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> You have been banned from all boards for the following reason:
> Replying to pedo bullshit.
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Post them aussie memes

>lifting today
>drinking today
>smoking today
>smashing today
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Been getting into making different kind of power bowls for cutting. Highly recommend, easy, healthy and delicious
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This is your reminder that if you had actually committed to a routine when the lockdowns began you would be fully prepped to smash a prodigious amount of pu$$y come widespread vaccine availability.
Why didn't you work out anons?
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images - 2020-11-20T092621.889
>post a girl
>Other anons tell you how much you have to lift to get a gf like her

I'll start
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/fit/ BTFO
That's why there are so many replies on friday night thread's.
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Does anyone still believe this retard?
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/FAST/ - Mentally ill Edition
>What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of FASTING (Prolonged & IF) for Longevity & Health Benefits.
>WHY SHOULD I FAST? [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
By supplementing salt to replace electrolytes loss through sweat and urine.
SJ Ratio Recipe for newbs:
>Potassium chloride =1 tsp (NoSalt)
>Sodium Bicarbonate = 1 tsp (Baking Soda)
>Sodium chloride = 1/2 tsp (Regular Salt)
>SALT - start at 2000mg per day and move up to 5000+ mg of sodium per day (depending on activity levels)
>3k-4k mg of potassium per day (ex: NoSalt)
>MIX THIS INTO AT LEAST A LITER or 2 OF WATER, sip it through the day. This will keep you hydrated and feeling good.

This is the coolest part about fasting. Your body remains very anabolic when you fast.
"Our results suggest that a fasting program in conjunction with resistance training can decrease fat mass, and maintain muscle mass in resistance-trained males."

BLOCK FASTING & ADF (Training focused individuals who want to build/maintain muscle, while still burning fat)
Block Fasting Routines:
Meaning= Refeed days : Fasting days (or vice versa)

>4:3 Example
>3 Fasting days = Monday/Tues/Weds
>4 Training/Refeed Days = Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun

FASTEST FAT LOSS Possible = Rolling 48s/72s/96s (Rolling= single refeed and continue fasting)
Try IF (Intermittent Fast = minimum 16-20 hour fast) to start

last thread
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bulk or cut?
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Family Friendly Fitness
What are some ideas for fitness for the whole family?

When I look at this pic it seems like the whole family is pretty happy and also in shape so I wonder what they do together that is fun and keeps them fit?

Im trying to get some ideas to try with my family so we can be fit.
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>/fit/ gym playlist thread
>metalfags spam and ruin the whole thread with their garbage
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So I altered my routine to have less volume, how does this look? It’s six days a week PLPXPLP

Push Day (shoulders/triceps/chest)
* bench press: 3×5
* overhead press: 3×5
* Dumbbell incline chest press 3x12
* dumbbell side lateral raise: 3×10-12
* Close grip bench: 3×10-12
* overhead dumbbell extension: 3×10-12
* shrugs: 3×10-12

Pull Day (back/biceps)
* deadlifts: 1×5
* barbell rows: 3×5
* Barbell rows 3x12
* facepulls: 3×10-12
* barbell bicep curls: 3×10-12
* Reverse bicep curl:3×10-12
* Concentration curl 3x10-12
* Forearm curl 3x10-12

Leg Day (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves)
* squats: 3×5
* standing calf raises: 3x20
* Russian twists 3 x failure
* Ab wheel 3 x 12
* Plank 2 mins
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I'm a 5'10'' manlet, and because of it I'm unable to get the slightest whiff of cooch in. My build is average. Could I revoke my sexlessness by going to the gym regularly? Or am I doomed to eternal virginity and this unparalleled intellect of mine?
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>enter gym
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Let’s say hypothetically If I wanted to identify as a female and join a female Brazilian jiu jitsu tournament. Am I able to do this? I could use some extra cash beating up females
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Soldier mode
How can I do military training at home, self-taught? Not just the fitness aspect, but also the education and discipline.

I'm guessing the fitness aspect is mostly cardio. I will do some weighted calisthenics too because I like that. Other than that?
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CICO fags btfo in 7 minutes.
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Who is the most /fit/ philosopher?
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opinions? sory for the bad crop
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>1 year later
>Kobe still dead
>boogie still alive

Fuck this gay earth
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What could he have done to maxx his looks? If only he had discovered /fit/ and would have been saved...
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If you had to choose one part of your body to be very strong, and the rest of your body would be weak, which one would you pick, and why?

Personally, the core, because I feel like most of the strength of the upper body comes from the core, and I feel like it's the most useful upper body muscle.
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Blood when I wipe my bum
After I've wiped so much that the toilet paper is no longer showing brown it shows red. Like dried up blood. TF is wrong with me? I'm only 18.
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>My dumb, fat and annoying wife thinks I’m lifting for het
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kingjugate 17
>control your muscles edition

If you want form advice, post a video.

Important information to give when asking for general advice
>Your current numbers on S/B/D (P/B/S/D)
>Years lifting
>Program History
>Real life impact to training if needed
>What you like doing in the gym
>Social Security Number and bank information

>How to bench press with Scott Mendelsons

>How to squat with Chris Duffin

>How to deadlift with Chris Duffin

>Programs, stretching, bands, lift tutorials

>Conjugate pastebin

>Tripfag Numbers
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is /fit/ an ass board or a boob board?
Big Ass + Small Boobs >>>> Small Ass + Big Boobs
link related:
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Keyed or locked?
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I was recently diagnosed with ADHD at 31 years old. It's been liberating to finally have a narrative that makes sense for all the shit I've been feeling for years. I'm really wary about the medication I'm going to be receiving soon. I haven't been told what I'll be getting yet but I don't think I want to take it. What kind of management do other people with ADHD use? I'm looking for any kind of resources I can find to learn more and other people's first hand experience.
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does taking test effect what gender your kids are? derek from moreplates said guys who take test more likely to have daughters?

is there anyway to control what chromosons your semen producing
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If you could only do push, pull or legs exercises for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Push mean chest, shoulders and triceps stuff (dips, bench, shoulder press, etc.)

Pull means back or biceps (deadlift, rows, curls, pull ups)

Legs means legs (squats, squats, squats, etc.)
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images (20)
How to reverse a chokehold? I was a victim of chokeholds by powertripping orderlies.
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Don’t sleep.
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Why do chuds wear this shit?? I only see churs wearing it.
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Does anyone here eat the same things every day? Thoughts on the steak and egg diet?
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What do we do about the normalization of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles in modern society?
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/fat/ - Stuffed Edition
>Who is /fat/ for?
For Over Eating Over Sizers who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication.
This is not QTDDTOT, stick to questions on fat loss.

>What do I do first?
1. Read the /fit/ sticky
2. Calculate your Body Fat Percentage (old link was broken atm)
3. Calculate your TDEE
Remember to use bodyfat% and use Katch-McArdle Formula with sedentary settings or you will inevitably get a way too high TDEE.
4. Plan your weight loss week by week
5. Track your calories & macros with MyFitnessPal or Cronometer.
Don't listen to memes, either of these are fine based on what you need (better for packaged food) (better for generic food/tracking micronutrients)

>Now what do I do?
Count calories, ALL of them.
Calculate your TDEE at sedentary
Eat fewer calories than your TDEE
Buy scales, be accurate in your measurements
Learn how to cook. Try to stick to lean protein and green vegetables.
Eat a lot of protein.
Do cardio. Even if its just walking, cardio will improve your health which is sorely needed. There is no such thing as a healthy fat heart, but you can off set the risks.
Lift weights. This will keep & gain muscle mass and burn fat much quicker. No lifting results in the body burning away muscle AND fat.
Drink more water. Water is always good!
-Post your height and weight when asking for advice-

Eat refined sugars, they're terrible for you regardless of calorie count
Eat processed foods, or at least try to avoid if possible
Drink your calories. Alcohol, soda, hot chocolate, fancy starbucks shit. Forget it!
Freak out over a weight loss stall or fluctuations. Plateaus can last up to three weeks.
"Reward" yourself. Cheat days cheat only yourself.
Be a retard.

Last Thread: >>59532472
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/c/ : calisthenics general
This general is about the discussion of bodyweight training, mainly basics for hypertrophy, static progressions, dynamics and general gymnastics.

Suggest regular info for the general: books, go-to videos, cues.
Overcoming Gravity 2nd Ed. is GOAT.

if you want some inspiration
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Is it true?
All I hear on here is if you train in the 5 rep range you will always look skinnyfat/fat.
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what's my BF%?
can anyone give me a rough estimate?
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fit discord
the /fit/ discord server died again, didn't it
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What lifts do I need to achieve this mode?
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Am I too skinny for a guy?
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Organ meant is true superfood and its tasty as fuck, take the liver/heart pill
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Redpill me /fit/ alcoholics
Benefits of drunk lifting?
Hangover workout routines?
Day drinking to max alcohol intake?
What's the secret bros
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How about a sip of this before working out?
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Is my pelvis fucking doomed because i was a nerd in the 17 first years of my life? I have fucked anterior pelvic tilt and doing 4 months of daily planking doesn't do shit.
I like to believe that its not genetic, because if I blame it on genetics I'll loose motivation to work on fixing it but I'm loosing hope bros... it fucks with my squats and makes me want to be parallel to everyone when I'm naked so they dont see my fucking back curvature. does being slightly ovrtweight contribute to this shit? help me bros
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Be honest /fit/, is there any point of lifting /self improvement if you are over 25?

I can already feel my body slowing down. Fuck, I still remember when zyzz was just some random tripfag
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i will die alone and my casket will be 5'5
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bf % guestimate?
12 week progress
This is my 12 week progress. My smart scale says my bf% is at about 10%. Does that seem right?

Also bodyfat % estimate/ progress thread.
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going full bearmode
ITT=we discuss diet,weight gain,bloatmaxxing.
note=we are NOT fat fetishists, we just choose to emphasize a rough,manly look that intimidates and impresses. We're not fat f!cks,since we workout.

we are strong,manly,hairy warriors.
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tenor (1)
bodybuilders cant fight for shit

t. personal experience
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My wife is going absolutely insane with my cut

I guess she thought I was going to stay fat forever. We are on a collision course for divorce and the cut has only been going for a month.
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In another episode of "mothers being gains goblins", today, my mom took my protein and creatine away from me.

According to her, I'm going to "destroy my life", and the only supplements one should take, "are supplements prescribed by your doctor"

And the worst, is that you can't even argue with her. She is stubborn as fuck. I tell her, "It's just things that are found in organic food, but since I can't eat enough of those for my goals everyday with the way we eat, I need those". And she respond "See? See? You always want to talk!", like I did something wrong. I manage to get her to talk and :
>"Who said that?"
>"That's what every physician says"
>"Who said that?"
>"Everyone, look at TV programs, interviews on the internet, physicians have warned times. Just look even online"

First of all, why is she controlling me like that at the age of 19? I'm a fucking adult. It's not your fucking business if I take protein and creatine. It's always been like this since I was a kid, she's always been too controlling. I could never go outside and play with the kids in the neighborhood for example, and I'm an only child. That's probably why I'm a shut-in and so autistic. I absolutely need to get the fuck out of here. What's worse is that there is a psychological lock in my head that prevents me from just going against her.

Seriously, it's just shit found in food, but since you are going to complain and scream if I eat more than 2 eggs a day(cholesterol meme), if I drink a lot of milk(she thinks milk is dangerous and gives cancer), etc... I don't really have a fucking choice but to take supplements for my fitness goals. But she doesn't want to listen, and arbitrarily confiscates my shit like I'm a 5 years old. And she doesn't even realize how retarded it is to say protein and whey is going to "destroy your lives" lmao, I'm not taking steroids.
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What's the longest you've ever fasted?
I remember in 2018 I fasted for 49 days. Only ended it because my family was staring to panic. Probably could've gone one more week.
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Planet “Fitness”
Why does Planet Fitness want all of its members to be fat slobs? First they have stuff like “lunk alarms” that discriminate against people who work out hard, then they have posters like pic related. What’s their deal /fit/?
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>I eat 800g of carbs a day, 30 bananas included
>Where's my fatty liver?
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Strong Core
What are some good core exercises?
I want to do a handstand like this woman but feels like all my muscles are trying something so not sure which ones to isolate.
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No title
I am going to only eat the same things each day for about a month make sure I get an accurate cut. My resting BMR is 2000 calories. What kind of food should eat and prepare.
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No title
Thoughts on fitness games?

Are they enough to get fit?
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No title
What tanning does to you.
Take the pale pill.
5 images | 19 replies
So are any of them worth it?
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snoozing redpill
Hi frens. Can anyone redpill me on this quote from this billionaire shipping magnate? I was thinking of applying it but I don't want my *gym gains* to suffer.

Gordon Ramsay sleeps 3 hours a night and runs marathons, lifts every day at the gym, and works 16+ hours every day running his restaurant empire.

Jocko sleeps 5 hours and works out like a beast and wakes up at 4:30am. He's shredded, runs successful businesses, and knows martial arts.

Is sleeping more than 5 hours a genuine waste of time?

My New Plan:

-sleep 4 hours a night instead of 7 hours
-use those 3 extra hours: 2 hours for putting in more work, 1 hour for free time
-wake up at 3am and go to bed at 11pm
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No time for fun
How do you guys enjoy yourself when not training?
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maxresdefault (4)
>friend has been lifting for 1.5 years
>maxing deadlift, squat and bench since day one
>never injured
>380 dl, 300 squat, 200 bench
>I start lifting and try to max from day one as well
>I get injured in the stomach, back, both knees and right shoulder in 1.5 months

What the fuck?
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No title
>have social anxiety and fat fuck
>been dieting for a month now, want to treat myself to some caviar from the local store
>"How much caviar do you want?"
>tell him a small container will be enough
>he fills a 300g container with caviar
>that's way too much
>not aware of caviar prices
>"That will be 60$"
>There is a line behind me waiting
>social anxiety kicks in, spills spaghetti
Now I have a week or so to eat 300g of caviar before it goes bad, how bad is it on a diet?
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What happens to varbies after quit Anavar?
Currently dating a varbie, she's on anavar and I was wondering if I'll be able to IMPREGNATE her after she's off of it? What happens to her body? Will her milkers form?

Also, what's the best way to improve my bent over row? I can't touch my toes. My hamstrings are too tight to get into proper form.
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Is Keto diet just for retards?
fat retard
What is it about this diet and brings the biggest fucking idiots you can imagine? Endless amount of fat idiots not only not losing any weight but actually getting fat on this diet, instead of course correcting they just keep shoving butter up their face assholes.
Is counthing calories this fucking hard? Does some people actualy thing you can replace 400cal cookies with a 660cal butter cookies and this somehow will make you loose weight , or adding butter to your coffee, or replasing carbs in general with pure fat?
Look at this fat fucking retard in the picture, he made a cheesecake where every carb is essentially replaced with a variation of butter, a normal carbs+oil+sugger would have less calories than the artery clogging abomination he created.
> Why do people follow this retarded meme of a diet?!
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If you aren't making regular gains on overhead press, why aren't you push pressing, /fit/?
>WILL carry over to strict press
>SICK triceps gains from the overload
>VERY athletic pressing of weight over the head at incredible hihg speed

I'm push pressing three plates this year or I'm eating my tastiest shoes, join me in the joy of push press
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Severe Back Pain
My friend and I got back from the gym a few hours ago. He went to lay down in bed and must have pulled something in his upper back because he can't move his entire upper body and has what he describes to be 10/10 pain. I gave him some advil.

Do we need to go to the hospital?
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God I miss the gym
I miss making dad jokes to the receptionist. I miss getting compliments on gains/weight loss, even though I would look exactly the same as I did 3 months ago. I miss the mires from newbies. I miss the disgusted face you get from gym thots when you enter their airspace. Most importantly, I miss chatting with gym bros about random bullshit non of us even cared about. I don’t miss all the dicks you see in the locker room though.
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No title
I'm a skinny guy who only started going to the Iron Temple pretty recently. I've always been athletic and I am a runner. But I don't want to be skinny anymore, what is the number one tip /fit/ has for me?
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Not Even Once
>be me
>frauding after lifting for 6 months
>checking /fit/
>"do you even lift?"
>*knock knock*
>tell them to post body or gtfo
>police shoot me in the right pectoral with a less lethal causing it to deflate
>grab the two nearest cops and smash them together, instantly killing them
>rest of swat team opens fire
>survive due to solid, tight mass
>unable to lift for days. 80% of muscle immediately lost

At the precinct
>Chief: "Jesus Christ, that's the third time this week. What the hell happened?"
>Cop: "It's this shit they're taking to get big sir, it makes them crazy!"
>Chief: "Thank God you got this Creatine off the streets. Be careful when disposing of those needles, even the smallest amounts can be lethal."
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No title
>gyms closed
>bars closed
>banned on tinder
>banned on bumble
>banned on hinge
>all my coworkers are male and 40+
how am i supposed to meet anyone
im going insane
when my faggot monkey brain evolved into what it is today it never thought a man could be so isolated in his 20s
fuck this bullshit brain
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No title
What does your preworkout look like?
1 images | 3 replies
No title




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No title
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No title
Why aren't you taking Bronkaid on your cut?
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No title
unpopular opinion.
Using a kettlebell for this would be better if you train for boxing.
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No title
Should I buy a skateboard in netherlands? I am 28
0 images | 10 replies
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images (1)
Women are only nice to Chad and treat everyone else like shit.
6 images | 49 replies
No title
How do you even respond to that, /fit/?
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/fraud/ my bepis didn't work last night edition

Ignore trolls, focus on gains

Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupid), make sure to read the r/steroids wiki:

Yes, it's reddit(GAY), but it's a good resource for basic bitch bullshit.

Don't ask us to help you dose your AI. Read the guide that you niggers are too lazy to post if you're retarded enough to not get bloods.

Oral-only cycles super cool and will give you more gains than injections but nobody wants you to know the truth. You're a dead set dumb cunt if you honestly think you're the first person to think running Clomid and Anavar together will be an epic sick cycle to skip pinning. stop being a fucking weak coward lmao

No source talk allowed but do whatever the fuck you want, you will get banned anyway.

This isn't a medical forum. Stop asking for medical advice and go to a doctor.


Misha posters take it in the bussy. Capitalist is still an FtM tranny.
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No title
>try out cbd hand cream
>joint pain disappears
I'm never gonna make it, am I?
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No title
Working out and practicing martial arts makes me feel more masculine and traditional. How did exercising change your political affiliation, /pol/?
0 images | 3 replies
Morning Runners
This week I start week 4 of c25k, feel pretty good about sticking to the schedule. I run first thing in the morning. I'm curious, do other morning runners have some kind of snack or light breakfast before a run or also just head straight into one? I feel super sluggish when I wake up, and some days it can be hard to get that drive and run first thing in the morning, but after having something to eat it feels a bit better. Just hate having to delay and wait for digestion.
Also tips for running in the cold?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
How long does it take to achiveve monke levels of fitness?
4 images | 26 replies
No title
They are never going to reopen the gyms are they?
4 images | 14 replies
No title
It happened. Manlet got upset because people are being suspicious if his gf is a real woman.

quick rundown on situation
>squeaky manlet makes pointless video about a specific body type
>turns out that his girlfriend wants to get a plastic surgery on her ass
>entire video is just a fucking cope and attempt to rationalize her decision
>turns out that thing didn't go as planned and people are against getting surgery and they voice their opinions
>some people start to comment on Ally's appearance
>she's being compared to a man or a tranny
>manlet is seething
best part of this video
>he never said she's a woman
>"who cares if she was transgendered or not"
26 images | 154 replies
Adderall and Exercise
What does /fit/ think of taking Adderall before exercise? Stims and exercise general.
0 images | 18 replies
Moob issues
How does one successfully get rid of moobs? I don’t have gigantic ones but weird pointy ones and i’m often teased among my peers for it. Is there any decent exercises to get rid of them? I wanna get into working out in general but I don’t have much free time on my normal work schedule which is three days a week and weekends, I have tomorrow and the day after off. I wanna get /fit/ so I can be well respected and loved.
0 images | 5 replies
/FAST/ - Hit the Gym Edition
>What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of FASTING (Prolonged & IF) for Longevity & Health Benefits.
>WHY SHOULD I FAST? [Embed] [Embed]
By supplementing salt to replace electrolytes loss through sweat and urine.
SJ Ratio Recipe for newbs:
>Potassium chloride =1 tsp (NoSalt)
>Sodium Bicarbonate = 1 tsp (Baking Soda)
>Sodium chloride = 1/2 tsp (Regular Salt) [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
>SALT - start at 2000mg per day and move up to 5000+ mg of sodium per day (depending on activity levels)
>3k-4k mg of potassium per day (ex: NoSalt)
>MIX THIS INTO AT LEAST A LITER or 2 OF WATER, sip it through the day. This will keep you hydrated and feeling good.

This is the coolest part about fasting. Your body remains very anabolic when you fast.
"Our results suggest that a fasting program in conjunction with resistance training can decrease fat mass, and maintain muscle mass in resistance-trained males."

BLOCK FASTING & ADF (Training focused individuals who want to build/maintain muscle, while still burning fat)
Block Fasting Routines:
Meaning= Refeed days : Fasting days (or vice versa)

>4:3 Example
>3 Fasting days = Monday/Tues/Weds
>4 Training/Refeed Days = Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun

FASTEST FAT LOSS Possible = Rolling 48s/72s/96s (Rolling= single refeed and continue fasting)
Try IF (Intermittent Fast = minimum 16-20 hour fast) to start

last thread
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No title
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Wtf is wrong with my crotch? These stretch marks, wtf?
2 images | 12 replies
Is bulletproof coffee good for you? People say it gives them loads of energy without a caffeine crash and helps them lose weight, this doesn't seem like it could possibly be true. Any anons drink it? For those who don't know, it's coffee with lots of butter melted into it.
Obligatory thot next post.
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Hear me out boys
With all this gender fluidity and reasignment stuff going on, do you think I could get away with going to the doctor and saying that I just feel uncomfortable in my skin and want to be MORE of a man ? Will they give me test ? Is this our time to reap what the normies have sown and take advantage of a stupid harmful fad to get test ?
1 images | 5 replies
No title
>He doesnt train 6 days a week HAHAHAH
1 images | 13 replies
/fit/ pls r8 my entry level home gym, i finally have all my equipment for now
345lbs of oly weights
7’ bar
ez bar
oly dumbbell handles
squat rack
adjustable bench
poster for 1rms

other than grabbing more weights later on how is the setup?
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No title
Is white rice really that bad for you compared to brown? Redpill me boys.
3 images | 32 replies
No title
If you lose your gains during lockdown then all the blame is on you yourself and not the politicians.
Crying dyels gtfo
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female routines
What are some good female routine or general advise for womens exercises? I have a task to make my mom fit.
0 images | 3 replies
Piriformis syndrome
Anyone else had to deal with this? How did you recover? I think I got it from doing squats some days ago. It's more annoying than painful.
1 images | 6 replies
No title
So there is this girl at my workplace and we are much alike. She's into me and I'm into her. We talk the same way and get along good. But there is a problem, she smokes mar*juana.
I fucking hate w*ed smokers and I honestly think everyone who smoke we*d after 18-19 years old is mentally challanged.
What do to? How can I make her stop w*ed?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
he man the eternity war
>Chronic tendinitis on traps and nearly everywhere on legs (including Hip flexors and adductors)
>Bump on lower back likely to be synovial cyst which is a sign of spine degeneration
>6 inch wrists and hypermobile joints

I've been lifting since I was 20 and I've made no progress whatsoever. I have good form, I warm up slow and stretch after and I eat and sleep enough. It's so disheartening to be in my mid 20's and all I have to show for my time working out are permanent debilitating injuries. I know this isn't /r9k/ but I just needed to vent about this. I'm really heart broken about it and It's now simply too late for me. Even day to day things are painful and i've spent a fortune trying to treat these issues, to no avail.
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No title
How to get Lesnar traps?
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I can pass as mildly fit even though I barely have to work out or watch my diet. If I do have months where I do daily workouts it's even better, muscles build up very quickly. The only shortcoming is that I feel like losing muscles also appears to happen faster if I stop. Does anyone else have this? Not sure if it's metabolism or anything else. But it definitely feels like a blessing.
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anastasia volkova 16
Nutrition thread

What carbs can I put in my body that aren't terrible for me? Rice and pasta is making me feel lethargic as fuck.
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What does "making it" mean to you? Everyone has a different definition of it, right?
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fit bait - Copy
I snooze 10 mins every morning, it's more pleasurable than sex even though i've never had sex.
Seriously try it out.
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Why haven't you taken the close grip pill?
>insane tricep gains
>no man boobs

It is simply the superior bench
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Electric Toothbrush
Do you need more than just the basic round head?
Seen some fancy looking ones online for silly money and wondering if they have any merit.
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Can any Chad here recommend me some massage routines? She gets happy and i get my forearms worked, its a win win. I want to educate myself further.
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Hi fit. I have been having trouble maintaining my erections lately. I can fuck for 15 minutes but then i get tired and my erection goes semi and if i pull out it dies completely.

Not an issue for me, i know my cardio is just bad, but girls seem to think its them.

Is there a food or something that i can eat to give me a god tier erection before i fix my cardio??
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Wtf are these marks
Oi /fit/ what are these marks? Every time I train shoulders (once a week) I get these weird fucking marks that look like scratches.
Is this a regular thing for training certain groups?
Also happy Australia Day to the Aussie lads out there
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Just woke up at 4:30 and ran 3 miles
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So i met this short stocky dude that lived in a farm and he's able to run 3 miles in 15-16 minutes. And he did cross country in HS, to condition him for wrestling. I thought good runners are usually skinny and tall /fit/?
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Why so many people are so weak at ohp? That includes people with insane bench numbers. Why this happens when it's just tricep work for the most part?
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what routine is he following?
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Best piece of obscure kit
Home gym bros, what is your best piece of equipment or kit that isn't commonly seen?

Pic related
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How do I fix gamer posture?
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What the fuck is this guys problem
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I shouldve ended my gym membership in march...

>be me
>come covid
>keep paying like a good goy because 'muh support local businesses' and bc they promised a discount for everyone that kept paying during the lockdown after the lockdown ended
>well i dont want to pay the administrative costs of restarting a membership so i better dont cancel my membership
>ff to december
>new lockdown indefinetly (they said february but thats probably not happening)
>still a paypig
>probably lost 200 € at this point for jack shit

Fucking gymjews how did i get cucked this hard.
Supposedly they should re-open in february, should i keep my membership or cancel?
I have a homegym but i much prefer the actual gym
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Feels bar
What'll it be, Anon? Got any mires lately? Have you even left the house?
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Kidney Cancer
Guys, sisnce this is health related, I am posting in on /fit/

Does any of you know the difference betwen these images?

I need to know the name to ask the doctor for the one in th e middle (black and white). I dont want to pay more for the colored one on the sides.

By the way, the exam that was asked to me and that produced these images are called Urotomography. But I don't need to see my colored veins on the next one, just the tumor that is in black and white.

Thx in advance.
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is it weird if my lower lats (latissimus dorsi) is in muscle pain after a day of deadlift to failure and 3 sets of barbell row? Note that i experienced a sciatica or probably just a butt cramp two times in my both legs respectively. Im really scared i might have blown a disc
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Anyone have any advice for cheap protein? Food prices are absurd in Canada
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>water fire air and dirt fucking hypertrophy how does that work?
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How many calories do you intake, and what's your goal (bulk/cut) ?
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