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Draw Thread
Request, draw, submit. Mark requests with ‘/r/’ in the name field or comment field, ‘/d/’ for deliveries, ‘/ic/’ for critiques.
Also, when /r/equesting, try to provide a reference image, to make it easier for drawfags to fulfill your request.

- Don't spam or bump your requests.
- Don't respond to the spam. Just report and hide it and move on.

Previous Thread: >>38867522

The OP header image and all other images from the previous Draw Threads can be found in the

>Draw Thread Information -
>/mlp/ drawfag improvement -
>Pony Drawing Tutorials -
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Flutterrape 7/18/2022
>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying and failing to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are light-hearted comedies about the ponies failing in their attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been 10 years, how is this thread still alive?
A perverse mixture of necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?
Use your imagination, you nitwit. Additionally, brush up on your grammar and abandon your standards.

Writing Guides:
Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories --
Driverbang's Writing Guide --
Navarone's Writing Rules --

For additional information, lurk. You could also check out the T:EM/P/O threads for further writing advice, unless it's dead.
So many threads have died, but only Flutterrape has remained. We shall always remain. We are bound to the fate of the board as a lich is bound to its phylactery.


Author List:
FIMfiction Group:
Request Bin:

Thread Archive:

Old Thread: >>38762135
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/bale/ #15 - Beginner And Low Effort art & projects thread
Welcome friends, ITT:
We make and share pony content, be it art, music, games, or something completely different, with absolutely no pressure to deliver anything that's technically good (besides having ponies in it, which makes it good by default)

Make something, share what you've done, and give feedback and motivation to help us all keep improving and creating

Are you an experienced artist/musician/gamedev/etc? Leave some tips, feedback, guides, or tutorials, they're well appreciated here!

/bale/ livestreams and workshops
https://cytu be/r/BaleShack

An in-depth tutorial on how one can draw show-faithful ponies, created by a local Anon:
Part 1 - Proportions:
Part 2 - Shapes:

Noise Texturing tutorial:

Shading tutorials:

An assortment of drawing guides and helpful tips:

/bale/ workshops:

Basic guide to music theory fundamentals, made by a local anon:

Advice and motivation from seasoned drawfags:

Draw with other Anons!
main canvas:
overflow/sketching canvas:

Previous thread: >>38872582
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Pony Preservation Project (Thread 116)
Welcome to the Pony Voice Preservation Project!

The Pony Preservation Project is a collaborative effort by /mlp/ to build and curate pony datasets for as many applications in AI as possible.

Technology has progressed such that a trained neural network can generate convincing voice clips for any person or character using clean audio recordings as a reference. As you can surely imagine, the ability to create audio in the voices of any pony you like has endless applications for pony content creation.

AI is incredibly versatile, basically anything that can be boiled down to a simple dataset can be used for training to create more of it. AI-generated images, fanfics, wAIfu chatbots and even animation are possible, and are being worked on here.

Any anon is free to join, and there are many active tasks that would suit any level of technical expertise. If you’re interested in helping out, take a look at the quick start guide linked below and ask in the thread for any further detail you need.

EQG and G5 are not welcome.

>Quick start guide:
Introduction to the PPP, links to text-to-speech tools, and how (You) can help with active tasks.

>The main Doc:
An in-depth repository of tutorials, resources and archives.

>Active tasks:
Research into animation AI
Research into pony image generation

>Latest developments:
GDrive clone of Master File now available (>>37159549)
SortAnon releases script to run TalkNet on Windows (>>37299594)
TalkNet training script (>>37374942)
GPT-J downloadable model (>>37646318)
FiMmicroSoL model (>>38027533)
FiMfic dataset (>>38029649)
Delta releases new GPT-J notebook + tutorial (>>38018428)
Another FIMfic downloader (>>38051136)
New DeltaVox (>>38064386)
New TTS Notebook: (>>38185345 dunky11)
New FiMfic GPT model (>>38308297 >>38347556 >>38301248 GothicAnon)
Help convert fla to xfl (>>38346245)
FimFic dataset release (>>38391839 GothicAnon)
KoboldAi training tutorial (>>38422872 GothicAnon)
Research into Centipede Diffusion V3 text to image (>>38623679)
DALL-E update (>>38780715)
Backup doc (>>38821254)
Offline version of GPT-PNY (>>38821349)
Vinyl Scratch model (>>38838776)
Dall-E limiting free usage (>>38863016)
Latest Synthbot progress report (>>38830930)
Latest Clipper progress report (>>38867324 >>38872255)


>The PoneAI drive, an archive for AI pony voice content:

>The /mlp/con live panel shows:

>Clipper’s Master Files, the central location for MLP voice data:

>Cool, where is the discord/forum/whatever unifying place for this project?
You're looking at it.

Last Thread:
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Tempest Shadow
To this day, I'm still impressed that the MLP staff took all of the overblown "edgy broken horn unicorn OC" tropes, injected them into a new character, and made her one of the most fascinating and memorable characters in all of G4. It's a shame she only got a little bit of spotlight after the film.
126 media | 244 replies
The Good Necromancer #9 (CYOA)
Last time on The Good Necromancer:
>The three of you wake up and head off to explore the nearby Keyian ruins. After a bit of exploring you find a basement in an old building and head down.
>In the basement you find a Dukh, a mass of souls that attack people. It attacks all of you and you kill it.
>After this the three of you meet back up with Copper and hit the road north to Labrivir and eventually Lalundzhik. The four of you find camp and you reveal yourself to be a Necromancer to Tanssija who takes it well.
>You and Tanssija find a pond nearby and bond a bit there, talking about how Tanssija had gotten her scars and burns. When the two of you get out of the pond you're attacked by a group of Deer who take Tanssija over the border to Alln Lenora.
>You go back to Smoke and after a bit of discussion you gallop over the border and get yourself killed, reviving a bit later inside the borders.
>You disguise yourself as a Deer and end up at a Deer city, getting allowed in by the guards.
You can also catch up there:
>Lore Pastebin:
>Inventory Pastebin:
>Spell Pastebin:
>Information Pastebin:
>Crafting Pastebin:
>Curse Pastebin:
0 media | 338 replies
92 media | 424 replies
What's your favorite thing about the Snekquus? Those captivating eyes? The mollifying undulation? How about their pretty iridescent scales? Lots to love about the Horserpent.
56 media | 334 replies
Semantic Error
Repulsor Craft Racing
Cyberpunk Pony CYOA
Thread (27)

Previous thread (25) >>38623615
Archive (Anonpone):

Semantic Error is about a low life hacker trying to scrape by in a futuristic Equestria.
Cold File (our protagonist) has been lead around on mysterious jobs given by a client going by the handle Wintermute, took a job helping a race driver find a saboteur, as well as taking a job helping a mysterious pony forge documents for 2 foals and a young adult mare and recently Cold File has also decided to help the princess Twilight stop a plot to target her head of security led by the local mafia.
>Bits: 16,220

Current Jobs:
>Wintermute- (Both tasks paying 7000 Bits +bonus)
-Help Silent Night infiltrate a library to obtain the tome, "Mortem Diu Somno" or find some other way to obtain the information inside of it.
-Help Chestnut infiltrate Patwrite to obtain a copy of an AI named Apollo.

>Truth merchant- (Full papers required) (Pays 6000 Bits)
-Hacker needed to craft some Equestrian identities
-To do this right information must be registered with the department of health, the department of social security, passports are processed through the department of consular affairs. (Social security card already obtained) (Input information into the Health department's database need a printout for birth certificates)

>Speed lover- (Pays 10000 Bits)
-Help foil an attempt to sabotage Ace Thruster's repulsor craft mid-race. (race is the 19th)

>Twilight- Assist with the capture and interrogation of an assassin. (operation on the 22nd)
Today is Thursday the 19th, 2077
Today is the day of Ace Thruster’s race. File slept with Silent Night last night and stayed at her apartment.

Discord: RHCWAUrq4E
60 media | 419 replies
No title
57 media | 121 replies
No title
Why did they make her so hot?
9 media | 23 replies
Royal Guard Mare Thread #91
Return of the Pretty Ponies in Uniform edition

This thread is all about Equestria's mares in uniform. Whether they're a fighting troop, a backwater garrison, or the ponice, all are welcome subjects for art & green.

Misadventures in the DMZ:
Everyday Life With Guardsmares (part 1):
Everyday Life With Guardsmares FAQ:
Parks and Wilderness:

Sword and Shield:
Skin and Oki:

>Out-of-Thread Honorable Mentions
>RGRE, Complete:
Veteran Guardsmares in RGRE:
The Long and Short of It:
A Bond Through The Ages:
In A Better Light: (see E4-NG's bin for scenes 3 through 9)

Pony ATF:
A Hearth's Warming Patrol:
Saint Destruction:
Hate Sex With Gunny:
"Sir, Yes Sir!":
Duty Bound:
Anon Pointedly Does Not Get Sex with a Guard:
The Final Test:

>On Hold, Possibly Eaten By A Propeller
40k Guardsmares:

Las Pegasus Vice:

>Ded circa September 2021
Links to dead stories:

Elsewhile in the Royal Guard
D.O.I. P0ne's in Our World
Anon’s Regiment
Brave and Vannie
Valiant Heart
Careful's Charge
Going Bump in the Night
Vigilant Shield
Magic and Mud
Finding It
Sniper Anon
Silver Star
Meadow Stockade
Copper Wing
First Time Massage
Anon Y Mous, Hierarch of Hagoland
Whiskey and Cigars
The Mountain Keeper
Steel's Charge
Southern Comfort
Game of Pones

>Dead & Unsourcable
Feather Scarf:

Previous Thread: >>38543239

>Remember, no homo.
278 media | 491 replies
Stallion Thread
ITT we talk about stallions (and other non-pony males) and R63 versions of mares.

Last thread: >>38799559
OP pic:
47 media | 179 replies
We are playing TF2! #120
Unicorn on fire edition
OLD THREAD: >>38916785

Pony maps, sprays, and micspam!
Reskinned vanilla maps (with mares) by our very own anons!
Come relive the days of 2011-2013 pony TF2 with your friends from /mlp/!

Server IP: OR
Password: check filename
Map downloads for fags with slow internet:
Check the server status in your browser:
Check player stats:
Download demos from matches (request demos in thread):
Site for easily making sprays:
Guide on how to micspam:
Pony mod collection compiled by Anonymous:

Weekday hours: 8-9pm EDT to 12-4am EDT (24-32 players)
Saturday/Sunday hours: 8-9pm EDT to 12-4am EDT (28-32 players)
Custom MvM also available for slower days (10 player limit) and Deathrun/VSH/Prop Hunt for after-hours.

This server uses a plugin that changes the stats of some weapons. See and for info.

Consider installing mastercomfig if you have frequent frame drops, bad hitreg, poor network connectivity, or are new to the game. See for easy installation. It is STRONGLY recommended that all players install some preset of mastercomfig since TF2's default netcode settings have not been changed since 2007.

Put the following in your autoexec if sprays don't work even after you've enabled them in game:

THERE IS NO DISCORD SERVER OR EXTERNAL CHATROOM ASSOCIATED WITH THIS THREAD. All information regarding the TF2 general is – and will always be – contained in these threads. Any post mentioning "the /mlp/ TF2 Discord" is a troll and should be ignored.

/mlptf2/ intro:
/mlptf2/ videos playlist (highlights, karaoke nights, Anon Fridays, etc.):

No one is judged for being new to the game, and skill level across the playerbase varies.
Join the fun!
27 media | 100 replies
Canterslut Thread
Fresh grad from Canterslut University

Check out our new slutty story archive!

Previous sluttery:
39 media | 97 replies
Sunset Shimmer Thread
Previous Thread: >>38818941
Post pics and love Sunset.

Sunset Sunday Ponepaste -
GreentextSavant’s Pastebin -
BG9's Pastebin -
Gritsaw’s Pastebin -
Zharkaer's Pastebin -
Tstar231's Pastebin -
HolytntDiver's Pastebin

Sunset Greentexts
Sunset x Anon by XMRWRITEFAGX -
Burning Sensation (NSFW, Mutant Sunset x Anon) by SUPERKEATON -

Sunset EQG Shorts -
Good Vibes -
Sunset Shimmer sings
80 media | 194 replies
/Mare/con year 2 planning thread #1
1st day
Welcome to /Mare/con year 2 planning thread #1

>What is /Mare/con?
This is the smaller online winter con that focuses purely on the love for mares. No EQG or Trotcon shenanigans.
>How will this be held?
/Mare/con will be relying on live streams from Youtube or other sites that cytube can support. Pre-recorded videos will be accepted and will be viewed on Cytube during the con. Interactions will and continue to occur in the con threads and/or Cytube chat.
We’ll have the same two cytubes. The idea is the same from last year. Channel #1 is for live-streams and short videos. Ideally channel two will be for the +2-hour live streams and +45min long pre-recorded videos.
>Planning and to-do
Decide on a date, (looking to host /Mare/con in January). Think of a panel and event (You) would like to host. (The sign-up sheet will be coming soon) Looking to have a few anons record the videos and chat. Also looking for a few Cytube mods. Need some PST, EST, and Euro bros. All planning will be done in the threads, and those wishing to participate in the con will need to post updates as often as they can.
If I missed anything, please feel free to suggest it down below.
Good luck and we all look forward to what (you) have to offer.
>Feedback from last year
>Past threads
63 media | 318 replies
No title
I wish I was a handsome stallion.
83 media | 356 replies
/moon/day: Summer Night Edition
Previous thread: >>38800060

/moon/day Thread OP template:
/moon/day Story Archive:
Lunar Tunes Playlist:
Equestria Project (meditation/lucid dreaming guide):
old /moon/day story archive:

Humanizations of Princess Luna and others have a dedicated thread - post them there. Keep it pony (aside from inclusions of Anonymous in pics).

Ongoing Stories:
"Ghost in the Shadows" by ReggieSomething:
"Moonlight, Veiled - Book 2", by horsa:

Stories On Hiatus:
"Assistant to the Night Court", by LmonE6:
"Embracing the Night, Part 5", by AutoPony:
"Lunar Entanglement, Act I", by ReggieSomething:

Upcoming moon phases:
Full Moon: 11 AUG 2022
Last Quarter: 18 AUG 2022
New Moon: 27 AUG 2022
First Quarter: 3 SEP 2022
57 media | 105 replies
No title
Been in a pony slump recently lads. What're your go-to episodes and/or fan works when you need to rekindle the magic a little?
5 media | 24 replies
Open Pony General #33 - Insomniac Edition
Previous thread: >>38929332

>What is Open Popen?
A new model for Second Life that beats all other 3D pony models, Info here:

>Just give me a MARE
Idiotproof starter guide:
A noob's guide for other noobs:

>Join the /mlp/ SL group

>Or visit one of the many other Second Life pony hangouts:
Luna's Empire / H-Mart Tower (Free goodies in the gift shop):
PonyTown Shop:

>Where's the NSFW and kinky shit?
Search "mlp" with adult on, or start kinky shit at the /mlp/ hangout:

>Where is the hangout?
Read the post dummy.
8 media | 20 replies
No title
>That was great anon I haven't felt like a young mare in ages. But you still have to pay your taxes. Your deadline has been extended to the end of the week. Pay them or I'll send my goons after you.
3 media | 6 replies
No title
Would Pinkie tell on you if you raped her?
24 media | 104 replies
/mlp/ GMod Server Thread #19
OLD THREAD: >>38834447

To join add to your Favorites in Multiplayer > Legacy Browser. Password: filename.
Usual playing time is 16:00 ET.

To start a gamemode/map change type rtv in chat.
To make your own pony enter ppm2_editor in the console.
To watch videos with Media Player use Gmod's 64-bit version. Enable it from the Betas tab in the game's Properties on Steam.

Addon list:
Server status:
HL1:S, TF2 content and CS:S content+maps: or (use MEGA links)

Turbonewfag guide:
Pony PAC3 collection:

Current gamemodes are Sandbox, TTT2, DART, Dropzone, Elevator, Extreme Football Throwdown, Fat Kid, Horde, HL1 Co-op, HL1 Infected, Lambda, open Virus, Overwatch, Prop Hunt, Quake 3, SledBuild, Horde, and Trash Compactor.
107 media | 236 replies
No title
>this mare buys you a drink and winks at you at the bar
>what do?
7 media | 44 replies
Pegasi Royal Family Thread #7
picture perfect
Family Portrait Edition

This thread is for Princess Zipp and Pipp, their mother Queen Haven, the guards, and anything involving Zephyr Heights discussion. Feel free to post greens, ideas, pictures, fanart and any other fan content involving them.


>Archived Threads

>Tell Your Tale shorts

>Greens (RealDash’s epic with lewd) (short Boomer Zipp) (TYT: Mic Check)

>>38719408 (Praise the Storm)
>>38720034 (Zipp Blep)
>>38739896 (Zipp in stockings)
>>38771747 (Good morning Zipp)
>>38776958 (Qt Zipp)
>>38782541 (Precious boi, precious nerd, precious piggy)
>>38813399 (Cute 3D Zipp (>>38814055 postcard edit)
>>38830241 (Robo Zipp edit)
>>38837452 (Pipp loses her nuggies)
>>38847817 (Singing sisters)
>>38710498 (Pipp towel selfie)
>>38718581 (Anon and Pipp doggy selfie)
>>38749247 (Zipp and Pipp livestreaming)
>>38775183 (Zipp full-body glory hole)
>>38803302 (Pipp selfie)
>>38810572 (Pipp sends the wrong picture (>>38831670 crotchboob edit)

117 media | 260 replies
RGRE: Reversed Gender Roles Equestria
foalish stallions edition
Previous Thread: >>38884237

Fauster's Story Archive:

Uh-hmmm's Prompt Archives:

Have a broken pastebin link? Replace with

not to save anything of value on pastebin
ignore all attempts at early new threads
ignore new threads by the cheerimac poster
87 media | 255 replies
Fimfiction Thread: Featuring 34% more Perfect Leaders!
Come one and all to the meta-writefag and help raise the quality of MLP fanfiction! Featuring: Perfect Princesses!

ITT: The best duo, hacking Desu, Starscribe's cliffhangers, Lunaflag's multiple personalities, the ponetic alphabet, ESL writing, RGRK, "Read, nigga", the vicious cycle of /fimfic/, filly bans, betraying prose, "GAY SEX", much ado about the princesses' perfection and whether it's a good thing, /sunfic/, retarded hostility, Anon doesn't want man thighs, unironic princess worship, theology... again!, "incredibly gay sex", Magyarfag returns to laugh at me, becoming goblinized, the best deleted fics, gollypedos, Anon forgets the very first episode, knowing Elvis, G5 is based after all?; crushed, not dismembered; ponies btfo racism, commissions, and very long romance.

>/fimfic/ Book Club is now open!
The fourth book is Vinyl and Octavia: University Days.

If (You) want to participate, read THE WHOLE DAMN FIC by the 13th of August.
On Sunday we'll discuss what we've read.

>Recommended stories:
Tired of the same old 'Human goes to Equestria to fuck his underage waifu' formula? Burnt out after reading that Fallout crossover? Well, we've compiled the best of the worst in order to bring you our absolute average!

New Starter Kit -
Old Starter Kit -

>Common fic abbreviations used by the thread:

>A list of reviews made by the Anons in this thread:
Use the commands ">review <story link>" and ">discuss <story link>" to add reviews to a story.
Userscript for extra features:

>An easy to understand, in-depth writing guide for beginners:

>Can you pre-read my story?
Post it on Google Docs or HackMD with comments enabled and give us a link.

>Additional material for authors:
Rhorse's Horse Behavioral Notes -
Politics and the English Language -
Authentic polish bigos -
Vhatug's tips for anatomically correct clop -
Setting a story in motion -
Taking criticism -

>Various reviews and riffs:
Fillyanon's Bookshelf -
Notkickass222urmom's Reviews -
IHeartShinzakura's Reviews -
Appleanon reads fics -
Deluxe Big Master Review List -
A Guide to Rational Fics -
The Royal Canterlot Library's Top 16 Fanfics -

Previous Thread >>38931142
23 media | 113 replies
Posey Thread
NOT Fluttershy edition

Last thread
72 media | 333 replies
Into the Blue (A GameBoy CYOA)
itb title card 1
Welcome back to the most unexpected tropical getaway of your life!

For those of you just joining us, you are Steelworks Novasurge Breeze Whistle Siren Song the 5th - or 'Nova' for short, great-granddaughter of industry and entertainment mogul Windsor Chime and soon-to-be heiress of his multibillion-bit estate.

Or, that WAS the plan. But then your parents decided to bring you along on a cruise, and on the way back home, your CRUISE SHIP met with a most bizarre and tragic end, its belly speared by mighty stone pillars that erupted from the depths of the ocean and ripped it in twain. The elevator you were on at the time was hurtled into the lower stratosphere, arcing over the horizon and crashing into the shallow water off the coast of a deserted island.

That island is where you've spent the last week, trying to find some sign of civilization and keep yourself alive...

If you wanna know more, you can find the rest of the story so far here:
43 media | 201 replies
No title
So G5 is pretty much run by GM Berrow and Emily Thompson. What are our hope levels?
On one hand Berrow know her pony shit, on the other...she wasn't that good with G4 episodes and the Make Your Mark special. Is there a chance for miracle?
11 media | 132 replies
No title
goth enter
Looks like Enterkino is back on the menu bros
2 media | 8 replies
No title
Screenshot 2022-08-11 235733
Why is Make Your Mark so fucking bad?
2 media | 9 replies
Princess Applejack
In their wildest dreams, whoever posted this would never have imagined
Howdy, partner!

It's sure been a long time, hasn't it? Three hundred and fifty threads. That number seems unfathomable, was insane to even consider back in the days when Applejack first asked herself a question. Back when it all started with this gem.


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


And it really was a gem, wasn't it? A shining seed nobody knew would grow into a full tree that spanned so many years, writers, stories, artwork, and love. A whole orchard grew from this, so many characters who lived and learned and grew along with us. The world got crazier, but we all loved it the same.

If you wanna give some art, write a fun story, or just say hello for old times sake, we'll welcome friends old and who we just met this thread. Whoever you are, welcome to Thread 350 of Princess Applejack.

Have some fun, and stay for a while.
5 media | 269 replies
Sunny Starscout Thread #3
Official Sunny Starscout Thread #3: Alicorn Magic Edition

The last thread reached the bump limit, and I’m so incredibly happy to see the support for the main mare of G5! Here’s the third thread in the series!

Make Your Mark Trailer:

Watch Tell Your Tale!:
190 media | 360 replies
Canternet Thread
What are some examples of 4chan posts that would be made by the people of Equestria, etc.?

And please do not post here if you don’t like this thread as a concept.

Previous breads:
28 media | 141 replies
/glim/ July Morning
This is a thread for all things Starlight Glimmer. Post pics, greens and discussion.

Previous thread:
Topics discussed:
>Thread died.
>We went to crash on Anon's couch -

Art created:
>humanized Starlight
>deadly looks

Edits made:
Glimmer's book edits 2: Glimmer's butt collection
...and a few more on >>38695211

>snipped and refocused

Greens authored:
"Can I stay in your house?" by Marehouse

Titbits scribbled:
>Godmare Glim
>Wanna lick?

220 media | 419 replies
No title
apparently Sofia Carson is getting canceled for playing a role in racist military propaganda movie
3 media | 32 replies
No title
There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

you're gonna carry that mare

Old thread: >>38774788

Ongoing greens:

Dreams to Dream by Stabbythesnowman (NMM) (part 2) (part 3)

Shape Your Home by PoneGreen (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (April Fools' interlude)

Completed/on hiatus/ded greens:

The Recruiter (epilogue) by pentapony

Hallmark Dream-a by lmone6

Stories by Pentapony

Carl's Hardened Heart by Reggiesomething

"Fleetfooted" by SadBoy

Stories by Aftercase

Stories by AnthonyC4

Stories by Horse Story Anon

Stories by YukkuriPalehorse

Rainbow Dash and the Ghosts of Hearts & Hooves Day by Lonesome Rider

Stories by Trandhal:

Rocks out of the Quarry:

Stories by Tsar Anon:

Stories by Angry Wino: tinyurl dot com slash vskmqfx

Stories by Crabs of Steam:

The Broken Carousel (Part 1):
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 1):
(Part 2):
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 2):

This Heart That Fears


All I want from christmas

Couch Surfing

A collection of misc. green since the 1st thread
156 media | 351 replies
46 media | 105 replies
No title
Oh hey anon, what kind of tea did you want this time?
10 media | 39 replies
how would you have ended fim?
YOU. yes, YOU. most people can agree that the series finale was bad. but how would you have fixed it? was celestia retiring and twilight succeeding her the best option? what would've been a good final villain, and how would they have been dealt with? and, adding onto that, how do you think faust would've ended the show in accordance to her original vision?
0 media | 2 replies
My Little Pony: Virtual Magic
Rate the new MLP VR app that released today, it's free to download
2 media | 23 replies
No title
Windsprint grew up!
2 media | 20 replies
Fan Site Alternative Thread #70
Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 18-58-38 Balloons In My Basket Music Video_edit
This is the general thread for the alternative fan sites of the My Little Pony fandom. Discussion, development suggestions, and criticisms are all welcome here.

>Why alternate boorus?
Recent changes to Derpibooru has put its place as the premier location for pony fan art into question. So several new boorus have sprung up to provide alternatives. Many of the altbooru owners post in thread and listen to questions and comments from anons. Note that this is NOT the Derpibooru drama general. Please keep posts about Derpibooru in the thread on

>Why alternate text sites? has deleted, and continues to delete, greentexts on the site. FimFiction does not allow stories in the greentext format, so a new home is needed.

>General purpose boorus by Raindev [!RaInbOWink] by ZizzyDizzyMC [!DizzyMC4pc] by Lotus [!!WYvH32WjaoR] by Twifag [!twifag.HOY] and Not Twifag/Floorb [!!H3PJaMJmY66]

>Specialized boorus: by Pathos [!!arjIjTdCTdq] - Underage - Hot glue

>Greentext sites managed by Not Twifag/Floorb
IAS ( (Text search)

>Video sites

>File sharing

>Latest Developments:
-Anon releases searchable DNP list ( (
-An anon is scraping pastebin links ( (download
-Mediafire rip now available on IPFS (>>36440908)
-IAS Anon needs help seeding IPFS files (>>36700329)
-Reminder to backup Fimfiction ( likely dead, some other /mlp/ archives (>>36764936) (>>36764947) (and of course Desuarchive) backup (>>>/t/1033260)
-Ponemusic archive is dead, latest torrents (>>37005785) dump (>>37346011)
-Userscript to load GDrive resource keys (>>37536855)
-FimFic story filter (>>37512031)
-WiP userscript for offline "accounts" on Philomena (>>37705442)
-Twibooru still looking for help (>>38113999)
-New Ponepaste dump >>38375740
-Old database found (>>38882814) + beta v. of Restored (new, >>38872905)

Last thread:
-YouTube deleted comments of history pony videos, luckily, anon(s) saved the comments of the "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" PMV (>>38885516 >>38875962) discovered to have un-deleted a small amount of its pastes, 0.341% of 6,150 404'd/403'd links = 21 links (>>38887166 >>38888096)
-Rome said that he would release the MD5 hashes of all or many of his JPG/JPEG, PNG, and GIF image files (>>38892148)
78 media | 294 replies
No title
Who is this guy, again?
0 media | 1 replies
Rainbow Dash Thread
Loyalty Edition

Post pictures, write greentexts, and discuss Dash!
Previous thread: >>38893334


mobius !9PEUyNz5zw


Ex Waifu Ex Machina

YouTube playlist:
Dash clips:
Spotify playlist:

Thread index:
Backup thread index:
30 media | 40 replies
Just Dropped By - /jdb/
2548848 (1)
Twilight Cosplayer Edition

Last drop >>38716403
Also, last /jdb/ I guess
110 media | 448 replies
No title
She's perfect
34 media | 142 replies
No title
>Just wear a disguise and start a new life, worked for me
Ummmm... Izzybros???
4 media | 21 replies
/mlp/'s Pony Gaming
[Death scream] edition

Discuss vidya and play with fellow horsefuckers.
Pony vidya, pony mods and related videogame discussion are also encouraged, any type or genre of videogame is welcome.
If you want to play a certain game with /mlp/ don't hesitate to ask. People might just join and play with you. Don't be afraid to add each other. Who knows, maybe (You) will start up a new staple group?

More importantly, have fun!

Vidya played previous thread: Tabletop Simulator, Barotrauma, Age of Empires 2 DE, and Pavlov VR.

Last thread: >>38812459
66 media | 297 replies
Fuck NFTS Thread
The fuck is this shit?!?!

Also, obligatory EQD bashing.
8 media | 50 replies
No title
Is it just me, or is Hitch handsome?
8 media | 29 replies
Bully and Abuse (B&A)
This thread is for anons who enjoy bullying and abuse. Tired of your pics or greens getting deleted in other threads? This is your place to shine.

What's welcome here:
Anything from light bullying to abuse and even gore. This can be in the form of art or green, everything is welcome. All ponies are up for grabs, if you can't handle seeing your favorite pony getting abused then this thread isn't for you. Just make sure any pictures posted are not explicit otherwise they could get removed.

Remember to keep on topic. Enjoy.
203 media | 448 replies
My Little Progress:Technology isn't Magic #81
Engineered sentience edition.

Twilight: I can't really believe your story Anon, buildings with over 100 levels? Flying boats bigger than Ponyville? And yet there's no magic in your world? Please.
>Growing tired of Twilight's berating, you go out into the world to prove her wrong.

That's the prompt that started it all. So what's this thread about? It's about Anon bringing human science and inventions to Equestria and a disbelieving Twilight. Although, that's not necessarily the prompt you need to follow if writing is what you desire.

Remember not to save anything of value on pastebin, use
Have a broken pastebin link? Replace with

Thread Story List (outdated):

Stories from the last thread (#80):
Shape Your Home (#deca.mare, posted in NMP) (Ponegreen)
>End of the last update: >>38771903
Untitled (by Writefag_Is_Kill !7TFBnF3qxo)
>No bin
>End of the last update >>38745363
Oneshot, Bootleg Lyra drives
>>38632259 >>38661265
The Swirling Menagerie (Solanon)
>End of the last update: >>38787108

From older threads:

(Name unknown) (PC Engi)
Paste unavailable
Untitled (Anonymous)
Memory of the Empire (translation)
>End of the last update: >>37162643
Shape Your Home, Wasteland 'Survival' Game Side Story (Ponegreen)
>End of the last update: >>37865386
Untitled, Battletech/Mech (Alcatraz)
>No bin
>Start here >>37462428, end of the last update: >>37935782
Unnamed green with Nasapone and Apogee
>No bin
>Starts here >>36765234 last post is >>36782594
TiM take 2 (my idea of a good time)
>End of the last update: >>36910953
[H.E.R.O.] Revelations (SaltAnon)
Anonymous, the Singing Golem (leg)
>End of the last update: >>36338890
War Anon (DreamlessAnon)
>Starts here >>36514474
(H.E.R.O) Mission (SaltAnon)
>Starts here >>36361544

Obsolete thread:
#80 >>38600368
66 media | 429 replies
No title
What did Sunny mean by this
3 media | 30 replies
No title
>"Anon, Anon!"
>"I did it!"
>"Well, I was thinking over what you said, about how Discord should've been turned into stone rather than redeemed."
>"And after pondering over it for awhile, I realized you're completely right!"
>"You should see the look on Fluttershy's face."
>"No really, come see!"
>"She'll be keeping it for the foreseeable future after all."
>"Oh yeah, she got all huffy and lecturey once she found out, so I stoned her too!"
>"Friendship is so much easier when you just let the magic part of it do all the work!"
2 media | 11 replies
No title
*shlorp shlorp*
1 media | 6 replies
No title
Are their any pieces of MLP art you haven't merely glanced at, but spent a LONG time staring at? Or continually come back to?
44 media | 89 replies
/Sun/day: Aurora Borealestia Edition
Aurora Borealestia
It's /sun/day! Let us bask in Princess Celestia's gentle radiance.

/Sun/day Story Archive:
/Sun/ Collage!
/Sun/ Music Playlist

Have a Celestia story that you want added to the archive?
>Link to story on Pastebin or Ponepaste
>Say whether the story is finished or unfinished, or if it is a one shot (this is important for sorting)
>Provide a synopses of the plot (please do this, I don't like writing these)
>Any other important information that you want to add, such as the thread of origin.
Broken Pastebin URL? Replace with

Humanized variants of Princess Celestia and others are unwelcome here.

Previous thread:
173 media | 358 replies
/FoE/ - Fallout Equestria: A Postapocalyptic Pony Thread
Thunderhead edition

Fallout Equestria, a story that bleeds two franchises together to build something magical. On one side, you have death, destruction, decay, and misery - on the other, you have ponies. Doesn't sound like it should mix? You'd be surprised. When the world around you is wasteland, all you're left with is hope, and as we all know, ponies can do spectacular things with just a little hope.
Previous thread: >>38892688

Read Fallout Equestria by Kkat to appreciate the setting that many writers have then lent upon after being so captivated by the wonders.

The original story which spawned its own fandom can be found here:

These next four stories comprise the rest of what is considered "the big 5", alongside the original. They were biggest hitters early in the fandom, be it for having started before many others, their length, or overall quality.

Project Horizons:

Pink Eyes:

Murky Number Seven:


Though, a reminder; just because these are the most well known, that isn't to say that there aren't other stories out there! There are many hidden gems that simply don't get the love they deserve purely because people don't give them the chance. Why not open your heart and try to find a new favorite? Anons are absolutely welcomed and encouraged to return with fic discussion of even the most obscure fics!

Fan games:

Fallout Equestria: Remains is a Fallout Equestria Roguelike. It is the best thing to come of the fandom recently. Seriously go play it

Balefire Blues is a Hearts of Iron IV mod. In it you take control over various FoE factions seeking to conquer the wasteland.

Ashes Town is a derivative of Pony Town in the Fallout Equestria universe.
29 media | 89 replies
No title
Remember when we were referenced in videogames? That was wild~
1 media | 18 replies
No title
Alright Anon, you've made it to Equestria. But, as always, there's a catch. Along with you comes every single thing you've posted about every single pony, deposited directly into the mailmare's satchel and on its way to be delivered to whatever ponies were the subject of said posts, and signed with your signature. Every angry rant, every horny fetish post, every compliment and insult.
How fucked are you? Do you try to stop the deliveries before they happen? If so, how? There may be ways to stop Derpy, but there's many towns other than Ponyville with many other mailmares potentially about to deliver your unfiltered opinions, be they good or bad.
3 media | 15 replies
/merch/ Thread
Post and talks about pony merchandise, official or not.
Discuss plushies, figures, clothes, books, pins and more! And new ways to add ponies to our life!

>is selling your products here allowed?
Of course! Absolutely allowed.
>can I talk or post here about my crafting even if what I do isn't for sale?
Yes! We accept merch in all its forms.
>where can I find the old threads?
They are all in the Links Index Pastebin, at the end.

=== Links Index Pastebin ===

Here is a pastebin that contains all the links posted and discussed here.

=== Main Links ===

+ List of Active Plushmakers:
+ OP Plush Pattern (with instructions!):
+ /mlp/ Patches/Stickers/Desk Flags:
+ /mlp/ Stickers:
+ 4cc Jerseys, Pins:
+ HorsePussy Books: &

Feel free to suggest links about pony stuff to be added here and in the pastebin!

Previous Thread: >>38866963
13 media | 26 replies
No title
>You wanna know WHY every pony at my high school is a filly?
>No, I don't go to an all-girls school. That'd be too simple.
>See, my mom has a time travel spell. For each colt that was in my class, she went back in time and kicked his dad in the balls the day said colt would have been born.
>Then she repeats this process until a filly is conceived in the colt's stead.
>Oh, no need to be worried. She already 'got' you, Femanon.
60 media | 190 replies
Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls and Humanized Thread #317 - Heat Wave Attire Edition
Previous: >>38837226

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Story List:

--Recent Writefags-- ( can be swapped with if necessary)

Grey: (Luna) (Celestia, Luna, Cadance) (RD) (Pinkie) (Twilight) (Octavia) (Fluttershy)

SolAnon: (Rarity)

Magna Anon: (Rarity) (Pinkie) (RD) (Twilight) (Applejack)

Magicopia: (Various)

Pseudo: (Applejack)


CB: (Celestia) (Mane 6) (Fluttershy)

Anonymous: (RD)

BetAnon: (Various story links)

BG9: (Mane Seven) (Sunset Shimmer)

FiftyShadesofYellow: (Fluttershy)

Jade: (Fluttershy/Rarity/Dash) (Fluttershy/Scitwi)

TerminusAnon: (Midnight/Twilight)

Lilith: (Mane Six: Space)

AlphaStrike: (Various) (Various) (Various)

Archival Pastebin:
Thread Resources:
FimFiction Group:
>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history. Quite literally as of now.
26 media | 83 replies
Dazzling Thread #388
Sandcastles Crashers Edition

All Dazzling lovers are welcome. It doesn't matter if you're an Adagio, Aria or Sonatafag, let's all join in one place. Post anything of the Dazzlings: drawings, discussions, stories, fetishes, re-edits, gifs, re-made songs (written or, if you had the guts to, sung), anything you like. Come here and show that you're under their spell!

Archives (green, thread, plus downloads):

Guides for Aspiring Writers:

Art Compilation:

Steam group:

Old Shattered Gem:
157 media | 474 replies
/ggf/ - Griffon GF Thread
Recent: >>38795021
A thread dedicated for the lovely catbirbs and griffon gf.
Griffonchads, Gildafags rise up!

>Gilda Greentext Archive (Last updated December 2021)

>Proxy and Gilda

Previous griffon gf threads
July 2022:
June 2022:
April 2022:
35 media | 75 replies
No title
>"What was that?"
>"Strawberries suck, huh?"
>"Well you can ask your dear anon how much Strawberries suck."
>"He could tell you all about how much Strawberries suck."
>"After all, he has plenty of firsthand experience with it."
2 media | 4 replies
Snowpone thread #25
Surprise muthafucka
Pine Ponder coming for (You) edition

The pic that started it all:
Previous thread:
Alternative thread:
Archive of snowpony thread art:
Archive of snowpony-related musics:
On the boorus, the snowpony tag ended up being "snowpony (species)" or "taiga pony"

>What is a snowpity?

>What are snowponies?
Lore dumps for the newfags

The Great Snowpony Expedition

Reading material:
>Anon and Frosty Flakes
>Comfy lore snippets
>Cirrus Wisp and Filly
>Bury Me in White
>Surehoof's First Ice Step
>A cute (hopefully) snow pone short
>Frost Fringed Letters [WIP]
>My Winter Storm
Kinderquestria Greens
>Agate's vigil (WIP)
>The First Fish
>New Life with Frosty Flakes (Lewd)
>[WIP] Cultural Exchange at Spa
>Snowfall Frost's seach for Windigos
>The first step north
>Russian snwowpone fics (use google translate or something similar)

Pine Ponder approved tea:

Snowpone patches:
56 media | 187 replies
No title
show some anon filly fanart you’ve made. here’s mine!
176 media | 465 replies
Waifu thread
Previous >>38894455

Here we talk about having love or romantic feelings for certain ponies.
Because this board needs one, no matter what.

I feel guilty for not contributing in this thread, though.
50 media | 133 replies
MLP General
you&#039;ll do it right - go and get the drinks for her and her friends
Gen 5 (My Little Pony: A New Generation) movie is out now on Netflix! And Make Your Mark!?
Tell Your Tale episode playlist

Pony Life:

YouTube Playlist of pony shorts

My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria, Vol. 1
Download link
Get a physical copy
My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria Vol. 2
Download link
Get a physical copy
My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria, Vol. 3
Download link!7Y43RCoS!WujvDfG-20FsDUXsMAIPpZE8qp3FECTL58wETuMIozY
Get a physical copy

There's still plenty of time to enjoy the sand and surf before even thinking about autumn, and maybe it's even after the biggest rush in Equestria. Could have the beach almost privately, if you ignore the other ponies trying to do the same thing! It's something to think about for weekend plans, at least - though it might not be too long before a vacation break ends!

Previous thread.
60 media | 119 replies
/bug/ - The Changeling, Moth & Bugpony Thread
Home of all your chitinous needs and the center for all FiM artwork, discussion, stories and more involving Changelings, Moths and every sort of insectoid pony.
Previous Thread: >>38054355
Alternative Backup Thread:

==Active Stories==
BuggyCYOA: A simple adventure involving an Anon who is trying to care for a changeling that he found starving in the Everfree Forest.
Read at: OR (Recommended)

For older stories and other changeling related material, check out The Hive Directory:

This threads question is...
>Are changeling hives heated? If so, how?
109 media | 226 replies
Pony Transformation General
Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, gryphons, changelings, dragons, kirin, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

Previously on PTFG: - Excerpt from Unfinished Pon-E Story by hyreia - New! - Anon becomes mare by Kekanon - New & Complete! - The Pon-E Rewrites: Purple Black Gray by Alycorn - PTFG CYOA by ReMastering - That Particular Instance I Performed Metempsychosis As An Equine Named After A Piece Of Silverware by Yuri Fanatic - Quin's Tale by Scrub - The Sun's Best Friend by Alycorn - Soldier of the Night by Alycorn - Complete - Bad Timeline by Satyrfag - Complete - Stampede ULTRA! by Alycorn - Wish by Scrub - Complete - Anon transforms into Trixie by fetishgreentextfag - Complete - Competition by Satyrfag - Complete - Trust Once Lost by Greenhorne - Learning to Fly by Lyra - Making a mistake by Gnisha - Complete - CYOA by EveryManAKing - Next Stop by AngryWino - Complete - Petstore by ReMastering - King Sombra's Ponut Platoon by alCROWholic

Archive of over 555 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
Past threads index:
Unrated TF image dump thread:
Recommended stories for new readers:

This thread's writing prompt:
>Tundra: You are a deckhand aboard a Canadian icebreaker in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. It’s been a long winter, and you are running out of food and fuel. Your captain has been bedridden following a string of fatigue-induced hallucinations; the night officer sends you into the hold to get medicine. When you come back on deck, you notice the northern lights are brighter–and a shadowy coastline looms dead ahead.

Previous Thread:
125 media | 313 replies
pony puzzles
Click create a new room and upload your pics
400p SFW
previous thread >>38803210
7 media | 122 replies
/ra/ - Rarity Thread
Petal Queen Edition

A bunch of short greens:

Rarity Mixtape:

Spotify Playlist:

Thread Archive:

Previous: >>38820600
10 media | 13 replies
Nightly Twilight Thread
Previous Thread: >>38863652

Spread Love for Twiggles

17 media | 31 replies
CYOA General #7
Previous thread: >>38730789

This thread is for the discussion of all things CYOA

The easiest way to have your CYOA tracked

Active CYOAs as this thread was posted:

Into the Blue

The Good Necromancer

Starry Eyes

Semantic Error


Trapped in Synth

If you have any resources to assist with CYOAs or other CYOAs that were missed please post them.

A reminder: that sometimes this board gets very active with slide threads. Some CYOAs have died within an hour due to this.
7 media | 54 replies
Pinkie Pie Thread #119
Tasty Edition
Previous thread- >>38872156
Strawpoll’s officially dead now.
40 media | 62 replies
Shadowbolt Thread 41: New Friends Edition
last >>38614080

ITT: Let's explore any and all sorts of ideas for the underutilized and under-developed Shadowbolts from Equestria Girls.

Completed Stories:
Treating Miss Sweet by ChurroAnon

Ongoing Stories:
To Listen (Part 1) by AlexanderGrey
Game of Headphones (Part 2) by AlexanderGrey
Music Is Coming (Part 3) by Alexander Grey

Shamelessly stolen writing guides:

Other Shadowbolt links:
88 media | 382 replies
Marital Problems
neglected spoiled rich
>Dafuq is this?:
The premise of this thread can cover a multitude of issues. Maybe you and your waifu are fighting over something insignificant that snowballed out of control. Maybe the spark just isn't there anymore, or the trust has decayed. Whatever challenges the marital norms of 'perfect pone land'. Either side is welcome to have issues with the other.

If cu.ckoldry is your thing, this isn't your thread.

New content is welcome and appreciated. Discussion is encouraged.

Previous thread:

Pastebin of previous threads and current stories thus far:

Featured Stories:
Untitled Anon x Chrysalis story - >>38782997
Icehunt's Empty Egg (In progress)-
DaybreakerAnon's Bold as Love (In progress)-
LokiLorien's Machiavellian Anonymous & Unfaithful Twi (Complete)-
Without_Aname's Twilight's Secret - and
MnM's A Lust For Revenge -
MnM's Twilight's Return (Neglected Anon sequel) -
Jeff Mango's Mrs Cake -
Loki's Prince Anon & Young Celestia -
Fife's Two Sides of the Same Coin -
Lefty's Pinkie loves more -
TLA's Tilelover Anon -

Pastebin for aspiring writers (general concepts and techniques):
189 media | 417 replies
No title
Trixie when she see my pp
18 media | 66 replies
2022 4chan Summer Cup 2nd Weekend Official Thread 4cc
>What is the 2022 4chan Summer Cup?
The 2022 4chan Summer Cup will be the forty-third official tournament and the eleventh iteration of the Summer Cup series. The tournament will feature a mixture of teams that qualify from the 2022 4chan Spring Babby Cup, as well as the teams that managed to qualify for the knockout stage of the 2022 4chan Winter Cup.

>When does /mlp/ play?
FAG9 begins August 20th

>When do games start today?
17:00 UTC

>Where to watch?

>More info?

>Who's playing today?
17:00 UTC - /int/ vs /tg/
17:40 UTC - /k/ vs /d/
18:20 UTC - /sp/ vs /out/
19:00 UTC - /vt/ vs /fit/
19:40 UTC - /n/ vs /tv/
20:20 UTC - /s4s/ vs /vst/
21:00 UTC - /x/ vs /co/
21:40 UTC - /pol/ vs /h/

>Who's playing tomorrow?
17:00 UTC - /gd/ vs /an/
17:40 UTC - /vm/ vs /biz/
18:20 UTC - /u/ vs /xs/
19:00 UTC - /r9k/ vs /pw/
19:40 UTC - /m/ vs /cm/
20:20 UTC - /sci/ vs /v/
21:00 UTC - /vp/ vs /ck/
21:40 UTC - /c/ vs /y/

>Who's playing Sunday
17:00 UTC - /tg/ vs /k/
17:40 UTC - /d/ vs /int/
18:20 UTC - /out/ vs /vt/
19:00 UTC - /fit/ vs /sp/
19:40 UTC - /tv/ vs /s4s/
20:20 UTC - /vst/ vs /n/
21:00 UTC - /co/ vs /pol/
21:40 UTC - /h/ vs /x/
89 media | 255 replies
Filly thread
This is a violent free one so you can focus loving your filly or else...

Previous filly >>38782488
160 media | 435 replies
No title
>irl zebras live in wide open grasslands and savannas
>fandom always depicts zebras living in overgrown jungles
6 media | 33 replies
/mppp/ - Mass Produced Pony Plushies
4 Aug 2022
LAST CALL for Aryanne payment! Ends after 7 Aug 2022! PAY NOW!

>What is this about?

>Aren't cheap plushies shitty?

>What's the current status?
Aryanne in payment phase (last call). Twiggles, Verity, Frosty Snowflakes & Anonfilly 2.0 in prototyping phase.

>What can I do?
• Spread awareness about this project within /mlp/ community. Help explain to confused anons if needed. Stop spreading FUD. (You're doing PR support for free)
• Design - feel free to provide any ideas & suggestions for the new plushies! (if you designed any pattern, we'll submit to Olyfactory to try it out)
• Feedback - by providing critical information and opinions, you can make a difference and help improve things.
• Based Department LLC - To further extend the project's pipeline and supercharging the blueprint, we may need to form an external company to try obtain license for MLP characters, but there are many pros and cons for establishing this. Currently we're not familiar with this and it's only still an idea. Any lawfag or bizfag are welcomed to discuss and give /adv/ice!
• HYP squad - help create unique ads and propaganda materials.
• BUMP team - create fun content with the plushies, have fun!
• BUY THE PLUSHIES goyim. Whether if it's buying for yourself, or doing a grand giveaway, as long as we can reach at least 300+ pcs for each plushies we can continue on with the project.
Thank (You) for all the time, effort & money (You) put into supporting this project!

>any alternatives?
if you have any feel free to share your ideas here.
>I don't like your stupid idea, I disagree with...
if you have better methods post it here, contributions are encouraged!
>I have very serious and important sensitive questions for all the preorder organizers, how to contact? or email us at [email protected]

Previous thread:
53 media | 277 replies
Marble Pie
It's been awhile. Post cute Marbles.
33 media | 53 replies
No title
At the end of The Mareraria server there was a promise for a modded minecraft server. Well, mares and mare lovers, setup has completed and the server is up and running.
To make it fun and actually have people to play together we've decided to open up the server
>tomorrow, 2022-08-05 at 8PM UTC.
This used to be the active time for mareraria. If you guys prefer later, we can talk about that here.

The modpack we are using is
>All The Mods 7 v0.4.24
This pack was recommended because it both has questing that you can follow through but you can also just mess around with mods as you see fit.
It sounds like a very nice mix between beginner friendly and autism enabling.

Use whatever launcher you want to, I recommend NOT using Curseforge. It's ad infested garbage nowadays.
I used PolyMC to download the pack, but it didn't fetch all the mods so I had to complete the mods with the mods folder from the server pack I downloaded.
Others have recommended downloading MultiMC and downloading the zip file of the modpack from curseforge, which sadly hasn't worked for me.
I believe older MultiMC versions are still able to download Curseforge packs.
Anyone who has proper install guides/suggestions, please do post here.

I am excited to play with all of you again! And when this thread dies, we'll probably be sticking to /mlp/'s Pony Gaming thread (>>38912840) to not clutter up the catalog with another minecraft server. Or we'll make a new one. Who the fuck knows.

>Server IP: filename
35 media | 232 replies
No title
Post polyamorous pones
1 media | 4 replies
MelodicPony 10th Anniversary
Today marks 10 years since MelodicPony started sharing his pony music to the world: His orchestral covers were and still are loved by many, especially after his death.

MelodicPony was a gifted musician, reportedly having written only a few practice pieces before his Winter Wrap Up cover. After releasing arrangements of Love Conquers All ( and The History of Ponyville ((, MelodicPony went on to make orchestral suites dedicated to Magical Mystery Cure ( and The Return of Harmony ( His works reflect his ability to blend his own stylistic choices while still retaining the essence of MLP:FiM's music.

The last composition shared with his many fans was Luna's Determination: It was a mostly original piece with some elements of Luna's background music. Contact with MelodicPony was abruptly cut in December 2014 ( and news of his whereabouts would remain unknown until 2016. He had lived in Prague and local fans confirmed with a relative that he passed away from a stroke on 12 December 2014, aged 26:

Another pony musician and friend (Aelipse) recalled how MelodicPony jokingly suggested having his music played by a live orchestra (specifically the Prague Symphony Orchestra:, and was determined to make it a reality. The MelodicPony In Memoriam Live Performance project was soon launched and the kickstarter began the following year to cover transcription and performance costs: Despite several setbacks over the years, the project finally reached its goal this year. While they could not secure the Prague Symphony Orchestra, they settled for the Prague Film Orchestra and for a recording in Smetana Hall (Prague's largest concert hall). The recording took place on 20 March 2022:

MelodicPony's Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite was performed live for the first time on 30 April 2022 in Bratislava, Prague: (desynced audio). More live performances are planned, one of which is tentatively set for 5 November 2022 at the Great Hall Lucerna, Prague:
0 media | 26 replies
No title
mayo toast stand
Trixie mayo
0 media | 2 replies
No title
If you died and it turned out you just missed Equestria because you didn't wash your hands after going for a pee and had basically the same experience but it had to be with a different species what would ewe choose? I'd choose those tiny ewes but what would you go for if you died?
If you choose something clever like horse you get send STRAIGHT TO HELL
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My Massive Pony
Welcome to the My Massive Pony thread!
Massive In Manehatten edition

Writers, artists, and critiques are always welcome, so long as it pertains to the main idea of the thread which is size difference.
Check out our slowly growing ponepaste:

Previous thread: >>38762976
108 media | 225 replies
No title
It's been too long since we've had a G1 thread.
40 media | 109 replies
Fluttershy Thread
Christmas In July Edition

>/shy/thread Ponepaste (includes the OP, writefag list, writefag request bin, and all current/completed stories)

>Collaborative Fluttershy playlist (request for new content to be added in the thread)

>/mushy/ Musical mixtape (request for new content to be added in the thread)

Previous thread:>>38804858 (You) (Cross-thread)
141 media | 238 replies
No title
>What do you mean I "don't count as a My Little Pony character"?!
>I was here long before that strumpet Littlepip and you let HER in!
>I demand to speak to your manager!
2 media | 9 replies
Anonymous in Equestria thread #1201
Highspeedlowdragprideflag is best scarf
Last thread, >>38766789

IRC: #/mlp/AiE
Active list:
Master list:
Completed Stories list:
Stories Sorted by Pony:
>rope's HD remastered thread archives:
>Add for Skype: sin.aie
>If a pastebin link is broken you can copy the string at the end of the url of a link so becomes

>PiE Corner
>Remember to tag all PiE Stories.
PiE Author List:
PiE image archives:
Browser Pony Author List:
30 media | 160 replies
/MLpmg/ #13b: Pre-Production Edition
>We're making a 1oz silver coin to commemorate the board. Design submissions are closed and the organizers are in contact with the mint. There's still a lot for them to do before orders open, but for now our job is to sit back and relax while we wait for more details.
>When the time comes for minting, we'll need to order at least 100 coins. Each coin will probably cost somewhere between $55-$75 depending on various factors including die manufacturing cost, possible serialization fees, and whether or not we choose to keep the dies.

- Designs have been submitted to the mint. >>38776234
- Dies have been paid for, mint rendering in progress. Next will be dies to be made, sample coin produced, then taking orders & production. >>38782807

- Sample Certificate of Authenticity: >>38741854
- Coin Marez art: >>38763319
- /mlpmg/ - Coin Preorder Notification signup >>38770471:

Mare Coins, now and forever the ride continues >>38738726:

LAST THREAD: >>38823761
87 media | 433 replies
Frostpony - CYOA
We roamed the stale, cold world... No horizon in sight. The rulers of old, stripped, of pride and glory...

If feels as yesterday that we were turning the wheels of progress. Until the Frost... stopped it all.

Suddenly, without a warning. When tides are changed, they changed for all of us. No matter the class. We've lost our will to snow. And with it, the last traces of equinity. Families torn asunder, hearts broken, friends lost... nopony could stop it as the winds blew harder and the ice grew ever thicker.

We bid farewell to plenty. And for those who remained, came the time to adapt. The Princesses secured Canterlot, but even they cannot keep an entire city warm forever.

We decided to leave our homes, and head North. We roamed for weeks, maybe months. Leaving behind, all the things we once believed had made us. It was Hope, that pushed us forward. Slowly... Step by Step... We knew the cost of our journey, and we paid the price. A hundred times. Finally, the time has come... to built the last city on Equestria.

In the center of a sheltered crater, far in the North, the greatest Magiteks and Artificers pooled their knowledge to create The Generator. It's not much, but even as it sparks to life and blessed warmth runs through frost bitten limbs, melting frozen tears long cried out from faces, you feel purpose thrumming through your hooves.

You are The Captain. Under Celestia and Luna's Decree, you are to lead The City. Your orders are law, your duty simple.


To preserve civilization from the chaos of its own downfall, we have fled to the end of the world. We will have to adapt to survive. Who will You become in the process?

The Frostland awaits, and your merger herd awaits your words. Eighty ponies, all told.

Do you accept your duty, Captain?
7 media | 284 replies
/3G5/ - 3DCG for MLP G5
Thread for discussing and sharing 3D computer generated fan art for MLP G5
Previous Thread: >>38736147


- Blender 2.83 download:

- Ripped models for MLP:AMBA (for use with blender 2.8)
- All ponies in a single file:

- All game maps ported to Blender:

- Optimized textures:

- Rigged Dryad models: >>38679020
- Old phone model thread: >>37586601

- Everything (except QOL IK rigged files):

- QOL changes and IK rigged ponies (Blender files only, Blender 3.2)

- How to move the eyes properly: >>38718624
- How to vastly improve model quality: >>38718958
- How to match up the eyelash shape keys: >>38729453
- How to load all the asset bundles from the game into Unity: >>38677102


>Previously on /3G5/...
Game maps ported: >>38801547 >>38818243 >>38819022 >>38823373 >>38826905 >>38827163
Zipp in stockings: >>38738132
IWTCIIM: >>38742492
Izzy booping Sunny: >>38745905
Sunny banged by invisible entity: >>38752751
The gang together (poor Sprout): >>38766945
"Good morning my love.": >>38767828
Sunny, mom to be: >>38773879
Dat Pipp: >>38776175
Emo Izzy: >>38779290
Blushing Sunny: >>38783998
Wish you were here: >>38813585
Pipp Discovers Porn of Herself: >>38820354
Two mares in love: >>38821437
Alicorn persuasion: >>38824432
Claude getting him some: >>38840855
Look both ways PSA: >>38841058
Hugs: >>38841930
QOL and IK: >>38842706 >>38845923
Izzy taking it: >>38843748
WTF are you saying Pipp?: >>38849474
41 media | 189 replies
Music Thread
25 media | 139 replies
Kinderquestria/Anon in pone prison #39 - Derpy edition
Previous thread:>>>>38764886

Welcome to the Thread! Kinderquestria/Anon in pone prison focuses on the world and adventures of naive child like ponies and the misadventures and shenanigans of Anon that results in him going to prison! To get a good handle on how things are done around here I implore you to check out our new and improved one stop shop of kinder greens and prompts here >>
129 media | 254 replies
Mind Controll Thread 3:
>Anon, what are these goggles? Why am I... feeling so... lightheaded?
What is the Mind Control thread?
Originating from a thread about a niche form of hypnosis, now encompasses varied hypnosis methods from spiraling specs to subtle spells, swinging watches to wafting brews. Post anything and everything about controlling a mind. Greens and other content only tangentially related will be better recieved in SPG or SiM depending. Good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t involve taking control of a pony’s mind, it probably goes somewhere else. (e.g. no slavery without mind control scenes, IRL self-hypnosis audio, or tupperware rp)
Previous thread: >>38812993
67 media | 337 replies
Vinyl Scratch Thread - /vst/
Previous Thread: >>38787930

Show Vinyl some love by posting cute pics, as well as greens.

Vinyl Pastebin Collection-
A collection of Vinyl stories-

Individual Vinyl Greens-

Wubs From Vinyl (Anon x Vinyl)
Fuck You (Anon x Vinyl)
Vinyl gets a ride from Anon
Vinyl and Anon date
Stuttering Vinyl
Vinyl and Anon at CHS
Teenage Vinyl makes a deal
The Other Side (Anon x Scratch)
Twisting the Vinyl
Canterlot Rape Wars
Daughter Vinyl
Coming down by Manly Man

Greens that need replacement-

Vinyl Scratch x Neon Lights
Vinyl Takes Anon
Taking Care of Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl kidnaps Anon
Vinyl's Gangbang Bus
Binyl Scratch: Raping anon to perfection
10 media | 23 replies
/omg/ Octavia Melody general #680
Wear your best attire edition
Last thread: >>38402665
Previous threads:
Final Countdown, cello and orchestra:
134 media | 212 replies
/both/ Thread #6 - Bats and Moths
>I knew you MOTHerbuckers couldn’t be trusted! You guys have always been salt-EEE about losing the war of mangoes and lanterns
>Moth Pony munching sounds
There's an awful lot of noise in the attic. ITT: Morbius controls the bats, moths drink liquid light (and JP8), /both/ is pronounced with every other beat missing, bat bumping (that's all they're good for), shoehorning moths into loving bat >rape (read: surprise sex), furthermore: cufuddling, moth maids, bat ponies have agro (deepest lore), kissing bats produces mustard gas, this post was typed by fuzzy scaled bug hooves, a demand for bats from the /both/ thread, an eeeconomic battepic recession, AI bats, the E program, solving the case of the mysterious P, remembering designs of threads gone by, counting bats with The Count, changelings and moths are naturally aligned, "6 years and you're all somehow still here batposting", smoking hot bats, biting moths, cooking bats, Mosina is so pretty bros, batification and enbattenment, fresh art for /both/ sides, flat muzzles turn the moths gay, svelte bat stallions turn Anonymous gay (shocking), bats and moths were a mistake, and all one (1) of the plonefags will bring the nukes to /both/.

It's how it was always meant to be.

>Writer pastebins
>Bat greens
>Bat images
>Bat thread archives (spreadsheet, links+information)
>/bat/ wiki (depreciated, locked editing)

>Moth greens
>Bins that have a good amount of moths in them
>Bins that have some moths (and bats) in them
>Moth thread archives
>/moth/ wiki

>Can /both/ into other altponies?
/both/ has an open 'refugee' policy for altponies: other altpones are welcome for posting, particularly if they don't have a thread up. Above all, /both/ is the home of bats and moths, and it is encouraged that other altponies make their own threads. And for archive purposes, it's easier to keep new content to relevant threads.

>Haven't seen a thread for your altpony in a while?
Make one, bump it, see what happens.

>/both/ and refugees wiki (unlocked editing)

If a link fails, make sure it has an 'https' extension.

Previous broth:
127 media | 325 replies
T:EM/P/O № 81
Welcome to Thread: Equestrian/Musicians/Poets/Other, T:EM/P/O, or Tempo.

A conglomerate of content creators since we couldn't keep our own threads up alone. If you're working on something, be it musicfagging, writefagging, drawfagging, poetfagging, craftfagging, or game-devfagging come by and post for some feedback or give some of your own. If you want to start content creating why not start today?

Previous Thread:

Resource Bin:

Drawing Rooms:
/bale/ thread:

PPP thread has resources on pony voice generation as well as a MEGA full of clean show audio:
52 media | 340 replies
No title
MLP season 3 preview!
Will it be more of s2? Thoughts?
0 media | 1 replies
/tfhg/ — Them's Fightin' Herds General
Side characters need love too, edition

Previous thread: >>38812818
/ourlobby/: Leaf
Status page:

========= Events =========
QT TOURNEY #49 NEET: Eventually™

QT SHITSHOW (24th July 4PM EST):


Steam page:
Patch Notes:
Most recent dev update:
Notation and Input Primer:
Fighting Game Beginner's Guide:
Mizuumi Wiki:'s_Fightin'_Herds

>1.0 trailer: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
>Shanty trailer: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
>3.0 trailer:

>implying anyone cares
148 media | 420 replies
Spanking Thread #87: Therapeutic Spanks Edition
Can spankings make for good therepy? Probably not, but this is the newest pony spanking art I could find so lets assume it works for ponies.

Stuff from last thread:

While last thread didn't have too many new content, it had some great discussion.

Discord for RP stuff:

Archives: (The main archive.)

If a thread is not active on the 1st of the month, one will be created.

Be advised: this is a thread about cartoon horses. Nobody here cares about real life disciplinary methods.

Old thread:
89 media | 422 replies
Mares With Flares #40 - The Kirin Is Futa Edition
Previous Thread: >>38825117

This is a thread about mutual sexy times involving herm pones, that means the full horse lover's combo platter.
Please try to at least tolerate others' differences in taste, and don't go overboard with discussions of extreme fetishes.

41 media | 379 replies
Koikatsu Thread
A day late, but it's all good.

Share any new cards or content.
Get the game here:

Last thread: >
28 media | 75 replies
No title
Hahaha! How clumsy of her!
4 media | 19 replies
No title
I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash.
0 media | 6 replies
No title
Lonely buggo.
12 media | 19 replies
No title
"Oh Anon I forgot to get my...."
>"SHIT, SPIKE?! Ahh, this isn't what it looks like...."
"Oh, you're um...."
>"HOLD ON, LET ME.... fuck"
>"Why the fuck are you just standing there, let me get my pants on..."
"Umm, Anon? Can I.... can I watch you?"
"You know, how you do it with your thing? I just want to see how you do it"
"Don't worry I won't tell Twilight I promise, just quickly show me"
19 media | 72 replies
No title
two months until the anniversary stream
7 media | 24 replies
No title
Once upon a time
0 media | 15 replies
/AJ/ - Applejack Thread
Afternoon stroll edition
Previous thread: >>38779051

Thread links:

Voice archive


A playlist of Applejack songs

Doc to organize a panel for the /mlp/con
69 media | 140 replies
Will G5 be just as good?
Bros I'm scared.. What if the new gen isn't good...

>listening to random songs
>*unleash the magic*
>pixar style flashback
>nostalgia kicks in
3 media | 35 replies
Deleted MLP Videos Youtube Channel: What should I reupload?
Screenshot 2022-08-09 09.18.33
Previous thread here: >>38898277

My Archive Channel:

Here is my youtube channel with re-uploads of deleted and privated Brony/MLP related videos and podcasts from Saberspark, Wubcake, BronyVids, PaleoSteno, Tommy Oliver, JHaller, EmuEmi, Bronyville, Mr. Enter and others! Information on what I re-uploaded is below!

"Brony Breakdown" with Saberspark and PaleoSteno Playlist:

Podcast Description: "Brony Breakdown is a livestream show hosted by Saberspark and Paleo. Each week, we will cover and discuss topics that have occurred throughout the previous week. From the comings and goings of voice actors to major events in the fandom, we strive to keep you updated on what is going on the Brony community. Along with that, we will showcase our personal picks of fan content from the past week. Sometimes it is a silly video, other times it is a beautiful piece of music! The possibilities are endless and that is half the fun of digging through content in the fandom! So tune in for your weekly dose of news and fan creations from the world of Bronies!"

Old Saberspark Videos Playlist:

Every Deleted/Privated Saberspark video I could find, mainly funny comedy skits relating to MLP and bronies!

BronyVids Playlist:

Every video that I could find from BronyVids' deleted channel, consisting of MLP Movie Trailer parodies, PMVs, and comedy vids!

Wubcake Playlist - In Progress:
(Note that I'm not putting her NSFW readings on my channel due to risk of community guideline strikes, I put those on a different channel under a different gmail here: )

Videos I could find from Wubcake's deleted channel. Variety of MLP content, including animations, dubs, song covers/parodies, voiced parodies, Fanfiction Readings, comic dubs, long videos of voice actors having fun doing voices, etc

BronyCurious/Tommy Oliver Playlist:

Every unlisted/privatized MLP related video I could find from Tommy Oliver/BronyCurious! Mostly reviews/analysis.

Old PaleoSteno Videos Playlist:

Here is every deleted/private video I could find from PaleoSteno (both his old and current channels)! Mostly consisting of reviews, discussions, and convention panels.

EmuEmi's "Pegasisters Live" Playlist:
4 media | 47 replies
Pony Dream Thread (sweltering summer edition)
Luna ponies maxresdefault
Previous thread >>38677325

Talk about your pony dreams, or what you wish you'd dream and we can guide you through lucid dreaming, astral projections, and more.

Quickstart to lucid dreaming:
1- Write your dreams to a journal
2- Develop reality check habit
3- Meet the mare of your dreams

(read more below if you need details)

The night is young, let's get dreamy with mares.
29 media | 125 replies
No title
Villain trio
Fem villain thread
32 media | 67 replies
Pregnancy General
This is the Pregnancy General, not stillborn and ready to be borne again. We've lately been building up a bundle of regular artists, storytellers, and others again; may this general get quicker and continue quickening.

For files and other things we can't discuss in this thread, there's a fraternal twin thread over inside Pregchan, the premiere pregnancy imageboard:

That thread has very little in comparison to the prior Pregchan thread, which has been archived here:

Because of that drama with Pastebin, here are two archives:

Here are some questions to stimulate activity while waiting for the birth:
How would you feed and otherwise care for your gravid dam?
Which aspects of magical pony pregnancy excite you most?
To be or not to be hyper pregnant?
Shoving bellies aside, which anatomical change do you most appreciate?
What's something rarely covered in art or stories you'd like to see focussed on?
Who are your favourite artists and writers; which pieces of theirs are your favourites?
For the relevant species, such as pegasi, do you prefer eggs or live birth?
Would you want to help your mare dress herself, and in what?
How would you cuddle your gravid mare and where?
Just how would you comfort your mare if she had a tummy ache, possibly from eating too much cake?

Last Thread: >>38746910
83 media | 265 replies
Submission Is Mandatory #107
Previous Thread (#106): >>38793273

Make sure she is comfortable.

>What is this thread about?
This thread is dedicated to stories that have clear dominate and submissive roles; both with and without consent.

>What exactly is welcome in this thread?
A wide variety of stories are welcomed here; from non-consent and sexual slavery, to abusive manipulation and psychological domination, to maids and extortion, and even healthy consensual relationships with BDSM role-play elements.

A few topics that are discouraged are NTR, vore, scat, and other similar themes.

Up to date archives:
Thread story list:
Thread list:
Unsorted oneshots/prompts/unfinished greens:

Outdated archives:


Historical Note:

This thread was originally founded to support the “Submission is Mandatory” story by MrNameless. While the story has gone on hiatus, it’s content is referred to by a number of stories in this thread.

Submission is Mandatory by MrNameless (Recommended)
Nightmare Moon summons Anon to defeat the EoH. In return, she grants him ownership of the Mane 6.

(Non-Canon SiM Expanded Universe Stories)
Octavia POV (Recommended)
Other Stories -


Remember not to save anything of value on pastebin. Use
Have a broken pastebin link? Replace with


Active stories:

New/Updated in the last thread (#106):
>The Carat and Stick by RapeApe !bwwXn5Gx.o
Cadance forces Rarity onto medifag Anon.
End of the last update >>38898593
Prince Anonymous starts building his harem of mares.
End of the last update >>38873128
>Untitled one-shot
Dash is getting punished.
>Untitled one-shot
Description of wearing latex in the sun.

Last updated in #105:
>Untitled one-shot
Total latex induced sensory deprivation.
Start here: >>38698379
>Untitled one-shot
Guard pony surprise team building exercise.
Start here: >>38758466

Last updated in #104:
>Untitled unedited one-shot

Last updated in #103:
>Megalomania by ⸸ !PENTAponY.
Psychologist Anon experiments with pony companions.
End of the last update >>38347491

Last updated in #101:
>Untitled Applejack and Coco one-shot
Anon makes Applejack answer some questions.

Last updated in #99:
>Untitled Sunset story
Wizard Anon uses Sunset as a magic battery/source.
Part 1: >>37322337
Part 2: >>37410250
Part 3: >>37831879
2 media | 7 replies
No title
>The leader of the human kingdom will be arriving soon Twilight.
>His name is Prince Anonymous and believe me you'll know him when you see him.
>Now I want you and your friends to make him feel welcome here in Equestria.
>His kind is from a far away land where few ponies have ventured to.
>Get to know him, play with him, show him the beauties of Ponyville.
>You should give him a display of your magical talents.
>Oh and don't forget the wonderful food!
>When all is said and done and hes let hes opened his heart, I want you to ease into telling him that his kingdom is going to be annexed.
>Remember Twilight its important you make his evening happy before giving him the...well we won't call it bad news.
>His kind will soon appreciate being apart of my kingdom.
13 media | 31 replies
[CYOA] Trapped in Synth
>Your eyes crack open as your earpiece goes off waking you up with your favorite alarm sound, I wonder what it is
>The rancid smell of what you currently call your home for about half a week now assaults your nostrils, almost making you add to it
>Fortunately, you are able to stop your non-existent lunch from coming up and instead opt to roll out of your sleeping area
>Futon? Bar to hang off of? Hard floor? Bathtub?
>On your way out into the main area of your place you stumble across multiple cans of Nighttime Sunrise that your hologem doesn't hide
>"Makes you insane enough to just stay sane for a little longer", proclaims the colorful can with the symbol of the moon covering the sun
>Yeah, you feel like sanity has been a lost cause in this day and age
>Thankfully, as shit as the holo projection from the gem in the center of your room might be, it at least is better than the-
>Welp, there it goes flickering out again and your run down living space becomes apparent
>Torn wallpapers, stains on the carpet, some you don't even want to try and identify
>Well, not like you are known to stay in places for long anyways
>Not a great idea in your line of work
>Just like it isn't really a great idea to keep your looks the same when going outside
>Touching your bracelet you command it to open a holo mirror in front of you
>Starring long and hard at every minute detail of your undisguised body, you see...

Chargen, frens. Give it your best shot!
3 media | 266 replies
Starry Eyes CYOA
Read from the beginning:
>Still don't know what's happening.
Good. No one else does either.

L.A.S.S Stats:
36 media | 306 replies
Slave Pony Thread #274
Mayor Mule
Previous thread: >>38702497
Archive Link:

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies getting bathed and pet.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

Are you new and want to write your own story but have no previous experience?
Check out these guides: (clop specific)
We have a Discord server!

Remember not to save anything of value on pastebin, use
Have a broken pastebin link? Replace with

Featured Story:
Life Grew All Around Her by Lurkernon
Most Recently Completed Story:
Getting Shy by AspiringWritefag

Useful Links
Recommended Stories for New Readers:
Completed Stories [37]:
Popular Stories [Updated 2021/01/21]:
All Stories [209]:
One-Shot Stories [47]:
Thread Archive:
Image Archive:!AiFkdye7rtydbfk0wBnid5vnFUg (outdated)
79 media | 213 replies
No title
pipp wants it

>(You) can finally go to Equestria
We're gonna make it bros with the power of VR and popcorn. But where to visit first?
0 media | 21 replies
Dragon Thread
Dragon Thread: Dancing In Starlight Edition

Post dragon pics, dragon greens, dragon speculation, and dragon headcanons.
54 media | 126 replies
No title
This isn't my hat.
0 media | 24 replies
Let’s face facts, it was the best choice
5 media | 22 replies
No title
Meeting of MLP’s two best characters.
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Chairmare Pie Zeponk wants you to join her party
3 media | 18 replies
No title
>tfw no MILF thread
13 media | 25 replies