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Red pill me on fruit.

Mainly, bananas, grapes, apples, oranges.

They have been propagandized to be healthy for as long as i remember, but i look at nutrition, it's all carbs and sugars, mostly. They're tasty as hell, and caloric cost isn't that high, but i wonder how good including them in the diet constantly is?
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Wtf? How does it feel that these are the single most dangerous two men on the entire planet? How does it feel, that there is no one on earth who can 1v1 these people in a hand to hand fight?

dude on the left looks like he watches captain marvel twice a week and his favourite game is cards against humanity
meanwhile theres this fat ice cube looking ass nu male dweeb who can wipe the floor with even the most intimidating guys anywhere
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>ottermode denotes a toned but small build
>meanwhile IRL otters are covered in loose skin and protective fat
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The retarded brother of gymnastics
>hypertrophy routine for Rona
>Shift movement free library[ cover Everything, gymnastics, flexibility, strength, rehab, diet, endurance.. Etc]

>Body by rings

>Overcoming gravity

>Gymnastics bodies[F1-F4,H1-3]




>hypertrophy tips

Channels :
Sid paulson
>gymnastics training
Dan Jeong
Minus the gym
Tao physique
1/2/3/4 here is back lever /front lever/Straddle planche/iron cross
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>Neanderthals would litterrally jump Giant tigers and Mammoth to stab them
>No projectiles whatsoever just fucking strangle the beast alive while stabbing it to death
>somehow they lost to manboons

Litterrally how?? They were actual ubermensch. These guys could probably tank 5 spears to the chest and laugh it off
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Who else /nosquat/ here?
What the hell is the point of getting thick ass thighs? You look like a god damn ape and jeans don't fit you. Girls don't give a fuck. You get a baboon ass. You fuck up your joints. You get spinal injuries. No functionality in everyday life from having big legs.

Give me one good reason why anyone should squat.
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music thread
can we have a music thread?
post what you currently like to listen to, it doesn't need to be pump up music
I feel the autumn approaching and can't stop listening to October Rust, damn it's comfy
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How do I recover from internet/porn addiction? It is literally ruining my life
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vintage inspo
how do you achieve 50s dad bod
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Tired of these fucking incel threads,I JUST WANNA LIFT FOR GODS SAKE!
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What day are you on and how are you handling it?
>Day 4
>Literally started sniffing / touching the gym exercise seats when girls finish and no ones around
Wish i was lying, i day dream about eating out a girls asshole.

Outside of that feeling more aggression and have way more intensity in the gym.
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/plg/ - powerlifting general
>Roadtrip to Dallas edition

>How to The Press with Big Boy

>How to bench press with Scott Mendelsons

>How to squat with Chris Duffin

>How to deadlift with Chris Duffin

Additional videos and reading on benching, squatting, deadlifting, bands, accessories, etc., can be found in the pastbin.

>The official pastebin

>Tripfag Numbers

Check the pastebin for /PLG/'s collection of PROGRAMS that are ALL confirmed to be shit.

If you want to FUCK AROUND WITH BANDS and MEMES, check the all things conjugate pastebin below
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>accidentally ate 100 calories too many today
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Have your political beliefs changed since you got fit?
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What was your rock bottom, and how did you get out of it?
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Martial Arts General /MAG/
Returning to the dojo. Has your martial art returned after 'rona? Have you been honing your skills at home? I miss grappling, throwing, joint locking, choking, but most of all i miss my friends
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being a 30+ boomer sucks - the thread
hi guys, i'm 32 and a half years old and it just blows. it really hit me hard lately that the best is over, it's all downhill from here.
>body feels like it used to be bulletproof and now it could shatter at the drop of a hat, got tot be extremely careful
>full norwood 3 balding
>face looks old, bags under eyes
>my girlfriend has small tits and a fat stomach and arms, a weak jawline and busted teeth
>girls pay no attention to me only women over 30 who are looking for someone to fix their life
>realize i wasted my best years working 60 hours a week, chasing promotions and payraises, none of that extra cash can buy back my youth and missed opportunities to smash young pussy when i was overworked and tired all the time those days, and also i am not a millionaire from all this bullshit anyway
>each new day is slightly worse than the preceding day, why live
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Have you ever experienced swole hate?
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>he’s about to go for a run? make it rain
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nash mic
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Creatine dangers
I was taken to the emergency room. Water was filling around my heart. They said it's due to creatine.
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Be honest!
What do you think of my body? Do I look healthy or skinny? I'm 25 years old. Is this a good body for someone my age?
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Polyphasic Charts
Anyone here experiment with alternative sleeping patterns? 8 hours seems like too much so I'd like to know if any of these are feasible
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Should males and femalea have different training regimens?
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>"So, you say that you have to drink a gallon of milk per day, and not do any cardio? And then every 3 weeks, attempt a 1 rep max for your compound lifts, followed by a deload week in the ensuing one? Thus resulting in a 4 week cycle of auxiliary accessory lifts, alongside 3 weeks of progressive compound lifts? That's so interesting, anon! You'll have to tell me more later! I hope you don't get too fat from all that milk, though! Hahaha!"
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What are some /fit/ approved kinos I can watch while I wrestle these gains away from the universe
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FLANGED MALE orangutans can weight between 350-500 lbs, copulate all day long and turn unflanged orangutans into incels by just roaring, they sleep in the trees and climb godamn fast for their weight, they have as twice as pulling strenght as the strongest pullers you will ever heard of, but this guy doesnt even try, never lifted, never roided, he just existed, grow the flanges and his strenght naturally grow throught the roof, all the females over him and all the kids are his, there is no other primate as chad as a flanged orangutan, we can use lifting to cope and to scape reality, but pic related who never touched a weight will always be 10 times more alpha and stronger than any of us and mogg us every time, it never began for apelets
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images (19)
>Tfw the gym chud was laughing at me again

I'm thinking of approaching him and asking him what the fuck his problem is. Any tips?
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Thoughts on arm/bicep blasters?
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How does /fit/ feel about women with well defined back muscles?
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>5 months into StrongLifts 5x5
>fit in my girlfriends jeans better than my own
>shirt size is still the same
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Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
>tfw 6 years old video
>tfw all the memes are still relevant
>tfw /fit/ hasn't changed in 6 years :| [Open]
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Arnold Schwarzenegger walking only in trunks to attract people to the gym and promote weight lifting in Munich, Germany. November 1967.
Absolute fucking chad.
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Home workout?
It is possible to get a lean bodystyle with only home workouts? Then how should I set up my workout schedule? Diet?
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Live with my parents. They dont want me to go back to the gym due to covid19. Should I listen to them? Their in their 50s and my dad has asthma
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>*Enter Gym*
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/fit/ on Huel
What are your opinions and or experiences with it?
Have been using the black version for around half a year and it's quite convenient. Tastes like shit with water but vanilla and chocolate actually taste good with milk.
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No title
What kinds of supplements does /fit/ take?
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No title
based battletoad
What is this mode called and how do I achieve it?
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how many calories is 1 chicken breast, 200g cottage cheese, 1 bowl of lentil soup, 1 rye bread sourdough sandwich with a bit if butter and cheese? Is it enough food for bulking?? Or?
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How's your genes anon? Should you get them checked?
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Come, my son. Tell me your /fit/ sins and all will be forgiven
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/CBT/ - Weekend Edition
The other thread is starting to die.

5'9" 175lbs. What kind of fighting style does it look like I should learn for my body type?
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Weightlifting after bypass surgery
Sup /fit/ my dad went through CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) surgery he’s in his 60’s and was deadlifting 130kg before the operation.
He’s had 4 grafts now to bypass his clogged arteties I am wondering when can he start lifting again? Breaks my heart to see him yearning for his lifts. Pls respond
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/fraud/ - permabloat edition

Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupid), make sure to read ALL OF the r/steroids wiki:

>Reddit link
dont care, didnt ask, plus you're natty

Don't ask us to help you dose your AI. It's very individual. or see CCFC's handy faggotry guide.

Oral-only cycles put strain on the liver and cause a shutdown of natural testosterone production for not a lot of benefit. Just pin and thank us later.

ABSOLUTELY no source talk.

This isn't a medical forum. Stop asking for medical advice and go to a doctor.

Don't ask us to help you schedule your pinning dosages. Use

If you're going to ask a beginner question, make sure to include:
- age
- bf%
- time spent training

Last thread: >>56918089
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/BBG/ - Bodybuilding General
Bodybuilding General is for all things related to bodybuilding: training, nutrition, recovery, supplementation, posing, competition prep, etc.

If you're going to ask questions, please include the following:
>height, weight, rough bodyfat estimate
>how long you've been training
>anything else relevant, like gear use or missing limbs

Threadly question:
>How long do you spend in the gym each week?
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Planet Fitness
Why is planet fitness so into shaming guys who are “hunks” and “chads” so much? What’s their deal?
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No title
Which one of these are you /fit/ ?
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Does working nights fuck with your /fit/?
My boss asked me if I'd be open to switching to a night shift (yes I'm a murse). I know night shift gets paid more and is way less busy but I'm worried the fucked up sleeping schedule will be bad for my health, plus being busy as fuark during the day makes 12 hours go by pretty fast. One night shift dude says he listens to audiobooks, surfs the web, and naps all during his shift whch sounds like time would go by really slow..

Any of you work nights and what's your opinion of it? Is it harder to be fit with a weird schedule?
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No title
>tfw forward pelvic tilt
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Broken neck recovery
I broke my neck doing bjj a few months ago, anyone got any tips for speeding up my recovery? Fractured c5 and c6, bulged disks around both, compression on nerves and spinal cord. It has been healing on its own and I have full mobility and am allowed to weight train, but no combat sports or anything, and am currently waiting another few months for a follow up mri to see if I need surgery or not. I know this isn't health and fitness anymore but pls help, I miss choking people so much.
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No title
Is there a way to effectively build strength but without “getting bigger?” I’m already very naturally muscular and I love my proportions the way they are. I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, I don’t want my arms to necessarily get any bigger. Is such a thing possible?
>t. someone who does not work out regularly but wants to start
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/run/ - Running General
Mooseknuckle edition.

Pastebin of general for you lazooks.

Couch to 5k:

Weeb edition:

>Jack Daniels running formula

Read the fellrnr page on stretching, there are differing opinions on stretching in general.

Run for 1km to 3km and use 'lunge matrix' and leg swings as base and modify for personal needs. Dynamic, ballistic and static is all possible. You don't want to overdo it though.

At least an hour after the run, do static stretches. Depends on personal needs. Also, replenish your electrolytes.
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No title
Posture thread.
Recently I'm a bit obsessed with my posture. It's not terrible, but i definitely have slight anterior pelvic tilt and rounded back (sitting job, also i spend much of my free time in front of my PC, although i excercise regularly). I have a posture correcting device (not sure how to call it in english) like pic rel, I use it occasionally throuought the day, I also do light exercises to straighten my back. For pelvic tilt I mainly exercise my ABS.
I'm still not seeing satisfying improvements tho. When I'm tired or even just in a bad mood, I subconciously go back to my bad posture.
Have you fought your posture issues? What helps the best? I want to be perfectly straight, it not only affects health but also looks (I discovered that fixing my posture would instantly improve my looks and make me look more muscular, confident and strong).
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How to determine what if any martial art that I might have a *natural ability* in?
First time poster here.

I hate the gym and don't want to lift just to have big muscles. I've always believed that a man should only be as muscular as his profession demands and if your professional makes you into a weakling then so be it. I am lean and fit without trying and can move very quickly. Sometimes I feel like I would made a great ninja because of how limber, strong, fast and stealthy I can be.

So my question is, in order to avoid fruitless pursuits, how do I quickly determine which martial art I should pursue in earnest?
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How Fucked Am I?
>rona shuts down all gyms around me
>build up home gym
>most of my workouts based around barbell
>used to be super ultra weeb
>loved bo staffs
>start using my barbell like a bo staff
>worked my way up pretty well and it's a hell of a workout
>gyms reopen
>go back to normal routines and doing all other stuff
>but miss my bo staff fun
>finally say fuck it
>gonna do it at the gym since its when im working out anyways
>load up two 25lb plates on that bitch
>find an area that seems fine
>like to listen to heavy metal when lifting, gets me fucking pumped
>start spinning my barbell over my head like a chinaman madman
>all the sudden feel something on my back right shoulder
>spin around with it but get a little titled
>barbell tilts down and smacks the QT gym worker
>knocks her out cold
>headphones also ripped out
>listening to
>kind of in a stupor of what just happened
>looks like whole gym is looking at me
>girl is out cold with death metal playing and I'm holding the barbell like a bo staff
>near the door so throw that shit down
>wallet and keys were in the cubby near the door too
>power walk right the fuck out of there before anyone says anything or realizes what just happened
Fuck fuck fuck, I'm sweating bullets, what do I do? Should I just cancel my membership and never come back? I'm worried they'll go over footage and identify me... I didn't do anything wrong though. What do I do?
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This guy is literally the gym maxxed incel cartoon IRL
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No title
How do I become this? What are his stats?
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One foot balancing.
Anyone try balancing on one foot with eyes closed? It's pretty brutal and shins get on fire in about 30 seconds, from all the balancing attempts. Can this be a good bodyweight work out for legs?
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No title
I'm trying to do squats, but it seems like no matter what my actual form is like it hurts my knees. I'll do my best to practice good form but regardless my knees hurt instead of my thighs.

Am I just fucked?
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No title
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Most retarded /fit/ meme
What’s the most retarded fitness concept you’ve seen come out of /fit/ that people non ironically use
52 images | 308 replies
ITT: Kryptonite
What’s your weakness snack or meal?

For me it’s gansito’s, I love these little niggas like you wouldn’t believe.
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No title
>ywn be not depressed even if you make it
7 images | 26 replies
How much would my overhead and push press strength translate over to shotput?
2 images | 31 replies
You know the drill.
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Has /fit read the grape cure?
the grape cure
Society has lost our way. Europe used to know the powers of natural healing but it is all gone, (((Allopathic))) has taken over and put a bandade on disease rather than get to the underlying cause. I reccomend reading The Grape Cure or Arnold Ehret's work
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Little dick in gym shorts
What can I wear under gym shorts to have it not flopping around nor visible. I’m happy with my erected penis (6.5” yeah still on the small side but never got a complain from the 2 girls I have fucked)but hate my soft cock.
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No title
Are guys from planet fitness a bunch of wankers?
Are people who go there to drop 225 deadlifts on purpose and scream like faggots so that they can trigger lunk alarm, HAHAHAHAH so funny, the most autistic retards humanity has ever produced?
>Most definitely yes pretty much

Planet fitness isnt trying to push their idea of training to you or to your gym. They created their own environment and stayed away from yours. No one is forcing you to go. People who make these "ROFL LMAO XD I TRIGGERED LUNK ALARM MAN THOSE GUYS DONT EVEN KNOW BEAST MODE" videos should legitimately be killed to prevent them from breeding more autism in this stupid fucking world. Edge lord teenagers, god they are so annoying.
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No title
I got the tummy flu, how do you deal with this shit?
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post questions and have other anons chime in.

I'm considering doing a workout similar to this, but having it on a 5-day split instead. So Upper/Lower/Push/Pull/Legs. I feel I'll be able to have some days focus on strength, and others on volume.
When should i do cardio? Earlier in the day, after the workout or on rest days?
there's pros and cons to each alternative but would like to hear what others have to say.

Also for abs, do people think doing ab wheel at the end of every other session is enough?
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can you workout your personality
wondering if anyone has made personality gains using some of the principles they’ve learned from lifting, like practicing to be more charismatic. i have my shit together and lifting made me go from being “quiet” to women thinking im stoic or intense but maybe boring to be around or not that exciting of a guy. has anyone been able to make charisma gains or found a way to workout your personality or am i just fucked to be kind of a boring guy with not a lot of stuff to say :(
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What should i do? ((hyper)kyphosis)
I have a pretty bad hump in my back due to isolating myself for 4 years, slouching in front of my pc and phone, not exercising and plain bad posture.

Will a chiropractor make the hump improve, or should i go for surgery? It's past the point that simple back exercises will fix it
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No title
>hmm think I'll check /fit/
>open ctalog
>tranny porn, pedobait, softcore porn, softcore porn, racebait, softcore porn
>close catalog
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Axle deads
What is the manliest lift and why is it these? Banged out 405x10 mixed grip and a 315lb double overhand single yesterday
2 images | 8 replies
How to implement the knowledge that moon/gravity manipulates my bodyweight, into my training? Gravity make me nervous. what if there is something huge below me that causes troubles with balance and doesnt allow me to get symetric growth? who is behind this? pic related
1 images | 2 replies
Who else enjoying their /sips/ this morning?
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No title
>literally died last night from alcohol poisoning
>cut myself from having a seizure
>also broke a bone
drinking is fun but it will kill you brehs i wish i wasnt an alcoholic
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Protein shakes
Hi /fit/

I ordered 700g of vanilla flavored whey protein for protein shakes and it's gonna arrive in the next few days

I wanted to make an apple protein shake, what do you think of the following recipe?

>300ml milk
>Two sliced and peeled apples
>2 scoops of protein
>2 or 3 ice cubes
>Blend everything together

Is 300ml milk too much or enough? Where can I find more detailed info about protein shakes?
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I ran out of weights...
>tfw maxed out my home gym plates for Dead Lifts™ and could have gone heavier.

This is it. I'm done. I'll never be able to progress now.

On the bright side I'm well beyond 1/2/3/4 (Almost 4 plaet DL... 5lbs short. Not enough weights today, bois T_T)

Realistically, how could I have used my 20lbs Dumbbells™ to add weight to my deadlift to make my 4plaet/405lbs lift legit?
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No title
Is your better half encouraging your fitness goals and cooking meals to fit your dietary needs /fit/?
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No title
Get my first Gf at 22.

She sees me shirtless. Doesn't want to be intimate for a while

1 images | 3 replies
No title
post body
I'm vegan
2 images | 7 replies
No title
Bend the knee /fit/
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/fat/ general - skinny fat edition
>Who is /fat/ for?
For Falstaffian fatballs who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication.
This is not QTDDTOT, stick to questions on fat loss
>What do I do first?
1. Read the /fit/ sticky
2. Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
3. Calculate your TDEE
Remember to use bodyfat% and use Katch-McArdle Formula with sedentary settings or you will inevitably get a way too high TDEE.
4. Plan your weight loss week by week
5. Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal or Cronometer.
Don't listen to memes, either of these are fine based on what you need (better for packaged food) (better for generic food/tracking micronutrients)

>Now what do I do?
Count calories, all of them.
Calculate your TDEE at sedentary
Eat about 500 less calories than your TDEE
Buy scales, be accurate in your measurements
Learn how to cook. Try to stick to lean protein and green vegetables.
Eat a lot of protein. 1g per lb of goal body weight.
Do cardio. Even if its just walking, cardio will improve your health which is sorely needed. There is no such thing as a healthy fat heart, but you can off set the risks.
Lift weights. This will keep and gain muscle mass and burn fat much quicker. No lifting results in the body burning away muscle AND fat. You don't want this.
Drink more water
Post your height and weight when asking for advice

Eat refined sugars, they're terrible for you regardless of calorie count
Eat processed foods, or at least try to avoid if possible
Drink your calories. Alcohol, soda, hot chocolate, fancy starbucks shit. forget it.
Freak out over a weight loss stall. Plateaus can last up to three weeks.
"Reward" yourself. Cheat days cheat only yourself.
Be a retard.

Previous: >>56909365
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Is there any hope for stopping this? One group that might do something is the army if they run out of young able-bodied recruits. Maybe they could do a school program in gym class or something, I dont know.
1 images | 4 replies
No title
newfag here, read the sticky and looking to pick up a good routine. whats better, ss, stronglifts 5x5, or reddit ppl?
26 images | 276 replies
No title
>drink more water
>pee it all out 15 minutes later
>still thirsty

Why is my water not absorbing? This is so fucking annoying. I added salt in my water and it helped a little bit but not much. And no, I don't have diabetes
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No title
Should I? They have to learn
6 images | 47 replies
Watching woman-only porn
Any physiological and/or psychological benefit of doing this? Been jerking off to girls solo maturbating for about one week and I feel pretty good.
3 images | 12 replies
No title
How bad is it /fit/?
26 btw
10 images | 38 replies
i'm done
count grishnak
im gonna take the jew pills for depression/anxiety/bad sleep
it's just getting worse as the years pass and i'm not making it in any sense, not even gains

what should i expect?
6 images | 35 replies
crab mentality
anyone else notice their friends acting weird after they improved on themselves and got fit
i was always the low self esteem loser but i’ve moved past that, but i don’t think other people are as happy about it as me
can any anons relate?
i say FUCK them though i’m not getting dragged back into that bucket
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No title
>doc thinks I have narcolepsy
Is it good for my gains?
1 images | 10 replies
No title
All hail to the king. When Grizzly dies a statue will be built in his honour and he will be missed even more than holy Rich Piana. One day I hope to be the next grizzly. Bloatmaxxers will rise above the smoldering ashes of this world and continue LIVING IT until the end of days.
9 images | 37 replies
No title
Sniff Ninja
When do you think it'll be publicly acceptable to go the the park for a run without a mask and then start coughing out your lung after the cardio?

I'm a smoker and I miss coughing out all the tar out of my lungs after running. But I feel like if I do it with the corona someone is gonna come behind me and shank me or someone gonna film me coughing on youtube and become a meme.
1 images | 5 replies
With covid-19 deaths being linked to vitamin d deficiency, now is even more important than ever to eat your deenz.
4 images | 24 replies
No title
Started visiting gym after a long time, it's now been two days and my heart is in pain. It never happened before. Should I go to the doctor?
2 images | 10 replies
No title
Question: All the books and guides and tutorials stress the importance of holding your breath during a lift, the so-called Valsalva maneuver. Yet, when I watch Olympic weight-lifters who have won multiple medals, they are usually not holding their breaths. In fact, many of them are screaming during their lifts. Why is that?
1 images | 6 replies
Brain of a fat guy
Have any of you former fat guys ever managed to re wire your brain into thinking about food like a normal weight person? Honestly I have the discipline to work out every day but damn my weight has been going up and down for the last 7-8 years. My lowest weight was around 180-185 lbs at 6 ft. Right now I'm like 210 because I keep eating like a fat retard and I cant learn how to PUT DOWN THE FORK even when Im not even hungry. Also being stuck inside my house doesnt help at all.
1 images | 13 replies
Chinups vs Rows
Is there any reason to do dumbbell rows if you do weighted chinups? Rows are fucking disgusting to do, while chins are absolutely pumping me up.


>fuck barbell rows too btw

>pic related

A boomer rowing
1 images | 8 replies
No title
What's unironically the best thing you learned from Rich Piana?
11 images | 48 replies
No title
984B1954-AE62-429B-BBFE-E2811FB838B8 (2)
Hey guys, I'm not really sure if this is allowed but what do ya'll do for beard health? I have very very stiff and thick beard hairs that like to curl around my jawline and I'm not really sure what to do with it. I'm going for a year without shaving (but with cleaning up around the edges). But I'm kind of self conscious about it because it is two very distinct colors. Blonde around my mouth and mustache and then brown everywhere else. Sorry for the shit pic, it's really dark here. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? Yes I know I need a trim, covid has shut down all my local barbers
1 images | 3 replies
No title
>have strong legs
>always fast sperg walking do to power and nutrition that I have
>physically can't walk normally for the life of me
Am i the only one that suffers from this
2 images | 6 replies
Escaping skinny-fat mode
Hey /fit/ I'm trying to escape skinny-fat mode.
I've been working out daily for a month with cardio and strength training while eating heavy on protein slightly under maintenance or at maintenance on some days.
I've only lost about ~1.5kg but noticed I've actually built quite a bit of muscle while this was happening, especially in the arms.

Should I change my focus to just building muscle or losing fat at a time or just continue with what I'm doing?
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No title
Why the fuck do my balls ache and throb after I work out?

It’s annoying and painful.
Recently tested for STD’s and I’m all good
3 images | 16 replies
No title
Should I keep my hands under my butt when I do leg raises and flutters? It's harder if I don't but everyone seems to do it that way.
4 images | 9 replies
No title
>have a juicy butt
>start lifting
>butt gets more muscular but not as juicy

how do you balance the right amount of muscle and fat?
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Why aren’t you a fan of meg? She’s an elite level power lifter she’s pretty and she gives good advice. She’s pretty as well.
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>take 1 scoop of The Curse™
>my gains instantly waste away and leave my body as a grey, diffuse dust
>next come my organs as a stream of scalding sand pouring from my mouth
>finally my skin shrinks and cracks away and I let out a dry, unholy screech of unlife as my eyes are replaced by the green flames of osiris' accursed domain
>I shamble into the gym, aging any who dare gaze upon my eldritch form
>a temple no longer, it is a tomb where I am condemned to eternally struggle yet never gain, to thirst but never drink, and to never die but to never live again
>truly I have experienced The Curse™
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is StartingStrength a TRANNY PSYOP?

>GOMAD (cows milk is full of estrogen)
>Bloatmaxx (fat secretes estrogen)
>Massive focus on sqautting, deadlifting and cleaning (juicy thighs and ass)
>Hits biceps, delts and chest every other workout (svelte upper body)
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Bloat Power
Is this truly the bloatpill? Why haven't you taking the bloatpill yet anon?
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Cum on my back juji
Don't fucking talk shit about my homeboy Tom!! He mogs 99% of /fit/.
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Is this physique realistically achievable natty?
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how the hell does he actually train?
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Just did 1.5 pullup
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I lift for her. When I hit my first 315lbsx8, I will imagine her sitting on my lap.
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why does sex feel so bad
Every time i ejaculate be it inside my girlfriend or via masturbation, i feel like shit mentally for at least a week

i always feel like i have wasted my semen with such a pointless temporary act of uncontrollable and animalistic pleasure,
i ejaculate, savour it for abit and then just look down to this onahole with a brain and i just think theres no point, get horny coom repeat repeat whats the point of it i cant even have kids, that would make it feel useful

and by feel 'shit' i mean i feel like a waste of a spirit a waste of a soul, every colour becomes dull my girlfriend no longer seems attractive and i lose motivation for any goals i had before

it is only after a week of abstinence am i back to normal
from what i understand it could be to the rise of prolactin but any advice bros.....
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>binge eat protein bars
>have to go to sleep early because fiber bloat
>can't sleep because protein sweats
>wake up after 2 hours of sleep with explosive diarrhea
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What kind of body can I realistically achieve with the OPM routine? Except with a 5k run 3 days a week?
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How can we make fitness more fat positive and accepting of marginalized communities?
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I like to read fit while I workout.

How far can I get with just sit-ups and pushups? Not very sure, but how far is that? Am I fucked for life, see, one of the muscles in my leg is tore out... wtf do I do lol
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big lenny
Good night /fit/ love you
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Achievable natty?
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its fucking brutal the life as a bald man
i remember being 22-25 with my head full of curls, girls loved them and i was basically gigachad at clubbling, at 26 everything ended, got bald very fast and lost atention from the ladies, never suited the bald look and had to grow a full beard to cope, its been 2 years since i dont get laid, at least i got a taste of pussy but no more, its fucking over for baldcels, i fucking miss my curls bros, they were the shit, i cant cope with lifting anymore
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Do at least 100 reps of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and bodyweight squats today.
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I just ate a protein bar and I worked out yesterday so muscles are literally growing right NOW

Holy shit!!
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I am fat. Basically, I got lazy and blamed my depression. I don’t want to be fat and depressed. I’ll settle for just sad. What should I work on? Will be cutting food down to 4 times a week btw.
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I’m all out of whey
And all the stores are closed
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>tfw I make my gf an ifbb pro by pumping her full of tren-pozzed semen
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