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crack sip yep
Post em.
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have you ever managed to impress a woman with your car?
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/dbt/ - [ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ]
riding while praying at the same time edition

>Motorcycle Silly Questions & Unhelpful Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle boipucci rating

Make Frens!:
(New map! Email [email protected] with pic of bike (hosted) and location to be added):

Useful sites for scrubs:

Twist of the Wrist II:


Read the sticky: >>22251394

Previous /dbt/ : >>23450457
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Car storage
Hey /o/, I'm about to go to basic training in a few days. I'll be leaving my car at my parents and it'll probably be almost a full year before I'm done with all training and can go get my car back. What should I be sure to do before leaving? I'll get my dad to drive it around a little every once in a while. Is that all it really needs?
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/ctg/ - Classic Toyota General - Happy (late) New Year edition
>pre-2000 (still)
>no hairdresser cars
>we like trucks!
>we like Lexus!
Previous thread hit bump limit >>23349630

Post pics and discuss Yotas you own(ed) or wish you owned
Ask for technical advice, but please include year, make, model, chassis code, where you are in the world generally speaking, and as much info as possible
Complain about rust, teach newbs how to wrench, laugh at muh truck engine, brag about your high score odometer readings, and bask in the general greatness that is old school Toyota
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Why does she always touch the shit out of any car she's in front of. I've never seen another car enthusiast try to finger fuck other peoples cars so much.
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This Camry
Just bought a 1999 Camry for $800. Cats messed up. Anything else wrong with it? Just made a YouTube to upload videos. The first one is the car starting up. The second one you can hear the cat rattling. The third one is it shifting gears and the last one is it sitting parked.
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Why the fuck is it so hard to flat tow vehicles nowadays? Do any anons here do it? What’s your setup?
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Is it worth the cost and effort turning a car from FWD into AWD?
asking for a friend
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Fubata /o/
Hey /o/, here's 2chan's japanese equivalent of /o/:
Find something cool and bring it back to this thread
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I just want to drive my car again bros. I dont know if she'll ever be fixed again. why fuck did I have to buy an obscure 90s shitbox with hard to find parts fuck my life
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Opel astra retardation
I have a 2004 1.7cdti opel astra and my turbo blew a couple days ago,i have the option of bying a new one but have no idea what to get.
Do you have any tips on how to add horse power,(im well aware that its a 1.7 and a 17year old one at that)
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What kind of car is this?
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who is at fault here?
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Give me one reason not to buy a 94-97 F-250 with the 7.3 diesel.
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QTDDTOT Weekend Edition
Didn't see a thread in the catalog so let's get it started for the weekend. I'll start.

I've asked this a few times before around here but just want to get some more opinions but my 11' civic may possibly have bad piston rings. One day I did a compression test for the fuck of it and found my 2nd cylinder was a bit low on PSI, I believe the others were around 160PSI and the 2nd was like 120-130 or so, the other cylinders were fine. I poured some oil in there and tested again and the compression went up which I heard means the rings could be bad. Is this something I should get fixed soon or just ignore it and hope for the best? I'd like to keep it for another 3-4 years max so not sure if I should risk it, I really don't want to dump the $1,000 or more to fix it and putting in a new engine doesn't really seem worth it with the mileage on the car. The car runs fine and the engine doesn't have any weird noises, it runs pretty rough but I discovered an exhaust leak yesterday at the bottom of my cat converter due to that area being rusted to shit so I'll probably install a new cat with new bolts and shit and that should make my car run smoother, the cat also is probably clogged, too.

What do you guys think? Keep the car and ignore it or abandon ship and sell it now while it still has some value to it.
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Do female car enthusiasts exist?
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My first V8
I make $22/hr with lots of overtime at my job and I’m tired of driving my 2011 Honda Fit, but I don’t know what car to get. I really want a car with a V8.

Currently I have ~$11,000 in my bank account and my credit score is ~760. I’m 20 years old, I don’t have any debt and I’m not planning on moving out of my family’s house because I am Mexican and it’s common to live with your parents well I to your 30s even after getting married.

What should I get? I don’t mind financing a car as long as it’s good.
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Trucker thread
Where are all the truckers on a sat night?
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>wipers at low speed are too slow
>wipers at medium speed are too fast
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Auto Sticker General #490
Auto Sticker General #490

"don't like my image choice? get fucked" op tells you yet again edition

Previous thread >>23387185

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ

>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, /o/ club names, etc.)
Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free.
Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)
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What went wrong?
Focus ST2
I've been seeing lots college chicks with these cars.
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Shit /o/ YouTubers do
>Rich as fuck automotive YouTubers who get all peeved because they have to pay to fix a problem on their car
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>he calls his WRX a sports car
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>Oy vey goyim looks like that minor accident completely totaled your car.
This is the price we’re forced to pay for (((safety))).
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look at my new tesla
its the greatest most superior car ever. seethe more poor fags.
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Should i buy this?
It needs a bit of electrical work which i can do. It uses j85s which can be sauced from jet dragster shops. i have a pilots loicense and i own a grass strip so i wont need to worry about type ratings, parts logs and other jet related red tape
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Are there any engines other than an LS that have a good balance of power and reliability that I can swap into my NA miata? I want to be a bit more unique than the thousands of other LS miatas but I am not against going with an LS.
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>bought soulless cuckover over a sporty car
>still regret it to this day
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What car is equal parts not manly at all and yet the manliest car one could drive?

Does such a car exist?
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/ovg/ - jpeg compression edition
Previous Thread:>>23430684

Welcome to the Auto Vidya General. This thread is for discussing fun racing games and cars in computer simulation.


>Port: 64738
>Password: 4ch


Equipment Guide

We're racing Live for Speed on weekends and fucking around in Wreckfest. Check out our Google doc for more info!

For a fun game this thread, use Paint to make a livery depicting your favorite waifu(m) -- but don't necessarily say what it is!
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2011 Town Car
Hello /o/. My current car has given up the ghost and I'm in the market for something new. All my cars have been 4 bangers with tiny interiors and I want something large. A land yacht if you will. Something to cruise low and slow in. I want to feel like I'm riding a couch down the freeway.

A local taxi company's owner is selling his personal use Lincoln Town Car with 65k miles. No accidents, clean interior, non smoker, car was serviced by the dealer since purchase. Asking $10,500. It has brand new Firestone tires, new rotors, and 4 new sets of pads with a fresh alignment. I'm not even about to haggle honestly. Any reason to avoid this car like the plague?
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>do you know how fast you were going sir?
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I want one of these like you wouldn't believe
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2024 Fusion Stuttering at WOT
I have a 2014 Titanium with the 2.0 Ecoboost. I've noticed when flooring the vehicle, it starts stuttering repeatedly until I ease off the throttle to about 3/4. It continues to accelerate just fine while I'm doing this, but the check engine light occasionally blinks while it's happening only to immediately disappear when I ease up. Any idea what this could be and do to my wallet? Thanks /ol
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Assalamu akeykum brothers. Which of these steeds is most fitting for a believer?
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What does /o/ drive at work?
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Has anyone here bought a new manual car?

I have a feeling that in 10 years it would be hard to find manuals even in the used market.
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Its just ugly
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is it just me or does the tesla cybertruck seem like the ultimate police vehicle?
>bookoo bullshit fast acceleration and top speed
>independent 4 wheel drive, it can flip a 180 on a dime and navigate tough terrain
>(potentially) bullet resistant windows for pistol calibers
>battery swap points around the city could be used, instead of gas stations, so the cops don't have to get out of the car
>carrying capacity for weapons and gear (think SWAT)

what do y'all think?
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Le Angry Ute comes out at night to eat stray Prius.
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Is handling more important than power?

Is that why the BRZ is so popular? Honestly I think the thing needs a turbo just like the WRX, but there has to be some reason why they didn't include it.
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Winter beater
OK so I just moved to a rusty city with poor snow clearing and I don't want to ruin my rust free Land Cruiser, but I'm poor, so I'm looking for a beater under $3k. Ideally I'd like to put as little money as possible into it, I'm like AWD, ane I'd like a manual sedan/wagon. Am I stuck with a beat up Impreza? What about a high mileage Audi A4? a rusty Mitsubishi Lancer? A brat up Ford 500 that's probably an auto? Should I just get a FWD car? WWYD? Convince me not to blow a few extra Gs and get a beaten up WRX.
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What car is this? Mazda?
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Are Ferrari and Lamborghini ok with the fact that most of the people that buy their cars made that much money through shady and criminal businesses?
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Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 12.36.14 PM
is this true?
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ITT: Extinct cars

Posts cars that are impossible to find in this day and age.
Low production numbers, reclaimed by rust, or riced to death.
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205 T16 E2
What was, in your opinion, the greatest Group B manufacturer?
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No title

Why don't car engines have these problems when hot-starting? Is the ECU just handling all this shit for me? If that's the case why don't they just add ECUs to plane engines?
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Why do white people love Lexus so much?
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Should I get a BMW to impress girls? Even if it's only 1% of my income?
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Hey /o/, not sure if this question has been asked here or not, but does anyone know what car is in this image? I've been wondering this for a while and never had anyone to ask.
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What are some good US apps/sites fr car buying? I use Craigslist and offerup/letgo
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Are trucks the best daily drivers?
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Found a 2004 F-150 that looks like it was owned by peepaw. 94k miles, no aftermarket- asking $8.5k
Is it worth it if everything checks out?
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Should I:
>Deliver chinese food and collect unemployment $75,600 no tax
>$3,150/month UE + $3,150/month chinese food delivery


>WFH IT job pays $85k/year, $63k/year after tax
>$5,400/month after tax - $800 for coding bootcamp tuition for first 5 months = $4,600

I get an extra $1,700 for the first 5 months from doing an /o/ related job(one of the best /o/ professions), then extra $900 after that and I get it now which is important for crypto.
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Twingo Thread
>CTRL+F Twingo
>0 results
Where is my Twingo thread?
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Anime cars
3 images | 4 replies
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image (3)
>Paying $20000 for an ATV
You guys do know that the forest service and BLM have to give these things away right? Ever since the regulators decided they're too dangerous they've been given a deadline to get rid of them.
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F1 thread
Yas Marina sucks edition

Will RB sign Perez?
Will Kimi Raikkonen ever retire?
Will young rookie Fernando Alonso find success?
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mid engine
post neat mid engine cars
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I fucking LOVE my little French shitbox. It's very fucking comfy because of its suspension setup, and I dont pretend I am a dunce trying to be sporty on the road, but it also has an excellent PSA engine. Not a big engine, but again, I am not a tard looking to do street racing, I just want to go from A to B without the exhaustion of travelling in a commie shitbox from 1990 (been there done that). I even slept in this little fucker.

What non-french car brands also have a focus on confort without you paying out your fucking asshole to them?
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2021 Toyota GR010 Hybrid
Toyota has officially revealed their LeMans contender

Now for ByKolles, Alpine, and SCG
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he cute
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>want a somewhat sporty car to daily drive
>awd would be nice
>never been a fan of wrx's / evo's and they're in such high demand that they go for way over what they should (shitty '02 wrx's will immediately sell for 4500+$)
>subaru svx is more or less exactly what I want
>insanely rare, 1 currently listed on autotrader for 11500
>live in a flyover state so if I want an imported rhd I'd need to get to either drive cross country or get it shipped
>wouldn't get the chance to test drive it
Is it worth the hassle / expense? Any alternatives? I've driven both the g35x and g37x and didn't really like either much. Both felt very boring.
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Formula student/superkarts
Why are they so much more interesting to watch than formula e and the like, is it because they are so small and keep changing direction?
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Prolonged repairs
What’s the longest you’ve gone without repairing something you wanted/needed to repair?

Minor things, big things both.

Let’s hear your stories.
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Ford GT Ferrari F430 Lamborghini Gallardo
The Ford GT was sold at $130,000 and was meant to be a budget alternative to the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari F430 of its era.

Now the Gallardo is a $60,000 rattlebox, the F430 is around $110,000 and the 2005-era Ford GT is a $500,000 car. How could Lamborghini and Ferrari let this happen?
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VIN Thread
Can we get a VIN thread going? I'm going to look at a 2nd generation 4runner tomorrow.
According to the guy, he bought it when it was new.
Thanks in advance to the anons who are kind enough to check!
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thinking about starting a youtube channel where i record myself singing along to songs on my weekly night drives.
i already sing along, but i think it'd be nice having a little archive of it.
not even good at singing and i dont want to make money from this, i just love night drives and singing!
you guys think this is a good idea?
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>You will not own a car
>you will carshare this contraption
>you will not exceed 50 k's/h
>gas engine bad harmfull production of lithium ion batteries that deteriorate in a year GUD
>you will CONSOOOM
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2021 S-Class
how much comfort could you possibly need? this is on the same level, if not better, than a first class seat on an overnight flight.
unless you're going on a long roadtrip, which i imagine the people sitting in the backseat of this car that it's marketed toward would not be doing, then most of the shit in here wouldn't be put to use much, if at all.
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No title
yeah yeah I know his shit belongs In /r/, but I'd imagine I'd have a waay better succes rate here.
I'm looking for a game that (I think) has a red sports car, perhaps a dodge viper in the starting/splash screen.
Gary Numan - Cars is playing when you start up the game.
I've been looking for it for years.
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Popular /o/pinions that nobody is willing to say
The only reason racing is exciting is the element of danger. On a safe, well maintained, track with cars that are designed with safety features there's no element of danger. F1 is largely boring. Nascar is extremely boring. Races like the isle of man TT are exciting to watch because one little fuckup and the rider could die
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No title
So why exactly do people visit the mechanic in 2021?
7 images | 63 replies
Cars driven exclusively by women
21 images | 41 replies
No title
Who makes the best catless exhaust + DP for a c63?
0 images | 8 replies
shitbox thread
post your shitbox
must be older than 10 years and worth less than 10k
38 images | 90 replies
/dat/ pickle reee exploded cummydoor edition
12 images | 31 replies
No title
Give me a reason not to buy a C3 Corvette
3 images | 34 replies
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>can handle same boost as iron with iron sleeve
>dissipate heat better
theres nothing wrong with aluminium block
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Parking new car outdoors
getting a new car soon, specifically thinking of a new 2021 vett or another nice luxury sport(y) one and im wondering if parking it every night in a carport built onto the side of my house is a bad idea or not.

we dont have a built in garage, but we have a nice carport built which leads into a driveway to the street. It's built right out of the side door of the house along our privacy fence. Im hoping that since it will be kind of boxed in (privacy fence, house, and another vehicle) it will be relatively safe from element damage over time/vandalism. Where I live it only gets down to about 0(32f) but can get as high as 40(104f) in the summer.

Is this just a bad idea and if I want to keep a nice car should I just invest in a closed garage first?
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Question Thread
Can you adjust the valves by removing the timing belt and turning the crankshaft until it reaches TDC; then followed by turning the camshaft sprocket until you find the notch and match it up with the mark on the valve cover?

because valve adjustment is basically adjusting the timing of the valves, right?

I read some stuff about valve adjustment in my manual and I was just wondering- isn't it the same as finding TDC?
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Weekend Wrenchin Thread
What are you fags working on?

Doin oil changes and inspections on half the fleet. Jeep GC needs struts, what’s the verdict on these dirt cheap RockAuto struts? I’m not planning on having this car another 10 years, but I’ll spend the $160 on KYB if the cheap ones are absolute shit.
15 images | 61 replies
No title
Japan has completely lost it. No one in the entire country's automotive industry knows how to make a good car anymore. I gave up on Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru a long time ago. I thought Honda wasn't completely retarded and that maybe the Type R was just a misstep, but this removes any plausible deniability.
I only pray that Nissan's new management can turn them around or else the entire country is hopeless.
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No title
>2004 scion xb
>239k miles
>$2k burgerbucks

Why not?
13 images | 89 replies
No title
My current job is a 47 mile drive from my house. I'm undecided if I should get a corolla, civic, accord, or a toyota 2wd truck. I do my own mechanic work and know hondas. What's the cheapest and most reliable car I can find to stack miles on?
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Hey dudes, doing a retro in my 8th gen civic, and I want my halo DRLs to be on when the headlights are off, and off when the headlights are on.

Is wiring in an interrupter switch what I need, or is there something easier? Normally the stock DRLs would do exactly what I'm trying to achieve here, but on these cars the drl is the highbeam being run at half power which I won't be able to use for my halos.
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No title
Car cleaning discussion. How do you clean your car?
4 images | 27 replies
Mustang Thread
Sexiest cars I routinely see on the road. I want to buy one, particularly in Lightning Blue.
7 images | 33 replies
No title
>He left it stock
3 images | 14 replies
Too much power
>2021 RS3 rumored to have a 450 bhp 'performance pack' variant

Is it too much for a small hatchback? We all know within 2-3 months there will be a stage 1 upgrade giving it over 500bhp for a few hundred bucks

Everyone kept telling me the OPF regulations would kill performance cars and HP and power figures would be going down but this is genuine madness that anyone with 35k can drive around with a 500bhp mini hyperhatch
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No title
>multiple 'zones' of climate control
>in an enclosed tight space
what? who the fuck is marketing/buying this meme
it's not a fucking continent, so the 'climate' is gonna be the average of whatever people have set on their fans
the only difference being the tiny breeze coming directly out of a vent, which may or may not extend a whopping 25cm
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Best Looking Cars of All Time
What are your best looking cars of all time?

For me the Alitalia Stratos is definitely top 5.
61 images | 70 replies
Doors won’t shut in cold weather
>bought my first car two days ago
>was going out yesterday
>open rear door
>it won’t close
>have to warm the car for 20-30min before it will shut

what can I do about this? The driver door works fine.
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/CCG/ - Classic Car General
/CCG/ - Classic Car General

Happy new year Edition

>Cars are considered "classic" at 25 years old, but a vehicle really needs that certain something to be classic.
>Everybody has their own taste, but some tastes are wrong. If you aren't sure if your car is classic or not, it's not.
>US, Euro, Jap, or whatever.
>HOWEVER, your Honda Miata doesn't count. 80s+ Hondas are better suited for their own generals as well. Everything else is fair game.
>Post your classic, your work on it, your hackery, and get advice.
>Any and all discussion about classics welcome, but may not necessarily generate responses; don't get butthurt.
>Period correct performance > cosmetics.
>Metal > plastic.
>Classic shitbox > modern shitbox.
>JBweld and RTV can fix anything
>If you see rust there is more.
>Rust and bodywork are the most difficult thing to repair.
>Electrical work is difficult until you stop reading forum posts and buy a multimeter.
>Low oil pressure? Worn mains and rod bearings. Use lucas and 15W40 until you afford a rebuild.
>Do NOT buy a classic and plan to pay someone to work on it. You need to be able to do 90% or more of the work or you will go broke.
>You will spend twice your budget, unless you have years of experience. If the salty old hands agree, it's true.
>Nothing is as easy as it seems
>Post car or GTFO
70 images | 325 replies
No title
Why did we Americans never get these?
Everyone else got them like EU, Australia, South America etc.
>Inline 6 Twin Turbo
32 images | 232 replies
No title
What is the best suv under 100k?
2 images | 4 replies
No title
>burn out take off at stop sign
>slam through gears
>exhaust noise goes away and cars runs better
3 images | 4 replies
2022 Subaru WRX STI
Is this going to finally be what we’ve been waiting for? A more powerful, fuel efficient STI that’s been brought into the modern world?
9 images | 136 replies
No title
Is this the Miata of pickup trucks?
22 images | 75 replies
/hg/ 本田 - Honda General
Looking at buying a Honda Post here and we'll tell you our elitist opinions

Need help identifying a chassis

Last Thread
19 images | 73 replies
No title
ITT: underrated/underappreciated cars
Why do people onions out over the new corolla hatchback when this baby was here all along? Toyota already had a great little sporty hatch with this thing and everyone just ignored it.

>independent suspension on all 4 wheels(unlike some certain korean cars)
>peppy 180 HP
>6 speed manual
>cool looks
>can fit 4 adults relatively comfortably

Tell me what more do you exactly want from a sub $20k car?
7 images | 32 replies
/brit/ - Brit/o/ General
Brito Thread Header Recession Depression
a glimpse of our car ownership future edition


A thread for the British denizens of /o/.


Upcoming Brit/o/ Events:

fuck off


Recent Happenings:

Tonight on Nope Gear! A man shatters his arm, the war against the insurance (((())))s continues, and we have too many MX5s but not enough Hondas.


We have a Slack chat! If you want in, just post up your email (it can be a throwaway), and you'll be invited in.
18 images | 33 replies
No title
You may not realize it, you don't even have to like it, but the Third Gen Pontiac Firebird is one of the best platforms to build on.

>It's not light, but it's no heavier than modern Japanese V6 cars like the 370Z
>Aerodynamic enough to be the fastest stock body street legal car in Europe (faster than the Veyron) when paired with a decent drivetrain
>Can accept a plethora of different engine and transmission combinations
>Has a huge aftermarket that supplies parts to make up for it's relatively few shortcomings
>Unlike most Murican cars, it is built to handle
>Still good on a straightaway too
>Long wheelbase gives it natural stability
>Despite it's age, it doesn't look dated
>Relatively cheap to pick up because haters don't see it's value
>Still has the stigma of being a trailer trash car, but not as bad as the Camaro
>Oh, and it has T-Tops
6 images | 28 replies
No title
How come regular ICE cars dont use lithium batteries?
>better in cold
>can be recharged if you let it drain by accident
2 images | 69 replies
No title
1993-1995 Bugatti EB110 Supersport in Blu Bugatti
Did any of you guys acquire your absolute, all-time dream car? How did you feel, and how do you feel now? Did it satisfy the desire and hype?
9 images | 23 replies
/BFGG/ - BRZ/FRS/GT86 General
Welcome to the BRZ/FRS/GT86 General!

>Actual thread edition

>All New BRZ was announced! Here are the facts on it:
New 2.4 FA engine based on one from Subura Ascent
Improved Chassis Design
New Exterior Look

>New GT86/GR86 details
nothing yet, we can safely assume the car will be the same as the new BRZ, but we have no clue what they'll pull ultimately.

>What is the point of this thread?
Just a place for the open discussion of the platform and it's future. Feel free to post your car as well, might be the photo for the next thread.

None this time, I'll have one next thread.

>Have questions on what to buy, mod, pros/cons, and etc? Check the mega guide below:
35 images | 255 replies
No title
Can someone redpill me on the love for jeeps?
10 images | 37 replies
No title
Volvo's lineup is currently the most original, homogeneous and good looking line-up in all of the car industry. Including very limited production companies like Aston Martin and Ferrari. There is no other car company currently that has the immediate brand recognition Volvo's new lineup does. Nothing comes close.
2 images | 6 replies
The CUV is hated for no reason
Why do people hate crossovers so much?
it's literally just a better hatchback/wagon in virtually every metric, and certain characteristics such as soulless drivetrains and being overweight are merely reflections of the contemporary auto industry as a whole rather than being exclusive to the crossover vehicle type specifically.
If you hate the idea of everyone on the road driving a 10 ton XXXL SUV deathmobile deluxe^tm then you should be happy that people are buying what is essentially on average just the direct evolutionary step of an old Subaru Forester - but with a slight lift, a bit more internal volume, and probably more versatile and useful than any other single personal vehicle type?
You still have plenty of non-CUV new vehicles being made and offered for more specific applications and for fun aims, so it's not like the CUV killed the sportster or the offroader compact SUV.

I can't see myself ever buying one save for my spouse when we have kids, but I can't deny that it's objectively the most useful type of car for your average normie
4 images | 24 replies
Night Drive Thread
e39 Night
General Night Drive Thread, post songs pics, stories anything related

Also, name a group better for going on 1am cruises than Depeche Mode, I'll wait.
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You don't drive like this, r-right anon?
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>Amazon DSPs using Sprinter vans

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What is the Perfect "young" Car?
>200 PS or more
>cheap prize
>dont takes sick ammounts of Gas
>cheap or "not many" repairs

I think its probably a lexus rc 300h
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>on morning commute
>see squirrel in road
>don't stop
>run into it, doesn't feel like i ran it over though, more like hitting the side of my tire
>look in rear view, nothing there
>i get visibly disappointed at this
Is there something wrong with me?
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What is the point of buyinf cars like these new?

You will not impress anyone, they will just think "Ewww a Kia". If you want that buy an Audi or BMW
They dont have high performance
They are not driver's cars
They are not super reliable
They are not luxurious and comfy unless you buy 10k worth of extras

Besides the regional managers at KIA offices I don't see why anyone would drive one
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Top Gear
I feel glumful and depressed everytime I think about this show.
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Just got 50+HP for free
>be at mechanic shop checking for codes
>he plugs in his 6 billion shekel diagnostic tool and starts scanning
>he says it will take a minute or so to scan and excuses himself to the washroom
>it finishes and he isnt back yet
>pick and use the tool myself
>dont know what the fuck im doing and somehow end up in the engine tuning section
>see preset octane tunes for my car
>click the highest, 93, because im a big guy
>it says stuff like increasing spark plug timing increasing fire rate, fuel injectors increasing fuel injection amount and a bunch of other stuff and of course 93 octane gas required
>click it
>finishes after literally 20 seconds
>go buy 2 bottles of octane booster from the guy in the office so my 87 becomes 93
>mechanic finally finishes shitting
>I leave later on
>excited about my now super shitbox
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
Just kidding.
>start driving shitbox home
>mfw the tune worked
>mfw my shitbox now accelerates much faster than before to the point where my chink tires spin if I push hard on the gas pedal which has never happened before
>mfw no knocking, check engine light, overheating, weird noises, or any other problems

I don't even care if the engine will explode 20k sooner; my shitbox is finally very fun to drive.
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"Bro, my supra can make 1,000 HP. I added turbos, and I cannot drive it because I need fucking jet fuel to drive it!"
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Based or cringe?
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1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT
Hey /o/

Looking to get my first car. My budget is real low ($2000CAD) so I'm expecting it to need some love. Right now, I'm looking into this baby, the 1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT. Is this a good starter car? It's cheap as hell to insure and I don't mind getting my hands dirty with some maintenance once in a while. But I've read a lot of good and bad about this car, what is /o/'s opinion on it?
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/dbt/ - Dialy Bike Thread
cool baiku and cool caru edition

>Motorcycle Silly Questions & Unhelpful Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>tendy rating services
>tnogf posting
>motorcycle dogs
>rip harleyfren

Make Frens!:
maps fukd m7

Useful sites for scrubs:

Twist of the Wrist II:


Read the sticky: >>22251394

Previous /dbt/ : >>23447720

Threadly question: is there really no point in buying a helmet that costs more than 100$ but less than 1000$ dollars?
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I wish it worked out.
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I know Americans are basically sentenced to life working 60 hour weeks with no holidays, but what are the rules?

I know they have state plates, but do you have to register your car in your state of residence always? Can you just get away with not? I know they don't need annual certificates in most states
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Penns/o/lvania Meet
o threadupdated
Alright fags 2pm on the 23rd we're going to Round 1 and then driving the glorious west chester twistos. That's one week from today for all you lube techs out there.

172 Exton Square Pkwy, Exton, PA 19341

discord for meet planning and additional /o/tism:
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Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 2.27.21 PM
>Rebuilt title

I fucking love the color though. Sad /o/
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I made the "budget off-roader" thread last week and I fell in love with 4.0 XJ. I could potentially run one on E85 but I'd like to get started with a (way cheaper) diesel XJ or WJ before upgrading to a 4.0. I'm looking at the VM 2.5TD that was used in the XJ and the Mercedes 270CDI in the WJ. I'm mainly thinking about it bc diesel = potential biodiesel/WVO conversion. I'm buying an offroader for long distance touring and E85 isn't widely available in Europe outside of my country.

What would you do guys? Are diesel Jeeps based? I've been running old Mercedes (and a couple of BMWs and VWs) on offroad diesel and I've never had an issue. I guess a nicely filtrated oil can do just as good. Thanks!
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>debt collectors are taking my car
it's all over for me bro's
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Tractor thread. You do own a tractor or two dont you anon?
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post cool unique builds
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I'm looking for a new daily to drive to work and shit and I found this 2011 Impreza for a good price.
The only issue is, the engine is a 2.0D Boxer Diesel.
Any of you have any experience with it? Is this as trash as it sounds, or is it actually a good engine?
After some search, I found pre 2010 models had serious shortblock failures. This is 2011 but I'm still not convinced.
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repainting your shitbox?
Convince me not to have my 90's shitbox repainted. I've had it since 2014 and even though I have enough money to buy a brand new SUV I still have no urge to replace it other than have it repainted. However if I have it painted I might get pissed off when it gets dented or scratched
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When car manufactories of different countries were at their peak.
>German cars were at their peak from the 1970s to the 1990s
>Japanese cars had their best times in the 90s and early 2000s, still remaining the nation with the most reliable cars until this very day
>The best (or rather cool) american cars of all time were built inbetween the 1960s and the 1970s (while their muscle cars have some sort of Renaissance at the moment)
>french and italian brands had their peak in the 80s
>the most stylish british cars were manufactured in the1950s, 1960s and 1970s
>swedish cars aka the volvo 240 stays on top since 1974
>russian cars were great from the beginning
Do you agree?
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current pr/o/jects
what's everyone working on?
>pic related me installing this bmw dct trans in my k24 swapped gtst
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Considering buying an na miata as a daily driver. Bad move? I live in South Dakota.
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