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"/hm/ - Handsome Men" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to sharing adult images of handsome men.

No title
/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.
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Glory holes
Post some nice hole dicks
38 images | 65 replies
It's All So Tiresome Edition

previous thread >>1972570

posting your own dick not allowed
>Self pics, cock shots, etc. "Rate me" threads, camwhore threads, and hookup threads should be posted on /soc/
DO NOT engage in flooding/spam/thread derailment with trolls, keep replies to a minimum
150 images | 200 replies
thicc chubs thread
share your pics of chubby guys with big thighs and fat butt
I'll start with sfw
113 images | 211 replies
/hm/ Sauce Thread MK CXXI: Size Difference Edition
Previous thread: and also

To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual source threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use Google image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:
It has a huge library of many different actors, studios, films and other information which you may find helpful.

Finally, please do not reply to users who ask for a source by creating their own thread. This removes porn from /hm/ and they should not be rewarded for their actions.

Some people at >>2009506 said mods are deleting these threads. So, if this one gets deleted, keep your pitchforks handy or something.
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Speedo Thread
What's the hottest speedo to buy?
27 images | 30 replies
This Perfect Angle
hard cock between guy looking down proudly and camera
131 images | 139 replies
Incest Thread
I’m gonna be honest, I’ve always had this dream of getting dominated by my father hopefully I can’t be the only one. Pics and stories encouraged.
54 images | 246 replies
Ass And Feet
amateur whores showing ass and soles.
150 images | 211 replies
No title
823873 - Homestuck John_Egbert MS_Paint_Adventures cosplay
New cosplay thread, the 4th one. The last one hit the image limit.
87 images | 181 replies
pretty boys
pics, gifs, webms, sfw, nsfw, anything goes as long as they are cute
119 images | 250 replies
No title
Nick Pulos Naked
23 images | 68 replies
No title
sexy men like this postu
0 images | 4 replies
Just want some fucking feet please, thx!
107 images | 152 replies
No title
fat guys with tiny dicks
91 images | 202 replies
No title
Its big? Or very big?
0 images | 2 replies
Formerly known as /wtbb/

This thread is for images of black and brown bottoms enjoying white cock.
43 images | 123 replies
webm general thread
Post your webms

Old thread reached its bump limit >>1940545

4chan guide to making webms >>>/wsg/957539

Here's an easy to use online webm converter

- Click the 'Disable audio track' box (mods don't allow audio on webms on /hm/)
- If you don't want to convert your whole video enter the times you want to cut in the 'Cut video' boxes
- To get your video under 3MB (the board's webm size limit) then set your bitrate in the 'Change video bitrate' box as 25,000 divided by the length of your video in seconds. e.g If your webm will be 10 seconds then set the bitrate as 2500kbps (25000/10), if it's 20 seconds then it's
1250kbps (25000/20), if it's a minute then 417kbps (25000/60).
- If your video is still over 3MB then lower the bitrate further or cut a smaller portion of the original video
- If your webm is grainy try using a lower video resolution under 'Change screen size'. You only need to enter either a width or a height, not both. The component left blank will be automatically calculated.

Extra tip: youtube-dl can download videos from most websites
112 images | 294 replies
ITT: Celebrity Crush Thread 2
Thread reached image limit, so here we are with a new one. Challenge: Post lesser known celebrities.

Billy Magnussen, here. He's so damn big and squeezable.
73 images | 118 replies
Uncut Cocks
Uncut cocks with red/pink heads.

The fresher the better.
127 images | 166 replies
No title
Armpit Thread

Anyone else here into hairy masculine armpits? Share!
64 images | 82 replies
No title
Anyone else have the serious hots for some DT?

I love it when he's grinning or smirking. I just wish there were photos of him shirtless or pantless so I could see his ass cheeks and his cock.
27 images | 110 replies
Chris Hemsworth
Post more of this hot blue eyed tank of a man
61 images | 94 replies
No title
Any kind of material about precum :)
15 images | 22 replies
Huge Cocks
My girl loves big dicks its her turn on, so lets please her
16 images | 23 replies
No title
121_2fd930f3fe0e390aaacac5fe30c9c1bf10f492af1b713596f56a33c2628a8154[cock-and-ass uncut hairy-ass 5star]
Cock & Ass poses thread
91 images | 118 replies
loose holes
for easy fucking like a pussy
>no trap or trans content
62 images | 88 replies
Do you prefer to creampie or to...
Do you prefer to cum inside of your partner or to shot your load elsewhere? Personally I LOVE to cum inside and stay there for some time, move a little and then take my dick out. HBU?
17 images | 149 replies
College Wrestling
Posting bonuses
>Bulge, bigger the better
>Story from personal experience
77 images | 112 replies
Eyo mayo
Wat you say guys?
guess my sexuality
roast/rate me
ask me anything
0 images | 0 replies
No title
Nathan Vierke thread
7 images | 23 replies
Bearded men
For our viewing pleasure. Also if you have more of this man I won’t say no
13 images | 26 replies
No title
Ass licking thread
45 images | 66 replies
No title
Post extremely (extremely) handsome men.
105 images | 199 replies
M/m domination
>be me, be male
>have male friend
>he is somewhat into sexual domination, straight
>sometimes jokes about it
>I'm submissive but straight too (femdom, etc.)
>he knows this

>however recently I feel a strong temptation
>to let/ask him to do this to me... to dominate me
>make me massage his feet
>tie me up, use me as his footstool
>make me kneel before him
>while holding my head by my hair and making me look up at him
>put a leash on me and hold it tight or attach it to his belt
>make me repeat sentences after him that
>I belong to him, that I am his slave and he is my god and owner
>whip me, make me beg him to stop
>make me kiss and lick his feet
>sit on my face, make me smell his crotch
>make me suffocating under his jeans or pants
>finally make me suck him off and swallow everything
>make me lick his cock clean
>then make me wash his lower body in the shower
>while kneeling before him in there
>make me use his cum as my toothpaste and add it to my shower gel
>inject his cum into my cock with a needle-less syringe
>finally make me lie down at his feet under his desk like a dog

>I want my male friend to sexually dominate me
>I'm a guy btw

is this ok?
what do?

>I also fantasize about him shrinking me and abusing me
>putting shrunken me in his cock or under his foreskin
>fapping with me inside
>shrinking me even more, even to nothingness, while I'm in there
>changing me into a small dose of cream for his cock and absorbing me
>absorbing my body and soul with his cock
>taking my life and very existence just for his pleasure
>then he puts his pants back on and continues like nothing happened

what would a Dom want to do
to a Sub in a similar scenario?
>greentext appreciated

post your M/m domination experiences/stories
3 images | 61 replies
No title
only 6"+ girth
bonus points if the dude is thick all around
78 images | 147 replies
Handsome Bikers
>Images of handsome bikers or motor cops with their motorcycles, showing off on them, jerking off on them, or having gay sex on them
33 images | 39 replies
No title
Leather uniform thread, asians are the best! Also post riding boots.
102 images | 116 replies
I love when guy's make a face as they bust their load. The sillier the better!
20 images | 35 replies
No title
Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie

He's such a handsome man.
34 images | 73 replies
new gif thread go
108 images | 146 replies
Orville Peck aesthetic
Please post porn pic equivalents of Orville Peck's style, especially retro/kitsch/sexy
28 images | 37 replies
Do you like to eat ass or get your ass eaten?
-- Share best gif/pic of rimming --
5 images | 6 replies
Kissing and tongue love
making out and kissing is my favorite turn on. I could cum all over two men just having a joint make out sesh. Gifs, Webms, Pics anything related to men making love simply through kisses.
51 images | 65 replies
No title
This guy. More of him.
19 images | 40 replies
Hot guys appreciation thread
Post a pic of the hottest muscled teen/20s guy you’ve ever seen.
Even if someone you’ve seen only in pictures or a celebrity or whatever.
6 images | 8 replies
Hung and Hairy
Post those who are blessed with a big dick and body hair
6 images | 7 replies
Muscle Thread?
Muscle thread. Roids welcome.

Posting quickly as possible
60 images | 101 replies
Made for BBC
Post boiholes that were clearly made to be ravished and violated by BBC
97 images | 169 replies
post some tied bois or something related to the alpha-sub theme
106 images | 243 replies
Homely men
Lets start a thread of homely men just for kicks.
31 images | 44 replies
GIF thread
Post hot GIFs that leave you thirsty. Go!
102 images | 149 replies
Why? Because you can't never have enough of handsome golden boys!

Old: >>1913285
100 images | 218 replies
Rugby Lads
Post anything similar. Jock English lads with goofy cute faces probably from getting it fucked up through rugby.
29 images | 55 replies
All American MEN
Post white guys that have that unmistakable masculine, cocky, bit douchy American vibe. Big square jaws a plus!
149 images | 304 replies
real pics of butts in pants/underwear
creeper stuff more what I'm looking for. can be bare ass too but I prefer some covering. do not just start dumping obviously staged model pics.
45 images | 78 replies
No title
Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 10.48.16 PM
Straight guys with no idea they are on camera
23 images | 140 replies
Medical gear
In honor of corona post hot guys wearing medical gear. Both real and fake doctors/nurses/paramedics pics are welcome.
19 images | 32 replies
Chastity Thread
Post guys in chastity. Please keep your OC to yourself.
150 images | 168 replies
anyone got a good source for legit spanking? I keep getting wack ass shit from pornhub and if it isn't wack half of the time it's an old, fat guy smacking a twink.

bonus points if they're crying or forced to lick feet
14 images | 27 replies
Titty thread
Post those big slabs of man meat.
81 images | 100 replies
This is a thread of a dom/sub dynamic i really enjoy and want to see picture/with stories just like on tumblr before they fucked up the site.
Masc dominant Top who is attracted to Boyish younger submissive boy. Feminizing the boy by calling him princes/babygirl/boiwife/pussyboy.
No CD just verbal feminization and maybe panties.
31 images | 96 replies
TrickedStraightGuys from Tumblr

Does anyone have more stuff? Feel free to post straight guys in slutty positions too
7 images | 26 replies
Reach For The Sky
I think it's really hot when a guy gets a boner and it just goes all the way up
82 images | 90 replies
No title
william holden
Hairy actors
21 images | 34 replies
No title
Is it weird that BUTTS make me INSANE????
I may be a college dude from a conservative household but GOD DAMN I CANT HELP MYSELF
94 images | 167 replies
No title
First blow job stories.
23 images | 263 replies
Big WHITE Cock 4.0
The thread to appreciate (and/or worship!) the aesthetics, majesticness and girth of the pale penis
118 images | 303 replies
Nice ass
31 images | 33 replies
No title
Black bubble asses drive me fucking nuts. Let’s do an amateur black bubble ass thread.
16 images | 17 replies
No title
Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 1.52.37 PM
Exhibitionist Boys. Let's see guys slutting it up in public. This is nolaguy777 on fetlife
83 images | 107 replies
Men you wished to be creampied by
Gordon Grant
Pounding you with no mercy, feeling every inch of their cock and it's veins about to explode, their balls hitting you. He thens explodes and the hot cum fills you up.
One can dream.
12 images | 15 replies
Carson from finebros
125 images | 304 replies
Any other queer nerds?
I've been re-watching The Next Generation, and was wondering who everyone else liked in the Star Trek Universe. My vote is Geordi with a beard.
25 images | 89 replies
SFW Thread
Keep 'em coming bois
150 images | 168 replies
Men in suits
Anyone with a suit fetish? Especially when it fits just right. I just like the alway it makes the bulge and ass look.
36 images | 46 replies
No title
hot black daddies
91 images | 201 replies
No title
ITT: Your celebrity crush
150 images | 296 replies
Mountain Men
Scruffy mountain man / hippie thread
9 images | 9 replies
Asian Thread
old one hit image limit
150 images | 279 replies
Hot Philippine Men
This is a more tamed a rules following version of the now closed thread about hot Filipinos. That thread was a shitfest of angry people insulting each other. Anyway, Filipinos are racially diverse so chances are whatever your "type" is, you can find a hot Filipino suited for you. So, this thread is for that.
53 images | 99 replies
Thread of Nipply Pecs
I know women appear to have nice tiddies, but we have to give some appreciation for men's tiddies, too. Believe it or not.

Sure, there are things you can do to the tiddies of women, but at least it's appropriate for men's tiddies to be shown, know what I'm talking about, any of you?
6 images | 7 replies
I Love being locked in between two colossal man thighs as i'm being force fed his cock!
16 images | 34 replies
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