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  • Asking for photoshop requests.
  • Asking for recommendations for a new anime or TV series to watch, or a new manga or comic series to read.
  • Asking for tech support or help with your homework.
  • Any other kind of work-safe request.
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No title
I once saw an animated cartoon on youtube.
It had a plot about this guy looking for dragon pee because it had some magical properties or something. The dragon is a huge stoner. At some point a knight and the dragon smoke a bowl together
It was this flat little Rocky and Bullwinkle looking thing, it looked like it was made in flash.
It wasn't high art but it's weird I just can't find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Pic unrelated, it's not from it.
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Site to read manga
Hey what's a good site to read stuff like One Piece, One Lunch Man(both Murata's version and ONE's) etc.?
Pic unrelated
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No title
literally fucking wow- where can i find more wow
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No title
How to know if your artistic polish is worth 6 digit traffic/sales
Or just the value of it

Clearly asking One person wont be very right to get that kind of digit so how do you/or some artist do
To make sure their stuff continuously appeal like JUMPs or Square or gravity, big bodies who needs to always hit the big prizes

Like translating the demographic data to visual cues and quality
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No title
Looking for random SAP Powerdesigner models to download, for template usage, thanks
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No title
does this sites ads have malware on occasion? i was just phone fagging on a different board and i'm absolutely certain i didn't click on a banner ad. and as i was scrolling all of sudden my browser got redirected to some "update your phone" shit and then tried to get me to okay a download to my phone from the app store.

wtf do you guys think this was? obviously i just closed the browser and exited but wtf was that shit???
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No title
Does anyone have any GOOD anime recommendations? Good anime only, not interested in hearing from people with shit taste. thanks.
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No title
Anyone have the appeals to the male fantasy meme. Where he's in vr punching titties
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Lock picking
What type of lock is this and how to I pick it. Tired of paying for laundry.
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No title
Could anyone please make the eyes a light blue color instead of brown?
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Looking for two pages of the Penguin
The penguin
I am looking for two pages of the Penguin where a chef is laughing at a joke in the first panel and the Penguin takes offense over this but he is dating someone and he calms down and sits again.
Then the narrator describes how he fucked over the innocent chef and he did shit like buying the restaurant and firing him, get his best friend accussed of pedophilia, build a bar near him when he was recovering from alcoholism, etc. until he kills himself
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No title
Hello. I am having a hard time finding the original japanese standard definition release of Kon Satoshi's Paprika. I can find neither an iso nor an uncompressed video file of this release of any kind (subbed or unsubbed). I would appreciate it if someone were to help me out in this
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No title
I can draw character confidently from various angle but somehow i got cold feet trying to fill in the environment nicely... despite them both being basic shapes and 3d form... whats some good technique i can do to make a logical, and aesthethically pleasing BG. Something like picrel here and a maybe a ton other disney movies or hollywoods just planning out a nice 2d canvas relative to the character i draw idk
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No title
Can I have music videos with people drinking, picking up bottles of beer and things like that?

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No title
196 - closed_mouth glasses mustache smile soyjak stubble variant_a24_slowburn_soyjak
anybody know how I would go about making a site such as
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No title
Does anyone know how I can start my own airline?

Like what if I:

- get job as software engineer in FAANG
- buy this jet with my brother with big earnings
- charge $100 for SFO to DFW

do you think that would a good route / good idea??
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help frens
flexair 7
hey kings
who is this slam pig?
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Song link ?
where can i find the song in the video ?
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No title
unknown song
Does anybody know the name of the song?
0 media | 22 replies
Looking for music like this
I need more music like this listen to while playing vidya.
I guess podcast are also recommended. I used to like the cinemassacre podcast and the supermega podcast before they went to shit.
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No title
Can anybody share a list soijack image filters? I think most soijak posters rarely contribute to the discussion. It's especially annoying on /a/.
>inb4 someone quote me with one
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original video where? or Song?
Also, what's the best phone video editor to make transitions and not leaving a nasty watermark.

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No title
Does anybody have the infographic on how to cum gallons and which supplements to take?
I also remember seeing some infographics general threads every once in a while but can't recall on which board.
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No title
Hello, I recently stumbled upon a song in French which at some point goes like "j'ai trop chaud oui j'étouffe je suis en sueur" (please excuse any typos) and the beat sounds a lot like the one in "I like to move it" sang by King Julien from Madagascar.
Needless to say I couldn't find it just by the lyrics, otherwise I wouldn't be here asking for help.

Thank you very much for your help!
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No title
I request a pdf of Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005: Prima Official Game Guide. The ISBN is 0761550933 and the ISBN-13 is 978-0761550938. I would find it myself but none of the sites I use have it. I'll also take any other Yu-gi-oh official game guides if you have them (I'm collecting them). Unofficial guides of high quality accepted too. Thanks in advance anons
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Two Hills - Russian tv series
Anyone can find english subtitles for this Russian tv series? It's almost impossible to find it online, maybe because of the war? At the time "Better than Us" was on Netlifx...
the name is: Two Hills/Dva Holma
on demand link:
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No title
Give me some good /a/ (and maybe /co/ if it fits the style) recommendations for someone who's only watched Avatar The Last Airbender, Black Lagoon, Redo of Healer, and Studio Ghibli films.
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No title
anyone knows where can I watch the movie 余命10年(The last 10 years) with English subs?
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No title
I just took a blood test (3 of those things, like in pic related) and I want to drink alcohol (something like 400 ml of vodka in two hours) in a few hours. Is it safe to do it if I eat a meal before and drink lots of water?
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No title
Hello /g/ bros im retarded and i need help
I bought these speakers
But rather than AUX they have whatever this is, can i use some sort of a switch to make whatever this is into aux??
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Video editing
Untitled - 386
I job to complex editing that's on "editing moving thing" level.
Any tips on how to make the task easier?
Like here, I'm trying to mask cut around Goku to get him to freeze instead of moving unlike the rest of the mp4, is there no easier way to do this?
If you're familiar with it, something similar to MAD Jap videos. Or just like Adobe Photoshop layering + object selection but for videos instead.
Been looking around but I can't seem to find any good documentation on how to do it well.
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kermit sad
Can you please tell me how can I use this an install apps from this site or other?

I used Sideloadly until recently, but now it does not work and requires some stupid email shit? Also I had to reinstall the app every fucking week

So? What are my other options? Cydia? Why is this so fucking difficult

I fucking hate apple
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No title
What are some sites like 4chan but without the awfulness and toxicity? I used to like uboachan but its dead, reddit is toxic and trash too, i just want to completely stop using this shitty site
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No title
I need to create simple RIA webapp retreving & displaying 8 pieces of any type of info in 24hrs using HTML, CSS, combination of JS with Jquery, combination of XML with JSON, Ajax and combination of php with node.js. How would I even do this, haven't made a web app in ages, don't have enough time to make one in 24hrs. Can someone help in some way? Does anyone have a template or something that isn't plagarized?
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No title
Does anybody have any 2005 - 2009 4chan or 2chan archives? If not, then for archives for years between those
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No title
Can someone photoshop a blacked tattoo on her? Not for sexual purposes, but for trolling on /v/.
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No title
What song is this?
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Discord acc disabled
Hello, how do I undisable my account on discord?
I was not given any info regarding the disabling, nor can i log in.
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No title
can anyone help me find a torrent for the english dub of this movie- My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission? The digital release came out a few days ago, so figured it's out there somewhere by now but every anime source I know of are sites of turbo autists that are strict about watching cartoons with subtitles

>My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Dual Audio English Dub Movie 3
and every combination of those search terms has given me nothing so far
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Over 1,000 songs stuck on an Ipod
Hello /wsr/. I don't know really where to turn with this. My mother has an old Ipod, version 4.3.3. There are over 1000 songs on this thing, and most of them aren't Itunes purchases but stuff that got transferred over years ago from CDs we used to have. Now I have a PC, and I always used PC, so I'm stupid when it comes to Apple. When I plug in the thing to my USB-C slot on my computer it doesn't let me see any music folders or files, and I clicked to show hidden. So I was wondering if there was a program or some steps to take to get access to this stuff. I can't tell you how much I fucking hate Apple even more right now, but I'm hoping I can rescue that music.
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No title 552195 blood chtholly_nota_seniorious shuumatsu_nani_shitemasu_ka__isogashii_desu_ka__sukutte_moratte_ii_desu_ka_ tagme torn_clothes uniform
I watched a devastating anime that I'm still emotionally crushed by days later. Please recommend something to heal my soul. Ideally something similar but with a happy ending. Pic very related.
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No title
repost if you hate communism
What are some good books on self-overcoming?

Like, on surpassing people's expecations of you and venturing towards a path of excellence despite the vicissitudes of life, etc, etc.
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No title
Requesting pictures of people in bed/sleeping bag or otherwise sleeping
The cuter the better
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No title
free coding bootcamp that actually gets me a job please
0 media | 1 replies
The fb post is not visible. But can anybody trace the page/group name from this url kindly (visit the pastebin link)? What other details can be traced? (Pic unrelated)
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No title
Where do I get android games for free these days? I haven't looked at this shit in ages, and I'm looking for a dance of fire and ice. It isn't for me, I want my little cousin to install it on mommy's phone without having to beg for a credit card, I have it on steam if that helps getting the android version.
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Source for this
Anybody knows the origin of this pic? Title or post, anything. Google dont know a thing.
0 media | 1 replies
No title

the linked mp3 is a song that should be from the 90s, from some anime I suspect. Does anyone know the title and where it's from? Already tried shazam
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No title
Does anyone have the Peter Griffin version of this? I need it for shitposting purposes.
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hey guys its me again
wheres a good tutorial website where
i can learn sql?

so ive been wantin to learn mysql becuz a dude on /tech/ told me its the best way to get databases and stuff stored for a website now yknow theres alot of good resources for js like infojs and tutorialspoint but like i need something specifically for sql yknow something that will help me get the basics as well as the more complex things. so do you have any places?
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No title
does anyone have the webm of a thicc asian model walking down a runway? shes wearing a bikini or a bikini esque outfit
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No title
This is a long shot but hoping some old fart anon can help me out. Circa 2002 ddonahue99 put out a few flash videos on newgrounds with some fairly offensive content. No nudity but radical religious mockery, over the top racism, etc. An example of his work that is still archived can be found here:

I'm looking for this:

Old OC link was:

thanks for any help anons. I hope it isn't lost forever
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No title
Hello there!

I need help feeling this table about free VPNs:

New ideas for columns are welcome.
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No title
alway rember
Could someone redraw this as Galadriel giving the phial to Frodo?
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No title
What's the best way to read berserk? I've just been using a random site I found for a while.
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No title
What's the best way to download songs off soundcloud? I was just gonna record my desktop audio with audacity.
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No title
recommended me some adventure games about uncovering conspiracies
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JavaScript Programming Request
Can someone make a Tampermonkey script so that whenever I load a 4chan page or refresh a 4chan page, it will automatically switch to the "Tomorrow" theme regardless of what theme it is currently at?
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No title
Hey, would any of you know why when i record videos vertically on instgram it posts them horizontally? Im using a samsung galaxy s8, if that matters. I know it's some kind of bug, but i just updated the app and it didn't resolve the issue. Any help would be great.
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No title
Favorite shows
Can someone recommend some shows if these are my favorite?
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No title
Finding an animated short. It was an animatic (as in, it didn't have any in-between frames, just key frames) and it was full-colour. The art style kind of looked tumblr-y and had some amateur voice-acting. It kind of looked like it was made by a teenager or somebody in their early 20s. It started with a couple of teenage girls surrounding a table in a diner. They talk about whether they've 'done it' yet, making the audience feel like they're talking about losing their virginity, but it's then quickly revealed they're talking about murdering someone. They talk about murdering people in different ways. One of the ways described I think was cutting someone's throat and letting them bleed out into the school's swimming pool
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No title
I'm looking for a song about some stalkerish guy who is breaking into the house of his girlfriend / ex-girlfriend. I remember hearing it sung at a nerd convention and part of the lyrics, though I don't remember how it went, felt like an homage to the Three Little Pigs, which reminded me of the "Here's Johnny" scene from The Shining. (Hence, semi-related pic.)

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
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Can an Italian speaker help me transcribe these lyrics? I have looked every where that I could think of, but I could not find them online of my own. Thank you.
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Stop redirects on nsfw boreds
Since last night every time I go on a nsfw bored it had redirects. It doesn't happen on other websites and blue boreds?
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Help me end my NEET-life
I just spend hours working on my CV on some shitty site which claimed it was free. Well, I got a great CV but the site is asking 3 euros to get the CV out as a PDF. You'll get a link to the CV for free, but in order to get it in .pdf form, you'll have to pay.

Is there a way I can get a pdf. out anyway without paying? I tried CTRL+P, but it showed just white.
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No title
anyone able to find a download for these albums? i use soulseek but haven't had luck with any of them

Life Was All Silence - The People
Mason - Just Shake Hands
Mina Kubota - Moment
yosowayoso - Neandeartharloid
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Song source
Anyone know the source of the song in this webm??

I'm guessing it's a remix from touhou
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Looking for video of Midi DJ kid
Been looking for a video since I saw it on FaceBook in 2019. It is not in my watch history anymore. The video is of this latin kid - likely in Brasil. He's doing a street performance of these dance music anthems mashed up with a midi pad. The kid is very talented. He has his stage name on his shirt, and has a couple of crew members with him that have the same shirt. Kid is tan skin - a bit chubby - I think he might have been wearing a flat baseball cap.

Is not pic related, but has similar abilities.
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No title
Anyone reccomend any good free pdf editors on mac?
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No title
Share your more useful, more interesting, and overall, more used Copypastas with me please, Pastas en español también son bienvenidas.
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Draw Request
Can someone draw for me a sketch/quick draw of an Egg with muscular arms and legs, preferably with the same size and posture/vibe of the Cursed Rotted Greatwood? I’ve always liked the idea of this character and want to see him come to life but I can’t draw.
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help me finding a song
I cannt find a s ong anymore, can someone help me?
the song was
>in spanish
the refrain was her singing "omama omama omama omama" (but it was more fluid and in a woman voice)
about the video
>she wears glasses
>there was a girl at a party
>then she goes to the bathroom
>she takes a bath with her clothes on
it poped one day on my youtube recomendation and cannt find it anymore during december
Since it's in spanish, maybe some spanish fag can help me better (maybe?)
pic unrelated
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No title
are there any GPS apps that will give me voiced directions for all the routes AND gives good routes? I've been using google assistant and it only offers voice directions for the "fastest" route. Thanks
0 media | 3 replies
Genuinely flabbergasted regarding my old laptop
Hey /wsr/, basically I've been playing around with this old laptop of mine (Toshiba Satellite L670) and installing various Linux distros for various purposes, but nowadays I'm legitimately confused when it comes to what I can use it for, or if I even need it in the first place. I have a desktop PC already, and I tried to turn the laptop into a sort of mini TV, but it takes way too much space and doesn't fit on any surface. The battery sucks too, what do I do?
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No title
Can anyone here recommend me the cheapest/most frugal/budget choice for a (large sized) stash box (with a lock/key)?
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No title
where do you go for game torrents?
didn't pirate games trough it so i don't know any websites, only used direct download back than with 0.3mb speed limit
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No title
I'd like to get this video in good quality.
However, there's no sneed, the DDLs in their old ass blog get me to nowhere and the uploads on YouTube by Southeast Asians look like garbage. elements
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Anime girls ayyyy lmao
anime aliens
Requesting shizo shitposts.
The shitpost has to consist of claims that anime girls are alien propaganda.
This can be done by comparing similar alien and anime girl features, big eyes, skinny limbs, small nose, shiny skin, etc.
The shitpost can also include cliché conspiracy theory jargon/catchphrases "this is what the want you to think" "find the truth" etc, to add to the humour.

Ive seen one shitpost like that a while ago on /x/ and thought it was very funny, please make some more.
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No title
i remember seeing a meme of george floyd cpr with a music in the background, does anyone here have it??
0 media | 3 replies
No title
I need an epub reader for pc, recs?
I only found ones with adds or paid ones. Is ok if it's cheaper than 5$ tho
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No title
Anyone has that image of two chud basedjaks pointing at a bait twitter image pic?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Trying to find a some old movie/dance routine about a guy who accidentally enters some dance troupe and slowly learns how to dance in sync with them over the course of the song.

I thought it was Jerry Lewis or Fred Astaire but nothing pops up.
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No title
Trying to find a Sam Hyde vid from several years ago where he talks about how motorcyclists are stupid faggots who only want to look cool. Can't find it anywhere. Think He might have deleted it now that he rides bikes
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No title
Please recommend me some digital painting/rendering/illustration tutorials. Preferably for Clip Studio Paint, but other programs are fine.
I'm mostly looking for ones that actually explain their technique, which brushes they use, that kind of stuff. A lot of the "tutorials" I've come across are unhelpful and just consist of the artist speeding through the process.
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No title
I heard that there are ways to trick your brain into interpreting pain as pleasure somehow. If anyone here knows more about that please share? Or any good resources where they explain how to do it? (Googling hasn't given me any results so far)
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No title
is there a torrent or something for jenny nicholsons patreon videos?
0 media | 1 replies
TikTok request
Looking for a TikTok with an older woman doing a dance to communicate her sons suicide.
Anyone got it?
Or just any other weird tiktoks
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Kirby 30th anniversary concert
Can someone record (like with YouTube dl) the Kirby 30th anniversary concert in a few hours and upload it to nyaa or whatever? I have a task scheduler set up, but even after running it a few times, I don’t trust it
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No title
Full unedited film of this person being hit by a speeding motorcyclist from this news article. I saw on Instagram the film edited, but I want the full unedited one.
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No title
i use "xml" library to parse xml files, but it wrongly parses UTF-8 strings (which are contents of elements e.g. <foo>Пoжap</foo>); when i try to print some i just get gibberish. what can be done about this?
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Recovering a phone's "privated" files
How do I view the files on my phone that has been made "private"?
My phone's screen is fucked and I'm only able to blindly unlock it and click on the prompt when I connect it to my PC. I can find my pictures and videos in the usual folders, but the private files don't show up in the file explorer. At least on an OPPO phone, the gallery has an option to make pictures private, though it might be referred to as a vault in other devices. I'm not a tech person so I don't know what "privating" actually does to the files, but I want to know if it's possible to access them on my PC somehow, because I sure as hell can't navigate to the app and unprivate them with a black screen.

and yes, I've already checked the Hidden Items option in explorer
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Video hosting services in the 202nd decade
With all the YouTube alternatives that have appeared recently, which one will still be around and somewhat popular five years from now? I'm starting a stupid video series and can't use YT b/c it's gonna include some conspiracy stuff they ain't gonna like.
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No title
Recommended mecha and sci-fi manga pls? Especially biomech
0 media | 1 replies
No title
What does this url mean?
0 media | 2 replies
Does anyone know where i can get flimora 11 for free
i was looking for a good video editing program and found filmora worked best for me however it cost 60 bucks a month is there a cracked version of filmora 11 i can get or a zip file? a torrent even?
0 media | 4 replies
Spirited Away Stage Play (2022) - PPV
Just found out about the special effect and puppet-laden stage production of Spirited Away. It seems there was a professionally recorded version on japanese Hulu for only two days in early July.

Does anyone know where to find a copy? I've tried nyaa, soulseek, rutracker, and AB with no luck but I see people on twitter sharing screenshots and being smug about it.
0 media | 3 replies
No title
redpill me on why germany got all the blame for the first world war
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Has anyone got that webm montage of celebrities over a reading of a book about the nefarious effects of celebrity/fame/stardom ? I've been looking through the archives for the last 2 hours and came up with nothing
1 media | 3 replies
No title
I'm looking for a game webm, it's like a parody of an ps1 jrpg, where a character does a long cutscene attack where they fly into space and shoot like a hundred space lasers and then the attack misses the robot. All i remember is the word gotterdammerung
0 media | 2 replies
No title
FZkUdtVaUAEyv-3 (4)
I bought a new computer with high-end specs.

The video playback is somehow worse than my old computer with way worse hardware. Why?

The new computer is running Windows 11 and has video rendering problems worse than the old Windows 10 computer. I've updated all the drivers.

What is the cause of this and how can I fix it?

Also, a hardware benchmark scan shows all hardware is functioning normally. Furthermore, these video playback issues are present no matter what video software I use.

Help plz.
7 media | 21 replies
Suggest me some bass-blocking mixes, please?
As title says. I'm looking for bass-blocking music mixes.

What I like:
- Skeler is nice but I hate all vocals:
- Programming theme.
- Night, dark theme.
- Calming/massive.
- Bass, rhythmic, massive/passive (like constant).

Thanks! I'll also look around if I can help others.
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No title
I want a better filter to get rid of the Status button in the WhatsApp Web.

I'm using this filter right now:


I want a filter that works but that don't contain this ._2cNrC
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Trying to remember a movie, need help.
>black guy travels to some kind of facility manned by two people in the middle of a radiation filled area
>meets one of the workers there and things are weird
>later the other worker comes back from a job outside and tells the black guy he doesn't recognize the man who says he's the other worker
>imposter worker is dying of radiation because he walked trough the radiation without any protection to break into the facility
>imposter's family or something died to radiation because the area of radiation is expanding
That's all I can recall
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No title
What would be the best place for me to talk to Japanese people?

I'm a weeb and would like to talk about music and maybe anime or games.
I know a little jap.
0 media | 3 replies
Something strange
Hello anons. Something strange happened today while I was on Youtube. I got an ad with a twisted and somewhat bizarre version of It's almost Halloween by Panic at the Disco, with a pumpkin head and a touch of psychedelia. Any idea what it is or if it has happened to you?
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No title
I'm looking for recommendations on solid indie games/single-player games that are either chill or enjoyable, especially on a crap laptop.

Some games in my library I have (but I don't think I've finished) and enjoyed:
ys origin
0 media | 12 replies
No title
What are some jrpg games where is fun to get to max level and there is post game for it too?
0 media | 8 replies
Help finding horror parasite worm movie
I remember there were some worms, parasites that came out of a lake and infested a town. They also entered your body and ate you alive from the inside. I remember a few scenes. There were people at the cinema and at one point people screamed that someone there was dead and eaten alive by these parasites. It's not Slither nor Squirm, I think it's older or more obscure than that. Please help me find it.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Recommend me an anime where the main character is a black woman
1 media | 4 replies
No title
Screenshot 2022-08-10 175113
anyone know where I can downlord this or watch? it is called Daitokai - Tatakai no hibi from 1976
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No title
1660159226064784 (1)
Help, I'm looking for an old anime image I saw when I was a kid. Picrel describes it as close as I can remember, any help would be much appreciated
4 media | 5 replies
No title
Anyone knows where to download fl studio?
0 media | 4 replies
Greek Orthodox Priest
I need a chad edit in Greek Orthodox robes next to a newspaper headline about the priest that died having never ever seen a woman in his life. It's made the rounds here and there.
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No title
Facebook decided to hide all posts from my friends and isolate me. How do I get out of this jail?
0 media | 6 replies
Dear frens,

I am looking for the video where an asian man explains with a drawing board on a stand explains why the covid vaccine is bad. It’s about 2 years old now and I am having trouble finding it (of course)
Thank you
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No title
Has anyone messed with editing the Windows clipboard in Java before? I'm trying to output some text to clipboard, but what's tripping me up is that I'm not immediately seeing any way to edit the font size for lines of text. There any easy way to do that without doing a ton of research on encodings and getting down to the byte level? Thanks!
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Help me find this meme
I don't remember exactly what the text looked like, but there was a meme related to edge and pizza cutter. It was something like "No edge, only/just...", something like that, but I don't remember.
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No title
anybody know the name of this song?
also wondering if there's a longer version of this gachi
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Name of youtuber
Does anyone know the name of that youtuber who was dressed like a mad scientist or doctor and wore goggles? He had weird gadgets and a neon sign in the background. He had different characters in his videos, like a guy dressed as a devil. He made some videos about youtube algorithms and copyright and internet thots and other stuff.

pic unrelated.
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No title
I wanna get a laptop that can stream GameCube, Switch, and Xbox Series X games (though for my series X I could just use Twitch on there), and also play games. I also want a capture card for these things. My budget is 1k-1.3k USD. Any ideas?
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installing deluge
which get?? I think lt2.0 is the 2.0 version of the installer...what is .exe.sha256? I will also accept recommendations for good torrent client
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Can I have an AHK script that converts a WebP file into PNG, and a WebM file into a MP4, if i click in the file and then press the Scroll Lock key?
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hello vcr owners
just want to know if /wsr/ has any VCR recommendations that would be a nice fit for my 2002 sony trinitron
there are SO MANY different brands and models on ebay alone, I don't know where to start
I'd like a remote, and ideally I'd like to spend 50 USD or less on one, but that may not be recommended if the vcrs in that price range are considered bad
thanking you
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Is there a way to rename a class object within a class?

For example, if a user inputs
classobject_1 = Class('Object1', 'Object2')

I want to be able to have it so that 'classobject_1' is renamed to Object1.
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No title
What is the model of this Timeport?
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Trying to find an ancient meme!
Back in 2010~ era /a/ there was an oft reposted meme image that was a wall of text about how 4chan is a conspiracy to make you gay and turn you into a trap. It detailed several stages of anime indoctrination that culminated in you being a trap and van being sent to take you away. IIRC it referenced m00t and /a/ tropes. I am literally going insane thinking it doesn't exist but I have confirmed it does through other people remembering it. TY ANON IF U FIND IT!!!
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Simpsons glitch frames
I'm looking for glitch frames of The Simpsons. Just like this image. I remember that 4chan had tons of them a few years ago.
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/co/ recs
All my life, I've only ever watched anime.
I recently watched Hilda, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Looking for more.
Please recommend me some cartoons.
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Translation Request
Kaede Nanase from Alien Soldier
Could anyone translate this concept art from Alien Soldier? The handwritting is so atrocious I can't even MTL.
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Change Zoororing
Is anyone able to track down a download for this movie? None of the usual torrent sites seem to have it.

It is a movie spin-off for the anime "Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzuu", but it only released in Korea.

This website seems to have it for sale?
However according to my friend who is looking to get it there's no real method to acquire it, even with a VPN.
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No title
Does anyone have the video or link to the video where an autistic/Asperger’s type guy is typing on a computer and is very excited like breathing heavily yelling moaning making monkey type noises. Cant find it on Google with various search terms
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black souls
nyaa/sukebi dont have black souls 2 torrent. Anyone know where to torrent?
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Anyone got the meme with a fat old white trash lady in Ku Klux dressup (cutting a cake?) and the text going something along "white/aryan supremacy" or something like that?
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No title
Does anyone know the name of this anime and what the context of this is?
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Can anyone explain how kissing works.
At my 20 years a girl finally is showing interest in me, i am worried about looking like a complete 4chtard
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/g/ related question here. Is there a way to change how subtitles look in mpv. I tried a bunch of configs in mpv.config but no luck. I don't know if it's because you can't change subs that are already customized or something. I also tried changing ASS subtitles but no dice. I'd prefer to change ASS subs if it's possible so i can change back to the original styled subs if they look good and are better in general (different colors for each character for example), hope i made myself clear
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No title
Recommend some fun games
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No title
What are the arguments for and against VPNs? Is it better for me to use one if I'm doing "naughty" things on the internet even though they still log your IP or something? If you do recommend me one, is there a specific brand you'd also recommend?
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