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"/wsg/ - Worksafe GIF" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to sharing worksafe animated GIFs and WEBMs.

Welcome to /wsg/
1. Please check the Catalog before you post. Popular topics and themes relating to TV shows, people, etc., may already have active threads.
2. Please contribute 3 or more related images when starting a thread.
3. If you know the source of a given image, please provide it in the post.
4. Original content is encouraged, and 'filename threads', post your Xth gif threads are welcome.
5. Remember this is a Work Safe board and Global Rule 5 applies!

/gif/ guide to creating animated gifs

Other helpful links:
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Warhammer Webms
Post Warhammer Webms. 40k, HH, WHFB, AoS, video games, memes, models etc.
44 media | 101 replies
No title
women being funny, one of the rarest things in nature
51 media | 179 replies
Hope Thread
Post WEBMs that give you hope/motivation/etc.
21 media | 41 replies
/gvy/ - Global Virtual Youtubers
Mayo Waifu by GGNLive
Twins edition

>Virtual Youtubers rankings


>Webm making guide

>Webm Software
XMedia Recode:
MPV Player & Scripts:

Previous Thread: >>5264918
105 media | 233 replies
No title
Makeup transformation thread
31 media | 106 replies
Can't send webms on whatsapp
So I enjoy collecting various webms to send around to my friends, but as of late whenever I try to I get this error that the file isn't supported. Anyone know how to deal with this?
4 media | 30 replies
No title
New Japanese thread, I saw the other one died
57 media | 285 replies
No title
nasheed thread
extra points for memes
95 media | 208 replies
No title
Happy 1st of Autumn
2 media | 14 replies
No title
download g
German girls
20 media | 51 replies
Crazy shit/China:
Post anything that's insane or funny (from China)
43 media | 134 replies
No title
Yung Lean - Agony
no feels thread?
91 media | 230 replies
Tokusatsu Thread
Anno, I kneel (Sound)
Spandex superheroes, giants, fighting bug men, and kaiju are all welcome.
Image limit hit, previous thread >>5231533.
31 media | 38 replies
No title
Sub VS Dub comparisons
57 media | 296 replies
No title
33 media | 201 replies
No title
>ITT: Sigma males & Literally me
52 media | 156 replies
YLYL where?
Proper YLYL, post your best only.
46 media | 108 replies
Stranger Things
Is this for real? Or is someone playing a joke on me?
6 media | 21 replies
Inadequate Male Shaming Thread
Post anything involving betas, virgins, manlets, dicklets, chuds, ie LOSERS and how much they suck.
22 media | 75 replies
Gondola thread
>search "gondola"
>no results

last thread >>5065323
150 media | 292 replies
COVID never forget!
001 2020 China protest p1
let's remember this disaster so that we don't get screwed again!
150 media | 224 replies
No title
>What is Hyperborea?
Hyperborea/Atlantis is a highly self-aware meme associated with right-wing ideology, focused on rediscovering ancestral roots and spiritual beliefs that have been forgotten over time. It cleverly combines rapid sequences of imagery that portray ancient mythical utopian societies, such as Atlantis, Hyperborea, Agartha, and Thule, with contemporary pop-cultural icons and symbols. The accompanying music, which often distorts popular pop and rap songs, adds a distinct vaporwave or synthwave flavor to the overall experience. As a result, this amalgamation creates a mesmerizing fusion of two contrasting elements, ultimately unleashing a captivating and hypnotic energy.

>How can I make these videos?
Using any editing software. Typically, what is used are classical paintings, folklore art, movies, and TV shows that portray conspiracies, ancient mysteries, and Aryan themes. Ancient Aliens is a very used source.

>Is this a CIA/JIDF psy-op?
Yes, but it's fun.

With all that out of the way
>why have you posted things not to the original formula?
We have inherited the myth, defeat is only realized when you are no longer capable of dreaming, and creating. The Atlanteans also existed in modernity at one point did they not? So we to must experience the way in our life, for life is not a stone to be picked up and put down but a chain and object of burden.
To prevent sterility and impotence one must also be many things than one.
82 media | 120 replies
111 media | 184 replies
No title
Averi (Fiddle a fox) music
4 media | 19 replies
schizo anime edits
dunno what to call them, if you have a name then reply with it
(doesnt have to be anime)
77 media | 170 replies
No title
Bait/troll thread
37 media | 75 replies
/jcg/ Jesus Christ General
Post webms about Jesus, and also post a bible verse.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

70 media | 94 replies
Webms about fathers and their families. Maybe this can be us someday?
7 media | 55 replies
You can /dance/ if you want to. Also I need this for another board.
96 media | 169 replies
Post anything related to lookism, looksmaxxing, the blackpill, PSL, modelling, facial aesthetics etc etc
14 media | 35 replies
No title
surreal/weirdcore thread
1 media | 1 replies
Initial D & EUROBEAT
27 media | 39 replies
Airplane - The Press
Because why the fuck not? Just about everything here is just complete shit. I'm so fucking tired of this bullshit.
16 media | 36 replies
No title
cute girls doing cute things
21 media | 43 replies
No title
Can I get uh, spider thread?
14 media | 27 replies
80s Music Thread
Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared (Video)
whether it be static , music video or newer music with that 80s synth jam.
60 media | 69 replies
Demons Gate

Simple bat you can run to make music webms
I tried to make it pretty retard proof but you still need to know how to get ffmpeg at least onto your pc
Read the comments for more info
136 media | 167 replies
Anime Thread 62
Crossing Time - 01 - Their Youth
61 >>5228732

WebM creator

/g/ guide to WebMs:

Sauce guide:
144 media | 199 replies
cute thread
cooking girl
itt webms that make you want to have kids
24 media | 146 replies
No title
37 media | 88 replies
Funny webms
Vids that make you laugh while it's playing...
50 media | 118 replies
Resonance - Cold Heart
No fucking album covers edition post some cool music + video combos.
150 media | 240 replies
Well anon, here we are again, are you gonna post cringe? Kino?
Or are you gonna do the right thing and post webms that are both.
23 media | 45 replies
/ssg/ - Sea Shanty & Folk
The Cruel Wars [lLV5GVWnVqs]
OP didn't fuck up the title thread Edition

Previous Thread: >>5206326

Q: How can I create my own WebM to participate?

1. (OPTIONAL; This does a better job than a YouTube online downloader, but feel free to use the latter if you feel overwhelmed.)

Once it is downloaded: Press the Windows Key, open Windows Powershell and then type the following (Assuming your yt-dlp.exe is found on your Desktop): Desktop/yt-dlp.exe [type the YouTube URL here]

This will download the video to C:/Users/User. How do you change the destination folder? I don't know man

2. (requires AviSynth:

WebM For Retards handles the rest of the job to convert a video to 4chan standards.


Protip: Maximum filesize on /wsg/ is 6144KB, this is 6.144MB
Maximum duration is 300 seconds.
Maximum resolution is 2048x2048 pixels.
37 media | 62 replies
Armenian webms thread
6 media | 28 replies
Weapon Webms
Post weapon and weapon related webms
107 media | 303 replies
Previous thread: >>5194174
37 media | 93 replies
No title
peace will find you all
43 media | 81 replies
Combat Sports:
The other one reach the webm limit:
86 media | 172 replies
METAL/ROCK/ "classical" rock
Megadeth addicted to chaos
Here we go again. no rap please. and lets TRY and keep the black/death metal too a minimum. Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon and the like fall under classic rock, and may be posted, as well as rob zombie for example being industrial metal, and you can post that. pretty much anything rock, pop rock, classic rock, or almost any metal genre is fine.

requesting a convert plez. thanks anons.
21 media | 66 replies
Tweaker Behavior
Tweakers tweaking, junkies nodding, and adjacent flavors of entertainment.
23 media | 78 replies
[wsg] - [as] Style Bumps - Thread #57 - Get Involved edition
Come share an [experience] with us, and bring your Pit Vipers.

>What is [wsg]?
[wsg] is anything you want it to be. Music, Video, Animation, Culture, Anything goes.
All styles are welcome.

>Video Editing Programs

HitFilm - iMovie - Windows Movie Maker - Shotcut - Resolve

Sony Vegas - Premiere - Final Cut

>Visual Effects
Sony Vegas - After Effects

>The Font
Helvettica Neue Bold Condensed

>How into an webm files?
Use Webm Converter, or XMedia Recode. Don't use the online converters.

>Webm Converter

>XMedia Recode

>Online Converter
Use as an absolute last resort:

>Reminder that file size limit is 6MB

>Gimme TheSauce™ bitch!
Download 4chan X and check the title field of each post, if the creator didn't put the sauce in the title - remind them it's their duty.
You can use VLC to check the metadata. You can also use Shazam or Sound Hound. Or you can just ask after exhausting everything else.

Don't rush, double check your work
Try to keep it under 45 seconds, or a minute tops
There's no need to follow the standard format, just include a [wsg] and use the font.
Put the song name in the metadata- Webm Converter makes this very simple
For more [as] inspiration go to, or check out the YouTube channel below

[wsg] Channel:

Previous thread archives:!MlA0DaiJ!Sj7u-VBWoAZIO1Sazkp6xA

Old Thread: >>5181094
24 media | 39 replies
Phonk Music Thread
Dream Space
Post your favorite phonk songs/edits
Previous: >>5195340
135 media | 185 replies
/kot/ #5
any cat webms
85 media | 246 replies
Music General - V
Buckethead - 02 Light
Anything with music, but preferably music with album covers. Still image superiority, my bros.
65 media | 85 replies
/fag/ - cute male general
post cute boys, femboys, etc.

no ftm trannies allowed, this general is tuna free, lets keep it that way

heteros, breeders, and other stinkditch-fuckers keep moving, this is a faggot neighborhood
110 media | 248 replies
old thread died,

posting some random ones I've saved from over the years here,

contribute what you have
38 media | 55 replies
riot thread
good shit
a thread about rioting
16 media | 33 replies
The country of Australia and its people
64 media | 134 replies
No title
Bonbi and similar
32 media | 123 replies
No title
uicchi no tatakai electric guitar version
Anime OST/soundtrack thread
145 media | 164 replies
No title
silat training
post martial arts shit
68 media | 232 replies
Weird items
Why would you put a torch in the handle of an umbrella?
5 media | 34 replies
Anime webms for AMV, gifs also ok
hey bros. u got any kino SnK, Tokyo ghoul, NGE, Berserk (1997), Bleach, CSM or Fate webms by any chance? I could make an ebin AMV with them
4 media | 6 replies
Goebbels edits, speeches, GIFs and everything related to him.
127 media | 250 replies
Stupid Malaka
Bonus for that sweet IV Euphoria.
44 media | 84 replies
[#Looble_tok] So Sensitivly takin' 리허설 ver. 👀 #루셈블 #Loossemble #Sensitive-LeNeczoBZ7s
K-Pop thread

Webm Programs:
>Webm Converter
>XMedia Recode
>MPV with webm script

FFmpeg Guides:
VP9 Video:
Vorbis Audio:

Light Editing:

Try to not post webms that were just in the previous thread, unless requested.

Previous thread: >>5188222
20 media | 30 replies
No title
/o/ webm
12 media | 17 replies
golden boy kintaro Low Tee - Thuggin...Feels Good
musical webm thread
57 media | 85 replies
Chis Chan
He's out of jail and is back on Twitter, so let's celebrate the return of the king.
59 media | 243 replies
Makes you think
Deep or pretentious? You decide.
Even so, it does make you think...
4 media | 15 replies
93 media | 209 replies
No title
Thriller panther dance
Michael Jackson thread
150 media | 219 replies
138 media | 302 replies
/jcg/ Jesus Christ General
Post webms about Jesus, and also post a bible verse.

John 9:25
He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

150 media | 279 replies
Food animated gif
Post dishes you wanna eat and not just play with...
32 media | 83 replies
No title
They know what theyre doing (1)
Does anyone have any more speeches from this guy? I think his name is Albert L. Rossi, but I'm not sure. Video was made by this Twitter user called Kevnomancer. If anyone else has some of his stuff, it would be appreciated, too.
6 media | 13 replies
Learn to Video Edit through OC
Baby's first music video
Time to learn a new skill!

>Download a video editor, a video clip, and some music
>Put the second and third into the first
>Slap some effects on top
>Trim it down to fit on 4chan
>Export as a .webm
>Post it ITT
>You're a content creator now
97 media | 245 replies
Post Random Shit
125 media | 322 replies
No title
This retard will unironically crash China's economy
15 media | 113 replies
Prep drinks & food for consumption.
14 media | 30 replies
Looping animations
Webms & Gifs that seamlessly play on forever please.
28 media | 29 replies
No title
Jonathan Bowden
28 media | 37 replies
unsaucables thread fuck off
9 media | 10 replies
People smashing things
fight in store
Looking for that one video where someone pushes bottles from shelves in store
82 media | 317 replies