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Planning on tinting windows, wrapping the body, and installing cherry bomb muffler on my car myself, what am I in for?
>pic related is same as my car
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/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread
Triumph Edition

>Motorcycle gear and equipment
>Motorcycle tips and tricks
>How to slip a clutch
>New R7 disappointment
>Tendy rating services
>t.nogf posting
>wrenching discussion
>Motorcycle anime

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Whats new (post 2012 at least) that is more reliable than just getting a 420d?
Something which is under £10k and looks good
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Whats the most supercar/lambo looking car you can buy and drive in the UK for under £15k?
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Headgasket or something else?
Hey frens found this in a car I went to inspect today. Little black bits floating in the reservoir. Coolant is still red but has a few small bubbles in it. Car is an LS1 that’s been sitting a while.

Is this a headgasket going bad or is it the remnants of stop leak pellets/something else?
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name a better car
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G/o/ok shills
Jesus fucking Christ you niggers.
Have anyone of you mongrels were at the dealership and test drove that piece of shit new Hyundais are?
For a price of top end Golf GTI/Cupra Leon/Focus ST you're getting materials from FIAT, looks of a retard and driving experience of a golf cart.
>Hurr but those are great
>Durr buy N stands for Nurburgring
N is for fucking Nigger you are for shilling this crap.
Thinking i wasted two fucking hours driving i30N fastback.
What a terrible car it was.
And don't get me to start with painting. Looks like fucking primer ffs. Who can think it's cool and uncommon? Are you retarded?
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Genesis GV70
I was out driving and saw a preproduction GV70 in the wild. I was driving alone so I couldn't snap a photo of it, but it looks damn good in person. The paint job they have for the red looks almost like an exotic car paintjob in person.
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>looking at new cars
>want a manual
>never driven stick before
>salesperson takes me to a parking lot
>tries to coach me through taking off in 1st gear
>stall every time.
only had about 5 goes at it before we went back to the dealership but it was pretty frustrating to say the least. no idea what I was doing wrong. salesperson admitted he wasn't the best person to be teaching but even so I'm disappointed I wasn't able to get going. he had me rev the engine to 2,000 RPM and slowly let off the clutch. I'd get moving and then stall out every time as I'm releasing the clutch. he said once you feel the bite point to let off the clutch quickly but I'm not sure if that's what I was doing or not.

I know it's retarded trying to diagnose but what the fuck was I doing wrong based on the above info? also, any good videos someone can recommend? I've watched a few but apparently they didn't help me. pls no bully.
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>please watch 30 second ad before starting vehicle

Old cars are superior
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350 Build
Hey /o/. Checking back in with my 350 build. Got the main bearings, pistons and rods installed, as well as my cam and timing set, and oil pump.

Checked end play and rod play and are within spec. It seems a touch stiff to turn it takes 32lb feet at the balancer bolt. Finding some conflicting reports on how easily a rotating assembly should turn some say between 20-25# and some say anything under 35# is good
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Initial S
You look at your rear view
Driving down the twisties late at night, then you see him:

"W-what? He beat me! How could this be?!"

You got smoked by a Saturn SC-2 in your Nissan Skyline GTR.

Would be great if this would happen, then see a SC2 skyrocket to 30K because of anime. People jizzing themselves over a shitbox over.
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i want one so fucking god damn bad.
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Automation General
Automation general: 90's shitbox edition

Previous thread: >>23876906
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I caught a Hyundai Santa Cruz in the wild and they look even better in person
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images - 2021-05-16T182344.208
What do you feel when you see this picture?
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Post tasteful mods
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Anon do you drive with your knees?
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What are the real-world potential consequences for driving without insurance in VA, MD & DC?
I'm a very safe driver, though I speed on the highway, but because I'm younger than 25 my insurance is $328 per month.
It's dually insulting because I outright own my car, but it's almost like I'm still paying a car payment.
Do those automatic liscene plate scanners police have able to retrieve data on insurance? Or simply whether the car is stolen or not?
If it's merely stolen car info I see no reason to continue paying insurance. That said, I don't want to be 7-8 monthes down the line getting legally fucked because some cop randomly decided to run my info.
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Does /o/ have a consensus on the 2021 Trail125?

Seriously considering as a fan of smaller bikes. It's getting harder to find parts for the 197X Express and it's ilk

First kinda wanted a Grom, but at 6ft it looked like a circus bear riding a bike

Then wanted the Super Cub..but now this. Utilitarian, rugged..
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does anyone know any good eeprom edditor accessible for renault specific for fenix 5 ecu
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Is this car good at all, /o/? I'm not really into cars but my friend wants to buy it. Monaro vauxhall vxr
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ITT: stolen car design in non-car products
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>Great condition and runs terrific
>EXCEPT needs cylinder head
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images (3)
I've never had a ford always been a chevy guy but I have a question about modulars. Do they share engine mounting points / transmission bolt patterns across platforms? Say I had an f150 with 4.3l. Would a 4.6l 3v from a mustang bolt up? Or a 6.8l triton? Not talking about accessories or wiring harnesses or any of that shit.
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Dude wants 1800 for this, I offered him 800 and he never replied.

Who was in the wrong?
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What do I need to know before running E85
I have a 2008 Audi S5 4.2L NA V8 w/ Direct Injection. I want to run E85 because its waaay cheaper than gas in CA, and I've heard (and seen) that it makes more power. I've also heard about people saying it will corode your engine. Is E85 good or just snake oil
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Utes need to become a thing in America
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>sister buys jeep because she thinks she's a strong woman who needs a strong 4x4 SUV
>she used to change her own oil and tires on her old Civic and plans to do the same on this new car
>on schedule she pops her tire sidewall running against a curb one night
>she tries to put the spare tire on
>she cant as it's dark outside at 10pm and she had heavy 20" hueg tires which Jeep in their infinite wisdom decided to use lug bolts instead of nuts
>she calls me in the night crying because she cant put the tire on because its too heavy and she cant line up the bolts in the dark
>have to stop my solo bedroom cardiovascular activities to go save her
>get there with my big ass floodlight so I can see where the damn bolt holes are so I can align the tire
>get tire on in 1 minute
>she thanks me and says she will pay me back
>she drives to a gas station with me following and goes inside the bathroom to wash up
>follow her inside then go inside her and creampie her twice

So who at Jeep decided that it would be a good idea to switch to using lug bolts and low profile tires? What a terrible decision for an alleged "offroad rugged SUV"
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HOV lanes are legalized discrimination against single people.
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.2 CD
>brands now competing for lowest drag coefficient to squeeze out more mileage from the electric motor
Is this is then, are we doomed to an ugly car future?
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Should I buy a third gen CTS with the 3.6?

They seem far less of a headache to maintain than a BMW or Mercedes.
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Bippu thread?
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im a smart guy
I have a masters degree in physics and have done some circuit theory stuff before, but the problem is I have lived in a flat my entire adult life and my parents never owned a vehicle when I was growing up in the countryside (eccentrics), so i have literally never even touched an engine before in my life. Recently I got a high paying job as a software engineer so I can finally afford to (a) move out of london and (b) spooge £££ into a hobby

so - how can someone like me get into learning mechanics/auto repair? I would love to fix up a scrappy junk motorbike as a hobby, but it seems very intimidating without a father figure or similar to introduce me

in London I see there are open university courses on mechanics, would that be a good starting place?
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aye eee ate siks
could (you)r car beat an ae86 on the touge?
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anyone else rockin wit kei cars?
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/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread

>Motorcycle gear and equipment
>Motorcycle tips and tricks
>How to slip a clutch
>New R7 disappointment
>Tendy rating services
>t.nogf posting
>wrenching discussion
>Motorcycle anime

Useful stuff:

Twist of the Wrist II by Keith Code:

Don't be book smart, be Street Smart!:



Previous Thread: >>24059102
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>his favorite mustang generation is the s197
lmfao holy shit
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Does anyone else just look outside their window and soak in how awesome their car is?
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Auto Sticker General #504
Auto Sticker General #504

Spicy or mild, it's a sticker thread after all.

Previous thread >>24002763

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ

>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, /o/ club names, etc.)
Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free.
Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)
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No title
Americans are asleep, post hot hatches
24 images | 35 replies
No title
post cool and obscure race cars
here's a DTM Fox
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No title
Any 159 TBi fags in here?
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No title
The only luxury brand that didn't go to shit in the last two decades
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How do I resist speeding. I own a 4L 6 cylinder turbo station wagon. It makes like 280kw at the wheels. The turbo spools up really quick on it and it feels super satisfying. How do I resist speeding, I feel as though one day I’m going to smash, and I’ve already scraped the car a little and it’s fucked me up psychologically. This things is an absolute beast, not a V8 but still, the engines gigantic and it chugs fuel. Anyone here have any methods to deal with the urge to put the foot down? My mum thinks I should sell it, I’ve been contemplating it and thinking about buying a slow 4 cylinder shit box like a Daihatsu charade one that I won’t give a shit about but i feel as though I’ll deeply regret it, I know this isn’t a counseling board but I need help
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Advice worth $35,000 CAD
2021 Elantra
I'm looking to buy my first new car. I'm looking to send around $35,000 CAD and I have narrowed it down to either a Jetta or Elantra (2021).

I don't want an SUV. I want something that will be cheap to own/maintain. In a perfect world, Id like to own this somewhere from 6 to 8 years or longer.

Is there really a difference between these two cars?
I'm a retard when it comes to cars. Any opinions?

Thanks in advance
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I found my old folder car rekt ... you are not ready for this.
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No title
So the coolant light on my E30 325i turned on today. The headgasket might be blown. What the fuck am I supposed to do, should I get a tester? I'm a total wrenchlet.
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No title
How do normies afford $700 monthly car payments + insurance + fuel costs?
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/hg/ 本田 - Honda General
Looking at buying a Honda Post here and we'll tell you our elitist opinions

Need help identifying a chassis

Last Thread
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Honestly, what the FUCK was Chevrolet thinking when they approved this?
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I don't like how firm my brakes are
What can I do to increase brake pressure? Put more fluid in it? It's not super soft like I need to bleed or the MS is dead. I just don't want to press as much. Thank christ the new engine upgrade accord isn't so front heavy like the last one so it doesn't coast forever and is a pain in a neighborhood, but I still want to press less.

My car is fast and I want to press a little to both stop and start.
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/CCG/ Classic car general
unnamed (11)
Classic car general
Steam edition

>For Classics made before '85 although exceptions are made for cars with a body style that started before '85
>Everybody has their own taste, but some tastes are wrong. If you aren't sure if your car is classic or not, it's not.
>US, Euro, Jap, or whatever.
>Post your classic, your work on it, your hackery, and get advice.
>Any and all discussion about classics welcome, but may not necessarily generate responses; don't get butthurt.
>Period correct performance > cosmetics.
>Metal > plastic.
>Classic shitbox > modern shitbox.
>JBweld and RTV can fix anything
>If you see rust there is more.
>Rust and bodywork are the most difficult thing to repair.
>Electrical work is difficult until you stop reading forum posts and buy a multimeter.
>Low oil pressure? Worn mains and rod bearings. Use lucas and 15W40 until you afford a rebuild.
>Do NOT buy a classic and plan to pay someone to work on it. You need to be able to do 90% or more of the work or you will go broke.
>You will spend twice your budget, unless you have years of experience. If the salty old hands agree, it's true.
>Nothing is as easy as it seems
>Post car or gtfo
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>fast & sexy
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redpill me on a mini coupe 1.6l petrol manual as a second car
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I come to you in a time of great need, I have recently come into some money via a heritage, and I'm now in the market for a car I want. my budget would be around 30k-35k euros.
I really am in love with those boxy 80s aesthetics and am now considering a sporty two seater from around that period. Reliability is not an issue and It would be sitting in a garage most of the year. I've been considering pic related, but I'm hesitant as I dont want to be an attraction or be seen as some kind of back to the future freak... I just like the car. It should also be a long term investment. Any good advise would be appreciated.
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No title
What are some red flags when it comes to buying used?
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No title
my dick
I would sell my fucking soul for one of these in perfect condition with less than 3k miles.
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No title
Okay autophiles let's keep it simple.
Does the loicense helps you getting laid?
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No title
Redpill me on opel.
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>tfw i will never own my dream car

By the time i have saved enough money the price will either have doubled or they won't be available without being molested into the ground with mods anymore at all.

How do i deal with it? It makes me sad every fucking day.
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No title
Why are all bikers such faggots?
13 images | 49 replies
No title
How fast do you have to go to outrun you feelings? 200mph? 850feet per second? I've tried to outrun my feelings with fun cars and a supersport motorcycle but it doesn't work. It's impossible to run away from my feels. It's all so tiresome.

Jannies gonna delete this
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/pg/ Porsche General - Rennlist Edition
The best thread for the best auto manufacturer. Discuss Porsche things. Post your Porsche, ask Porsche questions, get Porsche answers. If it's Porsche it belongs here!

previous thread: >>24014018
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/ovg/ - fridey night edition
Welcome to the Auto Vidya General. We're about discussing driving in video games and doing it once in a while like this saturday actually. Join the series.

Previous thread:>>24044910

>Port: 64738
>Password: 4ch


Equipment Guide

We're playing rFactor 2 and iRacing this weekend. Check out our Google doc for more info!
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35 year old only child here who has never bought my own car. Have always been given a free hand-me-down car from my parents every time they buy a new one since I was 16. I’m on the 5th free car now (2015 F-150). Anyone else have a similar story?
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Scraped the undercarriage today
So while I was distracted looking for a parking spot in a place I’m not familiar with I just went over a bump and scraped the undercarriage of my car.
I had a look with a flashlight and everything seems ok besides the right wheel arch and the felt cover just behind it.
However I noticed a strange smell of something burnt when I drove back home. What possible damage could I have? It’s a BMW E88 btw
3 images | 8 replies
No title
>moved out to a shitty area
>already had to chase someone away from stealing my car
>get club and place it on the shifter since the steering wheel is flimsy as fuck

Now my car is unstealable, right?
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Anons I need your help
I'm a college student, I have a summer job across the country that I need to leave for in 4 days. My mom was going to let me take her old car but she's really pissed at me that I won't get vaccinated and she shut me out.

I have about $5,000 to my name. Would it be possible to buy a used car (from facebook not a dealership), get it insured and inspected and ready to go, all in 4 days? I've never bought a car before and I know it's usually a process.

>inb4 just fly
Not an option, I need a car for this job
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No title
Don't forget to look out for bikes and scooter bros this weekend
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No title
>drive calmly
>put on dramatic interstellar soundtrack
>time it so when the drop kicks in I go really fast so I can feel the g-force
Does anyone else do this and is it possibly unhealthy behavior
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No title
How much do I need in savings + income to afford a 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia?
3 images | 32 replies
Sick of new cars
they all look like shit to me everything from the Civic Type R to the Yaris GR they look horrible like a bad joke.

When will we have crisp clean cars again that look like they were designed for a man with a wife, kids and adequate test and not a estrogenic tranny.

I will be embarrassed to let my kids see me standing next to these tranny mobiles.
2 images | 5 replies
..what would you change to make it better?
3 images | 26 replies
Ford GT
I just like it bros
4 images | 18 replies
94 camry coupe
i have the opportunity to buy one of these (1300$ with clean body and interior just reslly high mileage). should i? i hear there really rare. can i get a redpill on these?
1 images | 20 replies
Bros, does it get better? I have had my E36 M3 for a week and I have spent $2000 on it. Been in the shop twice already.

Does it get better? If this is one of the better bimmers, how fucking bad do they get?
4 images | 29 replies
Biting Brakes.

Unless I apply the brakes slowly and very gradually, they grab. They even lock up if the road is wet.

This has come on slowly over the last couple of months. Before this, they were fine.

Any ideas?
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No title
Why do niggers like vertical doors so much? It looks retarded on anything other than a Lamborghini.
1 images | 7 replies
No title
>manual diesel stationwagon
5 images | 11 replies
No title
ITT; cars driven by homosexuals
9 images | 23 replies
No title
unnamed (3)
If you own a 170bhp stock 2011 scirocco which has 103k miles on it, how long will a properly done remap to 300bhp last until the car broke down?

Isn't the 170bhp version upspecced i.e. safe to do this on vs the 140bhp version?
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Penns/o/lvania Cookout
o cookout2021
We're back at it again faggots. This time to open the summer season instead of close it. Hang out for some food and stay for driving if you're up for it. We have some top shelf level roads planned out.

Discord link for additional planning:
3 images | 22 replies
/ZSG/ General
We have all kinds of generals, Why not a RWD nissan general? Z-chassis, G-chassis, S-chassis, 510s, Pre-32 skylines, All RWD nissans welcome.

I went to the race track today and I saw an old dude with a nice Z32. He was whipping the piss out of it too! Good on him!
5 images | 17 replies
No title
Would you rather

a.) Have one car, enthusiast car, and be prepared for the fun but financial burden it'll bring

b.) Have two cars, one boring DD and one budget project car
0 images | 12 replies
No title
Fun fact: every Mustang sold after 2018 comes with an LSD and a line lock, even base model rental Ecoboosts.
1 images | 7 replies
No title
Are Avalons good cars?
1 images | 3 replies
its only smellz
Anyone got any weird smells in your interior? How did you get rid of it?
3 images | 18 replies
No title
So what's stopping me from throwing a mattress in the back of my station wagon, bringing some camping gear and just camp in a forest every other weekend?
6 images | 101 replies
Tesla can't even keep the 12v alive

How dumb can a team be to now allow the 12v to always get charge from the main battery?
7 images | 43 replies
No title
ponder germ
Diesel, or Gasoline?
17 images | 79 replies
No title
why are so many motorcycle riders dumb af? look at this article written by a biker for example. this isn't cherry picking though, most of what i encounter is like this.
0 images | 3 replies
No title
>was thinking of picking up a nice one two years ago for pretty cheap but passed on it
>they are now triple the price now
Fuck my ass with a telephone pole.
16 images | 48 replies
240 what to look for
Screenshot from 2021-05-16 01-10-32
ok /o/ so I'm stupid enough to go check out this beat up 240. Besides compression test, frame rust, strut tower rust, and janky wiring, what should I be looking for? (it's a ka)
0 images | 8 replies
/ctg/ - Classic Toyota General - Livin' the dream, m8 edition
>no hairdresser cars
>we like trucks!
>we like Lexus!
Previous thread hit bump limit >>23995544

Post pics and discuss Yotas you own or wish you owned
Feel free to ask for technical advice, but PLEASE include as much info as possible - year, make, model, chassis code, where you are in the world generally speaking, etc
Complain about rust, teach newbs how to wrench, laugh at muh truck engine, brag about your high odometer readings, and bask in the general greatness that is old school Toyota
40 images | 97 replies
No title
I never really understood the hate for this thing. It looks kinda cool and is a nice size.
6 images | 24 replies
No title
look at all these 8s

tdi sel manual six speed jettas are better than your shit box
0 images | 2 replies
No title
What is a cheap, reliable car requiring very little maintenance and readily available to be found for low prices (under £4k) in the UK?
1 images | 19 replies
No title
western star black red
I'm thinking about becoming a trucker. Couldn't find a trucker general in the catalog so I'm asking here what to do. Was thinking about getting a CDL through a company that pays you while you're being trained.
12 images | 88 replies
No title
Here it is /o/ fresh paint
12 images | 46 replies
No title
I’m looking to replace the shitty speakers in my car. Not necessarily full on upgrade but the stock ones are just garbage. I’m looking at using crutchfield and ordering some speakers and an amp for my old sub I used to have on another car. Does about ~$100 total sound good for the 2 front and 2 speaker replacements and ~$120 for the mono amp?
1 images | 7 replies
No title
>car speaker starts rattling
36 images | 44 replies
No title
Post your favorite grand tourers
85 images | 289 replies
No title
Hi /o/, I like cars but I'm not mechanically savvy I just like how they look and I know more than the average person on them
But I was wondering how would you live comfortably in a van
Van living thread
6 images | 18 replies
No title
Will 3 spoke wheels ever come back?
1 images | 10 replies
No title
Why don't they have these in Minnesota?
5 images | 23 replies
No title
What do you guys think of cars with this look ? And what other cars are like this ?
8 images | 15 replies
No title
Daewoo appreciation thread
3 images | 7 replies
No title
>car shocks me everytime I touch the door after I get out
4 images | 18 replies
No title
Is it worth it getting a 2wd/prerunner Tacoma/4Runner?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
What's the American equivalent of the Nissan S-series?
3 images | 6 replies
No title
Alright help me identify this thing
12 images | 60 replies
No title
I've got 3 VIN lookups from epicvin. Post the vin you want, and I'll link you the report.

Maybe this will be handy to someone seriously considering buying a car. Please be considerate that if it's just for lulz, I only have 3 available.
1 images | 7 replies
Welcome to a Night Wave thread.

Car group based in Houston, Tx. (WE ARE STILL ALIVE.)

If you're reading this, it doesn't matter what car you drive, bring out your shit box and show off your eBay mods.

May your temperatures be low, and your speeds high.

Night Wave HQ
> Whataburger
> 12121 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77079


“Running in the Night”

Turbo 335i

Steam Group

11 images | 42 replies
No title
>fast but not 'useless for the street fast'
>comfy to daily
>low maintenance
It is perfect isn't it
13 images | 61 replies
No title
>drive shit box
8 images | 79 replies
No title
I need a hayabusa
11 images | 17 replies
No title
>out running some errands today
>see an EG (civic in my favorite body style and factory color),a 5th gen celica, NB miata and FC rx7
>all driving around and in immaculate condition
absolutely made my day ^_^
3 images | 3 replies
No title
We put my grandpa in a nursing home so I got his 94 Nissan Pathfinder.

Does anyone know what the red light on the right does? It only blinks (intermittently) when the car is off
3 images | 52 replies
No title
1 images | 14 replies
No title
What car under 30k should I get that would get me a cute black girlfriend?
3 images | 15 replies
No title
Screenshot_2021-05-14 Hummer H2 Bursts Into Flames Carrying Four Cans Of Gas
A Hummer caught fire in Central Florida this week after the driver filled at least four gas cans as fuel panic-buying grips the Southeast, according to news reports.

One person was hurt badly enough for rescuers to urge a trip to the hospital, but the individual refused, according to WFLA-Channel 8.

The 2004 Hummer H2 caught fire Wednesday in Homosassa, Citrus County Fire Rescue told the TV station.

Firefighters said the vehicle was carrying four 5-gallon containers filled with gasoline.
5 images | 32 replies
No title
Le Angry Ute vs Frosty was the greatest battle that has taken place on /o/

Le Angry Ute was the superior drug dealer, he never got caught, frosty got arrested and raped into being a tranny LMFAO
5 images | 56 replies
No title
opinions on daewoo? I've never seen a thread on them befo
6 images | 18 replies
No title
What jack stands are you using?
I'm trying to find some for my dad's upcoming bday.
HF is sold out of all jacks stands, the crap sold at vatozone is overpriced.
Amazon top rated jack stands have inconsistent quality, and the rest of what they sell is all china chit, or $200 a pair
I use 20 year old Craftsman, before they sold everything to china. looking at them now they are prices cheaper than hf trash
Would be nice to find 2 pairs of 3/4 ton jacks for around $100
16 images | 48 replies
car waxes
Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 7.46.40 AM
Detail fag here, has anybody ever spend big bucks on car waxes and sealants? i'v tried so many brands from polish angel, dr. beasley's. wolfgang, sonax, mothers, meguiars, turtle wax, griots garage, etc. and it all looks and performs the same to me. I've used them on different panels on my car. or are ceramic coating the way to go?
21 images | 69 replies
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Talk me out of it, br/o/s

It should be easy to maintain and repair. Plus it's completely unique and I should be able to attract a lot of women with it.
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Asuka Coffee
Used car price jumps in you country, post them.
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should i go check it out?

[spoiler]yes I am in the middle east[/spoiler]
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Can /o/ redbull me on the Ranger? I see a good deal for a used XLT 4x4 on Autotrader. It's either that or getting reamed on a used Tacoma 4x4.
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Am I retarded?
2012 subaru outback
I'm trying to decide if it's foolish to buy a 2012 Subaru Outback. I found one for ~7500$ USD with 120K miles on it, in good cosmetic and seemingly good mechanical condition.

I'm in a country with 4 paved roads, so I need something that will handle the poor condition of the roads here. Basically my question is this: does the Outback stand a decent chance at being a reasonable choice for daily driver usage on bad roads. We don't have much mud, just lots of potholes and bumpy roads.
Basically I'm trying to decide between this or an old Jeep Commander that certainly has much better offroad performance, but it much more expensive and uses much more fuel.

I don't care about looks, or speed. The fastest roads in this country have only a couple of small stretches that get up to 55mph.

I don't mind replacing/upgrading the springs and struts/shocks and putting good tires on of course. My budget is around 10K USD or less, but the real problem that I am having is a very small pool of vehicles to choose from.

Is the Subaru with it's AWD system a stupid choice? I've owned two other Outbacks (both '90s models) in the past and they were great cars, but that was when I still lived in the first world, so I never had a chance to find out how they handled the rough roads

Thank you very much for any advice
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Between rising gas prices and the impending delegalisation of old cheap cars, it's no secret that millennials are being priced out of car ownership. Is Uber a viable substitute for owning your own vehicle?
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Am young. Need car. have to get job to put money down on car. need car to get to said job. have no car.

What the fuck am I supposed to do.

inb4 bus, lets assume I cant.
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S/o/Cal Main Meet wtfai no signal edition
Heading out to a road we haven't been to as a group in a long time, post any pics from the meet in this thread when you have them.

May 15th @ 11: 00 AM PST

401 W Los Angeles Ave, Moorpark, CA 93021.
(Park at the Carl’s Jr.)

>What to bring
2-way radios, water, common sense, sister feet pics

>Other meets
GMR on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

Check the Discord for details.

>Can I bring my shitbox/exotic/baiku/dakimakura?
Yes, all cars and bikes are welcome. Traps are gay.


1. Do not drive beyond your/your car’s limits. This is not a race. Cruise with the slow group first if you’re unsure how fast you want to drive, and we always wait for stragglers.
2. Do not cross the double yellows. Rule subject to change based on the road and time of day.
3. No burnouts, drifting, etc. at meeting spots. We don't need any unwanted attention.
4. Do not go Wangan Midnight when conveying. Cops love pulling over large groups of cars.
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>On May 13, a Pickens County, South Carolina, Sheriff’s Office deputy attempted to pull over a 2007 Pontiac G6 after noticing the plates mounted on the car were apparently stolen, reports the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office. The driver, a 28-year-old South Carolina woman, hit the gas instead. She lost control and flipped the car before the officer could even make the radio call.
>The car reportedly immediately caught fire and the police claim to have heard multiple explosions from inside the Pontiac. The driver exited the car while on fire and the officer pushed her to the ground in an effort to put her out. She was transported to the hospital, but not before identifying the cause for why her car was exploding: her trunk was filled with hoarded gasoline.

Me and my buddies are going camping and will bring about 60 gallons of gas. How do we safely transport it so we don't catch on fire?
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