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"/n/ - Transportation" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing modes of transportation like trains and bicycles.

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How do societies deal with the crackhead problem shitting city centers and public transportation?
Why the fucks is this shit tolerated?
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26 Wheel On A 24 Frame
ITT post pictures of weird bicycles
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Why not take the boatpill?
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rofl even
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Hi /n/, thoughts on package drivers? UPS package car driver here
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Fuck you I like them
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/wg/ - wheels general
Why are you destroying the environment with your discount bargain bin chinese carbon wheels with no warranty, when you could be saving the environment with the revolutionary new FusionFiber™ that come with a lifetime, no questions asked replacement coverage for the original owner? Sure it costs about 3x as much but think of the moral superiority it gets you

The only problem is it's made in Utah which is full of crazy people, which kinda negates the moral superiority, I'd almost rather send money directly to the CCP at that point

Also discuss wheels and stuff
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Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 00-51-29 I complain about bicyclists being entitled starter pack
Why are drivers so entitled?
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Great Lakes Shipping
h2o highway
Why are there no container ports for the Great Lakes, like there are on the East and West coasts of North America?
Why is it only used for bulk cargo at the moment?
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How would /n/ develop the outback?
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sovl vs soulless /n/ thread
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How do these large cargo backpacks compare with a bicycle trailer? I need to haul 100kg of cargo on a bicycle
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bicycles should be fun colors, not boring solid colors
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Should be pretty shitty IMO
Will the 'flying car' be able to actually get any range to go somewhere? cargo should be nonexistant for it to go somewhere
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I'm writing a book on urbanist myths, but I don't know where to start and what specific topics to focus on. So far I've got induced demand, the "suburb subsidies", GM streetcars, zoning stuff, and what cities aren't...but what else? Would people even be receptive to the subject?
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Cycling self defense
Have you ever defended yourself against a car while cycling?

I've considered executing U-lock justice a few times and knocking off a mirror or something, but it seems like a good way to go to jail or get killed.

Recommendations? Stories?
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Hookless blowout
>nooo the tubeless tire blew off the hookless carbon rim AGAIN
>theres now lube everywhere how could it slip off the rim
>we even used foam inserts, they cost few watts, few extra grams, few dollars and always work, just not this time
>noo we cant go back to hooked carbon rims, the rim manufacturers will make less profit since the hooked profile is safer but more difficult to demold
>foam insert manufacturers will sue us when we ditch them for hooked rims
>going back to tires with tubes which just werk, what are you talking about? We have contracts with lube manufacturers to fulfill
>plz halp UCI
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
Slow is forgiven if you're cute edition


Old thread >>1979652
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Sleeper Trains
I love the concept of sleeper trains, but I struggle to properly sleep on the seated version (and the Caledonian Sleeper's beds are like 5x more expensive).

The cal sleeper splits and joins at a couple of points (which I find really cool), but it's very loud and jolty.
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The brace on this aluminum 24" kids MTB has broken out from between the chain stays. Do you think this should be repaired? The bike will never be ridden hard (girl).
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Bike Touring /btg/
previous >>1935272

post pictures plans dreams setups questions trips
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I am considering getting one of these things, but the price is keeping me back, and some of the constraints, e.g.: wheels, proprietary parts, expensive accessories, etc...

The thing that keeps me orbiting towards a Brompton instead of the countless chinkshit knockoffs is the reputation. It seems everyone has mods, solutions, know-how to how to get the best out of the Brompton.

So what's your take /n/?
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How many spare wheels do you keep?
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Let me guess, you "need" more.
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This thread is for talking about railways, and things related to railways, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Big intercity trains, modest rural trains, long freight trains, the stations they work in - we love them all.

The usual interesting links:
~The Man in Seat 61 ( - the best rail travel resource out there for the UK, the EU, and beyond, bar none.
~Trainline ( - probably the best option for overseas visitors wishing to purchase tickets.
~National Rail Enquiries ( - will show you the possible options for travelling by train, and link you to the train operator's website to buy a ticket. It doesn't matter which train operator you buy a ticket from, they'll all sell you a ticket from anywhere to anywhere for the same price.
~Realtimetrains ( - track your train in real-time: ideal for keeping on top of your ETA and platform numbers.
~TIGER ( - live station departure boards.
~Traksy ( - live signalling information.
~Openrailwaymap ( - for finding existing and disused railway infrastructure.

What's happening?
~Phase One of High Speed 2 (Birmingham-London):
~Belfast Great Victoria Street re-construction as Belfast Grand Central:
~The Transpennine Route Upgrade (electrifying the Liverpool-York mainline):
~The Midland Main Line electrification (no website!)
~The East Coast Digital Programme:

What's kind of happening, but not quite yet?
~Great British Railways: indirectly mentioned in the recent King's Speech, zip otherwise.
~Avanti's Class 805 and 807 trains will slowly begin appearing in December; EMR's Class 810s are in production.
~East West Rail (Oxford-Cambridge rail link) is still in the planning stage.
~Crossrail 2 (north-south London rail link) is safeguarded, but... probably decades away.
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Steel vintage bikes
I’m pretty close to switching to an older bike, if there an objectively best era for vintage steel bikes?
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3 speed
All you need
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Montreal tram proposed by ARTM is dumb
So the ARTM has made its proposal for what to do in East Montreal after infuriating the Premier with their dumb 36 billion dollar light underground metro idea after a bunch of stupid NIMBYs killed the 13 billion dollar REM de L'Est project because the sight of elevated rail ruins their view industrial decay and the noise of an electric light rail distracts from the heavy vehicles that go by every 30 seconds. The plan is a 21 kilometre proposal with 22 stations in pic related with 4 connections to the Green Line, a connection to the Blue Line and two connections to the Maschouch line with two extensions adding four and two stations to the line. The entire thing will be at grade mostly in the middle of the median and cost a wopping 10.3 billion dollars for the main proposal and 13 billion for the entire thing if extended. It'll have a speed of 27-31kmh which is still faster then driving during rushhour there I suppose.

The REM de l'Est was going to be 13 billion and would have been faster, higher capacity and actually given the Green Line relief downtown, why isn't the Premier just ordering it built as is that's within his power, and he's going to lose the next election anyway? This stupid line will cost more per mile then the REM de l'Est.
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I fucking hate aviation influencers. Every time I open up social media I see some dumb roastie pretend to be a flight instructor, filming themselves doing blatantly unsafe thins in the air, or talking about how “easy it is to get into aviation.” Sure, it’s easy if your millionaire daddy owns a fucking Cirrus, but not for the rest of us you fucking CUNT. I sweat my ass off in a barely airworthy Cessna every day for barely above minimum wage, I didn’t have this shit handed to me. These faggots wouldn’t last a day doing what I do and make money by grifting zoomers into their “pilot guides,” which are just a bunch of useless training tips copy and pasted from Google. Oh yeah plus I’m a straight white guy so I’m automatically at a disadvantage in airline hiring, they’d much rather hire some dumb black bitch who busted 5 checkrides because muh DEI!1!1! It’ll all be worth it when I’m making 500k a year to fly a 777 to and from Japan and have enough money for good hookers. I’m gonna make it.
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Would you support a GG1 Trust /n/?
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Space transportation general: 2nd times the charm edition.
Space transportation general. Since spaceflight is increasing exponentially, since we are up to at least a launch per week and since we are days away from an industry revolutionizing fully reusable
super heavy lift launch vehicle.

Upcoming launches:


SpaceX livestreams on Twitter/X:

Upcoming NASA operations:


SpaceX Mars goal



Starbase 24/7 streams



Starbase tour from last summer




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Transit in rural America
How do we restore transit in rural America? My little town lost passenger rail service after WW2 and inter-city bus service in the 1980s. Is there anyone important (politicians, key people in companies like Greyhound, etc.) that care about this issue?

Pic unrelated.
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What is the most pleasurable airport to be a passenger in?

Pic unrelated.
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A woman who is in a sexual relationship with an aeroplane has revealed that she travelled abroad 30 times in the last year just to spend quality time with her lover.

Sarah Rodo, from Dortmund, Germany, found love on her first flight with a Boeing 737 - after an unfulfilling attempt to date humans.

Since then, the 23-year-old has also 'met' 60 figurines and three larger models who she considers part of a 'collective being' that she is dating, and so she often refers to her lovers as one.

Keeping up a relationship with an object requires real commitment.

The avid jet-setter is so loved up that she has booked 30 mini-breaks in the last 12 months just to be close to her original beau, the Boeing 737.

Despite their many trips together, Sarah, who identifies as objectum sexual [having a sexual or romantic attraction to an inanimate object], is heartbroken that she's never been fully alone with her partner.

Sarah said: 'I'm proud to be objectum sexual – it's a wonderful sexuality, the only sad thing is that I can't be alone with a real plane.

'I flew a lot in the last year to be with the Boeing as often as I possibly could, I took about 30 flights and always combined it with a city trip or vacation.

'I also love to travel and discover new things [in the cities].

'With my love, I've travelled to Stockholm, Malmo, Copenhagen, Budapest, Vienna, and Paris.

'I also often visited Katowice in Poland as a day tour.'

Although Sarah struggles to have alone time with her beloved aircraft, she has an impressive collection of models that she also shares a bed with.

She is so devoted to her planes that she's forked out over £3,550 on 60 figurines and three large models of her significant other.
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Screenshot 2024-02-18 at 13-06-47 GGjKhiwWYAArtCS (JPEG Image 1080 × 1080 pixels) — Scaled (88%)
Making bike lanes that end and then questioning why people aren't using them is the equivalent of this.
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Maritime General — /mg/
Company Man Edition

New version of the sticky for Br*tish anons:
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I'm a transit operator. Ask me anything.
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The Encyclopedia of Trains and Locomotives
Got this nice coffee table book a few months ago at a flea market type store. It contains photographs and information on over 900 locomotives made between 1825 to 2003.

Pick a number between 12 and 522 and I will post the corresponding page for you.
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Meanwhile in New York...
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post /n/ related books youve read recently
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What is this?
Нервы SJ-100
Russia's state conglomerate posted this the other day. Is there any way to tell what component this thing is for? The filename was "Hepвы SJ-100.mp4".

>Rostec demonstrated one of the most important technological processes for the production of civil aircraft.

>In this video, an installer of electronic equipment and instruments from the Ulyanovsk Instrument Engineering Design Bureau (part of KRET Rostec) assembles harnesses for connecting electronic units. These elements collect information about the technical condition of the aircraft components and the aerodynamic parameters of the machine. Then the data is transferred between devices of the avionics complex (avionics).

>Extreme precision is important during the installation process, almost like in neurosurgery. The layout of the wires follows a strict pattern: clear geometry, more than two thousand connections. This process cannot be automated, and the work does not tolerate inattention. The assemblers manually assemble a kind of "nerve plexus" that transmits impulses to the channels of the aircraft’s "brain" - the avionics complex.
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No title
What in the flying FUCK is going on with aviation as of late??
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cab views
I find these videos interesting
Sometimes they are not easy to find because of the language
Post them from your city
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Vintage steam railway photo dump
Happy 20th Birthday 4chan. I traveled to Fremont, CA to meet up with some dear friends and family and found out that the the Niles Canyon Railway was doing a steam excursion to commemorate the Bronco Billy Film Festival where they were showcasing silent-era films that were shot in Bay Area at the turn of the century so I booked a last-minute ride aboard it.

Will dump my album and go over some history of the railroad and its equipment below.
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Southern Pacific's Lark is coming back (kinda, sorta, maybe)
Last April, a company called Dreamstar Lines announced plans for an overnight service between Los Angeles and San Francisco, in effect, restoring Southern Pacific's Lark service, the overnight equivalent of the more famous Coast Daylight, which ceased service in 1968.

What we know:

>the train would run between Los Angeles Union Station and San Francisco's 4th & King Street Caltrain station
>rolling stock will consist of streamliner cars built in the 1940s and 1950s
>actual train consist would be a locomotive, 5-6 sleeper cars, and a lounge car serving drinks and "tavern food" (idk what that would entail)
>the train would run on a ten-and-a-half hour schedule, departing around 10pm and arrive at its final destination at 8:30am
>Tickets will be in the $300-$1000 (the minimum is slightly higher than the current price for a private room on Los Angeles-Oakland on Amtrak's Coast Starlight at $284)
>there will be no coach service, sleeper class only
>the company hopes to begin operations by Summer, 2024
>the project is far enough along that negotiations with Metrolink and Union Pacific for right of way have already started

The most detailed sources I could find

The company's website

What do you /n/iggers think? Is the LARK finally back? Or is this all just a big LARP?
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Buses must take over some of the roles of trains otherwise public transport will not survive.
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How to make bicycles sustainable again?
Use less energy for the same movement please.
We can do it!
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Do you wear a helmet while riding your bicycle?
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Steam Locomotives
CoG #457
In this thread we become Based and Boiled water pilled
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>buy a $40 mtb from the 80s
>buy a $10 ladies schwinn from the 70s
>remove the, fenders, rack, quill and bars from the schwinn
>throw schwinn away
>put quill and bars and shit on the mtb
>put a $150 copper bell and cork+twine grips on it

and there you have it-- the $50 rivendell bicycle.
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I stayed aboard the Queen Mary
Ocean liner fans rejoice! The Queen Mary reopened for hotel guests in May and in June, I had the privilege of spending two nights on board. I'll be uploading my album of the ship over the next few days and discussing the history of the ship that I learned while onboard.
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the longest bridge... in the world
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No title
I saw this in my daily commute. The field of view in that death trap must be horrific.
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What are (you) doing to advance the age/n/da of our board? Me, I am going to go to the meetings and express my support.
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>this thing at the rear of the aircraft, what should we call it?
>the tail
>ah, like a bird, elegant
>these things on the sides, what about them
>wings, of course!
>of course
>this part at the front then, beak or bill?
>but... but birds don't have n-
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Fuck LEDs
It's enough that you can't escape them on the street anymore, but they go beyond. Look what they did to my favourite station. Gloomy dungeon of brass and terracotta, turned into a fucking dentist office.
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First airliner flight
Tommorow (in 5 hours) is my first flight as a first officer in training on an airliner and I’m freaking out. What do I do?
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Most /n/ Movies
What are the most /n/ films?
For me its Kontroll, the hungarian masterpiece
>Opens with a budapest transit official say they were happy to help make this film, but please don't think it reflects on our actual service
>Entirely set in the subway
>Excellent soundtrack
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Daily Ride Thread
/drt/ Daily Ride Thread - Springo edition
Old thread: >>1955932

Looks to be a beautiful DAY!!
You have no excusesnow!
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/bag/ - bike apparel general
Last thread hit bump limit

Spring is coming, get the winter stuff when it's on sale. Except people from Argentina, for you, get the summer stuff when it's on sale

Anyone use winter-specific road or MTB shoes? I've been depending on overshoes for too long

Discuss bike apparel. Engage in catty tribalism between "lycra lout aero fred" and "practical normal not-a-cyclist' (actually still marketed to cyclists but with reverse psychology) apparel. Boast of your metric century (not a real century) wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. Conveniently, there is no strava of it but it totally happened I swear!

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No title
Are there any bicycles made for people who weigh more than 160KG? Doctor prescribed my wife exercise and recommended cycling as it is easier on the legs than walking. However she already broke two rear wheel axles on flat ground
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The current state of transportational debate
Just my opinion, i find most normie transportation debate just boils down to self-righteous virtue signalling "i just watched an NJB video and now i want all vehicles completely banished" types VS the backwoods retard who insists that any sprinkle of alternative infrastructure is impeding on his freedom.
there's never any real debate or discussion (other than on here) about modern transit infra that doesn't end with a full out war.
used to be able to talk to people about transit, bike paths, roads and general infrastructural projects without every 17 year old who keys vans for fun chiming in with they're fierce moral objection to anything quad wheeled and motorized, and dodge sooper doody f-900 drivers who insist that it should be legal to run cyclists over for sport.
i feel like a lot of this split in opinion is a side effect of the states using cars as a "one size fits all" band-aid solution for the last 70 years, and the public finally seeking diversification, but instead of healthy discourse, people split into 2 extremes. its like this with every hot topic in the western world. your either completely on one side or the other. any opinion other than the 2 contrasting extremes does not matter in the slightest. its hard to talk about anything without the angriest most spiteful people coming out of the woodwork to pound you into dust for an opinion that does not resonate with them. i hope for a day i could have a normal discussion with people again.
what are your thoughts /n/?
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No title
Are you excited for the return of wheel weather?
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No title
why are guys like this so racist against anything that isn't old and farty?

why don't they just ignore the people flying by them at 40mph having a ton of fun being super fit and not fat and angry like themselves?
Why they such haters?
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Still the most noble form of transportation is to be carried around by others, walking yourself is for plebs. Show us your palanquins then!
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IM-1 mission
as some of you may have heard, the intuitive machines IM-1 mission successfully landed on the moon

..however it turns out it snagged a rock and now it's sideways on the moon (but still functioning!)

hopefully we can get some more pics out of it!
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No title
Foamerbros... why are we so cringe?
3 media | 8 replies
No title
Thoughts about quadcopter/"flying cars"? Can they become your average Joe's flying vehicle because of Its automation and safety features?
8 media | 74 replies
No title
What are your thoughts on Embraer? what is the future of the company? What do you hope they accomplish?
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What we should do about ebike fires
Ebikes should require registration and an active insurance policy. $15 million in liability insurance per bike, minimum, to cover the average damage they do every time they explode. That doesn't even cover the loss of life but it's a start. Possession of an unregistered ebike or unregistered parts such as batteries should be a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison and being banned from touching another ebike ever again. Second offense is life in prison, you can't prove me wrong.

>but muh cost of deliveries
Muh cost of rebuilding the entire block after it was leveled and rebuilding the lives destroyed, cash me outside howbou dah?
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No title
post vehicles from the past that prove transportation peaked in the 20th century
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What destroyed cycling: a root cause analysis
Disasters never have one root cause and neither did the destruction of cycling. But I know some important milestones in the decline and fall:

1. COVID 19. Enough said.
2. Full suspension mountain bikes. Enough said.
3. Reddit. Enough said.
4. Twitter. Enough said.
5. British "people". Enough said.
6. The d-tch. Enough said.
7. The state of Utah. Enough said.
8. Zwift, Peloton, "Spin Class", and other cancer. Enough said.

What were some other key moments?
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/n/ music thread
my favorite transportation related song is "Nighttime In The Switching Yard" by Warren Zevon
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No title
>be fietser living in hell (america)
>need a fiets
>go out and try to steal one
>they're all "locked"
>ask siri where the nearest fietsenwinkel is
>it sends me to something the local cagetrolls call a "bike shop"
>no fietsen in sight, it's full of wielrenners shopping for racefiets
>none of them are even wearing wooden shoes
>all the racefiets all have something called "lube" on the moving parts
>all the tires have something called "air" inside
>they weigh under 30 kg so I can't even use one to anchor my father's cargo ship moored off the zuiderzee
>the parts don't make loud shrieking noises when I move them so I have to do all the shrieking myself when I wobble down the sidewalk almost crashing into people
>they won't let me steal it either because that's a "crime" and they demand a "credit card" before letting me take it for a test ride
>this isn't like my vacation in amsteram at all
>turn 360 degrees and walk away
Why are all these extreme sports armstrongs always trying to shove their lycra down our throat's? Remember what they took from us!
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No title
Why is it such a taboo to get a practical bike in the US? Every bicyclefag I've ever met has a masochistic streak and gets angry if they sense that you don't want maximum discomfort while riding a bike.
5 media | 47 replies
Home Office
Just found the fastest way of going from work computer to personal computer inside my house
1 media | 8 replies
World Beater
jetson bolt pro
This is it. This the Jetson Bolt PRO. It solves everything. We have the opportunity to not make the same mistake as with cars. As bikes are a fraction of a car, proportionately less likely to become a status symbol. Doesn't have 3 empty seats. No insurance, so no third party collecting a private government mandated tax for other peoples bad driving/scaled responsibility for murder machines run by average dummies/drunk drivers (which is everyone btw).

Advertises 15 mile range on only battery. Kinda bullshit, but pedal assist keeps you doing something, so you have no excuse to be a lump, but also not being physically conditioned as impediment to travel or commuting. Pedalling all out doubles the range, but I won't pretend it's a valid pedal bike on its own. Drag without assist puts it so far beneath a regular pedal it's absurd. So pedal assist mostly offsets the form factor, bringing the effort to same as full size bike.

It folds better than a Brompton, although it is heavy. Capping the "instead of walking" transport at this size incentivizes walking, as all transport should. It's basically a linear electric wheelchair, therefore it can to on sidewalks at walking speed without ninny's screaming that you will kill a ped, unlike when a unpowered bike. It fits in an elevator. It like walking a large dog or small pony. It's basically a scooter with a seat, but cute and sexy, and not a death trap. It basically mirrors walking or running, which is all you should want or need. At several times cheaper than an electric wheel chair or "rascal" fat ass mover, it would be heaven sent for people with health/mobility issues.
10 media | 62 replies
im retarded
am i retarded how is this possible
this doesnt seem sustainable in the long term
26 media | 166 replies
No title
We are back
1 media | 8 replies
Wearing a mask while cycling/walking
Why aren't you wearing a mask while cycling/walking, especially in cities?
>use the London tube for a week
>my nose snot is black at the end of each day
Apparently this is common and the explanation is the amount of iron in the air (from all the decelerating of the trains). This got me thinking about all the shit we breathe in during the day that is not as apparent as the black snot you get from iron in the tube. For me wearing a mask is a no brainer. Desert dwellers wore veils over their faces for millenia so they won't breathe in sand. You should wear one as well to not breathe in metals, rubber tyre particles, and other fine particulates.
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No title
>riding bike on sidewalk along road
>pass in front of business with small parking lot
>car approaching driveway to exit parking lot at the same time I was about to cross the driveway
>looks like it's slowing down and assume they'll stop at the driveway
>guy just doesn't stop and hits me
>he was going slow enough I kept my balance and the car just kind of pushed me into the street
>guy is halfway out into the lane before he sees me and stops
>backs up, rolls down window
>I was kind of in shock, didn't know what to do since I wasn't actually hurt
>just yelled at him some and then kept riding
>didn't hear what he said because my earbuds were in still

In hindsight, I should have got his insurance information and called the police. He probably deserved a careless or reckless driving citation. What would you had done?
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scooters - no sweat thread
>no electrical scooter thread
>just bike, fatty
but I don't want to arrive at the office all sweaty and we don't have a shower

>new Eltra 68 scooter ~ €900
>supposedly IP67
>front dampener rusts within one year
>€80 for new fork, €80/hour to replace at local shop
how hard can it be to do yourself? I have zero tools. I'm worried I'll be paying half the cost of a new bike for the fork replacement

Would not recommend the Eltra 67 either way, Quality is pretty shit, only plus is the Samsung battery which seems to have held up well over a year of riding.

What are you riding and are you satisfied? What does your ideal scooter look like?
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Blimp Train
Is it the blimp trains time to shine?
Could this be used to get Ukraine grain to the rest of europe?

They have different rail gauge between rooskie and EU tracks but blimp can be handed off with out even slowing down

THIS CAN WORK???!!!!!!!

Now Im on the edge of something
Wondering bout the blimp train
ooooohhhhaaaaa eeeeeaaaaahhhooooaaaa
Talking bout the blimp train
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No title
These are absolutely atrocious lmao

>women's football team line
>AIDs charity line
>immigrant line
>suffragette line

Not even a /pol/ type at all, but these are disgustingly on-the-nose righteous, and will date quickly compared to the Underground line names.

They couldn't even call the Gospel Oak to Barking line the Goblin Line like it's always been, the cowards
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No title
You're at the cyclist cafe when this lady compliments your orchid collection.

What do you do, /n/? Oh and she's 163cm and 49kg, all slow twitch.
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My ebike
What do you think about my ebike? Is it any good?
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No title
Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 18-19-04 JLF_August_Topic2_1000x662_Blog.jpeg (JPEG Image 1000 × 662 pixels)
"riding on the sidewalk is... LE BAD"
Stop trying to gaslight me into thinking it's SAFER to be CLOSER to the 2 ton death machines you faggots.
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No title
Why is transportation board called "n"? What does it stand for?
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
Say no to st*ble d*ffusion edition


Old thread >>1977048
40 media | 335 replies
collectible bike thread
Old thread finally hit its bump limit >>1750878

2023 started out as a crazy year on the collectible market but things seem to have settled down a bit
Have you made any new acquisitions ?
What do you wish to buy year?
Collectible bike thread!!
16 media | 54 replies
No title
in the future, will people be able to cycle on roads without dying?
22 media | 127 replies
No title
I'm a decade late but what the fuck happened to front derailleurs
two separate mechanisms for high and low
a fucking pressure bolt that just pushes against the frame
tension screw adjustment (is this not basically a barrel adjuster)
coming from claris btw
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No title
you're farming goblins in world of warcraft while riding about, right anon? wasted xp if not
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Cyclists of the sky
These faggots should be strictly restricted to class F airspace, with well defined dimension and NEVER EVER LEFT OUT, sick and tired of avoiding them. Yesterday while flying a personal Cessna 310 from a buddy of mine and 3 weeks ago on the Dash 8 with the small airliner I fly for.
>23 year old co pilot
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Lynx Air
I didn't realize they even started operation, and it's dead already.
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fogel midwest canal network
Did you know a historian* actually looked at a bunch of old statistics and determined that, if railroads had never been invented, a network of canals** would have served just as well to develop the American Midwest?
Admit it: 60-foot man-made rivers are way cooler than puny little 2-inch ribbons of steel. ITT discuss canals.

*Robert Fogel (Railroads and American Economic Growth, 1964)
**Pic related. All the canals in the image have shallow enough grades, and enough water at their summits, that they could have been constructed and operated in year 1890, allowing farmers in a radius of 80 miles to bring their produce to the canal for profitable shipment.
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>Be me
>Me: cleared for takeoff, cactus 1549
>Jeff: positive rate, gear up
>Jeff pulls a couple cold ones from the cooler while i finish texting my hoes before we lose cell coverage*
>Jeff: hey chief, you trying to get a buzz?
>Jeff tosses one over
>Just then a couple flying Canadians slam into my whoosh machines
*N1 rollback*
>Me: Fucking canadians
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post cool step through bikes

bonus points for ratty commuters
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I'll r8 Ur favourite locomotive
Tell me your favourite loco and I'll rate it/base my opinion of you from it/foam at the mouth about it if it's cool or I haven't seen it yet. Pictured is mine, class 170 (in ScotRail saltire blue livery) they're kinda clunky and old but god do they ever make the best engine noise in the world, you aren't a railfan unless you've heard one thunder out of Glasgow central station. (Can you tell I'm a foamer for this thing?)
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>A tram breaks the city centre
>the entire city stops working and replacement buses have to be deployed.
>It snows a little more than usual.
>The entire network stops functioning and buses have to be dispatched to act as trams.
>a car is parked in a way that blocks a tram
>the entire network is stopped until it's removed, an emergency bus is rapidly sent.

What is the point of trams?
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People who are into trains are three to six times more likely to be autistic. Why do you think this is?
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Of all places where high speed rail would make the most sense, why doesn't Chile have one? What went wrong?
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The world's safest form of travel
>plane crashes for the 9284th time
>oh no the turbine blew AGAIN how could this happen
>everyone on board dies
>oh no this is so terrible for everyone involved.... anyway
The experimental flammable death trap
>crashes once during passenger flight
>36 people die
>cause undetermined to this day
nothing suspicious about this at all
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What does /n/ think of tomorrow's upgraded, more inclusive bike lanes? Cagetrolls will hate this, but I for one think it is perfectly reasonable for bike lanes to be open to any vehicle that doesn't have an ICE or require a Class A CDL to operate legally. What's the point of bike lanes if nobody is going to use them!??!?
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80s haro resto
picked up a new redditbike project for $30. like the last one, I'll post the build here as it progress. check those saved by the bell/miami vice decals.
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Give it back, Jamal. The wrench, too
Any bike mechanics here? Tell me about your job. How do you like it?

Also, has anyone contracted service work from local pawnshops? They always have a fleet of dog shit bikes out front, and I feel securing a couple of monthly, or bi-weekly service contracts would be a good way to cut my teeth.
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>tfw you will never be a bike messenger/alley cat racer in pre 9/11 NYC
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Interstate 20 Eastern Extension Idea To Norfolk, Virginia
I-20 can use the 4 lane corridors of future freeway or already built freeway of US 74/US 76 (future I-74), then I-140, then future Hampstead Bypass (US 17 bypass), then US 17, then NC 168, then VA 168 from Florence, SC or near SC state line to Norfolk, VA. At Chesapeake, VA (Norfolk); I-87 can goes on the west and northwest side of Norfolk to end at I-64 in Hampton, VA (via inverse I-64, then I-664 corridor) while I-20 goes on the east side of Norfolk to terminate at Virginia Beach, VA (via inverse I-64, then I-264 corridor). Which can eliminate the wrong way I-64.

Or if it follows US 13/US 58/US 460 corridor instead of NC/VA Hwy 168 corridor: I-20 in NC has concurrency with I-74 about 20 miles, then I-20 goes through Wilmington and meets I-40 by using the future formerly I-140 freeway. Then the route continues through Jacksonville and New Bern while having concurrency with I-42/ US 70. After leaving New Bern, I-20 continues northeast to the Virginia state line while having concurrency with I-87 at North Carolina and Virginia. After the route enters Virginia and enters Norfolk city limits, it leaves I-87 concurrency and continues eastward to go through Norfolk (future formerly I-64) while meeting I-420 (future formerly I-264), meeting I-720 (future formerly I-464), then the route meets an interchange with I-64/I-420, then the route continues about a few miles, then I-20 meets its eastern terminus at an intersection of US 60 at Virginia Beach.
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images (66)
Electric planes. Are they able to work? Will they replace the short hauls? What about the wide Bodies?
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I've recently decided that if I'm ever caught in the middle of a plane going down, I will not just sit and wait for the inevitable crash. I'll wait until the cabin is depressurized below 10000 feet, put on the parachute I brought as carry-on, force open the emergency exit door and skydive myself to safety.

What I need to know from you anons is what steps can I take to ensure that I can make my daring escape without getting sucked in to the jet engines?
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I agree with Shawn.
Union Pacific shouldn't be able to block his neighborhood for hours at a time. "You should move if you don't want to live next to train tracks" not my point, they have two tracks that completely cut off an areas traffic for hours on end. It shows a complete disregard for the public safety of the town. They often put the train over the road, by one fuckin car, which is completely unnecessary. If you watch this guy's videos you'll get mad too.
Down with union pathetic!
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Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 20-15-02 Joe-title.jpg (JPEG Image 1200 × 900 pixels)
Cyclists can't do anything right. We go on the sidewalk, we're told it's too dangerous and to go on the road. We go on the road, we're called assholes and told to go on the sidewalk. Drivers complain about us on the road, but hate when they add bike lanes.
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Hand signals?
Do u guys use proper hand signals or just point to where ur going? I feel like the avg cagie might not see them enough to recognize them
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PANYNJ to Staten Island?
st george to NJ
Should the Port Authority consider the development of a railway/subway line from New Jersey to Staten Island?
Everyone knows that Staten Island is the bumhole of NYC transit, having one heavy rail line that runs worse headways during off-peak than any 24h Subway line during the night. That even includes the Rockaway Park shuttle whose five stops are among the nine least used on the entire network according to 2014-2019 figures.
Now every half assed transit enthusiast knows that Staten Island once had a line going from St. George along the north coast of the borough. The continuation of that line is now a cargo rail line into New Jersey. This provides two opportunities
>A rail line along the existing right of way to Elizabeth and Newark, providing direct rail service to Newark Airport and potentially midtown Manhattan
>A subway (PATH) or light rail (in collaboration with NJ Transit) line that crosses the state border over the Kill van Kull and then uses the existing right of way at Port Richmond
All three options will need at least a 3 mile long tunnel to reconnect St. George with the elevated section at Port Richmond. The rail line option would need a connector to the Northeast Corridor line at Elizabeth Port, while both the subway and light rail options would need a bridge or tunnel to cross the river. And of course the Subway would need a major extension project across Hudson County.
How realistic would such a project be, and do you think it would be reasonable or maybe even needed? Also I am not an American so I don't have expert knowledge on all the different parties required to make such a project happen so feedback would be welcome in that regard.
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how does the USA improve ridership experience on public transit? its no secret that compared to japan and nonparis yurop, the ridership experience on US transit is incredibly bad and preventing people from riding
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ramjet helicopters
why did they fail? they seem like superior to normal helicopters in every way
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V brakes = S O V L brakes
disk brks = dick brakes
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the only good drivetrain
>i am forgotten
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/debt/ - Daily E-Bike Thread
Share your ride, ask for advice, shitpost about 'em, so and on and so on.

All posters with pedal less monstrosities like Sur Ron's will be summarily executed.
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/pywst/ - post your walkscore thread
I wonder how many people here actually practice what they preach? Not many I'm sure, I can smell the the hypocrisy. Rules for thee and not for me is the rule of the internet.

So let's post our walkscores and let's see how bad things really are. If any of the there numbers are under 90 you don't belong here.
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for me, it's the A320, the thinkpad of aeroplanes
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Why is pic related impossible in the US?
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John Forester did nothing wrong
It disgusts me how today's so-called "cycling activists" are doing the work of the automotive lobby while thinking that they're the good guys.

Imagine if a bunch of politicians started pushing for a special residential area for a certain group, after having them habitually assaulted with weapons for many years. "We're terribly sorry about all the bloodshed but can't guarantee your safety, if you want to be safe, you have to go in this special place we designated for you".

That is what bike lanes are. We've tried "separate but equal". It doesn't work, because tyranny of the majority means a highly flexible definition of "equal".

People who have been riding bikes for many decades know what the game is. But zoomers and corona cyclists believe they know best. Instead of demanding justice, they demand segregation. Which is exactly what the automotive supremacists want.
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Someone died in a train collision last week. HOW TF DO YOU GET HIT BY A BIG AND LOUD ASS MOFO TRAIN???
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No title
WTF is going on here? What's the story?
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Music while bicycling?
Here is mine:

Just do it:
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Senator Collins: Yeah, the one the door fell off?
Interviewer: Yeah
Senator Collins: Yeah, that’s not very typical, I’d like to make that point.
Interviewer: Well, how is it un-typical?
Senator Collins: Well there are a lot of these planes going around the world all the time, and very seldom does anything like this happen. I just don’t want people thinking that planes aren’t safe.
Interviewer: Was this plane safe?
Senator Collins: Well, I was thinking more about the other ones.
Interviewer: The ones that are safe?
Senator Collins: Yeah, the ones the door doesn’t fall off.
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Bike Panniers
I'm looking to buy something on a budget to haul 15kg but the specs say maximum 10kg (5kg each) Are all budget panniers this garbage if you choose not to pay 200+ euros?
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Totally random late night thoughts

At the current known speed of travel throughout space (maybe not max) but at the speed the JSWT (telescope) reached the L2 zone in space. It would take 7291 generations of astronaut to reach some planet they believe has a civilization on it meaning it would take 324.7 Million Kg's of food for the entire journey assuming only 1 breeding pair or humans at any one time (inbred as fuck)

583333.3 years assuming 80 year lifespan which isn't including the 20 year overlap having 4 people on board whilst children are brought up to speed and left at age 20 by their dying parents. They would they be dead because the amount of inbreeding required at those levels would make them so fucking retarded they would forget how to breathe.
In closing. Close to 700,000 years worth of life, 389.7 Million Kg of food (including the 20 year overlap) is what would be required to make it to that planet

We aren't making it to any other civlized planets before our finite resources are depleted. Humanity is fucked unless we come leaps and bounds in space travel and shielding technology.
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is it mental illness?
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I'd like to buy whoever invented the thru-axle a beer. It's a fantastic invention and I have no idea how it manages to be so good. It makes replacing a wheel so much nicer than fucking qr skewers.
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No title
Alright which of you was this?
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>buy child seat
>strap in a baby doll with a helmet
>hang a baby on board sign on the back

Do you think motorists will try to kill me in fits of road rage less often if I were to add this to my commuter?
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seatpost brake lever
narrower and higher pressure tire IS faster
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its actually a GOOD thing that bikes are expensive
>it totally makes heckin sense that a bicycle costs $15,000
>heckin Ducati and BMW motorcycles use heckin old technology (unlike my bicycle)
>its also totally fine that "entry level" road bikes are $7k now, what are you, poor?

is it true that road cycling is exclusively for 40+yo dentists and engineers with disposable income?

also i just dont see where this huge cost hike is coming from.
>3d printed shit costs literal pennies to make
>everything but titanium is cheap to machine (but you can just 3d print that now too even if its brittle and garbage quality)
>probably 90% of carbon and CFRP bikes arent using hand layups anymore, and are probably just shit out by some machine
>"wireless" gears are literally $10 of rebranded and repackaged aliexpress actuators and electronics

how is it that everything is the most expensive its ever been?
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