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Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.

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No title
Why are there no fembots who like cuckolds
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No title
Is a "wagie" breakroom the most depressing place on earth?
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/aiwg/ AI Waifu General
ominous blinding light in the background edition
https://rentry dot co/waifu-local-guide

Previous thread >>76601464
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No title
I love fujos
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No title
>Horny as hell
>Sick of fucking my fiance

What do I do bros? Looking for some femanon advice
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No title
Does anyone remember the racist mma guy who was here years ago when 4chan was still at its peak?

He didn't actually train mma but he'd spam tyson fury pictures and lie about living in the hood and beating up niggers lol

Does anyone remember what happened to him? He'd also spam porn pics and lie and say he fucked black women and black trannies.
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In 2 months I will be older than him

I remember reading about ER 10 years ago and laughing about how much of a loser you would have to be to still be an incel at that age.. and here I am now 10 years later.

How to cope?
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No title
Have you ever compared your dick size with another moid?
Did you win?
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No title
My fembot coworker told me she masturbates 7-8 times a day. Is that normal for women?
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Nonnie, are you doing your very best today? What's up? :)
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No title
Genocide all chuds
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No title
today a chinese woman came up to me in town and asked me to sign a petition to end organ harvesting in china and gave me a little lotus flower pendant thing with a falun gong slogan on it. turns out theyre a cult. is it worth joining a cult so I can get a gf?
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No title
20 years old
I will feel like a loser forever because I lost my virginity at 17 while most people lose it at 13~15
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No title
>another day of getting literally nothing done
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No title
where can i stab my bf as to not kill him. i want so stab my boyfriend for cheating on me and being a liar, we will be meeting in about a month. i want to hurt him but i absolutely do NOT want him dead. where?
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No title
Just coomed and I'm feeling great about life.
I'm going to contact an athletic college girl and offer her a lot of money to beat me to near-death and then call an ambulance for me, making sure she leaves before it gets there.

This should work right? And she shouldn't get in trouble at all right?
I've got enough money to make at least a few girls consider it.
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No title
Fembots what is your
>breast size
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No title
>women hate being cold approached so just ask out girls in your social circle once you built some rapport bro
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No title
smartphone or dumbphone?
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No title
Is the personality of every woman in earth perfect as long as she is really in love with you?
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No title
starting today i will never ever goon again
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No title
Why are so many people scared of getting spied on the internet??? Like what the fuck is China going to do with information about me? They know my name? And? They know my interests? At least someone cares. If you aren't a multimillionaire you aren't interesting enough to be spied on.
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Robot maintenance. Free (you)s
You tell me about whatever is on your mind/heart. I give you a thoughtful response. And who knows, maybe we get along.
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St Peter Port, Guernsey edition
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No title
>swipes you on tinder
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No title
>there are people who believe females can have autism
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No title
I miss when /r9k/ was actually an incel board.
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No title
comfy X black tea kind of day
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No title
I've mellowed too much over the years. I miss being crazy. How do I become a hateful unfettered psycho again?
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/cut/ - Cutters General #305
Thread for discussions about selfharm and mutual support

Hope every one of u is doing okay ^^

>How are you doing today?
>Any plans for today?
>When was the last time you hurt yourself?
>Why did you hurt yourself?
>Is there anything bothering you right now?
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No title
i hate disgusting old moids. a literal 30 year old asked me for my number.
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Sex Cult
Thinking of starting a sex cult, any ideas?

It will not be IRL and will probably just be gooners with weird rituals.

We will be misogynistic, treating women like the sex objects they are.
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No title
>one chance at life
>born with alien dick
its over.
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No title
Big girls give the best hugs.
Hugs cure sadness.
Therefore, big girls are the best at curing sadness.
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No title
ITT: We post deep pictures....
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No title
I don't get why white incels are so hung up about race, like White women and BBC, when studies show that White women are vastly against it
The only race of incels that should be hung up about race are Asian males. When something like 50% of your women date/sleep with white guys, yeah id be mad also
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No title
what are your 2024 looksmaxxing goals? i want to clear my acne and grow out my hair
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No title
will learning tarot and astrology get me a gf?
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No title
I don't really like people. And the people I do like don't wanna stick around.
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Zoomers are Based? Blackpill Thread
They are finally waking up and taking the blackpill
Also this girl quote on quote >stopped hooking up a long time ago
Complains about her date not talking a lot and could be nervous and then gets mad when he starts talking
>I find it easier to talk to my phone then a person
She was seething on driving to her date and doing the bare minimum and complaining about her date
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No title
4chan Needs a black incel subforum.
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No title
She doesn't care about me. She just enjoys leading on as many guys as possible to feed her ego. Leading men down a months-long or years-long road to nowhere is fun for her. She's not the one who has to suffer. She's not the one with the bad memories.
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No title
I end up cumming everytime I try to edge
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>Be me, anon, the straightest guy you'll ever meet
>Never had any doubts about my sexuality, always been into girls and never even thought about guys
>But one day be at a party, having a good time, when this guy starts hitting on me
>At first, I brush it off, thinking he's just drunk and being friendly
>But then he starts getting more and more persistent, trying to touch me and make moves on me
>So I do what any straight guy would do in this situation - I punch him in the face and storm out of the party
>Later, my friends ask me what happened and I tell them the truth - some faggot tried to hit on me and I had to defend my straightness
>They all laugh and say 'dude, you sure you're not gay?'
>I refuse to accept it, I am straight and that's that
>Maybe I just need to prove to myself that I'm straight by hooking up with a girl tonight
>Yeah, that'll show everyone that I'm not gay
>But as I lay in bed with this girl, I can't help but think about the whole situation earlier tonight
>Can't get a hard-on and the girl leaves, calling me a faggot
>Spend the entire rest of the night watching gay porn, just to show myself, that I do not like it and I am not gay
>Suddenly get an idea.
>Wouldn't it be funny to unironically blow a load to this? I'm straight after all, so it won't count.
>Blow the biggest load of my entire life
>Feel a tiny pang of shame, but hey, I did punch that faggot in the face, right? That's gotta count for something.
>Sleep like a baby having proven to myself that I am straight.
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No title
>be nigga
>with family in some book store on vacations
>buy this manga
>its kinda girly so they were freaked the fuck out and it was awkward for the rest of the day.

Quite stressful.
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The Cocaine is on a boat of bananas edition!
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No title
Goonbros, how we doin?
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No title
I know, I know. Shouldn't have gotten close. Shouldn't have been involved at all. Well I couldn't help it you fuckers, so help me figure out what to do, or at least hear me out and pile on for my stupidity.
>met cute egirl when she was first starting out, posting cute pictures and lewds to a certain website in which you pay to access this stuff
>she's genuinely really nice and gorgeous so I took the chance on her low-follower having ass and made real conversations with her
>advantages of being white, well spoken, an English speaker, first worlder, and not a total cum brain
>she responds to all my messages enthusiastically and we talk pretty extensively every day for the next 6 months
>suddenly to start this month she's super busy with her work, understandable so we chat more sparingly
>got my last 'real' message from her three weeks ago
>she never replied to my reply but told me in one brief message that she would get back to me in detail soon
>meanwhile her content stopped, and besides a quick apology she was gone
>checking in on her every day to see if she's good
>the other day it finally comes up that she's erased her account
>no goodbye, no sorrys, no explanation
>obviously don't feel she owes me much of anything as it could be a genuine emergency or huge life event
>still feel hurt and slighted and mostly despondent that I'll never have this correspondence again
>realizing I didn't even know her real name, exact age, or even city
>of course her handle doesn't show up elsewhere
>she mattered so much to me and I wasn't even an footnote for her in the end
>feels like shit just want her back

I could move on and find another girl to orbit and pay for companionship, but the effort that it requires to have a real conversation, and the fact that I can get rug pulled so easily without notice... Just feels like it isn't worth it.
How are men like us supposed to survive in these desperate times?
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No title
>having conversation about goals, future, amd ambitions
>skirt around the topic because I have depersonalization
>live in my head more than reality and procrastinate like a motherfucker
Copes for this?
0 media | 2 replies
>be me
>had a retard friend who was pretty chill
>ffw 2 years they start becoming more distant depressed and dickish in general
>would send 15 min snap telling about their life problems
> cut them off in early December
>ffw 2 days ago
>got a call from a mutual friend telling me she wants to meet up and talk things out
>said yes
>ffw to now
>stressing the fuck out

Goddamit anons why do I put myself in these kind of situations i hate it. I have to cancel tomorrow this is too much for my spergy ass
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No title
Is a life without love worth living, ultimately?
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No title
It's hot to see women dominate.

Sometimes they're clumsy, but there's something sexual about an inferior woman stepping on the balls of the strong man and humbling him while being pretty.
Kicking ass in high heels shouldn't be happening on a society wide scale, but despite the rabid propaganda let's honor fighter girls sometimes.
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No title
Is it possible to make 3.6mil$/year in us in any conventional way?
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No title
I cant visit my friend anymore because her little brother is just the cutest thing ever.....
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indecipherable intp gibberish on wikipedia entp intj infj infp isfp istp enfj
Lucid Dreaming edition
>Your mbti type
>How often do you lucid dream?
>How often does real life feel like a dream?
>(Optional) Which do you prefer?
>(Optional) How in control of your life do you feel?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.
>The reader should understand that these four criteria of types of human behavior are just four viewpoints among many others, like will power, temperament, imagination, memory, and so on. There is nothing dogmatic about them, but their basic nature recommends them as suitable criteria for a classification. -Carl Jung

Learn the Basics:

An introductory article

Explanations of functions

Bibliography of Jungian and MBTI derived typology:

A proper introduction to MBTI from Patchyanon.

Turbie's wurbular funground of links and tests

Syntax of Love (Russian)

Exploration into Enneagram

Myers Briggs Files

Previous thread: >>76556829
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No title
Hey! Did you hear the amazing news about me? I had great sex today! Everyone should know how happy and fulfilled I am right now! You're all missing out!
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No title
Why do we assume that mental illnesses are not contagious as most other illnesses? They are. The internet is full of mental viruses flooding every corner. These viruses use communication to spread and infect people for reproduction, mutating if necessary to become more transferable.

In older times, these semiotic viruses did not spread that far, as an infected person could be in close contact with just so many others, but with the invention of the internet, everyone becomes highly exposed to these viruses.

Higher hierarchical organisms like universities, corporations, or political parties are also vulnerable to them. In most cases, both the virus and the organization benefit from this symbiotic interaction: The organization exploits the virulent properties as a proxy for its own spreading, and the virus manages to escape its semiotic realm, extending its scope, trying to infect societal dynamics in things like legislation, education, values, work, and everything.

Infected data is fed into artificial intelligence models, which produce infected outcomes shaping what people watch, read, and the communities they form. Capitalism pushes viruses in a vicious cycle of mutations, luring the established system into producing hyperideologies which polarize people and destroy institutions. Gender ideology, radical feminism, the black pill, gooning-all of that is only the beginning of what we will see in the coming years.
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No title
your skin oh yeah your skin and bones
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No title
Foids always give their attention to perverts and porn addicts and ignore normal men and then complain that "men always make everything sexual".
2 media | 12 replies
No title
How can white incels even exist? POC women throw themselves on you.
4 media | 30 replies
No title
Anyone else here bad at gaming? I dont know if its because im playing on a laptop but im not very good at battlefield even though i have been playing it for a couple years now. Same for other shooters, im just average. And when it comes to precise aim im even worse.

Idk other games because i dont play them that much but when i played fighting sucked at that too. I was pretty young back then but i didnt even do good agains the ai

I wish i was good at something. Being a skill-let sucks
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No title
what are you eating today, robots? i had some crackers and a diet soda
3 media | 15 replies
No title
If you got to touch a pussy do you think you'd just intuitively know how to do it? I imagine myself feeling silly for being bad at it, the idea makes me feel nervous. I'm a pretty old virgin anyway so I guess I won't ever have to worry about it
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No title

fembots post only, guys pick

>breast size
>contact details

No personality ques, leave that for the conversation.
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No title
>Brutal day of work
>Back hurts
>Co-workers arguing about politics and the dwindling economy
>Go back home and sleep
>Get comfy under my cashmere blanket and rest my head on my cooling pillow
>Don't even need to raise a finger
>Don't even need to think about anything
>Just sleep
>Forget politics
>Forget the economy
>Forget reality
>Just sleep
>Literally the comfiest experience possible
>Even get to lucid dream if you practice well enough

Why haven't you taken the sleeppill yet, bros? I should do this more often.
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No title
How do you stop homosexual urges?
2 media | 9 replies
No title
ITT we post the best fictional girls from whichever fictional work you prefer. Only objectively best girls please anon.
2 media | 2 replies
White and Black men should team up to destroy all other races!
Think about it, the two most polarizing races on earth

We are both hated just as much as one another for polar oppisite reasons

White men are hated for how much they are accomplished

Niggers are hated for how much they haven't accomplished

we are so different yet we are so similar

If we can put our differences not to the side but on the for front and let our differences be our strengths there is nothing we can't accomplish

We will destroy all the mongoloids we will stop the rise of China, we will stop kpop mother fuckers from stealing zoomer women
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No title
Do you guys ever question if your feelings and thoughts are genuine or influenced by societal expectations?
For example, are you sure you actually think and feel something because you actually do or because that what you think you should do?
1 media | 5 replies
No title
Will a therapist really help me overcome my extreme shyness and confidence issues so I can finally get a relationship?
Do I have to be completely honest to her about anything she asks?
1 media | 6 replies
No title
>constantly spoke about how great and pure women are, how men are evil, women are always right etc
>ended up killing himself because of a women's (his wife) mental abuse
0 media | 4 replies
Indianon Jones and the Quest for Good Margherita Pizza
My search for the perfect margherita pizza has led me to a handful of local pizzerias. The following are my thoughts on each

Place A
>terrible cardboard like crust
>no sauce???
>almost undetectable cheese

Place B
>mozzarella too much and too big
>decent sauce but way too much of it
>way too much oil like a fucking gallon of it on there

Place C
>Very good crust taste
>Good amount of cheese
>not disgustingly greasy
>thick slices of tomatoes... There should be no tomatoes on the pizza let alone slices that thick

Place D
>good appearance
>crust is too thin
>good amount of cheese and basil
>ruined by some kind of vomit inducing pink sauce...

Overall place C is the closest and they also have S tier breadsticks. But sauce is not the best and it is the most expensive.

The search continues...
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No title
black girl
Why do robots love black women but fembots never post about wanting a black boyfriend?
7 media | 51 replies
Paying for punani
Have you ever paid for pussy? How was the experience? I'd rather spend some hard-earned money than remain a virgin.
1 media | 7 replies
No title
>99% of historically documented homosexuality is just old dudes raping little boys
>Faggots think this is proof that homosexuality was "normal and accepted"
1 media | 3 replies
No title
>few months back
>start texting really cute introverted nerdy girl from my relatively new uni friend group
>she's really into movies, not my thing but willing to keep an open mind (i'm more of an anime guy)
>follow advice on the internet and ask her out after just 2 weeks of texting
>she says she's not ready for a relationship
>nonchalantly handle my first rejection
>ffw 2 months
>next semester starts and see her again after a long time
>have to try my best to not glance at her too much because i still find her so fucking cute
I legitimately wasted my one chance in a decade. I got overinvested and probably scared her off. She's never been asked out before either so it really could've been perfect. How do i cope with this?
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No title
Sippin poppy pod tea, comfymaxxing with my vape in my car camper, listening to the waves and the light drizzle.

Life is good today bros :)
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a question
why does people here think girls don't use this website? n whenever i say im a girl they say im "trying to type the way a girl does"??
15 media | 102 replies
No title
So the chad marco and iris interview out what did you guys think of it?
4 media | 28 replies
No title
Why not just get an Irish gf?
2 media | 6 replies
Ladder Slide And Woman Die In Ceilandia
Ladder Slide And Woman Die In Ceilandia Brazil

The woman, Sandra de Sousa Marinho, 41 y.o., fell from a ladder during cleaning at a Grade 10 School, in Ceilandia, DF, Brazil, on February 16, did not resist injuries and died February 24, in the saturday morning. She had been admitted to Hospital since the day of the accident.

She was a third-party employee of Royal JG Facilities S/A, which provides cleaning services to the Federal District Education Secretary.

According to the company, the contract does not provide for the performance of services at the height, such as what was done by the victim at the time of the accident.

The company said the stair-cleaning action would have been a request from the school board.

The case was registered at the 15th Police Station as a work accident. Police will investigate the circumstances and the responsibility for what happened.

SEDF mourned her death and said it is providing support to the family and the school.
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No title
10 years of solitude made me independent
0 media | 5 replies
No title
Did you get your game on, anon?
0 media | 1 replies
He do be oomin zoomin doomin doe fr fr ong no cap skibidi sheeesh!
What the fuck is going on with this stupid doomer meme these days? I've always thought it was kinda whiny, but nowadays the shitter retards have made it so much crappier that it makes you neckbeards look like ascetic martyr saints in comparison. These people are actual N.P.C.'s, they're so superficial, that they define their entire personality based off of some music style. But they have to look pretentious, so of course it's some shitty genre that ends in "-wave" or "-core". Nothin' personnel, kid! Seriously now, the original doomer meme was forged in all the lookism and the hypergamy that plague this world, and they wanted in on our knowledge, but couldn't understand because they've never heard of such things as alopoecia, so they stupified the doomer into a tumblr sexyman gimmick. The way these twitter "doomers" differ from most N.P.C.'s is that they're too pretentious to admit that they only listen to the establishment. Instead, they seek not what the establishment actively and directly encourages, but rather what the establishment doesn't bother to discourage. They seek the most extreme opinions they can that won't also get them banned from social media. This means hard-left anarcho-communism. They can't even do communism in a funny or interesting way, like Podnebeznyy, that might get them to have some opinions that are ACTUALLY outside of the Overton window. So instead it's just mainstream pinko nonesense, but even more retarded. These retards can fuck off. I can only dread imagining gen alpha kids trying to study ANY subject:
>Waouw! Chemistry? That's so heisenbergcorepunkwave! Poggers! Based!
0 media | 3 replies
No title
has your dad ever gone out of his way to avoid you just so he doesn't have to listen to you?
2 media | 16 replies
No title
Why are modern women so based?
0 media | 8 replies
No title
So let me get this straight.
Im 26
Am I really supposed to want a 25+ girlfriend who has ducked multiple men and wants to have a career and wait until age 32 to have kids instead of an 18 year old virgin who wants to be a stay at home mom as soon as we get married?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Why did Iris never tell us she was in a movie lol
2 media | 10 replies
No title
Arguing with a communist online can be the funniest shit cus they'll say crap like:
>"Cuba has great healthcare and a high human developement index. It's a great example of socialism!"
But then they'll say shit like:
>"Cuba is poor and its people are suffering because of the embargo, imagine how much more developed Cuba would be without all those nasty sanctions :c"

That shit funny as hell
2 media | 14 replies
No title
good morning
just woke up after having bad dreams
1 media | 2 replies
how do i know if my asshole is bleeding?
I just went to the toilet and ripped a massive shit. It kinda hurt... It kinda hurt a lot actually.
And now i'm scared that my asshole is bleeding.
How do i test if blood is coming out?
I dont what to touch my ass with my hand because maybe there will be poop, and i dont what to touch poop.
2 media | 5 replies
No title
4chan why did u do this
3 media | 24 replies
No title
What Ai can you use to replace 4chan and all human socialisation?
0 media | 4 replies
Waifu General - /waifu/ #696
Tenderly holding waifu edition

1. Talk about your waifu!
2. Be devoted to your one waifu for laifu!
3. Let waifuism guide you.
4. Don't feed drama or shitposters.
5. No 3DPD.
6. Most importantly, have fun!

Last thread >>76421983
140 media | 262 replies
No title
why make fun of virgin men? yeah i'm introverted and never pursued casual sex. big deal. i think it's a good thing
2 media | 16 replies
Even chads get cucked
tom brady cuck
Tom Brady, one of the biggest chads who has a bunch of money has gotten cucked.

Why even try dating foids if even dudes like him are getting cucked??? At this point, the only thing to do with women is try to create a child and just fuck off with it.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
I used to be a no pussy no work follower but to be honest pussy is not worth it, there's no way i'm working 50 hours a week
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Why is it that we anons on 4chan are smarter and more wise than everyone else on the Internet and possibly the real world?
These people don't have the philosofical knowledge we do. They have never pondered the mysteries of life. They don't study literature of the greats like Mark Twain, Theodore Chapshire, or Nitschze.
No they all do their normie business while we do the hard, grinding work. I pity people like that. Assuming they could be called such.
I even have a saying "Those in society think only with the crowd. The ones whom are alone, change society"
1 media | 4 replies
No title
>jokingly ask coworker out on a date
>she actually says yes

ok what now i didn't expect to get this far
2 media | 13 replies
No title
E-everyone else talks to themselves out loud...right...?
6 media | 25 replies
No title
>ex of 2 years told me she only wants to date and hook up with guys that are taller than her
>her and I are the same height
How the fuck am I supposed to cope with this one?
1 media | 5 replies
/mcg/ momcest general, year 3 #9 (#108)
Mooning Edition

It's Momcest Monday. You guys know what it is all about, share pictures and thoughts on milfs or your own lovely mom.

Pevious thread:

Thread topic: Does your mom often put her butt on display? Accidentally or on purpose?
23 media | 105 replies
No title
Bros, how do I fuck women like this?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
I just want to cuddle with a german anonette
1 media | 5 replies
No title
0 media | 1 replies
If all that matters is "looks, money, height", why did she dump Tom for a shorter, poorer, uglier guy?
11 media | 73 replies
No title
raping my clit rn
0 media | 2 replies
No title
>its another day of obsessing over the fact that i didnt experience life as a teenager in the early 2000s
so how do i build a time machine
1 media | 6 replies
Cock Wars
Post your cocks and compare them with other peoples cocks. State your measurements. This is mine, its around 5.5 inches.
1 media | 4 replies
No title
Fart-punch her shitbox
0 media | 2 replies
No title
Fuck every normie

You amoral pieces of shit gaslighting us autists and robots.
Every single time it feels like a backstab when you put up a front and pretend to be friendly while you laugh behind our backs,
patronizing us, tricking us, lying to us.

I hate every single one of you. I sometimes wonder if you people are like that only towards other or whether you aren't even truthful to yourselves. I don't want to play any of your retarded games just to establish some sort of platonic relationship. What is the point of going outside when they play chess while you're presented with checkers.

At this point it isn't even worth it trying to be a member of society if you have any sort of moral standards. You even betray each other at the sight of the slightest of benefits. You don't have a sense of righteousness, no concept of a moral code. How can I trust any of you faggots?

What's the point of talking about a friendship when it's just trying to outsmart each other by trying placing the right incentives to get the other one to act in one's own interest?

Is love different? My sorry ass wouldn't know for a fact.

Why should I even put in effort in something that I cannot rely on? Why should I talk to others if I cannot even hope of some sort of certainty akin to that, which I find in myself?
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I simply can't stay awake any longer no matter how badly I want to. I'm involuntarily falling asleep in my chair. I'm an insleep
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Men coming to realize that women dont like non chad men in any capacity is causing a disastirous response in our society. Many men are already learning this, but seeing tik toks where some innocent dude who shot his shot is being universally called disguisting in the comments, is demoralizing to the extreme. As more men begin to either check out, or worse, society will continue to unravel.
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I'm Will Smith.
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Anon, do you have back dimples? Do you find them cute, attractive, etc?
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Do women value intelligence in men
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What does /r9k/ think about the inevitable future nazi new world order? are you looking for forward to it? would you consider it an improvement over the what we currently have?
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What do the patrons of r9k think of Quora?
It's like slightly less cringe reddit
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How bad did I fuck up?
>cute woman at my work
>she works in a different department so I don't get to see or talk to her often
>always say hello when I see her and have a conversation if I can
>shes always receptive and seems to like talking to me
>she will come up to me and start talking sometimes
>want to ask her out but there is always another coworker around us whenever we see each other
>don't want to ask her out in front of someone else in case I embarrass her
>tell myself I will ask her out when she is alone
>two weeks go by and still can't get her alone
>see her one day the next week and she says how she's moving to the next town over for university
>this is her last shift
>still don't ask her out
>never see her again
Did I fuck up bros? Was that my one chance and I blew it?
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Does anyone have that image of the girl surrounded by orbiters and simps? It talks about each, like the romantic one, the rich guy, the bad boy, etc?
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I get bullied for being a short guy (5'5) or just get called "cute"
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Asperger Separatism
We high IQ autistic people are discriminated against everywhere despite typically being more capable in our given professions. College educated autistics suffer from an 85% unemployment rate. This is why we need to build our own business in social networks that only allow above-average IQ autistic people. Nobody likes us, so we only have each other. This is the most logical solution to our problems. The fact that this hasn't been pursued sooner is a grave disappointment. It is time to stop being the laughing stock of the entire internet and separate from the normies. We need to form our own parallel societies now!
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Why do girls get all the heat for being thots at the gym when guys are just as vain and into parading around their bodies as women?
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Which region has the best hot dog?
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Try this sex position. And while you're at it reach back and rub her clit while you fuck her. Not as fun as some positions but never fails to make girls squirt
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why the fuck cant I get any? I mean, I'm nice and considerate and all that shit, but nooooo.
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i wish my forehead wasn't big
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Good night, anons! I know for most of you, your day is just starting. I hope you have a better day!
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imagine wanting to reproduce when you have dogshit genes. normies are scumbags for encouraging this shit.
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pussy is sweaty and grodd i want cock
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instead of killing yourself like a coward, commit murder suicide. or better yet mass killing -don't shoot up a school like a retard-

you only realistically can kill one person in your life
make. it. count.
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> be me
> be insanely attracted to mares
> play a video game with horses in it
> hear neighing sound effect
> instantly turned on as hell, unable to even focus on the game anymore
> nearly impossible to resist looking up mare porn
how the fuck am i supposed to fix my brain anons?
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download (5)
>i don't have anything to SAY
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You did hide away, right anon?
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It's tax season again and here's a fun reminder: even if you aren't dating you're still paying taxes to women. Men pay FAR more taxes than women do per capita and are far less likely to collect tax money, which is mostly going to single mothers who are fucking chads.

I know this all too well, I've never had a girlfriend but I am literally about to pay fucking 70 thousand dollars in taxes this year (I made over 200k, but I have a terminally uncool tech job), which is basically all going to women. This is fucking ridiculous. The idea that men who aren't fucking should be paying taxes at all is completely ridiculous. The one upside is the fact that since fewer women are having children, eventually society will just die off. Japan is basically where we're all going to end up frankly.
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my mom read my diary
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a word to youngcels
Inceldom WILL lead to suicide. Inevitably. It's only a matter of time.
Most people here are young (25 max) and think they have seen it all already.
You can do whatever the fuck you want in your 20s and you will most likely live.
You can binge drink every week, you can sleep 3 hours a night, you can never work out
and eat like shit just like you can be a hopeless KHHV and somehow manage to exist.
But your body will age. Your last energy will diminish. Your hope will fade.
There are barely 30+yo robots because most of them have simply roped.
You have a few years left, do something before it's too late.
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I loved this part of the new avatar series
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Anyone else addicted in touching their balls?
I don't even fap all I do is play with touch them and put the hand in my face right after.
It's just so good, also feels different if you shave your balls. They will become sticky but less smelly, so you need to play with them more until you start sweating.
Pfp unrelated
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Would you break up with a girl over a booger chair? I wouldnt. Ive got a booger patch on the floor right by my futon.
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