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/npg/ Comfy North Park OC thread #23
Welcome to the North Park OC thread, a place to draw, create and discuss original characters for North Park, a South Park spin off. Feel free to read through the wiki for more information on the characters so far. Otherwise, draw characters and have fun!

If you are here from the 4chan ad, we didn't put that up, and we don't know who did or why. You're welcome to stick around if you enjoy what you see, but we aren't a big project looking for voice actors or animators we are mostly just anons messing around and drawing characters.

Here is a list off most of if not all the drawn characters so far. If you want a quick way to start drawing them, use a random number generator ( and have a go at drawing whatever characters you get. You can even do it multiple times if you want to draw more than one character together. Feel free to look through the Wiki or ask in the thread for more info on the characters, although not all the ones shown here have Wiki articles made yet, as it's a work in progress.

Wiki link:

Previous thread:
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No title
veronica doodle
ITT I will be posting my below average art
75 media | 107 replies
Personal art bread
I haven't been able to make proper pieces in months, but I'm feelin the magic again.

Don't like the subject matter? Hide thread and move on.
90 media | 139 replies
No title
Draw Demons

Oekaki Post (Time: 4m, Replay: View)
108 media | 122 replies
Lets draw more
I decided to make a second thread because it actually gives me motivation to draw more and that it's good for my mind
You can also post your stuff if you want, I might or might not draw your OC depending on how easy is for me to do it.
Don't expect anything but cheesy anime girls stuff in here
112 media | 174 replies
No title
I started drawing 9 months ago, I'm going to post my sketches and doodles...because why not
94 media | 103 replies
Drawpile Thread
Join artists from all over the world in the Drawpile, the Premiere Cross-Board Collaborative Drawing Event. A 9500 x 9500 pixel shared canvas awaits!

Drawpile Software:
Session URL:

Server is accessible 24/7

A growing amount of sporadic activity can be found throughout most weekdays, official meetup starts Sundays at 5pm CST. Hope to see you there!

Be conscious of the canvas size and considerate of others with the size of your own drawings

-2.2 Beta Users: Exercise caution when using the new brushes, until we can get the server updated your work could be altered after a cache reset. The Auto Reset feature will be disabled until this is addressed to maximize the safety of your artwork in the interim. Save often!

-MEGA archive:

/ic/ Drawpile thread: >>>/ic/6842737
21 media | 24 replies
Let's play oekaki tool.
Let's challenge how far I can express illustrations with this tool.
I welcome your challenge.

Oekaki Post (Time: 1h 20m, Replay: View)
157 media | 228 replies
Lil Suzie/Stick-Chan
Post em here. OC very much appreciated. Human edition
Last thread : >>704915
79 media | 156 replies
Creature Thread
A thread for drawings of collectable creatures (Pokemon, Cassette Beasts, WoFF, etc.)
Human OC's are highly encouraged, crossovers and fakemon too.
159 media | 221 replies
Harvey Beaks
This show needs more fanart
8 media | 18 replies
Drawing until I am good
I will draw here every day until I am good at art. Might take years.

Oekaki Post (Time: 3m, Replay: View)
33 media | 67 replies
my drawings
i will put my drawings here
20 media | 57 replies
Make him do something mischievous
17 media | 19 replies
No title
leech gf

Oekaki Post (Time: 1h 31m, Replay: View)
5 media | 9 replies
OC Thread #46: Cafe Edition
Heyo! Welcome to the Oekaki OC Thread. These are a series of threads dedicated to your Original Characters! Sperging, lore dumps, and oversharing is highly encouraged. Bring your creations to life!
With the winding down of summer comes the need for coffee. What better theme for the thread than a nice lively cafe?
And finally, now that the Summer Scramble has concluded (congrats, Starmakers!) we will finish off the OP with a link to the Oekaki OC 'cord. gg/gxdGueRcP
Let's get drawing, oekaki!
18 media | 37 replies
We Need More Opm Fanart
I used this drawing tool for the first time and I am a beginner artist, the end result was already to be expected... Anyway, this thread is for Opm fanart. So feel free to leave your own fanart here.
101 media | 142 replies
cute feet thread
Draw cute feet. in leg wear or shoes maybe
45 media | 57 replies
18 media | 20 replies
insomnia art thread
making a thread for myself when i want to draw during sleepless nights. feel free to join me frens

Oekaki Post (Time: 13m, Replay: View)
66 media | 72 replies
A thread for pairings.
Couples, friends, siblings, rivals, a combination of those, etc... anything that comes in two.


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162 media | 200 replies
Sonic OC Drawthread
picrew studio
Draw cool, lewd and cringe original Sonic characters

>OC Makers
63 media | 85 replies
Fit girls
draw and appreciate fit girls
57 media | 67 replies
No title

Oekaki Post (Time: 41s, Replay: View)
15 media | 16 replies
No title
Have you tried doing the cat face trend? Basically, you just take a picture of a cat, trace over the face and make an anime person with it! Heres my attempt
3 media | 6 replies
Art dump thread Mk. 6
valentines 2023
This thread is for sharing my doodles related to my original characters and other drawings I make on my free time, feel free to request something as long as it 100% SFW.

Disclaimer: Dont expect quality here, I am not an actual artist, just have fun.
191 media | 255 replies
Face thread
Draw faces.
No heads though.

Oekaki Post (Time: 27s)
182 media | 196 replies
No title
Hi! Please share your OCs here. I want more things to draw and you might even get free art! I want some diversity besides just my own stuff.
31 media | 65 replies
Fantasty Art
Goblin Types 1
Bring me your fantasy art, anons.
Adventurers, monsters, waifus galore.
Backstories and worldbuilding for us to explore.
Come all ye for a fantasy thread.
And enliven this board which is so dead.
140 media | 159 replies
0 media | 0 replies
Hungry Games #27
weird al funni
H/i/ everybody! I'm Lenny from /trash/, and I'll be hosting a Hungry Game for you today.
>huuuuuuuh? what's that?
Well I'll need as many of your board's finest artists (as well as some of ours) to compete in the ultimate drawn battle royale! 24 of you go into the simulation, and through a combination of homemade art and interactivity, you'll fight it out through my ridiculous events until only one of you is left standing! If you don't feel like interacting and only want to be a 'filler' entry that's fine too, so long as your entry is drawn by you I will accept it. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE A GENDER if it's not immediately obvious!
>Question of the thread: What's your favourite Weird Al song?
56 media | 68 replies
I draw my OCs a lot
By a lot I mean every day
I'll post my drawings of them here
221 media | 261 replies
No title
First time using this thing...
Today I changed my glasses, now they are green for some reason
Draw something you love. I love bubbles.

Oekaki Post (Time: 31m)
7 media | 10 replies
No title

Oekaki Post (Time: 3m, Replay: View)
256 media | 292 replies
Koπo Doodle Thread 15
Koπo bread s dead long live Koπo bread
Koπ Man lives : DDD
Rules: Use Oekaki, Keep replays on, Be Kind

..)/* ..__.....__.. *\/....
..{(*......../ \........*)}...

Oekaki Post (Time: 1h 16m, Replay: View)
226 media | 272 replies
/fur/ #4
/i/'s furfaggotry containment thread. Keep other faggotry to a tolerable minimum.

Previous thread: >>738061
72 media | 106 replies
Inktober 2023
Talk about and post your prompts!
Posting it early for y'all to plan out what to draw.
1 media | 5 replies
No title

Oekaki Post (Time: 48s, Replay: View)
219 media | 257 replies
muffet or something
Muffet existence because why not
drawings of muffet for either bubble or whatever is appropriate for muffet to partake in
30 media | 62 replies
Cherry's thread
I wanted to make a thread to share some drawings I've been making
25 media | 65 replies
No title
Here is a cool art thingy :D
2 media | 5 replies
Lenny's Art Progress #1
Sup. I'm gonna use this thread to try and improve my art, and if anyone feels like contributing then critique and guidance would be much improved. Please bear in mind that I have the brain capacity of a bowl of spaghetti so detailed instructions might go over my head.

>what do you use to doodle?
Paint, Paint 3D, tegaki (ugh) and traditional pens and pencils. Yeah I know, not a great selection.
>what do you like to draw?
Monsters, Lennys (go figure), critters, emotions, etc
>what do you struggle with and want to improve?
Hands (but who doesn't?), women, hats, shading, colours, etc
>who are your influences/inspirations?
Dav Pilkey, splapp-me-do, my buddy Blocky, Jonathan Wojcik, Doc Glasgow, and everyone on /i/ of course <3

Prompts are encouraged - I probably won't draw your OC so I don't end up hurting your feelings by doing a bad job but I think most other things are on the table. Make sure to tell me whether I should do it in a certain program (see above)!
44 media | 73 replies
Azumanga Daioh
draw stuff from Azumanga Daioh
Osaka, Tomo, Chiyo-chichi, Kamineko, etc.
189 media | 299 replies
OC artist here
I like to draw my OCs a whole lot, it's just for fun
I'll try to post often
16 media | 23 replies
No title
swag woman
Thread for this funny woman I keep drawing & anything else I get the urge to draw
26 media | 48 replies
Early 00s thread
Memories of a simpler time.
Draw 00s anime, things you'd find on Deviantart, etc...

Oekaki Post (Time: 26m, Replay: View)
101 media | 153 replies
/crab/ Gaiden
Comic and random art battles /crab/ Gaiden is the off season thread between the /crab/2 and the /crab/3 tournament, next year.

What do we do here?

We chill and prepare for the third tournament (/crab/3) in the spring/summer of 2024 with art, stories and mini events.

Wanna join? Introduce your character or participate in our colab story (Burgerman). Some crabs that participated in /crab/2 continue their character's story even after the previous tourney is over is over

What is /crab/?

We are setting up a Wiki atm, but long story short: Comics and random art battles is an annual multi-board OC tournament with a strong emphasis on collab and storytelling.

/Crab/ Pastebin Archive:

We have a d*scord server, to join us you have to submit your character for crab3 and its introduction in any artistic format. At the moment we accept a limited number of users, gradually. Link itt

Oekaki Post (Time: 1h 46m, Replay: View)
88 media | 120 replies
No title
Faceless Kirb
Draw Kirby a face
56 media | 56 replies
Drawpile Thread
Come and draw with all your friends!
18 media | 27 replies
Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury Volume 3 Storytime+ Epilogue
Oi Yatsura
Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury Volume 3 storytime

>Finishing where the previous storytime thread left off

Oi is my fantasy comic about a bard who gets sent to a village by the sea that never heard music before. You can read the previous volumes here:

Here's the previous /i storytime thread
76 media | 85 replies
No title

Oekaki Post (Time: 3m, Replay: View)
3 media | 3 replies

Oekaki Post (Time: 11m, Replay: View)
0 media | 0 replies
No title
Rick and Morty
Draw fanart of something you don't like.
Do your best to make it look like something a real fan of whatever you're drawing would make.
10 media | 14 replies
Boardtan Art Thread #5
pol newman, totally not a jew
For posting original art relating to anything Boardtan related, or any concept relating to them.

Here's the following Ruleset:
>If there are any Newcomers, greet them and welcome them with open arms.
>Don't impersonate others in the thread, even if they're anonymous.
>If you can't draw, that's ok. talk about your favorite Boardtans instead. (or any ocs made from 4Chan in general!
>Creating, drawing, and sharing your ideas and concepts would be fine! It helps a lot with this thread!
>Enjoy Yourselves!

Previous Thread: >>731298
Unofficial dicksword server, PLEASE keep it drama-free: gg/DH8gZMcYRR
10 media | 19 replies
/i/ Animation Thread
First Practice assignment is the Pendulum
the main focus of this practice is to understand slow-ins and slow-outs
each swing is 12 frames and how they're spaced is what makes or breaks the movement
74 media | 92 replies
lobotomy corporation
LINE magical girl
draw things from lobotomy corp (or other if you want i can't do anything). don't know what loocomy corp is ? idk just see this and enjoy the hellhole that is the plot of lobotomy corp
82 media | 159 replies
General Art Dump
For the people that don't want to make their own threads

Previous thread: >>683422
239 media | 294 replies
No title
draw a character you think represents you.
14 media | 16 replies
No title
draw emamouse!
1 media | 1 replies
Five More Years of Reibear!
The old thread finally died after so long. What a shame.

With it being summer at the time this thread is being made (winter for those heathens in the Southern Hemisphere) I was thinking why not have some nice swimsuit or sporty Reibear?
121 media | 265 replies
No title
I feel very tired all the time. Sometimes it feels like the end is near. Maybe it is.
Draw how you feel.

Oekaki Post (Time: 22m)
3 media | 3 replies
No title
Let's all draw the doomer girl!
54 media | 92 replies
No title
test post dont mind

feel free to reply with oc drawings i jsut wanted to have a little fun with it

Oekaki Post (Time: 5m, Replay: View)
36 media | 62 replies
No title
Draw some ghosts.
247 media | 282 replies
No title

Oekaki Post (Time: 7m, Replay: View)
12 media | 16 replies
No title
Let’s draw emo/scene people!
43 media | 55 replies
No title
hello /i/ it is i junibro
I will draw cute or lewd things you suggest
47 media | 107 replies
Reading time
/where ya been edition/
Hello again, been absent, hope all is swell with you! Shall we continue the reading? Aye!
98 media | 102 replies
NSFW Dump Thread
This is a thread for deliveries for the NSFW requests submitted in /a/, /co/, /v/ and any other request centered drawthreads on other boards. In light of the increased moderation on the SFW boards, the goal of this thread is to provide a safe space for artists to post NSFW material from other threads.

Previous Thread: >>706274
48 media | 87 replies
Drawing catgirl and bunnygirl
Hello /i/
I doodled these two characters of mine, I like to keep their designs simple so I thought people here may like them, you can draw them if you want it would be nice to see!
But if you want to draw other catgirls and bunnygirls designs you may like more it's fine too!
Have fun
74 media | 125 replies
No title
this is my FIRST TIME )EVER( drawing a f-f-f-female girl......... so am i ready for lewds?

Oekaki Post (Time: 7m, Replay: View)
90 media | 195 replies
Just a fun draw thread for Kiki, /vt/'s lolibaba rabbit /here/chuuba. Draw or doodle your best Kiki!

Oekaki Post (Time: 1h 34m, Replay: View)
57 media | 212 replies
No title
draw dumb bullshit

Oekaki Post (Time: 2m, Replay: View)
18 media | 18 replies
Design JRPG Enemies
1348. Zombie Man
Sorry for my autistic creations.
Last enemy threads:
83 media | 124 replies
Monanon's Drawthread IV
Hi again. I love drawing the same things and the same few characters over and over. I love drawing cute + lewd things & couple pictures

Previous threads:
1 -
2 -
3 -
130 media | 192 replies
Christmas Thread
It's almost time for Christmas, get into the Holiday cheer, anon!

Oekaki Post (Time: 8m, Replay: View)
63 media | 92 replies
No title
Draw my bimbo
230 media | 273 replies

Oekaki Post (Time: 3m, Replay: View)
19 media | 19 replies
No title
Armpit thread.

Oekaki Post (Time: 15m, Replay: View)
16 media | 23 replies
No title
Sword 1
Oh no! Princess' sword is missing. Draw her a new sword so that she's finally ready for combat.
23 media | 35 replies
No title
sexy cat moot thread
135 media | 257 replies
No title
kuru minha
16 media | 29 replies
Drawing HGS "fan"art
looking for some valiant people to draw a couple of pictures of the characters in this poster, preferably doing silly, retarded and/or dangerous things. basically making themselves look like idiots. doesnt matter how good it is, i will appreciate it

>inb4 trash cringe "anime"
i know. this isnt to praise the show or anything. it's for a video and i wanted to stick some fun little pieces in there

also sorry this is my first time on this board, idk if im doing everything right. i was redirected here from /wsr/
27 media | 44 replies
No title
Pick the NawtyQ you want to draw. I'll post full reference
13 media | 38 replies
Hiro-approved sojak thread
qa mods
Post your best hand-drawn, slowburn, bone-chilling, trope-subverting, kafkaesque 'jaks
6 media | 10 replies
No title
-d-emona dick
/d/emona bulge thread?
14 media | 54 replies
No title
saw someone else do this, would like to try the same. taking requests of this char, open with most stuff
35 media | 77 replies
draw gender swap of your favorite child show character
9 media | 11 replies
Glegle thread

Glegle sticker pack for Telegram:
148 media | 293 replies
Post some cool robots. Or cute robots.
Mecha musume also welcome.

Oekaki Post (Time: 52m, Replay: View)
133 media | 166 replies
Continuing off of the last one.

Oekaki Post (Time: 1h 3m, Replay: View)
183 media | 211 replies
No title
draw a funny face
also just a general art dumping thread if you want
142 media | 155 replies
No title
Howdy or Hoi /i/!
Here's a thread where you can post your draws or your OCs where I may be able to redraw them.
Here you can draw what you want.
In this thread I will post some of my doodles!
12 media | 26 replies
No title
My waifu drew something for you guys. She worked very hard and put a lot of effort into it.
38 media | 61 replies
No title
Happy tree friends
howdy fellas, come be happy in the Happy tree thread! Draw your favorite characters or even your OC's. All things HTF are welcome.
49 media | 72 replies
No title

Oekaki Post (Time: 1m, Replay: View)
38 media | 52 replies
i draw thing and maybe post it here potentially (don't count on it)
the five fat guys and backsack were just to fill space i dont know what to tell you
Making an oekaki thread probably isn't the brightest idea because I can almost guarantee I'll forget about it for like a month straight and it's unlikely someone will autistically bump it waiting for my return because who the fuck am I but I would at least like to dump some drawings that are either not posted anywhere else at the moment or just really obscure and only got posted a single time in a random thread on /v/ or something
19 media | 20 replies
No title
Draw Banban stuff
2 media | 2 replies
No title
made this gal today and wanted to debut her. Unsafe requests accepted, I dont care
34 media | 133 replies
No title
soy ese
happiness thread
27 media | 35 replies
No title
Pepe thread

Oekaki Post (Time: 6m, Replay: View)
49 media | 50 replies
Alice Hooper
Alice Hooper
Any thoughts on this cartoon mom? We have build alot of lore around her previously in a different board.
29 media | 74 replies
No title
Polderzonsondergang, 3-9-2023, 14:40

Oekaki Post (Time: 4m, Replay: View)
3 media | 3 replies
No title
trying out oekaki for the first time. some parts of a drawing look bad, but it was fun anyway

Oekaki Post (Time: 5h 27m, Replay: View)
119 media | 167 replies
Sportsball Thread
Well it's playoffs time for the Womens Football World Cup and the Rugby World Cup is about to start in a few weeks time. So time for the biannual Sportsball Drawthread.

Draw your favourite characters, OCs, or even yourself playing any sport you want. Or even supporting a team of your choice if they're unable to do the sports.
4 media | 15 replies
Yotsuba thread
Post all your original drawings of her! Can just be a doodle
45 media | 63 replies
No title
goth girl
goth girl
9 media | 13 replies
No title
Steam chan.
12 media | 14 replies
Personal Art Thread
Please critique my stuff, shit on it, praise it, I don't really care, just give me something...
7 media | 15 replies
No title
I drew a rabbit rabbit here before.
I've been away for a while and the picture disappeared before I knew it, so I'll draw a new one.
I have saved the picture you drew in the previous thread.
Thank you for the wonderful rabbi drawing.
May the cute rabbi bring happiness to everyone from Japan.
169 media | 237 replies
No title
79 media | 125 replies
No title
among us
17 media | 23 replies
No title
Since a third game was announced recently, lets have a crack at a Little Nightmares thread

Oekaki Post (Time: 9m, Replay: View)
2 media | 2 replies
Art Dump []
Kind of bored of not sharing, lets go.

10 media | 11 replies
Fertitiliy Goddess Thread
Draw Venus

Oekaki Post (Time: 5m, Replay: View)
61 media | 78 replies
No title
Guys look I fixed this dumbass stone toss comic
2 media | 4 replies
No title
I want to have an excuse to draw random shit, please req whatever you want as long as it involves my character.

I'm not great at art but I try my best.
17 media | 44 replies
No title
go crazy with my main. nsfw accepted :]
7 media | 31 replies
No title
Knott: good morning sirs edition

Oekaki Post (Time: 10m)
178 media | 249 replies
Ass Thread 2
the fattest
My last one regrettably his the archives a couple days ago.
Ass. I need more ass. The juicier, the better. Please post ass.
7 media | 7 replies
No title
miss suzumiya
6 media | 8 replies
No title
I feel a sense of solitude today. I havent talked to irl friends due to reasons. Atleast i have tight knit online friends who care somewhat for me. I wouldnt say im not happy, but it just kinda sucks not to talk to people i guess.

I realized today i tend to overeact to things when it comes to revenge. Idk what to do with this info.
Also vent thread.

29 media | 57 replies
No title
looking for a husband
110 media | 160 replies
Reaction pic
Create a reaction pic. Don't make it too edgy, must be normie approved
47 media | 51 replies
No title
New Bitmap Image
Draw a word if you had to send a one word letter to people who will never read it.
175 media | 185 replies
GaryC Thread
It's that time again. Draw on the site linked and post anything from there. OCs, Vidya, Cartoons, Memes, whatever your heart desires

>Alternate clients with eraser, tone and fill
61 media | 91 replies
canvas (6)
Thread for drawing western indie vtubers.
19 media | 23 replies
Bully Sleepy-kun
This is Sleepy-kun. Or Neruzee-kun. Or whatever you want to call him. Just bully him.
1 media | 7 replies
Twins who's species I can't figure out
Don't know what the hell I'm doing, but here's a pair of sisters with opposite personalities, they're ghost like, but not really ghosts? I dunno, still trying to think of a proper name.

Oekaki Post (Time: 32m)
3 media | 8 replies