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Bike Tour of Japan
Hello, /n/.
I'm not really from this board, but you guys helped me out the most and seem more interested in this subject than /trv/ (they don't seem to see touring as a valid form of travel). If anyone thinks I should move this to /trv/ or cross post just let me know and I'll comply.

Finished the tour in October. Lasted 30 days. Left from the U.S. and flew to Chitose in Hokkaido. Rode down to Osaka. This was not my first tour, but it was my girlfriends. That was the greatest challenge of the tour.

If anyone has any logistical, gearing, or personal questions feel free to ask. I want to help anyone who might be interested in starting their own tour.
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Is the 747 finished? Why are people still buying them when 777's are cheaper and have just as much range?
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/ARG/ Australian Rail (and other transport) General
Surely there's enough of us around we can have a general?

Here's some talking points
- Sydney Metro
- Melbourne Metro
- Cross-river rail
- There are NO regional trains in South Australia and The Overland will probably die at the end of the year, thanks to constant neglect by successive SA governments
- Why the Melbourne B2 is the best tram in Australia and nothing will ever surpass it
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/gag/ - ( General ) aviation general
Combat Cessna edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum.

Previous thread is dead baby >>1386330
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Train Passengers
Are you supposed to talk to the other passengers (strangers)?
Do you?
I wouldn't even know what to say.
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Where is the eBike thread? Clearly the best electric method of transportation. Price performance ratio now firmly in realistic range of leisure riders.
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How would you fix America's public transport crisis?
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What American city should be the next to get light rail?
My vote goes to Nashville:
>rapidly-developing city center with multifamily buildings
>areas around center gentrifying
>increasing median income
>horrendous traffic problem
Do it.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
Yes homo edition.

Last Thread: >>1424282


If you want help buying a bike, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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How stupid do you have to be to hit an iceberg?
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garbage trucks
Do you like garbage trucks?
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Best underground system ever?
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How do we fix the housing problem?
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Weird Wings
Can we have a thread for completely WTF aircraft designs? Bonus for obscure design proposals that never left the drawing board.

Pic related. This was an actual serious pitch by Lockheed in the 80's. I don't know how ground crew would be expected to fit this boi through the hangar door. I guess it could have doubled as Godzilla's cockring.
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/comgen/ - Commute General
mi09 rer a
>our daily journey to soul-crushing wage-slavery
>commuter trains
>complex-ass transit maps
Pic related is my daily ride
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Ex-soviet train thread
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No title
sup anons, could anyone list/link sites and resources to learn more about public transit, particularly bus and lrt systems

(pic unrelated faggot atlanta lrt)
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I was in my home state of Kentucky and I notice these median strips on almost every major highway I was in. What would you do with them /n/?

I know they’re not as wide in other areas, and some areas are wider, but we could use them for something right?
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Bus Frequency
What is the frequency where a bus route typically becomes substantially less convinient? Asking because my local bus route has a 30 minute frequency, and it's really annoying.
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/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread
Altar edition.

Are you looking forward to autumn, or spring?

Previous thread:
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>Train now arriving. Please stay behind the yellow line
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What’s your favorite traffic sign?
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Philadelphia's Center City Concourse
Philadelphia Center City Concourse Map
It's an extensive series of underground pedestrian tunnels and other areas. It links together several subway stations, two commuter rail stations, the city's convention center plus a shopping mall and several office buildings. This time-lapse video covers a good portion of it. Over a mile was walked underground.
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2012-07-01 12.12.33
Continued from>>1316880

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #17 Starting with AMS
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Can anyone point me towards any public transit/transportation themed forums?
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The Dutch are electrifying their busses. By the end of 2020, 20% of all buses will be electric already.
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You should use these. There is absolutely no reason not to. If you reject these because they are not ''cool'', you are a tosser.

Also, of all bikes, mountainbikes are the one who needs FENDERS the most. Think about it. It's time we put this trend in motion. Do you see dirt bikers riding without fenders? Of course not !

>inb4 clogs up
there are special fenders that prevent this but still provide fender action.
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Your attention please!

Size your frame correctly. Stop using 30mm setback seatposts. It looks dumb. It looks like you bought the wrong size bike. Same goes for you dorks riding 130mm stems. Cut that shit out. You look like you stole a child's bicycle and slapped on some accessories.

>but I like the way it rides
No, you are objectively wrong and you've just trained yourself to like something bad. An imaginary line drawn between the tips of your bars should touch the leading edge of your headtube and the center of your saddle should be directly in line with your seat tube.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
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This is a real image of the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg together in flight.

Say something nice.
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is this the most incel transport ever?
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What are this year's must-have accessories to be an Unracer™? I don't want anyone to think I'm one of those cyclists, ugh. This is NOT a race!
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just make an upright recumbent bicycle
conventional recumbents are a joke mainly because they are too low to the ground relative to other vehicles in traffic
an upright recumbent would be faster than a safety bike but not as impractical as a recumbent
and actually have a bike company put some R&D into it, don't just build some random bullshit in a shed
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4 wheeled cargo bicycle k4rgo-vrachtfiets-cargo-2
Are these cargo bicycles any good? I need to travel daily 2 miles and collect large amounts of material.
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No title
What is the Moore's Law of bicycles?
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Post dank bridges with rail.
105 images | 184 replies
Post your favorite paint schemes
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cut lock
Some junkies broke into my condo underground parking, pried open the bike cage lock and stole a bunch of bikes including mine. Living in a 21st century city that enables junkies and criminals to thrive is fucking exhausting. It was a sweet bike too. 8 speed Alfine Internal Hub and nice disc brakes with a carbon fork. I only paid $250 for it, but it was over a grand new. Anyone else got any bike theft stories to tell?
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Death of the LBS in Western hemisphere and how bike mechanics to cope.
Are you noticing this trend.

The Dealer-LBS are dieing out and going out of business. People are not buying expensive dealer bikes anymore but ordering directly online. The ''LBS'' industry is dieing.

However, the obscure fix-your-bike ''shops'' that aren't dealers, but fix your bike for cheap and sell cheap used bikes, won't die out. But there's no real place for tradesmen in these shops most of them are populated by rehabs and supported by the government programs who can only do basic stuff.

The large retailers are taking over and the only way for the intelligent bike-mechanic to survive is to become a specialist mechanic at one of these larger companies. The bike mechanic trade will enter a higher level and be more required from him in terms of trade knowledge, and stigma of this trade only being for idiots will disappear since these idiots won't be able to get a job.

The other alternative for the bike mechanic is to accept being poor forever and just trying to get by fixing shit. Because selling is dead and we all know current lbs can't survive on fixing, but the lonesome poor bike mechanic who works in a shed might.

So the middle ground for the bike mechanic is going to disappear. You are either going to be a poor ass bike mechanic fixing crap all day or you are going to be a specialist bike mechanic at giant assembling and repairing e-bikes and doing the higher end of the scale of bike work.
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/FGG/ Fixed Gear General
I hate the bars on my bike and want to pick up some new ones, but can't decide between drops or horns. Any experience with pros and cons?
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> I think public transport is painful. It sucks. Why do you want to get on something with a lot of other people, that doesn't leave where you want it to leave, doesn't start where you want it to start, doesn't end where you want it to end? And it doesn't go all the time. ... It's a pain in the ass. That's why everyone doesn't like it. And there's like a bunch of random strangers, one of who might be a serial killer, OK, great. And so that's why people like individualized transport, that goes where you want, when you want. - Elon Musk

was he right?
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When the fuck is Madison getting light rail? Milwaukee is destroying us
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>tfw passing helmet fags with the wind in my hair
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No title
what is your opinion of helmets \n\
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>use public transit
>other person gets on
>they're a loud schizophrenic
Why does this happen every time?
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90s mtb thread

cheap tourers
rigid forks
all projects welcome

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hidden dangers of bicycling
1. carbon fiber snapping/crumbling while riding
2. aluminum tubes snapping
3. rim brakes wearing through rim wall, causing catastrophic failure
4. fenders without front and rear rich release tabs getting jammed with debris causing sudden stops and death
5. saddles causing erectile dysfunction and scar tissue on taint
6. tubeless tires exploding off your rims and killing you
7. Hydraulic brakes boiling on downhill that send you off a gigantic cliff and onto jagged rocks
8. lack of steady front and rear lights at all times, modern day bright lights are required
9. No safety flag
10. No helmet very bad, foolish
11. Non-pinned flats that allow foot slippage and horrendous crashes
12. Clipless pedals that trap your feet and cause horrible crashes in embarrassing situations
13. Lack of pie plate throwing your chain between your cassette and spokes, causing instant stop and throwing you from your bicycle
14. Chain falling off ring when an 18 wheeler is headed right for you
15. Synthetic fabrics and butt pads incubating deadly MRSA virus
16. Excessive cardio weakening your heart
17. Wrist and hand injuries due to lack of steel fork, supple tires, and redshift suspension stem
18. Excessive carbohydrate consumption leading to diabetes
19. Shimano hollowtech cranks splitting in half while riding
20. Zero-setbsck seatpost pounding your delicate area and causing permanent nerve damage
21. Inhalation of carcinogenic gas and diesel fumes when riding within two miles of a major road or highway
22. Not using full aero disc wheels so a squirrel or bird runs between your spokes, throwing you from the bicycle
23. Rack and pannier failure locking your wheel and causing a deadly crash in Backcountry third world desert
24. Getting lost and riding bike through occult portal to a different plane
25. A wasp flying into your mouth while you are inhaling so it goes into your lungs and you suffocate from the stings
26. Not riding schwalbe Marathon tires and having tires explode bc pebble
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Bike on the bus
Do you use this mixed mode of transit?
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Does cold weather make freewheels not work?
>biking to work yesterday and today
>yesterday was around 0 F
>today was like -8 or -10 F
>freewheel keeps giving out; as in, the internal ratcheting mechanism isn't engaging so I spin my cranks and it doesn't spin the wheel
>yesterday was doing it a bit, today was even worse, every time I come to a stop it won't engage and it takes a while to engage, but once I get going then it's fine til I stop again
>way home today was a bit warmer (like 8 above) and it still did it a little bit but not too much; it was much worse on the way to work when it was quite a bit colder
I am thinking maybe the subzero weather froze the internals of my freewheel and/or the lube in it. Is this a correct analysis?
I know old freewheels sometimes wear out and have this same issue (regardless of temperature), but my freewheel is only a year old and has maybe 2,000 km on it. It shouldn't be worn out this fast, and it's just been happening these really cold days.
Is it normal for freewheels to give out like this in subzero? Should I replace my freewheel, or oil the internals, or just ride one of my other bikes (cassette) on the really cold days and accept that freewheels don't work in subzero weather?
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When will the disc meme end?
Rim brakes are superior in almost every way especially on road.

Prove me wrong.

Pro tip: You can’t.
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No title
What do you do when you start to lose interest in bikes as a hobby?
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almost all sole survivors of plane crashes are women
JAL 123 - 520 deaths, 4 survivors, all women.
Northwest Airlines Flight 255 - 155 dead, 1 survivor, female
Cubana de Aviación Flight 972 - 112 dead, 1 survivor, female
Yemenia Flight 62 - 152 deaths, 1 survivor, female
Vietnam Airlines Flight 815 - 65 deaths, 1 survivor, female
JAT Flight 367 - 27 dead, 1 survivor, female LANSA Flight 508 - 99 dead, 1 survivor, female
USN Convair C-131 crash, 15 dead, 1 survivor, female
Vietnam Airlines Flight 474 - 30 dead, 1 survivor, female
Intercontinental de Aviación Flight 256 - 53 deaths, 1 survivor, female
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>Cyclists vs. Automobiles 2018
>44 clips of bike v. car collisions
>cyclist at fault 37 times
>car at fault 2 times
>can't tell 5 times

>muh cagers
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>go into LBS
>drunk guy with wad of cash in his hand
>asks what bike to buy
>sales guy sells him on a Venge
>he asks what helmet to buy
>sales guy recommends an mtb helmet
>says he wants a light
>sales guy says you need two lights, front and rear
>drunk guy says no he doesn't need rear cause he only rides on sidewalk and wants a front light to see where he is going when he rides at night
>sales guy recommends him a light
>he walks out with venge, mtb helmet, and front light, and sales guy KNOWS this guy is buying a venge to ride on the fucking sidewalk and didn't try to steer him to a better bike for casual riding like a Sirrus or something
Why are downtubers like this? The customer and the sales guy both. I didn't intervene in the bad decisions because I can't even think of how to approach interacting with that level of stupidity. Fucking downtubers.
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Steam Trains/Early diesel
Hello all, id like to discuss trains, to see other peoples thoughts/photos of or about some cool trains
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No title
Train Fuckers
Anybody have much experience with these sites? Did they miss any?
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No title
Is the mile high club worth the trouble and potential embarrassment?
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No title
This is how you make an efficient metro network.
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No title
Is BRT a meme, assuming that the bus gets it's own dedicated lane/row, and the city building it doesn't cheap out, and gimp it.
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No title
Screenshot (82)
Been a hot minute since we had a fantasy transit map thread.
If you've got a map you'd like to share, drop it in this thread, explain the scenario, and feel free to ask anyone any questions.
Mine is an alternate scenario where the US (at least in the Northeast) invests in regional rail travel like Europe did instead of investing in automotive infrastructure. It's still a long ways from being complete
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No title
how long do we have left until stems go negative reach?
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No title
You're at the cyclist cafe when this lady compliments your orchid collection.

What do you do, /n/? Oh and she's 163cm and 49kg, all slow twitch.
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No title
Exposed bicycle chains are absolutely cringeworthy and should only be reserved for racers. Your chain is a pretty much an open bearing and should NOT be exposed to the elements, it should be encased in an oil-bath, unless you ride in a super clean environment. Normal people should not use exposed chains because they don't clean their chain like they should, even most amateur racers don't clean their chain as they should, thus drastically reducing efficiency and the lifespan of the whole drivetrain, increasing the costs of maintenance !! Sand and grid gets stuck into the links even after a small ride !

If you want to ride without a chaincase you MUST use a belt-drive. Other wise you are falling for a ploy to make you pay more.
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No title
What would you do to make American transportation not shit?
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No title
library nimby
Can we have a NIMBYs greatest hits?
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No title
I'm crippled but not super crippled and all the cripple trikes I've seen feel like super overkill and way to bulky and annoying to be practical. Are there any options that would still be small enough to go on the same paths as regular bikes without being a massive pain and also be easily able to put in a car? Something like training wheels on steroids maybe?
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No title
Rubberfags will defend this
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No title
What are some good American heritage railroads?
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No title
Will/would you EVER ride on a Boeing plane ever again?
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CO2 cozies general - /co2cg/
What's your favorite material for your CO2 cozies? I prefer rich full grain leather to keep my hands nice and comfy while twirling my threaded cartridges.
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No title
Why the fuck are there so many bicycle threads? This is a board for public transportation.
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No title
ITT the worst bicycle inventions
33 images | 176 replies
What brand/model is this vintage road bike?
bici 3

I bought this road bike for 30 bucks. I was told that it was a vintage Torrot, but I didn't care about the brand or model because I recently moved out and don't have a car so I needed a way to commute. Now I want to restore it, but I'm not sure what brad it is or how should it look like. I know the previous owner tried to customize it, so I want to keep the original essence. I'm almost sure its a Torrot Road Racer given the way it looks the frame but I wouldn't take a bullet for it, so I'm asking for help

I recognized this components, I dont know if it helps that much:

- Shimano 105 Biopace crankset
- Shimano BR-6208 Brakes
- Shimano FD 6207
- Shimano RD-6207
- Sakae SR Custom Modolo Anatomic Bend
- Brakes Exage Motion BR-A250 / BL-A25
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Why is the US and India wasting so much time with Hyperloop?
Autistic Rail Club just put out a new video on Hypeloop discussing its failings and comparing it to vaporware.
Answered some good points but what I don't understand is why the US and India are hyping this up so much? Is it because their own infrastructure is so shit tier, they think it's just better to skip steps up to non-existent meme transportation? Is it the Elon effect? Video states that Elon paid Rahm Emmanuel like $50K USD to support Chicago O'Hare loop. Or are their governments really banana republic tier? I'd guess a mix of all of the above but that's all my opinion is, a guess. Any retard knows evacuated tube technology is a failure.
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Boeing 777X not selling well
Are Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s the largest planes the air travel market has an appetite for in the post-hub-and-spoke era?
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No title
Why do the cagetrolls spam so many untrue things?

Do you think anyone believes them?
Why do they come here?
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No title
Who else here is a sidewalk chad?

Imagine actually riding on the road worrying about all the lunatics in 2-ton death machines when you can have a nice and comfy sidewalk ride instead. Even ride past police cars and they never do shit.

Yep, sidewalk is definitely the thinking man's way to ride. Don't be a roadcuck.
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No title
What emotion is my neighbor trying to convey with this bar position?
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Bike Cargo Thread
I want to do some bike messenger work(like Uber eats etc.) but I don't have a suitable bag at the moment. How big should I go if I get a bag? Also could a front rack/box setup kinda like pic related work? Anyone have experience with this?
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No title
I love bikes
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No title
I just finished watching The Train Now Departing. Recommend me some other /n/ documentaries.
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No title


>light rail


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No title
fat highiq
If I start biking will I have more energy during the day?

Currently I lift weights but I feel tired a lot.
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No title
The best lines out of any high speed rail rolling stock
3 images | 11 replies
No title
Why in the flying fuck does a package being shipped to Massachusetts go from JFK airport of NYC, to fucking Raleigh, North Carolina which is FURTHER away from Massachusetts.
Is the USPS incompetent? Are Americans fat and incompetent?
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Umm.. guys?
New Atlantis
the New Atlantis just dropped
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No title
>get on the Metra for the first time
>no two-seats available except one car
>me and gf talking about what stop we'll get off at, who we will meet etc
>boomer lady behind us tells us to be quiet or leave
>train hasnt even left the station yet
People are really autistic about their quiet cars. it wasnt even rush hour it was 7pm on a Friday
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No title
Is there a single city in this entire fucking country that isn't a cager hellscape? The only places in the entire country that aren't pure eye cancer are either single neighborhoods built before 1900 surrounded by 100km of shitty suburbs or giant cities where a 900sqft house is $2,000,000 plus tip.

I fucking hate this country. I'm almost considering buying 50 acres of land for $50,000 in bumfuck nowhere just so I can avoid looking at an entire horizon of copy-pasted mcmansions. I'd need a car but at least it would be the only car around.
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No title
What does /n/ think about sentient AI trains in the future?
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Bike gear for winter
Where the heck do people buy cycling gear? I’ve gone to 5 different cycling shops in my area and they are all just full of bikes with no accessories.

I want to try to start riding in the winter again (used to for school) but I actually have money now and can get some actual bike pants; in sick of putting holes in my jeans. But the measly selection in stores is always entirely stitched in buttpadding which I don’t want. I have never worn any fancy bike gear other than my jersey.

I can’t figure out what gear I need to stay warm but not overheat without trying it on first so I don’t know where to look. My rides will be anywhere from like 30 to 50, wet lots of the time, and it’s rather short 2 miles to work.

Can anyone help me figure out what gear I should get? I havnt biked since early August.
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No title
Why can't the U.S. have a similar rail system to Japan in terms of quality and extension? Is it the population density?
14 images | 163 replies
No title
rim brakes
>''Lets use the very expensive thing that we are riding on as our braking surface, gradually wearing it down till it leads to catastrophic failure and injury and has to be replaced at great cost. ''
10 images | 56 replies
/BBG/ - Bike Buy General
Post ITT for advice about buying a bicycle

Give your local craigslist, height, budget and use if you want recs for used bikes.

Cheapest decent entry level new models:

Poseidon Triton: 499 USD. Poseidon X gravel 699 USD.
Vitus Razor Claris 479 USD. Vitus Razor Sora 529 USD.
Triban RC 520 disc - Sora-£529.99 105-£729.99
28 images | 223 replies
No title
im about to go on a train for the first time.

what should i expect?
0 images | 1 replies
used shopping nonsense
what's the deal with people placing random decals on bikes?
wtf you mean you know what you got
why it matters if it comes from a non smoking household
3 images | 7 replies
No title
QUICK: Will a pf30 bottom bracket fit in a frame made for a bb30? The dimensions are the same and a sellers seem to be selling the same part for both rolls. Are they compatible?
0 images | 1 replies
/hg/ - Hubs General
We can all agree on who makes the worst freehubs and that is Mavic of course. But who makes the best? I used to look up to Chris King but Bikesnob was bitching about them recently. I've never owned any CK so I can't say. Is Hambini right? Is Shimano really the best? That would be weird.
1 images | 15 replies
Old Berlin
We haven't had one of those in a long time. Post and discuss tra/n/sportation in pre- and interwar Berlin.
46 images | 82 replies
No title
just had a first test drive with belt and rohloff

honestly don't know why people still use something different
3 images | 22 replies
No title
Internal gear hub
4 images | 15 replies
No title
>earth tones
>no logos
>not too racy looking, just ridey
>obscure, expensive, no one will think you're poor
Is Brandt-Sorenson apparel the ultimate JUST RIDE kit?
16 images | 92 replies
Quadruple tracks and pedestrians
Are at-grade crossings of quadruple tracks feasible?
I was thinking about how big highways divide communities by making being a pedestrian harder. I'm wondering about whether an area could have both quadruple-tracking and still be pedestrian-friendly.
1 images | 12 replies
No title
For me, it's the Shay
6 images | 15 replies
No title
>Plural of aircraft is aircraft.

1 images | 14 replies
Road Salt Alternatives
Are there viable alternatives to salting roads to get traction in freezing winter weather?
6 images | 36 replies
>here come dat bitch
What are the advantages to riding this? It just seems harder to ride than a bicycle.
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Who's in charge of this shit and how do we get them sacked
3 images | 17 replies
No title
For me, it's a car.
2 images | 7 replies
No title
>It is projected that the first section, between San Francisco and Los Angeles, will be operating in 2020.
This is from page 81 of the 2009 edition of the SPV Railroad Atlas of California & Nevada. How did government officials get the dates so wrong? And why are shills trying to memory-hole this info and gaslight everyone about the true history of the project and the promises made about costs and timelines back when CA-HSR was first put to a vote? This map refutes the misinformation being spread on this board today.
10 images | 109 replies
No title
7 images | 33 replies
No title
Grant here. I heard you all were saying my bikes are heavy, that my bikes need disc brakes, that my upright bars make you slow and wobbly.
Well, guess what? We listened to you. Here at Riverdell, we make bikes. Bikes for people. Practical bikes that don't cost an arm and a leg, but are high quality and last a lifetime
Well, I was wrong. Disc does make sense. Disc allows you to build wheels that will never have their brake tracks wear down and explode like a brittle piece of carbon. And disc allows you to run big, fat, extremely fast rolling panaracer tires without worrying about brake clearance, especially with fenders.
So, as of today, rivendell industries is acquiring Crust bikes and UltraRomance brand. Together we hope to consolidate the unracer field of brands to deliver you, the customer, an unrivaled cycling product.
The crust towel rack bar is now called the peregrine, a very large bird. Larger than an albatross, even.
Also the crust evasion is back, with lugs, and a beautiful yellow/brown paint job. The new model will be christened Mr Boopydoopy, after a famous pie eating contestant from Wisconsin world's fair in 1910. We had to pay his family $2,000,000 dollars for rights to the name but I think it was a worthwhile investment.
Now some may be shocked by our move to disc brakes, but listen, it doesn't have to be expensive. The Shimano altus disc line is actually superior to most disc products, when properly set up with twine and non-aero brake levers. Trust me, it can stop on a buffalo nickel coming down the steepest of hilly willys.
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No title
Planning on making an epic bicycle journey on my chinese worker, steel oldtimer roadster bike in the future, from Europe through central asia. Just want to know what tire size is more common there, 622 or 635?
9 images | 16 replies
No title

why is it so underrated?
3 images | 18 replies
No title
pax nixonia
If you ride without a ride with NIXON!
10 images | 27 replies
No title
Sometimes I wonder what kind of dork was the man who scrolled through /n/ and thought, "We need more obscurantist bicycle shitposting"
2 images | 6 replies
No title
The absolute state of Amtrak lmao
14 images | 44 replies
No title
Half of all grittiness in cities is rusted and rotting rail bridges. Why the FUCK arent these rail companies cleaning up their shit? Nothing says "im in the ghetto" more than a ROW that hasnt been painted in 50 years
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No title
Post coaches/carriages
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Do orange sodium likes work better along transportation routes? Will the new bright white LED streelights and rail lights be worse on everyones eyes?
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Sometimes I really wonder what kind of dork was the man who looked at Presta valve and thought: "Yes, I should make something strictly inferior".
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Sometimes I really wonder what kind of dork was the man who looked at Presta valve and thought: "Yes, I should make something strictly inferior".
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muh garmin
>buy $200 speedometer
>the only thing preventing it from shattering on the pavement is a rubber band
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