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Do Italians really go insane seeing a pineapple?
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Why is this country so fucked up?
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Can posters from extremely shitty thirdie countries tell us how its like to live there?

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Brazilian filter, 99,9% eficace. The problem of water in Africa is resolvid!
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Is the Koala challenge popular in your country?
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Cow edition
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Indian girls look like THAT?
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ITT: /int/ernational confessions

I'll start. I'm a Russiaboo.
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german maiden edisi
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>A fucking sun with a face on it
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hrvatska pravoslavna crkva izdanje
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Do the different Yugoslav countries still hate each other or are they frens now
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why do white men say they would never be with a muslim but this literal moroccan has millions of white simps paying betabux to her? is it becquse the huge majority of them do not know? are white men this retarded?
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hilo latino
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Norwegian prison.
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>ask mother where in yurop her ancestors were from
>she names over a half dozen countries
Wow, I never knew I had such a rich heritage and can claim to be from a bunch of different countries! :)
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Can i pass as a local in your cunt?
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abu walid al-angl dansleraar uitgaaf
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HINDV BVLLs are unstoppable
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DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2709
DJT is the best Japanese language learning vtuber shitposting thread on 4chan for むっつりスケベ共 that are interested in everything Japanese
Japanese speakers learning English are also welcome

How to stay healthy:

The only way to learn 日本語:
1. Filter all tripfags
2. Don't waste time/money on ゴミ like:
-Anki, garbage videos and youtube channels, shitty apps, translations, learning kanji instead of vocab, Genki, Imabi, RTK, KKLC, Kanji Damage, Wanikani, Duolingo, Bunpro, Kodansha, Tobira, whatever you're using, language schools, Italki, AJATT, JLPT, Kanji Kentei tests and many other scams
-Pitch accent doesn't exist (you can say words however you want )
-Learning how to write on paper (you can do it later once you're decent at Japanese)
Avoiding these beginner traps will cut down your learning time considerably to less than 2 years if you learn every day and never give up. After that it's just enjoying the language and the content while fortifying your knowledge and occasionally learning something new.
3. Fix your health with the grimoire first, it makes life and learning 100 times easier
4. Spend a few days getting familiar with kanas
5. Give Tae Kim a fast read, it's not the most accurate grammar guide but it's the fastest. Look up Japanese grammar on Japanese google later on instead
6. A few years of reading, listening, watching vtubers, shitposting in /djt/ and having your posts corrected by Japanese flags, googling stuff you don't know and you're done!
7. Move to Japan
8. The ride never ends


先スレ >>152351837
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Why are East Asian so insecure compared to their browner Southeast Asian neighbor?
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What comes to mind when you see this flag?
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why does Islam worship the moon
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In Japan swords longer than 15cm are illegal so they have to be broken up into pieces less than 15cm. Because of this many ancestral Japanese swords are broken on purpose to be sold even today...
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How come they're so funny?
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Captura de pantalla 2021-09-27 a las 4.25.25
Post sovlfvl poverty from your cunt.
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Why do they make such good music?
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I have eaten the same boring fucking rotation of cheddar/marble block cheese, cottage cheese, parmesan gently sprinkled on shit etc. my entire life. I'm sick of it.

Can more sophisticated countries on /int/ tell me how to get cheesepilled? Where do I start looking?
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Wypipo be like lets live in a van
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images (93)
Are these hairstyles popular in your country?
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Americans be like
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What you know about white ghettos in South Africa?
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images - 2021-09-27T095147.892
What happens here?
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Argentina (british clay)
>>A fucking sun with a face on it
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My last name is native to my country and it's very rare. Wbu?
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Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese style) Italian style
Spaghetti Napolitan
Japanese anons, share your opinion on my own variation of this dish I call it Spaghetti napolitan japanese style italian style, it was made by replacing the worst part of the original with some common cooking italian ingridients.
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Anons from countries where QNet is active, can you give me a QRD on these guys? They seem genuinely evil.
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How do we fix this """country"""
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Would you a Bhutanese girl?
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How hard is it to have sex in the Phillipines(not with prostitutes) if you're a European male? I find their women really pretty
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poland just tried to kill me with an exploding sausage

does this happen in your cunt?
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Before thirdies moved here finns were unironically considered to be our mexicans, they were stereotyped to always be wielding knives and they would stab you for no reason
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> Bucharest has a dog problem, a stray dog problem. Ten thousands of stray dogs are in the streets and thousands of people get bitten every year, I was told. This year, a Japanese business man was killed by a stray dog. (see the MSNBC article "Romania to neuter stray dogs after man killed" The article gives you an idea how many dogs are in this city: "Bucharest city hall said it would bring 1,000 foreign medical students to sterilize stray dogs." More poetically, I was told in three words with nice accent that "dogs hate bicycles" - a new insight for me. The Biennial assistant added: "Cars and bicycles enrage dogs." The Bucharest artist Catalin Rulea confirmed this independently: he was attacked several times by dogs while riding the bicycle. The last time, when I had the "pleasure" to live in a city with lots of stray dogs in the streets - Moscow 1996.- I was attacked by 4 dogs, bitten and then subjected to the even more dangerous and cumbersome injections from Russian hospitals over the period of nearly a month (I had to bribe them and made sure they would use new needles) - so my dog -paranoia is a bit justified. (apart from that , dogs don't like me either, they smell my fear)
2006 -

> In Bucharest – the capital city of Romania – the problem of stray dogs (maidanezi in Romanian) has been acknowledged for decades.[1] The number of stray dogs has been reduced drastically since 2014, following the death of a four-year-old child who was attacked by a dog.[2] In 2015, the Bucharest City Hall stated that over 51,200 stray dogs were captured between October 2013 and January 2015, with more than half being euthanized, about 23,000 being adopted, and 2,000 still residing in the municipality's shelters.[3] The issue has not only been a heated subject of debate in Bucharest, but also on a nationwide scale.[4]
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>this girl is simping muscular lightskin black dudes on tiktok with her broken English

why couldnt i have anglo, germanic or nordic blood in me instead of Arab aka Portuguese genes? I'd rather be a chad lightskin blue eyed "black" in america than an average Brazilian.

This is so fucking unfair.
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we are not so different from americans
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International Fashion
Recommend me cool clothing brands from your country. Bonus points if you live someplace where my USD will go further (Eastern Europe, Latam, etc.)
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we call this "russian mountain" here
how about in you're count?
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We have no close allies
Fuck you cunts
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>the most famous Orthodox person on earth is Kim Kardashian
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I don't get it.
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ATATÜRK baskısı
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Are all native americans cringe like this?
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I feel like this board was a lot more active 6 months ago
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>majority of women prefer at least some chest hair
You CAN grow some, right anon?
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Where are the Pakistani flags?
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ITT we post retarded rules our schools had. Lets see which country has the more autistic authorities. I start:
>we had to ask our teacher if we were allowed to go to the bathroom. the teacher could say no and we had to obey
>as a male student, if the teacher guarding the entrance thought your hair was too long he had the authority to not let you in until you cut your hair
>we were not allowed to go to the school library unless a teacher was with us
>we were not allowed to use the football sala pitch. bringing a football ball to school was forbidden and teachers had the authority to confiscate the ball
>the last two weeks of october and first two weeks of november we were forced to stay in school until 6 pm to play some shitty basketball tournament. not attending to it could make you fail that school year
>we were not allowed to wear hoodies, jackets or sweaters that were not part of the uniform. teachers had the authority to confiscate any hoodie, jacket or sweater that were not part of the uniform

These are the ones that i can remember
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why do wypipo dress like this?
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Memes aside, why are they so fat?
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Is this common in your country?
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>be in Bruhzil
>diagnosed with schizophrenia
>ask for disability bucks
>have to wait one entire year for the government to check you
>can't work in the meantime otherwise you prove you are able bodied
>will receive only a minimum wage so (200 USD) monthly
Fuck off it's not fair.
Does that happen in your country?
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European Union
What are the chances it breaks apart/more countries leave within the next 10 years?
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do you love the pacific northwest?
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do women get mogged by african beauties in your count
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What are the best BT stocks produced in your country?
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Germbros, give me a rundown on the new guy
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/lang/ - Language learning general
Chumashan languages edition
>What language(s) are you learning?
>Share language learning experiences!
>Ask questions about your target language!
>Help people who want to learn a new language!
>Participate in translation challenges or make your own!
>Make frens!

Read this shit some damn time:

Totally not a virus, but rather, lots of free books on languages:!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2ywojGLE0O8cu4A

Lots of books on linguistics of various kinds, as well as language courses:!Ad8DkLoI!jj_mdUDX_ay-8D9l3-DbnQ

Check this pastebin for plenty of language resources as well as some nice image guides:

Torrents with more resources than you'll ever need for 30 plus languages:

List of trackers for most language learning packs:

Ukrainianon's list of commercial courses from

Russianon's list of comprehensible input resources:

Pastebin that archives challenges:

>How do I learn a language? What is the best way to learn one? How should I improve on certain aspects?
Read the damn wiki
>Should I learn lang Y so I can learn lang X?
Yes, if lang Y is Spanish and lang X is Guarani
>What is the most useful language?
>What language should I learn?
Old >>152317335
Reminder: keep the thread bumped, on topic, and respectful, and report and/or ignore schizos, troll posts, and off-topic garbage.
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What? This isn't enough for you? Well look at Mr. Fancy Pants over here with his non-inflatable bed and non-stock-photo girlfriend. Get outta here!
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What do you think of foreigners in your country?
In my opinion the ways of foreigners are strange and cruel. I would not like to live in the land of the foreigners if I were sick or weak or disabled because the hearts of foreigners might be cold to my plight.
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Height vs Face
Which do women in your country care more about?
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>239 days in lockdown since March 2020

send help
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>MFW I get better service than Europeans because wagies depend on me to give them a good tip in order to earn a livable wage and they know the only way to get a good tip is to provide excellent service
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do you like spicy latinas?
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I accidentally fell in love with Jodi Arias. Are you in love with any female murderers in your country?
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>If you leave the European Union, you are a tool for the establishment. Europe is really just one country, one race, one nationality. We need to encourage immigration, to supplant low birthrates, but there are too many people in Europe still (most overpopulated continent).
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images (43)
>American schools have "comfort dogs" so that people with "anxiety" can feel better
How can a country be so soy?
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what part of Canada is this ?
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It's been ten months and they still can't agree on who actually won the election? How can you mess something as simple as counting and validating votes like that?
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Why are yuropoors like this?
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1.4 billion chinese already have a LE bigger tha americans
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/flag/ + /extraflags/
Azov Battalion edition

Previously: >>152393646

Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely spin-off of /flag/ except it’s a general for users to discuss flags, extra flags, and autistic activities while funposting.

>What is Extra Flags?
Extra Flags is an open-source userscript that lets you choose regional flags, like states and provinces, to add the already existing national flags on /int/, /pol/, /sp/, and /bant/. Requests to add or change flags can be made here:

Instructions and video guides for installing Extra Flags can be found here: If you are having trouble installing the script, ask here.

>Collection Templates
World template:
Regional templates:
Labelled templates:

About 4chan flags:
Flag creation guide:

Flag Fixer:
Extra Flag Lister:
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Do you know this smell in your country?
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i've never had a gf and im 22 yo, pls help me
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Latinoamerica is when you did some fucked up shit then reincarnate here as punishment.
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Why do white people we wuz over anime?
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>American billionaires have fanboys
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When you were younger, did you have the same misconception that I did? That the only differences between languages were in words, and that languages could be translated simply through word substitution?
Also to increase the scope of this thread, what were some misconceptions about languages or language in general that you had when you were a kid?
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>Communist Party wins majority of votes in 2nd largest city

>Anti vax party gains some seats in the Provincial Diet

does this happen in your cunt?
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/int/ is only active during Euro hours.

Therefore Euros are the soul of /int/. I wish I were European.
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Uk???? No its Brazil!!! Hahahahahaa
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I regret every racist thing I have ever said
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Why are iberians considered white when they look no diferent from latinos?
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Do you have Sikhs in your cunt? What's their deal anyway?
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Indo European languages are lame
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download (3)
>be Muslim
>Eat delicious pork broth ramen
>get tortured by Arab desert deity for all time
You can't make this shit up
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When did you realize most of Brazil is white?
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>there are cute Argentina women reading this right now
1 images | 3 replies
The most beautiful russia in the world.
The best anime connoisseurs besides polish.
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No title
Average brazilian
2 images | 17 replies
No title
Spanish women look like that ?
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inland empire
What happens here?
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How come Korea take the head in 21th century media???
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I hate being short in my country
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1. You're country
2. Your phenotype

1. USA
2. indo-nordic
12 images | 33 replies
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How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history?
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Bидaння Iдeї Haцiї. Bciм зiгoмeтaм paдi
Пoпepeднiй тpiд - javascript:quote('152469197');
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Who are the top Chinese comedians in China?

Who is the Dave Chapelle or Louis CK of their country?

I want to see authentic Chinese comedy and listen to their jokes
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my dna
I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian).
What are you, Anon?
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mega monte
Is THIS Germany's greatest invention?????????????????????
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Good night /int/
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>most Finns move from Finland to a potentially more desolate and unforgiving landscape in America
Finnbros... Why did your ancestors make such a stockholm-syndrome decision?
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