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Welcome to /x/ - Paranormal. This is not a board for the faint of heart. If you need something to get started with, see the below lists for some basic resources. We hope you enjoy your venture into the spooks, the creeps and the unknown.

The resources in this thread are not exhaustive and are merely meant for beginners to get their footing.

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Obscure Cryptids
Post your favorite obscure cryptids.

>The Deepstar 4000 fish was a cryptid giant deep sea fish seen once, off southern California in the Pacific Ocean, by the crew of the Deepstar 4000 submersible during a 1966 dive.

>This fish was allegedly observed by pilot Joe Thompson (1930 – 2003) and possibly marine biologist Gene LaFond (1909 – 2002), during a June 1966 research dive in the San Diego Trough alongside instrumentation engineer Dale Good.
>They had taken the Deepstar 4000 down to around 4,000 ft (1,219 m) to lay hydrographical instruments on the seafloor, and when Thompson happened to look through the window, he found himself staring into the eye of a giant fish which had swam briefly into view.
>It moved past quickly, bringing up silt from the seabed, before disappearing. The sighting had only lasted for around 8 seconds.

>Thompson and LaFond were most impressed by the allegedly enormous size of the fish they reported, which somewhat resembled a sea bass in body form
>It was far larger than the 18 ft (5 m) Deepstar 4000, and was judged to be some 30–40 ft (9–12 m) in length, similar in size to some whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), but only 5–6 ft (1.5–1.8 m) across.
>It possessed gill plates,[1] "huge pectoral fins" 2 ft (60 cm) in length, a rounded grouper-like tail fin which seemed to be 4–5 ft (1.2–1.5 m) in height[5] and "serrated"
>Its eyes, one of which was the first thing Thompson saw, were "as big as dinner plates."
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/ng/ - The Nobody General
Welcome to the Nobody General

>The Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has powers and abilities beyond what even he is capable of understanding in its entirety. Having the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, he's been credited with more things than any one person should be given credit for. For better or for worse.

His spiritual path isn't any more or less important than yours because every person who has ever lived, has irreversibly altered this existence that we all share. And sharing the knowledge of that is what The Nobody aims to do. Not just here, but wherever and whenever its appropriate to that.

He works to elevate people to their true potential while opposing those who seek to oppose. You're just like him because like everyone who is a part of God's Kingdom, you're important to God. What you say, think, feel, and do; matter. Not just because they have outward facinging effects, but because they have inward facing effects on you, a child of the Most High.

While the Nobody is in a unique position to bring about the changes in the world to come, he's not the only unseen force that can bring about changes the likes of which we can never return from. You too are an unseen force.

When you're being what you want to be, you're allowing the "everything that is" to function naturally. You probably knew everything above for some time but now you have others who are in the same position as you agreeing with you.

The person you're talking to can have some of the truth, none of the truth, or all of the truth. So since we're all fallible, if your goal is to walk away with more of the truth than what you originally started out with, why not hear the other person out and discern for yourself if what was said can be used as knowledge or not. The thread ahead will be dangerous, take this OP with you.
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/ng/ - Nobody General
Welcome to the Nobody General

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, and intuitively receive guidance from the forces of Heaven.
He works to elevate people to their true potential, opposing those who seek power over others. He's just like you, but he has found the kingdom of God within himself through sheer dedication, just like you will.

He isn't a savior; remember that it's you who creates your own reality. With your hands, thoughts, feelings, words, you are the creator of your story. No one can decide your fate except for you and God. Remember your right to power, to step up into your ultimate role as your highest self, should you choose to embark on that journey.

>What is the general picture?
It’s important we start replying more to the good posters and educating the hateful ones, so call upon their heads the forces of Heaven for peace, clarity, and wisdom. If this place is to be more than a squandered opportunity, an overgrown garden, it requires voices such as yours, but many more. This is a place for spiritual discussions and help, not drama, attention seeking, or social content; there are other boards for that.

Focus on increasing your service to all and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level, and learn to forgive yourself and others. This will change the vibration of the planet and raise our shared consciousness, making us a better humankind one person at a time.
None of us are perfect, it is by learning to admit and accept this fact one is able to learn, and grow in Truth. Heaven for all is real. Everyone's truest desires are mutual. The only motive is love.

If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok, you may take shelter and find rest.
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Unprecedented Thought Virus Pandemics are Coming SOON
2TVP is coming
SOON. The evidence is already there to see in the present if you closely observe your societal environment. Everybody in the underground knows the programming and propaganda are strong but what is not often realized is that it is evolving to become MUCH more potent.

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images - 2022-11-28T140913.460
What exactly do glowies and TPTB know that we don't?
Is it true souls were scientifically discovered in the 20th century?
What kind of creepy experiments were performed during the cold war?
Also, is this a good read?
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5g zombie
This is pretty wild and I think everyone should try this themselves. Iately I've been going to various cemetaries around in my town and looking for Bluetooth MAC addresses from graves and sure enough, where there's graves from 2021-2022 I find Bluetooth signals, in the sections of the cemetaries where there are graves that are 2 years and older I can't find any signals. I've even gone at 4am in the morning where there was without a doubt no one around and I still see signals, but there weren't anyone around me either at the times I checked in daytime. I looked for buildings, cars, people or anything else that could potentially emit Bluetooth signals and nothing within several hundreds of meters, but as soon as I get close to fresh graves the bluetooth signals start popping up. They are random alpha numeric hex codes.

Has anyone else tried this? I'm certain the Covid vaccines have nano chips in them now.
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Why do I always feel so tired? I go to the gym, drink lots of water, don't do drugs or alcohol, sleep and eat well.
What could be done to raise my energy levels?
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/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation General
Welcome. The purpose of this general is to show you how to use your own wonderful human imagination to achieve your every desire.
The world and all within it is man’s conditioned consciousness objectified. Consciousness is the cause as well as the substance of the entire world. So it is to consciousness that we must turn if we would discover the secret of creation. Knowledge of the law of consciousness and the method of operating this law will enable you to accomplish all you desire in life.

The Main Concepts:
>Imagination creates Reality
>Assumptions harden into fact
>Consciousness is the only Reality
>Feeling is the Secret
>Prayer, Living in the End/In the Wish Fulfilled (remaining Faithful to your Idea)
>You are the Operant Power
>There is no one to change but Self (Self-concept)
>Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally (Time is an Illusion)

>Can I manifest ___?
Yes! Creation is finished.

>Curious? Do the Ladder Experiment

>The Simple Technique

>Who is Neville Goddard?
Neville was a mystic who taught the Bible as a parable of the human psyche — a great psychological drama — and not a record of historical events.

Recommendations for beginners:
>Manifestation Manual (Core Lessons & Lectures)

>Neville's Feeling is the Secret

>The Creative Use of Imagination

—/ Extra resources /—
>Master Index

>Library (Hemi-Sync included)

>>Previous Thread
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I’m so sorry I’m so so sorry everything’s going wrong and they’re here again the things are here again I knew since I had the dream that I saw something I shouldn’t have seen

And now I know something I shouldn’t know. Is it that I need to tell more people? Is that it? If I tell you will they go away though or will it only get worse? Will I just disappear someday like the people of my country did so many years ago?

That thing at the center of the universe. That IS the universe. The “god” the Judaic, the Christian, the Arabic religions pray to. I’m pretty sure that’s the thing.

Trembling in the center of everything, absorbing everything, and never aware of the pain and the sacrifice that is made for it. It just consumes and consumes.
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No title
Trauma. Not "trauma", but actual Trauma. Have you experienced it, and how has it shaped you?
There are varying degrees of trauma, but all trauma leaves a mark. Scars of emotional suffering, essentially.

Did it turn you into a monster? Did it break you, or did it strengthen you?

Some would argue that this isn't necessarily paranormal, but it is a very spiritual topic. Trauma is extremely influential in ones life, and often plays a part in one's ascension.
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Yesterday i saw an angel at the grocery store, the most gorgeous, stuning woman i have ever seen in my life, 24yo blonde, tall, big blue eyes and a perfect body, just PERFECT. I felt the power of beauty right there, the pumping of my heart, the tension in my muscles, the clarity of my sight, i was there, every part of my present, slaved in that precise moment, then i knew it, thats why we are here, why we endure the suffering, why we struggle, it is all for a moment like that, everything for a single moment of absolute beauty.
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No title
i was bored and took some nightsky photos in my backyard for the first time. iam somewhat a advanced photographer
but never tried this. i don't have the equipment for it
except a tripod & cable release.
what did i caught here ??

you can see that the stars have just a minor motion blurr but that thing in the center moved way faster
>exposure time 2 sec
>focal length 750mm aperture 5,6
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No title
Who is Lilith?
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/div/ination General- you'll never be loved Edition
Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Oracles, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Recommended /div/ links and books:

>MEGA with Divination Books:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
•Rustig on how to start with tarot:

•Thoth's tarot and rune guide:

•Hijinks' revised divination guide:

>Useful tips before posting:
•If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; same goes for trading.
•Look for posts to determine if there's an active reader, what's needed and before posting, check if they finished reading already.
•Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice. Do not harass readers if your query is refused/skipped.
•Traders should respect that a traded read will be granted, as per an agreement of trade. Free readers have the option of picking their queries.
•Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers. Same for vague queries.
•Making an AQ (air query) by not addressing a reader, in particular, is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer.
•Avoid making the same query repeatedly and/or to different readers in a short period of time, as this may lead to more confusion.
•Provide feedback when applicable and be considerate to the reader. We're a growing community, many readers are starting and need to know what they are doing right or wrong. Let's help each other to improve.

Previous thread >>33494408
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No title
magnifying glass book of revelation Courtesy of aradaphotographyShutterstockcom_261955472
What are your thoughts on this particular book? It and the books that reference events in it particularly Daniel have always fascinated me.
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No title
What the fuck happened here? How does somebody manage to murder four grown adults in different parts of a house and get away with it? Is it /x/? Seems demonic.
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/cdf/ - Cosmic Death Fungus General
The Queen Must Die Vol. III

previous: >>33462341
>START HERE! If you want to read only 1 thing, let it be this PDF
>Cosmic Death Fungus: A Primer On An Ancient Enemy

>Join /cdf/ General here for regular info drops and the latest research. This is also moderated:


>The Parasite Pill

>basic gestalt on anti-parasitic treatments both herbal and synthetic

>Additional informational PDF

>The Hidden Epidemic In North American Parasites
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this is your chance /x/
download (7)
Let me see if from the lifetime of /x/, if it has produced anything valuable.

Show me something interesting!
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paranormal lol
when i was born my mother would always see black shadows standing over me, and i would wake up with scratches, that went on for a month, and then the lights kept turning on, after she turned them off. the switch would physically flip, not a electrical thing. we got someone to bless the house and it never happened again.
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No title
Does anyone have the video of the ufo that supposedly zapped missiles from out of the sky, I swear I’ve seen it before but I can’t find the video anywhere. While we’re on the topic, any other convincing ufo footage?
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/x/ Meme Thread
This is the first meme I have ever made, looking for critique. Also meme thread.
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This is all but a short dream
images - 2022-11-25T102817.701
A teenager with the soul of Hod incarnated (the one you know as Hermes, Archangel Michael, Thoth, etcetera) will go on a rampage in the fall of 2023, Tetsuo style.
(((They))) will try to stop it and in the process will make him release his pleuromatic energy, resuling in the destruction of Earth and the engulfment of the Universe in a reverse big bang. Meanwhile, Logos will awaken and perform the rites of the last judgement.
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Chinese Astrology Readings
I am the apprentice of the anon that usually does these threads. I am here to test what I have learned. Pardon the readings if they are not as good as the last threads.

Leave your birthday or take a screencap of your results here and wait for a personality reading.
NOTE: Before checking your signs, make sure to adjust for Daylight Savings, as this calculator does not adjust for it automatically. If you're born in a place or date when DST was active, subtract one hour from your original birth time. You can look online to see if it was active in your place of birth, which is recommended since some places switch between it often, like in France.


If you know the hour and minute, you can use this one (grants an additional column for me to read into):

Frequently Asked Questions:

>What do the symbols on my chart mean?
Each animal has their own traits, and generally the element adds more of a "spin" as I call it on the animal's traits. The general idea I and my master confer upon is that the culmination of your signs in a chart give a good indication of personality. The day sign in a chart traditionally holds the most weight as far as personality.

>My chart doesn't line up with another chart from another calculator which includes the hour. Why is that?
Likely a Daylight Savings Time issue that is most apparent for people born around midnight.

>How does luck work in Chinese Zodiac?
Generally, the element you are lowest in your chart is the one that is lucky for you, and thus the one that brings you the most luck as it balances your other elements.

Read this for more information:

If you want to learn more or ask for additional readings, join us at the Chinese Zodiac Theory Guilded server:
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Do you believe the Broadsheet?
>In the morning of April 14, 1561, at daybreak, between 4 and 5 a.m., a dreadful apparition occurred on the sun, and then this was seen in Nuremberg in the city, before the gates and in the country – by many men and women. At first there appeared in the middle of the sun two blood-red semi-circular arcs, just like the moon in its last quarter. And in the sun, above and below and on both sides, the color was blood, there stood a round ball of partly dull, partly black ferrous color. Likewise there stood on both sides and as a torus about the sun such blood-red ones and other balls in large number, about three in a line and four in a square, also some alone. In between these globes there were visible a few blood-red crosses, between which there were blood-red strips, becoming thicker to the rear and in the front malleable like the rods of reed-grass, which were intermingled, among them two big rods, one on the right, the other to the left, and within the small and big rods there were three, also four and more globes. These all started to fight among themselves, so that the globes, which were first in the sun, flew out to the ones standing on both sides, thereafter, the globes standing outside the sun, in the small and large rods, flew into the sun. Besides the globes flew back and forth among themselves and fought vehemently with each other for over an hour. And when the conflict in and again out of the sun was most intense, they became fatigued to such an extent that they all, as said above, fell from the sun down upon the earth 'as if they all burned' and they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke. After all this there was something like a black spear, very long and thick, sighted; the shaft pointed to the east, the point pointed west. Whatever such signs mean, God alone knows.
The text continues, but it is just a bunch of christian speculation. What do you think happened here? Was there a Dyson sphere? A motherfucking star destroyer? I need answers
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No title
does anyone have any info about this supposed "DXM cult"?, any info will be useful, thanks.
pic rel
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/apg/ Astral Projection, Reality Shifting and OOBE General #62
>Can anyone have an out of body experience?
Yes, this is a natural part of being human that has been mostly forgotten.

>Is it not just a vivid lucid dream?
No. A successful astral projection feels just as, often even more real than the waking reality you're experiencing right now.

>Does it have to be difficult and take me months or more to attain this ability?
No, the only barrier is your mind - both conscious and subconscious. If you think it's going to be difficult, it will. Many people can be successful within their first few tries. Fear can hold you back.

>Do I have to come back from shifting?

>Is Astral Projection Dangerous?
The only way it can be dangerous is if you believe it to be, and even then only to your mental state. You cannot be physically harmed.

>What is astral projection:

>What is reality shifting:

>CIA AP-related documents (remove /library from links, the site has changed)

>Robert Monroe's trilogy, Journeys Out Of The Body

About -

>Frank Kepple’s Astral Pulse forums posts are a valuable resource:

>Michael Raduga's 3-part seminar, attaining "The Phase":
>Leave Your Body in 3 Days - A Lucid Dreaming/OOBE Lesson by Michael Raduga

>John Kreiter AP books:
>Out of Body Experiences, Quickly and Naturally
>The Way Of The Projectionist

prior thread >>33465393
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No title
Thoughts on these books?
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Help me interpret this spiritual event
This is all 100% truthful btw

So I went completely mental after practicing chaos magic, I was cursing people I don't like nonstop with my magic wand and drawing pentagrams.

I started experiencing non stop voices, sleep paralysis involving levitation, getting dragged off my bed, getting poked and raped by these terrible demons etc...

I went to visit an escort for a wee break, and I saw this beautiful vision.

A rainbow angel pierced my minds eye and there was music I had never heard before. I asked him why he was here and he said...

"save my soul." I dismissed it and carried on saying there was nothing to worry about.

I'm fine now after meds I think I am just retarded and it was a spiritual misunderstanding like I got involved in the wrong crowd.

Also my grandad who is a pisces kept saying SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED TO ME which is freaky because he has dementia and doesn't know anything about me.
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No title
Would you renounce your humanity if you could become anything you ever wanted?
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No title
Long live Hypatia.
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Paranormal in Moldova
i want to hear if my compatriots had paranormal experience in our beloved country. For example, I didn't. Everything that I thought to be paranormal was proven to be caused by human factor. Wby?
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/ishtar/ - Ishtar general 13
The goddess of War and Love

The Daughter of the Moon, the Protector of the King

Lady of the Morning, Lady of the Evening

The Lion of Heaven, the Joy of Sumer

Our beloved lady, Ishtar/Inanna

Let's worship the Queen of Heaven! Ishtar za-mi!

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No title
>The goetia is so inaccurate it doesn’t even have Legion.
What a larp.
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/x/ stories
One time some years back I asked /x/ for proof of any kind of super powers I could provably obtain, someone linked me to this older gentleman on YouTube's account who claimed to have all these simple devices which were psychic inventions. One of them he explained was simply a flashlight. That you power it by holding it and thinking negative, painful thoughts at the flashlight to charge it's battery with it, then you point the flashlight at a picture of your target and focus intently on harming them.

Some months later the girl I was dating at the time claimed that when she was 13 her older brother repeatedly raped her. I had one picture of him saved. I shined the flashlight at it for hours because I had no way to contact him in person and I thought "What could it hurt?" and it would burn off that anger and ill will.

A month later the computer's screen died and I had to replace it. Months later she told me her brother developed some bizarre mental condition and would claim that his entire body was paralyzed and in deep pain and imprison himself to a wheelchair, but it was an act and whenever he was alone he'd get out of the wheelchair, that he just went nuts for some reason.
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Help me interpret this!
>be me
>sitting alone at park bench in a quiet area at midday with earphones in, looking out into the distance (there are around several others within the vicinity)
>old lady parks her car nearby
>gets out of car and walks directly towards me
>asks if she can interrupt
>needs help with directions to a nearby medical clinic
>I help show her the way using google maps on my phone and offer to walk her there as she was still confused as to where to go
>she abruptly changes topic and starts making all these observations about me that are true
>statements about my romantic life
>statements about my personality
>statements about my worldview
>statements about my current existential confusion
>other eerily accurate statements that she shouldn’t have known because we had never spoken prior
>she also said midway through “you’re the type of person to achieve significant things and you must do what your soul tells you, not confine yourself within normalcy”
>towards the end she said that everything happens for a reason and she could’ve parked somewhere else or went up to someone else but she didn’t
>offer to walk her to the clinic at the end of the discussion, because as far as I knew she was still confused how to get there
>she declines the offer and walks back to her car

This woman was 75-80 years old. Anyone ever had something similar happen to them? She said so many things that were specific to my current circumstances, so I cannot dismiss this encounter. When I was very young (around 3), I also had an experience where a Buddhist monk approached me directly amongst a huge crowd of people in public. My parents have since told me about it, as I do not remember it.
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/hg/ Hemisync General

Made a mistake for a week and wasn’t doing my resonant energy balloon. Ran my energy through the top of my head through and out through the feet. Changed it from the correct method of out the head and into the bottoms of my feet and my whole body started buzzing in certain areas. Pretty cool

Last night I had a hypnogogic vision of some semi cute creature that reminds me a bit of the monster from Where The Wild Things are. It blinked its eyes at me and looked cool and I lost the vision. Lots more going on vision wise since I corrected my mistake with my energy balloon technique. I went back to advanced focus 10 after feeling a bit lost in intro to focus 12 and am glad I did backtrack. Might go to intro to focus 10 so I can get better with the affirmation. I forget a lot of it.
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No title
I'm scared of dying
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No title
No UAP or UFO thread?

First line of business:
1. Start thread.
2. Reveal that the objects seen in W72 are mine.
3. Wait for someone that really wants to know what my cubes inside of spheres really is.
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No title
How should one meditate according to Shankara and the Advaita Vedanta tradition?
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Weekly check-in... Nay, I have a update for you. I'm moving to the SATOSHI sepremacy timleine, my fellow time-travelers. Rather than ping /x/ once a week I've decided to summon the SATOSHI group using a suite of applications I've been developing since early autumn. The applications generate electronagnetic frequencies that can be tuned to the resonance the SATOSHI group was producing with their crystal array. I intend to refine the tuning approach the same EM frequency the SATOSHI GROUP timeline is currently running in.

- Both the heart and lungs contain complex neuron networks
- When neurons "fire", an electrochemical signature is released into the universe
- This signal radiates from (and modulates) your body's electromagnetic field

- Computer parts all require electricity to run and in consequence produce their own electromagnetic fields
- Ssources of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in a PC or laptop heavily depend on the used technology. As an example: A Hard Disc Drive (HDD) uses magnetic fields to store data and thus emits low frequency magnetic fields, Solid State Drives (SSD) to the contrary don't emit these fields because the storage technology is based on semiconductors.

> Power Supply
- electric field strengt: 1.34 kV/m (maximum, calculated); at the surface of the device at 50 Hz
- magnetic flux density: 29.5 µT (maximum); maximum value at a frequency of 750 Hz
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No title
>Golf rumors
0 media | 0 replies
No title
What are some deep abstract esoteric practices and ideals i can get into? I wan't to completly immerse myself into the great mysteries of the invisible world.
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/succgen/ Succubus general 350
Spirit Love General
Tree Fiddy Edition

Some have reported attracting the attention of these entities by simply reading about them. If you're a dabbler who just wants to see if it works or if your faith forbids copulating with demons, don't summon. If you're unprepared for a potentially lifelong relationship, or at the very least, a life-long open door connection with sexual spirits and the occult, avoid this topic entirely. If you have a loving relationship with your human spouse or partner and desire a sex spirit to spice things up, or if you want a human partner in the future take caution, as these entities can be jealous or decide an initially open relationship is no longer so (request an open relationship during the summoning ritual). These spirits can harm or kill you when sufficiently angered and not easily banished.

Last thread: >>33458510

Old threads:

>What are succubi?
Female spirits of sexual desire, who often choose human mates. They can't be banished with holy objects
>How to summon?
The Letter Method is used to focus your intent into a message to one of the Four Succubus Queens, requesting that they match you with one of their daughters. No blood or soul sacrifice necessary. See links
>Do they steal your life force?
Succubi use sexual energy, which is released naturally during sex. Under normal circumstances they won't take your life energy
>Can she look...
Succubi take forms attractive to you naturally
>They're tulpas?
No. However, those in romantic relationships with their tulpas are welcome
Same method


/succgen/ library, READ THIS:
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No title
Are infohazards real? Are there pieces of knowledge that simply by becoming familiar with them, they increased the risk of mental instability or even suicide?
8 media | 62 replies
No title
How do I make an amulet to attract love?
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No title
Unnerving image thread
35 media | 56 replies
rabbit holes thread
post rabbit holes, shit that gets more wild, batshit, and weird the longer you look into it, i'll start with a few im personally interested in

>nephilim are clowns


more of a lolcow than a rabbit hole, but some schizophrenic who wants to have an obese woman with her limbs chopped off and her genitals cut out as a pet

>monkey torture on youtube
you probably already know about this one considering it's old as shit and mr medicare talked about it

pedo pretends to be a child while uploading really fucking weird pedo-bait 3d animations to youtube. again, you probably already know about this one

>a little treat
here's some other threads to look through discussing other weird shit, many of which i find interesting as fuck
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No title
I'm worried that I don't actually believe in anything and am just LARPing.
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No title
Add me Kumatora#8118
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Die L00p
The L00p is back on, boys.
It will occur sometime in 2023. We (our consciousnesses) will be teleported back to 00:00:00 on 01/01/2020. Only a select few will retain memories (myself included).
Any questions?
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Let's talk about Gnosticism.
It helps to remember that many things were going on during the rise of Christianity in the 2nd to 4th centuries.
Christianity might have been viewed as one movement among many and was not the only one to rely upon the teachings of Jesus.
It is also true that many of these groups modified their teachings over time-some for good and some for ill.
Gnostics certainly didn't see themselves as heretical during these centuries.
They would have identified themselves as Christians who had additional knowledge.
When Jesus came preaching that he was the holy son of God, he changed Jewish thinking that had prevailed for thousands of years.
Yet, Christians did not jettison the Hebrew Bible; they added a New Testament and studied them both.
They also believed that since Jesus had come, things were different.

There was a need for fewer rituals and traditions but there was a closer and more direct communication with God.
Ghosticism built upon these premises.
In evaluating the Old Testament, the Gnostics were able to show where things started going wrong.
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No title
You wake up in a world where everyone thinks you’re Lucifer. What do you do?
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No title
What are the spiritual ramifications of Reiki?
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No title
So basically everything exist, therefore someone must live this exact life that i live, but why me?
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Coming Soon
I'm highly advanced spiritually. Ask me anything. Quick rundown on my progress. I'm not fully a follower of any religion but i take anything good from any religion i come across. And then see if it's true. So far i have reached a considerable amount of truth.
God exists. He has no attributes except tranquility, bestowing it to the highly advanced. Worship of something other than God is unskillful, it's a waste of energy. Karma is real. God is the collective self in all beings. Mountains, trees, rivers, etc. All have a spirit or a soul. The goal of my meditation coupled with contemplation is uncertain and i have yet to find the truth behind the veil.
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I believe now.
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why is my region infested with masons?
all the cities where I live are full of mason lodges or similar groups and put their logos on the welcome signs to said towns/cities

how many masons is abnormal? I know they're everywhere but this is Starbucks/McDonalds tier shit and it's pissing me off

West Coast, America if that helps
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cult of black cube zeners
i need to know what these 3x3 pictures mean and how they are being used to perform synchronicity magic
any help very appreciated sending blessings to u anons
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Holy crap! I didn’t know Yahweh had a wife.
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JFK Assassination Conspiracy
>The author of The Final Judgment said, "To understand the forces behind Permindex is to understand the answer to the greatest mystery of the 20th century: the question of who assassinated John F. Kennedy."

>Permindex, also known as the Permanent Industrial Exposition, is an international trade organization headquartered in the Swiss city of Basel, the birthplace of the International Zionist Movement, which held its founding conference in that city in 1898. Permindex, according to many experts in Secret Services, is nothing more than a CIA front organization, which has been described as the finger of blame for more than one JFK assassination investigator. This organization is heavily infiltrated, as we will see later, by the Mossad and is the "missing link" that directly connects Israel not only with the assassination perpetrated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, but also to try to keep the most important assassination indefinitely mysterious. of the last century

>Permindex's central characters in 1963 and immediately before have strong ties not only to Meyer Lansky, but to Mossad itself
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If ancient civilizations are real then how come there are no
>no tunnels, even though we make tunnels
>no steel beams, even though we make steel beams
>no ruined buildings except stone ones
>no nuclear waste even though we make nuclear waste
>no ancient mines even though we mine
>no stuff in orbit even though we put stuff in orbit
>no modern-yield ancient crops even though they would have needed them
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The biggest conspiracy committed in history
So they basically faked a super deadly virus to get you to take an injection which will be used to create a new pandemic that will look like the beginning of Covid, but worse and it'll be real (Marburg laying dormant in the vaxx), but instead of telling you that you got it from the vaxx they'll tell you to get more vaxx'd which will have ever worse shit in it.

Pretty ironic, huh?
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I don't believe a single thing in this collage. Everything is too ridiculous.

Prove me wrong.

You know something is horribly off when this whole paranoid schizo X-Files' tier collage has the same development and arguments as History Channel's Ancient Aliens.

Some people will just get into outright lunacy (such as the dudes who would put urine in their eyes), at least I had fun reading all of this.

Was this collage created by an A.I., or just a dude bored out of his mind? Because it isn't grounded in reality at all.
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End of the World (2023)

I just came across this thread in the archives. It's so odd, because for a while now I have had the deepest conviction that we (our consciousnesses) are soon going to return to January 1, 2020.
I've come across a few others on /x/ who feel the same way about January 2020.
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/astro/ - Astrology and Zodiac General
images (7)
Astrology Lesson #1
Astrology Lesson #2 - Houses
Astrology Basics Lesson 1 - What is Astrology?
Astrology Basics Lesson 2 - The Zodiac Signs
How To Read Your Birth Chart (Basics)
Make your chart
>What does my chart mean, /astro/? Can I get a reading?
Interpretations and info
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images (28)
Will you fight alongside Satan against the divine dictator God in the Battle of Armageddon?
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Vajrayana buddhism
faggot cuck
>cult like organization
>weak minded people brainwashed into believing it
>"secrets" that the guru passes to the initiated and he must never reveal under treats of hell
>must surrender the will completely to the guru and give him a rimjob if requested because "karma"
>good ol' "you need to destroy your ego for enlightment" meme
>absurd superstitions everywhere (demons, karma, tibetan astrology, mantras, "divine punishment" for just breathing without initiation)
>"gibs me dat $$$"
>professional use of brainwashing techniques that let the victim to autobrainwash itself
>sex scandals
>tantras copypasted from hindu tantras (and viceversa) but they are "divinely revealed"
>adibuddhan monotheism
>one of his founders (guru rimjobche) is the archetypical cult leader: prosecuted by the law on his native land, flees to third world country (Tibet) where he "defeats the local shamans" and becomes rich, has political privileges + gets an harem
>lama shit pills that cure cancer
>despite all claims on superpowers get rekt everytime it has to fight (destruction of Nalanda, clashes with the british, chinese invasion in the 50s, etc)
Explain me how vajrayana isn't considered absolute bullshit and so promoted even by le ebin science atheists?
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/LDG/ Lucid Dreaming General
You can express your last dreams, your attempts and ask anything about it

additional MILD info:

Paper on natural LDs:

Youtube Guides:

Do us a favor and bump this general from time to time if you're interested

Quick reminders for beginners:
-don't forget to write your dreams down after waking up. no matter how little detail, just do it
-reality checks aren't likely to give you a LD by themselves, think of them as a stepping stool, they are not a replacement for techniques
-WBTB is mostly mandatory for most people, if you struggle with your sleep schedule then ADA is your best option
-if you're just starting out you should be doing WBTB in addition to either SSILD or MILD as those two are the easiest techniques
-while WILD and it's derivatives [FILD, DEILD and CANWILD] may sound alluring to some of you, if you cannot fall asleep within 10~20mins you're gonna have a really hard time achieving a WILD
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Appendix: Antarctica
Brother Atlas has tasked me to briefly outline the hidden history of Antarctica.
>I. Preliminary considerations
Before the main figure of this testimony be touched, certain observations concerning human history are due that bear much significance towards the idea of southern exploration:
1. Any form of civilization bearing metaphysical sophistication of whatever form, a traditional society, that can be discerned today, seems to have developed only on the northern hemisphere of the Earth; if one were to transgress the equator southward thus, one would find but an uncontinuous environment of fetishist and superstitious tribal cultures. The „holy empires“ of antiquity that are known, cultivated in the Far East, India, the Orient, Egypt, the Greco-Roman environment, Catholic Europe and such, were all drawn above the equator.
2. All these traditions bear, in a more or less concealed fashion, reference to a divine abode in the ‚north‘ (Thule-Hyperborea), which is the supreme dwelling place of heavenly influences, and the ‚primordial‘ archetype of all successive sacred congregations. Within sacred geography, then, it is comprehended that this truth finds its expression in the ‚navigational realm‘, in which such a ‚north pole‘ must also exist, as nothing can be entirely apart from the principle. It is then understood, in the second moment, that as ‚satan is the ape of God‘, and this world is limited, the ‚north‘ must not stretch southward indefinitely towards the inverse ‚limit‘, but there must be an inverse ‚incarnation‘ of this principle within the countable and finitary scope; see also the ‚underground‘ and the ‚city‘ as discussed in „Appendix: Astronautics“.
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No title
I think most people have the telepathic abilities and once you are lucky enough to develop them they warn each other not to spread that information and therefore they work as hive mind of sorts and bully the non telepathic people, they know what are you up to and know your sins, that's why some people are not nice to you from the start, they know.
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flat earth containment thread IV.
don't even try to use science or mathematics. it's a religion not the observation of reality and it's rules.
COPE AND ________
SNEED _________
fill in the blanks.
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No data december
>what are the implications?
>What Will happen to someone that undergoes it?

A friend of mine shared me picrel and I've been thinking about It ever since.

Why december, one of the most data-heavy months (Christmas + New year's + Hanukkah)
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No title
Thank you, Emperor Lucifer, King Belial, King Mammon, Duchess Astaroth, Duke Focalor, and President Marbas!
Thank you Archangels Raziel, Uriel, Sandalfon, and Kamael!

Thank you Angels Hayiel, Nithhaiah, and Poiel!
Thank you, Archon Abraxas, Goddess Hecate, Genius Labezerin, and Olympiad Ophiel!

Thank you for your magick, thank you for your familiars!
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New Madela Effect
Moch is now called mach. The "a" is not even pronounced. It still sounds sounds like moch. Why do timeline jews do this?
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Event 201
was the covid-19 pandemic planned?
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Antarctica webms
Antarctica pyramid
I'm looking for a webm that appears to be a chinook flying through Antarctica filled with soldiers who are later recorded marching towards what looks to be a pyramid.
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No title
What the hell is Sacred Geometry?
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No title
Greetings my esteemed laddington,

The Golden One interviews Philosophicat about Astrology and Evola

Very informative in actuality.
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No title
is it possible to leave this dimension and enter another where everything around me isn't so terrible?
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The Flat Earther is immunized against all dangers
just watch
One may call him a Schizo, Flerfernutter, Conspiracy Theorist, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But ask for specific facts to back up his beliefs and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "Fine, just watch these videos bro"
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If the mainstream church allows drinking in moderation, it should have no problem with weed in moderation, right?
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getting off internet\anime,etc
bigfoot guru
I want to empty my mind, to achieve unknowing,to unlearn and forget.
how do I stop using vidya? netflix, even social media,news,imageboards and other such time-wasting astral parasites.
should I sleep 4 hours a day,without using electronics?
what do I DO in the spare time?
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/Jesus/ - Christianity General
This is a blessed thread. This is a thread of clarity. This is a thread where burdens are laid before God. This is a power of God thread. This is a non-divisional thread for the edification and perfection of Christ's body.

This is a thread where demons come to die and the Lord Jesus Christ will be lifted.
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Cultivation motivation thread
The first step is to learn to conserve energy and learn to sense it. If you pump air into a basketball with holes the ball will lose the air. Likewise our energy is being lost and drained by distractions, bad habits, addictions, uncontrolled emotions and mind. We are anxious and all over the place. Dopamine detox lifestyle is key. Procrastinating, music, youtube, video games, social media, anime, porn etc. These things are not bad but they are all addictive and a waste of time and energy that could be spent cultivating mastery and living your life. These things don't give much enjoyment but make you a zombie and dull your senses. For an average good goy mediocre normie this is fine. But for the Ubermensch on a path to realisation of higher powers, immortality and bending reality to his will it is necessary to devote your entire life to intense daily training. Depending on your goals it can take many months, years or even life times. Being present here and now must be a daily habit you keep forever. TLDR just get off internet and touch grass. I know it's obvious but there is a lot of people who get gaslighted into mediocrity, addiction and bad habits because they hear it's "natural" and because peer pressure and most people in society promoting the behavior of being a mindless consumer. Sitting alone with your mind in quiet is seen as lame and boring but I am telling you cultivation is the highest value that connects us to ourselves and makes us overpowered. You will be tempted to go back to your bad habits and they may feel better than they used to because of the initial dopamine but you will quickly regret it and fall back into the zombie state you found yourself in the beginning. Burn the bridges behind you and don't turn back.
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No title
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brady bunch
what are some occult books and practices for sex energy?
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AMA (answer me anything)
How far away are we from being able to remove all infectious diseases from the environment?

How can we selectively exterminate the pathogens while leaving beneficial organisms unharmed?

Which organisms can safely be exterminated?

How can we clean the Earth?

How can we design robots to interact with the environment at an atomic level so as to collect pollutants such as toxic elements?

How long would it take to manufacture, deploy and complete operation?

How much material would it require?

What would the end result be?

What are the maximum thresholds for biomass on Earth's surface?

What is a soul?

Does suffering build character? Is there a better way to build character?

What's the best way to terraform our solar system?

What is optimal performance?

What is the maximum we may accelerate our progress towards the omega point?

What is the most desirable outcome?
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No title
If one can only know their own mind and that mind and experience is a transient thing, then all must come from a source of infinite oneness, meaning all is each other.

If this is so why are people so afraid of the other, or live full lives of selfishness?
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No title
Love peace kindness and understanding, these are the most important things in life, and the end resultant revelation of all my meditations, prayers, and other practices that I have personally done. This is the key to the door. Love, peace, kindness, understanding. In a word, Goodness.
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Is my ex gf a Cia handler
>have dream about being with cute girl
>the exact clone version of her pops into my life exact face hair personality everything
>wtf Damm I wish I was dating her
>she gives me her number around a week later
>start dating but break up because she is always trying to do something with me no time for myself
>around 6 months later start using x and get interested into schizo shit but I was always a poltard
>write a larp about telepathically driving Joe Biden insane
>voice that sounds like the dude from falling down torturing me later that night
>tells me to do this and do that using my larp powers
>later that month decide to text ex because I'm bored
>turns out she's a schizo and hears voices and has a split personality
>also on anti psychotics
>no sign of mental illness before I got into schizo culture
Am I going insane or is something going on wtf x
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The truth of Buddhism
hatred of material is a psyop by demons
Whenever you are told about the buddhist monks, how they're so peaceful and glad with no possessions and living a monastic life of pointlessness, how they own nothing and are happy, know that this is what's really going on. Do not be deceived by their lies and the naivete of the western idiots who support them.

Buddhism, gnosticism, however you spin it, is a trick to ruin you.
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Peter J. Carroll
Anyone else a fan of this guy? I have never read anything more authentic than what he has written when it comes to magic. Some of his ideas come across as a little depraved to me, but it's clear he can actually do magic. He's the only one I've read who clearly says things about magic that I've seen with my own eyes and done myself. Basically I think he's a bit of a bad influence, but a great source of information too.

I am especially curious about the "aetherics" he mentions in his Liber Null, which is basically magic involving manipulation of the ether via manipulation of the body and mind. This is the kind of magic that I am highly experienced in (sigil magic and the like does nothing for me), and I am interested in developing it further. If you guys could share stuff about that (how to develop more control over it, how to be constructive with it, etc), that would be highly appreciated.
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No title
I'm planning something. You think if I report in a false UFO report I'd gain the attention of the Men in Black? I want to meet them and see them for myself whether if they're humans or not.
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Saw a cryptid in a tunnel - how do I kill it?
Temp Tunnel
I'm gonna green text this for reading ease, but let me give some background first

Me and my buddies are tunnel runners
meaning we like to explore tunnels (mostly just deep rain drains)
I was finally able to take my brother out so this was his first time exploring

>Be me, 18, leader of the tunnel runner group
>Me and my bro go tunnel running
>Walk through a tunnel I frequent
>Get to the end and decide to explore another tunnel near the exit of this one
>Get to tunnel and find the top punched off from the inside

Note: The metal grate on top of this thing was dented as though something hit it HARD from the bottom, and the entire concrete slab that was supposed to be sitting on top had popped off at the seams and slid down the side of the tunnels entrance.

>Climb through the broken hole in the top
>Start tagging this bit of tunnel since we hadn't been here before
>Have our backs turned to a pitch black tunnel
>Tunnel goes as far as we can see and there's a light shaft about 40 meters into it
>My bro gets done tagging and is just stares into tunnel for a while
>He turns white and tells me, "I see something"
>I glance into the tunnel and dismiss it since I didn't want him scared on his first run
>He climbs out since he's freaked
>I finish tagging
>Stare into tunnel at the light shaft
>See a hand dragging on the floor
>Realize something is getting closer to me
>Decide to book it out of there
>Ask my brother what he saw
>Says it was tall, hunched over with long arms, and long black hair that covered its face
>Said it was crawling closer to us when he was looking
>We get out of there

I've been searching for this tunnel entrance for a few months, this is the mother of all tunnels in my area and I gotta map it out - so naturally I gotta kill this thing if it really is a cryptid. Any tips? Guns are difficult since it echoes, but not out of the question. Anyone know what it could be? Its in southern Missouri, in part of the ozark mountains.
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/omg/ — Occult, Mysticism, and Magick General
>Ape's Library

Jewish — Jewish Meditation
Hindu — Raja Yoga
Taoist — Foundations of Internal Alchemy
Theravada — Knowing and Seeing
Zen — Zen Mind Beginner's Mind
Sufi — Sufism for Non-Sufis
Christian — Cloud of Unknowing

Agrippa's Three Books are a must
Arbatel should be the first grimoire to work with; later on you can work with Heptameron, Goetia, Book of Abramelin, Picatrix, etc.
The PGM tend to be pretty modular

Intro to Tantra, Refining Gold. Garchen Rinpoche and HHDL's entire YouTube catalogs; you can even take empowerment and transmission from their recordings, if vows are understood. Look into centers in your area & others that offer empowerment online. Avoid NKT, Rigpa, and Shambhala. You can also self-initiate with the Samadhi Empowerment

>Golden Dawn
In order: Tree of Life, Mystical Qaballah, Middle Pillar, Golden Dawn

>Aurum Solis
Magical Philosophy (70s editions go from I-V, modern ones from I-III), then Planetary Magick
Their Practical Guide series for whatever

In the Freemason folder there is Martinism folder — read everything
Then try to find Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings, as well as the works of Saint-Martin and Papus, in French

>Aspire to A∴A∴
Have a basic understanding of the Golden Dawn system. Read Liber ABA, then go through this reading list:
Focus on Liber Resh, E , RV, O, Astarte, and HHH
For a full curriculum, Mystical and Magical System of the A∴A∴

>Chaos Magic
Liber Null and Psychonaut, Condensed Chaos, Liber Kaos, Hands-On Chaos Magic, Six Ways

Pseudo-Dionysius: The Complete Works
Angelic Spirituality
Theologia Mystica (
Way to Christ first, then the rest of Jakob Böhme
Initiation into Three Worlds
An Outline of Sophiology

Prev: >>33378642
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No title
How to tone down esp? religion improves it as well. seems like people only want to know how to strengthen it..

Would you like to save and quit?
>[[yes]] [no]
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Dreams of An Endless Palace
I used to keep having dreams about an endless white palace. At the time, I could only really relate it to the art of M.C Esher. I would eventually end up seeing its motifs in a lot of media:

>2001: A Space Odyssey Ending
>Deus Ex Human Revolution
>NieR Automata

To name a few.

What could these dreams mean?
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No title
Anon, imagine for a while, you are not the material you, but are instead the laws of nature that keep you moving. Anon, you are not the flowing water, you are what makes it flow.
3 media | 23 replies
speeding up kali yuga
anons we need to start actively changing the world we cannot continue in this shitstem controlled by manipulating vampires we need to come to the end of kali yuga NOW
4 media | 15 replies
No title
Literally how is it possible to achieve semen retention?

After a few days or 1-2 weeks I literally have sharp pain in my balls. I become absolutely obsessed with sex and when I finally do nut it covers my entire midsection in a puddle.

How tf do you make your body absorb excess?
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Autism Spectrum Disorder is the Great Filter
Before any species is able to achieve interstellar travel, their social capabilities are eroded by the technology they invent, of which they are not adept, to the extent that it brings their civilization to a crawl. We are in the greatest era humanity will ever get, as we will fall into isolation and the death of our species. Be thankful you got to ride along, and enjoy the planet burning in Autism.
3 media | 35 replies
Why is /x/ so obsessed with schizophrenia?!?
Can someone please explaine why /x/ of all places is so obsessed with schizophrenia?

>> Be me.
>> Goes to /x/
>> Schizos this Schizoid that.
>> WhAt!!!???

>>pic related
2 media | 13 replies
No title
Does future past & present coexist?
How to capitalize on this? How to get ahead of the situation? smirk.
4 media | 21 replies
No title
How do I connect to positive entities of love and light, or whatever, instead of dickish aggressive entities?

Like 90% of the voices I hear are dickish, super judgmental and republican. IDK how to tap in to better entities.

I try to like meditate on entities or vibrations that would be cool, but it just seems to egg on the republican dickish entities even more.

Also IDK if I pick them up from pol or something, because I post there a fuckload to argue with the stupid nazis there. So I'm not sure if I picked up on clinger-on demons, since I'm 100% certain that /pol/ is demons.

How do I get cooler entities around me, who think I'm awesome, and think I'm a badass. And wanna tell me the cool stuff that I wanna hear about myself (Like "you're a really cool dude" or "I love you").

The republican entities literally tell me to get a job, lol. They are demonboomers
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/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation General
Welcome. The purpose of this general is to show you how to use your own wonderful human imagination to achieve your every desire.
The world and all within it is man’s conditioned consciousness objectified. Consciousness is the cause as well as the substance of the entire world. So it is to consciousness that we must turn if we would discover the secret of creation. Knowledge of the law of consciousness and the method of operating this law will enable you to accomplish all you desire in life.

The Main Concepts:
>Imagination creates Reality
>Assumptions harden into Fact
>Consciousness is the only Reality
>Feeling is the Secret
>Prayer, Living in the End/In the Wish Fulfilled (remaining Faithful to your Idea)
>You are the Operant Power
>There is no one to change but Self (Self-concept)
>Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally (Time is an Illusion)

>Can I manifest ___?
Yes! Creation is finished.

>Curious? Do the Ladder Experiment

>The Simple Technique

>Who is Neville Goddard?
Neville was a mystic who taught the Bible as a parable of the human psyche — a great psychological drama — and not a record of historical events.

Recommendations for beginners:
>Manifestation Manual

>Neville's Feeling is the Secret

>Video FAQ

—/ Extra resources /—
>Master Index

>Library (Hemi-Sync included)

>>Previous Thread
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No title
How I can escape the cycle. I'm so fucking tired.
2 media | 17 replies
No title
/x/ starterpack
4 media | 7 replies
No title
I think I just had a past memory recollection or something.
After lunch I was just relaxing in bed after a really heavy morning, was doing some normal ass breath work to relax and melt away all nice and comfy.
Went for deeper breaths enjoying white noise and the relaxation, when I started feeling some tingling between my sacrum and groin that was sorta moving upwards, eventually felt it reach my neck very powerfully and behind my eyelids i had a flash of a kid's face, female smiling beautifully and innocently, very young, maybe 2-3yo.
It was extremely detailed but it felt strange like it was impressed on my inner eyelids instead of paper, it wasn't like recollecting an image or a shape, it was like a photograph behind my eyelids and I was looking at it, not using my mind to conjure it up or something.
I never saw her before but felt like I knew her, after the "photo" disappeard I just rolled over to one side and I was crying like a bitch.
I've checked every family photo and some kids pics were similar to her but fuck me I'm 100% sure she's none of them.
What the hell.
5 media | 21 replies
>pic rel
i kissed a beautiful woman after almost 4 years of zero pussy thanks to a wish i made to lucifer a month ago.
its the end of spring where i live and i havent feel this positive in a long time.
will he turn this wish back at me in some way or is he a cool dude?
7 media | 64 replies
No title
worked out today
this one goes to michael
3 media | 9 replies
No title
I have a prediction
>WW3 will start this winter
No 'biggie we all figured that
>there will be a massive cyberwar during WW3 and the internet will be destroyed .
Still reading ??
>Elon will replace the old internet with the new one but this will be more towards the middle of the war .
Your interest peaked yet ??
>alot of people will die in this war becuase of nukes 'n shit .
Rolling your eyes ??
Well read this last part .
>free land and shelter will be offered to the remaining survivors and countries will be mass grave yards .

If you have any predictions to add, add 'em
0 media | 23 replies
Willing Human Sacrifice
What do you think about human sacrifice, anons? Is it powerful magic?
33 media | 138 replies
World War II Spooky Thread
This is where it all started, isn't it? Or where a lot of it started. All the threads of so much modern /x/ content lead back to the Second World War. This is when the CIA was founded, so this is the origin of the glowies. The Nazis were doing a lot of weird science that has filtered through various hidden channels, and was brought to America via Operation Paperclip. This is when interest in Antarctica started among the great powers. A lot of really strange rumors swirling around the postwar world seem to have their origins in World War II. This is also where globalism as we know it gets its start, in the war and its immediate aftermath, with the founding of things like the United Nations and the Bilderberg Group.

Tell me about World War II and what flowed from it, /x/.
1 media | 7 replies
whats the best meditation method to become non reactive?
I dont want to ignore the world or supress any feelings, I just want to become non reactive and detached from the illusory world. Theres tons of meditation methods, which one is the best if youre looking to become non reactive in every day to day life?
0 media | 1 replies
Stop looking for stuff
Let it come to you. Yesterday I told my friend I didn't want to buy new Ralph Laurens because I don't care what I look like. I really don't. I like the quality of Ralph Lauren 'cause they still make them quality but I really could care less about shit like that.

Well, my friend and I were walking around and 'lo and behold 5 Ralph Lauren shirts were presented in a bag along with 1 Calvin Klein shirt. They weren't used and 1 still had the tag.

I notice with creation it's almost like you have to walk this fine line of perhaps enjoying that you get something but not really giving a shit whether you do or not.


I don't think creation should be difficult and it SHOULD be instant and effortless. In my case it was instant and effortless today. I also saw a brand new pair of Northface boots that looked brand new. I could have bought them for $16 but since I'm in Florida I'd decided not to. When I made that decision I wouldn't buy them they disappeared from the store. They were there for many many days, which, considering the high quality and price, would have disappeared in an hour. IT was as though it was waiting for me to decide whether I wanted them or not lol
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No title
Say something nice about your intergalactic enemy to encourage participation in the war efforts.

I will go first.
They Make nice sounds once they are demorilized and neutralized.
Beep Boop
0 media | 2 replies
No title
So, did this super war happen 12k years ago in the Indian subcontinent? Did if have weapon equivalent to modern day or better? It is said to have lasted 18 days and waste 1.3 billion. May have encompassed the whole world, may have been limited to that side of the hemisphere. Hancock ever talk about it?
17 media | 43 replies
No title
how do i defeat them?!
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How does electromagnetic fields relate with ghosts?
Basically the subject. I was lurking the web about EMF meters and such and I really don't get why they use it for detecting ghosts' phenomena. Someone enlighten me.

>Are ghosts magnetic/electromagnetic?
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I'm like 90% sure i was an npc for the majority of my life. AMA
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one ring to love them all, one ring to side with them, one ring to send them all, and in the lamp to light them.
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Gorilla Hoax just as big as Flat Earth
Gorillas/Chimps/Orangetans are to evolution what outer space is to the globehomos.

Their evolution lie crumbles when you can see past the veil of deception just like flat earth crumbles the entire ‘science is awesome’ world view.

Pastors will adamantly stand by the claim that evolution is wrong but they never give any evidence. Here it is, the controllers have spent an enormous amount of effort into fooling the general public into thinking they are the result of randomness over millions of years and they used to be a monkey.

The way they can so easily mold the minds of the masses through deception shows you why evil people get off on this stuff so much. Talk about the feeling of power to change entire generation’s world view!!!

Koko is a furfag. Orangutans and chimps are suits. Get over it.

Nat geo is as real as NASA. Cope more ‘science’ fags.
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Unlocking Sexual Potential
I want to master and cultivate sex magick so I can have sex with the sexiest women and use my sex powers to achieve my greatest dreams and goals.

I not a fan of semen retention because I love ejaculating and spurting my seeds inside horny women. So I want an alternative to sex Magick where I become a sex God or sex Beast that fucks, conquer, and dominate.
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Can you even go back to mindlessly wageslaving 8h a day
for just surviving another day so that you can work tomorrow again?

Why are NPCs compelled to obey those stupid rules? There is no such entity as a "society". Nobody gives a fuck about each other individually, and yet they all live under this collective spell of doing what this magic entity considers "normal".

How do you guys cope with the fakeness of this world?
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Results of NNN
What results did you get from No Nut November guys?
Do you have super powers now?
Did you finally got the girlfriend of your dreams?
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I'll just leave this here
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Very good angel thread
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So if the earth is flat and round, not spherical, and God is real.

Why have we been lied to and why is there this perpetual commotion of the apocalypse looming. Why have they not repented and made peace with God and kept his basic commandments. Why? Why
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Immoral God, Universe?
Not sure if this is the right place, but honestly, I wouldn't even know who to ask. I've always been a very spiritual person but lately I no longer feel or appreciate the universe as an inherently moral structure.

It seems as though God is immoral, and morals are a scam, that there is no humanistic reason to existence and we are in the web of a total and dispassionate entity who doesn't care if we feed the homeless or fund child sex rings, as some do.

I just don't see anything anymore but a massive primate party, hooting, hollering, screaming over this and that under a calm blue sky which never changes. The mascot of Heaven, placid and calm in the face of all our so-called evil. I've never been an atheist, I've seen magic work and I've seen outright extreme paranormal/miracle type shit but it was never inherently religious, and often times made no sense. I could not get the "moral of the story/miracle" no matter how much I thought about it, and it ended up feeling like a cosmic glitch - meaningless, and without deeper beauty.

I hate feeling hollow like this. I feel like a crusted up old and empty shell and holy fuck if somebody can say something or show me something I'd appreciate it. Ex-Christian btw.
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What is this symbol? The whole video is full of weird stuff too.
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the book of this and that
I'm looking for the book of this and that I wanna do some cool stuff and other stuff too please help
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How does electromagnetic fields relate with ghosts?
Basically the subject. I was lurking around the internet about EMF meters and such, and I really don't understand why they use it to detect ghost phenomena. Someone enlighten me.

>Are ghosts magnetic/electromagnetic?
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What Role Does She PLay?
> "it's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me"

Has Taylor been a puppet for Satan? I feel like were locked inside her spells everytime she releases her venomous words into sound air waves. She tried to make me gay, now she's trying to make me believe I'm a problem?
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What's the connection between time travel and hell portals? The new pokemon game is about a time machine and not sure why spoilers aren't allowed on every board but please ignore if you are playing it casually
you have been warned
it's pretty clear that new professor has created a god machine from crystals which are the byproduct of a demiurge new legendary. The entire game is focused on bait and switches and it's easy to say especially in the most popular iteration scarlet version the dinosaur/prehistoric version that "oh it's just a time machine that brought things forward from the past" where as the less purchased violet robot/future version is "oh its just a time machine that brought things back from the future. More and more evidence in game points towards conscious desire affecting reality in the space where this is happening. It's a very fromsoft approach for a pokemon game. Especially interesting since most of the game is typical forgettable pokemon dialogue
>you gotta be the very best
> we must defeat that team of no goodniks
>help me get these Mystic Herbs

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Does god even care?
Uncle klaus is whooping our asses-

Digital Id incoming
Massive influx of left lunatics
Moar jabbies incoming
More inflation
More farms closing down

Seriously does god even care at this point ?

The lunatic left are even trying to poison the spiritual practice now - a bunch of left wing lunatic spiritual mediums
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Please leave a small offering.

Blessings will be sent to you.

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The idea anons have that there is a nip in Japan (a literally vassal of the U.S. that lacks several of the guaranteed protections of the individual) is effectively resisting censors from the entire west is laughable. We are being guided too. Just with back channels.
It's exactly like how despite having supposedly completely different perspectives, almost all popular dissident streamers from both sides of the isle supported Ukraine with largely the same rhetoric.
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