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Welcome to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests
This board is for:
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  • Asking for photoshop requests.
  • Asking for recommendations for a new anime or TV series to watch, or a new manga or comic series to read.
  • Asking for tech support or help with your homework.
  • Any other kind of work-safe request.
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No title
what's a good antonym for "based"?
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Exam question
I have an exam tomorrow

and the teacher give us the first question
problem ?
nobody has it

and i really like have that

can help me ??

its the picture to i pic witch this questions

Find the equivalent logical function of F without minimizing.

Using Karnaugh maps find the F function minimized


Implement F again using only two-entry NOR doors and the same
logic of input and output variables

THANKS 4 all and sorry 4 google
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No title
Is there any way to download .wav or .flac audios from YouTube videos?

Pic unrelated
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Beginner Java Help
Why are my pennies not coming out right? It's supposed to display the least amount of all of them needed to get to the random amount generated. My penny seems to be off by one but only some times. Other times, it works fine.
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No title
Can someone shop browsing 4chan on her laptop?
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No title
Can someone get rid of the red circle pls?
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my new tart
looking for a meme of a kid holdin a rat caption says "my new tart"

would be deeply appreciative
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No title

I need to rebuild my pepe collection. I accidentally deleted it like a retard. Please post your best.
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No title
Hello. Just asking for help to crop out Toki Tori (the chick) and afterwards make the background transparent. Please and thank you!
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Thicc catgirl and iron man
I'm looking for two things.
First is an image of a monochromatic blue cat girl who is sitting down.
I'm not sure if she had shorts, thigh high stockings and a tank top but i saw her on 4chan in a thread about thiccness probably 4 years ago?
i think it reminds me of gats' artwork

Second is an old looking iron man comic, may have been a meme edit, but he is without his armor, very weak and on the floor. He was fighting someone off (Dr.Doom?) and they were weak too, i think they sucked him off or something and tony was in pain
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No title
Dungeondraft, a dungeon map making software from the maker of Wonderdraft just came out.

Does anyone already have a download link?
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No title
I'm looking for a good program that let's me change the colors of something in a .SWF file game. For example, Imagine that there's a character in a flash game that has blue skin, I'm looking for a program that will let me edit the file and change the characters skin color to something else like purple for example.
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No title
does anyone have a link to that video of the r9k dude catfishing someone and filming them awkwardly trying to call them out at a restaurant?
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No title
Does anyone have that image of a cute anime girl dressed as unabomber and lurking next to a mailbox
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No title
Anyone can find the digital artwork to this?
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No title
Im having this problem. I cant get anything nvidia to work
I cant install drivers or geforce experience, it says fail. Ive been trying since yesterday and I have removed every single nvidia folder ever on my computer and it still says fail. i restarted my computer a million times please help
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CSI S10 E3 Scene
Looking for the finale scene for "Working Stiffs", where the perp goes through with his plan to the insert song "Under Pressure"

Full episode is fine; Just looking for the scene though.
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Hiding Physical Hentai
I am travelling in Japan with my family. When I went to animate (weeb shop) I couldn't resist physical hentai that I couldn't find on sadpanda and ended up buying it without thinking. How do I hide it from my family? I have my own trolley bag but because we bought many souvenirs we ended up needing to share so they'll find out if I put it there (plus they might get destroyed by the airplane luggage handler). The only other option is putting it in my over-the-shoulder bag which does barely fit them but they only fit on the main compartment not on the pockets so if my family day ask me for a drink or something and they saw it (even if they're wrapped by something) they might get curious. Help
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Cute movies that aren't shounen/extremely heightened in reality
Doing this again because I forgot to bump it
Saw this movie last night on a whim. Very cute, not perfect or award winning, but a feelgood film that lacked some of problems I have with shonenshit. Anymore movies like this? Specifically non-Miyazaki/Ghibli stuff
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No title
this is gonna seem oddly specific and fuckin minuscule but could someone with fallout 76 upload the game's radio sound files to mega or something for me?
There's this mod for Fallout 4 that brings over 76's radio, but it requires the tracks and whatnot straight from the game. Instructions about how to extract the files are on the mod's page
I really don't wanna fucking download and pay for an awful 60gb game that I won't touch outside of this purpose.
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No title
What's the best site to find ps2 roms now that EmuParadise is dead?
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A fascist worked out today
Does anyone have the reddit screencap with communists being upset at the "ableist" "A fascist worked out today, have you?" image?
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Old TV commercial about "action, not words"
I'm looking for a link to a video of an old TV commercial where a few women are standing in front of a sink discussing/complaining that someone has left it running, how bad that is, something should be done to make people more aware, etc. etc, when another girl enters the scene and simply shuts off the faucet.
I don't think it was about water conservation, rather it was about the importance of actually doing something about a wrong and not just complaining and pointing fingers.
Anyone remember this, it's been like 20 years..
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No title
I need the actual version of this image, this is very important
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No title
My TV has no option to dim the backlight (not brightness, backlight) and it's by default set to fucking Maximum. And it being 2 meters away fucking blinds you when you try to watch it in the middle of the night, any ideas? It is a Philips TV
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No title
Does anyone have a cracked version of DevXDevelopment Unpacker tool?
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Brown Christ-chan Photoshop help
christ chan pointing
Hello, could someone please photoshop this Christ-chan to have a nice brown look, next post will be the specific style I'm looking for.
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No title
What's the best version of Sony Vegas you would like to recommend me? I'm looking for something that's not too demanding on hardware, i have an HP Pavilion, Intel i5 2.27ghz, 4 GB of RAM
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No title
mic testmp3
Anyone knows the name of the song or has the longer video? Thanks
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No title
How can I add more hard drives if most motherboards have only up to 6 sata ports?
What is being used in this pic?
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No title
Does somebody have the 4chan header that used to say something like "Kids tick me off" with an asian guy next to it?
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No title
What are some super cute robot/cyborg girl names?
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Asymmetrical horror shooters
Looking for more games like The Hidden Source and SCP: Secret Laboratory where one team plays as the soldiers and the other plays as the monster(s).
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No title
Can I get this template in the numerical order I have listed? Will post original in next post
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No title
What is this from? I cant fine the source
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No title
Have you guys ever seen that picture that's a pencil sketch of John Goodman as Fred Flintstone but he's smoking a cigarette with this contemplative, existential look on his face? If so do any of you have it? I just remembered it and remembered how much I liked it but I don't have it saved anymore. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you frens.
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Can't remember this song
I only have like flashbacks of a music video of this song, it's quite recent (I'd say from the last 5 years) and I believe it's similar to Piece of your heart by Meduza... it was quite famous

I feel like the music video was shot in the evening/night
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No title
How do I make a Twitter bot? Something like pic related
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IRA with captured L1A1s & Sterlings
British cunt gets dyke raped by Irish lass
Hi /wsr/,
I'm looking for either photos, or documented instances (weapon seizures or ambushes), of Provisional Irish Republican Army volunteers with either captured L1A1 FALs or Sterling SMGs. Anything would be appreciated.

Also, since I'm permabanned on /his/ for discussing history, and they might be able to help, please post this thread on there as well and link it here.
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song 24
anons what is the song
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No title
The Mangarock app is gonna be dead real soon and I'm gonna miss it.

What are some good replacements (if any) for it?

Basically, looking for a good manga reader that can read manga from the internet, not just files on phone. Android.
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4chan Android browser
What is everyone using these days to browse 4chan on Android?
I want to find something better than Clover becasue the captcha doesn't always work
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I just watched OreImo and the ending really pissed me off. What are some animes that will fill my Degenerate incest needs without pulling a cop out and keep plowing through.
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Muzzleloaders in modern warfare
Start shit get hit
Looking for examples of muzzleloaders being used against modern weaponry.
Only ones I got are, pic related,
>Second Schleswig War
>Denmark still using muzzleloaders while German Confederation uses Dreyse needle gun breechloaders
And video related
>Syrian Civil War
>"Moderate" Rebels use 19th century cannon as artillery piece
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No title
Could I ask for everything above the red line in the replied image to be removed, to only have the moon in the night sky, please?

A bonus if you're able to add some clouds around it in the same style, thank you.
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shalon 4a1 mask
Where can I buy a shalon 4a1 mask online?
I'm not sure anywhere in my city sells it
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No title
I've downloaded Shellexviewer and I've disabled all of the red colored shell extentions but I'm still getting freezes in File Explorer. I need answers and I need them now.
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Aumented/virtual reality app
I need to make a school project using virtual reality in a presentation, but I can't find a single app that works! They all have one problem at one point that doesn't let me use it
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I tried /mu/ and they’re being unhelpful
Can anyone identify these albums please? The covers look promising
Here are the ones I can identify
1. Alan Sondheim - Ritual-All-7-70
3. Un drame musical instantané - Urgent Meeting
5. Jean-Jacques Perrey – Prélude Au Sommeil
6. Floris Vanhoof - Hootcha!
9. Un Département – Un Département
12. Sun Circle - Sun Circle
15. Haku - Na Mele A Ku
18. Jean-François Pauvros – Musiques Pour Anne Dreyfus
21. Smegma - Clitoridis / Praeputil
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No title
who the fuck is this little shit
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No title
I am trying to find an old illustration that was on pixiv, I cannot for the life of me find it and I have no idea who the artist was.

It's of a young girl in military attire wading hip-deep in water, cradling the face of a cyborg skeleton hung up with wires and mechanics.

Color scheme was white, blue, gray, black.

Here is my shitty drawing of the composition.
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No title
Im looking for the image of "Is she sleeping? No. She is dead". Im pretty sure it was a parody of Wikihow, but Im not finding any results on google.
Also it's fine if it's not using Holo from Spice and Wolf, I just need an image to get a hold of a template.
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No title
I'm planning to get a new Samsung phone and I currently have a S7 but I'm extremely paranoid about my 2 factors not transferring and me not being able to talk to my online friends ( my REAL friends) anymore. Is there any way to do it? will my phone provider help me? I'm scared bros help me.
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No title
Where can I sell secondhand physical hentai doujin? Can I sell them online?
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No title
Any way to share or export/import youtube mixes (the autogenerated playlists based on 1 video + your viewing history)? simply giving the url to someone else changes it based on their viewing history.
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Electrical Engineering
Looking for introductory video courses on electrical engineering, preferably through torrents
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upscale required
would someone be so kind as to upscale this image for me please?
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No title
Looking for some decent quality anime shows to watch. What do you guys recommend?

>70s, 80s or 90s
>has to do with relationship/love between two characters
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Paypal alternatives
I'd like to do some occasional manga TL commissions, however Paypal doesn't allow receiving money in my country so that's not an option.
Basically what I need is a simple e-wallet that'd allow me to cash out occasionally, doesn't have convoluted verification processes and ideally doesn't require registration for the client. No invoices etc.
I tried looking "alternatives" such as at Stripe, Payoneer, transferwise but they seem to be business oriented first and have some retarded verification procedures. Also require both people to have accounts to transfer money.
Bitcoin seems ideal for this but I never used it, it seems tricky to set up at first and I doubt many potential customers use it anyway.
So maybe anyone does similar freelance stuff and uses anything other than Paypal can offer some other options?
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No title
any one know any songs like this or sound like it
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No title
Anyone have that picture in this format (kinda) with young hishiro on the left side and older hishiro on the right with good games on the left and bad games on the right? odly specific I know, but I saw that pic in some thread a few weeks ago and now I can't find it. Little help?
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No title
You know that one song that played in all those really bad flash hentai games? It might've been Russian. You know the one. Help a brother out.
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Help me find the game
I'm looking for the game or sauce of the video related. I've tried reverse search it multiple times but i couldn't find it. Thank you
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No title
Anyone have any videos similar to these?

Where one anime is being crossed over with another anime's OP? I'll take anything, but I'd like to see ones that try and copy the style by drawing the characters from one anime ONTO the characters from the OP, as opposed to lazily putting scenes from the anime as part of the OP, although I'll take those too.

Sometimes videos might be on niconico, like this one. So I'm okay with any video links.

Thanks in advance.
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Laptop Accessory Advice
I plan on getting the Acer - Nitro 5 15.6" Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 - 1TB Hard Drive + 128GB SSD - Black in the next day or two, and I was wondering, does anyone have an advice for what mouse I should get with it? I prefer wireless, and at a decent price, does anyone have any suggestions? What about other things?
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No title
So long story short I was getting data from my girlfriends instagram she was asking me how to open these files that came along with all the other data. (Her phone is an android) does anyone know how I can open them?
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royalty-free music
Anyone got a torrent or MEGA link to Ren & Stimpy stock production music?
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Collecting Kanamori memes/art/photoshop
/biz/ poster visiting other boards and came across /wsr/.

Any good memes, photoshop or art of Kanamori from "Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!"?

Simply anything that brings forth her character of a greedy entrepreneur. Anything you could see being fitting for the insanity of FUD pink Wojacks, Pepe frogs and Nico posters.

Thanks in advance.
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No title
Where can I get the rest of the volumes of Doku Mushi, I found the first volume but I also want to read the others
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No title
Looking to build up a folder of sad content so please share any sad images.
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want to watch Lain
But i've hear there is something i need to experience beforehand and that it's a hidden sequel.
Is this true? Could you provide the information for me?
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New PC for Gaming an University
Hello my friends , I need you advice for my Components of my new PC:

Main: MSI B450-A Pro
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Radeon RX 5700
Power supply: 600W


Do you thinks this work togehter for a Price range of 1100€

Thanks for your Hepl.
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Translate these Marisa stickers
Part 1:
Part 2:

MTL is absolute shite m8.
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Can somebody download and send me this file?
This is the link:

I can't download it because it's so slow and I'm not home, so I'm using mobile connection and disconnetions are stopping my download.
I love you anon.
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No title
I have an app installed and my phone and don't want to update it, I fear that someday I will mistap the Deny button. I don't have the .apk nor is it available online, what can I do to preserve the version I have?
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No title
Please help solve the origin of this image, as in the name of the character and source
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No title
I was downloading something and the computer shut down now the hard-drive got corrupted or something, I've been trying to see if I can recover anything at all with a new computer. I connected the HDD via case/usb but it just freezes after a while probably because it can't recognize the old drive. I've tried Windows Recovery and DiskDrill but they also freeze, should I just give up? the old drive was just a couple months old.
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No title
I had one of these hard drives on my old computer,i remember that two out of ten files that i downloaded had errors (some zip and rar files gave me CRC errors) i found this very odd because when i downloaded stuff on any other computer i never had this problem, weird enough i didn't notice any error after i formatted the hard drive and re-installed Windows

Anyway, since i got a laptop i want to use this hard drive to store my stuff via a SATA IDE to USB adapter, what's the best way to check if my hard drive is working properly?
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No title
I'm looking for this video. That is the request, there is not much to talk about.
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No title
Looking for a torrent of the Netflix dub of Evangelion because I want to give it another chance, but I don't want to give Netflix my money.
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No title
Where the fuck do people watch anime these days?
I haven't watched anything in years and now all my go-to sites are dead or paywalled.
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No title
I'm looking for some images from /v/ of these two naruo-looking red and blue ninjas that support EA and other shit.

Pic related, best I can do with my drawing skills to depict what they looked like.

I don't remember anything else about them.
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No title
Whats the name of the song at 30:47 in this movie ?
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No title
Flatland: The Movie
Does anyone know of a series of comics that feature characters whose heads are all shapes i.e. cubes and pyramids and such? Theyre pretty nonsensical and things just kind of happen, I remember there was one where the characters were talking in a bathroom and begin pissing on each other.
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No title
Hi /wsr/ I'm trying to find a download or torrent for this album. It's the OST to the game Secret Game and the album is called シークレット ゲーム サウンド トラック. But I can't find anywhere that has it, could someone who is skilled in finding music please help me out with this one?
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is my thesis on free speech ok?
So this is my thesis: Although "hate speech" can cause dicension within the very structure that makes up a democracy, we must protect the freedom of speech while knowing the difference between hate speech and free speech

the last part absolutely sucks. I am trying to make a point in which free speech and "hate speech" is allowed within a functioning government but not speech that is used to incite violence or harm
i do not know how to put it into more technical, essay like terms and my essay is due in 2 days and i decided to start over because my last one made literally no sense and had no chance of revivial. please help me
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Flat Earth "The Antarctica" video
Does anyone have a copy or mirror of ? I remember it being very entertaining and would much like to see it again.

It talks about how "The Antarctica" must be real and on the Flat Earth somewhere because Sir David Attenborough went there and saw the penguins.
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No title
looking for an application for windows/linux OS that works similarly to DeskFun for mac
>can open images without any border
>can float images over focused windows
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No title
Heya, I'm looking for an old(?) game for Windows, You're fighting bats and a vampire for points

I can't really remember the title because I think it was in german language or something similar

Other clues include :
- It's a shooting game where you can switch shooting with a gun or a stake
- It has a similar artstyle from chicken run (the one on the picture)
- You are shooting bats for points, and you can shoot background objects for additional points too
- To kill the vampire that shows up occasionally, you must switch tool using a stake instead (if you keep shooting the vampire with a gun, he will instead flip you a bird and vanish)
- If anything helps more, it has a timer to kill anything on sight, it's kind of those highscore games
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Is Behind the Men actually like this?...
I've been trying to fish through Internet Historian's videos (might be a video featuring him but not posted to either of his channels, even) for a comment he made about Behind the Meme and hope that the date he posted is an accurate date to use in my research of... stuff that doesn't actually matter.
The video in question features Instorian talking with at least one other person. They made a passing comment about the difference between idubbbz and Behind the Meme, saying that idubbbz is careful who and how he 'takes people down' (not a quote from the video I'm just using quotes cuz it's not exactly the case), but BtM won't and is the only(?) channel that can/will kill trends. He is like if you gave a normal guy Superman's powers.and it's been a while and weird shit keeps happening but BtM just doesn't get it. They were talking about how he kills with love and doesn't even hate the trends he kills and doesn't know his own strength. Like to quote the video he'll be like "'oh I love you, YouTube poops!' ...and then crushes it's little head".

Find me the IH video I'll be happy. If you cn verify if this video has ever been removed or reposted in some fashion (find the accurate date of original posting) and then find a BtM video before that-... Okay look. Maybe forget all that
I'm trying to figure out how accurate an analysis this is and if so, exactly how bad it is, but can't be assed to try and find the date prior to which the IH thing was posted in case BtM ever became self-aware. J have absolutely no idea how old the IH video is.
Just answer my question is BtM actually this way in at least your opinion - if you have one just you know give me info - and provide (an) example(s) of what Instorian may have been talking about. I thought it might provide me mild entertainment or something, but I hate fishing for a comment and checking timelines when I'm not familiar with BtM (I always just assumed this channel must be awkward as fuck and never touched it)
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human remains 2000
i'm looking for the tv series "human remains" that aired on 2000 in whole
so far i've found only 4/6 episodes on youtube
no torrents that i could find
ideally i'd get a magnet to the dvd but anything's fine as long as i don't have to pay
thank you in advance and please don't insult me
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No title

I am trying to find this image of Anzu without the text but after scouring the internet for a while I only came accross ones with text

Help, please?
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No title
Hi all, just added more ram to my system and seen something which I hadn't noticed before.

Left is the intel HD graphics and on the right is my dedicated GPU.

At the bottom of the Intel one it says GPU memory 11.9gb - is my intel graphics using reserving* 11.9?? The bios is set to 64mb for integrated graphics so I haven't got any idea what's going on here. Hope you can help and educate me.

Intel powers one screen via mobo hdmi while the dedicated GPU powers another via DP if that matters.
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No title
How the fuck do receipt scanning apps even work, what do they do with the data, and how do they make money to keep their shit going? What is the purpose?
I wanna help my mom, but I don't trust that I should get involved with this shit. I'm not schizo-paranoid, just conscientious.
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Sauce on song?
Can anyone please tell me what song this is?
0 images | 4 replies
Yotsuba Edits
Yotsuba's Problem
Requesting any Yotsuba edits that you may have
10 images | 12 replies
Chinese recommendations
Hey guys! Could you recommend me some cool Chinese websites (like a Chinese 4chan for example)? I'm learning Chinese, but find it hard to discover stuff that would simply be pleasant to read. Thanks!
0 images | 1 replies
No title
I was downloading some Apk from google chrome after a few minutes I started getting advertisements regarding random things and whenever I would unlock my phone it would take me directly to a google chorme page for dating websites and shit . I have deleted the said apk and the app but still it won't go away. Help please? (Samsung note 9)
0 images | 4 replies
No title
Requesting the symbols around her to be separated into a transparent PNG, please.
Including the black outlines if possible, thank you.
1 images | 4 replies
No title
Name of a Kung Fu Movie:
Kung Fu movie about a poor modern guy with a fiance, and he's dragged into becoming a great competitive fighter, until he finds out the matches were all fixed.
No, it's not Man of Tai Chi.
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Super Mode & Final Break
Looking for pics and clips of characters violently entering a transcendent state or unleashing energy from an involuntary-looking pose. The shorter and cheesier, the better. I've got all the Super Saiyan ones.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Image source?
0 images | 1 replies
What category nudes by suburb again
1 images | 3 replies
Can someone translate this from russian to english? Thanks.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Anyone know who this is? Is she from a kpop or jpop group?
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Can you record yourself singing "I wanna be like you" from the jungle book? I need you to record yourself singing I wanna be like you from the jungle book.

I have no preferences about who, or where the person must be from; your voice, anon who's reading this, is fine.

Just need the chorus:

"Oh be doo, I wanna be like youuu, I wanna walk like you, talk like you, tooo, you'll see its true, an ape like mee, can learn to be, huuuuman tooo"

You can listen the song here:

Abd upload your recording here:
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No title
My laptop has the problem that the headphones usually disconnect.
How can I make it so that it never uses its speakers and only its headphone?
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Can I get some more shit with similar theme/aesthetics?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
can't find the artist of this already tried reverse image search anybody know their name?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Songs about tricksters or evil people pretending to be on the side of good?
0 images | 2 replies
No title
I need help finding my favorite pepe meme Hard drive gave out on me. Its the one where pepe is kicking a democrat on the ground and he says next year will be much better and next year pepe is hulked out with a spiked club
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Where do you go for PC games that can't be bought anymore?
After playing a bit of Manhunt 1 I was hoping to get the sequel for completionist's sake, but I ran into a problem since it's not sold anywhere at all anymore. I remember Gamersgate having the game at some point for sale, same with Amazon with direct downloads, but those options have been pulled long ago.
I'm not quite sure if there's other sites that sell them, so does anyone know where to get PC games that aren't sold anymore? Whether it be by a good download or torrent site, I know little about PC gaming piracy.
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Daily stomach issue
Hi /wsr/, so over the past few months I have recently been experiencing a very annoying and embarrassing condition in which my stomach will not shut up. I wake up everyday and my stomach is sounding. After eating and going to work around 8-10, my stomach usually sporadically makes noise while I’m sitting at my computer and trying to work and it even sometimes hurts. It calms down a bit for a few more hours but starts up again around 5-8 but less severely. I’ve really had enough of this thing and am trying to figure out how to stop it but I’m not sure how. It’s just so annoying to have this happen daily, and not even be able to concentrate on work sometimes. Side notes are that I drink water regularly, my breakfast isn’t much but I do eat a little more a few hours after breakfast, and that I don’t have any sickness and haven’t been sick as far as I have known; also when I refer to this as a “stomach problem”, the sound just comes from that general area so it might be something else besides my stomach that is making this noise. So guys, what’s you’re take and what should I do because I really want this to stop. Thank you all.
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Sonic Webcomic
There was a webcomic posted on here years ago. It was a Sonic fanfiction parody.

In one part Sonic brings Shadow into his house and says "welcome to my hubble adobe." That's all I remember about it. Anyone know what it is?
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No title
does anyone have the rest of this set, or can link me to it?
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Summer Time Render
Other manga/anime like this? A little mystery, interesting action without going full-blown shonen, not too much fanservice, maybe a girl or two into the main lead but no harem plots.
Not looking specifically for time loop stuff but I am definitely a sucker for "isolated island" stories.
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Anime - Action Romance
Looking for a good action anime where romance is a driving focus.
>Zetsuen no Tempest
>Mirai Nikki
>Akatsuki no Yona
I like these, but they all kind fizzle out near the end. Can you think of anything more satisfying?
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Fallout New Vegas lore
Would one of you please tell me who these statues in the casino depict, and their story?
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anime* reaction faces
I'm looking for the original images these are homaging/parodying. Or rather; the sources *of* those original images. Autistic archival reasons.
I recognize Poptepipic (presumably?) and Googled the text in the two blue-haired ones but have otherwise hit a wall. Any ideas?

[*Disclaimer: Some may not be anime. That's an educated guess based on the artist's other work.]
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No title
Hi, I was wondering if there are any good gaming laptops for around $700-$900. My current one is shitting itself more than usual and I decided it is time to get a better one. I would save up for a PC but I have to move from my home and my dorm quite a lot so I dont want to bring it back and forth. Thanks in advance.
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No title
anyone got the apustaja gif of him walking/dancing
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No title
i was looking for a stop-motion long time, it's about a boy who's inside a house and the house is getting slowly wrecked, i sa this video on youtube in the 2010 but i can't find it, can you please post all the stop-motion you know?
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alright i know the red pills and blue pills, but what's up with the other color pills?
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Computer Autism
I finally got around to building my first pc after my shitty laptop died and once it was done it worked fine for about two hours. After that it just shut off and won’t work anymore. I assume it’s not the PSU because the RAM sticks are still lighting up but everything else, GPU/CPU/Case fans etc. aren’t working.
I don’t really know enough about computers to diagnose the problem so do any of you guys have an idea?
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No title
where can I find a PDF of pic related?
>"The Art of Ian Miller" (2014)
or at least point which board/general could help me find this artbook
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Homework assignment: Greek plays
Im on a time crunch. I need to submit this assignment before 12:00 tonight! it needs to be at least 250 words and cite the sources included in this thread

>Tragedies such as Antigone played an essential role in the education of Athenian Citizens about their roles within the society and the reconciliation of the individual with the community. The experiences of the characters are real, and they demonstrate the complexity of the human experience.
For our Reflection this week, use the Greek Tragedy study materials to determine two things: First, who is the tragic hero of the story and what is his or her harmatia or tragic flaw? Which specific character trait or poor decision causes the character's downfall? To receive full credit, you must support your claims using specific evidence from the video performance fo the play. This performance video must be cited in your refleciton using specific times in your parenthetical citations.
Secondly, Aristotle sets some fairly firm rules for something to be considered a proper tragedy. After watching the performance of Antigone and reading through Aristotle's ideas, do you believe Sophocles' play satisfies Aristotle's conditions? Be specific with your answers. Remember the purpose here is to demonstrate that you have watched and analyzed the play.

Source citation

you don't have to write the whole thing but at least give me a detailed outline to work with. I have not read or watched it.
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Requesting anyone that uses Comcast or Xfinity to go to this site and post the code they receive here
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No title
What's some app to quickly and comfortably download YT videos, preferably from your rec/sub list? There's shit internet connection at some places at my school and I can't do anything on my phone then
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Anyone have the wallpaper on this screenshot?
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Hey guys.
I downloaded the dual audio release.
How do I chose subtitle no. 1 as default instead of songs/signs in the LAV Splitter?
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No title
In this video a guy sings a sad song, he cries, he's bald and has a mustache. The place is at night in some city in the USA, it has a lake in the background.
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Project 64 Rumble problem
Is there a specific N64 emulator or plug-in that has rumble for the Switch Pro-Controller?
I just started using Project 64, and I'm using my Pro Controller for it, but I don't know how to get rumble feedback.

I set the Pak to Rumble, but I get no options as seen here.

I have the latest Nrage plug in, which was the only way it even let me use the pro controller
(I wanted to use the gamecube controller with the switch 4 port smash adapter, but my computer says WUP-028 driver failed to install, and when I try to change the driver to WinUSB v6 with Zadig, that fails to install too, which also makes GNC Adapter exe fail and Vjoy fail, so the gamecube controller is out unless I buy the raphnet version of the adapter)

I thought I read Mupen64+ has rumble, but I tried it and it seems like garbage and seems much harder to use and set up compared to Project 64, nor does it seem to accept half of my Pro Controller.

I wanna use my Switch Pro Controller for a N64 emulator and I want rumble to work.
Which emulator and plug-ins do I need?
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No title
What is this from? Reverse image search doesn't help, nor does googling the name Yuki Azuma.
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No title
What do I need to be able to mount another standard hard drive in my dad's Dell Inspiron 3671? I see these different mounting things; is this for a cage or some sort of rails?
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No title
Would it be beneficial to go to college for data science if I am not seeking for a full job but just freelance work?

I got recommended on here to go for data analytics. I got linked a bunch of courses and then go freelance a bunch of easy projects until I get a good portfolio and then start hitting the bigger jobs.
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Song recommendation
A nice man
Songs with the same energy as this:
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No title
D2ABdsZU8AESdVY.jpg large
What's the source?
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No title
Anyone know where I can find the audiobook version of this?
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Clown Gif Emotes for discord
> Looking for some clown gif emotes for discord
> preferably transparent
> Can anyone filedump their honk gifs?
Looked around online, couldn't find any good ones that are under 256kb and none were transparent background
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AP comp sci A
I have a test in this class I am struggling in. Its AP comp sci A and were in unit 6. Does anyone know if there is a way to find the answers online? (its college board) Its on arrays in java. The test is all of unit 6z
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No title
Does anyone have the video of this video but with the hawaii five-o drums in the background?
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No title
I want to play Tuned Heart (チューンドハート) for the PC-98. I downloaded the English patch just fine, but I can't find a single pirate copy of the game around. Not even on Does anyone know of a site where I can download this game?
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Insulting proses.
Need good insulting prose reference for my writing.
Either from anime, manga, games or books is fine.
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buddy buddy buddy
buddy buddy
Any info on this picture? looking to see who owns it (or uses it)
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Film Music in the Sound Era
Any uni anons who have access to either of these books through their institutions?
Unless the publishing company has changed something recently, they'll be provided as normal PDFs -- no DRM or anything. If someone could upload them that'd be fantastic.
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No title

Need help identifying song. Its not toms diner. Its made by a machine. There is a japanese conversation happening. Might be a remix. Song seems like an instrumental.
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