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"/n/ - Transportation" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing modes of transportation like trains and bicycles.

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Could motorized bicycles replace cars in congested cities?
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Bicycling Nutrition
What's a good drink for a budding bicyclist to keep him going?
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Why don't you ride an electric unicycle? Don't you want to effortlessly zoom around at 30mph/50kph with no hands?
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The Concorde
The retirement of the Concorde was the biggest setback to transportation of the past millennium. The future of intercontinental transportation is currently sitting in a museum right now. It can fly from New York to London in 3 hours, and it was made in 1979. Imagine how easy intercontinental flights would be today if we had a modern version of the Concorde. The Concorde was the coolest airliner ever made and nobody will convince me otherwise. The fact that something this groundbreaking was retired still amazes me to this day.
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Chain Lube
Which chain lube are you using and why?

Let's shill and share some experiences on what works well and what doesn't.
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/gag/ - General Aviation General
General Aviation General. General as in I guess aviation in general, which does happen to include general aviation, but I mean like general aviation as a topic. Whatever we ironed this out.

Dreams of better circumstances edition

Previous: >>1844020
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/stg/ Space Transportation General: Heavy season edition
Space transportation general since spaceflight is increasing exponentially, since we are up to at least a launch per week and since we are about a month away from a industry revolutionizing fully reusable
super heavy lift launch vehicle.

Upcoming launches:

Nov 2
>Soyuz 2.1b/Fregat-M | Tundra n°6L 3:30 AM EDT
>Falcon 9 Block 5 | Hotbird 13G 11:26 PM EDT

Nov 6
>Antares 230+ | CRS NG-18 5:50 AM EST

Nov 8
>Atlas V 401 | JPSS-2 4:25 AM EST

Nov 11
>Long March 7 | Tianzhou 5
7 10:00 PM EST

Nov 14
>SLS Block 1 | Artemis I 12:07 AM EST
>RS1 | DEMO-1 (Test Launch) 5:00 PM EST

Nov 20
>Falcon 9 Block 5 | CRS SpX-26 4:40 PM EST

Nov 22
>Falcon 9 Block 5 | HAKUTO-R Mission 1

Nov 23
> Vega C | Pléïades-Néo 5 & 6

Nov 26
>Long March 2F/G | Shenzhou 15

>PSLV-CA | EOS-06 & BhutanSat
>LauncherOne | STP-S28B
>Jielong-1 | Yizheng 03 & 04
>Kuaizhou 11 | JSBT, Xiangrikui & Others
>Terran 1 | Good Luck, Have Fun
>Firefly Alpha | VCLS Demo-2FB (ELaNa 43)
>LauncherOne | Prometheus 2 & Others
>Falcon 9 Block 5 | Starlink Group 4-37
>Falcon 9 Block 5 | Eutelsat 10B
>Falcon 9 Block 5 | Starlink Group 2-4

DECEMBER (just a few highlights not full dec schedule)
>ZhuQue-2 | Demo Flight
>weekly Falcon 9 flights
>Ariane 5 ECA | Galaxy 35 & 36, MTG-I1
>SSLV | BlackSky Global
And last but not least we finally have
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Take the dicycle pill
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post chads riding bikes
because of gay europeans, cycling always seen as faggot sport:
ITT: we post masculine chads make better representation
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What's the lore behind people using bicycle seats like this?
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Bike tire sizing
I bought a bike, used, off of a crippled old man. And I want to make it a winter beater, so I'm looking for old knobby tires to drill screws into. But when looking into it, I can't wrap my head around what size to get.

The current tire on the bike says it's 700x38c. But when I measure, physically with tape, the wheel is 25 inches in diameter. But google says a 700 tire is supposed to be 27.5 inches.

What the fuck is going on?
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need to commute to work (6 miles). Its quite hilly and I would have to share the road with cars. What is the mazda miata of ebikes for someone who isn't a manlet? (6'4 197lbs) budget is around $1,500
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Imagine operating a manually pedaled bike in 2022.

tryhard "earned" cyclist
>has to wear skintight lycra
>arrives at destination covered in sweat
>miserable "look at me suffer" facial expression while cycling
>has to "fuel up" for the long ride
>spent $4000 on a road bike with diminishing returns
>wears weird quirky "clip in" pedal shoes that actually don't provide any extra power and can't be walked in comfortably
>wears funny brain shaped cranium protector

ascended ebike rider
>gets where he needs to go effortlessly
>can wear anything he wants, from boots to shorts
>no need to worry about being "aero"
>no hard as a rock saddle
>no bent over inducing drop bars
>fat, delicious, comfortable all terrain tires
>rip that throttle baby, broooom broooooom!

Face it, manual bikes are now objectively obsolete. It's the same as manual transmissions in cars, unneeded bullshit used to get from point A to point B. You cannot refute that ebikes are inferior to manually bicycles other than weight & transportability through cars/trains/etc.

The only argument you can give against ebikes it fitness related. But guess what, humans aren't even naturally designed to pedal bicycles for long periods of time. There this thing called prostate cancer.
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Why are underground metros much more common than elevated solutions like monorails?
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Post your station or stop
It's been a while. post your local train station, your daily bus stop or a least a favorite that you use.
Pic rel is Sunalta C-train station in Calgary just a few blocks from my apt.
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>he charges his lights
>he lets a dynamo hub steal his watts
>he doesn't modify a power bank to have direct access to the cell trough an XT60 connector
>he doesn't modify an aliexpress light with said connector, thermal grease, silicone for water resistance and a polycarbonate cover with a fresnel lens to create a cutoff line
>he doesn't have 30 hours of battery life
Why didn't you take the powerbank -pill yet?

Also lights thread, touring edition.
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Urban Planning General - /UPG/
In this thread we discuss the current and past trends of urban planning from across the globe.
Urban planning is /n/ related.
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/MG/ Maritime General
Mail buoy edition


If you tell me what updates the sticky needs I can add it, even though all the computer science fags that want a career on ships don’t read it anyway
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What transport is free (free as in libre, not free as in gratis), anons?

Any form of PUBLIC KEKSPORTATION isn't welcome.
>forced sharing of a vehicle that smells like hobo shit and rotting blood sausage
>forced sharing of a cucktube on rails funded by your money taken at gunpoint by the gubbermint (50% going to pay for the cucktube, and 50% going to minorities)
>trusting your life to Silicon Valley megacorportations or Chinese sweatshops to not spontaneously combust / shut down at 50km/h
>owned on a subscription-based model half the time - "financing"
"PEV", Electric Unicycle, Electric Scooter, etc.
>trusting your life like a KEK to another man such that he doesn't ram your flying cucktube into a tower
>overpaying for the privilege of doing that
>depending on a MASSIVE, globalist supply chain revolving around importing a limited, dwindling resource from various shitholes, controlled by a handful of gubbermints and megacorporations, and an equally MASSIVE globalist supply chain to produce all the parts necessary to make it
Cars (all critiques here are applicable to every other form of transport listed above too.)

I want to say the tricycle is the pinnacle of free transportation.
>can repair it yourself
>cheap to buy outright
>practical, like a car, can add a pretty big trailer to the back, and most have a large "truck" bed in the rear, can haul incredible amounts of shit
>ergonomic seat, can go pretty far without getting tired
>can strap electric or gas engine without much threat of crashing due to inherently better stability when starting and stopping

The bicycle is very good too, but it's unfortunately there's just a higher risk of being invisible on the road (you can put a massive slow vehicle warning sign on the back of a tricycle, a bit tougher to do on the bicycle without sacrificing cargo space.)
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Collectible bikes thread
It has never been tougher to get your hands on a vintage mountainbike
So many have been butchered into ebikes and its only going to get worse
What can be done to educate the public about this wasteful fad?
It crushes me inside to see them like that
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I found /n/ in webm format.
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Yesterday I had a puncture and had to ride 6 miles on a blown tire so I'm putting together a repair kit, what do you guys carry on yours? I'm not riding tubeless so from now on a spare tube at least will be a given.
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traffic jam berlin
What are actually all the problems of the car-centrism and car-centric planning of the last 80 years?
>requires enormous amounts of parking space, all of which is basically dead space from an urban planning perspective and makes these areas substantially more unpleasant
>urban roads carve up cities
>these two problems become especially in cities with layouts from pre-car times quickly problematic (every square meter where cars aren't explicitly banned getting quickly clogged with them)
>extends normal travel distances to the point every other method of transport, like public transit, walking and cycling, quickly starts to become uneconomic and uncompetitively slow
>especially at fast speeds, cars produce large amounts of noise pollution
>severely limits the mobility and independence of anyone who either can't (children, elderly, disabled, poor) or doesn't want to drive
>this in turn forces parents and relatives to constantly act as chauffeurs for them
>alternatively forces people to rely on expensive taxi or similar services
>forces people to continue driving regardless of their ability to do so (for example elderly who are increasingly unfit to drive and would like to give up their license, but can't because it would massively impair their basic mobility and independence)
>makes the financial ability to own and operating a car necessity for basic participation in society
>worsens health by eliminating even the smallest bit of walking or other physical activity while traveling outside the immediate vicinity of one's destination (and occasionally even that when you pick up your food from the drive through and eat in the parking lot)
What problems am I still missing on this list?
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What is the most space efficient way to store a bicycle? I'm renting and have limited space, but if I leave it outside I'll be enriched by diversity
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90s MTB
Front rack edition.
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*blocks ur bike lane*
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how cool are these things?
I like 'em
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/EMG/-Electric Mobility General
Tupperboard edition

The purpose of this thread is to discuss various light electric modes of transportation, such as ebikes and escooters.

Reputable Dealers
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Is there any real, concrete reason America hasn't just shut down Amtrak and long-distance passenger rail completely?
All it does is bleed money, surely with such low ridership compared to airlines it can't be stimulating enough economic activity to make up for it.
Doesn't even offer viable competition to airlines, rail tickets are generally just as if not more expensive than flying.
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How to deal with rain
images - 2022-11-22T151431.276
How am I supposed to ride my bike everyday during rain season?
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>The value of your bike
>The value of your locks
>The type of locks you use
>How many times your bike's been stolen

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Hand pain following cycling accident
bloody hand
Hi cyclists of /n/, in August I fell off my bike onto my hands and injured the left hand (mercifully). The nurse was not interested, and said give it 6-8 weeks to heal. The fingers are still painful when under load at certain angles. Now the weather is getting colder it has become unpleasant to move them. Any advice on how to rehabilitate it?
>see a doctor
I will try, it's just hard this time of year. Thought there might be some simple exercises I could do.
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PSA - hi-viz apparel
Dear coronatards, please stop wearing this shit, it gives you a false sense of security and I am judging the FUCK out of you. If you're relying on the color of your fucking shirt to not get run over, you've already done so many things wrong that you shouldn't be allowed on a bike, ever.

Furthermore, this kind of apparel only exists to pander to normie NPCs who think bicycles should have stupid little 25 cent reflectors in the spokes and cute widdle safety bells preferably made of kawaii Japanese bronze, instead of proper life and death road safety equipment. You are basically doing the jersey version of wearing a foam safety hat (also does nothing, exists because of respectability politics, and broadcasts that you aren't fit to ride except on those early summer chaperoned community rides where the oinky piggy oinkers shut down the streets and put up little boo-boo stands with band aids and neosporin and go "seee? we care about your safety soooooo much!")

Quick test: if you can wear a ninja suit treated with vantablack and still be safe, you're dong it right. Stop enabling trojan horse mind virus "safety" (sic) ideology, use your lights and never ever buy a hi-viz safety shirt again, if not for your own dignity then at least for the safety of others, thanks.
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New ‘toss just dropped
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fun fact: the shortest subway in the world is in omsk, russia. it consists of one station.
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self-employed cab driver question
question regarding work as a uber/bolt/lyft driver (i am from the UK)

planned on it recently and i might have the funds to go through with learning to drive and etc but i found out that i also need to get another document specific to cab drivers only, and it specifies that i need 3 years of experience.

as someone that has no experience at all and wants to it possible or will they decline you?

is my cab driver goal ded just because i have to wait 3 years?

it's another one of those "you need experience but you won't get experience anywhere because you need experience" kind of situation which is dumb as f*ck

any advice?

posted in this board because it's related to cars
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Do you think this megacity is happening? Will it be a step towards a utopian future or the dystopian pod life coming to reality?
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No title
I fucking did it! I managed to take the picture with three trains of three different gauges: metre gauge to the left, standard gauge in the middle, and iberian gauge on the right.
Later losers!
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Traffic Handedness
Which is correct, traffic keeping to the left or to the right?
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747 Thread
Last thread Archived.

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Trams General
Post and talk about trams and similar light rail.
Starting with a pic the neat Tatra KT4DCs of Potsdam.
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finally a solution to the chain problem
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Dallas Airshow Crash
Was anyone here in attendance?
B-17 got kamikaze'd by a P-63.
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Fixed Gear aka fixie thread
Show your bike, what's your set up, what kind of stuff do you do on it?

Do you have a geared road bike as well? I don't like them, at least not modern ones.

Went for a nice ride today, mainly on gravel paths along a river, only about 20 miles but I was riding hard and I'm pretty pooped, too tired to take a more inspiring picture.

I just put the DIY bullhorns on it yesterday, they're pretty cool but they seem to combine the bad control of drop bars and the bad aero of flat bars.
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/hbtg/ - handlebar tape general
What's your favourite bar tape, /n/? How thicc is thicc enough? Do you ever make statements with your bar tape colours? For example, ukraine flag colours or transgender/pride colours? Or do you ever take pains NOT to make a statement? For example, your favored bar tape would have color coordinated nicely with your frame or your new crazy colored Panaracer meme color tyres, but you realized it could be misconstrued as stolen valor or cultural appropriation, and went with a more boring color?
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The future of mobility
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No title
>slowly wearing your rim down until your wheel collapses beneath you

which is better?
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download (1)
Burgers, why do you insist on bike helmets on everyone? Your kids riding around neighborhood or the park are not gonna get into a high speed crash with traumatic brain injury. Why not just let them have fun and be kids instead of lugging ppe around?
Same with just commuting and riding around the town, you don't need a helmet.

If you ride around in fast traffic with cars, then you're retarded, a shitty styrofoam and milk jug helmet will not save you.

Bicycle helmet should be earned by participating in bicycle sports, not worn by every idiot pedaling at 3mph around a storm water pond.
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No title
How to deal with the anxiety of being turned into a hamburguer?
8 media | 29 replies
Why am I autistic
>just bought a busted rigid mtb from the 90s because paki deliveroos from my town ride bikes like this

I just wish I had friends now. Ti ride centuries with them.
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No title
Any joompers here?
I'm pretty new and don't know how to correct it if I roll to the side during a jump. So far all I manage is a quick prayer and that usually works out. But I'd like to correct it for real.

Gotta joomp!
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No title
The Derailer and it's consequences have been a disaster for the daily commuter.
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No title
Are all bicycles rear wheel drive?
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This is what they took from you

Here's hoping we get it back again soon, before we starve/freeze/get arrested for having the incorrect opinion/car type
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No title
>all train lines run at least hourly
>entire rail network coordinated at nodal points (ie main stations)
>entire rail network electrified
>most interurban buses run hourly, the rest with few exceptions every two hours
>bus lines and secondary train lines coordinated for convenient transfer with main lines at the station where they meet
>nationwide integrated schedule and compatible fare system, even within urban areas
>can look up any timetable and buy a ticket on one app, or buy a ticket for any place in the country at any ticket machine, even those for urban transit
>some places can only be reached by public transport and not by car
Seriously: are other countries even trying??
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Why cities around the world are banning cars
New CNBC kino just dropped, what do you guys see for the future of cities worldwide?
26 media | 175 replies
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Why do I never see people running as a way to cover short distances in the city?
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Aviatio/n/ as a hobby
I have huge respect for the aviation community. I am finishing up my PPL just because I want to buy my own plane. I came to the conclusion that aviation is one of the least toxic hobbies known to man.

I am not shitting on other hobbies but take cars for example. The community is one of the most disrespectful and condescending group of individuals that shit on you if you have a basic commuter car.

Guns you’re a poorfag if you own a cheap gun or a wannabe LARPer if you have an expensive one.

In aviation is like… do you have a 1959 Piper? Amazing bro let me help you work on it. Own a Cirrus? Damn that’s cool.

What makes Aviation such an enjoyable hobby and one less toxic than the other two examples.
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No title
Is it safe to say new york city has the most iconic bridges and tunnels?
104 media | 185 replies
Grassy Bois
grassy tram
Are grass-covered tram and railways worth the extra upkeep? My understanding is that they lower the amount of noise and keep the area cooler in the summer compared to things like asphalt or concrete, but have the drawback that they need to be mowed regularly. They also look nicer than most railbeds.
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No title
What does /n/ think of GCN? Content is a little click baity but there's some decent advice in there I think but I'm just a fred
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Another car smashed by Brightline train
WPLGLocal10-1560383313273131008-20220818 164907-vid1
Is this the most crashed train in the world? Seriously look it up, this line only opened recently and there are already tons of videos.
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Background music
AA (1)
What's the best music while bicycling along a quiet path? I'm glad that's a good cycling/pedestrian play that goes from my apartment to the local retail area.
62 media | 113 replies
No title
A few questions about the New York City subway system first of all is there a difference between a conductor's cab and a motorman's cab? My understanding was a subway cars that had half cab at each end like the red birds and R62 could in theory be operated as a single car from both ends like a double-ended trolley. It also seems it's a subways have a different amount of notches than the standard 8 that they work and it's somewhat different way.
If this is correct how do they work?
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aus/n/z: Easy under Albanese edition
What's going on in the way of transport in your city/state?
Here in Vic, nothing much has changed other than the announcement of the G-class:
Personally can't fucking wait, I am on a line that just uses old B-class and they're fucking shithouse.
>b-but muh SOVL
Don't care.
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pidgeon hole
How does this make you feel?
27 media | 193 replies
/wcg/ Winter Cycling General
It's that time of year again. Post rides, rigs, gear, and questions. What are you riding this winter?
16 media | 54 replies
No title
Is it possible to make a "walkable neighborhood" (however you would define it) while still keeping single family homes and ample, convenient parking?
10 media | 137 replies
No title
2022-11-23 173724
Let me guess, you "need" more
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Jason's back
New Not Just Bikes kino just dropped
6 media | 38 replies
No title
>"But America has the best freight railroads in the world!"
When will this myth die?
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Boomer fragility
Imagine being such a fragile snowflake that you get triggered by pic related.
I mean you can argue whether blocking traffic is a viable form of raising awareness for climate change or whether it hurts the movement more than it helps.
But the fact remains boomers are absolutely foaming from their mouths over this. It's friggin hilarious. They literally feel their entire worldview and way of life being threatened by a bunch of zoomers causing a minor traffic inconvenience. People are already calling them terrorists in my country and demand years-long prison sentences, it's unreal.
Never again let a boomer tell you how you kids are so fragile and sensitive and shit. Just show them pic related and watch them sperg out like crazy. Like, how can you flip your shit so hard over such a non-issue? Literal "stare rape" levels of fragility. >nnnoooo I'll be late for work this is literal terrorism I'm so sorry Mr Shekelstein
Great fun.
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No title
caravan james may
Why wouldn't it work as a viable means of transportation? Landing issues aside it works pretty well.
6 media | 60 replies
Bike Buying General



Post here for recommendations on a bicycle purchase. Useful tips: include your height, weight, intended riding and budget. And a picture is always best.

Calling people fat will be met with a shake of the head and a slight frown.

Previous: >>1849699
10 media | 60 replies
No title
Never forget that politicians and their owners only want you in picrel because it's the cheapest way to get you wagies from your pods to your cages every day.
>they don't care about environment
>they don't care about congestion
>they don't care about your health
>they don't care about your happiness
Do not fall for the meme.
Do exact opposite.
Move out to the country and buy the biggest trugg you can afford.
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No title
Why don't we use Lazy Rivers as public transport?
2 media | 25 replies
No title
Will we ever get good inter-city transit? Will any of our cities ever get subways that run fast and efficiently?
8 media | 48 replies
No title
>smoking area onboard
this is what they took from us
6 media | 44 replies
mtb flat shoes
what are some good shoes for flat pedals that don't cost 150€+ & perform better than running/skate shoes, namely in the wet? bonus if waterproof/ankle guard

mostly for MTB but for some city riding too

some stuff I've looked at:

O'Neal Pinned Pro Flat (bonus ankle protector, about 62€)
Five Ten Sleuth MTB Shoes (bout 60€)
Leatt 1.0/2.0/3.0(picerl) Flatpedal Shoe (60-100€)
5 media | 24 replies
What water bottle do you use?
I have a 40oz Nalgene and Hydroflask but its a pain to open the lid while cycling. Looking for ez sip stuff
16 media | 50 replies
No title
Does anyone want Atlanta-Charlotte High Speed Rail [spoiler]other than me[/spoiler]
0 media | 11 replies
No title
What are some /n/-approved video games?

I got Transport Fever 2 in a sale recently. I expected it to be an uninspired OpenTTD clone, but it's actually great. The game itself is meh, but the graphics are very nice and it really does feel like a digital model train set. It's just fun trying to build aesthetic stations, depots, sidings, junctions, etc.
59 media | 216 replies
Bicycle theft
By far the biggest problem facing mass bicycle adoption overcoming car dependency is theft. People just cannot feel safe about leaving their bike anywhere the same way as a parked car. Using a lock is still no security guarantee and is a hassle. How do we solve the bicycle theft problem, /n/?
5 media | 57 replies
Cyclists vs Lycraists
lycra enthusiast
What can we do to end the confusion?
As long as people think cycling is a pointless hobby we'll never get good infrastructure.
Should we come up with a new word for the lycra fetishists like the dutch do?
Now I know what you're thinking, but we need something a little more pc than "faggots".
26 media | 226 replies
No title
Thoughts on trains in the UK?
93 media | 294 replies
/n/ Themed Channels
What are some Youtube channels that /n/ likes? Anything ranging from aviation-themed, crash investigations, to trains, and ships.
I really enjoy Disaster Breakdown, Plainly Difficult, USCSB, Mentour Pilot, etc
5 media | 26 replies
No title
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-12 at 17.57.54
End of summer edition

Last thread

Can't have /n/ without a proper touring thread.

Now that summer is almost over, is anyone planing on doing tours in autumn?
87 media | 177 replies
No title
7 media | 45 replies
Bike Touring
I decided to kill a thread to brag that I just rode from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic. Did it on a 1982 Specialized Sequoia that an anon here found for me on craigslist. Also this post is to spit on the fags that said I wouldn't do it.

Also discuss bike touring, post your bikes, and ask your questions. I have a lot of questions too.
17 media | 87 replies
No title

The much more important question is if this warrants a high speed rail line connection between Jersey, NYC and DC. Realistically all that volume of vehicles would have to be replaced with something.

Are we watching the birth of the first high speed rail line in America? That is, unless idiots fuck it up.
7 media | 84 replies
No title
Are there any good examples of redeveloping a former airport? There's railway lines transformed into bicycle paths or linear parks but I've never seen a former runway made into a central avenue of a district
23 media | 52 replies
autism has made me obsessed with this faggy Chinese bicycle but I dont know how to buy one
so recently i became obsessed with the Flying Pigeon PA-02 bicycle. its kinda retarded i know. i havent rode a bike since my childhood but even so i really want one of these. ive looked around but i cant seem to find a place to buy a brand new one, is it possible to do that from the states or would i have to go to china? sorry if this is a dumb question btw because again i dont know anything about bicycles.
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Superlight tubes ?
What do you think about these new type of superlight bike tire tubes like Tubolito or Aerothan?

Have you ever ridden one?

Gimmicky bullshit or revolution?
7 media | 43 replies
No title
Should it be mandatory for high speed railway projects to also provide some level of local passenger infrastructure in the same corridor?
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Oval chanrings general /ocg/
Oval chainrings thread since the last one 404'd.

So I've learned another reason why they're not popular: they really, really do not tolerate crosschaining. Like half my cassette is unbearable to ride in when I'm in the small ring. The mechanic at my LBS said it's a combination of the chainring being slightly thicker than the Shimano brand chainring, and the fact that the tallest part of the oval extends further into the chainline (which I imagine would be like if I got a 52t chainring, but I've never had anything higher than a 50).

They do make it a lot easier to stay in the big ring while climbing, so that somewhat makes up for the annoyance, but round chainrings are definitely not a conspiracy to make you slow.
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VTOL transportation
When will this shit happen? It’s always been 2 years away for as long as I can remember

There are countless companies working on this Shit, but when will I be able to book a flight from Manhattan to Greenwich or wherever.
4 media | 18 replies
No title
Would "flying cars" or some sort of personal vehicle with vertical mobility solve the transportation problem forever?
Traffic would never be an issue because adding more lanes is as simple as "stacking" them in empty airspace, you could have 30 lanes of traffic all within the width of one. With functionally infinite lanes, the "induced demand" problem disappears.
Parking would be solved too, no more sprawling lots because parking garages could be built as tall as skyscrapers, with cars flying in at whatever level they please. No worrying about driving up 30 floors of ramps.
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moscow metro map
What does /n/ think of Moscow's metro? Here's how it'll look by 2030
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Would you ever pay to go on a bicycle tollway?
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Flightless newfag here. Is there really no way around getting air sickness on a long flight? I start to get nauseous in the car if I don't look out the window for a few minutes, so I already know it's going to be a problem if I ever fly anywhere.
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curved tubes
I tried to post this twice and I can't find it, idk what happened. When did Schwinn stop making good bikes? All their new stuff is BSOs but apparently they used to be some of the best bikes available. When did that change and why?
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What do pilots on long commercial flights even do during the flight? 99% they just use autopilot to cruise at 10km height.
Like literally, what the fuck do they do during the 10 hours that they're flying?
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I'm from burgerland and even I dont understand the logic behind this. Also I highly recommend a helmet when commuting on just one wheel, but thats up to you.

Can anyone make sense of this?
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PRT Thread
We could have had fully self-driving "cars" decades ago
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e-bike pill
Do you even realize we are living in the golden e-bike period?
In most places it's completely legal and socially accepted to have no license, no registration, no helmet, and no armor.
>All the things that made motorcycles great in early part of 20th century are now here in e-bike form.
Just an affordable, liberating, fun and casual way to get around.
>Have you taken the e-bike pill anons?
It's only a mater of time Karens and nannies bring the hammer down, enjoy it now!
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Anyone ever been on a blimp?
I wanted to fly this thing but I hear that the job is a terrible piloting job. Anyone know anyone that was a blimp pilot?
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i rode down some stairs, do you like it?
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I love him so much bros
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one building city
>eliminates all needs for public or private transportation
>'nothing personal kid
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>it's no nut november
>go out riding in lycra as usual
>accidentally think of something sexy mid ride
>pop a raging boner uh oh, try to think of something unsexy
>it's not working oh god I'm going to be on youtube
>think of something else unsexy like how much carbs I should be ingesting or the smell of vagina
>still not working, how the fuck am I going to get through the month?
>do the full ero tuck even though I'm not going that fast
>now they just think I'm a regular faggot
Next time you see someone in an aero tuck not going plaid, try not to judge. They probably are just hiding their boner
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Good. Bad. What is the one airline you'd like to fly on before you die?
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If I'm cycling every day, how many hours a day is "too much"? I'm currently homeless and cycling 5 hours a day at night, between 2am and 7am. I feel like I could do more, but I run out of time because after 7am the sun rises and I don't like to be out in the daylight. I must be burning a lot of calories because I can eat 6,000 calories a day without gaining weight. Thankfully I find all my food for free in the bins. So is 5 hours every day okay or too much? How many hours a day do you guys and girls cycle?
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bike grips
I think once you go esi grips you can never go back. I have the extra chunky they are so... perfect. Comfy, dont move, symmetrical. Also its not true they deteriorate easily. I trashed them for a couple years sun, rain , dirt with my greasy hands and they are still perfect. Still the hole that my idiot father made with a screwdriver a couple years ago is getting bigger and I am planning to change them. I dont wanna spend 25 euros though guys. Is there really no alternative as I am convinced to these perfections? Even cheap chink or euro copies of these marvels dont come even near them
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Skärmavbild 2022-11-17 kl. 22.46.13
thoughts on buying one of these as a vehicle for transportation?
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images (4)
Convince me not to switch back to flat pedals.
They maybe faste and better when climbing, but goddamn they're a nuisance on anything other than pedaling. If I switch from those, I'm definitely not interested in MTB pedals, I'll just ride like a normal guy again.
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It's official, lads. Manon has hit the wall at the age of just 26. Many such cases in the UK.
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future bicycle technoligies?
is it possible that flywheel kers systems could ever become a real thing?
we know they work why dont we use them?
maybe on a normal bike itd be clunky but i could definetly see a recumbent trike with a flywheel, its basically free energy especially if you live in a very hilly place or have to do alot of stopping and starting like in an urban environment
i did some experimenting in beamng with a flywheel powered vehicle and found it to be very effective even offroad
if we can just figure out how to make a good cvt or just use a regular gearbox and clutch i dont see why a flywheel kers system couldnt allow a medeocre cyclist to set world records in certain scenarios
whats the catch?
and what other future technoligies could change cycling?
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Japan Shimano
Italy Campagnolo
WE are cycling nations, YOU are just clients.
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Went to see 611 today /n/ :)
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Realized something pretty interesting recently. The reason things like cycling, general aviation, and railfanning are at least IMO much better hobbies to have than cars is that we've always been incredibly heavy on gatekeeping, while at one point or another the automotive went in the exact opposite direction - proselytizing much of the world by force more or less.

It ensured that the average "car enthusiast" is a commoner who doesn't actually know much about cars, unlike most other vehicular hobbies that know everything by the book.

This also explains why the car hobbyist seen is actually better in countries that are less car-dependent, I mean the dominant form of auto racing in America is just driving in a circle in a highly modified sedan. Meanwhile places like Europe and Asia have advanced rallying and F1 scenes.

Would you agree with this sentiment? Pic kinda unrelated it's of a train I chased a few weeks ago.
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It's up.
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>*full-sus gravels in your path*
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is it magic isnt it?
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Has anyone heard of this bike frame maker?
This story is crazy
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What is this? aircraft carrier /general/
(and cruise ships because)
Was watching
this comes up, like.. what is it? some kind of challenge response shit?
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fren train
Every american metro of 1.5 million or more should have a reliable rail connection between
>the airport
>one major non-downtown trip generator
And it should be mandatory and easy to use.
I can't think of a single city where that would be a detriment.
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safer and superior
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What does /n/ think about Death Cruiser-10
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So no one here is talking about how some 21 year old autist burrowed a locomotive?
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