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"/po/ - Papercraft & Origami" is 4chan's imageboard for posting papercraft and origami templates and instructions.

Welcome to /po/!
Welcome to /po/! We specialize in origami, papercraft, and everything that’s relevant to paper engineering. This board is also an great library of relevant PDF books and instructions, one of the best resource of its kind on the internet.

Questions and discussions of papercraft and origami are welcome. Threads for topics covered by paper engineering in general are also welcome, such as kirigami, bookbinding, printing technology, sticker making, gift boxes, greeting cards, and more.

Requesting is permitted, even encouraged if it’s a good request; fulfilled requests strengthens this board’s role as a repository of books and instructions. However do try to keep requests in relevant threads, if you can.

/po/ is a slow board! Do not needlessly bump threads.
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Pdf Sharing
Come one come all, share your pdfs. Unless they're too big for 4chinchin, so you have to link them from google drive or some shit.
Anyways, share those pdfs. I'll post 3 to start.
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Dino skulls
Triceratops Skull Finished Build
Does anybody know of a more detailed papercraft of a triceratops skull?

Pic related is great, but big polygons.

Also any more dinosaur skulls would be appreciated
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No title
Do you ever give away your paper creations? Do people appreciate them? Tell some stories ITT
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Aegis Rim papercraft
Hey guys I got really into the game 13 Sentinels:Aegis Rim. I just found out the Japanese special edition came with a papercraft sentinel. Would anyone happen to have a copy or know where I can find one?
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No title
I want you guys to print out part of this thread and turn it into origami.

You might be wondering why you would make this boring thread into origami.
Well that's because this isn't just some random thread.
This is going to be the oldest thread on all of 4chan!

Have fun.
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No title
post hawt papercrafts
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Makin' a mask
Hey guys, i'm making a Octane El Diablo mask from apex legends. This is my first time ever doing something like this and i want to ask y'all: how do i make it look less shitty? It's not that bad but i think it could look better. Should i maybe use paper mache after finishing cardboard base? Any tips or tricks welcome!
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No title
Can somebody share the Princess Zelda papercraft from Wild Walker? All the links are dead :(
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40k files galor
Machariys Omega
Used to post a lot here until it was taken over by the Cult Moronicus trolls...see if things are better:

whole bunch of files:

Space Marine/Chaos:


Imperial Guard:

More Marine:


Dark Eldar:

Still More Marine:

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Paper Pendulum Clock kit
does anyone have Paper Pendulum Clock kit or pattern? I have a kind of kit book but it quality is bad. pls share if you have better. I really want to make this one. thank you!
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Animal Crossing Bellbag
I made this, free download with 3 different versions for anyone that wants to make it. Sorry I don't have a photo of it constructed but haven't gotten the chance to make it IRL yet.
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Origami Pencil Tutorial
images (1) (3)
Full tutorial here!
Pls. #SHARE & Don't forget to leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE to my
YT Channel !
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Paper Mario: The Origami King
This is it bros. We did it. I'm literally shaking and crying right now. Post your Mario themed folds.
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No title
I have a 3D file of this Batman design. Anyone want it to convert it to a papercraft? I am awful at Pepakura.
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All the community
share or post new book of origami please...
I need this book please!!
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papercraft Advance Wars Black Bombs
With these five Black Bombs from Advance Wars Dual Strike, I now made over 200 papercrafts that you can download for free from my papercraft webpage! (and I plan to make many more ;o) Have fun building!
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No title
Anyone knows how to find a good collection of folding instruction for succulent origami?

this image comes from a website that sells it but I would rather ask you guys firt
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How to make papercraft templates?
Hello. I'm pretty new to papercraft. I have made a custom model by paper only and I also don't know how to use 3D modeling software. Now I want to design and color the template then print it out for friends but don't know what program should I use. Any advice is welcomed. (Pic isn't mine)
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New Works of Katsuta Kyohei book from Origami House
Origami House has a new book coming out later this month: Works of Katsuta Kyohei.

Only 13 models unfortunately, several of which have already been published in Tanteidan Convention/ Magazine, but some good stuff:
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No title
Guys i need help.
This is a papercraft mask, i cant found the pdf for free, can somebody help me?
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No title
Ey /po/, one of the new Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon version is Kartana. It looks like this. Can you make it in real life with origami, and if so, how?

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pepakura 3.1.8
Hey po/ do you know where i can find the last version of pepakura designer 3.1.8 full with the patch to view locked models? thanks a lot for your help
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No title
Does anybody here download MMD files? I was wondering if anybody could share these files: The user randomly adds people to follow on but of course, racist fuck Japanese doesn't let me join in, although I speak Japanese, so fuck racism. Any luck people might get the passwords of the files? I would use them to make papercrafts out of them btw... so it's not off-topic or anything
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Book's Done
The Bases of Folding - Joseph Fleming
Books finally done, hot off the virtual presses.
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Fallout Power Armor
maxresdefault (1)
Are there any papercrafts available of the power armor from the Fallout games? Would love to make a life sized model
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Share Anime Models?
Hi all, I've been doing papercrafts for a couple months now and I know the communities in China are still very much active, so I've been lurking there trying to find links to papercrafts or some I can buy from taobao and share for you. specifically anime
Here is an Anime papercraft community:
And here are two baidu links, one to a collection and one for a single craft
Pass: st7u
Pass: vtzp
it's hard to try in 4chan so one day I'll set up a link with my collection
for now does anyone know how I can work from high-poly models to low-poly? I'd rather not used blender and i'm familiar with metasequoia, I found a craft of Haru in the community I linked above but there's no dl from what i can see, and I'm killing for some persona 5 models
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Does someone have this model?
I am very new here but I papercraft as a hobby and I wanted to build this. But the connection to the original server it was on doesn't seem to work. So a friend suggested to ask here. Maybe I am lucky.
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owl origami!!
i'm actually really excited to try out origami
starting with dollar bills cause why not
this is what isolation brought me to
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Kamikara books
Anyone have a scan of this book, specifcally the crocodile ? The name of the book is うごく!魔法のペーパークラフト カミカラ どうぶつ 単行本
Have to make a paper toy for my design class and really want to understand the mechanic of these things.
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fox origami!!
kinda excited to find a fox outlay to try!!
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No title
Pika pika
6 images | 19 replies
touhou papercraft
hi /po/

does anyone have the scans for

there were some from the archive back from 2014 but the link died

also are there any more who did touhou papercraft stuff other than ssa and lily?
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No title
Can somebody please do me a solid and convert this thing into a papercraft? I have no idea how to use pepakura.
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No title
Anybody can share Puss in Boots papercraft from Shrek? Links are all dead... as always :(
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No title
Does anybody have new books about origami??? You can post a Reply with Links or another options...
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No title
I want to do some papercraft stuff but all I have is printing paper and notebook and some pencils. Are there any cool things I can make? I'm thinking something touhou
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Captain America shield
Saw this on an eBay listing but it doesn't ship to my country :( anyone happen to have a copy or would be kind enough to purchase and upload? It's probably the closest we'll get to official Marvel papercraft
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Complex Paper Aircraft
I've been working on making realistic aircraft with proper airfoils and control surfaces. This is my most recent and second favorite.
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No title
Anybody got this Skelanimals Foxy papercraft? All links are dead and nowhere to be found. Thanks
5 images | 6 replies
No title
All old papercraft forums are dying and almos all links there are dead for more than 2 years and after my hard drive died i decided that i'll share everything that i could recover from it also i urge you to share your collections so they won't dissapear like mine did
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No title
Anybody like Vertigo comics? It's actually the 25th anniversary of the brand...we don't have any good papercrafts...can someone make a high-quality Constantine or Swamp Thing?
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Library management
How do you manage your origami libraries? I use Calibre and it works fine for my purpose but I've always been interested how everyone else keeps their books organized
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No title
Hey /po/, how would I go about making a papercraft resembling a women's vulva?
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No title
Czech Origami Convention 2017
Does anyone have a pdf for this?
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No title
To commemorate Spyro's 20th anniversary, I'm opening a blog dedicated to Spyro papercrafts that I'll be posting over time. The first one is Spyro himself, feel free to edit the template if you need to
8 images | 27 replies
Does anyone have a template for these?
Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 17.29.10
I've looked everywhere and can't find anything the artist is called Ingrid Siliakus she does some cool stuff but wondering if she had any templates or does she keep this stuff secret?
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RIP World Works Games
1 Inch Floors
So sad to see WWG go. And worse is the fact that the Terrainlinx system is going to die with them.

It's a shame nobody else is picking up their banner, the system mixed simplicity with pleasing depth. And it's not like they're around to try and defend their copyright or patent or anything.
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No title
Does Origami help getting a gf?
12 images | 143 replies
No title
Papiroflexia 21
Someone have these please
10 images | 42 replies
Fold Up Toys Thread
Fold Up Toys 4chan Thread
This thread is for all the Fold Up Toys projects, whether they be free downloadable paper crafts, building videos or website updates. Rather than trying to put the releases into other threads I figured it’d be easier to keep them all contained in just one.

Also, if you want to share you FUT builds that'd be great!
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No title
How do you make a /corona/ origami?
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My greatest shame
>be me
>12 y/o zoomer
>learn about this cool thing called origami
>buy origami a day calendar
>have lots of fun
>dazzle my friends with basic origami cranes
>they pull the tail
>the tail rips off
>fools think I make origami flapping birds
>flapping birds are beneath my master skill level
>refuse to make flapping birds
>lose my origami a day calendar
>forget about origami hobby for months
>mummy buys me a 1000 origami crane kit
>thanks mummy
>get to work immediately
>I 100% remember how to make origami cranes
>instructions on the box can suck it
>I totally remember
>make my first crane
>must be right, it's bird shaped
>bring paper everywhere I go so I can fold cranes
>50 hours later
>1000 cranes complete
>I have achieved enlightenment
>I will be the cool kid in school because i can fold lots of paper
>show mummy my 1000 origami cranes
>"that's poggers son"
>she pulls the tail
>It flaps

pic related
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No title
Hello guys. Can anyone tell me how to make pyramids like this one? Do I need to have one photo of front view and one profile view?
1 images | 5 replies
No title
what do you think about making sculptures out of aluminum foil?
25 images | 152 replies
I'm in love with this!
わす📒COMMISSIONS CLOSED🖌 - ♬-1137722958577713152
Thought this was awesome
Anyone tried doing paper puppets like this? Where would one get started designing something like this?
13 images | 88 replies
No title
This guy on Deviantart made this and it makes me cringe on more than one level.
I just want to know, if I am not the only one that feels that way.
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Nintendo Labo

Vidya meets Cardboard Papercraft. What does /po/ think of this synthesis?
4 images | 58 replies
Schreiber-Bogen 72396 Thun Castle?
Hi guys, I need help - does anyone have a link to or the pages of Schreiber-Bogen's Thun Castle, no.72396 please? Much much appreciated!!
0 images | 4 replies
uhu02 models?
I'm interesting in trying to make one of the uhu02 models from 2001: A Space Odyssey

It seems like this guy removes the pdfs from his site after a little while or something? Anyone got these guys around or know where to get them?
60 images | 76 replies
help with this cp
ku jason
pls someone gimme reference points for this cp
8 images | 31 replies
Paper Stars General
Feel free to post your collections, your works in progress, or your star hordes! You can find lots of inspiration in the old thread ( Remember /PO/ is a slow board so please don't bump the thread. I created the last thread over two years ago. Here's to two more.
47 images | 122 replies
In Remembrance
In remembrance of the last paper planes thread, which just so happened to be one of the oldest boards on 4chan that passed away quite recently, this thread will serve as its successor. Hopefully this thread won't be prematurely bumped into oblivion like the last one did.

Anyways, this thread could serve as a sort of "Paper Planes General". Feel free to post your designs, .pdf files, and folding instructions. Anything goes as long as it flies or at least looks like its supposed to.
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Looking for some origami ideas
i have been into origami for a while now and i feel like i can't find any challenging origami. Anyone have any REALLY challenging origami instructions? Found some cool pictures but i cant find the instructions.
6 images | 33 replies
No title
4 images | 20 replies
New thread
I said if I came up with anything new I'd share it with you all.

I'm still focusing on drawing, but at the moment I am waiting on books, and these are related to what I want to draw in the future anyway.

I've been focusing on minimalism, and have been trying to come up with a couple.

I decided not to post on the old thread. I don't really like having to slog through petty arguments and people being rude to one another just to find the one or two people who are actually saying anything civil and productive.

I don't know if I'll share diagrams for any of the models I make next Any fun I had sharing has been spoiled by greedy spoild people. I always ask for people to post their finished products, but so far have only ever seen one. Doesn't feel like I'm getting anything back especially for a community that seems so eagar to have every diagram possible.

Anyway, this will probably serve as an update thread for people who don't follow my Flickr.

Here's a minimalist gray fox
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No title
My girlfriends birthday and id like to make her this..I'm stuck on the collapse and ref points
7 images | 54 replies
No title
Can we talk about card-stacking in this board? Beause papercraft.
0 images | 1 replies
No title
I've been on this site eight years but never to this board. I've done a shitload of work on the cricut (cnc machine for paper basically). I'm so entranced by the damn thing because the level of precision it has was totally unavailable at a consumer level while I was growing up (maybe I was just poor :^), I'm only 23). I do most of the designs on my own because I'm fairly good at photo editing, especially precision, pixel level work, which translates well to these projects for a number of reasons.

Do you guys consider it cheating? I can post a lot of my work if not. There's no folding involved, just glue, but sometimes it requires some tricks I consider clever and I'm certainly better at it than anyone on my staff who uses it as well. How does this board feel about this?
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No title
Anybody has the Snow Miku chibi papercraft from Pepasweet site that he/she can share with us commoners?
2 images | 12 replies
No title
Hi, does anyone have instructions for this crane man? I want to make a bunch and pose them :) Thanks
79 images | 156 replies
Trying to find a papercraft
I've been trying to find files for this papercraft for about 2 years now.

The only links I found was a DA Stash link and the original download, both of with are dead, and it's not been archived in the WaybackMachine.

The link is the original download site if it is of help.

Download Site:

Thank you to anyone who tries to help, I won't give up hope!!
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Enlarging papercraft using a wall projector
maxresdefault (1)
Just found out about this, this guy here was able to enlarge the papercraft pieces of a Lamborghini to make an almost life-sized model. Something to consider if you want a bigger scale model of something else too that you want to build, has anyone else here also tried using a projector this way?
2 images | 7 replies
Mad Max Files
All I know about...share 'em if you have more...
0 images | 0 replies
6 sided 6 base. 17 globe.
2 images | 3 replies
Weed origami
What's the best thing to fold after getting REALLY high?
2 images | 17 replies
No title
Screenshot_20200416-183457_YouTube Vanced
Do you have that one video of a guy doing a 1 dollar origami dab?
0 images | 1 replies
Origami stripper
Suggestion, contribution with model diagram, comments, tips, help, all well accepted
2 images | 4 replies
Godzilla model
I found these online:

But I am having some trouble putting it together. Can anyone help with the build? or maybe clean up the images a bit?
0 images | 2 replies
Automata ebook request
does anyone have the Robert Race ebooks? Making Simple Automata and Making Moving Toys and Automata ?

Or similar books would be great. thanks /po/pes
0 images | 4 replies
No title
Origami foxes - a beautiful way to pass the time.
7 images | 17 replies
No title
Hello all!

Interested in finding some instructions on how to make a travel case for a hot one hitter out of a empty cigarette pack so it doesn’t melt/burn me or my stuff.

Much appreciated!
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No title
someone have this picture in good quality
3 images | 9 replies
No title
Does anybody have these premium papercrafts of Crisiscraft or of this page: Both apparently need money for you to unlock them, so I was wondering if anybody would be so nice to share them, if you happen to have them. Thank you.
0 images | 2 replies
/po/ early halloween thread
Wolf had
its that time of year again,

since october and by association halloween is right around the corner let's post halloween themed papercraft, origami and costume ideas/tips so we can help our fellow /po/lite friends

please no arguing this board is too slow for that shit

ill start with this wolf head i found in my folder and a question on whether i should do something like this or a helmet from skyrim
39 images | 187 replies
No title
Can we have a thread for sexy papercrafts?

Posting a few pics to spark interest, but I sadly never found the files for them.
23 images | 82 replies
No title
So I found this 1938 Mosin model:

Can anyone add textures to it to make it look realistic?
2 images | 10 replies
I humbly share Byakuren's papercraft. i think it was never share before.!cNozXC4Z!Hii6fn3Sx0UcAtpCwCBspC-wj15YyPS1ZODoBaBvLYY

I can also scan Suika and Yuuka.

If someone has Meilin i'll be more than happy.
12 images | 25 replies
No title
9 images | 30 replies
There is a way to make this book? I know there is an official book but, cant afford it
0 images | 9 replies
Cherry Blossom/Sakura
I am wanting to make a wreath for my front door for the Sakura festival but I can't seem to find a Cherry Blossom pattern I like. So I thought, why not try and ask Anon?

I'm interested in Origami OR Papercraft ideas/patterns. Anything that might work or inspire? Help Me Anony-wan You're my only hope! <3
0 images | 8 replies
No title
I can’t really understand what goes where with this one. Can any anon help me out?
0 images | 0 replies
I'm starting origami. Do you guys have any tips for beginner
0 images | 7 replies
Post your paper buildings
Hey /po/, found these while packing everything to move, and I wondered if some of you had/have this weird hobby too.
1 images | 6 replies
Searching for template...
note: I've got banned for cerberus template which is an adult content o_O

Today I'm searching for Naruto - Sakura Haruno, the template from papersquare is lost...

Do you have this one ?

0 images | 2 replies
Need Origami idea for my confession
Bros I need your love of origami to wingman me.
I'm a 20 y/o kid, never had much experience with dating but I've been close to this girl for a while.
She really loves origami but I had almost no experience with it. I plan to confess to her by making an origami with a hidden cheesy line like "will you be my girlfriend?". But I'm stuck on what kinda origami would work

Currently I'm planning to make a rose like in this vid and thankfully I succeeded, would probably write the message on the back of the paper and have her unfold the whole flower. What do you guys think?

I'm completely open to any suggestions here but if possible I would greatly greatly appreciate any nice flower origami that's not too difficult to make but easy to unfold. Thanks so much guys
0 images | 5 replies
Don't know why the thread was deleted (Maybe by OP) but just in case OP still wants it here is the file.
0 images | 0 replies
Origami bee
Hey people I’m in need of a nice origami bee model, diagrams or video tutorials preferred but I’m also not opposed to a crease pattern.
1 images | 13 replies
paper mache
Is paper mache relevant to this board? It IS "paper engineering" of a sort after all.
0 images | 6 replies
the dying art of collage. post your best collage.
4 images | 4 replies
No title
Anyone's got their hands on this?
2 images | 8 replies
No title
Fumiaki Kawahata - Triceratops
Can anybody help? I'm stuck on step 46
0 images | 2 replies
Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 16.40.17
hey po/ does anyone has the book pdf "Animals in Origami by Fumiaki Kawahata" that they can share?
Thank you!
2 images | 5 replies
Crêpe paper flowers
Does anyone make paper flowers?
Want to share your photos or patterns?
0 images | 0 replies
I am Akhundelar! The tip of the spear!

This is the project that I've been doing.

Oh, I'm trying to make proper tutorial videos this time, so that you could make it too. :)
5 images | 12 replies
Templates to this?
1 images | 9 replies
122 point star
Made "from" posterboard, Elmer's glue, hot glue, and varnish.
Made "with" a compass, a ruler, a ball point pen, push pins, and scissors.
0 images | 7 replies
paperart puppetshow fairytale story
Hello, this is paper art arrteuart.
Today, we made a paper puppet show of a lazy cow that became a traditional Korean fairy tale. I hope you enjoy it.
Video Link -
0 images | 1 replies
No title
Easter is just around the corner, and due to the quarantine I've got more time to spare, so if you've got some nice Easter paper models to share, please do so.
I've got a few nice decorations from here:
First time posting here, please don't be mad, thank you and have a good day.
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Got a bunch of square origami paper from my Mom for Christmas this year. Where should I start when it comes to making things with it, any recommendations?
0 images | 5 replies
No title
I might be a norm for not knowing what it is but does anyone have a papercraft for the anime thing in the middle?
2 images | 5 replies
Space Battleship Yamato
Has anyone seen this model before? I don't trust the site that has the DL
0 images | 2 replies
No title
I miss the golden age of papercrafting. Nintendo-Papercraft, Ninjatoes, Papercraft Museum, Paperpokes, etc. Most of the community seemed to disappear around 2011-2013. Maybe it just became too difficult to extract models from HD games.
4 images | 23 replies
No title
Amy exprrience sturing 3d models form game
0 images | 0 replies
Help with this crease pattern?
There's a bunch of these on Instagram, anyone knows how to read this one? I'm assuming everything is valleyfolded but I want second opinions.
1 images | 7 replies
Valentines Card
Any plans to make a card for your s/po/uses?
I'm visiting from /tg/ looking for some ideas, so something simple would be preferred! Share some cute ones!
1 images | 3 replies
No title
Hi /po/, first time visitor here, does anyone know a good source for buildings like pic related that I can use for 28- 32mm scale model miniatures?
1 images | 3 replies
Machines for cutting and folding lines
>Currently working on (pic related) baby.
>Tired of cutting and tracing fold lines.
Wich machine do you recommend for speed up this process?
Seems I need one that can scan and cut, not only cut because design is already printed, something like
Brother ScanNCut
Silhouette Curio

0 images | 2 replies
No title
anyone know of any flower models that don't require extensive knowledge of string theory to pull off? You'll have to forgive me for not being able to handle shit like pic related post pdfs if you can
2 images | 13 replies
No title
download (4)
Anyone have this book by Yoshihisa Kimura?
1 images | 14 replies
No title
Shuki Kato - Triceratops
I'm stuck on step 62. Can you help me? I searched for some tutorials on youtube already but no luck
1 images | 2 replies
No title
Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 6.41.23 PM
I soon am going to attempt to make my own double tissue and tissue foil paper. I'll be using basic white pva glue, a multicolor pack of tissue I got on amazon, and the thinnest aluminum foil I have. Any advice for a first timer?

My current plan is:
- lay large mirrored closet door on floor and paint surface with watered down glue
- lay tissue1 down in a rolling motion, similar to applying phone screen protector, big stickers, etc
- try to spread out anything that needs adjusting by hand
- paint with thinned glue to saturate the paper
- squeegee with plastic putty knife
- lay foil
- adjust
- paint
- squeegee
- lay tissue 2
- adjust
- paint (saturate)
- squeegee
- dry
- peel - will this be easy when dry?

I'm hoping that repositioning and tearing won't be too much of an issue. I also heard about doing it on your vertically on your windows, which might be fun - but is it actually a good method? All help is appreciated
1 images | 2 replies
Lukasheva diagrams
I have three of her books in kindle version. This is the floral one. I'm currently travelling so I can only share phone screenshots of the pages. Regardless, please check out pic and ask for diagram and I will deliver.

Happy folding peeps.
6 images | 23 replies
No title
I just made the fiery dragon by Kade Chan for the first time. Does it look ok?
0 images | 4 replies
No title
Anyone know where to find a clean place to download old runescape models?
0 images | 3 replies
Imperial Star Destroyer “Chimaera” – Admiral Thrawn flagship papercraft
Recently I've made a recolor of Star Wars Imperial star Destroyer papercraft model to make Admiral Thrawn's flagship "Chimaera".

There are 4 color variations avaiable.
Photos, templates and a short how-to (sorry, in Russian only at the moment, but pictures are self-explanatory) can be found on my blog:
0 images | 2 replies
No title
Honda Racing F1 posted papercraft
2 images | 4 replies
No title
How do I make my own book?
0 images | 9 replies
No title
Aluminum Horse
Just got more than a dozen of this aluminum paper. It was pure coincidence that I found it in this tiny island that I live in since It was the wrapping paper of a christmas gift someone gave me. I salvaged some of it and did this horse, then did some hunting to track down where to get it and I finally have a supply of this great paper.

Post diagrams and simple CPs that would be great for this kind of paper.
1 images | 8 replies
No title
Hey /po/, does anyone happen to have a copy of the 2019 Wonder Festival Morgana car paper craft? Just found out this exists! Would appreciate if anyone has the template :)
0 images | 3 replies
Gundam + an old, rare archive dump
Hi all. Used to frequent this board 8 or so years ago when I was in highschool and had more time to work on papercraft and origami. At some point back then, some kind anon came along with a massive archive of rare/difficult to find Gundam designs, offering individual designs to folks who were interested. I was lucky enough to snag a good chunk of them, and ended up hoarding them on a hard drive for several years.

A couple of years ago, I had a lot of time on my hands, and started working on (in my opinion) the most intricate model of the lot, though I never had the time to finish it, and it sat in progress in my closet for 3 years. With the quarantine, I've had time to start up on it again, first time I'm doing papercraft in a while, and I'm really enjoying it. Pic related, guessing I'm around 20% done, spent at least 100+ hours on it so far.

Anyways, wanted to give back a bit and share the archive of models I've been sitting on. They're all Gundam, and all pretty complex/difficult/intricate models. A lot of the instructions/guides are very poor quality/non-English, so some creativity/sleuthing might be required for some models. The one I'm working on is "[One Piece] - MSA-0011 Bst Plan303e Deep Striker".

Anyways, anyone enjoy building Gundam models? What are folks working on? I know nothing about the Gundam franchise, but they're my favorite models to make in papercraft. The medium lends itself really well to the models, and they often require the greatest level of technical skill/detail, which is what I enjoy most about the craft. Anyways, glad this board is still kicking, hope all is well.
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