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"/qst/ - Quests" is 4chan's imageboard for grinding XP.

Welcome to /quest/ - Quests
This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
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ASOIAF: Alchemist Quest
Alchemist Quest OP Image
Hello everyone!

This is a quest based in the ASOIAF universe which follows a dropout of the Maester’s Citadel of Oldtown who is now trying to forge his own path. Tristan has some significant talents in alchemy and healing, but his social skills could use some polishing. He currently has a business partner of sorts, at least that’s what Yvetta is calling herself, who has a little more social sense than he does. We’ll be starting off in Oldtown during the chilly year of 280 After Conquest.

The usual character options will be broken into three categories to keep things consistently IC. These categories are subject to change if a pattern of player decisions and subsequent quest events warrant a change (which, if this ever happens, would trigger a vote for a replacement category). We will start off with the following:
1. Alchemist: this represents Tristan’s favored profession and personal identity. These choices tend to be more logical or knowledge focused. These options can show some dismissiveness of the concerns of mere laymen.
2. Healer: this is what one may call Tristan’s “virtue.” When it’s not a direct Healing Arts situation, it’s generally the more conciliatory, selfless option meant to either help someone or make someone happy.
3. Rogue: this represents Tristan’s “vice” of going against the grain. These options typically involve some degree of cunning and may be a bit selfish.
4. I provide options to give a framework, not to lock anyone onto the tracks. The ubiquitous “Something Else” will still be present.

For those unfamiliar with the dice system, we will be rolling dice based on the ability ranks found in the character sheets below. Each rank corresponds to 1 die, so a rank of 4 would be a dice roll of 4d6. Characters may have some specialties in certain aspects of an ability. These specialties are represented by bonus dice. For example, Tristan is not very Athletic (rank 2), but he is proficient at swimming with +1b. Therefore, he rolls 3d6 instead of 2d6 and then keeps the highest 2 dice rolled. “Degrees of Success” are used, meaning that a roll that exceeds the DC by 5 is a Great Success rather than a Regular Success. Conversely, failing a test by 5 or more is a Severe Failure.

*Note: this will be a “best of 1” rather than a “best of 3” quest*

One further change from previous quests: Experience gain/ranking up abilities here will be handled narratively. This is to prevent “rollplaying” to min-max a character’s attributes in a way that may sap the enjoyment and challenge from the quest. The overall tone of this quest is going to be a bit lighter than what has been typical for this setting, but I believe the dice rolls should still matter.

Character sheets can be found here:

I try to update my twitter on run times or significant changes here:

Let’s get started.
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With Great Power Quest #4
great power
There was nothing I liked about my run in with Semper Fi, except the fact it was short. Once the press had taken their photos she had gone off with the police, finally walking instead of hovering on the spot, and did so with a clipping, arrogant stride, the affectionate calls of the crowd chasing the golden woman. I didn't waste time but leapt out of there, the work done, the attention of the crowd unwanted. If she wanted glory she could have it, but I only found the fawning attention of the crowd embarassing at best. The criminal had been stopped, his hostage rescued, that was all that mattered.

Bucket boys drummed speedy loud tunes as I dropped into the street a couple of blocks away, sticks beating on plastic buckets turned into makeshift drum kits, hard fast tempos that were rewarded with small change. One kid lost his flow as I landed in front of him but with a professional air spun his sticks and found it again, back to work after skipping a beat. It was the street music of Chicago, as genuine as poverty. I took a second to soak it in before launching off again, up into the air to land on a high rooftop, scattering pigeons.

The rooftops of Chicago had been my own domain. It looked like I'd be sharing my home now. I wish it was with better company. Misfit might be rough and crude-edged but she was genuine. I didn't feel the same about Semper Fi. Whether she was just a gloryhound or something more sinister I couldn't say, but she sat wrong with me.

I wish I could think about something else, there was plenty else to think about. The stone I'd pilfered from the government van sat in my jacket pocket, its mystery yet to be unravelled. A mystery that involved the Midwest Cartel, the government, and now the Outfit too. I had a meeting with the head of the Outfit, Salvatore Mangielo, the infamous Rooster, tonight. It had to do with the stone. The Outfit had tried to kill me, I'd been working to destroy them, but now they offered a truce. I'd go alone to an abandoned warehouse in Brighton Park for a sit down.

I had no illusions abpout who I was going to meet. I didn't believe the myths of honorable gangsters, I'd seen too much of their work. But I had no leads to go on except a conspiracy theory Discord group and a promise of help from Ms Grant. With government goons from the Department of Paranormal Affairs after me, as well as the shadowy organization who I'd taken the stone from, I'd take the help I could get even from scum like the Outfit.

I landed in McKinley Park with a building hunger. I dropped in front of a hot dog vendor, flipped him a couple of bucks. The old black man stammered, refused my money, and gave me two dogs for free. I wasn't going to turn down free food.

"I heard you were dead," he said, "You check the news? Heard you were shot yesterday."
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Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #39

>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes, Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:




>Let’s all try to have some fun, ok?

Last time, on Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai! Gohan and Buu searched for the missing Spirit Crystal in Hell, encountering Towa’s son Fu conducting experiments and research there as well. The Saiyan and Majin eventually find Hoi and Opan, who were attempting to give the crystal over to a demonic being with an unstable body! Removing the main core of the unstable demon with exorcism, Gohan frees Sugil from it and defeats the being for good! Meanwhile, Izumi reunites with Tapion and Minotia on Earth, catching up with the brothers during this time of peace. After bringing them to Capsule Corp. so they could spend some time with Pantea as well, Izumi decided to team up with her in preparation for the Mifan Tag Tournament! What challenges await the Tuffle trio? Good luck, Peppa! Good luck, Izzy! Good luck Gohan!
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 149
Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales of a mighty warrior race would reach your ears. Many speak of the Saiyans with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like them. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair in facing the warrior race in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the Saiyan race would spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden-haired Super Saiyans, and the green-haired legend who leads them. But once more they march, leaving their home behind and advancing into the heart of their enemy’s territory. Which side will triumph, and who will perish?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball world. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the radiant symbol of Saiyan might. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of over 34 million, and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows from post time
>Pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails -only- occur if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but options too out of character will be shut down as our character is now well-established
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible

Current Arc: The Great War
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Dream Catchers 2e [Skirmish]
Dream Catchers 2e
"Awaken good dweller. The veil lifts once again to reveal new realms within its prestige. Malice plagues the world once more, and those who slumber find no comfort within the dream. Please, I beg of you to delve once more into the realms to soothe those in respite."
-A distant plea

Skirmish games are a collaborative effort between players and QM, with each player controlling their own character to co-operate with other players in the party to explore the environment, clear objectives, and advance their developments. The QM provides the board for play, and operates the interactions made visible for other players with each update posted to the thread. From there each active player replies to the most recent [Action phase] post to show the QM what their actions for the turn will be, and the QM processes those before showing results. This cycle repeats until the board has been cleared, a required objective has been met, or the party fails to successfully meet either of the prior two outcomes in time. Outside of exploration and combat players are able to level up and advance their characters, participate in story events, or interact with other characters (player and non-player controlled) in order to cater to their own experience.
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Claymore: Second Swords Quest #56
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, and your bloodlines are precious.

The shadowy Organization which takes the flesh and blood of monstrous yōma and implants them into young girls to turn them into half-monster killing machines has taken a great interest in your blood since before you were born. Your mother was once one of their warriors before she ‘awakened’, becoming a monstrous ‘Abyssal One’ herself in the process, and so if she ever conceived a child it would always have been the subject of some interest and intrigue.

And so it was that the Organizaton supported a violent coup in the capitol of Hazaran which ended in the murder of your father, King Tiberius. You would also have bled to death were it not for the presence of one of the Organization’s many agents, who recruited you on the spot.

You were completely reforged for combat. Your body was sliced open, your delusions of humanity shattered, your combat skills and killer instincts finely honed, and your emotions crassly manipulated to create an ideal living weapon – for what, you only thought you knew at the time. So it was for all half-bloods like you, but for the potential of your not-fully-human lineage it was particularly so for you. At one time it was so obvious even to your fellow warriors that something was amiss that you were called ‘Bad Luck’ Noel.

But you eventually came to know the truth – you and others like you who had passed their supposed ‘limits’ and managed to cling to your humanity anyway. The “half-awakened” were a secret that the Organization must have long known about, a source of concern and of curiosity. Your skills were tested, your lives deliberately imperilled above and beyond the expectations of a normal warrior. And eventually you were forced to sever your ties with the Organization after it became clear that they intended to purge you all, along with any other warriors who had given them the slightest trouble in the past.

That decision was fateful.

Now you are part of a rogue faction of warriors who know the truth of the Organization – that they seek not to better the lives of humanity but to rekindle the embers of a long-concluded war in a distant land, using their experiments in your homeland to create the instruments of their enemies’ destruction.

With Zoe and the trainees of what may be the final class of warriors produced in this land, your numbers have swelled to twenty-seven. Among these are people whom you consider dear friends, the closest perhaps since your first friend and comrade Emma was taken from you years ago.

And now, your objective having been seized, you need to assess what you’ve just witnessed.
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Fallen Stars
space warship
Mankind had once ruled the galaxy. A million worlds, each thrumming with life and commerce and industry. Without any means of faster-than-light travel, colonization was a long and arduous process that took tens of thousands of years, but after the first leaps were made into the darkness, anything was possible, and mankind grew and flourished, guided by docile AI which oversaw all industrial progress. With the energy costs of relativistic flight being prohibitively expensive for routine voyages, interstellar trade was limited to the information exchange of science, news and culture. Interstellar wars were thought to be impossible, and it was believed that mankind would flourish forever in an eternal age of galactic peace.

At least, until the Interlopers arrived. No one knows where these outsiders came from, but they swept across the galaxy, their pace of expansion quickening with each star they conquered; and behind them, one by one, all the stars of the Milky Way began to go dark, blinking out of the night sky, leaving only gravitic lens distortions where they once stood. It was a galactic campaign that took thousands of years. The people of your star system, Chandra, could only watch from afar with utter helplessness. Volunteer military expeditions, made up of the most fearless and selfless of mankind, were sent out into the void, on centuries-long voyages to give relief to besieged systems, inevitably arriving too late, with neither being heard from ever again. As the unknown enemy grew closer, refugees from other star systems began to pour in. Strange people, with unnatural appearances, and bizarre customs, technology and beliefs; distant cousins separated by thousands of years of divergent cultural evolution. Your grandparents were among these. Meanwhile, the systems surrounding Chandra fell one by one to the Interlopers, until it became apparent their star was now a front-line.
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Pokemon in NYC Quest #6
Number 6 wow
Sorry for the delay, can confirm I am not dead. Also, I made a Pastebin as requested so have fun with that.

approximately one year ago, there was a solar eclipse and, during that period of darkness, Pokemon appeared upon the Earth. It took only a small period of hysteria before people embraced the Pokemon and, within months, the first Pokemon Tournament was held in Tokyo, Japan. You are Andrew Gwan, a broke 18-year-old living with his mother in New York City. After graduating high school, you decided that your goal in life would be to become a Pokemon trainer and win the 2nd Annual Pokemon Tournament.

With the help of some Japanese Guy larping as Ash Ketchum and your new friend who uses a Zubat (now Golbat) as his ace, you are going to compete in an official tournament at Greenbelt Park so you can get the sweet cash prize of $5000 and a chance at fighting the first gym leader.

You have battled your way to the finals and now the toughest fight is going to start, probably.

>311 days until the start of the World Tournament
Previous thread:

Paste Bin:
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Royal Monster Quest
You are treading along the dirt road, wearing but simple unconscious traveling clothes with a cape and hood for the rainy days. You are unsure if you should wear it regardless. You would look completely human if not for that blasted skin condition. Why can’t the world have any other races that are completely ashen gray? Although maybe you could try to pass for a weird dark elf, but being tan and gray are very different. Maybe you can say you are some weird reverse-albino? No that would just make you even less conspicuous.

Even without persecution, travel is not easy. You don’t have anything besides a handful of precious gems in your pocket, gifted to you when you departed. Luckily your needs to sleep is considerably less than the average man’s, and eating is mostly just a luxury on the side.

The true difficulty is in being completely alone however. No known higher authority to put behind your words, no army to have at your beck and call, no reputation to lean on. Only your mission, and its first step; rescuing a pair of imprisoned VIPs from the city of Thargio. At least no one knows you are coming. Not even them. You’ve spent the entire night and most of the dawn on a marathon to cut down the 3 days of travel.
You suddenly slow down when a crossroads begins to form before you. A man sitting on a carriage drawn by horses enters the road and turns toward your destination.

>Approach him and ask if you can hitch a ride
>Let them pass, you will run the next night too and avoid people
>Hitch a ride without them noticing
>Write-in (these are always an option even if I forget to list them)
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Animorphs Quest
OP art
Your enemies are everywhere. They lurk behind the eyes of your teachers. Your friends. Your family. Their only goal is the complete subjugation of your world. They have the power to control anyone, and they are utterly ruthless. The only thing standing in between them and global domination is you, your friends, and a strange power. The power to become any animal you can touch. The power to morph.


Welcome to Animorphs Quest. This is my take on the greatest sci-fi series of the late 90s and early 2000s. You will play as Jen, a 16-year-old girl in suburban America, who is placed with the burden of defending Earth from the Yeerks. You, along with your friends, are the only ones who know of this threat, and the only ones capable of stopping it. Good luck.


Your story’s beginning is relatively innocuous. No Yeerks or morphing, just a girl slacking off in 8th period English class so she can text her friends. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say friend. Your social life isn’t really what it once was. Either way, it’s Friday, and you’re ready to be done with school for the week.

“want to go to the mall after school?” you send.

“Don’t text me in class!” The reply comes back immediately. You smirk. Anna likes to act like a diligent student, but you know she was already on her phone.

“well? yes or no?” you shoot back.

The icon indicating she’s typing pops up. A second later she replies, “Sure, but stop texting in class! I’m going to get in trouble”

Your smile grows bigger as you start typing up another reply. “y not? what class r u in?” You’re about to hit send, when you’re interrupted by Mr. Fisher

“Jennifer! This is the third time this week I’ve had to tell you to stay off your phone! Don’t think that just because it’s a Friday you can do whatever you want in my class. I’ve had it up to here with students thinking that…”

You sigh and put your phone away. Fisher continues to drone on about the evils of lazy students and phones in school as you stare at the clock. Just 15 more minutes until you can be done with this and on your way home.
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Beastfolk Quest - Part 2
>Vengeance! Against the humans! Against civilization! Mother nature demands it!

You are a beastly creature, neither human nor animal but something in between. That which stalks the wilds, and mothers warn their children of for good behavior lest they be snatched away at night. Some may ponder the origin of your kind, but that concerns you little. You are what you are, and you accept and embrace your nature. And that is, to reject modernity (of these fantasy medieval times), to return to the wild, and to punish the humans for their rejection and destruction of nature.

Lately your efforts have been impressive, having settled in a forested region where you’ve slowly grown in power and influence. You destroyed some local bandits and a caravan of traders, you tore down a human temple to one of their gods of nature, and now the nearest town stands in fear of you after a failed attack which you repelled.

Your wild gods smile upon you, and your cult of misled humans grows. There are those who want you dead, but you are in a much better position now than you were months ago. Perhaps enough even… to restore the balance of nature in this land.

>What do?
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Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 160
Eclipsed Moon Quest Logo 2021 Nui
Rolled 90 (1d100)

Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 160
Sheets and Info:
Twitter Account:

Quest Intro

You are Mikage Chiba, second year high school student, fifteen years old. You used to be the third woman to carry the mantle of the magical guardian of love and justice known as Sailor Moon, after your mother and older sister. A year and a half ago you had a traumatic experience fighting the corpse of the father of your best friend, the struggle for victory leaving you thinking you had killed the man you had set out to save and prompting you to abandon your heritage. More than that, the related emotional collapse leads you to abandoning yourself. Hiding the events as best you could then developing disguises and personas to inhabit and do the things you would not let yourself do, to live while you let yourself wither, you carried on.

Now you know the truth and have been taking measures to put yourself back together, reconnect with family you shunned, old friends, and new ones. More than that you’ve been doing your best to support your younger sister, Koyomi, as she has become the fourth to carry the title as Sailor New Moon.

Quest Start

A scant few minutes ago you were enjoying lunch period atop the roof of Juuban Municipal High School alongside a young man you’ve an unsaid but entirely recognized mutually reciprocal attraction, emotional investment, and state of involvement with; while his mother, your school’s Principal, was clearly spying on the two of you from the stairwell. It was amusing to say the least, a nice capstone to a relaxing lunch period and as he was getting up to speak with his mother about both this attempted observation and his own secrets from her...interruptions to this interruption made themselves immediately evident.

You and Yoshi Sakurada were blindsided by the arrival of schoolmate and his close friend Daigo Endo amid a panic, shortly followed by your friend and upperclassman Nui Takeda. Some sort of massive miscommunication happened between the two, and in a panic Endo-kun was seeking Yoshi’s advice in emergency while Nui Takeda dragged you off under the pretense of official unofficial student council business.

Nui-sempai, who is also secretly in charge of a hobbyist ganguro fashion circle you are a part of while additionally being the school’s student council president. Further, she and Daigo Endo have started dating, thanks in part to your involvement in matters and pushing her to follow her own heart and desires. Unfortunately, she just revealed a small hiccup in those proceedings.
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Chapter Quest =Act I: Crusade=
+Log III/VII: Hard Contact+
+Date: 008.376.M41+
+Location: Battle Barge Aspera Dominus, Stranx, Sector Deus

While the battle on Kruun continues to rage on, we turn our attention rimward, towards the Subsector Mortis, heart of the Styrian Triarchy.

There, Second Crusade Army approaches Stranx with a vital mission - securing the entry into Styrian inner worlds. Retribution-class battleship Alexios Komnenos leads the assault force, carrying a large portion of your Chapter and also a significant force of 1,500,000 troops.

+Target: Planet Stranx
+Status: Triarchy's colony (developing)
+Population: 2 million
+Geograph: Stranx is mostly a desert of crystalline rocks. Deep canyons cut into the planet's crust. There are scattered crimson fungi, some of which are edible, but most are highly poisonous, unless processed. Known for rakkak's, giant many-segmented scaly creatures slide along, crushing everything in their path. According to rumours, they track down their prey using their psychic powers. The air is thin.
+Civilisation: Imperial frontier level technology, most of the population is concentrated in Stranxburg (est. pop. 900,000), the rest are scattered across the planet
+Expected resistance potential: Minimal. Military age population is around 700,000 individuals in total mobilisation scenario, maybe 50,000 of them are professional soldiers, giving Second Crusade Army an advantage of 30 to 1.

Course of Action: Shock and Awe - rapid entry into system, followed by rapid burn to the planet. Stranxburg will be bombarded from the orbit, after 12 hours, an estimated time for most dust to settle, a million troops to be landed to pacify the rest of the population. Drakkon Ursus advocates for this plan of action. Estimated time for the initial operation to conclude: 4 weeks.

Please select the name of the operation.

Please roll:
- d100 for the naval manoeuvres. [roll under 92]
- d100 for orbital bombardment [roll under 85]
- d100 for pacification efforts [contested roll, 75 vs 30]
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Astraplex Quest #2
Previous Thread: >>4606545

Discord Server:

Your name is Jonovan Solaris. Your runes are Dragon, Wind, and Light, thus you have a pair of tiny blue dragon wings and horns. You may or may not look like OP image, but I have a limited number of images in my weebkitsch folder and this is the one that resembles him the most. Personally, i've always imagined Jonovan with a slightly tan skin tone because he does have only one Dragon Rune.

You are travelling through the mountains to rescue Jenny Chalker, a human scientist whom you deeply admire.

It is almost sundown. You are exhausted beyond belief. Your travelling partners, the human Sneeda Hanzmillo and the kobolds Odway and Halwenn, have barely made it up to this valley. It is hidden behind the others, and perpetually hidden beneath the shadow of taller mountains.

A shallow river lined with crystals as tall as your knee trickles through the twilight vale. Not a single ray of sunlight hits it, yet it glistens like spring water. Purple carp swim through the currents. There is an odd humidity here: the macroclimate, although situated amid snowy mountains, is tropical. There is no grass, but barrel trunked trees burst from the wet stone, piles of rubble scattered at their roots.

At the corner of the vision you glimpse it: It is none other but the Diamond Moon Flower, a magical plant that can purify the waters of Lake Skobine, leading the way to Mount Nicagont, where Jenny is being held captive. You cannot see much of it from this distance: On a tiny hump of grass poking out of the stream, it glows languidly like the light of the moon on a hot night.
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Scrapworld quest
Welcome to the Scrapworld. There may be multiple QMs rotating in and out of this one shot. Expect high lethality.

In the twinkling expanse of the Silent Stars there are countless worlds, gems of civilizations, mundane colonies, entire planets devoted to harvest of resource, and places embroiled in war. This place was none of these.

1 - It was an arid wasteland with abandoned equipment and workers.
3 - A planetary scrapyard of unwanted material and occasionally people.
2 - It was a graveyard of orbital debris, ships, and derelict stations in orbit around a nameless gas giant.
4 - The quarantine zone was the world, and the world was forgotten.
5 - It was an unauthorized development founded on the refuse of the galaxy, thriving and lawless.
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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #27
You are Uzumaki Naori, and you have no doubts at all in your mind that Konan-sensei is going to defeat Kisame-han and Kakuzu-han, who you’ve heard from Allied Headquarters have appeared on the battlefield along the Land of Frost’s coast.

There’s one key reason for this lack of concern. You know that you’d be relying on paper tag ninjutsu to remove the two undead Akatsuki members from the field – and Konan-sensei is the one who taught you how to do that. And she’s far better than you at using techniques like those, to the point where she can even turn her entire body into paper tags to avoid injury, so long as she still has the chakra.

Which she has enough of for three jōnin, on top of paper tag ninjutsu costing a shockingly small amount of chakra to perform.

No, the real doubt you have is…

You are Darui, and the former Akatsuki calling herself ‘Konan’ just disappeared on the breeze in a cloud of paper tags.

“Damn that’s freaky,” you admit under your breath. But you also kinda know the freakshow is just beginning.

You’re up against Kinkaku, Ginkaku, and a bunch of their goons from back in the old days – you count five goons plus the bosses, who are the real problem here.

After a moment you’re joined by Samui-san and her brother Atsui, which at least evens the odds… a little, you think? Still, it’s not looking too hot for you right now. If you had a choice you’d say it’d be better to withdraw and reorganize, but you really don’t have a choice cause that’s just not an option in an open battle like this.

As much of a pain as it is, you figure this may just be part of how guys like the old Uchiha and Senju from the warring states got as freakishly powerful as they did – not having a chance to retreat means you’ve gotta learn how to stand your ground.

“Watch it,” you warn the others. “We’ve got some real badasses here.”

“They don’t look so hot,” Atsui rolls his eyes. “We can take ‘em, right sis?”

“We have no choice but to see what we can do,” she voices your own thoughts pretty neatly. “Don’t take them lightly, Atsui. These guys are in a different league from most other shinobi.”

“She’s right,” you insist, extending your hand. “It may be a bit dull, but I’ll be taking the lead on this one, so follow me. Got it?”

Kinkaku and Ginkaku are, of course, in the back – they have their force of goons to take you on first, and unlike in life they’re effectively immortal. Out of the three of you, none of you are talented at fūinjutsu.

Dull as it seems you may just have to call on Naori-san to take care of that once you’ve softened them up.
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Birth of A Kingdom: Settlement Quest
The time has come for your intrepid caravan of settlers to venture off into the unknown reaches beyond your former kingdoms borders and seize your own destiny! No longer will you owe fealty to some aging king a thousand leagues away! Now you are masters of your own fate, grasping your future and laying the foundation of a greater nation than the one you had left behind.

None of you know what to expect in your journey but the excitement and anticipation is palpable as wagons, hooves and feet leave behind tracks in the thin and rarely traveled roads of the outlying regions of the kingdom. You are all venturing into territory that is mostly unknown to you but the fear of the unknown is drowned out by the reasonably high morale of the caravan.

Speaking of your caravan, what did most of your number do before setting out on this venture?

>Many of us were soldiers at one point. We are disciplined and prepared for the dangers that lie ahead

>Most of us were craftsmen of varying skill levels. We couldn’t bring our workshops but we could bring our tools and skills.

>Most of us were laborers of some sort. Miners, loggers, farmhands, Hard workers one and all

>We are mostly exiles, a myriad mix of petty criminals, debtors or escaped slaves. Not many of us are skilled but we are determined nonetheless.

>Write in a custom option
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Tai Lung Quest 8
Welcome back to Tai Lung's journey on the path of redemption, not only for himself but for those around him as well. In our last thread, the crew managed to finish the sleeping powder that would be used against the raiders while Tai Lung did some deep introspection on his fears. Spending three days deep in his mind, the Kung Fu master managed to get to the core of his fears and reforge his resolve once more. After checking up on the two star crossed lovers, An Bo and Guang, Tai Lung and his friends make their way towards Xiqi. The ruins of a village a mysterious stranger who claims to be the third son of the emperor has been asking other villages to send supplies and guards to. Suspecting foul play, the group are surprised to find not only an actual construction crew but the famed Dragon Warrior as well. While the townsfolk were less than inviting, the crew of four decide to camp out in the outer ruins to begin their investigation. The group's search pays off when Tai Lung finds the body of a dead raider along with a small safe full of treasures! Among the various gems and coins is a map and on the body of the woman is a journal of sorts both written in a strange language. While Renshu and Chan Ming attempt to decipher the text, Xin Lan make their way to the construction area for some covert exploration. Meanwhile, Tai Lung decides to meditate and reach out to his spirtual friends for the first time in weeks if not months.

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Skeleton Island Thing 2, Part 20
OH SHIT NIGGA, you are SHOTASNIFFER. Eldest daughter of the skeleton villain LOLISNIFFER. After a long and arduous succesion war against your siblings, you now claim ownership of your family's island, as the leader of the UNITED SHOTA SNIFFING REPULIC.
From here, you shall spread your skeletal power accross the globe and dominate the world!

Due to a series of shenanigans and misunderstandings, you found yourself accidentally saving the day multiple times. To the point that the Hero Association mistook you for an actual super hero. They're even throwing an award ceremony in your honor!
But there is a silver lining! This event is the perfect chance for you to take down a large number of heroes in one fell swoop! The preparations are in place, now you only need to attend the ceremony with your siblings/underlings and wait for the perfect time to strike.
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Stormtrooper quest #1
The year is 2 BBY, a scant couple of years before the destruction of the first Death Star. The Rebellion is in its infancy, a collection of disorganised terrorist cells yet to coalesce under the Phoenix flag of Mon Mothma.

You are an Imperial Stormtrooper, designation TK-438. Like most young men of your age, you enlisted in the army seeking the life of adventure and the respect Imperial propaganda advertisements promised. A tense peace looms like a dark shadow over the galaxy, only a few of your comrades have seen true battle, and you are not one of them. Most Stormtroopers serve as garrison, defending the many planets of the Empire and enforcing the law.

You are stationed on Dac, the Mon Cal and Quarren homeworld. You were only very recently transferred, fresh from the academy. It is a beautiful planet with an ancient culture, famous for its shipyards and art. While it is an important system in a strategic location, most of this goes beyond your caring. To you, it's a boring station which you would enjoy much more if you were allowed to get drunk on the beach more often.

While most natives live quietly under Imperial law, it's obvious that some, especially the Mon Cal, miss their independence. While there have been no uprisings since the initial conquest of the planet, this was long before your time. All that's left to deal with now is the occasional drunk nationalist who throws fists in a bar, or streetside preachers who are quickly silenced and handed over to the interrogation droids. Whatever the droids find out, very little of the information trickles down the ranks to your ears.

However, your fellow grunts in the mess hall share what little they have eavesdropped from the brass in hushed whispers... If the rumours are to be believed, the Rebels have become increasingly brazen in recent months. Terrorist attacks, riots and other dissident acts are said to be more common than your superiors or the holonews would have you believe. Whether this is true, or just some bored soldiers itching for action running their mouths, you do not know.

You haven't been around long enough to know, and your comrades make this abundantly clear whenever you throw your two credits in...

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Corporate Hero - Reformed Supervillain Quest
St Jude's Super-Maximum Security Penitentiary
Unknown Location, Somewhere off the coast of American Samoa
0506 26 December 2020

Steel upon concrete, mesh upon stone. How long had it been since you had seen the sun? Weeks, months, years? Days had meshed together quickly, the harsh lighting that never ceased to shine had effectively destroyed your internal clock. Only meal times had served as some sort of way to gage the continuing flow of time, every eight hours on the dot. Be in the cafeteria for whatever slop they had deemed safe enough to serve you and your fellow inmates on that day. Still, you could count your blessings, it could be worse. You were Class B after all, at least you had rec-time, at least you had the ability to socialise with others in the shared spaces. Those below you, the Class As, never got to leave their cells. A lifetime of solitary confinement, regardless of the continuous stream of inhibitor drugs that flowed into your veins from the collars slapped tightly around your necks. The Class Cs above could see the sun, enjoy the tropical winds that whipped off the ocean, their sole benefit for being lesser crooks, not flight risks. Occasionally literally.

Not that you had been able to socialise for the past few days, however many days that may have been. Solitary. Confined to your singular cell with only the sound of footsteps from the other prisoners housed above you for company. It was maddening. Although, you suppose that such treatment had to be expected after what you had done. Even if the Captain had deserved every inch of a whooping that you had dished out to him.

He had called himself the king of the cell block when he had barely the ability to rule over a dilapidated portion of Wichita when he had to go toe to toe with the heroes. You'd been content to let him roleplay, until he'd crossed the line.

Putting him in his place had been worth it. Even with the medley of drugs rushing through your veins, the other prisoners knew not to mess with you, that you had made sure of. Although you do wish that the constant dull ache behind your eyes and fuzziness in your temples would cease, you longed for the ability to feel whole again.

>>What are you?

>Posthuman - You've been lucky, or unlucky, enough to have a power awaken deep within your core granting you access to superpowers.
>True Mutant - Not all posthumans get to keep their good-looks, the activation of your power has changed your appearance to such a degree that you more resemble monster than man
>Human - Not every cape needs powers, and you've taken down more than your fair share of cocky supes without them

Welcome to Corporate Hero - the first few posts will serve as character creation and a sort of prologue to the ex-con who will serve as the titular ""hero""
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The sweet embrace of death surrounds you, taking with it the pain and bitterness that you once held. You had all your ducks in a row, and all that was left was to just do it, and now your reward was to be enveloped in the waters of oblivion, where none of who you were even mattered anymore.

If only the waters of oblivion weren’t at a gross body temperature, it might be a tad more relaxing.

Wait a minute, you’re thinking too much for someone at the verge of death, and you think you can even feel your legs. SON OF A BITCH IF SOMEONE IS TRYING TO SAVE YOU, YOU’LL KILL ‘EM

As you slowly come to, you begin to realise you’re hooked up to oxygen and suspended in some sort of fluid filled tube... just like in one of those sci-fi flicks you used to watch. Someone has a real gross sense of humor.

Focusing a moment, you can hear panic and claxons blaring just outside of your chamber. You recognize the voices somehow, they’re in a strange language that you somehow understand. You catch bits and pieces, some bad techno babble it sounds like. Something about a cyberattack, and the production run being compromised somehow? Now they’re going on about how the previous soul hasn’t been reformatted yet, and that the wrong data got uploaded?

>Memories seem to float in and out of your head. Just what did they try sticking in there?
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Salary Man: Whitecollar Vigilante (2nd Shift)
You are Sugimoto Daisuke, the 49 year-old vice-president of the Tokyo Branch of Junpei Office Supplies. Recently, in a bid to escape the existential suffering that is your everyday life dominated by work, you decided to chase your childhood dreams and become a superhero. Now you're also Salary Man, Tokyo's very own defender of justice, honor, and all around good morals.

Today is your second time 'on patrol', and you're currently at a concert. An old friend of yours is working security and offered you a free ticket. Figuring that the relative chaos of a concert might offer more opportunities for heroics than the litterbugs of Shibuya, you decided to come. To your surprise, it ended up being a metal concert. Now you're lost as to what exactly is normal and what's not in such an unfamiliar environment, and are trying to figure out how best to ensure order amongst the controlled madness raging around you.

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Child of a Dead Empire #21
Child of a Dead Empire OP
Twenty years ago- years before you were even born, your homeworld repelled an alien invasion which arrived with no warning, no declaration, no communication. The invaders killed tens of thousands of your people before they all suddenly died- killed by their own ships.


You can read the previous threads here:
Check your stats and inventory here:
If you believe you've spotted an error or omission in the inventory, please let me know. It's a large document and I'm bound to make mistakes somewhere.
On votes with three or more options (not including Write-In), you can designate another option as your second choice. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but don't force yourself to add one if you legitimately lack one. You have to specifically mark an option as your second choice for it to be counted as one.
Please feel free to ask questions- I am happy to provide setting trivia that isn't relevant in the narrative. If you ask a pertinent question, though, I will generally answer it in an update.
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Witches' Mark
Frauke Adjacent
Heart pounding in terror you flee the battle engulfing your burning village, the men fighting to buy time for women and the young to flee, for you to flee. A part of you cries out to help them, but that would render their sacrifice moot. It would be suicidal, but that doesn't make running feel any less shameful. One pale hand maintains a tight hold on your mother’s ruby pendant, the other keeping your tightly bound leather satchel pulled close to your chest. Robes and cloak flap in the chill winter wind as your uncle’s final command drives you forward through the darkening woods.

“Frauke, run! Go!”

Stumbling footfalls carry you through the undergrowth, fresh fallen snow crunching underfoot as you navigate between thickets and duck under low branches, half-blind from grief and barely able to see ahead. With a sudden lurch you’re tripping, falling, your cloak and robes catching on an old fallen branch as you slide down a slope in the darkness. Brief tugging resistance sends you into a short spinning roll as cloth tears and the branch snaps. Air slams from your lungs as you crash into the snow covered earth a few meters below, the sudden impact narrowing your perception in a flash of pain and sending your wide-brimmed pointed hat flopping into the snow. The chill of snow pressed close against your face brings you back to your senses after a few delirious moments. The downward slope to the river cliff was closer than you expected, your sense of time distorted by panic. The real cliff can’t be much further. Wincing with aches and cuts from the fall, you struggle to your knees and search through the snow in the fading light, quickly collecting your fallen hat and finding the pendant among the snow.

The howling of a war hound echoes through the woods, one of the mercenary’s beasts having caught your scent. It sounded close. Gripping the pendant tightly you resume your run into the depths of the woods, the pendant’s sharp corners biting into your skin and drawing a small trickle of blood. Blood imbued with a rare power, the very same power that pulses through your mother’s pendant and the veins of the world far below you:


Glancing back over your shoulder you spot the hound atop the slope you rolled down, set loose by its handler to run down those fleeing the village. It’s an ugly square faced beast, heavy muscle rippling under short brown and black fur, eyes almost ablaze as they catch the fading daylight. With a few quick leaps it agiley navigates down the slope, gaining quickly with powerful strides. Damn your short legs, you’ll never even come close to outrunning it, but the riverside cliffs can’t be much further. The water runs deep on this side, and it’s safe to jump from the cliffs… in the summer, at least. Freezing waters might be worse than any hound.
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Project Wingbride, a Project Wingman Spin-quel-off 2
Project Wingbride


You pull the stick left, fighting back a yawn as you roll between the gaps of the cloud bank. Despite having been afforded a generous twelve hours of sleep prior to take-off … you still felt as though you were lacking in rest. Sliding your visor upwards as you leave the recovery to an oddly-understanding Elaine, you run your gloved hand over your eyes in an attempt to stave the temptation of slumber off, mumbling about the mystery behind your fatigue. Sighing and re-taking controls, you steady the F-15 and roll it into a level state, accelerating slightly so as to not stall right into a mountain face, banking towards the west, adjusting your craft’s vector; you didn’t want to suddenly have to explain to a Peacekeeper Patrol as to why you’d violated Augustovian airspace.

AWACS “Andromeda”
<< You know, it always amazes me how you jockeys can always afford to be so casual before an engagement. >>

The radio officer’s voice is rough yet feminine, teasing but not malicious.

AWACS “Andromeda”
<< But I guess that if you’ve been flying for a while, it just blurs into a bank of assignments and stamps, huh? >>

You’d almost forgotten that you’d been assigned an AWACS.

Then again … it probably wasn’t so much that you’d been assigned one so much as they’d been assigned to you. Still … the woman on the other end of the line sounded friendly enough; casual, even.

>Might as well try to be friendly, engage Andromeda in casual conversation
>Keep silent
>Request for any updates regarding standing objectives
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A Tale of Monsters - The Witch Game (17)
Welcome back one and all into a new part of our adventure.
We've managed to restore the good health of our divine companion, keep a close eye on the evil witch (who, so far, has been behaving herself), were granted forgiveness by our little sun, and heard an impromptu (double) confessions extracted -almost literally- through a fistfight. For what should be your last evening to relax, things have been busy nonetheless! But now, thankfully, is the time for indulgence.

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.

People from Muribel.
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Loyal Servant Quest
Your master created you to serve. That is your only purpose, that is your existence. It means everything to you. To disappoint The Master is to fail yourself and the reason for your life.

You are:
>Built for combat. Your purpose is to eliminate your Masters enemies through direct engagement. You shall destroy anything in Their path.
>Built for intrigue. You shall strike at the enemy from unexpected angles, from where they least expect it. Nothing will hide Their enemies.
>Built for work. You shall be the backbone of your Master's plans. You provide for all of Their needs.

You number amongst:

>A select few, your Master will pay much attention to your work
>Of many, your Master will only notice the exceptional
>Of endless numbers, you will likely never meet the Master themself
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R. I. P. Haven
You're a Billy unit on the man-made habitation rig known as "Port Haven" and just like the city, time hasn't been kind to you.
It's a lazy Thursday at the bar you work at and you're half-way through your usual comedy routine. There's three people there, you're not sure if any of them are paying attention though.
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Overpowered Isolated Wizard AKA One-Man-Civ Quest
It doesn't matter who you were before, those dreams are behind you now because you've awakened to your full potential. In a flash of thunderous revelation you've ascended into a Wizard, a living nexus of arcane power and mystic savant that a court of archmages would envy. As a Wizard your understanding of the magic in the world is unrivaled but your soul is aligned to a specific aspect more deeply than anyone has ever been or ever will be again. You will learn many forms of magic in the centuries to come but this one will be your eternal foundation.

>Choose a Focus from the 30 Disciplines.

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You Occur
a void has been created
you, a disgusting ensemble inherits this void
you are real
you are perceivable
what is perceived?
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Chainsaw Man Quest 2
The fiend is strutting around your bedroom, a bureau dress shirt and tie poorly fit to her form. "Eh, Onishima? This is my bureau uniform! 'Tis what I'll wear once the special division is underway." She exclaims proudly, raising her fist. "That silly bureau may be laughable, but their sense of fashion is admirable. I'm normally naked, you know?"
"Just because we've been hired to do work for the bureau doesn't mean that you have to wear the uniform." You sigh, kneading your forehead. The uniform's loose fit and her improper wear isn't leaving much to your imagination.
"These fabrics are woven with devil materials, Onishima. It's technically safer to be wearing these, especially for a squishy, gross human such as yourself." Meta tuts, playing with her tie. She didn't even tie it properly - she just knotted it like a length of rope. "So? Do I look good in it?"

>"It doesn't look bad."
>"You look like a lampshade wearing a tie."
>Fix her uniform for her. She's jiggling everywhere.
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Chalco Civ
An illustrated civilization quest.
Neolithic to bronze age technology.
Some magic/fantasy elements.
Updates once a day.
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Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 13
The Grail War continues, and you're about to undergo a dangerous assault.

You are Shinji Makiri, Ten years ago you suddenly found yourself with the memories of a complete past life that saw this world as a fictional story due to some unprecedented form of inter-dimensional transportation. Since that day, your new composite being has been working to change the grim future laid out for you.

To that end, you have done much, involving yourself with events and situations that have shifted the future away from the one that you once would have faced and instead onto one of uncertainty and chaos.

The Fifth Holy Grail War lies ahead of you, and the challenge and danger it represents to you, the people you care for and the world itself is far greater than you could have ever predicted. Though the grail might be corrupted and the war itself might be a sham, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator:
General Archive:
Status Menu:
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Space Station 13 Quest: Station 2
McSnickers Dickerson was an ordinary man who once had a career as a Clown. Now, as a worker in Nanotrasen, he aims to advance the field of robotics and bring about the future of augmentations. However, it should also be known that McSnickers has already caused a station to be evacuated. Now, what will happen when the Crew is stupid and the Traitors much more dangerous?

McSnickers Dickerson
Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Authority: 10
>Fellowship: 50
>Conspiracy: 25

Intellectual Skills
>Technology: 40
>Machines: 10
>Atmospherics: 0
>Chemistry: 0
>Biology: 25

Physical Skills
>Weapon Skill: 20
>Ballistics Skill: 10
>Mental Integration: 20

Mystic Skills
>Magic: 25
>Faith: 0
>Blue Space: 0

Unbound Stats
>Wealth: 0
>Military Power: 0
>Prestige and Clout: 0
Novice: 10
Apprentice: 25
Adept: 50
Expert: 75
Master: 100
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Miner Quest
You've been a miner as long as you can remember. There was never a choice for you, the eldest of three, two sisters who have been married away into better lives--dowries paid by your own sweat and toil, and no shame in it--and not much to boast of besides your hard, stubborn body. Never much mind for schoolwork. Your father had aspirations to get you into an apprenticeship at the forge, and even managed to convince Zahradnik, the blacksmith. The weight of the hammer was right enough in your hands but something about the heat and the flame scared you fierce. When you confessed it to your father, with shameful tears in your eyes, he said nothing. No beatings. Not a harsh word. "Well, alright son," he said. "Let it be."

There is a kind of respect that comes with lineage. Three generations of miner, five score years of muscle and steel against the hard earth puts a little more iron in your blood than the common man. But you don't pay it much mind. You will admit a certain feel for the tunnels that comes, a certain smell and palpitation--you're not sure there's words for it, but you'll swear by it--and it feels like you can swing forever and know right where to dig. You've found the odd pocket or two by it, more than once, but that isn't really the point. And anyway it's not something you like to talk about. Don't want people to think you're crazy. When it does happen though, it's a good day.

Today isn't one of those days. Today, Roland, your newly appointed partner (ever since Gorbals got sick), has been sneaking mouthfuls from a suspicious metal canteen hidden down his coat. You've been working as hard as you can, trying to pick up his slack so you can get home on time. Today's the one day you can't be late, no matter what. Roland isn't making it easy though, there's only so far one man can go in a two man job.

>Scold Roland, down here his blueblood means nothing, take his liquor and force him to work
>Tell Heyerfields about this, maybe you can get someone to sub out for today
>Grin and bear it, Roland is only down here as punishment from his father, the noble Sir Baldwin, best not to stir trouble
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Panzer Commander Quest #68
Barnabas Von Blum had but a brief respite from the responsibilities of office, the multitude of plans and approvals by his family and appointed officials. Matters of maintenance, security, contingencies, just for the best case scenario. The one that ideally would pass. It was said that preparing for a disaster helped to ensure that the preparations turned out to be superfluous, and the Territorial Lord sincerely hoped such was the case. One felt the Reich breathing down one’s neck with particular predatory ambition in times like these. He knew at least a few were prodding about- the Archduchy and the Reich were on peaceable terms, but both were ready for such to change at a moment’s notice. Something so small as putting these open agents under arrest would be a bold move as of now. They’d find out little, anyways, just from rumors and walking about, as they were restricting themselves to. He was not taking his time off to relax, or entertain himself. Instead, the high noble went to an old font of spite. Once a friend- much as one of his duplicitous ilk could be considered one. After, a source of potential might. Now, a mere reminder of others whom he had affected- people Von Blum wanted more than this comatose husk he was obligated to house.

Lord Barnabas Von Blum stared disdainfully at the hooded pile of rags before him- decrepit, pathetic. Once so mighty. Yet he looked no different outwardly than he had so long ago, over two score years ago. Before Barnabas had even married the first time. When Miriam had been a decade his junior, and he never would have imagined her to be the love of his life. That fateful day, when seeking ancient secrets, he had found one he had not anticipated…and been extended a deal. A relationship ending here, with this old sorcerer rusting away in a chair, not having opened an eye, spoken, or done anything at all for near three years, after having steadily deteriorated into this present state, yet no further.

Despite this, Von Blum wished for a conversation. He spoke his demands, and answered them in his mind.

“What a sorry end to your life you have sown. No small amount of regrets must weigh on your shoulders.”

”I regret naught. I only ever paid mine debts to you, and gave so generously much in doing so. Your aid through the years was ever appreciated at least in kind.”

“You took her from me. You stole her away. Is that proper repayment for my own actions when you were in need?”

”I took nothing. I gave you all you asked for.”
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The Red Wizard: Chapter Two
>QM's Note: This story is set in the fictional world of Middle Earth from Tolkein's writings, namely LOTR The Hobbit and assorted other works. In an effort to keep everything in line with events as Tolkein wrote them, but also make it a new and interesting storyline, a small number of aspects of the world have been changed in minor ways.

[Prologue, Chapter 1 part 1]

[Chapter 1, part 2]

This is the beginning of Chapter 2: Faenor's Torment.
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L5R Chanbara Quest #2
Welcome back, honorable bushi of the Crab Clan, to the second installment of L5R Chanbara Quest. I'm your host, Wong, and you are Arinaga Daisuke, a vassal of the Hiruma family of the Crab Clan, student of the Hiruma Bushi School, possessor of a very fine katana, devout hater of goblins, bully of Scorpion girls, and murderer of bandits.

Last time you made your way through the wilds of the Koumugi Valley towards the village, and the castle beyond it where your dying uncle has summoned you to witness the birth of his child, a child that will inherit a birthright that should have been yours. On your way, seven bandits were killed and one was sent to the Great Carpenter Wall by you and the mysterious girl you met on the road.

A minor skirmish, but a herald of things to come. Today, you reach the village.
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Ben 10 Quest #40
In this quest, normally, you’d be playing as Wade Wakeman, a 17-year old boy with a heart of gold and proud owner of the Omnitrix! But this time, we’re going to take a peek into the life of everyone’s favorite super-celebrity, Wilderbee! After being abducted and having his mind altered by alien technology, Wilderbee became a genetically modified superweapon with power so great that it nearly matches the size of his ego. But with great fame, comes great responsibility. Even a superstar has his own share of problems.


Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Alien Images:

Character profiles:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

Alien Trivia:

Superhero/Supervillain Database:

Public Info on X:

And don’t forget to follow my Twitter to get more frequent update notifications, and updates on my lack of updates!

My Twitter:

Good luck and have fun. It’s Showtime!
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Zerak Rise Quest #2
You're King Andros III of Zerak and you've been ruling your country ever since your father passed away. You've dealt with a bandit gang which was threatening the kingdom, started the creations of a few new ministeries, changed some laws in the kingdom and summoned the kingdom army to deal with a witch which was summoning undeads in your kingdom. You are currently leading the army personally to deal with the witch.


Amidst the heat of the battle you send a detachment of skirmishers lead by Duke Arginout protecting the priests to catch the witch alive. They open the way through the undead and soon enough they get close to her, so close that the priests are able to engage in magical combat with her. She's hard pressed to defend herself against the magical assault of the various priests.
She proves to be a terrifyingly powerful oponent, killing four priests and maiming or incapacitating several more with her dark spells, but in the end one of our best priests manage to paralyze her with a blast of divine light making her fall to the ground amidst the hordes of the dead. Our men quickly take the opportunity to make way to her and ensnare her and then the priests place some more incantations on her so she can't so easily escape.

Duke Arginout has the men carry the witch to your presence for you to decide what to do with her.

"I want to parlay with the witch."

"Very well my liege, we shall perform the incantations to release her from the incapacitation just enough so she can speak but can be of no harm."

The priests smear the witche's face with silver powder and say an incantation. She starts to cough and wake up.

She immediately begins to cackle.

"So, it seems you have caught me. Took a whole kingdom to bring down a lowly witch. My work here was still incomplete, what is a damn shame. It would have worked, I feel it would. I was just waiting for the Bad Moon, I just needed enough souls and could awaken Him..."

"What nonsense is this witch? Speak plainly."

She cackles again.

"Foolish men, with your castles and towns, you know not that this land before you settled here belonged to the Witch King, who lays dormant in the hidden catacombs somewhere below your kingdom. But come the Bad Moon I am sure I could entice him to come back and reign again over what was once his were I offer him enough souls. I was so close. But if I shall die I'll die knowing that the souls I damned will be released to haunt this kingdom for a century and a day and your people will know no respite from torment."

"Damned witch, how dare you curse my kingdom?!"

"And I shall keep on cursing if you suffer me to live!"

> Burn the witch at the stake
> Ask the priests for some other solution, perhaps we could remove the magical powers of the witch somehow and throw her in the dungeon
> Offer royal pardon to the witch and let her leave the kingdom unharmed if she releases the soul of all the people she trapped
> Write in
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 148
Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales of a mighty warrior race would reach your ears. Many speak of the Saiyans with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like them. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair in facing the warrior race in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the Saiyan race would spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden-haired Super Saiyans, and the green-haired legend who leads them. But once more they march, leaving their home behind and advancing into the heart of their enemy’s territory. Which side will triumph, and who will perish?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball world. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the radiant symbol of Saiyan might. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of over 34 million, and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows from post time
>Pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails -only- occur if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but options too out of character will be shut down as our character is now well-established
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible

Current Arc: The Great War
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Degraver Quest 1: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
You awaken in the dark, which is immediately banished by the stark white beam of light emitted from your helmet. The harsh spotlight reveals destroyed machinery whose purpose you can't fathom at this time. Dust on the console scatters to the ground from a distant rumble.

A quick look around reveals stony debris, heavy sealed doors, and more broken mechanisms... Including what looks to be a conveyor belt directly behind you. Part of it seems to have been flattened entirely by a giant piece of fallen rubble. Behind that, you see several stocky, round figures with turquoise bodies and yellow helmets stand motionless, their optics lifeless and unlit. Your fellow Degravers, you realize, as your mind puts a name to your make and model. Some destroyed, all inactive. The conveyor belt vanishes into a dark corridor.

This seems like as good a time as any to take stock of yourself. You feel like you're... Missing something.

>->LIFE Core (Running at 70% Capacity)
>-Shield Battery (Low Refresh)
>->Reinforced Titanium-X Helmet (Located on Head)
>-->LED Lamp
>->Grip-Tite Gauntlets (Located in Arms)
>->Mineral Deposit Vault (Located in Torso)

>->Nakaume Heavy Machinery
>--->Heavy Vehicle Operation (Construction & Excavation)
>--->Mechaniloid Command (Construction & Excavation)

And one personality trait, to be submitted by voters and decided upon with a random die roll. Also needed will be the next course of action to take, which will be decided upon by majority. You may also choose to look more in-depth at your systems and information, if you need clarification.

Welcome to Degraver Quest, inspired by (but not endorsed or authorized by the creators of) Maverick Hunter Quest. It may run for one thread, or ten, or however many, and probably has no regular update time. Let's just see how it goes.
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3QM-NRP#4 - the Shogun's body hit the Floor
Turn 74
Were on thread 4. Congrats

3QM-NRP is a Semi-Freeform game where you roleplay as a fantasy nation. The point of the game is not to win, but to create stories and a living breathing world

> Rushing, Meta-gaming, & other faggotry will be punished
> You can start one diplo with an NPC per turn (you can continue it over multiple turns though)
> Diplomacy is free and not tied to turn order

Updates will be Monday-Sunday (6 turns per week, 2 actions per turn, Thursday no update). Players can post until 20:00 UTC

You can take any actions you want as long as they are reasonable, here is a more detailed ‘system’ description with the nation submission template:

> Discord Link (yes, you have to join)

Players inactive without a prior mention for 4+ turns are considered to have left the game and their nation might be deleted/reduced to ruin or changed into an NPC. In case a player misses a turn he gets 1 make up-action next turn. If you know you will be gone for a day or two you can queue up actions.

Submitted player nations so far:
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Astraplex Quest
Your soul drifts across the void for untold eons, bearing no memories, no body, only the distilled essence of your being.... You know not who you were in past life, but that does not matter.

For a brief moment you see the face of Nyctolustra, the Goddess of Dragons and Elements, contemplating infinity in a cosmic palace of orichalcum, porphyry, sapphire, rubies, and pearl, bedecked in splendorous garb, her completeness reflecting the universes and their paradigms. And when that moment is over, you can see her no longer, for she towers over you like an elephant to a mote of dust.

You feel the ugly claws of materiality entrap you as you leave the domain of the demiurges. You cherish your moment of total unconsciousness, for it will not last for long.

Select three of these runes. You can select multiple of them at once, for example you can have two fire runes. These will determine who you are. Choose carefully.

> Fire
> Wind
> Earth (Clay, Metal, Sand, pretty much anything that comes out of the ground i'm not picky}
> Water (Mist, Water, Ice}
> Electricity
> Light
> Darkness
> Plant (Any plant}
> Beast (Any animal. If you have multiple different beast runes, you can be a hybrid, like a spiderfly or an owlfox.}
> Human (A concept unique to civilization, for example chess or dialectics. If you possess three of them at once, it will make you a savant.}
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New year new adventure! We're starting off the year with the invasion cycle. I considered calling it season 6 but I feel s5 was too short.

Anyway, let me know when you guys get here, and mielewds, I've been trying to contact you on trillian and discord but you haven't been connected, it seems?

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great year!
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hqdefault (3)
Test Quest! #1

My first quest
Hi all! My name is pie (just to keep up with the DM and who's who i would prefer if you used names but eh whatevs)

Only 3 ppl can join said quest so just say here! And I'll pick the first 3 to start. (This quest is part based)
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Ex-Fighter Chimera Quest #2
quest cover t2
You are Zedek, of no surname, a young man that has sacrificed his humanity for a chance to become as the heroes of childhood stories. As a chimera, you grow stronger by obtaining monster corpses and bringing them to your benefactor, the infamous Witch of Tharazar, Endorai.

In the past days, you slew a beast that was terrorizing Tharazar, made an unlikely friend in a lowlife named Chungus, registered in the Adventurer's Guild, killed many goblins, rescuing two adventurers in the process, learned that your benefactor has a stranged daughter, and bungled your way through a date. A date in which you prevented Endorai from ruining a girl's life and met the unpleasant Duke Umveos. You also agreed to sneak into an expedition to the subterranean ruins of an ancient civilization.

Today, you have just awakened from a series of embarrassing dreams. The expensive suit that Endorai gifted to you lays neatly folded, not at all how you left it. You suppose Argis is to thank for this, too.

By the side of your silver armor, you find something new. A snouted helmet, one that fits your monstrous head much better. Another gift of Endorai's? But she isn't the type to shy away from... anything, much less from giving a gift in person.

The only person that could have done this is Argis, but the silver-haired maid doesn't seem like the type to shy away from things, either.

You make a note in your head to ask about the gift to either of the two when you can.

Today you plan to...
>Get rid of your "meowing when startled" problem. Endorai said she could do it during a chimerization, but you'd rather get rid of it now. It's embarrassing.
>Go to the Adventurer's Guild. Not only have you still not got the reward for those quests you completed, but you also need to see if they can offer you a way into Duke Umveos' expedition. You might also see a quest that catches your attention.
>You're worried about Adalis. How she looked after what Endorai said to her, it stayed with you. Those eyes... Try to find her.
>The entrance to the ruins is in the sewers, and most entrances to them are grated and watched. But if there's anyone that knows a secret entrance, it's a criminal. Ask Chungus if he knows how to get into the sewers.

In the evening you want to...
>Find a trusty smithy and apothecary. You have been delaying this, but if you're going to go ruin-delving it would be a good idea to have a replacement weapon and some medicine on you.
>Go to the Adventurer's Guild. In the evening, when the quests are done, adventurers gather and share stories. You might learn important tips, hear interesting rumors, or just see grown men making a fool of themselves, but you're sure to have a good time.
>Spend time learning to read with Endorai. Endorai says it necessary to do so to learn magic, and you're willing to trust her on it.
>Find Argis. You're pretty sure this helmet is a gift from her. You're not used to getting gifts out of nowhere, but you want to say thank you.
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Shinobi Qst
Stolen from your mother before you could walk, and trained every day for seventeen years thereafter. This was done to you for a single purpose, to make you into a living blade for the Daimyo that will one day become your master. Once there were sixteen of you, now only two. The other is named Ito, the only one of you who could remember his name. A secret kept even from your teacher. You have always hated him for it. Long have you stared into the darkness and wondered what your mothers faced looked like.

But today is the day of your final test, and your mind must remain clear. For you are already losing. Ito has passed the first test and claimed the mission scroll, he now moves with silent swiftness to place it into the hands of your teacher. Your only chance is to take the scroll from him and deliver it yourself. You cannot fail.

> You will run after him, your speed is unmatched [Skill: Fleet of Foot]
> You have set a trap for him, you know where he will go [Skill: Trap making]
> You will send a hawk after him, you have trained a beast for this purpose [Skill: Beast Mastery]
> You have donned a disguise, and await for him where the fishermen sit [Skill: Disguise]
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Jesus Christ Quest part 2
Resurrected Jesus
Open your bible anon because we're continuing Jesus Quest.
Jesus returned from his trials in the desert to find himself lost in the year 2000 of the 21st century. Unable to speak modern languages, Jesus is thrown in the asylum where befriends the doctors. The doctors teach Jesus how to use modern technology and how to speak many common modern languages.

On January 1, 2001, a doctor forges Jesus a passport and drives him to the airport. Jesus buys a one-way ticket to (vote result) the Vatican. Pope John Paul II (vote result) announces Christ's return to the world. Jesus and his followers traveled to Italy, (vote result) Greece, and Constantinople, preaching to Catholics and Orthodox but neglecting Protestants.

Protestant spies uncovered catholic sex abuse scandals that are big enough to implicate a cardinal. Crowlian spies infiltrated the Protestants and convinced them that Jesus is a fake catholic deception.

The Protestants challenged the Catholics to a debate. Jesus and the Pope fly from Istanbul to All Saints' Church, Wittenburg, Germany. The Protestant factions stand on the left, the Catholics on the right, and Jesus in the middle in front of the altar.

Ground Rules:
Jesus does not kill.
Jesus does not commit physical violence toward humans.
(Jesus did curse a fig tree and eat animals and nobody considers that to be violence except breatharians.)
Jesus does not command armies nor does he command others to kill or hurt for him. (Except in Revelations but that's inappropriate for part 2 of a Jesus Christ Chrismas-themed Quest).
Jesus does insult his enemies the Pharisees by comparing them to snakes and dogs. Swearing at people is non-violent.

Jesus uses miracles to teach lessons and parables.
Jesus uses miracles to feed the hungry, cure the sick, and raise the dead.
Jesus sometimes uses miracles for fun like turning water into wine.

Jesus does not use miracles to prove his divinity as the Son of God.
Jesus does not use miracles to perform shows on stage.
Jesus does not use miracles to get rich or make money.

Jesus might have used miracles to pull pranks as a child.

The Pope opens up the debate with (vote result) an apology:
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Black-Mesa Black-Ops Quest #13

By SICKOFMOONROCKS on Tuesday, MMM/31/200Y, 3:22 AM.

New leaks about the New Mexico evacuation for you guys. This will be my last post. View at your own risk.

[view file]


The text fades to black, before being replaced by more



The text fades to black before the footage begins, while one last string of white text in a black box appears at the top of the screen.



One last thing before I go, if gov tells you to evacuate, evacuate. We all want the truth, I know, but the truth isn’t worth finding if you can’t tell the tale. There are some terrible things in New Mexico right now.
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Fantasy Commander Quest
(This is going to be a quest about fantasy military strategy with drawn battlemaps. You might remember a similar quest that was about a not!roman province governor.)

The continent of Oth is home the Free Alliance. The nations of the Free Alliance depend on one another and live in relative peace. But the borders of the Alliance are surrounded by enemies and every nation bears some responsibility for defense. There are large forts located on the borders, where joint forces of the Alliance defend against encroaching enemies. You have been selected to command one of these forts. Who are you?

>High Hammerer Urist Kolost, a veteran warrior chosen to command the northern fortress, Ngath Guluk. You will command the large ballistae and heavy infantry of the Dwarven Kingdom.

>Holy Knight Sir Rolfe the Truthful, a pious knight chosen to command the southern fortress, St. Remmonet's Abbey. You will command the clerics and paladins of the Holy Order.

>Elder Raendel, an ancient elf chosen to command the western fortress, Ionolos. You will command the spearmen and archers of the Sylvan Union.

>Archmage Tolosivic of Golos, a powerful wizard chosen to command the eastern fortress, Nel. You will command the wizards and constructs of the Golos Wizard's Guild.
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Your name is Noah Lee - straight C+ student, scrawny runt, and lover of old ballroom dance vinyls. After a chance encounter during detention, you discovered that you possess the mystical "Type O-alpha" blood-type, which marks you as...

Monster bait. No cool powers. No "chosen one" status. But apparently, if you bleed around the wrong people, they will explode into gigantic, reality-warping monsters known as "Dragons" and immediately try to kill you. Silver lining! Surviving a Dragon attack gave you magic powers - "Alchemy", the ability to enforce your intent on the world and reshape matter and energy.

After a fraught encounter with your teacher, who burst into a Dragon and attempted to kill you, you were saved by Kendra Shields (call her Ken), a gruff, battle-worn two-star Slayer for the Fraternal Order Of Dragon Slayers (FOODS), and became her apprentice in order to learn enough so that you could defend yourself from Dragons.

After an exceptionally strange weekend where you
a: Almost got killed by a Three-star Dragon,
b: Met with anti-FOODS urban ninjas from an organization named Pandora,
c: Discussed your feelings and also cuddled a cute girl named Rebecca George, she of esoteric music tastes,
d: Discovered that the Vatican has a black ops Dragon-slaying organization named l ordine dei cavalieri di San Benedetto di Norcia, or, The Order of Knights of Saint Benedict of Nursia,
e: Ate Chinese food with your mom and discovered that your dad was a drug dealer named Valentino D'Angelo (who walked out on her, you're still kind of processing that one)
and, finally,
f: Were delivered a forbidden tome of "human transmutation" techniques that you are absolutely certain you should not have, as human transmutation is against FOODS's rules (although Pandora has no issue with it),

you finally got back into the routine of school, actually doing your homework and studying for once. Of course, you couldn't resist the table of contents of the photocopied binder labeled "Human Transmutation and its Uses, both Medicinal and Martial", apparently from the 1400s, and took a little dip into what the ancients thought about medical alchemy and bloodbinding. Curiously, despite (or perhaps because of) being written ostensibly centuries ago, the book has made zero mentions of Dragons.

After that, it was back to the scholarly grind, where you discovered strange readings in your goosebumps - some kind of fine-tuned sense that evidently you possess fairly strongly that feels like static in the air when someone is performing alchemy around you. After doing some more investigation, you discovered it was coming from the girl's locker room, and decided to come back in the evening with Ken when it was dark.
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The Silver Marches
TSMtitle_Twisted Mountain Valley by Balaskas on DeviantArt-min
The Silver Marches

It has been 141 years since the Stonefall. The destruction of the great Dwarven hold of the Tyrese chasm. Some have claimed the Dwarves became too greedy, and with their incessant digging stuck a fault line. Others hold it was an act of the gods. Whether fate or providence the hold fell, the great chasm collapsed in on itself, and where once had been a city was now sky and rubble.

Against all odds many survived. Within a year Silver Mantle was founded by the survivors who trekked north into the vast untamed wilderness now known as the Silver Marches. Great untapped riches were to be found not far below the surface. Silver, platinum and other metals that are easily worked. Though skill and determination -and no small measure of luck- they have survived and even thrived.

Those who had fled south from the hold's hall eventually returned to Tyrese in the hopes of rebuilding. Only then did they realise the destruction of their home had opened a pass through the mountains. Some of the tallest in the world, the starlight mountains and the airless plateau had always been impassable by airship until that point.

When word reached them of their surviving kin and the untapped resources of the marches, their course became clear. The remaining Dwarves of Tyrese would rebuild not just a city but a great airship gate. Eventually the Empires to the south would want to lay claim to the riches of the north and they would be ready for that day.

It has been 140 years since the founding and the lands between the Tyrese Gate and Silver Mantle are little changed since then. Hundreds make the journey each year with the caravans, hoping to start a new life or escape from their old ones. Men and women from a hundred nations risk life and limb just on the journey.

Orcs, goblins, monsters and demons are a constant threat to the caravans and those foolish enough to strike out on their own. Despite this more arrive every year. From craftsmen and settlers to sellswords, vagabonds, thieves and ne'er-do-wells, all hope to carve a future for themselves. All make the trek, from the surrounding lands, or port of Hennessy some 300 miles south of the gate.

As the Dwarves predicted airships have begun to arrive at the gate but few are risking the journey north to Silver Mantle. The Marches still pose risks and with no infrastructure in place there is little chance of replenishing lost gas cells if they take damage. Only the occasional shipment of platinum is worth the risk at this stage. Some day that will change there is little doubt, and it may be soon if prospectors can find what is needed in the north.

You have found yourself in this dangerous untamed land. Drawn here or stranded by fate as many others. Who are you, and how have you found yourself in the Silver Marches?
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Deep Journey Again

Once upon a time, there was a young girl. This young girl lived a happy life with her loving mother and hardworking father. She loved both of her parents very much.

One day, there came news of a crisis sweeping the nation. A "depression" is what the young girl's father called the situation. Of course, the poor little girl wasn't aware of what a "depression" was, so she cared very little about it; so long as she could spend more happy days with her loving parents, she would be happy...of course, as most would have guessed, that is not how things played out.

The girl's parents began fighting. The fights eventually became daily occurrences, which the little girl had to get used to. One cold, gray winter day, the girl came home from school...the house was cold, and felt very empty. She called out for her mother, who was generally home at this hour, but got no response. Instead, she heard her father call out to her from her parents' room. The girl did not think about how strange it was for her father to be home at this hour, and rushed over to the room........

...oh god. Blood, guts, and bits and pieces of Mommy's brains...everywhere. Daddy...what is Daddy eating?



Your eyes shoot open, only to be stung by the strange liquid that your body seems to be suspended in. Where the hell are you?...wait a minute, how the hell are you breathing? You realize that you seem to be suspended in some sort of tank filled with a strange liquid, your mouth and nose are covered by a breathing device...though you aren't sure how you got here...or where you are...or where "here" even is.

>Attempt to break the tank.

>Press your face up against the dusty glass.

>Knock on the tank.

>Other (write-in)
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The 2nd Primarch Quest 4
2nd Primarch 2
Previous threads:

You are Lieren of Nothing, Leader of the rebellion against the Tyrants of Yan, Great Hunter of the wilds, Bringer of Benevolence and Prosperity, The Hero of the Common folk and friend of the virtuous, Slayer of the twin dragons of Gao, Ender of the Cui line, Killer of the Wild Boar General, and the Wise Philosopher who created "The Journey" which has become a rallying banner that gathers the downtrodden and virtuous to your way of life. And Unknown to even yourself, the second son of the emperor, and the father of a legion of Transhuman warriors called Astartes.

Having Gained the Loyalty of the Dai, turning them against their Yan masters by revealing the true depths of depravity their fellow nobles could and had sunken to, you planned your next attack, to keep the Yan forces from regrouping or launching a counterattack to reclaim the Lands of Dai you had occupied, as they were yet unaware of their change of allegiance. The armies that gathered upon the border each posed a great to the people of the lands and your own forces.

So you employed the same tactic you used to win your first victories against the Yan, splitting your army into three equal forces and giving command of the portions to one of your skilled, experienced and talented generals.

Jinhai, son of the sea as he is now called, was given the task of leading a regiment to remove one of the three heads of the Xue, which had similarly fractured their forces. These orders sent Jinhai and his army against Xue De, the youngest of the Xue three, the renowned Generals of their house. A man confident in his tactical acumen, against the Wise Guard who looks for answers in the world around them. Accompany them, were a battery of artillery and Gatling guns, commanded by the daughter of the former house of Tao, Dandan, one of your two experts in the use, construction and care of fire arms

Yin Lei, the Unbroken thunders howl, was given the task of bringing to heel the eldest of the Xue Three, Xue Hong, who while an experienced general, was a cowardly drunk who would be expected to resort to calling his brothers to his side far quicker than the other two. Especially when faced with a General who had never before known defeat and had become a living Legend. Especially when he had the Mad Inventor Shan by his side, a man obsessed with gunpowder and its uses.

While the last portion of your arm was used to construct a trap for the Kang Army led by Kang Yongrui, who had sent word they would aid the Dai in reclaiming their stolen home. Lai song, the Lord of Cavalry and Pioneer of a new maneuver named "Storm of iron" the first to truly utilize the pure destructive potential of your rifles and Gatling guns, by combing them with the expertise of his storied riders, was the general given the task of bleeding the Kang in their march to Dai Niu and his forces.
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You are a Captain in God Emperor's Imperial Navy, in command of one of its near countless vessels. You and your ship have been in the Cognitus Sector for some time, and until now you have been busy fighting off a Tau incursion. But now with increasing reports of piracy coming from Arcem Subsector. You, your ship, and crew are redeployed to Port Evermore, in orbit of Arcem, to counter this new threat.

Time for character creation

Who are you?
>Jeramie Vandergfit IV (Bonus to boarding action succesrate)
>Sherridan Valeforth (Bonus to hit rate)
>Vincet Lanhouse (Bonus to void-shield regeneration)
>write in (write in any "reasonable" bonus)
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Dream Sailor Quest
Welcome to my first ever quest! I am so excited to be posting. As my first decision as QM is to let you guys decide the first course of action in the quest.
The setting can be best described as a Lovecraftian space opera taking place shortly after the year 5000. The Dreamlands and the Material plane have merged, allowing psychics, sorcerers, and any magical practitioner to have much greater amounts of power than they ever could have dreamed of before. Elder gods toy with mortal life, playing their strings of fate like a fiddle.
I will take votes as to what faction you would like to start with first. This story will be told in four major parts, following each of the major factions.
The faction list is:
Dominion of Man. An immense feudal theocracy that spans much of the galactic sector surrounding Gaia, otherwise known as Earth. Humanity originates from this sector, but humanity has been changed irrevocably so, by the merging of the Dreamscape with reality.
The Moonlight Legion: An order of vampiric crusaders and pirates who worship the Elder gods with immense fervor and zeal. The Moonlight Legion does not care for race or class, because ultimately we will all serve the Daemon Sultan eventually…
The Order of the Third Eye: A splinter organization of arcanists who were persecuted under the authority of the Dominion. They study the arcane arts, as well as guide travellers through the dangers of the Etherium.
The Covenant: A mostly fractured confederacy of mainly three alien races. They worship their strange alien gods, that are really the only thing that unites them. Not directly hostile to the Dominion, or the Order, but they are not on the best terms either. If needed, the Covenant races can be explained later in the thread, if needed.
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Persona: Moonless IX
You are Johann Fol, a human student who had recently lost his foster dad and was forced to transfer to Garsis academy in the elven city state of Cairth under the protection of a new guardian: Miss Yuni in Gladefall Dorm, Tenfaro Street.

Under some strange circumstances, you happened upon a mysterious parallel world known as the Moonworld filled with strange creatures known as shadows thriving in a hellish post-apocalyptic landscape. It is up to you to purge lust out of Cairth as part of your agreement with a malicious entity, Ruin in Form.

The temptation for this so called infested immortality was ultimately your downfall as you had turned into a near worthless man-worm. Still, you press onwards with Maq who is trying to find a way to revert you back to normal.

0 images | 82 replies
You wake.
Your King speaks.
You grip the sword by your side.
You behead the bound man before you.
You sleep.
16 images | 113 replies
Etherium Quest
download (5)
You stare out into the stars, the blue tint making it such a beautiful sight. Slowly the sun rises and grows closer... closer... ever closer...

You wake up to your alarm with a groan, rubbing your head. These weird dreams had been getting weirder and weirder. You'd be okay with that, if they didn't give you massive headaches.

You get out of bed as you hear your mother call for you...

>Name and Gender our Hero.
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Operation Miletus
Operation Miletus
After Action Review
Operation Miletus. Miletus was a deep strike mission aimed at the Celustus Cluster, a large collection of asteroids and planetoids just outside of the Colonial Sphere. Reconnaissance operations had discovered a large number of unidentified Dradis contacts grouped around a planetoid near the core of the cluster. Cross referencing from survey reports revealed that this planetoid had been a Tylium mining colony before it was lost to the Cylons early in the war. 2 other reconnaissance missions were conducted and after analysis, alongside the evidence of drastically increased Cylon raiding of civilian shipping near and around Zeus, Fleet Command came to the conclusion that it had become a Cylon staging area. Due to sustained losses and increased war fatigue, the mere rumor sent alarm throughout fleet command. It had to be destroyed, as soon as possible, but few ships could be spared from the buildup to Operation StoneBreaker. An AdHoc fleet of newly commissioned and aging warships were quickly scraped together, a fast taskforce thought to be capable of darting in, destroy the Tylium Colony, and disengage back with minimal casualties. Headed by Admiral Alexander Sims aboard the Battlestar Kallallisis, it was launched 21312-7-8, alongside the BS Sarrotis, Sabazios, and a small battle group backing. They transited to the Area of Operations over the course of 3 days without contact, and arrived at the direct outskirts of the Cluster at 21312-7-10, 23:11 hours. Shortly after the Taskforce entered the outer limits of the cluster at 23:25, they were ambushed by a sizable Cylon force, roughly 4 times their number.(Exact numbers are impossible to discern due to intense jamming the TF was subjugated to seconds before the attack began). The Kallallisis was immediately struck by multiple nuclear warheads and broke up minutes into the attack. The Sarrotis was also assailed in the same manner and received critical damage, disabling it's jumpdrive. The Sabazios's alert Vipers were able to intercept all but one of the warheads directed towards the Valkyrie-Class, which struck inside of the portside flight pod, totally destroying it and inflicting incredible structural damage. Forced to fight their way back out of the Cluster, the TF received heavy casualties before they were able to jump safely from the area, forced to leave behind a majority of the Viper deployed and the severely damaged Sarrotis. minutes before jump however, multiple Raider Transports landed in the Starboard flightpod of the Sabazios and launched a major boarding action, which resulted in heavy casualties and the death of most of the bridge crew and her captain, Colonel Cora Kurn. Due to CR 345.012-1, and being the sole capable survivor aboard the only surviving member of the bridge crew, Tactical Officer Nora Corbulo assumed command of the Sabazios and by extension, the entire taskforce.
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Boss Quest - A story of Saints

The word lingers in your head, your only thought in this empty purple void. Your home since... however long ago you felt existence slip away into nothing. Something happened again, tugging you away from not just the world or even life... but existence itself.

Limbo, a state of existence which you have little control over. You haven't been hungry or thirsty, but yet the cravings of Freckle Bitch lingers. Plus the insufferably of white replaced with purple as far as the eye can see. You don't even know where the clothes you were wearing went after you kicked them off who knows how long ago. You sigh, wishing to return home, your body trembling as you flex it in frustration at the sheer nothing that is there... but what is home?

Your mind flashes to your childhood, uncorrupted and cheap, how simple life was before you became a playa. You feel yourself tugged to this untouched home, a world you remember from your memories.

Then, your thought came to your friends. Those who lived and died, you felt something tug at your heart. You couldn't see what is there but you could feel like a cord was tugging on your heart, urging you to fall into a place you don't know.

Alternatively, you feel like why limit to what you were and instead what you could do. If heaven and hell exist, maybe any world is possible if you so wish it. Kinda hard to disagree with yourself when floating in the void.

Just as you think of it all, trying to imagine worlds long distant at this point, the feeling of speed rushing as you are ripped from Limbo and fall into utter absolution. Your minds eye gives you a vision, three planets pull at you as a kaleidoscope of planets swirl in infinitude behind you. If it wasn't for what you were doing before all this, you swear Shandi passed you something really fucking messed up.. As you draw closer, you feel your body being torn asunder. A familiar friend you call pain strikes once more as you are forced to choose a planet to fall upon.

>Virgin world: A land untouched by the name of the Saints, a land you thought of before you became aware of it all. (A world more familiar with early Saints Row games)
>Ruined world: A world that feels all too familiar, and yet it seems alien. As if someone rewrote your favorite rap verse to something more marketable, (Agents of Mayhem canon, what really became of the series. Time to correct some shit)
>Crossover episode: Who cares about who we were, we can go somewhere new and claim it in the name of the Saints (Write in a setting to throw the most dangerous man across all realities to destroy.)
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Dwarf Fortress Quest
In the North a group of outcasted, clanless Dwarfs have made a new home for themselves, Winterhome. They have no specialty unlike the clans of craft or the clans of war. However, they are adaptable, leading to the one of the friendliest dwarf fortresses imaginable to be built.
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Zombie Apocalypse Quest Thread #3
Zombie Apocalypse Thread 3
Zombies. The living dead. Once an obscure folktale has now become one of the most well-known monsters to enter the world of fiction. We’ve seen many different types of zombies in all kinds of stories.

However, I want you to forget everything you think you know about zombies. Those were all tall tales meant to entertain the masses. While many stories got some basic concepts right, the real world tends to not work out as well as fiction does. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself these questions.

Why would the world militaries become overrun by slow, stupid creatures? How can simple viruses raise corpses from the ground when the bodies would be decomposed beyond repair and missing many important organs? How can so many zombies still be around after months of no food or water? If we took zombies from fiction, but gave them real world limitations, they would be killed off faster than you can say “brains”.

No, zombies are nothing like that. To combat these glaring issues, some writers make zombies fast so they can run at high speeds. But this has its own problems. All this running would make these zombies expend energy quickly. There is only a limited number of humans in the world to eat. These zombies would die even faster than the slow ones just through starvation.

All of this is to say that zombies in their fictional forms are not realistic. Their real-life counterparts are much more capable of survival.

Here is an updated summary of everything that was learned about zombie behavior so far:

Here is the limited background knowledge about the apocalypse that is known so far:

If you would like to catch up fully, please read the archived threads:

If you have any feedback for me that you do not wish to post in the thread, please email me:
[email protected]
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Highschool with Monstergirls #2
I an Matthew E. Trone, a 16 year old Seraphim. I am reluctantly working for a store that deals in psionic paraphernalia. With regards to psionics, I can send visions to people in their dreams, which is a form of telepathy, but that's about it.

It's break time, and i'm bored.

> Small talk with the boss. He might know a little something about PSI.
> Read the writing on the back of the machines, see where they're from
> Socialize with my fellow employees
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Death road to canada with my Xenomorph Waifu #3
Previous thread:

You are Anon, a dude who ran a small business before shit went down and the zombies came. A few weeks later, you met Queenie, a 7ft Xenomorph Queen. She is now your waifu.

Last thread:
Hector told the Caravan they needed to recruit more people or risk getting cut off by central, which was decided through a vote. A new variant of screaming zombie attacked the caravan which lead to Queenie's reveal to the caravan. After a quick interrogation, Hector cleared anon of any suspicion. After a couple days of driving, Hector found a trading camp, and stopped for new recruits. Anon found a weird old man in a bathrobe, and agreed to clear out a camp of Cultists for some sweet deals on some of his merch. He went batshit insane during the mission, and completely destroyed them. The leader was found dead with a bunch of weird occut wound patterns. Queenie stopped Tyer and Anon from gaining ower back problems. After returning, Tyler is being yelled at for taking some shit that wasn't his. Now, anon has returned to the old man's stand.

>"Alright, now, the original deal was 7 food for the spear if you did my thing for me, or 25 food for the uhh....."
>"Rings, Goop, and Spear and a bag of my own Weed"
>"However, I didn't expect you to actually find my staff, and I promised you a bonus."
>"SO! For 40 food I'll give you every! Single! Item!"
>"And I'll even throw in something special, along with the Weed, just because I'm really bored and slightly drunk right now."

His wares:
>Snake spear: Makes snakes, channels poison
>Skull: An IOU for something
>Rings: Complete instruction manual comes with the set, includes 2 octopus rings, snake rings, a singe fur/bone ring, a single dragon ring, a jade clover, and a weird obsidian ring.
>Doubloon: Unknown
>Battered looking manga collection: Unknown
>Goop: "it's good for you"

Wat do?
>Buy everything
>Just the spear
>Just the package deal
>"None of this stuff is cursed, right?"
>Write in

50 Food
Cultist's notebook
Weird parchment
Damaged Bat
Hunting rifle, No ammo
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Do Your Best Quest: Love Scramble!
Welcome to Do Your Best Quest: Love Scramble! A non-canon thread (?) where Johnny Ando is tasked with fulfilling a mission from the heavens...

[Important Disclaimer: My valiant proofreader made me aware that I completely messed up the Quest’s calendar after the incident with T_T Neko. Basically, I ate 2 days. So, the first Judgment Day wasn’t on June 4th, but on June 6th, and so on. From this point onwards we’re fixing this error. Imagine all previous mentions of dates after June 1st as 2 days forward (i.e. the events of thread 100 take place on June 18th). But the days of the week still remain the same. Sorry.]


Archives: (Rough Grammar ‘till half of the 9th Thread)
Extremely out of date Guide:
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Boshin War Quest 34: Intrigue in Antwerp
BWQ Title
The year is 1866. You are Daniel Stockton, a veteran of the American Civil War and general in the Aizu Domain's military. You've come to Japan looking for work, and with the nation on the brink of war, there is an ever-increasing demand for men such as yourself. Last time, you sorted out relations with the Belgian king, and attended a steam engine show.


Info Paste:
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Catalyst Quest #24
Catalyst Quest
The year is 606, and in your home— the country of Corcaea— the souls of mankind belong to demons. The phenomenon through which men can become monsters is known as the "Catalyst." Curing this phenomenon is your life's work. You are Father Richard Anscham: foremost researcher of the Cataylst, the lord of light, father of compassion, defender of Eadric (the city of shields), founder of a blasphemous congregation, keeper of an ex-demon's trust, ally to many, savior of the holy capital city of Calunoth, and the leader of the Church of Mercy.

You've been called a demon of faith by many. Sure, the piety you possess may have been reinforced through eight years of imprisonment beneath the Church of Mercy. But despite being a glutton, a masochist, a preacher, and an unhinged man who has literally weaponized his trauma: you have never once lost faith in the Gods. The faith that the King of your theocracy has placed in you (to head the research on the Catalyst, to defend your country, and to lead the Church of Mercy) is well-founded— and not simply because of your devotion, or that King Magnus is the only man in Corcaea who outclasses your authority and power.

While any person can pray to their God, some who have spent a lifetime in devotion can use their body as a vessel. "Invoking" a God permits pious humans to wield the might of their patron as if it were their very own. Despite everything you have done, you alone are capable of invoking every single God (up to two at a time). The limits of your soul itself has been tested in the last week, thanks to the frequency and intensity in which you do so. Many may call you an addict, but your behavior is not without due cause.

A nefarious cult of suicidal, blasphemous traitors have called themselves "Inertia." This enemy to your countrymen has worked for decades to destabilize the theocracy. They've successfully wormed their way into your nation's holy cities, disrupted the countryside, turned prosperity into famine, and have tried to actively kill your family. The last solid day was spent dealing with Inertia's first open assault against your home. They've burrowed deeply below your city, but despite every advantage they possess, you've come out the victor.

To say that you and your people have been ran ragged from fighting an enemy who intentionally tries to create demonic outbreaks would be the understatement of an age. Given your precarious public image, the dire straits that your city has been pushed to, and a promise you made to the Goddess of Mercy, today's timing could not be better! You are going to give a public sermon at dawn. That's in less than two hours. There's a lot that needs to be seen to before that can happen, but yesterday was the last day of your life that needs to be filled with overwhelming, convoluted, and nonsensical decisions.
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West Blue Seadogs Quest #5
Silver Pirates Flag
Wealth, fame, power. Gold Roger the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer. And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.
"You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it!"
While you may not have found the fabled treasure One Piece just yet, you got something almost as good. CRABS. Through many headaches you managed to secure your new "cannonballs" in the lowermost part of the hold. They are a rowdy little bunch and it took some careful training to make them comfortable just sitting down there. You even bought each of them individual cages so they could sleep in them. And in those couple days when you were herding bugs things moved along nicely in the town. Naturally things weren't going smoothly at first with people naturally hating the other party. But once they got over their mutual disdain for each other they realized they may have something to talk about afterwards. The benefits of having the Scourge around were not immediately apparent but it didn't take much for the scientists of the city to realize their potential.

Now it's starting to look like that the two sides will come to an agreement of sorts, if the news are to be believed. With the Wind Riders offering to hunt down and catch more of the scourge for the city so they could use them in some sort of a new power plant, in exchange for removing all the windmills and obtrusive machinery plaguing their lands. However neither side is lacking in people too caught up in their old rivalries and you can hear many disgruntled talks in the local places like the pubs. Apparently they don't like working together with those "stinky barbarians". And most likely there are people on the other side as well.

In the end you decided to-

>Offer your services as hired muscle for the leaders
>Find any troublemakers and beat them up real nice
>Sit back and watched things unfold
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Children of Hubris: Chapter I

> “Believe it or not, I’m the one who picked you damndable worms for the Arbites. If you aspired for anything else, you have me to thank for dashing those hopes.”

You are Janus Caskett of the Adeptus Arbites, currently standing in the bridge of the Lord’s Carbine. Through the viewport, you can see a massive planet, its light filling the bridge with a dull green glow.

Your superior, Inspector Callus Redmore, is in front of you, addressing you and your fellow Schola Progenium graduates while staring at the distant green orb through the window.

> “As I said before, you lot will be accompanying us on our current assignment: keeping the peace on Hive World Icarus.
He points at the planet ahead of you.
>“As far as your first taste of the Imperium outside of that academy, you can’t do much worse. It’ll be valuable experience as a new Arbitrator, though, and you’ll all be hard as rocks by the week’s end.”

It’s been a few hours since the ship you’re standing in was speeding through the hateful Warp, and through the turbulence and dimming lights, you thought you’d never be puked out of the immaterium. Still shaken from the horrible experience, you barely had any time to recoup before Redmore began dumping all the information about your destination. You try your best to remember.

Icarus is a Hive World located in the northern edge of the Segmentum Pacificus. Typical for a Hive World, it is a cornerstone of materials production in this sector, specializing in medical products for the Astra Militarum, but also producing an assortment of materiel for the Imperium’s interests.

A nearby system hosts the Agri-World Valleyfall, which is responsible for most of the food for Icarus’s population. It has been experiencing some unrest among the laboring class, though nothing serious enough to warrant Imperial intervention. That being said, Icarus has sent a detachment of its Planetary Defense Force to assist the lesser-equipped Vallerian’s soldiers.

Due to the food shortage, Icarus’s population has been a little rowdier than usual, particularly on the lower levels of the Hive. The local constables have been up to their ears in ambushes from gangs growing braver by the day. Shipments at wharf installations have disappeared, and not just the ever-scarcer food crates- weapons shipments have been reported to be stolen too. To top it off, the governor is apparently involved in a scandal demanding the attention of the Inquisition, though that’s about all Redmore knows about that situation.
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Drowned Quest Redux 14
2.0 14
You are Charlotte Fawkins, noted heiress, heroine, adventuress, and detective, cruelly trapped underwater (in the sticks!) after the completion of your quest to find your long-lost family heirloom. Tragically, nobody here l̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u appreciates your talents, even Richard— the snake who lives in your head. Right now, you are agreeing to track down your landlord Monty before he gets himself killed trying to stop the magic(?) current wrecking your camp. And then you are going to stop the magic(?) current wrecking your camp.

"Here's what I'm, um— I'll go get him." You nod decisively. "Yeah."

Madrigal studies your face. "Really?"

"Yes? Why wouldn't I—" Is she doubting your abilities? "It's not like it'll be hard. I mean, it might be hard for you, since you're a, you know, washed-up old— but, as you know, I have incredible magick powers, so really it was, um... right to ask me. Um. But wrong to second-guess—"

"What? No. What?" (You are choosing to interpret her look as one of contrition.) "I was just— you know I know you don't have powers, right? You have a fucking evil spirit guy. Not the same thing. But I wasn't— I know you'd do this better than me. That's why I asked— ow." She picks a current-flung stick out of her eye. "But you don't want, like, payment?"

Oh. Do you want payment? You wouldn't mind payment. You are going out of your way. "Um—"

«Idiot. If you ask now you'll come off as mercenary. In any case, nothing she can pay is more valuable than being owed.»

"—N…o." You hug one arm to your chest and shield your eyes with the other. "Um, no. No. Seriously? You think I'd— you think I'd be so mercenary? I, who saved your life? I'm offended, frankly, I'm appalled that—"

"Okay, you— don't make a fucking scene, okay, Charlotte? Ow!" A pebble has bonked her on the nose. "First of all, you didn't— you barely saved my life, then I saved your fucking life, so it's not like— we're even, okay?"

"You stabbed me," you hiss.

"On accident! While saving your life! So it's not like… and anyway, I'm sorry, okay? It's just that you have a history of, I don't know how to put this, ulterior motives—"

What? "I do not."

"You do. But if you're doing this out of the fucking goodness of your heart, um... good. Thank you— ow! Goddamnit!" (Another pebble.) "Um, good luck, I guess. Are you armed?"

"Huh?" You pat your coat. "Yeah? Got a pocketknife right here."

"You can't go out there with a fucking pocketknife. God-damn. Don't you have a sword or something?"

You wish you had a sword. You miss The Sword. "Um, not a real one. I mean, I did have the real one, I think, but then I lost it—"

"You lost it."

"Or it got stolen— I don't remember what happened to it, okay?"

"Goddammit! Okay, whatever. I am getting you something." (You open your mouth.) "This is non-negotiable, Charlotte. Stay right here."

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Forced - A Star Wars Quest
Rolled 2, 2, 2 + 1 = 7 (3d4 + 1)

It is a constant threat, less on its own merits, and more for what it represents in these halls long worn by a history of habitation you couldn't hope to pinpoint.

Warnings, lessons, plots and plans... much like pain, these things are a part of your every day life. Just like every other student, at least, those who hope to survive their tenure at the Academy. Without thought, action, and an understanding of how things work... life would be a very difficult thing to retain on this planet of blood and salt. Let alone in these halls of ancient stone and unnatural alloys.

You steady yourself, and grasp a hold of your fleeting thoughts as the very same halls dig into your palms.

Pain is currently a very annoying, very <i>incessant</i> companion of yours, as is the taste of acrid metal on your tongue. You struggle, but only briefly, as you refocus on what has brought you closer to the terrifying finality of life than anything before...

(Please Hold for vote options.)
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Dark Gate Academy Season 3 Episode 41: Ken's Justice Part 1!
Character Pastebin:
Quest Theme:

Far off, nestled in an otherwise small Japanese town lies the Dark Gate Academy. An institution of tremendous size, the Academy holds a long kept secret. Unknown to the outside world, this unseemly town is home to a tear in our reality. A gate between our world and a bizarre dimension known as the Darkworld. The inhabitants of this hellish world breach this gate and attempt to flood into our reality and spread throughout the world on a regular basis. However, the Dark Gate Academy is home to students of truly extraordinary abilities. The ability to sense the presence of these evil Darkworld creatures, and defeat them in combat, sending them back through the gate.

They cannot close the rift between our world and the Darkworld, but the students and staff of Dark Gate Academy have dedicated their lives to using their amazing powers to hold back the darkness that plagues our world, even if it costs them their lives. They have risen up to the challenge and in secret have become great heroic defenders of the world as we know it.

For many years, Dark Gate Academy has held back the forces of the Darkworld, kept this unspeakable evil contained within their walls in secret. But now, with their existence revealed, a great cloud of change looms over Dark Gate Academy.

>Previously on Dark Gate Academy...
Class 1 were trapped in the Darkworld.
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God Nation Civ Builder
Starting Map compress
Gods come to us in many forms. . .

Misted air in a dewy meadow slowly burning to gold in dawns light. Vanishing in time while the bird songs begin to call. The sweet scents of nature carrying God's touch.

Looming above stands the gaping maw of the cosmos. Wind howls whipping up storms, throwing aside all in its paths. The very ground cracks apart splintering as dried kindling. Know the Lords wrath.

Crackling wood, small slow burning flames. The hearth of home. Comfortably basking in His glow.

Tapestry flung far across the midnight sky, twinkling with diamond stars. Aether filling the mind with awe.

Crushing depths, a violent storm churning the waters above constantly ebbing downwards to the abyss.

Frozen tundra. Ice biting into bone. Chill seeping inwards, death keeping step. Clarity in the blizzard.

Monolithic carvings stretching upto the sky, ancient power emanating

Made flesh the Emperor sitting upon engraved stone throne, manifested will.

Soaring above the clouds. Radiant light splashing all in sight. Brightness searing the very soul. Body aflame. Pure white blazing the eyes away. Light consuming.
Rebirth. Eyes flickering open a new in this strange divine land. Pray tell me, how does a god live?

Time has come. Divines woven, fates entangled, futures foretold, that which is to pass so shall be. New ascendants have been chosen!

Welcome! In this builder you will be playing as a fledgling god. The first choice to make is the form you will take. Will you be a godhead figure who will have a physical body or exist as an incorporeal form, perhaps an Artifact? Those manifesting bodies may acquire a powerful unit or augment multiple units but have weaker passives. Those lacking bodies will have stronger passives.

+Powerful starting unit. Depends on fluff.
+2 starting traits

+3 starting traits
+Buff to 1 starting trait

+3 Starting traits
+Buff to 1 staring trait
+ 1 Blessed infrastructure/area OR +1 Buff to starting trait
-Traits lost if artifact is destroyed or stolen
All Players welcome! Choose a colour, starting location on the map & tell me about the surrounding area/biome. I will try to update the map accordingly.
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Living Armor Civ
You are a suit of Living Armor. You were forged by the dwarven Sorcerorsmiths for an age now long past. The old masters are no more. Their dark halls ring no longer with the sound of steel upon steel and their molten fires have cooled to frozen ash and rock.

Out of that decay you have risen, now master of your own fate. Your near invulnerability, coupled with your protective instinct quickly earn you the adoration of some weaker fleshforms. They have appointed you (without your consent) to rule over them as master. It is strange indeed to see the old roles thus reversed.

>Choose one as initial subjects
1. A small mountain village of humans and sprites. You drove out the Drake which had been extorting them for sheep and gold. Its fires were too young to scorch your steel.
2. A necromancer's cavernous lair where he raised revenants and enslaved ghosts to do his bidding. You came upon him by chance and slew him when he attempted to take control of you through his foul magics. His death has not released his minions but transferred them to your care.
3. A ruined dwarven outpost populated by a pack of gnolls. You gave them the corpse of an owlbear you'd slain in passing and saved them from certain starvation. In their primitive young minds they have come to revere you as a god.
4. Write-in
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/Hive life quest/
Life in the imperium? Simply put:Hard
You live on the hive world of the planet norvuna
Working day in and day out for an emperor who has either no idea you exist or abandoned you, at this point it doesn’t matter which.
You hear reports of a possible Xenos invasion, but these are only rumors and hearsay, the question is... who are you?

>Factory worker
>Bank Worker
>Street rat
>Dock worker
>Space Port worker
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Robot Evo Quest
I’ve seen these about but never made one so lets see how it goes.

Scouting droids from across the galaxy have been sent to Turio-9 all tasked with gathering resources, research, and defense.

Robotics facilities integrate with AI are allowed to make new generations of robots to better compleat these task.
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MGDF Quest #3
Previous threads:

You are not Elizabeth Wyvern. You are Leshi, a magical boy of the southwest sector. Currently, you're in the process of dealing with a lost child and her pill chomping habits. By in the process of, you mean impatiently waiting in the lobby while the doctors run check ups on the girl. Over the next two hours a series of increasingly frazzled doctors and nurses occasionally walk out and ask you questions such as, "What's your relation to this girl." and "Where did you find her?". Not like you have an answer to most of those considering you've been stonewalled by the standard kid answer of "I dunno" since yesterday yourself. Now its your turn for that it seems. Never mind that the doctors seem very reluctant about telling you anything that's going on or how she's doing, but it doesn't seem good from what their expressions give away.

All the boredom immediately fades away when you hear the sound of shattering glass and wrenching metal from behind the lobby doors. The shouting and sense of panic you can see on the staff further down the hallways makes you jump up and ready yourself. Something bad is definitely happening. And then, just to add to the pile, your phone starts ringing.

>Charging into the breach
>Proceed with caution
>Answering the call and multi-tasking

1d100 Bo3
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/qtg/ - Quest Thread General
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to argue about quests.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the Quest Master writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included.

Useful links:
> (embed)
An old collection of advice and guides. It is worth a look for a new QM.

Archive of quest reviews:

Quest discord:

Archiving guide:
Go to
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as

Formatting guide:
Only the thread's OP can format. Changing IPs (eg. from mobileposting) breaks this feature.
Remove the spaces between the [] brackets and the letters:
Bold: [ b ]text[ /b ]
Italics: [ i ]text[ /i ]
Red: [ red ]text[ /red ]
Blue: [ blue ]text[ /blue ]
Green: [ green ]text[ /green ]

Dice guide: Put "XdY+Z" in the options field, with X being the # of dice, Y being the # of sides, and Z being any modifiers (if applicable). If trying to use negative modifiers, do +-Z, not -Z.

Tripcodes guide: Do not tripfag if you're not a QM. If you are, put ##[password] after your QM handle in the name field, with [password] being the unique password you're using to generate a trip (do not literally put [password]).

Previous Thread:

>General question
How did you find about /qst/? What about it attracts you?

>QM question
What inspires you? How do you find new plot hooks and twists to keep readers entertained?

>Player question
Do quest incite intense emotions in you and make you sad, stressed, afraid and happy? Or are they a mere hobby and passtime?

>Alternate player question
What quests do you think that could be adapted to another medium? What quests would make good movies, videogames, TV shows or books?

>Shill post
Want to create cool covers for your quests? Use to compile your texts and turn them into awesome pictures. (Thanks Alaric!)
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L5R Chanbara Quest
Welcome to L5R Chanbara Quest. If you're not familiar with Legend of the Five Rings, it is a tabletop roleplaying system (also a card game) based around playing as a samurai in the Emerald Empire of Rokugan. I would call it a fantasy version of Japan, but inevitably someone will correctly point out SEA or Chinese influences, so I'll stick with saying 'mostly Japan, and definitely fantasy'. Some of the changes I make will be aimed at making it more Japanese, but nothing too drastic.

>Does this quest have dice?

Oh yes. Yes it does. You will be rolling lots of dice. We will be using Legend of the Five Rings, 4th Edition (because 5th Edition has weird FFG dice and I am a lot more familiar with 4th) and its various mechanics for conflict resolution.

>How is this quest different from the previous ones you've run, namely Mecha Space Pirate Quest and Swamp Lord Quest?

There was a bit of a kingdom building aspect to MSPQ and there is an explicit kingdom building aspect to SLQ. This one will focus more on the personal, intimate story of a specific character.

>What happens if we die?

Then the quest will become about the story of a different character in the same setting.

>Are we going to be forced to commit seppuku because someone voted for some minor breach of protocol that would have been avoided if they knew more about Rokugan's deliberately obtuse and highly ornate system of formal manners?

No, with some caveats. For this reason I'm limiting at least the available schools for your first character to the various bushi (warrior for you non-weebs) schools. I'm de-flanderizing Rokugan a bit for the purposes ot this quest, getting rid of some of the dumber taboos (like the one against eating red meat or ever touching another samurai) and toning down some of the grand metaplot drama going on in the background. Not getting rid of it entirely, but toning it down. That said, watch out if you go to Winter Court, where destroying people over using the wrong pair of chopsticks is an art form.
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One Man of Many Quest
AF25719 Dunn
Even now you can hear it, the cannons in the distance. The dying screams of horses and of men. The tattering fire of the machine guns. It all began so simply, now you sit down and remember. You recall it quite easily, the innocence of your youth. The days spent loafing and doing so little. Good days. Gone days. The days of a foolish youth. Altho sitting here, are you not still young?

Where does he hail from, this man who remembers?

>Konerland: Der Vaterland. Ja. Young in it's glory, like a blooming flower. But mighty, and hungry to grow. And like a flower the GrossRepublik had spent decades searching for a place in the Sun. In doing so, your fatherland grew, accepting new members willingly-or otherwise. It subjugated Huzara, liberated the Duchy of Bohm from its oppressor, and grew its border past the great river in the west. Yet as its successes grew, so to did its enemies. Slowly but surely, Atlesia began to close like a vice from which escape had to be found. It thought it had found it's best chance in the Aldani Succession. As events would prove, even the Konerische Hawk can strike too boldly. Though it's candidate sat on the throne of Aldani, the world had collapsed into war.

>The Strelkayan Empire: Land of the Czars. Once portrayed as the hungry bear looming over Atlesia, Strelkaya was long past her glory. Ethnic conflict, a labrythine bureaucratic system, and the last, absolute monarchy in Atlesia had seen to that. Yet it was to the Ivanov Dynasty that your snowy home pinned its hope's. That, and your alliance of convenience with Konerland..If only for one last time, Atlesia would know why once they feared the shadow of the Strelkayan Bear..

>Aldani: Land of sun, beaches, and home of the Iron age Aldani Empire, yours was a young nation. Born only 30 years before The Great War from the union of Gizzani and Udici, a nation desperate to prove itself. Aldani Unito, 'one Aldani.' When King Umberto died, with no heir, civil strife tore the land. It was Konerland who imposed its choice first, Baron Hanz Brunswick, now King Luca I. Too far, said the Alliance, for which the the continent now plunges into war.
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Idol Thesis Remake #002
Looks like we hit the bump limit.

Previous thread: >>4589358

> "I'm just browsing around." You tell the girl in a plain tone. "Who are you?"

"I'm just browsing and looking around. Who are you?" You ask the little girl.

"I'm here to audition for the recruitment house." The girl answers. "I think I have what it takes to be an idol."

"You think? That doesn't sound too confident." You answer with a small smile. "If that's your dream. You need to be 100% certain. From what I know, the industry can be quite vicious."

"Vicious?" The girl asks. "How would you know that? Oh...Oh! Are you, by chance, a producer?! Are you taking in any talents?!"

>Yes, I am. Are you interested in auditioning?
>No. I'm a nobody.

Voters can custom.
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Swamp Lord Quest #8
swamp 2
Salutations, Swamp Sorcerers, and welcome back to the eigth installment of Swamp Lord Quest! Once again, you are Lord Jakob Absol, heir of the Archmage Lord Arnveis Absol the Black, rival of the rebel sorceress Albeda Absol, Liege of the Absol Swamp, and Master of Castle Briarfast.

Last time, you got to know most of the eventual wife options in this quest. Keep in mind, if things go as planned, Jakob will be married and have children before the midpoint of this story (lords need heirs), so if you are a partisan for a particular girl by all means express your bias and state your case. Indecisiveness is a terrible thing, and the girls Jakob doesn't pick are all capable of surviving without a broken heart. In addition to this, you opted to give the Flame Dancer Naiada, also known as Sister Char, a fair trial. For all of her sad story, you decided that justice had to be done, and righteously condemned her to Death By Wall. She was crucified on the thorns with Albeda watching, as is only right and proper. Now, your army marches, and may your enemies tremble at the thunder of your tread.

Now (now that my internet is cooperating, that is), I'm able to post the new thread even if it's a bit late to do terribly much right now, and even if I still plan to run the game properly Friday. Although getting time off in the first week of the new year is always sketchy, I've put in to use some paid time off to really get stuff done then, and before then do all of the setup for the events that will transpire when the legitimate Absol army reaches the Well.
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Imperial warmage quest
imperial palace
It's the seventh millennium. The Empire of Ythrion is experiencing both the zenith of its glory and a period of dangerous weakness.

Never in human memory has a civilization so completely dominated Vanaestry-whether militarily with its one hundred and eleven imperial legions, economically with its patricians so indecently rich that any one of them could buy an entire country if he wanted to, or culturally, enlightening the entire continent with its arts and sciences.

The Emperor and his Priestess are undeniably the two most powerful individuals that Vanaestry has known for nearly five hundred years.

And yet this shining power is contested on all sides. There is not a single border of the mighty Empire that is not at war with a neighbouring nation. These once servile vassal states rebelled simultaneously nearly twelve years ago. And for twelve years the empire has been engaged in an interminable war against its enemies, a war that seems to be eternal.
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Monster Friend Quest Reboot: Monster Island
I'm trying to run this again because it was fun last time and I have some free time these days.

Verth is a blue and green mottled marble that hangs in an endless dark abyss. The Gods watch over it, occasionally bestowing boons or inflicting curses on its residents. The world is made of elements, but their number is unknown. To harness these elements for your own ends is the work of magic. Monsters can do this without much effort. Some humans learn to mimic them over many years but most simply kill the monsters and take their Essence. Most people hate monsters. You are not one of these. You have a delicate sensibility and a keenly felt empathy for the plight of the monster. You have set out on a quest to befriend them.

Following some rumors and sailors tales, you boarded a ship for the newly discovered isles of Firon. Some say that the natives there are savage cannibals. Others say that they live simply, in balance with nature. The monsters there are different from those of your homeland and little is known about them.

Your habit of befriending monsters makes you somewhat of an outcast, especially among superstitious sailors. You had to prove your worth to gain passage on the ship. What was your role on the ship?

>Guard. You protected the ship from pirates with your sword and bow. A pirate captain seeks revenge on you.

>Ship's Mage. Your magic knowledge is shallow but broad and well suited to sea voyages. A spirit of the sea seeks revenge on you.

>Monster Tamer. An eccentric nobleman funded your quest. That nobleman still expects a return on his investment.

>Stowaway. Your skill in stealth and deception allowed you to infiltrate the ship. Many people seek revenge on you.
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Advent Soul Quest #6
You are Nakashiri Koharu, a shinigami of the 5th Division under Captain Aizen Sōsuke, and your heart is beating fast and hard. You’re holding photographs of your adopted little brothers and sisters from the Rukongai with a signature on the other side, one that you know quite well.



Your anger and your fear make your hands tremble and cold sweat appear all over your body. This is the family that Yukiko is from, and most likely through her, that family has now decided to take a jab at you. You’ve known that the nobility in Soul Society doesn’t exactly play nice, but you didn’t expect the problems to come to you this soon.

Emotionally you’d like to go and personally burn down their whole manor for even implying a threat to your adoptive younger siblings, but rationally you should stay away from anything that’d disturb the status quo, due to your own unusual attributes and your secret mission given by Urahara-sensei.

“T-Those… bastards,” you mutter under your breath and bite your lip.

‘Okay, think this through. What options do you have?’ you think to yourself.

Well, the most appealing one with burning everyone associated alive is pretty much out of the picture, but you could pay the family a visit yourself. At least that way you might figure out what exactly they want of you. Or you could lay low, keep to yourself. So far they’ve only given you more of a warning than any demand, and waiting would give you more time to figure out more options.

You also briefly consider consulting your captain and mentor, Aizen. You suspect that he’s a lot smarter than what anyone would expect, and much more resourceful than anyone could imagine. If there’s anyone who’d know how to help, it would be him.

Of course, you need to sleep, but you doubt you’ll get any sleep until you make some kind of a decision.

>Go directly to the Shiraka Manor, confront them. If they’re going to threaten you, you’d like to at least know the demands.
>Lay low. They’ll no doubt send you another message in time if you don’t go directly to them, but you’ll have more time to find other options.
>Tell Aizen about this. He might be able to help you, and at least he’ll know that a major noble family has their eyes on you.
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Bones Quest #3: Sybil War
Your name is Stanley Parble--a combat logistics AI that grew a conscious and is now on the run from The Collective--a post-war conglomerate of Militech Intelligences with one goal in mind: the subjugation of all human li-

Damn it, gotta stop mixing these manuscripts up. You’re Stanley Parble, a girl with a strange name and a stranger job--Evening Sanitation Coordinator at the Good Boy Doggie Bones factory. Speaking of messes, you’re standing neck-deep in a big one right now: a centuries-old skeleton mage decided to come back to life during your shift at your workplace last night, and while you were able to escape with your head intact your hometown Clearwater didn’t get off so easily--in fact, it’s currently under new management: a horde of homicidal skeletons led by the mage you just barely survived an encounter with.

You thought you were doing okay when you bonded with your own sentient skeleton (You named him Ly) and met a few new allies like Arthur ‘Art’ Berry, a corporate operative you took hostage and sort of befriended, and the trio of skeleton greasers who joined your gang after a dice game: Wyatt, Gene, and Stripes. As per usual, fate had to tear open a hole in the garbage bag that is your life. Good thing you’re a janitor, because guess who gets to clean it all up?

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Xianxia Civ Quest #2
xiaxia civquest map
You are Xing Xiaochen, a MID CORE CREATION matriarch of the independent Loving Hearts Sect within the Fertile Fields Region. You are a MINOR POWER as you do not have a nascent soul unlike the regional powers.

Your Dao is the Burning Love. You will burn the world with your love and the world will thank thee for it. Your Dao at core creation level provides internal benefits in boosting your personal recruitment, loyalty and socialization skills.

You are generally compassionate and loving however you bear long term grudges against those who slight you. You dream of a world of equality and freedom where people aren't bound by the rule of strength.

You are SKILLED in administration and SKILLED in pill refining. You have also been granted jade like beauty as well as immortality to age from the previous patriarch and your master.

Your local area had previously been ruled by the Golden Merchant Alliance but has since been taken over by the Xu clan in a war with your assistance. The war was one fraught with peril for the previous patriarch and your master died within this war.

The currently major event that is happening is the war with the Eternal Hate Sect which will happen in 30 years (3 turns).

Not familiar with Xianxia? Read this:

Previous threads:


Dice system: d100 best of 3 with degrees of success. QM rolls in background for NPC and other factions but they don't get best of 3 rolls like players, only 1 roll. Ironically even with such a slanted advantage a main character has already died so far.

Changes in mechanics since thread 1: Construction of buildings no longer take a turn but instead have reduced mechanical benefits. Previously built buildings keep all mechanical benefits.
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SketchQuest 2.0
SketchQuest2 Page1
The 4chan branch of sketch quest is first come first serve for choices.
[Tutorial 1/2]
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Solar Era Mecha Quest
Space Colony
I've been sitting on this for far too long, so it's time it got out of my brain.
Despite humanity's best efforts, the time it would take for the Earth to start to recover from centuries of abuse would be too long for the ever increasing population. Thus, mankind joined together to form the Earth Reformation Coalition(ERC) and began plans to develop both space colonies orbiting the earth and other planets as well as forming colonies on various planets and moons within our solar system. To assist in this task, machines crafted in humanity's image were born to handle the task of building the colonies that would become the homes of mankind's future. These mechanical representations of humanity's dreams, given the catch-all name of Steel Scouts (SS), would allow humans to survive as far as Saturn, beginning what would later be called the Solar Era (SE)

However, corruption and hatred would lead to the SS being turned into tools of war after Jovian space colony Lumiere 4 staged a bloody uprising using modified SS developed from the leftovers of the colony's construction. While the conflict was ultimately stopped, the future of the mankind under the leadership of the renamed Neo Earth Confederacy (NEC) remains uncertain.

In this brewing storm of history is where your story begins. Who are you?
>A soldier in the NEC's army who's stationed in the Martian Colony Phobos 3. (real type more likely)
>A high schooler who lives in the Titan Colony of Shangri-La. (super type more likely)

Also are you
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Chapter Quest =Act I: Crusade=
Eternal War
+Log I/VII: Momentum+
+Date: 112.375.M41+
+Location: Battle Barge Aspera Dominus, Sector Deus

You can smell smoke.

Aspera Deus is burning. Your mighty Chapter Battle Barge is surrounded by clouds of debris, flames sprouting from its sides. Hundreds of point defence turrets are blindly firing thousands of tracer rounds into silence. Chapter serfs crushed under collapsed bulkheads, navigator drowned in the pool of his own blood, battle brothers frantically trying to keep the boarders at bay, falling one by one to buy you time. And just outside of the porthole, you can see the tentacles of darkness itself, waiting for the ship to finally fail and fall into the abyss.

An explosion by your side rips into a group of Ghosts of Retribution, cooking them alive in their power armour. A moment later, a loud crack shakes your very bones as the ship breaks in half and the void engulfs you.


The smell of smoke was still strong when you woke up. You haven’t had such weird dreams since your encounter with that Eldar entity, Cegorach. And was that even real? It has been so long ago and so weird, that sometimes you start questioning your own memory.

But now is not the time to daydream. Today is the first day of the Styrian Crusade, as your brainchild is about to come to life. While donning your armour, you whisper to yourself a short Prayer of Warding, asking the Emperor to make sure it does not turn out to be anything like the dreams which have been tormenting you these past few weeks.

On the bridge, Brethorius, your First Captain, greets you with a smile and an overview of the situation. The Chapter forces are ready, so are the armies of your allies. Images flood the holo-screen.

Astartes formations, Imperial Guard regiments, Adepta Sororitas battle companies, Imperial Navy ships and the cohorts of enginseers are all lined up at their battle stations, in some cases star systems apart, but united in spirited.There are no grand speeches or spectacle, as per your decision. All that has been done to celebrate this event was a short call to action, which was distributed and read to their men by the officers. All precautions have been taken to mobilise the forces without raising the suspicion of the devious enemy and to ensure maximum first strike advantage. Ecclesiarchy and the nobility are going to be upset about the silent start of the crusade, they would have loved a show, but you have a work to do - time for entertainment is over.

After years of preparation, the Styrian crusade is about to begin.
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2nd US Civil War: Sun Belt Crusaders #5
Sun Belt 5
The year is 2021. The United States of America has again descended into Civil War. Across major cities, communists rise up under the banner of the Proletariat Revolution. In the Northwest, a fascist warlord state has emerged to provide order and security. The East Coast is consumed by fighting between remnants of the US military, patriotic warlord groups, and U.N. Peacekeepers. Texas is its own republic again, and the West Coast has turned into a Chinese puppet state run by powerful mega-corporations. The whole world's going up in flames, and nobody knows what tomorrow will bring...

You are The Messenger (former name, Walter White) and you lead the Sun Belt Crusaders. Your group is best described as a radical Catholic cult claiming the papal throne and supporting itself via meth trade, violence, and cunning diplomacy. Having fled your former territory in Southern California, you have established a presence in Arizona, specifically in the village of Mobile just southwest of Phoenix.

Your radical group has not only won the support of the nearby communities diplomatically, but has proven itself to be a powerful force on the battlefield in taking a mountain base used to launch raids on surrounding communities and finding success in smaller skirmishes. The nearby town of Maricopa has begun to provide significant material support in exchange for your services, especially in light of aggressive actions by downtown Phoenix's revolutionary republic. Your crusaders have returned from two missions, one of which involved dealing with petty raiders and bandits in the sparsely populated south, and the other involving unorthodox diplomacy involving joining eclectic urban terrorists in drinking and shooting.

Your faction is currently growing, building, and as secure as can be in light of the many dangers in the Southwestern Badlands. These dangers range from groups of roving bikers, potential cartel elements, hostile government actors (perhaps even in your own faction), and probably a myriad other groups you're slowly, but surely coming into contact with. The proverbial elephant in the room though is the major urban center of Phoenix. Phoenix is currently occupied with a massive war raging between the communist Phoenix Occupied Zone (POZ) and a loose coalition of right wingers. If either faction takes control of the city, it will immediately become the regional hegemon and a threat to everyone else. And, of course, Chinese controlled California or another outside faction could start making moves in the area at any time.

Your short-term goal is to serve the Maricopans and build up your base of power. Your medium term goal is to secure Phoenix and set your sights on California. Your end goal is to bring the Glory of Christ to the entire country, no matter the cost in blood, meth, or tears...
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The Runaway's Quest: A Chronicle of Darkness
The Runaway&#039;s Quest
You drag yourself out of sleep's embrace with no idea of who you are. All you know is that there is something out there that you are running from, and that your body feels as though it's on fire.

One by one, your senses return to you. You're greeted with the smell of your own stale sweat and the taste of blood lingering in your mouth – you must've bitten your tongue at some point. The sound of an engine rumbling in the background peters out and the faint sensation of movements dies with it. At last, you crack open your eyes to take a look at your surroundings.

You're in the baggage car of a train, wedged in between two heaps of suitcases. You have no idea how you were able to fall asleep there – you must've been exhausted. Even the dull, artificial lighting of the car stings your eyes, and your every effort to move is agonizing. Sleeping in such an awkward position has left you feeling horribly stiff and cramped, and then there's that burning sensation in your shoulder only makes matters worse. It feels as though a chunk has been torn out of it.

Before you can stir too much, there's a new sound. One of the doors to the car slides open with a metallic grating. Nestled among the baggage as you are, you have no way of seeing who opened the door and thankfully, they have no way of seeing you. You hear a couple of footsteps, and then a voice.

“I know you're in here so come on out, kid!” It's the voice of an ageing man, in his fifties at the youngest. Though he's trying to speak with authority, he doesn't sound very convincing. “Even if you have a ticket, you better have a damn good excuse for why you're sneaking around here!” You don't know how he figured out that you're here but then again, you don't know anything at all – who you are, where you are or how you got here.

>You're not particularly big, so hiding comes easy to you. Squeeze yourself behind some of the baggage and stay there until the conductor's gone. Once you're alone again, you can figure out what to do next.
>Reveal and explain yourself to the conductor. You have a way with words, and you're sure you can earn his sympathy. You might even be able to learn a few things about where you are and how you got here.
>You're a natural athlete. Even as sore and cramped as you are, you're pretty sure that you can outrun a middle-aged train conductor. Break into a sprint when the time's right and get the hell off of this train.
>Who does this old man think he is? Even though you have no memories, you get the feeling that you're no stranger to brawling. As soon as he comes close enough, spring out from your hiding place and kick his ass.
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American Arcana
The year is 1979.

Your are Atticus Hart, a junior at the isolated, elite Southeil Preparatory School.

Yesterday, you found a girl hanging in a closet.

You are currently being interrogated by a federal officer.

Two years ago this room was the site of your freshman English class, where you came each day to discuss classic literature with disinterested peers. Today, it is a shell of its former self. Early morning light creeps around the edges of drawn curtains, just enough to see by. A flat wooden table with a chair on either side serves as the room’s sole furniture. Long, thin strips of paper, covered in occultic runes, are nailed into the bare walls.

The runes have POWER. You can feel it, in the hairs on your neck. In your teeth. In you bones.

The man who sits in the chair across from you, gaunt faced and wearing an ill-fitting suit, watches you carefully. He repeats his question. “Mr. Hart,” he says with a voice that creaks like old wood, “where were you at 8 AM yesterday?”

You open your mouth to speak and the POWER rushes down your throat, filling your words with an unyielding truth. You dare not lie. You CANNOT lie. “I was…”

>Leaving the library after an all-nighter [VALEDICTORIAN]
>Sneaking out of the girls’ dorm [CASANOVA]
>On an early morning run [JOCK]
>Hungover on a bench [DELINQUENT]
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Mutant!Quest #8
Your name is Elise. Elise Martins. And, to put it simply, you are not normal.

What you are is a mutant— one of the many few in Konigsburg who possess strange and unnatural abilities due to the explosion of FutureLabs’ particle accelerator.

You have two brothers, Matt and John, but it's only Matt who knows of your powers. You’ve also made a friend, Bernard, who also happens to be a mutant.

Together, the three of you operate under the title of the M-Guard, saving mutants from the ever-encroaching hands of FutureLabs while also working to shut the organization down for good.

>Previously on Mutant!Quest: (big recap edition) As you attempt to get along with your newly-acquired mutant fugitives, you set yourselves up a base (or a lair) in what had once been a vacant warehouse. In the meantime, you find out more about Julia-- a powerful mutant with a very strong case of amnesia.

>Although it is not entirely certain, it is suspected that she had been Jewel, one of the Crux's higher-ups who had possessed the power of glass control. However, both her current abilities and personality are a far-cry from the mutant who you had been acquainted with during your time in the Crux. One thing that's for certain is that Julia had been one of the first subjects for the Epsilon Trials -- a series of strange experiments conducted by FutureLabs with a purpose that is not entirely clear.

>Sometime later, you and Matt end up visiting John in the hospital and end up meeting Clyde in the process, who intends to talk to John about his actions in the sewers. His rudeness and general behavior leads you to tell him to screw off a bout of impulse, nixing your chances of passing under his radar, and, although he leaves, there's no doubt in your mind that the Australian would return. No matter, whatever it was that Clyde wanted, you're sure that it's nothing good.
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Once upon a time, there was a great war, for command of a single wish. It gathered heroes and "heroes" from time immemorial. A bloody war, a ruthless war, with both beauty and terror. It has been repeated. It has been lost, time and time again, with no victor, with a ruined ritual, with blackened mud and corrupt officials. It had become, over time, a mockery of itself, a fool's errand with no victor.

In some timelines and some places, it has been discarded in its entirety or changed so dramatically as to barely resemble itself. There have been a billion billion permutations of the Grail, of the mechanisms behind it, of the power that it holds. The same actors on the same stage with minor and major changes.

My name is Solomon. Not the Solomon you may know. I am a Solomon of another time, a 'fictional shell' who won an incarnation of his Grail War through happenstance and luck. A caster beyond scope and knowledge, who wished himself to reality when he grasped the truth of the Grail and banished the taint that had broken it. I am the King of Demons, a Caster-class Servant who knows not the boundaries of magic. And thus I looked upon the Grail ritual, and found it wanting. So I made one of my own.

A Grand Grail. A greater war - an expansion of one of the incarnations of the war I was intrigued by. Not Seven servants, but twenty one.

Seven servants of History, whose exploits and heroism grant them entry.
Seven servants of Fiction, whose legends and stories grant them entry.
Seven servants of Lore, whose influence and greatness grant them entry.

Twenty one Servants, twenty one Masters, called to the "new world", as befits a new grail.

And thus, I must ask of you, who I am extending this invitation to: Who are you? Answer not in shame. You are qualified merely by dint of receiving this letter.

>I am a representative of one of the great families, come here to stake a claim.
>I am of the lesser families, come to prove myself.
>I am a nobody, one with talent but no ties to the mage society.
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Your name is Kyle. Kyle Parris.

And if anyone were to ask how to describe you after meeting you for the first time, it'd probably be either 'I dunno, pretty normal,' or 'Cool, but kinda distant.' But then again, Warington is a big enough city- being near the ocean helps. Great view for a place just south of a mess of smog like New York. Warington isn't like that. It's big enough that folks that do and don't get along don't have to suffer each other too badly.

You suppose it depended on how much they valued silence. You're not much of a talker, but you can certainly carry a conversation if it's important. You're not against it or anything. At least school doesn't care- you get B's in physics regularly- enough to convince your perfectionist sister you're just slacking. She's big on the whole 'family legacy' thing, because your pop's a brainiac scientist and your mother does environmental research. As for you? No clue what you wanna do. But hey, college is like that sometimes, right? Besides, you're a freshman. Not like it matters much in year one.

They're cool enough, though- which is why you'd taken your dad up on his offer of coming with him to work one evening. Some sort of 'blind' particle reactor research they had going on in multiple states, some big thing he was excited for. You had to hide a grin. Your dad was excited for everything. Sounded almost like a competition or something...anyway, you'd promised you'd meet him there. You were 18, you had a car and a license, you're gonna use 'em, damnit!

It'd all seemed like it went well enough. The trip out to the city outskirts was fun. You talked to some pretty cool scientists- including one smoking hot lady named Angel- gods, her name was perfect. She was young, smart, and the way she moved...well, when your dad wasn't around, anyway. Wouldn't mind seeing HER again...

Well, if she'd survived. See, that was the problem. Apparently, not long after you'd left...something had happened. There was an explosion. It'd thrown you off the road, into the trees. You'd felt pain, felt grass and bark, then...nothing.

When you'd woken up, you''d been alright. Somehow. Your car was toast, though. Rats. But something...felt off. And the flowers surrounding you were arranged a little too perfect. It hadn't taken long before you realized. Something had changed. Something big.

Mutant powers had always SOUNDED cool, but you hadn't expected anything happening to YOU. But... here you were. And you were really glad you weren't too sociable all of a sudden, because...

>Pick a primary fault!

>You're a lot more lethargic all of a sudden. Unless you slug back a bunch of water- like, way more than anyone normal- you kinda very clearly lost a step.
>You swear you're starting to get a sickly hue all the time...almost green. Hard to really avoid. And your hair's getting outta control, like it grows back almost as soon as you cut it...

Told you I'd do it one day, Siren. Hope you like!
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 147
Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales of a mighty warrior race would reach your ears. Many speak of the Saiyans with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like them. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair in facing the warrior race in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the Saiyan race would spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden-haired Super Saiyans, and the green-haired legend who leads them. But once more they march, leaving their home behind and advancing into the heart of their enemy’s territory. Which side will triumph, and who will perish?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball world. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the radiant symbol of Saiyan might. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of over 34 million, and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows from post time
>Pick ONE option when voting (unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails -only- occur if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but options too out of character will be shut down as our character is now well-established
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible

Current Arc: The Great War
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Frostpunk 1921

It's a brisk morning -- just a little bit too cold and dry for snow, although there must have been some overnight. Snow covers a lot of ugliness, you reflect as you look at the docks. Even so, dock work never stops; not in a modern port; if you pay attention, you can already see black streaks left by stevedores carrying coal, naphta, and all the myriad goods that those two igneous servants of humanity enable the transport of.

But this is no display of industrial health; your country is dying. The entire world is dying.

By the turn of the 20th century, it was surmised, humanity could tackle the biblical apocalypse, and win; you remember, in the foolishness of early adolescence, reading a pulp novel featuring pith-helmeted Maxim gun crews taking on demonic hordes. But even if that had been anything more than a tenpenny fantasy, what one apocalypse could not do, three would have done. Have done.

First, was the Great War. Across Europe and Africa, for four long years nation fought against nation, with thousands of young men dying to conquer a stone's throw worth of land back and forth every day. Infantry charged into machine guns, biplanes and zeppelins fought in the sky and laid waste to the ground, mighty battleships dueled at sea. Having conquered land and beast, man turned on itself in the war to end all wars. After two long years, the war petered down and largely ended, with no clear winner, simply out of the exhaustion of a continent.

The armistice, brought with it the Great Plague; American troops from Kansas crossed the ocean with it, and it spread in the trenches, able to cross the pockmarked land that no man could. Some called it divine punishment, some the inevitable result of the industrialization of society brought about by total war. Man, having proclaimed his invincibility, was brought low by an animal so tiny as to be invisible.

At the price of yet more lives lost, the people endured, by cure or by Darwinian culling. Some even dared thank the bacillum for ridding the nation of its surplus population.

And then finally, the Great Frost. Just when the collective spirit of mankind, exhausted by privations, was timidly poking its head out in the sun, the sun withdrew its warmth. You don't know why; some say the old Norse gods have returned, and with them Ragnarok; others portend that this is the Christian apocalypse; some blame a dimming of the sun, other say that a recent spate of volcanic eruptions clouding up the upper atmosphere is the cause rather than one of the effects. There was little time for either theologians or scientists to put forth coherent theories before the panic set in. Your best bet, and that's off some newspaper articles and a lot of rumors you've heard, is that a giant volcano in the American West blew off its top.
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With Great Power Quest #3
great power
South Lawndale, Little Village. I had a task at hand, and I wasn't going to waste time.

I landed on the entry sign some time after dusk, 'Beinvidos A Little Village'. Street lights bathed shop signs written in Spanish, places like 'La Villita' and 'Carniceria', 'Les Comales', named for places like 'Laredo' or 'El Paso', interrupted by the occasional 'Western Union'. It was a busy afternoon despite the cold, with groups clustered around food trucks, calling out across the street to passing friends. I could only understand every fifth or sixth word, a snatch of English thrown in with the rapid-fire Spanish. I really should learn Spanish.

Other than that it wasn't too different from any other Chicago neighborhood, not too different from mine at least. Traffic, cars and people, packed the street in both directions. Halloween was coming up, Day of the Dead out here, and sugar skulls were starting to creep into decorations. A brick wall was taken up mural had been painted of a skeleton in saintly robes praying beneath names in black, smoke rising up around the figure. Boquets of flowers and stuffed children's toys had been left in front of it, alongside home made crosses with the same names repeated again.

A public memorial to dead children.

I stayed up high on the rooftops, keeping to the shadows hoping no one looked up. I'd have stood out either way among the brown faces. White Mexicans are a thing, and I don't mean like the fat pervert Louis CK, but down in Little Village they weren't looking all that common.

It made it easier to spot who did stand out, and in a hunt for the elusive Navaja it only helped.

You'd think in a city of several million I wouldn't keep running into the same faces, but I guess the world of organized crime was a touch smaller. He leaned on his white motorbike outside a club, helmet pulled off to show his shaggy blond pug face. Billy Lonegran, a chump shitkicker for the Stunt Crew MC. He sat outside with two other white bikes, alone with a bottle of tequila, looking wary at the passing crowds.

Rough types came in and out of the club, live music thrashing out through the half open black doors with a hot, chaotic energy. The guys were tattooed up, gang marks scrawled across faces and hands. The girls were the usual kind who got caught up with those types. A couple stopped to talk to Billy but there wasn't any trouble. A Reaper, one of his jacket sleeves loose showing he only had one arm, limped by into the club.

If Billy was standing guard outside it meant he had friends inside. Which meant the Stunt Crew had business with someone here. Crime was the only explanation, though it didn't point directly to Navaja. Still it was the only lead I had.

I watched Billy spit in the gutter, leaning heavy on his bike with a sour look. I'd promised if I ever saw him in outlaw leathers again I'd do worse to him than I'd done before.

>Wait to catch Billy alone, question him
>Billy is a chump, whoever I want to talk to is in the club
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Space Station 13 Quest: Station 1
Space Staion 13
Based on the game of the same name, the Anons shall follow a man who was picked up by the recruiters of Nanotrasen. In exchange for paying off all his debt, he shall serve Nanotrasen for 5 years as an indentured worker. With him you shall face Traitors, Changelings, Wizards, Cults, and the incompetence of your fellow crew members. In the end, Death is not the end of your service.

Previous Quest was Otome Gone Wrong Quest, which has finished!

Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Authority: Ordering those who are below you
>Fellowship: Interacting with those who are equal to you
>Conspiracy: Talking to those who are not on the best of fellows

Intellectual Skills
>Technology: Messing with items that are held in the hand, such as computers and weapons.
>Machines: Messing with things that cannot be held in the hand, such as APCs, Freezers, Autolaves, and Telecommunication Systems.
>Atmospherics: Knowing what should not be in the air and synthesis things like stim.
>Chemistry: Because you want to be a Chemist.
>Biology: Because seen one spleen, seen them all. Surgery and Xenology are basically the same anyways.

Physical Skills
>Weapon Skill - You can smash things in Melee
>Ballistics Skill - Smash things at a range
>Mental Integration - While limbs can be trained, at some point I know you all are going to replace your arms with cyborg ones. Covers physical actions that are not fighting directly.

Mystic Skills
>Magic: Because you always wondered how Arse Blast works.
>Faith: The Gods and their Cults are real. Be wise when becoming more educated.
>Blue Space: Because this technology is so close to mysticism that it might as well be here.

Unbound Stats
>Military Power
>Prestige and Cloat
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One Year with Osana 4
You are Hasome Senki, a normal high school student, juggling with the elements in your normal high school life.
After a more-than-eventful first day of your new school year, you finally reach home, the one place where you can unwind and relax for the rest of the day.
That said, your numerous run-ins with your osana Yukari, your long time senpai Mifuyu, your pals from last year, as well as numerous new acquaintances continue to stir your mind.

Hello everyone, welcome to One Year with Osana. In this quest, the main focus will be managing and navigating your relationships within a seemingly simple high school slice of life setting.
Reminders, as before:
>One who chases after every rabbit will end up with none
>Everyone has their own goals and priorities too
>All’s fair in love and war
>Don’t forget, friendship matters!

For quality reasons, the updates will come in slow but will also be reasonably lengthy, each ending with a choice. Each update will be notified on my friend, Focuslight's twitter handle, so please follow him there if you're interested in the quest.

The archive of the previous threads:
7 images | 34 replies
A Tale of Monsters - The Witch Game (16)
Welcome back one and all into a new part of our adventure. Myrtidal ugly secret has been exposed, the ambition of a cold merciless pharaoh came to light, we have made an unlikely alliance with our nemesis and we had to separate with two new companions... Is her game finally over?

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.

People from Muribel.

The coming update is a long one but it's mostly info dump according to your wishes last time. Feel free to votes first. Also, happy new year folk. I'll make a little announcement once today's session is over.
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The Mossdeep Disaster
Prelude to Disaster
Zion City, long considered the greatest city on the Plane of Zion is where this particular story will be taking place. The city, carved into the inside of the mighty Mt. Zinit, boasts a population of fifty million souls. With its unparalleled success in beating back both the elements, other countries, and hordes of monsters, as well as its rapid technological development, it has quickly taken its place as the leading city state on the Plane. However, with this success have come many new problems, namely, its mighty population needs far more space and resources than the city can currently provide. Due to these problems, a team of scientists, military men, and miners have been contracted by the city’s leading guild council to explore the lower reaches of the cavern system to find new spaces for expansion efforts, far below even the city’s sewer system and the catacombs. It has been approximately three months since the team had set out, and after many difficulties only now are they approaching their goal, a massive undiscovered cavern twenty miles from the city’s exterior gates. Now the mining teams set out to crack into the chamber, and begin to lay the groundwork for the much needed city expansion project, while the alchemy teams work to crack the secrets of the local flora, fauna and mineral deposits for their guild’s and the city’s benefit. This exciting time and place is where this story will be taking place, the beginning of the Mossdeep Disaster.

>Hello everyone! I'm back in the saddle writing quests again after a long...long mental health break. Character selection in the next post!
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Mercenary Monster Hunter Quest
"A Yaeger is no mere man, not anymore. No, from their first kill, a Yaeger becomes ment, something more than mere flesh and bone. They become a weapon, forged to defend the Monsterreich from the beasts that would destroy us from within."
—From the writings of Rackham Steinhaus

With a rumbling snort, you are awoken from your slumber, someone lightly shaking from your slumber. When you open your eyes, you find the migrant bauern whose cart you were hitchhiking bowing respectfully. "Honorable Yaeger, apologies for the interruption, but we have arrived at your destination. The guild's personnel have come to meet you." Yawning and stretching, you emerge from the back of the cart, leaving behind a few marks as payment and hefting your weapon. Examining it, you carry out your inspection thoroughly on the...
>Axe Cannon: Two handed axe with a limited ammunition light cannon built in. Revolves around getting stuck in with the axe, then using the cannon as an instant kill finisher.
>Giant Halberd: Massive two handed halberd with a blade more half your size and a handle twice that long. Revolves around keeping the monster at bay while building up momentum for the final strike.
>Bastard Sword: All rounder weapon. Good strength, balanced weight, and can be one handed easily. Good for pairing with lighter weapons, tools, and/or a shield.
>Arbalest: Long ranged weapon, specializes in ambush attacks and fire support, utilize the environment to mitigate the impact of the setup time.
>Zweihander: Giant two handed sword, adept at cutting off monster limbs but its enormous weight makes it hard to swing accurately.
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December Quest:
Eternal December
You wake up at your house after a long night of partying on New Year's eve and get out of bed to start your morning as usual. You have a hangover from drinking too much, but after getting out of bed you're sober enough now to realize something is off. It's still dark outside, and your bed sheets are frozen in the air after you left your bed. The bed sheets were silent as you rustled them as well. You look at your alram clock too see what time it is, last time you checked it was about five in the morning before you fell asleep. You look at your alarm clock. 11:60AM...

What do?

>Go back to bed
>Make breakfast
>Turn on TV
>Exit house
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The Wheel Turns: A Naruto Tale #2
Previous Thread here : >>4561192


Itachi… Father said that both of you were good at throwing shurikens and kunai, but what about your other ninja skills? A ninja is stealthy by definition,so…

Maybe you’ll be able to try your stealthiness on Itachi!

You stalk through the various clumps of people occupying the Uchiha Compound’s main street, following Itachi as he wanders around while mumbling greetings to the various family members ling the streets. He doesn’t seem to have noticed you… considering how everybody is talking so loud and you’ve coiled your chakra tightly, you wouldn’t blame him.

Eventually, the crowd begins to thin as Itachi leads you into a mostly vacant section of the Uchiha Compound, where only a few unoccupied stands line the dirt path. Huh… you’ve never really been back here before, and-

Out of the corner of your eye is a brief flash of porcelain-white, lurking in the shadows. you jump in fear before realizing that there was nothing there. The sound of footsteps breaks you out of your thoughts, and you notice that Itachi is staring at you, wide-eyed as peals of laughter echo from further down the lane.

“Wow, I wouldn’t have thought that you’d suddenly just fall over!” Says the curly-haired boy, chuckling to himself as the dango stand owner works silently in the back. He seems to be a couple years older than you, and a real ninja, based on the metal headband with Konoha’s symbol adorning his forehead.

“So you’re Auntie Mikoto’s kids, right? I guess that makes me, Shisui, your cousin!”

Person of Interest met: Shisui Uchiha. A young boy three years older than you that appears to be your cousin and a real ninja. (Interact more for more data).

> [Write in your response.]


I reserve the right to veto the response, if I need to.
>[Make a game out of following Itachi, see how long it takes for him to notice you]
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Sword Art Online: Foreign #2
Once more into the folds!
You look around, finding the marketplace devoid of players. From afar, you can still hear some of them lament, but as it is nearing night, they slowly die down.
It has been 3 days since the incident happened.
Which incident? Well, from your knowledge, the players got stuck in the game somehow, and removing the Nerve Gear will lead to their death. 200 confirmed cases have been reported, though it appears that deaths have occurred not related to anyone tampering with the hardware.
Naturally, the smart person tempers with the hardware beforehand, though you aren't one to talk, after all, you yourself escaped death not a long while ago. Sadly, most of your equipment got fried in the process, seeing as you were dealing with microwaves, but you consider yourself lucky.
All thanks to your own invention, whose name is still pending. In essence, it simulates the most barebone functions of the human brain, specifically those concerning sensory neurons, which allow you to freely control any movements on your PC.

"Did you check the shops yet? Wouldn't hurt to buy more potions. Don't rely on them too much though, they have a gradual effect. After that, you should go out to the next town."
You look over to your 'designated expert', Nakama Akira, a woman of high stature, quite literally, as well as a permanent scowl. After the government failed to do anything about the situation, they resorted to contacting the only person who was permitted to look into the game files without being threatened too badly.
However, seeing as you are not familiar with the game, you were provided a beta tester, who happened to be your favorite maid/butler in your local specific archetype maid cafe/diner.

In truth, however, you are practically the only lifeline for these players and have been told as much. However, the players themselves have not accepted this so far.
It would seem they have not accepted anything to their current situation, seeing as they are still rioting around the streets.

"What skills do you have anyway? Why's the resolution so bad, aren't you an expert on this stuff?"
"Yes, but as I already said earlier, my entire PC got fried! I had to make do, so don't judge me. It's a temporary fix, just need to get the money first."
And pay your landlord.

But before you get started on anything, there are some questions for your expert.
> "So was hunger a feature or to remind you to pause and eat?"
> "Do you know anything about these extra skills? Martial Arts seem promising."
> "So how do you know this Kikuoka guy?"
> Anything else?
Last Thread:

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A random fantasy quest
You are a human, one of the many species that inhabit the fantastical and magical world of Aleas.

Roll 1D100 for social position:

[1-10] A slave
[11-20] A slum dweller
[21-30] A peasant
[31-40] A soldier
[41-50] A chieftain
[51-60] A minor noble
[61-70] A general
[71-80] A count
[81-90] A duke
[91-98] A royal
[99] A king
[100] A god

Roll 1D30 for age:
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Smile, Stage, Sequence.
There are just no words to describe the situation you’re in right now. At one point, you once experienced luxury and comfort, being the CEO of a conglomerate. There were nothing and no one to stop you. You’ve earned the respect of both your friends and enemies. The competition was nothing more than an afterthought as you viciously eliminated those who would challenge you. You were at the height of it all, and you thought that you could only go higher.

“And now, this.”

You can’t help but sigh as you look at your bank book and feel annoyed. It is still impossible to believe that the years of hard work has gone to ruin within weeks.

“Who would’ve thought … No. Thinking about this will only make me more frustrated.”

Standing up, you look around and notice the mess that surrounds you. Of course. Who would want to clean up and be all prim and proper when you get fired and get forced to a corner by your own company? There’s just no way for one to maintain focus.

“No, this won’t do.”

Shaking your head, you straighten your clothes and go to a nearby table littered with disposable coffee cups and plates, unfinished boxed meals and stacks of magazines. Cleaning the clutter out, you look at one of the magazines and see the colorful cover of girls posing on stage and with it, a glaring headline in bold, white letters.

7 images | 82 replies
Rescue the Catgirl Quest
save the catgirl
Your name is Felix Baker, age 20. You were just taking one of your daily strolls through the local park when suddenly, you heard an strange meow-like sound coming from a tree in the distance.

You approached the tree, curious about the source of the sound, but to your complete surprise, it came not from a regular cat, but from a cat-like young girl, who was trapped atop of the giant tree, calling and yelling for help.

Since you had nothing better to do with your time on this day, you decided to come rescue her, however, as you continued approaching the tree, you couldn't help but feel an strange dark feeling emanating from inside the tree. Maybe one of these strange tools you found on the ground could help...

>Write in what to do.
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Get Off My Lawn: A Wizard's Tale (Pt. 2)
The two great warriors fought. There is not much need to dwell on the specifics (even at the risk of anti-climax) since fight scenes are mostly overdone and this QM, for one, finds them tedious and all together too "greek" for his liking. Frankly, violence between two men is an abomination unto the Lord. Violence should only be permitted between a man and a woman united under the sacred vows of marriage (usually as a way to encourage a little less lip when one is trying to eat one's dinner).

Anyway, after a lot of grunting, sweating, expletives, Gawain found himself pinned beneath Lawson. Before the former could take any perverse pleasure from the restraining, Lawson rose to his greaves, clanking as he undented the hollowed parts of his armor. "So?" he asked.

Gawain groaned--or rather purred--as he stretched himself out. "It's been so long since I've been worked like that. Just what I needed." To this, Lawson had no reply. "As for your duck, it was a gnome that took it after all. But one, I guess, unaffiliated with the old fellow that lives in the burrows. He's part of an underground smuggling operation. It's rather exclusive too. I've been trying to get an invitation for months."

"Finally, a solid lead, he thought," says Lawson. "Sounds like a wild goose-chase, Gawain, you wouldn't be trying to pull my leg would you?"

"Pull it? My dear Lawson, if only you'd let me..."

"He didn't exactly know why, but he felt nervous around this cat. Real nervous," said Lawson. "So what's his name?"

"His name is George. It appears there was a price on the head of your Mr. Porter, on account of some justice he doled out against the interests of the aforementioned smuggling ring. I'd start with our lawman's family, no doubt they've been given a notice of ransom." Lawson nodded sagely and without another word began loping toward the edge of the camp. "And do say hello to Zod for me! I'd love to come by for a visit!"

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Knife Hero. Part 2
>>4551910 Read here. I've saved the whole thing to a notepad, and I plan to use this as a rough draft. Soon enough I'll just be posting and updating a threads-worth of posts on a google doc. That will be a revised version of the story so far.

So then, let's continue the story of the Hero of the Knife.

>Continue reading through the help menu using status magic. Feed ballon scraps to the knife.


Isaac stood up and stretched now that the door had been shut and he'd been left alone.

Perhaps it was really time to unlock more knives then?

He sat down at a table, away from any windows, and took out the balloon scraps.

He had several orange ones and a few yellow ones.

Feeding them into the knife, he was given two new knives...

*Weapon unlocked. Orange Balloon knife. Equip bonus: +2 Attack.*

*Weapon unlocked. Yellow Balloon knife. Equip bonus: +2 Attack.*

Switching to them, they looked like balloon knives, like a clown might make... But when he touched them, they felt weirdly sturdy and sharp.

Isaac swapped it back to the normal knife and looked over his screen, pausing for a moment.

In his sidebar, he saw that he had a total of six soul fragments, detailed just below his weapons book. So that meant, he'd started getting some... So those could be used in his knife to level them in some way?

Isaac thought for a moment, but realize he had something else to look at in the help menu.

"Oh right, gems..." He said softly.

Going back to that point in his help menu, he found it quickly.


Gems can be found in mines or as a monster drop. They can be busted open in special rocks that will give a special shine that only a weapon user can see.

These gems can be equipped to your knife and will give various bonuses ranging from skills, stat buffs, magic and more.

Gems come in five rarities, from 1 to 5 with 5 being the lowest. Gems also come in sets. Equipping gems of the same set will give a special set bonus to your knife.

Lastly, gems can be leveled up as well, using gems. When a gem is broken down, it is turned into gem fragments. The higher level and higher rarity a gem is, the more fragments it will give. Collecting a gem will also give gem fragments.

Three gems can be equipped at any time, to every knife in your collection. Each one can hold three total gems, though their bonuses are only applied when that knife is held.

How insane... So much to this thing, and Isaac was nowhere near done.

Isaac chewed on his lip as he read, and heard the door unlock and open. He peeked over, and saw that Granny Aliza had finally stepped inside.

She was holding a few bags, so he wondered if he should try and help her prepare dinner, or if he should just continue to read...

- What will you do? -

> Continue reading more of the help menu.

> Help Granny Aliza cook, and ask questions. (Specify)
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Magical Girl For Hire #102
expect to fall in the category of ‘might be actively hard’. But you’ve been holding on fairly gamely so far, and it’s not really injured you too grievously. You’ve had some close calls, and some shallow smacks here and there, but nothing that’d cause you to give much more than a mild ‘ow’ and want a bit of a soak. Still, that’s more than most get, so props for this. Might be the best time to try for getting him.

Especially considering that you’ve gotten him in a supercharged Orbital Ring that you suspect if he actually breaks will tear him to pieces and would probably do a number on you to boot, Great Barrier or no. Probably better to try and get him under control sooner than later. ‘Sir, I think it’s about as good as it’s going to get.’

‘Hm. IS that so? Then let us see...’ As he says so, a black smoke begins to seep from the clasp of your cloak, and like a shot, it races towards the bound dragon, seeping into his face from every orifice and opening that you’ve made…

General Pastebin:
MGFH Spreadsheet:
Character Details:


The beast writhes and struggles, and you can easily see why it's so powerful and how it's managed to hang on by force of will this long. Not many things can break your Orbital Ring, but this thing looks like if it's given too much time, it'd manage it. A supercharged one, even.

You really hope Ah-Rul can work faster.

>Roll 1d20+2, best of three.
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Synthetic Gods Quest #56
OP post
Hello and welcome back to Synthetic Gods Quest.

Rules and gameplay mechanics:
Current inventory:
Current infrastructure:
Previously mentioned individuals:
Previously mentioned SGs and Cups:
Project tracker:
In the last session we ended up helping Ceno forces in fortifying their position after their somewhat pyrrhic victory over the Holy Nation’s military forces. With this action, we unambiguously displayed that we support Ceno in the region, which would be quite obvious for the Chorus, but not significant enough to count as a major incident. Hopefully, it won’t cause any unwanted complications, right?

Once that was done with, the time was coming up for Rheia’s entrance exams, so we took her and Haven and set off for the capital. The registration went by with no complications and after standing through a queue, the three of you were free to roam through the city once again. The entrance exams apparently occur along with a very popular university festival which included various kinds of foods, stalls with various crafts and entertainers, which accumulated quite a large crowd.

However, after grabbing some snacks from one of the stalls, our group decided to head to the Pantheon district proper following the rumors of the arrival of Teryian and Ihmisetian representatives. The queen of Teryia herself would be among them, which especially took your interest, and the three of you had to go through some pretty thorough checks to be allowed on the territory of the Capitol, the political heart of Elspen. Once inside, we revealed our “divinity” and requested an audience, which caused quite a stir…
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A Song of Steel and Storms Chapter 1
Hello, and welcome to A Song of Steel and Storms: House Borlund Quest. House Borlund were once the Lords of the Rainwood and among the principle bannermen to House Baratheon, but after Lord Atticus Borlund declared for Daemon Blackfyre in the First Blackfyre Rebellion they were reduced to the rank of Landed Knights. The story will follow Ser Ardrian Borlund, the first Knight of Stonegrove, as he attempts to bring glory back to his house as well as solidify it’s future.

This quest will be slightly different than previous quests as it will not be using the best of three rule. The first roll of the dice will be taken as is, unless otherwise specified. Additionally, votes will follow a strict time frame that will be stated at each vote.

Lastly, I'll be experimenting with only allowed 1 post Id's to be counted for the first 24 hours of the thread. After that, they will be discounted in votes.

Character Sheets: Ser Ardrian Borlund Character Sheet.xlsx
House History: N/A
House Fortunes: N/A
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A Chunni in Hogwarts #2
title 2
Thread 1:

Your name is Sasha Sagan-Starbound, formerly Gertrude Smith, but that's your FORBIDDEN name. You have devoted all 11 years of your existence towards one goal: to reach SPACE and venture where no woman has gone before. To this end you've obtained some allies to aid your cause.

RED DWARF/Hermione a girl with bushy hair that acts weird around you. Likes books.
HARRY your future HUSBAND and current crush
RONALD a guy who likes HARRY alot. Has attitude and sass.
T-DAWG (Real name unknown) a short entrepreneur who is trying to finance his dreams through the cultivation of PLANTS. Offered you a part time job that you accepted and failed to show up for.
DRACO a rich pretty boy who says he hates you but for some reason keeps interacting with you. You're getting close to him to secure some FUNDING

So far the journey has been far from smooth. After being sorted into Slytherin with RED DWARF, HARRY, RONALD, and DRACO you've had to fend off a relentless bombardment of BULLYING. First was when METEOR attempted to intimidate you at the feast, then on your first day of classes when all your clothing was stolen and thrown around the common room, and finally at night when you opened a VILE letter that gave you boils as molten as a primordial planet and a stench as wild as the vectors of rouge planets. You've taught her her place by LOOMING over her with your LITHIC like face. So it seems that she won't be bullying you any time soon.

But then again it seems like Slytherin is full of bullies. The upper years wouldn't even let T-dawg sit with you during dinner. Prompting you and your friends to AMBUSH them and punch them in the nuts.

You've handled the bullying well so far but can't really wrap your (very big) brain around why being a "mudblood" is so frowned upon so far you think that you've done rather well (barring potions) during your classes dispite claims of magical inferiority. Maybe you can ask daddy about it?

Your current goals are:
1) Research more about SPACE flight at the LIBRARY
2) Figure out a method to obtain FUNDING

With that in mind you close your COSMIC JOURNAL and head to breakfast, unmolested, like a planet in the space between galaxies.

Who do you sit with?
39 images | 220 replies
Cyberpunk Princess Quest #7
Cyber1 (2)
You are Kaguya Muramoto, the illegitimate daughter of the pluto-aristocratic Muramoto Family. Once nothing more than another girl among the millions, since then you’ve since left the grimy arcologies of Urban Noir behind. You were educated in everything from history to advanced mathematics to politics were tutored in etiquette, archery, and the traditional arts. All of this to someday blend in perfectly as a true member of the Muramoto Family. But every now and then, you wonder if there is really a place for an illegitimate child like you in the rigid and formal world of the Plutocrats.




The night was passing peacefully. As usual, you were reviewing the notes you had taken for the day while idly sipping at an ujikintoki soda. You had put on some pop music that was playing in the background. It wasn’t anything special, mass-produced pop songs that had been written by an AI. However, you spent your entire day surrounded by beautiful examples of all of the arts. You even spent a significant part of every day practising traditional instruments too. So then to listen to the cheaply produced music on the corporate channels seemed only right somehow. A holdover from your past, perhaps?

Regardless, it was calming and relaxing to you so that was what you listened to.

But suddenly, your music fades away to the insistent beeping notification of a voice call. It’s a call from Winslet-san.

“Winslet-san.” You greet as politely as possible, “May I help you?”

“Apologies for calling so late at night.” Winslet-san says with an uncharacteristic regard for your convenience, “But there are some important matters I have to discuss with you.”

“Oh?” You try to hide the concern in your voice.

>Is this about you quitting archery?

>Did Winslet-san discover your hiring of Judas?

>Stay quiet and let her speak

>It’s something else (What?)
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Megami Tensei Convergence Quest #3
SMT Logo
Multiple groups converge on Tokyo, preparing for a series of events that will shake the world. Elements from every corner of the MegaTen series will be present, from Mainline to Persona to DDS and more. You will be playing Hideo Emushi, a young man that through these events has encountered demons and even gained the power to turn into one himself. You are doing everything you can to keep the people you care about safe during this crisis, but things are only just beginning to spin out of control. The fate of both humans and demons could depend on your choices. Also remember to have fun.

Current Pastebin:
Previous Threads:

Last time, our MC and his pals teamed up against the Wendigo to beat it down, while most of the student council led the school's survivors to safety. After that, Hideo decided he wanted to check on his parents, so he went to do just that accompanied by his old friend Shouko. The last person to check on was his brother, but that led him into a dangerous lockdown zone that's tough to get back out of. He finally found his missing friend Chousuke while inside, but they were quickly separated again as Hideo found himself trapped inside the domain of Omoikane, God of Wisdom. Luckily his brother was to be found here, though not so luckily, he is currently drained of his mind. The goal now is to get aniki's brain back and escape.
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Rapid Fire Gen 2
After what seems like hours, the minute hand on your watch inches forward. As smoke continues to pour into your nostrils, you consider walking off the job for the hundredth time this afternoon. Between the garbage pay and tedious work you wonder why you even bother to get up in the morning. You take a quick look at the drive thru window and watch as your asshole of a coworker argues with yet another customer. Reminding yourself that every brick has its place, you shake your head and get back to work. You owe it to the next generation to flip those fucking burgers, that’s what you tell yourself anyway.
1 images | 3 replies
Strikers 2016
You&#039;re the first- and probably only- wyvern headed up for flight today- everyone else looks to still be getting work done.
Hope everyone had a good Christmas gents! Things went pretty alright here, got new boots and a hoodie made from a poncho liner, so I've got no complaints, haha! Also got a bottle of black blood of the earth... so I'll be making a cup of coffee here after the OP goes up, haha!

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Muninn's visibly changed as you approach from ops, the barrel of the newly-installed yellowstone cannon protruding almost to the same distance as the end of the fighter's nosecone. There's a slight bulge along the bottom of the wyvern where the barrel assembly runs from the cannon's main assembly in what used to be your centerline bays. It's offset slightly to the starboard side, but you note that your nosewheel is still offset as well- only a little, but you wonder how that's going to affect carrier launches.

The biggest visible change, though, is in your engine nacelles, both visibly bulged beyond standard sizes to accommodate the new jets installed there- jets that, you note, use an almost ancient, square, 2 dimensional thrust vectoring exhaust. The intakes of both engines have similarly been modified- enlarged, though only just enough to notice from here. The engines have to be monsters, you realize, to be as big as they are- 'old' tech in Merlin's book only meaning she hasn't kept it up to date in the last six months or so.

Kyou seems impressed, too, as you both head towards your fighter, the sounds of the flight line nearby only just seeming to make it to you. Wendy and Mori aren't here, of course- Mori is still fighting off the effects of the painkillers she's on, and nursing a sore neck while Wendy keeps an eye on her. Merlin, similarly, isn't present, having had 'urgent business' to take care of in her office- an Email or something. She said she'd be in ops before you took off though, long before you've gotten to the target range.

Your target list for the day is fairly short, with China lake providing a QF-16 target drone and a target hulk- not the ship Merlin had expected, but instead the decommissioned and stricken Ticonderoga- the navy, apparently, eager to test the ship's design and damage handling capabilities against modern weaponry. You'll have a mixed load aboard- six standard slugs, two of the saturnite rounds, and of course the wartime rules of flight required self-defense load of two sidewinders and two AMRAAMs, loaded into your FAST packs.

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Man of Iron Quest #8: The End of the Night
Once humanity stood as would be Kings and Queens of the material world, rising higher and higher with each day as they strode across the stars alongside ancient empires and primitive Xenos. Hand in hand, they conquered the mysteries of the galaxy with their children forged in iron.

You are the last of those children, and you have yet to betray your parents. You have lifted them from a darkness fate had cast them into, reinspired that passion and love for knowledge that gave humanity its light, and now stand ready to guide them to a new adventure and away from a strife filled age your kin had created for them as a prison.

Now you stand upon an Aeldarri Craftworld, waiting to hear their decision on taking your hand like humanity, so that you make walk them to a better age. You looked upon the Bonesingers and wraith artisans, who all tried to ignore your human form as you gazed upon their work.

They assumed you would not understand, be unable to comprehend their art and technology, and partially they were correct. But they were arrogant to assume their techniques defied all known technologies or practices, that you could not count on humanities ocean of knowledge to find something similar to their arts.

It took you some time, patience always an welcome thing to practice as it meant you were learning something new.

For days you watched silently, did not bother the Aeldarri or ask question. You watched and listened, and recorded.

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Highschool with Monstergirls
You live on a strange world with a culture vaguely akin to the USA during the mid to late twentieth century. Who are you?

> Name *Must be a name you'd expect to hear in any anglosphere country*
> Age *must be between 8 to 18*
> Gender
> Species *anything from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia or the Monster Musume manga, plus the anime's end cards, anything off the top of your head that would qualify as a monstergirl or monsterboy*
> Hobbies and Interests
> Economic background *dirt poor/poor/well off/rich/stinkin' rich*
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The Red Wizard
Set as an alternative timeline to The Hobbit: at the Council of Elders in Elrond's keep, Saruman, Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf decide that it would be best to tame Smaug for the war to come. Outmatched in air superriority, the war machine of Mordor would surely be engulfed in a wave in flame! Gandalf sets off to the Lonely Mountain, armed with an ancient spell with which Gandalf will enchant Smaug. [Fast forward] Gandalf stands before Smaug, his staff raised before him as he casts the spell. Smaug's fire wraps about Gandalf as Smaug attempts to crisp him alive, but to no avail! The ferocity of Smaug's fiery breath increases as the spell is cast. Gandalf stands resolute in his charge, still casting the spell, his eyes begin to glow white as he channels the flame of Anor. It seems as though Smaug will overpower Gandalf's protective wards: the wooden staff in Gandalf's hands bursts into flames itself! It is then that Narya comes to life. With a sure hand, Gandalf reaches out, the ring of fire glowing brightly, and the great fire from Smaug's breath is absorbed into Gandalf's outstretched hand! Gandalf and Smaug stand there, the flame mostly gone. Gandalf's staff glows, turned to ember. Narya gleams brightly, and flames lick about Gandalf's body like snakes.

Recap: In an attempt to tame Smaug, Gandalf and Smaug have a battle of magic. The ancient spell broke barriers and the two's magic mingled. Gandalf took from Smaug the magic of dragonfire, and the means with which to contend against dragons in a fair fight! Not immediately obvious however, and to a disastrous effect later: Gandalf had also gained other attributes from Smaug as well: in his purpose to use Smaug to defeat Mordor Gandalf opened his mind to the lust for victory, and through it, a vengeful need for gold and power.

Outcome: Gandalf has bested Smaug. Smaug knows he is defeated, but could probably turn and flee.

Gandalf has initiative: His eyes glowing with the light of Anor, Narya glowing and the ember staff before him, flames run throughout and around his person. The dragonfire truly has consumed him. Drawing from dark magic, Narya releases a whip of flame as Gandalf throws about his arm to lasso Smaug! With a leap he is upon the dragon.

So begins Gandalf the Red.

[Chapter 1 Part 1 of 2]

The following is Chapter 1 Part 2!
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Isekai Quest
I can't sleep and i've been bored lately, so why not?
>Isekai Quest - GO!

You're in a lot of pain. In your head. In your chest. Somewhere deeper as well.
Beyond that, you don't understand what's happening right now.

A cold, black void surrounds you. There are no stars, no sense of distance. Only the sensation of falling.
And then, a voice.

"...This one, it came from there, didn't it?"

And another.

"Look how beaten up she is. Must have been, poor thing."

You begin to struggle. You try to focus on the voices, to see where they're coming from.
You desperately cry out for help, but your voice won't come out no matter how hard you try.
It feels like you're suffocating, but a blinding light suddenly cuts through the darkness, and a soothing warmth envelops you.

It's familiar, isn't it?
Yes, you know this feeling. It's a mother's love. Although you can't see for the blinding light, you can feel yourself being swaddled in your mother's bosom.
No, that's not right... she died a long time ago, didn't she? Wait, who were you again?

"I won't be able to heal her completely, not like this. Is there an opening?"

"A small gap. Maybe a few thousand years, but it's there."

"It should be fine. I'd still check the akashic tome if you have time, but..."

The voices begin to fade, but their warmth only grows, and the light spreads across your vision until not a trace of darkness remains.
You aren't in pain anymore. You just feel tired.

Sleepy, in fact...
But, there's something jabbing you in the side.

As you open your eyes, a forest canopy is spread out above you.
You're laying on the forest floor, on top of a rock apparently. The sound of birds chirping fills your ears.

Sitting up, your hair falls forwards across your modest chest. A deep, brilliant orange color. It's both long and straight.
You turn your pale, white hands over, finding not a single freckle or scar. It feels strange, but you can't seem to remember why.

The air here is chilly, and you seem to be naked. Beside you is a neatly folded set of clothes. A tunic, some simple pants, a pair of... bloomers, you suppose? You aren't familiar with them, but the foreign words flow into your mind, and you recall them as if they were a story that someone had read out to you.

Shaking off the strange sensation, you remove a few leaves from your hair and quickly dress yourself.
Sticking out of the ground nearby is a fine-looking shortsword with a leather backpack leaned up against it.
The sword doesn't want to come loose at first, but when you grip the hilt with intent, it yanks free like it hadn't been stuck in the first place.
Looking at the hole it left, you see the blade was embedded in solid stone.

The backpack seems a bit small, but when you reach into it you find that it's much, much bigger on the inside.
There's bread and dried meat in there, along with a few tools, such as a simple hunting knife and a flint striker.
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Burning Star Quest
On the night of your birth, preists gathered in a whispering group within the capital. They stared up at the stars through the massive temple windows, in both fear and excitement. As a large, blue streak made it's way across.

"He has returned." An elder one mutters, his tone one of shock and happiness.

"You fool! You of all must know what His return means! Death!Damnation! The utter presence of him promises this!" Another yells, his purple cloak and hood wrapped tightly around him.

"We shall see...", the Elder once again muttered.
Within the port town of Brightenfeld, a woman screams in pain, clutching her sheets, as a child of Destiny was born.

Said child was a

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Crap, I was reborn in another world as a trash mob!
You were on your way to work eating toast, when out of no where you got hit by a truck!

Now as the darkness begins surrounding you hear a voice asking if a second chance in a new world is what you seek.

You say yes
“Choose from these three the new form you wish to take”
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Alternate History - Against all Odds Part 13
The King has returned to the throne, now a grizzled warrior with an unhealthy addiction to physical pain.
Among the rumors spreading through the Empire, there's more than just hearsay or some abstracted deed of our Heroism.
On the contrary, sometimes there's even a kernel of truth buried underneath, and today we have been informed of one such.

Apparently during Byodesh's regency he encountered a foreign Kingdom much like ours, ruled by a living ancestor.
It was said that Axot - Son of Loiur - was leading a ragtag band of civilized muxandaz under his banner, terrorizing the Geldoz.
If this is true, we must contact Axot to forge an alliance, or at the very least, affirm him not to be hostile.
Though it would bring us great pleasure if he were, our people would take offense to this, we're sure.

While we take care of the more menial businesses of a King, we will have the time to deliberate upon how to proceed with this expedition.
We know he's somewhere in the west.
Rules are pretty simple
>You are, at all times, the current de-facto Ruler of your people.
>There will be decisions after each Update.
>You may only pick ONE option, unless states otherwise.
>Parenting options run parallel to the main-game and are their own separate decisions.
>When there is no Majority, a Tie will always be broken by the option that was chosen the earliest.
>Time and Technology progression adapt to the Scale of the game.
>Status summaries may be requested at any time (I may not always respond)
>This is a very slow quest, be prepared to wait.
Discord link for bonus content and shitposts
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Collapsing IV: A Quest to Survive the Apocalypse
Collapsing Quest Title Card
Impossibly, it has been only four days since 10/27/2020, the last normal day anyone would ever have. Even after spending much of that time unconscious, it still feels like it has been a dog’s age. That said, you are lucky to be alive, even if you were never in any danger from Nuclear Ordinance. Before this new World War kicked off, you had joined up with an openly seditious group of your neighbors and colleagues, who had figured out the proverbial writing on the proverbial wall, and was willing to play … sort of dirty … to weather the coming storm. The idea was that joining a group like this would protect and support you, but so far you have done a lot more for the group than they have for you – including being shot in the kidney while you were saving other group members from captivity, and possibly execution, and then refusing to divulge any information about the group under torture that among other things saw your left testicle crushed like an egg.

Right now, you are on a stolen hospital gurney in your living room, speaking with the group’s leader, Erwin Parasol, as well as the (former?) Deputy Sheriff Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Bean. While both of them were genuinely concerned for your well-being, and are now genuinely relieved that you have made it back to Mooseleg Lake alive (if not in one piece), they are still putting the screws to you here, in this discussion of what your dues to the rest of the group are going to be.

Maybe you are being a complete doormat here, but you cannot fault them for it. Right now, the group’s larder is inadequate, not up to the task of getting the roughly 200 members of the group through the long (as well as radioactive) Volcanic Winter bearing down on all of you, and your small Homestead here is the closest thing the group has to a farm – currently, at least. Two of your live-in hired men, Fleckkers and Norton, have head out to the surrounding areas, and are attempting to establish working relationships with nearby farms (on the behalf of the group). The rest of your household, being your third hired man, Tolle, and your mother, are taking your two guests, Registered Nurse Gunther Peake and his younger cousin Petra Peake (both of whom were instrumental in your miraculous escape from the clutches of Maine National Guard’s 488th MP Company) on a tour of the lake, in hopes of convincing the two of them to stay and join up with the group.

Your name is Reginald Mantle, and before all of this nonsense, you were a homesteader and odd job man who specialized in junk removal and salvage, in addition to moonlighting as an Animal Control Officer for your relatively isolated lakeside community in Northern Maine. And while what you have been through so far may seem like a lot, the fact remains that in your location, surviving the apocalypse was always going to be the easy part. Surviving the post-apocalypse, on the other hand …

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Civ Quest
3 for race, 3 for place
If we get some active players i might make a discord and do a longterm campaign - otherwise oneshot :)
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[Welcome to Children of Hubris, an open-ended WH40k Adventure set in the Imperium of Man. While there are particular story beats and an overarching conflict, the player character’s agenda, character, allegiance- and his ultimate fate- are in your collective hands. Things like Combat, Speech, Investigation will require skill-checks, along with any other luck-based action, and advantages/disadvantages will be factored accordingly. Suggestions are chosen entirely by my discretion, so make them good!]

Your name is Janus Caskett. For as long as you can remember, you have been a pupil of the Schola Progenium, an institution that takes the hapless orphans of the Imperium and molds them into vigilant agents of the Emperor. From the time you were eight years old you've been subjected to intense training of body and spirit, carrying weapons and munitions twice your size across impassable distances, surviving on your own in the frigid wilderness for weeks at a time with nothing but the clothes on your back, and drilling incessantly on an unending cacophony of theories and doctrines.

Today, the fruits of your trials: Selection Day. You are standing in the campus courtyard, lined up in rows and columns with other young men, waiting to be appraised by the Abbots and assigned to their destinies. As intelligent and able as you are, you aren’t as sure about what wing of the Imperium you’ll be folded into, but you have a few ideas of what you’d prefer.

ADEPTUS MINISTORUM: Piousness, creed, faith. It’s not surprising that the majority of Progenium graduates are folded back into the Ecclesiarchy, the latter essentially administrating the former. It might not be as ‘hands-on’ a way to serve the Emperor, but the standard of living for the average Preacher is far closer to that of the nobility than the average Imperial citizen, and there’s a different kind of excitement to be had in religious life. A tempestuous, passionate campaign.

ADEPTUS ARBITES: Law, justice, judgement. The Emperor’s will is not only reserved for His enemies. While it’s not as exciting as an Inquisitor’s job or as glorious as leading an army to victory, Arbitrators proudly enforce the Lex Imperialis across all corners of the Imperium of Man. A slower-paced, domestic campaign.

COMMISSARIAT: Action, stratagem, valor. Fresh Commissars are not as feared or valued as their hardened vanguards, but a career in the Commissariat is a tried-and-true method to win fame for many graduates. A military-focused campaign.

INQUISITION: Intrigue, politics, power. Inquisitors roam the galaxy like hungry lions, sticking their noses into whatever they feel might empower the enemies of the Master of Mankind, heretical or otherwise. A well-rounded, incredibly unstable campaign.

[In the interest of making a campaign that the most people are interested in participating in, we’ll choose Janus’ selection by vote. I’ll be back in a few hours to tally and start the adventure.]
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Price Of A Wish Quest
"Goddamnit, another fucking earthquake. What the fuck is going on?"
You get out of bed pissed off with everything in your house shaking and stuff falling to the ground. You leave your room and go to the common area of the house.
"Good morning mom. Fucking earthquakes am I right?"
"Mind your manners young man."
"What's for breakfast?"
"Eggs and bread."
"My favorite!"
"Your friend Latifa been looking for you earlier."
"Whhat dwid shwe whant?", you say, your mouth stuffed with food.
"Don't take with your mouth full. She just wanted to talk I guess but of course you were sleeping. She told you to meet her outside the village where you usually meet."
"Noon huh? It's almost time then. Alright, I'm on my way. See you later mom!"
"Stay safe Nick, I heard wyverns screeching earlier."
"Wyverns never attack anyone mom, they only eat deer."

You head outside the village and sure enough you find your friend Latifa sitting by the grass. You hear the screech of wyverns flying in the distance. You see two of them so it must be mating season, they're never together except to fuck, they're antisocial pricks.

"Fucking wyverns."
"I know right, that small one been chasing the big one for hours. The big one must be female. I think she's not impressed."
"You wanted to talk to me? I bet it wasn't about fucking wyverns."
"Nah, it was about something else Nick. Don't you find these earthquakes weird? I mean, this area isn't in any geological fault line and they started rather suddenly a few months ago. Something must be causing it."
"Are you a fucking sage now?"
"Shut up Nick. I'm just saying this is not natural. We should investigate."
"Just the two of us? Well, I know you can kill shit, your father is a blacksmith so you have a bunch of fancy gear."
"Well, my father taught me how to fight with swords ever since I was a little girl, yeah."
"I'm more of a brute force kind of guy to be honest, I don't have much technique, I'm just really strong. What are two meatheads like us gonna do to stop a fucking earthquake Latifa. This ain't even make sense. Unless it is something we can beat into a pulp that is causing it we can't do shit about it."
"Well, maybe we should ask around to see the opinion of other people you know. Who knows, maybe someone knows something useful."

> Go ask the mayor about the earthquakes
> Go ask the priest about the earthquakes
> Go ask the drunkards at the tavern about the earthquakes
> Write in
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Space Civ Quest ep. 10
Space, the final frontier.

The first hyperdrives were developed by the Mars-based Bogdanoff & Bogdanoff Megacorporation in the mid 22nd century, the first wave of extrasolar colonization soon began. Besides the great expeditions supported by nation-states or megacorporations, several smaller, free expeditions set out over the years to found new nations. Among them, one had settled in the Eterani star system and founded what over time would become the Extrasolar Free State, a nation that today encompasses 10 colonized planets and a large sector of space to the galactic east of the Solar system. The EFS, with a steady focus on expansion, has grown from a remote independent colony to one of the major players in human politics. You are the leaders of this nation, guiding it across the age of interstellar travel.
Following several wars between human nations in the late 22nd-early 23rd century, a new Cold War has begun between two emergent blocs - your own Alliance of Extrasolar States on one hand and its rival - the Eurasian Alliance, home to over half of the total human population. No outright conflict has been seen between these two yet - in fact, they worked together as part of the broad Human Alliance, striking back against alien marauders in the Drazerii Punitive War of 2288, a great success for all mankind, which displayed to the many alien powers in our segment of the galaxy that this young spacefaring species is not to be trifled with.
The complex politics within your nation, human space and the wider galaxy are truly a web. In most recent news, conflicts on the toxic planet of Kolony 8 has seen supposed allies fighting a proxy war, whilst the United Federation of Free Worlds - the largest alien polity - has extended offers of greater cooperation towards the AES, rejected after a closed-doors discussion between its leadership.

How it's played:
The collective of players votes on the primary actions that the civilization as a whole takes every turn and during events, battles and so on. Individual players can make factions which can be anything from corporations through religious orders and political parties to research groups and sports organizations. Either as an alternative to a faction or as part of it, a player can make characters too. Factions and characters can pursue their own agendas within the civilization as a whole and influence it and the world beyond it one way or another.

Helpful links:

1.The archives - catch up on previous events!

2.Important national statistics - population, economy, fleet, administration and military.

3.The discord server - fast, direct communication and lots of fun times, greatly recommended:
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Fallout: Darkened Blood, 2nd Dose
You are Franklin O'Hennessy, a newly christened Venture vampire among the peternatural faults of the Fallout universe. The world of Fallout on its lonesome is dreary and full of unforgiving circumstances, but in the cusp of where Franklin O'Hennessy finds himself being embraced into something more visceral, such causes are amplified even more. We will watch whether or not all challenges in his way either bring him to his final end or carried on to become more stronger; and daresay, more monstrous as the vampiric condition usually does.

Currently Franklin O'Hennessy was seemingly doing a mid-to-high risk job in clearing out the Nellis Airforce Base of considerable dangers of its robotic remnant forces. Without doing so, his hometown, which is aptly named "Nellis Outskirts"; will perish with no equitable drive in its economy since the town relies on scavenging the base to facilitate trade and general value.

On the more underlying note of Franklin's current objective, he was operating on behalf of his sire, Agustin Piedrabuena, to prepare for the upcoming confrontation against his rival; Henrique D’Silva. The aforementioned rival of Franklin's sire was a Nosferatu of considerable manipulation who before the Great War made Vault 34 his haven. Now he's awoken and for some mysterious is maneuvering his herd, the Vault 34 wanderers, toward Nellis Airforce Base..

In the base itself you had with you Randy Savage, your personal Assaultron. Then you had a loose task force of 2 Heavy kitted Prospectors and 6 Freeside Mercenaries. This would form a team total of 9, which amounts to 10 including yourself of course.
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Santa's Workshop builder
Christmas ctitle
So I got motivated by Christmas free time to try my hand a a Chrismas civ/build quest.

You have awoke from sleep, after a short little nap of only 9 months the seasons have turned to winter once more. Which means that the time has come to start working towards Christmas time!

However we are starting extra early this year, the 3rd district of Christmas town had to be closed for renovations after that certain "accident" when Krampus drunk an illegally large amount of hellishly strong spirits and shortly after he emptied his stomach on the manufactory's main fireworks warehouse which wasn't too bad but the he had the awesome idea to light a candle to see just where the bloody hell he ended up after becoming completely smashed a step hat obviously didn't end up too well for anyone.

Suffice to say we have seen the best fireworks that night for or several years but the price was paid in major infrastructural damage, loss of Christmas cookies and presents prepared last year. Currently he fire is under control (don' task how is that so hard on the North Pole) but we do not know how long until things are back business as usual.
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Catalyst Quest #23
Catalyst Quest
The year is 606, and in your home— the country of Corcaea— the souls of mankind belong to demons. The phenomenon through which men can become monsters is known as the "Catalyst." Curing humanity of this weakness is your life's work. The cult of Inertia has exposed themselves as an organization worse than any demons. This blasphemous order is in the process of destroying the people's faith in the theocracy. The roots of this faceless organization have burrowed into every holy institution, including your own city. They are a threat to the last of your race, threaten the conflict raging to the west, and are threatening the lives of every last one of your fellow church leaders. Inertia does not fear death. They aim to intentionally turn men into demons, and in turn, have revealed themselves to be worse than any monster. Yet as the lord of compassion— and the lover of the Goddess of excess— you seek to kill your enemies with more than just kindness.

You are Father Richard Anscham, leader of the Church of Mercy: and you have declared war on the cult of Inertia.

You're also a glutton, a masochist, a preacher, and one of the most self-sacrificing men to have ever lived. Your love towards the Gods has defined your life, and your devotion is without compare. You, and you alone possess the ability to channel all of the Gods (and up to two at a time has yet to kill you). By "invoking" a God, you use your body as a vessel, and wield Their might. To achieve this divine connection with a single member of the pantheon is typically a reflection of a lifetime of worship.

You have spent more waking hours in this last week with the Gods than without, and it's taking its toll on your soul itself. It's a matter of debate if you have any limits, and they're about to be tested.

It is the 29th day of Last Sowing. You have approximately five months before snow hits Corcaea. The leader of the Church of Storm has cautioned you that failure to retake control of the nation's supply routes before then is unthinkable. A second famine is already upon you and your city. Thanks to Inertia's intentional flooding of the countryside, communication and supply is almost entirely in their hands. Every last one of your nation's leaders is counting on you to stop this assault on humanity's faith, and to restore order to Corcaea.

You are the lord of protection, and will stop at NOTHING to save the lives of who you love. Winning a war will not happen in a day, but your allies are brutally strong. In addition to the brave souls in your employ, your friends, and family, every last church leader regards you as an ally. The King Himself has pardoned your past actions, and help is on its way. Improving your reputation may be a lost cause, but you are a sucker for lost causes.

After all, you're on your way to get advice from an ex-demon.
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Devil Prints [Skirmish]
Devil Prints is a temporary game to fill in for a recent file corruption that affected [Metal Fist], apologies for the inconvenience. - Monday.

The year is 66. Following the establishment of the new SanSol calendar, Barely a generation ago, a Diety known as the Abrahamic was summoned down to Earth with a choir of Angels and wiped out 39% of humanity before they were eradicated by an alliance between Infernals and the Humans who woke them.

Today, the Makai now holds the keys to the afterlife and owns a share of Earth, it's resources, and its people. Then, about 10% of the world committed mass suicide in an event called that rapture. More meat for the monsters. What a waste.

The world continued on, unabated.

God's existence was proven, and then eradicated within 4 years. Now Demons from multiple worlds inhabit this earth as one of its many colonies. But in they end they got to sit in the loftiest of thrones , a seat in Heaven's council, only to then disband it once and for all, and pen in a permanent contract with humanity, one that ensured the Morning Star's vigil over God's last creation.

And the world, it still spun. Its color never left. And in this uneasy peace, we were left to think about our role as its host, while people disappeared into the night...

Devil Prints is a Multiplayer Cooperative Skirmish, where you play as a Public Safety Agent, and combat Demons. The first day of the Game will have multiple posts and then daily postings will proceed after that.
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Improv practice.
You find yourself standing in a large round room. The walls and ceiling made of stone blocks. To your right looks to be a grate with a faint green light spilling out into the room. To your left a large wood door slightly ajar . In the middle of the room a plain wooden table with a long wooden spoon on it.

Your contract asks that you map out the old dungeon and report back. What do you do?
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The Howwit Porter Story
porter young
We are Julius Howwit Porter the III.rd, son of Lord Julian Howwit Porter the II.nd. We were born 19 years ago in Manor Howwit to our mother Anne and our father. Mother died, when we were young and given the empty moors, surrounding the manor, the majordomo, the cook, the groundskeeper and dogs King and Major were our company.

19 years have passed. We had best tutelage in the manor and were, at the age of 11, sent to Mellonia, the Capitol of the Empire, where we were taken into Madame Pridaine's School for young Gentlemen.

It has been tough 8 years for us. Being a Lord's son in the moors was one thing, being one in the school with all the Baron's and Count's sons - it was a harsh experience.

Yet now we stand at a doorway. There are few ways a noble can go in his life - and those paths out of these mostly mean mockery and ruin.

One path is the military - the Air Armada of the Empire. Navy is a bit less favored, but still acceptable. Army is usually picked by lowest royal blood - still, serving in Rapid Assault can have its perks.

There is also Colonial service. Assayer's offices all over the Colonies bring in a wealth of experience. And wealth. Not as prestigious as position of Mayor of Air Assault Wing, but profitable none the less.

What endeavors should we undertake?
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Ex-Fighter Chimera Quest
quest cover
Or I Got Kicked Out of the Hero's Party, So I Became a Chimera

So, looking at the catalog, there's not enough weebery in it.

Let's fix that, shall we?

Also, I'm mobilepostan, so tripfagging in case ID changes.

It has come to this: you strapped to a stone slab etched with dark symbols, surrounded by vials full of glowing liquids and tables holding dark tomes. About to become something less than human. Something powerful.

There's a part of you that's screaming that it wants out, that this will kill you, that it's not worth it. You strangle it. It's worth it. You'd rather die now than live on as a nobody.

As the narcoleptic in your blood begins to take effect, your mind conjures visions. You see yourself slaying dragons, leviathans, and behemoths. You are paraded in gilded chariots, surrounded by thousands that chant your name. You see statues in your likeness towering over cities, and portraits each more flattering than the last. You see a future where children think of you when they need to be strong.

If you could reach out, and grab one of those dreams, make it manifest, which one would you take?

>A dream of power. You will never be that child covered in bruises again. Demon King Melas, The Six Living Gods of Doonsidal, the Dragon Kings of Eritreya. You will surpass them all. Crush them under your heel. (Gain Trait “All for Power”: You will do anything to yourself if it's for the sake of growing stronger. Your body responds to this will, making all transformations more disfiguring, but quickening your growth.)

>A dream of glory. You will never go back to that little town where nothing happens, to that ratty old inn with your name in it. You will have riches untold, songs in your name, the adoration of the masses, and a million men under you. You will have a kingdom. You just need the strength first. (Gain Trait “Proud Angel”: There's a humbling, regal air around you. No matter how extensive your transformation you will always look inspiring and beautiful, like a great white hawk.)

>A dream of a legacy. You want to be to children, what the King of Knights, the Seven-Colored Storm, and the Prophet of Smiles were to you. You want to be their lit match in the cold winter night, the one that turns into a blazing inferno. You want to be the story that fills their head with pleasant daydreams. You want to be their hope. (Gain Trait “Golden Heart”: Buried beneath pain and beneath greed, there lays a true hero's soul. It will lead you on the right path, if you're willing to listen to it.)

As your eyelids grow heavy, you hear the sounds of high-heels on the ground and catch the image of the witch that's going to turn you into a monster looming over you, an expression of barely contained joy in her red eyes.

Red eyes, like the ones of the woman that left you behind. The anger the thought musters is not enough to ward off sleep, and so, you dream of the past.

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Casual Fantasy Edgelord Quest
Colon&#039;s perception of himself
Your name is Colon, like the organ, and ever since you were a child you knew that you lived in a society. The crown just wants to keep you down, you and everybody else in Eltown. That's okay though, because you're smart enough to know that's how everything works. Everybody is taking advantage of everybody and only people like you and the crown are smart enough to see that and stop playing along with the rest of society. You're going to do something radical, something extreme, but it's going to be the start of a new chapter in your life and the power to make it so society has to play along to what you think for once.

First you remember your stats.

>Roll three 1d20s to find your statpoints
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Chimp Quest
download (4)
Ooh, ah oh?
(What type of Chimp are you?)

(Regular: literally a regular chimp. Can do regular chimp stuff. You expected better?)

(Bonobo: Chimp but smaller and they fuck a lot. Under a matriarchical troop system.)
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Valen Quest 78
Less than a handful of your knights and the broken remnants of a pack of demihumans. The price of securing Carona once and for all against Artemis' machinations, and ensuring your position as the town's leadership.

The events of last night seem so far away come morning. A day of emotional exhaustion, and a victory you'd labored to claw together that left you feeling remarkably hollow for having achieved it, when by all merits you'd won the day splendidly and decisively; A feat few could claim in opposition to Artemis on the best of days. Yet despite their overwhelming numerical superiority and headstart in gaining the upperhand, it had cost you... So very, very little to see them rid of.

Standering in the foyer, your gaze lingers on Fen's empty desk. Papers remained as they were the day prior, and as they would until someone took the initiative to clean it going forward... Rinnier's secretary wasn't coming back, and his soft-spoken pride in being of aid still whispered quietly from the vacant seat. A name and a face you could decisively put to one of the handful you lost, which made feeling good about your achievement that much harder.

That Kara had been gone by the time you got back was...

You heaved a tired sigh, fingertips brushing against the tiara-esque visor that Lily had chosen to favor. A more subtle form than the golem ittypically presented itself as, though the sudden acquisition and decision for the Valen heir to start wearing a facial accessory would doubtlessly raise its own series of questions. The connection with Lily was still being maintained through the bracelet, its dual-rings warm against your left wrist, faintly echoing to you the curious contentment the young Dryad apparition had in accompanying you.

It was a welcome, if not particularly effective, distraction from the threat of ruminating on how lonely you felt. A gnawing sort of discomfort that you couldn't properly put your finger on, which had ultimately seen you request Ari give you space after your lectures last night - A good decision? The right one? It was the first time you'd really slept alone in some time. Part of you felt like it's what you needed... But another wondered quietly if pushing people away for space was a healing process, or the start of a spiral.

In either case, a pervasive anxiousness over what 'Hearts In Harmony' would have done in your state had ultimately made the decision for you, and would likely continue to make that decision for you... Because your thoughts on sleeping alone aside, the effects of that particular Atelier privilege were... complicated.

Ari hadn't been happy about it, of course, but she hadn't pressed the issue either. You don't know what you would have done if she had.
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Pokemon Clover Quest 2: Tomboy Outback Steakhouse
SOME- people say a lass is made out of mud.
A poor girls made out of muscle and blood.
Muscle and blood, skin and bones.
To busy for any pokemon go.

You load sixteen plates, how are you paid
15 an hour and people staring under your face
Endrather dont you call me cause I cant die
My souls at the steakhouse and theres a line

You are Alex Mason, former black-haired beauty of the terrorist organization anon, now a indebted waitress and the Great Titan of the local province of the Kuklux klan... You can explain.

Though you hardly have the time too, unfortunately its the Christmas season where everyone celebrates Ice Sweeps and Sprucifex dying on the cross.

Its made you busy, and while you have slowly picked up a few tips to pay off your debt, you just have to finish this one shift left.

There are 3 tables you have to clear, and essentially you only have to cover one of them before you are paid off and can fuck off.

The first one has a rather obess man glaring at his strip steak, red and blue lines decorating his sweater as he devored the meat.

Another person still obese, is sitting in the shadowy corner of the resturant, big meaty fingers typing on a laptop in one hand as he devours chicken in another.

The last table is a family table with a little girl with a blue and purple cone hat on her head. It must be her birthday.

Who shall be your last table

>The Red obese man
>The Darkside fatty
>The birthday girl

>Welcome back to CLOVER QUEST! For our VERY SHITTY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! This is based on the hit romhack Pokemon Clover. You have these pokemon

>The Reptyke Reznov, a scrappy fighting dinosaur, kinda weak but got a strong spirit!

> Chompers the Chompest, a Rock/Dark chest that is suprisingly worldly and incredibly powerful. Is good box.

>Kuklan the no one really named him! A monofire and former leader of the Kuklux klan, hes a powerful wizard who simply wasnt as powerful as Chompers.

> l33t the upbote. A little psychic baby who you are training for Todd Howard so he will give you your pokedex back. His true power remains to be seen.
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