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More of her?

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Rules of this board (in plain english)
1) When posting something include the artist and character/show name. If it's part of a doujinshi or manga then give the name of that as well.
2) No loli or furry shit.
3) Ecchi, Yuri, and Yaoi Belong on their own boards. (/e/, /u/, and /y/)
4) All images must be of Japanese/"Eastern" origin and style. Images of "Western" origin and style will be removed.
5) If you want to make a request then take it to /r/. This board is for people who wish to contribute. If /r/ does not fill your request it is still not okay to post it here. If you contribute a decent amount of board-related material then feel free to request, but not before.
5.1) "itt [ass/bj/whatever] thread" and only posting one image is a request.

Every global rule applies as well.
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1. Requests must satisfy /h/ and global rules.
2. To conserve posts, do not bump, re-request or second requests.
3. Be nice. If you want to critique art, go to >>>/ic/.
4. Be patient. Deliveries take time to draw.
5. Edit requests (inks, colors, de-censors, etc.) belong in the edit thread.
6. Artists, post deliveries for requested art only. Unprompted art belongs on /i/ and /ic/.
7. If possible, post a WIP instead of saying "working on this".
8. When asking for prompts, please post an example of your art so we know you aren't a troll.
9. No AI deliveries or discussion. Go to the appropriate threads.
10. Do not waste posts on meta discussion till after the bump limit. The drawthread is not a chat room or your personal blog.
11. Ignore, filter or report off-topic posts, drama and trolling.
12. Wait for page 10 at the bump limit before making a new thread.

Previous Thread: >>8054225
Edit Thread: >>8069041
NTR Drawt/h/read: >>7770501
OC Drawt/h/read: >>7566588
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How to get audio doujins free? Most of it is behind a paywall. Any other site is there?
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/kkg/ - Koikatsu! General
Dangerous Life Edition

>First time here or old installation?
Download the latest repack for the game you want and you're set to play (backup your UserData folder if you're transferring)

>Koikatsu Repack RX20
>Koikatsu Sunshine Repack R10
KKS is a new game with a resort island setting. Get KK for Studio and KKS for more in-game sex positions.
Place KK cards in "\UserData\Chara\female or \male" to convert to KKS

>KKS scene compatibility patch for KK
Get this: and drop it in:

>HF Patch (Get this to update without waiting for the repack)

>Sideloader Mods Pack

Cards are put in "\UserData\Chara\female or \male"

>/kkg/ Card Creator Pastebin

>Where do I upload to share my cards?
(Litter links can be accessed through internet archive)

>KKScene Mega

>Theme Stuff

>Koikatsu Resources Pastebin

>Koikatsu Guides Collection

>Modding Guides

>Thread Archive

>Previous Thread
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I just found out there is hentai translated to Latin? lol
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Guilty Games Thread #16 - It's Thigh Lickin' Good
Previous thread >>7768404
Older threads

Guilty (Nightmare/Dash) Catalogs ( /

DLC patches, Resources and FAQ (under construction):

Recent releases:
Toriko no Chikai ~Nakama No Tame Ni Shintai O Kakeru Shojo No Jingi ~
Shizuka Athlete DLC (just drop into Chikai folder):
MTL Shizuka (rename to PRio2.arc):

Toriko no Chigiri Re: ~Kazoku no Tame ni Karada o Sashidasu Ane to Imouto~
虜ノ契 Re: ~家族のために身体を捧げる姉と妹~

Nightmare x Maverick ~Saiyaku no Revenant~
Nightmare × Maverick~災厄のレヴェナント~

Beginners Queen

NightmarexNobleBlood ~Uragiri no Abyss~ The Motion
Nightmare×NobleBlood~裏切りのアビス~ The Motion
DL: pending

Upcoming releases:
Toriko no Urara ~Otoko no Sono ni Magirekonda Ichirin no Akai Hana~
虜ノ麗 ~男の園に紛れこんだ一輪の紅い花~
28 June 2024

Nightmare×sisters Ω~終末のレクイエム~
ETA: 2024
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Post pokegirls.
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Shiwasu no Okina/Enkou Ojisan
Can we discuss this doujin? Almost everytime people talk about Nudist Beach, but for me, this one was way better.

What do you like about it? Is it kino to you? Your favorite scene/girl?
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Voice Thread #198
Previous thread: >>8001804

NEWCOMERS! Make sure you read through the guide carefully, it'll likely answer most of your questions.

>Latest H-Voice Thread News/Updates
C104 is coming up in 2 months, and circles have started announcing their participation. Are there any works you’re looking forward to?

>Voice Work Illustration for the Thread
RJ313683 is an excellent voice drama that I thoroughly enjoyed. You assume the role of a magic researcher who has an aptitude for magic, and due to a magic experiment accident, you were severely injured and transported to Alfheim, a closed off elven country. The story begins with your arrival, and delves into the time you spent there.
This work has a lot of care put into it, and each character stands out on their own, with even your own character having a solid personality that shows as you progress through the story. In fact, I wouldn’t have even minded another hour of interacting with Ophelia on top of the three hour long main story. In addition, I liked the inclusion of alpha bonus tracks, which are snippets that you can listen to after finishing the main story to gain some additional insight to events that happened in the background. Even though they’re just a few minutes long, I can appreciate the effort put into making the world feel as complete as it is.
I’m honestly surprised by how underrated this work is (and its circle by extension), as its sale count on DLsite is at a measly 500, so I suggest people support 夢先鳥仔 so they’re able to create more voice works like this. I would love to see these types of works become more popular as listening to this gave me nostalgic feelings of how I first got into voice works.
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SexDance & MMD General #41
Bootleg VR Edition

Post custom made 3D Hentai structured around music here. Doesn't have to be MMD, doesn't have to contain dancing motions, and not to be confused with HMVs made with already existing 3D clips. MMD clips without music that would cause a fuss in the 3D hentai general are also welcome here.

Previous: >>8027875


>Better iwara browser

>3D SexDance index:

>Anon's VR Collection

>How do I create it?
Check out >>>/e/mmd for technical discussions

>Why not post it to the 3D Hentai General?
The focus on music and dancing of most MMD content has sparked endless drama and thread derailings there so there was a split. So far both communities have benefited from it.

>OP Sauce: kemkem / anon (>>7825311)
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rebuilding my Guilty Gear folder
and I've a long way to go, especially some of the stuff came from long since dead websites and abandoned accounts from hentai-foundry, pixiv, tumblr, twitter, etc
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Taimanin General / 対魔忍
>Viewer Big Patch:
>Event Patches:

>Story TL:
>Translator Tool:
>Translator Tutorial:

>Bond Scenes:

>Drama CDs: -----
>Drama CD Spreadsheet:
>TA3 + TABA + NUYE Artbooks:
>Lilith Art Collection:
>Lilith CG Collection:
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Netorare / NTR / 寝取られ - Thread 359
Previous Thread: >>8044048

Discuss all forms of NTR themed images, manga, anime, doujinshi, visual novels, games, etc.

Guide & definitions:
OVA recommendations:
Smut recommendations:
RPG Games List:
Translated Visual Novels List:
Untranslated Visual Novels List:
Game Devs List:
72 media | 194 replies
/OGG/ Orcs and Goblins General:
Final Battle Edition

Old Green: >>7860932

Related Stories:

Old OGG:
72 media | 99 replies
Femporn/Yumejoshi general #68
Straight, explicit sexual content oriented for a female audience, typically made by women.

Previous thread: >>7981894

>the male must be attractive
>the picture must be focused on the male
>the female must be present in the picture and have sexual contact with the male
>the female may or may not be attractive as well, or a faceless girl self-insert
>she may also be the focus, but preferably not more than the male
>unexaggerated proportions are preferable
>content of Asian origin and anime/manga art style, western art goes here:>>>/aco/femporn

No yuri, no yaoi, no faceless dudes, no shota, no loli, no derailing thread. Thank you.
Tip: Before you ask for the source of an image, use reverse image search sites such as,, or to find what you need. Do not post solo male pictures even if it is meant to be straight, since those are considered /y/ content in this site and could get easily deleted.
Do not post /c/ or /cm/ content either (anything that is not porn).

Femporn Reclist v.2

List of Archived Threads

Related femporn genres and Japanese terms are:
>女性漫画, 女性向け(Josei manga, Josei-muke/for women) *might also include BL
>レディースコミックス / レディコミ (Ladies' comics / lady-comi)
>シチュエーションCD (Situation CD)
>乙女向け, 乙女ゲーム (Otome-muke/for maidens, Otome game)
>夢向け (Yume-muke/for yumejoshi) *try adding 夢 to series name on Pixiv for yumejo results
>ティーンズラブ / TL (Teens' Love)
116 media | 172 replies
Color and Edit T/h/read
Thread Rules:
- Respect /h/ and global rules.
- Do not troll or derailing the thread.
- Do not make more than one request.
- You must supply references and specify what edits you want made.
- If your request was not fulfilled in the previous thread, do not just post a link to that request in this thread. Instead, re-state your request and re-post your reference.
- No bumping or seconding requests.
- Be patient. Some edits can take a great deal of time.
- Be kind to the editors. They're giving their time to do this for you.
- Always thank the editors for fulfilling your request.
- Constructive criticism is welcome.

Don't hold back! if you like a request another editor already fulfilled, feel free to make your own version.

Feel free to ask for revisions if needed. The editors won't be insulted.

Remember that 4chan now uses image compression. To solve the problem, follow the guide posted below the thread anchor.

Previous Thread: >>8002222
Drawt/h/read: >>8054225
NTR Drawt/h/read: >>7770501
OC Drawt/h/read: >>7566588
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Groping thread
Big tits getting groped, fondled, squeezed, etc.
35 media | 45 replies
Gacha game updates #2
Master Lulua 60 fps version is in the viewer
Girls Creation:

Legend Clover:

Master Lia New Year with no voices:

Shin Koihime Musou Tenkai Touitsuden viewer:

Tenkei Paradox: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BF11DEBB2780C59804B6515AEB6F0C03343E2319&dn=Tenkei%20Paradox%20batch%201&

Twinkle Star Knights:

Twinkle Star Knights cut-in animations version 1:
77 media | 146 replies
CRC3D3 thoughts and opinions.
This is mainly for KK and CM fans, what are your thoughts on what we know about CRC3D3 so far?
It looks to me like it might be more or less a Custom Maid game with Koikatsu-inspired gameplay.
Are you anticipating this game? Will you be playing it, or just sticking to what you’ve got?
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Gangbang Thread v41
Previous thread:

Older threads:

Welcome to the gangbang thread! Enjoy and share any and all women who believe the more cocks the better! Or women taken by force by a group, whichever you prefer.
220 media | 253 replies
Hentai/Anime Upscales
Thread to discuss upscales, mainly with ESRGAN as that is the best tool for the job.
All my upscales can be found here:
It shows everything that I've upscaled, whether it contains subs, how many episodes, links to download from, image previews, upscale status and changelog.
All preview images are just run through mozjpeg at quality 90 which is nearly identical to original. The original PNG preview images are on telegram.

Torrent version:
Keep in mind that torrent is an afterthought, downloading is easier with Telegram.

ESRGAN can either be used through my setup which makes it insanely easy for the average user: (Recently updated to 5.2, making it near fully automatic)
Or it can be downloaded from the official github:
Though using the github version means you'll have to mess with CMD and manually process each episode.
So if you don't want that, use my setup above.
Either can be used for still images too, not just videos. Like if you want to upscale art.
It can also be used for 3D stuff, even heavily compressed twitter garbage:
Feel free to ask for more comparison samples.

Links+Info to other random helpful tools, including leaked version of latest FlowFrames:

Most people know me as "Upscale Anon", so if you have any requests or need any help, simply ask for Upscale Anon.
I may not always respond to requests, but I do consider them.
And please don't be a greedy fucker who requests like 5-20 series. It's going to make it less likely that I do your request.

Feel free to talk about other AI stuff or other helpful tools.
If you've got something really good, I might just include it in the tool list.

Previous thread: >>7617512
10 media | 96 replies
Korean Webtoons/Manhwa/Pornhwa
Previous: >>7989970

Free sites to use:
Paid sites:

Mobile reader app for android:

Useful links:
Sex scenes list:
66 media | 255 replies
Hatsune Miku
Post your cutest miku everyone.
39 media | 51 replies
2D Hentai Games General /hgg2d/
Thirty-fourth edition

Previous Thread: >>7957383

2D Hentai games (Hentai RPG, Violated Heroine, H-Action Games) General /hgg2d/ former /vhg/




>/hgg2d/ Game Archive - IPFS Edition



>Nifty translation tool by Anon:

>RJ Gallery SCRIPT

VH FAQ/Links

Take all discussion of VNs to >>>/vg/vn/ or >>>/vg/vng/
Take all discussion of non Japanese games to >>>/aco/weg/ or >>>/aco/weg2d/
Take all discussion of 3D games to >>>/h/hgg/

Please wait for page 10 before making a new thread.
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Dungeon Meshi
as a manga reader, one of the best things about the adaptation is getting more porn. Can't wait for izutsumi
133 media | 188 replies
Misa-nee supremacy.
102 media | 208 replies
Honey Select 2 / AI Shoujo General #82
300 posts in less than 3 months challenge edition

Honey Select 2 latest version: HoneySelect2 DX BetterRepack R14

AI Shoujo latest version: AI-Shoujo / AI-Girl BetterRepack R15

HS2 Guide:

AIS Guide:

Latest Patch/Updates

Update patches. Note: updating from a non-DX version to a DX version is not possible

VR Support:

Unofficial VR Mod:

AI-Syoujyo CharaFile Web Editor

HS2PNGInfo - Card modlist checker:


*Please be patient with the slow access speed.

Previous thread:
77 media | 172 replies
Fap Hero General #72
Fap Hero - Velocity (Optimized).mp4_snapshot_21.26_[2024.05.19_21.25.52]
Old thread: >>7936581

Fap Hero is hentai and rhythm based masturbation game that can be played for fun and challenge.

[How to play]
1: Watch a fap hero video
2: Stroke your dick one time each time a beat passes by on the beat bar
3: Do no pause the video, look away from the screen, or skip any beats
4: If you cum before the video says you can, you lose

Fap Hero videos can be found on most big porn sites, or downloaded from online communities (like this thread)
56 media | 290 replies
==For years, these were though to be lost media.==
A little story:
>In the uncensored version of the anime, all the sexual scenes involving the little ninja guy, Nin-nin, were deleted for some retarded reason, (apparently back then censors thought that any short character could be considered underage) and people thought for years that these scene were lost forever.
>Alongside these, there's also a bonus scene that wasn't even present in the original Japanese version, where Miko Mido gets teleported to a classroom where a bunch of punks molest her, right before teleported to the S&M club for the dominatrix scene.
It would be cool if someone with the right skills could put these forgotten scenes back in and make an uncut version of the hentai anime.
Unfortunately, the classroom scene is lower in resolution, only 320x240, so if someone has the right AI upscale software, it would be better to first upscale this one to 640x480 to match the rest of the anime before putting it back in.
Also, all these scenes, since they never left Japan, are sadly still censored, i have no idea if a drawfag with the right skills could also edit the censored frames so that the final release could be uncut AND uncensored.

There you go:
41 media | 163 replies
Saimin Seishidou
Kurashiki Reina's onee-chan, finally.
>The sisters get along quite well, or rather, the older sister is one-sidedly very protective of Reina, and Reina is slightly annoyed because she has a hard time with the older sister who is a genius.

>Design A
37 media | 99 replies
OC Drawt/h/read
Rules of the Thread, Please READ Them
1. Post art sample when "taking x requests".
2. Requests must satisfy general /h/ rules.
3. Be nice. If you want to critique art go to /ic/.
4. Only make requests for OCs you own.
5. Don't request characters that will result in a DMCA takedown.
6. Feel free to drop your blog/site/commission/etc info after delivering.
7. Don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
8. Ignore the shit posters.

Previous Thread: >>7430201

NTR Drawt/h/read: >>7555729
General Drawt/h/read: >>7563538
Edit Thread: >>7539861
122 media | 291 replies
Already today since it is said that MTSP / Jin died of covid or that he has resigned since being a mangaka is not easy.

but currently, novelists, fanarts, animators in honey select, koikatsu and even with new images through AI gives understanding that Kyouka and her daughters will not give up and more and more artists who want to see more of this family now, the mangaka allegro implies that he is going to do something with Kyouka, and also it would not be the first time he has drawn her.
113 media | 288 replies
/hcdg/ - Honey Come Dolce General "Graduation Edition"
>What is Honey Come?
It's produced by illgames which is illusion in disguise. It's pretty much the anime version of Honey Select 2.

Buy it here:
Official Site:

>What is Honey Come Dolce?
It is Honey Come's new upcoming expansion which released on Dec 22. It includes new personalities, clothing, maps, animations, items, and studio. (Yes, studio is not free anymore)

Preorder here:
Official Site:

English support + available on Steam.

Pirate the game here.

**Latest repack is R1.4.1

Get the latest game update here.

HF Patch is here.

>I want high quality character cards

>Will HC have the same amount of mods as Koikatsu?
This game uses IL2CPP which converts IL into C++ code and compiles that to machine code, which removes the ability to mess with IL and do many cool things. The tooling for modding IL2CPP games is there, there's already plugins for it after all, but it's just fundamentally harder and more annoying to work with.

>Where can I find mods?
Join the Koikatsu server and check out the Honey Come Mod section. There's also the Honey Come discord server where you could find mods that isn't uploaded elsewhere. Like, the VR mod as example.
Honey Come Discord:
Koikatsu Discord:
24 media | 162 replies
Vanilla Thread
Post good vanilla stories, discuss vanilla stories etc.
(In all honesty, I'm starting this thread becasue I wanted to post about "I Want To Try Again" by danimaru without having to go through the hassle of finding it again lol)
169 media | 273 replies
Agawa Ryou gyaru urinal squat drain
Ladies letting the cum drain out. Squatting and having it drip down, laying there exhausted while it all oozes out, standing while it pours down their thighs, etc. You'll get the picture. Sauce is in the filename for all my posts.
98 media | 99 replies
Hentai Music Videos (HMVs)
106169949_p1 - Goat-chan
Post HMVs.
Discuss HMVs.
Don't be a dick.


>What are HMVs?
They're Hentai Music Videos. Try fapping to the beat.

>Where may I find these?
Folders and new releases are typically posted in this thread. You should also check the editor list:

There is also a torrent. Some users have problems downloading with utorrent ruTorrent/rtorrent, try alternatives such as qbittorrent.
Current version: "The Compendium"
NEW: Usenet mirror: (Have not verified myself if it works)

>How do you make these? What tools do I need?
Video editing software such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve.
For other useful tools, please check out this guide:

>Where do I find source content to make HMVs?

HMV Helpline/Chat. This is the place to go for sauce requests as well as off topic and long 1 on 1 conversations, etc.

>Sauce plz
Again, the Chatzy room is best for this. Also, read the thread or at least ctrl+f for some key words.

Here is a sourcing guide:

Music suggestions, source material suggestions and editing questions are welcome.

You know, for ease of browsing and such.
21 media | 248 replies
incest thread
Sisters, daughters, cousins, aunts, moms, etc, etc were made for family cum.
36 media | 53 replies
No title
The Kao no Nai Tsuki/Moonlight Lady VN appears to be getting a remake. Hopes, fears, expectations?
17 media | 32 replies
3D Hentai Thread #159
Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 19-17-11 _h_ - Hentai » Thread #7865782
Previous: >>7865782

>"And thus, DLSite committed AI suicide" Edition

Check out >>>/aco/ Western 3D Animation General if it's even alive, which rarely is the case anymore.

Check out >>>/h/mmd Sex Dance & MMD General.

DL links shared by Anons:

Multi part free:

Sauce of OP pic:
37 media | 236 replies
Harem thread
A normalized harem is better when the girls are okay with their role. I understand that there is very little such content.
45 media | 64 replies
t. most fucked up eroge you've enjoyed
>coworker crush is assigned to an international post
>realize your chance to get with her is dwindling by every minute
>devise a plan to capture her at the perfect moment
>once she's locked up in your house, you spend months raping her, attempting to break her mind
>balance making money to pay off bribes to escape the police and the means to keep her from escaping
>several different bad ends depending on which part you fuck up

somehow on Steam whereas tamer itty bitty titty games are barred
4 media | 7 replies
what is the best hentai?
here post your favorite hentai manga like anime we'll see who everyone agrees on
2 media | 6 replies
Doggystyle Thread
Looking for good quality doggystyle content.
Straight only, solo okay as long as doggy pos.
Bent over, pronebone also okay.
Kind of ass general as well.

A tier and up, I'll dump some favs
242 media | 255 replies
Older women showing the way
Guys fucking women older than them. Teacher, senpai, friend's mom, co-worker... Preferably no incest though. Manga and manwa both fine. Bonus points for doujins with artist name.

I'll start with the manwa "Don't tell mom" by Noah
30 media | 50 replies
Question for Hentai Game

I am new in nfsw anime game market. I am a game developer who creates anime games. Can I get suggestions of what the players want and expect from a good 3D anime nfsw game? Any tips?
0 media | 10 replies
Teaching Feeling X91
What is Teaching Feeling (Dorei to no Seikatsu)? An eroge where you take in a young "broken bird" slave who was abused by her former master, and heal her heart and soul. Fall in love with the endearing Sylvie as she learns to feel again, trust others, and fall in love (and lust).

Previous Thread >>7434534

v4.0 is out, but no translation or mod porting work has started.

>Ray-Kbys (creator)

>Buy 4.0.x
>PayPal can be used; just buy enough points and exchange them for the game

>Changelog / FAQ for oldfags

>TransFix Anon's MEGA
>3.0.22 English TL / Modpack
>Linux Ports
>Tyrano Player for Android (try JoiPlay if you encounter problems)!QYQU3AgK!GmuazlKuyAV-y1JPgVgVOQ

>3.0.22 Mods List
>Check \Teaching Feeling 3.0.22\modpack info.txt in link above

>Updating TF / Installing TL & Mods

----- Older versions -----
>Download 3.0.0:
>Download 2.5.2:
>2.5.2 English TL / Mods
>Buy 1.9.2
>1.9.2 English TL + Mods!DxcWBBqS!Yx9NjiLNtXsN2Ty41WfOYQ

>Story about the "official" 1.7.9 English release (download link at the end):

>Butterfly Affection English (another Ray game)!ptcWiQzI!kj3MjzQNX6Cqu6yFxB0yVBa-d0dEkcnJIBmOAaXpJoM

>Archive of Ray / Sylvie stuff
29 media | 237 replies
Azur Lane
Post Azur Lane girls
191 media | 271 replies
/QoS/ - Blacked/Queen Of Spades General
Thread for BBC related content
>What kind of content are we allowed to post?
Original art, edits, anime-styled game screenshots, and template sharing are allowed. Vanilla and NTR content are welcomed.

Guidelines to follow. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING:
>Follow /h/ rules

>Raceplay content involving racist slurs, other races/ethnicity except the bull and girl, or hateful remarks on any race/ethnicity is NOT allowed (Black Male Property, Refugees Welcome, Snowbunny, and etc. tattoos are fine)

>Content and discussion mentioning BNWO, Black New World Order, and race/ethnicity statistics is NOT allowed

>Subtle edits are NOT allowed (Casual Wear edits that are very clear and obvious are fine)

>Discussing your thoughts on an image's content, waifus, or new ideas for content is welcomed HOWEVER;

>Cuckposting is NOT allowed (Cuckposting is defined as discussing yourself in a NTR scenario. Discussing in third person or posting first person POV content is NOT Cuckposting)

>When criticizing edits/screenshots, focus on aspects to improve rather than just leaving a hateful reply

>Respect people's taste. There are people here that likes Blacked/Queen Of Spades for different reasons (Interracial, Corruption, Humiliation, and etc.)

>We strongly do NOT encourage posting edits outside of this thread

>Do NOT reply to trolls. Report them and the BOTS and their post

>Create a new thread only when the current thread reaches page 10 and is in the bottom threads (Sort by Bump order)

Templates/Editing Tutorials:
/h/ approved templates zip now hosted on mega:
48 media | 77 replies
Custom Maid General /cmg/
slutty blondes edition

Previous thread: >>7645589

- [COM3D2] -

Comprehensive COM3D2 Pastebin:

Custom Maid Ultimate - 2023 Edition (CM3D2 + COM3D2 + all DLC up to 2023/05/22):
Custom Maid Ultimate Master Guide:
Custom Order Maid 3D2 English Vanilla Repack:
COM Modular Installer [CMI]:

-Official English version-


- [CM3D2] -

Comprehensive CM3D2 Pastebin:

DO NOT use Hongfire Patch, Reipatcher, or NTleas, they're old and can break the game. Switch to Japanese locale and install CMI/LMMT

Brief Installation Guide for Custom Maid 3D 2 (Updated 7/31/2017)
A recently made installation guide:

How to Play/English Wiki
Legacy Meidos Modular Toolbox [LMMT]:

Latest mod releases:
Twitter Search:
MotiMoti3D Catalog:

International List of Mods (slow&outdated):

Discord for news of CM/COM Updates and DLC and more:

71 media | 248 replies
Kuroinu thread
ceb2d318c59cda1f3e220e4bbc4aad50 Steam GOG Mangagamer
99 media | 303 replies
Touhou thread
Post your favorite 2hus.

- Lolis are forbidden by global rule
- No blacked shit, monsters, etc
- Ecchi, futa, etc go to their respective boards

Previous thread: >>7539807
202 media | 221 replies
Why are hentai protags always such pussies
Seriously, why are 90% of male hentai protags these stuttering limp-wrist pansies? Why's it so hard to come across a story featuring a sexually dominant protaganist that isn't
>some faceless ntr protag
>an ugly bastard
>a blackmailing child
>a rapist
Is this what Japs like? To self insert as cowards? Shit gets so tiring hearing the same dialogue of some guy stumbling their way into sex then protesting while some 10/10 is raring to suck him off. Is it that offputting to write someone with a little bit more confidence and initiative?
21 media | 118 replies
M.I.A. Authors that disappeared.
Thread discussing inactive and missing hentai author

I miss Chuuka Naruto Oyaji, his last active works was in 2021. Seems like license money from AV was enough to fill his stomach and paid his biike hobby. He still active on twitter and his blog, but no words from him for returns to drawing another manga.

Previous thread

43 media | 173 replies
No title
Anchira is kill.
7 media | 125 replies
Stated Measurements
Anytime specific measurements are mentioned. Cup size, bust size, ass size, cock size, etc.

I'm not talking about adjectives like "big", "huge", "small", or "long". Cup letters, centimeters, inches.

Starting off with Koukou/Pure by Tanishi
98 media | 168 replies
Translatorfag thread #31
Femdom 2
Translatorfag thread 31
As always, my content can be found at and if you enjoy what I make, please buy me a coffee at

Previous thread at >>8036621

DISCLAIMER: This is not a request thread, this is a dump thread for me to post what I have made.
If you have something you want me to translate, I will only consider it if it fits within the remit of the kind of works that I already translate.
32 media | 34 replies
No title
>*saves hentai and creative expression*
but will it be more available to the states soon?
2 media | 19 replies
hdg/ Hentai Diffusion General #564
Xenoblades Edition

Previous Thread: >>8066870

Optimizations *NEW*

Maintained branch:


>LOCAL MODELS (use Wayback Machine) *OLD*

NAI API/prompting in A1111:

Training: | |
Tags: |
IOPaint (LamaCleaner): |
4chanX Catbox/NAI prompt userscript:
Pony-related: | |
Animation: *OLD*

OP Template/Logo: | |

177 media | 761 replies
Hentai Dubs with ElevenLabs
Has anyone tried ElevenLabs' Dubbing feature yet? I was gonna bring his up in the Hentai dubbing thread, but I think it's interesting enough to warrant a thread of its own.

It seems convenient because it translates without the need to reference subtitles, but presents some real funny results.
The example below is a snippet from Kyonyuu Dosukebe Gakuen (picrel), a fave of mine.
Sadly, it has a habit of messing with the video to I had to take out the audio from the result and put it in the original clip.


Sadly I ran out of quota so I can't do any more experimenting. If anyone wants to do their own tests, go ahead.
4 media | 22 replies
Womb “kissing”
Post dicks touching the womb and it being called kissing
19 media | 28 replies
Netorase / NTS / 寝取らせ - Thread #47
Discuss all forms of NTS-themed images, manga, anime, doujinshi, visual novels, games, etc EXCEPT:
-Content/Discussions about IRL cuckolding / Larping. This thread is only intended for 2D NTS.
-Content/Discussions about straight NTR or NTS --> NTR. (This belongs in the NTR thread)
NTS with NTR elements is okay as long as it stays NTS.

Also: long discussions are okay but make sure your post has an NTS-related image.

NTS works/illustrations:
- (replace x with minus if you're a newfag)

Popular NTS Artists:
NTS Games:
More NTS Games:
NTS Twine Novels:

Source: AIPotions
Previous Thread: >>8038937
19 media | 51 replies
The Eternal Night.
A long time ago, the world was dominated by the forces of evil.
Valorous heroes stood up in the name of Justice, but they were hunted down until few remained.
Vowing to continue the fight, the survivors only escaped annihilation owing to the existence of the last of their refuges, a secret base, a place where they could regroup, recoup, heal and s. But the resistance's endeavor revealed itself to be increasingly futile. Decades passed, waging war had greatly weakened the rebellion, while evil was growing stronger by the day, regardless of what the heroes did. Victory was impossible. Hope was dying.


<Is evil meant to rule forever?>
<No one ever does.>

The Reckoning
It is said that evil contains the seeds of its own destruction. The saying spoke true.
With nobody left to challenge their power, the forces of evil turned against each other. The violence and chaos that followed erupted on such a catastrophic scale that the entire planet fell into lawlessness, an event that shaped the world into what it is today. Infested by crime, mired in corruption, and plunged into bouts of anarchy.

<Behind me stands the proud and tall Gate of Justice, the last rampart against evil. Now that the powers that be have fallen, it is time to show the world the way, it is time to build a true utopia. This very place was a refuge for heroes. Now it will be a refuge for the oppressed. This very place will be the fulcrum of an ideal society. a place of abundance, justice and fairness. A shinning city, a beacon of hope for all eyes to see. By opening the great gate i hereby declare the foundation of Justopian Ward>



Link Dump:
174 media | 277 replies
(Semi-)Covered Penetration
There is sex happening but you can only see the penis-in-vagina part through a thin layer of cloth, or you can see the penis but not the vagina.
33 media | 47 replies
Waffle Thread
Kyonyuu Fantasy 5 slated for February 2025.
Will post CGs and characters as they continue to come, but someone else is going to need to translate them
6 media | 9 replies
Used Goods Thread
Used goods thread, anything like pic related.
Stuff like childhood friend who's no longer a virgin.

For manga/doujin where the MC ends up together in a relationship with a non-virgin girl.

Previous threads:
58 media | 91 replies
Nichijou thread
Last one finished, time for the next one
132 media | 224 replies
NTR Drawt/h/read
NTR Drawthread
Rules of the Thread, Please Read Them
1. Post art sample when "taking x requests"
2. Requests must satisfy general /h/ rules.
3. Be nice. If you want to critique art go to >>>/ic/.
4. Only requested drawings should be posted.
5. Do not bump, re-request, or second requests.
6. Use the edit thread for re-color/de-censor requests.
7. Wait for page 10 to make a new NTR drawt/h/read
8. If possible, post a WIP instead of saying working on this
9. Discuss about the thread after bump limit or use the previous thread
10. No AI deliveries/discussion, that goes to the /AI/ and /hdg/ threads
11. No complaining about not getting a delivery before bump limit, just be patient or edit your request
12. Don't request anything that can cause this thread to get DMCA'd

Drawt/h/read >>7754426
OC Drawt/h/read >>7566588
Edit Thread >>7737105

Previous Thread: >>7555729
79 media | 199 replies
I would like another dedicated Asuka thread.
43 media | 56 replies
The Fundamentals of Demonology
Koyanagi Royal is starting to be active again, and its looking like we might actually get continuation of the Demonology series and Shinobi no Bi, fingers crossed. They just posted a piece of a new character on their fanbox recently here:
4 media | 8 replies
Ilulu thread
Happy year of the dragon!
148 media | 210 replies
90 media | 213 replies
BISHOP Games Thread
Previous thread:

Next BISHOP game: Kyousei Shihai (2024-05-31)
67 media | 246 replies
Creampie/Impregnation, 15
“Girls taking vanilla creampies. No Cheating/NTR*.
Human on Human** interactions only

*For the purposes of applying the rules, cheating corresponds to any and all sexual activity outside an estabilished romantic relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancées, marriage, or anything else). Sex between people who don’t have romantic partners constitutes the sole exception of this definition.

**By human on human, understand the characters gotta look 100% human, even if not human in their lore. The only exception is if the girl, specifically, has one unusual characteristic and everything else is normal, or if she is a -mimi girl. In the latter case, use the Nekopara cat-girls as a border of what is acceptable ─ anything less human looking is no longer acceptable (no girl from Monster Musume would count, for example; nor would Albedo from Overlord).

Thank you.”
128 media | 147 replies
Hentai with a focus on cum
Cum swap
Cum kissing
58 media | 58 replies
Original Collaboration JAV Thread
[Yuzuya (Yuzuha)] Mukuchi na Tosho Iin to Sex Zuke.
Hi /h/, as I'm sure you know, JAV has this thing where they hit up mangaka and pay them to adapt their works into live action. Like Netflix, only 1000$ less shit. The thing is... I want to read the original works! So I'm going to post the covers of all the ones I identified off of the Original Collaboration tag on Javlibrary and hope you can share the ones you know too.

(C97) [Yuzuya (Yuzuha)] Mukuchi na Tosho Iin to Sex Zuke.

195 media | 279 replies
Sensatinal and built up Intense Loving Femdom
i wanted to share my collections with you guys, if i missed anything good let me know
i love femdoms where things slowly gets more intense (activities like rimjob,prostate massage,pegging, amazon position, crossdressing, chastity belt,...) to the point that the guy maybe even didn't want to

here are top 5 examples of intense femdom which put emphasis on touching and kissing a lot
should have some "losing control over what is happening" element to it

The Wallflower Takes Charge

A Lil' Bit Sadistic Murakumo Has Her Fun With Admiral
followed by
A Moderately Sadistic Murakumo Has Her Fun With Admiral

Senpai's After School Invitation

Bungaku Joshi ni Taberareru | Eaten Up by the Bookworm Girl 1
Bungaku Joshi ni Taberareru | Eaten Up by the Bookworm Girl 2
Bungaku Joshi ni Taberareru | Eaten Up by the Bookworm Girl 3
Bungaku Joshi ni Taberareru | Eaten Up by the Bookworm Girl 4

Yabai Kanojo | Crazy Girlfriend
9 media | 21 replies
Your dream hentai rpg game?
images - 2024-05-23T201329.429
So I've been thinking of creating a hrpg game in near future.
But for now I wanna ask what are some things you will love to have in your dream hrpg game?
For me, it's the detailed pregnancy system of Violated Heroine game. That feature alone makes it a must play for me. So I would love to have that feature in my hgame.
So what are some things that will make a h-game must play for you?
13 media | 122 replies
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 13-01-52 Home
What the fuck is their problem? Servers are constantly down now. I mean, it's always been a shit show, but at least when videos were lagging, you could still download the original. Now, all old videos are just unwatchable.
7 media | 38 replies
Queen's Blade
Should Queen's Blade have gone full hentai?
They were flirting with the possibility in the OVAs.
Would that have saved it?
13 media | 24 replies
Nier/Drakengard Thread
Post and Discuss all things Yoko Taro characters. Pictures involving sex prioritized, sexy and/or artistic pictures to a much lesser degree.
A wise man once said: “Due to the 2B butt controversy, many outrageous drawings are being made. Collecting them to share individually is a pain. It would be great if we can group them together to make it easier to distribute them every week.” -Yoko Taro
Lets make that compilation brothers and sisters.
31 media | 31 replies
Dlsite not letting me access certain pages and keeps redirecting me?
Dlsite redirect
When trying to view some DLsite R18 works or group pages, for example here shown with 《まさか!ゴブリン侵略!〜正太の種付大冒険〜》
by Godkillerdante the site always redirects me to the general page. I can add to cart and save to favorites but trying to actually go to the item or group doesn't let me. I have tried with and without VPN and on both Chrome and Firefox, is there a setting I ticked by accident? Anyone else experiencing this?
1 media | 24 replies
AI vs drawn by hand hentai
I see on pixiv and twitter lots of people using AI for hentai now, making money from it through Patreon and so forth. Is it really a better strategy than drawing it by hand?

On one hand AI is much faster than drawing, on the other, it looks like undistinguishable slop so it must be harder to differentiate yourself. In your opinion, what's the smarter route if you want money, endless AI slop posting, or a few high quality hand drawn pieces per week?

Personally, I get satisfaction from drawing but proompting feels like a drag, but I also feel like an idiot seeing how little effort it takes to use SD to get a decent slop image to post. Thoughts?
0 media | 6 replies
From the creators Of Euphoria and Maggot Baits!
Ouju no Shima, A new hardcore VNs centered in curses and prostitution- Release Date 31/05/2024 (in 3 Days).
In 2019, as Japan transitioned from the Heisei era to Reiwa, a hidden chapter unfolded on Sarubotoke, a secluded island in the Seto Inland Sea. This island has long thrived as a secret haven for prostitution, overseen since the Showa era by the powerful Futatsuguri family.

Meanwhile, four strange individuals have emerged from the shadows of society, drawn to the island for mysterious reasons.

Embedded within both the island’s ruling family and these newcomers are sorcerers who practice an undetectable form of murder: the art of killing with curses.

As dark ambitions and human plots weave together on this island of vice, an even darker force broods beneath the surface—a sinister curse that has haunted Sarubotoke Island for nearly seven decades, a legacy of the island’s war-ridden past.
37 media | 63 replies
Girls with Multiple Personalities
I found this work a while back and love the concept of a harem but it’s just one girl with D.I.D.

I started looking for anything with a similar concept but I don’t even know what tag I should be searching for assuming it even exists.

Anyone have any works that are similar or any tags that might be semi-relevant in looking for more?

Gonna storytime this while waiting for replies.
40 media | 64 replies
ITT: Girls reacting in horror to big dicks
When the girl is ready and willing to fuck, but then she sees the guy's gigantic dick and considers backing out because there's no way it's gonna fit, but it's too late now.
213 media | 297 replies
Hey everyone,
this is my first project! Go! Go! Pizzaboy! is a VN Game Sandbox developed using Ren'py.
The story will revolve around a guy who has moved to a new town,
experiencing new adventures while working as a pizza delivery boy in this city.

I release the version 0.0.5 :3 if u wanna try!
or on F95
It's totaly free, so, if you want to try and give me feedback, I can really appreciate it.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
How much H hoarding is too much?
2 media | 11 replies
Wolf Girl With You: The Liru Project Edition Thread Pt. 17
>DLsite page of the DLC with the PV:
>DLsite page of the base game:
>Seismic's twitter
>Seismic's blog

"Sexy AND cute and she knows it!" edition.

Magipoka turned 18 years old a little over a month ago! So if Liru was 15/16 years old then, she would be 33/34 years old now!

"The Liru Project" (The name of the original threads) never ends. Liru is eternal and will always be with us. I believe that even after all of our lives have passed, Liru will still be remembered, discussed and content created in her name. The Liru Project goes on.

Yes, Seismic helped create a whole flock of newbies thinking Liru is just "that hentai character". It is what it is. It has been done. Look at it in a positive light, this gives us the opportunity to introduce magipoka to a new generation.

As I write this, I am sitting in Haneda Airport about to return home from my near month long stay in Hikarigaoka and the Tokyo region on my pilgrimage. I have many more pictures to share with everyone and the high quality original versions of the images are going in the /rs/ - Rapidshare Magipoka Archive.

Forever and ever...
5 media | 16 replies
Spitroast thread
Girls being used front and back. For it to be a spitroast, and not just a threesome or a gangbang, it must involve no more than 2 dicks, and the girl must be between them.
76 media | 102 replies
Dbz thread
Girls from db, dbz, gt and super
194 media | 264 replies
Tall trees cut down
Tall women get dominated by guys shorter than them

Pic is
My First Friend by Etuzan Jakusui
13 media | 25 replies
Lockjob thread
Here's another one of my fetishes boys.
In my lexicon, lockjonbs are blowjobs where the woman has her arms wrapped arount the guy's legs, ass or waist. In many cases, the guy will be wanting to pull away, but be unable to. Think of it like a guy trying to pull out, but getting legwrapped into giving her a creampie.

1. Post a lockjob if you want
2. If you post a lockjob, you must post the source for your lockjob
3. This is not a "blowjob" thread
4. Palms resting just on quads (thighs) or attempting to push the guy away aren't lockjobs.
5. Non-lockjob blowjobs are only acceptable if the guy is unable to prevent the semen extraction. IE the woman is in control.
6. No shota/Loli or adjacent works

[Zonda] Fellatio Kenkyuubu | Fellatio Fesearch Department
131 media | 189 replies
No title
Japan need to come up with the solution to fight these 2 faggot credit cards. Not just porn, They literally pulled out on every single japanese online storefronts out there.

My solution
1. Bank transfer / Wire Transfer Payment. No need to rely on credit cards
2. JCB must expand to Europe and America. They already dominate on Asia market.
3. Gift card / Coin method with 1:1 Currency. Dont be retarded like Toracoin does (they fucking inflated the currency by 50% lmao)

Can someone provide another solution ?
0 media | 36 replies
No title
What's your favourite non-/d/ fetish?
I fuckin' love heart eyes.
9 media | 28 replies
Zom 100
It had hot girls
18 media | 21 replies
Multi-panel timelapse sex
One camera angle, and multiple panels(or pages) across which time passes(fast or slow).
133 media | 201 replies
I love the explosive crimson demon
106 media | 119 replies
Size difference
post waifus with their big dick lover and some small dick beta somewhere
11 media | 21 replies
What will happen to your porn after you die?
Do you have anything in your will requesting to clear your machines/delete your browser history? What about accounts connected to auto-pay on porn sites? Hard drives filled with your hentai? Do you have someone you want to inherit your collection, and shared, or just have it all nuked like it didn't even exist?
I'm not sure how I'd feel if my family and friends found out I liked stuff like Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san, or artists like Maidoll, Radical Dream/Rindou and Murahachirou.
I do possess some porn that I have the last copy of, and want to upload it all somewhere so it isn't lost forever. Though, lots of porn from the 90s and 2000s became lost media. I assume some of my favorites may have the same fate.
11 media | 91 replies
No title
>hair pulling sex in cover
>look inside
>no hair pulling sex
what did they mean by this?
0 media | 3 replies
Full nelson
Drop ur favs full nelson, anal, DP... All of them
66 media | 144 replies
Oyakodon Thread
Thread of mothers and daughters falling in love and having a threesome/foursome sex with the same man.
40 media | 99 replies
14 media | 17 replies
/obscure/ mk. II
Kicking it off with Iria from the Zeiram duology and her eponymous prequel OVA
86 media | 120 replies
Empress Games Compilation
I am gonna post every game published by Empress (art by Seishoujo) to discuss and for your pleaser, there's official translations and machine translations. Hope you enjoy!
I am gonna post them in release order, all but cleavage, no translation for now.
23 media | 111 replies
Sex scene analysis
What makes a sex scene good?
Discuss that and feel free to post pic-related compositions.
18 media | 108 replies
Unkempt girls.
Messy hair, untrimmed pubes, tired eyes, bad hygene etc.
46 media | 55 replies
Mineta/perverts getting laid
Not to be confused with shotas.

Basically, any instance where a comedic/pervert/unsuspected/annoying twerp character is a stud fucking the shit out of girls because even if they are annoyed, they can ultimately never resist the pure pervert energy (notice how Mineta was never reported or cancelled for harassing the girls).
28 media | 53 replies
Blacklist tags
Show me Your blacklisted tags.

Lots of degeneracy flying around, and while I don't judge (notice lack of incest tag in my blacklist), we can help each other by defining fetishes we don't like and help filter them. My blacklist would probably be ten times bigger if I knew them all.

Also free to recomend Authors/works that You like. Starting with:
>[Fuuga] Sensei wo Mitekudasai | Sense of Values of Wine [English] [Faytear + World Three] [Decensored]
8 media | 24 replies
Skeb/Pixiv Request/Commission:
shinsangira on skeb
Previous Thread:

This thread is for discussions about commissioning non-Western (primarily Japanese) artists through platforms such as Skeb, Pixiv, Fantia, and similar sites.
Feel free to ask questions and recommendations for specific kinks/fetishes.

>Skeb (requires a Twitter account)

>Skeb Button/Skebify (Chrome-based browsers only)
Displays on Twitter whether an artist is currently accepting requests.

>SkebUe - Memo Box
Allows you to write notes on an artist's Skeb page.

>Skeb Pricing Manager (created by anon)
Retrieves prices, deadlines, and completion rates for both open and closed artists. The price for closed artists will be the price when last open.
>It's not loading any data!
You need to manually navigate to the artist's Skeb page. Directly opening the page or refreshing won't work.

>Skeb Price Sorter
Allows you to sort artists by recommended price. Do not use on a large amount of artists at the same time or you will get timed out for too many requests.

>Pixiv Request
>Help! I can’t request R18/R18G because of my payment method!
Change your UI language to Japanese, and you should be able to.

>Fantia Commissions
These commissions are reserved for supporters, but artists may allow those in the free plan to request too.

Skeb/Pixiv Request/Commission Support General OP pastebin (use if making new thread):
53 media | 648 replies
Suspended Congress
I find this position incredibly fucking hot. Can we have an entire thread just for it?
2 media | 2 replies
1. Requests must satisfy /h/ and global rules.
2. To conserve posts, do not bump, re-request or second requests.
3. Be nice. If you want to critique art, go to >>>/ic/.
4. Be patient. Deliveries take time to draw.
5. Edit requests (inks, colors, de-censors, etc.) belong in the edit thread.
6. Artists, post deliveries for requested art only. Unprompted art belongs on /i/ and /ic/.
7. If possible, post a WIP instead of saying "working on this".
8. When asking for prompts, please post an example of your art so we know you aren't a troll.
9. No AI deliveries or discussion. Go to the appropriate threads.
10. Do not waste posts on meta discussion till after the bump limit. The drawthread is not a chat room or your personal blog.
11. Ignore, filter or report off-topic posts, drama and trolling.
12. Wait for page 10 at the bump limit before making a new thread.

Previous Thread: >>8038262
Edit Thread: >>8002222
NTR Drawt/h/read: >>7770501
OC Drawt/h/read: >>7566588
236 media | 327 replies
/07/th Expansion Thread
Discussion concerning Higurashi, Umineko, Ciconia, (Rose Guns Days, Higanbana, TRianThology, Haworthia and all other 07th Expansion works) be it your fantasies, fics, drawings, lucid dreams and stuff like that, preferably lewd but not required!

07th Expansion archive:!Apo9jt_5n1kcbruVfFQLmtYesrY?e=q2ARE6
Password: 07

No wojaks, NTR and colored penis spam
257 media | 333 replies
Translatorfag thread #30
Condom 4
Translatorfag thread 30
As always, my content can be found at and if you enjoy what I make, please buy me a coffee at

Previous thread at >>8002513

DISCLAIMER: This is not a request thread, this is a dump thread for me to post what I have made.
If you have something you want me to translate, I will only consider it if it fits within the remit of the kind of works that I already translate.
289 media | 301 replies
Swinging / Consented Cuckolding / NTS Thread
Post anything related to NTS / Swinging. NTR (and NTR endings) belong in the NTR thread like usual. Previous thread >>7681986 (OP)

>Takagi: "Hamaguchi, you can put it in now~"
>Hamaguchi: "Takagi, I'm coming in!"
88 media | 190 replies
Color and Edit T/h/read
Previous Thread: >>7865663

- Respect /h/ and global rules.
- You must supply a reference for the characters or at least directions for coloring in every part of their body or related objects.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and re-post your reference.
- Keep your requests to one at a time.
- Be patient, some images can take a great deal of time.
- Be kind to the artists, they're giving their time to do this for you.
- Constructive criticism is fine.
- No trolling/derailing the thread
- Remember to thank whomever fulfilled your request.
Requesters, Feel free to ask for revisions of the works, it isn't an insult.
Artists, don't hold back! if you like a request someone else already fulfilled, feel free to do your own take.
>Remember that 4chan now has image compression when when downloading, follow the guide below to avoid it

Drawt/h/read: >>7980936

NTR Drawt/h/read: >>7770501

OC Drawt/h/read: >>7566588
233 media | 319 replies
Taimanin General / 対魔忍
>Viewer Big Patch:
>Event Patches:

>Story TL:
>Translator Tool:
>Translator Tutorial:

>Bond Scenes:

>Drama CDs: -----
>Drama CD Spreadsheet:
>TA3 + TABA + NUYE Artbooks:
>Lilith Art Collection:
>Lilith CG Collection:
85 media | 330 replies
No title
>manga, anime, video games, and other media IP etc. have beautiful strong and powerful female characters
>Said female characters have fans, fan art and of course; porn and doujins made of them
>Some artists choose to make the most depraved, fucked up, sadistic and generally out of character hentai, porn and doujins where the canonically and literally strong and powerful females get absolutely mogged, sexually assaulted and raped into submission
>Majority of the times it's always the "strong and powerful female character gets easily raped and enslaved by cartoonishly weak, fat out of shape ugly man who somehow through sheer contrivances, bastardization of canon and dumbass "blackmail"

Why oh why do artists and fan artists who engage in porn feel the need to do this? At least if the strong females who're be subjugated into sex slavery are either OCs or literal random Who's in a one-off or oneshot scenario or original setting. I can understand and not have that much issues with it. But how come Japanese made doujins manage get away with making beloved strong female characters into becoming easily defeated victims in this most vapid ways possible without being criticized or scrutinized for being OOC and badly written!?

Whereas if it were Western made it would face all the criticism and scrutiny for being badly written fanfics. Again, why do artists do this and how come Nippon-made doujins get a free pass without being scrutinized and criticized as badly written and OOC fanfics?
42 media | 305 replies
Government-mandated Sex
Quickly Anon! As your country's birthrates have hit a critical low, you have been given the highest seat of power as an emergency measure, along with absolute power to push through any laws and legislation to ensure that people have babies at all costs. Foreign relations and societal consequences be damned! What do you do?
193 media | 301 replies