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Hambini lurves his crush
As well as fucking ridiculously expensive BBInfinite copy BBs Hambone has now gone full crazy seething on that journo he can't stop thinking about, WTF:
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>ywn fly on a Concorde in your lifetime

How do I cope bros

I don't even care if I can fly on elon musks flying dick tube to mars in my lifetime, all I wanted was to go mach 2 from ny to London
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Has anything strange ever happened to you on a commercial flight?

>Flying from Toronto to Ottawa
>Airplane starts banking left and right
>Hear strange noises from the engine as if it's powering down and up
>Arrive in Ottawa
>Captain says over the intercom:haha sorry about that folks we lost our autopilot system but nothing serious

and you?
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Why has the western world failed to realize the massive urban mobility potential of two-wheeled motorized vehicles?
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Early High Speed Train Thread
Of all the early highspeed trains, the UAC Turbotrain is my favorite, especially in the Amtrak Phase I livery.
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Elon Musk's Loop and Hyperloop
As Musk now become the world's richest person, will it help his Loop and Hyperloop idea to gain ground?
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If I was a billionaire and I wanted to buy a super-sonic jet, just for fun, what should I buy?
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should cyclists be licensed and bicycles be registered?

>license and registration on bicycles would reduce theft because bicycles would be police traceable.
>money gathered from license and registration of bikes could be put towards infrastructure
>traffic laws are more enforceable

>potential barrier to ridership
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2013-05-19 07.42.52
Continued from>>1428181

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #18 Starting with ARN
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Does anyone on here enjoy railfanning or just going out of their way to watch trains? I recently started doing it again after my neighbor took me on a couple trips. Anyone feel cringe filming random trains? Post American diesel content too
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Should bicycles be prohibited from roads, where they obstruct and interfere with important vehicle traffic?
It would make more sense to limit cyclists to riding on unused sidewalks.
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No title
How long is your commute to work?
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Crusing General
Anyone cruisers here? Sailing and motor included. Visit any cool places? Have any good stories? Tips for first timers? Youtubers worth watching?
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Traffic solution for Bay Area?
Over the past few years, the Bay Area has grown into one of the most valuable real estate areas in the world due to Silicon Valley and other booming businesses. More people keep moving in and the mountainous area keeps expanding to meet housing demands. It seems that the transportation infrastructure is not keeping up and traffic is getting worse and worse every year. How do we solve this?
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/BBG/ - Bike Buy General
Thanks, China edition

previous >>1583011

post here if you want advice on buying a bike
if you want recs off craigslist, post your height and budget and intended use
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/GAG/ General Aviation General: Why not be a pilot AND an A&P Edition
Welcome to the /gag/ - /gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome.
Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, no nudes. Bikefags not allowed :^)

Previous Thread: >>1576104
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unnamed (1)
Anyone using the jtek shiftmate? Why is it so abhorrently expensive for what it is, are there any aftermarket options?

For the uninformed, this pulley system changes the cable pull ratio to allow cross-compatibility between shifters, derailleurs, and cassettes. This thread is also aimed at those who run different components and have yet to resolve their shifting woes.

Handy chart detailing pull ratios and cog pitch:
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IMG_7146 (Custom)
Project thread
after 5 years service i'm gonna restore my touring bike

first thing is touching up the paint
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Thougts on lowriders?
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Defunct Airlines Thread - Gone but not forgotten #2
Old thread >>1544476

This is Varig. It used to be Brazil's flagship and one of the better airlines worldwide.

I flew in this particular MD-11 on a domestic flight from GRU to NAT in 1999 I believe.
It had a special livery made for the 1998 FIFA world cup when it carried Brazil's national squad to France.

We ended up losing the final against France (3-0). Fat Ronaldo got sick (very controversial) and Zidane raped us.
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thread for /n/ homemade shit
Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 1.23.08 PM
post whatever model aircraft you made, or anything homemade that is /n/ related, even rough ideas work

picrel is the owo aeroplane (patent pending)
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>you’re laughing, America has the worst public transit system in the developed world and you’re laughing
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Peak Street Arrangement
Everyone can be happy with this setup:
>Elderly and homeless can take the bus or walk
>Poorfags can use a bicycle
>Chads can use the automobile
>Pedestrians are separated from autos
>Greenery for shade, atmosphere and oxygen
>If absolutely needed then some road space can be repurposed for a train
>Pedestrian overpasses as needed so chads don't have to stop for pedestrians.
What is wrong with this?
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No title
The absolute state of American infrastructure
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Diesel locomotive thread
we have a thread for steam, why not one for diesels?
Post bri’ish diesels only, absolutely no yank shit please.
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Loco Livery
unnamed (1)
What's your favourite livery? Can be around the world, any type of loco. Mine is SECR Green.
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Electric skateboards
A fast way to hurt yourself or a genuinely great and small commuting option?
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No title
i would call myself a cycling noob but something ive never understood is how is that you can buy a big name road bike fully complete for like 2k but also spend 2k or even more on just a frame
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No title
what do you think on going full chink (aliexpress) to build a new mtb bike?
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starship nose
>All the brainlets thinking it's a failure because it exploded
>Not understanding what this test just proved
We are going to Mars.
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Sriwijaya Flight 182 thread
Missing flight, most likely crashed into the sea north of Jakarta. Will post info ITT
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/n/ how can I get a fixie rider gf with thick thighs?
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No title
Any locomotive operators here? How do you like the job?
>management sucks
Besides that obviously
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No title
What is the most crazy, out-of-the-box idea that could complete revolutionise urban transportation? I’m talking real wonk shit
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>Dc-10 lands and everyone claps.
>Even the pilots.
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*ksshhh* Alllright now /n/, ehhhh why do all these *unintelligble static* all have the ehhh the exact same voi - same voice? *ksshhh*
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No title
Can I get a “Fuck Elon Musk” from the crowd?
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No title
How would /n solve this? Street is 11.5 m
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> 2031
> still shifting with your hands
hey unracers, when are you going to stop making excuses and admit that you're slow? nobody thinks you're cool for refusing the SRAM neuralink package. you're just fat
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Look at this pathetic excuse for public transit, amiright? It doesn't even go between peoples houses. Know why? Because it's run by the Las Vegas casinos. It was never meant for the public good. It's a disney world esque attraction meant to lure people in with its futuristic allure and the promise of tomorrow, only to keep you captive on the vegas strip, only able to access where private businesses want you to go. It's built to sell you an idealized future that will never come, which is why it keeps cropping up in schemes to deliver the undeliverable, and keep the money it makes off your exploited idealism.

And that's why Elon Musk's Las Vegas Loop is bad. Pic unrelated
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Air travel
Why are dirigibles not a thing anymore for common travel?
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No title
Why aren't there female players of flight simulators (either civil or combat)? What prevents them?
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forrest themed yacht
Why are Yachts so common among the super rich, but neither airships, nor gigantic flying boats are even a thing nowadays?

I was watching some videos on youtube about superyachts a few months ago and the superyacht lifestyle just sounds pretty dull. They all look alike and only differ in size really. Helipads are nothing out of the ordinary but that's it really.
I would at least want it to be a seaplane tender for like a rotax powered SeaRey and then I thought it would be even cooler to have a giant flying boat. Think Sprouse Goose but with modern materials, it would be insanely expensive, but from what I can tell, that's kind of the point.

And as for airships, I'm not the biggest fan but I figured there'd have to be at least some rich assholes who want an airship that dwarves basically any man made vehicle. Again with the technology and materials of today, why doesn't this stuff exist apart from like warbirds?
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No title
What can we learn from these cities? What did they do right?
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Paramotor Pill
>No Permit Needed

Why haven't you taken the Paramotor Pill and take to the skies?

Also Paramotor thread?
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No title
4Chan airbus posts
Thought on electric air travel?
18 images | 235 replies
No title
>we're supposed to ditch our private cars for THIS
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No title
What went so right?
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No title
anybody here /airline/?
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Tetrapods and Derivatives
I've always had a fascination with this piece of infrastructure, but have never lived anywhere where they are used.

Do you find them to be aesthetically pleasing or an eyesore?
Are any of the derivations in design significantly better than the OG?
Are they any fun to explore, or is there anything they can be used for beyond breakwater?
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>They took this from you
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No title
ITT: Comfy street running
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No title
why does munich have the best public transportation network in the world?
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Us rail nationalization
The railroads need to be nationalized. So they can electrified and expand passenger services.
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No title
collectible af
Well the covid virus seems to have not only killed the collectible bike market, it seems to have made just go away completely.
I have several places I check every day for bikes that fit this category and not one has popped up in months.
I cant even evaluate prices because nothing is being listed.
What the hell ?
Has anyone had any different experience than this?
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Girl & Train
girl and train 1
Let your autism shine! Post them iron horses and the thots that have happened to wander near the lustful objective of the transit photographer!
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No title
>Electric Scooter no longer runs
>When shut off and rolling, motor feels stiff
>Has a sort of light grinding feeling, kind of like pushing an RC car, but with much deeper and more spaced out "bumps"
Apologies for the terrible description of the problem but I know nothing about electric motors.
I know the issue isn't with any of the external mechanical stuff, I've entirely detached the wheel and it still does the same thing. I got hit by a bike about a year ago and had to re-adjust the brakes, re-attach the front wheel, bend the frame holding it back into place, etc. but it had been working fine since then until recently so I don't think that's the issue. Anyone know what the problem might be? Is it something repairable if I can get the wheel hub open or am I better off just getting a replacement?
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Where the FUCK are all the (11v) cassettes.
Sunracesramshimano ALL FUCKING SOLD OUT
I bet the MTB-ers did this
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Obscure Transportation.
Post obscure vehicles.

Pic Related is argentine Catita Imperial tram.
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No title
Graveyard thread.
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No title
Does anyone know what plane this is? Saw it fly over my house, it looked like a c-17 but with turboprops. 4 propellers, but swept wings.
pic is c-17
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Gas Bikes = Vintage Motorcycles?
Were the early motorcycle based on bicycles?
From what I can tell, the motorbikes of 1900 - 1920 were just bicycles with motors added, not much different from the mopeds of today.
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Im planning some fucking long ride in 15 days , something like 400km . Im making a list of shit to carry with me
whats some details to consider and what should i take with me besides the bike repair kit.
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Just started learning to fly
I just started learning to fly on a Cessna 152 a few weeks ago and I was wondering if anyone had any advice with regards to flying and the C-152 in general?
>wrong board
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No title
Shhhh mods are asleep, post japanese trains
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No title
I'm buying one of these and you fags can't stop me
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No title
Skytrain 2025
Is your city building more rail lines?
Yes, my region is making multiple new lines. A 6km subway and a 16km elevated line for a total of around $6 billion
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No title
if public transportation is so good, why do so many public transportation riders an hero?
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1 > 2 > 3 > 4
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No title
ghost kato
Can you recommend me hardtail bike which to convert to rear hub motor ebike? Something 700 dollars max new.

Currently I'm thinking about to get one of these used: Cube AIM/Analog models, trek marlin 5, White xc 290, Ghost kato. Any experiences with those or do you have anything else to recommend?

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Is the E300 a viable short distance electric scooter?
With most scooters I see being chinkshit with design flaws like the handlebar stem lock breaking I was considering if I should get one of these. I know they've never updated them in comparison to modern scooters but they're so simple and tough they don't really have many ways to break. Battery upgrade is probably the first thing I would do honestly.
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No title
Flight MH370
So what really happened to it?
7 images | 46 replies
No title
Say you were to go shopping with one of these.
Where on earth would you leave it while you're inside the store without having someone steal it?
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Vintage moped thread
Anyone have experience fixing old mopeds who can help me out?
I always wanted a moped and a guy not too far from here is selling pic.
He's pretty sure the engine is fine but it doesnt' start so he assumes there's something wrong with the ignition. Other than that it's just some minor things that need fixing, mostly cosmetics and he has all the parts that's needed to make it run.

I have no experience working on these things and he wants $1200 for it
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Submit fan maps
Hey /n/, submit your fan maps itt.

There’s not a better game for your love of subway maps.
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No title
Can someone explain how America is going to build high speed rail when half of the country is mountains and trains can’t go up a 1% or greater grade?
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No title
The future of delivery vehicles is prettymuch entirely electric.
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No title
Now that we have a railfan President...

Do we think we’ll see public transit expansion funded by the Feds? I know things like the NHSL spur to King of Prussia is banking on a Biden Presidency.

Do you think he’ll be good for excursions? Bennet Levin seemed to think that he would extend Federal Insurance used to cover Amtrak to excursions, and that he’d repeal Amtrak’s moratorium.
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No title
Would it have been ki/n/o?
>underground highways
>peoplemovers everywhere
yeah, I'm thinking based. If only he hadn't been a heavy smoker all his life, maybe he would have been able to see it through instead of the abortion of what EPCOT means now.
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No title
How do we get people to feel better while riding in public transit?
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No title
They took this from you...
23 images | 59 replies
No title
Why are touring bikes without kickstands a thing?

Yeah mate, gotta save half a nanogram on this 100 lbs bike designed to carry heavy loads on!
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No title
rate my bike
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No title
New York City's landmark commission today discussed moving MSG and building a new one along with a new Penn Station.

Here is the proposal from the community board

More pics available here
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Unracer General
Ahem... Hello gentlemen riders and the sundry sophisticates of /n/, perhaps we should discuss the proper and mature side of cycling, unracing. To all those that say no to consumerist frivolity and yes to beauty, utility, humility, and craftsmanship. We welcome all who see through the lies of the corporate disposable plastic racer agenda and choose to just ride on fine steel velocipedes
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No title
Why are trams so cool, they're not even fast or big. I love seeing one of these bad boys running along some trees and mid rises
28 images | 45 replies
No title
I like my Brompton but I feel like such a colossal dickhead every time I use it. Have any of you had this experience?
1 images | 28 replies
No title
It's time for new tires. Thinking about changing wheels. What do yall think and which ones yall like
4 images | 37 replies
No title
old peugeot premier
A lot of old road bikes I'm looking at have an extra tube next to the seat tube. What is it and what does it do?
14 images | 130 replies
No title
There should be PSAs telling people how to drive in traffic.

Would save billions.
0 images | 34 replies
No title
How do we get people back on transit?
34 images | 229 replies
No title
Ha ha, this is so crazy it just might work!
11 images | 35 replies
shifting with this
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/n/ Strava

Forever Shinkansen on strava.

we love trains.
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No title
Pan Am was asking for it.
2 images | 20 replies
No title
I miss the old Eurostar livery. Why is change a good thing?
4 images | 20 replies
No title
Look at our little boy trying his best.
You go, little angle man
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Why are Japanese roads and pavements so good?
2020-12-31 04_41_16-2020-12-29 14_04_32-ZBrush.jpg - Photos
They're just incredible to look at. Smooth uninterrupted asphalt with clear and sharp white markings on the road. No oil spills or stains to be seen. There aren't many manholes or access points and those that are there blend into the streetscape perfectly. Everything feels freshly built when in reality it's probably been there for years.
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No title
Oil companies should be held liable for climate change, since they’ve known what they were doing for several decades.
5 images | 36 replies
No title
Buttigieg has called for dismantling urban freeways and building EV charging stations around our cities.
While I was extremely skeptical at first, I have some hope for him now that he's talking about bringing down urban freeways.
Still have to wait and see what he does about transit.
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No title
how do major bike manufacturers get away with charging upwards of 5k for bikes made in china?

like literally how is a piece of shit weak carbon bike worth 5k let alone 10-20k...
22 images | 200 replies
No title
I'm not saying he was right about everything but he should be stickied. Like /g/ has the bird sex guy.

Why isn't there a sticky and why isn't it sheldon brown? The fact is this is now the bikes board. All other transportation exists to make cycling more fun and more convenient. It's time we faced the truth, /n/.
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No title
I took a tumble and bent the left side of my shift housing. It's almost imperceptible but given it's my bike I noticed it off the bat.

I'm assuming there's an easy fix, but it isn't apparent to me. Can someone take pity on me and help me out?
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No title
>Every episode is set in Latin America
Why, exactly, are Sudacas allowed to operate airplanes?
6 images | 13 replies
No title
Would this lead to a cycling renaissance in North America, by making it cool among normies?
1 images | 34 replies
People Movers
Detroilet Poopie Mover
Are they only viable in very dense urban environments?
Most systems with high ridership are in places like HK and Singapore.
5 images | 31 replies
No title
You're at the cyclist cafe when this lady compliments your orchid collection.

What do you do, /n/? Oh and she's 163cm and 49kg, all slow twitch.
6 images | 19 replies
What's the /n/ consensus on trolleybuses? Are they the future of city transport?
Are there trolleybuses in your country?
8 images | 63 replies
No title
Who the fuck thought it was a good idea for these to be used in a place as crowded as London
6 images | 35 replies
No title
What would happen if cities forced the rail companies to clean up their shit?
9 images | 40 replies
2 mile commute to work, comfy transport options?
Hi friends, my car recently shit the bed and I want to be done with all the car related bullshit.

My work is exactly 2 miles away. It is all sidewalk and I live in Florida so it's completely flat.

There might be some un-even concrete blocks and the occasional rock/rock sized detritus.

I work nights so driving pretty much exclusively in the dark on the sidewalk.

I'd like to spend under $500

If the transportation device can fit under a cafeteria table in the break room that would be sweet.
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No title
is it true that focus bikes are made and assembled in germany?

would you buy a focus bike?
0 images | 20 replies
No title
Embrace the future.
2 images | 38 replies
No title
At what point did you realize that "gravel bikes" are just what replaced front suspension hybrids when male inadequacy complex concluded that a front suspension hybrid is unacceptable?

Think about it. You can't refute this.
19 images | 151 replies
fuck elon musk
why man
21 images | 152 replies
No title
Is that a huffy? That’s a nice bike.
3 images | 8 replies
No title
let me guess, you "need" more.
3 images | 11 replies
winter cycling gloves
Any of you'll have recommendations for cheap winter cycling gloves?

I bought these Polish army puma gloves for £5 and they're great on a 2-3 degrees C day, but at night when it gets to 0-1 with the windchill, they're only comfy for 30 minutes before my fingertips start getting cold.

I looked at specialist winter cycling gloves but they look fairly thin and lacking in insulation plus they're pricey as fuck. I'm finna to just get some skiing gloves (as the basketball Americans say).
2 images | 8 replies
No title
Hi Friends,

I finally decided to get a nice set of wheels, can you help?

>using for a maximum 2 mile ride to work
>5'8" 180 lbs
>all flat
>all sidewalk
>all comfy

I wanna spend under $500 but this tandem is alluring
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No title
>US Senate investigators say that Boeing officials "inappropriately coached" test pilots during efforts to recertify the company's 737 Max aircraft.
>Investigators accused Boeing and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials of "attempting to cover up important information".
>"Boeing officials inappropriately coached test pilots in the MCAS simulator testing contrary to testing protocol," it said. "It appears, in this instance, FAA and Boeing were attempting to cover up important information that may have contributed to the 737 Max tragedies."

It's still a death trap and they know it.
8 images | 55 replies
You are an adult now
You will not

-Stare at the engines if there's an air stair (look straight ahead and look bored and annoyed that there's someone in front of you)
-Look at or touch the skin of the aircraft as you pass through the door
-Glance longingly at the cockpit as you walk past (you terrorist, only terrorists are interested in that stuff up there)
-Read the safety card for any reason (omg imagine the germs)

Most importantly: under no circumstances are you to look out the window, what are you a child?
2 images | 14 replies
No title
bike pro
Having a small mirror on the traffic side of your bike improves quality of life by 100%.
I can never go back.
20 images | 86 replies
Looking for an ebike that’s basically a street legal moped. The S2 looks sick.
Any other suggestions?
3 images | 20 replies
No title
Is it better to ride in a lower gear with a higher cadence or a taller gear with a lower cadence? I have a 2x11 bike and I never bothered shifting the front to the lower gear; I just permanently kept it in the taller gear of the two because I felt like I could access all the usable power I needed from the 11 gears in the back (unless I’m climbing a massive hill).
0 images | 17 replies
Cold weather general
Is there any way to keep my toes from freezing off, preferably some kind of hack with stuff around the house? I’ve already duct taped around the toe box of my shoes which helped a little but they still get cold after about 20 minutes. Also, any other tips for riding in the cold are welcome here.
16 images | 89 replies
No title
Cycling is the best thing in the world and I want to thank all the bros here for your advice.
I started riding flat roads during the shutdown and gradually got more serious. Now I look for progressively bigger hills and can really experience that initial joy of road cycling all over again. Seriously my mind and body would be atrophied without such a glorious sport to do. I encourage all Americans (especially in the Sunbelt) to give it a try.
The best part with climbing hills is you can get a serious workout in quickly.
4 images | 13 replies
No title
5 images | 12 replies
Defunct Airlines Thread - Gone but not forgotten
What's your favorite defunct airline? Why did it disappear?
For me it's Ansett. They went bankrupt back in September 2001, though they stuck around until 2002 as an A320-only low cost carrier in the hopes of finding a buyer.

Their bankruptcy had a few causes
>Deregulation of the Australian airline market put increased pressure on their revenues
>Most of their major investments (including a part share in the now-defunct America West airlines) performed poorly
>Their 767 fleet was aging and regularly had maintenance issues, culminating in their 767 fleet being grounded in Christmas 2000 and their entire fleet being grounded in Easter 2001, which was an expensive loss.
>Air New Zealand bought them out and merged with them in early 2000. ANZ didn't really have the capital available for their own modernization needs, let alone those of Ansett, so the result was that both companies were severely undercapitalised. (ANZ would go bankrupt around the same time as Ansett and had to be renationalised)
>Air New Zealand's attempts to reduce the operating costs of Ansett had detrimental effects on service quality. Their aim was to keep the same revenue while getting costs down, since that was somewhat successful for Air New Zealand, but in Ansett it had the effect of driving away customers who wanted premium service
>They spent a large amount of money to become the official sponsors of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, but didn't see much return on it since Qantas had a much stronger brand image internationally as Australia's airline, and combined with some guerilla marketing by Qantas a large number of people just assumed that Qantas was the official sponsor anyway.

After Singapore Airlines and Qantas pulled back from buying Ansett Mk.1 when it was in administration, there were plans to keep it flying in a smaller form put forward by the Tesna Consortium, but since the government didn't offer them any support they pulled back and Ansett Mk. 2's last flight landed on March 4th 2002.
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No title
Ok guys, I'm looking for some advice. I know that there is a lot of seafarers on this board, so tell me, it's even fucking worth to finish a college in order to get OOW ticket?

I heard that situation on a market is pretty harsh right now, and I don't want to pay a shitload of money just to end as an OS. I'm a p(or)lack if that matters, so IDK if the situation in Europe is also that bad.
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/prr/ - Pennsylvania Railroad
What was the NYC–DC route called before Amtrak?
Was it still the "Northeast Corridor" or did it have another name?
This can also be a general Pennsy thread.
2 images | 8 replies
Steam Locomotive thread
Southern Pacific #2259
I just wanna talk about steamers and post pictures bros. Post your favorites!
150 images | 330 replies
No title
I feel jiped

>>be train engineer
>>only need high-school diploma or get
>>get certified barely go into debt
>>make twice to almost three times as much money as me when I went to college and amassed a mountain of debt
0 images | 19 replies
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