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"/xs/ - Extreme Sports" is 4chan's imageboard imageboard dedicated to the discussion of extreme sports.

Welcome to /xs/ - Extreme Sports
/xs/ is a place to discuss all types of extreme sports and similar physical activities, which include (but are not limited to) skydiving, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing, rafting, bungee-jumping, parkour, BMX & mountain biking, airsoft, paintball, etc.
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/sumo/ - Off-Basho Sumo General
takakeisho lolicon
Sumo genius edition


Previous Thread:
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/mtb/ mountain bike general
DT SWISS editon

>FAQ on buying a bike that nobody reads anyway:
>> What good bike can I get for under $500?
>a stolen bike. Possibly a newer used entry level hardtail but don't expect it to survive rock gardens, jumps, or drops. Or an older mtb which won't be as good as newer ones and will still have a front derailleur, but it'll be good enough.
>> What good bike can I get for under $1000
>Good used hardtail, new entry level hardtail
>> What good bike can I get for under $2000?
>New Hardtail, decent used full suspension
>> What good bike can I get for under $3000?
>Used full suspension, decent entry level full suspension but prepared to put more money into it.
>> What are the excellent value brands?
>Marin, Commencal, Canyon, Polygon, YT, Propain, Kona, and many more. Sometimes the expensive brands have an excellent value bike
>> What are the differences between an XC, Trail, Enduro, and Downhill bikes?
>XC bikes are for going up fast, go down not as fast. Trail bikes are for going up and down. Enduro bikes are for going down fast, and slower up. Downhill bikes are for going down really fast, needs a ski lift, truck, or the rider pushing it to go up.
>Link to previous thread
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do you watch female MMA?
I really don't care, but hate the promotion it gets. It feels astroturfed like female soccer, or most female sports
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Why can't karate just put on gloves, a mouth guard, and, if they wanted to boxing headgear, spar like everyone else?
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/BJJ/ - BJJ General
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General
"Love triangle" edition


Belt Checker

Previous thread

Thread question: How do you feel about people pulling guard in competitions?
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/cg/ - Climbing General
~~Highball Edition~~

>Where do I start?
People typically start in the gym and branch off outdoors and find their niche, be it bouldering, trad, sport or a mixture of the above. Some never leave the gym at all. Ultimately it doesn't matter - just get started and enjoy yourself.

>How fit do I have to be to start? Do I have to be able to do x amount of pull-ups?
Being light, strong and flexible helps at the higher levels but climbing is open to almost anyone and is fairly intuitive to most. Even if your body is feeble and weak now, you will develop strength over time by virtue of just climbing. Climbing is also a holistic sport and success often hinges upon many factors, not just strength and power. But it certainly helps.

>Where can I acquire petite 110lb Asian climbing gf.
Same place as always: within the darkest annals of your mind.

>I can deadlift 500lbs if I really wanted to. Here's a timestamped shirtless pic of me for proof.
You are gay.

>Where is the old bread?
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/thaig/ - Muay Thai General
Petchyindee Muay Thai elbow heem
resurrecting the thread for muay thai. ask questions and talk about muay thai and muay thai related stuff

>Understanding traditional scoring

>Live shows
>Siam Fight News
>ONE Championship
>Thai Fight
Also check the thread there's often links posted during events

>Older fights and highlights

>Cool magazine about muay Thai (translated from French)
>Descriptions of golden age fighters and their fights (ch.1)
>Can Thais box? The champions of muay thai + western boxing in Thailand
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Thoughts on Filipino martial arts?
Specifically Eskrima
I know the drill with martial arts, usually not effective for real fights and all that, but is it fun?
I've been reading into it and it sounds interesting, but I know how martial arts can be with scammers.
Have you practiced them?
Also any tips to differentiate between good eskrima teachers and false gurus?
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I have a stupid question
original (1)
Why should we have our weaker hand in front? Not that I'm complaining cause it actually feels natural for me but
Just why?
After all we punch with our forward hand more often than the rear hand so why not make these punches stronger, especially if you're a strong guy so knocking people out with a jab probably isn't impossible for you?
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No title
How would a prime Curt Angle be in the UFC?
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No title
This guy is now the official arm wrestling world champion in both the heavyweight and super heavyweight divisions. Any thoughts about that?
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What Xteeme sports have streams and events you can watch online?
A lot of these sports have niche followings and end up streaming on YouTube or kick. Some of them have weekly shows but no way to find them. It would be nice to have a thread sharing channels, sports and even live events happening RIGHT NOW.

So what do you watch and where do you watch it?
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No title
Strenght is the most important factor in a fight.
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No title
Cus D’Amato would make Mike Tyson run miles with 50 lbs on his back to purposely stunt his growth.
So explain to me /xs/ why you only believe size matters when you’re far from the truth?

t. 6’4
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No title
Was he elite?
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A good 1-2 is literally all you need. That's it.
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No title
Any hot woman, who do extreme sport
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No title
In 2005, I fucked Mike V on the train tracks behind a Ross Dress for Less. Man, his ass could grip. Real tight, not a hair on it, and a sphincter you could only dream of. I had fun at first. But he was so weirdly macho about it. He kept saying things like "thats right bitch, am I gonna make you nut?" and "fucking fag I bet you can't wait to bust in my fat hairy man ass hahaha faggot". I just ignored him and kept railing. He continued unironically calling me his bitch and a fag as he had several hands free prostate orgasms spilling seminal fluids onto the train tracks, getting more angry and dominant after each one. "Yea i bet you like dudes. You look like a pussy" he'd say "I cant even feel your limpdick bitch." I just kept clapping, wondering wtf is up with him. After about 20 minutes of railing Mike's boypussy, drenched in sweat and his cream, I finally got a nut off despite his constant berating and degrading comments. He immediately hopped off, laid flat on his back and bent his legs over his head so the cum dripped out of his asshole directly into his mouth. "The fuck you looking at? You like this gay boy?" He kept saying. After he got every last drop. He cackled like a rooster and punched me in the face as hard as he could. He nearly broke his hand, but I was fine. "Fucking fag" he said as he limped off into the sunset, shaking his wrist. That was the first and last time I fucked Mike V on the train tracks behind the Ross Dress for Less
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/erg/ Earth Rocker General
Being a musician is optional.
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No title
Some say guard pulling is good cause you don't need to waste time on learning takedowns which aren't very useful at BJJ tournaments.
Others say guard pulling is actually a technical move, a part of BJJ and people should stop shitting on it.

But there is one thing that makes guard pulling an uncool move. It doesn't work in MMA, except for some specific situations on the ground. Of course, it's nothing special that different sports have different META but BJJ and MMA are like two sisters, both named Gracie.
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Rolling Assholes General - /rag/
roller blading
Roller blading and roller skating general
>Don't do crack, just roller skate edition
Discuss tricks, gear, hobbies, and anything else relating to rolling. Derby and hockey fans are welcome to join as well.
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No title
what's a fun and practical japanese grappling art to pick up as a hobby?

I have a few years of boxing experience and was thinking of picking up a japanese grappling art to round it out. are judo and aikido my only options? is aikido even an option? should I just forget about grappling and find a cool karate style like goju-ryu?
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/jsa/ Japanese Sword Arts General
One year later edition.

A thread to discuss Kendo/jutsu, Iaido/jutsu. OP post tailored towards Kendo since it is the most commonly practiced.

>What is Kendo?
Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art which combines traditional Japanese swordsmanship (Kenjutsu) techniques with sporting elements for competition. It is practiced with shinai (bamboo swords) and armor. The philosophy of modern Kendo is based off of Budo concepts and aims to develop the self through practice.

>What are the rules of Kendo?

>Am I too old to practice Kendo?
No. Westerns start later and many people practice Kendo until they’re dead.

>Is Kendo a martial art or a sport?

>Where can I find a Kendo/Iaido club or dojo?

Start with the International Kendo Federation (FIK) and navigate to your country or region. If you live in a particularly large country, your country’s federation will most likely consist of regional federations. Some federations also include Iaido clubs.

Previous thread
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No title
How does one get into MMA? I've been trying to get into the sport since my teens but there are so many fighters and lore that I just get lost and end up dropping it, only to try to get into it again years later. I really like fighting but unlike other normie sports like soccer or football, MMA just harder for me to get into.
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/scuba/ general
What the fuck bros? There's no /scuba/ general?

Let's rectify that.

Best dive sites? Hairy or funny stories?

And the obvious question, what's better? PADI or SDI?

Here's an Australian Scuba FAQ until we make our own
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/DGG/ Disc Golf General #3
/DGG/ Disc Golf General
My close personal friend Paul McBeth edition
Season is closing out if you live in a shit state sub edition

>What is disc golf?
Its golf but with frisbees or discs. Generally played at parks that have free courses.
>What do I need to get started?
A disc and some shoes to walk around comfortably. (You should probably also bring some water anon and maybe download UDisc for a scorecard, or print / make your own)
>I'm new what disc should I buy?
Pretty much any decent disc will get you out and playing. You don't need to buy a starter set immediately, instead buy a putter and approach disc as its a pretty easy to throw disc for a beginner and then buy more discs from there.
>Are there courses around me?
Almost certainly, check for a pretty comprehensive list of courses and recommendations as to what ones near you are good.
>I bought a starter set and cant throw these things straight or far at all!
Go onto youtube and lookup guides idiot. Also learn to throw your putter first. It's most likely the easiest disc to throw in your bag and just because it doesn't fly as fast as a fairway or driver disc, It'll probably fly farther as It WILL fly straighter.

Most people you meet out on a disc golf course are gonna be pretty chill guys who'll either help you out if u get a disc stuck in a tree, or even give u a quick tip if you're new.

Post personal course, rounds, lies, discs and stuff
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/ezg/ Eternal Zorbing General
A place to discuss zorbing and zorbing accessories. A misunderstood but globular extreme sport. Limp Bizkit once wrote a song about this
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Why, on this board, does everyone advocate for Judo, BJJ, striking arts, instead of just traditional Jiu-Jitsu, which encompasses the ground grappling of BJJ, the throws of Judo, and the punches and kicks of Karate? There wouldn’t be Judo without Jiu-Jitsu and there obviously wouldn’t be BJJ
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No title
Would it be possibly, with enough training and conditioning, to pierce human flesh with one finger? I found this video of some korean guy punching holes in fruit and stuff with his fingers, (assuming it isn't a hoax, that board breaking bit looked pretty suspect) but human flesh is a different thing altogether, right?
>the video
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No title
based soaper
soaping bros, we're home
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No title
Is height/reach really the best build for MMA/fighting in general
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/kudo/ - Kudo General:
Dedicated thread of Daido Juku or Kudo, a combination of Karate and Judo.

Please post Kudo related things.

(P.S. Sambo is welcome!)
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Martial Arts for Pussies
I've had 10+ concussions and am super sensitive to head injuries these days.
I've always wanted to try martial arts but can't risk getting hit in the head.
Is there any discipline with near zero head injury risk?
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No title
images (1) (7)
Would having experience in kyokushin and kung fu help me learn boxing?
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/archery/ Thread #2

What's your style?
What you shooting?
What you hitting?
Recs for bows?
Why is the Timber Creek Mamba the best first horsebow?
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No title
Are dutch and japanese kickboxing the same, except japanese kickboxers tend to have karate background?
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No title
How much bigger does a woman of same skill + training(steroids) Need to be to defeat a man?
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/box/ general
Hello, I've been training since March, and while some months I've been more consistent with my training than others, I typically train at least 3-4 times a week. Recently, I had my third sparring session, and I have another one scheduled for tomorrow against someone from a different gym. I'd appreciate any tips you could offer. I wore a gray shirt during my last sparring session, and I'm aware that I didn't perform well. I struggled with ducking, clinching, and had little to no head movement, but was just feeling unusually tired and my throat was hot and the flow of air was so hot for some reason.

Here's the sparring, I am in the gray shirt. Slightly taller.
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Gatekeeping Techniques
Do you guys gatekeep certain techniques or strategies that work for you from your club?

Example, I have this document on grip-fighting (Judo) that allows me to dominate everyone in this aspect. Not sure if I should share it or not.
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Paintball General
Fat fuck edition

Can't link the last thread because the archive doesn't allow searching for some reason
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/HEMA/ General
/HEMA/ General - Flail Superiority Edition

>What is HEMA?
HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts, sometimes also called Historical Fencing.
It's reconstructing how to fight with swords, daggers, polearms, and other weapons based on old European fighting treatises

>What does it look like?
Inside the World of Longsword Fighting -
Back to the source -
Martin Fabian Sparring -

>Where can I find these treatises?

>Where can I find HEMA clubs near me?

Previous: >>138271
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Olympic Fencing?
Not sure if this is supposed to go on /xs/ or /sp/, but what do you think of the sport? All I see on here is HEMA.

I'm trying to get into it and I'm looking to pick up some gear. I probably want to fence Epee. Any recommendations? The club has gear, but a lot of it is gross and sometimes not working, especially for left handed stuff.
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front by anon
Parkour thread.

Where are you at with your training? How have you been working around the limits of weather and lockdowns? How much do you apply the utilitarian Hébertist mindset of being strong to be useful to your training routines?

Freerunners can post, too. Maybe even gymnasts and trickers if you don't get your own thread up and running.

original thread >>1236
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/f1/ - Comfy Formula 1 General - Exodus Edition
Diniz Ligier on fire
A new comfy F1 general now that the old one has gone off the rails lately

No Anime
No Twitterposting
No Redditposting
No posting literal shit
Strawposting and Gimiposting welcome

Also reminder that F1 has had more deaths than many of the sports on this board, therefore extreme
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No title
In a fight what matters more shoulder or height?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
How many pounds should I lift if I box? I know weightlifting is historically frowned upon in boxing, but nowadays it’s more acceptable if it’s lighter and mid tier weights and not bodybuilder tier. How much is too much?
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Vinny Magalhaes Staph Infection
Does anybody have the photo of the aftermath of Vinny's staph infection? I remember a photo showing a whole that was left after they cleaned up the staph infection. It was pretty gross. I just can't seem to find it and I'm no longer sure if it even existed in the first place.
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/judo/ Judo General
david garcia torne reverse kata guruma astana qazaqstan barysy grand slam 2023 judo
Thread for Judo (other jacketed wrestling styles welcome)

>Discussion starter
Who do you think is the cutest judoka?

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2023
August 18-20 - Zagreb Grand Prix
September 22-24 - Baku Grand Slam
October 20-22 - Abu Dhabi Grand Slam
December 2-3 - Tokyo Grand Slam

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/asg/ Airsoft General
Charlie's in the Trees Edition

Old Thread: >>158937

Keep strictly real-steel related topics in >>>/k/, gun and gear porn's cool as long as you don't spam.

If you have a useful guide or want to rework one for the OP, post it and someone will add it to the next one.

>Updated Newbie pastebin

>/asg/ retailer guide

>Legal comprehensive, crosscheck with your local laws to be on the safe side
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is firefighting a extreme sport???
Could firefighter be an extreme sport???
>be me volunteer firefighter
>responding to structure fire
>me and all the dudes blasting 80's rock in the brush tanker
>we pull up, huge ass barn fire
>fucking realize there's a horse still in the barn tied up
>country kid, connects his pack and runs in to get rescue the horse(mind you were kinda not supposed to save them, this is a barn from the '60s, very rundown very large, full of dry horrible wood. Could collapse very easily)
>im hooking the tanker up to the pond, when I see country kid running as fast as I've ever seen him run, with 2 cats in hand
>horse comes running behind him
>horse keeps chasing him
>my face when this horse that's chasing my friend, as he just saved it
>few minutes later, barn collapses
>fires out after quite the fight as some embers blew apon a bale stack

that was pretty extreme if you ask me, and like my friend ran a good bit that night, with all his gear.

I left out some major details and like there is fire fighting competitions so like
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No title
My coworker told me about his encounter with Jon Jones

>See's me watching MMA clips at work
>him: "So, I saw Jon Jones before my flight"
>me: "Oh shit, really? when was this?"
>"This was in 2013, but he was a nobody then"
>"wtf? Jon Jones was a household name by 2013"
>"Nah, I'm pretty sure he was a nobody"
>"Bro, he won the title at 21 from Shogun Rua and was probably 5th or 6th title defense by the time you saw him"
>"Then why the fuck was he flying coach?"
Honestly its a damn shame these guys aren't living like superstars. You fight to the death in a steel cage for an electricians salary.
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No title
I want to learn wrestling couse my grandfather was a wrestler but I'm skinnyfat and autistic and I'm afraid I'm just gonna embarres myself.
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Perfect example of McDojo Bullshito 'master'
>Old, bald, and unfit man promoting the merits of karate over Muay Thai
>Uses poor form and technique in demonstrations
>Pathetically defends the veracity of karate over Muay Thai in comments.

Why is the karate crowd like this?

evolution karate in Arkansas on fb to see vod. Can't post link because this site sees it as spam
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/BJJ/ - BJJ General
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General
Welcome home, son edition


Belt Checker

Previous thread

Thread question: If someone throws a punch in a roll, what's the correct response?
29 media | 319 replies
/heemsports/ - "First Thread Ever" Edition
Let's try this out. It would be great to have a quality general where we can genuinely discuss combat sports - MMA, kickboxing, bareknuckle, wrestling, etc. - without the threads being flooded & diluted by lonely losers.

No UFC this weekend, but Beterbiev will likely be serving up a spicy heem against Yarde in the boxing world in a few minutes.
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No title
>train Jiu Jitsu at JJ/BJJ gym
>all the men who train Jiu Jitsu are fat and out of shape and old (including my skinnyfat DYEL-ass)
>everyone who trains BJJ are all mid 20's shredded dudes
Is the steroid culture just really prominent in BJJ or should I make the switch?
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No title
The weak should fear the strong.
0 media | 3 replies
Why hasn't air racing taken off?
It seems like the sport as a whole has stalled ever since the Red Bull Air Race was cancelled. Is it just the expense?
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No title
Dumbest shit said by particular martial arts practitioners or fans
0 media | 9 replies
No title
images (1) (5)
I did abit of sanda before covid. I went to join back up recently only to find out that a new guy runs the place and now does shaolin kung fu there. He mainly focuses on form and not so much sparring which is kinda a red flag. So I'm looking at boxing (because I lost my leg stretch) or muay thai
0 media | 4 replies
No title
So let me get this straight, people who want to learn boxing/kickboxing/Muay Thai for self defense are told to go train those striking arts. People who aren’t stupid will ask, “will my brain get damaged over time from sparring?” Someone will say, “just spar light and don’t compete”. But then, you might ask, how useful is striking for self defense if you only spar light? The answer is usually “not very much” or “it’s great for getting in shape”. So, striking isn’t that effective for self-defense unless you’re sparring hard occasionally, in which case you’re gradually damaging your brain, even if it’s a small amount. Do you just accept you’ll have to spar hard occasionally for your striking to be effective for self-defense? Doesn’t seem very sustainable as you get older.
0 media | 5 replies
Choosing your stance for MMA
What stance do you use for your martial art? I've been going to a kickboxing (sanda) and MMA gym and they advised me to have my dominant hand forward so I've been training southpaw, but I've previously trained Jiu Jitsu in orthodox stance for a short time.
Generally in striking martial arts you keep your dominant hand back so your jab can set up your cross, but in other martial arts like Judo, Jeet Kune Do or Wrestling you're supposed to have your dominant hand forward, so which one should I train? I feel more comfortable as a southpaw personally.
0 media | 3 replies
No title
6'2 vs 5'7
6'2 260 lbs Turkish bodybuilder and Youtuber says he will not lose to a 150 lbs guy if he is the world champion
5'7 150 lbs Turkish mma fighter challenges him
Here is the result
0 media | 15 replies
No title
ITT: We take a non-extreme sport and change it to make it extreme.

Marathon but you can sabotage your opponents any way you want. Weapons allowed. Basically the Road Rash game but on foot.

Dodgeball with bocce.

Polo but with rodeo horses.

Water polo but the water is slightly acidic so your skin and eyes start to burn after a while and you can only get out (rotating with other team members) once you score.

Any motor sport but without brakes.

Soccer with bowling balls.

Squash but the room is so narrow and you can get hit by the other player's racket.

Basketball but the court is oiled.
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No title
please tell me im not the only one who swears his name has always been Mike Valley
9 media | 139 replies
Why do they all do this
>watch literally any youtube channel of skier who spends a lot of time in pow
>when they're on literally anything that isn't deep pow
>straight forward, speedcheck, straight forward, speedcheck...
>upper body flopping from side to side, not remaining vertical, skis far apart, sometimes in backseat on hardpack while attempting to carve
>youtube comments act like every guy who does this is good at skiing because they found a cool looking place to film
Do people like this just never learn to carve? Or have I not experienced a "true" backcountry/pow ski? I get that you can't carve super well on pow-oriented skis, but when I wear them I only run into the "holy shit these skis are going to kill me" problem when I absentmindedly start trying to do carving shit at speeds that only really work on FIS spec skis anyway.
0 media | 5 replies
No title
How is MMA immune from cancel culture?
>Dana slaps his wife on camera. Says "whoops. My bad" and nothing happened. No protest; nothing. Swept under the rug.
>Nick Diaz openly says 'nigga' and calls people 'faggot'. Literally nobody gives a shit online.
>McGregor commits assault in public and...nothing
>Many open Trump supporters

I can't think of another field so unaffected by Millennial/Gen Z sensibilities.
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/cg/ - Climbing General
>Should I start climbing?
Yes. Or no, if your primary care physician wouldn't clear you.

>How do I start toproping?
Read a book? Call your local climbing gym? Take a course with a local guide? There are a lot of ways to get started!

>How do I start bouldering outside?
See above.

45 media | 352 replies
Fight against bored
Any ideas on what can distract me from existance? Could be an extreme sport or eating carolina reapers while sitting in church.

I spent the last 7 years of my life diving into wingsuiting. Skydiving -> base -> wingsuit base. I have put housands of hours into this, extreme budgeting, living similar to a homeless person, all for wingsuits.

But I hit the point where progression is basically suicide and I decided to stop. Now that i have tried to stop I am becoming numb, apathetic for existance again.

Anyone have any ideas that are not explicitly air sports like paragliding, speed flying, skydiving or ws base? Could be a completly alternative method for flooding the brain with endorphins.
0 media | 7 replies
/xs/ Soccer Team Match
/xs/ faithful, our small but mighty team is once again facing off in a tournament against other boards. For the first time, we have made it to the Summer Elites, and will be competing in the first group stage match later today. If interested in the autism, you can check it out over at implying rigged and see if Tony Hawk and the Earth Rocker and take it in the elites.
1 media | 7 replies
Power Slap
This is the most retarded sport to have come out in recent years. Calling it a sport is even stretching it, it's more of a spectacle for the lowest dregs of the earth.
2 media | 12 replies
The Surfing General

First edition edition

>how do I learn to surf?

>How do I pick the right board?
Use a volume calculator, and find the right board type for your local break or waves you want to ride

>how do I know if the waves are good?
go check surfline or magicseaweed for reports
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No title
if i go to a martial arts class can i just not go at any time?
like if i sign up for three months can i just not show up even if i paid for it?
0 media | 9 replies
/pg/ Pankration General
butt-naked and running out of ideas edition

Talk about either the ancient Greco-Roman fighting style of Pankration or the modern, Jim Arvanitis sporty version.

>What is Pankration?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
No fucking way does this shit work, this has to be straight aikido-tier
10 media | 72 replies
No title
/xs/! What is best in life?
1 media | 52 replies
No title
>watching The Alpinist
>movie about free solo climbing
>introduces a bunch of famous free solo climbers at the beginning
>ALL of them died climbing
>the two climbers the movie is about died climbing

this sport is ridiculous. EVERYONE who made a name for themselves in it fucking died due to climbing aside from Alex Honnold

Why would anyone do this?
9 media | 108 replies
Gachimuchi memed
gf got me to try BDSM but everything felt pussified and I couldn't get into it, then when I did my own thing we had to stop cause I hurt her

showed her a gachimuchi meme and she replied "so this is where you get your fantasies from"
she's fucking right (and I'm coping and sneeding), but I'm not gay so never got turned on by gachimuchi or I'd have worked it out a decade ago
I've been memed into thinking that real men use real pins in the bedroom

anyway does anyone know where/how I can learn how to do bedroom holds and pins?
0 media | 3 replies
Is it cringy to start martial arts after losing a fight?
I got sucker punched at a party last night. I was dancing with a girl and accidentally bumped into another guy and spilled his drink on him. Before I could apologize, he sucker punched me and got thrown out before I could do anything to fight back. I now have a massive black eye and a throbbing headache and feel like a massive wuss. I’ve always been interested in Muay Thai or boxing and figure now is as good of a time as any to start. Am I being too emotional about this and would it be cringy to start right after getting my ass kicked? Or is this a good time to start?
9 media | 93 replies
No title
in a fight what matters the most?
Height, size, weight, strenght, agility, speed, explosivenes, endurance, thoughness, reach, inteligence, preccision,...,skills
2 media | 16 replies
No title
In an ideal world, what did he say?
3 media | 10 replies
No title
How do fighters, especially boxers, run and do tons of constant cardio and still have muscular physiques and plenty of power/strength? Is /fit/ lying to me about cardio killing gains and bulk/cut cycles?
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Hey guys I wished to learn some martial arts for the first time and I want to choose between: takendo, karate and kickbox, to learn for self defense and street fights, tell me which style is the best for those and why thanks in advance
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Eve Gracie demonstrates the _triangle choke_ durin
Bjj is only gay if you're heavy because if you're light, you can do it with girls
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It's unbelievavable how pathetic UFC heavyweight is
>a light heavyweight legend several years past his prime bulked up to heavyweight by eating more McDonald's, beat the least terrible heavyweight fighter in 2 minutes and became the champ
>now he will smash a 41 yo former champion who's considered GOAT of the division even though he lost to a guy who would be a middleweight if he wasn't fat
>then he will retire and so should Stipe or he will end up like Silva
>so who will become the next champion? Gane who couldn't do anything against Jones besides a dickkick?
>the previous champ had the hardest punch in the world and not very much skills besides that
>he pissed Dana off to dodge Jones
Now let's go 15 years back
>a 45 yo guy was the champion
>he got knocked out by a pro wrestler
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>Make millions from Youtube videos and Disney shit
>Decide to go into combat sports and risk CTE
LMAO what a pair of retards
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Best Martial Art For Street Fights?
Now I know this might cause a lot of arguing but I genuinely am looking for the best martial art for street self defense.

I'm not looking for anything that's the best in a ruled zone like boxing, I need something that will work with no rules. I moved to a lower income (neighbor)HOOD but I live in Canada and we can't carry, so the next best thing is martial arts, plus I've always wanted to learn.

What's the most dangerous/best martial art for street fights? I'm honestly afraid of getting jumped by a crackhead. I know it's probably a mix of them so any information would help, I have a couple fighting gyms in my area and I plan on attending a orientation to one of them in the future.
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People laugh at bridgerweight
But it actually makes more sense than all these weightclasses with "super" or "jewnior" in its names, none of which existed 70 years ago.
If heavyweight boxers will continue turning into mutants as fast as they've been doing it from Marciano to Fury, 10 years from now you'll see bridger in all promotions and 50 years from now you'll see an additional division at 250 lbs.
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If early ufc still existed, it would be dominated by wrestlers and maybe also submission grapplers
Typical fight would probably look like this
>striking for a while
>someone gets taken down and catches the other one in guard
>the guy on top punches and headbutts the guy on bottom to wear him down
>after very long time the top guy passes the guard and submits the bottom guy or knock him out with punches and stomps

Bjj guys would survive this but they would need to learn how not to end up on the bottom or how to submit someone from bottom guard while getting headbutted.

Strikers would more doomed because they would need to learn how to grapple better than they can do it now because now they can just hold the grappler until the round ends. They would also need to learn how not to break their hands from bare knuckle punching like Gerard Gordeau.

But remember that biting and eye gouging were illegal in ufc 1. If we removed these 2 rules, they would either become unwritten rules because civilized humans just don't do it or the fights would be very short, ABSOLUTELY dominated by wrestlers and look more or less like this
>striking for a while
>someone gets taken down
>the guy on top submits the bottom guy with eye gouging
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army with patches
Are there any people who are ,say, amateur K-1 champions and go around joining Mcdojos\ninja no-touch combat dojos\"realistic combative" schools etc, to beat up the top students and the master?
would this be being a bully or bringing people down to earth and helping them, so they dont use their mcdojo stuff IRL and thus get killed?
I think there's a chinese guy called mad dog or dog something, that does this
>it seems he sucks as MMA tho? but he became viral for some time
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combat urbano
Where can I learn real defense against muggers or non-economically motivated assaulters who use knives, shanks, bladed weapons or a revolver or handgun?
How can I tell a mcdojo or tourist trap apart from a real-deal school? I have been searching and found some Kapap-krav-maga courses aimed at bodyguard escorts, courses dictated by special forces police officers, etc.
Im in the process of getting the national permit for owning and carrying a firearm -which use is an skill in itself.
As well as defensive driving in cars and motorbike ,including using the gun from there.
I WILL NOT allow myself to be robbed of my wealth.
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>motocross is so dead there isn't even a thread for it on /xs/
its so over
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Muhammad Ali
Aleksandr Karelin
Hakuho Sho
Each of them the greatest of all time in their respective sport. What other GOATs are there in the world of /xs/? Doesn't need to be a martial artist.
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Horn saving fighters from submission or TKO
How would you solve this problem? Personally I would abolish breaks. To prevent infinite stalling, referee would tell fighters to stand up if there's no big ground and pound or sensible submission attempts on the ground for 2 minutes. I've also heard ideas not to stop the round if it seems like there's gonna be finish soon or to start a round from the same position the provious round ended in.
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Spearfishing and freediving... I dive alone although I shouldn't because the ocean is a pretty unforgiving place. I've had my fair share of close calls with death in the 10ish years I've been diving/spearing but it seems impossible to find a dive buddy that cant get time off work or away from the family. I try to get new people into it all the time, I've got enough extra gear to take a few people with me and teach them but everyone gets cold feet when it comes time and I end up diving alone.
Would you try it? If not, why?

Down to answer any questions about freediving, spearing or my experiences
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Feeling angry. What do ?
Capture d’écran 2023-06-25 à 19.35.08
Tall half white half mexican freak girl savagely beat me up in muay thai class today.
I'm 5'6 while she's easily 6' plus. My nose was bleeding earlier today, one tooth from my upper jaw is loose, while my sides are still hurting from her roundhouse kicks. She humiliated me in front of everyone. I couldn't do shit, just fucking overpowered. She kicked my ass while wearing the most girly clothes possible, a pink gym skirt barely covering her asscheeks, black top with visible sports bra straps, and pink gloves. Our instructor fucking hates me, and I think he intentionally paired me with her to give her a good practice punchbag. She looks sexy though, when she bends, her ass looks shapely.
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If you had to teach an elite spy ONE martial art (outside of firearms and other weaponry training) Which would it be and why?
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How has martial arts become so focused on “street fights”?
Especially on the internet. You can hardly find any discussion of any martial art at all without a mention of how good it is on da streetz. I’ve noticed some of the same retards in car culture (da street races bro), but that just doesn’t fly with actual track drivers. Not the same way as it does with martial arts, at least. Why is it like this?

Imagine if every discussion around rowing was about how effective you would be as an oarsman in an ancient Greek trireme.
>bro that technique wouldn’t work in the seas bro
>we would just go hard to port and then loop around and ram you bro
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Broken bones /mtb/
Im new to 4chan so i don’t rlly know what im doing
Tl:dr broke my wrist and hip while mtb > on my mtb at a local small (6 short tracks) jump track
> only me and stranger are there very friendly ppl
> i was waiting for a friend from 1 town over to come to stay night then to to city the next day
> Was heading to a double black jump
> i had done in the past
> hit it from a new angle
> dont have enough speed due to not knowing how fast to go from new angle
> hit jump
> fly through the air i love this bit
> feel something isn’t right
> case on jump landing rlly hard
> fly through the air onto ground
> stand
> think im ok
> look at wrist
> wrist is bent in a way its never bent before
> limp three steps to get off track (cant be in some ones way right)
> stare first person i see in they eye
> yell at this poor kid CALL A AMBULANCE this kid was terrified
> ppl are shocked
> lay down
> friendly/helpful adults come to help
> explain wrist is fucked and hip hurts ik its not a spinal or head injury thank god
> get adult to call mum
> yell HI MUM IM IN PAIN ect…
> wait 1 hr for ambulance in PAIN
> scream the whole time
> see paramedics
> beg for green whistle before they can even say anything
> get green whistle
> first time getting high it was soooo good
> most pain goes
> don’t remember much
> arrive at ER
> accidentally yell IM HIGH AS FUCK
> nurse threatened to take my whistle if i swear again
> keep my mouth very shut despite being high as a kite
> wrist is swollen and purple like a grape
> if not fixed soon will have to get amputated (didn’t know this at the time)
> get xray
> say ill walk out of the hospital if they give me a needle (have a needle fobia)
> Get laughing gas
> wake to my wrist being fixed its in a cast but its rlly swollen like 2x bigger
> get transferred to different hospital
> stare at paramedics tits the whole time it’s rlly nice

This part 1 have ran out of words if this gets enough attention i will share more
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cia night ops max equipment
Is there any sport\athletic sort of camp\facility\play center which most accurately trains for IRL police and military situations? Simunition airforce ,or I think its called Force-on-force? or maybe a version of Dog Brothers kali or HEMA\BON that allows a variety of non-edged weapons combined with striking and grappling?
I'm already saving money to do an Armed Escort (bodyguard) course, recently I got a gun license and try to often train at a range. In a couple of years when Im wealthier I will do survivalism training and partake in competitions bases on that...
>which is another question: Trail running, hiking, or Adventure Racing? which other types of competitions are there based on land navigation and athleticism
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Complete knee blow out
I am 42. Decided to jump on a skateboard which should be relatively easy think to do. I just forgot I’m overweight and live pretty sedentary and have no business acting like I’m 25.

Pushed it out a bit on flat ground and hopped on. Saw like a flash, it was like a temporary loss of consciousness, I think shock from pain. Didn’t hit my head. Came to on ground in pain. Thought knee was sprained so I got up and it just collapsed again.

I have complete tear of ACL/ MCL and a Tibia plateau fracture with a segond fracture (some price kinda floating around). I see surgeon tomorrow. Anyone ever done anything this bad to their knee? How much trouble am I in here?
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Why are mma weightclasses so misogynist?
maxresdefault (6)
Boxing, judo, bjj, taekwondo. All of these have weightclasses for large women. Only mma doesn't because most promotions seem to believe in a misogynist claim that women can't be both over 145 lbs and fit. Why not just add women's lightweight (155 lbs) women's welterweight (170 lbs) and women's heavyweight (+170 lbs)?
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MMA matches should start with both fighters wearing full street clothing
i.e. t-shirt, jeans with belt, and laced sneakers
You can take your clothes off if you want, but only after the match has begun
What do you think?
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/mtb/ Mountain Bike General
Bike Park edition

FAQ on buying a bike that nobody reads anyway:
> What good bike can I get for under $500?
a stolen bike. Possibly a newer used entry level hardtail but don't expect it to survive rock gardens, jumps, or drops. Or an older mtb which won't be as good as newer ones and will still have a front derailleur, but it'll be good enough.
> What good bike can I get for under $1000
Good used hardtail, new entry level hardtail
> What good bike can I get for under $2000?
New Hardtail, decent used full suspension
> What good bike can I get for under $3000?
Used full suspension, decent entry level full suspension but prepared to put more money into it.
> What are the excellent value brands?
Marin, Commencal, Canyon, Polygon, YT, Propain, Kona, and many more. Sometimes the expensive brands have an excellent value bike
> What are the differences between an XC, Trail, Enduro, and Downhill bikes?
XC bikes are for going up fast, go down not as fast. Trail bikes are for going up and down. Enduro bikes are for going down fast, and slower up. Downhill bikes are for going down really fast, needs a ski lift, truck, or the rider pushing it to go up.

Link to previous thread
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Downhill skiing
I got these skis at a sale for $5. Older but fit great minus the back part of the binding is broken (pic related).
I looked up salomon 347 bindings with no luck of really any kind. Is there a part I could buy to fix it because it's only that back latch part that is broken. I don't really wanna buy new bindings (nor do I know where to start, I've only rented downhill maybe 1-2/yr).
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>ywn have a bunch of friends with dirt bikes and atvs to meet up and ride daily

why fucking live? well at least i got to sit around and browse 4chan alone haha..
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Best Punch to Knockout?
Does anyone know the best way to knock someone out without killing them? I only know basic punches and aren't intimidating in the slightest, but I want to be able to defend myself. Any specific punch or area to disable whoever I'm fighting?
>Pic semi related, I heard jaw punches are good, also the song kicks ass
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How can I get a bike and jump off a cliff with it? (Cause extreme sport)
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How to find the GOAT with Chael Sonnen
If you've never watched Sonnen vs Silva 1, Sonnen vs Silva 2, Sonnen vs Jones and Sonnen vs Fedor, watch it now.

Now, as you've watched these, you probably saw that
>Silva won the 1st fight in 5th round by a miracle
>Sivla won the 2nd fight in 2nd round after losing the 1st round
>Fedor won the fight in 1st round
>Jones not only won the fight in the 1st round but also humbled him so harshly I would commit seppuku after this fight if I were Cheal.
From this we can see that Jones>Fedor>>Silva>>>Sonnen. On the other hand, Jones was much younger than Sonnen, unlike Silva and Fedor. So who is actually the GOAT? Of course, it's GSP.
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Why has no one invented a new type of helmet that isn't garbage? All of them are bulky, sweaty, and make you look like a retard but i'm not jumping off a 9 stair without one
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Are Judo strikes more similar to Karate striking or Boxing striking in terms of power output?
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Can your martial arts get you girls?
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how do i convince my gf to train with me in kyokushin and maybe judo later on?

though i personally don't feel the need to train for self-defense as much anymore, my gf apparently has a stalker who's done some pretty nasty things to her, and has harassed her for the past 5 years. he lives in the same town as her, but so do i, so whenever i get the chance i accompany her when she runs errands and i always walk her back home.

but what if i can't? i won't be in town every day of the year. whereas i've had some spooky run-ins with chavs, she's been verbally, emotionally, and physically abused by this guy a bunch of times for the past half decade, so she stands to gain a lot more from martial arts training for self-defense than i do.

if it helps, she's a short, stocky northern english lass who can pick me up with ease (i'm a 6' caribbean mutt with relatively long limbs).

(pic unrel)
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Wouldn't this shit technically fuck up any Judoka? Just grabbing them and spinning around like that part in SM64 when Mario defeats Bowser by throwing him by his tail in a big spin move. What's the counter for this? If a big nigga came up and just did this, what's the defense?
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/sg/ - Sailing General
The First Edition

>Who is this for?
Anyone interested in sailing, or anyone that currently sails and wants more information.

>Should I get into sailing?
If you're by a body of water that you can sail on, why not?

Look into local sailing associations, or yacht clubs. Oftentimes they have memberships that are wallet friendly, and allow access to their fleet of day sailers, or allow you to crew on racing vessels

>How do I buy a sailboat?
Great question - hopefully this general takes off and people will share their experience
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What's the difference between savate and kickboxing? Like I know traditionally savate didn't include punches, only slaps and toe kicks, because a closed fist was considered a deadly weapon at the time, but these days punching is allowed so what's left to differentiate it?
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/lb/ LongBoarding General
Cruisers also welcome.

This general might require some initial momentum; efforts to keep these threads going are appreciated.
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How would you make pistol fighting into a sport?
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>video has a female part
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road work discussion
How do running regiments differ between sports?
Are long runs overrated?
If I fight 3x3min should i be running steadily for 30mins most of the time?
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I'm looking for a word
what is the name of the trend that includes slappies and other goofy things.

also read this
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My teeth, especially incisors often hurt for no reason, like there was too many teeth in my jaw, therefore I don't like biting hard apple core and I would never risk opening a bottle of beer with my teeth.

I guess I shouldn't compete in striking sports and instead go for bjj or something but should I even train striking, which includes sparring with a mouthpiece?

Also, how can I fix my teeth?
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>MMa fags stay on the defensive too much
>thai niggas onky try kicks
>Kickbox fags as well
>BJJ niggers try to have gay sex
>Wrestling niggers as well
>Boxers actualy take the initiatives
Why s boxxing the only entertaining fightijg sport again?
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Wotore, a good idea broken by one rule
Wotore is a polish mma promotion with very specific rules:
>there are tournament fights and super fights
>winner of the tournament gets $12 000
>no gloves, just wraps
>no weightclasses
>no fence, falling out 2 times meant loss in the first tournament but since wotore 2, if you fall out, you just fall out
>first 2 rounds last for 5 minutes, third one has no time limit
Banned moves are:
>eye gouging
>clawing and pinching
>spitting at the opponent
>hair pulling
>groin strikes
>throat strikes
>fish hooking
>strikes to the spine and back of the head
>small joint manipulation
>any unsportsmanlike blah blah
As the organizers like to admitt, headbutts and ground kicks are legal.

Most of this sounds based but there's one rule that I strongly dislike:
>after 20 seconds of "inactive" groundfight ref tells fighters to stand up

Of course, if there's a round with no time limit, some kind of protection from stalling is necessary but first, 20 s is MUCH too little and second, the ref is retarded and thinks that g&p in full mount is inactive fight.

If you wanna watch it anyways, here is some fights where Poles fight against KOTS fighters
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/BJJ/ - BJJ General
side control
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General
George Costanza approves edition


Belt Checker

Previous thread

Thread question: White belts, why aren't you a blue belt yet? Higher belts, what's your favorite white belt destruction technique?
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Is it wise to start doing bjj while I am boxing amateur? I am afraid if I start learning I might have an injury that will take me out of boxing or permanently effect my performance
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Redpill me on axe kicks. I've heard they're hit or miss because they live you in a vulnerable position and you need to be extremely flexible but I don't think they're completely useless Andy Hug was FUCKING guys up in K1 with them
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How long will it take to get a black belt? Assuming i train 3-4 times a week
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is knife fighting /xs/ ?

what kind of extreme sport would best condition you to survive a stabbing attempt ?
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I need advice from boxers, I am 21 y/o and I have been boxing for about 2 years and my coach has been egging me on to fight in amateur. What are some things I should expect?

> I can only train about 2-3 hours a day which is usually how much I train, is that enough?

> I have been doing boxing as a hobby and an outlet I take the training seriously but do I have to be 100% passionate about boxing to succeed? I have many other hobbies I like to do but I just don’t want it to completely consume my life.
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Do you like swimming? I tried picrel today and I became a speed demon under the water. It was very fun.
Is swimming a too limited/personal for a sport to be talked about on /xs/?
Was about to post this on /sp/ but I checked its catalog and it was all Football/Soccer so I posted here instead.
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How would you (try to) beat someone stronger than you but with little to no experience with martial arts?
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Just go fight you utter subhumans
"muh best martial art"
"muh street fight"
"muh hema for self defence"
"muh I have a gun"

I have been fighting since 13 and never stoped, I have at least 50 medals and 3 trophys here and it is simple, just go take classes and compete ... there is no big secret

Go to the fighting gym you have at your disposal and practice like a man, can't get any simpler than that

if you win against experienced ppl you're good to go if not you're weak and need to practice more

>you'll never carry a gun everywhere or in parties

>you'll never carry a sword anywhere

>you'll never eye gouge someone unless
you're getting smashed and is desperate

>you'll never get in a street fight unless you're a nigger

>you'll probably just try to defuse the situation anyway or run for you life
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Is it possible to get truly amazing at striking without joining a gym? How far can you go with just being self-taught from watching videos and shit?
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What skill, body, excercise and martial art would you learn to survive prison with dignity?
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Snowbarding with ice axe
do someone have experience with backcountry snowboarding with an ice axe?
is it dangerous in case of a crash?
is it really worth it?
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Why is "land of the free" like this?
There are MMA promotions all over the world. Some use the unified rules, some use stricter rules, some use more liberal rules, similar to Pride, some almost resemble early UFC. Every promotion decides for itself. On the other hand we have the USA where a boxing (sic) comission decides at what angle can MMA fighters elbow each other.

It's like troons. They exist all over the world but nobody cares about them except a few countries, including the USA, just like nobody cares when should fighters be allowed to knee each other in the head.
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