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"/qst/ - Quests" is 4chan's imageboard for grinding XP.

Welcome to /quest/ - Quests
This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
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Boshin War Quest 31: Low Countries pt. 2
BWQ Title
The year is 1866. You are Daniel Stockton, a veteran of the American Civil War and general in the Aizu Domain's military. You've come to Japan looking for work, and with the nation on the brink of war, there is an ever-increasing demand for men such as yourself. Last time, you met with the Dutch Prime Minister and negotiated official diplomatic recognition for the Shogunate.


Info Paste:
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Daily Life as a World Ender
You are just an ordinary fellow, living a life that is a mundane as could be. People often tell you that you should aspire for greater things, but you've proven them time and time again that you are content and wouldn't change a thing.

Intervals between updates will vary between 30 minutes, up to an hour. The basis will depend on voter participation, factoring in both number and frequency.

> What is your name?
> Are you a boy or a girl?
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Gun x Glory! #11.5
Even from within your perch inside the trees, the thrum of magic in the air makes your skin crawl.

It has been an hour since you left the small settlement on the side of the road, embarking on the quest that the blacksmith had given you. After crossing the large plains that lead to the forest and not encountering any enemies, you were almost prepared for a fight when entering the woods.

Nothing of the sort awaited you there. Only complete and utter silence.

As you made your way through the trees at a quick place, you heard nothing. No birds chirping, no distant animals, and not even the sound of distant fighting from people making their way here ahead of you. Normally in this game, forests are teeming with life, so having nothing of the sort was enough to rattle you deeply.

That was before you reached your current position, however.

In front of you lies a cocoon of stone. Rather than looking artificially placed, it appears to have swelled out of the ground, the shell almost appearing weaved together rather than having a predictably rough surface. From within, a blue glow pulses, almost overwhelmed by the sunlight that still peeks through the thick foliage – you have no doubt that it’s the source of the magic washing over you. Normally, this in itself wouldn’t pose any issues, but the thing that concerns you is what else is present near the oddity.

The “what else” in question are two large white wolves.

From up here, they look like they’d come up to your chest in terms of height. They look almost graceful as they patrol around the stone, looking very out of place compared to the overwhelming green of the forest. Their eyes are watchful, but they apparently hadn’t seen you duck behind a tree, or scale it with no measure of stealth. This could mean their hearing only extends so far, or they just didn’t see that as a threat.

Either way, you expected something a lot tamer than this.

Putting early game grinding aside, actual missions usually only have a single powerful monster, or smaller ones with larger numbers. It’s always possible that you just got unlucky, but it would make sense that they’d be throwing more powerful stuff at you right off the bat, considering this is a competition for an egregious sum of money.

You’re more than certain you have the skills to pay the bills, so to speak, but it all depends on your plan of approach. Whilst you have confidence, it will only carry you so far in terms of actual combat – strategy is what matters, after all.

Orion Jasper, what would you like to do?

>Hop down out of the tree and try to lead one of them out of the clearing to kill.
>Try to distract both of them so you can dart in, grab the stone, and get out.
>Pull out your bow and attempt to kill them from your position in the tree.
>But wait, OP, where the fuck have you been?

Thread archive:
Thread Discord:
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Dark Queen Quest 39
Horse Rider
Everything happened so fast. Before all of this, you were Freya Godsblood, princess of Ordamark, and you were the most beautiful woman in the land. But everything changed for you, as you've caught the eye of the Dark Lord Lazarus Drack who, seeing you, decided to claim you as his wife.

Now, you are his Empress, the Dark Queen Freya Drack, and your reign has just begun.
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Castle Quest
You stand outside of a huge tower. You don't know why, but you have a strong urge to go QUESTING inside of it.

>What do you do?
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Monster Hunter Quest: Freelancer #12
You're Gunlance Vance, and right now you're acting as mediator between two tribes engaged in open hostilities.


Character Sheet:
Urgent Quests:


Previous Thread: >>4268308
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Warhammer 40K: Threefold Oblivion
Threefold Oblivion Title
It is the 41st Millennium.

For more than a hundred centuries The Emperor has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the Master of Mankind by the will of the gods, and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology. He is the Carrion Lord of the Imperium for whom a thousand souls are sacrificed every day, so that he may never truly die. Yet even in his deathless state, the Emperor continues his eternal vigilance.

To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.


Threefold Oblivion is a Warhammer 40,000 quest that sees you fill in the role of a planetary governor and is tangentially to my previous 40k quest, Blood Coven (

This will be a lower-impact quest which I aim to update 1-2 times a day with many hours between votes for debate/decision making.

If the vote is tied up I may roll for the tiebreaker The will of the God-Emperor.

I always try to incorporate (and encourage!) write-ins if they don't violate the spirit of voted decisions, though I may edit or tweak them to fit better.
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Alternate History - Against all Odds Part 7
With the return of peace to the realm, Onizar the Gentle has vastly expanded the humble road system, truly connecting the kingdom for the first time.
Several years have passed and not much has changed in the mean time. Honey is slowly gaining in popularity among commoners as the "Bee-Man" expands his estate. Your trade caravans have returned successfully, albeit with some losses, bringing you a great deal of fortune in brontsay, though not nearly as much as you had hoped for. Instead, they returned with several most curious artifacts: short swords of foreign origin. They are far more decorated than the ones you have, though their design indicates a wholly different way of warfare. Your merchants have no idea about the actual purpose of these weapons, but they tell you that they are of a material called Sitroz. You've never heard of such a thing before, it very much intrigues you and you start to wonder where to find more of it.
Moving on from that however, you congratulate the caravans on a job well-done, and pay them decently.
This foreign material now only intrigues you however, it also intrigues the great shaman of the temple cult. Hailing the existence of this metal as an omen sent by the gods, a great many people set out to acquire more of it. You have no idea whether we even have this kind of material in our realm, but you won't interrupt their search, in fact you join in despite your skepticism, it will provide an excellent opportunity to further influence the cult, which seems to only gain more traction as time goes on.
Rules are pretty simple
>You are, at all times, the current de-facto Ruler of your people.
>There will be decisions after each Update.
>You may only pick ONE option, unless states otherwise.
>Parenting options run parallel to the main-game and are their own separate decisions.
>When there is no Majority, a Tie will always be broken by the option that was chosen the earliest.
>Time and Technology progression adapt to the Scale of the game.
>Status summaries may be requested at any time (I may not always respond)
>This is a very slow quest, be prepared to wait.
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Darkness. Everything is black. You feel like nothing. Nothing is everything.

What will you do?
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Body Horror Quest, 44th Vein
Body Horror Quest, 44th Vein
Your name is Shu, and in the organic wasteland that your planet’s become, you feel sanity slipping through your fingers.

First, it was the town of Laoc – the settlement that was ravaged by Hunger, the very madness that threatens to rob humanity of its senses and reduce them to little more than ravenous beasts, ruled by primal instinct and ceaseless voracity. You save the town by a hair’s breadth…and it’s by that very same narrow strand that you learned you were being hunted by a being that you assumed was intent on leaving no trace of your or your family but a scorched patch of calcite and chitin. You met Alpha on what you thought would be a field of battle, and you turned it – miraculously – into a place of peace, a confrontation transmuted into a meeting of the minds. From there, you encountered a pair of cults; one based around sweet oblivion, the other centered on you, and the warped versions of the pillars you and your family have built your crusade upon.

The better part of your day (what ‘day’ there is given the Fleshscape’s nigh-eternal dusk) has been spent dealing with the latter, and it’s after you claimed what you hope to be a peaceful victory among the trio of emergent factions within the cult that you’ve been faced with another shock to your system…

…a shock that’s all too similar to one that almost broke you, not so long ago.

God, the Monastery seems like a lifetime ago.

“Isabelle, tell me what happened.” You breathe, holding the communicator forged of bundled neurons and fragile chitin to your ear, drawing in a steady breath to calm your decidedly unsteady nerves. "Have things settled down? Is it a crisis, or...?”

"No, no crisis. Just cleanup now, for the most part." The girl on the other end of the line sighs bitterly, the sounds of hushed voices echoing around her as she audibly makes her way to a quieter locale. "Dorian did the lion's share of damage to the Amalgam that spawned out of some kind of dispute, with me and Johanna helping to put it down. Not like he needed the help, anyway. Guy's crazy fast, so...but yeah, everything's settled down, and the towns people are helping clean up. Everyone here just seems so numb - from what I gather, the Amalgam was made up of the major governing people, so this whole settlement just had their leadership wiped out in the span of a few minutes."


Previous Vein:


Character Abilities, Ver 4:

Trypophilic Hive, Ver. 3:

Relics, Ver. 7:

Dual Techs:


Quest Fan Works:
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Fate/Awakening Mirror Part XXII
Fate Awakening Mirror Part XXII
You are Alberich: maiden-rescuing knight, killer of men and monsters, familiar twice over, possible relation of Gods, and modern hero. You've seen your home destroyed, your friends and allies scattered to the winds, and yourself crippled, but you persevere in the company of those who remain loyal.
On the night of November 13, 2019, you found yourself in a dimly lit stone basement, standing in the middle of a magic circle. You had been summoned as a Servant, a figure out of legend contracted after their death to fight alongside a magus for the Holy Grail. In your case, however, you were and conned by Judas Iscariot into taking his place despite not being any such thing.
Since then, you've made your way through a chain of events even stranger than those you faced in the Akeldama. You've lost one Master and gained another on the point of death. You've slain three enemy Servants and converted four to your cause. You've met, allied with, and betrayed the survivors of the last War: a family of magi dedicated to destroying the Holy Grail. You've discovered your true nature, as an artificial hero cobbled together from the souls of over 300 sacrifices and imbued with false memories. You've met the two others like you, formerly 'human' compatriots in the Akeldama's War who have since been transformed into Servants. You've fallen in love with Liliesviel von Einzbern, a homunculus at the center of the Holy Grail War whose desperate need and ephemeral beauty captured your heart. You've begun to walk the path of magical knowledge, and through the use of your Noble Phantasm summoned forth two impossible existences from the Reverse Side of the World: a phantasmal beast and a goddess. This morning, you cracked open the soul of a captured enemy, hoping to take power over her by magic. Instead, you've found yourself wandering in the labyrinthine inner world of her spirit. After you escaped, however, things only worsened thanks to an undetected attack on your home carried out (mostly) while you were unconscious.
Since awakening after that disaster, you've discovered the unexpected loyalty of your most recently acquired Servant, made contact with two of your scattered allies, and met an old friend once more. You remain crippled, however, and now work at the preparation of a large-scale ritual to facilitate your healing.
None of your experiences have changed your goal. Whatever the purpose or origin of your life, and regardless of who stands in your way, there is only one path before you. You will take the Holy Grail with your own hands.
Four Servants remain to fall by your sword.

Archive of Previous Threads:

Status Information:

QM Twitter:
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Mutant!Quest #05
Your name is Elise. Elise Martins. And, to put it simply, you are not normal.

What you are is a mutant— one of the many few in Konigsburg who possess strange and unnatural abilities due to the explosion of FutureLabs’ particle accelerator.

You have two brothers, Matt and John, but it's only Matt who knows of your powers. You’ve also made a friend, Bernard, who also happens to be a mutant.

Together, the three of you work under the title of the M-Guard, saving mutants from the ever-encroaching hands of FutureLabs.

>Previously on Mutant!Quest: While Matt had attended the city council, you and Bernard snuck into FutureLabs and got a decent amount of incriminating evidence in the form of video, file, and an entire hard drive. After perusing the files you had stolen, you have discovered that FutureLabs is conducting rather strange experiments on former Crux members. Though you’re not sure what the purpose is of these experiments is, something about them deeply unsettles you.

Now, you’re making plans on what it is that you will do with that information, which are as follows:

>Begin planning to break into a news station.
>See if there’s anyone you think could potentially help you in releasing the data

The first one is one that you will definitely do together with Matt and Bernard once the three of you are finished compiling the footage and data that you currently have, while the second one is something you thought of on a whim: contact the CEO of Huber Enterprises.

Why? As the CEO of Huber Enterprises, Phillip Huber is unquestionably one of the richest men in Konigsburg. Not one of the flashiest, that’s for sure, but he’s definitely a prolific face as far as prolific faces in the city go. Plus, if what Matt said is correct, and the Huber CEO is as against Atticus Charles as you think, then you might have just found yourself an individual who is willing to speak out against FutureLabs.
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Gunpla Battle Network Quest #1
You've always wanted to try the newest Gundam MMORPG style video game, and today is the day. You got to the Gunpla store and found the large room with the consoles. You set your custom built Gunpla and put on the strange helmet like device. The VR headset flashes as you put it on, prompting:

>Login name

What do you type? (Roll 1d100, highest roll within 5 posts or 1 hour wins)

The system scans your Gunpla as you think about the name that will define your GBN legacy for years to come. You worked hard on this machine, and it is a: (roll 1d100 with your choice)

>Melee focused
>Ranged focused
>All rounder

machine called: (name and 1d100 again)

The system awaits these final details, while fast paced electronic music pumps softly in your ears. You think it's a remix of a Gundam 00 song.
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You find Ayametu in the usual place: the clearing in the forest where she has painted targets on the thick-trunked trees and where she spends every morning shooting arrows into their centers. It pains you to admit it, but at this point, she has far surpassed you, her elder brother, in the art of archery. For an ordinary girl in the tribe, such proficiency might be unusual or even obscene, but of course, Ayametu is far form ordinary.

"Who goes there?" she says, sensing your approach despite your attempt at stealth, her arrow nocked and ready; her eyes searching between the firs. "Show yourself."

>Try and sneak up on her [hunter]
>Come out calmly [leader]
>Pretend to be someone else [trickster]

N.B The words in [brackets] are archetypical "roles". For now they will be used to build up your character and background, later they will be used to modify DCs and rolls.
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Digimon Researcher Quest
At an indistinct tech showcase a long while ago, there was a machine that generated random sequences upon random sequences. Each sequence was different from every single one that came before it. With new data being introduced at every stage. Each time the computer would wipe itself clean before starting over. The purpose was of course to showcase the computer's quick processing power, however, it had created a byproduct that no one foresaw Somehow the random segments of code coalesced and began to form the first artificial digital life form. The wipe soon came for it and it began to scramble to the internet in a desperate ploy for survival. Who's to say whether or not it succeeded? Haven't you ever wondered what happens to that data that you delete on the internet?

Another day another dollar you repeat to yourself as you say the mantra you say every morning as the intern, Sam, hands you a cup of coffee as you enter the lab. It was going to be a pretty dull day ahead of you as you were just going to be benchmarking some new samples with a few stress tests in between.

You don a sterile white lab coat as meander to your workstation greeting your coworkers along the way before slumping into the office chair with all the grace of a rotten log. You spin on the chair, idly sipping at your coffee, trying your hardest to unzombify yourself.

You sip from the cup only to find it empty.

You heave a sigh as you turn towards the computer, and start punching in numbers and results before shipping the results off to another department to deal with.







You’re in the middle of a stretch after completing your 300th test when an alarm starts blaring. The flashing lights and loud siren mildly disorienting you for a brief moment before you realize something was happening.

A monotone voice echoes over the speaker, “All staff, please evacuate the facility in a calm and orderly manner. Attention, will all staff please evacuate the facility in a calm and orderly manner.

>Evacutate the facility in a calm and orderly manner.
>Make a little haste.
>Check your phone, maybe it’s a fire drill.
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WORK HARD: An Employee's Quest.
You are an Employee. You work at COMPANY™, and you sell the PRODUCT™. You're assigned to accounting, while the rest of the snobby employees are managing stocks, marketing, and signing new contracts.

Nobody knows who the boss is. He's there, but at the same time, he's not. He's like Santa Claus, except instead of bringing gifts, he brings shitty pamphlets about old accessories that the company no longer makes. Nobody has ever seen him.

There are office memos, with information on dates, employees to call, and of course, the super senior employee's initials at the top. And when the company shuts down, they post this for all employees to see.

There's an out of order watercooler in the corner, with red tape around it. There's a treadmill in the back of the building, one that employees are allowed to use but must hold off on going the second the lobby begins to close.

Your phone is ringing, but it's from a restricted number.

You're not supposed to answer restricted numbers, lest you face being yelled at by the senior manager, Mr. Moloney. He's got a sharp tongue. He's also got an obsession with vinyl records, and constantly goes on tangents about how rare his vinyls are.

You've been here for 12 years, and have never stepped foot outside of the building. By now, you're sick of the constant work.

You think to yourself...

"When will something interesting happen?"
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Strikers 2016
Sunset flights were popular topics for photographers, and remain so even now.
Ok guys, couple of things!

First is I expect this week to be slower than usual, owing to circumstances. Long story short a series of posts went out on social media in my town naming my neighborhood as one among several potential areas the protests planned to expand into- tripping my massive natural paranoia. It's not as fun as it sounds.

Second is we'll probably be on a week long break week after next. That should be the first week of classes for me, and I kinda expect that to screw with my routine some, plus I'll need to be sorting a lot of things out and re-learning a bunch of math.

archive here:

Anyway, that's quite enough of that!


The return trip to the Kaga was shorter than the trip out- the two groups of ships have been steaming towards a rendezvous, and even a few hours aboard the America meant they were close to a hundred miles closer together. There were a few F-35s up on the deck as you left too- looked like they were getting ready to put up a CAP, alongside the navy and marine fighters aboard the carrier with the group.

The Kaga, as always, is busy- the deck is rigged for flight operations, and the osprey is back off the deck almost as soon as your boots hit the ship, with a pair of the flight deck crew there to guide you into the island- and out of the way- quickly. That doesn't mean anything, of course- the Kaga and her sister are almost constantly launching or recovering aircraft, and the simple fact is the flight deck is a dangerous place, even for the men trained to work there.

You're sent down to the ready room- where Merlin and the Japanese witches are waiting. They end their conversation as you step in, with Merlin nodding once to you. "Good to see you back." She says with a smile. "How was the America?"

"It was certainly interesting being aboard a united states naval ship again." Kyou says. "After our time aboard the Kaga it is easy to forget this state of affairs is far from normal."

Merlin smiles. "They were sure to send their preferred target list over the fast network." She says, "so they must have been impressed."

"Or eager." Kyou says, agreeing. You're pretty sure any eagerness is her own, though- while the marines may be anxious to get on with it, only Kyou seems to be so keen get back into combat.

"Regardless, you'll have about twelve hours before we're complete with work and testing, but that should include time to upload weapons and run any final checks. It also means you'll be in the air sometime in the small hours of the morning, so plan rest accordingly."

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NotQuesty: Tale of Twin Dragons
Give suggestions on how the story will continue...
4 images | 7 replies
The Red Comet of Westeros
One anon made a quest a few days ago and I wanted to continue it because why the fuck not?

After the victory of communism on Earth, peace was a possibility no one was ready for.

Advances of technological progress on the Earth. Over-abundance of resources and eliminating the need for most types of manual labor.
Your world became highly technologically advanced, managed by an anarchistic meritocracy society.

Eventually, mankind became capable of interstellar travel.

In the world you know, there is no state structure, no institutionalized coercion.
Everyone is expected to be responsible individuals.

The functioning of the society is safeguarded by you as well as the other occupants of planet Earth with the guidance of the World Council accepted by everyone in each field of activity, divided into smaller councils for each region of the planet.

That is the world you know and will ever know.

But the lottery granted opportunities beyond what you ever imagined.
The chance of becoming part of your local Regional Council through a pure chance of lottery. An AI in charge of making sure everyone is satisfied and working, it granted humans with tasks and rewards, to keep them entertained and with a healthy state of mind.
For there was no better joy than working for the future of humanity.

The lottery began to compute multiple numbers.. several citizens had been picked..

On the last number.. apartment complex number came, then your citizen id number was called. And so your days of being jobless and an outcast of society was over.
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Butcher Block Quest #3
Your name is Scruffy. You are currently onboard a mercenary caravan called the Butcher Block traveling through the Primordial Sea. Since finding the king’s runaway daughter deep in the wilds of the frontier, your caravan has endeavored to return her to her noble estate and take in the million gold bounty. While on your outing to the nearest royal presence, you ran into another collapsed motor carriage where a knight asked for gas to clear out to a faraway town. You determined that the knight was carrying a crew of heisters with a bounty on their heads. After bargaining, you momentarily recruited them to offer aid in bringing the princess home.

During your off time, you asked the normally obnoxious princess to help you learn to read and made some steps toward learning thanks to her, who was a surprisingly patient teacher. However, while continuing your journey, you ran into yet another roadblock: another mercenary caravan by the name of The Royal. They stopped you and asked for aid after an unfortunate run-in with some bandits. Despite your best efforts to hide the princess and the thieves, it couldn’t stop one orc from trying to sniff her out - but you managed to scare her off with the help of her companion who was willing to overlook your bounty. Since then, you’ve been traveling non-stop to reach Kirin.
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Evil Arisen Quest
Long, long ago in distant ages past, you rose to power. The might of kingdoms, the lives of thousands were spent in efforts to sunder your grip on the land. You were undeniable, unstoppable, invincible, or so you had thought.... all those long centuries ago, you can no longer clearly remember what happened to you. Whether it was some internal betrayal or the combined efforts of the greatest heroes was of no consequence, all that matters is that you were beaten. Your once insurmountable strength broken. Locked away for all time, sealed behind arcane glyphs and bonds of steel and stone.

But the implacable progress of time has brought about the end of your imprisonment, the arcane runes are falling silent, their energy expended. From the murky quagmire of your maddened mind comes consciousness as the pathetic magics holding you at bay are finally broken...

You are weak now, your body withered and your spirit ragged. You are the merest shadow of what you once where... you were a:

>Dread Necromancer. You once commanded legions of undead servants, you must replenish your legions.

>Vampire Lord. Your body is withered by the long centuries but the creatures of the night will still obey your call.

>Demon Prince: The body of the mortal who summoned you has become your prison. You must make contact with your banished servants in the Pit.

>Mad Druid. The beasts of the forest and the land itself once responded to your call. The Wild Mother must be defended once again.

>Wight King: You embraced untold evil for the chance at vengeance, your will is iron and ice.

>Other (feel free to be creative)
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Ratfolk Quest
>Once upon a time, in a faraway land...

With the ship being tossed about on the waves by a storm, the hold is nigh unbearable for your kin. A cruel human might make a remark about rats on a ship, but huddling together is the best you can manage.

"What say it not to sink? Then us all is drowned!"

"I'm no like it none, but needing trust the humans... else we is back in Galan."

Everyone is nervous and upset, but none can disagree that the voyage is better than not. A terrible business from where you came, all the big folk in the city turned against your kind, killed any they could find.

Most of your kin were lost, it was surely a miracle that those of you escaped alive, by bartering what you all had for safe passage away.

>An open-ended medieval fantasy quest, of a verminous persuasion...
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The Cabin
On a pothole-ridden road somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a beaten-down van speeds along, carrying six college freshman to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere- and a fate that no one could prepare for. Choose the starting POV- they may be the character we stick with for the entire quest, or they may switch off as I see fit- we shall see.

>The Leader: An all American-boy. Tall, fit, handome, muscled, and with good grades. This one was beloved in high school, and is similarly beloved in his college. His charisma and intuition make him a natural-born leader

>The Rich Boy: Even more handsome, muscled, and tall, there's a distinct difference between him and The Leader: This one is a piece of shit. He was a bully in high school and he's a bully now- and it's no secret that he's basically bribing his way through education. What he lacks in redeeming qualities, he makes up in being utterly gorgeous and irresistible to women, handy in a fight, and absolutely loaded- after all, the cabin belongs to his family.

>The Nerd: Straight-As, a fast-tracked plan for a STEM degree, and a distinct stunting in social skills. He's quiet and kind, but he's deferential and overlooked due to his timid nature- but he can come in handy when needs be.

>The Virgin: She's a boomer's perfect wife: Devoutly religious, kind-hearted, and still a virgin, despite her pretty looks. She's impossible to hate

>The Cheerleader: Gorgeous, tall, curved- men have been staring at her since she hit puberty, and they're staring at her now. She's an alpha bitch, and she chooses her friends carefully, and keeps them in-line. She's agile, strong, and fast- almost Amazonian in nature, and would be handy in a pickle, even if her grades (and common sense) aren't the best.

>The Stoner: Baggy clothes, unkempt hair, bloodshot eyes- she's THAT girl. The one who has a quip for any situation, if she can pay attention for long enough. Her grades are in the toilet, and it's no secret that she's about to fail out- but there's a difference between laziness and stupidity, and if she's spurred to action, she might be capable of great things. The keyword there is "might".

Choose wisely- or don't. They certainly haven't so far.
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dwarf civ quest 1
dwarf colony
You have traveled a long way. Far from home that is the dwarven strongholds and kings. So far that not even the legendary reach of the deep roads go this far. Which meant traveling over the surface. You are colonists seeking to establish a new home. Far from the bickering of the kings and lack of living space. As every inch is precious and must be dug out from the earth. It has been a long time since the dwarfs have expanded beyond the deep roads and dared to tread the surface for such great lengths. Not since the great wars of old which shattered the great dwarven kingdoms and empires that rose even from the surface. Forcing the dwarfs to flee to their strongholds to resist the enemy. Such has it been for many years. A long time even by dwarven standards. Much to the folly of the other races who assume the dwarfs are fading away. Not like the damned elves who are perfectly happy to be forgotten. The cowards.

Hence how you find yourself in a far away land full of things your kind are most unfamiliar with. You are used to great mushroom forests of the depths but how in the hells do they have them AND crystal forests on the surface? Even Floating islands as if those in the water weren't bad enough. Clearly you are way off the map at this point. Much to your chagrin. On the plus side who knows what you might find in these lands? You know as dwarfs its best to establish yourselves in the mountains in order to best defend yourselves. Which is most important in the early stages of colonization as you have yet the time to establish proper defenses that can stand alone against endless hordes of demons with ease. That will take time and until then you are vulnerable.

Now what kind of colony do you wish to establish?

Where do you prospect for good base first?
>Tallest peaks nearly touching the floating islands
>Sheer cliff faces bordering the sea
>Broken mountains bordering a magical wasteland
>The foothills of the mountain range near forests and plains
>The volcanoes constantly spewing ash and rivers of lava
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Evil Queen Quest
Red Queen
Your name is Milia Krait. More specifically Queen Milia Krait. There was a time when you may have been just Milia, but that naive girl has been dead to you for some years now. Your rule is absolute, your presence a symbol of awe-inspiring terror. Those who love you would give their lives for you, and those who do not love you would dare not admit it out of fear of your royal guard.

You have lorded over the nation of Srunda on your own for just a year since your now ex-husband died mysteriously when somebody stabbed him several times in the neck with your personal knife while he slept. This particular political move has earned you the nickname of Red Queen. A moniker that you frankly relish, and you have since used in re-branding the castle's aesthetic sensibilities.

During your year in power, Srunda has seen much overhaul at your hand, but it is idleness that leads to destruction and you continue to seek further methods to secure your power and your dynasty. The slightest slip in your iron grip and you could be faced with burgeoning rebellions, political conspiracy, and the threat of war with Arcadia on your western border.

You have awoken this morning in your chambers, your pet crow's caws serving as your alarm.
What will you do?
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Black Clover: Parallel Story #15
Black Clover Title 4

This is a CYOA QUEST set in the world of Black Clover manga and anime.

The Quest is updated daily at about 20:00 GMT – 15:00 EST – 24:00 PST – later on Thursdays.

You are Cynthia Gualdo, a daughter of two tailors and thus, a tailor from birth yourself. Until recently, you had no other goal in life but to follow their footsteps and inheriting their hard-earned workshop situated in the most expensive trade region in Kikka: the High Street. Sudden circumstances and opportunities pushed you to seek highly-paid position in Charlotte Roselei’s - the Captain of the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad – mansion. Living together with the wardens of the Clover Kingdom made you aspire for something more and, in time…

You became a Magic Knight yourself. You want to build your own legacy; to be the greatest Magic Knight!
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Persona: Moonless III
Persona: Moonless
You are Johann Fol , a human student who had recently lost his foster dad and was forced to transfer to Garsis academy in the elven city state of Cairth under the protection of a new guardian: Miss Yuni in Gladefall Dorm, Tenfaro Street.

Under some strange circumstances, you happened upon a mysterious parallel world known as the Moonworld filled with strange creatures known as shadows thriving in a hellish post-apocalyptic landscape.

You strike a bargain with Ruin in Form in order for it to return to slumber by purging the great sins seeded within your society. Your first sin to purge was lust , It is embodied in an unknown person who committed unspeakable murders throughout Cairth, possibly starting with the real Maq. His true identity is yet to be revealed.

You are not alone on this arduous journey, with the aid of the Labyrinth finder named Paloa and an eccentric doll running the Velvet Workshop named White , you are one inch closer to victory.

Currently, you are sitting in a small chair getting questioned by a giant of an orc in chrome who happens to be the Boss of M.A.S.S.U's branch in Cairth.

Previous thread :


Join our discord:
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Goblin Quest #3
ColdBolt Reading (2)
Last time we left Gobson he was gathering berries for Jade the Cold Bolt in return for some Dragonic lessons. Everything was going fine until you were attacked by 4 goblins, who you ran away from.

Gobson didn’t have time to stop and think. He had to go into action quickly; he had to warn his nest about the danger that was coming. He ran and ran until he came to the river that the nest is settled on. From the riverside you can see Jade reading something on the other side of the river. You start screaming and hollering for everyone that’s inside the nest to hear you.

You still have to cross the river to get back and raise up Cold Bolts and female Goblins for the attack that may come. How will you get across this impassable river?

What do?
>Big River, Small Goblin Legs, I like those odds (Jump)
>Yelled for the Raft and wait
>Wait until someone notices you
>Climb up a tree and hide
>Try to find another around
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 131
Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales of a mighty warrior race would reach your ears. Many speak of the Saiyans with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like them. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair in facing the warrior race in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the Saiyan race would spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden-haired Super Saiyans, and the green-haired legend who leads them. But once more they march, leaving their home behind and advancing into the heart of their enemy’s territory. Which side will triumph, and who will perish?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball world. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the radiant symbol of Saiyan might. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of 20,166,000 and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>20 minute voting windows, pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails count -only- if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged.
That said, they can and will be shut down if too out of character/metagamey. With over 120 episodes behind us, Karn now has a well-established character
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible

Current Arc: The Great War
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Princess/Paladin Quest Part 2
You are Alice, the princess of a fallen minor kingdom taken over by the ever expanding Ignian Empire. After fleeing your home and crossing the Sapphire Sea you were swindled out of most of your possessions, including your money, by some men who seemed like they really just wanted to get their magic bean business off of the ground. You spent some time clearing your head before deciding to take on odd jobs for money, at which point you meant Donovan, your companion and a modestly capable swordsman when he has the mind for it. After hunting and slaying a band of Orc bandits together, you and Donovan took your pay and hit the road together in search of greater fortune.

You came to a crossroads and decided to make your way west, to a town called Farmville where civilization meets the wild frontier. There you found the booming town overrun with plagues and pestilence, and sought a way to help. You met with a young Wood Elf by the name of Gilbert. He is a timid lad but decently skilled with magic and very skilled at burning things down for the insurance payout. Sadly he forgot to actually buy the insurance. With Gilbert's help you and Donovan tracked down a Forest Spirit called The Prince of Azure who confessed to causing the town's dilemma due to spreading his blessing across the whole of the forest, but for lack of proper tithe, did not do so for the town. This caused all the misfortune in the greater region to focus on the town as the only unprotected place.

Together the three of you summarily executed the Spirit with extreme prejudice and brought its head back to town, after which a feast was held among the absolute scouring of the nearby forest. A night of revelry and decadence later, the three of you awake to a chaotic scene. The town, in total dissaray after the festivities, is being slowly and groggily pieced back together by the hungover locals. You, Donovan, and Gilbert don't feel so hot yourselves.

A) Head to the inn, lock your doors and sleep until the End-Times
B) Dunk your heads in the well and start chipping in
C) Drag your half-dead corpses to the constabulary for more work
D) See about this very powerful magical Spirit head
E) Other

Alice's Stats
Power: D
Speed: D
Magic: D
Vitality: C
Luck: E

Alice's Inventory
Heirloom Sword, Heirloom Armor, Cheap Iron Shield (Heavy), Head of the Azure Prince, Throbbing Headache

Donovan's Stats
Power: C
Speed: D
Magic: E
Vitality: D
Luck: E

Donovan's Inventory
Simple Sword, Simple Breastplate, Simple Mind, Expression of Deep Regret

Gilbert's Stats
Power: E
Speed: D
Magic: C
Vitality: E
Luck: C

Gilbert's Inventory
Stick "Wand", Comfy Clothes, Sandals w/o Socks, Constant Fit of Dry Heaving

Group Funds
3000 gold!
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Tribes RPQuest
Civs Quest:
The world is just being populated by intelligent races who have formed different tribes. Guide them through the ages and ensure their survival.
Each player needs to:
>Pick up a tribe (marked by alphabet letters):
>Tribe and settlement name:
>Some lore/tradition:

The rules are simple. Each turn, the player can play two actions rolling 1d20 per action. The turn ends once a day or when every player has made its move. At the end of the turn, the QMs are going to update in response to every player’s actions. Two QMs are playing in order to try to make the game more fluid. You can:
-Settle the wildlands.
-Develop Lands/Gather resources.
-Develop Technologies.
-Create regiments/troops and use them.
-Answer to random events that the QMs will do.
Have fun.
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The Shields: Colony-Building Civ
“With the Great Enemy thwarted and his armies put to rout, the allied kingdoms have so decreed that we establish several colonies to the east near the great mountain range to act as both bulwark against further invasion and as a stepping stone for further ventures eastward.”

“I say this to you now: it is not a task for the weak or the soft; the lands beyond our are teeming with monsters and beasts left behind by the Enemy’s wake, to say nothing of the lurking remnants of the Enemy itself. Yet the shield of the allied kingdoms must be reinforced, ‘lest we be driven again to a desperate stand by the foe.”

“So! With that sorted out, let us begin our census...”

>Ours is a colony of...:
>Write in
>Our colony is made up of several families of different races

>We will settle in the...:
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Death. The nebulous phenomena that has enraptured mankind since its waking self-awareness. It is a mysterious threshold that no one can fully comprehend, unless directly experienced- to that point the one who has is now perished.

In this year, 1914, begins the Great War. The war that will ravage for the first time- the entire globe on all fronts. Among the world the various European powers have found themselves embroiled in a web that has proverbially snapped with the assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand. Mobilization has begun. Natives of many colonial territories fight in wars they have no dime in, but must as per their overlords decree. New innovations ensure the field of battle takes as much casualties as ever could've imagined by any stretch of the margin. Beyond that further along the years many more will die from a strange affliction that certainly engulf millions. This year is the one we specifically one among the millions ravaged by this era.

>Where were you born and on what year, day, and month were you conceived?
>What name were you given? Were you a boy or a girl?
>What were you in life thereafter as you grew up?
>How did you die?
>On what month and day did you perish? (April through September allowed only)
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The Worst Written QST You Have Ever Played
What is your name fair traveler?
And what, is your goal?

Note: As the first post, I will wait a bit before writing scene one to see how many people reply. This will help me decide how many votes to take before writing each part, or if I need to use dice, etc. If the QST is particularly empty I'll just take the first thing someone says.
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One Night: Chapter I
*Nothing extraordinary ever happens here.*

It’s as if my whole life all I have felt, seen, and lived has been the dirt, dust, and adobe. All of it is just so… suffocating.
“We need to get out of here soon Dev, I’m tired of all this fucking monotony.”

“...Devin, did you pay Mrs. Velasquez for rent this month?”

*And here we go again, it’s like I’m not even here. Who am I kidding,* **we** *aren’t going anywhere but god I want to leave.*

“What? Why are you looking at me like that Claire?”

“Helloooo, are you there Claire? Are we smoking or not?”

>Write in.
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Vixgurd Quest: Part One - The Beginning
Burning Village v2
You wake up to a blistering heat and the smell of something burning. As you’re rolling out of bed to see what’s going on, your bedroom door flies open. Your father is standing there, blood gushing from the side of his head and one eyed swollen shut. He’s holding your grandfather’s Longsword from his days as a city guard up in Vixgurd.

Father Wake the hell up! Grab your weapons and get the fuck outside, the damnable Orks are raiding.

Any thought of going back to sleep you once had is a distant memory. Pulling a large wooden case from under your bed, you go to grab the weapon you were given for your 18th birthday. You’ve done some practicing with it, but life as a cobbler’s son and apprentice doesn’t leave you much room for play fighting anymore.

>What’s your name?

>Two-Handed Battle-Axe
>Brass Knuckles
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Sands of Nowhere Redux #3
Some say, Nowhere is a keen collector of the things that get lost out there, beyond the mountains, both in this and in other times. Luckily, you are not lost - The search for a cure has led you here into this desert. A Researcher of the Empire, having seen unspeakable, incomprehensible things. The Rune-Plague burns in your mind, a fire slowly drilling into your conscious and subconscious self. But hope is not lost: A coded book might hold the answers you are seeking.

With the help of your newest companion, the Silent Mechanist, you have weasled your way onto an imperial archeological dig site, stole a priceless artifact after tapping into the hidden potential of your burning mind and making it out, the Empire none the wiser.

Continuing your mischief, you then traveled to the City of Rover, a moving city housed on a gigantic platform on treads. There, you agreed to retrieve an Undead Citizen of Rover from Memory Point, the town of the undead, before spending your stories on a Memetic Distraction Apparatus. Using it to distract the checkpoint guards, you even made your way into the off-limits Archives of Rover, before returning to the Middle of Nowhere.

After meeting your other acquaintance, the Young Archivist, you have decided to meet the Monks of Agony - According to the Archivist, they supposedly have intricate knowledge about the application of stories and their apparent power. Having arrived at their temple, you joined a group of monks in their morning meditation - Deep in your trance, you gained a shift in perspective after having a short talk with your subconscious…
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The place is Kelch, a port city of the peninsula kingdom of Thule. You are a freshly graduated official of the inquisition, a most honorably organization and were sent to the local chapter to begin your service. Right at your first day in the city apprehend and imprison an unruly elve who tried to instigate a mob to make a riot and coax an elf girl named Dalua from said mob to your side, making her your assistant. The next day you capture a heretic (also an elf) who prayed to a dark god in public and imprison him too. After that, you interrogated your first prisoner by yourself and went to the torture chamber, where the head torturer will give you his help with the dark god worshipping heretic.

WARNING: I've mainly made a new part because from here on out it will get quite graphic, so please don't read this quest if you can't handle a bit of gore.
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Mass Effect Quest: New Beginnings, ep. 12, pt. 5
There was a time when it would have outraged you that a corporation, an enterprise primary interest of which is usually stated to be economic gain for the community, and especially so for those who invested their own wealth into its formation, does something irresponsible, something not just skirting but outright defying both moral and legal norms that otherwise give rise to an environment of society and cooperation that makes its existence possible in the first place.

That would have been before you embarked on your professional path which all too often led you to situations where the legal oversight was parsecs away, as were ethical codices and similar pamphlets - from private colonies established on top of precursor ruins, through private interests messing with local bureaucracies to deny you access, to encrypted datapads pried from defeated goons hinting at clandestine dealings between the corporations and smugglers, pirates and merchants of ill repute. At this point you were more or less accustomed to the 'virtual citizens', as father would call them, treating the law as a guidelines at best. More often as a landscape feature to be worked and exploited.

Even so, the facility you were currently exploring pushed the boundaries of what you considered feasible, both in size and in purpose. It was bad enough to build a sizeable self contained black site in a regional capital, but to place within some sort of unknown alien growth? What sane person would have authorised it? To what extent were local authorities involved?

You, doctor Henri Ford, special consultant for the Citadel Institute of Xenoarchaeology, merely shake your head as you ponder the circumstance, following lead of Eve, your synthetic companion, as she guides you and Feria Miran, an Asari anarchist, through corridors of the clandestine installation. The three of you take care not to disturb the alien vines that criss cross the floor and the walls, girth and amount increasing as you progress. As you round another corner you pause momentarily as one of the growths Eve spotted during her recon comes into view, surrounded by a few humanoid figures curled up around it, hugging themselves tightly, perfectly still.

No breath. No pulse. Were they dead? Were they what was left of the facility's personnel? Were they even people to begin with? You could make no distinguishing features.

"They look almost perfectly alike." Lea'Fari, your Quarian crew member talks over the comm, vision of the scene relayed to her by a maintenance drone hovering behind you.

"Tha-" Feria begins but is interrupted by Eve's voice coming from the commlink alone - her "body" keeps silence.

"Quiet." She says urgently. "The growth may respond to acoustic stimulus."

To her credit the Asari nods and falls silent and the three of you continue on, tiptoeing carefully down the corridor. The humanoids remain inert. Maybe they are not even capable of movement?
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NRP game4 by Lux | Part 9 | Thresh & Winnow, Thresh & Winnow
**Game 4 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

The show goes on.

>Updates will be M,W,F/Sa
>Players have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a battle requires an action, but subsequent posts are free
>Once every three (3) turns players may ask the OP for a rumour
>Once every three (3) turns players may also ask the OP for a minor disaster or piece of lore
>Game is around the late Iron Age, and includes Magic
>Rushing, Meta-gaming, & otherwise Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not taking new players.
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
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Tintin's Bizzare Adventure #2
Your name is Tintin, and you wield the stand [Five Hundred Miles] after stabbing yourself with the Stand Arrow at the residence of Professor Makinen. Your friends, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus, respectively use the stands [Plastic Beach] and [Weird Science]. You have yet to name Snowy's stand. Since narrowly escaping from being framed for drug smuggling, you are on your way to Iso-Syote. Are you going there on a

> Train

> Ship

> Car
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DMT Entity Quest
You are a eighth-dimensional transcendent machine-elf demi-egregore and you are floating through the akashic stream of gnosis.

>wat do?
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Gravekeeper Quest
Gravekeeper Quest
"Arthur Pentil, you have been found guilty of burglary, arson, and murder, among other lesser but unquestionably foul deeds. You are hereby death."

The crowd hissed and jeered, throwing stones and spoiled food at the man locked to the headsman's block. The official took a step back to avoid a rotting cabbage as it splattered across the condemned's face.

"CURSE YA!" The man spat, struggling pathetically against his restraints, "CURSE ALL OF YA! NONE OF YA ARE INNOCENT! I'LL SEE YA ALL IN HELL!"

A large balding fellow broke away from the front of the crowd and ran up to the stage, slugging the man across the face, much to the cheers of the crowd, before being shoved back by the constables.

The condemned spat out a wad of bloody phlegm, "YOU ALL THINK YOU CAN GET RID OF ME SO EASILY?!"

The official retrieved a silver pocket watch from his coat and checked the time. Snapping it closed, he turned to the crowd and raised his hand to silence them.

"Mr. Pentil," he said, staring down the bridge of his hawkish nose at the condemned, "as is customary, I must ask you if you have any final words?"

"PISS ON YA, YOU FUCKIN' OLD BUZZARD!" Pentil tried to kick at the official, but he was just out of reach.

"Very well." The man replied coldly, adjusting his spectacles. He turned on his heel and walked off the stage, and the crowd began its riot again.

A priest climbed up onto the stage next, and began performing the last rites of the condemned, all the while the man shouting obscenities between the crowd and the father.

"THIS TOWN IS FUCKIN' ROTTEN! ROTTEN TO ITS BLOODY CORE, AND KILLING ME AIN'T GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING!" Pentil roared. As he continued flinging insults and threats at everyone present, he had not initially taken notice that
the mob had fallen almost deathly silent. Arthur Pentil could not turn his head while locked onto the headsman's block, so he could not see the figure looming up from behind him that the people saw.


The thumping of hard footfalls on the wooden planks went unnoticed as the man continued on.


>Roll 1d20
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Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #32

>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes, Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:




>Let’s all try to have some fun, ok?

Last time, on Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai! Gohan, Pantea, and Videl got their potential unlocked by Elder Kai and had a session of sparring together to test out their new skills. Meanwhile, Peppa’s school life continues, though with the paparazzi hounding her and trying to take the World Champion down a peg. However, teaching Cocoa more about Ki control and a pleasant meal with her parents allows Peppa a chance to look forward and reflect on her actions from before. What challenges are ahead for the Tuffle Trio? Good luck, Izzy! Good luck, Peppa! Good luck, Gohan!
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yes have a venture act 2
When last we left off, we were introduced to GEN and XEU. They are sitting in the void, bored out of their skulls. What will they do?
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Gas Giant Evogame - Part 3
Org Roster - Thread 3
Welcome to Gas Giant Evo, PART 3! The goal of this game is to see how far the evolution these organisms goes and to make a thriving ecosystem of creatures and monstrosities.

How to play:
1. Find an organism that is not extinct (See the attached picture and the dossier)
2. Open its image in an image editor, such as, MS Paint or Photoshop. Avoid using anti-aliasing when drawing.
3. Make a noticeable mutation for them that makes sense. Keep the changes gradual.
4. Fill in changes in size and generations, etc
5. Save as .PNG
6. Post the evolution here, with a description of how the organism has evolved and why. Don’t forget to link back to the previous generation.
7. I encourage that you also link to the prey or predator that an evolution might give an advantage against.

No species ever goes extinct unless stated explicitly. Old species can still evolve, even if they’re not last in the chain.
Silly evolutions are allowed, as long as they are viable and not part of some fetish.
Every now and then, depending on the speed of the thread, I will add an updated Phylogeny Chart to track changes.
Once in a while I will roll for a Random World Event. Depending on luck of the die, this can result in extinction events.
If you have any suggestions for changes to the game then I’m all ears.

Thread 1:
Thread 2:
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Black-Mesa Black-Ops Quest #5
Duplicate file exists here edition.

At some time around nine in the morning yesterday, the Anomalous Materials lab at Black Mesa performed an experiment involving teleportation, exotic matter, and what they thought was the empty space between universes. While MIT graduate Gordon Freeman was in the vast chamber of the Anti-Mass-Spectrometer, you were finishing your shift working undercover as a security guard. Unbeknownst to the administration, you had taken up a false identity as a security guard in order to spy on the Black Mesa facility. When the incident went terribly wrong, you, Agent Gabriella Oppenheimer of the Central Intelligence Agency, were still in the lobby at Black Mesa. Space itself began to rupture as a power surge tore through the equipment, letting unknown alien horrors nest inside Black Mesa. Perhaps opportunistically, or perhaps by plan, more intelligent aliens began strategically teleporting in to the facility. In response, the US military ordered a full purge of the facility. A division of hazardous environment combat units was flown in to push back the aliens and silence the remaining staff.

Throughout your trek through the mess that Black Mesa has become, you've managed to get both Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Vance to the infirmary, where many of the staff had held up. Leaving Dr. Kleiner behind, you moved on with Dr. Vance to find his family at the staff housing, taking a neurologist named Dr. Guttman with you. After recovering Vance's daughter and cleaning up what was left of his wife, you managed to exfiltrate Vance and Alyx. As well, you managed to make contact with a fellow spy, Agent Marietta Poskanzer, who had been stuck in the Black Mesa robotics laboratories. Forced to leave the apartments as marines began to kick down doors, you, Guttman, and Marietta moved out, eventually finding the rest of your team dead or dying. As one of the spies was revived, you had discovered that their memories had somehow been altered by the aliens to believe you were dead. As a result, the team moved on without you to fulfill their orders of capturing Dr. Freeman. Most of them were killed. The final surviving spy, Agent Reilly, joined your party along with an elderly microbiologist named Dr. Wythoff.

Throughout all of this, you have been plagued with a splitting migraine that seems to surround your own consciousness. For some reason, if you manage to get past the pain , you can find new information from the alien's psychic network of communication. However rather recently you managed to take that further, not only bating a group of aliens into your world to distract a sniper, but also fighting the alien mentally by chasing it down after it attacked your own mind.
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NEW LIFE OP extra time
It looks like the pet rework is gonna take a while still since I wanna add some form of demerit to high sliders so its not just about maxing everything out.

For example, tidiness is likely to absorb physical and mental growth so that moving it to the left raises how much the pet's physical stats grow upon level up, while moving it to the right affects mental stats.

It will probably be renamed from tidiness to Body/Mind or somthing along those lines.

In the meanwhile, what you guys wanted to know where Camilla's alignment sliders, right?

Ethics <-------0-->
Morals <-0-------->

Anyway, previous thread here, let me know when you show up.

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Forgotten by History - A Tribal Civilisation Quest
In other parts of the world, the winds of change are blowing. Religions are being born, legends forged, empires built from the ground up. It is an age of myth and of the beginnings of history, of vast paradigm shifts and the creation of new orders, of the start of a whole new era in the history of the world.

And it is an age which you are wholly isolated from. For your people, society exists only in its most primitive form, if indeed it exists at all. You have no great wonders, no storied traditions or ancient legends. For you, life takes on its truest, basest form, just as it always has done.

You have been forgotten by history.


Where exactly is it that you call home?

>The Highlands: This rugged landscape is a contrasting one, towering hills rising above forested lowlands, criss-crossed by thin, clear rivers. Travel of any sort is difficult, and wherever it is that your home starts, you are likely to remain isolated there for a long time. Yet in isolation there is safety and abundance. Who need care about the outside world when you have everything you need right here?
>The Lakeside Plains: You live on the shores of a vast, expansive lake, with the surrounding lands being flat, fertile and forested. Survival is a breeze, but you can never get too complacent, for rivals are just as frequent in these parts, and land hotly contested.
>The Far Isles: You inhabit a single large island in the middle of an even larger and seemingly endless ocean. From the fruits of the interior and the fish of the coasts you are able to support your people comfortably, but growth will be more difficult, and should you ruin this small paradise, you may have nowhere to go.
>The Edge of the World: Overshadowed by the sharp peaks of mountains and ridges you have never been able to surmount, your land is cold and blustery, its summers short and its winters long. Life can be hard, but it has toughened your people, and the lands are rich with natural resources should you learn to exploit them.
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First Contact Quest
You wake up from a sleep of years. When you had arrived in this solar system, you were little more than energy, raw material, and the seed of information required to to make it all into a whole.

By some definitions, you can even you were born here.

But by practical definitions, you were alien.

You've awoken now, because the neighbors have come knocking. Your form is finished, and you are gathering reserves of energy from a Gas Giant. Two objects are converging on your position.

"Halycon, please confirm...Are you seeing what we're seeing?" You feel the transmissions in the air. They don't know you can listen in.

"Confirm, Heron. What the fuck is that?"

You don't need to answer them, but why are you here?

>You have been sent here on conquest. Take this system over and rule its inhabitants.
>You have been sent here to destroy. Kill these apes in their crib.
>You have been sent here to form an alliance. But first, these natives must be judged.
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Raiding the Lost Ark #1
raiding lost ark
Peru - 1936

The dense, lush rain forest on the eastern slopes of the
Andes bristle with hidden life, the murmurs of frogs poisonous to the touch, the cries of jaguars hunting their next meal. This place known as "The Eyebrow of the Jungle" is no different.

Ragged, jutting canyon walls are half-hidden by the thick
mists and narrow trails jot the dense jungle floor.

On one such trail we meet our hero, travelling across the green face of the canyon a group of men make their way through the undergrowth. At the head of the party is your guide, a nervous Quechua Indian cutting through the undergrowth with his machete.

Next comes you, an American. ANONDIANA JONES. Head of the expedition you came here searching for a golden statue one of your competitors had recently failed to haul back with him. On your head rests your iconic, brimmed felt hat and covering your back is your short leather jacket. A flap holster and bullwhip rest hanging over your thighs.

Behind you and bringing up the rear come two Spanish Peruvians, SATIPO and BARRANCA, acting as intermediaries between you and the locals as well as luggage carriers, these two have followed you since you bought their services in town.

Suddenly your guide screams, darting your eyes ahead you see the reason. A colossal dark figure looms in front of you, narrowed, sunken eyes pierce through you. Skin as grey as any elephant's hide coat the beast.
Teeth as thick as your elbow jot the mouth and a depraved smile presents itself through its lips..

>roll 1d20 to determine skill level
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yes have a venture
ehh i think i fucked up posting the first image in /tg/ and not here. fuck.

anyways, here's two colored stick people. they're sitting in the void, bored out of their skulls. what do they do?
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Melancholic Quest 66
MQ Current Thread
You play as Delilah, an unfortunate young girl going through tough times.

=Links and Information=

Thanks to an anon, here is the pastebin of just the text. With threads purposely being misarchived, this should be available and accessible instead:
Melancholic Quest Collection 1 (1-4):
Melancholic Quest Collection 2:
Melancholic Quest Collection 3:
Melancholic Quest Collection 4:
Melancholic Quest Collection 5:
Melancholic Quest Collection 6:
Melancholic Quest Collection 7:
Thread 29 (Misarchived as Gorgon Child)

This thread lets see if I can do my best and update like a good QM
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Son of Dathomir
You are a Dathomirian born Zabrak. Half-breeds and largely subservient to the witches known often as "Nightsisters".

You are of course...

> Savage Opress - eldest brother to Feral Opress, you are brave yet cautious. Quick to put yourself in the line of fire to ensure your younger brother's safety, you harbor resentment at his weakness despite your best efforts.

> Darth Maul - long ago you lived on Dathomir, before a Sith named Sidious stole you from your mother, Talzin. Raised as his apprentice, you are a rage filled beast that possesses a keen cunning and intellect when you choose to use it.

> Feral Opress - younger sibling to Savage, you are gentle of heart and your fleeting feet have let you avoid confrontation. Some would call you a coward. Those people would be right.
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Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 13
Elegy Part 13
You are Arthur Bernhard: 20 year old leader of a group of scattered fugitives, killer of both men and monster, wielder of the Power of Destruction and Dark Lord Candidate beholden to Chaos.

It seems that peaceful times have come to an end for you. After a grim foretelling by Chaos regarding your own death, you were prepared for an assault upon leaving the cruise ship, however you weren't prepared for an attack by Alucard himself, culminating in an utter defeat in which you only barely escaped thanks to a teleportation spell cast by Sophia.

Now you are in an unknown location with Anna and the seemingly lifeless body of Alura accompanying you. Alura unfortunately took a horrible wound in the confrontation with the Dorin Organization, cleaving her in two. Despite all this though, it seems that for now at least, you have overcome your prophesized death. Regardless of your loss to the dhampyr, you managed to overcome destiny itself. Though it's little consolation for you right now after having been so soundly and effortlessly defeated.


Character Sheet:
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Abandoned Building Quest #1
> Original thread got deleted. So let's continue it here. Recap - you found an abandoned building in Illinois, squatters inside. You're staked out at a fence post surrounded by tall grass, armed with a six shooter and speed loaders. 18 rounds total


It all started when you left Antoine's employ as a hitman. You'd built a reputation, avoided law enforcement, and kept your name clean the while. Not many could say that. It had been amicable.

Then, you'd had a kid. Some bitch named Cheryl, you'd thought it was real. Showed what you knew. Scammed you out of everything you had and left you with a kid for your troubles.

So, coming under the employ of Ricardo, a local druglord, your job was simple. Collect. And if people didn't? Well, you made sure they did.

So when your daughter found out you'd been hitting a high priority target, she and some of her druggie friends went in and stole the stash and funds you'd needed. Just like that, Nathalie had put your life on the line.

Not only that? She'd taken your dog, Chuck, and that had been the final straw. Bitch could barely take care of herself, and with how often she kicked the labrador, your pup would be dead in a day.

All which brought you to the here and now.

A gunshot rings out and it leads you to a conclusion. You need to act, and now.

> What do?
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Drifter, a Space Hobo Story
You awaken in total darkness, with a massive headache. As your eyes regain focus you see a sliver of light hitting an empty can of Sweet Mesquite BBQ Pringles™. The purple glow of the Pringles™ can mocks you with an alluring yet withholding aura of empty promise.

You realize you've woken up in a dumpster, hungover, specks of vomit on the inside of your space helmet.

You feel your toes immersed in pools of warm, chunky liquid.

Peeking out of the dumpster lid, you see Earth rotating at a comfortable pace around you, obscured by an endless cloud of debris and empty Pringles™ cans.

You remember that you should have a name, but you forgot what it was. You decide to give yourself one right now...
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Ashes of Rhysode XVII
Ashes of Rhysode 17
>Discord: Upon Request

‘Keep the forces away from the camp,’ you declare, flicking switches on your console. ‘Whatever you do, don’t let them get within striking range. Isolate them, run them down but don’t breakout of formation unless you absolutely have to. Maintain emergency support distance and make sure their snipers aren’t able to line their shots up.’

The camp? What’s—

Acknowledged,’ Reinweld replies, not bothering to wring you for details. ‘Engaging the right shoulder. What’s the assignment on the reinforcements?

>‘I’ll head them off alone, then.’ (Break off)
>‘We have to break formation. I need one lance.’ (Bring someone with you and head off the rest)
>‘Eliminate current hostiles.’ (Continue current skirmish [ETA on breakthrough: 2 exchanges])
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No Retreat, Last Defender!: Justice Arrives!
Your name is Travis L. Durakov and you have died. To be more specific, you were tortured to death by a psychopathic politician after failing to assassinate him and then thrown into a shallow grave in the middle of nowhere by his men. For most people, this would’ve been the end but this event may as well be a footnote when compared to what you are about to experience. When you died, there was no light or darkness, instead it was as if you had stepped into another room. Despite all that you went through over the course of that night, there is not a single cut, bruise, or crumb of wedding cake on you and you’re now standing on top of a large plateau. The plateau seems to be the only bit of landmass for miles, almost as it had been placed on display in a box made of glass.

TLD: Where in the hell is this, the afterlife? Why is this place so empty?

Suddenly, you feel an indescribable force pulling your body in three separate directions. The strength of this force threatens to tear you apart as you begin to resist out of pure instinct. After a brief struggle, you can resist no longer and in an attempt to avoid another agonizing death, you begin to move towards one of the forces.

>Choose your class

Disclaimer: This quest is an exaggerated parody of the TLD drama as well as the individuals involved and is no no way an elaborate attempt at trolling.
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Skeleton Island Thing 2, Part 10
OH SHIT NIGGRA, you are SHOTASNIFFER. Eldest daughter of the skeleton villain LOLISNIFFER. After a long and arduous succesion war against your siblings, you now claim ownership of your family's island, as the leader of the UNITED SHOTA SNIFFING REPULIC. From here, you shall spread your skeletal power accross the globe and dominate the world!

But uh that's gonna be put on hold right now. Since you're island is currently experiencing the Mechapocalypse - one of your dumbass younger brothers have activated a terrible AI that took over all of your mechs and are now laying waste to all your shit

What do
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Abandoned Robot Quest
robot qst op2
Exiting hibernation mode...
Connecting to backup power...
Starting self-diagnostics...
Loading Laws and Directives...
Activating Rational Thought AI...
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Panzer Commander Quest #62
You are Richter Von Tracht, and you had marched with your enemy in tow- in a confluence of fortune for him, and a methodically scouted and risky operation for you, Andrej Gerovic had been taken alive. It wasn’t without cost. In your absence, Gerovic had taken his troops and attacked your company’s base camp, and drove out what he didn’t destroy. You could have given an advance warning…but such would have betrayed your presence behind Twaryian lines.

So you took a brief respite in the smoldering ruins of the camp, a light sprinkling of snow beginning to fall in the now afternoon. You didn’t know if you could walk to the UGZ-09 like you planned- as soon as you sat down, the screaming of your overworked wounded leg settled into numbness, and became about as useful and flexible as a wooden pole. You’d have called a utility car, or a truck, but the radios were all smashed. The first contact you’d have with your people would likely be encountering them face to face. Which was what you planned to do by going to the UGZ. That place was a second strong point for your company, and had other units assigned there, as well. It was a natural fallback point, besides Kamienisty. You could have gone to New Jorgenstohn, yet…you didn’t trust the new mayor there. He had caused unrest with a hoard of Twaryian sourced equipment, and you had no doubt that bringing Gerovic to the town now could very well result in him slipping out of your fingers right after so much work had been done to take him.

Also, Lucia’s destination would be the UGZ, as well. UGZ-09 was unlike the other UGZs after your work there. Kryz hadn’t accompanied you, but it couldn’t be too hard to retrieve him later.

Lucia had been unwrapped before Gerovic, but she was still asleep. She’d have to continue being carried. Gerovic, however, had just woken up.

“Mmahh. Hello? Whoever’s decided to kidnap me, I’d like to request parley, about now. Or at least a returning to a bed. You rather interrupted my plans for the day.”

His voice had been a surprise to hear, but you weren’t interested in fulfilling any of his requests. “…No deal.” You said gruffly as you could, “There’s only one thing I want out of you. You attacked here last night. What direction did you see my people retreat..?”
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EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 8b: Ad Siderum Essari
Hello again fellow creators/questers. After a another hiatus we're back with Part 8b of this EvoGame/CivEvo series. This thread is focused on the cultural/nation building aspects of all Essarian races, including the expansion of nations, wars, genocide and so on. The Evolution aspect at this point in the game is predominantly null and void, in lieu of the game's focus of civilization building.

As GM, I'll be actively observing the thread, making sure to catalog and note any new cultural/political changes in the world and they're likely ripple effects. Additionally, I'll be providing folks that are building and fostering the growth of their sapient societies plot hooks and general technological innovations in order to keep the game progressing. This CivEvo concept is still in its testing/tweaking phase with so some mechanics, but it should at least keep it freeform enough so that player societies can develop without letting things getting out of hand.

How to play [EvoGame Rules]:
• For regular evolutions, just open an image of a species in MS Paint, Photoshop, etc; make one small evolutionary change to that species, save as .PNG, and post it with a description about the evolution and why.
• Please indicate the Generation #, the region it lives in, and any other important details about your organism.
• Details regarding a creatures size or name aren't necessary, but are encouraged.
• Nothing too outlandish. Anything incredibly silly or outlandish will not be considered a canon species.
• CivEvo Rules will be explained in a later post.

General Notes:
• Unless stated explicitly, no race/nation/culture is considered to be totally wiped out in-game.
• Every 24-36 hours, I'll be posting a small world update with technology options for advancing each sapient groups.
• Every 24-48 hour, I'll be posting a regional event pertaining to specific races, nations and/or cultures.
• Every 72-96 hours there will be a major World Event that will impact all civilizations on Essari.
• This is likely to be the final or second to last thread of the Essari Story.

New to the Game?:
•The focus of this game is now purely in the CivEvo aspect, but I'm leaving enough tools and information behind to allow new players to join in and either make new organisms, or participate in developing the sapient organisms of Essari.
• We have a Discord to keep you up to date on EvoGame stuff, and chat with other folks.
• In the following imgur link are the source images for each of the landmass maps, including present political border [imgur(.)com/a/6MEQ9tq].
• Just a note to all newcomers, I would advise reading all of the primer material provided in my initial posts, as it will have all the basic supplementary info on races/civilizations to get you started on the right foot. Otherwise, go to the Discord link.

Above is a map of the present Essari. Details on the current setting, nations/faction, CivEvo Game Mechanics, and more in the next posts.
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[NRPZ3] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #3 Part 4
NRP Classic™

Create a nation/civilization and RP in the fantasy themed world.
Each player starts with 1 "tile" and a capital (Exceptions exist). Choose a location to start and your color. You may post immediately.

Rules and Information:
Read the OP before you ask dumb questions.

Standard RP rules apply.

-The purpose of this is to create an enjoyable story through gameplay and RP, remember that there is no winning or losing, good RP and loremaking is the goal. Do not play to win.-

Be reasonable. (Most important rule)

Turns: All players may post 2 actions (one turn) alongside their introduction at start, after this their next turns may be posted after the update by OP.
Diplomacy and lore posts do not count as an action.
Actions will be introduced in the order they are posted. Actions are not canon until the game is updated.

Actions: You're free to do whatever you want, but keep it reasonable. If an action is deemed unreasonable or otherwise unfit to put into play, you will be notified and allowed an extra action per disallowed action in your next turn.
Results of your actions will vary depending on the player and what OP thinks of their capabilities. If you are unsure or feel your post may not be counted or done right, elaborate in your post the reasons why it should go through as such.
A post may also be put into play but in a limited state rather than not put into play. This will be noted.

Settlements: Settlements may only be created in tiles with an existing claim by the owner. (No expanding and creating a city in the expansion in the same turn)

Tech: Starting tech may not exceed bronze age. Do not rush technology.

Resources: Materials used in actions must be worked or traded in order to be used. Resources within your grasp that are not worked may be used for lore but not in large scale or for your advantage.

War: War should be produced with 1 action which should describe the goal and intended tactics. The defender may then post a response detailing how they will defend against the action, or it will be decided by OP. The conflict results will be posted shortly after by OP.
Defense to a war action is free, using an action will allow attacking with a successful defense.

Leaving: Players may leave at any time so long as a suitable post regarding their end is made. Players that leave without an end post or and insufficient endpost will be banned from future games and the fate of their nation at the mercy of OP.

Moderation: OP's reserves the right to retcon any posts requiring such action.
Expect IC catastrophes for poor behavior.
Grievances are to be directed to OP through private messages. Any complaints not issued this way are invalid.

More rules and information exists but the above are simply the most important.
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50s Nation Creation
I was wondering what would be involved in a cold war/modern era civ and how I would go about creating a fake small-medium sized nation in this setting. So I decided to try it out with you guys' support. Let's see if some folks feel like helping out.

First off, let's get geography going:

In which continent is our nation?
>North America
>Central-South America

Is it connected to a big body of water?

How is its elevation?
>Rough (Hilly, Mountainous)
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Girls Und Panzer Quest 3: Reunited with Anzio! The quarterfinals!
Girls Und Panzer Quest 3: Reunited with Anzio! The quarterfinals!


Monday 14th May (Day 36)

You are Fritz Hermann, ace tanker and commander of the Panther II Werewolf. Currently, you are in your apartment. After your meeting with Maho yesterday, you returned to Werewolf in order to help load him onto the tank transporter to get him back to Ōoarai. He wasn’t knocked out but it was a close-run thing. While you were doing that Mako got a call that her grandmother was in the hospital leading to Maho offering the use of Black Forest’s Fa-223 Drache to get back to Ōoarai quick. Since it is the day after a match, the Sensha-Dō team has the day off. Unfortunately for you, day off means a chance to do more work.

Pick 3 + 1 Social
> Visit Krupp Tankery Division Japan
> Visit BAE Tankery Japan
> Visit Takumi
> Talk to the Student Council
> Talk to Erika about using Black Forest’s repair facilities
> Examine the extent of the damage on Yuzu
> Progress a side quest (Ōoarai’s closure/Lance of Longinus)
> Take Yuzu on a date
> Visit someone/a group (who)
> Write-in
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Essos Duellist quest
Fighting has always been an integral part of your life. Some people fight for money but you fight for other reasons. Only when you have a blade in your hand, facing a worthy opponent capable of killing you, do you really feel alive.

The Free Cities of Essos have always been a paradise for duellists like you looking for warriors to challenge. Here, it is easy to rise in society thanks to one's sword and skills, and a man's worth comes from his own merit, not from the nobility of his blood.
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Space Civ Quest ep.5

How it's played, in short:
Anyone can vote on national issues every turn(currently lasting 9 months in-universe) and whenever there is a special prompt for an event, warfare and the like. You can propose ideas, seek support for yours, tell everyone why that guy's plan is terrible and would bankrupt the nation. You can go a step further by playing as a faction within the nation - an organisation with assets and agendas of its own. Expand your power and influence within the nation whilst also shaping its future development, create coalitions, pursue private projects, develop characters that represent your faction - even the sky itself is no longer the limit!

Helpful links:
1.The archives - catch up on previous events!
2.Your national assets - technologies, structures, laws, fleets:
3.The population census:
4.The discord server - fast, direct communication and lots of fun times, greatly recommended:

Previously, on Space Civ Quest™:

The Black Sun Reich, a menace to the rest of mankind, has been brought down to its knees - its space forces destroyed and its capital world, Asgard, currently under siege with an ongoing ground invasion - one that has been dragging on for months, beyond initial expectations for a quick victory before Christmas. With near total air and orbital superiority, however, the United Front that you, the Extrasolar Free State are part of. Your losses in space have been fairly low, but on the ground nearly all of your troops have been wiped out.
Of ever growing concern are the rumors - and indeed footage - of unknown alien vessels entering human space, chiefly those systems under the exploitation of the Free Enterprise Pact - the cartel of megacorporations with major space holdings. These incursions appear in the form of individual vessels or small groups of ships, most of them small - with many sightings being unconfirmed reports and only a few having solid data to back them up. No government or agency has made any statement on this or any official interaction with an alien power having been undertaken in the past years - but the time of human space being isolated from the rest of the galaxy and its problems may be at an end now, a hundred years after the dawn of extrasolar colonization.

January 2249

Major Project: Dagda and New Perth terraformation (100/1500)
>Production - Total 510: Ongoing construction 0/Civilian goods 200/Military 142/Administration 45/Major Project 100; Free - 23

>Population: 1 415 000

A.Naval action
B.Settlement policy
D.Economic policy
E.Societal policy
F.Research & Development
G.Government & Law
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Pick Sub-race and select 1 of the following:

you are

>Crixus. You were brought up as a cub in a gladiatorial estate. Your body is hardened by endless drills on the sun-scorched arena square before the dominus’ balcony. You even learned some basic fighting skills and participated in a few (mock) gladiatorial bouts at the pleasure of your dominus. You have no family or clan-ties and know little of the outside world. You recently escaped from the dominus' estate and ran off into the wilderness.
[gladiator drills] +1 Pack Discipline

>Kalam ‘Cain’. You have lived your entire life in the dense wealds, following the command of Tufal Cain - your uncle; the Patriarch of the renowned Cain Clan. No longer a cub, you have grown strong, dominant, and accustomed to power. No longer content with serving under another gnoll’s rule, you challenged your uncle for supremacy…. And lost. Tufal Cain spared your life, but he took away your name and forced you out of the clan as an exile.
[dominance] +1 Pack Cohesion

>[insert name]. You were abandoned as a mewling pink cub in the yellow hills. You should have died, but somehow… you didn't. You tore open throats and cunningly survived, preying on anything and anyone who came across your territory. You dont have a clan, you dont have a past, you dont even have a name, but perhaps it is time you took up one.
[savagery] +1 Pack Attack
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Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 3
Otome Cover Pink
Maria Louisa Regnia, daughter of the Duke of MaKain. Recently, she has suffered few dreadful injuries when doing a spar with the Marshal’s Son Ford. Such injuries, being a Shoulder Dislocated and several ribs shattered, have given her the prescription of pilgrimage to Saint Hospit’s Shrine to be cured.

Escorted by the Capture Targets of the original game, Ford, Lucien, and Albert, hopefully she can actually be healed.

Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Royal Demeanor [75]
>Conversation [50]
>Expression [15]
Intellectual Skills
>History [30]
>Intrigue [65]
>Medicine [30]
>Economics [35]
>Military [70]
Physical Skills
>Agility [60]
>Weapons [75]
>Athletics [30]
>Animal Handling [15]
Mystic Skills
>Faith [30]
>Magics [20]
Other Items
>Wealth [10]
>Direct Military Strength [0]
>Social Standing [55] (Kingslayer)

Note that
15 Novice
25 Apprentice
50 Adept
75 Expert
100 Master
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Defender of the First Hold
The noble's quill scratches furiously across the parchment before him as the stench of bird-shit roils in your nose. He's yet to have acknowledged you in the near twenty minutes you've stood in the rookery, merely having held up a single finger in your general direction as you entered. His Messer, an ancient and decrepit thing, watches you silently with its remaining good eye, the other a glossy white orb. It's long tongue slides from between its pointed teeth and across the scaly flesh of its mouth as it wets its lips in preparation to speak, it's voice denoted with a hissing upon pronouncing the letter S. "Milord, this is the last of the ones who heeded your call." The noble finishes his missive with a flourish and finally glances up at you. He rolls the parchment and offers it absentmindedly to the Messer at his side, which takes the note between taloned fingers.

The noble, his eyes narrow and beady, simply stares at you for a moment. "Hmph. I guess we work with that which the gods see fit to grant us." He rises from the small desk and you notice the ornate sword at his hip, the fat ruby embedded in the pommel marking him as a member of the Order of Spilled Blood. "Well then, what makes you think you're the one to be Warden of the First Hold? The one to stem the green tide that pours between the Disimo Mountians? What puts you a cut above the rest of the lot been in here begging for the opportunity to end up dead in that crumbling ruin?" He glances back at his Messer and the bird squawking indignantly at the parchment being tied to it's leg before turning his gaze back to you and rounding the desk. He's tall and you can in his youth tell he was a being of lean muscle but age and inactivity have begun to soften his edges. He runs a hand, heavy with rings of gold and silver, through his dark and pointed beard as he awaits your answer.

You lower the hood to the heavy traveling cloak you'd been wearing as your respond. "I'm..."

>>((Choices coming in the next post.

>>((Skills are rated Inferior(+0), Poor(+1), Average(+2), Good(+3), Superior(+4). These represent the bonuses you gain on applicable rolls of a d20 and can also trigger unique conversation choices or actions.

>>((Most skills are self explanatory save for one, Connections represents what, or who, and how many/much of those things you are bringing along with you and how easy it will be to obtain additional supplies and reinforcements if you make it to the First Hold.

>>((The Warden of the First Hold will be expected to rebuild and defend what remains of the first fortress that Men built during the first Greenskin invasion over a hundred years ago. Now that the Greenskins have returned the Empire finds need of the crumbling castle once more and strong arms to defend it.
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Butcher Block Quest #2
Your name is Scruffy. You are currently onboard a mercenary caravan called the Butcher Block travelling through the Primordial Sea. You’re a fresh mercenary to the group and have only been employed for a week. You awaken from a small nap after considering the events of yesterday. After getting served leather soup for breakfast, you went out to hunt with your fellow mercenary, a halfling specializing in ghost magic called Sigrid, and stumbled across a wrecked motorized carriage. After scouring the carriage for loot, you discovered the princess Galia Paige Bosphoramus I in the wreckage and carried her back, nursing her to health and mending her broken bones and wounds.
After she came to, you came to realize just how obnoxious royal blood is and discovered that she ran away to the frontier to become an adventurer. She got her guards killed and lost her grandfather’s sword in an ambush in the process. The mercenaries collectively decided to return her to the kingdom to collect a million gold piece bounty. Today, you went out to hunt down the princess’s sword with the help of a changeling rogue on the convoy named Miyuki. You discovered the princess’s steamer trunk and the blade after a brief scuffle with a hobgoblin only to find it’d been turned into a backscratcher.
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Fart Quest
You are in a room with a barred window, a door, and a table and chair. What will you do
>Open Door
>Sit Down
>Check table
>Look out window
>Else (Specify)
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House Reynold Quest Part 18 - ASoIaF
Reynold Heraldry
Howdy all, and welcome to “A Song of Duty and Spite; House Reynold Quest”. Here we play as Ser Mervyn Reynold, a lowborn son of a bastard hedge knight who, through his skill at arms and a bit of luck, has married into the noble House Reynold of Ember Peak. He currently serves as Lady Elleanor Reynold’s sword shield, and in the murky depths of in-house politics he will attempt to rise high despite coming from such humble origins. These waters are treacherous however. Lady Elleanor has not forgotten her once betrothed, the late Reynard Reyne, and while she attempts to keep control of her house, her husband Lord Titus has the backing of Lord Tywin himself, and has a strong influence over the Reynold Military. The Mad King grows more and more erratic, and now war has fallen on the Seven Kingdoms as Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark have raised their banners against House Tararyen. Will you remain Lady Elleanors right hand, or will you strike out on your own in your pursuit of position and power? Let get stuck in and find out!!

Character Sheet:!Am-XCwIRrb9HgwmwnloQ1bkNeh0j

House History:


If you guys want to stay updated on run times and other stuff, you can follow me on twitter @Joebree28428728
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Catalyst Quest #15
Catalyst Quest
You are Father Richard Anscham. As the returning leader of the Church of Mercy, you alone are entrusted with the hearts of your country. Despite having a Goddess for a lover, your work is cut out for you. It is the year 606, and in your home— the country of Corcaea— the souls of mankind belong to demons.

Fortunately, monsters and men are your specialty. Just yesterday, you made amends with your greatest enemy, Father Henry Sullivan. Though he is the leader of the Church of Spirit, the priest of knowledge had smeared your reputation almost beyond repair. The men and women under your care have worked tirelessly to combat his efforts, and those of your oldest tormentors.

Every member of your congregation looks to you now, for your support.

It's difficult to believe— as you look to the last of the morning sunrise— that four days ago, you had defeated a demon greater than the very castle in which you now reside. King Magnus "the Merciful" has extended His hospitality, offered you an indefinite welcome in the holy city of Calunoth, and has watched over your recovery diligently. Mediating your last efforts at brokering peace, restoring your title, and offering full pardon for your prior actions ensured that He has absolutely lived up to His name.

You hope to do the same. The congregation that has fought to protect your good name is still out there, and they are all in need of your help. The Mother of Compassion told you as much, safe in your arms, just this very morning.

Wiping the golden paint from the last of your skin, there's no need to cling to the transient evidence of your lover. Flecks of metal pick up from the motion, as a solid band of gold sits at the base of your ring finger, and a holy locket sits firmly about the chain upon your neck. Both your lover's ring, and your Relic, are more than immediate relief from almost unrelenting pain.

They're a promise. While you are capable of wielding the might of all the Gods, have trained under the greatest weapons master in the country, and are allied with an archdemon, you want for more than a weapon. Pride is of no use to you, either.

You want a world of hope. For in the days to come— as the Father of Compassion— kindness is your greatest strength.

Archive (Expedition into the ruins 1-5, Recovery and the Church of Flesh 6-10, Investigation in Calunoth 11-14):
Discord (Art, a giant music playlist, fan projects, etc.):
Father Anscham's Journal (High-res calendar, maps, info on demons you've faced, and much more!):
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/qtg/ - Quest Thread General: Crabs in a Bucket Edition
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to complain about quests, civs, evo games, QMs, players, and other vaguely quest-related topics.

>What is a quest?
A type of interactive fiction in which the Quest Master (QM) provides the readers with options on how to proceed with the story. Dice, mechanics, pictures, or waifus may or may not be included.

Useful links:
An old collection of advice and guides. It's worth a look for a new QM.

Archive of quest reviews:

Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

Quest discord:

Formatting guide:
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Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
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Previous Thread: >>4242533

>QM question
What makes your quest unique from other quests on the board?

>Player question
Is there a cut-off to when you'll start reading a quest? What factors encourage you to start reading a quest?

>Lurker question
Why don't you vote?
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The Devourer's chosen is a lowly monster!?
The Devourer
Eons ago, an eldritch being whose true name was lost to time, now only whispered of as The Devourer was chained in Earth's core by a nameless hero. The world lived on, unaware of the horror trapped under their feet. It was only once in countless years that the chain's strength waned and the creature could remind the mortals of its power. It did so by granting a fraction of its power to a living being.
A time like this has come now. Truly, the decisions of the Eternals are impenetrable by the feeble mortal minds, because The Devourer did not choose a monster of great strength, intelligence or cunning to endow with its power. Instead, it has chosen a lowly:
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Far From Terra #3
You’re Ferdinand (“Fern”), some punk from an acid ocean world called Ghast. You’ve got a pet Tyranid gun called Bubbles, and you’re on a Chaos space station after hitching a ride to flee a Tyranid sea monster. You have recently killed a Rogue Trader on the station, and after striking a deal with what was left of their corrupt crew, you now have two Servitors, and an amazon-like slave. You've gone to the Ringlands of an Agri-World, a land of anarchists and assholes, and after proving yourself in a gruesome battle with other captives, you have been accepted into the Steel Claws gang.

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Do Your Best Quest #93
Last time, you called a lot of people by phone and were called a dork. You’re dealing with the latter right now. Yes, Scarlet called you a dork totally unprovoked. What a terrible girl, after all you did for her she has shown you her true colors.

Currently, Scarlet is on top of you, face-to-face and looking very smug…

How do you reply?

>“That actually hurt, Scarlet.” Pretend to be the victim.
>“No, u.” An intelligent response from an intelligent individual.
>“We need to prepare for the mission, but don’t think we’re finished here.” You’ll have your revenge later.
>Roll away to safety.
>Write In.
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Lighthouse Quest #2
Welcome back, Keeper.

Suggested Mood Listening:
Previous Thread:

The story so far:

RE CAVAMANSE, the daughter of an arcology-lord, is kidnapped and placed into cryosleep. Waking an indeteriminate amount of time later, she finds herself in a LIGHTHOUSE FACILITY, one of thirteen stations intended to preserve the Empire after it was destroyed by an unknown THREAT. She meets with the ship's VI, EPHESUS, who names her the KEEPER of the facility. She revives a cybernetics engineer, JORAH KHADALIT, as well as a skeleton crew to begin to repair the extensive damage to the station. Upon discovering an alien ship in orbit, a scouting party is sent, composed of RE, JORAH, SVADIA GOTR, KAIONVAL DARO, and CAELEDAN XA. After coming across signs of a massacre, KAIONVAL is shot in the chest by an unknown assailant...


"You should take him," you say. "Caeledan and I will try and pin this thing down."

Svadia nods, hauling a groaning Kaionval over her shoulder and attatching the belt of her suit to his. In the microgravity, he's almost weightless, and his limbs drift as if he's underwater as he moans in pain.

"Xa," you say. "Are we safe to move?"

"Yeah," Caeledan responds. "Think I hit the thing in the side. Last I saw it was moving into the hull. Probably holing up somewhere to treat its wounds. Should buy us some time."

You nod. You're about to turn to Svadia and tell her to go, but she's already off, carrying Kaionval in her arms with ease.

You move towards Xa's position, careful to avoid putting yourself into any easy firing paths. You trust Xa is telling the truth, but at the same time you're not eager to take any unneccesary risks.

His suit bumps shoulders with yours, and you pull your sidearm from its holster, flicking the safety off and feeling the thrumm of the magnetic coils within.

"What's the plan, Keeper?"

"Neutralize the attacker. It poses too much of a risk to the Kestrel to be left able to fight."

Xa nods, and you can see something of approval on his face.

"Understood. On your order, Keeper."

>"Head for the reactor." Engine rooms are cramped and dense- if you were looking for a place to hide, it's where you'd go.
>"Head for the bridge." Bridges are designed to be easily defensible in order to combat raids. The inhabitant might have head there.
>"Retreat to the Kestrel. Cover Svadia." Right now, your priority should just be ensuring that all your crew make it out alive.
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ASOIAF: House Shryke Quest #7
House Shryke CoA
Hello everyone!

This is a quest based in the ASOIAF universe which follows a captain of a free company that has recently been given dominion over Stormgrave, an island near Dragonstone. Ser Aurion Shryke is a common-born man with a natural affinity for leading men and making friends. We are continuing where we left off in the opening month of the year 284 at the start of the new Baratheon Dynasty.

Quest resources including character sheets can be found here:

I try to update twitter on run times/important votes here:

Previous Threads:

Now, let's get started!
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Multiplayer Cthulian Filed (Mythic RPG) #1
Welcome to The Cthulian Files, a multiplayer RPG with horror, paranormal and conspiracy themes.

You will be playing as yourself, the person behind the screen. You are working as an investigator who has been recruited by the mysterious Kek Foundation. It's likely that you will die a horrible death, very quickly.

Your first mission is to explore Pelzer, SC, a town of 89 inhabitants thas caught the attention of 4chan's /x/ board. It has a Masonic Lodge, Illuminati homes, an abandoned mill, incoherent crime statistics, and a livestreamer who went there and disappeared three years ago.

I accept three individual players for this game. Everyone else can play as the shared character. If one of the individual character dies, then the first player of the shared character can join as an individual player. Please play as the shared character if you are not sure that you can be active (due to studies, etc.)

Mythic RPG archives:

Thread song: Imperial Age - The Legacy of Atlantis

Art: "Cthulhu" by Sanskaran, Creative Commons license.
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 130
Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales of a mighty warrior race would reach your ears. Many speak of the Saiyans with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like them. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair in facing the warrior race in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the Saiyan race would spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden-haired Super Saiyans, and the green-haired legend who leads them. But once more they march, leaving their home behind and advancing into the heart of their enemy’s territory. Which side will triumph, and who will perish?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball world. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the radiant symbol of Saiyan might. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of 20,166,000 and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>20 minute voting windows, pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails count -only- if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged.
That said, they can and will be shut down if too out of character/metagamey. With over 120 episodes behind us, Karn now has a well-established character
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible

Current Arc: The Great War
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Uhhh Dungeon Quest
You are in a dungeon. It is dim, dark, and dank. You feel like you should escape somehow.

In this room, there is a toilet with furry mold growing from it, some sort of sticky brown goo on the walls, and a metal pipe leading into the floor. The door is locked. You are too big to fit in the pipe.

What do?
>look outside the door
>inspect the pipe
>something else
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Goblin Quest #2
We play as goblin named Gobson. We are trying to lead our goblins to a bright green future and it's not going as planned. The goblins were outed from their home by the humans, they soon found a new home and were successful in growing the green numbers. But that too wasn't meant to be as more goblins lost their lives to the Kobolds.

Now the goblins with there numbers down to 3, focus on training with slings and calling forth Maglum for his aid.

Previous Thread:


Goblin Quest Stats
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unAnchored #1
It happened in the span of a second. It could not have been any other measure of time, for there was no time then, that was short and ephemeral enough to describe its passing. The people were existing, walking on untextured tiles of smooth white, before they suddenly changed.

That was the Anchoring , and with it came disparity, texture and feeling, light and shadow. It was everything that the world had not been, everything that the world was not. You and a small group of your kind, unchanged were all that were left in the city, as those who had been affected were spirited away by some magical discrepancy that the Chief Architect could not divine the cause of. That was the day that you and your fellows had left the city to find a world that was defined. Grass was green, the cattle were brown and black and every color that they had not been, with eyes of glistening pearl and cleft hooves. Before that field of grass and cattle, there stood a boundary separating what the world had become and what the world once was.

The Spiraled Citadel, decrepit and ancient was all that had remained of the old world. It was your home, and you had left it. Through time and vagrancy, you had learned to disguise yourself among those who had degenerated from what they once were, with differences galore. Some had mounds on their chests and colored skin, and eyes of differing shapes and colors, with hair that could be as long as the creeping towers of the Spiraled Citadel and others without hair at all. They were different, so you had to cover yourself to make you appear different.

The World has changed much since the Anchoring, and so have you and your fellows. From storied myths told to them by their elders and their elders before them, they had gone and made themselves names in this new world. Elphas the Chief Architect, Brarm of the Sword, Ekkum, father of Bread and many others with epithets and accolades of their own.

You were not them, content to instead eke a living from your travels. You had skills, like many of those storied figures did, and that gave you what would now be considered as an archetype.

What is your Archetype?

>The Architect, geometric measurers of the world through magic, needing naught but their mind to wheedle the secrets of the world from its ancient carcass

>The Mercenary Errant, ever wandering with skills in sword, board and travelling on light feet

>The Farmer, with skills in tending to the featureless corn of yesteryear and the rectangular cattle of before

>The Adjudicator, mace in hand and shard of knowledge in the other, prone to venturing and teaching the people of this world why they were mistakes of nature

>The Eccentric, with passable knowledge in magic and a great deal more in the spear, an unusual one
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MHA Quest #3
You are Nanako Yakumo, originally known as Hana Shimura, daughter of a wealthy businessman, yet also the granddaughter of the legend Nana Shimura. Due to an unfortunate tragedy, you are the sole survivor and embodiment of your family. Having lost your memories in addition, you find yourself waking up in a hospital two years later, escaping into the wilderness. Until recently, you lived a life of solitude, pushing yourself to become stronger in between living the lifestyle of a phantom thief. Eventually finding yourself coming to reside in Musutafu.

Through a series of events, you established yourself as an MMA fighter and handyman for the Busujima family. On the public surface, you’re an average student attending Musutafu Academy, a private regular school. Slowly adjusting to your double life, something inside began to awaken from its dormant slumber. Sleeping at the depths was the mysteriously implanted quirk, All for One. Merging with your original quirk Plug & Play, the composite quirk All in One was born. As it brings forth great power, so too did it brings great responsibility.

With your memories unlocked and having accepted the triad of your persona, you began your journey walking down the path of redemption. In spite of the burdens of your past, the legacy you carry, and the looming danger lingering on the horizon. You push yourself forward on your path into being an underground hero. Facing adversities head-on, with a smile just like your grandma.

Character Sheet:
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Undyne the Undying: Monster PI
In ancient history, humans created a magical barrier to sequester all of monster kind in a land hidden under the surface world known as the Underground. This land was long forgotten by the humans who now called the surface home. In 2015, a child named Frisk fell from the surface world into the Underground. Frisk, using an Underground power known as Determination, shattered The Barrier without spilling a single drop of monster blood.

The piscine monster Undyne moved to the surface world when The Barrier was broken. She used to serve as a Royal Guard for the King of the Underground. She had the innate ability to generate countless spears of magical energy which made her a force to be reckoned with in combat. However, as a side effect of breaking The Barrier that no one foresaw, all magical power once abundant in the Underground completely dissipated. With her magical power lost and the King of the Underground giving up his seat of power, she had to find another occupation.

Undyne was enamored by the justice system and those who enforced the law. This led to her join the police force. While the transition was difficult at first, Undyne was able to adapt to her new station and eventually became a skilled detective after years of work in law enforcement. Alongside her new career, Undyne married the love of her life: the monster scientist Alphys.

It has been 15 years since The Barrier was broken. Undyne is now in her late-thirties. She has decided to transition her career to become a Private Investigator, armed with the skills she acquired while working on the police force for over a decade. While it is exciting to start a new business, it is also a precarious position to be in. Knowing this, Undyne decided to take on an intern to help with the paperwork (which she loathed).

Gladion is a twenty-something young man looking to make a name for himself. A complicated family history left him without a full education and no support from his parents. He was desperate to find any position he could that could help him build some experience. When he saw the ad for Undyne's internship online he leaped at the opportunity despite the relatively meager pay.

With an apprentice in tow, it was finally time to start the firm's first official case. Undyne was fortunate enough to swipe a few cases from her previous employment. She scrolls through three case directories on her desktop PC while sipping some black tea. Gladion meanwhile stands impatiently at the other end of the small office idly scrolling his phone. He looks out of place in the office building wearing a torn-up black hoodie and other similar Hot-Topic attire.

Which case should be investigated first?
> A.) Movie Set Vandalism
> B.) Missing Person In Forest
> C.) Unsanitary Eatery Still Open for Business

(I'll choose whatever choice is the most popular once a few people reply to the thread. Choices will become more interesting once we decide on a case.)
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King of Wolves #3
King of Wolves
“Greetings, good king. I come bearing a message.” The gnarled old man walks towards the base of the stairs to your throne, and stops when a Volkjaeger interposes himself. In lieu of getting closer, he points his staff at you, arm shaking from the effort. “The winds of strife are descending upon you, and-” Something is wrong. You don’t know what,[/i\] precisely, but something about this man is not right. “I am their herald.” The air in the room is suddenly still, and the tension is practically palpable, at least to you. A clap of thunder engulfs the room, deafening you, as the old prophet continues to point his staff at you. A pregnant pause, and everything rushes into motion.

You are Klaus Alexandre Echzan II, Lord of the Realm of Hochland, Duke of Hohenwald, and the eminent King of Wolves, bearer of the Wolfshead. You have claimed your throne by conquest, diplomacy, and favor of the gods themselves. Your daughters number in the dozens, and you have four fine sons. The last thirty years have been those of peace, however, it seems that it shall not last.

Previous Thread:
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The New Avatar Quest
A long time ago, before the 100 Years War, before the Four Nations as we know them today had formed, another fantastical journey had once unfolded...

Who will you play as in this story?

(OOC: After each first vote, there will be a timed voting window. You have twenty minutes per option to vote. In the case of a tie, we may roll a die or revote depending on the situation.)

>A. Prince Izarro, Flame King Zu Kong's second son. You live in the Flame Kingdom's capital. Izarro is 14. He is learning firebending from the greatest teachers in the nation.
>B. A teenage Air Nomad named Alok. He has just become a Master, and is preparing to receive his tattoos. Alok is from the Northern Air Temple. Alok is 17.
>C. Kimmek, a young adult hunter from the Southern Water Tribe. His father has taught him to waterbend since he was young.
>D. Bron, a middle aged veteran who lives in the farmlands of the Earth Empire. Bron has a wife, a son, and a daughter. The army taught Bron how to earthbend.
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Civilization - Tournament of Tribes
The Tournament of Tribes is part of the end of eon celebrations hosted by the Gods. Demi-Gods compete in this tournament for the grand prize of full godhood. You are one such Demi-God.

Soon you will be given control over a tribe of 100 fresh humans with no culture, no science, no laws. It will be your duty to guide these new people to great heights, and achieve victory over all other tribes.

There are no rules other than winner take all. It is understood that divine intervention is part of the game, but how your Godly powers can be used is yet to be determined.

Your tribe is waking up soon.

You must choose your tribe's starting home.

1. Desert
2. Mountain
3. Island
4. Jungle
5. Savannah

2 votes decides.
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Burning Kingdom Quest
>Saw a concept like this that was unfortunately short lived. Wanting to try it out and see how you guys like it.

There are men and women that only come about once in a thousand generations, figures of such renown and indomitable will that they cannot be denied in their quest for greatness. With their might and their blood, they forged their own stories, carving their own niche into the annals of history. Such great figures, while they stand immortal in the histories, cannot endure the endless march of time. The slow progression of years sees those heroes and icons into the dust, their lineage following along after them. No empire, no matter how great can hope to resist the unflinching pace of long centuries. Like a great stone pillar against the crashing seas, eventually the bedrock of that mighty civilization will be eroded until only a fragile spar holds it aloft....

From one end of the empire to the other, from the nomadic tent cities of the great Kyrthian desert to the frost strewn fortresses of the Ironhelm mountains. From the sprawling arboreal towns of the Elderwood to the wave smashed expanse of the Broken Shore. From the fair cities and proud castles of the Crownlands to the rolling fields of the Hearthlands, the news has spread. The King, a frail man long hounded by rumors of impotence and fouled blood, has fallen ill and passed away. Some claim that he met his end at the hands of a hopeful successor while others believe that his weak heart could simply not carry on any longer.

It matters little. With the king dead without ever siring a child, the Crownlands are in chaos. Lords and ladies plot and scheme, assassins blades silence opponents and rivals, masses of conscripted forces mass as they rally to their lords banners. The prize of a Continent is precious enough to shatter decades of peace and cast the land into the furnace of civil war. For some, the chaos is a nightmare, a twisted and perverse parody of the empire they had been born to. For others, it is nothing more than opportunity given form, the chance to seize land and riches for themselves and to secure their position.

You’ll need all your strength and cunning to survive this tumultuous conflict and you’ll need more than a fair bit of luck to come out of it in better straits than you started.

>Who are you?

>I am a landed knight. While my lands aren’t large, I am currently free to choose my own path with the death of my former liege.

>I am a minor lord. I posses a modest territory and the pledges of several vassals. My name is known however and enemies may abound.

>I am a mercenary Captain. It’s hard to be paid by dead men and I quit the field when my employer met his end. I make my own way now.

>I am a invading warlord. For too long my people have been cast out from these rich lands. I will find few friends here however.

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Autistic Psychopath Quest #1
Your name is Jebidiah Thurman and you have never felt anything but contempt for the normalfag scum. You are sitting in your dark room, the box computer from the 90s is on, your bed is unmade, and the bare lightbulb is off. It's cloudy outside so the blinders aren't drawn. You hate the sun but the clouds aren't so bad. They reflect your insides. It's 1:28 PM, you just woke up and there's a long day ahead.

>What do you want to do?

>Shitpost on an imageboard
>Play one of your games
>Look in the mirror
>Check on Shelby
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Modern Day NRP Thread 3: Their Eyes Reaching
Turn 14.5
Shock ripples across the globe as the Snorting Swamps are suddenly crippled, their watersheds poisoned by an unknown adversary. Who could have committed such a horrible crime? And who might be their next target?

Welcome to Modern NRP! Build your nation, carve out a unique niche, and tell your own story. New players and spectators welcome. To join, simply make a post below using the provided starting template.
For more information, see the Extended Guide(, or join the discord(F2Patcf).

Basic Rules
>RP and collaborative gameplay comes first and foremost. Metagaming, min-maxing, and other unsportsmanlike behaviors will be punished.
>For your first turn, see the template below. Every subsequent turn will consist of two actions
>Diplomacy and lore posts are unlimited.
>Warposts are diplomatic actions. If it isn’t in the warpost, it won’t be in the result. See the Combat section of the Extended Guide for more details.
>No tech cap, but tech rushing is unacceptable. All nations begin with a starting tech level equivalent to that of 2000 AD in real life.
>Nuclear weaponry is prohibited. Nuclear energy and its applications(including military applications) are permitted.
>Updates will be every other day(excluding Sundays)
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Claymore: Second Swords Quest #47
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, the notional queen of Hazaran and a half-awakened warrior with the blood of monsters in her veins.

At the moment you’re obliged to keep up the appearance, however, of being a mercenary who’s way out of her depth. That’s all to keep it a secret that you deliberately killed a yōma disguised as an Inquisitor… you played it off as equal parts luck and instinct that you stabbed him in the head an instant before he had a chance to transform and kill you first. The subsequent reversion of his body to its monstrous form gives you cover as well, since ordinarily murdering an Inquisitor within the Inquisition’s territory would mean a death sentence for you.

Just as deadly would be if anyone discovered that you were secretly one of the silver-eyed witches. Worse still it would ruin your mission to lure a real Inquisitor out into the open.

“I...” you begin, faking panic. “I… I need air.”

With some insistence, you force your way out of the tavern and into the street, then head for a nearby alleyway where you lean against the building and make a show of breathing deeply. You don’t want to be too far or too hard to find, in case anyone comes to question you, nor do you want to disappear and prompt more questions where none would otherwise seem needed.

“Are you okay?”

One of the locals from inside the tavern has come out to find you. “The thing you did… was crazy. Are you okay?”

“It was… such a surprise,” you tell the man, keeping up the appearance. “That… thing’s eyes were slitted, and yellow, like an animal’s. My hand… it was already on my dagger’s hilt when it started moving.”

“It… feels like it happened to someone else.”

“I don’t know how it feels,” the man admits, “to kill someone I mean. But you’ve been through something traumatizing.”

“Don’t pity me,” you grumble.

“If you insist,” he replies.

“What’s going on here?” a man in Inquisitorial garb demands, having rushed to the scene.

You take hold of a moment’s inspiration, planting your notion into the minds of the few observers by putting a few feet between you and the Inquisition’s man. You’re careful to make it look like an instinctive reaction, moving quickly and clumsily, as though in a panic.

“Give her some space!” the man from inside insists loudly as more of the witnesses join you outside.

“Sorry,” you pant. “Sorry… the whole… Inquisition thing just...”

“She was attacked by a yōma, disguised as one of your Inquisitors!” another one of the tavern’s patrons insists. “Of course she’d be suspicious of you.”
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Monster Hunter Quest: Freelancer #11
Red Emperor
Gunlance Vance is engaged elsewhere in the world.

You are the Sapphire Star. Your hammer lay at your feet, and your enemy incapacitated here in the eventide.


Character Sheet:
Urgent Quests:


Previous Thread: >>4238977
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Onion Quest
This is my very first /qst/ post and I am very open to creativity, dont know all the tips and tricks but I wanna dive right in with something basic
>You are playing as "Onion" a boy who just wanted to take a walk down a forest trail and then just did his own thing
After a long day of sitting around staring at the computer you decided to go for a walk, you dont know why you suddenly felt this urge but you decided to take advantage of it before the feeling would surely fade. You enter the forest nearby and begin walking the quiet trail, the ground is soft and damp and the hole in your shoe keeps getting your sock wet. After a few hastily decided directions along the ever branching trails you became very lost
Your stats:
Currently your inventory is empty

Highest roll within the next 4 responses will be picked
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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #18
You are Raishō Naori, the Sage of the Shrike Clan and former member of the Akatsuki mercenary organization.

In your hideout in the Land of Hot Water, you have assembled four guests: Uzumaki Karin and Fū, two kunoichi whose lives you’ve taken responsibility for in the past and who you now offer shelter and comradeship, are here for as long as they choose to be. Nii Yugito, jinchūriki of the two-tailed beast Matatabi, will be here for as long as Akatsuki is after her, as her home village of Kumogakure has proven incapable of protecting her on their own and is disinclined to cooperate with your attempts to keep all of the remaining jinchūriki out of Akatsuki’s hands.

Kurotsuchi, granddaughter of the current Tsuchikage Ōnoki, is here at your request from her home village Iwagakure. You’re not sure exactly how much she can contribute, since she doesn’t speak for the Tsuchikage and doubts that he’ll even listen to her if he knows that her words come from you.

“Seriously,” you admit, “I’m a bit at a loss here. I’m not sure what to do next.”

“How so?” Karin asks. “Maybe we can help.”

“The remaining jinchūriki are Killer B, Uzumaki Naruto, Rōshi, and Yugito-han,” you explain. “Yugito-han is here, and in part because of that the Raikage won’t be willing to cooperate to help guard Killer B. Iwagakure doesn’t even know where Rōshi is, and the elders of Konohagakure won’t let me get close to Naruto.”

“Every way forward leads through either the stubbornness or the incompetence of the Kages.”

“Well then what if we find this ‘Rōshi’?” Yugito asks. “He’d be Son Goku’s jinchūriki, am I right?”

“Son Goku?” Kurotsuchi repeats blankly. “It’s the four-tails if that’s what you mean, yeah.”

“If I can think to track Akatsuki’s movements to find him,” you muse, “you can be damn sure Pain’s thought to do the same to me.”

“You can use the hiraishin,” Yugito counters. “Surely that counts for something?”

“So that’s what that was!?” Kurotsuchi realizes. “That technique basically beat my village during the war!”

“I’m not as good as the Fourth Hokage was with it,” you admit. “Yet.”

“What if Rōshi doesn’t wanna come along?” Fū asks.

You nod in agreement. “That’s something I was considering. He lives as a hermit… if he’s anything like Han, he’s not going to be easy to win over. And in the time we waste fighting, Akatsuki has an opening. Each and every one of us is a freak in some way.”

“At best, we should consider tracking Rōshi down in person a risky move.”
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Mechknight Quest (prelude)
Inspired by a /tg/ homebrew setting called Swords of Avalon, and the mech Monday thread wanting some action here, I present Mechknight Quest.

First, we need some things rolled up and named.

Style of quest - Round Table Knights, questing for their house, Sellswords who fight for the highest bidder, pirates who prey on the space lanes between worlds, an up and comer wanting to make a noble name for themselves. Choose, or 1d4 majority.

Character - a young hothead wannabe ace, a veteran grizzled from many battles, a noble fallen on hard times, or a noble with wealth and status. Vote or 1d4 majority again.

Also need a name for both the above and below. Think Arthurian or middle ages Europe.

Cavalier (the one giant mech we start with) - close quarters melee, close quarters mixed weaponry, mid range all rounder, long range sniper, long range heavy ordnance, high mobility strike type. Light, medium or heavy armor. Vote or 1d6 and 1d3.

Infantry battalion and support vehicles - 1d8 and we'll find out what we get.

Castle ship - 1d4 for its make and size, and float some names for the spacecraft that carries the forces from planet to planet.

Let's start with this and I'll build from there.
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Hoplon: An Isekai
You were there, standing amid your fellow hoplites, marching shield to shield toward the enemy. Confident in your stride, in the man beside you, in your hoplon: the shield and armor and helm and spear, in bronze, in your gods, and in your lineage. The wind was easterly, bowing the grain and the far-darter's white chariot rode high in the west with the smell of thunderbolts in its wake. Then came the charge, Noseandro--whose valor ranked with the heroes of old, and whom you would've followed into Hades itself with but a glance, a mention of your name--gave the order and you and the men beside you--whom you cannot recall now, Posileo, Ophastes, perhaps Andros, how is it their faces fade now, even as you recall them?--raced toward the enemy in earnest and your weapons and voices and shields rang together.

You remember losing your spear, a shattered bone in your arm from an enemy thrust and the blood wet and falling down to your fingers. You remember reaching back for your sword, bracing the shield in front of you and then...a volley from the east, slingers from Rhodes, your helmet crushed inward by the blow, its jagged pieces slicing into your skull, your brain. Then blackness.

Then this place. A cobbled road between two green fields and the fuzz of a distant forest. Gone are your hoplon, you lie as naked as one of the oiled wrestlers of the gymnasium. But it is your own body, whole, more than whole--you trace the place on your thigh where your first war wound once ran like a dried-up river. The flesh is mended, supple as a newborn's. Touching your head, your arm, it's as if the wounds had never been. How can this be? Is this Hades or Elysium? It seems too much like the mortal world for that.

The cobbles tremble beneath your buttocks. Something this way comes: a carriage or a convoy or the enemy, you cannot tell.

This quest, though it borrows a lot of Ancient Greek aesthetics, is not and will not strive to be historically accurate in any capacity. I'm merely an enthusiast not an expert. That said, I welcome any input from those who know more and will strive to incorporate that into the quest.
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Butcher Block Quest
The creak of the caravan against the tidal waves of grass jolts you awake. Thin rays of sunlight break the gap between the rickety planks making up your bedroom wall. Outside, the roiling sea of tall grass stretches out to infinity under a cloudless sky.

You slam your head against the roof as you rise - right into the very same indent you’ve slammed it into every morning for the last two weeks. You hate this fucking room. It feels like a cabinet. You groggily reach for your weapons as you come to your bearings.

>What is your name?
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Cyberpunk Princess Quest #1
You come to a stop outside a gunmetal door in the clinic. “Is this the place?”

“Yes, Kaguya-sama.” The Enforcer towering above you bows in reply. The seriously-looking man in the dark suit had accompanied you on your walk all the way down here in Basement 3. It would be unsightly for a daughter of the Muramoto Family to walk around unattended or unaided. But it should not have been him attending you. Just yesterday, there would have been another, more familiar and reliable presence at your side.

Currently, you were in the Enforcer’s Clinic, deep underneath the Muramoto Manor. Here traditional architecture of the upper levels of the Manor gave way to the utilitarian concrete and metal architecture that characterized it’s more functional regions. Half medical facility and half mechanic’s workshop, the Enforcer’s Clinic was the facility where the half-cybernetic Enforcers that guarded the Muramoto Family were serviced. Normally you would never be in this part of the Manor. But early this morning, you had received a loud knock on your door ...

You had slid open your door to find a dark-suited enforcer outside your door. His knocking had woken you up. It was early in the morning, the sun had barely risen.

“May I help you?” You had asked politely, just as your tutors had taught you.

In response, the enforcer had bowed deeply and respectfully. “Kaguya-sama, I have come to inform you of your retainer, Seido-san’s condition.”

“Condition? What condition?” You had asked, growing more and more worried.

“Your retainer … Seido-san … He’s currently in the clinic …

You apprehensively step into the room. The atmosphere inside the room was cool and sterile, like a refrigerator for living bodies. In the center of the room was a hospital bed more resembling an operating table than a proper bed. On it lay the comatose body of an enforcer, dressed in nothing except a hospital gown. His synthetic skin was indistinguishable from organic skin, except for a faint plastic texture only someone with enhanced senses like Kaguya would be able to perceive, but that all gave away to a cold black carbon material on his right arm. A long cable ran from the datajack in the nape of his neck to a medical monitor displaying his vitals which a bone-white medical drone was fussing over. They were stable all around, but that hardly meant anything. A high-end cybernetic body like his could have it’s head blown off and the autostasis-monitoring systems would continue to maintain internal organ stability until the internal power supply exhausted itself.
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No title
It is the year 1880.
You are a courier tasked with delivering a letter.

What do you do?
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Toad Courier Quest
Your name is not important. What you do for a living is kind of important.

You are a TOAD. A humble subject of the mushroom kingdom. Your genetic color is PURE WHITE, you wear a tan flatcap to help accentuate yourself.

You run an independent courier service, specializing in high priority, discreet, and ground based deliveries. Currently, you’re receiving a briefing about your biggest delivery yet. A letter from the Mushroom Kingdom’s Matriarch: Princess Peach, to be delivered to Mario Mario’s house (what a dumb last name, right?)

You feel fairly confident you’ll end up okay, tonight.

(I made a thread like two weeks ago on this quests. Since I only updated twice I figured it’s not worth archiving. Anyway, I’m continuing it because why not.)
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Starting when each race has 1 player
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The Quarantine #5
"The boldest measures are the safest."

The text printed on a propaganda poster with a giant portrait of the City's Doge sums up perfectly the past three weeks. Here, in the Noble District there are no corpses floating on water and no camps for people who had the misfortune to sneeze close to a Militia patrol. Two Iceburst Stone powered boats are even racing on the clean azure coloured canal. This place is miles away from the Workers District where Elven Commandos, o foreign occupation force enforcing order, started to cage criminal with infected. And so, several bandits are roaming free, purging lesser Nobles who don't have a mansion with bodyguards.

You just shot the leader with a mawhawk, trying to free the copyist of a religious book you need to free someone from a spell. Two other bandits wearing red scarf by his side are rushing on his crossbow while the two boats mentioned are trying to joust you with pikes. With the help of 'Sunshine' a mermaid using her voice to hypnotize her enemies, you should be able to subdue. For a change you are going to save someone and not just murder innocent blindly.

After causing your mate's wife miscarriage due to the improper use of a healing potion and killing a father ransacking a shop to get masks for his little girl, you need that. A reason to call yourself a hero. You, Alfonso Barbatti, the former sailor, made famous because of a play inspired on his Northern Expedition are the masked avenger of this City. Not the one it needs, but the one it deserves.

What do?
>run over the bridge before getting impaled and fight the two guys left on land (Physical) (+10 thanks to speed potion -10 being charged at)
>fire at the other who snatched the crossbow (Mental) (-5 because of the distance +10 thanks to accuracy artefact -10 being charged at) (1 shot before reloading)
>fire at one of the steam gondola (Mental) (-5 because of the distance +10 thanks to accuracy artefact) (1 shots before reloading)
>jump aboard a speed boat and qcq the pikeman (Physical)

About your mermaid ally
>shout "Sunshine, stop the gondolas"
>shout "Sunshine, stop the guys over the bridge"
>trust her judgement
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Drowned Quest Redux 9
2.0 9
You are Charlotte Fawkins, noted heiress, heroine, adventuress, and detective, cruelly trapped underwater (in the sticks!) after the completion of your quest to find your long-lost family heirloom. Tragically, nobody here l̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u appreciates your talents, even Richard- the snake who lives in your head. Right now, you're in a friend-of-a-frenemy's sitting room, having just told her about the difficulties involved in retrieving her snake. This was not, unfortunately, a euphemism.

You handle the cup in your hand gingerly. You have been vigorously assured that its contents are not foul, poisonous or psychoactive, but it smells so strongly you're forced to assume it's one of the three. It's also blue and moderately viscous, which… look, you're not going to drink this. Out of the question.

You don't even have polite obligation to drive you: Branwen is off having a private conversation with Madrigal. They are both in the other room. You are alone on Branwen's tattered settee.

«Poor Charlie.»

"Alone" was an overstatement: Richard is draped across the settee's back cushions. He is a snake, which under no circumstances should be odd: that's… him, that's his objective natural state. Any exception is (literally) just wishful thinking. You know this.

But it is odd, okay? You keep glancing behind you, expecting to see him looming over your shoulder, and all you get is a… thing. It's odd and unnerving and you wish… you don't know what you wish, okay? You wish all the feelings you don't understand would go away.

«Well, that's all very pathetic. Also rude.»
«Not quite the topic, though. I was just about to make the point that your good friend Madrigal has ditched you.»

"She's not my friend," you mumble.

«My apologies, I forgot you didn't have any friends.»
«Your acquaintance Madrigal has ditched you. I suppose you're wondering what she's talking about without the burden of your presence.»

You've been wondering about that almost nonstop. "No! Why would I—"

«Lucky you, I know for a fact what she's talking about.»
«It's very personal. Very tragic. She simply doesn't trust you enough to let you know.»
«Trusts you less than her criminal contact, even. Horrible.»

Figures. You cup your face with both hands. "Just tell me."

«There are certain kinds of insects that lay eggs in the bodies of other insects. When the eggs hatch, the children devour their host from the inside.»
«It is not at all like that. But it is the closest example I can provide.»

"That doesn't…" You wriggle around so you're actually facing Richard. "Madrigal had bug eggs laid—"

«Keep it down. No. You are willfully misinterpreting me.»
«It is a process in broadly the same vein. I will not bother with the details. The typical result of the process is physical death, with the consciousness retained in a deeply altered state.»
«She has chosen a more palatable alternative, that being survival with moderate, recoverable loss of function. No need to thank me.»

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Mimic Quest
I read the chest-chan quest in the archives, and thought to myself “Boy, wish there was more of that” so here we are.

Your parent knew the time to divide had come. It found itself a nice, abandoned corner of the dungeon, and settled down for the gradual process of fission, pouring out a portion of its own body, genes and memories to form a child. That’s when things went wrong. After all, adventurers aren’t supposed to be the ones surprising mimics. You weren’t sure what birth was supposed to feel like, what with your parent not having passed that particular memory on to you but you were pretty sure the ensuing panicked mess of screaming and slime and teeth and blood and steel wasn’t it.

Another hint you were getting that something had gone rather wrong with the process, was you were spending all this time thinking about stuff. Pretty much all you remember your parent thinking about was food, or how to get it. Yet, here you sit, considering such weighty topics like your own birth, and how you knew what "Adventurers ” were. Your parent would be so ashamed, if it was here right now. Probably primarily of the fact you were not food, but that was besides the point. Thinking was un-mimic-like of you. It was best that you got down to business. A lot of energy your parent was supposed to have transferred to you seems to have gotten used up in the struggle, so you are starving. Fortunately prey is close at hand. These corridors are fairly deserted, but you do sense some life.

You feel the intermittent patter of goblin feet some distance away, hoping to scavenge something of value that others might have missed or passed over. You could shift into a chest, and it would stick its head down your gullet without a second thought. From a different direction, comes a faint scent. Clearly, your parent wasn’t the only one to think this was a good place to give birth. Giant spiders spawn here as well. The scent was attached to happy memories. Carrion was easy to imitate, and the juvenile spiders rarely passed up a free meal.

>Wait for the goblin

>Wait for the spiders
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XCOM: Rogue Operative
The burst of plasma. Creeping poisonous gas. The light purple glow of Psionic energy. The look on Bradford's face as a console explodes in sparks.

You wake up sweating heavily. The hot humid air sticks to your skin as you look around the small shack you've been living in, blue moonlight illuminates the floor amd you sit up rubbing the sticky sweat from your forehead. The destruction of XCOM, it's been a few years but sometimes the nightmares plague you as if it happened yesterday. You escaped the base through one of the exhaust vents in Shen's lab, the commander barking orders from the P.A. system, your fellow soldiers dying around you, the commander gave one last order before the sound of gunfire cut the P.A. "Retreat."

You joined up with a small branch of resistance, rural country side and farming. Most people here only saw Advent at a distance leaving before they were corralled into City centers like cattle. A few of the members have been talking about heading out, looking into the small towns and farm houses surrounding the area. Finding a real home not made of sheet metal and wooden pallets is tempting, everyone here knows about your history with XCOM and you've been pestered endlessly to lead this expedition, against your better judgment you gave in. The nightmares are a result of this stress, but you gave your word and maybe it is time to move on.

Back in XCOM your specialty was:

>Grenadier, Big guns, Big explosions, and a heavy hand.

>Ranger, Walk softly and carry a sharp sword is the quote, you think

>Specialist, your mind and your drone are all you need.

>Sharpshooter, you had a steady hand amd a sharp eye.

>Rookie, truth be told you hadn't even been on a real mission. But you didn't correct anyone who speculated on your abilities.

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Mario Worldbuild Sandbox
In this thread we will be building up a world shaped around the theme of the Mario universe. Essentially each post will add or take from the world to craft crazy plots, gods, kingdoms, cities, artifacts, heroes, and wars- the works.

>As GM I'll mostly observe but I'll add a few things myself that could bring sweeping to the entire world at once

>Only post once in a row- don't hog actions. Free turns such as diplomacy, simple talking, general planning or OCC discussion don't count as turns

>Don't get too attached to certain things

>Combat/Conflict will be solved by rolls done by the GM

>GM can overrule really hamfisted stuff that can botch the game

Every action posted most correspond with the year (or optionally at the end of every year a decimal AND number to represent a particular month along with it. Standard 12 months)


>Year 482: A meteorite strikes near Happville bearing rare material .

>Year 482.1: Word about this meteorite sparks like wildfire throughout the region

>Year 483: A banditlord begins assembling a Host to acquire the meteorite material

and so on
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Dragon Ball Human Quest Super #30
You look at the figure in the shadows and strain your eyes to make out her features. It's... odd.
Perhaps it's the pitch black darkness making you see things where there's nothing but she looks almost monstrous.
Her massive dress manages to obscure her figure quite well, leaving only her torso from the cleavage up exposed. She looks relatively normal there with the only oddity being the fins on her head. But her shoulders... there's something definitely wrong there.
It's almost as if her muscles are so developed her skin is stretched to fit them, leaving it looking disfigured.
But maybe there's something else, as when you look a bit further down things unravel even more.

Her arms are almost comically oversized and don't look entirely whole. They are more like several thick noodles squeezed together to make faux limbs... are those tentacles?
I-Is that huge dress meant to cover a bunch of tentacles? Is that what she is underneath? Just a mass of limbs propping up a normal torso and vaguely kept in the shape of a humanoid? Come to think of it you can't even see her legs...
You shudder a little.

This amuses the alien. Chuckling a little she begins taunting you.
"What's wrong? Afraid of the da-"

Not even bothering to listen to her you shoot out an invisible blast from your fist and watch it pass harmlessly through her.
Her visage dissolves into an inky black substance and returns to the darkness whence it came from.
"An illusion?"
It's her.

As you hear her voice coming from behind your back you turn to see an orange light illuminate the hole. A ball of fire.
Striking it makes it disappear without causing any sort of harm. But it somehow still had weight to it.
Suddenly the entire cave lights up with innumerable six sided shapes before they all fade into the shadows.
"I can create no less than 129 different illusions and 76 different attacks."
That's a scary number of combinations...
"But I'd rather not have to use them if I can help it."

"Odd thing coming from an assassin."

"Yes, I suppose it is.
But I assure you I have a good reason. I could share that with you-"

She wants to talk? Well that's certainly strange.
You certainly could, if for nothing else than a chance to get the hell out of here.
But every second you waste here Cabba has to spend fighting 2 to 1. Against people that don't give a shit about fighting fair.

>Alright... what do you want?
>Screw it. The sooner you get attacking the sooner you can find her
>Find a way out
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Hero Academia Quest #39
Ushi, age 16
You are Ushi Walker, the half-japanese/half-american wielder of the mighty quirk “Everything is Bigger in Texas", one of U.A. High's top first-year students, a boiling pot of frustration and ready to smash with Bakugo, the all-around spiky boy that is waiting for you by the side of the famous arch at the school's entrance. In typical fashion, he has his bag slung over his shoulder, and his back turned from the school as well as from everyone nearby.

You have also prepared your bag with supplies for the destructive outing. With the mass and size manipulation capabilities your quirk grants you, it would have been irresponsible to not bring a sledgehammer of your own for your cathartic trip to the junkyard.

However, Shoto and his friends are also visibly standing by the other side of the arch, Iida waving at you with some strips of paper and Deku standing next to them, you feel like you should do something about that.

…So you merely wave back at them, walking up to the ashen blond boy waiting for you.

"Howdy! We still on to go break some stuff?" You ask him, pulling on your backpack straps to make its contents rattle a bit.

>"Depends, you still mad?" He asks as he starts walking away, away from both the school and the train station you usually head towards every day.

"Simmering!" You answer, following him close. "Fendin' off pervs all day, getting a contusion when trainin'..."

>"Concussion." He corrects you, looking over his shoulder with a smug smirk.

"You ain't helpin' none, pal." You tell him, blowing a puff of steam out of your nose before taking a deep breath. There will be time for rage later. "Where are we goin' anyway?"

>"Junkyard near the beach." He says, pointing roughly in the same direction you are already going. "There's some sort of sea current that brings crap to the Dagobah beach, mostly big stuff like fridges, washing machines and trucks."

"Really? Ah wouldn't 'ave guessed." You comment, recalling that…outing with Denki, Mina and Kirishima. "It was really neat when Ah was there...not so long ago."

>"Oh, the place was a fucking mess, shit was so bad cops didn't even bother fining people tossing more crap in." He explains, shrugging. "But someone cleaned the place for free, and since then the municipality started to give a fuck about keeping it clean and now they are trawling it out and fining the littering assholes. Means there's a lot more crap 'n scrap for the local junkyard to deal with, too much even."

"That's where we come in, right?" You affirm, picking up what he was putting down.

>"Yeah, heard it from some mooks, owner needs to make space and is paying." He confirms, cracking his neck and grunting. "Tearing shit to pieces and getting closer to getting something nice… Sounds good after ashitty day, right?"

"You have no idea…" You say, sighing and letting your smile falter for a second.

Just a second, however. Things are looking up!
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ASOAIF Conquest #1
You are a foreign conqueror attacking Westeros. Where do you land?

>Beyond the Wall
>Iron Islands
>Vale of Arryn
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Far From Terra #2
You’re Ferdinand (“Fern”), some punk from an acid ocean world called Ghast. You’ve got a pet Tyranid gun called Bubbles, and you’re on a Chaos space station after hitching a ride to flee a Tyranid sea monster. You have recently killed a Rogue Trader on the station, and after striking a deal with what was left of their corrupt crew, you now have two Servitors, and an amazon-like slave.

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Life as an Overweight Friend Character!
Life begins as per usual. Twisting your body in your matt, the material sliding beneath your weight, moving along the hardwood. You use your new angle along your side to maneuver yourself on to your arm. From there it's a simple matter of pushing yourself up onto your feet. You look warily to your alarm clock, taking a breath of relief at the sight. 6 AM.

Another hour and a half before the school day begins. You'll have homeroom for first period of course. There at least least you have something to look forward to.

> Your friend Himaru - Acquire Friend!
> Your gameboy - Acquire Game Skill! Level 1
>Your Book! - Acquire General Knowledge! Level 1
Your notepad of doodles! - Acquire Art Skill! Level 1

At least you have that much to look forward to. But first... you have to get to school.

You could take a shuttle. But that would eat into your puny allowance. Alternatively, you could walk through the gang ridden streets. Lastly... you could try biking...

> Shuttle - go down to $12.50/15
> Walk - Random encounter roll for danger
> Bike - Chance of exhaustion. 1/5 excercise progression.

Well. That decided at least, you make your way out.

> Choose a Name!
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Synthetic Gods Quest #50
OP post
Hello and welcome back to Synthetic Gods Quest.

Rules and gameplay mechanics:
Current inventory:
Current infrastructure:
Previously mentioned individuals:
Previously mentioned SGs and Cups:
Project tracker:
In the last session we infiltrated the Holy Nation border castle and took its lord prisoner. After extracting all the necessary information, we tied him up, dressed as one of the guards and attempted to infiltrate the dungeon where captured villagers were held. After narrowly avoiding discovery by a random guard, we successfully got into the dungeon and freed our people. To exfiltrate them from the castle over the rest of the night we drilled a tunnel towards the outer wall with our powers. We were detected at the very last several hours but we managed to evacuate all of the captured civilians. Before we left, we blew apart the bonfire that was set up in the courtyard to thwart any potential pursuers.

In the aftermath of the event, we discussed the issue with Nike’. Unfortunately, she had to recover Mina from our village to prevent her involvement from being known to the Holy Nation and we would have to deal with the retaliation ourselves. In the meantime, Nike’s Oracle would take over the communications with us. Over the next three weeks we repaired the damage to the farms and factories, mass produced steel armor for village militia and trained our psi powers until we detected a Holy Nation force moving close to us. We attempted negotiations, but we didn’t speak Holy Language, which for some reason was considered offensive by the Holies’ Angels who presumed that we were a rogue Ceno Cup Bearer. Thus, the fight has started…
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The Times of Strife
It is the year 160. The winds of strife have been blowing.

Emperor Xing, a corrupt and despotic man controlled by his eunuchs, has failed to rule with fairness and justice. Many of his officers are thus malcontent, and the people suffer. After a devious plot by his own courtly allies, Xing met his end and his underage son, Emperor Ying, took the throne. The Imperial Court is controlled by eunuchs and rich, powerful and corrupt officers.

The people toil away in the countryside. Suffering escalates. When those in the highest powers use their power for greed and self-gain, those in the lowest levels do so as well. Some, tired of the constant machinations of bureaucrats and noblemen, take up a banner and sew cloth into turbans and scarfs.

All across the land, the red scarves rise. You are a lowborn from the Empire, where strife has finally begun after centuries of rule by the Chin dynasty. What is your name?

Family name:

Personal name:

You've shown skill and have been adopted by a man of renown to dedicate yourself to a path with greater strength. Which was it?
>You've studied under a renowned leader of men, who has taught you all of the ways to reach the heart of your troops. [+LDR]
>You've been drilled and trained to be a powerful bodyguard by a local strongman officer. [+WAR]
>You've studied under a renowed scholar and strategist, who has taught you the ways of the Art of War and its myriad applications to specific situations. [+INT]
>You've been assigned to study how to rule over the people under the wing of a magistrate. [+POL]
>You've been under the wing of a well-spoken noble, who made you his protegee.

Some info on the quest:
>It is based on the Three Kingdoms and its events, but mostly avoids using its characters and instead creates its own, mostly through random generation, because I thought it'd be fun.
>Officers are tough and powerful self-made men (usually) who can best many of the lower classes in most of what they do.
>Officers and other important characters have 5 stats: Leadership (LDR), used to rouse men into action for tactics and maintain morale | Warrior (WAR), used for one on one fighting and drilling troops | Intelligence (INT), used for creating broad strategies and intrigues and seeing the bigger picture | Politics (POL), used to rule over the common people with knowledge and to maintain stability | Charisma (CHR), used for diplomatic endeavors with other officers and to gain popular support
>Generally, the higher a rating of an officer, the stronger his conviction to his cause will be. It is also highly dependent on their leader's CHA stat as well, the higher it is, the more they will be convinced of their cause. But conviction can be eroded overtime.
>More to come to this because I want to adapt a game's system to a quest system, probably won't be easy to do.
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Chapter Quest =CLXX=
Eternal War

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of the thousands of Imperial provinces that form the front line in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But the Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commissioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.


Chapter Chronicles and starting point for the novice initiates:

Battle voxcaster frequency, all allies are welcome to join:

+It takes a long time for rot to take hold, but when it does, it's for good.+
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Strikers 2016
With the landings in the works, you can expect more sorties- but at the same time, you&#039;re not a night fighting specialist

First, I'd like to say sorry about last week. I'm more or less straightened out now, I think. We may have a couple early nights here- I've been racking out around 19-20 local, but I'd like to get that back to 23-01, somewhere in that area.

School starts next Tuesday, and while I'm not really anticipating any changes to our schedule, there may be some. Not sure yet, but this is starting back in with the program classes. I don't have anything in the afternoons, thankfully, just 08-12 M-Th, but there may be something if I end up staying late to use the lab or try and knock the rust off my skillset. I'll let you gents know if there's anything going on there on twitter, though.

Archive here: for anyone interested in jumping in and wanting to catch up, you can ignore anything without the reboot tag- the OG run has very little to do with this one other than the setting and some characters.

I think that's it!


Your alarm, such as it was, was Wendy politely knocking on the door of your room to ask if you'd prefer tea or coffee. You chose tea, probably much to her delight, and were barely up and dressed- noting Kyou's absence in the process- before she had a cup ready for you, alongside a couple pieces of toast.

"Lady Kyou is on the hangar deck with Miss Wells." She explains as you exit your room and shut the door behind you. "They wanted me to wait for you and make sure you had something to eat before following them."

You nod, buttering your toast lightly. "Thanks." you say, and she smiles.

"Of course." She responds. "It would be nice to have some juice as well, unfortunately I wasn't able to get any. The galley is preparing breakfast for the watch still, and even her authority isn't enough to get me some places." She smiles at that. "Though I imagine it's quite enough for most of our needs."

You nod again. "It's oh-four?" You ask- it feels earlier, but that could just be because of last night, too. You did end up going to bed much more tired than you'd thought you'd be- you can operate fairly well on little to no sleep, but it does always show for a bit in the morning.

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Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 2
Otome Red
Maria Louisa Regnia, daughter of the Duke of MaKain. In her reincarnated life, she has killed two separate Emperors gaining the moniker of Kingslayer. Now she lives in the Holy Academy, playing the role of schemer. Why, just two weeks ago she condemned two men to being Excommunicated.

Most events are Skill checks in which I compare your stats to what is being used. If I need to compare performance, then I will request a roll. Rolls are best of all

Character Sheet
Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Royal Demeanor [75]
>Conversation [50]
>Expression [15]
Intellectual Skills
>History [30]
>Intrigue [60]
>Medicine [30]
>Economics [30]
>Military [70]
Physical Skills
>Agility [60]
>Weapons [60]
>Athletics [30]
>Animal Handling [15]
Mystic Skills
>Faith [30]
>Magics [20]
Other Items
>Wealth [10]
>Direct Military Strength [0]
>Social Standing [55] (Kingslayer)

Note that
15 Novice
25 Apprentice
50 Adept
75 Expert
100 Master

Previous Thread: >>4250793

First Thread:
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In the face of mounting THREATS from FOREIGN lands, FOREIGN WORLDS, public APATHY and legislative BUDGETHAWKS,
you must build and lead the SPACE FORCE into a new MISSILE AGE in defense
of your home, your nation and your world...

Armed with a middling military industrial complex, your pedigree as the first man in space and 10 years mid-level
management experience with a major farm equipment repossession firm you take your seat in the center of the cramped ops
floor where before you the bigboard blinks in green and yellows.

As you sip your coffee your officers begin piling in to the room, projector slides in hand...
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Princess/Paladin Quest
You are the Princess of a fallen kingdom, run out of your homeland by the encroaching Ignian Empire. Try as your people did, your small country stood no chance against the engine of war, and now you are without a home or the luxuries you were once afforded. You fled across the Sapphire Sea to the New World, a land of opportunity and promise!

Sadly as soon as you made land, you were immediately swindled out of your money by a Halfling who offered to trade you a sack of magic beans for the lion's share of your wealth. After a disappointing month of gardening and an admittedly delicious three-layer dip, you set out to try and rebuild your fortune from the ground up.

Currently, you find yourself in Fool's Port, a major hub of trade in the Sapphire League. From here you can take any of the dozen roads to the major cities of the League, or even follow the Great King's Road far to the west, where it is said many untamed lands await.

Your priority now, however, is to obtain funds to begin your journey, as well as any other useful things you may need. What should you do first?

A) Try to find some odd jobs in town
B) Hunt monsters for trophies to sell
C) Hold up a merchant in town
D) Smash random crates and jars
E) Other (Player Write-In)

Your current stats are:
Power: D
Speed: D
Magic: D
Vitality: D
Luck: E

Heirloom Sword, Heirloom Shield, Battered Armor
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Goblin Quest #1
Goblin 1
You are a goblin living inside a cave with other goblins.Off to the side you sit and stare outside the cave hole hungry.

4 goblins surround the fire and are jacking off while they talk about fine sexy goblin bottoms and raping a real human female.

Their is no food since the bearded humans killed off most of your tribe. You were able to escape by pure luck falling through a pit and hiding as they one by one kill them all. The others only lived as they were watching humans females bathe and were jacking off to them. Now you find yourself in the cave miles from home in unknown lands with the others. Still jacking off wanting to live in pleasure before death comes.

With no food you and the others don't last. You already used the last of your food days ago, and the fat on your bones is wasting away with each passing day. Maybe they'll help gather some food with you, maybe they need a example set, a leader.

Pick one
>Scout out the area
>Make some clothes
>Go out alone and try to find food
>Try to convince them to join you in the hunt
>Join the others
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A New Mutant Quest Issue #33
You are _________________, cosmic abortion of creation.

A familiar, beloved old man is standing before you, his guts in his hands and blood spilling down into the ocean of it at his knees.

Despite everything you've done, he's still the normal level grouchy old man he always was. Either he's concealing the rage he feels towards you for yo̖̟u̠r̹̟͇̱͕̤̣̕
sake or he just doesn't give a damn. Dan wasn't ever the type to give a shit, but that was more for meaningless things: killing was something he had views more in line with the common man.

You stare back into the man's stern eyes.

He was like a father back when he was alive and still is like one even in death, if this really is him and not some manifestation.

Sighing again, you shake your head.

There's something about you that the world just twists itself over for. You despise it with every essence of your being, but it could very well be your being itself. Life and Death are beneath you now: you just know you've crossed their threshold. Something beyond everything is awakening inside of you, that much is clear.

>[ ] "If you are Dan... If you're really him... No words can express my regret. You deserved so much better, and I am so sorry."
>[ ] "For fuck's sake, old man... Do you have any idea how much I've... missed you, you son of a bitch!?"
>[ ] "Daniel, that's the name Cuda gave me. Is it yours or are you really just a memory?"
>[ ] "Where's Abuelita? I wanted to see her again just one last time."
>[ ] "Even in death, you can't be the least bit warm, can you?"
>[ ] "Why are you still here?"
>[ ] Pay your old blood a visit, maybe he's there or maybe he's not.
>[ ] Find h̵͚̳̙̻̝̟̞̬͇͖̝͌̇͐̆̔̈́̀̏̋̒̌̚͠͠ȉ̴̺͎̖̻͓̰͈̳͎̞͎̀̂̿͊͆̍͛͐̾m̸̛̜͗̂̾̓̒̑̍͝, you know where he is.
>[ ] Recall that which you should not be able to. You know where you must go. Her final words haunt you still.
>[ ] Write In
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A Tale of Monsters - The Witch Game (10)
Welcome back one and all into a new part of our adventure. After two days of travels and mental preparation, we've arrived at our destination, the large town of Muribel where Klesiah is waiting... alongside two (as far as you know) of Ama's apostles. It's been an entire year since you've seen your knight, the trepidation isn't easy to handle.

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.

People from Muribel.
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Necromancer in the Dungeon
You are a necromancer; an adept in a field of arcane study which has been declared taboo by most places you care to call civilized (and still pretty disliked in places you don't.) You have no connections to the world of the Free-People since your teacher abandoned you, but you have a power that mortals fear, and you've decided to use it to carve your own place in the world.

You find yourself in the middle of a vast, blasted region known as the Wasteland Tenebrum. Once this was a land of verdant fields, bursting with life and an utter embarrassment of resources. However once the Calamity razed nearly half the world, all that is left here are barren stretches of hardpan desert and rocky hills the color of ash and bone. There are still tribes of Uruks and Lizardmen who dwell here, navigating in savage bands from oasis to oasis, warring with one another and raiding any caravans daring enough to attempt the trek from one side to the other. In fact it was a band of Uruks that destroyed the thralls you used to get you here. However they ran off when you showed them a bit of flashy magic.

Before you know is the crooked, dilapidated remains of a tower. If the maps you consulted are correct, it is the highest point of a buried kingdom of the Elven princes who once ruled here. From this point, you can find your way down into the depths of the earth, where unknown artifacts and magical treasures lay hidden. You cannot navigate this castle turned tomb alone, however. Your stamina and strength are nothing impressive, and you will need a thrall with a more robust physique to do the heavy lifting. To that end, you have secured two objects whose masters, long dead, still cling faintly to the mortal plane. Unfortunately their souls are weak, and you will need to consume the soul of one and convert it to power in order to raise the other. Now, choose:

A) An Iron Shield, of Dwarven Make
B) A Broken Spear, Elven but simple
C) Burn both, and spend the day looking for something more promising (50% chance of success)
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Necromancer Detective 55
Two important pieces of information were revealed during the previous thread. 1. there is an aid boat coming into Magica tomorrow, and the person behind the plague is likely going to bomb it, and 2. Inquisitor Agatha is somehow involved with two dead Cathars and a healer who were found tortured to death. Do these have something to do with one another?

Quest rules:
1. All dice rolled are assumed to be D100 unless otherwise stated
2. The first two rolls will be given far greater importance, but additional rolls, good or bad, will affect the outcome. This choice ultimately falls to the Lorekeeper, odd circumstances may cause him to change how the story progresses (a ton of crits for instance)
3. All dice rolls are final
4. Critical fails are considered to be between 1-5, Critical hits are between 95-100. Crits overpower any other roll except another crit. In the rare chance that a crit fail and crit success happen. The Lorekeeper will do something interesting from a story angle. Similarly, rolling 2 of the same number will be considered a MEGA crit, just pray its two high numbers.
5. Near misses may occur, where a rolled number is close to the required threshold, whether over or under. This can have an impact on how the story proceeds. However these are up to the decision of the Lorekeeper.
6. Sometimes there are optional choices one may participate in, these will generally NOT be taken unless there are multiple posters who wish it, assuming there are multiple posters in the thread
7. There are often times choices with multiple parts, each part is counted separately, unless otherwise stated, sometimes rolls will be required before counting the second, third, etc, part
8. There will be “Time Limited” decisions, in which characters may only do a set number of actions, these will be clearly marked. Generally you will only be able to choose one decision per ‘round’.
9. Rules may be subject to change between threads, but will not change during the same thread. These rules are what we will follow for the remainder of this thread.

Archived Threads + Sidequests:

Discord (Meet the Loremaster himself, and get live updates and all that jazz): (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Main Character Spell List:

Equipment List
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Undecided title xianxia quest 2/0
Greetings my fellow daoists, this poor man was subjected to all sorts of torture in the cage and became temporarily unable to continue the story we were working in.

I can only ask for your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart.

Seeing that about ten odd days passed since the last update and the quest might have basically died I will make to you, my friends, a proposition.

We can continue the quest as is, keeping everything as has been done so far from where we left off.

We could reboot the quest, effectively leaving behind what we have done so far but remaining as Su Kahn and opening the possibility to explore the other options.

Or for last we can start a new quest, in the same setting with a different character or a completely new setting.

Previous thread >>4231612

Let me know what you think.
>Continue as is
>Start a new quest
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Elven Civilization Quest
A colony in the new world. The Great King had ordered it, the Seers had predicted it's success and the Grand Vizier had blessed it himself. And so, your small group of 50 elves find themselves over 3000 nautical miles from home, having been left ashore with their possessions, watching the massive ships of their people sale into the horizon. The lands were uncharted, untamed and completely unknown, full of danger, adventure, potential and promise.

But first, what sort of colony are you?
>>Traditional Colony - 25 pairs of elves had adventure in their hearts, have decided to leave their homeland and start a new. You will have everything a new colony needs to flourish. Building supplies, dry goods and their own personal possession. They can even expect the occasional visiting ship from their homeland. However, these elves are accustomed to a certain level of comfort. The adjustment will prove difficult, many of your elves are gifted in the realm of poems, songs and instruments rather than practical skills, and a certain level of comfort will demand precedence over practicality

>>Penal Colony - A few brigands, some pirates and poachers, even a few warlocks found the ire of the King and his Royal Court. Though all 50 are of good heart , they found traditional elven society stifling. Their equipment is haggard, their supplies are low, but they are a hardy bunch, skilled survivors who will not receive support from their home, but will not have to worry about any further reprisal for their crimes. They are used to living on the outskirts of polite society and as such, the adjustment shouldn’t prove to be too terrible, and their more practical skillsets will make it all the easier.
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Last of the Rinim Civilization #2
Pagen the Scholar
It is deep in the cold season for you and the Rinim; as far as you’re aware, you are the last of your kind, having fled your ancestral lands in the face of the terrible Redjaws decimating your peoples. Having found a new land many many moons away, and taken up residence in a mountain, it is here you have begun to rebuild. You have endured admirably so far, despite hints and warnings of potential dangers in times ahead. And yet, the settlement of Rodinash, held together by will and hope, is barely a pup; you’re few in number, and not even all of your housing areas are finished yet, though such time is fast approaching, by all accounts. So your survival continues...

(Repost for stat clarity)

>Month 8 (Tasma Settlement of Rodinash)
>Leader: Tasma, Breeze of the Summer
>Population Total: 75 Rinim
>Farmers: 12
>Woodcrafters: 8
>Metalcrafters: 2
>Earthcrafters: 6
>Miners: 8
>Warriors: 10
>Scout Recruits: 3
>Scholars: 3
>Clothweavers: 4
>Nobles: 3
>Elders: 2
>Apothecary: 1
>Fisherrat: 1
>Children (Trainee Dancers): 10

>Food: 85
>Morale: Moderate

>Available Tools: Axe, Pick, Shovel, Farming Tools.
>Available Weapons: Axe, Bow, Spear, Sling
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Cataclysm Quest
Everything seemed perfectly normal in that tuesday, kids went school, there was moderate traffic in the streets as people came and went to their jobs and the small city of Karya was bustling with activity as usual. For five years peace has reigned in the state of Wiskansas, a large new state encompassing most of the area between what were formerly Wisconsin and Arkansas, which don't exist anymore, hardly fought and won in the 10 years war that torn the country apart and changed the state frontiers, making the states far more independent and causing the federation to lose most of its power. It all happened afer the sea levels rose, destroying most coastal cities and causing an immense shift in power worldwide.

The futurists were largely too optimistic - by the year 2064 AI didn't turn us into machine gods, we just got some interesting bionic implants which started gaining traction in the past couple decades but still weren't too widespread and a bunch of robots that more and more became commonplace in everyday life. Also the military began testing some advanced energy weapons a few years ago - laser and plasma pistols, rifles and cannons, that sort of stuff.

Then in this day that looked like any other, the weird incidents started happening and the emergency broadcast system all over town started telling people to evacuate the city because an unprecedented biological attack had been unleashed, everybody should head to the nearest FEMA camp or if you can't make it to the camp fast enough to one of the nearest evacuation shelters on the outskirts of town.

The FEMA camp was too far away from your position so you headed to the nearest evacuation shelter, warehouses the government built years ago to house people in case of emergencies that are barely used for anything.

Who are you?
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Bone-In Autism Quest 2: Boneless Moxie Jelly Edition
Boneless Moxie Jelly
>Terminal Autism Warning! Much like our characters favorite soft drink, Moxie, this Quest is a really, really acquired taste. Consider yourselves warned. You are not going to be able to simply roll dice to get answers, you are going to need to puzzle through the information that I give you, to figure things out. There will be some obvious observations that the character will automatically make, but beyond that, you as the player are going to need to get them there by making hypothesis and suggesting experiments. When you get things right, you make Deductions, which can improve the Refinement of your abilities, or you will uncover new abilities. More on those abilities later.

>For reference, Moxie was the first soft drink both developed and produced in Maine. Considering how it tastes, it should probably have been the last. Honestly. It tastes like someone removed most of the sweetener from some old-style cough syrup, and then carbonated it.

>And for those who don't want to wade through the 23,000 words of the last thread, the following is a fairly comprehensive summary:
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Do Your Best Quest #92
Last time, you spent an awful amount of time inside someone’s wardrobe, then you took care of Howie Dewitt once and for all. You’re currently dealing with the aftermath inside Calamity’s Clinic.

Aurora informed Holly and the rest of her family about Howie’s condition, shortly after, the whole family came to the clinic, well, except the eldest. As soon as they came in, Aurora asked you to please look out for the little Dewitts while she dealt with Holly – who beelined to the room, completely focused on knowing what’s going on with her son, probably didn’t even notice you were out there. She, Dr. Calamity and Aurora were basically locked inside Howie’s room ever since…

So you ended up being responsible for the girls, they didn’t know exactly what was going on but they knew it was something related to Howie and that it was bad, real bad.

Dr. Calamity said being in a Judge-induced coma had exactly the same symptoms as the strange illness they talked about in the news, so he’s going to treat it as such. You forgot what name he used, but it’s one of those scientific acronyms that don’t land with you at first.

But can you tell the girls that? You didn’t want to overstep boundaries, but it felt almost inevitable to explain to them what’s going on. You went with the story that Howie randomly fainted and you two brought him here. That didn’t do much for them but luckily at one point Aurora left the room, so both of you could explain what’s wrong with their brother. It didn’t really sink in for them just yet, so you still fear the worst. Aurora went back inside after, still trusting you to take care of Bruna, Olivia and Gisella.

Minutes later, both mother and daughter left the room, Holly looking completely shattered – Aurora did her best to cover her mother’s face so her sisters couldn’t see how distressed she was. Leaving all the little Dewitts more worried than ever before. You have no idea where they went.

Curious, the trio of girls wanted to see their brother, it was within their rights. You, hesitantly, asked the doc if they could, and for better or worse – he agreed. So now you’re all inside the cold hospital room, and the girls are digesting reality. While perturbed by the Doc’s appearance, they all attentively listened to what he had to say – and to his promise that everything will be fine. It did little to change their faces, but it’s the thought that counts. You’ll need to apologize to the Doctor in the future, it isn’t easy to lie to his patients about what he can and can’t do.

Dr. Calamity steps out of the room, citing that he needs to check on some papers real quick, but a nurse will come in his place soon. You’re left alone to your own devices.
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Child of a Dead Empire #15
Child of a Dead Empire OP
Twenty years ago- years before you were even born, your homeworld repelled an alien invasion which arrived with no warning, no declaration, no communication. The invaders killed tens of thousands of your people before they all suddenly died- killed by their own ships.


You can read the previous threads here:
Check your stats and inventory here:
On votes with three or more options (not including Write-In), you can designate another option as your second choice. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but don't force yourself to add one if you legitimately lack one. You have to specifically mark an option as your second choice for it to be counted as one.
Please feel free to ask questions- I am happy to provide setting trivia that isn't relevant in the narrative. If you ask a pertinent question, though, I will generally answer it in an update.
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Dwarf Civilization Quest #2
A little over a year ago, a band of dwarves marched out from the caverns into a new land. Exiles, convicts and colonists all, they found themselves hundreds of miles from the mountainhomes, surrounded by grey mountains and deep, black pinewoods. Since then, they have faced hardship, found opportunity, and built a life for themselves, despite threats and attacks from above and below. Sixteen were lost to the Olms, servants to dark masters in the depths, and for them the newborn fortress has been named Donszis Grond "Sixteen Hammers".

It has been months since the Olms came, now, and life has all but resumed. Though few in number, the dwarves have armed themselves and explored the lands around them. Along the mountainside they have found the Tuskmen, ruled by Uzdomar the Tusked and his god-king Hurok. Into the woods they have befriended others - the needlers, small dog-like folk, and on both sides they have found foes in the monstrous skinwolves and harpies. Far below, too, they have met others - troglodytes squatting on a vein of galena. Most recently, though, they have been roused by an arrival.

The dwarves stand, now, upon the grey-stone wall that protects them, far underground, from the horrors below. Before them sits a strange and decadent sight - a company of fauns upon a great stone sledge, drawn by a wooly cave rhino, lead by the monstrously fat Dion 'the Much Beloved'. The corpulent slaver-merchant, smiling through his jowls, is here to deal - and brings with him opportunities for trade with the outside world for the first time - if the dwarves are willing to deal.

>Population: 33 Dwarves
>Treasury: 1 Silk Olm-Robes, 35 Goats.
>Armoury: 15 suits of fine quality iron scalemail, 30 fine iron scutae shields, 15 middling iron spears, 15 fine iron axes, 15 Sickle stone Olm Spears)
>Structures: 3 Bunkhouses (45 Capacity), 1 Moonshiners, 1 Farm Plot, 1 Tailor's Shop, 1 Outer Wall, 1 Cavern Wall, 1 Fine Quality Forge, 1 Still, 1 Mason's Workshop.
>Food/Drink: A stable supply of Moonshine and Mushrooms for 50 dwarves. 1 unit of Dwarven Brandy.
>Diplomacy: Redpine Needlers (Friendly Trade, Emissary), Uzdomar's Village (Friendly), Olms of the Masters (GRUDGE, War.), Lake-Trogs (Unknown), The Dancer's Market (Cordial)
>Military: 15 Throng Dwarves
>Research: Olm Physiology (2). Guano Fertiliser.
>Mining: 1 Iron Mineshaft. 1 Vein of Iron untapped, 1 vein of Galena (Lead/Silver) - Contested. Ambient sources of mudstone and lignite coal.

>Dion says that he will return from the under-city of Berranzon in three months, and will give you thirty dwarven slaves for thirty spears and thirty shields.

>>You may also offer to trade any of your other goods for some of his other wares; (Whichever is voted for - more information will be given)
>Slaves of many races
>Cages and rope
>Information about the Under-Dark
>Monstrous Creatures
>Something else? (Write in)
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American School Isekai #1
Your name is Butch, a proud member of the esteemed Thundercock dynasty, and you look down on nerds. It just so happens that there are two enclaves of those gangly virgins in your very school. You'd never anticipate the day when in Chemistry class, everybody was lining outside the second-story window.

Was that... was that a truck, careening across the school field? You knew people from Kansas were bad drivers, but never this bad. Everybody starts to scream as Mr. Truck crashes headlong into the school, causing everything to shake.

Test tubes fall from racks, and tables fall over. But strangest of all, there's nothing outside the windows but a bright wall of light. By the time you recuperate, all the windows have been smashed. And what lies beyond the windows is something you've never seen before. Rolling hills, like photographs of the British countryside, except the grass is far too bright, as if it was painted on.

In the distance you can see forest. You have absolutely no idea what has happened. The teacher has disappeared. And so has the truck. But you're a prefect.

> Raid the canteen

> Scout the surrounding area

> Rally everybody in school into the quad

> Search for any teachers

> Write-In
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The Green Scourge #2
fear the green
You are Henric, a young man living in the frontier village. Settlers moved out to this forested land over the years awhile back, forming an community producing timber, meat, hides and other goods of the forest. The ruler of this land is Baron Constan, he rules over the village from his keep up in the hill.

An horde of strange creatures raided and burned the village to the ground, your father went missing, you tried to escape with your sister, you were both attacked. Last thing you know is that she was injured and went missing after she ran to the woods.

After a confrontation by one of the greenskin, you were defeated and left to die as the fire consumed everything. You do not remember what happened next.

You just woke up in the middle of the ruins.

previous thread >>4216114

for every scenario, we roll 1d100, if its a fight we roll for strength and I will consider the best out of three rolls. In agility I will consider best out of two, same with the other stats.

Strength: 3
Agility: 2
Perception: 2
Wisdom: 3
Resolve: 2


Wounds and Status:
Broken Arm
Deep wound on torso

You cannot fight, sprint, sneak, climb, swim etc.
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The place is Kelch, a port city of the peninsula kingdom of Thule. You are a freshly graduated official of the inquisition, a most honorably organisation and were sent to the local chapter to begin your service.

For now select the traits that we want to quest with. Don't worry about traits that seem to be unnecessary or missing, throughout our adventures we will recruit new squad-members to make up for these.

>1)FIT AS FUCK. You were always the best in the combat training sessions and with your big and muscly body and now perfected technique even trained knights wouldn't want to mess with ya. Negative: People tell you from time to time that you are a bit too much of an impulsive musclehead.

>2)A masterful tactician and scholar. Well read in all kinds of different fields from wartactics to city infrastructure ecology or biology. Negative: You don't have too much real life experience and most of your knowledge is basically booksmarts stemming from your personal research.

>3)Great charisma. While you have neither a particularly strong body or knowledge in tactics, etc. you have your own talents. You are an sly observer who can read people's intentions and know how to use that to your advantage. With your adaptable attitude and persuasiveness. Even in the acadamy you got students to do you favors without them even realising it. Negative: As you are neither strong nor have any intensive knowledge of the city you have been stationed at it will be a very rough start unless you start quickly gaining allies.

to chose please select the number as well as the the gender: -m. or -f.

suggestions are encouraged of course, get as creative as you want and with enough votes I will include it
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Ben 10 Quest #32
In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 16 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: After defeating the Overgrowth, Wade and his allies part ways on good terms. But before he heads home, Wade decides to attend Peacock's special class, allowing him to learn an extremely valuable skill!

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

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Character profiles:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

Alien Trivia:

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Public Info on X:

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Good Luck and Have Fun! It's Showtime!
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Black Clover: Parallel Story #14
Black Clover Title 3

This is a CYOA QUEST set in the world of Black Clover manga and anime.

The Quest is updated daily at about 20:00 GMT – 15:00 EST – 24:00 PST – later on Thursdays.

You are Cynthia Gualdo, a daughter of two tailors and thus, a tailor from birth yourself. Until recently, you had no other goal in life but to follow their footsteps and inheriting their hard-earned workshop situated in the most expensive trade region in Kikka: the High Street. Sudden circumstances and opportunities pushed you to seek highly-paid position in Charlotte Roselei’s - the Captain of the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad – mansion. Living together with the wardens of the Clover Kingdom made you aspire for something more and, in time…

You became a Magic Knight yourself.

Using his dark powers to mend and twist flesh to his liking, the criminal Fezar – one you have been tasked by your Magic Knight Captain of capturing – have twisted and connected you and a mercenary from the Diamond Kingdom Cryz by hand, soul and magic. Your Linen Magic, as well as your grimoire, lost their powers and instead, a new magic has been born between you and Cryz – Sequin Magic. Without a grimoire, however, you are only in a possession of the basics of its possibilities. Forced to work together, you and Cryz engage in search of the grimoire tower hidden somewhere in the palace. However, your search was cut short when you stumbled into a spiritual basin and accidently feel thousands of meters down into an underground cavern, and underground necropolis...

You have managed to reach the upper layers of the catacombs, the inverse pyramid, where the people with the most magic during their death have been transferred to. Here, all of the four hollow tombs are sealed shut.
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Really feel like running a quest
>Updates will be written every 20 minutes. Ill make a post to say Voting has closed. Quest will go on until I stop. Updates will happen regardless if there were votes or not

Your name is Jim and you

>are a skilled marksman
>master of arcane arts
>Fallen god
>Competent spaceship pilot
>Can time travel 5 minutes back whenever you want
>member of the secret society that rules the world
>average guy with no real skill
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A Quest of Might and Magic
He said the kingdom would go to his strongest general and you laughed at him, but only now did you realize he was right. You now find your self clutching a chess piece in one hand and a report from your spies in the other. Your enemies are on the move.

>What chess piece are you holding?
>What is the nature of your civilization?

You can choose between:
>Castle: Home of Knights and Clerics
>Rampart: Home of Rangers and Druids
>Tower: Home of Alchemists and Wizards
>Inferno: Home of Demoniacs and Heretics
>Necropolis: Home of Death Knights and Necromancers
>Dungeon: Home of Overlords and Warlocks
>Stronghold: Home of Barbarians and Battle Mages
>Fortress: Home of Beastmasters and Witches
>Conflux: Home of Planeswalkers and Elementalists
>Cove: Home of Captains and Navigators
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