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H!P Thread #621
This thread is for all current and former idols of Up-Front & Hello!Project.


>Agency Links:

Previous Thread:
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エロゲスレ/Untranslated VN General
Previous thread: >>25289853

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.
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AKB General 2299
Previous Thread: >>25392866

All AKB sub-groups and related Japanese *48 groups welcome.


(08/19) NMB48 23rd Single "Datte Datte Datte". Umeyama Cocona and Yamamoto Ayaka WCenter.
(09/02) STU48 5th Single "Omoidaseru Koi wo Shiyou"
(09/26-27) Matsui Jurina Graduation Concert @ Nippon Gaishi Hall
(--/--) Minegishi Minami Graduation Concert @ Yokohama Arena

>Useful Links
Theater Schedules and Ticket Application:
Live Shows:
48/46 Group Masterlist:
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Fairy Thread
Four Fairies of Mischief
Stop staring at the Fairies /jp/.
44 images | 184 replies
/kcs/ - Kigurumi Cat Sanctuary
Last thread is about to hit the archive >>25134338

Useful links:

- Images:
- Videos:
- Stick this in japanese sites: 着ぐるみ
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/tmg/ - Type-Moon General
This thread is for discussions relating to quality works by Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON

>Type-Moon Visual Novel Collection (in Japanese)!BA4yHYoT!NwGVKj4q9Z1vnpKlYY-4UQ

>Kara no Kyoukai the Garden of sinners
Kara no Kyoukai novel (in Japanese)
English translations by cokesakto
Kara no Kyoukai Anime Movies
Kara no Kyoukai Manga

Tsukihime PLUS-DISC
Tsukihime - Kagetsu Tohya
Tsukihime Manga!dRwwAZrT!uxmDDlwDTu3bgo9QIKgSrQ

>Melty Blood
MELTY BLOOD PC Collection (updated 2018-05-30)
MBAACC - Community Edition!6FUx2C6a!L2AxbiQzPHtgRI3YPHv4NZfi2EYS9RMeNHoSp6pAcFw
Melty Blood Manga!syICRSJI!TeAS9ZVFSDQigguqxn_MwA
Melty Blood - Back Alley Alliance Nightmare Manga

Fate stay night Réalta Nua
Fate hollow ataraxia
Fate Zero
Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files

>Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - Witch on the Holy Night
English Patch:
French Patch:

Other works
>Angel Voice (A doujin anthology that contains the short novel "Notes." written by Nasu, and the Manga "clowick canaan-vail" drawn by Takeuchi.)
>Fate Apocrypha
>Fate Extra
>Fate Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver!aAsCybqb!WwnKiMn_HK9HqvA_myhLn5GM0yeAv8TTxyQsWWpqaGs
>Fate strange Fake
>Fire Girl
>Mahou Tsukai no Hako: Starlit Marmalade manga
>Tsuki no Sango
>Tsuki no Sango Manga

Other links
>Beast's Lair
>Encyclopedia of Type Moon
>Fate complete material II Character material
>Fate Art Books
>Fate Franchise Loseless Soundtracks!OQwx1DYA!1c0Dkm1VfOPpthg6etuU4g
>Type-Moon Comic Ace
>Tsuki-kan (comprehensive record of real-world statements, interviews, Q&As, feature articles, etc)
>Tsukihime Archives
>Tsukihime doujins from 2008!fHgSVb5L!EPDHKU2KHLdjW1bM2b0-VV7WzrA9xPqrLnJTu0AkwyY
>TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm translation
>Type-Moon Mega folders!tBRTDDLT!6-uk9SmrvHKLFYU_3QTwgQ!IEgnySDK!wvEo43UGmHFEKC1JBVykGw

Previous: >>25118534
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No title
Fellows, I'm afraid Reimu chan is a complete and utter pervert. What can be done to save this girl?
4 images | 14 replies
No title
the end of the universe
would you wait until the end of the universe itself, just to do it all over again?
1 images | 3 replies
No title
Some day in Hinamizawa. Molacicles.
3 images | 20 replies
Why is this ushirodo shut-in so cute?
70 images | 114 replies
Tenshi Eating a Raspberry edition

Please read this before posting:

Places to buy fumos and other plushes:

For General Fumo information, custom fumo lists, official fumo lists, AND fumo price guides-

Picture guide for acquiring fumos-

Gift Closet:
Online Shop:


Fumo:フモフモ ふもふも&lang=en
Deka:デカフモ でかふも&lang=en

Tokyo Otaku Mode-

Solaris Japan-


Amazon JP-

Amiami- *Note, they rarely keep Fumos in stock at this point, but they do have other touhou plushies on occasion

Proxy and Forwarding services-

Do not buy from JP Figures. They are a scam.

Where can you get Fumos in Tokyo?
Akiba Hobby, AmiAmi, Lashinbang, and K-Books in Akihabara. Animate in Ikebukuro. Mandarake and Surugaya have multiple locations.

Yumemey, Fumo photographer:

For all your Fumo cleaning needs:

#/fumo/ irc available on

link to the op text:
18 images | 52 replies
Touhou Lostword

Game Download:

Lost Word Twitter:

JP Wiki:

In-game Artwork:

Current Event:
Honori Kouzu no Casebook
59 images | 256 replies
Gravure Thread
Previous thread: >>25164684

Post Japanese gravure here
Remember this is a SFW board
Relax, and rejuvenate your eyes with beauties.
A gravure idol (グラビアアイドル gurabia aidoru), often abbreviated to gradol (グラドル guradoru), is a Japanese female model who primarily models on magazines, especially men's magazines, photobooks or DVDs. Gravure idols appear in a wide range of photography styles and genres. Their photos are largely aimed at male audiences with poses or activities intended to be provocative or suggestive, generally accentuated by an air of playfulness and innocence rather than aggressive sexuality. Although gravure models may sometimes wear clothing that exposes most of their body, they seldom appear fully nude.

>Sales Rankings

>What's New

>Profile Infoグラビアアイドル
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Japanese Movie and TV General #36
Hanzawa Naoki S2
A thread for discussion and recommendation of Japanese TV and movies.


Previous Thread: >>24926129

Please put the sauce in the filename if posting pictures/gifs/webms.
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Love Live! Seiyuu Thread #371
Information for live shows and viewings:

SNS and concerts:

Previous: >>25247722
80 images | 218 replies
General Nutaku and DMM Thread 329
Post-conversion therapy Imperial ex-lesbian
Previous Thread: >>24891392

Nutaku (R-18)
Nutaku (All-ages)

DMM (R-18)
DMM (All-ages)


46 images | 272 replies
/mbgg/ Moba Game General
This general is for discussing Japanese Mobile Games that don't have their own dedicated general elsewhere. Occasionally some Chinese and Korean games will be discussed too.

>List of frequently discussed games and guides for them:

Read this pastebin about how to get around region locks for both Android and iOS:

Previous: >>25169891
57 images | 269 replies
Bushiroad Seiyuu Thread #27
Seiyuu Queen Edition

BanG Dream!

Revue Starlight

Dig Delight Direct Drive!

Other information:

Previous: >>25269211
49 images | 179 replies
Elona General: Farm Life Only Life
Errors? Set the compatibility of the .exe to Windows 7.

Using GIMP to create a sprite or PCC? Select "do not write color space" and save it as a 24-bit BMP.

What version to play? Read the pastebin.

>New? Start here:


>E+ Changelogs:
>Latest Elona+
>Elona Custom Release Thread:

>Elona+ Custom-G Release Thread:

>Current Version:
Elona+ 1.995R (2020-07-25)
>Latest Custom:
E+C 1.90.4 (2019-06-02)
Elona+ Custom-G (2019-10-20)

>Omake Overhaul English Release Thread:

>Current Version:
Elona Omake Overhaul EN (2019-06-17)
Omake Overhaul EN Hack final release (2018-12-14)

>OOMSEST Updates

>Elin's Inn
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/ona/ - Eternal Onahole thread
If you have a question about a specific product, please link it so people know what you're talking about.

The ona guide:

The doll guide:

- - - OtonaJP has gotten worse over the years, from bad customer service, to not fulfilling orders. If you want to temp faith and buy from them (as a last resort or otherwise), go ahead, but don't say we didn't warn you - - -

>Please read the guide, use the archive, don't shitpost. Follow global and local rules. Don't reply, report and ignore instead.

>Length, girth, budget and geographical location are extremely important in determining your next best course of action!

Previous: >>25264268
35 images | 198 replies
/blog/ - BL + Otome Games #226
/blog/ - BL + Otome Games #226

FAQ & Resources:
Rec chart:

Previous thread: >>25269575
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Sound Thread
Punk it! []
1. Have a script extention in your browser: Violetmonkey (recomended), Greasemonkey, Tapermonkey, etc
2. Install script:
using 4chanX is optional but recommended

If you'd rather not install these extensions or dislike the concept, this thread can be ignored.
70 images | 80 replies
No title
Late Summer Edition

BJD thread, primarily for vinyl dolls with an anime aesthetic.
Previous Thread: >>24733064
Resin Dolls Thread: >>>/toy/8332617 (it's back!)
Fashion/Other Dolls Thread: >>>/toy/8355123

FAQs and Links

If your doll is for fucking, go to /ona/
8 images | 22 replies
No title
Are futons actually comfortable
3 images | 62 replies
No title
I can't stop thinking about this dumb Chink
73 images | 148 replies
278 images | 1817 replies
No title
Can you guys take care of my reimu? I need to go to the store, I'll be back in 2 hours
95 images | 170 replies
No title
Japanese angel eating a peach.
31 images | 72 replies
No title
What would you do if you had your very own giant bootleg Remilia fumo?
5 images | 18 replies
No title
Ran just wants to make you feel better.
9 images | 34 replies
No title
Since there's no Comiket this year, are any anons enjoying ComicVket as an alternative? Are the any doujin artists you follow that are participating?
0 images | 3 replies
Stardust Idols General #31
Info, news, blog

>Latest MV Releases
Tacoyaki Rainbow - Koi no Dungeon UME /
Batten Show Jo Tai -
Chou Tokimeki Sendenbu - Tomorrow Saikyou-setsu /
ukka - Koi, Ichibanme /
Iginari Tohoku San - Date Samba /
CROWN POP - Masshiro Kataomoi /
B.O.L.T - Chuni Uku Gurai /
Ame Furasshi - Zattou no Naka de /

-A new unit named "Awww!" was created on 06/20 with former Hachirocke members, Aoba Mori, Maika Kimino and Kana Harima, with two new members, Minagi and Mimi
-Batten Show Jo Tai 5th Anniversary on 06/21

Previous Thread >>23323085
135 images | 210 replies
Hentai Games General /hgg/
H-Games General #1153

phimosis edition

Welcome, this general is for the discussion of 2D/3D H-Games/ Eroge/ Nukige/ Hentai RPG/ Hentai Action Games.


Use web OCR to get kanji of error messages:

Please pay your respects to our matron saint, Julie d'Aubigny.

>If you have to ask, it's not translated.

>Please REPORT and IGNORE blatant shitposting


>Machine Translation Guide:

>Recommended Games:

>/hgg/ Nukige Catalog:

>/hgg/ Gotw Catalog:

Previous thread:
17 images | 152 replies
No title
Who is this mysterious shopkeeper?
6 images | 26 replies
No title
Oh look, it's Lori.
70 images | 152 replies
No title
I have a lot of free time at work. How do I learn JP quickly? I only have an android cellphone. I have kanji tree installed but I quickly forget all the words because it doesnt have easy sentences for practicing the words you learned. Im 29, used to watch a lot of anime in my teens, I can understand like 70%+ from hearing, but thats it. My goal is to understand everything in jp vidya games.
2 images | 12 replies
No title
This is an ancient Japanese prince
77 images | 120 replies
No title
If you were forced to choose a Touhou character for you to turn into, which would you be?

I'd be Yukari of course
78 images | 211 replies
No title
nuclear birb best birb
76 images | 116 replies
Best way to learn Japanese
duolingo sad
I feel like I am not getting anywhere with that fucking green little shit. Are there any anons that learnt Japanese successfully and if so how?
9 images | 148 replies
Hey /jp/? I'm not even close to 30 and this still makes me cry.
Other than that, you know the drill /jp/. Sakuya goes in ALL fields!
6 images | 8 replies
/sbg/ - Shinza Banshou and light general
A thread for the discussion of Dies irae, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Pantheon and other associated titles belonging to the Shinza Banshou setting, written by Takashi Masada.

>Masada's official Twitter

Dies irae Song to the Witch fully translated:

>Avesta of Black and White (JP, everything after the prologue behind paywall)

>Dies irae
Getting Started:
Official Website:
Interview with Kaziklu Bey:
Steam Page: (>buying from steam)
Mangagamer: (>buying from mangagamer)
Other Resources:
Random TL's and misconceptions:

>Dies irae Pantheon
Official Website:
Website Translation:

>Kajiri Kamui Kagura
Official website:

>Other light titles
Senshinkan DL:
Bansenjin Torrent:
PL Torrent:

Previous thread: >>24189939
21 images | 99 replies
Camera List & Guides:
Trains and others.

湯野上温泉駅 Yunokami-Onsen Station:

Previous threads:
117 images | 298 replies
Denpa Thread.
This thread is dedicated to denpa songs, moe songs and other denpa-kei media.

More information:

Denpa blogs:

Music downloads:

Denpa song bot:
35 images | 266 replies
No title
134 images | 291 replies
No title
Post photographs and videos you or others have taken around Japan.
Modern or traditional, urban or rural, landscape or macro, anything is good.
Try to keep pictures natural looking if possible.
If you know the location a photo was taken, it is useful to post it with the image.

>Previous thread:

>Previouser threads (A lot missing, not updated since september '19):

The Anon who usually started, kept and archived these threads had to leave in late 2019, and asked for someone to take over while he was away, we managed to keep this going for a few months, but then the threads started to die too soon.

Please, everybody help keep these comfy threads alive, do it for Anon (Anon I hope you're OK)
157 images | 208 replies
No title
Waaaaah!~ I forgot!
4 images | 21 replies
SJIS Thread
Is SJIS even on-topic?
      ∧_∧    (´<_`  ) ∠ Would they hardcode support for off-topic?
     ( ´_ゝ`)    /  i   
 ̄\  /   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄/.  |     
 ̄ ̄| /   ./ THE JAY ./ . | |
 ̄| |(__ニつ/_____/_| |____
田| | \___))\    (u ⊃
ノ||| |        ̄
9 images | 310 replies
The [email protected] Seiyuu Thread
This is a thread to discuss happenings related to the real-life members of the [email protected] franchise, whether it's live events, personal updates, or other things that may not necessarily be related to their games.

Radio/Stream Schedule:
A&G Radio Player:

[email protected] VA Database:
Outdated JP VA Resource:

Imas Calendar/Birthdays:
Imas DB Updates:
Imas Girls News Bot:

Previous Thread: >>23866312
45 images | 122 replies
Grand Theft 東方
The /jp/ GTA server will be up today, at around 8 or 9 PM EST. Please look forward to it! Due to the unusual circumstances of the old thread 404'ing early, the notice is a bit short this week. Apologies.
87 images | 170 replies
No title
Ohayō, Anon-san!
165 images | 294 replies
No title
Happy Birthday Ami and Mami!

What are you doing for the twins birthday this year?
147 images | 227 replies
No title
Time for a Fat Touhou thread, a fathou thread if you will!
24 images | 65 replies
No title
What's the right amount of detail for panties? I think when they focus too much on having detailed cameltoe, it takes away from the panties themselves.

Pic related, the otaku cultural icon Nakahara Komugi's panties. What do you think of them?
3 images | 12 replies
No title
I love Alice!
89 images | 145 replies
No title
did anyone actually play touhou in the correct order?
2 images | 17 replies
No title
they appear to be trapped
1 images | 2 replies
No title
Doesn't Summertime Record technically take place on the 16th?
0 images | 1 replies
Kasen's birthday
Today is the 10th anniversary of the slightly wild and maybe also horned hermit!
28 images | 70 replies
No title
Youmu is cute
5 images | 12 replies
No title
Have you taken the Kibopill anon?
4 images | 15 replies
No title
Fujiwara no Mokou!
47 images | 95 replies
No title
yagokoro eirin (touhou) drawn by raptor7 - b3848898317778277f0af1f8bd41e03a
Bend over.
23 images | 50 replies
Its the last weeks of summer, post boobhus preferably with bikinis
11 images | 13 replies
No title
How does a 10,000-year-old hag still have eggs to lay?
52 images | 98 replies
No title
Itty Bitty Kitty Titties or Big Fat Cat Tats?
22 images | 39 replies
No title
3 images | 12 replies
No title
We did it bros. We won the houbowl.
0 images | 6 replies
No title
This Remilia Thread shall contain no mention of pichuuns, bing no-nos, feet stench or anything related!
117 images | 281 replies
No title
what is your poison /jp/? I for one enjoy suigintonic.
152 images | 269 replies
No title
Ion wants to tell me something very important tomorrow.
I'm actually a bit nervous.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
I will marry Merry.
128 images | 151 replies
No title
Let's have a snowball fight, /jp/!
69 images | 164 replies
Haiku Thread
I've been getting quite into haiku of late and wanted to share a few of my recent compositions. If you're at all knowledgeable about haiku or Japanese in general, I'd appreciate any comment or criticism. Also, if there's a better board for this kind of thing, let me know. Seemed that this board was a better fit than /lit/ anyway.
4 images | 17 replies
No title
Mugetsu :D
115 images | 174 replies
No title
What would happen if Reimu somehow got pregnant?
5 images | 33 replies
No title
Room No 9
Visual Novel translation status

>Aiyoku No Eustia - 93.70% Translated, 91.65% edited, partial patch released
Amagami - "Script translation done. 2107/2329 original edition scenario scripts edited (90.5%)"
Amayui Castle Meister - Rough patch released with 63% of dialogue translated, overall 74% translated
Chaos;Head Noah - Still ongoing
Chicchakunai Mon - 49.7% translated
Fuukan no Grasesta - Project starting up
Gore Screaming Show - Prologue + day 1 patch released, 13,40% [5011/37383] lines translated
Gin'Iro, Haruka - Common + Bethly + Hinata + Momiji routes translated, Yuzuki 21.46% translated, overall 65.84% translated, Common+Bethly+Hinata+Momiji routes patch released
>Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no - "Main School" routes fully translated, Editing and QA ongoing on the Main School routes, overall 60% (40912/68206) lines translated
Junketsu Megami-Sama - New partial patch released
Kud Wafter - 24436/64692 (37.72%) lines translated
>Lover Able - 100% translated, 89.66% edited
Maji Koi A-4 - 8 of 62 scripts translated
Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi O: Fine Days - Technical problem nearly resolved, patch to be released "in the early weeks of August"
Nursery Rhyme - 100% translated, still being edited
Oreimo Tsuzuku - All scripts through TLC+Editing, technical issues resolved
Pure Pure - 95.59% translated
Pure x Connect - 15267/43896 lines translated, 8289/43896 lines edited, prologue patch released
>Shin Koihime Musou - 100% translated, 35% (37651/108888) edited
Shukufuku no Campanella - Trial patch released
Steps to Love - Common route TL patch released
>Summer Pockets Reflection Blue - 20,707/34,142 (60.6%) lines translated
Taimanin Yukikaze 2 - Yukikaze route patch released
Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu - 100% translated
Yosuga no Sora - Translation finished, editing and TLC ongoing

Official work

>Room No.9 - Released
>Wan Nyan A La Mode! - September 3rd release
Ciconia - Phase 1 Released
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
Shiei no Sona-Nyl - 100% translated and edited, Refrain content 76% translated
Rance Quest - Beta wrapping up
Rance IX - 100% translated
Rance X - 28% translated
Luckydog1 - Picked up
Fxxx Me Royally - In Beta
Rance 01 - Out of Beta
Rance 02 - Out of Beta
Mugen Renkan - Out of Beta
Uchi no Kanojo - 100% translated and edited, image editing finished
Trinoline Genesis - 100% translated, 40% edited
Musicus! - 100% translated and edited, image editing in progress
Jeanne at the Clock Tower - Fully translated and edited, image editing wrapping up
Steam Prison: Fin Route - 100% translated and edited
Secret Project 3 - 100% translated and edited, in Beta
Secret Project 4 - 100% translated and edited
Secret Project 6 - 64% translated and 62% edited
Secret Project 7 - 100% translated and 88% edited

Flowers - Title 3 released
Majikoi - "Suffering some unforeseen delays", in QA and preparing Steam release
Sumaga- Upcoming release
Katahane - Upcoming release
Josou Sanmyaku - 87% translated, 85% edited
Django - Waiting on translation.
Machine Child - Announced
Dramatical Murder - Picked up
Lamento Beyond the Void - picked up
Slow Damage - Picked up
Eiyuu*Senki GOLD - 100% translated
Yamizome Revenger - 50% translated
Mamono Musume-tachi to no Rakuen ~Slime & Scylla~ - Picked up

Age titles with various publishers
Muv-Luv Unlimited - The Day After - 2020 release
Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight
Kiminozo - Picked up

Spike Chunsoft
Robotics;Notes - 2020 release
Robotics;Notes DaSH - Picked up

Loca Love Vol 2 - On hold to resolve problems with Steam
Sharin no Kuni - Debugging of the game engine ongoing, to be followed by beta testing
14 images | 172 replies
Do you know where we can find large amount of Enka songs so that i can turn my home in a ramen shop blasting enka 24/7?

Also enka thread, though i have surface knowledge of it.
1 images | 8 replies
No title
I think it's about time for a new Yuyu thread
120 images | 203 replies
No title
Hide your kids, she's on the loose!
15 images | 24 replies
No title
I'm starting to like Miyoi
5 images | 30 replies
No title
What's a pretty 2hu like you doing in a place like this?
1 images | 10 replies
Sakamichi General #614
This thread is for the discussion of Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, Hinatazaka46, Yoshimotozaka46 and topics relating to them and the members.

(08/21) Keyakizaka46's Last Single "Dare ga Sono Kane wo Narasu no ka?" (No center)
(09/04) Keyakizaka46's 1st Documentary Movie "Bokutachi no Uso to Shinjitsu"
(09/23) Hinatazaka46 First Album
(09/29) Umezawa Minami First Photobook
(10/15) Suzuki Ayane's Stage Play (Ginga Tetsudou no Chichi)
(10/??) Keyakizaka46's Last Live
(11/13) Keyakizaka46's Kobayashi Yui stars in "Sakura"
(12/06-07) Hinakuri 2020 LIVE @ TOKYO DOME (Hinatazaka46)

Upcoming Sakamichi TV appearances:
Sakamichi Masterlist:
48/46 Group Masterlist:
Sakamichi H/S:
LODs and Live Shows:

Sakamichi on Showroom:

Previous Thread: >>25338405
187 images | 422 replies
No title
NEETdom ends tomorrow...
0 images | 6 replies
No title
Kaguya png
please respect kaguya-sama
79 images | 178 replies
Nue Thread
You can't have one without the other. It's time for another Nue Thread /jp/!
27 images | 39 replies
No title
Patchouli thread
64 images | 104 replies
/07/ - 07th Expansion
Higurashi, Umineko, Ciconia, Higanbana, RGD and all 07th related works discussion thread.

Complete 07th Expansion mega link :
75 images | 390 replies
No title
I-is it Futo time?
67 images | 101 replies
No title
Threesome with these two?
12 images | 47 replies
No title
Don't you ever wish you could just live a tiny little life in the woods, /jp/? Snacking on giant berries and sipping sake from your tiny little sake cups?
10 images | 30 replies
No title
Sanae snuck off and fell asleep in the middle of the day because of having things to do late last night and also early today, but she can also help if you need anything.
80 images | 157 replies

>Latest Fresh episode:

The Road to Graduation ~Final~ (Livestream - Aug. 30th)








FRESH! (Mon 19:00 JST):
Kinda Terebi Marina (Fri 7:30 JST)
Yuzumi ASMR (Wed, every two weeks):
Neo real eternal besto, marriage material,
purest top beauty gaku, her fingers are cute
and is not for secks.



>Previously on /bmsg/: >>25278116
272 images | 568 replies
No title
Who has the best buns in Gensokyo?
4 images | 6 replies
No title
Yukari is sad because there's not a single thread praising her.
Let's change that!
36 images | 82 replies
No title
Heeheehaya giggles at the misfortune of her friend, and you as well!
12 images | 22 replies
No title
>Game sells 2 million copies

>Beat the tutorial
>14% of players have this trophy
>Beat the final boss and view the true ending
>0.02% of players have this trophy

Which one of you weebs is buying a million copies and not even playing the game
2 images | 18 replies
No title
Here's your amanojaku express!
216 images | 326 replies
No title
Beware the forest's mushrooms!
5 images | 13 replies
No title
Is Mima ever coming back?
6 images | 24 replies
No title
This is Doremy. Her threads die really fast and she barely gets any artwork.
20 images | 30 replies
No title
/jp/ best board. /jp/ like family. /jp/ cool. Have fun on /jp/.
5 images | 11 replies
This dog
Hello /jp/, I have been obsessed with this dog for years now and I really need to know the identity of this dog. I know that this dog is a /jp/ meme so I feel like at least one person on this entire website would know about this dog. Please help me
1 images | 17 replies
Vocaloid Thread
Miku Expo 2020 has been officially postponed due to COVID-19:


Album recommendations and YouTube playlist:

Last thread: >>25086977
180 images | 413 replies
Seiyuu Thread
Previous: >>25227060
父さん母さん ありがとう

Father, Mother thank you. I've met a very important person
"I did it!"
94 images | 438 replies
Kantai Collection -KanColle-
Previous thread: >>25309515

[New to the Game? Read first, Ask later]


Recent Updates:

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C2 STAFF Twitter:

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-The Tsuyu/Summer 2020 Event, "Stop the Invasion! Island Defense Reinforcement Operation" is scheduled to end on Aug. 26 at 11:00 JST. It is a large-scale event with 7 maps, 4 in the main operation and 3 in the EO. Friend Fleets are available in the latter phases of E-1, E-4, E-6, and E-7.
-10 new shipgirls have been implemented, 5 in the MO and 5 in the EO. In the MO, Fubuki-class destroyer Usugumo (E-1 reward), submarine tender Jingei (E-2 drop), submarine I-47 (E-3 reward), DE Daiyongou (Yottsu - E-4 Drop), and Matsu-class destroyer Matsu (E-4 reward) have been implemented. In the E-5 and E-6, DE Yashiro, Destroyer Ariake, CL-50 USS Helena, BB-57 USS South Dakota have been implemented. After overcoming the Battle of Santa Cruz in E-7, The Fighting Lady CV-8 USS Hornet will be rewarded.
-The new equipment is the Late Mode 53cm Sub Bow Torpedo Mount (8 Tubes) and the Late Model Sub Radar & Passive Radiolocator, and the 6inch Triple Gun Mount Mk. 16 and 6inch Triple Gun Mount Mk. 16 mod.2. Sub radar & radiolocators can now be equipped in the punch hole.
-The June ranking rewards have been distributed. The new equipment is the Egusa Ginga. It will become obtainable through a quest in the future.
-New and returning Swimsuit mode seasonal CGs have been implemented.
-As of the Feb 28 maintenance, due to the ongoing DDoS attacks, measures have been taken that requires players from certain countries to use a Japanese IP address to connect to the Login servers. After getting to the start screen it's possible to disconnect from the VPN and continue playing without it. If you still encounter connection issues try clearing your cache and changing your time zone to JST. These countermeasures are temporary as of right now. EN EO now bypasses the block. Another possible workaround is using
-The following ships will receive another remodel at some point in the future:
-->Kai-II: Mogami, Mikuma, Yahagi, Kaga (if 1944 remodel), multiple Type A DDs
-->Kai-II side remodel: The rest of the Kongou-class; Shigure (could be Kai-III)
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(08/19) NMB48 23rd Single "Datte Datte Datte". Umeyama Cocona and Yamamoto Ayaka WCenter.
(09/02) STU48 5th Single "Omoidaseru Koi wo Shiyou"
(09/26-27) Matsui Jurina Graduation Concert @ Nippon Gaishi Hall
(--/--) Minegishi Minami Graduation Concert @ Yokohama Arena

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