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/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.
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No title
What is it called when you're uncircumcised but appear to be?

(posting this here because I figure you're the experts, debated asking /fit/)

I'm definately uncircumcised. I can remember as a young kid having an anteater foreskin (and being annoyed how it complicated trying not to piss on the toilet seat). My dad and brother definately aren't cut. Even remember my parents having a talk as a young kid explaining why I wasn't (basically they wanted it, along with religion, as my choice) but that I may see kids who were (grew up in Canada do it's pretty mixed I think). But in time I grew into it (my foreskin) to the point that it first didn't cover the head at all and then basically lost all distinction beyond being a little pinker.

I'm not especially big but more of a 'shower' I think. 4.5"-5" soft, 7.5-8" hard, but I'm not a tall guy at 5'7" so it looks big on me.

On my mind after a conversation with my girlfriend had me wondering if it'd be a medical disaster if I had been circumcised. When erect the skin seems normally 'tight' (not uncomfortable but no real slack) for a circumcised guy (as per porn and my girlfriend). Lube is much appreciated if getting a handjob or jerking off. But when I google stuff like "too tight/short penis skin" I only come up with basically the opposite situation (uncircumcised guys who probably should have been because their foreskin is too tight).

If there's a term for this or any evidence that anyone beyond me has experienced it I'd love to see because 2 hours of googleing has totally failed me.
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Smiling Guys
Post guys who look like they're having a great time doing porn/fucking/jerking
5 media | 7 replies
post your bulge collection
72 media | 93 replies
twinks and bears belong together
big hairy masculine men having their way with smaller more slim men. Stories, videos, pics, opinions... anything is appreciated
79 media | 284 replies
Collages #4
prev thread
61 media | 99 replies
Men of /fit/ & /soc/ 6.0
Post more hot buff dudes that uploaded their pics gifs vids on /fit/ cbt and /soc/.

Prev thread hit bump limit
49 media | 98 replies
Hot takes v3
Post men that would get you roasted, shunned, weird looks, hated etc. They can be conventionally unattractive, have offensively stupid political opinions, or just overall evil ppl.
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Sauce Thread DCCXX: Jonathan Levy Edition
To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual source threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:
It has a huge library of many different actors, studios, films and other information which you may find helpful.

Finally, please do not reply to users who ask for a source by creating their own thread. This removes porn from /hm/ and they should not be rewarded for their actions.

Previous Thread: >>2431945
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No title
dicks sticking out of pants
41 media | 49 replies
Dumb Straight Guys
Nudes of dumb straight guys that got baited and exposed
30 media | 44 replies
Blonde thread
Post those golden haired hunks of beef
84 media | 131 replies
No title
Any and all locked guys welcome
87 media | 189 replies
Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie
99 media | 290 replies
Dicks being way outsized
Had a cheeky online comparison with a well-endowed Redditor a little while ago and found the size difference kinky as fuck.

Any other pics on this theme? Doesn't have to be close up like ours
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No title
New jockstrap thread, last one maxed out

87 media | 124 replies
tribute thread
i know nypa but can i get a tribute thread for this sexy faggot
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No title
Twink thread
126 media | 235 replies
Che Guevara
I'm not gay but Che can seize my means of reproduction
17 media | 73 replies
Muscle men
Post your favorite muscular men pics, gifs, and webms. Bodybuilders, athletic studs, ripped hunks all wanted!
20 media | 33 replies
Nature Twinks?
More like pic related, if you please.
24 media | 27 replies
urinal pics/gifs
Screenshot 2022-03-07 230739
post any pics you got of guys at the urinal/over the toilet, whether spied on or consensual

oc and non-oc allowed
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No title
InShot_20220808_095341777 (1)
Tiny cocks
Bonus for cum
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Hairy Ass Lovers
>tfw no hairy hole appreciation thread

Let's get a thread of hairy arses and their furry holes!

You can even post yours if you want!
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No title
If you could switch bodies with any porn star, onlyfans dude, or hot guy so you could fool around with yourself in their bodies and have sex with other dudes, who would it be, and why?

Please share images of your selection.

For me, it's got to be RenoGold. I'd love to be him, giving how much ass and dick he has. I'd be playing with myself all day and night if I were him. I'm so envious of him. I want his body so I could use and abuse it, while being him. Does anyone know his real name by chance?
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Pinky holes for Asian Doms
I stink but I’m fuckable if you wash me off with your clean celestial piss. I live to serve you.
6 media | 20 replies
Feet Thread
Just a general feet thread, no special qualifiers.
150 media | 212 replies
Asian Thread 3
prev >2410223

piecedasian8 on twitter
101 media | 191 replies
BDSM, bondage, tied up men
I love the look of a tightly secured hot guy.
The more restraints the better >:)
80 media | 133 replies
Preppy Guys
Sexy rich assholes thread
36 media | 67 replies
No title
Risky and compulsive stuff you have done
9 media | 17 replies
No title
Post faces that are hot or cute enough for you to cum to. Doesn't have to be a celebrity

Maybe it's a bit generic but Chris Pratt turns me on. I can get a boner just looking regular pictures of him
23 media | 38 replies
South Asian men thread
Post them Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Nepali/Sri Lankan hunks.
90 media | 112 replies
150 media | 207 replies
Masc rails twink
daddy/muscle hunk/bear/big dick/alpha rails son/twink/femboi/omega
60 media | 150 replies
AB/DL Diaper Lovers
There you go ma dude edition

last soggy morning
44 media | 60 replies
sock thread + stinky feet/socks/shoes stories
how the fuck does the most common fetish have barely any content? post stories about times you smelled some rank ass feet or socks. possibly non sexual scenarios, I mean anything that isn't a boring hookup. solo stories like smelling used footwear without the owner count too.
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No title
Anything on him?
0 media | 2 replies
What the fuck happened to gay porn?
>a plot that gives 70's cheeseball porn a run for its money
>models covered in so many tattoos you can't see their skin
>sporting the best poker face you've ever seen
>awkward staring contest and lazy touching
>is he finally going in for a kiss? no wait, nevermind
>undressing every body part to reveal a piercing
>glance at the camera every now and then, "now what" facial expression
>bottom about to remove the top's pants for the big reveal, camera immediately pans away to show the top's face staring down blankly
>penetration time, the camera zooms out to give a nice view of the room decor
>cameraman moves in front of the lights to do a cool dance for the audience while the models have at it
>15 minutes later they both just give up and jerk off separately
What the fuck happened to gay porn?
5 media | 54 replies
I've never done one but always wanted to
15 media | 28 replies
Latino with big ass
Post more of those culos. Oh and it's Latino! Not Latinx!
143 media | 159 replies
Petition: Handsome Men (Hairy)
Can we create a separate thread for hairy men? They’re handsome, hot, and all that but I don’t like seeing unhygienic hairy assess and cocks.. Can we keep the thread only for smooth, clean guys?
1 media | 2 replies
Speedo Thread
Post fit, attractive men in swim briefs.
13 media | 13 replies
No title
Eunuch, castration, emasculation, nullo, and extreme modifications thread.

No transsexuals. Men who're men but with extremely modded junk.

inb4 "Disgusting". Then move along, plenty of other threads more to your taste.
11 media | 27 replies
Latino cock
Let's see those big brown beauties
150 media | 211 replies
148 media | 175 replies
No title
Cute handsome hippies punks
9 media | 10 replies
Aniki Thread Plz?
Can we get an Aniki/Billy Herrington appreciation thread going? Even outside of his looks, the dude was awesome, such a shame to know he's gone now
6 media | 9 replies
No title
GIF thread
70 media | 105 replies
Post boys who like to grow
52 media | 106 replies
Sexy sexy strings
84 media | 115 replies
Role reversals
Show me this kind of thing:
- Small Doms with big subs
- Daddies submitting to sons
- Nerds dominating jocks
- Masc muscle boys being total sub sluts
20 media | 104 replies
Fag humiliation thread and stories
Share your favorite ideas, images, webmaster or fantasies of fags getting humiliated, used or fucked by alphas. I'm especially curious about stories or the way you like to (be) humiliate(d) !
30 media | 74 replies
This thread is for images of black and brown bottoms enjoying white cock.

>Previous thread:
>All our past threads:
13 media | 23 replies
No title
post big dick memes
6 media | 11 replies
No title
It's summer, let's have a tanline thread
5 media | 5 replies
perfect guys, hot body, big dick
65 media | 88 replies
Gay sauna / bathhouse
Any stories, recommendations. Never been to one, but I would like to go. Can't gather enough courage to do it.
2 media | 58 replies
Anyone ever found out who this man is?
gas mask russian man
Gathering from Twitter (that I am not sure is 100% accurate), his name is Alexander and he's Russian, lives in Ozersk in Siberia. Kind of crazy how much of a meme he became, yet is no one can find him.
0 media | 20 replies
No title
Post Twunks
23 media | 45 replies
Hairy Abs
Post hairy muscular abs. Bonus points if nude
43 media | 81 replies
No title
There is just something about chocolate cock that is so sexy. Why does their cock coloration instantly get me throbbing, why am I like this
8 media | 14 replies
Who is this guy?
I am trying to find out who this actor is. I find him utterly hot. Anyone know his name?
0 media | 0 replies
Orgasm faces
Post the exact moment pleasure hits
49 media | 62 replies
64 32
previous thread >>2365750

posting your own dick not allowed
>Self pics, cock shots, etc. "Rate me" threads, camwhore threads, and hookup threads should be posted on /soc/
DO NOT engage in flooding/spam/thread derailment with trolls, keep replies to a minimum
145 media | 191 replies
Real fine art
Picrel: by Robert Mapplethorpe
45 media | 58 replies
No title
high-res asshole close up
77 media | 106 replies
First time experience - stories
I’ll go first
>be me, 16
>realised I liked the idea of cock after some older guy wanked off to me in a public toilet and I regretted not doing anything with him
>searching variations on gay sex now, find gay sex etc and one day come across Craigslist
>browsing ads, mainly looking at cocks initially
>have a daddy fetish, like the idea of an age gap
>decide to respond to a few ads, all around mid 40’s, bear types
>almost seal the deal with a few but chicken out
>one day, i psyche myself up to just arrange something so I can’t back out
>agree to meet guy in next city, he will pic me up and take me back to his (30 mins drive)
>family think I’m going to scouts for the evening
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Naked with hands behind head
I don't know how this position is called, but I like to see some regular guys showing it all with their hands behind their head. Bonus points for kneeling or squatting.
33 media | 40 replies
Does anyone have the high res nudes of pyrocynical from like 2019?
0 media | 1 replies
No title
Candid photo + Naked photo

Someone in a non-nude, natural photo, with a nude that's preferably amateur
9 media | 13 replies
Public Transport
nudity, wanking or fucking on trains, buses etc
cars okay
45 media | 100 replies
No title
Mitt Motherfuckin' Romney
17 media | 35 replies
Gay torrent
Ho do you guys downlaod porn? Pornhub is boring, torrent sites also wants money. How do i get gay porn for free and with good quality?
0 media | 36 replies
Beautiful Smiles
Post nude men posing with big, beautiful, radiant smiles.

Bonus points if they are exposing themselves obscenely while smiling.
2 media | 3 replies
No title
Hey /hm/ was invited to an orgy on grindr, was just curious if these were real people and not actors, don’t wanna get catfished and waste my time
3 media | 27 replies
Post guys getting all wet and soapy.
129 media | 149 replies
Latex thread
haven't had one of these in while.

Finally admitted to myself that I'm into this. Show me what you've got
39 media | 49 replies
oneyplays men
been too long.
post any of the oneyboys, though lyle is preferred
116 media | 181 replies
Swim Boys
Anyone else find Asian twink swim boys super sexy
0 media | 3 replies
No title
>ITT: Nerds trapped in Jocks Bodies

Post pictures of jocks or sexy guys doing nerdy things, such as gaming, reading, dressed nerdy, or wearing glasses... the more muscular they are, the better.
8 media | 10 replies
No title
Muscled or twink men? Which is better?
5 media | 15 replies
Multiple cocks
At least 2 cocks. Frotting. Group. Penis touching. Etc.
56 media | 78 replies
Accidental Renaissance (Gay Porn Addition)
I have found several pictures in threads that look like they could fit in the golden age of art and thinking with men in all sorts of poses and positions.
119 media | 165 replies
No title
Cute and vulnerable, and yet with consent.
8 media | 14 replies
Mouth Gape Devices
Men wearing devices that force their mouth to stay wide open. Bonus points for men swallowing cum and gagging on dicks and the like with the device on. No ball gags. Throat must be exposed and accessible.
28 media | 34 replies
No title
Beefy hairy guys
149 media | 217 replies
No title
20190220_232703 (7)
More tasteful nudes, old threat reached it's limit
41 media | 52 replies
Hookup Stories / First Times
Greentext your hookup stories, you know the drill

I'm new to fucking around with dudes and I wanted to suck a cock again, so of course I go on Grindr. Talking to a guy for a while which is a nice change of pace. After a bit we plan to meet on Saturday, and he's convinced me from sucking him off to straight up getting fucked. I've never had an actual dick up there and I'm kind of excited. Never would have imagined how horny I'd be for something like this. I'll let you know how it goes
0 media | 12 replies
What the fuck happened to Fratmen? Their old site is completely gone and the new site doesn't work past the homepage
2 media | 3 replies
No title
Desperately need twitter
There was this guy called blonde twinks on twitter super fat ass I can't find him anymore PLS help
5 media | 8 replies
No title
Old school gay vids you loved
41 media | 86 replies
No title
wrestling thread
14 media | 18 replies
Native American men
Can we get a decent Native thread going? Its been a long while.
16 media | 28 replies
Sauce Thread DCCXIX: Dicks Edition
To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual source threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:
It has a huge library of many different actors, studios, films and other information which you may find helpful.

Finally, please do not reply to users who ask for a source by creating their own thread. This removes porn from /hm/ and they should not be rewarded for their actions.

Previous Thread: >>2423086
145 media | 305 replies
Scammed by escorts
Have anyone ever was hit by a really hot dude only to discover that he was an escort later on trying to scam you some money? Once I met this hot dude on a club and he wanted to to a motel, we went there and we have really good sex, by the end he said that the hookup was 100$. When I tried to argue se got his phone and starting setting a scene saying he was gonna call the police. I then said "ok, lets call the cops, I have nothing to lose, and you are on drugs and I'm not" and then he started a sob story and I gave him 20$ and paid for the motel. That really fucked me up and now I always ask beforehand if guys are working or have fun. Does this happen to anybody else?
0 media | 4 replies