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Welcome to /t/orrents.
torrent guide
Welcome to /t/orrents. Reminder ALL requests belong in >>>/r/

Beginners tl;dr Guide for Torrenting:
There are a lot of clients to choose from, here's a couple: Deluge, BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze.

Most posts on /t/ will be accompanied by a magnet link which should look something like this:
These are used in your torrent client to download the torrent.
e.g. In Deluge - File->Add Torrent->URL->(Paste the magnet link)->OK->Add.

Other times posters will provide a link to another site where you can download a .torrent file which when opened will begin downloading in your torrent client.

When you start a torrent, you begin downloading from seeds. Seeds are people who have finished downloading the torrent and are now uploading that content to new downloaders like you. Be courteous and seed. You should always aim to have a seed ratio of 1:1 (You've uploaded as much as you downloaded).

If you still have questions please refer to the image in this post or
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GirlsDoPorn and GirlsDoToys cont.
big (1)
Siterip: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:05d96f45af950b29d4b2703d47e20b1f1e79e224&dn=GirlsDoPorn+-+SITERIP&tr=udp://

Previous archived thread: >>908994
Previous archived thread before the previous archived thread: - has information on GDP performers including "real" names, trial Jane Doe identities, trial and criminal proceeding coverage, and MORE! - paste with magnet links; password should be obvious. You can also find the links in the previous threads, with images of the episode next to the posts.

GDP - SITERIP (527GB) E1-E358 720p, Some BTS, Some Deleted Scenes - At least 2 files incomplete (E238 & E252)
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Xev and Tara Torrents (November 2019)
Xev and Leia kino plays on hacked billboard edition

Tara Tainton


Xev Bellringer


33 images | 248 replies
Japanese Cosplay
Moar Cosplay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! v28

>Trifecta of free filesharing:
-DDL: links on [javusb, kisscosplaymoe, cosplayjavhdv4 blog, fap-cosplayjav blog, avgle] (use adblocker), links on /t/ and UploadBank on LilyW website,
-XDCC: PRIVMSG or QUERY LilyB/Reiuji at same server as #4chan IRC channel (/msg Reiuji XDCC HELP),
-this thread and the archive

>Please post the magnet link and/or mirror your *.torrent files to, use to convert magnet links

>From previous thread

第25話「モデルさんの好きなコスで思う存分攻めて欲しい!」 一色さゆり

Bowsette cosplay

Erufu, Nakano Miku, Senko cosplay

>ガチ洗脳ちゃん 歴代No.1タレント級美貌の美巨乳Gカップ極上S級19歳レイヤー 全身性感帯トランス絶頂中出し子宮口魔力供給 FG○ エロ過ぎ煩悩おっぱい三蔵ちゃん

乃木⊿梅澤美⊿似 歴代No.1モデル体型性欲お化け医大才女童貞狩り20歳レイヤー全身性感帯トランス絶頂イキまくりドロドロ体液ハメ撮り FG○ 水着マルタさん[H]

ガチ洗脳ちゃん 歴代No.1タレント級美貌の美巨乳Gカップ極上S級19歳レイヤー 全身性感帯トランス絶頂イキまくりドロドロ体液ハメ撮り FG○ ハメられましゅ[H]#2

FGO Yu Miaoyi
>1wVYuy7rEJPbAUHmqZ_EGAg9qtZBm_VwT (use gdrive)

>other stuff
>2 2019 - 04 2017
>3-9 2019
edowload 5000 yen
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/ptg/ - Private Trackers General
PTP edition

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

>Have a question?

Use >>>/t/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers

Previous thread: >>/g/73010933

>μTorrent 2.2.1 finally whitelisted again on PTP
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Erotic Hypnosis
No sissy shit edition

Previous Thread >>830853

Remember Jackpot - No hands? This torrent has about every erotic hypnosis tape that is commonly available.


For those who don't know Jackpot.
>erotic hypnosis
>listen with headphones
>go into trance
>orgasm at the end
>may need several listens

For the archivists among you: many of the hypnotists have since shuttered their websites and have pursued different careers (e.g. therapeutic hypnosis). So save these tracks while you still can.

Great (and safe) stuff for beginners:
>Nikki Fatale
>Isabelle Valentina (first 5 jackpot files are safe at the very least)
>Mistress Carol
>Ellechemy (all of her files are free on her website)

It also contains some video hypnosis and motivational/regular stuff:
>Brain training
>Weight loss
>Life success

This is a compilation made by anon of three big torrents on tpb. A fourth one that was added later is:


Report back with results or ask for suggestions!

You can find stuff on thepiratebay*. Also there is which has some files not available in other places.

R.I.P. infinite-chan board
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Music flac.
Losslessclub invitation code
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Delle Belphine
Her instagram account was banned today but luckily here's an archive of all her posts since 2015....


More of her content

16 images | 117 replies
Games for GNU/Linux
Previous thread: >>825628
All torrents from previous threads with trackers and a few other things, near 25 trackers actually works (lolwut there was seriously a .local tracker) (please seed):
All MEGA links from previous threads (+ a few Megadrive and Google Drive):
All software from previous threads:
Torrents that may or may not be in the pastebin:
Dead MEGA links from previous threads (please reupload if you have them):

How to install games:
Most games come in .tar.gz archives. Extract them and you'll get a .sh file. Make it executable (chmod +x and run it (./ to install the game. If you use a graphical file manager, you can right click => Properties => Permissions.
Some games are ISO files. You can extract them like an archive or mount them (mount -o loop file.iso /mnt/something). If you use a graphical file manager, you can right click => Mount, or use Furius ISO Mount (available in most distros' repositories and the Ubuntu Software Center).

Related links:
Linux game database ( - a list of mostly proprietary games, paid, free or F2P
The Eye - - Online directory of linux games
Penguspy - - a list of mostly proprietary games, paid, free or F2P
Libre Game Wiki - - a list of libre games
PlayDeb - - a Debian/Ubuntu repository of open-source games
Gaming on Linux - - a news website about gaming on linux
Linux Game Consortium - - a news website about gaming on linux
/r/linux_gaming - - subreddit aboug Linux gaming
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Animal/Wildlife General
Last thread died.
Here is Pastebin with all the magnets to the collections in the previous thread, with some information about the torrent (size, amount of images and description) in addition:

In the Pastebin there is also a link to a Mega folder with some of the collections in case you find the torrents dead. If the collection of a dead torrent is not in the folder, you can ask if someone can seed and hopefully there will be someone that can help seeding.
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Godzilla Torrents
Godilla KotM
We're back boys
Movie Megatorrent:

Looking for roms for Games as well as emulators for them.
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The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas (Complete 1-18) [January 2018 Update]
Since my old thread died (, I am making this new one.

>The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas (Complete 1-18) [January 2018 Update]
4 images | 25 replies
/ag/ Anime General v5
Previous thread >>891709

Last thread seems to have reached the bump limit so I'm making a new one. As usual, feel free to share magnets for anime OVAs, TV shows, and movies. You can also post manga and other related stuff in here if it doesn't have its own thread.

Here is a link to the website that contains all the magnet links and lists of the shows within the torrents:

This pastebin also has all the decade torrents but also some single show magnets not present in the geocities website:

I don't see the point of posting all the magnets in the threat one by one but just in case, I'll put all the main ones in the next post.
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The All-Embracing Library (dark web torrent)
Size: 501GB
Description: I2P (dark web) book collection categorized by topic with only the best on their fields.
WARNING! Only works with I2P but you can use a guide

Natural sciences (mathematics, chemistry, physics)
Humanities (philosophy, politics, linguistics, psychology, occultism)
Computers (programming, GNU+Linux, networking, web dev, hardware)
Languages (french, german, japanese, etc.)
History (western, eastern, art history, etc.)
Arts (calligraphy, drawing, writing, etc.)
Self Improvement (critical thinking, meditation, communication, etc.)
Survivalism (cooking, agriculture, privacy, security, etc.)
Fiction (novels, plays, etc.)
Comics, mangas, magazines, etc.
and more.

Magnet link:

25 images | 209 replies
Music thread
Nujabes complete discography [RIP 1974 - 2010]

16 images | 87 replies
Nikumikyo #3
Previous thread >>892123

Thread #3
Continuing the Niku Thread

Big Stach:!aBlyDayK!HQObvj5d6Tz8asVa70RqDQ

Credit to Davoc, HentaiKami and other anons
30 images | 184 replies
Korean Broadcast Jockeys
Umpah Umpah!

This is a megapack of korean chicks showing tits and stuff. Don't forget to thank mommy.

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:17f331986d526a6ee40c171ee5bec88f1a409158&dn=Korea%20Broadcast%20Jockey
5 images | 61 replies
Dissident music
All genres, all ideologies. Music outside the mainstream.

Fuck censorship!
49 images | 90 replies
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Great Composition
Music from North Korea - 124 songs ripped from a CD. Orignially from rutracker. If you've ever seen a North Korean documentary you might recognise some of the songs.

1 images | 20 replies
South Park Seasons 1-19 *Uncensored
Hey /t/, it's Jeff again, my rage for SBS Viceland continues as they just took South Park off the rotation again so here's another (mostly) complete torrent for ya, this torrent contains every season from 1 to 19 mostly uncensored, season 1 isn't and like 1 or 2 episodes in season 5 are uncensored. But hey, they're Blu Ray rips so I guess that makes up for it.

Oh yeah, the link, almost forgot again. vvvvv
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No title
xXx Porn Collection
xXx Porn Collection

12 images | 51 replies
Horror Movies
October's almost here, it's time for a spooky movie thread

Halloween Collection (missing the newest movie)

A Nightmare on Elm Street Complete Collection

Guinea Pig Complete Collection (personal favorite)
21 images | 128 replies
Newhalf, Otokonoko, Josou, Ladyboy, Shemale Thread
Last thread:

Share and discuss newhalfs, otokonokos, josou, bishounens, ladyboys, shemales, cross-dressers, traps, ...



Before asking something, check FAQ and archive first.
60 images | 302 replies
/vgtg/ Video Game Torrent General v4
>Videogame thread

Share your shit
7 images | 77 replies
4chan whores
Las thread got archived


more girls


0 images | 8 replies
5 Patlabor artbooks
1 images | 6 replies
Got 7gigs of G-Queen


>G-Queen 562
>G-Queen 566
>G-Queen Mai Takano
>G-Queen 無毛宣言 ウィンタ
>G-Queen 無毛宣言 牧野里美
>Gqueen 405
>Gqueen 423
>GQueen Maria Nakamura

If anyone has any that is not in this torrent please share.
10 images | 49 replies
Old vitange porn that aged like wine
monica roccaforte
In this thread, we sjare ancient porn.

Lets start with a complete list of Mario Salieris movies

16 images | 129 replies
foreign erotic movies
there is something about foreign erotic movies

Paprika (1991) Italian

33 images | 150 replies
Humble Book Bundles
frasier the origin
Old Thread >>862821

Cybersecurity by Packt


Hacking for the Holidays by No Starch Press

34 images | 187 replies
No title
I have AT&T and I have 3 fucking copyright infringement notices. Is there a way to avoid detection? I turned off seeding and uploading altogether. I don't understand what the fuck is going on.
27 images | 242 replies
SoftCore Big Boobs
>Busty girls thread!

starting off with Tessa Fowler

53 images | 279 replies
Pornstar Packs 2: Electric Boogaloo
Starting off with a few easy to find ones, will post harder to find ones later
Dakota Skye 53gb

41 images | 198 replies
ZRDX-001 - Ass REVOLUTION Shinoda Yu
37 images | 97 replies
REDTOPIA (Blutopia's Music Tracker) FULL RIP (5.7TB)
Redtopia was a private music tracker that was shutdown. This thread contains torrents for downloading its content.

5.7 TB of music, mostly FLAC

PART 1 - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4387e647c66fad1825ca40efac6e52ab747f711e&dn=Redtopia%20FLAC%2001&
4 images | 69 replies
>MAME Plus +6000 Roms (Mame32v1.84.2)

19 images | 174 replies
DnD 5e
Hey /t/, created a torrent for all of the DnD 5e books and modules currently released (no Xanathar's) with maps for dming. Posting it here so people download and keep it alive.

34 images | 255 replies

These are collections of science fiction and fantasy literature spanning from 2100 bc to the 2000s that are curated in calibre format.
Check >>>/lit/sffg or some book recommendation site like goodreads for suggestions on what to read before asking ITT.
You can select what you want to download once the metadata has finished downloading; if Book Curator or someone with all of the collections on hand could get a separate torrent or upload of what books each collection has it would be great for people who are having trouble waiting for the metadata to load and just want to check if there's a specific book in one of the collections. They could use mega too but those might be taken down at some point in the future.

1930s 67.5 gb

1940s 67.8

1950s 100.3 gb (those scanned magazines man)
10 images | 137 replies
/IPG/ - Images & Photos General
mount-fuji -compressed
Post anything that has to do with images and photos here. I'll start the thread with some magnets.

WWI Photos:
> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2vv3vfsvrofluotgdbdznplekddfiekv&dn=WW%20I&xl=4288437871&fc=11767

> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ziv2abn35s2jlvhnjd3ebhnc4y6buup2&dn=Space&xl=11370805873&fc=4664

Classical Art:
> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:cjtl4cpccec25bks532ampi5nacb6i5p&dn=Art&xl=1705524569&fc=1213

> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:n3o5cct6idvmqlnxmobalvg2kdvoknhm&dn=Caves&xl=472974472&fc=945
40 images | 126 replies
Hello fellas, big astronomy fan here, so I'd like to start a thread with appropriate content. Don't even know if there was such thread, never seen one.

Everything connected to astronomy goes in here (pictures from telescopes (pls HD as far as possible), space shuttles, plans of rockets, astronomy ebooks (english please), infographiscs, missions, programs etc. Long story short: everything connected to space and cosmos and its exploration.

10gb of pictures, infographics, videos, concept arts, and documents on Projects: Vostok, Mercury, Apollo, Gemini, Voskhod, Soyuz, Salyut, Skylab, Mir, ISS, SpaceX and more. I reccomend it a lot.

Big pictures (.tif format) of galaxies, nebulas, and other stuff. Some pictures are hundreds of mbs.

Picture of Andromeda galaxy by Hubble Space Telescope (4gb, 1.5billion pixel). Photoshop format

Pictures of Earth, Comets, ISS Interior, Landing tests, Moon, Spacecrafts and lots of metadata.
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Christmas (Movies, TV/Streaming Specials, Music etc.)
Since it’s the holiday season, I figured we should have a thread for just about anything Christmas related.

I'll start us off with a new Christmas movie I enjoyed called Klaus.

Klaus (2019)

When Jesper distinguishes himself as the postal academy’s worst student, he is stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle, where the feuding locals hardly exchange words let alone letters. Jesper is about to give up when he finds an ally in local teacher Alva, and discovers Klaus, a mysterious carpenter who lives alone in a cabin full of handmade toys. These unlikely friendships return laughter to Smeerensburg, forging a new legacy of generous neighbors, magical lore and stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Directed by Sergio Pablos
Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Family
Rating: PG
Runtime: 96 min

1080p x264

1080p HEVC
11 images | 32 replies
Educational Megathread
A thread to post educational courses in. I'll be seeding most of them since the previous thread died and old torrents don't work anymore

18 images | 111 replies
Star Trek - The complete JCH collection
Three torrents, each around ~110GB, collecting the complete series of The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager, in good quality. Each appears to be a rip of the official boxsets of each series going by the inclusion of all the extras for each season of each show. You could have every episode of 80s-90s era Trek on your disk in only ~330GB.

Who is JCH? I dont know, but he/they did a good job compiling these torrents, the quality is as you would expect from a well ripped DVD boxset. Its all here folks.

>Star Trek: TNG


>Star Trek: DS9


>Star Trek: VOY


5 images | 83 replies
Miscellaneous Movie Torrents, Thread #4
Previous thread: >>873547

Movie torrents that don't fit in the other threads.

Scientists poison the water supply of a small town, turning the residents into homicidal maniacs who kill each other and anybody who passes through.


28 images | 60 replies
Visual Novels General
No visual novel thread, so now I'm making one.

I'll start off with a hard to find VN that I've had stored away for a while, Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel (AKA Evangelion: Iron Maiden). Fully English translated and works with Windows 10, just mount and install. Enjoy, anons.

43 images | 237 replies
Fucked up movies thread
This thread is all about fucked up, weird or insane movies.

Starting with; A Serbian Film (Srbski film)

Multi-Language subs, 12.9Gb, 1080p

23 images | 95 replies
No title
For those of you who have both VR and a fleshlight launch or are considering buying one if you have the other then something like this might catch your attention.

The following link is a torrent of available 2D and VR videos along with "funscripts" with the same name. The "funscripts" are basically companion files that, when used with the right video player, send signals to the launch to follow the movement along with them.

The first program you'll need (and only one if you use just 2D) is located here:

The second would be any of the supported video players if you intend to use VR and if not just the script player program itself. Personally I use whirligig but several others are supported including headsets that are mobile like the oculus GO or even google cardboard.

For more information on how to run the program or setup VR properly check out this site:

There's even a program you can use to create your own scripts if you'd like to:

Hopefully this can drum up some interest or just let you guys enjoy what's already been made. Enjoy anons.
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ASMR Streams
ASMR Stream Thread

ASMR discussion, streamers, youtubers, anything ASMR

Info on finding videos:

Recent macoto magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4465786138716A22B735850DD5613602E333819C&dn=macoto&
13 images | 94 replies
vr porn
ashley adams
[BabyGirl] Oxana Chic (19yo Porn Debutante - Prologue / 10.08.2019) [2880p,VR Porn] [Oculus Rift / Vive]
33 images | 193 replies
I'll seed almost everything
I can use the internet of my university all the time (they don't know), i can use 2TB at least right now but i will probably expand soon, i have two simple rules:
1) no child porn/ no right or left wing propaganda or story revisionism
2) don't just drop the link, say what the fuck you're dropping, the name of the movie/game/program/ecc.
26 images | 253 replies
Deep Fake
Other thread was great


16 images | 37 replies
Vidiya music
*Video games OST thread*

>Touhou lossless music collection
audio files are .tta (True Audio codec)

23 images | 156 replies
Korean Amateur Model Videos (22 Videos)
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 02.50.35
Video set of Korean amateur model, model looks young ~ 19-24

Clothed, semi-nude, and full nudes.

Some sets are composed of fully clothed
Some sets are lingerie-themed (red, white)
There is a softcore BDSM-like themed set with chains

None of the sets include penetration or any kind of sex acts.
[Full-blown porn (meaning showing of genitals, penetration) are illegal in Korea]

The videos have no audio (it doesn't really matter since there's no penetration). She's very cute and it's probably the closest thing KPG will ever get to see a naked Korean girl that looks like a kpop idol.

I don't have a seedbox anymore so I would probably stop posting here. This is the last thread I will make and up speed will be only 7~8 mb/s so be patient.

I also have a bunch of CAM packs from Korea (probably 150 GB ). Let me know if you want it.

For better speeds, don't forget to thank the based Irene.

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:561956362adaf54e264bde23bc68acbf0980e77c&dn=Korean
26 images | 211 replies
british shows
hank blush
lets stat off strong
QI season a to m
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:53df4c4f48ccf06df65bedfbcec83dbdd6a86f00&dn=QI - Series A to M&
22 images | 245 replies
oreob4by Onlyfans vids
Nice whore from England. The stuff that she post on her onlyfans account is the typical cam whore stuff. The file contains pics:1472 and vids:66. I think there is more of her but i refuse to pay 30 dollars a month. Maybe other users can post other Onlyfans/manyvids magnet links so we can help each other out and continue this thread . If not enjoy your fap session.

Please seed

Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FF64B4A08F98F7B44B4817EBB40D6BF6A6B29C1A&dn=oreob4by
11 images | 42 replies
Mythbusters Complete Collection
The fuckers over at SBS Viceland just took the show off the air again right in the middle of my binge so I found this torrent out of anger and disappointment. It contains every season and the specials (i,e The Bug Special, The Zombie Special and the pretty hard to watch Green Hornet special with Seth Rogan as the man has zero chemistry with the Mythbusters)

Oh yeah, the link, nearly forgot. vvvvv

0 images | 6 replies
Uncensored jav thread
6 images | 21 replies
JOI videos
The Jerk Off Games - Premature ejaculation test
Lil_Olivia Premature ejaculation test

15 images | 160 replies
Abdreams pics 1 - 698 and videos 1 - 453
4 images | 24 replies
audiobook thread
Atlas of Middle-Earth - Circles of the World (Before and After the Change)
the silmarillion. complete with pictures and family trees.

29 images | 66 replies
Font collection
Here's 85GB of fonts in a 32GB archive:

17 images | 122 replies
ASMR thread
> 771307 died

lets keep this rolling

28 images | 201 replies
Lecture Series Video Collection
What I consider to be the relatively good lecture series from The Teaching Company. For convenient storage and transmission, the files are encoded for a small size. The video quality is low but adequate for a lecture; the audio quality is very good.
36 images | 231 replies
comics and manga
dc comics from 1935 - 2011


tracker list

the torrent file for you all

thats the list i used
7 images | 37 replies
Hentai Anime General
twin angels
I guess we could use one.

Injuu Seisen Twin Angels UNCUT *RARE*

Most versions of this floating on the net have cut content, this is the full version although not with the best quality.
16 images | 79 replies
No title
The Abnormal Female 1969

0 images | 17 replies
No title
4 images | 9 replies
No title
Complete Paladin Press book collection. Arm yourself with the knowledge to arm yourself...

2 images | 5 replies
This is my personal 17 GB curated collection of sissy hypno videos from all over the internet this is the good shit 95% 720p or greater unless the vid is REALLY good and theres almost no BBC have fun.

44 images | 299 replies
No title
Dj Technorch
Hi guys!
So i bought the entire Dj Technorch albums and wanted to share. This is the first time i seed something so probably i fucked up.
Hope you enjoy it as much as i do.
7 images | 80 replies
Fellatio Japan #2
Old thread died so I made a new one.

Links from the last thread:

163-198 torrent


199-200 torrent


201 torrent


202 torrent


203 torrent


204 torrent magnet

44 images | 267 replies
Other thread died.
Currently looking for a movie Squirt for Daddy from perversefamily
2 images | 44 replies
7 - c7LQ3Ba
A 160GB /pol/ related torrent.
FEATURES: Books, audiobooks, videos, images, Hitler speeches, and more.
Please remember to seed after downloading.

45 images | 239 replies
No title
800+ Funscripts Collection (Fleshlight Launch) 587GB
1 images | 7 replies
Cassette/Vinyl/Analog Audio Rips
Audio version of >>869741.

Share rips of cassette tapes, vinyl records or other analog audio formats.

Here's my contribution (including a couple rare CDs as well):
1 images | 32 replies
WTF is up with file sizes
Have people given up on compressing their shit? I wanna download series like The Man in the High Castle in 1080 but EVERY SINGLE TORRENT at that quality is like 5 gigs per episode what the fuck nigger have people just given up on trying to compress their shit? Is converting to a more efficient file format like mkv really that hard and CPU/GPU intensive? Fucking hell!

Also not to just kill a thread in vain here is some good shit I am seeding.

MUM Colection (tiny japanese girls get fucked, sadly censored, pic related): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:df6a3c8cc20e8e9740979230b02babcda9203a9d&dn=MUM&

Jacobs Ladder (sp00k movies that is good not just jumpscare shit) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2bc794c6bca5802dcee7e82b69e8c7a76f4d7516&dn=Jacobs%20Ladder%20(1990)&
8 images | 99 replies
Vintage Porn XXX Movies
Can’t Get Enough 1985
Starring: Chelsea Blake, Karen Summer, Gina Carrera, Amber Lynn, Paul Thomas

6 images | 23 replies
Natalie Mars






If you have a big collection please post the magnet
5 images | 45 replies
horror comics/mangas like junji ito
Please share, Japanese horror "comics".

Does anyone have a Torrent of Junji ito comics?

I could only find this one, it's 1.66 GB of Junji ito in English, unfortunately it's 2013 so I do not know how complete it is, do you have any new ones? I will share others, you please also share.

21 images | 144 replies
Podcasts general
Can we get a thread for Podcasts? No good place on the web to share them.

>just go to iTunes lmao
Yeah most are free but there's a lot of podcasts locked behind paywalls like extra episodes or back catalogues

Dan Carlin - Hardcore History ep. 1-62
>In "Hardcore History" journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past. Was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past eras? This isn't academic history (and Carlin isn't a historian) but the podcast's unique blend of high drama, masterful narration and Twilight Zone-style twists has entertained millions of listeners.

5 images | 19 replies
No title
all 3 seasons of mind field

seeding is constant average speed ( 57mbps/s, 7,125MB/s ) <-- magnet is here

quality is highest available ( 720p not up-scaled )

can choose which episodes to download (not zipped)
5 images | 27 replies
Star Wars thread
Ill start - The Clone Wars bluray rips complete

1 images | 24 replies
AI Dungeon 2 Seeding Request
I'm sure plenty of you being losers on the internet like me have heard of AI Dungeon 2. Hosting costs were outrageous and the creator of it had to disable the normal download for the data, rendering it unplayable. Currently a torrent based solution is being tested but it's slow as the normal boxes used to host the instances to run the game don't have great upload.
If more people seeded it, this really unique free game would be playable by more people.
More info here if you haven't heard of it:

If you're wondering why the game needs to run on remote boxes, the ai algorithms being used require some heavy duty hardware the average user isn't really going to have access to. The only way for most people to realistically be able to play this is via Collab, so the data needs to be hosted somewhere.

This is a copyright-free torrent.
0 images | 9 replies
fisting 1080p
I didn't find any threads on this topic so I decided to open one.

Later I'll be sharing more torrents.
68 images | 179 replies
KPOP Discographies
Red Velvet


IU and Twice coming soon. Will post others as time goes.
48 images | 178 replies
Soph Video Archive
Soph deleted all her vidoes from bitchute and she got banned from bitchute.
Here are the ones I have managed to save.
17 images | 68 replies
I have collected wallpapers for a long time. This is my collection. This is about 21GB in size and has around 40,000 wallpapers. Some are shit, some are great, some are sorted, most are unsorted. Do not open the unsorted folder on windows or explorer.exe will hang because it will try to generate 37,000 thumbnails. Also I would appreciate if you continue to seed after the initial download, of course that is up to you. If anyone else has wallpaper collections, feel free to throw them up here. I am very interested and I will seed for a long time.

10 images | 59 replies
3 images | 54 replies
RetroGames 2: Son of the RetroGames Thread
Since the beloved RetroGames thread ( >>881084 ) has reached Bump Limit, Let's start a new thread here and pick up where it left off.

It will likely be in the Archive for a while, but if it falls off the grid, try

Shoutout to our homie, Magnet-Games, for setting up the original thread!
12 images | 89 replies
Scott Ross - Domenico Scarlatti - The Complete Keyboard Sonatas
box cover
The full 555 Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti, performed by Scott Ross on harpsichord.

34 CDs. FLAC audio format. Booklet included

I made the flacs from ape cd images. Corrected tags and filenames.


I'm already seeding, I'll seed indefinitely.
1 images | 11 replies
Best of the Best
Share your all time favourite megnets!
no porn tho
besides that all goes
ill start with the complete Twilight Zone series:
19 images | 74 replies
All About Lily Chou Chou - リリイ・シュシュのすべて
Eternal Ethereal Asian Cinema Thread, Part VI

SD version: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:398a036897b00d07ce5140953e9c5303c7705ddf

HD version: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4ab9092c0223062d6e5134677ae10801815b6bbf

Soundtrack: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e86ce4e48247e0f13c70564fc97999a4b9fe9e4c

BD: (JP import. Please support Mr Iwai.)

Other recommended movies:

See previous threads for MANY more recommendations.

when the white flowers blossomed

a girl was born

the girl was named after the flower

Previous thread: >>797413
Threads 1-3 archive:!AxgTxD7I!1E6AYqwxyKlVOHQkNiZn_ue5U1-b-OpMNJzBhqDE3ko
8 images | 83 replies

simply, every dojinshi, manga, anthology, collection, that I have.
Organized somewhat and labled to the best of my ability. If the titles dont make sense, its because:
thats the name I found it with, I scrounged for any engrish I could find, I made stuff up, I dont care, etc.

Featuring: AKABEi SOFT, Behind Moon, Big boss, Black Dog, Blade, Bolze, Crimson, Distance, Gold Rush,
Hellabunna, Henmaru Machino, Hindenburg, kenix, Kimigabuchi, MakitaAoi, Makkouyou Bond, Mogudan, Motchie,
MuchiMuchi7, NiseMIDIdoronokai, Powerslide, Rate, Rebis, Saigado, Pepsi tou, St Rio, Taira Hajime,
Toshiki Yui, Tsukasa Midou, TsuyaTsuya, Twilight, Type90, URC, Wingbird, and more!

Series covered includes:

Azumanga Daioh, Betterman, Bleach, Breath of Fire, Chobits, Darkstalkers, Digimon, Dirty Pair, Dead or Alive,
Dragonball Z, Evangelion, Final Fantasy 7-8-9-X-XI, Guilty Gear, Gundam, Ichigo 100%, Inu Yasha, King of Fighters,
Love Hina, Naruto, Oh My Goddess, One Piece, Onegai Sensei, Pokemon, Ragnarok Online, Ranma 1/2, Read or Die,
Sailor Moon, Sakura Taisen, School Rumble, Slayers, Soul Calibur, Streetfighter, Tenchi, To Heart, Urusei Yatsura,
You're under Arrest, Zoids, and others!

10112 archives
156.8 GB

This torrent includes all 33 Hentai Encyclopedias as well as the 4 current Giga Hentai Encyclopedias. I guarentee
that there will be something here that you haven't seen before or your money back.
No, im not willing to torrent seperate pieces. You can use your client to select which parts you want, figure it
out for yourself or go to your local torrent board to get a how-to. My upload fluctuates between 10kB-100kB, so prepare to wait a while for this to finish.
1 images | 4 replies
BDSM thread!
Regardless if you're white, black, brown, yellow, colorless, we all can agree on something; women will always be beneath men. Post anything related to BDSM/bondage/torture. I'll start with RTB Lexi Foxy.

30 images | 102 replies
No title
since there's enough degeneracy in this board I figured I'd share some of my stuff

Million Dollar Extreme presents World Peace UNCUT- GONE SEXUALXXX

20 images | 215 replies
Python video formations and E-books from Humble Software Bundle
Magnets links from the Humble Software Bundle (Except FluentPython, sorry)

Support original makers if you like it, the bundle is not that expensive.

(Original torrents provided by HumbleBundle)


Write Pythonic Code Like a Seasoned Developer:



Mastering PyCharm:



Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps:

6 images | 124 replies
Tsubasa Akimoto MegaPack (秋本翼) [PROPER]
Hello guys. This is a PROPER MegaPack of the nude model Tsubasa Akimoto. I put it as such since I forgot one video that I have in my hard drive: KIDM-563.

I asked a question on 4chan if I could put as a separate download, but since I want to put things in a very organized way, I decided to create a new torrent that contains everything, included the video I forgot to put. So, first of all, sorry for the inconveniences. Second, if you had already the pack, the only thing you must do to have everything is to download this torrent and that’s it. The torrent client you’re using will download the new video and then you’ll be seeder. And finally, seed the pack. I’ll seed it until, at least, this Friday, day that I’ll delete this since I have to make space for a JAV pack I’m making.

And that’s it for today. Next pack I’m making is of a porn actress.

Thank you for reading.

1 images | 16 replies
No title
TurboGrafx CD
0 images | 5 replies
Hanjobjapan/Uralesbian/LegsJapan Siterip
Hoo... hahaha
Are you ready for this?

Here's your Irene bro with my last contribution to this board. This torrent contains all the files I have of (Complete), LegsJapan (Complete) and Uralesbian (I don't know, you tell me).

Everything is around 329GB. I usually upload at 27MB/s to Google Drive and other cloud platforms but my upload won't go more than 12MB/s on torrents, so please be patient. I will be a seeder for a whole week and then I will delete the files, so I ask for your help to keep this up for as long as possible (I really need the space for other things).

That's it, sorry for the Reddit spacing and for ruining your nofap streak. Thank you for reading my blog and don't forget to thank the BASED Irene.

MAGNET: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:68510ef69920968ee01d40ce9d247132802cc094&dn=4chan_by_luda_bro
21 images | 115 replies
JAVHD 1.1TB collection
Found this 1.1terabyte torrent of content, thought I'd share. Ignore the padding files.
Torrent hash: 8a26bdd01ba605968dc8329a95727f195e0abc33
0 images | 8 replies
Mars Argo
Hey /t/ I just thought I'd share this torrent that has a bunch of stuff by crush Mars Argo:
1 images | 15 replies
Pornstar Packs 3: Destroy my PeePee
Starting off strong bois, Samantha Rone
1 images | 7 replies
Big video courses on math/programming
150 gb, archived, video course

144 gb, video course
18 images | 172 replies
Classic Disney Shorts
>Excellent, classic, BASED cartoons
>Many classic pieces of American folklore (Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, Casey at the Bat, many more)
>Don't have to worry about kids watching poz. These classics will give them quality entertainment for years
>Three Little Pigs features original Jew wolf disguise
>Chicken Little is most anti-semitic propaganda ever produced

11 images | 50 replies
Japanese Variety Shows (Gaki no Tsukai, GCCX, Knight Scoop, etc.)
>Batsu games 2000-2014 (subbed):

>Gaki no Tsukai Collection (1989-2013):

>GCCX pastebin

>Subbed Tantei Knight Scoop episodes/segments
15 images | 203 replies
All things Stargate
I am looking to collect all things Stargate, movies, tv shows, comics, etc.

To get us started:
52 images | 273 replies
Susumu Hirasawa Discography (1979~2011)
P-Model (also typset as P-MODEL and P. Model) was a Japanese new wave band started in 1979 by frontman Susumu Hirasawa. The band has experienced many lineup revisions over the years but Hirasawa was always at the helm of operations. P-Model officially disbanded in 2000, although many of its members continue to release solo albums and collaborate with each other on different projects.

Hirasawa has since released work under the name "Kaku P-Model", effectively a solo revival of the band.[email protected]rent

Susumu Hirasawa is also known for the Paprika soundtrack.
48 images | 286 replies
Patreon - Shy Goth Exhibitionist
Scene 0 (
Enthusiast tier videos from her patreon, all 1080p, 25GB in total

4 images | 14 replies
Celebrity Nude Clips-1
I have a shit load of these if anyone is interested. See your favorite celebs nude.

**This Pak Includes These Celebrities**

Angelina Jolie
Anna Levine
Bijou Philips
cameron Diaz
Christina Applegate
Elisabetta Cavallotti
Elizabeth Perkins
Ellen Degeneres
Glory Annon(Felicity)
Gretchen Mol
Heather Graham
Jennifer Jason Lee
Jessica Alba
Kari Wuhrer
Laura Dern
Laura Gemser
Nicole Kidman
Paola Senatore
Paz Vega
Sarah Lassez
Shannon Whirry
Sharon Stone
Valerie Kaprisky
Virginia Madson

2 images | 28 replies
Max Hardcore 6,7,8,12,13,16
Max Hardcore 6,7,8,12,13,16 Torrent. I am seeding this
1 images | 5 replies
Does anybody have Fiona Model (former Evie Model) recent sets or videos?

I have these, but only goes untill Set 217:
3 images | 9 replies
Adult Swim Shows
Thread for obscure adult swim shows and other weird shit. starting with xavier renegade angel. includes season 1 and 2, plus extras. enjoy (?)

14 images | 126 replies
English-subtitled JAV
> [JAV English Sub] JapanHDV SiteRip Collection (May 2019)

JapanHDV SiteRip Collection (May 2019)
This is a torrent which contains all JapanHDV releases during May 2019. If you have some downloaded videos and want to cooperate with the seed, just create a folder named “JapanHDV.SiTERiP.04.MAY.2019”, put all your downloaded videos there, download this torrent and there you go. If you want to download individual releases, please go to other public trackers.

30 images | 129 replies
Snu-Snu, Thread #11
This thread is to catalog any torrents of movies, comics, or games featuring men being screwed to death. Whether it was by life/energy drain, loss of fluids, soul theft, or sheer exhaustion, all are welcome.

Old thread here: >>882325

Here's a dump from the fist few threads. Since the list is so large, I've put it in a pastebin.
95 images | 342 replies
Strip Tease
Strip Tease 1 (1981)

Another series of videos I'll be posting. Some women have nice
tit's, etc., but the music sucks. Each video feature a number
of different women.

Series goes from 1981 to 2000

9 images | 20 replies
Terry A. Davis
860GB of Terry A. Davis temple os videos

Use transmission if qbittorrent doesn't work
18 images | 155 replies
Freeware Games General
Hi ya'll; Looking to share some freeware games. The real gems of the older internet.

Up first is Yumme Nikki, or Dream Diary, an "old" Japanese freeware game about wandering around strange landscapes and knabbing collectibles.

Used to have loads of following back in the day, but passion for it has sort of petered out, like all things.

Included with the torrent is some of the fan Doujinshi written for it, translated to english.

Game is latest patched version as well.
7 images | 44 replies
No title
Repost from /v/
I promised it, here it is
I will leave the pc seeding for the night, so be quick getting it
>What games should I play first?
SMT1,SMT3,SMT4,Persona 3 and Digital Devil Saga 1 are all really good starting points imho, but people have different opinions on that so play the one that interests you more
>What does it have?
>What emulator should I use?
Consult the Bible:
13 images | 120 replies
Futanari JAV Content
Previous thread: >>810578

RKI-417: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:67880EE2D5788725FE8E5F9B9092A364CC8A0425&dn=RKI-417
15 images | 137 replies
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap complete series, blu ray rip in HEVC, only 100gb the whole thing!

7 images | 38 replies
Red vs Blue (27.3gb)
Hi guys, thought I'd share this Red vs Blue torrent I made the other day. It has seasons 1 through 16 complete with english subtitles. Directly ripped from their youtube channel.

Feel free to also drop your personal favorite webseries!

3 images | 54 replies
AV Princess RPG game
Here is a h-game I am working on. Making it with rpgmaker mv. I could use an artist to help with the h-scenes. I will post the torrent in the next message.
0 images | 10 replies
DIY Full Auto Assault Shotgun
diy full auto assault shotgun
Construction Plans by Professor Parabellum.

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1b6d3d791af08cfe62adc39742e11ba2b63eb11a&dn=DIY%20Full%20Auto%20Assault%20Shotgun%20Construction%20Plans.pdf&tr=udp%3A%2F% %3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F% %3A2710%2Fannounce
1 images | 8 replies
Classical Music
Last thread died a while ago, so let's get another going for good classical. I'll start with a very extensive Bach collection [FLAC], weighing in at 52 GiB:
48 images | 310 replies
8 images | 50 replies
Car Thread
Hello /t/. The last car thread started in 2016 and died earlier this Summer in 2019. It's time for a reboot starting with a dump of all previous magnet links and a bonus set at the end.

Boxwrench Engine DVD - tutorial - engine assembly and reassembly.


Automotive Car engine building rebuilding, repair and tuning PDF pack




A third books pack


Free Hong Kong
5 images | 11 replies
No title
just making this thread so i can dump some of my porn collection here.

209 images | 315 replies
Goth / Freak Camgirls
Let's see if you guys have something nice to share, i'll start with my favourite one, Kota Morgue.
If you have mor of her, please share!

Kota Morgue - Bunny Molester

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0be4619952413b3b23932d9b6d2f31964c9f6b5a&dn=[ManyVids] Bunny Molester - Kota Morgue

Kota Morgue - I'll be your Nurse

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:17bf3a0864a6df808c6b912e9ea5a6573a82f736&dn=[ManyVids] Ill Be your Nurse - Kota_Morgue

Kota Morgue - School girl Dirty Talk

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:68864a48fac5451a2dcf6c3cace931f94d850435&dn=[ManyVids] School Girl Dirty Talk - Kota Morgue

Kota Morgue - Purple hair girl with tight body fuck her tight pussy

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:09712c2efbeaf11d5febafe74ea8d25f465ea6db&dn=Purple hair girl with tight body fuck her tight pussy
28 images | 217 replies
Occult Stuff v4
A thread for dumping any occultism and magic torrents. Feel free to share.

Previous Threads:


Occult Book Collection (465 GB) aka Library 1.0

Astrology Books

Chaos Magick Pack

The Encyclopedia of Taoism
5 images | 44 replies
No title

so I got this version of Bulk Image downloader, it's cracked, it works fine, except I can't seem to be able to download more than 100 images per link. Did anyone make it work as intended or has a better/newer version ?
I can't use an older version, because before this one (5.47) there was no support for
21 images | 32 replies
Rare History and War Films
Uomini Contro;

On the Italian/Austrian front during World War I, a disastrous Italian attack upon the Austrian positions leads to a mutiny among the decimated Italian troops.

Director: Francesco Rosi

Italian Language with hardcoded English Subtitles.


key: NEXkcXn4P5w_msOu-eKODfux1FGgwqO_IQDHqLOFL8E
129 images | 306 replies
12GB Porn images - collection
i created this 12GB NSFW collection of images and gifs (scraped from and
There should be no hentai or fetish stuff inside.
please keep seeding this,

1 images | 17 replies
Saeko Matsushita MegaPack (松下紗栄子)
Well, this is another MegaPack for the porn actress Saeko Matsushita. It contains all her works until her hiatus (no best-of releases).


Name: Saeko Matsushita (松下紗栄子)
Launch date: 6/6/2015
DOB: 9/ 30/1990
Height: 165 cm
Measurements: B88-W57-H86

0 images | 16 replies
Finding leyla
So I recently downloaded a video of Leyla from netvideogirls and I can't seem to find anything else she's made. Would love to get some help identifying her seeing more of her.
Link to her video:
1 images | 5 replies
IOSYS Albums
Post your IOSYS album magnets here. I'll start.


東方メレンゲ少女夜行 (This one is pretty dead, if any of you have it, I'd appreciate helping revive it.)

5 images | 5 replies
@natasha_k_t with 4 million Instagram followers - all photos and videos from her website
She's an Instagram slut from Denmark, with 4 million followers.
Her posts on IG are already very much on the limit of the rules, but she has a private website where she posts nudes.
This is all of them as of today.

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3EBEA4C9D857649259AA8642CB4D986B8DE563E4&dn=natasha_k_t&
1 images | 32 replies
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