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Why didn't all of america follow NYC's example?
Hell why didn't all of the world? One stop every two or three blocks, is that so hard to understand?
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/n/ vidya thread
Not the previous OP but I only have train sim screenshots, so here's another Train Simulator edition.

After 4 months, the previous thread >>1427890 has finally died.
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How much time a week do you budget for riding your bike?
How much of that is in the weekends?
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Rock Island Remembrance thread
Forty years ago today, on March 31, 1980, the Rock Island railroad ceased to exist.

Press F to pay respects.
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grant peterson rand
Guess ones politics based on the bike he owns.

>I support immigration
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Does anyone know what models of bus these are
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We need more of this
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>bike safety isn't coo-
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Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 3.05.09 PM
TFW u make a youtube documentary on the many failings of Toronto's TTC which enrages boomers and reddit conservatives. what u guys think?
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General Bike Training - Racing

so we havent had one of these in a while, ill start with roller questions.

1. do they eat your wheels? i've found conflicting info on the net
2. any special features to look for when buying? rollers material, shape etc?

personally im looking at the tacx anthares..mainly to do aerobic rides/recovery.

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/PYS/ ~Post your station~
Post your local/most used train station.

Burwood Station in Melbourne, on the Alemein line. The only line to use 3 car sets instead of 6. Almost no patronage outside out morning and afternoon commutes. Once i found a good patch of magic mushrooms next to the station building.

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What are your thoughts on helmets?
Do you wear it?
Do you judge people with/without it?
Do you have helmet laws in your city/state/country?
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/bbg/ - Bike Buying Guide
john moses biking
Remember these? I don't.

Give us your height, location, intended use of the bike and budget. We'll ignore you.

LBS, chainreactioncycles, wiggle, bikesdirect, bikeexchange, gumtree, craigslist, Diamondback and Raleigh corporate discount portals

>plagiarized from archive
If you look at a used bike, check the blades of the fork aren't bent back from the line of the head tube (crash), the frame for hairline cracks, the bearings all spin smoothly with no play, the wheels are straight and have evenly tensioned spokes, the cog teeth aren't badly worn (compare to each other and look for shark toothing), the cables aren't cracked, it brakes and shifts well and check the derailer cage doesn't move much when you wiggle it. Moderate surface rust is ok.
Most things aside from frame damage are just haggling points.
Take cash with you and haggle in person to get the best price.
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Suspended Cable Car Thread
I really like cable cars but don't know a lot about them.
I've always thought they were real cool though and rode one once over a theme park as a kid.
Would anybody else like to have a cable car thread with pics and potential stories?
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/n/ eternally and fatally btfo
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IMG_5427 (Large)
rigid 90s mtb
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mourn your ride thread
/n/, what rides did you have planned that corona has put on hold/canceled? or are you going ahead?

had PTO put in for a May ride from Seattle to Vancouver. and had tentative plans for Boston to Montreal in August.
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/FGG/ - Fixed Gear General
Coronavirus edition

stay inside, clean your fixed gear bike, lube your gold track chain, order some rollers
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/ausnz/ - Australia/New Zealand Transport General
Here is the place to talk about rail, buses, cycling and so on in Australasia.

"Giants of the Past" Edition

Previous thread

SA, NT - GM29 pulling a Trans Australian at Rawlinna
VIC - L1167 at Caulfield hauling coal
QLD - 1556D and a 1720 class pull The Sunlander through Yabulu
NSW - 8170/G518 at Central off duty from the Sydney Express (SEX)
WA - X1005 pulls an Australind through Byford on the way to Bunbury
TAS - X17 pulls a Tasman Ltd service towards Byrnie
NZ - DC 4087 on Wairapara Service heading North, south of Naenae, Wellington
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Getting Honked at Randomly by Cagers
Is this just a common occurrence when you ride a bike?
I've been riding for a month now and I always follow all the laws, keep well to the side of the road, keep up a good pace and always indicate etc.
Never had any problems until now but I went out today and some cager honks at me when I'm literally doing nothing wrong (and then is so seething he honks again when overtaking me lmao). Then 5 minutes later some chav riding on the back of a moped flips me off and calls me a wanker. Both times I didn't even react at all because I knew I wasn't doing anything wrong and I don't give a shit if someone else is mad.

Does this happen to everyone?
Also before anyone asks I'm not some pretentious lycrafag I'm just wearing normal clothes on a budget bike
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Been rolling on solid rubber for six months. Literally no downsides. I'm NEVER going back to air
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Can /n/ improve /sp/?
Dodgers Stadium
>All that parking
Can't they just do what actual major cities do and put a metro stop there? Imagine walking from the dead end of this lot in dry 110 degree drought weather.
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You're at the cyclist cafe when this lady compliments your orchid collection.

What do you do, /n/? Oh and she's 163cm and 49kg, all slow twitch.
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Police stopped me today riding my bicycle on the way to college. I was riding on the sidewalk, 8mph according to my speedo. Just taking my sweet time to meet up and do some extra work a project with some classmates on a saturday. She said I wasnt allowed to ride on the sidewalk, that I had to ride on the right-hand side of the road, or a bikelane if available, which to put it lightly are beyond scarce in this multilane-freeway type city.

Is this true? Either I risk being mowed down by car or get a ticket? My city is one of the top 50 for automobile accidents in America.
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IMG_6137 (Custom)
Lockdown rides

post stories and photos

Road sign in NZ - Be Kind Stay Calm
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What is your opinion on Art Deco designed transport?
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/gag/ - ( General ) aviation general
Lewd passenger edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, no nudes. No bikefags allowed :^)
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2012-07-01 12.12.33
Continued from>>1316880

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #17 Starting with AMS
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Collectible bikes thread
Old thread 404ed >>1433595

What have you picked up lately ?
How will coronavirus effect the market?
Is it time to buy?
Will dying boomers let go of their Delta v 1000s finally?
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Prototype or concept thread.
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surly is fucked
$750 cargo bike, available with 2 day delievery and made out of aluminum not steel unlike the Big Dummy boat anchor.
Wal Mart will be selling sick gravel bikes in the less than two years.
All this niche shit is over. The market is going to destroy surly and every other hipster brand. It's over
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Dumbfuck New to Biking
As title hints at, I'm a dumbfuck new to biking. I'm looking at getting a bike to travel around my city, which is very flat, about 4 miles or so a day, and I want to use it for a couple years. But I've never really ridden bikes before and know nothing about them.

What should I look for? What information do I need to know to pick a good bike to buy?
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Kansas City 1906 vs. today
All demolished for a freeway.
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Buffalo LRT
What's the "heaviest" light rail system in the United States and Canada, /n/?
For me, it's Buffalo.
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/n/ Poll 2020
o here fuck you
The 2020 /n/ poll for the upcoming Spring Cup is starting today and we're looking for your opinions on the /n/ players and culture that we choose to represent us as a board next tournament. The tournament is going to be airing every weekend in April where /n/ looks to beat up a bunch of boards that are bigger than it and remind them that transport > whatever the hell every other board on the site is doing

You can vote in this years poll here:

>What is this
4chan-wide memesports tournament played on Pro Evolution Soccer where each board sends a team to represent them with ridiculous mods to the players, board related music before, during and after games, and all the ridiculous physics breaking and nonsensical shitposting you'd expect.
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is this true?
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the trusty old space lada ready for takeoff
Rockets are a form of transportation!

>Any toughs on the new private space race?
>How fast will the proposed Soyuz replacement of the week be crapped?
>When will ESA throw the towel and start buying American?
>What is the endgame of the Chinese?
>How come the Pajeet are the only ones left doing basic research?
>Will the pandemic burst the Starlink bubble?
>Is reusable truly cheaper or is it all just a marketing gimmick and economies of scale?
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The guys on /o/ are talking like this quarantine has got people dumping all sorts of cool car shit on craigslist
Is anything like that happening for bikes?
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Why did trams suddenly disappear from tons of cities globally after WW2?
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So I'm out with some kind of knee overuse injury, and it's driving me nuts since I have all this free time thanks to based Corona-Chan. Doesn't hurt when I walk/snowboard but only when I pedal against heavy resistance, such as pedaling up a hill. Pain is located at the top of the knee. Has anyone else experienced this? What do I do to prevent it from happening again?
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This petition is regarding preserving the railway heritage primarily of Latvian trains built by Rigas Vagonbuves Rupnica which went out of business in 2017. Throughout 20th century and until 1990s lots of remarkable trains were built: ER1, ER2, ER9, ER22, DR1 and ER200 are the most famous ones. Despite of most of them having long service life in East Europe none of them are widely available as models in popular modeling scales like O (1:48 proportion), HO (1:87 proportion) and N (1:160 proportion). Though in early years iron curtain was indeed to blame until 1990s with limited access when it comes to scarcity of available model trains, more than 20 years later this is irrelevant and obsolete excuse. With internet and access to information for at least 10 years before RVR went out of business it was quite possible to gather required information to build a model of those trains. The other aspect is keeping some of those trains operational in dedicated operational railroad museums. While I acknowledge they are outdated trains technology wise and maintaining them for everyday passenger use becomes more and more costly so their replacement is inevitable nevertheless discarding history never makes a railroad or a country as a whole attractive to tourists and locals alike.

Regardless of not so bright political past such as USSR and socialism no historic heritage deserves to be forgotten and scrapped.

if you can, please sign.
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Is it feasible for a city built on hills to have rail urban transport?
Kigali, Rwanda as an example
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th (2)
Confess your /n/ sins
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manon is soo qt hng
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Thoughts on this
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Redpill me on train enthusiasm
What makes them so appealing and exciting to you? Getting excited about bikes or cars makes sense to me as you can own and customize one. How do you get into trains and form a hobby out of it?
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British railway operators effectively renationalised.
Big Four
Britain has de facto renationalised its railways due to the COVID-19 crisis for the next 6 months. The government is suspending TOC franchise agreements to manage revenue and costs. Interesting times, wonder if it will be used as a springboard to reform the way rail transport works in the UK, which seems, from an outsider's perspective, to be quite dysfunctional.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
Coronavirus is a hoax edition
Last thread: >>1462572

Helpful Resources:

If you want help purchasing a new bike, post in >>>/n/bbg
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>20 fucking 20
>still no supersonic or suborbital commercial aviation

This timeline blows.
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ITT vent about local systems
One. All I’m asking if for ONE fucking ride that isn’t stuffed with scam artists, tourists, and perhaps a car that doesn’t have needles on the floor. Also, is it just me or is it just needlessly loud?

This is also just a me-thing, but there’s seemingly always one guy who had never ride a train before. They usually fall on their asses but that’s funny so I’m not complaining.
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>We just need to eliminate private transport and focus on public transport
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Stop cycling. Sell your bikes and start a healthy life of a respectable man. Stop ruining your prostate, spine, nerves and joints by crucifying your vunerable precious body on a bunch of tubes and gears. This is neither natural or sane thing to do. Stop shaming yourself, being a pathetic miserable sideroad roach, sweaty, smelly, dirty, looking likea clown in circus turning those wheels and entertaining those normal people watching you through the windshields of their comfy, luxirious SUVs, saying smthn like ''Honey, look at that man in the ditch, is that Rob that studied with you at highchool?'' ''Yeah hon, that's him, he was a nice kid back then, sad to see him fallen from grace. Give him a signal? Nah, don't want to embarass myself in from of the others. Btw, are we going to Dupont' wedding this weekend?'' So, hope you got the point, get a life. Also, some motivation from Jeremy, he's more elaborative on that.
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Am I a bad guy now that I've decided to subway fare evade? I have taken the subway daily for years and paid daily for years, always been angry watching as people jump turnstiles, push in behind a paying person, use emergency exit gate while I am paying. Sick of seeing bums and drug addicts get onto the system, obviously not paying. Rarely see police, can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a "fare inspector" on a train.

The past 2-3 weeks the ridership has dropped 90% due to shelter in covid place but I still have to go to work, yet even with so few riders, there are still bums on trains, still watching as people evade fare and the agents do nothing. So this week I've been evading fare and no one has said anything. This morning an agent tried yelling at me but it's as I was leaving so I just kept walking. And even in this short week, as I walk to the turnstiles, I watch as someone else does the exact same thing so I do it as well. Even this evening as I was exiting my home station, 4 teenagers with big bikes just walk right thru the emergency exit, station agent in their cube is watching, yet do nothing.
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What's your favorite railroad and why?
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No title
thoughts on this design? i think the added islands are a bit too much, i think we can do without.
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>2020 I am forgotten
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Industry and Infrastructure
I very much like industry and the hyper-specialized transportation of odd materials such as aggregate and logs and the like. Here's a thread for discussing that.
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first responders searching through remains of PSA 1771
>On December 7, 1987, disgruntled Pacific Southwest Airlines employee David Burke boarded Fight 1771, a BOAC BAe 146, carrying 38 passengers from San Francisco to LA. Burke, a man with a violent history, had been previously involved in a cocaine smuggling ring. After relocating to the West Coast and working for PSA as a ticket agent, he was fired for several petty thefts. His boss refused to re-hire him. Still carrying his PSA employee's card, Burke bypassed airport security with a loaded .44 revolver since most airlines at this time did not require security checks for employees.

>During the flight, Burke penned a suicide note on an airsickness bag reading "You've shown no mercy for me and my family, and you'll get none in return." He then got up and shot his boss, whom he knew was a regular passenger on the flight. As recorded by the CVR, a flight attendent rushed to the cockpit and informed the pilots "We have a problem." When they asked what was up, Burke replied "I'm the problem." and shot her, followed by the pilots. Burke then apparently pushed the control yoke so the plane began a steep dive. The CVR recorded one more gunshot, possibly Burke shooting PSA chief pilot Douglas Arthur, who was onboard the flight and may have been trying to head to the cockpit and regain control of the plane.

>PSA 1771 nosedived into the grounds of a cattle ranch at speeds exceeding 700 mph. The crash speed was so extreme that no sizable pieces of the plane other than the engine cores survived. Of the 43 people aboard, 27 were never identified. The gun was found with a piece of Burke's finger still clutching the trigger. For this reason, it was believed that he probably did not shoot himself and was alive and holding the gun to the moment of impact.
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RIP to a hero
Well guys we lost a real one. I think I actually rode a bus he drove a couple times, though he does look like a lot of old fat dudes.
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What is /n/‘s opinion on double-deckers?
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What did you wear on your ride today anon?

Pic related
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parts thread
Innovations Watersnake water bottle cage
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Locomotive Engineer Tried to Derail Train to Wreck Navy Hospital Ship Mercy
What the fuck was his problem? Was it autism?

>Prosecutors charged a locomotive engineer who worked at the Port of Los Angeles with intentionally derailing a train at full speed near the US Navy Hospital Ship Mercy because of suspicions over it and activities surrounding COVID-19

>When the officer approached Moreno he told them "You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don't know what's going on here. Now they will,' the complaint alleges.

>In his first interview with the Los Angeles Port Police, Moreno acknowledged that he "did it," saying that he was suspicious of the Mercy and believing it had an alternate purpose related to COVID-19 or a government takeover, the affidavit states.

>In a second interview with FBI agents, Moreno stated that "he did it out of the desire to 'wake people up,'" according to the affidavit. "Moreno stated that he thought that the U.S.N.S. Mercy was suspicious and did not believe 'the ship is what they say it's for.'"
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>people with single gear bikes
Who are you trying to fool?

Everyone can tell it's not fixed gear
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I Sweden, social distancing is the default state.
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The professor died while protecting Tokyo and Lisbon!
All seasons are just the teacher's last moments!
He flashes and you see him dies in the arms of Lisbon and Tokyo is next to him with the girl from Lisbon #casadepapel # casadepapel4
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I have a hatred of /n/ how can I fix it ?
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The Legalities of Hiring Hands for a Yacht
matson terminal oakland
Not sure if this is the best board to be posting this or not, but I'm curious if there are any yachtsmen on /n/ that could help me find some information I'm looking for.

I own a 38' gaff-rigged cutter that in the past I've taken all over the world. It's very traditional (the only electricity aboard the boat is for radios, no winches save for the anchor windlass, all oil lamps, doesn't have a motor, etc.). In my younger days, I got by just fine with it. I'm far from being an old man, but my 15 years in the merchant service is starting to take its toll on my joints and back, and I'm not able to hand, reef, and steer her myself like I used to.

So, I'm wondering what exactly the legalities are for hiring help aboard a private yacht. In the past I've only ever sailed her solo or with a buddy or two that didn't expect any monetary compensation. In a couple years time I'll be retiring from the merchant service and with that nice steady pension income I think I'll be able to afford to hire a mate and a hand (and possibly a cook/boy). Does anyone on /n/ have experience with this sort of thing? I'm aware of all the legalities for merchant seamen (currently work as first officer/relief master), but I'm unsure just how much of this transfers into the private yachting world.

Is there a minimum wage that I am required by law to pay a hired hand? Must I provide the same accommodations that merchant seamen are guaranteed (certain amount living space, three square meals a day, insurance etc.)? Am I required to have a certain percentage of my crew be US citizens (this is a requirement in the US Merchant Marine due to cabotage laws)?

Any help in this area would be appreciated. I don't need anyone to spoon feed me info, just looking for help in pointing me in the right direction. The CFRs are written with merchant sailors in mind, and I know that yachtsmen are either not bound by those laws or they are simply hiring hands illegally. Thanks.
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/UPG/- Urban Planning General
Virginia proposes a statewide (!) upzoning law to allow duplexes and ADUs on any SFR parcel.

They also just bought a few hundred miles of train tracks.
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She's right you know.
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Introducing the Stevens Gravelectric
stevens gravelectric
It comes with drop bars to get you into that uncomfortable but fast streamlined position. You really need those aero gains when the limiter kicks in at 25km/h.
The ingenious inventors at Steven finally made race sporty gravel bikes to need electricity and problematic components such as big lithium batteries, copper, rare-earths, microelectronics and a firmware. That way they can ensure you'll buy a new one in 5 years because it will be electronic waste by then. But hey, the "S" in SUV stands for "sports" too!!
You're worried about that extra 8 kilos you are carrying when the laughably small 250Wh battery died? Stevens took the hook and made the motor and battery removable so you can just ditch them into the grass to continue your fucking hardcore ride.
Turn chicks heads and wet unracers pants with the lightweight full carbon frame. Clocks in at only 5000€!
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>designed by lord xenu himself
>three fucking engines
>iconic, THE face of aviation for decades
>wide, dominant body
>worst hull loss ratio of all time, still got recertified within a month
Is it, dare I say, the most Chad aircraft of all time?
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No title
Have you taken the recumbent pill yet?
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No title
Did it REALLY reach 156 mph?
0 images | 15 replies
No title
Can anyone date this photo of London using the buses
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Postal packaging
I have started to collect packaging from things I order online. I find it fascinating that something has traveled through several postal services to my house via various modes of transport and the whole system is efficient enough to get things to me in a matter of days to a week. I particularly like Japanese packaging as you can see and find the packaging itself to be beautiful. Not all is postal related.
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No title
/n/ girls
8 images | 10 replies
dumbass friends says airplanes are better (just general transportation point A to point ) than trains, arguments for or against?
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No title
Post grounded fleets from around the world as of this month
12 images | 67 replies
only idiot hipsters install their fenders close to the tire. they do it for looks whole endangering themselves. a narrow gap between tire and fender lead to wheel jams caused by rocks and sticks which can their you from the bike and kill you, all for marginal aero dynamic gains and aesthetics. True intelligent cyclists ride with a 50-100mm airgap for off road ability and debris immunity. And no, riding without fenders is not correct either that is pure casual bs
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jumbo thread
747 airport
post jumbos and widebodies
144 images | 314 replies
No title
>A LIRR train is considered "on time" if it arrives within 6 minutes.

Why is it so bad?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Is it the best streetcar system in North America?
3 images | 25 replies
No title
If alternative transportation is faster than cars then why is this board as slow as snails?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
>be a fair ways into my ride (50 miles maybe)
>was very tired before I even started my ride from long rides the past few days
>on a mtb-style hybrid
>don't remember the last time I was passed by a girl
>only people that ever pass me are on road bikes, usually in suits, and I pass some of them too
>a girl (along with a guy) passes me
>they're on road bikes, dressed pretty pro
>she's tall, huge legs, perfect body for biking
>I was already very tired, so understandable
>so what, no girl passes me
>catch up to them at intersection
>trail them a while
>they slow down
>I could pass them, but I don't want to pass them then get passed back, so I just trail them a bit longer
>then they speed up
>pull farther and farther away from me
>out of sight
>occasionally when there's a long line of visibility I'll catch a glimpse right before they go around a turn or over a hill
>going hard, but still not that fast cause very tired
>finally close to them
>they turn onto road
>not that far behind them, I cross road and get onto trail going along road
>there's a bike/walk bridge over the river a little ways from here
>I'm going to beat them to it
>pedal all out
>putting about as much effort into this as I've ever put into anything
>but it's still the easiest thing I've ever done in my life
>dat adrenaline
>catch up to them
>this is it
>pass them at what feels like twice their speed
>keep going full speed
>slow down as I'm arriving at the bridge
>look back
>they're a ways back and turn off the road onto a ramp to get onto another road
>flawless victory
>ride a little more then go home and take a shower and get some much needed rest
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No title
>be little kid
>you could literally open the doors on these whilst they were moving at high speed (some could only be opened from the outside though)

How was this allowed back in the 90s?
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No title
why do you hate cars
1 images | 8 replies
No title
>go out riding in the middle of rush hour
>there's less cagers than there would be on a sunday afternoon
6 images | 28 replies
No title
>be me
>be femanon
>riding my rigid 90s steel mountain bike
>dressed casually, no cycling specific clothes (unless a helmet counts)
>on a paved bike path
>enjoying the nice spring weather
>begin to come up on someone from behind
>a fat guy
>wearing full cycling kit
>including Air Attack helmet
>on an S-Works road bike
>he hears me approaching and looks back
>he quickly looks forward and starts pedaling as hard as he can
>I'm keeping pace with him without even trying
>he keeps looking back at me
>literally every 5 seconds he looks back
>looks visibly distressed, as if afraid that he is going to be passed by a girl on a mountain bike
>he keeps looking back every 5 seconds or so and this goes on for several minutes
>we get to a climb
>he slows down to an excruciatingly slow pace so I pass him immediately
>when I get to the top of the hill I look back out of curiosity, he is only a third of the way up at best
>a few minutes later, stop at one of my favorite rest stops, a nice park overlooking a lake
>about ten minutes later, fat guy passes by
>stares at me as he passes
>a few minutes later, get back on my bike and resume my ride
>not long before I've caught up to fatty again
>he looks back and sees me
>he immediately stops, gets off his bike, turns it upside down, and starts spinning the wheel as if inspecting it
>clearly pretending to have mechanical issues to justify stopping, when really he just doesn't want to be passed by a girl on a mountain bike
>ask him if he is okay or needs help with his bike
>"yes I'm fine thanx. just having a bit of a rest"
Pic related, looks almost exactly like him.
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>get email newsletter from lbs
>"blah blah ZOMG IT'S SPRING!!! blah blah coronawhogivesafuck blah blah temporary store hours blah blah canceled blah blah"
>"COME IN TODAY TO CHECK OUT OUR HUGE SELECTION OF HELMETS! (unless there are more than 10 people in the store in which case we'll make you sit out on the sidewalk until someone leaves)"
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No title
What is his favorite bike?
1 images | 8 replies
No title
Why is he so smug, bros?
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No title
elevators are vertical tra/n/sport
21 images | 66 replies
No title
Thoughts on DBpbzfa? They look comfy inside.
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No title
Name one... ONE! reason you don't own a folding bike RIGHT NOW.
9 images | 68 replies
No title
>he doesn't mid-disc
10 images | 17 replies
No title
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 10.02.29 PM

Looks really fucking sexy but I have to wonder if you are saving any weight with this production technique rather than getting a really nice oversized tubeset (which as far as i understand offer more weight savings than standard skinny steel tubes).
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No title
>Lives in saudi arabia
>No bus stops
>No metro
>Nothing at all
>Too hot to drive a bike
how can i cope with this ?
4 images | 14 replies
No title
what the fuck is this
6 images | 36 replies
No title
/n/ humour ylyl thread
31 images | 110 replies
No title
What went wrong?
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ITT: Things that make you automatically discredit someone as a cyclist.

>uses Di2
>doesn't wear a helmet
>has a Brooks saddle
>rides a fat bike on pavement
>rides on the sidewalk
>is fat but still wears full kit
>is fat but still rides a super lightweight bike
>is fat but still rides a super aero bike
(nothing against fat cyclists btw, it's good that they are getting out and improving themselves)
>no bottle cages
>only bikes for sport; doesn't commute, tour, randonneur, go on adventure rides, or anything else
>always drives death cage to the bike trails (it's okay to do it sometimes, but you have to ride from home at least some of the time)
>only owns one bike and it's carbon
>owns multiple bikes and they are all carbon
(carbon race bikes are great but everyone needs a steel bike for commuting and general riding, if you ONLY ride to race/gotta go fast, then you are a faggot and not a true cyclist)
>people that don't carry flat repair tools and a multitool when they ride
>people that take their bike to the LBS for flat fixes
>people that don't know the difference between hybrids (good all-around bikes) and cruisers/comfort bikes (worse than Huffys)
>not knowing the brand and model of the bike they are riding
>people that use dry lube (wet lube is NOT dirtier if you dry off the chain after lubing it, and wet lube lasts longer; if you want lube for dry conditions then use wax/ceramic, not dry/teflon lube)
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Are forklifts /n/?
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Where do I have to move to be able to fly everyday and how rich do I have to be?
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>Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional
Someone once said this in relation to cycling. I disagree. For anyone who truly embraces cycling, especially endurance cycling, suffering is inevitable too. Someone who truly embraces cycling, a true cyclist, will not stop simply when they reach pain. They will keep pushing themselves until they are in so much pain that suffering is no longer optional. And they will embrace that suffering. For an endurance cyclist, or any endurance athlete, heaven and hell become synonymous. To an endurance athlete, heaven is the glory in going beyond one's physical and mental limits. And hell is the suffering in doing so. The suffering is the glory.
What would be the point of cycling if it didn't involve suffering?
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i miss this nigga like you wouldnt believe
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Are grid street networks better than chaotic old-school networks?

I prefer the organic chaotic streets.
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What did they mean by this?
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The future of commuting.
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What's your transportation plan to outrun the pandemic?
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Soviet Mass Gravy Train
Everybody wants collectivization–nobody wants 3AM knock on dhe door from NKVD...
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fat wheelie
>go into LBS
>looking to buy all arounder
>sales guy takes me over to Pugsley
>this is the true all arounder he says
>buy the Pug, use it for commute, trails, everything
>about 3 months later tires start to get a little thin
>get flat tire
>patch and re-inflate
>tear valve stem
>go down to LBS for new tube
>oh sorry anon we don't carry those tubes, we'll have to special order them
>should be here in 3 days anon
>3 days!?!
>this is my only transportation, how am I supposed to get to work for the next 3 days?
>not my problem, you should commute on a bike with more common components. Fat bikes are for sand and snow. That is why your tires wore out so quick, all that paved riding
>b-b-b-but your salesman said this was the best all-arounder
>Oh, he just meant it was the best for extreme conditions
>it kinda sucks for road riding/commuting
>well that is all I use it for! Maybe 10 miles a week of trails, but mostly just commuting
>will you let me return it then and get a cross bike?
>no sorry, we can't do that. We could buy it back from you, how's $130 sound?
>$130?!?! I paid $1,200 for it 3 months ago
>sorry anon, it is the best I could do for that bike. Not a lot of interest in fats around here. They're just not very practical in an ruben environment.

Fat bikes, not even once!
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mercedes 1939 fast
we need ramjets on trains and boats. we need to go faster, there needs to be a cult of speed, a cult of fast. fucking tour de france on meth and electric engines on the bikes. FORMULA 1 NO RESTRICTIONS, FUCKING SUCKING FANS SUCKING INTO THE GROUND, COVER ON ALL WHEELS
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