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What are your plans for old age?
Do people just de-transition at 50ish+ when the signs of aging begin to breakdown all the fortifications you have worked on for so many years?
Or do you just cope as best as possible? I’ve legitimately never seen an old tranner, and I’m not sure if I want to
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I don't understand why ftms want to be tiny dickless Manlets instead of cool bad ass short haired lesbians.
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Howdy homos, do I give off gay vibes? If so what?
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Abby Shapiro came out as a lesbian
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discord friend finder
>no job
>anime, manga, fashion, sewing, drawing fashion, abuse yaoi/BL, practicing voice training until i reach insanity
>bisexual sub(very)
>looking for friends who wanna talk about random stuff or similar interests
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how do I come to terms with the fact that I'm never going to pass and then how do i plan my life accordingly
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portland antifa trannies
Why are so many trannies part of antifa?
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Are these suppose to be successful surgeries?
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Where do I find passable mtfs?
I've had several experiences with women that make me second guess if they are really all the same. I'd like to know where could I find a passable tgirl and find out how should I approach them in hopes of getting into a relationship, any stories about straight men dating trans women are welcome.

I hope that maybe I find one that isn't into the whole new progressive bullshit and just feels happy being in a relationship with me, not making a scene out of thin fucking air every odd couple of weeks. I have nothing against women, I just want to try and see how this goes.
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what does /lgbt/ thinks about being trans and racist?
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Friendly reminder that FFS is a scam :) I spent $100K on FFS and I look like an ogre. You cannot feminise a post puberty male face.

My face is still extremely masculine and always will be.
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/bigen/ - bisexual general
devilish edition

qott: what would you say your biggest sin would be out of the seven deadly sins ?

thread theme:

previous: >>16661094

>Am I bi if I like women and femboys/traps?
>Am I bi if there's this one member of the same-sex I'm desiring, but normally I like the opposite sex?
>Am I bi if I sexually like both sexes, but only interested in romance with one of them?
Yes, sexual attraction to both sexes is bisexuality.
>Am I bi or pan if I like trans people?
Both are able to be attracted to trans people.
>What's the difference between bisexual and pansexual?
Little to none. Pansexual is a label often used for "trans inclusive" bisexuals since some bi's aren't attracted to them. However, others are but see it as needless to give it a whole new label.

Resource for Bisexuals:
Provides additional information and help if needed.
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Why is it so common for the average person to be this transphobic?
It feels like hugboxes and social media really inflate the amount of "support" trans people experience. If you try to be transphobic on Reddit or Twitter you instantly get ratio'd but in real life it's the exact opposite and it's honestly terrifying.
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Do you honestly believe that your brain is not male? Even when you have no idea what goes through the mind of an actual female or how they were raised?
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Amab here. Been on HRT for 6 months. Pretty sure I have BDD because I swear I look different every time I look in the mirror. Im insecure about my hyper-masculine looks and am second guessing before my tiddies are too big. Options are:

>ignore supposed drive to be a “woman”
>grow thick black beard
>get swole
>be handsome
>start family with beautiful “hetero” woman
>utilize my disassociation from my body as a way of coping and live for the hereafter, letting go of earthy bodily “aesthetics”

Option 2:
>halfway, do monotherapy EV injections at a rate where I can keep white sperm
>get facial hair and chest hair laserd
>get swole
>relationship and family maybe with openly bi gorl

Or 3
>troon the fuck out
>bica, high E
>sperm goes dry, prostate atrophies
>still chad-like bitch
>get swole
>no plan for the future, just relishing in recognizing myself in the mirror (hopefully)

I feel like I might be genderfluid or something, does that make it easier to repress? I don’t want to live in regret and cowardice but I can’t tell what is the brave thing to do?
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Would transitioning saved her?
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>tfw the intrusive transbian thoughts keep happening
no no no no, I'm gonna get a bf! a BF!!
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Why do people with eccentric sexual preferences and genders have such strange fetishes?
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What are your thoughts on MEF (masochistic emasculation fetish?
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did pic related describe you pre transition? be honest
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How come ftms want to be gay men so bad, only to turn out like this?
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FTMs, you could’ve been picrel
You could’ve been an adorable yet badass tomboy who’s more respected in a masculine way than any cis manlet, but you chose to become little hairy hyper sexual numales who are essentially still seen as women except now nobody respects you and only chasers want anything to do with you
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/wlw/ gen
a thread for women who love women
no one kept the thread bumped overnight edition
previously: >>16651435
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/nbgen/ kawaii edition
Your one-stop general for non-binary folks.

Previous: >>16635345

A reminder to ignore all bad faith posters, lest we get derailed again. It is futile trying to justify one's existence to those who claim it is invalid.

QOTT: How's your love life?
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If your bmi is over 20 you're overweight.
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If a new height augmentation surgery were invented that allowed you to look like this, would you get it?
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images (1)
>have trans gf
>Say in don't know why in am attracted to trans girls
>Later come out as trans
>I was just trying to live through her

Is this really weird or unusual?
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why straight mtf friend keeps teasing me?
she knows im a transbian and bullies me for it. she does stuff like dropping stuff and bending down in front of me and shaking her ass, or coming up really close to my face as if she was about to kiss me or hugging me for really long like hugging my head and smothering my face in her tits

why does she do this?
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I'm a cis male, agp, probably tranny but in denial

I've been doing hrt for like a month

I've never really liked how I looked and I've tried a bunch of diff things but always felt empty after and that it wasn't the change I thought it'd be

Before I give into trooning out is there anything else I can try?

I've pierced my ears, painted my nails, dyed my hair, grown it long, short, idk bunch of random shit before to try and like my appearance more but it never really worked.

is there something that i'm missing
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>Black men makes the best tops.
>White boys make the best bottoms.

It's impossible for you to refute this.
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Can you look feminine without HRT?
I've read that Estrogen causes erectile dysfunction and loss of sperm production. I want to look feminine but not this. Are there any alternatives?
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random question
did anyone feel uncomfortable being shirtless as kid? I remember literally never taking off my shirt around other people

If I swam or something I'd wear rashies or a shirt or whatever

anyone else/
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trans man moment
is this true, ftmbros?
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How do I stop wanting to be a sissy? I think I experience meta attraction to me also
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Why do tall women hate being tall?
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>be cis male with very mild agp / gamp tendencies
>every time I have suicidal episodes or health scares I feel an intense urge to come out as trans
Is this normal? Does the human brain just make shit up under stress? It's pretty weird desu.
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How do you stop wanting women?
How do you stop wanting to stick your dick in this and instead develop urges for men? Apparently there is always a shortage of tops on dating apps so I thought I could become a top
>tried watching hours of gay porn while fucking a fleshlight and if I did cum it was to asian trannies but it still felt like the orgasm was separate to the video
I respect and admire strong men so maybe I could be a bottom
>bought a set of glass/silicone dildos, plugs and a prostate massager, nair, lube, enema kit and some other shit
>tried imagining I was the bottom but I only felt sick and uncomfortable even starting as slowly and as small as possible
I don't want to take drugs

Gays get free sex all the time and I want this so bad
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/stg/ - straight trans general
qott: how would you describe your ideal personal aesthetic ?

thread theme:

remember to ignore trolls and bait posts, a better thread starts with you !
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/wcg/ - Webcomics General
The artist's journey edition

Previous thread:

Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Shuno:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the Pastebin, but don't be lazy, please include:
>Name of comic
>Link to it
>Short description
>Whether or not it's NSFW
>Days it updates.

If you're not sure if a comic belongs here because maybe it's not LGBT enough, post updates anyway. We won't know about it if no one posts it!
If you see something wrong in the Pastebin, tell us about it and the comrade will (eventually) fix it. Just keep reminding him.
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there are only three options
1. transition over AGP and feel intense shame and doubt every single second for the rest of my life

2. "repress" my AGP and live an asexual life in a constant dissasociated state

3. kill myself and be free from a world of suffering
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tldr: im a turbo hon

lately depression has been getting worse and I have recurring suicidal thoughts. Im about 5 months hrt, 23 years old, and I feel like im slowly giving up on hopes about a successful transition. I get extreme anxiety whenever i am outside in public, i see the cis women casually walking around and i just feel so hopeless, i dont know how to accept that i am never going to pass. While they're wearing super cute summer dresses im wearing giant hoodies in the heat just to hide my tits. I cant look in the mirror without getting sad. I'd rather die than try living as a man again and i definitely dont ever want to get off hrt, but the road forward is so dark looking and my chances of ever passing are so slim (mainly due to my skull and shoulders and ribcage), that I feel like giving up almost every day now :( Went to the doctor cause i love my bf and i dont want to fail him, i want to try i really do. I'm going back to my old therapist but i just dont know if there's anything to talk about that would make things different. at this point im spending all my energy just fighting to stay alive, i want to be positive make progress in my transition because i feel like thats they key to get out of this mess, but i simply dont have any energy or hope left. I dont know what to do
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No title
Is this true
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aus trannies
where's the best place to buy hrt diy?
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/femgen/ - femboy general - emo edition
general for gender nonconforming men

"Real Emo" only consists of the dc Emotional Hardcore scene and the late 90's Screamo scene."

QOTT: Whats your favorite emo band? Are you now or have you ever been an emo? Can I get a hug?

I am going to work after I post this



previous thread:
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Why do Libertarian trannies exist? They're always gun nuts too, obsessed with freeze peach. What's in it for them?

Like this smug cunt here, I fucking hate Lilith Lovett so much.
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i just need somebody to push me over the fence. it sounds like a stupid minor decision but le dysphoria is really fucking it up for me haha. anyway, i'm an ftm that's unsure of whether to get a haircut or not.

I start a job on monday (~2 days), and the only people that know i'm [female? afab??] are the HR coordinator and my supervisor. I reaaaally want to try being male-passing at a job, but I don't know if getting a haircut will even be enough. I've been on T for a year and a half, and I don't really look any different from how I looked before. there's a part of me that wants to see this whole growing-my-hair-out thing to the end and not bail on a commitment, but I've also noticed that I've been a little bit less male-passing as my hair grows longer.

pros to cutting hair:
-potentially more male passing
-that's it that's literally it

cons to cutting hair:
-may not do shit for passing and might continue to be she/her'd
-can be harder to style bc my hair is slightly wavy-frizzy-curly and i can't straighten short hair
-might just make the black hole inside of me grow

pros to keeping hair:
-idk i will still have longer hair
-i might look like a cool stoner beach bro one day

cons to keeping hair:
-female passing shit
-tangles and straightening it?

extra stats:
-my voice:
-5'8", but 109 lbs
-kind of a male hairline??
-i will be at a new school (uni transfer) 400 miles away from my life once covid is over

and yes i know i sound deranged by putting so much thought into a haircut but i genuinely don't know where to go for an honest opinion otherwise. hair dysphoria kekw xdxd yea i fucking get it
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trans girls
are you happier now? has your life/mental health improved since transitioning? Are you happier with your body? What's your favorite part of being a girl?
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No title
Sexuality is attraction to a or it's charasteristics gender.
Gender is a spectrum
Therefore bisexuality is the only sexuality.
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/HRTGen/ HRT General 257: Lazy tranners edition
Previous: >>16619254
>Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosages
>HRT related medical experiences and research
>Availability and pricing of medications
>Rational and scientific discussion

See the first post for a pharmacy list.

▶ Survey:!AudRJceTA5C9c2G5lCV2Avq0kQ0
▶ Survey data:!AudRJceTA5C9cyIWo6_X14AvHyM
▶ HRTGen Data Analysis:!AudRJceTA5C9gRLLWnbpdzlIxe4r
▶ HRT Info Sheets:!AudRJceTA5C9gQnyM7wxZcBGWRzW
▶ Pill ID:
▶ DrugBank:
▶ Basic HRT:
▶ HRT ranges:
▶ Powers Method:
▶ Endocrine Society Guidelines:
▶ Callen-Lorde Guidelines (with flutamide):
▶ Transline Guidelines (with bicalutamide):
▶ TransDIY:
▶ Blood tests (US):
▶ Blood tests (UK, Ireland):
▶ Blood tests (Canada Only):
▶ Blood tests (Sweden)
▶ Blood tests by mail: - DIY capillary blood samples. Expensive.
▶ Lab test guide:
▶ FtM HRT:
▶ /HRTGen/ Archives:!AudRJceTA5C9fiPMDzSLX7xF9MI
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If you could press a button and it would tell you with 100% accuracy whether you were trans or cis, would you press it?
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I got forced into sex and I feel like
*Trigger warning*
It was my fault. He was very forceful with me and tore my clothes off and started entering me and I started crying begging him to stop, but I was also hard. He said he'd stop if I stopped having an erection, but I couldn't. I kept dribbling cum from my semi erect dick. It was the most humiliating experience iv ever had. I managed to stand up once and he just pushed me crashing down into the sofa with one hand. I was completely outmatched. And he forced me onto his dick and after a while I started enjoying it too and I started moving with him and hugging him.
Im pathetic I know
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/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General
/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Legs edition

What makes pretty legs in your eyes? which celebrity has the best legs?

REMINDER: We have a constant influx of trolls here. Do not reply to them. They are only here because they want to watch you freak out. Ignore any bishits, males, or tranners that try to shitpost here. Sage, report, call the cops, siege their castle, burn their lands.

(old) Discord:
(new) Discord:

Recent News:
>one anon's tragic diet
>anon gets beaten up by her GF and does not elaborate
>chink posting
>bislut drama

previous : >>16650410
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Leaving the board
Earlier this week, someone very important to me left the board. I’m glad that she had the strength to leave, and I know she has the strength to stay away.

In five months to the day, I’m getting my FFS. I don’t know exactly how I’ll look or feel afterwards, but I know that I’ll be starting a new chapter in my life. I’m so excited to be able to go outside and do everything I wanted to do before, in the WAY that I wanted to. I'm ready to recontextualize myself as a new woman and a new person. I'm ready to revisit the sites of my trauma and recontextualize those experiences. The experiences that made me feel humiliated, like I could never be a real woman. What happened to me wasn't my fault, and I thought that I might feel bitter, looking back and realizing that I was made to feel like it was my fault when it wasn't. But I don't feel anything bad. I only feel excited and hopeful for my future.

This board has been an intermittent, but huge part of my life these past four years. And I don’t want it to be anymore. Having someone close to me, who has helped me realize just how special I really am. How smart, how strong, how sexy. I’ve realized that I should only let things into my life that fulfill me and make me happy, because life is too short for anything else. Part 1/2
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No title
Being bicel is suffering, at least gay guys can take hairy cocks behind Walmart
2 images | 9 replies
>havent seen family in two years
>I was a boymoder only on a few months hrt back then
>now I pass and have c cups
>tfw have a cousin who looked up to me
>tfw he was like 6 or 7

What is he going to think of me... h-haha. Maybe I should just never meet my family again
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No title
Well, /tttt/? How fembrained are you?
2 images | 34 replies
No title
Would detransition have saved him?
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No title
Straight white man here. Mostly right wing views since adolescence, /pol/ tier views in adulthood.But I have a soft spot for people I take pity on. I’ve always wanted a cute modest trans friend for a platonic companionship. Sometimes I think about playing ff14 just to see what kind of people I can find. I don’t want to change them. Merely share some casual conversation and laughs with someone who is different from what I am used to.

As an intelligent person I find that most other macho-masculine men are too stupid, up themselves and hardy to get along with all the time, they get annoying or draining. But more emasculated are smarter, easier to reason and find common ground with, less stubborn. Anyway, Do friendships like this exist in the modern climate? Can total opposites still get along despite their differences?
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No title
How do I get my femboy bf to accept that I'm straight? He's all for inclusivity except when it comes to heterosexuals, I don't understand why someone would want to drag politics into an relationship
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No title
bi flag
bisexuality: the best sexuality
6 images | 30 replies
No title
what's a good job for a retarded tranny who can't interact with people and barely leaves the house?
don't suggest programming I don't understand that garbage
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No title
If a youngshit gets hondosed until they're an adult, do they miss out on early effects like hip growth?
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No title
>move to arizona
>still no bottom transbian gf
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No title
When did shemale get replaced by tranny?
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No title
Consider the following:

Genetic is a ruthless lottery, and technology isn't sufficiently advanced. Things cost money, take time and depend on many factors.

The soul is placed on the mortal vessel. Tragic. The soul is inherently female by virtue of some external force that's irrelevant to the discussion. Therefore, you then have a small window of opportunity to be able to pass as a woman, because of biology slowly forcing you to be a man, and that window could only be before the sexual differentiation that occurs during puberty. Children are pretty much the fucking same weird ass monkey alien human being, an empty canvas.

We all know that most things on the body can be feminized — and in fact, have been — but one huge problem are the bones. One thing I've been noticing a lot is americans having trouble telling what gender a person is, or if they're trans. You guys are so fucking crazy you're having a hard time telling women from men. The difference is pretty fucking huge. Wide shoulders, thick waist, long arms, long legs, squared jaw, the whole structure is remarkably different. There are a SELECT 1% that I guess actually killed the gods and subverted nature, therefore being a perfect female, but I wouldn't be able to name them. And also, on the other end of the spectrum, weird ass male crossdressers that don't pass at all.

If you don't start early, why even try?

You WON'T pass.

If the perfect mixture of medicine is administered right before puberty, one could even think about denying the normal "male development" altogether, and flourish fully as a female, hormonally and physically. Further medical interventions could be made, on an already nice canvas to make you even more beautiful. SRS optional.

But AFTER that, forget it. Just dress up as a girl.
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No title
I have a question.

I like to pay money for webcam shows.

Anyway if I say to a cis girl
"Hello you worthless cock sucking whore" they get super pissed off and kick me.

If I say it to a trans girl they are like "you can call me whatever you like"...

why does it piss off cis girls so much but rarely pisses off trannys?
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No title
Does anyone else use black guys as walking dildos? As in just letting them fuck you but would never be in a relationship with one of them?
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No title
ITT: Post your desktop and guess the person's letter.
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No title
>be ftm
>D cups
>cis girl friend has A cups

It’s not fair.
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No title
YO YO YO this bitch is blazed for dayz, made it to Portland tonight from 33 hours east of here over 3 days, what gay stuff should i get up to, do i have to form a whitch's salem or is there a fine to avoid it durring tax time?
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No title
Doctors/surgeons have constantly denied me gender confirmed surgeries, regardless of how many WPATH letters I get. They demand hundreds to thousands of dollars in psychiatry/therapy in order to get gender affirming surgery, and then ignore my calls/don't respond to me when I try to schedule surgery. Constantly I was ignored daily for years, when will it end? I spent my money to go through therapy/psychiatry, had expensive consultations with surgeons, yet I have still bern ignored. What more do they want? What more money are they hoping to gain? Why do transphobes/homophobes enter the medical field? To torture trans people? I have been tortured daily throughout my entire existence, when will the transphobia and hatred end? When will it end? Trans people will always exist, you can't simply "kill off" trans people. When will I be treated as an equal? When will the transphobia end? Do I really deserve to be hated and discriminated against? Do I really deserve to be protested and demonstrated against? I wish one day the hatred will end, I wish one day I wasn't treated like complete trash everywhere I went, stared at, rocks thrown at me, beaten, tortured. I wish one day people wouldn't give me death threats and yell derogatory racist terms while I walk down the street. I wish one day there was no racism, no transphobia, no homophobia, but as is life, nothing ever changes.
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No title
Daily reminder
0 images | 1 replies
Do I have dysphoria or am I just a femboy
Ever since I was 12, I’ve felt really feminine and I would really like to completely make myself feminine, and present myself as feminine and sometimes female, but I don’t want to be 100 percent Female (AKA I still want to keep my genitalia, although I hate my other secondary sex charactistics, and I would also want to present as a “male” in professional environments such as work.)
2 images | 9 replies
No title
Ralox was a meme, I got like b cups now as a femboy and tamox would turn me into a retard, is surgery the only option? 2 years on hrt now
1 images | 10 replies
No title
Why people want to shove all non-dysphoric MtF transpeople into this one retarded tucute stereotype?
4 images | 39 replies
No title
Even as a semi-passing trans woman (get properly gendered maybe 80% of the time now) I am treated MUCH better than I was as a digusting flamer gay dude. Like, I didn't even expect this at all. All the hatred and distance I encountered from others for being feminine has basically dissolved now that I am phenotypically female. My advice to ANY fem gay men out there would be to transition. Passing isn't actually that hard if you start out feminine. The people who say otherwise are, always, transbian scum who weren't feminine to begin with. Like, being trans, for me at least, is much easier than people said it would be. I'm not some brave warrior, I just think people respond better to my femininity now that I present female, and that's what I always wanted.
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/repgen/ - stable repressor general
Hello brethren. The day is ours! Let's take it, and make it manly.


REMINDER: Don't reply to bitterhons that attempt to gaslight you into dysphoric spirals. They're crafty and it's not worth losing a repbro over some shitty insult.
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No title
descarga (3)
Is there any bisexual man who is really attracted to men?

Almost all men who claim to be "bisexual" are basically just attracted to women and dicks, but not men. Lots and lots of bisexual men saying they are into men but wouldn't top a normal or masculine man, but will top women, mtf transexuals and femboys. So, are they really bi?

95% of bi men are wired this way. They are either GAMP verses, AGP bi bottoms or a mix of both.

If you wouldn't fuck a man in the ass like pic related you aren't really attracted to men.
37 images | 234 replies
No title
What are some good ways to induce a brain aneurysm? I drink six cups of coffee every day and try to sleep as little as possible.
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No title
>be bi m
>Only into tomboys and femboys
>Most tomboys are lesbians
>Not dominant enough for most femboys

What do I do
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No title
Is being super into Dragon Ball as a kid male or female brained? Asking as an ftm.
1 images | 22 replies
Why are femboys not the property of gay (striaght) homosexual men like me?
how dare feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemoids and trannies take them away from me, why are they so narcissistic and parasitic, let us have this one thing you fucking THOT. femboys should not be able to be straight or b*******, this is cultural appropriation and hetronormative imperialism!
3 images | 6 replies
No title
Who was your first Gay/Bi fictional crush?

>Pic Related is mine :^)
3 images | 12 replies
No title
Is it AGP or HSTS to sleep with your stepdad?
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No title
So me and me boyfriend got into a heated argument yesterday and he's still a bit angry about it.
>playing smash with boyfriend
>I beat him almost everytime, we're calling each other names in the heat of the moment
>call him gay and a faggot several times
>he gets annoyed, blurts out "I'm not gay, I'm straight!"
>try to explain to him that being in a relationship with me means that he is a gay man
>he says back "well, if I'm a gay guy then, doesn't that make you a gay male too?"
>"well, actually, I am an autogynephilic straight male that is attracted an idealized female version of myself, and I am only meta-attracted to you because you make me feel closer to that female version of myself. ergo, *I'm* not gay but you are, in fact, a flaming homosexual. Score one for me!
>he gets mad and leaves
He's still a bit grumpy over this incident, how do I help him come to terms with the fact that he is gay?
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No title
Would transitioning have saved him?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
Why is /hm/, a board supposedly about handsome men, is basically a gay porn board? Like there are no females there, just gay men lusting for other men. Doesn't this singlehandedly prove that gay men are the only ones who truly care about male beauty and are actually aroused by it?
1 images | 33 replies
No title
I can hear my stepdad jerking off in the next room... how do I get him to let me suck him off? I’ve seen his cockywocky before and it’s thick and veiny...
3 images | 42 replies
No title
Why are straight men so obsessed with pregnant women? Not even 40 replies and this bloated cunt has everyone’s attention.

Other than dick, is there anything that transgirls or femboys have to offer kink-wise that’s better?
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No title
can the process of boy removal be successful even if its a slow, soft experience?
0 images | 13 replies
That bedtime feel
>lay down
>hold spare blanket into a thick rectangular shape
>spoon it pretending it's a transbian bottom gf
>fantasize about making out and cuddling until I fall asleep
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I'm a straight bulky guy and I've only had gfs before. Recently I've become bi-curious. How do I find a gay femboy bf near me during quarantine without having to use Grindr?
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No title
>closing in on two months of testosterone
>random people i interact with in public started to get rude and now increasingly ruder despite me having the same level of politeness

Does this mean I’m starting to look like an incel?
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Diapers vs public restrooms
How many trans people wear diapers so they can avoid public restrooms?
My gf and I are thinking about starting but the ones we got were to loud and bulky.
Any brand recommendations?
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No title
Why are transbians so offended whenever AGP is mentioned or implied? I’m a meta attracted AAP ftm, I am aroused at the thought of being a fit chad and fucking hot ladies preferably who are older than me. This is not normal male behavior but I’m transitioning anyways and if someone says I’m a degenerate with a fetish they’re damn right and they can cry about it.
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Annotation 2020-08-14 193520
Any other girls wear goodnites? Hrt has given me a much smaller bladder and it helps to have some protection
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No title
Are FTMs trenders?
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someone yell at me to get the fuck off of this board pls and ty
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Dysphoria music
Any anons have some good music to describe how dysphoria feels? my favorite is how to dress as human by laura les.
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images (2)
If you asked a cis man

If they had to choose between

Waking up as a hot chick or waking up as a weak little small guy with no dick what would they usually choose?
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No title
Is AGP becoming mainstream? Should we have worked harder to stop it? What will the children think?
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No title
How do I stop being a chaser
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No title
I don’t mean to shit on anyone but how can someone not know if they’re trans? Clear as day I feel like a male trapped in a female body and have felt that way for as long as I can remember.
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might be onto something
>AGP is just female sexuality
>AGP isn't gynephilia inverted towards the self

also AGPs
>see girly feminine looking person in mirror (with glasses off)
>get boner
>heart goes doki doki
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Normal well adjusted straight stealth mtf here, why does this comic make me so horny?
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No title
He's right you know.
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No title
>be you
>too scared to transition because of a slew of worries and anxieties surrounding transitioning
>one day you're walking home from what you've been up to
>you suddenly get pinned down, and dragged into a car and taken to a secondary location
>you have the blindfold taken off
>you see who kidnapped you
>it was ella hollywood
>she injects you with estradiol valerate every 5 days
>months go by and you finally become the woman you always wished you could be
>thank you force femme tranny
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download (5)
What would i be considered if i like men and women but only like women because of the idea of getting fucked in the ass by them with a strapon or because i have a chastity fetish? Anyone here the same way?
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No title
I want a tranny gf but without having to deal with the weird arty depeche mode lifestyle that comes with it
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How do you come out of the closet
I’m 22 and male. I’ve been struggling with confidence issues and the longer I go in the closet the further I get depressed. I’m wasting youth but I don’t even know how to attempt to even come out, let alone date. I’m ugly, short and balding. I’m honestly not asking for a 10/10 bf. I just want to hold guys hand and share a smile. Can anyone share some of their experiences on overcoming staying in the closet?
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No title
>lol I discovered I was trans through porn uwu
>sissies are trans too lol
>tf is “gender dysphoria”? I just feel euphoria when I wear panties isn’t that enough to be a respectable member of the community???
>i found out I was trans when i was 30 lol
How are we meant to severe the ties between trannies and fetishism if faketrans agps keep brining it back?
>inb4 just embrace it owo!!! gatekeeping bad!!!
Detransition and die, we’re trying to gain social acceptance and your coombrain autism is getting in the way
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Height differences
Homosexuals/same-gender-lovers, how big of a deal is height difference to you when looking for a partner? Feel free to state letter (L,G,B,T) and sexual role (top/bottom/vers, sub/dom/switch)
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No title
>just got diagnosed with "gender dysphoria - other" because I don't want to be a girl, just a very feminine male and certain masculine characteristics really bother me
>there is a possibility I might be able to get laser and then electrolysis and insurance may pay for some of it, then can take low doses of hrt
>giddy all day
Then I feeling apprehensive, what if I do something irreversible and want body or facial hair later in my life? What if I wind up a hon? What if I want to kill myself when my parents find out what I'm doing (I'm an adult but they still have considerable influence over me). What if I want a babby and can't have one because I'm sterile because of AGP?
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/mtfg/ - cool people general
Kitty edition

QOTT: Do you have a cat? Have you *ever* had a cat? No? Do you have any other cute pets?

( btw i don't have a cat :c )


Last: >>16667636
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No title
Are bottoms in a homosexual bottom x top relationship at risk of boy removal?
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What's up homosexuals
01730 (21)
I have a problem. My boyfriend (who is a bottom)wouldn't let me fuck him without a condom and finish inside him, even though we've been dating for 2 and a half years and living together for a year. His reaction when I ask him to let me do it without protection is always shocked like I'm proposing something insane. We are totally monogamous, no stds or anything, but I have a feeling he just doesn't trust me. He does let me come on his face and his mouth, so the issue is definitely not him being grossed out by cum. Anyway, how do I convince him to let me breed him? Or am I the one being unreasonable? I really need this, like can you even call yourself a real man if you've never come inside someone?
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No title
>move to california
>still no bf
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cant stop thinking about being trans
Why do I constantly think about being trans all the time. Why do these thoughts keep repeating in my mind from when when I wake up to when I've fallen asleep. I've always thought about being a girl in some way, shape or form all throughout my life at various points but it seems like the desire to actually be one has done nothing but become stronger over the years. I thought I didn't have dysphoria but I've been feeling genuine distress over these emotions as of recently because I simply cannot stop thinking about it. Sure I can distract myself but I feel like this feeling of wanting to be a girl and not feeling right as a guy have just started to consume who I am. These thoughts aren't sexual or anything like that, the desire isn't motivated by sexual thoughts, it's motivated by feelings I feel like I cannot understand.
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I converse with myself a lot, is this normal?
Like I'll pretend I'm having a conversation with someone and talk out loud/in my head to them. Or sometimes I'll be interviewed by someone, like Ellen or some gameshow host. I'm just so lonely and starved for attention and human contact, is any of this weird?
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No title
My bf ignores me when I cry. Should I break up with him?
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No title
Cis lesbians, would you date a transwoman? Why or why not? Serious responses only
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No title
What games do tranners play? Unironically?
(Pic unrelated)
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No title
What did he say to her, /lgbt/?
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No title
Hey /lgbt/, knock knock
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No title
What's it like growing up with a dyke mom?
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No title
how do you cheer yourself up after a long painful breakup with another guy
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No title
How accurate was it for your transistion? Some filters hardly change my face.
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No title
>open thread
>pretend to be a tranny
>make pro tranny arguments
>argue for hours
>open another thread
>pretend to hate trannies
>make anti tranny arguments
>argue for hours
>repeat daily
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No title
Well well well, would you look at the time. Time for the double down AGP giga hon cycle. Tyrone, get the tranquilizer.
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Being addressed as my preferred gender makes me feel guilty?
I recently got a job where I interact with random people a lot and have been malefailing a good bunch(boymoder) and honestly, whenever it happens I just feel more guilty and empty than anything else. I have a pretty high pitched voice and this one elderly gentleman I was talking to thought I was a girl even when I started speaking and he kept addressing me with ma'am and the whole conversation I was so stressed out what he would do once he found out. Whenever I malefail I just feel like a liar, like I am scamming these people and that they will hate me when they find out. But I know that I do not wanna be male, I have known ever since I was a child and I found out completely by myself without the internet guiding me. Even on the internet I just identify as a gay guy cause I just feel so guilty if others call me a she. I once was in this small discord server where someone saw my face and assumed I am female and I just went along with it but the longer it went on the more stressed I got cause I was essentially lying to them, it got to a point where I had a breakdown about it and deleted my account, and now those people have no idea what happened to me and they probably think I unironically killed myself cause I talked a lot about my issues there. What is wrong with me? Why can't I be called she and be content with it like seemingly everyone else?
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how do you cope with mtf height dysphoria?
im a 5'11/181cm tranny and my height dysphoria has been so bad recently, i feel like i'll never be able to be cute.
how do you other trans girls cope? (dont make this a "well im 6'1 so shut up" etc etc thread)

also dont say "just get a tall bf" i have an amazing bf already
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No title
Why does this board feel less active than it used to be 2-3 months ago?
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Passing tips
Share some passing tips,we might learn somethings ^^
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