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"/n/ - Transportation" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing modes of transportation like trains and bicycles.

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Changing a tire/tube on a bicycle is one of the most frustrating tasks known to man.
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Let me guess... you "need" more?
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The company FluxJet just defrauded the Canadian government for 550.000.000 Dollars. Pretty Based if you ask me.
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Urban Planning General - /UPG/
In this thread we discuss the current and past trend of urban planning from across the globe.
Urban planning is /n/ related.
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Trams General
Post and talk about trams and similar light rail.
Starting with a pic the neat Tatra KT4DCs of Potsdam.
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mr bones bicycle
Post your bike ITT!
Bicycle discussion!
Bicycle questions!
Cage rage!
and more!
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/stg/ Space Transportation General
Artemis Launch dates
Artemis edition.
Prev: >>1795763

Now that we are up to a launch per week, two fully reusable launch platforms are about to enter service and the martian/lunar transportation system is about to start its flight tests its time to have a thread that discusses space transportation infrastructure and transportation vehicles.

June schedule:
>June 8
Nilesat-301 SpaceX Falcon 9 Cape Canaveral SLC-40
>June 12
TROPICS x2 Astra Rocket 3.3 Cape Canaveral SLC-46
>June 13
CAPSTONE Rocketlab Electron Mahia LC-1B
>June 15
Various cubesats (4) KARI NURI Naro LC-2
>June 18
Bundeswehr SARah SpaceX Falcon 9 Vandenberg SLC-4E
>June 22
MEASAT-3d Arianespace Ariane 5 Kourou ELA-3
>June 28
SES-22 SpaceX Falcon 9 Cape Canaveral SLC-40
>June 29
USSF-22 ULA Atlas V Cape Canaveral SLC-41
>June 30th
STP-S28A Virgin Orbit Launcherone Cosmic Girl Mojave

Other launches TBA
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Could motorized bicycles replace cars in congested cities?
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Favourite Train Sounds
What's your favourite, /n/? For me, it has to be the Hawker-Siddley H5 Door Closing Chimes.
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/bqg/ Bike Questions General - Wheels Edition
Aks any bike related question.

***Today we have a special deal on wheel advice, ask any wheel specific questions and win some great advice and invaluable information that could save your life, and will save you time, money and effort - courtesy of /n/'s resident army of expert tier wheelsmiths.

Previous Thread: >>1834412
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how to ride a bike
how to ride a bike and not fall. asking for a friend. hee is 40 and can't learn.
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Death of Streetcars and the so-called Streetcar Conspiracy
So if you look at other cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul they also once has an extensive tram network- but gradually removed between the 50s and the 80s. For all the talk of Big Oil and Ford working together to destroy trams in Sydney, LA; it seems the same phenomenon was happening elsewhere in the world. The difference is that China and Japan eventually ended up replacing their streetcar system with something better like fast suburban rail or subway. Though, in China's case, they probably not have bothered in the first place. The next boom seems to be every City wants their own light rail system.

So it makes me think. Was the death of trams and streetcars really down to evil companies wanting to make more money; or is there something more to it?
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I watched this video and I believe his only legitimate criticism of his walk from the hotel is that the sidewalks are inadequate (particularly the fact that there's no easy to way the railroad) and that there's no bike infrastructure (sidewalk is too narrow to accommodate bicycles, no lane on road), both of which can be dealt with by a MUP without too much problems. Everything else just feels like he's just finding the usual urbanist talking points to complain about plus some (the road signs are too big?!).
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My local transit district removed the bus route from my neighborhood.
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Pedestrian killing cyclists: laugh no more
Finally, UK proposed a law to prosecute cyclists who kill pedestrians with their reckless riding the same as motorists, making the world a safer place!
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Should I take the fixed gear pill?
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enlightened cockpits

> They follow.
> I fly.
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New ‘toss just dropped
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Flats & Apartments General /fag/
Flats, or apartment blocks, are high density communal housing typically consisting of multiple floors.
These buildings can be found in any area of a settlement, from urban city centres to quiet suburban fringes.
The benefits of flats cannot be understated; they solve the current housing crisis by providing each family with only what they need and are highly efficient in their land use.

Due to the high density nature of this type of housing, transportation for occupants are often a troublesome dilemma for urban planners.
More often than not, flats are built as isolated blocks of towers separated from the rest of the local community.

In this general, we discuss possible solutions for the difficult task of providing adequate transportation for the occupants of this type of housing.
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The Line
You guys certainly heard about the 1 trillion dollar, 75 miles long, futuristic Saudi city.
Is this how the pod life will look like?
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softride powerwing
Rare/exotic beauties thread
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Weird/unique train thread
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Which is the superior form of city transportation?
Cyclists need not apply
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/tg/ - Trainspotting general
Trainspotting is the comfiest hobby, just like railway transport itself
Post train photos from your country, be they old or new
Heres a combo of both on my own photo, a fairly modern ČD Class 380 locomotive next to the old mechanical signals at the Heřmaničky station on the old railway line from Prague to České Budějovice. This section of track was taken down earlier this year and replaced with a brand new railway corridor which opened just a few days ago.
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>kills you
Heh nothing personnel kid
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Bikes or Scooters?
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Russian planes are the best
Soviet-era planes are the most beautiful and sound like a jet should sound. That's real flying and not some computers with wings like modern western crap. Prove me wrong.
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/EUC/ - Electric Unicycle General
inmotion v11
A different take on Personal Electric Vehicles.
Happily continuing from the old thread: >>1719617

- good tier brands: Inmotion, Kingsong
- fast and dangerous: Begode, Veteran, Bull
- retired tier: Solowheel, Gotway, Ninebot
- homemade tier: RecioWheel

Search youtube for "electric unicycle".
Search "мoнoхoлeco" for Russians extreme modding.

>b-but, it's not the fastest/safest PEV!
You must be one of those people wasting more time parking/securing their PEV than riding it.
Also, gear up! (at least helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads).

The video thread on Electric Unicycle forum (recent ones on the last pages, currently 684):
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/pybt/ - post your bike thread
City planning cucks stop shitting up the board edition
Previous thread is ded, post those bicycles
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747 Thread
Last thread Archived.

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/EMG/-Electric Mobility General
My scooter is finally here Edition

The purpose of this thread is to discuss various light electric modes of transportation, such as ebikes and escooters.

Reputable Dealers
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/btg/ - Bike touring general
Post all your bike touring related topics here.

Last thread >>1772528

What are your plans for summer?
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/itg/ - Indian Railways Edition
Welcome to Indian Transportation General. This is Indian Railways edition. I am just an autist from India trying to spend time here to cut back on things I don't want to remain in my lifestyle.

I will be telling and discussing about Indian Transportation, its history, present and future here, theme of this edition will be Indian Railways

I will be starting with few random facts:

First train in India, ran from Bombay to Thane, a 34km stretch.

Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world, carrying more than 23 million passengers a day.

Indian Railways is managed by the state and is among the world's largest employers, employing more than 1.4 million people.
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No title
What's the scariest thing you've ever experienced in an airplane?
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Modern lightweight rim brake rims?
Is there any manufacturer left in the world who still makes lightweight 26" rim brake rims?

Seems like the only option to find nice rims for an old school MTB is to scavenge 2nd hand stuff.

The newly made ones all seem to add 200g to 250g in weight each...
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>want to signal while riding my bicycle

>have no fucking idea how to ride with 1 hand

what do
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What are some /n/-approved video games?

I got Transport Fever 2 in a sale recently. I expected it to be an uninspired OpenTTD clone, but it's actually great. The game itself is meh, but the graphics are very nice and it really does feel like a digital model train set. It's just fun trying to build aesthetic stations, depots, sidings, junctions, etc.
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imagine living in USA
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Rigid 90s Mtb / Classic bike / Project bike thread

All welcome
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/tlg/ - Train Livery General
icm intercity
Platform #2
Previous Platform - >>1779600

DMU's, EMU's, loco's, steam, narrow gauge, broad gauge. You like 'em, you post 'em.
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No title
Has anyone here used the Eurotunnel between France and England, or its foot passenger equivalent? Share stories, tips, tricks, and gripes of this iconic megaproject
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Is this the best way to cycle in the rain?
Somewhat upright bicycle, full length longboard fenders + short Poncho cape?
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/BBG/ - Bike Buy General
Scrolling through marketplace edition.

Post here for help buying a bike.

If you want recs off craigslist, post your local site, height, budget, and intended use.

Recommending specific models of new bikes is kinda pointless because of availability. If you want help choosing between real options post for hot takes.

Always buy a bike you like the look of and like the paint of. And that fits you well.
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Travel to Russia
I live in Sweden and am planning on taking a solo trip to Russia for a week how do I go about doing this? I am natively from Serbia so I have a serbian passport and understand I should be able to enter without a visa but have no clue on how to get myself there since there are no planes.

Pic not related
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Arcology thread
since this place is closest thing 4chan has to an urbanism board lets discuss the concept of arcologies ITT.
>arcology is a portmanteau of architecture and ecology, an arcology being a human habitat.
>arcologies are totally self sufficient, they grow their own food, produce their own electricity, and manufacture their own goods all without outside influence.
>everything from the water, air, and human waste is recycled and reused in an arcology making it a closed loop environment.
>arcologies are incredibly dense and take up less space than a city is an equal population.
So why haven't you taken the arcology pill, too afraid to join the hivemind cuck?
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How do these very long and heavy loaded bicycle trailers work? How come it didn't lean back and lift the drive bicycle up in the air?
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No title
What's with the rise of preachy Youtubers who hold only the extreme opinions?
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From shimano 105 di2 marketing website. the FOUR benefits
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Red traffic lights
Do you run red traffic lights?

I do all the time. There is nothing more worse than stopping every 300 yards with a 9 mile trip to work. fucking 50 stops.

Cycling already is annoying and slow af, loosing all the momentum that you had to put hard work into, is the worst

a gallon petrol is 4$ and gives 31kwh, the engine of a scooter makes maybe 6,2kwh out of it.

me averaging 200 watt means 31 hours of body work... okay, a scooter is heavyer then a bike, but even if we divide it by 2, fuck it
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No title
post Amtrak stories
9 media | 54 replies
Grassy Bois
grassy tram
Are grass-covered tram and railways worth the extra upkeep? My understanding is that they lower the amount of noise and keep the area cooler in the summer compared to things like asphalt or concrete, but have the drawback that they need to be mowed regularly. They also look nicer than most railbeds.
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Abominations of transportation

Starting with the metal death trap MV22 Osprey. Every one of these I've flown in has had some sort of engine malfunction/failure midair or stalled on VTOL.
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>Europe is still using 1850s coupler technology
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/MG/ Maritime General
runnin wild
Northern Lights edition
(Needs updating and greenhorns dont read it anyway)
Previous thread: nobody cares

Maritime jobs: so hot right now. Pay raise? Better schedule? endorsement upgrades? NGMI if you arent getting it now.

Captcha: Deckies lmao
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No title
Bike traffic jam
This is a good problem to have
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No title
Not sure if this is the right board, but i want to get into train sims, whats the best one to start with?
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No title
big oil
The Oil Lobby is way too strong.
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No title
Today I confronted multiple cagers who were parked in the bike lane. They all talked shit but all 3 of them moved out of the lane after I insisted they gtfo.
It was a good morning.
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Is hobby flying even fucking worth it?
-Not posting this in the general because I want a bigger discussion on the topic-

As a kid, I was very much into planes/flying and flew lots of flight simulators, played air combat games, always got excited when flying commercial, memorized most of the Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide, etc.; however, I always saw it as something that was really expensive and sort an unobtainable thing to do like being an astronaut or a top Hollywood movie star.

Somewhat out of nowhere, I realized I'm an adult with money and I could potentially pursue flying. I started looking into it more and more while being honest and critical (not just looking at the upsides and ignoring the downsides) and I just have a hard time seeing how it's worth it.

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Why carrying stuff on a bike hasn't been solved yet? taking just the basics is still a pain in the ass to this day, and instead of fixing it, bike manufacturers keep on "developing" dumb bullshit like pic related. Why's it so hard to just pack a spare tube, small toolkit and 2 bottles of water? If we can now get all the cables inside the tubes, thus meaning the top surface of the tube can be used to store stuff too, instead we still have the same storage sollutions used in the 1920s.

In my opinion, bikes should have:
>a battery inside the seat tube that feeds both lights and can also feed the gps unit, should you have one
>bottle cages in the down tube and seat tube, but a container in the top tube for a pump and a spare tube
>standardized mounts for front/rear bags/panniers
All of that is easily achievable within the UCI limits for bikes, but companies are just too greedy and freds too gullible. They'll keep on selling chink carbon for sportsbike money and nothing can stop them. Hell, now they're even selling bikes without adjustable saddle heights, you're literally cutting the fucking thing.
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Collectible bikes thread
It has never been tougher to get your hands on a vintage mountainbike
So many have been butchered into ebikes and its only going to get worse
What can be done to educate the public about this wasteful fad?
It crushes me inside to see them like that
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katy trail
considering attempting the katy trail in one shot, 237 miles. any advice? i have done multiple centuries, have a bike that can do it no problem. not really wondering about that aspect, but ive never got into riding +150 mile days. seems like a fun challenge. i have family on both side so that makes it easier. any advice for training or tips for 200+ mile days?
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All right, which one of you is this?
Jesus Christ, is this what you people look like? No wonder you think flying is so hard you pudgy soi autists.

It sucks I can't post voice on the WEBM, this dude sounds like a fat girl.
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No title
Was the Third Rail ever used to transmit communications along with powering the train? I remember a few years back, someone told me Metros/Subway systems used to do this before the advent of wireless communication, but I can't find anything relating to the topic. Am I just schizo?
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Background music
AA (1)
What's the best music while bicycling along a quiet path? I'm glad that's a good cycling/pedestrian play that goes from my apartment to the local retail area.
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No title
>live in america
>die on a 4 lane stroad in a high speed accident killing you and your children instantly
>can't afford a home to raise kids so constantly in debt instead of just a comfy flat in europe
>can't let your kids go outside because of stroad suburbia
>can't bike anywhere or walk anywhere without getting shot or ran over by a car and made into red paste

>meanwhile kids in netherlands bike everywhere and play outside
>meanwhile parents in netherlands can afford rent and food

Why is America so third world and why do mutts cope CONSTANTLY. Who would want to live in safe and peaceful netherlands anyways?
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Badly designed infrastructure projects
pictured: 3rd metro line (in yellow).
>based on electoral promises
>originally just a branch of the 2nd line, now it will require an interchange going up and down the stairs at Stadion
>a tram would be faster from Gocław to the centre (also planned but put on hold after metro was announced)
>there was no overall city study on where a next line should actually be build to serve the most people
>"Etap III" runs parallel to existing heavy rail just 500 metres north while its the N-S 1st line that is at full capacity
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No title
>UEC track cycling
>11 august

Shouldn't road cycling be in autumn, spring and summer, and track cycling winter only?
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Aviocar Crash RDU
Was he pushed? Why would an experienced pilot jump out of a plane just because it was going to land with a missing wheel? Why didn't the other pilot report that his copilot had jumped out of the aircraft the instant it happened?

>The body of a co-pilot who got off an aircraft mid-flight during an emergency landing near Raleigh, North Carolina, has been recovered, local police said. The co-pilot, identified as Charles Hew Crooks, 23, was not wearing a parachute... Authorities believe Crooks either jumped or fell out of the plane. Crooks and a pilot were onboard a twin-engine CASA CN-212 Aviocar when it took off July 29.

> archive(dot)ph/NIhO2
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No title
>I NEED more than three gears.
No you don't
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No title
>of course
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Model Railroad
I've been building my home layout this year. 20x40' room, two level, 1 helix, etc. Got most of the benchwork done and the primary wiring districts are in.
But I haven't figured out what DCC system I want.

The layouts nearby me are mostly Digitrax, but there's the occasional NCE layout, a ProDCC layout, and one using Ring engineering radio.

Right now I'm split between Digitrax and a DIY with PiSprog.
DigiTrax has very nice throttles; the new full duplex ones are great, but its got the other Digitrax pain points.
PiSprog is appealing because its linux based, so I don't need to go find some retarded windows computer to do shit with it, and I already have one of TCS's wifi throttles

Which DCC system do you guys prefer?
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No title
Do you see avaiable to build a train line throughout the Costa Brava?
3 media | 9 replies
No title
Thoughts on trains in the UK?
19 media | 53 replies
No title
What's the stupidest thing a pilot has ever done that caused a crash that resulted in 100 or more fatalities? Pilot suicide does not count.
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/bqg/ Bike Questions General
someone else make these threads I dont even browse this board anymore edition

Previous Thread:>>1832612
52 media | 323 replies
No title
How do bicycle companies justify their outrageous price tags when I can get this for 1000$?
3 media | 55 replies
No title
Let me guess... you "need" more?
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No title
for me it’s manon, the best gcn presenter
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No title
Qianchun interchange in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province, is one of the most complex interchanges in China.
The complex structure consists of 11 ramps going in eight different directions stacked on five layers. With its largest vertical drop of 55 meters, the interchange has been dubbed as a super "roller coaster".
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God Fuck the U.S.
I fucking hate car dependency so much.
5 media | 23 replies
No title
>you don't need brakes bro, just fly out the top of the velodrome
23 media | 70 replies
No title
>Shinkansen uses rail lines that do not cross and are not shared by other trains
>over 10 billion passengers have safely travelled on this rail network since the 50s
>In Canada passenger trains share lines with commercial rail
>people are surprised when pic related happen
Just build separate rail lines Jesus fuck, is Canada and the USA run by actual retards?
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Mist Train Girls
From the country that turned Warships into cute girls.
And the gaming company that made that game where you rape Peter Pan, the game where you can literally fuck your idols and that other game where you fuck Goddesses and famous people comes as well as being an online shopping site to buy censored porn COMES...

The game where Train Stations are turned into Cute Girls AND you get to fuck them- Mist Train Girls (but censored)

What does /n/ think of this game?

This is Paddington (Station)-chan. Would you lewd a Paddington?
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No title
Is recreational urban cycling morally wrong?
5 media | 66 replies
No title
What am I in for?
3 media | 24 replies
No title
How will transportation and urban planners cope with drought in their transit and development schemes? Will local solutions for water scarcity be found or will mass migration out of drought devastated areas be the only solution?
5 media | 51 replies
No title
>No motor vehicles on trail

Brings an e bike.
5 media | 44 replies
No title
Is it safe to say new york city has the most iconic bridges and tunnels?
70 media | 121 replies
No title
What’s the deal with the 1970s?
2 media | 9 replies
No title
YLYL /n/ edition
25 media | 133 replies
Injury general
Ride safe friends. Wear your helmet. Saved my life today. Still concussed bad…
4 media | 23 replies
No title
Why don’t Americans use them?
17 media | 139 replies
No title
What is the reasoning for using an electric bike? Why not just use a motorcycle or a real bike?
18 media | 187 replies
No title
>have always been a loner my whole life
>walked and ran everywhere
>walk to school
>take train to University
>walk to work
>watch stranger things
>realise I wasted my life not having friends
>I'm a grown ass man cycling through town and crying
>I will never cycle with my friends around town

Shit sucks man. How do I make cycling friends?

Also if someone knows how to reload a save from 20 years ago I'd make drastic different decisions. Like making frens and acquiring gf.
5 media | 28 replies
No title
What saddle angle does /n/ ride?
(if you don't have it tipped forward considerably it means you're slow)
11 media | 63 replies
No title
name a more comfortable bike seat
i'll wait
2 media | 7 replies
No title
ITT: New transit projects you're excited for.
Pic rel is a new bridge being built, it'll remove necessity for a stop light at the intersection and let more traffic flow through nonstop. It'll make my commute much quicker to work once it's complete.
What interesting/exciting projects are in your neck of the woods, /n/?
21 media | 74 replies
No title
This is what Los Angeles used to be about.

There was a time Los Angeles was the best place in the world to be a cyclist, there were cycleways that crossed the entire city.
2 media | 20 replies
No title
wake me up
>R8000 Mech. (2.3 KG) for £680
>105 Di2 (3 KG) for £1730

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!!! Are we all dying or what????! WTF is with this regress and HOLY FUCK prices jesus fucking christ...
28 media | 187 replies
Moving to less car dependant cities.
Anyone on /n/ ever moved to a more transit / walk able city?

Thinking of moving to Chicago in a few years myself. I can still visit my family and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like some cities.

What have your experiences been?
6 media | 54 replies
No title
Highways were invented by gas companies
2 media | 13 replies
No title
They need to install aircraft catapults on all runways. Would save so much energy on takeoff and make electric planes more viable!
5 media | 31 replies
No title
Driving a freight train can be actually challenging. So should freight train racing be a thing and why isn't it already?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Would modern overland freight shipping in America benefit from a broad gauge rail network like the Breitspurbahn?

Specifially a 10 foot gauge where giant flatcars could be loaded with a total of 18 53 foot intermodal shipping containers (2 across, 3 high and 3 long).
33 media | 109 replies
No title
>Flag carrier bankrutps
>Ressurect it but in a SOVLLESS version
Why are they like this ?
4 media | 23 replies
Imagine the smell
2 media | 17 replies
No title
If I already own a mountain bike would it be worth it to get a gravel bike? (Roads here are very bumpy so I think a road bike is not feasible)

I want to get a gravel bike because I feel like the mountain bike is hindering my speed on roads
2 media | 26 replies
No title
>just cycle bro
6 media | 55 replies
No title
How often do you get off your bike and push? Be honest.
9 media | 83 replies
No title
what's up with r/fuckcars?
why are they cool all of a sudden?

fucking redditors taking all the credit as always
8 media | 73 replies
Lot of cycling parts come from Taiwan
If china goes all xiping pooh on them, will we be without our precious parts for foreseeable future or what will happen to our elite hobby and lifestyle?
Would we see 5000$ bikes become 20 000$ bikes or see pro's on microshift gears? oh wait that's also made in taiwan...
4 media | 35 replies
No title
/ck/ here with a question: what is the
>cast iron skillet of bicycles
>victorinox fibrox of bicycles
>tipping argument of bicycles

What other boards do you frequent, /n/? Do you see any parallels between your home board autism magnets, and /n/ things?
12 media | 51 replies
/rpg/ - Rural Planning General
Just as we have threads about urban design, I was hoping we could have a thread about just the opposite. How would you go about designing an efficient transit system with extremely low population densities and limited infrastructure? How much car dependency does there need to be? Could you have a series of light rail networks connecting various ranches and townships together? Could STOL and bush planes be as normalized as any other taxi service?
20 media | 121 replies
No title
The Nicest cyclist in New York
Ok. Which one of you made this?
2 media | 63 replies
No title
A “gravel bike” is the most pointless design ever

You can ride a normal road bike on dirt roads just fine, and for anything rougher, you’ll want suspension and wide handlebars
35 media | 253 replies
No title
>amazing idea
>could have revolutionized city traffick
>ruined by brussels bureocrat fuckery

Btw you still have to pay for the whole ass engine and battery even if they are locked down by software
Btw fucktards going 40 km/s standing on a unicycle is perfectly legal
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No title
How does an e-bike compare to a motorized (gas powered) bike?

I am a university student and am looking for a cheap, fast transportation option, these seem to be the best two available.

These cruisers have 80cc motors on them and can go around 100 miles on 1 gallon of gas. They cost around $400.

Alternatively, an e-bike has less than half the range, but charging is basically free and they require basically no maintenance.

I guess my question is - how do gas powered bikes compare to e-bikes? Why are they less popular than ebikes?
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No title
/n/ bros... we cant stop winning...
6 media | 82 replies
No title
Why are Japanese people so inpatient? It's only a 10 minute wait until the railroad crossing opens.
1 media | 5 replies
No title
How the hell are these considered a car alternative when they’re the same size as a car
8 media | 47 replies
aus/n/z: Easy under Albanese edition
What's going on in the way of transport in your city/state?
Here in Vic, nothing much has changed other than the announcement of the G-class:
Personally can't fucking wait, I am on a line that just uses old B-class and they're fucking shithouse.
>b-but muh SOVL
Don't care.
7 media | 132 replies
Commuting to work by bike
What are your tips, suggestions, and experiences with commuting to work by bike?
Do you stop at stop signs? Do you run reds if it's safe to do so? Is the sidewalk nothing more than a bike lane?
I'm going to be commuting to work by bike for the next year and the city I live in does not have a large cyclist population nor are the drivers friendly/cautious of cyclists. For those who commute by bike what are some suggestions and never-do's for commuting?
2 media | 56 replies
No title
What would happen if /n/ met up for a group ride?

This, this would happen.
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HS2 timeline of major events to 2025 revealed
Colne Valley, looking north-west
Phase One of High Speed Two - the part between Birmingham and London - is under construction. You can take a look at the route and TBM progress here:

At the moment, two tunnelling machines are racing each other underneath the Chilterns (with more to launch later), prepwork to expand London Euston is ongoing, Old Oak Common station is under construction, and construction of the Colne Valley viaduct is in progress.
>HS2 Ltd has revealed the timeline for key contract awards and works up to 2025, which will see a large proportion of the construction for Phase 1 to Birmingham completed.

Per the article:
>August - Tunnelling begins on Northolt tunnel [OP: suburban London]
>September - Contract award for Phase 2a [OP: the part from Birmingham to Crewe] design and delivery partner
>October - Concept design completed for HS2 trains
>December - Invitation to tender for HS2 main works

>January - Long Itchingdon Wood tunnelling [OP: SE of Birmingham] complete, contract award for railway track
>February - Construction starts on Curzon Street [OP: Birmingham] station
>March - Tunnelling starts on Bromford tunnel [OP: just outside Birmingham]
>May - Contract award for signalling systems
>October - Contract award for Washwood Heath depot and systems control centre, all rail systems contracts awarded

>February - Tunnelling starts on Euston tunnel
>March - Tunnelling complete on Chiltern tunnel
>April - Old Oak Common west box complete
>August - Tunnelling complete on Northolt tunnel
>September - Tunnelling complete on Bromford tunnel

>May - Colne Valley Viaduct construction complete
>June - Euston tunnel complete
>September - Major Network Rail interfaces complete in Birmingham city centre

TLDR - there's a long, long way to go still, and the current work is mostly boring (pun intended) and/or invisible.
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So what is the verdict; is it actually possible to be a trades-person without a van?
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Is this feasible for the masses?
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teaser web
Are friction shifters worth trying?
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Would it be possible for sails on ships to see a resurgence again for transporting cargo? And wooden ships.
My reasoning is that steel takes quite a lot of emissions to create and cargo ships require a lot of steel and big engines that spew emissions. Thus sail + wood = awesome, right?
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Why haven't other manufacturers started using tuned mass dampers? This isn't a patent thing is it?
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Pleb class survival guide
economy HELL
>be me
>never been outside europe
>longest flight ever been on was 3 hours
>13 hour flight to japan in economy class incoming
bros, how do i make sure i survive shit like this? the 3 hours in economy last time really fucked me up, my legs were swollen and hurt, i had a headache, my knees and hip hurt from being in a weird angle due to limited legroom(i'm 6'2), and my mask was really uncomfortable.

if you have any tips for people in peasant class, share them here. The ones i've heard are:
>compression socks to keep your feet comfy and avoid blood clots
>neck pillow
that's about it
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flevobike build thread
I was going to buy a recumbent but then I came across the flevobike design and some aspects of it really stuck out to me, including the variable geometry with the rear fork pivot, and the center pivot steering allowing for a front wheel drive without twisting the chain. I want to build a composite one eventually, but im starting by hacking up a frame from trash steel bikes to test and fiddle with geometry and get a feel for the steering before I invest too heavily.

I came up with a frame geometry based around a standard headset, of the style where your legs and the frame go around the front wheel rather than over the top. I haven't locked in the geometry for holding the bottom bracket, I have my leg measurements and crank measurements etc and I need to figure out what gives the most amount of seat and bottom bracket adjustment before hitting the wheel on either side. What I'm mainly focused on here is achieving the steering and aero characteristics I want. In the picture, the top row is the geometry I drew from first principles, with the aim of having the rear fork adjustment allow for transition from an upright, low trail geometry to a lowrider, high trail geometry.

Beneath that row is an equivalent copy of the geometry of a racing flevobike I found plans for on the internet, which in reality has the front frame go over the front wheel with a dog leg. I will post some more pics to show this difference.

For now, I have begun construction of something close to my geometry in the top row of the image. I do not know what happens with such a shallow steering pivot. I have only read that mechanical trail (the perpendicular riser from the wheel contact to the steering axis) is important, so I have tried to have that range between common racing bike and touring bike values. Perhaps having such a shallow pivot will not work well - the racing flevobike geometry has a sharper pivot than my drawing. I was wondering if anybody had any more insight into the steering.
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/EMC/ - Electric Mobility General
Nobody talks about Esk8 edition

The purpose of this thread is to discuss various light electric modes of transportation, such as ebikes and escooters.

Reputable Dealers
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My short list of recommended accessories. Go opinionate.
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