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cast her
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martini bond
Bond, most kino Bond
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What is your favorite Leo movie?
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I saw a film today oh boy
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>127 days until Avatar: The Way of Water
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Why didn't they just move?
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Peter Jackson wants to wipe LOTR from his memory
Literally. Peter Jackson says that he never got a chance to enjoy the movies "as a fan" and so he wants famous Hypnotherapist Darren Brown to wipe his memory. This is some crazy news /tv/.
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nativefu was a qt and i really only have a couple of gripes with it
>showed the monster too early
>immersion-breaking axe-leash
>third act acrobatics was a bit too much
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First look of Joaquin Phoenix in Ridley Scott's Napoleon

Will it be kino?
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any kino where the protagonist has smarr yellow dick so that i can self insert?
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>fuck your best mate's girl and make him witness her giving birth to your baby
>get forgiveness
>get beat up 7 years ago
>yeah the guy's been to prison and trying to seek forgiveness but I'm just going to murder him now
wow I hate black people
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/bcs/ - Better Call Saul General
>Howard won, regained his respect
>Nacho won, his father is alive and scolded retarded Mike
>Chuck won, he'd always been right
>Lalo technically won (that's why he was laughing, he knew what was coming for the Gus)
>Bill won with a flawless victory
>Walter won big time
>Hank and Gomie won
>Cliff, Rich, Ernesto: fate unknown, most likely won though.
>Gene already won since he threatened that old lady and is the only one left alive from the Heisenberg story
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>there are people on this board that still deny queercoding is a thing
When are you gonna stop coping and accept reality?
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here's your lucifer bro
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So, now that Nintendo Studios is a thing, do you think they'll follow up on Mario's inevitable success and adapt more of their games into movies?
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You're fat and you got no money
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Name a more incompetent studio than WB.
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Star Wars
Why ppl is like that?
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Walter Hamada wants to quit because of Snyder fanboys. I hope you fuckers are happy with your bad behavior.
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holy fucking kino
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behind the scenes | candid | red carpet | rares | blessed/cursed imagery
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Why do women love this series so much?
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Name my band
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The North Water
Just got finished watching this show.

>What did I think of it and more importantly, what did /tv/ think of it?

Basically The Terror season 1 minus all the supernatural stuff. Breddy gud, would recommend.
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Would this be a good movie to watch with my bros?
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When did you realise he was innocent?
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Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema

>/film/ literature
>/film/ charts
>/film/ directors directory

Previous: >>172441702
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Aren't you angry at watching spoiled rich bastards wasting money in inane shenanigans all day while you sweat and toil for a meager restitution and no future in sight? Because sure i am
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its all over
Any kinos about having to finally get a job after living the neet life?
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What's the best season of South Park, and what season did it stop being funny?
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Find at least one flaw. I'll wait.
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If they ever made a Storm of Steel movie or just a biopic about Junger’s life who would you cast for him? All Hollywood actors allowed living or dead at any age.
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why was he speaking klingon?
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After rewatching it a 5th time, I realized she can't act
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Disney+ Basic will cost $7.99 per month (no ad plan will cost $11.00), and will only have 4 minutes of ads per hour
what do we think?
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what the fuck was that hair
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Movies that have conflicting ideologies?
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28 days later
Why didn't they just live in the grocery store? Fucking retards ngmi
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Black and white morality is a very stupid and childish perception of morality and the human condition since it inherently limited you to only two extremes. If you see the world in a black and white mindset, you either a child or mentally a child.
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The Sandman
Are you enjoying the latest Netflix series? Thoughts?
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Daily Loli Thread
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Would a revival of the Noir Detective Genre be successful in Hollywood? And would it improve the relations between the Police and the public?

It can serve as a reminder for all the detectives that stick their neck out for us
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How can Goose's chracters be so beta yet so alpha?
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Kinos about spamming?
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>talking to a girl
>have an evening at her place and she asks me to show her my favorite movie
>watch Apocalypse Now
>she actually likes it and asks questions about the Vietnam War and the movie itself

Damn, is she the one? I thought this board said chicks hated that movie.
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What's her best film?
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it's kino
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>he thinks Hunter is only posted on 4chan
You WILL buy her skin care products as well, CHUD.
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Screenshot_2022-08-12 Culture Crave 🍿 on Twitter
based zaslav taking out the trash

snyderverse is coming
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>single-handedly saves kino
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David Zaslav
Is he literally /ourguy/?
>cancels Batgirl
>shutdown Scoob 2, a sequel to a shitty film no one saw
>canceled JJ Abrams' "Demimonde"
>canceled the Charm reboot
>canceled 4400
>canceled Naomi
>canceled "The Wonder Twins" movie
>canceled "Raised By Wolves"
>fired dozens of woke writers from DC Comics
>fired several useless social media editors
>forcing the DCEU to reboot in the coming years
>canceled a bunch of HBO Max shows
>plans to restructure Cartoon Network & Adult Swim
>causes twitterfags to seethe uncontrollably
>"We will fully embrace theatrical."
>still releasing "The Flash" despite Ezra controversies
>wants WB to actually make money again
He's potentially one of the greatest business CEOs of our era.
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Kinos about hypocrisy?
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How dare they?
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>Unca Hank, Im startin an Onlyfans!
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Is this based on real events?
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/bb/ big brother 24
HOH: Michael
Veto: Brittany and Michael
Noms: Daniel and Kyle

Alyssa, Indy and Taylor
Brittany and Michael
Daniel and Kyle
Jasmine and Turner
Joseph and Monte and Terrance

previously on /bb/: >>172431904
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>win here
>win there
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Why was the Dwarven city in the mines of Moria completely lacking any buildings? It’s all just pillars
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New edition
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He unironically dindu nuffin
>puts mask on unconcious jesse to prevent him from inhaling phosphorus
>avenges jesse for getting his shit kicked in by tuco
>saves jesse after tuco questions why he is needed and tries to kill him in the desert
>saves jesse from getting caught after hank was trailing him
>saves jesse from being killed after he threatens to sue hank
>saves hank from harsher suspension after beating the shit out of hank
>saves jesse from running away and overdosing with a junkie girl
>admits jesse to rehab so he can get better
>pays for hanks rehabilitation so he can walk again and do normal things
>vouches for jesse with gus to he can work in a superlab and make millions
>saves jesse from getting killed by drug dealers after Gus specifically told him not be sperg out
>saves jesse and himself from mike having gale out of the picture
>jesse works with the man content with Thomas being killed
>gives jesse the money when he wants out
>jesse chimps out when he tries to getting him away from the child killer who also just happened to threaten to murder his entire family
>tries to talk to jesse in public with the only intent to converse with him
>saves jesse one last time after he is tortured and forced to cook by ze natzees

How exactly is Walter the super evil bad guy again? He saved Jesse multiple times where it didn't benefit him at all. Especially when he killed the gangbangers.
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>The expect one of us in the wreckage brother
I know CIA said his flight plan only lists "one of you" but we already know Bane didn't believe he was actually killing the henchmen and thus didn't believe the line about the flight plan.
Also why bother with the fake body and transfusing Pavel-hakase's blood? Surely any investigation will know there was foul play considering both wings were broken off far behind where the fuselage actually crashed, not to mention the fuselage fell straight down while in a bizarre situation where the wings did both snap off it would hit the ground at an angle.
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hop in
we’re gonna smock crack and hit a house
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why did john have harbor such contempt for todd?
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1610102737723 (6)
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My name is anthony sopgunrano
I am here and youse are dere
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*exposes Jim Carrey as the contemptible hack that he is*
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the bat is dead
It's over...
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other scene
>Pick a film scene
>Paint it in paint
>Post it for other anons to guess
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Dumb sequel full of reddit humor and lacking the quirky charm/mischievous spirit of the first film
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What's with this movie?
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Treasure Planet
images (29)
>Disney makes an original film with an interesting new concept of Space-1700s era aesthetics
>No musical numbers BS
>Good animation
>Film bombed at the box office
What went wrong? I've never met anyone who didn't like this movie as a kid.
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/who/ Doctor Who general
Stream breaking news, the latest movies, your favourite TV shows and more on Cybus+
Upgraded members receive a 50% discount on their membership.

33 media | 111 replies
Rings of Power
New look:
16 media | 78 replies
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Go to a screening of pic related in the park

>> The main host lady is so fat and wearing so little, I'm talking belly protruding way past the side leaning tits.
>> You could tell she felt very empowered and sexy from the weak, polite claps her introduction gets. Like I just know she brags to her feminist friends about how cool and wild she is.
>> A bunch of really unattractive women in bras and panties literally stands in front of the screen and act out every single scene.
>> some stuff was cool like the audiance throw rice at the wedding scene and scremed "slut" whenever the female lead said her own name, and "asshole" when her husband did.
>> go for drinks with friend after
>> come home drunk and realize i cant fap like usual from the sights ive suffered

overall it was bad but in a funny way 6/10
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What was the point/message of this episode?
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Eats her way into irrelevancy
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What if the Boys mocked the right and the left
1. Morally ambiguous supe kills a black felon threatening a pregnant woman with a gun.
2. Homelander kills Muslim terrorists successfully and everyone applauds him.
3. White supe is left the only one standing while everyone around kneels with clenched fists during fiery but mostly peaceful BLM riot.
4. A lying woman makes a false rape accusation against a model citizen supe but loses in defamation trial.
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Is Bluey the GOAT kid's series?

Everyone raves about it.
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I don’t get it
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Has anybody here seen the movie Ingrid Goes West with Aubrey Plaza
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Name one time travel movie with sex (you can't)
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If wizards can turn into anything by themselves why do they need polyjuice potion?
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Lady Gaga “Harley Quinnotta”
“Harley Quinn” was always meant to be Italian.
It comes from Harlequin or Arlecchino, an Italian stage character front the 1600s

>Characterized by his checkered costume, his role is that of a light-hearted, nimble, and astute servant, often acting to thwart the plans of his master.

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The Bad Seed Returns this Labor Day.
Will you be watching McKenna Grace that day?
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Anne Heche was high on crack at time of accident
Hechebros, can her career ever recover from this? What should her first role be when she wakes up from her coma?
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How come the Ring of Power had no effect on Aragorn?
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No title

movies /tv/ pretends to understand but they actually misinterpret the entire movie.
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Well so did you, you made a white man mad.
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How would you get out of this situation?
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>this made millennials piss their pants with laughter
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Was this scene a accurate representation of sexual assault victim behaviour?
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Joker: Folie à Deux will be a global phenomenon like the first one was. This movie will have the same massive impact on popular culture, I guarantee you.
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Pitch me a movie with these two
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"I’m already having [the next] Gladiator written now,” he says. “So when I’ve done Napoleon, Gladiator will be ready to go.”
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Kim's 'sudden' attack of conscience
I can understand the life-changing trauma of seeing Howard get killed like that, and how it might give that character a new perspective, but for Kim to just suddenly and unilaterally announce that she's throwing away her marriage and career like that without even talking to Jimmy or any explicit kind of emotional/thought process just didn't feel right to me.

I mean I get it that she might even have made that decision for his sake as well as hers in her own mind, but her brain became a black box at that point where I have to make a lot of assumptions.

Likewise with Saul giving her the cold shoulder like he didn't give a fuck was the reverse. It's like I'm supposed to just assume that's because, "He's gone full Saul Goodman now, so he doesn't care about anyone", but that's bullshit because he's still Jimmy on some level and Jimmy does care about Kim - we know he does - and he proves that by calling her later on when he's Gene. Reminds me of the too-rapid-fire Peter Parker/Mary Jane on-off relationship back-and-forth from the Raimi Spiderman sequels, where it's like who are the characters trying to kid? Themselves, or the audience? Either way, nobody inside the story or outside of it can realistically buy it.

It's would be like expecting the audience to be shocked to find out Nippy wasn't real.
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Why is old school cinema so fucking kino?
why considering it hasnt aged well in many aspects so fucking kino amd comfy to watch compared to modern cinema? is it because you need to use your imagination most of the time? it respects the viewer and takes it time ( most classics are 120 min minimum) , why do you think its so enjoyable considering how raw it is?
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Al Pacino is rumored to be in JOKER 2
Who do you think he will play? Im hoping for Amadeus Arkahm the founder of Arkahm Asylum he would be a great antagonist for Joker and Harley
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"The Beach" wasn't a masterpiece, and that's because of casting Leo. It was made right after "Titanic", the biggest movie ever at the time, with a massive female audience. They forced Boyle to milk this fact and that's how we got the dumb romance plot, the retarded normie scenes in what would otherwise be recognized as pure kino and Boyle's best film.
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All jokes aside, how was Morbius
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No title
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finna kino
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