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>Vows to fight for Berlin to the last man
>Commits suicide when the Soviets are on the outskirts of Berlin
What was her problem?
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She could have just said no.
Is it common for women to blow someone just to advance in their career? (asking for a friend)
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You will never stop me from making threads you faggot.
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Whats the veredict on starwars as a whole?
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>Why dont you kick the door Mr.Bond? Or you will lose your oportunity
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has /tv/ decided
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suckin on my titties
What is the funniest south park episode
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/swg/ screenwriting general
What you working on anons? Anyone want to share their ideas for screenplays? Would be happy to compare some notes.
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Highest paid actors of 2020
>1: The Rock - $87.5M
>2: Ryan Reynolds - $71.5M
>3: Mark Wahlberg - $58M
>4: Ben Affleck - $55M
>5: Vin Diesel - $54M
>6: Akshay Kumar - $48.5M
>7: Lin-Manuel Miranda - $45.5M
>8: Will Smith - $44.5M
>9: Adam Sandler - $41M
>10: Jackie Chan - $40M
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...the Emperor is posting here?
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Alright kid, you've got 30 seconds, pitch me your billion dollar movie idea
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Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema.

Previous: >>137740138

/film/ Literature -
/film/ Charts -
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looking for any movies you anons might know of that shows the confederates in a sympathetic light, anything highlighting the tragedy of fighting the lost cause for southern rights.
obviously war films but also anything pre war featuring Calhoun for example or post war and reconstruction.
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>be normalfag
>become mod of biggest VR game in world
>ban it for 2 days a week
give me one reason why this is was a good idea
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Im so glad we at /tv/ universally hate this clown as posing loser.
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who's your favorite predator?
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He did it, bros.
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MV5BYWY1MWJjODYtMjk5Yy00OGY3LWFjNjctMjJlMDBiMmI0ODk1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTAyODkwOQ@@._V1_UY1200_CR85,0,630,1200_AL_ (1)
ITT: Trannycore
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What's the objectively stupidest reason you've watched a film?
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Was Sauron a human?
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Did working on Death Stranding ruin his career?
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Will anyone ever make a film as disturbing as the August Underground series?
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I mean why would you want to live in a shithole?
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Star Trek ENT aroooooooooooo
arooooooo edition
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What's your favourite film in italian cinema?
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Any of you guys seen this one? Love Altman but had never even heard of it until recently. Super weird movie
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post your 3 favorite films, others rate
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Based Limmy keeping Twitch safe.
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TV and film about fucked it parent situations?
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I had a hard time focusing on the horror aspect of this movie because every single woman in it was distractingly cute
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Series finale wasn't even THAT bad. You're crazy if you compare it to GoT series finale. It's not even in the same ballpark. Dexter's ending was dark, that's literally it. Did I want something else like a more happy ending? Sure. Was it sloppy, lazy, poorly written like GoT? Not even close.
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holy fuck could this shit be any more boring
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Martin Scorcese on The Sopranos
>Martin Scorsese has said he only ever watched one episode of The Sopranos because he could not identify “with that generation of the underworld”.

>“They live in New Jersey with the big houses? I don’t get it.

>“They use language – four-letter words – in front of their daughters, at the dinner table? I don’t get that.”

>“I just didn’t grow up that way,” added the filmmaker.

He just didn't grow up that way.
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Scenes that hit a bit too close to home
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What are some negatives things that can be said about this movie?
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y-year of the spoony...r-right guys...?
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If I was in his situation I'd have probably masturbated to girls from my class for days and then died
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Organized Crime Kino
>russian mob
>all other form of organized crime
Why does organized crime make such a good subject matter for film?
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images (19)
It's remarkable how they managed to make a movie in which the people are less human than dinosaurs.

Nobody changes in this movie. Each one is a cardboard cutout without even an arc. No risk, no real disagreement or loss. No emotional impact whatsoever to be felt from these shallow "characters". What of the dinosaurs?

Each dinosaur in this movie has character
Seeing them eaten, burnt, impaled, drowned, shot, trapped, gassed and electrocuted forms the core sense of sympathy and investment in the film. The Brachiosaurus wailing from the doomed island as it becomes enveloped in smoke and flame may be hackneyed, but it's also the emotional apex. Each life in the balance and their actions always with a note of unpredictability, as any human's should. Their journey is practically biblical, with the wrath of God destroying their home, being sold into slavery and finally sweet emancipation.

Just astonishing how flat and distant the human characters are in comparison.
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Have you ever tried this irl? I'm thinking about giving it a shot
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>Watch broadcast tv
>Every single fucking ad

>soft piano music
>black guy: thank you
>white lady: thank you
>white kid: thank you for helping each other during these unprecedented times
>slow montage of nurses crying as violin starts to play along with piano
>elderly man: thank you for keeping me safe

>white guy: and as a show of our thanks you can own a new car for zero dollars down and zero interest for six months
>nurse in mask: thank you
>white guy: thank you

>music ends with a single note, the words “thank you” appear on screen with car company’s logo underneath
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It's been six years today
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Titanic Se Disc1-5.m4v_snapshot_00.35.985
As great as torrents are, they NEVER include the behind the scenes content. Titanic's BTS is amazing
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Red Jenny Media when?
It is so obvious that I am astounded it has not happened yet. There are so many parallels and similarities - it rhymes.

Mike is from the heartland, bitter and mean, Jenny is from California, upbeat and excited.
Mike talks about technical aspects of movies and franchises, Jenny is more about conventions and the fandoms and the movies are almost a side note.
Mike has Jay, a boy who tries to look like a man. Jenny has her sister, a boy who tries to look like a woman.
Mike despises shills like Collider, Jenny is the Millennial Falcon.

And from what I can tell, their content only overlaps on Star Wars.
Mike is otherwise talking about classics or trash or Star Trek or corporate training videos, Jenny is about fanfiction, Harry Potter, bronies and theme parks.

But Mike got his big break with the Plinkett reviews and Jenny was all over the 3rd trilogy.

I want these worlds to collide. To restore balance to the force.
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A long time ago, I was in Burma
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Godspeed, Spider-Man.
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>audience relates to the movie's theme
>"it was all satire, bro. you weren't meant to relate to the characters or themes at all. that was the point!"
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What the fuck did I just watch?
I thought you guys were overreacting as always
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Currently watching season 1 of Stranger Things (because of my bias, Finn). Does it get better? I'm already bored.
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>And they're all Jaime's
>Thank the gods. In the rare event Robert leaves his whores long enough to stumble drunken into my bed, I finish him off in other ways, like letting him cum all over my face or directly up my ass
wow. empowering
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>I am forgotten
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I want to know what is the best link/website to download for free the movie "The DuFF" in french (if possible english with french subtitles), 1080p.
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Kinos for that 80s japan feel?
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download (2)
>btfos Sopranos forever
Will zoomers ever recover?
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>the force is more than just lifting rocks
oh for fuck sake rian
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2015 02 - February 22 - Disnelyand at Anaheim, Ca - @ biqzie (instagram)
hey /tv/ look who i met
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SmartSelect_20200811-123911_Samsung Internet

This is your childhood
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>watching Avengers Endgame in the kinoplex
>scene where Thanos gets killed
>slump down in my seat
>the whole audience erupts in laughter
>a black man sucks his teeth and says "you alright white boy"
>hear Martin Scorsese say "damn, he monkey"
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Based or not based?
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Your hayur is theyur stayvun
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You are part of the Supreme Leader's bodyguard when he is murdered by the second-in-command in front of your eyes. What will you do?
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cast strong but dependent-on-robin starfire
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Can you name all the references in Hollywood Steps Out?
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You know that Voight-Kampff test of yours /tv/, did you ever take the test yourself?
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Probably the most mid-90s movie in existence.
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Watched this yesterday, it was trash
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what would you do in this situation
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Holy shit, is this guy supposed to be likeable?
What a faggot
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If he didn't do it, why did he smirk?
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Movies for this feel?
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Season 1 is the best season. How wrong am I?
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Has your favorite star evere won a prize for his/her career?
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what did we think of it?
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Which is better?
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Spider-Man 3 SPOILERS
>Working title is Spider-Man: Home Run
>Peter is attacked by Scorpion in his apartment, the two fight and eventually Peter catches him on fire and he flees.
>Aunt May is fine, but Ned is seriously injured after getting thrown across the room as Scorpion busted in, prompting Spider-Man to leave New York.
>Secretary Ross hires the world's best bounty hunter - Kraven, to stop Spider-Man. Kraven tracks Spider-Man as he makes his way across the country, before trapping him in Chicago which he has transformed with his own devices and traps.
>After running thru a city full of traps, Happy Hogan rescues Peter and they flee to Nebraska, thinking nobody can find them there. Peter ditches his phone so he can't be tracked. He makes one last call to Aunt May telling her he loves her very much and that he's going to Nebraska.
>Ross has captured Aunt May, MJ, and an injured Ned.
>Ross broadcasts a message nationwide, giving Peter 36 hours to turn himself in, or he will drop nuclear bombs on New York and Los Angeles.
>The military infiltrate Ross' headquarters, but they are slaughtered by his newly created Spider Slayers.
>Kraven and Scorpion ambush Happy and Peter as they approach New York, Happy gets shot in the stomach, just before he dies, he blows up his plane, killing Scorpion as well.
>Peter attacks Ross, and figures out that he's not actually Ross, but Mysterio disguising as Ross using his drones. Peter finds the corpse of the real Ross.
>Beck betrays Kraven, forcing Kraven and Spidey to work together in the third act. He creates an army of Spider Slayers they face. The Slayers aren't real, it's the drones who are circulating around the nation demolishing buildings including the Empire State Building, Chinese theater, and the White House, and leveling small towns. Beyond Avengers level destruction.
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This hot weather is really getting to me, so tonight my girlfriend said we should just hang out and watch a movie together since we were out in the heat much of today.

Are there any good summer-time movies you would recommend which are quite funny, a bit romantic, and a little complex or "arty"?

Something along the lines of The Comedy (2012) would be great, as we really enjoyed watching that together recently.
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What movies made you feel this way?
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bassed and drumpilled
>Ernest Hemingway once wrote: "The world is a beautiful place, and worth fighting for" I agree with the second part
*Hearts Filthy Lesson*
*Hearts Filthy Lesson*
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>ITT characters you were happy to see die I'll start
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Just walk away
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Serious Simpsons thread
What's your favorite episode from the classics? What's your favorite modern episode?
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Why does every Scorscese movie have narraration?
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Knock knock
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What was his tax policy?
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im amanda wairward
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why is everyone so mean to peter?
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This kid wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds on /b/ back in my day.
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Luna 3
So I've been rewatching all the Harry Potter movies and something made me confused.

Why on earth didn't Harry and Luna end up together? The two of them bond really quickly and thanks to having gone through similar things as Harry, Luna truly understands him. She also sees Harry as an ordinary guy and not as this mighty celebrity as everyone else does, which is something Harry has always desired.

Ginny was only ever attracted to Harry because she saw him as a celebrity, and she didn't do anything between books/movies 2-6 except occasionally date different guys.

What the fuck was Rowling thinking exactly?
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cinema is a lesser art form than music.
Sadly, cinema can never match the grandeur of music. This is because music stimulates the creative parts of the mind, aiding the listener in creating worlds vaster than any camera could ever encapsulate. Cinema will always be a limited medium, since the worlds it presents are by necessity streamlined, as opposed to the free-flowing worlds of music, and as such, no movie will ever be as evocative and apocalyptic as, say, ITCOTCK.

Deny it all you want, but you know in your bones that I'm correct. This is why your mom would chase you outside when you watched too much TV, but she would never throw you out for listening to too much Bach. Humans have an instinctive understanding of the healthiness of music. This is also why all cultures in history have music, while only decadent and decaying cultures have cinema.
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Guys I need your help. This nigga is living rent-free in my head and he's belting out songs all day every day. What can I watch to kick him out?
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Carol Baskin killed her husband
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Top or bottom?
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ITT: Retardkino
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>handsome, tony soprano build butcher should have to settle for a jawlet femcel
the notion that the sexual revolution changed anything is a joke
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Share your movie ideas.
lemon incest
I would like a movie based on this music video.
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Better Call Saul S5 is never happening
Future anon here and Better Call Saul superfan. I come from January of 2023, and I have unfortunate news.

Jonathon Banks is going to contract coronavirus in October of 2020. He will unfortunately pass right before halloween. A week later Peter Gould and Bob Odenkirk will anounce that Season 5 just can't be done without Mike. The fans will beg for a conclusion to the series, of which will go seemingly unheard. Right after Christmas of 2022 all the stars will come together to do a 6 30 minute podcasts of which they will do audio only episodes. The first 3 will be for season 5, and the next 2 for season 6. I don't want to spoil it because it's really good. The sixth podcast will be Giancarlo Esposito, Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Laura Frasier, Peter Gould, Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul paying tribute to Johnathon Banks by telling funny stories about him on set and talking about how well he played Mike. If I were you anons, I would tweet at Jonathon while he is still here telling him thank you for the great job he has done, but don't send this to any of the cast.
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not gonna lie, i walked out of the theater at this point.
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What's a respectable amount of movies to have seen? I only have 900 logged on letterboxd and I feel like a pleb
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Where were you when the classic television show Arthur ended racism?
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Yesterday I jerked off over 10 times, no joke. I restarted the gym like ten days back since gym lockdown ended. Don't go to the gym it makes you too horny. Now I feel like a vegetable 'cause I fapped so much yesterday. How do I quit porn? I've tried but it's impossible. Also who's your favourite Bond girl?
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What's your favorite PKD movie /tv/?

Here's a PKD primer:

I recently got into TMITHC during an illness, man, I am impressed with dick.
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>3rd season cancelled
It’s over bros. No more aidan gillen govt propaganda...
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The Kingdom-01
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Umbrella academy sit-in episode
I know this may seem like /pol/ bait but I want to make a serious comment.

I'm a liberal black guy but not part of this "woke" culture. I don't want to be called a nigger walking down the street but come on.

During this episode when they are sitting in, these people were saying very inoffensive stuff like "GET OUT". I still want to feel this is grounded in some reality but because of fear of offending people they held back. I should have heard nigger, jungle bunnies, porch monkeys, coons, and every slur in the book. These are supposed to be very venemous hateful people. Why clean up their language to actually make them look less hateful?

Its dumb.
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No title
What are some movies about gender inclusiveness?
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Better Call Saul
So, after rewatching this series I've come to terms with a couple of things that are indicative of how the series wraps up in prequel time. Underneath the overarching plot, the story of the show on the Jimmy and Kim side of things has been a couple of things. For Jimmy, it has been undermining Kim's moral compass to increasingly fall in the gray area because of his need for her stability in his cons. For Kim, it has been molding herself to be able to justify staying with Jimmy despite his increasingly dangerous path of criminality. We've finally reached the point where Jimmy's widdling of her core and Kim's searching for her balance has come to a head, resulting in her "Breaking Bad" in the season 5 finale. What I think this means moving forward is that Kim's acceptance of herself as being completely ends oriented in terms of conning so long as she can balance the scales of the aftermath is going to be how the Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad emerges. Kim, thinking she is aware completely of who Jimmy is, will unknowingly begin to coax out his worst impulses as they engage in increasingly amoral activity causing him to embrace relishing being a degenerate. The tragedy of the show will ultimately be that Kim's love and adoration for Jimmy is what enabled the creation of a monster in the form of the Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad.
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Foreign posters of dogshit movies
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No title
Which of them is the better actor?
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Little bit of kosher salt
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No title
Is he going to appear on Better Call Saul??
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Kinos about taking down racists?
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John McTiernan (Predator, Die Hard, Die Hard with a Vengeance) is making a return to filmmaking with a sci-fi action movie called “Tau Ceti Four” starring Uma Thurman.
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No title
why did she go to the witness protection program and move to Pawnee?
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disgusting whore
Fuck this stupid cunt. She ruined every scene she was in. She should not have been in the show.
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Did they provide their own clothes? They don't look like uniforms so they must have. What did they mean by this?
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educate me in russian cinema.
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bundy house
How could a shoe salesman with two kids and a neet wife afford a house like this?
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If a serial killer believes his murders are an art, then is it art?
3 images | 22 replies
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