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Bike apparel tier list in terms of quality/gucciness
What do you consider the most premium/quality cycling apparel brands? Worth it or just meme fashion?

>pic related, café du cycliste is one of the best in terms of quality but not design
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Cars are a fundamentally flawed concept
Peel P50
Cars, as a whole, need to go.
>pumping out noxious gas
>less efficient per person per mile than a steam powered double header on a 5 coach train
>requires an absurd amount of infrastructure
>causes people to develop a complex of superiority over owning a car
>no.1 non-biological cause of death
They need to go. Simple as that. Even the smallest, most fuel efficient car pales in comparison to public transportation such as the tram, the plane or even the bus.
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Collectible bikes thread
4634988936_c7bdd17d7e (1)
Guys my crypto is fucking tanking!!!

But my collectible bike assets are still strong.... right guys???
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Any TTTE/Railway Series autists on here?
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schlop schlop schlop
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Electric locomotive general
Nice rack edition

Post pics and discussions related to electric locomotives.
AC/DC, pantographs and 3rd rail are all welcome
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/DRT/ Daily Ride Bread
Ducks and turtles live in harmony edition.
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So how are you supposed to make left turns on these things? Should they even be allowed on the road?
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rate my bike faggots
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What's the longest cycle trip you have done? What's the furthest you have cycled in a day? Furthest you've gone without stopping to eat/rest?
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What do you think of partaking in a little hotleaf before a ride?

For me, it's basically PEDs
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No title _ 2 takt fahrrad motor - Mozilla Firefox 20.05.2021 21_12_13
Should I add a 2 stroke to my bike? seems like a fun project, it's only a hundred euros
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Propfan lives
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I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe
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No title
Is it hard/worth it to become a train driver? I've been looking for work after attempting university, but the job market is awful.
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Bad decisions edition.
Post, ask and share bike touring and bike packing stuff.
Previous >>1612456
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flying a plane
lets say, I get a small plane or a helicopter and i know how to fly it, would I be able to fly it to mcdonalds or something?

I know nothing about aviation
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Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 12.32.47 PM
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every FUCKING day this son of a bitch rolls by and torments me.

God I hate Ige so much.
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criticality achieved
Yesterday over 10'000 riders attended critical mass in Zurich, the city with the worst cycling infrastructure in all Switzerland. The column was up to 5km long and took 40 minutes to pass a point. Today critical mass is on the front page of every news paper in Switzerland and the comments sections team with salty cagers and happy city slickers. Come summer I expect 15k-20k people to ride and demonstrate for their right to adequate infrastructure which has been ignored for over 30 years now. Hows it going in your city?

also, afterparty was massive!
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Wagon Wheels vs Babby Wheels
27.5 vs. 29er wheel sizes
Which one, /n/?

I've rode 29ers for the last several years bit I test rode a 27.5 that felt really fun, considering buying it.
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A-380 cargo x684
If Airbus were to make the lower rear section for cargo, allowing for a combi airline and cargo? Perhaps it could make the A-380 profitable plane. I have never seen a model of how cargo can be loaded on to a A-380.
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Is BMX underrated for city commuting?
> Cheap
> Small, fits in apartments, lifts and on trains easily
> Small wheels means fast acceleration in traffic
> Singlespeed = Low maintenance
> Very tough
> Can ride at the skate park on the way home
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Boring Loop
This is easily beats monorails as the most backwards psychotic backwards example of transport infrastructure procurement in modern history.

The choice of using cars rather than rolling stock is easily its biggest gadgetbahn indicator. Obvious embarking/disembarking pax and luggage issues aside, requiring dozens of staff to drive dozens of vehicles is an awful inefficiency that has been solved for a century by just building large capacity vehicles that just need 1 driver. The county specifically BANNED any usage of the self driving features of the cars, so drivers are here to stay for a while yet. Given that the cars are never going to take people anywhere other than the loop system, why do they need roads? Or steering wheels? A guideway or rail would be the obvious choice for directing a vehicle that is always going to stay on a set path. Any light rail system would easily deliver better results and using integrated power would prevent any battery fires that are sure to happen in the Loop. If you still wanted to have a gimmick for a tourist town, make it an automated guideway transit and then you have zero costs associated with drivers.

Every single claim about it being 'radically cheaper' than conventional tunneling and construction is a result of TBC using the smallest possible class of TBMs and not including the costs of any vehicle procurement or infrastructure in their advertised costs. A small diameter tunnel with almost no station facilities will be in fact be cheaper than a medium or large diameter tunnel with properly outfitted stations. Shocking.

The answer to all of this obviously is 2 things. The city of Las Vegas wanting some disgusting gimmick project to put on the flyers (after their previous monorail literally just failed) and Elon Musk expressing his obvious autistic fear of sharing public transport with strangers.
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No title
Is there an argument for aluminum over carbon other than price?
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Poland and ugly street cars
Why are street-cars in Poland so ugly? Pic related is Lodz, known for the ugliest street cars in all of Poland.
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I watched a car vs bike accident
>waiting at red light
>Cyclist rides bike in crosswalk when it wasn't his light.
>Distracted woman in left turn lane rolls forward.
>Bike doesn't stop
>Collision occurs, knocked off bike at low speed
>Indignant spandex man yells at crying woman.

These two idiots probably tied up traffic for 10 minutes. Something should be done.
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No title
will protected intersections catch on?
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Ahoy good anons of /n/!

Genuinely curious as to y'alls opinion on whether to go tubed or tubeless? I am mainly riding in urban and semi-rural roads and debris is definitely present and has caused more than one puncture before.

Any downsides to tubeless tyres, such as worse grip or excessive added weight?

Thanks in advance!
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No title
What city in Germany has the nicest rail transit?
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the walker
Why is it that some Americans view biking and walking as "socialist"? Like if you put in a bike lane they call it "socialist" or "leftist"? It sounds absurd to anyone else.
Walking or cycling are just other means of transportation.
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Retard Cyclist Thread
>ride for long periods with no hands because I feel like a centaur
>completely ignore all traffic laws while giving everyone else but other cyclists the right of way
>remind people in masks that they’re outside
>never wear a helmet don’t even own one
>pop shirt off after passing milfs headed the same way
>stop to hold the turtles
>stand on pedals arms outstretched and fly down every hill
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Are women only railway coaches good or bad?
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AUS + NZ Transport General
Ladies and gentlemen,
The main (and only) train station of Australia's capital city
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Union Pacific Announces "We Are One" Tour
>Union Pacific today announced a "We Are One" summer tour that features a new commemorative locomotive dedicated to diversity and togetherness. The brightly colored locomotive will start its 2021 journey in Houston, Texas, on Juneteenth, the holiday that celebrates freedom and marks the end of slavery in the U.S.

>UP No. 1979 is only Union Pacific’s 18th commemorative locomotive. It honors the company’s nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and the work they do supporting diversity, inclusion and equality. The unit commemorates the year Union Pacific’s first ERG - the Black Employee Network - was established in 1979.

>"This locomotive is an opportunity for us to celebrate our shared humanity and embrace our sense of community," said Debbie Schrampfer, Assistant Vice President - Diversity and Inclusion at Union Pacific. "It is a vibrant reminder that we are stronger together and that every person deserves to be treated equally and with dignity."

>Union Pacific believes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is critical to its success and that we have a role to play in advancing the interests of underrepresented or underserved populations. As part of this effort, Union Pacific is asking every program or organization that it supports financially through its Community Ties Giving Program to demonstrate a commitment to DEI principles by 2023.

>The company views its goal of reaching 100% of DEI-aligned grants as a multi-year journey.

>"This is what Union Pacific and America is all about, lifting up our neighbors and brightening our collective futures. All of us benefit when we embrace our cultural differences and our diversity of thought, life experiences and opinions," said Schrampfer.
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Stroads thread
Post your best burgerpunk stroads ITT. the more dismal, the better.
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No title
He’s right, you know.
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Anyone here skateboard and know any tips for using it as transportation? Like I go to the park all the time and have for years but going by cars is a whole different thing(plus just got a custom old school painted)
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are foldable city bikes girly ?

I live in an apartment and normal bikes don't fit in the elevator
I kinda feel shame for wanting to use one for daily commuting
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Buying the boat
I know boats are a financial drain, but I want to own one some day because I need a continuous project I can interact with. I live in the Pacific Northwest, which is full of water bodies to putz around or fish in. Ideally, I'd want to get something like this C-Dory here, a boat that's 20-25 feet long with a small but functional pilothouse. I don't have any plans to buy in the near future but I wanted to get some information from any idle anons.

1. If I own a boat like this one, how much time and money would I expect to invest in it on, say, a monthly or yearly basis?
2. I own a relatively new Tacoma, would that be sufficient to tow a boat of this size comfortably anywhere within my region?
3. What should I look for when purchasing a boat, are there any features or attributes that are considered "must haves" for a boat of this class?

I hope my questions aren't too vague and I can start daydreaming a little bit more. Any anons with boats that can share their experience?
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Types of transport(Cheapest to most expensive)
1. Walking (Only recommeded 2km max)
2. Cycling (Only recommended 15km max, secure locking place, shower)
3. Train/Bus (Best all-rounder)
4. Taxi/Uber (If time is important)
5. Own car (Only with kids or clients)
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No title
Opinions of bikesdirect?
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No title
The age of the round chainring is over.

Through an exhaustive R&D process to refine the oval chainring we discovered that optimum pedaling efficiency didn't come from subtly altering the circle, it came from a whole new shape we call the 'square'. By breaking the pedaling action into 90-degree segments the rider effortlessly puts four times more power to the rear wheel. In between these peak power moments, there is the restive stage of pedaling which riders report a 90% decrease in fatigue.

The unique geometric shape of the 'square' also provides our Quadrant rings with the revolutionary Parallel Chain Retention Technology. While conventional chainrings can only have 180 degrees of chain contact, the Quadrant ring has up to 270 degrees of contact that eliminates all chain drop. Forever.

Easier pedaling, more power, less stopping and dropping.

The Future is Square.
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Cyclists are bad, but imagine being this much of a prick.
UK cyclist cyclingmikey, Youtube and Twitter.
He purposefully waits at well known spots to record people checking their phones in stationary traffic and reporting drivers to the police.
Responsible for over 360 convictions, as stated in his twitter bio.
Big advocate for Cycling lanes in the UK.
yes you shouldn't be on your phone while driving but in stationary traffic is hardly the worst offence.
should this power lay in the hands of a rat. see the twitter page for his total.
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No title
The gas prices are so high in my cuntree (over 1.80€/liter that I have to get rid of my car and change my transportation method to cycling.

I don't know anything about bikes, what would you recommend? I need something for under 2000€ that I can use for everyday transportation
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No title
Why have I never seen CCTV footage from an airliner? There's CCTV on trains, buses, uber, but not on planes? And don't say "to save on weight" because how much can a fucking camera weigh.

This would have many benefits:
- analyze which part of the hull breached before the plane disintegrated or see which passenger detonated his west
- during an evacuation see how crowds act under stress and whether attendants did everything by the book, rather than rely on their oral statements "yeah, we did everything correctly" and see which passengers took overhead luggage to fine them
- determine who started a brawl
- observe generally suspicious behavior, for example secret agents spiking a drink of a political opponent or an heir shooting a poison arrow at their parent across the aisle to inherit wealth
- relay hijackers' positions to a SWAT team about to storm the plane
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Starting gear/apparel?
Bought a new CAAD 12 disc ultegra a while ago at 3700 CAD but only now I'm getting serious into the hobby and wondered what I should buy/avoid? A friend of mine suggested the following list

>change my wheels (zaffiro pro slick) asap cuz they suck
>get cheap helmet no one cares
>get non polarized oakley cycling glasses
>get castelli or Assos apparel, pay extra for the bib
>get clipless pedals, shimano RC5 or RC7 with SPD-SL clips
>get a multitool
>get an emergency pump from top peak but not the kind you screw to the valve cuz you can unscrew the valve
>get bottles
>get a small bag to put your stuff
>get a proper fitting

Is it any good? Something else I should get/avoid?
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Is this safe to brake on when wet?
Repeat with me: cyclists life won't matter until black LGBTQQIP2SAA life matter.
What is /n/ doing to show support to our oppressed allies? Personally, I've attached a Pride Flag behind my bicycle.
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No title
Do Americans have the work ethic that would required to maintain a Japanese equivalent of a bullet train?
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No title
>mfw Texas is getting the first high speed rail project in the country
>construction contract already signed for $16 billion
>100% private, not going for state or government gibs
>land completely bought, just waiting on permits from the federal government trying to cuck it at every step
>physical groundbreaking beginning this year, will be completed in 2023/24
If anything, comparing Texas Central Railway to California's fully government-run high speed rail project that still doesn't own all the land along its proposed route and has been in construction hell for 2 decades shows that private infrastructure is the only way America can build high speed rail.

There's gonna be 3 stations - in Dallas, Houston, and a central one near College Station that's probably gonna allow a new line later into Austin and San Antonio. This is just the start, once this route proves its profitability (which it obviously will on one of the shittiest highway commutes in the country) you'll see private HSR zooming ahead leaving Commiefornia in the dust.

/n/'s thoughts?
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No title
Why aren't bikes with drop bars and suspension forks more common?
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Most based bicycle lock
So, what is the /n/ approved way to lock your bicycle? A u-lock and a chain at the same time?
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bike helmet general
helmets we all know them
>do you wear them?

>when should you defenetly wear one, and when is it ok to not wear it?
>up to what speed do you not wear one?

I myself am split about wearing them, in summer I find them not easy to wear and way to hot.
one time I collapsed because I overheated in the sun at 35°C and could not recover to continue my tour. So in summer I tend to not wear it unless I drive in strong traffic
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No title
Guys. Guys. I saw boobs and butt today. I rode my bicycle out to this tiny county beach. I get there just as this tandem kayak is landing on the beach. 30 something guy and mid 20s girl. Girl is tall, thin, fit, long hair, attractive.

Guy hikes up the hill and retrieves his vehicle and drives it down to the beach. Girl then starts stripping out of her kayak suit right there in front of the jeep, in full view of everyone. There were some old people 15 feet away, a family with children 50 feet away, and she wasn't even trying to hide behind the vehicle or anything. She didn't care one bit. She got completely buck ass naked and put on a shirt and black thong and a skirt and started loading gear into their vehicle like this is a totally normal thing to do. Imagine having that kind of casual aloof body confidence.

I wasn't hiding in a bush with groucho marx glasses, I was maybe 60 feet away wearing my high vis cycling shirt.

I saw boobs and butt today.
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/fgg/ - Fixed Gear General
I go away for a few months and there's no general? Sad!

For this month: Enjoy fixed gear. Appreciate not coasting. Have fun with hektik skidz.
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No title
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anybody here know anything about being an aircraft maintenance technician? I hate my current job (car salesman) and I have previous airline experience being a supervisor for DGS before the pandemic, and we all got laid off. I love all aspects of airplanes and always have.
Also does anybody know anything about AIM? I live near Norfolk, VA and have been really thinking of applying and attending AIM to learn how to work in airplanes.
Thanks frens.
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No title
why is tokyo's planning so good?
why didn't american cities, particularly new ones on the west coast, take cues from tokyo?
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No title
Riding in the rain would be a lot more fun if it wasn't so fucking expensive. Anyone who doesn't understand what I mean by this likely doesn't own a bike and is probably dutch.
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No title
Is the Ford Bronco made completely pointless by the fact that they all have the ecoboost engine and 10 speed transmissions on the automatics?

I have a friend who knows a fair amount about cars but I know he’s got a pretty strong bias. He tells me the ecoboosts and the 10 speed transmissions are essentially the worst ever made. As far as he’s concerned the ecoboost is LITERALLY HITLER dumpster fire irredeemable trash and as long as the Broncos have them then they wouldn’t be a good buy even if they were $10,000.

Is his hate for Ford and more specifically the ecoboost/10 speed warranted? Exaggerated?

The new Broncos are everything I want out of an off road toy. 35” tires from the factory, doors and tops that are super easy to remove, triple locking differentials, sway bar disconnect, sharp turn assist, wash out floorboards, comes already wired for accessories like lightbars and amber lights, terrain selection, all the numbers on things like approach angle and ground clearance and wheelbase are great and that’s without a lift, it checks almost all my boxes except having a solid front axle.

So.. are the ecoboost engines and 10 speed transmissions really so bad that it makes it pointless for me to look at the bronco at all, even though it’s basically my dream off roader? I want to love the bronco but reliability is very important to me.

And please don’t suggest something like a 4Runner, you can’t take the doors off a 4Runner, you can’t flush out the floorboards of a 4Runner, you can’t lock the diffs on a 4Runner, honestly the bronco and the rubicon are the only 4x4’s I know of that are seriously built with off road as the first priority and offer the full suite of off road features while also still keeping a small, fun form factor instead of being a pretty fucking big SUV.
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No title
Are the Harley Davidson e-bikes worth it?
They look to run from $3500-5000 USD and they sell at dealers.
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No title
How do we make bikes themselves safer?
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No title
Hey faggots
I got my granddads ancient bicycle
What maintance should I do to it
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No title
What is your personal experience with people like this? Are there a lot of them where you ride?
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Sailboat thread
Today I saw this incredibly small sailboat Despite being so small ir still felt too low and sleek for its size I mean the thing looks like a miniaturized j-class hull. Anyway i thought it was cool and as long as it's floaty and the keel is long enough it's seaworthiness shouldn't be a problem I guess. Ever seen something like it? Also post cool sailboats
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No title
You may not like it, but this is what peak rail performance looks like
20 images | 34 replies
No title
What was his plan?
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NYC Cycle Trips
What are some good cycle destinations in the New York area?

Right now I just ride around the city but I'm getting more endurance and want to venture out to Long Island or something.
I don't know maybe I'll try a trip to south brooklyn?
Image of Italy unrelated.
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No title
Do you think the Canadian National and Kansas City Southern merge will be approved?
What further changes might happen in the industry?

A local columnist speculated on it and I wanted to know /n/'s opinion on if it was accurate.

>The third scenario, and what I think is most likely, is that CN runs more trains on its Minnesota route and a U.S. railroad purchases Canadian Pacific. If the CN-KCS merger is approved, Canadian Pacific becomes the smallest Class I railroad and is a tempting target for a U.S. company that needs access to the west coast. Whoever gets CP can bypass the current behemoths on the West Coast (BNSF Railway, Canadian Pacific, and the Union Pacific) and have direct access to the Pacific via British Columbia’s ports.
>My guess is that Norfolk Southern (most likely) or CSX (possibly) will make a bid for CP. Minneapolis would probably lose Canadian Pacific’s U.S. headquarters to either Norfolk, Virginia (if Norfolk Southern wins) or Jacksonville, Florida (if CSX gets the prize).
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Dumb aviation question... General? /DAQG/
Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.06.06 -
Can I use the flaps as air brakes? And if so, at what speed (King Air)? Like apart from pulling out of it, what can I do when I blast straight past the 250 or so V-ne, trying to stay with the treetops in a steep valley that is too narrow to zickzack?? I'm afraid of heights, so levelling out isn't an option, sry :/

I'm flying the King Air because it's as simple as the Baron (more switches are confusing me) but it has more pickup.

I also tried cutting throttle and windmilling, throwing out the gear and sticking my hand out of the window. The Kingair don't have spoilers and airbrakes... right?
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No title
What is the cycling equivalent to a marathon?
4 images | 76 replies
No title
ITT: Comfy Train Interiors
29 images | 52 replies
No title
Bibs thread? What's your favorite brand?
22 images | 94 replies
No title
2013-05-19 07.42.52
Continued from>>1428181

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #18 Starting with ARN
150 images | 256 replies
Velomobile thread
Recently I got really interested in velomobiles.
I am thinking of building one myself, due to high prices and in my opinion some questionable design choices of consumer ones.
My primary use would be commuting to work and stuff. This way I also get to do some exercise and commute at the same time.
Also I would use it to travel/tour. Maybe with full reclining seat, I wouldn't need a tent.

Has anyone here driven velomobiles, maybe even tour in one?
What did you like/hate? What would be your concerns?
Any experience and advice appreciated.

And why are consumer ones so weird looking? Some of the racing HPVs look much better.
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No title
I don't see the benefits of having normal- or wide-gauge trams. Are there any?
16 images | 61 replies
No title
Is there an organization I can donate to which helps promote the construction of bike lanes in the US?
9 images | 51 replies
No title
Do you commute on your bike? If not, what's your excuse?
21 images | 172 replies
I suck at driving
I just can't into driving. Yacht, yes. Bikes, sure. Even flying a Cessna 172 was much easier for me than driving a car. My brain just won't work with it for some reason. I don't see pedestrians, don't see the signs and traffic lights, suck at parking, etc. The last time I drove a car was over two years ago. I hit a tree when I was parking and broke the mirror and the bumper. Feels bad. Are there such people?
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No title
Who would win in a fight between a mtb'r versus a fred roadie?
1 images | 15 replies
Riding Smells
What are your favorite things to smell when you're riding the bike? For me it's riding past suburbs in summer, someone always has a barbecue going.
8 images | 32 replies
/mtg/ – Model Train General
Hatton's genesis coaches edition

Previous thread:
54 images | 190 replies
Truck Driving
US Edition

Post below regarding everything encompassing truck driving, OTR, local, places hiring, bonuses, advice for new drivers, etc.

My current dilemma:

My girlfriend and I are getting close to pulling the trigger on CDL trucker school (160 hours) to begin applying to some companies and local companies for team driving. We both are set on it. She used to drive Pierce fire pumpers and freightliner rescue trucks. She’s tired of the dead people. I’m done with babysitting in county jails. 15 months - on the road - coast to coast. We will decide, after 15 months, if truck driving is for us.

Nitty gritty: some companies want to offer us trucks in return we hand over all of the goycoins. Should I buy a used but rebuilt rig or stick with a new Volvo or Freightliner Cascadia? I’m such a sucker for a Kenworth W900. Jake brakes are my weakness. I understand the job is sucky, but every job is and this job will put me at less of a risk of contracting HIV thanks to some idiotic low IQ retard. In any case, after 15 months, if things don’t pan out — we’ll both return to our professions... with some extra cash.
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No title
Why do American buses look so much cooler than EUropoor ones?
18 images | 49 replies
No title
What do you guys think of SpaceX's Starship?
46 images | 262 replies
No title
Japanese engineering is overrated
16 images | 84 replies
Antonov An124-100 landing
Antonov An124-100 from Volga Dnepr RA-82074 landing and taxi runway 10 Alicante Elche Airport (ALC)
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No title
2021-06-17 14_16_03-Google Earth Pro
Explain in your own words why the typical American suburb is bad, without using buzzwords.
7 images | 48 replies
No title
Does anyone have any experience with claiming a bike on insurance? My bike got jacked yesterday morning and I'm going to try to claim it on renters insurance.
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No title
>only road "race" in the state
>non competitive
>$40 entry fee includes a tshirt and a literal participation medal
>helmet required and have to get up at 7 am
Guess that's another year I won't be becoming a raceist.
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No title
I use cycle with my road bike with flat pedals and pic related shoes. Just did 107 KM.
It's comfy and barely any slower than using clipless shoes.
14 images | 73 replies
Apocalypse Bike Thread
What bike would you use if the world ended? What would you pack, and why?
20 images | 93 replies
No title
dog taijik bicycle bike
Let's say i got 2 rolls of things (tent and sleeping bag) and 1 backpack, how do i ought to stow it on my bicycle?
1 images | 6 replies
No title
The bicycle is the slow death of the planet.
General Director of Euro Exim Bank Ltd. got economists thinking when he said:
"A cyclist is a disaster for the country's economy: he does not buy cars and does not borrow money to buy. He does not pay for insurance policies. He does not buy fuel, does not pay for the necessary maintenance and repairs. He does not use paid parking. He does not cause serious accidents. He does not require multi-lane highways. He does not get fat.
Healthy people are neither needed nor useful for the economy. They don't buy medicine. They do not go to hospitals or doctors. Nothing is added to the country's GDP (gross domestic product).
On the contrary, every new McDonald's restaurant creates at least 30 jobs: 10 cardiologists, 10 dentists, 10 dietary experts and nutritionists, and obviously, people who work at the restaurant itself."
Choose carefully: cyclist or McDonald's? It is worth considering.
P.S. Walking is even worse. Pedestrians don't even buy bicycles.
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No title
When do you use a bike bell? How often do you use yours?
2 images | 25 replies
Electric Unicycles
I was riding my bike the other day and I saw some dude rip past me on this unicycle thing, it was like something out of a sci fi movie. Is this the future of transportation? Cycling is fun but sometimes you don't wanna get to your destination all sweaty. I was thinking of getting an e-bike to get to get around but these look way more practical and apparently you can go 70km/h on them and store it in a backpack, what do you think of these things?
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
No rider weight limit edition.

Post your dumbass question and one of our operators will google the answer for you.
60 images | 356 replies
No title
>but I don't wanna buy a bike computer, it's too expensive!
>*straps a $1000 phone to the bike, rapes the non-removable battery in 2 weeks of riding*
>crashes, destroys the phone
Why do people do this?
24 images | 118 replies
Is there anyone on here willing to admit they can't replace an inner tube?
Or does anyone know of any cyclists who are either too dumb or too impatient to take the 30 minutes it takes to learn?

I have a friend who is new to road cycling and I've been trying to stress to him the importance of learning to replace an inner tube while out on the road. The guy (mid-30's) in question goes cycling 20-30 miles deep into the countryside, gets a puncture and then either calls his dad or uncle to come pick him up and save him from the walk home. He doesn't have a clue how to even begin to repair a tube and despite my numerous offerings, won't take the 30 minutes that's required to learn. I keep stressing the need to be independent and that it must be a bit embarrassing taking it to a bike shop and having to wait 24 hours to be repaired - to no avail. The guy literally goes cycling with nothing but his phone on him. No tools. No tubes. Not even a bank card or any money to get home via a taxi or something. The guy seems happy to selfishly ask others to come pick him up, which has happened 3 times in the last 2 months.

Is there any other way of getting through to people like this?

If your cycling buddy refused to learn, and got a puncture, would you bother to help them if you were present? Remembering that they have repeatedly turned down opportunities to learn and that it will be your tube and time you will have to use.

Sorry for the rant.

This guys just getting to me a bit and I know that eventually he's gonna get stuck somewhere stupid and nobody will be around to pick him up - then after the experience he'll probably just jack in the hobby.
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>stem parallel to top tube on a compact geometry road bike
Why do people do this?
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Image 1 - 69001_lr
What have they done to my boy?! Why that stupid US flag on an otherwise great livery? Also, general awful livery thread while we're at it.
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I feel immense satisfaction returning from a ride to check my progress on Strava. Every achievement is another gold star in my collection, every improvement on my segments means more slowpokes I bikemog. There is no better feeling.
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Conrail what-ifs
What went wrong? Could it have survived into the 21st century? Was it a viable springboard into greater nationalization of railroads outside of the Northeast?

Imagine if Conrail had acquired struggling shortlines across America during the 1970s-1990s instead of letting dozens of them be abandoned. Or imagine Conrail taking over the Rock Island in 1980. Or the Milwaukee's Pacific Extension in the same year. It would have become a transcontinental operator. It could have even been a transcontinental electrified route.
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So where do you get your bike gear? Looking for some lycra
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If every house in this picture had an ADU, would the neighborhood have enough density to support regular bus service?
What about every other house?
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how to make passenger rail sexy again in the US?
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Land value capture
diversification pro
Why transit/railway operators outside East Asia ignore an opportunity to develop land near stations?
That would bring them stable income and decrease or even eliminate subsidies.
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Say you were to go shopping with one of these.
Where on earth would you leave it while you're inside the store without having someone steal it?
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Do any riders in the pro peloton represent the /n/ spirit?

Who is ourguyTM
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Who in their right mind would choose to ride the rear of a tandem bicycle? what kind of individual would take pleasure from inhaling the anal fumes of another person?

Why not just ride two bikes? Why do tandems even exist? Somebody please explain the point of them.

Picrel is not a tandem but the little girls face perfectly embodies the experience of riding rear on a tandem bike.
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Charleston WV
ITT post your city/metro area and have /n/ design a bus/rail system for your town. Only applying for cities and metros with populations over 50,000

I'll start with Charleston, West Virginia.
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Where is your favorite place you have biked?
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Property Numbering Conventions
Lets say me and my neighbor decide to sell half our land (adjacent) to someone else. this would create a new property inbetween ours. would we still have the same address? what would be the "new" properties' address
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What to do about this growing epidemic?
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Streets built for cycling look for more picturesque than streets centered around car use.
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Why do you faggots wear these stupid outfits? You're riding a bicycle, not scuba diving. Just wear shorts like a normal person.
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Can one way streets help solve the traffic problem?
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Can anyone give me a quick rundown on British steam? c. 1880-1920 preferred.
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What /n/ games could you recommend?
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Tell me a worse fucking bus than this piece of shit SCRAP! owned by the fucking volvos
>shit seats, not even comfy
>no good A/C, it is always hot inside the bus
>vibrates a lot you feel sicks
>no suspension at all which could lead you in an annoying bouncy ride
Why do volvos make such shitty bus?
Fuck Volvo Buses, Fuck Novabus, Fuck Prevost, Fuck Wrightbus, fuck anything made by volvo
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boris bike
is this bike worth $6,000 USD, /n/?
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>cheaper than bike
>safer than bike
>less maintenance than bike
>more maneuverable than bike
>can ride on sidewalks without being a dick to pedestrians
>foldable, can be comfortably carried on commutes, in grocery stores, taken to the office etc
>comfortable ride with a straight spine, no need to bend over and and jam a seat into your rectum
Kick scooter is the ultimate short distance urban mogger
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Just bought a brompton, what am I in for?
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Any chance of Chicago building more bike lanes downtown?
I was pretty surprised at the lack of bike lanes right in the downtown area when I visited. But I saw bike lanes north of downtown.
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What combination of tire width and pressure is fastest?
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this is the worst bus on the european market
>walkway too narrow
>seats with so little legroom that you need to be an anorexic midget to sit there comfortably
>early models had a vibration so heavy that it caused nausea and headaches
you literally cannot change my mind
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E-VTOL are they really the future as a substitute for the helicopter at least for short distance travel?
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/BBG/ - Bike Buy General
If you want recs on used bikes, post local craigslist & height &budget
Due to bike shortages it's kind of pointless recommending specific new models. If you have options, post em for hot takes.

General advice for new bikes
>avoid 7 speed
>avoid cheap suspension
>avoid alloy/hiten forks.
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Maritime Jobs
I'm fucking done. I got medically separated from navy bootcamp and all I want is to work at sea. I could go to community college and transfer to a maritime academy but at this point i just want work on the water. How do I get the USCG Merchant Marine card or ideally work aboard a ship in northern europe doing runs in the baltic or north sea/north atlantic?
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How should I paint my new plane?
Let's post some interesting small plane paint jobs, preferably high wing planes. I'll start with a few:
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Why yes I do enjoy trips through the city while tripping off of lsd
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How come non-American cities have cleaner and more modern infrastructure? This isn’t just limited to things like the city bus or trams (pic related is Hungary, a poor country which somehow manages to have a tram 6000 years more technologically advanced and clean than anything in the US) but also things like a inner city McDonalds. Here in America you can’t find an inner city McDonald’s that doesn’t have bars or weird limited seating arrangements or some shit. Meanwhile in every other country it’s a standard wide open family friendly restaurant. Why is this?
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Dome cars
Would they be feasible on high speed rail lines (ICE, Acela, Brightline, TGV, etc.)? Seems like it would present a nicer alternative to the generic cafe car with a premium view that could attract more passengers taking advantage of dining service or even booking as first-class passengers for the view.
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