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Anyone else feel like a faggot using bike lights?
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I'm not saying he was right about everything but he should be stickied. Like /g/ has the bird sex guy.

Why isn't there a sticky and why isn't it sheldon brown? The fact is this is now the bikes board. All other transportation exists to make cycling more fun and more convenient. It's time we faced the truth, /n/.
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>important bridge closed to everyone but peds and cycles
>under repair for 16 months
>hot spell
>"sorry guys we've done fuck all for the last year and a half and now the bridge is exploding and we need to close it completely"

worthless developments in your area?
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Bike theft general!

Hi all, just a quick update from bait bike anon here. Just been informed that the bait bike case from 5th Jan 2020 has completed in court (he skipped bail). He got the following-

>To pay costs of £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service

>Fined £450

>To pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £45

There are two more pending prosecutions.
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Why are German commuters pussies against train vandals in plain sight? They are the ones paying to clean this up.
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Max road inclune for bike use
I've read that a 5% incline is the most recommended for regular bicicle commutes but how hard would it be for daily commutes if you had long ir frequent stretches of road with inclines above that?
i live in a city where about 50% of the total road surface has above 5% incline, i bike commuting at all recommended or an option for anyone here?
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/n/ Vidya Thread
"i haven't played this game since march" edition

Old thread >>1482412
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Why don't they have floating aircraft carriers? All you need is enough helium.
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why is this a thing in so many cities in the US.

w h y
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>monorail was supposed to be the future

I still wish it could come back again
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Seven-Mile Bridge1
Pigeon Key in the Florida Keys. What's the point of that stretch of gapped bridge on the right?
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How hard is learning to skate at the age of 30 ? I don't care about tricks or other swank stuff, I just want a practical and easy transportable way of moving quickly in streets.
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There is no reason to own an e-bike over a non e-bike unless you are a weak leglet.

Prove me wrong.
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what went wrong?
how do we fix this?
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ITT: we post bike we're too poor atm to buy, different peoples have different pockets so it's not a "post the more expensive bike" so ill start mine is a Cinelli Vigorelli Road 2020 it's a road bike based on the vigorelli criterium fixed gear frame with a road fork and a fork handlebar to avoid overlap is a 1x11 with a 42t crank and it weighs around 2kg(4.4lbs).
I own a 2x bike but i rarely use the small gear so it wont be a problem plus not having to deal with the front deraileur and cable give a more clean look to the ride and weight just a little bit less.
That purple is just gorgeous so ill keep it like that.
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How exactly do I use strava?
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ah yes, i understood that perfectly
(bing bong)
Eh mhrnr mhrnhnrhnr mehnhr (echoing reverb), hmhnrhnr menhrn, hrnhrmrn- (braking train SKREEEEEEs) -ehn hmrhrnrghrnr. Whrn brhrghnrnghr fngrhrnr (more reverb) -hrnmhrnghr. Fghngr whngrhrnr, mhnghrrnghr hmhnghr.
(bing bong)
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Post Nice Bicycle Parts That You Like
Found this while searching the internet, was somewhat impressed with the idea (shifter, brake levers combined), and this one is designed nicely. Apart from this one looking kind of cheapo, it's a pretty good idea, and that, in my opinion.
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Screenshot 2020-08-09 at 12.02.08
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How often do you clean your bottom bracket?
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Stonehaven derailment
Saying that a landslide hit a HST.

pictures are out there if you want to search for it

what do
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Am I alone in saying Talgo cab cars look pretty decent?
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Post your region's passenger rail map
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Is the recent wave of crime and protests going to put a bullet in the head of American urbanism revival?

>I live in Chicago and everyone is selling at a lost to get out of the city. On the other hand, homes in most Chicago suburbs are up 10 to 20 percent since the start of COVID. We sold my elderly aunt’s townhome in the suburbs for $20,000 more than we listed it for.

inb4 /pol/ -- they're the best place to get footage of rioters rioting. unfortunately I've seen a lot of posts like this, and entire threads on r***** about people moving out of the cities because the recent crimewave associated with the riots. did some professional felon OD'ing on fentanyl screw us out of /n/? Guys, I don't want to go back to living in the 'burbs. I just wanted trains.
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Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 10.31.13 PM
Why are people with no legs not preferred candidates for fighter jet pilots?
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Thougts on lowriders?
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ITT: road sign oddities in your area
>Playground sign in Mullica Hill, NJ is printed with the seesaw graphic balanced straight rather than angled (just like in the photo)
>several Curve Ahead signs with intersection lines represented by conspicuous vinyl patches
>some Curve signs have rather thin looking curve graphics
>at least 2 Slippery When Wet signs around Sewell have a mirrored graphic
>some signs appear unofficial and look small (example: Turtle Xing)
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How do you stay motivated?
Anyone else depressed? Been a life long bicycle aficionado, and can't stay motivated to be interested anymore. I mean, I am interested, but too fudged up to have coherent thoughts, or have the energy to actually ride how I want.
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>2 hours each day of my life
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Can any of you recognize this model ? i bought it from a guy without a charger, and he doesn't know what model it is, so finding a charger for it has been borderline impossible
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Can I get pulled over for speeding on a Trek 420
I am a road bike /n/ master now, and I was riding in a 25MPH zone at 30-37MPH for a bit on my Trek 420 blaze it road bike. I went by a cop and he didn't care. Can I get pulled over and get a ticket if it is not a school zone?
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is there any downside to locking to back wheel + seat stays as opposed to back wheel + seat tube?

how do you lock your bike?
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A cool one just rolled out of the shop
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Is rapid transit really this much of a meme in California? You may as well bike to the next station by the time these things gain any acceleration.
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/mg/ maritime general
ITT: people that work on commercial vessels talk about certifications and shit and I occasionally post a pic I took on the job.
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MV Rhosus
*drops off ammonium nitrate at your dock and sinks*
Let's discuss it.
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Tube vs tubeless
is tubeless the way to go? Is it so much better?

Doing mostly singletrails and a bit of downhill on my eeb.
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Why do you guys hate buses so much?
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Air travel
Why are dirigibles not a thing anymore for common travel?
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low platform
How come America and Canada still use so many low-level platforms?
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Narrow gauge appreciation thread
most discussions of rail transportation here typically involves standard gauge, this shit needs to change

Fact: The best stories occurred on narrow gauge networks

fact: the first steam locomotive was narrow gauge (4ft 1in), ergo narrow gauge is the superior gauge

a few favorite anecdotes of mine:

1. in the 1800s one of the Ffestiniog Railways 0-4-4Ts with the name of Taliesin (don't ask me to pronounce it FFS, it's welsh) hit a purported speed of 40 miles per hour on an empty coaching stock run from Ffestiniog to Porthmaddog, on a gauge of less than 2 foot (1ft 11in and a micron or something) it's safe to say the guard likely needed to hose out his compartment at the end of the run.

2. The reason so much of the Ffestiniog survived to be preserved is that towards the end it was that fucking broke they couldn't even file for bankruptcy or liquidation, so the entire network more or less set there in a wierd state of legal purgatory where the owners couldn't afford to run it, but the authorities had no legal right to touch it, and every so often they would experience a burst of life as the slate mine produced enough slate to warrant firing up one of the prehistoric George Englands to haul slate down to Porthmaddog
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We plastic, seat-tube-less frames now. Is this a fucking joke?
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You're at the cyclist cafe when this lady compliments your orchid collection.

What do you do, /n/? Oh and she's 163cm and 49kg, all slow twitch.
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found this on an old phone
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old peugeot premier
A lot of old road bikes I'm looking at have an extra tube next to the seat tube. What is it and what does it do?
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dutch bike
Why is it so hard to find euro/dutch style commuter bikes in the USA?
I used to ride a similar style when I lived in europe and I am finding it impossible to find a decent one out here in USA.
Also what is the term for the special lighting system that runs off the wheel power when you flip it down to make contact with the tire? I guess everyone is into portable LEDs now but I want to comfy bike riding experience.
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Hello /n/ I’m an /o/tist searching for a new hobby. I’ve had bicycles before but they were just casual bikes. I wanna get myself my first “real bike”. I’m looking at this one here, looks like it’s made for beginners, what I want from a bike is something that is mainly made for mountain and dirt trails that can also be ridden on the street. Any recommendations ? I’m around 6 feet if that helps. Thank you.
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/BBG/ - Bike Buy General
Koreeda edition
Post here if you want help buying a bicycle.
Post your local used market, craigslist etc, and height, and price range, if you want recommendations.
Post actual options you have available for new bikes if you want opinions

General points for new bikes:
>avoid suspension on hybrids
>look for atleast 8 or 9 speed, not 7 speed. New 7 speed parts are excessively cheap and shitty. Claris/Sora/Acera/Alivio are all good. Tourney is shit.
>Look for a carbon or chromoly steel fork, not Hiten steel or aluminium
>look for hydraulic disc brakes or rim brakes. Not mech discs.
>Don't buy a bike that doesn't fit you
>Don't buy a bike that you don't just really like for arbitrary reasons

The market is abysmal right now because of covid.
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700x28 is the patrician tier option for 98% of real-world cycling. I say "real world" to distinguish it from the fantasy world some dream of, where you're riding over boulders to escape from zombies or whatever. The bike equivalent of civilians buying a heavily armored off road military truck to drive to the hair salon. They think to themselves, "instead of steering around that object like a normal person, I will show dominance by steering into it". In this way, they hope to resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from an action film, or worse yet perhaps they are simply copying the actor's real life fashion. But rather than fashion, in real life bikes are for transportation and 98% of transportation happens on a road hence ROAD BIKES which a certain confused subculture seems to think can only be used in a velodrome under tightly controlled conditions.

There is nothing wrong with a smaller tire if that is your preference. Many of the finest bikes ever made came with 700x23 or smaller. But people who select larger tires invariably have small dick syndrome. I think you know who I mean. You've seen them in your neighborhood. You see them when you override your own common sense and decide to go out for a ride on a nice Sunday with perfect weather when the plebs who hate cycling until that one day the weather is nice and suddenly they're a cyclist today are out in full force.. You even see it online. Those pictures of Putin riding his knobby boing-boing dual suspension novelty joke bike on the sidewalk with no shirt on like the neighborhood dirtbag riding to the liquor store, right? Weak, insecure "strong man" logic. Ever notice John Kerry doing that? No of course not he's got a real bike for adults. Because I guarantee you Kerry has a bigger, thicker penis even at his advanced age. I rest my case.

Anyway this is a true incontrovertible facts thread. What are some other interesting facts about transportation?
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>tfw too scared to change my cassette and chain
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Amtrak Freight
the US railroads should be nationalized. They act as cartels. Plus their operation practices are putting us all in danger.
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Since streetcars are a complete meme and not worth serious consideration how do we get the general public to stop thinking of buses as being ''just for poor people''?
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Redpill me on steam shovels
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I'm so fucking sick of cars and bikes
They are all insanely complicated, they are destined for the trash heap from the moment they are manufactured. Cars break down all the time, they are inherently wasteful and overwrought, they mainly sell based on glitzy pointless bullshit like: touch screens, all wheel drive, leather seats, 350 hp all so you can sit in traffic in some polluted city. Car culture is a fuck, it's just peer-to-peer advertising to make you buy new cars or buy whatever sullage the aftermarket industry has dreamed up this week. Electric vehicles will be even more alienating to own, and just create new gridlocks, new modes of failure and new forms of decay.

I live in a spread out suburban western hellscape. To live a normal life, I will be dependent on a car or motorcycle, I am an unwilling inmate of the car world.
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Interregnum Edition

Welcome to the /gag/ - /gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome.
Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, no nudes. Bikefags not allowed :^)
Previous thread: >>1506544
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Bittersweet news on the historic Tramvia Blau in Barcelona. This tram runs on its original line from 1901 with trams from 1906, and is the only first-gen tram in Barcelona, one of just two such trams in Spain (the other is in Sóller, Mallorca).

Two years ago the tram service was suspended citing safety concerns. Now at long last the tender for a constructive project has been publicized. It includes the requirement for restoring the tram infrastructure and rolling stock.

Now, the less good news is that according to credible rumors and some available information, the state of conservation of the tramcars is very bad. The wooden bodies were re-done about 10 years ago, but the mechanical parts which are over a century old, seem to have reached the end of their useful life. This means that trucks and motors might have to be replaced somehow. Best case scenario would be some kind of copy of the trucks and motors, but that seems like a pipe dream, and new, modern trucks and motors seem more likely. That would leave practically no original elements of these trams, it would essentially just be an imitation of the original historical trams.

I guess the good part here is that the tram is getting put back into service somehow, and of course keeping at least it's historic look, which is after all where its appeal lies.
The street along which the 1.2 km long line runs is to be remodeled as well, and this is all being done as one big project. This means that it will take many years until this is all done and the tram returns to operation.
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are folding bikes worth it
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
I guess no one else is going to make one edition.

Posting pictures of your issues helps.

If you want help buying a bike, post in >>>/n/bbg
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Let’s go boys post your best aviation memes.
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Ebikes Are Cancer
When are we going to address how fucking dangerous ebikes are in the control of most plebs?
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Why are scooters so gay?
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I’ll cut to the chase, I was gifted a free old steel/lugged 10-speed bike the other day that was stripped and repainted some time ago with all markings seemingly removed. I’ve looked up and down the bike for signs of what it is and have researched on google until my eyes glazed over, so any help would be monumental. If this is the wrong place for this, mods are welcome to delete.

The list of parts:
- Bottom bracket number 53771
- Shimano Tourney crankset
- Huret 700 front derailleur
- Suntour GT rear derailleur
- Simplex frame mounted shifters
- Birmalux front wheel, Rigida rear wheel

I can list more stuff and post many more pics if needed.
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I need some help identifying this aircraft.
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What do you think is the game-changer that will make electric vehicle use explode?

I think it's electric luxury vehicles and electric trucks. At that point there's no prestige in owning a big internal combustion engine.
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/btg/ - bicycle touring general (potentially also /ett/)
I recently posted this thread and it surprisingly hit bump limit after a couple of months.
There were some cool dudes over there posting pics of their tours and it was a generally comfy thread. You can find it here >>1475589
I am just reposting it with the exact same text because I don't know what else to use, and this way it will be recognized easily. Just note that my original questions have already been a answered, thanks again for that.
Ok this was posted on /out/ but I thought it would also fit this board well as it is bike-specific.
I want to do something special during this years summer holidays and the best thing I could come up with is doing a bike tour to the sea and go back home by train. The only problem is that I have never done a bike tour before, I only hike and camp in the forest. So I have a couple of questions:
1. According to google maps I would have to go about 550km. Are 5 days a good estimate?
2. I only have backpacking gear and a bike. I assume the only things I would still need to buy are proper bike bags and maybe a repair kit. I own a tent and the ususal camping equipment.
3. How am I supposed to buy stuff without leaving my bike alone? I cant just buy a lock for every single bag of equipment.
4. How much training would I need, assuming that I am in relatively good shape but a bit skinny? I dont ride my bicycle more often than once a week usually atm.
5. How does one find a good camping spot while biking? When walking through the forest I usually just go away from the path to find a lonely place where nobody is going to see me, but I will probably just cycle on proper ways without good opportunities. Do I just drive away from my road into less crowded areas in the evening?
Please share all your experience bike camping, bonus points for including pics. If you have different ideas for trips that dont force me to spend a ton of money I am also happy about it. Thank you everyone.
PS: I am living in Germany if that matters.
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1 point 35 million
1.35 million people die from cage crashes each and every year. Cage crashes are 100% preventable.

US figures: 37,461 people were killed in 34,436 motor vehicle crashes [in 2016], an average of 102 per day. 4.4 million more were injured.

People are willing to crash the global economy and shut the planet down for an entire year over a flu virus, but are not willing to do one single thing about the 1.35 million completely 100% preventable deaths and tens of millions of injuries a year from cages. Imagine if people treated cages as seriously as they do a meme virus. And don't even make me bring up the gun figures. Why are mass public reactions to these death figures completely disproportionate? You are safer in a room full of guns than you are on a road with a cage nearby. You are safer in a contagious virus ward than you are in daily commute traffic. When will people start taking the cager menace seriously and enacting common sense cage control? Anyone can purchase a cage with no background check at all.
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hey n, I have one question for you. What is it about transportation that makes it a part of Japanese culture? I know bikes and trains and airplanes have emerged from the all glorious sun country but isn't pic related a little bit too much?
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Im 27 and I don’t know how to drive. When I get on a car I get super nervous, I’m just scared of death. I don’t know why. Even when someone else is driving I’m afraid of speed or when a car goes by I’m afraid it will loose its track and roll over me. This has only helped making me a less sociable person.
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Why hasn't this old bastard been retired by now to begin with
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If I was a billionaire and I wanted to buy a super-sonic jet, just for fun, what should I buy?
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Say something nice about the best most affordable ebike /n/
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Ontario LRT
Ontario, LRT has come to be a popular form of rapid transit

Waterloo got one a few years ago, Ottawa recently got one and there are 2 lrt lines under construction in Toronto.

Most of the lines have tunneled, at grade, and above grade alignments.

Is ontario going in the right direction with this sort of transit? Should toronto be building heavy rail subways?

Also a new line will soon be under construction that is currently some unknown light rail technology, called "ontario line"

Is light rail the wat to go, or is subways always better?
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Our government spends over $400 billion a year on highways just so oil billionaires can get richer.

I can’t shake the feeling that if we demolished these overpasses, traffic would actually improve.
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The phases of cycling clothes
What phase are you in now, /n/?

Babby phase: Just going out for a short test ride around the block in my jeans

DUI normie phase: I'm going to get sweaty so I better wear cotton shorts and a t-shirt, also all this riding is shredding my nice jeans

Leglet phase: Cotton is annoying, dry gym shorts and a performance t-shirt, Nike or Adidas would be better

Beginner phase: I wonder if those MTB shorts have any advantages. Oh look a jersey is on sale, cheaper than my Nike tops and it's grey so it won't scare anyone

Early fred phase: I love having back pockets on my jersey, and how bad could lycra be? Just gonna try it this once, already worn through six pairs of MTB shorts. No need for shaving I'm not racing. Normal ray bans will do

Enlightenment: Waxing my asshole and then lotioning up with ass cream before putting on the Assos. Oakley Flight Jackets of course. Why do normies hate comfort?
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Why do I feel like the UK has less tram networks across the country compared to mainland Europe and could but doesn't have much more? Was it just London that lost half of them post WW2? I mean there's still Croydon, and afaik Dublin has literally one.
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I'm looking to buy new bicycle. Im not hardcore, just want some weekend riding and go to work ocasinally.
I'm looking at this two and I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with them.
voodoo nakisi vs triban rc 500
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How do I get a cycling waifu?
I've been cycling a lot on my cool 3k road bike but no girl has ever approached or spoken to me. Do I need even more expensive bike? Do girls even like cyclingfags?
What do I do?
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seinfeld bike
>has a bike in every single episode
>never uses it once
what did he mean by this?

inb4 any ep where Jerry goes to Florida
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in praise of too-small bikes
there's some so fuckin based about getting an old bike that's too small, blasting up the seatpost and slapping some risers on it.
theyre so quick and small and shit. it's based as all hell. i think bicycle "Sizing" is probably racer BS if you think about it. most people can fit size sm bikes with a few changes its just they want to be super serious racers and blah blah blah. none of those fit-is-everything people ever rode a sm size mtb with 3" rise bars on it I bet
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/ft/ - Fact thread: all true facts edition
Fact: cartridge bearings make more sense for bicycle wheels. Cup and cone is the gentoo of bearings. Doing things the stupid way doesn't make you smart.

What are some other cool facts about cycling?
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No title
Are the Jobst Brandt meme tyres actually any good?
3 images | 26 replies
No title
Are urban suspension railways ever practical? Can they be used to preserve street space?
12 images | 62 replies
No title
Anyone knows how to open bike locks like these? We accidentaly changed the combination
3 images | 31 replies
No title
how do i bunny hop bmx?
3 images | 23 replies
No title
Are these worth it? I've seen people whizzing by on these (some guy was doing like 7MPH holding a ladder). Looks like an easy way to crack your skull.
1 images | 3 replies
No title
Why did he do it, /n/?
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Bicycle Names?
mikazuki 5
Anyone else name their rides, or is that just my autism? My current road bike's name is Crescent Moon. Post bike names, or make fun of the fact that I did
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No title
proxy-image (3)
Why are other transit modes other than trains in Japan shit. Not all door boarding no signal priority for trams and treats them like busses. Lack of interchanges and cohesion between bus lines etc.
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Bide/n/ on Bike
77 years old and riding a bike. Do you dream of being that old as Biden one day without struggling on a bike?
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No title
>tfw you will never travel in the Concorde
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No title
Why does riding the bicycle suck everywhere except for the Netherlands?
pic related, purple lines are cycling lanes
Can't you guys build more?
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No title
Is combusting bunker fuel bad for the environment?
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Road bikes
Why are normies so scared by them?
44 images | 275 replies
No title
At what point did you realize that "gravel bikes" are just what replaced front suspension hybrids when male inadequacy complex concluded that a front suspension hybrid is unacceptable?

Think about it. You can't refute this.
9 images | 71 replies
No title
Why do bike companies make a big deal about needing "women's specific frame geometry" but then they slap the same crank lengths on every single bike?
13 images | 118 replies
What does /n/ wear when cycling? Not sure I want the racer look when I’m just riding around town or the neighborhood for exercise.
Should I take the mountain bike clothing pill?
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Choose your /n/ waifu
The clouds part and the scratchy distorted voice of the god of /n/ reveals Himself to you. You have thirty seconds to choose an /n/ waifu:

1. Emma: 10/10 body, face aged beyond her years due to excessive sun exposure. She'll be bored riding with you because you're slow and weak, so you can still ride alone like always.

2.Vicki: 10/10 face, bit too tall but she has a flat chest which makes up for a lot. She's not confident riding in traffic but she'll out-autist you any day when it comes to trains.

3.Shaima: 10/10 modest and pure Arab dream girl, will not get on a bike because she's a cager extremist, but then again you wanted to ride alone didn't you? Also comes with unbeatable pass travel perks.

NOW YOU MUST CHOOSE, no takebacks you will share a bed until one of you dies.
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sleeping cabin in trains are comfy
train hug
>cozy beds
>get to watch the scenery outside the window passing by
>see all the houses and towns you'll never get to interact with
>the sound of the train is hypnotic
>so is the motion
>bring some homemade reissumies sandwiches and a thermos of water
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unnamed (5)
The Beeching Axe - that time in 1960's when the British government tasked British Rail's directorial board under Richard Beeching with producing a report on the present and the future of the UK's railway system. It recommended closing over 2000 railway stations and 5000 miles / 8000 km of track. As a result of the closures, the British rail system shrunk by 30%, and aside from numerous local branch lines, mainlines like Great Central Railway from Mansfield to London also were demolished.

Now that the dust has settled, what does /n/ think about the Beeching cuts and its effects? Was it a misguided attempt to quickly save more money without any long-term planning, or was it an important and smart attempt at modernising UK's railways in one quick swoop by placing more weight on long-distance intercity travel and containerized cargo transit?
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No title
Bicycle newfag here, how do I get deeper into cycling and maintenance?
I want to learn an actual hobby.
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Bicycle License Plates
Bicycle License Plates
We need to lobby for license plates and property taxes for bicycles NOW. Use the road, pay the toll. With e-bicycles becoming more popular more people will want to ride bicycles and thus demand for infrastructure. Urban planners can reduce the costly impact of bicycle infrastructure and help track bicycle stealing criminals by requiring license plates and property taxes for bicycles on their public roads and services.
>Bicycle stolen
>Camera at Martin Luther King Jr. Street captures license plate
>Sends to Police
>Police returns bicycle
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Saudi Arabian Airlines 747 thread
Ahlan wa sahlan, welcome to the thread dedicated to the ONLY AIRLINE IN HISTORY that flew all the versions of the mighty 747
>Yes, all the versions...
>...even the SP and SR!

Starting the thread with this 747SP-68, HZ-AIF
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No title
Are flying cars viable yet? Which one/company will be the most successful.

Uber Elevate is planning to build a terminal in my my city but I can tell right now it’s going to be DOA because it’s in a stagnated boring corner of the city where nobody goes.
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The Canard Taboo
Give me the rundown on the canard wing/tail configuration and why it's such a taboo in non-homebuilt general aviation design?

I am aware of a few Iconic designs like the Beech Starship, but canard designs are literally outnumbered 50-1 by more common configurations. IMO it may be a decent option in naturally tail-heavy designs as an alternative to a T-Tail setup.

What does /n/ think?

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on bicycle part brands? Eg which ones are rip offs due to hipster hype, which ones are tried and true, which ones are chinese garbage etc etc. I'm rebuilding an old bike i have and know nothing about bike parts, but i want to make sure i get some good quality parts that are reliable.
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Woke sjws infiltrating and destroying LBSes
Today no sales to police. Tomorrow the tranny at the door checking for coof masks will demand to check your voter registration card too.

What even can be done about this? Everyone who'd even consider working in a bike shop is a stoner millennial so it's not even like you could replace them with someone better.
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collectible af
Well the covid virus seems to have not only killed the collectible bike market, it seems to have made just go away completely.
I have several places I check every day for bikes that fit this category and not one has popped up in months.
I cant even evaluate prices because nothing is being listed.
What the hell ?
Has anyone had any different experience than this?
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Any /n/ approved kino? Not just bike related but this is the first that comes to mind
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Why is planning in San Francisco done so poorly?

Would a freeway helped?
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Unracer Thread
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I hate zoomers with electric mopeds and electric kickboards. They have functioning legs and yet they do not walk or use regular bicycle
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2013-05-19 07.42.52
Continued from>>1428181

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #18 Starting with ARN
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Instead of trying to merge with traffic to turn left at an intersection, it would be way safer if cyclists were allowed to go straight through to the other side, wait for the lights to change, and then finish his or her left turn.

Especially in 2 lane roads. It's rare that you have a good opportunity to cross two lanes of traffic and not get honked at and it's way dangerous and even congests the road (and makes people hate cyclists even more)
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Confess your /n/ sins, my children. Repent and be saved.
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Man conquering mountains
A thread about infrastructure designed and built to conquer hills and mountains.
Bonus points for unusual and interesting examples
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It's time to stop framing the discussion of transportation around the needs of cagers
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Why the FUCK do internally geared hubs not exist in North America? People need to start pointing out the derailleur jew. The wrong tech won.
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Crust Bikes
>I don’t think Crust has ever formally introduced itself. Crust Bikes is owned and operated by me, Angelica, a Brown Latina and my husband, Matt, a White man from Australia. We are a very tiny company and we just hired our first full-time employee/ friend, Garrett, when we moved to Richmond, VA a couple of months ago. The three of us juggle many rings of fire, but occasionally we hire contractors for visual design who are most often my sister and sister-in-law, both WOC. We’re a pretty family oriented and owned business. We have always done our best to provide representation through our most prominent platform, Instagram. Being a small bi-racially owned business, racism is always a topic of conversation here, we are not afraid of it, we are not afraid to get uncomfortable, reflect, and most importantly learn to dismantle white supremacy. Black Lives Matter is the first step towards the liberation of all marginalized communities, defunding the militarization of police, abolishing our prison system based on profit, abolishing ICE and beyond. We want to hold ourselves accountable towards this movement that will hopefully bring in a better future for Black lives especially in the cycling community.

>We want to create space on our website and social media for Black and Brown stories. Pay our writers for their stories and photos.

>Crust and Crust HQ is our home and I don’t say that in a sweet metaphorical way. It is where we work, eat, shit and lay our heads at night. It is our home, and we will not stand for any kind of racism in our home. “I’m not racist, but ….” will not be entertained. So do me a favor and check yourself before you make an appointment to come in

damn.. that's so legit
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
kool stop eagle
Bike Questions General
Kool Stop edition

Posting pictures of your issues helps.

If you want help buying a bike, post in >>>/n/bbg
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Hi lads, first time posting on this board. I'm trying to disassemble a fixed gear bike I have so I can paint and rebuild it and I've removed everything except the crank and crank arms. Apparently you need a special tool for this but I've seen some people say you can just beat them off with a 2x4 and a hammer.

Anyone have any advice on how to remove it without the tool? I'm not particularly worried about the crank getting damaged, it looks pretty sturdy.
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Railroad work
How do you get a job working for a railroad company in the us?
My grandpa used to work for bnsf and sings it’s praises. A freight train drives by my office once in awhile and I’m starting to see the appeal.
Job/company sites are pretty sparse as far as offerings. Seems unlikely given the size of the us railway system.

Any of you folks have a railroad job? How did you get it?
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Who has the best jersey designs and why is it Twin Six?
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how do i remove the stench of sweat from my drops? ???
ive been using my bike on a indor trainer, and i wipe out the sweat after each session but seems a wash would have been better.

anyway cleaned em with warm water and soad and they steel reek. ideas?
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Bus spot thread
Post here your bus pics, that is taken by me
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how much is this bmx worth?
Sunday Soundwave frame
Cult X Vans Flangeless Grips / Gum / Flangeless
Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals / Clear
BSD Highriser Headset / Black
Sunday Freeze T/L Stem / Black / 48mm
Salt Pro Bars / Black / 9
Colony Pintour Freecoaster Wheel / Black / 9T LHD Or Cult Bmx Match Cassette Wheel LHD/RHD
Colony Wasp Pintour Front Wheel / Black
Regency One Piece Fat Seat Combo / Black Base
Academy Pro V2 Sprocket / Black / 25T
United Supreme Forks / Gloss Black
Cult X Vans Waffle Tyre / Black / 20x2.4
Rant Cranks L/R 165mm
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