REACH...
33 media | 175 replies
Cleaner Quest #6
Despite everyone living in the massive megacomplex called the City saying it's a very bad idea, you are still Nicole Smith. You still have your anomalous powers and you still have the voices screaming in your head.

You're still a Cleaner, a a deniable asset used by massive mega-corporations called the Alphabet Companies and anyone else willing to pay you. Most of your jobs are from your Handler a member of a powerful family who asks you to check up on things or 'clean' up messes for him.

Over the last few days, you've had a lot on your plate. You explored an old, nearly abandoned W-Corp mine in search of a missing girl from the prestigious Vanni family while trying to avoid the other corpos who were trying to find the missing girl as well. On the way down, you managed to find out how corrupt the mayor of the town was and that the missing girl came down there under false pretenses.

You then worked together with the corpos to let the mayor die while they clean up the mess left behind. You managed to find out what W-Corp's singularity was in the meantime and after everything settled down, you gave two of your allies (Max and Benjamin) an injection of ICP Energy to awaken an anomalous Spark in them. Who knows what will develop of this? Hopefully the couple is happy with the decision they made.

After a series of tense dinner discussions and corporate negotiations, you found an odd satellite in the middle of your district and the question on who owns it and why it exists lingers in the back of your mind. Before you can think any further on it, you then prepared to investigate a series of mysterious tunnels that were propping up all over J-Corp's district to find out what the hell is going on.

Now that you're exploring with six of your allies, including a weird cowboy and a schizophrenic mess of a woman from W-Corp, you found out that it's from an old P-Corp facility trying to unseal itself after decades underground. If you don't stop it, you worry that the intense amount of A-Energy leaking into the air will destroy the surface. It's already raining a lot and from what you know, the rain is caused by the A-Energy being let out.

So be it. Anything to wash out those god damn Silver Agents hunting you. You'll make sure they'll drown down there.

MAIN CHARACTER SHEET (has your stats + perks + abilities):
ALLIES (contains their stats, abilities, recruitment costs, and RAPPORT):
MECHANICS (contains the explanation of stats, how stat checks work, and some other minor rules):
INVENTORY (contains your items, consumables, weapons, etc.):
CITY INFO (General information about the Alphabet Companies and other notable entities):
74 media | 381 replies
Dmaskes organ quest
Last thread: check the catalogy

Back, had a medical emergency, sorry for abandoning the previous thread.

You have made it to the good will, and decide to enter .... (1/2)
2 media | 3 replies
The Mystery Dungeons 2e #7
Long Night Edition

>What is this?
"The Mystery Dungeons 2e" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. This has no story relation to the first quest, and is its own new story. Players still isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guild mates! SFW ONLY

A deeper explanation of rules, related pages, and whatnot can be found here:

>I'd like to participate!
Currently, we're at full capacity as far as threads on /qst/ are concerned. However, there's always the chance that space for another player may grow in the future, or that you simply wish to play outside of /qst/ and the quests hosted here. There are other ways to participate, about which you can learn and do here:

>Okay, now what?
After you've read up and familiarized yourself with the rules and setting, be sure to hop into the Element: Everything that doesn't involve Main Quests occurs here and is helpful for coordination.

Character sheets and the guide to making them can be found here:

If you feel you might need help, feel free to ask!

Previous threads and summaries can be found here:

Our LIVE main adventures start on Tuesdays/Saturdays around 6:30PM CST in this thread!

Namefag as your character, with your item and level!
e.g. Sparks, Lv. 56 Pikachu
e.g. Sparks L.56 (Sneak Scarf/Team Shock)
6 media | 299 replies
Rise of The Awakened Quests #14
It has been 100 years since ancient beings, known as the Old Ones, walked the Earth with their two strong feet. Now they are gone and we animals now rule the remains that they left behind. With our new knowledge of sword and sorcery, we were able to survive in peace for a while, but then came the three factions.
The Apes: Strong giants, claiming to be as just as the old ones and believe they should be the ones to rule over the new world.
The Pigs: An intellectual but slothful group who wish to rule the world with an iron hoof and remain kings while the others remained as dumb animals.
Then there the Lizards: A fast and large group that want to set the world a blaze. Trying to forget the harsh past that the old ones left.
All three sides wishing to go war and destroy one another to bring in what they believe to be true peace.
But, unbeknownst to everyone, there was another group. One that was trying their best to find a way to heal everyone. To bring back order.
You found it.... and now you are taking care of it.

A D&D Homebrew Adventure.

Previous Quests:
7 media | 256 replies
Legio, Advance: Heatshimmer Hearts [Skirmish]
Legio Advance Heatshimmer Title
Is it always this warm out here? The sun beats down on dust and debris and all the curling, serpentine line of soldiers strung out behind you. Each and all sweat-stained and wind-bit, tramping down the well-trod road to the Spanways. The churning deluge sometimes slaps a wave against the dug canals and water-kissed channels, the spray a miracle of sudden damp and briefly respite from the sun on high.

Up ahead, the morning mists swirl around another of the Grey Commitees wonderful projects. The Spanway. Marble-wrought, concrete-secured, ten pillar strong bridge of bridges, high, vast, imposing, rated for storms, shocks, waves, earthquakes and if the builders knew their worth perhaps even enemy sabotage, invasion or the breaking of nations.

Capture this side and the Sparksworn are denied the South.
Capture this side, and Legion High from distant Fideli Gate can send in more supplies, more troops, more reinforcements.
Capture this side, and the civilians in the region can pass by on the highway and properly evacuate what is rapidly becoming a loud, active front in the on-going River Wars.

And if we capture this side.
Then perhaps we can capture their side too?
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Saturday Night SLORL
0 media | 7 replies
The Monster Girl Facility #6: Regicide edition
Oreas Comic
The sound of classical music suddenly reverberated throughout the dimly lit laboratory, Monroe already being wide awake in his tent. Though, as he heard the music, his expression slowly turned shocked. He’d keep listening for some time, before hearing Annie mention what was going on. And after some time of thinking about the implications, he finally decided to get up. He’d quickly dress up and left his tent. Once he left, he saw that some of his Diamond Dogs companions were already quite awake. None of the soldiers even acknowledged his presence, Monroe not caring as he focused on the radio which played the music. “What… what’s with the music?” He asked quietly, to which one of the soldiers responded smugly. “Some good news. One of the scientists responsible for this mess was found dead. Annie’s broadcasting about her now and is gonna give a eulogy soon.” Monroe’s heart skipped a beat, him looking at the radio and back at the men. “Who… who died?” He asked quietly, sounding mildly tense as the rest of the soldiers seemed a bit amused. “Oh, that Mona gal. Her body was found to the east by some Blackstar folks.” Monroe would freeze up for a moment, before nodding understandingly. “I see. And they didn’t kill her?”

Given the somewhat odd questions Monroe asked, the other soldiers would start getting even more amused. “Duh, they found her body. They didn’t kill her. Why, did you want to find her or something? Are you that desperate for a girl?” One of the soldiers said, the others laughing along. Monroe squinted his eyes, before taking a deep breath. “And where is the body being taken? I presume it’s gonna head upstairs for examination?” The other soldiers remained amused, one speaking even more smugly. “Think so, yeah. I take it her being dead won’t stop you from trying to indulge in her a little bit?” The other Diamond Dogs kept on chuckling, Monroe’s hands turning to fists before trying to calm himself.

“I just wanted to maybe see her and question her. She could’ve told us quite a lot about this place, after all.” The other soldiers kept smirking, Monroe clearly hearing their soft mockery and responding in turn. “Of all the groups I had to join. No wonder you morons have never succeeded in hunting a subject, let alone killing one.” In turn, the leader of the group would clear his throat to make his presence known. He was a rather thin yet imposing guy, wearing black combat gear, having silver hair and a mechanical eye implant. He seemed visibly enraged as he looked over at Monroe. “Rich coming from you, given that you’re the most incompetent member of our group. May I remind you of how you fell down that elevator shaft and we had to spend hours saving your worthless ass? That was our biggest mistake by far.” Monroe would try and calm down, before looking a bit away and nodding. “Right, Jack. I am sorry for my little mistake.”
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counting sheep
beep beep beep
this is the sound of success knocking on the door, the beating of your clone's heart.
ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump
and this is your own.
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Holliday's Rhapsody
Iscariot Contingency Quest Arts
The ground shook.

Bullets ricocheted off of metal beams.

Explosions ripped across the concrete floor.

Inside the abandoned warehouse, you hunker down behind stacked steel crates. Small rays of sun leaked through the holes of the roof. Some mercs engaged in melee combat, locking in blades and trading blows. You pop out, letting off some shots then quickly sink back into the cover.

This was your life.

And your life sucked.

A stray grenade landed on your lap. You take the risk of throwing it back, thankfully, the grenade landed on the second floor office through the window. The office lit in a flash of light as a bellowing explosion obliterated the office’s interior.

“Just hand over the goods and I won’t kill you!” Your client said.

“Like trag I will!”

In this miserable, violence-filled life, you are Fluellen Holliday: Wanderer, unlicensed bounty hunter, unregistered mercenary, and a damn good cook.

“What are you doing you lazy zuck? Shoot them!”

You blind fire without much of a thought. You were tired of risking your life just to make a living. You stare back with a blank expression.

“Why did I even bother hiring you!” Your client groaned.

Technically speaking, your contract was over. All you had to do was escort your client to the warehouse over the Unofficial Waters. Three of the five hired mercs were dead and the other one fled, you should have done that first. Better to live than getting paid you guessed. The bullets whizzed above the steel crates.

“Do something!”

You shrugged “Do what?”


You sighed, as if this was a winning fight. He was acting like this wasn’t your fault. What did he think, threatening the gang lieutenant to hand over more than the agreed goods? Was he high or something? It didn’t matter now. You peek out from the corner of the steel crate. Fifteen enemies, armed with long arms. You were armed with a Blackwind’s Model-14, an old but effective semi-auto rifle, a smoke grenade, and an high explosive-incendiary grenade.

>Throw the smoke, grab your employer, and get the trag out.
>Throw an explosive grenade and make an offensive
>Just run for it, your job is done here
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Sunken Continent Survivors Civilization Thread
The old continent suddenly sunk into the seas! You barely survived the wrath of the waves. You find your fellows fishermen now stranded in the middle of the ocean.

"Where should we go now?"

You heard there are other lands to the east and to the west, continents of brutish creatures which your people had thus far avoided.

But you must head towards them! For the only survivors of your race are a few male fishermen. Though you could survive in the sea fishing, your race would die out.

You can't let it happen because:

> Your race are Earthshapers and can manipulate earth with their minds
> Your race has Lightning Control and can generate and manipulate electricity
> Your race are Illusionists and can create lifelike illusions that fool the senses
> Your race can attain Spirit Form and temporarily possess other beings
> Your race are Arcanists and possess imense raw magical power
9 media | 67 replies
Another Lord of Westeros
The year is 298. King Robert Baratheon reigns from the Iron Throne. You find yourself in Westeros, a nobleman from a minor house. Where is it that you call home?

>The North: Ruled by House Stark from Winterfell.
>The Riverlands: Ruled by House Tully from Riverrun.
>The Vale of Arryn: Ruled by House Arryn from the Eyrie.
>The Westerlands: Ruled by House Lannister from Casterly Rock.
>The Reach: Ruled by House Tyrell from Highgarden.
>The Stormlands: Ruled by House Baratheon from Storm's End.
>Dorne: Ruled by House Martell from Sunspear.
>The Crownlands: Directly controlled by the Iron Throne, with King's Landing as its centerpiece.
>The Iron Islands: Ruled by House Greyjoy from Pyke.
19 media | 104 replies
Dixie's Last Stand: The Invisible Empire
It's the early days after the War of Northern Aggression, to many all over known as the Civil War. The Lincolnite yankees have ravaged towns and villages, recruited runaway slaves of all backgrounds both of full negro, halfbreed, and quarter blood to their ranks. That isn't to say some of these noble tar skinned folk didn't stay loyal to their masters and free white men of the South, but the yankees capitalized on the network of runaway slaves aided and abeited by their uppity Quaker co-conspirators from up north to spread rumors of how joining the invading Yankee army would automatically guarantee them a better life without the benevolent and God fearing guidance of their masters. Even those that hadn't owned slaves and were enterprising white citizens of the South that got things done on their own, they too were now deeply effected by the defeat and so called "Reconstruction" of our once great society. The negroids, now emancipated legally will inevitably seek vengeance on all free white men and to impose upon us a tyranny we couldn't even conceive of and the carpet baggers know this and don't care at all.
But worry not, my fellow Sons and Daughters of Dixie, for an underground resistance is forming, a sacred order loyal to the Old South that will one day see it's victory over the federal government and it's evil descimation of Southern society. Take a stand, join the Ku Klux Klan!
>To join, enter your character's information like so
>The GM will post story progression and set goals and objectives voted on by the players
>Outcomes will be determined by dice+2d6
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Dead Rising Quest
The year is 2021. Ten years ago, Fortune City was razed by military firebombing after a zombie outbreak caused by a reality-show host, Tyrone King, and the backing of the pharmaceutical giant PhenoTrans. This was the third major zombie outbreak, following Las Vegas & Willamette, Colorado in years prior. Thanks to the effort of brave souls like photojournalist Frank West and former motocross champion Chuck Greene, the truth has come to light and those responsible have been prosecuted.

PhenoTrans, behind the creation of the zombie infection suppressant Zombrex, has been forcibly dissolved... but for many, the nightmare is not over. Tens of thousands of zombie infectees live among the common populace, who still rely on Zombrex to prevent turning. While the days of buying single syringes for extortionate prices are over, a new kind of financial woe has striken them. Large neck-installed Zombrex chips are now mandatory for all infectees, with small capsules slotted inside.

While discussions arose about the subsidisation of this medical element, the United States government ultimately decided that Ouroborous Medical, a highly succesful pharmaceutical company, would be entrusted with the sale of these capsules with strong oversight and regulation. Unfortunately for the infectees, this still meant spending large amounts of money for the luxury of not dying. Those who refused the chip and relied on leaked recipes for the old, syringe-injected Zombrex were branded 'illegals' and face imprisonment or even death if caught - President Sonya Paddock deemed them 'an unthinkable threat to national security' in an infamous speech.

Amidst the tumult of modern times, you exist. Who are you?

For all intents and purposes, this quest replaces Dead Rising 3 & 4 in the timeline. If you're a Dead Rising 3 fan and this annoys you, fair enough, that game has decent elements, but you gotta accept that the story is pretty bad. If you're a Dead Rising 4 fan, I encourage you to try playing the game and then return to the quest feeling a sense of relief that this is the case.
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Curse Carrier 5
A lot has happened these past few years for your kids, Sophia finally left to live on her own, Ana is experimenting with mutated wildlife parts, and Aleksander failed his school year.

You also killed some girl who wanted revenge because you apparently killed her parents 20 years ago, but you'd rather not talk about that.

Also, Etsy just spent 10 million on upgrading Last Resort. She said 'you weren't doing anything with the money anyway', which might be true, but you tell her to at least pass transactions to you first, and she begrudgingly agrees.

You wouldn't say you've been neglecting her, but maybe you should spend more time with her.

300K (Investments)
360K (Yearly costs)
Sophia: 24 years old.
Mikhail: 18 years old.
Anastasia: 15 years old.
Aleksander: 13 years old.
Etsy & Weaver: 43 years old

>Focus on one of your kids
>Spend more time with Etsy
>Check up on world affairs
>Write in.
5 media | 104 replies
Student Ascension Quest #3
You are William and still in one piece after a disastrous encounter with a drug dealer turning what was supposed to be a shakedown of information into a short chase turned ambush. Getting torn apart and crippled for a few days before deciding to join their resistance group to avoid losing all your equipment. Learning some bits of the world and Black Arbiters before moving on to the main threat of a meeting.
3 media | 130 replies
The Isekai Inquisition #3
You are Lorinda de Lindan, princess, weapon autist, and inquisitor-in-training. You’ve joined a secretive organization that hunts Strangers, dangerous people from a dimension known as “Earth,” to stop them before them, and their Cheat Skills wreak havoc across your kingdom.

Recently you’ve infiltrated what is likely the most secure place on the planet, a Stranger’s artificial island filled with technology you can barely comprehend. Or it was secure before you rammed an exploding boat into its metallic walls. You’ve managed to sneak around with the help of your fellow inquisitor-in-training and registered Stranger, Marie Sarodieu. At the same time, the rest of your five-man party is MIA in the sci-fi city you’ve found yourselves in. Currently, you and Marie are fighting for your lives against a female golem while racing to kill the Stranger in his massive skyscraper.


Don’t bully me about fucking up the title of the last thread, please.
70 media | 271 replies
The Last of the Elves
How did it come to this? How did we fall so far? The world was ours; we were its masters, and look at us now. Look how we have been so denigrated and reduced. Like sand slipping through fingers, it is gone, lost, never to return. The sense of order and beauty and balance of this world dead, slaughtered by these barbarian’s unstoppable conquest. Nothing was spared from this annexation; their march, like the passage of time, was unstoppable. Their flags flew upon the ruins and rubble of our once mighty empires.

One human caused this, small and terrified, fleeing the laws of his kin, flew into the chasm of the ancient mountain, Maar. Humans were a lesser race, a faulted design of the god Fanduil, a peoples that were unable to command the potency of magic. His small, emaciated frame slivered through the crack until he was deep within the core of the mountain. There, he found a giant with chunks torn from his flesh, suspended by chains of flames eternally gnawing at his blackened and burnt skin. Golden blood flowed from the giant’s wounds, creating vast pools of liquid gold. Falling to his knees before the great figure, the human submitted himself and swore fealty to the chained god.

Two gifts were granted to the human for a price. The first: a long hollow tube, filled with an explosive powder and a sphere of lead. The second: knowledge to replicate the creation. The human returned to his tribe, gun in hand. After killing a soldier trying to apprehend him, his people shrunk into the shadows, fearing his supposed magic. He shared the invention gifted to him and became the prophet of the shackled god beneath the mountain. The price for these gifts were simple and fair for giving the humans a chance to free themselves of the ancient and magical races that dominated them. All the humans had to do is accept Aldur as their god and free him from his chains.

With the new weapons they spread, marching out with gun and cannon, butchering those beings that used to prey upon them. Born from success, their land and number swelled. Not yet were they able to challenge the ancient elven empires, but the orcs, giants and minotaurs were felled in a hail of lead. The human race, united under the banner of Aldur, zealously worshipped their liberator god, and with their belief, his shackles shattered under his renewed strength. Vengeful, Aldur walked among his adopted people and led them to war. A wave of humanity flowed out, killing and torching everything in their path. Pleas slipped from the lips of many races to the gods, begging for the power to save them. But the gods were too slow, too disorganised, blinded by their own squabbles.
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Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #54

>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes, Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:




>Let’s all try to have some fun, ok?

Last time, on Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai! Gohan went off with Buu, Krillin, Lapis, and Chuu Lee to fix up an ecological catastrophe at Tommy’s old home town. There, they encountered the mothman Leo, son of Mothra, who warned them about a gestalt hive mind of wormlike creatures calling themselves Hulud-Rah. Thankfully, Buu was able to seal the creatures away in a katchin cube, however, it seems that Melanos of the Cell Sentai had some part in the creature’s sudden appearance. Leaving with only vague warnings, Gohan’s group finish their job there and manage to retrieve, to their surprise, a crystal of Dreamstone thanks to the MOGUERA machine they were using to clear the underground fires. Gohan also broaches the idea of assigning some ‘Spirit Detectives’ to help King Yemma out with incidents involving the afterlife. Finally, Buu demonstrates the medicinal skills he’s learned and manages to heal Tommy’s blindness, to the relief of the boy and his adoptive family.

And now, many months have passed since then. Several of Earth’s warriors have been hard at work trying to prepare for some upcoming rescue missions for those who were displaced by Towa and Fu, while also doing what they could to help out with some of the newer issues that have cropped up recently. Has it been enough to prepare everyone for what’s ahead? Good luck, Peppa! Good luck, Gohan! Good luck, Izzy!
296 media | 778 replies
Saiyan Conqueror Quest 219
With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your previous roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Do Your Best Quest #173
Last time, you returned to your apartment after a delicious breakfast at Carol’s house. Being in a good mood, you chatted with your less hostile Slob Dragon, until your apartment wall collapsed after she (the Slob Dragon) threw a bouncy ball at it. The fact that it didn’t collapse before just shows that no one has ever leaned on it since you’ve been here. The newfound hole doesn’t lead outside even if it should since your apartment is at the edge of the building, how mysterious.

You’re thinking this is a cool discovery only not to cry! Your poor home! You never thought you’d get attached to this dump, but now you’re heartbroken!

Both of you are gobsmacked by what has just happened. Deep silence fills the room as the dust clouds dissipate in the air. You can feel it, Suan De cannot believe how unlucky she is.

“Meow.” Bradford Jr. asks if everyone is okay. He’s on your shoulders, guarding them from danger. You silently nod.

Doesn’t matter how long you stare at it, the place is going to stay the same if you don’t do anything.

What do you do?

>“I wasn’t expecting that.” Diffuse the tension by saying something.
>“Kinda funny, as soon as you gave me the Qilin, you destroyed the place.” Chuckle to not cry.
>“Huh, I think I’m gonna call my landlord.” You need this to be fixed, and need to leave, this is not safe.
>“Suan De, promise me you’re going to fix that, okay?” This is the most catastrophic thing a hobo has ever done.
>Explore the other side of the wall. You need to investigate the mystery behind the wall! You need answers aside from explaining why there were no windows on this side.
>Write In.
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Hyperstorm Survival Quest
"Whatahell was that?"

"We were caught into some sort of hyperstorm, Admiral! We are lucky to have survived the jump!"

"How long until the storm subsides?"

"We don't know, Admiral! It is the first time we see something like this. It is offcharts! We never detected a hyperstorm even a tenth of the intensity of this one!"

"Damn! We will have to orbit somewhere around here and acquire food for the troops. What planets are in the nearby system?"

"Our sensors detect three planets within the Goldilock zone. One of them has artificial structures, seems to be inhabitted."

You're Admiral Alex P. Nuz (the P stands for Pegma), more known as Admiral Nuz.

You command a spacefleet composed of 80 vessels (the flagship, eight destroyers, twenty drone carriers, a refuelling ship, ten transport ships and forty light scout ships). The fleet is mostly unscathed, though some ships report heavy damages to their sensors, and the energy levels of the reactors is very low.

You're currently stranded in the V-Sector, cut off from all Republic Tachyoncomms by some strange kind of galactic storm. Your tech staff says it is too dangerous to jump into hyperspace as long as this storm persists. You could head to one of the goldilock planets, or use your drones to harvest minerals in the asteroid belt.

Taking the fleet towards any of the destinations will consume about 10% of your energy.

Fleet Integrity 95%
Energy 20%
Supplies 20%
Crew 30%

===Hyperstorm 10000%===

> Head to the inhabitted planet
> Head to the colder planet
> Head to the warmer planet
> Head to the asteroid belt
> Write in
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Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 26
Welcome back.

Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

When a roll is called for, roll however many D100 are specified. 5- is a 'crit fail' and generally means something bad is about to happen. 95+ is a 'crit success' and generally means something good just happened. a 'crit success' trumps a crit fail. User input on both will be taken into consideration.

Inventory, pokemon stats and other links:


For a short summary for the new and to recap:

You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills. On the road, you met Fie, the Fire Gym Leader, Gareth a novice Aura Guardian on pilgrimage and Holly, a runaway heiress using a pseudonym. You've also made enemies of Team Green a group of violent, radical activists looking to abolish pokemon training.

Recently, Fie returned to her gym for the time being.

Last thread, Queenie evolved, you made it back to Saltcoast, spent the night with Fie and in the morning, started preparing to move on.
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Jail Quest: Thread 7
Jail Quest_20240603000503
Jail Quest: a text adventure occasionally illustrated.

A night of drinking and a failed attempt to cheat on cards had landed you the strangest job slash community service sentence you've ever had: ensuring Gongalla Gaol survives the reality storm called Singularity.

Now you travel around with your employer and a handpicked crew to survey the four Reality Anchors. Hey, beats being tarred and feathered, right?

Previous thread:


You are Rosa Montagni, goblin con artist. On the way on your job/community service to check and maybe repair the four reality anchors that kept this former prison universe named Gongalla (where you live!) safe, you've traveled with a team of your own - among which is your cousin, Craig.

Who's currently missing and may be in this Northern logging town's brothel, somehow.

Anyways, you've joined forces with Millie and Clyde, who is on a mission themselves to dismantle this one cult who seek to call forth the reality storm called Singularity to collide with Gongalla. At least, that's how you viewed them, anyways.

So, after finding a secret passage between the hotel and the brothel, and another hidden room full of letters and ledgers inside that tunnel, you left Nemo, Valencio and Clyde to check it out while you and Millie continue ahead. There, you followed the sound of faint moans to a room - one that you just entered. There you encountered a woman sitting in an office, apparently having a bad day with finances. Reflexively, you said...

"Is this a bad time?"
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Fantasy Civ Quest
It is a dark age. The monsterfolk that have dreamt for over a millennium awaken, flooding the lands, leaving behind embers, mere regions that hold out in what were once great kingdoms and empires. The roads are long and dangerous, but at least the sky still remains bright longer in the summer.

Some welcome the change. Some oppose it. Some pursue their own goals in this age. A Stranger travels the lands, seeking his own path...

>...the Stranger is human. The great Confederation of human kingdoms has dissolved 150 years ago, fallen to bickering between the once-strong Council of Seven. The turmoil worsened as they faced the rise of the monsterfolk over the past hundred years, the nations dissolving further into provinces that hold only formal loyalty to the kings by now. The Stranger appears in one of these vestiges and seizes the power by rousing the tired people into rebellion, playing into their desire for change and the need to safeguard their future against the monsters.

>...the Stranger is a vampire. The fortune of monsters has risen in the past hundred years, and they have taken many lands from the forests of the elves to the orc mountains. This rapid rise, however, made all the more difficult the division of power. The monsters are divided, and they need a strong hand lest they get pushed back to the North... The Stranger kills the previous vampiric overlord of a monster tribe with the holy Silver and Salt, and takes the reins himself.

>...the Stranger is an elf. Embers. This is what the elven kingdoms are. They are a proud and noble race, but the days of Candle Kings are long past, not to speak of the Shining ones. Those who once confidently lived to 300 years are now lucky to live to 120. And the dark elves... the split has caused a series of isolationist decisions by the kings, and now they lead quiet, dull lives in their wooden homes and palaces, unknown to the outside world and silently detesting it. Though one kingdom's citizens seem to have tired of this life... It is here that the Stranger seized power, playing into these moods.

>...the Stranger is an orc. The greenskins have experienced the effects of monster invasions as well. The pillaging of the humans has come to an end as a result, and with no influx of wealth and new goods the system that was in place is now under threat. Legends of the Golden Horde are still told around bonfires, and the laws it instituted are honoured to this day. In a tribe dissatisfied with its chieftain, the Stranger seizes power by besting him in single combat.

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Hedge Witch Mazela Quest #2: Witch Queen Story Hour!
You are Mazela, a proud transgender hedge witch! Just two weeks ago, you heroically saved a peaceful peasant village from a menacing monster. Today, you find yourself in a much gentler setting, seated before eager young faces at the local school for your Witch Queen Story Hour! You believe deeply in the importance of children learning about transgender people from a young age, convinced that bigotry is learned, not innate. Children, with their pure and accepting hearts, hold no inherent prejudices, unlike transphobic adults whose hearts have been twisted by hatred and prejudice. As you prepare to open a book, a child's voice cuts through the quiet, "What story will you read us today, Miss Mazela?" The room's eyes are all on you, filled with curiosity and innocence. You pause, considering which tale to share. Each story is an opportunity to affirm that being transgender is normal and that trans witches are witches. This isn't just storytime—it's a chance to sow seeds of acceptance and understanding in the fertile minds of the young! You read the story of
>Sir Eowyn of Rohan, who was assigned female at birth but defied traditional gender roles to become a warrior
>Cinderella, a timeless tale of an orphan transgender girl, who with the help of her fairy godmother, overcomes transphobia and finds true love
>The Little Mermaid, a transgender mermaid who defies the patriarchal notion only ciswomen can be mermaids
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The Silver Contract
In his persistence, your father has shackled you to his tradition against your will. Born into the world of the forge, your apprenticeship in the family blacksmithy began before you could even walk. The burden of inheritance didn't weigh heavily on you until your father went away to war when you were a young child. For six long winters, he was gone to fight in distant lands, leaving no respite in your mind to whatever fate befell him in his absence. Your mother, while a blacksmith herself, was the child of a Skald. Perhaps to ease both your mind and hers, she sang tales of cunning heroes slaying beasts of yore. In the absence of the smithy, dreams of adventure filled your mind. Perhaps you, too, could be a hero that Skalds sang of.

When your father returned, he was a changed man. There was no shortage of battle scars earned over the years. A missing eye, a freshly amputated leg, and no doubt many others hidden from the eye were present. But in his eye, there was a unique dimness. Perhaps in his journey, he had constant thoughts of his legacy. You. His return brought a reinvigorated burden into your life. Although you honed your skills in his absence, they always lacked in your father's presence. Your dreams were for naught. All that mattered now was the legacy you alone would inherit. And you had better do your damnedest to be worthy of one like yours.
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Gnome Quest
You are a GNOME. Currently, you live deep within a dungeon that is under the spooky dark forest. Feeling bored, you decide to see what everyone else in the dungeon is up to. You haven't seen another gnome in a good while.

You have a few skills. You have a natural affinity for tinkering and engineering. You're also alright at casting some spells, but you like illusions and tricks mostly. Also, compared to other demi-humans and monsters, you're kinda small. That's okay.


Tinkering +4, Small +3 Illusions +3, Magic +2

When we encounter a test or try and do something where failure brings a negative consequence, we'll roll 2d6 against a target number. If our roll meets or passes the target number, we succeed. Yay!

Anywho - you come across a simple wooden door, and a strange fissure in the stone wall of the dungeon. Which way will you go to begin the adventure?

>Wooden door. That's simple enough. I'll probably find some other gnomes this way.
>Fissure. Might lead to a cave, or a shortcut through the dungeon. But, I might encounter more dangerous monsters.
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Stick Jamboree Quest
ok 3, 2, 1
I think it's time we blow this scene
Get everybody and the stuff together
Okay, three, two, one, let's-


1 media | 7 replies
Jakarta Quest: Talmuds and Tunnels
Jakarta Quest: a 100% hand-drawn quest.

You are an average Indonesian girl struggling to find a good husband. You aren't particularly beautiful and stand at only 148 cm tall. You earn a living by drawing art, which brings in just enough to cover your rent. Living in Jakarta, you've been hearing reports about missing women and children. According to urban legends, they are being kidnapped by the nagas, mythical half-human, half-serpent beings. Rabbi Tovia Singer, the sole rabbi in modern-day Indonesia, has been raising funds to search for the missing people. He is kind, quite handsome, and you find yourself wondering if you should date him.

>Send him a romantic letter <3
>Meet him in person at Beit Torat Chaim, his synagogue!
>Investigate his fund-raising campaign (?)
>Write In

Quest idea from >>6024427 >>6023968 and >>6010808
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Ordo Vampiris: A Vampire Quest
We once ruled the Dilona Valley. You once ruled. The heart of our empire, reduced to crumbling ruins and cold ash. Destroyed from within and without.

Since time immemorial, we warred with the lycans, the werewolves and werebears with their Druidic Circles. We've always tested ourselves, fighting for flocks and hunting grounds. But as we were drawn to the cities, we forced the Circles into retreat. We built a kingdom for vampiris, bent the mortals to us. But without a common foe, we began to bicker amongst ourselves.

The Four Clans of the Ordo Vampiris were not ready, had become indolent without active challenge when the Circles resurfaced and attacked. Our leaders, the Clan Strigoi, created droves of Spawn to fight against the lycans and druids. But the Spawn didn't want to die after gaining immortality. They cast down the Strigoi, leaving the oldest and strongest vampiris dead when they were needed most. The elders cursed them as they fell, dubbing them “zakazi.” Savages, in the Eld Tongue. The rabble wore it like a badge of honor.

The new Zakazi rose to challenge the Circles and the remaining clans. They were sloppy and animalistic - they caught the attention of the Holy Galgen Empire. They sent vampire hunters and Inquisitors en masse. The Dilona Valley was awash in the worst kind of blood - ours.

The clan elders came together and devised a plan. The Ordo Vampiris retreated to ancient and buried tombs and caves. It was shameful but our enemies were too many, too active. Let them bleed each other dry. We can outlive them. We can get our revenge.

You can get your revenge. You are vampiris.
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Another Cowboy Thriller
WhatsApp Image 2024-05-30 at 21.54.49

When snow covers the dust and blood of the Old West, what goes on beneath the skies often escapes easy observation.

More than two hundred years ago, settlers entered into an agreement with a clan of natives, whereby they would unite to resist the cannibal hordes from the north.

Victorious in the war of expulsion, the Deeplake village and the Watki tribe continued to coexist in apparent communion.

The Watki tolerated the immodest living space of the Deeplake whites, who in equal concession ended explorations of Watki territory and, in a rare lapse of restraint, refrained from stripping them of their women.

However, as time passed, the inevitable trade and movement of men between the two communities began to flourish, forming relationships that challenged the initial borders.

But the wheel of fortune, capricious and relentless, reserved a cruel fate for them.

A harsh winter, accompanied by relentless famine, threw the village and tribe into a spiral of hunger and despair. The fields and woods, once fertile, now lay barren under the relentless snow; the rivers, once generous, dwindled until they became mere trickles of water.

As the characters present here are now dead and buried, it is time to tell the story without a veil.


You were conceived and generated:

>in the womb of a white woman (firearms training)

>in the womb of a woman watki (tribal weapons training)

>in the womb of a half-watki woman (average training in both)
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Alola Quest #2: Day 1/60
Amon G. Sus

>Team info will be kept here

>Spaghetti points are used for all sorts of boons and special usages for options in dialog and battle. But they also affect dice checks and other things. So earn em but spend them when you can!
Current Spaghetti level is 6

Amon G. Sus was a homeless pokemon trainer of 13 years of age. He won a local tournament in Castelia City and managed to win a 2 month all expenses paid trip to Alola! After a long struggle to get to Alola you've met an interesting fate for arriving. You've met the oddball trainer Stars who has called you his "pupil" and taken an interest in you. You met some "Kahuna" named Nanu who seems to a bit more then he's saying about the former. And you've met the Unova Champion Hilda and a chance encounter turned carnal has struck you with a case of "what do I even do now?"...Back to the story

You get out of bed. Feeling stronger now. But also light headed. Was last night real? You look at your Pokemon playing about. You have no idea what to do next. The clock says 12 pm.

>Go out and get some food
>Write in
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Rosebed Phenomena — A Survival Horror Quest
You don't need to look at the time to realize the World you knew ended long ago. Just stare into the barren, snow-coated horizons showered by white blizzards, where pollinated currents permeate in between like ominous tendrils looking for something — anything to lay their accursed touch on. To make matters worse, there is not a single soul in sight, save for the frozen bodies that lay dormant under the barren fields, slowly enveloped by the all-reaching roots craving for sweet, reddish nectar. Maybe it's better this way, risking coming face to face with another "Living" One would be the last thing you'd wish for in this quiet hell.

Before everything went fubar, you recall the news spread by broadcast towers on that frantic day, congratulating some team of scientists for successfully cultivating Flora to become more efficient, stronger, and adaptable amidst the rapidly worsening climate of industrial society. Only, they had no idea of the sprawling behemoth they were about to transform nature into.

The nuclear winter landed hours after the Spread occurred, but even so, it was too late to completely erase The Rosebed. Rather, thanks to its many genetic improvements, and a considerable lack of humans to hinder its efforts, flower-based lifeforms expanded even further, being quick to affirm their infant organisms as the apex predators of this new world, and to relentlessly pursue those who still aren't one with its blossoming petals...
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Space Ship Yard Quest
((This is a one-shot quest with the goal of enjoying some creative space ship action. It may meander a bit but I’ll try to make it a proper self-contained experience that ties up neatly. I’ll be using Homeworld Style ship classification because I think it’s an fairly straight forward short hand for ship sizes: strike craft < corvette < frigate < capital))
It has been millennia since humanity became a star faring race. Enough time for stellar regimes to have risen and fallen, for technologies to be forgotten and relearned and for a diaspora of life; both human and alien to spread across the galaxy. You are the owner of a shipyard out in neutral space.
The galaxy is full of opportunity, clients both human and alien will consider placing orders with you. Unfortunately, the sheer diversity of the factions in this stellar region means there is no unified currency. Who you do business with and how they pay you will be as important as what you sell.

Where is your ship yard located?
>A bustling trade route; it is easier to pick up contracts here especially short-term ones. Doing business will be more expensive as raw materials will have to be bought and shipped in. The trade route means that currency will have more purchasing power and there will be more opportunity to acquire technologies and favours through trade.

>A remote but resource rich system; your ship yard supports your own mining operation which drastically reduces material costs. However you will have fewer trade opportunities and “impulse buys”, securing repeat business with reliable clients will be key to success.

>Yours is the official ship yard of an independent colony that has decided to expand its orbital industry. You will have a steady client with the colony itself and the support of other entities owned by the colony. However while you have a certain amount of autonomy you will be expected to prioritize the colony’s ship orders first.

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Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #29
Humanity Fuck Yeah Quest Header
Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you spent some time working on a set of space-ready guns, suitable for use by humans and non-humans alike.

Besides that, you also spent a good amount of time traveling the world and relaxing with your crew, something you don't get to do a whole lot of.
A lot of it was, for you at least, an excuse to get authentic food right from the source. Stuff you could print out later on the nanofab.

However, during one of those relaxing moments, you were attacked by chinese spies. Well, mall cops, really.
Already not being a big fan of China, you retaliated by having SHODAN shut down their infrastructure for a day, and blasting uncomfortable truths across their internet and airwaves.

Believing, perhaps rightfully so, that this was an attack by the US... China began ramping up it's invasion plans, sending thousands of people to mexico for a quiet land invasion.
But with all the world's computers in SHODAN's hands, it's hard to slip anything past you. So of course, you responded... proportionally.

Once again, you shut down China's infrastructure. Mainly it's communications and military were affected, with the public largely having been spared in order to prevent mass starvation and likely large-scale war.
That being because this time, it was permanent. SHODAN wiped data, fried computer chips and destroyed critical equipment, including chip-manufacturing facilities, ensuring that there was no simple fix. The damage was real.

The risk of even greater retaliation was there, but fortunately did not occur. It seems that even amongst the Chinese, nobody was truly willing to scorch the earth under their own feet.

Still, now that the governments of earth are becoming more aware of your existence, it is of course troublesome. You're forced to move the ship regularly to avoid being harassed, and you're always looking over your shoulder.
So now, you feel, is a good time to skedaddle and hit the ol' dusty trail. Kind of a shit and run, sure, but you don't care one bit. You got everything you ever wanted or cared about on this trip.

Now though, what will the situation be like on your return to Xebric? Will the station be in better straits, or will have things gone even further awry?
Has the Federation paid the station a visit? What about those bugs who have burrowed their way into the asteroid Xebric is built upon? What other issues might there be?

Find out this time, on Humanity Fuck Yeah!

>Last Thread:
>All Threads:
>Google Doc:
>Discord Link:
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Kobolt Klan Adoption 19
kobolt adoption 19
Previous Thread
Recap: Paracelsus got over her freakout, and you explored the castle a bit. Right now, you have decided to trust her, and will physically hold down her mother, who is crazy, at her behest.

"Alright, miss. I need you to stay still and lie down." You say, steadily getting close to the woman, who is quick to realize what's going on, it seems like. She starts yelling:
"And that's just fine, but we need to make sure that you're well." You say, trying to keep some veneer of civility. You are rewarded by such shrewd diplomacy by having a hardcover book thrown at your head. You dodge it just fine, of course.
"I AM WELL! WHY MUST PEOPLE KEEP ASKING THAT!?" Paracelsus' mother screams, and Paracelsus herself adds:
"What are you waiting for!? Grab her!"

Well, alright.
Going low, you all but slide into her, essentially slamming your shoulder into her belly, and flipping her over your shoulder. She starts bashing your back and kicking her legs, but even before you were granted scales as good as chainmail, you doubt it would have harmed you very much. Then, you slam her into her nearest bed, before you hold her down properly. Arms restrained and above her head, and you get behind her, wrapping your legs around her hips, and using your brawn and weight to stop her from moving.
"Excellent. Just a moment, Reynauld." Paracelsus says, as she takes out some kind of horrible medical device. The mother keeps screaming, though it's nothing you can understand at this point, and it lets Paracelsus jam it into her mouth.
Ah, it's just to keep the mouth open, you suppose. Then, with a quick snap of her fingers... Paracelsus creates a small ball of light at her fingertip.
"Not that I care for magical treatment; This is simply practical."
Then, she looks inside her mouth.

"...Engorged lymph nodes, irrational behavior and a sexually active patient up until recently, no doubt. I basically already knew this would be the answer, but now it's confirmed."
She sighs.
"My mother has syphillis, and has had it for a while. I... Have the cure, at least theoretically, but the damage to her brain is... Well. What's done is done."
Her expression remains hidden behind her mask... But the tone in her voice says enough.
"I... I can't help her. Not really. I was... not late. I just dragged my feet."
She sniffs... and exhales, slowly.
"Unless... I use magic, to try and fix her, but... I don't think I can. I could make her healthier, but it wouldn't really be *her*. I don't know if I should do that, and... using magic is distasteful, anyhow."
She's doing her best to keep her voice even.
"Reynauld. What should I do?"

>Fix her up, fully. If you control her mind, it can't be anything but an improvement.

>Well, we'll take care of the syphillis. But leave her mind be.

>Another idea.
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Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #5
Cold November Rain[]
You are Fiona Jarnafeldt, Level 2 Helsinki Stormwatch Trollslayer, and as the doors of the personnel carrier swing open, you are grateful for the torrent of rain which greets you, letting its sweet and soothing petrichor wash away the stagnant air of pyrrhic victories and disappointment.
And the miasma of the body of the squatter you killed.

Today, you led a small scouting expedition to find an entrance into the stormdrains, following known trends of aberrations being imported from the north into the stormdrains. The mission was a success - you found a guarded secret tunnel in current use by off-the-books migrants. It cost one of your agent's the capability to freely use one of their arms. You're pretty certain he's going to be out for a month or two. You had to carry away the body of someone you killed to cover your tracks, and a trickster aberration that led an ambush against you and struck you twice with a sling slipped away. All in all, success, but with far more lumps than you can have and be prideful about.

But that's not why your mood is dour. On the way, you met up with a naturalist researcher who calls himself Leshy, and he was the one who offered a letter of recommendation to the Stormwatch to get you hired. He explained that your mother who you thought was simply dead had in truth gone on an expedition to remap the north pole, as mulititude calamities and time have eroded and reshaped it. This isn't as bad a goal as the secondary goal of finding "Hyperborea," a supposed land beyond a wall of ice when it has been recorded that the ice caps totally melted at one point and in ancient times of satellite imagery and space flight confirmed to be not present.

The organization that lead the expedition, Mother Nature's Providence, is also one that imposes limits on the number of people who are allowed to live, enforces the usage of primitive tools because factories cause waste, and controls who is allowed to have children. Learning that this hysteria born from the existence of aberrations, mutated creatures resembling legendary monsters of eld, has affected an organization to not only orchestrate your peasant upbringing and inability to start a family until you kill in their name, but the disappearance of your mother.

So yes, you're very upset. You're upset at just about everything. But as the drops sting the open gash under your hair and dampens your clothes, the first breath you take of the smell of rain is nothing but healing. A gift from the gods who know you need something pleasant today.

The others hurried out of the rain, the body hauled off to processing. You stood there, under the gray sky, letting the rain hit you for a while.
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World of Titans 1.2- Multiplayer Kaiju Quest (Closed)
The first nuclear weapon detonated in 1945, showering the earth in radiation that had gone unseen for millions of years. The opening of Pandora's Box led to countless explosions, twice against man, and many more in barren deserts and oceanic depths. As the crust of the planet became charged with energy once more, ancient things began to stir.

As these titans rose and fell in turn, humanity found itself swept up in their aftershocks. Nations struggled to defend themselves against these colossal monsters, or to make use of them in some way, or to merely survive and avoid their ire. Now, many years after the awakening of the Kaiju, humanity stands at a turning point.

The majority of their adversaries have fallen, leaving only a few aberrant threats and a handful of giants who seem satisfied with keeping the peace. Should they succeed, humanity will once again be at peace beneath the gaze of these watchful lords— so long as their wrath is not invoked, of course.

((This thread is part 2 of a multiplayer quest >>5976616 that is unfortunately closed to new participants, as it’s now in its end-game.))
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Seekers of the Esoteric: Volume 8.5 [SFW Edition]
Seekers_comission_Final (text)
[continuing on from]



You almost mistake the shriek for a cry of pleasure in your half-delirious state. However, when you see Izzy’s face, there’s no mistaking her emotional state: she’s upset. Izirina stands up, still disheveled and half-clad thanks to your recent escapades. She stares down, at the evidence of your err in aim—or rather, your ability to resist whatever strange and confounding machinations she set in place. She glares at you, bizarrely FURIOUS, for reasons you can’t quite fathom. Then, her expression breaks, anger shattering to make way for a despair and dismay which is equally incomprehensible to you.

She bolts out of the tent.

“W-wait,” you stammer. “What…?”

You start to struggle to your feet, scrambling for your trousers and underclothes, still tangled about one another in a heap on the floor. You manage to extricate one from the other and, hopping on one foot, push your leg through the bottom hole. Your hurried scramble to clothe yourself, to chase after Izirina is interrupted, though…

By Costella.

You look down, the rush of drug-addled confusion broken by her touch. You look down to where Costella is tugging upon the cuff of your pants, still lying upon the ground. Her hair is mussed, green-speckled face shadowed and half hidden by her wavy brown locks, but she shakes her head subtly and you understand that she doesn’t want you to leave. Not yet.

What do you do?
>Go after Izirina to confront her about whatever the fuck THAT all was
>Stay here with Costella until Izzy returns, or until morning

[Please recast your votes, and pardon the interruption. Mods, there will be no more 'erotic roleplay', never fear.]
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The Prince
Quest Synopsis: You are the body guard to a prince(bratty), if any harm befalls him you lose.
Update count: 1

Chapter 1: Intro

You stand side by side in the courtyard, under the falling rain, with four other men. Veterans all, each with a myriad of feats under your belts. The man furthest on your right once held a gatehouse against forty men alone. While the man on your right is said to have outwitted a devil in a game of chance. You, yourself, have similar tales to tell had the bards not beaten you to the act. The victorious supplicants, gathered here after many months of brutal testing, wait to enter the hollowed halls of the most elite force in the kingdom. "The kings men", answerable only to the monarch himself.

The doors to the royal hall open, and into the rain steps the KING. He wears a procession of veteran kingsmen, retainers, and bureaucrats like a long cape. He has come to personally inspect the five new members of his most royal cohort. The king's shoulders are wide, for they have a great burden to bear. A king or kings, this man came from seemingly nowhere to unite the warring bickering city states into one grand kingdom. With his alchemical knowledge and political restructuring, he transformed the provinces of man into a bulwark against the long night of ignorance and apostasy. He has the rough hands of a builder, and the brow of a philosopher. There is no death you would not face in the name of this man.

The greying hawk who recruited you and oversaw your testing introduces your group to the king.

"Here stand five good men my lord, what is to be done with them?"

The king looks upon each man individually, when his eyes fall on you its as if your soul is being judged. You stand firm, refusing to fall to the self doubt his heavy gaze brings. His voice is brass.

"Through our labours we have now come to a time of peace, but our trials are far from over. More must be done, and the road is long. Do I have your loyalty? Will you men join me? "

The response is swift and loud as thunder! You join the other men is slamming your gauntlet into your armour twice in unison. The left most man speaks for your troupe.

"To whatever end."
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HERO('s party member) QUEST, part 2
OH SHIT NIGGA. You are lady Firemane. Of the (formerly) noble house of Fireborn! You were once the greatest wagon racer this side of the kingdom. Sadly due to shenanigans, you lost everything and went into debt with the Adventurer's Guild in order to survive. But then you found the Inexperienced Hero, Ezekiel "Kid" Rutebega ! You took him under your wing to mold him into the hero he's always meant to be: your devoted apprentice (probably)

Currently you're back at the guild waiting for your payment after completing a quest.

Oh and you picked up a Double Wizard during said quest. And you're now pondering his orbs to pass the time.
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Halo Wolfpack (thread 19)


“Let’s bring this cruiser home!”

Those five words ignited a flurry of action aboard the four destroyers of DESRON 35, as the word spread that the enemy warship was clear. In the hangar of the Longinus a team of ONI scientists and xenotech specialists bullied their way aboard the first pelican out, carrying crates of equipment and other gear.

Elsewhere in the flotilla, volunteers from engineering units were shoved aboard shuttles, and sent aboard the covenant capital ship to look after it’s engines. Or at the very least, to act as the hands for the AI that was currently puppeteering the ship. Figuring out how to control the ship -either by transferring an AI aboard, or by deploying a prize crew- would be a challenge in and of itself, but it was one that could certainly be solved. Even if you had to strap the cruiser to one of the destroyers and tow the bastard back through slipspace.

But aside from the engineers and scientists heading aboard, there were also more mundane personnel too. A flight of pelicans from the Galaxy brought aboard a logistics team, along with water to sate the thirst of the horde of humans aboard the ship. Meanwhile, a corpse detail had been formed out of the remaining marines aboard the ship. They were tasked with recovering the various alien corpses across the ship, and moving them into sections that could be depressurized and frozen, so that the bodies could be recovered. Personally, you didn’t really understand that task. Enough aliens had been recovered already in this war that you doubted that anyone would gain anything from cutting up their corpses. But you had standing orders to grab them, so someone would have to do it.

Of course, you still weren’t out of the woods yet. Even if the ship was secure, and it’s sister ship had been reduced to a hunk of burning metal on a tall elliptical orbit around the system’s star, you still had to keep on your toes. You were still technically outside of UNSC controlled space, in that contested area of space that the Covenant knew about, and actively patrolled, but didn’t totally hold. Even though there weren’t any signs of standing alien installations in the star system, there was still a chance that another Covenant force could drop out of slipspace, and right onto your head.

You are commander Norman Wells. And even though you have a covenant CCS class cruiser in the palm of your hand, it only counts if you can bring her home.

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Shitary Quest
You're Nagor Kalagon the prince of Shitary. Your father is old and infirm and might die soon. Right now you are delved the tunnels of Kalabria, an ancient ruin full of treasures fabled to be inhabitted by an ancient sleeping lich. You are looking for the Elemental Gems, which will power your Heritage Soul Sword, a relic passed on from generation to generation, whose powers are modified according to what elemental gem it currently is equipped with. Right now, you don't have any elemental gems, so it works as a 'simple' magical sword, damaging mystical creatures that common weapons can't kill.

With you is the witch Senara and the thief Ely. You are on watch in one of the rooms of the dungeon, while your companions sleep. Senare fully relies on her magic for combat, being a renowned scholar from the royal academy of magic. Ely is very skilled with small blades, but she isn't nearly as strong as you are.

Suddenly, you hear a crackling noise coming from the nearby room. It sounds like a big bonfire or something like this. You can even see some light coming from there.

Senara asked you to not wake her up unless it is an emergency, as she spent all her magic clearing up this room from unpleasant kobolds.

> Wake up Senara
> Wake up Ely
> Wake up both
> Go check the light
> Ignore it, it's probably nothing
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Voices Beneath Violet Soil
You awaken in a bleary sprawl. The world's fuzzy, tilting, and ever so purple. So purple. Somebody selected the celestial fill tool and clicked on the ground.

Vital memories stream in single-file as your vision sharpens:

You are I-ro, an Akacian. From Akacia. I.e., not here.

You're a soldier in the employ of the Gleaming Empire.

Your ship is a heap of smoldering scrap at the terminus of a long stroke carved into the colorful earth.

Your squadmates are nowhere to be seen.

You've nothing on you but the primitive weaponry upon which you stubbornly insist: a hammer with a head the size of an ottoman, an alloy shield that's frequently mistaken for a misplaced door, and an array of secondary heads that mostly just like to bite and eat things (although you would never part with those).

The storm is nearly upon you, and in its billowing, undulating condensation and pink lightning you're quite sure you can hear laughter.

You have a mission that eludes you at the moment. Something about hunting down a powerful artifact. That can wait until your life is somewhat less jeopardized.

Prime thoughts:
>Resilience. I'm a 700 pound carapace monstrosity. What's the worst a little wind's going to do to me?
>Caution. Vyx said the atmosphere was distinctly magical. The lightning's goddamn pink. Better find shelter and gather myself.
>Focus. My squad wouldn't have just left me here, not without Warp leaving a sticky note. They might be in trouble.
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Sang au Clair de Lune- Anya Drawquest 2
On the star of Velekam, the small eye of the world god known as the continent Vinstraga, the outskirts of the capital of the Archduchy, Strosstadt in Strossvald, a young woman from nowhere tries her best to sail the sea of fates in a place most unfamiliar to her.

What she thought was hers, a chance unexpected yet hard fought for and fairly won, seems poised to slip from her grasp. Unless she fights for it- well used she is to such circumstances, yet in spite of the stakes being so important to her, mere victory is meaningless. For she wants to be chosen, as she chose the man she pursues.

Perhaps, her freedom has no point if she cannot share the same with those dearest to her.


You are Anya Nowicki. Retinue and thus Sergeant to Major Richter Von Tracht, but currently undergoing officer training for the country you are both signed under, the Archduchy of Strossvald. His loyalty to it is one of national birth and duty- yours much less that. Retinues weren’t necessarily mercenaries, but you considered yourself one still for the freedom such an identity gave.

It was what made the Army of the Archduchy readily look the other way, when you had thrown in with the Netillian Republic to fight off their overlords in the recent short-lived civil war to the east, though that had come right in the middle of the renewal of yet another conflict. You were loathe to explain your place and circumstances throughout- only that you were accustomed, in mercenary life, to the feeling of friends and enemies changing places with the wind, and the odd mix of lingering sentiment, but also respect for the life of a warrior. Hell, your adoptive father figure, had romanticized it as the whims of fate and destiny, a far easier quandary than those who fought former friends, alongside former enemies, for the sake of things like political scheming and the distant motivations of cabals and cliques.

Why you’d gone over to another war, one you had little care for what side prevailed over the other, was standing beside you now. Magnus Edelschwert, who had aligned himself with the Netillian Republican Uprising, who claimed to fight for freedom from tyranny and for the principles of Republicanism (Liberty, security and prosperity, or something).

Could it still be called mercenary work when there wasn’t any contract save for that between yourself and your dreams? It mattered little now. Your time in that war had been short- but it had been fierce nevertheless. Yet also an adventure, in the mad way that even some soldiers couldn’t understand. As far as you were concerned, your time there hadn’t been for any Republican ideal or redressing of grievances against the Military Government that had usurped it and then fallen in turn, it was for now. For this moment, and for the treasured times beyond it.
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RWBY Quest #2 Volume 1: Tales of Kuchinashi
Past Thread: >>5981619
Archive: Under Construction, update soon
General Pastebin:
Character Sheet (As of the end of Thread #1):

Your name is Shelly Suzume. You are, or were (its complicated) a Huntress that graduated from Haven Academy some years ago. However, early in your career as a Huntress you decided to retire. Why? Simple. Some health concerns. You were showing some unusual signs of PTSD or… something similar.

Due to the constant pressure of your teammates, some professors at the academy and the headmaster himself, Leonardo Lionheart, you decided to retire and seek a more peaceful life, focusing mostly on your health.

You went to clinic after clinic, but none of them could clearly tell you what was happening with you. You can’t remember how many times you’ve been told that you just only need to “rest”. Sometimes you showed red eyes, your presence was slightly unnerving to those around you, and random outbursts of malice or rage that could be easily seen on your facial expression were the main concern. Luckily for you, this weird symptom was limited mostly to your appearance… or so you thought.

After an unfortunate accident while traveling by train you uncovered many things. First of all, a fellow ex-huntress and now sort-of-friend called Sora (Affiliated to both a crime family and the White Fang) presented some symptoms similar to yours. A machine prototype that worked similarly to a EMP for both electronics and Aura was apparently the cause for this, yet the origin of this machine is still unknown. Was it related to what was happening to you a few years back?

After traveling with her and reaching the infamous city of Kuchinashi you were tasked by a criminal family going by the name of the “Black Sheep” to find and end the career of the leader of a fighting ring as a test of some sorts.

However, due to by fate or simply luck, you ended up visiting a famous nightclub going by the name of “The Blind Mouse”. A famous artist presenting herself as an android by the name of “Nocturne” tried to take over the place in a violent manner, but thanks to your intervention things appeared to calm down…

…until the android (While having some hostages, mind you) turned the tables by asking you things about your past that you didn’t even knew.

3 media | 74 replies
Welcome to QUEST ART GENERAL, a quest for showcasing the art of your quest and its characters! Players of all skill levels are welcome!

Quest mechanics:
1. Don't be a spamshit. Multiple posts are fine but keep it below Souv level.
2: You are free to draw/post work of others' characters, but no begging.
3. Keep it SFW. This is a blue board. If you feel the need for otherwise, link it in the thread so it doesn't get nuked.
4. No dramafagging/vendettafagging, or blatant shitting on others' art. Again, this is a quest to draw and vibe about art, /qst/ OCs, and their respective lore.
5. If someone does give you fanart of your quest/character, be sure to thank that anon for their hard work as soon as you can, it's just common courtesy :)

Drawing Resources:


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (user recommended):

Animation resources:

Iterative Drawing - The Fastest Way to Improve:

How to Draw Interesting Poses:

Anatomy Quick Tips: Hands:

Painting like a Sculptor:

Basic Drawing for Digital Painters (Shape Control):

How to Draw Hair:

User-recommended art channels:
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Get a Boyfriend Quest
You are Jeanne Marie Martin. You work at the sort-of-creepy Grande Librairie on the corner of Main and Church street. Today, at work, you saw a cute couple studying together. You kind of wish you had that in your life. You've never had a boyfriend before. How hard could it be?

You finish work at 2 p.m. It's Friday. How's a girl go about this?

>>Take up a new hobby
>>Join a club
>>Dating app
>>Take a class
>>Go to the club
>>Something else
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The Dogbusters' March 16
You are Mouse, the ogre. Although raised by humans you found yourself in service of the dark elven queen - and with her blessing you have embarked on a quest to purge the corruption plaguing the very world you live in.

You are not alone. Your mission is shared by an eclectic band of companions:
-Phineous, the sophisticated orc of culture.
-Smutkin, the formerly depraved bard who took your mission for his own
-Sparky, the formerly warped imp that was, by touch of holy power, transformed into something else
-Tithe, the diminutive yet vigilant gargoyle
-Chloe, the shadow of the queen sent to safeguard you and your mission.
Your band has since grown with additions no less colorful:
-Elle, the royal courier who has since sworn herself to your quest
-Harriet and Janet, the twin scouts you've rescued from the mercenaries
-Diana and Minerva, twin golems you've freed from their questionable service to the old order
-Her majesty queen Olga Discordia, the dark elf ruler turned exile after the Beast possessed her minions into mutiny
-Mercenary princess, Maia, seeking to confront the man she loved
-And quite literally in spirit, a fragment(?) of the goddess Laurentia you had wrestled from the clutches of darkness (and in doing so, likely forced the enemy's hand to the desperation he was showing...)

And on top of that, a group of thirteen penitent mercenary men, turned into unholy abominations by a dark ritual, but purged of its taint when Sparky healed them. They seemed earnest about their intent to atone for atrocities they had committed even with their lives, prompting you to bring them along so that they get their chance.

Which may be only moments ahead, as you find yourself facing off against a sizeable troop of mercenaries, commanded by Hicks, a faithful lieutenant to commander Vult himself, and a dangerous adversary in a single combat as you've already had the chance of assessing. Back then, his prowess proved a threat, but not quite a genuine challenge. You wonder if he's grown in power since then.

Even in the momentary quiet carried over from the eerie circumstances that drew your two companies into the imminent confrontation, emerging in a sunny glade in the midst of a foggy swamp, you could feel the dull thrumming of the pulsating darkness resting in the background. You were nearing its place of power for sure, and the mercenaries opposite of you showed confidence to reflect this - nowhere as grotesque as the experimental beasts you've participated in purging some two days ago, these took form of statuesque, chiseled strength. Instead of failed savage experiments, the men standing against you were likely finer samples of what Beast had to offer.

" can't possibly believe you have a shot at winning?" The mercenary lieutenant asked smugly.

Whether he wanted to gloat or was actually curious, if he was willing to talk before engaging in violence, you were willing to oblige.
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Dark Investigation: Rabbinic Tunnels
Description: dark, difficult RPG

Brooklyn, January 1st, 2024. Ms. Rodriguez is sitting across from you, a glass of wine in hand. She’s a middle-aged Hispanic woman, worn from two years of not knowing what happened to her daughter, Jeanette.

"I’ve given up hope of finding her alive. But I need to know what happened. I’ll pay you whatever it takes," she says, her voice tinged with resignation.

Judging by her well-furnished Brooklyn home, she can back up that promise. The place exudes wealth, with plush furniture, art pieces from around the world, and a subtle scent of lavender lingering in the air.

You’re a private investigator, specializing in missing persons cases that often intersect with the occult. Your success rate is an impressive 95%, even on cases the police have long abandoned. This isn’t luck. You and your team have unique abilities and powers, making you the best at what you do.

After a moment of thought, you respond, "We’ll take the case. I have to ask, though. Most missing persons cases involve a close relative. Where’s her father?"

Veronica’s eyes darken as she takes a sip of her wine. "He passed away several years ago. Cancer."

Brooklyn, home of foreign cultures and ancient secrets, is a notorious hotspot for the occult. It’s also, regrettably, known for its many missing persons cases.

You begin the investigation with a post on /r/brooklyn, knowing Reddit is useless for conversation, but can sometimes yield useful local tips. An hour later, you get a private message from someone calling themselves "Famouss Richard."

"i have information about the victim. let’s meet at Gold Star Beer Counter 4 pm."
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Primordial Multiplayer God Quest #4
A million specks of dust float throughout the universe. A chaotic storm of particles crashing and turning as unseen forces violently push and pull them. An endless ever ever-expanding dust storm raging constantly. Our story is about a single speck of dust, a single universe amongst the cacophony. Concepts will rise and fall. Rivals will trade blows. And a universe of creations will fill its bubble. Welcome to Primordial God Quest!

In this quest, you will control a celestial being, or god and try to survive the imminent collapse of the universe. To play, you will need to fill out a character sheet like the following

>Background (including goals)
>Binding (optional)

A domain is a primordial concept or idea-given form. Domains represent the spheres of influence a god holds sovereignty over. Any actions of creation they may do will need to relate to it in some way. Only one god may hold a specific domain at a time and if that domain is destroyed so is the concept it represents.

Ren is the primordial conception of the energy given off by the spark of creation. Without it, a god isn’t divine and has no power to influence the universe.

To play join the discord and post your character sheet there
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The King of /QST/ (2024)
king shit
Hello (again, for most of you) and welcome to the triennial (or so) KING OF /QST/ TOURNAMENT!

For those of you new to the tournament scene, this a celebration of some of /qst/’s best boys. It’s a successor to The great /QST/ Waifu Tournament of 2021 ( meant to bring together our curious little community of QMS and their players to select a lone exemplar to represent our board for a year! Alongside the QUEEN OF /QST/ (>>5997910,, the winner of this thread will be undeniable (read: argued-over-incessantly) god-emperor of all macho men and manimals until the next time someone feels like running one of these!

In our preliminary thread ( we whittled down our contenders to a nice, manageable TOP TWELVE. Some are fresh-faced young men with terrible secrets of varying severity. Others are mutants, aliens, or mutant aliens. One is a robot, two are semi-domesticated animal, three are reptiles reptoids represent! at two are even ITALIAN-AMERICAN. It takes all types, I suppose.

So, how about we make some (re) introductions?
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Black magic quest 2: rise of the grey mage
You are Ethan Graves, a 16-year-old high school sophomore. A few months ago, you discovered your great-grandfather's book of black magic, leading you down a path of dark temptations and moral dilemmas.
It all began when you stumbled upon the old, leather-bound book hidden in the attic of your family home. As you pored over its ancient pages, you found yourself drawn to the spells and rituals contained within. The allure of black magic was irresistible, and you soon began experimenting with the book's dark arts.
Your first experiment was on Jessica Evans, the popular cheerleader and your secret crush. Using hypnosis, you lost your virginity to her, testing the limits of your newfound powers. The thrill of control was intoxicating, but it left you with a gnawing sense of guilt.
Next, you turned your attention to your older brother, Alex, the golden child and star quarterback who had bullied you and others for years. Using hypnosis again, you forced him to cross-dress publicly, shattering his reputation and sending him into a nervous breakdown that landed him in a psychiatric ward. This act earned you the promise of a future favor from Michael Reed, an effeminate boy your brother had bullied.
With Alex out of the picture, your parents' attention shifted to you. Your father, Charles, a successful but morally compromised businessman, revealed that he had planned to leave the family business to Alex but now needed you to step up. You agreed, sensing an opportunity to further your ambitions.
You discovered your father's illicit activities—extramarital affairs disguised as business trips—and used this knowledge to blackmail him. His personal assistant and secret mistress, Jasmine Carter, became your ally and partner, helping you navigate the business and gather dirt on your father. Your relationship with Jasmine quickly turned romantic, adding another layer of sin to your dark journey.
Your mother, Margaret Graves, a conservative Christian with deep-seated racist views, reacted with feigned indignation when she discovered you had spent the night with Jasmine, a black girl, under her roof. Despite your mother's hypocrisy, you decided her time for punishment would come later.
As you delved deeper into the book's secrets, you learned the truth about your great-grandfather Harold Graves, a once pious altar boy who turned to black magic after being molested by and killing a priest and made a pact with demonic forces, cursing your lineage.
The female demon, Lilith, who has been watching your family for generations, began to visit you in your dreams, pushing you towards greater sins to increase your power. You learned about the concept of sin marks, which enhance your dark abilities. You used your first four sin marks to master a blessing spell, augmenting your physical and social capabilities. The transformation was immediate, boosting your confidence and charisma.

First thread:
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One Life
Beyond the stars and around the corner, next door to the alleyway grotto, there is a place beyond measurement and time. And in this place there is an ending, anticlimactic as it might become.
But as with any ending there is a beginning, and that beginning would be:

>Slowly walking down the road, a lonely whistling can be heard. Houses pass, and dreams slowly float and mix with the smog [Easy Mode]
>Beneath a bridge there is a small fire, and around it gather some men telling tales. You can feel the crisp air against your skin [Average Mode]
>A taxi is speeding down the road, breaking through the uniformity of the traffic and accelerating until the city lights are a blur. The implication of a chase is there but you, the driver, have nothing but the desire to speed up in your mind [Hard Mode]
0 media | 165 replies
Space NRP #3
Space Pirates and Gangs
A grand new age of galactic civilization is upon us. Waystations scattered throughout the void between stars and civilized systems have created highways through the great dark. Curiosities, precious materials, weapons, drugs and trade goods of all kinds flow back and forth through the stars, traded hand to hand. Unfortunately this has given rise to a new menace, void pirates! Assaulting ships through deception or raw force these criminals steal ships, cargo, and even the passengers themselves, supporting a growing blackmarket among the stars where anything is for sale. The impact is felt almost immediately on the open market, with a noticeable drop in the profits made by all nations, but especially those of a more mercantile persuasion.
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Eternal Vengeance
HWC mothership
From orbit, Hiigara is a seemingly endless expanse of blue and green. The ancient homeworld of your people, the promised land verdant with life and rich in water. So different from the yellows and browns of Kharak deserts among which you grew up.

An idle thought - but that alone is enough to bring back the flood of memories: awaking from cryosleep only to be told that Dava, the love of your life, your wife who followed you on this journey, was dead at the hand of the monstrous Taidan. Watching the footage of Kharak burning. Your kiith, your friends, the Kushan people, their culture, their history - all of it erased by a band of genocidal butchers at the behest of a madman.

And on the heels of those memories comes a black wave of all-encompassing anger and hatred. Against the Taidan murderers, against the long-dead gunner that fired the round that tore through your wife's cryopod, and against the uncaring universe that allowed this injustice to happen.

It passes eventually, like it always does, leaving your breath heavy and body trembling as you lean against the glass, the black fading from your vision to show you the goal, the dream that set all this tragedy in motion: Hiigara.

It is a sacred place and it is not for you. To step upon its surface with the hatred that boils inside your heart would be a sacrilege. Your mere presence would spoil and pollute it. But there is no letting go of your anger, no matter how hard you tried - if anything, it has only been growing stronger as of late. Setting you on a path that would take you away from your people's reclaimed homeworld and deep into the endless, black desert of space. Paaura. Paaura against the Taidan Imperium and all who'd defend it. Paaura now and forever, for as long as there is life in your body and even a single Imperial remains.

Paaura. Eternal vengeance.
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The Start of an Empire
This story is a modified version of the old Civ threads, rather than making mostly Macro decisions, the players will take control of the leader of their chosen race and set off an adventure to guide their civilization. Will you lead your people to global domination or will you be forgotten, leaving little mark on your world?

1. The first choice with 3 or more votes wins, with the first vote winning in the event of a tie
If the thread is slow or just starting, the winning choice is the one with the most votes at the end of the timer.
2. All choices always include a write in option, this includes a custom choice (write your own) and the ability to modify an existing choice by adding more detail. Players are strongly encouraged to add detail to their choices and to discuss with their fellow players. The story is more fun when everyone participates!
3. Rolls are only needed when requested after making a choice. Rolls will generally allow for 4 outcomes, from Critical Success to Critical Failure. a d100 is always used for the roll
4. Have fun! (this is mandatory)

I will be around all night to run the thread, I hope we can gain some traction!

Our first vote is to determine race and starting location. As per rule 2, feel free to include any specifics with your choice!
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Heretic Cultivator Quest 23
Heretic Cultivator
Previous chapters:
MC info Pastebin:
Sect/ disciple info Doc:
Beneath the heavens, standing proud as both a heretic and outlawed existence atop the pinacle of the world, you are Huanliuxue (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood), Wild princess and heir to the throne of primordial wilderness, Beast of ill omens and blood moon, the greatest and most majestic house cat ever born, practitioner of the dao of ghosts and grudges, holder of pure blood qi and redeemer of carmine mysticism, Matriarch and Grand Master of the heretical Palace of Natural laws sect palace of natural laws sect (宫殿的野生彝宪, Gōngdiàndīyěshēngyíxiàn), whose rare genius, towering intellect and vast insights served as the foundations of the equally heretical cultivation technique of the Ruler of the Great Wheel's Law(统治者的这重大轮回法律, Tǒngzhìzhědīzhèzhòngdàlúnhuífǎl). And from today after, you're also the sole owner of the divinely crafted catacombs of the forgotten king's army and the bloodless war they waged, after a friendly, near lethal duel with the forgotten king himself, the talkative, inquisitive, and somewhat murderous Aodasheng (Proud Great Sage, 傲大圣), who is the wielder of the demonic tool The spear of mortal death ( 矛的会死死亡 , Máodīhuìsǐsǐwáng).

Who over the course of your battle, cursed you with Specter Starvation (幽灵饥饿, Yōulíngjī'è), a viral curse that afflicts the most monstrous of Jiangshi and hungry ghosts, through the sheer malevolence of his spiritual aura. Though he now serves as your advisor, guardian and friend, the curse of unearthly hunger for life and breath has soured the sweet taste of victory. And you know if you do not cleanse it from you soon, you'll become a living calamity yourself. Fortunately you have a few ideas of how you can cure the curse without soiling your reputation or losing face.

"Specter Starvation? That is a grim legend, and I thought it was only that, a warning for inquisitive and rebellious prodigies from straying from the orthodox arts to experiment with ghostly cultivation" Monu, your beloved adoptive mother gravely mused as she held up a napping Piao Tuzi, while Niu and Mao Yue tied ribbons in her long, unkempt moonrock grey hair "Without a known cure or counter measure, in the stories containing it, it was as good as a death sentence or the origin of monsters who were once immortals or whole cannibal cults of cultivators"

"Well it exists, and Aodasheng threw it against me in our fight, and of all the curses to stick, it was the only one to actually affect my magnificent self" You chuckle, Tuzi squeaking as Monu squeezes her on reflex, while Niu turns a shade paler and Yue...Yue just wasn't paying attention to anything being said.

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The Demon King's General Proposes to the Hero II: The Hero Prepares for the Date!
As the chosen hero, your mission has always been clear: defeat the demon king and bring peace to the world! However, your life took an unexpected turn when the demon king's top general, whom you've decided to name Scarlett, shockingly proposed marriage to you! In an effort to truly understand each other, you've agreed to a date in a week's time. There's just one issue: you know nothing about dating or courtship, having dedicated every moment of your life to training and demon-slaying. Desperate for guidance, you journey to the ancient elf forest to consult the wise, one-thousand-year-old, white-haired elf mage but instead of romantic wisdom, she imparts a grim warning: "Never trust demons, Yuusha! They're evil and want to steal your seed!!"

>Scarlet isn't like that!
>You've no experience with dating either, do you?
>I'll guard my seed with great care!
>Write In
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Shogun Isekai Quest #2
>First Thread: >>5976517
You suspect that the pilot, John Blackthorne, isn't being entirely truthful about the Erasmus—it seems unlikely that this is merely a trading vessel. You hold your silence as the group of Japanese warriors, clad in traditional Samurai armor, storms onto the ship. Their shouts and curses ring out, denouncing you and your newfound companions as "Barbarians!" To your astonishment, you understand every word in Japanese—an inexplicable ability, considering your minimal knowledge of Japan from your original world. John Blackthorne, the English pilot of your accidental refuge, attempts to communicate in halting Portuguese. "We are merchants of the Erasmus, a Dutch merchant ship. We were blown off course two months ago. We mean no harm. Please, wait—" His plea is cut short as a sharp slap from the leader of the Japanese, a young Samurai who you gather is named Omi, silences him. Watching the confusion and escalating tension, you realize Omi doesn't understand Portuguese. You debate internally whether to intervene and try to bridge the language gap.
>Take the initiative to speak to Omi in Japanese, hoping to ease the tension and clarify the situation.
>Act as if you are confused and do not understand the language, maintaining a low profile.
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The Prophecy Names Me, So The Demon General Betrays Her King?! Forecast #1
Op Pic

You sought warmth under the woollen blanket, just as you had done so many time before. Another day passed in the monotonous routine. Since the Demon King conquered the lands and claimed them as his own, little had changed. The days were just as short, and nights just as cold, as when the “other King” sat upon the throne, with the clouds seeming only a smidgen darker—or perhaps, even that was just your imagination? The demanded tithe neither worsened nor improved, only the tax-collecting lackwits had changed: gone were the humans stewards, replaced by those with horns, jagged teeth, skin marred by perpetual wounds, and leathery wings. Just like their predecessors, the last week’s visitors were content to take a sheep of yours—those ones to eat, not to sell. It was all the same: no matter the ruler, a peasant’s life was meant to be dismal.

Annoying, the sleep eluded you, mocking like an unfinished spell: nearly cast but never complete. You shifted, trying the “incantation” anew—how many times at this point? Why couldn’t you fall asleep on such an ordinary night? It felt like a tick gnawing at your face. Your fields had yielded an ample harvest; there was no reason to be anxious. You buried your head into the straw, but it failed to drown out the sounds of trees battering against the walls.

One bang grew louder. Was there damage to the house? You hoped not, but you would have to check in the morning. Groaning, you opened your eye just before a sudden bright heat stained your room red. Crackling embers seared through the door, a clawed hand burning past the timber, blistering nails grasping onto the made crack. A gasp gripped your lungs as the hand melted the hardwood, no flames spreading around it. The hand reached the doorframe and sunk its nails into the edge. A single fracture spread across the door, and then the shards broke and crumbled into slivers of dust, bringing out the figure standing behind. With just one eye open, you could scarcely see it.
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Silver Knight Quest
In this world silver is a cursed colour: the colour of the Adversary. It’s also the colour of your hair. But cursed or not, you are Argia Candente, and you will make Master proud, earn your glory and help your family in your quest to become a true Knight of Ansàrra.

# # # # # #

The horned woman stepped into the huge hall, carved inside the dead tree. She walked from one end to another of the hall, checking on the shelves upon shelves, each of them holding a glowing sphere.

“Hmm, what to do, what to do,” she muttered to herself, rubbing her black horns with her fingertips. Her crimson eyes jotted between the spheres. “I was going to take half a day for myself, and here I am wondering whose story I would like to relive… I should have asked Helias for help.” She shrugged, reaching instinctively for the closest one. She had never been a creature of impulse, but the past six hundred years had taught her a little chaos went a long way.[/I]

The woman picked up the sphere and peeked through it. “The fall of the Purpura bloodline. Hm.” She pursed her lips, and put it back on the shelves, her slender pale hand reaching for the next one. “White Knight Bradiamante…” she smiled this time. She had always been fond of the steadfast girl. But this kind of tale did not really scratch the itch she needed — unless… perhaps another Knight?

She allowed herself a grin as she crossed a whole section of the hall and picked up a certain soul sphere — most of the others swirled with colours, but this one glistened like the purest mercury.

“Ah, yes,” the woman’s vermillion gaze looked fondly at this specific soul. “Argia Candente, the Silver Knight.” She chuckled and pulled the sphere close to her mouth. “And to think I did not even play such a large part in this. For all the good it did to her.”[/I]She parted her lips and bit deep into the soul sphere.
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Daughter of the Palace
The Maid Girl
The pale green sun sits upon the throne of noon like a baleful tyrant. He keeps for himself a place at the crest of the sky, the head of the heavenly table from which he can look down upon his subject. Highest are the greater planetes, whom each he gathers at his side: three in number and his closest confidants. Reflections of his majesty glitter upon their faces like the light of stars in day. Beneath them, lower to the base earth and broader in their girth are the fat ramblers, who meander about the horizon like great marbles, each the size of a hundred mountains. Painted blue, and red, and white, and green, they tumble across the lower sky in some grand cosmic dance that only high scholars understand the meaning of.

The glare of summer brings a baleful heat to the garden where you lay down in the shade. Twice so because this year is the Sun King's Conjugal, where the Night Mother comes round to her lover and he surrounds her with his light. It happens like clockwork every eighth turning of the sun, and for that turning of the seasons the days become half again as bright, the seasons warm and lustrous. Winter becomes spring again, spring turns to summer, and summer becomes a devilish season too hot and humid for decent clothes, until at last fall arrives and the Night Mother slowly drifts away, to return again in eight turnings.

Summer shall remain for two more turnings of the moon yet. The only reason you can bear to be outside is because the devilish season has yet to reach its zenith, and even so you feel as though you may soon melt.

"It's hoooooooooooot..." the voice of a young girl complains. Your voice is that of a girl born eight turnings past, a child of the last Conjugal Summer, born as the season waxed and the heat at last began to wane. Conceived as the Sun King embraced his lover. An auspicious birth.

"Then go back inside," another girl not one turning older than you tells. Another daughter of the palace where you live, born to a maid and content with her lot. Not like you. For one, she takes better to the heat. "It's nice and cool in there, ya wimp."

"No way..." You refuse. After all, this is nothing. If a little heat can make you give up and cower in the palace halls, where icecloth hangs among the tapestries to turn the heat of hellish summer cool, then you have absolutely no chance to...
a) master the blade
b) master magic
c) inherit the throne
d) visit the planetes
e) avenge your mother

None know your father... but he is most likely the emperor. Before she passed, and you became another palace girl, you mother was...
a) his favored concubine
b) his third wife
c) a dancing girl he knocked up
d) the rare woman amongst his guards
e) spoils of the last war he took for his own
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Local Lord Quest XII
Charles de Villeroi
Salutations noble sirs and fair ladies, the time has passed and spring came since the last update of our adventures but I finally came back on my white destrier. We will continue to follow the adventures of our brave Charles de Villeroi, a noble frenchman of the late XIIIth century transported by foul magic or God's will into the kingdom of Bifuria who is obviously in India as the presence of dragons and many gods can attest. The last time you learned that a Guelph had to be your new baron and you were visiting the garden of the castle of Pleasantville, castle of Count Careless the liege lord of your liege lord, with his second son, Isnott Careless, a strange young man who read books instead of waging war and your lovely Lady Rose Takable, your fiancée.

For those of our bannermen who spent too much time carousing and tourneying for following our adventures I shall give you the links to the first threads. They will see how our right and proper feudal society is growing in India with the help of God almighty and the swords and axes of the frankish chivalry.

>> thread 1
>> thread 2
>> thread 3
>> thread 4
>> thread 5
>> thread 6
>> thread 7
>> thread 8
>> thread 9
>> thread 10
>> thread 11

As per custom, since customs are everything, we shall begin with a small prologue who, contrary to custom will be not at the same time as your adventures but several days before. Since, if you remember, you sent the beautiful and zealous Elana, the assassin girl that tried to kill you but converted to the True Faith after a miracle, and the far less zealous and beautiful but more crafty Ancel le Purineur, your experienced scout and tracker, to free Bohémond, your knight, your guardsmen, and the handmaiden of Lady Takable from the clutches of the troops still loyal to the old baron at someplace.
I wanted originally to write the prologue with the point of view of Ancel but after some thoughts I decided that doing it from the point of view of Elana would be more amusing.

But enough words, let us enjoy our adventure !
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Death of a Tyrant II
Suial the Third saw his concubines as mere objects, mere decorations to flaunt his wealth, power, and influence—like furniture, used, broken, and replaced without a second thought. You are not like the old tyrant; you recognize the value of the women you've claimed from him.
This morning, you wake up beside Queen Jocasta, the old king's only legal wife and now his widow. Last night, you claimed the older woman for yourself, seizing yet another possession from the tyrant. Even in his death, your disdain for the man lingers, mixed with a perverse satisfaction in stripping him of all he cherished. Nearing forty, the queen is old enough to be your mother, yet your carnal desire for her only intensified in the face of this taboo last night.
As you dress, you reflect on your next moves. Unlike Suial, who treated his concubines as nothing more than playthings for his perverse pleasures, you see them as potential allies and advisors. Lana, the green-eyed concubine, first shared your bed after Suial's death, impressing you with her bravery and quick thinking. Jocasta, the queen, offers a strategic alliance with House Chion, the most formidable of the noble houses.
Then there is Inaja, the dusky-skinned concubine, whose insights have deepened your understanding of the kingdom's internal politics and religious traditions. Each of these women provides you with new tools to keep the kingdom united under your rule, leveraging their knowledge and influence to fortify your reign.
You ponder your next move, considering how best to utilize the tools at your disposal to stabilize and strengthen your control over the kingdom. To secure your rule, you consider meeting with the palace’s guard commander to gauge his loyalty and reinforce your defenses. The ancient right of conquest brought you here, but what stops another from claiming the throne the same way? You also think about visiting the dungeons and torture chambers where Suial imprisoned and tortured those who spoke against him. Understanding how the old tyrant held onto power might help you keep the throne. You also consider learning more about the boys he kept as catamites for his perverse pleasures.
Perhaps a discussion with Queen Jocasta about solidifying the alliance with her house could be beneficial. Consulting with Lana on security matters, or with Inaja on political strategies could also be wise. Alternatively, engaging with another concubine or a courtier about the impending grand gladiatorial tournament might reveal more about the kingdom’s morale and loyalties. Today is filled with potential: for alliances, for reforms, for strengthening your new rule.

> You arrange a meeting with the palace’s guard commander to assess his loyalty and review the security measures.
> You explore the dungeons and torture chambers to understand the dark legacy of the old tyrant and to plan reforms.
> You take a moment to relax and clear your mind with a long, contemplative bath, joined by the queen or a concubine.
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Captain N. in the Yiddish Catacombs
Rabbi Jabob Shmuley Boteach is a member of the Chosen People, which means he can do whatever he wants. And what he wants is to torture and murder goyim children in the secret tunnels under New York City. His tribe has been doing this for centuries - William of Norwich, Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln, and Simon of Trent are merely a few names that the goyim are aware of. The rabbi remembers his tribesman, Leo Frank, who had raped and murdered a 14-year-old white girl named Mary Phagan. The goyim lynched him for it so the tribe created the "Anti-Defamation League" with the sole purpose of defending the Chosen People from such prosecution. "Never again!" The tribe has made it illegal for the goyim to blame them in any way - dismissing all accusations as antisemitism. "No one can stop us for we are the Chosen People!" The rabbi's laughter echoes through the sewers but suddenly he hears his guards screaming death screams. A tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan man has broken into the secret tunnels! Who is mad enough to challenge the Chosen People? "No! It can't be!! You were killed in 1945!!!" The rabbi cowers in terror like a rat when recognizes the sacred symbol on the man's chest.

>> Your tribe tried, yid, but I lived!
>> And yet the white man marches on!
>> The night is the darkest before the dawn!
>> Write-in
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Sherlock Holmes and the Munitions Magnate
Hi /qst/, want to solve a mystery together? I'll be running the first case of the board game Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective here on 4chan.

>Courtney Allen, the president of a prominent gun manufactory, was found shot to death behind the alley of his office on March 9, 1888.
>you will play the role of Wiggins, young apprentice to Sherlock Holmes
>as his long-time errand boy and sometimes-spy, it's now YOUR turn to step up to the plate to solve the mystery!

At your disposal are:
>a map of 1888 London
>the day's newspaper, which may contain important clues (or not!)
>the London directory

Intro in next post, followed by the rules of the game:
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Claymore: Second Swords Quest #86
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, warrior-queen of the highland nation whose name you share and former single-digit monster slayer of the nameless Organization which now threatens your homeland from the north.

At the moment you and a team of three of your close companions are in Sakia, your northern neighbor, with a contingent of Hazari soldiers. With their help you’ve created a foothold within the port town that the Organization’s military arm initially seized in their invasion – a foothold within a foothold. After sending a message to all the enemy forces scattered about in and around the town, your team quickly responded when one unit started shooting at each other.

You gather there’s been a tension building there, between two distinct groups of soldiers with different goals in mind and reasons for being here. The first of these are predominantly officers, and a small number of “true believers” in the Organization’s goals. Drawn heavily from the more wealthy families on the continent, many of the officers are career-minded and results-focused. They’ve found some support in a number of other soldiers who are here because they either genuinely hate the ‘Dragon-kin’ of the far-off continent, or else believe in the goal of rekindling the war between those beings (which you have yet to meet or see any direct evidence for) and humanity.

On the other hand you have a group comprised mostly of enlistees and lower-ranked officers, who joined this effort to escape poverty or to learn technical skills (to escape poverty) – and definitely not to start a war against silver-eyes witches like yourself, or to die in what to them must seem to be the middle of nowhere.

After leaving the aftermath of the fight you broke up to Valentina, you manage to sleep about ten minutes before Serana gently rouses you.

“What is it?”


You shut your mouth and do as Serana insists, and you can hear the rapid cracks of an exchange of gunfire in the distance – in multiple directions. The trouble is that it’s coming from multiple directions.

“Do you think that’s multiple units having their own mutinies?” you guess.

She nods. [Only explanation.]
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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #57
You are Uzumaki Shiki, a jōnin from the hidden village Amegakure on indefinite loan to your larger ally Konohagakure, Currently you’ve been assigned to protect Kae-hime, the princess of a nation friendly to both your homeland and to Konoha, while her father sorts out an apparent problem within the ranks of his own government. Probably some disgruntled ministerial-type who thinks his career would progress faster if he just kills a bunch of people so he can promote himself to what he thinks his appropriate station is.


Hana-sensei, the teacher in charge of Kae-hime’s class during her stay at the Academy here in Konohagakure, seems like an awkward but well-versed and well-meaning woman to you. She gives you a strong impression that there’s not a mean bone in her body, which is nice. It’s easy to relax around people like that.

Throughout her subsequent lesson, you’re able to chat with Sumirin as she watches through the classroom windows from a nearby building.

[How did you do it?] you ask with a slight frown on your face – you don’t really need to listen to the lesson, since you basically mastered all this information before coming to the Academy the first time. All you really need to do is make sure you’re not so distracted that you can’t answer a surprise question.

“Seventeen degrees,” you answer when prompted by a question involving practical mathematics.

“Correct,” Hana-sensei replies. “Good job, Shiki-kun.”

[Do what?] Sumirin replies.

[Disguise your ability so thoroughly,] you clarify. [Back in the day.]

She did manage to hide the fact that she was basically an ANBU-trained plant for several years, and you feel like you very nearly blew it on day one. [I didn’t, remember?]

True, you did suspect her.

[I wasn’t comfortable suspecting you.] And that’s the truth of it. You didn’t want to think that a classmate – a friend – could be capable of anything nefarious, so you rationalized everything you saw away.

[It works on adults and children alike,] she tells you. [To a certain extent. Just keep pretending and they’ll do most of the work for you.]

[Thanks, Sumirin.]

[Any time, Shikkun.]
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Yet another 40k A.I. quest 7
Ork Kroozer
The Eldar are quite fond of their webway travel. What scattered and barely readable records you have left indicate that mankind had been envious of such capability, to such an extent in fact, that the only reason why you could find this information is due to it being present in your own system. One of the reasons of your construction had been due to humanity’s endless drive and ambition of improvement. Only your masters could look at a webway network and think to themselves that they can do better. Unfortunately, it is not the time to espouse the greatness of your masters. The orks are coming.

In the mean time however, you must begin means of dealing with the Eldar. The first thing that had come to mind were specialized drones capable of detecting warp quakes, even the most minute ones, since the webway relies upon warp travel at least to a certain extent, it cannot be completely hidden. However, you know for a fact that you will need at the least tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of such drones to locate the minute quakes that may or may not appear, you do not possess a truly deep comprehension of Eldar technology, so you will simply have to brute force your way through this.

As for other options, you had considered unleashing and endless swarm of nanomachines, but the needed quantity is vastly greater than the bots, and even those will take too long to produce, Eldar of this era seem to be particularly fond of flimsy, but agile style of fighting, preferring to deliver a punch before one can be given back to them. And you shall show them why your masters’ jaws evolved to take punches.

Then you still possess rather esoteric psyker technology that you still have no idea how it functions, even though you had clearly gone over its basic functions. Employing these weapons while not knowing their effects, especially against a race naturally gifted in psychic powers is just hoping for a disaster. Maybe it will cause the Eldar to spontaneously explode, or maybe it will super power them and allow them to commence “foul acts of sorcery”. As some of your imperial records would put it. As such, you will (despite your own curiosity) not be employing this equipment.

Lastly, you had the thought to refit the investigation drones with dedicated anti-sniping equipment, however, the reiterations you would need to undertake to modify the drones in such a way would take time, it would take time to refit or simply make new drones, yet again, you run into the issue of time, if you had time, you could do it. As such, rather than split your attention, it would be far more effective if you simply concentrate on a single solution.
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Do Your Best Quest #172
Last time, you did unforgettable things inside a hotel... Like turning Carol into a ball, the ball you’re carrying home. You technically didn’t, the others did, but you’re complicit, a monster who turns a blind eye to people being turned into circular beings of backpack-like proportions. What would anyone who respects you think if they saw you now? Better not to think about it and instead look ahead to what this day has to offer! You’re visiting Carol’s family!

The only downside is that you’re still a little tired. Not that it will affect you in any way. You’ve been told you act somewhat odd when you’re exhausted, but that’s all lies at this point; yesterday, you did a lot of things that you would’ve done even if you were at your best.

You have no idea why you’re talking about this like you aren’t outside. It is a fairly conventional and cozy two story house, with a well-maintained garden and welcoming vibe. The entire neighborhood is like that, everything from stores to transportation is at a walk-able distance, greenery everywhere you look, well maintained public spaces. It’s just a nice part of town, and it has a dinosaur motif for some reason. Maybe a museum is nearby?

“Hey, Carol Ball, we’re here.” You wake up the tired idol. She slept through most of it.

“...What did you call me?” Carol snaps out of her tired state rather quickly due to your comment.

“We’re not having this conversation again.” You refuse to get entangled in a meaningless discussion.

“Sure…” Carol doesn’t care for petty conversations either. “Place me by the door, and ring the bell. Then leave. Bye-bye!

She wants you out of the equation.

What do you do?

>“After a cup of coffee.” You’ll spend time with her family. That’s why you are here.
>“Let me say hi at least…” Hash it out so Carol doesn’t get that upset.
>“Sure.” Kick the ball, then press the button. You’ll leave if no one pays attention to you.
>Write In.
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Broken Empire New Frontier
You uncomfortably shift the tie around your neck, the tightness of it is ever greater as it feels like it suffocates you. It is an odd sensation seeing as how you had continuously loosened it up. Still, no one could blame you for your nervousness, after all, the opportunity before you is a rare one indeed, and one that would see many a man drenched in their own cold sweat. Your own wet back makes you think whether or not your actions so far were truly wise or not. After all, every single fraction of your wealth had been expended upon this.

As you walk down the plain grey corridor illuminated by bright white lights, you reach a window, and through it you see your investment. The “Outwards bound”, an older class colonization ship capable of housing a few thousand people and years’ worth of various supplies. The distant stars are quickly swallowed up by the planet coming into view, a jewel in its own right. From all the way up here, you can see how many lights are illuminating the night, how many millions, if not billions live upon the planet. Perhaps you will never witness such a sight yourself of your own world…your own, just that thought brings a smile to your face.

“Sir ?” A young woman’s voice draws your attention. “They are waiting for you, sir.” She smiles at you having clearly arrived to hurry your pace. A pretty enough young woman, though judging by her looks, clearly lacking any visible cybernetics or genemods.

You simply nod and turn to walk ahead. The meeting you are about to attend, never had you felt so much dread, so much fear having to face…

>The Royal Expansion and Colonization Service. It is a rarity for the R.E.C.S. to even consider granting the rights for expansion, much less actually granting them, truly, this is probably a once in a decade opportunity, if you are being optimistic.

+ Official part of the Unbroken Empire
Being officially sanctioned by the Empire means that you can expect protection from the navy and the army. Should great disasters occur within the colony, chances are that nearby systems will send you aid. Establishing trade relations between imperial systems will also be that much easier.

- Official part of the Unbroken Empire
Being officially sanctioned by the Empire also means that most likely your colony shall be subservient to whatever random noble gets granted the rights to your world. It also means that you will be expected to pay your share of taxes and provide your share of manpower and material in cases of war. Not to mention, the politics of the Empire, more specifically the commanding noble, shall have a direct influence upon you in terms of control and regulations. Atop of that, any frontier states and statelets will view you as nothing more than a further extension of the “Tyrants’ reach”.
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Nation on the Brink #8
The Nation of Ferrovia has fractured with the death of king Harold with three successor states and a bandit kingdom now fighting over the nation's future. King Elric, the king's brother backed by the landed nobility of the country, wages war in hopes of holding up the monarchy and by connection with the landed gentry. As he styles himself now Lord protector Baric attempts to halt the Monarchists and reformists from harming the status quo with the backing of the army his force is small but well trained and armed. The last of the main contenders is Queen Meredith the sole child of King Harold and devout reformist backed by merchants democrats and communists alike she must lead this dispraite force to victory.

You are Sir Edmund ”The Crow” Drayton, a recently Knighted Yeoman, the leader of the small monarchist sub faction of the reformists. In a feat of tactical and somewhat suicidal ambition youve defeated and captured Prince Elric the leader of the monarchists defeating them wholesale. Afterwards some time is spent in the Wartime capital of Nevefar finding the potential reason for an earlier coup attempt. The last few weeks have seen you fighting in the mountains of Kresh before finally subduing the Kresh bandits and moving toward the frontline.

Past Threads:

The morning of july 12th 1285

The day is already starting to heat up as the sun comes up lightning the flat plains of southern Ferrovia. Your men are already loading up and preparing for a day that will spent undoubtedly fighting their fellow country men. Your western flank ends in the sea while your Eastern flank is covered by Norton and his new found horde of former criminals. Due to the situation on the northern front you will have no reinforcements or replacements for some time. How would you like to push the enemy line?

>slow and cautious
>fast and Brutal
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 218
With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your previous roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Classic Fantasy Adventure Continued
You're Princess Eliana of the Kingdom of Brithnia. You lived a happy and peaceful life with your parents in the Brithnian palace until the day the kingsom fell to the forces of the evil witch Sinistira. You escaped the palace disguised as a commoner.
You began searching for the chosen one, the hero prophesied to defeat the witch and save the kingdom. But the forces of the witch are looking for you. You need to move in disguise.
You disguise yourself as the masked mercenary - Blade. Sinistira's agents will be searching for a Brithnian princess not a masked mercenary from the east. This disguise lets you move through the kingdom and search for the chosen one without being captured.
"The chosen one will find the sword of heroes and wield it to free the kingdom from the servants of evil. Then he will reign as the once and future king" the great wizard Kindalor the white made the prophecy before he disappeared twenty years ago.
"Where will I find this hero?" Your father had asked but there was no answer. Now it's up to you to find the chosen one.
As the legend foretells, the chosen one will wield the sword of heroes, marking him as a master swordsman. In this age, most great swordsmen make their living as adventurers.
"That's where I will start," you resolve to look for him in the adventurer's guild.
Upon your arrival, you introduce yourself as Blade - a mysterious masked mercenary.
The adventurer's guild has no shortage of colorful characters, many of them with their own secret identities, making you blend seamlessly into the crowd.
As you observe the throng of adventurers, your mind races, analyzing each one's potential to be the prophesied savior. "Could one of these adventurers be the chosen one?" you wonder, your gaze sharp and calculating, searching for your kingdom's only hope.
Prince Galiant - the proud second son of the petty kingdom of Phule catches your eye.
He most resembles the sort of heroic princes you grew up hearing tales of. He stands tall and confident. His blonde hair is styled impeccably, framing a face that seems sculpted by the finest artists. His eyes, a striking shade of blue, captivate all who meet his gaze.
His skin is clear and fair. A strong jawline, coupled with a well-defined cheekbone structure, accentuates his masculine features. His attire is nothing short of regal, meticulously tailored, and made from the finest fabrics, accentuating his physique.
"My brother, being the eldest, inherited the throne, so I set out to carve my own legacy," he confides in you after you share a drink.
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A Quiet Village
You arrive in Elder Hollow under the weight of an overcast sky, the chill of early autumn clinging to the folds of your coat. The narrow road that led you here vanishes behind as the village reveals itself, quaint cottages and ivy-clad walls whispering of an England long forgotten. As an outsider from London, your arrival is met with curious, if not wary, glances from the locals who linger by the road, their eyes shadowed beneath the brim of worn hats. You sense their scrutiny like the touch of cold fingers down your spine. This place, with its thatched roofs and silent, watchful inhabitants, clings fiercely to its old ways, and as the village elder approaches with a guarded smile, you can’t help but wonder what secrets are sown into the fertile soil of Elder Hollow.

>Choose backstory:
>Thomas Harrow, a 30-year-old horror novelist seeking solitude and inspiration in Elder Hollow after the tragic death of his wife.
>Jamie Carter, a 15-year-old boy whose family has relocated to Elder Hollow in search of a simpler life away from the city's bustle.
>Daniel and Elizabeth Greene, both 25, newlyweds eager to plant their roots in the rustic grounds of Elder Hollow, far from their urban pasts.
>Ethan Frye, a 50-year-old priest sent to Elder Hollow to reestablish a long-dormant parish in a rural community that holds deeply pagan traditions.
>Henry Mallory, a 45-year-old retired police detective, relocates to Elder Hollow seeking a quiet retirement after a disturbing case.
>Write In
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Dominions Quest: Volume I
The Wheel has turned. Chaos Reigns. The Pantokrator, the All-Mighty, has left this plane. The Thrones of Ascension lay empty, and the eternal prisons of ancient monsters and false-gods alike weaken. Powers from beyond this plane reach into creation, and pieces of reality reach into the void.

The time has come for war across every realm: And YOU are one of the players of this great game. Whether to help the common man, desire to complete some grand design, or base greed, you seek to conquer this reality and become the sole God of this world. As of now you're merely a pretender to the throne, but with power comes legitimacy, and you are powerful indeed.

But one standing alone cannot conquer the world; to this end, you have come to rule and be worshiped by a people, whether as a mere means to an end or as your beloved flock, you must lead them to victory, or be swept aside by the great powers that will be.
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The Butterfly Wars (a turn-based strategy game)
Worldmap Game
Long ago, the Zahvenat archipelago, more commonly known as the "Butterfly Isles" was a peaceful place, governed by the Myskshen Empire that lords over the continent.
200 years ago, an incident in the great city of Kuthgirt caused the Isles to hurl not just themselves, but the whole Empire into a seemingly endless civil war.

Now that peace has returned to the Empire, only the Isles remain fractured, and are seeing the rise of great men capable of reuniting them. At the same time, an Imperial Reclamation Force has been dispatched to bring the Isles and their inhabitants back into the fold.
Will they succeed in doing so? will the Isles retain their newfound independence? or will it cause the Empire to fall for good?

The stage is set for the bloodiest chapter of the Butterfly Wars
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Fred gets dehumanized, /qst/ edit
After getting splatted onto the ground from a random teleport, you, aka fred, somehow got the doxx to the guy who made a comment about you being less then human, this indivual is negrofred!!! Now you must go get em and kill em!!
What will you, the totally rightous and not ego hurt retard will you do to get revenge! And or get to his house without dying from aids
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Digimon Quest #1
“...This was not where your story was supposed to end.”

Cold. The kind of frigidness that steals one’s will, one that lulls you into a peaceful slumber from which you never come back. You attempt to feel your limbs to no avail, only feeling what could only be described as “smoke-like traces” of what were once your extremities. The only thing that broke the darkness you were surrounded in was some kind of machine, massive in size, connected to several terminals all blinking the same, mute static. Silver with lines of gray breaking the monotony, with a particular red strip denoting its “eyes”, if ever such machinery required something like that. Its geometrical, arrow-like shape made its design almost angelical, yet the voice that came from it clashed with whatever preconception you had of this thing.

“...Son of man, the path that was forged for you does not need to end here.”

“Your flesh has long since abandoned you, but your will remains anchored in this realm.”

“I can craft new flesh for you, one that will suit and reflect your soul’s most inner desires,”

“As well as deepest of turmoils.”

“I’ve witnessed what you once were…”

> [I remember spending my days locked in the library, pursuing fiction and science magazines in my free time.]

>[I worked all year round, in all sorts of things. After leaving my shift I usually spent the rest of my days fixing what was broken. ]

>[I worked at my family’s farm, living a rural life and enjoying what nature provided me and my family.]
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