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"/wsg/ - Worksafe GIF" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to sharing worksafe animated GIFs and WEBMs.

Welcome to /wsg/
1. Please check the Catalog before you post. Popular topics and themes relating to TV shows, people, etc., may already have active threads.
2. Please contribute 3 or more related images when starting a thread.
3. If you know the source of a given image, please provide it in the post.
4. Original content is encouraged, and 'filename threads', post your Xth gif threads are welcome.
5. Remember this is a Work Safe board and Global Rule 5 applies!

/gif/ guide to creating animated gifs

Other helpful links:
0 media | 2 replies
People Fighting
Double Dragon 2
Lets get a new thread going, edited fights with music most welcome.
54 media | 199 replies
Tokusatsu Thread
Kenzaki, let's have a bike fight (Sound)
Spandex superheroes, giants, fighting bug men, armored heroes, and kaiju are all welcome.
Image limit hit, previous thread >>5416214.
70 media | 85 replies
can someone find the whole music video please? I can't ask adult request or sw resuest because it's longer than 120 seconds
18 media | 27 replies
good kino thread
post only good non-boring webms, gemmies accepted
87 media | 171 replies
Christianity Thread
post pro-christian edits

"So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."
- Isaiah 41:10
35 media | 266 replies
No title
Jew Tunnels
Clips critical of The Tribe.
Ones which are so salient, reasonable, and funny that it's impossible to dismiss them as unhinged.

Fashlarpers fuck off. You help nothing and no one.
34 media | 81 replies
/v/ - vidya
Catkey Kong s
Post Video game related stuff
No Yellow paint allowed edition
Old Thread
104 media | 250 replies
/кoт/ kot general
son kot
the ideal cat webms thread to watch together with your cat
112 media | 188 replies
Human Extinction
Anything related to the destruction of the human race or behavioral sink.

Sorry, I only have one.
15 media | 71 replies
You know the drill.
34 media | 56 replies
No title
If you laugh, post 1.
150 media | 286 replies
K-Pop thread

Webm Programs:
>Webm Converter
>XMedia Recode
>MPV with webm script
Youtube Downloader:

FFmpeg Guides:
VP9 Video:
Vorbis Audio:

Light Editing:

Try to not post webms that were just in the previous thread, unless requested.

Previous Thread: >>5355654
109 media | 170 replies
Tedposting thread
Post webms that show that the Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
22 media | 31 replies
No title
Гилтикус празднует китайский Новый год
>This is the average apolitical Russian's reaction to seeing Putin.
Be honest, when was the last time you saw something like this in the west?
17 media | 120 replies
No title
good feels
22 media | 45 replies
No title
feels thread
0 media | 0 replies
trek double punch
All treks welcome. Complaints and arguments abound.

Prior thread >>5284242
87 media | 251 replies
Lionfield edition
81 media | 245 replies
[wsg] - [as] Style Bumps - Thread #58 - Challenge Edition
dance alone
Come share an [experience] with us, and bring your Pit Vipers.

>What is [wsg]?
[wsg] is anything you want it to be. Music, Video, Animation, Culture, Anything goes.
All styles are welcome.

To spice things up, choose one option from each category to create a bump:

Music: Future Funk, City Pop, Lo-fi hip hop.
Footage: Anime, 80’s and 90’s video, early 2000's video
Effects: VHS Glitch, Retro Color Grading, Film Grain

Feel free to create as you wish, but try to make at least one bump using the challenge categories. Good luck!
Post ideas for next thread's challenge categories if you have any!

>Video Editing Programs

>The Font
Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed

>Help with webm

>Reminder that file size limit is 6MB

>Gimme TheSauce™ bitch!
Make sure you put the sauce in the filename or somewhere in your post. Metadata gets stripped when posting here now so checking the title field with 4chanX wont work anymore. If they haven't put the sauce in the title, you can use Shazam, Sound Hound or try uploading the file directly to this site to scan for a found song. Alternatively you can just ask after exhausting everything else.

Don't rush, double check your work
Try to keep it under 45 seconds, or a minute tops
There's no need to follow the standard format, just include a [wsg] and use the font.
For more [as] inspiration go to, or check out the YouTube channel below

[wsg] Channel:

Previous thread archives:

Old Thread: >>5267216
58 media | 123 replies
No title
Birth control wonders
second puberty
10 media | 57 replies
drippin edition
36 media | 114 replies
Jews Rock!
A truly fascinating people. Last one hit image limit
145 media | 231 replies
N word thread
i hate nigs lady
anything featuring use of the N word
26 media | 33 replies
post memes around this cat.
17 media | 24 replies
No title
Go to bed.webm
cute asians being cute and asian

old thread: >>5449681
48 media | 78 replies
No title
Moto 1700749494525
2 wheels
78 media | 295 replies
/JCG/ Jesus Christ General
My Eyes
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
45 media | 150 replies
Rock / Metal
Doctor Doctor
Rock, Metal and everything in between.

>How are you making these?
141 media | 165 replies
prev >>5346140
69 media | 256 replies
No title
humor thread
66 media | 157 replies
YLYL Vidya Edition
post anything funny and vidya related
>ai voice
68 media | 133 replies
Comfy / Feels Thread
quiet life piano ver
Let's keep the comfy going. Post your favorites.
Previous Thread: >>>5400552
108 media | 177 replies
Guitar Shredding Collaborations
Shredding For Hope 1 HUGE Shred Collab ft. Jared Dines Stevie T Many More
Post your best and tell me who had the most interesting solo. Not all collaborations are competition after all.
23 media | 35 replies
Creepy Thread
Thread for strange videos, /x/ tier or ARG tier, creepy and paranormal are obviously allowed.
40 media | 138 replies
Forget Me Forget You-Nakani
Post anything phonk (songs, edits, etc.)

>What is phonk?
Phonk is a genre that started in the early 2010s stemming from slow-paced, jazz-infused beats combined with '90s Memphis rap samples. The genre was later popularized with aggressive Russian cowbell beats, taking on a life of its own, and inspiring many new subgenres.

>Where's the best place to find phonk?
Soundcloud and YouTube.

>Subgnres of phonk with examples
Rare Phonk -
Atmospheric/Ambient/Wave Phonk -
Analog Phonk -
House Phonk -
Cowbell/Drift/Aggressive Phonk -
Brazillian Phonk -
Hyperphonk -

>How do I download songs off SoundCloud? or

>How do I convert my songs into .webm files?
Various Conversion/Encoding Scripts - (PRs Welcome and encouraged)
NOTE: You will need imagemagick and ffmpeg for these scripts to work properly, install them here:
Imagemagick -

Previous Thread: >>5281162
28 media | 62 replies
90s & 2000s Music
Any genre, live footage and music videos preferred.

Old Thread:>>5425618
75 media | 92 replies
Random webms with sound for other boards
Stopl playing games with my heart
129 media | 186 replies
/gvy/ Global Virtual YouTubers
Just Kirsche's Things.Edition

>Virtual Youtubers rankings


>Webm making guide

>Webm Software
XMedia Recode:
MPV Player & Scripts:

Try to not post webms that were just in the previous thread, unless requested.

Previous Thread: >>5451676
99 media | 214 replies
No title
reaction gifs/webms
127 media | 133 replies
No title
This is a thread about beavers
6 media | 18 replies
White fever thread
Been a real long time since the last, time to check (em) this board for a new one.
A new White fever thread
73 media | 273 replies
No title
Dance thread
Let's see those webms
118 media | 181 replies
"Working" at fortune 500 & layoffs
The videos that ruined an entire generation of white collars, software developers, people working from home and basically anyone working at a fortune 500 company.

How are layoffs going at your company, anon?
23 media | 176 replies
Birb Thread
Been a long time since I hopped on and started one of these. Let's make a thread where we can share the beauty that is birbs with each other. Borbs, of course, welcome ^^
51 media | 72 replies
No title
Yearly gachimuchi thread
137 media | 203 replies
YTP Thread
AI Enhanced Morshu
I miss the golden age of YTP's.

Let's have a comfy YTP thread. In particular I've always had a soft spot for CDI and Spingebill.
150 media | 245 replies
No title
Gondola Puru Puru Pururin (as heard by neighbors)
Hello frens, it is time for your regularly scheduled gondola thread. Please join us.
150 media | 222 replies
Bait & Switch Thread
lol get rickrolled
As much as I like the Sam and Vergil edits, at least try to upload some original content please.
7 media | 9 replies
Anime Thread 72
spider dork
71 >>5448731
70 >>5429039

WebM creator

/g/ guide to WebMs:

Sauce guide:
20 media | 25 replies
>2024 Random X Random thread
>2024 Random X Random thread

Post whatever
>1 Points for new WEBMs

the last thread maxed out

RIP /nrg/ - No Reposts General
here is the last thread

150 media | 207 replies
Baby Deer Fawn Orphan! Cute
88 media | 162 replies
/aicg/ AI Content General
Previous thread >>5423591
Post anything AI generated. Song covers, animations, etc.
OC encouraged, but not required.
This thread focuses on audio and video with an audio component.

This thread is still a work in progress. If you have a resource link to share (rentry, mega link, guides, etc.), reply to this post so I don't miss it and can add it to future OPs. This thread is as good as you make it. All I do is coalesce information shared here.

> Voice-to-Voice
RVC walkthrough (somewhat outdated, collab is dead):
Models, mega links, and mirrors:

> Text-To-Speech

> Music
Online music gen:
Offline music gen:
Audio remxing:

> Ultimate Vocal Remover (essential for both song covers and voice training)

> Related boards
44 media | 91 replies
and those associated.
46 media | 82 replies
>Hark ser Pavel, and good day,
>My Christian name is CIA.
4 media | 6 replies
The Immortal Ricardo Thread
10 media | 11 replies
Weird items
Webms With Sound for Other Boards: Last thread hit the file limit
98 media | 263 replies
Combat Sports:
The other one reach the webm limit:
89 media | 137 replies
Mala - Changes
post uk dubstep, grime and bassline
43 media | 47 replies
No title
Night_of_Tsukasa.flv (
Anime edits of any kind
92 media | 134 replies
No title
Move Your Body
Boomer Party
18 media | 22 replies
Stuff like this
12 media | 15 replies
Fox Gifs
I FUCKING LOVE FOXES. Post your best fox gifs!
85 media | 99 replies
Do you like tanks? Firepower, armor or mobility?
War... what is it good for?
150 media | 269 replies
post your best monkee webms
15 media | 16 replies
Neco Arc Thread
Dumping what I've got for my bros in /horg/ but feel free to post anything related to the stupid fucking cat
41 media | 50 replies
No title
s soup
street food
20 media | 145 replies



Guys kissing, dancing, or just being cute. Post em if you've got em, fags.
8 media | 19 replies
Time to save the west. We are so back.
65 media | 199 replies
Update about about the woman I gave my number to
72 media | 131 replies
No title
/ck/ thread
Post amazing recipes with affordable, obtainable ingredients not just stupid webms like I did.
80 media | 254 replies
R34 GTR Nismo Spec Pro Exhaust [-mEZE5xP3UU]
Soundporn thread
23 media | 28 replies
Gifmaker gif creator
Gifmaker is a python program to easily create a wide range of gif animations, or as an mp4 if you prefer.

You can define what words to use per frame. Word lines are separated by ; and you can use [random] words, and you can [repeat] the previous words.

For example:

gifmaker --words="This is a [random] ; [repeat] ; Get [RANDOM] ; "

This will make an animation with 4 frames.

The first frame might be "This is a bear".

The second frame says the same words, it's repeated.

The third frame might say "Get TANK".

And then the 4 frame is empty without words, because a ; was used in the end.

It has various filters that you can apply to frames, like hue modifications, blur, grayscale, invert, saturate, or random and random2 to pick filters randomly.

And a whole lots of other arguments you can use.

Everything you need to know to learn how to use it is described in the readme file.
8 media | 16 replies
She loves to play with her toys....
Anime fights were better than the manga version.
10 media | 25 replies
Anime Thread 71
kill or be killed
70 >>5429039

WebM creator

/g/ guide to WebMs:

Sauce guide:
150 media | 236 replies
Let's make some noise
Previous: >>5443811
150 media | 178 replies
Visual Kei
The Complete Of Suicide
Visual kei, abbreviated v-kei (V系, Bui kei), is a music scene and movement that originated in Japan during the late 1980s. Originally influenced by glam rock and other 1970s rock music styles, visual kei musicians incorporate varying levels of make-up, elaborate hairstyles and costumes, often coupled with an androgynous aesthetic. The term visual kei was coined in the 1990s and is sometimes also called a music genre or style, similar to Shibuya-kei. However, there are no defined characteristics for the music played by visual kei acts, and whether or not one is considered a part of the movement is based solely on their having an emphasis on visuals and performance.
21 media | 27 replies
No title
What mental illness is this specifically? BPD? Schizoaffective? t looks like alcohol in the GIF but if it wasn't what mental health issue is it?

My mum was like this. She'd go from nice and normal to this. She never drank or did drugs. Anger issues.
13 media | 122 replies
Food Safari
Travel broadens the mind and taste-buds. Play it!
10 media | 15 replies
Family guy
Family guy edit thread,
Post le funny family goy memes
30 media | 48 replies
Post right-wing WEBMs, please. It doesn't have to be political; it can be right-wing aesthetics, but only if it's pure kino.

>Right-wing politics
>Right-wing philosophy
>Right-wing spirituality
>Right-wing aesthetics

You can post e-celebs, just don't spam.
11 media | 13 replies
77 media | 132 replies
No title
16256021743430 (2)
russia thread (+belarus & little russia)
124 media | 199 replies
Pokemon Anime
webms/gifs related to the pokemon anime/movies
62 media | 105 replies
>be gone for a month
>come back
>no hyperborea thread active
>not even in the archive
you faggots can't be trusted by yourselves for a second
150 media | 331 replies