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  • Asking for recommendations for a new anime or TV series to watch, or a new manga or comic series to read.
  • Asking for tech support or help with your homework.
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No title
Does anyone know this artist?
looking for pricel in high resolution
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No title
images (1) (10)
can somebody inform me any sites to watch cartoons without having to spend money on anything at all?
also i'd like some cartoon recommendations cuz im all out of ideas on what to watch.
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No title
How can I copy an image in the clipboard then paste it as JPG, not as PNG, using 4chanx?
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True crime documentaries
Do you guys have recommendations of true crime, or maybe even just mystery documentaries that go into more obscure details? It can be either youtube or "professional" ones, as long as it isn't just a overview of the thing with just the info avaiable on wikipedia.
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What manga is this from?
Someone said Doing Time, but that isn't it.
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Yeti: A (Gay) Love Story
I need help finding a seeded torrent or uploaded version of the movie Yeti A Gay Love Story; I've spent like an hour searching thru sites and even rutracker doesn't have anything...
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Game OST that sounds like this
There's a track from a game, I believe it was an indie, that sounds like this, I've been wracking my brain trying to find it, so I turn to you guys.
It's not exactly the same as this instrumental but it's similar enough that this is what immediately reminded me of the track.
pic unrel
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No title
Is there a drag and drop WebM maker with a 4MB upper limit?
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No title
My stupid new car doesn't have a CD player so now I have to get with the times and transfer my music files onto my phone and then play it in my car through that.
But the music app makes making playlists to mimic my CDs a pain in the arse and you can't even re-order the songs so it sucks shit and I wish I could still use my CDs.
What do?
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Adventure/open world game recommendations?
Hi, I was wondering if there are any (preferentially open world) games where you are not "the chosen one", I want to play some chill game where you can enjoy and explore the world, without the weight of being "the chosen one who must do shit because it's their destiny". I just want to play like some random dude who can be "part of the world" instead of "the chosen one".
I'm not sure if I explained correctly, I mostly want to just chill and enjoy the world if possible, I don't mind some random conflicts happening, I just want to be on some forced linequest because "I'm destined to become the leader of X guild" (which is the case for every ingame guild btw in skyrim).
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No title
Whats a good gaming pc/laptop? For pc I'd prefer if it isn't pre built.
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Can someone translate the top panel for me. What is it trying to say, and what is the kanji thats being cut?
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No title
Trying to prove to a friend that tekken isn't a real fighting game, but more of a party game like Mario Party, anyone has the webm of a little girl playing tekken 7 and beating a high ranked player? She was spamming random buttons and took a round of a high rank player. Can't find it on google and jewtube
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No title

Is there anyone with experience with Wavepad or other audio editing software? I'm trying to isolate one of the cathedral bell tolls in this song, but I can't eliminate any of the other music or beats or track noise.

If someone could find a way to I'd be much obliged.
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Songs similar to this one?
This song gives me a flow of feelings no other song gives me. Like a sense of eternity, sadness and the inevitable.
Maybe because I also watched the series it comes from, but this song has a special place in my heart.
BTW it has 2 versions
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Do any of you guys have any tips or tricks or anything for swapping faces when one person’s face is partially obscured? Or any hints in general? I’m trying with photoshop and getting kind of close, but no matter what, it looks off, and AI stuff doesn’t work because the face is mostly obscured (only eyes visible). I’m bordering on giving up, but maybe one of you knows something?
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No title
What websites can I use to pirate ebooks?
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where is this girl from?
I need help finding where this girl is from/who she is other than Pinterest. Plz help :,)
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Recommend me software for backups
hdd 1
something like rsync but for Windows

Also is there software that would allow me to check checksum of each file in folder and compare it
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No title
What's a spambot that knows how to click 'Post' or 'Add comment'?
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Online epub repository/library
I'm dumb asf and forgot the name of the domain where you can literally get any book in several formats. It's far more powerful than Gutenberg's. I got my Annunaki book collection from there. Please guys. I'm begging you, I get my shit from there.
I know it's weird asf to ask you guys to give me the name of the domain I supposedly used so often, but I literally only used it for downloading The twelfth planet series by sitchin after that I didn't save the link which was a mistake I admit. Plz help.
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No title
bad thoughts
Any cool comic, general and animation artists on tumblr that you know of, and preferably can we get one's that aren't making any obscene fetishistic/pornographic art, thank you.
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No title
Does anyone have a higher resolution version of this picture?
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No title
Anyone have the screencap of the anon posting about how his conquistador ancestor was raped by a native girl who snuck into his tent at night?
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When didn't Pippa allow Tiananmen Square mentions
Does anyone know what stream/timestamp/clip Pipkin Pippa didn't allow people to talk about Tiananmen Square? I've seen posts referencing it on /vt/, but never any clips/the stream.

It would've been sometime before she started shilling Shanghai (pic related) in this stream,

I'd ask /vt/ but I'd be practically guaranteed to catch a 3-day.
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No title
Hey, /v/, What anime should I watch with my 12 yo girlfriend? She thought CCS is boring
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Joe Biden
The video of POTUS and a news anchor conversing during the pandemic where when the anchor says "I'm vaccinated" Joe goes "A-are you okay man?.... I mean they work vaccinations work..". Absolutely scrubbed off the net.
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Isekai/fantasy recs
pls respond
Looking for power fantasy/isekai that came out within the last year and/or are airing now or soon
something like leadale where main character is overpowered and no one knows until she shows it
recommendations outside of this time period are ok but I have probably already seen it
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No title
I'm looking for a game that was REALLY similar to Bitlife but wasn't. It's a clone of Bitlife but had more choices.

Pretty much asking for popular clones of Bitlife.
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No title
What is the name of this song?
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No title
how was 4chan's security and moderation in the early and mid 00's before intelligent phones became standard and also the site exploteid in popularity and was flooded with people from reddit, tumblr and twitter?
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No title
hi anons
I need help finding a version of nothing can be explained from bleach ost
it was a fan version called the underworld version
it was very eerie
but the geniuses took down most of the fan versions of ost when the new season came out
if any of you had it downloaded or can find it somewhere, ill be thankful to know about it
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No title
My body pillow cover is starting to fade and since it's been a year since it was last sold I need to get a custom one made. Could someone find the original image or is there a way to upscale it to fit custom body pillow cover resolution size 54x166cm?
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No title
can somebody who can see hidden 3d object outline it?
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No title
anybody would happen to have that webm of prequel and sequels shots of anakin and whatnot that looks like an amv ? i remember that for some reason there was some random tiktok girl and also one guy or something that showed up in the middle of it. There was no text displayed or anything, just shots of anakin, darth vader, the death star shooting some death ray, stuff like that.
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Help me with finding a program
Guys, some time ago I've found an insenely good program that produces "backgroud fill" from samples, as far as I understand - it's a granular synthesis program. It had a lot of settings and it would render result as a pxsrender.wav - that's pretty much everything I remember about it, other than it's a standalone program (not vst, though I'm not quite sure that it didn't had a vst version)... And it was for windows
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No title
Need a new anime store now that Right Stuf is closing. It's been downhill since Crunchyroll bought it anyways. What are some alternatives other than Amazon and Barnes & Noble? I'd like a dedicated store, and also don't trust Amazon. I'm aware of TOM and use it sometimes but that's more for imports, I don't think they usually have english stuff on there.
/a/ scares me please don't make me ask them
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No title
looking for a Polish actor name. the actor is male, not tall (160 to 175cm). has a daughter called Maria. currently active as an actor in series, movies and theatre.
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No title
There's a somewhat old meme that I can't find. It's a video of a black kid / teen doing some kind of dance to a song, then it ends with him saluting and flying upwards like a rocket.
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Pandora's Box Score
Bit of an obscure one, but the musical score for the movie Trois 2: Pandora's Box (sometimes called just Pandora's Box.)

The score was done by Steven Gutheinz. He used to have the tracks on his website a long time ago, around 2005-2010. I've tried the Internet Wayback Machine and there's a few tracks archived, but I'd like as many as possible (specifically the one called "Watch.")

Here's an example of the list he had on his site:

They were usually named like steven_gutheinz_pb_watch.mp3

If there's anything anybody can try that I'm unaware of to get the tracks, or if they're buried somewhere deep on the net and you can find them, I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you kindly.
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No title
Can we get clown girls? Real or not, I just want clown girls. Post 'em if ya go 'em if not, thanks anyway.
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No title
Are there any Virtual Bars active right now? At the height of the coof, I really enjoyed, a russian streaming site. It was pretty nice. But it died over a year ago, and I've been trying to find something like it with no success.

Search engines are bullshit, they just keep trying to get me to sign up for Roku.
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/a/ manga site
Can you pls recommend me a manga site which has active community, disqus commenders? I'm going to read tomodachi game but I couldn't able to find any site with community. I'm all alone so at least I want to see others reaction, thoughts while reading.

Which site do you use for manga?
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No title
What are the best star wars books that are just cool adventures in the SW universe and aren't directly tied to the movies. I've read the Darth Bane books as a kid and they were pretty sick.
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No title
How do I buy a 4chan pass?
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No title
cosy autumnal wallpapers/screensavers
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No title
I want the video of this elephant beginning to prooh :D but his trunk is grabbed and poops instead.
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Smug Anime Girl
Hey there.

I am looking for a .gif or .webm I used to see often in the mid-2010s or so on /a/ and a few other boards I used to frequent.
The character is called Ayako Kouichi, and there is this one scene from that "Hyouka" Anime where she is seen dressed in cosplay as Nakoruru from the Samurai Shodown series.
What I'm specifically looking for, was this clip people used to post where she's just making all these smug expressions and talking. I haven't seen it in years. That reaction image is almost a decade old I think, and I'd like to possess it once more. Does anyone know what I speak of?
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No title
Does anyone have that picture of an Asian guy (perhaps South Korean or Taiwanese) holding a rocket launcher?

It's a modern picture (colored, maybe 10 years old) and he is dressed in a fashionable manner, with a beret, a sweater vest and glasses.
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Geo guess
Can someone tell me where this place is exactly?? i know it is in spain, in Valladolid zone
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Ethernet problems
I got a new PC a couple of days ago and would like to always use ethernet connection, because it's a lot faster than Wi-Fi. It worked perfectly on my laptop (and still does). However, on this new Desktop, the connection is still there, I can download games on Steam or talk to my friends on Discord. However, in browsers (I tried at least Edge, Chrome and Firefox) as soon as I open a website that has any kind of media it takes from 20 seconds to 2 minutes to load. For example I can search something on Google easily but whenever I open Amazon, Twitter or any Youtube page it loads extremely slow. Especially Youtube, every video opens up with huge delay and still loads in chunks. I already tried disabling all the extensions, reinstalling the browsers, clearing the cache, updating the ethernet drivers, connected the cable to my laptop to see if it's a cable issue (laptop works fine). When I look into the developer's console in the network tab I see random requests being in the "Connection Start: Stalled" for huge amounts of time. When I switch to Wi-Fi all those problems go away, however as soon as I choose ethernet they still come back. I would still like to use ethernet only, so I would really appreciate any advice I could get.
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No title
Which anime would you recommend to someone suffering from PTSD and depersonalization?
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No title
naga bunny strip
What are some of the best manga to read to just look at huge breasts
huge asses are okay too as long as the fan service is good that's all i care about
I suppose while im here, ecchi anime works also, have already seen manyuu hikenchou and am aware of seikon no qwasar
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No title
Looking for the original source of this drawing. Can anyone help?
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No title
whats this hair style called?
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No title
Serious topic:
Tried asking in /g/, but they are retards, i will try here and lurk lainchan.
18 yo, currently neet. I lost my opportunity to study in a proper IT school (sysadmin) and I am poor so my peers will be in the uni in 2 years and I will have to be a neet 1 year, study 2 years and study a speciality another year, so that's 4.
I need help, post any resources, I remember asking seriously about doing cybersec and an anon posted like 10 images explaining what to do + resources like hackthebox and such, that hard drive fucking exploded, I had so much information on it I fucking hate that. But I need to move on.
I want to do System administration, cybersec, maybe programming (I want to do math before) things like that, If you please can post here resources, info, some help about how to start studying by myself, certifications, maybe personal experience about how to do this because I feel like shit physically and mentally, this is so new for me.
I'll have to work twice as hard as everyone else to keep up, also planning on losing weight, but that's a question for /fit/.
Any help much appreciated, if some anon has that 10 image + resources about cybersec i will fucking marry you, I remember him ending the post with "good luck" and I didn't fucking backup.
I really want to pull myself together and try to be better than what i am right now, i can't really do it without help.
Thank you.
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Twitter image source
I have two sketches saved on my hard drive from years ago that I downloaded from an unknown twitter account years ago. Using the filenames I was able to find a direct link to the pbs.twimg url, but I can't find a way to point back to the original tweet's author. All reverse image searches I've done turned up nothing. Is there a way to parse through tweets to find one tied to a specific media_url?

Here's the direct link to both images:

I saved them both 9th September 2019, so it was most likely posted on or around that date.
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No title
recommend me magical girl anime to watch.
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Lost Linkara video?
Years ago I saw a special episode of Atop the Fourth Wall that, for what I remember, had Linkara in a hotel room instead of his usual set (because it was filmed during a convention he was attending), and special guests just walked in and interrupted the review (I wanna say they were the guys that did Dragon Ball Abridged? Team Four Star or something?)

What I do remember for certain is that the review ended with Linkara and three or four other guys on a bed (not covered, just sitting) playing pokemon against each other, except for one of them that instead of a Nintendo DS was holding a coat hanger and trying to play with that.
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Souls games on a VM?
What PC souls games can I play on a VM without getting shadowbanned/banned? I want to switch to guwunyuu linux and it'd be
nice if I could avoid having to dual boot just for these games (they're the only online games I play on PC)
Also are they more active on PS4/PS5?
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UZU ASMR request
Does anyone know where to find the lullaby video(s) by UZU ASMR?

She privated all of her videos on her YT a while back and I can't seem to find her lullaby videos anywhere on the web. I used to listen to them all the time but lost them in a hard drive failure.

I think her channel is which is now inactive.

Pic related.
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No title
Looking for a hyper specific meme or any variation of it that shows two wojacks as artists next to their works. One artist dressed gothic but their art style is soft and cute. The other dresses cute but their art is super edgy. Again any variation that depicts the same message is fine.
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No title
What are some TV episodes that end in the future but are NOT the season/series finale?
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No title
Feel fucking insane making this thread but I really need a PDF,Ebook or any way to read this childrens book. Trying to get a girl to put out and she said maybe if I read her this before bed and all the official ebooks are unreadable
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Self Harm Forums
Are there any that discuss techniques? I like certain scar but I dont know how to do them to myself because when I cut they heal like a straight line. all the subreddits and forums ive found are more anti sh.
0 media | 2 replies
How to quickly learn fullstack development?
I need to study the following technologies in order to secure my first job:

- TypeScript, OOP, DDD, functional programming patterns, Vue.js, Nuxt.js

- Websockets, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL databases, Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Sentry, Memcached, Kafka, Laravel, Node.js, Express.js

- Websecurity fundamentals, GNU/Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins, and Nginx

I only have 3 months to study, even though I work an unskilled job for 5 days a week, 9 hours a day.

I have already studied HTML, CSS, JS, and Webpack. However, I still need to complete my learning journey within the next three months. I kindly request your assistance in guiding me on how to efficiently learn the remaining technologies. How can I quickly acquire these skills?

I am unsure about how to study microservices as well as find Kaffka, RabbitMQ to be a complex topic to comprehend. Additionally, I find advanced-level SQL challenging to understand, and I am uncertain about the level of proficiency I can achieve in three months to secure a job as a full-stack developer.

Please, help. You are my last hope in this terrible life.
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PC Tech Support
My PC is a bit over a year old and showing weird bugs and glitches that I don't know the cause of or how to fix them. A couple things stand out.
Sometimes when I start my PC the scaling is completely fucked. Some apps are fine but other have fucked up text like the window is the corrext size but the text is either way too huge or too small at the same time. Signing off and signing back in again fixes it but why does that even happen in the first place.
I'm using an HDR monitor and have HDR enabled in the windows settings. I also tweaked the settings with the nvidia control panel. Sometimes when starting the nvidia control settings don't kick in though and I have to open the nvidia control panel.
Most notably I've started getting visual bugs. For instance videos start flickering when scrolling up and down or when hovering over a webm and moving the mouse. There is also visual noise like half a black screen for a milisecond while for instance changing tabs over hovering over pictures. That's the big one. Reinstalling the graphics driver did nothing.
Another thing I noticed is sometimes when I have a explorer window minimized it randomly opens up without me touching anything. Sometimes even alt tabbing me out of my game without touching anything.
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No title
So I found this meme (picrel) and me and the friend I sent it to are very interested into what the binary means, if anything. We tried but couldn’t find much on it so I want to ask if you can find anything.
The code incase you can’t see picrel or you just wanna copypaste it easier: 01100001 01100111 01101111 01101110 01111001
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No title
can somebody shoop a sneed or maga hat on her
1 media | 3 replies
Help me identify the game please
I saw this webm posted on /v yesterday. This is supposedly unmodded footage because the devs released a package that can color armor to the color of the skin. So it is both censored and uncensored. I am not up to date with video games so I saved the video assuming is from starfield because that's the latest space themed release. I thought I would check it out later to see if the gameplay is actually good or if it is just the booty. Well now it is later, turns out it is not starfield and the thread is gone.

If you can name the game, please let me know.

Help pls.
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No title
is there footage of this game "chiyo chan goes to town" anywhere online? This is the first time I've found a game online but have been unable to find any gameplay of it at all. Or is it a fake game and im gay and retarded? Do you think a ROM exists anywhere on the internet? I feel like if there's no gameplay available online, a downloadable ROM probably doesn't exist either
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Edits and coloring
Gonna drop a handful of pics I've had in my folder for years to maybe get some done here if anybody feels like tackling it

First one is Spirit blossom Kindred
ref -
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No title
online uno with friends in browser? my friend has a gay mac and can't play steam uno, is there a free browser version
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lost media television show help, old MTV show
lost media MTV television show
i remember watching this as a kid, my memory is bad but it was between 2008 and 2015
it was either claymation or stop motion with two action figures
the main characters were these two figures, one was white with blonde(?) hair, and the other one was black
i only vividly remember one scene where they tied one of the characters behind a car / truck and drug them as it drove
i don't know if it was a full show or a mini show or something like that, but I know for a fact that it wasn't robot chicken or celebrity death match, i remember watching it on "on demad", through whatever path it was on, cutting edge -> MTV -> animated or whatever the fuck it used to be
ive made a thread like this once before for the same show and only got a few fags telling me it was robot chicken. I've gone through the list of all MTV shows on wikipedia and im 99% sure it wasn't there when I checked, but I'm 100% sure im not schizo making this up in my head
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No title
What's the song used in this video?
0 media | 1 replies
manga recs
anyone know mangas like Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogaeru?
this is genuinely the only manga I've read of this kind, which is mostly platonic and doesn't focus on love

something emotional that focuses on friendship and coming of age, doesn't have to be yuribait
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GOG is not working
download (1)
Can somebody share the cyberpunk update 2.0. My galaxy is geting stuck at random percentages. it'd be helpful thank you :)
0 media | 3 replies
Modify this model?
Is it possible to modify this 3D model so the xenomorphs are in the squatting position, and one is covering his mouth, other is covering his eyes (or where the eyes would be) and the other is covering his ears (if they even have ears)?

Since the face is long and the head is big, I guess it would require for the hands to be extended, but I don't think it would look wrong. a xenomorph with very longs hands wouldn't look bad.

So basically, what I'm asking is if this model can be turned into "three wise aliens", and if it can be done, could anyone please do it? Pretty please.
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No title
Screenshot_20230924-073016_Samsung Notes
what meme template was this called? picrel drawn from memory
1 media | 4 replies
No title
Anyone know any other old CD players with a similar look to this one? With the backlit rubber buttons, silver/orange/green color scheme, VFD screen, and overall sleek design.
Trying to find one that was sold in the US market so I don't have to import from Japan
1 media | 4 replies
No title
Looking for the original pic where this shocked Chikorita was from. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but from what I remember the original pic was NSFW.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
who tf is this
0 media | 4 replies
Looking for revival of old doujin game torrents.
I'm on a quest to revive the lost doujin games. I don't want them to be lost media. Basically looking for re-seeds for stuff like or new torrent from someone who has archived these things.
0 media | 12 replies
No title
how do i change the kezboard lazout in artix linux with runit
0 media | 3 replies
No title
is there an alternative for chatgpt that doesn't require a login?
0 media | 6 replies
No title
I hate the taste, or some part of it anyway, of toothpaste.

Is there a toothpaste with fluoride for sensitive teeth available in the UK and doesn't cost a fuckton, that also doesn't taste like shit? I'm losing my mind a bit here, I like the taste of orange and tried this thinking it'd counteract the taste of the toothpaste and it ended up being absurdly painful and obviously not designed with sensitive teeth in mind. Plus it was hella expensive.

Anybody got any recommendations?
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Photoshop Request
Could someone kindly assist me in expanding the background of this image into a 16:9 ratio?
3 media | 6 replies
Looking for yt video
The video was just picrel with a djent composition (I think) playing in the background
I vaguely remember something about it being a soundtrack made for an unfinished game or else just a game concept
It popped up in my recommended around 2019 - 2021 and was named 'guardians of the ___ desert' or smth like that
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Fun Mons
What series have fun with their monster designs like Dragon Quest? Bonus points for punny enemies.
1 media | 6 replies
unnamed (1)
I am looking for a video made by shadman on his youtube channel @TheRealShadman years ago

The title *might* have been something along the lines of "So you want to be(come) a hentai artist?"

It appears that it has been deleted / unlisted since

The video was longer than his average speedpaints and his average "story time" videos - although I do not remember how long

I do not remember what the background footage was, it should have been a speedpaint / speeddraw of some kind

The background music was as far as I remember one or more songs by "Dance with the Dead", possibly from the album "Near Dark"

The content of the video was him giving his experience and opinions on the journey to becoming a nsfw artist. He talked at length and with grandiose, dramatized and edgy metaphors, the most notable and memorable was one of a worm in the dirt to illustrate the low value of any artist that merely wishes to draw porn but has not put in the effort to become exceptionally good and his art desirable and valuable.

If anybody has that video, or even just the audio, or has any clues as to where I could go hunting for a possible archived version somewhere, I would be very grateful.
I don't have much, but I could offer to compensate anybody who by chance is in possession of that video.

Please and thank you =)
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Manga rec
Recommend me story-heavy and complete manga with english TL. Bonus point if it's under 10 volume, but anything over is not exactly a dealbreaker.
3 media | 12 replies
Send me your random images
22 media | 22 replies
No title
I want to learn how to play an instrument as a hobby but I can't decide between violin or classical guitar. I know how ridiculously difficult violins are but I don't care.
The problem is that violin sounds absolutely beautiful at times, but any time I've heard the instrument played solo without any accompaniment, it just sounds poor and lacking.
A classical guitar in comparison played fingerstyle sounds like a whole band or an orchestra. I like its sweet sound and how polyphonic it is but it just can't match the beauty and expressiveness of violin.

What do?
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No title
Looking for an older copypasta...all I can really remember is: Butthole Seeking Stealth Missiles -

Google has cleansed their search so I can't find it with keywords alone

Can't remember much but the title plus shit like: Cream king cum socks orbital butthole missiles hear the words come out of my mouth 2+2=5 iPhone revolutionaries

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No title
boa song that goes
>do do dododo dodo
i can't find it listening to their discography
1 media | 17 replies
2023 Peru Alien Attack Footage/Pictures
A few months ago there was stories about an alien attack in Peru. Can you guys please provide as many images and clips about these incidents that you have? Most specifically I am looking for a supposed image/picture of a mantid-like alien that was on someone's roof in Peru.
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Screenshot_20230911-015231_Samsung Internet
What is the name of that webcomic where the people have cube shaped heads and pyramid shaped heads and they make illusions to racism and jews. There's another one that's more schitzo that's more about Lizards and Blues being stinky and having money from the perspective of a Japanese cat. Any help is appreciated.
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Your favorite websites based on appearance and navigability? I need example of good websites that you find is not only tolerable but comfy and nice. The opposite of dumb shit unintuitive corpo ass sites.
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PC wont boot
>windows freezes because of a program raping my cpu
>i force shut down
>pc doesnt post, mobo shows debug code 62 (manual says it’s a chipset initialization error)
>i end up tearing apart the entire build, cleaning dust, checking the cpu pins, memory, everything
>while testing with only one ram stick and no gpu, i occasionally get an error 40, which the manual says is a “cpu or memory problem”
>try another pc’s ram stick
>same issue
>put everything together, assuming it isn’t my ram sticks
>code 62
im starting to get sick of this number, and after 7 hours of trying to figure out what’s wrong and googling, i’ve run out of ideas.
yes, ive cleared the cmos many times, ive taken the cmos battery out, ive drained the power button capacitors etc etc
i have an asrock taichi z390 mobo
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can someone do a quick fuck my shit up edit with bloodshut eyes?
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Blend files to PMX request (MikuMikuDance)
Can anyone convert these Sangvis ferri models from blend to PMX (MikuMikuDance)?
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can anyone make the background transparent? i would, but the edges are soft so its hard.
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Would anyone happen to have a screenshot of one of the many Donald Tweets where he would just post "FLATTENING OF THE CURVE" over and over again? Searching the internet just results in pic related.
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How do i actually migrate from W*ndows
How do i actually use Gnu/linux/XDe/Gnome/sex/systemd/wine operating system?
I am migrating to linux mint,tried dual booting with ubuntu,seemed too much like a phone, "switched" to mint which broke my w*ndows drive and after trying to fix w*ndows i am thinking about just using mint and deleting the w*ndows drive, i want to keep my:
>.link files
>flash animation stash
Best i have heard is that you can
>Fidget with wine
>Turn every NTFS drive to EXT4
But how do i use VPNs and turn NTFS to usable drives without losing data? I am not good with the terminal, i would also like if my shortcuts and icons worked with linux
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Does anyone know the sauce for this rock song is?
it has no title
The only hint I have is that it's by someone named 'Tom Morgan.'
I found it at the end of this youtube video:
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Early-Mid 2000s Virtual Pet Plug-in-Play
there was a plug in play console around the early-mid 2000s that had a virtual pet that was normally separate but you could dock it into the console itself and play as the pet you were raising, the animals themselves were pre-rendered and the sound design was fucking weird, animals would make noises and a thought bubble with expressions would appear above their head if they were hungry or unhappy, the closest thing the game looked like visually was grunty's revenge on the gba
the game started at night and it was raining, there were a lot of hills and a beach if you went down south
I've been trying to find this fucking thing for years but all of the videos I could find online of things that look similar don't match what I remember seeing, if anyone can help figure out what the fuck I'm talking about I would really, really appreciate it
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Are there any current day Isekai or fantasy anime directly inspired by Zelda rather than Dragon Quest?
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Anime recommendation for me and my wife
artworks-Mh5BabaOJHFy4XUK-UGQiPA-t500x500 (1)
I've watched anime for a long time but have been out of it for a while. We watched azumanga diaoh and nichijou and she liked azumanga but not nichijou. NGE was a little too actioney for her. I think it would be good to watch a romcom or a comedy sol.
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What personality should she have?
I'm writing an MTG fanfic using all of my favorite creatures. Out of curiosity, what do you guys think Angel of Vitality's personality should be like, based purely on her card artwork and also her 2 main abilities?

Something about her face and toned body makes her stand out from the average angel, even though she's clearly a gentle healer as well.
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Screenshot from 2023-09-23 21-26-50
how the hell do I access exhentai? Tried the extension method and cookie method and neither worked. All that's changed is instead of a blank page I get the sad panda. I did make an account on e-hentai forums (used burner email), and I tried deleting the "yay" cookies and others, but they seem to reappear after refreshing.
Using brave browser on linux, but also tried on an ungoogled chromium (same results).
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Why am I range banned and how do you fix it?
I can't post on /pol/ for some reason and I haven't done any weird posts, I could post before but now I can't, I've heard it is because dynamic IPS get banned if other users get banned, I just want to post again, how do I fix it?
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Some youtuber or tiktoker who I think does informative videos and looks LIKE this, but isn't this girl. Has black hair and almost looks like she has sharp teeth like she is wearing some fake vampire teeth. The girl photod does dancing videos, but I think the other one doesn't
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Anyone have sauce for this black metal?
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Paul Strathern - Derrida in 90 Minutes
Hi. If you have an Amazon account you may be able to help me. I'm not going to ask you to buy something for me. There are free audiobooks available on Amazon from author Paul Strathern from the Philosophers in 90 Minutes series.

You can 'purchase' these for $0.00, but I don't have an Amazon acc or an online payment method. If you could download one/several of these and upload to a file-sharing site, I would be thankful.
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Can someone replace the symbol on the feminist's shirt with a white power symbol

Pic related
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Any so bad it's good manga recommendation or any manga that feels like a shitpost?
The only one that I read which fits the description other than pic related was Legend of Koizumi.
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looking for a quote
it was something along the lines of: she had 'the most attractive quality a woman could have: being into me'

it might be from scrubs but idk, i will post one cool fungus picture if this request is fulfilled.
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women-1 (1)
Do I need to buy a pre-amp for AT-LP120XUSB? Pre-amps cost like 2 times more than the turntables themselves lol
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Does anyone know what these two fonts are?
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Skinwalker Navajo story
I'm looking for a particular skinwalker story, this guy befriends his gfs navajo grandpa and starts to ask about the culture and skinwalkers and stuff and gets shut down, but the grandpa starts getting sick and the sicker he gets the more skinwalker info he gives him, eventually the guy has a crazy dream where he is surrounded by 4 of them in the form of people in a semicircle around him. spooked the fuck out of me and I want to find it again. I'm probably misremembering certain parts but thats the gist.
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Does anyone have that greentext where one anon studies Islam only to notice how retarded many of the rules are and how little actual muslims care? I remember one point being something along the lines of:
>In one instance Muhammed was visited by guests who were obnoxiously loud. The next day he proclaimed a new divine reveletion where in Allah tells him that guests should silent and respectful towards their hosts.
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Need help finding a horror Youtube channel
I need help finding a youtube channel. They made horror related content about real scary/tragic things that happened. There wasn't a lot of editing in them and they were short too (most of the time it was the guy talking over an image related to the video topic). Some videos I remember from him were about an elevator accident and a women drowning in sewage, and I think he had a video about a circus accident too. One of the last times I checked his channel, he was on hiatus, but I think he came back just to go on hiatus again. Does anyone know who I'm talking about?
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is there a anime/manga where the protagonist is a loser who's too dumb and weak to be anything useful in this world, who proceeds to live a life of never ending failiure and gradually isolates himself to come up with no functional thoughts anymore to the point where he gradually is losing his mind and intellect, to a point where nothing can even come out or inside his mind and any attempt of hope is countered by his realiziation that it's just over.

any recommendations? :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
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Torrent please?
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Internet Help
Need help figuring out what broke with my wifi.
>doing regular browsing on chrome, updating steam
>internet suddenly stops working, gives DNS error
>try all the obvious fixes, like rebooting computer/modem, unplugging and replugging adapter, and flush DNS
>nothing works, but this whole time no one else in the house is affected, including my phone, so it must be something exclusively on my computer's side
>even more annoying, the network says that it's connected and secured, but every browser and app will fail to connect
>running mullvad as my vpn, and I cannot connect either with it on or off, but it can connect to other countries so this is even more baffling
>have had internet shut off by isp in the past when someone pirated something/landlady forgot to pay bills, but this results in both a redirect to one of the isps pages telling you and the Internet not working for anyone
End of my wits here, what should I do?
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Images not working
Screenshot from 2023-09-22 22-32-17
How do I fix images not working when you click on thumbnails? I did it before and I know it involved editing some settings in ublock origin. I just reinstalled my OS and that config is the one thing that I forgot to back up.
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Screenshot (748) -
I'm starting to get Ads on YouTube for the first time in close to a decade with my Ublock on when a click videos sometimes every 3 videos it shows a less than a minute ad or 2 ads, are they finally learning?
I try to update my Ublock but it gets pic related and I cant unzip it, do I install an app to unzip it?
any other adblockers? I love Ublock, cant I simply update it?
this may be true I'm scared now:
>Google have recently done something to Chrome that makes ads play even though you’re running uBlock.
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Hello, I wanted to know if someone could paint it digitally
Ideally, the red sweatshirt and dark brown hair (thanks for your time)
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Powershell request: Terminal.GUI progress bar
Good evening,
I can't get the progress bar to work with this Terminal.Gui module in pwsh.exe.
To test, I created a keypress function which causes the progress bar to pulse.
It works when the keypress function is simple like this:
[code] Function Invoke-Keypress($argument){
$label1.text = "key presssed : $($argument.KeyEvent.Key.ToString())"
} [/code]
However, I am unable to make the progress bar pulse while waiting on a job. Instead, the shell seems to freeze, then after many seconds longer than expected I see the progress bar pulse a single time.
Please can you tell me the good code I can use Termianl.Gui to to make progress bar while waiting for a job to complete in pwsh?
And I did try to use start-thread but it seemed to take even longer.
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guys, i need to find an image from very long ago, its kinda like a meme, its the opposite of this one i sent, all i remember was a hand holding a portrait of a cheerful cashier/employee anime girl on the pic, but the real look of her was alot more depressed and "doomer" kinda like a relatable meme, if anyone have that image i would gladly appreciate it
my friend said it was "a man holding a photo of a fox lady back then" altho that doesnt ring many bells for me
it was the classic "expectation vs reality" type of thing, ppl take a picture looking 1 way but in reality they are the entire other way around, any help would be very appreciated, i will check this post later on archives if it goes down, ty
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Can someone help me find senritsu kaiki episode 3 in english? I cant find this episode anywhere.
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What weapon is he holding?
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Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 6.37.32 PM
where can i find a high quality original version of this image?
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2020-New-Design-and-Delicate-Hot-Sale-ATX-Gaming-Computer-PC-Case-with-RGB-Strip-Design-1324132652 (1)
How to buy a gaming computer in China?
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Lighting editing
Nate - Unknown
Can someone good with image editing fuck around with the lighting and contrast to get a better profile/view of the gun on the right?
It relates to this thread >>>/k/59632423
Figured I'd ask here too, though, since /k/ is (was) good with weapons whereas /wsr/ is good with image editing.
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Does anyone have the "Dispelling the myths.webm" or "demonmyths.webm" videos? I can't find them anywehre except in the archive:
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Song name please
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Strange website
Does anyone remember a few years back, there being this site that claimed you could use it to contact spirits? It was very well-made, it had an animated page where it was a metallic door with two enochian symbols, clicking the centre would open them, and you could then use the site to open audio or something.
Anyone have a clue?
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Service for Putting Stickers on Cards
Is there a custom sticker printing service out there that will put your custom stickers on cardstock like Topps does with Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids?
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Why does the Uno reverse card mean "no u" when used as a meme?
Is there a different set of rules where the card is used as a reflection of damage?
The only thing the card does is reverse the order in which the player play their turns.
When the player next to me plays "draw 4", then I can't reflect the damage with that card, to my knowledge.
or is there a different set of rules I'm not aware of?
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