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/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.
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Source Thread CXXIII: Buff Workman Edition
How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use Google image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:
It has a huge library of many different actors, studios, films and other information which you may find helpful.

Previous thread
113 images | 260 replies
Arab/Middle Eastern Men
I think there are clearly superior in every way. they are hairy, huge cocks and muscular. sad they are often left out of gay porn
55 images | 89 replies
YouTuber Thread: Leafy's Return
>Last one hit bump limit

So everyone's (least?) favorite lizard boy is officially back from the dead. Anybody have his nudes that got leaked?
17 images | 36 replies
No title
White bottoms taking bbc.

old thread >>1974143
20 images | 72 replies
No title
i have a thing for straight guys flipping me off
show me your pics of guys showing their middle finger
44 images | 48 replies
Big WHITE Cock 6.0
The thread to appreciate and worship the aesthetics of the pale penis of European descent!
30 images | 49 replies
Snapchat nudes
post pics of guys sending nudes through snapchat if they’re straight even better
10 images | 10 replies
itt: boys disappointing their dads

Smooth boys in revealing outfits posing like whores with their full face out! Easily identifiable boys only no just body or ass pics

Pics that you know would break their parent's hearts if they ever saw them, bonus points for delicious tans

>pic related is @BttmLdn_ on twitter
82 images | 213 replies
One lucky dick
New thread for one lucky guy getting his dick pleasured by more than one guy at once!
51 images | 103 replies
Piss thread
piss suit
Drinking piss, pissing on guys, pissing outdoors, piss parties, guys pissing their pants and on themselves. Post all things watersports. The kinkier the better
26 images | 45 replies
luka magnotta thread
his pornos were shit but get as much decent stuff as you can
9 images | 18 replies
Pup thread?
Pup thread.
54 images | 95 replies
No title
Military thread
51 images | 80 replies
They are so hot and compact.
44 images | 118 replies
Cops,officer's basically hot guys in police uniforms
21 images | 25 replies
No title
Post pictures of guys wearing scocks while being naked
3 images | 3 replies
20 images | 22 replies
No title
Only penises in high resolution, with good light and good size. (Close up)
9 images | 9 replies
Country Boys & Rednecks
These have been some my favorite threads. I've always had a thing for country guys and redneck/cowboy types. Let's get started.
127 images | 182 replies
Hot hairy legs
Post naked guys with massive and hairy thighs or legs
41 images | 63 replies
No title
Christian Bale
Admit it, he's by far the hottest Hollywood actor
85 images | 171 replies
Hot felons: Mugshot edition
Post some hot ass mugshots. No moral arguments here. Only base on hotness. No Jeremy Meeks either.
52 images | 154 replies
No title

post 10/10s
36 images | 93 replies
No title
Some love for Sam Hyde?
5 images | 27 replies
No title
Straight guys doing gay shit
79 images | 269 replies
Social Distancing Edition

previous thread >>1992574

posting your own dick not allowed
>Self pics, cock shots, etc. "Rate me" threads, camwhore threads, and hookup threads should be posted on /soc/
DO NOT engage in flooding/spam/thread derailment with trolls, keep replies to a minimum
142 images | 176 replies
Big cock sucking stories
>be me
>25 years old
>met a guy on Craigslist
>has a 9-inch fatty
>tell him over email I want to pound his piece with my throat
>He responds back
>gives me details of his location
>At his place
>Tell me to go on my knees
>I do so and pull his pants and briefs down
>He's not hard
>start sucking his soft cock
>slowly gets bigger in my mouth
>get moving my head back and forth
>his cock got much harder than before
>Feel the length & girth of his 9inch cock in my mouth
>I start to deep throat his meat for the first time
>feels good
>He pulls his fat cock out of my mouth
>see all the drool on his cock
>looks real hot
>Grab his cock again and force it down my throat
>He grabs that back of my head and forces me down to his balls.
>Going to pound town
>He keeps doing it a few times
>pull out to gasp for air
>I do it again
>this time he cums down my throat
>So much saliva on his fat meaty 9inch cock
>fuck that is so hot
>leave satisfied.

He also took my anal virginity which was fun, but I'm not really into it, since I like sucking cock more.
5 images | 18 replies
Big cocks
Comparison thread
15 images | 37 replies
Guys posing in Jeans
Show hot guys in various poses in Jeans. With a harness and shirt hanging off the jeans
27 images | 34 replies
Could be guys fucking or just naked guys
31 images | 83 replies
new cosplay thread. other one got archived
26 images | 54 replies
Jerking off/Masturbation stories
images (2)
Post any sort of stories which involve masturbation. It can be a story where:
>you've been caught
>you caught someone
>jerking in weird places
>masturbating by using something uncommon.
Or any stories like that.
20 images | 181 replies
webm general thread
Old thread died. Post your webms.

4chan guide to making webms >>>/wsg/957539

Here's an easy to use online webm converter

- Click the 'Disable audio track' box (mods don't allow audio on webms on /hm/)
- If you don't want to convert your whole video enter the times you want to cut in the 'Cut video' boxes
- To get your video under 3MB (the board's webm size limit) then set your bitrate in the 'Change video bitrate' box as 25,000 divided by the length of your video in seconds. e.g If your webm will be 10 seconds then set the bitrate as 2500kbps (25000/10), if it's 20 seconds then it's
1250kbps (25000/20), if it's a minute then 417kbps (25000/60).
- If your video is still over 3MB then lower the bitrate further or cut a smaller portion of the original video
- If your webm is grainy try using a lower video resolution under 'Change screen size'. You only need to enter either a width or a height, not both. The component left blank will be automatically calculated.

Extra tip: youtube-dl can download videos from most websites
68 images | 212 replies
No title
Group cocks like this?
24 images | 58 replies
51 images | 55 replies
No title
Santa's little helper
More of our 29 y/o cute twink and his onlyfans.

As one of Santa's helpers, I'll try to upload the videos collected from previous threads.
36 images | 141 replies
Strong V Lines
Guys with obliques that look like this
14 images | 19 replies
Big smiles
smile point
Must show dick and a big row of teeth
69 images | 79 replies
M/m domination
>be me, be male
>have male friend
>he is somewhat into sexual domination, straight
>sometimes jokes about it
>I'm submissive but straight too (femdom, etc.)
>he knows this

>however recently I feel a strong temptation
>to let/ask him to do this to me... to dominate me
>make me massage his feet
>tie me up, use me as his footstool
>make me kneel before him
>while holding my head by my hair and making me look up at him
>put a leash on me and hold it tight or attach it to his belt
>make me repeat sentences after him that
>I belong to him, that I am his slave and he is my god and owner
>whip me, make me beg him to stop
>make me kiss and lick his feet
>sit on my face, make me smell his crotch
>make me suffocating under his jeans or pants
>finally make me suck him off and swallow everything
>make me lick his cock clean
>then make me wash his lower body in the shower
>while kneeling before him in there
>make me use his cum as my toothpaste and add it to my shower gel
>inject his cum into my cock with a needle-less syringe
>finally make me lie down at his feet under his desk like a dog

>I want my male friend to sexually dominate me
>I'm a guy btw

is this ok?
what do?

>I also fantasize about him shrinking me and abusing me
>putting shrunken me in his cock or under his foreskin
>fapping with me inside
>shrinking me even more, even to nothingness, while I'm in there
>changing me into a small dose of cream for his cock and absorbing me
>absorbing my body and soul with his cock
>taking my life and very existence just for his pleasure
>then he puts his pants back on and continues like nothing happened

what would a Dom want to do
to a Sub in a similar scenario?
>greentext appreciated

post your M/m domination experiences/stories
51 images | 206 replies
Story Time
ITT: post your hookup stories, blowjob stories, first time stories, catfush stories, straight friend stories, rape stories, etc
27 images | 301 replies
Cut cocks
You're never more naked than when you're circumcised, so let's see some heads that are always on show.
33 images | 50 replies
No title
Comparing dick size

Two or more guys whipping it out to see who has the biggest dick.
Bonus if other people are watching
11 images | 16 replies
Tender / Passionate boys kissing
Billy Rubens & Drake Law
Post images, gifs, webp. Models, TV stars, pornstars whatever. Should be young good looking boys locking lips.
40 images | 74 replies
Dick and feet, flip flops, feet and calvs, ass and feet, blow jobs and feet. Thx.
97 images | 115 replies
share your taste for armpits
25 images | 31 replies
No title
Wearing my gfs pants and stockings
8 images | 16 replies
No title
Straight boys with face and cock in picture PART 2

Part 1: >>2015137
36 images | 54 replies
big cock experiences
Post your stories. Details encouraged. I'll start in chronological order

>recently out, only started using grindr within the last few months
>get hit up by some cute twink
>he's fucking huge, 8.5x6
>starts majorly hitting me up
>wants to bottom for me
>i'm down, but secretly I want to bottom really badly
>we meet, I fuck him for about 2 hours
>get so horny, clean out and try to bottom
>he sticks the tip in and FUCK OW OW OW
>ask him to stop
>he stays the night
>wake up and cuddle which leads to morning sex
>try to bottom again
>get the tip in and relax
>eventually bottom out on him, he cums inside
>sore for days after but so satisifed

overall experience 9/10 even though it turns out he's a methhead nut. Great fuck.
15 images | 70 replies
Dicks youve actually sucked
Picture 2
Lets see actual dicks youve sucked !
Through craigslist or grindr or whatever.

For 15 years ive had a private gloryhole for dads and college kids and im going to show some of the cocks ive sucked and tell about them.

This first one is the first ever cock I sucked. When I was 17 , I setup a gloryhole in my grandmoms garage and put an ad on craigslist. This married daddy responded and I immediately invited him over to use the hole. I gave him the worst head through the hole but he came. And then came back. Sometimes he would ride a harley over and when I would hear it , it made my mouth water. After a while I would suck him face to face and would crossdress for him. he wanted to fuck me but I told him it would cost him a ride on the back of his bike so he never did until one night when his wife and kids were away he picked me up and night and we rode to his house where we spent all night working up to him plowing me. This pic is from around 2002
24 images | 39 replies
Bubble Butts
Find me a man with a tighter, firmer ass than this. It's impossible, but I'd like to see you try!
64 images | 121 replies
Gay porn
images (6)
Whats your best gay porn actor??
1 images | 2 replies
Socks 2.0
more bros more sox
134 images | 177 replies
Post pics of guys who have no body hair except for at the crotch.

Bonus points for only showing bush and for showing face.
28 images | 34 replies
House boys, indentured servants, BDSM as long as they're not enjoying it.
58 images | 106 replies
No title
amateur holes ITT
49 images | 69 replies
Straight Chad saga
Where's that guy that was trying to hook up with the Chad? I need updates!

Anyway, post pictures of guys (personal or celebrity) that you've jerked off to this week.
13 images | 59 replies
Does anyone like femboy
76 images | 125 replies
Favorite Pornstars
Who's your go to when you need to nut?

For me, It's Dayton O'connor. He was cute as all hell when he came on to the scene. Then he got a lil thick, grew out his facial hair, and my dream man.

He fucks like a champ too. Gives it good and rough. He can take a cock easily, and that scene he did for Dirty Tony where he swallows a load had me harder than Diamonds.
91 images | 158 replies
Hole thread
post pics of guys showing hole
hairy preferred
52 images | 70 replies
No title
Incest thread?
24 images | 147 replies
Chubby Bears
Anyone interested in more? Bi curious... I like my thiccness.
10 images | 18 replies
Dudes Armed With Guns
Post pics of guys with guns - military, police, civilian, thugs, criminals etc.
84 images | 109 replies
Titties, pecs and moobs
51 images | 75 replies
/fit/ guys
Go to /fit/, bring back a hottie
59 images | 142 replies
Thick Cocks
Show me more thick cocks! Doesn't need to be long, just thick.
39 images | 54 replies
Intact Black Men
The beauty of a black man with a delicious foreskin
9 images | 35 replies
real pics of butts in pants/underwear
creeper stuff more what I'm looking for. can be bare ass too but I prefer some covering. do not just start dumping obviously staged model pics.
137 images | 295 replies
New diaper thread
post boys wearing diapers!
old thread
150 images | 220 replies
Glory holes
Post some nice hole dicks
100 images | 241 replies
Lace Thread
Fellas, it's been too long since I've seen my boyfriend. Next time I see him, I'm gonna make him wear lacy underwear when we fuck. Anyways, hot men in lace underwear thread.
15 images | 25 replies
Mirror Shots
Guys jerking and unloading their thick cum in front of mirror
27 images | 39 replies
Best Angle
New best angle thread, last one >>2021149
-Clear face visible
-Cock up close
-Showing the underside of the dick
48 images | 67 replies
Animator Men
Am from /co/. I wanna see if any of you guys have things to animators.
11 images | 21 replies
Tighty Whities
Let’s see hot guys showing off in their tighty whities. WHITE BRIEFS ONLY!
19 images | 23 replies
Ugly/Weird straight men
LDS silky 19BLOGsize9
I can't be the only one who loves getting used by horny gross straight men.
13 images | 22 replies
No title
Historical figures you'd have sex with
97 images | 218 replies
Gay Asian Raceplay: Reparation Edition
Old Thread:


59 images | 168 replies
Rugby Lads
Post anything similar. Jock English lads with goofy cute faces probably from getting it fucked up through rugby.
113 images | 220 replies
No title
Straight boys with face and cock in picture.
150 images | 281 replies
POV Big Cocks
My favorite angle. Looking down at it.
25 images | 45 replies
No title
Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie

He's such a handsome man.
47 images | 189 replies
1970s decade men
04 (1)
1970s, mid-1980s look or before.
Husband material, masculine perfection.
92 images | 106 replies
Men Public Sex
Post some very public sex here. Very public, and naked. Like guys having sex in the most random public place that you would least expect, especially with lots of viewers around. The younger and more naked the better.
30 images | 69 replies
/gfb/: Groups of flaccid boys
Groups of flaccid boys.

That means absolutely no boners, no solos, no boomers, just groups of flaccid boys.
49 images | 108 replies
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