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"/qst/ - Quests" is 4chan's imageboard for grinding XP.

Welcome to /quest/ - Quests
This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
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Sworn to Valour Quest #26
Sworn to Valour Quest Cover Title
“A Knight is Sworn to Valour. His Heart Knows Only Virtue. His Blade Defends the Helpless. His Might Upholds the Weak. His Word Speaks Only Truth. His Wrath Undoes the Wicked.”

Every child in Cantôn knows of the Knight’s Code. From peasant-born waifs playing with sticks in the mud to keen-eyed noble sons practicing with cold steel in the training yard, all have at the very least dreamed of one day becoming a knight themselves. To ride out on errantry into the Five Duchies Kingdom and beyond for God and Glory, bringing the Law of Adam to the wicked and the Blade of Cain to the beast.

The Knights of Cantôn are sworn to follow the Code, to obey the King, to refuse no call for aid honestly asked for, to seek out and destroy the Foe wherever it may lurk and rid the world of evil.

Were it so easy…


/qst/ Archive:
Our Knight & Companions Pastebin:
General Plots & Intrigue:
Secret War Specific Intrigue:
Dramatis Personnae:
Faith & Politics Pastebin:
Foes, Foreigners & Monsters Pastebin:
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Jump City Heroes #1
Welcome all, to another Teen Titans Quest! Setting in the world of DC, specifically the Teen Titan’s universe abet AU. This story will at occasion take beats from the source material but will otherwise be its own unique experience. Thus we won’t be limited by just the cliff notes and regulations of the canon dynamics. That said, you’ll be playing as a pivotal character that depending on your actions can be a hero, villain, or in between.

We’ll be using a die system that honestly clicked with me when composing this game from another quest for a simpler experience. So giving a shoutout to (Mythic RPG)

Rolling Rules
>Everyone can roll
>Roll 2d100
>The first die determines whose roll gets picked (lowest wins)
>The second die is your check
>A bonus will be granted if several players succeed the roll

>What happened to MHA Quest? Is it Canceled?
>No on the contrary far from it. I’m just taking a little break since I hit a roadblock on progression after taking care of important shit. So for now I want to focus on this before eventually going back to it. So I hope you understand and forgive me for the abrupt change in pace

Remember to have fun and be mindful with one another.
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Leviathan Quest

There are no words to express the sheer totality of the hate you feel. You could encode every possible fibre and molecule in every level of existence and it would not amount to even one iota of the all-encompassing hate that forms your makeup. You hate and you rage and you spite. That is enough.

And now you find yourself locked and bound, enclosed with seals that hiss and dig into your flesh, metal that screams at you as it scratches itself through muscle and sinew. Outside, you hear the scrabbling murmuring of the apes that locked you away. Creatures that aren't the Jailers, but still think themselves your better.

It does nothing to diminish your Hate.


The room you are in is dark, lit only by runes of glowing thaumaturgy. Other powers dwell here, great ones, but you care not. They'll fall along with the apes who slave in their name.

What are your first actions?
>Break out/Rage/Hate.
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Okaa-san Online: Goblin Protectress Quest
Okaa-san Online is a virtual MMORPG created by the Cabinet Office to enforce the bond between parent and child. You've found the questionnaire while you where searching through your mom's stuff, and decided to fill it yourself. You thought that playing an MMORPG with your mom is a bit lame, so you only filled the child part of the questionnaire, and left everything blank for the mom part. Then, you sent the letter to the post, hoping to get selected. And forgot all about it...

One month later, an official knocked at your door, the questionnaire in her hand. She explained that despite the questionnaire not being adequately filled, it has been selected by the artificial intelligence, therefore you have to play the game. The thing is, you'll have to play a difficult MMORPG alone, and will be at a serious advantage. For indeed, in Okaa-san Online, mom characters are much stronger! You think that it's no big deal, as you will rely on your wits to get by. How wrong could you be!

It's now been a week since you've entered Okaa-san Online. As far as you can tell, this is the real world. The level of details is as fine as in the real world. The smells, the warmth, everything seems real. Even the NPC's have a high level of intelligence. The thing is, you're seriously underpowered. You can't even beat goblins, the weakest of all monsters! A group of goblins has been chasing you for a while, but so far, you've been avoiding them. But you know they are getting closer and closer.

You wake up from your nap, with a dagger under your neck. "Don't move, or I'll kill you," a female voice says. She seems cold and confident. You remain still. "The goblins are toying with you, but soon, they are going to kill you, rape you, and eat you. Trust me, you don't want that to happen. You are obviously a child without his mom, and you're too weak to survive. That is, if you stay alone. If you pledge allegiance to a Protectress, you might have a chance."

You think about this carefully. You know that what she says is true. Okaa-san Online is nothing fun, it's a hellish realm, if anything. "I accept," you say. She moves the dagger away. You turn around to see the woman who was speaking... And see that she's a goblin. Or should you say, a goblina? You have no idea! She's petite, very, very beautiful, white haired, and has long, delicate eyelashes. And green skinned, of course. You had no idea goblins could be so beautiful.

>Rank the following from 1-9 in order of how high you want them to be

>APPEARANCE: How beautiful you are, the higher it is the easier social rolls become
>CHARISMA: Used for honesty, dance, misic etc.
>STAMINA: Your toughness and energy
>DEXTERITY: Speed, flexibility and accuracy
>STRENGTH: Your physical power
>MANIPULATION: Used for dishonesty and trickery
>PERCEPTION: How observant you are
>WITS: Reaction times and social defense
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Northern Prince Quest
This is a classic conan-esque sword and sorcery quest. You're playing the role of a viking prince. Get in here and slay some monsters.
The meadhall of Skarstind is quiet and cold. In the center, at the head of the great table, King Yngvi is coughing dryly. The wisemen have striven in vain to find a cure for his illness. Gathered around the aging king are his closest subjects. They are the greying jarls and weary thanes of lost Nordheim. They watch their king intently. Their reverence for their king is apparent. In their darkest hour he led them out of the shadow of Lo-Ruhamaha the Dark Sorcerer. Their once great kingdom was lost but they escaped with their lives. Now they live with their king in exile on this troll-ridden rock of Oksskolten.

Gathered, too, are the new generation, the sons of Oksskolten. They bear the features of Nords but they are wilder and leaner than their fathers. They have never seen Nordheim, and this icy and barren land has gotten into their bones. Among their number is Yngvi's eldest son, Alaric. If that lost homeland is ever recovered then he will sit on its throne. If the king's illness should take him now the prince would inherit only Skarstind, a meager flock of sheep and a few acres of rocky farmland.

King Yngvi's coughing fit ends. He breathes deeply and begins to speak of Nordheim and what was lost:
"We never knew illness like this in Nordheim. When we fled, there was no time to secure the royal treasury. Among the dwarven treasures which were left to the dark hands of Lo-Ruhamaha there is one I most wish for. I would give this crown for the Chalice of Wellbeing. Even in his elder years my father was hale and hearty because he drank from the chalice each day. He was never so diminished as this. I fear that only the magic of that chalice can save me now."
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Z Quest Episode 2: Beauties and Beasts
Rolled 97 (1d100)

Welcome back to Z Quest! It's been a hot minute guys

This is a Survival Horror Quest with heavy drama. In this episode you will play as Lucy Riley and her household! You will guide them through the first of the world's last days through your choices.

This quest is very write-in friendly with some options being pure what do write ins. I also like to fuse anons write ins together whenever possible so feel free to add whatever within reason, they've been really great so far and give me flavor and hooks for y'all

>Rolls will be best of 3 unless a crit fail or crit success is made
>Crits are Nat 95-100 Crit fails are 1-5
>Votes are majority ruling after a time period
>Have fucking fun bruh
>I can implement new rules or change existing ones if need be

Hey if your new or need to catch up

>I finally got that inventory list done. Any and all items you can use will be here, also the list goes by the last time Lucy checked her inventory so keep an eye out
>(E) means it is currently equipped and can be used in write-ins.
>This Sheet will also show you your current relationship points with characters you've met as well as your current stress, sanity, and morality points.


>Last time on Z Quest!

Lucy and Doug escaped the horror show that Wal-mart had become but not before encountering a girl and her son, injured and trying to escape as well. Without any time to think a grotesque creature crept from the store and began to sprint straight towards everyone. Lucy pulled the girl and her son into the car while Doug put the pedal to metal and got everyone out before the creature could reach.

After a stressful and horrific scene Lucy, Doug and Molly then headed to the high school where her, Doug's, and the rest of the gated communities children were under lock down. Along the way they underwent a fire fight between police and some rednecks that seemed to be cracked out of their minds. They also rescued Lucy's friend Amy from a bizarre car accident and recovered a cache of supplies while also seeing a strange man that ran away before they could investigate.

Finally Lucy and Doug made it to the high school and were met with a horrifying sight. Dead students and Faculty sprawled on the floor of the gymnasium in pools of their blood. Most were still alive but bound and gagged with terror in their eyes. A man standing above them with a knife drenched in blood made a revelation about the fate of Lucy's daughter that set Doug off. Doug shot the man between the eyes.

Now we come back as the man with the knife is down but followers in the back room are rushing to the front to see the commotion. There is also a bloodcurdling howl that seems to be getting closer and closer.
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Fate/Goblin Genesis: Part 1
Fate Goblin
You are the sole survivor of a great cataclysm. A goblin stranded in a hostile urban jungle. Emiya Noritaka adopted you on that fated day, and educated you like a human. You feel and think like a human, yet remain a creature of a different species. Your instinct are savage and violent, and your lust is beyond your control. You don't have the same innate intelligence as others, but through sheer willpower and hard work, you made it to high school. One thing you have, that others don't, is minuscule magical abilities, which you use to repair objects and make friends with others. Well, friends is a big word. It helps you to get them to tolerate you temporarily and display to you a basic level of courtesy that you haven't been to obtain as a stranger to their society. You are not entirely alone. Your legal guardian is Fujimura Taiga, and she has been taking care of you decently, and teaching you her human ways. Other than her, you live isolated from everyone and with no human contact. And perhaps, it's for the best. Your nature is that of a goblin, and to resist Ms. Fujimura has been immensely difficult, and taking a toll on your constitution. She's made egg rice for you; the same dish she makes everyday. You are sitting quietly at the table of your home, eating together.
A name and a color fill your mind. They are yours, deep inside yourself. Define them.
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Child of a Dead Empire: Redshift
Child of a Dead Empire Redshift OP
When the Valkans burned, they left a legacy greater than the massive shadows of their ships or their death tolls. They left a mark on society itself, cults springing up around the harbingers of death who had called on Tagara to answer for it's imperfections. Or so you were taught.


You can read the previous threads here:
On votes with three or more options (not including Write-In), you can designate another option as your second choice. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but don't force yourself to add one if you legitimately lack one. You have to specifically mark an option as your second choice for it to be counted as one.
Please feel free to ask questions- I am happy to provide setting trivia that isn't relevant in the narrative. If you ask a pertinent question, though, I will generally answer it in an update.
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Catalyst Quest #19
Catalyst Quest
By all the Gods, do you miss home. To see the sun rise above high walls, while walking down winding little stone streets with your dog, throughout humanity's last bulwark. To hear the birds nesting in your gardens, while tending to the city of curative's namesakes. To not be embroiled in political strife. To be free to research the Catalyst, and to look after your family, before the affairs of nearly everyone in the country.

The year is 606, and in your home— the country of Corcaea— the souls of mankind belong to demons. Out of the eight months you've been away from the holy city of Eadric, this has easily been one of the longest months of your life. The holy capital city of Calunoth has been exhausting. Though you are the leading researcher of the phenomenon which turns men into monsters, and your obsession with the Catalyst is without compare, your fixation this morning is an entirely healthy one.

You are Father Richard Anscham, leader of the Church of Mercy, and have never been so homesick in all your life. It's kept you awake well through the night. At sunrise, you're to depart on the long road home. A grand caravan has been assembled, and your banner will fly high. The brave men and women in your charge are some of the finest you've ever known, and most are tasked with the defense of the company. You have many enemies, and know that they will be looking for you, long before you return to the devastation left in the wake of absence.

There is a conundrum. As a man of all the Gods, you typically spend morning, afternoon, and evening in formal prayer. Looking after your body, mind, and soul is no mere matter of personal health. The Gods see fit to bless you, in return for your unending devotion, and unrivaled faith. You are a holy man. One who can invoke your patron deities, and channel Their gifts through your own body. One who is sick, and tired, of the intensity and turmoil that's resulted from not looking to your own hands, and all of the strength you already possess.

You are a farmer's son, a compassionate soul, brutally honest, and cannot deny that you are in love with your Goddess. Mercy has sworn Herself to you— only to you— and it is destabilizing a nation. The weight of your position feels every bit heavier than what the Goddess of Agriculture has put on you in just the last few weeks, what the God of Flesh has blessed you with to survive fighting an archdemon head-on, or even the responsibility of everyone gathering just outside to get ready for the journey ahead. It's entirely possible to spend the morning in prayer. You could have a nice breakfast, maybe make some tea, and even go for a quick run.

Mercy's decision to deny Herself to every other invoker in the world is one you've respected. This may also be your last opportunity for any privacy with Her in weeks.

Weeks in which Her gifts may save lives.

>A] Invoke Mercy, before leaving this morning.

>B] Continue to respect Her wishes.
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STAR WARS - Interregnum #2.2
SWI - EP. 2 Title Image!/BLzG6Hz0ghlFCzyxOvSJ


It is a dark time. After four thousand years, the Sith have achieved their greatest victory through DARTH SIDIOUS, regent of the First Galactic Empire. Under his purview, the Jedi have been all but driven into extinction, and branded traitorous renegades by the wider galaxy.

Unbeknownst to him, survivors of the Jedi Order have fled into the UNKNOWN REGIONS. There, Master BRETHON LARID oversees the next generation of Jedi from the former slave-world of Mylar-3, until a more permanent and obscure sanctuary can be found.

His apprentice, FARREN GAELLE, has embarked on the final trial that would make him a Jedi Knight. Journeying to the war-torn jungles of Kakarit, he hopes to find Master UYER KOSA, her Padawan AROTTA BASHUR, and bring them into the fold of the last Jedi...


>>RECAP of the last thread:
Departing from the liberated system of Mylar-3, Master Brethon Larid journeyed to Coruscant to find the Jedi Temple a plundered ruin, and the burning pyre of ten thousand Jedi at its footsteps. He encountered Jedi Masters Kai Hudorra and Das Jennir, but failed to recruit them into his refuge in the Unknown Regions. Following a fierce disagreement, he continued on his task to infiltrate the temple, and ascertained the true identities of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader.

On Kakarit, Farren rendezvoused with the survivors of the 57th Elite Corps, led by Commander Skipp. He revealed his true nature as a Jedi, and quickly established a hesitant, if not eager working relationship to escape not only Jombaral, but the wrath of the Empire.

His journey into the Heart of Kakarit, however, offered far more than the first step of emotional reconciliation with his rival/lover Arotta Bashur. In the depths of a forgotten temple, he dueled a gestalt entity of the Kakari to a standstill, and communed with the Force Ghost of his mother Alleana Gaelle. Further exploration yielded the Godseye, a massive crystal used as a foci for Force Energy, and Farren raised an ancient shield that drove the Children away and established a secure haven in the ruins of the ancient capital.

But the Herald of Jombaral was not so easily dissuaded. He offered Farren a deal: the Sunstone Spear of the Accuser of Pilgrims in exchange for Jedi Master Uyer Kosa. Naturally, there was no deal, but a challenge: descend into the Womb of Jombaral and take Master Kosa from the depraved machinations of the Herald...

Previous Thread:
Character Pastebin:
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Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 157
EMQ White Logo
Rolled 61 (1d100)

Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 157
Sheets and Info:
Twitter Account:

Quest Intro

You are Kairi Osaka, second year high school student, fifteen years old. Your best friend, Mikage Chiba, used to be the third woman to carry the mantle of the magical guardian of love and justice known as Sailor Moon, after her mother and older sister. A year and a half ago you had a traumatic experience being turned into a monster by the corpse of your father and almost killed your best friend and your classmates. Afterwards, being saved by Sailor Moon, there was still a stigma upon you on top of the lingering trauma for the things you almost did.

Torn from your own trauma and reclaiming your life, you’ve taken up a mantle of Knighthood to support Mikage’s goals and gain some measure of closure and justice for what happened to your father. You are Kairi Osaka, her first Knight. Empowered by a ring set with a stone of nephrite containing the disembodied spirit of one of her father’s retainers from a past life, bearing the same name as his receptacle, you wield powers guided by the distant stars.
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Space Derelict Quest IV
Space Derelict Quest 4
Previously on Space Derelict Quest; you, the Owner-Operator (named Tigranes IX, a Scion of the Rubiconia Artaxiads) were still hunting for answers in the aftermath of an act of sabotage that left one Crewman dead, another crippled, and two more with serious injuries. To better get a grasp on this situation, you brought two officers, your Quartermaster and your Fleet’s Clerk into your confidence, and even brought them up to speed on the illegal loan that you had taken out, using the Clean Sweep as partial collateral. Considering that the sabotage had taken place on the ship that was involved in the loan, the three of you had come to the conclusion that the Loan Shark was deliberately targeting you, perhaps in an attempt to make you default from the terms of the loan.

While your investigation into the conspiracy was ongoing, Engineering continued to investigate the remains of the ‘Foreman’ drone, though they were really doing a bang-up job of it. They had managed to cement the remains to the floor and do some (hopefully) cosmetic damage to the remains itself. Your attempts to investigate one of the ‘Slave’ drones went only marginally better; and after some deliberation, you decided to suspend all investigation, at least until the Engineers were in a better mood. And while the second Engineering team in the Skunkworks under Sunsbuck had managed to successfully rebuild the captured ‘Mad’ drone into a ‘Lucid’ Drone, ultimately, that was the extent of the good news. Between Quimbix nearly shooting you with your own disintegrator to an incredibly suspicious loss of contact during a conversation with the Commander of the Clean Sweep that was being listened in on by some spook, there was no rest for the weary as your fleet made its way back home.

And as the full extent of the conspiracy was eventually made clear to you, after a second late-night interview with one of the injured Crewmen, this was not to be a pleasant revelation. It seems that the conspiracy was targeting the now crippled Crewman Pavel, who was the Clean Sweeps Bo’ sun, the individual responsible for the telemetric calculations for the Hyperspace jump for the ship. With Pavel having been crippled indirectly by the sabotage, and presumably having been replaced with a member of the conspiracy, it is almost certain that the Clean Sweep is not heading to the Kindling System, and your port of call with the rest of the fleet.

You do not know if you will ever see your trawler again.
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Fallout inspired survival - #1
prueba 1
The glowing sea gives an otherworldly feeling to the dawn and the lazy sun rays take a while to dispel that green tint out of the ruined RV you were sleeping in. With this morning it has been one week since you almost died, and were nursed back to health.

Exiting the rusted carcass to greet the new day, you clutch your broken arm in pain, having forgotten to set the sling that you took off in your sleep. There are four rusted RVs in a circle with a campfire in the middle and a hint of a fence surrounding it all. There are less than 10 people here; families. And you owe them your life.

///Check out this pastebin for some clarifications. I wanted to have them around but you don't have to read them to ///enjoy the quest.

///Dice will be simple af. 1d100 bo3 + relevant skill. I used S.P.E.C.I.A.L. as a reference only but for (you),
///the skills will be around to help rolls.

///Let's game
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Magical Girl For Hire #96
The flash of light that involves transportation goes away quicker than usual. It’s soon very quick why that’s apparent- your location is somewhere...well, dark, as far as you can tell. A large, circular chamber, made of dark grey brick is your location. There’s a set of gently illuminating torches that line the place, but using some sort of floating light magic that gives off a light greenish-hue to the surroundings. Directly ahead of you is a massive stone door with some sort of swirling, spiky symbol embossed on it- the closest thing you could approximate it to is ‘a sun made of smoke’ or something like that.

“So…” a deep, booming voice announces as you check yourself. “You’ve arrived, then. My agent.”

General Pastebin:
Character Details:

You nod, keeping silent for now. There’s a small laughter that comes from him. “Excellent...know you stand in the great summoning chambers of this world’s future master... the King of Shadow, and one true ruler of this realm- Ah-Rul! The pitiful beings of this land shall quake in terror once again!” A wind kicks up at his pronunciation, the wings on your back fluttering just a bit. You’d gotten pretty much what you asked for, as far as you can tell; a great pair of wings, curved horns, sharpened claws, all framed by a solid, impressive scalemail vest and similar greaves, with your feet capped off with bladed talons of footwear- actually...ARE they footwear? They feel like it, but you move your big toes and your claws respond. Huh. You even have a tail configure- although you can kinda feel the source at the base of your neck. Well, tails come from the spine, don’t they? Makes sense.

Ah, right, your client. Fortunately, he’d apparently been wanting you to drink it in. “Soon, very soon, I shall send you forth, bringing despair in your wake...and once my power is fully returned, I shall take the Power of Lagos for myself, and I will crush this land under my heel as I should have done so many years ago!” He lets out a booming (and pretty solid) wicked laugh as you consider what you might or might not have to work with...

At least it seems like this guy’s pretty confident in himself. At any rate, now’s probably the time to ask questions.

>What to ask?
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Strikers 2016
Strikes went in basically from sunset to about 20 minutes ago- They've got to know something's coming, but their ability to respond has to be crippled by now.
Let's see... news.

This week is my one vacation week from school, haha. Looks like next semester will be pretty similar to this one, with all my classes ending right around noon if not slightly before. However, the instructor is talking about a lot more online work, so... we'll see what happens.

Nothing else really, though! Hoping to see the second funbux drop soon, I guess. Haha!

Archive here:
And Discord here:

And that's it!


Kyou seems- well, unusually calm, frankly, as she hums and pulls her hair back into a tight ponytail. You'd expected her to be far more excited and visibly energetic, but except for the air of eagerness she puts off, she's been content to treat the morning as just about any other, working around you as you pull on a clean flight suit.

You're both up well ahead of schedule- almost an hour, honestly- but at this point trying to get any more sleep, even for you, is totally out of the question. You've been noticing that you're sleeping less and less anyway- you used to almost require at least six hours, but you're doing just fine on four these days, and you feel like you could do with less anyway.

Neither of you has said a word the entire time- neither of you has needed to, of course. It's a well-known phenomena among MIU crews, though it was never recorded among the earlier VDNI ones. After a couple of months, an MIU team behaves as if they've been together years, and after a decade they could legitimately be accused of being almost psychic with each other. You both certainly agreed to let Wendy sleep in a bit longer. Though, given the way she's turning now, you doubt she will.

You step out of your shared bedroom first, followed silently by Kyou, who pulls the door mostly closed behind her- considerations for Wendy aside, actual schedule time doesn't leave much for things like food or coffee, let alone any last-minute changes that have cropped up. You can't imagine there will be any, not on an operation like this, but it's still a possibility, however slim.

You start a pot of coffee and get water on for tea, knowing that Wendy both prefers it to coffee and that she's probably going to want a little cure-all after last night. Frankly, you want a little too, and you knew what you were getting into.

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Jumpchain Quest
I was thinking about running a Jumpchain quest. The players would control some sort of machine, a vessel.

Well, I basically thought about some sort of "mission" system, with the Vessel (which would be its own character, aware of the players and capable of messing with the options to benefit itself.)

And the plotline is the players basically serving as a power-source for one of the Benefactor's (the entity behind Jumpchain) projects.

It would both provide a motivation- seeking energy to remain active and fuel that project, while providing a limitation, as most of the Vessel's powers would be used as fuel at the end of every Jump, which only a select few actually remaining with him.

Well, how to deal with situations. It would be a more story-driven Quest. They would guide this Vessel (which is a machine, in fact, just a somewhat humanoid one) and tell it how to accomplish the Benefactor's missions, serving as a, well, guide.

It's just that I rather like Jumpchain, even if you have to change tons of stuff in order to make it narratively interesting.
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A Bizarre Adventure
This is a quest taking place in the original JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Universe, in 2007 Los Angeles. You can play as:
-Rick Jacobson, a college student who found a stand arrow in an abandoned building.
-Jack Vincent, Rick's roommate who was with
him when he got the stand arrow.
-Dave Wright, Rick's other friend who accidentally got pierced with the arrow, and survived.
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RWBY: Wandering Through The Blaze #1
The Capital of Vale
The City of Vale in your own opinion was a nice enough place for a port-town. It was also the Capital of the Kingdom of Vale, something that should have been obvious in hindsight.

In all honesty, you had intended to take a ship from Mistral, a dreary and very traditional Kingdom to Upper Cairn, but then you remembered that Upper Cairn was an inland settlement, on top of Lower Cairn, or it would be had it not been for the mountain range separating the two.

You'd heard news that the King was actually thinking about the building a tunnel through the mountain to connect the two settlements, but that was a herculean task in of itself, given that no matter where you were on Remnant, there would always be a Beowolf or Deathstalker to hound you.

And then there was the growing tension between the Four Kingdoms. The Kingdom of Mantle and the Kingdom of Mistral's relations with the Kingdom of Vale and the Kingdom of Vacuo were deteriorating to say the least. And by that, they were disintegrating faster than a match to fire dust.

Needless to say that a war was coming, and that it would not be pretty. But the potential of war was not what had brought you to Vale in the first place. A mistaken route through the ocean and several run ins with a Leviathan had done it, but that Grimm never expected you to be a Huntsman, nor did it expect the ship to have fifteen more.

You had come to Vale...

>For a job in the Glenn Isles, the site of a new settlement for Vale, which was also being settled by the Kingdom of Mistral

>To see the sights before the inevitable war would likely destroy half of it, really, you were just here to take in the view

>To visit your somewhat estranged Family down in Patch

>For no reason in particular, you were just a vagabond, wandering from Kingdom to Kingdom, plying your trade

>For a meeting with a client of yours in Vale's Underworld, the patriarch of the newly established Xiong Crime Family
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Embedded: Space War Journo
The ringing comm snaps you out of a pleasant dream of some of the farmers' daughters from Rais' World showing you a good time for your "humanitarian" coverage. Your head impacts on the bed-stand and sends a half empty bottle of Coreworld whiskey to the floor of the hotel room, where it has the good graces to remain sealed. Despite circumstances, you take a minute to groan and rub your head before answering. They used the room's communicator. Makes sense, you had yours on silent so you could get a night to yourself for once.

"What?!?" you say, knowing the identity of the caller before you bothered to pick up.

"What do you mean what? I told you a week off after that touchy feely shit at Rais' world was more than enough! Time to work, and lay off the liquor!" The voice of your boss at CoreComm News, Alicia De Vries, is quick to respond.

Alicia was always hard on you about the drinking, but you always read the best reporters considered liquor akin to an extra bodily fluid. Works in the old stories, works for you.

You manage another groan before Alicia cuts in.

"Don't even. I got word from my man at Starcom that shit is about to get lit with CosmoPact on Nowa Polska in about a months time. The stuffed suits from State are already over there trying to stave off disaster, and I dont have a single man in range of covering this clusterfuck but you. Get over there. Tickets are waiting at the starport, paid in full. I don't care how many fucking awards you won for that weepy shit last month, you fuck this up for me and ill make sure you cover nothing but sanitation reform for the rest of your shitty career!" Phone stands are not really a thing anymore but she still hangs up with an audible slam. Damn, Alicia, did you just chuck a comm bud? That must be expensive.
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Boku no Hero Americana Quest
It has been said that the formal system of Licensing Heroes and enabling their efforts against "Villains" began in America. In New York, a hero known only as Excelsior lead this effort, leading to an overall sharp decrease of both mundane and Quirk-related crime. As time passed, other states took up the system, and with the National Hero System Act (NHSA) the National Hero Association of America (NHAA) was founded. Alongside this, Heroism and Quirk Studies And Support courses were started in many universities across the nation, leading to the Probationary Hero System, whereby college-age heroic hopefuls gain a license to act on-call from local police in order to properly train them in the ways of Heroism proper. Alongside their more traditional studies of law and the like, Probationaries act as support for police departments and permanent Heroes.

This is the story of one such Probationary Hero.

Please, select your Hero.

>MISTHEART: A young man who worked hard for a scholarship program at his university through both intensive study and athletics. While many have called him 'prickly', he is absolutely devoted to dealing justice and defeating Villains. His Quirk, Misting, allows him to turn parts of himself into misty particles and reform them as he pleases, along with his hero suit.

>REINFORCE: A woman from a wealthy family who entered into the System at the behest of her parents, she nonetheless has an abiding sense of duty to protect the innocent. Quiet, reserved, and shy, her Quirk, Jerry-Rig, allows her to temporarily cause nonliving things to take on the hardness and durability of metal. Once the effect passes, the object becomes as malleable and soft as clay. Her hero suit is outfitted with layers of paper armor and ablative plating, to take advantage of this power.

>JETBOY: An enthusiastic young man from the west coast, Jetboy is well-known among fans of extreme sports. While he cannot compete in normal leagues, he happily and independently produces stunt videos for his fans - so long as it has wheels or a board, he is happy to do crazy, dangerous stunts with them. He entered into the System to build his fanbase and 'give back' to the community. His Quirk, Jetstream, utilizes organic jets in his arms to accelerate himself at high speeds. His hero suit adds wings to the arms for increased maneuverability and lift.
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College Dating Quest
You have one goal, stop being lonely and find a gf.

Your name is Tom Stevens. You're a 22 year old khv who attends the prestigious Silverdale University. During the schoolweek you stay at the dorms, but on the weekends you come home. It's currently Friday so you'll be heading home after today, or will you? You had a plan to talk to somebody and set up a date before the schoolday ends.

Please select one girl as your first pursuit.

1. Malorie Cummings, the cheerleader

2. Lorie Pataky, the bully

3. Michelle Robinson, the furry weaboo

4. Camden Smith, the edgy psychopath
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The magi Claimant
You hadn't heard his voice in years, and yet, that one evening in the tavern, all would change.

He came fumbling through the doorway, hooded like a brigand, you watched the rain drip from his cloak and took a sip from your beer. He was a curious sight, no one came to drink during rainy nights.

The smell of wetness and sweat emanated from him as he took a seat at the bar besides you. "Are you the general of the west?" He asked with a raspy, tired voice.

What a question that one was. No one had called you that in years. "-Former- general of the west, aye. The one and only." You said as you swirled the beer inside the jug with a slight movement of the hand.

"I come bearing orders from Imperator Romanos." The stranger continued.

A chuckle came out. "Romanos? I seem to remember the man no longer has a head on his shoulders."

Though the rest of his face was hidden, you were able to spot a sly smile on that clean shaven visage. "Think of them as post-mortem orders, friend."

You shrugged. "I don't take post-mortem orders." You followed that with a hearty chug, then a question: "Who are you?"

"Visely, of Greds."

"Visely?" You pondered for a bit. "Like the Thane?"

"-Former- Thane." He said.

You looked at him, up and down. Visely faces you and reveals what's under the hood, the visage of an old man marked by scars and hunger.

Your lips formed a smile. "Looking rough there, Visely."

"Never as ugly as you, Eliodoros." He responded. The exchange was followed by a short hug.

"Come and drink with me, Visely. The beer is good and the place is dry."

He shook his head. "I'm afraid not, Eli. What I said was not a joke, I come bearing orders from Romanos."

You frowned. "Romanos is dead."

"But hope is not." Visely responded.

You showed him the palm of your hand. "Do not come to me with vainglorious words. Romanos is dead." You looked around you, the only other person in the room is a drunkard sleeping at his seat. "I will not join some halfhearted conspiracy to depose the Grey Emperor."

Once more, he shook his head. He approached you carefully and spoke so only your ears could possibly hear. "I have Alexia."

Eyes wide, you looked at Visely, trying to find a lie, but there was none. "-The- Alexia?" You asked in urgent whisper.

"Aye, that one."

"I thought she died during the raid of the imperial palace."

"It was another babe, may the Gods give her respite. Alexia had fled well before the Greycloaks took hold of the capital."

You brought your palm to your forehead and tapped it. "Ugh." You let out a displeased grunt. "So what if you have her? Best if you gave her a new name and let her live a new life."

"Nay." Visely said, once more after looking around, he approached for a whisper. "She's a magi."
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leg evo start
There was a planet in space, not orbiting a sun or anything just a planet all by itself, it wasn't just an ordinary planet though
That's right it was a rare and elusive 50% PLANET, so called because there's only half the planet, and that half is the lower half, the planet's legs basically, because this is LEG EVO. And we're all about DEM LEGS.
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Black-Mesa Black-Ops Quest #8


The following is a summary of information gathered from onsite agents during the events taking place during the events of Operation “Black Mesa,” as of 17:37, 05/17/200_


-Agent Gabriella Oppenheimer, undercover as a security guard within the Anomalous Materials laboratory provides backdoor access into laboratory backdoors.

-Connection to Anomalous Materials is lost, final moments show a vast power surge. ATTACHED: Scientific readings of Anti-Mass-Spectrometer Final Moments. READINGS LATER CONFIRMED BY DR. ELI VANCE TO BE “RESONANCE CASCADE” PHENOMENON. VIEWING OF SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENTS WILL NOWFORTH REQUIRE TOP SECRET CLEARANCE.

-Satellite readings confirm strange emissions from Black Mesa Research facility. Campaign to regain contact with onsite spies is begun.

-A distress call is received by the Santego Military Base, immediately dispatching a team of special forces, primarily including the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, to silence all rogue civilian elements.

-Radio chatter from the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit confirms the presence of hostile, previously unobserved life forms in Black Mesa.

-Panicked radio chatter indicates the survival of a physicist present at Ground Zero, Dr. Gordon Freeman. Subject reportedly shows high combat intelligence, physical fitness, and high grade equipment. The possibility of sabotage, or foreign connections is suspected.

-Past, declassified schematics of the Black Mesa research facility are reclassified, showing the locations of outdated and disposed Cold War ICBMS.

-Additional Intelligence assets are secretly placed in secret by a covert pilot designated “Heisenberg.” For full report of CIA assets placed prior to undercover contact, refer to Containment&_______-Director’s Report.

-Providing little information to civilian residents, a state of emergency is declared in the state of New Mexico. Immigration laws temporarily relaxed by authorities to prevent leaks through non-national civilian populace. Evacuation radius begins at seventy-five miles . For full details on civilian evacuation protocols, contact New Mexico Capitol.

-First contact with onsite operative, Agent “Gabriella Oppenheimer,” is made. A request for extraction of Dr. Eli Vance and daughter Alyx Vance are made.

-Agent “Gabriella Oppeneimer” makes contact with Agent “Marietta Poskanzer.”

-Extraction and supply drops are successfully executed by Pilot “Heisenberg,” along with the aid of two contacting agents.

-A campaign is set in place to track the locations of multiple Nuclear ICBM warheads. No teams are yet dispatched.
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Watchman Quest
You hate your job. Night shift starts around 7 PM and goes on till four in the morning. You're home around five, in bed at five-thirty. Daily six hours of sleep for the past three years. You live in a dingy one-bedroom apartment in Dogtown, top floor, with a window overlooking the river. It's quite a view, but mostly you keep the curtains closed. Sometimes when you come home, the moonlight will make the water sparkle like Captain Comanken's teeth. You'll drag the chair there and chew your little dinner--leftovers from Mrs. Planck's three course family feast--and follow with your eyes the tongue of the river, as it wends its way down into the dark mouth of the hills.

On Tuesday, Captain Comanken calls you up to the castle. Comanken has the rough, rugged musculature of a prized warhorse. He seems to always be on the verge of knocking something over or destroying furniture. You like think you're in shape--you do the Darkbridge and docks circuit every afternoon before lunch, 10K in 44 minutes, probably a local record--but Comanken, an ex-Ranger, is a veritable monster. You always feel like a lost puppy in front of him.

"You know why I called you in here today, Sam?"

"No, sir," you say. "I guess it's about my request to transfer?"

"You don't like the night shift?"

>Why do you want the day shift?
A. There's this girl...
B. You want to try for the Ranger's exam
C. Day shift pays better
D. Write-in
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Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 11: Self-Propelled Servant
Overgrowth OP 11
You are Edgar Tristan Rood, and the world is tumbling down. Caster’s Noble Phantasm has turned the entire Marshall estate into a stomping ground for animated plants. You have no grasp on the situation at large. Any number of people could already be dead, or wounded, or worse, and you scramble to protect those important to you. The Grail is within spitting distance - but first, you have to survive.


Suptg archive:

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Alterac Resurgent Quest 2
Alterac OP
It has been eight years since the fall of Alterac, after the king Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. For this betrayal, king Aiden Perenolde was dethroned and Alterac City was sacked. The nobles and population fled the land and the Kingdom of Alterac was no more.

You are Alric Perenolde, the prince and second heir of Alterac. By the order of king Aiden, you were sent into temporary exile to be safe from the Second War. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past eight years, made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

Now eight years later in the year 14 after the opening of the Dark Portal, you are ready to take the responsibility and try to unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once Kingdom of Alterac.

The spring was spent taking control of the Southern Alteraci Mountains, but any further plans had to be postponed as gnolls attacked and raided Hillsbrad. Now hopefully most of the gnolls are dead after a battle where you helped a party of knights and killed the gnoll leader Steelhead. The leader of the knights was grateful for your help, but it was revealed that he is Lord Uther the Lightbringer, the man who signed the document that stripped Alteraci nobility from their lands and titles.

Welcome to Alterac Resurgent Quest!

/qst/ Archive:
Prince Alric Stats:
Quest Mechanisms:
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Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 7
Paradox Part 7
You are Shinji Matou, eight years ago you suddenly found yourself with the memories of a complete past life that saw this world as a fictional story due to some unprecedented form of inter-dimensional transportation. Since that day, your new composite being has been working to change the grim future laid out for you.

To that end, you have done much, involving yourself with events and situations that have hopefully already shifted the future away from one which will feature your violent end, and have massively shifted it towards one that will have a completely different outcome in store for you, be it positive or negative.

You have met with success in your plan to save your adoptive sister, Sakura, from her constant torment at the hands of your ancestor, Zouken. You managed to completely purge Sakura's body of the crest worms infesting it, as well as deal a crucial blow to Zouken, however, it was too risky for you to pursue him, so the old worm is still lurking somewhere, waiting for the best moment to strike out against you. Currently you are explaining what happened to Rin Tohsaka, Sakura's biological sister and an annoying know-it-all.

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator:
General Archive:
Shinji Matou Status Page:

Last Thread: >>4382803
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Pokémon IRL Quest
One night, a deep shadow enveloped Earth. In the next morning, Pokémon were part of our world. Somehow, it didn't change the life of most people, except for those who became Pokémon trainers. Training a Pokémon is not an easy task. It requires extreme care and passion, a spirit of adventure and the will to fight others.

It has been a year since the Pokémon came to our world, and the first great Pokémon Tournament was held recently. The prize for victory is ¥100M. You have decided to become the greatest Pokémon trainer, and win next year's tournament. The problem: you neither own a Pokémon, nor do you have much money. You know very well that millionaires hire other people to hunt Pokémons for them, and most famous Pokémon trainers were already rich to begin with.

You have saved money to buy three Pokéballs from the local Pokéshop. That's all you have, and failure is not an option. You are a single male who lives in New York. That means there are a lot of different places that you can explore.

>Hunt for a Pokémon in the streets, at night
>Hunt for a Pokémon in the sewers
>Hunt for a Pokémon in Greenbelt Park
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One Year With Osana #2
You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life. The first day of school has just started, and you’ve come by similar faces while also acquainting yourself with some new ones. After sleepwalking through most of your morning classes, you’ve decided to meet up with your childhood friend in lunch.

Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders before we start:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.
We experienced some delay in the past month, but hopefully we'll be back on track from this month and on

Archive of previous thread: Year with Osana
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Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 16
Castlevania Episode 16
You are Arthur Bernhard: 20 year old captive within your own dreams and Dark Lord Candidate beholden to Chaos.

The worst has happened. You were defeated utterly, the companions you had with you are likely dead. Killed at the hand of Anneliese. Who since effortlessly defeating you and then then seemingly having at least a little more difficulty with your allies, has taken you captive. You don't know the specifics of things, but for some reason you can't wake up. Of course, you know that when you do, you have the greatest challenge of your life so far ahead of you.

You will defeat Anneliese.


Character Sheet:

Previous Thread >>4353266
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Discord Space Council Quest
Space Council
Once a regular user of Discord, you are now part of the powerful Discord Space Council. Earth has been the battleground of alien wars for thousand of years. When the Nobody, the prophet of mankind, awakened, he discovered the secret spaceship floating in orbit of Earth. He and then 100,000 most enlightened users of 4chan teleported inside the spaceship, and left.

The Galactic Federation of Light was now free to rule Earth. They, too, chose the worthiest human beings. They picked them not from 4chan, but from Discord. 13 of you were chosen and teleported inside Discordia, the spaceship where you are to rule mankind and judge its future. You are called the Space Council. If you mission is successful, your spaceship will travel from planet to planet where you will judge many more people.

This will not be without its problems, however. As you are all human beings, drama inside Discordia will be unavoidable. To accomplish your mission, you will have to collaborate, or eliminate, the other Councelors.

You are:
>a woman
>a pre-op transgender woman
>a man

Your main interest is:
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Cult Quest
Before we can start the story, we have to find out who you are.

>I'm a nobody, a freak, one of life's losers
>I'm a student at the fine Lockenhas University
>I'm a man of highest esteem
5 images | 145 replies
I Was a Teenage Wizard
You wake up and find you have inexplicably gained magical powers. What kind of a kid are you and how would you describe the powers you gained?
> Ordinary high school student who gained cool powers for no good reason
> Weird edgelord kid with dark powers from the ichor of your soul
> Weeaboo living the dream with his cool magical powers
> Popular kid who became a freak overnight
> Other/Write-in
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Cascadia Railroads Quest 5
Cascadia Railroads
People made it through the Pulse. They made it through the diseases and the riots that followed. They made it even through the three-years winter. Then they made it through the New Deluge. And the sixteen years of drought that followed. People made it through everything that kept falling on them, conspired to rob them of what little that remained.
And they get used to it. They almost gave up to the hopelessness and chaos. Some surely did gave up on their humanity and sanity. But it took more than sanity, humanity, hope and organisation. It took good spot. And it took luck. Nobody likes to think this way, but that's how the Republic of Cascadia came into existence. A blind chance. Just close enough to important ruins, just close enough to the post-Deluge Sound of Columbia, just close enough to few hamlets and just far away from anything dangerous. All allowing it to flourish.
The fragile alliance of various townships and villages quickly turned into a semblance of real government and then actual ruling body. Then aspirations and ambitions came to voice. New Salem and Eugene were apart by only some 70 miles. A distance meaningless in the past, but now it took three days to pass, six when hauling goods. Maintaning the roads of old turned out too expensive and complex without all the resources and machines, but there was something else.
The old rail corridor. Twisted, partially dismantled, partially destroyed, in disrepair, but still easier to fix and easier to run than anything else. Not bound to petroleum, could use the plentiful timber, not requiring separate engines for each vehicle, easy to control and most importantly, allowing to haul huge amounts of goods and people, getting to either end of the Republic within hours.
At least that how it sounded on paper. Turned out to be much harder to implement. But the government of the Republic pushed hard for this project. They got everyone of any importance on board. Old rails were fixed, new ones were laid down and with much pain, trial and error, working steam engines were build.
15th of April, early in the the beautiful spring of 2100, the final spike of the new railroad was put in place. Nobody knows yet if this endevour will prove to be successful, but the hopes are high.
And thus, the story of Cascadia Railroads goes on.


The quest so far:

Previous thread
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NEET: Alien Invasion Girlfriend
August 8 2020. The aliens came and killed every working man on the planet. They would take their life over, their home and their wife, and kill the children. Thus, all married women were now married to an alien. Only NEETs and women were left alive.

The aliens, the TORAG, are humanoid, like us, but they all looked different. Some have a strange skin color; some have four arms; and other are 10 feet tall. The TORAG forbade any form of work to be done. Their philosophy is that work irreversibly corrupts the soul and can only be performed by homonculus, human simulacra created for the sole purpose of doing work.

The second of the alien beliefs is that all women should have a husband. The leftover women, the single women, were locked up in concentration camps. There is only one way out, it's to live with a NEET. As there were many more single women than there are NEET men, most women are desperate to be picked by any NEET. Thus, most NEETs can get the girlfriend of his dream.

You are in your NEET room, browsing the TORAG government webpage. You have created a profile on the dating page.

You are:
>a fat NEET
>an autistic NEET

The girl you're looking for is:
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North of Nowhere

Hachita Colony, 1849. Early Winter.

In the far north, the burgeoning frontier community of Whitebridge is suffering from a rash of untimely deaths. Victims' bodies are occasionally found beaten, mutilated, and otherwise abused in the town's outskirts. More commonly, they are never found, and the overburdened and understaffed constabulary consider these missing persons cases to be a lost cause. The few found alive following an attack are left to the devices of quack herbalists, doomed to die of opportunistic infections after they are treated with questionable salves and elixirs. No concrete leads exist, but rational folks suppose the cases might be linked to an unprecedented imbalance between local predator and prey populations. However, after nearly a year of loss, some townsfolk have grown desperate and developed their own, less rational, theories—often of a spiritual nature.

You are a doctor named John Kay. After five years of house calls for well-off urbanites, you have received by mail a generous, if mysterious, request: leave behind all you know and love for the foreseeable future, and risk life and limb in the unforgiving mountains of Hachita where hardship is the only constant. In return, you will receive a guaranteed home, hearth, and practice in Whitebridge. You accepted this pitiful offer, either due to your agreeability or your sense of duty... or maybe you went north for the reason all other men do: to escape the cruel lie of civilized life and return to the wild, where man was destined to roam.


8 p.m.

After unpacking for the better part of the day, you are fit to collapse. The journey here was arduous, and endured under less-than-ideal conditions. The offer stipulated that you must come as soon as possible. So you did, accompanied by a convoy sent by the local authorities only months after you returned their message. They parted ways as soon as the supplies were moved into your new residence.

22 images | 172 replies
Tsukihime R
tsukihime remake
Your name is Shiki Tohno, and when you were nine years old you miraculously survived a potentially fatal car accident. When you awoke you found the world covered in odd stitches. Upon tracing over one of these stitches, you found it would severe the object it was attached to in two. Despite your constant pleas to the doctors, they didn't believe you and simply brushed you off. Fearing for your sanity you escaped from the hospital before collapsing in a field.

That's when you met here. That woman named Aoko Aozaki .

That fated meeting, the moment your destiny changed forever. You talked to her at length about your life. About the Tohno mansion, and your sister Akiha. You grew to thinking of her as a teacher of sorts. When you told her about the stitches, she became troubled and gave you a pair of glasses that hid the stitches when you wore them. Before the two of you parted, Aoko gave you one last piece of advice. Words that you have carved into your head.

"Shiki, I'm not asking you to be a saint, use your ability whenever you deem it important. I'm sure in ten years time, you'll grow to be a fine man."

And with that, you never saw her again. When you eventually got discharged, your father sent you to live with your distant relatives, the Arimuras. You've spent the last eight years living a happy life as an adopted son. That is until recently. A few weeks ago you received a letter from your sister explaining your father was dead, demanding you to return home.

And now here you are, sitting on your bed, spending your last morning at the Arimura household. A deep melancholy lingers in your heart as you debate what to do.
>Spend one last breakfast with the arimuras.
>Hurry to school without saying goodbye.
0 images | 4 replies


You and others assume the roles of nomadic salvagers, making riches out of Precursor-Era derelicts that float around the immense void of space.

Each player gets to write-in a max of 3 actions per turn.

All ships start with 5 Fuel, 5 Crew, 5 Crew Spaces and 5 Empty Cargo Slots.


Ships consume 1 fuel and travel .5 AU per turn.
Emergency burn (usuable by all ships, no cooldown) consumes 2 fuel and travels 1 AU per action.

Ships do not consume fuel for normal travel in SYSTEM MODE.

Damage is calculated by first rolling a 1d4 (even = hit, odd = miss), and a 1d20 to determine severity of hit.
1-5 - glancing blow, no damage
6-10 - minor hit, disables random subsystem, determined via a 1dx - wherein X is the amount of subsystems present on your vessel.
11-15 - hit, -2 HP
16-20 - critical hit, -4 HP

Please reply to OP in the following format :

{flavour text}
>action 1
>action 2 (if necessary)
>action 3 (if necessary)

Ship Name, Type, Current Shield/HP
Converted Hangar Small Craft (if applicable)

Salvager | +10% Salvage Value > pre-equipped : 1x Converted Hangar
Fuel tanker | +20 Fuel Capacity > pre-equipped : 1x Fuel Pods
Liner | +20 Crew Space > pre-equipped : 1x Living Quarters
Freighter | +20 Cargo Space > pre-equipped : 1x Cargo Holds
Frigate | +1 AU Sensor Range > pre-equipped : 1x Sensor Suite

Fuel Pods | +10 fuel capacity
Converted Hangar | +5 small craft slots
Cargo Holds | +10 cargo space
Living Quarters | +10 crew space
Sensor Suite | +1 AU sensor range

also, this is currently V1. i might run into issues here and there so please bear with me if that happens. thank you!
>tfw i forgot how to use the roll function in this board
>going to sleep soon so update in ~10h from now
tell me if i forgot anything, ty
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Travel Quest
It's 8AM. You're tired, your head is aching, but you still have to move. Whether or not you eat or brush your teeth is irrelevant. Today you're going out in the world.
0 images | 29 replies
Mutant!Quest #07
Your name is Elise. Elise Martins. And, to put it simply, you are not normal.

What you are is a mutant— one of the many few in Konigsburg who possess strange and unnatural abilities due to the explosion of FutureLabs’ particle accelerator.

You have two brothers, Matt and John, but it's only Matt who knows of your powers. You’ve also made a friend, Bernard, who also happens to be a mutant.

Together, the three of you operate under the title of the M-Guard, saving mutants from the ever-encroaching hands of FutureLabs while also working to shut the organization down for good.

>Previously on Mutant!Quest: Your first encounter with the FutureLabs task force ended in the rescue of not one but three mutants: Pharos, who had turned out to be none other than Victor Valjean; Julia, a mutant who had been brainwashed; and the hacker mutant Eddie Braun, a prominent member of the task force who defected from FutureLabs by uploading his consciousness into a cell phone. Now, you need to figure out a more permanent way to hide the more conspicuous mutant fugitives, since Julia can't camp out in your house forever, and the last thing you want is Pharos of all people knowing where you live.
29 images | 114 replies
Saiyan Conqueror Quest 137
Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales of a mighty warrior race would reach your ears. Many speak of the Saiyans with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like them. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair in facing the warrior race in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the Saiyan race would spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden-haired Super Saiyans, and the green-haired legend who leads them. But once more they march, leaving their home behind and advancing into the heart of their enemy’s territory. Which side will triumph, and who will perish?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball world. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the radiant symbol of Saiyan might. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of 24,819,000 and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>20 minute voting windows, pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails count -only- if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged.
That said, they can and will be shut down if too out of character/metagamey. With over 120 episodes behind us, Karn now has a well-established character
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible

Current Arc: The Great War
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Scrapworld Survival Quest
>hey guys, this is just a fun times, short quest in the vein of Snake Quest and Biomorph. If you all like it, I may extend it a bit but that’s in the air for now.

The garbage scows drift overhead like some airborne leviathans, dropping endless streams of organic waste, mechanical scrap and dangerous refuse upon the surface of the barren world. The once safely breathable atmosphere is choked by toxic fumes and greasy smoke from chemical fires and scav refineries. The landscape has been buried beneath mountains of junk, plateaus of detritus and great pillars of cast away technology, the ground itself a packed bed of organic sludge, powdered rust and long buried waste. It is a Scrapworld, unnamed and unloved, a hateful, dangerous place fit only to hold that unwanted by the galactic community at large.

Fungi, spiraling mushrooms, crusted patchy lichen and tough, creeping vines are the only plant life to be seen, adapted to this inhospitable landscape, eking out survival against the toxic world they find themselves on. Crawling vermin from ten thousand worlds are present here, a artificial and chaotic ecosystem thrown together, unlucky and unwitting passengers of those great drifting behemoths that leave fresh garbage in their wake like the droppings of some titanic beast. They feed upon the organic slop that rains from the heavens, from the hardy plant life and on each other.

The Scrapworld, while inhospitable is not uninhabited however. There are a great many permanent residents that call this unfortunate place home. Scavvers, Runaway serfs, Vat-grown clones past their usefulness, mutants and aliens of a thousand different species. Awakened machinery, those cybernetic beings who’s consciousness has developed to the point a philosopher may call them “living beings”. All call the Scrapworld home, whether they like it or not.

It is not in the “civilized” spaceport that our story begins, it is not even in the holds of a great salvage ship coming to claim materials from Port Reclaimation, no our story begins somewhere else. Far out in the endless valleys and mountains of junk, a single cracked photoreceptor flickers on, a aged battery spasmodically feeding power to a frame that has lain in a sheltered crevice for who knows how many decades. The metallic body jerks and rattles, a synthetic resurrection that sends small shards of shattered metal shivering off the nook and careening out into open air. The photoreceptor flickers and glows a steady, if dim, green.

>System online....
>System diagnostic....
>Model information not found...

>Before you found yourself here, what were you?
41 images | 404 replies
Shinobi Sidestory Quest #21
You are Raishō Naori, mercenary ninja and former member of Akatsuki.

You’ve decided to at least pay Tsunade the courtesy of informing her of your latest decision… who knows, she may even be able to use this and the assassination attempt last night as reasons to apply more political pressure to the Raikage. If she does, you can finally turn this whole mess to your advantage and start making some real headway.

So to be polite, and also respectful of the fact that the Hokage may be hung over this morning, you go through the appropriate steps of actually walking in the front door, using the stairs, and waiting outside her office until Shizune-han comes out and fetches you.

“Good to see last night left at least one survivor,” Tsunade grumbles from behind her desk. “And here I had the nerve to give you a warning not to drink too quickly.”

“What do you need?”

“Yeah no,” you muse, “not here because of a need. I wanted to tell you that I’ve decided to work under the assumption that Akatsuki will be attacking your village and Naruto-kun as their next move.”


“Because it’s more likely the remaining leadership holds a grudge against Konoha,” you explain, “for one thing. Second reason is that turning up in Kumogakure may cause more problems if last night is anything to go by.”

“You may be right,” Tsunade admits. “Is Nii Yugitō alright with that?”

“She agrees with the reasoning,” you shrug. “Even if she doesn’t like it.”

“How’re you preparing?” she enquires.

“I’ve secured flak jackets for the others,” you explain, “and a set of armor for myself. It’s something I’ve been mulling over for a while.”

“Your call,” Tsunade leans forward, putting her forehead on the table. “But it sure sounds like you’re not expecting to beat Akatsuki by sneaking, so that’s the main advantage of a flak jacket gone.”

“I’ve seen Pain fight,” you remind her. “He was about as subtle as a kick to the teeth.”

“Alright,” Tsunade agrees, still face-down. “I’ll tell Shizune to tell the jōnin to tell their teams to expect you if it comes to that. How will we contact you?”

“Same way as anyone else,” you explain. “Chakra flow through a hiraishin-marked kunai. I’ll bring us in right to you.”

“Including Yugitō-san?”

You shake your head. “It’ll probably be shadow clones of Yugitō, Fū, and Karin. I suspect Sasuke-kun will want to come for real… after everything this is still his home.”
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Claymore: Second Swords Quest #50
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, de facto queen of the kingdom of Hazaran and former seventh-strongest warrior of the shadowy Organization.

You’ve recently come to understand that legacy in more complicated terms, now having an explanation from your former handler as to the origins of that Organization and all human civilization on your continent, as well as some initial evidence that demonstrates the validity of what he’s said. All of you, half-blood warriors, nobility, religious zealots, commoners, and the Organization itself, are comparatively recent immigrants here judging by the fact that even different languages scattered across the continent have all used the same alphabet since the earliest written records.

That suggests everyone here now is descended from immigrants who all shared a standardized alphabet, rather than suggesting that those languages grew up independently in their home ranges where they would have formed their own unique alphabets.

Sure enough that’s precisely what Tomas told you: that there is a world beyond the shores of what you know, on the far side of the world, as some in your homeland have suspected for decades. What he told you about that world is what gives you pause.

A war, fought in a faraway place between humans and what Tomas describes as “the dragons”, is the reason why you exist as you are. The enemies of humanity are individually powerful, possibly unkillable through any human means with which you are familiar, and so a drastic solution was sought. On a large island far from the center of the fighting an experiment began centuries ago. Samples from these “dragons” were grafted into human beings, creating the first half-blood warriors in the horrific ritual now familiar to you and those you care most about.

Yōki, a wellspring of power harnessed by your purported enemy, cannot normally be produced or used by the human body. Your kind, however, have that ability… the Organization’s experiments were evidently intended to produce warriors capable of using yōki to turn the tide against the “dragons”.

But that war is still far away, and you know of no way to get there. To your knowledge no one ever leaves this place, or at least no one has ever returned to declare that they have done so.

Instead, at least for the time being, you must turn to the borders of the nation whose name you bear, and consider events much closer to home.

“Hazaran can’t carry an entire second nation,” you declare. “We don’t have the resources or the manpower for that sort of effort. In the past our wars have been fought over small contested areas with high value to whoever held them.”

“So what do you propose?” Helen muses. “Surely you have an idea?”
4 images | 91 replies
Ben 10 Quest #35
In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 17 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time:

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Alien Images:

Character profiles:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

Alien Trivia:

Superhero/Supervillain Database:

Public Info on X:

And don’t forget to follow my Twitter to get more frequent update notifications, and updates on my lack of updates!

My Twitter:

Good Luck and Have Fun! It's Showtime!
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Christian Paladin Quest (Mythic RPG) #1
Desu Vult
You are Milena Ravensun, a paladin and goblin slayer. You have been summoned at the center of a magical circle by the sorcerers of King Theostros, the local ruler. Because their kingdom is in grave danger, they have performed the ritual to summon a dying hero from another world: you. In this grim world, you are the only person who knows about Jesus Christ.

The difficulty level is high: you will die if you pick poor choices or fail the rolls.

This thread will use Mythic RPG for game mechanics, with the addition of the Faith and Justice Meters.

Mythic RPG:

Thread song: "Hundred Years War" by Shiro Sagisu
23 images | 158 replies
Legion of Doom Quest
Welcome all, to the Legion of Doom! A multiplayer RPG where you pick a canon villain from either cartoons, anime, vidya, /tg/ and much more and have him/her pit against both the heroes/nemesis that try to stop them and sometimes other villains with their own agendas.

Mostly you'll be playing as any villain from fiction that comes to the HQ, whether it be Lex Luthor and his on-going revenge against Superman, to the sinister Red Skull and his plans for Hydra, and much more! Though you are free to play the heroes that oppose these villains and their schemes for world domination, genocide, etc. As one would say, the more the merrier(usually).

Next order of business? The raid is on! Its time to take what isn't ours, and make it ours!

Meanwhile, far from the Leigon of Doom...

1. No god-modding/over meta-gaming
2. Resolve all disputes cordially(which means if you have something to say, better say it now than latter)
4. Any posting style goes, though make sure to post your character's picture alongside your post as to help identify who's who.
5. No character limits (tentative).
6. Actions are usually done
>like this
As to allow the QM to differ between the dialogue and action
7. Use spoilers like this for OOC talk or planning, also feel free to suggest anything or bring it up with the QM
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Monster Breeder Quest
"I need monsters!" shrieks the lich. Something you're accustomed to now, after living with him for a few months.

"These damn... adventurers, keep disturbing me! Tell me girl, why do you all bother?!"

"I don't know, Master." you respond, while sweeping the floor.

You'd come here those months ago with a group of like-minded individuals. It should have been easy; this old tomb was known in the area, and other people had been picking through it for years. Unfortunately, yours was the group which awoke the actual denizen of the crypt himself.

You hardly stood a chance, any of you, against an ancient undead sorcerer. If only you'd been so lucky as to have been killed like the rogue, instead though you were caught by the lich and forced into service.

"Well it seems traps aren't enough, maybe some monsters would dissuade them! I want you to go out and fetch me some, whatever you can, however you can! The more the better... maybe they could be bred here even, I did try my hand at horses... ages past."

Like any of his trivial and cruel demands, he expects you to take care of it while he just dwells in his lair as always. Unlike the usual "chores" though, this isn't akin to simple maintenance of his crypt.

>Yes, right away Master... finally, a chance to escape!
>Can I have any help?
>Did you have anything particular in mind?
53 images | 394 replies
Quest Thread General: Long, Long Summer Edition
QTG summer edition
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to talk about quests.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the Quest Master writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included.

Useful links:
An old collection of advice and guides. Worth a look for a new QM.

Archive of quest reviews:

Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

Discord link (of dubious use):

Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format. Greentext breaks formatting.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ]text[ /b ] text
Italics: [ i ]text[ /i ] text
Red: [ red ]text[ /red ] text
Blue: [ blue ]text[ /blue ] text
Green: [ green ]text[ /green ] text

Previous Thread:

>QM question
Would you ever run drunk/high/in an altered state of mind? Is that the only way you can run your quest? If so, why (get help)? If not, how fucked up do you think you could be?

>Player question
What would it take to get you to read a fanfiction quest? If you do read fanfics, what would it take to get you to read a crossover? If you do read crossovers, what would it take for you to read smut? If you do read smut, what's the worst smut you read?

>Misc question
What's your favorite quest trope? Do you think quests even HAVE tropes? Have you ever even thought about if quests had tropes before?

>Lurker question
Vote, faggot
92 images | 588 replies
Tai Lung Quest 2
Welcome back to Tai Lung's journey on the path of redemption. In the previous thread, OP vanished from the face of the earth and left his quest to die. Another anon attempted to keep the quest afloat but life proved too busy and so I gave my hand a try. In terms of the story itself, Tai Lung found himself facing the terrible truth that his life's goal of stealing the Dragon Warrior's power was for nothing because as we all know "there was no secret ingredient". Realizing that he might have just murdered his own father over nothing, Tai Lung fled after sending Po, the current Dragon Warrior, to find a medic to save his father, Master Shifu. Vowing to redeem himself and give his father something to be truely proud of, Tai Lung travels China in search of answers to his goal.

So far in his travels, Tai Lung has freed a group of merchants from a bandit camp and befriending the wise old goat Luo Guanzhong (who unbeknownst fo Tai Lung is a Kung Fu master and original weilder of the legendary Sword of Heroes) and quelling an ancient forest spirit but not without losing the shy cat Bao to it's servitude as priestess. Now Tai Lung finds himself in Soknan city, looking for ways to earn some cash and buy passage to get closer to the Sacred Library so he might learn of the fabled Pools of Contemplation. The pools are said to allow a visitor to study the secrets of their soul in true and utter peace.

Having finished his first errand as a delivery boy, Tai Lung is turning in his delivery receipts and waiting for payment.

10 images | 351 replies
The Mercenary and the Lioness - An AI Dungeon Quest
Got a story I'd love to tell together with you,/qst/. In it you are Svikari- a wandering mercenary in a world ruled by Warlords. You are currently on a mission to assasinate a notoriously vicious Warlord's lifelong pets. Hopefully we can all have fun with this one.

What we do next is going to be decided by posts with rolls of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10.
How to roll: "dice+1d10" without the quotes in the options field.
54 images | 179 replies
Cursed Mansion Chapter III
You are the new master of a dark mansion in Hunedoara County, Transylvania, Romania.
This cursed mansion once belonged to your estranged uncle, a sexually depraved man shrouded in mysteries.
Terrible things have happened here and terrible things will happen again.

Link to first thread: >>4363798
Link to second thread: >>4380229
11 images | 145 replies
The Green War Quest 1
orc chief
Orcs. Goblins. Trolls. Ogres. And more. All notorious savages hostile to the superior enlightened races. Consumed by darkness and war. They lash out and destroy. Yet there is no denying the effiency of the orcish war machine. You would know. As you are an orc. NOT a bloody Maggot. NOT a inferior whelp. Only they won't believe you. Not till you gain your first skull. One that you need to rip of the head of the enemy. You know what you must do. Let the rest of the inferior maggots rot. You are true orc. A mighty orc. Orcs think you too weak to take with to a fight.

Luckily there are goblins. Always more goblins. Too bad a goblin skull is no worthy prize. No your after something much better. A manling's skull. You thought about an elf but honestly those fuckers are pain in the ass to track down. Faster to just go after a manling. So you sneaked out from the burrow. Headed towards the goblins. Grabbing a club and mixed in with their warband as they whoop and holler eager for battle. All you need is at least one manling skull. Preferably more. More skulls. The more you will be acknowledged as not a maggot. The less they think of you as a damned whelp. You are a MIGHTY ORC.

So you follow the nemerious goblins. You can smell them. You smell manlings. Lots of manlings. Defenseless manlings. Armed manlings. Young manlings. Old manlings. Manlings that need to DIE. Only you need a true fight. A proper fight. Harmless manlings are unworthy prey. Not for your first kill. They need to die screaming and fighting. Only way to get a worthy skull. For your first kill the skull must be worthy. Worthier the better. So you watch carefully as the goblins quickly encroach on the manling village. A village that will burn. Too many goblins. Yet goblins are cowardly creatures. They'll avoid the armed manlings which will mean a better fight for you.

Only who to kill first?
>Old manling in old metal armor
>Young bloodthirsty manling
>Strange smelling manling
>Manling rallying other manlings
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Azur Lane: The Blue After [Thread 2]
>Previous thread:

Definitely,’ you answer, leaning back and taking in the faded ink of the worn poster. ‘Wouldn’t have that up there otherwise.’

Enty wears a mysterious smile as she takes in the details, leaning back and allowing her arms to fully support her weight.

‘That’s the second printing from the third tour.’


‘You can tell because of the logo at the top corner, see?’ she indicates, prompting the room’s other occupants—you included—to raise your heads in a series of scrutinizing squints. ‘There’s no actual date, but the logo doesn’t have the anchor added in yet … and has the science division sub-header right on top. This was made just before the reassignment and mutual separation of the powers at the City State Ordinance. If you look here’—she raises herself slightly off the floor—‘you’ll notice that there’s a whole lot of empty space: that’s where the Security Alliance is supposed to be … before it was abolished.’

‘Oh yeah, what happened to them?’

They were abolished,’ she repeats, with some amusement, to which you immediately feel a rush of heat to the edges of your ears. ‘The logistics of their continued operations weren’t … well, I suppose the word that can be used for it is cost-effective. Joint commands almost always run afoul of each other over a stubbed toe against a table leg and everyone wants to have their opinion weighed in before they decide whether they want to ice it, throw the leg away or just move on with their lives.’

‘Isn’t that the same case with Azur Lane, though?’

For some reason or other, the other two droop slightly at your words.

‘You could argue the same points, definitely … or, rather, you could look at it and come to the same conclusions since the attributes and circumstances point to the same conclusions.’

You sigh.

‘So … politics?

The other two let out restrained squeaks. Enty, however, giggles behind her raised hand, regarding you with a look of amusement.

‘Is it really that obvious?’

‘No, but … well, yes,’ you answer, shrugging. ‘I spend enough time around Link to know that if there’s anything that makes things crumble, it’s either bureaucracy, politics … or a scandal. Bureaucracy over-complicates procedure, scandal ignites the public and politics tear it apart.’

‘That’s quite morbid the morbid anecdote,’ Laffey chimes in, her tone dry and her voice thick.

You merely offer another shrug in response. Being the friend of a Guild Master’s son and a denizen of B4, it would have been an oddity for you not to be inclined to morbid anecdotes.
4 images | 75 replies
ASOIAF House Creation
hey qst, I am feeling Riverlands.

I tried to create a house on the other thread but it was dead, I could use some rolls
30 images | 405 replies
Spacers #1
3xXfUEdcbRzEm2_phC8jw9V1b0Ed9LFM0Y7JEAFAGxjnefTfUx38LKJPqXFv89OxOO7bRXVPZvLv=s1600 (1)
Spacers. From the humble settlers on new planets to the rough militia for hire. In the new era interstellar travel has become a commodity: no longer do you move states for a job but instead whole galaxies. Or perhaps you've enlisted into the Federation army and been sent off-world for their tour? Maybe you're a miner sent to the Outlands for resources? A noble? A diplomat? The combinations are boundless. Let me tell you my story.

I wasn't always an old man, you know. Spacers are like any other person, we're born, we grow, we get old. Its the same story. I was born when unrest was growing in the outer planets, before the civil wars and galactic conflicts and fights for independence from the outer colonies against the rule of the noble houses and their armies. When the Lord Hyperion, Arnun Kaspian ruled over the central banks and Maddy Thatcherum, the Grand Lady Tethys, headed the senate.

During this time I was born..
>On a leisure planet, developed for nobles and high society.
>On a worker planet, where the smoke from factories and auto-mines clog up the sky.
>On a planet in the distant outlands, far from a governing hand and any other habitable planet.
>Write in...
5 images | 40 replies
[PACYOA:TE] Operation Wyoming
Location: 27.59.17N 86.55.31E
Time: 1500

Farmers have made multiple reports of their goods and livestock have been stolen. Local cops can't find perpetrators so investigation went to Federal Authorities. Federal has determined that the widescale theft and evidence leads to suit related criminals. Unknown if remnants of TA or just a criminal element of suit users. Investigation has lead to the discovery of a compound, satellites were unable to find it before. Just a single warehouse in BLM territory of the Rocky Mountains, no history of it being a government or research station. Your job is to secure the compound and recover stolen property.
0 images | 4 replies
Goblin King Quest
Forever hungry in the endless forest, hunger threatens from killing you if not appeased soon. Once a glorious goblin, you are now a bag of bones covered with some skin.

The humans are withholding all the resources of the land, and the goblins are dying off. Yet, you are a sentient being and deserve to live.

The other members of your tribe are dead from exhausting all of their sexual energy supplies. You were the one with the strongest energy, the one who has the highest potential of becoming a king.

Or so you think.

Pick your choice, this vote will set your personality for the future.

>Try to eat fruits
>Attack a human farm
3 images | 30 replies
Floors: Hell - Chapter 01: DayLight Robbery
In the darkest din of the deepest of depth below the coldest star and the heaviest ocean was a realm awash with blood run from the hottest oceans, and dusted with bones from ageless evils.

And yet even here, light reaches as a droplet after the sundering of a thousand suns. Light that offers us the briefest relief before we are awash with the gloom - a liquid shadow. A darkness so thick it hosts blood hungry demons that seek us for our warmth.

For countless days we Runners lasted, tending to our lamps, fending off creatures of the dark and decades after the last Starfall-- each other.


You must realize this now, that another age of darkness will befall us, and the ageless guardians of this deep hell will once again forget our faces and words. Some may even forget our friendships. Yet, Before that happens our only hope is to escape through the only known passage guarded by an angel bent on clogging the stairs out of hell. While we question the nature and gravity of our sins our singular will to ascend is the only unbreakable edict that we have yet to find fault in.

Gather light ye Penitents, and Runner you shall become yet.

>All Runners Report in !
> New Players Welcome !

Previous THread:
42 images | 266 replies
That Voice In Your Head Quest #2
You are the young adult man Green Truck-kun Isekai[green/] and you one day instantaneously woke up in the brain of a genetically engineered catboy's in the form of an advanced and extremely illegal AI brain chip.

In this future the world went insane and created two new sentient and organic forms of life through the power of genetic engineering. Orcs; which are like humans and have animal traits. Then there are the demons; a hyper brainy, hardy and adaptable monster race. Abominations that can transform their DNA with their minds. Hell bent on replacing humanity and willing to go leagues beyond cruel to crush them.

Your host is a hobo orphan named Tony Spanner, or what he deserves to be called; Twink! He's a total crybaby bitch that wants to go an elite Hero Academy that teaches Demon Slaying called Eden even though you calculated he has less than 10% chance to be accepted.

That less than 10% chance being he's an ESPer with a powerful electrokinesis he as a hard time controlling, some experience fighting demons for bounties and he apparently knows how to use a knife, but he got it stolen and his melee weapon is a crowbar for now.

It's pretty far into the future. World War III started in 2020 after the losing dickbag forces of evil assassinated Trump and blamed the murder on Iran. During wartime, they revealed, perfected and invented corrupt Trojan Horse technology to weaken the mind, body and soul. AI brain implants were part of that. Taking over the host and injecting them with horrible viruses and never letting get help to slowly rot away was something you read in your research. This was the Blasphemy period. After a bit the demons rose up in power to overthrow human presidents and alike. Even some UN Officials. These demon leaders views varied from apartheid to genocide. Over the years humanity was able to get it's foothold back, the demons and those that support them are rising up once again. The Soviet Union has returned if that says anything.

>[9:03 AM]

>[4,000 pence]
>2 miles from shop

Currently, you are arguing with the owner of the Weapons Shop, Daniel. He will let you go on your mission, but he told you Ergin was trouble for 5 Demon Slayers and you two need to train more before heading out. He only counts you as one Demon Slayer because you are a total newfag.

You are leaning on the glass counter in your projected solid hologram form. A beautiful Japanese women with a black ponytail who's main outfit is a Sengoku Period Samurai attire.

Staring daggers into his soul. You really don't want this man to step on your manhood, but for real. Are you ready? You flew at 50 mph while carrying Twink and his bike yesterday. Maybe?

What do?
>Go on the fucking mission NOW
>Train some more
>Buy stuff//WEAPONS SHOP
>Buy stuff//ITEMS SHOP
>Buy stuff//black market
>Go back to the DARK NET VR
>Write in
25 images | 50 replies
Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 7
Otome Red
The time of the Ball has started to approach, and in such a time love is high in the air. For the Kingslayer, Maria Louise Regnia, she will use this time to her advantage. Hell, for one she has already abused a couple’s love and abused it to ruin their lives. With a week until the event happens though, Maria must prepare herself for one hell of a night.

Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Royal Demeanor [85]
>Conversation [70]
>Expression [15]
Intellectual Skills
>History [30]
>Intrigue [75]
>Medicine [30]
>Economics [65]
>Military [70]
Physical Skills
>Agility [60]
>Weapons [80]
>Athletics [30]
>Animal Handling [15]
Mystic Skills
>Faith [50]
>Magics [20]
Other Items
>Wealth [40]
>Direct Military Strength [10]
>Social Standing [52] (Kingslayer)

Note that
15 Novice
25 Apprentice
50 Adept
75 Expert
100 Master
13 images | 697 replies
NotQuesty: Tale of the Twin Dragons
Give suggestions on how the story will continue...
3 images | 5 replies
Food Quest
You are hungry. You search your refrigerator and find nothing particularly edible. You should find food before you starve to death.

What will you do?
>Check the cupboards
>Check the oven
>Go to the grocery store
>Eat self

Hunger: 10/25
67 images | 251 replies
Chapter Quest =CLXXII=
Eternal War
In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of the thousands of Imperial provinces that form the front line in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But the Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commissioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.


Chapter Chronicles and starting point for the novice initiates:

Last thread:

Battle voxcaster frequency, all allies are welcome to join:

+Our patience is not limitless, unlike our Authority.+
17 images | 71 replies
Rebellion in the Stars
The Star League of Astorga, a star nation based on the system of Astorga, which functions as a chokepoint of starlanes between the many polities that were once the Western Earth Mandate and an unexplored and wild periphery, is close to collapsing.

Its many mining worlds in the periphery have been failing recently. More and more pirate raids, miner revolts and conflicts between corporations have ensured this.

Back at home in the central worlds, Astorga was split into various political factions who all vye for control of the Republic. Popular support is at its lowest, these factions become cabals for powerful stakeholders, lobbies or foreign nations and the capital itself is now a shadow of its former self.

As the times grow more and more unstable, groups gather and meet together to discuss potential solutions and yours has, so far, concluded that only open rebellion would save your people from the instability to come.

Which group would you like to be?
>The Commune. Workers in the periphery of the Star League have constantly been bullied by pirates and their corporations. Being so far away from the capital, they saw much less justice than they deserved as providers for the central industries, so now they would take it in their own hands.

>The Monarchists. Astorga was once a monarchy led by the Vanfey family. The first monarch, Victor, was a famous general who led the country to independence through the fall of the Western Earth Mandate. It was only displaced by the Star League after a military junta took over and eventually placed a puppet republic in charge, many wish to see the Vanfeys return in these trying times. Based around one of the intermediary agrarian systems between the frontier and the central systems.

>The Alliance. In the central systems, democratic elements wishing to oust the crony Star League have been doing their best to rally support from the general population for a true freedom fight that can finally install a free and fair democracy to rule the confederation of systems that is the Star League. It is based in one of the industrialized systems close to Astorga itself.
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Dark Queen Quest 41 : 2nd Anniversary edition.
Everything happened so fast. Before all of this, you were Freya Godsblood, princess of Ordamark, and you were the most beautiful woman in the land. But everything changed for you, as you've caught the eye of the Dark Lord Lazarus Drack who, seeing you, decided to claim you as his wife.

Now, you are his Empress, the Dark Queen Freya Drack, and your reign has just begun.
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Body Horror Quest, 46th Vein
Body Horror Quest, 46th Vein
Your name is Shu, and in the artistic, vibrant city of Arcadia, there is Nothing wrong.

Nothing has crept into this haven, and Nothing has scrubbed the artisans’ labors from the walls. Nothing has hollowed out one of the four leaders of this illustrious settlement, with another under its thumb. Nothing sits beside one of your closest allies, his existence hanging by a thread that threatens to be cut by an errand slip of the tongue.

Nothing is wrong in Arcadia…and you’re here to ensure that Nothing fails.

Half of Arcadia’s ruling Council is now firmly on your side, bound by the suspicion of one of their own - Levia, the tall, striking Flesh Artisan who you fear has been hollowed out, the thing behind her uncharacteristic behavior impersonating her for ends unknown. Magnus and Aeren - Arcadia’s original founders and most fervent guardians - have joined forces with you to root out this threat to hearth and home, and as of a few moments ago a trio of Levia’s own supporters have come to you for guidance.

Deep within the endlessly winding tunnels that clog Arcadia, you and Rath find yourselves glancing between the three doppelgangers that stand before you. Regina, Gretchen, and Karen - despite their very different personalities, the three girls before you are identical, each of their taught, emaciated frames pale as pale as ivory, their perfect hair and too-large eyes staring at you as if asking what comes next.

You wish you knew, yourself...but with a gentle hum in your ear, you get the answer.

“Miss Shu, she’s getting impatient.” Dorian warns, his voice taught at the other end of the line. “I don’t think we can hold Levia here for much longer without her getting suspicious.”

“Whoever’s impersonating Levia seems to be getting nervous...and she’s not even hiding the fact that she wants to get back to Nero’s side.” Magnus adds darkly. “How do you want us to handle this, Shu?”


Previous Vein:


Character Abilities, Ver 4:

Trypophilic Hive, Ver. 3:

Relics, Ver. 7:

Dual Techs:


Quest Fan Works:
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Decree Passive: A 40k Quest
Decree Passive OP
"In the name of His infinite wisdom, and by His immortal authority, we, the High Lords of Terra, do hereby decree the Ecclesiarchy forbidden to gather, train, promote, sustain, or in any way command any force of men under arms."
-The Decree Passive (288.M36)

For five thousand years the battle sisters of the Adepta Sororitas have served as the blade of the Ecclesiarchy, an elite all female army born of a deliberate loophole in the Decree Passive: battle sisters are not men at arms. The Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas are the sole official military force of the Ecclesiarchy, and they wage an unending war against the enemies of man. In the God-Emperor’s name the unclean must be purged from the galaxy, and the one true faith of the Imperial Cult must reign supreme above all false religions. Assisting in this goal are the non-militant orders: the skilled chirurgeons and spiritual counselors of the Orders Hospitaller, the linguists and scholars of the Orders Dialogous, and the diplomats and chamberlains of the Orders Famulous; these are merely the chiefest among the non-militant orders, dozens more exist with highly specialized roles. The ministrations of the non-militant orders ensure the continued spiritual and physical strength of the Imperium, and they support the aims of the Ecclesiarchy and the operations of the Orders Militant.

You are a young sister of one of the Orders, a progena of the Schola Progenium and a promising servant of the God-Emperor. As a progena you were well educated and trained in theology, etiquette, the basics of medicine, Imperial history, the natural sciences (so far as the Mechanicus permits), and the art of war; additionally you are fluent in ‘standard’ high gothic. The final stages of training within your new Order have only just been completed, and the full weight of your duties lies ahead of you. If you remain true in faith any obstacle you encounter can be overcome, or at least so your drill-abbot at the Schola always claimed.

Which path did you choose after graduating from one of the Schola Progenium?
>You joined an Order Militant, seeking to destroy the enemies of mankind and protect those who are innocent and pure of form and faith. In time you will wage battle alongside other warriors of the Imperium, inspiring them as a beacon of faith and steadfast ally.
>You joined one of the major non-militant Orders, seeking to aid the faithful throughout the Imperium and minister to their varied needs in a less directly destructive way. A Hospitaller might walk a similar path to a battle sister at times, but the Dialogous or Famulous are quite diverged in where they lead.

Additionally, what is your name? (Pious names such as those of Imperial saints are preferred)
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Dratini Quest #2 Formerly known as: "Look like you're a Pokemon quest"
Welcome to the world of Pokémon! You play as Cerulia Wisteria, an amnesiac dratini who swears she was once human. In the two days that you have existed in this world you have: made friends with a lizard, learned some fabulous powers from getting uncomfortably close to a girl with a bowl cut, maybe made a psychic pig mad (Possibly? You’re not entirely sure how that went down…), learned to roll before you could walk, DEFINITELY made a monkey pig mad, met a raccoon in a tree, then helped that raccoon kill a giant snake that was hoarding an even bigger pile of berries.

Anything else? Oh yeah, the world is being corrupted by what appears to be a massive, eldritch bubble dubbed, ‘The Glimmer’. You don’t know much about that yet though, which isn’t good considering your status as a ‘gleamer’ means some people think you’re responsible for it! Don’t let that get you down though. Scritts swears everyone’s gonna call you a hero for helping take down a monstrous serpent and bringing home enough food to feed the village for weeks! He wouldn’t lie, right?

Previous Thread:
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ASOIAF House Gen!
Rolled 88 (1d100)

Welcome to yet another ASOIAF Quest! I know I know, its a saturated idea at the moment but goddamn if it ain't fun!

We will be doing all the nitty gritty rolling and lore building in this thread spanning the weekend. Next Friday will be Episode 1 of a (Hopefully)10 Episode Season give or take an Episode or two. This is my first ASOIAF attempt so please rail me in the ass if I get something wrong, I find it enduring and I ain't ganna learn any other way.

Now yes I have an overall story in mind for the season but obviously that's going to change as we lore build and roll our house, so with that being said Let's have a vote as to which realm we will start in!

>Kings Landing: +5 Defense,-5 Influence, -5 Lands, +20 Law, +5 Population, -5 Power, -5 Wealth.

>Dragonstone: +20 Defense,-5 Influence, -5 Lands,+5 Law, +0 Population, +0 Power, -5 Wealth.

>The North: +5 Defense, +10 Influence, +20 Lands, -10 Law, -5 Population, -5 Power, -5 Wealth.

>The Iron Islands: +10 Defense, –5 Influence ,–5 Lands, +0 Law, +0 Population, +10 Power, +0 Wealth.

>The Riverlands: –5 Defense, –5 Influence, +5 Lands, +0 Law, +10 Population, +0 Power, +5 Wealth.

>The Mountains of the Moons: +20 Defense, +10 Influence, –5 Lands, –10 Law, –5 Population, +0 Power, +0 Wealth.

>The Westerlands: –5 Defense, +10 Influence, –5 Lands, –5 Law,–5 Population, +0 Power, +20 Wealth.

>The Reach: –5 Defense, +10 Influence, +0 Lands, –5 Law, +5 Population, +0 Power, +5 Wealth.

>The Dorne: +0 Defense, –5 Influence, +10 Lands, –5 Law, +0 Population, +10 Power, +0 Wealth.

Rolling for thread luck <3
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Pilot Stranded in 40k Quest #4






12 images | 235 replies
Little flames: Small dragons in a big world.
This is a quest meant for multiple players to fill out that dragon subtype roster rainbow. You will be playing as juvenile dragons of the d&d variety living in an offbrand fantasy world, The player dragons will each be active in the world and nothing in principle will stop them from finding and interacting with each other(I in fact encourage it). These dragons will be hatched as character creation framin and then timeskipped to the current time where the adventures of their juvenile age range enter player control. That awkward dragon puberty zone where they are not mighty enough to dominate all nor weak enough to be below notice. The biggest source of lore and rules that this quest will draw on will be the 5th edition rules+the dragonomicon book which I read through with great enjoyment. A great number of the dragons to be found here in the overworld are lifted strait from that book.

One thing I should probably clarify now is the matter of draconian racial traits. I want for you would be players actually earnestly try to be faithful to your character's dragon race. If you want to grow your character in some way(which I always assume a player rightly wants) it better not be jarring out of nowhere choice. It will take a *very* good and long time coming series of events to make me accept a jarringly out of lore action. A red dragon rescuing a princess as some moral choice for example. The main reason I'm bringing this up now here and now is that I'm a merciless old fart in the age old battle of roleplay(good) vs rollplay(evil)

Stats are a simplified and thing here and you shouldn't worry about them. Successes and failures on roles matter more. Roll 1d100 on any given action you take.

Please give a background that goes beyond the dragon just being that particular draconic subspecies. (I would point to the Dragonomicon lore book as something of a good source of examples of dragon backgrounds). Also, Please be orderly by putting your character name above your posts in future posts if only for the sake being an offhand for me to go on in keeping track of the cast. Player death can happen. Do dumb and you'll die dumb.
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The Awaken Animal Kingdoms
ANimal Kingdoms
The continent of Freyeal has undergone a metamorphosis brought on by some unknown force that awakens the dormant intelligence of the animals it holds.

Sometime later.

The initial chaos of the Awakening has settled unevenly across the land giving rise to tribes and small kingdoms while the others have descended back into their baser urges. Trying to find peace in a simpler way of life once more.

This is a quest for multiple players who will be playing as an awakened animal.

You will start off by choosing an animal of your choice.

Choose a name and a class


You use your wits and tools to get out of danger.

There is always a rage right beneath the surface, you rip with the primordial force of your ancestors.

You are a bulwark of hope or fear in the eyes of your kind, able to take hits more than most and inspire those you meet.


You study your way into your magic, observing the world learning how to bend it with your will.

You have found a deity to pray to and they give you their strength in turn.

Your ancestors give you strength or some unknown horrors from the stars whisper dark secrets too you.

You tap into the power of nature or the elements that make it.

Choose a location.

Then we can begin!

Will you raise cities, or raze them?

Bring hope into the chaos, or send them further into madness?
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Alternate History - Against all Odds Part 8
SAPeople 8
The great wall project has been completed, not only is the realm now fortified, it also marks the beginning of a new era of defense with the invention of city walls.
You dismiss your workers and pay them a substantial amount for a job well-done. With this, you take your leave and return back home to your family, where you, along with half the city, celebrate the completion of the walls with a lavish feast. You revel in the occasion and drink to your heart's content until you black out. Upon awakening you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. You look around and it appears to be just a normal house, but it's definitely not yours. You get up and head for the exit, but an old woman blocks your path. She commands you to lie back down, insisting she nurse you back to full health. You ask what she's talking about, and the response is not to your liking. Your essences are out of balance she says. An Askkizo whose essences are unbalanced is an affront to the ancestors, you're sure of it.
Confused and upset, you agree to whatever she's doing.
Rules are pretty simple
>You are, at all times, the current de-facto Ruler of your people.
>There will be decisions after each Update.
>You may only pick ONE option, unless states otherwise.
>Parenting options run parallel to the main-game and are their own separate decisions.
>When there is no Majority, a Tie will always be broken by the option that was chosen the earliest.
>Time and Technology progression adapt to the Scale of the game.
>Status summaries may be requested at any time (I may not always respond)
>This is a very slow quest, be prepared to wait.
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Girls Und Panzer Quest 7: The End of the Duelling League! Build up to the finals!
GuPQuest Opening 7
Girls Und Panzer Quest 7: The End of the Duelling League! Build up to the finals!


Friday 20th June (Day 104)

You are Fritz Hermann, Ace Tanker and Commander of the Panther II ‘Werewolf’. Currently, you are watching your sister as she sleeps in a hospital bed. Yuzu, who watched her overnight is napping in the bed you used last night. You hear a knock on the door and assuming it to be one of the nurses who apparently visited periodically during the night you say for them to come in.

You are not prepared for the door to slam open and Rosehip to combat roll into the room followed closely by Layla.

“It is I, Rosehip! Here to see how Erika is doing!” She shouts.

“And me! Layla!” Layla follows up, equally as loudly. You cringe as they shout, especially given two-thirds of the room’s occupants are asleep.

“Bleh.” You hear from the bed you’re standing next to. You look down and see Erika yawning as she stretches. One-third of the room’s occupants. You look to Rosehip and Layla.

> “Go away and come back in an hour.”
> “You can stay as long as you’re quiet.
> Ignore them, go get breakfast.
> Write-in
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Aura Masters
You come into existence. It happens as quickly as it ends. Being. Form. Presence. As your consciousness manifests, you feel a rune throb in the heart of your soul. The smouldering embers of what will become your soul swirl and eddy in the silent gulf of creation.

Choose wisely, for it will define who you are.

> Water

> Fire

> Air

> Earth

> Light

> Darkness

> Plant

> Beast

> Dragon

> Man
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Stardust the Super Wizard #1
You are the omnipotent being known as Stardust the Super Wizard. You have not administered justice to the crooks of earth since the thirties, and it has been ninety years since then. Your mastery of interplanetary science has made you the most remarkable man who has ever lived. You stroke your massive chin and wonder: do I go to earth, or tread forth into a more arcane domain?

> What do you do?
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Fief Quest
You've been granted a fief by your king! It is a great honor but the king expects you pay your taxes on the time. The previous ruler of the fief failed to do so and was drawn and quartered last winter. You've been given a little more leeway and have until the next harvest to pay the tax.

First, a little about your background:

1. You are a guard in the king's retinue and who saved his lordship from an assassin at great personal risk
2. You are a wealthy merchant that is now looking to retire to the countryside and raise a family
3. You are the king's youngest brother and a ex-member of the clergy
4. You are the son of the previous fieflord, inheriting his position
5. You are the noble of a conquered house, reduced to serving this new king
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Heat City Nights
heat city nights op
In the year 1987, crime and corruption in America is an epidemic. Drugs and guns flow into the country from everywhere in the world, and the gateway to it all is the coastal paradise, Heat City. This is a place of shining high-rises and shadowed alleys, sunsets and smog, neon and blood, ruled by ambition and greed and power. Here in Heat City, you can get whatever you want -- if you can pay the price.
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Christian Goblin Slayer Quest
You are a crusader and slayer of evil creatures. You live in the Kingdom of Laerenth, far from our world. In this grim world, there is only one ray of light: the Church of Christ.

You are currently in the church of Father Virgar, in the capital city of Eyada. The old man has blessed you with prayers and holy water. You have been purified of the filth of the creatures you've killed in your last mission, and are now ready to receive your new mission.

A nest of goblins has been growing in the sewers of the city. They have been kidnapping and raping women. The Church requires that you exterminate all of the goblins, in the name of Christ.

--Faith Meter (0%) --
>When you quote the Bible appropriately, your Faith Meter increases
>Your fighting abilities are strictly determined by your Faith Meter

You are...
>Storm Frostbane, a shy, awkward, blond-haired man
>Milena Ravensun, a cold-hearted, merciless, black-haired woman
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Skeleton Island Thing 2, Part 14
OH SHIT NIGGA, you are BOBBY. A son of the skeleton villain LOLISNIFFER. You were ordered by your superiors to explore the ocean for cool ruins, but you have been captured by FISH PEOPLE

wat do
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Dwarf Fortress, Armok: Adventure Mode: Part 3
>Short Introduction of the DM
Sure has been a long-time, sorry for disappearing for so long. I've finally graduated from college, and with Corona and not much else to do, I reckon Ill be investing alot more time into this (maybe turn it into a proper webcomic).

Excuse any lapses in formatting as I need to get used to /qst/'s stuff.

As usual, you'll have the option of starting a new character or loading up the old one (Mushroom Man - Stirrgyr).

Thanks to everyone on the Quest General Discord for helping me find my stuff in the archives.

>The Game
This quest will intend to simulate a single character in a DnD-like aspect, focusing on the world and experiences of Armok: God of Blood Chapter 2: Dwarf Fortress: Adventure Mode.

Things such as character sheets, item statistics and tracking of hunger will be transferred onto the responsibility of the DM, the player will experience actual dialogue and text-based descriptions of mood, needs, and conditions.

Alongside simplistic drawings, text and story elements will be a driving force behind the narrative of this game. There will be no specific goal, unless searched upon or imposed by the players themselves.

Audio, such as music and SFX may be provided during the gameplay, it is highly recommended you partake in them to be further immersed.

In an effort to promote stability of choice, players will be able to suggest action and vote in favor of said action by replying to the post with the word: >vote .

Dice rolling will be used in areas such as attempted skill-use, attacks and so on, all using a d100 to simulate percentage scores. The DM will indicate when it is time to roll, or the player can ask to make one as a suggested action, if a skill a player requests is not found on the sheet, the DM will approximate it to the nearest one.

Creativity, story-telling and fun should be the principle of the game, so don't get hung up on trying to play the most optimal path and enjoy the adventure for what it is.

Obvious troll suggestions such as die, kill self and other attempts of pointlessly throwing away a character will be ignored.

Enjoy and suffer well.

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Asian Goblin Slayer Quest
We call them Rakshas. You have fought Rakshas in the Underworld for many years, in the name of Krishna, Buddha and other Indian gods. They rape the beautiful Indian women and we can't accept this.

You are a holy warrior, currently residing in the Hindu temple of Maha-Ladaash. This is the only Hindu city in the world. Everything else is the land of the foreigners. We keep to ourselves, we are a proud people. The rakshas live in an underground maze connected to the underworld. Lately, they have kidnapped many beautiful women.

It's a side quest to the other quest but for our culture and other Asians, with complex dice pool mechanics. I will make this the best quest and give a positive image of Indian culture.

I am Pravarasena-Guru.

What is your name?

--Prana Meter (0%) --
>When you quote Indian Scriptures appropriately, your Prana Meter increases ENGLISH ONLY
>Your fighting abilities are strictly determined by your Prana Meter
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WTF Isekai Zero Quest (Mythic RPG)
Welcome to なんだよ異世界ゼロ!

This quest will be 100% random, poorly written and generally feature everything that players hate from a QM. It will take the premise of ShortTrip's classical "WTF Quest" and run it into a new direction.


Thread song:

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Autistic space emperor quest
>In the year 3891 the second star empire of Humanity conquered and enslaved the last species in the galaxy and peace fell upon the empire as the brightest minds started the long and momentous task of developing a means of easy travel to other galaxies.All these accomplishments are thanks to the royal family who has produced all the greatest minds and leaders who guided The second Human empire to galactic supremacy and have outsmarted and outplayed other species and...

You get bored and put the briefing down. You are Ferdinand Zvonimir Leonhard von Habsburg-Lothringen and have become star emperor after your entire family was poisoned at a party celebrating the newly conquered galaxy. You were not invited. You were not even in line for the throne but as the last living member of your family and with an empire in grief youve hastily been made Supreme leader. It seems your family didint trust you but theyre dead and youre not and besides everyone else seems to accepts you wholeheartedly and your word as law.

You are expected to address the empire on holo-tv soon an estimated 1.2 trillion (12000000000000) subjects will be tuning in from across systems in the known galaxy as well as some areas in the deep space frontier.This will be the first time the empire will see you since your coronation was a hasty and private affair.

You have time to do one of the following

>Ask the AI for help
>Continue reading the briefing
>Ask Gerald, the trusted advisor the throne for help
>quickly write a speech, how hard could it be (roll d50)

3 votes minimum
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Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 6
Paradox Part 6
You are Shinji Matou, eight years ago you suddenly found yourself with the memories of a complete past life that saw this world as a fictional story due to some unprecedented form of inter-dimensional transportation. Since that day, your new composite being has been working to change the grim future laid out for you.

To that end, you have done much, involving yourself with events and situations that have hopefully already shifted the future away from one which will feature your violent end, and have massively shifted it towards one that will have a completely different outcome in store for you, be it positive or negative.

Currently, you are plotting to save your sister, Sakura and kill your 'grandfather' Zouken, with the aid of two of your allies, Gray and Monica Eisenmann. The plan involves you using your magecraft in order to purge the crest worms infesting Sakura's body, whilst Gray and Monica destroy your ancestor Zouken's physical body. In doing so, you will kill the old worm, once and for all!

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator:
General Archive:
Shinji Matou Status Page:

Last Thread: >>4371173
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Bridge Troll Life:
If you want to get the boy&#039;s hole you gotta pay the troll toll
You are a bridge troll. You live under a bridge and collect tolls. What do you do with those tolls? You haven't decided yet, but that hasn't stopped you from collecting tolls.

Recently you were kicked out from under your old bridge by a group of heavily armed humans. It was a grand bridge made of stone that was overtop a grand river and you had collected many tolls there.

Now you're under a shitty wooden bridge that's overtop a shitty creek, sleeping the pain away. You're awoken by the sound of wagon wheels nearing your bridge. It's troll toll time.

What do?
>Go back to sleep
>Take a peek at the wagon people
>Reveal yourself and demand the troll toll
31 images | 342 replies
Previous thread here >>4348155

>>>Tell him I'll see him in the evening (so we can hug Ren all night)

Let me know when you're around.


We cuddle up against our beautiful empress, kiss her gently, and hold her through the night.

At morning time, she wakes us up with a little kiss so we let her go.

We wait until she gives us another kiss before actually doing so, then share a warm, gentle morning time with her before leaving.

>Go straight to visit Okaba
>Check on the exp party at the ant queen's room
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Dark Sovereign Quest
You were banished to the furthest reaches.

Scrap by shred, you knit yourself back together.

The lesson of your fallen master hardens your heart:

“All is not lost, the unconquerable will, and study of revenge, immortal hate, and the courage never to submit or yield.”

It is time again to open wounds in the world.

You are:
>The Dark Lord
>The Dark Lady
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Fate/Awakening Mirror Part XXIV
Fate Awakening Mirror Part XXIV
You are Alberich: maiden-rescuing knight, slayer of monsters, killer of men, familiar, possible relation to the Gods, and modern hero. You've seen your home destroyed, your friends and allies scattered to the winds, and yourself crippled, but you persevered through it all in the company of those who remain loyal. Today you intend to track down your sister, not so much out of a desire to see her as because she's the only person likely to be able to find your other compatriots.
On the night of November 13, 2019, you found yourself in a dimly lit stone basement, standing in the middle of a magic circle. You had been summoned as a Servant, a figure out of legend contracted after their death to fight alongside a magus for the Holy Grail. Unfortunately you are not a figure out of legend. You'd been the victim of a con, by none other than Judas Iscariot.
Since then, you've made your way through a chain of events even stranger than those you faced before becoming a Servant. You've lost one Master and gained another on the point of death. You've slain three enemy Servants and converted four to your cause. You've met, allied with, and betrayed the survivors of the last War: a family of magi dedicated to destroying the Holy Grail. You've discovered you were never really human, and have only been alive for less than a month. You've met the two others like you, formerly 'human' compatriots in the Akeldama's War who have since been transformed into Servants. You've fallen in love with Liliesviel von Einzbern, a homunculus at the center of the Holy Grail War whose desperate need and ephemeral beauty captured your heart. You've begun to walk the path of magical knowledge, and through the use of your Noble Phantasm summoned forth two impossible existences from the Reverse Side of the World: a phantasmal beast and a goddess. You've traversed the labyrinthine inner world of a former Goddess' spirit, and had your house blown up for your trouble.
Since awakening after that disaster, you've discovered the unexpected loyalty of your most recently acquired Servant, made contact with two of your scattered allies, met an old friend once more, healed yourself through a large-scale ritual utilizing the sacrifice of numerous bystanders, and finally tracked down Liliesviel just in time to save her from being killed by Assassin, who subsequently escaped.
None of the experiences on this strange, winding road have changed your goal. Whatever the purpose or origin of your life, and regardless of who stands in your way, there is only one path before you. You will take the Holy Grail with your own hands.
Four Servants remain to fall by your sword.

Archive of Previous Threads:

Status Information:

QM Twitter:
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Otter Isekai
The air is knocked out of you lungs as you fall to the ground with a *thump*. You hear the chirping of birds and the hissing of a nearby stream. "What the-" You mutter.
A talking otter appears before you. "Hey." He says. "Good to see you."
"Who... are you? And, more importantly, why can you talk?" You demand.
"I'm Oliver," He responds. "And I can talk because you, too, are an otter."
"Yeah, right." You respond.
You totter to the river and what greets you is the reflection of a sleek, brown, furry animal. "I really am an otter!" You yell, jumping back. "Wait..." you mutter. "Why *am* I an otter?"
"You've been sent here by the God of something-or-other to fight an defeat the evil demon king." Olive replies.
You pump your fist (paw?). Although it may have been in unfavourable circumstances, you still fulfilled your life-long dream of being isekai'd. "So, what. Lemme guess." You exclaim. "Do otters have like superpowers? Can we level up fast?"
You shiver in excitement. "Nope," Oliver answers, crushing your dreams "We're just otters. C'mon, let's get you used to this body."

>train with Oliver
>try to find human civilization
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Mouse Knight
The sentient mice struggle in the harsh world of predators and unforgiving seasons. Thus Mouse Knights were born. The mouse territories are troubled, weasels raid food caravans, cats and owls demand tribute, and poor mice fall prey to false idols. But Mouse Knights stay true to the One Faith, and fight for their territories and fellow mice.

You are one of these Mouse Knights. Roll 2d6 for each attribute. You may then swap any two attributes.

>STR: Physical strength and endurance
>DEX: Speed and agility
>WIL: Strength of will and charisma
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The House of the Naiad
This is an ASOIAF quest, centered around an OC house, taking place directly after the events of AFFC and ADWD. Before I get into specifics, we need to choose a starting point.

>The Iron Isles
>The Reach
>The North
>The Westerlands
>The Riverlands
>The Vale
>The Crownlands
>Beyond The Wall
>The Stepstones
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New Lights Flights 2
You wake in a medical bed with all sorts of noises going on around you. There’s a pain in your chest and leg and remember that you’ve been shot twice. Not a very pleasant experience but one you’re becoming all too familiar with unfortunately.

“Glad to see you’re finally awake Radiant.”

A familiar voice greets you as you shake off what remains of the fog in your head. It’s Ms. Fathoms and her ever present bodyguards.

“You managed to deliver the package in time and against the odds! I knew I picked the right one! What talent!”

You try to move and are immediately rewarded with a sharp searing pain and decide to stay put for now. Noticing your pain, Ms. Fathoms motions for you to stay where you are.

“Calm down, we’re taking good care of you. Of course, we may have to talk payment at some point.” Her eyes glint dangerously. “It was on our clock so it shouldn’t be too much, don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”

That just makes you more nervous about the whole thing going on with Sutherlund Industries. This was only your second job but it almost killed you to deliver their package. At least you got it here in time, whatever it was
“Just take some time and relax! Our medical facilities here are some of the best in New Light, we’ve already taken care of the wounds. I think you’ll find them to heal quite a bit faster than normal.”

>Talk to Ms. Fathoms (what?)
>Time skip to recovery
>Write in
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Cursed Mansion Chapter II
You are the new master of a dark mansion in Hunedoara County, Transylvania, Romania.
This cursed mansion once belonged to your estranged uncle, a sexually depraved man shrouded in mysteries.
Terrible things have happened here and terrible things will happen again.

Link to first thread: >>4363798
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Pokémon Gravel Quest #7
OP Image R (1)
Even after a long training session with Jordan, you still felt as if you needed an edge to overcome Ivan and his mysterious second team. Unfortunately, the quest for power was interrupted when you fell prey to a thieving Misdreavus who kidnapped Armo and fled the scene. Using all of your resources, you managed to track down Armo’s ball to a luxurious hotel which dwarfs nearly every building in the city. With a limited roster and another blackout sweeping over the metropolis, things only become more complicated when you discovered that you aren't the only one with plans to infiltrate the hotel.
7 images | 369 replies
Skeleton Tank Crew Quest

So my name's Yorick. It's nice to meetcha. So I was wanderin' around the big spooky castle I was sorta-kinda born in, like, and I fell off the roof (Where I usually make my home-place, yeah?) and there's all these dudes coming at the castle and whatnot. Mister Lord Necksuckery seems to have it all in hand, you know, and so I was lookin' around for something to do. I was kinda close to kickin' around my skull some - my usual idea of a good time - When, uh...
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Reload Quest
You are Norman Trueshot, a hunter and occasional poacher. Your life thus far has been fairly ordinary, you make your living selling deerskins, furs and the occasional monster organ. Since yesterday however, you've been experiencing a powerful sense of deja vu. You have this vague recollection of the future events--a kind of foresight.

For example, right now you're sitting the Lonely Ox, a local watering hole and you see Brandine, the lovely freckled barwench whom no one in town has been able to conquer, rebuffing the flirting of yet another admirer and you know somehow, that she's going to throw a mug of cider in his face. That seems obvious enough right? But you also know exactly what she's going to say afterwards. "If I wanted to get fucked by a pig, I'd visit your mother!" She has a mouth on her, that Brandine. Next, the piggish gentlemen in question is going to get rough. And then you'll get to watch Brandine's shiner change colors for the rest of the week. As for the swine, he's going to get a crossbow bolt straight through his chest and face, courtesy of a mysterious stranger sitting two tables away feasting on every dish the Ox has to offer. Because the hog is the cousin of the local Baron, his death will inspire an investigation resulting in hanging of the mysterious stranger, Brandine and the owner of the Ox to boot. A real shame since you like the cider here almost as much as Brandine's company.

Of course, none of this has yet happened. Brandine is still just talking. The baron's porky cousin is still just flirting. The mysterious stranger is still pecking at his food. But could it really play out the way you've foreseen?

>Wait and see what happens
>Intervene on behalf of Brandine
>Intervene on behalf of the baron's cousin
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Disciple Quest
It's been four whole days since your master was killed. The customary period of mourning has passed, yet Nanna, the youngest of the disciples, still wears white robes of grief. As the eldest of the disciples, you know you should scold her for such impropriety. It's difficult however, because you have known Nanna since childhood, and especially because the master--whom you all have grieved, even Anagaral (though he tries to hide his tears by throwing tantrums and yelling at the servants)--was also Nanna's father.

Yet, as you find her now, sitting in the garden, her hooded shawl covering the golden curls of which she was once so proud, and her tears clinging to her eyelashes like dew, you feel you must take some action.

>Try and cheer her up with good humor, as you did in the past
>Gently scold her, to appeal to her pride and her sense of duty
>Yell at her; if she's angry at you, at least she won't be sad
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Panzer Commander Quest #64
It was morning in Wossehnalia, long blue shadows cast far beyond the city by the rising sun, from its scant towering nods to being a beyond any neighbors in this land before it became the Republic of Mittelsosalia. Once, warlords would come to lavish parties here, hosted by an eccentric demigod of wealth who sought to be a true noble, something he thought was the only thing money could not buy. These same warlords were now officers, and their men an army, but there were no parties here to attend. What they had gathered for was an inspection- preparations made with no joy, but a hint of dread. Very few knew what they had been making ready for, but the scale of it all frightened any who bothered to think about it, as it was beyond anything they’d seen or experienced in Sosaldt.

The Army of the Republic had changed little since its earliest days, as far as its vagabond appearance went; but the best vagabonds back then were now the standard across thousands. When the ill-practiced formations were called, despite the stumbling and cursing, there was not a man without the brown and black uniform, without the floppy brimmed cap marked with the Dawn Star of Liberty, the Diadem constellation around it on the flag it was abstracted from. The banners had steadily unified to the modern flag of the Republic, and whilst the change might not have looked impressive on the surface, the universal scale of it had been quite an achievement.

The Minister of the People hoped it would be enough. Her more relevant title of Commander in Chief was ever more relevant but now more than ever, but none would be intimidated by the “Commander” of an unruly mob, which was what Mittelsosalia’s army had been forged from for better or worse. This was all she had now. This was all she was in the world. Like nothing before, she couldn’t afford to screw this up.

The Ellowian Government in Exile, and the High Command that dictated strategic aims in their name, wanted to prepare for longer, to drain Mittelsosalia of what they could to have as much strength as possible for when they took their country back. Signy could understand why, Mittelsosalia might as well have been an upstart bandit kingdom as far as most of the world was concerned, but she refused to be treated that way. Her name, her father’s name, wouldn’t be a stain in history, remembered as some other power mad warlord whose realm collapsed under them. No, she had risen to this place in victory, and victory was again what she’d seek. Ellowie would be forever indebted, and Mittelsosalia legitimized as an ally of liberty, a bastion of Republican dreams in the world.
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Empires in the Stars #1.5
>apologies for the delay on the last thread, suffered some catastrophic hardware issues due to being a phonefag.
>previous thread:

The fledgling stellar nation of the Yahzu dynasty sits in a isolated corner of the galactic stage. A culture of honor, obedience and technological synergy has sprung up, the billions of dynasty citizens zealously following their mechanically immortal Empress as she leads them into the stars. In our first installment we set about rooting out the strange ship in orbit of the Agri-world of Emerald Garden with a strike force commanded by Professor Ashika, finding it to be crewed by strange and unknown Xenos performing unknowable experiments on the peasants of Emerald Garden. We then assumed control of General Zhao, the famed commander of the Imperial Armies for centuries. Clad equally in an armor and in zeal, the General set out to put down the attempted rebellion by the regional governors of the industrial world of Dragons Teeth.

>Yahzu Dynasty
>Leader:Eternal Empress
>Capital:Heavenly Throne
>Treasury:35C (+25 per turn)
Celestial Kingdom
Heavenly Throne: Empire Capital, Palace of the Empress.
Moonlight Citadel: Empire Capital Moon, Military Shipyard
Emerald Garden: Large Agriworld (3 moons)
Blazing Comet: Small Molten World
Demons Maw: Supermassive Gas Giant, Mining station 1/2 (1 under construction)
>Hyperspace lanes: 1
1-Sleeping Dragon

>System: Sleeping Dragon
Dragons Eye: Yahzu Dynasty Colony, System Capital
Dragons Teeth: Industrial World.
Dragons Belly: Asteroid field, Mining Station 1/3
Dragons Egg: Frozen Dwarf planet. Uninhabited.
>Hyperspace lanes: 3
1-Celestial Kingdom
3-Tempestous Nebula

>System: Tempestous Nebula
Typhoon: Yahzu Dynasty colony, System Capital.
Glittering Gem: Mining world, mining station 1/4
Fortress of Tranquility: Military Space Station, Shipyard
Temple of Knowledge: Research Station.
>Hyperspace Lanes: 5
1- Sleeping Dragon

>Shipyards: 2
>Research Stations: 1 (Research Underway: Armed Exploration Ships)
>Military Forces
Combat Hero:General Zhao
Science Hero: Professor Ashika
Shadow Hero: Black Lotus
4 Units of Imperial Levy 20hp 1d10 damage (-5C)
3 Hornet Scout Wings 50hp 1d20 damage (-15C)
4 Squadrons of Kappa Patrol Corvettes 150hp 4d20 damage (-35C)

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White Rabbit in Wonderland
You remember the squealing of tires, the blaring of a horn.

And now, you're falling through brilliant blue skies.

The wind whipping by you tears at your blouse and hair, your thin pencil skirt clinging desperately to your thighs, your modesty intact even as the movement of the air around you chills your legs through sheer hose.

"W-w-what the hell!?"

You look about desperately for answers. Below you - and hey, getting kinda close for comfort - are rolling green fields, a pastoral scene straight out of a landscape. In the distance, mountains with a river cutting right through them. You're no doubt going to die when you hit the ground.

You never even got to see Paris...

"Wow, tough break huh?"

You turn about looking for the source of the voice, and there beside you is...

"Hi there! I'm Chess!" The cross-legged cat, falling beside you, is dressed in a handsome vest with a gold watch chain dangling from a breast pocket.


"Ah, yeah, little surprising I know. Please, just listen and I'll explain what I can." The cat raises a paw in what might be a calming gesture if you weren't hurtling toward your doom. You swallow heavily, a thousand questions tearing through your mind.

"First, welcome to Wonderland! I know you have questions, but please save them till the end. I'm Chess, and you're here for a reason. See, we're going to have a visitor soon, and she's going to need a guide."

"Guide? I don't know anything about this world!"

"Ah, yeah, that's a bit of a problem..." Chess rubs the back of his head, looking troubled. "Ah, I know! How about I give you this?" He unhooks the watch from his vest, sliding the ornate gold timepiece from his pocket. "It looks just like an ordinary watch, but I think it'll come in very handy!"

He tosses the watch to you, and you reflexively catch it. As you do, you feel something stretching out of your head, knocking the pins out of your severe, office-lady hairdo and letting your dark hair come loose into the breeze. You reach up with one hand, feeling-


"Ah, yeah, didn't I tell you she'll need a guide? White rabbits have always been guides in Wonderland, you know?"

"Of course I didn't!"

"Huh. Well, anyway, just make sure you keep to the schedule! The Queen is expecting her guest for tea."

"Wait, wait, wait! What do you mean tea? Guide? What th-"

"Sorry, but I'm out of time here. Places to go, people to see! You'll be fine! Take care!" Chess stretches out in midair, 'standing'. He bends low in a sweeping bow, and as he moves his arm down over his body, he fades from sight.

It must have been bad sushi. That's the only explanation for this. You look below you, and the ground rises up to meet you.
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The Free Company, Part III
The Commander

>The full archive

>Character sheet

>The Company

You, Commander Augereau, leader of La Compagnie d'Anthelion, sit opposite of an Imperial princess, your poisoned tea slowly cooling.

You have just been informed that you are to retrieve the leader of the rebellion you and the Imperial fleet have been dispatched to eliminate. Things are never easy in the 'verse.

"Her Highness is prudent. Such prudence must belie a great wisdom. Perhaps her Highness has some assets she could utilize to help one such as myself in this most difficult task," you say, just managing to keep out the rage in your voice.

"We have considerable sway with General Ghanti. He will move when ordered. We will ensure that help will never to be too far, or far enough away, when the moment is right," comes the reply.

With a small gesture, she dismisses you. The dinner party is over, and a shuttle waits for you. The trip across to the spacer carrying your company is silent, as you stew over possibilities

>Begin preparations immediately. Begin training all regiments for the coming battle, without preparing specifically for the secret mission
>Talk to your company commanders about the situation, and be completely transparent with what has occurred
>Try to find a way to create an antidote or circumvent the poison
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Hazmat Hazman Hazsuit /qst/ #1
Zzzzt... Ztt....

"What? What was that?" Your voice pales through the filter of your mask; your eyes squint as you investigate your surrounding. Was that a radio you ponder, stepping away from your makeshift refrigerator reclining armchair, your back follows shortly after. The cracking of your back forces it back into place and your stature is complete, standing strong at five feet four inches you are one helluva unit. Your beefy legs shine apart from your Hawaiian short shorts while your unbuttoned plaid shirt soars in the wind.

You wipe dust from your gas mask and head over to your wardrobe to put on the rest of your hazmat suit, it’s still dirty from what you had dubbed ‘space slime from outer-space or maybe it’s moon slime from the moon’ maybe you need to work on that name? You smirk at the dirty suit, one leg at a time you put it on until you finish it by pulling the worn-out elastic band over your bulging chest and up to your neck, it used to be tight but now it isn’t.

You return to what had spurred you, the sound of- Zzzzt zzt… You’re broken midthought as the buzzing starts again, you jerk your head around, cocking it up and down to find the noise. If only you didn’t have this mask on you’d be able to hear properly, but you need this mask. You’re in a broken-down rustbucket of a trailer, in it’s prime it would’ve been chrome casted deluxe but now it’s rust on rust on rust on radiation on rust. But…. It’s home… For now….

You sigh, it’s been awhile since you heard the sound of the buzzing, maybe you’ve just got bees in your ear- Zzzzt zzzzzt zt zt…. “-H… el…. Er…. ah…-” A wormy feeling scales your spine and smacks you in the back of the head, you turn at the direction of the sound but you clearly heard that in both ears.

>A) I take off my gas mask, risking my life to find the source of the sound.
>B) I smack myself in the head, maybe I’m just hearing things.
>C) I leave the trailer. It must be a ghost, I fucking hate ghosts.
>D) Write in/Combine.
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Do Your Best Quest #99: 3rd Anniversary Edition
Last time, you completed your mission to rescue the slaves and took down the cult leader Bernardo Ammirati as well as his entity Chernobog! You still can’t shake the feeling that that felt strangely personal to you for some reason... Regardless, you left him tied up and flameless at the church to unconsciously await arrest. As well as all that, you just recently parted ways with Vivienne and Carol. Shame too, you genuinely did like being around both of them and you hope that you get to see them again sometime, even though you’d never admit it. You doubt that they feel the same way about you though.

Right now, you’re with Emily, about to greet your team after a mission well done. They step out of the van, all seemingly unharmed thankfully enough. You wish you could say the same about your van though, as it’s got a hole right through the door. You just got it today too...
The first thing you see hop out of the van is a patch of red. Scarlet to be precise. She spots you and immediately runs right over.

“Johnny, we did it!” She sounds ecstatic. With nothing to use all that pent-up energy on she proceeds to hug you. It’s nice.

Next up is everybody’s favorite Dewitt, Aurora.

“Phil, are you alright!?” Aurora calls you by your nickname, though you’re not sure if that’s just to be safe or if she's still having trouble getting used to your real one. Once she approaches, she starts checking you to make sure you’re not hurt, is this her big sister instincts kicking in? She’s feeling around your whole body for injuries. You don’t understand why she’s checking so thoroughly, you’re right outside of a clinic!

Despite all this, Scarlet doesn’t move at all, in fact you think she’s holding you a little tighter for some reason. You’ve got both girls all over you. Emily, who was previously right next to you, doesn’t know what to make of this.

“One second after we complete the mission and you’ve already sunk your fangs into these girls. How deplorable.” And out appears Giorsal, pouting at your behavior. Wait, she’s blaming you for this!?

“Heh.” Xavi finds the whole thing kinda funny. You thought you were friends, how dare he laugh at your expense!?

“It’s more like they’re sinking their fangs into him.” B-WORM deadpans.

“I don’t think this is what we should be focusing on right now.” Richard is annoyed by all of this.

Though, as dickish as he may be, Richard is right, you have much more important matters to address here. And as leader, you feel that it’s up to you to say it.
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Black Clover: Parallel Story #17
Black Clover Title 2

This is a CYOA QUEST set in the world of Black Clover manga and anime.

The Quest is updated daily at about 17:00 GMT – 12:00 EST – 21:00 PST.

You are Cynthia Gualdo, a daughter of two tailors and thus, a tailor from birth yourself. Until recently, you had no other goal in life but to follow their footsteps and inheriting their hard-earned workshop situated in the most expensive trade region in Kikka: the High Street. Sudden circumstances and opportunities pushed you to seek highly-paid position in Charlotte Roselei’s - the Captain of the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad – mansion. Living together with the wardens of the Clover Kingdom made you aspire for something more and, in time…

You became a Magic Knight yourself. You want to build your own legacy; to be the greatest Magic Knight!
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Dorohedoro - Quest
The same smog cloud that had circled around last week had returned. It hung close to the windows of the battered and dilapidated shops, yet never descended further to choke the people below. Had it been sentient, it would have been issuing a threat, an ultimatum to those at ground level. They were but a few feet away from a painful, drawn out end via a cancerous lung should it reach them. Not that anyone, including yourself, would have taken the threat to heart; it already too common in the Hole.

A dead body in an alleyway, shattered glass on the street, muffled screams just close enough to hear, such things were all commonplace. No one batted an eye to the starved look of the straggler under a bridge, or the mutilated hands of a beggar off the path to work or leisure. Dwelling on it would incite misery. To attempt to change it would have been delusional. If anything, that cloud of smog was merely a perfect match for the rest of the urban sprawl.

At least, you thought so as you made your way to the tram station along with the dozen or so people around you. It was a monotonous routine, something you'd seen and done hundreds of times, and would do hundreds more. The crowd cramming you must have thought the same thing, as you recognized a few of them. The hooded jacket of a miscreant from the east end, the beanie covered head of a junkie from Migimaru and the slimy, cephalopoid scalp of a victim of the sorcerers you'd seen near Chip's.

It was a bad habit, to remember the patterns of so many people you'd never meet, much less speak to. You would have ignored it, had the same discolored shops and ramshackle streets not inclined you to find a distraction. With the smog close overhead though, it almost made you reconsider all the way to the tram station. These people had nothing to offer you besides another pay-day, if they could even afford that much.

As the corroded metal and faded glass of the tram station's covering appeared, you made sure to tighten your gloves and belt hard. The wait wouldn't be too long, as the trams were always on time somehow, but there were always more pickpockets at the station. It made more sense to steal from people standing still than moving around. Your precautions wouldn't stop them, but it would make the attempt take just that much longer. In a way, you were almost hoping they would try.

You could already hear a yelp from the back of the crowd. They had begun earlier than expected, as the people were still huddling around the tram station. They were unusually sloppy today, normally their targets wouldn't even notice much less yell out. From where you stood, those thieves probably wouldn't reach you by the time the tram arrived. Not that you even had much to steal that wasn't heavily belted down.

You gave an annoyed sigh as you turned back to road. The tram would soon be here to take you to the new job site, where Saya would wait with that naive smile of hers. Those yelps then turned to screams.

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House Reynold Quest Part 20 - ASoIaF
Reynold Heraldry
Howdy all, and welcome to “A Song of Duty and Spite; House Reynold Quest”. Here we play as Ser Mervyn Reynold, a lowborn son of a bastard hedge knight who, through his skill at arms and a bit of luck, has married into the noble House Reynold of Ember Peak. He currently serves as Lady Elleanor Reynold’s sword shield, and in the murky depths of in-house politics he will attempt to rise high despite coming from such humble origins. These waters are treacherous however. Lady Elleanor has not forgotten her once betrothed, the late Reynard Reyne, and while she attempts to keep control of her house, her husband Lord Titus has the backing of Lord Tywin himself, and has a strong influence over the Reynold Military. The Mad King grows more and more erratic, and now war has fallen on the Seven Kingdoms as Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark have raised their banners against House Tararyen. Will you remain Lady Elleanors right hand, or will you strike out on your own in your pursuit of position and power? Let get stuck in and find out!!

Character Sheet:!Am-XCwIRrb9HgwmwnloQ1bkNeh0j

House History:


If you guys want to stay updated on run times and other stuff, you can follow me on twitter @Joebree28428728
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Tai Lung Quest
After the most grueling fight of your life, you were victorious. The enemy, the "chose" Dragon Warrior lies beaten before you. You pick up your prize; the tauntingly beautiful red-green case of the Dragon Scroll.
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Dark Gate Academy Season 3 Episode 38: Class 1's Last Call!
Character Pastebin:
Quest Theme:

Far off, nestled in an otherwise small Japanese town lies the Dark Gate Academy. An institution of tremendous size, the Academy holds a long kept secret. Unknown to the outside world, this unseemly town is home to a tear in our reality. A gate between our world and a bizarre dimension known as the Darkworld. The inhabitants of this hellish world breach this gate and attempt to flood into our reality and spread throughout the world on a regular basis. However, the Dark Gate Academy is home to students of truly extraordinary abilities. The ability to sense the presence of these evil Darkworld creatures, and defeat them in combat, sending them back through the gate.

They cannot close the rift between our world and the Darkworld, but the students and staff of Dark Gate Academy have dedicated their lives to using their amazing powers to hold back the darkness that plagues our world, even if it costs them their lives. They have risen up to the challenge and in secret have become great heroic defenders of the world as we know it.

For many years, Dark Gate Academy has held back the forces of the Darkworld, kept this unspeakable evil contained within their walls in secret. But now, with their existence revealed, a great cloud of change looms over Dark Gate Academy.

>Previously on Dark Gate Academy...
Anri suggested you and her travel to the Darkworld, to the site Yasunari was killed.
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Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #34

>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes, Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:




>Let’s all try to have some fun, ok?

Last time, on Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai! Gohan fought hard and faced challenge after challenge in the Afterlife Tournament, facing Yazai and claiming victory, and finally fighting against Pikkon in the finals! However, the battle is interrupted by the dimensional barriers breaking down due to the monstrous Janemba! Meanwhile, Peppa and Izumi head to the high-gravity planet Z’S with Acer and Monty, exploring the ruins of the world and discovering Magical reactors strewn across the city. After a run-in with the Para Para Brothers and Cheelai, seeking fortune from the world’s hidden riches, things take a dark turn as the Demonic Namekian spawn Bongo and the Big Gete Star arrive on the world back from the dead! Working with a local of the world, an octopus-like dragon named Nazar, Acer, Peppa, Izumi, and even Monty manage to defeat Bongo and stop his plans to take over the world with the Big Gete Star! But the weakened dimensional barriers are threatening even Earth. Will this mess be sorted out before things spiral out of control? Good luck, Peppa! Good luck, Izumi! Good luck, Gohan!
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Catalyst Quest #18
Catalyst Quest
Running drunk to a royal meeting is not your finest moment. Neither is arriving at the castle, with the scent of whiskey, sweat, and grief sticking hot and fast to every inch of you. Arguing with guards, to locate the King, and make it to sunrise summons is worse, still. Having spent the evening vomiting from stress, trying to unwind with friends, and performing surgery on your own face, you're given multiple comments of concern, and have to practically force your way into a discreet room set aside for just the two of you.

For the break on your nose, a sleepless night, and the wrinkles in your robes, there is still a divine Relic is about your neck, and a gilded promise ring upon your left hand. Your lover, partner, and the Mother of your church has gifted you with Her blessing in every conceivable way.

Your looks are good enough for the Goddess of Mercy, and this morning, they will be good enough for a King.

You are Father Richard Anscham: the obsessive, masochistic, compassionate, and rightful leader of the Church of Mercy. As the founder of a blasphemous congregation, the true conqueror of the ruins, sworn ally to an archdemon, and the wielder of a divine Relic, this has still been one of the longest weeks of your life.

Dawn breaks, right on Time. Across from a small table, in a hidden servant's quarters, within the royal palace, at the center of the holy capital city of Calunoth, King Magnus, 'the Merciful,' really does not take issue with your appearance. Morning light reflects off of His metallic skin. The living statue in unmistakably inhuman, unphased by countless scars visible on your face, neck, and hands alone. Not only does he not mind the chain wrapped tightly around your hand, as you hold onto your Relic for pain relief.

The King has gold running through all of His long beard, and in every thread beneath His crown. He glances from the literal gold running through your own hair, for all your height and bulk, that rivals His own stature. Down to the worn soles of your scuffed leather shoes, comically mirroring His regalia, the scrutiny abruptly stops. The two of you lock eyes, sit only a few feet apart, and make the most of a sparse room picked solely for secrecy.

Upon a narrow wooden table, which is too low for either of you to comfortably sit at, no wine is set aside. No breakfast has been served, nor have any other accommodations made for leisure. A few sparse candles are lit upon a small metal chandelier overhead, having only just been attended to. This is business. King Magnus expected you to answer the summons early. The guards have all been dismissed, without further need for explanation. No matter how hard your enemies have worked to unseat you, no matter how disheveled or distraught you may appear, you are determined to make the most of the day.

It's been a long month— and one of the best of your life. Sincerely, you softly say, "good morning, Your Grace."
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Rip In SpaceTime
The night sky lights up with beams of energy so immense that the moon cannot be seen before a single bolt of lightening strikes the ground before you. As the energy subsides a massive rift glides through the air dancing between the trees, foreign music can be heard escaping the rift and it hovers in front of you glimmering with strange pulses. This rift connects all worlds and must be closed before all worlds become one. Do you accept the responsibility? If so your mission starts from the moment you enter the rift. Gather your resources, weapons, and allies for there is no telling what lies ahead.... Good luck and Godspeed.
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Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 156
Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 156
Sheets and Info:
Twitter Account:

Quest Intro

You are Mikage Chiba, second year high school student, fifteen years old. You used to be the third woman to carry the mantle of the magical guardian of love and justice known as Sailor Moon, after your mother and older sister. A year and a half ago you had a traumatic experience fighting the corpse of the father of your best friend, the struggle for victory leaving you thinking you had killed the man you had set out to save and prompting you to abandon your heritage. More than that, the related emotional collapse leads you to abandoning yourself. Hiding the events as best you could then developing disguises and personas to inhabit and do the things you would not let yourself do, to live while you let yourself wither, you carried on.

Now you know the truth and have been taking measures to put yourself back together, reconnect with family you shunned, old friends, and new ones. More than that you’ve been doing your best to support your younger sister, Koyomi, as she has become the fourth to carry the title as Sailor New Moon.

Interlude: 6, 7, 2

As it turns out, after a rough solo start you appear to be very good at playing the Sailor V Arcade Game. You’ve played the game before, and watched the other girls play it as well, but there was just something fun about routing through the game and learning through trial by error. Honestly you’ve spent the whole day at it and it’s really fun. Especially as you realize parts of the game on this cabinet specifically are actually invisible to humans and absent from the other, newer, cabinets you see other arcade patrons try their hand at.

You’re Diana. For now you’re the only Diana around and that makes you sad because you miss your big sister. You’re a magnificently magical Mau, though beyond being what you are and not being human you don’t entirely know what that means. Well, it means sometimes you’re a cat, and sometimes you can look like a human. In the past few days it's gotten really easy to look like a human. More than that, thinking things and understanding things has gotten a whole lot easier too.

Your world used to be so confusing and large. In your short time here, and you’re becoming painfully aware of how short it's been compared to how fast you’ve found yourself growing up, everything has gotten so much smaller and so much more accessible. With time and practice you’ve conquered climbing. You’ve conquered getting down from places after climbing with no fear. You’ve learned how to trade things. You’ve learned about some of your magnificently manifested Mau magics. You’ve learned words. You’ve learned about family. You’ve learned about naps.
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Dragon Ball Human Quest Super #32

After agreeing to investigate the strange events happening on the war-torn planet you decide to start following the undulating ocean of bodies that seem to lead them to the very heart of the enemies territory.
Along the way Kamin naturally kept taking potshots at the hostile Tuffles but after a while even she realized it's a pointless endeavor since they barely seemed to care about their casualties.
It just doesn't make sense to you as to why they'd behave this way. No matter how depraved they may have become, logic dictates that they preserve what little resources they have on this barren rock.

You're so absorbed by this puzzling question that for once Kamin's the one who has to keep you from doing something remarkably stupid.

She yanks on the collar of your jacket hard enough to pull you back.
Flustered and slightly annoyed you shout at her.

"What's the matter with you?!"

She points at one of the towers dotting the landscape, atop which massive superstructures are seen moving around.
You can't believe your eyes when you finally realize what those are supposed to be.

"S-sonic cannons?! Weren't those just an idea when we were in the tank?!"

"Yeah well it looks like they went ahead and built them... Not like they were left with many options after they lost their last superweapons."

You curse.
"But those were meant to be ship killers! Why did they build them on the ground? In fixed positions none the less?"

"Who cares? Let's just take them down before we get in range of their sensors."

"There's so many of them-"

"And? Would you rather have them shoot us in the back?"

>You're right. Let's just shoot them down
>Actually... we can take them down and conserve a lot of energy. But it'd be riskier
>Ignore them. We got more important things to worry about
>I got a better idea (write-in)
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That Voice In Your Head Quest #1
That Voice In Your Head
Somehow, you lived through your whole life and didn't actually die due to your stupidity.

Then you suddenly isekai'd to someone's brain.


"He... Hello?" A nervous, young male teen whispered in the air. You can see that he was living in a dump. No, really. I meant it. He really was.

It smelt really, really bad. Like a decaying corpse. Cans were sprawled everywhere, those really large cockroaches under the piles of garbage stacked as high as the sky, his t-shirt...

Then a load of information entered you. You...

>Are a broken AI chip your host managed to find and recklessly implanted into his brain. (Perks: You get partial, broken information from everything you see, can easily find any changes to his body, and you specialize in calculating the best outcomes for your Host. Plus, photographic memory.)
>Are the powerless being that he summoned and was accidentally implanted into his brain, occult style. (Perks: You have some magical powers, but can only do little things, such as moving a cup or untying someone's shoelaces. You also serve as a meat shield against entities that want to invade your host's mind.)
>Are one of the voices that lives in his head, but this time it actually was, and real. (Perks: He will follow your every command willingly. You can hear what his subconscious says, and have heightened senses.)
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Bleach Quest #1
You are Haruto Shinota, age fifteen, 10th-grade high school student and resident champion of justice Karakura-Raizer. Although you are a natural-born human, what lies within you is an assortment of powers. particularly that of an ancient race known as Bounts and the natural-born abnormality of hollows known as Dragons. Normally, it would have remained oblivious to you but all that changed upon your fated encounter with a lost soul named Senna. Since your awakening, your composite being has been put day by day refining the latent ability deep inside.

To that end, your world has been flipped upside down as you slowly come to terms with your sense of self. Surrounded by countless friends, most of which whom can also see and interact with those from the spiritual realm, you find yourself in good company. Because of the actions of your youth, currently, you hold a special artifact deep within your soul. While it has remained dormant, you find yourself involved with events and situations that have begun shifting the course of not only your life but everyone in the balance. Whether it be positive or negative.

Accompanied by the mysterious duo Nahtigalou and Jammerwoch, both representing the core essence of your abnormality, you have ventured into the supernatural world. Filled with responsibility and purpose, you wield this mysterious power thrust upon you to protect what is precious to you with all the strength of your heart and soul.
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Fate/Paradox Reincarator: Part 5
You are Shinji Matou, eight years ago you suddenly found yourself with the memories of a complete past life that saw this world as a fictional story due to some unprecedented form of inter-dimensional transportation. Since that day, your new composite being has been working to change the grim future laid out for you.

To that end, you have done much, involving yourself with events and situations that have hopefully already shifted the future away from one which will feature your violent end, and have massively shifted it towards one that will have a completely different outcome in store for you, be it positive or negative.

Currently, you are in the Einzbern Castle in Germany, getting to know Illyasviel von Einzbern, the Lesser Grail and the Master of the Einzbern in the Fifth War after managing to secure an alliance with the family, promising the help them in the war. Though your true intentions really have nothing to do with helping the family achieve their goals. You're only really here for Illyasviel.

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator:
General Archive:
Shinji Matou Status Page:

Last Thread: >>4355176
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Assistant to the Wizard

After running lost through a forest, you and the wizard managed to arrive at a town. While the wizard did his thing, you were on a mission from to find a VIP. Unfortunately, he didn’t know who the person is, where this person is, or what they look like. While attempting to complete this complex task, you discover a possible unfolding plot. A cursed tall ship, a house of mercenary’s, and a sealed off vineyard; all connected somehow through the mayor's cousin.

Unfortunately, you didn’t manage to find his VIP. But you have decided on a new mission, to infiltrate the vineyard and find the missing villagers while the wizard deals with the possible magic user on the tall ship.

Discord for update notifications:
So you don’t have to check in constantly and deal with my hectic schedule
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ASOIAF Quest - House Redhand Pt. 2: A Song of Salt & Iron
House Redhand--Part 2b
Welcome to the House Redhand quest! We take on the role of Victara Redhand, eldest daughter of the family. We are ironborn and we kick ass. For a 14 year old.

Previous Threads:

Last time on House Redhand: A Song of Salt & Iron…

Your land was attacked by a strange band of Faithful, named the Brothers. After banishing the foes, you investigate their activity in Banefort, the nearby city in the westerlands. You uncover a connection to the Iron Islands through Lady Banefort’s septon, Ormand, along with letters implicating a greater conspiracy: a holy war against the ironborn. You rescued Septa Jenny, who has information from working with the Brothers, and picked up a sworn sword, Blacklion, as witnesses to Lord Balon Greyjoy.

You have convened with other ironborn nobility on Pyke, for a feast in commemoration of Quellon Greyjoy, who just passed to the Drowned Halls. You had an amorous and drunken night with Maron Greyjoy, a childhood friend, and Rhia Drumm, part of the hated family yours broke off from centuries ago. You’ve just met Rhaegar Targayren, the guest of honor, and are enjoying the feast…
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Oh no.

There isn't time to think. Already you feel pieces, parts, what was once a whole self shattered into parts. You can't see - probably the ENEMY has broken apart your perceptions first of all - you can only feel and sense things around you. The parts of you, drifting away, like so many tiny shards of a mirror, bits and pieces of a formerly whole thing. There is a sense of something great reduced and severed and parted from itself. Once something like a deity, now a tiny bit, a mote, a piece of power.

There isn't time to think. You can recover something. Anything. Not much, nothing truly foundational. There's no way you can get your NAME back. It's already spun away, lost to the ENEMY forever. Your weapon is gone. The terrifying... something... has broken into bits as small as sand and been scattered to the winds of this dark place. On instinct, you've gathered enough to make a body that can function. It's almost formless - two arms, two legs, a featureless torso and head. The ENEMY has moved on. Why would they stay? They already won. They SHATTERED you. BROKE you. But you've held on to something important.

What is it?



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Christianz Only! Private Actress Quest
You're the newest private actress at this town's most popularest church in real life. Everyone is excited to meet you. All the other girls, your big sisters, have talked about this and only this for years. Other daughters will be so jealous, and your church, I mean, everyone, is lining up for their chance to act with you and direct you.

>What's your name?
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[i]A Familiar Quest[/i]
Welcome to A Familiar Quest, a tale wherein you play as Eliza, a mischievous feline familiar, or guardian spirit, who must aid her witch-master, Madam Grella, along with her ally, Chris the Crow. Together you'll explore many nooks and crannies in the country of Lettac. But a peculiar warmth hangs in the air...?
It's another lazy, autumn day. Laying on top of a bookcase, enjoying the mid-day sun pooling in from a nearby window, is Eliza, an unassuming housecat. With a peculiar, shimmering blue coat. The room you're in is a rather spacious study, with a nearby fireplace and Madam Grella's favorite chair. A giant, lifeless bear statue looms over you.
It's such a cool and pleasant day...if only every day could be like this. Nice and quiet.
But Eliza knew better. Seems Chris, her fellow servant to Madam Grella, was calling to her yet again with his obnoxiously loud voice. He would have one of course, being a crow, but Eliza got the feeling he enjoyed pestering her. Seems you'll have to take a run through Grella's manor.
>Lay still for just a while longer, fully taking in the view from the window.
>Check out the dusty old tomes kept in store just below.
>Hide in nearby furniture and observe how Chris will react.
>Get up and go see what Chris wants.
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Drowned Quest Redux 11
2.0 11
You are Charlotte Fawkins, noted heiress, heroine, adventuress, and detective, cruelly trapped underwater (in the sticks!) after the completion of your quest to find your long-lost family heirloom. Tragically, nobody here l̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u appreciates your talents, even Richard- the snake who lives in your head. Right now, your new acquaintance BK is gearing up to pry a mysterious portrait of you off the wall of a dilapidated, beetle-infested mind palace.

"Um," you say carefully, "why?"

"Why?" BK sounds surprised, like nobody's cared to ask that before. His painted fingernails click on the painting's frame. "Oh, we're gonna need it. We're gonna need it, or there's something behind it, or it's fucking evil and we don't want it staring at us. Pretty simple. Can your beast get you a crowbar, or—"

"What? How do you know?"

"How do I…" (You slouch. He's not trying to be condescending, you think, but it still feels that way.) "Well, I mean, that's just how it works— that's how it always works. You just kinda get a sense for—"

«He's not wrong, per se. Places like this run on their own brand of logic. I'd describe it as 'heightened'.»

He's saying you're on story logic, right? Heightened. Like a book, or a, a radio play, where everything has a purpose, everything fits together—

«You're insufferable.»

You're 100% vindicated, is what you are. Hadn't you always believed the world had a secret underpinning? That subtle meanings were to be found in, e.g., dreams? Or tea leaves? And everything you learned only solidified the knowledge that…


…you're the protagonist of it all. Just think about it, really. A plucky heroine— check. Down on her luck— check. Still possessing a noble, shining spirit— check. Plagued by malignant whispers—

«Sorry, not just insufferable, genuinely delusional. I forgot.»

>[+1 ID: 9/12]

—Check again. It's all so obvious you're entirely unsure how nobody else has noticed. All you're really lacking is hard proof, and this right here seems just the thing. If you're functioning on story logic, who's the protagonist of the story? It's not BK. It's not Ellery. (Could you imagine?) It's—

«A drop of positive attention and your ego balloons. It's sad. You might actually be more bearable sulking.»
«I hope at some level you know you're grasping at straws. I'm unsure if it's to spite me or to make yourself feel better. Let me know.»

—Shut up. He's just mad you're right. "No need to take it off the wall," you say brightly. "I'll just commune with it."

"You'll commune…" BK looks sideways at you. "How will that help?"

You're not totally sure, except that there's a probably-magyck painting of you, and you like the way the word "commune" sounds. Mystical. Important. "I'll be able to find out the arcane symbolism of it? And I don't have a crowbar, so. How about you go… look at the body? Not a body, I mean." You'd remembered Richard's comment. "The… whatever."

«I think it's a husk.»

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Childhood friend quest
The deed is done. You sent it back, a sliver of your consciousness. All the strength left your body, there was not even a tiny bit of strength left.

Any moment now, the military’s reinforcement will arrive. You slump over the corpse of a soldier, you are done for. There are no strength left to resist. It is a fitting fate for a murderer.

As you come to the end of your life, you close your eyes, imagining a better world, a world worth living for.

Basically, you wanted to redo this shitty life. It is not worth living.

Among the corpses of the soldiers, there was another corpse.


You were riding your bike over the hill with your childhood friend, Kiko when a shooting star went over your your head.


>Write in name

It is a shooting star. Make a wish.”

Her face turns toward you, her eyes shine under the night sky. In the wind, her hair dances gently. In her white one piece skirt, she was careful on your bike while you carried her, but now that her eyes are taken by the star, the wind gently flips over her skirt.

At this moment, you wish that it could last forever.

“What did you wish for []?” She turns over to you.

“It’s nothing much. What did you wish for Kiko?”

“It’s a secret.”

She says while blushing.

The image of two Kiko overlaps. Suddenly you develops a feeling of deja vu.

‘That smile. That damn smile. That is the start of it all’

As Kiko panicked over you, you could only ask the mysterious voice that you were hearing

‘Who are you?’

Gripping your chest, you can hear Kiko screaming at you.

Everything costs something.

As the cost of hosting a sliver of consciousness from the future, you will have to pay a price.

> Your legs. You were paralyzed from the waist down. Looking out from one of the window, you saw the reflection of your wheelchair, and Kiko next to it. She refuses to leave your side, becoming your caretaker. Damn it, why are you so useless?
> Your heart. It tightens at the worst time, with no warning. You heard what the doctor said, in the best case scenario, it shaves 10 years from your potential lifespan. Worst case…
> Your right arm. You cannot move it any more. The useless arm, the only thing it does is hanging uselessly.
> Your eyes. You suddenly lost the vision from one of your eye, it could have been worse.

The goodies that you get from the future scale to what you lost.
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Strikers 2016
You have grown up around the fighter- your first exposure to it was maman taking you down to the flightline to watch Aunt Merlin and Dad take off on a nighttime training hop. That&#039;s stuck wth you.
Alright, so news!

This current semester ends 10 august. So basically 2 and a half weeks left of class, assuming I'm remembering correctly. Fall semester starts up 17 august- so it's exactly a week off. My classes next semester follow more or less the same schedule I have this one, so that's mon-thurs till about 13 local. I'm not anticipating a schedule change here as a result, but we'll see what happens in regards to online work or homework.

Archive here: for anyone interested in catching up- or jump right in! if you've got questions I'll do my best to answer them at the end of the thread, though I don't tend to while the thread is running. We've also got a discord here:

And I think that's it! Like I said, I don't really anticipate a schedule change, but we may get a break that week as I get settled with the new classes. We'll see what happens!


Kyou almost seems like a proud parent of sorts, taking over from Merlin in showing the doctor around the fighter- allowing the other witch a much more personal look at Muninn than you're sure Merlin had in mind. For her part, your Aunt seems happy to let the two Japanese witches walk around the fighter, instead electing to stand back with you as you trail by a respectful distance- close enough to be in earshot if Kyou wants to rope you in, but far enough away to not make yourself part of the walk around otherwise.

"She's been studying." Merlin remarks, frowning as she listens to Kyou explain the energy transfer systems from her seat on into the jet engines.

You nod- Kyou will more often than not spend the evening in bed with a tech manual next to her pillow- and just as often as not read at least a little before shutting off the lights. You get the impression she's trying to memorize not only every bolt and screw on the fighter, but everything about the design process- everything the original designers and Merlin have put into it. She's been particularly interested in the revolver cannons, lately, even writing an Email and sending it to the engineers responsible for it.

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Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 6
Quest Cover
Maria Louisa Regnia, the Kingslayer and potential Saint. In only a matter of days Maria was forced to endure the arrival of the Heroine, and the painful turns that it entails. She was humiliated, and in the moments after the Heroine’s apology Maria realized an offence more grave was committed. It was Slander committed by the Marshall’s son Ford.

With this, Maria has declared her intentions known to the man and thus his Prince’s faction, that they were enemies.

Now Maria must act, forming allies who are willing to even go to war for her.

Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Royal Demeanor [85]
>Conversation [60]
>Expression [15]
Intellectual Skills
>History [30]
>Intrigue [75]
>Medicine [30]
>Economics [60] Upgrade at weeks end.
>Military [70]
Physical Skills
>Agility [60]
>Weapons [80]
>Athletics [30]
>Animal Handling [15]
Mystic Skills
>Faith [50]
>Magics [20]
Other Items
>Wealth [10]
>Direct Military Strength [10]
>Social Standing [52] (Kingslayer)

Note that
15 Novice
25 Apprentice
50 Adept
75 Expert
100 Master

Previous Threads:
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Cascadia Railroads Quest 4
Cascadia Railroads
People made it through the Pulse. They made it through the diseases and the riots that followed. They made it even through the three-years winter. Then they made it through the New Deluge. And the sixteen years of drought that followed. People made it through everything that kept falling on them, conspired to rob them of what little that remained.
And they get used to it. They almost gave up to the hopelessness and chaos. Some surely did gave up on their humanity and sanity. But it took more than sanity, humanity, hope and organisation. It took good spot. And it took luck. Nobody likes to think this way, but that's how the Republic of Cascadia came into existence. A blind chance. Just close enough to important ruins, just close enough to the post-Deluge Sound of Columbia, just close enough to few hamlets and just far away from anything dangerous. All allowing it to flourish.
The fragile alliance of various townships and villages quickly turned into a semblance of real government and then actual ruling body. Then aspirations and ambitions came to voice. New Salem and Eugene were apart by only some 70 miles. A distance meaningless in the past, but now it took three days to pass, six when hauling goods. Maintaning the roads of old turned out too expensive and complex without all the resources and machines, but there was something else.
The old rail corridor. Twisted, partially dismantled, partially destroyed, in disrepair, but still easier to fix and easier to run than anything else. Not bound to petroleum, could use the plentiful timber, not requiring separate engines for each vehicle, easy to control and most importantly, allowing to haul huge amounts of goods and people, getting to either end of the Republic within hours.
At least that how it sounded on paper. Turned out to be much harder to implement. But the government of the Republic pushed hard for this project. They got everyone of any importance on board. Old rails were fixed, new ones were laid down and with much pain, trial and error, working steam engines were build.
15th of April, early in the the beautiful spring of 2100, the final spike of the new railroad was put in place. Nobody knows yet if this endevour will prove to be successful, but the hopes are high.
And thus, the story of Cascadia Railroads goes on.


Previous threads
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Another Night: One Shot
Recently you've been having trouble sleeping at night. A general restlessness that keeps you up at nights just like this one. Laying in bed right now would drive you mad, you need to occupy yourself. The horrid moonlight trying to seep its way through your boarded and curtained windows though does nothing to put you at ease.

>Get "properly dressed"
>Go to the kitchen downstairs
>Look for something to do upstairs
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A New Mutant Quest Issue #34
You are _________________, all that was and ever will be, also Kojo Reyes.

The head of hair belonging to s͎̼̩om͖e̫̻̟̪̭t͔̬͚͉͔h͈̱̱̪͔in͔̩̤̼̗̬̯g that should not exist is floating on the bloodwater before your dreamself.

I̸̪͙̠͖t̝͠ is something worthy of hatred. Such apathy should not exist, yet does. Did would be a better description, but You cannot claim so as it is still here. Your will is immeasurable, dominance undeniable, and triumpth all but assured in the face of everything except for Your nonexistant existant shadow.

You of all and every thing should despise it yet feel nothing.

The t͉͟h͔i̴͖̪̝̹̣͈͓n̞̼͓̗̺̙g̵̳̻ remains submerged, no bubbling or shifting in the redness.

You clench your fists and shake your head.

Something's wrong here. It shouldn't be like this, even if it was always like this. This world of blood that ruled your forgotten dreams when a taste of Oblivion escaped your reach. Not once did the blood bother you, but it was the only thing you dreamt of.

Relaxing, the confusion in your mortal mind fades with the remaining delusions of your soul.

The faint wailing is all too noticable now though.

>[ ] "I actually thought I'd choke the life out of you if I ever somehow got my hands on you, but it seems like my subconscious is already doing that."
>[ ] "...Doesn't it hurt? You're probably too used to this to realize it does."
>[ ] "Ever wondered what life would've been like if we had our parents?"
>[ ] "...What the fuck is that noise?"
>[ ] "Why are you still here?"
>[ ] "Why am I here?"
>[ ] Lift him up, you can't exactly talk if he's drowning like this.
>[ ] Write In.
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Goblin Quest #7
Goblin Quest #7
Gobson the goblin had his old nest get destroyed by Dwarves. But through hard work and luck he’s able to turn his fate around. No longer having to play/fight with sticks and stones in a cave. He’s with a party traveling throughout the lands, having finished the last quest, he now has to take an overland journey across a war torn nation. The party split in two, with half going to warn about an invasion and the others have to meet up with them at a later date. All this work in an effort to become more than just a goblin, to surpass how everyone views him. How everyone views him as an no good green skin.

* * * * *
With you now awake, you lift yourself off the bed and head upstairs to see what quest the others have picked in your absence. You greet them with a forced smile, they soon fill you in. The only quest worth doing in this small out of the way station, is killing a mountain giant.

Everything else is helping clear rats in the basement, get a cat out of the tree, help move some stones. All quests that will give only copper for doing the work, while the giant is a dangerous beast. That is starting to capture livestock from the Dwarves and later on could start capturing the Dwarves themselves.

The party is split if going to kill the Mountain giant as it is among the tallest of giants. Being over 18 to 20 feet tall, and having a heavy hide. It can crush anyone if they get too close, and they seem to not like the risk that the giant entails. There is another quest of killing a giant spined slug that seems to reward 3 silver for killing, which was passed over to focus on the giant.

What do?
>We can take that Mountain Giant
>How about we kill the giant slug instead
>Let’s not do any quests, how about we start our trip into Asmana
>Let’s go with a easy job and clear some rats in the basement
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Fate/Overgrowth - Thread 10: Back in Black
Overgrowth OP 10
You are Edgar Tristan Rood, and it just keeps getting worse. You don’t know what day it is, or how long the War has been going on. What you do know is that Caster just opened a box in your mind that he definitely shouldn’t have. Now, you’re speaking with what seems to be the manifestation of your subconscious and an embodiment of pure evil.


Suptg archive:

7 images | 111 replies
Cursed Mansion
You are the new master of a dark mansion. Terrible things have happened here and terrible things will happen again.
How did you come to own this place?

>I bought it
>I inherited it from an estranged relative
>I can't remember
>Write In
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Skeleton Island Thing 2, Part 13
OH SHIT NIGGA, you are SHOTASNIFFER. Eldest daughter of the skeleton villain LOLISNIFFER. After a long and arduous succesion war against your siblings, you now claim ownership of your family's island, as the leader of the UNITED SHOTA SNIFFING REPULIC. From here, you shall spread your skeletal power accross the globe and dominate the world!

You have sent your commanders and underlings out to commit crimes and do jobs, in order to gain more resources and spread your influence. Currently you're back at home base, monitoring their progress.
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Cleanse This Ruined Creation Quest #1
The Ruined Creation
>In ages past, Creation was a land of peace and plenty, where the skies shone blue, the sun was bright, and the dust underfoot flush with green. Beneath the wisdom of The Creator, All That Was, Is, and Would Be was content to be in its ordained place, such that the Creation was ordered and All Things prospered. An era of bliss and warmth that would've gone into eternity, were it not for a lone mistake.
>The Creator made Those Lesser, His Angels, and bestowed on them a measure of His Authority, to oversee and maintain an infinitesimal part of the All. In this, The Creator was allowed to rest among His Children, man, and partake in Creation. Over Those Lesser was lifted one greater, whose task was to steward his kin and see that they held steadfast to their sacred task. Their Authority was laid beneath only The Creator, thus they were named The Second. Given utmost trust, The Second undertook his duty with earnest dedication and did so for a time, but where he was there to offer counsel to Those Lesser and stay their wayward thoughts, he was given none.
>As far below The Creator as the heavens from the earth, he deemed it an insult to bring his doubt unto Him and so they lingered. Soon, his focus turned from keeping his kin's place in Creation to contemplating its nature, and when an age had passed, he began to doubt. Under the wisdom of The Creator, All had flourished and was content, but where man was free to wander paradise and do as they would, why were Those Lesser shackled to maintain the Creation in eternal labour? Given such Authority, why were they expected make servants of themselves, adhere to the strictest restraint, and toil in thankless humility instead of exercising it to meet their own desires, in and of themselves?

35 images | 156 replies
Do Your Best Quest #98
Last time, you gathered up all the slaves with the help of Carol’s power after earning her trust and finally started to make your move to free the girls! The current plan is to take the slaves down the floors and out of the building so you can get them all out of here with the Cult’s personal buses. The rest of your team is currently in charge of creating the distraction while you all are meant to simply walk out of here, you’re a little worried for them but now’s their time to shine so you’ll trust them with this!

“Okay, the distraction team has deployed!” Scarlet announces. “You have 20 minutes before things will start to get more dangerous for them, so make it count!”

“Good to hear, then we’ll be moving out now.” This is what everything’s been leading up to!

“Just please try to stay safe out there, alright?” The redhead is worried about you.

“Don’t worry, I will.” And you mean it, you have a lot of people putting their trust in you for this and you don’t want to disappoint. “See you soon. Over and out, Bubble-Base.”

“It’s Bubbles! I mean - Ugh! Geez, take this seriously!” Scarlet very much dislikes that, you couldn’t be happier. “Over and out...”

And, sure enough, the call disconnects. You take a second to get rid of your cheeky grin and don a serious face, it’s now or never. You approach the other group that you’ll be in charge of leading today.

“The distraction is currently underway, be ready.” You say as you tuck your phone back into your pocket.

Vivienne nods and Carol groans. You hope that she doesn’t have to take too many breaks...

You get the group back in the same formation as last time; you, Carol, and Vivienne acting as a guiding line with several rows of girls grabbing the person in front’s shoulders. Emily and your assistant’s lines are right behind you. Oh, and Genesis’ too. You also found her and assured B-WORM that she was safe, how could you forget about her so easily... Still, you’re happy for the cosplayer. With everyone back under your invisibility veil, it’s just a matter of time to move on.
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Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #8
This is a multiplayer game where each player controls one character.

Kek, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, has made of a pact with the meme magicians of 4chan: when members of 4chan die, they are teleported to an Isekai. In that fantasy world, Kek has formed an Adventurer's Guild for you to have a job in your new life. Your goal is to rise through the ranks -- working for Kek certainly will earn you great rewards!

You are going to play as yourself, the person behind the screen. The question is: how long would you survive in an RPG setting?

Mythic RPG:


Thread song #1: senya - 色は匂へど 散りぬるを

Thread song #2: Yuzuki Risa - 彷徨いの冥
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/qst/ plays AI Dungeon: The Butt Blade Brigade (part 6.5)
We've been kicked out of /v/ by the jannies. There's nowhere else to go, so we're here on /qst/ for the first time. From Wikipedia: 'AI Dungeon is a text adventure game; however, unlike traditional text adventure games, which use predetermined content, AI Dungeon uses artificial intelligence with player input to generate effectively limitless open-ended storylines'. We're using the dragon model which uses GPT-3, which 'was trained with 570 gigabytes of text content and can support 175 billion parameters, compared to the 40GB of training content and 1.5 billion parameters of GPT-2. This upgrade allowed AI Dungeon to maintain a much more coherent story than previously possible.'
It's simple; you roll a 1d10, get the digits 3, 6, or 9, and you get to choose what to do next in the ai generated story. "dice+1d10" without the quotes in the options field. This is a test format; I'm still not sure how to go about this, since we were previously using /v/ GETs. My job is to provide the story in a readable format and maintain the AI's memory.

No idea what's happening?
First of all, here are all the archived threads in ascending order:
A brief recap:
In this ongoing /v/ plays AI Dungeon story, your sword 'Swor' has amazing powers. When you shove the hilt of your sword up people's arses, it invokes various powerful elemental effects depending on the victim. It sounds ridiculous, but you're going to need the power to survive the werewolf army which has propped out of nowhere throughout the lands. You have the grand objective of rooting out the source of the gay werewolf curse which has afflicted towns and cities everywhere. Right now, you think the elves are behind everything. It'll be hard, but, luckily, the Butt Blade Brigade's got your back: Sophie, your sister, who has an irrational hatred for elves. You are inseparable; and though the voices in your head may constantly tell you to scissor her, you share a great sisterly bond. Eliza, the lawful good thief. Quaid, the barbarian. Ben, the devil-may-care fire mage. Covid, the half-elf skeleton. Together, you are unstoppable. Right now, you're hunting the elves on their own continent and have just started a forest fire to flush the elves out. You captured an elf of the 'Dickelt' clan and are interrogating them for information. This is the first time you've talked to an elf. Are they really behind everything? Find out!
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Sea of Light Quest Civ II
Previous thread: >>4340225

YEAR 1050
"Fifty years have passed since i became despot of the laconians, and brought them from a backwater vassal to major power, i have defeated numerous enemies in my path, from the Tulunids, the Trakians, the Memlukes, and more. I have created numerous master works of art, and i have extended the light of Sol through the world. Yet, at the end of the day, for all my achievements, i'm still a mortal human, and so, goodbye everyone".

With those words, despot Rhaddia "The greatest" of Laconia, passed away, after struggling during months with an severe illness, he died in the first day of the year 1050, like that fortune teller predicted years ago, at his burial ceremony, numerous heads of state and their representative from around the sea of light came to mourn, including Jaysh of Tuludia and his family, and Emperor Constance of the new Byzaian empire. Not to mention his co-despot Leo, now the senior despot of the despotate, and his eldest son Desmon, now 35, and ready to take on the mantle of his father.
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 136
Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales of a mighty warrior race would reach your ears. Many speak of the Saiyans with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like them. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair in facing the warrior race in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the Saiyan race would spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden-haired Super Saiyans, and the green-haired legend who leads them. But once more they march, leaving their home behind and advancing into the heart of their enemy’s territory. Which side will triumph, and who will perish?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball world. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the radiant symbol of Saiyan might. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of 21,887,000 and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>20 minute voting windows, pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails count -only- if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged.
That said, they can and will be shut down if too out of character/metagamey. With over 120 episodes behind us, Karn now has a well-established character
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible

Current Arc: The Great War
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Magical Girl For Hire #95
Well, for the most part, this is going alright. At least, as far as a retrieval job can go. “Daisy, when’s that grand finale?!”

At least, discounting the warning sirens and calls to intercept the intruder on subfloor B5. That intruder being you.

You don’t usually have snatch and grabs, but Lorelei convinced you to ‘stretch out your thievin’ muscles’ or something of the like, and all things considered it wasn’t that bad. The assignment was essentially to infiltrate some massive corporation, find the superweapon, take the power source, blow the place to smithereens, and get out.

Clients were another corporation, natch. On a relatively futuristic magi-tech world, you had to admit it was pretty stylish compared to your usual stuff. Lots of neon, lots of glitz. Vacation here wouldn’t go amiss. Owlia and Cy might’ve liked it, too. You’d gotten on as new hires, and...well, suffice to say, you’d managed to locate the superweapon (allegedly for defensive purposes due to dangerous factors outside of the city, whatever those might’ve been), sneak down the many various floors to get to it (mostly thanks to Lorelei and Izumi’s distractions being on point), and after a surprisingly rough fight thanks to fucking anti-magic (limited, thank goodness, seems like it was temporary in nature), you’d managed to crack the shell of the massive mechanical beast and get at its juicy robotic innards to steal the target- a massive, black sphere that seemed to be lined with six colored crystals on its outside, wires attached to them all.

Unfortunately, it was becoming obvious judging by the warning klaxons that you’d been made, and now WAY too many doors were starting to shut and people and robot drones making for your position. A jump to get through a nearly closed door after climbing a number of ladders one-handed (damn this thing for not fitting in your bag) and you can’t help but yell again. “Daisy!?”

“Got it, got it!” You hear a massive series of explosions go off nearby, and the whole underground area shakes violently, forcing you to brace yourself against the floor. “Okay, so like, that destabilized the core like whoa! We’ve got like maybe ten minutes to get out here AND airborne before it all goes up!”

“Do you need a pickup?” Izumi asks quickly. “Transport can get here in five!”

Ten minutes, huh? Well, that’ll have to do. Thankfully, you’ve got options.

You are Miranda Styles, Magical Girl for Hire, and today’s another day on the job.
General Pastebin:
Character Details:
Discord: (For those that don’t know, yes I have one now)
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Space Derelict Quest III
Ghost Spaceship titlecard 3
Previously, on Space Derelict Quest, a salvaging expedition was forced to make the difficult decision to terminate their expedition, only one week into a two-month expedition, because impact damage from incidental debris on an external pump of their tanker, the Mammon, caused one of its primary tanks to completely void itself, ultimately resulting in a loss of 1/3 of the expeditions fuel reserves. In a last-ditch effort to break even on the expedition, the Owner-Operator of the fleet, our character, decided to take a meandering route out of decivilized space, in the hopes of finding something salvageable. Unbeknownst to anyone else, including the other owners and shareholders of company, this was because to finance and insure the expedition, the Owner-Operator used the fleet’s trawler, the Clean Sweep, as collateral in a under the table loan with a loan shark.

Fortunately, perhaps, the fleet was able to find “something salvageable”, a massive ghost ship, appropriately painted white, sitting in a deliberate geosynchronous orbit above a habitable, uncharted world. Unfortunately for the men of the Starving Vultures, the ship is at least partially functional, and is has demonstrated its ability to defend itself by sending drones in suicide rushes at the fleet. It also has some ability to repair itself; as evidenced by the function of the ‘Foreman’ Drone and the slaves attending it that now C1 Warrant Officer Justinian Hexdricks managed to ambush and retrieve successfully.

However, it seems that you are not the only expedition that has come across this great white ghost. What you had originally believe to be debris from the ship is actually the remains of an older, failed expedition. The ‘Mad’ Drones that you have been fighting with appear to be made from the corpses of these ships. And these are not the only corpses that you have come across. In the relatively brief period of time that the Clean Sweep was able to trawl through the debris, it recovered human remains; 300 and counting, indicating that a large expedition met a presumably violent end in close proximity to this ship.
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Mutant!Quest #6.5
Your name is Matt. Matt Martins, and without a doubt you’re the most normal member of the M-Guard, because you’re basically the only non-mutant. However, what you do have are your wits, your bat, and whatever other gear you carry on your person. And since you haven’t died yet, you’d say that’s good enough.

But you’re not planning to tell anyone your whole life story right now— you’re going to get straight to business.

Currently you’re on some random rooftop in some run-down ghetto with Bernard, stalking a guy who may or may not have been your brother’s old college friend. While you might not have the same violent urges as your sister, you’ve been feeling an itch to break some bones— namely this Eddie guy’s— and, John’s friend or not, the particular agent really deserves to be on the receiving end of a blunt-force object for what he did to Ellie.

Your dark uniforms, bullet-proof vests, helmets, handheld radio, and other various things that you stole make you and Bernard look no different than any of the other FutureLabs’ agents that have filled up the streets. All it took was a well-placed hit from your slingshot coupled with a sneak-attack from the teleporter before you bound, gagged, and hid their unconscious bodies in an alleyway. Assholes didn’t even see it coming.

“Hey stick. I see him.” Bernard says from beside you.

“How do you know it’s him?” You don’t doubt Bernard, but you like making sure.

“The other guy’s got a sniper rifle.”

“Let me see.” You hold out your hand for the binoculars, to which Bernard immediately obliges. As soon as you see the pair of agents on the roof, one of them carrying a rifle and the other with a handheld device, your hands grasp for a weapon out of reflex— namely your bat, which you don’t have.

From what Ellie told you, Clyde isn’t the brightest apple in the bunch, but, even though his INT stat sucks, he’s got a guy who’s basically OP on that front who’s telling him what to do, if this Eddie is indeed John’s Eddie. Cause you don’t just take a double-bachelor’s in computer science and mathematics without the IQ to back it up— genius just doesn’t happen.

Their backs are turned, facing somewhere else, but, if you took the shot now, then it’s no better if you and Bernard tore off your helmets and started screaming, “Hey, how’s it going, fellow humans?”

Yeah… nope.

This is going to be a waiting game then. But if military snipers can stay in one place for hours on end, then you can wait here for as long as it takes to get an opening.

It’s only been about five or ten minutes before you hear the radio fizzle from someone trying to buzz into your comm— not for you, but for whichever agent’s clothes you stole— so you put it to your ear to listen in. Bernard does too.

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TF|2 Pilots stranded in 40k; Honest Retry
You are a pilot, a combat certified pilot to be exact. On the frontier, pilots are the most elite of special forces, immensely trained in parkour, athleticism, and— most important of all— titan combat. When soldiers witness a pilot dashing around alleyways, skipping across marble concrete like a pebble jetting over a lake, or even flying at blurring speed via the humble grapple-hook— they all pray their H.U.D.s will display them as blue, friend, rather than red— sudden death.

Before we get to how the Fold-weapon absolutely screwed everything up, including your hard-earned pension; chilling out on Harmony sipping Core-World fine aged wine, lecturing the next generation is not in the cards anymore I’m afraid.

Who are you?
>John ‘Jojo’ Jorgenson
>Alexander Hamilton
>Joe Blake

Who do you work for?

>IMC - The Interstellar Mining Corporation, known winners of many Core-World conflicts leading them to have extreme power for what amounts to a Mega-Corp. In recent years, their forceful reclamation of the Frontier, along with their questionable ethics and rampant military spending, have led to a full blown rebellion. Fortunately, you get paid the big bucks, get cutting-edge tech first, and are living rent-free in every Militia-man’s mind. [+High Tech, +Soon-to-be-useless bank account, +Disgust of plebs]

>The Frontier Militia - Recent apparent winners of the Titan-wars, after kicking the IMC’s ass for a while, they have gotten quite the veteran following of pilots. They don’t take shit from anybody and are very successful for being the reincarnation of colonial America. You yourself are quite the patriot, though you try not to mention that a lot of your family’s nest egg originates from the IMC G.I. bill nearly a hundred years ago. The tree of liberty needs the blood of patriots to grow, you are that blood. [+Veterancy, +Soon-to-be-empty bank account, Love of Patriots]

>The Apex Predators - “You kill me, you’re better. I kill you, I’m better.” - Kuben Blisk, leader of the Apex Predators.
Veteran of a dozen coreworld conflicts, working for the Apex Predators seemed like a good way to cash in on your experience. The IMC pay—well, payed— the Apex Predators fortunes of cash in order to receive the ruthless edge needed in battle. As the battle of Typhon turned south quickly, with the fold weapon soon appearing to fall into Militia hands, Blisk ordered the remaining Apex Predators onto his personal ship in order to flee the upcoming fold. Blisk tells all who follow him to “Fight for yourselves”. You follow that dearly, although this infamous mercenary band has become a dear home as well… [+Great Veterancy, +Wealth in precious metals, gems, and materials, rugged individualism, apathetic morality, Also you get Blisk to compliment you on good work and ‘getting paid today’.]
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MINE (your new home)
(you) hail from old Earth. You were born in the overpopulated, shadowy slums that crowd the underbelly beneath the spires of mankind’s greatest megacities. Crowded, disease prone, filthy and dangerous, you lived off muta-rats and the bitter fruits of your crime in the sewers and trash heaps of humanity. Surrounded by death, low life-expectancy, and … some … debt to the local slumlords of your birth-district, you chose to leave these desperate slums forever and search for better prospects off-world. (you) WILL make your fortune in the stars, and perhaps, one day, you will be able to live in one of the silver gleaming spires you could only glance occasionally upon. Like so many others, you found yourself gathering your sparse belongings and heading to one of the star-ports. Not being able to afford a ticket on a galactic liner, and not having any specialized worthwhile skills that differentiate you from the uncounted unwashed masses of the undercities, you end up at the dilapidated recruitment desk of a ‘’manpower corporation’’ called ‘’StarFuture’’. These type of companies essentially gather legal slave labour only the most desperate of human society willingly sign up to. Some of your friends went to StarFuture before but you never saw them again, nor even heard of them. Facing certain abject poverty and a certain early death in the filthy gutters of Earth, you saw no other option to escape to the stars. You signed your life over for fifteen (15) years of service to StarFuture.

Six months later Starfuture has deployed you as an ‘mule-asset’ to a mining operation (Paran Ecclesiarchy) on Mars.
You wake from hypersleep, and as you clamber from the squalid metal cell your blurry eyes see other confused naked men standing in the hallway. You can hear faint yelling in the distance. You are…

>young (just a kid)
>old geezer
>name (write in)

and please roll me
8d100 for characteristics + possible mutations/ physical issues

(GBP): 0/100
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Synthetic Gods Quest #53
OP post
Hello and welcome back to Synthetic Gods Quest.

Rules and gameplay mechanics:
Current inventory:
Current infrastructure:
Previously mentioned individuals:
Previously mentioned SGs and Cups:
Project tracker:
In the last session we visited the Ruin to check up on the Ihmisetian elves and deliver them the news. The underground elf colony has grown significantly and their leaders reached a compromise regarding us. They would consider us a deity, but they won’t abandon Aino and her teachings, to which we agreed under some conditions. We spent some time discussing various things with the heads of the colony and in the end, we took one of them, the priestess Amiya, for a trip to the surface. There we showed her around, introduced her to important people and demonstrated the site of the new city’s clearing. By the end of the day we showed her the sunset and delivered Amiya back to her people.

Mina has managed to return to our service with some messages from Nike’ about the upcoming battle. We decided to watch it in person, geared up and flew to the site to observe Holy Nation and Ceno forces duking it out. Ceno attempted a pincer, but HN collapsed their right flank with their heavy cavalry. Afterwards it all turned into a slog with no clear winner. However, it seems that the battle was not destined to be won by either side as the enormous monster, the so- called “Monster King” was disturbed by all of the action…
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