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No title

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/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #2949
► Detected: 1,224,913 (+23,460) ► Died: 66,497 (+1,809) ► Day: 87 (-14:00:00)

— 4.3 billion people put under lockdown —
— 208 countries and territories infected —
— 3.5x more confirmed deaths than swine flu pandemic —
— 3,379 different strains have been sequenced —

Hong Kong enacts shutdowns as second wave hits

Town in China in lockdown again due to second wave of cases

China begins to reopen its wet markets

Biggest slums in India report first COVID casualties

Asian countries might face second wave as cases rise

Swedish government took 3 months to figure out asymptomatic transmission

Normalcy bias is the tendency to believe things will always be the same

Virus can live in the air for several hours

11 year old in Indonesia has died to coronavirus

In France, half in intensive care under 50 years old

300 die in Iran from methanol poisoning amid false cure rumors

Ecuador struggling to handle all the deaths

China industrial capacity estimated to be at 50-60%

Japan confirms China doesn't count suspected in death toll

Fed injects $1.5 trillion, fails to stop historic crash

>LIVE [Embed] [Embed]

05:44: 429 new cases and 3 new deaths in Israel
05:27: 55 new cases and 2 new deaths in Hungary
05:22: 4 new cases and 7 new deaths in Honduras
05:15: 156 new cases and 5 new deaths in Pakistan
05:12: 302 new cases in India
05:01: 252 new cases and 33 new deaths in Italy

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Brit/pol/ HM GOV







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23534675678 go to 1:27 underground camo troopers on hospital boats, in the middle of a city.
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@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom

>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>Give People Hope 3/31/20
>Pres Trump/Corona-chan Task Force News Conf 4/4/20
>American Heroes ONLINE! 4/4/20
>LabSec Scalia on F&F 4/4/20
>EnSec Brouillette on JudgeJeanine 4/4/20
>AsstHHSSec4Health Adm Giroir on JudgeJeanine 4/4/20
>FDACommr Hahn on WattersWorld 4/4/20
>NORAD&NORTHCOM Comdr AFGen O'Shaughnessy on WattersWorld 4/4/20
>TrumpTV Real News Insights w/Jerry Falwell (Lara) 4/4/20
>TrumpTV Real News Insights w/Candace Owens (Lara) 4/4/20
>TrumpTweet: Paycheck Protection Program 4/3/20
>Pres Trump/Corona-chan Task Force News Conf 4/3/20
>Pres Trump meets w/Energy Sector CEOs 4/3/20
>Team Trump ONLINE! 4/3/20
>2ndLady Karen on Suicide Prevention 4/3/20
>Lara Trump on DailyCaller 4/3/20
>Trump2020PressSec McEnany on America 1st w/Gorka 4/3/20

OP pastebin:
prev >>252030786
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No title
I could have been an engineer or a doctor in Africa, in one of the empires or republics there.

YET I am in the USA and I am none of these. Why? Instead I am none of these. Because fucking crackers, here's why

Your ancestors colonized and enslaved my ancestors. You continue to reap the benefits from this to this very day. You invaded our countries and stole our resources and destroyed our cities.

You are the reason I don't have a job. You are the reason I don't know my father. You are the reason I dropped out of school.

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Thank America thread
You’re welcome for your computer
You’re welcome for your smart phone
You’re welcome for the internet
You’re welcome for light bulbs
You’re welcome for lasers
You’re welcome for email
You’re welcome for 3d printers
You’re welcome for cars
You’re welcome for youtube

Thanks Yurop for your uhhhh clarinets?

Anyhow. Time for you to give some thanks for the greatest nation in the planet. Brits need not participate, because I don’t want you getting arrested for thinking without a loicense
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Nearly 30% of all Indian Corona cases originated from a single mass muslim event conducted in Delhi against the lockdown protocols. Also, mudslimes are going on tiktok calling others to spread the virus by sneezing and spitting on currency, fruits, vegetables etc. What do bros?
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No title
I’m gong to sleep, but this went well last thread:
Atheists are basically retarded.
It takes almost no thought to prove a creator exists, yet losers pretend god doesn’t exist because they already know which god does;
A1a: we live in a causal universe
A1b: every effect has a cause
A2a: if we follow that chain back far enough we reach “the beginning of our universe”
A2b: If an in-universe cause preceded this, it is not “the beginning of our universe”
Therefore our universe began with an external cause;

B1: premise A1 is foundational to discerning truth through science
B2: premise A2 is a tautology.
Therefore arguing against A requires you to argue against the validity of the foundation of using science to discern knowledge.

And just for funsies:
C1: if an argument against A or B could be made by an intelligent respondent, it would be made directly
C2: should A or B be incorrect or poorly formed, such an argument would be readily apparent to any intelligent dissenters, and swiftly provided
Therefore any “arguments” not directly addressing A or B are tacit admission of A; an external creator of our universe; otherwise they are an admission the respondent is not intelligent.

Reminder that every atheist will do nothing but try to change the subject on this.
Have fun, do me proud,
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No title
What does /pol/ think about the dark/deep web?
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How are religious fags ever going to recover?
>Jews who congregate dying like rats, wall’s empty
>Muslims not allow in the Mecca, dying as well
>Vatican empty, christians dying, ceremonies cancelled
>The only way to fix the issue is by science

Thousands of years of fanaticism and magic, and now even the religious leaders hide and admit it doesn’t fucking work.

ITT Religious cope and mental acrobatics with "it is just a test of faith".
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Coronavirus: 'We're on our knees' says nurse

Why do nurses go to tears whenever they have a workload which would be considered typical in any other industry?
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As a consequence of being a social species, humans are inherently programmed to follow. The manifestations of this aren't limited to group dynamics, but our means of communication itself. The words we make are like paths which allow others to arrive at an approximation of the original vantage point. When we speak, we speak through all our ancestors, and their thoughts echo through us. The greatest evidence that humans are a slave-like species is the effectiveness of words in managing larger and larger civilizations. From the code of Hammurabi to the modern legal system. From the pagan myths to Christianity. Without a guiding star, most humans would truly be lost.

The world has many such guiding stars, and there is much friction between followers of different stars. What madness it is when men cannot come to see another's perspective, what madness it is when there is a vast abyss between opposing vantage points, what madness it is that within each vantage point the world can be made to appear dominated by it. And it is no different for reason, for those who follow reason believe in it just as blindly as the others believe in their stars, and without it, their worlds would crumble just the same. Yet, it appears to be the least evil.
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No title
This Friday it all ends.
Say goodbye to the world you remember.

A new one is about to be.
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>Hong Kong hotel owner started putting sex dolls in her hotel rooms
>Very interested in converting entire hotel into sex doll brothel
>Interested into making this a business

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America is Evil
America is fucking evil
Why is America so evil? I thought they were the good guys?
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No title
>watch American History X because /pol/ said it was baste
>feel like actual shit

Why do Nazis like this movie? All I feel is dread and guilt
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Is Qanon is a psyop? Theory explained
>Qanon has been telling his followers "BIG HAPPENINGS NEXT WEEK" for years
>His followers then make posts on social media and tell everyone that "THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GO DOWN! Just watch" and nothing happens. and when things do happen, they are usually semi-happenings which happen regardless of Q
>Their friends and family then ignore them more and more
>No one takes them seriously anymore and each "IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN" that occurs simply turns into a "Well, THE PLAN just had to change last minute. Soon you'll understand"
>Qanon followers beg to Trump on social media for martial law and the "temporary" suspension of the constitution (Trump sees this on his twitter feed and thinks that his supporters unironically want him to just take away their rights for no particular reason)

Conclusion: Qanon is basically there to make you look stupid in the eyes of your friends and family wile making sure that you support the end of your freedom.

And once martial law arrives and you wake up and then start telling your friends and family what's ACTUALLY happening (The new world order takeover) then your friends and family will believe that your just repeating another version of the same bullshit you've been saying for years.

The purpose of Qanon is to get you to cheer for the end of your freedom and make you look stupid in these of everyone you know in the process so that once the new world order takeover begins no one around you will believe you

Qanon is there to make you look dumb wile you get excited for tyranny.
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No title
BREAK THE QUARANTINE! Faggots. We have to head outside en masse and defend our right to assembly. The kikes have taken this away from us and we can't let it go out with a whimper.
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No title
>only 3.8k cases in a pop of 1.3b
get fucked faggots
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Pentti Linkola has died
>>The US is the most wretchedly villainous state of all times. Anyone aware of global issues can easily imagine how vast the hatred for the United States - a corrupted, swollen, paralysing and suffocating political entity - must be across the Third World - and among the thinking minority of the West too.
>What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes and there is only one lifeboat? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship's axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides.
>How can anyone think so insanely that the human life has the same value and mankind, the same morality, independent of numbers? It is lucid to me that everytime a new child is born, the value of every human in world decreases slightly. It is obvious to me that the morality of the population explosion is wholly unlike than when man was a sparse, noble species in its beginning.
>On a global scale, the main problem is not the inflation of human life, but its ever-increasing, mindless over-valuation. Emphasis on the inalienable right to life of foetuses, premature infants and the brain-dead has become a kind of collective mental illness.
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No title
Hi I’m Stacey I never thought I would be a hero growing up I just wanted to help people.

Now I’m a super lady teehee. Yes I helped during the pandemic .

Now I demand free housing , untaxable income and the absolute adoration of every American citizen.

I will also want to flash my nurse id to get 50% off all purchases .

I am power . I am love .
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No title
Why can't he just say it? Sorry, I fucked up, millions of chinese dead and hundreds of thousands more to follow. Why does he refuse to admit he made a mistake? Is he some kind of infallible communist style leader? Sorry. It's not hard to say, unless you're Stalin or Hitler. Will this guy ever recover from this embarrassment?
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Like It Or Not, This Is the Germanic Race
If you're from the 2 darkest shades and your native tongue is a Germanic one, you are Germanic. Especially if you have a Germanic last name. I support Großgermanisches Reich. I am British. We cannot be divided any longer. Everything here is Germanic, divided merely by dialects of the Proto-Germanic tongue which we should work on making closer to the original Proto-Germanic again.

Sieg Heil, brothers. Sieg Heil.
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No title
Has anybody realized that modern society is such a joke that you can't even go outdoors other than in designated areas? You can't just "go up a mountain", you have to "stay on the tracks". There are so many people, that if everybody just wandered around the mountain, the plants and trees would be destroyed.

The same goes for swimming between the flags and everything else. Does anybody else realise how absolutely fucked up this is? The implications and so on? We can't really even enjoy nature. Exploring nature isn't even a thing. You just have your designated path. It is like a tourist attraction rather than nature now. We can't even experience this basic thing about life. Our lives are completely, absolutely, fucked.
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No title
49 images | 189 replies
No title

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And I'm fucking done with this orange clown
Screenshot_2020-04-05 The Wall Street Journal - Breaking News, Business, Financial Economic News, World News and Video
He pardons that war criminal that killed Afhgani civillians but he's ok with a Navy captain being fired just because he wrote a letter trying to save the lives of his sailors? Absolutley fine with this bozo losing this fall. If that means scum at CNN or Rick Wilson or Hollyshit gets to gloat for a couple months so be it.
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emo gf

Moderators have been getting upset over these threads and moving them to /bant/ if not outright deleting them. Apparently, culture wars, nationalism, and Jews subverting whites isn’t political, but all the threads are perfectly political for the mods. This isn’t a shitpost or a meme, and this isn’t an off-topic, out of place /mu/ thread. This IS politics and is absolutely relevant to this board, killing threads just proves that kikes are in fact downplaying this.

>Quick rundown on NatRock
In the early 2000’s we saw an outright renaissance in white society that obliterated the degeneracy and niggatry of the 90’s. White people became cool and culturally dominant, we were vocally angry, anti-system, and espoused a wealth of right-wing sympathies. Not to mention that the women of this time were hyperfeminine. 00’s rock more or less preached proto-fascism and thot patrolling, so the Jews subverted this renaissance with pop-punk, indie rock, and media looking back on this era as edgy (as if that’s a bad thing) and cringe.

We simply want to continue the white renaissance that was so wrongfully and artificially cut short.
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No title
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Who are Belarusians?
They look like balts, LARP as true Lithuanians (Litvins) and speak gibberish version of Polish instead of an Slavic language so other Slavs can barely understand them
>Źmicier, voś ja - sapraŭdny lićvin. Ja nienavidžu maskalioŭ, našy braty - ukraincy, paliaki j habrei ŭ baraćbie suprać maskalioŭ. Litoŭcy - heta bielarusy, a sučasnyja "litoŭcy" - heta žmudź i dzikuny. Žyvie Bielaruś, Slava Ŭkrainie, Chvaŭa Vielkoj Poĺście. Teĺ chaj, braty! My budziem častkaj Eŭraźviaza j NATO, my sapraŭdnyja eŭrapejcy, a ruśnia - heta azijaty j manholy. My pavažajem pravy LGBT, transhienderaŭ i padtrymlivajem feminizm!

Who are they? Lithuanians? Poles? Polonized Russians?
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Why was GG effective ?
Thinking back how it was so good at instantly breaking the conditioning of many people, but not only that, it was the elephant on the room that everyone tried to censor, but kept going till the eventual gatekeepers tried to make a buck and sanitize it.
When it was on roll it was just effective, it was the boogieman of the left, it broke to mainstream media, it woke up thousands (or probably millions) of people.
In the last years we found out with proof that Google is trying to social engineer everyone, mingling in USA elections to not elect Trump, that CNN, NY times, media matters, are just branches of the democratic establishment, that colleges are brainwashing and intimidating students, but there's not a single peep anywhere and they just brush it off.
How come that a bunch of autists can create a wave more effective than the whole right over a bunch of anime boobs ?
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Switzerland vs Sweden
Compare two of the best performing, most successful economies in the world.

Do you agree with these officialy reported figures?

If you are currently living in one of those countries, how is the economic situation in recentes years? Are real wages growing? Life in general?
13 images | 104 replies
Just some things I noticed about COVID-19:
>Politicians Get It
>Musicians Get it
>Washed up Irrelevant Actors Get It
>News Reporters especially Liberal Ones Get It
Supposedly, tons of people are dying from COVID-19, and here is the proof:
>Look at this room full of coffins
>Look at this room full of body boxes
>Look at how many body bags we ordered
Eventually someone opens one of these boxes to see what's inside, and it's EMPTY. Eventually someone goes inside of one of these truck refrigerator trailers to see all the bodies, and it's just filled with food.
Of course these videos are eventually removed and brushed under the rug, but whatever, don't worry about that.

The only thing I know about this whole fucking thing at the moment, is what I see on the internet, and what the news says. I have a sister who works in the healthcare field, and she says they're not overwhelmed at all. They have had 0 COVID admissions, but they are all wearing protective gear as a precuation, so if the news were to film a regular day there with no COVID patients, it would look like a quarantine out of a movie.
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Occultism, Freemasonry, pedophilia and other satanic Faggotry in the Government
ITT we expose the government as satanic faggots and pedos and deoccult their symbols
around 13 min
states how his info about a CIA kidnapping ring is just ignored, and how the childs are used for sacrifices
this is coming from this guy
>Theodore L. Gunderson (November 7, 1928 – July 31, 2011) was an American Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI.
Doesnt mention Masons, but we know they are the ones active in the highest Echolons of the government, so guess who has the power to make the CIA kidnap children shut up the FBI

Citing an anon on germany:
>i posted it allready in another thread its about a black metal neo pagan guy from germany, who killed a boy , a german varg virkernes if you like, and there is a documentary made about it from the 90s at 39:39 he gets arrested in william pearce hometown in virginia ,he was hiding at william pearces after fleeing germany) at a cafe he got arrested..look closer at the cafe.
>so much for this shit
pic related is the Cafe. Shows its internationally connected, and he, Hendrik Möbus, was also harbored by vocal anti-christian Dr. William Pierce

What are the chances they are involved here too?
Despite the obvious cover ups from police, social workers etc they now stopped looking into it and declared it incompetency
Its known afterall that Masons like to infiltrate cops
44 images | 59 replies
You were all warned
>losing all your rights
>martial law in place
>governemnt in total control
>new laws every single day
Cooper warned you all this was coming,
You Reap What You Sow.
2 images | 12 replies
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The real reason for these pointless lock downs
Herd immunity was legitimate solution with the least economic damage. In fact it was an ideal solution.

It only depended don baby boomers(and those with complications) staying at home for 12 weeks, with government support and temporary infrastructure the entire time. With a still working young not at risk population, these systems would have been even easier to set up to support them.

What happened? these selfish narcissistic baby boomers refused to stay at home. Before the forced quarantines were in place, bars were full of 60+ retards hitting up happy hour and all kinds of other degenerate shit. They couldn't to told to stop because they were selfish and didn't want to miss out on their fun if others were still doing it. I saw this with my own eyes every day.
So these selfish, slow witted, spoiled fucks are taking us all down with them so they don't have to feel like they're missing out. Just when we were finally crawling out of the ashes they created for us and getting financially established, they fuck us again.

The boomers are the only people to be blamed.
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These guys dont just Analyze your DNA they are legally allowed to store it, analyze it again, sequence it, and sell all that data at their will.
0 images | 3 replies
No title
Activate it
0 images | 0 replies
Fatherhood in the Modern West
Is it even possible to raise a daughter in the west, without her becoming a degenerate and or brainwashed by the western globalist propaganda?
11 images | 58 replies
Are you one of those people who just whines and complains all day?

>The Blacks are taking White girls!
>I'm a NEET I cant get a job!
>Life is unfair (((CRY)))

Fuck I'm sick you whiny pussy fuckers!
You are all fucking soft as baby shit!
God DAMN IT you lazy weak fuckers.

Why do you find problems and just fester and rot in them? Have you asked yourself that?

You know why things suck? Because of you you little bitch.

This is WHY we see a demographic shift of White women going with other races, because you are not worth loving or being with.

Your weakness is destroying your reality.
1 images | 5 replies
No title
Along with Alt-Hype/Ryan Faulk, is JF the last respectable member of the Alt-Right?
18 images | 114 replies
Goys, what's going on with the fdesouche Disqus comments? They've been down for a couple of days and I feel lonely.
32 images | 271 replies
Vegans Vs Meat, A War
Vegan Meat War
There will be a vegetable vs meat eater war on the horizon. Mark my words that animals will get the same rights as humans, vegans will seek to ban the killing of most to all animals, and it will become illegal to eat meat.

This is already seen heavily in zoomers. All it takes is growing demographics and further subversion of beta vegan activists and meat will be outlawed.

Will you fight for your right to eat meat?
12 images | 78 replies
No title
>blah blah weed bad blah blah ban marijuana etc. etc.
>*takes a drag off a lit Camel before washing it down with some whiskey*
What makes drinking booze and smoking tobacco any less degenerate/harmful than consuming pot?
>t. sipped a moscato earlier tonight
14 images | 136 replies
You believe in a higher power because you demand to be controlled. You lack purpose in life, so you pretend there is a divine one for all life. You are weak and small and you cannot come to grips with the fact that you will die one day and become nothing. There is no god. There is no jesus. The universe was never created it just always was. The only purpose is that which spawns from the mind.
9 images | 64 replies
Normies try to get you killed to calm themselves
How many people in your life have done this to you over preparing for the coronavirus and lockdowns? Literally everyone for me besides the couple mates that tipped me off in the first place
29 images | 174 replies
Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Clown World Edition
>Corona Live Ticker

>Election analysis 2014-2019

>Meme Collections

>Kraut/pol/ OP pasta

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.
Join AfD or IB or Einprozent; counter subversion.
Get /fit/.
Get a job.
Spread flyers and stickers.
Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.

>English language analysis
>Counter culture
>Laut Gedacht
>Ruhrpott Roulette
>Andreijs Aporje

>Get active

>AfD TV (german)

previous >>251955458
7 images | 21 replies
No Gibbs
> Germany Rejects Spanish and Italian Demands
30 images | 128 replies
They tried to kill him
Dave Mustane
When will pol admit they tried to kill Dave Mustaine because he tried to warn us a decade ago:
46 images | 177 replies
Good night lads sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite

>These maps show the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on our cities

>Australian cruise passenger dies as hundreds more await test results, rescue

>Australians in five-star quarantine complain about being 'trapped' inside luxury rooms and as they beg to be let out of their 'prisons' - while dressed in fluffy bathrobes and drinking white wine

>Chilling prospect for proud Sydney and Melbourne home owners: How house prices could fall by 50 per cent as coronavirus brings on a depression - and why PERTH will emerge stronger

Keep it civil lads

57 images | 212 replies
It's fucking over.
There is no "going back to normal".

Politician's have deluded people into thinking this lockdown will only last a couple months at most. It'll all be over before summer. It's bullshit. They don't want people panicking so they'll keep gradually extending the deadline little by little.

You CAN'T go back to normal until a cure is found. Hong Kong stopped lockdown after they had success in decreasing cases, it exploded again. China is in the midst of its second wave.

This is life for the next 12-18 months. We are stuck like this until someone finds a cure. Don't delude yourself into thinking this is going to be over soon.
2 images | 32 replies
No title
China is poised to challenge American air dominance and has already shown itself to be a formidable naval power.

>“China’s emerging weapons developments and broader defence-technological progress mean that it has become a global defence innovator and is not merely ‘catching up’ with the West,” Dr. John Chipman, Director-General and Chief Executive of IISS, said.

China’s Chengdu J-20 low-observable combat aircraft is on track to enter front-line squadron service by 2020, jeopardizing the US monopoly on operational stealth combat aircraft.

>“These advances are all part of the Chinese air force’s goal to become capable of challenging any opponent in the air domain. For the past three decades, air dominance has been a key advantage for the US and its allies. This can no longer be assumed."
5 images | 10 replies
The nuisance Gooks who infest Nippon
The name of that retarded shithole of a movie perfectly describes the Zainichi (ethnic) gooks who contaminate Nippon. Those fucking subhuman Gooks are the niggers and kikes of Japan. Fucking filthy kimchi yarōs have no Japanese pride whatsoever and hate the country they live in (but of course they don't want to go back to pestiferous shitty Korea). These fucking ingrate scum sperg out about history but ignore the fact that Korea would still be a turd world dog eating nothing but mudhuts shithole if it wasn't for Nipponese colonization. Now it's a 1st world dog eating degenerate shithole. They also make up a large part of the Yakuza (gang) and run many pachinko parlors where drunk fags blow all their gib money they could be spending on family. And like kikes and niggers they leech off of the government and do nothing but commit crimes and start riots for attention. I really hope someday they all get exterminated like the parasitic verminous scum they are.
8 images | 31 replies
No title
Yo, Chemstrailt faggots. Can you explain the lack of chemtrails when commercial air flights are canceled and mind control has stopped? What now?
13 images | 47 replies
No title
>Russian sailors trafficking illegal immigrants to Europe

When did you realize Russianmongols are worse than jews?
14 images | 39 replies
Service Canada is shut down. Phonelines not working
canada, a nation in ruin
Canadians wont be getting any money. All that talk about you getting help was just to keep you calm until you are too weak to do literally anything but become homeless. What happens to you will be covered up by the same people who cover up the grocery situation.
4 images | 14 replies
No title
Corona virus lock-down in the ME is causing men to beat their wives more often.

Men can't take BS from their women when trapped with them 24/7.

> Coronavirus fuels domestic violence in the Middle East
0 images | 4 replies
You all are going to be vaccinated
Since this is really going to happen against your own will, what are the BEST methods to annul a vaccine?
Drink alchool and hope to piss it out?
Drain out some blood?
Heroin/Adrenaline injection?
You have LESS than 18 months to come up with a solution.
6 images | 34 replies
No title
Is coronavirus like HIV and it sticks with you forever, fucks your immune system, and kills you at some point?
Or it's just a dangerous respiratory flu?
18 images | 188 replies
IQ of browns, genetic?
Is there proof that indian, and middle-eastern low IQ is predominantly a consequence of genes?
I know there's studies on blacks where environmental variables are controlled for, but what about middle-easterners and indians?
1 images | 48 replies
Friendship ended with USA
Now China is best friend.

> Trudeau announced Saturday that Canada is set to receive millions of masks from China within the next 48 hours as his government jostles for medical supplies and after U.S.-based manufacturer 3M said it got direction Friday from the Trump administration to stop exporting N95 respirators to Canada and Latin America.

Fuck you Niggermuttfaggots.
14 images | 46 replies
Is it weird to think your mom is hot?
2 grown adults of the opposite sex. why is it considered weird to be attracted to her? is there any reason to fight my urges?
0 images | 21 replies
No title
Politics completely aside, with this pandemic what are the odds American president Trump will be re-elected?

Are Americans approving of the job he's doing overall?
7 images | 31 replies
Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 8.37.47 AM
why does this thing look like some kind of grid?
1 images | 6 replies
No title
So did any of you niggerfaggots actually withold rent from your landlords?
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No title
Should I buy this for the pandemic? Lets you store 100 gallons of water in your bathtub for 4 weeks which at that point you have to start treating it. It's $35 plus shipping made in China I live in NYC. Are we ever going to be at risk of having our water shut down?
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For real, what are the chances of it going boom amidst this pandemic? Also, these tremors are said to be normal. So what would be an actual warning if momma volcano is waking up?
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KIKS BTFO!!!!!!!

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Based China
15 images | 34 replies
Being non-russian in Russia
I'm brown & my parents are from Azerbaijan and no I will not "go back", I was born & raised in this country.
I know nothing about Azerbaijan, I don't know Azerbaijani language. Other brown people will not "go back" either. If you want to save your country get rid of corruption & bring back anti miscegenation laws. You cant expect us to leave, all we know is Russia and it's your fault for letting our parents give birth to us here.

I have a harem of blonde Russian chicks craving for muh dick (also can't believe how many Slavic girls like licking my Turkic asshole, it's glorious!). I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
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Burger King manager Abdul Moin stole £1,800 from the work safe - after claiming he was owed the cash in travelling expenses.
The 20-year-old ran the company's Affinity Staffordshire outlet, at Talke, when he disabled the CCTV to help himself to the cash.
But his area manager soon realised the money was missing and the defendant immediately came clean.
Now Moin - who has repaid the money - has been handed a 12-month community order at North Staffordshire Justice Centre.
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Mandatory masks:boiling the frog
Governments are now talking about introducing mandatory masks. This is the next stage of making you used to these regulations. It won't be the last, next will be mandatory testing. The end stage of course will be mandatory vaccinations, digital ID, chipping, cashless currency and total surveillance. Remember that this is a global coup by elites under the cover of slightly more virulent flu to imprison us all to them.
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No title
Is it actually feasible for America to ditch Chinese manufacturing and produce almost everything at home? Or is this an absolutely ridiculous pipe dream?
1 images | 10 replies
There are about 3000-6000 deaths weekly from pneumonia in the US depending on the time of year.

As the corona kill count goes up, the number of pneumonia related deaths is plunging.

Compare this year with the previous 6 years.

Notice anything interesting in pic related?
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Redpill me on true christianity
My family was newer religious, newer cared much myself, but I think Im having an existential crisis and some things that Jesus said are appealing, where do I start?
People tell me protestants are best because catholic church is corrupt and I agree, a lot of corruption here linked to the church. How do I become protestant anyway?
34 images | 198 replies
Future of Mexico?
As the US slips into decline, what part will Mexico play in the North American and global geopolitics of the future?
2 images | 9 replies
Calling out all Adam Green wignats
Hello, this is epic department. I'd like to file a complaint, the cringe wignat department is having a BRUH moment, epic cringe check? Wignats are countersignalling Trump which is pure cringe and I'm here to tell you they are cringe and gay, gaaay, and cringe, and low energy, attention based epic zoomer gamers Trump is doing a good thing.

And look (smiletalk squint, Shapiro style) I've been saying it for years, go back and listen to my shows from 1961. I've been saying it since the 13th century, you can find my pre-crusade shows and I've been saying it for years, I was the first to say that Trump is based and groypers are based to, as in living in a basedment, comfy gamer check?

Epic. Trump is epic and wignats are cringe, BlackRock doesn't matter, don't look into BlackRock don't look into who will own Freddie Mac now, don't look the connections between Trump and Fink from BlackRock, dont' look into connections between Fink and Kushner, just based epic gamer check based schmood vibe check Joker moment.

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No title
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Österreich und seine App
Hat jemand eine Ahnung was momentan mit dieser von der övp geplanten App passiert kann?
Bin unschlüssig über dem wahren Vorhaben von Sobotka und Kurz.
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why do we have to pay for these??
0 images | 15 replies
australian uni boards these days

This is the the kind of people aus has accepted in exchange for some of that sweet winnie the poo honey
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Please explain why the US has some 400 military bio-weapons labs scattered in (mostly poor and backward) countries around the world, including new ones in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Why not build them in your own back yard? Several nations are demanding that you dismantle these labs and take them home where they belong.
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Britcucks BTFO
Hey Britcucks whos not white now cunts.
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Vitamin C WORKS
A month ago I came down with regular cold symptoms: Stuffy nose, congestion, mucus. Developed into a severe cough and chest pains which lasted a week and was giving me headaches. My gf developed same symptoms but about a week after. It subsided for me the day before Italy locked down. Felt slightly run down for a few days but must've had an adrenaline kick from the happening because then I woke up one morning with flu-like symptoms: Fever, chills, aches and pains, migraines, even worse fatigue and a really fucking sore throat. 2 days later it's gone and I feel great.

But here's the thing - I've been taking 1000mg Vitamin C almost every day for last few weeks or so after I heard rumours it works. And by God I think it did. My gf eventually developed the flu-like symptoms when I started feeling better but hers are a lot more severe and have lasted a lot longer. Again fever, dry cough, headaches and body pain, sore throat, but breathing normal. Says she's never felt this sick before. She wasnt taking vitamin C everyday though, only once when I asked her too. Situation improved slightly but still worried about her.

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Niggers are stupid they could have picked cotton and paid their child support.Now they will end up in jail picking cotton for the state,and still not get their child support paid.Niggers need to do the right thing and be well taken care of slaves,I will take care of all your bills all you have to do is pick my cotton.
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70% of those who are put on a Ventilator die.

100% of those survive while being intubated will require some form of oxygen or ventilation for the rest of their lives because the lungs are PERMANENTLY SCARRED.

4 out of 5 of people put on ventilators are morbidly obese

Just thought you should know before you think ventilators are important. Basically when you are intubated you are dead or live a horrible life afterwards.
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No title
Still belive in jewish bullshit?

We are data, part of the simulation program, running on a virtual machine.

Name one reason if I'm wrong.
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Balls this isnt good
here lads, my neighbours both work at The QE (England), they are both High-Level cleaners (as in they did training for Hot Zones years ago.
Just spoke to him then as I had a fag, he said he has seen it with his own eyes (the brutality of coof), he said that the news they get changes every day, but his mate (A Doctor) at the hospital said there is a no resuscitation order on for Covid patients...
This is bad (QE is one of the best hospitals in the world btw, free to all), he said his job most of the time before this was cleaning rooms for British and American soldiers shot in the M.E ready for operation (the hospital is so good, you are better off flown from Afghanistan with a gunshot than operated on there).
This is not good.
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Google TV Message Suggestions
google wtf
remember that weird "we are here with you" thing going across TVs yesterday? google's got something to say about it.
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/NSG/ + /SIG/
ᛋᛋ Welcome to /nsg/+/sig/: National Socialism General + Self-Improvement General. ᛋᛋ

This is your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/.

This thread covers the discussion of topics such as:
·NatSoc Ideology
·Active Movements
·NatSoc History
·Physical and Mental Improvements
·General Plans

What are you waiting for? Take the pledge!
> For the good of my people:
> I must IMPROVE my will, body, and mind
> I must BUILD our culture and communities
> I must FIGHT for the future of my race
> We will endure forever!

>But what really is National Socialism?

Would you like to know more? Check out the Pastebin & learn the truth!

Security first! Follow this guide to stop your ISP from spying on your browser traffic, & to view blocked sites.

These are your allies. They fight for your freedom:
132 images | 232 replies
/sg/ Syria General - Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba Edition


>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>Syria Mar 21
>Afghanistan Mar 21
>Iraq Mar 21
>Yemen Mar 21

Devs Apr 3
Military build-ups belonging to the National Defense Militia and groups of Hezbollah militia and Fatimion militia members at dawn today, Friday, in the city of Mayadin after news of the ISIS attack on their positions in the Badiyat Badia.
Usbat al-Tishrin, an offshoot of the Iran-backed Shia militias, release drone footage of the US Embassy compound in Baghdad saying that the compound is the target of their missiles/rockets.
GNA bombard the residential neighborhood near the Al-Kahili Mosque in the Ain-Zara area with mortars
LNA took new positions on Abu Salim Axis
Egypt- ISIS claim IED attack targeting a tank near Bir al-Abd, North Sinai Yet again reiterating what at this point is no longer increasing presence near Bir al-Abd, but a well established AO there
World Bank approves $40 million loan to Lebanon to strengthen govt response against coronavirus outbreak; country under equipped,limited resources; health sector already strained &setting back efforts in fight against poverty;concerns poor and refugees will be hit; needs immense
Hadi forces attempt to restore Mavqdth, clashing with Houthi Yemen on the Axis of Mount Hailan
Marib operations continue
Afghan National Security Council's spokesman rejects reports 100 Taliban prisoners will be released today

Prev >>251876590
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Pentti Linkola dead AHAHAHAHA!
squinting from staring into the sun
>Nature conservationist Pentti Linkola, 87, is dead, says Yle. The matter was confirmed to Yle by her daughter Leena Linkola.

Press S to spit on her grave!

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Hungary the newest dictatorship in Europe
Hungary is the first corona virus establish dictatorship in Europe, as I watch how things are going in the Balkans, many new dictatorships will be born.
Hungarybros how is living under dictatorship?
Anons, I think we are 1984 now.........
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questions about the origins of the bulgars
Khan Krum.jpeg
Hello my Bulgarian friends

I was doing some research on the origins of the bulgars and found some conflicting results

I found some sources claiming the earliest documentation of them was found in Gansu China

Others claiming they came from the steppe near the Caspian Sea around Kazakhstan

And I have even found some sources saying they originated from an ancient Iranian kingdom named the Kingdom of Balkhara (and Wikipedia labels this idea as a fringe theory) and as they migrated the Balkharians mixed in with Mongols, Huns Magyars Yakuts and became Bulgars and that the word Bulgar means of “mixed origin”

Is this true?

what exactly were they?



And why is it so hard to find any info about any of this?
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No title
What's the word for people who side with the outgroup even to their own detriment? I know I've heard it here before to perfect describe leftists.
2 images | 29 replies
God is a fucking asshole
We had one hope Trump, God lets a moral virus ruin his reputation, now the leftists will win again. Why didn't God send the virus when Obongo was president? Fuck that man. God wants to see us suffer.
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No title
>ethnic cleansing
>blame china
>crash the economy to "restructure" the rest of the world
Based burgers!
0 images | 2 replies
Global depression incoming
Boys it has already started, you watch. Once the restrictions are lifted people and governments will both be out of money. Good luck kickstarting demand again.

What do? Invest in yourself: health, wealth and skills.

>give up drugs tobacco and alcohol
>build a zero cost exercise habit like daily walks with your family
>quit the Uber Eats and cook your own meals from scratch - less meat and more legumes. >Don’t buy tins like a normie go dried
>Social media is poison. Delete your accounts

>live within your means and have 6 months income saved
>cut the material shit out of life
>spend money on quality items that last not meme tier products like Teflon saucepans when you can get used Le Creuset cast iron
>store ~6 months of essentials in case of job loss or supply disruption
>Your network of friends is wealth too - likeminded people you can depend on

>If you can’t currently do your job remotely, pivot to something you can do remotely even if it’s working as a contact centre agent
>Develop a trade so you actually have skills like plumbing or building
>learn to fix things yourself
>learn to grow your own vegetables - not because it saves money but makes you more self reliant
>learn to bake your own bread

I’m probably 80% of the above and living comfy as fuck right now. Don’t be a Normie, it’s not that hard to quit the social media Jew and put your newfound time into something productive.
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Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Pope Francis is Peter the Roman. Named Peter as the church's favourite, mirroring Christ's favourite disciple, Francis is the final pope.

Francis will endorse ID2020
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No title
I guess the Q Boomers were right all along.

Hey man... Got any of that ADRENOCHROME?
66 images | 215 replies
Corona Fashion
So why are we wearing these bullshit imported masks when we could get back to our roots? /pol/ has always been somewhat eurocentric, so when are we going to start representing our true roots?

This would also show that we aren't bending the knee to Asia. Does anyone know where we could order one of these or even how to make them?
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No title
If Jews are inferior to whites then why do they have so much power over them?
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Fact. Covid-19 is a nothing burger.
1% death rate based on the cases we KNOW about. there's many millions of people who have unconfirmed cases of covid-19 that did not die.

is it very contagious? yes, but that does not mean it is something to panic over. an insanely low amount of people are dying from it.

the government's only reason for shutting down the country is because we are low on ventilators. if you need a ventilator to stay alive, you are an extremely unhealthy person and have a small chance of surviving regardless.

it's amazing that citizens are allowing this lockdown to happen. the government is flexing it's power and destroying millions of lives by destroying the economy.
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No title
unnamed (2)
Imagine being a cumbrain in this modern day and age.
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First USA Government Death

South Dakota state representative dies from coronavirus, first sitting U.S. lawmaker to die after testing positive for COVID-19
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Who are Slovenians?
They look like krauts and speak gibberish instead of an Slavic language so other Slavs can barely understand them
>Janez, če pa ti jsderbou pršu? Moje name je Rok Švajger in js šprham le slovensko šprahe! To je fajn, ja? Majn furer Janša! Js šrajbam gut kitice! Fajn šrajbam! Prau za prau!

Who are they? Celts? Germans? Northern Italians?
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No title
This is the average Republican voter. Why are they like this?
2 images | 23 replies
No title
Tell me, why have you not unionized? Why should you, as a worker, NOT join an union?
3 images | 8 replies
redpill me on money, /pol/

What is it and where does it come from? Does a gold standard really solve the problems?
1 images | 11 replies
Church time?
Should we all come together and watch a live church stream? Will the virus and everything? We could discuss the sermon on here while watching.

We could do it like this. First person to get doubles with a stream link is the stream we watch.
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No title
Why do renters think they know everything? they think maintenance problems fix themselves.
>as if any landlord fixes stuff
It's called logistics you absolute brainlet. They hire the people who will come and fix it.
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No title

My source (mid-level Sanders campaign goon) just told me over Facebook that he is done.

With Biden the presumptive nominee, what is next for the Colonial?
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No title
Anyone else feeling some sort of shift on an almost quantum level?

Im getting flashbacks of my childhood and youth in a never before seen rate and intensity. Sometimes images and feelings from events i never even encountered are mixed in. To put it simple, its almost like im seeing a different world beneath this one. Anyone else feeling this?
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No title
What's her endgame ?
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No title
So what's up with sick overseas Chinese spitting and smearing snot over produce, buttons, handrails etc? What goes on in their heads? Do they do it on their own or did they receive orders for it?
3 images | 14 replies
/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #2948
► Detected: 1,218,087 (+16,634) ► Died: 65,833 (+1,145) ► Day: 87 (-14:00:00)

— 4.3 billion people put under lockdown —
— 208 countries and territories infected —
— 3.5x more confirmed deaths than swine flu pandemic —
— 3,379 different strains have been sequenced —

Hong Kong enacts shutdowns as second wave hits

Town in China in lockdown again due to second wave of cases

China begins to reopen its wet markets

Biggest slums in India report first COVID casualties

Asian countries might face second wave as cases rise

Swedish government took 3 months to figure out asymptomatic transmission

Normalcy bias is the tendency to believe things will always be the same

Virus can live in the air for several hours

11 year old in Indonesia has died to coronavirus

In France, half in intensive care under 50 years old

300 die in Iran from methanol poisoning amid false cure rumors

Ecuador struggling to handle all the deaths

China industrial capacity estimated to be at 50-60%

Japan confirms China doesn't count suspected in death toll

Fed injects $1.5 trillion, fails to stop historic crash

>LIVE [Embed]

05:44: 429 new cases and 3 new deaths in Israel
05:27: 55 new cases and 2 new deaths in Hungary
05:22: 4 new cases and 7 new deaths in Honduras
05:15: 156 new cases and 5 new deaths in Pakistan
05:12: 302 new cases in India
05:01: 252 new cases and 33 new deaths in Italy

104 images | 321 replies

Lamont lies about an infant dying of wu-flu. SCum! Scum! Scum!
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The movement of hegemony begins
Nations cohere and flourish on the belief that their institutions can foresee calamity, arrest its impact and restore stability.

>When the Covid-19 pandemic is over, many countries’ institutions will be perceived as having failed.

Whether this judgment is objectively fair is irrelevant. The reality is the world will never be the same after the coronavirus. To argue now about the past only makes it harder to do what has to be done.
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No title
Is it viable political/cultural strategy for women to abstain from sex until the man is absolutely up to scratch in every way, having established a home -or better, with other men established a society - for her full comfort and care during every phase of her life?

I for one try to use my feminine power to encourage men to be better. I may be alone for a long time. So be it.

I dump every man who does not care for me if I feel sick. Now the man, I think, will have to be Christian. He has to have repented of past sexual sins. He has to contribute to his society and know what he stands for. Has to not be drifting here and there with public opinion. As few stupid hobbies and consumer fetished as possible. And so on.
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No title
What is it about, that it is illegal in my country?
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No title
GAYmers btfo
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Unorthodox parts of the Plan
Has anyone tried using old, non-Jewish ways to communicate with Q via the simulation?

I'm thinking about trying some pagan methods like entrail reading

As Q Is anti-jew, and is in charge of the scripts in this reality, I see no reason this wouldnt work?

Anyone had any similar experiences??

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No title
Why white people are like this??
17 images | 41 replies
No title
Pentti Linkola, Can Life Prevail
Pentti Linkola, 7.12.1932 - 5.4.2020

Bona fide ecofascist, professional fisher, passionate birdtagger and prolific writer.

Lover of nature and hater of industry, urbanization and overpopulation.
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No title

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If 5G causes Coronavirus, explain Japan
I hear /pol/ thinks 5G causes coronavirus
US: 308,850 cases/8,496 deaths
Japan: 3,139 cases/77 deaths
It's the opposite
5G kills the virus
5 images | 22 replies
No title
Let’s adopt proper english America and drop the Jewish rubbish we have now
0 images | 9 replies
How to spot inorganic conspiracy theories like 5G causes coronavirus
Here is the original conspiracy theory:
5G has a small but significant adverse effect on humans.
It is believable as there have been no long term tests of 5G safety.
A few weeks ago, anons started noticing that when you compare places with similar population densities, the average mortality rate is higher in 5G areas, particularly with higher frequency bands.

>5G causes coronavirus!!!
>5G is a killgrid, burn it down!!!

Q. Why would these ridiculous conspiracy theories spread when there was already a far more plausible conspiracy theory about the small but negative side effects of 5G?
A. They didn't 'spread' they were pushed, hard.

By manufacturing silly conspiracy theories that are obviously flawed, the media can easily debunk these theories without having to mention the real concerns or actual statistics.

They need people to burn 5G antennas. Now it's super easy to shut down any evidence or discussion on the negative effects of 5G: Sorry goy, I'm going to have to censor that, you are encouraging idiots to burn down 5G antennas.
In fact, I may be wrong, but has anyone actually seen any 5G antennas being torched? I've only seen the aftermath. I wouldn't be surprised if they are all false flag attacks.
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No title
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"Scared but desperate, Thai sex workers forced to the street. A shutdown to contain the coronavirus has killed Thailand’s party scene and forced sex workers like Pim out of bars and onto desolate streets. She’s scared but desperately needs customers to pay her rent. That has left an estimated 300,000 sex workers out of a job, pressing some onto the streets where the risks are sharpened by the pandemic."

Did I hear anyone say "buyers market"? This phony Coronavirus scam has left literally hundreds of thousands of nubile Thai real estate yearning for WC at bargain rates!
3 images | 7 replies
Redditors should be publicly executed
>Le strong women
>Le feminist
>Le anti Christian
>Le anti Russian

Redditors will have their ip tracked and hunted down.... in their minecraft servers
3 images | 28 replies
No title
where's the clip of the chink women with corona coughing on fruits? none of the media is reporting it. was it fake?
0 images | 8 replies
No title
He was right /pol/, I'm kind of getting tired of "winning".
0 images | 0 replies
No title
is there a chinese imageboard where they share thoughts pics and vids about western wars and slaughter houses?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
When will it end?
No not the fucking pandemic, this looney tunes shit
3 images | 6 replies
I've heard that Viktor Orbán has gipsy ancestry, can someone confirm this please?
Some peoples claim Orban is a gypsy (romani), and his original family name was Orsós, which is a traditional gypsy family name, but later he is changed.

Some peoples claim, the family have Transylvanian origin, and they migrated to Hungary in the 20th century. I think there was a hungarian noble family in Transylvania, and their family name was Orban as well.

Another peoples claim, he is Jewish, because he gave Jewish names for his kids, like Ràhel, and he always supported the Jewish community. Are all hungarians gypsies, not only their leader ?

He really looks like a gipsy in his younger days photos and most magyars I had the missfortune to meet were very dodgy and looked alot like indians too.

What do you think /pol/ ?
0 images | 1 replies
Mixed people thread
People who love each other should be allowed to fuck and have children.
Here let us celebrate our beauty and superiority.

Mixed? Share your origins!

My father is half french half lebanese, and my mother is bulgarian.

Jews not allowed though.
2 images | 17 replies
No title
>Go too Officeworks to print off a few artworks from usb
>Ok Anon stick the usb in this computer we've now moved to face you
>She prints the PDF
>That will be $1.10
>Hand her a dollar and 10c coint
>Oh no! we are not doing cash transactions !!
>looks at me like I am a serial killer
>... oh ok, ill come back later
>mmmm ok wait
>girl literally takes 1 min to put on gloves
>hand her the change and give this 22 year old creeper a stink eye and walk out

Now i've seen it all

Do people think there is nuclear radiation/aids on everything? is there so much nativity that only the stuff customers handle is 'danger'
1 images | 4 replies
No title
Why do /pol/ tards believe there are Chinese shills here? Chinese people can't even use the uncensored internet.
9 images | 24 replies
Don’t let China hate blind you from the real issue
I will be labeled a Chink shill for this but the fact the dialectic of this pandemic is being deflected towards China as someone exclusively their fault is to cover for the ones who actually caused the crisis to be as bad as it will be economically, that blame can be solely pinned on the Corporations, Bankers, and Investors which took their portfolios to China following the 08 crash. So by hating on China you really aren’t getting to the root of the issue at all.
26 images | 115 replies
No title
Does anyone have a link to the video version of this, with the CG voice? It was taken down from youtube a while back.
0 images | 1 replies
So They Were Basically Complete Mutts to Begin With?
This map was computed by adding paternal lineages associated with the diffusion Germanic peoples from the Iron Age onwards. These includes Y-DNA haplogroups

>I1 (except some subclades of Finnish origin), >I2a2a-L801
1 images | 5 replies
I'm Going to Make All of Your Civil Liberties Disappear
It was all so easy, all they had to do was create a little fear and all of those pussy ass liberals who reeeed about Trump bringing authoritarianism to this country accepted it with open arms. Fucking pathetic.
7 images | 18 replies
Andrew Coomer thanks Commie Chinks
We finally got some good news today.

The Chinese government helped facilitate a donation of 1,000 ventilators that will arrive in JFK today.

I thank the Chinese government, Jack Ma, Joe Tsai, the Jack Ma Foundation, the Tsai Foundation and Consul General Huang.

The yellow bastards are the reason we're getting pandemically killed, you fucking wop cunt

I'm happy they got their asses gaped in nankin, got unit 731'ed as well, fucking bat fuckers
0 images | 1 replies
We've lost a great man. RIP.
0 images | 11 replies
Safe Coronavirus Strain
If the Wuhan Biolab theory is true, how possible is it that China has already released a pre-engineered asymptomatic strain of Coronavirus into their population to immunize them to the lethal strains? This might give their numbers some truth, idk.
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Why are scientists in the media pretending electromagnetic radiation can't affect viruses?

5G may be unrelated to coronavirus but the it's not completely whacko when we have studied examples
2 images | 8 replies
China is honor nation
Why is west nation disrespect is to the China? Chinese man jack ma, great man and rich more is than Americans。。、Good humanity and soul. American only say bad thing. China is helping to the world. china is most power nation and america should say sorry。
10 images | 41 replies
No title
Why's he losing his mind over this fake and gay virus?
0 images | 0 replies
Brit/pol/Let me in edition
>Queen to urge 'self-discipline and resolve'

>Five-year-old among latest UK victims

>Keir Starmer wins Labour leadership race

>Two killed and others wounded in France knife attack
75 images | 310 replies
Take the Schizopill
>The holocaust never happened
>Race is a social construct
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Hey /pol/ my sanity is dipping real fucking low, how are you guys holding up?
17 images | 66 replies
No title
Maybe the Q Boomers were right all along?

Hey man... got some of that ADRENOCHROME???
43 images | 122 replies
No title
The Trump administration has failed on every level to respond to this virus.

Reminder that Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries closer to Wuhan and more interlinked with Chinese travel are handling to outbreak FAR better than America. We were late to develop tests, implement them and we are now in April and most Americans still can not easily get tested without having major symptoms despite asymptomatic people being just as contagious. Korea and Taiwan were testing people in January and began mass testing in early February to contain the spread and prevent contagious people from entering the country without quarantine. Trump closing travel from China and Europe was too little too late because we already had cases spreading with unknown origin in Washington and likely thousands of more cases in the country that we hadn’t known about due to our sluggishness at implementing testing. Trump should have implemented the defense production act months ago, he should’ve ensured that Americans were being tested en masse around the same time Korea was doing that, his CDC appointees as well as him should’ve taken this seriously in January instead of lying to the public saying it was contained and would go away on its own. Framing this as anything but a failure on the part of Trump and his administration is dangerous, we are going to lose hundreds of thousands of lives all across the country and this was 100% preventable if we had competent leaders.
28 images | 165 replies
No title
Murdoch Murdoch new episode - Mein Coof
1 images | 4 replies
How do we redistribute money?
The top 3 richest Americans have as much wealth as the bottom 50%. How should we redistribute the wealth in the best possible way to keep the most amout of people happy?
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Nothing will change for China, and at best the balance of power will shift to their advantage.
People in positions of power in the Western world have knowingly ignored the CCP genocide of Tibetans and bowed to the government in Beijing. Beijing has literally obtained a license to kill, a blank check of the genocide. Thus, for example, the People's Liberation Army has demonstratively executed many Tibetans in mass graves in response to Tibetan protest during the Olympic Games, and yet President Obama has denied the Dalai Lama a visit to the White House and Hillary Clinton has spoken out against supporting the Tibetans. This has been happening for years in all sorts of public organizations of various degrees of importance, most recently through the influence of the CCP on the WHO, which has led to deliberate withholding of critical information during the development of the pandemic.

With all this influence on so many people in positions of power in the western world who are indifferent to the genocide of other peoples and now demonstratively indifferent to their own, is it not the case that China's game is simply being continued according to its own rules?
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[helicopter engine noise]
[Fortunate Son plays]
You ready to kill Chang?
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CHinese Crimes Uncensored!
Heinous Chinese Crime
Secret leaked Chinese embassy cable detailing about the true scale of the corona-virus in China.
Send this to your nearest investigative journalist.

It speaks about how six hundred people died onboard the Chinese aircraft carrier "Xi Ao Duo - Luo Si Fu" and how the captain has been relieved of his duties for trying to save his crew. Also, the embassy stresses the need to save China's face internationally by strengthening propaganda efforts, claiming that mass US aid sent to the country is faulty and of low quality to divert attention from China's own failures.

Very evil stuff, as expected of China.

Send it to your media.

The world must know.
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>paying taxes? Theft from government!
>paying rent/maintenance fee? Acceptable expenditure

>muslim terrorist attack? Ban muslims, all muslims bad!
>mass shooting? Don't ban guns, not all gun owners bad!

>universal healthcare? Don't want pay for other people's condition!
>insurance? Paying for other people's accidents fine!
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