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"/qst/ - Quests" is 4chan's imageboard for grinding XP.

Welcome to /quest/ - Quests
This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
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Do Your Best Quest #88
>June 14, 9:11 PM
>Nina’s Apartment
>Living Room

It all started hours ago. After a wonderful meeting with Nina and Scarlet was over, you invited yourself to your teacher’s apartment. It was all going well, having a chat with your charming teacher, making dinner for everyone and even adopting a cat. But this lovely meeting took a dark turn yet you managed to stand regardless…

But for how long?

After being accused of a crime you didn’t commit and somehow managing to prove your own innocence with decisive evidence, you thought that was the end of T_T Neko’s evil scheme to tarnish your good name and not be known as a pervert. But it never crossed your mind that you were going to be accused of a crime you actually committed…

…The Witch T_T Neko has revealed the fact she actually saw you spanking your OG hobo Nariko Edamura! And she has it all in tape! You have to react somehow…

The last thirty seconds have passed in complete silence aside from T_T Neko’s fidgeting after the accusation was made. Nina ends up being the first one to break the ice…

“J-Johnny, c-can you explain what’s going on?” Nina is dumbfounded by this recent turn of events, but it’s not like she’s lost her trust in you – so if you play your cards right, you will leave this unscathed…

How do you respond?

>“Nonsense, your honor. Everything this malevolent Witch is saying is nothing but a load of piffle!” Denying it is a good strategy. You just need to make sure she doesn’t get to show the evidence, if the evidence is even real that is.
>“That’s what I would like to know as well. I have no idea what she’s talking about.” Feign ignorance, once you see the video – you can elaborate a lie.
>“To be honest, it was an all-around awkward situation… It wasn’t even a real spank… Let’s look at the tape so you can see what I mean.” You just placed your hand on her behind and nothing more! Yu Yan was the one who broke her ass!
>“Let’s pretend for a second that what this Witch is saying is the truth. Can I ask you why she’s filming people’s private moments? Shouldn’t you be worried she’s doing the same thing with you? I mean, everything shows that she’s the real pervert here.” Deflect the accusation back to Neko.
>Write In.
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ASOIAF: House Shryke Quest #4
House Shryke Quest (2)
Hello everyone!

This is a quest based in the ASOIAF universe which follows a captain of a free company that has recently been given dominion over Stormgrave, an island near Dragonstone. Ser Aurion Shryke is a common-born man with a natural affinity for leading men and making friends. It is currently the year 283 after the Sack of King's Landing.

Quest resources including character sheets can be found here:

I try to update twitter on run times/important votes here:

Previous Threads:

Now, let's get started!
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Black-Mesa Black-Ops Quest
You know, when your CIA handler told you that you'd be going to an underground laboratory you thought there would be more laser grid alarms and maniacal laughter. They trained you to leap away from a charging enemy like a ninja and how to use the most expensive camoflauge the military could buy, and how are you using those skills? Observe and report. Years of training and background checks and they have you undercover as a security guard in Black Mesa.

The sterile blue-white of the reception area feels more and more like it's digging into your retina. Night shift at the anomalous materials desk somehow manages to make this job even more boring. Still better than having to talk to Dr. Freeman in the mornings though. Thankfully it's almost over, it's...

Jesus! Its 8:13, your replacement should've been here over an hour ago, hell, the scientists should be here by now.

>Send a message straight to the administration, there must be a system-wide problem. Dr. Breen might have the air of a high school principal, but he usually makes the trains run on time.
>Ask one of the lab-prep scientists about it. You heard they're going against "standard testing procedures" today, maybe that has something to do with it.
>Try and send a message to your replacement guard, who cares about the scientists, he's probably just sleeping in again.
>Just shrug your shoulders, record the occurrence for your handler, and return to your solitaire game.
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Wizard One-Man-Civ Quest
So I read the Dark Civ Lord Civ Quest archives and think it ended too soon. Instead of being bummed out I've decided to do something with the same idea, instead of players being a civilization trying to expand its influence, they are a single wizard and their minions trying to expand the wizard's power. I think this might be a fun distraction from the quarantine but we'll see. Instead of a race, place, and biome you're going to choose a wizard, setting, and lair.

>Which Wizard are you?
>The Evoker: You are specialized in damage dealing spells and are a one-man army but artillery can only go so far. You struggle with subtle magic but enchantments are no more difficult.
>The Witch: You are specialized in curses and charms but limited brainwashing and cursing bloodlines can only go so far. You struggle with obvious magic but enchantments are no more difficult.
>The Artificer: You are specialized in crafting and enchanting items and get the opposite response from people that most wizards do. Your artifacts are versatile but you can't directly cast magic.
>The Necromancer: You are able to reanimate the dead to serve as your minions and have a lot of utility spells but are universally hated and have a hard time dealing with priests and paladins.
>The Magi: You aren't specialized in any type of magic and are decent but not great at anything. You would get your ass kicked by any other wizard in their specialty but can do what they can't.
>The Savant: You are the opposite of the Magi and overspecialized into a single rare type of magic. You are better at that magic than anyone else and can push it to its limits but are unable to cast other types of magic. Choose a single type of magic, it can be a noun like ice or a verb like pushing.

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From Now On: A Pokemon Quest
Coexistence was inevitable. Since the alleged dawn of time itself, humans have lived alongside strange and mysterious creatures. Beings brought into this world, gifted with god-like abilities and destructive raw strength. Some call them meta-humans, monsters, friends, most call them Pokemon. In the past, the mere reality of these Pokemon would spark warring conflicts that collapsed entire kingdoms, but today, we live amongst them in peace and harmony.

You are a young man. Kou Takagi. 19. Born and raised in the culturally rich Johto region. Now ready to leave home and forge your own path, your own legacy, your own life.

This is your story.
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Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 10
Castlevania thread 10
You are Arthur Bernhard: 20 year old leader of a small group of fugitives, killer of both man and monster, wielder of the Power of Destruction and Dark Lord Candidate beholden to Chaos.

Unfortunately, the peace and quiet you assumed would be yours after having managed to negotiate an alliance with Sophia has yet to show itself. Instead, you've been forced to deal with magical beasts.

First off were some gigantic slugs responsible for the deaths of hundreds of the passengers, thankfully, despite their incredible numbers, they were quite easy to deal with. Things were going smoothly until Grigori, the ice magician, appeared to betray you, injuring you by throwing a spear of ice clean through your arm.

You later called a meeting between all your allies to discuss what to do about Grigori's betrayal, only to soon find that Grigori hadn't betrayed you at all, a Doppelgänger was the one manipulating things all along, it quickly led you into a death trap which you managed to escape before the monstrously large wolves in the trap tore you to shreds.

Now though, you've managed to corner the Doppelgänger with the help of Sophia, and it's fate lies in your hands...


Character Sheet:

Last Thread: >>4133692
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Kamen Rider Chronicle EP 12
Welcome back to Kamen Rider Chronicles! You play as Reiko Yukihara, Genius Pro Gamer, bearer of the Gamer Driver and Bugster. You defend the streets of Seito City and are slowly working to bring Bugster and Humans together in order to finally put an end to Chronicle once and for all.

In our last thread, the crew of Neo Cyber Rescue continued to fend off an attack by Gemn Corp against the Ministry of Health as they attempt to broadcast the truth of the Bugsters and Chronicle to the people of Seito City. Poppy and Asuna were injured in the attack and while helping protect civilians. Parado was caputred while attempting to help Yui escape the city and Hiiro's betrayal was discovered as he was the one leading the assault. Leaving Reiko shell shocked and succumbing to the pressures of leadership.

My Twitter for announcements and session times if I can't directly post them on the thread:
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Dragon Ball Reincarnation 1#
Meet Yū Tatsumaki, eighteen-year-old highschool prodigy and notorious problem solver. Be it games, exams, puzzles or any other form of challenges your acute five sights (Foresight, Insight, Hindsight, Clearsight, and Farsight) generally gave you the means to overcome virtually any obstacles and claim victory. As a result, you found yourself incapable of truly interacting with others and make any companions due to those exceptional abilities.

For whatever reason, you found yourself getting involved in a robbery. Although you manage to turn the tables and save a mother and her child, tragedy struck as you were shockingly hit by a food truck during Q&A with the reporters. An unfortunate fate that you couldn’t overcome as everything with pitch black. In those last moments, you wished for the emptiness in your dull, boring yet successful life to come to an end. And if you had the chance, to have another shot at obtaining what you truly desired most.

Luckily someone would answer that call as a blinding white light swept you from the darkness.

>Welcome to yet another Dragonball Quest.
>As it implies you’ll be starting off in the early Dragon Ball timeline. While I plan on going to the end of the original at least, I’m not shy of taking this up to super if the demand is still strong by then
>While the beginning will be close to the same, but further down the line, these changes in the canon will become more apparent. Although I have changed a few things regarding canon, including the fact this is taking inspiration from the Reincarnation Yamcha manga, most of those won’t become apparent or relevant for a long while.
>I will also be taking sources from other places besides the manga provided they’re reasonable like Dragon Ball Online. As well as occasional Dr. Slum references.
>Rolls will be done primarily using 1d100, Bo5 just to give enough wiggle room for mechanics. I want to keep things as straight-lined as possible.
>Write-ins are generally accepted if not encouraged provided they make sense.
>Remember to have fun and don’t be shy giving feedback.
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Lego Quest Presents... Unicorn Knight Quest, part 2
intro shot
Long ago, there was a fair and glimmering land, and its guardians were the Unicorn Knights.

The fair land was ruled by the Unicorn Monarch, and her symbol of rulership was called the Noble Scepter. It was an ancient and powerful token, and in the hands of one such as the Unicorn Monarch it could work strange wonders.

When the Noble Scepter was stolen, the Unicorn Knight Auralie was tasked by the Unicorn Monarch with the quest for its retrieval.
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CorpRP - Thread 1
Welcome to CorpRP, a game where you put yourself in the shoes of a small business and slowly grow your corporate Empire. You can play anything from a Church based Charity to chaos worshipping mercenaries. You can trade in any resource or good you want, but consult the OP first as some things don’t exist in setting. Except the items listed in the Country's section, assume early renaissance technology level.

You can take 2 Actions per turn and start one NPC diplomatic interaction per turn. Diplomacy and negotiation between players is free. There is 1 turn per day.

In this game you will be working to meet supply and demand. You can send out scouts to learn about the “demand” in a new region or choose to invest blindly, but watch out for rival companies as demand is a limited pie you don’t want cut up in slices (can be increased through ads though). Another important statistic of nations is wealth. This basically describes how much you can jack up the prize of a product without demand plummeting, so be careful when raising the prize of the product as that might plummet demand.
To advance in the game, branching out into various industries, getting rid of rival companies and getting connections within governments is as important as managing the company itself. Thus the RP-part.

> Game related things:

> Discord

> Company Template:
Company Name:
Country of Origin:
Company Type:
Services Company Provides: (a certain product like Bread, mercenary company, charity etc)
Company Traits: (2)
CEO Name + Fluff(if applies):
CEO Traits(if applies):

This setting is based of a previously run NatRP-Quest, full Lore here:
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I'm cancelling Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Z
ed pic
Thanks for playing, everyone, but I'm pulling the plug on Tuffle Quest Z. I haven't been updating it for a while now, with personal affairs and errands taking up most of the time I could run it, and I'm focused on my other quests such as Secret Princess Quest which have more interest and activity, probably due to my not having run the quest in so long. A certain player has also worn on my enthusiasm for running the quest with their... "enthusiasm."

Sorry, I know it's been a good run and would likely continue to be, but 79 threads is a pretty good milestone in my opinion. I've had as much fun with these characters as any of you, but I'm also sort of running out of things for them to do, even with the stuff that comes after Dr. Raichi.

With that said, please continue to enjoy my other quests, and I hope to see y'all playing in Secret Princess Quest and Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai.
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What The Fuck Quest #3
You are a 4chan anon isekai'd into another world apparently filled with random weirdness, crazy fairies, and sharp-toothed elven waitresses.
What will you make of it?
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Sworn to Valour Quest #21
Sworn to Valour Quest Cover Title
“A Knight is Sworn to Valour. His Heart Knows Only Virtue. His Blade Defends the Helpless. His Might Upholds the Weak. His Word Speaks Only Truth. His Wrath Undoes the Wicked.”

Every child in Cantôn knows of the Knight’s Code. From peasant-born waifs playing with sticks in the mud to keen-eyed noble sons practicing with cold steel in the training yard, all have at the very least dreamed of one day becoming a knight themselves. To ride out on errantry into the Five Duchies Kingdom and beyond for God and Glory, bringing the Law of Adam to the wicked and the Blade of Cain to the beast.

The Knights of Cantôn are sworn to follow the Code, to obey the King, to refuse no call for aid honestly asked for, to seek out and destroy the Foe wherever it may lurk and rid the world of evil.

Were it so easy…

/qst/ Archive:
Our Knight & Companions Pastebin:
General Plots & Intrigue:
Secret War Specific Intrigue:
Dramatis Personnae:
Faith & Politics Pastebin:
Foes, Foreigners & Monsters Pastebin:
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The Last Man - Splatoon Quest
Your eyes shoot open as you draw breath for the first time in eons. You cough uncontrollably, struggling to catch your breath, your vision finally focuses and your groggy mind starts to catch up. "I-I'm alive...I'm alive! hahah.." You exclaim to yourself in amazement, you exit your pod and immediately fall flat on to the cold tiled floor.

"Come on legs, work with me...!" You stumble over to the neighboring pods that house your colleagues, and you peer inside to see if they have awoken as well. What you meet instead, is the skeleton of one of your colleagues.

You fall back in shock, trying to rationalize what you've seen. "I-I tried to tell them! They wouldn't listen to me...they should've listened to's not my fault...not my fault! I told them! Yeah...s-serves them right..."

You spend a few minutes on the floor like this, calming yourself down. You get up and stumble over to the other pods in the hope that one other person had survived. "There has to be at least one person that listened to me, right?"

You go around checking each and every pod, growing less and less horrified, and more and more angered. “Absolute fools! They didn't even consider something was wrong with the design, too caught in their own little clicks to see the flaws in the very thing that is supposed to save humanity! Each and every one of them, close-minded fools!"

You seethe and berate your deceased colleagues, and find yourself feeling no better after. You slide down and sit beside one of the pods, feeling the slight hum on your back. "What am I supposed to do now? If nobody truly listened, and humanity really is wiped out, what the hell am I supposed to?"

>Explore the bunker
>Check bodies if they have anything
>Exit the bunker

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Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #4
Tradition. Dedication. Loyalty. Stability.
- Official Muramoto Corporations slogan, 2210

You are Kentaro Seido, a former corporate enforcer inexplicably promoted into the position of being the bodyguard for Lady Kaguya, the illegitimate daughter of the plutocratic Muramoto family. Suddenly thrust into the world of the ultrarich, you find yourself entangled more and more in a web of intrigue woven before you ever came. Your allies are few, your allies invisible. All you can hope for is that your sword is sharp enough to cut you and your Young Master free.

Extra Scene 003

”Are you sure you want to be here for this, Kyune-sama?” The technician asks, staring at the beautiful, mysterious girl looking over his shoulder. In stark contrast to the cold, sterile laboratory setting she was in, his spectator was a splash of vivid color. She was dressed in a lovely sky-blue yukata, while everyone else around her wore the same, uniform lab coats. She never took her intensely sharp gaze from the subject of attention: An assassin-drone awaiting dismantling and analysis sitting on the Analysis Bench in front of the two of them.

“I want to see this happen with my own eyes.” The girl replies. It was shocking to hear the level of measured, self-assured authority and conviction in the voice of someone so young. It didn’t sound uncouth or immature like the rumours about her said. The Technician gulped nervously. He wasn’t used to beautiful, young girls stare over his shoulder while he worked.

“A-alright then. P-please try not to get in the way.” The Technician says, even though she hadn’t as much as twitched since she had arrived.

“Please. Begin.”

The Technician nodded and acknowledgement, then plugged into the Analysis Bench. A metal casket situated above the ceiling opened with as hiss. From inside, robotic arms of a near-unlimited type and purpose descended.

“Beginning analysis, 2:30.” The Technician announces for Kyune’s benefit. “Rebooting Central Nervous System …” A probe extended from the table, interfacing with the port at the nape of the Drone’s neck. The Assassin-drone’s eyes fluttered open, staring blankly into nothing. The fingers twitch, clench into fists, then unclenching again. The segmented limbs semi-extended, then contract. The abdominal limbs poke out, then retract again. The mouth opened and closed as if babbling in slow motion. “C-creepy, huh?” The Technician remarked, trying to break the uncomfortable silence. “A-aren’t you scared? That thing tried to kill you, right?”

“I’m sure you know what you’re doing …” Kyune simply replies.
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Provincial Governor Quest
You are Titus Sertorius Panthera, provincial governor. Your province is Vorgium. It is bordered on three sides by barbarian tribes, and on one by the ocean. It is far from your home in the capital. It is your job to civilize this backwater.

As you look out over the field, you are more concerned with the letter you received this morning than this battle. The legion you requested isn't coming. You had heard that there was some trouble back home but you hadn't realized just how serious things had gotten. The empire can barely defend the capital. This far flung province won't be receiving reinforcements for the foreseeable future.

You have been practicing classic imperial diplomacy, belittling the local tribal chieftains and willfully flaunting their customs. Your bravado was mostly based on your belief that a legion was on its way. This doesn't bode well.

As for now, you must win this battle. It will be easy. The opponent is a mob of escaped servii who have been living in the forests of your land. They have decided to make their stand here, on the road between your city, Vorgus Prime, and the fishing village that yesterday you expected a legion to arrive through.

You survey the field:

Point I:
That is you and your personal guard. You are all mounted. These men are all true imperials who own estates around Vorgus Prime. They are well trained and well armed. Altogether you are 80.

Point II:
That is your infantry. They are mostly imperials but a few are more provincial types. However, they can all be trusted. They are trained and experienced legionnaires. They are armed with shields, gladii and pila. You have only 2 manipulus, each of 120 men.

Point III:
That is a mob of local tribesmen. They call themselves Carmagans. Theirs is the only tribe you are actually on good terms with. They have been hired as archers. They are 100.

Point IV:
That is the mob of escaped servii. They have formed into a poor imitation of a formation. They wield knives, sharpened sticks and agricultural implements. Many are women and old men. They are close to 200.

Point V:
That area, circled and dotted with dark green, is a forest. Clever barbarians sometimes hide in them. They are difficult to pass through quickly, especially on horseback. It probably won't be important today, but you never know.

Point VI:
This is a hill. Hopefully, as a provincial governor and imperial commander, you know how to read topographical maps.

What will you do?
for example:
You could just charge them with your personal guard and rout them. They are not likely to put up much of a fight.
On the other hand you could move up your infantry and have them deal with the servii. They could use the experience.
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Mass Effect Quest: New Beginnings, ep. 12 pt 3
They say that one seldom appreciates that which is dear to him until he's forced to go without. This can hold true for most mundane of things but it goes without argument that the idea becomes much more pronounced when related to people.

That's not to say that all the people in this day and age did not learn a lot about value in the recent months, though you do occasionally find yourself wondering just how quickly such a lesson can be forgotten. Right now, however, you chose to deal with an instance where this sense of appreciation was vivid enough to drive several people to act on it.

You are Doctor Henri Ford, special consultant for the Citadel Institute of Xenoarchaeology and currently a private eye.

Perhaps you should get yourself a nice hat and a mantle? Like the ones Chevalier had.

Time and place, you discipline yourself, returning to present.

"One moment, if you please." You stop the Batarian Guildmaster as he turns to go. He doesn't turn back towards you but he does stop. "Anything you could tell us about Marc and Rita would help."

"They were... are good fighters, for your kind." Gorax says. "Their fighting style changed as they grew closer, became protective of each other." The Batarian pauses. "Less willing to take risks that would expose the other, more willing to expose themselves to assist them. That is the extent of insight I can provide." He turns and locks gaze with you again. "I don't know what could have taken either of them unawares, but be watchful, human. And... bring them back."

With that the Batarian turns away and, without waiting for your response, strides off.

"The Guildmaster is not exactly a people's person." Barks remarks when the door closes. "But he's dependable, for a four eyes."

"I see... shared history?"

Barks nods. "He deployed with them several times over the course of the war. Wanted to go looking himself but I talked him out of it."

"Why's that?" Lea asks.

"He has no contacts here and Batarians are rare enough to stand out, especially if he begins asking questions. Honestly, I was hoping Alliance would send someone."

You frown. Come to think of it, why haven't they?
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Gantz: Quest - Episode 11 - Part 2
Gantz Quest Episode 11
<You are Erick Vanders, assistant manager at Walmart Super-center in Washington DC.
Or so you were, until an untimely death saw the end of your normal life.
You now find yourself trapped, along with several others, in an unforgiving death game orchestrated by a black sphere known only as Gantz.
Its rules are simple: hunt and kill monsters, aliens, for points and survival.
With the promise of a way out, and Gantz's technologically advanced arsenal at your fingertips, can you live through the agony of this life after death?
Or will your mind and body break like the hundreds of others before you?>

<Can you survive Gantz?>


Character Sheets:
Equipment & Special Menu: <UPDATED>
Previous Threads:

1. Rolls will be counted on a best of 3 basis for the first 3 posts.
>Nat 20s and 1s override previous votes but are only overridden by each other.
2. The first five votes will be counted for an decision taking the majority. 20 min voting time is in effect.
3. <Write Ins> are integrated into the narrative, so long as they're not too out of character or retarded.
4. Nat 20s and 1s can be 'saved' at the request of the posters. Only one nat 20 or 1 roll may be saved at once, and may be implemented at the posters' (20s) or QM's (1s) discretion during any roll.
5. For further explanation into the rules, follow the link to the pastebin.

Rules & Slice of Life System:
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House Reynold Quest Part 17 - ASoIaF
Howdy all, and welcome to “A Song of Duty and Spite; House Reynold Quest”. Here we play as Ser Mervyn Reynold, a lowborn son of a bastard hedge knight who, through his skill at arms and a bit of luck, has married into the noble House Reynold of Ember Peak. He currently serves as Lady Elleanor Reynold’s sword shield, and in the murky depths of in-house politics he will attempt to rise high despite coming from such humble origins. These waters are treacherous however. Lady Elleanor has not forgotten her once betrothed, the late Reynard Reyne, and while she attempts to keep control of her house, her husband Lord Titus has the backing of Lord Tywin himself, and has a strong influence over the Reynold Military. The Mad King grows more and more erratic, and there are rumours that the relationship between Lord Tywin and King Aerys grow strained. Will you remain Lady Elleanors right hand, or will you strike out on your own in your pursuit of position and power? Let get stuck in and find out!!

Character Sheet:!Am-XCwIRrb9HgwmwnloQ1bkNeh0j

House History:


If you guys want to stay updated on run times and other stuff, you can follow me on twitter @Joebree28428728
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Anons... I. I do not feel, so good.
I do not, believe that I can complete my quest...
Please, can, can someone point me to the... Healer?
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Alternate History - Against all Odds Part 4
Having spent most of your rule with keeping ethnic tensions at bay and expanding the Kingdom's infrastructure, the recent years of exploration have signaled the beginning of a more peaceful time.
You figure that your new wisepeople have to be meticulous about their work, first and foremost, this is after all why the wisepeople of the past have always been so reliable.
Though these wisepeople of old are still in your employ, the state requires more of them and you simply don't have the time to wait an entire generation for their training.
Instead you pick promising young people from among the populace and train them in the art of record keeping. Though it takes a couple of years, long enough for your second son, Kynbel, to come of age in fact, the process was most definitely worth it.
The new wisepeople who are taking over the tedious task of filtering important information from all across the kingdom for you, have little to do by themselves, though their work in aggregate is tremendous.
Thanks to them you have been able to gain a somewhat accurate counting of your subjects.
Had it only been close to 800 in the days of your father, through new births and expansion, you now number over 2300.
Rules are pretty simple
>You are, at all times, the current de-facto Ruler of your people.
>There will be decisions after each Update.
>You may only pick ONE option, unless states otherwise.
>Parenting options run parallel to the main-game and are their own separate decisions.
>When there is no Majority, a Tie will always be broken by the option that was chosen the earliest.
>Time and Technology progression adapt to the Scale of the game.
>Status summaries may be requested at any time (I may not always respond)
>This is a very slow quest, be prepared to wait.
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QTG: Covid-19 Positive Edition
QTG 76
Welcome to /qtg/, a place generally used to whine and shitpost, but intended for quest discussion.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the Quest Master writes and the readers make decisions that affect how the story proceeds. Dice may or may not be included.

Useful links:
An old collection of advice and guides. It is worth a look for a new QM.

Archive of quest reviews:

Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as and

QTG Discord link:

Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ]text[ /b ]
Italics: [ i ]text[ /i ]
Red: [ red ]text[ /red ]
Blue: [ blue ]text[ /blue ]
Green: [ green ]text[ /green ]

>QM Question:
Are you finding more time to run/getting more players out of the quarantine?

>Player Question:
What makes you drop a quest instantly?

>Miscellaneous Question:
If you aren't spending more time questing despite not being able to go out as much, why?

>Lurker Question:
Stop it. Vote. Or post, at the very least. You're not doing anything else.
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Body Horror Quest, 41st Vein
Body Horror Quest, 41st Vein (1)
Your name is Shu.

Monsters, gods, and old friends…many have fallen at your hand in your time wading through the flesh-infested hell of the Crucible. However, the challenges you’ve faced up to this point pale in comparison to the engine of devastation you plan to confront, a thing that is a doctor’s cruelty given form, her madness made manifest in an unfeeling machine.

“Alright, what’d I miss?” You ask, having emerged from your bedroom after a desperately-needed nap and assembled your numerous allies into the main living area of your temporary home.

“Orwell touched base through one of Amara’s clones while you and she were resting, and she gave us some new info on Alpha that came at a price.” Gina informs you, the petite brunette to your right fixing you with her focused hazel eyes. “A pretty sizable group of Daughters decided to square off against Alpha, and it turns out that she wasn’t just built to scale to an individual’s speed – she scales her available actions to the number of combatants, too.”

“Christ…alright, well that’s good to know before going in, at least.” You say with a sigh, rubbing the bridge of your nose with thumb and forefinger. “You said this info came at a price?”

“Oh, that whole team bit it. Hard. Nothin' left of em'.” Rath chimes in from your left, the short-haired ginger folding her taught, muscular arms across her chest. “Hate to say it, but better them than us, yeah?”

"Aye, she's got a point." Jackie nods across the table, the lithe, raven-haired leader of the Midnight Crew standing opposite you and flanked by her three friends. "Now that we know, I'd like to think that lends credence to my plan of tagging out smaller attack teams to keep her on her toes, keep her cycling through her Relics and such so she can't adapt to our tactics."

You meet the other girls' dark eyes, and in that moment a truth passes between you both. Small teams, smaller losses - it's an idea that's best left unsaid, but it's one you have to bear in mind, regardless. If Magpie hadn't had reservations about pulling punches in your last (and final) encounter, you have to wonder if the room you're in would be as full as it currently is...and it's as that thought weighs on your mind that you notice Sia leaning on the table, the girl's inscrutable and hazy visage tilting towards Dorian with a slight nod of her head.

"Shu, if you don't mind my saying...I'm starting to think that Dorian would be a liability in this fight."


Previous Vein:


Character Abilities, Ver 3.9:

Trypophilic Hive, Ver. 3:

Relics, Ver. 6:

Dual Techs:

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Tim Quest #6
Previous Threads:

Tim Quest uses the rules from World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Edition in conjunction with Exalted VS World of Darkness. The Legend of the Silver Raven segment uses the rules from Exalted Second Edition.

Last Time on Tim Quest: Continuing the story of Legend of the Silver Raven, the titular character flew to the defense of the satrapy of Wild Light, battled a dragon and discovered that his old circle-mate, Cloaked in Deepest Blue, was responsible for his near-defeat. Killing the dragon in a vengeful rage, he ordered the people of Wild Light to go to Great Forks to aid Shadow of Eagles in the coming confrontation with Lookshy. Now, he hunts for Blue in the North, having tracked her to the embattled city of Hoarfrost. With an undead siege supposedly afoot, he has disguised himself as a harmless old man in order to search for Blue in the city, but found mortal guards at the gates with no Dragon-Blooded to be seen. And now, at the witching hour, where are these storied undead?
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Unknown Sky: Ace Combat Quest 29
AC7 Attack
The Lighthouse War is over, but conflict still continues.

With Erusea's defeat at the hands of the Osean Federation and the International United Nations, the imperial nation has splintered into a confusing mess of separatists, freedom fighters, warlords, rogue military factions, and those seeking to profit from the chaos. Worse, Erusea's many automated drone factories still remain intact, waiting for new masters to come to claim them.

The Usean continent remains in crisis, and it's up to a new generation of pilots to face this next generation threat...



Other Quests:

Rules and Stats:
You are MILLY, the "Red Tail", a Belkan Air Force pilot fighting for the IUN!

You feel a cold, slimy sensation as END tackles you and wraps her gloved hands around your throat in an attempt to choke you out. The force of the tackle sends you falling backwards onto the deck.

END seems like she wants to say something, but instead coughs out this gross, sticky pink fluid all over you.

It's at this point, though, that the crew and your wingmates finally intervene. Or maybe it just seemed like a long time passed when everything happened in a split second. A pair of burly Marines each grab END by the arms and yank her off of you. She didn't look to be that large or strong herself, anyways. Vicky and Misono likewise grab your shoulders and pull you away as well.

"What is this stuff?" Misono frowns as she looks at her fingers, now coated in the pink fluid as well.

"I have a hunch but..." Vicky frowns when there's a sudden interruption.

One of the flight deck elevators begins to lower, showing a freshly landed helicopter bearing the national crest of Belka. You see a knot of suited government spooks, and at their lead was.... Uncle?!

"Well be taking charge of her from here." Uncle says calmly, walking towards the Marines holding down END.

"Excuse me, sir?" The Marines pause.

Uncle casually reaches into his coat and pulls out a piece of paper, which he shows to the Marines.

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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #15
You are Raishō Naori, a shinobi from Amegakure and member of the Akatsuki mercenary organization.

It’s been nearly two years since you learned how to tap into natural energy, the proverbial life-blood of the world, and blend it with your own chakra to perform senjutsu. It’s that feat, combined with your skill at fūinjutsu, which attracted Akatsuki’s interest and led Pain to recruit you into the organization. In that time you’ve met and worked with its other members, most of the time with Sasori of the Red Sand, but most recently with the Jashin cultist Hidan.

That experience has left you with a deeply-seated doubt.

“Konan-sensei, are we still even human?”

Your former sensei seems perplexed at your question, and so you try to clarify what’s been on your mind.

“Since I was recruited into Akatsuki I’ve met a living puppet, an immortal death cultist, whatever the hell Kakuzu and Zetsu are...” you start a running list. “The more ‘normal’ people I’ve met are a half-man half-shark, a man with mouths on his hands, and… well, Itachi I guess. Even I’ve become a sage, one of how many again? Two?”

“And you’re concerned that has influenced our decisions,” Konan-han takes your thinking through to its logical conclusion.

You nod curtly. “And what about you and Pain?”

“How do you mean?”

“You know what they’re calling you here,” you insist. “Tenshi-sama, isn’t it? Pain is seen as a god, and you as his angelic messenger?”

Konan-han’s expression darkens. “I see.”

“Do you though?” you continue to press. “Seriously, you have to have seen it on your way over here… people are hanging paper charms of you out in front of their shops praying for fortune. It’s become a cult… so am I wrong to be concerned?”

“Or do you believe this garbage about Pain being a god?”

“I… don’t,” Konan-han eventually admits. “But he does possess the Rinnegan… eyes thought to trace their history back to the Sage of Six Paths, thought only to have been a myth. A greater dōjutsu than even the Sharingan.”

“But he’s no god,” you drive the point home.

Konan shakes her head. “Far from it.”

“And you are no angel.”

“… far from it.”
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Claymore: Second Swords Quest #44
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, the queen of Hazaran in self-imposed exile and a half-blooded warrior formerly of the nameless Organization that creates people like you.

It’s entirely possible that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew by engaging with the awakened being Yulia, the Silver General. Once a warrior like you, ranked number Five by the Organization, she’s now exactly the sort of monster you swore your life to eliminate. More dangerously, she’s also the one who created a standing army of yōma.

Normally monsters of that level wouldn’t be a concern for you, but for civilians and lower-ranked warriors alike such a development is nothing short of a disaster. Vale, the second city of the nation of Audiern, stands as proof of that… or rather some of it still stands.

“The double digits will not be able to help,” you muse quietly. “So it’s up to the three of us.”

“You catch that, Aurora?” Helen asks.

“Agreed,” she nods curtly. “I’ll back the two of you up with one-third of my maximum.”

“Right,” you agree.

“How cute,” Yulia sneers. “Have you finished devising your little plan?”

She moves in an instant, only to find that her thrust was deflected by your own sword as you release to one-third as well. There’s a flash of light from behind, allowing Helen to move and launch a strike.

You watch as Yulia’s left arm expands into a shield-like form, though Helen immediately contorts her body so that instead of bringing her blade down against that shield she turns in the air to launch a thrust towards the awakened being’s throat.

Yulia breaks the sword bind and moves back to evade Helen’s attack, then brings her lance-like right arm down towards Helen where she finds you parrying again.

“So it was a shield,” Helen realizes as you effectively swap sides.

“Versatility...” Yulia realizes, recognizing your own style as you slip to her left side.

Your attacks are disrupted as Yuila leaps at you, aiming to trample your body under her hooves at the same time as she sweeps her lance past Helen, who contorts her body again to quickly turn a parry into a counterattack.

Now it’s the current number five’s chance arrives, and she attacks in a literal flash. Her blade glances off Yulia’s forelegs as she probes for any gaps in her body’s chitinous armor. The result is a sight familiar to anyone who’s ever fought an awakened being, so familiar that it’s become a well-known saying among warriors: “all sparks and no blood”.
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Hogwarts Quest
Somewhere in the Scottish highlands, a great locomotive barrels through the countryside. Its destination is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a world-renowned academy of magic, and its compartments are packed with young students.

A young boy sits alone. He stares out the window in silence, watching the world speed by with nothing but the voices in his head for company. The boy holds a worn envelope in one hand and a wand in the other.

You are this boy. At the moment you’re struggling to recall your own name.

>What is your name again?
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Galaxies Quest Chapter One
Sometimes they talk about bygone superweapons shooting literal holes through entire galaxies. Sometimes they talk about intergalactic wars destroying entire civilizations. Sometimes they talk about ancient extinctions created by evil magic, and sometimes they talk about a lost king, the would-be messiah of the Cluster.
This talk is incomprehensible to you. Your "world" is so small. You have never left your town. You don't even know what civilization could look like just a few kilometers away!
Where you live, they call the planet Odran. Idram says you are very lucky to live there, as it is practically off the grid from... certain troublesome Intelligences. He never specified what that meant. Idram likes to talk about a lot of things when he sees you. He always talks about the rest of the Cluster. He talks about technology, guns, lasers, and magical things likes electricity. The old man also likes to talk about the empires and kingdoms far away from your galaxy. He describes the situation over there as a "political nightmare," but you never understood politics.
"It's a whole other universe on the other side of the Stream," he would say.
But Idram only visits you when it's Autumn, and today is the first day of Spring, so no spectacle stories today for you. Don't worry, you're only nineteen, so it's gonna be a while before you kick the bucket. You'll get to hear more later.
When you aren't listening to Idram you are an apprentice tailor making a living in the town of Edans. Your master, Winfrow, has been summoned for duty by the lords of the area, so you are running the shop all by yourself now.

But before I go on, what do the townsfolk call you?
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The Bay of Catali - Iron Age City State Civ #1
Far to the east of the civilized world, weeks of sail into the great, wine-dark ocean, the country of Oscanae is to be found. A rough land of thick forests, warlike tribes but fertile soil, the country has attracted many colonists in its history. From the demigods and heroes of the distant past to the Porphyraean merchant-colonists of modernity

With the sack of Tyros, capital of the Porphyraen league, and the general disorder in the east it has prompted in the last decade, some have fled to Oscan shores, pushing ever southward in search of land. Their search has pushed into the bay of Catali, and a handful of newfound city states have sprung up on its southern edge. The established Porphyraean and Delphian colonies north of the bay, along with kingdoms of the native Marsi, hungry for land, have been quick to deal with and to exploit these scattered colonists, eager for profit, power and pawns in their endless squabbling.

The oracle at Ossae, a forested isle in the eye of the bay, has come forth from her cavern-temple and spoken a decree, heard all across the land; now is a time of trouble and change, wherein the fate of the land will be decided. The gods call, and you, among so many others, must now answer.

>Who are you?
>A tribe of the Marsii (Red), native dwellers of the south of the bay, having conquered the land from the primitive Maloi of the forests centuries ago. Yours is a warlike people, half-civilized by the Delphians, only newly used to cities and civility. By the hand of Mars, lord of war, you will hold on to your land, and turn your small tribe into a Kingdom to rival your proud, over-softened cousins of the north.
>A colony of Delphians (Light Blue). Yours is a civilized people, long accustomed to sailing and to civility. You left your home city-states in the east willingly, and follow in the footsteps of your forebears, who now rule prosperous cities in the north. Experienced in hoplite warfare and naval warfare, the gods favour you, and with their blessing you will win for yourself wealth, glory and a home in these new lands.
>A merchant-colony of Porphyraeans (Purple). With the conquest of your distant homeland, your people are truly sea-goers above all else. For centuries you have settled all around the great ocean, and you have set out from the well-settled isle of New Porphyry to the north to follow the example of your forebears. Revering your ancient, eastern gods, you are some of the finest sailors in the world, and expert merchants. May Ba'al's might guard you, as you prosper in this new land.
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Drowned Quest Redux 7
2.0 7
You are Charlotte Fawkins, heiress, adventuress, heroine(ss?), detective(ss?), and you are trapped underwater. (In the middle of nowhere, no less.) Tragically, nobody here ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ appreciates your talents, including Richard: a snake that lives in your head and tells you what to do.
You are currently inside a mysterious facility in pursuit of a different, less talkative snake. You are joined by Madrigal, your boss/rival/frenemy(?), who has just accidentally stabbed you in the shoulder.

«I hate to be a killjoy, Charlotte—»

The burst of static that accompanies Richard's blatant falsehood (he loves to be a killjoy) makes you wince, first in irritation and next in a spasm of pain. The spearhead is burrowing itself further into your shoulder. "You-!" you curse. "Hold it still!"

Madrigal inhales through gritted teeth and braces the spear's shaft against the wall. "You're- you're the one moving!"

«—but I would not recommend doing anything loud and bloody in the room you just tripped an alarm for.»

"I am not," you say (just to get it out of the way), then pause to reflect on Richard's advice. He's right. God, you hate it when he's right. You can't stay here, not in this condition. Look at your coat! Stained to hell and back!

You shuffle around the table and begin to make for the door. "Wait!" yelps Madrigal, but she doesn't need to: you're wrenched backwards by the spear. A fresh rivulet of blood trickles down the underside of your arm. You wait. "You have to- where are you going? We have to pull this out safely!"

"No," you say thinly. "No, we have to- there's an alarm. We can't stay."


"So you want…" Madrigal tugs at her neckline. "You want to go out into the hallway… with an entire spear in your shoulder. A five-foot spear. In the hallway where the guards are bound to be…"


"You a coward?"


You're not quite sure where that came from, and from the looks of her neither does Madrigal. Her eyes widen, then narrow. "I'm not a fucking coward, Charlotte, I'm weighing the risks. You want us to expose ourselves, undefended, you injured, to- what? Bet our lives on finding a safe, empty room? You realize we're in a safe, empty—"

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[NRPZ3] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #3 Part 1
NRP Classic™

Create a nation/civilization and RP in the fantasy themed world.
Each player starts with 1 "tile" and a capital (Exceptions exist). Choose a location to start and your color. You may post immediately.

Rules and Information:
Read the OP before you ask dumb questions.

Standard RP rules apply.

-The purpose of this is to create an enjoyable story through gameplay and RP, remember that there is no winning or losing, good RP and loremaking is the goal. Do not play to win.-

Be reasonable. (Most important rule)

Turns: All players may post 2 actions (one turn) alongside their introduction at start, after this their next turns may be posted after the update by OP.
Diplomacy and lore posts do not count as an action.
Actions will be introduced in the order they are posted. Actions are not canon until the game is updated.

Actions: You're free to do whatever you want, but keep it reasonable. If an action is deemed unreasonable or otherwise unfit to put into play, you will be notified and allowed an extra action per disallowed action in your next turn.
Results of your actions will vary depending on the player and what OP thinks of their capabilities. If you are unsure or feel your post may not be counted or done right, elaborate in your post the reasons why it should go through as such.
A post may also be put into play but in a limited state rather than not put into play. This will be noted.

Settlements: Settlements may only be created in tiles with an existing claim by the owner. (No expanding and creating a city in the expansion in the same turn)

Tech: Starting tech may not exceed bronze age. Do not rush technology.

Resources: Materials used in actions must be worked or traded in order to be used. Resources within your grasp that are not worked may be used for lore but not in large scale or for your advantage.

War: War should be produced with 1 action which should describe the goal and intended tactics. The defender may then post a response detailing how they will defend against the action, or it will be decided by OP. The conflict results will be posted shortly after by OP.
Defense to a war action is free, using an action will allow attacking with a successful defense.

Leaving: Players may leave at any time so long as a suitable post regarding their end is made. Players that leave without an end post or and insufficient endpost will be banned from future games and the fate of their nation at the mercy of OP.

Moderation: OP's reserves the right to retcon any posts requiring such action.
Expect IC catastrophes for poor behavior.
Grievances are to be directed to OP through private messages. Any complaints not issued this way are invalid.

More rules and information exists but the above are simply the most important.
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Earthbender: An Avatar Quest

This quest takes place long before the events of The Last Airbender. Long before Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, or Yangchen. You play as a young Earthbender from a small village in one of the many Kingdoms scattered across the main continent. As a powerful villain strives to dominate the world, you will be forced to make choices that can stop it, aid it, or have no effect whatsoever.


After each update I make, there will be a voting period of ten minutes. Once ten minutes have passed, whatever option has the most support will be the winner.

Write-ins are accepted, but only when specified If you see a write-in option, suggest whatever you like. If not, choose from the options I have provided.

Sometimes, rolls will be required. I will assign them, and they will operate under a d100 system. You will have three chances, and if one of the rolls succeeds, you pass. There are no crits, but I do take into account how much you succeed or fail by.

I reserve the right to veto certain write-ins, but will try to avoid doing so.

I hope you all have fun
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Xeolea evo game
evo game base creatures
So uh I decided to make an evo game. anyway here's how to play + some rules:
You open up one of the creatures. either from the main 3 posts that will be up soon or from previous peoples evolutions. and edit them in whatever editing program you prefer. Put it into a PNG file and upload to the thread

Only small and gradual changes can be made to the creatures.

Please don't evolve the same creature in a row . All the creatures need some chance at evolution

No species will go extinct unless I say so or through an extinction event

Make sure all the evolutions are realistic and plausable.

As for one more rule . as of right now you cannot evolve outside of the oceans this will eventually change

Welcome to the planet of Xeolea guys
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Dark Queen Quest 36
Everything happened so fast. Before all of this, you were Freya Godsblood, princess of Ordamark, and you were the most beautiful women in the land. But everything changed for you, as you've caught the eye of the Dark Lord Lazarus Drack who, seeing you, decided to claim you as his wife.

Now, you are his Empress, the Dark Queen Freya Drack, and your reign has just begun.
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Warlords, Risen From the Ashes Side Story
>From the fire left upon the world by Val's ascension and war in heaven. The dirtiness of flayed old ones hewed across the corrupted earth. Smouldering brim stone settling in gored waters that still bleed from war. Primordial power drips deep into the core of the earth as what was once lived begins to be reform. One such being remembers life, like the distant memories of adolescence, trying to remember what it once was, and what it will be.

>I remember being deep within the mountain, calling the molten rock my home

>I remember the depths of the ocean, it's hissing acrid screams within my dreams

>I remember the groves, how rotten and splintered trees sleep on me

>I remember the pale reflection of the moon, shining high on the valley below

>I remember basking within the rays of the sun itself, the hot desert warming my deep belly

>I remember being wrapped between the vines of the vast jungle, eyeing my prey below
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The Quarantine #2
You are Alfonso Barbatti, retired sailor and not-so-humble butcher. After becoming famous thanks to a play inspired by the northern expedition you were part of, you started to believe you were actually as heroic as your character. Always eager to defend the honour of your captain and your ship, you held tightly to your delusion even after said captain was accused of conspiring against the Doge.

In this age of rapid industrialization where heroes and magic are left behind, a simple disease commonly called 'the Plague' has ravaged the City. Teaming up with the veterans of the SSN Polaris, you fight every day for resources and help people if you can. You are currently trying to rescue Dotorre Bernardo Pastori, an alchemist researching a cure who was imprisoned for his radical views on Demihuman Rights. Raphaella, his half-human half-racoon mistress, has accompanied you to a reception by Don Giovanni in the Noble District where you will surely find help...
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Dawn Quest
Your breath steams as you jog down the track, the bamboo pole bouncing on your shoulders despite the over-filled buckets the size of small children hanging from each end. The pre-dawn air is cool and quiet save for the thud of your feet on the dirt of the trail, and then across the wooden bridge across the stream and into the garden of your home.
You heave the pole off your shoulders, grab the buckets and empty them over your head one by one, shaking your white-bearded head as you do, partly to dry it and partly to get a crick out of your neck.

This was easier at 30.

Still! At 57 you remain one of the strongest fighters anywhere! An undisputed master of martial arts, the champion of your region and head of your school.
You throw your head back and laugh simply for the joy of laughing. It's GOOD to be strong. To run, to fight, to sleep with beautiful women, hell! To fight with beautiful women! Let it never be said you don't know how to live.

"Good morning gorgeous!"

Speaking of beautiful women. You turn and grin wolfishly at your eldest concubine Kosai, a vision in a silk robe clinging to her damp body as she adjusts her firey orange hair. The gorgeous 27 year old strokes your beard and pulls your face down for a deep kiss, giggling as you grope her ass thoroughly.
"I'm going to have a bath."
"You look like you already have." You point out.
She kisses you again. "I have." She walks away with swinging hips. "Come join me."
You grin and follow her.
Life is GOOD.

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Hero Academia Quest #38
The New Colossus
You are Ushi Walker, the half-japanese/half-american wielder of the mighty quirk “Everything is Bigger in Texas", one of U.A. High's first year students,Class 1-A Vice President and apparently, a concussion collector.

Nothing anyone can blame you for, with the exercise being a race and all, going fast was the goal!

Well, that and 'rescuing' All Might, wherever he awaits for your team within the factoryscape that is Field Gamma, which was the part you slipped, crashed and busted your nose on.

At several dozens of miles per hour. Against All Might's chest.

Suffice to say, you are kind of dizzy, bleeding out of your nose and not entirely convinced that hitting the brick wall behind him would have been any worse.

But even as you hold on to your dripping nose and wait for your brain to settle back down, you have more pressing issues to attend to, as Bakugo continues to argue with All Might, undaunted by the fact that he's talking back to his teacher and Japan's No. 1 Hero at the same time.

>"Here!" Bakugo says as he swings you by the belt, trying to get All Might to put the sash around your neck instead of his, with his voice letting you know of his frustration, even if he's not swearing. "It was a race! What does it matter if she crashed into the finish line!?"

Yeah, being swung around like a ragdoll isn't helping your headache either.

"You see, Young Bakugo, it was a Rescue Race!" The hero tries to explains, giving the angry boy a one armed hug. His cheerful demeanor as he explains feels like the polar opposite to Bakugo's barely contained anger, especially as he scrambles away from the hug. "While Young Walker there managed to outspeed you and the rest of the competition and show her new skills, it doesn't qualify for the rescue part of the exercise."

"Ngo… Hol' up." You try to say, sounding far to nasal for obvious reasons before sniffling for a bit, clearing your nostrils. "Okay, first, let go of me."

You aren't even surprised when Bakugo simple lets go of your belt, letting you fall rear up on the floor before you quickly pick yourself up, dusting your hands and costume off.

"...Thanks!" You say, looking at the pissed of boy glaring at you and the massive hero, who takes a step back when he notices you looking at him, forcing you to perform an awkward lunge to take the price off his hand and offering it to Bakugo. "Ah'm gonna trust All-Might on what counts as a save. Ah flubbed the landin' and got disqualified, Ah can own up to it. You can have the scarf."

>"I don't care! Just keep the stupid thing!" He says, not quite yelling. More frustrated than angry, if you had to guess.
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Chapter Quest =CLXVII=
Eternal War

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of the thousands of Imperial provinces that form the front line in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But the Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commissioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.


Chapter Chronicles and starting point for the novice initiates:

Battle voxcaster frequency, all allies are welcome to join:

+Duty of a Space Marine is more than pure combat. Space Marine is an example of humanity overcoming the worst universe can throw at us, an ideal to be strived towards. Because of this reason, every dead Space Marine is means more than a lost Regiment, for his loss represents the death of hope for Humanity.+
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X-COM: Guerilla
You don't remember a time before the aliens. You were like two years old when the whole earth shook and a UFO the size of Brazil appeared over...well Brazil. According to your 8th-grade history class, earth surrendered as soon as the UFO landed. Within a year, every nation on earth had signed a treaty with the aliens and formed the ADVENT coalition.

ADVENT was all you knew. You grew up in a suburb of a big city, so you saw the thousand-feet tall buildings they built, you saw the highways stretched over your head, you saw the eerie blue and red lights go up more and more every night. You watched the news as they touted each new achievement of the one-world government. Markets soaring, poverty shrinking, a lot of stuff you didn’t comprehend, but it sure sounded nice. You remember getting your first taste of that damned juicy ADVENT burger. It’s your favorite food now. But despite ADVENT affecting you so much, you didn’t see much of the actual government. The ADVENT soldiers in their futuristic helmets stayed mostly in the cities. You saw a patrol once in high school and a couple of your classmates had attended high school graduation in their ADVENT military attire since they were joining up.

Now, for the first time in your life, you're headed for the city. You're going to ADVENT University! Well, the local branch of ADVENT University that happens to be in the city near you. You've passed all your tests and filled out every form. Now the only thing you have to do to begin your future is get a gene scan!


Your friend Paul shakes you awake, “You fell asleep? It was only a two-hour drive! We’re here!” You stumble groggily out of the car. Paul and his mom are already getting your luggage out. You look up at your new campus and marvel at the synthetic greens and the clean, modern architecture. The next thing that hits you is how quiet the city is. You realize that the new ADVENT cars don’t make any noise. Most of the cars at home are just pre-alien cars with ADVENT batteries put in them so they don’t need gasoline. You aren’t used to all the traffic but none of the revving and sputtering of engines. The next thing you notice are the soldiers. There are a lot of them walking around, mostly unarmed, but a few with those fancy new laser rifles. Some of the soldiers are speaking your language but others talk amongst themselves in strange alien chatter. Wow, they have alien troops here? Cool!

Despite them taking over the earth, you don’t see a lot of aliens besides the Speaker. And that’s only on TV. You’ve seen pictures of some of the other aliens all in the confederation that ADVENT represents Earth in. From the strange snake-like ladies to the giant muscular giants (who are apparently also an all-female race), they’re pretty intimidating and you’re glad they mostly stick to their respective planets according to your school.

5 images | 41 replies
Hunter X Hunter Distant Horizons #2
Title Card
The last thing you were expecting when you came to apply for this "Hunter" job, whatever that's supposed to mean, was an eight-hundred person scramble to grab one of four-hundred badges. You've been taken a little bit off guard by the fracas, to say the least. A lot has happened since you took on this job last month though, so you feel a little justified being mentally unprepared. Just thirty days ago you were nothing more than an average guy with some solid MMA training looking for work. Now you're supposed to be a competitor in what seems like a 800-man race to join some mysterious NGO military outfit? If Durham hadn't offered you a crazy payout for this job, you'd be starting to question why you're even here.

>HxH Distant Horizons is back!
>This is a quest set in a setting disconnected from the canon of Hunter x Hunter
>The world will follow all of the rules of HxH, but with canon locations and characters unincluded
>For this reason, watching the anime or reading the manga isn't necessary to play
>Write-ins are (almost) always allowed, though I reserve the right to veto them for any reason
>Combat will rely more on clever decision-making and resource management, and less on dice rolls
>I hope you enjoy the quest, whether you're playing or just reading along!

Previous Thread:
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Iron Kingdoms Mechanik Quest #1
Corvis, the City of Ghosts.
Founded more than nine hundred years ago by merchants plying the Black River and up to the headwaters of the Dragon’s Tongue, the channel between the Dragon’s Tongue and Black River was dredged by the Orgoth to allow their longships to sail from their strongholds in the west up and down the Black River. The Orgoth paved over the swampy land at this intersection of the Black and Dragon’s Tongue rivers and erected buildings and towers covered in the leering faces many of which stand to this day.
Corvis is a city of watery canals, riverfronts, and dark alleyways where one can easily disappear without a trace. The swampy ground and the nearby Widower’s Wood seem a poor choice for the locale of a major city, and it has required enormous labor to maintain the infrastructure. Nevertheless, Corvis has thrived, and as buildings collapse for lack of ground support or simply sink into the mire, the industrious engineers and laborers keep constructing anew atop the crumbling structures. In fact, the Corvis graveyards are notoriously difficult to maintain due to the boggy grounds and the mysterious fell magic saturating the very soil. It is said the dead are restless even in sanctified ground and often rise to haunt the living— hence the appellation “City of Ghosts.”
Despite such ominous traits, Corvis flourishes because it is a vital trade nexus between Cygnar and Rhul as well as the home of the famous—some might say infamous—Corvis Treaties that birthed the modern Iron Kingdoms. Indeed, Corvis is a mixed bag. Its diverse and colorful culture, center of learning, mercantile society, and prime location make it a major hub for adventurers, frontiersmen, traders, students, and rivermen. Such details combined with its haunted reputation make Corvis one of the most famous cities in the Iron Kingdoms.
You are Caitlin Rhinehart and you are currently in the Northern District, in the part known as the Industrial Bourg. This is where the majority of Corvis factories and industry lie - fed a constant stream of water down a dozen canals that also provide a great deal of power through paddlewheels. Forges, Steamjack shops, textile, lumber and grain mills fill this large Bourg. It is the home of the Steam and Iron Workers Union chapter house of Corvis, and this is where you live and work.
It has only been a few days since you finished your apprenticeship as a mechanik, and a year early at that. Now you need to pay back the Union for your education and continued membership. You’re not in any kind of rush, you have the year out to come up with the money, so only a few extra or one well-paying job in addition to the normal work you do for the Union, will sooner or later be enough.

5 images | 33 replies
Saiyan Conqueror Quest 124
Saiyans. Were one to travel the stars, they would undoubtedly hear tales of the mighty warrior race. Some speak of them with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like the mighty warriors. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair you’d feel facing them in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the warrior race spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden Super Saiyans.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, which began decades before the ‘canon’ events of Dragonball began. Currently we are in Age 748, this timeline having veered quite far from its natural course. You the players control Karn: oncr an ordinary Saiyan with a powerlevel of only 2,830, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of not only the might of the Saiyan race, but of the PTO itself known across the universe. Now, as a general of the PTO with a powerlevel of 18,915,500 before transforming, Karn has become the undisputed face of the PTO’s military, second only to Lord Freeza himself.

Character Sheet, powerlevels, and other pastebins can be found at:
Quest archive link, for rereading previous installments:

Quest rules are as follows:
>20 minute voting windows
>pick ONE option when voting, unless otherwise noted
>Dice rolls are all best of three, only correctly rolled dice pools count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails will count -only- if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled.
>Two 1s will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged.
That said, they can and will be shut down if too out of character/metagamey. With over 100 episodes behind us, Karn now has a well-established character
>All rules stand as-written, unless otherwise noted
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

Our quest will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM whichI try and keep up-to-date

Current Arc: The Empire Rising
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Catalyst Quest #11
Catalyst Quest Title Card
You are Brother Richard Anscham. As an unwitting leader of a blasphemous congregation, the true conqueror of the ruins, an unprecedented diplomat, and a priest of the Church of Mercy, you are (presently) devoid of fear. Having killed a demon of Agriculture last night with nothing but your own strength, your grievous injuries did not stop your travel.

Your faith guides you, and it has been rewarded.

Regardless of your connection to the seven other members of the pantheon, the lifetime of devotion you've spent in service to Them, or your reluctance to call upon Mercy for the last four months, She has come to you without hesitation.

Aside from healing your wounds with Her hands, you're infinitely more concerned with the literal hands that are now clutching at the sweat-stained shirt against your back. The Goddess of Compassion has called you Her lover, and by all appearances, is pressed against you.

Regardless of the slum you're residing in, on the outskirts of the holy city of Calunoth, or the disgusting mattress beneath your battle-stained robes, there is unmistakably beauty beside you.

You have felt Her presence countless times before, and channeled Her through the cracks in your soul, but you have never seen Her like this.

You've never felt Her like this.

"May We speak, before you go?"

Soft wisps of yellow-gold hair press against your shoulder, desperate for more contact. The fabric between you is stiff from your exertion in the fight, over not even a few hours ago. Your breath is the only sound in the room, while the soft speech lingers in an echo for many more moments after.

A light emanates from Her, casting shadows against the bags under your eyes, the flecks of blood and shrapnel still littering your frame.

You embrace the Goddess back. Holding the impossibly soft form against you, there's no need for you to reply.

There's no need for words between you two at all, but She is the very embodiment of grace.

She speaks again.

"You have come such a long way. There is no need for you to ask what you must do. You know."

Six years have passed, since you entered into service of the Church of Mercy.

Four months ago, you swore to never call upon the Gods save for a matter of life and death.

It feels like Time stretches out into an eternity.

Your heart might as well have stopped.

These may be the most important moments of your life.

Archive (Threads 1-5 for the Ruins expedition, 6-10 for Church of Flesh and recovery):
Discord (Update notifications, art, a huge music playlist, etc.):
Brother Anscham's Journal (High-res map, full calendar, your tenets, expanded info on all the Gods, demons you've faced and much more!):

4 images | 215 replies
Expedition Quest, Part VIII
Title Card
Deep within the Earth, there lies a hollow cavern. Immense in size, it houses the fabled continent of Lemuria. Long since lost, the brave Henry McDermond has ventured here with his companions, including the princess of Lemuria, Kumari. Their aim, to defeat the vile villain known only as the Scarab. This Prussian seeks new weapons of war, and with tensions at an all-time high among the nations of Europe, Henry is determined to stop this possibility.

We join our hero while he infiltrates the Lemurian palace, held by the vile Scarab. Alongside him are Richarde, Kumari, and Annika.

>Use d100, Bo3 for rolls, roll equal or under. Crit range is 1-5, and 96+, on the first roll.
>Character sheet:
>Lore & Companions:

You need to find a way to disarm the bombs of the Scarab, planted on the sleepers of Lemuria, Kumari's family and friends. Inside the palace, it is a maze, with wandering patrols of red-suited thugs. With Kumari leading the way, it will be easy to find the sleeping chambers, but how to do it?

>As quietly as possible. No need to raise hell
>In pairs, so if we are found, at least the others will have a chance
>As loudly as possible! Raise hell, and create distractions. Mr. Nordvik and John are going to lead a full-blown assault, maybe this will help them.
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Give me a quest
>your rules
didn't read

>your sticky

>your values and culture
completely disregarded

I have come here for a quest. Give me a quest. I have no idea what this board is for. The questing board should be about giving quests. I want to answer the call to adventure. I want to gain experience. Give me a quest.
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Jedi Stick Figure Quest #1
Welcome to Jedi Stick Figure Quest!
>Taking place before both the Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy, JSFQ will follow one Jedi Knight on their journey across a chaotic and dangerous Galaxy
>Although JSFQ will not blatantly disregard canon, you will not need to have watched / read any SW material to understand what's going on. Anyone can play!
Many thanks for reading. The rules will be posted below.
But first, it's time to choose your Jedi!
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Nanodesu! Quest: Miyuki edition
You are Miyuki. A destroyer class ship girl of the Fubuki-class of destroyers. Right now, you are on a mission to map out the coastline along the island where your naval base is in.
The past few days have been weird. Your first memories involve fighting the strange eldritch creatures called abyssals, somehow winning two against one. Then you met Inazuma, Ninazuma and the others.

It was fun being with them, even with the constant dangers of Abyssals all around you, but you still can't get that nagging feeling from the back of your head.

You don't remember anything before your first battle with the Abyssals.

Oh well, not like it matters anyways, the pressing matter right now is mapping out the coastline.

You, Ooi and Kitakami are gathered at the docks, as fairies run around doing tasks here and there. You smile at some that pass by you, for you, their big, muscular

As you are deep in thought, one of the passing fairies catch your attention, motioning for you to follow it. You oblige, and Kitakami follows shortly after, Ooi clinging tightly to her arm. You aren't sure why she does that or why Kitakami doesn't mind, but it's not like it's disturbing anyone so you ignore it.

The fairy leads you inside the docks proper, where your crews are gathered, carrying supplies for the journey ahead. The fairy which guided you there salutes before going back to his own duties. You head to your gathered crew, and Kitakami and Ooi head to theirs. After loading everyone, you are underway.
3 images | 34 replies
Your name is Elise. Elise Martins.

You are seventeen years old and live in the seaside city of Konigsburg, which is midway between Baltimore and New York. And, while it is not the biggest city, it's home.

You live with your two brothers, one older and younger.

Your older brother, John, is a lab technician at FutureLabs - the city's shining beacon of innovation. Meanwhile, your younger brother, Matt, is a student at the local private high school.

Although none of that’s important at the moment, because— to simply put— your body has changed.

After a deadly fall from a large boulder along the seaside on one of your evening romps, you woke up with some… rather strange traits.

Gills along the side of your neck, yellowish scales lying dormant beneath your skin, and razor-sharp teeth (among other traits), it’s safe to say that you’re no longer normal.

By all means, the fall should’ve killed you. In fact, you can clearly recall the sharp, blinding pain from when you hit your head against the rock you had climbed countless times, the blood-tainted water filling your lungs as you drowned. But, by some chance, whatever particle reactor at FutureLabs had chosen that exact moment to explode —overheated, you read on the news.

The resulting irradiation saved your life, the only evidence of the incident being a long scar hidden beneath your hair.

There are others like you, other mutants, but the city news has kept any mention of them at a minimum, so as to protect FutureLab’s PR.

Even though you currently take your college classes online, it is impossible to simply hide and ignore your powers and continue on with your everyday life, because it is becoming more difficult to control your powers.

>What is your main problem?
>Your appearance. Your mutant features are slowly taking over your body
>Your appetite. Anything outside of animal flesh can no longer be processed or digested by your body.
Hello isolationist kings I do hope your quarantine is all fine and dandy. I finally found the courage to start a quest, so let's see how it goes.
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Monster Hunter Quest: Freelancer #7
Your name is Gunlance Vance, or 'Freelancer' as you've come to be known as. You came to the New World seeking new frontiers and monsters to brave, joined by your loyal Palico companion Vivi and your best friends. Numerous adventures await you here you, and you will brave them all.

Today, it was high time you dealt with a disturbance that came from another world to yours. If you didn't, who knows what might happen? The whole world could even go to waste...


Character Sheet:
Urgent Quests:


Previous Thread: >>4136966
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A Road of Few
You wake up.
The first thing you notice is the ray of light upon your face.
You must have forgotten to close the blind.
You pull the thin covers off of yourself, swing your legs over to the edge, and stand up on the cold wooden floor.
You grab the pants that you had tossed to the side while getting ready for bed and walk over to the bathroom.
Once at the door, you open it, and walk inside. You see your reflection in the mirror.
A young man, with shoulder-length brown hair, and equally brown eyes.
Deciding that a shave isn't needed, you put on the pants you were holding, and go in search of your shirt.
You find it beside the dresser. A dark green shirt with a few small holes. It goes along nicely with your also dark green pants.
Opening the dresser you take out and put on

[] A light leather gambeson and some leather pads for the arms and legs along with a thick dark brown cloak. A pair of brown leather boots as well.
[] A medium weight set of iron armor complete with a chest piece, leg guards, and a helmet. Some metal boots as well.
[] A heavy set of steel armor with a chest plate, steel leg guards, pauldrons, arm guards, and a helmet. Along a pair of sabatons.

*armor choice will determine your fighting style, choose wisely*
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Skyrim NPC Quest
It is the 201st year of the 4th Era. Helgen burns. The Skyrim Civil War rages on without a victor. Rumors of dragons spread to every corner of the land.

You are but a humble resident of Skyrim, someone trying to eke out a living in the midst of all this chaos.

To begin, are you man, mer or beast?

1. Men

2. Mer

3. Beast
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Old Man Quest
Gods. What is with them? They are every where out there. Nowaday, people worship Gods for their miracles that they use in their every day life, and the Gods answer and walk among them. Gods find the mortal interesting and have descended. Well, excuse you, but back in your time, real man works for their phenomenal cosmic power.

“Well gramp. That is your time. It is a long time ago.” So long that nobody even remember who you were. After a thousand years, you decided to adopt a child, the problem is that she doesn’t believe you. She refuses to practice true magic either. It leaves your magic heirless, well, at least you are not childless.

One day, the child disappears.

That day, you went out to look for her, armed with (Choose 2, you are too old and rusty)

>Conjure Wealth, cause precious metal, gold and treasures to fall from the sky
>Conjure Food, cause high class, non-perishable food to appear
>Lightning bolt
>Acid rain, cause a concentrated rain of acid to befall certain area
>Chain fire, cause fire that will burn everything and spread everywhere
>Feather weight, change something to be as light as feather for a day
>Summon spirit, summon random number of spirits and fae that cannot hurt you
>Summon monster, summon random number of dangerous monsters that can hurt you
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Sword Law Quest
Sword Law
Blood drips from the rusty, broken sword in your hand. You have crossed the line. What has been done cannot be undone. It is Law III.

III. The Sword, once lifted in Violence, can never be cast aside.

You have killed someone and you will never have the shelter of innocence again. First, who are you?

>A Wildman of the western slopes of Achia. Your appearance is like that of a man, but your blood is mixed with that of the Red God. You can speak with some animals. The wilderness holds no fear for you. When cornered, you can fight like a wild beast.
Wild men have bronze skin. They are wide and short. They have dark, curly hair. Their eyes are often green. Most have small horns on their heads.
Strength: 18
Dexterity: 8
Health: 16
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 12
Intellect: 6

>A Ikkian of that great city-state. Your ancestors were told cosmic secrets by the Angels. You have some meager knowledge of the cosmic laws and how to bend them. Perhaps you can change the weight of objects, produce a spark from your hand, or create illusory sounds and images.
Ikkians are dark skinned and have dark, curly hair. Their build is average. Their eyes are dark. Their noses are slightly wide.
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 12
Health: 10
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 16
Intellect: 18

>A Northman. Your people have no time for Gods or their servants. Their faith in the Sword Law is strong. You have a working knowledge of wielding and repairing swords. The metalsmithing of the Northern Realm is renowned.
Northmen are pale. Their hair ranges from blond to red. They are tall and wide. Their eyes are often pale blue. Most have unibrows.
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 10
Health: 16
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 10
Intellect: 12
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Ben 10 Quest #31
1920x1080 (1)
In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 16 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: Wade, Kilik, Vaylin and Animo arrived on Ghirgost, only to be ambushed by Kilik's father and the warriors of his tribe. Now, Animo's been kidnapped and a horde of Sanguinites draws ever closer to the lush planet.

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Alien Images:

Character profiles:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

Alien Trivia:

Superhero/Supervillain Database:

Public Info on X:

And don’t forget to follow my Twitter to get more frequent update notifications, and updates on my lack of updates!

My Twitter:

Discord Link:

Good Luck and Have Fun! It's Show Time!
7 images | 93 replies
Space Ant Evo
green and red ants
In the darkness of an abandoned space station, there are... ants.

There are two kinds of ant: green ants and red ants, escaped from expermental colonies on board.
7 images | 9 replies
Errant Quest
At the fall of Nargalond, you were released from service. You were a "hawk": an experienced soldier granted knighthood to bolster the war effort. Had King Fringher won the day, perhaps you would have seen your share of land and coin. As it is, you were lucky to escape the battlefield with your life.

Nargalond was not so fortunate. Many of its lords were killed in the final confrontation. Captured prisoners that were unable to pay ransom were executed en masse. The rest were released to a lawless, fractured and devastated kingdom.

The lands are now overrun with invaders from every side. King Burge, the leader of the opposing army, did not consolidate the whole of Nargalond, taking for himself only the western provinces and leaving the rest to be picked at by the surviving lords, opportunistic mercenaries, and the neighboring kingdoms of Hellade and Menyamen.

In the midst of this chaotic era, you are a mere knight-errant: a sword without a master. Though your title comes without a fief, you possess at least the instruments of your trade: a calcatrix: the swift two-legged mount of choice of all true knights, a lance and sword: the physical manifestation of the knight's will, and of course your shining mail, perhaps the truest pedigree of all.

It is true that there were many hawks knighted at the end, but it is also true that none were bestowed the title without some compelling reason.

>In one of the more heated battles, you took command of a small band of infantry when your captain was downed and led them in a decisive and victorious charge against the enemy line, demonstrating consummate leadership
>Via a token from your departed mother, you proved a bastard lineage to the lord who knighted you, demonstrating noble blood
>After witnessing a rival lord unmount one of the knights on your side, you mounted the calcatrix yourself and challenged the rival to a duel, subsequently killing him in single combat and demonstrating unquestionable martial skill
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Synthetic Gods Quest #46
OP post 3
Hello and welcome back to Synthetic Gods Quest.

Rules and gameplay mechanics:
Current inventory:
Current infrastructure:
Previously mentioned individuals:
Previously mentioned SGs and Cups:
Project tracker:
In the last session we started our journey to Elspen along with Haven and Rheia. We decided to take a slightly longer path to visit a couple of Ceno polises on our way. Our first stop was polis of Ligoriana, a city placed on the southern edge of the largest lake in Ceno territory. There we paid a visit to the local Academy to get some study materials for Rheia along with the Hall of Huntsmen to see if there is something happening around the area that we could help with.

Our interest was caught by a report of some large flying invisible creature that was harassing settlements nearby by attacking and eating humans and livestock. We left Rheia to study and set off to deal with the threat. After visiting the town in the affected area, the search was narrowed to the village to the south- east near to the large river that was affected the most. After we arrived there, the decision was made to scout the forest that was the most probable home of the monsters. There we discovered a juvenile form of these invisible beasts: a griffon- like being the size of a large cat with a massive beak that is split into three petals. Then during the continued search, we were attacked by these creatures which caught us by surprise. This allowed us, however, to locate the nesting grounds of these griffons. We attempted to kill as many as we could and to collapse their habitat, but as they behaved too similar to animals we couldn’t continue for long. After slaying around a dozen adults and who knows how many of their children, we retreated in tears back to the polis.
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Multiplayer Eldritch Horror Game 2: Electric Boogareboot
A reboot of the last, abandoned thread.

>The Rules:
>You are an eldritch horror from another dimension, one of many. Your goal is to be summoned in full and prevent other eldritch horrors from being summoned in full or to destroy them when they arrive. The last eldritch horror (or team of aligned, bonded horrors) on earth wins.
>Before you are summoned you can only use your powers to a limited extent and have to rely on cultists to act. Cultists are mortals that you've appeared to in their dreams or have been brainwashed by other cultists. Most are incompetent but they try. Some very much are competent. The same about both can be said for your opposition.
>Inquisitors are the opposite of cultists, mortals that you've pissed off and will try to interrupt your plans.
>The summoning ritual requires an Orb of Crystalline Perfection (artifact from before time, only five currently exist), dragon blood, (nectar from a rare plant (or the actual blood of a true, fully fledged, original dragon)), and a geometrically perfect summoning circle spelling out Welcome To Earth [Insert-Name] in your native language which only you and your cultists know.
>If you only have the circle, you can send a Lesser manifestation, if you have the circle and one of the other two ingredients, you can summon a Greater manifestation, and if you have all 3, you may come to earth in your entirety.
>You have 3 personal actions every turn and can command cultists to take as many as you want them to. For every action you roll d6s (base is 4), according to what skills your cultists have and how far you've spread them out or what your powers are and your capabilities.

If you're interested in playing make an eldritch horror and get a trip. I'll start when there's three but there's no player limit. (only a limited number of breakable Orbs)

>Name: This can be anything, titles included.
>Abilities: What you can do as an eldritch horror. You can have up to 5 and be anything (summoning demons, causing earthquakes, whatever) but boosting your own stats.
>Appearance: What you look like. You don't have to be an eldritch abomination. Dark gods, high-tech aliens, evil wizards, anything is good as long as it's supernatural and trying to reach earth from another dimension. This also determines how your physique manifests itself.
>Homeworld: Where you're from, what it's like, and maybe why you want to leave it for earth. Does not have to be an actual planet..

Every eldritch horror has 4 stats and 6 points to spend between them. 0 is Bad, 1 is Mediocre, 2-3 is Good, 4 is Great, +5 is Apocalyptic. You can lower a stat to
up to -3 for extra points but it becomes Terrible at -1, then Abysmal at -2, then Mortal at -3. If you are killed in your entirety you cannot be resurrected, it is game over, but if you're banished you can be resummoned if the requirements can be met. If a Manifestation is killed, you may not take personal actions for 3 turns if lesser, and 6 turns if greater.
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The Baron
You are a wealthy BARON, the predominant business tycoon of your industry. Endlessly charming and unparalleled in taste, you are locally renowned as a most refined gentleman of respectable urbanity. Success follows you everywhere you go, as do desperate beggars and pining misses alike. Of course, while you like to think of yourself as a busy fellow, standing in your office at the crack of today's dawn, you find yourself abnormally unoccupied.

>What will you do?
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RELM Quest
Resident Evil Laboratory Management Quest


You had been down on your luck for quite a while. Your professors always praised you for your ability, but when it came to your doctorate, your work was rejected as “preposterous”, but you did what you had to, you followed your research and now, when you can actually help humanity as a whole? Petty ethics, defended by men of yesteryear, hold you back.

While your doctorate was not recognized, you thought you still had your masters degree to work, but your name was known, and nobody in the field would hire you in that region. You thought about moving, but lack the funds and, quite frankly, the motivation. You listlessly went about your days until...

*Knock knock knock*

You usually don’t get visitors, so you walk to your door with intrigue, but hesitate to open it up. Your mind jumps to the worst. A robbery, maybe? Or a thief looking which apartments are empty at the moment? You take a revolver with you, just for the eventuality.

“Who is it?”, you call out.

“Someone with a business opportunity”, a female voice answers with an English accent.

You frown and look through the spyhole in your door to see a woman in a white dress surrounded by two men in suits. One of the men lifts up a suitcase to show the logo of a certain company to the spyhole.

“Do you even know who I am?”, you ask.

“That is precisely why we are here.”

>Who are you?
>What was your doctoral thesis about?
>And what year is it again?


although I try to be informed about most things Resident Evil, nothing's canon until I say it is and the protagonist has reason to know about it.
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Gun x Glory! #11
The first thing that hits you when you step onto the deck is not a bullet, but the acrid smell of burning diesel and smoke.

With the formerly visible grey sky now being blotted out with the rising plumes of smoke, it makes it hard to tell where you initially are. The rain falling against your exposed skin is no longer cold, but warm and sticky as you maneuver yourself away from the doorframe, so that Cinder can safely move forward without running into you.

“Do you see anything?!”

Cinder calls out to you without the use of her headset, making no pretenses of stealth. You can barely see her bright red hair through the thickening haze, but you can clearly picture the motes of worry that have more than likely sprung to her eyes.

“Smoke’s too thick – watch yourself!” You shout back, pulling your rifle tight against your chest as you make your way forwards, hyper aware of the way the boat creaks and groans under you. The crashing of water against the metal structure is even louder now, and you have no doubt that if you had gone deeper within it, chances are it’d be damn hard for you to get out.

A bullet whizzes through the smoke, and you hit the deck faster than you ever have before.

The year is 2030, and competitive gaming has taken the world by storm. After a vicious encounter with the player known as editWorld that was cut short by an explosion, you, Wolfgang O’Neal, have now followed him to the surface of the battleground.

Unfortunately, said battleground is on fire, and your head just almost became fused with it.

“You hear that, Cinder?” You hiss into your receiver, looking around quickly and only just pulling yourself behind a shipping crate before another bullet sounds off, hitting the space where you had just been.

Well, you certainly haven’t got any breathing room.

“Yep, and I’m sorely fuckin’ unequipped for this!” She responds whole-heartedly from somewhere on the deck, and you catch a little “oop!” as another gunshot is heard, most likely from her taking cover.

Looks like you’re at a disadvantage, both from being robbed of sight and being pinned down.

You’ve made it through worse.

What will you do, Wolfgang?

>Player: N0v4_c43s4r
>HP: 95/100

>Player: Drag0n
>HP: 80/100

>Tell Cinder to advance and scout if she can – her playstyle is built for mobility, and you’re confident she can put her sword to use if she happens upon anything.
>Move forward first – you have more health, and therefore you can soak up a bit more damage if needed.
>Stay put and scour your inventory for any tricks – as well as reacquainting yourself with your loadout, you’ll wait to see if the opponent pulls anything.

Previous thread archive:
Gun x Glory OP theme:
Thread discord:
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Essari: Grabraf Quest
The great Sujardin war ended, the nations of the Entante lost, and the Voltanite Senate backed forces won. The funny thing is, most of the people continued on with life in the post war occupation.

You are a Grabraf. Your people are distributed far and wide, filling roles from brigands to leaders; faithful and faithless, cruel and wise, the wealthiest and most impoverished. You are above the lowly nomads, but certainly beneath the great thinkers.

Specifically, you are a Plains Grabraf, and with a great history of bloodshed, conquest, and mercantile acumen behind your people. There is also a hobby of cheese craft, and rich literary history to be considered.

Knowing yourself is important...Tell me about where you are from.

1. Tuzan clans
These wild Grabrafs Venerate the old gods as much as the venerate the world spirit, Emra. A rich heritage of hurkun (cattle) farming is coupled with cattle raiding, and occasional cannibalism of their lesser kin. Superstitious, and slightly xenophobic, they are united by a mountainous geography than particular ethnicity.

2. Sons of Xerho
A truly ancient land where brutality meets aristocracy, completely unfit for the modern world and yet they have endured. A strong appreciation of ritualized behavior and occasional slavery keeps to their version of the Faith and veneration of Father Xerho. Strength and cunning rules here, from matters of war, to matters of coin.

3. Castigar Empire
The Castigars are a distilation of the Xerho culture, broken away from their obsolete progenitors. Many would accuse them of being a military with a state. Considering all have served, this is very possible. Divided between loyalties during the great war, the Castigars chose to honor their pact with the Entante. Blood, Material, Academi.

4. Xerhonoke
Xerhonoke may be at it's final sunsets. Hidebound traditionalism stifled regional leadership or innovation, they represent a faded glory. Their guns and spears still pose a threat to those that would seek to invade, but most would question it's worth. The chaos in the post war period has offered what may be their final chance to kindle the embers of history into a blaze of glory.
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Magic Academy Security Guard Quest
School Pic1
A long time ago, a baby was left at the steps of an orphanage on the outskirts of a large town; bearing a peculiar birthmark over their heart and clutching a sword pendant.

The baby was taken in and raised into a boy by an old matron riddled with countless scars, watched over by the eldest orphan whom the orphans and the boy himself looked up to as a role model. The boy grew into a fine young man, who helped provide for the orphanage by hunting game and doing the occasional odd job or three for the townsfolk. Occasionally, he’d even deal with the occasional monster or five and chase off a few wild animals that wandered into a farmer’s land.

One day, on one of his hunts, the young man stumbled upon a caravan under attack by a group of peculiarly well-equipped bandits. He dealt with them in time to save a young lady from their terrible clutches and brought her back to his home to be sheltered for a time. There she met the other orphans and the matron, growing to like them as friends. She took a shine to the young man, likening him to a hero from a children’s tale in her own mind after being rescued.

Not long after, a band of mage knights arrived and the young woman revealed herself as the youngest princess of the kingdom. She explained to the knights of the young man’s deeds and her head guard understandably asked to verify her charge’s claims. They sparred, and the young man emerged victorious.

Impressed, the head guard offered to sponsor the young man to a prestigious school of magic, where his talent would be honed into the stuff of legends.

A week later, that same young man walks into the school grounds with an excited smile and a heart thrumming enthusiastically for the coming future; the mark on his chest and the pendant around his neck pulsing with unnoticed power.

This young man would grow into a figure of myth and legend, wielding immeasurable power and flawless skill that rivals the Gods themselves.

This young man would be the lynchpin upon which many plots would unfold and take place, his mere presence being enough to influence the choices of entire factions.

This young man… is not you.
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Monstergirl Highschool #6
Last thread:

Recap: You've been hopping through alternate dimensions and now you've ended up in a world inhabit by gorgons. You, Terry Tazo, a human schoolboy with psychometric powers, have been petrified by a gorgon named Nembra.

Your breath is cut short as you spend three seconds of consciousness realizing that your whole body has become rock-solid. Your lungs stop heaving. Your heart stops breathing. Yet you still live. As you descend into stony slumber the torch of destiny is passed on to one of your comrades.

Who shall it be?

> Maddox, a belligerent winged human teenager with prodigious fighting skills. Can say without a doubt that he is Terry's best friend.

> Gekky, a shy and artistic pink lamia with remarkable telepathic powers. Straddles a moral dilemma regarding the use of her psychic ability.

> Sara, a logical and resolute doggirl trained in sorcery by the Death Temple. She views herself as the centerpiece of an ancient prophecy.
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Planetary Governor Quest: The Frontier
Imperial Aquila
Some of you may know me, some may not. I have run several of these quests in the past. With the quarantine in effect in my city and working from home now. I figured I would host a good old 40k governor quest to get us through this time of boredom, fear and isolation...
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A Road of Few
Thread 2
"You alive their choir boy"?

The man looks up at you, with a face of slight surprise but it quickly returns to his resting face.

"You..... I saw you at the forest." He says as he remembers you.

"It's been a while hasn't it. I never thought I would see you here." You say.


"Thinking about Whitewood?"

"That place..." "It was a fucking nightmare."

"Must've been rough, especially for a paladin" You say eyeing his armor's sigil.

"I never did catch your name, with the getting slaughtered by demons and all that."

"It's Mikail" He says.

"And yours?"


[] Write in
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Skeleton Island Thing 2, Part 5
OH SHIT NEGRO, you are SHOTASNIFFER. Eldest daughter of the skeleton villain LOLISNIFFER. After a long and arduous succesion war against your siblings, you now claim ownership of your family's island, as the leader of the UNITED SHOTA SNIFFING REPULIC. From here, you shall spread your skeletal power accross the globe and dominate the world!

In the last episode one of your underlings/brothers was kidnapped! Possibly by an alternate reality version of one of your other sisters! You gotta get him back! He ain't gonna escape work that easily!

161 images | 763 replies
Sword Fighting
Here's a scenario:

Let's say if you're in the forest with someone. You happen to be a teenage child who's with an adult. You poor specimen have both been stranded in the middle of that big forest you've been staying at and the both of you are straight up bored. You, the kid, thinks of playing this game with your friend to deal with the boredom of you and the adult, but the adult on the other hand doesn't approve of it. The adult says that simply because the burden of them being stuck in a forest has been happening doesn't (and shouldn't) give the teenage kid a reason to come up with such a game like that for them to play. The adult even says that the game is "downright inappropriate" for them to play.

How would you convince the adult into playing it with you? Would you use any manipulation tactics??
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What Lies In The Desert
What Lies In The Desert
>Washington D.C., United States of America
>6:36 PM
>27 December, 2019

"We get our hands on this, we can crush those red bastards once and for all."

"With all due respect, General, the communists haven't been a threat since 1991. They can have their little playground for all I care."

"Major, we have the opportunity of a lifetime here. We get the president to sign off on this, and the West will never be challenged again. Hell, you could restore your empire with this."

"How’s this, then. We take a jab at Gaddafi, and see what happens. Then maybe, just maybe, you can get me to sign off on this little treasure hunt of yours."

>6:01 AM
>1 January, 2020
@CNN, "United States CENTCOM reports a drone strike in Nouakchott, Mauritania at around 3:00 AM. Preliminary reports say 10 deaths, including 3 high ranking officials from the United Arab Republican Jamahiriya."

>10:00 AM
@URAJOfficial_EN, "Brotherly Leader of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi confirms reports that the United States has committed an illegal attack on a close ally, and has martyred 3 of our comrades in doing so. We promise that our response will be as quick as it is strong!"

>Khartoum, Republic of the Sudan
>9:39 PM
>3 January, 2020
"This is Turkish Airlines Flight 127 reporting a Mayday! We have been struck by an unidentified object over the U R A J, Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!"

>Washington D.C., United States of America
>3:34 PM
>9 January, 2020
"Authorization for Use of Military Force Against the United Republican Jamihiriya Resolution passes the Senate Floor with 79% of the vote, enacting Operation Maghreb Freedom"
>Zuwara, United Arab Republican Jamahiriya, 35 Miles from Coalition Lines
>1:01 AM
>22 March, 2020

Three coalition soldiers lie on hospital cots in Zuwara: an American, a Brit, and an Australian. Separated from their squad and dressed in civilian clothes, they must find a way to complete their orders. Their only orders are to search for a buried vault, somewhere along the coast of Libya. Cut off from command, they must now make their own way.

>You are
26 Year old P.F.C. Jason Christiansen.
25 Year old P.T.E. Bruce Bathgate.
23 Year old 2.L.T. Rupert Hawkes.

>You Can
Pick a main character
Ask about the characters.
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Ascended Quest
You play a godlike entity. The realm is mostly formless nothing outside the claim of your neighboring ascended. You will interact with them, forge your own domain, and make/guide mortal.
First, you should decide who you are.

> Name
This can be a name from a previous life, given by other parties, or one you just pulled from nothing.

> Background
You were something before this, maybe a human or an idea/belief? How did you get here, some great rite, be learning a great truth, or amassing enough belief?

> Aspects
You 6 Points to put into Aspects, concepts you represent and things over which you hold sway. The more points put into something, the more power you hold in the matter. You may gain more Aspect points later.
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Kobold Quest #2
kobold quest 31
Previous thread:

Recap of Part #1:

You are Trebol, a kobold who wished to go on an adventure. Going against your parents’ will, you secretly leave your home to explore the mysterious world outside the forest you grew up in. Tons of stuff happened to you the night you left...

First, you fell off a cliff. Then you saved a fairy from a pair of ill-intentioned humans. The brutes returned and beat you up badly, but you managed to escape by rolling into a river.

The river’s current dragged you for hours until you reached a gnoll tribe. You hoped they’d be merciful and give you medical aid, but the chieftain and her pack decided to eat you instead. You managed to injure the chieftain and roll again into the river, hoping you’d get away from there in time.

Then, out of nowhere, a troll grabbed you out of the water. Without losing hold of you, he rushed towards the gnoll tribe, bruising off all spear attacks with his super regeneration. He abducted a gnoll child and ran towards the mountains with you and the kid as the loot of his raid.
You lost consciousness and woke up in the troll’s cave, on the verge of death. With your last bit of strength and the gnoll kid’s help, you manage to recover a backpack on the other side of the cave: its contents were a bunch of alchemical ingredients, one of which was a weird flower that, upon consuming, invigorated you greatly. You and the boy leave the cave, avoiding awakening the troll from his slumber.

You no longer have any desire of adventuring. You just want to return home. Your current goal is to lead the child back to his tribe, hoping the gnolls forgive you and treat your wounds. You have less than 30 minutes before the flower’s invigorating effect wears off and you drop dead due to the tremendous strain your body has went through...
36 images | 162 replies
Maverick Hunter Quest, Thread 101: Legacy of Cain
Not you never you
Prior Thread:
The IRC:, #MHQ
The Twitter:
The Recap (thanks to Scarab):
Character sheet:

You are STILL not Maverick Hunter Anode.
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Super DC Quest 2: The second Part
Aether by Jeju Coloured
Your name is Michael Carmichael. A nineteen year old who is currently in his first super fight, against the metahuman bruiser known as Cinderblock in a shipping warehouse that housed a mafia smuggling ring. Now however-

Handle it! You shout to Manhunter pointing at the screaming trapped ladies who have begun to panic. She repeats the same words back to you pointing at the colossal supervillain who is about to grab the sole column holding the foreman's office above the chaotic shop floor. If he suceeds in what he's doing; it won't matter how good Manhunter is at directing the cramped masses out - the bodycount will be.


Unleashing the Sapphire Power from within you, you channel it all into one single blast toward Cinderblock. Using the hole in the floor like an improvised machine gun nest. Your costume's accents glow, giving you the appearance of some otherworldly figure of fury when you rain Blue Death from the sky. And Cinderblock strolls right into it.

While it would be a stretch to say he is unscathed, you wouldn't exactly call your assault succesful. He stops for a second, glares at you and then marches onward.

You shout gibberish as you dig deeper into your well, summoning up an orb of blue energy in front of you. Out of sheer inspiration you submerge both your hands in it; pumping it chock full of power until you can taste the air being cooked by it. Just as Cinderblock is getting ready to grip the column beneath your feet; you tear the orb in half.

You now have a giant orb of Sapphire the size of a boulder stuck to each of your palms and as you aime the first one right for his face you.

> Taunt Him

> Shout a special move name

> Struggle to keep your power in check

> Notice a new arrival on the scene
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Pokémon Gravel Quest #2
You are Walter; a poor outcast from Cycad Town who is finally starting to hit his stride. Only a few days ago you were simply a brooding teen with a rough past and nothing going for him. This all changed when you decided the first step of your thousand-mile journey. Within four days, you caught your first two Pokémon, engaged in several battles, and made a deal which will allow you to become an official Pokémon Trainer. To say that you are no longer a brooding teen with a chip on his shoulder would be a lie, but now you have a way to turn your life around and reach new heights which you could have only dreamed of.

Rules and Game Mechanics:

Info and Inventory:
1 images | 307 replies
When was the last Evo game here?
It's been a while since I've seen this on the board. I'm not a GM myself, but I'd love to see this on here again!
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Strikers 2016
Maman didn&#039;t tell you where she was going, but she did say she&#039;d be working with Wyverns.
So, news!

Nothing really new. We're not under statewide lockdown here in Carolina yet, but I expect it won't be too terrible long. Thankfully, there's not a whole hell of a lot I do outside the house anyway, other than hit the range or my FLGS, so eh. No big loss I guess? Either way, I'll be around!

Archive here: for anyone looking to jump in- we're actually in a bit of a short series that was only supposed to be one thread, haha, so you can jump right in probably- though in this case we're going to be seeing a lot of characters from the OG 89 run. Either way, if you're looking to jump in, ask some questions about what's up and I'm sure the gents in thread can sort you- or I can, either way. Haha!

I think that's it from me!


The Bishop house is bigger than maman's. It's almost intimidating how big it is- it dwarfs your maman's rental car as she pulls into the driveway, and you sit there in the back seat till she walks around to open the door. She smiles down at you and nods. "Dis be ya papa's house" she says, confirming it for you- you didn't think she was wrong, of course- maman is never wrong- but You'd wondered if maybe this wasn't another of her friends. Somehow, you think, that would have been a little easier.

She opens the trunk of the car as you step out, turning towards her as she pulls your bookbag out and hands it to you- you packed it yourself, under her direction, though she packed some of your other things for you. They're in the rolling suitcase she pulls out next, giving you the handle and letting you pull it along behind- while she pulls a third bag out of the trunk. That's things she says you'll need, but you didn't want to pack- things like your language books. You hadn't been excited when she pointed out that your sisters probably could teach you Russian as well- who needs to know all those languages?

It's hard to not notice, as you walk across the drive, your hand in Maman's, the man and the girls standing on the porch. He's got a smile on his face- the five girls- three of them definitely older than you, while two look to be about your age- look about like you feel. Another woman stands in the door, wiping her hands on a kitchen towel.

"Good to see you again, Brigitte." The man says, then smiles at you. "And you must be Morgan, right?"

You nod, but maman squeezes your hand. "Yes, sir." you say, quietly.

His smile gets wider. "You don't have to call me sir." He says.

"Ya goan have ta fight ta get him ta not."Maman says. "Ya be ok wid keepin him for de now? Be udda people who be willin, if it be too much trouble."

The man shakes his head. "I shouldn't have let it go as long as it has." he says. "He deserves to know who his dad is, right?"

You see maman nod.

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Dragon Ball Human Quest Super #27
The revelations are as terrifying as they are exciting.
Finally you have knowledge of that unique "condition" that Kale suffers from you could...
Hold on.

"Wait. You said this guy, Broly.
He's really that strong huh?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Would he be the one I've been feeling all this time?"

"You have the ability to sense others over such distances?
Vampa is on the other side of the universe!"

"Not everything.
Just that your universe is so fucked it feels like it's on fire while at the same time a nuke is perpetually going off!
What the fuck gives?"

"If I had to guess the "fire" must be Frieza.
I kept telling those idiots we shouldn't have brought him back to life!
Or killed him five seconds afterwards!"

"And why don't you just... I don't know, GO THERE AND SQUASH HIM LIKE A BUG?!"

"Believe me nothing would make me feel happier.
However Beerus and that clown were adamant about leaving him alone!"


"Kakarot is an idiot. Doesn't need more of an explanation than that.
And Frieza is way too convenient for Beerus. Not only does he do the job of the destroyer but he's also a formidable warrior, one he intends to use in future tournaments as long as he doesn't do anything stupid and piss Beerus off."

"And so the other must be Broly.
As horrific as millions of voices crying out in unison, somehow that guy simply existing is more scary to me.
Though... I wouldn't mind paying both of them a visit-"

It's none of your concern and it's beyond your ability.
You'd just be making things worse or endanger yourself."
Vegeta sounds surprisingly concerned.
"Besides, both of those issues will take care of themselves.
Broly while dangerous is benign as far as I'm aware. And Friezas days are numbered as is.
Last time he acted up he almost killed himself, it's only a matter of time before he messes with the wrong person or his own ambitions ruin him."
He gestures towards the gravity chamber.
"Now come, talking about Frieza always makes me want to punch something."

>Fine. I won't say no to a brawl
>Yeah, in a moment. (pop over to where that insane power is)
>Hold that thought (check on the local douchebag lizard and see if you can't... accelerate his fate)
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 123
Saiyans. Were one to travel the stars, they would undoubtedly hear tales of the mighty warrior race. Some speak of them with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like the mighty warriors. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair you’d feel facing them in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the warrior race spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden Super Saiyans.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest. Currently we are in Age 748, decades before the ‘canon’ events of Dragonball began. Yet this universe is vastly different, as you the players have control of Karn. Once an ordinary Saiyan with a powerlevel of only 2,830, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of not only the might of the Saiyan race, but of the PTO itself known across the universe. Now, as a general of the PTO with a powerlevel of 18,915,500 before transforming, Karn has become the undisputed second in command, only Lord Freeza himself ranks higher.

Character Sheet, powerlevels, and other pastebins can be found at:
Quest archive link:

Quest rules are as follows:
>20 minute voting windows
>pick ONE option when voting, unless otherwise noted
>Dice rolls are all best of three, only correctly rolled die count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails will count -only- if no roll passes DC, or if two different 1s are rolled.
>Two sepetate 1s will OVERRIDE even a 100, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged. That said, they can and will be shut down if too out of character/metagamey. With over 100 episodes behind us, Karn now has a well-established character
>All rules stand as-written, unless otherwise noted for any given post
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

Our quest will usually start every Saturday at 12pm EST, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes can find me @GrandDragonQM

Current Arc: The Empire Rising
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Magical Girl For Hire #93
Miranda Styles 93
The rest of your team was surprised when you’d accepted- not to mention the other faculty. But they hadn’t said a thing- likely figured it was a rare opportunity to get some free guest lessons from someone they had already hired for a different job. Normally, you’d be annoyed. Buuuut...well, it’s not like you had anything else to kill your day, and it DID stir a strange, growing nerve in you. Still, they’d accepted it, and the lot of them had decided to away and talk strategy within the confines of their rooms. Fair enough- they were supposed to be handling this on their own, mostly, anyway. You’re there as insurance now, you figure.

Looking at these kids and how they’re staring at you...yeah, you can kinda see it, now. You’d honestly presumed that considering the way you’d interrupted the class the last time, everyone was just sort of too frightened to speak up. But, that’s clear interest on the faces of most of the boys- and a solid number of the girls, too.

Welcome back to Magical Girl For Hire!
General Pastebin:
Character Details: (embed)
FAQ: (embed)
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Demon Slayer #3
1581965320359 (1)
Living in the Taisho era, the current people of the new generation continue lying ignorant of the looming threat currently ravaging the nation that resides in the darkness. The threat is known as Yōma otherwise called Demons. A special corps trained to fight these vile creatures for generations continues to serve as Japan’s last hope if not the entire world.

You are Byakuren Shimizu, second daughter of Kenki Shimizu and Sayuri Shimizu, prestige members of the Shimizu family. One of the great shamen families throughout all of Japan, keepers of the Suitengū shrine stationed in Kurume and its sister shrine in Tokyo. Walking down the path of Miko as your Grandmother Guren Shimizu desired, you secretly yearned for something more as you seek freedom and explore the world. Tragedy eventually struck, forever altering your path if not your entire being. Cursed by a man named Muzan Kibutsuji, you and your merged sibling Keimi transverse the land as a half-demon accompanying an abnormal demon. Driven by family bonds and the temptation of vengeance, you try forging a new destiny through the path of a Demon Slayer.

In two years, you underwent incredible amounts of hardships and training regiments from both your senior officer Kyojuro Rengoku the Flame Pillar, and cultivator Jingō Akizuki otherwise known as the Vermillion Tengu Empress. What can only be considered a training from hell not unlike what your grandma did to you in your toddler years, you underwent countless acts of physical and mental condition on your road to being an effective Demon Slayer. Also, you slowly come to terms with your new life as a Hanyō or half-demon. Through some unforeseen circumstances, you underwent some form of demonic puberty as you transition from a thirteen-year girl into a twenty-year-old young maiden. Not letting your sacrifice bring you down, you spent your time diligently training yourself and your sibling when you can for the challenges lying on the horizon.

Just one month before your fifteenth birthday, you set off alone to the final selection exam to become an official demon slayer.
9 images | 131 replies
Black Knight Quest
The small fire crackles as you stare blankly into it, focused instead on picking your teeth with a blade. Some roast rabbit and foraged greens, not the kind of food you deserve but it's better than nothing... though all the more reminder for how far you've fallen.

"They'll pay... they'll all pay..."

Once you were an esteemed noble lady, used to the finer things in life. Now, and after many years, you've nothing to your name but the clothes on your back and the weapons and armor slung on your horse. The same weapons and armor you rely on now to earn at least enough to not starve to death, just about the only things you can rely on anymore.

Maybe if you hadn't disgraced your family and noble position you wouldn't have to live life on the run these years, resorting to mercenary jobs and unscrupulous work to survive... but you're finally sick of it all. No more, no more relying on criminality to survive, no more living rough in the wilds, no more having to dispatch pursuers. All that changes, with this plan of yours.

Come now, to the contested territory between Galdas and Fenreich, your plan to take control of a fief by force and reassert your noble claim. Though you are a black mark upon Fenreich, your native country, this region is desired enough that your disgrace will be overlooked in favor of gaining the land. Either that, or Galdas will welcome a noble of your stature ruling the area.

"Ingrates... the lot of them..."

And so the small fire crackles as you stare blankly into it, the morning light coming through the trees. The village is not far from here, where you will stomp your foot down. The start of a new day, and the start of your new life.

>How do you proceed?
28 images | 430 replies
NawtyQ's Naughty Quest
Give suggestions on how the story will continue...

Story so far:
16 images | 33 replies
Knight Quest
The lord governs, the peasant works, and the knight maintains the system. Just as it always has been, or at least as long as you can remember. This is a green and pleasant land, and it is the noble and chivalrous men and their horses, that keep it that way.

Men such as yourself, Marcel de Mercier, a proud chevalier in service to your local lord.

True of heart and noble of spirit, you are committed to the ideals of chivalry. To keep the peace, uphold the good and destroy the wicked, and to protect the weak and the innocent. By these ideals you are honorbound, and for it the land prospers. Just as it was for your father, and his father before him.

"S'il vous plait Monsieur, my cat is stuck in a tree!"

Though you'd rather be slaying a dragon or off on the crusades, there's no shame in the common good. You are perfectly content to serve the peasantry just as you are your lord, for the benefit of all. Somebody has got to take responsibility for maintaining the happiness and prosperity of the people and the land, otherwise what's the point of slaying those dragons and fighting those saracens if there's nothing to return home to?

Besides, you're still a young man. Plenty of time later in life to seek glory.

>What do you do?
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Hajduk Monster Slayer Quest #1
You are a Hajduk. You are a rebel, outlaw, bandit, hero of the common people, and monster slayer. Or at least you will be one. As of right now you are merely a frightened man in the lair of a Night Troll.
The cave is dark. You can see only a few feet in any directions by the light of your lantern. The beast's smell permeates the cave. The girl's sobs echo off the cavewalls giving no clue to their direction of origin. You can hear the beast dragging her across the cave floor, and see the trail it leaves. You step forward carefully, following the trail. This creature is known for its strength and hunger for human flesh. In your left hand you hold your lantern. In your right hand you clutch a weapon, your only hope to slay this beast. what is it?

>Flintlock Pistol. There is a charge in the barrel and the hammer is cocked. If you miss you will have to hold the pistol by the barrel and strike the beast down with the butt.

>Yatagan. It is a well crafted blade, and sharp.
With a well-placed slash you should be able to sever one of the beast's many hands.

>Fintlock rifle with bayonet. There is a charge in the barrel and the hammer is cocked. It will be difficult to fire with one hand. You would have to put down your lantern to fire comfortably. If you miss you will have to spill the beast's foul guts with your bayonet.
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time freeze
You are granted a superpower - time freeze. However there are 3 rules you must obey:

1. You can't steal.
2. You can't kill.
3. You can't disclose your power to anyone.

How do you use your power to make money?
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Gnomes Slaver Pirates Civilization
You are Tyrone the captain of the Watermelon, a fearsome galleon of the gnomish nigger slaver pirate civilization! You and your crew of 200 nigger gnomes were traversing the seas looking for plunder when a storm set you off course.

Your navigator, Trayvon, says that with our current supplies there are basically four options we could go.

> Head back to Umbra, the nigger pirate haven. However, going back there with no plunder we will be mocked, and we will need to sell some of our cannons to buy more supplies.
> Travel to Unga islands. The elders say to avoid the area for it is surrounded by mermaids who will sing and make you crash into the corals, but if you can avoid this fate there are probably a lot of sunken treasures to be had in the deep and shallow waters.
> Travel to the Rah islands. The islands where the sons of men live with their war fleets, it is always a dangerous proposition to travel there. Loot will be plentiful but there's a very high chance we'll be sunk by their navy.
> Travel to the Nakura trade route. The place where we were going to, to see if we can catch a merchant ship or two in route between the Rah island and the Jade kingdoms in the East. Merchant ships sometimes have heavy escorts, depending on what they are carrying, but sometimes they're easy prey. We might also just end up dying of sickness or starving to death waiting for a ship that will never come.
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Halo: Wolfpack (thread 15)


"Boss, are you sure you're alright?" Dyad quietly asked you as you rubbed your sword wound. You weren't fine, the biofoam in your wound was getting loose as it broke down. Once it was gone, you would be looking at internal bleeding at best, and massive hemorrhaging at worst. Still, you had ordered all of the remaining NCOs on the ship into a briefing, it wouldn't be good for you to bounce out now.

"I'll be fine, don't worry about it." You assured your XO as the final few NCOs filtered into the room. All in all, there were nine people crowded around the holographic projector in the room, including you and your XO. You weren't the only injured person there, lieutenant Antonwicz and one of the marine sergeants were also sporting bandages.

"Everyone is present and accounted for, captain." The last man in -a marine corporal- announced, you nodded to him before starting the briefing.

"Then let's get started. Kill the lights." You ordered, and as soon as the lights switched off you switched on the holographic table that everyone was crowded around. The table snapped into life, showing you a three-dimensional view of the occupied ONI base and the landing plateau around it. "Alright, our objective is to assault the forward operating base located at the remains of the ONI alpha site. This base was deployed by the crew of the Spirit of Fire during the first war for the planet and was claimed by ONI as a temporary base while they set up the facility that we just hit. As you can see, the facility is based on a standard UNSC firebase, with additional prefabricated units and watchtowers added on. During the assault, numerous craters were blown out of the nearby tarmac, so we should have some cover to advance into."

"Information from airborne recon shows that the base has suffered significant damage from when the Covenant assaulted it, though that works in our favor as the Covenant hasn't put much effort into repairing the base. As such, static defenses are limited to a trio of shade turrets, some deployable barricades, and improvised defenses built out of the rubble." You finished off explaining the layout of the static defenses before continuing on to the more mobile weapons. The holographic map designated the locations of the weapons as you spoke. "They also have access to portable heavy weapons. Radiation mapping has revealed that they have a pair of fuel rod guns, and we also think that they have some plasma cannons. We should also assume that they have marksmen too."

"How many hostiles are we expecting? We don't have much in the way of numbers, sir." Antonwicz asked, his final statement getting a few agreeing nods from other people around the table.

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NotQuesty: Tale of Twin Dragons
Story so far:

Give suggestions on how the story will continue...
28 images | 66 replies
Dark Gate Academy Season 3 Episode 34: Act's Tournament Part 2!
Character Pastebin:
Quest Theme:

Far off, nestled in an otherwise small Japanese town lies the Dark Gate Academy. An institution of tremendous size, the Academy holds a long kept secret. Unknown to the outside world, this unseemly town is home to a tear in our reality. A gate between our world and a bizarre dimension known as the Darkworld. The inhabitants of this hellish world breach this gate and attempt to flood into our reality and spread throughout the world on a regular basis. However, the Dark Gate Academy is home to students of truly extraordinary abilities. The ability to sense the presence of these evil Darkworld creatures, and defeat them in combat, sending them back through the gate.

They cannot close the rift between our world and the Darkworld, but the students and staff of Dark Gate Academy have dedicated their lives to using their amazing powers to hold back the darkness that plagues our world, even if it costs them their lives. They have risen up to the challenge and in secret have become great heroic defenders of the world as we know it.

For many years, Dark Gate Academy has held back the forces of the Darkworld, kept this unspeakable evil contained within their walls in secret. But now, with their existence revealed, a great cloud of change looms over Dark Gate Academy.

>Previously on Dark Gate Academy...
The first round of Act's tournament took place. Amaya, Mayu, Makoto, Gado, Roka, Tami and yourself remain.
25 images | 136 replies
Pokemon: Alloy - A Pokemon Quest
Welcome to Pokemon: Alloy - A narrative driven quest within the setting of the Pokemon Universe. As the thread participant you take on the mantle of our protagonist Cobalt. This story takes place in a totally separate timeline and continent than the mainline franchise and features whole new environments and people that inhabit them.


Recap: As the story progresses a summarized recap will be pasted here.


Exposition Dump:

If you wish to skip the exposition dump:
>[TL;DR] is quoted below
65 images | 700 replies
Self-Hating Demonspawn Quest
The Winking Jester&#039;s Inn
>In ancient times the empire of Ushanad held sway over the land, such was their power, even the wildest tribes couldn't deny it and bent the knee. For a time the sages ruled wisely but with great power comes greater temptation and over the centuries, corruption festered in the ruling caste. Eventually the nobility slaughtered the righteous among their ranks, summoned the darkest demons from the deepest pits of Hell, and swore their souls to them for rule everlasting. They were given unto temptation, and bestowed the youth and sorcerous blood to indulge it. An age of darkness ensued before the empire's downtrodden rose in rebellion and the nobility were scattered to the wind, never to rule again. The legacy of that tainted lineage are known as Tieflings.
You are not a Tiefling and have more loathing for them than a mortal frame can hold. If you'll listen to one rattle on they'll wax poetic about their infernal heritage, the guilt they've inherited, and the discrimination they face- and then the inn's patrons will clap, give condolences, and toss coins in their cup. If you weren't wearing a hood you'd be chased out of town and burnt at the stake. They go on about how close their souls are to Hell, how much they struggle with that twinge of temptation and try their best to be good- while listeners nod and offer pithy platitudes. Hell is breathing down your neck. You aren't tempted, you're commanded, and every minute of every day is a struggle to reject it and the intrusive thoughts, grotesque compulsions, and hideous nightmares that your own flesh, blood, and blackened soul demands. Damnation isn't a choice you can make, it's looming, laughing on the other side of death's door and for all you know you're already condemned. You don't care what comes after, what matters is the here and now, and you've dedicated your life to getting through every day. You might not be Good, but you damned sure try.

That's all any Demonspawn with an atrophied, shuddering husk of a conscience can do.

>So why did you come to the Winking Jester's Inn today?

>You heard a whisper on the grapevine that a monster in man's skin would be here.
>You need work and bastard or no, this is the best place in town for a hired blade to find it.
>You'd like to sleep under a watertight roof for once and rumor has it the Innkeeper here values privacy.
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Desert Beauty Quest
The deserts of the south hold many wonders, many magnificent things held by many over the years, but only one man has ever held you...

A guy ran a quest where you played the big, hot, brown matriarch of a harem a while back but it died, this is my attempt to capture its Essence. It's also my first time running so constructive criticism is appreciated but pls no bully.

In this quest you are the wife of a great and powerful man. But for what is your husband famous? Roll 1d6 and pick an equal number of options from the list below.

1: His prowess in battle, you have seen him slay ten men unscathed.
2: His libido, his harem is large and skilled, yet he remains insatiable.
3: His Intellect, whether a skilled businessman or cunning noble, your husband is wise beyond his years.
4: His power, your husband is the half-blood spawn of a demon, elemental or god of some sort, his power flows through your children.
5: His looks, few men in the world, let alone history have inspired such desire in women.
6: His wealth, riches beyond count drip from his fingers and adorn all his wives.
7: His kingdom, his lands are expansive and his armies well-trained.
11 images | 90 replies
The Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip
I'm in the process of creating an adventure set in a world strongly inspired by The Last of Us and to a lesser extent World War Z, where the zompocalypse happened 20 years ago (with that "overgrown and slightly crumbling" feel) but there are pockets of civilisation scattered around and a couple of substantial regions still under government control that continue to hold out. The adventure centres around a very long road trip the players are taking across the world (not Earth, think a Strangereal-like world i.e. basically Earth but with new geography) to reach a distant destination of safety. I have some ideas of my own, but I need suggestions as to what to throw at them to encounter along the way and keep the journey constantly fresh and make every day and every place unique. NPCs, scenarios, events, fights, opportunities, features, landscapes, gritty and silly, grim and comfy, mundane and fantastic, small and large, natural and human, everyday and contrived, anything and everything is fair game here. Relevant art and music for the aforementioned feel are also welcome.
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Creature of the Night - Kreath
Mortui Vivus Docent
You used to be a young man from the land of Kraith, in the times of King Arden the Fourth of his name, but the memories seem faint now. You remember it, the human with larger than usual fangs that approached you in the darkness of night.

“I have been watching.” He said. Then you felt his fangs sink into your neck. This last memory of your time spent awake was still vivid.

You were dormant, in a state between life and death for an amount of time you cannot discern. There were times when all was dark, times when you dreamt of strange things that you can barely remember, but in every dream, you encountered that being again at some point, and he said the words.

“You are a creature of the night, descendant of the First Traitor. You will retain your youth, your unlife shall be eternal. The Blood of the living will grant you power and feed your new self. The Sun will cast a deadly judgment. Use this knowledge as you see fit… for when you wake, much time will have passed.”

Still lulling over these words, you look over the beautifully carved chamber you are hosted in, illuminated by torches perched at the walls. Their fire seemed almost unnatural to you, it never waned, and it had nothing to feed upon. At the end of this room, your room, is a slab coffin without its lid, from where you rose.

As you sat upon this altar, you looked at your pale hands. Nothing quite felt the same anymore. There was no warmth, you didn’t breathe, and something was flowing inside you. The Blood, you thought, the Blood of the living. It squirmed and swam when you moved, and stood still when you did. When the day comes, you feel a dreary sense of unease, a need to fall asleep again. When the night returns, you are able to stay awake again.

And yet, you thought, you were once…

Roll as follows! An average of all rolls will be taken.
>2d6 for Status [2-3 Freeholder / 4-5 Yeoman, Esquire / 6-9 Knight, Praetor / 10-11 Baron / 12 Count]

The status you roll will give you choices for customization after this post, the ranks given after the numbers are simply ways to denote the amount of power a tier has. Options can be made for all the possible statuses.
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Walking Across the Eons: Stand Quest
The year is 1525. Though forever beyond this year, the world will take a height of change not realized ever. Many new inventions, new nations, new ideas are spreading within this century as nascent as it is. This is all fine, but that is not the cusp of what will be reviewed here. Within humanity is a select group of individuals who possess spiritual-psionic powers. Whether they use this gift for their own gains, want to live a peaceful life, or use it to help others is wholly their destiny. Due to the nature of this gift however, these "Stand Users" more often than naught clash against eachother in an immense show of clashing wills. In this quest we will follow the life of a Stand User within this time. Beyond that if the User makes it, the progeny thereafter through the ages.

(Like CK2 after things start getting moving, expect for radical alt history changes as the story progresses along)

-"Walking Across the Eons"

Where was the character born?

{Chose Geographical starting point}

>North America
>Central America
>South America
>Pacific Islands

>Southern Europe
>Western Europe
>Northern Europe
>Central Europe
>Eastern Europe

>West Asia
>North Asia
>Central Asia
>East Asia
>South Asia
>South-east Asia

>North Africa
>West Africa
>Central Africa
>East Africa
>South Africa


(This is the first phase of choosing which place the character will be born in, a general place of continental origin.)
1 images | 23 replies
Yet Another Fucking Civilization Quest #1
Yeah, I know there's like 8 of these right now but I'm quarantined, I'm bored, and I have a need to scratch this creative itch in my brain. Let's make this an interesting one.

First to 3, you know how it goes!
2 images | 36 replies
Clone Wars Quest: Episode 5
TheCloneQuest_EPISODE 5
The SEPARATIST WAR spreads among the stars as the CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS begins a rapid expansion through the galaxy’s hyperspace lanes. Capturing REPUBLIC assets and setting up new strongholds of their own, the Separatist menace strikes in dozens of systems with little or no warning!

The GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC is immediately reorganized and dispatched at once, under the command of JEDI GENERALS. Their mission, to hold back the DROID TIDE and keep the Separatist armies from killing or displacing billions of innocents! The citizens of the galaxy hold their breath as the horror and scale of the onslaught becomes apparent...
97 images | 492 replies
Arcane Fortress: Blue Sky Edition
Welcome to Arcane Fortress.

When an expedition of the world's largest dungeon took place three years ago, explorers met their doom trying to uncover the secrets of the past. Many years later, another band of adventurers visit the site of the fallen... Only to find that a towering fortress stands where the dungeon once laid!

Can this team of explorers uncover the mysteries behind this ominous fortress? Or will they be as forgotten as the adventurers who they sought to avenge? Their future is in your hands as you discover the secrets within the Arcane Fortress.

To get started, please post the nearest three items to your right, not counting computer accessories. Once we have enough people to play (~3 or so), I'll ask a question or two about how the Inventory should be organized. We'll be ready to begin play shortly after that!
0 images | 557 replies
The Demon Hunter Army Rookie! QST #1
The warm breeze feels nice on your skin. The sun shines pleasantly through the carriages' small windows, erecting pillars of illuminated dust. It's hot, but you're not sweating. Your travel companions are silent, and there's an atmosphere of calm anticipation of the final destination. Lots of different faces surround you. Tanned, full like a moon and stubbled face of a southern farmer, another one slender and pale, with big blue eyes in a gray frame. Its owner must be rather sickly, a few months earlier he'd be told to stay at home. His body isn't impressive, either. He's tall, sure, but his shirt is several sizes too big for his emaciated body. Rail-thin wrists stick out at the end of puffy sleeves, seen only for a moment before growing into eerily big hands. You eye him down again, and notice, that despite skinny, his shoulders are broad. Maybe if it hadn't been for his illness (You're now sure that he must be ill), he'd have been an imposing figure.
A nudge on your arm stops your train of thought. You look over. A square, young face is looking right at you. Its brown eyes shine from under thick eyebrows and a mane of same-colored hair that surrounds it. Long hair isn't too popular among country guys, so the man sitting next to you must come from the city. His skin is a light shade of brown, like a coffee with lots of milk, so maybe he's somewhere from the eastern south? A small scar shines on his lower lip.

"Hey, what role you think you gonna get?"

His voice is a few pitches higher than what you expected. He must be around your age. You have no idea what's he talking about, though.


He gives you a condescending look.

"Yeah, role. Like, y'know, healer, damage dealer, tank, all that stuff. I think I'll be a fighter, rapid-fire type, you know what I'm saying? Obviously I don't know my energy type, because you know, mine only awakened recently and the tests are expensive, but let's just say that I have some experience with quick attacks." He throws a few jabs, almost punching the farmer, the look on whose face turned from passive gladness to slight annoyment. "Anyway, do you know your energy type?"

"I- What's an energy type?"

The eyes of all the men in the wagon, who have been silently listening to your conversation, fall on you. The man looks at you in bewilderment, his brows curving like bows ready to fire

"You don't know what an energy type is? Just what kind of backward hole have you lived your whole life in? Gosh, the army must really be desperate if they're drafting bumpkins like you. Now listen closely, because if you don't know even basics like that, you won't survive a day in there." He points a finger at you. "You should already know what energy is, you have it yourself, else you wouldn't get drafted."
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Black Clover: Parallel Story #11
Black Clover Title 2

This is a CYOA QUEST set in the world of Black Clover manga and anime.

The Quest is updated daily at about 20:00 GMT – 15:00 EST – 24:00 PST

You are Cynthia Gualdo, a daughter of two tailors and thus, a tailor from birth yourself. Until recently, you had no other goal in life but to follow their footsteps and inheriting their hard-earned workshop situated in the most expensive trade region in Kikka: the High Street. Sudden circumstances and opportunities pushed you to seek highly-paid position in Charlotte Roselei’s - the Captain of the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad – mansion. Living together with the wardens of the Clover Kingdom made you aspire for something more and, in time…

You became a Magic Knight yourself.

After an extremely short initiation ceremony - which the Wardress Virginia turned into an outright battle - you were finally accepted into the Blue Rose as an equal. Your first “task” was to convince Tresses Amuure, a noble of a family with as much money, grace and respect as a peasant, to return back after being struck by a powerful curse; you somehow managed achieve this. After the Magic Knight Entrance Exam, which you saw just a glimpse of, you were given a new real mission with the new recruit Beraber Pythia – a user of a very strange Edict Magic…

Captain Charlotte’s expectations, and a mission previously failed by three other Magic Knight Squads, are now lying on your shoulders!
3 images | 111 replies
Beast Slayer
Beast Slayer
Walking down these lonely roads gives one much time for thought, perhaps too much, as your mind wanders from one memory or observation to another, settling on one train of thought.
Why do you still bother? Your kind is unwelcome, seen as mere mercenaries or manservants among the noble and peon alike, yet, you still go on, walking these roads, looking for the next fiend to meet your cold steel.
It has been weeks since any presented itself, most of the terrors of the dark have already been slain or forced into exile, and for the first time in as long as your wrinkled brow can remember, man no longer fears the night.
You are not needed in this age of fire and smoke, yet you still go on towards the next and next village, seeking your next adversary.
Mayhaps that last one is a lie, Laila still needs you, despite her insistence that she is plenty able herself, which you do not doubt, you will guard her till your time on this plane runs short.

That’s what Suzanne would’ve wanted…
Anyway, enough of your elders brooding, you are coming up to the town of Wraeg. It looks as desolate as all others that lay before it on your path, yet you can already feel that this one holds potential interest, a skill your dear daughter will learn with time.
“My dear, this is it.” You proclaim as you hand her your steadily lightening pouch, “Do as usual, acquire whatever we may need on the next length of our journey, in the meantime I shall…”

>”…check something of mine interest.” Begin perusing for any signs of abominable creatures, rarely do they hold interest in stealth when on the hunt, and man is not to be trusted with anything pertaining them. This is your solemn duty.
>”….question the laborers whether they may require our services.” Any hearsay that may interest you is gotten most probably from them. Even if the wage is no doubt a meager one.
>”…take the time to ask the local elder if all is going well in his slice of the world.” While what local authorities utter is rarely to be trusted, your weathered visage may crack blood from stone. This may be your only chance for substantial pay in the upcoming weeks.
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Earth Defense Force. Episode 2 [Skirmish][Recruiting]

The morning was a blur. More like a 12 hour Blur. And really it lasted from 6 to 6. That kind of morning. Rest was mandatory, so the psykers had to hypnotize us into going into 4 hour power naps at a time. I kept getting nightmares of my sister being eaten by the bugs in her school at Iron Knot Elementary. We had to keep checking and rechecking equipment. Ty polished the fuck out of his shield religiously , like he was washing off a murder scene.

Command says the harbor is a big deal. Securing it will get us the big boats for an expedited evacuation from the city to the sconey island beachhead. Which is likely where a lot of people are holed up - or hived to hell.

Back to the mission. We've been getting a slow drip of recruits, they decided that all air traffic would land civilians here since the Northwestern base was full. That meant more civvies looking at us, the EDF cadets getting ready to do battle with the bugs.

> EDF is a Skirmish where multiple players play as an EDF soldier and affect the map swarming with insects, threats, and undetonated assets. Roll a class, buy some guns, declare your nation- or don't and be a default citizen that gets a free gun.

Previous Thread is here: >>4116312
Discord Thread is here:
Posting Sheets [await signal before posting. ]
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Corporate Cyber-Samurai Quest #3
Cyber1 (2)
”Wait one second! You don’t know what you’re stopping!”

The intruder’s desperate face flashed in your minds eye, a millisecond before you bisected it in a shower of blood and coolant fluid.

The armored corridor you had found him in flickered, replaced by a massive, white room.

You’re standing in darkness. And in that darkness, you feel a pull on your shirt. At your side is Kaguya. But something’s different. There’s something … off … about her expression. But what?

“Be careful out there, Kentaro-Kun.” Kaguya warns.

Everything fades to black.

You jerk awake. A dream? But …

You shake your head and pull the power cord from your head, eliciting a On Battery notification from your HUD. You didn’t have time to be distracted by dreams, no matter how strange. Already, what had happened in your dream was fading from memory.

You go through your morning routine and slip your shirasaya into your belt. It’s been two weeks since you’ve been reassigned into your new role as Kaguya’s retainer, either a great honor and responsibility, or a job as a plutocrats training wheels for future leadership. At least you liked your master. Kaguya was a sweet girl. And as for her family … it was best not to think about that. It rarely affected Kaguya’s daily life.

Your movements feel noticeably more smooth with a full battery. You really only needed to recharge every month or so before it became a problem. But still … it felt good to feel the energetic humming of your cybernetics right after a night of charging.

But in contrast, Kaguya looks more tired than usual stepping out her door. It was barely noticeable, but her movement was a little slower and stiffer than usual. There’s hints of makeup on her face to hide small bags under her eyes. Although, with the tightly controlled grace she usually carries herself with, you wouldn’t have noticed it two weeks ago. But nevertheless, it’s there.

“Good morning Kaguya-sama.” You greet her, bowing.

“Good morning Kentaro-ah … ah … hwaaaaaa.” Kaguya’s attempts to conceal her tiredness disintegrate as her mouth opens in a tiny yawn.

>”How was Kaguya-sama’s night?”

>”There’s no need to hide your tiredness from me, Kaguya-sama.”

>Say nothing

>Offer her some of the coffee you still have in your pot
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Body Horror Quest, 40th Vein
Body Horror Quest, 40th Vein
Your name is Shu.

Mere weeks ago, you woke to find the world you knew transformed into a hell made of flesh and bone, your own body transformed into a hive for a swarm that obeys your every command.

You’ve slain gods ascendant.

You’re planning to fight an engine of death, created by a doctor gone mad.

Now…you prepare for the unenviable task of confronting a woman you once called a friend, though the arrival of some unexpected allies softens that particular blow, just a little.

The Midnight Crew scans your improvised base, the spacious dwelling nestled in the heart of a forbidding swamp in the hopes that the aforementioned engine doesn’t annihilate your actual home. The quartet of newcomers make themselves at home, the imposing, rust-colored suit of armor that is Ace leaning up against one wall as she surveys the area, a pair of identical obsidian axes crossed at her back. Keane’s off dancing with your young ward Amara, the former’s organic witch-hat flouncing up and down as the two twirl while Quinn watches, folding her surprisingly muscular arms, the simple shirt she wears revealing it’s not just her arms that have become impressively toned since you last saw her and the rest of the Crew. Shifting your focus back to their leader, you give the dark-haired Jackie a weary grin.

“God, it’s good to see you, Jackie.” You say, moving forward to hug the slender girl that stands before the hilt of a sword bumps into your chest, the foreign object protruding from Jackie’s own sternum. You lean to one side, noting the absence of the blade you expect to be poking out from the back of the girl’s long coat. You just cock an eyebrow at her as she gives you a shrug.

“New weapon, long story, not the tale I’m here to listen to.” Jackie says, brushing off your unspoken question with a self-satisfied smirk. “So…like I asked earlier, what’re you n’ yours-”

“W-wait, you’re THE Jackie? As in…you’re all the Midnight Crew?!” Rosa suddenly cuts in, her wide red eyes darting between the new arrivals as she begins to breathe heavily through her mask’s grille.

“Uh, yeah. Who’s asking?” The dark-haired model demands, eyeing the Barbers suspiciously as they all converge on the Crew’s leader.

Seems like some introductions are in order…and given how much both the Midnight Crew and the Barbers have helped you, you’ll make them gladly.


Previous Vein:


Character Abilities, Ver 3.9:

Trypophilic Hive, Ver. 3:

Relics, Ver. 6:

Dual Techs:

70 images | 1176 replies
Civilization Quest
Races that i wish to run


All options listed are available
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Pokemon Virgil Quest: Pokemon School Tournament #3 FINAL THREAD
Final Art Thread
Your name is Virgil Tankerson! In the last thread, you turned in to a Lopunny, got kidnapped by your brother thinking you were someone else. Went out for coffee, played in the arcade, went shopping, kicked ass.....Revealed to you most of your family your condition when eating carrots and transforming into a Lopunny.....Fought your archnemesis 3 spiders in a forest nearly lost, but the Pokemon Mafia stepped in and saved your lives....Then you fell in love with your starting Pokemon, and now have are confirmed to have 10 kids with her.....

The next day you fought the water type gym leader of your town as well as Raihan from the Galar region in an epic battle, but everything went downhill after that. You swapped bodies with a Purugly named Beefcake and had to contend with her natural instincts constantly and due to a series of failed rolls(dice are cursed). Then when you tried to get home, a traumatic event happened that fractured Virgil's mind. After the bad events, we decided to try to go back in time and fix the things that went terribly wrong. Had an epic battle with Primal Dialga. Afterward went back in time to fix 2/3 of the major things that happen, but in doing so Virgil had an emotional breakdown over the phone which led to changing the future even more than before.

Now Virgil still stuck in the body of Beefcake, or his body... Is waiting for Mia & Beefcake(in his body) to come back home. Yes, this all sounds confusing and a huge clusterfuck, it is, but it works.

Last Thread >>4099993
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Child of a Dead Empire #12
Child of a Dead Empire OP Alt
Twenty years ago- years before you were even born, your homeworld repelled an alien invasion which arrived with no warning, no declaration, no communication. The invaders killed tens of thousands of your people before they all suddenly died- killed by their own ships.


You can read the previous threads here:
Check your stats and inventory here:
On votes with three or more options (not including Write-In), you can designate another option as your second choice. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but don't force yourself to add one if you legitimately lack one. You have to specifically mark an option as your second choice for it to be counted as one.
Please feel free to ask questions- I am happy to provide setting trivia that isn't relevant in the narrative. If you ask a pertinent question, though, I will generally answer it in an update.
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Multiplayer Eldritch Horror Game
>The Rules:
>You are an eldritch horror from another dimension, one of many. Your goal is to be summoned and prevent other eldritch horrors from being summoned or to destroy them when they arrive. The last eldritch horror on earth wins.
>Before you are summoned you can only use your powers to a limited extent and have to rely on cultists to act. Cultists are mortals that you've appeared to in their dreams or have been brainwashed by other cultists. Most are incompetent but they try.
>Inquisitors are the opposite of cultists, mortals that you've pissed off and will try to interrupt your plans.
>The summoning ritual requires an Orb of Stalwart (artifact from before time, only five exist), dragon blood, (nectar from a rare plant), and a summoning circle spelling out Welcome To Earth [Insert-Name] in your native language which only you and your cultists know.
>You have 3 personal actions every turn and can command cultists to take as many as you want them to. For every action you roll 1d6, 1 is crit fail, 2 is failure, 3 is partial success, 4 is success, 5 is major success, 6 is overshot, (so good something bad happens)

If you're interested in playing make an eldritch horror and get a trip. I'll start when there's three but there's no player limit. (only a limited number of breakable Orbs of Stalwart)

>Name: This can be anything, titles included.
>Abilities: What you can do as an eldritch horror. You can have up to 5 and be anything (summoning demons, causing earthquakes, whatever) but boosting your own stats.
>Appearance: What you look like. You don't have to be an eldritch abomination. Dark gods, high-tech aliens, evil wizards, anything is good as long as it's supernatural and trying to reach earth from another dimension.
>Homeworld: Where you're from, what it's like, and maybe why you want to leave it for earth.

6 images | 298 replies
Kamen Rider Chronicle EP 11
Welcome back to Kamen Rider Chronicles! You play as Reiko Yukihara, Genius Pro Gamer, bearer of the Gamer Driver and Bugster. You defend the streets of Seito City and are slowly working to bring Bugster and Humans together in order to finally put an end to Chronicle once and for all.

In our last thread, you decided to start a mass media announcement of Gemn Corp’s true goals in order to focus their attention on the city and you to allow Revol, the minister of health planted by Gemn Corp, and his friend Yui to escape and live in peace. During the announcement, the building is assaulted by various monsters led by none other than Hiiro Kagami, genius surgeon and your boyfriend. Meanwhile, Parado drives Yui to the train station for her extraction only to be intercepted by a zombified Motors.

>Last game we finished up Kuroto’s PoV of the assault. Who do you want to follow next?
>Reiko and Asuna as they deal with a minion monster among the reporters?
>Graphite as he deals with a 3v1 at the front of the building?
>Parado as he attempts to navigate Motor’s race track and get Yui to her extraction point?

Archive: (Gotta start using this again)
10 images | 146 replies
House Rimward Quest - Part 2
Your name is Takkil Rimward, the first of your house and the bastard son of King Hekkil II. Though illegitimate, you were nonetheless given a good upbringing and education in the royal household alongside your half-siblings. Much as your etiquette leaves a lot to be desired (Only worsening your standing amongst the nobility), you are extremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat with the mace being your weapon of choice, a mixture of natural aptitude and training by the best of the best leaving you with the kind of fighting power that could win you almost any confrontation.

You are also a Nephil. Said to be the descendants of fallen deities who bore children from mortals, the metallic hair, tall stature and chevron-like markings they bear on their skins mark the Nephilim out as a people apart. Only further characterising them were their powerful minds, long lifespans and unfortunate tendency towards madness. Though for the most part the Nephilim are long dead now with only a few scant Houses amongst them, you are lucky enough to be in their numbers, for better or ill.

Houseless for most of your life, shortly after your 19th birthday you were given the chance to form your own cadet house by your father, even be granted your own lordship. And as luck would have it, opportunity opened up in the form of tales of a mysterious new continent across the seas. With your father's blessing, you assembled an expedition of 7 ships crewed mainly by farmers and warriors (Though all manner of other occupations were present too, simply not in nearly so great numbers) to settle a colony on this new land, thus neatly solving both of your problems.

Setting sail, you first stopped off at the Isles of the Dawn Sisters, the Kingdom's most distant holding. There you obtained yet more followers for your expedition, but it was an important visit for two other reasons. The first was the acquiring of a carved whalebone artefact supposedly produced by one of the continent's natives, and the second was the joining of Ebben Gorvallik with your crew, an experienced sailor who has visited the new continent multiple times and even interacted with the natives to an extent.

Taking an island hopping route, your voyage lasted almost 4 months in total, with few events of note other than your arrival at an island positively filled with jewels, glass and crystals, along with hostile birds of notable intelligence whose attacks left many of your men dead. At last though, you reached the long fabled continent of legend.

Finding a natural harbour surrounded by dense woodland, you encountered the natives almost immediately with a small encampment of them fishing on the coast. However, at your arrival they scattered, and since then as you have built up your fledgling settlement, you've hardly at a glimpse of them.

Now, your rule has at last begun...
14 images | 105 replies
Valuer Quest #2.5
Previous thread –

Sorry for the hiatus, we’ll be picking up where we left off in the last thread.


“Yeah I’m free tomorrow night.” You reply.

“Fucking a!” Nat beams. “I-I mean, fantastic. I’ll get in contact with Cass and Owen. They’ll be free for sure.” The receptionist begins to operate her computer through her neural headband without even looking at the screen, bringing up her calendar and making alterations. That’s an impressive skill. “I’ll get us a table somewhere real nice, make a night out of it.”

You can’t help but feel a bit lighter, Nat's enthusiasm is infectious. “I’ll be there, it’ll be good to get to know you all better.”

Nat nods. “Yeah it will be. Should be entertaining too. Owen and Cass are always great fun whenever they're together.”

Now that that’s organized, your thoughts turn inward briefly. You’ve finished work for the day and still got some daylight to kill.

How do you want to spend the rest of your time?

>Go shopping (For what? Office furniture, house furniture, something else?)
>>If shopping, ask for Nat’s advice? Or maybe rope her into coming?
>>If shopping, ask for someone else’s advice?
>Head home, Juno’s probably getting bored
>Just wander around town
>Something else? (write-in)
4 images | 16 replies
NRP game4 by Lux | Part 6 | The Birds Are Chased Away
**Game 4 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

The show goes on.

>Updates will be M,W,F,Sa
>Players have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a battle requires an action, but subsequent posts are free
>Once every three (3) turns players may ask the OP for a rumour
>Once every three (3) turns players may also ask the OP for a minor disaster or piece of lore
>Game is around the middle Dark Ages, and includes Magic
>Rushing, Meta-gaming, & otherwise Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not taking new players.
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
19 images | 185 replies
Space Civ Quest ep.2
It is the age of SPACE CIVILIZATION - and you are the Extrasolar Free State, founded as the Eterani Free Colony in 2150, now expanded to encompass five star systems. As a sovereign, independent state, you are a highly productive and innovative society by overall human standards, albeit one spread thin in terms of its population, dwarfed by most other interstellar players in terms of total economic and military power. In recent years human space has expanded and become hotter, with attacks from pirates, in particular the so-called "Black Sun Reich" having devastated entire trade lanes and outlying colonies, prompting the militarization of both megacorporations and national space agencies. On the other hand, an ever larger percentage of the human population is flowing out of the homeworld Earth, year by year, now close to 200 years after the first human colony on Luna was established.

NEW: A pastebin now contains information on the colonies, fleets, technologies and such -
Archive of previous threads:
Discord for faster and more private communication:

Simple explanation of the game: Collectively, you, the players, control the civilization as a whole, having turns that progress a certain amount of time each. You manage the budget, policies and concentrated efforts of the nation for each turn by voting for what to do, sharing proposals and seeking the approvals of the others. Individually you can play as a faction and/or character that participates in the politics of the nation as well as pursuing your own individual agendas and profits.

The date is 15.11.2230. An audit of our current military spending has revealed it is higher than we'd previously thought. Prior to that, our most recent action was the establishment of embassies on Earth and Mars to increase migration and trade.

Major project - Stage 2 terraformation of Selestine (Turning the world green) - 430/750

>Production - Total 245: Ongoing construction 0/Consumer goods 75/Military 61/Administration 23/Major Project 20. 41 Free
>Population: 180 000

A.Naval action
B.Settlement policy
D.Economic policy
E.Societal policy
F.Research & Development
G.Government & Law

There are a few unanswered projects from the end of last thread, I will answer those in one of my coming posts.
74 images | 535 replies
Apocalypse! Now! Now! Now!
/qst/ Maker's Note: Discussion and questions outside of the commands are encouraged. If you have any suggestions or opinions, feel free to let them be known.


The Grand Anomaly: An event that cut the human population down to a couple hundred thousand, ravaged the lands, and made living a constant struggle no matter where you are.

It started with a sound, which many report as a loud screech. A wild storm formed, acid rain dropped, a hurricane ravaged the planet destroying everything and everyone. Was it an act of God? The misdeed of foolish scientists? An unfortunate natural phenomena? Maybe one day that mystery will be solved.

For now, however, you must guide one person through the wastelands. It will be no easy task. It is a world of absurdity where women are treated as cattle, men live off of cheap thrills, and gang violence makes life harder than it already is for regular folk.

You will guide a small girl who was protected from the true horrors of the world by her guardians. Whether she will broken down, became as bloodthirsty as the rest of them, or find a third option is up to you.

But, well, that's all you need to know for now. This girl needs a name first and foremost. What will it be?

Voting closes in one hour.
16 images | 140 replies
Failed Paladin Quest
You had already heard the guards freeing people of their blinders, but it didn't make it any less jarring when they tore that crusty burlap sack from your head. The light blinds you. You squint and try to raise your hands to your face, but they're bound behind your back. The blindingly bright sky tunnels past your pupil, mixing with the sea sick head ache. You feel an urge to vomit that you have to hold back. Someone near you fails that test of will, and the sound and smell of retching ones stomach out fills the air. You feel small chunky particles splash against your ankle, burning against the skin. Leaning to the side, your vision clears just enough to focus on the warden upfront. You don't recognize him, but he recognizes you. He's barely a lad, likely trying to get his feet wet before taking up a more important position of leadership. He seems to be struck with disbelief. What could any just judge possibly incarcerate a paladin for?

>The murder of a proven saint.
>The embezzlement of millions of coins from the church.
>Adultery with a member of the royal family.
>Conspiracy to form a coup, you're lucky you haven't been executed.
>The desertion of a vital war-zone.
>The harboring of heretical fugitives.
2 images | 64 replies
Fallout Crusader Raiding Quest 3
vault dweller drinking nukacola
Rolled 53 (1d100)

Thread 1:
Thread 2:

You are Henry. An Ex ranger. A ghoul who is going feral. Trapped in a vault whose experiment has gone very wrong. Right now you are trying to take as many of them down with you as possible before you die. You know this going to be your last blaze of glory. You will die a forgotten hero. You refuse imprisoned in your own mind, to stuck in this vault, or even live as a feral. The enemy who has you surrounded. The countless defenses carefully created for the sole purpose of protecting the Director of this twisted experiment. They think they have you trapped. They haven't yet realized that in truth they are trapped in here with YOU. Something you fully intend to teach them.

So you dash away from the rampaging feral super cyber ghouls. Intending to let them kill each other. Even as you still feel the flicks of flame wrapped around your body. Your scorched flesh. That you cannot smell or feel any more but see. Your body is charred. Your mind becomes increasingly cloudy as you feel the hunger and rage consume you. Not yet won't let it take you yet. Instead, you channel it and with the last shreds of your rationality you come up with a plan.

S 8
P 4
E 8
C 4
I 4
A 8
L 7

You will randomly lose at least 1 point of either P, C, or I. In exchange you gain each point lost into randomly S, E, or A.
Primary Objectives
Enemy Defense 100%
Enemy Forces 100%

Cause as much damage to both as possible until Henry dies.

Bonus Objectives
Destroy Director's special projects
Harm the Director himself
Break into security network

What do?
>Charge for the overseer's office
>Slaughter as many as you can
>Blow up everything
>Look for the security uplink

roll 1d100
0 images | 31 replies
1994 world simulation
1994 is a boring year
Turn-based, text-based. Players join as countries, parties, or militant groups.

Where to sign up:

How to play:

(I was told to post this in /qst/.)
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Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre #35
You are Subaru Kurokawa, son of Vice-Admiral Kagetora Kurokawa of the Zipang Combined Fleet, and the current acting captain of the exiled super battleship Yamato. With your country under the subjugation of an ascendent Tengar Khaganate, the remnants of Zipang’s military establishment, along with powerful allies from the East Europan Imperial Alliance, came up with a daring plan to restore your country’s independence: Operation Ten-Go.

Despite hunted down relentless by both Beiyang and Nanyang Fleets, your crew was ultimately successful at escaping farther down south, into the Gallian East Indies. However, this success came at a lofty cost of your sister's life.

Right now, it appears you've secured some valuable allies with the Gallians in their East Indies colonies, but the threat of the Khaganate still looms by like a gathering storm. However, before any deal could be hammered out, a brawl erupted between one of your crew and the Gallian envoy, which ended with both of them thrown into the infirmary
Upon closer examination, she appears to hold even more mysteries than you expected. It would be better to question her when she wakes.

10 images | 29 replies
Heart of the Star: "A New Inquest" [Part 1]
You are Annalise Colgraves, an Android technician specialist in your early 20's, aboard the USS Redgrove, a deployed Battlecruiser, during the Moonlake conflict. The year is 2170, and as the war rages on against the Soviets, you and your crewmates enjoy a mostly quiet line of service maintaining and deploying robotic soldiers for the United States Frontier Defense, the only and major arm of the United States in the galaxy.

As the Redgrove's active service goes on, something seems to be going awry with some of the Androids that return from field service. Programming malfunctions, odd limb enhancements, field repairs far beyond basic training, things get stranger and stranger as more and more start returning. You're tasked by your superior, Colonel Grier, on investigating these happenings and finding their root cause. Equipped with your own personal Corvette-class transport, the USS Macon, your story begins aboard the Redgrove, gathering whatever information you can...


Rules & Information

>Write-ins won't be accepted unless specified for special situations. At least two options will always be provided
>Only the first 3 replies will be counted for option voting purposes, to keep things snappy and fair.
>Meta-posting within the thread is encouraged by me at Board Moderator discretion, even if not a reply to a Quest Update.
>This Quest MAY be updated only once per day. To compensate for this drip-feed method, updates will be meaty in content. Weekends can expect a higher volume, shorter in length updates.
>Setting: Cassette futurism
>Genre: Space/Action/Adventure
>Want a fiction primer for this custom universe? Join our Discord!
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Weird War 2 Quest
Wierd War Quest
The date is the six of March 1950, and the Second World War has lasted eleven years. It seemed like such a sure thing four years back, we had pushed the filthy krauts back to the Elbe. The Russians had them on the other side, pushed nearly to Berlin.

Nobody was prepared for what came next.

As the two great armies converged on Berlin, the forces of the Third Reich finished their last resort, a weapon of terrible power. Nobody knows the real details of how it worked, except for the Nazis of course and they aren't sharing.

But we sure as hell know what it did. On the 12th of April The Weapon blew a hole in the walls between What Is and What Could Be, unleashing all manner of horrific evils upon the World.

1 images | 34 replies
Hikikomori Quest #8

49 images | 280 replies
Quest Thread General - /qtg/
Welcome to /qtg/, a place generally used to whine and shitpost, but intended for quest discussion.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the Quest Master writes and the readers make decisions that affect how the story proceeds. Dice may or may not be included.

Useful links:
An old collection of advice and guides. It is worth a look for a new QM.

Archive of quest reviews:

Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as and

Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ]text[ /b ] text
Italics: [ i ]text[ /i ] text
Red: [ red ]text[ /red ] text
Blue: [ blue ]text[ /blue ] text
Green: [ green ]text[ /green ] text

Previous Thread:

>QM question
How do you decide when to end the update and provide options or player choice?

>Player question
How do you select new quests to follow and what keeps you playing?

>Lurker Question
You are anonymous, so why don't you just post something so the QM knows that there are anons enjoying the quest?
105 images | 958 replies
Slightly Petty Revenge Quest #11
Last time, you beat information out of some mafia guy, made everyone get a makeover that ended up being a scam, and sent Odetta to spy on said scammer. Currently, you just lost another DnD campaign run by Catastrovania.

“Noooo…! I failed Inelle 2!” Maggie is disappointed in herself, she let her character get captured again. Resulting in a bad end… again.

MUAHAHAHA! RETSIELA triumphs! Another 100 YEARS of DARKNESS will shroud Degophus AGAIN!” Catastrovania plays up the end of the campaign again. “Sorry guys, you lost again! Rules are rules.”

“…It’s fine, I had fun.” Bruce had a blast. Too bad his character was blasted away…

“We’ll get him next time.” You shrug. You got killed by a mimic before facing Retsiela… You’re never trusting chests again. “Thanks for the session, Cat.”

“Huh, it’s pretty late.” Bruce checks the time. “Can I stay the night here? I feel tired.”

“Sure.” Why would you kick out a member of your team?

“When is Odetta coming back anyway?” Maggie wonders as she plays with the figurine of Inelle 2. Bruce brought all his DnD stuff to make the adventure better.

“I’m finally back, you maggots!” A triumphant Odetta comes out of the girls’ room. “Alfred, did you get the info I sent you?”

“It was disgusting.” You wanted to puke. She sent you the hairdresser’s nudes for crying out loud. Oh, and all her information, like her address, phone number, contact list, Chat Now messages, and Bank account. You could effectively destroy her life.

“Ha! So you really took a look?” Odetta grins like she always does.

“W-What took you so long?” Catastrovania wonders as she starts putting away the stuff from the table.

“I had a disagreement with that Ichie girl over there, but we resolved our differences like civilized people, and that’s all that matters in the end. It’s a long, boring story not worth talking about.” Odetta is lying yet again.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” Bruce is sometimes too nice for his own good…

“Hey thank you, Brucey-boy! But I’m more than just fine! I found something that’s going to help us massively… I think. I got tired so I didn’t check, but have I ever disappointed? We need to go for the key I buried in the ground. It’s really important! So we need to move soon!” Odetta smirks enthusiastically.

“We have leftovers from dinner if you wanna eat first.” Maggie points out.

“That’s not part of her diet. I have your special dinner over here...” You stand up and go to the kitchen portion of the apartment and microwave her food.

“…Yay.” Odetta lost her smile. She’s eating her shitty meal anyway.

You should split the team to get everything done…

What do you do?

>Enact Revenge on that Hairdresser. [Stay home with Odetta and Catastrovania.]
>Go in search of whatever this key is. [Go with Bruce and Maggie]
>Write In.
57 images | 258 replies
Saiyan Conqueror Quest 122
Saiyans. Were one to travel the stars, they would undoubtedly hear tales of the mighty warrior race. Some speak of them with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like the mighty warriors. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair you’d feel facing them in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the warrior race spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden Super Saiyans.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest. Currently we are in Age 748, decades before the ‘canon’ events of Dragonball began. Yet this universe is vastly different, as you the players have control of Karn. Once an ordinary Saiyan with a powerlevel of only 2,830, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of not only the might of the Saiyan race, but of the PTO itself known across the universe. Now, as a general of the PTO with a powerlevel of 18,915,500 before transforming, Karn has become the undisputed second in command, only Lord Freeza himself ranks higher.

Character Sheet, powerlevels, and other pastebins can be found at:
Quest archive link:

Quest rules are as follows:
>20 minute voting windows
>pick ONE option when voting, unless otherwise noted
>Dice rolls are all best of three, only correctly rolled die count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails will count -only- if no roll passes DC, or if two different 1s are rolled.
>Two sepetate 1s will OVERRIDE even a 100, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged. That said, they can and will be shut down if too out of character/metagamey. With over 100 episodes behind us, Karn now has a well-established character
>All rules stand as-written, unless otherwise noted for any given post
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

Our quest will usually start every Saturday at 12pm EST, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes can find me @GrandDragonQM

Current Arc: The Empire Rising
50 images | 196 replies
Across the Sea: Awakening
In a remote colony under the holy carcass of Kyth, you had a vision of true terror. A twisted abomination and its cult brewing in places unknown, ready to sever the beating heart of the goddess of glass and obsidian ensuing utter doom on everyone and all. On this colony, this malignant entity remains hidden from the gods of the sea. Malicious plans are in motion ready to spring to life. Whether this vision was sent by the gods of Kyth or by another unknown force, it is only up to you to stop this madness.

The fate of our sun, the beating heart of Kyth is in your hands! Choose our savior...or our bringer of doom.
11 images | 497 replies
Bimba Quest
You're Bimba, you're an alien who derives nourishment from people's suffering.

You're in your underground city in Romenia with your minions Anusbimbas which you made cloning yourself and genetically engineering them to be a subservient caste. They can shapeshift to look like a human, but an autopsy or even x-rays could reveal their organs are very different from regular human organs.

You have a spaceship, the Megabimba, which ran out of FTL fuel but has enough fuel to take you to the moon and back once. It's fusion engine can be refueled with a mixture of deuterium and tritium, the FTL engine requires exotic matter that would take outrageously massive amounts of energy to produce in any relevant amount.

On the moon there's a machine on the dark side that can send a faster than light signal to your superiors who are more than 300 light years away. They have access to a wormhole network and might be able to arrive within 25 years. But fuck them, you don't need them. This planet is yours!

Or well.. sort off.

There are three other aliens in the planet who want the place for themselves and want the others dead.

They are:

Zucka. She comes from some star system more than 600 light years away. She came here alone but now has a large army of mixed blood natives who are mildly psionic and use their powers to become very rich predicting fluctuations on the stock market. She is based on China.

Rektar. He comes from a star system just 15-20 light years away and is the lowest tech of all the aliens. His mothership is hidden somewhere in the asteroid belt. He is conducting large scale experiments on humans and been actively trading tech with various human governments. He is based on subsaharan africa.

Ligma. He the newest arrival and comes from a star some 700 light years away and is the highest tech of all the aliens. However he came in a tiny craft and was engaged in combat with Rektar, who damaged his ship and he crash-landed on earth. His ship was seized and he was briefly captured by the humans, but managed to flee thanks to some special augmentations he had surgically implanted. Stranded on earth, he partnered with some teleevangelists and been gathering a large following performing miracles on camera and siphoning money from the megachurches for building himself some alien tech artifacts with local resources. He is based on the United States.

Assets: Hidden Underground City (Romania), Underground Fungus Farms (tech level 10), Biotech Laboratory (tech level 10), Megabimba Spaceship (tech level 10; no FTL fuel; enough fusion fuel to go back and forth to the moon)
Population: 1000 Anusbimbas

What do you wanna do next?
> Infiltrate governments
> Infiltrate media
> Infiltrate industry
> Infiltrate religious organizations
> Abduct people
> Construct facilities
> Take Megabimba for a ride
> Produce more Anusbimbas
> Write in
0 images | 5 replies
Blacksmith Quest 1.0
quest 1.0
Little Quest i made myself - feedback welcome :)
Depending on interest: 3 or 2 picks for race, village and heirloom each

also tell me what you think
9 images | 89 replies
The Quarantine of a Harbor City
Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The City has been in quarantine for a month now. With our shipments of grains cut off, we can only count on canned whale meat. But how are we supposed to operate the factories when there is a plague outbreak? And to make matters worse, the Inquisition has come to fight the plague like a curse. Rumors say the Militia is using the curfew as an excuse to quell dissents. Meanwhile, Elvens Commandos have started appearing to replace them in some districts.

I want this nightmare to stop. I can't just hide and wait my turn to die. The plague is one thing but the counter measures are even worse for me because I am...

Who am I?
>pick between the 3 choices below.
83 images | 350 replies
Monster Reborn Quest
It's dark, and cold. Something feels off, but you can't quite tell what it is.
You try to open your eyes, but they won't budge. You flex your fingers and toes, but they feel strange.
You're floating, you can tell that much. Floating in some kind of liquid, with walls on every side of you.
Taking in a breath of the fluid you're suspended in, you feel like you're suffocating. In your panic, you bang on the walls of your prison.
It's no use. The walls feel like they're as hard as rock. Just when you think you can't take it anymore, there's a sudden flash of light. The walls of your prison are illuminated by a flickering orange glow.
You hear the sound of stone grinding against stone, and feel as though you're spinning. Things grow quiet again, and the cold fades into a growing warmth.
You don't feel like you're suffocating anymore. Sleepiness falls over you like an irresistible weight, and you sleep once more.

Some time later, you awaken. You can't tell how long it's been, and you didn't dream at all. This time, your eyes open. It's just as dark as before, but you don't feel cold.
It feels like sharp nails have grown on the ends of your fingers, and as you scratch as the walls, it feels like you could break out if you really tried.

What will you do?
>Try to break out
>Go back to sleep
>Something else?
2 images | 117 replies
Diabolical Wizard Quest
You have been sentenced to be exiled by the Senatorum Arcana Imperialis to live beyons the borders of the Empire forever.

You came from...
1. The Magocratic Nobility
2. The thinblooded soldier class
3. The non magical Slave class

You were exiled for...
1. Raising the dead
2. Summoning a demon
3. Making a blood sacrifice
4. Twisting a soul

You were exiled to...
1. The Mana wastes
2. The scorched pillars
3. The Glaciers of mourn

You are... (Name)
1 images | 33 replies
Monster Hunter Quest: Freelancer #6
You are Gunlance Vance, or 'Freelancer' as you've come to be known as. You came to the New World seeking new frontiers and monsters to brave, joined by your loyal Palico companion Vivi and your best friends. Numerous adventures await you here you feel, and you want to overcome them all.

Tonight, you led a Hunting party to slay Ukanlos, but for now you must lick your wounds. The beast's might is insane...


Character Sheet:
Urgent Quests:


Previous Thread: >>4106343
69 images | 657 replies
The Greatest War: Chasseurs
Long ago, a deadly war started. Man fought man, hunkered in trenches, firing artillery, dying in mud. As destruction paved its way through Europe, as the fields and forests that once graced the beautiful landscape of France, Germany and the Low Countries turned into grey, dirt and rotting corpses, something awoke. From the deep forests, from the grand tundra and from perilous mountain peaks arose creatures only heard of in folktale. Mother Nature rebelled against man, some say, and rose from their slumber to enact the will of God upon them. Yet the truth is, for the most part, otherwise…

France, devastated by the eternal war waged against Germany, holds on to its homelands still, the No Man’s Land being once their land and Belgium’s. The German barbarians fell upon the French with ferocity akin to a wild animal’s, but the French held on. It has been so long now, the entire country’s society was reshaped and melded to fit the war’s gargantuan demand for blood. Certain children were taken into a new warrior-citizen caste, to be bred and thrown into the grinding war machine, you are one of them.

Trained for war, infused with a fighting spirit few could hope to compare with. A veritable chasseur. Many only participate in war for a few given months then work the gears of industry behind the lines until called again for another set of months in dire times, you are in it for life. Your kin keep the war going.

And it is the final few weeks of training. Soon, you will be sent to the front to fight in the unimaginable war.

Life in the boot camp was not much more different than in the academy of chasseurs, its toll was higher, more grueling, preparing you ever so slightly for what awaited beyond the Sacred Way to the front. The sergeant here, an old man, had been whipping your lot into shape for near a week, he had seen fighting in the times where no creatures had yet emerged. Still, for the last few days, it seems, he had been staying with a man of politics from the region. You and your comrades had no way to know what they were discussing, but soon it would be revealed. A trumpet sounded, calling for all men here to be gathered into the camp’s center early in the morn, a yellowed sky showed no nimbus out and about. All of your comrades were present.

Sergeant Mannot approached, and all stood to attention. “Today, chasseurs, your mettle will be tested before you are sent to the war. We will see if you are truly capable of fighting like men against the horrors you will see at the front. The poilus, our boys over there, want strong warriors who will jump over the trench line at their side, not cowards who will flinch at the first hearing of a bullet or artillery shell.”

A short silence fell upon camp, all stood still awaiting Mannot’s speech to continue. “Some towns from the surroundings have reported demonic creatures in the woods. Wolfmen, but with features of women, roam the countryside in search of prey.”
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Civilization Thread
It is time for another civilization thread!

Pick race and location.
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Secret Princess Zelda Quest #44
Previous threads here:

>You are Princess Zelda, heir to the fallen throne of Hyrule

>Your father, corrupted by Power, died in a coup, your Kingdom shattered in a civil war 10 years ago, the Hero in Green giving his life to ensure you escaped the conflict

>An uneasy peace has returned to the land, but omens of a descent into greater chaos than before loom on the horizon

>You, Zelda Hyrule, have the potential to claim your birthright and restore the Kingdom to what it once was, bring back true peace to the lands. Your path ahead is not set in stone; you must chisel it in yourself. What kind of Legend will you create?

And for reference, pastebin with stats, inventory, and some mechanics:
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War Mage Quest
It's the seventh millennium. The Empire of Ythrion is experiencing both the zenith of its glory and a period of dangerous weakness.

Never in human memory has a civilization so completely dominated Vanaestry-whether militarily with its one hundred and eleven imperial legions, economically with its patricians so indecently rich that any one of them could buy an entire country if he wanted to, or culturally, enlightening the entire continent with its arts and sciences.

The Emperor and his Priestess are undeniably the two most powerful individuals that Vanaestry has known for nearly five hundred years.

And yet this shining power is contested on all sides. There is not a single border of the mighty Empire that is not at war with a neighbouring nation. These once servile vassal states rebelled simultaneously nearly twelve years ago. And for twelve years the empire has been engaged in an interminable war against its enemies, a war that seems to be eternal.
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Boshin War Quest 28 Cold Waters
BWQ Title
The year is 1866. You are Daniel Stockton, a veteran of the American Civil War and general in the Aizu Domain's military. You've come to Japan looking for work, and with the nation on the brink of war, there is an ever-increasing demand for men such as yourself. Last time, you secured additional funding for the Shogunal armed forces, as well as got a hotel room.


Info Paste:
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Alternate History - Against all Odds Part 3
After the recent rebellion of the Morcantaz, your subjects are divided like never before. Though you've managed to keep them in line through fear, this is not what you want, it never was. You question your ability as a King.

Still determined to reconcile with your morcantaz subjects, you consult your wife about continuing your training. She agrees and thinks it's a great thing for your son to participate in as well. Though at four years old, he won't learn much, it's the thought that counts.
Your wife tests you on what you remember about morcantaz customs and whether you practiced talking at all in the past years.
You're ashamed to admit that, you didn't, you tell her that you couldn't find the time between being a father and a king. She's not falling for that one, she knows your tricks. You're better than this, she tells you.
You spend an entire year refreshing your knowledge of morcantaz language and customs, in addition to learning what ever else your wife can teach you.
She insists that despite your newly gained knowledge, that you still lack the subtleties of the matter and should avoid making too grand a statement when talking to any of her kinsmen. A solid advice on one hand, but on the other, she's not your mother, you love her, but she can't tell you what to do like that.
Rules are pretty simple
>You are, at all times, the current de-facto Ruler of your people.
>There will be decisions after each Update.
>You may only pick ONE option, unless states otherwise.
>Parenting options run parallel to the main-game and are their own separate decisions.
>When there is no Majority, a Tie will always be broken by the option that was chosen the earliest.
>Time and Technology progression adapt to the Scale of the game.
>Status summaries may be requested at any time (I may not always respond)
>This is a very slow quest, be prepared to wait.
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Splatoon CYOA {Quest}
I've been wanting to write something splatoon related, but I've no idea how to start. So here's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna give you some options, you're gonna vote and from there the story will... Happen, I guess.

>Inkling or Octoling
>Male or Female
>Where are you?
>Inkopolis, Octo Vally/Octo Canyon, Deepsea Metro

We'll start with these little bits.
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Civilization Thread
civ thread2
Stuck inside because of the virus? Join me for a Civ thread run a little different.

>Most votes wins
>First post breaks tie
>Be as descriptive as you want
>Vote for other anons suggestions
>Have fun!

first 3 decide race and location
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The Amican Loyalists of Georgetown: Fantasy Settlement Quest Thread # 2
We return!

Original thread:

Before to launch right in, though: a summarized recap of how we got here. It all began (in game) 2 years and 10 months ago...


All in all, the new king's offer was fairly generous. Your lord, Prince George, had been his father's choice of heir, but the conclave had disagreed and chosen his younger brother instead. An attempt at securing the Prince's rightful throne through civil war had been stymied by the new king's shrewd political marriage, and George and his partisan loyalists had found themselves banished from the Unified States of Amica, but with a month to prepare with a tithe of gold.

In that time, the council of royal advisors had secured themselves human and goblin labourers, supplies, and even a small cadre of elven mages... But, in an impulsive move that would come to partly define the future of George's Loyalists, they opted to squander a not insubstantial amount of Prince George's downsized inheritance on "high class exotic whores", alcohol, and revelry. With the deadline closing in and an insubstantial crew for our small fleet of four ships, the Council had opted to recruit the ship, crew, and services of a dodgy elven corsair, and to have his men train some of the prostitutes in seafaring as a stopgap measure.

The Loyalist fleet, led by the flagship The Holy Perona, set sail for distant shores of a fabled but ill-explored fear-eastern continent, but we swore to return one day for revenge and Prince George's rightful throne! Braving storms and sea-beasts with magic and gumption alone (well, and the comfort of fine women-of-the-night), we kept our ships afloat and our people alive and relatively happy! Our Prince found love, lust, and a shared enjoyment of alcoholic debauchery and swordplay with a cheeky goblin wench named Krazir, and a brief away-mission even led the unlikely pair to find a powerful magic item, useful for water magic and divination spells.

When dwindling supplies and battles with a particular aquatic monster forced us off course, though, we made early landfall on an island known to be inhabited by hostile ape-creatures. The bay an inland forests proved replete with resources to restock our stores, and the native ape-men proved more wary and shy than aggressive... At first. The elven corsair's hunger for the natives' precious gems sparked a war, and his continued greed and belligerence forced the council to have the popular captain (whom they'd even granted a lordship) assassinated. Still, the war persisted, mired in cultural misunderstandings and the kidnapping and rape of a diplomat and her entourage. Using magic, cannons, and the iron of our brave men, women, and goblins, we staged a daring rescue and abandoned Monkey Island for the sea once more! We even took the time, in our kindness, to rescue the innocent victims of our raid on the ape-men.
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Civilization Quest
Civ quest, per usual. I'm DM'ing my first ttrpg game in a few days and would really enjoy the opportunity to flex some creative muscles.

First to 3 gets picked, like always.
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Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 9
Elegy part 9
You are Arthur Bernhard: 20 year old fugitive, killer, wielder of the Power of Destruction and Dark Lord Candidate beholden to Chaos.

Hiding aboard a cruise ship from the powerful organization seeking to capture you and traveling to Europe, you've finally managed to earn yourself some peace and quiet, having hopefully dealt with the last of the supernatural issues aboard the ship.

After managing to calm Holly down, she traveled around the ship with you for a time, as you pursued a trail of destruction left by Alura and one of your newest allies, Grigori. An ice magic wielding assassin who seems to value his own life very highly. After successfully recruiting him, it was on his suggestion that you searched through the camera archives of the ship, ultimately leading you to finally find Sophia Hildebrandt, the vampire you were seeking.

Going alone into her domain, you confronted Sophia, who was actually surprisingly welcoming, given the circumstances, and you seem to have managed to achieve some sort of alliance with her for now. She even agreed to let you be the one in charge of Holly. Though whether that is a mistake or not on your part remains to be seen,


Character Sheet:

Last Thread: >>4086443
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ASOIAF: House Shryke Quest #3
House Shryke Quest
Hello everyone!

This is a quest based in the ASOIAF universe which follows a captain of a free company that has recently been given dominion over Stormgrave, an island near Dragonstone. Ser Aurion Shryke is a common-born man with a natural affinity for leading men and making friends. It is currently the year 283 after the Sack of King's Landing.

Quest resources including character sheets can be found here:

I try to update twitter on run times/important votes here:

Previous Threads:

Now, let's get started!
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