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"/gd/ - Graphic Design" is 4chan's imageboard for graphic design.

Welcome to /gd/
This is a place to discuss topics about visual or graphic design. Requests for photoshopping or free work go on /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or /r/ - Adult Requests as appropriate.

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#4chan-gd @

>What literature should I read to get into graphic design?
The sidebar on the /gd/ wiki has plenty of book reccomendations.

>What programs do I need to get started?
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw

Adobe Photoshop


>Which program is the best for X?
It's usually subjective if you pick a program in each of the right categories above. Use vector programs if your making a logo/icon/illustraton, use bitmap programs if you're messing with a photo or stock image. Gimp, Inkskape, and Blender are free alternatives and have the same function as the paid programs but the paid programs tend to be used more in a professional enviroment.

>What font is used in this image?
Try these sites before posting a tread asking for fonts:
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What are some packaging design you like?
I'm from the US and am on vacation in Europe and I bought this pate in the store earlier. I really dig the simplicity and color of the design.
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It's over, it truly is.
Combining @StabilityAI #StableDiffusion generative powers + Human guidance and graphic skills* with tools like @Photoshop in a coherent workflow.
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No title
good morning sirs i don't frequent this board but i got a request
anyone know how to copy this style? i paid a jeet on fiverr 12$ but he drew it by hand and the result looked nothing like this
i need an easy way to recreate it with filters or some shit
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No title
how would YOU redesign the 4chan homepage?
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Umm... are you not supposed to work freelance/having clients instead of wageslaving for breadcrumbs in a studio? lol. All the people I know who do Motion Graphics work that way.
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i haven't done any graphic design stuff in a while and i just finally got a laptop. i decided to throw together a desktop wallpaper for myself. very different from my usual style. any critiques on how to approach it differently?
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No title
>Download trial version
>Find 2 things that are impossible to do within 1 hour of use
Is it really good or is it popular just because its 70$/life license?
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before/after thread i guess
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Meme this image
Jet template
Put anything your heart desires into his hands, I just need something
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Font Share Thread
Request and share non-free typefaces and identification of typeface samples.

> Previous thread


> Older threads

archived <dot> moe/gd/search/subject/Font%20Share/

> Font identification

Before you request, do your due diligence by running your font sample through a font identifier;

whatfontis <dot> com
fontsquirrel <dot> com/matcherator (be sure to enable the myfonts setting)
myfonts <dot> com/whatthefont

If you're not getting a clear read then put your sample in PS, separate the letters and colour it to be pure black on a white background.

> Font requests

First of all, check;

vk <dot> com/board178186634
graphicex <dot> com

> Uploading

catbox <dot> moe is great for uploading small-sized zips containing fonts, especially since it doesn't expire.

If somebody helps you then pay it forward!
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I just started a job at a failing restaurant…
Basically, I just started working at this place that has few employees. There are four of us in the kitchen. 2/4 of us are responsible(me, plus and kitchen manager)

The other 2 are lazy and don’t clean up after themselves.. the restaurant has failed many health inspections and is on the brink of getting shutdown… also most new hires quit on the first day because of lack of instruction…. They’re short staffed af.
this is the chillest job I’ve had, and it pays better than most restaurant. The owners are willing to give out raises if you’re decently competent. Tips are great.

Now, I do graphic design… is it so much as a stretch to ask the owner if I could revamp their kitchen with a bunch of fool-proof signs around the kitchen that tell new employees where things go? In exchange for a raise?

Or is that tacky? I don’t know how to network.
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Early 2000s webdesign
29 media | 93 replies
Mid-to-Late 2000s
ITT: We post mid-to-late 2000s graphic design styles, visual trends, and aesthetics.

Anything between 2005 and 2012 (or anything that is reminiscent of that era) is welcome here. THIS IS NOT A Y2K THREAD. DO NOT POST Y2K HERE.

Previous: >>445568
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No title
How do you get this effect/feeling (the trashy Hello Kitty vibe) for images? Is there an online tool?
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No title
Anybody know how to recreate the circle pattern of this goreshit album in photoshop?
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No title
Did we really get so cucked that trannies stole the short wavelength colors from us? I'm so fucking pissed off right now. I can't fuck men, I can't wear feminine clothing, they appropriated the rainbow, I can't say basic facts of biology nor be feminine/compassionate, and now apparently even the fucking short wavelengths are owned by the alphabet mafia. Fuck them. Seriously.
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No title
does my shit suck im just messing around in photoshop

didnt even know this board existed lol
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Improve sharpness
Could someone explain to me how I can improve the sharpness of the entire photograph? The face and skin
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Questions General Thread
6411bec60d789714e4e2520e_Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 12.46.48
Hey /gd/

I have a question, if I produce images using illegal versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, do these images have any metadata that can be tracked to see if they were illegally produced?

and how do I remove such metadata, I tried googling this shit but it doesn't come up with any real answers on this topic

I'm just getting to the point of completing my 4th as well as 5th gd project for my portfolio and want to upload them all to Behance but also still not cause any problems for potential employers.


Also post your questions/queries
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No title
Is going to college (either for a degree or a certificate in design) a waste of money when things like skillshare and udemy exist?
I've been fucking with photoshop for well over a decade but only got seriously in to design recently, and I'm enrolled for a certificate but I can't shake the feeling that I'm spending several grand on an education I could match for several hundred dollars so long as I put the effort in.
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No title
I have the opportunity to attend two different schools for a "multimedia design" degree, both take sort of a different approach

First one: This one gives you a very basic understanding of design with two or three design subjects in the curriculum like "Graphic Design I/II" and the rest of the degree is divided in different modules where they teach you certain software and a project along with it, from Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Unreal Engine, post production video/audio, even PHP programming with UX/UI stuff, 3D modeling/animation, VFX etc. I expect all of them to be very basic and that you're supposed to dive deep on your own interest, it's more like a "practical" degree in some way.

The other school has a more traditional degree with courses like photography, art history & design, front end webdev, typography, morphology, digital audio, design semiotics, it also has some 3D subjects but it doesn't cover as much.

Idk, do you guys think it's important to have an strong foundation in design for working with 3D? I think I want to do motion graphics or maybe post-production video but I still don't know, the good thing about the first school is that it kinda shows you all the possibilities.

I don't know if I like Graphic Design to be honest, I like using photoshop and doing edits and stuff like that, but I don't like branding or logo/package design
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Name of this font for Comic
Well guys, I need to know about this font that you seeing at image, a font that is used for Comic and Manga.

>What a name of this font?
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Frutiger Aero
the last "corporate" aesthetic with soul.
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No title
>fellow designer and I were assigned to assist with designing some banners in Figma
>Fellow designer’s title is technically “Art director” so she often feels like she’s the senior or leader despite us sharing the same role on this project

>I make a set of banners
>next morning I find out she adjusted the headlines on most of my banners
>she has a tendency to do this on past projects we’ve worked on with Figma

Is this normal when working with Figma or is my coworker just being a cunt? I wouldn’t be so annoyed by her edits if they were actually good, but every design edit or suggestion she’s made was always poorly received. If I tell her a blend mode should be set to “Lighten” to get a certain look, she’ll say it should be set to “screen”. Then the next day she realizes it should be “lighten” after all. I’ve found her moving some elements into the bleed area of certain templates, just because I guess she thought it looked better, but obviously she didn’t bother to look up the specs of the template.
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No title
First real peace. Let me know what you think.

Good or bad?

Post also work my father made and I edited...
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Adobe software crack?
Does anyone have a crack for the adobe softwares? Out of college now and I really don't have the spare money to pay for the softwares I need. I need Illustrator, Photoshop, Aftereffects, Indesign, and a couple others.
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How to make album covers like these
Screenshot 2024-02-22 153624
The title. What editing software would i use to make an album covr like this with lots of exposure, what effects would i use, i know nothing about gd btw
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No title
this might be one of the most soulless redesigns I have seen yet. it doesn't even make sense.
4 media | 11 replies
ancient symbol collections
sup /gd/, found this super cool site
unfortunately paywalled, but you can disable javascript for the site and bypass that

are there similar sites like this?
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No title
what is /gd/'s favorite album artwork?
150 media | 195 replies
No title
who the hell designed the 4chan banners, they are so simple yet so fun

share some of your favorites
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No title
do any of you guys draw, like regular normal drawing? post your drawing?
115 media | 274 replies
what is the name of this shit
soundwave thingy
i need help naming/identifying/making those blocky soundwave that were used a lot in the 2000s/10s. i couldn't name it or find an example of it, but i'm sure you guys have seen it, maybe in like vocaloid or rhythm games stuff.its kinda like this one in the picture, but instead of being like " I ", the waves are like "[ ]".
i would really appreciate if you guys could help me on it, im sorry i couldnt describe it better
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No title
Anybody else just recreate stuff? I was organizing my e-book library and noticed the cover of this book was extremely low-res, and every other image I could google was either low-res or the wrong aspect ratio for my Kindle, so I just re-did it in photoshop lol.
Have you ever done something like this anon? Maybe you recreated an obscure CD cover or the graphic for an out of print t-shirt? Show me!
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No title
What is a good color
34 media | 53 replies
No title
anything similar to this style? i want to copy it but i need more sample
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No title
we are slowly healing
7 media | 41 replies
worst ‘creative’ job you’ve worked
curious what kinds of things u guys have done.
ive had a lot of random ‘creative professional’ side jobs to carry my weight while doing my own work.
recently got fired from my university’s print/design shop upon graduating bc they decided to get rid of non-student positions. only stayed bc i was going to get a 2x nonstudent raise and am gullible. unknowing last day was secret santa and had to gift my boss.
most degrading though was being an instructor at a few of those paint and sip places. never felt so psychopathic
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No title
typography issues. There’s ruqaa script for handwriting, kufi for writing with mosaics, naskh for legibility, you get the point. It’s a very flexible writing system with a lot of typographic styles. Arabs fell behind in the last 200 years, no new style of writing was created for computer systems. Text is a lot smaller because it’s written in a style not meant for glyphs. Arabic text doesn’t use up the whole vertical space, their letters just didn’t evolve in design. Compare 3 with ع: they’re the same shape and both are Arabic, 3’s shape evolved but ع didn’t. It just needs a new writing style and a way to differentiate letters without dots. 29LT made a font that was nice once but it wasn’t very simple. How would you fix it?
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I made an Animation
Demon (13)L
I made an animated illustration about the Devil. What do you think?
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No title
How do I create this glow effect on the edge of the button? I'm relatively new to GD.
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No title
Am reading german design/typography material from 1928, wanted to share an excerpt:
on the topic of ornaments - "The more primitive a people, the more extravagantly they use ornament and decoration. The Indian overloads everything, every boat, every rudder, every arrow, with ornament. To insist on decoration is to put yourself on the same level as an Indian. The Indian in us all must be overcome. The Indian says: This woman is beautiful because she wears golden rings in her nose and her ears. Men of a higher culture say: This woman is beautiful because she does not wear rings in her nose or her ears. To seek beauty in form itself rather than make it dependent on ornament should be the aim of all mankind."

do you agree anon?
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No title
Redesign It. From Scratch
103 media | 283 replies
How do I make good looking headless edits?
Not sure if this belongs here but since it's regarding photo manipulation (which counts as graphic design) I might as well try.
So I like this genre of edits of women called "Natural/Modular Body Magic", which basically means that they look like they either had their heads magically removed or that they never had any at all but they can live just fine without them (like dullahans), but many of them are pretty shit so I wanted to make some good ones of my own, the problem is that there are no good tutorials online on how to make them, so I was wondering if you guys could guide me on how to make them.
Pic related is more or less what I want to achieve, something that looks relatively natural and organic, rather than just a quick and sloppy MS paint job.
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No title
Best way to go about fixing terrible finger placement in ai generated pictures?
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No title
How are some people getting paid 191k and I barely get 65k a year in a large Midwest city anons
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Nine-Fold Script
Ninefold 福
Is there a set of rules to generate Nine-Fold Script characters from Small Seal Script characters?
Or is it completely up to the artist?
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How do I enjoy graphic design?
I've been trying to get into graphic design but every time I try to study it feels it like a chore, and thus every homework I try to do looks like shit, any tips to get passion and fun in my work? or what do you guys like the most about graphic design
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Tactical Kekistan Flag
Make a tactical redesign of the Kekistan flag for the upcoming meme war.

Bottom flag is for referance. Maybe you could use flecktarn camo patern as the base instead of multicam.
4 media | 7 replies
HELP - Photo Effect Process
Effect 1
I am needing some help with identifying the effect process here on these stills. I'm trying to get insight as to how I can replicate them. Images are from Cowboy Bebop, I'm wondering if they would have used actual analog processes, dot matrix printers and the like? Any help is appreciated!
3 media | 4 replies
Do you like my design?
Toadline 2
Experimenting with archetypes. Bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds.
2 media | 12 replies
No title
anyone know how to accomplish pic related?
0 media | 2 replies
Cross Stitch - Subliminal Verses
Subliminal Verses
Hi I just want some advice cuz I just finished designing the pattern for this cross stitch (it's a cover of an album) and I don't know what missing (don't worry I am planning to add more reds)
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No title
redesign it so I can find my autistic husbando
1 media | 8 replies
No title
Do literally anything with this image, repost in thread, next poster has to edit the last edit
68 media | 87 replies
No title
I need some creative help with a logo design for my new house painting company.

I have been sketching rough mock-ups(I can’t draw well) of a cherry blossom with the pedals as paint drops.

I love Japanese style artwork and any input would be helpful. Happy to tip some $$$ for help
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No title
What is this art style called? It reminds me of 2000’s futuristic stuff from Designers Republic
0 media | 2 replies
/n/ meets /gd/
Mexico City Metro icons
ITT we post graphic designs related to transportation .
Here's my city's transportation systems' graphic identity manuals (they're in spanish but you can use deepl).
4 media | 10 replies
No title
hi im looking for honest feedback
its basically a public database with a nice ui
you can change the colours to be whatever you want!
im also making an app for it
0 media | 4 replies
No title
i'm trying to make a skull logo thing. are there graphics design rules or some shit? i'm just winging it.
15 media | 39 replies
design an ape logo
no nigs though. something unique like old 1990s web logos
3 media | 5 replies
Windows media player skins

This is the most beautiful GUI I have ever experienced literally the best. It's a fucking joy to explore. It may be little rough around some edges but damn it's beautiful.

I don't want to be the guy that talks about souls and design. But this thing might as well breath.
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No title
I hate McDonalds so much for this.
1 media | 19 replies
Any advice on how to improve my portfolio website?
I want to create my portfolio, but I'm shit at design so I would like some recommendations on where to go from this. I have been using the 70-20-10 color rule and the color palette but I'm bad at this. Any ideas on what to do ?

>inb4 if you are shit why do you want to be a designer
I will be focusing on backend dev, but I need to show my job.

thanks in advanced
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No title
thinking of making an empire with gnostic and transhumanist ties to it. This is what I have so far. Should I make it less rough and less detailed? Or change some things?
0 media | 5 replies
This album cover
I've been looking at it for a bit but can't seem to understand the symbology
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Can I talk about video editing here? I really want to talk about it but I don't know what board really suits it, people at /tv/ just aren't interested at all

Nowadays, the only thing Premiere has over Davinci right now is the AI shit and communication with After, which is very useful, but Davinci is so good, is Premiere only so hegemonic because it's adobe?
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TATTOO design
Hi everyone! Today i'm here to get some suggestions about the idea for the design of a tattoo that i want to dedicate to my father父.

Starting from the fact that I am not able to draw this tattoo on my own, what am I here for is the suggestion of the Best Hyperrealistic/Realistic tattoo artists around the Europe I can get in contant with. But not only, if you know some people who would be interested in this type of project please share their/your contact as well.

The idea of the tattoo is "simple" but at the same time very complicated: It is a kanji 父, which it should appear digged into the skin, with lacerations and redness of the skin to make it appear more realistic as possible.
So thats all.

I would like to thank everbody in advance for every type of suggestions/contact/helpful tip
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No title
free hugs for women
I'd go viral with this, right?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
How is Affinity Photo standing against Adobe Photoshop? At what level do I notice difference? I really like their pay-once thing.

Yes I know I can just crack Photoshop.
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No title
what would be the easiest way to mask something similar to this out or any type of jewlery with a lot of holes in it?
1 media | 3 replies
No title
What design style would you call 4chan? i want to see videos breaking it down or art in a similar style to this website
0 media | 6 replies
Mid-to-Late 2000s
ITT: We post mid-to-late 2000s graphic design styles, visual trends, and aesthetics.

Anything between 2005 and 2012 (or anything that is reminiscent of that era) is welcome here. THIS IS NOT A Y2K THREAD. DO NOT POST Y2K HERE.

Previous: >>433511
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No title
Is this good poster design?
0 media | 11 replies
Inspo thread
no overarching theme
just post stuff that you like and think other people might like
be it just because it looks cool or you think it's exemplary of what graphic design should strive to be
13 media | 15 replies
Best places to look for part time remote work?
you suc
I already work a full-time remote job but have been getting fucked in the ass by these damn student loan payments and need a second source of income - has to be part time and highly prefer remote work. Any ideas anons?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Is MDE/Sam Hyde's current art style cool or embarrassing? Sincere and naive or ironic?
3 media | 26 replies
No title
help meh
what's an easy tool or way to turn a photograph of a person into something like on the right side of my picrel, thanks in advance
0 media | 0 replies
No title
What do you call The Designers Republic's general style?
It's not quite brutalism but it isn't really minimalism either.
4 media | 14 replies
FREE PSDs, Where?
Screenshot_20240104-051952_Samsung Internet
What are the ultimate websites for finding all kinds of PSDs (social media posts / matte paintings ,etc.)

Thank u . Mwah.
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No title
How did they make this movie poster before photoshop?
5 media | 25 replies
No title
C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_MOSAIC_Temp_Saved Images_
what do we think about Frutiger Aero?
1 media | 11 replies
No title
everything that I colour in procreate on my ipad looks like absolute trash. the colours are so useless, because they give zero texture.. and texture is what gives you feeling from colours. e.g water colours look elegant, oil paint has its own texture.. etc.
i am trying to create mural 'proposals' for potential clients, and want the colours to look close to a spray paint finish, what program is best to achieve this result?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
how does /gd/ cope with the libtard shit in briefs? currently doing a course at uni for graphic design (yes, i'm a retard, i know) and one brief is to work with a publisher to make an experimental book design based on a real section of text.

the thing is one book is some gay black guy jerking himself off for being black and gay, and the other is going "muh i'm a pregnant woman in a world that is climate fucked".

is this all it is? doing briefs for libshits like these? or is this just university being university?
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No title
This is a animation I have made in my game development course in college

40 seconds; 12 frames per second; Used only pencil, notepad, rubber, cellphone camera and a tripod.
1 media | 4 replies
No title
Hello /gd/
I'm new using Photoshop, im learning the basics to be able to clean mangas and CGs

I have this scenario
in a CG that I'm cleaning because there is no textless version of the images I need to use one of the images that contains a dark layer on top but is textless
what are the best tools to replicate and remove that layer having the reference from both versions of the image?
I tried using levels and contrast layers
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No title
Don't know if this is the right board - but does anyone know what font the "Fatboy Slim" lettering at the top is?

Post some other cool album covers too
1 media | 1 replies
How is this possible?
I'm new to prompts and AI..I'm using Leonardo currently but how did this guy make this AI image look so if taken by a phone kinda pic? Any quidance is much appreciated
1 media | 15 replies
Let's talk about flatdesign
Last april, i went to magadan in the far east. people were still driving old cars, and the cans around them had a gradient design with cyrillic letters. I wanted to live here. but soon i had to return to my home in south korea. in there, tradition has been killed. my feeling at the time is that i want to send some mail with the charger to airport, university.
Flat design ruined my life, and annoying me until death. flat design based on pragmatism and materialism.everyone loves the old skeuomorphism, but it's crazy that flat design still exists today.
1 media | 6 replies
No title
resume anon
resume/curriculum vitae/cv thread

im a pleb with a hs diploma that works entry level jobs but i recently updated my resume and decided to make it look decent
0 media | 6 replies
problems with adobe subscription
Screenshot 2024-01-28 124339
Hi everyone! in early december i tried to cancel my subscription and was offered 2 months free and of course i accepted. today because i got the reminder that i was due to expire in days i went to the site to cancel and i was scared of the penalty to pay(all ok, i found on tiktok and here the way not to pay it by changing plan). The problem though is that as my next payment it only gives me 2,10€ and I would like to understand if it is true or maybe on February 1 I will end up paying 4/50€ so out of nowhere
0 media | 0 replies
No title
My uni has reduced everyones Adobe AI credits to 0 and won't be issuing new ones. Thanks Taylor.
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Do you have any advice for putting this much text on a catchy or eye catching poster?

The words are cool but when I try it just looks like a shopping list or something
2 media | 9 replies
Then you should know that at the current year of 2023 graphic design is pretty much dead. I was a professional gd for almost 10 years working in both studios and on my own and I can't really find a job anymore. It's not even because of AI to be honest, its because of how the industry works and how bad the corporate environment has become.

There's still web design, 3D and VFX/motion design(primarily 3D too) and if you want something similar or easy to transition then chose one of those but I'm not sure for how long they will be relevant themselves because of the AI which is basically a final nail in the coffin of gd. Of course there are and will be exceptions and maybe you will get lucky to find some obscure local business that needs you, but if you are young and looking for a career in the future you should stop consider becoming a graphic designer. This profession is dead.
14 media | 158 replies
No title
WTF, I love AI now
1 media | 3 replies
No title
Now that most content is digital, is it worth learning InDesign?
0 media | 25 replies
Beer Brand
1108 Sem Título_20240109143515
Anywhere did a Beer brand called "SPA Beer". This logo has emblem characteristic.
0 media | 5 replies
Ready for the FOURTH relaunch in 10 minutes /v/?

Surely this time it will work.
0 media | 0 replies
Get idea into Reality
I am often flustered by pictures posted here. Like how the fuck you came even up with that idea.

I learned a lot is fuck around and find out. But I find at the start there is an idea. I have problems putting that into reality - not a problem of software. If I draw it, it looks shit. In my mind it looks good and different. This or I get stuck in the fuck around phase. Any tips on that topic? Should I just get better at drawing? Better at visualizing? I have the same problem in making music, and setting up scenes for photography. Doing street or travel photography, where I see the shit in front of my eyes, is way easier. Does that problem makes sense to anyone?
1 media | 8 replies
No title
Post em schizos
150 media | 236 replies
graphic design regrets thread
ITT you post old projects that bother you now that some time has passed. (projects that you can't be bothered to redo or currently plan on remaking).
Picrel is a logo I made for a water related company a long time ago. (forgive shit quality, original file lost) Looking back on it the water drop tip is too bent, the white lines outlining the horns are too thin, and the chin tuft comes too close to the edge of the drop.
1 media | 5 replies
Pantone Fuckery.
Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 3.53.20 PM
With Pantone fucking around, I cant tell if this is their fuckery, or fuckery on the behalf of older users at my company but.

>new adobe doesnt have pantone color books because greed
>copy the old ones and load em on in.
>No problem, works fine

>client requests pantone
>check color books for swatch
>plenty of swatches, but not that one.

A. is this because of the PMS fuckery?
if not
B. anyone got a comprehensive book dump I can refresh my jank ones with?
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No title
Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 12.13.42
Hi I'm creating this graph for a project i'm doing.

It's a skeleton rn but this is what I want to show but it looks kinda bland, does anyone have any ideas on how to spruce it up a bit?
0 media | 0 replies
No title
images (49) (5)
Why does nobody use optical illusion as an aspect of a design? It would give off a "beyond your comprehension" feeling to whatever is drawn.
3 media | 8 replies
How can i make this symbol better
Screenshot 2024-01-21 175336
How can i make this polished? I made picrel in krita but i only know how to use the brushes on it. and my hands are shaky. Please help
1 media | 1 replies
No title
Anyone doing dental designs with ExoCad?

Leave your advice
0 media | 0 replies
Fake anime screenshot
I made a coloring of a manga panel and now I want it to look like it's an anime screenshot.
Like pic related.
You know kinda blurry and low quality. But just gaussian blur doesn't cut it.
What the best way to achieve this? Any good tutorials?
I found alot but they all suck.
1 media | 3 replies
No title
This week a client needed a logo and I used AI. Sorry not sorry. The client said the logo options looked great hahahahaha. If this doesn't tell you that it's fucking over for Graphic Design, then nothing will really.
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I want to make a tshirt model, but I dunno how to do it on Core Draw, I was trying to make it read and no matter how I select the red color it always paint it red

Plus, where can I buy a good 3D model or something like that do edit?
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cover art for peeps
I make cover art like this for randoms, ik its not like good but the client asked for a "early 2000's" kinda deal so uh yea

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Hi guys, I have a problem. Looking for a job and there is a fork in the road: I want UI/UX and Graphic Design (branding and other gibs) work experience, but I'm not getting them in the same time, obviously. My main goal is to become a chad-solo-specialist to fuck and rape everything that moves in marketing/design/websites as fast as possible and I'm in rush because the niche for this kind of shit in my country can shut down any time, already have some good artistic basis and taste is kind of present, which is a half of the job, so only experience in the field is required and some technical stuff (easy to pick at work).
I wondered, at least, books which cover pipelines and methodologies of modern companies.? I like books like Just Enough Research, UX Project Guide, Designing Brand Identity, but I feel they lack something practical, you know. Thanks in advance
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he labels his layers and groups
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What's the more efficient way in 2024 to cut-out the contour of manga drawings with like this?

Currently I'm manually removing the internal hairs/face pattern by hand and then select by color.

The purpose is to extrat the svg path of the face.
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Save all your files as WEBP to save space preserving quality!
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How to recreate this artstyle? I've fiddled around in After Effects with modulation with some similar results, but I want to know if you guys got some tips
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Frogs and PCs
Hello Art friends, I’m just here to ask for name suggestions for my new PC that’s coming in. I’m making custom decals and all for the case and I’m looking for some name ideas. (For reference, it should have a good name similar to names like GLaDOS or HAL 9000)
Oh it also should relate to frogs
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isn't it kinda weird that graphics meant to represent screens are still stylized like old curved CRTs when 99% of the world now uses flat LCDs?
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lighting effect question
yes i know pic related is garbage but there's something I want to know. How Do I make those lighting streak effects that separates images? the ones with blue and red lighting in the middle of thew banner. I want to learn how to make this effect in Photoshop.
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My graphic design teacher sent me to get a bunch of bussiness cards without the cutting lines in the file.

Gave me a straight up png, when I asked about the cutting lines he said "Eh they don't need it.

Got laughed out of the printing shop.
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How THE FUCK can I make an animated show. I wrote a script for a comedy pilot and I can't really afford, nor want to pay for someone to animate 30m of dialogue between several characters and locations. Any advice where to start. Any software that makes it super easy like rpg maker does for rpgs? Anyone an animator want to do it for me lol? I'll cut you in half the profits..
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Flat design is officially dead! Reddit is better than 4chan!
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Can you help me become a better meme creator?

How do I make this spread?
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I am going to get some food
Is canva the best website for graphic design I am going to try to earn it for art uses. I want to be able to draw on it like I do with my phone when I screenshot in this article style?

Does anyone here know if it would work as I deserve to relax sometimes? Everything has been stressing me out and I deserve to rest and relax. Sorry if this is a dumb question I mainly post on /x/ and this is the first time I am posting here
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Why won't Kia fix their logo?
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