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"/i/ - Oekaki" is 4chan's oekaki board for drawing and sharing art.

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Yotsu full lineart
Color my cat OC
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Draw the simbs
Draw the funny 30+ season fellas
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Landscape Thread
8 by 8 grid
I forgot what the specific name for this kind of thread was, but you get the basic jist of it, plus it's been a while since I've seen one of these.
8 by 8 tiles, designated by ABCDEFGH, and 12345678. Make a call for a tile you want to claim and draw a picture of whatever you want for that tile. Just be sure it matches up with the adjacent tiles. The filesize will be 3200 by 3200 pixels so make sure whatever you're drawing is 400 by 400 pixels in size. When all 64 tiles are claimed and drawn I will compile them all into a single image. I will also try to give progress images here and there throughout.
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Thanks /req/
I just wanted to thank /req/ for helping me find the source of the reference image I used to draw this pic.

This thread is completely useless, because my thread at /req/ was archived before I could show them this, so I hope they at least get to see the fruits of my labor.

Again, thanks bros.
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/i/ general drawthread
This is the /i/ community drawthread. Post requests and artists may do requests, anyone can join in.

Try limit any reference pics to one post so things aren't cluttered.

Requesters request things you'd actually like to see, and drawers, nothing low-effort simply for the sake of low-effort, please.

Also for the sake of spam prevention do only try to bump any request only once every week or two, taking into account the board traffic

enjoy yourself
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No title
Can you draw up to 25 expressions?
31 images | 68 replies
No title
ITT: we draw sexy bananas
136 images | 286 replies
You are a Witch living in a big fancy underground house.

You live here with your cat Nightlight who prepares your meals which all consist of various hunted fowl and berries from the forest above ground. It's been three years since your parents left, and you’ve spent that time mostly watching television, playing video games, and listening to music.

What are you going to do?

>A) Watch television
>B) Play video games
>C) Listen to music
>D) Scratch Nightlight's chin
>E) Go outside
>F) Study
81 images | 212 replies
Completed Artworks
Post your most recently completed Artwork and its name (if applicable ) Mine it's "Who Drank the Moon? "
97 images | 159 replies
Janny appreciation thread
ITT we draw jannies as an act of appreciation for their moderation

Oekaki Post (Time: 7m)
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No title
draw simps

Oekaki Post (Time: 16m)
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No title
this is my own thread to post shit in
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OC thread #30: toughguys edition
I will not tolerate rudeness
Previous thread

yare yare daze... Welcome to the oc thread, how tough are ye? The thread theme is action fighting heros, so come draw some cool stuff.
33 images | 100 replies
raggedy ann

Oekaki Post (Time: 22m)
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Draw Coomers
bonus for using Oekaki's built in drawing application

Oekaki Post (Time: 20m, Replay: View)
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No title

Oekaki Post (Time: 3m)
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NSFW Dump Thread
This is a thread for deliveries for the NSFW requests submitted in /a/, /co/, /v/ and any other request centered drawthreads on other boards. In light of the increased moderation on the SFW boards, the goal of this thread is to provide a safe space for artists to post NSFW material from other threads.

Previous Thread: >>604863
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this thread is stuck in time
2000s anime art style, shitty deviantart girl emo art style, warrior cats. anything 2000s is welcome in this thread.
52 images | 96 replies
I'm taking requests
Heavy gale is blowing to my face
sup faggs, tell me sumtin fun to draw n i will post in 10-20 min
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Masha Ole-Ole
Masha Ole-Ole, Stig girl.
If anyone remembers, the Stig is a tame racer from the Top Gear show, and Masha is one of thousands of untamed stigs who live on the Stygonosis space station, but often visit Earth.
He loves Formula 1, FC Lokomotiv Moscow and fun music, and almost always wears visor glasses that allow you to perceive one second as sixteen.
Masha is a tall girl of about twenty, with a good shape and shoulder-length blond hair, sometimes braids her hair at the back of her head. Wears light red-green dresses or traditional Russian clothing, modified in the modern style (with cutouts wherever possible:) Sometimes depicted with nekomimi.
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No title
Oh yes
It's one of those threads, friends
88 images | 267 replies
art dump
im green who the fuck are you
the green containment zone. there are many art dump threads out there but this one's mine.
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No title
10 more years of reibear
23 images | 71 replies
in the court of the crimson king
cat's foot iron paw
neurosurgeons scream for more
at paranoia's poison door
21st century schizoid man

Oekaki Post (Time: 4m)
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my character is baby
4 images | 5 replies
No title
Go and draw something /i/
22 images | 29 replies
angy cirno

Oekaki Post (Time: 11m)
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ITT we post bionicl
107 images | 204 replies
bunny girl
its been a while since ive drawn pixel art. remembered some dumb shit that came back to me and started shaking so i just took the feeling and drew on mspaint.
4 images | 6 replies
No title
draw yourself reciting a music lyric you like. i'll start
3 images | 3 replies
No title
There is nothing special about this thread. There are no prompts, requests, special challenge, or anything. You simply post some of your art work and people look at it sometimes.
83 images | 108 replies
No title
Post your "fantanocore", if that's a thing.
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No title
draw a gf
55 images | 87 replies
Draw some spooky fellows.
70 images | 103 replies
Draw with Me.
Let's draw together.

Oekaki Post (Time: 18m)
21 images | 28 replies
This is Naomi. Please redraw her. Thanks.
The second picture is generally not her nature: she loves black humor, constantly walks tired, pompous, Chan herself occasionally drinks and smokes, but often uses local medicine with a very original name “Deamalgammine” (Dependence is stronger than on cigarettes, the effect is almost similar , occurs after 1-2 minutes, variations: tablets / injection intravenously)
With a height of about 170-175, weighing 55 kg, the age relative to our world is + - 20 years.
If someone wants to make a loli - scars appeared when she was 10-11 years old (not burns, just gross wounds), from the back they capture the entire surface of the left shoulder blade (relative to the character, and further - too). On the left leg and arm there are protruding parts of dark gray bionic muscles that are not covered by the skin (the outer part of the triceps, the shoulder-beam muscle, the outer part of the calf muscle), there is also a mole on the right shoulder.
It seems to describe everything, thanks for your attention and just thanks.
p.s. My Engrish is bad but I use google translator.
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FSJAL thread
FSJAL is officially 10 years old! Draw some as a throwback to a classic meme
13 images | 16 replies
self portrait

Oekaki Post (Time: 30m, Replay: View)
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No title
Draw something from your favorite vidya
63 images | 83 replies
Vocaloid thread
ITT we draw hatsune miku and friends! let's all feel nostalgic together, any and all other vocaloids welcome!
54 images | 74 replies
sketch 211 colored
post anything you've drawn program does not matter >>603693
87 images | 121 replies
SFW request general
Request niggas 2 return of the giga nigga.jpg
Absolutely no lewds can be shared here. It is physically impossible, so don't even try. This is the /i/ community drawthread sfw edition. Post requests and artists do requests, anyone can join in.

>post art
>post requests
>no fetish autism

Previous: >>540113 (Cross-thread)
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Starting out
I just very recently started to try my hand in sexy/kinky art. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone want to request something so I can try to improve?
12 images | 31 replies
No title
moot, pedobear, long cat, yotsuba, nigra, anon, everything 4chan related goes here
98 images | 205 replies
Art Dump
posting here to observe and study the art i create, enjoy.
254 images | 273 replies
No title
chica dormouse
Requesting a comic of this dormouse girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eaten alive by a giant snake.
>She's riding the snake's dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her
>The snake is coils up around her legs; its mouth open ready to swallow her head first
>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her
>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth
>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her
>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach
>A 2-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly
>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

Snake vore references:
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No title
My art is shit!!
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No title
Hey /i/, draw your OC in both the CalArts and Newgrounds artstyle
15 images | 32 replies
This artstyle
I just don't know how to call it, cartoon? Japanese take on American style??
I don't know, but I like it a lot
8 images | 14 replies
Album Covers
Draw Album Covers
It can be any cover you want.
I drew Kenny Burrell – Moon And Sand

Oekaki Post (Time: 9m)
14 images | 16 replies
No title
Going to post every strip of my webcomic I do for lulz. It's inspired by by friend on irc. Hope you like it, /i/.
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Request thread 3: Because this shall never die
You know the drill, You request it, I draw it.
Waifus (monster girls too)
Meme shit

Not allowed
Furry shit

sketch, simple or rendered? that depends on me. Pic has some of the requests from the past thread. Enjoy.
72 images | 125 replies
post animation
52 images | 78 replies
I'm new to 4chan, ask me what stuff to draw lads
19 images | 48 replies
No title
sexy cat moot thread
22 images | 69 replies
Good Beginner Prompts
Hi /i/, this is my first time posting here so sorry if there's a different board or a general I should be posting in, but I need your help.

Some short backstory, I used to draw a lot as a kid, making comics and stuff like that, but as I got older I lost a lot of motivation and eventually gave up, so I haven't really been practicing or improving in almost a decade.

The other day, my boyfriend got me a sketchbook and some sharpie pens for my birthday, and out of sheer horny boredom I started drawing some porn which made me realize a. my anatomy is actually not awful and b. I actually still enjoy drawing a lot. However, I'm struggling to find what to draw unless it's porn, which I want to keep hidden for obvious reasons. Basically, I want to fill my sketchbook with SFW stuff.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good prompts/studies for a beginner artist? I want to get better with anatomy, perspective, and lighting above all else, but I'm a complete noob so I don't mind starting from square 1. Pic unrelated.

tl;dr what do I draw that isn't porn
2 images | 17 replies
No title
DazTen LoKenz
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ms paint thread!
post your drawings, whether they are just doodles or complete drawings- as long as they're drawn in ms paint then they're welcome here!
137 images | 193 replies
money heist.
you are in a basement of a house that you broke into some moments ago.
you transform the basement into a operation basement for you riskiest plan you has ever made.
a heist to the richiest bank in cobrastan.
your uzi and your ammo and "how to heist a bank for dummies" book are in the table.
the map of the country is in the wall.
now, what are you going to do?
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draw more dudes in this style
huehuehue "hey hey what if- what if- what would you do if your uncle was ac- actually a little tiny alien that wanted to have sex? huhuhuh," *SNERRRK*"wouldn't that- wouldn't that be crazy--what would you do? ahuhuhuh"
4 images | 6 replies
No title
the grilled fish's ballad
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Rare NSFW Drawthread
Draw characters of whom there is very little or no porn of.

Thread died immediately in /aco/ so posting here.
5 images | 12 replies
White hair and red eyes, a stereotype as old as time.
I appreciate it.

You should draw characters with white/grey hair and red eyes as well.

>Tracing isn't art
161 images | 263 replies
Thicc and Muscular
Does anyone have any solid references for females that have that busty but sturdy body type? I'm new to drawing and want to draw some big titty muscle girls for my own amusement. I'm looking for simple/cartoony stuff for female muscles and huge boobs that doesn't cross the line into looking too manish or bimbo. I'm shooting for something similar to pic related but more simplified
3 images | 7 replies
Character/OC dump
Wanted to show off some of my characters if that’s cool with you
3 images | 7 replies
/i/ Collaboration Thread
An edit function was added to Tegaki which allows you to take an already-posted Tegaki drawing and edit it.
ITT: We draw one lineart together, one line at a time. You take my picture, add a line, and post it. Another person takes your edit, adds a line, and posts it, etc.

Oekaki Post (Time: 33s)
19 images | 21 replies
No title
draw Jucika
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Create your ultimate keyboard worrior
4 images | 4 replies
No title
Let's draw some flat chests or really small breasts on busty female characters, Part II.

It's something of a visual experiment, I guess.

No requests, please.
19 images | 27 replies
Requests and stuff
chomp and thwomp
There's no guarantee i'll draw your request or even that you'll like it, but I wanna draw something and cant think cus sad brain. will do nsfw but nothing too extreme.
11 images | 14 replies
Steampunk Draw Thread
Lets draw steampunk! Request, draw, or discuss about pre-modernistic styles (everything pre-dieselpunk 40's from steampunk, teslapunk, to thaumaturgy;magic and alchemy)
20 images | 49 replies
No title
Draw a monkey
11 images | 15 replies
No title
nothing matters anymore
Help! first time posting here
How do i make the lower part of the guy's body look like it's disappearing?
3 images | 5 replies
Corona-chan draw thread!
Can we all get together and draw china's new waifu?

Oekaki Post (Time: 4h 43m, Replay: View)
50 images | 126 replies
No title
Today we will draw prototype Pokemon
Take your pick!
16 images | 16 replies
I will color some drawings,
I will color some drawings
I will color some drawings, I do not guarantee quality
> Post image and color references
>I won't make lineart
>Don't color requests from problematic users on this and other boards
16 images | 25 replies
pitture shniritori
picture shiritori ill start

Oekaki Post (Time: 32s)
8 images | 9 replies
Female OCs
oc or something
Draw your female OCs in Ms Paint as best as you can.
130 images | 255 replies
What new board features do you want?
Hey, I am working on a new imageboard designed for art, music, and technology. You can see current ideas here:

Ideas so far specific to drawing/art:
>Live/persistent drawing. i.e. watch people draw live. Maybe even show people drawing before they even submit posts in a thread.
>Community drawing (same as above but with multiple people drawing together)
>VR gallery where you can walk around in a museum to view posts + write your own post with a pen
>Music creation - create/fork/edit beats and instruments to make music with other people in a thread
>Uploading of many other file formats like midi, more exotic image and video types, etc.
>Time bookmarking/linking (i.e click 1:34 on a post to skip to 1 min 34 secs of a video or audio clip or midi file)
>3d model uploading + viewing. Maybe editing but that's low priority.

Any more ideas? I'm all ears.

Oekaki Post (Time: 7m)
4 images | 8 replies
No title
Give six characters, I'll draw them. Poorly. Other people can join in.
24 images | 40 replies
What does /i/ think of Piper?
Piper generic image
From headshot alone, can you confidently guess her personality? Does she look fairly original? What can I do to improve her look?
0 images | 7 replies
pokefail practice
hello, /i/

I have always wanted to be able to draw. I've always practiced and practiced and never felt like I got any better (honestly I draw the same as I did when I was a little kid despite spending the past couple years actively trying to get better). So, I am going to try to draw all 150 original pokemon to see if there's any visible progress along the way.

I know this looks like a joke drawing but sadly, it isn't. And I know they're bad but they everything takes me awhile so if there's silence I didn't give up, just struggling. Feel free to make fun or give much appreciated advice along the way. Or post your own beautiful pokemon drawings.
65 images | 73 replies
/v/ermin /i/thing
What is /v/ermin?
Computer-controlled MSPaint cockfights, where your crappy drawings are pitted against each other in battle engines. When that's not happening, there's always friendly discussion as well.
>What is this thread?
i dunno. make a vermin
Important links/more specific information:
Current /vg/ thread:>>>/vg/278552264
15 images | 35 replies
No title
Wanna draw like this but scared of being called an imposter
Which artists also kinda draw like this? Surely pixel brushes weren’t invented by her/him?
20 images | 62 replies
pixel art
who here /pixel art/? i'm pretty new to it myself. this is some OC I just made today. post your own stuff and other cool pixel art stuff you want to share.
24 images | 29 replies
MS Paint Pokemon
Draw Pokemon the best you can in MS paint without reference
18 images | 19 replies
No title
the path
Draw a character from the last anime you watched (or from the last manga you've read)

Previous: >>497857
187 images | 267 replies
ded thread
i'm going to try to draw every day

feel free to participate. you should sage any posts after the first so that this doesn't camp the top pages
132 images | 147 replies
Oekaki thread
Draw using the built in program
74 images | 85 replies
Super Crown Wario
To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Super Crown meme
13 images | 39 replies
draw a vidya character PURELY from memory without looking it up
preferably something you actually don't remember/haven't seen in a long time

used to play earthworm jim as a kid a lot and just remembered that he fucking exists, no idea if i got it anywhere close but i think that's how he looks
203 images | 275 replies
No title
let's draw some pigs! oink oink
80 images | 95 replies
Sanae doodle
Draw em in your own style!
34 images | 41 replies
Maid thread for Maid posting
I've been drawing images near daily now and posting them in another thread. But since I don't want to clutter it up with my mess, I decided to make another one.

Draw a maid if you wish as well.
95 images | 157 replies
Looking to Commission
I'm looking for an experienced drawfriend to commission a ref sheet for a character of mine. Need to be comfortable mimicking or have a style close to Capcom's early 2000s era illustrations and their heavy use of markers and three tone shading. Pic related.
0 images | 1 replies
No title
post childhood drawings
4 images | 9 replies
No title
Draw him in your style
1 images | 1 replies
No title
Bad anime sketch thread
This drawing is of an older person
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Anyone else not really draw but just doodle on random images they find?
10 images | 13 replies
No title
I'm drawing things in Paint.

Ask me what to draw, It took me a lot of time doing it so it will take a day or two until I finish a draw.

Example of my work.
0 images | 1 replies
3ds thread
doodle dump from the 3ds' game notes section. Mostly for me, but others can join in too
34 images | 37 replies
No title
How do you call personifications of 4chan and its functions such as Bump-chan and Baits-chan?
Anyways, post more.
4 images | 12 replies
No title
27 sin título
Pascale chan waifu

1 images | 1 replies
Request/commission thread
Hey guys! Long time, no draw. Decided to do another request thread with hopefully the potential for getting some attention for commissions. So drop by, request something, and if you’re interested in a commission, you can email me at spookiblast @ gmail :)
66 images | 156 replies
I found my old hard drive the other day full of these and made me miss them
Draw 'em
58 images | 134 replies
No title
unoriginal idea but i did it
2 images | 5 replies
No title
Yo! This is my first work. What you say?
3 images | 18 replies
ladies and gentleman may I have your attention.
I will be dumping the definitive and complete works of one tfp.
170 images | 190 replies
Draw how you felt today
how you're feeling right now

It doesn't have to be a picture of you, just make a character expressing that emotion
234 images | 307 replies
No title
Draw this smile
1 images | 3 replies
Draw what the last guy asks for thread
kebab man
Draw the last request, request something yourself. Easy, fun and creative. Pic related is from a similar thread where someone requested a kebab super hero.
My request: Draw a penis on pirate adventures on the high seas.
33 images | 45 replies
draw your coolest octopi/squids/tentacles
36 images | 48 replies
No title
There was once a butt thread here for the posting of buns, im sad that it is gone. Post the part of a woman that arouses you most ITT.
63 images | 131 replies
No title
21 images | 29 replies
No title
Draw goats.
40 images | 58 replies
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