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Youth Pastor Arrested for Voyeurism After Teen Boy Spots Camera Hidden in Church Restroom

A youth pastor in Florida has been arrested after a teenage boy found a surveillance camera in the bathroom of his church.
David Patrick Nims, 37, was charged with one count of video voyeurism by a person 18 or older, who is responsible for the welfare of a child younger than 16. The charge is a second-degree felony. The charge can have the maximum sentencing of 15 years in prison, an additional 15 years of sex offender probation and a $10,000 fine under Florida State Law.
The Escambia County jail booked and later released Nims after he paid his $10,000 bond, according to a statement from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.
The police report said a 14-year-old boy entered the bathroom of the Calvary Baptist Church where Nims works in Pensacola. The boy noticed the camera was pointed at him while using the restroom and immediately threw it away, the report said. He then went to tell his youth pastor about what he had found in the restroom.
Public Restroom
A 2015 photo of a toilet and a urinal located in Berlin, Germany. A youth pastor was arrested after a camera was found in a church restroom in Florida.
Officers from the Escambia County Sheriff's Department responded to the church on Sunday.
"Investigators assigned to the ECSO Special Victims Unit immediately began an investigation and identified [Nims] as the suspect," Escambia County Sheriff's Office said.
The surveillance footage taken by the camera was investigated and confirmed that the boy had been recorded using the restroom. The video also showed a face and clothing thought to be Nims, which witnesses confirmed to police. Witnesses were unable to identify a bathroom in the footage, leading investigators to believe a separate bathroom may have also been recorded, WKRG reported.
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9-Year-Old Girl Berates School Board Over 'Black Lives Matter' Posters in School

9-Year-Old Girl Berates School Board Over 'Black Lives Matter' Posters in School
A 9-year-old student in Minneapolis was seen berating her school board in a viral video for images of "Black Lives Matter" and Amanda Gorman posted on the walls of the school after she was told political posters were not allowed.
The girl, known only as Novalee, spoke at the Lakeville Area School Board meeting in Lakeville, Minnesota, just 30 minutes outside of the city where George Floyd was killed over a year ago.

"I was walking down the hallway at Lakeview Elementary School to give a teacher a retiring gift," she said at the meeting on June 8. "I looked up onto the wall and saw a BLM poster and an Amanda Gorman poster."

Novalee added: "In case you don't know who that chick is, she's some girl who did a poem at Biden's so-called inauguration."

Amanda Gorman, 23, was the first person to be named National Youth Poet Laureate.

"I was so mad," the 9-year-old student said. "I was told two weeks ago at this very meeting spot: no politics in school. I believed what you said at this meeting."
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North Logan man uses 'devil worship language' to manipulate teen for sex, police say

Police in Cache County arrested a man accused of manipulating a 16-year-old girl into performing sexual acts with him by allegedly using "devil worship language."

Scott Preston Ferree, 23, was arrested and booked into the Cacho County Jail on Thursday, June 17.

According to a released affidavit of probable cause, the mother of the teen girl contacted police about suspicious texts between her daughter and Ferree back in January 2021.

The mother claimed Ferree has used "some type of devil worship language" to manipulate her daughter into the alleged sex acts.

During an interview with police, the teen told them she had been instructed by Ferree to listen to "Dev" and that Dev would text her about what she needed to do Ferree.

She later told police she had been instructed several times by "Dev" that she needed to perform specific sexual acts.

The teen admitted that she had followed the instructions and told police that if she hadn't she was told her family would be cursed and they would pay a great price for not following the instructions.

According to the affidavit of arrest, the girl disclosed to officers that she followed Dev's instructions out of fear for her and her family's safety.

Police said the texted instructions from Dev started shortly after Ferree had forcibly raped the teen at a church house.
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More Dem Hypocrisy: Defund The Police? No, MORE Money For Cops
Entire article at:
June 23, 2021

Biden backs funding more police to fight crime wave

President Joe Biden has unveiled a plan that includes funding more police to combat a nationwide surge in homicides, which he blamed on lax gun control.

He said officials in high crime areas can hire more law-enforcement personnel using coronavirus relief funding.

Mr Biden's crime-fighting strategy calls for curtailing rogue gun dealers and firearms trafficking.

Republicans are depicting Mr Biden's Democrats as weak on crime, amid calls by left-wingers to defund the police.

Announcing his five-point strategy at the White House on Wednesday, the president urged cities and states to use $350bn (£250bn) of funding from a Covid-19 relief bill on public safety efforts, including adding more police officers, even beyond pre-pandemic levels.

"It means more police officers, more nurses, more counsellors, more social workers or community violence interrupters to help resolve issues before they escalate into crimes," the president said.

Some members of Mr Biden's party have amplified calls by Black Lives Matter activists to defund the police, though the president himself has resisted the slogan, which is unpopular with most voters.

Mr Biden - who as a senator wrote a 1994 crime bill widely blamed for mass incarceration of black people - said on Wednesday: "This is not a time to turn our backs on law enforcement or our communities."

Unless tamed, the crime wave is likely to become a major issue ahead of next year's congressional mid-term elections.
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A Parent-Led Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Is Storming School Boards Across the Country
A parent-led rebellion against Critical Race Theory is storming school boards across the country and demanding accountability for what is being taught to American children.

At least 165 local and national groups have formed to combat Critical Race Theory (CRT) instruction in schools across the U.S., an NBC analysis found.

Many of these groups were founded by parents appalled to discover what was being taught to their children. Their advocacy has launched small town CRT debates onto the national stage, spurring far-left activists and establishment media outlets to accuse conservatives of ignorance and in some cases, racism.

“Parents are right to revolt against critical race theory in the classroom,” senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and anti-CRT writer Christopher Rufo told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Children are not inherently ‘oppressors’ and should not be implicated for historical crimes on the basis of their race. That’s the kind of propaganda that belongs in a Soviet history museum—not American K-12 classrooms.”

What Is Critical Race Theory?

CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue “antiracism” through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

Proponents of CRT defend the theory by saying that it offers needed critiques of “how the social construction of race and institutionalized racism perpetuate a racial caste system that relegates people of color to the bottom tiers.” In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, elements of CRT have begun to appear in schools across the nation, identifiable through buzzwords such as “systemic racism,” “racial equity,” “anti-racism,” or “implicit bias.”
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Background checks blocked a record high 300,000 gun sales
I thought dems said there were no background checks on buying guns?
It says "everytown says 42% of denials were for felony conviction". So take it with a grain of salt because bloomberg owns only town. I'd assume the other 58% are drug or domestic violence charges or mistakes.
This is also from the article
>According to the data, the rate of barred would-be gun buyers also increased somewhat over the previous two years, from about 0.6% to 0.8%. That could be in part because many of the people who tried to get guns in 2020 were buying them for the first time and may not have been aware that they were legally barred from owning them, said Adam Winkler, a UCLA Law professor specializing in gun policy.
so not much of a jump, more a massive jump in sales.
No fucking clue why the graph says "Firearm gun permit denials". Not only is that a fucking weird sentence, but I don't think any state has a permit to buy a long arm (somewhere around 15 to half) require a permit to buy/own a handgun. But idk of any state who requires a "permit" to own a long gun. Even states with FID's like NJ or Illinois don't call that a permit, because unconstitutional and couldn't be enforced. In NJ you don't need an FID to own a gun, only to buy one and it is shall issue. If they can't turn up a conviction they can't stop you. All they can do is be cunts about taking 6 to 9 months to process it, but all it is is a redundant by hand background check that NICS does again at the point of sale anyway. Maybe it is used to deny blacks or something because wait times are longer in cities and dem controlled areas.
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Chigago Mayor Calls for Getting Even with Whitey
idiot_negress - Copy
>muh racism

Mayor Lightfoot declares racism a public health crisis in Chicago

Lightfoot said in a press conference that it is “way past time that as a city” made the declaration, which followed the publication of a Tuesday report by the Chicago Department of Public Health reporting the difference in life expectancy between black and non-black residents is 9.2 years.

“We’ve made undeniable progress in our city, and I’m standing here today as the first black woman and first LGBTQ mayor as a testament to that progress,” the mayor said. “But no one thinks that we’ve gone far enough, and in fact, we have not." Redlining, “racist public housing practices,” and poor access to healthcare are among a list of things responsible for the city’s legacy of systemic racism, according to Lightfoot.
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John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Jail
>John McAfee, the antivirus software pioneer who founded cybersecurity company McAfee, was found dead Wednesday in a jail cell in Spain, according to a statement from his attorney.
>A Spanish court earlier in the day ordered for the extradition of Mr. McAfee in connection with a federal criminal proceeding in Tennessee. Mr. McAfee had been detained in the country since October in connection with criminal charges filed in Tennessee by the Justice Department’s tax division.

Crazy to think the charges weren't related to the homicide case. The US govt wanted to extradite McAffee for promoting crypto. So McAffee Epsteined himself in Spain. ???
Rest in Power Kang.
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January 6th False Flag Event
Tucker Carlson Calls Out Staged Events Being Used to Takeover America

Journalist Exposes FBI Involvement in Capitol Riot

FBI Planned & Executed Jan. 6th ‘Insurrection

Big Tech And MSM Cover Up Feds Involvement In January 6th Events
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The FORENSIC audit is spreading
ben cotton ninja

Pennsylvania Senator Approves Arizona-Style Election Audit | State
(Center Square) – Senator Dave Argal of R-Pottsville said last week that, like the efforts in Arizona, auditing the 2020 elections is not a bad idea.

Mr. Argal, chairman of the Senate State Government Committee, said: Spotlight PA On Friday, he doesn’t see “the damage caused by doing it again to try to answer the concerns people have.”

“Am I 100% confident … do you think everything was perfect? No, I want you to find out more about it,” he told the press. “That’s why I’m considering changing the election bill, and that’s why I think it’s perfectly okay to go back and audit and say,” How exactly did it work? ” “

Argal has revealed that he will accept the results of the November elections, even though many of his members do not trust the results. However, his commission’s position remains the key to potential election reforms or reviews to pass the Senate.
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War to censor educators teaching Critical Race Theory and racism confirmed to be astroturfed

Cconservative activists are setting their sights on ousting as many school board members as they can, and local Republican Parties have vowed to help, viewing the revolt against critical race theory as akin to the tea party wave from a decade ago.

Activists and parents have launched 50 recall efforts this year aimed at unseating 126 school board members, according to a new report from Ballotpedia, a website that tracks U.S. politics and elections. Most of those recalls — which already surpass the record for a single year — started as objections to Covid-19 restrictions, but five of the most recently launched campaigns, including a particularly contentious fight in Loudoun County, Virginia, include concerns about critical race theory.

And, in a new development this year, rather than targeting a single member, these efforts often target multiple members or entire school boards, according to Abbey Smith, a researcher at Ballotpedia.

This data, which is limited to the 39 states that allow for recall of local elected officials, suggests that political discord at the local school level is at an all-time high. At least 50 other school districts from Washington to Florida have been the scenes of local unrest over the idea of critical race theory, according to an NBC News analysis of media reports.
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Democrat Hypocrisy: Dems Now Accepting Voter ID Laws
Entire article at:
June 23, 2021

Democrats signal a shift toward accepting voter ID laws

There is little question that leading Democrats’ tone has shifted on the voter ID issue. Abrams and others have long assailed ID rules as a means of disenfranchising voters of color and other disadvantaged groups, since they are least likely to have photo IDs or other government-issued documents. They also argue that there is no evidence that ID requirements prevent election fraud.

The ACLU has called voter ID requirements part of an ongoing strategy to roll back decades of progress on voting rights. Activists have lumped the most onerous identification requirements with bills that make it a felony to give water to people in long voting lines or shuttle people from mostly Black churches to polling places.

But such arguments have rarely resonated with the larger public. Democrats have long struggled to rebut GOP arguments that if an ID is required to drive a car, drink alcohol or undertake other daily activities, doing the same for voting is hardly an egregious rights violation.

A Monmouth University poll released Monday found 80 percent of adults supported a photo ID requirement. While support for voter ID requirements peaked at 91 percent among Republicans, 87 percent of independents and 62 percent of Democrats also backed the idea.

Some conservatives say Democrats are now revealing their hypocrisy by suddenly accepting, for strategic reasons, measures they had long decried as racist and slammed Republicans for supporting.

The Republican National Committee tweeted out two ostensibly conflicting statements by Abrams, first opposing voter ID laws and then accepting them, adding, “Democrat Stacey Abrams suddenly supports voter ID.”

Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Abrams “did a complete flip-flop.”
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GA state investigators pressure whistleblower; SOS ignores court order, opening sealed ballots
>After several Fulton County, Ga., poll monitors testified last year that boxes of mail-in ballots for Joe Biden looked liked they’d been run through a photocopy machine, state investigators quietly broke the seal on one suspicious box and inspected the hundreds of votes it contained for signs of fraud, RealClearInvestigations has learned exclusively.

>At the same time, a key whistleblower told RCI that state investigators pressured her to recant her story about what she and other poll monitors had observed -- what they called unusually “pristine” mail-in ballots while sorting through them during last November’s hand recount.

>“I felt I was under investigation,” said Suzi Voyles, a longtime Fulton County poll manager whose sworn affidavits have been used by election watchdogs to sue the county for access to the ballots in question.
Although the ballots are at the center of disputes about the Georgia presidential race, which Joe Biden won by just 12,000 votes, the state never disclosed its probe to the public or to election watchdogs suing to inspect the ballots.

>State officials also neglected to inform the judge hearing the lawsuit that they were conducting such an inspection, even though the judge had issued a protective order over the ballots in January.

>Frances Watson, chief investigator for the secretary of state’s office, confirmed in a statement to RCI that she sent investigators to Fulton County earlier this year to inspect the batches of sealed ballots. Poll monitors involved in last November’s hand recount had described the mail-in ballots in sworn affidavits as devoid of creases and folds and featuring identically bubbled-in marks for Biden. But the state said it could not find any ballots matching that description.
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Pedophile Priests Can Take Communion.
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GOP-led Michigan Senate investigation finds no evidence of election fraud
An investigation by Michigan's Republican-led Senate Oversight Committee found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in 2020, and recommended that Michigan's attorney general investigate individuals who made false claims "for their own ends."

The months-long investigation repudiates claims from GOP activists who alleged that some voting machines were “manipulated” in rural Antrim County, where human error by the Republican clerk led to initially skewed results, per Bridge Michigan.

"The committee finds those promoting Antrim County as the prime evidence of a nationwide conspiracy to steal the election place all other statements and actions they make in a position of zero credibility," the report says.

"Our clear finding is that citizens should be confident the results represent the true results of the ballots cast by the people of Michigan," the report concluded.
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"Ecocide" soon to become an international crime

Legal experts from across the globe have drawn up a “historic” definition of ecocide, intended to be adopted by the international criminal court to prosecute the most egregious offences against the environment.

The draft law, unveiled on Tuesday, defines ecocide as “unlawful or wanton acts committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused by those acts”.

The Stop Ecocide Foundation initiative comes amid concerns that not enough is being done to tackle the climate and ecological crisis.

If adopted by the ICC’s members, it would become just the fifth offence the court prosecutes – alongside war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and the crime of aggression – and the first new international crime since the 1940s when Nazi leaders were prosecuted at the Nuremberg trials.
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MI Senate Republicans smash Trump and election fraud cult!
The Republican-led Michigan Senate Oversight Committee rebutted voter fraud claims made by Donald Trump, debunking claims of malfeasance in the state's election last fall and affirming that Joe Biden was victorious, in a highly-anticipated report released Wednesday.

The report is the product of an eight-month inquiry and concludes there was no basis or evidence to support the Trump's repeated claims that the election results failed to reflect the will of the voters.

"As is often the case, the truth is not as attractive or as immediately desirable as the lies and the lies contain elements of truth," state Sen. Ed McBroom, the Republican chairman of the committee that investigated the election, said in a statement that accompanied the report. "We must all remember: 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof' and 'claiming to find something extraordinary requires first eliminating the ordinary.'"

The report, which was supported by every Republican on the committee, was clear: "This Committee found no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan’s prosecution of the 2020 election."

Biden won Michigan by 154,000 votes, a 3 percentage point victory over Trump. The election results had already been affirmed by court rulings, state canvassers and an earlier audits completed by the Michigan Secretary of State. .

McBroom said he feels confident the state's results were accurate following his review. He continues to offer support for Republican-led voting law changes. McBroom said many of the claims of malfeasance were the result of "a misunderstanding or an outright deception."
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Disney heiress says rich addicted to getting richer, so pay no taxes
Abigail Disney knows what lurks in the minds of the wealthy. She's one of them, after all.

The heiress and outspoken wealth-tax advocate penned an essay in The Atlantic about the staggeringly low tax rates that a ProPublica expose revealed many billionaires have been paying. She said it reveals a mindset at work, and not a healthy one.

"As time has passed, I have realized that the dynamics of wealth are similar to the dynamics of addiction," Disney writes. "The more you have, the more you need."

That bombshell ProPublica report showed just how little America's wealthiest pay in proportional taxes, which Disney notes is completely legal. She confesses that many of the tax-reducing mechanisms described in that report had previously been suggested to her, and she's even utilized some of them.
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Possible cat killer in ottawa

This seems concerning any thoughts?
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BBC bans whites from applying for new job
BBC no Whites allowed
The position is only open to 'Black, Asian and ethnically diverse candidates.'

"We must, from top to bottom, represent the audiences we serve."

"We have made some big improvements, but we want and need to go further. This plan will ensure we are a modern, progressive, welcoming organisation."
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1 Amazon UK warehouse destroys billions in unsold stuff,don't want to donate to poor
British news outlet ITV obtained footage from inside the e-commerce giant’s Dunfermline facility that showed laptops, books, jewelry and other still-packaged products being sorted into boxes marked “destroy.”

The items, some of which were new and others which were returned, were then sorted into trucks and taken to recycling centers or landfills, according to the outlet.

I used to gasp. There’s no rhyme or reason to what gets destroyed: Dyson fans, Hoovers, the occasional MacBook and iPad; the other day, 20,000 Covid (face) masks still in their wrappers.

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General Milley owns congressmen Gaetz

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, responded to criticism from Republican lawmakers Wednesday that members of the military are taught critical race theory, the academic concept that racism is a systemic, social construct.

In recent months, critical race theory has come under fire from conservatives who believe it should not be taught in public schools.

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee, Milley, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer, said there was nothing wrong with learning from history.

"I do think it's important, actually, for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read," Milley said. "And it is important that we train and we understand.

"I want to understand white rage, and I'm white," he continued in reference to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump. "And I want to understand it.

"I've read Karl Marx. I've read Lenin. That doesn't make me a communist," he added. "What is wrong with understanding, having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend? And I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned, our noncommissioned officers, of being 'woke.'"

Milley had been given time by Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, D-Pa., a former Air Force officer, to respond to comments from Reps. Matt Gaetz and Michael Waltz, both Republicans from Florida, who had raised the issue of critical race theory being taught at military service academies, including West Point, earlier in the hearing.

As Milley spoke, Gaetz shook his head in disapproval.

At the end of his comments, Milley directly addressed Waltz, a combat veteran.
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The murderer Fauci must face trial
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Mike Pence gets booed, called traitor at church
Former Vice President Mike Pence owes a great deal of his political career to support from evangelical conservatives, and Friday’s Faith & Freedom Coalition Summit has been home turf for him for years.

Forbes political reporter Andrew Solender captured a short video of Pence delivering his remarks to the conference, being held in Kissimmee, Fl. (just south of Orlando). Audible boos and chants of “traitor!” can be heard.
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Ikea had a special menu with fried chicken and watermelon for Juneteenth

To Honor Juneteenth?!?

IKEA is under fire after one of its stores in Atlanta allegedly listed fried chicken and watermelon as menu items for its employees to supposedly honor Juneteenth.

The furniture giant reportedly sent an email to employees last week alerting them that "to honor the perseverance of Black Americans and acknowledge the progress yet to be made" it was also going to roll out a special menu.

And that's where IKEA dropped the ball BIG TIME ... because the so-called special menu -- again, for a holiday commemorating the end of slavery -- included fried chicken, watermelon and mac n' cheese ... some of those items, of course, perpetuate racial stereotypes.
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Evansville youth minister arrested on rape charges in Tennessee

CAMDEN, TN. (WFIE) - An Evansville youth minister has been arrested on sexual battery and rape charges in Tennessee.
Officials say 32-year-old Joshua Burton Henley has been arrested on one count of aggravated sexual battery and three counts of statutory rape by an authority figure.
The Office of the District Attorney General in Tennessee states Henley is employed as a youth minister at Washington Avenue Church of Christ in Evansville. Formerly, officials state Henley was a pastor at Holladay Community Church and was an unpaid volunteer girls basketball coach at Holladay Primary School in Holladay, Tennessee.
“This arrest is the result of an extensive ongoing investigation through the coordination of several agencies,” states District Attorney Matthew F. Stowe. “I am very pleased with the team effort of all parties. This case typifies the issues that law enforcement face in dealing with sexual crimes involving minors, which have increased in the wake of the imposed COVID isolation.”

According to authorities, the case involves multiple victims ranging in age from 12 to 16 years of age and, so far, jurisdiction involves three states.
We’re told he was booked into the Benton County Jail in Tennessee on June 18, where he is being held on a $500,000 bond and will be arraigned Wednesday.
Law enforcement believes there may be additional victims who have not yet been identified. Anyone who may have any additional information is asked to contact investigators at the Benton County Sheriff’s Department at 731 - 584 - 4632.
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Inventor of mRNA vaccines says "Spike Protein" vaccines are dangerously "cytotoxic"
Dr. Robert W. Malone is an internationally recognized scientist and is known as one of the original inventors of “DNA Vaccination.”.
Robert W. Malone - CEO, Director, Associate Professor, Consultant of Biotechnology in Troy, Vermont, United States of America | eMedEvents

In Bret's interview Dr.Malone discussed how the virus may change society forever and we may be dealing with it forever. The ADE caused by the vaccine may make you more vulnerable to future outbreaks.

Dr. Tess Lawrie's(world-class researcher and consultant to the World Health Organization) report independently confirmed we should STOP these vaccines NOW. NOBODY can explain the cause of the excess deaths of thousands of American lives (minimum 5,000 and could be 50,000). I talked to the people behind OpenVAERS... they estimated the death toll at 20,000 people and they were very concerned about data missing from VAERS... records that have been secretly removed, and how over 200,000 recordid's have gone missing... that's nearly 20% of all the records.

cont. below
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Dead bat on the motherfking plane
Is this how India virus got into the U.S.A.?
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Page 117:
"June 8-9 Non Jury Trial for court case scheduled"
"Key findings by Allied Special Operations Group:"
"antrim county results not certifiable"
"Error rate 68.05%"
• On November 21, 2020 an unauthorized user unsuccessfully attempted to zero out
election results.
• Windows Event logs have been deleted which breaks the election chain of custody.
• Election Management System logs have been deleted which breaks the election
chain of custody.
• Result Tally and Reporting application can be used to insert manual vote count
totals rather than importing the results from a tabulator. Lack of logs prevents
ability to discern whether or not fraudulent activity occurred but lack of chain of
custody is sufficient reason to decertify the election results.

"Unfortunately you are only hearing the side of the liberal media which is biased and actual untruths in some instances. The BOS is now in defense mode which means you aren't hearing the whole story from them either. Let's let the audit finish, put out the facts and findings, then make your decisions at that time."

"This is where you are mistaken. Biden won. 45% of all Arizona voters think there is a problem with the election system. The audit is to prove or disprove these theories or to find ways to improve the system"

"Our number one priority is to finish the audit before they try to shut us down again. There will be plenty of time of subpoenas once the audit is done"
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First lady 'prepping cognitively out of it' Joe Biden ahead of G7 Summit
The old grifter is embarrassing!

US President Joe Biden must be so "cognitively out of it" if his wife First Lady Jill Biden has to "write him cue cards" ahead of his meetings with leaders attending the G7 Summit.

"Jill Biden putting up a photo, she is the wife of the president, saying that she's prepping for the G7, I mean there's only two things you can think here," Mr Bond said.

"One is that the grifter is so cognitively out of it that his wife has to do all of his research for him and presumably write him cue cards or something.
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St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters plead guilty, will give up firearms

Thu, June 17, 2021, 1:58 PM·3 min read

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A St. Louis couple who gained notoriety for pointing guns at social justice demonstrators pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charges, but the man left the courthouse defiantly pledging to “do it again” if faced with the same circumstances.

Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000. Her husband, Mark McCloskey, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750. They also agreed to give up the weapons they used during the confrontation.

When several hundred demonstrators marched past their home in June of 2020, the couple waved weapons at them. They claimed the protesters were trespassing and that they feared for their safety.

The McCloskeys, both of them lawyers in their 60s, wore blue blazers and spoke calmly in answering questions from Judge David Mason during Thursday’s hearing. Mason asked Mark McCloskey if he acknowledged that his actions put people at risk of personal injury. He replied, “I sure did your honor.”
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Trump asked Justice Department to Stop ‘SNL’ From Teasing Him
President Donald Trump asked advisors and lawyers to look into how "Saturday Night Live" and other late-night shows could be punished after they mocked him, The Daily Beast's Asawin Suebsaeng and Adam Rawnsley reported on Tuesday.

"It's truly incredible that shows like Saturday Night Live, not funny/no talent, can spend all of their time knocking the same person (me), over & over, without so much of a mention of 'the other side,'" he said.

"Should Federal Election Commission and/or FCC look into this? There must be Collusion with the Democrats and, of course, Russia!"

Sources told the outlet that Trump had to be repeatedly advised that the shows are satire, meaning they're protected.
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Why is this place so fucking political?
Go on /pol/ or reddit if you want to spread your bullshit

Also man shot and killed a security guard at a bank in Gary Indiana
Suspect charged
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Failed Trump Coup Updates: Domestic Terrorist groups collapsing, Armed terrorist at coup is charged

The far-right group the Oath Keepers is splintering after board members accused the founder of spending its money on hair dye, steaks and guns. The leader of the Proud Boys, choked off from the financial system, is printing “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts to make money.

The finances of the two most visible groups with members involved in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol are sputtering. Leaders are low on cash, struggling with defections and arguing with members over the future.

The Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys have seen more than three dozen of their members or affiliates arrested in connection with Jan. 6. Prosecutors are investigating the money trail that led the groups to Washington that day and examining the roles played by the Proud Boys’ leader, Enrique Tarrio, and the founder of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, neither of whom entered the Capitol building.

In late April, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents surrounded Mr. Rhodes in unmarked vehicles in Lubbock, Texas, seized his iPhone and served him a search warrant, said the Oath Keepers’ general counsel, Kellye SoRelle. The warrant sought evidence about any “planning, preparation or travel” to breach the Capitol on Jan. 6, including any “tactical training” or weapons procurement. His phone has since been returned.

Members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers appeared well-organized at the Capitol, some coordinating with walkie-talkies and wearing military-style outfits. Behind the facade of power is a yearslong cash crunch exacerbated by internal discord and isolation from financial firms and social media. Fallout from Jan. 6 made it all worse.


“We’re bleeding,” Mr. Tarrio said in an interview in April, referring to an e-commerce business he uses to support himself and other Proud Boys members. “We’ve been bleeding money since January, like hemorrhaging money.”
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Waitress abducted and assaulted after chasing 5 people who ran out on $70 bill: Police

A waitress was allegedly abducted and assaulted by a group of five people after chasing them down when they walked out on their $70 bill.

The incident occurred at approximately 11:15 p.m. on Saturday, June 19, at the Nifty Fifty’s in Turnersville located in Washington Township, New Jersey, when police say the 20-year-old waitress was taken away in a vehicle for a short time after confronting a group she had served in the restaurant, according to ABC News’ Philadelphia station WPVI.

Surveillance footage obtained by WPVI shows the woman being pulled into the White Dodge Durango as one person flees the vehicle before it pulls away with the waitress inside.

"They pulled her into the vehicle and assaulted her inside the vehicle," Washington Township Police Chief Patrick Gurcsik told WPVI in an interview following the incident. "The vehicle headed north on Route 42, made a U-turn and was heading south towards Monroe Township, and pushed her out of the vehicle.”

It was then that authorities say the woman was able to run back to Nifty Fifty’s and immediately call the police.

She suffered a number of bruises and a possible concussion during the assault and abduction, according to WPVI. She was taken to a local hospital, treated for her injuries and released.

The suspects involved in the case were last seen driving a white Dodge Durango on Rt. 42 south near Monroe Township and are still at large.

Gurcsik said that rather than chase people who run out on their bill, employees should try to take down the license plate of their vehicle instead and report it to the authorities. Police said employees should try to take down the license plate of customers who dine without paying and call authorities.
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Appeals court blocks rogue judge's attempt to overturn of California's assault weapons ban
Another win for true pro-lifer over the pro-war, pro-murder lobby that wants you dead for profits and ego.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked a federal judge's controversial ruling that overturned California's longtime ban on assault weapons, in which he likened the AR-15 to a Swiss Army knife.

In an order Monday, a three-judge panel on the federal appeals court issued a stay of US District Judge Roger Benitez's order earlier this month that overturned California's three-decade old assault weapons ban.

The state's current assault weapons laws will remain in effect while further proceedings continue, California Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a statement on Twitter.

"This leaves our assault weapons laws in effect while appellate proceedings continue," Bonta said in a tweet. "We won't stop defending these life-saving laws."

In his order on June 4, Benitez, an appointee of former President George W. Bush, called firearms that have been labeled assault weapons "fairly ordinary, popular, modern rifles."

"Like the Swiss Army Knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment," Benitez said in the ruling.

The ruling sparked criticism from numerous California officials, including Gov. Gavin Newsom who said the AR-15 is a "weapon of war."

When Benitez overturned the state's ban on assault weapons, he gave the state 30 days to challenge the ruling. Bonta filed an appeal less than a week later, calling it "fundamentally flawed."

The 9th Circuit court said both parties will file a status update within 14 days.
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Court stops the racist, sexist COVID grants from racist, sexist Biden
white privilege reeducation

SBA grants for restaurants owned by women, minorities halted by new lawsuit
Restaurants in Tennessee and Texas alleged discrimination by the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

The distribution of pandemic relief money to more than 2,900 restaurant businesses owned by women, veterans and disadvantaged people was halted last week following lawsuits by several White business owners.

Restaurants in Tennessee and Texas alleged discrimination by the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, part of President Biden's American Rescue Plan. The program – which has delivered about $27 billion in relief funds to more than 100,000 restaurants – included a three-week period in May during which the Small Business Administration prioritized processing and funding requests from minority-owned businesses.

Under the program, food and beverage providers are eligible to receive grants equal to their pandemic-related revenue loss, with a maximum of $10 million per business and $5 million per location.

But a conservative legal group founded by Stephen Miller and Mark Meadows, aides to former President Donald Trump, filed a lawsuit in Texas on behalf of the owners of the restaurant Blessed Cajuns, arguing the Biden administration's attempt to prioritize aid based on gender and race is unconstitutional, according to Reuters.
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14 Republicans vote against making Juneteenth a federal holiday

More than a dozen House Republicans voted against legislation on Wednesday to make Juneteenth, which marks the end of slavery in America, a federal holiday.

The House still passed the bill overwhelmingly by a vote of 415-14, a day after the Senate approved it by unanimous consent.

The bill now heads to President Biden for his signature ahead of June 19, the day in 1865 when Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger of the Union Army informed the remaining enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, that they were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation issued more than two years earlier.
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Online Safety Bill Catastrophic For Free Speech
This is what happens when you don’t have a constitution clearly listing the People’s rights.
23 June 2021

Online Safety Bill 'catastrophic for free speech'

The draft Online Safety Bill harms free speech and hands policing the internet to Silicon Valley, a new campaign claims.

The "Legal to Say. Legal to Type" campaign says if it becomes law, US tech firms would gain too much power.

The draft bill places new duties on social media firms to remove harmful or illegal content.

The government has said firms should have safeguards to ensure freedom of speech.

These would include effective routes for people who have had their content removed to appeal against any decision.

The new campaign includes Ruth Smeeth, of Index on Censorship, Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group, Gavin Millar QC and MP David Davis.

While the group supports the bill's aim of ensuring online platforms remove images of child sexual abuse, terrorist material and content which incites racial hatred and violence, it fears other provisions will adversely affect free speech.

The new bill could see legal online posts from ordinary people blocked and would turn Ofcom into a free speech "super regulator", it claims.

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Washington Post urges white people to feel 'shame,' to self-segregate
The Washington Post began a series called "The New Normal" in 2020, and on the latest episode, pundits and commentators urged white people to feel the sins of their ancestors.
Nicole Ellis, host for "The New Normal," introduced the episode by saying that it is about "white racial identity." She said that George Floyd's death marked the "first time that white people were becoming aware of their whiteness. And the systemic ways that white supremacy affects all of us."
Resmaa Menakem, who offers courses in "somatic abolitionism," starts off by saying that "Racism, racialism, white body supremacy is not episodic, it is structural. Remember that there were thousands of George Floyds before the one that you say. Your bodily response to this horror, right, is not the same thing as you dealing with the structural aspects of this."
The latest episode of "The New Normal" released by the Washington Post urges white people to feel “shame,” and educate one another via “white accountability groups.”— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 21, 2021
She turned to Rebecca Toporek, who is a professor in the Department of Counseling at San Francisco State University. Toporek said that "white people in particular get aroused, get upset, say 'this is unjust, this isn't right, this is shouldn't happen.' There's like an awakening that happens. And so part of their racial identity development is seeing that awakening. What they do with it is really the next piece of it."

Ellis explained that "understanding your whiteness is integral to becoming self-aware as a white person." But this program of "understanding whiteness" is not about self-discovery, but about internalizing the ideas about whiteness that are being peddled by antiracist activists.
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Literally Jewish Space Lasers

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military said Monday it has successfully tested an airborne high-power laser that can shoot down drones, technology it hopes to deploy on a larger scale in the coming years.

Israel already boasts a large and sophisticated air defense system, which the military says had a 90% interception rate against thousands of rockets fired from Gaza during last month’s 11-day war. The laser technology would complement that system.

A prototype, developed with Elbit Systems, was mounted on a civilian plane and successfully shot down “several” drones in a recent test over the Mediterranean Sea, according to Brig. Gen. Yaniv Rotem, head of military research and development at the Defense Ministry.

“The ability to intercept and destroy threats from the air is groundbreaking,” he told reporters. “Israel is among the first countries to use such capabilities.”

In the recent test, the system shot down drones from within a range of about 1 kilometer (0.6 mile). In the coming years, Israel hopes to deploy a ground-based system with a range of 8-10 kilometers (5-6 miles) that can intercept rockets, mortar rounds and drones.
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Ex-Soviet Communists in Uzbekistan renew crackdown against Islam

Uzbekistan: Campaign on non-state Islam kicking up a gear
Students abroad repatriated, beards shorn, suspected extremists arrested.
Jun 21, 2021
Kalon Mosque in Bukhara. (Photo: k3nna / Creative Commons)
Kalon Mosque in Bukhara. (Photo: k3nna / Creative Commons)
Only a handful of years after seeming to ease their hardline position against pious Muslims, authorities in Uzbekistan are reverting to restrictive practices.

Students of Islam based abroad have been repatriated, adherents to the faith displaying prominent attributes of their devotion are reportedly being harassed and news of arrests of alleged extremists is once again in the headlines.

RFE/RL’s Uzbek service, Radio Ozodlik, reported on June 21 that the government has in recent months recalled around 1,500 young people pursuing Islamic studies in Egypt for indeterminate reasons. A representative of the Uzbek Embassy in Egypt told a reporter for the broadcaster that Cairo’s Al-Azhar University is now only accepting Uzbek students on condition that they are recommended by the state’s committee on religious affairs in Tashkent.

Diplomats have said they were concerned at how most students were not in fact attending courses at Al-Azhar but were instead doing their studies at questionable institutions in Cairo.

Ozodlik’s security services sources, meanwhile, have pointed to the fact that many of the repatriated people are from some of Uzbekistan’s most conservative regions in the Ferghana valley. Security services-linked sources said around 1,800 minors were prevented from leaving Uzbekistan for studies in Egypt in the first five months of this year.
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Poll: Majority say Jan. 6 was an 'insurrection' but are divided on independent commission

Most Americans believe the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol can be described as an “insurrection” but remain divided on how it should be investigated, according to a new Monmouth University poll.

Fifty-six percent of respondents said it is appropriate to call what happened on Jan. 6, when a mob of former President Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol, an insurrection, while an even larger majority — 72 percent — say it could be appropriately described as a “riot.”

In contrast, only one-third of respondents said that they see the events of Jan. 6 as a “legitimate protest,” according to the Monmouth poll.

But there’s a wide partisan divide at play. Nearly half of Republican respondents — 47 percent — said that it is appropriate to describe what happened on Jan. 6 as a legitimate protest compared to only 13 percent of Democrats.

Conversely, only 33 percent of Republicans say they would describe the events as an insurrection, a term dubbed appropriate by 85 percent of Democrats.

All told, half of those surveyed say they support the creation of an independent commission to examine what happened on Jan. 6. Another 31 percent believe that the matter should be handled through internal investigations, the poll found.

Democratic lawmakers in Washington have pushed the need for an independent commission to look into the events of Jan. 6, and the House has already passed legislation to establish such a panel. Senate Republicans blocked the measure last month, arguing that it amounted to a partisan exercise.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said this week that she is still hopeful lawmakers can reach an agreement on the commission and that she would give the Senate more time to rally support for the legislation.
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NYC shrink don't wanna kill us anymore, but now calls all whites,"Psychopaths"
"Would it be fair to say based on your expertise that White people are psychopathic?" Hill asked.

"I think so. Yeah … the level of lying that White people do that has started since colonialism – we’re just used to it," Khilanani said.

NYC psychiatrist Dr. Aruna Khilanani confirmed her belief Wednesday that White people are "psychopathic," claiming they lie to themselves with a false sense of identity that makes them unable to discuss issues of race.

In the April lecture, Khilanani told the audience that for non-White people, the cost of talking to White people was that they "suck you dry" and "there are no good apples" among them.

Khilanani made the claim while appearing on "Black News Tonight," as she defended her past comments made during a lecture at Yale University, in which she told the audience that White people made her blood boil, and she fantasized about shooting them in the head when they got in her way.
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North Korean dissident calls out China for enabling brutal regime
A North Korean dissident who escaped the brutal dictatorship as a teen is calling on the international community to condemn the Chinese Communist Party’s sponsorship of the regime, and denouncing Western leadership for ignoring human rights abuses to maintain Chinese favor.

“Most people do not understand that North Korea can only exist with the Chinese Communist Party’s help. Without it they could never survive,” human rights activist Yeonmi Park, 26, told The Post from her home in Chicago.

“China sponsors this dictatorship. The Chinese Communist Party gives them oil so they can maintain their missile weapons program,” she explained. “North Korea could never make anything on their own.”

“When defectors escape to China, the Chinese regime catches them and sends them back to North Korea to be killed. That is against international law and the Geneva Convention,” she continued.

Park fled the despotic regime with her mother at the age of 13. After crossing the frozen Yalu River into China in 2007, her mother was raped by a human trafficker and they were both sold into sex slavery. Her price was less than $300.

Now safe in her new home in America, the mom of one and outspoken critic of the regime said there were up to 300,000 North Korean women like her who are trafficked in China. She said their plight was ignored by the international community.

“You hear about the Boko Haram girls, you hear about these girls captured by ISIS. We give them Nobel Peace Prizes, but nobody has acknowledged the North Korean defector women in China,” she said.

“Up to 300,000 of us are being enslaved by these traffickers and no one talks about it. Ninety percent of them have been trafficked and raped constantly,” she continued. “I was one of them.”
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the Orange Heinous wanted to send American citizens to Giitmo for testing positive with COVID
Ain't even making this shit up. When he and the rest of the repugniQons were dumping and buying stock based on intelligence reports of just how fucking bad it was going to get, just weeks before the putrid fuckwit was saying "soon it will be zero (2020-04-16)," he tried to use Gitmo as a FEMA death camp for American citizens who tested positive.

[ pic barely related; I don't have anything disgusting and heinous enough to do the putrid shitsmear justice ]

Then-President Donald Trump offered a horrifying solution to the burgeoning COVID-19 infections among American tourists returning to the country in February last year, according to the Washington Post.

“Don’t we have an island that we own? What about Guantanamo?” Trump reportedly asked during a meeting in the Situation Room.

“We import goods. We are not going to import a virus,” he continued.

Trump reportedly made the suggestion a second time before his staffers shut down the idea due to concerns over political backlash.

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Trump Wanted His Justice Department to Stop ‘SNL’ From Teasing Him

It was the middle of Donald Trump’s presidency, and he was—yet again—mad at Saturday Night Live. And he wanted the federal government to help him settle the score.

In March 2019, the then-president of the United States had just watched an episode of the long-running, liberal-leaning NBC sketch comedy series (it wasn’t even a new episode, it was a rerun), and grew immediately incensed that the show was gently mocking him.

“It’s truly incredible that shows like Saturday Night Live, not funny/no talent, can spend all of their time knocking the same person (me), over & over, without so much of a mention of ‘the other side,’” Trump tweeted, long before he was banned from Twitter for inspiring a violent mob. “Like an advertisement without consequences. Same with Late Night Shows. Should Federal Election Commission and/or FCC look into this?”

It was, on its face, a ridiculous question and threat, as SNL is obviously satire, and therefore a form of protected speech in America that pissed-off commanders-in-chief have no authority to directly subvert. However, then-President Trump went farther than simply tweeting his displeasure with the late-night comedians and SNL writers’ room. The internal discussions that followed, between the former leader of the free world and some of his political and legal advisers, once again underscored just how much Trump wanted to use the full weight and power of the U.S. government to punish his personal enemies.
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Indianapolis Cop Who Shot Dreasjon Reed Sues NFL

>The Indianapolis police officer who shot and killed Dreasjon “Sean” Reed after a high-speed chase has filed a federal lawsuit against the NFL for referring to the killing as a case of “police misconduct,” among other things. The chase is said to have ended with Reed threatening to shoot people, exiting his car at a business, and pulling a gun on the officer who shot and killed Reed in return.

>be Dreasjon Reed
>be a piece of shit
>get kicked out of air force in tech school
>commit crimes
>acquire warrants
>steal a gun
>livestream your own drive-by on facebook with gun
>days later get stopped by police
>drive away from police
>run from police
>shoot at police
>livestream your chase
>get shot
>everyone he dindu nuffins
>riots in Indianapolis
>antifa blocks roads and pulls guns on drivers
>/news/ goes "what riots?"
>NFL says he gud boi, cops be racist n shiet
>muh systematic racism
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jew celebrates the flood and the death of people.
In Ukraine, gloat over the severe flooding that occurred in the Crimea.
(heavy rain caused small but intense flood. 18 dead)

Thus, the Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Aleksej Danilov(jew, who uses russian name) said with a grin that the peninsula received what it had long wanted, namely scarce water.

“You know that the Crimean peninsula has been asking for water for a very long time, and there is so much water there today that they don't even know what to do with it there. And yesterday in Ukrainian Kerch, and today in Ukrainian Yalta, unfortunately, this happened there ... God gave them too much water at once, "Danilov said.

Former Ukrainian journalist Tkachev asked why this is not reported in Daily Mail.

“I wonder if this joke will be shown on the Dom TV(ukrainian state propaganda paid by United Kingdom) channel? Well, so that Crimeans and Donetsk people know how much they love their former citizens in Ukraine?” Tkachev asks.

A writer living in Crimea, ex-deputy of the Kharkiv City Council Konstantin Kevorkian, in a commentary to PolitNavigator, said that Danilov's statement is a vivid demonstration of how the Crimeans are treated in Ukraine.
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India virus is gonna get you Barbara!
Oh fuck India virus is gonna get us now, we'd have to stay away from Rocky Mountain National Park and Disney parks, all the Pajeets like to hang there.
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Tucker Carlson Calls Journalists ‘Animals.’ He’s Also Their Best Source.

Last month, I texted Tucker Carlson to ask him a question that was on my mind: “Did you get vaccinated?”

“When was the last time you had sex with your wife and in what position?” he replied. “We can trade intimate details.”

Then we argued back and forth about vaccines, and he ended the conversation with a friendly invitation to return to his show. “Always a good time.”

One question you may be asking, if you are a New York Times reader, is: Why are you exchanging texts with Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host who recently described the media at large as “cringing animals who are not worthy of respect”?

And if you are a Tucker Carlson viewer, you may also be asking: How can the guy who tells you every night that the media is lying be texting with the enemy?

The answer is one of Washington’s open secrets. Mr. Carlson, a proud traitor to the elite political class, spends his time when he’s not denouncing the liberal media trading gossip with them. He’s the go-to guy for sometimes-unflattering stories about Donald J. Trump and for coverage of the internal politics of Fox News (not to mention stories about Mr. Carlson himself). I won’t talk here about any off-the-record conversations I may have had with him. But 16 other journalists (none from The Times; it would put my colleagues in a weird position if I asked them) told me on background that he has been, as three of them put it, “a great source.”

“In Trump’s Washington, Tucker Carlson is a primary supersecret source,” the media writer and Trump chronicler Michael Wolff writes in his forthcoming collection of essays, “Too Famous.” Mr. Wolff, who thanked Mr. Carlson in the acknowledgments of his 2018 book, “Fire and Fury,” explained, “I know this because I know what he has told me, and I can track his exquisite, too-good-not-to-be-true gossip through unsourced reports and as it often emerges into accepted wisdom.”
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Critical Race Theory Is exactly like Mao’s Cultural Revolution
>A Virginia mother who grew up under Chairman Mao Zedong’s communist regime in China slammed Critical Race Theory at the Loudoun County School Board Meeting this week

>“I am very alarmed by what’s going on in our schools,” Xi Van Fleet said at the school board meeting. “You are now teaching and training our children to be social justice warriors, and to loathe our country, and our history.”

>“Growing up in Mao’s China, all of this seems very familiar,” the mother continued. “The communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people. The only difference is they used class instead of race.”

>Van Fleet said that during China’s cultural revolution, she recalled seeing “students and teachers turn against each other.”

>“We changed school names to be politically correct. We were taught to denounce our heritage. The Red Guards destroyed anything that is not Communist — statues, books, and anything else,” she explained.

>Van Fleet added that in communist China, they were also “encouraged to report on each other, just like the student Equity Ambassador Program, and the Bias Reporting System
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AZ Voters Don’t Trust “Audit”

A poll of Arizona voters finds that more than half don’t trust the Arizona Senate’s audit of Maricopa County’s election, and almost half of voters say they’re less likely to vote for a senator who backed the audit.

The poll of 600 registered voters was conducted by the Mellman Group and commissioned by States United Action, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization focused on election issues. The voters were contacted by landline, cell phone and text-to-online from May 22-27. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4.0%.

The poll found 56% of those who were informed about the audit felt that it could not be trusted, while those who had not heard much at all were unsure. But the more people learned about the audit, pollsters found, the less likely they were to trust it.

The audit has been beset with controversy even before it began. Senate Republicans, led by Senate President Karen Fann, initially tried to hire a team of pro-Trump auditors that had spread debunked conspiracy theories and attempted to overturn the election, but cancelled those plans after the Arizona Mirror reported on them.
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ChyyNa say Wuhan covid-19 lab deserve Nobel medicine prize
The Chinese Foreign Ministry argues that the Wuhan Institute of Virology deserves to win the Nobel Prize for Medicine

Chinese state-run media explained that, “The award is mainly given to individuals or research groups who have made or demonstrated significant achievements in the past five years . . . China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson stressed at Thursday’s press conference that scientists working at the WIV should be awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine, rather than being blamed for being the first to discover the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus.
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Retail workers are quitting at record rates for higher-paying work:
‘My life isn’t worth a dead-end job’

Retail workers, drained from the pandemic and empowered by a strengthening job market, are leaving jobs like never before.

Americans are ditching their jobs by the millions, and retail is leading the way with the largest increase in resignations of any sector. Some 649,000 retail workers put in their notice in April, the industry’s largest one-month exodus since the Labor Department began tracking such data more than 20 years ago.

Some are finding less stressful positions at insurance agencies, marijuana dispensaries, banks and local governments, where their customer service skills are rewarded with higher wages and better benefits. Others are going back to school to learn new trades, or waiting until they are able to secure reliable child care.

“It was a really dismal time, and it made me realize this isn’t worth it,” said 23-year-old Aislinn Potts of Murfreesboro, Tenn., who left her $11-an-hour job as an aquatic specialist at a national pet chain in April to focus on writing and art. “My life isn’t worth a dead-end job.”

In interviews with more than a dozen retail workers who recently left their jobs, nearly all said the pandemic introduced new strains to already challenging work: longer hours, understaffed stores, unruly customers and even pay cuts.

Christina Noles spent much of the pandemic working the closing shift at a dollar store — sometimes nine consecutive days without a break — for $10.25 an hour. She felt isolated, anxious and demoralized.

Last month, the 34-year-old from Concord, N.C., quit, leaving the industry she’s worked in for most of her adult life. Now she works from home for a local law firm — a job that, three days in, still seems too good to be true.
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Dozens of women sue Pornhub, alleging it published nonconsensual clips

More than 30 women sued Pornhub on Thursday, accusing it of violating federal sex trafficking laws, distributing child pornography, racketeering and other crimes.

The suit alleges that Pornhub's parent company, MindGeek — and its constellation of porn brands — is a criminal enterprise that purchases, launders and uploads illegal content often obtained through human trafficking and sexual assault.

The women say in their suit that MindGeek used nonconsensual content to "become the dominant online pornography company in the world."

The women were victims of sexual exploitation, rape and trafficking, and they were "victimized first by their original abuser, and then repeatedly by the defendants in this case," the suit alleges.

Serena Fleites and more than 30 Jane Does allege in the suit that they were victimized by unauthorized videos uploaded and disseminated by Pornhub.

Pornhub denied the allegations, calling them absurd and reckless.
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Manchester Arena bomber ‘should have been identified as a threat’

A report into May 2017 attack says there were ‘missed opportunities’ to prevent or mitigate its ‘devastating impact’.

Suicide bomber Salman Abedi should have been identified as a security threat on the night he detonated an explosive device at the United Kingdom’s Manchester Arena as thousands of people were leaving an Ariana Grande concert, a public inquiry into the deadly 2017 attack has concluded.

Inquiry chairman John Saunders said on Thursday there were a number of “missed opportunities” by those in charge of security at the venue in northwest England on the evening of the blast to prevent its “devastating impact”.

Twenty-two people were killed in the May 22, 2017, bombing and hundreds of others were wounded.

It took place when Manchester-born Salman Abedi, who died in the blast, walked across the City Room foyer of the arena towards the main doors and detonated a shrapnel-laden device, packed into his bulging rucksack.

Saunders said it was likely Abedi would still have detonated his device if confronted by security personnel but added “the loss of life and injury is highly likely to have been less” had that been the case.

“I have concluded that there were serious shortcomings in the security provided by those organisations which had responsibility for it and also failings and mistakes made by some individuals,” he told bereaved families gathered at Manchester Magistrates’ Court.

But he also made clear the impact of the attack was the responsibility of Abedi and his brother Hashem, who helped him orchestrate it.
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And it all comes back to Trump projecting again.

WASHINGTON — As the Justice Department investigated who was behind leaks of classified information early in the Trump administration, it took a highly unusual step: Prosecutors subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of at least two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, aides and family members. One was a minor.

All told, the records of at least a dozen people tied to the committee were seized in 2017 and early 2018, including those of Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, then the panel’s top Democrat and now its chairman, according to committee officials and two other people briefed on the inquiry. Representative Eric Swalwell of California said in an interview Thursday night that he had also been notified that his data had subpoenaed.

Prosecutors, under the beleaguered attorney general, Jeff Sessions, were hunting for the sources behind news media reports about contacts between Trump associates and Russia. Ultimately, the data and other evidence did not tie the committee to the leaks, and investigators debated whether they had hit a dead end and some even discussed closing the inquiry.

But William P. Barr revived languishing leak investigations after he became attorney general a year later. He moved a trusted prosecutor from New Jersey with little relevant experience to the main Justice Department to work on the Schiff-related case and about a half-dozen others, according to three people with knowledge of his work who did not want to be identified discussing federal investigations.

The zeal in the Trump administration’s efforts to hunt leakers led to the extraordinary step of subpoenaing communications metadata from members of Congress — a nearly unheard-of move outside of corruption investigations.
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UK: Use of the term "white privilege" opposite" of the reality for poor white pupils
The report warns that white pupils on free school meals underachieve from early years in school through to GCSE, A-levels and university entry, compared with pupils on free meals from other ethnic groups.

'Swept under the carpet'

Tory MPs accused of adding fuel to ‘culture war’ in education report
Conservative-dominated committee says schools could be breaking the law by promoting terms such as ‘white privilege’
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An Alabama Republican who is trying to ban critical race theory was stumped when asked to define it

Alabama State Rep. Chris Pringle is trying to ban critical race theory from schools.
But in a recent interview with, he struggled to define critical race theory.
Critical race theory is a practice that examines America's history of racism and how it still impacts the country today.

A Republican lawmaker in Alabama who's trying to ban critical race theory from being taught in schools struggled to define the concept when asked by a political commentator at

Critical race theory is a practice that examines America's history of racism and how it still impacts the country today — and Alabama State Rep. Chris Pringle is among several republicans trying to ban it from schools.

But when asked about the concept by columnist Kyle Whitmire, Pringle struggled to clearly define it.

As part of his definition, he said the practice teaches students "certain children are inherently bad because of the color of their skin."

When pressed to name a specific person claiming to teach that, Pringle responded: "Yeah, uh, well — I can assure you — I'll have to read a lot more," he said.

"These people, when they were doing the training programs — and the government — if you didn't buy into what they taught you a hundred percent, they sent you away to a reeducation camp," Pringle added without evidence.

This is your Republican party everyone.
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Hope, disappointment, self-censorship: What it's like to be a Palestinian Canadian

Holy shit I'm surprised this piece even made it to the public. This dude is going to face backlash for sure.

"Oppressed and dispossessed people cannot be raw and unfiltered. Our audience holds us to a higher standard than others. Our raw and real experiences can get too uncomfortable for our audiences, and the accusatory label of antisemitism is just a press release or social media post away."

"We are expected to affirm all our oppressor's rights while never getting the recognition of our pain and suffering, let alone our rights."

"Western politicians, for example, will not typically speak about the right of the Palestinians to exist or to defend themselves, as they usually unequivocally affirm for Israel, let alone recognize the 1948 onset of our Nakba, the ongoing catastrophe of ethnic cleansing and dispossession."

"Victims across the world get names and personalities, but not us. We are commonly referred to in the passive voice. We "are shot," "injured" or just "die." Too often, no one will tell you who shot us, injured us, or made us die. To my knowledge, not a single Canadian newspaper published the pictures of the 67 children who were killed by the recent Israeli bombing of Gaza. An Israeli newspaper had to do it."
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Barry's puppet is toast
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Former President Donald Trump sent out a bizarre Father's Day message, taking aim at his political opponents and critics in a backhanded message marking the holiday.

Banned from Twitter and Facebook, Trump's divisive and confrontational messages have become less common in recent months. But the former president regularly releases official statements, often to criticize President Joe Biden or other political rivals.

On Sunday, he released a statement to commemorate Father's Day, sending his best wishes to "Losers."
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White House unveils new strategy to counter Trump's domestic terrorist cells plaguing America

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Tuesday rolled out what it said is a new strategy to counter domestic terrorism: a series of changes to elevate the federal government's response to an urgent problem, with renewed efforts to deter, detect and prosecute those who would use violence in pursuit of political aims.

"What we are focused on is violence," Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told NBC News' Pete Williams in an exclusive interview. "The incitement of violence, the drive to violence, the commission of violent acts."

In a statement Tuesday morning, President Joe Biden said, "[O]n my first day in office I directed my national security team to confront the rise in domestic terrorism with the necessary resources and resolve. Today, I am releasing the first-ever National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. It lays out a comprehensive approach to protecting our nation from domestic terrorism while safeguarding our bedrock civil rights and civil liberties — values that make us who we are as Americans."

In a speech announcing the policy Tuesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland said he would “reinvigorate” the domestic terrorism executive committee that was first created by Attorney General Reno in 1995 after the Oklahoma City bombing.

The strategy and an accompanying White House fact sheet call for more scrutiny of public social media posts and better coordination among security agencies. But after a 100-day review, the White House didn't make a decision about what might be the biggest policy question with regard to what it says is the most urgent security threat to the U.S.: whether to seek a law with specific criminal penalties for committing or supporting domestic terrorism. White House officials said they didn't have enough information and asked the Justice Department to further review the issue.
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"We do a lot of work": Texas' low-wage workers hope for more as Biden, Congress push minimum wage hike

The minimum wage in Texas pays $7.25 an hour, well below a livable wage and far lower than the minimum hourly pay in most states.

The joy of Juneteenth: America’s long and uneven march from slavery to freedom

As the nation embraces Juneteenth as a new federal holiday, explore the powerful history of emancipation that led to jubilation for more than 250,000 enslaved people in Galveston, Tex., on June 19, 1865. Ever since, Black Texans have celebrated that date with picnics, parades and music, spreading those celebrations across the country as they moved and making Juneteenth a beloved tradition in many towns and cities.
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China space station:Shenzhou-12 delivers first crew to Tianhe module

Excellent video on this link.

Hugely prestigious event for China as Beijing prepares to mark 100th anniversary of ruling Communist party
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Humpback whale swallows diver, regurgitates him, he ok
A commercial lobster diver says he escaped relatively unscathed after being swallowed by a humpback whale, in a biblical-sounding encounter that whale experts describe as rare but plausible.

Michael Packard, 56, said in local interviews and on social media that he was diving off the coast of Provincetown, Mass., on Friday morning when the whale suddenly scooped him up.

"I was inside his closed mouth for about 30 to 40 seconds before he rose to the surface and spit me out," Packard later wrote on Facebook. "I am very bruised up but have no broken bones."
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‘Two Americas’ may emerge as Delta variant spreads and vaccination rates drop: The Guardian

Biden’s 70% vaccination target by Fourth of July likely to fall short as efforts to entice people to get shots have lost their initial impact.

With Covid vaccination penetration in the US likely to fall short of Joe Biden’s 70% by Fourth of July target, pandemic analysts are warning that vaccine incentives are losing traction and that “two Americas” may emerge as the aggressive Delta variant becomes the dominant US strain.
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Representatives from 16 states have toured Arizona Audit
no matter how you try to spin it

Representatives from 16 states have now toured the Arizona audit to determine, in part, if they should be worried about databases having been deleted, or other fraud cover ups in their own states

This list will be updated as more information becomes available:


Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, visited the coliseum with colleagues on June 2 and told a reporter that he wants an Arizona-style audit in his state, perhaps involving two counties, one Republican-leaning and another Democratic-leaning.

“Specifically, I like this approach in Arizona because it is scientific," he said, expressing a sentiment not widely shared among election experts. "I mean, what I saw there, there is no way that they can be accused of slanting or bias because it's just counting votes, looking at ballots, and then doing the forensic analysis.


State Rep. David Eastman, of Wasilla, visited June 8. “I am grateful for the efforts that those in Arizona are making to increase confidence in their elections and hope we will be able to increase the confidence that Alaskans have in our elections as well,” he said.

Several Republican legislators from Wisconsin visited the Coliseum on June 11, including state Rep. Janel Brandtjen. She is the chairwoman of the Assembly Elections Committee, which is helping oversee a review of Wisconsin’s election.

In addition: Georgia, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia.. And don't forget Arizona
Among others who have visited are Sens. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City, and Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, as well as state Reps. Jacqueline Parker, R-Mesa, Leo Biasiucci, R-Lake Havasu City, Mark Finchem, R-Oro Valley, and Joseph Chaplik, R-Scottsdale. U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs, a Republican, and state Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward have also visited the coliseum.
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UN experts show concern on forced organ harvesting in China
Bob and Tsai Ing-wen
(Washington, DC—June 14, 2021) ChinaAid welcomes the United Nations’ recent report of evidence of an alleged systematic system of forced organ harvesting targeting minorities, including Falun Gong practitioners, Uyghurs, Tibetans, Muslims and Christians, in detention in China.

While horrific, the human rights experts’ findings are a crucial step in pushing back against the Chinese Communist Party’s campaign against religious minorities. There is substantial, credible, and a growing body of unrefuted evidence that the Communist Party of China has authorized and sanctioned – and continues to carry out—a systematic program of organ harvesting with a horrific and cruel loss of human life.

At the Taiwan International Religious Freedom Forum in May 2019, ChinaAid led over 70 influential activists, politicians, and religious leaders from around the world in signing the #NoMore Organ Harvesting Declaration. It stated, “On grounds of conscience and basic humanity, I solemnly pledge that I will not receive or accept, directly or indirectly, any organ transplant from China.”

However, concerning evidence continues to be exposed about the barbaric practice of forced organ harvesting of religious prisoners in China and yet the world remains idle. The international community must outright condemn the Chinese Communist Party’s crimes against humanity and work together to end the illegal organ trade system.

We urge the United Nations to move beyond dialogue with China and into a full scale investigation to include unrestricted visits by the Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children, the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, and the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
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Joe Biden’s Plan For The U.S. Navy Has Two Big Fans: Russia And China
The executive branch showers the federal government with easy money. It seems odd, then, that the federal government is making the Department of Defense choose between a false set of budget options when investing in defense—especially the Navy and cybersecurity—yields high returns.

Consider the following events that have taken place over the past three months:

Russian cyberattackers shut down the Colonial Pipeline Co.—the largest in the U.S.—for one week, which caused gas shortages in the U.S.

Russian cyberattackers also infiltrated the U.S. division of JBS S.A., America’s largest meat producer, which increased meat prices.

In both instances, the Department of Justice recovered some of the paid ransoms, but these attacks underscore patterns of vulnerability.

More than 100,000 Russian troops massed the Ukraine border for exercises that could precede an invasion. Russia also mobilized its navy in the Black Sea around Crimea, which it illegally annexed in 2014.

China is demonstrating aggressive behavior toward its neighbors. China is illegally operating hundreds of Chinese coast guard, maritime militia, and fishing vessels in Philippine territory in the South China Sea. Maintaining U.S. presence in the South China Sea will decrease China’s presence in the region.

The Chinese Navy recently conducted drills with its aircraft carrier to the north and east of Taiwan. The largest Chinese air incursions into Taiwan’s southern airspace occurred at the same time of these drills.

These recent challenges comprise just a few of the thousands the U.S. Navy faces every day at sea.
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9 more states are ending pandemic unemployment aid on Saturday
Daily Dose []
Nine states will be ending their enhanced unemployment benefits on Saturday, cutting off aid to more than 440,000 out-of-work adults, according to an estimate from the left-leaning Century Foundation. The Republican governors of the states argue that the benefits aren't necessary as the economy recovers, but workers and advocates say the loss of benefits will harm them.

The states that are ending extra jobless benefits on June 19 include Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming. They follow three states that eliminated their enhanced benefits a week earlier: Iowa, Mississippi and Missouri. Over the course of the next month, an additional 14 states will join these others in ending extra jobless benefits early. In total, 26 states will cut off pandemic aid before federal funding expires in September. Just one, Louisiana, is run by a Democratic governor.

The enhanced benefits were initially created in early 2020 in response to the pandemic, which led to economic shutdowns across the nation and threw millions of people out of work. The pandemic aid also included unemployment benefits for gig workers and freelancers, marking the first time these nontraditional workers had been able to qualify for jobless aid.

But as the economy reopens, some employers are complaining they can't find enough workers — prompting some governors to decide that the enhanced jobless aid is to blame.

The truth, experts say, is somewhere in the middle.

"We are still in a public health emergency, and vaccines aren't available to everybody," said Luke Pardue, economist at payroll provider Gusto. But, he added, "Unemployment supplements likely play some role" in keeping some workers on the sidelines.
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Admit it. it was voter fraud.
biden voter fraud

Earlier this week a Fulton County Georgia election official admitted that the chain of custody documents that are legally required per state law are missing from the 2020 election.

Brad Raffensperger, the corrupt Secretary of State in Georgia is ultimately responsible (see picture above). For the first time an elections official admitted the chain of custody documents are missing in Georgia per the Georgia Star.

Then today John Solomon and Just The News reported that an audit of documents found that more than 100 batches of absentee ballots are missing in Fulton County Georgia!

Is this why Fulton County officials recently hired top criminal defense attorneys to defend them?

The 29-page report revealed that election official was caught double-counting ballots at the State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia. This follows news first reported by The Gateway Pundit that election operative Ruby Freeman was also caught tripe counting stacks of votes late at night at the counting center after GOP observers were sent home.

The author of the 29-page November Fulton County report, Carter Jones, also released a 14 page report in January on the election irregularities in Fulton County Georgia.
This 14page document also details several instances of voter fraud and a complete breakdown of the system.

Here is the full 14-page document
On page 2 of the report, Carter Jones describes a counting center in chaos with a complete lack of proper control. Chain of custody rules were completely ignored at the State Farm Center.

This was the largest ballot processing center in the state of Georgia.
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'I'm Disgusted': Obama Ethics Official Tears Into Biden Over Nepotism Scandal
color blind
You almost want to dunk on former Obama administration ethics official Walter Shaub for suddenly realizing President Joe Biden is a nepotist.

It’s a Captain Renault moment from “Casablanca.” The morally fungible French military official is shocked, shocked that there’s gambling at Rick’s Cafe — right before he’s handed his winnings.

What can you say about an ethics official who just learned that Joe Biden, a man whose adult son, Hunter, has never had a job that didn’t felicitously align with his father’s legislative agenda, now tolerates nepotism?

The mind reels.

However, Shaub seems genuinely betrayed — particularly after a Washington Post report Friday that “at least five children of his top aides have secured coveted jobs in the new administration.”

“The pattern — which continued this week with the Treasury Department’s announcement that it was hiring J.J. Ricchetti, son of Biden counselor Steve Ricchetti — has drawn concerns from ethics experts, diversity advocates and others,” the Post reported.

“They say it is disappointing that Biden didn’t shift even further from the practices of Donald Trump’s presidency, which they thought reeked of nepotism and cronyism.”

Shaub, director of the Office of Government Ethics from 2013 to 2017, was quoted in the article — and, of course, he didn’t believe it was as nepotistic as what he saw under the Trump administration. He was still disappointed, however.
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tRump's AG called his voter fraud requests "pure insanity"
"Pure insanity."
That's how Richard Donoghue, the principal associate deputy attorney general, reacted to an email forwarded to him from Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows that contained a YouTube link alleging broad-scale election tampering via Italian satellites.

While we've know about "Italygate" for a while now, the newly released DOJ emails provide more depth and breadth to the extent senior members of the Trump administration were willing to go to overturn the election results.

these conspiracy theorists are saying that an Italian satellite was given instructions -- by an Italian company called Leonardo -- to flip votes from Trump to Biden in key swing states.

As Trump's last AG Rosen notes in response to Donoghue's "pure insanity" comment:
"Yes. After this message, I was asked to have the FBI meet with Brad Johnson, and I responded that Brad Johnson could call or walk into the FBI's Washington Field Office with any evidence he purports to have. On a follow up call, I learned that Johnson is working with Rudy Giuliani, who regarded my comments as 'an insult.' Asked if I would reconsider, I flatly refused said I would not be giving any special treatment to Giuliani or any of his 'witnesses,' and re-affirmed yet again that I will not talk to Giuliani about any of this."
Which is an amazing own of Giuliani by Rosen. But that's sort of beside the point, which is this: Trump's chief of staff and personal lawyer/longtime ally and friend were not only pushing this garbage, but were also leaning on the freaking Department of Justice to look into it!
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American Airlines Forced To Cancel Flights Due to Staffing Shortages
American Airlines has announced that they will be forced to cancel hundreds of flights this summer due to staffing shortages.

“The first few weeks of June have brought unprecedented weather to our largest hubs, heavily impacting our operation and causing delays, canceled flights and disruptions to crew member schedules and our customers’ plans,” American Airlines spokeswoman Stacey Day told the Hill.

She continued, “That, combined with the labor shortages some of our vendors are contending with and the incredibly quick ramp up of customer demand, has led us to build in additional resilience and certainty to our operation by adjusting a fraction of our scheduled flying through mid-July.”

“We made targeted changes with the goal of impacting the fewest number of customers by adjusting flights in markets where we have multiple options for re-accommodation,” she added.

Over the weekend, The View reported that there was a shortage of pilots which was causing major issues with flight scheduling.

On Saturday, the site reported: “The issue appears to be concentrated on the Boeing 737 fleet. American’s schedule seems too big for the crew they have available, especially since they’re only midway through the process of bringing inactive pilots back online.”
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Internet Reportedly Shut Off as G7 Leaders Squabble With Biden Over China

LONDON—The main aim ofPresident Biden’s European tourthis week has simply been to show that the United States“is back!”at the heart of the Western diplomatic consensus.

Unfortunately, the world is a little more complicated than that. By Saturday night in England, it was beginning to look like the White House had been a touch over-confident in just how far the charms of Biden would take him in persuading other G7 leaders to swallow all of his policy positions. Even though he isn’t Donald Trump.

The president tried to cajole his colleagues to sign a joint statement calling out China directly for forced labor practices in Xinjiang province wherethe Muslim Uighur minority has been targeted by Beijing. It was not a roaring success.

Jill Biden Challenged Melania Trump’s ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?’ Coat With ‘Love’

The White House’s own spin conceded as much in characteristically diplomatic language. “There is a little differentiation, I think I would say, within—within, I think, the spectrum of how hard they would push on some of these issues,” asenior Biden administration official said in a briefingto reporters.

Reports from inside the room went further with claims of a sharp divide between the leaders over whether China should be called out explicitly. “The disagreements, aired during a session that at one point became so sensitive that all internet was shut off to the room, pitted European nations against the United States, Britain and Canada,” according toa CNN report on the meeting.
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STL couple who were attacked by BLM buys new AR-15
The old AR had way more SOUL, this one is a big soulless. But once again, they only lost the guns they used that day, not their right to own a gun, because they pled guilty to low-level misdemeanors that had a combined fine of like $2,750 plus the value of the rifle and handgun, so while they did cuck out in fighting it, I can see how they felt discretion was the better part of valor and that the $4,000 or so total value they lost was worth more than the legal fees and time wasted
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BREAKING: US Supreme Court rules against NCAA limits on paying student athletes
let me in
On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA's efforts to keep limits on paying student athletes.
In a unanimous 9-0 ruling, the highest court in the land determined that "NCAA's curbs on non-cash payments to college athletes related to education - including benefits such as computers, science equipment and musical instruments - are anticompetitive under a federal law called the Sherman Antitrust Act," according to Reuters.
Last year, the US Circuit Court of Appeals found that the NCAA's rules were anticompetitive.
College athletes have filed numerous lawsuits against the NCAA over the years, alleging that the governing body for university sports has long maintained a form of "unlawful restraint of trade" while making billions of dollars in revenue.
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Ransomware gangs get paid off as officials struggle for fix
From the associated press:

If your business falls victim to ransomware and you want simple advice on whether to pay the criminals, don’t expect much help from the U.S. government. The answer is apt to be: It depends.

“It is the position of the U.S. government that we strongly discourage the payment of ransoms,” Eric Goldstein, a top cybersecurity official in the Department of Homeland Security, told a congressional hearing last week.

But paying carries no penalties and refusing would be almost suicidal for many companies, especially the small and medium-sized. Too many are unprepared. The consequences could also be dire for the nation itself. Recent high-profile extortive attacks led to runs on East Coast gas stations and threatened meat supplies.

The dilemma has left public officials fumbling about how to respond. In an initial step, bipartisan legislation in the works would mandate immediate federal reporting of ransomware attacks to assist response, help identify the authors and even recoup ransoms, as the FBI did with most of the $4.4 million that Colonial Pipeline recently paid.

Without additional action soon, however, experts say ransoms will continue to skyrocket, financing better criminal intelligence-gathering and tools that only worsen the global crime wave.
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Biden's DOJ says it's unconstitutional to ban men from women's sports
trans profits

Law banning trans athletes from women’s sports unconstitutional: DOJ

The Department of Justice is mounting a case arguing that laws in West Virginia and Arkansas that bar transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports are unconstitutional, despite the overwhelming majority of Americans supporting biological gender segregation in sports, according to a report citing court papers.

“The United States has a significant interest in ensuring that all students, including students who are transgender, can participate in an educational environment free of unlawful discrimination,” the DOJ said in court documents filed in a West Virginia court case Thursday, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The DOJ asked a judge to overturn the West Virginia rule — signed into law by Republican Gov. Jim Justice in April — which blocks transgender athletes from playing in women’s sports from middle school through college, the outlet reported.

“A state law that limits or denies a particular class of people’s ability to participate in public, federally funded educational programs and activities solely because their gender identity does not match their sex assigned at birth violates both Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause,” the court papers continued.
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US pulling more troops, missiles out of Middle East

The Pentagon confirmed Friday that the US is reducing by eight the number of Patriot anti-missile batteries in the Middle East.

The agency confirmed a report in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that said Saudi Arabia would see the greatest reduction in US military support, while Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan would also be impacted.

The WSJ said the US plans to pull a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, jet fighter squadrons and accelerate the withdrawal of US troops from the kingdom, in addition to the withdrawal of the anti-missile batteries.

The decision reflects both Washington's repositioning of US forces to counter Russia and China as well as shifting sands in the Middle East.
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Justice Department releases harrowing new bodycam footage from January 6 attack

(CNN)The Justice Department on Thursday released horrifying new police body camera footage from the January 6 assault on the US Capitol, after CNN and other outlets requested the tapes.

The footage was used in the case against Thomas Webster, a former Marine and retired police officer from the New York City Police Department accused of participating in the Capitol attack.
Prosecutors say that the 56-second tape shows Webster, wearing a red coat among a large crowd of pro-Trump rioters, screaming profanities at officers, threateningly wielding a flagpole, and finally rushing at the officers, who engaged in hand-to-hand combat with him and other members of the mob. One of the officers eventually wrestles away the flagpole, but Webster then tackles the cop to the ground.
In addition to the new video, photos in charging documents show Webster straddling and grabbing at the officer who was wearing the body camera and was thrown to the ground. He has been charged with seven federal crimes, including assaulting police, unlawfully entering Capitol grounds with a dangerous weapon and civil disorder. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
This is the second public disclosure of new footage from the deadly January 6 insurrection, coming after a judge ordered prosecutors to release videos used in Capitol riot court cases.
More than a dozen news outlets, led by CNN, spent months seeking access to videos used in court against Capitol riot defendants. These videos include police body camera footage, surveillance tapes from the Capitol complex, and more. The Justice Department used these clips in dozens of court cases but didn't publicly release them, as court proceedings have been conducted virtually during the pandemic. Media outlets have struggled to even view these clips.
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Diversity is an American Strength
Save Diversity Visa
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Florida Republican allegedly boasted Russian-Ukrainian ‘hit squad’ could ‘disappear’ rival

A Florida GOP congressional candidate was recently secretly recorded threatening Republican rival Anna Paulina Luna with “a Russian and Ukrainian hit squad” that would make her “disappear.”

That’s according to a recording obtained by Politico that comes from a conservative activist who says she taped her conversation with William Braddock over concerns about his “unhinged” dislike of his competitor.

In the recording, a man identified by Erin Olszewski as Braddock tells her she should not support Luna, one of several candidates vying for the seat in 2022 being vacated by Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.). Braddock has declined to say if he is the man who was recorded.

The June 9 call turned dark when the man identified as Braddock said he could “call up my Russian and Ukrainian hit squad, and within 24 hours, they’re sending me pictures of her disappearing.”

“I really don’t want to have to end anybody’s life for the good of the people of the United States of America,” he said, the recording shows. “That will break my heart. But if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. Luna is a … speed bump in the road. She’s a dead squirrel you run over every day when you leave the neighborhood.”

Braddock, a 37-year-old attorney in St. Petersburg, Fla., did not immediately return a request for comment Thursday. Braddock, who this week filed to run for the same congressional seat as Luna, would not tell Politico whether he was the one making threats on the call and suggested the recording “may even be altered and edited.”

“This is a dirty political tactic that has caused a lot of people a lot of stress and is completely unnecessary,” he said to the outlet.
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The lab leak theory is a war-mongering conspiracy theory

The truth is that the USA wants to turn this cold war with China into a full-blown, troops-on-the-ground war against anyone that threatens American hegemony.

The "lab leak" conspiracy theory has no basis in reality. It's just more anti-Chinese racism, the kind you always see both in State Dept. press releases and everywhere on 4chan.

Be smarter than this.
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‘Italygate’ election conspiracy was pushed by two firms led by con artist

Late last December, as President Donald Trump pressed senior officials to find proof of election fraud, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows emailed acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen a letter detailing an outlandish theory of how an Italian defense contractor had conspired with U.S. intelligence to rig the 2020 presidential contest.

The letter, which was among records released by Congress this past week, was printed under the letterhead of USAerospace Partners, a little-known Virginia aviation company. In early January, a second Virginia firm, the Institute for Good Governance, and a partner organization released a statement from an Italian attorney who claimed that a hacker had admitted involvement in the supposed conspiracy.

According to the conspiracy theory known as “Italygate,” people working for the Italian defense contractor, in coordination with senior CIA officials, used military satellites to switch votes from Trump to Joe Biden and swing the result of the election.

Though her name was not mentioned in either document, both Virginia organizations are led by Michele Roosevelt Edwards, according to state corporate filings reviewed by The Washington Post. Edwards is a former Republican congressional candidate who built a reputation as an advocate for the Somali people and as someone who could negotiate with warlords and pirates in the war-torn region.

Edwards was formerly known as Michele Ballarin but changed her name last year, court records show. In 2013, The Post’s magazine explored how Edwards, once a struggling single mom, had reinvented herself as a business executive and then as a well-connected horse-country socialite who cultivated ties with senior Somali officials.
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US Supreme Court stops Republican scheme to end Obamacare and murder millions of Americans

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge to the Obama era health care law, preserving insurance coverage for millions of Americans.

The justices, by a 7-2 vote, left the entire law intact Thursday in ruling that Texas, other Republican-led states and two individuals had no right to bring their lawsuit in federal court. The Biden administration says 31 million people have health insurance because of the law popularly known as “Obamacare.”

The law’s major provisions include protections for people with pre-existing health conditions, a range of no-cost preventive services and the expansion of the Medicaid program that insures lower-income people, including those who work in jobs that don’t pay much or provide health insurance.

Also left in place is the law’s now-toothless requirement that people have health insurance or pay a penalty. Congress rendered that provision irrelevant in 2017 when it reduced the penalty to zero.

The elimination of the penalty had become the hook that Texas and other Republican-led states, as well as the Trump administration, used to attack the entire law. They argued that without the mandate, a pillar of the law when it was passed in 2010, the rest of the law should fall, too.

And with a more conservative Supreme Court that includes three Trump appointees, opponents of Obamacare hoped a majority of the justices would finally kill off the law they have been fighting against for more than a decade.

But the third major attack on the law at the Supreme Court ended the way the first two did, with a majority of the court rebuffing efforts to gut the law or get rid of it altogether.
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How much proof do you need?
roberts and gis
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Parents of black child killed by peaceful protesters sues Atlanta
Portland Homicides

Family of child killed during Atlanta protests sues city, Wendy's

The family of an 8-year-old girl who was shot dead in Atlanta last year announced Monday that they are suing the city, its leaders and the fast-food chain Wendy's, where the shooting took place.

Secoriea Turner was killed on July 4 while sitting in a car with her mother who was attempting to turn around in a parking lot with an illegal barricade near a Wendy's.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Secoriea's family filed a complaint Monday accusing city leaders of numerous failings, alleging they were "negligent in their duties by failing to remove armed vigilantes who had gathered alongside peaceful protesters at the Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed."

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, police Chief Rodney Bryant and Wendy's International were all named in the complaint, the Journal-Constitution reports.

At the time of Secoriea's death, Bottoms condemned the violence that had overtaken Atlanta, accusing the perpetrators of the chaos of killing "a baby."

"We are shooting each other up on our streets in this city. And you shot and killed a baby," she said. "And there wasn't one shooter, there were at least two shooters. An 8-year-old baby. We are doing each other more harm than any police officer on this force."

"You can't blame this on a police officer. You can't say this is about criminal justice reform. This is about some people carrying some weapons who shot up a car with an 8-year-old baby in the car. For what?" Bottoms added.

A spokesperson for the mayor's office said in a statement to the Journal-Constitution, "The murder of Secoriea Turner, as a result of senseless gun violence, is a tragedy that no family should have to endure. Due to the anticipated litigation, the City will offer no further comment at this time."
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Boyfriend, his friends stab girl 24 times for resisting rape in India

Why do Hindus eat humans?

In 1993 Hindus in San Francisco, US worshipped a traffic barrier as a lingam (penis of the god Shiva)

More than 30 killed in India riots over rapist 'guru'
0 images | 2 replies
700LB Tiger climbs 12' fence,breaks keepers neck,kills other tiger and rapes it's sister
Jasper, an aggressive male Siberian tiger, scaled a 12 foot high electric fence while the power was down to get at Solomon, who was on the other side.

Noticing the giant 675lb predator coming after him, Solomon desperately tried to climb another fence but was dragged down.

After mauling his former carer, Jasper then jump another fence to get to a rival male called Judah and killed him in a bloody big-cat fight.

The beast then raped Judah’s female sibling Amber .

“Jasper was a very big tiger and you had to be careful around him and I heard he had attacked a human before but David had cared for him since he was a cub and loved him."
Staff say attack was "fuelled by hormones" and that the animal was now "calm and content" in an enclosure and that there were no plans to "destroy Jasper".

The Seaview Predator Park is just outside Port Elizabeth in South africa, and is set in 120 hectares and is home to tigers, lions, lynx’s and leopards.
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Texas power companys remotely raise temps on people using smart thermostats
I Woke up soaked in sweat!
Smart thermostats can be remotely adjusted during periods of high energy demand.

Houston resident Brandon English, whose home has an internet-connected smart thermostat installed, was shocked to learn of the practice after his wife and infant daughter “woke up soaked in sweat, panting for breath, and almost suffering from heat stroke.”

Speaking with KHOU 11, English stated that despite his wife turning down the temperature before taking a nap with their 3-year-old child, the temperature in their home rose significantly.

“They’d been asleep long enough that the house had already gotten to 88 degrees,” English said. “So they woke up sweating.”

English, who expressed concerns over the potential for his young child to overheat and dehydrate, said it wasn’t long after that his wife received a text alert noting that the thermostat had been remotely altered during a three-hour “energy saving event.”

In other cases, residents with Google’s Nest thermostats received messages noting that their temperatures had been adjusted during an “Energy Rush Hour.”

The issue comes shortly after the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the state’s power grid manager, called on customers to reduce their energy usage and adjust their thermostats to 82 degrees or higher.
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Smocking gun:Rudy audio tapes asking Ukraine Quid pro quo for tRump
Never-before-heard audio, obtained exclusively by CNN.
The new audio demonstrates how Giuliani aggressively cajoled the Ukrainians to do Trump's bidding. And it undermines Trump's oft-repeated assertion that "there was no quid pro quo" where Zelensky could secure US government support if he did political favors for Trum

The audio is of a July 2019 phone call between Giuliani, US diplomat Kurt Volker, and Andriy Yermak, a senior adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The call was a precursor to Trump's infamous call with Zelensky, and both conversations later became a central part of Trump's first impeachment, where he was accused of soliciting Ukrainian help for his campaign.
During the roughly 40-minute call, Giuliani repeatedly told Yermak that Zelensky should publicly announce investigations into possible corruption by Biden in Ukraine, and into claims that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election to hurt Trump. (These separate claims are both untrue.)
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In major blow to Anti-Maskers, new data shows People who wore masks were less likely to get sick

Turns out that wearing a mask and social distancing really weren't a waste of time.

Driving the news: Exclusive polling data from our Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index, which started in March 2020, shows that the respondents who reported never wearing masks were twice as likely to test positive for COVID as those who said they wore masks all the time.

By the numbers: Just 11% of people who reported always wearing masks outside the home tested positive for COVID — compared to 23% of those who said they never wore masks.

That's even though people who wore masks all the time got tested more regularly than those who didn't.
30% of people who wore masks at all times reported getting tested for COVID, compared to 23% who wore masks sometimes, 20% of those who wore them occasionally but not often and 12% of those who never wore them.

Between the lines: When a group of people is getting tested less often than others, but has a higher positive rate, there's a good chance that there are other sick people who are being missed.

The pattern was similar for social distancing. Just 10% of people who said they kept a six-foot distance from other people at all times tested positive for COVID, compared to 26% of people who said they never did.

12% of people who said they sometimes kept a six-foot distance tested positive, as did 20% of those who said they social distanced occasionally but not often.
There was less variation in testing rates in this group: 26% of people who always social distanced got tested for COVID, compared to 27% of people who did so sometimes, 28% of those who did so occasionally but not often, and 23% of those who never did.
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How Five Hong Kong Protesters Escaped by Speedboat, Found Freedom in the U.S.
The men barely knew each other before crossing the South China Sea to Taiwan. ‘We were scared to death,’ one said of their journey.

TAIPEI—As five men cut through the vast waters of the South China Sea in an inflatable speedboat, they kept a close watch above and behind them for signs of pursuit.

They had set out from Hong Kong that morning under blue skies, with only iPhones and a compass to guide them across hundreds of miles of open sea to Taiwan. As they steered into deeper waters, waves jolted the vessel, sending life jackets overboard and knocking some of them off their feet.

The five, whose ages ranged from 18 to 26, barely knew each other before they set off in July 2020. They were all fugitives from Hong Kong, fleeing what they considered to be unfair prosecution and inevitable prison sentences for their roles in pro-democracy protests in 2019.

Months after reaching Taiwan, all five eventually made it to the U.S. to seek asylum, after the U.S. State Department got involved.

This account of the only group confirmed to have journeyed to freedom by boat is based on interviews with three of the men. Those three were on the run from Hong Kong authorities at the time of their escape, with two of them charged and facing possible multiyear prison sentences. The circumstances of the remaining two men on the boat couldn’t be determined.

The three men who spoke to The Wall Street Journal asked to be identified by their English first names. The Journal has verified their identities and corroborated their stories where possible through interviews with people familiar with the matter, official documents and comparisons with local-media reports.
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Storm in alabama claims 12, including 8 abused children.

Tropical Depression Claudette claimed 12 lives in Alabama as the storm swept across the southeastern U.S., causing flash flooding and spurring tornadoes that destroyed dozens of homes.

Ten people, including nine children, were killed Saturday in a 15-vehicle crash about 35 miles (55 kilometers) south of Montgomery on Interstate 65, according to Butler County Coroner Wayne Garlock.

He said the vehicles likely hydroplaned on wet roads, with eight children, ages 4 to 17, killed in a van belonging to a youth ranch operated by the Alabama Sheriffs Association for abused or neglected children. A man and a 9-month-old baby died in a separate vehicle. Multiple people were also injured.

[This is so fucking absurdly tragic I couldn't stop laughing. It's like something out of a parody of real life. I hate this reality]
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12 dead in Alabama due to Global Warming
10 Killed by Global W
in Alabama due to Claudette, including 10 children
Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) — Tropical Depression Claudette claimed 12 lives in Alabama as the storm swept across the southeastern U.S., causing flash flooding and spurring tornadoes that destroyed dozens of homes.

Ten people, including nine children, were killed Saturday in a 15-vehicle crash about 35 miles (55 kilometers) south of Montgomery on Interstate 65, according to Butler County Coroner Wayne Garlock.

He said the vehicles likely hydroplaned on wet roads, with eight children, ages 4 to 17, killed in a van
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‘Substantial’ Sentence for Liberal Media’s Favorite Lawyer Michael Avenatti
Michael Avenatti, the Stormy Daniels lawyer, held up as a hero by the media under Trump, is now facing real prison time following his conviction for extorting Nike. Prosecutors are asking for a ‘substantial’ sentence in the case.

Let us never forget that this guy was seriously considered a contender for the Democratic nomination at one point.

Celine Castronuovo reports at The Hill:

Prosecutors ask judge for ‘substantial sentence’ for Avenatti

Prosecutors in the case against Michael Avenatti, the former attorney for adult-film star Stormy Daniels, are requesting that he receive a “very substantial” prison sentence after being convicted of attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike.

The request came in a Wednesday submission in Manhattan federal court, according to The Associated Press, with prosecutors noting that Probation Office officials had recommended an eight-year prison term for Avenatti.

The California attorney, who rose to fame for representing Daniels in her case against former President Trump, was found guilty in February 2020 of attempting to extort up to $25 million from Nike so the attorney would not speak out on allegations of corruption surrounding the athletics apparel company.
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BREAKING: Chinese Defector's Identity Confirmed, Was Top Counterintelligence Official

We now know the name of the Chinese defector who has been working with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for a few months and what his position within the Chinese military and government was, among other details.

Matthew Brazil and Jeff Stein at Spy Talk reported on the “rumor,” and gave the name and background of the rumored defector:

>Chinese-language anti-communist media and Twitter are abuzz this week with rumors that a vice minister of State Security, Dong Jingwei (董经纬) defected in mid-February, flying from Hong Kong to the United States with his daughter, Dong Yang.
>Dong is, or was, a longtime official in China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS), also known as the Guoanbu. His publicly available background indicates that he was responsible for the Ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China, i.e., spy-catching, since being promoted to vice minister in April 2018. If the stories are true, Dong would be the highest-level defector in the history of the People’s Republic of China.
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Maya Forstater Wins Her Appeal: "Transwomen are male, sex is immutable" is not hate speech

A woman who lost her job after saying that people cannot change their biological sex has won an appeal against an employment tribunal.

Maya Forstater, 47, did not have her contract renewed after posting tweets on gender recognition.
She lost her original case at a tribunal in 2019, but a High Court judge ruled her "gender-critical" beliefs fell under the Equalities Act.
The appeal said the tribunal had erred in law and another should take place.

Ms Forstater, from St Albans in Hertfordshire, did not have her contract renewed at the think tank Center for Global Development (CGD) in March 2019, after posting a series of tweets questioning government plans - which were later scrapped - to let people declare their own gender.
She claimed she was discriminated against because of her beliefs, which include "that sex is immutable and not to be conflated with gender identity".
In the initial tribunal employment judge James Tayler said that her approach was "not worthy of respect in a democratic society".
He concluded that Ms Forstater was "absolutist" in her view and said she was not entitled to ignore the rights of a transgender person and the "enormous pain that can be caused by misgendering".

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China is kicking out more than half the world’s bitcoin miners many headed to Texas
China has long been home to more than half the world’s bitcoin miners, but now, Beijing wants them out ASAP.

In May, the government called for a severe crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading, setting off what’s being dubbed in crypto circles as “the great mining migration.” This exodus is underway now, and it could be a game changer for Texas.

Mining is the energy-intensive process which both creates new coins and maintains a log of all transactions of existing digital tokens.

Despite a lack of reserves that caused dayslong blackouts last winter, Texas often has some of the world’s lowest energy prices, and its share of renewables is growing over time, with 20% of its power coming from wind as of 2019. It has a deregulated power grid that lets customers choose between power providers, and crucially, its political leaders are very pro-crypto – dream conditions for a miner looking for a kind welcome and cheap energy sources.

“You are going to see a dramatic shift over the next few months,” said Brandon Arvanaghi, previously a security engineer at crypto exchange Gemini. “We have governors like Greg Abbott in Texas who are promoting mining. It is going to become a real industry in the United States, which is going to be incredible.”

China’s mining dominance
2021 data for the global distribution of mining power is not yet available, but past estimates have shown that 65% to 75% of the world’s bitcoin mining happened in China – mostly in four Chinese provinces: Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and Yunnan. Sichuan and Yunnan’s hydropower make them renewable energy meccas, while Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia are home to many of China’s coal plants.

The drawdown in miners has already begun in Inner Mongolia. After failing to meet Beijing’s climate targets, province leaders decided to give bitcoin miners two months to clear out, explicitly blaming its energy misses on crypto mines.
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Newly released footage from January 6 shows a supporter of former President Donald Trump taunting, stalking and punching law enforcement outside the US Capitol -- the latest release of up-close video of rioters who have been charged with assaulting police.

In the new video, Scott Fairlamb, a gym owner from New Jersey, leans into the face of a police officer, following him, and taunting him with expletives. At one point, Fairlamb shouts, "you have no idea what the f**k you're doing." He then pushes and punches an officer.

Fairlamb was one of the first rioters inside the Senate side of the building, according to court records, and is charged with 12 criminal counts including assaulting police and carrying a dangerous weapon into the Capitol.
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Woman bans 'blood family' from her funeral and publishes strict guest list in her obituary
ife, sometimes people don't always get on very well with their family - it's sad, but it's true.

Family feuds can get pretty messy and we recently saw how one man had fallen out with his in-laws over their babysitting methods, while a woman was about to get into it with her daughter over lies about her dad.

And now we've seen that these ugly grudges can even be held after a family member has passed away.

As reported by The Daily Star, Maria Paz Fuentes Fernandez, a woman from Spain, has gone viral following her death on June 2, as she used her obituary to ban her relatives from attending her funeral and share the exclusive guest list.

Published in El Progreso newspaper in Lugo, Galicia, the obituary read: "Since my family has not been by blood for a long time, I declare in my last will and testament that only the people mentioned below can attend my funeral service, be it at the funeral parlour, church or cemetery."

Maria, whose age has not been given, went on to list 15 names of people who were invited to her funeral.

She added: "To everyone else who never cared during my life, I want you to carry on living far away from me, just like you were before."

Many people have commented on the obituary online on Twitter, with some branding the woman "brave" for being so honest in her final moments.
One person tweeted: "If they left her alone during her life, they can get lost with their hypocrisy, well away from her funeral.

"Great lesson from this lady putting them in her place."

Another said: "My respect and total admiration for Mrs Maria Paz, rest in peace."

However, others weren't impressed and thought the obituary was a "disgrace".

Someone else wrote: "Dying bitter has to be one of the saddest ways to die, truthfully."
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Uganda lockdown: Museveni speech order 42 days lockdown across Uganda to stop spread of variant

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni don order new lockdown restrictions as cases of covid-19 continue to rise for di East African nation.

Di measures begin by 10 pm local time on 18 June.

Inside speech wey e broadcast on Friday night, Museveni announce say all private and public transport for di kontri don dey banned for di next 42 days.

Di exception na essential services and goods wey need to move from place to place.

Di current restrictions resemble di one of March last year when di kontri do full lockdown.

Museveni say di measures dey needed to counter di current community transmission and reduce di work wey hospitals and clinics dey do to manage patients.

Entebbe International airport and oda land borders no go dey closed for tourists and those wey dey return, but authorities no go allow pesin wey get di virus or di variant for bodi to enter di kontri.

All work wey di goment consider to be non-essential, like schools, places of worship, and sports events go dey suspended for 42 days.

Business centers and trading areas go close down and shop owners fit sleep for dia shop if dem want.

In di last twelve days alone, di kontri record 15,800 cases and 190 deaths.

Just 6.6% of di 869,000 pipo wey don collect vaccine injection dey full vaccinated.
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source url:



That must be your voice not mine...

--to catch last week's 2 CENTS SUNDAYS
Press the image below!
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He Warned Apple About the Risks in China. Then They Became Reality.

Doug Guthrie spent 1994 riding a single-speed bicycle between factories in Shanghai for a dissertation on Chinese industry. Within years, he was one of America’s leading experts on China’s turn toward capitalism and was helping companies venture East.

Two decades later, in 2014, Apple hired him to help navigate perhaps its most important market. By then, he was worried about China’s new direction.

China’s new leader, Xi Jinping, was leaning on Western companies to strengthen his grip on the country. Mr. Guthrie realized that few companies were bigger targets, or more vulnerable, than Apple. It assembled nearly every Apple device in China and had made the region its No. 2 sales market.

So Mr. Guthrie began touring the company with a slide show and lecture to ring the alarm. Apple, he said, had no Plan B.
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Who decides what a "Minor Crime"? The Associated Press!
eatdickshill - Copy
>un-fucking real

AP says it will no longer name suspects in minor crimes

The Associated Press says it will no longer publish the names or photographs of people charged with minor crimes, in a recognition of how such stories can have a long, damaging afterlife on the internet

NEW YORK -- The Associated Press said Tuesday it will no longer run the names of people charged with minor crimes, out of concern that such stories can have a long, damaging afterlife on the internet that can make it hard for individuals to move on with their lives.In so doing, one of the world's biggest newsgathering organizations has waded into a debate over an issue that wasn't of much concern before the rise of search engines, when finding information on people often required going through yellowed newspaper clippings.The AP said it will also not link to local newspaper or broadcast stories about such incidents where the arrested person's name or mugshot might be used. The AP will also not do stories driven mainly by particularly embarrassing mugshots.
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New fossils of giant rhinos — the largest land mammals ever — are found in China

Fossils from two giant rhinos dating back about 22 million years have been unearthed in China, according to a study published Thursday.

They are among the latest relics of the gigantic animal, which was discovered amid great fanfare early last century. Much larger than modern rhinos, giant rhinos often stood more than 20 feet tall at the shoulder and weighed more than 20 tons, making them bigger than mammoths and the largest land mammal that ever lived.

The new fossils were found in May 2015 in the Linxia region of Gansu province in northwest China. One fossil consists of a skull, jawbone and teeth, and the atlas vertebra — where the head connects to the spine — while the other consists of three vertebrae.

From these remains, the scientists have reconstructed the ancient animals. And they’ve discerned enough differences in their skeletons to classify them as a new species, according to research published in the journal Communications Biology. They’ve dubbed it Paraceratherium linxiaense — the first name from its wider group of giant rhinos, and the second from the region where it was found.

Tao Deng, the director of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, explained that the Linxia region has been famous for fossils since the 1950s, when local farmers there first found “dragon bones” that were used to make traditional medicines.

Deng’s team has searched for fossils in Linxia since the 1980s and discovered several complete skeletons of ancient mammals, he said in an email. But they’d only found fragments of giant rhinoceros fossils before now, although more complete fossils have been found elsewhere in China.
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Antisemitism in france
France man goes on tv to talk about what he believes is likely voting fraud in the US.
Instead, a beady-eyed journalist accused him off antisemitism for eluding to the truth

Here is the video.
Turn on English subtitles
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Champ has died
Bidens announce their 'beloved' German Shepherd Champ has died.

Champ passed away at the Biden family home in Wilmington, Delaware, a White House official told CNN.
"Our hearts are heavy today as we let you all know that our beloved German Shepherd, Champ, passed away peacefully at home," President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden said in a statement. "He was our constant, cherished companion during the last 13 years and was adored by the entire Biden family."

The Bidens continued: "He loved nothing more than curling up at our feet in front of a fire at the end of the day, joining us as a comforting presence in meetings, or sunning himself in the White House garden. In his younger days, he was happiest chasing golf balls on the front lawn of the Naval Observatory or racing to catch our grandchildren as they ran around our backyard in Delaware."
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Mexican fans banned from attending world cup soccer for homophobic chants(PUTO)
trump prison makeup
Mexico’s national soccer federation has once again been sanctioned by world governing body FIFA for a homophobic chant used by its fans during Mexican national team games.

In the latest punishment dished out by FIFA, the team will be forced to play two of its 2022 home World Cup qualifiers without fans.
What is the homophobic chant?
In a practice believed to have started among fans in the early 2000s, Mexican national team fans join in unison to shout a Spanish-language homophobic slur (puto) which roughly translates to gay prostitute) when an opposing goalkeeper puts the ball into play on goal kicks. The chant was supposedly meant to intimidate the ‘keeper and the opposing team.
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Portland gets exactly what they wanted: Antifa wins and riot police resign.
Portland insurance

Portland PD riot-control squad votes to resign after cop charged

The riot-control team at the Portland police department decided to quit en masse after another cop was indicted for slugging a photographer.

About 50 members of the department’s elite Rapid Response Team voted to resign at a union meeting Wednesday, days after the indictment of officer Corey Budworth over the Aug. 18 incident, Fox News said in a report Thursday.

“Unfortunately, this decorated public servant has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system,” the Portland Police Association said in a statement earlier this week.

The RRT team members, who include detectives and sergeants, serve in the detail on a volunteer basis and “will continue in their regular assignments,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement Thursday.
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US Senate approves Juneteenth holiday after Ron Johnson drops objection

The Senate on Tuesday passed legislation to recognize Juneteenth as a legal public holiday.

“Making Juneteenth a federal holiday is a major step forward to recognize the wrongs of the past — but we must continue to work to ensure equal justice and fulfill the promise of the Emancipation Proclamation and our Constitution,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

The measure, sponsored by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and cosponsored by a bipartisan group of 60 senators, cleared the upper chamber by unanimous consent, meaning no lawmaker objected to its passage.

“This is huge,” Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Mich.) tweeted after the vote. “I look forward to passing this bill in the House and making #Juneteenth a federal holiday.”
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Phoenix psycho shoots random victims from car, 1 dead 13 injured.
One person has died and 13 others have been injured after a 90-minute shooting spree caused terror in a town.

At least four of the victims were shot and others were injured either in shrapnel or resulting car accidents, Brandon Sheffert, Peoria Sergeant said.

The shooting spree saw eight separate crime scenes within approximately an hour and a half, Surprise and Peoria police said.
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United States give us $ 40 billion massacre Russia!
something gay and jewish from bydlo hole
Oleksiy Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Ukrainian president's office, speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the Minsk contact group(arrested twice for rape of underage boys, famous for his role as transvestite wearing female clothes and wig), said that Ukraine does not have enough NATO membership or $ 40 billion in US aid to "sweep Russia out of Donbass." He spoke about this live on the Ukraine 24 TV channel, published on YouTube.

“If only, like a wet gay dream, America decided that Ukraine should defeat Putin right now, what would America do? Is it really difficult for her to give us 40 billion dollars for rearmament and for a sharp increase in our combat capability of the Armed Forces, so that we sweep out the Russian Federation simply in a direct clash from Donbass? Not. They did it in Vietnam, they did it in Korea, in Afghanistan and many other places, ”Arestovich said.

Lawmaker Voloshin, who was on the same show, noted that the United States lost the wars in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan, but the adviser to the head of the OP continued spout his wet gay dreams.

“If only, like a wet gay dream without nuclear weapons, they wanted to do it, they would do it - they would provide us weapons and support. Can America help us to be joined to NATO tomorrow? Yes, they can. Because when they talk about corruption, I immediately recall countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, which, in terms of corruption, at least Albania and Bulgaria in 2009, when they entered, these were exemplary countries as the worst corrupted EU countries in this sense... But why don't they? They don't do it because they don't know whether they need us to defeat Russia here. Because they don't know, what to do with Russia, ”Arestovich summed up.

Albania and Bulgaria are still the worst corrupt countries in EU but now they sell human meat for goulash..
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all hospitalized Covid patients have 1 thing in common:They're unvaccinated
There are only three Covid-19 patients at Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital at North Shore University Hospital, on Long Island, New York — a far cry from when the hospital, which is part of Northwell Health, had as many as 600 patients during the peak of the pandemic.

All three patients, who are in the intensive care unit, have one thing in common, said Dr. Hugh Cassiere, director of the hospital's critical care services: They're unvaccinated.

The trend appears to be occurring at hospitals nationwide.

"I haven't had anyone that's been fully vaccinated become critically ill," said Dr. Josh Denson, a pulmonary medicine and critical care physician at Tulane University Medical Center in New Orleans.
t's been the same for Dr. Ken Lyn-Kew, a pulmonologist in the critical care department at Denver's National Jewish Health: "None of our ICU patients has been vaccinated."

Unvaccinated children, too, seem to be at increased risk for severe illness.

"In our local hospitals, the kids that are getting sick are the ones that are not vaccinated," said Dr. Natasha Burgert, a pediatrician in Overland Park, Kansas, and a national spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Thanks to the Covid-19 vaccines, the number of patients hospitalized has plummeted, from more than 125,000 on average in early January to just over 15,000 on average this week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Hunter Biden might be racist
Hunter Biden Texts Appear to Reveal Biden Prostitution Ring

Biden's Illegal Smuggling of Children Blown Wide Open

Creepy Joe Biden Runs The Largest Child Smuggling Operation In The World
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500 Hong Kong police officers raid Apple Daily and arrest 5 of pro-democracy newspaper's staff
Some 500 policemen raided the offices of pro-democracy paper Apple Daily in Hong Kong, alleging its reports breached a national security law.

Police also arrested the editor-in-chief and four other executives at their homes. It also froze HK$18m ($2.3m; £1.64m) of assets owned by three companies linked to Apple Daily.

The paper is owned by Jimmy Lai, who is in jail on a string of charges.

Apple Daily is known to be critical of the mainland Chinese leadership.

In a press briefing, police said that since 2019, Apple Daily had published more than 30 articles calling on countries to impose sanctions on Hong Kong and mainland China.

It added that the assets of Apple Daily Limited, Apple Daily Printing Limited and AD internet Limited had been frozen.

Dozens of prominent activists have been arrested since the national security law was introduced last year.

Police entered the Apple Daily office premises at around 07:30 local time on Thursday (23:30 GMT Wednesday) and blocked off all entrances and exits.

The paper broadcasted live footage of the raid on its Facebook account.

Police said in a statement that they conducted a search operation at a media company, adding that their warrant "covered the power of searching and seizure of journalistic materials".

Photos published online by Apple Daily showed police going through reporters' computers.

The police separately visited the homes of editor-in-chief Ryan Law, parent company Next Digital's CEO Cheung Kim-hung, COO Chow Tat-kuen, Apple Daily publisher Chan Pui-man and Director Cheung Chi-wai, and arrested them.
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Christopher Sign dead: Alabama TV anchor dies in apparent Suicide at 45

Christopher Sign was a longtime television news anchor and former University of Alabama football player. He was found dead on June 12, 2021, at age 45. Police were investigating Sign’s death as a suicide, according to

Sign leaves behind a wife and three sons. Heavy has reached out to the Hoover, Alabama, police department for more information.

Christopher Sign Gained Nationwide Recognition as the Reporter Who Revealed Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Meeting With Loretta Lynch in 2016

Sign gained national attention when he was working as a reporter for ABC affiliate KNXV-TV in Phoenix, Arizona. He was credited for being the first journalist to report on a meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in June 2016.

Clinton famously boarded Lynch’s government plane as it sat on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. He was on her plane for about 20 minutes. The optics created a political firestorm as critics slammed the behind-closed-doors meeting as inappropriate.

Hillary Clinton was under investigation by the Justice Department at the time. Officials were analyzing whether her email practices while she was Secretary of State, like having a private server, had violated any laws. As the New York Times reported at the time, Republican lawmakers said Bill Clinton’s meeting with Lynch could have compromised the investigation. This was also in the middle of the 2016 presidential election.

Sign went on to write a book about the controversy called “Secret on the Tarmac.” Sign told Fox News that based on his sources, he believed the meeting between Clinton and Lynch had been planned in advance. Sign said he had a source who witnessed Clinton’s movements at the airport that day. According to Sign’s source, Clinton waited for Lynch’s plane to arrive at the airport.
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Brazil, serial killer
images (96)
Meanwhile in Brazil, hundreds of police officers and members of National Force are searching for a serial killer that fatally shot and stabbed a family in Goiás state last week

Since then, more than 500 personal of Brazilian security forces are searching for Lazaro Barbosa, 32. He was described as an extremely dangerous psycopath by the authorities

The epic manhunt, that has gone on for 11 days, is flooding Brazil's social medias with memes, despite the fears of a serial killer on the loose.
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F.B.I. warns that some QAnon believers could turn to violence as predictions fail to bear fruit.

The F.B.I. said this month that QAnon adherents could turn to violence as some of the conspiracy theory’s major predictions, including that Democrats would be subject to mass arrest and detention, have not come to pass.

The conspiracy theory holds that a corrupt cabal of global elites and career government employees who run a Satan-worshiping, child sex-trafficking ring will soon be rounded up and punished for their misdeeds; and that former President Donald J. Trump will be restored to the presidency.

QAnon has grown online, with believers watching message boards for new information and directives from Q, an anonymous figure who posts predictions and tells adherents to “trust the plan.”

But the arrests have not happened and Mr. Trump did not return to the White House as predicted this spring, sowing doubts among some believers whose once decentralized community is now a large, real-world and global movement.

The F.B.I. said in a June 4 threat assessment that as people increasingly believe that they can no longer “trust the plan,” they could be compelled to shift “towards engaging in real-world violence — including harming perceived members of the ‘cabal’ such as Democrats and other political opposition — instead of continually awaiting Q’s promised actions which have not occurred.”
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NPR propaganda podcast wins first ever NPR pulitzer
How has no other NPR thing ever won a pulitzer? If you haven't heard the podcast, it is 2 anti gunners investigating these grifter brothers who have fake pro gun groups who take money but do like no lobbying.
The reason I call them anti gunners is because they attack the group for being "no compromise" and not wanting things like assault weapon bans. Other highlights are attacking the NRA even though they aren't in this thing. Saying Ron Paul and pro gun groups are anti gay and anti woman because of some tenuous association with some guy 30 years ago and that GOA is racist because the founder spoke at a rally he was invited to 27 years ago due to Waco and ruby ridge. While at the same time saying some black guy who was convicted of felony murder is a good person despite the fact he did an armed robbery that lead to someone's death, because "that is in the past" and "he only did it because another black guy raped him when he was 14."
The grifter thing is kind of a worry. I currently belong to 4 pro gun groups, 2 state and 2 federal. I think one of the state groups are kinda grifters but I already have a lifetime membership and their names do show up on multiple lawsuits with the other 3 groups.
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Chinese AI Fighter Jets

Those declassified 'UFO' videos trump released?
ill take a guess. US aircraft piloted by AI and the videos were released to show china 'We have it too'
it makes sense now. highly classified aircraft wouldnt illuminate themselves for all to see while buzzing military craft... but they would 'pretend to be unidentified' in what is actually meant to be a warning for enemies.
or it was possibly faked.
or aliens.

Chinese fighter pilots have been battling aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence in simulated dogfights to boost pilot combat skills, Chinese media reported this week.

Fang Guoyu, a People's Liberation Army Air Force brigade flight team leader and pilot recognized for his skills, was recently "shot down" by an AI adversary in an air-to-air combat simulation, according to People's Liberation Army Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese military.

He said that early in the training it was easy to defeat the AI adversary. But with each round of combat, the AI reportedly learned from its human opponent. After one fight that Fang won with a bit of skillful flying, the AI came back and used the same tactics against him, defeating him.

"It's like a digital 'Golden Helmet' pilot that excels at learning, assimilating, reviewing, and researching," Fang said, referring to the elite pilots who emerge victorious in China's Golden Helmet air-combat contests. "The move with which you defeated it today will be in its hands tomorrow."

Du Jianfeng, the brigade commander, told the newspaper that AI was increasingly being incorporated into training.

It "is skilled at handling the aircraft and makes flawless tactical decisions," he said, characterizing the AI adversary as a useful tool for "sharpening the sword" because it forces the Chinese pilots to get creative.
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Global Concerns And Questions Grow As China Admits Fuel Rods At Nuclear Plant Are Damaged

>While China assures the world that everything is under control, the nuclear situation in Southern China is being closely watched by the White House.

Global concerns of a possible ecological and geopolitical disaster loom large as China has finally admitted that some of the nuclear fuel rods in its Taishan Nuclear Power Plant are damaged and that radioactive gases are building up inside one of its reactors. The Chinese government announced this week that no abnormal radiation has been detected outside of the plant, however, while a French company that helps operate and jointly owns the facility has claimed the radiation presents an "imminent radiological threat."

The security and health concerns stem from a build up of radioactive gasses in the water and steam surrounding the fuel rods in one of the plant’s reactors. According to reports, China has admitted that "about five" of the fuel rods in the reactor are damaged, but the plant is said to be capable of operating safely with up to one quarter of its 600 fuel rods damaged. French nuclear energy company Framatome, owned by Electricity of France (EDF), which controls a stake in the plant and helps operate it, has meanwhile stated the situation is caused by a degradation of the fuel rods' housings within the reactor. "The presence of certain noble gases in the primary circuit is a known phenomenon, studied and provided for in the reactor operating procedures," reads an EDF statement. However, The New York Times reports that experts say such build-ups of radioactive gasses are often caused by “poor design, manufacturing, or management.” Based on somewhat conflicting statements, it's unclear how dangerous the situation may currently be in Taishan.
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Putin says:USA #1;Canada #2 ;Russia #12 in world for cyberattacks
PUTIN: "From American sources, it follows that most of the cyberattacks in the world are carried out from the cyber realm of the United States. Second place is Canada. Then two Latin American countries. Afterward comes Great Britain. Russia is not on the list of countries from where — from the cyber space of which — most of the various cyberattacks are carried out."
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ABC anchor just straight-up endorses theft

>"CBS This Morning" co-host Tony Dokoupil gave a perplexing excuse Wednesday for a man seen in a viral video stealing multiple items at a San Francisco Walgreens before exiting the store on a bicycle.

>Dokoupil claimed the man was probably getting something he needed and suggested that nothing should have been done to stop the crime as it was taking place.

>"So crime is never justified of course," Dokoupil said after CBS' Vlad Duthiers played the video of the theft. He was interrupted by co-host Anthony Mason, saying, "I will say that I think they could have made a little better effort to stop that bicycle. I mean you could have disrupted that bike."

>"Well, I mean, I don't know," Dokoupil said, appearing to question the need to stop the shoplifter. "You don't need to be a hero over some toothbrushes or whatever it is."

>All of Dokoupil's co-hosts suggested various ways the perpetrator could have been stopped by the security personnel witnessing the crime being committed. Dokoupil, however, seemed to be the only one willing to excuse the theft.

>"That reads also as an act of desperation. I mean, you're not getting rich off what you take from a Walgreens, you're getting probably something you need. I don't know the details of that particular case," he said.

>"I mean, a bag full? They looked like hair products … which are valuable, and he's filling his bag full of them," Duthiers said.

>Co-host Adriana Diaz confirmed that the stolen products were indeed hair products.

>"Now try lifting items from your local CBS station … since they're supportive," Newsbusters executive editor Tim Graham tweeted in response.
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Four brave women take on Mount Snowdon dressed in nothing but their underwear

A group of four friends managed to climb Mount Snowdon dressed in just their underwear.

Abi Gentle-Spens, Maria Cairns, Lorna Turner and Cassie Davey completed the impressive challenge in just four-and-a-half hours.

After reaching the summit in their bras and knickers, they toasted their achievement with a bottle of prosecco.

The pals, from Margaret, Kent, decided to take on the test to raise money and awareness for the mental illness charity Rethink.

Although they were scared to start with, they said they decided they could do it to “prove a point” about body confidence.

They had initially planned to climb the mountain in Wales last year before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

And after the lockdown eased, they met for a drink in a pub and decided to hike up the 1,085 metre (3,559ft) high peak wearing their underwear.

They now want to push themselves even further and scale Ben Nevis in Scotland, which stands at 1,345 metres (4,421 ft).

"We talked about climbing it in our underwear and were a bit unsure because of body confidence issues but then decided we could do it to prove a point.”

Cassie, 26, said: "Not everyone is going to look the same, everyone is different.

"It's all about people's opinions of each other.

“You just have to be a bit more of a role model and show you don't care what people think.

"Initially we were all a bit scared, and we got there and started off in our bras and then just went, sod it, let's do the whole thing and took the bottoms off."

Lorna, 37, said: "We've done Snowdon and thought well we may as well try to conquer them all.

“Ben Nevis is quite a big step up but we think that we can do it.

"It's about body confidence and showing that if we can do it anyone can, and trying to give people a bit more confidence with their mental health and everything else."
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A man has died, leaving behind 39 wives and 94 children
A man believed to have the world’s largest family, including 39 wives, 94 children, 33 grandchildren and one great-grandchild, has died in the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram.

Ziona Chana, 76, was the head of a polygamous Christian religious sect with 4,000 members, and his extended family all lived together in one 100-room, four-storied mansion in the remote village of Baktawng Tlangnuam. The sect was founded by his father.

Mr Chana, a construction worker, developed a rota system for which of his wives would share his bed on any given night, with his remaining spouses sharing a dormitory nearby.

“I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the world’s largest family,” Mr Chana told the Daily Mirror in 2012.

The polygamist married his first wife, Zathiangi, at the age of 17, and reportedly wedded 10 of his other wives in the space of one year. His last marriage came in 2004 to a 25-year-old woman.

Mr Chana with some of his wives in his bedroom in 2011 – Barcroft Media
As his longest-standing wife, Zathiangi was given the responsibility of organising domestic chores.

Polygamy is illegal under Indian law but permitted among a few northeastern tribes.

His children and their partners lived in different rooms in the building but shared a common kitchen. The household was self-sufficient, running its own school and growing its own crops. It consumes as much as 100 kilograms of rice and 70 kilograms of potatoes every day.

As a result, his unconventional mansion has become something of a tourist attraction.
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Fascist Propagandist, Andy Ngo confirmed as false flagging agent provocateur at black bloc protest
After five days of total media silence, right-wing author Andy Ngo confirmed he was the man who some of Portland’s leftist marchers chased and beat until he took shelter in The Nines hotel May 28.

In a thread on Twitter and a statement released to WW, Ngo gave his account of the assault, which occurred when demonstrators recognized him in disguise at a rally on the one-year anniversary of this city’s George Floyd protest.

“I was chased, attacked and beaten by a masked mob, baying for my blood,” Ngo wrote. “Had I not been able to shelter wounded and bleeding inside a hotel while they beat the doors and windows like animals, there is no doubt in my mind I would not be here today.”

Ngo’s account lines up with much of what WW reported that night. Though Ngo’s identity was unconfirmed, approximately 10 people split off from the larger protest to follow Ngo and question him about his identity. They chased Ngo for blocks before tackling him and punching him several times after his head hit the brick sidewalk of Southwest Morrison Street.

After Ngo broke free from the people hitting him, he fled to the high-end hotel near Pioneer Courthouse Square, where his pursuers tried to wrest open the front doors and called for him to meet them outside. An image on his social media thread tonight shows bruises, cuts and a bloodied eye. He says he went to the hospital shortly after the attack.

Ngo closed his statement with an appeal to Portland’s police and other journalists for support.
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FRB 180916.J0158+65
Hello. I work for the Naval Space Command as an intelligence officer. Our team has been studying Fast Radio Burst (FRB) 180916.J0158+65 for approximately 2 years now.

It's a very old signal, originating from a very far away galaxy. What sets this FRB aside from the rest is the fact that we receive these FRB's in predictable intervals. Most FRB's are singular and are never heard from again, or will repeat at unpredictable intervals. .

180916.J0158+65 has maintained regular, observable intervals.

FRB's aren't something our teams typically pay attention to, but the peculiar nature of this FRB has put it under the microscope of the naval intelligence community.

What we've found is that there is a type of binary message embedded in each burst. This proves an intelligence behind it. Each message we've been able to extract is nearly identical to the last, with slight variations at the beginning and the end. We have no way of deciphering what the messages are supposed to say, because we have no measurable point of reference other than being able to find the message using mathematical theorems.

They don't appear to be for our ears, since the time these bursts were sent, was during a period when life on this planet was in its infancy.

We've concluded these messages were meant for someone or something else on or close to our world to pick up.

There have been attempts to whitewash and hide the significance of this discovery, but I feel people deserve to know, and this medium provides ample anonymity.

Make of it what you will, but what they've been telling us about it is not correct.
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How Biden’s meeting with Putin differed from Trump’s
fun fact: Putins conference had all journalists from all medias. Putin faced solid bullshit from western secret agents with journalists Ids and walked away with pride and honor answered all questions.

When Sleepy Joe simple banned all russian and chinese journalists and else welcomed only hand counted and friendly journalists from CIA and 5eyes controlled or paid medias.

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Possible mass grave found near Auschwitz death camp in Poland
A Polish resident has uncovered what may be a previously undiscovered mass grave near the grounds of the notorious Auschwitz Nazi death camp.

Police and prosecutors in the country are now probing the find after the unidentified resident spotted some 12 human skulls and a number of other human bones along a bank of the Sola river, ABC News reported.

The gruesome discovery was made near the southern Polish town of Oswiecim when water levels of the river had run low, according to the report.

Police are probing if the remains are linked to the death camp, but a spokesperson for the Auschwitz Museum told ABC Friday that they were discovered outside of its perimeter.
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Jon Stewart triggers Libs,gets conservative hurrahs for Wuhan lab remarks
Conservatives applauded Jon Stewart’s for embracing the coronavirus lab leak theory on The Late Show’s first post-pandemic episode.

The former Daily Show host was Stephen Colbert’s guest on Monday night for the show’s first full-audience production at the Ed Sullivan Theater since the pandemic began. Stewart and Colbert butted heads after Stewart voiced support for the theory that Covid came from a Chinese laboratory.

“And how long have you worked for Senator Ron Johnson?” Colbert asked during the exchange. This was clearly a jab at the Wisconsin senator — a longtime believer in the lab leak theory. But Stewart stood by his argument that “this is not a conspiracy.”
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Biden snaps at CNN reporter for questioning 'confidence' Putin will change behavior

President Biden on Wednesday snapped at a CNN reporter who pressed him on what makes him confident Russian President Vladimir Putin will change his behavior following the high-stakes summit between the two world leaders.

"Why are you so confident he'll change his behavior Mr. President?" CNN's Kaitlan Collins shouted at Biden as he left a briefing with reporters in Geneva following the bilateral meeting.

"I'm not confident," Biden turned around and shouted back. "What the hell, what do you do all the time?"

Biden walked back toward the press pool, raising his finger in the air and asking Collins: "When did I say I was confident? What I said was ... what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world."

Biden added he's "not confident of anything, I'm just stating a fact."

Collins pressed the president again, saying Putin has not changed his behavior in the past. She mentioned that the Russian president both denied any culpability related to recent cyberattacks believed to be carried out by cyber criminals in Russia and downplayed human rights abuses.

"How does that amount to a constructive meeting as president?" Collins asked Biden.

Biden, growingly visibly frustrated, gestured toward Collins and said, "If you don't understand that, you're in the wrong business."

Biden says he's "not confident" Putin and the Kremlin will change their behavior, but "what will change their behavior is that the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in their world. I'm not confident of anything."
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Italians building a US High speed in Texas?
Webuild and its U.S. subsidiary Lane Construction have signed the final agreement worth $16 billion with Texas Central LCC to build the first true high-speed railway in the United States between Dallas and Houston. The agreement is the final step ahead of the financial closure - foreseen in the coming months - and the start of construction of the mega project, which will provide fast, safe and environmentally friendly travel, create thousands of jobs and give a major boost to the economy.

The project promises to be a pivotal moment for sustainable mobility in the United States by having it join the ranks of countries that offer high-speed rail service, such as Japan, China, France and Italy.

The contract brings the value of construction orders in Webuild's backlog from the United States to 35%, confirming the country as the single biggest market for the Group.
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Detained US journalist makes appearance in Myanmar court

Danny Fenster makes an appearance on an ‘incitement’ charge, but the US consular authorities have not been able to see him.

Danny Fenster, an American journalist arrested last month by Myanmar authorities, has made an appearance in a special court in the prison where he is being held, his employer said.

However, US consular officials are still being denied access to Fenster, State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Thursday.

A statement from Frontier Myanmar, the current affairs magazine where Fenster is managing editor, said he faces a charge of incitement, which carries a potential three-year prison term.

The charge, used frequently against dissidents and journalists, criminalises “any attempt to cause fear, spread false news, or agitate directly or indirectly a criminal offense against a government employee”.

The magazine said it did not know the reason for the charge.

“We know that Danny has done nothing to warrant this charge,” Frontier Myanmar said in a statement. “We condemn his detention and demand his immediate and unconditional release.”

“Finally some movement, but our frustration is mounting,” Fenster’s brother Bryan wrote on Twitter. “A hearing without official communication with the US Consulate or our family. Continued detainment without access to legal counsel or official charges against him. Denial of US Consulate access to both Danny and his hearing, despite repeated requests over the past 25 days.”

The military, which seized power from the elected government on February 1, has tried to silence independent news media by withdrawing the licences they must obtain to publish or broadcast and by arresting dozens of journalists. Satellite television has also been banned and internet services curtailed.
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