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softride powerwing
Rare/exotic beauties thread
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/gag/ - General Aviation General

General Aviation (GA) refers to all non-military or Part 121 flying. GA flying includes gliders, single-engine trainers, twin training, Part 135 prop or jet, corporate, fire fighting, personal ownership, fractional ownership, etc.

Previous: >>1761181
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Lo/n/don Drivers General 1
Thread for London bus drivers to post shite and maybe answer questions from the many veg we get on board.
I'll start with pic related and see where we go.
One rule and one rule only: FUCK CT PLUS
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Guys who wear helmets vs guys who don’t:
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/stg/- Space Transportation General
Now that we are up to a launch per week, two fully reusable launch platforms are about to enter service and the martian/lunar transportation system is about to start its flight tests its time to have a thread that discusses space transportation infrastructure and transportation vehicles.

>since no one created a new thread you're stuck with this picture
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plane cabin
Could this be a feasible method in case of an airborne accident, or is it more dangerous than the crash?
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>one shot at life
>fell for the nyc meme

what now bros? im locked into a lease in manhattan for 12 months. Where should I go after this in America for the /n/ utopia and to get a qt gf?
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Nailed it.
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Lets discuss how we can break wind
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You have no idea
You owe everything to this man regarding bicycle design of the last 30 years and yet you don't even know his name. He also believes that 140mm cranks are the optimal length for the average person in terms of power output(!).
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>tight clothes
>physical activity
>carbon fiber
>big powah

Any rowers on /n/? I haven't been in a boat since high school but I'm thinking about joining a local club to mix up my cycling training. Drop race reports, coxswain stories, and sweet pics below.
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Daily Ride Thread - /drt/ blogpost 86 edition
was such a gorgeous day for riding. trying to keep my spirits up today.. i have (had?) a vintage 700c peugeot grand touring tandem. today i let my sister and her boyfriend take it for a spin, and of course they "ran into a curb"
100% my fault for letting them take it out, but now its totally fucked. the top tube is humped and the bottom tube straight up sheared into an ugly grimace, the whole front end is toast. im a poorfag so my worldis kind of rocked and im doing my best to cope. advice welcomed
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>Here's your bike path bro
What the fuck is wrong with urban architects ?
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What is the reasoning for using an electric bike? Why not just use a motorcycle or a real bike?
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Why did he do it?
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Transportation being cute
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Are high end bike locks worth it? Cable ones can be cut through like it's butter and chains although stronger are far too heavy.
I bought a cheap one but the key housing is fucking plastic ffs, what lock is a good compromise?
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/mg/ Maritime General
Reichstag Bulk Carrier
River Bulk Carrier Edition
Old thread: >>1748858
Question of the day:
Would be inland shipping a viable career to look into for a young anon in Germany?
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Amsterdam Central Station
I travel to Amsterdam each day by train for work.
I feel such embarresment when I see tourist lost and trying to find the right train to Schiphol Airport.
The Dutch Railways should pick up on these signals and improve the station and platforms.

My train departs across from the one that goes to Schiphol airport.
I tend to stay at the station 3-4 hours each day after work, pointing tourists in the right direction.
Till I'm too tired and hungry and I go home.

At home I'm too tired to cook and I eat a bowl of yohurt with fruit and go straight to bed.
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Starting it again because /bqg/ fills up fast and stinkers keep starting new threads for a single question.

And/or a link to the bike

Share your
>Intended riding

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>soviet architecture is depress...
Oh. Never mind. I was wrong.
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Biker Sweat
Believe me, I would be biking everywhere, but there's one thing that stops me. How do you guys deal with sweat while biking?
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/post your bike thread/
thicc saddle edition
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ITT: Airplanes doing silly things
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/btg/ - bicycle touring general
didn't find a touring thread.
post pictures, stories, routes, etc.
i just came back from my first tour this year, will post some pictures over the next day or so
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>Easy to maintain

Why don't you own a fixie/single speed bike?
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Anyone here work in Russian aerospace industry?
How are you guys maintaining all your planes with the sanctions? I still see lots of air travel on flightradar24, but I thought that all the sanctions had stopped you from recieving parts/maintainance packages?
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Bike fuel thread
ideal male form
To power the meat motor, what diet is optimal? Is Durianrider right about Sugar?
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Opens 24th of May
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/EMC/ - Electric Mobility General
The purpose of this thread is to discuss various light electric modes of transportation, such as ebikes and escooters.

Reputable Dealers
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Steam loco general /slg/
Previous thread hit image limit

>steam posting
>de facto autistics anonymous meetings
>arguing about things neither person understands
>narrow gauge is cozy

Previous thread >>1763742
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Bus Bulbs
In our densest cities, we could just put in an entire bus lane. But in Sunbelt cities we could add these with basically no disruption to traffic because the streets have so many lanes. It would increase ridership and reduce travel times.
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Solar. Freakin. Roadways.
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>We let Mriya threads die
Shame o/n/ >(You)
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Geoff and Vickibros... It's over...


We'll always have All the Stations, where they went to every single British train station over a few weeks in the summer. A great record for future generations.

This is like when my mum and dad split up and my dad lived in a Travelodge for a year
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Why don’t Americans use them?
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>Americans are REQUIRED to build extra parking spaces

Wtf is this real? I thought you were the country of freedom and property rights.
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Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 11.31.48 AM
That will be $99 + tip.
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America's car dependency
What happened? What is stopping us from having a country-wide transportation system like pic related?
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Velo PEV ebike
How do we make the roads safer for lightweight PEVs, velos and ebikes?

I was thinking instead of those pesky traffic cameras we could install motion activated speed bumps. Just a series of blocks that normally sit flush with the road but raise up whenever someone does more than 5 or 8mph over the speed limit.

Since most car trips are 11 miles or less it doesnt make sense to use a 4,000 pound vehicle to move a single human from A to B and back.

What do you guys think?
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Tractors thread
Discuss these wonders of engineering.
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High Socks
muji high socks
Anyone wear high socks over trousers to protect them from chain dirt and mishaps?
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How walkable is the city nearest to you? How are you gonna get that score higher?
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Let's settle this once and for all
For years I never felt the need to have discs, though I hated Vs (cantis were superior in every way). But since I ride what I ride (garbel), I have them now. Pros:
>they can stop you real quick even at high speed
>they don't damage your rim (only a plus if you fell for the carbon meme)
>less likely to get wet and less effective in damp conditions
This is it. Cons:
>supposedly heavier, if you care about that
>need to be bedded in properly and nobody knows how to do it
>braking lightly over longer stints will glass them, so forget about going down a steep hill with a slightly pulled lever to maintain speed
>fucking expensive!
>pad prices are insane
>no-name pads are cheaper and better than official branded pads
>you need specific pads for the brakes you have
>hydros need bleeding every now and then and it's not something the average rider can do
>bleeding kits cost a lot
>unless you have thru-axles, you have to align the brakes each time you take your wheels off or they rub
>they will squeak eventually and they get dirty
>harder to clean
>resin pads are shit, get glassed by looking at them wrong and soak up grease particles like a vacuum cleaner
>don't touch the discs, ever!
>centerlock vs 6-screw, cause muh proprietary patents
And this is from a dude who actually kinda likes them, though only cause they are an upgrade from Vs. So why are they on every bike now? Well apparently not on everyone, rim brakes are still there in 2022, but guess what, customers prefer discs and it's not viable to mass produce rim brakes, cause bikes with those don't sell. And at this point I don't even think it's marketing. People generally believe, that since hydro discs are so good on cars, they must be as good on bikes.Now here's the big question, for me discs vs rims are basically the same topic as LCD vs CRT. But you know what? LCDs at least got cheap. So, since most customers want discs, and almost all bikes come with them, why the price?
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Grassy Bois
grassy tram
Are grass-covered tram and railways worth the extra upkeep? My understanding is that they lower the amount of noise and keep the area cooler in the summer compared to things like asphalt or concrete, but have the drawback that they need to be mowed regularly. They also look nicer than most railbeds.
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No title
What a piece of shit company
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….I walk
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How feasible would the E4 by bike be? How long would it take?
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No title
You, anon, have been given the task of founding a city. What do you do? How do you do it? What laws do you make? What things do you plan?
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I'm calling your bluff, /n/
I live in some buttfuck town in the Netherlands. My girlfriend lives near the center of a relatively large city in Belgium. I'm gonna stay there for two weeks. Both these countries supposedly have excellent you-don't-need-a-car-infrastructure. If you can figure out how to get me and my luggage there and back without the direct involvement of a single passenger car, I'll do it.
>The train station (and combination flixbus stop) are more than walking distance from her apartment
>Buses and trams are off-limits due to amount of luggage
>Taxis are passenger cars
>"move" or "get a different gf" are both moving the goalpost
Prove to me that cars are unnecessary, /n/. I believe in you.
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>0 results
My chinesium, nth hand, hand me down bike broke, again, so I want to replace it with a folding bike since I commute by train everyday; I also do evening deliveries on my bike (yes I'm poor) so the daily km tally is quite high. For that reason I want to avoid the cheapest, crappiest bikes to be found on Amazon and I'm willing to spend (a little) extra for a bike that somewhat reliable.

I live in Euroland. All I know about folding bikes is that Decathlon sells a few models and while they're decent quality for the price I should avoid the cheapest one. Anyone familiar with Decathlon Tilt 500 or 900 models? Any reason to prefer one over the other?
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Eurobros... What went so terribly wrong for us? We are getting MOGGED heavily
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No title
ITT we post futuristic means of travel. Land, Sea, Air, dont care. Be it realistic or not so much.
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Touring on a folding bicycle
Screenshot 2020-08-16 at 09.04.07(1)
This seems incredibly based because you can make use of public transport when you need as well.

What do you think /n/ ?
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No title
>why don't you want to use the subway?
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World's First eVTOL Vertiport For Flying Taxis Opens In UK
>The world's first vertiport for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, such as flying taxis and cargo drones, opened in the U.K., providing the public a glimpse of the future of air mobility.
>Urban-Air Port, a British company developing ground-based infrastructure for the eVTOL industry, opened the vertiport earlier this month in Coventry, a city in central England.

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No title
This is /n/'s 911...

Two people were critically hurt and another 13 injured when a pub on wheels overturned in midtown Atlanta, according to reports.

The Saturday evening incident unfolded when the “pedal pub” — a large vehicle which can carry up to 15 passengers, who often pedal while drinking booze — tried to negotiate a turn and flipped over, 11Alive reported.A fire official told one Fox5 Atlanta Reporter two people were critically injured, while three others were seriously hurt and 10 suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses leapt into action to help right the overturned pedal pub and help the victims, one person told Fox5 Atlanta.

“The public, I was so impressed, just intervened so quickly,” the woman said.
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No title
What's that hump so many airliners have on the back of their fuselage nowadays? I've only recently noticed. And if it's some sorta new mandatory safety or communications equipment, why do some have it and others don't?
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Dan Gryder
Anyone else into these probable cause videos?

Enjoying them for the most part, except the one where he imagined that the Trevor Jacob video was CGI.
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No title
Timbuk2 Seat Pack XT with tools - open
Do you carry any tools on your bike?
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What's your commute like?
>walk 10 minutes to train
>ride train 1 stop under the East River (3 minutes)
>get out at Grand Central
>walk another 10 minutes from train, through Grand Central into my building

I can do the whole thing door to desk in under 30 minutes.
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gay area bros, how is this shit? I'm moving soon and working in SF but getting a place out in fremont, is commuting with bart reasonable or will i hate my life more than just sucking it up and driving? Can I even bring a bike on it during rush hour?
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dinky thing
Anons, can someone advise me on a safe car alternative?
FUCK public transport for a million reasons, so no public transport, please.

Live in the country, and don't want to get gutted by a pickup truck - I really like the concept of the enclosed velomobiles, but these are still a decade away from being on the market.
I wish there was a sub-$4000 electric-assist enclosed vehicle with 3-4 wheels that didn't need license, insurance, or registration (have all those, but they're a fucking pain in the ass, and I hate the general bullshit of dealing with cars.)
Hell, all I need is a 70km range, and I'm all set.

Closest so far is an electric recumbent tricycle.
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No title
Could the reason that I hate cycling have anything to do with the fact that I've only ever ridden $120 Walmart mountain bicycles everywhere?
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No title
Are fanny packs actually a good option for carrying your shit when cycling?
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No title
You're on the taxiway and this guy slaps your concordes ass, what would you do?
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Why bother with a cassette when you can get a 11-36 freewheel

What is the benefit of a casette over a freewheel

A freewheel seems pretty convenient to me desu
because the whole thing is a single unit and the wheels they thread on are cheap unlike wheels with freehubs
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Building a touring bike only needs 5 gears
Cadence. Speed.
90 rpm at 5km/h
90 rpm at 10km/h
90 rpm at 15km/h
90 rpm at 20km/h
90 rpm at 25km/h

I've been thinking about gear ratios and this seems the minimal amount of gears on could get by with.

It will allow me to tackle hard climbs and headwinds at a healthy cadence.

And I rarely exceed 25 km/h on a touring rig with 4 loaded panniers and two top loads on the flats. Heavy speeds with heavy loads are dangerous as well plus I just coast downhill. I find low gearing is much more important to save the knees, big gears are redundant for me.

Now what are the gear combinations I need to achieve this?
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/EUC/ - Electric Unicycle General
inmotion v11
A different take on Personal Electric Vehicles.
Happily continuing from the old thread: >>1719617

- good tier brands: Inmotion, Kingsong
- fast and dangerous: Begode, Veteran, Bull
- retired tier: Solowheel, Gotway, Ninebot
- homemade tier: RecioWheel

Search youtube for "electric unicycle".
Search "мoнoхoлeco" for Russians extreme modding.

>b-but, it's not the fastest/safest PEV!
You must be one of those people wasting more time parking/securing their PEV than riding it.
Also, gear up! (at least helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads).

The video thread on Electric Unicycle forum (recent ones on the last pages, currently 684):
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No title
> no drivers license
> in upstate ny, have no public transport
> no sidewalks on road
> hills too steep to start learning biking
> cant move

what the fuck who built this town why cant i go anywhere without walking for an hour on a road with cars just ready to hit me
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No title
Comfortable > Performance for mass bicycle adoption
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/n/ YouTube Channels
Adelaide OBahn
Does anyone have any good recommendations for Youtube channels that focus on public transportation and civil engineering?

I've always been super interested in how cities are run.. things like sanitation, public transportation, water and power service planning etc

If you have any suggestions - I'd really appreciate it

Pic related: the Adelaide Obahn
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E-Bike thread
Thinking about ordering a Sur Ron ebike. Any competitor bikes I should look into? Do you have any advice/criticism about the Sur Ron? My plan for riding is just to have something to fuck around on with decent speed without getting in trouble.
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No title
full retard
>overtaking a vehicle that's turning on the side they're turning to is universally considered to be dangerous, and is a ticketable offense under normal conditions
>roads layout since motor vehicles have become prominent was designed around eliminating this possibility due to the danger it posed
>somehow everyone manages to forget this when implementing bike lanes
>insanity like pic related, where bicycles not only are expected to overtake cars turning right on the right, but are also obscured from view behind parked cars until moments before a car turning right is in a position to turn, actually exists
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Short crank advocate. Give it a try.
According to Mike Burrows, legendary bicycle designer, bicycles should come standard with 150 mm cranks, and he uses 140 mm personally.

For me changing to short cranks changed cycling for me. It made much longer trips possible because greatly reduced stress on the knees.
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No title
I miss the look of LPS street lights so fucking much. I'm a brainlet, but shouldn't it be possible to have yellow/orange LED lights that replicate this SOVLFULL look?
Is there anyone here lucky enough to live in a city/town/country where streetlights haven't been replaced by these white aberrations?
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Collectible bikes thread
It has never been tougher to get your hands on a vintage mountainbike
So many have been butchered into ebikes and its only going to get worse
What can be done to educate the public about this wasteful fad?
It crushes me inside to see them like that
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No title
What's the difference between bikepacking and touring?
7 media | 34 replies
No title
>used by rich middle aged men and women
>still the absolute best folding bike especially for anyone who lives in any of the only reasonable places to live in the world, any major city
>hated for their userbase despite this being a board that sucks off efficiency
when did you realise that /n/ was a bunch of hypocrites?
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Continue your posting here.

For the uninformed:
>737-800 (not the max)
>made a vertical death dive in 3 minutes
>1 black box has been found (not specified which)

The dive in question:
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No title
Any thoughts? The Ontario government wants to place 67 towers, up to 80 stories, next to the upcoming Yonge subway extension into Richmond Hill as part of their "transit oriented communities".
27 media | 193 replies
Trams General
Post and talk about trams and similar light rail.
Starting with a pic the neat Tatra KT4DCs of Potsdam.
14 media | 45 replies
No title
Imagine being an actual adult with civil rights and only being capable of replacing your inner tube.
13 media | 83 replies
No title
top tube
why are there so many bicycles without the top tube?

It certainly affects the structural integrity but my question is does it affect it enough to matter?

and why the fuck are there ebikes that go over 30 mph without one?
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No title
How come a random Chinese bike rental company figured out how to build an ultra-reliable, futuristic, and highly practical commuter for the masses but bike bike brands still can't get their shit together?
Look at this thing, it's cool as hell and basically repair free.
>shaft drive
>tires never go flat
>super simple aluminium frame design
>awesome wheels
Meanwhile most bikes still look like they're permanently trapped in the last century.
9 media | 39 replies
No title
I love Eastern European trams. They're so cute!
9 media | 15 replies
Not Just Bikes
What is he up to?
What is his plan?
12 media | 80 replies
/tlg/ - Train Livery General
158 Regional Rail
DMU's, EMU's, loco's, steam, narrow gauge, broad gauge. You like 'em, you post 'em.
I'll start: Class 158 + Reginal Railways livery = K I N O
43 media | 74 replies
Scooter, Moped or Mini-bike
Top 10 Ten Cheap 125s (5)
See here for detail:

Don't really understand mopeds but if they come in 125cc then suggestions are welcome too.

Gonna be for general, non-special usage. A bit of dirt road once a while, a semi-long trip once in a while. Most of the time, driving around urban hoods and enjoying some uphills.

Probably gonna need a storage box or something added to it.

You'll know the pros and cons. Which should I go for? Budget limited to 125cc quality or 200cc cheap brand.
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No title
kathy cat 1
You do watch Japan Railway Journal on NHK World featuring Kathy Cat, don't you anon?
6 media | 33 replies
No title
>Desperately needed line to north and north east
>Dies due to NIMBYs not liking it blocking their view of commieblocs
0 media | 0 replies
What's wrong with carfags?
>be me, bike commuter
>most cycling lanes around my place are in impractical and/or dangerous places (usually sidewalks), most of them were clearly placed to accommodate car users
>constantly get honked at by carfags over the smallest slight, like stopping before turning left to let oncoming cars pass or climbing the plateau of my university's IT building by the road (only way up other than bus)
>witness the constant bitching of carfags online about how cyclists "break traffic laws"
>mfw I see cars doing worse than anything I've ever read about bikes at least once a week and tamer infractions daily

>be omw to uni
>stop at red light
>bitch in a car is way past the bike line
>barely any non-dangerous space for me to be
>already pissed because aforementioned plateau incident happened yesterday
>shout "why the fuck are you past the bike line?"
>light goes green
>bitch starts her car
>she won't get away that easily
>luckily, my commute to uni is a slope
>keep sight of her until the town centre
>catch up when she stops at a crossing
>get right next to her window and shout "what the fuck were you doing past the bike line?" again
>mfw she ignores me and starts her car before I could grab her door handle and shake it

I hope this bitch has a mental breakdown.
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US RR Nationalization
PSR and passenger shenanigans have customers and labor suffering for the stake of shareholders. The US should nationalize the Class 1s under Amtrak. Then Amtrak Frieght can be the profit making arm that allows Amtrak Passenger to run more service. While also making freight customers and labor happier. It will also allow for the electrification of the RRs.
14 media | 70 replies
No title
why you should take horse pill anon and ditch (((bikes)))

1- faster than bicycles and more realiable
2-safer and easier to ride will stop automatically when sense danger
3- theft proof (mostly)
4-will protect you from road ragers by kicking them back to their shithole
5- will love you forever and become your best friend
6- respects other drivers and doesnt annoy them or hold line for them
7-very healthy for envornmemt since it produce fertilizers and stinky land mines for fraud cyclists who claim to be nature friend
8-will take you almost anyway and can go through any type of harsh surfaces with no problem
9- let you ride hand free if you need acess to your phone or weapon in case you are being attacked by butthurted jealous broke cyclists
17 media | 85 replies
Penn Central: What went wrong?
How do you go from this:

To this?

All in the span of 6 years
1 media | 8 replies
No title
Any /n/ users who used the S-Bahn in Germany? Is it any good? Deutsche Bahn won the contract to completely overhaul the GO Network into a train service that runs every 15 minutes or better.
1 media | 26 replies
No title
The plague of the modern bike industry can be accurately traced back to its origin: Pro level racing. This idea that whichever roided lanklet goes le fastest on their 30k plastic specialty bike somehow translates accurately to the real world, when in fact the two have nothing in common.
Instead of sucking the BIG BIKE HOMO DICK and throwing all your shekels down the drain for the latest chinese carbon frame with a limited lifespan and whatever other big buck fad part the marketing team has cooked up for this year, we should look elsewhere for inspiration. Somewhere real, with real world applications.

Enter the Swiss MO-93, or Militärrad 93. Here we have an all steel beast that's been refined since WW2, and has never failed the extreme real-world trials of the military. Derailleur guard, racks, dynamo headlight, trailer, hydraulic rim brakes, ceramic-coated rims, frame bags, spring saddle, fenders and all for just 25 kilograms! Everything you could ever want, everything that was stolen from us, everything that should come as standard equipment at a reasonable price. If it were like this we could have our dutchbike utopia too, but alas spandexfags and consoomers have ruined everything. If it's good enough for the Dutch, and good enough for the Nips, and most importantly good enough for the military, it's good enough for you.
>n-noooo I can't go fast on it it's 2 heavy
Ummm, sweaty, I think soldats know more about being fast on a bike when they're LITERALLY BIKING FOR THEIR LIFE. You will never get good training on children's plastic toys, but you will become god hauling cabbages on your dutchbike every day.

Dutchbikes are the true chad cyclist's choice. Steel is real.
15 media | 97 replies
Why do we force people to use transportation systems they can’t afford?
20 media | 195 replies
No title
Why did they do this?
8 media | 59 replies
No title
V's stop just as well as a disc brake right up until you get into some icey snowy conditions and your rims get cold and freeze over a bit, but even then they work fine.
14 media | 79 replies
No title
I think we can all agree bikes are the superior mode of transport
4 media | 26 replies
NA redemption thread
Can NA redeem itself?
What is the best city in NA, transportwise?
Is NA improving?
6 media | 48 replies
No title
images (1)
What's a good hybrid bike that won't break the bank? Trek Verve or FX, or is there another brand that makes the best hybrid?
16 media | 52 replies
No title
Why are Soviet Metro trains very loud?
14 media | 63 replies
The only ergonomic bars in existence
Let your hands and arms dangle down next to your body freely, let them relax completely. Note the position of your wrists. Now raise your arms upwards upwards. Ta discovered the most ergonomic handlebar position. Any deviation from it will stress your muscles.
9 media | 23 replies
No title
Daily reminder that mtb > road
9 media | 34 replies
No title
Post Airline livery you like.
143 media | 242 replies
Post buses
34 media | 45 replies
No title
>TFW living in a place with decaying rail infrastructure that will never ever be developed because our shitty fucking north american construction industry can't even repair already built tracks and put simple diesel trains on them for less than 600 million dollars while low speed limit highways connect communities that are growing exponentially and bus routes don't even have express busses
seriously how the fuck can tiny cities in european countries afford to build high quality electrified LRT so easily?
5 media | 45 replies
No title
Weird/unique train thread
91 media | 188 replies
Baby's first train ride
I'm taking an Amtrak from upstate NY to Chicago in a few weeks. Haven't been on a train since I was super little and living in Europe, so I have no point of reference for what to expect from this mode of American tra/n/sportation... Are there any random things that I should pack/prepare for that might not be as apparent to train travel newfags? I'll probably be riding coach.
1 media | 4 replies
/n/ confessions
Oh fellow autists of /n/, confess your sins to me and I shall free you of your pain.

I'll begin:
>I haven't payed for public transport in about two years now
I ride the train to and from uni each weekday and the line I run on does not have any gates or ticket inspectors. As a student the monthly pass is quite the chunk of my monthly income so it's not like I would pay anyway.

What nasty /n/ related things have you been up to?
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What's the most you've ever pissed off a motorist?
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Velomobile Supremacy
Has anyone ever used one of these? They seems like the perfect balance between car and bike. They're compact, aerodynamic, have cover from the elements, and now there are some with electric assistance making it feasible to go +30mph. What's keeping them so niche? Are there any downsides because the hefty price tags?
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It’s funny that retards claim high-speed rail wouldn’t work in America when we now have private airlines replacing regional flights with fucking BUSSES.
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Solo riders
Have you ever rode into trouble? What gear do you carry when away from main roads?
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Please help me, my /n/igguhs.I'm a Brazilian flag moving to Ottawa in a month.

I want to live car-free there and I want to cycle through winter. I understand that Ottawa has one of the worst winters in a big city.

What do I need to do to be able to cycle when it's snowing? Does it make sense for me to buy a Fuji Touring Disc and swap the tyres for winter, studded tires when it starts to snow? Do I also need to install mittens on the handlebars?

Any Canadians, Americans, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelanders, Greenlanders, Scottish or some other people that could share some experiences?

You guys are literally the people I trust the most for actual, relevant opinions on what's legit reasonable to do while cycling
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>no escape from traffic
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The T1 New Build

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Who /longboard/ here
It’s a pretty interesting form of urban transportation. I just use it for trips where I’m going a few blocks but it really makes running errands faster.
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ITT /n/ designs a feet-forward bicycle
There are no rules in FF bicycle design so there's a lot of areas for possible improvement. How would you design a feet forward that has the possibility of becoming mainstream?
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Well there's your problem.
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Beeching Axe
How true is it that the big issue with Beeching's cuts was the excessive focus on closing down lines, especially ones with relatively limited usage, to cut costs as opposed to reforming British Rail's bureaucracy and most importantly modernizing the network and replacing the huge amounts of manpower-intensive equipment still left over from the victorian era like much of the signaling, introducing rail buses and motor coaches for smaller stations, and ending the permanent staffing of many smaller stations?
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What is the best intersection and why is it the Cloverleaf without slip lanes?
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Rail job???
Been trying to get into a railroad for a couple years now
Haven't gotten any interviews,What gives?
anywhere else i get interviews but not with a railroad,Haven't even done anything to be blackballed nor do i have any idiotic shit done that bar me from it.
any advice anons?
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how could this possibly handle well?
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Why does the green arrow come on before the green light at some intersections, but after the green light at others? Why do some lights have the green, but others do not? What is the criteria for an intersection to have a light over a stop sign? How do they choose how long the lights should be? Why do the walk signs come on before the green sometimes? Why does the green stay on after the walk timer has ended?
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