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Welcome to /x/ - Paranormal. This is not a board for the faint of heart. If you need something to get started with, see the below lists for some basic resources. We hope you enjoy your venture into the spooks, the creeps and the unknown.

The resources in this thread are not exhaustive and are merely meant for beginners to get their footing.

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We really need to talk about this. I dislike my cage. I formally request a resurrection rush.

I would be much happier if I could play with my star wolf, as a human person. Why can't he stay at the army reserves, literally around the corner, and I'll stay at my grandma's for now? I get it, we're supposed to take care of our elders. Or keep them company or something. Why can't he be a human person and go work on our house? Like he said he would. "I'll fix your house". He said that. Am I really still being punished for "fucking up" one moment? There's no way. This is bureaucratic bullshit.
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My key vanished from my wallet
And I'm going to be coughing up $300 to my landlord if I can't find it in 72 hours. I've already turned my room upside down, searched the inside of my car, and most of the street outside. Nothing there. I'm fucking tired of the Disappearing Object Phenomenon.
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>I should have been a Christian! But now it’s too late!
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*Hi, I'm Aphrodite! Would You Love To Know Your Spirit Animal Closest To You? Simply Tell Me Your...*

>Favorite Color!
(Pick Any That Exists With A Name, *Rainbow Counts As A Color!*)
>Favorite Element!
>Introvert/Extrovert Or Both
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I keep having the strangest reoccurring dream. It's so detailed, and it feels like something more.

It begins with me and my family together, on vacation far away in a theme park. Then, suddenly, people begin freaking out. They hear Christ is coming back. People start kneeling, and repenting. The ground shakes, and I'm crushed by a giant metal beam.

I awaken in a perfect world. My family is there too. My grandparents, my mother, and my brother (which is essentially my best friend). The world is paradise. Everything is beautiful. This dream tends to feel as if it goes on for multiple weeks. My brother and I go to dinner, and that's when the world darkens.

The rest of the world fades away. There is a table in the middle of the darkness, with my family seated at it. My mother urges me to sit down, and I do. They're looking at their menus, preparing to order food.

I look to my mother, for some reason, and ask her to play my favorite song. She gets visibly saddened and I forms me that she doesn't know my favorite song, because I spent my whole life as a selfish asshole who ignored her existence. I look at my reflection in a small mirror to my side, to see my deformed face. My head is sunken in and poorly treated. It becomes clear to me that I didn't die when the beam fell on me. I suffered brain damage and the fantasy world id spent weeks in was nothing more than brain-trauma enduced illusion. I scream, and scream, and scream until I finally awake from my reoccurring nightmare

Every night for 2 weeks now.
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How disclosure will happen
>1. Tipping point
Because the alliance can't just spill beans without risking the lives of billions of hostages, the cabals will be the first to initiate the trigger. They've already attempted it many times with a nuclear launch at Hawaii, bombing of american bases in Syria, and the making of the corona "virus." Eventually they will succeed in sparking WW3 which will be unlike WW2 because of reversed engineered alien technology.
>2. The Massive But Short Doubt
WW3 will cause the alliance to spills beans which will blow the cover off satanic cabals and cause them to no longer go convert. The cabals will try to kill as many people before going down. The news of their threat will get spammed in media and emergency broadcasts. Most normies will chuckle and continue their normie lifestyle until their physical stimulants pick up on the events, whether they get abducted by loosh-hungry dracos or evaporated by tactical neutron bombs.
>3. The Great Panic
For about 2 weeks there will be war among the alliance and cabals. Most people will have no time to reflect on happenings because their mind will be fogged with fear and survival.
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Knowledge of the Soul
>Soul Searching Thread

You and I have created the internet. We've used it to spread and consume information. And at times, misinformation. For humor, cruelty, etc. Any earthly desires or pleasures we could conceive of within its, and our, confines. Are we to expand its boundaries further? I argue ours and our soul's restrictions are strengthening from the evils of the internet.
I selfishly ask, how does one grasp on to a soul? Shake it of its knowledge? Bathe in its eternal pleasure? I wish that every soul, vessel included, be aware of each other's beauty. And that every stitching of existence radiates its own warmth in unison.
I feel the hearts of humanity beating as one. I love you, and I always will.

>In short, let's find our souls together.
>inb4, op is gay
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to those that practiced goetia:
is it dangerous? any bad experience doing it? can you become mad or something or is completely harmless?

thanks for the answers
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nordic aliens
what does /x/ think about nordic aliens?
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somebody posted pic related in a /biz/ thread and it scared the shit out of me but was also weirdly fascinating. post similar stuff.
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How can i use it in best way
In the last 1-2 years i recognized a kinda ‘‘power‘‘, i can feel emotions from people who surround me in a very deep way, its like i can look through them, i feel the emotions behind every word, and i feel the intentions from people, its really interesting but on the other hand its very hard because i‘cant switch it off, and its like when i talk to a person and the conversation gets a little deeper i take the emotions (even the bad ones). how should i handle that? and for what could i use that ‘‘ power ‘‘ ?
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Spell Books
I recently purchased some occult books (pic related) and they were all pretty disappointing. Any suggestions for good spell books? I don't want any new age feel good bullshit, I want to become insanely powerful. I want to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the weeping and lamentation of the women.
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how do we know we are dead when we are dead? Have thought of this? What if death doesnt even exist? We see people die but has any of us experienced it?
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First hand experience with gov or military spooks?
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/succgen/ - Succubus General 44
>Previous thread:

>Older threads and other relevant links:

>Letter Method:

>Dreamgasm videos:

>Alternative video:
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/va/ , Vedic Aryan Civilization
My Aryan lads,

The whole planet used to be Vedic Aryan. Due to some kind of Mandela effect we are presently in some kind of state of limbo about our past and history.
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How much would society be ruined if there was a virus that biologically swapped someone's gender?

I'm not even talking from a tranny perspective, it's just something interesting to think about. Society is based on one's gender so much. Now imagine if there was a virus that completely changed someone's gender and no one could tell the difference. After it happens once, you'd become immune to the virus after that. Honestly I think the havoc it could wreak would be the greatest "happening" in a long time

This would completely destroy people's lives. They may not be dead, but they'd wish they were. Everything they built up, completely changed in an instant.
People wouldn't be able to trust other people anymore. How could girls trust fellow girls knowing that they've only been a girl for a few days?
The job market would go to hell. People expect certain gender roles to work in certain categories and this is especially the case for those with physical requirements. Suddenly many construction workers become girls and can't perform their task as easily, or young children's teachers become guys who aren't nearly as respected

It's just funny to imagine how the world would completely fall apart if people could randomly be forced into a one-time switch.
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What's the best way to use three wishes?
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I remember seeing nudes some time ago of my first friend who I spent my childhood with, we are adults now of course. Her and I go many many years back and we went out separate ways as we got older and this image was my first time seeing her again after years. I was shown these and felt pretty sick that we were once so innocent and now this is the condition we are in. It really made me think about the progression of our lives and just how corrupt our souls are.

When did this happen /x/? What God would allow such decadence, why do we become such empty lumps of flesh?
I truly believe that not a single person out there who is not some isolated Monk is happy and content. Everyone is being eaten away and rotting like wood.

When I look at this world I see only people interested in material things and their own gain. They crave the pointless, temporary fixes and not a soul extends a hand to help one another. When did our society become so bad?

I can't believe this is it then, I just have to join this degenerate society in the mud or drown in the clear waters. I have been fighting these troubling surreal thoughts for a long time but this event has really pushed the boundaries. I am deteriorating in my own curses.
Every night I lie there, I only have another empty day of monotonous work to look forward to. I am alone facing my emotions as they come out silently in the dark and let a bit more of me be eaten by my curses.

I know that the next day I will smile and not show a single sign of struggle because that is weakness.
Do you feel it too /x/?

I look around at the husks and feel like this is all some sort of fever dream but it keeps fucking going, I can't wake up no matter how much cold water I splash on my face. The nightmare keeps going friends and the world only gets more contorted.
Is there hope for me?
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Alien questionaire
images (1)
I'm a world leader who is aware of and works along side aliens. Ask me anything, and I'll provide details as best I can.
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No title
Are you one of those retards who sit around all day pretending you know people and hold yourself superior to them but actually you make no effort to get to know anyone and instead just have people living in your head as simulacra that don't actually represent the people you are thinking about. In some cases your simulacra are outdated, probably by many years, and werent even accurate then because you have aspergers or were too mentally retarded to ever regard someone as your equal even if they were the same race as you. They fill your time, you get livid at what your simulacra say or what they believe, and that fury translates into your real life, making you functionally appear as bitter, broken, and depressed

Or are you a fucking sheep?
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My Ghost Nipples
please tell me someone has a pdf of this
i need to read this filth asap
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Esoteric Hitlerism
Any Esoteric Hitlerists on /x/? We used to have a small community on e1ghtchan before it got shut down. Post about anything related to Esoterism/Occult and National Socialists here:
>Antarctica & Hollow Earth
>Thule society
>Vril / Maria Orsic
>Armanen & Von List
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Is it "NPC" vs "PC"? Is there a large portion of people that are NPC?
How is it possible not to feel like a fish out of water? I increasingly feel like I am on an alien planet. I am surrounded by brainwashed, mind controlled aliens.

How is it possible that the Elite control the world so tightly? How is it possible that they complete their plans with such precision? It's as if everything is already pre-planned, as if everything is lined up to trap humanity.

How is it that so many people just go along with the program? How is it that so many people seem in on it? Just look at the technology being rolled out and tell me that its because of smart people developing it. Bullshit, they HAVE this technology, it is being slowly released to the public.

How many people are in on it. How many people are mind controlled? Are there really Organic Portals? What the fuck is going on?

Why do I feel like I am increasingly a minority?
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Billie Eilish and her association with death
Does anyone find it bizarre that this girl came out of nowhere and is now the biggest pop star in the world? There are so many young singers trying to make it, but this is the one the powers that be want to shine the spotlight on. That's because her career is coded with predictive programming surrounding mass death.

First and foremost the usual that we've seen with many artists before:

But it goes deeper, lyrics eerily alluding to the Coronavirus:

She's been given the new Bond song. The title is of course "No Time to Die":

She just happened to sing the In Memoriam for the Oscars which by itself would mean nothing if she wasn't already heavily associated with death:

And by far the most important, her link to the golden gate bridge which is where the next 9/11 scale event is planned to take place:

She is definitely from a "connected" family. This is nothing new. Jim Morrison's father was commander of the U.S. naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin after all.

Through her, the elite are sending us a powerful message.
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Is rap music paranormal?
Before you begin spouting memes just think about it. Its the most violent massively accessible music. It constantly talks about violence and its purpose is to make you feel powerful and especially make you feel like you're possessed. A lot of it looks comical when you look at it shallowly but the more you look into it the more fucked up it is. Although I used to enjoy it, when I started actually thinking about it I realize how off putting everything is and how it has some kind of a bad gut feeling to it. Not only that but why do you think a song made especially to make you feel euphoric won't condition to slowly build up similar philosophy as the rappers do? Rap has risen and so have people who want to film and do crimes because its cool.
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No title
Post the most surreal media here.
Pics, videos or audio.
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No title
I want to have nightmares tonight.
Post nightmare fuel stuff.
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Psychic Abilities
Curious about psychic abilities, do you have any and if so what techniques should I use to strengthen my own?
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No title
Is the character/Archetype of Pai Mei based on someone in reality? If so, how did they become so powerful, and are they truly immortal?
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Sedona, AZ
Hi /x/! Long time lurker here.
Are any of you guys familiar or experienced with the Sedona area in Arizona? I just got in, and I'd like to check out these so-called Vortexes over the next few days. Any tips? Is there anything about this area besides looking gorgeous that made the Indians call it sacred land? Or is it just new-age bullshit?
Idk how fast or slow /x/ is these days but I'll bump the thread with my pics as long as anyone is interested.
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No title
Is aphantasia a meme or do I just need to ‘ascend’ more to visualize

Cause I’m a solid 8/5 on the visualizing scale currently
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Tunnels in movies/TV.
What's up with narrow tunnels in movies?
- Being John Malkovich
- Under the Silver Lake
- Dark
- Others, which I forgot about. Alice in Wonderlands and the rabbit hole could work tho. (post about them if you know more)
These movies and shows are all veiled in esoteric symbolism. And the dark, narrow, tunnel leading to "special" places has a very important role in the story. What is this referring to ? Is there some myth associated with a tunnel that I'm not aware of. I made the connection to pyramids, but eh, not sure about that.
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No title
What are some paranormal, spiritual, esoteric, and/or religious methods of limiting sexual desire and/or transmuting sexual desire into constructive and fulfilling life practices?
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No title
How do I become a vampire? I saw a thread on this topic so I have to ask. It mentioned a vampire called Onision who attracted hate because humans subconsciously hate vampires, they hate the unnatural, the extraordinary, the too good looking, too successful, too popular with women. What ritual can I do to become a vampire like him?
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thoughts on his occult videos?
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No title
Lost media thread? Lost media thread.
2 images | 42 replies
No title
Did you feel that just now?
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Lady Diana killed by Illuminati?
Threatened the English Monarchy directly by saying Charles would never be King... Might have known a lot about the pedophiles in that family (Mountbatten who molested Andrew)

I’d like to know any conspiracies out there now if any.
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My paranormal experience
spooky scary
Hey /x/, I used to lurk here a bit back, but I've come back to share my paranormal experience that up until recently I hadn't really thought about. If you are looking for a scary story, this might not be what you're looking for, but it is a bit weird, I guess. I've never been great at green text or writing in general so sorry in advance about that.

>Be me
>Around 10 to 11 years old
>Living in a middle class broken family
>The kind I'm sure many of you are familiar with
>Alcoholic mother, hardworking father away from family often due to work, a few siblings
>For sure not the ideal family, but nothing worth getting pity for
>The story starts on a particularly bad day for me where I was bullied pretty hard in school
>I also was super introverted and had pretty much no friends there which didn't help
>Like usual, I came home to my drunk mother
>The house smelled like cheap wine and smoke
>I can't remember why, but she was pretty angry at me and ended up waking me in the face with a wine bottle
>This set my older brother off and he and my mom got into a shouting match where some pretty harsh things were said about us
>I took the situation really poorly and being a stupid little kid, I decided to run away
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Conspiracy iceberg book
If I wrote a book explaining all of these in details would anyone be interested in reading

I've done a couple threads explaining things, doing research, consulting other anons and think I've got a solid group on most of the entries here.

Prev thread:
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At exactly what moment did it go to shit /x/????
2 images | 25 replies
Hey /x/. I'm trying to figure out to shapeshift. Has anyone here tried to shapeshift or has materials/resources on shapeshifting? I am trying into an animal for important reasons undefined.
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Natural order
So I have lived in my city my whole life. Ever since my childhood I have frequented a walking/biking trail that runs along a river through a valley. Every season, on one of my days off, expect if I was ill or the weather very extreme. I would walk this path.

Over the years, as a began to adopt spiritual practices like meditation, qi- gong, tai chi. I would often practice them away from the "noise" of people and began to develop a sensitivity to the place.

This year winter never came to the valley. My walks through it I can "feel" its alarm. The birds and squirrels that never migrated or hibernated. The leaves that never really fell off. I think most importantly, the people that kept coming. Usually my winter walks would be very lonely but this year they haven't been at all.

I think the valley is angry, or alarmed. I have been having dreams where I end up in the valley somehow. In one of the dreams a naked woman covered in black ash often comes to my bedside, hops in, and swallows me. The native name for the valley roughly translates to "black burning ground"

I think the valley is asking me for help, but i do not know how to commune with it for my direct guidance/instruction. Any Ideas?

pic unrelated
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weird pictures from our vermont office
person (5)
Hello /x/, I don't really have anything ghostly to add. I work at a fairly mundane government consulting firm in the HR department. Noticing some of our new-hire photographs contain employees we can't identify. we're now evaluating the idea that someone has been manipulating our images.

I'll upload some of them in-case /x/ finds them interesting.
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Blades and Music.
Hello. I love God. I love Him.

His enemies, those that have decidedly ranged themselves against him, I hate. With complete and utter hatred. There is no hope for them. Vengeance belongs to the Lord.

I belong to the Lord.

I am vengeance. My name is not important, though I have many...

ITT we discuss the paranormal and psychospiritual aspects of warfare. I know quite a bit about these things. Also swords and music.

Come on now, family.
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No title
I barely visit this board but i could use some advice and i dont know where to look for it.

For the past 2 weeks i´m having nightmares every night.
It´s always involved with religion,christianity.
Worst part is that it feels way too real,like i can actually feel the fear and it quite schocks me.

They are not stoping and they are geting worser everyday and lately some of my family members are part of it.
please help...
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No title
Whatever you do please do not get on their ships.

It's not what you think..
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The next chapter
I think its time to spill the beans and enter the next chapter.

Here it goes:

You are all robots/npcs and soulless.
You will all disappear one by one or after a catastrophe and be replaced by real humans
Furthermore, most animals are NPCs too. I heard a few real animals for the first time in my life a few days ago and they were vastly different to the npc animals
Sorry to break your heart /x/ but im consequent.

I also did find a few people with real souls
Once again they are vastly different to you npcs

So basically everything that comes from the negative density and doesnt have a soul will be faded out.
That includes most of you all.
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/x/ related martial arts stuff
sleep hack
Post simple excercises which are kept secret from the masses.
I remember a guy who said juggling balls,coin-catching,and mental multiplication can make your mental speed increase.
i also know about trataka meditation
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No title
The one and only
0 images | 5 replies
Hypnosis Thread
Can we discuss hypnosis methods and how to use them?
2 images | 24 replies
Active Imagination
Has anyone ever tried Jung's Active Imagination to talk to inner spirits? It works. I'm afraid to start again because it can open up a whole can of demons, but I think I will reread his book on it. Last two times I did this it triggered my mental illness for months.

It's against my catholic faith, but the priest doesn't care about me and I need some spiritual guidance.
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No title
What are some canadian conspiracies?
15 images | 104 replies






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No title
original (1)
I summon the Wise, mages, etc into this thread.
I have a strange connection to another person.
Sometimes i can sense it's thoughts, feelings, foresee some events with it(at least that have relation to me), and it can do almost the same, with lesser luck, i would say.
Is there any way to strengthen the connection to get more "solid" info, to influence it remotely?
Also, is there any risks in that case if i cast a spell on the person? (Also it probably knows i can put a spell on it, not from the connection, lol). The spell won't work? Or it will work both ways - to the person and to me? Or what?
3 images | 68 replies
Someone to me what is this anon someone can help me?
2 images | 5 replies
No title
Where to find immortal people? Eventually they would run out of money, and they would lose adequate neuron space to adapt constantly to new societies. Plus they may look weird. Do they live in forests or caves?
1 images | 12 replies
No title
have any of you have info on people gotten really good at controlling something like skiing or race car drivers that they can become one with the object and control it like an extension of their own body. pic unrelated
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Elites are tracking down people that have been reincarnated multiple cycles in order to claim dominion over the after life
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No title
I’m fully enlightened. AMA.
12 images | 170 replies
Your beliefs affect your death.
I dont know why this havent been figured out by humanity yet.
A hindu will reincarnate. A christian will go to hell or heaven. An islamic bomber will get his 72 virgins, etc etc.
All they have to do is believe in their afterlife.
Personally, i used to believe i was immortal simply because my non-existance was impossible. Before i existed, there was nothing. So if i stopped existing there would only be the same nothing again, which has proved to end with me appearing.
2 years ago i was laying on the couch and went into cardiac arrest. I died. Surely, i went through a black tunnel and basically respawned. I was an immortal.
Now, im waiting to die again, unsure if there are ramifications in the case of suicide, to prove this knowledge to the world.
In the mean time, stop fighting to guess which religion is true. They all are. They all arent.
You dont need to be a good boy either. All you have to do is believe.
You can become anything you want or go anywhere you go.
Dont restrict yourself with a religion and use this knowledge wisely.
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corona isn't a virus
guy's all normal but then suddenly freezes stiff and collapses. there is something they aren't telling us.
5 images | 46 replies
How do I get the reptillians to share their power and knowledge with me? they seem to have an intuitive psychicness that lets them know all things almost as if their omnipotent. I noticed that the humans blessed by them seem similar also. how do I attain such a thing? glows and schizos welcome i need to hear any theory you guys have in my attempt to acquire such ability.
0 images | 12 replies
No title
This is my best mock up of a creature that has been haunting my dreams for over a year to the point I was starting to think I might have been possessed. Does it resemble anything or have any meaning or is this purely a construct of my own mind?
4 images | 31 replies
No title
The Sun, Moon, and Constellations are the basis of Freemasonry and all major religions. They are used to plan world events. Hollywood codes their films with them as a form of predictive programming. Tonight, I will remind them.

0 images | 0 replies
I wish Blade Runners Nexus 6-8 models were real! I watched Blade runner 1982 last night and saw a Nexus-7 Replicant created by Eldon Tyrell named Rachael that I absolutely fell in love with when my eyes locked on here. How far along do you guys think we are from real life robot partners? Ones that humans can actually reproduce with and that can travel the galaxies for a millennia.
5 images | 14 replies
No title
hqdefault (1)
So we're in the age of pisces right now however that will end in around 200 years or so once the earth has entered the age of aquarius and starts to download new information and the old age's information haso been deleted.
0 images | 9 replies
No title
Did ses come from this board or s4s
3 images | 6 replies
/demgen/ - Demon General 10
Our 10th thread! List your top ten favorite demons!
What we mean by demons is literal demons, nothing else.
Any information, discussion, imagery, videos, links and stories are all welcome as long as they are relevant to the topic of demons.
Ignore any trolls, larpers or haters.
Make sure that the information is from a reliable source and is true.
Last thread : >>24346279
4 images | 71 replies
No title

Is Coronavirus is just an elaborate CIA plot to weaken China and finally get regime change in Iran?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
how i find my twin soul?
6 images | 45 replies
It's me or people look like non humans recently.
0 images | 13 replies
what have you sacrificed for the powers you have now
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Why did Jesus commanded his followers to eat his flesh and drink his blood?
Recently I found out that all of the old christian sects believe that it is literal.

Is there something occult there?
11 images | 71 replies
No title
Earth is Hell, isn't it?
2 images | 17 replies
/loa/ - Law of Attraction & Manifestation General
If you are interested in manifesting your reality, law of attraction and other similar stuff, you should begin with Vadim Zeland's Reality Transurfing, volumes 1 to 5. They are very comprehensive and cover everything - beginners and adepts both can learn something from it. You can find all five volumes on thepiratebay, just search 'transurfing' and it'll turn up.

>Relatively short texts for newbies to get started

>Steve Pavlina's Explorer's Guide to Manifesting

>Summary of Goddard's Consciousness

>Goddard's Feeling is the Secret lecture

>Goddard video FAQ, also addresses various general questions

>Pastebin FAQ

Previous thread >>24298229
18 images | 129 replies
No title
Corona Virus Vaccine will be the Mark of the Beast
1 images | 5 replies
No title
Does anyone know of a way that causes ego death? If so, please add me and share that knowledge.

I have come to many realizations of truth, yet not once have I had an epiphany to change. I suffer myself to the lowest point of negativity, cultivating an overruling loop in which is inescapable. I have started early, gradually decaying and shortening my life span. My will is diminished, and so my motivation for revision. I am nothing and wish to surrender myself to death, or anyone who can accept my existence of burden.

Please do not pity for I am not asking for comfort, do only provide information if you know
3 images | 30 replies
Let's get another infographic thread started, the last one had some pretty interesting stuff.
Please avoid posting /pol/-related content, this isn't the place for that.
58 images | 90 replies
There's a door in my brain. Where does it lead?
>Be me.
>Meditate quite a bit.
>Often visualize a world I have created in my mind.
>A paracosm.
>Talk to a spirit that dwells there ever so often.
>One day I see a trap door embedded in smooth, black stone at the bottom of a pit.
>Open door and see a cave with white sand or salt below.
>Spirit friend comes and says, "No! Don't go down there yet!"
>Say, "Why not? What is it?"
>Spirit friend says, "If I tell you you'll want to go. So I won't. You aren't strong enough for the journey."
>Reply, "Journey? I'm in my mind and I can't be hurt here."
>Spirit friend says, "What's beyond that trap door is not inside your mind. You cannot get hurt here, but you can be killed or worse down there."
>Spirit friend continues, "When you are ready I will join you down there. The things down there are not powerful, but they are dangerous to the unprepared."
>Close the door and go somewhere else.
>6 months later.
>Spirit friend still won't tell me what's down there. Won't even hint.
>Spirit friend says I am getting spiritually stronger, but still not ready yet. Won't elaborate further.

What could be down there? When will I be ready?
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Fat Tuesday/Carnival images
Carnival can refer to the festive season that occurs before Carnival can refer to the festive season that occurs before Lent. The main events typically occur during February or early March, during the period historically known as Shrovetide (or Pre-Lent). Carnival typically involves a public celebration and/or parade combining some elements of a circus, masks, and a pubic street party. People wear masks and costumes, allowing them to lose their everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of anonymity that results in good times for all. Much like 4ch*. Excessive consumption of alcohol, meat, and sipping from vats of fermenting rot is extremely common. Other features of carnival include mock battles such as fnord fights; mockery of mocks; the grotesque displaying of exaggerated features, especially large penii, uber bellies, leg mouths, inverted phalli, or putrid carcasses; abusive language and degrading acts; depictions of disease and gleeful death; and a general reversal of everyday rules and norms.
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So /x/, world's going to shit, and im hoping you guys will make it, but judging from the news and rumours, we are looking at a virus X (hypothetical virus that can cover/infect the entire world). governments are prefering economic stability above global health, lying about how bad it is. Remember to stock up on water and food, get a facemask before they are sold out, dont go to high population areas or events and prey/sacrifice to whatever demon of someshit to protect your ass.

>corona tracker
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No title
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Sharing my paranormal experience
First and foremost, I'm Algerian, so English is not really my native language, please do forgive my bad grammar.
This story is a bit fuzzy in my mind, I was around 12-13 years old. (it happened around 10-12 years ago) but I still remember this encounter, broadly, to this day.
one time when I came out of school at like 4pm, I had to grab keys from my mother, in her office - she was a doctor - so that I can go home afterward (she didn't work at home, we didn't bother making key doubles, and it was always nice showing up to mom after school anyway). It was a kind of routine.
Her office was located in the second floor of an old colonial building.
The building itself was located in a pretty wide and long street that was - and still is - mostly empty with really weak traffic and almost no pedestrians, at least compared to adjacent streets which were always full at rush hour. At the time she was still working there - she relocated elsewhere - she used to complain about how business was weak, and used to joke about how this street in particular was cursed or something, and when her only neighbors were out for a day or two, she didn't shy from saying that she was scared.

The building itself was scary, the entrance hall was long and narrow, it was painted in gray? Or was it cobblestone, this I don't remember, it was really dark that’s certain.

It led to some spiral staircases, the staircases led to the first floor, then to my mother's office.
One day after school, going into the entrance, I saw a man sitting in a wheelchair, and two nurses by his shoulders, it was too dark to see their faces clearly, they weren't moving as I went in, they were just... standing/sitting there?
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No title
Does anyone believe that TPAB genuinely has our best interests in mind as members of the human race?
Despite wars, politics and shilling, we have it pretty comfy and most of us have never known true poverty where we catch and kill, make our own clothing and homes in just 100 years time.

Is it wrong to assign nefarious intent to the global elite?
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Man O' War
What exactly are these things? According to everything I've ever read about Men O' War is that it is multiple organisms in a symbiotic relationship. From my research it is atleast 4-7 different organisms all sharing one body. How does this work? If it's all a bunch of different organisms then how does it consistently reproduce each part to make a new one? Wouldn't their dna be incompatible or is it somehow all reproduced at once?

I usually dont care to post on /x/ but I do lurk on it occasionally. I wouldn't know where else to post this because it seems to fly in the face of current science thus making it outside of normal science. How does a multitude of organisms like this reproduce and consistently cohabitate to the point where its practically it's own life form. These things are a freaking Sea Chimera!!

What are these things? I am willing to investigate any explanation.

Once I took a vacation in Ft. Lauderdale and hundreds of them washed up on the beach and I've been curious about them ever since.
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No title
So I've finally come to the conclusion that I'm an alien sent here to assess humanity, because of some cosmic law like
>you can't judge a species until you live one of their lives

Basically Earth has been under isolated quarantine, but before further action is taken someone has to do a full audit. And that unfortunate someone is me.

The reason the government doesn't disclose alien life is because they're waiting for my final report. They know I'm here but they don't know what body I'm in, and they know this world is being tested.
Why else do you think they've been on such good behavior and haven't started any large scale wars in my lifetime? But even their best behavior is sad.
If they disclosed they'd ruin the experiment to see what human life is like all on its own, without help or hope from the outside.

I'm sorry to say, humans, that I don't think my report is going to be very favorable.
I've come to understand that there is 1 ultimate problem facing humanity, and it's not what you think. ALL the other problems you face are not your real problem, they merely stem from it.
Your real crisis is that the average human simply doesn't value truth. And many who would claim they do are only fooling themselves. Even many of your scientists fabricate false data to seem more realistic to avoid scrutiny of their work, and to pump our publications. In some ways this isn't entirely their fault, but is due to the very foundation of your societies, because they were created by people who fundamentally cannot understand that truth can't be bought.
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Cursed Images
Cursed Image Thread? I'll start.
101 images | 317 replies
/christ/ - Christianity General
Welcome to Christianity General!

>The Biblical way of going to heaven:

>The Gospel in written form in several languages:

>Playlist with all sorts of information and biblical studies:

>Why the catholic church is NOT Christian:
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Money Thread
Money thread. What have you learned about money in your spiritual journey? What are the esoteric truths of money? How do you get 'enough' money? What does money mean to you as a mystic/esotericist/x-phile/personal growth type?

Please avoid politics and conspiracy theories and blaming govt/the system/whoever. Keep it personal and /x/.
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Organic Drug Thread...?
pot pupper
Alright /X/,
What is Your Favorite Organic Drug or Psychodelic for Crazy Dreams, Visions, & Out of Body Experiences?

or Post Favorite Cannibis Strain if You Pick the Big 420.
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No title
Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 3.15.37 PM
Welcome to the Nobody General. Post information that you have found in previous threads, in spiritual texts, in the astral plane, or as a prophetic conduit.
Pewdahpops edition

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to control reality with their conscious and unconscious mind. Exact details are a bit blurry, but from many anons using so called remote viewing, intuition, astral projection, dreaming, meditation, etc. a general picture has emerged.

>Where did he come from?
The meme originated on GLP and appears to have been planted there with two possible outcomes: 1) as an ego trap for outsiders and schizos who would be drawn in through a latent messiah-complex; 2) as a test for a real life individual who would cultivate, wield, and even embody the archetype as its exemplar, while being simultaneously invisible.

>What is the general picture?
His unique position as some kind of spiritual center of orbit or locus, and/or chosen character gives him these and other special powers. His spiritual activities caused massive problems for the evil powers and forces in the world, who are also equally impressed that he has been able to upturn their plans so thoroughly while remaining almost entirely invisible.

>Is he an individual or an archetype or some kind of hidden meme emerging now due to the timing
There are different perspectives on this, the general consensus seems to be something between the two or both, and that by us reconciling some of the ambiguities for ourselves via discussion, we might assist him in his mission of popular liberation
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No title
What exactly is the righteous path?
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sleep paralasis demon wears a hat
Arizona ranger with a big iron on his hip
why do sleep paralasis demon wears hat's?
3 reports from across the globe, which then increased, all the demons wear hats?
why, is it cold in hell?
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No title
Interface successful. O’ mighty I pray and I beg with the most darling voice I can make: starlight, Hermes star, so bright, grant my wish tonight; let you and I become One and yoke from the North and the South: unbound of the akasha.

We are modem.

Induce Query: |______


Select File

>nous whiplash
>meat-matrix soul drinkers
>the space of space
>there never was a horizon
>brazen bull universe
>the Joke
>cultural apophenia
>the rap esoteric
>kantian octopi
>divine siri
>the Great Book
>divine semiosis
>Void Lords
>the Iceberg Chart Iceberg Chart
>everything is gnostic
>the solar system isnt moving
>obscure evolution
>the never-birth
>homeless billionare global car-mind
>glitch christ
>Rivers of Life
>man of density
>twitter and tweeter
>hegelian Greys
>the ur-Orgasm
>the Confusion
>ideal government
>psychic origami
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No title
I just had a dream that I could use thoughtforms to create a multi-dimensional crystalline object called a Chrysalis to create a new reality which has intrinsic meaning. I can use this object to escape this nihillistic reality.

Any idea where to start?
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Choronzon thread
What do you guys know about this entity? Any encounters you had or things you read about it
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What else does Seth know?
> [Open]
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I'm going through my moms storage unit, cleaning it out, and I find one of my old 5th grade notebooks. She liked to keep all my school work for some reason. I was sifting through it, seeing mostly math homework, and then I find this page. It's really misplaced, because it's really the only words written anywhere in the book besides my name and some math. I've had dreams of being buried alive for as long as I could remember, but don't remember writing anything about it down. So who was Hole?
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No title
here is a real one. not done yet.
don't ask. i wont reply.
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Great psyop desert ppl
>christfags with their self righteous moral superiority
>haha im going to heaven and YOUR NOT and gods gonna give me a girl to FUCK cuz i converted a few people
>judges anyone whos a nonbeliever
>uses churches as a front for white supremacist group
>holy texts contradict themself
>used as a psychological tool for absolution of guilt, a sense of meaning and a feeling of purpose, security, and love whereas a person may not be getting love they need for healthy emotional functioning.
>literally says believe in my god and join our cult or you'll be tortured for eternity after you die. What a great psyop Mark!

The truth is all new age shit is dumb as christianity is dumb as satanism as dumb as all the other shit 16-19 year olds try to get into.

THERE IS NOT A POINT TO EXISTING. THERE IS AN AFTERLIFE AND SPIRITS ARE REAL, BUT EXISTENCE IS IN FACT POINTLESS. Something id like to coin Spiritual Nihilism. There are spirits aliens higher dimensions ghosts deities and ESP, but even with them existing, its all just a corporeal video game for our original source material ether or essence thats always been in a higher dimension controlling us with his joystick of fateballs.

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Gemology Resources
Hey, I am an amateur worldbuilder, and I am working on a setting where each god is associated with a different kind of crystal. I was thinking that they’d all be associated with a type of Quartz, with the possible exception of the token “evil” god of the pantheon, I was thinking that they could be associated with obsidian, to show how they are outside the normal structure/grouping of the pantheon, but now I’m on the fence about it, does anyone have any other ideas for a type of quartz that I could use for them? Also, does anyone here know of any good resources for the properties associated with certain kinds of gemstones, especially types of quartz? What about what kinds of quartz would work for a goddess of fertility/nature/love and a war god, and/or other divine archetypes? My best idea for the former is Rose Quartz.

I was directed to /x/, is this the right board for the traits associated with different gemstones in gemology?
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No title
What Vajrayana deity practices are okay to practice without initiation? Are they all off limits to those without empowerment from a qualified lama?
>pic related
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No title
Woah guys, I just found out that the ancient Egyptians had special stones that could attract and repel each other. Where did they get this technology?
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No title
What if most religions are nothing but a ploy?

The oldest religion in the world is actually known, but it is a kept secret.

The rest of religions are nothing but experiments on the perfect human slaves.

Take for example reincarnation. You are doomed to be forever reincarnating into another body which the masters will use to their own benefit.

The gods are actually the masters. They found the truth and they are keeping it inaccessible.The rest of humanity are the slaves who live for the benefit of the masters.

What if it is there a catch to all these that would turn the balance of power to personal benefit?

What does it take?
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Plant Cult
A group of cultists that are well hidden exist amongst the public exists. It is a cult that worships plants and fungi of all kinds, although it is divided into sections with each holding different beliefs. It is unknown if they worship a deity or not due to the fact that they do not use plant materials for anything other than food. Due to the lack of exploiting plant materials they have little to no written history other than some cave writings and paintings.

Practices of this cult consists of complete veganism with no animal materials ingested ever. When eating cultists cry profusely, it is assumed that they feel sympathy for plants. Cultists are regularly observed talking to plants and fungi as if having a conversation with a person. Cultists are for the most part none violent, but when attacked they fight like rabid animals.

Rituals preformed consists of a daily communal meals, of which everyone cries profusely, and some dancing festival that takes place on every Sunday at exactly 1:00 PM WST.
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Gangstalking is real. In the following video, a police officer (and Fox News) admit that gangstalking is real.

I have more proof videos if you'd like.
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No title
There's a twitter account i found claiming he can prove we're in a simulation based on synchronizations in mass media.
I think theirs an arg in it.
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No title
To many bots posting here.
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Anomalous Redheads - Discussion
For those who have watched “Skeletons in the Cupboard” or are otherwise familiar with the sporadic and ancient populations of fair featured folk that at one point seem have populated Oceania, the isles and archipelagos of the Pacific, North America, South America, and the Canary Isles, (pic related) I would like to hear your own personal theories and explanations for this unexplained anthropological phenomenon.

Where the Aryan conquests and migrations of the Early Bronze Age much more extensive and far-reaching than we currently know?
What should we make of the Pygmy/Dwarf skeletons and the remnants of their material culture in New Zealand?
What about the Giants?
Where did they come from? Are they even true humans? Why do they also exhibit fair hair and skin?
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Weird Noises at 600-800 hz AM Radio, East Coast US
It's possible there's a mundane explanation for this. I know nothing about AM radio. I was listening tonight and there was some weird beeping going on between 600-800 hz. The beeps are slightly different in pitch and rate, kind of like a car's blinker with the tempo music--how it never stays aligned just right. Around 1200 hz, more oddities. It almost sounds like a truncated, distorted clip of someone talking, looped (audible at 3:56).

Anyone know what this shit is?
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No title
What is the meaning of 'the world is an illusion'? can you explain it simply?
3 images | 69 replies
Can it be.
Can Jesus and science live in harmony and peace in a virtual village?
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No title
When you see this picture do you think "This is a large animal" or "This is a log"?
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What about memetic magick?
Is it possible to create a very specific meme (in a memetic sense), even a simple one?
I am quite sure this is possible, but in quite a chaotic way: just by trying, dozens of memes struggle togheter to conquer collective memory. Is there a precise method? Do you know any books about this?
It would manipulate other easily, but though it could just be some sort of älchemic internet era's dream.
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special forces MK ultra
do special forces recruit go trough mk ultra programming or the like?
someone once told me delta force guys are locked up in a room with only a chin-up bar.
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/div/ - Divination General
Welcome to Divination General!

Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Astrology, Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig wrote this to help beginners on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Thoth made his own tarot and rune guide:

Hijinks' revised divination guide:

>Some useful tips before posting:
-If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; same goes for trading.
-Look for their posts in the thread to determine if there's an active reader, what's needed and before posting, check if they finished reading already.
-Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice.
-Traders should respect that a traded read will be granted, as per an agreement of a trade. Free readers have the options of picking their queries.
-Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers.
-Making an air query (not addressing a reader in particular) is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer.
-Avoid making the same question over and over and/or to different readers in a short period of time, as this may lead to more confusion than clarification.
-Provide feedback when applicable. We're a growing community, and many readers are starting.
Let's help each other to improve.

Previous thread: >>24361148
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UFO thread
Do you guys believe in UFOs?
14 images | 66 replies
Snake Women Dream
This happened a few years ago but it’s a dream I never forgot about. I woke up in my parents bed at my old childhood home. But I was surrounded by half snake half women creatures. They weren’t aggressive of scary though. I felt very calm in their presence. They comforted and held me. But then oddly the scene changed and we were in a garden with a lot of trees and it was night time. Then I woke up. Is there a meaning to this dream?
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No title
if anyone wants to beg for their kids with Orkella I'm taking requests. remember I am almost at the table before you betray the mercy. I wasn't gonna have them that long anyways and there should be no brain damage but its not like I have the records just the intent.
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No title

Someone just tried to assimilate me into this. No they’re not kidding
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No title
Is there a conspiracy with the English language? Homophone words can have similar meanings by a certain angle of observation. Won and one can mean the same thing if 'one' infers 1st place; for example. Then there are multiple word homophones such as:

work weak : work week
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No title
Medjugorje, 25th February 2020

“Dear children! In this time of grace, I desire to see your faces transformed in prayer. You are so flooded by earthly concerns, you do not even feel that spring is at the threshold. You are called, little children, to penance and prayer. As nature fights in silence for new life, also you are called to open yourselves in prayer to God, in Whom you will find peace and warmth of the spring sun in your hearts. Thank you for having responded to my call. ”
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I think someone put a love curse on me
I dont usually browse this board but it is becoming more and more apparant to me that someone put a love curse on me or something.
I dont have an issue with attracting girls to start off, but it always seems to go wrong about 2 weeks into courting. Im not mentally ill or autistic or something im perfectly well adjusted however the issue arises when EVERY SINGLE TIME their friend decides they dont like me and suddenly the girl i like doesnt speak to me anymore
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No title
hell no
How true is it that dinosaurs may still exist, in non-bird form, somewhere in the world?
Perhaps in the jungles of the Amazon or some remote part of India?
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Hey I know that bogdanoffs are kinda 2 years ago, but I just put two and two together, or moreso two and one together, and I need y'all's input. Do you think she could have bog dna? Possibly a half-breed, a blood relative half sibling born from a human woman and a hidden bog sire?
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Is it possible to cultivate and train ESP as you would cultivate and train other senses?

Brain pruning is a thing, and you can exercise your attention, hearing, sense of smell, etc. by turning your undivided attention towards them, training your brain like you would a muscle ("I must strengthen this thing that's being used a lot lately").

If ESP is a real thing, there is no big reason to believe it's a unique birth trait. Everyone has gut feelings, premonitions and unexplained knowledge come around once in a while. If that's true, it means you should be able to train ESP the same way as described above.

My question is, would that be at all possible?
And how would one go about doing it? What's the thing to look out for and pay attention to when it comes around so I consciously observe the sensation?
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No title
>fast for 5 days
>super clear headed, feel easier spiritual connections, meditation easier
>break it
>feel like shit

What the fuck, how do I feel better after not eating? And why does it make it easier to meditate?
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No title
> be god
> know everything
> be god for 10 more years
> be god for 10.000 more years
> get kinda bored
> create universe
> everything happening will follow some basic laws
> everything in it will be randomly generated
> bigbang.mp4
> sitting down and getting popcorn
> nothing happens
> "wtf?"
> wait even longer
> something is starting to happen
> stuff is exploding and shit
> roleplay as rocks
> some time later
> this is getting boring
> earth is created
> lots of animals begin to form
> roleplay as animals
> "haha this is cool"
> some time later
> "this is getting boring.."
> decide to create human
> roleplay as humans
> advance further into the future
> getting even further into the future
> advance so far that you get kinda godlike
> advance even further
> get basically godlike
Go to Start
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No title
Password for the container, I see you
0 images | 3 replies
No title
so then
mercury is in retrograde or what
shit's all fucked up
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How to find fellow ocultists?
I'm looking for a way to find fellow occult interested people IRL (both male & female).
So far I've had little luck and there isn't much room in normie conversation.
People tend to think your joking or a crackpot if you bring it up in a group without mutual interest in the topic of sci-fi & fantasy & philosophy.

Currently I'm trying to find people wanting to take things a little more seriously. Trying & Experimenting with Crowley's & other old school occult rituals as a group would be the main goal.
Any tips/pointers/sites, etc to find fellow occultists?
2 images | 28 replies
The devil exist(!?)
Lately I have been searching for the paranormal and I have some doubts about all that Is there a pact with the devil? Does anyone know how to do it? Anyone know someone who already did it? Is all that real? That is why I hope to you, I have a lot of doubts about this whole world and I am not sure that these things are real but it is true that there are things that have happened to me that I have many doubts
2 images | 13 replies
The drive. The desire, need to kill. It's something you're born with. But what is it exactly? Give me an /x/ answer.
3 images | 17 replies
No title
Where do I find a legit occult spellbook? Everywhere I go on the internet is just edgy kids and I need to find some real spells.
Pic unrelated.
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