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Is she TRANS?
why do i keep clocking cis women? are a lot of cis women just secretly trans?
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just coming here to say that as a cis lesbian, trans girls r very cute and i hope all of u are having a wonderful day. don't feel down, or mad at yourself that you're not who you want to be yet! you're trying, and you're making an effort. that's all that matters. i see all of you as girls.
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dear chasers do u guys look for passiodes mostly or trannys that pass but not 100 percent
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I managed to cum solely from playing with my nipples and watching porn

what does this mean? I was just curious and high and somehow something happened. Am I gay?
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QOTT What's your favorite Disney movie?
Previously: >>22489307
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>only 6'
such a cruel joke, I was low T / fem bodied pre-HRT including my height.

I wish I could get like an additional 5” to my spine from a submissive MTF :(
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Another day, another ghost
Why do I keep doing this to myself, trans women seem incapable of talking to someone on discord for more than two days max, it's a never ending cycle. Does it ever end?
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Confess Thread
Belijd Tijd
In my opinion there should always be a confess thread on here. I will start:
Im in a T4T relationship right now and not only do we do PIV, we even continue doing it throughout his shark week. Most people see us as a normal couple and we are stealth so I always wonder how people would react if they knew our dark secret
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Asexual General

Previous Thread: >>22469107

>How are your relationships with friends?
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When did you first started doubting your gender?
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Is making an onlyfans fembrained?
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ftmg tranny but make it male
QOTT Do you have tattoos
QOTT What tattoos are you planning to get

Old >>22463325
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is it over? should I boymode until FFS?
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Any other attraction scale/test like pic related, also attraction scale thread
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Blahaj DISCONTINUED in 2022

How will future boymoders survive?
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oh no no no no
>this is what $100.000 of FFS gets you
was she botched? or just too masc for it to work

I’m thinking of going to spiegel
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>wish I was a girl
>realize it's impossible with current medicine
>repress healthily
why aren't you doing this?
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does anyone else feel dumber after starting hrt? i recently started it around 3 weeks ago and i feel like my intellect is declining, is there a medical explanation for that? it could also be that my appetite has decreased alot so im eating basically nothing all daylolololollll
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Is it normal to cry myself to sleep imagining fantasy torture scenarios?
Usually the fantasy is something like being abducted and tortured by someone who wants me to be theirs, I try to kill myself but they stop me so they can continue torturing me.

Just very vivid fantasies before I go to sleep. I do it quite often and yea I have been raped before

T. Mtf.
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/chadjawgen/ - Chad Jaw General
Post your jaw, let others decide if it's a chad jaw or not. I see a lot of people here claiming they do, but a big jaw =/= chad IMO, needs definition.
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are we gonna acknowledge how harmful this culture is for trannies?
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There is no greater validation than when you get a guy to fuck you without them finding out you're a trans girl.
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do ur hands pass?
very important part of transitioning is to not have manhands
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I see so many people wanting to fuck ftm online, but never irl

Tfw no breeding
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Question: Where are you on this chart in your life?

I am on level 2 trying yo progress to level 3 via HRT
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Finding it impossible to date as a conservative transwoman.
Liberal men think im silly and wanna convert me
Conservative men treat me like a dirty little secret and can't commit

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ace isn't real
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such a cruel joke, I was low T / fem bodied pre-HRT except for my height.

I wish I could donate like 4” of my spine to a short FTM or something :(
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Does this happen in your relationship?
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How cute are girls who hold long grudges? Unless I get an apology, I never forgive.
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2 months
Quick intro

>am cis HRT femboy
>Consider self straight because have no attraction to males
>Have close male friend I've been living with that a sexual relationship has sprung from
>still consider self straight
>friend believes I am MTF and my calling myself a femboy is repression
>agreed to stop "repressing" and girlmode to get him off my back about it.

Anyway, he wants me to go on a date to the movies with him tonight in a dress. Really not looking forward to it. I dislike how I have to cross my legs/keep my knees together in a skirt.

Is there anything else I need to be mindful of to avoid embarrassing myself?

Also, pic is me just shy of four years ago, when I was 2 months in on HRT.
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Can someone spend some time with me...
It's 2am and I'm feeling suicidal and I really really don't want to be alone rn
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Should I wear diapers
I am a subby trans girl and my bf wants me to get into diapers. I am not sure I want to. I understand he get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Especially because I get really embarrassed about it. It makes me uncomfortable but I think that once I work through my discomfort I will start to like it. I don't know what to do. What do you think /LGBT/?
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Fucked a tranny and now I am regretting it
>be me, cis male
>moved out to smaller town from big city cause remote work
>get curious, match up with really cute transgirl on an online dating app
>date goes well, great time, take her back to my place
>fuck like rabbits all over my new townhouse
>coomer regret

She has been texting me saying she has had a great time and wants to see me again but I can't look at myself in the mirror.

Fuck, what do I do /tttt/? Pic kinda related, she is a cute hapa transgirl.
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whats a good weight goal?
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Is bi the superior sexuality? Like I’m just really, really horny all the time..
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how much do i not give a fuck?
lemme show ya right now 'fore ya give it up
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How do I signal to other gays that I am a bottom without being overtly faggy?
Straightpassing is of utmost priority to me but its been hard to find a bf because of it. Wanna know a subtle way to give people an idea
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Why do we say CIS
We should all stop saying the phrase "CIS". its basically the N-word for people who don't agree with us, and it just pisses people off
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send n(arcissism glorified to the point of absurdity)
Gents and ladies and all other connoisseurs of (You)s in their threads. It is time for the near frighteningly glowing thread w/ even more frighteningly skewed to one side results.
Post your results, explain why you think you got them, and guess other's letters. I'll start.

Morals are not but biases internalized and deified throughout generations. Frankly, this test's notion that nonconformity is a good reason to sound your psycho alarm is overly simplistic. No excuse for the low empathy though, that is, without going on a rant about ethics being cringe & I'm not going to accelerate mate why should I the world is fine as it is pilled.

Post 'em
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Do pooners actually exist? I see ayydens all the time, but I've literally never seen a pooner irl.
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>1 year hrt
>still indistinguishable from a cis male
it's never gonna get better is it
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The brainworm of this board is terrifying
This board is just absolutely terrifying.
I don't belong to this board, others would call me just another stereotypical ordinary cis NEET. I only started browsing /tttt/ since a few weeks ago to see what is it all about, didn't even know what "trooned out" means. Initially it felt like a breeze of fresh air: the number of /pol/ posters here is 2x to 5x lower than some other boards, and have some funny memes too.
But it didn't last long, The more I read about people's experience here the more anxious and depressed I became, although I don't think I could really relate to them, and hours later I eventually had a panic attack, had to lie down on the bed with three pillows to keep reading (I was reading the archive, searching for whatever keywords I found interesting and read more about it, repeat, so I guess I was speedrunning the brain rot here). I tried to close the browser tabs, yet I still could not stop reading it obsessively, I think I actually enjoyed those emotions in spite of the depression somehow (probably because all I do for these days is reading and tinkering with soulless technical stuff, and I'm not really even good at it).
And of course I also discovered this board is bad in its own way: the brainworms.
It took two or three days before the depression faded away (I'm glad I avoided reading any of the external links or files to brainworm resources). From my experience I'm convinced that gender dysphoria is partially a meme and certain types of individuals are highly responsive to it, and the brainworms are the extra fuel (strong oxidizing agents!) of the fire.
Comments, /tttt/? (inb4: many such cases...)
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>tfw no bf
QOTT: What's a fun kink you have?
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I'm a chaser (I think?), is that wrong?
So, I'm a bi cis male who would absolutely love to try an experience with a mtf trans chick, but I am aware of the negative connotations resulting in me being classified as a "chaser" and was wanting to know why that's commonly looked at negatively in the trans community. It's not a fetish, I'm just open to having a bit of fun with anyone. Don't trans girls also wanna have sex for fun too? Honestly just curious on why there is this attitude, it's like being dismissed as a chaser for validating a mtf trans person and wanting to treat them like I do any other girl.

Pic related, it's me so I'm obviously not hideous by any means
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I'm an mtf veterinarian AMA
im a veterinarian and i work at a small animal practice with cats and dogs. transitioned before vet school and its been mostly fine cuz i live on the west coast but anyways. AMA about your pet's health or being a tranner vet. I posted on here back in vet school and kind of forgot about it until just now. picrel
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What are you best filters for /tttt/
For me it's
Is it over
It's over
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aside from the financial ruin that is paying for all those surgeries. there is also a long list of negative consequences to your body.

Bottom surgery will make you forever dependent on hormone injections fir the rest of your life

face surgery permanently weakens the integrity of the skull so if you get hit you can have more than just a bruise to worry about.

not to mention that every single tranny lives in utter misery and self doubt. even tranny celebs are shown to live sad lonely lives.

so why go through it? what do you gain?
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What exactly is dysphoria? I don't cry over being a male, I don't "hate" my penis and I don't want really want to be a woman.
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Whatafemdick with cheese
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/vtg/: voicegen; voice training general
▶ Resources MTF:

--- Full MTF Course ---
•L's Guide

•Google Doc

•Supplement L's guide with...
False Folds:
•Vocal Fold Thickness:
--- Larynx Stuff ---
•Whisper Siren:

•General overview/swallow and hold method:

•Big dog/small dog:

▶ Resources FTM:
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bi = double the pain double the retardation
>be me
>only attracted for men for like 5 months
>wow I must be androphilic, I guess I was just repressed ahah
>tell everyone I'm just androphilic
>1 week later
>see woman
>damn she's kinda cute!~ imagine how nice it would be to cuddle he- NO
>see mtf tranny
>ohh T4T is so based, we'd understand eachother so well, I want a trans girlfrie- NOOOOO!
>see guy I'm usually attracted to
>uhhh yeah I'm not really feeling it, maybe I'm not androph- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

being bi is a fucking curse, I don't know how I can ever have a long term relationship like this
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Anyone else feel embarrassed around other transgirls? Transmen are usually fine but sooo few transgirls put any effort into their appearance, it just feels like I'm hanging around freaks.
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No title
Do loving tops really exist? They're always so mean...
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happy nursery
Any fellow goth trannies on here?
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No title
What are good snacks for boymoders trying to lose weight?

t. 140 pound fatty
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No title
Bi girls, what is your favorite type of hot chip?
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How to come out
I keep postponing, finding excuses, and just not getting around to it. I need to tell my girlfriend i might be transgender and i want to get on hrt. Tips, tricks, any idea? I'm just not moving forward at all.
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No title
>bishit on prog
>want to be sodomized by every slightly older man and woman i see
>absolutely rabid for any form of intimacy
>cant masturbate because no test, can't do it from the back because i want to keep myself chaste for the one
it hurts
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No title
how do i get a girlfriend like this
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No title
>one chance at life
>develop a huge breeding fetish
>cannot be bred
so i just killl myself right?
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No title
is it possible to go back to repressing after 1 year hrt? just realized transitioning at 19 was a bad idea
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boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys I want a boy so much should I try to seduce my straight friend that I know since elementary school maybe hell be ok with fucking my butt I need to be bred I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd boysssssssssssss
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>had discord gf
>ghost her because I'm fucking retarded and I feel like a loser good for nothing
>get a job, feel good with myself now
>login again in discord after some months to try to talk with her again
>mfw deleted user 3f136a6d
Fuck I wish I could at least apologize or smth
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No title
is it worse to be a manlet or a non passable tranny?
t. 5'3
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>but the more you suffer you'll feel better once it's over that's for sure

Since transgenderism is the most intricate form of philosophical suffering in 2021
Does this mean philosophically that the best course of action is too increase suffering as much as possible to yourself so once "it's over" (death) it'll be the most relaxing feeling ever?

Was umjammerlammer one of the most intricate philosophers of our era? Discuss
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No title
My dommy mommy top literally gave birth to me
Who else is /KeepingItInTheFamily/?

t. ranny who is uniornically, genuinely in this situation
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No title
is it ok to punish misbehaving boymoders when you're not their owner?
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No title
are all transgenders size queens?
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No title
Is it a bad idea to let your incel male best friend pound your butt so he can lose his virginity?
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No title
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No title
The perfect body for a bottom
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No title
>26 year old mildly autistic AFAB cis lesbian
>Raised by single father and only had brothers, no mother figure
>5'10 with broad shoulders and big hands/feet
>Not ugly but pretty androgynous face
>Okayish boobs but not huge
>Generally pretty rectangular figure
>Can't find a relationship because girls think I'm trans

It dawns on me that I'm one of those cis hons they talk about. Fuck my shit up.
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/wcg/ Webcomics general
le ebin screencap
Zoology edition

Previous thread:

Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Shuno
Read-only link for sharing:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn
Read-only link for sharing:

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the cryptpad, but don't be lazy, please include:
>Name of comic
>Link to it
>Short description
>Whether or not it's NSFW
>Days it updates.

If you're not sure if a comic belongs here because maybe it's not LGBT enough, post updates anyway. We won't know about it if no one posts it!
If you see something wrong in the cryptad, just edit it! Hoorray.
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No title
>Be me 3 years ago
>Hear about informed consent clinics
>Already >25
>Massive head
>Noticeably balding
>Shitty limp hair even before balding
>Big shoulders
>Big rib cage
>No hips
>Tall with short legs
>Fuck it
>It's hormones time
>Tell all my friends and family
>"Btw I'm trans"
>Dress "androgynous"
>(Half-assed boymoder)

>Me now
>Look like manmoder memes
>Complete with side facing cone tits and big shoulders
>Totally stalled out
>Hair still shit
Picrel mfw

I'm not 100% like the memes, but they're caricatures anyways. I don't have BDD. I'm pretty far in that direction still. Waist can be fixed with work. Brow, nose, jaw, chin can be fixed with ffs. Legs are fucked. Shoulders are fucked. Hair feels fucked, but I cut it short recently in a bout of stupidity, so it looks worse than usual. I just keep it under a hat.

Hormones are fine, but omg the social transition. I can't take it back now. What do I do, anons? How cringe is it to just keep presenting androgynous, but call myself "NB" and use they/them?
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Waluigender general
A thread for all Wahgenders, Waluigigenders and waluigikin
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No title
Do men prefer it when tranners have girlbulge or do they prefer how it looks when we tuck?
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No title
hello anons. I used to be a regular poster here, and through a change in my life I ended up not having same amount time to waste on /lgbt/. idk why, but I really saw /lgbt/ as a place to really form my trans identity, free of all the pc bullshit I have to deal with at college or home. But with some time away, I realized that the only thing /lgbt/ did was agitate some underlying mental illnesses, and looking back I was becoming completly insane. I never felt more insecure about my body, more helpless, and more worthless. Nothing of value comes from here

ig what I'm trying to say is get tf off this board. Brainworms only take about a month to die off, and I'm considerably happier without them. My life isn't magically better, I'm still a tranny, but I'm at least 70% sane now and I'm actually taking life on instead of collapsing into a doomer mindset
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No title
>hanging out on campus with my gf (we're both mtf)
>one of her tranny friends comes by and starts talking to her
>i just sit in silence as they chat for like 20 minutes
why am i so dumb
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No title
How many of you were theater kids
4 images | 51 replies
No title
/tttt/ post your letter and favorite 3DS game
3 images | 42 replies
I hate
There seem to be two groups of people that fall under the term "trans" these days:

1. People that just don't think gender is important at all and are doing this because they either are unhappy with what gender might do from a philosophical standpoint or are just doing it for political reasons. They may even trick themselves into having meta-dysphoria.

2. People that didn't choose this life but had it thrust upon them, i.e. dysphorics.

These people are not the same thing. We need different terms.

I hate how many of these online "trans" people are just doing it for an aesthetic or think it is just a choice.

My illness is not an aesthetic.

My illness is not a choice.
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No title
>one chance at life
>no chin

it's over
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No title
If i were to molest a tranner IRL what are the chances they would go to the police?
im thinking they would be too insecure to do anything about it, just suffer in silence letting me get away scot-free.

3 images | 45 replies
No title
>search "why I detransitioned" on youtube
>almost all <25 y/o FTMTFs
Why does this happen?
10 images | 71 replies
No title
This is an excerpt from Man Who Would Be Queen, with an interview with Ken Zucker:
>"He remembers cases in which children were unhappy primarily because they couldn't become the other sex. For example, he recalls parents of a boy with GID telling him: "Every night before going to bed, he prays to God to turn him into a girl." Another mother of a sex-year-old boy with GID told Zucker that the boy cried himself to sleep every night, softly singing, "My dreams will never come true." These boys are unhappy because they aren't girls...

So, we have 6 year old's diagnosed with pretty critical gender dysphoria. They're wishing they could become and turn into girls.
But wait! I thought all trutranny youngshits all inherently believe they truly are Women and scream it from the heaventops and never ever back down from their belief no matter how much they're disciplined or punished? These boys clearly & vividly acknowledge and believe that they are boys, and sadly aren't actually girls, so they can't be the platonic image of the Perfect Golden HSTS TruTrans like so many repressing transgirls say they wish they could've been growing up.

But they also can't be AGP, because they have Early Onset Dysphoria and were even brought to clinics because it was so severe and obvious, which is supposed to never happen with AGPs growing up. AGPs are reported by Blanchard and company to never have dysphoria before puberty, and are always late transitioners who only realize things when they're much older, and are supposed to never be even remotely feminine at all as children enough for anyone to notice. Even though many report praying to God as a child to wake up as a girl just like the ones in the excerpt.

Clinical examples in the literature of what typical young transgirls are actually like fit in line with examples like these. So what would these young praying and crying patients be typed as?
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Why are chasers so cute?
I love how boys are so cute and crude and autistic when the post and talk here. Chasers get a bad rep but they're honestly just as valid as everyone else! I think they're cute~~

Chasers, how comfortable and certain are you in your gender identity and sexuality? Do you live vicariously through your bf/gf? Overall, how has your dating/sexing experience been? Do you think itd be any different if you weren't a chaser/only dated/sexed cis people?

xoxo. Boymoder ;)
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No title
which one of you is this (blue)
0 images | 0 replies
Why are trannies like?
If I wanted to deal with this kind of behavior I would just go for cis women. Stop being so sensitive.
1 images | 5 replies petition for BLÅHAJ
menhera blahaj
Hi everyone,
I know that I promised to never come back, but this time I had to for our shork fren;
BLÅHAJ. Please take the time to sign this and to share it with all of your friends on discord and tttt.

I will leave again and will not return until my third manifesto is finished.
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No title
I've just finished masturbating while fingering myself using mom's underwear and the dysphoria didn't go away
1 images | 3 replies
Tranny jelly
How do you cope with tranny jelly Anons?

I don't look horrendous and kinda semi-pass but I can help feeling hopeless with jealousy at prettier and more successful trans women. By all measures I don't have a terrible life but it seems so limited by my residual maleness. There are things I will never achieve simply due to my bone structure and masculine figure. And when I see trans women who have broken through that barrier it leaves me in tears of envy.
0 images | 6 replies
Apple edition!

What's your favorite use of apples?
17 images | 125 replies
No title
>Unsure if passing or androgynous
>Post here and people will rip you apart with no remorse because fuck the trannies
>Post on a reddit and you'll be called a sweetie hon because even Arnold Schwarzneggar can look like a woman if he so wishes
>Go outside for realistic answers
>No one calls you by any gender or title (Miss/Mr/Etc)
>If they do it's generic (dude)
>Friend who worked in retail says that people need to use more neutral gender terminology since you're unaware of who you'll offend

I'll never know if they're not gendering me because they're confused about what I am, can see I'm a freakish hon so they soften the blow by being ambiguous, or because it's just the new normal.
It's painful to not know
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racist tops
/lgbt/ favorite brady was recently called out for saying nigga in 2018, shortly before he started dating a black man

1) do you think his (now ex) boyfriend knew?

2) bottoms of color, would you date a top who used racial slurs in the past?
18 images | 70 replies
frustrating AGP, need advice
My agp isn't super typical, I don't have crossdressing desires and it's only manifested in masturbation (aka portraying myself as a trans woman having sex, not just with men but with women too).
The problem is, my AGP is very on and off (it's been triggered a few months ago btw so I'm still learning to deal with it) and the sexual feelings of a woman often times completely dissapear and are instead replaced with intense desires of having sex as a man. Wtf do I do??
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/Bigen/ - Bisexual General
Handholding IS allowed edition.

QOTT: What were some of the more memorable affections shown towards you?
If none, what would you like to be shown towards you?

Previous: >>22452078


>Am I bi if I like women and femboys/ traps?
>Am I bi if the only kind of guys I like are femboys and traps?
>Am I bi if there's this one member of the same-sex I'm desiring, but normally I like the opposite sex?
>Am I bi if I sexually like both sexes, but only interested in romance with one of them?
Yes, sexual attraction to both sexes or characteristics of both sexes is bisexuality.
>Do you love me, OP?
yes stop asking already
>Am I bi or pan if I like trans people?
Both are able to be attracted to trans people.
>What's the difference between bisexual and pansexual?
>Is there a discord?
No, and there never will be.

Resource for Bisexuals:
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No title
terje at 8 months
>your letter
>would you fuck a black person?
9 images | 44 replies
>white femboys
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Honey, I Trooned The Kids! (#2)
draft 2
PREVIOUSLY ON /TTTT/: >>22475968

"Trying to come up with a decent informative one-sheet poster on the UK's fucked waiting times & explaining DIY as a legit option, as concisely as possible, to stick where it's gonna attract the most positive attention and the least negative attention. (inb4 rope yourself and other seething comments relating to my tortured posting history on this board; we've heard it before already)"

Here's the second draft of the poster, and I'm happy with the content of text, and with the larger eye-catching big text to lure in those interested, but unfortunately the body text is way too small and unreadable at the moment. But I'm really pleased with the content of the text and can't see any points that I've made that could be omitted if introducing a total novice to the subject without them taking away the wrong idea from it. Can anyone redraft this text to make it more concise without losing any of the information communicated? I hope a less autism-influenced, formal wording will take up less words. I'm also going to make a flyer I think that can better handle this much text across multiple pages.

If it's redrafted short enough I'd like to squeeze the sources on as QR codes at the bottom as I think that'd be easier to consume and take up less space than doing them as academic-style footnotes.

Poster body text to follow.
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No title
Does /tttt/ like dressing up for their chasers? Perhaps as Reimu?
3 images | 26 replies
No title
Have you spanked your twink today?
1 images | 3 replies
most transwomen dont pass
ive seen a lot of trans people. most trans guys pass but the vast majority of trans women dont
i feel like it should be much more of a widely known fact that if you transition, you probably wont pass. i know that if i didnt get super lucky with blockers and stuff i wouldnt and even then the occasional old asian lady figures me out. so like
dont expect to get treated like you do if you dont
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No title
i mean, if all im gonna do as a girl is submit my happiness to please a man is it really that different from submitting my happiness by repressing to please those around me?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
would it be stupid to answer a gender identity question on a form with "choose not to answer" instead of your birth sex for a higher education facility?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Are cis gays and lesbians inherently transphobic?
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No title
>tfw you're spooning with your top and you can feel his massive erection on your butt
2 images | 6 replies
No title
asexual flag
How can there be ace poly people when it's impossible to find even one other ace person?
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I-is the reason I'm a bottom because my mom was mean to me as a child?
She was really mean. I think abusive? I don't know what is normal or abnormal. But once she sat on my face out of anger and frustration at me. I know this sounds fetishy and cringe but I think maybe its why I'm into femdom? It's a pretty vivid memory.

I have more abusive memories but they aren't fetishy, sorry
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How do I find a monogamous bf as a bi dude? I don't want casual sex at all.
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Can't believe I ever wanted to be a woman
What the fuck was I thinking? Holy shit, lol. It feels like a weight has been lifted from me. No more lame faggy shit. Now I can go back to being a regular straight dude.
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I don't understand, is he trans?
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Who is tgirl?
Who is this tgirl
Looking for this shemale for a few years please help me
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I got broken up with a week ago. Should I embrace chaos and download grindr?
T. tranner
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is the internet gay???
Is the internet fundamentally gay?
I am pretty sure it made me bi and I just feel like I see way more gay/tranny shit on the internet than would expect if it reflected average society.
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Do your heart attacks pass?
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is t4t dating the inevitable endgame?
>you will t4t
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question for trans girls
have you embraced your hairy honkies or are you retarded?

you do realize the most feminine thing you can do is grow a rug on your honk-a-donks? right??
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/HRTGen/ HRT General #378 - RVP Edition
Previous thread: >>22370226

• Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosages
• HRT related medical experiences and research
• Availability and pricing of medications
• Rational and scientific discussion

See following post for a pharmacy list.

▶ Survey data:!AudRJceTA5C9cyIWo6_X14AvHyM
▶ HRTGen Data Analysis:!AudRJceTA5C9gRLLWnbpdzlIxe4r
▶ HRT Info Sheets:!AudRJceTA5C9gQnyM7wxZcBGWRzW
▶ Pill ID:
▶ DrugBank:
▶ Basic HRT:
▶ HRT ranges:
▶ Powers Method:
▶ Endocrine Society Guidelines:
▶ Transline Guidelines (with bicalutamide):
▶ TransDIY:
▶ Blood tests (US):,
▶ Blood tests (UK, Ireland):
▶ Blood tests (Canada Only):
▶ Blood tests (Sweden)
▶ Blood tests by mail: - DIY capillary blood samples. Expensive.
▶ Lab test guide:
▶ FtM HRT:
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Boymoders rejoice, Blahaj is eternal
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>ftm bf told me he had a sex dream about me
>he said he sucked my asshole so hard that it prolapsed then he started sucking poops out of me and swallowing them
what was he trying to tell me
do people really have dreams like that or did he make it up
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im confused, why are bottoms women?
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i just come here to laugh
life of trans are so funny
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Gentle dom as a mtf?
How possible is it for someone like that to find a bf? By gentle I mean tying/blindfolding the guy while edging him until he can't take it anymore. Light chastity is alright just nothing too drastic that can change their size or harm them. I don't really want to do intense things like cbt, nor will I top them because hrt nuked that part of me. Basically I'd just want to explore lighter things even though I'd still want to cook, clean, and do other housekeeping things.

I'm not into forefem stuff or femboys however. I'm fine with an average bodytype but do prefer a more muscular build tho. Is it possible to find a bf like that? I really don't want to do this and just end up with a bf that goes mtf mode on me down the line.
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Is there any dignity in becoming a tranny pornstar?
Why would one willingly degrade their body and soul so ugly faggots could blow loads to them? If they're that starved for attention, why don't they just model or do something public with their lives that's actually redeemable?

The moment you step foot on that camera and have your holes invaded by a stand in for the viewer, every opinion and principle you hold dissipates into nothing. Nobody is going to listen to a cam whore.
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why couldnt i just have been a trender ftm instead of whatever the fuck i am now
i hate this
i feel like a freak
i just wanna be normal
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can trannies be chasers?
Can Trannies and Femboys be chasers? Is T4T the purest form of love or is it the same thing as when a cishet dude does it?

Would you fuck a tranny or femboy chaser?

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joe &#039;joe rogan&#039; rogan
>5"5 heterosexual man (male)
>sub 5 inch cock
>small frame, feminine body
>high pitched faggy voice
would getting srs and calling myself a pooner be based?
i'd say i'm a 3/10, but i would probably be an 8/10 in the pooner market
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Why are trannies so obsessed with language?
I don’t really understand these huge rows trannies seem to get into about language choices, and policing language people use to ridiculous extents so that you have to say “people with cervixes” or “pregnant people”.

I’m a cis lesbo and I don’t get mad when people make general statements like “women want a man like this”, because I know 99% percent of women are attracted to men and I’m not so desperately insecure that people using general language for ease of communication is a massive deal to me. It also seems pretty ironic in that if we start removing all gendered terms and just strip language to bare bones biology, you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot for obvious reasons.
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If I'm bi, why should I date a dude instead of a girl?
mqdefault (1)
I like women and feminine men but why would I choose a guy over a girl? A guy will just age into a masculine dude which is pretty gross. The only way a guy would go about this would be to try to get his bf on hrt and make him a hrt femboy, but a lot of fem dudes aren't for that. Should I just ditch him if he isn't willing to take hrt?

>going through something similar right now
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>tfw finally started a skincare routine and it looks so much worse than before I started
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>transbian top gf scheduled her srs consultation after she become jealous of my results
I’m happy for her but at the same time I want her pp to stay regardless of how selfish it sounds.
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A question for girlmoders:
Does dysphoria ever go away?

I'm a permaboymoder and I assume the answer to this question is no. As such, why should I even try and change my circumstances if it won't help.
yeah it would make me feel a bit less shit if i got gendered female more often, but I would know it was because of presentation and not any improvement in my passing so it wouldn't change much.
Boymode or Girlmode I'm still going to have the same shoulders, jaw and height to cry about and therefore will still probably be depressed.
so if girlmoding will do very little to alleviate dysphoria, why should I try?
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i'm having actual phone dysphoria because i feel like my phone looks too manly. i dont think this is ever going away
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Down with boymoder rights
Can a boymoder even consent? Should they be allowed to buy alcohol and tobacco? I think it's high time we as a society finally treat them like the children they are. A boy is not an adult, nor is he a self-owned human.

Thus I would like to propose the following laws:
>No boymoder shall be without a legal guardian obligated to guarantee her a baseline of food, shelter, clothes, and hormones.
>In cases where parents are unable to provide for their boymoder, she is to be taken in by a boymoder shelter or, should one come forward, an approved foster parent around the same age as her and of the boymoder's preferred sex.
>None of the following shall be distributed to the boymoder: gambling material, unsupervised medicine, alcohol, drugs, pornographic content, M-rated video games, weapons, and motorized vehicles that require a license
>Without the supervision of a guardian, the boymoder is not allowed to: open a bank account, change her identity, enroll in school, sign a job contract, change residence, or disappear
>Infraction to these rules is the responsibility of the boymoder's legal guardian.
>The guardian is forbidden to discourage girlmoding, doing so the guardian would be charged and the boymoder taken from them.
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