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"/gd/ - Graphic Design" is 4chan's imageboard for graphic design.

Welcome to /gd/
This is a place to discuss topics about visual or graphic design. Requests for photoshopping or free work go on /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or /r/ - Adult Requests as appropriate.

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>What literature should I read to get into graphic design?
The sidebar on the /gd/ wiki has plenty of book reccomendations.

>What programs do I need to get started?
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw

Adobe Photoshop


>Which program is the best for X?
It's usually subjective if you pick a program in each of the right categories above. Use vector programs if your making a logo/icon/illustraton, use bitmap programs if you're messing with a photo or stock image. Gimp, Inkskape, and Blender are free alternatives and have the same function as the paid programs but the paid programs tend to be used more in a professional enviroment.

>What font is used in this image?
Try these sites before posting a tread asking for fonts:
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RIP David Dees
Let's take a moment to remember this badass motherfucker and his Photoshop skills
32 images | 160 replies
Graphic Tablets
Post what graphic tablet you're using and one thing you like / dislike about it
7 images | 25 replies
No title
Is brutalist graphic design the next thing? I don't know much about it but I personally prefer seeing this over any minimalist/corporate soulless designs. What do you think about it?
5 images | 24 replies
The New New Pride Flag
New New Pride Flag
honestly this unironically look much better than the current New Pride Flag
6 images | 31 replies
Font Request Thread
Request and share non-free typefaces and identification of typeface samples.

Previous thread >>397954

> Font identification

Before you request, do your due diligence by running your font sample through a font identifier;

whatfontis <dot> com
fontsquirrel <dot> com/matcherator (be sure to enable the myfonts setting)
myfonts <dot> com/whatthefont

If you're not getting a clear read then put your sample in PS, separate the letters and colour it to be pure black on a white background.

> Font requests

First of all, check;

vk <dot> com/board178186634
graphicex <dot> com

> Uploading

catbox <dot> moe is great for uploading small-sized zips containing fonts, especially since it doesn't expire.

If somebody helps you then pay it forward!
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Rate my portfolio
So here it is:
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No title
can someone turn mr babys smile upside down into a frown for me plz
2 images | 8 replies
No title
I'm developing an art review platform in which artists upload their art to receive criticism by other users. The "critics" select specific segments that contains a detailed review of said segment.

I included 2 of my current possible logos for roasting
1 images | 3 replies
No title
minimalism has meant the total death of creative graphic design, EVERYTHING looks the same now when it comes to logos, i get shit like removing the metallic sheen of the apple logo, but ffs, why are corporations like Firefox butchering iconic logos with disgusting oversimplification?
46 images | 191 replies
No title
Itt: your favorite logos
10 images | 11 replies
No title
Looking for some good free ebooks for Art Director. I need a good read, also I'm a poorfag who couldn't afford a book.
3 images | 6 replies
No title
How do I match fonts?
>Meme fonts like poppins or open sans or montserrat have badly matching x heights and if something matches it's very similarly looking
>Sometimes I want to mach 2 sans serifs and it's hell
>End with 3 fonts in some projects because I can't find any match to "display" stylized fonts
>I got way too many works with Roboto+roboto slab
Books are too vague usually. I need concise rules like checking x.
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New pride flag
I'm so pissed about this change and I'm not even that racist, it looks disgusting and is just tailor made for virtue signalling. It checks all the boxes for a modern graphic design:
>breaks soulful tradition
>looks hideous
I want to burn it. Sincerely, /lgbt/
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Mid- & Late 2000s thread
ITT: we post the mid- & late 2000s aesthetics.
Anything between 2003 and 2012 is welcome here.
While yes, those two aesthetics may overlap, y2k already has its own thread, so post blatant y2k stuff (i.e. anything from between 1996 to 2002) there instead.
99 images | 154 replies
No title
Rate my t-shirt logo, please, feel free to give advice.
1 images | 13 replies
90/early 2000s Soul Thread
Back when design wasn't infected by the globohomo and tech was seen as a 'hope' for the future and actually looked futuristic, unlike the flat/minimal style we see today

60 images | 112 replies
Why does this board exist?
Was looking through boards I don't normally go to and I didn't even know this one existed. It also seems like no one posts here.
1 images | 10 replies
No title
Which WWF/WWE logo do you like most/least and why?
1 images | 7 replies
No title
How can one man be so Based How many Lives have he saved from bottom of the barrel wage slavery I AM ONE
1 images | 9 replies
Random Album Art Thread

Let see what you'll do
6 images | 8 replies
free ps??
so im wondering if there’s a good way to torrent photoshop (and/or similar things) or if there’s any decent free programs for image editing
0 images | 4 replies
No title
Redesign it
8 images | 15 replies
Deli awnings are trash
Who designs these awnings for delis all over the city?
>extremely low quality pictures of food
>food is not even appealing looking
>it is all clustered
>because of all the colors the awning fades easily
I don't get how they think this attract business, it has a bad vibe, this is one of the few examples of where "minimalism" would actually be better.
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No title
So let me get this straight.
Photoshop does not allow you to paste an image in a layer it is copied from.
0 images | 4 replies
guyse, i am 31 year old ''graphic designer''
how do i make portfolio? how many pieces considered enough?
is behance good enough or should i make a website? have like 3monhths time to make it, before i run out of savings
i have multimedia technologies degree
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No title
design 101
Hello friends. I come bearing a gift. Today I show you an image that was made to help sell a product by providing information on one of the product's features. This product is a multicount sticker pack sold on Amazon. Out of a number of product images, this is just one.
Have you ever seen anything so pajeet? A work so underpaid, so underappreciated, that you begin to feel bad for the worker directly after you stop laughing at him? I can feel the poverty of the hands that made this. I can picture the headache in his head when he exported a low quality thumbnail sample. I can feel his aching back, sitting in a chair for 8 hours, as he searches Google for transparencies of water splashes. I can feel the strain in his eyes from sitting too close to his yellowing 2011 HP thrift store monitor as he pastes into new layers, the grey of Photoshop looking more and more like a piss stain on grey mattress sheets.
He clicks export, and despite the measly 15 dollars for the day's work, he still wishes to continue. To continue is to be absent from his wife at home, a far worse prospect to him than endless, worthless toil.
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90's Church aesthetic
Looking for images/videos/websites with graphic design like 1990s-early 2000s protestant Christianity. Basically poorly formatted websites with lots of comic sans, textured background, lots of CGI images of crosses/blue sky, angels etc. Hard to put a finger on this aesthetic.
17 images | 21 replies
No title
did quiet a bit of promos
send advice other than killing myself
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No title
Hello , lately ive played the game "Critters for sale". I very much enjoyed it and was mesmerized by the animation and the art style.

I came here looking for help to understand how it works and a way to achieve the style of the game and to recreate it and further expand it.

So if theres anybody who knows hows it done please let me know.

If youre interested about the game surely buy it ("crack idc").
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Early Social Media / Web Graphics
1. Why is this board so dead?
2. Post your favorite personal digital graphic from 2000-2008ish. I’m talking about stuff you would have put in your forum signature, MySpace layout, livejournal blog, AIM icon, whatever
7 images | 12 replies
What are your thoughts on pogs?
0 images | 15 replies
No title
For me, it's Helvetica
10 images | 20 replies
No title
I'm applying for a remote ux ui design job, they have interviewed me via googlemeet twice and then they waited 2 weeks before contacting me for another fucking interview, why the fuck are there so many interviews? The first 2 was basically identical just with different interviewers.
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No title
Does this logo I made have SOVL? I made it in 5 minutes in Paint 3D.
0 images | 2 replies
No title
In this fhread, we post our projects and ask if they have a soul.
104 images | 236 replies
0 images | 0 replies
No title
What's the verdict?
31 images | 133 replies
Post whatever youre working on at the moment and receive feedback

Ill start, a vector/photo collage inspired by death grips come up and get me lol
11 images | 30 replies
Troubleshooting Adobe Illustrator
Does anyone have any idea why Illustrator is exporting everything past the artboard?

i.e. if I have art that expands past the artboard but I want my PDF to only have the art that actually fits in the artboard how would I do that? Clicking "use artboards" when saving to PDF or exporting to PNG does not work, still shows the entirety of the art.

Any help is appreciated, thanks
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No title
Hi recently getting into editing fan films and was wondering if anybody had and opinions on what editing programs to use or any decent laptops that are good for this kinda stuff. Thanks
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Should I buy a Samsung A72 guys? Need a new telephonic communications device, my Pixel is dying.
0 images | 14 replies
No title
How to achieve the "topographic" or grid (or any texture on extrusion or shadow) effect in PS?
I'm not even sure how it's called, as the topographic effect is a different thing.

Picture related
1 images | 7 replies
No title
/g/ here
what do you guys think about modern web design?
I'm trying to do some web freelancing and learn to do design but I think the excessive white space, huge fonts and s_ö_y-vector art looks like shit.
How do I learn to embrace or reject this type of design and make good looking websites?
Pic related is a pretty good example of what I mean
0 images | 4 replies
hello gd
I have this image here that I'm trying to work with. I'd like the 'outsides' of the image to be transparent, regardless of what I place on the bottom layer, as I'd like to use this framework to save me time where I can just merge, copy, and paste into other files.

Naturally, I could merge down and manually erase the outsides to create the transparency, but that's a lot of work for what I'm wanting to do.

Is this an impossible task, or am I just retarded?
0 images | 2 replies
Does anyone have any experience creating 3D mockups for photoshop?

Been lately thinking about using Blender to create simple 3D renders and sell them as Photoshop mockups. Anyone has any experience with this? Is it worth it?
0 images | 9 replies
No title
If i use someone behance Art in a ad im making for a ICE CREAM company who will get sued me or the client

Im in the Caribbean so noone will "HAS" really seen the ad
1 images | 5 replies
No title
Why are project managers always retarded?

I worked plenty of webdev jobs and every single time the project managers are retarded women. They dont know how webdev works, what can and cannot be done, or even what is a graphic designer's and what is a developer's responsibility, they just send tasks to do with little to no thought.
And to top it off, they always have the most to say about a design despite having 0 qualifications or education in the field. Jesus christ i am seething.

God I miss being a freelance designer.
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Learning While Worrying About Money
When you have to worry about money or a future career while learning your mind jump to a million different things instead of perfecting one or two

>i started learning /3/ C4D 2 months ago became committed dugged deeper into this field & saw to really be good on this path i will need to Know Photoshop, After Effects, illustrator, & indesign , started learning those & my mind is all over the place & dont know what path to continue down

i want to get into motion design CG motion design For Advertising/commercial. How Deep do i have to go in on Photoshop, After Effects, illustrator, & indesign to be competent in the CG field ?
1 images | 1 replies
Black work?
What's the name of this style and how is it usually created? Just tracing or are there filters and tricks to achieve this?

Pointers for Affinity (P,D) and Procreate would be much appreciated.
1 images | 8 replies
No title
How can I learn to make a map like this?
0 images | 5 replies
Vtuber Channel Logos
Can we all agree here that a lot of these logos are just plain garbage? No design sense at all and they just throw everything at the wall.

Pic related, this is a drop in an ocean of garbage vtuber logos.
2 images | 10 replies
Photoshop alternative?
What is the best photoshop alternative in linux with modern UI, similar shortcuts or keybindings to Photoshop and works Offline.

I tried out Gimp and it really sucks, it's just counterproductive to use it.

Photopea is good but it's web based so I'm hesitant to rely on a web based app.

Krita - I didn't try it yet, but I heard it's more suited for drawing rather than image manipulation.

Inkspace - not alternative
2 images | 34 replies
Im on Mac - how best to add text to a gif?
I want to paste text "NEWSFU" after the spinning stops. Center aligned and large, as its my logo, preferable in a pixel font.

How do I do this on a mac?

Im able to mac short videos with logos / headings using Finalcutpro but have no idea how to work with Gifs.

Thank you!
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No title
I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone know of any tutorials that teach you how to make 3D videos geared specifically for UI, such as:
0 images | 2 replies
No title
what do you guys think about adobe subscription model

how do you manage to pay those high fees, do you even?
0 images | 14 replies
No title
That'll be 150$ thanks good sir
0 images | 1 replies
What is this art style called?
I found this guy called Oscar Chichoni and I really like his style but I can't find anything like it. Wikipedia says it's like Art Deco reborn?? I'll put some more of his art. Reminds me of Warhammer 40k in a way.
6 images | 25 replies
I hate this goddamn design
Everyone always wants to talk about the big tech pajeet art style but that's miles ahead of this garbage. Every goddamn pediatric physician, dentist, crematorium, juvenile detention facility, loony bin, anything with 'family' in the name, and any other Zionist corporate endeavors have these goddamn blue and green blob people as their logo. Every single time, without fail, not even any variation in color. I hate this damn shit.
1 images | 2 replies
No title
osaya01 - copia (2) full throttle to the darkest corners of the imagination.
2 images | 7 replies
/vxg/ - Flag Design General
vexillology flag
This is a general dedicated to the design of flags, also known as vexillography.

Talk about flags, design flags, critique other anons flags, and of course, discuss how you could do so much better if you were allowed to redesign your countries flag.

>rules for flag design

>how to break those rules

>why city flags are the worst

>basic flag designer if you dont have access to image editors

There seem to be several flag threads up at the moment, so lets give this a go and see if there is enough interest for a full time general
135 images | 262 replies
No title
Developer here.

Learn what CSS can and can't do, you utter retards.
1 images | 8 replies
No title
How was this image created? Think it was just photoshop? Or is there some particular program this works well for. Looking to create something like this but I'm not extremely skilled with graphic design. Any pointers on a program or a specific tool I might use for it?
1 images | 10 replies
US Flag Redesigns
Yes there's an Vexillology thread already, but that is general flag design. This is a thread where the job is to redesign all of the US state flags. Why? Because the vast majority are trash, and even the best can be made better.

1) No Seals or Coats of Arms
2) No Text
3) No tiny details
4) Minimize color variety to standard colors
5) The flag should mean something / represent something
6) Make it really good or really bad, the only sin is to be boring.
20 images | 39 replies
No title
How do you get noticed by agencies to get work?
I’m working on a portofolio and growing my instagram but I don’t have any commercial work to show (you need experience to get experience loop)
I worked with companies and have experience but it’s not the kind of stuff I want to show for my new line of work, how did you get started?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
sorry if this is the wrong board but I need a little bit of help

I have an xp pen artist pro 12 tablet and was looking for some digital art programs

I tried downloading a demo version of open canvas 6 or 7 but it was all in Japanese so I was unable to test the program and learn it's ins and outs
so my question is do any of you know of an english demo or if you have experience with open canvas 6/7 is it user friendly for a beginner with very little understanding of computers?

thank you
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Help me color this old pic?
I got most of it done, but I can't find a way to paint those black stripes blue like the rest of the sweater. Any hints? I'm using Multiply for everything except white.

(I looked for a general photoshop advice thread but couldn't find one, sorry if I should be posting somewhere else)
1 images | 4 replies
No title
i don't want to waste time on art schools so what are some good resources that help you learn graphic design in decent way? sticky isn't very helpful to get started for me

pic not related
0 images | 13 replies
Contour Cut in Flexi
I'm trying to do a contour cut in Flexi, but it keeps wanting to cut the 1st boarder line around the text. How can I tell it not to cut this?
0 images | 0 replies
No title
where the fuck do i illegally download fonts i can't afford this bullshit
0 images | 6 replies
No title
I instinctively don't trust things with high production value visual identity.
0 images | 3 replies
No title
images (7)
why is my artwork/design not popular

i put 18 hour on it i know its uglier than your 3 minute sketch huhu
1 images | 3 replies
Its been hot say the least.
Anyone able to remake this meme where instead SpongeBob is outdoors in the heat/desert and it says "ight, imma head back inside"?

I dont have access to my desktop atm. Don't care who makes it. I just feel its something that needs to exist.
0 images | 4 replies
Graphic Design is dead
Graphic Design sucks ass. This job is dead, it's complete and utter shit. It doesn't pay that well, you put a lot of yourself into your work and nobody cares, nobody understand a 100th of the rules of design - be it brand design, UI, UX, motion... - yet everybody has a word about it. Do I have a word on a product manager user stories? On some bland marketing wording? On a dev code? No, because I do my fucking job and I let others do theirs.
Everybody wants the same overused bullshit. Benchmarks have killed good design. Instead of trying to stand out or come up with good ideas, product and marketing teams just do a benchmark, aka "let's do a mixed bag of everything our competitors are doing without adding anything to it". And then every company eats each other shit and everything seems incredibly uniform. Congrats! You didn't take any risk.
Maybe I'm wrong when I say it doesn't pay that well. Actually, all kind of wanking larpers have joined the ranks of "designers" (as if we were a community. Fuck off!) and made it their lifestyle, talking about design this, UX that, wearing their little designer onions uniform but being actually completely unable to get the job done.
Yet, some of those cunts might end up being your manager because of their superior social skills, making your job even harder because they don't get shit about it but have to justify their position.

Graphic Design is a fucking joke. I hate this job.
4 images | 44 replies
No title
What's this style called?
1 images | 17 replies
No title
What is this font?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Probably a shot in the dark but is there any way I could make my own version of this picture? I'd just want to just how the people look a little bit and alter the background. I have zero GD experience and I'm kinda desperate
0 images | 2 replies
No title
are there any other graphic design or typography communities you fellers frequent?
0 images | 6 replies
move on
what can /gd/ do to stop this shit? or keep giving in because $? help stop the stage 4 cancer.
1 images | 3 replies
such a woman
so cute !
0 images | 1 replies
No title
hello, /gd/

first time here, i hope it's okay to make this thread.
i'm an undergrad and i have to make a prerecorded presentation for one of my classes. it's a five minute powerpoint presentation, but the kicker is that the lecturer wants us to record video of us presenting and have it in the corner of the presentation.
i have never done this before and don't know where to start.
i have at my disposal a laptop with a camera, a tablet and a phone. i have powerpoint, and would prefer to spend no money on any software so if you suggest something please take into consideration that it has to be free or pirateable.

how do i go about doing this? i was thinking of recording the powerpoint and recording a seperate video of my talking and then overlaying them somehow, but i don't know how my computer would go screen recording that process.

thanks in advance
0 images | 2 replies
gimp 2.10
Kekistani Flag
I'm looking for help with this program. I have a few images I'd like to meme, but I'm not too familiar with the program. I've watched a few videos and derped around with it myself, but I haven't gotten to the expertise I'm wanting. Does any of you anons work with this program or know of any links to help?
0 images | 7 replies
No title
What would you call this kind of aesthetic?
12 images | 24 replies
deep fried meme aesthetic
post designs and pics based off the style of the hottest memes zoomers post on reddit
2 images | 7 replies
How the FUCK were these made?
Any tutorials online on how to design the aesthetics of these sleek 2000’s cyber whatever skins for Winamp in like photoshop and whatever other program I need?
1 images | 11 replies
No title
Tldr: How can we leave a good legacy through graphic design?

Public domain image; the website Pexels is great! The Lumii app (free version) helped me build all the edits.

What I want to discuss here is how to use graphic design as a force for good. I want my life to leave something behind, and that's guaranteed, but it takes effort to build a positive legacy. This is part of why I'm not in marketing; I like graphic design, but don't trust the morality of modern advertising.

So what do you think, of this image in particular, and this idea in general?
0 images | 0 replies
glitchy effect
how do I make something like that with my webcam
0 images | 1 replies
No title
20210611 030547
How important is equity-focused design?
1 images | 4 replies
No title
what are some good book covers? regardless of content or text
42 images | 56 replies
sqt / qtddtot
mask i&#039;m shaping, keyframes activated
Stupid questions thread / Questions that don't deserve their own thread

I'm trying to blur the eyes/nose on a movie in after effects. Tracked motion, applied to null object, using tracking info to drive an adjustment layer on top of eyes/nose. Due to lighting and movement, tracked movement is not precise enough, so I'm tweaking the shape and position to follow the face's perspective/position changes. I've activated keyframes on Mask Path, Mask Opacity (for when blur is not needed) and Position, see pic related.
I'm scrolling trough the video and adapting the mask's shape/position as needed, 30 seconds of footage in, I preview my work and to my surprise the mask has changed shape from what I originally set it as, and basically all my work carefully shaping the mask to the subjects face is gone. It's close to what I shaped it, but different enough to fuck me up. What am I doing wrong? What else do I need to keyframe so I actively lock the masks shape/size as desired?

tl;dr how do I lock an adjustment layer's mask's shape/size per keyframe?
14 images | 50 replies
No title
1 images | 6 replies
What do you think?
I made my own currency, but I am poor af so I use free photo editing platforms all the time. This is the result
4 images | 23 replies
No title
I HAVE ONE, www.patreon com/andresloquesea
0 images | 2 replies
No title
I'm an idiot, can somebody please tell me what font is used for this sled?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Does anyone have a CGPeers account, and can I get an invite?

Thanks in advance
1 images | 10 replies
No title
You are building a graphic design reference library, right?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Best place to find linework like pic related for free? Most of the free sites have a limited supply of this specific art style and I know of no sites I can pirate it from.
1 images | 6 replies
No title
Why did /gd/ lie to me?
0 images | 5 replies
replicating this style
back then we had a thread about it but i don't remember finding a definitive answer. what's the verdict?
4 images | 16 replies
Very Niche
post examples of Japanese people using the english language in strange ways for graphic design. Not “engrish” per se just weird combinations of words
34 images | 44 replies
No title
has anyone here used carrd?
1 images | 8 replies
No title
Does anyone recognize this logo?
0 images | 7 replies
How do you pick a font with so many samey options?
Imagine you have a client with unlimited budget and you opt for using a neo grotesque (or any other category for that matter. im starting to feel like the typeface market is oversaturated). What font do you pick out of the dozens of good options out there? Obviously you gotta first take into account shit like budget and x-height and spacing and wether its gonna be used for long text or display, but i feel like theres so many options that even after narrowing it down theres still too many to choose.

The more I look at neogrotesques the more they all start feeling like i could pick whichever and it wouldnt matter. Especially if its for display since readability at small sizes is irrelevant. Like, for instance, if i wanted to make a website UI, i can think of 10 fonts that can all get the job done. Even defaulting to the devices system font gets the job done well.

What, then? Is it just subjective preference? Do you go for the cheapest option? Or the least popular to be ~different~? The only objective metric i can think of is the character set if youre planning to display russian or vietnamese or some weird shit, but most of the good fonts support those characters anyway.
0 images | 5 replies
No title
>Be me
>Designer at globohomo agency
>Don't give a fuck about politics, just want to work, so I do what is asked
>"We need a diverse group of people drawn in 70s hippie Americana aesthetic"
>Draw a group of a Mexican dude, Asian girl and black he/she.
>"Love it, except for the black person. The skin is just too dark. Like, WEIRDLY BLACK."
>Hex value #754C29
>"Too dark"
And these are your allies. I'm less racist and I say the n-word.
1 images | 11 replies
No title
Gimp or Photoshop?
0 images | 11 replies
Pixel art software
What software should I use to make pixel art like this bros? It looks so good
2 images | 15 replies
No title
ITT good redesigns
56 images | 166 replies
No title
Can anyone point me to the specifically-named style/filter used on each player in this montage - or explain the photoshop process to produce a similar effect. Can see some kinda grungey brushing work on the blends between players
0 images | 4 replies
No title
images (6)
help explain spatial relationship betwen line and shapes and size on paper that helps the image looks correct and then how do you acquire colocation to make the picture;

like how image length becomes bigger nearby, or shorter based on its foreshortening. the exact measures needed to portray the figure/subject
0 images | 1 replies
No title
When I studied graphic design they told me that a well designed logo is simple and not too colourful.

Yet power rangers has logos that look like this.

Explain this shit to me?
1 images | 15 replies
No title
How do i get into UI and UX design? how do i start learning it?
pic unrelated
1 images | 8 replies
Swiss Graphic Design?
Capture d’écran 2021-05-03 à 20.27.29
Why is it so good?
Why cant we have stuff like this on our streets?
Where can i learn it online?
Any book recommendations?

Pic from:
3 images | 12 replies
No title
how do you grow on instagram from zero in 2021? the algorithm seems absolutely fucked and the most likes i got were 50 (75 followers atm)
I'm not the greatest but ive been steadily working as a professional for years but it seems I do below average on insta
1 images | 7 replies
No title
what a dumb process
2 images | 12 replies
No title
how Do I make posters look 'vintage' in indesign? I wish this looked like the old OSPAAAL posters (i'll leave an example)
9 images | 45 replies
Old cover art thread
I hate how cover art for games basically died. Nowadays the cover 'art' is a bunch of cgi in game looking stuff. Post good old real cover art.
29 images | 34 replies
No title
>minimalism bad
>skeuomorphism good
4 images | 9 replies
No title
What's your opinion on Japanese Prefecture flags?
4 images | 18 replies
No title
ITT dogshit
0 images | 5 replies
Is anyone good with colors?
I'm working on a game engine for lower end systems and I'm having trouble picking which colors should be available. The maximum colors I can have is 256 and I want to have the most useful ones. I have two sets of colors that are good candidates.
>pic related
The top two are the same colors, just arranged differently. The bottom two are the same colors as each other too just arranged differently.

As an artist which set would you prefer to use for general purposes?
1 images | 5 replies
No title
Soveit Space Program
I am looking to get in to graphic design, well web design to be specific and I like to research the topics of my interests to death.

What are your must read resources specifically for web, that are not mentioned in the recommended section in wiki?
I prefer books but any relevant media will do.
6 images | 12 replies
No title
Typefaces/fonts that irritate you more than they should
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No title
what's the veredict?
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Why are germans so stupid?
Well I understand these fuckers can't draw but why are they stupid?

Seriously germans are really stupid, they don't even research, lazy fuckers.
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