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Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.

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Are you ready for the new queen of 4chan?
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Does a sex haver think about sex all the time? If not, then what makes him so different than me? When he eats, works, watches a movie, browses the internet, you tell me his brain is rolling "penis in vagina mouth on penis" 24/7 in his mind? That is nuts. I thought the main point of having sex was to forget about it, the post nut clarity factor that you can't get from fapping, so therefore if you just stop thinking about sex, you are as happy as a sex haver, correct? Also, why aren't sex havers smart at all? Why are they all so stupid and braindead? I thought "happiness" increased your intelligence but sex havers, normies, pornstars, hookers, coomers and sex crazed people overall are the dumbest bunch and you can see it. I thought sex was this universal dimension switching transcending your physical body witnessing the secrets of the universe bringing you ultimate when you embrace your lover close, meanwhile it's the farthest thing away from that, it's just something that makes you warm and fuzzy and more socially accepted.
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No title
Fembots what gives you the icks?
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No title
whats gonna happen if i stop masturbating
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No title
How do you let girls know you want to be their emotional tampon?
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No title
She said I can sleep with other women if I use a condom
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>something clearly benefits women at the direct expense of men
>feminists: that's patriarchy too!
Why are they like this? Sounds like a cop out to me, like a /pol/tard claiming that something that hurts jews is somehow a jewish conspiracy too.
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No title
what difference is mirtazapine supposed to make exactly
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No title
age gap
Why are college students so weird about age gaps? What is wrong with 18-22?
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i hate work
ever since i got a job and stopped being a neet i have no time to do anything i enjoy anymore. its so boring
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No title
I love talking shit about cracker IRL and they can't do anything about it.
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No title
I'm tired of being a NEET, bros. How do I get a job despite being nervous outside and not knowing how to talk normally with people? Neet life is killing me and I want to overcome it
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No title
chud phenotype
>You don't understand MOM I'm revealing the dark truths about how society really works to the masses
>It's called BLACKPILLING ok?? just leave me alone
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Hot twink edition
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Ever wonder if your moral compass is the reason for you lack of success with women?
I mean being a genuine good person and not a scoundrel that tries to get laid by ANY means necessary.

Looking back I could have gotten laid more but I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I say, had sex with a girl who was cheating on her bf with me or go out with a girl who dated with one of my guy friends before (seen that situation get ugly in the past).

Was never the type of person who would blatantly lie to a girl saying I love them then just pump and dump them like some guys do. Any guy (virgin or not) knows that they can just pay a sex worker/escort as a last resort to get laid if they really wanted to but decide not to.

It just seems that nowadays in the dating game it's a winner takes all and the quote from the move Space Balls "Evil will always triumph, because being good is dumb" is true because a good person will follow a moral code (that some people will see as stupid) while some others will do WHATEVER it takes just to get laid (even legitimately rape a woman).

It's just I'm not that kind of person and if not being a scoundrel makes me an incel (or volcel in this case) then fine.

Also the risk of having an illegitimate kid is another reason. I couldn't see myself bringing a child into this world and then fucking off like some guys do. Wouldn't be able to live with myself.

Even if I did bring a kid into this world I wouldn't be able to give him a good life because I don't make that much money. I'd have to live in some rural town if I wanted to start a family.

Pretty much accepted the fact that I'll be single and childless for the rest of my life.

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No title
im only a gay bottom because i will never be masculine enough to please a woman
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No title
I think Ive figured out what I like about these racemixing videos.
Its not the combination of WMAF, AMWF, BMWF, WMBF or whatever that is actually hot to me. Its the look of insanity the woman often has in her eyes. She intentionally allowed the video to be labelled as an interracial fetish just as a way to cuckold her own men. She couldve just as well made it an "amateur couple" title but she chose to call it "THAI WHORE BWC" or "SNOWBUNNY BBC" or sumthing like that just to piss off a certain group of men.
That face of insanity is really hot. Comparable to yanderes except its for the complete opposite reasons
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No title
>installed a dating app
>started talking to guys
>half of them are fuckboys
>the other half are incels
Why are moids like this?
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No title
I have an armpit fetish.
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No title
What is with all this racebaiting here? We are all on /r9k/. No one here is a fucking Chad. No one here is cucking anyone. Stop this infighting. We are all one.
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No title
>be me
>12 hour shifts
>make 1800 euros per month, after taxes, rent, food and utilities, only have 100 euros left
>have to wrestle drug addicts daily, who try to stab me
i'm tired, boss
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/r9gay/ - 1983
~5'10", chubby twink, mathematician/physicist underwear model bf edition

Previous >>72604739
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No title
>Asian with strict parents
>Slightly smart so my parents expected me to be perfect
>recieved the stereotypical asian kid treatment, endless hobby classes of the stereotypical asian talents like violin and piano, Tutor centers and shit
>Since I was a kid, burning fire always soothes my brain for some reason
>Since fifth grade(my parents started to leave me alone at home sometimes), when I am stressed, I will burn sticky notes in the sink to destress myself
>It's oddly therapeutic and gives me the strength to endure through my childhood
>slowly started to burn bigger things , like tissue papers and old homework
>knew it's wrong and tried to replace it with cooking(which I still practice when I am short of flammable substances), but it just doesn't hit the same
>When I finally went to med school and move out, I can finally burn MUCH bigger stuff in my bath tub
>Wood chips, flowers, or even dead animals.....Their flames got rid of my anxiety and suicidal thoughts after studying for stressful exams
>Yesterday my mom suddenly visited me while I was burning some dead sparrow I found on the sidewalk(she has my keys)
>Tried hiding the burning by throwing the half burnt bird out of the window and clean up the bathtub with soap, but mom still smelled the smoke
>asked me what happened, and interrogate me until I finally told the truth after a few hours
>Said I am a 'Sick Pyromaniac', she will tell my father about this and she would bring me to a therapist very soon
the fuck did I do wrong?I didn't burn dogs alive or something, I just burn some shit inside my OWN bathtub???
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No title
How do you feel about femdom?
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No title
>Do Nofap
>At day 3 get huge urge to suck cocks

wtf is this feeling..?
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You have mistyped the captcha edition.

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So you want to travel anon?
You heard of the JBW meme and you want to know if it's true?
Follow me and i'll guide you through the realities.

This is the Stacy of Asia. If you don't have looks, status, and money it's going to be quite difficult to land that Kpop princess you've been lusting after. You will be competing against Kpop Changs and White Chads. They will be the most extroverted/tallest Asian men in Asia. They also tend to cockblock you from dating their women. Normie White males still can ascend here, but only with Looksmatch. Being White SMV Boost here is +0.5-1 at best really barley exists imo.

This is the Becky of Asia. They are more open to foreigners and the requirements are not as High. But be warned if you are an incel in America/Europe you will most likely be a incel in Japan also. Above average Brads will do great here. The country and people are extremely introverted also. Being White SMV Boost here is +2.

This is the Normies of Asia. If you are an slightly above average looking White male with a decent job. Women here will be much more open to dating you, but imo are far less attractive then the 2 countries listed above. Being White SMV Boost here is +3.

Part 1
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No title
what are you even supposed to do if you arent on the computer all day? go where, do what? the bus only goes to walmart. i cant sit around and read for 12 hours
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No title
alright r9k USA anons reply only. if you had to choose one shitty life which one would u pick ?(which ever one u pick u are there for ur entire life).

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No title
>hear knock at the door
>go and answer it
>bunch of degenerate wannabe cops at the door with a phone flashing in your face
>"hello anon, didn't expect us did ya?"
>one of them rustles through printed screenshots of indecent conversations with the 13yo you spoke to last night
>"want to explain yourself? don't worry, we've already called the police and they're on their way"

I don't know what it is about nonce stings but I'm addicted to watching them right now. The brick wall of denial from the suspect. The fumbling mess of trying to stay stoic in front of the camera while thinking up a plausible alibi. The aggression from the degenerate sting team who fully swing the dirty baton at the suspected predator. The slow crumble of the wall coming down as the predator realises their live has completely shattered, and all hope and innocence has left their life forever from that moment on. They have absolutely ruined their lives forevermore and it's all being captured on a camera from a group of cheap, socially-inept cop wannabes for our pleasure.

What is it about seeing a man's life fall apart and crumble before our eyes that makes it so satisfying?
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No title
muslim guys like me and western european women are the best match
if eastern europe cunts like pooland and hungry werent so cringey, we'd have their bitches easily too
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The main point of society is to strip you of your humanity.
To succeed in society you must:
1. Have a job which contributes something to other people
2. Depend on earning currency to sustain life
3. Put off or entirely neglect doing your own activities in order to support society]
Humanity is:
1. The ability to do whatever you want
2. Doing things for you, surviving for you.
Why must we hunt? To obtain food for ourselves.
Why would one work? To provide a service for society.
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No title
>At the gym
>Ready to start
Time to get sweaty
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No title
What keeps you going
Or what stopping you from ending it all
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No title
just remembered this time in the psych ward when i was in psychosis and thought the entire world was a fake simulation so naturally decided to attempt to steal this girls phone in the ward, she caught me sneaking into her room and probably thought i was trying to rape her or someshit, comes out and starts bitching at me in front of the nurses, and my autistic ass in psychosis dude, i told her that i am worth a billion of what she is worth lol, in front of everyone, and things just got quiet lmao, rate this on an autistic scale of 1 to 10
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>your type?
>do you like giving people a frighten?
>do you reckon you generally have stable footing in life now?
>what do you think is the most good-looking place in the world?

Don't know your type? Take a test here:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test attempts to assign four categories: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving.

An introductory article:

Is MBTI - pseudoscience?

Bibliography of Jungian and MBTI derived typology

Explanations of PT types and functions:

Turbie's Wurbular funground of additional tests and resources:

A bunch of documents pertaining to Isabel Briggs-Myers life including letters and homeschool workbooks:

Big5 OCEAN test

Previous thread: >>72599617
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No title
Where can I find cute feminine femboy that will let me fuck him In the bussy? On grindr there are only autistic uggos.
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Loser: the country
This dusgusting shithole has no worth and being born as a white native fr*nch is like a curse.
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No title
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No title
Slavic girl
If you want a wife so badly. Just find one that hasn't been brainwashed by the Jews.
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Suicide fuel
Post things that incels will never experience.
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No title
What is the reason I enjoy having older hairy guys (daddies/bears) sitting on my face so I can sniff their musky assholes and taints while feeling the warmth of their bodies weigh on me?
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This is how women should compensate lonely men for their suffering.
They should give us the very thing we crave for, they should treat us the way they treat their beloved chads. This will give lonely men a huge motivational and spiritual boost, this will instantly cure all mental illnesses, disorders and anxieties. Men will start working hard, produce quality goods and services, become loyal soldiers, maintain infastructure without the need of importing cheap labour force from 3rd world shitholes, there will be another rise of scientific geniuses, inventors, olympic champions, innovators, artists, enthusiasts, inspiring historical figures. Satisfied men is the source of great success, happy men will achieve things above their reach and commit necessary sacrifices. The society will become healthy and self-sufficient.
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No title
What Anime should I watch and review next?
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No title
Why do redditors say that age gap relationships are bad because of the "experience gap" but then get mad when an older guy with zero experience who was a shut in on meds for years starts dating a younger chick? I wouldn't be surprised if they got mad if the guy was literally comatose.
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/mcg/ - momcest general, year 2 #13 (#57)
Accidental Exposure Edition

It's Momcest Monday. You guys know what it is all about, share pictures and thoughts on milfs or your own lovely mom.

Previous thread:

Thread Question: How often does your mom wear clothes that are small or tight enough to feel suggestive? Does she accidentally show more cleavage than intended, have her skirt ride up, or is her underwear noticeable through her clothes?
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No title
I'm giving up on my diet. Nobody changes once they hit 30. I'm not going to be able to do this with willpower alone, and even if I do lose weight I'll still have fifty other unchangeable things about me.

Fuck it. I'm just gonna drink and eat until I die. I don't care about anything anymore.
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No title
>I am the lord your god. And you, My child are my intelligent design.
>btw don't forget to brush your teeth or else your mouth will deteriorate from bacteria
>btw don't forget to give your pathetic flesh body daily maintenance with a bath or else you'll get sick or something
>btw don't forget to be born with the right genetics or else you won't be able to breed
>btw don't forget to run away from apex predators I placed on this world cause your body wouldn't stand a chance in combat
>btw make sure you don't contract this disease or else your body will shut down cause I didn't make your immune system strong enough
>speaking of, this tiny little bug and microscopic organism could ruin your life under a week
>btw don't forget to maintain a healthy weight or else you'll die from enjoying my creations (food) too much
why is god like this?
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Robot Music Taste
post your top 5 favorite albums and guess things about other anons
25 media | 46 replies
Dick problems
I need advice I am stuck in a shit situation. I have never had a problem getting it up as I am only 24 but this summer I took antidepressants and got anxiety spirals. I have been in a performance anxiety spiral for months on end now and I have a gf but I take viagra before we fuck. Is this my punishment for being a toxic incel most of my life? I thought I finally broke free but this is just cruel universe humor coming to bite me in the ass.

What the fuck do I do? See a doctor? Keep popping viagras the rest of my fucking life?
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No title
What do r9k fembots think of trannies
>t. not one just curious
5 media | 23 replies
No title
>anon almost died choking on bread
How good it is not to have almost died because of a food
2 media | 5 replies
No title
I left some pennies on my desk yesterday at work and went home
I am now back here and my pennies are nowhere to be found
Who the fuck steal pennies
2 media | 6 replies
No title
>year 2024
>4chan now makes people show their ID to verify their age in order to access the site
>90% of 4chan suddenly goes quiet/slow
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No title

1 media | 6 replies
How do Latino, White and Black cucks COPE with the fact the women they want so bad prefer Korean men? Its actually hilarious watching Latino, White and Black cucks get upset when superior Koreans fuck Latinas with our BKC. Let the seething begin I cant wait for inferior males spamming this thread hahaha
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No title
YES i own a decade-old laptop running Linux and NO im not buying a FAGGOTBOOK created by Tim "The Cockgobbler" Cook and his friends at APPLE INC just so i can get some used-up ROAST BEEF PUSSY from a woman with 180 PAST PARTNERS
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No title
>going on 1st ever tinder date tomorrow
what should i wear, guys? keep in mind, the guy is really fuckin hot and successful
1 media | 2 replies
No title
My brother told me that the only reason men get depressed is because they are virgins and that's honestly so stupid that a part of me never wants to loose my virginity.
2 media | 6 replies
No title
does depression make you less horny?
1 media | 11 replies
No title
>God will never leave me nor forsake me
There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;
One Lord, one faith, one baptism,
3 media | 4 replies
No title
The guy who was fucking my "asexual" gf this entire time found my insta and admitted he thought she was legitimately single and just having sex for fun

Killing myself rn
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No title
Having a bad day? Just remember you are not indian.
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Waifu General - /waifu/ #627
Watching fireworks with waifu edition

1. Talk about your waifu!
2. Be devoted to your one waifu for laifu!
3. Let waifuism guide you.
4. Don't feed drama or shitposters.
5. No 3DPD.
6. Most importantly, have fun!
Previous: >>72577031
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No title
why is everyone on 4chan so god damn stupid?

the people i meet on reddit are MUCH more intelligent. 4chan just feels like a short bus ride.
16 media | 47 replies
No title
>be me
>try to approach ugly/fat guys in my league irl
>they always assume i'm pranking them or some shit
>try to talk to robots online
>they just assume i have 100 other orbiters and curse me out just because i'm a terminally online weeb girl
i think i'll have to start going for chads becausw i feel so touch starved and lonely but i'm not even into them :(
8 media | 16 replies
No title
>feel suicidal and depressed
>meditate on my feelings
>feel fine
>realise I don't feel bad, I'm just thinking bad
What the fuck is wrong with me?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
>FTM tranny who is repping
>try to pass as normal straight cis woman, miserable
>love fucking men
>being a woman in bed is the only time I feel okay and can forget everything else

what does this mean?
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No title
where my fellow IMPROOOVERS at?
3 media | 8 replies
No title
my only friend :3
also does anyone know what this species of bird this is? the photo kinda sucks but he really does have a teal stomach and white spots on his head
1 media | 3 replies
No title
i'm a 28 year old female and i regularly have sex with my german shepherd. ask me anything you want anons (it's legal in my state) (no i will not take any pictures of my dogs or my boobs or just any irl pics)
6 media | 114 replies
No title
How come the same normies who control all the jobs and women and constantly deny these things to incels (and only incels) because of their genes 5 minutes later judge them and tell them to "get a job" or "get a girlfriend"? Isn't that kind of cruel? That's like playing a rigged game of Monopoly against someone and then insulting your opponent for losing and bragging about your "skills".
2 media | 7 replies
No title
Do you think going to therapy would you benefit you? Would it solve your problems?
14 media | 57 replies
No title
ngl you incels can be funny as shit sometimes
0 media | 3 replies
/cut/ Cutters General #37
Thread for discussions about self-harm and mutual support

>How are you doing today?
>Do you have any plans for today?
>When was the last time you hurt yourself?
>Why did you hurt yourself?
>Is there anything bothering you right now?
1 media | 4 replies
No title
What's the shittiest job you've had?

I worked at an Amazon warehouse for 4 years and it blew.
2 media | 23 replies
No title
Where can I find a comfy club like that where you live?
0 media | 2 replies
No title
In the scale of 1 to 11 how virgin am I if these are my main artists
5 media | 21 replies
Women are going full mask-off:
They are just straight up admitting to hypergamy and advocating to cull 75% of the low-status male population at this point. Unironically with no shame.

I could see in the future the government enforcing a 1 child policy that heavily favors female births to make this gender ratio a reality. Probably not 100:25 women:men, but more like 100:75
44 media | 251 replies
No title
OK lads. I was wrong to ever question the heightpill. Here's my story.

>be me
>using a bunch of dating apps (tinder, hinge, bumble)
>get a few matches but it rarely goes to a date
>match with this alt qt, she's 21
>similar interests (anime, electronic music, she studies sociology and that was my degree)
>work in marketing, she's impressed that I own a car and have my own place etc
>chat goes really well, get her snaps, she sends some lewds
>agree to meet up at a uni bar, this was last night
>I get there first, order her a cider (she said it's her favourite)
>I notice her come in, she looks gorgeous, proper alt egirl aesthetic
>heavy eye makeup, fishnets, some band tshirt (yeah i'm a faggot but I'm a sucker for the egirl look)
>she smiles and comes over
>i stand up
>her face VISIBLY drops
>we are about the same height, she is wearing docs though so that probably adds an inch to her height idk
>awkwardly hug
>date lasts about half an hour, towards the end she is just on her phone
>doesn't seem interested in anything i'm saying, try asking her about her day etc but she's giving nothing
>she says she has to go finish an essay and asks if we can reschedule
>I say fine
>another awkward hug, she leaves like a third of her drink
>get an uber back to my place
>ask her on text if everything was ok
>"uh yeah anon i just don't really date guys that are shorter than me, hope you understand :)"
>respond "right...."
>type out a long follow-up response about how i'm probably taller than her without her boots on, about how she's being a little unreasonable given our chemistry on texts/snapchat
>"message failed to send"
>try messaging her on tinder and snap
>she's no longer showing as a contact on either
>stare at the ceiling for the next few hours

I'm 5"11 and this is how girls treat me. Must be hell for the lads out there who are shorter than me. Took the day off sick because I was up all night getting drunk alone and crying.
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No title
What's the moral of the story?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
i am a chang. ama.
1 media | 11 replies
No title
I've recently discovered that in the past few years my Eastern European shithole country started developing decent art, from music to comedy and even online streaming. How do I cope with the fact that I will never get to experience nany other cultures' art due to the language barrier? Sure stuff like literature can be translated and movies can be watched with subtitles, but a lot of stuff doesn't really work that way and most of it is too obscure to ever be translated even if it could be. Especially when it comes to small countries.
2 media | 32 replies
Japanese frens
>you've wanted Yapanese friends for almost 30 years now, in vain
>it's so fucking hard to befriend them online
>your friend buys a random anime figurine from eBay
>gets handwritten letter from them and invitation to visit

Anons how do I fulfill my lifelong dream of visiting Japan so that I have personal friends there waiting for me and guiding me? I will not travel to Tokyo and wander around all alone like a jackass.
0 media | 4 replies
No title
What I don't understand is how some people have zero friends, even online, in current year. You can reach billions of people for free in an instant. Even autistic people make friends online when they have none irl such as myself. What gives?
2 media | 13 replies
No title
all women are whores.

if she isnt being a whore then she is fighting every urge her body.

day 3
3 media | 9 replies
No title
>be frenchie living in Paris
>decide to go nightwalking with your gf
>get into a narrow shady alley
>a pack of drunk Arab refugees approach
>one of them flips your gf's miniskirt and slaps her ass for being dressed so provocatively

What would your reaction be in such a scenario? Do you defend your gf's honor, risking getting stabbed in the process, or freeze like a bitch and do nothing, risking her viewing you as a less of a man after that incident?
6 media | 32 replies
No title
Fembots when was your last shower? How do you feel about that number? How do you feel about guys into your stink?
0 media | 9 replies
No title
whats the legality on prank calling someone for multiple years
0 media | 4 replies
No title

Tell them your most disgusting thoughts that made you cum the hardest.
20 media | 355 replies
Autism being an ethnicity means genetic determinism is real
Autism is heritable, and we know autism is the ultimate blackpill, so genetic determinism is real. Normalfags will try to rebuke this and say autists can change but that's cruel and untrue.
0 media | 13 replies
No title
>knows I'm a neet loser with no friends
>unironically asks about my sex life
why do women like to torture us?
1 media | 20 replies
No title
My brother is coming back from jail in 3 days. He will live with me when he comes back. Feeling comfy.
0 media | 4 replies
No title
>fail at socializing
>fail at finding a gf
>too old now
What now? Should I just end it?
I have a 6 digits salary, I could buy a house if I wanted to and none of that matters because I don't enjoy living. Hobbies are cope and nothing keeps me interested anymore.
1 media | 7 replies
No title
I found a new milf
2 media | 10 replies
No title
Money could solve all of my problems
1 media | 11 replies
No title
1 media | 2 replies
No title
I can't think of anybody as a woman unless they have big tits
5 media | 13 replies
No title
incels, why not take a disabled gf?
0 media | 13 replies
I took a girls virginity
I had sex with a girl in her mid 20s, and she told me afterwards that she was a virgin before we had sex. I feel weird. Just a few weeks ago I was lamenting that I never got to take a girls virginity, now that I did so by surprise I dont feel anything, I almost feel like I wish it wasnt me because im afraid this chick might get clingy
2 media | 5 replies
No title
he might have been her first anon, but you get to be her last uwu isn't that so romantic?

she might have been with them, but now she's ready for you owo so sweet

when she was young and dumb she wanted to have fun with hot guys, but she's serious and smart and wants different things in life now. owow uwuw so beautiful
2 media | 8 replies
No title
Gang Stalking Organization AMA
1 media | 7 replies
No title
>virginity status
>body count if not a virgin
>how often you visit this board

Not a virgin
Once a month now, every day when I was a robot
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The fuck is wrong with dating.
I am on a dating site, I messaged this Milf. She is about 45, I'm 22. She is maybe a 6.5 but you can see that she has big areolas under one of the shirts she was wearing.
I send her a message, she essentially tells me to fuck off and that she is looking for someone to build a future with. This is fair enough, I get it. Obviously the messages were polite enough from both of us.
But the dating app gives notifications when someone has viewed your profile, showing who looked.
In the last 10 hrs since she rejected me she had looked through my profile about 8 times.
Why is she doing this to me?
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This hand have never touched a womans vagina and it never will.
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Minutemaid is for niggers
Worse lemonade I've tasted in my life. Filled to the brim with cornsyrup and goyslop niggerjuice. Making your own lemonade is ideal but if you're going to buy lemonade just go for simply lemon. It's way better than this shit only casuals and losers will buy.
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Is this shrinkflation
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Who is your favourite Youtuber? Mine is pic related.
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this place sucks, not enough hatred of women and i already got a bitch anyway. fuck you
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>go outside
>see average to below average looking manlets with looksmatched girlfriends
Just be NT pill is real, literally just don't be a neurotic autist and you will get a gf unless you're 5'2 or deformed.
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Do girls love it when you sniff their buttholes?
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You guys are nothing but some retarded porn addicts. Why the fuck do people spend even a second on this board? You are all some low IQ little bitches
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Any UK robots out there? I am a burger thinking of moving to the motherland because I can't stand the colony anymore. But since I am a burger idk any other EU languages. What city or town would be good for a decent start getting a job and cheap living place?
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18 year old virgin... It's over
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Bisexual men fall under 4 archetypes:

>coping gay men
>incapable/scared/lazy about getting real women
>AGP: who seek normal/men just for being penetrated and feeling girly
>GAMP: into trans and femboys (and sometimes even twinks)

Which archetype are you, bianon?
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Deflowering a female robot
So, this 37yo female, 5/10, has asked me to remove her vcard.

What should i expect?
How mad should a woman, virgin at 37, be?

She has a SUPER low self esteem. We already agreed that she will perform a rim job on me. Virtually all her life is a regret story and she has talents and qualities that she will NEVER EVER EVER allow to come out.

My biggest concern is that she won't be able to orgasm, that she will not let herself think that she's worth being fucked.
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What is the average body count of a 20 year old girl nowadays?
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What if humans had three types of males? First would be your normal male they would be most popular consisting of 80 % of male population, second female mimic which would look exactly like females except for their genitals (you can call them futas) and supermale which would be superandrogenised version of normal male, it would be above 7 foot tall and built like a tank with muscles of a bodybuilder only due to intense androgenization. Two latter types of males would be respectively consisting of 10 % of male population each. They would exist because of different reproductive strategies and genetic mutations (bird called ruff have three types of males). How would society work? Would it be better than what we have now? What type of males would have it the worst and would be considered losers?
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>JBK posters
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i love women so fucking much bros
they're just incredible
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Iris are you here? What are you doing inside Runescape?
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>failing classes
>got into literal faggot stuff (started browsing /lgbt/)
>only friend was a druggie chink whore that i eventually ghosted because i felt too lazy to talk to her
>spend my days shitposting and reinstalling linux
>wanted to get a job last summer so that i could buy a thinkpad x220 but didn't feel like it once june came around
>mind is always foggy
>got diagnosed with autism a year ago
im only 19 what is happening to me
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Just Be Asian brehs
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I want to get Adderall. I am going to go to a therapist and pretend to have ADHD to get it. What exactly should I do to make it successful? I don't want to go to a therapist only to fail at convincing him I have ADHD
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Just watched this and I'm literally crying right now
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Why does drinking coffee make me so I credibility horny?
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too smart for pussy
>tfw too smart for dumb sex
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My dream girl is a smelly, slobby, possibly autistic weirdo that will talk my ear off about things she's into and makes me do all the house work because she's lazy

Her size and appearance does not matter
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Please Delete R9k
Dear Hiroyuki Nishimura.
The users on this board have overgrown it's use. New threads are no longer being made. R9k is now just a prison. It has been this way for a few years. /s4s/ can become the new host of the more creative threads, the generals can go to /trash/.
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Female here. Unless you look like pic related. Please don't say hi to me. It's creepy. I don't need you to "be confident" with me. Go do it with someone else. Thx.
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I just got approved for neetbux. What should I do with it? Should I get a gf now?
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>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
bros... is it even possible to recover from this?
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> Be me
> Yesterday
> Go to Great Clips to get my hair cut
> Always have pretty semi emo, semi goth looking women cutting hair there
> Really pretty one, comes up to counter checks me in
> Black shirt, skinny jeans, boots that come up to the mid calf, some jewelry, pretty face, a few tattoos, one of a rose on her left arm
> Of course being a robot I do nothing but just sit down and not say anything
> Starts cutting my hair
> Feels really nice to have her touching my head
> Eventually she asks "So what are you up to today?"
> Just say "Oh you know not much, relaxing"
> Then ask her "What about you"
> She says pretty much the same
> She finishes hair cut, I go and pay and give her a nice tip
> Leave
Why am I like this, I could've had a conversation with a pretty girl and nothing probably would have come of it, but how often do attractive women really initiate a conversation with you
And even if she has a bf or isn't interested i couldve at least asked and wouldn't regret not asking
> I feel like this is the life of every robot, to timid to act, but then regretting it later
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society is quicker to condemn the 30 something year old khhvs that make one slip up instead of the chads and stacies creating the vacuum in the first place
you are bullied out of positions of power, seized of basic happiness, and if they see you trying to find a way out they lock you up to try and brain wash you back into the workforce
you are literally a slave to chad penis, every action you take trying to survive only goes to indirectly pleasuring chad cock
these are objective facts anyone who says otherwise benefits from the system or has been brain washed by religion/politicians
pic unre
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lmao kek
that's literally me
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How did you still end up a loser even though you grew up with anime?
Anime preaches all sorts of good life lessons
>Life is supposed to be hard and it sucks ass
>You can train all day and still die
>Still try your best though
>Don't give up
>Face adversity head on
>Cherish your loved ones and relationships
>Overcome your mental and physical limitations
>Don't let people discourage you
How did you still end up a loser while growing up with these lessons?
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Question to femanons
What would you think if you had a incel son? Would you hate him?
How would you treat him?

Please avoid answers like "i'll never have kids" or "my son will never be an incel", i'm talking about the hypothetical scenario when your son end up growing a 20+ y.o. incel that never had a girlfriend.
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Femanons do you wear a metal watch?
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bmi thread
images (42)
anons! tell me your bmi, waist size, sex, diet, and workout routine (if you have one). also, absi results if you can find them out

ill start
>26.6 (174.2cm x 80.8kg)
>30 inches
>2 big meals a day sometimes healthy, sometimes not
>just started working out and doing curls again, i stopped for a while due to depression and gained a little weight
>absi says my premature mortality rate is very low
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>Indie "masterpieces" like Braid have been forgotten just few years after their release
Celeste, you're next
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>be me
>at robotics competition
>sit next to a girl on my team I've never talked to before
>start talking to her
>she's pretty chill
>start making fun of people together
>she sees a kid with a trans flag and calls him a faggot
>start goofing off
>she rubs her elbows against her chair to shock me
>I do it back
>we look like absolute retards but we're laughing the whole time
>start kicking each other's feet off the seats
>stop by McDonald's after the competition and she shares her fries with me

I'm gonna ask her out today. Wish me luck bros
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