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/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.
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Bathhouse thread?

Spent the weekend in Club Pittsburgh. Never been to a place like that before so didn't really know what to expect, but it was a good experience. I half-expected the place to be populated almost exclusively by fat old men but there was a good mix of ages, races, and body types. Not as much action as I thought there'd be but I hooked up with four different guys and enjoyed using the spa area.

Was there all of Friday night into Saturday morning but left because in the morning it was nothing but old guys hogging the spa.
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The Awakening
Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 01.48.23
First time you found yourself aroused by a man... or as far back as you remember.

I will start... Ryan Gosling shower scene in The Holiday.

To be Blake not so Lively for a night..
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Military domination / should I join?
I'm 21, gay, and I love being dominated by strong, masc men. I've always presented myself in a feminine way and I've always wanted to turn myself into a real man. I'm lonely, horny, and I'm in desperate need of male attention and camaraderie. It's always been a fantasy for me to join the military, and think it might be on of my only chances to become a real man. I've gotten to a point in my life where I'm seriously considering it, for the following reasons:

-10 weeks (the length of boot camp) being constant screamed at my strong, superior men turns me on a lot.
-showering completely naked, surrounded by other naked men from all sides (this reason being one of my favorites, I crave nude male bonding more than anything).
-head will be shaved, my individuality stripped from me (hot).
- wear a military uniform and boots, another thing I find super sexy.
-be in close quarters of hundreds of muscular straight, smelly, masculine men (who doesn't love that??).
-constantly have to prove my masculinity and strength, which is good because my whole life I've been weak and not particularly masculine, which I've always hated.
-get super jacked and finally have the body I've always wanted.
-Probably lots of opportunities to service closeted straight guys, I'd love to become their secret cum dump.

I'm thinking about picking the Navy. If any of you have previously been in the military and have any input, advice, or hot stories please please share them.

Feel free to post hot, real military pics and stories.

TLDR: Should I join the military just so I can be constantly dominated by masc straight guys?
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Carl Nassib
carl nassib
first gay NFL player
4 images | 14 replies
Mature Dad Bods with young men
Don't see too many mature/young gay threads. Love guys like Daddy Mugs manhandling young guys.
120 images | 156 replies
Gay Satanist Porn
Darkest, lustiest, and demonest porn that you can find. release the beast.
5 images | 16 replies
Good Christian Boys
Men wearing crosses, religious symbols while doing porn, sex stuff.
18 images | 19 replies
real big cockss
share the biggest cocks you've seen not like normal big but real huge
99 images | 129 replies
No title
Big latino dicks
33 images | 45 replies
Post hot Middle Eastern/North African men.
Old (related) thread: >>2239464
111 images | 142 replies
previous thread >>2198766

posting your own dick not allowed
>Self pics, cock shots, etc. "Rate me" threads, camwhore threads, and hookup threads should be posted on /soc/
DO NOT engage in flooding/spam/thread derailment with trolls, keep replies to a minimum
29 images | 30 replies
Bearded Lumberjacks
Post men who fit the classic lumberjack aesthetic, don't have to necessarily be one though. Chest hair preferred.
9 images | 9 replies
This thread is for images of black and brown bottoms enjoying white cock.

>Previous thread:
>All our past threads:
84 images | 178 replies
Uncut vs Cut: Origins Edition
Does anyone have stories about how they ended up with the cock that they did? Like, did your parents ever explain circumcision to you, and tell you why they made the choice they did?

Specifically, if you're from a majority circumcised group, e.g. American, Jewish, ect., did your parents decide to let you keep your skin hoodie? Did they explain why?

If you're from somewhere circumcision is uncommon, how did your parents decide you were joining team chop?

Did they change their minds for other brothers, i.e. you got cut and they thought better of it for a younger brother? differences with cousins? Is your dad cut/uncut and you're the opposite? Are you the first man in your family to be circumcised as far as you're aware? Are you the first man in generations to have a foreskin?

Did you get circumcised at an age where you remember it? If you made the decision yourself it's still interesting, but less interesting. That's basically a one way street. You can always choose to get cut, you can't really choose to get uncircumcised.

Any interesting anecdotes growing up one way or the other?

I've heard stories of parents having twins and deciding to cut one and not the other to tell them apart. (See image.) Apparently these two were unaware they had certain anatomical differences until they decided to pose nude together.

Lets try to keep derogatory comments about other types of dicks to ourselves here. There are plenty of other places on this board to state your preference and denigrate others.

If you don't have any interesting anecdotes, just post good looking intact or circumcised cocks. Preferably together.
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No title
Fat/chub booty thread. Post fat asses that make you cum (legwear is a bonus)
99 images | 125 replies
Asian thread again, don't be a whiny bitch. Just post Asians you think are hot.

102 images | 121 replies
No title
Who is your celebrity crush?
48 images | 150 replies
No title
Straight shit like this
126 images | 185 replies
Twink thread
150 images | 245 replies
General Chub Thread
Post chubby guys of any size (slightly chubby to superchub) in this thread
37 images | 61 replies
Flexing Thread
Flexing thread, I don't care about body type, just be flexing
98 images | 110 replies
Stepcest/Incest Stories
Wanna see if anyone’s got any stepcest stories. Also, just a general incest story thread.
20 images | 210 replies
No title
Black Bulls
27 images | 28 replies
No title
The most beautiful man you've ever seen
107 images | 253 replies
No title
amateur cocks
82 images | 105 replies
House boys
Nude guys doing chores
18 images | 38 replies
No title
What do you think of this twink?

Will post more if interested
4 images | 7 replies
No title
Summer boys thread part 2
51 images | 52 replies
The thread for White top + Latino bottom interracial sex

Other fellow brown bottoms like Middle Easterners/North Africans and South Asians are welcome as well

NOT welcome: Butthurt/insecure white bottoms or brown tops

Pics or captions encouraging White male or White cock superiority, brown boy submission to the White man, BWC/brown dick comparisons, brown chastity or just general pics of handsome/powerful White men or slutty brown boys you like are welcome to be posted, too

White/black interracial goes here: >>2214537

Our old thread: >>2221997
45 images | 172 replies
Straight Chad Saga - Pt.3
1605733753567 (1)
Who's that total bro that was trying to hook up with the Chads? I need those updates, and gimme more details!

Anyway, post pics of legit hot guys (personal or celebrity) that make you super horny and you've jerked off hard to this week.

old thread reached limit
93 images | 186 replies
Hot bikers
Any love for hot guys with motocross as well as their hot boots?
47 images | 53 replies
No title
Figured I start a thread for this sexy twink I’ve been fucking for years.
64 images | 191 replies
Big Dickheads
1610788419439 (1)
Thick Cockheads, any type. Oversized, mushroom, helmet, bell-end just good solid ridge around that bro tip.

old thread hit limit
140 images | 226 replies
No title
Masc men taking it.
33 images | 54 replies
Playing in Cars
Blowjobs/handjobs while driving, backseat, or just visible cocks
36 images | 51 replies
No title
Cock closeup thread
71 images | 81 replies
No title
public exposure thread
15 images | 19 replies
No title
Push up face fuck
7 images | 7 replies
Daddy Feet 2
Previous Thread: >>2251232
Dads and Grandpas showing off their beautiful feet.
12 images | 14 replies
/hm/ Source Thread CXXXI: Fuck It I'll Do It Then Edition
To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual source threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use Google image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:
It has a huge library of many different actors, studios, films and other information which you may find helpful.

Finally, please do not reply to users who ask for a source by creating their own thread. This removes porn from /hm/ and they should not be rewarded for their actions.

Previous idk because you all let it die

First question
Who the hell is this?
88 images | 185 replies
No title
1 (1)
73 images | 137 replies
75 images | 89 replies
/hm/ - Handsome Men
This thread is a reminder that this board is for pornography featuring male men and nothing else
127 images | 172 replies
No title
Men in Suits // Office Attire // Business Casual
90 images | 101 replies
HD/FHD Ass/Holes
Post high quality / high resolution holes pics.
20 images | 25 replies
Sleeping thread
ITT share pics/vids/stories of touching sleeping cocks. Share any niche sites if you know them.
127 images | 182 replies
No title
Curve dick
87 images | 209 replies

Peak male form.
67 images | 189 replies
/webmg: webm general/
Post your webms

4chan guide to making webms >>>/wsg/957539

Here's an easy to use online webm converter

- Click the 'Disable audio track' box (mods don't allow audio on webms on /hm/)
- If you don't want to convert your whole video enter the times you want to cut in the 'Cut video' boxes
- To get your video under 3MB (the board's webm size limit) then set your bitrate in the 'Change video bitrate' box as 25,000 divided by the length of your video in seconds. e.g If your webm will be 10 seconds then set the bitrate as 2500kbps (25000/10), if it's 20 seconds then it's
1250kbps (25000/20), if it's a minute then 417kbps (25000/60).
- If your video is still over 3MB then lower the bitrate further or cut a smaller portion of the original video
- If your webm is grainy try using a lower video resolution under 'Change screen size'. You only need to enter either a width or a height, not both. The component left blank will be automatically calculated.
142 images | 277 replies
SHU Rugby
What the fuck is this shit? They've been making nude calendars since 2001, but it strikes me as extremely gay and exploitative. Any background?
36 images | 95 replies
Rugby Lads 4.0
Fit jock rugger lads on and off the pitch with cute faces and stellar team kits, etc. in phenomenal scrums, lineouts and other kino chad rugby manoeuvres. You know the drill. Run - ruck - tackle - repeat. Go.

Old Thread:
125 images | 228 replies
Hot and handsome guys on their bicycles. No twinks - this will be a men's thread. Twinks go to a twink thread.
82 images | 106 replies
Casual/Cordial nudity
Photo Jul 01, 18 34 31
Live seeing guys just chilling naked or showing off for some girls. Let's see more like this!
6 images | 10 replies
BIEL: Bondage in everyday life
Anyone got any casual bondage, amateur, spontaneous shit.
Preferably not professionally done with intricate ropework, bonus points for tape.
106 images | 119 replies
gains over brains
134 images | 211 replies
/PAWB/ thread
phat ass whiteboys. bonus points for cute lingerie.
150 images | 243 replies
No title
Guys in the workshop...
92 images | 117 replies
No title
Men in Uniform
79 images | 84 replies
No title
Hunks with Opened Shirts
123 images | 140 replies
Skinny Nerdy Guys with Glasses
I've always had a thing for skinny, nerdy guys– especially with glasses. (Even basement-dwellers imo) post them here
124 images | 243 replies
No title
Dustin McNeer
Handsome but not hugely muscular.
84 images | 108 replies
No title
Romantic / lovely / boyfriends / husbands thread.

Previous thread: >>2205011
135 images | 162 replies
No title
Nudes you stumbled across and saved, accidentally got sent or shamelessly catfishes.

This is my cousin, found on his phone, quickly airdropped it to myself.
0 images | 0 replies
top ass
Screenshot 2021-06-16 005647
i want to see the top's asshole while he fucks the bottom, please i need this
21 images | 22 replies
Sexy Alphabet #2
drop em

A is for Alpha

last thread maxed out
150 images | 224 replies
thread for collages of different types of /hm/ guys or themes, ex., cubs, soccer twunks, himbos, pits, abs
119 images | 220 replies
Fantasies 4: Picture game.
Last time, pics were pretty rarely posted last time and, since is a photo board about handsome men, I deem that a slight failure to an otherwise great thread. My solution: let's center the thread around it!

This is the picture game: First, you post a picture of a fantasy you think about a lot. Then, another anon posts a short story (even as short as a couple words) in reply.
104 images | 250 replies
In a forest
Hot, handsome and sexy men in a forest. Completely naked or semi-naked in nature of trees. No close-ups please, full body pictures prefered.
Hot guys of all ages (no minors).
137 images | 173 replies
No title
ITT: Hyper Alpha Giga-Chads only

Last thread reached image count.
124 images | 245 replies
cute but manly dudes
beefy or masculine guys that are somehow so adorable and cute
30 images | 39 replies
1 images | 8 replies
16 images | 27 replies
No title
Train thread
77 images | 115 replies
Big WHITE Cock 13.0
The thread to appreciate and discuss your love for the pale penis of European descent

Old: >>2228790
75 images | 128 replies
The Pit Stop
Post whatever you like as long as there is an exposed pit somewhere.

Old thread: >>2249410
128 images | 137 replies
Comfy thread
post pics that look comfy, cuddling or whatever.
91 images | 106 replies
Nothing more natural or hotter than two guys in an intense bromance.

Post your best pics, GIF’s, links to videos, and stories.
150 images | 243 replies
No title
RequiredBubblyCentipede-small (2)
Boy with toys thread
144 images | 173 replies
Men pumping together. One of the strongest male bound.
88 images | 100 replies
125 images | 143 replies
No title
Masculine men showing their hole.
6 images | 7 replies
Young guys webm dump
I made a script to convert my collection into webms. I didn't any of these vids from this board so they should be mostly original. Let me know if you guys have any preferences
104 images | 119 replies
No title
Just some cute boys, some nsfw and some sfw :3
147 images | 226 replies
No title
images - 2021-06-16T191121.534
Buff and Beards
51 images | 58 replies
No title
POV Just the cock

Bonus if pulling down under
55 images | 72 replies
Soccer players
Preferably teen/twink looking
>pic related, diego lainez
142 images | 232 replies
No title
the back and the side view doesnt get enough love.
72 images | 77 replies
your most collected guys
Levi Poulter serveimage(33)
name up to 5 guys you've collected the most pics of and post the hottest 1-2 from each of them
18 images | 28 replies
No title
Straight twinks, baited and exposed
15 images | 33 replies
The Best Angle
- Clear face visible
- Cock up close
- Shows the underside of the dick
- Bonus points if they're laying down

I'm looking for a specific image. It was a white guy with black or brown hair lying down, and he was smiling. I think he had curly hair. He was shirtless and had a necklace with a cross on it. The image was framed like the pic attached, but it was dimly lit and you could see his Instagram tag in the picture. I think he was catfished.

If you have the image, or a similar image to that please post it here.
150 images | 190 replies
I (27) had a homemade private one set up between two rooms upstairs for a few months, but sadly had to take it down when my new roommate moved in. Sucked a lot of hot guys and got sucked a few times while it was up. Would love to hear about other people's experiences.
85 images | 171 replies
No title
asian bussy
5 images | 5 replies
No title
IMG_3618 - Copy
Can we please devote a thread to Lane?
8 images | 11 replies
Daddy feet
Pics of dads and gramps focused on their nice feet
150 images | 198 replies
No title
How do we get straight men to start posting bulge pics? I'm talking, like, ALL straight men. The friends we already have, not just the guys trying to advertise their OnlyFans. Dress it up as a body positivity thing, maybe? Pretend it's about courage and self-love?
Open to suggestions.
9 images | 11 replies
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