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Romancing SaGa Re;Universe
The hour of Saruin's resurrection draws near, SOON™ Elore will pay for his vile trickery.
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Call of Duty Mobile
Can't decide what to buy with all the COD points I got from the 2x event, what have you guys been picking up
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Kirara Fantasia
Goodbye forever.
After a bit over 5 years of service, the servers for Kirara Fantasia have been shut down.
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Legends of Runeterra
tHORNY toad edition

Previous thread: >>1268880
10 media | 59 replies
Discuss joseimuke games and those with similar appeal to the same audience
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Tales of the Rays
Destiny/Eternia origin event going on now.
Arise 2nd anniversary and Xillia 12th anniversary events coming soon.
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Whatever Happened to Tenka Hyakken: Zan?
When did the game end it’s live service? used to play this game back then and remembered it solely because it had good unit retention no matter the rarity so you wouldn’t waste time raising their levels and affection. Was there ever any follow up or offline server/offline application following or did it just end like that? A shame it was one of the few decent gacha games that delved more into unit viability than powercreep
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Mario Kart Tour
The final tour with new content, the Anniversary Tour, starts tonight. Starting with the Battle Tour, all content in the game will be recycled from previous tours. In addition to discussing the game, here are some other things to note:

>What does the sudden end of new content mean for the next console Mario Kart?
>Will the game be left on auto-pilot like Super Mario Run or have an eventual EOS like Dr. Mario World and Dragalia Lost?
>What does this mean for the Booster Course Pass in 8 Deluxe?
>What about the courses (like Wii Dry Dry Ruins, GBA Lakeside Park, GCN Mushroom Bridge, GBA Yoshi Desert) that were remade for Tour but aren't in 8 Deluxe and likely will not be in Wave 6 of the pass?
>What about the remaining characters trapped in Tour (Hammer/Fire/Ice/Boomerang Bro, Nabbit, King Bob-omb, Dixie Kong, Monty Mole, Poochy, and Chargin' Chuck) that weren't announced for Wave 6?
>Imagine being Paratroopa or Honey Queen
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Code Geass Lost Stories
I can't be the only one playing the Code Geass mobage, right?

... right?
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Genshin Impact
A thread dedicated to discussions around Genshin Impact, the best game ever!
Fontaine is here! And so is the bratty archon!
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Live a Hero
79 media | 321 replies
Raid Shadow Legends
Am I the only retard on /vmg/ who still plays this bullshit? It's the most P2W, scammy, anti-fun "game" this world has ever seen, but there's a reason it's still going after 4 years; the most aggressive, forced down your throat advertising this world has ever seen and graphics of course. That being said, I'm still playing it, like a dumbass. Am I the only one?

Anyone else skipping this 3x speed gear on Dragon event? I'm saving up for the next fusion, I've got a decent amount of shards and chickens saved up, but I'm pretty low on gems. Even though the dungeon divers for Emic were insane point totals, I actually gained around 1k gems despite going for the fusion. Just gotta plan ahead.
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Atelier Resleriana
>Main writer: Takahiro (Akame ga Kill, Chained Soldier)
>Mainline game that plays like a gacha game

wtf were you smoking while pre-planning this, Gust???
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Another Eden
Another Eden Wiki:
Another Eden News (Global):
81 media | 359 replies
Dragonheir:Silent Gods
Anyone else playing and enjoying this.
-lots of story and lore, exploration and npc interactions are fun
-lots of content
-d&d elements
-challanging progression that requires strategy (bosses require spcific stats to beat, timings of skills, placements etc)
-no ad pop ups
-rare units are good
-Art and design challange raid
-dungeons drops are generous, fast progression
-gear grind is short cuz no substats and mainstat is bad, flat stats are massive and compete with % stats
- no preregister rewards (rewards advartised as preregister rewards are actually story clear rewards that take a while to acquire)
- low amount of free summons at the start
-exploration and account level is time gated behind daily commissions
-expensive cash shop
-promo codes are limited
Questionable: Seasonal reset after every 3 months
Basically new story starts every seasonal reset and you get to explore the map all over again starting from level 1.
You get to keep your units, currencies, artifacts etc going into a new season so your next progression from lv 1 will be different every season due to acquired units.
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Anyone here who plays Roblox I don’t see any content about Roblox
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No title
Guardian tales, time to worship our queen Eunha!!
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Monster Musume TD
~I'm stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean with monster girls who adore me~

and Studio Kumasan games including:
Mist Train Girls
Flower Knight Girl
Twinkle Star Knights (Currently opened for pre-reg and rolling)
88 media | 451 replies
Rainbow Six Mobile
It's out in Canada and Mexico. Are any of you playing?

I think it translates well but I'm still trying to find the best button layout.
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ACTUAL games?
I got myself a good phone at last and I literally cant believe there are pretty much no games made for mobile, I don't want to play gacha shit with gameplay that boils down to rock paper and scissors, I don't want autoplay shit, I don't want to wait 5 weeks for a building to finish upgrading, I don't want to watch an ad every other menu and I don't want to repeat the same level 10000 times because the only difficulty the game has is ever increasing enemy hp and damage

So far I got COD, Genshin, Mighty Doom, pokemon unite and a couple of emulators, is there something else out there that I can actually play or this it for the genre? idc if I have to pay for it
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What the fuck was Hypergryph thinking? why is the whole meta of the game determined by this bitch now? dps higher than trashter the holungday and more versatile...
>be me, work at HG
>need new whale bait
>make a unit with higher dps than surtr and deployaple 4 times as much
>players somehow fine with this
>cool day
Are arknights players just retarded? is that it?
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Nintendo’s mobile games
With Dragalia’s death last year and MKT ending new content this year, only FEH and Pocket Camp remain. do you think Nintendo will make any more mobile games or just exit the market eventually?
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Need 1 more anon to for union raid SEA server
Also fuck Neon for slowing the game on a summer event.
Shit character
Shit kit
71 media | 255 replies
Shin Megami Tensei Dx2
Screenshot 2023-09-05 00.18.42
why the fuck does everything costs money
previous thread >>1247019
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Heaven Burns Red
We're midway through the free pull bonanza. What have you gotten so far?
44 media | 396 replies
Mobile Legends
MLBB and MLA discussion welcome. New MLBB update just dropped, thoughts on some of the light revamps?
4 media | 38 replies
Dokkan battle
Thought those was were supposed to be good
137 media | 578 replies
Langrisser Mobile
Girl in the Shell
We've passed the 4.5th Anniversary!
I hope you all got Awakened One, so now it's time for a new major update.

>New Heroes Banner:
Sagani / Amadeus

Don't forget there's a new collab coming at the end of July!
You'll be able to summon heroes from the game: "Shining Resonance".

>Exclusive Limited-Time Banner:
Kirika / Sonia

Also, you can get Excella shards during the event.
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No title
How's life bros? Teetering on the edge of eos or are you still comfy?
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Azur Lane
Needs SKK correction
Lets discuss and appreciate all things about the mobile game Azur Lane like proper gentlemen who have given themselves over to the pursuit and command of warships made manifest as cute and beautiful girls with our fellow /vmg/ peers
Marco Polo is victim of ayyy psyops, give her lots of hugs and pats
Ta it ea
42 media | 112 replies
Kamihime Project R
>remember this game was recommended a few months ago while trying to find the least money-grubbing coomercore mobile game
>give it a download, opening scene is gangrape
>in what I can only assume was a world record for the fastest cope of all time, assume it's to set the stage and show how evil the BBEGs are, since the girl has yet to show up again
>skip that shit, doesn't seem to be anything as abhorrent as I play
>level up Merlin because she's a cute mage with no sense of right or wrong
>her H-scene is getting chloroformed, bound(something she says she hates in her introduction scene), drugged, and raped by some fat fuck
>turns out it's the best sex she ever had, and she goes into detail about how much she loves making out with and getting creampied by fat ugly guys
Words alone cannot describe the amount of seething I am experiencing. How much of this stupid fucking game is NTR? I don't even want to play it anymore, but since Magicami is way too huge for my phone, and I can't read Japanese, I don't think I have any other options other than not playing mobile games.
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Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY
>TW/JP servers EOS. TW players offered diamond transfers to Global.
>Global server is still good for now, 7 months of main story chapters left at the current rate of release.
Upcoming banners:
>Frankenstein Astaroth
>Santa Mammon
>China Dress Beelzebub
>Banquet Dress Belial
>Magical Girl Asmodeus
>Crimson Emporer Satan
>Swimsuit Mammon
>Streetwear Leviathan
>Teahouse Raphael
>Taisho Uriel
>Hot Springs Metatron
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AFK Arena
The new annual system has been revealed. I already hate it. It feels more like a new Wondrous Pouch minigame than the next-in-line after SI, furn, and engraving.
197 media | 495 replies
plants ve zombies heroes general
deader than dead

sucks EA abandoned THE GREATEST card game of all time with huge revenue potential and gameplay replayability
hell no balance changes fir years yet new metas rise and fall, like a gathering storm of new ideas constantly twirling about

fryemup keeping the game barely relevant with fun new decks
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Warcraft Rumble
Shitzard is cannibalizing warcraft and soft released a Clash Royale (a 7 year old game at this point, mind you), although I guess you could make it a stretch and say it's War3 Castle Fight map-esque game.
Anyone playing it?
Anyone thinking it's gonna flop hard, or is there a market for Clash Royale-type new game as clash is just ridiculous now?
5 media | 31 replies
summer barret
following the first two summer events and >>1278286
, how far did you go through to get Tifa and Aerith's costumes ?
How much stamina did you burn so far? Is Glenn's new weapon that much interesting? WELL LET'S FIND OUT
54 media | 510 replies
No title
Any good idle games that don't have prestige mechanics, and aren't P2W? Just need something to play on breaks that's easy to pick up and put down. Needs to be offline too because the signal out there is shit.
2 media | 21 replies
Upcoming open world gacha
Discuss upcoming open world gachas. Project, Mugen, Wuthering Waves, Dragon Sword, Unending Dawn, etc.

Which one will deliver on gameplay, visuals, exploration, and coom?
34 media | 231 replies
The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden
Half anniversary is here. Very good jumping on point as the some of the strongest units in the game have had their banners return (The limited Alpha and Beta adult shadow festival versions are both back and on rate-up).
Still waiting for shadow fest Zeta to arrive.
52 media | 454 replies
I=MGCM: I am Magicami
New thread. Re-did this one since I missed the subject line. The 3rd anniversary for global just started along with the second Taimanin event.

Also, in case ICYMI from the last thread:

>That thread along pretty much emphasizes the crowdfunding thing again although them having plans to explain more. It also repreats some info regarding why the game got the axe, and it was honestly a lot more than I was expecting even if they came go into extreme detail. Basically, it is a combination of complicated contracts and resources. Even though sales have gone down, they were still making plans going forward.

>This one here follows a bit on how they still want to talk with the fanbase and answer questions in mid September. Aside from that, the plot is 90%. I'm not sure if they mean from what we have seen or from what they have so far, but good on the communication either way.

>Going back to the complications, the team was also talking with various other affiliates since they rely on more than the parent company and DMM. We probably won't ever know all the details of these contracts, but maybe that complication is the reason why there is even a small glimmer. Also, I say they got the axe, buy the team is asking that it was their own decision to end things given the circumstances. So maybe it really was a case of funding getting cut rather than an official end.

>No news on global. The admin from the official Discord has said that there are no plans for cancelation right now. It may or may not end early still, but I honestly wonder how much overhead they worry about
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Dragalia Lost
Dragalia Lost is back on the table boys! I included a copy of the base apk and modified apk. Install the modified apk to play the game. If you don't trust me then install the base APK and patch it yourself. The rest is up to you to figure out. As of now, Dawnshard is the only one that supports co-op.
42 media | 240 replies
No title
Not enough space for Genshin. Which Waifu game should I download? Azur Lane, Girls Front
One, Nikke, Arknights?
0 media | 2 replies
Project mugen, new open world gatcha game
New B̶r̶e̶a̶t̶h̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶d̶,̶ ̶g̶e̶n̶s̶h̶i̶n̶ ̶i̶m̶p̶a̶c̶t̶ Spider-Man clone just dropped from NetEase games.
31 media | 212 replies
megaman x dive, offline version
This failed/EOSed gacha game has gotten rereleased as a standalone offline game with no microtransactions. All gacha characters can now be obtained for free etc.

I wish more games would do that.
the $30 price tag seems pretty high for a buy-to-play mobile game though
2 media | 21 replies
the 'sex
>no essex thread
what gives
80 media | 116 replies
[BBS] Bleach Brave Souls
Accessories/Character Information/Pull Simulator/DPS Sim

Character Rankings

General Information and Guides

Misc Wisdom

Do not be afraid to ask general questions you may have.
22 media | 91 replies
Pikmin Bloom
Not sure what happened to the other thread, but at least we can update the OP with the most recent decor they've added to the game.

Speaking of new things, the missions they've recently added were an interesting change of pace, especially as someone that has exhausted his local area of all seedlings. Also, they are apparently adding new mushrooms, according to a recent datamine (presumably during Halloween, since they're orange and purple).

Regardless, how do you guys feel about the game now that we're approaching the 1-year anniversary?
85 media | 217 replies
konosuba Fantastic Days
Make sure you follow the instructions so you don't lose all your shit on the first of June.
Please don't be retarded like Aqua
46 media | 205 replies
No title
What games do you have installed on your phone right now?
0 media | 0 replies
MMORPGs to play from mobile
I kinda enjoy picrel's graphic and feeling but the fact that they made a lot of stuff members only makes it pretty unplayable. The new one feels clunky and made of plastic. What other good MMORPG can I play from mobile?
2 media | 11 replies
GOOD /vmg/s thread
Welcome to my thread, here we recommend games that follow some of these crtieria
>no ads
>no energy system
>no microtranscactions
>no online requirement
>no gachashit

Tower defense
>PvZ 2 Eclise / Grind Thousand
>Infinitode 2

>Phantom Rose
>Night Of The Full Moon

>Stardew Valley
>Little Inferno
>World Of Goo

These are the ones I could mention from the top of my head, please post more
also check this thread
55 media | 266 replies
Anniversary events are up!
Ruby refund and 2 brand new rarity (UE) rate ups with Kusanagi and ???? (Boss form Saiki) and Maki Kagura with Ash.
New story chapters based on KoF 03' are also added.
17 media | 77 replies
Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)
Look at this cute wolf. Also her friends are there too I guess.
107 media | 476 replies
No title
>Look up any Android game released before like 2014
>It's delisted from the store and the APK doesn't even work
We have a large scale crisis of mobile vaporware and nobody cares.
1 media | 4 replies
sky: cotl. some game i like a lot
hey yall, idek why i'm here on 4chan LMAO
just felt like introducing my favorite game of all time
(i mean cmon, who can resist these adorable fucking spirits)
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Dragon Ball Legends
LF Gamma 1:2
Friend Code: k2f3dd3e
/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw

5th Anniversary is over but the Cell Games have just begun, are you ready? Androids may be our only hope against the Ultra menace.
46 media | 164 replies
Reverse: 1999
Global release soon hopefully
180 media | 512 replies
No title
Any good tetris/puzzle apps without shitty monetization or ads?
0 media | 1 replies
Signs of EOSing
This pic is kinda a meme but what are the actual red flags for when a mobile game is planning to EOS soon?
1 media | 18 replies
Summoners War
>still one of the most popular mobile games out there
>not even a /vmg/ thread
What gives? Why does no one here play it?
0 media | 8 replies
Date A Live: Spirit Pledge
Discuss the DALSP, the ongoing remake of the game, and how Kurumi is the cutest

Remember to do your dailies!
95 media | 247 replies
Among Us
Is it still alive? Will people be coming back to try the new map? Do most people play it on their phones?
0 media | 2 replies
The Virtual Summer Memories (2023 Re-Release) event has commenced! More info in the event page. New UI changes for increasing battle speed have been released alongside the event.
34 media | 92 replies
No title
redpill me on this. wtf is it?
0 media | 2 replies
Last Origin
Bear Hug
Beware of bears!
ENG language available for JP within the DMM/Fanza client and for KR through a third party patch.
111 media | 537 replies
Space Leaper: Cocoon
Hopefully the reset happens soon, Proxies! Once the game emerges from its Cocoon hibernation, will it become Space Leaper: Monarch?
57 media | 154 replies
No title
ulltimate street football
Have you played any good mobile football games recently?
23 media | 50 replies
Blue Archive is taking over my fucking life
>me as a young kid
>accidentally call my teacher mom
>everyone laughs
>a decade passed since that shit happened
>at college
>drinking my second cup of coffee
>teacher calls my name for online class attendance
>"Present sensei- sir"
>pretty sure the whole class has heard it

I just can't stop fucking embarrassing myself every decade
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Tokyo 7TH Sisters
Our Thread revives.

As of today:
Final Episode of Nanasuta
More Daily 1x Rolls
New Karakuri singles out song
92 media | 283 replies
Alice Gear Aegis
Alice Gear Aegis is a 3D mecha musume shooting action game in which you take on the role of commander and assemble a team of up to three "actresses" to take out artificial-looking alien enemies called Vice.

Available on mobile and on PC through DMMGamePlayer.

>PC Download

>Official Website

>Official Twitter

>Japanese Wiki

>AliceGearP's Channel

>AGA Helper & EN Fan Patch

Previous: >>1220089
91 media | 339 replies
Limbus Company
Limbus will have its first major update today, as well as its first banner with new units.
86 media | 358 replies
Fire Emblem Heroes
Did you summon for anyone on the Wind Tribe banner?
What type of damage reduction do you like using on your units?
There's 40% on first hit, Spd (or Res) comparisons like with Close Call or Dragon Wall, true or flat reductions (like on Dimitri or Askr), there's also Specials like Godlike Reflexes or Armoured Beacon/Floe.
195 media | 547 replies
Engage Kill
You are playing Square Enix's masterpiece pantsu simulator right?
9 media | 82 replies
No title
This thread is dedicated to Kisaki.
75 media | 81 replies
Android Emulators
which emulators are currently the best and take less pc resources and won't install any miners on my pc?
2 media | 12 replies
No title
Racing games
Which mobile racing games are good?
1 media | 4 replies
Girls' Frontline GFL
Pole Dancing Event

Shake phone in time with your raifu's dance to increase her tips!

Daily limit: 60 tips
2 media | 6 replies
Aster Tatariqus


Download (JP):
*EN will be coming out sometime in 2023™
38 media | 163 replies
Snowbreak Containment Zone
It's releasing in a few days (July 20th). A shooter involving cute girls, but not pure coomerbait like Nikke. They have taken some feedback surrounding the gameplay and improved upon it. Will you try it out?
47 media | 384 replies
fag gacha games
fag gacha games where you get baited by hot muscular men but get the worst possible gameplay and a gambling addiction ill start
32 media | 272 replies
Previous thread >>1047742
Recruitment guide:
/vmg/ v2 guild code: 91853176 (feel free to share your own, too)
anon's recruitment code: 9QV8KT (again, all encouraged to share own)
No current promo codes, but we'll share when they appear!
Summer event is here again (or will be in a couple of days)
Who do you want? And who do you got?

>>1202460 #
The used to be one for the Demon Spire and a lot of levels overlapped but that hasn't been updated in ages.
Who's giving you trouble?
56 media | 143 replies
Quitting a gacha
There’s a specific gacha I’ve lost almost all interest in but I can’t bring myself to quit because of the time and money I’ve spent on it before, what should I do
0 media | 12 replies
Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Go is now available. Let's discuss.
91 media | 691 replies
No title
Warhammer 40k: Tacticus thread
0 media | 2 replies
Thread for discussing Omniheroes idle game

And the waifus
1 media | 10 replies
Nussygame - Buriedbornes2 開発版ビルド 街道ゲームプレイ [qe6iExmmXqA - 948x533 - 1m27s]
Gameplay footage for Buriedbornes 2
1 media | 4 replies
No title
My first fap was to the archer from Clash of Clans. I got hooked to the game as soon I got my first smartphone, but I remember finding the archer cute and oddly alluring. One of my favorite hobbys was looking up pics of my favorite characters on Google and so I ended up with 2 images, one of the archer wearing a bikini and one of her showing her feet which were drawn in a very detailed way. I must have been like 11-12 years old at the time, I fapped to her but I'm pretty sure I didn't cum, I didn't really know how it worked, I remember afterwards that I thought pee would come out so I just stopped before cumming, kind of like orgasm denial before I even knew what that was, after that I kept fapping to more and more Clash of Clans stuff I remember before I found out you could cum. I fapped the Witch, Valkyrie and Healer by humping my bed, good memories, I don't remember when I found out that it's ok to cum, but well after that it just became normal to me.
Through my whole life I could probably count on my fingers how many times I fapped to actual irl porn, even though I fap at least once every two days, it has always been to fictional girls.
Hope you guys liked my story about how the archer was my sexual awakening.
6 media | 19 replies
Dokkan Battle
Future Gohan? more like Future GOAThan
300 media | 1375 replies
Destiny Child
Thread on the game Destiny Child, discuss.
92 media | 531 replies
I had friends into this a while back. Is this worth getting into?
0 media | 1 replies
Alice Closet
This game brings out a Beast in me I never knew I had. Picrel is a boy
19 media | 25 replies
No title
Who would win between Demon King from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Krasue from Eyes the horror game?
0 media | 0 replies
Kinnikuman Muscleshot
Well playing this game and is quite fun but are there hacks to get certain characters or more gacha tokens ingame.
Or at least a hint on how to pass the natusko battle.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
>install angry birds apk
>"angry birds would like to access your camera and images"
0 media | 3 replies
Java/Retro Mobile Games thread
Diamond Twister 1
Thread made to share and discuss any old mobile game.

>What is java games?
Early 2000 mobile games made with the java programming language or mostly known as J2ME

>How do i play them?
For PC
For Android

>Where can i find games?
Collection of Java Games

>More resources about J2ME emulation"J2ME"

I'm thinking of doing a list of /vmg/ approved java games list so please share your favorites in this thread as well
17 media | 34 replies
No title
Identity V / IDV thread.
Perfumer and Sculptor nerfs when?
49 media | 183 replies
No title
Recommend me GOOD rpg maker games compatible with EasyRPG on mobile.
No horror games or short stories.

Image a bit unrelated
0 media | 1 replies
What do you anons think of Skullgirls Mobile?
Screenshot 2023-08-11 135105
I find that it's fun in some places. a bit grindy but it has some epic rolls and the combat system is easy to learn. I particularly like the RPG elements in it.

Yes, I am aware of the censorship controversy even affecting this game. I'm mentioning it now so that it won 't be a whiplash for some when looking through the thread.
2 media | 22 replies
World Dai Star
Are you excited for yuri acting?
152 media | 452 replies
Long-running gachas
GBF is at its 9th anni this year, FGO is at its 8th. How long more are these games expected to last, and what other games have survived this long?
0 media | 1 replies
Cat Fantasy SEA CBT2
CBT2 on TapTap SEA (SG/MY/TH/VN/PH), for Android and PC, starting Sept. 24. Anyone planning on trying the game out?
0 media | 0 replies
Danmachi Battle Chronicle
It's about 3 days old and the infinite maint is finally over; are you ready for for Danmemo 2?
Already merged with jp btw and it's not by crunchyniggers so it'll last its full expectancy
You DO have room in your phone for ONE more kusoge right?
Or PC that works too
6 media | 27 replies
37 media | 261 replies
No title
Where my fellow cloud gamers at? Is there any good services besides gamepass? I'm enjoying sea of thieves with my bros right now.
0 media | 0 replies
any non-Pay-To-Win empire building games?
Screenshot_20230916_110942_King's Empire
I always liked these strategy/building games but they're usually designed completely around spending money, often to the point that strategy and amount of time spend don't even matter, with all the top player just spending thousands of dollars.

I know there's some pc games like this that aren't p2w, like a single player flash game I used to play called Empire of the Galaldur, but was looking for something mobile.

Wouldn't mind a high one-time purchase cost or ads as long as the game isn't pay-to-win
0 media | 2 replies
Are you ready for tripple a pc games on your phone?
Qualcomm is developing a translation layer/emulator to run pc games on your phone. Though imo it will take some time to fully work.

The developers of skyline a switch emulator are making a windows emulator/translation layer to play pc games on phones called cassia set to release in 2024.

Though honestly I only think will work ok on future chips like the snapdragon 8 gen 4 or something.
1 media | 12 replies
Phone Controllers
Do any of you use these attachable controllers for phone gaming (either emulation or games like Genshin Impact)?
I'm looking for one and I wanna what models are worth it. Got my on pic related, the GameSir X2
0 media | 2 replies
No title
>Cancel Apple Arcade because the games are shit
>Subscription expires
>Games still work

Is that a known bug? I do not want to tick of Apple but knowing this I won't update to iOS 17 if I can just keep the games.
0 media | 1 replies
Blue Archive JP
Thread for discussing the Japanese server of Blue Archive

How's your stash looking?
154 media | 604 replies
Alter Ego
>finished playing alter ego
>trying to go deeper
>found the game called Alter Ego complex
>finished playing it
*Insert lost kitten by metric*
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Cookie Run Games: Birthday Cake at Stake!
Battle For CRG
Which Cookie contestant will come out on top for Cookie Run Games? Be sure to vote for the cookie you wish to save from elimination! In the meanwhile, get a load of the current news!

>Okchun and the new update is inbound! News due this weekend!
>Currently ending the Courtroom update with Cappuccino and Langue de Chat Cookie!
>Cookie Court will close soon! Grab the new lobby while you can!
>Cookie Debates have been raging! Who will win these diet Splatfests?
>BRIXITY Launch events! - Devsis is BEGGING you to play their Birthday Cake Cookie-Free game! I wonder how it'll go!
>Earn a jelly set and fever run every day!
>wrap up your guild run season and treasure events and prepare for more content next week!
>Meet Peppermint Cookie! His gacha and many other events end in 31 days!
>New Crystal Jams for Black Pearl Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie to make them even more unfairly stronger and their team with a rally effect and ascension bonuses at high levels!
>New Trial Grounds - Weekly attempts to grind the Crystal Jams Ingredients!
>New Legendary Costume for Black Pearl Cookie in a featured gacha!
>Elite Tier and a lot of content added to arena mode!
>A Mermaid's Tale special episode! - Witness the might (and dread) of the sea's backstory in yet another new special episode!
>BRIXITY Launch Event! - Tie in for Playing Devsisters new Venture!
Puzzle World
>Turned down Brixity's briefcase full of cash because they have INTEGRITY!

How dead are cookies to you now that Chadxity is the ultimate fucking star child of Devsis? How long will it be getting support? How does your kingdom get electricity? (Awesome jellysaur fossil fuels? Tying a generator to Sea Fairy's hair?) Where is your graveyard for your dead? Do you just push them out to sea? Which cookie will win the /crg/ from Timekeeper Cookie? Do you even know the reference?! Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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>Still no mobile mainstream mmo that isn't dogshit
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Level editor games.
Does vmg like Geometry Dash?
What about other level editor games?
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I rolled her on my first try
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It’s over for mobile game developers
Unity is now charging 0.20 dollars per install. Better open your wallet guys gatcha gambling sims and advertisements are gonna get a lot more aggressive.
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Mobile RTS
What RTS and strategy games are worth playing now? I finally got a non shit phone and my new job has a bit of down time. Is clash of clans still the big guy or are there other ones that are better or taking over? I used to play the starwars one but it looks like they shut it down.
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Clash Royale is now in the 4 billion club
It has now made as much money as genshin impact.
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PUBG Mobile sirs...
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