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Welcome to /t/orrents.
torrent guide
Welcome to /t/orrents. Reminder ALL requests belong in >>>/r/

Beginners tl;dr Guide for Torrenting:
There are a lot of clients to choose from, here's a couple: Deluge, BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze.

Most posts on /t/ will be accompanied by a magnet link which should look something like this:
These are used in your torrent client to download the torrent.
e.g. In Deluge - File->Add Torrent->URL->(Paste the magnet link)->OK->Add.

Other times posters will provide a link to another site where you can download a .torrent file which when opened will begin downloading in your torrent client.

When you start a torrent, you begin downloading from seeds. Seeds are people who have finished downloading the torrent and are now uploading that content to new downloaders like you. Be courteous and seed. You should always aim to have a seed ratio of 1:1 (You've uploaded as much as you downloaded).

If you still have questions please refer to the image in this post or
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/ag/ Anime General v12
you have to use public computers for this stuff
Next Year Coming Soon™ Edition

Previous thread >>1051975

Post your magnets and torrent links for anime OVAs, TV shows, and movies. You can also post manga and other related stuff in here if it doesn't have its own thread. Search before requesting an anime here.
Regarding nyaa proxies and mirrors:

Here's the (new) Pastebin with a good albeit old collection:
Input welcome on what should be added to the new Pastebin.

Here's the Neocities link for the Anime by Decade torrents:
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Wanting to seed things for ppl
hey yalls, drop torrents you need to seed and will gladly do so, been a dirty leech fucker for ages and want to give back now
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Adult Comics
Adult Comics-01
Lets see... I seen Comics general, Marvel & DC Comics, Anime General, Old Horror Series, Snu-Snu, etc. but no plain "Adult Comics" I have a ton of these if others are interested.

4 Daughters And Their Mother
A Powrer Packing
A Goofy Plot
A Real Woman-01
A Real Women-02
A Real Women-03
Absentee Mother
Agent Silver
Akeronya Escape
Android City
Anna - Innocence Perverted
Another Kind of Medicine
Aria Rada The Scent Of Pleasure
Armas Pauline at the Pool
Kidnapped Asians
Levando Mandioca
Love Thy Neighbor
Plantation Bride
Professor Pinkus
The Club Slut
The Holdup
The Temporary Virgin
Three Friends

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No title
15 - 2rXmwpf
The old thread died, here's the new one with the latest updated torrent's magnet link.

READ THIS IF you want to save on several GBs worth of bandwidth (because not all of us have cheap, unlimited internet still in fucking December of 2021, and torrent-dealers should look out for our financially challenged porn connoisseur brethren). Here are the steps to follow before you add the new torrent -
1. Stop/finish the current torrent "Momokun_Mariah_Mallad_unzipped_2021_8_25".
2. Remove the torrent from the seed list of your torrent client. CAREFUL, do NOT delete the torrent files from the disk.
3. Go to the folder where the torrent is saved.
4. Rename the folder "Momokun_Mariah_Mallad_unzipped_2021_8_25" to "Momokun_Mariah_Mallad_unzipped_2021_12_12".
5. DELETE the folder "\Videos\\f3ZEGn" BECAUSE file "\Videos\\f3ZEGn\0gpb0r2z4b12m0ic626s3_source.mp4" is repeated AT "\Videos\\p4dt5X\MMKN1.mp4".
6. DELETE any .txt file you find anywhere in the torrent folder.
7. Add the following new magnet -


8. As soon as you add the new magnet your torrent client will check the torrent.
9. Let it. That's good.
10. The torrent client should find most data (~90+%) and should start downloading the new data.
11. Wait for it to finish. The new torrent should be 40.41 GB in size.
12. Fap to momokun, I guess.
13. Praise the almighty for fat whores, and being born in the era of Gbps broadband and hope the next update comes sooner.
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Pornstar Megapacks
Post 'em if you've got 'em.

Peta Jensen:

Alexis Adams:

Adriana Chechik:

Leah Gotti:

Lexi Belle:

Julie Cash:

Shyla Stylez:
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Christian / Catholic / Orthodox torrents
Let me start with an OC torrent:

Bible In A Year Podcast (9.88 GB). 365 regular episodes, 18 BONUS episodes, and an episode reflecting on the 2021 season.

In 2021 Bible In A Year was the #1 Religion podcast on iTunes in the U.S. and 46 other countries. It also topped main stream media podcasts like NPR and New York Times.



God bless, anons!
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/SQT/ /QTDDTOT/ Stupid Questions Thread 5
Screenshot from 2021-08-30 14-49-13
Previous thread: >>1083297

Having a single thread dedicated to answering everyone's questions seems to reduce the number of "please help" threads on /t/. Post your question here, rather than making a new thread.
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Language Learning Resources Thread
Hellenic Edition

Just bought Luke Ranieri's 8 hour audio Ancient Greek course. Doesn't cost much, but it's something new to throw into mix.

>[Ancient Greek by the Ranieri-Dowling Method]

Here's the link to the his shop too, if you want to have a look at the description or his other work:

Old Thread: >>1063230
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Furry / Yiff / Cub collection
Will be sharing my collection of furry stuff.
Pretty much only pictures.
Looking to make my collection bigger, so feel free to post your stuff in this thread aswell.
I also have over 20 GB of unsorted porn/hentai/furry games. Lmk if interested in that aswell.

If you want to download the whole collection look here, if not just scroll in the comments for the parts.
Whole collection:
1401 pictures
1.69 GB
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Korean Streamers
A thread to appreciate exotic Korean streamers doing cute things... you know while being sexy.

BJ Eunsora 11GB

(Related webm )

I've been looking for DJ Berry 0314 Lumiere stuff. Have an 'ancient' collection. But she was not too healthy at that time back. You know how slick K-girls can get jesus. Can't tell if it's better diet plan or heavy make up, Berry Lumiere's more recent works (around 2017 and onwards) are heart warming. Sadly she removed her best streams from twitch leaving some crappy res trailers, which are now often posted in /wsg/ to make you and me crazy. But I'm pretty sure someone must have saved it. I will share her earlier collection soon.
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VR Porn General
Previous thread: >>>1116056

Mostly copied from the previous thread, hopefully didn't fuck it up edition

Standalone Headsets:
>Gear VR + Controller (35 USD)
>Oculus GO + Controller (90 USD)
>Oculus Quest 2 (200+ USD)
De-botnet the oculus:

Headsets that need a PC:
>HTC Vive (250+ USD)
>Valve Index (700+ USD)

>Skybox player: - If you have a GearVR or an OculusGO just email the dev and they'll give it to you for free.
>HereSphere VR Video Player on Steam: still in beta, attempts to solve the focusing problem common in these videos
>DeoVR: free option, works well enough

>Debrid account + free JAV sites
>Youtube: search "cute girl" or something and filter to 180 degree videos, there's a decent amount of coomerbait on there

Post your new torrents, requests, and what you're seeding.
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> The best of City Pop, Vol. 1 - 30
24 media | 24 replies
No title
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/vgtg/ Video Game Torrent General new v2
Previous thread: >>1103962

Share your vidya collection or ask if you are looking for some obscure shit (that is if anyone happens to have it)


This game was pretty good, even if it had some BS minigames and the translation was lacking sometimes.
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BDSM Thread :D
Any BDSM torrents?
Specially of DeviceBondage if you have :D

I'll start with: [63.8 GB]

This is more like hard sex than other thing

Gina Varney - PascalSubSluts [1.10GB]

Insex [82 GB]

This is kinda heavy stuff.
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Ayadevil Collection (May 2022)
Since there's no torrent for this lady's work, I feel obliged to create it and share it with you.

>Ayadevil Collection (May 2022)

>What should I expect?
Cam couple stuff, where the main protagonist is a girl with a very pleasing combination of characteristics: big eyes, slightly chubby, nerdy... which pairs well with her boyfriend's penis. 95% blowjobs, so if you're into it, you're welcome.

>Is this collection complete?
No. This is like 40% of all her known videos (Chaturbate and ManyVids). Still a lot of stuff though. I've also included some info and social media stuff.

If you like it, please...
- Let me know if you've found any video from the "missing" folder, so I can update the torrent.
- Seed and share. You're dealing with a brand new torrent, and it took me days to find, download and organize (future updates might include HEVC encoding, but that takes time).
- Also feel free to buy her stuff. Poorfags like me have financial constraints and priorities, but I hope this helps to increase her popularity.
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Disturbing Movie Iceberg Torrent Collection
A collection of nearly all of the movies from the infamous horror iceberg meme.

11 media | 69 replies
TLMC (Touhou Lossless Music Collection) - 3,2TB

Calling out all datahoarders.

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No title
tweetney barbara dp 1
Tweetney thread nr 10

Previous thread

OP vid:
Barbara gets DP'd


Most recent vid:
Yanfei's cum puddle


Missing vids (probably more)

Klara makes a puddle
Gwen overflows with loads
new horse dildo vaginal
XL Acorn plug stretch
New toy anal stretch
Puppy yanfei needs attention
Large Tyson plus big glass plug
New giant knot riding
Mona gets stirred till she squirts
Medium chance deepthroat
Space groove lux gets pumped and pounded
Large Vaginal ride with plug
Venus mounts glyph
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The Great Courses History Collection (TTC Videos)
While we wait for the new updated Bibliotheca Alexandrina torrent (coming up on early summer) here's a collection of 46 TTC courses i've ripped myself, sizes are ranging between 17 GB and 49 GB per course,

inside each torrent there's the MediaInfo file and the Course Guidebook pdf.

.torrent files


i'll be keeping seeding these forever so there shouldn't be any issues
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The eternal /t/ mommy thread. Mothers Day edition. For fans of pov mommyporn
11 media | 179 replies
Eternal Ethereal Asian Thread
they were discussing the ps2 capabilities of reading dvds lol thats how long youve been on 4chan let that sink in
All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001)

>Other recommended movies:

>Threads 1-3 Archive:!AxgTxD7I!1E6AYqwxyKlVOHQkNiZn_ue5U1-b-OpMNJzBhqDE3ko

Previous Thread: >>1023964
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General cartoon thread
V13. Cartoon torrents and whatnot. Check for the most recent version, and also for
>the catalogue,
where links posted in previous versions of this thread are gathered.
See also the previous version of this thread: >>1129879 (archived: ).
See also: pastebin v2: ; pastebin v1 (archived): ,
>The pastebin in a non archive format in case you can access the archive site
(meaning, "in case you can't...")

Do not hesitate to call out to whoever seeds the torrents!
Seed your downloaded torrents!
Post remarks on the links!

And also find and post new links to cartoons in replies -- let's gather them all!

Despite the unlucky number... feeling good about this one!
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Based & Redpilled Video Games torrent
Gentlemen. I have thrown together a huge ass (14,5GB) torrent of some very rare, banned Based & Redpilled video games for Windows. Some are old as shit, some are brand new. I've spent about a week collecting these, trying to find the most original and cleanest source possible. I've even spent $20 of my own money to buy Jesus Strikes Back 2 : The Resurrection straight from the developer and added it to the torrent, a game which isn't downloadable for free ANYWHERE.
Enjoy, be patient when downloading and please seed!

Games in the torrent:

Angry Goy
Angry Goy II
Black Lives Splatter 0.3.1
Ethnic Cleansing
Jesus Strikes Back Judgment Day Remastered
Jesus Strikes Back 2 : The Resurrection
Kill The Faggot
Milo Tosser
Muslim Massacre
Nigger Genocide
The Boston Marathon 2013 - Terror on the Streets
White Law
Zog's Nightmare
Zog's Nightmare 2
Zog's Nightmare 3

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:878682C9E83A3A0F278BB40B416839073DCC6104&dn=Based%20Redpilled%20Games&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr(Please use use use
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Funscript: porn that moves for you
Let's try something new: torrents that contain not only porn, but also the .funscript to make your toy move in sync!

I'll start off with a 150 GiB megapack so you can sample the goods and see if it's the right thing for you!

13 media | 29 replies
trap thread
post any traps #thedickmakesitcuter

l1ttens/bunnycorp/scorebuns: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f3dfdce07ababc9e9ef1dd13e018ed5bf62f8d3a&dn=bunnycorp
14 media | 38 replies
No title
Japanese Cosplay v54

>Trifecta of free filesharing:
-DDL: links on [javusb, kisscosplaymoe, cosplayjavhdv4 blog, fap-cosplayjav blog, avgle] (use adblocker), links on /t/ and UploadBank on LilyW website,
-XDCC: PRIVMSG or QUERY LilyB/Reiuji at same server as #4chan IRC channel (/msg Reiuji !list),
-this thread and the archive

>Please post the magnet link and/or mirror your *.torrent files to, use to convert magnet links
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Big tits revival
Post all torrents of women with absolutely enormous breasts. To start off, here's the collection of Milena Velba videos and photosets:

>Videos: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:09d3e66542f56fc35dd2aadd84d9f7bca59594a8
>Photosets: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6BD0B03820BB31A691A3C7D9BBE815B6A93159CF

Previous threads can be found here
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Is doing this enough or will I still get a cease and desist letter?
Is a decent VPN and a torrent client enough to torrent movies without getting ass fucked by my isp? Also what is a good torrent client to use for beginner? Is nordvpn good enough or should I switch to something like Mullvad?

t. Wintard, never torrented video content before, want to watch American Psycho but don't feel like paying for it.
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[S] National Geographic Magazine (1888-2020)
NatGeo Magazine, every issue from 1888 until current. What more is there to say? Oh yeah - if you like this, go get a National Geographic magazine subscription to support them making future issues! :)

Note that many of these are older scans so the quality leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing I can do about that. Do you have them in higher quality? Please share!


48 media | 275 replies
All About History Magazine 2013 - 2021
All About History Magazine 2013 - 2021 in pdf format

5 media | 16 replies
Something Weird Videos
Something Weird Video - Big Bust Loops Vol. 01
Anyone else into these weird videos? I'll post more if anyone is interested as soon as I can dig them out.

22 media | 49 replies
English Audio Porn 12: Now with 34% more Vitamin D
Previous thread: >>1124006

The O.G. bundles
English audio porn

Audio Pornography 1

Audio Pornography 2

Audio Pornography 3

Audio Pornography 4

Audio Pornography 5

Audio Pornography 6
23 media | 229 replies 90s Sample CDs (~343GB, over 500 CDs)
A few days ago, an Internet Archive collection titled "90s Sample CDs" was DMCA'd. This collection contains many classic sample CDs from the 90s - 00s (Zero-G, Best Service, AKAI, Spectrasonics etc.) and the original page had over 14,000 views. With the help of a few other people, I have collected around 500 CDs from the original archive, and converted most of them from their original formats. Some of the disc images require proprietary tools to use properly, and will show up as broken or empty if you try to open them in an archiver or mount them as a disc. I have taken the liberty of converting what I can to uncompressed .wav files. Additional information from the original uploader can be found at


You can also download the torrent file from
The file list is at

The total file size is about 343GB, and I am seeding from a gigabit internet connection. At the time of writing I am the only seeder.
36 media | 144 replies
Visual Novel General
Massive collection of visual novels:

Please seed!


share any other VNs you have ITT as well
4 media | 55 replies
No title
Making a Star Wars thread for May the 4th.
Here is all of the most recent desoecialized editions:

9 media | 32 replies
Old Horror Series Thread
Tales from the Crypt - Tales of horror based on the gruesome E.C. comic books of the 1950s presented by the legendary Crypt Keeper, a sinister ghoul obsessed with gallows humor and horrific puns.

7 media | 21 replies
The Trove - Tabletop RPG/Games Thread
the trove
I haven't seen one in a while. Here is the link for the old The Trove





Tabletop Games:

Open Source:


If you have anything to share, please, post here.
20 media | 63 replies
No title
Let's share intense hardcore scene!
Carolina Sweets Dick Drainers

11 media | 25 replies
Japanese Variety Shows (GnT, GCCX, Documental, Knight Scoop, AKBingo, etc.) #5

>HITOSHI MATSUMOTO presents Documental/FREEZE (subbed and RAW):

>Wednesday Downtown (subbed):

>GCCX pastebin (subbed and RAW):

>Wednesday Downtown - MONSTER IDOL (subbed)

>Takeshi's castle (subbed and RAW):

>Tantei Knight Scoop episodes/segments (subbed):

>Idol shows: (AKBingo subbed and RAW) (Random AKB48, Mechaike, SKE48 episodes)

>Tokyo Encounter (subbed):

>Denpa Shonen Nasubi 1998 電波少年 なすび (subbed):

>Hamada's Holidays (subbed):

>Susume! Denpa Shonen - Eurasian Hitch-Hike [Eng Sub]
[YouTube] Susume! Denpa Shonen - Eurasian Hitch-Hike 1/2 (English subs)
[YouTube] Susume! Denpa Shonen - Eurasian Hitch-Hike 2/2 (English subs)

>Japan Hour: Road Trip Series (Subbed) 6 episodes

>Battle For Money Sentouchuu (Sadly only the first 3 episodes are subbed out of 10)

GnT 24/7 streams:

They have all of the subbed Gaki no Tsukai, Wednesday Downtown, Lincoln and other related shows episodes.

GCCX 24/7 stream:

Last thread:
19 media | 200 replies
South Park Post Covid Special
I have both parts of the South Park Post Covid Special here for you.
Also post your torrents of more South Park content.
2 media | 9 replies
No title
JRE Podcasts / Joe Rogan Experience Torrents #2

old thread >>1047940

>JRE_001-837: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d16ddb8ffbb22b8da2d88734410dac615e472b1b
>JRE_838-1094: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:295ac89baee5f233c699d591ef496d5486b48156
>JRE_1095-1250: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:826aa1e49d21df5c9e5c0452fb1ca43738282631
>JRE_1251-1476: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1b7de20d90ad2abaf02a3ef37980de7720e24d43
>JRE_Misc (MMA Show, Fight Companion, Best of the Week, Highlights, etc.): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a882ec643055e05a2db23e01447ada8850931fa8

>JRE 1477 to 1558: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6cf588fc50d0b3bc07c9a447cd70efd0fa360e78&dn=JRE_1477-1558&
>JRE 1647-1693: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:310a8fae7226614ba949ccc5d31cd8dcb76c059f&dn=JRE_1647-1693


>a bunch of deleted JRE podcasts can also be found on odysee
>milo, molyneux, etc

>in the news today: spotify has deleted ~113 JRE episodes from their platform.
>check missing episodes here:
also soulseek has heaps
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Asian Music General Thread 2 - Electric Boogaloo
The other thread was archived, so I'm creating a new one.

Penpals folder:

My requests from Jpopsuki:

DVDs, tapes and livestreams:
Ai Aso - The Chamomile pool show DVD
Buck-tick - Buck-tick
Buck-tick - More Sexual!!!!!
Buck-tick - Buck-Tick Phenomenon Live at the Live Inn (DVD-ISO)
Dir en grey - 妄想格外劇
Dir en grey - 妄想統覚劇
Dir en grey - 「楓」 ~if trans・・・~
Dir en grey - TOUR00 >> 01 MACABRE Deep [-], Deep [-], Deep [-], Deep [er]
Dir en grey - Tour 08 - The Rose Trims Again (priority)
hide - LEMONed Collected by hide
La'cryma Christi - Zero
La'mule - inspire
Loudness - Live Loudest at the Budokan '91 (priority)
Loudness - The Sun Will Rise Again (priority)
Loudness - Rise to Glory (priority)
Plastic Tree - イノセントピクチャーショウ
té - 15th anniversary live streaming 2020.10.2 at Shinjuku loft
té - ZNRV-001
アクメ - アクメ 1st ONE-MAN TOUR 絶唱謳歌 FINAL at 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO
ダウト - 自作自演 LAST INDIES TOUR 絆 -kizna- at 渋谷 C.C.Lemon ホール

三獄士 (MP3)
ゲスの極み乙女。 - マレリ (thanks muchly to the kind anon who fulfilled this one)
キズ - 仇 (MP3)

X-Japan - X-Japan live in Brazil 2011.09.11
Deathgaze - venomous gaze
Versailles - Jubilee Score Book
Buck-tick - 悪の華 band score
68 media | 279 replies
Fitness Ebooks v0
Clerisy On Diet1
Fitness Ebooks v0 (21.55GB)


-Biomechanics, Exercises, Form, & Injury Prevention-Care (592MB)
-Bodybuilding (1.28GB)
-Calisthenics (184MB)
-Diet-Nutrition-Supplementation (2.93GB)
-Fitness Programs (11.1GB)
-General Fitness (595MB)
-Martial Arts (1.26GB)
-Plyometrics (67MB)
-Running (82.7MB)
-Sports Training & Conditioning (862MB)
-Steroids and PED's (963MB)
-Strength Training (988MB)
-Stretching (383MB)
-Unsorted Ebooks (280MB)

And what am I pushing off the end of the catalog by making this thread? "The Man Show S01-S04". Enough said.
41 media | 191 replies
Newhalf, Otokonoko, Josou, Ladyboy, Shemale, Femboy Thread #50
Last thread:



Before asking something, check the FAQ first
10 media | 61 replies
Graphic Resources
>301 GB
>Total folders: 1 399
>Total files: 12 087
>Total length: 372 796 853 351


Previous thread: >>982914
10 media | 25 replies
Star Trek
Star Trek!

Netflix is going to remove Star Trek, so here's a thread of star trek.
>Star Trek: TNG


>Star Trek: DS9


>Star Trek: VOY


>Star Trek TNG Blu Ray Box set(Warning! 500GB+!)

46 media | 159 replies
Post documentaries here.

As always, don't make a request without contributing something.
79 media | 264 replies
No title
Share TV torrents here!

>Jeopardy! megapack
Hundreds of episodes. Includes the complete 2019 and 2020 seasons, and the 2011 IBM Watson challenge specials.

Previous thread: >>1093109
43 media | 152 replies
Sam Hyde / MDE
hydewars thread re-up

Latest PGL:

Complete Sam Hyde Gumroad:

Full frank hassle Gumroad rip

30 media | 146 replies
Mega thread only
Literally anything goes here
just make sure its on mega
ill start with some magic and occultism and some history
for magic -
for history -

37 media | 286 replies
No title
Remember those days when watching porn was enjoyable!

Today we'll share Classic retro porn torrents..

157 media | 282 replies
PS2 Games Collection
So I have decided to post my 130+ GB of PS2 isos.
Pic related is a list of all games included with their corresponding codes. Roam around and get what you want.
I will leave my PC on for as long as possible to seed, but seeders are of course welcome.
Feel free to share your own torrents of PS2 games.
2 media | 26 replies
80s movies
Escape from new york
Escape from New York (1981)

Awesome sci fi movie where Manhattan is made into a prison, and ex soldier, Snake Plissken has to go in to rescue the President after his plane is hijacked. This film started the cyberpunk genre.

89 media | 275 replies
Comics general
Asterix (1)
post any non manga comics here

>Asterix Collection (1-38)

76 media | 181 replies
>Ulrich Boser - Master Any Skill

7 media | 118 replies
70s movies
The Godfather (1972) 1080p

14 media | 28 replies
90s movies
Arlington Road
Arlington Road ( 1999)

The story of a widowed George Washington University professor who suspects his new neighbors are involved in terrorism

11 media | 21 replies
Marvel & DC Comics
Do you even have weeb shit? ;)

DC covers pretty much everything up until the end of 2020 (beginning of Infinite Frontier).

Marvel covers pretty much everything up until the end of 2021.Marvel is a work in progress and is taking the full amount of available time/focus/work.Therefore DC 2.0 has no current plans until at least Marvel is complete and Megapack-Anon can take a long deserved break.

Feel free to make and post your own collections / sets as others have done :)

DC - Pack 01 (Golden Age) (202 GB).


DC - Pack 02 (Pre-Crisis) (277 GB).


DC - Pack 03 (Post-Crisis) (422 GB).


DC - Pack 04 (Vertigo/Wildstorm) (200 GB).


DC - Pack 05 (New52 pack) (132 GB).


DC - Pack 06 (Rebirth & Other Current Imprints) (141 GB).


Anonymous 02/27/22(Sun)15:05:05 No.1118263?>>1118294 >>1120986


DC - Pack 07 (Elseworlds Plus+) (168 GB).

16 media | 76 replies
eSheep from Win95, a desktop pet.
Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:723F0B77C6B1D14F21747269A874A1A111162D82&
30 media | 119 replies
Perverse Family torrent
here is the first 54 episodes

Episode 01


Episode 02


Episode 03


Episode 04


Episode 05


Episode 06


Episode 07

4 media | 39 replies
Dump thread
Dump torrents here that either don't belong in a thread or you can't be bothered to make a thread for.
25 media | 154 replies
Handjob torrents. Bonus points for topless in thongs and fetish shit

6 media | 48 replies
Alex Jones thread
Post torrents of modern day Paul Revere

I'll start:
Police State 4: The Rise Of FEMA chronicles the sickening depths to which our republic has fallen. Veteran documentary filmmaker Alex Jones conclusively proves the existence of a secret network of FEMA camps, now being expanded nationwide. The military-industrial complex is transforming our once free nation into a giant prison camp. A cashless society control grid, constructed in the name of fight

13 media | 67 replies
No title
Premium Bukkake scene
Here all the Ohana Petite Scene

Share more scene if you have some
Would really like to get Alyrex scene.
4 media | 21 replies
No title
>>1038922 - some fg deleted


Main rutracker forum page for linux native game torrents
Main rutracker forum page for pre-bottled wine games
All MEGA links from previous threads (+ a few Megadrive and Google Drive): (embed)
All software from previous threads: (embed)
Dead MEGA links from previous threads (please reupload if you have them): (embed)

>Installation help:
Unpack -> make executable -> run
Alternatively mount the .iso (google for your distribution's preferred mounting method)

>Related links
torrminatorr - - great source for GOG GNU/Linux releases
The Eye - - Online directory of linux games
Penguspy - - a list of mostly proprietary games, paid, free or F2P
Libre Game Wiki - - a list of libre games
Gaming on Linux - - a news website about gaming on linux
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Rare pepes
pepes, wojaks, whatever. lost my collection of 10k+ to a raid failure
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Fellatio Japan Revived
Shall we bring back the classic thread?
Let's bring back the classic thread!
>fellatio japan, tokyo facefuck, spemania and assorted japanese oral sex themed porn!

Scenes 163-198
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Superwog Season 1
I have all 6 episodes of the season 1 of Superwog. Would be glad to see other Superwog torrents and of course seeders to help spread this masterpiece.
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NAS doomsday hoarding
Anyone else building the highest quality collection of all the content they have ever liked or been interested in or are you normal
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Max Hardcore Pack 2022

896 Videos
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Classical Music Part 3
classical header
Continuing on from last years amazing thread

>VA - The 50 Most Essential Classical Music Pieces Ever.

This could be a good starting point if you are new to classical music. Theres even a few contemporary pieces in there.

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Pierre Woodman Pack 2022
Torrent file


1428 Videos - No interviews - 777 Hours
15 media | 65 replies

These are collections of science fiction and fantasy literature spanning from 2100 bc to the 2000s that are curated in calibre format.

Check >>>/lit/sffg or some book recommendation site like goodreads for suggestions on what to read before asking ITT.

[Thanks to the creator of the previous two threads from whom I copied and pasted all this, and of course to Book Curator, the original creator of this whole collection!]
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No title
Post hardware that you are using for torrenting.
Here is mine :
- Pi 4
- WD Blue 750GB

>I was thinking of replacing two pi at home with an intel nuc, do you know the low end nuc consumption? Like the NUC5CPYH
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/BAN/ Ban List General - Fuck Jannies Edition
Your one stop guide to IP Filtering your torrents.
>Why would I want to do this?
Tired of pajeets leaching your torrents? Want to ban corporate and government IPs? Want to ban suspicious trackers by IP from blacklists?
>How to
Easy as pie. Simply go into your client's settings (In qbittorrent this is under Tools>Preferences>Connection) and enable Filter Path, and load your .dat file. These lists can also be used to block IP connections at the router level.

Here are the paywall blacklists from iblocklist, created by yours truly

And here is the list I use personally,, blocking all the big tech companies, apple kikebook etc, as well as a good number of countries, india, nigeria, israel, and to top it off some scammer IPs
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operafags get in
Pavarotti - The Greatest Hits

17 media | 110 replies
download (4)
Post Instrument/Music books/courses here.

500GB of relevant material
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YOGA/workout thread
Lets get rid of those bitch tits.

DDP yoga collection

16 media | 104 replies
Non Fiction ebooks
Post torrents of non fiction ebooks, such as textbooks, technical manuals, cookbooks, anything really as long as its non fiction.
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Monster Movies
>The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

This film is about a fictional dinosaur, the Rhedosaurus, which is released from its frozen hibernating state by an atomic bomb test in the Arctic Circle. The beast begins to wreak a path of destruction as it travels southward, eventually arriving at its ancient spawning grounds, which includes New York City.

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms was one of the early atomic monster movies, and it helped inspire a generation of creature features and directly inspired Godzilla.

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KPOP Discographies
any kpg image
>the /kpg/ torrent

>Library Stats
6444 albums - 35367 Tracks - 922.76 GB
FLAC (86.8%) - MP3 (11.8%) - AAC (1.4%)

>Library Files
2022.02.22 - Base Library

>Previous Thread
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3D Softwares, Textures, Assets and Everything
beuclair palace
get in here my anons, 3d model yourself or your wife!
Adobe Animate 2022
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Dying Lain Torrent
I need help reviving a dead torrent.

I have all the files hosted, and I'll be leaving my computer running for a week or so to seed this torrent. It's packed with official and unofficial Serial Experiments Lain content. Notable things include the full Coalgirls rip, a fair Lainspotting collection, the soundtrack, the PS1 game, and some transparent renders of Lain.

71 media | 295 replies
dystopian / conspiracy / film noir / infowarrior
Onions green
this one is for you matthew .. im sorry
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Tony O'Connor
Tony O'Connor was an Australian composer, producer and performer of instrumental, new-age music.

>Complete Calm
>Seashore Sunrise
>Private Collection
>Aqua Zone
>Under Southern Skies
>Rainforest Magic
>Whispering Sea
>Bushland Dreaming
>Hidden Forest
>Summer Rain
>In Touch
>Tales of the Wind
>Dreams & Discoveries
>Hall of Beginnings
>Enchanted Christmas
>Mother and Child

(The Zodiac Collection)
>Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo

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The Tintin Thread
Its time that nosy ginger reporter got his own thread. Starting off with the comics.

>TinTin -- Full PDF Collectors Edition

16 media | 50 replies
Horror/Grotesque Films
A thread for gory/disgusting cinema from all around the world.

Child I Never Was
tinyurl com 2d6ye6vs

Vase de Noces
tinyurl com 8wynkmyw

Mai-chan no Nichijo
tinyurl com 8wynkmyw
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Podcast General
Use this thread to post, request, and discuss podcasts.

Starting with a few I have available

>Welcome to Night Vale (1-205) 6.4gb
> Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast presented as a radio show for the fictional town of Night Vale, reporting on the strange events that occur within it.

15 media | 47 replies
Furry Based Artist Thread
Just exclusive content from artists of the furry variety from places such as Patreon, etc.

For me, created today:

9 media | 30 replies
A few kinky porno games
this is my first time creating a torrent
this might not even work but here goes nothing

8 media | 77 replies
Lossless electronic music (wav, flac)
Techno, psytrance, house... anything!
Only Wav and Flac!

Hypnus records (flac)
4 media | 8 replies
Samurai films
Seven Samurai (1954) - 1080p

29 media | 65 replies
Stargate SG1
stargate poster
>Season 1
25 media | 117 replies
classic international erotic movies
classic international erotic movies

new r/sub at -



4 media | 30 replies
VHS torrent
Post rips of popular movies and shows captured off VHS for that comfy vibe

I'll start off with Lain: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a7ad2ad6e3f3b94f7a9ee2a87d9185d1d7d8725b&dn=Serial%20Experiments%20Lain%20%28US%20VHS%29%20%28en%20dub%29&

Yes, a thread died for this
40 media | 126 replies 4chan archive dump
This is a collection of all the HTML files from as of Feb 2021, packaged by Anonymous !wJbF8ZWUxk.

It was a process of scraping over multiple months and completed nearly the time that vanished for good.

Each board is collected into 2 tar.gz files, containing either the entirety of a board's HTML files, or a portion. After each file is extracted, you will have all the files of the board.

Unfortunately, no thumbnails or images were saved before went offline, but it is possible to find images using other archive websites.

If you'd like to support my efforts, you can donate ETH to: 0xD952EeD3a5f10A891f962f9bC411fFa41272F78A

More information regarding 4chan archives can be found at

Cheers! I hope you find this collection useful.

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Public Flashing Thread #4
How in the fuck did y'all let the last one die? LOL!

Anyway.. Here's the most complete Bitchinbubba I've seen recently.

17 media | 321 replies
No title
Last Thread?

Let's discuss and share the glory on our side.
I´m very sorry, if information is missing, help please...

OP: Akane araragi Cos Fischl.
Missing for now...
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Nudieman's Nudie World
While this thread my cause trolls to come out and trigger racist responses, I'm going to do this anyway. I'm back again and sharing my porn collection for all that want to download share and enjoy. I focus on amateur nudes featuring black women and public nudity and everything in between those genres.

Here is my complete collection of nude black women. More to follow + new stuff.

30 media | 71 replies
old bread >>1029385

Bakemonogatari [Japanese edition]
Vol. 1-2
Vol 3-4
Vol 5-6
83 media | 245 replies
/mg/ - Music General
For genres that don't have their own general, or music that you don't need a new thread for.

I've had it with these pathetic gay little rules everywhere.
You can make a request without contributing.
It's appreciated, but you don't have to seed.

Just enjoy.

>Redtopia FLAC Library (5.7 TB)
>Redtopia Non-FLAC Library
122 media | 263 replies
The Pirate Bay
Yesterday I was downloading some movies over there and today I find that it has been taken down or something like that. I started using the page recently, is this usual? And are there any similar pages to download torrents?
34 media | 281 replies
No title
All things Eastern Philosophy and related.

I have included the She-rab-Dong-bu or The Tree of Wisdom from Nagarjuna, Tibetan philosopher, in .ogg format.

We need this.

different link
20 media | 90 replies
No title
Art General
40k Art Collection

This first collection is totally sorted by Artist.
Name of painting, type of medium used etc. are contained in the file name.
Approximately 1,250 Artists from around the world are represented.

Average scan quality and resolution sizes are in reflected in the image post.
I have super Hi Res sets as follow up torrents.
This makes a great guide as reference to a large collection of works.
Will post some caps of a look inside in the next couple of posts.

Hope others will join in with some sets of their own.

48 media | 201 replies
No title
there are a number of single profiles on piratebay which upload a stupdenous number of torrents.
My questions are:
Are they really a single person? Are the torrents all OC? Is it actually something like the Russian government mass torrenting? Are they doing this because perhaps they are imbedding bitcoin miners in EXEs (harmless exercise if it only runs with the EXE and isn't over the top resource consuming tbqh)
I'm just curious about it
0 media | 3 replies
Post what you are seeding
Megas XLR show
Megas XLR music
Record of Lodoss War OST FLAC
Dungeon of the Endless OST
Endless Legend OST
LotR BBC Production [12.5 hours long] (Ian Holm as Frodo)
Adventures by Morse (old thrilling adventure tales, my favorite: Land of the Living Dead)
10 media | 93 replies
OSes Thread
Previous thread:


As promised in the previous thread, here is my entire collection of OSes, including an updated Windows collection. This collection also includes macOS, DOS, OS/2, ReactOS, TempleOS, and Linux OSes. Feel free to post any other operating systems you come across.

Since I recently moved and have better internet, I'll be seeding indefinitely.
52 media | 174 replies
Sissy/Trans Motivation Thread
This thread is for sharing sissy/trans motivation videos like trainers, hypnos, and porn music videos. I'm starting off with my recommended starter pack.

Becumming A Sissy Starter Pack

I hope you enjoy my selection. Be kind and share your own collections, don't hoard!

>inb4 this is gay
No shit, bucko.
26 media | 257 replies
Susumu Hirasawa Discography
I found the best archive of everything by Susumu and related (Shun and P-Model) tho sadly like, 3 seeders (love you), will seed it myself too. Thank you so much anon.
Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1b03cd51557b8c21bd0a7b79e06842e26125b728&dn=Susumu%20Hirasawa%20Discography&
23 media | 105 replies
WW2/General war films
Lawrence of Arabia

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
1 media | 8 replies
Art Film Thread
>An art film is typically a serious, independent film, aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience. It is "intended to be a serious, artistic work, often experimental and not designed for mass appeal", "made primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit", and contains "unconventional or highly symbolic content"

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives


The Tree of Life
39 media | 290 replies
Ancient Greek Philosophy Texts
Just a collection of classic Western Philosophy writings, I'll start. Here's twelve of Plato's most popular works, translated in English and put into one volume. (Also I am new to both Torrenting and this board so if I slip up on the link or etiquette or anything please let me know)

25 media | 175 replies
No title
4k Thread
11 media | 78 replies
No title
88,816 random unique Steam profile pictures (some may be NSFW)

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:eba9282b29d8343e07b3bd058880177e322467fe&dn=88816_steam_profile_pictures&

Torrent: aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL0I1bTdYYlg3eGIvODg4MTZfc3RlYW1fcHJvZmlsZV9waWN0dXJlc190b3JyZW50
4 media | 26 replies
No title
Space General
I put together a collection of work over the last few years.
Included is everything from Sputnik thru Space X.
All US and Russian programs are represented.

Video, about 3g.
Full sets of pho/t/os taken by the US astronauts on Major moon missions.
Modern Hi Res Satellite imagery of the Earth. Most with locations.
Info PDF'S and tech data.
German rocket projects.
And much more.

This was built from a foundation of a torrent from someone else. That set was 10g
With the additional 26g I added, I will now call it my own.
You will not find a more comprehensive and complete collection on this Topic anywhere. imo.
While mine has some video content, about 3g, The rest is a festival for the eyes and mind without video.
I could go on saying all the cool stuff you will find, but I think it is best and more fun, when you discover them for yourself.
Details in post to follow.


62 media | 184 replies
Seeder Thread 2
ITT: Post your seed ratio! Also general seeding discussion, such as what you are currently seeding, how to optimize hardware/programs for seeding, and the ethics of seeding.

>Why should I bother seeding on public trackers, since there is no benefit to me?
The way people act online is often analogous to how they act offline. By seeding, you are affirming that you will help others without expecting anything in return, which contributes to a healthy and high-trust society. Additionally, all of the people you are seeding for share your interests!
>Do I need a VPN to seed?
That depends on your location and the content you seed. In first-world countries, it is typically prudent to use a VPN while torrenting. Even cheap, low-end VPNs work for their intended purpose in this case.
>I have slow internet, should I bother seeding?
Yes! Especially for a torrent that is not well-seeded, you can make the difference between its life and death.
>What is a good seed ratio?
As high as you can realistically achieve. Since torrent clients automatically manage seeding, many users opt to leave their torrent client running in the background regardless of seed ratios or upload speeds. However, if torrents are completely consuming your upload bandwidth and interfering with other tasks, it is simple to limit upload speeds in any torrent client. Additionally, it is possible in programs like qBitTorrent to automatically pause or remove torrents after reaching a specified ratio, such as 2.00, 3.00, 5.00, etc., if this is desired.
>What is the advantage of using a seedbox?
Seedboxes offer drastically increased upload speeds, 24/7 uptime, and can earn you points in private trackers. Some benevolent individuals also use these to keep their favorite public torrents alive and healthy, usually with a limit on their upload speed.
>What are private trackers and how do I get in one?
See dedicated thread: >>>/g/ptg/

Previous thread: >>1002804
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The Magnet
Psst... found it while digging through archive. Figured I'd post it. Besides, it's still active and being seeded.


from the post-
Subjects listed:
Books for Children and Parents
Car Manuals
College Books
Electronics and Communications
English Literature
Free Energy
Intelligence and Espionage
Language Learning
Law Enforcement
Metaphysics and Spirituality
National Geographic
Sacred Archive
World History
17 media | 107 replies
Favorite Movies
Share some of your favorite movies, Animated, Live action, Asian, European, American doesn't matter just share em.
End Of Evangelion
27 media | 43 replies
No title
What's your favorite sites and utilities for torrents these days. Pic is mine.
22 media | 147 replies
Avantgarde / Alternative music
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Trout Mask Replica

8 media | 51 replies
No title
Has anyone gotten their internet shut off for torrenting? I just got a copyright notice from my ISP.
7 media | 74 replies
No title
Blacked thread

Gabbie Carter
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d70316b223a58e7a96123a8eb37cae5df0acdb64&dn=Blacked 22 02 05 Gabbie Carter XXX 480p MP4-XXX&
26 media | 126 replies
Bibliotheca Alexandrina June 2021 Update [Over 350 GB]
trinity-college-library (2)

as promised here's the update for the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a little sign of appreciation dedicated to whom invested their time and money believing on this project: thank you!

This is probably the biggest overhaul this library will ever get and in future I'm planning to release one main package and update it with smaller files. If you downloaded it before i strongly suggest to erase everything and just go with this one.
Old thread Bibliotheca Alexandrina December 2020
A legend can be found in the read me file

Spreadsheet with the updates

18 media | 122 replies
Retired Creator Archives
General Butch is quitting so I threw together a whole archive of his stuff off patreon, should be absolutely everything. No clue how to make a torrent but I tried lol, feel free to share other stuff from artists/content creators who've quit the cooming craft. Also tell me if i did anything wrong/how to do it better (my net sucks btw so it'll take a while but this'll be seeding 24/7 on my server)

24 media | 150 replies
Smut literature
I am whipping a huge collection divided by tags sissy books-strapon books, threesomes, fetish etc. All are in epub format. I also gathered stories from sites like asstr etc, the best of each category and made them into an anthology epub. Anyone interested or post to lit when done?
7 media | 71 replies
A Rescue Mission for Sci-Hub and Open Science
Sci-Hub is in danger of being wiped out.

Download 1 random torrent (100GB) from the scimag collection and download it. Seed forever.

Reddit thread:
9 media | 152 replies
Just good movies general thread
Post some good movies that you wanna share
I'll start off:
Hobo with a shotgun
V for Vendetta
Fargo 1996
Man on Fire
59 media | 177 replies
Snu-Snu, Thread #16
This thread is to catalog any torrents of movies, comics, or games featuring men being screwed to death. Whether it was by life/energy drain, loss of fluids, soul theft, or sheer exhaustion, all are welcome.

Old thread here: >>998324

The old pastebin archive is dead, so Deku made a downloadable version:
49 media | 251 replies
Kaitlyn Katsaros and other filthy mainstream sluts
Kaitlyn Katsaros has been somewhat of a trailblazer doing some really sick (literally) shit and getting semi and mainstream pornstars to join her but her vids are hard to find or expensive.

Here is a small collection an anon posted in an archived thread, lets see what else we can find and share:
11 media | 117 replies
ASMR Streams Episode 44
ASMR streams/youtubers/whatever, no blomaga images edition(maybe?). Also might want to avoid using the big M&C name otherwise the simps have an easy time with ctrl+f and report.
*Check the archives if you don't understand how things work around here

Continued from ASMR Streams Episode 43 >>1131598
Part 1: 934801
Part 2: 940707
Part 3: 944194
Part 4: 945334
Part 5: 945808
Part 6: 950634
Part 7: 952017
Part 8: 954066
Part 9: 961977
Part 10: 965276
Part 11: 967843
Part 12: 973857
Part 13: 974871
Part 14: 980724
Part 15: 986873
Part 16: 994150
Part 17: 1000442
Part 18: 1001077
Part 19: 1005266
Part 20: 1012528
Part 21: 1021710
Part 22: 1023385
Part 23: 1028641
Part 24: 1035474
Part 25: 1040385
Part 26: 1045505
Part 27: 1049671
Part 28: 1053832
Part 29: 1059303
Part 30: 1065735
Part 31: 1068030
Part 32: 1073574
Part 33: 1079454
Part 34: 1084082
Part 35: 1089138
Part 36: 1095530
Part 37: 1100840
Part 38: 1106686
Part 39: 1110448
Part 40: 1116638
Part 41: 1121554
Part 42: 1127479
Part 43: 1131598
32 media | 643 replies
No title
No-Intro Romsets

NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16 (20210607-040618)

48 media | 181 replies
/ic/ Mega Torrent
Old bread >>925193

Seed if you have the space.
Its about 934.06 GB but seeding any part helps!
25 media | 149 replies
Audioobook Thread
download (10)
Why so many on /t/ open threads of pornographic stuff. I am the same dude that opened the Adobe thread, which is already dead. So, how about an audiobook thread since there are already ebook and comics threads ? I though about it while trying to look for Manel Loureiro trilogy.

The primary two famous for torrenting audiobooks are :



What else you guys suggest? There are certainly better and public ones.
29 media | 115 replies
Go/Baduk/Weiqi book collection
>Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent. The game was invented more than 2,500 years ago and is believed to be the oldest board game continuously played to the present day.

3 media | 24 replies
D&D 5e books
Get your wizard hats ready it’s a collection of d&d books

15 media | 30 replies
Flickr Purge
Flickr just announced they are making major changes to their free accounts.....

Anything hidden or restricted will be removed unless you pay for Pro

Let's get something started here to share what we have.

My contribution:::

9 media | 34 replies
2.95 GB .mobi format e-book collection, ideal for Kindles
mobi collection
This eclectic collection contains more than ten thousand e-books from 1.436 different authors, from different time periods and any genre you can imagine. It only contains .mobi format files that can be read on an amazon Kindle without need for conversion, but they can be read in many other e-book readers too.


Pic related is an excerpt of the contents.

Feel free to post other fiction e-books in here too, ideally collections.
25 media | 146 replies
No title
ab dick for hot rem
sharing my collection of b/g cosplay(and some stockings) videos, pretty much nothing solo, some three and foursomes, divided by creators

everything is encoded mkv and 1080p, aside from a few videos, which are marked 720p

list of actresses:

2 media | 9 replies
where are my fellow metalheads


7 media | 36 replies
No title
Time to learn the truth
11 media | 73 replies