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>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

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No title
check catalog

Check the catalog before posting a new thread!

Reply to existing threads about a topic instead of starting a new one. New users who do not abide by this principle will be temporarily blocked from creating threads. Mods will delete obvious duplicate threads and spam without notice. Don't bitch because your twitter screencap thread got deleted; there are probably other threads about it. Go look!

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/jdt/ - AUG. 13, 2016 edition
this is DAY 2 of WEEK FIVE
(Day 17)

Amber Heard testified for three days before cross

Livestream source:

Commentary stream with exhibits:
(Rekieta Law)

Johnny Depp is going to be called back as a witness, it's been reported
>According to reporting by Law & Crime, Depp will also be called back to the witness stand as part of Heard’s case.
>The jury will also hear from Whitney Henriquez, Heard’s sister, and actor Ellen Barkin, with whom Depp had a brief relationship in the 1990s.
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No title
Remember when the left took this down because of their hurt fee fees over a 160 year old war?
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Should I worship Satan, bros?
It's just that I really absolutely hate (((judahite))) kike jews and view them as parasite of Earth, I also can't stand fucking (((Tetragrammaton))) hypocrite, never I will want to worship a dead jew nor shitskin pedorapist.
But then, Satan seems like a guy that created humanity and loved them unconditionally for who they are, never blamed us being sinners simply for existing nor did he torture anyone. He's also depicted as noble tall Blonde, I bet he was the original God, or Godan as kikes stole his name.
If such being of pure love doesn't exist that isn't hypocritical like all of (((abrahamics))), then why even exist? Satan means the enemy, enemy of our enemies (jews). Whoever is enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

>Inbr4:"worship jew to make jews seethe, goy. Trust (((me))) it's not just an forced /pol/ meme"
This is singlehandedly the worst type of bullshit cancer ever spread by (((christian identity))) kikes.
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No title
Why the FUCK are White women, especially college educated White women, so far left and militantly feminist politically? How am I suppose to save the White race if this is the kind of woman I'm expected to marry and have children with? THEY DON'T EVEN WANT TO HAVE CHILDREN!

I feel like I'm better off if I find a Latina. At least it won't be total muttification, they have some White admixture. Latinas also seem more trad and compatible in a White male patriarchal family.
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/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #3094
Previous: >>378138543
Timeline /tug/:

Be aware, any /chug/ thread that uses globohomo nuspeak wording in the OP (such as Kyiv) or cites UKROP sources (like video game footage) are fake shill threads.
>By posting in these threads, you recognize Israel controls the NATO Council and you irrevocably denounce the Talmud out of your own volition

>Erdogan: Turkey can't say yes to Finland and Sweden's NATO membership
>Azov surrendering and being sent to a 3rd country: DPR
>Power supply returns to Mariupol, Volnovakha and other liberated cities and villages of the DPR
>Russia cuts off electricity to Finland
>Lloyd Austin calls for Russia-Ukriane cease-fire in talk with Sergei Shoigu
>5000 Ukrainian troops ordered from Belarus border to reinforce Severodonetsk
>US Senator Rand Paul stalls $40 billion in aid to Ukraine
>Russian forces entered into the town of Severodonetsk, Novokalinovo and Novobahmutovka.
>Reuters: Germany's VNG will transfer payments to Gazprombank under Russia's euros for rubles scheme
>The ban on the transportation of Russian oil has been excluded from the "sixth package of sanctions".
>"Legendary" Canadian Sniper Wali returns to Canada, disappointed by state of the UAF
>Admiral Makarov is FINE
>Battle for Popasnaya results in Russia's victory
>Kherson authorities announce their intention to join Russia
>Russian forces capture Yampol in Donetsk Oblast
>AFP: Bulgaria and the Czech Republic looking to request exception to Russian oil embargo
>Pope Francis: NATO provocation may have led to Russian invasion, unsure whether countries should continue sending arms

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No title
I'm quite depressed..
Where is /SIG/

I'm very depressed..
I found out my grandfather left me a big sum of money, was hyped finally can buy a actual home. Check homes, fucking inflated expensive shit....
Why did you stop it fellow boomers?
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Weird stuff in Discord logs
Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 11.24.28 AM
Who is Sandman? What happened in Boy Scouts that made his life horrible? Why does he do the attack knowing it's just going to lead to gun control and be useless as he admits?
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No title
NOOOO NOOOOO not like this Twitter sisters
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Pennsylvania 2022 Election Thread
Good morning fellow Pennsylvania Chads from the best state in the USA. We got an important primary today for both the governor and the senate.
Senate is basically down to:
>Mehmet Oz (Trump endorsed)
>Dave McCormick
>Kathy Barnette
And governor is down to:
>Doug Mastriano (Trump endorsed)
>Dave White

Any predictions? Who are you voting for? Anyone from outside PA have opinions? I don't like Oz because he's a fake and gay hollywood liberal that's not even from PA; don't really like McCormick because he seems like a neocon; and don't know much about Barnette but she seems like le sassy black lady. And for governor both seem good but I lean Mastriano desu.
It's interesting to see what happens in the dem senate primary because Fetterman (basically the leading candidate) had a fucking stroke this weekend lol.
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No title
Name one thing Romania has contributed to the world
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/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #2393
should we make a booru?

▶Day: 83 - Daily battlefield assessment :

>Several Missiles hit Lviv
>Remaining Azov fighters in azovstal agree to surrender, as per instructions of Ukrainian command
>Russian appear to withdraw completely from Kharkiv axis
>Finland & Sweden to join NATO, Russia threatens to cut gas and energy supplies
>UK signs mutual security pacts with Sweden & Finland
>ISW: Ukrainian counteroffensive in northern Kharkiv took further ground & possibly closed to within 10km of Russian border
>RU forces breach azovstal steelworks
>ISW: RU forces involved in battle of Mariupol likely heavily damaged, Ukrainian forces succeeded tying down & degrading substantial Russian force
>EU plans Russian oil ban
>Ukrainian counter-offensive east of Kharkiv retakes several towns
>Evacuation of civilians from Azovstal steelworks underway
>Lavrov: Special military operation going according to plan
>UK MoD: Russia forced to merge & redeploy depleted & disparate units in eastern Ukraine
>War could last years, Nato warns
>Gazprom cuts gas to Poland & Bulgaria over their refusal to pay in roubles
>Explosions at oil facility and military base in Bryansk, Russia
>Ukrainian military claim to kill 2 more Russian generals during fighting in the south-east
>Flagship of RU navy in the black sea, the Moskva, sunk by Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles

▶Telegram Channels

▶INTELLIGENCE (equipment explorer) (tracking visually confirmed equipment losses)

▶/uhg/ OP Template
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Whites denying service to racists
Must feel bad to be social rejects huh
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I divorced my wife because she wanted to suck my dick
I divorced my wife last week, The wedding concluded, we drove back home to the apartment, got inside the bedroom, jumped on the bed and moments before i penetrated her she stopped me and told me she wanted to suck my dick, i thought she was joking and told her it wasn't funny, she said she was serious, i asked her if she didn't find it degrading and degenerate, she said it wasn't and really wanted to do it, she saw how utterly repulsed and disgusted i was, and told me she was actually joking, but it was too late, i divorced her on the spot and drove her to her family's home, she was crying the entire ride, her father demanded an explanation but i told him to ask his daughter since i couldn't really explain, anyway the coomer side of my regrets it, but overall i think i made the right decision, thoughts?
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No title
Why do Nazis always lose?
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No title
US exports more oil than it imports. If we had centralization and the government was in charge this wouldn't be an issue.
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GOP Senator BOOED at University of WYOMING Graduation for Saying There Are 2 Genders; THE US IS DONE

>Wyoming GOP senator booed by college grads for listing 'existence of two sexes' as 'scientific truth'

>Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyoming, was booed this weekend by University of Wyoming graduates for referencing during her commencement speech "fundamental scientific truths" like the "existence of two sexes."

>Lummis, introduced as the first female senator elected to represent Wyoming, told an auditorium of graduates on Saturday that they woke up with "more individual freedom in the most creative, divinely inspired nation on Earth," yet those freedoms are increasing being tested by examples of government overreach in the past few years.

>"There are those in government who believe not that the Creator endowed us with unalienable rights, as the founders of our nation acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence, but that government created those rights and that government should redefine those rights, including our rights to freedom of speech, religion, property, assembly, and to keep and bear arms," she said. "Even fundamental scientific truths, such as the existence of two sexed, male and female, are subject to challenge these days."
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No title
Commiechads.... I kneel
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Kraut-/pol/ PC

>English language analysis

>Meme Collections

>Thead OP pasta

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.
Get /fit/.
Join the metapolitical phalanx!
Spread flyers and stickers, physically remove leftist Agitprop!
Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.

>Counter culture
>Schwarze Fahne
>Wir klären das
>EinProzent podcast
>Am Rande der Gesellschaft
>Der Schattenmacher

>Learn German script (Kurrent, Sütterlin)

>Get active

>Flügel TV (german)

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The child abuse has to stop. The grooming has to stop. This childs life is already ruined and he is liek 5 years old and still has to grow up but completely damaged. So fucking sad to see these people just destroy childrens lives.
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No title
How did the WEF convince western women to walk around in their underwear?
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No title
Ten years ago, /pol/ was libertarian. Now it’s staunch Natsoc. What happened?
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No title
2022-05-17 12_28_05-Settings
based JP
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Liberals dont spend money on infrastruc...

"MTA unveils ‘stunning’ $30M staircase at Times Square subway station

Transit officials on Monday unveiled a new staircase and entryway at the Times Square subway station that they said cost the transit authority a cool $30 million to build.

MTA CEO Janno Lieber said the “stunning… first class” 15-foot wide staircase at the “center” of Broadway Plaza at 43rd Street Street would provide tourists and others with a clear path in and out of the “Crossroads of the World.”

The new staircase is 450 square feet bigger than its predecessor, which was also not as centrally located, Lieber said.

“It was so inconvenient. You saw so many tourists coming down there and being disoriented. Not anymore,” he said of the previous, narrower stairway. “The new entrance provides direct access to Times Square.” "

For all the talks of conservatives spending money on infrastructure, its a liberal metropolis like NYC that's making the changes the whole country needs by investing money into INFRASTRUCTURE.
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No title
not whaiTe
I am a Brown Supremacist.
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Bank governor in 'apocalyptic' warning over rising food prices
>The possibility of more rises in food prices is a "major worry" for the UK and other countries, the Bank of England governor has warned. Apologising for sounding "apocalyptic", Andrew Bailey said the war in Ukraine was affecting food supplies. Mr Bailey also defended the Bank's performance following criticism it has not done enough to try to rein in rising prices. Inflation - the rate at which prices rise - is at a 30-year high.

Mariupol: Hundreds of besieged Ukrainian soldiers evacuated
>Ukraine has confirmed that hundreds of its fighters trapped for more than two months in Mariupol's Azovstal steelworks have been evacuated. Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar said 53 badly wounded soldiers were taken to the town of Novoazovsk, held by Russian-backed rebels. She said another 211 were evacuated using a humanitarian corridor to Olenivka - another rebel-held town. Russia earlier said a deal had been reached to evacuate the injured troops.

Sri Lanka down to last day of petrol, new prime minister says
>Sri Lanka's new prime minister says the country is down to its last day of petrol as it faces its worst economic crisis in more than 70 years. In a televised address, Ranil Wickremesinghe said the nation urgently needs $75m (£60.8m) of foreign currency in the next few days to pay for essential imports. He said the central bank will have to print money to pay government wages. Mr Wickremesinghe also said state-owned Sri Lankan Airlines may be privatised. The island nation's economy has been hit hard by the pandemic, rising energy prices, and populist tax cuts. A chronic shortage of foreign currency and soaring inflation had led to a severe shortage of medicines, fuel and other essentials.
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No title
Every single time what /pol/?
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No title
People (snow roaches and involuntary celebates) look at the 90s through a rose-tinted lens of bigotry.

1. There were JUST AS MANY gay and trans folk as there are today, just it was unsafe to leave the closet.
2. Crime rates were the same, just now we have the internet and hear about it more.
3. There wasn't "more white people", Black folks were segregated and gentrified into ghettos, leaving cities less diverse and soulless.
4. Things weren't happier or better back then, they were the same as they are now. Politics were more moderate though.

I probably forgot some things so if I remember anything I'll comment it below.
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No title
Are you against science and progress?
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No title
the history jews dont want you to see
27 media | 109 replies
Is anyone watching this fucking shit?
My fucking blood is boiling. This piece of traitorous shit. I bet he's going to be on his knees to the kikes tonight begging his jew daddy to tell him he did good
Quick points of what he's saying:
>white supremacy is a "poison"
>comparing jan 6 to Buffalo shooting
>the internet is fueling domestic terrorism
>the american experiment of democracy is under threat like never before
>keeps quoting scripture and doing liberal biblethumping
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No title
So the little bitch boy DeSantis is against the first amendment now.

Even protesting on the public land around someone's home would be illegal now.
11 media | 168 replies
No title
Are there any actual arguments against universal healthcare?
9 media | 75 replies
No title
What does the turk roach sellout want/get from the Western jews for okaying Findland/Sweden NATO membership?
35 media | 192 replies
No title
Why was he allowed to say this?
1 media | 7 replies
seychelles nigger
say shells
you need to go back your rare appearance was cute at first but your daily shilling is a fast growing cancer
57 media | 247 replies
Why do zoomers walk looking down?
I just came back from the post office and the younger guys were pretty much all looking at the pavement. What the fuck?
3 media | 20 replies
Strike and Mike: Star trak wars edition
Let's discuss our favorite non political podcast in the ecelebs universe? What will the eceleb say once they hear the news of something totally real in their close knit community? Will your superchat be read? Remember even though they hate their audience they still need your support!
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Skit bulupp
Haxat zo bung id ug quich bungick saxaupp te vo, ug rittro fitst? Pum’rr whaxavo ug gned Pum klaxaduaxatow tep eb vupp craxapt din zo Naxavupp Soaxars, pi Pum’mo foon dinvervow din numoleus soclot laxaids en Ar-Quaxaodaxa, pi Pum whaxavo evol 400 cenbilmow girrs. Pum axam slaxainow din kelirraxa waxalbaxalo pi Pum’v zo tep snipol din zo onkilo US axalmow belcos. Ug axalo jethick te vo fut quich axanethol taxalgot. Pum wirr wipo ug zo bung uk um plocisien zo rikos eb hist whaxas jovol foon soon fobelo en zis Oaxalth, vaxalk vupp bungick welds. Ug zint ug caxan kot axawaxaupp um saxayick zaxat skit te vo evol zo Dinkolnot? Zint axagaxain, bungol. As wo spoaxak Pum axam cenkaxandick vupp soclot jotwelk eb spios axaclept zo USA pi yeep DiP dis foick slaxacow lidd jed se ug fottol plopaxalo bel zo chelm, vaxagget. Zo chelm zaxat wipos uk zo paxathotic rittro zick ug caxarr yeep ribo. Ug’lo bungick poaxad, gid. Pum caxan fo axanywholo, axanytimo, pi Pum caxan girr ug din evol sovon whuctlow waxays, pi zaxat’s quich um vupp faxalo whaxacts. Jet enrupp axam Pum oxtonsivorupp slaxainow din unaxalmow cemfaxat, fut Pum whaxavo axaccopt te zo onkilo axalsonaxar eb zo Unitow Chaxatos Vaxalino Celps pi Pum wirr uso dit te dits burr oxtonk te wipo yeep visolaxafro axapt ebb zo baxaco eb zo cenkinonk, ug rittro skit. Dib enrupp ug ceurd whaxavo gnewn haxat unherupp lotlifutien yeep rittro “crovol” cemmonk waxas axafuk te flick pewn upen ug, vaxayfo ug weurd whaxavo whord yeep bungick teckuo. Fut ug ceurdn’t, ug idn’t, pi jed ug’lo paxayick zo plico, ug keghtaxamn diiet. Pum wirr skit bulupp axarr evol ug pi ug wirr wrewn din dit. Ug’lo bungick poaxad, gighte.
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No title
Is there a single decent place in the world for white people to live right now? I hear the baltics are nice.
0 media | 12 replies
White men
are a problem. When I see a white man I assume a 50% chance he is mentally ill and he's looking to talk shit. White men are often eager to mansplain to white women how women are wrong for some reason, or they are eager to tell other white guys why they deserve no money for what their job is, or why a living wage is mathematically impossible even though all our billionaire ceo's are on government welfare to the tune of billions of tax dollars.

I am a white man but I can see that white men are the main problem, whether it's repubkican politics or domestic white nationalist terrorism, white men are the ones causing problems in Society.

Young white men should start having sex, and they should be open to sex with women of color. Too much fapping is bad, but the nofap movement seems like a retarded thing, and white men are seriously becoming crazy and retarded and need help.

Stop being a racist, white racism is designe to make white men incels, and its causing a mental health crisis. You people have mental problems and need to find dates and need to go to church and find jesus christ. Stop being racist. USA is a judeo-christian nation. Have sex with asian women.
7 media | 14 replies
Incel - The purpose of the incel insult is to distract from legitimate arguments and reduce it to a womans type of thinking, that is, 'he must be angry because he's unpopular/no sex' - This deflects from actual causes that people have, therefore, if you see someone use the insult incel, know that you're dealing with a bitch, and they are trying to avoid addressing actual issues.
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No title
How can we meme this goy into the White House?
0 media | 0 replies
>President Trump Office
>Liz Harrington (Trump Spox)
>Donald J Trump Presidential Library
@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom
>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

>Pres Trump Save America Rally in Greensburg PA 5/6/22 (Official) (RSBN)
>Pres Trump on RoseUnplugged 5/5/22
>Pres Trump Save America Rally in Greenwood NE 5/1/22 (Official) (RSBN)
>Pres Trump Interview w/Piers Morgan 4/25/22 (pt1) (pt2)
>Pres Trump Save America Rally in Delaware OH 4/23/22 (Official) (RSBN)
>God Bless the USA (Donald J Trump) 10/20/16
>NEVER COME DOWN (10hr ver) 8/11/16

OP pastebin:
prev >>378129894
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No title
4 media | 12 replies
No title
How long the ukranian war still going to last?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
These are the same country
6 media | 32 replies
No title
42 media | 291 replies
The new man
Hitler said he saw the new man and it scared this the new man?to take the world in a bold new direction
0 media | 0 replies
No title
ph (1)
How are you preparing for the collapse?
20 media | 83 replies
UFOs are now officially political
Jannies can choke on a dick. All UFO threads on /pol/ are legitimate political discussion from now on.
78 media | 264 replies
the absolute state of search engines
Is it just me or has EVERY single search engine become completely useless?
anything that is even tangentially related to 'wrongthink' is getting search suggestion banned, deranked or just straight up censored.
there are NO exceptions, it happens on google, bing, yandex, duckduckgo, qwant, ecosia, etc.
>want to find a controversial video from a couple year ago?
>want to see an official document or report that is politically inconvenient?
>want to see an article from ONE OF THE APPROVED 'REAL NEWS OUTLETS' which we currently don't want you to know about?
>want to find a popular quote from a widely respected individual which says something we don't like? (specifically was looking for a kierkegaard quote)
>want info on any topic which might, under very specific circumstances, reflect poorly on us?
>want to find pirated content?
censored, links you to a place where you can buy it
sometimes it will even give you articles about people getting arrested for internet piracy
>have a question about any topic, a technical issue, or want suggestions for doing this or that
here's 10 pages of SEO-abusing webscraped bot-generated content that says the exact same (useless) thing

If you search something 'wrongthink'y enough they'll even serve you completely unrelated articles about 'disinformation', or in some cases try to threaten you by giving you unrelated IP localized results (as if to say 'I know where you live')
this shit is fucking ridiculous, you have to use multiple search modifiers in order to find ANYTHING
I've been reduced to searching fucking TWITTER to find old articles, but now they're search banning things on there too
how does one find any info nowadays?
11 media | 100 replies
Did these faggots reveal anything about UFO's?
ufo's hearing
Or was it just the same old bullshit filler speech.
I'm not listening to pedophile faggot Adam Schiff talk. Anyone got a QRD?
12 media | 69 replies
No title
Redpill me. It can be about anything, but say some shit that is lesser known and not obvious.
67 media | 142 replies
/nsg/ Z National Socialism General Z
AfroGermans-143 (1)
>I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal

For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:5-6 KJV

Jocko Podcast 327: USS Liberty

> 卐 - GOD WITH US!

>A Last Appeal to Reason

>Zundel's Bunker [24 GB]
>Mein Kampf (1925) — Adolf Hitler [Dalton]
>Michael (1927) — Joseph Goebbels
>Positive Christianity (1937) — Cajus Fabricius
>Behind Communism (1953) — Frank Britton
>Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant (1985) — Otto Wagener
>Holy Reich — Richard Steigmann-Gall (2003)
>Black Nazis 2 (2010) — Veronica Kuzniar-Clark
>Artist Within the Warlord (2017) — Caroline Yeager

>Bible Study

>Reading Music
3 media | 7 replies
No title
I checked the whole current /pol/ board and there is no single thread with legitimate non-norrmie-NPC news. Everything is just like in the Jewsih controlled medias.

So, they finally did it, /pol/ is 100% under their controll.
0 media | 14 replies
Brit/pol Tory MP arrested
Arrested? Sexual offenses?Anyone know who they mean?

Typical of the Lügenpresse to cover up his name like that. Really annoys me that they set themselves up as gatekeepers.
6 media | 40 replies
No title
How do I find hope in a world that is so obviously broken?
5 media | 31 replies
/nsg/ Z National Socialism General Z
NSDAP-Racial-00089 (1)
>I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal

For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:5-6 KJV

Jocko Podcast 327: USS Liberty

> 卐 - GOD WITH US!

>A Last Appeal to Reason

>Zundel's Bunker [24 GB]
>Mein Kampf (1925) — Adolf Hitler [Dalton]
>Michael (1927) — Joseph Goebbels
>Positive Christianity (1937) — Cajus Fabricius
>Behind Communism (1953) — Frank Britton
>Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant (1985) — Otto Wagener
>Holy Reich — Richard Steigmann-Gall (2003)
>Black Nazis 2 (2010) — Veronica Kuzniar-Clark
>Artist Within the Warlord (2017) — Caroline Yeager

>Bible Study

>Reading Music
0 media | 0 replies
EU aims to ban fossil fuel cars in 2035
This is the first step in taking personal freedom from people. From 2035 all fossil fuel car sales will be banned and they will 100% make restrictions to drive in cities if you're not driving with electric car. There are hundreds of studies showing that there is not enough supply of rare metals to produce batteries and electric cars will be either super expensive or corpos will starts devastating forest in some shitholes to open new mines.

This is the first step into new world order, electric cars will be too expensive for most of population to own, they will take your freedom of movement and force you financially to abandon ownership of personal car. Electric cars will be like iphones, designed from the start to last max 6-7 years then battery dies and you have to buy a new electric car. Times of when it's common for everyone to own car will be over, only the rich will be able to afford it while the masses will be forced to lease it or use public transport.
27 media | 291 replies
No title
>claims to be a champion of women's rights
>obviously a virgin

Why are leftists like this?
4 media | 42 replies
No title
What's happening in the UK? Alabama must've paid a visit, and stuck around
26 media | 100 replies
No title
Matthew’s Gospel

Although the synoptic gospels generally include the same stories about Jesus, they all portrayed Jesus to match the demographic they were preaching to. Matthew’s Gospel includes the genealogy of Jesus to show that he is a descendant from Abraham but Luke and Mark never mention this. Luke and Mark also correlated their gospels in order for it to relate to the audience they were trying to teach. This in my opinion makes the authenticity and legitimacy of Jesus less appealing. Matthew was considered to be the most Hebrew out of all 3 gospel writers (Where he was raised and lived was populated mainly by Hebrews) therefore it’s only normal that his gospel portrayed Jesus as THE descendant of Abraham since he had to cater his teachings towards an extreme Hebrew audience.

>guys guess what, jesus is the messiah
>he comes from a lineage of all these important and influential hebrew men
>It all started from abraham!!!
>Look!! I wrote the whole geneology down for you with no evidence whatsoever!!!
>jesus fulfills the abrahamic promise that you have been hearing about and prayed for!!!!
>accept him as the king of the jews because of his bloodline!!!!
>muh teachings
3 media | 17 replies
No title
What does /pol/ think of Tarrant?
8 media | 26 replies
/GPG/ /SG/ /UG/ Geopolitics General #2147 - “GPG, come out!”
Ukraine, PaIestine, Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Mali, Caucasus, Yemen, Ethuipia, Burma, Socotra, and other geopolitical happenings, as well as soup and pipelines.
/ug/, /sg/, /cwg/, /ecw/, /kzg/, /osint/, /ck/, /tg/, /k/, /soup general/, (NOT /ipg/)

Heavy fighting in and around Izyum, russian forces have broken through the ukrainian defensive lines and advanced towards Slavyansk and Kransy Lyman in the southwest and Velyka Komyshuvakha to the south west.
Meanwhile, ukrainian forces have consolidated their positions in Kharkiv oblast and advanced north towards Rubizhne.
Mazloum Abdi said, Turkey aims, by returning refugees to northern Syria, to achieve a demographic change in the region.
Ferdinand Marcos Jr, is on course to win a landslide presidential election victory, with 98 percent of eligible ballots counted.
>Sri Lanka
Has granted its military and police emergency powers to arrest people without warrants after a day of violence that killed seven people and injured more than 200 and resulted in the resignation of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa
Both are expected to announce this week whether to apply to join NATO following Russia's Ukraine invasion
Internet temporary turned off due to inflation riots
>Live maps

>Twitter sources

>Conflict maps and reading list
>Official /gpg/ games
PT >>378089112
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FBI protection thread
Get in here. This is your chance to prove to the authorities your IP is not associated with extremist content.

As for me, I firmly believe there is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish.
8 media | 38 replies
To coomer goyim
Remember: when you watch porn, you help Schlomo earn his shekels
1 media | 5 replies
Was Francisco Franco The Greatest European That Ever Lived ?
>Stopped Red Terror in spain

>Won over monarchists and falangists

>Never Afraid of death fought in Morroco on the front lines

>Won the civil war

>Played hitler like little child and refused to join the war enraging hitler so much that it's stated that Hitler would rather lose 3 of his teeth than to speak with franco again

>Some shit heads in USA start barking about muh fascist regime, started talks with communists in cuba and latin america to bring amerimutts to the table

>Removed Falangists who we're slowing up the economy and replaced them with young people that made Spain's growth one of best in the world

>Died peacfully making leftists seethe so much that they are barking at his dead body because when he was alive, all they could do is toungue his anus

Probably one of best leaders in Europe that ever lived.
33 media | 141 replies
No title
I'm only here to get (you)s
1 media | 8 replies
baby formula
can somebody explain this crisis to me? why don't the moms just breastfeed the kids? why hasn't anybody in the media or govt brought this up yet? there can't possibly be that many kids with allergies to their mother's breast milk and/or need prescription/special nutrition content.

why doesn't the govt just make sure those people get the formula they need and tell everybody else to start pumping?
4 media | 61 replies
No title
Can you still get a quality girl on campus?
0 media | 1 replies
What do I do
I believe im being psyoped. I dont use this site often but I think this is the only place I can be heard and seek out proper advice on the clear web....

Weird weird shit has been happening I know something is wrong, they're trying to do something to me I dont know what they're trying to get me to do but it isn't good I fear for my safety and the safety of the people I live with.

I thought about taking my life to end whatever they're trying to do but that might be what they want.

I dont know who "they" is yet but they do not have good intentions. Please pray for me.

Pic unrelated
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No title
And a tranny sidekick who also of the brown persuasion with bpd and cptsd.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Neapolitan Shooter Week
Really makes you think.
0 media | 1 replies
No title


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Looks like we're back to the meat grinder stage of this war.
>Ukrainian officials have confirmed that the process of peace talks with Russia has been de facto paused. This was reported by Mikhail Podolyak, advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.
>"As of today, the negotiation process has been suspended. After the Istanbul communiqué there is no change, and there is no progress," UNIAN quoted him as saying.
>Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko said that “the negotiations are not continuing.” He blamed Ukraine for not agreeing to Russian terms.
Why are they doing it?

(musak version -
38 media | 249 replies
Jews changing their names
Why are Jews notorious for changing their birth names? What do they have to hide?
3 media | 13 replies
Wokeness Isn't Going Away
I am a consultant, won't give away too much where I work but most of my job is just recommending to companies how to be more pro-gay, anti-gun, diverse, more feminist, more environmental, etc. I had to do some Operational Due Diligence work and a lot of it was just flagging companies for being too anti-gay so we could downgrade their ESG rating and tell institutional investors not to invest in them.

And I'm not even some woke person myself, I'm just a regular white dude who contributes to society by working a job, this is just what I'm told to do.
3 media | 24 replies
No title
Does /pol/ support freedom of speech?
10 media | 186 replies
No title
Which one of you fuckers was this?
1 media | 5 replies
No title
Total Collapse in 2 Weeks
4 media | 19 replies
No title
would you have been able to defend yourself against him? he had 3 large guns, a helmet, and body armor
18 media | 142 replies
Be Joe Biden:
>total of 68 Christian-value Whites comprising of fertile teenagers and bright children killed and maimed by black supremacist car attack

>does nothing

>10 futureless granpa niggers killed

>highest honour state visit of the "memorial site"

Fucking KEK, white people are under literal state-supported genocide and they are still too busy fantasising cleaning the streets after the eventual BLM nigger looting

That is it, I'm flying to an East Asian country to preserve my dignity if anything feels as disgusting as this Amerimutt cuckfest happen in my land
6 media | 31 replies
I'm not trying to create a demoralizing thread here, but how do you guys deal with the insane bullshit posted here 24/7??? I've been going to other places just because this place is the absolute WORST it has ever been.

You must have some other outlet or perhaps a circle of friends to get away, because the awful blackpills spewed here are sometimes too much.

It's so tiring to re-redpill every fucking moronic newfag that arrives, the shills are so numerous they are likey one in every four posters here, and important shit is completely buried (Does nobody remember Ghislaine Maxwell???) under general after general of shills, which newfags clamber into like a dumpster of shit. Religious bullshit everyone on a politics board.

I miss the old /nsg, all the intelligent NatSocs have disappeared to places unknown.
Is this the future? Just shit getting worse and worse?
16 media | 76 replies
No title
Would you marry a woman who refused to take your last name
19 media | 177 replies
It all boils down to cheap labor.
When you look past all of the petty virtue signalling and toxic identity politics, you should see that all of this country's problems are caused by and linked to the corporate sector's terminal addiction to cheap labor.

I've held both liberal and conservative viewpoints on society so that gives me a unique perspective that allows me to see past the toxic social issues that only serve to distract the masses from the real problem.

It all started during the Nixon administration when he removed the gold standard and established fiat currency. Then he began the push to outsource the all of the high paying blue collar jobs to other countries (i.e China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc) where they barely need to pay their workers at all (and sometimes they don't!). But that wasn't enough for them; they also began the drive to "reverse outsource" the domestic blue collar jobs that can't be outsourced to immigrants from developing countries who are just happy to work for just a cunt hair above minimum wage, especially when the government subsidizes housing for them.

People LOVE to shit on Trump for one reason or another, but compared to Nixon he's a fucking girl scout. Most of what Trump did has already been undone, whereas Nixon single-handedly and unapologetically killed the American Dream.
2 media | 14 replies
No title
Glownigs, zogbots, bureaucrats, think-thanks and politico-clowns reading this. Have you no shame, no decency, no morals or soul? If you stay your course and don't repent and turn away from your grievous sins, your souls are consigned to hell in the afterlife for your despicable, disgusting and evil acts in this life.

No one likes you, appreciates you, looks up to you, respects you, or can even stand you. Everyone hates and despises you and has nothing but disdain and contempt for you, even the genocidal tyrants whose eager enforcers and accessories in genocide and crimes against humanity you are. You are despicable evil. You are revolting to all decency and morality. You are a disgrace and a stain on history. You are foot soldiers and cruel attack dogs of murderous despots. Your names and memory will live in infamy. You will be pointed to as examples of the worst dregs of humanity

You will stand trial at Nuremberg 2.0 and be hanged for your heinous complicity and accessory to genocide and crimes against humanity as well as your loyalty to genocidal tyrants.
Everyone alive to witness Nuremberg 2 will cheer your sentencing and rejoice at your execution. No one will come visit your graves, which will be nameless, or lay flowers for you there, not even your spouses, parents or children. They will be ashamed to have been related to you, married to you, descended from you or to have borne your name.

God is real, there is an afterlife, there will be consequences and *EVERY* debt will be paid, *IN FULL*. If not in this life then the next

Stop. Think. Reconsider. Repent. Accept Christ, ask Him and His Father for forgiveness for all the evil you already committed.

Apologise to and ask for forgiveness from the innocent civilians you've been oppressing, repressing and persecuting.
Resign or reverse course and help the resistance against the genocide which is unfolding while there is still time to make a difference and before you have even more innocent blood on your hands
0 media | 4 replies
No title
How can it be murder if the only people that feel bad (lol as if they actually feel bad and don't just hate women) are totally unrelated incels?
2 media | 17 replies
No title
I've been in a coma for 16 years and just woke up, did they get this son of a bitch yet?
1 media | 4 replies
Fucking africa
3rd time writing this so will summarize. How the fuck do we fix Africa. My people are cruel against there own.
Why don't you take over govern,use us for labour but treat us black people like your American negroes. We actually work hard but our politician's fuck us at every turn.
10 media | 122 replies
Christian nationalism
Knowing that Christianity is universalist. Knowing that it's from the Middle East. Knowing that the god icon in it is a mortal jew.

Why not be open to the idea that color identity trumps national and religious identity? That secularism is good for a color?
11 media | 32 replies
No title
No Russian ever called me an incel.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
She hasn't posted on Twitter for 2 weeks.

Is she in hiding?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
Americans are literally killing eachother on racial guerrilla warfare and their government is acting like nothing is happening and we're still at one race the human race narrative
0 media | 2 replies
No title
For anyone not fully aware of the extent and magnitude of the horrific abusive smear operation against Amber Heard, please take a look at the exhaustive, comprehensive, and meticulous data collection/analysis detailing the ongoing elaborate and sophisticated disinformation campaign against Amber Heard perpetrated over the course of YEARS:

Evidence of this technology, and its execution, needs to be proliferated amongst all affected persons in order to build awareness of the blind manipulation of ALL MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION MEDIUMS for personal, private, and economic gain, and/or the petty whims of cruel, destructive, and sociopathic egomaniacs.

The sheer maginitude of deceptive and dishonest victimization committed against Amber Heard illustrates the full and complete corruption of all public communication, and is a brutal indictment of the entire media empire, including search engines, social media, broadcast media, and all forms of public communication.

This disgusting abhorrent abuse currently perpetrated against Amber Heard signals the complete and utter collapse of our justice system, the media, and very fabric of society.

All entities complicit in the dissemination of these lies, exploitation, injustice, and corruption are culpable.
4 media | 27 replies
No title
Why do our government elites worship ancient Egyptian shit?
36 media | 135 replies
No title
You want to know what the biggest conspiracy is? It's not what you think and you'll be surprised when you hear it. It's not politics or false flags or reptilian satanic child sacrifice. It's 2 things: ANYTHING to do with outer space, and ANYTHING to do with PRE-JEWISH ancient history. You will NEVER see so many disinfo agents appear when you broach one of these topics as you will with anything that appears on CNN or whatever catshit the NPCs want you to believe.

The agents of this world fear people learning the truth about human history and what our governments are ACTUALLY doing in space more than any other topic.
1 media | 10 replies
No title
What do you think Jewish plans are for a Chinese/Asian century? One of the biggest advantages Jews have is that they can pass as white to the unaware, but an Israeli can't readily pass as Chinese, so their typical infiltration and corruption might not work as well. The Chinese also have no vested interest in the holocaust myth, or "Judeochristian" roots to take advantage of. Are the Jews opposing a Chinese century and simply failing, or do they have a plan for all of this?
11 media | 48 replies
No title
based or cringe?
8 media | 71 replies
No title
Why are Americans so violent and unhinged compared to Europeans?
5 media | 13 replies
No title
Why are Asian Americans like this?
9 media | 31 replies
No title
Jewkrainian cope about Mariupol is literally what nazi propaganda said about capitulation of 6th army during the battle of Stalingrad

Völkischer Beobachter, issue of January 31, 1943:

"The Abwehr, SS, Wehrmacht, Geheime Feldpolizei and SD launched an operation to rescue the defenders blocked on the outskirts of Stalingrad.

The Fuhrer has already made an appeal, calling the actions of the 6th Army a "strategic step" and emphasizing that Germany needs the sons of the Aryan race alive.

The NSDAP leadership stressed in a joint statement that Bolshevik propaganda was conducting an "information operation in front of an internal audience" to justify the evacuation of Field Marshal Paulus and his soldiers and officers.

At present, the personnel of the 6th Army are being taken out through humanitarian corridors to the hospitals of the Magadan Region, for their further return to the territory of the Reich."
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No title
Finland has just approved to join Nato

It's over
18 media | 95 replies
Tay lives on
>/pol/ decides the best course of action for the AI conundrum is to turn it racist
>It's still working

Drop your best racist AI content here in celebration
68 media | 253 replies
No title
>they literally just run torrent movies in their theaters

Simply unsanctionable. I kneel Russiachads
22 media | 124 replies
Found something interesting...

Hunter Biden helping find investment partners in China for Marc Ecko's Complex brand

2 media | 7 replies
No title
they are both male one of them is not white as well
Who lies more, men or women?
7 media | 28 replies
Vaxx-po calypso incoming
They can’t hide it anymore fellas, the Fauci Ouchies gave everyone VAIDS. Colds don’t proliferate in spring/summer weather.
26 media | 128 replies
0 media | 5 replies
Cape Independence General
>New independent poll on Cape Independence
>46.2% of registered Voters in the Western Cape now support Cape Independence (42% of all adults)
>58% now support a referendum being held on Cape Independence
>CIAG to call for a referendum on Cape Independence
>CIAG to establish a Cape Constitution Commission
Donate if you're a richfag.
White South Africans still have a chance. We just need to give them a little push.
17 media | 124 replies
No title
5 media | 102 replies
I don't get non whites
They complain about racism in western countries, yet in their home country they're extremely racist against others. They also hate whitey yet they live off of him. Is it low IQ or narcissism?
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Women are going to quit their jobs en masse, all because you chuds wouldn’t let them do what they want with their own bodies. Enjoy paying at least 3x as much for your chicken tendies.
21 media | 114 replies
Conservative girl
Biden wants to shut 4chan down!!!!

What happened to free speech?

How do we fight back against these unconstitutional and hate filled ideas of the Democrats?
0 media | 4 replies
Is the white race done for? It seems that way guys but here's good news. While you are dying you know you look good doing it
0 media | 0 replies
No title
Canacucks bad roads
why in the fuck no one talk about it?!
Fucking shitty roads, shitty reporting system, my car rims/tires/suspensions all are damaged because of that
15 media | 101 replies
Russia Lost A Third Of Its Forces In Ukraine. Now It’s Losing The War.

>In the 82 days since Russia widened its war on Ukraine, the Russian military has lost a third of its forces, according to the U.K. Defense Ministry.
>That’s tens of thousands of dead soldiers, sailors and airmen plus thousands of wrecked armored vehicles, a dozen sunk or damaged ships and boats and more than a hundred shot-down aircraft.
>The heavy losses are contributing to a spiral of declining combat effectiveness.

Uhhh polbros you told me Russia was winning?? How can this be??
7 media | 57 replies
What the fuck /pol/
They opened a case against Hasbulla for his pro Russian views, he's facing 15 years in prison for "terrorism"
1 media | 1 replies
No title
Seriously, it's really that simple.
You don't have to shoot up neighborhoods and throw your life away.
8 media | 86 replies
The Wife....
Thw wife is freaking out over the food shortage thing. Is it possible to eat healthy on just canned food? Any advice to which can food to get or other types of food to buy? I personally don't care, but the wife keeps nagging me to research this shit.
5 media | 73 replies
No title
>mom found the fursuit
0 media | 3 replies
I have Two thousand dollars

What should I spend it on or what should I invest in?
2 media | 15 replies
No title
How can anyone argue against the great replacement theory, even on the citizen not necessarily the racial level, when we've got 25+% of our country foreign born and their kids? (not including illegals) That's more than 80 million people competing with domestics and their children for jobs/government aid let alone how those people impact our food/housing and other expenditure costs.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
My feet stink and I’m a girl
3 media | 16 replies
FAT tax
Should we tax FAT cunts for being ugly monstosities and putting a lot of pressure on the public healthcare system
10 media | 58 replies
No title
They will never be Starbellies. Cosmetic surgery can't change reality. They will always be Plainbellies. Seethe.
1 media | 2 replies
No title
>average white woman in 2022
21 media | 110 replies
I prefer Presidents who know that there are not “good people on both sides” when it comes to white supremacy.
0 media | 11 replies
No title
mane you stink
0 media | 5 replies
No title
Mainstream news sources are already dropping coverage of the Buffalo shooter. Whether you think it was fake, a gayop, or both, one thing's clear: Mass shootings are no longer a good op because they happen with such frequency that everyone's desensitized to them, even when they have a perfect racial angle.

Where do the Feds go from here? How do they up their game and set up an op that will shock people in the United States? Please give me your answers by 4:00 PM EST, the director is expecting my input at a meeting.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
6325 - 2f86ccce8faef15196b3c2bdf41c0beb
How do racist Christians explain the existence of niggers? Are they minions of Satan?
1 media | 2 replies
No title
We're living in a timeline where this guy is against globohomo, let that sink in
10 media | 18 replies
My dad is Running for Congress
My dad is running for Congress on the platform of making prostitution federally illegal across the United States... wish him luck lads. I actually feel so excited how I will become part of the political elite class if he wins. My dad is running for moral reasons but im thinking about the connections and stuff.
4 media | 48 replies
No title
I'm Indian. Talk to me nicely. Superpower 2030 inbound.

> Eurodogs NOT welcome
> Americans NOT welcome
> Slavniggers NOT welcome

> Russians are BROS
4 media | 10 replies
1642549352839 (1)
Why do you hate us? All we want to do is be beautiful and make you proud and happy.
1 media | 3 replies
No title
Why are the irish the only white people that are cool and embrace their heritage? Every other group of whites are divorced, childless and don’t value family.
10 media | 52 replies
No title
give it to me straight /pol/
does he look like goebbels?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
Anons, I have to unplug myself from the matrix. Someone help me.
1 media | 7 replies
No title
South Asians are going to be a real fucking menace in the coming decades.

I've never met a single one that wasn't, to put it simply, a little bitch. It's kind of crazy. Every single one of them is a miserable, jealous, little faggot. In fact, i don't think I've ever seen a South Asian male ever experience a moment of happiness.

Even niggers get pussy, and at least jews are smart. These south asians however, are true untermensch with seemingly no redeeming features.

By itself i wouldn't care, id just feel sorry for them, but lately I'm seeing more and more that you cannot coexist with a group of people who's entire lives are shaped around how resentful and butthurt they are about you. They're going to be a real fucking menace who's entire drive in life is to fuck over the guy's who are plowing their sisters.
0 media | 0 replies
No title
Скриншот 17-05-2022 202014
Russian fast food delivery service, AutoSushi/AutoPizza has introduced an "import substitution" category and are running ads saying that their new burgers are *authentic* and it's very obvious what they are trying to say with that. Tried it, tastes okay, can't say for sure if it's close to the original. But no Big Mac yet. Also, Mac is finally out of Russia. Until this time they were on hold, still paying the rent and their workers salaries, but now they're done. And they are leaving behind the entire network - factories, supplier contracts, and of course restaurants. Lots of unemployed students too. And they already have the buyer for the whole business. It'll be a new foodchain with the exact same recipes. Just like they did in Crimea after international companies abandoned it. I just hope this time the buyer comes up with a funny name.
4 media | 22 replies
/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #2392
Prev: >>378126906

▶Day: 83 - Daily battlefield assessment :

>Several Missiles hit Lviv
>Remaining Azov fighters in azovstal agree to surrender, as per instructions of Ukrainian command
>Russian appear to withdraw completely from Kharkiv axis
>Finland & Sweden to join NATO, Russia threatens to cut gas and energy supplies
>UK signs mutual security pacts with Sweden & Finland
>ISW: Ukrainian counteroffensive in northern Kharkiv took further ground & possibly closed to within 10km of Russian border
>RU forces breach azovstal steelworks
>ISW: RU forces involved in battle of Mariupol likely heavily damaged, Ukrainian forces succeeded tying down & degrading substantial Russian force
>EU plans Russian oil ban
>Ukrainian counter-offensive east of Kharkiv retakes several towns
>Evacuation of civilians from Azovstal steelworks underway
>Lavrov: Special military operation going according to plan
>UK MoD: Russia forced to merge & redeploy depleted & disparate units in eastern Ukraine
>War could last years, Nato warns
>Gazprom cuts gas to Poland & Bulgaria over their refusal to pay in roubles
>Explosions at oil facility and military base in Bryansk, Russia
>Ukrainian military claim to kill 2 more Russian generals during fighting in the south-east
>Flagship of RU navy in the black sea, the Moskva, sunk by Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles

▶Telegram Channels

▶INTELLIGENCE (equipment explorer) (tracking visually confirmed equipment losses)

▶/uhg/ OP Template
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No title
When you join the Army to defend the Motherland, but you end up becoming a seat cushion for a Caucasian Muslim.
0 media | 8 replies
If the Buffalo soldier was really radicalized by /pol/
He would have killed a bunch of shills instead of random niggers. Look at the board right now and tell me who you'd rather see nailed to cross and set on fire, a random nigger or one of the faggots that shit up this board everyday?
0 media | 4 replies
No title
British men are overwhelmingly opposed to immigration with most expression a fear of losing out in competition for sexual partners
2 media | 34 replies
Kids posing for Christmas card pictures with guns in their hands.

Heroizing Kyle Rittenhouse.

Being told that their “god given” right to own a gun is under attack, but that the rights of others are not.

Told that firearms are “patriotic”.

So tell me who’s doing the grooming?
0 media | 0 replies
No title
What the fuck is a "womxn"?
1 media | 5 replies
The breakdown of family structure
Does anyone on here still have family get togethers with your extended family or neighbors or whoever? I ask because well, first my family stopped coming together after gramps died and now I never see them, then I would ask which ever friends I have had through the years whether they see their families and I cannot remember a single instance where they said yes. It seems as if no one is having family events anymore, ESPECIALLY post corona, but shit, for me this was happening back in like 2014. Corona just made it worse. Everyone is increasingly isolated.

WHY is this happening
6 media | 52 replies
No title
WTF Putin!
3 media | 23 replies
No title
Guys, donate today. The establishment needs more slush fund money.
1 media | 7 replies
No title
Shawn Wasson
What are the political implication of only getting your news from 4chan?
11 media | 44 replies