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Ramona Fradon has passed away at 97
>Comic book creator Ramona Fradon has died at the age of 97. Her agent, Catskill Comics, posted the news earlier today. "It comes with great sadness to announce that Ramona Fradon has passed away just a few moments ago. Ramona was 97 and had a long career in the comic book industry, and was still drawing just a few days ago. She was a remarkable person in so many ways. I will miss all the great conversations and laughs we had. I am blessed that I was able to work with her on a professional level, but also able to call her my friend.
>It was only last month that Ramona Fradon retired. And she means it this time. Catskill Comics posted to their website, "after an extremely long run in the comic industry, at 97, Ramona has decided it's time for her to retire. She will no longer be doing commissions. She apologizes to all the fans who have been waiting patiently on her wait list to get one. She did say from time to time she'll do a drawing or two to put up for sale on the website."
>Ramona Fradon, born in 1926 is best known for drawing and reinventing Aquaman – her name was on the credits of the recent movie – as well as co-creating the superhero Metamorpho. Her comic book career began after graduating from the Parsons School of Design in 1950. Her first published work was on Shining Knight from DC Comics and she got a regular gig on the Adventure Comics strip, Aquaman, including the Silver Age relaumch of the character in Adventure Comics #260, and the creation of the sidekick character Aqualad in Adventure Comics #269. She then co-creators the character Metamorpho for The Brave And The Bold series as well as his subsequent spinoff. She also drew The Brave and the Bold #59, a Batman/Green Lantern team-up, the first time that series teamed Batman with another DC superhero, and setting the format up for the series going forward.
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Fall of the House of X Storytime Thread
The Mysterium Armor is Online!

Also in this thread: Sabretooth War continues! Where will they go from here?

Comics in this thread:
>Invincible Iron Man #15
>Dead X-Men #2
>Resurrection of Magneto #2
>Cable #2
>Wolverine #44
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No title
It had no right being this good
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No title
R (3)
I genuinely want to see a cartoon show or movie where the annoying piece of shit friend gets shit on and replaced by someone better.
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Hazbin-Helluva Discussion #04
Quit Fighting Edition

Former Thread: >>142463752

Welcome to the Hazbin-Helluva Discussion. I'm trying to centralize Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss related discussions to a single thread.

>Official Hazbin Twitter
>Official place to watch:

>Official Helluva Boss Twitter:
>Official Helluva Boss YouTube channel:

Keep the horny on a reasonable level. Or don't, I'm not your dad.
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No title
Why was the writing for AtLA so much better than LoK?
9 media | 84 replies
No title
Why did jumba give her a dick?
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High Guardian Spice Visual Novel Project
Hello. A while back, an anon floated the idea of doing a High Guardian Spice Visual Novel akin to Snoot Game. Since then, several anons and I have taken it upon ourselves to start the project up. However, we've hit a big bump. We have plenty of artists, but what we could really use are programmers and ESPECIALLY writers. At the moment, we've only got two. We have an outline and around 32 pages worth of our script done, so we just need more people to lend a hand.

As a writer, what we would be looking for are people who
>can work well on a team
>are good at giving constructive feeddback
>can actively communicate
And the responsibilities would mostly just be writing up scripts for the creative director to then edit to fit the tone of the rest of the project, as well as providing your input for the story. A server link shall be submitted under this post, along with several art assets that we've made thus far.
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No title
ATLA is mid af. It's basically babbys first shonen. Naruto, one piece, DBZ all shit all over it in terms of deep story and action.
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Ed Edd n Eddy
Man Sarah really wanted to wear her brother pants.
69 media | 94 replies
Same Voice Acting
Those girls might be childish on the inside, but I bet they're gonna turn into some fine looking women before too long!
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/co/ General Drawthread
>Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.
>Keep requests /co/ related and keep them concise.
>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.
>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.
>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.
>Drawfriends, don't hold back.
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Don't bump or "second", "third", etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
>Don't fight spam with spam.
>No begging.
>No AI deliveries, no AI discussion. Take them where they're wanted.
>To make the new Drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.
>Have fun!

>Collection of Deliveries:

>Drawfriends Gallery List:
rentry DOT co SLASH txf8t

NSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in:

Previous thread: >>142401188
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Gunnerkrigg Court
Chapter 93: Page 9

Renard got left behind.
14 media | 95 replies
/hyw/ - How's your Webcomic
Threads are made.

Post and discuss your webcomics. Or discuss others webcomics, and the art of webcomic making.
>/hyw/ Master List

>How do I make a comic?

>What if I can’t draw?

>What’s the best site to upload to?

>How do I get more people to read my comic?

>Thread Question
>Thread Challenge
>Bonus Thread Challenge
Don't participate in drama
>Punishment for failing Bonus Thread Challenge
Pickles up your ass
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No title
I don't really read comics, but is nobody suppose to like her?

Is that the character? That she is an annoying dipshit?
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Immortal Thor #7 Storytime
Immortal Thor 007 (2024) 00000
>Young Thor faced the tricks of the Utgard-Loki, with all that lived at stake—in a tale twice-told and now told again. Yet the teller was the Skald of Realms, in their aspect as Thor’s enemy. And thus, the tale could twist upon itself—and if Thor faltered, it could make a new end.

>This is the story of the IMMORTAL THOR…and the story may yet destroy us all.
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No title
Thought's on hoppscotch?
19 media | 50 replies
No title
>We wanted Miguel to be super tall with the tightest abs, tightest buns, and this gorgeous face with eyes that pierce right into your soul.Miguel was never going to be presented as an alternative. We wanted him to embody the most Alpha position
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No title
>Avatar /co/, I need your wisdom. How can I face the firelord without taking a life?
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No title
Evo Rogue
Uh hi, is this seat taken?
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No title
I love VHS captures of cartoons wink wink
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No title
Why are there almost no theatrically released animated movies with a rating above PG?
2 media | 20 replies
No title
Why is Resident Alien so damn good? Is this the best comic book show in recent history?
2 media | 12 replies
No title
Why are mutants treated so much worse than similar meta humans, who’s powers don’t come from the x gene?
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No title
Apparently Adult Swim starts at 5:30pm now with Ed Edd and Eddy.
0 media | 1 replies
True love or toxic codependency?
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The Shitsons
It boggles my mind that the Simpsons lasted for over 37 years despite all of it's characters being ugly as fuck, is it just a matter of American audiences having horrible taste? There were so many other cartoons in the 90s with vastly better art styles and character depth. Did this extremely mid, garbage show really deserve 35 seasons and a movie? Most of which are bad. We really need to examine the skull structure of American executives. They must be some kind of primitive being that’s far removed from modern humanity. That can only explain why they want to keep making Americans retarded by airing this shit while they eat their goyblocks.

Even the shitty knock-offs that tried to compete with the Simpsons like Family Dog and Fish Police were vastly superior visually and mogged the fuck out of Matt “loli feet lover” Groening’s doodles. Should I just start being a rich pedophile so my cartoon ideas become a reality? How many young boys and girls do I have to rape to please Corporate America? That can only explain why this fucking pathetic waste of space still takes up air time along with other adult comedy cartoons that should’ve been axed decades ago. What a bunch of bullshit.
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No title
Is this show supposed to be funny?
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No title
40 media | 122 replies
No good /co/ shows
Over The Garden Wall
There hasn't been a good /co/ show since Over The Garden Wall in 2014. Every other show since then has either been mediocre like Amphibia, or crashed hard like Star Vs.
24 media | 78 replies
No title
I did not know they made little toys of her
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Blood Hunt
>Vampire Event
>released in Spring/Summer, not during Halloween or at least Winter/Christmas
>starring not the magic corner, but the Avengers and the token Strange and Blade
>entire marketing gimmick is "p-please buy our b-book and we promise the super-speshul e-edition has tons of b-blood"
What are they even thinking here? I guess the art will be nice, but beyond that, why would anyone care? At least it's better than DC's awful Vampire AU, but that's not saying much.
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No title
Fiddle dee dum, fiddle dee dee,
you are now married to Vee!
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No title
What are some cartoons with corporal punishment?
2 media | 3 replies
No title
You now remember Powerpuff Girls Z was a thing
1 media | 6 replies
No title
How many spectrums is this person on?
19 media | 66 replies
I Hate Fairyland
I thought /co/ love Gert? What happened?
16 media | 97 replies
No title
I'm going to make love with Scissors and birth his children
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Amazing Spider-Man #44 storytime
Amazing Spider-Man 044 (2024) 00000
Snooze Wars and whatever else, we're just waiting for this to be over so we can get to the more interesting/frustrating Chasm and Goblin stuff
37 media | 189 replies
No title
Was he autistic?

Also what's the best version of the Scott Pilgrim comic collections to buy if I want to get into Bryan Lee O'Malley's work.
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Sonic Prime
Prime Tails
The passcode to Tails's workshop was a little on the nose
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No title
3 media | 29 replies
No title
Why do people justify magneto's actions ?
39 media | 376 replies
It's out on Disney+
10 media | 43 replies
Tuesday Carolthread
Captain Marvel #5
Spider-Woman #4
The Sentry #3
Avengers United #20
Women of Marvel #1?
Avengers United #21

Last week's thread: >>142333215
51 media | 80 replies
How could SCP be a good cartoon series?
4 media | 29 replies
Dino thread, talk about Dino related /co/ media. Primal, land before time, extreme dinosaurs ect
19 media | 28 replies
Cute/Beautiful Designs
I enjoy looking at cute things. I find cuteness soothing and so, I wish more Western shows had very cute designs.
117 media | 304 replies
Space Pack thread
Bally cola
>what is Space Pack
In 1996, teenager Bally Williams' suburban life gets turned upside down when she unexpectedly has to house two alien guests!
personally, I really liked the comic. it's nostalgic, comfy, and heartwarming.
103 media | 221 replies
No title
How bad will it be?
6 media | 26 replies
Hilda the series
This mf is the goat, but you guys ain't ready for this conversation
172 media | 336 replies
what was up with this series anyway
6 media | 23 replies
No title
Now that the dust has long settled, how is this preschool show?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
34 media | 104 replies
No title
Is there a good starter pack (list) of cartoons every /co/ user should watch?
>Avatar the last airbender
>Steven Universe
>Owl House
5 media | 13 replies
No title
do you think toph touched herself listening to sokka bang suki in their tent
90 media | 287 replies
Official Win-O'-Thread
>What is this thread?
Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we gather here and post links to the latest scans and rips of comic books.
Most links we uploaded ourselves, others we are sharing from elsewhere.
Some comics we've even purchased ourselves (but most we didn't).
If you'd like to help out, just ask and we would be delighted to tell you how.
Otherwise, be patient, be polite, and understand the simple concept behind these words: Not posted means not available yet.

>Where can I find old Win-O'-Threads?'-Thread/'-Thread/
(Note: This finds the OP for old threads. If you want to search for comics in the archive, clear the subject field!)

>Where can I find downloads for other comics?
Warez forums/blogs, DDL-indexing search engines (like FilesLoop), torrent trackers (like 1337x) and other P2P networks (like DC++).
If a link has been posted on 4chan, you can search for it in the Desu archive (add "http*" to searches to return only posts with links).
If all else fails, just >buy it.

>Where can I buy comics?
On the various publishers' webstores, and at your local comics shop.

>Where can I find an LCS?

>Where can I find out when new comics are released?

>How do I download from websites that only give me .exe files?
Untick the checkbox under the download button.

>How can I find this thread every week?
If you are using the inline extension go to or use the option under "Filters & Post Hiding".
If you have 4chanX go to Settings > Filter > Subject and add the following line:
/Official Win-O'-Thread/;highlight

>And last but not least
Who am I blaming for this?
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Amelia Rules! Storytime
Finishing the remainder of Vol. 4 When the Past Is a Present (the non FCBD issues that were reprinted in it) and by extension finishing every issue the series had back when it was self-published
>The Whole World's Crazy
>What Makes You Happy
131 media | 247 replies
No title
The FBI are posting Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss threads on /co/ to track down and arrest anti-christs. Be aware!
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Heathcliff has a fish bone.
0 media | 0 replies
Chaquetrix thread: pimpzmuth plans
Ok, you are pimpzmuth. You are proud that Ben Tennyson is using the watch to be a hero instead of what max is planning to do with it.

But now, you want him to date a least one of the aliens.

What are your plans for Ben to date one of his aliens without him knowing?
81 media | 191 replies
No title
What do you think of her?
65 media | 167 replies
No title
Why would Zuko lock her up in a mental asylum where her condition was worsening instead of, you know ... helping her?
7 media | 56 replies
No title
Owen Dennis will delete his Tumblr tonight, alongside tons of Regular Show and Infinity Train behind the scenes and production content. Save everything while you can.
5 media | 16 replies
Sonic Underground The St. Patricks Day Special
Brand ass-spanking new episode of Tamers12345's run of Sonic Underground, coming up Tuesday Febuary 27
Looking forward to Uncle Chuck and Athair shenanigans
65 media | 182 replies
No title
it seems to be the best thing would be not to make shows solely aimed at children. the best would be shows that chidlren can enjoy and still enjoy in their adolescend and even up to their adult years. Anime is great at this. This way even if kids don't buy shit then the adults or teens who watch these shows with them will. the main problem with cartoons is they ONLY want to engage children but then this greatly alienates the older base who actually have money to spend. couple this with the fact many adults would want to watch shows with children. make shows that BOTH could enjoy and you end up with the adult being all the more eager to buy merch / blu ray.

there's also the fact that many anime start of as manga. this could also help us in the american cartoon industry where before making television shows ideas are vetted by their performance / quality in comic / graphic novel form which increases the odds of making a quality and popular television cartoon.

in conclusion. the main thing holding back american cartoons from reaching anime levels is not starting as comics / graphic novels first as proof of concept and deciding to solely appeal to children / avoiding themes and general writing quality that can be fun for both adults and children such as Bluey or Avatar TLA.
15 media | 25 replies
No title
I wish I had a wife to watch spongebob with
This is what true happiness looks like
0 media | 0 replies
No title
How come it couldn't maintain a fandom on /co/?
124 media | 254 replies
No title

Are you guys HECKIN hype for the queer POC roller derby show by Steven Universe alums?? Almost at 100K
24 media | 105 replies
No title
What lesser known, out of left field Batman villains could they use in The Batman 2?
37 media | 131 replies
The Amazing Digital Circus
I want this show to break me. Just have it end on a bleak, cruel twist. Like Pomni and at least one of her friends finally escape the madness and return to reality in the end, only it turns out they're robots and they get immediately eaten by a velociraptor.
34 media | 54 replies
The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy
nurse tup 2
>Two "sexually liberated" female leads
>One character is a "they"
>Dealing with anxiety is a major theme
Yet despite all of this, I enjoyed it very much. They press hard on the "aliens are weird" pedal, and the humor reminded me of Ugly Americans.
Plus, there's Nurse Tup, a sassy older woman with a husky voice, so naturally I will be watching every episode, forever.
1 media | 3 replies
Energon Universe: Duke #3 Storytime
Duke 003 (2024) 00000
>Duke's search for answers has led him to a classified holding site for America's most dangerous prisoners. Now he's the most wanted man in the world. Unfortunately, everyone seems to prefer him Dead over Alive.
25 media | 58 replies
No title
is squidward tentacles a victim of the circumstances?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
I'll be blunt: I was legit surprised she was infamous for being waifubait.
57 media | 220 replies
Ken Penders
tank you ken penders
Is he aware that it has now been firmly established that the Echidnas themselves were not some special hyper advanced civilization above all others, that instead they just kind of happened to live near the remnants of an alien colony and their attempts to use these leftovers is the very thing that lead to their decline?
2 media | 9 replies
Death Battle
Godzilla vs Gamera
First S11 hints at Godzilla returning
70 media | 284 replies
No title
This is Katana, she's got my back.
Her sword traps the souls of its victims.
And she's only sixteen, you sick fuck.
3 media | 35 replies
No title
Why are cartoon dads so ugly in proportion to how hot their wives are?
20 media | 123 replies
No title
>What? Sex BEFORE marriage?
143 media | 441 replies
No title
How did people find the names of the episodes before the internet, they not in the credits and as far as I can recall, they weren't in TV guide either.
16 media | 41 replies
Richard Scarry
What do you think about Busytown?
74 media | 233 replies
No title
ah the spider's natural predator, the goblin
4 media | 20 replies
No title
Let's csp off Black History Month with a nice Boondocks thread shall we.
What are your favorite episodes? Do you wish the reboot wasn't canned?
What did you think of the comic strips and pilot?
1 media | 7 replies
No title
You know she might be evil and all but man I'd give her a pass.
73 media | 219 replies
No title
Would you a Tamaranean?
53 media | 153 replies
No title
Are there any cartoons where the father character is smart, fit and resourceful and the mother is an incompetent slob?
0 media | 3 replies
Judge Dredd
Welp, Maitland is fucking dead.
It was good while it lasted.
9 media | 28 replies
No title
>Be Marvel.
>Relaunch your X-Men brand now that you have the rights back from FOX and don't have to bury them.
>In said relaunch, create an interesting dynamic where all mutants are now banded together, they form a sovereign nation, and abide by there own laws.
>Interesting, lets see where it goes.
>Marvel mismanages it, but a glimmer appears: mutants terraform Mars.
>Instead of just saying "Alright, all mutants are leaving Earth for good; we will leave our portals in major metropolitan areas in case any new mutants are born and need to come to Mars"
>Just fuck it all up and return back to some kids in a Mansion in NYC.

Why? Why /co/? What's the point? Marvel was sitting on a literal storytelling gold mine but stripping the X-Men away from the Earth shit and allowing them to breathe again as there own thing. We could have seen brand new mutants, new political systems, new rivarlies, new characterizations, etc, stimming from mutants fucking off to Mars and no longer dealing with Earth's bullshit, but instead we HAVE TO RETURN TO THE STATUS QUO AND ALLOW NOTHING TO CHANGE.

What is with this Big 2 shit of keeping these characters perpetually trapped between 18 to 30?
3 media | 109 replies
No title
Spidey Supes
As a whole I prefer the DC universe over Marvel's by a wide margin. In fact sometimes I wish Spider-Man was a DC resident. Anyone else feel the same? Imagine Peter Parker, member of The Justice League.

How might Spidey fair if he, his villains, and his supporting cast all originated in the DC universe? What stays the same, and what has to be changed? Best hero interactions? Would the Sinister Six fit right in with The Legion of Doom?
17 media | 102 replies
No title
LiveAction Bumi
I liked this take on him,

its realistic.
0 media | 5 replies
Weekly /co/ creation thread
Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog.


Past threads:
32 media | 194 replies
Grant Morrison's Action Comics
Just finished this and it was great. Time travel antics, 5th dimensional imps, The Legion of Superheroes, Krypto, recontextualized golden and silver age concepts. It's got everything. Not to mention Superman at his most inspiring.
7 media | 116 replies
Glitch Techs 4th Anniversary Video
I can't believe it's been 4 fucking years. This show did NOT deserve this.

They did a 4th anniversary video.
42 media | 141 replies
No title
Camila thread
She could use the appreciation
136 media | 392 replies
Potpourri Storytime
>Carnage #4
>Conan the Barbarian #8
>Godzilla: War For Humanity #4
>Jay Garrick: The Flash #5
>Power Pack: Into the Storm #2
>Punisher #4
>Star Wars: Thrawn - Alliances #2 (maybe)
>The Savage Sword of Conan #1
>What If...? Venom #1
256 media | 274 replies
No title
Batman is a cuck for not killing people who will continue to kill more people.
21 media | 131 replies
/co/ autism
Screenshot (50)
I found this intricate fandom wiki that describes Bugs and Lola bunny as if they're creatures that evolved millions and millions of years ago and its hysterical
0 media | 1 replies
girlfailures of /co/
post your favorite /co/ women who are flawed, messy, or consistently fail even when they succeed.
81 media | 189 replies
No title
Shenzi needs her proper character arc.
2 media | 15 replies
No title
Who are some comics artists who produce innovative, experimental artwork in comics? David Mack, Ashley Wood, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave McKean, JR Williams, etc.
2 media | 8 replies
No title
Gah dayum, the hips on this bitch.
9 media | 20 replies
No title
Why is this the only western cgdct cartoon? Like do western studios hate money, because you would assume that they'll make more of them.
101 media | 287 replies
No title
Itt: post animatronics in /co/ material
0 media | 1 replies
No title
I am little late, but I watched it today
it wouldn't seem like an ending, it is more like "maybe we will milk it in a future"
I like the subtle Metalocalypse reference

well, venture bros. thread, I guess...
47 media | 200 replies
No title
Why did they ruin Katara's outfit?
5 media | 22 replies
No title
s-l1200 (11)~2
Not that bad
4 media | 19 replies
Shendu enthroned
Why does Shendu hate Asia so much? Is he racist?
2 media | 7 replies
No title
>Mater you did NOT go to epstein island.
>Yes i did, don't you remember? you was there too!
0 media | 1 replies
It will never end, trust the plan
164 media | 353 replies
Murder Drones
How different would the show be today if they kept oil consumption as a necessary part of the plot before relegating it to "well you never see characters use the bathroom" status
179 media | 574 replies

> Fan-favorite writer T.P. Louise and artist Ashley Wood’s beloved, boundary-pushing Lore comic will be remastered and made available as three deluxe, extra-length, and fully re-lettered issues this May from Image Comics.

>A unique mix of prose and sequential storytelling, Lore follows Jennifer Bradley’s journey to solve the mystery of her father’s death. But her search grows increasingly bizarre when what she discovers threatens not just her existence, but the entirety of modern society, too.

>“Our intent was to bring my love of myth and the supernatural and use it as a backdrop for the timeless daughter relationship journey,” said Wood. “Lorea love letter to the ’70s TV show In Search Of… with its abstract and unusual families. Artistically, its version two of the art style I started when developing Hellspawn.”
1 media | 2 replies
Would the comic have been better if she kept the snark from the first strip instead of leaning as hard as it did is doom and gloom?
64 media | 451 replies
WB to make movie about Batman defending child sacrificers
Batman Azteca: Choque de Imperios" is an upcoming 2D animated superhero film directed by Juan Jose Meza-Leon and co-produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC Comics, and Chatrone.3 The film is set in the time of the Aztec Empire and follows the story of Yohualli Coatl, a young Aztec boy who experiences tragedy when his father and village leader, Toltecatzin, is murdered by Spanish Conquistadors. The voice cast includes Horacio Garca Rojas as Yohualli, Omar Chaparro as Yoka, and lvaro Morte as Hernán Cortés. The film's release date is currently unknown
122 media | 516 replies
No title
Tomorrow is the last day of Black History Month. Quick, last chance to post your favorite black female characters.
9 media | 16 replies
No title
Duckman? More like
1 media | 8 replies
No title
Why didn’t they just gang up on Zuko and Katara, they had the numbers advantage and all they had to do was give Azula an opportunity to hit them with lightning.
0 media | 6 replies
No title
The loud house fandom be like
8 media | 44 replies
No title
Kung Fu Panda 4 soundtrack got leaked
5 media | 30 replies
Fun-Size Beano Storytime - № 205-8
43-4, 46
71-2, 74
81-2, 85-6
266 media | 278 replies
No title
Why does it look so cheap?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
Marvel comics what if Batman was a bat DC comics what if Batman was just a very rich guy
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Why Stan is doing that?
0 media | 1 replies