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Dragalia Lost
>End of Service Announcement

Come ye!
Come ye!
For the grand finale!
Say your goodbyes to fellow Dragalians and perhaps get those last clears done.
Feel free to share where you'll be moving on to too.
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No title
Ruler's Law patch notes for Oct 8:
45 media | 340 replies
Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden
Server was up before 9, surprisingly and now begins the first day of service
It's a 3D autobattler and it's acutally not bad. A little less than Uma. but at least this game isn't going the chibi route.
Let's have fun since this game is guaranteed survival especially since the LN is ongoing and things can be up for speculation unlike Konosuba
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Romancing SaGa Re;Universe
INT ye say, dat a stat fer blokes an' wee poofters innit
Luv me jewels
Luv me lightbulbs
Luv me login jewels
Luv me SaGa missuses
Luv me apolojewels
Luv me monster meat
'ate forging
'ate Death Master
'ate dat creator poofter
'ate rank grinding
'ate paid jewels
'ate waiting for shop resets
Simple as

Double SaGa Frontier 2 Banners straight outta the oven for you lads, get'em while they're hot
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Dolphin Wave
So it turns out coaches couldn't survive the harsh waters of /vg/
The prodigal sons return home
7 media | 30 replies
mizuki l2d
Games for the josei audience, including omnipandering games that throw us enough scraps to keep our attention.

Take a look at the happiest jellyfish in the world before continuing your regularly scheduled Nu:Carnival posting.
81 media | 239 replies
Fire Emblem Heroes
yet another smol tiki
Will you summon for anyone on the last banner of Book VI?
Who would you give Arcane Downfall to, if you get Ganglot? What Arcane weapon would you like to see next?
61 media | 277 replies
One Piece Treasure Cruise
It seems New Years Legends are going to be Luffy&Kaido and Hybrid Yamato with Zoro and Sanji as RRs.
6 media | 94 replies
Langrisser Mobile
Forbidden Battleground event awaits!
New Covenant: Odin
SP Ledin coming soon!
Elma's new skin (Macho Lotto) coming soon!

Wandering Duelist (Neo Brenda) or Julian?Who did you summon?
Are you ready for Ricky and McClaine arrival on the October's major update?
59 media | 415 replies
D4DJ Groovy Mix
Hayate is truly the biggest dork in DJs.
HayaKoko cards doko?
17 media | 46 replies
The Kabukicho Night Festival event has commenced! The prologue and episode 1 of the main quest have been released. More info in the event page. To commence onto part 2 of episode 1, you must clear all 5 versions of the first part, each one showcasing a different perspective of events.
89 media | 289 replies
The Battle Cats!
battle cats
from siluman
New Unit:
1. [Special] Golden Statue Cat. 10th anniversary unit. 100% chance to KB vs traited. Has 600 range and 0 speed (yes, zero speed). Immune vs Boss Arrival.
2. [Super Rare] Brainwashed Dragon Cat. It's an exact copy of regular dragon.
3. [Uber Rare] Xmas Terun. Strong/KB vs Black/Alien. Colossus Slayer, Immune vs Slow.
4. New Uber Rare. It's Elite unit from Colossus Busters banner. Strong vs Traited, Immune vs all stats debuff, LD Attack, Colossus Slayer
New True Form:
1. Almighty Lucifer. 1 Epic Seed & 3 Aku Fruit. Gain 100% Surge and more HP.
New Talent Upgrade:
1. Immortal Kaihime. Weaken ATK, Immune vs Curse, Cost Down, HP/ATK Up
New Stage:
1. 2 new Xmas stages
2. 1 Anniversary stage (the cake stage)
3. 2 new unknown stages (detail will be added later)
New UL Stage:
1. No new subchapter
2. Star 2 available for "Rose-Colored Road" & "Behemoth's Peak"
3. Star 3 available for "Nasi-Go-Round" & "DNA Plantation"
4. Star 4 available for "In the Sleeping Forest", "Laboratory Island", & "Forgotten Graves"
New User Rank Reward:
1. 13,0001 for +60 Superfeline
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Cookie Run Games: Let It Dough!
Christmas CRG
There's a chill in the air! Filled with Cookie Run Games! Here's your holiday catchup:

>Meet Lollipop Cookie via the gacha or the Trophy Race/breakout Event!
>Guild Mission: Starry Aeroplane! Missions for treasures? Sounds familiar!
>Treasure Mastery - Starry Aeroplane! You've got it, now use it!
>Grand Champion's League is here! We're cheering for YOU because YOU are gonna win!
>Way of the Cookie - Recieve a chance for an old lobby!
>Cookie of the Year 2022 - Early celebration! Birthday Cake Cookie won! Amazing!
>Escape Level Rework! Inflation strikes again!
>Cookie Detective! Who kidnapped Eggnog Cookie?
>New costumes for Chestnut and Eggnog!
>Customizable lobby sets!
>Meet Carol Cookie! An Epic healing cookie back from the LINE era who supports the team in different way depending on the situation! Featured gacha and new events end in 35 days!
>Meet Sherbet Cookie! A new Ranged Super Epic Cookie who can freeze enemies around you! Obtainable in the new events!
>Snow-covered Path event! Unlock Story and goodies for a chance to get Sherbet Cookie!
>Holiday Cake Shop to bake delicious (shitpost to your heart's content) cakes!
>Cookie Holidays event story! Bake more cakes to unlock more stories from Carol Cookie!
>Tower of Sweet Chaos tiers upgraded for a Grand total of 250!
>14, yes, you've heard me right, 14 more BTS Cookies costumes!
>New Epic Treasure: Hollyberrian Royal Necklace!
>Chance Up feature added to treasure gacha for better odds at what you want!
>Buffed Sacred Pomegranate Branch! You may want to use a shield killer once in a while again!
Puzzle World
>Is being hopeful for a flashy execution!

Who is the culprit? Who is YOUR Cookie of the Year? Do you agree with the top 5? Has Cookie Run had a good year? What would your favorite cookie want/give for Christmas? What are your hopes for 2023 cookie content? What was your favorite cookie content this year? Will Rose make it to 2024? Have a Merry Christmas and discuss all things Cookie Run!
10 media | 29 replies
Heaven Burns Red
The wait for 4.2 continues and 31B seemingly can't stop getting banners. How do you feel about the latest event?
44 media | 172 replies
Pikmin Bloom
Not sure what happened to the other thread, but at least we can update the OP with the most recent decor they've added to the game.

Speaking of new things, the missions they've recently added were an interesting change of pace, especially as someone that has exhausted his local area of all seedlings. Also, they are apparently adding new mushrooms, according to a recent datamine (presumably during Halloween, since they're orange and purple).

Regardless, how do you guys feel about the game now that we're approaching the 1-year anniversary?
24 media | 55 replies
Revived Witch
Revived Witch one year anniversary!

>Enter code [surprisefrom____] in the Settings-Giftcode page of the game to redeem an unexpected gift!

long live the witch!
30 media | 120 replies
Genshin Impact
Yae Miko
This is the newest thread for the best mobile game, Genshin Impact!
>imagine not having the smug fox edition
WARNING: This thread may understandably be 2smug4u!
Old thread is autosaging: >>974831
29 media | 59 replies
Monster Musume TD
~I'm stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean with monster girls who adore me~
Half Anniversary stream will be on October 23rd, App Store/GooglePlay versions will launch soon after
83 media | 404 replies
Azur Lane
this is your warden
Lets discuss and appreciate all things about the mobile game Azur Lane like proper gentlemen who have given themselves over to the pursuit and command of warships made manifest as cute and beautiful girls with our fellow /vmg/ peers
Azur Lane is 5 years old and has another 5 more years left of life, probably more. (You)'ve been sentenced to shipgirls for ten (10) years to life! There is no escape!
Take it easy
117 media | 353 replies
Shin Megami Tensei Dx2
Why the previous thread got deleted?

Elohim, Shaddai and Sabaoth banners are currently up. Go reroll for Elohim if you're new to the game.
70 media | 501 replies
Tales of the Rays (and Asteria)
Tales of the Rays
Rays story ending event and conclusion of the main arc. Take down all the bosses with others to unlock the real final boss. How will it all end?
Multiple epilogue episodes to come.
Discuss the story, your bad luck, your good luck, who do you want to hold hands with, what coop badges are you trying to get, etc.
37 media | 199 replies
Dragon Ball Legends
Legends 4th Anniversary
Friend Code: k2f3dd3e
/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw

It’s the 4th anniversary, what are you waiting for? MUI and SS3 are still up, but we may be getting a surprise Ultra this month.
149 media | 402 replies
Mario Kart Tour - Rematch Edition
pvb 2 electric boogaloo
Peach vs. Bowser 2 has started, and DS Peach Gardens returns as a retro track.
Oh, and Amsterdam 3 is here, too.
2 media | 6 replies
No title
mobile games aint the same no more bros...
0 media | 1 replies
Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY
The Halloween event is on. How many gems have you wasted on Mammon so far?
61 media | 293 replies
No title
>Granblue introduces a Twitter troon character
1 media | 3 replies
Horny mobile game recs
Nikke got me in the mood to play something lewder. I tried Destiny Child but the UI is awful, I'm trying Last Origin right now and the girls are fucking hot but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the systems. I'm not against any type of game, the hornier the better. Wouldn't mind giving Destiny Child a second try if it's actually good.
I just want a guilty pleasure game I play on the side and spend money on hot skins
7 media | 107 replies
Alice Fiction
Damn, didn't expect the thread to get archived so quickly. Was it longer than I thought or has /vmg/ just been more active lately?

How's everyone enjoying the Halloween event so far? Did you get good luck pulling Witch Cleo, or are you saving for furry Antoinette?
9 media | 57 replies
Tokyo 7TH Sisters
Our Thread revives.

As of today:
Final Episode of Nanasuta
More Daily 1x Rolls
New Karakuri singles out song
4 media | 43 replies
Illusion Connect EOS
0 media | 2 replies
Summoners War: Chronicles
For a mobile game this old, I’m surprised there isn’t a thread talking about any of the other games or the upcoming mobile one tomorrow.

Anyway, expectations? Anything to look forward to?
I just wanna find a pet/summon based game that can fill the empty hole that SMT Re:Imagine left after its shutdown.
5 media | 13 replies
Game recommendations
Any reccs? I'm looking for a mobile game that
Doesn't have ads
Doesn't have a bs energy system
Doesn't have microtransactions
Doesn't requiere an internet connection
So far emulating old games and PvZ 2 Eclise works perfectely
74 media | 497 replies
No title
Previous thread 404'd after being up for months, so here's a new one for /tep/

Link to official site

Current Events: Season 22 supplemental cards are out. Post requirements change Halloween update.

New cards?
75 media | 219 replies
No title
Which games do you have on your phone right now?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Roll for gacha game you will have to install and play for 3 days
If you roll something you are already playing, you have to quit for 3 days
In no particular order:
Bleach: Brave Souls
Genshin Impact
Honkai Impact 3rd
Fate Grand/Order
Azur Lane
Girls' Frontline
Punishing: Gray Raven
Blue Archive
Granblue Fantasy
World Flipper
9 media | 73 replies
Brawl Stars
New season is starting.
Nita is meta.
Gear rework in October.
69 media | 363 replies
No title
Which PC games have good ports for mobile?
0 media | 11 replies
No title
is anyone here playing the new golf game?
5 media | 25 replies
Artery Gear: Fusion
pavonis will once again take care of your mecha girls for you, /agg/commander
71 media | 198 replies
PUBG Mobile post game rage/vent/spergout
Screenshot_20221128-180129_PUBG MOBILE


God, this shit makes me go full Ltcorbis mode and give me a frustration induced desire to nuke the Middle East. The current Middle East server is just that the EU server tunneled thru Dubai. A proper Middle East server would benefit everyone. Players from that region would get better ping and their region teammates, while we get fellow Europeans we can communicate with.

And before you ask, PUBG Mobile doesn't have official controller support, which is why I hate controller fags so much.
0 media | 4 replies
Previous thread >>853632
Demon spire guide:
Recruitment guide:
/vmg/ v2 guild code: 91853176 (feel free to share your own, too)
anon's recruitment code: 9QV8KT (again, all encouraged to share own)
No current promo codes, but we'll share when they appear!
Xmas time approaches now that spooky time is just about over (and these threads seem to last forever)
14 media | 68 replies
Another Eden
Another Eden Wiki:
Another Eden News (Global):
Another Eden Autumn Festival 2022 (JP) - Livestream:
5 media | 76 replies
Durin from Arknights
65 media | 393 replies
Queen's Blade Limit Break
Is this actually legit? I love QB but I ignored this shit when it dropped because 5000% discount!!!! thrown everywhere screamed scam. But it's somehow still around. Anyone play it?
4 media | 24 replies
Code Geass Gacha
Genesic Re;Code - Halloween Kallen and Kaguya
Main story Chapter 7 soon

Lost Stories - Halloween event with Jeremiah, Lelouch, Villetta and Kewell
Unidentified KMF raid soon
31 media | 160 replies
No title
Any of you fags still playing Granblue?
1 media | 11 replies
No title
Which Android Emulator do you use?
3 media | 30 replies
Touhou Lost Word
Two of the Unconnected Marketers have a banner right now, where are the other two?
114 media | 384 replies
I=MGCM: I am Magicami
Kind of weird how they stopped doing more Rebirth dresses. I assumed they were the essentially the Ultima Magica dresses for the rest of the girls.
51 media | 240 replies
PuraOre: Pride of Orange
Well the last thread died already, so let's continue discussing PuraOre.

Well the half-anniversary has come and gone and it appears that there was a very short-lived boost on the 13th before dropping back to normal again over the last few days. Will the game make it to the end of the year?
15 media | 74 replies
clash of clans
This is your random and comfy coc thread, good to have it once in a while since they literally keep dying, other supercell goyms are welcome too
What's new for those who haven't logged in for some time
>hammer jam event with 10 more days to go, 50% off on everything in the home village including walls, no upgrade time reduction so high th bros get fucked
>next update somewhere in october, barracks removed, only one will be left of each type, training of troops and spells will be available when upgrading but with 50% longer timers
>th15 coming soon, either october with the barrack update or later, pack it up boys, we are going home
>you will never be maxed and you will like it
12 media | 70 replies
>lose the whole run cuz of a shitty prayer
Pain. Had an amazing run until I got some ability, the name slips me, which changed a random permanent ability each time I leveled up. Lost my max limit break and went from dealing max damage to 9999 and lost to the F100 boss. Great game though kek.
Any other fun jobs to try out?
40 media | 255 replies
No title
Imagine having dozens of waifus to choose as your favourite and picking the blonde bimbo bitch who'se written as a mary sue and acted as the villain's loyal bitch. Durandal fans have the worst fucking taste
1 media | 10 replies
Identity V IDV
Fourth anniversary soon.

But before that we've got this little event.
Get the fuckin fat cat!
51 media | 197 replies
Another Eidos of Dragon Vein R
“You’re Invited to Rammy Night Parties Hosted by DJ Azmond!” for “Swimsuit-Only Dress Code! Bright Summer Fest!”
You will have until 12/16/2022 (JST) to obtain “Admission Wristbands” and until 12/23/2022 (JST) to exchange them for rewards.
104 media | 463 replies
Limbus Company
Last thread finally 404'd. Winter 2022 release soon...(?)
103 media | 306 replies
Honkai Star Rail
maxresdefault (1) (7)
Literally what happened to this project? Successful beta test over a year ago and then radio silence aside from a few tweets

Is it dead in the water? It was my most anticipated gacha
0 media | 7 replies
This is a thread about discussing the Octopath gacha, because it's a fun game. Feel free to talk about various topics like how blessed/screwed you were by the gacha, advice on bosses, how much we got fucked over with Adelle's banner because SE is the worst gacha company of all time, and most importantly how Tressa is the best girl and should be cherished for that reason.
117 media | 506 replies
Anyone tried it?
Is it good?
1 media | 9 replies
No title
images (25)
Is nikke the cumbait game with the best story?
1 media | 9 replies
No title
Will we ever get a decent emulator? google play beta and windows 11 are super limited, all other emulators on the market, memu, mumu, ld player, nox, etc, are chink shit that want to steal from you
0 media | 4 replies
No title
grand chase global
Play GrandChase mobile
2 media | 11 replies
Idoly Pride
I love my wife Mana so much! Isn't she cute?
48 media | 284 replies
No title
Soccer spirits
Anyone remember Soccer Spirits?
3 media | 13 replies
Plants vs Zombies
there's a lack of PvZ threads on 4chan. Let's fix that
3 media | 12 replies
No title
why does everyone keep posting anime girls i just wanna talk about angry birds
10 media | 54 replies
Utawarerumono : Lost Frag
Roll for bunnyslut
Pic unrelated as I can't be arsed to find any fanart of the Bunnyslut
Tuskr event going to end soonish

Jap wiki (Throw it in Google TL)
English wiki, outdated, probably going to get deleted soon

>What is this?
Utawarerumono Mobage, you roll for characters and equipment(called Mirrors) in a gacha system much like every other mobage. It's battle system is mostly automated with the player choosing when to employ special attacks. Think Priconne. Ask if you have other questions.

Current Rate Ups
Kareety Alt, Kuri and Mahomi Alt(4/19 to 4/30)
Mahomi Alt (4/19 to 4/30)

Character Tier List
109 media | 425 replies
No title
>be me
>generally dislike free to play games
>don't like the endless grind
>don't like the game punishing you for not paying
>everyone starts telling me about Marvel Snap
>"This one is different!"
>"You'll like it!"
>"The ONLY thing that costs money is cosmetics!"
>"It's designed around playing for free!"
>decide to try it out
>get through the beginner pass
>start working on the real pass
>find out that all the cards in the pass are premium only
>you have to pay $10 AND grind enough to get those cards
>as a card game you are literally at a disadvantage by not paying to unlock cards because your card pool will be limited compared to everyone else
>people are equating this with "only the cosmetics cost money"
>drop the game because it's literally the exact same as every other free to play game I hate
Are people who play free to play games just brain damaged? How can they not see through this obvious bullshit? I had people literally telling me that money is not tied to gameplay in any way even though CARDS in this CARD GAME are locked behind a season pass paywall. Hell, it's even WORSE than free to play games I used to try to play because not only do you have to pay $10 for gameplay content, you ALSO have to do a daily grind to make sure you actually get the things that $10 entitles you to. Free to play games always used to be EITHER grinding OR paying, but this is a PAID GRIND. What the actual fuck?
4 media | 21 replies
Alice Gear Aegis
Alice Gear Aegis is a 3D mecha musume shooting action game in which you take on the role of commander and assemble a team of up to three "actresses" to take out artificial-looking alien enemies called Vice.

Available on mobile and on PC through DMMGamePlayer.

>PC Download

>Official Website

>Official Twitter

>Japanese Wiki

>AliceGearP's Channel
117 media | 369 replies
What can I say, I think it’s so hard???
I can’t beat this map what the hell the difficulty curve is overwhelming on this map. Basically Hetler just have 999,999 gold all the entire game and keep wiping out my entire air armies, I mean HUGE air armies got totally wipe out! The thing is so brain dead that I want to give up beating at all.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Sword Master Story

Why aren't more people playing this game? I've only been playing it for a week, but so far it's been fun.
I like the waifus and pixel graphics (instead of the chibi shit that's in way too many waifu games these days).
2 media | 5 replies
4th Anniversary

Are you rolling for Pranked Choi?
82 media | 416 replies
No title
slice and dice
>download random game with cute graphics while sitting on toilette
>it's actually incredibly good, without ads or cancer
someone else played this good shit?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
Where is it?
0 media | 5 replies
No title
>music and sound randomly cuts out
>Gold Leaf and Thyme Warp still don't drop seed packets from levels
>some Adventure levels crash the game, making it impossible to progress
Are they ever going to bother fixing these issues?
0 media | 1 replies
Offline phone games
Post offline phone games you enjoy.

For me, it's nethack.
81 media | 462 replies
No title
Are there any mobile games like DMC? And I don't mean the 3 "port" or the new gacha game.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
What are some cool games with no ads, ads are much more annoying than Microstransactions, sure you can try and adblocker, but they don't always work.
0 media | 5 replies
CODM - /VGM/ wants you to join
Since Boomer left the clan because he wanted to sweat pajeet style, things got pretty chill and we are having fun around. No need to worry about being kicked or forced to grind nonstop. Join our discord, we are a clan of peace. Our new leader is still a cunt but not a sweaty cunt. Plus you can say nigger as much as you like in our server.
49 media | 211 replies
warhammer 40k tacticus
Anyone else playing this. It's one of my first mobile games so I can't compare it well to others. Pros are some decent turn based tactical gameplay with a good number of characters, but each character only has one active ability and sometimes multiple passives. It also appears to take forever to progress but I'm guessing that's standard for phone games. Also, the art style isn't very grim but it's probably chosen for good phone performance.

Lastly, as a tip, if you play for a little while you'll get an offer for about 2000 of the in game currency that mostly requires real money over a month and will only cost $3.

Also, they need eldar.
11 media | 81 replies
Should I play Nueral Cloud or Nikke
I can't play too many gachas at once or else I just don't do any of them and spend too much. Wondering if I should try picking up Nikke or NC, what's your opinions anons?
0 media | 6 replies
Idle games?
What're the best idle games currently out there? I've been getting a lot of ads for stuff like Goddess Era and Idle Huntress and wondering if they're top of the pile or if they've just got the dosh to throw around for ad space.
1 media | 9 replies
Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB)
How do I get more tokens for lucky spin? I need a few more fragments before I can get the Odette Butterfly skin in the lucky shop.
5 media | 37 replies
Date A Live: Spirit Pledge
You never expected to see another Spirit Pledge thread again huh? Too bad for you, so let's talk shit while we wait for the revamp of the game.
Please come back /dalg/bros
207 media | 504 replies
No title
Chinese and Korean gacha > Japanese gacha
4 media | 29 replies
Pet Sim General
I need pet sims. games where i feed things, evolve them, dress them up. No ad watching preferably.

pic not related
3 media | 10 replies
What phones are you gaming on?
I recently got a Moto Power G as a gift and I'm actually quite impressed with it. You can pick it up on Ebay for less than 100 and it can emulate everything from NES to PSP and even certain PS2 and GC games. What phone are you gaming on?
15 media | 156 replies
No title
The problem with mobile games is that they so much bullshit to do. Every mobile game is a rpg on steroids. No, I don't want to log every day. No, I don't want do drop gold, diamonds etc to get 1 item (you have to repeat it 6383847x times)
0 media | 2 replies
Share content collections.
This one's for NIKKE
I see a lot of webms from other games posted around here (lewd ones mostly) but is there a handy collection for the other games?
2 media | 2 replies
Mementomori just released last week and you can register and play to enjoy some nice music on AFKRPG and roll 40 times. while complaining on how it sucks
Some musics to alleviate the pain.
40 media | 532 replies
Homeworld mobile
The classic Homeworld franchise now for your phone so you can make purchases that don't help you but to not waste your time. Release? more like beta release

Multiplayer PvE semi-casual focused space game but without the spreadsheet, play however you want.

Come on in, join the purgatory.

15 years after Homeworld 2, the kiith want to spread out, you play as a small fleet and do missions, raids and mining.

Just download it and watch the cinematic at least it's free.

>you on ios?
God help you

>vertical movement?
In what world

>Tanoch territory and 3 epic destroyers appear?
Shit i dunno man you're fucking dead

>Need money?
Don't use your insignias, sell them, trust me you'll need a lot of credits.

>Large bundle worth it?
If you want to skip like half the game, officer has ion skill and you get a rare torp frigate, which are pretty good.

>What happens if the timer runs out in a progenitor activities mission?

Pay to skip progress and waiting bars, not a competition really, but PvP is planned down the way

>Strike guides:
PH1/2: Go rambo
SD2: Take out the beacons ignore everything else, finish the last fleet
SD3: You're dead

Easiest meta is kinetics + kinetic anti-hull modules, or ions + missiles. Any other combos are uncharted territory.

For fleet is usually destroyers or torpedo frigates

Share with us what you doing:
>infinite loadan

>New patch 1.1.5
>yaot rep is bugged, classic mobile game devs

Let's hangout in channel 44
/join 44
3 media | 4 replies
No title
You guys started playing this game? It was released like 2 days ago, same company that made orna.
The game seems pretty promising so far
1 media | 4 replies
Epic Seven
Play the anime with aespa

0 media | 2 replies
No title
Who the fuck plays mobile games, why not just play a game that's on the PC, like I all do with my phone is watch videos not to game.
1 media | 16 replies
No title
Who is the hottest Gacha girl?
1 media | 1 replies
No title
These are the mobile games making more money in Japan and America nowadays. Your thoughts?
0 media | 5 replies
AFK Arena
The new annual system has been revealed. I already hate it. It feels more like a new Wondrous Pouch minigame than the next-in-line after SI, furn, and engraving.
51 media | 110 replies
No title
has anyone played this game?
Can you really cuck or get cucked like the advertisements show?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Is there any Warhammer game worth playing on mobile?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Not including micro, is this the most strategically deep 1v1 game out there?
Obviously brood war requires more micro but not strategy imo.
0 media | 5 replies
Emulation trouble
Screenshot_20221114-175801_RetroArch Plus
How the fuck do you run Chrono trigger Prophet's Guile on Android? I've tried multiple emulators and cores on RetroArch and every time it crashes on pic related or the scene right after it. Anyone know how to get it to run fully?
0 media | 5 replies
Standoff 2
Looking for someone to play Standoff with, won't VC though I'm Slovak. I have discord and mostly play team deathmatch
0 media | 1 replies
Project Normium / White Summer
Hanshu sent Chaotik some actual gameplay, looks pretty good:
Earlier info compilation from CN sites:
0 media | 4 replies
Alchemy Stars
New story chapters soon. Jumbo Shrimp grows stronger.
0 media | 2 replies
Dokkan Battle
Heroes is coming up soon! Will you summon?
286 media | 1448 replies
No title
Decided to put a bunch of games on my phone. Rate my IOS library. I haven’t played them all.
22 media | 24 replies
No title
ok so help me understand
I swear im not trolling.

So there are people who play gachas...
They can spend 70-100 USD on JPEGs...

and there's a chance they don't actually get the JPEG that they want?

And if that wasnt absurd enough

Theres a chance the JPEG will suck and not be meta?


*If* the JPEG is good, theres a 99% chance the JPEG will fall off in a year when facing difficult content or compared to newer units??!!??!?!?
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>i play lumberloon freeze
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Questions about Nikke censorship.
Hey, I have several questions about the game.

Are all servers censored or are some servers less censored like on JP or KR?

If they are not censored (or less so) then will switching to that server be viable?

Or am I screwed either way because I'm downloading from the U.S or because they are all equally censored?

Do you think they will release a separate uncensored version of the game in the future like Blue Archive?

Is there any hope?

I really want to know all of this because I'm on the fence about playing this game. I tried looking for any information on Reddit but of course any discussions about this get removed.
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Cookie Run Games: A Truly Horrifying Time!
B-Day Assault
Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Cookie Run Series of games! What's new? Let's dive in:

>Happy 6-Year Anniversary! Birthday Cake Cookie content guaranteed!
>You are contractually obligated to play story mode's The Best Birthday Cake and meet Birthday Cake Cookie all over again!
>Raid Run - Enjoy 12 minutes of unbridled joy fighting bosses with your team's single level 1 abilities!
>Meet Blue Lily Cookie! She's sorta...just there!
>New guild season, recipe (Strawberry/Jam/Frond) and jelly set!
>Weekly missions to replace the diary!
>November Sticker Set!
>Level 6 Legendary Gift - Level your legends!
>Raid Quests - DIY!
>Draw Boost - Get special containers for opening special containers!
>Casuals and scrubs can replay the Tower of Frozen Waves!
>Laboratory insanity! Goodbye easy rainbow cubes and spirit potions! This isn't gonna be good!
>Cheesecake Cookie is now your primary source for consistent cubes! Appease her steppers immediately!
>Trophy Race/Breakout Missions - Run plenty for x15 of White Lily Anon blueballing!
>Guild Mission - Remember how Cheesecake's Make It Shine event? This is as close to it as we can get!
>New Treasure Trial despite the fact it's leaving!
>Treasure Mastery - Butterfly Brooch - +1 to 10+1 Incantations!
>Curious Rainbow Mine returns! No Key?
>Braver Together! BTS Crossover event that last until... January 19!?
Plenty of time to get 7 Special BTS Cookies with 3 costumes for each and tons of decorations!
>8 events dedicated to BTS, Best Boy Band on Earthbread, for you to grind and obtain all of them, with their own Purple Pass™ for tons of rewards!
>BTS CONCERT: RHYTHM STAGE! Like 3 lane autorunners combined with rhythm games! It's incredibly hard and might need some fixing!
>Halloween Bingo and Halloween night Challenges for folks in retirement for Eery rewards!
>Meet Schwarzwälder (A.K.A. Choco Brute Cake Hound)! A Charge "Cookie" who is incredibly good for both offense and defense! Banner ends in 32 days!
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No title
Is this game worth getting into this late?
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super auto pets
I am convinced this is actually the best mobile game/port out there.

>actually requires thinking, isn't just pointless clicking
>complex game mechanics disguised with affable and adorable, albeit minimalist graphics
>highly competitive multiplayer
>despite playing against real people, the game is divided into short matches, which means you can leave your run and pick it back up whenever you want, making it perfect for playing on the bus and such
>infinite combinations and possibilities
>new animal packs come out weekly, so the game never gets boring
>only form of monetization being some funny hats and an animal pack, which doesnt give you unfair advantage, but is rather a form of dlc
>many funny subtle details you notice as you play (for example giraffe sound effect being just tts saying 'giraffe' or weaker pets visibly sweating when you grab the euthanasia pill)

Have you played super auto pets, anon? Sorry if it sounds like I'm shilling, but this is genuinely one of my favourite games now.
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The death of offline android games
images - 2022-11-18T171651.110
Ok bros is offline android games officially over.? Most of the good offline games were made 2014-2016 after that almost all of the games were either soulless or cash drain.
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How do you hack mobile games anyway? Clearly, there's a way to do since everyone can one-shot me and tank everything I throw at them.
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Last Origin
Are you enjoying the grind?
ENG language available
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>One of the greatest mobile games
>Not even 1k of sales.
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Blue Archive
Thread for the discussion of the Japanese server of Blue Archive

Goz is finally here and Story Continuation of the Millenium arc too, what are you expecting from it?
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>PAD gets a million clones
>Not even one game that actually uses this system
I hate this. I wish we had just gotten a proper game with this system because it's challenging and innovative.
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Touhou Danmaku Kagura
One month left, so let's have one last thread before the End of Service on October 27th.

So far what has been your favorite song in the game?
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I want to go back
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Any recommendation to make a Squad? I am stuck at chap 5
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Freemium games hate thread.
>I just uninstalled Clash Royale and I'm waiting for Supercell to delete my account.

>Spent 3 years grinding this shit and only have a few level 14 cards.

>Freemium games should be illegal.
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Defense witches

There's this old game that's no longer supported. The server got shutdown many years ago. While you can still download the apk online and it still work just fine, many server side functions like buying items or unlock new characters are locked. Do you know anyways to somehow generate in game tokens so you can buy stuffs in the apk ?
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