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/vm/ is a place to discuss all types of multiplayer games, whether on console, handheld, or PC, co-op or competitive, online or local.

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Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vm/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

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No title
What are some fps games on Playstation with an active player base ? I was playing bf1 and that game is dead
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Weekend melty blood
So u think we can get another weekend melty blood thread going?
Last thread ppl were saying these should become a weekly thing so here it is
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No title
I'm just here to shill an old MMO I've gotten into recently (few months ago) and which I fell in love with : Dungeons and Dragons : Online. I think it is a really cool game with lots of very interesting features that is worth looking into even though it has its flaws.

Pros :

>Lots of customizations, classic D&D features like Ability scores, feats, multiclassing, etc. Also adds Enhancements which are skill trees that allow further customization of your character.
>Quests are fun, every single one is narrated and acts as a dungeon of various size (some can be one room big and others can be sprawling mazes that take hours to get through). Almost all quests have optional objectives and secrets that reward the player with XP and loot. The whole game is very immersive overall
>Loot and Gear is very cool, many low level items stay relevant forever. Items are not merely +atk or +def, different items are better at different times. Enemies have immunities and weaknesses and you can capitalize on that with your gear and spells.
>Community is very mature and friendly
>A ludicrous amount of content and more content comes out regularly
>A lot of paid content can be earned by playing, you earn DDO points regularly and that can be used for permanent character or account upgrades
>Infinite replayability, the game encourages you to play as every classes and races through the Resurrection system

Cons in next post
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No title
SRB2 Kart is a mod of a mod based on the Doom Legacy engine, turning the game engine into a kart racer akin to Super Mario Kart. It's a very lightweight game and runs on most all PCs. Use this thread to start netgames, join other anons, give help/tips, spritework, modding, feedback, etc.

>How to Play (v1.3)
1. Download the game below in 'Full Install (...)'
>Compiling on Linux
2. Unzip contents into a seperate folder
3. Load up 'srb2kart.exe'
4. That's it
>This looks like shit and it runs like shit
Get the Moe's Mansion/Birdhouse bootup. OpenGL supported.

>previous thread
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Battlefield-like titles /vm/ recommends
Hear about games like Squad and Insurgency all the time. Don't want to go full sim so no Arma for me.
Looking for a game like BF2 but more modern and with an active playerbase (at least in NA).
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/vm/ mabinogi
Are you an MMO friend?
Do you thrive on good fashion, socials, combat and the most well done pet system ever?
Come play Mabinogi on PC.
New content right now is providing up to level 5000 and 5 easily earned pets through tutorial-level events.
>5000 Levels? That sounds like mobile trash
Mabinogi works on a Rebirth system where you can rebirth depending on your age, which turns all of your levels into stats via cumulative levels. Actual max level is 200.
>Interesting Pet System?
You can play as your pet or fight side by side with them. There are a myriad of pets with different combat benefits or life skill benefits.
>Hows the Combat?
Over 10 different styles of combat varying from melee, ranged, and magic. The game's combat thrives in using multiple combat styles such as Puppetry and Chain Blades together.
>Why are you shilling?
I've been playing this game on and off for a long time, and after finally getting into it on my own I would love more people to play with. This game is a lot better with friends (like most things are)
Right now we are all playing on Nao.
if you want people to play with just ask and we can exchange names
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Deep Rock galactic
Cooperative FPS featuring dwarfs, shootan, alcoholism and mining. Also beard physics.

Get your shitter builds here
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Realm of the Mad God
Just finished the "Lore" event and decided to make a thread.
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No title
Which class were you playing back during AION's launch well over a decade ago, /vm/? Which side were you on?
SM, Elyos here. I miss solo farming elites for exp and later in dredgion having the almighty"fear everyone" button.
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Chivalry 2
Anyone excited for the open beta tomorrow?
Im looking forward to making everyone rage as an archer.
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ROBLOX Thread - Heliwars Edition
Couldn't find a finished version of the thumbnail and haven't seen any other thumbnails, so here we go. I cropped it and shopped in the /vm/ emblem. Sorry if the guy who made the thumbnail envisioned something slightly different, but we're nearing bump limit on the other thread.

Discuss heli wars and other games on Roblox. I, for one, loved heli wars back in the day and would always sneak attack the enemy by flying underneath the map.
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games with friends
me and 2 of my friends are looking for something to play together, any suggestions?
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No title
Does anyone still play dota 2 on here? Or mobas in general. I feel like this genre died off
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Hey /vm/, we're playing Terraria until my vps contract ends! Come hop in and kill some bosses with us!
Port: 7777
Password: no password

Server will be up until at least 06/16.

>How do I connect to the server?
Multiplayer > Join via IP
Now make a character (Classic is recommended) and select that character.
Finally, paste in under 'Enter Server IP Address' and 7777 under 'Enter Server Port'.

>Why can't I move after joining
If this is your first time joining, you need to register with '/register {PASSWORD}'
If you are returning to the the server, you can login with '/login {PASSWORD}'

>I don't have a copy of Terraria
Get it here for free:
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Eternal Return: Black Survival thread
Play Eternal Return: Black Survival the MOBA battle royale free to play early access anime game
74 images | 458 replies
Zombie Master: Reborn
Zombie Master: Reborn is the revival of an old and abandoned Half-Life 2 mod, the mod mixes up both FPS and RTS elements where players must fight through a horde of zombies and avoid dangerous traps controlled by the incarnation of evil: the Zombie Master.

ZMR is current in Beta version 6, the mod has been re-built in Source 2013 and contains various fixes to the bugs of the original mod along with a new new HUD, improvements to the zombie path finding, matching viewmodel arms, ZM AI, new weapons, revamped old weapons, a new zombie selection menu, and the ability for map makers to create their own custom weapons.

You can get the mod here on ModDB. To play it you only need the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer installed.
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Hunt Showdown
>playing with Euros

New event + map coming soon™. What we know so far:
>new map is somewhere called "Desalle"
>it's somewhere in the north but judging by the plantation house it's still in Louisiana
>much less swampy from what we've seen (rip gator legs)
>they're finally adding native american hunters
>potentially a bow weapon (could've been just a trailer thing)
>event seems to be themed around the supernatural abilities of the hunters and death
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mmos, passive skills vs combat
take any of the popular mmos out there and you will usually find that crafting and mat farming is a arduous task where you spend hours getting good at producing goods, usually to sell. That's all well and good, but it seems industry standard is that day one characters with just as much skill, time and information on their hands, can earn as much money, if not more, in less time, killing trash mobs.

take old school runescape for an example. the top five ways to make gold are combat. crafting in runescape usually results in a net loss and is not a form of income, but a money sink.

gathering mats is made even worse by the volume of bots endlessly mining shit and selling at the lowest price, undercutting everyone and making it worthless.
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what games can i play so i can stop feeling so shit about myself
This is the first time I'm posting here and I'm feeling like such a disappointment and I'm feeling really alone :D

Can anyone recommend a game with a GOOD community that isn't a dick towards girls?? also I have a mac, so something that wont completely destroy it and accidentally blow up my neighbourhood is preferred thanks B]
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Fuck eve online and the entire community.
I just spent the last 3 hours looking for a place to mine. I didnt find a single goddamn asteroid belt. The only person in rookie help suggested Poinen, so I made about 5 jumps, and theres no fucking belts! the game resets everyday at 7 fucking AM, so I guess if I want to do anything other than gank fuckers, I should get up in time, and spend 2 hours frantically trying to mine, because, theyre all fucking gone by 9AM!
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No title
Alright, /vm/.
I am thinking on biting the bullet.
How good is this game? Thinking of playing this instead of wow.
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SCP Secret Laboratory
For new players:
SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free survival horror multiplayer game based on SCP: Containment Breach

/vm/ Streambles Archive:

GDrive Link:
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No title
What drives players to cheat/hack and ruin multiplayer games for others?
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Switch private games thread
Since super mario party is less shit now, anyone up for a game? Room password is DREAD.
Also other switch private game rooms are good too
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No title
What are multiplayer games for people burned out from playing multiplayer games?

I can't do yet another twitch shooter anymore. I'm tired sweating my butt off for top tier aim and movement expending so much effort just pull off an enemy wipe. I'm tired of squadmates and randoms who need to be carried. I'm tired of grinding battle passes and pointless ranks. I'm tired of killing people over and over endlessly like some sort of virtual hell. Wins don't make me happy but you just rage when you lose.

Maybe I'm slowly becoming a boomer. So what are boomer friendly multiplayers?
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Counter Strike Source
This game makes CS:GO seem like a Chinese knockoff minus "muh graphics."
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New Call of Duty
is there any news on MW2 Multiplayer remastered yet. Honestly if thats what activision releases this year i can die happy. Cod vanguard just sounds like a disappointment with BF5 and CoD:WWII being what we have to show for mainstream WW2 online shooters (besides enlisted)
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No title
csgo devs: we have to gut the famas burst to the point where it's unusable because we feel it's op even though no one ever complained about it in older games.

also csgo devs: deagle should 2 shot to the body through kevlar up to 7 meters, while also having better accuracy than the ak, and a perfect one shot headshot up to 50m, and better running accuracy than assault rifles. all for the price of $700
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the entire frontline
Could you goddamn Wardens relax with the partisan activity?

The amount of partisans and spies I've seen so far have been ridiculous
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Another TF2 thread
Can anyone recommend me some fun community servers that aren't actually vanilla? I can't find any "fun" servers that aren't friendlyshit or the /v/an. And as much as I love the /v/an, it's only active for two days out of the week.

Please help a brother out, bros...
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Multiplayer Survival Games
Last multiplayer survival thread hit bump limit >>252764

ITT: MP Survival Games appreciation and discussion

/vm/ servers:

/vm/ Dino Fun
NY based
Mods: Structures Plus

>NY Based /vm/ Conan Exiles server
>Struggle & Survival

Some examples of survival games to discuss:
Ark, conan exiles, 7 days to die, rust, empyrion, green hell, the forest, terraria, starbound, raft, valheim, craftopia, scum and the like
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The superior fighting game
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What the fuck happened to multiplayer Garry's Mod?
>decide on a whim to install Gmod for the first time in ~8 years
>excited for the nostalgia trip of returning to my favourite gamemodes and enjoying that late 2000s/early 2010s source engine ambience
>load into a darkrp server with a good playercount
>all the playermodels and guns are gaudy as shit, clearly imported from other games and clash with the source engine aesthetic
>there's like 50 different useless jobs, half of which cost money to play as and another third of which are just variations of "robber"
>walk into a secluded area and get mugged by a 14-year-old "VIP Donator" with a double-barreled shotgun using a playermodel that looks like it was ported over from the last Call of Duty game
>ragequit and try zombie survival instead
>gamemode has been completely overhauled to have a bunch of needlessly complex bullshit since I last played
>every weapon now has an upgrade tree that you have to collect "scrap metal" to advance and there's some kind of retarded teleportation mechanic that forces you to barricade around glowing crystal sigils planted throughout the map
>okay, maybe that's just one custom server
>join a different zs server I remember from when I used to play the game
>it's the same

Why? Why add all this dumb shit to something that was already simple and fun? Haven't these people heard the maxim, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?
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COD 2022 leak
I’m in contact with several early play testers and focus group members for next year’s CoD. Infinity Ward wants to capture the same sort of cultural phenomenon that the original MW2 was.
>title is probably going to be Modern Warfare Part II
>set in 2022 and 2023
>game has a focus on “crossing the line” and operators acting as criminals
>noted to have a Sicario type vibe
>set mainly in South America and Mexico
>setting deals with the cartel and human/drug trafficking
>updated version of MW19 engine with swimming and water vehicles
>Warzone will be revamped for this iteration with a new launcher and base game
>Gunsmith will be expanded upon, with all attachment slots being able to be used at once instead of having a limitation
>Instead of spec ops, they want to have a heist mode similar to GTA and are prototyping it
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/vm/ Vintage Story
Nostalgia Edition.
>Pirate Link:
To install go to %appdata% then Vintage Story Data, open the mod folder, drag and drop the contents to the mod folder in the Vintage Story Data folder
>Last Thread >>330072

Since the last thread:
The server now has maps/ coords turned back on and is also newly pirate-friendly again. Dove has reinstated the old server for a while, so go check it out if you're feeling nostalgic. 1.15 is in pre6; cave art, pit kilns, craftable clothes and better chiselling mechanics have been added since pre2. I'm also working on a memorial for the old server in its spawn.
What would you add to the game if you had the choice, anon?

>Old server adress:
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Elite Dangerous Odyssey
It's up and works (kinda). old bred


PROS: Some new shit to grind for
CONS: Bugged and unoptimized, some old features broken

Status: Fixes are promised

>select all images with taxis
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Black ice?
Could be black ice?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
Does /vm/ like tabletop sim?
6 images | 31 replies
Guess this pc game
Hi can anyone guess the game from this. There was a shrivelled red man, and a glowing red aura around something that required unhooking. Pc game
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No title
I always had a blast playing this game.
Why was it basically never alive?
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Worms Armageddon
Worms is a classic turn-based strategy game with astounding gameplay customization. Armageddon despite being released in 1999 still is getting support, with the 3.8 update releasing just last year.

Game goes on sale fairly often but you can also download the game for free here (all versions work with each other):

>Collected Custom maps, sounds, fanfares, flags and graves from past threads

Check what lobbies are currently open with, or if you'd like to be notified when when a /v/ lobby opens up, get

Lobbies and threads will be often be notified here and will usually be present at
Channel: #anythinggoes
Room: /v/
Pass: rage
161 images | 374 replies - Multiplayer Tank Web Game
Been working on a multiplayer tank web game for a bit and we haven't released it yet.

stug .io

Not going to be many players on because we haven't released yet but there are bots to fight.

I suggest doing the tutorial but you can skip it by refreshing when it starts. Some anons have liked it so far, right now just trying to figure out what is fun and what isn't. The main idea is bouncing shots off of walls, players, etc.
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Granblue Fantasy Versus
Soon we will wrap up the season and look to the future.

Lets get some lobbies going together!
34 images | 151 replies
Which MOBA to get into.
My friends and I want to get into a new multiplayer game, and thought of getting into MOBAs. Which MOBA should we get into? LoL or DOTA2?
15 images | 190 replies
why is there no pvp focused MMO
I feel like there's a huge demand that is underserved for a pvp focused MMO. There's definitely a market for it.
Quality PVE needs a cohesive group and cannot work with lfr mechanics unless incredibly dumbed down, so pvp, by default, becomes the next best option for autistic loners which makes up for at least 70% of any mmo's population.

It saddens me to see that, currently, the closest thing to a pvp focused mmo is wow, and there's nothing quite like it yet.
No mmorpg that I know of offers grand scale engagements in the open world, that might form organically over an objective or whatever, very few mmos other than wow offer instanced battles like capture the flag, or domination or more grand scale like alterac valley in wow.
It is super sad to realize that most people spend so much time on this content in WoW, but blizzard, the small indie company that they are, are too fucking dumb to see the potential and capitalizes on stupid gimmicky, not even end game content like torghast that they're gonna throw away in a year anyway.

I don't know man
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No title
are there any good free mmos out there? ones that are actually played? i don't mind having a cash shop as long as it doesn't give you any real advantages, or the advantages it does give can be grinded out, i don't mind grinding
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No title
Why do modern shooter maps feel so soulless?
Valorant, Overwatch, Dirty Bomb, even many modern CSGO maps. Not to mention all the shitty AAA trash (Halo, CoD, Destiny).

There's just something about their fundamental design that makes them so BORING. I played like 100 hours of Overwatch back when it was new, and it honestly felt like all maps there are pretty much interchangeable. The artstyle/location is different, but the gameplay always felt identical.

You couldn't say that about old shooters, especially the good ones like Counterstrike or Quake or Enemy Territory. Maps back then used to have gimmicks, or unique little selling points, or really just different styles to their layouts that made them unique.
One map would be open and spacey, another would be relatively closed off. One would be built around a central corridor, another would be a hodgepodge of arenas and connectors.
Some of the best-remembered ones were the simplest, like 2fort or Blood Gulch; and the most fun ones were usually the ones that are "objectively" pretty bad.

So why is it that despite huge budgets and hours of playtesting , developers in 2021 still can't develop anything more interesting than some 15 year old kid in 1999?
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No title
>Why yes I still use teamspeak, how could you tell?
2 images | 11 replies
No title
transfer file bcuz funny
I want a gaming headset with decent audio quality, a mic that isn't bad (doesn't have to be goddess-tier, just needs to not sound like a horse taking a piss while shit-faced), & It would help if I can adjust the volume from the headset itself.
i want it so I can communicate with my /bros/ on games like TF2 & others. what's a good kind of headset for that?
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Any MMOs with a strong ERP community? It seems there's so little despite how social some games are. I know there's shit like XIV and of course Second Life but I'd like to hear more experiences and alternatives
24 images | 148 replies
Chan Co-op
1560813246_Me and the boys
This thread is for discussions, feedback and anything related to 4chan's (un)official Sven Co-op server - Chan Co-op

Open 24/7 -
By and for fellow anons.

Previous thread: >>280438
168 images | 482 replies
Monster Hunter
How do anons find other gamers to play with for older games? Right now in /mhg/ you can probably still find players for MHW:I and MHRise but I haven't had succes with GU or 4U lobbies in the recent years. Every time I brought up the topic on /vg/ I got redirected to a discord that is mainly reddit so I lost interest rather quickly, I also dislike the idea of using discord at all.
Is there an option out there that doesn't involve discord? I would be more than happy to make threads with gathering hub codes here but that would be against the rules
>Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vm/.
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No title
What current shooters should I play if I want to be a lone wolf? I don't mind being on a team as long as it's not something where teamwork is important like csgo or apex.
1 images | 11 replies
there's a minimum chance of getting "minceraft" on your menu screen
0 images | 3 replies
Wakfu FINALLY brought back open world pvp!
>Imagine a game like planetside where literally 100% of the fun comes from fighting other players
>Now imagine Planetside completely removes pvp
>Welcome to wakfu

Wakfu is a tactical "Chess like" MMORPG with classes similar to any other mmorpg
Successor to Dofus
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57 images | 361 replies
City of Heroes on private servers!
City of Heroes is back from the dead! You will want the Sweet Tea launcher from to start. (Now if you're concerned about unknown software, you can submit this to any malware registry and it will come back clean. Security certificate is paid for but taking time.Also the game will NOT finish loading if you have an instance of CoH already running. ) And while that's getting set up you can watch a video that makes ALL gamers look good!
In the meantime, I'm your OP and you can call me Shill. (You will anyway so why not own it?) I play mostly on the Thunderspy server and know the most about it. (Don't worry, there are plenty of choices in the next post.) But we are also alerting other servers about this thread in the hopes that they can give themselves fair representation as well.
And finally for those that don't know the game already, City of Heroes is an MMO about Superheroes/ Supervillains you create set in a modern city.
7 images | 40 replies
Explain MMO's
Explain MMO's to me, /vm/. Even though I've tried multiple times, I've never been able to get into one. Here's how I see them:

Theme park MMO's:
>reminds me of the "everyone is special" mentality
>"Congratulations! YOU have defeated the big baddie and saved the world! You and all the other millions of players who completed the questline before you, that is."
>The whole genre to me looks like a single player game with some optional co-op.
>With shit like instance dungeon + auto-grouping, the overworld is just an over glorified hub

Sandbox MMO's:
>you can do ANYTHING. Except there's nothing interesting to do.
>you could train your skills by doing the same monotonous task over and over again
>activities like mining and chopping trees are so cookie-clicker-like, even a bot can do it (and more often than not, they do)
>you could get rich playing the market! Why tho? To buy the gear you want, then what?

What baffles me the most about MMO's is they don't try to simulate another world. I thought that was the whole point of it, before playing the genre. To create another world you can step in and be immersed as if it was real, just like in all those movies, novels, animes, etc. Instead, everything is covered in pure video game logic, down to the most basic stuff. Example: animals behave like video game mobs instead of actual animals. And when you chop down a tree, it respawns seconds later. That's stupid.
>but without that, what if the players chop every tree down?
Let them. Then have multiple simulation systems attached to it, where cutting down all trees cause an ecological disaster. Whoever has private forests, become rich. Players would have to start planting trees back in order to restore balance to nature. Then they learn their lesson and start putting up player-enforced policies on planting after chopping down trees.
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No title
Jigsaw thread
0 images | 1 replies
/vm/ plays tf2
Cirno tf2
It's back

1. Open TF2
2. Open the console with ` and enter:
3. connect

If you can't open the console, do the following:
1. Hit settings
2. Select advanced
3. Enable console

>What's new this week?
eviction notice nerf is gone
98 images | 262 replies
that feel when you couldnt stop it
I miss Wildstar

there, I said it
0 images | 13 replies
/sthg/ Sonic Nights
sthg Meetup 6-4 2
Future Weekly /sthg/ Sonic Meetups™ will posted here instead of the general so we don't have to break the law.

We talk, discuss, and play Sonic, among other things. You can join by clicking the Google Meet link that is posted, from there you can switch to an alternate Google account that doesn't have your real name on it.
>i dont have a google account that doesn't have my name on it
Make one, it takes less than 30 seconds and you should have one anyways.

Current schedule is:
>Fridays, 10pm PST
>Saturdays, 5pm PST
7 images | 25 replies
any1 wanna play minecraft 1.12.2? no rules btw. server ip: 69b69t
1 images | 4 replies
No title
What will Splatoon 3 be like?
0 images | 9 replies
100% Orange Juice
Wherein you complain about there not being a lobby, and also do not make one.
61 images | 296 replies
Team games
Initially, I enjoyed team games. But over the years I've grown to dislike them. Having such limited player agency in certain genres like MOBAs and being dependant on some dumb ass from Estonia who doesn't even speak english to win your game can be infuriating. What are some games where there's teams but you don't get completely cucked out of a win depending on some retards to do their job?
0 images | 0 replies
Soulworker thread
>Download here
>didn't this game came out 3-4 years ago?
Old server by Gameforge shutting down, now the developer Liongames opens a brand new server for global players
>is there IP block
24 images | 102 replies
Looking for feedback for my game
Hi all, I am looking to get feedback for my game. I have to decide what to work on now.
2 images | 18 replies
The Nintendo
thenintendo - Copia
Does anyone wants to play THE NINTENDO?
Just say a game, and i might get it on sale, so far i got:

and the obvius free ones...
0 images | 5 replies
/vm/ is the best board
/vm/ is genuinely the best board to discuss vidya.

No normalfags.
No porn.
Small size gives it a nice sense of community
Less oversensitive douchebags.
No /pol/tards

Why would anyone choose another board over this?
2 images | 38 replies
Power Bomberman
Get it here:

>Over 300 unlockable playable characters.
>Over 40 stages, totaling nearly 300 variants to play on.
>Online with no port forwarding required - just connect to the main server and have at it.
>Different game modes like: Survival Battle, Reversi Battle, Dodge Battle, Hyper Battle and King Battle.
>Plethora of different items, many of which you already know, some never seen before.
>Frantic gameplay up to 12 players.

To enter the server go: Battle Mode > Online > Enter the one server that appears > Select room (may need password).

Feel free to organize matches, talk about the game, your progress or just Bomberman in general. Let's bomb!
54 images | 153 replies
No title
Why is local coop so fucking dead?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
How do you guys make good friends in video games?

The best memories I have are playing with frens who stick to only one game but aren't turbo spergs who play only to farm and grind. The kind of guys who shoot you dms telling you to come on TF2, play and prioritize having fun.

How do I find people like this? I'm now in my mid 20s and socializing seems much more difficult than before.
4 images | 20 replies
SlippiUserCard (1)
like Slippi is fun, but hooooly fuck I cannot handle lag in the slightest, with an added 1 frame delay, someone just kick my dick clean off my fucking body, I am shell of a human because I decide to angrily fuck my hands and this game EVERY NIGHT
0 images | 2 replies
Albion online
Why don't you play the most popular full loot sandbox mmorpg right now /vm/?
0 images | 25 replies
No title
0 images | 13 replies
Fightcade thread
Previously >>211134
Anyone try SF2:New Legacy fanmod?
54 images | 79 replies
No title
Anyone play runescape?
3 images | 37 replies
No title
Soku/PoFV/TPDP/SWR/iaMP and other 2hu games with netplay
>Download Soku here!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Download Autopunch here
>PoFV Netplay guide
>PoFV netplay tutorial
>Touhou Puppet Dance Performance: Shard of Dreams
112 images | 467 replies
random 1.17 anarchy server
got bored with 2b2t and all those other faggy ass servers that claimed to be anarchic but actually had a fucking anticheat so i made trashcan anarchy. It runs pure 1.17 vanilla

join here or whatever I don't really give a fuck:

I run Java since I'm not a nigger that licks shit off microsoft's balls
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No title
Can I run FFXIV on my $500 laptop or will it melt?
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What is your experience with this game?

I usually just play solo on a large server really patiently, building up a tiny shack under a cliff face or something for a few days while farming and playing Supertramp MIDIs on my crafted guitar until some 14 year old offline raids me.
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A Hat in Time - Online Party "123"
A Hat in Time Wallpaper
Anyone wanna hop on A Hat in Time to help people get the "Party Planner" achievement and chill? The party code will be "123"

We can also try to aim for the "Life of the Party" and "Party Animal" achievements or just have fun in random acts
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>valve doesn't really fix the bot problem
>not a lot of updates, just summer, Halloween and Christmas updates
>community projects like faceit and creators are shit
>drama between tryhard and casual players

It's hard to be a tf2 player in 2021
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Cities War
Anyone wanna take over the world?

What is Cities War?
Taken directly from the front page:
>Cities War is a multiplayer online game based on Google Maps where you can control a real city in the world.
>There are 4,000+ cities, and more continue to be added all the time.
>To occupy these cities, you must assemble an army equipped with weapons and bring them successfully into battle.
>You can also ally to protect your city with other players all over the world.

Game tutorial:
Game wiki:

Step 1: Make an Alliance
Step 2: Coordinate in this thread
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!
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Ascension WoW
Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 1.28.12 AM
>my 1st 3 days on the server
>literally the BEST private TBC i ever played
>classless server/build your own class
>chose PvE vs PvP at 20
>easy leveling

anyone here play there? i heard about it but never thought it'd be this much fun... coming from Turtle WoW which is complete shit in comparison with 10x less pop. i have very little time to play games, so this server fits into my schedule perfectly
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I thought I wanted an mmorpg with elder scrolls gameplay, but after trying ESO I realised I really just wanted the Skyrim Together Mod.

Totally immersed in the worlds lore with optional backup of my buddies. All I ever wanted.
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Fuck the SWAT gamemode from Halo 4, bunch of my buddies liked it, but it was trash
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So I was playing R6s and some guy kept talking smack about me so I typed: stfu faggot My question is will I get banned?
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any mmorpg where I can be a lich? Can't find anything with even an undead option except for fucking WoW
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/hax/ - Haxball general
Yeah, I'm thinking we're back edition

Haxball is a top-down 2D football game that's played entirely in your web browser.

You can join the /hax/ room at
pass: shaw

Room link, stats, chat logs and replays available at

Room is usually active around these hours:
21:00 to 02:00 GMT
16:00 to 21:00 EST
13:00 to 19:00 PST
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Rocket League
post you favorite car design and current rank in your main mode

>champ 2 div 2 in 3v3
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/vm/ Vintage Story
Wanderer Edition
>Pirate Link:
To install go to %appdata% then Vintage Story Data, open the mod folder, drag and drop the contents to the mod folder in the Vintage Story Data folder
>Last Thread >>320149

Since the last thread:
We are legit now, so buy the game. One person was banned. People are slowly progressing towards the steel age, and a few have already gotten there. Blocktism was confirmed to be one of the biggest VS servers.
Maldaris is preparing to update the mod pack - he's changing the world gen to make it generate more normal terrain in new chunks, which is expected to drop soon.
1.15 is in pre2, bears and tailor class were confirmed.
What did you build recently Anon?
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BallisticNG Race Day

>What the fuck is this?
BallisticNG is a PC antigravity racing game that is a love letter to the classic wipeout games
You go fast as fuck, blast people, and win or get ELIMINATED trying
>How do I join?
Everything you need will be here: (soundtracks added)
Make sure you get the Trackpack (updated today)
>How do I play?
Anon guide will be posted
Try to practice airbraking and things before jumping right in otherwise you're gonna have a hard time
We can answer any questions you have
>I'm bad
Theres always multiple newfriends to play against, not instantly winning is nothing to be ashamed of

Main thread on /v/ but one here too because it will last longer
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mordhau thread
no escape
there is nothing new. The next update is yet another "technical" update. So we will maybe get a handful of shitty skins. Big Content update is still a long time away.
The only things left to talk about are how much you hate/love chiv 2, killing noobs, and complaining about the in game moderators
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Why aren't you playing Guild Wars 2?
I missed out on WoW and I didn't have an interest in it until it was too late for me, I love the art style and depth the game has but I can't justify the price only for me to get burnt out from playing for 3 hours a day every day.

>Guild Wars 2 is free
>has better pvp
>interesting "quests" that you don't even have to do
>map exploration pays off
>weapon switching
>more interesting classes and races
>map events
>good expansions
>mounts that actually have more use besides "go faster lul"
>a possible future

The cons of GW2 is their dogshit marketing, and the fact that WoW has an upper hand with its classic and addicting design and art style, famous players, content creators, and the fact that it's probably one of the most played video games of all time.
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Hei /vm/. maybe is a wrong topic but from here I believe I would get the best feedback.

What do you think about something between laser-tag and airosft would look like. Here I would like to talk about a virtual FPS game where you actually play in a real place. So you would be in a big shack designed with gray walls,boxes or stairs , etc but when you put the mask on you will virtually see for example dust2 or any other map.

The guns should be with the proper weight/height and functionalities (shoot,recharge,rate of fire,etc)
like it's an iron thing that resemble an ak with rof function, recharge and shoot.

Basically I think of a real virtual FPS simulation and I would like to invest in this ideea or something like this as soon as I could.

What do you think of this? good/bad ideea, unachievable and if it's so , why etc . I would like a feedback and maybe few ideeas. Thx.
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This is an honest question as I'm new to the game and I'm 150 hours in (start of Stromblood).

How is this a multiplayer game? I can't even ask my friends to come play with me because it's more of an interactive novel during the leveling process...

I say this in a totally unironic way because I love the game but how do people level together if it the gameplay phases have a 1/10 ratio to the dialogue.

Translated with (free version)
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anyone played this game solaris?
I got my ass kicked last time I played but I want to try it again. Anyone up for it?
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SWG thread
When does the MMO part come in? It's fun but I haven't gotten a single mission or instance where I needed another person.
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it's the pirates life for me
>be me
>playing sea of thieves with friends
>whole crew down below deck at the map, leaving me behind the wheel
>full speed ahead
>run straight into island, getting the ship completely stuck on land
>see another ship on the same island
>go up to them
>they don't kill me on sight (very strange)
>ask them to help get the boat unstuck
>mfw they are actually trying to help us
>sneak off without them noticing
>get on board their boat
>steal and sell all their shit
>made like 70k
>*they still hadn't noticed me*
>set their boat on fire
>watch it slowly burn down and sink into the ocean
>they still hadn't noticed
>come back and watch them struggle
>*10 minutes later*
>they actually get the boat unstuck
>me and my friends all log off
>our boat comes with us

>it's the pirates life for me
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Planetside 2 NC Superiority Edition
Planetside 2 is a free-to-play MMOFPS that features combined arms combat on a massive scale never seen before or since.

Before posting explain why the NC is the best faction and why you're butt-hurt about it.
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cod ww2
I don't know about you guys but i actually love Cod WW2
I think the gunplay makes the game really fun
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No title
Looking to play some CS GO, come join please.
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I have a steam account called grug where I only use melee weapons (preferably a large club) and just act like a madman. If anyone ever trie to communicate with my I just say "grug".
what are the best multiplayer games that will work with this gimmick? It's fun in Mordhau and tf2.
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Wiimmfi: Nintendo WFC Replacement
The Nintendo DS and Wii are back on the menu, let's play something you fucking niggers.
>>How to connect
>Wii (no homebrew)
1. Insert your game disc.
2. Go into your internet connection settings and set the DNS server of your console to
3. Go to the WC24 contract information (third button after clicking on “Internet” in the settings).
4. Confirm that you do want to use WC24 and the shop channel
5. The Wiimmfi patcher page should show up. If it doesn’t, and you still see the default license agreement, your router might not be compatible with this method.
6. Wait for about 1 minute and 30 seconds for the patcher to load
The game should now start with the Wiimmfi patch included
>Nintendo DS
You'll need a Wi-Fi network with WEP or no security
1. Go in the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi settings. This can be accessed inside the game you want to play online with.
2. Set up a connection.
3. Type in as the primary DNS.
4. Type in as the secondary DNS (if it gives you problems, try
5. Save your connection settings and perform a connection test. If it’s successful, then you’re ready to play.
>Supported games
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No title
old community server nostalgia thread

>brian's private server
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No title
are there any good MMOs left?
and no, i'm not gonna play mabinogi
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Neotokyo Thread
Anyone else remember this little gem??
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Multiplayer Gamedev
How's your multiplayer game going, anon?

Want to make a multiplayer game but don't know how?
Lockstep networking:
The tribes networking model:
Rocket league's networking:
Rollback networking in NRS games:

Don't be that guy who makes their game local multiplayer only and tries to rely on steam or parsec for players.

Discuss your multiplayer gamedev or request playtesting in this thread!

Nondevs: What features should every multiplayer game have? What would make you interested in picking one up? And why aren't you working on your dream game right now?
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No title
nostalgia hit me like a brick. bros im crying right now.

will there ever be another 1x aegis ro server with no customizations just like iRO was? is this lost forever? I try lowrate private servers and always quit because it never feels the same
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new arma dlc
What was bohemia thinking? They're basically selling RHS and CUP assets plus a new map for $11, I cannot think of a more blatant way to say "this is a money grab" on their part
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No title
Does anyone like this game? I never see anything related to it online. If no then why not?
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PAYDAY 2 Thread
Update 208. Vlad breakout.

OST is a banger:
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No title
chiv 2 internet gospel item 02 (edit this part)
Chiv 2? Is anyone playing? I'd like to work around the garbage ass party system and play with some buds.
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Heavenly Pot Buster Mosaic
Hey /vm/, I've been screwing around with modding Guilty Gear Strive and I thought it'd be neat to put something funny in the Heavenly Pot Buster art asset.

But I got nothin', so idk, maybe you guys can do a better job?

Claim a tile, draw something in it, and in the end I'll put it all together, record a lil vid of it and share the mod when it's done.
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It's a lot to ask
Be me.
Have the 'betis.
>Sitting at home in my shack.
>Look at the clock.
>Go to take 'betiscation.
>Oh no.
>It's not here.
>Rummage through belongings.
>Servers - no.
>Old tin can filled with screws - no.
>Cooler - no.
>Remember getting blackout drunk in the rain last night.
>Get really, really worried.
>Hear yuppie friend approaching in the distance.
>Get idea.
>He can go get my meds.
>Tuck shirt, straighten ballcap.
>Yuppie breaks my door getting into my place.
>Literally smashes it to pieces.
>{Picks up the scattered metal pieces.
>Puts them in his pocket.
>Gotta stay cool.
>Just like I've been practicing.
>Tell him thank you.
>Feel soul ripping from body as he dumps my nuts and bolts into his pocket.
>Papi's ashes were in there too.
>Express worry. Tell him I know it's a lot to ask for.
>Yuppie punches my shack.
>Everything explodes.
>Computer is ruined.
>Storm is coming into the house.
>Plead with him.
>Have mercy.
>I really can't leave without it.
>Yuppie says nothing.
>Steals herbs and bacon from my cooler.
>Very angry. Little scared.
>Stand cool and attentive.
>Pretend like nothing happened.
>This guys has been like this since highschool.
>Start to tell yuppie it's not far.
>"It should be so-"
>Yuppie leaves.
>Open last beer.
>Stand in empty hole where shack used to be.
>Swarms of dead relatives approach.
>But idgaf.
>My home is in pieces.
>Can't repair it without bolts.
>No more food.
>Embrace death.
>Dead relatives begin hugging instead of killing.
>Strangely comforting.
>Tell family I love them.
>Their grunts and moans of anguish affirm our love.
>Spot yuppie in the distance.
>He's really coming back?
>Yuppie gets closer.
>Heart is racing.
>I'm saved!
>Yuppie pulls out a rocket launcher with a giant pumpkin on it.
>Family is vaporized before my eyes.
>Their bodies protect me from the blast.
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Games Where you can play with your friends in pirate version.

Games who uses lan, or have pirate servers too.

Risk of Rain is a great game to pirate and play with your friends

If you played We were here you can play we were here too with a pirate game.
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Aliens Fireteam
Oh my god is absolutely everybody nowadays a fucking gen-zombie millennial moron jacking themselves off with their circlejerk? Why is nobody interrogating, criticizing and giving good advice like "Hey morons nice Zombie game rip-off, the aliens run right at you. Hey retards why the the fuck is it third person and why can't I switch to first person like a normal fucking game? Hey retards why isn't there an in-game editor and open source? how do you expect this shit to ever take off without mod support/building a community around it? Hey morons once the servers go down how the fuck do I play anymore? Predator Hunting Grounds is shutting down"
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No title
MC SMP server where if you die you get permabanned. Is there anything like this? After searching for a bit I can't find anything. Not looking for an anarchy server, just an SMP.
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Thoughts on Guild Wars?
A friend and I were thinking of picking it up and playing through all the content together in co-op. He played it a long time ago but this would be my first time.
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Minecraft server
can someone test my minecraft server for me? ip is
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No title
Is this nigger game any good
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No title
Is this game worth playing?
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Age of Empires Online - NOW 100% F2P - New Civilization Out, New Civilization On The Way!
Thanks to the Project Celeste Development team, the Romans Civilization, Campaign and Legendary Questpack are out now!

Age of Empires Online is 100% Free to play, and hosted by volunteer developers in accordance with Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules.

Romans Civilization Trailer:
Install guide:
Video Install guide:
High Level PvE Gameplay:

Another Announcement Regarding the Indian Civilization Coming to Age of Empires Online!
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No title
What are some good mod packs for minecraft, I just bought the game the other day and I'm wondering where should I start.

Also, where's a good place to look for modded minecraft servers?
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Do people still play this?
I don't have a VR headset but I'm seriously thinking of getting one now, it looks really comfy and I'm lonely as shit

Also was the game any different back in it's haydays?
>join my first world (cozy apartment)
>some boomer connects
>we discuss for some time while I'm trying to figure out the control, he's cool and he's interesting
>join second world (rooftop)
>room full of literal children with furry avatars and thick anime girls dancing to 6ixti9
>third world (rooftop)
>children again, some adults mixed in, everyone has some anime girl avatar
>fourth world (japanese home)
>bunch of attention whores talking over each others and some more kids
>fifth world (underwater hotel)
>some cool dude reads stories and people are drawing cool stuff, good conversations all around
There were some cool moments but it was very weird overral, it feels like second life mixed in with GMod, but I do think I'm missing out playing it like a poorfag

Anyone got stories or tips on how to find cool worlds and whatnot?
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