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/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General
>"Silent Night" Edition

>What is Pokémon Masters?
A gacha game that is receiving improvements, actually has soul, doesn't erase all your save data, and has a dev team that cares about their fans, unlike Sword & Shield.

>A Message from the Pokémon Masters Team

>Model ripping/datamining project FAQ


>Gear FAQ

>How to Play and How to Win

>How do I reroll?
(!) From now until 12/27 12:59 AM (EST) all players will be gifted 4,500 gems (!)
1. Play until you complete the chapter 1 tutorial. This should reward you with a little over 1,300 gems
2. Use these and any additional gift/login gems to either roll for a character you like or the current two strongest Strikers in the game, Olivia and Brendan. There is no benefit to rolling ten characters at once other than saving time
3. If you are unsatisfied with your results go to the options menu, click "delete save data" and start over.

Previous: >>41887693
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No title
YouCut_20191212_064116532 (1)
Shiny hunting thread.

Just got my first shiny after numerous hunts. What are you currently hunting for??
31 images | 191 replies
No title
> ITT:
discuss what you have been doing to piss off shills. I'll start:
> been making a region in pixelmon reforged. not even finished and it already looks better than the Galar "games."
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Wi-fi General
big mistake
Trade Battle Breed

State your name and generation

Not a thread for hacks

Old >>41882239
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No title
Complaining about the dex being cut is a proper criticism.
Prove me wrong, shilltrannies
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No title
>19 Days until 2020
>Still not buying it anyway
0 images | 3 replies
No title
>Is likely to get Shell Smash in the future
Can’t wait
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No title
What if Joe learned how to tap dance?
0 images | 5 replies
Let’s post Anabel pics
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No title
>a gen 1 pokemon of your choice now is, will be, and always has been the mascot
How would the franchise turn out?
4 images | 43 replies
No title

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No title
>good design, good signature move, good hidden ability, good in competitive even without it because of Knock Off and slow U-Turn

>good design, TWO good signature moves, good hidden ability, good in competitive even without it because of powerful coverage options

>shit design, shit signature move, shit hidden ability, shit in competitive because shit movepool

What did they mean by this?
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No title
N is pregnant!
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Saturday Buns
Multiplying just like their namesake
109 images | 289 replies
Change my mimd
Fan designs are legitimately better than GameFreaks now.

All to right are creavite and well designed monsters with depth based on strong and well mixed concepts. They look like they can all exist to fit a particular niche and have natural proportions.

The ones to the left ate just goofy saturday morning cartoon characters, wirh hardly any depth besides "muh Bongland references." All have unnecessary markings that make them all feel cluttered with atrocious color palletes. Also Eiscue.
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No title
There aren't much starter wars among these starters compared to the shitstorm in Gen6 and Gen 7 (or the everlasting Gen1)
Are these officially the weakest and most unpopular starter trio?
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No title
ITT posts things that boomers believe.
>The special split was a bad thing.
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/rheg/ - ROM Hacking & Essentials General
Keep grinding edition

/rheg/ Discord:
Post here not on Discord

ROM Hacking:
>Notable ROM hacks:
>Making a ROM hack:
>Gen 4-7 tools:

RPG Maker XP
>Pokémon Software Development Kit (PSDK)
>Database Editor:

>Pokémon Essentials

>WIP Gen 5 tiles:
>FireRed in RPG Maker:

Notable fan game communities:

This isn't the thread for hacking your 3DS. That's >>>/vg/hbg/
This isn't the thread for injecting, either. That's
Injecting is piss easy to do at this point. Just learn how to do it yourself you lazy fuck.
If you're looking for a specific ROM, consult the gametech wiki before asking us.

Last Thread:
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No title
Did you like the region itself?
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No title
>every gen adds a cat and dog pokemon
2 images | 9 replies
SwSh Raids General
Charizard a shit, give Primarina back edition

previous thread: >>41882583

How to find the den you are looking for:


Useful links:

>Read the OP before asking questions
>New people: add hosts on friend list to join their raids
>Sharing is caring
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No title
>Didn't buy Sword/Shield
>Didn't buy Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee
>Didn't buy Sun/Moon
>Didn't buy Black/White
>Didn't buy Gold/Silver
>Never pirated any of this trash either
>Only games I've bought are the ones I knew I'd like
>My face when all the faggots who say "Even if the game's bad you'll buy it anyway" are wrong
>My face when the only games I'm looking forward to are Gen IX and a Gen IV remake but I still won't buy them if they end up being shit
What's it like wasting money on things you don't enjoy? I wouldn't know, I don't support companies when they make bad decisions.
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No title
Why do incels hate the smug lizard?
16 images | 65 replies
No title
Does this make me a dirty pokefucker? Have I sinned?
1 images | 9 replies
No title
So what happened?
12 images | 90 replies
No title
turns out the pokehindus were right all along and you, recently deceased anon, are about to be reincarnated into a pokemon based on how well you lived your life or how much of an awful fuckup you were. what pokemon does the universe determine you deserve to wake up as?
3 images | 4 replies
>you are not the one
Maybe she just thought you weren't her type?
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No title
>he buys super potions instead of lemonades and moomoo milk
>he buys hyper potions instead of energy roots
>he buys revives instead of revival herbs
>he buys hyper balls instead of dusk balls
>he buys escape ropes
>he buys ice heal
3 images | 23 replies
No title
*Obstructs your at hatching*
2 images | 6 replies
No title
>best move animations
For me, it's Guardian of Alola
>z-moves excluded
Aerial Ace
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General
Hanke Claus
Christmas Came Early Edition

>Official Pokémon Go Updates

>Latest APK

>Frequently Asked Questions

>Review Pokéstop Nominations (level 40 only)


>Server Status

>Event Countdowns

>Local Group Map

>Nest Atlas

>PvP & Battle Simulators

>Nest Migration Countdown

>Raid Counter Breakpoints

>Trainer Level Speed Calculator

>Submit Your Friend Code Here

>Find Friends Here

Previous Thread: >>41867702
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No title
ITT: Post things that zoomers believe.

>The physical special split was a good thing.
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/rpg/ - Retro Pokémon General
#18 - Shut-in Edition

Previous >>41844621

Anyone playing pre Gen VI games is welcome! Exchange friend codes, give each other tips, or just enjoy playing your favorite game with other like-minded people.
>Why /rpg/? Gen V wasn't that long ago.
Firstly, the cutoff was more meant to reflect what seemed to be the point where Pokémon had a drastic change in direction rather than it being related to age. Additionally, with Gen V also being on the DS, online multiplayer is only available through custom servers. Playing games that aren't officially supported anymore is kind of the point of this general.
We had considered other names like 2D Pokemon General (/2dg/) and Classic Pokemon General (/cpg/), but >/cpg/ and we wanted to be inclusive of older games like Colosseum that fall into pre Gen VI territory but are not necessarily 2D. We put it to a vote back in thread #3 and the majority seemed to want /rpg/, so here we are.

Useful links:
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No title
>mechanics you wish they included more
Freeze Dry is an ice move that hits super-effective on water types. You could easily make equivalents for other types, but this is the only move ever made that has that property. It would help a lot of otherwise shit mons, too.
>no lava attack that counts as fire but is super effective against rock
>no ground pound attack that is normal but hits super effective against ground
>no boulder attack that is rock but hits super effective against steel
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Do you think he will let his trainer touch his chest organs?
7 images | 32 replies
Lucario is the best Waifu
3 images | 11 replies
No title
0 images | 0 replies
No title
If they ever make pokemmo, would it be okay to sell shinies for microtransactions, since they are strictly cosmetic only?
1 images | 4 replies
No title
Utterly fucking soulless region.
4 images | 22 replies
No title
What's your number one tryhard Pokemon? The one pick that, in your mind, immediately identifies someone as a Smogon copy-paster?
21 images | 55 replies
No title
Everyone has fapped to a pokemon at least once, there's no use denying it faggots.
13 images | 36 replies
No title
Which one is better?
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Previous drawthread

>NSFW requests go here:
>Tumblr Tag:
>DA Group:
>Constructor's Room:

This thread is for the growth of artists and those who draw for fun. If you're going to give critique, please do it constructively. Rude or blunt critiques wont help anybody. Artists please feel free to post anything you have created and want to share, even it is isn't requested, we love to see what you are all working on!

Requesters are free to request what they wish, but avoid bumping your request every half hour as its only going to put people off; try giving it a few hours or more.
Please provide references in ONE image, especially when requesting something outside of the Pokémon universe.
And if you request something from the old Drawthread or a separate thread, COPY & PASTE the actual request instead of posting a link.

New artists are welcome to join in the fun! If you need any help, some artists are very keen to help, so don't be afraid to ask! Finally, all artists are urged to upload their art onto the booru after delivering for archival purposes, ease of style identification and to aid in locating older pieces. If you are unfamiliar with how to go about uploading to a booru type website or merely need help with tagging, simply ask in the thread below!
144 images | 295 replies
No title
Big Pokégirl Thread
146 images | 232 replies
/nzg/ - Nuzlocke General
Failure Edition
previous >>41718595

>Nuzlocke info

>Nuzlocke generator

>Links to official games

>Romhack links

>Emulator info (note that OpenEmu is the best option for Macfags period as RBY through B2W2 may all be played on it and all run smoothly))

>Difficulty list (missing XY without EXP Share on)

>Pokémon Nuzlocke images

>Pokémon Bank sprites

>Additional templates
62 images | 145 replies
Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread
Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming episodes, anime Pokégirls, sub releases, discuss, speculate, bitch and moan, etc., etc.


>Citronic Gear On's music rips:

>Newfag Airing/Viewing Order Guide for XY:

>Fanart miner:

Next episode:
>PM2019 005 - Kabigon Grows Gigantic?! The Mystery of Daimax!! [Dec 15]

Upcoming episodes:
>PM2019 006 - I'm Gonna Get a Ton of Pokémon! The Road to Mew!! [Dec 22]
>PM2019 007 - The Houen Region, Site of Fierce Fights! The Battle Frontier Challenge!! [Dec 29]
>PM2019 008 - Don't Give In, Pochama! An Ice Floe Race in the Sinnoh Region!! [Jan 12]
>PM2019 009 - The Pledge We Made That Day! The Houou Legend of the Jouto Region!! [Jan 19]

Shit people will ask:
>Is PM2019 a reboot?

>Will my waifu return in the new series?
The series will involve travels to all the old regions, so there's definitely a possibility. The exception is Haruka/May, whose VA KAORI has a severe throat condition and is pretty unlikely to be able to do any voice acting at the time, making it unlikely they'll want to bring her back for the time being

>Muh subs when?
[PM] will be subbing PM2019. They have the best subs available, so work with them.

Old thread:
49 images | 170 replies
No title
Very well, it's that time again, as always, post your IGN, link code and pic of your favorite SHINY pokemon in SHINY form. Skip any of the 3 requirements and you will be skipped.

This is a shiny giveaway afterall.
63 images | 163 replies
No title
Why do they hate each other?
7 images | 33 replies
No title
Indian pokegirls when?
3 images | 15 replies
No title
>Crimson Legs
5 images | 30 replies
No title
Does anyone have a Wishiwashi to spare?

1 images | 6 replies
No title
Galarian Ash
Ash's Galar Pokemon Team:

3 images | 28 replies
No title
It’s a fox Pokemon yet no one lewds it

What went wrong?
7 images | 48 replies
/vp/ monotype tourney, join or eldegoss punches you edition
Let's have a tournament over December holidays! It isn't anything serious, and the main purpose of all this is fun, and maybe to take our minds off the divisiveness and tension of national dex and all the baggage that comes with it.

This is a tournament over what will be the New year for most folks on /vp/. It will start on January 11, and rounds will occur every 3 days, until it has completed.


1. You have a team of 6 pokemon.
2. Pokemon on your team must all share a chosen type. Your type will be made public, as well as your team, when the tourney kicks off.
3. Matches will be played in the normal rules ruleset. Zacian, Zamacenta, Mew and Eternatus are banned.
4. Matches are 6v6.
5. Be as assholish and dastardly as you want to be. There are no bans on dynamax or moves, aside from the legendaries.
6. Disconnects will count as draws, unless the players decide to redo that particular battle. Having a record of repeated disconnects may result in a disqualification.
7. Unplayed rounds count as a loss. More rules on this forthcoming
8. Mons obtainable in gen 8 only. This shouldn't actually be an issue though, as everyone should have their teams assembled before home is up and running.
9. NO SIMULATORS! Let's do this all through the Switch.
10. Preliminaries are double elimination, until only 1 of each type remains.
11. No moveset or item changes allowed, once you register your team, it is locked and you cannot change moves, EVs or items.

There will be anons that can help you breed, trade and practice with the monotype teams you plan on using.

This tool can help you with planning your teams, make sure you filter them by typing.

Submit your teams in the following form, make sure to include moves and items, those cant be replaced once submitted, if you replace them, it will lead to disqualification.

Let's all have fun!
8 images | 63 replies
No title
So have any fangames added gen 8 mons?
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Let us not forget who is the sexiest pokemon
38 images | 117 replies
/vp/'s MS Paint Legacies Day 13: Stand Out Edition!
VP's Hatenna
>New to these threads? Give this a quick read: (Updated: November 29th, 2019)
>Want to vote for an older Pokemon? Read this: (Updated: December 3rd, 2019)

Among the crowd.
By freezing your face.
Well I mean if you don't have any other talents.

>Pokemon 13: Eiscue
>Hard Mode: No References or Fixes

You know the drill. Pokemon is selected at random daily, you get in this topic, you draw an Eiscue in MS Paint (or similar program), and post results.

NEW NEW Checklist:
Archive(??) can be found here:

Don't forget to vote!
50 images | 79 replies
No title
Let’s have a thread for the objectively best rock type.
1 images | 13 replies
No title
>most all raids end game spawn ~5*
>nobody online joins to take them on
>stuck with shitters in my wildland raid dens and no way to clear them
Why does nobody join raids from randos?
2 images | 15 replies
No title
Pokégirl butt thread
17 images | 27 replies
No title
“Solrock’s a goner!”
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Why is she so unpopular? I see a lot of love for mons like Toxtricity, Hatterene, Grimmsnarl, Appletun, and even Dracovish. Yet this poor penguin is either ignored or hated despite being cute and being useful competitively.
4 images | 40 replies
No title
>main manga
>doesn't shove Charizard all over the place
I miss the old day where TPC and Gamefreak weren't greedy cowards who just make new games and anime to milk the cash cow named Charizard
0 images | 12 replies
No title
Pokemon gameplay hasn't evolved since 1996.
How do you twist it ?

Here's my contribution; make positioning important in battle:
>Turn starts with both pkmn face to face
>You choose your attack and then you can either choose to change your pkmn position and attack from a different direction or guard one of your side after attacking
>You can't crit or have super effective damage on a guarded side and other attacks have damages divided by 2
>Attacks have different side effects depending on the direction you attack from (buffs/debuffs/chance to inflict status/heal/more damage etc...)

Pic unrelated
4 images | 16 replies
No title
Is she better bigger?
4 images | 16 replies
No title
starters remade
starter fakemon thread: opinions and names for these guys would be appreciated.
1 images | 16 replies
No title
hatt thread
26 images | 50 replies
Now that veepee is overrun with zoomers, can genwunner chads return and take the place as the rightful kings of veepee?
2 images | 9 replies
Fuck Smogon
ITT, we all Express our sheer hatred to Smogon.
>Banned moves
Baton Pass
>Moves that should be banned but aren't
>Banned abilities
Shadow trap
>abilities that should be banned but aren't
Poison heal, speed boost

Name your reason, my fellow subjects
6 images | 55 replies
No title
pokemon rankings
Alright, I didn't spend last night autistically making this just for the thread to die. Let's have another one of these threads, r8 and h8
7 images | 18 replies
No title
It's my birthday today /vp/ and I was wondering if we could have a comfy gen 4 thread to celebrate
10 images | 16 replies
No title
>tfw I'll never be able to make my perfect musclemon team
6 images | 21 replies
No title
self parody
>pokemon will become irrelevant in 1000 years, if we don't do something by then nobody will buy the games
>let's wait one (1) day
holy shit bros, i'm thinking the writers are based
0 images | 6 replies
No title
Why does the Galar region feel so boring and soulless?
6 images | 49 replies
No title
ITT give your idea for a Pokemon with an unused type combo. Bonus points for having an image.
Please don't rape me for not confirming whether this list is accurate as of gen 8 ;~;
36 images | 190 replies
No title
Why did it die?
4 images | 40 replies
No title
Rate my team /vp/
Also team rating thread
28 images | 89 replies
No title
Why do zoomers love Unova so much?
43 images | 241 replies
Showderp: Even Bigger edition
the fire rises
>What's this all about?
Showderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokémon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokémon battling simulator.
>How does it work?
When the current champ calls "new champ", the first poster to claim it is our champ. The first six legal Pokémon suggested once champ has been claimed or "new team" has been called will be the team our champ uses to battle.
The champ will be battling in Gen 8 OU unless he specifies otherwise.
>Can I give the champ something?
Of course. If we've got a champ, feel free to come in and watch and give him something when he calls for a new team. No experience necessary, and everything's done in-browser.

>The Rules
Failure to follow the rules will result in IMPEACHMENT and/or BULLYING.
1. The champ cannot forfeit or intentionally throw a match.
2. The champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.
3. All Pokémon must be nicknamed.
4. The champ is not allowed to timer stall.
5. If someone resuggests before 15 minutes have passed since their last suggest, the champ must ignore it.
6. The champ should replace resuggests with fresh suggests that come in later.
7. Don't make the new thread until the old one is close to getting pruned, or is nearing the board's post limit.

jimml !!0cGjedNdnst
>last bread
32 images | 318 replies
No title
1 images | 7 replies
No title
Would you go on a real pokemon adventure if you could?Who would you're shoulder pokemon or main pokemon?
6 images | 8 replies
No title
Looking for ALL drake fossils.

Dont have a whole lot to trade other than 5 iv gollets, other fossils, and most pokemon to fill in dex infos.

(Also, general trade/wi-fi thread)
0 images | 3 replies
No title
How can GameFreak ever top this pretty boy lizard?
1 images | 1 replies
No title
barnacle fuck
Unexpected bro thread. Whats a Pokemon that you initially didn't care for but came to love after using it on a whim or as part of a challenge? For me, its Barbaracle. Hated this atrocity when it was leaked, but after using it in a romhack of Omega Ruby he is now my sworn brother.
4 images | 5 replies
No title
>still playing smogon
Just use your bros
1 images | 7 replies
No title
What is the sexiest Pokemon in your opinion? I see a lot of pokef*****s on here, I’m not really into that, but if I had to choose one it would be Meloetta.
8 images | 14 replies
No title
bros...I thought you told me this game had no content.......
13 images | 96 replies
No title
>fight battle tower with Heidreigon/Cokledurr/Vikavolt
>consistently get fairies up the ass
>Aquire a Durant and swap out Vikavolt for him
>suddenly no fairies at all

Are there still people who deny the sleaziness of the Battle Institutions?
0 images | 15 replies
No title
why is he so boring /vp/?
0 images | 3 replies
No title
How will they ruin it?
7 images | 61 replies
it's that's time again! It's pokesona thread time!
What's yours? If you can't figure it out, post some things about you, we'll help you determine what you are!
6 images | 20 replies
No title
Yep, I'm buying it
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Junipers hair looks like shit
Gen 5 is shit
BW/BW2 are shit
2 images | 7 replies
No title
>Year 1988
>You see this man barely hanging on a cliff, screaming for help
Do you want to save him?
2 images | 43 replies
No title
Pokémon game of the decade
1 images | 16 replies
No title
15 images | 71 replies
No title
2 > 1 > 4 > 3 > 7 > 8 > 6 > 5
19 images | 108 replies
No title
Working on fan game, implementing items, many duplicates and empty slots for padding. Do I overwrite duplicates or leave them? Do I combine similar/redundant/extraneous items to reduce item bloat in general?

Also Orre thread.

>long version:
A few people in the Orre threads have expressed interest in keeping up with this project and I'd like feedback so that the end result will be something more of you are happy with, suggestions are welcome! I've asked this before a few days ago at a different time, but I want to give more people an opportunity to respond. Obviously there's no pleasing everyone, a few responses don't speak for everyone, and at some point I have to just pick what I think is the best way to handle things.

The gen 7 item database has many duplicate entries for things like z crystals or key items that are the same thing but use a different sprite. Haven't looked at gen 8 stuff yet, for now I'm focused on maintaining compatibility with gen 7 as that's the most complete version and most people who'd care already have their pokemon in gen 7 or can get them there with the right tools. If the official index numbers don't match mine then some held items will transfer wrong.

1 leave item database matching official games
2 remove redundant entries/replace with new items, let held items change
3 remove/replace + provide chart, people can fix items in pkhex
4 transfer deletes held items, change items as needed (suggested by an anon)
5 keep both lists, convert everything on transfer.

Another suggestion was make a tool for people to edit their pokemon just for this. But that's more work for a feature that won't get used much if at all that has already been done better than I probably could. Pkhex exists, anyone interested in genning/injecting/editing their mons already has it and knows how to use it. Plus most aspects of a pokemon have some way of being edited through normal gameplay now so I'd rather support and improve those methods first.
0 images | 20 replies
No title
maxresdefault (7)
>One Heliolisk basking in the sun with its frill outspread is all it would take to produce enough electricity to power a city.
1 images | 29 replies
Competitve Pokemom general
Competitve general
"I don't have an OP to paste" edition
>singles, doubles, whatever
Discuss any comp format here.
Initial discussion topic: let's form an OP pastebin and discuss how to handle this general. The game has been out long enough where I think we can step out of theorymonning territory and into a regular comp thread.
1 images | 1 replies
No title
League card
17 images | 32 replies
No title
never seen before
oh look... an electric-type pokemon...
2 images | 22 replies
No title
>open door
>see this
what do?
1 images | 9 replies
No title
Why have pokegirls become so voluptuous lately? Do you think its intentional?
1 images | 7 replies
No title
ITT : We summon him
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Subtle Pokemon clothing/tattoo thread.
3 images | 17 replies
No title
When are we getting a Galarian version of this
1 images | 2 replies
No title
13 images | 24 replies
No title
By only using existing fakemon could we put together a better dex than gen 8's? Post suggestions for what to include. I will start
2 images | 6 replies
No title
How good would it be if the national dex was still a thing?
2 images | 53 replies
No title
>sirfetch’d raid spawn rate

0 images | 1 replies
SwSh Shinies
Post your collections boys
15 images | 63 replies
No title
guys i think something i wrong with my dusknoir. he won't stop screaming
11 images | 20 replies
No title
>Still no paperclip Pokemon
2 images | 6 replies
>anons calcing stats from leaker-chad said it would have 100 Speed or close
>anons just hoped for it to have a good movepool
>neither of these were right
Is this the biggest competitive dissapointment yet?
2 images | 64 replies
No title
Post cute crossover art.
0 images | 1 replies
Someone update this
My question is where would Alcremie and Milcery go? They are apparently created from sweet particles in the air, whatever that means.
Also where would Falinks go.
1 images | 20 replies
No title
week 4
Pokemon SWSH is selling so well, it's blowing the closest competitor out of the water by 200%
26 images | 248 replies
Waifu Wednesday
Pokemon and human waifus both welcome, just try and keep it SFW.
27 images | 32 replies
What went wrong?
>they’ll delete the fake negative ratings
>they’re user submissions they don’t count
>it’ll be 7+ by the end of the first week anyway

Disclaimer: None of the negative reviews have been purged they’re all legitimate. Find an illegitimate one and post it here if you can.

PS - didn’t buy rated it 0
51 images | 176 replies
No title
Why does Gamefreak keep insisting on putting unnecessary Pokémon in as “fillers”. Seriously what is the point of this thing?
8 images | 48 replies
No title
11 images | 42 replies
No title
I want to go back.
2 images | 6 replies
No title
Melony confirmed to be canonically stronger than Raihan.

11 images | 63 replies
No title
Who was in the wrong?
47 images | 189 replies
No title
>Buff both Rapid Spin and Defog to make hazard removal less of a constraint on moveslots
>Introduce Court Change to add another layer of complexity to settting up, maintaining, and removing hazards
>Introduce Heavy Duty Boots to make dedicated hazard removers unaffected by hazards and also allow rock weak pokemon to switch in and pivot around freely
GameFreak only cares about doubles though so what's the point of any of this.
0 images | 2 replies
We need better Evil Teams
They've always been eh, but they just get more eh as each title rolls by. Can we get an Evil Team that's felt before it's seen? Imagine, NPCs scattered across the region that seem scared of them, shop keepers terrified of you at first glance because they thought it was the Evil Team, Trainers freely joining the Evil Team as an alternative to the gym system, control that covers the whole region, post crisis, and you have to battle them to beat the Evil Team, ok, but you don't actually even meet the proper Evil Team till halfway through your gym challenge, you're just increasingly aware of their presence, their power, so much so that when you meet the Evil Team Leader, it's a shock to find out that they're the Champion of the Region. How insane would that be? And I don't mean in your face all the time Evil Team junk, I mean little spatterings of mentions here and there, whispers, that grow over the course of the game, so that you are definitely aware of them by then, but not enough that you know 100% anything about them or what they do, other than being scary enough to frighten and extort people in the region.

What kind of Evil Team would you guys like?

Pic unrelated, I hatched a Shiny Rookidee in 2 eggs.
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Daily reminder that your waifu would hate you. I mean... have you SEEN yourself? You're fucking vile, mate.
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i have never had a boner for a pokemon character before him

thought he was a girl throughout the whole game until i stopped skipping thru text and someone revealed she is actually a he

he is an adorable snotty pink twink and i would love to marry him and mate with his pooper every day

you cannot change my mind.
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Unpopular Pokemon Theories
Sabrina isn't really psychic. Her reputation helps to create tourism, stimulating Saffron City's local economy. She was made Saffron City's official Gym Leader because challengers stimulate the regional economy. Her shtick is just a business angle, just like the martial arts of the Fighting Dojo next door is a business angle, albeit, one that has been totally outdone by its neighbor. The reason Sabrina does nothing about Team Rocket is because she either didn't know Team Rocket had taken over the city, or she did know, and was too afraid to get involved with criminals.

Alternatively, Sabrina really is a psychic, and had visions of the Player interfering with Team Rocket's raid. She decided not to get involved because she knew the Player would be successful and that the experience would make them stronger.
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Would you be a pokémon if you can?
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HMs should just be inherent abilities that the applicable pokemon can do. However, being able to surf at the beginning of the game because you picked the water starter would be retarded and severely affect the games sense of progression.
So how do we make this change in the least intrusive and most organic way possible?
Hard mode: no unlocking through gym progression
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I wish there was more to do in all of the cities and towns in the post-game. You're really only hanging out in the wild area, breeding place, and battle tower after you beat the game so the rest of the world becomes irrelevant. I wish each town offered something for post-game that had you coming back every other day. To be fair, a lot of previous pokemon games have also had this problem though.
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Don’t mind us, just the worst designs in the franchise coming through.
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Moltres Box
>NuGen 1.
>"Did you know that Moltres created fire and all fire pokemon?"
>Rival is still mean but he heals your mons and gives you items just to have a "fair fight".
>Girl rival who picks the starter weak to yours.
>Pay 40 bucks for the Mew DLC.
>Game Corner replaced with an arcade.
>Pikachu and Eevee are the only mons who say their names.
>Every town has a NPC that tells you how great Charizard is.
>Charizard gets a transformation, the other starters don't.
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I admit it
I love Cinderace
>Nice design
>Good theme (Who doesn’t like soccer?)
>Rabbits are great
>Androgynous so it can be your cute waifu or you handsome husbando
>Good stats
>Great ability
>Great movepool
What’s not to like about this fun bun?
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Would you?
Your Pokéwaifu/Husbando exists IRL and they really want to be with you. The catch is, everything you agree with, they disagree with; religion, politics, hot topics, taste in culture, music, etc. Would you like to be in this situation?
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