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No title
What have I bought this morning? Went to the market and car boot sale again

Think the ships are Starlink, a mini Boglin? A Dalek keychain and a Papo/Schleich snake monster thing

Less than £5 all in
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Scale Model General /smg/
Posting Coal Edition

Previous thread: >>10619561

This thread is for the discussion of scale plastic (and resin, PE, wood, etc) models kit
-Post photos of your builds in progress and your finished builds
-Have your builds critiqued or critique others
-Discuss tips and techniques
-Ask for advice or give advice to others

Always remember:
>No manufacturer is purely perfect or awful (except for Starfix). ALWAYS research your kits before buying.

Some helpful guides to get started:

Plus there are tons of people on YouTube with pretty good videos on techniques etc.

Some sites to purchase models, extras, and supplies:
>ebay (GER) (US) (SWE) (US) (US) (HK) (HK) (JP) (GER) (JP) (UK) (PL) (AUS) (US) (Carry Mr. Color and GaiaNotes paint) (UK) (EU/UK/RU/US/PL) (PL/EU) (PL only)

Jannie feedback for really, really big retards:
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No title
Tell me about storm collectibles. why is everything sold out or in preorder or $1000? i want a geese howard and can't even tell if it's sold out or in preorder
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/tfg/ - Transformers General: Another For The Heap Edition
First wave of Studio Sereies 2024 will be revealed near the end of October

>Upcoming Transformers
>Leaks and Rumors
>Online Stores for TFs
>Where to watch TF shows:
>Transformers General Archives:

>New thread on page 9 or 10. Any thread that doesn't say this and does not adhere to it or lacks the pastebins is not a legit /tfg/ thread

Previous thread >>10643764
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Toku General
>September Releases
FRS Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed
SHF Eleking
SOC DolGiran
DX GotcharDriver
DX GotcharDraw Holder
DX Gotcharge Gun
Ride Chemy Card Phase:01
DX ValvaRusher
DX ValvaraDraw Holder
Souchaku Henshin KR Gotchard 01
UAF Ultraman Nexus Anphans

>September Exclusives
SHF Shin Cyclone
SHF Shin Zetton
SHF Ultraman Suit Jack
SO-DO Chronicle Kamen Rider Fourze Elec and Fire States Set & Magnet and Rocket States Set
SHODO-XX Shin Kamen Rider #1 and #2 and Cyclone Sets

Upcoming releases:
SMP Alternative Destiny LiveRobo
Minipla King Caucasus Kabuto
SO-DO Kamen Rider Gotchard 1
SHODO-XX Kamen Rider 5
SHF Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed Heisei Generations Ver.

Upcoming exclusives:
FRS Dark Kabuto
SO-DO Desast Set
YU-DO King-Ohger Cockpit Frame
SHF Kamen Rider Zero-Two (Aruto)
SHF Shin Kamen Rider #0
SHF Kamen Rider Glare
SHF Kamen Rider Black Sun (First Henshin Ver.)
SHF Kamen Rider OOO Strongest TaJaDor Combo
SHF Kotaro Minami (Black Sun)
SHF Nobuhiko Akizuki (Black Sun)
SHODO-O Shin Kamen Rider #0 and Batta Aug
SO-DO Premium Gotchard SteamHopper & SteamHopper Wild
SO-DO Premium Geats IX & Tycoon Bujin Sword
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Furfag General: Angy Blue Kitty
Previous thread: >>10607781

>The Rules:
Don’t kink shame, if it’s not for you, move on
No hotglue pics, it violates the board rules and that is not what we are here for
Be respectful, have fun and most importantly post pics!

>Upcoming Releases:
>Animal Warriors of The Kingdom Primal Collection
>FuRay Planet Kensai the Nameless One 1/12 Scale Figure
>Abyss Force Sharks are up on 5Ktoys in singles and a 3 pack
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ayooo what happened yo

they cancel this shit?
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No title
What went wrong
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Marvel General: Into the Void Edition
Previously: >>10644119

-Marvel Legends Void Wave announced (Pre-Order Oct 3rd)

- Marvel Legends No Way Home Green Goblin and Soider-Man 2 Doc Ock Deluxe figures announced (pre-orders next week)

-Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home wave Solicited (all major retailers)

-Marvel Legends Moon Knight and AF15 Spider-Man (blue back spider) Retro Cards Solicited (Target Exclusive)

-Marvel Legends Giant Man Haslab Announced. 24 in tall, $199, 10000 Backers needed by Oct 23rd. 3 face plates, 2 additional face plates for stretch goals, articulated fingers, realistic eyes

-Marvel Legends Retro Carded AF15 Spider-Man and classic Moon Know that announced (Target Geek Out Exclusives)

-Amazing Yamaguchi Agent Venom Solicited

-Marvel Legends Infinity Saga wave solicited

-Marvel Legends Lady SHIELD Agent vs Lady Hydra Agent 2 Pack Solicited (Pulse Exclusive)

-Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper Wave solicited (all major retailers)

>Updated Marvel Legends Checklist:

>Archived Threads:

>Searchable, Tagged Database For Marvel Legends Sorted By Year:

What did you all pre-order/plan on pre-ordering from the PulseCon reveals?
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My Wallet is Getting Blacked
8552th Edition

previous thread:

Warhammer toy manufacturer status:
-JoyToy - Making Toys Joyfully
-Bandai - Making a One Toy
-McFarlane - Making Happy Memories
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/lg/ - LEGO General: Christmas Already Edition
Welcome to the LEGO General where we talk all about our favorite FAGS plastic building block!

We support any and all themes here! MOCS are always welcome as well and very much encouraged! Get creative!



>/lg/ Flickr Group:

>Lego General Archive:

>Third Party Information:

>Sister Board:

>General Resources:

Play Well!
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/train/ - Model Railway General
You will buy Ze Gauge edition.

It has been a while, anons. What are you guys up to? To the newbies of this hobby, feel free to ask your questions about getting started in this thread.

Previous Thread is long gone, sorry.
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Toys everyone had
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Busou Shinki & Friends General - Give me your face edition
Last time on Busou Shinki & Friends, >>10623999

It's faceplate time!
What do you think? Are you excited for this much sought after m.s.g.? Does this open the window for customs for you?

Oh, and we pachinko now...
I cant believe it.Thank you Konami, just what we always wanted.

Read the guide:

Official Skintone & Compatibility guides:

Upcoming Releases & Restocks:
>Megami device:
• Busou Shinki Type Angel Arnval (Repaint Color Version) [Sep]
• Shitara Kaneshiya Ver. Karva Chauth / Carbachoto (Reissue) [Oct]
• AUV Susanowo Regalia [Oct]
• Grandma [Nov]
• Kaede Agatsuma (Kaiden) (Reissue)[Nov]
• Tamamo-no-Mae (Hakumenkonmo) [BAIT Store Exclusive]
• BUSTER DOLL Gunner [Jan]
• Nodoka Takahata [May]
• Exorcist Widow (Reissue)[Aug]
• Executioner Bride (Reissue)[Aug]

>Frame Arms Girl:
• Hresvelgr Bikini Armor Ver. (Reissue) [Sep]
• Magatsuki Hand Scale Ver. [Sep]
• Cross Frame Girl Wonder Woman Another Color Ver. [Dec]
• Hand Scale Durga I [Feb]

>30 Minute Sisters:
• Option Parts Set 10 (Reaper Armor) [Sep]
• Option Hair Style Parts Vol.8 (4 Types) [Sep]
• Sakuragi Mano (THE iDOLM@STER) [Oct]
• Option Body Parts Beyond The Blue Sky 1 (Color A) [Oct]
• 30MS Option Hair Style & Face Parts Set (Kazano Hiori / Hachimiya Meguru) [Oct]
• 30MS Option Body Parts Alpha Sisters Phantasm 1 (Color A) [Oct]
• 30MS Option Body Parts Type S05 (Color A) [Nov]
• 30MS Option Body Parts Type S06 (Color B) [Nov]
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/lg/ - LEGO general: Monorails Edition
Monorail Transport Base 6991
Welcome to the LEGO General where we talk all about our favorite ABS plastic building block!

We support any and all themes here! MOCS are always welcome as well and very much encouraged! Get creative!



>/lg/ Flickr Group:

>Lego General Archive:

>Third Party Information:

>Sister Board:

>General Resources:

Play Well!
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Dragon Ball General
Freeza Third Form [Web Exclusive]
Super Saiyan Trunks - Infinite Latent Super Power
Bardock (Reissue)

Son Goku - Saiyan Raised on Earth (Reissue)
Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku (Reissue)
Krillin - Earth's Strongest Man (Reissue)
Shenron (Reissue)
Son Goku Harahachibunme set (Reissue)

Super Saiyan Son Goku - Legendary Super Saiyan
Android 19 [Web Exclusive]

Metal Cooler [Web Exclusive]

Son Goku - GT
Android 20 [Web Exclusive]

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta [Web Exclusive]
Mastered Ultra Instinct Son Goku -Toyotarou Edition- [Web Exclusive]

Yamcha - Earth's Foremost Fighter [Web Exclusive]

Mecha Frieza [Web Exclusive]

Vegeta - Proud Prince
Roshi - Universe Survival Saga
King Cold

Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Series

Tamashii Nations Surveys
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No title
How's about a /toy/ cringe thread?
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Figma General 491: OC Donut Steel n°581695.... Edition
Previous Thread: >>10613783

Toyline general info:

Max Factory figma list & blog

Reviews and news about GSC/MF products by Kahotan

Where to buy
>GSC Online Shop - some figmas only are available through their online shop
>Amiami - usual place for buying, to some people, shipping is a bit higher due to packaging
>Hobby Link Japan shipping is usual lower, but their prices are a bit higher, private warehaouse is available
>Hobby Search Japan - items stay in stock the longest
>Mandarake - search figma or フィグマ
>eBay/Amazon - only if you hate having too much money. Avoid bootlegs, you can spot them as 'Chinese version'
> - Seems like you can fine some good deals here
>Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection for any offer/deal

Here's a link to the buyfag guide list of shops:
If you're getting into the hobby, there's plenty of other useful information to find on the wiki.

In case someone is interested in the printable backdrops/dioramas & other papercraft stuff that Max Factory have in the download section of their site:
here is a back up, Enjoy!

Short illustrated posing guide by Max Factory
> (in moonrunes)
The S shape is always good advice though. The basic idea is that straight lines tend to look stiff.

Problems when swapping parts/accessories with your figmas? Check this advice

Tomytec's 1 inch scale section (1/12 stuff, little armory, vehicles and others)
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G.I. Joe General: Crimson Strike Edition
Previous Thread >>10629973


>HasLab HISS Tank expected to ship before end of 2023. Unboxing video soon.

>Now Shipping:
>Tunnel Rat
>Snow Job (Pulse)
>Snow Serpent (Pulse)
>Cobra Valkyrie 2-pack (Pulse)
>Cobra Eel (Amazon)
>TeleViper w/ Trubble Bubble (Pulse)
>Arctic B.A.T.
>Desert Commando Snake Eyes (Fan Channel)
>Big Ben Night Force (Walmart)
>RangeViper (Walmart)
>Tiger Force Dusty (Target)
>Python Patrol Crimson Guard (Target)

>New/Render Reveals - Deluxe Action Soldier (60th Anv), Deluxe Recon Diver (60th Anv), Deluxe Metal Head, Deluxe Mutt & Junkyard, Retro Duke, Retro Scarlett, Retro Recondo, Quick Kick, Big Boa, Airborne, TechnoViper, Wolf-Spider (unofficially for now), VAMP & Clutch, SMS w/ TechnoViper, ShadowTracker

>Pipeline Reveals - Gnawgahyde, Night Creeper, Cobra Ferret, Retro BeachHead, Retro Cobra Eel, Retro Snow Serpent, Jinx, Torch, Doc

>Crimson Strike Team (Pulse)
>Agent Helix
>Python Patrol Trubble Bubble w/ TeleViper (Target/Pulse)
>Python Patrol Coppherhead (Target/Pulse)
>Python Patrol Cobra Officer (Target/Pulse)
>Steel Corps Trooper 2-pack (Famazon)
>Tripwire (Pulse)
>Fire Team 788 (Pulse)
>SDCC 2023 Exclusive Chuckles
>Crimson Alley Viper (Walmart)
>Vypra (Target/Pulse)
>Tiger Force Flint (Target/Pulse)
>Shooter (Walmart)
>Mole Rat (Walmart)
>Nunchuk (Fan Channel)
>Crimson Viper

>Hiya Toys: Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Beach Head, Flin, Firefly, Lady Jaye

>Free Episodes of G.I. Joe ARAH:

>Free Episodes of Renegades and Sigma 6:

>G.I. Joe Spy Troops (PAL version, ripped and edited by a very kind Aussie Anon/Spy Troops anon):
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what are your dream toys
even stuff that already exist but got the shorthand,

i would totally buy a Spümcø girl
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No title
/stg/-Soft Toy General/ Plushie / stuffed animal thread
12 media | 29 replies
/biog/ - BIONICLE general: Battle Network Edition
>The World of Bionicle

>Building with Bionicle
Guide (also includes official and custom parts packs):

Previous thread: >>10619979
73 media | 283 replies
/ctg/ - Coomer Toys General #121
>/ctg/ - coomer toys general
Day of the Tentacle Edition:
Previous Thread: >>10626371
>Previous threads

>Is there a place I can view/post uncensored pics?

>The Rules:
Please censor ALL nipples/genitals before posting images
Don’t kink shame, if it’s not for you, move on
No hotglue pics, it violates the board rules and that is not what we are here for
Be respectful, have fun and most importantly post pics!

>Upcoming Releases:
>Romankey&Cowl Action Figure Girl Body (Sept)
>Manatee Industry Arina (Sept)
>Snail Shell Shikura & Saori (Sept)
>S.H. Figuarts Yuzuriha (Nov)
>Snail Shell Victoria (Apr 2024)
>Sentinel Super Sonico Taimanin Ver.(Q3)
>Mowu Technology Asmodeus (TBD)

>Released Recently:
>Pixiv Bodies (Released in some places)
>Second Axe Sakura Igawa
>Snail Shell Assassin

>/ctg/ Approved figures, bodies, and accessories and where to buy/find them!
As always if you have a suggestion for a /ctg/ figure, please don't hesitate to nominate it!
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Gunpla/Plamo General
Roberto (Copy)
>"If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"



The guide:
Part 1 (Quick Start)

Part 2 (Deeper Dive)

And a handy guide to other types of plamo:

Some line art:

Previous thread: >>10590240
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Sonic The Hedgehog toys
Looks like Blaze is showing up in more stores, and now there's some leaks for the next waves of figures. In addition to pic related, there's also some Sonic Prime line leaks that I'll post in the replies.
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/motu/ Masters of the Universe General: Snake Face Edition
Previous Thread>>10615496

>Origins vintage line goes to Mattel Creations exclusive in 2024. Origins Filmation will take its place at retail in 2024.
>Origins Snake Mountains are shipping.
>Filmation Origins on new bucks. Extendar, Rokkon and Sy-klone to be on Mattel Creations.
>GITD mfkn Skeleton Warriors in stock! Same with the Snake Men 4-Pack. Moss Man still being found in US only so far.
>Pre-orders available for reissues; King Randor, Ninjor, Webstor and MC Trap Jaw.
>Upcoming for Masterverse: NE Snout Spout, Movie Lyn, Orko and Gwildor 2pack, Skeletek, NE Tri-Klops, NE Mekanek and NE MAA.
>Origins rumors for Wave 15 and beyond: Heavily Filmation variants, new MotUxTMNT Mashup line.
>Eternia playset expected in Spring 2024, backers will get Moaty.
>Masterverse Motherboard pre-order still up on Mattel Creations, Mega Eternia tower playset and Vykron too.


Thread question: Now that the sunners are done, list your top five galaxy hole figures that you want to have in orgins form.
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American Toy Discusion
No eurofags allowed

I wanted to discuss the post 2020 changes to the toy industry. Specifically:
>more articulation similar to higher quality Japanese brands
>pinless joints
>the small revival of 3&3/4th collecting
>better sculpts

I feel like all these trends are very interesting. I also feel like this time is a turning point where our standard are beginning to expand and change.
1 media | 16 replies
Mcfartlane/spawn general
Ran out of paint-budget edition

New spawn wave of only 2 regular figs just announced
9 media | 31 replies
/cg/ - Customs General
CG- Customs General-OP
What’s on the workbench, /toy/?

Sculpts, castings, 3D prints, dioramas, mods, kitbashes, and repaint are all welcome!

Post WIPs, finished projects, ideas, techniques, ask for advice, and most of all, have fun!

-Invest in a rotary tool such as a dremel for sanding/sculpting, especially a flexible extension tip.
-Pin vises for drilling holes can be found at hobby stores like Hobby Lobby and are great for making peg holes.
-For soft, flexible parts get Sugru silicone putty and Oyumaru
-Hardware epoxy putties such as Waterweld, KwikWood, and PlasticWeld are similar to milliput, greenstuff, and apoxie, can be cheaper some times, and can be found at local hardware stores such as Lowes, Ace, and Home Depot.
-Bootleg figures make great custom-fodder, especially if the legit figures are pricey.
>Body-chan/kun, Figma Archetype He/She, and Sozai-chan/kun are great base bodies for import-style human characters.
-For 3D models to use for editing, the following sites are good to bookmark: (free and purchasable models) (free and purchasable models) (FREE 3D game models) (free and purchasable models) (free and purchasable models) (free and purchasable models)

Tried doing something new with the OP Collage for a change this time , what do ya think?
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Toyphotography Photos
Can we have another toyphoto thread? i'm not losing hope.

Everyone is welcome, hand shots, desk shots, outside or diorama, or even just discussions about the hobby
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NECA General: Angry Wee Folk
Previous thread: >>10562451

In stores and online:
The Misfits Ult. Fiend
Universal Monsters The Bride (Color & Black and White)
Universal Monsters The Phantom of the Opera
Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Zarak
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Strongheart
Toony Terrors wave 7
Predator 2 Lost Tribe Elder
Predator 2 Lost Tribe Snake
Predator 2 Lost Tribe Boar
Disney's Gargoyles Angela
Disney's Gargoyles Brooklyn
Disney's Gargoyles Broadway
Disney's Gargoyles Steel Clan
Disney's Gargoyles Xanatos
Disney's Gargoyles Elisa
Disney's Gargoyles Armored Xanatos
Disney's Gargoyles Video Game Colors Goliath
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Robot Damashii
Previous Thread: >>10576863

Other mecha toy discussion is also more than welcome!

Upcoming regular retail releases:
-Aile Strike Gundam ver. A.N.I.M.E., 15th Anniversary (Sep. 16th)
-Gundam Aerial ver. A.N.I.M.E., 15th Anniversary (Sep. 16th)
-RX-78 Gundam ver. A.N.I.M.E., 15th Anniversary (Oct. 2023)
-Sword Striker & Effect Parts Set ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Nov. 2023)
-Blitz Gundam ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Dec. 2023)
-Efreet Custom ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Dec. 2023)
-Blue Destiny Unit 1 ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Jan. 2024)

Current open Tamashii Web exclusive preorders:
►Order Deadline TBA
-Gundam Calibarn (Jan. 2024)
-Anchor Gundam (Feb. 2024)
-Darling in the Franxx 5th Anniv. Set (Feb. 2024, regular retail release in US)
-Zaku I Early Production Type ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Feb. 2024)
-Metal魂 Aura Battle Billbine (Feb. 2024)
-Metal魂 Prototype ZZ Gundam (Feb. 2024)
-Cruz's Gelgoog Cannon ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Mar. 2024)
-Metal魂 Hi-Nu, Amuro's Special Color (Mar. 2024)
-Zaku Marine Red Dolphin Type ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Apr. 2024)

Bandai's official RD page with images and release dates:
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Why No Star Wars The Black Series Halloween Edition 2023?
black series Halloween
Was a huge fan of these last year for how creative they were. However none have been revealed this year so it seems we won’t be getting any. Despite this, we’re still getting holiday figures. I can’t imagine those sell better than the Halloween ones.
5 media | 25 replies
/swg/ Star Wars General: PulseCon 2023 Edition
Previous Thread >>10618402

>New/Latest Pre-orders
The Vintage Collection:
-Huyang (Ahsoka)
-Chopper (Ahsoka)
-Director Krennic
-HK-47 & Jedi Revan 2-pack - Pulse
-Obi-Wan & Darth Vader 2 pack (Kenobi) - Fan Channel
-Morgan Elsbeth (Ahsoka)
-HK-87 Assassin Droid (Ahsoka)
-Hera Syndulla (Ahsoka)
-The Ghost HasLab (Pulse)
-Imperial Officer Troop Pack -Pulse
-Sabine Wren Deluxe (Ahsoka)
-Ahsoka Tano (Ahsoka)
-Pre Vizsla
-Darth Revan
-Grand Admiral Thrawn (Rebels)
-Jabba the Hutt playset - Pulse
-Grand Inquisitor
-Luke Skywalker & Grogu Deluxe - Target
-Wicket & Kneesaa (Droids) - Fan Channel
-Speeder Bike (The Mandalorian)
-N-1 Starfighter (The Mandalorian)
-Luke Skywalker (BoBF)

The Black Series:
-The Force Unleashed Deluxe Set - PulseCon 2023
-Baylan Skoll
-Shin Hati
-Huyang (Ahsoka)
-Ezra Bridger (Ahsoka)
-Morgan Elsbeth (Ahsoka)
-HK-87 (Ahsoka)
-Chopper (Ahsoka)
-Ahsoka Tano (Ahsoka)
-Hera Syndulla (Ahsoka)
-Sabine Wren (Ahsoka)
-Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Legend) - Walmart
-Qui-Gon Jinn (Force Spirit) - Walmart
-Darth Vader (Battle Damaged) - Target
-Commander Appo - Target
-Din Djarin (BoBF)
-General Grievous (Battle Damaged) - GameStop
-Magna Guard
-Clone Trooper Phase II
-Ahsoka Tano (TCW S3)
-Mandalorian Fleet Commander
-Ki-Adi Mundi - Fan Channel Spring 2024*

Imports/Other lines:
-SHF Din Djarin (S3)
-SHF Darth Vader (OWK)
-Mafex Ahsoka
-Mafex Darth Vader
-Mafex Bo-Katan

*No pre-orders available, will supposedly hit shelves by expected date.
26 media | 81 replies
No title
Are these G1 knockoffs on ebay any good? I want to get some combiners to fill out my G1 collection but I just want to know how good they are compared to a vintage set.
0 media | 6 replies
Help with Hasbropulse!
So a little while ago I bought Haslab Deathsaurus, and I could've sworn I had to make an account (to which I thought I did) and then ordered. I just wanted to check and view my order, but upon trying to sign in it said that an account with my email didn't exist, I still get Hasbropulse emails but the website says my email doesn't have an account? what's happening? (my order should still be coming in though so don't worry)
0 media | 12 replies
Yandere / Creepy Miku
Last thread went down RIGHT when I was posting the final results. Here she iiiiiiiiiiis.

Stand by for a few more.
5 media | 7 replies
Daibadi/Polynian General: Chinese knock-off edition
Welcome back everyone, lets jump right into it.

WonFes has come and gone and with it are some reveals and announcements! To start everything off, Shamrock, Clover and Iana are finally getting another re-issue! Machaon was also fully revealed to the masses during the event to mixed reactions. We also got a full look at Ranko's entire design card and news that she should be the next new character that will be released. The recolors for Reimu and Marisa were also on display at the Daibadi booth. Grey Rosa also made an appearance at the booth. Adding to this, while she wasn't shown off, Torin is confirmed to be in progress by Daibadi so we should be getting updates for her and Ranko in the coming months. To cap this off, we got the surprise announcement of the Grey Flesh Shamrock being re-issued along with the fact that it has gotten the 2.0 treatment like Shamrock!

For brief figure news, Machaon, Shamrock and Grey Shamrock have now officially gone up for Pre-Order. they should still be available at the usual import sites if you want to get an order in. We also have confirmation from Daibadi that Clover's re-issue should be going up relatively soon. While not confirmed, its possible Grey Flesh Clover 2.0 will be a surprise re-issue just like Grey Shamrock.

As always, here is the assistance e-mail for those who need it, so if any problem should arise, feel free to contact them over at "user_suppor[email protected]" or the shop you purchased the figure from.
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/3pg/ 3rd Party General - Gentle On The Wallet, Please Edition
Previous thread >>10611739

With Destroyer having just come in last week, and Motiff just today, I think I'm ready to have a lull in releases that I want to pick up.

Though with Fright Storm right on Destroyer's heels, and Dark Strike creeping up I'm wondering if I find myself in for the full 4, or if I just choose one pair or the other.
104 media | 243 replies
/52g/ 52TOYS GENERAL: Evangelion Edition
Discuss all things 52toys here
>all the rest

I need these EVA beetles right fucking now, I knew there was a reason I’ve held off on the mold till now.
5 media | 11 replies
Glyos General - Back to school edition
>Today class we are going to work on our enunciation.

>What is glyos

>What is available

>Thread Challenge
Teach your glyos something new

>Previous Thread
36 media | 99 replies
/SQTDDTOT /- Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
2021 4th of July
I'll start, i'm traveling to japan next month visiting tokyo, osaka, kyoto, and hiroshima.
I really like the re-ment miniatures, and basically anything that's 1/24 scale and below.
Where specifically (like streets/shops) would be the best place for this kind of miniature toy stuff? Curious if any anons here have been there before and know of any good spots that aren't just tourist traps.

pic related is one of the last pictures I took of my figures all set up before moving, I haven't even unpacked them since. I did like how the small miniatures i've found over the years are just the right size for them
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S.H. Figuarts General #200
Previous thread >>10632503

200th Edition

Where to Buy-

Web Exclusives-

Latest Tamashii Nations News -

Full List of SHF Releases -

Upcoming release schedule-

Roronoa Zoro -Raid on Onigashima- "ONE PIECE"
Eleking "Ultra Seven"
Ultra Seven
King Joe "Ultra Seven"
Zoffy "Ultraman"
Ultraman Taro
Ultraman Leo
Super Saiyan Trunks -Hidden Super Power-
Guts (Berserker Armor)
Gabimaru "Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku"
Star-Lord & Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy: VOLUME 3)
Body-chan -Sports- Edition DX SET (BIRDIE WING Ver.)
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Frieza 3rd Form
Kamen Rider Geats BoostMagnum Form & Fever Form Parts Set
Kamen Rider Na-Go Beat Form
mastermind JAPAN x Shin Kamen Rider Release Commemoration Collaboration S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider (Shin Kamen Rider) BLACK Ver.
Cyclone (Shin Kamen Rider)
ULTRAMAN SUIT JACK -the Animation-
Zetton (Shin Ultraman)
94 media | 381 replies
WTF is this Link toy?
I found this while cleaning out my shed. It looks old, judging by the OoT design.
3 media | 4 replies
Accidentally ordered multiples of the same toy
Batman who laughs
I was originally trying to order 2 but I guess I double ordered and forgot about it.
This ever happened to anyone else? And no I wasn’t drunk at the time, just stupid.
2 media | 41 replies
Revoltech General: Guns are Back (For Marvel) Edition
Woody Ver.1.5 (Reissue)
Flash (DC)
Reverse-Flash (DC)
Ryuguji Ken (Tokyo Revengers)
Hanagaki Takemichi (Tokyo Revengers)
Jack Skellington Ver.1.5 (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Kirishima Eijiro (My Hero Academia)
Moon Knight (Marvel)
Yuki Judai (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX)
Thor (Marvel)
Malzeno Armor Set (Monster Hunter)
Catwoman (DC)
Agent Venom (Marvel)
Herta (Honkai: Star Rail)
Tolmekian Commando (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)
Tolmekian Marine (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)
Lunagaron Armor Set (Monster Hunter)
101st Panzer Company Jager (Kerberos Panzer Jager)
RevoGeo Zarigani - Crayfish
RevoGeo Zarigani - Crayfish - Blue Ver.
Aizawa Shouta (My Hero Academia)
Misaka Mikoto (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Shirai Kuroko (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Shokuhou Misaki (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Curry Meshi-kun (Nissin Foods)
Skylark (Super Mecha Champions)
RevoGeo Tyrannosaurus Skeleton?
RevoGeo Praying Mantis?
RevoGeo Mantis Shrimp?

For old Revoltech listing, check

Why not know more about who made what?

Previous: >>10606182
27 media | 110 replies
No title
Does Five Below have good toys anymore? I remember 2 years ago, they had these. Years before I had one, I've seen posts of others getting good stuff
0 media | 3 replies
Marvel General: PulseCon Part 2 Edition
Previously: >>10642248

-Marvel Legends Void Wave announced (Pre-Order Oct 3rd)

- Marvel Legends No Way Home Green Goblin and Soider-Man 2 Dock Ock Deluxe figures announced (pre-orders next week)

-Marvel Legends spider-Man No Way Home wave Solicited (all major retailers)

-Marvel Legends Moon Knight and AF15 Spider-Man (blue back spider) Retro Cards Solicited (Target Exclusive)

-Marvel Legends Giant Man Haslab Announced. 24 in tall, $199, 10000 Backers needed by Oct 23rd. 3 face plates, 2 additional face plates for stretch goals, articulated fingers, realistic eyes

-Marvel Legends Retro Carded AF15 Spider-Man and classic Moon Know that announced (Target Geek Out Exclusives)

-Amazing Yamaguchi Agent Venom Solicited

-Marvel Legends Infinity Saga wave solicited

-Marvel Legends Lady SHIELD Agent vs Lady Hydra Agent 2 Pack Solicited (Pulse Exclusive)

-Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper Wave solicited (all major retailers)

>Updated Marvel Legends Checklist:

>Archived Threads:

>Searchable, Tagged Database For Marvel Legends Sorted By Year:
61 media | 312 replies
TMNT General: Cowacrossovers
Previous thread: >>10621107

>52Toys Megabox TMNT up for pre-order
>Heatboys Raphael mech revealed
>Mezco 5-points Mirage 4-pack up for pre-order
>Turtle Van from NECA shipping very soon!
>Mutant Mayhem toys are out in full force
>Super7 apparently making TMNT 2K3 figures in the future
>Black and White Space Usagi shipping from Stan Sakai's site
>Ramen Toys offering up a bootleg Sewer Lair
>The Last Ronin getting a video game from Black Forest Games
>5Ktoys has "Turtle King Rogue Knight" up for pre-order.
>Heatboys concept art for Mech Splinter and April have shown up online
>Playmates retro re-releases continues with Rat King (swap out figure), Genghis Frog, Baxter Stockman, and Wingnut.
>Playmates Mutating Donatello and Michelangelo are hitting Target
>Fury Toys Samurai NotDonnie, NotSplinter, & bonus accessory pack supposedly releasing in October

>Useful Links:
TMNTToys, a useful resource for TMNT toy history -
Necastore -
Super7's Website -


Remember to report and ignore all trolling.
54 media | 241 replies
Beanie Babies Of The Day
Previous Thread: >>10608278

Clubby VII the bear.
Birthday: September 17, 2006.
“Club members from both here and there
Love each and every Clubby bear
And as I’m sure you could have guessed
Our Clubby VII is the best !”
26 media | 28 replies
No title
I make it a tradition to go Michael's once every year just to look their little Christmas village displays because of the nostalgia it gives. Can we discuss this here?
0 media | 2 replies
/BST/ - Buy Sale Trade/BST/ - Buy Sale Trade:
-We have e-mails for a reason. USE THEM.
-Be sure to have PRICES (with photos preferably) in your SALE listings - NO "feeler" posts, just post the thing with a price.
-Ignore price-policing posts, as someone will ALWAYS complain. E-mail the seller and communicate accordingly if pricing is an issue.
-I'll save you the effort: check Mandarake, either for pricing (if selling), or for availability (if buying).
-Don't shit-talk buyers or sellers without evidence.

Previous thread:>>10498641
47 media | 209 replies
Fallout Toys
Why does Fallout have barely any toys? They have plenty of collectibles, but for a franchise that could have plenty of toys we really only have the Threezero 1/6 armors and those shitty small figures that didn’t last long. It’s just disappointing as a longtime Fallout fan.
>inb4 gamers don’t buy toys
Fuck off.
42 media | 281 replies
Dick Tracy Toys
Anyone remember these? The marketing for this movie was insane. Everywhere you looked, there was Dick Tracy toys or merchandise. The movie was okay, but where it truly shined was the toyline itself. The proportions are… interesting, but they have a certain charm to them. Anyone who collected the line also knows how rare the fabled Blank figure is. The vehicles were also hard to find as well, but actually really hold up to todays standards. Overall, it’s a toyline that I think is a time capsule of the time. Curious what other anons think of the line.
35 media | 189 replies
Toy Checklists
This thread is dedicated to Toy Checklists. Officials and fan-made.
64 media | 84 replies
No title
A thread about toys! Piggy back edition!!
Excuse the quick pic, but I just wanted to let you guys go nuts asap so here is the new thread.
Hey guys, last thread was great, and I think we set another record for us. image post limit in 15 days.

Last Thread here.

Memorable mentions:
Cat lady Bulma, great to see your pics. I think it was you that suggested the pet theme.
Furniture Annon, great pic again very cozy.
Raptor guy, very fun and energetic pics.
Catman custom guy, thanks for sharing man.
Crazy taxy dude! you brought me back.
Monday and venom balance posters, cool man.
Halo with that real background great pic man.
Tippy toe spidey, great balance.
Alf... and Hawaiian creature right out of a 80s commercial just like that annon said.
Power poster, I don't know anything about that anime but great pic specially the hammer one.
Skull army poster great.
Just too many good ones to mention all, also great vibes guys, thanks for being helpful providing sources, suggestions etc. I hope you all are having a good weekend.
139 media | 253 replies
Resident Evil Toys
complete toy saturation
What the absolute fuck is the deal? The only one that ever had a expansive toyline was toybiz and that was like in the late 90s, early 2000s. I know NECA did some for 4 and 5, but that was nearly 15 years ago. What gives? Capcom has other IPs that get plenty of toys, like Street Fighter which has several companies doing it. I’m not even asking for much, I just want the main cast and some of the creatures. But why is Resident Evil so popular, but so underserved in collectibles? And yes, gamers buy toys so don’t give me that shit.
1 media | 6 replies
Digimon General: Aplified Metalgreymon
Last thread >>10490785
>Digital Monster Ver. 20th (Kenji Watanabe Edition)
>Digimon Seekers Loogamon BEM Set
>VV with the Gammamon and Imperialdramon BEMemory Cards:
>Angoramon BEMemory:
>Jellymon BEMemory:

>VV Evolution Guide

>Vital Hero Red with Dinosaur Roar DiM (Walmart exclusive)
>Vital Hero Blue with Wolf Howl DiM
>Vital Hero Black with Pulse City DiM
>Vital Hero DIM Card Pack 1 (Volcanic Beat & Blizzard Fang)
>Vital Hero DIM Card Pack 2 (Infinite Tide & Titan of Dust)
>Vital Hero DIM Card Pack 3 (Hermit in The Jungle & Nu Metal Empire)

>V-Pet Evolution Guide

>Artbook Archive

>Frontier SCSA D-Scanner pre-orders open (red) (blue)

>Dynaction 16" tall Omegamon

>DIM V3 Espimon & Ryudamon

>EX3 Frontier DIM sets

>Figure-Rise Standard Angemon
>Figure-Rise Standard Amplified ShineGreymon

Old one was slid off the board so I'm making a new one.
36 media | 207 replies
Best Pryde of the X-Men toys
pryde of the x men
The Pryde of the X-Men show, and then the arcade game was my introduction to the mutants and I’m wondering if someone could recommend the best options for the characters. I don’t really follow marvel legends so I don’t really know where to start. I mainly wanna focus on the heroes at the moment although I will probably get at least a magneto for my villains too. Thanks.
3 media | 32 replies
Spider-Man Unmasked Comparison
Spider-Man heads
S.H. Figuarts vs. Marvel Legends! Which do you prefer? Personally I think figuarts takes all 3.
(Yes the price points are different, but the ML Dafoe looks better than the figuarts so they can be compared)
2 media | 29 replies
Smash Roster Collections
I love seeing people who have Smash collections as it is something different and has all types of brands and licenses all displayed together. Curious to see what other people have done with theirs. Picrel is not mine, but one of the more expansive and up to date ones I’ve seen.
27 media | 172 replies
Best Tomb Raider Toys
I’ve been a fan of Lara Croft since the 90s. While many saw her as a sex icon, or a sexist depiction of women, I saw her as an adventure the likes of which rivals Indiana Jones. She’s a little bit of Indiana Jones mixed with James Bond. Yet, Lara has received barely any toys and those that she does are usually… rough to say the least. So I’m curious if there’s other Tomb Raider fans here and what they consider to be the best Lara Croft toy.
47 media | 236 replies
Club Penguin Toys
Did anyone collect Club Penguin toys/plushes or just merchandise in general? Pic related isn’t mine, but shows a lot of the different things that was offered, but they don’t even have everything. I was a huge fan of the game and had several of the puffle/penguin plushes and some of the toys, but lost them when we moved. They honestly had a pretty expansive and well made toyline that is frankly, underrated.
42 media | 226 replies
/stg/ - Star Trek General
Previous: >>10484944

Since the last thread seemed popular enough and hit bump limit, figured we might as well have another Trekkie thread.

As far as toys:
>The playmates relaunch seemed to have failed.
>The Super7 TNG figures haven’t had much of an update, but they did cancel the Guinan
>Hiya toys showed off Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and old Spock from the Star Trek reboots at a convention.
>Exo 6 (picrel) is still putting out solid 1/6 scale figures, however they can be pricey.

Anyways, talk about Star Trek and its toys.
4 media | 24 replies
No title
What's the most expensive toy you own, and what's the cheapest?

Picrel is most expensive for me, while my cheapest is probably a small acrylic stand I bought for a few hundred yen.
18 media | 87 replies
No title
Ja-Ru stretchable's and stretch armstrong's what are the best stretchable toys /toy?
2 media | 5 replies
Fwoosh Articulated Icons: Ninja Scroll
Fwoosh has finally shown off some of the upcoming Ninja Scroll figures tonight at SDCC and one was literally fallen over in the display. Kek.
42 media | 253 replies
Toy Display Thread
marvel legends
Post your toy displays! Any display/theme/franchise is welcome! Just supposed to be a fun thread to show off your toys. Finished working on a new display? Show it off!
9 media | 38 replies
Jurassic Park Crowdfund Gets Ghosted
Why did the Mattel Jurassic Park Gate crowdfund fail while the Star Wars Ghost Haslab and the Super7 Cat’s Lair both got funded easily? What’s the future of these crowdfunds? Do you support them or not? Why?
9 media | 97 replies
Why don’t kids like Indiana Jones?
What’s with the lack of kids caring about Indiana Jones stuff? A lot of the stuff has been getting clearanced and it’s sad because I was hoping this would invigorate the franchise and get us more toys. The Adventure Series seems to be selling okay, but everything else failed. Especially the stuff for kids.
23 media | 268 replies
Am I missing something? Why the markup on BBTS?
BBTS has always cost a buck or two more (which I’m happy to pay for their pile of loot feature) but this feels.. Really substantial. Not even exclusives are (usually) this pricey. Is this figure something special?
4 media | 72 replies
Possible new Transformer release?
I had the pleasure of going by the Big Bad Toy Store Warehouse and they had this on display above the entrance. It seems to be a yellow and blue Optimus, not sure why it’s colored that. But could this be a possible release we see down the line?
6 media | 83 replies
/mrg/ Modular Robots General: Columbia Diorama Edition
Any scale, any series. If it's a modular robot toy, post it here.

>Diaclone Reboot (3mm 4mm)
>Transformers Weaponizers/Modulators/Fossilizers (3mm 5mm)
>Tomica Hyper series (5mm)

>30 Minutes Mission (3mm)
>Animagear (3mm)
>Machine Robo Mugenbine

Toys Alliance/Toy Notch
>Acid Rain B2Five

>Hexa Gear (3mm)
>Frame Arms (3mm)
>M. S. G. (3mm)

>Infinity Box AMTS series (3mm 4mm 5mm)
>Beastdrive (3mm 5mm)

>Assemble Borg
>Emonster (3mm)
>Forging Soul (3mm)
>Joytoy Dark Source (3mm)
>Maru Toys collabs
>MFT/DMH Diaclone KOs and OGs (3mm)
>RIHIO MultiAbyss (3mm)
>KEMO No57
>Earnest Core Robot Build (4mm)
>Snap Ships
>Tecco Toys
>and many more...!
*(X mm) are peg sizes

Previous >>10601145
23 media | 39 replies
Power Rangers General: Master Morpher Edition
>Lightning Collection Schedule:

>Lightning Collection Database:

>Archived Thread: Rangers/

>Previous Thread: >>10584744

Last one fell off due to spamming so I'll make this new one. Sorry regular OP.
44 media | 249 replies
Hasbro Pulse Con Thread
Hasbro Pulse Con is today, figured I’d make a thread for everyone to hop in and discuss any reveals. What are you most excited for?
12 media | 99 replies
No title
What are the best sets from the 90s?
5 media | 9 replies
Jurassic General:beyond JP 30
Welcome to Jurassic General covering the topic of the Jurassic franchise toys, action figures, statues, etc (all within the realm of /toy/). We discuss their history, accuracy, style, quality, and how they can be improved. Feel free to speak your mind on all this and please be polite to one another.
3 media | 9 replies
Four Horsemen General: Phantom Spaceman Edition
Space Waltor
>Cosmic Legions: OxKrewe Book One: Thraxxon
-preorder open until Sept 17

-This preorder is now over at StoreHorsemen. These are now available for preorder from Approved Retailers.

>Figura Obscura: Sun Wukong, the Monkey King
-All orders for this figure have now shipped. Please allow a few days for tracking to update or items to arrive before contacting customer service with a tracking request.

>Cosmic Legions Book 1
-Direct preorders have now all shipped. Please give tracking numbers a few days to update as packages are scanned by the carriers. Available for purchase from approved retailers.

>Mythic Legions Tactics
- All campaign backers who have paid for the shipping on their orders have had their packages now shipped. If you have not yet paid your final shipping, please email mythicle[email protected] immediately to complete your transaction.

>Cosmic Legions: Gravenight
- Production on this wave is now beginning. Will be shipping from the factory soon.

>Mythic Legions: Poxxus
- Tooling is wrapping up soon on this wave. Once approved, production will begin. This wave is expected to ship from factory in Q3/Q4 2023

- This wave is in the early stages of pre-production at our factory. It is slated for an early 2024 release.

>2023 Retailer Appreciation Wave
-We are preparing to begin production on this wave soon. This wave is only available from our Approved Retailers.

>Cosmic Legions - Outpost Zaxxius
-StoreHorsemen preorders for this wave are now closed. It will be available from our Approved Retailers starting on 5/1/23 at 12pm EST.

if you have any problems with the items you’ve received, please contact our new customer service email address [email protected]

>Official Website

>Official Store

>Previous thread: >>10497224
39 media | 143 replies
It’s that time again
21st night of September
Post pictures of unlikely bands of different figures and toys. Bonus points if they actually have instruments.
8 media | 15 replies
Littlest Pet Shop Reboot
may be way out of most of you fags' wheelhouses, but it can't hurt to ask. this thing has had quite a few leaks from the last few weeks and I'm curious if any of you know anything interesting.
0 media | 0 replies
1:18 Scale General.
Where do you get accessories for 1:18 scale? things like boxes and furniture.
13 media | 23 replies
Diecast General - Grandpa Edition
The previous thread got bumped off wtf? >>10498124

>Hot Wheels:



>Auto World:

>Johnny Lightning:


>Tomica/Mini GT/Ignition Model etc:

>Archived Threads:
84 media | 141 replies
Fashion Doll General
Welcome to the Fashion Doll General!

>A thread for discussion of fashion dolls including Barbie, Disney, LOL OMG, Rainbow High, Monster High, Licca-chan etc but not BJD.

>Other toys considered dolls as well as girl collectable toys that are related to dolls or can be used as accessories to dolls are also welcome such as LOL, Shopkins, Polly Pocket and the like.

>*Reminder to REPORT trolling, bait and off topic posts instead of responding.*

Previous Thread: >>10590337

>Archived Threads:

>Helpful Links:

>Fixing frizz: [Open]

>Dealing with glue seepage: [Open]

>Materials for customizing face, hair, and clothes: [Open]

>Sewing pattern books from Google+, reuploaded:
15 media | 88 replies
/ij/ - Indiana Jones General
Well, to everyone’s surprise Mezco showed off two more Indy figures for SDCC preview night so I suspect we’ll see more Indy stuff in the next few days. I have to admit they look pretty good, although I thought the Toht from Adventure Series was pretty good as it was. Here’s hoping we get a Marion and Sallah since those I thought were kinda meh in the adventure series line. Anyways, post other Indy reveals and pickups.
32 media | 153 replies
Hot Toys reveals MCU M.O.D.O.K.
Have we hit a new low? Is the autism so strong that collectors need every character from every movie for their collection? Hot Toys did a good job with it, but who in their right mind actually would pay the 200-300 dollar price tag for this?
28 media | 139 replies
Hot Toys teased Netflix One Piece figures
Thoughts? Usually if something is teased this way, it’s definitely happening. I find it funny they’re betting on this show being a success, otherwise I don’t know if people will want these expensive figures for it. Seems to be a risky bet. Especially when a Hot Toys when put up for preorder is at LEAST a year and a half to two years out. We’ll see how this goes. Maybe it’ll be popular in Japan.
9 media | 134 replies
Super7 Cat’s Lair
Why is nobody talking about this? This was probably the biggest SDCC reveal and I have to say, it blew my expectations out of the water. It’s frankly, amazing. Say what you will about super7, but they nailed this playset. They also somehow kept it at a reasonable price.

Link to more pics
5 media | 106 replies
Star Wars PotF Selling Advice
Like a lot of other chumps, I spent all my paychecks in the 90s accumulating these things thinking I would make a fortune 20 years down the road, but right now it feels like not even worth the effort. At any rate, I need to unload them

I worked at Target at the time so also have several case pack boxes that I’m going to use to create lots for the impending sale.

Lot 1 is all orange cards. Lot 2 is all green cards w/out holo-stickers. I have nearly three case packs worth of stickered green cards and am unsure how to break them down.

QUESTION: I’m considering breaking them down either by movie (ANH/ESB/RotJ) or by faction (Imperial/Rebel/Neutral). Any other suggestions?
3 media | 124 replies
/mfg/ - MAFEX General: "You Didn't See That" Edition
Previous thread, forgot to keep it bumped, my bad: >>10547506

Dates according to Medicom/Ami Ami. Date changes marked in green.

>August 2023
178 - IRON MAN (Mark 50 Infinity War)
191 - T-800 BATTLE DAMAGE Ver. (Terminator 2)

>September 2023
184 - RESCUE (Endgame)
195 - IRON MAN MARK 85 BATTLE DAMAGE Ver. (Endgame)

>October 2023
197 - LEBRON JAMES (Space Jam: A New Legacy Ver.)

>November 2023
198 - POISON IVY (Hush)
199 - T-800 (T2)
211 - DARTH VADER (Rogue One Ver.1.5)

>December 2023
200 - THE MANDALORIAN (Ver. 2)
201 - BOBA FETT (Recovered Armor)
207 - ULTRAMAN (Shin Ultraman version) DX Ver.

>January 2024
202 - CAPTAIN AMERICA (Stealth Suit)

>February 2024
205 - BATMAN & HORSE (The Dark Knight Returns)
206 - ENDOSKELETON (T2 Ver.)
212 - JOHN WICK (Chapter 4)
213 - ZOFFY
214 - THE JOKER (The Dark Knight Returns)

>March 2024
208 - BO-KATAN KRYZE (The Mandalorian Ver.)

>April 2024
209 - AQUAMAN (Zack Snyder's Justice League)
210 - AHSOKA TANO (The Mandalorian Ver.)

>May 2024
215 - BATMAN (Knightfall Ver)
216 - BANE (Knightfall Ver)

>June 2024
217 - CAPTAIN AMERICA (Comic Ver)

>July 2024
219 - ERADICATOR (Return of Superman)
220 - CAPTAIN AMERICA (Classic MCU Suit)
41 media | 162 replies
Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?
>creature people have been asking for a long time
>would’ve come out perfectly in time for the 40th ROTJ anniversary
>comes with several figures people have been asking for
>fails when only 500 away
What went wrong? This seems like something that should have easily funded. It worries me that we won’t see other Black Series Haslabs since we haven’t seen any others since. Yet ships that get blown up and are from a kids animated show get backed in a week, what gives?
17 media | 124 replies
Post figures, models, anything with shark teeth (sharks too)
17 media | 29 replies
Hot Toys Spider-Man 2099 update…
So for those unaware, Hot Toys revealed their 2099 from Across the Spiderverse a few months ago. It was met with heavy criticism since it didn’t have an outfit over it and was instead just a figure where you could see all the articulation. It actually looked pretty good and captured the movie aesthetic. Yet, 1/6 collectors bitched and bitched for days about how it was just an upscale marvel legends. It was all 1/6 collectors were talking about for like a week straight and then Hot Toys finally caved and announced they would be reworking it to have a fabric suit. Well, now fast forward a few months and pictures have come out of the updated figure and it looks… well shit. Why are 1/6 collectors so picky?
25 media | 162 replies
/amg/ Army Men General - on patrol
Welcome to the Army Men General!

Previously: >>10284374

>Plastic soldiers, knights and pirates, cowboys and indians, fantasy and sci-fi, cops and zombies, all are welcome here!

>Archived threads:

>Army men wargame rules:

>Places to get army men: and
58 media | 140 replies
No title
Hey /toy/, it's that time again!

/toy/ will be playing in the upcoming Autumn Cup in the next few weeks. While dates aren't set 100% in stone yet, it looking like the tournament will take place in mid October into November. /toy/ will likely have to play in the tournament qualifiers, so keep that in mind as well.

But before we do that, we have some house keeping to do. More on that in the next posts.
9 media | 23 replies
Best Rey Toys
What are the best toys for the titular sequel trilogy character? I own the Force Awakens Hot Toys (picrel), but I’m curious what others like. It can be any scale, bonus if it has rooted hair since even Hot Toys weren’t doing that.
14 media | 153 replies
Jada Toys General - WHEN Edition
being american is suffering
Next in hand release: Chun Li
On the Internet when?: Who knows

The following have been announced on the 2023 SDCC:
>Street Fighter Wave 3: Cammy, Guile, Deejay
>Mega Man Wave 3: Wood Man, Bubble Man, Mega Man (helmless)
>Cyberpunk (new line announcement) Wave 1: David, Lucy

Last thread >>10577593
11 media | 76 replies
No title
Why did nobody tell me there's new Mighty Max figures?
90 media | 275 replies
MAFEX General
SDCC edition

Previous: >>10511957
25 media | 164 replies
Best Pac-Man Toys
What are the best Pac-Man toys? Been a big fan of the franchise since it’s release, so I’d love to have something representing him in my collection. Searching around there’s the figuarts, which looks pretty good but isn’t exactly my preferred look for the character. Anybody have any suggestions?
38 media | 168 replies
LEGO not doing military stuff
What’s with LEGO and saying they won’t do military stuff yet will do other violent things? I saw this MOC of the tank from Last Crusade and it just makes me wish they would do an official one. I guess I could always just build my own or copy this one, but I would definitely add my own flair to it. They also have done military stuff in the past through the Indiana jones line or they’ve done the Red Baron plane before. It seems hypocritical to not wanna do military stuff but then do Star Wars stuff as well since it’s just as violent.
10 media | 156 replies
/mcx/—Mega Construx General: Peace For Our Time Edition
Best sources for Mega news:
Archived Threads:
83 media | 190 replies
Has Hasbro declined in Face Printing tech?
and this was before drinking the grail
Picked up the new Walter Donovan figure thinking I could update the head on General Veers. Don’t bother. Hasbro made a worse sculpt than the Julian Glover head from a few years ago.

Now I’m wondering, is this across the board or what? I’ve noticed a decrease in quality in several aspects of the Hasbro figures but I didn’t think it was this bad. Normally I’m pretty impressed with the face printing tech, barring the sweatiness the newer figures seem to have.
1 media | 40 replies
No title
What the fuck is this? These companies do know the goal is to make money by selling as much as possible, don't they? Theydo know that it's money that they use to buy those Macbooks that have "fuck capitalism" stickers on them, pop vinyl, tattoos, and all the other shit they buy, don't they?

Why is it asking too much to produce what the customer will pay for?
42 media | 251 replies
Best Toys of Musicians
Am I the only one that would enjoy a 1/12 line of famous musicians? We’ve gotten Michael Jackson’s and Freddie Mercury, but they always stop there. A lot of 1/6 companies have given us deeper cuts like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, or David Bowie, but I wanna see them all. Would anyone else be interested in this? They’re doing a line for famous comedians, so I’m sure famous singers would sell way more. Anyways, post the best musician toys that do exist or musicians you’d like to see figures of.
15 media | 99 replies
Robotech 1986 JCPenney Catalog….
What I Would Give To Be Able To Go Back and Afford To Buy These Toys When I Was a Toddler. The RoboTech Theme Song Is Still One of The Best Anime Theme Songs of All Time!
27 media | 144 replies
Next year is the year of the Dragon and I realized that my toy collection lack of dragon themed figures.
Asian Dragons, European Dragons, anthropomorphic dragons, dragon girls, dragon guys, mecha dragons, dragon armor, whatever, recommend me some cool dragon figures.
21 media | 32 replies
Kenner Indiana Jones
Kenner when they picked up the Indiana Jones license

>Make figures of Indy, The creepy German guy, the fat dude and the whore
>Indy sells out, everyone else remains in clearance and the line gets cancelled

Fast forward to 2023

>Hasbro makes reproductions
>Brings back all the character and even adds the annoying Asian kid nobody likes
>Collectors: OMG I WANT INDY!!
>Indy sells out, everyone else remains in clearance…and they still make more

Is Hasbro legitimately the most retarded toy company known to man?
10 media | 131 replies
Who’s idea was this?
>make popular 2 seating Star Wars vehicle
>include 1 pilot
What? Who’s idea was this? Even the action fleet one came with a pilot and lobot so you’d have two pilots. What the absolute fuck? It’s not like the figures add much to the budget, it’s like they purposely did this to try to get you to buy another, which then you’d have one with NO pilots. It’s just all around a bad business decision. It’s also not the first time they’ve made this mistake. In the original clone gunship release, we got 2 clones. And one of those is designated a pilot, so you can’t even use the other one as a pilot because he looks like a normal clone and even if you could, there’s still the ball turrets and the actual troop loading area would be empty. The line has been improving, it really has. But it’s like we take one step forward and two steps back.
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Anyone else cracking up
5 out of 11 of my figs from the new sets have cracked arms. These have seen light play with my daughter and I. Even the Hovitos Warrior from the Temple, which has just been displayed. The shoulder and hip joints are all great. No torso cracks ( that I’ve found).

I have minifigs from the late 90’s that my brother and I played with, and then were in bins with other bricks for years until recently. There are very few cracks in any of those.

Is this a more recent quality issue, something to do with all these brown and sand colors, or am I doing it wrong? LEGO needs to fix this if it’s a QC issue.
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No title
Found this at Walmart for $20. My wife didn’t let me buy it. “Even if it is worth $10K next year you’ll never sell it so we’d still be out 20 dollars”
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/gb/ - Ghost Busters General: We’re Back, Baby! Edition
I remember a really good thread on here when the spirit pack came out, so hopefully we can get another good thread. What new ghostbusters toys and props is there? Also curious is anyone has any pics of their plasma series. I never did see in hand pics of the terror dog and key master 2 pack.
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What’s the deal with Tomb Raider Toys?
Why does Tomb Raider barely get any toys? It’s a popular game with one big character, yet Lara barely has any merch and what she does have is trash. Picrel is a custom I saw that just made me depressed and made me realize we’ll never get anything that comes close. I don’t think it can get a whole toyline, but is it too much to ask for a good looking Lara? It would sell well. I could imagine a Mezco Lara being really nice.
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1/6 Scale General: Drama Edition
So, I know 1/6 scale isn’t the most popular here, but there’s been a big deal lately with one of the main 1/6 scale YouTubers and an online store based out of Hong Kong? that sells figures.

For those out of the loop, Justin is an admin on the Facebook group, Sixth Scale Network, and he is a prominent 1/6 scale YouTuber. He’s also widely known to have ties to Toys Wonderland, a well known 1/6 scale reselling business. He refers people to them in every review video he does.

Toys Wonderland is known for their awful customer service and shady practices.

People were posting complaints about their experiences with TW on Justin’s Facebook group. Since he has ties to them, the posts kept getting removed (he denies his relationship with them and said it has nothing to do with the posts being removed).

People called him out on removing the posts.

After that, he made a post acknowledging the people calling him out. He denied his relationship with TW and still claimed it had nothing to do with the posts being removed.

It didn’t go well. He ended up shutting down the entire Facebook page while he and the other admins decided “the future of the group”.

That lead to the present and the statement above.

Why do companies that toy influencers shill always end up being awful? Robo used to shill for Dorkside Toys and we know how that ended up.

Also, this can just be a 1/6 scale general I guess.
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Why do LEGO fans complain so much?
LEGO fans, specifically Star Wars, even more specifically Clone Wars and prequel fans (yes, apparently those exist), complain about the most minor of details. Someone took the time out of their day to do a full on analysis on everything “wrong” with this figure. FOR A LEGO MINIFIGURE. If you care so much about detail, go get a Black Series or a Hot Toys, those will be 100% accurate. But stop bitching about the smallest of inaccuracies on minifigs when accuracy doesn’t even matter when proportions are so far off. Why are LEGO fans like this?
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Best Kylie Minogue Toys?
Having grown up in the UK, Kylie Minogue is huge there on a similar level of like Beyoncé. However she’s not very popular in the US. She has a ton of toys, dolls, and merch in the UK and I have several of them. Just curious if anyone here also from the UK or even US collects Kylie toys and what they think the best one is.
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How do others react to your toy collection?
sixth scale chads
Do you tell others about your collection? Do you hide it? I’m especially curious about those who have a huge collection and then try to date and how soon or if ever they reveal the collection to their partner. I remember being nervous about showing how expansive my collection was, but then it just sorta happened and they encouraged it. Also feel free to share experiences with your family discovering your collection.
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Big Chief Studio Goes Bankrupt
Big Chief Studios, who specialized in 1/6 figures of British movie and television figures has filed for bankruptcy. They were most well known for being the only company making 1/6 Doctor Who and James Bond figures. Lots of people had a bunch of their stuff on preorder some of which have been on preorder for several years and it’s unclear if they’ll be getting their money back. What is the implications of this company going under?

>It is with heavy heart that I must inform our customers that despite our best efforts Big Chief Studios, the Company, has been forced to cease trading.

>Having gotten through the global pandemic, the subsequent numerous knock-on effects have combined, creating a perfect storm that has extended delays to both the manufacture and release of our products. The current cost of living crisis and economic downturn have resulted in plummeting sales, which has seriously impacted our ability to continue and for us to be able to negotiate the renewal of our key licenses with any certainty.

>I have carefully considered the financial position of the Company and following receipt of specialist advice from Begbies Traynor, I have concluded that the Company is unable to pay its debts and can no longer continue to trade. The necessary steps need be taken to place the Company into creditors’ voluntary liquidation. You will shortly be receiving a formal notification from them detailing the liquidation process and steps that you may be able to take to secure a refund of any deposits you may have paid.

>Having worked tirelessly for over a decade to deliver high-end collectables, it is deeply wounding for myself and the team. I am sincerely sorry to all our loyal customers and apologise wholeheartedly for the situation.

>Yours sincerely

>Mark Andrews
>Managing Director, Big Chief Studios Ltd.
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Firework/Patriotic Toys
To celebrate 4th of July, I figured we’d have a thread on the best firework or patriotic related toys. Here’s one to start, he’s one of my favorite skins in the game, it’s Nitrojerry from the Jazwares Fortnite 3.75 line.
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Best Shark Tale Toys
What are the best shark tale toys? It was my favorite movie as a kid and I’m wondering what the best merch for the movie is.
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No title
JAKKS is out here downright shaming every other company with this figure at this price
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Why no Soprano Toys?
They had very toyetic designs and would sell excellently. I can’t think of many mafia toys besides Dick Tracy.
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/SSG/ Spooky Skeleton General: Time to Go Hunting Edition
Spooky Skeleton General 2023-09-17
Welcome to all the spookybros who likes to collect skeletons
Any skeleton figure is welcome here, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Main toy lines that we disscuss here:
Pose Skeleton (Re-ment)
Revoltech Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Dokuroman Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Boss Fight Studios Skeleton
October Toys skeleton
Imaginext skeleton
Lego Skeletons (LEGO)
Jurassic World STEM
Bone Age (Really old line that need a reboot)

For anyone wondering the differences or pros and cons between the different lines we discuss here, check this site:

Here is a review for the Pose Skeletons figures in case you're new to this line

If you want a office cubicle for your skellies (in 1/18 scale) you can get them here:
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Cancellation Request [Accepted]
Why does amiami even bother to write those mean email if they won't ban me anyway. I caneled like 20 things this year alone some of them a month before release. Like nigga fuck off. It's my RIGHT to cancel preorders whenever I want.
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/tfg/ Transformers General - Grandpa Lion Edition
You guys like the new reveals? I think toys are either getting a little worse or I'm getting way pickier.

>Upcoming Transformers
>Leaks and Rumors
>Online Stores for TFs
>Where to watch TF shows:
>Transformers General Archives:

>New thread on page 9 or 10. Any thread that doesn't say this and does not adhere to it or lacks the pastebins is not a legit /tfg/ thread

Previous thread >>10641965
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Across the Spiderverse Jessica Drew
Well Disney is having a tough time lmao. She’s been a peg warmer everywhere I’ve been, every retailer too. Guess no one wants her lol
12 media | 161 replies
Wooden 3D puzzles
What do you think about these toys that you have to asseble out of laser cut plywood pieces?
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Why no James Bond Toys?
How come we barely get any Bond merchandise nowadays? You can say it’s because “kids don’t like Bond”, but then one of the only Bond toys we have gotten is the playmobil Aston Martin (picrel), and playmobil is meant for little kids. It’s just odd, as it could definitely work as a figure line with tons of zany characters, army building henchmen, and tons of vehicles and playsets to choose from. The Daniel Craig movies even performed well in the US, so I don’t think its lost its popularity in the US either.
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Johnny Quest Toys
What are the best Johnny Quest toys? Pic rel is a custom, but looking at some of the official stuff they look fun. I was a big fan of the show and curious if others are and what they have in their collection.
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Shark Tale Missing Toy
hello 4chan, im here for the hopes that I can find a piece of my childhood that no one seems to remember.The toy was a of a character in the movie called “shark tale” it was a bubble gun of shark.Ive searched everywhere online for it but sadly came up with nothing.If anyone knows the whereabouts about this missing you please let me know.
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Best Adventure Time Toys
What are the best Adventure Time toys? It was my favorite show as a kid and I’m wondering if anyone owns any toys of it and what the best one is. Thanks.
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/fnaf/ - Five Nights at Freddy’s Toys General
So, with the announcement of the new movie and the franchise getting popular again, I think it’s time we have a general for the toys. What’s everyone consider to be the best representations of the characters?
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Displaying Toys and Replicas/Props Together
How do you guys display your toys with your props/replicas? I don’t have the most space so I’ve had to start putting figures with my other things and I like the look of putting props with the toys. Although, I’ll admit I need to put them with props that make sense, like Star Wars figures with my Star Wars props. But I frankly didn’t no where else I could put my NECA Predator figures. On the other shelf I have my TMNT comic NECA figures as well. Curious how others work these into their displays.
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“The Hobby”
I’ve noticed there’s some pretentious toy collectors out there who love to throw around the term “The Hobby” when referring to the toy collecting community. Like if you do something wrong, you’re going against “The Hobby”. It’s just crazy when people try to be pretentious about collecting toys meant for children. Anyone else agree?
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I need help
Looking for the body to match this head? I think it might be an AI set?
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