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"/d/ - Hentai/Alternative" is 4chan's imageboard for alternative hentai images.

Pussy TF / Vagina TF / PTF / PTF
10Hwan PTF alt
Boys and girls getting turned into girl's vaginas!
These first 8 are all ones I've either requested or commissioned; starting with very recent OC!!
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[No Futa] /dmggg/ Vanilla Monster Girl Games General #6
放課後の鬼ごっこHoukago no Onigokko
Actually a new game release edition.

This is a mainly vanilla general about monster girls games
Please read the rules at the bottom before posting.
General guideline for discussion here:

ALL monster girl games (as defined in the rules section) are allowed to be discussed, but you must avoid posting graphic content from them that is on the Do-not list, do keep in mind that Loli/Shota content isn't allowed on /d/.
In the same manner, all monster girls are allowed to be posted as long as you follow the rules section.

Houkago no Onigokko (the game in the OP) game have bee released, it's a somewhat "scary" game, kinda like Shirono Yakata
SHRIFT 2 demo have been released and is currently being translated by Shrifted
SHRIFT 2 chapter 1 release should be in November
Black Souls 3 won't be released until Red Riding Hood 2
Castle of Temptation "Church" update have been postponed, Poring got banned from Steam (again) and is being salty about it.
MGD got updated and have more girls and things to do

New Rentry additions:
Thanks to anon we have a brand new database, there is too many changes to list them here so a changelog have been made.

Monster Girl Games Collection:

Game guides and resources:
Ghostbin mirror:

Discuss/Post Monster Girls Centric Games (80%+ MG content)
Post Monster Girls of any kind and origin, naked or in the act but keep them vanilla and follow the Do-not section.
Respect other anons
Keep it vanilla!
Try to have some fun

Post futa, vore porn of any kind in any context.
Discuss futa, vore except for the strict purpose of game discussion, like plot events, game features and so on.
Pretend animals with Human heads, pegging, homos, buttplay, mpreg, futa, etc... to be vanilla to post porn
Feed trolls (You). Report, filter, move on.

Previous Thread: >>10187036
20 media | 32 replies
Cute/Wholesome Trap Thread: Swimsuit Edition
A thread for wholesome, adorable, and fluffy boys. A little lewd is fine, but this is a cuddle zone first!
Besides that, anything goes! Solo, yaoi, het, as long as it is cozy and sweet, and a cute boy is at the center of it, it's welcome!

(Also, friendly reminder and warning that shotas can get you punished!)

Last Thread:

Question of the thread:
>It's getting to be that time of year soon, so you're gonna start seeing more people in swimsuits come June. What's your favorite type of swimsuit for a trap to wear?
35 media | 37 replies
Recent Things - /d/ Edition
Previous Thread: >>10124003

How to quickly get the sauce for images from Pixiv:
>Take the ID part of the filename (Numbers before the _px)
>Add that ID to the end of this:

For images from Twitter, give this site a try:
It will often, but not always, find the source.
251 media | 281 replies
/gfd/rr/ Gentle Femdom / Role Reversal General
Previous thread: >>10161647
>GFD/RR pics
>related hentai
>monster girls
>general lewdness
>doujinshi recommendations
>anime/manga recommendations
Take futa, cuckolding and "hardcore" femdom to their own respective threads.

>What is Role Reversal?

/rr/ and /gfd/ pastebins:
Need links

Doujin list:
Need links

105 media | 246 replies
Circumcised dicks / circumcision
last thread: >>10200466

Previous threads: >>10136593 >>9477788 >>9397475 >>9431324 >>9461320 >>10006949 >>10028645 >>10090735 >>10121194 >>10160992 >>10172916
9 media | 28 replies
ESRGAN Upscaling thread
Post a lowres pic, I'll run it through ESRGAN once or twice to give you a nicely upscaled version.
Any kink welcome, but censored pics will be ignored.
4 media | 4 replies
Smegma thread
bonus point for pussy cheese
96 media | 120 replies
Previous thread: >>10147482
107 media | 198 replies
Multiple arms thread
Where did the last one go? At least it's back!

Self-explanatory. Girls with extra arms.
211 media | 261 replies
Futa on Male
Kaf3art Catboy x BunnyMommy
Thread were we post futa topping cute boys
Written Works Welcome.
106 media | 210 replies
Breast Implants
Because plastic is better.

I don't make these myself anymore, but here's one of my """creations""" that seemed to be quite liked.
60 media | 80 replies
Giantess Anal Vore/Fart
No strict rules in this thread. Post any pics involving giantess booties. Bonus points for Samus Aran pics or pics of a gts trapping a tiny in her rectum while she holds in a fart
Any pics with scat must have the scat censored or link to the pic on an external site
149 media | 233 replies
omorashi thread
As per the usual, females only.
Previous thread: >>10148395
159 media | 276 replies
Slavery Thread: Fallen Princesses Edition
World Building Questions:
>1) What setting would you choose for your scenario? Modern? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Based in reality?
>2) Are slaves used for practical work, or are they just playthings?
>3) Do slaves have any sort of rights or protections at all? Or are they treated like pets/tools?
>4) What's the main "supply" of slaves(breeding, captives, etc.)?

Questions for Masters/Mistresses:
>1) How do you want your slave(s) to view you/feel about you?
>2) What would you do with your enemies once you enslave them?
>3) What (if anything) would you use your slave(s) for besides sex?
>4) How do you view your slaves, are they "people" or just your toys?

Questions for Slaves:
>1) What would you do now that you've been collared by your mortal enemy?
>2) Would you try to escape and what would master do to you if you failed?
>3) What sort of training would master put you through?
>4) How does master use you now that your a slave?

Questions for Switches:
>1) Are your master and slave fantasies always separate, or do you like to imagine role reversals?
>2) Are there differences in how you would treat your slave(s) vs. how you imagine being treated as a slave?
43 media | 64 replies
Huge, Swollen, Overfull Balls
Big, fat, bloated balls full to bursting with seed. Be it due to rampant production, endless edging and teasing, or days upon days of denial and accumulation, post cute boys/futa in desperate need of an ejaculation- especially if they aren't getting one any time soon.
187 media | 247 replies
Futa Is Always Bigger
A thread dedicated to futanari showing off their insurmountable penile superiority over men.

No Futas getting penetrated it defeats the point.
47 media | 73 replies
Venus Thread
New thread time, thanks as usual for keeping us going folks!

This is the thread for curvy mommy bodies. Post images of thick, full-figured women ripe with the hallmarks of sexual maturity and fertility.

Common themes include combinations of:
>Thick/plump, especially in thighs, hips and butt
>Large tits, sometimes sagging or low-hanging
>Pubic hair and/or underarm hair
>Sometimes a soft, paunchy belly
>Occasionally muscle

For the previous thread: >>10186201
For Venus Futa, check out our sister thread: >>10198283
24 media | 36 replies
Big Butt Thread
This thread is for the biggest butts, though thicc thighs and wide hips are welcome too, and ass expansion is greatly welcomed.
No male, futa, gas, or scat, please.
11 media | 12 replies
Futas cumming absurd amounts #13
>futa cafe edition
A thread dedicated to futas producing excessive cum.

Previous: >>10150935

Thread prompt: what would a game centered around hyper-cumming futas be like? Could be any genre: RPG, Tower Defense, FPS...
95 media | 177 replies
Monkey's Paw XI: Kinky Genie Club
As always, take the role of a perverted genie and grant the above anon's wish with a lewd and sexy twist.

>Grant the wish of an Anon above you, putting your own twist on it.
>After granting a wish, you get to make one wish yourself. The Anons below you will grant it, and so on.
>If a wish received only lazy "the wish is made completely unenjoyable and everyone dies" answers, you can re-grant it in a different way and still get to make your wish.
>If all wishes have been already granted, then you can just ask for a wish for free.
>Not a rule but it's still good form: if someone put effort and creativity in their post, you are encouraged to put effort and creativity when you answer their wish.
>Remember that we're here to have fun!
86 media | 125 replies
Shrinking Women Thread
fairy 2
Last thread has hit the bump limit, time for a new one.

previous thread

Previous thread was great with a bunch of people posting cool stuff. Hope this one will be just as fun.

Someone is even making a game
Here's a link to the thread on giantesscity:
77 media | 93 replies
Inflation General
Previous thread >>10164485
Same rules as always!
No males, furry and morphs.
128 media | 157 replies
Male Vore
Been a while since thr last male vore thread.
11 media | 11 replies
Female Erotica
Bit of an odd fetish but I'm turned on by /d/ & /h/ & /e/ content specifically made for a woman to coom to. Female author counts too, I think, since otherwise the thread would be really hard to get a pulse on.

Doesn't necessarily mean femdom but does mean it's specifically marketed towards women. It's hard to say for sure what that is, but in general there's an emotional focus.
27 media | 74 replies
Dr/aw Thread: Sayaka Edition
- All artists welcome!
- Respect /d/ and global rules.
- Do not request drawings of real people.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference. You'll have to repost your full request after the thread 404's anyway, so please conserve post count.
- Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the drawfriends! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Drawfriends, don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
- Please no coloring or edit requests. Take them to this thread:>>10179643
- If available, anchor your posts to make fulfilled deliveries easier to track.
- If you would like to make the new drawthread, please be sure to wait until at least page 10 so that our awesome booru-master doesn't get swamped!
- Have fun and enjoy the lewd drawings that come from this.

Pictures of past threads are up at the /d/ booru.
The newest pics in there could use tagging, please contribute if you have nothing else to do.

If you're looking for a deleted thread try checking
and enter the post # of the thread or any post you are looking for.

You can also go to
which has every thread that features this boilerplate.

Previous thread:>>10211221
176 media | 211 replies
FTM / Trapformation Thread: Speed the Spread Edition
Girls getting their breasts smoothed away and their pussies inverted into nice, sexy trap cocks and balls.

Being a trap is too much pleasure for just one pussy to feel! Post about methods for spreading the blessings of silky smooth trapcock and flat femboy chests.

Memetic, hypnotic, chemical, sexual, magical, whatever spreads the fun!

Last thread
94 media | 136 replies
/analgen/ Anal Toys & Masturbation General
Question Of The Day: What is your most expensive dildo/device you own for anal play, and how much do you love/hate it?

>Last thread

>FAQ (read before posting)

>Panty's Guide to Anal Training/Blowjobs

>SurfboardPotato's Guide to Prostate Play

>regdude's Technical guide to anal

>What's the lighter test?
If you buy a chinesium sextoy on amazon or aliexpress, it's worth checking to make sure it's actually silicone; follow this guide to check:

>Recoring a toy

>Say hello

If you want to post yourself, go to >>>/trash/cbg and cross-link to it
for webms with sound cross-link it to gif like this >>>/gif/22454896 #

>Kegel exercises: [Embed]
40 media | 120 replies
Spanking thread
New canvas
Last thread was there : >>10130931

Off-topic posting, malding trannies and Discord drama not welcome.
89 media | 151 replies
Male Chastity
Orgasm denial, edging, teasing and dripping - THE place for desperate qts. Post your deep dark fantasies.

Previous Thread: >>10194749
7 media | 23 replies
Cock/balls expansion/growth
10 5 2
Post dicks and/or balls growing or exapnding. Futa and single-to-multidick welcome.
104 media | 179 replies
Inflatable thread?
As it says on the tin. No tf shit though, hate that shit.
0 media | 0 replies
Omnipotence Thread #17
"Letting mortals try out having this power" edition

A thread for the fetishization of power... any depiction of the use or display of extreme power, such as possession, transformation, giantess growth, super strength / muscular bodies, soul vore, godhood / ascension, physical dominance, widespread destruction and others, are all welcome.

Previous thread: >>10157541

Story links:
20 media | 60 replies
New Hypnosis, Mind Control thread
New Hypnosis, Mind Control thread

Try and keep it hentai/Japanese artists, there is already a hypno thread on /aco/.

Old thread here: >>10079374
142 media | 227 replies
Defeated Heroine/Bad End
Thread for all anons who enjoy bad endings in their hentai. All forms of bad ends welcome. All writeanons also welcome.
93 media | 162 replies
/preg/ - Vtuber Pregnancy General
A Craving For Vite - Edition

>what is /preg/?
/preg/ is a place to discuss Vtubers who you would like to see pregnant or as mothers. Drawings, fantasies, and especially relevant clips are all welcome.

>why is /preg/?
Children are a miracle and good mothers are angels. It's only healthy to want family with a good wife and a few kids. With the amount of garbage threads on this board, some detoxing is definitely needed.

>Is this just about pregnancy? Can we talk about the breeding or child rearing parts?
All things pregnancy related are also welcome. Changes to the body, changes to behavior, how many children a girl should have, maternity clothing, lactation, baby names, etc you get the idea.

Chuubas with confirmed / suspected pregnancy / breeding fetishes.

Vshojo: Nyanners (confirmed: breeding, lactation, birthing), Silvervale

Hololive: IRyS, Haachama, Suisei, Hakos Baelz, Mumei, Kureiji Ollie, Moona, Houshou Marine, Sakamata Chloe

NijisanjiEN: Selen, Nina, Shu (mpreg), Enna (possible baby trap)

Indies: Meatscave, Snuffy (confirmed: breeding, lactation, cuminflation, pregnancy, general belly expansion), Bao (has baby fever), Layna (has extreme baby fever), Mint Castella (more evidence is needed)

Any additions to the list are welcome as long as they come with verifiable proof.

Last thread: >>23616048
34 media | 73 replies
insect thread
anyone got o-dio's new fanbox content from fantia?
205 media | 307 replies
Diaper thread
Previous thread >>10104992
207 media | 270 replies
Inconvenient Breasts
Prev: >>10184760

Giant tits that cause all sorts of problems. Back pain, clothes that are too small, wardrobe malfunction, cramped in small space like elevators, smothering people, growth spurts, breaking furniture, etc. Anything to do with big boobs making it worse for the owner of that pair. No limit in size either, post the biggest and best you can find.

Things like giantess, breast expansion and lactation are fine to post too. But they still need to fit the theme of this thread of struggling with big boobs as the main focus.

No futas and/or femboys
34 media | 42 replies
Welcome Back To The Gar/d/en
Tentacle plants, plantgirls, fuckable plants, plant vore, hypnotic flowers, etc.

Fungi also acceptable.
207 media | 273 replies
Thread for Disguise and Masking Artwork and Fiction.

* Furry, 3D, Ugly Bastard, and Live-Action stuff must be linked.
* Skinsuit pitches and premises welcome.
* Talk about real-life masking welcome.

Skinsuit Databases:

Prince's Mega, on Drive:

Bestan's website:

Skinsuit artist list:

Previous Thread:

133 media | 276 replies
Female Chastity Thread
Chastity, orgasm denial and the like. Full-blooded females only, no futa.
112 media | 197 replies
Female hypermuscle. Must be big. Must be ripped. No futa. Breasts are acceptable.

Last thread: >>10128135

Thread topic: Should we have thread topics?
132 media | 183 replies
cock vore thread
calling all degenerates;
i'm sick & fucking tired of seeing shitty furry art & babby's first vore story cv shit. i'm damn near ready to start making my own shit, so what's the consensus on what people would like to see? my personal kink is strictly human female prey stuff, and i'm inclined towards mass vore, multiple women turning to goop and ejaculated. what are your guys' ideas?
150 media | 264 replies
Onahole Part 5: Speedrun Pump n' Dump
Ona 5 (translated)
Previous thread (>>10181436) completed a one-handed speedrun, previous save files filled to 100%.

All forms of sex toy TF are appreciated here, from simple sex sleeves to full-on sex dolls.

Writeanons especially welcome here. Feel free to share your scenarios, your lorebuilding, and your own deep fantasies.

...holy shit just how many onaholes did you anons fill in that short a span of time
159 media | 247 replies
Immobile Thread
64492532_p1 - 트위터 낙서
This thread is designated for girls so big that they cannot walk, or almost cannot walk.

Please keep it women only, and no farting, scat, or excessive health issues besides being immobile.

Any size is okay, but do keep some variety if they end up being planet sized or smaller than California King Sized Bed.

Previous: >>10114154
30 media | 42 replies
Last thread >>10181308

This time we actually hit the bump limit edition.

Post women growing bigger, from mini-giantess to bigger than a building, willingly or unwillingly, pleasant or unpleasant, ripping off their clothes or not, etc.

No futa or muscle growth. There are other threads for that.
8 media | 9 replies
Type of bondage that restrains the arms and legs, forcing to walk on 4. Mechanical looking is also ok.
185 media | 291 replies
Weight Gain Thread
Post your girls getting fat, and far girls getting fatter
159 media | 206 replies
machince thread
anything involving sex machines,vibrators or milking regardless of gender
211 media | 258 replies
Unbirth & Anal Vore
Drought edition.
You’d imagine the idea of a human dildo would be more popular.

No giantess or fart please.
134 media | 228 replies
Eating own cum
Futas and men eating their own cum.

Bonus points if coercion is involved.
112 media | 139 replies
Lactation/Milking Thread
Post girls leaking milk. Writeanons feel welcome to share works. No futa or males.
Previous >>10110494
156 media | 189 replies
No title
Any clown girls you've got, please.
86 media | 155 replies
Futanari/Hermaphrodite General
Post anything related to Futanari and discuss any topic related to Futanari.

Male-looking Futanari allowed.
Do not post anything else than Futanari.

previous thread: >>10176675
57 media | 119 replies
dusk (1)
Hot girls that double as living bombs, usually complete with fuses or timers!
185 media | 236 replies
monster/creature vore
Girls being swallowed by non-human/oid things.

Here's a question, do you prefer "just" swallowing or swallowing that leads into something else, like tentacles inside the monster's stomach?
207 media | 311 replies
Big Butt Thread
This thread is for the biggest butts, though thicc thighs and wide hips are welcome too. Ass expansion is greatly welcomed.
No male, futa, gas, or scat, please.
201 media | 302 replies
Femboys with small budding tits
Specifically femboys that look like early transitioners or estroginized.

Femboys are at their hottest when they got small boobs.

>previous thread >>10135557

>To add
These threads get a lot of discussions and debates going and that's perfectly fine but please, if you're gonna argue, at least post some porn. These threads can get pretty chatty.
100 media | 173 replies
/dgg/ - /d/ Games general
Jazz Maggot (@JazzMaggot)
Smothered Edition

Previous Thread: >>10206849

Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.
Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to inspire developers and keep the thread alive.
Check the archives before posting requests:

>/dgg/ Game Catalog:
Password: lewd
>New thread guide & template:
Discord server: 7dgcQTvpW2
64 media | 309 replies
Barbie doll anatomy
"Punishment edition"

Barbie Doll Anatomy, aka Featureless, Nullification, Smoothing, Modest Nudity, Bandwidth Conservation, The Super Wholesome Space, etc.
People whose physical anatomy completely lacks any kind of 'private parts', be it nipples, genitals or an anus.

Physically they not only cannot perform the functions of those missing parts, but they also have absolutely no physical need to do so. Their health is unaffected despite only having uninterrupted skin and flesh where those parts should otherwise be.

Mentally they may be unable to feel sexual arousal or pleasure, or have no instinctive idea of what things like sex, breastfeeding or excretion are. They may also be entirely oblivious to exploitation, having no concept of nudity taboos or inappropriate touching.
Alternatively they may know all about such things in others, but be unable to feel or do them themselves.

They may have once been normal but became like this, and either feel relieved or regretful regarding their new bodies. Alternatively, they might have been born this way and have never known any other kind of life.

Or it could all just be completely unexplained.

Previous Threads: "don't break rules edition" "sexless cuddles edition" "Nudist Beach Edition" "Coming Out Edition" "Civil War" "Conversion Edition" "Sex without sex Edition" "Easter Edition" "First sexual experience Edition" "Romantic Edition" "Same as the last one"
41 media | 74 replies
Venus Futa / Thick Futa Thread
New thread time again.

Think of this as the sister to the Venus Thread.
Similar to that thread, this is for milfy, sexually mature women with curvy, full figures, but in this one they have just a little bit extra between their legs.
Futa on Venus welcome as well! Post it in here!

Previous thread here: >>10146173
For our sister Venus thread: >>10186201
104 media | 152 replies
Telephone Game
Its the Telephone game!

The next poster has to reply with an image that matches two of the tags but can change one tag.

Each tag doesn't have to be the focal point of the picture, it could be something that's barely in frame and it would be fine.

Its best when things are kept vague, and try to not have multiple tags covering the same topic if you have something like (futa, big balls, big cock) it railroads the thread into a bunch of futa posting. These threads are best when they're diverse.

We're continuing off from the last thread >>10179063 (You) (Cross-thread) .

The last thread ended off with:

>Thigh high
34 media | 35 replies
Patriarchy: Daddy-Dom Edition
Theme related questions:
>Is your society monogamous or based on harems/sister wives?
>What measures are taken to ensure women are kept "barefoot and pregnant"?
>Do men openly enslave women or are they more subtle about male domination?
>How is the paternalistic attitude maintained in men(religion, Ideology, etc.)?

World Building questions:
>How should patriarchy be enforced? By laws? By force? By social pressure? Or something else?
>How should women see themselves when they look in the mirror? Describe the ideal self-image of a woman under patriarchy.

For men:
>What do you do with a clumsy slave who really does her best, but just always messes something up?
>What are the cruelest things you want to do to the weaker sex? How would you punish a troublesome female? What challenges would you set for an obedient ancilla?
>What are the kindest things you want to do to your pets? How would you express affection to a loyal bitch at your heels?
>How should a Father treat his daughters, wives and other women in his personal life?

For women:
>You've been sold to a new master but he's only using you as a maid, What do you do to get his attention?
>How do you see yourself serving the patriarchy? Would you be a chaste wife or a slutty paramour? Or maybe just slave or scullery maid?
>What is the most extreme act of female subjugation you can think of? Will you challenge yourself to offer it willingly, or do you want a man to inflict it on you?
>Would you want to be born into it or have a man train you into his ideal slut?

World building:
>What's the ideal state of gender norms(Pushed back to old ways or Neo-patriarchy)?
>Describe how women feel about their situation. Do they have any conflicted feelings which the patriarchy might play with?
>Are the people in your world biologically different from IRL humans? If so, how?
>What is the highest aspiration for a woman in your world? What sort of life can the best women live?

Last thread:
247 media | 265 replies
Adult Trap/Josou Seinen/Mesuoniichan
Post crossdressers which are drawn in a more mature or bishounen style than the usual young and cutesy feminine traps, BUT not necessarily very muscular traps (ambushes) nor turned into shemales (by visible procedures e.g. breast implants).

Ambush has its own thread here >>10130238 , but those are welcome here too.
162 media | 182 replies
asanagi thread
i love this man so much.
they are the only artist i know about that actually draws hentai that appeals to women.
probably wouldn't have gotten into hentai if it wasn't for this person.
59 media | 161 replies
Moving right along from >>10110865

Same as usual, post Greasy Gassy Gluttonous Girls
65 media | 96 replies
/onara/ #96 - Gas General
Previous thread: >>10142920

Onara/Eproctophilia Image Aggregation) and rare onara art)

Pixiv tags: おなら , オナラ, 放屁, 屁
General Fart Discord/Roleplay Server:
https ://discord gg/XkzsGwk

>Keep in variety, try not to post the same artist's work heaps of times in a row unless it's new stuff
>No furry (monster girls are allowed though) vomit or poop. Toilets are allowed if she's farting and we can't see any scat.
>Be kind.
>Don't post art that isn't of decent quality
>Please don't post pictures with girls that have grotesque looking bodies.
123 media | 301 replies
I want big thighs, thighs that clap, massive thighs, i need ridolus sized thighs, also thigh fucking
165 media | 198 replies
Shemale/Newhalf/Dickgirl/Tgirl General #37
Previous thread >>10141821

In this thread we talk/post/edit and possibly draw shemale hentai/write shemale smut.

No pussy, please. That's all I ask you.

Some traps may be allowed but please keep it shemale. Feminization is highly encouraged.

If you have any new content, be it writing, drawing, translations or even image edits, feel free to post it!

C's Haven 1:
C's Haven 2:


Useful links for editing:
208 media | 300 replies
Vanilla Pregnancy
A thread for "vanilla" or "medically accurate" pregnancies and realistically viable in size.

Hyperpreg, mpreg, futapreg, oviposition/egg-laying and monstergirls with anatomy that substantially differs from that of humans should go to their respective separate threads, as well as the Bad Mothers thread for more dicey content, if available.

Previous Thread: >>10130334
260 media | 289 replies
Egg laying
in the spirit of Easter, let's see some cuties laying some eggs. Insect, alien, amphibians, fowl, whatever it's all good protein.
157 media | 167 replies
I need more fetish material, please post armless girls in the thread below

1. DSD (double-shoulder disarticulation, please)
2. Lolicon/Shotacon/CP is strictly not allowed.
3. Futanari/traps are allowed, if there’s any.
4. No amputated legs. Legs must be fully formed.
5. Foot fetish armless content is allowed here (infact, it’s encouraged!)

>Pic is an example.
43 media | 51 replies
Rebis thread
I love Rebis's art alot, and while I know his new stuff is either hit or miss with alot of people, I still want a thread to post and talk about his art/doujins.
43 media | 50 replies
Body Swap
No futa pls

Also can we get some more animal to female swaps, /d/?
98 media | 253 replies
Amputee thread
More amputees.
Previous thread >>10126486
91 media | 123 replies
Bondage and piercings
Preferable bondage using piercings but I'll take what I can get
158 media | 204 replies
Phone & Privacy
Private Gallery, cuckold, porn chats...
96 media | 113 replies
/d/ Bodies Thread
Freakish bodies with human heads. Try not to post monster girls and other things that would fit better on different threads
45 media | 47 replies
Futa on Female
>No Futa on Female thread for weeks
>3 Futa on Male threads in a row
>Even a Male on Futa thread got posted
Man you guys really are /d/icksuckers, post some hot bitches taking it from futas. Shemale are also okay since you fags are gonna post them anyway and reach the bump limit trying to convince us that Shemales are also futas.
92 media | 107 replies
Human Livestock
What if humans - men and women - were treated as livestock? Imagine some of us were raised for our meat, milk, and other products. How would you react to this world? Would you want to live in it? Maybe you would volunteer as a cow?
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Latex and Rubber thread
Question for the thread
>What is your favorite scenario involving latex? Be as broad or specific as you like
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Color and E/d/it Thread
All Editors Welcome!
- Respect /d/ and global rules.
- Request in moderation
- Do not request edits of real people.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference. You'll have to repost your full request after the thread 404's anyway, so please conserve post count.
- Avoid posting extra references as separate posts. These also eat up the post count, so try linking them instead.
- Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the artists! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Artists, don't hold back! if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
- Remember to use the Anchor for deliveries!
- If you would like to make the new color/edit thread, please be sure to wait until at least page 10 so that our awesome Booru-master doesn't get swamped!
-If you see someone asking for long nipples requests, particularly in broken english, spamming, begging etc., please ignore them and report their posts!
- Have fun and enjoy the lewd drawings that come from this!

Pictures of past threads are up at the /d/ booru.
Please tag any you have the time to!

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Previous Thread: >>10130207
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can we have more FtM headswaps
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No title
legs tf2
Post dumb, forced, humiliating TFs. Real life ruining type things.
All TF welcome as long as it fits that.
Previous Thread:
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No title
Trap/futa self fucking

No selfsuck,no dildo, no clones
People putting their dicks in their own ass/pussy only
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The best you've never seen.
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Conjoinment Thread
This is for Conjoinment, Conjoined Twins, Siamese Twins, Multiheads or multilimbs, extra mouths, extra heads or faces, fusion, merging, etc, anything along that theme.
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Reality Altering
I know this idea is super broad so I'll try to define what I mean.

Specifically I love things in which someone can alter and transform people (girls) by messing with either them, or a representation of them rather than just a zap, poof or random phenomenon.

Erasing and redrawing a photo or the real person, squishing and molding like clay, changing a name or job description on a business card, using perspective tricks to make them tiny. Pretty much any form of editing, altering or reworking that causes changes in the victim.

I guess it could also be called "dream logic tf" ?

I think app TFs count too, but I find more original triggers more appealing.
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collar+leash edition
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The "Wholesome" Side of /d/
Everyone talks about "centaur ass" this and "quadruple amputee armpit" that, I just want to cuddle with a /d/ waifu for God's sake!
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No title
Medical thread
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Breast envy
Girls that get jealous of other girls that are more top heavy than they are. Post the best and biggest ones in size difference you can find. Breast expansion is welcome too.

Bonus points: Already busty girl gets pissed at girls with even bigger tits than hers

HARD MODE: Mother jealous of daughter growing more than she did
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Previous : >>10135252

Post women getting bigger, from slightly taller than average to bigger than buildings or city, willingly or unwillingly, clothes ripping or not, etc.
Keep futa and muscle growth to their own threads please
Same for the drama shit from last thread, it's about growing women, not people's ego thanks.
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Post below is your new mom
Old thread died

You know the drill
>post a milf
>add a story, if desired
>no futa
>make it hawt
>the post below you is your new mom
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Minion tf/Mob tf
A thread for powerful heroines becoming simple, weak minions for a more powerful villain. No haigureshit allowed.
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/rg/ - Ryona General 34
Thread dedicated to posting girls getting bullied, beaten, or abused. Peril is also allowed. No guro, spilt entrails, decapitation, etc. Previous threads:

>>10128112 (Dead)
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No title
This is the hottest thing I've read in months.
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Inconvenient tits
Giant tits that cause all sorts of problems. Back pain, clothes that are too small, wardrobe malfunction, cramped in small space like elevators, smothering people, growth spurts, breaking furniture, etc. Anything to do with big boobs making it worse for the owner of that pair. No limit in size either, post the biggest and best you can find.

NO futa, femboys
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