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"/hr/ - High Resolution" is 4chan's imageboard for the sharing of high resolution images.

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Natalie Portman
43 media | 61 replies
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Old School Models.

Starting off with Stephanie Seymour.
20 media | 20 replies
Old Tech
Post old technology from the 20th century and even the 2000s. Catalogs , advertisements, the whole shebang.
21 media | 22 replies
Camila Cabello
latina queen
inspired by a very based thread on /mu/
97 media | 121 replies
Karen B - Fayette
[Met-Art] - 2012-01-20 - Karen B - Fayette (x130) 5616x3744
130 Pictures
+ Cover

Karen B
Age: 20
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
Height: 165cm
Weight: 51kg
Breast size: small
Measurements: 89/61/94
Country: Latvia
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Bio: I do yoga every day. It gives me so much energy that I do not get tired all day long! I love moving and being busy all day long, it makes me feel like I have accomplished many things and not taking life for granted.

Previous thread: >>4816031
131 media | 139 replies
Gosau, Oberösterreich, Austria
50 media | 79 replies
Lana del Taco
Let's post our fav pics of the queen of /mu/ & /hr/
46 media | 79 replies
/cfg/ Celeb Fakes General thread #3
Last thread: >>4773624

Active fakers' blogs and archives compendium; (deleted, he is posting on simpcity forums though)
159 media | 297 replies
Dakota Johnson
Dakota thread?

i have a boner and it's webbin' time
53 media | 84 replies
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pregnant celebs
18 media | 20 replies
Anne Hathaway
the most beautiful thing the universe has created
50 media | 56 replies
Sword and sorcery art
Black and white ink drawings on a white background depicting old-school sword and sorcery, grimdark subjects
12 media | 18 replies
Emma Stone
Runner-up for Best Actress in a Leading Role
21 media | 36 replies
Emma Watson Worship Thread!!
Emma 2023 looking stunning
Emma Watson Worship Thread! Only High Res pictures. No AI shit. And absolutely no demeaning fake shit. Trolls will be Reported!

Share High Res AI Images. No AI images please in this thread. Make a separate post here in /hr/ if you want to post them.

Continue From Old Thread -

30 media | 56 replies
Sophia Lillis
Captivated by her icy glare
84 media | 182 replies
Legs edition
All legs, celebs or not, stockings or not
124 media | 131 replies
/k/omfy wallpapers
doesn't have to be the pseudo-wave style, just what I personally use. I only have two that are /k/omfy, so the third will be another one I sometimes use.
40 media | 69 replies
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
our communal wife, our PUTA
44 media | 80 replies
/hr? /hr!
no special theme, only requirement 8+MP for images
73 media | 84 replies
What you see is what you get. I don't have much, but I feel like sharing some of my favorite ones.
126 media | 144 replies
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Angourie Rice - Peach fuzz thread
114 media | 207 replies
Celebs for BLACKED
The old thread died, so here's another one.

Don't post shitty edits made in MS Paint.
49 media | 77 replies
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the nightmare by henry fuseli
Paintings and illustrations of monsters, demons and anything supernatural
45 media | 57 replies
Annasophia Robb
Will this pretty feminist retard answer the nation's call when the time comes? Will she put on her boots to defend her world view and fight for the LGBT hyperimmigration cause?
38 media | 70 replies
Spiritual Infographics
Post any infographics on spirituality, religion, metaphysics, occultism, philosophy or any esoteric subjects.

Let's start with Mormonism.
56 media | 121 replies
Fighter Jets & Other Aircraft
List your favorites!

> A10 Thunderbolt

> Flanker family generally but especially the advanced versions like the 35/37/30MKI/30MKK

> Mig31 Foxhound

> Rafale

> Tomcat

> Phantom

> Draken (pic related)

> Chengdu J-20

> Gripen

> Viggen

> Hornet / Super Hornet

> Mitsubishi F-1 (see Godzilla 1985)

> F89 Scorpion
134 media | 169 replies
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Kate Middleton (3)
Kate Middleton
47 media | 68 replies
random hr stuffs
random hi-res.
mods please create /cel/ already so we can have this board back.
66 media | 93 replies
12 media | 13 replies
Saoirse Ronan - Sundance Edition
It's been awhile but I'm tired of waiting for someone else to make a fresh Sersh thread. Where is our thread for the best actress of her generation and the true Queen of Ireland?

Saoirse is doing a lot of press in the US right now because her movie THE OUTRUN is playing film festivals. In it, she plays a recovering addict and from what I've heard does a great job.
150 media | 183 replies
Elle Fanning
:Post the best and the rarest

Let's keep the thread alive, haven't seen many elle threads lately.
136 media | 251 replies
Attack submarines
Hello /hr/.

I hate to be that guy, but im going to this kids birthday party and he wants a poster of an attack submarine.

I live in a country where Amazon wont ship, so i figured i make my own.

So im asking if anyone got any good pictures of attack subs?

Sorry again for begging
16 media | 22 replies
Show some love for this flat beauty
127 media | 208 replies
Studio Ghibli
Anything related to Studio Ghibli goes here.
80 media | 138 replies
Carol Vorderman
The GILF is back once again to dominate /hr/.
125 media | 216 replies
Puzzles with lots of detail
Posting a few Van Haasteren posters that I have used as puzzles. If you have similar ones, please add! :-)
102 media | 174 replies
Be it Fantasy or 40k, fanart or high res screenshots from the video games, photos of minis, anything goes.
159 media | 179 replies
Nastassja Kinski
Particularly early 80s pics with the short hair
7 media | 7 replies
7680x2160 Wallpapers
Just got two 4k monitors, and need some nice wallpapers. It's been hard to find nice landscape pics like pic related that are not blurry in this resolution.
29 media | 35 replies
DCEU Thread
AI Art is welcome.
Other DC movies & comics are welcome.
211 media | 251 replies
a passenger vehicle designed for operation on ordinary roads and typically having four wheels and a gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine.
137 media | 193 replies
Emma Stone
Where the fuck are the best Emma threads? There has to be a salty janny
199 media | 307 replies
World of Darkness
Be it Vampire: The Masquerade or Requiem, Mage: The Ascension or Awakening and so on, everything World of Darkness related is welcome here.
83 media | 105 replies
Heidi Klum
Mama ich würde gerne ficken
43 media | 68 replies
These are magical
30 media | 36 replies
Angels in Art
Icons, statues, paintings, carvings, etc.

Angels and Archangels allowed, canonical and extracanonical (ex. Haniel)
172 media | 253 replies
Elsa Hosk
This is my first thread so I hope you all enjoy it
53 media | 58 replies
No title
compression issues
4chan has been compressing uploaded images since last year.
Please read this thread for more information:
I am bringing this to the attention of this board, because for those who are not in the know, you might not appreciate the compression. The further issue is that while other archives for other boards archive the correct, non-compressed versions of images from their threads, the archive for this board, 4plebs, archives the compressed versions (the wrong ones). For a board that deals with high resolution images, this situation is not ideal.
Take for example the OP image from this thread: >>4804513
In pic related, I saved the same image three times.
The first file is a save from 4chan, without modifying the image URL.
The second file is a save from 4chan, modifying the image URL.
The third file is a save from the 4plebs archive.
As you can see, the second file is the correct file, and can only be attained by modifying the image URL on 4chan.
If you care about this issue, I would contact the owners of 4plebs to have them change it so the correct, non-compressed versions of images get archived. That way, at least the archive has the correct images. You could also contact 4chan via their feedback form and ask them to turn off this Cloudflare feature, but I doubt it will result in reversing the changes put in place.
5 media | 34 replies
Hayley Atwell
28 media | 63 replies
No title
National Socialism
67 media | 119 replies
Candice Swanepoel
orig_108 (2)
/hr/ is incomplete without Candice
Previous thread >>4643016
92 media | 110 replies
Comic Art!
Mateus Manhanini
147 media | 154 replies
191 media | 304 replies
No title
Post the largest image you have that you can upload to /hr/.

>Images greater than 10000x10000 pixels are not allowed.
173 media | 258 replies
No title
Anything from space.
83 media | 123 replies
I just felt like posting Warcraft related artwork and screenshots. Feel free to use it for the same purpose, /hr/.
254 media | 285 replies
No title
>Lucy Hale
246 media | 290 replies
No title
Michelle Keegan 6
Michelle Keegan
180 media | 192 replies
Maxfield Parrish
>Maxfield Parrish, (born July 25, 1870, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died March 10, 1966, Plainfield, New Hampshire), American illustrator and painter who was perhaps the most popular commercial artist in the United States in the first half of the 20th century.

>The son of an artist, Parrish was educated at Haverford College, Pennsylvania, and studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (l891–94) and the Drexel Institute of Art (1895), both in Philadelphia. Over the course of the next two decades he created many posters, magazine covers, and book and advertising illustrations, and he also painted murals. By the 1920s he was the highest-paid commercial artist in the United States. His popularity began to decline in the late 1930s, but his illustrations never lost favor with some segments of the American public; there was a renewed appreciation of his work in the 1960s and ’70s.

>Parrish is best known for his depictions of fantasy landscapes populated by attractive young women. He used meticulously defined outlines and intricately detailed, natural backgrounds, and his unusual colors give his pictures a dreamlike and idyllic atmosphere.
26 media | 36 replies
Britney Spears
1999-2003 pics preferred but later stuff is fine too
68 media | 78 replies
any image you believe encapsulates catharsis-- whether that be visually striking or provocative
(painting or photographs)
43 media | 62 replies
Video games
Screenshots, concept art and high qualityl fan-art - everyone's welcome here.
149 media | 160 replies
Emma Watson Worship Thread!!
Emma Looking Nylon 2024
Emma Watson Worship Thread! Only High Res pictures. No AI shit. And absolutely no demeaning fake shit. Trolls will be Reported!

Create Brand New Thread Separately to Share High Res AI Images. No AI images in this thread.
Continue From Old Thread -

136 media | 307 replies
Photo of my cat . Samsung galaxy A54
0 media | 3 replies
No title
Madelaine Petsch
95 media | 133 replies
Veronika F - Challenger
[Met-Art] - 2010-02-01 - Veronika F - Challenger (x166) 3744x5616
166 Pictures
+ Cover

Age: 23
Eyecolor: GREEN
Haircolor: BLOND
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Breast Size: Medium
Measurements: 90/59/91
Country: Ukraine
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bio: I study Economics in Kiev at the University. I am told that I am one of the best models of Kiev. I Like all kind of sports, and you can tell from my nice sculpted body :-)

Previous thread: >>4812825
168 media | 174 replies