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how the fuck did they get away with this?
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>Sweeps you using the gay ass duck
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Waste of money?
Seriously how do you justify spending so much money on Pokémon cards when there are starving children in need of help?

How unhealthy is it to be a starving child? How unhealthy is it to be a child given dirty water?
Donate to them please
Clean water and nutritious food
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Old bread: >>52427473(Cross-thread)

Welcome to the Raidcat / 6 Star Tera Raid Meta Thread

>lol I can solo 5 star raids I don't need your ugly cat
6 stars are infinitely harder than 5 and extremely annoying. You can do them the normal way and risk wasting your time, or accept the raidcat as your raid savior.

>What's the meta?
4 Perrserkers. Their Hidden Ability stacks multiplicatively and, if you follow the flowchart, you can one-shot most raids.

>What's the raidcat like?
Perrserker @ Lum Berry
Level 100
Ability: Steely Spirit (Hidden Ability)
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Speed (Host) or HP (Joiner)
Adamant Nature
- Iron Head
- Screech
- Swords Dance
- Taunt (Host) / Helping Hand (Joiner)

>Host? Joiner? Flowchart?
There's a small difference in strategy whether you are hosting or joining a raid and a specific flowchart. See OP pic.

>Does this work every time?
No, but it's one of the only consistent strategies that you can follow. It's not great against Pokemon that have strong and/or STAB Fire/Fighting/Ground moves, and if their Tera resists Steel it can also take a few more turn (but still doable).

>So what's the hype?
Catraids are simple to organize, have plenty of flowcharts, and finish the job very quickly. It's about efficiency.

>I have a question about raids...
Check OP pic.

>How to get cat with HA?
Language Teacher sidequest, then use an Ability Patch to change its ability. Patch is an 11% drop from 6 Star Raids.

>I tried breeding but I'm getting Kantonian Meowth
Make the G-Meowth hold an Everstone

>wtf I did that but none of them have Steely Spirit
G-Meowth's HA is Unnerve, it becomes Steely Spirit upon evolution.

For other viable meta strategies and mons, Ctrl+F OTHERMONS

For specific strategies, Ctrl+F HARDRAIDS

Use this thread to trade for raidcats, to organize (raidcat) raids, or just to discuss and ask questions about raids in general.
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/pug/ Pokémon Unite General
Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA where your objective is to score more points than your opponent. It's focused on quick matches w/ minimal downtime. For Switch, Android, & iOS.

>Test Server (Needs VPN)

- Urshifu
- Dragapult
- Comfey

- Patch notes:

Previous: >>52400024
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We really got two of the best games in the franchise in a single year
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It's so fucking boring. How would you fix it?
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This games plot is a mess.
>why the fuck is AZ so massive?
>did the ultimate weapon give both AZ and Floette eternal life? If so why wasn't this mentioned?
>did the ultimate weapon end up hitting kalos? if so how did it manage to not destroy itself?
>Lysandre planned on using the weapon to kill all life except for team flare so he can create a beautiful new world with no war, yet his entire team is made up of corrupt scientists and admins in it for the money?
>what the hell is a "Mega Evolution Guru" anyway? It's implied Mega Evolution was a recently discovered phenomenon but there's apparently a family who guards it?
>no explanation for where Mega rings come from, who makes them, or why they're important
>every new area either interrupts you with a holo clip or characters appearing to talk to you
>lysandre shoots the ultimate weapon, suddenly you're outside, he's gone, and your friends literally just say "oh OK back to our adventure lol bye!"
>exactly 0 explanation as to why they didn't just press the button as soon as they could, why did they even bother taking over the poke ball factory?
>why did Xerosic even make two fucking buttons anyway?
>Shauna shows up at the last door to lysandre and tries to be useful by using a device clemont gave her for no reason at all
>AZ says awkward and horribly written lines everytime he shows up, trying to go for a "wow so mysterious" character but instead feels like a pointless waste of time
>Sina and dexio do absolutely nothing
>team flare having 5 scientists and an endless number of admins who do nothing, with literally only Xerosic seeming like he even knows Lysandres plan
What the hell were they thinking here?
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why are there barely any bara mons this generation
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Be honest. You miss them.
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>voice acting in Pokémon
Yay or nay?
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This is the undisputed UGLIEST Pokemon they've put out. Don't you dare try to argue.
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>goes from cute bubble bobble classic anime monster to my mom's crocodile with overdesigned clown makeup and opera clothes

I've never seen an evolution line lose this much soul before.
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/gog/ - Goh General
The general for all things Go/Gou/Goh from PM19/Pokémon Journeys

Where It All Started Edition

>1・2・3 - Satoshi & Go

>List of Pokémon Goh has caught

>List of Goh episodes for a Goh-rewatch

>I thought Goh sucked, doesn't everyone hate him?
Loud minority, he's pretty kino.
>Didn't he catch legendaries and steal screentime from Ash?
Watch the eps yourself. Him and Ash have an even split of episodes as dual protags.
>Will Goh be in the Gen 9 anime?
Who knows?

Previous Thread: >>52332230
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maxresdefault (5)
>make a 5/10 kusoge into a 9/10 cringekino rpg
Based Ungastacy and Cryptochad
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Erika Thread
Because I felt like making one.
93 media | 231 replies
AI Chatbot Thread

Make and chat with some Pokémon and characters!
List of anon-made, anon-approved characters:
Character creation guide:
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Dolphin Pokemon
So now that we finally got a dolphin and flamingo Pokemon, what "popular" animal will fans endlessly plead to get a Pokemon based on them next?
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showderp: jedi mind tricks edition
here showderp we give an up and coming jedi knight 6 padawans to fight the sithlords
>jedi council
>current knight
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Oh no no no corvibros
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Name my band
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I swear this is the horniest Pokemon they've ever made and she gets hornier with every new game's dex entry.
>SM: "Female only. Has a harem of male Salandit she controls. Her pheromones can be diluted into perfumes."
>USUM: "She uses her pheromones to control male Salandit and bring her food."
>SwSh: "Salazzles compete to see which one has the biggest harem."
>SV: "She brainwashes her opponents using her pheromones and alluring movements to turn them into loyal servants."
I know people joke about "furry bait" but there's no fucking way they don't know what they're doing with Salazzle. Curvy sex lizard with bedroom eyes who dominates you with hypnotic pheromones. She's unrelentingly kinky.
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General
Season 9: Mythical Wishes Edition

>Pokémon Go Event Info

>Frequently Asked Questions

>Submit and Review Pokéstop Nominations (level 38+)

>Server Status


>PvP IV Checkers & Battle Simulators

>Estimated Shiny Rates

>Submit Your Friend Code Here

>Find Friends Here

Previous Thread: >>52379933
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Why tho
>just a cartoon sheep
>beloved by all
>just a cartoon flamingo
>seen as the laziest design in recent years
Why is one ok but not the other?
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Your life ends in 5 (five) minutes
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>sending route 1 shitmons through Surprise Trade
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Favorite and Least Favorite New Pokémon from Gen IX


You can pick up to three evolution lines per poll. If you need a refresher on any names or designs:
41 media | 186 replies
Just got done playing it, Gen 9 is the WORST GENERATION YET BY FAR
fuck niggers and jews and trannies
Shittiest designed monsters, fucking mice and flamingos and some pink blob with a hammer. And terrible characters, insufferable writing, far worse than Galar. Woke pozzed zoomer messaging.and morals, and tranny representation. Tons of ugly short haired women and niggers in the game.

I miss back when Pokemon actually had soul, and wasn't just some soulless fucking cashgrab. Back when the designs were inspired and original. Not just based on random animals or rehashing better designs from previous generations.

Thats not even to mention the god-awful starters, good lord I boxed mine. But the worst is that Furry cat thing because I hate furries and I think they should all die.

I remember when Pokemon was based, whites only, pure and noble. Proud with tradition, and made by people not just seeking a paycheck, but for those who ACTUALLY wanted to make something good.
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/nuz/ - Nuzlocke and Challenge Run General
The Third Great Wall Edition

>What are you running?
>How are you running it?
>How's your run going?
>Are you doing a weird ruleset? And if so, what is it?

Question of the thread: Who/What has ended the most challenge runs for you?

Challenge Run Idea: With-in a Nuzlocke, give yourself only a limited number of healing items, and make it so you can't go back to a previous Pokémon Center untill you finshed the route/building. (I'm not changing this until I see somebody else do it, another OP might)

/nuz/ resources
Mostly outdated, but if the 'OOPs adds something new it nothing will change unless they make the the thread. Let them know if there's something that needs updated if you have something to replace it with.
Nuzlocke info
>Nuzlocke generator
>Guide to running the generator locally
>Links to official games (thru Sw/Sh)
>Romhack links
>Definitive emulator info (note that OpenEmu is the best option for Macfags period as RBY through B2W2 may all be played on it and all run smoothly)
>Difficulty list
>Pokémon Nuzlocke images
>Pokémon Bank sprites
>Pokémon Home Sprites
>Additional templates
>(UPDATED)Anon's Level Caps Doc

Previous Thread: >>52290389
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Uhhh sorry, but those pebbles are staying
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Nemona my beautiful perfect battletarded autistic girlfriend.

I would do anything for you. ANYTHING
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Pokemon Types
Lets talk about Pokemon Types. So which type are your
>Favourite one. Give reasons
>Hated one. Give reasons
>What do you think is gameplay-wise, is the best and the worst types

>BONUS: Try to make another type AND balance it with the others
3 media | 27 replies
Previous Thread:
>Tumblr Tag:
>DA Group:
>Dropbox (alternate archive)
>Drawcard Template (+ some old examples)

This thread is for the growth of artists and those who draw for fun. If you're going to give critique, please do it constructively. Rude or blunt critiques won't help anybody.

Requesters are free to request what they wish, but avoid bumping your request every half hour as it's only going to put people off; try giving it a few hours or more.

Please provide references in ONE image, especially when requesting something outside of the Pokémon universe. If you request something from the old Drawthread or a separate thread, COPY & PASTE the actual request instead of posting a link.

Also, be mindful that requests are done at the discretion of the artists, not on a first come first serve basis.

Please remember to save any piece of art you like from these threads, as we may never know when the archive will start deleting images again. Artists can and are recommended to post their works on other outlets for archival purposes.
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Please don't fucking say it, please don't, jesus christ.
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Oh Shit!
It’s ya boy! Guzma!
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>Kill your favourite franchise
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Pokemania nostalgia thread
hqdefault (2)
Pokemania nostalgia for millenials, zoomers are welcome too for doomposting about super size meals being 2.99
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/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General
Report and ignore all cross-posters

>What is Pokémon Masters EX?
A mobile Pokémon game that's real-time instead of turn-based and focuses on collecting trainers instead of Pokémon.

>Pokemon Masters EX Links and Guides

>Sync Grid Simulator

>Sync Pair Tracker

>Model ripping/datamining project (3vp) FAQ

>Upcoming Events

>Pokémon Masters EX soundtrack with the latest tracks

>/pmg/ Clears Repository

Previous thread: >>52353139
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>Hidden Power was removed
>shills defended it because it made the game too unpredictable
>GF adds a mechanic that's just Hidden Power but on steroids
I would hate to defend a company like this
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/cpg/ - Competitive Pokemon General
chinese snail edition

come chat about scarlet violet ou, vgc, and other formats, and if we like you we just might invite you to our secret sex having discord

"/join bangla" on ps to watch laddering
29 media | 240 replies
No title
Which game least prepares you for the Elite Four?
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No title
Tinkaton wife
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No title
These characters really were ugly and looked like shit. You faggots and roasties really are retarded and have shit taste for liking them.
Oh, and the chubby chasers, too. You're subhuman low-iq retards and you should kill yourselves.
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No title
>they finally add a stoat/ermine pokemon
>faggots keep calling it a snow leopard/cat
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Would you like Cynthia even if she was a dweeb?
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/vp/ plays Pokemon Opal
pokelogo_4 (1)
>we head to the fighting type city
>we meet a bunch of shitty outlaws, who are clearly based on Mexicans
>after that we head to the east to find the clan leader who has the macguffin
>we have another nightmare sequence where the apocalypse monster takes on apolo's form, fittingly
>we meet and fight the femboy fighting leader
>andreas dos then heads to a shitty bar while writefag posts a bunch and musk tries and fails to start a new gaem

Whiteout counter: 0
Badges: 8
Spirit Fragments: 6

Confirmed deaths: 11
Bad guys get away: 13
Pokemon ordered to attack trainer: 4
Bestiality: 5
Organ trafficking: 1
Apolo escapes an asskicking: 2
Crashes: 1

Previous Threads:
/vp/ plays MEGA folder (contains writefaggotry, art, screenshot spam, and extras):

What the fuck is this garbage?
>This is Pokemon Opal, which is going to be the second game Xaviondos does at a snail's pace
>It's actually complete - if you ignore the bad translation.
>Decisions & catches are made via GETs when people actually give a shit about them - dubs override singlets, trips override dubs and can cause thread-long rules, and quads+ override trips and can cause permanent rules
>current rule for playthrough is a bird/flying monotype with sandshrew and aggron
130 media | 202 replies
No title
Post your trainer!
Blog about what you're doing ingame!
Previous thread: >>52384097
Please keep ERP to a minimum.
140 media | 308 replies
No title
Now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict?
1 media | 26 replies
No title
What would be Lycanroc's hobbies?
78 media | 146 replies
No title
>Area zero cave pattern seems to emphasize fours (four circles, four unfinished triangles, a square in the middle)
>The only non-mount legendaries in the base game are a group of four objects that were brought to life by the greedy desires of a king
>The secret disk legendary uses desires to create life and wears a crown on its head
I wonder if the greedy king and the disk legendary are related somehow
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/padt/- Pokémon anime discussion
Companion with the most growth Deluxe Editon
>Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC):

>Latest episode: (1080p) (720p)

Next episode:
>PM2019 134 - The Future I Seize! (December 2nd)

Future episodes:
>PM2019 135 - Pokémon! I Am Glad I Met You! (December 9th)

>Upcoming episodes preview:

>Summaries, voice cast, etc.:

>Previous episodes:

>Pokémon Twilight Wings, PokéToons, Pokémon Evolutions, and Hisuian Snow subs:


>M23: Coco (1080p) (720p)

>Specials and Audio Dramas:

>Music, manga, and more:

Previous >>52421359
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No title
imagine a timeline where Nintendo rejected Tajiri Satoshi's Pokemon concept and without Miyamoto being involved. Reminder that the earliest concept dated back in the 90s, so it took half a decade to get the greenlit while GameFreak worked on other games.
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No title
Modders are fixing the games again...
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No title
Did you collect 999 coins to catch the 1000th Pokémon, /vp/?
2 media | 84 replies
No title
what will gen 9's DLC be called and what will it be about?
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No title
ITT: Abilities you fucking despise
For me, it's Static
5 media | 51 replies
No title
Canonically the girltoy of tulip and miriam
13 media | 94 replies
No title
team star
>i'm sorry did you just make a little joke about the time i was the student council president and was a harsh unlikable dickhead?
>for that me and my friends are going to build homemade weapons and we're going to bring them to school and get you!
>what, running away? not so tough now that we're threatening to murder you huh funny guy?
>i am the victim here. not the people i chased out of the country with threats of violence.

What psychopath wrote this tripe?
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No title
What are the best romhacks if I'm not into difficulty wanking
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No title
5 > 2 > 1 > 4 > 9 > 7 > 6 > 3 > 8
2 media | 9 replies
No title
Did we ever find out who was the femanon who took this selfie for PL
2 media | 27 replies
No title
Imagine unironically liking a pokemon weak to bugs
1 media | 5 replies
No title
Thread for general questions regarding the game I guess. Regarding breeding, what do I do to maximize egg gain speed? Should I just go picnic with a party of 5 dittos+ the mon I want to breed, as well as egg power sandwiches?
8 media | 39 replies
No title
I really fucking love pokemon, bros. Thread to talk about pokemon and post comfy pokemon images.
No arguing or genwarring or any stupid bullshit allowed.
125 media | 188 replies
Tera Raid Marks
Quick and easy.

Can you find the 1 in 100 marks (or any other marks) on Pokemon found in Tera Raids?

I know there's a Mark for 7 star raids.
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PSA: Gamefreak are fucking retards
ALL Pokemon transferred from Red/Blue through USUM into LGPE through S/V have their sizes set to 0, or THE MINIMUM. I just tested this myself in my games (transferred a gen 4 Munchlax to Legends Arceus). It's true. Unfucking believable. My bros are all monlets.
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No title
Tinkaton appreciation thread
11 media | 40 replies
/emugen/ - Emulation General
PKHex 20221126 Shiny Dunsparce Edition
PKHex 20221126 Shiny Dunsparce Edition

>OP and extra guides/info:

Ryujinx LDN3.0.1 released! You can now easily trade with people using Ryujinx servers.
PKHeX has released! You can now edit your saves and don't need to trade with yourself to evolve certain 'mons. PKHeX can handle trade evolutions if you open two saves (you can open the same one twice).

>Emulator builds
Ryujinx: (recommended)
Ryujinx LDN:
Yuzu official:
Yuzu early build:
>Files needed for emulation

>Pokémon Scarlet/Violet ROMs, magnets recommended

Check rentry.

>I am experiencing X issue
Aim for 50% FIFO. If it's too low, upgrade CPU, if it's too high, upgrade GPU.
Recommended settings for Ryujinx:
- Input
Enable Docked Mode - On
- System
Enable VSync - Off. Then cap the FPS with the nVidia/AMD control panel to 30. Leave it On if that caps it at 30.
Use alternative memory layout (Developers) - Off
- Graphics
Graphics Backend Multithreading: Auto
Shader Backend: Vulkan
Enable Shader Cache: On
Resolution Scale: 2x or more (native if you have a very shit GPU).
>If you're experiencing joy con drift/ can't pass the hide and seek portion then go to settings and set the joycon dead zone to at least .20, higher if it still doesn't work

If you have any game related issue (where to find X, how to evolve Y, etc) check >>>/vp/svqmt/
For more emulation other than the new games, check >>>/vg/emugen/

Latest thread: >>52357274
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No title
>black ghost gym leader
>gf had every opportunity to make a cute alt girl
>grandma rapper
It's ogre....
2 media | 2 replies
She's so... strong...
26 media | 139 replies
/dg/ - Dawn General
The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum/Mitsumi.

>Dawn Visual Novel by Anon
Walkthrough: https://rentry(insertdothere)co/anewdawnwalkthrough1_0
>VN Update

>Dawn Screencaps and Scans

>/dg/ News Archive

Previous thread: >>52315873
84 media | 202 replies
No title
You lied to me. Rika isn't flat!
5 media | 10 replies
No title
Rika, stop please
21 media | 69 replies
No title
Why are new legendaries like this
1 media | 4 replies
No title
Weekly reminder that competitive pokemon is for autists who can't have fun playing pokemon with friends anymore, and when they force their view on you they out themselves as NPCs with no free will, chained to their boring and useless need to prove themselves to be better than others by discrediting other people's favorite pokemons because "muh stats, usage, viability" is the only single thing that matters to them now. If competitive battles usefulness is the only insult you can say about a pokemon, you're a sad, lonely Goblin, who lives in a cave away from the sunlight and real friends.
Carry on with your duties, have a nice day :)
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No title
I think this is the cutest femc yet
21 media | 86 replies
No title
Hi everyone it's Joe
2 media | 18 replies
No title
>unga bumga muh hammer
El goblina everyone
1 media | 8 replies
Gardevoir Thread!
Ralts, Kirlias, Gallades and Iron Valiants welcomed!
I hope my wife comes back in SV DLC
22 media | 61 replies
No title
What anime does she watch?
2 media | 27 replies
No title
KyoAni when?
1 media | 2 replies
God i wish that were me
44 media | 95 replies
No title
>arceus is better than sv
0 media | 7 replies
No title
>every pokemon is someone's #1 favori-
0 media | 1 replies
No title
2 media | 16 replies
No title
grim darkwood
are there any OCs that are as edgy as this one without becoming parodies?
11 media | 16 replies
Reminder SV mogs all of gen 8
2 media | 27 replies
No title
>it grew on me
1 media | 1 replies
No title
i have never played a single game from the 3DS/mobile/switch era
0 media | 1 replies
Pokémon Clover: EIGHT MORE YEARS Edition
Happy Anniversary Nerds
Love, the PoClo Dev team

>A full-scale adventure between two fully featured regions
>386 monsters designed by /vp/
>Completely custom soundtrack ft SiIvagunner
>Fewer glitches than ViolScar
>Dan Schneider
>M-rated dialogue
>Up-to-date game mechanics
>Competitive-grade battle AI that switches
>Difficulty for veterans of the series
>Mocking troons and nazis
>Custom battle backgrounds
>Custom exp gain mechanics
>GSC-style berry trees
>Wonder trading with NPCs
>41% more content
>Sprite portraits for important characters
>Chris Chan's Motherfuck
>Concepts that will end up being used officially at some point in the future
>New custom Poké Balls
>Terry Davis
>Challenge pissing
>More racist stereotypes
>Black/White 2 repel system and item usage
>Hidden Grottos and Phenomena
>Reusable TMs and deletable HMs
>Deez nuts
>And a grand world rich with sidequests and secrets!

>Links to the recent version of the game and the Clover Super Music Collection:
Pokémon Clover
Dimbus Maximus

>Custom Showdown server (Still WiP, expect bugs and downtimes):

>Google doc:

>Wiki replacement:


>Next version when?
Sore wa himitsu desu :^)
7 media | 27 replies
No title
I'm just curious, does anyone else have the autistic habit of naming your trainer character as the "canon" name based on the game? Like Red, Gold, etc or Ethan, Brendan etc? (as well as Green or Silver for rivals.)

I've been doing this since I was young because it feels weird otherwise. I guess it's more that I see the characters as being predetermined instead of "me" (until gen 6 when customization when introduced, I guess)
0 media | 2 replies
No title
post the order in which you did the gyms/titans/star bosses
it can be found by zooming out to the max
18 media | 45 replies
No title
these are the remaining 'untouched' KANTOOO Pokémon lines that haven't had an evolution/prevolution/forme added in a later gen

chances are they'll all get something eventually. what would you like to see next? evolution, regional forme or gimmick forme (mega/gigantamax etc)?
5 media | 75 replies
No title
>fully fleshed out faculty with their own teams and stories
>classes and library that actually teach you about game mechanics and lore
>midterm and final exam test system to reward you for your knowledge
>several locations like the schoolyard, store, and dorms to interact in
>principal is a chad

Why was the school one of the best parts of the game?
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No title
Which Pokegirl would you take as your hotwife? For me, it's Penny!
30 media | 101 replies
No title
what tha hell
remember when Black and White casually confirmed the existence of actual deities in the Pokémon universe?
0 media | 6 replies
What actually increments the Shiny number?
Despite what this image may tell you, your trainer profile/ID isn't just tracking the shinies you've battled. It also counts any evolutions and eggs that happen to be shiny. The question is, does this operate like SwSh's shiny tracker that it identifies one per species, or does it count duplicates? Does it track other shinies you've seen other people bring to raids? Does it track the shinies that have spawned but passed by?
Haven't had the luck yet to test any of these hypotheticals so I'd appreciate any help.
0 media | 5 replies
Is she /ourgirl/?
>obsessed with history
>only tournament opponent who doesn’t use 3d-era mons
>ace is Gengar, vp’s favorite KANTOOOOmon
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No title
chien pao
Why did GF decided to give opposing dex entries to Chien Pao? Scarlet's dex entry is basically "cute cat playing in the snow" but Violet's dex entry is "EVIL HATRED".
1 media | 15 replies
Autism Retyping
Autistically retyping the first three gens (and one fourth gen mon in light of the S/V release). Give me your scores, judges. I have mid to shit taste so I'm curious who's on my wavelength.
Water, Rock
Bug, Psychic (Caterpie, Metapod, "Mystimoth" which is just Venomoth, corrected for the shit decision in Gen 1 to make it evolve from Venonat. This makes it a nice Special Attacker foil to Beedrill's Attacker, and to top it off for flavor neither of them have a super effective STAB against the other)
Flying, (add type corresponding to held item, no held item = pure Flying)
Bug, Rock
Ghost,Psychic (Misdreavus remains Pure Ghost)
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ITT prove you aren't a shill
Post 1 (one) pokemon you like from each generation

8 media | 15 replies
No title
>will never be in a non-sinnoh/johto game ever again thanks to masuda
0 media | 2 replies
is pla worth playing
>haha $60-
i said playing, not buying, emuchads stay winning
anyways i skipped out on PLA when it came out, didn't even bother emulating it after emulating bdsp and it was boring as shit, heard mixed things from friends and other people online. anyways after beating SV i kinda wanna do some pokemon shit, and haven't played arceus. is it good? my main concern is the lessened focus on battling means it's not gonna be as cool to build my team, but hey who knows
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Speaking lore-wise, which region was better?
0 media | 22 replies
No title
>makes smogon seethe by just existing
6 media | 29 replies
No title
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Injection/Genning General /inj/ Reddit Begging Edition
Inject - Shitpost - Circlejerk

This thread is for Hacks and/or Clones. Come in and get free stuff!

Try to keep requests simple, don't ask for a thousand Pokemon at once. Injectors can only work so fast.

Keep Injections, hacks, clones, etc. in this thread please.

>Is this thread legit or not?
It is very legit. People will post here to try to tell you otherwise. Ignore them.

>No one has fulfilled my request yet? Why?
Injectors fulfill requests out of the goodness of their own hearts, and on their own time. Be patient.

>What's the difference between this thread and Wi-Fi General?
Wi-Fi General does not condone hacks, and asking for or offering a hack over there will result in a completely unnecessary shitstorm. Play the game however you want, but if you want injections/genned Pokémon, play here in a more friendly, less autistic environment.
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So PLA is literally read it at this point right? There's no way in hell it's that much better than SV or SwSh.
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Iono 4
Thoughts on Iono?
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PokeMMO Thread - Chillin' next to the mansion Edition
>How do I play too?
To play the game you need to download the client from, and you need the roms for FireRed, Emerald, Platinum, HG or SS and either Black or White. Any language is fine.

The GBA roms can be downloaded here:
The DS roms here:
Download this mod for Gen 5 follower sprites too and place it in the mods folder:
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I wanna shove my face between her thighs and never come out.
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Alola is still the best gen
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I’m already getting nostalgic over SV leaks, bros…
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>free dlc
>while pokefags are waiting for a patch
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Anyone have a stitched overworld map of Unova?

Like this one. I swear there was one going around but I can't find it anywhere.
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images (65)
Uh oh someone is getting banned for countering the tranny urchin
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the real difference between corvniggers and tinkachads is that corviniggers were retarded enough to buy the game in the first place, otherwise they simply would bot care about the competitive meta
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Is it me or is gamefreak going full-force on realistic weights? Skeledirge actually weighs as much as a 13 foot long crocodile.
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>Armarouge and Ceruledge can be female

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Who's your ultimate definitive team ?


You must knock out one of the 6, you must only carry 5 pokémon
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Seviperfags kneel before ZanGOD
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just how am i supposed to get the nature i want without synchronize? wtf gamefreak
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You still bought it anyways you dumbfuck.
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>invalidates your Water and/or Steel typing
Nothing personal kid
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Iron Valiant minus the iron
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Quaquaval is fun and has loads of personality. If you scream “homo this” or “homo that” whenever you see it, you’re deeply closeted lol.
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They grew on me
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How can I get a Rika gf?
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Voice-acting in Pokemon games
A bunch of literal who's put up an effort into voicing a few scenes from SV

Now that the game have full models now and not tiny-chibis and fully-rendered cutscenes that with mouth flaps and are important to the story the writers want to tell. would getting voice acting for the games be really that bad?
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>still no new transmon
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Bird Type
Bird is my favourite pokemon type and this gen has a lot of cool bird types, lets have a bird type thread
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Why is no one talking about this
There is a clear direction to dissociate the anime style from pokemon.
>the uncanny/ straight up ugly trainer models
>the complete removal of outlines for all pokemons
>the removal of cell-shading and flat textures to be replaced by shitty fabric or playdough texture maps
>the storytelling gradualling devolving into lower and lower stakes, going from saving the world from god-mons/aliens/ultimaweapons, to an energy crisis, to finding your treasure

In a day and age where anime has never been this popular and widely accepted as normie entertainment.
Why the fuck are they doing this, it looks ugly as shit.
And why are you faggots complaining about the fucking bugs and dexcuts when the SOVL of the series is clearly the huge lacking elements this gen
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