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More of her?

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Rules of this board (in plain english)
1) When posting something include the artist and character/show name. If it's part of a doujinshi or manga then give the name of that as well.
2) No loli or furry shit.
3) Ecchi, Yuri, and Yaoi Belong on their own boards. (/e/, /u/, and /y/)
4) All images must be of Japanese/"Eastern" origin and style. Images of "Western" origin and style will be removed.
5) If you want to make a request then take it to /r/. This board is for people who wish to contribute. If /r/ does not fill your request it is still not okay to post it here. If you contribute a decent amount of board-related material then feel free to request, but not before.
5.1) "itt [ass/bj/whatever] thread" and only posting one image is a request.

Every global rule applies as well.
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/ccg/ - Crimson Comics General Thread #21 - Senpai notice me edition
Prev: >>5917437

>Downloads pastebin ** CHECK BEFORE ASKING **

1/11 Senpai Saika
2 Saya3
3 Kyouka
4 Kaguya
5 Kaguya
5 Kaguya
6 Sayuki or Nozomi



>Official pixiv:

>Personal pixiv:

>Blog (abandoned):

>Archives: (ccg5 complete thread)

Useful search terms: クリムゾン, クリムゾンコミックス, クリ姉 (nickname by Japanese fans)
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No title
chitose final part finished! now we wait
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Taimanin General / 対魔忍
>Yukikaze 2 TL Patch:

>Viewer Big Patch:

>Story TL:

>Game (JP):
>Game (Eng):
>Bond Scenes:
>Story TL:

>Drama CDs:
>Nuye: [DEAD]
>Irenka 1+2: [DEAD]
>TA3 + TABA Artbooks:!CNZlEaIT!EXveLzbcJoCjpWbchbpe9g

Active RPGX Present Codes
PICOLETTO (30 Universal Equipment Shards / 27th)
4lHZVTBKPLKPQBCS (1 Full AP Restore / 28th)
48BKDIFNGDPECYP1 (2 Gems / 28th)
700000000EN (3 Gems / 29th)

Air Comiket 2:

Previous Thread: >>6058330
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Shiwasu No Okina
Since the last thread died let's continue any discussion regarding Shiwasu No Okina here while we wait for the last chapter to be fully translated
97 images | 295 replies
Year of the cow
A thread for cow girls, girls in cow print, and girls with fat milkies in general. Always post with a relevant image, if you want to post something that should go on /e/ they have a thread up.

130 images | 143 replies
When They Cum
Higurashi/Umineko/Ciconia thread. Post anything WTC/07th Expansion related
217 images | 252 replies
No title
Post your best goth/alt/emo ladies. I prefer the more realistically drawn ones but anything goes as long as its alternative
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No title
>one of the most talented (if not the best) hentai artist out there
>99% of it rape, ahegao, mindbreak, riona, paedophilia and degeneracy

Also shindoL thread
9 images | 12 replies
No title
itt: pregnant/impregnation
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Hentai Music Videos (HMVs)
Post HMVs.
Discuss HMVs.
Don't be a dick.


>What are HMVs?
They're Hentai Music Videos. Try fapping to the beat.

Please use the HMV Helpline/Chat. This is the place to go for sauce requests as well as off topic and long 1 on 1 conversations, etc.

>Sauce plz
Again, the Chatzy room is best for this. Also, read the thread or at least ctrl+f for some key words, your question might already be answered.
Here is a sourcing guide to help you find sources yourself:

>Where may I find these?
Folders and new releases are typically posted in this thread. You should also check the folder archives:

The MEGA folder appears to be dead for good this time. Keep up with the thread for any updates. Plenty of other options in the meantime.


There is also a torrent.



If you prefer to stream.

>How do you make these?
With software like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and others.
For help, consult this tutorial.

There's sometimes a stream on Picarto:

Music suggestions, source material suggestions and editing questions are welcome.

You know, for ease of browsing and such.
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Translation Thread
お前らもそろそろ乳出るようになんないと ,これから種付けしてしっかり孕めよ?
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No title
Sumata/Intercrural #3
Third time's the charm!
Thighjobs, buttjobs, grinding and other outercourse stuff!
46 images | 68 replies
One Piece
3320609 - Charlotte_Praline Monkey_D._Luffy One_Piece jcm-2
Posting what I got
130 images | 145 replies
Bleached thread
106 images | 186 replies
67 images | 240 replies
SADPANDA General - /spg/
Previous thread: >>6059743

This thread is for discussion about Sadpanda and its derivative sites including the content found on and associated with them.
Talking about fetishes and such are allowed.
Whoring and begging for translations are NOT allowed.
Any discussion about lolicon and shotacon should pertain to and are the subject of United States law (meaning it's illegal on the basis of obscene material).


The Sadpanda community is issuing an official condemnation to the Sadpanda dev team and demand the following issues to be fixed at utmost immediacy:
-Name orders
-Artist CGs and Image Sets
-parody:none instead of parody:original
-New upload indicators
We will not retract the condemnation until ALL of the issues presented above have been fixed.
Fixed issues so far thanks to based Tenboro: Seiren, Netamekoru

We will issue a statement of support if ALL of the issues above AND more than 80% of the ones below have been solved:
-Creating visible guidelines to prevent rampant and unjustified usage of Kunrei-shiki
-Fix conventions list in the wiki
-Official apology from MaximumCvck, a.k.a Maximum "Cvck" Joe for his lazyness and disdain towards the community. His arrogance and ongoing illiteracy of the japanese language and culture had caused great harm in the integrity of the site in the past years.
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Old: >>6037713
82 images | 270 replies
Netorare / NTR / 寝取られ - Thread #216
Discuss all forms of NTR themed images, manga, anime, doujinshi, visual novels, games, etc.

NTR guide & definitions
NTR games recommendation
NTR OVA recommendation [BROKEN]
NTR smut recommendation [BROKEN]

Previous Thread: >>6067767

OP Source: Boku no Elf Onee-san

Upcoming Games:

In'youchuu Wai ~Ryoushoku Tougen Taima Roku~ (2021-02-26)

Recently Released:

Dame, Danna ni Barechau! ~Otto no Soba de Charao to NTR Uwakikkusu~ (2020-12-25)

Yura ga Aitsu ni Dakareru Wake ~Ai Suru Tsuma wa Kyou mo Ano Otoko ni Seieki o Sosogareteyuku (2020-12-25)

人妻催○計画 ~催○誤認で家庭円マン!~ PCゲームアウトレット (2020-12-25)

淫辱不倫 ~ヤリ部屋にされて調教された少女~ デラックス版 (2021-01-29)

絶頂!即イキ!種付け寝取り旅館へようこそ! ~当館はお客様の妊娠を100%保証します~ (2021-01-29)

Mesu Tsumami ~Sewayaki Toshiue Tsuma to Majime na Tsuntsun Tsuma to no Aiyoku Seikatsu~ (2021-01-29)
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Empresa games
Jlist just annunced oficial translation for Closed game. Any hype? What s your favorite sei shoujo work?
3 images | 16 replies
Condom Fashion - Women wearing condoms
Post women wearing condoms - used/filled condoms preferred, unused/unopened condoms okay

I wasn't into condoms at all until i found this
20 images | 22 replies
Wolf Girl With You DLC edition Thread Pt. 5, Merry Christmas edition
Still waitin' and hopin'
Plenty of Liru doggo scenes confirmed
Are you ready to spend another Christmas with Liru?

>DLsite page of the DLC with the PV:
>DLsite page of the base game:
>Seismic's twitter
>Seismic's blog
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Fap Hero General #44
3DX 1080p 30FPS.m4v_snapshot_00.22.21_[2021.01.16_21.15.43]
Old thread:

Fap Hero is hentai and rhythm based masturbation game that can be played for fun and challenge.

[How to play]
1: Watch a fap hero video
2: Stroke your dick one time each time a beat passes by on the beat bar
3: No pausing, looking away, or stopping stroking
4: If you cum before the video says you can, you lose

Fap Hero videos can be found on "most" big porn sites, or downloaded from online communities (like this thread)
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Voice Thread #138
Previous thread: >>6040304

NEWCOMERS! Make sure you read through the guide carefully, it'll likely answer most of your questions.

H-Audio Dedicated Board:

>Latest H-Voice Thread News/Updates
Voice Thread Guide has migrated to ghostbin due to pastebin’s recent upload filter.
Comiket 99 has been postponed till Golden Week 2021.

>Voice Work Illustration for the Thread
RJ308946 is a story about a love triangle between the members of a certain literature club. Sure sounds familiar… More so than the voice work itself, I wanted to draw some attention to a possibly new (might be alias) VA 三星しえ as she has only voiced two works. Her performance has been pretty good, and seems to be worth following for the future.
37 images | 253 replies
Aftersex Thread
Pictures showing the resulting aftermath of sex

Hung cocks, pussies/assholes dripping cum, used condoms, soiled sheets, posing for pictures, etc
73 images | 92 replies
Incest V.10
V.9 >>5883852 just maxed out and I had a brand new work to pull out and it's one fans need to see.

New GONZA! Musuko ni Matagaru Hi ~Haha to Musuko no Hamedori Kiroku~
138 images | 299 replies
Resident Evil 8 Village
I haven't seen a thread of this yeat so i decided to make one as it was necessary.
8 images | 23 replies
No title
you're the girl below your post
237 images | 257 replies
Hentai mangas with good art
13 (17)
Looking for more hentais with good (semi-realistic) art. my favorite mangakas are Oda Non and Nishida.

This is Oda Non. 1/?
24 images | 39 replies
Vtuber girls thread
A thread for every Vtuber girl out there, be it independents, Hololive, you name it.

It baffles me one hasn't been made in this board as of yet.

Stick to the rules/guidelines and we'll be fine.
130 images | 177 replies
No title
Not sure if this thread is necessarily allowed, but I don't know where this goes,...
What do you do with doujinshi you don't want to keep around physically anymore? already digitized them, but it's not like you can take them to eBay right?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Netorase thread
Basically cuck is okay with sharing
+bonus points for cuck in the pic
45 images | 152 replies
Color and Edit T/h/read
Previous Thread: >>6031358

- Respect /h/ and global rules.
- You must supply a reference for the characters or at least directions for coloring in every part of their body or related objects.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and re-post your reference.
- Keep your requests to one at a time.
- Be patient, some images can take a great deal of time.
- Be kind to the artists, they're giving their time to do this for you.
- Constructive criticism is fine.
- No trolling/derailing the thread
- Remember to thank whomever fulfilled your request.
Requesters, Feel free to ask for revisions of the works, it isn't an insult.
Artists, don't hold back! if you like a request someone else already fulfilled, feel free to do your own take.

Drawthread: >>6050651
221 images | 284 replies
No title
Danganronpa thread
206 images | 219 replies
Live2D Hentai
Previous thread >>6011493

Since the previous thread is gone, I am going to make a new thread to continue it's legacy.

Hope the thread continue to grow for future to come.
13 images | 96 replies
/vn/ - Moege Edition
SabbatOfTheWitch (436)
Visual Novel General

This general is for the discussion of English-translated Japanese visual novels.
All posting of untranslated visual novels belongs on >>>/jp/
E-celeb shitposting is not allowed.
Kindly use spoiler tags appropriately when discussing plot spoilers to facilitate smooth discussion.

>Having trouble with your VN? Try the following before you ask for tech support:
1. Be in Japanese locale
2. Read the Readme
3. Read the wiki below
4. Copy error messages with CTLR+C and paste them with CTRL+V into Translate
5. Search it in your search engine

>FAQs, Recommendations, and Other Useful Things:

>Need a novel with a specific element?

>Download Links:

Previous: >>5640192
49 images | 131 replies
3D Hentai Thread #110
Previous: >>6051798

Pay a visit to the >>>/aco/ Weekly Western 3D Animation General (assuming it's not dead) and check >>>/e/mmd for MMD ressources.

General Japanese Entertainment Resources (Hentai at the bottom):

3D SexDance index:

DL links shared by Anons:

Multi part free:

21 images | 191 replies
Tsundere like relationships
Tsundere like relationships are if one or both act as if they do not like the other, but in reality they are madly in love. This also applies to relationships that appear hostile in public but loving in private or the opposite.
Also bullies and their victim that fall in love count as well.

Both partners are Tsundere
Even If We're Not Honest
[nagare ippon]
159 images | 209 replies
Hentai collections
Post your hentai collections.
Do you have any unique pieces? Something you are really proud about?
73 images | 276 replies
Haven't seen a thread in a while. Let's start
41 images | 49 replies
Gangbang thread v17
Previous thread:

Older threads:

Welcome to the gangbang thread! Post and discuss your gangbang related content here. Remember to include a source when you can.
79 images | 131 replies
Dead or Alive
Can we try doing a DoA thread? 3D is ok, but I'd really love to see more drawn stuff since the boorus are flooded with shitty 3D stuff

>Favorite DoA?
44 images | 47 replies
OFFICIAL Blacked / Queen Of Spades - No Fan-Edits / Western
Blacked/Queen Of Spades works done by the original artist/group, please post fan-edits and western works in a separate thread

Take all discussions of race and politics not pertaining to hentai here

Source: Allegro
8 images | 23 replies
Teaching Feeling X79
Previous Thread >>5994681

>Buy 3.0.x here
You can also do it through paypal - just buy enough points and exchange them for the game.

>3.0.x wip translation patch
>2.5.2 translation patch + mods
>Linux port
>Tyrano Player for Android (try JoiPlay if it doesn't work well for you)
>Determinable Unstable google translation!QYQU3AgK!GmuazlKuyAV-y1JPgVgVOQ

>Butterfly Affection English!ptcWiQzI!kj3MjzQNX6Cqu6yFxB0yVBa-d0dEkcnJIBmOAaXpJoM

-----Older versions-----
>Buy 1.9.2 here:
>1.9.2 Modpatch+TL!DxcWBBqS!Yx9NjiLNtXsN2Ty41WfOYQ

>Story about the "official" 1.7.9 english release (download link's at the end):

>Creator's Twitter
22 images | 89 replies
Anyone got more of forced kissing stuff like this
8 images | 10 replies
313f6bbb2183b5d1de52ab9541666ecd - kopie
Similar to aftersex, but when the girl (or even guy) is visibly broken, defeated or still struggling.
63 images | 109 replies
2D Hentai Games General /hgg2d/
First Edition

Previous Thread: >>>/vg/319684437

2D Hentai games (Hentai RPG, Violated Heroine, H-Action Games) General /hgg2d/
For searching purposes: /vhg/



>/hgg2d/ Game Archive - IPFS Edition

>Recommended Games (outdated):
>New Recommended Games Bin:
>/hgg2d/ Gotw Catalog:
Refer to the newcomers guide link


Refer to the newcomers guide link

If this can't extract some files then try:

RJ CODE QUICKLINK SCRIPT (Updated to include the RE version changes)


DLsite partial interface translation script

VH Specific
>latest VH translation!F9ZyVSLY!6U0TlvbW88UFAynZ3pxJBg
>outdated mega!0ChlQYJa!918hNc-SzjigT-yBqiaidw


Take all discussion of fetishes outside of the context of video games to /vg/
Take all discussion of VNs to >>>/vg/vn/ or >>>/jp/hgg/
35 images | 125 replies
No title
This is Strange Kind of Woman, also referred as Hatsu Inu because of the author. I don’t have any physical copies of a hentai manga and I want just one just to have. I’ve looked everywhere for this one and every shop says that this one is unavailable. Does anyone know of a shop that could possibly have it? Or where I could find a physical copy of it? I know I can get it digitally but I just want a physical copy.
0 images | 2 replies
Koikatsu! General /kkg/
KoiHard Edition

>Game Installation
First time here or old installation?
Download the latest repack and you're set to play
(Remember to backup your userData folder if you're transferring)

>Koikatsu Repack

>HF Patch

>Sideloader Mods Pack



>Is there a Booru for Cards?
Cards are put in "\UserData\Chara\female or male"

>Where do I upload to share?

>Koikatsu Guides Collection!yg1ACQjY!9OIzsy7z8qpLCgOL4r-F0w

>Koikatsu Resources Pastebin

>/kkg/ Card Creator Pastebin
(New creators will be in the OP to promote them)

>Tool for extracting characters from scenes
(Ctrl+E if you're on rx2 or higher)

>Guide for importing items/hair/clothes/etc from other games to KK

>Thread Archive (Thanks to the anon keeping this up to date)

KK_PregnancyPlus v1.12:

>Previous Thread
126 images | 381 replies
Clothed women
Stuff where the woman is wearing normally covering clothing and there are no panty shots or such, but the image still clearly depicts something sexual
112 images | 148 replies
>1. Requests must satisfy general /h/ rules.
>2. Be nice. Do not censure or denigrate Drawfriends. If you want to critique art go to /ic/.
>3. REQUEST drawings ONLY; this is NOT your personal deviantART page.
>4. Only request ONCE. No bumping, re-requesting or seconding requests; it wastes the small /h/ post count.
>5. Be patient, polite and don't whine if no one decides to fulfill your request. Request filled is mostly just dumb luck; do not take it personally.
>6. No requests for coloring, decensoring, or editing. Please use or create other threads in /h/ for this.
>7. Re-read rule 4. Follow it.
>8. Thank the Draw friend that fulfills your request.
>9. Full character and the series name must be mentioned.
>10. Ignore shit posters that don't request anything and/or complain about not getting their requests fulfilled.
>11. Keep the image limit reserved for requests and deliveries.

Requesters, feel free to ask for revisions of the works, it isn't an insult.
Artists, don't hold back! If you like a request someone else already fulfilled, feel free to do your own take.

Finished requests can be found here:
Previous Thread: >>6066854
Color/Edit Thread: >>6052387
233 images | 325 replies
Female POV/Femporn general #4
Previous thread >>5970175

Anything oriented more for a female audience.
Includes but is not limited to: content with both members of the couple being attractive, either the male or both as the focus, unexaggerated proportions. Stuff like that.
No yuri, no yaoi, no faceless dudes, no derailing thread. Thank you.
105 images | 132 replies
Reverse NTR
Women stealing away men from other women.
>[Starmine18 (HANABi)] Fuuki no Haiboku Dosukebe JK Gal Combi no Otouto Netori
88 images | 237 replies
dykes getting the D general

Recommended Doujin list

Recommended stories
> (and part 2)
>hits the right kinks with a dykish girl and bearish man, but it actually ends with them stopping when she commits to her girlfriend, in aplay on married men who fuck around with guys on the sly but stay with their wives.
>longish story with two sequels, mostly about close friends where the lesbian realizes she's bi and gets the guy to finally fuck her. Pretty good itself, but it's not much like the general tone of the fetish. Honestly pretty vanilla in terms of character dynamics, the sequels getting pretty raunchy in the sex.
>friends again, somewhere in between the lightness of the above and the more domination/submission aspect of the below
>getting more into the harder part of the fetish, though it's still close friends going at it.
>a bit like the one linked in the quoted post, just a brother doing his sister's girlfriend a more personal sperm donor, but then they all get into it
>(gang)raped into loving it, much more in the general vein of the degradation and domination aspects

>Over the world, a rare condition is arising where a person must ingest semen else they become ill. One of those patients is your gay aunt. She goes gradually does more and more sexual acts before engaging and eventually sex.
32 images | 86 replies
/fit/ girls
Why are fit girls so rare in hentai?
89 images | 151 replies
Fucking on the Road
Whether it be road-head, backseat fucking, or a prostitute bent over the gear-shift, if it's inside a vehicle it fits in the thread.
68 images | 104 replies
Finger fucking
ITT: guys fingerfucking girls good
90 images | 104 replies
C(O)M3D2 General
A thread for CM3D2 and COM3D2

Previous thread >>6012168
- [COM3D2] -

Comprehensive COM3D2 Pastebin

Custom Maid Ultimate - Summer 2020 Edition (CM3D2 + COM3D2 + all DLC ):
Custom Order Maid 3D2 English Vanilla Repack R2:
Custom Order Maid 3D2 Modpack R3.3:
Guide for above installations:
Sybaris II AIO

-Official English version-


- [CM3D2] -

DO NOT use Hongfire Patch, Reipatcher, or NTleas, they're old and can break the game. Use Sybaris and change to Japanese locale.

Comprehensive CM3D2 Pastebin
Sybaris AIO
Brief Installation Guide for Custom Maid 3D 2 (Updated 7/31/2017)
A recently made installation guide:
How to Play/English Wiki

Full COM3D2 DLC list:

Mega download:!fpgFAbaS!9uUPXC-TeU7vJgMVh7YS2w
Latest mod releases:
International List of Mods (slow&outdated):
English Fansite with CM/COM news, discord and such:
54 images | 298 replies
No title
ゴム - ついったーまとめ9 (62407252) 6ページ
Girls Und Panzer
232 images | 236 replies
I'll start with some Fujiko.
22 images | 24 replies
On the phone while having sex
Bonus if she's talking to her husband/boyfriend/son/SO

Taking pictures after sex etc is okay too
43 images | 50 replies
No title
Send genshin impact lewds.
193 images | 267 replies
No title
Milfs Thread.
84 images | 135 replies
No title
ITT: your favorite scenarios that you never get tired of, no matter how often you see them.

>girl finds MC's porn stash and then dresses up for him
108 images | 187 replies
Loser gets fucked
Girl loses game/bet gets fucked. Pretty self-explanatory
6 images | 6 replies
Guilty games thread 2
Previous thread reached the limit:
Next upcoming game - Nightmare x Vampire ~Fukushuu no Inferno~
9 images | 20 replies
patreon piracy sites
fuck patreon
the only patreon reupload site i knew of was, and that shut down this month. are there any other sites where i can pirate this shit?
26 images | 299 replies
No title
Is it really that easy to become a homeless prostitute junkie in Japan?
2 images | 10 replies
Policewoman thread
153 images | 258 replies
Amazon Position/Reverse Mating Press
Lots of regular mating press works but not much of the reverse.

Also anyone that say this is somehow gay doesnt need to be taken seriously ever
144 images | 210 replies
Tohsaka Rin
Rin and Rinfaces alike welcome.

Old thread:
194 images | 254 replies
No title
gyaru thread? gyaru thread!
148 images | 214 replies
Hex Maniac Thread
You know the deal. Post everything you got.
132 images | 141 replies
Raita Thread
Time to go bananas for Raita
187 images | 297 replies
No title
Access & Basics:
(Blank page is the new panda, delete appropriate cookies)




VIEWERS [Deprecated]

Provide presence-passing galleries to help officiate these tags:
Report mistaggings to get them cleaned up faster:
H Resources: [Deprecated]
H Releases: [Deprecated]
7 images | 96 replies
No title
Raildex thread, because every single Academy City girl needs to get dicked down

Except Index, fuck her
39 images | 50 replies
/H-RPGs with good gameplay
There's a ton of translated H-RPGs out there right now, but frankly, most of them have pretty shitty gameplay - either too easy or just not satisfying for one reason or the other.

itt good H-RPGs

I'll start: Fallen, Makina and the City of Ruins is my pick for a good H-RPG.

The gameplay itself isn't that difficult but it does a good job of selling you the fantasy of playing as a badass swordswoman and enemies react to your skills in a way that makes it feel more real.

Also its hot as hell. A+ would recommend
34 images | 129 replies
America, Fuck Yeah!
In honor of the November election, let's have an American-themed thread. Cowboys, flag-print bikinis, westaboo shipgirls, whatever.

So long as it's recognisably representing the U.S., put it up.
113 images | 142 replies
No title
No femdom thread?
Gentle or rough. It doesn't matter also pegging is fine
139 images | 299 replies
Aqua Kingdom Hearts
something about her design was always so cool. then i thought wow she's really hot
12 images | 22 replies
No title
tsunade thread
post big tutted milf mommy
113 images | 154 replies
Kunoichi no Kanyou Cover
Lewd ninjas.
51 images | 56 replies
Extreme Masculine/Feminine Contrast / Domination Thread
Extremely Masculine Guys (ripped, beards, ect.) dominating thick, soft, voluptuous feminine girls. Extra points for dominating poses like choke holds.

essentially monster but with human guys instead of monsters.
117 images | 231 replies
Fap Gauntlet #12
Starting a thread that'll be recognized by

To the uninitiated, the rules are to open the attatched picture, and fap according to the rules below. Include number of strokes, tightness, and speed. If you win, post a new picture & make it harder. If you lose, post a new one anyways

For starters:

40, loose, fast
43 images | 48 replies
Masks on. Or at least start with masks on, then fuck away without them because you're a degenerate.

(aka: surgical mask thread)
105 images | 139 replies
No title
Nothing even suggesting they don't love each other.
Hugs, happiness, fairly vanilla, etc. Things you can masturbate to and not feel disgust but rather happiness.

Maybe this'll throw some people off, but ask yourself if it's something you'd be absolutely revolted by knowing your parents do -- if it would be don't post it. Not embarrassed or 'I don't want to see this', but genuine disgust and disdain for them personally.
68 images | 142 replies
Female on Male Rimjob
Source of OP pic - Saigado
Source of doujin pics - Gelatin
146 images | 188 replies
breasts pressed against window
Title says it. Breasts pressed against other flat surfaces ok too, but seethrough materials preferred.
222 images | 260 replies
Lost Keqing koikatsu Pixiv Gallery
Hey, so I favorited this one koikatsu Keqing pixiv gallery only to find out it had been deleted along with several others by the same author.
Is there a way to recover the gallery because I would like to see it again.

Thankfully I saved the images of one of his galleries at least but was unable to find the rest on 'other' sites.

this gallery in case anybody is interested

I'm hoping that someone has saved these artist's works in a 'special' folder or something

I think I attached the image properly
0 images | 5 replies
Normalized Harem pt. 2
Continued from >>5776931
OP from previous thread here. Thanks for sharing your stuff guys.

Same rules applies.
Anything that shows a harem catering to 1 guy while other girls are doing normal stuff around them.

Source: nori5rou
114 images | 241 replies
No title
No Azur Lane Thread, WTF, post your favorite ships, post name of the ship if possible

Pic: Javelin
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Liru Decen+StyleTransfer
op gif
recent /h/ discussions over AI decensoring hentai discussed the absolute ineptitude tools meant for IRL video or single frame b/w manga on trying to decenhentai. 3DCG is in the unique position that it uses toon shaders (poor tracking for automatic decen) and complex moves (cant hide photoshopping the same pussy png per frame since its in 3d), making current decen methods (both proposed and traditional) very hard for 3d animation
Instead of relying on some schmuck attempting to track all the points for his image onto a 3d penis every frame, or a shitty AI meant for IRL porn attempting to blur big blocks from 720p video into something resembling a deep dream mushroom, you use a non-AI based style transfer program? the decen artist provides clean keyframes and ebsynth will take care of the rest ( good frame choice and quality decen work can reduce 50-120 frames of hand animation down to a single frame (tested with masks and stylized keyframes like OP image), especially with repetitive scenes that seismic makes
This project is intended to be just a test to see if this is possible, I'll post some update gifs for the current scene being worked on, I dont know how the software will bug out, but any decen effort is appreciated. I'll only be uploading one keyframe at a time since these first cuts in the bathroom scene are short and have minimal censorship.
if you also want to do your own /h/ draws spin or a stylized image like in the OP I'll set that to render too!
this is still too intensive for the edit thread, but if you'd rather have a liru decen/art thread in /r/ I understand

Please send me your stylized frames! I want this to be more of a draw thread than some guy requesting for decen work for free, and I will provide. if you want specific stylized scenes you can request specific frame#s to be edited from this folder(@nonfiles com/z1w7j0Jbo6/composite_frames_zip) and I'll post the full image
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How come hentai ovas are hardly discussed on this board? I've been using this board for many years already and I don't think I've ever seen a hentai ova general thread. Whenever one gets created, it just dies immediately. Sure, sometimes you get those threads discussing about specific titles like Bible black or Murakami but it's just those specific titles and not hentai ovas as a whole. There's titles that get released every single month and you always get news about upcoming titles months ahead. Hardly any discussion about those though. What exactly is the reason here? Are ovas just not that popular? The 3D animation thread is active but there's a lot less to talk about compared to hentai ovas. So I don't even understand.
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Koikatsu is the best
I'm a Japanese who makes erotic content using Koikatsu. I want to distribute erotic content to the world, so please visit my website.



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/H/ Hall of Fame - Best Hentai Artists of All Time
It's the end of 2020 and so let's recognize the best hentai artists so far. Of course as art is in the name, best artwork is an obvious criteria, but you can list for reasons like content, themes, characters, plot (heh), etc. If you list groups/studios that dont seem to have a specific artist (such as charm point or volvox) that is fine. if you want to list groups/studios that use a variety of other artists (such as orcsoft or pin-point) that is okay as well. The goal is to add to the list, not restrict it.

Here's my Top 10 (in no particular order)
oda non
erect sawaru
linda project
sugi g

Honorable Mentions (more of my personal preferences)
kurosu gatari/doll play
minamoto/hatake no oniku
takeda hiromitsu/shinjugai
etuzan jakusui
sahara wataru/karakishi youhei-dan

Old School Mentions (since even though it's an all-time list, recent/current artists will probably be most of the mentions)
teruo kakuta/kondom
juubaori mashumaro (escargot club)
toshio maeda
morita kazuaki
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Kisaragi Gunma
Kisaragi Gunma CoversV1
WTF happened to Kisaragi Gunma? Nothing new from him in ages. I heard he had some sort of mid life thing and went over to the "tame" softcore shit. I was hoping for more chapters to the student exchange recommendation manga.
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What do you think of GAME/DEATH ?
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Vanilla Tall man and DILF
Dilf and tall man are always associated with NTR. This thread is for vanilla and fluff shit only.

[Hyocorou] Mayuyuu no Housoku
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Attention all evafags and weebs in general, due to this shit pixiv complied to new guidelines will soon start deleting all evangelion releted smut from off their platform.
If you want to save something, and has it in your heart to repost it on other websites or like e-hentai or various boorus, doo so.
If you are a rich fucknugget that sponsors creators in their fanbox, download what they made related to Eva while you can.
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Perfect anatomy
Perfect anatomy thread? Perfect anatomy thread.

Let’s go!
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Uncensored Only #1 730312 animal_ears animeflux anus ass feet naked nipples pubic_hair pussy tail uncensored
Let's start a thread chain of only uncensored hentai images, folks.
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Honey Select 2 General #27

Latest Repack - HS2DX R3 - AIS R8 (HS2 R5 is discontinued)

Latest Patch/Updates

VR Support:

Place in: "\UserData\Chara\female or male"

>Do Honey Select 1 cards/scenes work with HS2?
No, nothing before AI Shoujo works.

>Do AI Shoujo cards work with HS2?
Yes, they are cross compatible.

>Do I need to download the mods twice if I want to have both HS2 and AIS?
No, look up the windows command symlink and bind the mod directories.

>How can I change dick size?
Open the Advanced Bonemod Window and adjust some of the bones with "dan" in the name.

>How do I get VR to work with Oculus?
Update your Bepis:

>I'm new to the studio, where do I start/what do I need to know?

>Do I need to download the 50GB mod zip?
No, it's just a bunch of mods for the studio, it's optional. You can peruse its contents here if you wanna pick and choose instead:

Goblinas not welcome.

Previous Thread:
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Cock shock, Cock & Awe, Penis_awe
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Is there such a thing as reverse NTR? Where someone tries to cuck the MC but he or a valiant chad on the MCs side fucks up the cucker and maybe yaoi r*pes him to assert dominance? And brings the waifu back and victory f*cks her? I have never seen a hentai like this even though the thought of it gives me the most heroic boner. I’m not gay and I only like vanilla but I would defo fap to that
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I don't know what the term is, but "one shoe on, one barefoot" thread. Very rare, but super fucking hot.
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Charao ni Netorare route 2 vol 2
Hello, I've been working on translating this novel whenever time permits, but honestly I'm a beginner at japanese and would love if someone could help correct my mistakes.

I'll post the first few pages I've done and if you guys want the cleaned version of a page, just ask.
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hanna rudel+perrine h clostermann_hews_a1bbfae6d624c990d4dc85717489e348
Strike Witches/Kantai Collection.
Post boat and or planesluts.
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